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The Ledge May 23, 1918

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Voi,.   XXIV.
No. 45
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty ef Oils. Harware and Tinware In stock
NAIL ORDERS solicited From all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X~~  GREENWOOD, B.C.
One Quality Only-
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The-bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
P. B^RNS & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
sr edmund; walker;
CVjO;. LL.D ���. DXL. President
SIR JOHN AIRD. General Manager -
H. V. F. JONES, Ass't Gen'L Manager
CAPiTALPAib Up.$15,ooo,000 1^ Reserve Fund, ... $13,500,000
x :��������� MmNGxmmmmx-xxx
Every effort Is jnade' ,4q> _^itovJci^M ^!^A'^3^?I^,
Life,  Fire, Health and
, Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
GREENWOOD.        - B. C.
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
When You Want a Real Good Siuo! e
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars, Marsh
mallows and Gum just in
AT Phone 4s
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box ' biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
li.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
ji.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc #3.00. Charges for otlw metals etc
on application.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a.m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars,, and ..Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection;
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Graying
Palace   Livery  And Stage
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors.
. (Section 24)
IN THE MATTER of an application for
duplicate certificate of title T��o. 12917a tssned to
Emilv Wood covering-Lot's 17 and 18. Block 17,
Miip 21, City of Greenwood.   .
NOTICE is liereby given that it is my intention ait tbe expiration of one month from
tlie date of first'publication hereof to isnua a
duplicate certificate of title coverinp the above
lands in tlie name of Emily Wood unless in tbe
meantime I shall receive valid objection tliere^
to in writing.   ..
D3tcd at the Land  Rejjistrr Office, Kamloops, Ii.C., the l'tb, clay of May. A. D., 191S..
..; District Registrar
X:- "Boys,' ��� said the Sunday school
teacher, "can anyone tell me about
Gpua;Friday?'^:V;^;- x yXi'x T&
- "Yes-ni, T lean ^'''replied an urchin at the foot of .thexIass^^'He
wag the guy what did ^heihpnse-
work ; ���forX Robinsbri Crusoe^"'-���;
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in  tlie country
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples <>
W. Elson 8 Co &
General Stone Contracting and
Monumental Work
Entirely in new   hands   and
under new management
We specialize  in Monuments
and guarantee satisfaction
Douglas M. Ritchie, Manager
Office and Show Rooms 507 Front St
P. 0. BOX 875 NELSON. BC
"Horses and Harness for sale;
I "wo teams, weights approximately 3,000 lbs and 2, LOO lbs respectively. For description and
prices write the Granby Con. M.
S. & P. Co., Phoenix, B. C."
Male Help Wanted
"Wanted, capable experienced
machine miners, for stope and
drift work. Waugh machines, for
northern gold mines, up coast, iu
British Columbia. Steady employment for competent men. No
labor troubles. $4.75 per 8 hours,
less board $L day, good accomoad-
tions, well equipped drying bouse,
shower baths, etc, Transportation advanced from Vancouver to
the mine, apply immediately,
bring blankets, George Sells,
Canadian Pacific Employment
agency, 180 Powell Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Cobalt, Ontario, is the premier
silver mining camp of the world.
In 14 year's it hag,produced silver
valued at more than $151,000,000,
on a basis of 55 eea^-s an ounce.
That is goiiig some for mines iu
Canada. It beats even the famous Slocan.
Heard in a Flat
'"Singing is said to benefit the
"Indeed it does, Miss Howler
next door drives us all 011b into tbe
open air every Sunday afternoon."
Jack White's Letter
Pte. Jack White, who lost his
left, hand at Vimy Ridge, has
been assisting in the sale of Liberty bonds in the States. In a
recent letter lo a Greenwood
friend, he says: "I have returned from the States to Toronto.
I was kept busy across the line.
I am proud of the fact that I did
so well, for I sold thousands of
bonds, and spoke, as -lnauy as
eight timesX-a day. Tomorrow I
start on another tour in the
States on behalf of the Red Cross
and Y. M. C. A. The Americans
are real good people; only they
are great on the hot air.\ If talk
amounts to anything they-would
have won the warilong ago. -Believe me I sure: let; them know
what Canadahas^clone^"^Lruen-
tion Greenwood .eyerj;v4iaae, ;and
show; thyv: watch.>rl-have, been
offered several good positions in
Cleveland,'i but Rafter this Red
Cross drive is over; I think that I
will come^back-to:;-Green wood;
and stayuntil winter.'-;��� XXxix
Around Home f
There was a heavy frost Monday night in this valley.
Jim Duffy is the new fireman
on the Mother Lode run.
It is hard fishing these chilly
days without liquid bait.
Lack of proper advertising has
ruined many a merchant.
Steel Pishing Rods from $2.00
to 88 SO.    Coles Book Store.
Cecil Martin of Phoenix has
gone to Camp Lewis to enlist.
Mrs. A. G. Snyder of Winnipeg, is visiting Mrs. J. V. Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kennedy
of Trail were in town last week.
E. Jacobs, the celebrated mining writer, is now in California.
J. L. Coles is spending a week
in Vancouver, visiting his family.
Dr. Guy, motored to tbe coast
last week. He will sell the car
and enlist.
Mrs. J. H. McNeil of Long
Beach, California, is on a visit to
Grand Forks.
At the Porks Mrs. A. A.
Frechette is recovering from her
recent illness.
Orders taken for Flower and
Vegetable plants, Shrubs, etc.
G. A. Rendell.
Good advertising has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.
Ike Crawford is shipping ties
at Carmi. Guise is hauling them
to the railway.
Sam Stooke will make an auto
trip this summer, from San
Diego to Victoria.
J. B. Sheridan took out 900,000
feet of logs this winter at his
ranch, near Carmi.
For Sale.���A hardware store
in a live town, address The
Ledge, Greenwood.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Another lot of prints in and
spme of. the best patterns we have
ever had. ' G. A. Rendell.
Mrs. James Jory will go to the
Okanagan early in June, where
she will help to harvest the fruit
Wanted.���At once, a capable
girl for general house work,
Apply to Mrs. J. V, Mills, Greenwood.
The Ledge is $2.50 a year.
When paid in advance it is $2.
It is just as well for subscribers
to remember this.
Fishing tackle that's fit for
fishing. Rods, reels, lines, flies,
baskets, wading pants, etc., etc.
Coles Book Store.
W. R. Dewdney has resigned
from the exemption board, as
members of that tribunal have to
be in class 5 or 6.
Prof. S. L. Taube, eyesight
specialist, will be at Goodeve's
Drug Store, Greenwood, Friday
afternoon, May.31.
For Sale.���In a live town an
undertaking business with morgue and other buildings. Apply
at The Ledge office.
George Murray is over from
Copper Mountain, and will
shortly enlist. He already has
two brothers in the service.
Charles Martin is in town. He
is moving his shoe shop from
Copper Mountain to the C.C.C.
mill-site, four miles from Princeton.   ..';..���
Rev. M. D. McKee has moved
to Milk River, Alberta. Mrs.
McKee will teach school in that
village while Mac will devote his
time to directing souls over the
Presbyterian route to heaven.
Harry Anderson and Malcolm
Williamson, while fishing last
Sunday, up the creek about four
miles, heard a bear mooching
through the brush. They dropped some of their fish, cooned a
log across the creek, jumped on
their bicycles, and rode back to
town in record time. Nobody
knows what course the bear pursued.
W. J. Bowser, ex-premier of
B. C,, - a hd stil 1 on .the apex as a
politician in this province was in
town on Tuesday. He is enjoying a pleasure tour through the
interior, and meeting his many
friends eyerywhere. The political Napoleon is in; excellent
health, and he has grown fat,
worrying the Grits from the outside of the ring. His defeat in
1816 no doubt added many years
to his. mortal career, for during
bis last campaign his physical
condition was,far from being in
Class; A7.; The public;did hima
great favor in forcing ^him; over
the Topes I'at^the; last ^election,
lie has now got his; second wind,
and will be going strong during
the nest battle of the ballots.
B. C. Mining News
Mining activity is increasing in
the Greenwood camp.
More mines are to be developed
near Danville, Wash.
The Sally near Beaverdell will
soon resume operations.
The Argo at Greenwood has
suspended operations for a time.
John Keen, M. P. P. is doing
some work on his claims at Poplar
The Trail smelter recently received a shipment of fluorspar,
from Kellar, Wash.
The rich silver ore, recently
shipped from the Bell at; Beaverdell should stimulate mining in
that camp.
Daring April the Knob Hill at
Republic shipped 14 carloads of
gold ore, that averaged a net
value of 6300 to the car.
Just across the line at Oroville
and Nighthawk, much ore is being
developed, and more mills are
being installed to dress it.
The Anaconda in Montana outranks all other companies in the
production of copper and silver.
It produced last year 12,000,000
ounces of silver.
It is reported that Bob Perry has
obtained a lease on the Tiger in
the Beaverdell camp. It lies southeast of the Sally, and is owned by
W. Laws and partners.
Another copper source of ore has
been found, above the 300-foot
level, in one of the mines of Loon
Lake, Wash. Ore from that camp
is shipped to the B. O. smelters.
The second largest silver,producer in Canada is the Kerr Lake
at Cobalt, Ontario. Daring the
year ending last Angasc .ife produced nearly 2,60,0,000 ounces of
Messrs.. Lofstad, Stevenson, Mill-
rud and Granberg have leased the
Sappho and began work last Saturday. This property is near Midway "and has values in copper,
gold, silver and platinum.
Bruce White, one of the famous
mining men of the Slocan returned
from a trip to Prince Rupert this
month. It was on October 7,
1891, that he located the Slocan
Star in company with John Sandon.
The Bell at Beaverdell, is shipping two carloads of second grade
ore. Last month this mine shipped one carload that was worth
over $12,000. In some camps
snch an event would create mining
activity.     ���'���'.''���'.���
Since Jim Butler discovered mineral at Tonopah, Nevada, that
camp has produced $112,000,000 in
silver and gold. Many experts
turned the camp down in its early
days, just as they did the Slocan
and other camps in B. C.
Savage & Mader have obtained a
lease on the dump of the Cariboo
in Camp McKinney, and began
work this week.; They will use
the dotation process, and ship the
concentrates to Grand Forks.
There is.'a mill at the Cariboo.
Central School
The following pupils have asked
to be permitted to write the Government Examinations, Jnne 24,
for entrance to High School: Ruth
Axam, Ada Elizabeth Beattie,
Cyril John Eales, May Gibson,
Charlotte Priscilla Kerr. Bernice
Noel McKay, Roderick McLeod,
Neil Ed ward Morrison, Ethel Florence Pond,;; Phyllis Millington
Spooner. A number of these are
not recommended by the principal
but they will be permitted to write
the examinations /nnder a new
Regulation passed by the Educational Department,:; May 10, 1918,
which reads, "Pupils of Entrance
classes who fail to receive promotion on recommendation and who
feel that they are capable of taking
up high school work will be permitted, in order to further to test
their scholarship, :to write on the
High School Entrance papers set
by the Educational Department,"
Zy��&��<?&&HZ�� ���:5?$Sr5^v3^S^5S��5W_?
I Western Float
The hotel at Telkwa has been
The autoless day has not yet
Tbe jitney has been shut out of
F. Dill bas moved from Enderby
to Vancouver.
Buy your winter eggs in May or
early in June.
There should be no tolerance for
intolerant people.
Wm. Eschwig has moved from
Fernie to Brant, Alberta.
Last month, the payroll in Trail
was very close to $140,000.
At Kelowna dogs are shot on
sight if they chase pheasants.
Many cream separators are being shipped to Creston this spring.
There is a movement on foot, to
open the movies in Nelson on Sundays.
Byron Cliffe, formerly of Sandon is operating a store in Kamloops.
In Nelson, there are quite a
number of rooming houses on Lake
Nap Malette has a fine car, and
drives from Nelson to his ranch
every day.
Build up your business and your
district, by putting an ad in your
local paper.
California is likely to go dry,
with the exception of beer and
light wines.
The C. P. R. is using five push
engines at Golden, so heavy is the
freight traffic.
You can buy haHbut in Rupe for
14 cents a pound, and salmon for
about 12 cents.
There are 19 school teachers in
Reveletoke, and the average pay is
$77.63 a month.
It is estimated that Canada will
produce this year, 400,000,000
bushels of wheat.
On April 23, eight feet of snow
fell at the summit of the White
Pass, in the Yukon.
In Kamloops a,woman ,was fined
$5 for allowing her hens to run
wild in other gardens.
Captain Allan Lean of Nelson,
has been employed at the Trail
smelter for three months.
There are 1490 publications in
Canada. Of this number 135 are
issued daily, and 101S weekly.
His friends would like to know
what became of A. 0. Muir, who
was a lawyer in Nelson in 1891.
Arthur Breeze is leaving Ainsworth for Nelson, and Joe Dearin
will take over the Central hotel.
Canada burns 30,000,000 tons of
coal every year, and gets 60 per
cent, of it from the United States.
Joe Tomina died at Savona last
month aged 86 years. He had
been an Indian chief for  60 years.
The King George ?hotel in Kaslo
charges 75 cents for Sunday dinners. These dinners are easily
worth a dollar.
There is a fine poker game in
Nelson at the Queens. The chips
are sold at the bar, and the Boys
play all jackpots.
The Port Alberni News has
bought a linotype. As a rule these
machines do not pay in small
newspaper offices.
Last month John Hunter died
in the Old Man's Home at Kamloops, aged 85 years. He was a
pioneer of Cariboo.
It now costs 50 cents to get yonr
hair cut in Armstrong, and some
of the inhabitants have tnrned the
job over to their wives.
Several carloads of long piles are
being shipped from Port Alberni to
Port Arthur, where they willbe
used for building wharves.
Nearly all the soldiers, who enlisted for the war at Grand Forks
have been wounded, and 18 of
them have cashed in at the front.
There are (3000 men building
ships in B. C. No reason wby the
number should not increase, and
the industry become a permanent
James Gordon Bennett owner of
the New York Herald, died iu
France this month. His father
started the Herald^ in a cellar on
Wall street in 1S35."
Ruby Gilchrist of Nelson, was
recently married in England, to
Captain N. Macdonald of Capo
Breton. She went overseas a year
ago, to act as a military nurse.
Last month, while working in
the cemetery at Prince Rupert
Harry Smith was chased into his
shack by two timber wolves. He
carries a rifle now when he works
in that cemetery.
Every year Canada imports over
$100,000 worth of sardines, instead
of canning its own supply. Most
of the sardine catch in New Brunswick is canned in Maine. Poor
basin oss for the Canadians.
<f( iPQB. kEBOgi   &MmKQm^JkJk
No Peace Until
Exposure Aches
Cold rain, winds, and dampness
bring out the rheumatic aches. An
application of Sloan's Liniment will
soon have the blood circulating and
the pain will disappear. For neuralgia, lame back, stiff neck, sprains,
strains, and   all   muscle   soreness,
Sloan's Liniment can't be beat. No rubbing:
it quickly penetrates und dossils work without stain or clogging of the pares. Better
than plasters or ointments. For cold feet or
hands tryanapplication of Sloan'oLiniment.
Generous sized  bottles, ut all duggists.
Sloan's prices not increased 25c 50c $1
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is lhc only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for thc words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on thc
Must Be Crushed if the British Isles
and British Empire are to Be
Safe Hereafter
The sulniKuiiu' campaign must bc
not merely held; it miirU be crushed
if the Briiish Isles and British I-.m-
1-ire are lo he safe hereafter. Otherwise at any moment our men, women and children will be exposed to
a most deadly form of attack from
(iennany. The nation which, as Air.
Bonar  Law  stated  recently    in      tho
louse of commons, has murdered
14,120 British non-combatants since
the war began would never scruple
to   attack   us   suddenly   with   a   large
orce of submarines, sink our shipping and cut off our food. There is
no peace for us and no seenrity until we have found some means of
dealing with both submarine and
aeroplane attack, as we found a
means ol" dealing with the Zeppelin.
The problem is still to be solved,
hut it is not insoluble if the best
brains are brought to hear on it.���
1 ondoii   Dailv  Alail.
Into Jerusalem
XnAmuATioH With university of Toronto.
12-14  Pembroke  St.,  Toronto.
Applications   received  till   May  11
Send  for  Syllabus
First  Englishman to  Reach   Jerusalem Was an Unshaven, Soot-
Smudged  Cook
If a cinema film is ever produced
' showing the first of Gen. AUenby's
army marching into Jerusalem, it
will have to show, if it is truthful,
the figure of a scared, soot-smudged
cook carrying a "dixie" of cocoa.
The story appears in a letter written home bv an officer in a    London
Young Mothers
Reserve strength for
motherhood is of two-fold
importance and thoughtful women before and
after maternity take
Modern Jerusalem
regiment,     which
thc      Manchester
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
The  man  who  pays   as  he goes  is
Iwavs asked to  make  return visits.
How to Purify
the Blood
"Fifteen to thirty drop* of
Extract of Roots, commonly
called Mother Seigel's Curative
Syrup, may be taken in water
with meal* and at bedtime, for
the cure of indigestion, constipation and bad blood. Persist- Q
ence in this treatment will effect A
a cure in nearly every case." ^
Get the genuine at drugpists.   A
or  \
W00d'S PL03J_.0___3.
Th* Ortat English liemedp.
Tonus sad invigorates th* lrhols
j n��rTon(i system, mates new Blood
_ , ��� . 'o old Veins, Cures Nervoua
f/tbilitV.Mental and Brain Worry, Dtspon.
meiiev, Lo>$ pf Rntroy, palpitation of ih*
peart, FaiXirr, Memory, Price SI per box, tia
|��r|5. Oa�� mil pleioe, (1�� will euro. Bold by sll
pratflits or mailed In pluin pkg. on receipt of
brie*. NnopamphUt mailed free. THE WOOD
MEDICINE CO..tOBO��ro. OUT. Utratri* WiateJ
Toronto,   write for FREE noOK to Dr. Lb Clero
Mcb.Co. lUvKitsrocK Rd, Hakpsthad, Losdoh. Bmo.
ITM E T\ A PI OlM    LASriNfl'cUM.
it. oovx.STsur ��rri��o to aii. obnuihb racuta
With the Fingers!     j
Says Corns Lift Out j
Without Any Pain j
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or auy kind of a corn can shortly bi-
liftcd right out with the fingers if
you will apply on the corn a few
drops of frcezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
bottle of frcezone at any drug store,
vhich will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus without pain or
soreness or the danger of infection.
This new drug is an ether compound and dries the moment it is ap-
plied and docs not inflame or even
iiritate the surrounding tissue. Jvst
think! Vou can life off your corns
and calluses now without a bit ol
pain or sorenes. If your druggist
hasn't freezonc hc can easily gel a
small bottle for you from his whole
sale drug house.
Prussian Boosting- a Habit
The kaiser's habit of boasting is
probably hereditary. It is recorded
of Frederick the Great, when reviewing his giant Guards, that he turned
to the British ambassador and asked
him if he could truly say that an
equal number of Englishman could
beat them. "No, sir," replied the
ambassador, "I won't pretend to say
they could���but I know that Half the
number would try."
A Welshman's Prayer
A simple-minded man in a Welsh
coal valley is a character in his way.
lie always insists on taking his turn
in the devotional services of his
chapel. His prayer the other night
was something like this: "Almighty
God, Thou hast heard about that old
kaiser. I read in the paper that liis
throat is bad, and that he has difficulty in breathing. Well, Lord, Thou
knowest bow far lo go."���Cardiff
Western  Alail.
Mrs. Penman���This paper says
lhat paper flywheels arc coming into
Mr. Penman, the Editor���That's
funny. My paper man told mc there
wasn't enough paper to go round.���
Yonkcrs Statesman.
Guardian  reproduces.    "Early in   the
morning   of   Sunday,"   he   says,   "our
officers'  cook and another man      sc!
out from our camel lines with a dixie
of hot  cocoa  for  the  officers.       \\':-.
.knew hc was coming, and as Ave lt.ttl
;had     nothing     hot     for     forty-eight
| hours   we   were     not    very    pleased
| when  he  became    ���overdue.        Some
hours   later   hc  did   arrive���but  very
much  scared,    lie liad lost bis   way
land inarching through  our lines  had
: entered   the   outskirts  of    Jerusalem.
Thus  the  lirst   Englishman   to  reach
Jerusalem  was  au     unshaven,     soot-
smudged cook," and so ou.    There is
hunior,  as   the   writer  remarks,   even
in war.    It might be added that it is
certainly not   lost  on  either    officers
or  men.���Christian   Science   Monitor.
I'or Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont
Streets are Still Much as They Were
in Biblical Times
The population  of  modern Jerusalem is about 70,000.    The appearance
of thc  place   has been  greatly  spoilt
by   modern     bliildings       outside    'it,
which  jar  upon  its  aspect and asso- [
cialions.       The  streets     within    thc '
walls are still much as  they were   in j
Biblical    times���narrow,   odoriferous, I
and ill  paved.    The  water  supply   is !
miserable and the inhabitants depend
much upon cisterns ancl tanks in thc
rock, many of which are of immense
size and great antiquity.    Thc    tank
system of Jerusalem has  never been
f. 1�� j   properly  explored;   the   rock  is   lion-
It   SlippIieS   pure   COd   eycombed    with    these      reservoirs,
liver oil for rich  hlonrl|]llanv of wIlidi havc; passed out  of
"  j       UU .lur.. I1CU    JJ1001- use and  havc  been  forgotten.
and  contains lime   and   SOda       Outside   the  walls  are thc  Garden
With    medicinal   glycerine, oi   Gcthscmanc,  where  there  yet  re-
H.       .     ��� �����       , main eight olive trees ol  the date of
important    ingredients the Agony, and  the   Place   of  Ston-
for strengthening the ner-j"Ptr. which, from the. strange   skull-
vous system and furnishing
abundant nourishment.
It is free from drugs.
Insist on the genuine.
Scott & Bowae, Toronto. Out.        17-20
An Old Law Simplified
A Boston paper complains that al
though millions of pounds of. fish
comc into that port every day-
quantities greater than ever before���-
the price docs not drop. This is ar.
illustration of the Jaw of supply and
demand, as applied to the consumer
by the wholesalers: "You supply the
money and I'll demand it."���Detroi'
Keep    Minard's
Liniment     in    the
A New Wheat   '
���The .   Central ;  Dominion     Experi-.
mental   Farm,  to   which" we   already
owe   Marquis    and    Prelude   wheats,
has, .  under,   the     direction   of    Dr.
/Charles li. Saunders, produced, another new variety, Ruby: This new
wheat possesses characteristics -in
ripening and other qualities midway
belwecn Marquis and Prelude. It is
beardless, possesses hard, red kernels, gives a fair yield,, and makes
flour of -the .highest- quality in regard
:'t0. color and strength. Bread- made
from it ranks in the first class. This
wheat is the result of a cross between Downy Riga and Red Fife'
Ruby is, however, recommended
only, where Marquis will not ripen.
Welcomed the Smell of Home j
There were two soldiers home, ou
leave from the front. Tlicy had landed, at Folkestone, and were making
for Victoria. At Beniiondscy, amidst
the innumerable smells and spicy
odors which drenched the air from
chemical -works ancl other odoriferous factories, one of them threw up
the window, put his head out, and
took a long, deep breath. Then, with
,1 beam ou his face,.'lie turned to his
chum and exclaimed, "Come 'ere,
Bill, ain't it simply 'eavenly?"���Loudon Chronicle.. .- ' .
ii:i'Ta, .what's   a   circular   letter?"
;::;;"0   is   my    son."���Boston     Trans-
Minard's Liniment used    by    Physi-
XXX   . cians.   '���'-.."
Wise mothers who know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator-'-always have it at hand,
because  it  proves  its  value.
A  Natural  Mistake   "
'X'iA preliy .young woman stepped in-
>tb ;i-music-store  the other day.. Sh':
"tripped  up.; to ; the  counter, where   a
/new clerk was ass.o.riiug 'music   am!,
in her sweetest .tones,  asked; "Have
Vou 'Kissed   i:n-  in   the   .Moonlight':' "
/The .clerk  turned -half-way     around,
looked  al   her,   and    answered:     "It
iiuist have been  the man at  lhc other counter.     I've  onlv  been   here    a
"I say, professor,' said the young
man who delighted iu morbid topics,
"which is thc happiei man, the one
who owns a million pounds or the
one-who' has seven daughters?"
"Th.e man with the seven 'daughters," said the professor without hesitating.
"Well,, well! How d'ye make that
out?"   _''���'��� '.���'���
"The man with the million pounds
wishes for more. The man with, seven daughters doesn't," rrplied- the
A.Promising Oat
Dr. C. li. Saunders of the Dominion. 'I��.\.peri;ue'ntal Farm has produced a new oat���Liberty. This was
produced by crossing Chinese N'akcd
with Swedish Select. It is early
ripening and- possesses a. stiff sira\..
| It yields lightly less in weight of
grain per acre " than the standard
.varieties,- such as the Manner, that
is, when allowance is made for hull.
1'eing lnilies.s, this, new oat Should
occupy a very important position in
the feeding of young poultry and
young pigs. For household use it requires only grinding in an ordinary
chopping mill.
Can Regain Good Health Through
Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills
Bloodlessness is the trouble of
many girls who ought to bc full of
life and good spirits. Instead tlicy
are pale, thdr lips have no cole,
they havc no appetites, their digestion is_ poor, and if they walk last,
either in the street or going up staus
they are so tired ancl out of breath
that their hearts beat as if to burst.
Almost always such girls are thin,
flat-chested and sallow, with nothing attractive about them. If they
do not get better tlicy will have a
cough in thc winter and then, not
unlikely, consumption, that most
hopeless of all diseases will develop,
Ko girl shouid be Jikc this. She
should be plump, rosy-cheeked and
full of life, able to ta'lk fast and tc
stand exertion without being bri-.uh-
kss and palpitating. To be m this
healthy, happy condition she must
have plenty of good, rich, red blood
as it. is only through the blood Hut
thc body can be healthy. And the
only medicine that will keep the
blood supply rich and icd and pure
is Dr. Williams' Fink Pills. Their,
effect upon the pale, weak girl who
gives them a fair trial is wonderful.
They improve, the appetite. backaches and headaches disappear, thc
glow of health tinges the cheeks, the
eyes sparkle, and tiie step becomes
light and clastic Thousands ot
girls throughout Canada owe their
health and attractive appearance to
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills and do not
hesitate to say so. Miss Jennie
Book, Bcamsville, Ont., says:���"l
suffered for over two years from
anaemia, and gradually grew -very
ill. Previously 1 had been strong
and robust, but grew pale and a
mere shadow of my former self I
tried several medicines, and while
some seemed to give mc temporary
relief, 1 soon grew worse again. As
thc months went by I began' lo'despair of getting better, when my
mother happened to read an advci-
tiscment of Dr. Williams'. Fink'. Fills
and suggested that 1 " should try
them. Jiy the time thc first box was
finished I knew they were helping
mc,'and I continued the pills for
nearly three months, using in . all
nine boxes, when 1 was restored in
every respect lo ' my old lime
strength. This was several years
ago, and as I. have not since hail
any-'return' of the trouble, 1 cannot
speak too highly of Dr.. Williams'
Pink Pills as a permanent cure for
this trouble, and 1 strongly recommend them to all anaemic girls."
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at
50 cents a bos or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
I President Wilson's
Idea of Peace
Helping the Soldiers
The    Salvation    Army's     Creditable
War Time Work
Ever since the present war commenced thc Salvation Army has aimed at helping the service men in
every way possible. As thc days
went by and the number of men
joining the forces swelled to many
millions, an additional organization
grew up within thc army which devoted itself more and more to supplying    the      needs���temporal     and
Will Be   Much  More  Difficult  Than
a Simple Peace by Conquest
Mr. Wilson is insistent that the
present war shall not be iu vain.
Those who think he would accept
peace at any price simply do not
know the man. Before lhe final settlement is made there is going to be
much friction, much criticism, much
dissension; but thc outcry will not
come from those who "think Mr.
Wilson is too anxious lo make peace,
but from Ihosc who will not like
the president's insistence on an unselfish and an equitable peace, a
democratic peace, one that will give
peoples more of a share iu their
government and more of a part iu
deciding the destinies of their countries.
Mr. Wilson's peace will not be
pleasing to imperialists, chauvinists,
bourbons, lories, or reactionaries in
any  country.     It    will    approximate
spiritual���of  the   boys.    Thc   follow-       -      ., (,   .  ,,     ��� .,. .   T   ,
ing arc sonic  facts  and  figures  con-   n!orc the P,cucc that lllc B/1,tls,1,.L.:ib,"
ccrnutg  the    work   which  the    army
is doing.
One hundred and fifty-three recreation huts have been erected in
military camps in Great Britain,
France, and oilier countries at a c^st
of $350,000.
j     Seventy-seven     hotels    and    naval
and military homes   with 4,000 beds,
: costing over $-100,000,  arc in    opcra-
Uion;  extensions amounting  to  $100,-
\ 000 arc in  progress.
|     Thirty motor ambulance cars  have
'been  supplied  for the    war zones in
France, Russia and  Egypt, at a cost
of $50,000.
Three hundred thousand soldiers
and sailors are catered for weekly in
our various  institutions.
F'orty-one thousand food parcels
and articles of clothing havc been
despatched lo prisoners of war and
our soldiers and sailors.
Thirty  thousand  relatives  of    scr
j vice men entertained at leas and so-
I rial gatherings.
j One hundred thousand men attend
I the weekly meetings, and jnany
'thousands havc been won for Christ.
or party, the most powerful political
force in Great Britain today, has set
itself to obtain. In the sense that
conservative thinkers believe these
ideas are remote of accomplishment
in the modern world, peace is far
distant. Indeed, Mr. Wilson's kind
of peace will be much more difficult
to get than a simple peace by conquest. But the important thing lo
remember is that while Mr. Wilson
talks peace, hc also makes war with
ail the energy and might that America can command. He is every day
authorizing construction and organization and mobilizations of power
that arc intended for onF one purpose���the defeat of German militarism by beating the German army it
has created. ��� Washington Correspondent,   Ncw   York   Evening   Post.
Material Waste
waste of  500,000  pounds
week,  entails  the  cutting of
like appearance    of
many believe     was
thc rock there
Golgotha, "lhe
place of thc skull" and tlie true site
of thc Crucifixion. But there is
scarcely a spot which has not its
traditions and associations, and nowhere do the traditions and associations go back so far or so deeply
touch thc heart of man. ��� London
Dailv  Mail.
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.���The
conditon of the liver regulates the
condition of the blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities in the blood
and these show themselves in blemishes on the skin. Pannelce's Vegetable Pills in acting upon thc liver
act upon the blood and a clear,
healthy skin will follow intelligent
use of this standard medicine. Ladies
who will fully appreciate this prime
quality of these pills, can usc them
with the certainty that thc effect will
hc most gratifying.
On Hands From Salt Rheum
At Very Small Cost for
Soap and Ointment.
"I was a great sufferer from salt
rheum on my hands. It came in small
blisters between my thumb and finger
and it itched terribly and kept spreading. 1 could not use my hands at all
and the skin would crack and bleed so
that I could not bend mj fingers. lean-
not describe what 1 have suffered and
tlie sleepless nights I had.
"Then I got the Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. I only used one cake ot Cuticura Soap and one box of Ointment
when my hands were healed." (Signed)
Mrs. M. L. Aiken, Highwater, Que.
Keep your skin clear by daily use of
Cuticura Soap, with tonches of Ointment now ana then.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
War and Food
No. 13- CHEESE
Watch and Pray!
Whole World Stands at   Gaze    and
Waits the  Breaking   of the
Battle Thunder
Oncc more thc whole wrold stands
at gaze and waits thc breaking of
thc battle thunder. In this war wc
havc known other moments of tense
anticipation, but none more full of
meaning than this. The. thought of
the ordeal before us should hush all
dissenting and discontented voices in
these islands, and should inspire all
who remain at home with a- determination not to bc unworthy of
those who arc facing privation and
death in the cause of freedom. Thc
people who talk of an ignoble peace,
who shrink from facing a little suffering when our hosts arc manfully
arming themselves afresh for battle
can they not ���watch and pray iu silence?���The London Times.
Takes the sting right out���cleans
'cm right off without pain, Thousands say it's the surest thing to
rid the feet of callouses, sore foot
Don't suffer���that's
concentrated form C,T time a bit of material is re-ein-
plovcd which .formerly was destroyed.'
The Poor Man's Friend.���Put   .up
iu small bottles that are easily portable and  sold  for a very small sum,
jDr.   Thomas'   Electric   Oil   possesses
more  power  in
than one hundred times thc .quantity
of many unguents. Ils cheapness
and the varied usc to which it can
bc put makes it llic poor man's
fiiend. No dealer's stock is complete without it.
Singleton���Doctor Pelielt is . certainly the most absent-minded man
1 ever saw.
Wcderly���Is that so?
��� .. Singleton1���Yes; he was married
'last week and during the ceremony,
j when he should have placed a ring
Ion the bride's finger, he actually felt
jlier pulse and asked her to put out
her  tongue.
at  least  2,000   trees   a  week.    Everv , I����>PS or corns.    __.. . __.	
ton of old paper recovered means a   foolish���buy .t 2oc bottle of_ Putnam s
saving  of   eight    trees    of     mature
growth.    The saving of woollen rags
for the manufacture of shoddy saves
land    for     crops     which       otherwise
would be required for thc raising of
sheep.    Men, money and materials���
capital and labor���are  conserved  cv
No Sense in Worrying
Direct Contrast to.   the   German
���Mind Is Ours. \
There is one tiling we'-m'ust admire
the Germans for���their sublime egotism. .. . -
���';Keycr for. a moment do.they allow
the suspicion to ��� enter their minds
that they are in the wrong br in for
defeat.    '
Jn direct contrast to lhe German
mind is ours. We seem to delighr in
putting on ecru spectacles and seeing tilings at their muddiest and
murkiest.' \\"c paint the sky black,
draw the curtains and sit down with
a session with the glooms.
It is time for us to turn on the
light, throw away our glasses,
through which we see so darkly, and
talk about victory���and Work for it.
���From the Buffalo News.
Minard's.' Liniment  Co., Limited. .
1 was very sick wilh Quinsy and
thought 1 would strangle.. 1 used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cured tue at once. 1 am never without
it now.
Yours gratefully,
- MRS.  C.  D.   FRINGE.
Nauwigewauk, Oct. 21sl.
There is more Catarrh In this section ot
the country lhan al! other diseases put together, and lor ycara it was supposed to Be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and hy constantly. Jzilitig'to cure with loca.
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
if n local disease, Ktcatly influenced by constitutional condiiions and thcrefire requires
constiutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manutacKiied by F. J. Cheiiey & Co.,
Toledo. Ohio, is a constitutional remrdv, is
taken internally and cts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces ol the System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is o.fered-^ior any
case tlut Hall's Cntarvh Cure fails to ctiri
Send for circulars and testimonials.
J''. J.  CHENEY  &  CO..  Toledo,  Ohio.
Sold  by  Druggists,   75c
Hall's   Tainily   Tills   for   constipation.
Painless Corn and Wart Extractor;
it does thc trick quickly and is invariably satisfactory. Sold by druggists everywhere.
France Not Tired of the War
At  the  Head  of the   Class
:  .Kindly.-Visitor���I  suppose,  Henry,
that you arc, able to spell?
Henry (whose father owns an ' automobile)���Yes sir, I can spell
words of four cylinders.���Peoples'
Home lournal.
It Was Only Yesterday
Strange What' Changes the War Has
Brought About ,
'���France'-'wai.-.thought-io bc a.nation
of decadents.:
. Wrist watches were considered ef-
The only thing against the Germans   was   their-  nn'.cir manners.
A person, who saved liis money
was  a  tightwad.
Only one woman in eleven, him -
tired and seveiiiy-Iiye knew, how to
knit. ' '   '���
A regular army of one hundred
and fifty thousand was held to be
loo large.
Nine people out of ten didn't know
where  Belgium  was.
Small-navy advocates declared
that the United States was certain
never to have another  war.
Germany was making us believe
that she was lhe only nation that
could make .. chemicals,'..drugs,.."-...anil;
dyes... :XXX.- .- ��� X-X: x.--.. ���- -yy
':';_ To,:be.a.pacinst y.;\:-.>nbihing
ashamed1 of.���Xew   York  Life;
Fit Punishment
Thc druggist died, and face lo face
.'������With  Peter at the  entrance  stood.
Said  Peter: "Try-the  other, place,.
"You'll  doubtless say  it's  'just   as
���good.'"    .
, 'Wilhelm Not JNapoIebn^Xy. ...
:.- ..Napoleon; carried: the Tricolor : 'to
all: the .great ��� capitals, of -Europ'c;.- except: three���rSt. Peterl_/urgs,":Constantinople and . LQn'dp'n..v4T.lte-s.i<niser . set
ou t,7-;qn/::a. "'similar.'.: expedition, ;'but':7ali
lie lias.betmablc to dp7 thtis .far:is .to.
carry'."his'."flag. to.'-1he caPita 1 s,_qf..-son1-"
of- the -smallest nations;'inj.-Eiir.op.e:---
Bclgium,7 Serbia.-:��� ;;'Montenegro.. . arid
Ubumania.'Hc;.dreamed of a great
Pagdad;"lb.ut;; Bagdad .is hi -the.' hands':
of:'.. tltc liritish :and .lie ;;sccrus less
likely.. tp7;realize ;thatxdream ���tiiaf'^he;
did in the years before .the War when
the   German   railway  in'--;Asi:i,":M��i6.f
will b'Vtlin groat test, of a life, and death
struggle on tho Western front.'.. Id the
everyday walks of lifo,, ft 1* tho sprint;
titne that bringi 111 health. Ono of tho
chief reasons why the run-down man
rinds himself in a bad siine of health In
March or April, is because he has.spent
nearly all his hours for the past four or
five months penned up Avithln the walla
of house, factory or office. It is tho reason for our diminished resistance ��� that
13. lack of out-door life, coupled, with
perhaps over-eating, lu'cU of good exercise, insuftieient sleep, and constipation.
In other words, wo keep feeding tha
furnace with food Init do not tako out
the ,; el lakers," and our fire .does, not burn
brightly. .Al ways keep theli ver active.:.
��. There is nothing lx:tt^r.ror..healthVaan
taking an occasional mi Id laxa-tivo; pur-,
haps once a week ;: such -.a"-.ono!.its' you
can.get at any drug storo, made up of
Not the Slightest Indication   of   an
Inconclusive Peace
Dana Burnett, a    Paris correspondent of the i,"cw York Sun, writes:
One of the chief hopes of the German supreme command is. that thc
nerves of the entente allies will not
hold out against such horror as modern warfare produces. From neutral
Switzerland one hears the echo of
imperial voices whispering to their
peoples that France is growing tired
of. the war. Growing tired of it! She
is sick to death of it! But if any
man thinks that France is preparing
to give up thc fight, let hint read tlicj
speech of M. Clemenceau before the
chamber of deputies', Not' since I
havc been in the country have I
seen or heard the slightest indication
of an inconclusive peace.
One soldier whom I talked to
said: "This i.s without doubt thc most
unpopular war in history. Possibly
the German people wanted it���
though I doubt even that. Certainly
none of the rest of us wanted it. But
il came; it was thrust upon us. Wc
found, it suddenly at our doors. Nat-,
urally we grappled witli. it. Those
arc thc facts. Y'oti can't, argue them
away. You can't argue the Germans
out of Belgium,- 1 wish to God you
i could:"'     : '
"The further back from thc lines
I you get the more, complicated the
j whole matter becomes. That complication is called, .'politics;,' . But in the
trenches the facts arc very' simple
We fight because it is the only thing
to do. Wc kill the boche because it.
is the only way'to-' dispose of hiin.
When wc have killed enough of him
thc rest of hiin will go home. Thai
is all."    . ��� -'-. j J
A  few    evenings    later,   as  I   was/
walking through  olic  of     lhe.  older I
sections of Paris',: T. stumbled upoii a!
Htlle  tableau  that is  quite' typical of j
I France al war.   In the doorway of. a (:
'baker's shop stood a poilu in trench]
j hclnict and greatcoat, with his wafer.{'
i bottle slung across his shoulder and
j liis knapsack,    adorned with the.
Always noted for its nutritive value, cheese is doubly important now
as one of the most satisfying of substitutes for the beef and bacon which
arc gradually disappearing from the
table iu most Canadian homes.
Fifteen or twenty years ago the
standing of au Ontario country in
dairying was based on its volume of
cheese production. But this basis jf
calculation no longer holds because
other lines of dairy industry than
cheese-making have made enormous
strides in the last decade or two.
Chief of these arc thc whole milk
and powdcrcd'and condensed milk
Despite the growth of these rival
trades, however, cheese is still the
largest single line in Ontario dairying. The value of the cheese output of lhe province in 1916 was $23,-
653,343, nearly $5,000,000 above the
record of thc year before and upwards of $9,000,000 more than for
1910. Canada as a whole has increased her export of cheese since
the outbreak of war by upwards of
40,000,000 pounds.
Rich in protein there arc few foods
more sustaining than cheese and it
might be used much more extensively than at present as a substitute for other foods needes for export. A very small piece of cheese
has as much nourishment as a large
portion of meat. It is an extremely
important adjunct to the menu and
might bc more generally used.
Usually around the farm there is
a good deal of skim milk on hand
ancl thc contempt with which thc
majority of people regard it is
wholly undeserved. The prepartion
of cottage cheese is one method of
converting skim milk into a more
attractive and appetizing form . of
food. It is extremely simple to
make and is wholesome and delicious.
Canadian cheese may justly bc
termed one of the war" foods of. importance for not only might it be
used freely here but it is needed for
export, ancl thc farmer will make no
mistake in augmenting thc supply
for hpme and foreign consumption.
The Clock and the Lady
"Why. is a clock like a pretty aud
vain young woman?"
"I fail to sec any' resemblance.
Why?" V
"Because it is all face and figure;
has no head to speak of;.is hard to
stop vvhe.i once it is wound up, and
has a striking way of calling attention to itself every hour pf the day."
-���Pearson's Weekly.
inevitable hobnailed boots, upon liis.
back. lie was saying bood-byc to
his wife. Finally with a sort oi gruff
gentleness, he unclasped her arm
from about his neck, kissed'her. upon,
both cheeks and swung off down'thc
shadowy .street.'���.-���When ;hc had -disap-
peared .Uie-woman /went back into
the. shop, lighted a single pallid gas
jet and prepared, to receive custom-.
ers. :. War  or  no  war,  the   nei^hboi-
Way-anplft,  jalap,  aloes.; (sugar-coated,-: -���-��� .       -���   --.--������--.
tinv, easily taken),-which has stood tho I "ood ,must have bread,
tojt of fifty Vears of approval���namoly, .-.-��� V\ ar or. no war, life,niu
Dr. Pierces'-"Pleasant���'.Pellets. : But for
the "Spring Fever," tho general mnHlown
condition, tho. lack of ambition,; thc
" blues,.? one should ��� take a course;.; of
treatment cvory spring; such a standard
tonic- as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, now to be had in tablet form fn
fifty-cent vials. : Watch the people go
plodding along tho street. There's no
spring.no vitality..' A vitalizing tonic snch
as this vegetablo extract of Dr. Pierce 3
zivos you the : power to-force yourself'
Tnto a-ction.- The brain responds to tha
new blood In circulation, and thus you're;
roadr to make a fight against stagnation 'which holds yon in bondage..- Try
U now 1 Don't wait 1 To-day U : the
go -on!
.Grace, "(sobbing)���"You ." doit
ine," I; know you don't."  '-.;.".
iiiakcs:_vou: say  that.?": -y.
���".Grace--''Because:; you're /.not jealous. ./Maud; Mull ins ''has"'been-'"married
nearly .a/ycar, arid : her husband" is so
jealous that he shot/at her twice and
fried"'to--:'kill..himself three times.": ���
X: Fl f ty :Fif ty XX       XXXX'
MaV Grtnnn ..says: .-/VI-_di;c;ition? ,..,.T
, r!u nil 6. -The re's/abb it t  t he fame "n n m-
under  eonstruciion.-
Yo;k World.
day to begin. Gam .* l��"te- -OT^Mdj bcr bf; o!, :,���ven/that believe, iu hair
launh and live./ \ im andytUhtv.are the  -.������;���;��������� -���-���_���,:-,;,,        ,.vmc      ,n,mbcr    of
i natural out-pouring of a healthy body. | tomes rtni< tin. sam.c, iittiiioer. x>.
It does not spring up in a night.    Try   young men   taat  believe, in- women s
i thi3 spring tonic, and you gain tne cour- j promises    as    t\er. V;��� Akron, . O.,
jtga that coaae3 with sood health. . rinncs.
The world is short of horses.
To get the most out of your
team use
" Vse half at much as any other "
The mica flakes fill the pores
and crevices in the axle and
the grease keeps thein there.
Mica Grease means fresher
horses at; the end of the
day and longer life for your
harness and -wagons..
,  , "Lthsthens leather lifex;
Overcomes leather's worst
enemies���water and dirt- It
makes harness pliable and
waterproof, prevents^ breaking of stitches and imparts
that rich black lustre to all
dark dressed leather. ���
Sold in standard sized packages by live
.. dcalen.everywhere.
W.     Ht
129*, ��'l^J*ttfc**>J41��^!*WS***:i
$m 2M)qj3l ommm
s        a"
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Insurance.   Write to-day for pamphlet of
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I The Musical Merchandise Sales Co. I
| Excelsior Life Build ng TORONTO 1
Playing Safe
Private Did Not Wish Any Publicity Under the Circumstances
An officer in the British army who
is thoroughly disliked by his men,
was returning to the barracks one
night when he lost his way and slipped into deep water. A private happened to see the occurrence, and
running to his assistance, pulled the
officer out. The latter was very profuse in his thanks and asked his'
rescuer how he could reward hiin.
"The very best way you can reward mc," replied the private, "is to
say nothing about it."
_ "Why, my good fellow," questioned the astonished superior, "then
you really wish me to say nothing
about it?"
"Aye. If the other fellows knew I
pulled you out they'd bloomin' soon
chuck me in!" came the frank response.
We pay the Highest
Market Price ior
Our facilities enable us lo give quick
service   to  country  shipments.     Immediate  cash settlement.
Winnipeg, Man.
How He Worked It
First Father���Ah! sons are very
ungrateful. I have sent mine to college. I write to him every week, but
he never has time even to send mc
a postcard to say how he is getting
Second Father���Oh, I can always
get a letter from  my son.
First  Father-   ~*ow?
Second Father���Well, .
him, saying, 'Dear John,
five pounds.'
First Father���Well!
Second Father���Well, I don't en
close it, that's all!���Edmonton Bui
write    to
1  enclose
The U-Boat is Held
Struggle Between the British   Navy
and the Submarine Most Important Event- of 1917
History will probably say that thc
struggle between thc British navy
and- the submarine was by far the
most important event of thc year
1917. Thc German admiralty, let
alone the experts, undoubtedly had
good a priori grounds for thinking
that thc unrestricted submarine was
a lethal weapon, and we'are not flattering ourselves, unduly if wc say
that only thc British navy, backed
by the ingrained sea-craft of thc
British mercantile marine, could
havc prevented it from being fatal.
What wc owe to our sea-captains
and able-bodied seamen is more than
can ;ever be told. After a jrcar tve
are able to say confidently, in Sir
Eric Geddes' phrase, that "the U-
boat is held," but it is, of course, idle
to pretend that it has not had serious results in restricting supplies.���
Westminster Gazette'
Italy's Inventive Genius
Revival of Interest in Mechanics   in
That Country
Italy has just made a contribution
to war industry that would have prevented such disasters as that which
overcame our submarine ,F-4 in Honolulu harbor and cost lhc lives of its
entire crew, and will make future
submarine- navigation much safer.
Thc ncw device consists of a testing-
dock, in which the new submarine is
placed with its crew, and then subjected to hydraulic pressure equal to
that which would be encountered
300 feet below the surface of thc
ocean. Submarines heretofore have
been made theoretically to withstand such conditions, but many have
developed weak points at unexpected
places. The Italian invention permits application of the pressure under such conditions that if thc vessel gives way thc crew can bc rescued before harm befalls it. Italy
also gave wireless telegraphy to the
world, through Marconi, and has
contributed substantially to the perfection of the airplane, and there are
other evidences of revival of interest in mechanics in that country.���
Portland Orcgonian.
No Asthma Remedy Like It. Dr.
J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy is
distinctly different from other so-
called remedies. Were this not so
it would not havc continued its great
work of relief until known from
ocean to ocean for its wonderful value. Kellogg's, the foremost and best
of all asthma remedies, stands upon
a reputation founded in the hearts of
thousands who havc known its benefit.
A Much-Sentenced Author
Want Grain for Bread
A notable petition, representing
nearly 6,000,000 women of thc United States, was presented to President Wilson lately. The petition
urged that the production of malt
liquors in the United States be stopped in thc interest of the conservation of foodstuffs. Thc petition
states that thc grain being used in
thc brewing of beer and ale and other malt beverages in America is
enough to make more than 4,000,000
loaves of _ .cad daily, and that the
women of America ask that this
great saving bc made by a proclamation of the president. The petition contains the official signatures
of 28 presidents of national organizations.
Very Appropriate
"Why do you call vour dog Camera?""
"Because he is always trying to
get a snap of everybody lie meets."
���Baltimore American.
When Holloway's Corn Cure is
applied to a corn or wart it kills the
roots and thc callosity comes out
without injury to the flesh.
Killing Without Injury
An Irish barrister was counsel in
court for a man whose cow had been
knocked down and killed by a railway train. The lawyer saidr "If thc
train had been run as it should havc
been run, or if the bell had been rung
as it should have been rung, or if the
whistle had been blown as it ought
to have been blown, both which they
did neither, the cow would not have
been injured when she was killed."���
Railway Locomotive Engineer.:
Remarkable  Claim  in  the  Introduc-
on to a Book
The most remarkable claim I have
yet found in the introduction of a
book���and introductions are often
more startling than die books to
which they belong���is that the author has been "condemned to death
eight times" and "carries sentences
aggregating more than five hundred
years of penal servitude." Thc author in question is M. Daniel Blum-
cnthal, an Alsatian by birth, who has
been mayor of Colmar for nine
years' and who has represented
Strassburg in thc Reichstag. The
sentences, of course, have been imposed upon him by the German government, as the introduction puts it,
"because he escaped from the empire to tell the world the truth about
Alsace-Lorraine; and the book is
"Alsace-Lorraine," in which he sets
out thc relations of the two provinces to France and to Germany, respectively, and contends that "there
is but one way in which they can
regain their health. They must
again be united to France, their
mother country, their rightful
home."���Diarist, in thc Westminster
Gazette.       ,
Be Bright, Well, Strong,
Restore Youthful Looks!
Let your fight for better health
begin now! Before you feel any
warning of physical collapse, cleanse,
and strengthen and build up your
system. The one remedy for that
tired droopy feeling is Dr. Hamilton's Pills, the acknowledged king
of all tonic medicines. Thousands
of men and women in the late years
of life retain tlicir youthful looks
and feeling simply because they regulate their system with this old rc-
i liable family remedy. Nothing so
| good for the bowels, - stomach or
kidneys. Cures headaches, prevents
biliousness, stops aching pains in the
back and limbs. Get a 25c box of
Dr. Hamilton's Pills today.
Uphold  German   Conquest
The Warden���I'll have to give you
ten days in solitary confinement.
No. 900���Fine! Now I'll have me
meals served in'me. room.
Toronto College of Music
Inauguration of Musical Examination Has Been of Great
Of all the pioneer work done in
the interests of musical education in
Canada, nothing has been more productive of good than the inauguration of the Toronto College of Music Examinations. Founded by F.
H. Torrington, whose name needs
no introduction to the Canadian public, the College is entitled to rank as
one of the foremost musical institutions in this country. A system of
local examinations in Music has been
established, whereby students at a
distance from Toronto are afforded
the same advantages as those in attendance at the College. These examinations arc held at midsummer
at the several local centres established throughout the Dominion. Full
information and thc Syllabus of examination requirements may be obtained by applying to the Secretary
of the College in Toronto.
German Countess
To Expose Junkers
Years Before the War    Broke   Out
the German Autocracy Against
the United States
The Friends of German Democracy in Ncw Vork announce that revelations showing how for years before thc war broke out the German
autocracy schemed against the United States, arc in the possession of
thc Countess Alida von Krockow,
American-born, now the widow of a
German count. Thc countess was
exiled from Germany because of her
opposition to the views of the pan-
Germanist junkers, to which group
her husband belonged.
Countess von Krockow is preparing to give her experiences, contained in forty-two carefully kept diaries,
to the Amerk.-i public.
The countess says she wrote an
article exposing secrets of thc German ruling class for an American
magazine. It was published under i
assumed namc. Nevertheless, after
months of espionage she was discovered as the authoress of the article
and compelled to leave Germany.
Thc countess, who lives in the
Buena Vista apartments, Riverside
Drive, said:
"I was the only member of the
immediate court who espoused the
cause of America. In all the time
that I was in Berlin I found a bitterness toward the United States
among thc ruling circles that
amounted almost to an obsession.
On this point I had many disagreements with my husband.
"I always dared to speak my
mind freely and I always was outspoken in my convictions against the
lust of world domination so evident
in the upper circles of the court.
"Even on those occasions when
the kaiser received us I refused to
bc muzzled and exerted my right to
free speech."
Carter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vegetable remedy that always gives prompt relief in constipation. Banishes that tired feeling altogether and puts you
right over-night, stimulates the Liver gently, but quickly restoring it to full and healthy action, and the stomach and bowels
to their natural functions.   Making life worth living.
Small Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
ROSY CHEEKS orHEALTHYCOLORind|cBt��,Ironlnth��Blood- *���>�����*
face��uauallyahowitaabaencS��Aco"  CARTER'S IRON  PILLS
dition-which will be much helped bj   \*.��.I* A I^IX kT 1IYVS11   t IJjL.kJ
Reserved for Soldiers
All Suitable Farm Lands  Within 15
Miles of Railway in Northern
Nearly two million acres have
been set aside in the Peace River
district for the soldiers' sctttlemcnt
scheme,  it  is   learned.
Further, all suitable farm lands
within fifteen miles of the railway,
located iu the northern portions of
thc three Prairie Provinces, have
been reserved for returned men.
Arrangements are also being made
whereby financial aid can bc secured.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Minard's      Liniment
IN the evening, when the day's work
is done, men like to stroll over to
the village store to discuss the war,
politics, or whatever may be of local
It is under these circumstances that
the health of the family is referred to
and experiences are interchanged in
regard to medicines that have proven
particularly effective.
After Dr. Chase had introduced his
medicines to the druggists he found
that many who wrote to him for treatment lived many miles from doctor or
druggist, and had to depend on the
country store for their medicines. Thus
it came about that Dr. Chase's medicines were placed in general stores, and
you can now obtain them wherever
medicines are sold.
Instead of trying to imagine what
the man in the picture is saying about
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we shall
publish a letter from Mr. James Carr,
who attributes his good health and that
of his large family to the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
18 Miles From Drug Store.
Mr. James Carr, Maynooth, Ont.,
writes: "About nineteen years ago I
received an envelope containing two of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. I was
doctoring at the time with two doctors
and, as they did me no good, I used the
pills, and by the time I had finished one
box I was cured of the pain in the back
and shoulders.
"We ^ave great confidence in Dr.
Chase's medicines. I have a family of
ten children and have never had a doctor in tha house for any of them. We
live eighteen miles from a drug store,
and find that these pills cure nearly all
the ordinary ills by regulating the liver,
kidneys and bowels. That we are all
well and sound I attribute to their use,
and I have recommended them to hundreds and given away many a box because I believe there is no medicine so
. M
After long experience with Dr. Chase's Medicines v.-e have found
that people who try them are soon convinced of their exceptional
merits. -
"We havo published thousands of letters to give you an idea of
the benefits others havo obtained by their use, but if you are stiij
skeptical we shall be glad to send you our
Free Combination Package
One 25-cent box Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
One sample box Dr. Chase's Ointment.
One copy Dr. Chase's Recipes.
You -will kindly mention the name of this paper and
enclose a 2-cent stamp to pay postaga to Edniansoa, Bates &
Co., Ltd., Dr. Chase Bldg., Toronto. 4
Courland  and    Alsace    Claimed    by
Right and Belgium Must Be
"German"   ;   '
The line of reasoning pursued by
the German annexationists in their
efforts to justify their plans for conquest in both the east and thc west
is well exemplified in a semi-historical article found in a copy of the
Tagliche Rundschau, recently received in London.
According to the Rundscliati article, Courland has really been a German province since 1159, when it was
conquered by thc German Orders.
For more than a century German intelligence built u- thc land, and it
was not until 'our everlasting vices
���treachery- and ' disunion"���got lhe
upper hand lhat first thc Poles and
then the Russians tore "this German
land from us," ancl Compelled it to
submit to the Russian lash. The
Rundschau continues:
"Once agat. has the . German
sword secured, this ancient German
frontier region, our northeast march,
where for centuries the noblest German blood has been poured out on
thc watch. There arc sections of
our people "who would regard it as
sacrilege were these lands finally
joined to" the German empire. They
are the same persons who find no
strong word, of defiance when thc
Frenchman, with i: -pudent forehead,
romances about his rights in a truly
German land stolen from us in olir
From Courland and Lithuania thc
Rundschau turns to Belgium, "a territory which has been in dispute between German and Frenchman for a
thousand years." It is still a debatable land, as it was in the days of
Ileinrich I.i the paper" says,' and will
remain disputed territory unless the
German national power finally dominates it    The .Rundschau proceeds:
"Belgium anil, the'Belgians tire not
a country at all, not a people, not a
nation, but a number . of .race-fragments artificially joined together in
recent time*. Jn.thc north tlicy are
purely Germanic, in the- south there
is llie "Walloon misttire with all its
shady qualities.
"The state, -whose name has been
borrowed from antiquity, is only tli<i
product of ;t sterile and makeshift
diplomacy, a product of perplexity
and created to. serve as a defense
against France. It was and hits -remained a 'hothouse1, growth with artificial roots, helped by artificial fertilizers, aii experiment, as Belgian
statesmen themselves havo admitted.
"This experiment has brought itself to a close, and what is to be put
in ils place, is not, a question, of morality, nor: even of -right.~-.bu-t---':t:-:''.piire
matter of Gentian;;expediency.- And
the more categorically . foreign
sltanielessness demands-"the. -.'cession'
ol Alr-ace-Lorniinc . the.'-'stronger becomes Uuvneccrsiiy to create:;v powerful flank protection for tht- imperial pro vine (���>,"' lhe tnorv acttial "���������aiid
security.   Xi.   Xi. y Xy        .....
"As to. any. rc-cstablishi-mcnl of i
Belgium. as ��� it was .before ..llie -.war j
there cati bc no quc=lionl: .Bclgiinn j
as a state-was tolerable for us only]
as long as it remaitied tietitral:: > In
the moment when it forsook its-lictt-
The Inventor of Margarine
Was a Substitute for Butter During
the Siege of Paris
Margarine came into being as a
substitute for butter during the siege
of Paris. M. Motorics, a French
chemist and scientist, invented it by
mixing milk and beef fat. The article
that M. Mouries improved and eventually;, patented was later on manufactured by the . Dutch and the
Danes. When it was found that
there was not sufficient beef fat for
the manufacturers to meet the increased demand for the new butter,
vegetable oils were experimented
with, and so originated margarine as
we know it, of which our manufacturers are now turning out about
5,000 tons a week.���London Daily
Tender Memories
"Shut that door!" yelled the rough
man. "Where were you raised, in a
barn?" Thc man addressed meekly
and silently complied, but the speaker looking r.t him a moment later
observed that he' was in tears. Going over to his victim hc apologized.
"Oh, come," he said soothingly, "you
shouldn't lake it to heart because I
asked if you were raised in a barn."
"That's it, that's it," sobbed the
other man. "I was raised in a barn
and it makes mc homesick every
time I hear an ass bray."
Proved Once More
In Southampton, Ont.
Once a mother has tiscd . Baby's
Own Tablets for her little ones she
will use nothing . else. Their use
teaches her they are absolutely safe;
that they, never fail to give relief
and that the little ones do not dread
taking them as they do castor oil
and other harsh purgatives. . Concerning the Tablets Mrs. John M.
Weaver,. Blissficld. N". B.,' says:���"I
have used Baby's Own Tablets for
the past tcii years and have found
them so good I always keep a box
iu thc house." The. Tablets .arc_ sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Out.
Harold D. Bertram Had Inflammatory Rheumatism and One Box ot
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cleared It
Out of His System.
Southampton, Ont, (Special)���
That rheumatism is caused by disordered kidneys and that Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure it is again
proved by the case of- Harold D.
Bertram, a young man . eli and favorably known here. He had inflammatory rheumatism for two months,
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured him.
"The doctor said my trouble started with the grippe," Mr. Bertram
states. "My hands and feet were
badly swollen and the doctor did not
Seem to be doing me any good. My
grandmother, Mrs. G. Grasser, advised mc. to take Dodd's Kidney
Pills. I took one box of them and
I haven't been bothered since. I am
clear of the rheumatism."
That Mr. Bertram's trouble came
from his kidneys is shown by his
other symptoms. He had stiffness in
the joints, was tired and nervous,
and there wrcrc flashes of ligh* before his eyes. He had a dragging
sensation across the loins, was always thirsty and felt heavy and
sleepy- after meals.
Rheumatism is caused by uric acid
in the blood. Cured kidneys strain
the uric acid out of the blood. Dodd's
Kidney Pills cure the kidneys.
A Promising New Wheat
Ruby Wheat Makes Flour of the
Highest Quality
By bringing out Marquis wheat
thc Dominion department of agriculture did a service to Canada and to
thc empire that it would be difficult
to over-estimate. On account of it9
vigorous habits of growth, excellent
yield and superb milling qualities,
this variety, which year after year,
as an exhibit from Western Canada,
has carried off premier honors at
the International Soil Products Exhibition in the United States, has
largely supplanted thc old standard
Red Fife, that also gained for Canadian wheat an enviable reputation
in the flour markets of the world.
A service rendered by thc introduction of Prelude a few years later
was also of great importance, inasmuch as it extended the wheat-growing area of this country by millions
of acres. To these two very valuable accessions to the hard wheats of
Canada is to be added a ncw sort
that comes midway between Marquis and Prelude in the matter of
yield and ripening. This new sort
has been produced at the Central
Experimental Farm, Ottawa, by Dr.
Chas. E. Saunders, the Dominion
Cerealist, who gives the following
account of the new wheat in thc
March number of The Agricultural
Gazette, the official organ of thc
federal  department of  agriculture:
"The new wrheat, which has been
named Ruby, Ottawa 623, possesses
characteristics in ripening and other
qualities midway between Marquis
and Prelude. It is beardless, possesses hard, red kernels, gives a fair
yield, and makes flour of the highest quality in regard to color and
strength. Bread made from it ranks
in the first class. This wheat is the
result of a cross between Downy
Riga and Red Fife. Downy Riga
was produced from two early sorts,
Gehun, an Indian variety, and Onega from Northern Russia. Ruby As
recommended for trial' where Marquis does not ripen satisfactorily. A
very limited distribution of five-
pound samples is being made to
farmers requiring an early sort. A
sufficient crop will be grown this
year on thc Experimental Farms to
provide for a generous distribution
next spring."
"It is called the . altar because
that's where a girl, alters her name
when she gets married," explained
one  youngster  to another.
Miller's Worm Powders arc par
excellence the- medicine for children
who are found suffering from the
ravages of .worms. They immediately ��� alter .the stomachic conditions
under which the worms subsist ahd
drive, them' from the system, and at
the same time, lliey arc tonical in
their effect upon the digestive organs, restoring ihcm to healthful operation and ensuring immunity from
further disorders from such a cause.
Counsel���"Coiiic, sir, do you mean
to tell me you didn't sec the. complainant's cow on thc land? . How
near should yoti.bc to ...a beast: to;:, recognize .1 ?���'���'���.'..:" -y XXixy
" '.Witness^'-About ���"'- the .distance I
am from ��� vou."
tral position its  late was
senkil, an'cl.j
thc question had to be faced, Is Bel-j
sriuni   .to .be'"������..Gernva.ii'-XoX ' Anglo- \
about  th
A   diplomat'��� 'may...--hesitate
rU':-.1!1. ncv-
"Doc^:.:'voiir.7 '-wifo'.^c co'rioinizc' ?'V-:
" "Yes".'jepliod\Mr;^Mfcki^^'She
has figured to" a'^iiiccty.-���������how..;.rnany
ncw gowns the 'money.-.-\I������.'spend for
cigars /would buv.,4:���Hc-.rmllO'-r Spcc-
tat or.   : X ���'; '���? :-"' t-'-i
:':.-"':v- -.:....-.-" x.. ,. . V ��� Halifax, N.S. ;-
'���������':'' A boat etglit luotsths ajro, I read: your
adrertieement to on-t of the-Halifax Topers
offsriag-a free snroplc of Gia Pills for the
Kidasys. I h.id beena martyr for years toin-
tsasc p3'��J�� across the back. Betore I Suid
finished the third box I found ffly��*lf perfectly
freefroas paio.'.'.       Yocrs rincenlv,
(BO&) JaiiS Ptacr.
Boost for Canada
Dominion Coming to the Front as a
Manufacturing   Country
A few years ago thc manufacturing
industries of Canada were insignificant by comparison with those of the
United States. Under thc impulse of
war they have, so expanded that the
United States government has placed orders for $1,100,000,000 worth, of
munitions in the Dominion. The orders include 7,000,000- shells, 10,000,000
forgiiigs and 2,000,000 cartridge
cases. The ability of Canada to contribute so much "to the needs of thc
United Slates is evidence of the
great expansion of the British munition industry, for it indicates that to
i a large extent the'mother country
'can now dispense with the aid of the
Dominion in munition production.���
Portland' Orcgonian.-
Royal Duke's Romance
Was One of the Most Cultured Sovereigns of Germany
Grand Duke Adolph Frederick,
who, .-after a reign of fewer than
foiir years, committed suicide.-.:���'������ .-like'
Ludwig, was one of thc:;"mpst. cultured sovereigns  of  Germany."
It \vas'; persistently reported in
1913 that he' w;is engaged to marry.
Princess. Patricia of J Connaught,
daughter of the Duke of Connaug.'U,
late governor-general of Canada.
'Ihe shattering of "Princess Pat's
romance*' by thc war was a popular
topic in the gossipy. English weeklies some time ago, and may possibly bc a clue to tlie mysterious suicide of the Grand Duke: ��� .Ilis grandmother, who died recently, the Matriarch of European 'royalty, was born
an. English, princess, flr?t .cousin of
Queen Victoria, and through this
connection Grand Duke; Adolph was
on intimate terms with ' the.'".. British
royal -family and had a. host of
friends in England.   :;_.-..
His talents, handsome:.appearance,
splendid horsemanship   (he"''was. .fam-
! ous   as    a long  distance, rider)     and
j reputation for courage made..him.the
| beau ideal of German . princes,- and
great things-.-were expected, of hint
when he. ascended'the throne just before thc outbreak of the great
:;       A Bo_;*on Girl
'; "I hear that  Miss  Chilton
old flame of yours.''
."Not exactly; an old icicle,
ton Transcript,   .
Important Historical Record
British Document Contains Much
Data of Important Nature
The war cabinet's history for 1917,
forms a most interesting and highly
important historical record and also
shows the tremendous labors of the
achievement. The government emphasizes that thc whole character of
the war has gradually changed since
last year, involving the complcttj
transformation of the British administration  and   organization.
Regarding the submarine warfare,
thc documents frankly admit that u
the enemy had been, able'to maintain the rate of sinkings reached in
February of last year, thc military
operations of the allies would havcj
been largely paralyzed. The navy,
however, triumphed. The document
contains much data of an important
Such Extravagance
Fine silk with patter-ns worked in
gold and silver threads were used by
tltc Turks as sand bag coverings for
their trenches in Palestine.
AWheat Saver
AS$ar Saver
A Milk Saver
This "ready-to *��� eat"
food also saves
���'time and fuel. ���
Ideal forWartime
$2 a year in Canada,   and   #2.50 |in   the
United States.
Editor and Financier
In Old Mexico
r   .iiKjttent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
! and Oil  Notices     fi OO
i iv Notices 3.00
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line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequenti insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Tiik pungent aroma of the green
onion, i.s again rampant in Canada.
Apparently, the Hindenburg
line stops afe all the flag stations in
If you wish to hold the affections of a woman, never give her
too much, or too little of anything.
Wiute often to the boys in
France, and send them the local
papers. Nothing has a more beneficial effect upon the soldiers at
the front than messages from
In order to help in these days of
war, some girls in the States are
wearing overalls. Others are doing their best to save clotb, by
wearing dresses that are short on
both ends.
Style is everything with some
people. In the Sonth this winter
we saw many a woman wearing
heavy furs, and at the same time
holding a parasol over her head to
keep the sun from burning her
The German crown prince is not
much in the spotlight, since hie
j'nilit'ary' fiasco at Verdun. Little
"Willio is probably talking to him-
felf somewhere in Germany, or
loafing around his dad's palace in
Bt-rlin. .,'���'���������'������������'.-
Over There
A. N. Mowat is again in France,
ml in a letter to The Ledge says:
"Dear Colonel.��� We are all gong strong. All full of confidence
and believe that a victorious army
will, soon be marching home.
There is plenty of news over here,
but I cannot give you any as it is
itli prohibited. Remember me to
the people of Greenwood. During
these strenuous times, when a man
in feeling all in, fagged out and
can hardly stand up, a letter seems
to brighten him up and does a lot
towards paving the way to the desired end. Any letter addressed
to;Sergt.. /A.'.'.N". Mowat, .703882,
7 th Battalion, Army Postoffice,
London, England, will reach me
v, her ever I may be. When I was
in England last I saw James McCreath, Alex DavicUon, Duncan
and Bob Murray' Suds Smith,
Hilscher of Midway, Alex McKinnon and many others. Bassett of
Phoenix is back in France. Billy
Whippier, Chris Eaton, Stan W61-.
verson, Fred Daly and Alex Mc-
Ghie are still in the ring. They
are all delighted when a bundle of
Ledges arrive at the front. It does
them good to read about the friends
they left behind them ii God's
country���British Columbia."
The Three Flags
;;Deak ;Siit:--;In a ^recent issue of
The   Ledge, -Lsaw::an  article in
reference tb the United : States, not
honoring the  British  and-French
flags  to  any  great extent. - It is
very true, for I have been -in Spokane for nearly three months, .anil
only once bayeul; seen-^.thej,Allied
flags shown? in  public ^places.    I
thought the article ;so appropriate
that 11, handed it to one of-the'.iead-.-'
'.'ing physicians,'! who: is a leader in
;p-itriot|cf;work.v-;-B[e said : that it
i-y ^excellent,!!':and'���'tha,t he!would
!'��� ingiyiixup;>fe��� ;'a:_.meeting:!'of the
XV. xXih'XDistrict! Congressional Clubt
"X Xi- Mas.- -S^T?;i LARSEN/
C x.An fXpiejdaiatit;: cati\help! his
iisinessby: truthful: an^saggQSt-
i.'-e advertising.:!;!>.!!. ;:!;f
Close to the Rio Grande, opposite the Big Bend district of Texas,
German agents are drilling Mexican troops. Mexican mobilization
on the border is a fact, and about
10000 men are opposite the Big
Bend. Most of the Mexican array
men are rabid pro-Germans. It is
realized in Texas that an open
break that would lead to war
would be a triumph for fehe German plotters and every effort is being made to avoid it.
It is known that at least some of
the Mexican raids in the Big Bend
district were made in the hope that
American troops would follow the
raiders across the river and into
At the same time, well informed
Americans do not believe that
Venustiano Carrunzi, de facto
president of Mexico, is pro-German, or pro-anyfchiug but Mexican.
The situation in Mexico is Bim-
ply chaotic.
Carranza's authority is respected
by no one. Even those claiming
publicly to be his devoted followers
almost openly sneer at him.
His only card is the fact that he
has been recognized by the United
States, and the declaration of President Wilson that the United
States will not recognize any president who succeeds to office via the
assassination route.
Plenty of ambitious men in Mexico would have Carraoza killed,
but why kill him when the act will
put Mexico beyond hope of procuring foreign financial assistance
which any government must have
it it is to survive?
Carranza is a small-town man,
a provincial of the narrowest type
���a selfish, grasping old autocrat,
who pretends to be a friend of the
plain people and in faver of liberal
government, but who never willingly permits any power to get out
of his own hands.
His idea of a government is one
where the laws are made by executive decree without the necessity
of sanction by congress or anyone
The constitution adopted at
Queretaro, at a convention dominated by Carranza, is a good one
in many ways, and is even radical
in its provisions for the protection
of the rights of the individual Mexican.
Its weakness is its denial of the
rights'to foreigners or to religious
bodies or ministers of religion, regardless of denomination.
It contains a joker which permits the president to suspend it in
times of national stress, and Senor
Carranza has managed to keep it
suspended ever since ib was framed.
some two years ago.
Ife denies foreigners the right co
own real property of any kind, unless the foreigners, bo they corporations or natural persona, agree to
surrender their right to appeal to
their own governments for protection of their.rights.
It denies them the right to hold
property of any kind and under
any circumstances within 100 kilometers of the coast or boundary of
another country.
As the constitution has! been
suspended ever sinoe it was ratified, no attempt, so far as is
known, has been! made to enforce
any of its provisions, though Secretary of State Liiisii.ig has taken
occasion to inform Garrahz* that
the ptovisions respecting, property
rights will not be recognized by the
United States, finoe American citizens cannot lawfully surrender any
pf their rights so long as they remain citizens of the United StafeeB.
Ever since Carranzi has been iii
office he has looked with jealous
eye upon the Tampico oil fields,
and several times bas started
troops in that direction with the
view of taking possession of them,
but each time the move has been
: ; Nominally the Carranza government .controls the city of Tampico,
which is the shipping point!for;the
oil.    . "!;!: X:xx.xXy;XXi:X
���';���.The-prpducing .district itself is
und er i control   of ��� an i ndependeu t
revolutionist, M*ndel'.,.1'alft-?-?, who
is a bitter enemy of;-Canun.zai:;>-,
:erai'.counsel!-!'-.pf.-:the! Agiiila7!;corn-:
paiiny, the great'.B^'i.tisli^'cpncern:;.of
Sir^Weetmah  Pearson,Xandytiiis
generally.;   believed ;: the ... Palaez
revolution, was started, maintained
and! financied by the oil interests to
ke��p Cbranzi audhis people out of
the fieid and Jk>! protect! the properties fromdestruction at the hands
of irresponsible bands, i.x '.
, ./Tiie .Carranza or federal troops
are just as irresponsible and dangerous as the so-called revolution-
iste or bandits.
The bandits pillage and loot by
virtue of their strong right arms,
the soldiers do the same things in
the name of the government.
If a rancher or merchant in an
outlying district objects to his
property beiug taken by the soldiers, he is charged with being a
Villa sympathizer, and imprisoned
or shot.
Each of the so-called generals is
a law unto himself, and never accepts orders that do not suit him,
save in the presence of a superior
The condition of affairs, in
northern Mexico at least, has resulted in stripping the country of
provisions. The farmers are afraid
to put in crops or to gather them,
for they are almost certain to be
confiscated by the soldiers or
stolen by the bandits.
Along the railroads the suffering
of the people arc intense; in the
more remote districts famine conditions prevail.
The cities are crowded with Germans, most of them are refugees
who fled from fehe United States in
anticipation of the declaration of
war and others who escaped across
the line to avoid the draft.
Many of these people have
money. Some of them are wealthy.
They spend freely, entertain the
generals and officers of the garrisons, and generally succeed in
creating the impression that they
are the only friends of the Mexicans.
Americans with plenty of money
should be sent into the country.
Arrangements should be made for
the reopening of the mines aud
other properties owned by Americans and allied interests; food
should be supplied to tide the people over until they can produce
their own.
The United States should follow
the example of the Germans in not
paying too much attention to Carranza, but dealing, unofficially of
course, with the half-dozen leaders
who are the real power iu the
country. If this could be done
and peace once restored, the future
would be easy.
Mexicans are so tired of war that
they would accept almost anything
that would guarantee them peace.
It is probably safe to say that today, out of 15.000,000 people, less
than 50,000 are in arms, and these
could be promptly brought under
control by any power that undertook the task with intelligence and
proper financial backing.
Carranza   is    stupid,   arrogant,
suspicious, and notoriously lacking
in  honesty   in  a   country   where
honesty is nofe esteemed   as one of
the highest virtues.
He is a silent partner in a number of companies which control the
trade in almost everything of importance produced in the country,
and no one in Mexico can do business with out paying tribute to
one of these concerns.
All   Free   Miner's   certificates
expire on the 3lst of May.
TAKE NOTICE that I Joint R. Jackson.of
Midway, occupation, Rancher, intends to anply
for permission to Least? the following described
Lands: Cinitmencini; at a post at the N. W. Cor.
Lot lOSCs, thence nortli 60 chs., thence East 20
chs , thence South 40 chs., thence East 40 cits.,
thence South 20 chs., thence West 00 chs., to
point of commencement, containing' 200 acres
more or less foi Grazing- Lands.
Dated this 30th day of March, 191��.
TAKE NOTICE that I  John R. Jackson intends to apply ior permission to Lease the following described Lands:
Lot 1086s on official Map containing-160 acres.
Sated 30th day of March 1918.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C, Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys.
*        t       $
Have you tried one lately?
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.:   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealG.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
Real, helpful, animate service is what the telephone operator gives. She is trained to her work, her every movement is
made instinctly as the-result of constant practise. Her efforts .
- are always directed toward giving serviced it becomes habit.
:To do otherwise; she would have to derange her daily course of
With considerate co-operation on the part oi  the subscriber,
; telephone service will be well-nigh peifect
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100     �����
200 �����������'���.:
$1.25 each
2,00 >���
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co*
J**44"&"*^44��4"i"4*4' ***4��***4'*>fr+i'K
Cbe Buttic F>oteI
nelson, B*g��
only up/4o/date Hotel.itf::;the���;inteHbr.::;
iXixxia every: respect,
and Cold Water; Steam Heat and^ Telephone in
[ i^isix&AM^
Xi'XX.:..-Steam Heated; :Electric Lighted.
RATES Si.00:per day.anciap;.European Pian. X
".   Bas; Sleets all Trains and Boats.
i J^t:' ���;��� s$�� *�����������>����� ������� ���$����������� *J* ���f" 4* H
= *
Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams, Its lofty sky /scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek, Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP," for lack of
cultivation, Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy,
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and j)et it has a scant 400,000* Then
sings the little bird in the tree* "What's The
Matter With EG"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
businessman. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get amove
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
get your job printing at the same office.


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