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The Ledge Mar 14, 1918

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ci*l i
Vol.   XXIV.
No. 35
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty ef Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        3��       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Pantry Queen Flour
j   Next Shipment all Standard Flour
X Wm    P    ADTUI1DC    greenwood city bakery
; YTiil.  v*.  Aninunj,   flour abd feed store
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B>C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business'houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.        ,
��� ���>
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all the
j�� towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co;
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Life,  Fire,'Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
���greenwood. b. c.
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
When You Want a Real Good Smoke
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars. Marsh
mallows and Gum just In
AT Phone 45
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the fi, C Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys,    ,    .   .
Have you tried one lately?
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a, m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at8 p. m., testimonial meetings willbe
hel.d in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Cal Tor phone when you want
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
and Gents   Furnishings
Try my Eggsand Butter
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
The Property at Eholt Known As
10 acres of food land fenced with wire
Large log house of reeled cedar with
open fire place,    Chicken House, etc.
Apply to
Greenwood, B,C-
E. W. WTDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead #1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for otb*r metals etc
on application.
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Gieat Northern/ Only
brick hotel in Siwilkarrieen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfleld, Props,
>$* 4�� ��$**$�����$*'$''$'4* 4* ^ *$* 4* ^
CV.O.. LLD., D.C.L, President
SIR JOHN AIRD. General Mana��* ���
H V. F. JONES, Ass t Cent Manner
Capital Paid Up, $15,000,000^ Reserve Fund, . $l3,50o.ooo
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners.: A
current account facilitates the^    *
handling of business receipts and payments^% %
H, C, LUCAS, Manager
* OLOAT is not a periodic-
����i * al. It is a book con-
i taining 86 illustrations all J.
. told, and is filled with ~
jj" sketches and stories of
*** western life. It tells how
*j�� a gambler cashed in after
����i the flash days of Sandon ;
ju how it rained in New Den-
^ ver long after Noah was
j�� dead; how a parson took a
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically dey
piefcs the roamings of a
western editor among the ��j��
tender-feet in the cent belt- ����>
��L It contains the early history j,
of Nelson and a   romance
of the Silver King mine.
�����..  .v ���u     -y.-.v,�� .... &        -
In   it are   printed    three ***
western poems, and dozens *
of articles   too   numerous ��{���
to mention.    Send for one ju
before it is too late.   The ���
price   is   25   cents,  post- j^
paid to any part of   the '**
���4�� world.     Address   all   let- 4*
��|��. tere to
*' ���������     ."..__= ���������������:���������"
R:T.Bct<w^fy %
��� +
Three Times a Week
Commencing March 16
Boundary District
Coast Points via
To Green wood, Mon., Wed., Friday
To Greenwood, Tues.,  Thur., Safe.
See Local Agent for complete details
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B.C.
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fi ue rootns and tasty meals. .
A. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.
Synopsis di Coal Mining Regulations.
/~*OAL mining rights of the Dominion
^* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a terai of twenty-one years
renewable for a. further term of ai years.
at an annual rental, of ft an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant iii person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In snrveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions : of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant.himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of ^5 which will be refunded if
the rights applterd for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable outpa'. of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The persoa; operating t e mine shall
furnish the Agent, with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights and
riot being operated, such iretiur's should
be furaished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal taining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent 01 Snb-Ag^Bt of Dominion Lands.
WoW. "CORY,^'
Deputy Bfinisier of the Interior.
N.   B.���. Unauthorized publicatiou of
this adrertisemeiit will not be paid.for. '
Around Home
Mrs. R. D. Kerr came in from
Midway on Wednesday.
R. B. MacEwan, of Borden
Milk fame,  was here this week.
Harry Twells, of Trail, is
spending a few days  in  the city.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Del
Parker on Friday, March 8, a
Mrs. Bert de Wiele and child
frere in town from Midway last
New prints iu very pretty patterns also Curtain Scrims. G. A.
Frank Wilms and M. J. Buchanan were in town from Coltera
on Monday.
Miss Lommel accompanied the
Ladies hockey team from Trail
on Friday last.
Ion & Gillis are running their
auto on the stage line between
Greenwood and Midway.
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Stuart
and family have left for Penticton where they will reside.
Just in a shipment of Ladies
and Childrens, Black Cashmere
Hose.    G. A. Rendell.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Trail Ladies defeated   Grand
Trail vs Greenwood
The Trail vs (Jreenwond hockey
match drew the largest crowd- to
fehe Eink this season, on Friday
lasfe. The ice was keen making
play fast. Greenwood outclassed
the visitors and the feafeure of the
game was fehe home Girls combination which won them the match
and also has kept fehis team well to
fehe front fehis season. In fehe
three periods the locals had the
besfe of the play and on several
occasions when Trail would try
hard to score fehe home defence
j would always break op the rushes.
The score was 3-0 in favour of
Greenwood. Gladys Jackson getting one in the first period and
Ethel Ferguson and Ethel Pond
each getting one in fehe third. Two
other goals were scored bufe were
nofe eonnted as fehey were off-sides.
Even though with big odds
againsfe them fehe Trail Ladies put
up a plucky fight and if it wasn't
for the good goaltending of Mrs.
Oliver the score wonld have been
doubled. Gladys Nichols, A.
Header Mrs. Jewell and' E. McMillan all played strong for Trail
as well as did Mrs. W helan and
B. Merry who were very consist-
enfejvorkers. The Greenwood Lad
Forks  at   hockey in the   latter ies pnt np their strongest   game,
place last Friday night by a score fche forward ,-       f Q Jacbs      E
of 2-1
John Benson, lessee of Andy
Sater's ranch, has been appointed
scavenger for a period of three could easily  penetrate the  Trail
Tuesday,  after a short  illness
The funeral services will be held
io   the   Undertaking-   Parlor on
Thursday.   March  14, at 1 p. m
Interment   vyill    take   place
Greenwood cemetery.
Pond, E. Willcox and E. Ferguson
were always in feheir  positions and
A marriage"licease was issued
on March 8th, to A. E. Bonnett
and Edna Dorothy Welstead both
of Rock Creek.
Archie MacLean and Si Smith
of Mother Lode never missed attending a hockey match in Greenwood this winter.
Cecil Dawson, of New Denver,
was visiting Mrs. and Mrs. G. B.
Taylor for a few days, en route
to the coast to enlist.
Pat Crane, mine superintendent
and D. H. Smith, master mechanic, of Copper Mountain, were in
Greenwood this week.
For Sale.���5 roomed house
and lot in Greenwood. Big wood
shed and chicken house. New
foundation, and new floors. Apply
to L. Rousier.
An account of the dedicating
of the Honor Roll and the ceremony in connection with the 54th
anniversary of the Pythian order
will appear in the next issue of
The Ledge.
Herbert Morris and A. B. Ril-
ance, the Palm Beach twins, were
a side-line attraction at the
hockey match last Friday. Their
songs were most catchy and it
might be said that they lost
on the "Long,  Long Trail."
Miss Alice Kerr met with a
painful acccident in her room at
the public school on Monday,
when a radiator toppled over and
struck her right foot and badly
sprained it. Miss Kerr will not
be able to teach school for some
Pte. Jack White who returned
last December from France where
he lost his' left hand at Vimy
Rigde, left on Monday for Toronto, During his stay here, he
was the guest of his aunt apd
uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. White
of the Jewel mine.
St. Patrick's Dance. The Pythian Sisters will hold a Dance
on March ] Sth, in the Masonic
Dance Hall. Bush's orchestra
will be in attendance. Admission,
Gents$3.00, Ladies 50c. Everybody come and have a good time.
Keep this date open.
George John Swaatand, age 9 I wish to thank the many people
years, pf Boundary Falls, died ia in Greenwood for their kind assisfc-
the Sacred  Heart   Hospital   on anee and sympathy in the death of
defence.    N.   Hamarstadfe starred
at cover point and waa always ably
assisted by Mrs.  Walkers at point.
E. Murray in goal though nofe kept
busy  bufe  on   several   ococasions
made eome good saves.
The line-up follows:
Trail Greenwood
Mrs. J. Oliver,.,.....���....���.,,..._Sva Murray
\ -Point i'i
Gladys Nichols ...Mrs. G. Walters
Cover Point
Mrs. J. Whelau.. :.... N. Hamarstadt
E. McMillan, ,..G. Jackson
A. Hender '..���!$. Ferguson
Right Wing
Mrs. Jewell.. .....E. Willcox
Left Wing
B. Merry....... E. Poud
. Trail spare, Clara Supple; Manager, D.
Referee, Hugh Nelson.
A royal time was had in the
L O. O. F. after fehe game, which
was held in honor of the visiting
team- Mra. Ashby and Rev. H.
W. Simpson very kindly supplied
the music for fehe dancing and a
merry crowd kept this up until an
early, hour. Refreshments were
served by the ladies during fehe
Women's Institute
The Boundary Women's Institute acknowledges with thanks
the following donations to the
Red Cross: Beaverdell, per Miss
Smith, $25.25; Mrs. Lachmund
$10; Mrs. Osbiston, 2 lbs of wool,
4 prs of socks, 1 pr wristlets.
Last month the Institute shipped to Sed Cross Depot, Vancouver, a. box containing 18 prs of
knitted socks, 36 operation stockings, 6 suits pyjamas, 5 -stretcher
caps, 5 trench caps and 1 pr
wristlets. They also donated 7
prs socks to borne boys le
for Fra-uce.
Card of Thanks
my beloved  husband, and  also to
those   who eo  thoughtfully   and
kindly provided wreaths and flow-
i0 [ ere oc the day of the funeral.
��� I believe thafe George Pufeerbangh
of San Diego is fehe champion temperance lecturer. of California.
George wore the blue, during the *
days, when the North and the
South did not invite each other feo
afternoon teas, or dinner parties.
He is about 75 years young, and
richly endowed with a keen sense
of wife, humor, justice and philosophy. He is fond of a cigar, and
some say that he sometimes takes
a shot of booze. I have often seen
him with one or more^bottles of
whiskey on his desk but I have
never seen him take a drink of any
kind. He usually delivers from
one to ten temperance lectures
every forenoon, and fehis is a
sample of them:
''You say thafe you have lived in.
San Diego, off and on, for fehe pasfe
ten years. Why do you not stay
here all the time? Is fehis not the
sun-kissed city of the Pacific;
America's Garden of Eden; the
birthplace of California, and the
home of art beauty and sunshine?
Along this fringe of the wet Pacific, do not the flowers bloom eternal?   Bet your life they-do!"
"You eay that you earned 890
at Campo, came back to San Diego,
and blew ife all in for booze in three
days. You're a darned fool! Even
with a desert thirst you could not
drink $90 worth of boozerine in 72
hours. You must have bought a
powerfnl lot of liquid damnation
for your saloon friends, and
in doing fehat you hurt them, as
well as yourself. And what do
you get for this damn foolishness?
A sore head, an empty ppeket, and
a night in the police station. For
thafe $90 you could had lived like
an American prince for three
months. Besides you should put
away something for a rainy day,
even in San Diego. Try and curb
fehat desire for strong drink. Cut
it oufe. Be"a man, and 'some day
you may be the mayor of this
beautiful eity/f I fine you $6."
"You say that you are broke,
and cannofe pay for a week. I feell
yon what I do. I will give you
two months in which to pay fehe
$6, providing that until the fine is
paid you will give me your word
of honor, that you will nofe go into
a saloon, or feake a drop of intoxicating liquors.
George Puterbaugh is one of the
besfe    police    magistrates  in   fehe
United States.    He is a man with
an iron hand,   but a velvet touch.
Always just, firm, tender and logical-he has the courage of his  convictions, especially, when he says,
"Six dollars,"   or   "Six   months.
The two latter expressions are his
shortest and most telling speeches.
Help! Murder! Fire!
"All right, Oswald, now you
ask mo how to get down from an
elephant. Understand? AIL right
"Oh, I say, Oscar, can you inform me as to the beat way of getting down from an elephant?''
"Why, my dear.boy, I'm Bur-
prised afe your ignorance. You
dpn^t get down from an elephant,
you get ife from a goose.���Lehigh
Phoenix senior hockey team,
champions of the Boundary went
to Rossland last week where theT
defeated the hockey team of that
city by a score of 7-4, thereby
winning the McBride cup, embla-
matic of the hockey championship of the Interior,
<? :'\xsm
��� Is-xm
^.^^X\, i.   '
" X':i-
& r
FEE    liEDQm,    QS&EimOQIK    &  ft.
Purely Herbal���Ho pmsoeoiij eeloilcg
Ajiti-eptic���Stop* HooiJ-paisea
SMthiflfl-Eirfs pais and smartiag, etc
Pore���Best for billy's nshtv
Hetls ill tar��s.
50c. ia*.   All DmggUU and Stow
Eluded His Captors
'.leaped American Relates   His Ex-
l periences to King George
Afif-r escaping- from Germany and
taakinfr Lis way to Holland, Lieut.
L'atri.-l; O'ttrieti, of San Francisco,
was taken Lcfore .King George to
v--honi hc related his experiences
Lieut.   O'Hrion   readied   Canada     re
in be r
The Vital Margin
Something    for     Doubters    of
Value  of Personal  Sacrifice
to  Remember
Thorp   are   some  people:   v.-ho  cannot   sre   thc   connection    between     a
wheat loss   or  a   meatless   day  in   San
Diego or Albany and the winning o'
the  war.   What difference,
���fvill  one   steak  or  one   loa'i   o!
mak.-  to   I'.'.i^hf.d  or  tl'.'-   .-"hi
Perhaps     these     d.-uliU-v-   <.-
valttrf   of   personal
nieml'.er  from     tlie
ft  little   verse     c. hi
manner   ir.     vhirli
v-ater   ."id   ee-.iain
ooiitribut.-ii   ti">   the     ri.n-tr.i.-ii'
ihe   earth   and   the   f-rveii   ::,,a ;.
nursery     jialflc'   l(>i'ita;ii^    \- !>\.i
truths     (iir,'oily     applicable     tt
present   situatii'M.   hist  as  tlie   '
loans are made up ol the pennies urul
dimes   and   the  dollars  of   miilicirir   of
contly  with   a  mi
I.iiui, O'llriciz t3 ;; active of San
bram-isco and at the outbreak of thc
war paid his way to London that lie
might Ret to the front without delay, tie was put into the air service and one morning was sent up
over ihe German lines to take pictures. Hi: was attacked by two German machines, was shot through the
throat and forced to surrender. He
says he was treated well. After recovering from his wounds he was
transferred lo a prison camp but just
as the train was about to leave v.
station lie made his escape and was
seventy-two days getting into Holland. In Holland he was given
thev ask. ' claliiitiK and sent to Rutland where
of "bread ''!C reported to the intelligence office,
of   Winn  the  kin^  heard of  liis   experi
! Launches Hunt
German Submarines
Great  Service   Rendered   by   Motor-
boats  in Italian Waters
The invaluable service rendered by
thc small motor launches used for
hunting submarines is: not widely
known. 1 hey protect the army fighting in thc lower Fiavc region which
is gridironcd with streams aud canals, They are generally used for
scouting the Adiiatic and Mediter-
j ranean, but nowadays it is not unus-
jtial to sec them attacking the enc-
jmy at some advanced post where the
Austro-Gcrman line touches a river
or canal. Their great advantage is in
their small size and great speed,
which enables them to surprise thc
enemy, who does not expect them to
take part  in  a land  battle.
Rheumatism Yields
Only rheumatic sufferers
know the agony of its darting pains, aching joints or
twisting cords.   But some
Doukhobors Send Ten
Tons of Jam to Vets.
some    of  them  attacked #  a
of     Hungarians      marching |-
Western Community Exempt   From
Military Service Makes Gift
to Wounded Soldiers
A gift of 20,01)0 pounds of jam has
��� . , just been received by    the    military
few   have   not   known  tha?   hospitals commission from the Douk-
, hobors, the Christian Community of
Universal Brotherhood at Brilliant,
B.C., for the convalescent soldier
patients in the western hospitals and
War is against the tenets of the
Doukhobor faith, and exemption
from   military  service   was   promised
_____         _ them by the    Canadian   government
i      i-       .���   _ ��.!���*..��..Ul�� 'when  they came to  the west    from
has been correcting this trouble Russia toJsettic, but like the Quak-
when   Other  treatments  have   ers who are doing their work   in re-
iiftprlv   failr><] i construct'on    service,    this    western
Utterly   iaiiea.     - _     _   community is eager    to succor    the
No Need to Rub
Tiy  Sloan's Liniment and   sctr
how quickly the swelling ia reduced
and the pain disappears.   Na need
to  rub: it penetrates quickly and
brings relief. Havo
a bottle handy far
rheumatic pains j
neuralgia, back
ache and all mua*
cle soreness.
Generous sized
bottles, at your
Food Conservation
hilling    and
r   ehi'dh''i'd days j
li     ck-se riles     t't
certain   drop?
i;r;d".-.      ef    .'������":; n
:-ent   for
for   lift'
con vi
^iHad Piles
For Ten Years
_ t
ot i
of cyclists,
 ~ ! many.
What thc United States Government i    While  the    Italian army was    re
T     ��   .. r  ,.     ti       i- iorcanizinK  itselr  on  the  present  line
Is Asking of Its People 10f  battle,   these   little   craft   indefati-
Th? hiaiincr by which food can bc  gably    steamed    up    and down    the
?avr:d   i.s   as   simple   as   thc   need     of.Piavc,  cnffagir.R    the    best shots   of
saving our food and is as obvious,     j General   Ocrocvic's  army,  who   were
Thc  Koveianiei'.t as-Its every citizen' greatly   hampering  thc   operations  of
to havc one wlu-allcss day each week, thc   Italian   troops.   These    launches
a.rtd    one    vhc.illcss  rncal  each day.   for several   days    bore   the  hv-nit   of
The  whcatless  day  selected is  \\ cd-  the Italian  defence.
Scott's is essentially blood-food wounded.
along the banks of a canal and put i jn such rich, concentrated form Jam is the niost universally pop-
it to flight. At another time n ,.i . -. ., . ,i L|.nj f_ ular delicacy on the soldier's menu
launch   opened  ft re on  a detachment   ���* ��* ����  gets HliO the blood to whether  h/is  sick  or  well> and  no
alleviate this stubborn gift,  according  to  Miss Violet    M.
malady.     Get a bottle of Ryley, the general  organizing dieti
Whi-.allcss nieaus  thc elimination cf all wheat products, wheth-
���''i"uti   j n-  jn   i>rrrid,  cereal,   or   the   familiar
'''���"jAnd Tried   Nearly   Everything    Ex-.i-p.d  iiourlsb.mir dish  of llu .Italian-���
i.erlyl '
cept a  Surgical Operation  Without   Obtaining  Relief���Tells
How Complete Cure Was
'I. i:crc   are     reported    here     three
chronic,   cases  of   piles
citizens, so i.s the food iv-.crvv of;
the United Slates and our allies de- {
pendent upon thc. breakfasts, dinners!
and suppers of every citizen of the >
United   States. " j
There: is just   so- ir.ueii   food  in   litr. I
country.    There  are just    so    many' D,.   Ch.l!ie.s   ointment   is
people  to  eat  this  food.    What   these ; mih,   rf.:i,   cl)1.c   f(_ir   tI,|..
people  do  not  cat  can  bc   exported. | ;il|n'lc.ut
What  we do not export wc can cat. ''
Thc sum total of these two amounts
I'airviile,  Sept.  30.  1002.
spaghetti, j Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
The government asks every citizen 1    Dear  Sirs,���Wc    wish    to    inform
one meatless day each week  yOU  that  Wc    consider   you:-    MIN-
curcs   of   chronic,   cases  of
all three cases many treatnicnis-wcre
tried   before   it   was   discovered   that
about   thc
to havc
and one meatless meal each day of ARD'S LINIMENT a very superior
the week. The meatless day_ selected article, and we use it as a sure rc-
by thc  government is  Tuesday.   Mr.   iie[ for sore throat an
��?_���**����� c���..F���r��-   ����J tian  for tlie convalescent    hospitals.
Scott s Emulston and couId bc ^orc wc|come.
advise   an  ailing friend. In   thc   Doukhobors  gift  are  7,500
Scott &Bowne. Toronto, Oat        V-U Pounds  of strawberry jam, 7,500    of
More Poultry and
Eggs is Slogan
          and chest.  When
*�� High-Cost-of-Livinq will doubtless \ ic[\ you j v.'ould not be without it
add inany other meatless d.y^s to the jf the "price was one dollar a bottle,
schedule" of the  average'   citizen. _  A  j mean it.
Yours truly,
Either  of
is a  fixed  cp.iantity
two  factors    which    make    up
total  can  be   in creased  only at
expense   of   thc  other,
Thc     food     administration      sLP.tes
frankly   that  we   have   exported     the
whole   of   thc  surplus   of   the     wheat,,        ,
from   this   last   year's   harvest     after-    'a'tt
reserving  to    ourselves    an    amount,
sufficient   for   our   normal     c.onsurnp- .
tion of seed and Hour until the next |
harvest,     and     that,     therefore      the!
amount   of    wheat,   flour-   that      the
United States  can contribute  to mix
with   thc.     war     bread   of  our_   allies
during  thc  present winter    will     be
simply   the    amount   by    which    our
people reduce  .heir consumption clay
by day  and month  by  mouth.   Every
loaf  of   bread   eaten   in   this    country
means  one  less  loaf for  our  soldiers
and  on.1" allies.
Today    the    food     administration
1 meatless meal or a meatless day is a
meal   or  a  day  on   which  no    beef,
l pork,  mutton, veal or  larnu,  aau  no
Mrs. A. f'>,'ttes, 22 Gilkiuson street,! preserved meat, such as beef, bacon,
Brantford., Ont., writes; "1 have used ; bam or lard, is consumed.
The gover.. cut has recently added to its wheatlcss and m.atless
schedule a special day dedicated to
the protection of his Majesty King
Pig. On Saturday pig in all forms
is tabooed, whether it appears on the
as a    housa-
so   long,  and
Chase's   Uisttincut
remedy   for  evee
(am particularly  indebted to it  for a
I cure   from   .Piles,      I     had    suffered
uroui   this   annoy ing   trouulc   for   ten
,'cars, and  tried nearly  everything  1
oL        - -       -       -
j Ointment a. short
'l>lcte!v cured,"
Airs. Wm. ShruiU, 155 Albert
street, Kitchener, Ont., writes; "For
several years I was troubled with
bleeding pile:;. I tnyd different remedies   for   relief   witnout   success.     I
After  using   Dr.   Chase's  tab[c  as  breakfast bacon,  chops    or
while 1 -,vas cent-
cold slices of ham. Doughnuts and
all other products fried in lard come
equally under  the ban.
The last great food staple which
must bc conserved, if wc arc to win
thc  war,  is  sugar.   The  government
With Apologies to the Brute
Have Little or Nothing in Common
With the Prussians
Let us bc fair to the brute and
no longer associate him with thc
Prussians. T he steadfast and uncomplaining service of our dumb allies
to thc great war, giving as they do
the full measure of their strength to
ends impossible  to their comprehen
���  ��� -   "; 'Y-'X~'-'���'���:>���!;'..
Are Bitter About
Loss of Colonics
raspberry and 5.000 pounds of various other kinds including peach and
plum. The fruit all came from thc
Kootenay district, and the jam was
made in a model little factory noted
for thc purity of its products.
Farmers and   Tov/rt' Dwellers
Help  Out Meat Supply |J|Ji UflU   JHtUltl^li Enemy Worrying   About   Economic
for Army TUD  DADV  fUCCIK Situation After War Is Over
Everyone  who    has    a  back yard IliC uADI   ilLiLil/tJ      German    anxiety    regarding    Gcr-
can help out thc meal supply for the   man ,���   cconomic " futurc    is     beinrf
soldiers overseas  by    keeping a few      Faby-S    0wn    Tab]cta j5 lhc on]y constantiv rcveaIed       Lecturing    at
liens.   This  would not permit of thc  iiiedicine a mother needs for her lit- r*      n"y rcveaiea-      lecturing     .n
army being fed on chickens and eggs,  tle on The    are a    ���cntlc     but Brcen, Dr. Karsladt, one of thc best
but by  greatly   increasing   thc    pro-. thormityj,    u*ai\v��    ��,hirh   instantlv l1"1?���. speakers of the German Col-
Baby's    Own    Tablets is thc only
medicine a mother needs for her lit- j g
l1o ones.     They  are a    gentle     buti.
,-orough    laxative    which   instantly ^"PV'c^-T"!,^. "wh16���1*"   ���1l"
of these    commodities     and, relieve all stomach and bowel disor- ��n,al Scocie^. said:  ;When^ our mil-
eating   them ourselves   wc   wih    just ��� dcrSf   thus  banishing  all  the*   minor       ""  "    ""      "
naturally cat that much less beef and ilIs of littIc oncSL   Concerning them
pork, which  the army  must have, Mrs>  Jos_ Lcvesque, St. Simon, Que.,
Thc    meat    supplies available    tor<says:���"Baby's   Own   Tablets  are    a
European usc arc short.    Meat must, marvclous mcdLcmc for little    ones.
Dr.  Chase's Almanac ot  the
benefits other people were receiving
from Dr. Chase's Ointment, so I
sent to your ohicc for" a sample box,
expects   there  wi'.l  be   enough  sugar  sion, should in on  eyes cnricti them
available    to   supply everv household" wlt!l a aobi ity all their own. To call
in  the  country on a basis of  three \ some men  brutcsjs a   hbe^ on
pounds of sugar for each person per
"I   found  it  gave me  such reli-.f that
.1   went  to a drug store and purchas-
i cd   a   i'ull-si;:cd   box.     1   have     used
! several  boxes since, and have  deriv-
j ed   more:   benefit   from  its   use   than
animal friends. We havc lost one
Lusitania laden with women and
children, but many Lusitanias laden
with horses havc been torpedoed.
There has been no protest, there can
f.wenty-hve pet-
fats than we can
out trenching on our c
wc continue, our present rate of consumption, if the John Smiths and
the Mrs, John Smiths and the little
John Smiths of the- United States
eat twenty-five pcr cent, less .lueats
and fats from now on., our:-allies and
our troops can be supplied wiihom
hardships. If not, o'.w soldiers a:u!
cur allies' will go hungry.
. We -liav<~ never seen a direct personal obligation lo si li'-s'ac-ritirestated in clearer - arid 'mnrc'- mathematical terms.. . It. is as p1am;_ as
two and two are four, ���'New Vork
month. This is thc maximum. If we
can get along wilh less by the substitution  of  syrups  not  made _  with
sugar,   so   much the belter.  Gifts of - .
candy,    even   though    made with lhc > ��<�� protest, and they perished un
.most  romantic    of purposes in     lhc I remembered   by   man.
! world, should be   looked upon    with  ��>ad an  economic value.
- re  still   arc  as   dead   ^xxms   k>
be supplied if the war is to be vvoniTh      nevcr ��ail to cure stomach and
by the forces that nght for freedom. | bowd troubies ard neither my sister-
Ihc war    will be won   if wc fail "i. in-law   nor  myself would    use    any
food production���but not won by us. ;other mcdicineior our little ones.1'
Wc must understand what will hap-jThe.  Tablets    are    sold    by   medi-
pen if wc do not provide the cnorm-1 cinc dcaiers or by mail at 2S cents
ous   quantities    of    foodstuffs     that i a box from Thc Dr> w'illiams' Mcdi-
tlic allies cannot produce for   thcm-.cinc COj Brodnriu^ Ont.
selves. .  I ^_______���
Poultry must bc produced this
year in places where it has not been
produced before, and everywhere
that poultry has been produced the
production must be increased. It is
necessary that people in the country
and the towns answer alike this call.
Farms and back yards must do their
bit. Thc doubling of our_ poultry-
output is an indispensable item in
the country's food production program.
For Those Who
Stay at Home
This  can  bc  done  if farmers  will
Positive  Acts and  Services   Which
Everyone Must Perform
If any one ever had a notion that
officialdom could win a war, thc
events of the past months in all thc
allied countries have pretty well ended the idea. It is everywhere the
lions of soldiers return from thc
war they must bc provided with
bread and work. But how, if raw
material is lacking, for instance, cotton? The problem is acute, Owing to
the close economic union of the British empire."
Dr. Karsladt declared Turkey
could not satisfy Germany's hunger
for raw material. German> must
have a Central Africa stretching
from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Hence Germany must recover
her colonies and enlarge them. She
must also construct essential naval
bases. Dr. Karsladt concluded by
picturing German submarines operating as far a3 Aden.
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget in
reports  that our allies are asking lot .
-five pcr cent,  more-  meat nnd .<>I1-V remedy I havc ever used.
send abroad   with-:    -vlvs-   J-   Cussous,     Victoria,  street,: suspicion.     Coffee   and tea  ..... ...... .     ���.       ,    , ��� -t
;n  supply if   '-ijr'-rsoll,   Out.,   writes:   "About   two   potable liquids, even though they do;wn"nanit|Ticy had no^stakc li^the , for each member of the  family,
""   "        : years   and   a   half  ago   I   w;is   suiter- ... - ��� -���     *-���    - --      <��� '���"   ���������-   <���-�����   -*  ��� -
ing   from   .Piles."   _i   had   triad   manv
mcrly  kept forty, and if families  in tbe peopi
towns   will  keep a sufficient  number
in their backyards to furnish enough
Prussian  cggS for that family, about two hens
ditfcrrii!   remedies  hu-. this    distress- ;C "A    ,,.   , :sa!lcil]icr class" of peo-
mg  trouble,  but  nothing helped me..��� pjp liegidcg thc dwindling number of
s   those who arc declining to save who
I''"',.,;.! itnr^r'h'mns of surar pci-l""'1"".  slightly   less,  indeed,  than  that  the fall of  the year  the town    hens
,c,t CO..UU t.iT.e u,.i,o.       snt.tr p    joJ iUc iJavarian pcasiinls-    T!lc dud   c;m ,1C  [atlciicd and killed���also   for
Colony of Deserters
Advices received in Washington by
the Mexican News Bureau said that
VJ whThaC-e gonV~ro-w"aV;.and.a^mporary   ^ttjement of^ persons
���  se:
the    interna-
keep a hundred hens where they for-; hav-n to     ^ it is CTCrywhere|c��iinea    ro    nave    i��i    uuc .���������
               "            eople wdio have shown the cou-'States to avoid  military service has
claimed    to    have
States t
; been discovered
rage and initiative and will and have, , ,       ..      .        	
forced their officials to fight the war.  twnal boundary line in a remote sec-
So the duty of the stay-at-home, of   ^ of the    State    oS In.
j- inaliy   i   got.  ;
Ointment,   and
oi   D;
I.I ?mg
it   found
lave  ;
Mice. .
i Bering.
I Mr.
I bos'. _
i Bates
! There-
w:as   eonipletely
lot  hec.r:. bothered
.1. caii" cliccrfuUy
!asf"s- Oiiitineiit to
as   i   did.''
Chase's   Oinltr.'jnl.. 60   cents'a
I    a.il  -.dealers, -or   -Mdinansou,
cured and
u this way
i-nvonc siif-
usc of both brute and Bavarian is to family us
further thc plans and establish the
interests of some power higher and
other than themselves; that is to say,
they are exploited for a good .they
cannot   share  in.
'it-would seem, therefore, that w_c
might, with some gain in an appreciation    of true    value, revise and cn-
Scraps from thc    house
the man and" woman behind thc line,! eluded in the settlement s Inhabitants
becomes thc paramount factor. If. a��� s^ to be Italians. Frenchmen,
that dutv is ill performed, no army i Poles, -Montenegrins. Serbians Get-
can hope to prevail. If that duty is j "����>��.. Austrians. Turks and manv
well performed, no government can j Americans,
prevent    its    army from succeeding.
, ��� )���'
ri villi
mil cd,
"to   Dr.
iT.cnt to:
.Trying to Keep.-Up ."
Germans Have Now Increased Range
of  Three-inch  Gun
Patriotism of
Kail way
arc also helping to defeat the purpose of the food administration���and
thc United Slates and its allies.
These   people   not    only save, but
thev  save too  much.   But they  save
not" by    using    food products wisely, !}a       our views  reg-.rdLng our faitfc.
but by keeping them  out ot  general  fu,   {riends;    the horsc aud thc dog.
use.      The.   food hoarders   arc  those |Th     are with w -m war as in peacc>
,��� who buy more toodstufrs than.    the>;iN    cilangc  0f fortune  alters    them.
t,UaSi.a. customarily keep at home m time oi ���-- a-     ���
peace.   Tlie government does not ask
us to go hungry; it only asks us to
cat    those,   things    which cauiiot be
; shipped  abroad.   When  we  think   of
OVeeS  what our allies have suffered for the
i past   three   years,  the. government's
i demand   that  we  sacrifice  some
will furnish enough    food for a few
hens if supplemented    with    a    little _
grain.      Roosters   arc   not necessary-.\vhat is that dlst5/? Wc have secn n^',
for egg production and can  oo ohm-  statemcnt as succinct and accurately   J
inatcd   from  this    war-lime business,  put as the picclge offered and taken
so that there nced.be no complaints   by   a   distinguished citizen of North
Carolina, Mr. James H. Pou. Said hc:
I propose that we take upon our
Turks   and many
of his  sleep disturbing, songs in thc
early niorriitig."
selves live simple but solemn pledges.   fitaH, FnliinXMemory: PrlcVu~perboi.il
Th* Ore at Bnglith Fcmreiy.
Tonas and InvigoraUsu th�� who!*
asrrotui ayrtem, tamksi ne it Stood
la   old Vein*,   Cure*   b'ervoujt
JDrbilUif.AItntat end Brain Worrv, JUe.*pcn.
n*nrv,-~f.oBt tj Kntrov, I'alp(ltition of tha
^ notice, ;Mad<Heavy Contnb.tion to Recent j �����L ^ ^^^ ^dmost
Their, fortitude and nonchalance borders on heroism. Let us cease to call
thcin ugly names. They are so loyal,
so brave, so true, .so chivalrous in
their relations with their own kind
that we may bc sure that whatever
may. be their real'cosmic status they
E>��. AVin fmptirrt mniltilfrte. THE WOOD
EOICINXCO..TfllBHI0.0HT. (FtrwrltUUimJ
Gcnnan artillcr-vincii ban.  ������������������-. ">���>��������� jubuc  jricavy   L,uiinii.iiii��un  iu  .wtsin,   , .     ���   j   .,���,.���,,;������0���  ,v
.SSate..te PXXZXXXXX] x vX^Xm cm��� ... j- Si-��SK^:',,��%.
approaches   lly   l-rci-.ch   iielu.   gun-if
Cause of.Asthma.   No one can say  I have personally taken each and all,  ��'�����.   On��n��Ui>ieM��.��l*willow*. 8oldby��i
with  certainty   exactly  what    causes  and,  God  being my   helper,    I    will  &&"~&
the  establishing   of  asthmatic  condi-  keep all.    Here they arc: "     	
tions. Dust from the street, from : "l. We pledge ourselves not to say-
flowers, from grain and various oth-! or do anything during this war which
er irritants may set up a trouble im- -will weaken the hands of the ��ov-
possible to eradicate except through; ernment, or which could give aid,
a sure preparation such as Dr. J. D. comfort or encouragement to the
Kellogs's Astnma ^tcnicdy. Unccr-, enemy,
tainty   may   exist  as   to    cause,   buti    "2. We pledge ourselves during this
accuracy .of. rum or rapidity of fire.
Since the begirding of '.the war. however, they have greatly . improved
their three-inch gun 'and have increased its range by extending the lcnglh
of the. uihe and -fixing'it on si -four-
inch .howitzer-gun. carriage, which
gives it an extreme carrying, distance'
.of nearly 'six-mile's.- its most, effective' range is sti'.l '.only'-between, two
and' a half, .and three, and 'three-quart-
In making.thcs-.eiiriproveiMcnts, the
German gunners have decreased the
efficiency- of the field gun at (tlie
shorter ranges, since the longer barrel causes the piece to heat more
.'rapidly than, the old model and thus
prevents the battery from maintaining cule.k.firc for more than ".a short
G.-ic noticeable feature, of'the Vic-.'j reasonable 'definition of that word.
lory ..Loan campaign was the 'surpns-1 ������ -���	
inyiy large ce.-uiributioii made by j niiHer's Worm Powders act . so
many of tue railway employees. Con-, thoroughly that stomachic and in-
flurtors: put down .their names; for.- testina'l worms arc literally ground
.;.-���<.'������.! \-;tliout a iimr
'i\:i.;!-.ing   to  pay   c
ii.ig  ;;p  the  bonds  on  lhe instalment  ;tl,Cc to the sufferer.'- They arc pain
system,     fco  too   with   the  engineers   (css ;llld .perfect in action, and at all-
and mechanics and m a lesser degree- tiiv.es  will be found a healthy medicine,    strengthening      lhe     infamilc
have  little  or  nothing    m    common  ^ -- can'be  I10  ancbrtainty   regard-  war   to   d"o   promptly   and   chi-ei fully
with tne Prussians.���^ rom thc l.ovi-  .^ & rcmc(Jy whichhas freed a gen-  all  which   our  government  shall  ask
eratiOn of asthmatic    victims     from.f us to do, the same being in our pow-
dei-ce journal.
Germany Laughs No More
.in-'tiir,.- some, even  l?p ;uid  J>ass from .the" child  without!
?.sh mitead. of  tak-   bcjng   noticed  and Without  ihconven-
The   Moral     Condemnation    Which
Disturbs Her Seared and Hardened Conscience
with the trainmen and firemen,"   The
reason  is  thai'-the  railway employee I stomach and maintaining it in vigor
was never so. v^el!  p;u<i as lie is  to-1 oll5 operation, so that, besides  being
day, indeed he is better olf even than ��� ftn cirrctivc vermifuge, they are-ton-
tbc munitions worker, as his income  ica|  ruld  health-giving    in    their   ef-
this scourge  of  the  bronchial  lubes.
It is  sold everywhere.
cr.      .
"3. We pledge ourselves not to
support any candidate for office who
does not whole-heartedly support
our country's cause in this war.
"4. Wc pledge ourselves not to let
the family of a soldier suffer for
want of anything  we can supply.
"5.  Wc pledge ourselves    to    give
is not o! a-temporary, nature, but he   fccls
self.  well)
but tons- o
. '���'Landlady
tiicm   ir-   'X'
Boarder (who doc?" liiih-
���Dear mc! I've lost two
it ti-ii-l ve.aislcoas.t,
expect      you'll    find
dining    'room'.���.Passing
Mrs,    Quinn**     Experience
Ought to Help Vou Over
the Critical Period*
has.-.'the-further- advantage'i. of pass
privileges for his family and of a
pension .whcii he gets to be too old
for  service. ..' j
Thrice -hundred'dollars a'.no'nth  is j
quite    a    'common pay, cheque, to be
Canadian locomotive engineer who
tarn's "more, than'many a captain of i
an ocean-going liner, and sometimes j
$J50 is touched. The . conductors
range as a rule from $Z0() to $1:0 a i
iiionth, somctiuiep more aud sonic-,
tiines loss; Almost as vy.eil paid-are!
the firemen ou the western divisions I
vho   earn   from   ��150   to    $-30   . per j
ast eausin
sioii in "the fatherland, says tue-London Times.    It remarks:
"Germany affected to laugh as one
by one  the neutral states,  which arc
not great military  powers,    fell    off
from Iter in-'.horror    of her crimes.
;.She laughs rio more.    It is not,    in-
j-dced, the moral    condemnation of so
the end oV the month by..a-M.H.C.   Trains   Grain   Growers   In'many  peoples    which    disturbs     her
War Disabled Farmers
Made Oraiu inspectors
Try Crossing of Atlantic in 1918
The Daily Sketch of Paris says that
Jean'Navarre, .the famous French air-
���,. . . ,        ...        .      man,  now out  of thc  army,.-.is  busy
Ihe steady swing of    public ��pin-  pcrfcc-ting  pIans   for a  u1Kht    across
ion m. neutral coumncs against    the  ti     Adati L'Echo    Des-.  Sports,-      ,-.-.-,.-.
German causc-wh.ch is apparent ^k . the ^o^cement that Na-." preference in all things, where prac-
cvc-ii where there was a distinct pro-1 r . m mosl pi.obably set out to J t����ble. to the soldier who wen and
German feeling at thc  beginning    of | cn"qucr the ocean next summer. 1*4. his duty over the man of-military
the war-isat last eausin, app-hen-   X$  the/ preliminary    arrangements   a^a���dJtne^who   d.djot^go.
for the flight havc been completed.
Navarre will use one of the machines
which thc American expert, Glenn
Curtis, has been working...on for
some time, Navarre says he will
succeed or lose his life in the attempt.
THC NSW nt(NCH��EM(OV. N.1 N.S ��������
TH&RAPION asjatrs
{rettfuci et>. cukks chronic wsakkkm lost vioo��
VIU   KIONRY     ILAOOSK   0U8����l��t    ��LOOO   POIJO*
fii.es   tnTHttn no ojuooijth(u��iHI  post i ot|
rOUOEC* CO   -it   OtEKMAN ��1   NIW rOIK OC LVUAN Bttnf
roBouro    wmt�� for rRCC book ro Or  L��� CLKM
Mkd Co UavkrstockRo iUmpstcao Lonoon Sua,
rHrNIWOKAOEStrASTKl.C93lfOftMOr    (ASv   ro   |4(f
I  H��KAr IwIM   L��sriSoo������*
Bl THAI    t'����Oi   MAKKBO   WORO      rK��t��PIO��     II Ofl
it oovt ST*aif tirutDroiu otMiiKCPMcnt
Commercial End of Business
in the West.
V   'COi.t'.'.'C    IO    lUrte
.-.in  inspectors  in
stared tu:d hardened conscience."
that she  can'still''scoff.,.  Uul s!
finding   that     thc  raw  materials
her industries  iii 'war" ami- in':, pi
West,    has .together, v
been, arranged'for by   lhc  vocational   food supplies
plhrc-rs ot the military hospitals com-, of  tliosc  who
:  is
no smalt share oi her
are under the. control
re  her declared   cue
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium
".'Soldier''patients'-suffering from tuberculosis are now being cared for at
Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. This
accommodation added  to the two in-
mission a.
commercial   use  the
method of puiiiiig to a ���! mics or Who  refuse to continue dip-  stitutions air. by  the military hospi-
j.v.'h'o  earned as  nuicli,    would    think
:t!ie   World..-has  reachn!   tht   niillciini-'
r,';i.     Section     frvrtfitrn.     v.ito-'  have
-poeia! additional privi!e;.;e? oi��� houses
at   nominal   rents,   free   fuel,     market
.pV.sos for their wives .;
ipr   garden ���-. .fan;   fron;
\i< i  iiio7il'i.    With  these
view,   the-  er.
'���i):;���������   l.oa't   h>
less  surprisin-
strifiiitioit?  fi     i
��� rhil-."��������:\   i'''-t^v-
LoTfelh Mass.���"For (ko last thre<��
years I have been troubled witb the ?���-
Chingeof Lifo and   v -
the    bwl    feeling'*  'I I'1
coxtir^oii   ���:.':   that   ''���������;
timo.    I. was in a
very .nervous condi- ._:���
tion.-.ii:;ihe:-.-.i':'-h"S   -.. -
aixd  i-��ii!   a  gou.l   j;.-
deal of the tin-? so I .-''���
was unfit t'.i do i,iy   r-ii
work.    A   fri'-nd -. ���
.a^lced . i.\o   to ������"���:::'/   .
j Lydi�� I ;.'.Pini _i,--r;."s - - .'-���
Vege-i:- b'l<-;roi-i.-'-.;:':.'
upotinil,' which I did, .���������/'-..
and it has helped me'in every wav,   I
am hot nearly so nervous^ no headache
or pain.   I must  say that Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound U the
best rc-medy any sick woman can take.'',
���Mrs.  Margaret Qltnn,   Rear 259
Wprthen St, Lowell, Ma93.:i" V
OUier warning symptoms are, a sense.
<rf suffocation, hot.flashea,; headaches,'
backaches, dread of "impending  evjl,
Wipe Out thc Liquor
redhibition    liavincr    reached
tl^c    logical    coftcludiii'g
,   v. ipr-   o-.i.t ��� li^ticr' aUb^e
��� i >���>���.;��� iv.io:-.- sjovi'inmc!!
i-    ���
exp..rivncc     or
'ho ..have,    been
disabled. .
In  lhe ..v.-f-sli.rii.   j:-o\:uec>    .-.-iierc'
'"any.;of. tbe-it'.tsi- v;\'':.-  enlist'.-'"'..-'  for
'���erviee  (������������'���-,rs<-:i5  were lariiiers  who.-e
Sire   training   had. be -iv' villi   the  ;���''>:!
n.d  ii'cc land;.;.,-..'w| .(be 'eWn^-,  the   proMeru. -of     th.'c
$--<i  .to   f llM-p-huiiiL'' or' t'h'/'-f   v.i'i ��� ri-ti'inicd     dif-
rn'uliiifiii's i" ;; bled r-.-r ^e-l. <..;; lhc  i':md has-beer.
Vie';,   hie   r-i'M'.     'i'i,  discard, this, irrdnir.;.;
- :;������-; :.i--.!. s^;   ;.   m.".-.   i'd   )':.-;.  ;���;:   entirely*
: rnw ��� .i-ixupatioii   mi-ans   that,   months
must   elapse   before   lie   can   be      re-
i stored  to   ii-depeiuteticc.
,|',j,i     Some, men still.able to .carry .op. m
stct> i L'ic lighter'..phases; have been diicct-
i���T -jed to. poidfy  farming and many giv-
��� / [c.n special scientific
lomalie   relictions 'with. her.
bi'|<;imiing to perceive v,h..t
i in--;i':- for  her," ���'.
I  <:
lilc n:   '..>:in��
I.e.ras   L.��':imy,   !��� -i.
Frank   J.   (..I'.eticy.   .nin':ci
rc-.i-.-.r 'J:.m:iic;-  <-���:   llie   i;:!:i
���fc. t'u..   i".o'i:'.C   !'-:-iv.t-; .n. l!
I;tv.   v.:
Ibis ���
Cily .bi.'Iolcdu.
l-i.'ii-   : r>>if'-;i!��i:.   f,ii*t   tliat . san!
i,-.   iu':.i;...(.i  *J'i'l-,..HL..M>(li-.w
i-.   .f'r.cf1. -aii'l. fiery  ,;,ve  r;   l!a-
talscommissioti,  the   Earl  Grey   San
atorhnn  at  Rcgiha  and    the    Prince
Albert -sanatorium,   wi'.l    mean    that
���three  institutions  are ready  in    Sas-
j hatchcv.an   to   receive   returned-   sol-
I fliers  affected  with   "T.l!."... -t'r-:yi-
IXC l'l sicu for vocational-trainiiiR. has been
< \-.zr.iey.i
Wc like especially the personal
character of Mr. Port's pledge. It is
not enough to pay a tax and subscribe to a bond���support officialdom
by complying with its official demands. There arc positive acts, services and abstentions, downright day-
by-day doing, which each of us _ as
an individual must faithfully _ think
out for himself and perform if our
nation as a nation is to prevail. If
every American does those things: to
the limit of his ability there is no
power in or out of Berlin, or in or
out of Washington, that can stop us.
���From the New York Tribune.
Wemyss is an Aristocrat
But Is Also   Said to  Be  a Fighter
. and Knows His Men
Ship to us at once and Reap
Benefits of High Prices
now prevailing.;
Pries Uttand Shipping Tags FREE
jftictiard M.ricrc.9., MnnntJ*1-
r Alexander Wi
We Alsti Buy HIDES and SENECA RBflT
llirhtiest twin!
���vet- aimed al
Abortion, Sterile
ilj, and Prema*
in��, onf
Fort Qu'Appelle.
tii't..   1--.L   > ������-������ ������->'.   I"- a in i��l   t.-y '���ll,.��...riS{    o:
i-:.u.'. .:���. t A t .'-i'.v.n toict::. .
. l-'KANr. j. i:i;.-:\r-.Y.
1--IO-*  i :;���  :u:c!   r-j!'r-i-il>ri'   ir.   rry
;:    t'.!<   '.'.;i>   u!   1 ��ei-eiViUei.   .A-   !>..
A.   W. <,l.t,A5UK.
.        ��� .Voia-ty. rut-liv.
LCItV.   r;--.J  I.".  i::).-\  i'-i��!jizU>. ai:il
f.   lh.'.   il''..jij-.:   i :i   '.'-c   *,n. u'.t1-   S'ur-
1^0.- '
European Milk Shortage
In Fra-icc, according- to
American Agriculturist, llie present
production c-f. milk is only 40 per
rent, of what it was before the war.
The ilaily supply received in Vienna,
according-to"thc same authority, is
only a  Tittle  more than 20 per  cent, i
1-iia .
(.t   :
tnr-:>Uffi\  liquor  was'  in-
roimtr;. ;s   \��-ar     i--'vorts,
��� ������isi'iv   '.i.'t'.nev,"   !'.-gis:.
a   v.-c,r  t.at*isv.  but.  the
have' be^ii. -f-'raflu-
il:-i;:- pro'tifiirii
.; ubli.c
:". iliitioti
: incr'
-.  the
!ifl.': of work, in
I ''r'r.r.t'or i r.^inf-i ;���������
���.!!,.  -'n:r.V.r" �����.���<���   '
loth- ���-.
i tn r, >'.'
i 'Grai:
jh:t ir i.
!r-dB.-   A-
training  in    thi?
'have   taken     Uj-
m an.ticii>3t:on e-.
--..ricuhurc:.   still;
'. :-.-iichl'.-"rc    and
A Per
-.-   ! ...Mir.
��� ant-. ���'..  .
: v.- out-
V ii tire! v
eminent s   *"ou
its     ���.''!-'.
ular Act
!' npi.la'id  t'-c.f:
<n   t'iis   inattcr:
I'lcl't  l?a=-ji'=t   (-vfiress^.'
r.   a   f'.;en<-'-?.j     i U'etirm
jLCOg!iit;��-r: ci. the need
T? ������".-'
its i
!r.f iviirii. it was in pre-war times, .and
iir   I'crl'r, the rra'k supply   for  chiid-
.1 n >:-. Si.:���:'������  bi c n  rftdiiv.cd a tiarc'.
a'hct.i.c      I'.is'scr-h.y ���What's
ilcir  vi-iih   your  little .-brother?
Sister���ric.': = c,'���   Miss,.      'b's
:*��� about Russia.--T'tmcV.
Speaking of   tkc new first  lord of
the admiralty.    Sir Rosslyn Wcmyss,
it may be well to make it easy,   for
hiiii a:  the outset by explaining that   p^,
_.    his      last      name      13      pronounced i
h.C: "VVceiiis."   'Wcmyss  becomes    much '���___
less   formidable  wlico  that    fact     is:
known.    He has a distinct reputation
as" a  lighter    of    the.     first      order
throughout  the   British    navy..     He
was born in "1864.
He   took a. foremost part in   . the
tur* CalTing, oaf
or on* : htwd
cattle treated w
5 minutea: Ufa
cat hall ��i Our
product, ii not
<ititfi��<f return
-h* balioco and
it jrour money.
"KaU Savlr"
,cll�� 25 pound*
$4.00. S*ad (of
printed  matter.
ticwo^art S   PRODUCTS
amd  Head  Offic*.  Bdmontaa. Albarta.
P.   O.   Boa.  S3!
i    Symp
ic- ni:,
or- three
ai'6.-���Ottawa  Jov.r.n'al.
..'���-.-'-Th'rousfhout   i:ie.;.cnristci-iitig    e'ere-
fnonyitlie  baby   smircd .'up beautifully into  the clergyman> face. "Well, j
.iiiadani," said he to lhc:. young-: wife, I
X-1-. tT-.ust.: congratulate rvo-j Von:-. your ,
.:little  one's  behavior.-u   I-haTe.-.ichr.is-
timidity, soenda in lhe ears, palpitation   fcred  more than 2,000 babies, but   I
:of the beart. sparks before the ��yes,:. -never. before .christened ure tha; bc-
irregnlanties,   constijiation,    variable   havr-d so. v.-e!i as, yours.'   Thc young
appetite,   weakness,   inquietude^':-:and   mo'thc'ri smiled   d��;n>Brcly.   mA   said:
"di-SJjess,.---���'���-���-.." ���'-':��� "'^ "His Hither ' and  I,   with   3 pai!   of
..-. If you^^ need special advice, writ* toi: vi-rt?V. have been t-ractijinf? on him
th* Lwdia E. Pinkham Medicine Co, f..r th: I??t tc-r d^y.-,"'-~Mir^.tipelis
|eonS4r*rK��l), Lynn, Mm*. .Tnl-.;r.c.
''Youdon'tneed meroiry.potaali
') or any other atrong mineral to
cure pimple* cauaed by poor
blood. Take Extract of R00U���
druggiat call* it "Motbtr Scigel's
Curative Syrup���am) font tldn
will de*r np aa f retb aa a bab/a.
It will sweetenyoaratomacljsod
repiUte you* bowela." Get tfc*
treaame. 5Oc��nd$l.OOB0tt!es.
At dtffz ��t����M�� E
!<!<',���(->tink the l.'ipii'st possible d
j of national crerjry to. the \.ar can
1 have only one view; of government
action which diverts money and tabor, from the liquor industry and turns
tliem into healthful and productive
channels. The prohibition that: will
help Canada in health, in mora1.?, in
pocket, in ability to fight, is the kind
that prohibits. ..To forbid importation . now and manufacture soon.' is
to ; replace talk by action.���St. John
"That  man  ought  to be  arrested!
He threw z. lump ef coal at a cat!"
"Are  vpu going to  tell the S.   P.
CA  ��� " "
I'm  poir.c;  t^   tell
ccr.-.rr.issiuiier.''���Washington  Star.
Jutland; battle   nn& acquitted: himself
admirably.    He-comes of one of the
old conservative families oi England
being a son of the.late J. H.  Erskinc
Weinyss, of��� Wcmyss Casllc, Fife. Hc'\
entered  llic navy in  1877,  was  made!
a iieutcr.ant in 1877, a commander in j
1S95 and  captiun  in  1901.    He    was :
���cor. ;:nr.ndcr'.pf the Royal  Naval Bar-j
racks  i:i   i.9H and  191.^, rear admiral!
of the second    battle i squadron     in
1912  and   1913 and    was    ah    extra
equerry  to the kinR.
Vicc-Admiral    Wcmyss    represents
the  old    aristocratic    element    ".A5.,
second   sea  lord  lie   was  responsible j
chiefly . for the appointment of     the;
personnel of the navy, a d he    Was'
undoubtedly taken as first    assistant
to  Admiral' Jcllitoe  because1 of    his
knowledge of men and his reputation-
as a lighter.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By UJng
A Retirement
Hub���"One niglit  while you   were
'away  I  heard a. burglar. You should
j have seen mc going downstairs three
} stcps at a time."
* Wife (who knows him)���"Where'
iwas he, on the roof?"���Boston Tran-|
j script. i
Chemically Self-ExiinguuhiBg
"Silent 50ds"
The Matches With "No
EDDY U the only Cunadlan
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensure* the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Ixiok for th�� -words "Cbetnl-
cally self-extinguiihing" on tiie
box. t
W.     N,     U,     1194 THE    MlDQJH    OEEEWOOD.    &   CL
Yon Look As YOU FEEL
You know well enough when your liver is loafing.
is the first warning; then you
begin to "feel mean all over."
Your skin soon gets the bad news, It
grows dull, yellow, muddy and un*
/ Violent purgatives are not what you
need���fust the gentle help of this old*
time standard remedy.
Small Pill, Small Dose. Small Price.
many colorless faces but ^w^will greatly help most pale-faced people.
The Fighter Who How Modem-Wars are Won
CaptUreU Jerusalem ��� Enemy    Defeated    Through   People
-       _.   ._   ���   Tr    ...   ,     ���, Becoming Demoralized
Gen. Sir E. H. H. Allenby Won a "
Great Name on Western
. Front in France
General Sir Edmund Henry I-Iyn-
ttian Allenby, leader of the British
forces    that took    Jerusalem,      was
General von   Ludcudorff,    who   is
recognized as .the brains of the German government and thc most inllu-
jcntial director of its activities, cnun-
Iciated an   important truth in his remark    thc    other day on the special j
transferred to'the command "in Egypt ="ul distinctive nature of modern war
last June, He had Ken in command on the western tront during
1916. and at the head of this army
commanded thc British right wing in
the battle of Arras, which began oa
Easter Monday.
The Ncw 1'ork World prints thc
following sketch of General Allen-
by's career, which, as it says, has
been in many ways exceptional:
"Hc is one of the few generals
eerving at the front in France from
*u~   u   _���      ��� r   .1 ���       /  ���      ��.      ii_      iiuciiuc  ui  an  unsuccessful
the beginning of. the war   up to the troug c01lflict>    From this
date ot his appointment, to succeed
General Sir Archibald Murray as
commander of thc expeditionary
force on June 15) against whom not
-one mistake or error of judgment
has been charged.
"General Allenby is first and above
all a cavalryman. He came from an
East Anglican family and received
his first commission in the army as
art oflicer of the 6th '. Dragoons,
known as the 'Skillingers? He remained with this command, seeing
active service in various parts of the
world, until the Boer war.
"When the Boer war campaign
ended he had command of thc 5th
Royal Irish Lancers, at whose head
he remained three years. When the
present war began hc was inspi.ctor-
general of cavalry of the British
army in France. Hc contributed
largely, with his cavalry, to save the
Sorely tried infantry in. their retreat
In 1914. Afterward, when his cavalry was forced to discard.its horses
for service in the trenches, he proved as brilliant an organizer and as
resourceful a fighter under the. altered conditions as hc had been a cavalry strategist,
"General Allenby received the full
rank of general following the action
of his command at the battle of the
Aisne, and was mentioned ��� for. ,, his
strategy by Field Marshal Ft ench in
bis report. Allcnby's cavalry advanced on September. .12 to the
neighborhood of Braisnc and cleared
that town and thc high ground beyond it of strong hostile detachments. .
At tlie battle of Arras the general's command occupied the centre,
and again Won distinction when it
penetrated the famous Hindenburg
line to .-a point beyond Mouchy.
"His active campaign in Sduthern
Palestine began October 31 with the
capture of Beershcba, just inside .the-'
southern border. This was pursued
with vigor and uniform success, one
line of defence .after another crumbling before his determined onslaught.
"It required ?\tle more than a
fortnight for General Allenby to
drive the Turks out of all Palestine,
south of the JafTa-Jerusaiern line,
and now Jerusalem has fallen, . and
-tyith it the morale of the Turkish
army. has received a staggering
"General Allenby married Miss
Adelaide Chapman, a niece of Sir
Launcelot Aubrey Fletcher, and had
one soil who served as a subaltern in
his father's old regiment, the 'Skil-
Ungcrs.' Hc was killed in action in
He said that it is a war not of armies
but of peoples;'"that there are no
decisive battles in the old sense, when
thc issue of a campaign might bc determined by the result of a single
engagement, as whqn Napoleon
crushed thc Prussians at .Tena, or as
when he was himself crushed by thc
coalition at Waterloo. Nowadays thc
effect of battles -is indirect, and an
enemy people is defeated through becoming demoralized as the consequence of an unsuccessful and disas-
point- of
Speeding Up.
Egg Production
Manitoba Government Issues a Valuable Bulletin
To asist farmers in getting thc best
results from their poultry the department of agriculture of. Manitoba
has issued a bulletin on thc selection
of egg-laying hens. Individual instruction by members of the staff
of the poultry department of thc ag
ricultural college in selecting good
layers is also offered to fanners requiring it. Next fall the department
intends to undertake a series of demonstrations in the selection of lay- i
ing hens from farmers' own flocks. |
Notwithstanding the fact that poultry-raising is carried on by farmers!
of Western Canada in a more or less
haphazard way it is generally a profitable branch of farming, and no
doubt as a result of the efforts of the
Manitoba government a foundation
i will bc laid for more and better poultry aud incidentally an incrcas-; in
the profits of thc fanners.
A Power of Its Own.- 'Thom
as' Electric Oil has a su, - power
of its own that other oils catmot pretend to, though there arc many pretenders. Al! who have used it know
this and keep it by them as the most
valuable liniment available. Its uses
are innumerable and for many years
it has been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast.
11? Fou are a niarty *�� Pains in
If ���c Back, Urinary or Bladder
Troubles, Brick Dust Deposits,
Painini Urination, Swollen Joints or
any of the various symptoms of Itidnev
Trouble, take J
Poser lor the Slacker
Brave Girl of France
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The War on Sea
It will be "a long war," Sir Eric
Gcddes says. That hint should not
be lost. Our ability to keep up a
long war depends on the navies, especially on thc British navy. With
the submarine terror and thc navies
weakened, we could not even transport American troops and supplies
to Europe. Theorists who, in face
of that fact, would risk the supremacy of the fleets on tltc toss of a
coin by changing the present policy
for a more "vigorous" one, by sending them to fight a doubtful battle
against mines, would be risking, thc
whole war if their advice were followed.���Ncw York Times.
view he insisted that the revolution
in Russia must not be regarded as a
mere piece of luck for the central
powers, but as the natural outcome
of military operations from which thc
Russian people had seriously suffered.���Philadalphia  Enquirer.
When a girl in her teens becomes
peevish, listless and dull; when
nothing seems to interest her and
dainties do not tempt her appetite,
you may be certain that she needs
more good blood than her system is
provided with. Before long her pallid cheeks, frequent headaches, and
breathlessness and heart palpitation
will confirm that she is anaemic.
Many mothers as the result of their
own girlhood experience can promptly detect the early signs of anaemia,
and the wise mother does not wait
for the trouble to develop further,
but at once gives her daughter a
course witlt Dr. Williams' t'ink Pills,
-which renew the blood, supply anti
banish anaemia before it has obtained a hold upon'the system.
-Out of their own experience thousands of mothers know that anaemia
is the sure road to worse ills. They
know the.difference that good red
blood makes in the development of
womanly health. Every he darhe,
every gasp for breath that toilows
the slightest exertion by the anaemic
girl. ..'every pain she suffers in her
back and limbs are reproaches if -you
have not taken the best steps to give
your weak girl new blood, and the
only sure way to do so is through
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
New, rich, red blood is infused in^
to the system by every dose of these
pills. From this new rich blood
springs good health, an increased up
petite, new energy, high spirits and
prefect womanly development. Give
your daughter Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and take them yourself and
note how promptly their influence is
felt in better health.
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine or by mail
post-paid at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Communal Cooking is Urged
New Plan Would Result in Saving of
Coal, Food and Labor
How long shall we have to wait
before communal cooking becomes
common in every class of society?
The need of some system of catering
on these lines constitutes the felt
want of the moment.
In residential neighborhoods in
every town, in every village throughout the length and breadth of the
land, there is an opening for supply
kitchens worked on really practical
business lines,^ where well cooked
food of thc plain and wholesome variety could be bought at reasonable
prices���all ready to serve, or merely
rc'q'uiiing to be heated up.
Not only would such a system materially help to solve thc servant difficulty, but it would insure an enormous saving iu coat, in labor, in time
and money���to say nothing of lessening the .waste of food that is so
flagrant a scandal in hundreds of
homes today, while at thc same time
it would set free numbers of women
war workers.- ���From the London.
"I hope you; never deceive your
wife," said the meddlesome man, with
a look  of pious concern.
"I'd like to know what business it ������"Would you call Mrs. Gowit;
is of yours tr- hope that .7 never dc- irpcnl conversationalist?'.'
ceive'iny'wife," .snapped, the irascible) "Yes and no. She make? you
citizen. "Do you think I'm going to j think of a lot of things to say, but
let her find ottt how oncry I am, just!she talks so incessantly you don't
to please you?"���Birmingham Age-j get a chance to *ay thc-m."���Boston
Herald. {Transcript.
Sent to a German Prison for Aiding
British Soldiers
A brave French girl, named Mile.
Germaine Chaudrel, who lived with
her family in a little village near
Guise, in the Aisne department, has
just returned to France after two
years' captivity in German prisons.
It was October 20, 1914, that the
region of Guise was invaded. M.
Chaudrel and his family, composed
of the girl Germaine, 15 years old,
and his son, 16 years old, had remained on their little farm. On that
morning, while in his fields, Mr.
Chaudrel suddenly saw a Briiish soldier come out from behind a hedge
and approach him, followed a moment afterwards by ten others. Ttusc
poor fellows had lost themselves,
could not return to the French or
British lines and had been hiding for
days in the country.
M. Chaudrel decided to take these
men to his place. They lived there
for two months, the girl Germaine
and her brother keeping watch night
and day. February 22, 1915, the
tragedy took place. The Germans
heard through a spy of- thc presence
of these eleven British soldiers . in
the poor farmer's house. In the-afternoon they surrounded thc farm and
house. Germaine rushed up to the
attic, where her proteges were. She
was caught on the stairs by a German armed with a revolver.
"Where are the English?" he asked.
'   "Look for them!" replied the girl.
The Tommies knew the danger
their little protectress was running.
They opened the door and gave
themselves up. .
The house was burned, and a few
days after the women were condemned by court martial, ��� Mme,
Chaudrel to four years in prison, her
daughter to tAvo years and her son
to-three years.   -���������'���-.
At the trial the girl Germaine
asked, "What about my father and
the British soldiers?"
A German answered, "I regret to
say they were all shot a fpAV days
ago.    They all  died bravely."
Russia'svTerrible Outlook
The real Russia is patriotic. It
longs for the return of law and order. It watches "with bewilderment
the present frenzy of the towns. Before long it will assert itself and will
find or fashion the weapons for enforcing its will. Not all the army by
any means has been . ruined by the
Soviet. The artillery, the Cossacks
and thc cavalry have remained loyal
to their country and to their ofiiccrs
and to their traditions throughout. A
terrible winter of privation and tumult and suffering lies ahead of Russia, but the agony will be shortlived
in. proportion to its intensity. Tlie
forces that make for reason and national health arc gathering strength
and thc very viciousness. of thc neAv
government will tend to work . Its
OAVn.cure.~*London-Daily Mail.
Worms in children, if not attended to, cause convulsions, and often
death. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afflictions.
Alfred Noyes, the English poet,
complained rather bitterly about certain adverse criticis. is of his poetry.
"1 attribute these criticisms to ignorance," he said. "These critics are
like thc chap, who was asked by. his
little son whf.t hexameters Averc.
"'Why,' then he said, reproachfully, 'surely you're. o!d enough, Willie.
to know "that a hexameter is a public automobile/ "���Philadelphia Bulletin.
World Must Fight   the   Barbarians
for the Sake of Peace
An applicant for exemption from
military service, according to an esteemed contemporary, based his
claim on the belief that only barbarians and Huns should fight. Thc
belief is shared, no doubt, by a good
many others, and it would bc a pleasant relief for peacefully disposed
people if all thc fighting could bc
restricted to the Huns and the barbarians. But if the Huns and thc
barbarians refuse to restrict the
fighting to themselves, what then?
Is thc rest of thc world to become
barbarian rather than fight thc barbarians? Many of those, perhaps
the great mass of them, who arc
fighting the Hun and the barbarian
today have no love for fighting for
its own sake, but they love thc
cause for which they arc fighting,
' and they havc no doubt as to thc
necessity for fighting.���Woodstock
Rode a Wild Moos*
Ontario Hunter Performed a Thrilling Feat on Swimming
Tho most remarkable feat performed by a man with a wild animal in
the open as an unAvilling partner is
the unique act which happened recently in Ontario, when a hunter rode
a wild moose.
Rainy Lake, Ontario, Canada, is ia
a region abounding with' moose and
other game and has only been recently made accessible to the sportsman by the completion of the Canadian Northern's new transcontinental railway. It is not an uncommon
sight to see the animals swimming
across the lake.
When the moose in question was
Avell out in the middle of the lake
two sportsmen overtook it in their
canoe by paddling out from a point
and cutting it off. Running the canoe alongside the swimming animal,
thc man in the boAv let himself over
the side of the boat, maintaining his
own balance and keeping the canoe
steady^ by placing his feet on the
moose's back. The whole required
cool nerve and a long knowledge of
boating for the canoe is the most unstable of.all craft. When the right
moment in his judgment had arrived
he thrcAv himself clear and down
onto the animal's back in a true riding position. Holding on with one
hand to one of the submerged points
of the antlers at the rear he maintained his position, while waving his
hat to urge the moose on to its best
efforts as his novel steed proceeded
shoreAvard Avith its unaccustomed
But their danger was, once thc
moose got ashore he might turn on
his rider, so Avhen Hearing it, the
man.slipped off and climbed back into his canoe, alloAving thc moose to
make good its escape, none thc worse
for its experience.���Scientific American.
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Boil It!
The beautiful aroma
of the finest cocoa beans is
brought out by boiling Cowans
Perfection Cocoa from three to
four minutes.
s a
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| "The Finished Mystery" i
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
A New Gas at the Front
Australian Soldier Thought He Had
Discovered a New Device of
the Germans
The average Australian had never
seen snow before . he came to this
part of the globe, and had no idea
Iioav it fell or what it was like. 1
am going to relate an incident which
happened about thc time the Germans
Avere pestering us with neAV gases.
You may not believe the folloAving,
but it's a fact:
It Avas at dead of night; everything was still, Avonderfu'.ly _ still excepting for the report of some gun
in the distance. The landscape was
illuminated by the moon peeping
from a gap in thc cloudy sky. It
was bitterly cold, and the boys were
rubbing their numb hands sniffling
through their frozen noses.
"Gas! gas!" shouted Private New-
hand. "Fritz is puttin' over some
neAv gas���look at it."
We all slipped on ottr helmets, and
after the excitement was over ��� wc
discovered it wasn't -gas at all���it had
only just started to shoav.
Believe it or not, it actually happened.���Correspondent from the
Front. ;
These Pills Cure Rheumatism.���To
the many who suffer from rheumatism a trial of Parmelee*s Vegetable
Pills is recommended. They have
pronounced action upon the liver and
kidneys and by regulating the action
of these organs act as an alternative
in preventing the admixture of uric
acid and blood that causes this painful disorder. They must be taken
according to directions and used
steadily and they will speedily give
evidence of their be.ncficial effects.
"Do you understand thr:- cau.se of
flic, girls' quarrel?"
"Well,. I'm told.il��� Avas six: feet-tall,
with broad shoulders and a- luiakt
suit."���-Boston".'Transcript. .-'���
She���The mag.vriics ���.n'c-vi:i,'--.-.-.ec.m
to print any real good fctorics.
He���I know it. They return everything I send them.���Boston Transcript.
Making Potash
Success   Attends   Effort  to   Secure
Product from Ontario Feldspar
Another important stage has been
passed in the attempt to solve the
problem of extracting, on a commcr-
lcial_y practical scale, from Ontario
feldspar, its contents of potash, . in
the supply of which Germany has
had a monopoly for half a century,
and Avhich monopoly some of her
scientists still boast will enable her
to control the-world-trade after thc
_ This stage is thc successful opera-
lion in Toronto of au experimental
plant, which, though a demonstration
plant only, is turning out potash at
the rate of one ton a day.
The proprietors and promoters are
the National Potash Corporation,
Limited, the cxpcrimhctal plant is on
Spadina avenue, thc commercial
plant is under construction at Grav-
cnhurst, ancl will bc 40 times the
size of the demonstration plant.
The United States government has
placed orders Avith the company for
two tons of potash, a day for. the
next, two years. This is to be used
for making permanganate of potash.
a powerful disinfectant for the army.
The British government has also
made.application for a supply;
Preserves getting low ?
Tide over thc winter with
Time Was Up
The attorneys for the prosecution
and defense bad been allowed fifteen minutes each to argue thc case.
The attorney for the defense had begun his argument with an allusion to
thc old swimming hole of Ids boyhood days. He told in floAvery oratory of thc balmy air, the singing
birds, thc joy of youth, thc delights
of the cold Avatcr     And    in   the
midst of it he Avas interrupted by thc
drawling voice of the judge. "Come
out, Chauncy," he said, "and put on
vour clothes. Vour fifteen minutes
;-.rc up."���Smart Set.
"Dc trouble abont fault-fiindiny
said Uncle Eben, "is dat a man is
liable to regard it as an accomplishment instid of a habit."���Washington Star.
How  to  loosen  a tender corn
or callus so it lifts out
without pain
Let folks step on your feet hereafter; wear shoes a size smaller if
you like, for corns will never again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according to this Cincinnati
He says that a fcAV. drops of a
drug called freczone, applied directly
upon a tender, aching corn, instantly
relieves soreness, and soon the entire corn, root and all, lifts right
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without even irritating the surrounding
A small bottle of freezonc obtains J
at any drug store will cost very little
but will positively remove everv
bard or soft corn of callus from one's
If your druggist hasn't stocked
this new drug yet, tell him to get a
small bottle of freezonc for you from
his-wholesale drug house.
It Foretold the Pope's Peace Plan 1
and Its Temporary Success        |
608 Pages.   Embossed Cloth.    NOW ONLY 60c., Postpaid |
Address:��� �����
What to Kat Last
Has Got It Right
German Pacifist Says no Peace Till
Prussia Is Crushed
Prof, von Wrangel, a well kiioAvn
German pacifist, writes ia the. Freie
Zeitung that he had always been in
favor of immediate peace Avithou;
annexation,'but'that as the result of
a recent talk with Field. Marshal von
Hindenburg he has completely
changed his opinion.
The professor says he sees that
Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau are right that there cannot be
a durable peace in Europe until German, especially Prussian, militarism
has been crushed.
The verdict should be a shock to
the highest German political and military authorities, Avith whom von
Wrangel has been on excellent terms
since the beginning of'the war.
It is doubtful if there.��3 a more
perilous job in thc Avorld than that
of "tester of aeroplanes," When air
machines arc delivered straight from
thc factory, he takes them up to
15,000 ft., loops thc loop; does spiral
nose-dives,'and-all the. other tricks
in. order to test whether they arc fit
for Avar -work.-
!e0RH Sn
Everybody likes this delicious Table Syrup and it's
much less expensive than butter for the children to eat
with bread.
At all Grocer��-2, S, 10 and 20 lb. tint- 3 lb. GUm Jar*.
Write for free Cook Book. 33
School Inspector���"Now my little
{iiian, what do five and one make?"
]\To answer.
Inspector���"Suppose I gave you
five dogs and then another dog, how
many dogs Avould you haArer"
Small  Boy  (confidently)���"Seven."
Inspector���"Tut, tut J How would
you have seven?"
Small Boy���"Course I should. I
got a dog o* my own at home."���
Christian Register.
Not a. Man
Officer (to guard oa bridge of
transport)���"'Send that man down
Guard���"There ain't no man here,
Officer���"But I see one."
Guard���"He ain't no man, ��ir, He'f
a sergeant,"
Women: ear. be.usefully employed in
nursing the TTOUoded, io making up the
soldiers' kits, and a. thousand other ways.
Many Canadian women, are -weak, pale
or nncmic from woman '0 ills, For young
girls just entering womanhood; for
womon at t'ua critical time; nursing
mothers and orory woman who ia "rundown," tirod or oA��r-workeu���Doctor
Tierce's Fnvorito Prescription is a special, safe and certain help. It can now
be had in tablet form, procurable at.any
good drug store, or scad Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y., 10 cents foT trial package.   Branch offico, Bridgcbtirg, Ont.
St. Catlarices, Ont.���"I have taken
Dr. Piorce's Favorite Prescription
during expectancy
when I felt especially in need of a
tonic and it benefited mo greatly. I
always take pleasure ia recommending 'Prescription'
to young mothers,
because I know it
will never fail  to
help then��I'/���Mm, J. H. Fawcbtt, 8
Beacb St.
Stratford, Ont.���"I do think Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription one of the
beet medicines I have ever known for the
ailments of women. I h*d for quite a
long time been all run-down, weak and
nervoui. I doctored, bat cothi&g seemed
to give m�� relief until I began taking
'Favorite Prescription.' Tib medicine
gave me such wonderful iel<ef that I am
glad to recommend It to ethsre,"���Mbs.
.X, Cksnrw. 60 Bnas St,
This Is Important   if   You   Would
Preserve Your Teeth
Menus will bc turned upside doAvn
if thc Avarnitig of the author of "Diet
and Dental Decay," in the January
Good Housekeeping, is followed.
"What you eat last at meals," Avrites
Miss Lucy" Oppen, "is responsible,
to a large extent, for your dentist
bills. For it is thc last thing eaten
Avhich chiefly determines the nature
of the after-flow of saliva that cleans
thc teeth," she continues. "In other
Avords, it is not so much what you
eat as what, you eat last, Avhich is important in this respect. For instance,
it is our custom at breakfast to give
the children first of all some Fruit,
fresh or stewed, and to alioAv thera
.0 nnish Avith porridge, often highly
sAVPftencd. and toast or rolls. The
acid-forming foods arc thus placed-
..v. .i.i-.r oau effect on the teeth
."'���'"I's.'long after the meal has
been eaten. It Avould be better to
eat_ the porridge first and the acid
fruit afterward, for thus the resulting
flow of highly alkaline saliva would
effectually rinse the mouth and counteract the acid-forming tendency of
any particles of the sugar and porridge which might be left. Our
Avtdespread custom of having for desert at luncheon and dinner some very
SAveet or starchy food is bad for thc
teeth. It means that thr formation
of acid in the mouth will be heavy,
and that the resulting saliva will be
poor in its alkaline quality. The
French and Italians have solved this
problem far better than Ave. They
begin as a rule with some stimulating
hors d'oeuvre and end with a simple
fruit for dessert. It Avould be Avell if
Ave followed their good example. And
this AA'ould not be difficult.
"At breakfast save the larger part
of the fruil for the end of the meal.
For luncheon   a   little   piece of acid
fruit    may    be    eaten    for the. hors
d'oeuvre or a radish or simple salad
may form the first course.   For dessert fresh or steAved fruit, fruit pudding, or. pie may be used, providing
i that the fruit is not too highly sAvcet-
. cned and that thc pie does not have
: touch crust.    Perhaps    Ave can   even
i learn to eat our salad last, and this
! would prove an excellent thing    for
i the teeth in more than one respect.
There is no    tooth brush -which will
remove    sticky   pastrii-s... and , cake
from  the fissures  of  the  teeth  Avith
i such    effectiveness as  will  a    green
i salad, celery, radishes,    onions,    apples, oranges and fibrous  foods  generally eaten thc last  thing.     Under
[the 100 to 2S0 pound pressure of the
j healthy bite, these fibrous foods will
j grind    out    the    particles    of   acid-
forining foods."
j A Fearless Soldier
-Licut.-Col. Percy ��� W. Beresford.D.
iS.O..,'    London     Regiment,     Avhosc
death 011 the battlefield is 'announced,
was a country curate before thc Avar.
i He was a true leader, absolutely fea;--
I less.    One day, Avhile reposing for a
' moment, after a hasty meal under fire
and rradiiifj his prayer book, a piece
of shrapnel hit his Avater bottle.    As
a fellow-officer Avith him at the lime
said, "Nine hundred  and  ninety-nine
men out of a thousand Avould    iiaA-e
moved away.    But he went on with
his  reading."
When Col. Kcrc-sford was mortally
wounded, lie said to thc doctor,
"Don't bother about me. Attend to
thc others." A smile lit up his pale,
handsome face, still very boyish, as
hc turned to his adjutant:
"I'm finished���carry on,"
A Straight Tip
If  Canada and  the United  States
sees  fit,  they can  earmark  all  grain
sent to Great Britain so that not an
atom of it shall be used for thc production  of  liquor.    Lx:   Britons  use
I their homc-grOAvn grain for the mak-
jing of intoxicants if they please; let
j them not SO use ours.    This    question ntuit  be settled  in a way  that
j will satisfy the people of Canada be-
I fore Canada,    for    imperial    benefit,
' will consent to  the  introduction    of
food cards.���Hamilton  Sprrtrtc-r.
THK     ���VnntiR
suggests a Bi!.
Hard Table. Whr
not buy one fot
the young folki
ind yourself. W��
havc a top that
will change into
ft dining, library
Or kitchen table.
Equipment  free.
102   Adelaide  St.   W..   Toronto
The Soul of a Piano it the
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Kigel Piano Action
JMur*iiX OKi>iiKSs
_ Send   a  Dominion   Express  Money  Order.
They are payable everywhere.
65 ter Cent. Veterans
Fit ior Former Work
Men Who Left Off   CtWl   Life   at
Page 79 Open at Page 80 and
'  Proceed'
Contrary to the general impression
created by the emphasis Avhich is
laid today on the a v. ful mutilations
of the present day warfare, the great
majority of the soldiers returned to
Canada unfit for further military service and discharged have been able
to return to their old occupations
and carry on in civil life. In tact the
number Avho must be educated in 3
new line of Avork represent only S
per cent, of those v/tio have come
back, according to the figures of tho
vocational training fylcs in thc military hospitals commission headquarters.
A few men unsettled by the irregularity of military life . Avant to
switch-to some new line of work, but
the average man, detained in the
convalescent hospitals.in Canada for
further medical treatment, is anxious
to get back to. his old job.
"What are you going to do when
you are discharged?" one middle-aged man Avas asked.
"Do," hc echoed. '"I'm going to
do Avhat any sane man of my ago
Avould do. I'm going straight back
to work. This is just marking time
in one's life, like having to go to a
-wedding on one's busiest -mail day.
I'm not going to exploit the Avar as
a means of getting a living, or emigrate, or do any fool thing like that.
1 am going straight back to my office, 1 am. I know exactly where t
turned down the page of my sa'es
book ivhen I came out���it was page
79���and I'm going to start again on
page 80." .
Countless have been the cures
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure. It
has a'power of its own not found in
other preparations.
"I understand some people are
predicting the use of Avoacte:   shoes."
1 "Good idea." shouted thc energetic
citizen.     "It'll   ��top pu-isyfootiasr."���
{Washington Star,
Spread Covering Body, Awful
Disfigurement. Itched and
Burned. Had to Scratch,
��"'   i��     .
"My baby was troubled with eczema
which began on her face and spread all
over her body. It was in
a rash and was very sore
and inflamed, causing aw.
ful disfigurement. Tho
rash itched and bmnsd
making- her scratch teni��
bly and she was cmss.
' 'Then I used Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. Baby-
was healed with six cakes
of Cuticura Soap and i^ree 1*��^ ?f
Cuticura Ointment.4* (Signed) Mrs,
llenry Richard, Murray Harbor, P. E,
L, April 2, 1917.
You may rely on Cutictjra to care fo*
your skin, scaln, hair and hands.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura* Dept. Aa
Boeton, U. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
w,   tr,   v.   iw* THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
���'_ a year in Canada,   and   J2.50   in   tht;
United Slates.
Editor and Financier
���:.:i(|iicnt Co-Owner Notices $25.00
: aland Oil   Notices     6 f>��
--. -.'.:-i.y Notices 3.00
;,:-.Is of Thanks     i.o<>
. i-rtific.ile of Improvement  10.00
���X'. hx-.x more than one claim ap-
; .\iis ir l-.olice, $2.50 for each ad-
.iit:.on:il claim )
AM (-;!icr 1cl-"1 :i.!vorlising,. 12 cents a
line '"r:=t irscrlion, and 8 cents a line for
etch Mil.S'.tjiKiit insertion, nonpariel
Thc blue cross 11:cans that
vour subscription is due, ami
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Met I aslant Death
Georgo lling.ey met iustant
death by elect rieu tion at the
Grpc-uwuwl f-intrlter about noon ot?
Mi'.icli G. ninglcy worked in tbe
Biiqu(-tti�� mill and on the copper
floor and had gore into the electrical
work shop along with Jim Hallett,
Chas. Ciuse and John Complieto
to have lunch. "While in there it
ia supposed that lie came in contact with an electric heater while
warming his hands,
Coroner Lakeland held and inquest on Wednesday evening and
the jury's verdict was: "Death
by electricution he having absent-
mindedly grasped two coilB of an
electric heater.
The deceased Avas born about 40
years ago and was a native of
Nova Scotia. Previous to coming
here J i years ago he resided in
Boston, Mass. He owned a ranch
on the No. 7 road on which he
lived. The late Mr. Hingley had
been employed at the smelter for
Vomo years and leaves a "wife and
. \vo children to mourn, his un-
The funeral was  held  on Satur-
���i-y,- services being  held   by  Bev.
W. Simpson  in  the LTJnderfca,k-
:'; Parlor, aud was largely attend-
',    Interment  took  place  ih the
; t;eenwood cemetery.
Orders is Orders
Orderly Sergeaufe���Lights out,"
Voice from the Hut���It's the
moon, sergeant.
Orderly Sergeant���I don't give a
cl��� what it ie.'.   Put it oufe.
Income   Tax  Forms
Ar��   now   available
Returns must be filed on or before 31st March
THE Dominion Income War Tax Act requires you to fill in one or more of
the five special Forms provided before 31st March, 1918. In order to
assist the public to understand just what is required of them, information
on each Form is given below. Read carefully, then get three copies of the
form that fits your case and fill them in. Answer all questions fully and
accurately. For making false statements, a penalty of $10,000 or six months*
imprisonment, or both, is provided.
Individuals.���All persons unmarried; and all widows or widowers without dependent children;
whose income is $1500 a year or more; must fill in Form Tl. All other persons whose income is
$3000 or more, use the same Form. Where any income is derived from dividends, list amounts
received from Canadian and Foreign securities separarely. Fill in pages 1, 2 and 3 only. Do not
mark on page 4. Partnerships, as such need not file returns, but the individuals forming the partnerships must.
Corporations and Joint Stock Companies, no matter how created or organized, shall pay the
normal tax on income exceeding $3000. Use Form T2���giving particulars of income. Also
attach a financial statement. Under Deductions, show ia detail amounts paid to Patriotic Fund
and Canadian Red Cross or other approved War Funds.
Trustees, Executors, Administrators of Estates and Assignees use Form T3. Full particulars
of tlie distribution of income from all estates handled must be shown as well as details of amounts
distributed.   A separate Form must be filled in for each estate.
Employers must use Form T4 to give names and amounts of salaries, bonuses, commissions and
other remuneration paid to all employees during 1917 where such remuneration amounted in the
S��Ercgate to $1000 or over.
Corporation Lists of Shareholders.���On Form T5 corporations shall give a statement of all
bonuses, and dividends paid to Shareholders residing in Canada during 1917 stating to whom paid;
and the amounts.
Figures in every case are to cover 1917 income���all Forms must be filed by 31st March. For
neglect, a fine of $100 for each day of default may be imposed.
In the case of Forms Tl and T2, keep one copy of the filled in Form and file the other two with
the Inspector of Taxation for your District. In the case of T3, T4 and T5, keep one copy and file
the other two, with the Commissioner of Taxation, Dept. of Finance, Ottawa.
Forms may be obtained from the District Inspectors of Taxation and from tha Past-
masters at all leading centres.
Postage must be paid on all letters
ami documents forwarded by mail
io Inspector of Taxation.
Department of Finance,
Ottawa, Canada
Inspector of Taxation, A. G. McCandless, Molson Bank Bldg, Vancouver, B. C.
Another Short Road
You havo heard of the shortest
railroads before. Always they're
the most abbreviated ever. But
off-hand one Avould grant the prize
to Missoula, Mont. It has a railroad only 100 feet long. Ife connects the Northern Pacific with the
C. M. & St. P. and is used as a
transfer. Ife has no equipment, no
employees, no stations, yet the
company that owns it :gets 50 cents
for every car that passes over its
rails. Sixteen thousand have done
bo thus far.���Popular Science
NOTICE is hereby given that llie first
sitting of the Court of Revision, for the
purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment for the year 191S as made
by the Assessor for the City of Greenwood, will be held in the Municipal Hall,
011 Wednesday, April 10U1, at 3 o'clock
p. in.
Notice of any complaints must be given
iii writing to the Assessor at least ten
days previous to the sitting of the Court.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C, the fifth
day of March, 1918.
City Clerk.
lazda Tungsten Lamps
5 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps-
-$1,25 each
60 Watts
100  ������-.'���
200   ��������-.-:
$1,25 each
2.00 "
3,50"    ;
%������iw����d City Waterworks Co.
Action is the essence of the contract these days. Action
means speed. We see it every day in the steady increase in
the number of motor cars in use. People want to move quickly,
to settle matters promptly.
All the more should the telephone be appreciated. Nothing is more satisfactory for it delivers the message and returns
the answer immediately. The motor may be quick, but the
telephone is much quicker.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
gpnnprimmm mmmmmm mmnfrnffmrniimmrag
nei$om B*e*
4��  The only up^o^date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
4* in every respect,
���*...'.��� ���   . -   "��� . .   ��� ..;
4�� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone ia
i each room.
*w* XX.
;? First Glass Cafe and Barber Shop -ix
* 15   SAMPLE ROOMS xMxx
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day aad up:;European Pi an.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.;;;
���Economy and Satisfaction J��
combined with Promptness ||
are the features which go to 3
makeup the Service we give jl
our customers. Are you 3
oneof them? I
Letterheads, Noteheads,       =1
(Ruled or Plain) CZ��
Envelopes, Billheads, |j
(AH Sizes) rSS
Statements, |Business Cards, H
Posters,  Dodgers, &c, &c. H
-i*<#��� *$��� *$��� *f �������� *i*'���.������fr������tvi* ���fr* *f*���.���..���i'*tvf**f"i,_���i'*8
1 The Ledge
PHONE 2ft il
__ Jofc Printinr Department    Eg
Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful* The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, includ/
ing clams, Its lofty sky ���scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP/' for lack of
cultivation, Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the oione
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy.
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and yet it has a scant 400,00ft Then
sings the little bird in the tree/ "What's The
Matter With B, G"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing at the same office.
ji^tfSWafi mi riit'tnmev'a^f^i


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