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The Ledge Jul 18, 1918

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 ^ /  \ ���
^^if1?^?^""' ^i^*^^^.ui^w^i��^^g^^>^g^T^
.--/   '^<    X.'tX   ':,^./   J.  S'
���" ���^-^-i*vt5a��3��s��#s*��a��
Vol.   XXV.
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty ef Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B.C.
the NEW REGULATIONS of the Canada Food Board
Are Now In Force
Let Me   Supply   You   With   Your
CANADA  FOOD  BOARD  LICENSE  Nos.  5-791  and  9-260
C�� ' Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^3
B The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save :3
8�� We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~5
g We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk g
I    LEE & BRYAN     1
Hall Caine
Saturday, July 20
"HAPPINESS'' featuring Enid Bennett
Wednesday, July 24
-     "Old Fashioned Young Man"
The ConsolidateWlining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
. Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Auction Sale
Horse,    Cattle'   and   General
Auction will be held at
Riverside. Rock Creek, B.C.
FRIDAY, JULY 26th, 1918
Outside buyers will be present
Ranchers, and others having Cattle.
Horses, Chickens. &c, Farm Implements or other sroods For Sale are
requested to notify at once,'
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
Around Home
B. C.
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples
W. Elson 8 Co
o       Greenwood
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
PL one 45
P. O. Box 574
Christian Science service will be held
in the MEIXOR BLOCK on Sunday at it
a. m. All welcome". Every Wednesday
at 8 p. in., testimonial meetings will be
held iu thc same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
^     CV.O- LL.D.. D.CL. President'
SIR JOHN AlRD.GenwalManasei-'
H. V. F. JONES. Ass't, Gen'L JAva^t
Capital Paid Up,$I5,000,OOOJ Reserve Fund, . $13,500,000
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
;     current account facilitates the
handling of business receipts and payments,
H, C, LUCAS, Manager
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors, Garage in connection.
Fok Sale.���Small cook stove
and several other pieces of furniture. House for sale or rent.
A. E. McKay.
Fok Sai.i-;.���In New Denver, a
sis-roomed house, other build-
trigs, six lots, and an orchard of
35 bearing trees. The location
is extremely desirable. For a
quick sale, $1000 takes this great
bargain. Address The Ledge,
Greenwood, for more comprehensive information.
Catsup will be made at Kere-
mews this summer by one of the
canneries." Sour cherries and
pumpkins will also be canned. The
crop at K��remeo? is fair fchib summer, and three weeks earlier than
Penticton will hold a tax sale
on July 25.
Born.���To~Mr. and Mrs. S. P.
Dixon, on July 13, a sou.
Mrs. Charles Hewer visited
friends in the Forks last -week.
In Grand Forks pig raisers
must observe,$he health regulations.
J. P. Flood is in Spokane, with
a carload of .cattle from Toroda
Leather cases for .holding Reg
istratiou cards, 50c.    Coles  Book
Joe Caron is doing assessment,
on his mineral claims at Benton
See our White Piques, Middv.
Cloths and Chambrays. G. A.
Dougal McMvn'h of Midway
has killed over 300 gophers this
Try Jonteel Combination Cold
Cream for sunburn. Goodeve's
Drug Store.
Mrs. Huff has returned to
Princeton after spending a month
in Vancouver. ������'
The wagon road between Oroville and Fairview is badly cut
up, and yery rough.
Last week the people iu the
Forks did not lose any sleep. All
the lawyers were out of town,
D. R. TvfcElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand,
Mrs. Peter Swanson, one oi the
most charming ladies in Princeton, has bought a new Chevrolet
When in Nelson and thirsty.
call on Ralph Nordensou,
(Greven) at the -Nelson Hotel
Who is the Grand Forks lady
who always keeps her boots on,
when she swims In Christina
lake? .   .
Rexall skiu and -tojlet soaps
just arrived at Goodeve's Drug
Store. .  -*
T. S. Knight returned ou
Thursday last from spending two
weeks in Kamloops and Vancouver.   .
Clearing Sale of Insertions,
Laces and Allover Laces. G. A.
Mr. Burgh died at Deer Park
last week, aged 8(> years. He kad
been postmaster at Deer Park for
23 vears.
The rule of the road should be
the same on both sides of the
line. This would prevent many
auto accidents.
The far-famed Rexall Liver
Salts can now be procured at
Goodeve's Drug Store.
Born���At Victoria, to Mr. and
Mrs. P. B. Scurrach, (.nee Miss
Bertha Dynes), on June 22, a
daughter, Doreen June.
Thomas Thomas, one of oui
most enterprising citizens, has
built a cement sidewalk iu frpnt
of his place of business.
Sid Storer caught 65 fish, in a
two days fishing trip to the
canyon about 12 miles up Boundary creek from Greenwood.
A    dollar
Forks"    was
seen   1u
Greenwood.   No one knows how
it got so far away frpm home.
A. E. Postill juiced the army a
few week ago. Since ieaving
Greenwood he followed thc law
business in Rossland for   a time.
The chief of police at Grand
Forks is also poundkeepcr in that
city. With so many side lines he
should be able to keep fairly
Mrs. G. B. Taylor is in Mew
Denver this week, attending the
funeral of fyer sister, Mrs. John
Dawson, who died in that town
last Saturday.
The grass on the postoffice lawn
has grown taller, and if the roving bovines of this camp could
read, they could have a lawn
social this evening- at Cap's ex
Owen Wheeler and James Kerr
of Rock Creek, have a copper
prospect working" near the Bulldog tunnel, and have sent a team
to get out ore says the Grand
Forks Gazette.
Recently while fishing at Loon
lake, near Eholt, two men pulled
up a stick of drnamite with a
fuse attached.' It is contrary
to law to kill fisb with explosives, and the penalty is a severe
Greenwood would be a second
Butte, if some of that powder in
France, wasshot into the " hiil<*
around tb'. red metal metropolis.
It would show up the ore without
causing �� drain on labor and
Mines Hand Book
Sidney   Norman   is  one  of   Mn
romantic and   picturesque   personalities of  tho   Northwest   mining
world.    He mingled in the  events--
ami scenery of the   famous  Slocan j
long ago, aud since  those   stirrine !
early  days,   he  has   been steadily j
connected with mining a:ul minni,!. I
journals  in   various   parts   of the j
glorious  West.     In   literature he ���
could be a modern Bret Harle, but
he prefers to  drive  hin pon   in the |
interests    of     the    great    mining'
industry, and  for  years  has  pub-;
lished the  Mining  Truth,   in  Spo- \
kane.    After ten  months  spent in
compilation he has  just   publisher] !
the  Northwest  Mines   Handbook. ;
It contains data on over 1G0O min-;
ing properties iu British Columbia, I
Idaho,   Washington   and   Ore/run, !
and/a revised edition will be i-snt���(]
every year.    It  aims to  be to all
the mines of the  Northwest  what
the Copper Handbook has   been to
the   copper   mines   of the   world.
The price of the book is 65,   and if
yon wish to know any more  a hour
it, drop a line to  Sidney   Norma!!,
editor     Mining   Truth,    Spukam'.
Wash., and he will be delighted i-
hear from   yon,  especially   if yon
tell  him   that  yon   saw   it in Th������
Ledge,   the oldest   milling   ��<-v,
paper in Canada.
: >1 V-
No.   1
C. Mining News
X-i -Ml,
md  17 !..
XJ U :
:-. I!ll-
���IM. I
Leasers at Whitewater  are  still
making money.
It   is  reported   that  a  big steel
plant will-1)0 built at Trail.
Mm (i.:
���:\ii(i   lit
The total dividends paid by  the
'���>v.)   Xx --.-l-jsh 1 O ran by to dale is $10,I9S,895.
Vancouver. ]
I lie Lucky Jim Co. has increased
its directors from five to seven.
On   the   Electric     Point    near
Northport, thc  shaft  is  down SOO
:;������ >uve.
..-rm'e   f
���l!i      I'l'U.
"     UOii-
Hid    it
n    ihe
���ill \>
P'hii :
.    ���    .- ��� >
1 K,
V opcr^liiu;
in Fernie,
tii;:ni can
Ok".i :���-,.'a-n
ring under
::'   '-.i'xV in ���:;
ek   lumber
xnv-v KOiu.
j. u 11
_:. I
The Old Story
"The man who gives in when lu-
ia wrong," said the street or.ifoi-.
"is a wise man; but he who give.-
in when he is right ig ''
"Married said a meek voice in
the crowd.���Tit-Bits.
. i. I
A wagon road is being built
; through Alaska, to the mines on
j Salmon river in B. O.
The mint at Otfca.va will soon be
j mak iii ir coin I rout gold produced afe
j iVrb L:>ke. in Manitoba.
J The western part of the Slocan
! Vx.v near Sandon is being develop-
IC".! m r;earch of Jtiore  ore   reserves.
!    The ore of the  Queen   Bess  and
"1 Iiui, Sloeasi Mines, is now go-
i:ig tu ;.:.H instead  of   the States.
Tlie Granby is shipping 45000
tons of limestone-' a. month to
.\:.yox. from its qnnrries it Swamp
The Out��idv-r at Maple Bay has
pul in two <,o!npve.:soiv, and lias
���:b.-jut 15 men
down ore.
eini.h.yod   breaking
aci ���
r''CI:l ���
.'.,. 11
file 11
'���:    tin
n    uie
1 a-i i
to     the   dry    and
The Herald says th.:S some coal
mini'is iu Merritt make from ��12
ro -i?10 a day. They must have
eon tracts.
'Tiie Hydraulic f-bdd Mine on
IViy erei'k, Kasb Kootenay, has
������".t in a pump that will lift 450
���4 -'dons of water a minute.
] i^eif-on, ��<,n<.-
(in   hi:'   ilii!.:].
twice u:i' u{ X--.
1)   i!. C-v.-'i
near    : is   hoi:
he:u !i j'fiiliiK', e,
711 7: il, -.'.'.
���:5 for
1 ii-^
;-hip i
;W ���:!���(���; Clif
1. ='a
���1.    im;.
Peter Turano and  Mike Mir!
ovitch are putting up a   Vinldii;-.-
in Princeton, in   whicb. thev w:ii
run a restaurant aud  cigar "si<--e
Princeton might justly be ca'iV
a _city  of  restaurants   and .-:u
drink dispensaries.
The Consolidated has appointed Dan Matheson superintendent
of the fluorspar group ou the
North Fork of the Keltic river.
A wagon road is being built to
the property. By next wirier
this mine will  be  a big shipper.
Some daring individual cut
the barbed wire at the pound llie
Other night, and permitted a
dozen interned ,cows and horscr,
to break through the lines and j 'lU.i1;-- '- ';-
raid the beautiful scenerv in nml.i v,:'', '''���''* !'
around the great red metal metro-1 ���'*  ]t. ii'11'1
pOlis. I pO!:":d:   i-v
Greenwood was crowded v'th j Tn i'r.m
autos aad people a week ago V'i', eui- t"i >ii
night, who came here io attend j -15 nVii;
the joint installation of oftic-M<>> 1>..������'������
ers, held bv the Knights of Pv- 1 :'-d.i . i- 1
thias of Grand Forks, Phoeinx ��� cliun li.
and Greenwood. The dance !!m ��� ��� ,-vp ;;,���
followed the installation va- lf).- ...-,,-,���;
highly successful, and enjoyed bv '
scores of delighted people frriv:'
all parts of the district.
Bob Pritchard bas received hi-i
discharge from the  aruiv and re-'
turned  to  Princeton.    Iio   look*'
well after   the  manv  tunes tlm
thc surgeons havc cut a piece -":'
of his anatomy. Bob is one of ihe
white boys of the   west, and The
Ledge wishes him a heap of prosperity   and   health,    lie hns jo--:
been  appointed chief  provi-i';V
constable   at   Princeton,   end  >\--
instated  to his  former stT-r1.-'--^
before he joined the arniv.
At his ranch on lhc Pli.mV
road-Wm. Jenks has "a fi.u: ,-:"..-,���
of plums and apples. II- .'-.
has a cat that makes a bu-i-- -
of killing gophers and bri:--M, _���
them to her kittens. Pus^y v. r~
often has a hard fight, to vW ���
the large gophers, but fn d ��� ������
trouble in making thi: -i,,;' -���
variety bite the hillside. Cr.!:��� . :
this kind are doing their bit ������>
save the crops, and in.re -'.u ���_._'.;
be trained to do sirailpr v-or'-:.
The   injunction    which     }!":���-.
Joan C. Sheridan,   of   Pcntic.^-.
has brought against her hiK:..-:::.
J. B.  Sheridan,   to  prevent   X.wx
from  selling  up  ������he   Brunsv-b':;
hotel at Catmi, a ro uii- g   h./_w
at Penticton, and othc;
has been extended to y
sale without thc wi!V> e^i
four   mineral    claim-.
stated by  counsel   1".;   V
that the parties   ^Ur'..- '_
gether   about   fifteen   -���������
with a combined er!p:'.""
to which each - had  .   -
tributed, and that u-i;-" "-.
cent quarrel and   s:p.-  a';
have  been equal.-  tn".
all their business -ot
ticton Hera'd.
The Ledge  has  a:--vn\-
for one more ad.-
��� - Oi   t
���:: 1   l,\
. 11 ;i-
_'"iinii-i-,;r 1:
1 Ut'iiihb'ir.    Sviun
Th.e Cah-donia, Monte Cristo
and other mines near Spronlo's in
the Slocan have recently been examined by'proppcctive buyers.
The   (iriinhr ha?  abont  25 men
w-ork:.ng at the .Velvet  uear Eoss-
land.      Tho   mine   has   been    nn-
was iined ! w��tererl, and the timbering renew-
- tier..- ;o 'i-anov I orl.
uiis about, th--. '
11 ���
Wc'.:' O-i
"���������;-.t. t:(,ut-
1,1 i'u  ii'":.;
vears old.
town of hen, and wtin- nroducis ��� A **rike of R����a mi]^S ore was
���si .-',������;XX- i- ill! rcoeti% m&dv in the Silversmith,
el"   flu- se   a ! of t,lie Slocan Star group near San-
��� i::hs   L'.'i.O-.'u.i! don.
��� e   -ir' ib'fi-rs ���
j    On Sage creek, in  the  Flathead
- ee-n!.'��-ed j va^p.v��   ono  company   has   a   well
,   13.-\    Thir-: down 1000   feet   with   showings of
'���:- ;'-nner.-   ���il.    At 1200 feet the hole  will be
.1 e ���. !���
and  hrV
!. *)D0,
c -in-'-
-;   bivei    T!le Yt-,u��s mine in   the  Conrad
vh'i'.- to' (1,if-'r'ct'- Yukon, is  shipping  largo
ii.i.re.tfs I quantiMes of _copper   concentrates.
w-.:t her ��� Tiie capacity of the mine  and mill"
���������''���"���'' -" : will be doubled. \
.y 1
> 1 !���!,     IU
1   ::p a'.nl
h-iv   al-
*    ,      .,
"Thf  nickle  plant   at  Tort  Col-
inie,  Ontario,  is   now  in
'ion.    Ir will
produce over 20,000,-
J^JHOO p'Hinds of   refmpfl   niel-ei   in a
';>''.'�����!���,    in   a.-ldir-iiin   to   12.000.000
;) ,;   | i '��uind^ ..f conper.    The capacity of
1 ' , :,;, i lb-1  phtut can   be  quadrupled in a
.'" 1" ,-iv   -'ir,i-t tl:np.
a r.
���-in.- KuorcuaiiMi states that the
__.i-.--betry-H'.M-pri-o Miniug Co. has
liken a hand on ih.> Jvanhoe group
���i-d Mjill ^tii-ar Sandon, and work
'��. g;ri la-t \\-p,-'k on the mine. The
��� nij..'V..y inr.v .'i:fc-o take tlie Can-
..���"'-..i ;:.H<j\ o\vn��(l by1 thi1
i'"a"den Wox Vi-h'h ago 1'hil
X..Xry iv.n tin- Ivnn'iop for W. II.
\   ' ^ !;���������-��� -M\X, lit'iCi .-.
.' : -i n    Charlo't
���    dd ll    ivl-  j.l.i;-, 1
1 ���:��� .:   ��� hohr-   a
'   one
ci   the
and   in
'���:������������.-. It i>�� all
'. At low tide the
l-ii-'T the   boach. in
li::d ;n;p::ei.;- of "i)!d
���:!,'- r. !���' e mm..-- tx\x\ ^,.e-=. p
l'v"i ������">;'' ('���" 'v,j-hing gohl. Ir
r.i:at that a hid in the ������"-.in of
ariiiitsal  s,>;iie<> of
':������-- i-l.virtj i^ th-.
��� nu'jg��l��.
r' -
io;. rlTfiyr, Hero, Etc.
K'.y y.y.-y:
'���;    ".itli ir
' i   .���' '   i
"��� i -
i""'!'.   ',. i'.1
i : ��� "n.ti" \ i
.'-    V.il"
V I'jjil-'-,
;).'."   ii"   ',-.
��� I"   en
.'"i-  uni*
"������ H:-.*.-     T ���
���   '���;"-,
wiiii"   it
Vf  '-I
"f h-.-..   fo
\ .XX, i^ jj^-i^a^.^ ���.^������^ijUgyyi^mj ^^^������J?��^1-"* - -V:'.'f^^^"
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,     B.   C.
Bruises and Sprains
Have Sloan's Liniment liarsdy for
bruises and sprains and all pains and
aches. Quick relief follows its
prompt application. No need lo
rub. It quickly penetrates to tlie
trouble and drives out the pain.
Cleaner than mussy )'=>s crs or ointments. Sloan's Liniment does not
stoin the skin nor clog the pores.
Fcr rheumatic aches, neuralgia,
Rlilf muscles, lftme back, lumbago, gout,
strains,  and sprains, it ijivca <|uiclc relief.
Generous   sized  DottJes  ftt &11 druggiata.
Keep yours hoes neat
| Buy Your Winter Eggs Early i
I Eggs Laid  Early    in    Season    Keep j
i Better Than thc Later  Ones j
HgKS hid in A | ���;-!', May and cavl,-
June keep belter tli.-m those laid later \-i the season. Ii" properly treated, thcy will keep in perfect condition from eight t<> twelve months, lf
I Ik: eggs are to be boiled, the larger
end should hc pierrcd witli a needk
point before puuin;.; ihem in the
boiling- water.
r.l hc eggs, to begin with, must bo
fresh and clean, not washed clean,
but laid clean. It the shell of an egg
is not clean, use it at once. It" there
is ;\ spot of soil on the shell, the
water glass does not come in contact with thc shell and thc egg will
A quart of water glass in a five-
gnlLon crock or agate-ware container
will suffice for 15 dozen eggs. Clean
the crock thoroughly, scakf till hot,
wipe dry and stand in the sun, n
Boil 9 quarts or water, allow it to
cool thoroughly, then add thc water
glass and stir well in the crock.
Stand thc crock in a cool, dry place
and do not move unnecessarily after
the eggs are packed. Put thc cygs
loosely, but carefully, in thc solution,
leaving a depth, of two inches or
more over the top layer of the eggs.
Tio heavy oiled paper over the crock
to prevent evaporation. For more
than 15 dozen eggs, two crocks are
preferable to one larger one. After
using the water glass once, it must
bc   thrown  away.
It water glass is too expensive or
is unobtainable, add 3 pounds of un-
slucUcd lime t> 5 gallons of water.
After the lime has dissolved and settled, carefully dip off thc clear water
and pour over the eggs as with water glass.
Do not pour the water glass or
lime water over thc eggs till it has
thoroughly cooled.
A Mental Error
Where the Passenger Was When He
A well-known provincial paper in
linglatid makes itself responsible for
the following story:
Thc tramcar was hopelessly overcrowded, and several people, who had
achieved the iper deck, were transgressing all regulations  by  standing.
"Now, then," called out tltc girl
conductor with emphasis, "yott can't
stand  on   top."
"Well," said one literalist, smiling
blandly as he peered down the steps
"we are standing, whether wc" can or
not."     .   .   .".
The    girl    answered notliiiifc,    but
promptly pressed a button.    The cat-
jumped forward, and the literalist involuntarily took a scut on the floor.
y "There," said  thc girl,,   apparently
���.'..in'complete, go- cl humor, quoting tbe
barrister in a famous-. I>la3r, "yon
think you    can,    but    you    can't."���
.'..'Christian  Science  Monitor.
Higher Heights to Climb
We arc only beginning to realize
thc danger confronting us, only beginning to understand thc full measure of thc task laid upon our people. Save aud serve, work and
serve. 'Tis but for a little while in
thc life of the individual, as a moment in the life of a nation; but it
is a little while in which all our energies, all our means must be bent to
a single purpose. Canada bas played
a noble part during nearly four years
but there remain yet higher heights
to climb.���Montreal Gazette.
An Impossible Amount
Some negroes were discussing the
death of a small darky.
The cause of the disaster was clear
enough  to  one  of  thc men.
"Dc po chile died frum eatin' too
much watah-million,"  he  exclaimed.
One of the others looked his
"Huh," he grunted scornfully, "dar
ain't no such thing as too much
"Well, den," remarked thc first,
"dar wasn't cnttfT hoy."���Life.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
His Credentials
Mother���I don't . like the looks of
that little boy you were.playing witb
on the street today. .You mustn't
play with bad little'boys, you know.
Son���Oh,, but he isn't a bad little
boy, mamma. He's a good litttle
boy. He's been to the reformatory
school twice and they've let him out
ca.ch tiiric on account of good behavior.
Hog Raising Pays
Pork  at  Cost   of   $3.30   a   Hundred
Eight hundred hogs were marketed from the Dominion Experimental
Farm at Lacombe, Alberta, during
tbe twelve mouths ending April 30.
iir. Htitton, thc superintendent,
claims that pork was produced at a
cost of l?3.50 a hundred pounds on
alfalfa, with self-feeder for grain ration, and at $3.30 :i hundred pounds
on rape pasture, with self-feeder. A
comparison of the cost of raising
hogs in Alberta and thc price at
which thej' arc now selling, with the
cost of land, shows why hog raising
iu this province is a paying proposition.
Canadian Self-denial
AVhy the shortage of tonnage
forces the allies in Europe to rely
on this continent for food may be
explained by the fact that while
5,0ili) tons of shipping will move
5,000 tons of food from here to Europe, 10,000 tons of shipping would
he required to move the same quantity from Argentina and 15,000 from
Australia. That is, the longer hauls
would require two and three times
as much tonnage. By our self-denial
in export foods wc are solving the
submarine menace. ��� Toronto Mail
and  Empire.
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Dear Sirs,���This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, so I could not work and it hurt
mc to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and thcy did me no good.
One bottle of MINARD'S LINI-
ML-'.XT, warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured mc completely.
Rossway, Digby Co., N.S.
"Annie Laurie"
Like an echo out of the past comes
word of the popularity of "Annie
Laurie" with the British soldiers. "It
is the queen of songs in the
trenches," says Sir Alexander Mackenzie as quoted by The London
Chronicle. Thc men who fought under the "Iron Duke" were bound into deeper fellowship by singing "Annie-Laurie," and it is well that its
vogue should abide.���Springfield .Republican.
Canadian Captain Foils Hun
Captured by  Submarine He   Knocks
German Down and Dives
A solid Uritish list and the opportune arrival of an allied destroyer
saved Capt. D. J. McDonald, skipper
of thc three-masted" schooner John
G. Walter, now at the bottom of the
Atlantic, from being carried a prisoner iu a submarine  to Germany.
Captain McDonald told the story
on his arrival on a American steamship. _ Thc U-boat had fired a torpedo into the schooner, on her way
from a Canadian port lo Europe. Thc
submarine commander had ordered
Capt. McDonald, whose home is in
Prince Edward Island, into thc undersea craft. While some of the German crew were busy on the sinking
schooner, arranging to transfer
stores needed by the U-boat, the two
captains stood in the unclosed conning lower as spectators.
"I'm going to take you to Germany
for a spell r.nd see how you like it,"
the German commander informed
the  Briton.
"Are you?" queried Captain McDonald, whereupon hc swung his
fist to the German's jaw ancl, as the
U-boat commander fell stunned, McDonald climbed out of thc tower and
dived into the sea. Hc swam deep
to avoid being shot.
There was wreckage floating and
good fortune brought McDonald to
tbe surface behind it, so that hc was
hidden from the sight of the enraged submarine crew.
During their search for him a destroyer hove in sight and the Germans bad to abandon the schooner
and the U-boat fled.
A Boon for the Bilious.���Thc liver
is a very sensitive organ and easily
deranged. When this occurs there is
undue secretion of bile and the acrid
liquid flows into the stomach and
sours it. It is a most distressing ailment, and many are prone to it. In
this condition a man finds the best
remedy in Parmclce's Vegetable
Pills, which arc warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There is no
belter medicine in the entire list ot
pill preparations.
Are Paying" Penalty
For Unpreparedness
Sir William Robertson Says    Every
Right-minded Person  Will
See War Through
_ "The war is likely to last a long
time yet," said General Sir William
R. Robertson, ex-chief of general
staff, speaking at a meeting in London. "How long it will last no sane
man would dan to estimate. One of
���the reasons why thc war was not
finished long ago is that we were
unprepared for it when it began,
j while the enemy had been preparing
for ycars. Wc are now paying thc
penally for that unpreparedness,
which in the past has caused countries to become bankrupt or ruined.
But we have no intention of becoming bankrupt or ruined.
"I know," Sir William concluded,
"that every right-minded person in
the empire has made up his mind to
see  the thing  through."
What Will Win War
Words won't win thc war-
Wishes wont' win the war���
Wrath won't win the war-
Wealth won't wiii the war���
But wallops WILL win the war.���
John T. McCutcheon, in Chicago Tribune.
���".iw f
\\ \.
TIRED   out   after   sewing !
What a common experience;
[whether, the wprlc is clone by,
hand or machine;   It is not so
. ranch on.account of the muscular
exertion as because of the strain
on" the eyes.
;, JYou feel tired all over, because
the nerves are exhausted. The
optic nerve, which controls sight,
is extremely sensitive, and "when
in constant use consumes nerve
force at a tremendous rate. If
the nervous system is. hot in
good;*;/healthy condition this
strain is more :than; you can
(stand, and you have.-headaches,
?nd. feel/all tired;out.."^:
Many people feel th�� same way.
after a shopping- tour, from riding on
a train/ or doing any work which re"
quires the continued use and focussing of the eyes.; Many are wearing
glasses when what they really need
is a nerve restorative, such as Br^
Chase's Nerve Food, to build up the
exhausted nervous system.
By supplying, to the tired, wornout
nerves the elements froni which new
nerve force is created Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food reconstructs the wasted
nerve cells. Headaches, dizzy spells,
sleeplessness and tired feelings soon
disappear, and you find yourself feel-'.
ing Letter in every wayv.
It is worth your while to giv.e this
treatment ""a"' thorough trial, for the
whole .system,is benefited, and the
results are lasting..:.;
Eat More Vegetables
There arc plenty of potatoes, carrots, turnips and onions in Canada
from last year. "Eat them up,'.' says
the Canada food board. "Do not
waste one of them. Ealing vegetables will save wheat. It is wheat
that thcy want over there."
Baby's Own Tablets are a grand
medicine for little ones. They arc a
laxative���mild but thorough in action
aud never fail to regulate the bowels,
sweeten the stomach and make baby
well and happy. Concerning them
Mrs, Francois Fournicr, Tourville,
Quo., writes:���"1 have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my baby and would
recommend them to all mothers_ as
tlicy never fail 10 benefit the little
ones." Thc Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cenls
a box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
The Right Spirit
The hour of departure for our
young men has arrived. The law is
hard, but it is the law of thc_ land
and must bc obeyed. The soblicrsof
England and France are fighting side
by side in Flanders for llie liberty of
the world, for thc protection of our
homes, and to permit us lo live thc
life of a free people. We have the
fullest confidence that our compatriots will do their duty and show to
thc world that there are no cowards
in the province of Quebec.���L,'Union
des Cantons dc l'Est.
Miller's Worm Powders never fail.
Thcy immediately attack thc worms
and expel them from the system.
They arc complete in themselves, not
only as a worm destroyer, but as a
highly beneficial medicine for children, correcting weak digestion and
restoring thc debilitated system to
growth of thc child will be retarded
and its constitution weakened.
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator docs not require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it effective.' It does rot fail
to do its work.
..���:'"---..VVL-"6Oy.:-cen.t0-/^ '"tl|-  dealara-or'-.. EdmariBOE,   Bates
������;.:_fcCa,..:u^ portrait
: ::"��n:4;8l&it&tur��t ;of XkXXyVi  Chase;  }A.b.,i tbe famous Receipt Book author.    12
A Living Western Romance
Land Holdings Cover an Area Equal
to That of Some European
Geo. Lane is one of'the living ro-
niances of the West. Arriving there
in '84 as a hired cowboy, hc now
numbers. Jiis horses by the hundred
and his cattle by the thousand, while
bis personal land holdings and holdings in which he is associated with
others, cover an area equal to that
of some European principalities.
The T'ekisko Bar U ranch alone
where the Lane Pcrcherons arc kept,
covers 58,000 acres, of which 32,000
are deeded. The .Willow Creek Bar
U ranch, includes 20,000, acres of
freehold and 15,000 under' lease. The
Namako ranch has an area of 14,000
acres, of which 6,000 will this year
be in grain, and on this : property
Mr. Lane has his own ejevator.  .
In one year Mr. Lane has harvested 80,000 bushels of wheat, 50,-
000 bushels of oats, has put up 3,600
tons of hay, and, in company with
his associates, has marketed . 2,000
hogs and sent two full trainloads of
cattle to Chicago markets.;
Mr. Lane imported the first-' Pc'r-
chcrons into the Canadian West 38
years ago, and today hc has 353 of
these animals on Pekiskp Bar. U
This ranch is ideally located at the
beginning of ��� the ���-foothills of. lhc
Rockies. Headquarters- are situated
iii a cuplike-.formation,'., where surrounding timber and hills give shelter from storm arid a stream furnishes a" never-ending supply of pure
water, From a nearby elevation .'mile
after mile of hill, valley and timbered slope can bc seen, while oil
to the west the towering white-capped, peaks of the. Rockies stand like
line upon, line of gigantic scntiucis
guarding', th.e" fruitful   valleys   lie low.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Garget   in
Belg'an Relief
U. S. to Send Three Million Bushels
Wheat to Belgians
Food shipments to the civilian
populations of thc allied countries
will bc suspended for ten days to
move three million bushels of grain
to the Belgians, who arc declared to
be in desperate straits.
A part of the wheat will go lo the
populations in the German occupied
territory of Northern France. The
decision to concentrate on the shipment of this grain was made following the receipt of urgent cablegrams
from the Belgian relief'commission's
representative in Brussels. One of
the cables said: "Provided all shipments now en route arrive and provided an equal distribution between
all parts of the country, Belgium and
Northern. France will be without
bread from exotic grains for 20
Milk in the Hog Ration
Necessary to Exercise   Economy    in
the Use of Concentrated
In order to raise and finish all the
extra pigs that will bc farrowed in
Canada this year as a result of thc
campaign for increased production, it
will be necessary to exercise thc utmost economy in thc usc of concentrated foods. Pig raisers who havc
access to dairy by-products have a
great advantage over others. Experiments have proven lhat when meal
is worth $-10 a ton, milk is worth
more than ^8 for an equal weight,
that is, provided it is fed economically. Experiments carried on at the
Dominion Experimental Farms and
Stations show that for growing hogs,
60 pounds and over, -100 pounds of
skim milk produced results equal to
100 pounds of mixed meal. Buttermilk fed fresh is equal to skim milk.
Whey is not s>. valuable. One hundred pounds of whey was proved
equal to 19.2 pounds of milk, that is,
provided it is fed in not too large
quantities and before it has soured.
A study of experiments with skim
milk show that for young pigs 1
pound of milk fed with 2l/< or 3 lbs.
of meal gives best results. For larger
hogs less milk may bc used. For hogs
over 100 pounds in weight not more
than 5 pounds of skim milk daily
should be fed in order to get the
greatest value from thc milk.
At the Nova Scotia Agricultural
College it was shown that thc best-
gains were made by feeding a lot of
pig ration composed of 148 pounds.of
grain, 900 pounds of skim milk, and
110 pounds of mangels. At thc Ontario Agricultural College the best
results were obtained where the proportion of milk to meal was. 2.5 to 1.
In one trial in which tbis proportion
was used, 365 pounds of skim milk
were equal to 100 pounds of meal.
This agrees fairly closely with the
results obtained at thc Ottawa and
branch farms.
In a series of articles that appear
in thc May number of Thc Agricultural Gazette, both the Ottawa and
Guelph authorities agree that it does
not do to change the diet from sweet
to sour milk. For young pigs the
sweet milk is much to be preferred.
For larger pigs it seems to make little difference whether or not it is fed
sweet or moderately sour, provided,
whatever condition favored is uniformly kept up, that is to say, if thc
milk cannot be obtained always
sweet, then it should be fed sour as
a rule.
An Informal Visit
A member of the'American--Lafayette squadron bad to make a precipitate descent and was fortunate
enough to come down at a Briii.sii
aerodrome behind thc lines, not,
however, without mixing, up things a
bit. '.
After rescuing himself from lire
tangle of wires lie limped slowly up
to a "brass bat."
"Arc you the big noise of ibis
joint"-" he asked.
"I. am llic: commanding, officer..������ if
that lias anything to do with it,",: was"
the  reply.. . XxX'yX'!i
"Well,"'' said the Ann-r'n-an, "'1 "jiisl
lookid in to tell you 1 have spread
tbe petrol tank ou  your grass plot'.''
Rules Is Rules.
"Wli.it arc thc dining hours '.'at
your club?''
"From 5 to 8 for all cxTpt llic
"Why the exception?"
"Because nilc 5 ?a}a; 'Tie committee is r-.l liberty at any limr;- to
fill any \ acaney  in  tlirir bod}.'*'
A    British      i.otcikccpcr,      against
whom   a  summons   was  uUmis-scd  at
Felth-~.ni, =r.id his family had been in
the trade for over 100 year?, and this
J was the first complaint by th.e police.
Dog Meat for British Urged
Lord Claud   Hamilton   Suggests  All
"Toy" Animals Be Killed
��� and Eaten
Lord Claud Hamilton suggested
recently in England that all toy
dogs be killed and eaten. He told
of having seen a woman dressed in
furs standing in a queue at a butcher's, while shc held five ribbons of
different colors lo which were attached as many dogs.
All, thc "'-doggy'-' folk immediately
protested against his suggestion, but
lie calmly replied through the medium of the press that the consumption of the dogs would help- the food
shortage, on thc one hand by providing a supply of edible food,and on
thc other by saving the amount of
food consumed by the animals.
This is only, one of several suggestions made in Britain in the interest
of food economy, but the agitation
has not met with much support. The
dog defenders have a large following.
. Lady Algernon Gordon-Lennox
writes to the press asking: permission tb bring to. the notice of 1hc
public the formation of a British
dogs wool association. In "her letter
she says: .'-.-������������������
. "It has recently been demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that an
exceptionally high class of wool can
be spun from the combings of nil
breeds of long haired dogs. .Samples
from chows, Pekingese, poodles,..-ber-
gei's _d'als_icR and sheepdogs have
been submitted, to wool experts, who
arc emphatic iu their coiuiurndi-
tion.'v '
Will it cure quickly���you bet it
will lift any corn out by the roots in
a hurry. Putnam's Extractor is painless. You paint a few drops on the
corn, and presto, the pain disappears
instantly. Putnam's dissolves a sore
corn away, makes it shrivel up and
drop out "by the roots. Putnam's is a
rcal cure, one can depend on, and
costs but a quarter in any drug store.
Why pay more for something not so
America's Female Foes
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
slick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the^
"Wood's Sfcospho&intrf
l Tli*  Great  Enplith  Jiemedmi
' Touch and inrigoMtei tba whoEt'
|norrou�� ���ystem, makes new Blool
r, u.���,    ,������.'��, old Veias,   Curt*  Jfervou*
PcbiKlv.Mental and Brain W��rrv, Despot*.
i    v ��� ���_    ���...  tfa(Jon e/tkt
, ��la
./fo��. AVurpsm?A?etfflflrt��t/r��&THeWOOB
MEDICINE CO..T0l0RTO.OHr. (Ftmiih Witerji
la no mora necMsary
than Smallpox;, invar
experience bas demosstrateil
the almost miraculous effi-
C��cy, and barmlessness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, yon act
your family. It Is more vital than house insurance.
Atlc your physician, druzcist, or seed for * Hare
you bad Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
results from ui , and dancer from Typhoid Cutlers.
THE N1WFRENCH REMEDY. N��1. N<3.���*.��
great success, cures euros ic weakness, lost visob
roRo.s-ro. write for PRII jiook to On. Le Clero
Med. Co, II averstoux Rd, il aupsteab, Lokdom. bmo.
nr kew draoee(tasteless) forwof x>.sv t0 taki
THERAPION !^.foDc����
..The Whole Bird .
To be happy :i man needs :i woiuK
erfi_r-'digcsti'on--.a'nd a ''.Woman needs
beautiful :ilitre.
'. "Yes" commented-. Mbs Cayenne;
"one wants the .stomach of an-.', ostrich-and'tho other -vvunts the leathers:"���Washington Star.
Was  a Whimsical Distinction   That
Granted Women Immunity
No longer will female spies and
propagandists enjoy th'e immunity
under which' they have hitherto operated. The president's proclamation, pursuant to a recent congressional enactment, places fcinale enemy aliens on the same looting as
males. All the restrictions which
have been devised to-circumvent the.
male agents of kaiserism will now
apply to thc women who have been
as active and as dangerous as their
husbands and brothers  and fathers.
It was a whimsical distinction that
granted women immunity. It is gen-'
crall3r known that female spies and
propagandists arc frequently abler
and more dangerous than their male
co-workers. Yet, for more . than a
year after America entered the war,
there was no law under which these
enemies could bc dealt with.
/There can bc no just sr\- discriinin-
alion in these.-matters. Li treason,
or in the underground- activities ol
spies and propagandists, a woman
forfeits alt right to sex consideration.
American chivalry is strong; but
American dctcrrniiiaiion. to crush the
imch.iyalrous beasts of I'riissi.anisni
is strongcr.-r-Clcvcland  Plain   Dealer.
Doukhobors to Stay
Veregin Closes Deal for 10,000 Acres
of Prairie Land
Peter Veregin, leader of the Doulo
hobor colonics in Western .Canada,
has just consummated a deaPTor 10,-
000 acres of -prairie land near Kil-
more, Sask. Thc payments for this
land extend over a period of 10
ycars and Mr. Veregin has given his
pledge that hc will not in any case
return to Russia within that period
of time.
"This proves," he said, "that our
people arc not planning on returning
to Russia. Our religion prohibits us
from fighting,, but we arc _ doing
everything 'in our power to aid the
way from a standpoint of production.
Wc havc taken no oath of fealty to
thc British crown; our beliefs forfcid
us to swear allegiance to any king
but Jesus Christ."
"What do you think of a man who
will constantly deceive his wife?"
"I .'.ink he's a wonder."���Casscll's
Britain's Economic Strength
-', --iUlSHON-. MADE:-.7-'.
1   PATCHTIO   Ife
Amazing Financial Strength the Difference Between Victory and
Defeat .
The wonderful' economic-- strength
and 'endurance' of P.rilain is strikingly ilhistralcd. by the fact that after'
nearly four years of this costly war
she is, as Mr. Bonai Law pointed out
in connection with ihe; new budget,
self-supporting. ''It is only necessary for us. .to lean.on the;".United'
.States to the amount the other allies
lean on us,", he said. "In other
words, wc arc self-supporting." Tins
amazing financial strength of Britain
is to the allies the difference between
victory and defeat. So well is she:
able lo carry the burden-of the war
:tl.at.uow, with the United States,.assisting towards the financial -maintenance of the. other attics,- the British
.government- is ior ������ tin:'..-, iirescnt; assuming, paymeist froni. her own. resources of half the debt owed her by
her allies and the debts of the Dominions and India, in all more than
five thousand six hundred -million
dollars. Von Betliinr.nn-Hollwcg had
good-reason to rage at the end.-of
Julv, 1914,: when he found that Germany 'juu-t fight Britain."��� Ottawa
Journal l'rc-=s.
True to Life
Vv's'ie���I dreamed 1W nicht, dear,
that 1 v,,iS in .v hot party at the
I l-t.it re.  '
Hub���Oh! Th..t explains whyVyou'
' ��� re t.dki'ift *o loud in your bleep.
��� Bojioi! Trausciipt.
The world is short o�� horses.
To get the most out of your
team use
t "Use halfas much as any other"
The mica flakes fill tlie pores
and crevices in the axle and
thc grease keeps them there.
Mica Grease means fresher
horses at the end of the
day and longer life for youff
.harness and'wagons.
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"Lengthens leather life"
Overcomes leather's worst
enemies���-water and dirt. It
makes harness pliable and
waterproof, prevents breaking of'stitches.-and imparts
that rich black lustre to all
dark dressed leather.
���   Sold in itar-JarilrUrJ packijts by live
dealcis everywlieie. -'
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IA Dyspepsia Cure ��
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Little French Boy
Died Like a Hero
Refused  to Give  Information to the
Huns  Who Shot Him
l.icut.-Gen. Sir Robert Badcu-
Powell, addressing a central meeting
of Hoy Scouts at Guild Hall, told of
work done by French Boy Scouts in
the neighborhood of thc fighting line.
A heroic deed by one French Boy-
Scout was described in a letter found
on the body of a. dead-German. General Baden-Powell read the letter,
which follows:
"A traitor has just been shot���a
little French lad belonging to one
of those gymnastic societies which
wears the Tri-color button. The
poor little fellow in his infatuation
wished to bc a hero. A German
column was passing along a. wooded
defile and the boy -was caught and
asked whether thc French were
about. He refused to give information. Fifty yards further on tire was
opened from thc cover, of the wood.
Thc prisoner was asked in French
if he had known that thc enemy was
in the forest and hc did not deny
it. Hc w-ent with a firm step to a
telegraph post and stood up against
it with a green vineyard behind him,
and received thc volley of thc firing
party with a proud smile on his
face. Infatuated boy! It was a pity
to sec such wasted courage."
A Disillusioned German*
Publishing Business Ta Good
DcspUe War Number of Newspapers
Largely  Increased
Thai   lhc  press   ot   Canada   is   in   a !
particularly    healthy       condition       is
shown by th.e llM'^ ,dhion of tin: Canadian   Xows'v.iH'i-   Directory,   just   issued   by A.   Melvini,  Limited,   ndver- ���.
lising   agency,  of   Montreal,  Toronto, 1
Winnipeg and  London,   England.
There are 1,-lDO publications of a
kinds now being issued in Canada, as
against 1,3811 in 1917���;Ui increase of
109. This number is made up ot 135
dailies, r> tri-weeklics, 41 semi-weeklies, 1,018 weeklies. <S bi-weeklies, Ji
semi-monthlies, 228 monthlies, 1 bimonthly, 20 quarterlies and 2 niisce
Since, the linn of A. MeKhn, Limited, Canada's oldest advertising
agency, issued ils first Canadian
Newspaper Directory, 27 years ago,
iliey have seen the birth of most of
the publications listed therein, and
arc in a position to have accurate
knowledge of the field in which they
and the Canadian press have grown
up. The present day condition o!
the publishing business of Canada
enables llic Dominion to boast the
largest reading public in the world
in proportion to population.
Besides giving full details iu regard to every newspaper and other
publication issued in Canada, the
Melvini directory shows in concise
form the business possibilities of any
section of llic Dominion. Its gazetteer contains a wealth of general information regarding every town and
city where a publication is issued,
giving populations, county scats,
railroads and waterways touching
each place, telegraph, express and
banking" facilities. With the aid of
its supplementary maps, it locates
every newspaper town in Canada,
and the deseriptions are so written
that these towns may readily be visualized by the reader in relation to
the territory in -which thcy are situated aiid.thc entire Dominion.
. Never before was the need and
value of up-to-date information about
thc Canadian market so essential,
and the 1918 edition of thc Canadian
Newspaper Directory comes to us at
a time when such facts as" it contains arc in great demand by the
far-sighted business men of the country. The book itself is well bound,
durable and neat���it is indispensable
to the advertiser of Canada, and is
well suited to every office desk and
business library in the Dominion.
Africa's Big Population
Every  Eighth  Person in  the   World
Lives in the Dark Continent
Nearly one-fourth of the earth's
land surface is comprised within the
continent- of Africa, and il is as far
around the eoasl of Africa as it is
around the world. Ewry eighth person of the world population lives in
thc  Dark  Continent.
The blacks double their number
every forty yea is and the whites every eighty years. There, are. 8-13 languages and dialects spoken among
the blacks of Africa but only a few
of  them   written.
One  area   in   Ai'rie:
missionaries   is   three
of   New   Fnglaud,  a
make four slates like.
��� -. �� . ��� - -  �� w r rf^r^
Aids the Digestion of Food
The British Lion
. unoccupied by
times the size
second would
New York, and
another is eighteen times tbe size ol
Ohio. Throughout Africa there is
one missionary for every 133,001)
soub.���From  the Christian  Herald.
to j
Cat Needed Tuning
The   landlady   bustled   up   tn
new   lodger  as   he   came     down
breakfast thc  first morning.
"Good morning,  sir,"  she  wheezed, j
"Good  morning,"   said  lhc   lodger.
"1 hope you've had a good night's I
rest,"   said   the  landlady. I
''No," said the mild-mannered little
man.    "Your eat kept me awake."
"Oil," said the landlady, tossing herj
head. "I suppose you're going to j
ask mc lo havc the poor thing kil- j
led." i
"No, not exactly," said the gentle j
lodger. "But would you very much i
mind having it timed?"���Pittsburgh j
Chronicle-Telegraph. |
*> and constipation can cure them'
thirty drop* of Extract of Root* 2
after each meal and at bedtime. *>
This remedy is known a* Mother ���)
Sfigel's Curative Sjrcpin thedru; %
trade." Get the genuine. 50c. <��
(ijafcv*/**��**** ��������*����/��>��*
The Sonl of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
i*ay your out of town accounts by Do min
inn Express Money Orders. Five dolla/t
tosts three cents.
Justice for Germany
Fighting the Greatest Criminals of
All the Ages
We must remember lhat wc arc
fighting the great malefactor, the
greatest of all time. It is madness,
it Is surrender, it is suicide to discuss
peace terms with Germany until Germany has been put in a position
where, when Iter statesmen talk of
justice, thry will employ thc -word
with lhc connotations that arc in the
president's mind, in the minds of all
the oilier allies. Chancellor von
llertliug declines to submit his case
to the court of the entire world. "Wc
must, .is things stand today, in the
name of the Gorman empire and lier
allies, decline this court as prejudiced." Ho. his master, and tltc German empire stand today at thc liar
of that court, there thcy luue been
judged, they ;n\ait thc infliction of
tho penalty, aud they will have lo
bear  it.���New  Vork Time*.
XcnI to doing things that should
lie done i* h-arnin^ tn leave tindoiio
things  that should not bc done.
After Four Years of It He Does Not
Think War Is Beautiful
"The thought of war was always
popular among Germans, and it became obvious during thc two or
three years which preceded thc present conflict that our people had made
up their miiub that it was inevitable.
"I.i Januai \ 1913, Otto von Gott-
bcrg, writing in thc Jung Dcutsch-
landrPost, declared 'War is the most
exalted and the saintlicst iorm of
human action.    War is beautiful!'
"Dr. William luichs, writing in the
Berlin Post, in January, 1912, declared 'Peace' is not only shame, it is
thc end, the finish, of German greatness.' And in December, 1912, Dr.
Schniidt-Gabichenfcls, editor of" the
Aiithropologischc Zcitschriftcn, said
in that periodical, 'War is the only
thing that c-n preserve our Kultur.
War is part of God's awn world-
system. It is indispensable for thc
creation and for thc maintenance of
all that is good, beautiful, great and
"Then again thc Taglisclic Rundschau in November, 1912, said, 'If
war did not exist, a real friend of"
mankind would invent it. We Germans should consider war as a healer, as the doctor who not only cures
all ailments of thc soul, but those of
the body also. Without it life would
hc absolutely impossible'
"Well, wc havc had war for nearly
four years. Have any of these theories proved correct? Physically the
war has caused the death of millions
of men, and brought to the German
people nothing but misery, privations and sickness. Psychologically it
has wrought the decay of our morality and the deterioration-of our family life.
"Instead of being a factor in our
kullural life, war has produced nothing and has destroyed much, while
diverting the attention of our people
from every thought that is not connected directly with llic daily struggle to find bread.
"And yet Otto vou Goltbcrg declared in 1913 that 'war is beautiful!' "
���Prof. F. Nippold in AVclt and Monti B- 	
Requisite on the Farm. ��� Every
fanner and stock-raiser should keep
a supply of Dr. Thomas' Eleeliic Oil
on hand, not only as a ready remedy
for ills in lhc fai-.ily, but because it
is a horse ami cattle medicine of
great potency. As a substitute for
sweet oil for horses and cattle affected hy colic it far surpasses anything
that can bc administered.
Increased Shipping Facilities
The British admiralty has prepared lo provide ships to move all thc
wheat that Canada will spare. Only
34,000,(100 bushels remain on thc continent lhat can bc possibly' available
for CNport, unless consumption in
this .country and the United States i>
very substantially reduced.
You   Cannot   Havi   Health,   if   the
Blood Is Weak and Watery
It is a hopeless task lo try to restore your health while your blood is
deficient in quantity or quality. The
blood circulates through every portion of the body. It takes nourishment from the food and distributes it
to thc various organs and muscles;
it takes also any medication lhat is
administered through thc mouth. The
blood i.s the only means by which
medicine can reach -thc nerves.
Hence if the blood is poor lhe. body
becomes weak and thc nerves shaky,
and the victim may be subject t0'conference
headaches and" dizziness, poor ' app^- '���
Vou say to the drug stor.3 man,
"Give me a small bottle of trcczouc."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soli
coin or callus from one's feet.
A few drops of this new cilier compound apphed directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves thc soreness
instantly, and soon lhc entire corn or
callus, root and aii, dries up and can
bc jilted  off  with   the lingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who sivys that ire zone dries in
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating tho
surrounding skin.
Don't'let fattier die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling- at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try
If you druggist hasn't ary free-
zone tell him to crdcr a small bottle
from his wholesale drug house for
Planning to Speed Up War Work
An   official   statement    with  reference   to   the  recent   war    conference
] held at Delhi, India, states that  the
tdoptcd    important    rc-
oii  Horses, Cattle, etc.,  quickly  cured i
For  Sale by All  1 Valor*
Douehs   &   Co.,   Prop'rs,    Napanee,   Out.
Photos of Graves
Of Fallen Heroes
Only  One  Copy  Can   Be   Got   and
That by Next of Kin of I
The   obtaining  of photographs     oi :
the graves  of  Canadians    buried    in ';
France is under thc direction of the j
British  authorities.       The     Canadian j
graves  registration  commission,    Ar- i
gyll  house,   Oxford   street,     London, J
has been  looking  after    thc    photographs  of   Canadian   graves    in     the
British  Isles.    In this matter,    however,  thcy have been   greatly  handicapped by lack of funds. Lately some
further provision has been made aud
a still htrgTTT'a in omit of money, it is
liopcd,    will    be    forthcomirg-    from !
Canada  for this purpose. !
Relatives in Canada who wish ���
photographs are requested to write '
as follows: - i
For Canadian graves in France the!
requests should be addressed to "The
Director of Grave Registration and
Enquiries, Winchester House, St.
Tames' Square, London, S.W.I'., England."
For Canadian graves in the British Isles thc requests should bc addressed to "Director of Graves Registration, Canadian Army Headquarters, Argyll House, Oxford street,
London,  England."
The authorities wish it distinctly
understood that only one photograph
can bc furnished, and thc applicant
must be the next of kin of the deceased soldier. It is estimated that
it will take two months to obtain the
photograph, dating from the time the
request is received in London until
thc photograph is ready lo send to
Many relatives have bem writing
to army chaplains asking them to
���obtain' photographs.' This only entails delay, as the letter.! have to bc
sent on to thc Graves Commission.
All applicants arc requested to note
the addresses given above.
Saved   the Allied   Fortunes   in   This
Memorable Epic
Today one can measure.: lhc tenacity of llie British h'on. Jn a whole
week the enemy has succeeded only
in obtaining lhe results which he had
appointed for liis first day's rush
alone! Honor lo thc brave Field
Marshal Sir Douglas 11 aie, whose
clearness and cool-hcadcdncss with
the mauageinc-ni of his army in this
formidable trial have saved the allied fortunes in this memorable epic.
Honor to his brave officers whose
names wc hope will soon be made
known to the admiration of the people, :uid glory to lhal heroic grand
army of Great Britain, and to the
magnificent youth of her soldiers, of
whom said one of their officers, "the
sight alone made the heart beat,
when at the lirst breathing space one
saw I rue resolution and serenity on
their, faces."���L'Honimc Libre (Paris
Pale and Feeble
But Now Well Again
Mining, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and
Electric-it lingiaceriujf.
Arts Course   by correspondence.    Dcgice |
Tvitli one year's all en<!truce or four
summer s^sior.s.
Summer School    Navifcfdon School |
July u>d August December to April
19 GEO. Y. CHOWN, R.gittr.r |
Sensible Talk on Water
Tells How With the Impurities
Cleansed From Her Blood, She
Found a New Lease of Health
St- George de Windsor, Que.,
(Special)���Grateful for the splendid
results shc has obtained from the
use of Dodd's Kidney Tills, Mile.
.Marie-Anne Richer, a well-known
resident oi" this place, is telling thc
good new: to  her friends.
"1 am happy to recommend
Dodd's Kidnev Tills to all the
world," Mile. Richer states. "I was-
pale and feeble, and my blood was
filled wilh impurities, but after taking some boxes of Dodd's Kidney
1'ills  1   feci  that   1  am  cured.
"I am grateful for the marvellous
effects obtained from Dodd's Kidnev
If lhe kidneys arc not doing their
work of straining the impurities out
of the blood lhe circulation becomes
clogged, and sickness is bound to develop. The natural way to cure such
sickness is to cure the kidneys. The
cured kidneys cleanse the blood ol
thc impurities, the seeds of disease,
and the result is good circulation
and  good health all over thc body.
Thousands of other women m
Canada join with Mile. Richer in
telling the splendid results obtained
from "Dodd's Kidney Fills as a kidney  remedy.
ment to which mankind is subject,
and you can only enjoy robust health
by keeping thc blood rich, red and
pure. To keep thc blood in this condition no medicine yet discovered can i
equal Dr. Williams' Fink Pills. Every
dose helps to make new, rich blood
which carries new health and new
strength to every part of the body.
When one becomes weak and pale
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills restore the
blood, bring lhe glow of health to
the check, and make weak, ailing
people energetic and strong. Mrs.
Stephen II. 'Williams. Kitchener,
Ont., says:���"Some years ago my
health started to fail. The doctor
said my blood was thin and watery,
hut the medicine I took did not do
mc any good. My joints and limbs
would aclic and swell, until it was
almost impossible for me to get up
and down, mid no one knows how
much I suffered or how discouraged
I was. Reading of Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills one day 1 decided to try
them. . I got a couple of boxes, and
by the lime L had taken them felt an
improvement. I then got six boxes
more and before 1 had taken, lfiein all
felt like a new woman in every way.
1 could do my housework without
feeling .tired, and in fact I was enjoying better health than 1 had done
for ycars. Vou may be sure I wilt
alwavs strongly recommend Dr. "Williams' Fink Pills lo all  other suffer-
recruiting upon a. voluntary basis
and also the constitution or provincial committees to co-operate with
thc munitions board and other authorities in various ways, including the
immediate development of a shipbuilding program.
Most of Japan's pearl divers are
women, who begin to learn the trade
at the age of 13 or 14.
How's This?
We oiler One Hundred Dollars Reward
ior K��y cisc ot Catarrh that cannot bc cur<sJ
by .Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure lias been taken by
catarrh sullerers for the past thirty-five
ycars, and has become known as the most
iciiablc.remedy ior Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
��_ure acts through the Blood on the Mucous
surfaces, expelling tlie I'oisoa lroai the Jilood
and healing the diseased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Cure
tor a sliort time you will sec a great improvement in your general health. Start taking
F. J. CHENEY  & CO.,  'loiedo.  U.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
~'Ajn Unfair Advantage
A  Fcabody girl,   writing    to
Canadian  sweetheart  iu   France,
quired in her last letter: "What kind
of a man is the censor who reads all
lot" my letters and your letters to me
md signs his name 'Opened by   the
i censor'?"    The censor added a  foot-
;iiote   in  her  sweetheart's   last   letter,
Icseribing himself, and now  the girl
This Never Happened
'"Pa, u ill  you give uie a giiod  licking right now*'"
"Why this. Lemuelr"
"Pin gohitc if  siu-ak  olTl'f  and    go
s\\ inuuiiiir,  and   I  don't  want  to    br
btitliired with   a    future." ��� (\iinell
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Trees On the Prairie
Carter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vegetable remedy that always gives prompt relief in Constipation. Banishes that tired feeling altogether and puts you
right over-night, stimulates the Liver gently, but quickly restoring if to fall and healthy action, and the stomach and bowels
to their natural functions.   Making life worth living.
Small Pill
Small Vote
Small Price
cr!;-. . ...      ,, ,  ! doesn't know wlulhcr slu- is in  love
\ on can _c;et  these    lulls    tlirouRliLvUll   thl.  ccnsor  or  her   yid    aw.ccl.
any dealer in medicine or bv_ mail: at j Ilcart._1>(l.l1,odv Gazette.
rO rents a box or six lioxi'.s niv .^-..iLi i - 	
from Tim Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co., i =^ ���     ~       ^""^
BrocLvillc, Ont. | ��WHQ WILL WIN       .
Your kidneys arc the filters o�� the body.
If they becomo inactive and fail to eliminate thc ivasto mat tor, thcy are .ipt to
throw the whole uwiiniiiprn of tlio body
out of order, thus torie poison* can accumulate in tho system and lw as deadly
as snake venom.
Besides causing the minor ailments of
rheumatism, seiaticst, himlajjo and backache, neglect of 1h��s kidneys is apt to
develop into moro scrioiiH di?(>n*c*t such
as diabetes or stuiie in tins bladder.
Rid tuo hody of toxic poisons���clean
tho bladder and kidneys and euro tbe
twinges of rheumatism witb Anuric and
you win the battlo of life.
Anuric was first discovered by Dr.
Pierce, and bas benefited thousands of
sufferers as ivcil as appeased aud eliminated tho ravages of the. more? serious kidney diseases. Nov procurable* at any
pood drug More, or send IV. V. M. Fierce,
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo. X. Y.. or branch
offien. Bridgeburg, Out., 10 cents for trial
Ont.���"I   was    ivondcrfuliy
taking 'Anuric'    For about
tlirei> years I had kidney troabli-1 and rheumatism.    I   aho   had
backache.     My  limbs
would sivell and I had
rheumatism    ia    my
arms-and hands.   My
hands would swell and
joints   would   bo   *o
soro and stiff I could
scarcely do iny -work.
They would pain  mo
pomftbing   awful.     I
doctored but -B-ilbc-ut .relief.    At last I
saw ' Anurie ' advertised.-  I began Its use
and two bottles completely cured me of
all my rheumatism.-and I think it. vrs.3
permanent for that ^as a year ago and
I have never bad ar.y return of this a-il-
ment.   I bave never fcjrd a medicine so
good as 'JLEuric'."���Mas, E. H. Etnr.
"yXB ckXitXiXcdXxXiXiixXxiXyX
't}r:,Y'S;.;slul c!t('Aya[i^trccs.::;f'::'>i^r;-;'C.7.Aii':-'
drewSv ..']iie:;/kv.gJi:.w;d ,x p i:o^;
in.iiy Ctthi.:i';^i(1:<'^''sl.l<i:iild :.;:roiisi:-t.';Of::.;;ts!llwj
;iu'v'd ';c|iii-';'.'7;7''J'''tV^'f"''^lfe'vtlld:;:bc:.;iiitci'ii]ixW
:cd:::'\N':ilh 'i;fi>i-<i 'i^iiviilly-qrow'iilpc   tru^-v.
10 - a.'fordV chillist 'immediate :  pratyS-.]
.lli-iT, .,':vi'id.,    hicl;.:\:i uiltl- 1)<--:r,cn:!;<>Vt'i{::;a:s*'|'
ii-hiii-il-'Xy'!?55'U!nt.:��� ht-'t&s' bc;c.daic :pt -�����v;0J-.
poplars;: ctcv,; which  cQitld.d)c'���"���ihnd'c
tp. trftW7i,ctifticf.e!t.ly' d.��n.?ci: ���ntir..-'-tltc"
.groUu'd,^3: act7::as. wind l)re,;i-ks   'and
~yi:6wxyXiit0.$:X;:x yXxXiXiXxy- ������  x
:X^iil{x\XXX''iy:XC}yXXX:XxtXd :hito; cf'
fact; "XyX'iDrX: AiXltyX^X S3ySr;:;-- ihcrc.
���would bcy^(iec{rjdnf��i,'.<)ti ;thc;::roads
field's' as'^AnVi^:ridi1o;n^��v;st��tclve5.vOf
levoi -''prnificK&d^
'hugs 'Oi trG.e'ji''-.-'';-'.-.":: ,;"7'' XXXXxXX'XiXx
Relieves Asthma at Once. If you
could read the thousands of unsolicited letters received by the makers
from grateful users, you, too, would
realize the remarkable curing- powers
of Dr. J. T). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. All cases, incipient aud chronic,
arc benefited by this great family
remedy, and many of them are cured.
Why suffer or experiment with
worthless preparations when the genuine Kellogg's can bc purchased every wii ere?
Farm Boys' Camp
Have  Been Very  Suc^ssful   During
"the Last Two Years
One of the outstanding features of
agricultural education in Western
Canada is the Farm Boys' Camp,
which will again he conducted iu
connection wilh the Saskatchewan
Provincial Kxnibition at Regina iu
July. These camps havc been very
successful during the last two years,
ami this yca.'s is intended lo he on
u larger scale lhat. in previous years.
Thc camp is somewhat similar to
those conducted in connection with
the state fairs of the United States,
with, perhaps, this diiference: The
camp at Keeina will be conducted
more along thc lines oi an educational institution, being virtually a
short course in agricullui <: and animal husbandry for farm boys under
the direction oi lhc provincial department oi agriculture, aud is not to
he looked upon as an outing and a
reward for accomplishments on thc
farms. It i.s Ult, however, that unless buys havc in some way <pialificd
foriai :;jdaee^in the cair,p; theyv .\vill not'
lteiicc^wilh not ^receive ;:'t)v'e;''.fii.l.l:''1.)0!)'t;'^
dit.vat viliC;^
d.'l'av �����,':,' .t-li.'-''.ii;i'^r'i��rj*:r ^'^yV^-^v-'.'?''. \ ii"41>V'tl.:';'-JV-I.Viit ���"���:' V Iii
i prizes in  calf,  coHJinr V<t iii_r: ;c<i;ii;U-l.i,r
:XX^"XXi'':XxXx:"'-XX'iXXyXX-i''XXXXiXi:X.X XixXi^
(.'7;" ���; '1 "eii iit>>; .ci i X [.. fiy XXX X' V s :*.c a civ. ';>\ i 11  1 > c
'  v.:iw,vi.;->i;,iV,i :. iHi-iiligliout:. .''I;,l.i'.e
;iltciid Vlhe^vump
Havc    the    Cows     in     Comfortable
Quarters Where They Can Drink
Whenever They Want to
Professor Propps at thc last Nebraska dairymen's convention, stated
in a Jew words some very important
truths ou the question of supplying
the cows in winter time with what
water thcy need and in a way that
thcy  will drink it.    lie said:
"i do not know of anything that
will help the flow of milk in the
winter so much as to have something
to lake the chill oil" the water and
to have thc cows in comfortable
quarters where, they can drink whenever they want to. Cows like to be
able to drink occasionally and tlicy
will not go out iu thc cold to drink
until they arc driven to it. I do
not know of anything that would
help out so much the production of
milk as guarding lhal little point
about the kind of water thc cows
have and where thev havc to go for
In these days of such high-priced
feed many of us will spend hundreds
of dollars on the feed side and lose
hundreds of dollars maybe, on thc
water side. What a maiiysidcd question  this handling of d?.iry  cows is.
Warts  will     render    thc     prettiest
hands  unsightly.       Clear  the  excrescences away    by    using   llolloway's
Corn  Cure,  which    acts    thoroughly
and painlessly.
Forced To Descend
More Appropriate
"Why do they call them dental
"Why not?"     :
"I should think it would be more
appropriate to call 'them drawing
rooms."���Boston Transcript.
Hubby's Memory
A man always forgets thc letter
his wife gave him to mail when he
left the house. But he never forgets
lhc quarter hc gave her for spending
money when he. left the house.���Cincinnati Enquirer.
gripe; cause.jburnitig:pain's and\niakc
the. ".constipated ; coiiditicni ^yorse;;
Physicians say tlie. most ideal laxative ..��� is. 3)r. Hai-nilton'svPills: -of'"'^^!!-'
drake^iand : Butternut; ^tlic.j'.;;:i.rc:.'-'cxr;
cccdingly mild,; eohippsed: : only 7:of
lieal lit -gi v in g ��� v eg c tabic.: :7 ex tract s. ��� D r.
Haiiiiltdii's';Pills:': 'restore activity; to
the "bowels, Strengthen: the stomach,
and:: purify Uie blood:::;: For cdnslipa^
��� t'ioii,'sick:headache,: biliousness;. and
disordered digestion nbvmcdiciiic on
earthyinaiccsl'^such'reinarkalde: :ciii'es
as: /PrA'PiahiiltQii'^
:bpXvyoufsel'f,;:Vv? iXixX'i '���.���XXi'.ii:
���er/whp '.AhkysM.n.oie^
Capturing the    Three    Members   of
thc  Crew  of a  German
_ Capt. Herbert Harlwcll of Springfield, Mass., and Lieut. Walter
France, of Oakland Citj', Ind., have
been decorated with thc French war
cross by the French general co��>
irmnding thc Chcmin dct, Dames sector, for capturing--the tltrgc members
of thc crew. of. a German airplane,
which had taken part in an air raid.,
over Paris about a fortnight ago.
Capt. Wolf, a Prussian, and the
pilot of thc German machine, and
Licnt. Kammcrer, the bomb dropper,
were captured by Lieut. France,
while thc mechanician of the airplane, Sergt. Fisher, waa captured
by Capt. Hartwcll.
"Wc were stationed near Clamccy
when wc heard thai raiders were on
their way toward Paris, and later \ye
heard them returning towards their
own lines," writes Lieitt. France. "I
could tell by the sound that tlicir
motor was falling and soon saw thc
German machine descending.
"Thc captain and I ��a.n toward tha
Germans as their machine struck the
earth. It landed against a shell crater, and thc men were catapulted
from thc airplane. Thcy then set fire
to it.
"Thc Prussian captain was chased
into an old, disused trench., where lis
was taken prisoner. Then the German lieutenant was pursued, but
two idiots from an automatic pistol
soon halted him. "Wc lock onr captives to our quarters, where wc gaves
first aid to the captain, whose back
was burned, and thc sergeant whose
back was injured.
"Thc liculena-.it,  who was    unhurt,
spoke English r.nlil thc  captain ordered him tf) keep silent. Thc German
captain offered mc his iron cross, but
! I   refused   to  accept  it.      After    thfl
i German  machine had been set    nfir<i
, an uudropped   bomb    exploded,    but
��� did  no damage."
ii 1 itir:il >;vssOCi:vtip.i'j.*
icast;;:5vl<l:::lVu- S;:?\vii:l
helped by
.f:thiS::;y'eai:::::::'':;;':;: iX:XXXXXXX'X'X'iyXXXXii':
i; ��� XXX.' ^Xi^'^^p^^^M^^sXiXiXXii
Tidcpborh' e.ontra.etprs; :;;ivLvdN'-'HU'aV
. J-11.ii vrs'l'.-:-.-\v *���} 1-;. 7' 1j.;C-/.:' ;L> i'lil.t':.';:'' * ���y:~!T'.' ���'"����� t- Vr .^T* !r. t> >'i'P jiii'
���i::tll��^!sX;:a^��i.n'::at:':d-COSt-::<vt::'al>pp:t.: X>2XKt
|:.W0.,- The -'liiips-la'l^v::'^:crect:t:d''77:;:a'.i:^
/elviyllj/^Ntj-'hsiotis Und-eomplctmiT^o?
��� i.:i;i's.i'S'^
S tltti^.;lj_'i_~;V'.-;'��� ii,<:iV^riivilTt rit '���'/!.';.vaj,d" -XX.'-., 'iTpt
i:i'nulit'iv.viiiu'- tiny: ^.""w.^d.^dijVjic7 XXxi^
iimttimX XiX'XlXX Jddilion ^t XsXXX
miles: .Saskaithewati ;,-\vi!i have: "''-.a'p.v
���c;phpn..p  Irn.c:=:.."' ���;./':���:y^XXXyiyX. X.x'X;..;
the '.'''���soil;': than: he ':;.'pi'.!t.s:;: back ; will hc::j
(���a\\.ijry;;:niippl.idai^ j
i gradually-:;coining: toVtim point : where77!
:j,wi-7:::nfus;r;:bpilil' .^W.", fire, ;fu in re; i :aii:d;:
twlnfrev. j':^
:. ���will, bj ::sV>: i^(\nc rally ;u ..iidi.rs.l.ppd'.,,.,'t.)"<'t. |
'lohbiivg������': the;:.X>X: will be. recognized j
I'thiil; vi.;) XXXi liyiXXXXXixXUXXityX^yXiyyidii
x'dXy\'^Xii^^>0]v-i.\>'y:i..h\yi':^vX}y\^\XyX':y.:XXX''X I
';>���'< j i t'-'J i ���i'-V.vi i .o't^,;-:".: i ���.r;-.iy.! j ii'c* ���'?���'j't S.iiij i :-i..'\v'Ii i'i" lj.'=' .:^ i>V ii --yi'-i
iliiah'-is ;-at: libWrly "'U1;������'wi. JVlr^>":V'diyi->
Vdi'li'h.: jil:the v lorni.���.'.��>'!'::.:'.c;i;pp.'s :p( ni);;-:'
j-ii e iti ly ���'��� vpiutisi g^'^
;.the. 'l:>omt:.:::\\di('i<ySfctp.lit*'i"e;i^.csV;:;.VG.ci|-::i
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',','d lice.;7: pfpiitiiil iKVV'fi; o ]> X: vw'i 111 oivij^tftidi:.'
���������"��<.> il; ':ft?rU!it;i;;:;;i;y:_ib>i;.7:ii^
V;l>'i:t: :is,-:tiii:::-^n.il..y7 vi:i<:yi3^oVl;:''-f;iir;:'tt'>;VfyvturK:
j: gi>;!iJiV;;tti.^ii^;;-:.VE;(_^i,ii1i-:i:s'>': I>i::v;i:eAv...:''::V;:j::.:':;:v;:>
XXxXXx He Knew the :Pla:ce>^^;v������
XX'SQ^iX^Xyy,"^-- said, the Mc a'e'h iVr ��� X i':'i
i'iicvji'iVAM)ile^VS'tvnd;i'i%'.. -sciWfl-^Vlass,
'j'Pii'r -}X<cX today XyyXXyyy^Xyyii'^
'yXcXX-xy XX^XX. v,ill, go -myyXiXx^
:'.'������_"--.r ���" ������:/,::: "���:>'-,::;.: ���'������������: XX' ���-.'-'-'- '--xX-:::::.: :���-
���U^���..;:/.. .;X:x:X.-.xX:--:.xxXx.XX-:X-x-ii-XX..-���:;������-: .
���XXXXX\\XsxX:la "a;.xXXic Jp:i Vc verhYsXini
X :i XXiX^X'.s �� 11 to- ,p >: A al;' < ,\ t;i; e;-: ���; y;. :.;,,\
'lko--"S^^ f
;;': ���:������; f" '77::Eleetricity::and: \:Wpm'e^,;'::7::V;:;{.v
ix,. wium: .;x:Avom:;iu'i^
;.ni-it.--M>cak-��� C'stlUrr*;1 'XyXXi-y
xiX.y}yxvX]y:XvX:^XwX-:Xy\y.ynivyX:Xi X.
\: XXiXhXX''vXyXXiy:\yiX\X:ixX-<:X:xx:xxxrX
X-^yiXxXXXXxXiiX-X ' Xi Xy XX. iy iXXX
���Vi: "slie- iS:,:wii!.:ii)g.rrt;'v:v-.i:ivc- In'di w;,v
Tf siiv  -vi5.il' vwmvVidE.tke  w>,y-^:r->
. C(i\c:r,' XXxXxii:
��� Xi-Kh'o -vxi'.i'-X'xx x^'.'X fm-tliirr��� xyx.
GuyXXXx'x i'iXXX'XXXX'X       ���
������-. It. Sii-'V.y:^':::-:.',.:;^:-'Ai^-siiU  :.U?vh-fti~*-
'���- U:XxXXXx"Xiy;xyy
\<:yy?K: ���:y:ymxxyyxx
:.' .If ?Xrxx"yX:rfyyyX>
0?\-~~ Irans-'
tea or coffee to
Postum comes
when you note
better health
and all round
Not a thirifj
harmful in
Postum. Besides/it saves
waste and fuel,
The flavor is
delightful. For
your own sake try
xi wrong
i - ������������
"is-. ��� '''iz.x.'X:\iz:&, ;"''>,--ti^:'v^^IJ>-vWiT': -'.'''��"'���-���.'
a year in Cauadc,   and   ��2.50   in the
United States.
Editor and Financier
If the Germs waufc to reach
Paris, they will have to go around
about 25U00 miles. '
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Oal mill Oil  Notices    fi 00
i{sl:ay Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanhs   :....   1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, 52.50'for each additional claim.)
Al! other legal advertising,' 12 cents a
line first insertion, ami 8 cents a line for
each subsecpient insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross in cans that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Cii.\ki.ks F. Cm.dwki.i. of Kaslo,
ib 0110 of the most optimistic, energetic and enterprising men connected vith mining and morals in
the grea^ and glorious west. He
was horn under the folds of "Old
Glory*' and during the mud period
of his earthly career spent many
days amid the wild scenes of the
Coeur d'Alenes in Idaho. He was
never a quitter, and usually stayed
with everything unto the finish.
At Mullan one time, he sat iuto a
poker game in Jack Lucy's saloon,
and in 3G hours was broke. He
sent to a friend up at the mines
for 8-30 and lost it. He sent time
and again until his friend quit his
job and came-down hill to borrow
money in order to keep Charley in
the game. About this time Jack
Lucy took Caldwell to one side,
mi (I paid, "Charley, you're the
best poker player west of the Missouri river, but you can't beat this
vame. These fellows are cold
'.>cking you." Sitting in the
:-.'ne again, Charley laid his six-
������-.ooter on the table, exclaiming,
' ���'',. will shoot the first guy. full of
_.oles that colddecks me!" In
about two hours he had all the
money, and the enemy were so
badly routed that Jack Lucy had
to >pray them with whiskey to
brace up their shattered morale.
Jn those bold bad days Charley
v.ivs ������- hard poker player, a desperado., and a dealer in Montana
sheep-dip, Arizona chlorides and
ancient Bourbon. But, eventually,
tlie Lord waved a wand of good
over this strong, impetuous man,
and he began to follow the trail
that Jesus blazed in the early days.
.Thro-tying away the ileshpots,. and
"breaking all his clay images Charley imbibed the divine essence that
uplifts the soul, and brings a peace
that passet-h all understanding.
Becoming an evangelist in the
church.of his choice he has gone
over the top after the devil for
many years. He has stood pat
Bgaius Old Nick every time, and
made him fall further, back into
the darkened trenches of hell, vice,,
misery and suffering. While chasing the Evil One, Charley has at
the same time been diligent in business, and has done all in his power
to advance the interests of his community in the material things that
provide work, comfort and prosperity to his fellow-man. As a
champion for the mining''.'industry
he ha? done noble . work, ai)d,al��
ways aims to have nothing but a
square deal alike for mines,
smelters and railroads. Some" do
not like Charley thinking that he
is too -much' of a spotlight herb, but
he does things just the same, and
somebody always throws stones at
the man who, falling out of line,
j'luips on. an eminence and points
the way to better conditions. At
tlie same time the. world loves a
brave man who has the courage of
his convictions, even if he has
some faults left. If he had none
left Charley would just evaporate,
. and he "folded into the heavenly
formation without the formality of
cremation, or a slow funeral.
Eve.v at this late day some men
in Vancouver are always drunk
when they go to bed.
Tn these dry days Aunt Jane has
ne trouble in finding a temperance
hotel when she goes to town.
With the Yanks helping to hold
the line, the Germs should soon be
yanked out of blood-red France.
It is up to the people now in
Vancouver to strike, when they
cannot get  a seat  in a street-car.
Thkue must be a Jew or a Scotch
man  behind   the  Vancouver Sun.
It seems to be  a   financial   success
during recent days.
I'm wounded, Mother���but don't
I have���just time���before I die���
To send a  kiss���and���say goodbye!
I   wonder���was���my   Colonel���
Your  son,   Dear  Madam, died,
His Colonel said of him:    "He's
The Knob Bill Hotel nelson house
This is no pun nor said for fun,
even if the Hun has no bun or
mun, and is a sun of a gun he
is bound to run before his work is
The country fairs in Germany
will not be a, success this year, although a food show in Austria
would set the populace wild with
We have received a letter from
a lady in Nelson asking us to get
her a high-toned husband. Here
is a chance for some Romeo that
sings tenor on an aeroplane.
Tf:e L^dge has been barred from
-.'-.-'ie mails iii Germany.    '.. ���;.".
Some people  ars so '������ extravagant
i?  they  cannot ;even   keep  the
,:ibath..':,-':,.- .XxxXyyx._XxXx:
'- '-'Vi] i -->;.. J.>,->-:' iii ft'^iif] v'ortisel.:and ;'-=��� jpn.
XXiXXxlrih^XXXiXixXXX::x yXxyX" yi:"
:^T;'.i!asd;'ien}yery:wet:in vCalifor-
X /;t^i-;:ii')iit.lu'>''Ju?talter;the ith
' X'xXxi\yyi\i) ni!-.ii and:women were
.'���";-i.^'i^d '-j'sVy^Sritt vPi ego fori being
The Vancouver Sun has a "Colonel" who goes over the top every
day, and shoots a bundle of funny
bombs at the defenceless public.
A reward should be offered for'his
Editors never strike for higher
wages or shorter hour3. While the
war profiteers and the wage grabbers, are plotting liow to squeeze
more money out of the meek general public, they just eat their
mush and free publicity dope in
silence, put another patch on their
pauts and keep on shoving the pen
for the benefit of the hog-like
world. They never jostle others
in the mad rush at the trough of
material swill They know that
all this wild drive for pelf, camo-
fudge and the mere dross called
money is but more torture for the
soul. For what shall it profit a
man if he grabs the entire universe,
and cannot get a square feed of
bacon on Friday, or dive into the
sugar-bowl ad libitum?
Hits Them Hard
L. J. Wilde is a banker by profession, and mayor of San Diego,
California. He is a booster by
nature, and they call him "Smokestacks," because his absorbing passion is to fill that beautiful southern city of flowers, fossils, sun?
shine, hot tamales . and astral
spirits, with factories and industries of all kinds. He has to contend with a bunch pf city fathers
that ioughlock his ideas of progress with every conceivable kind
of protest and foolish remarks. In
a recent letter to the press, Wilde
hands this crowd of hydrocephalus
municipal slackers the following
dose of literary acid:
'^Three things there  are eternal
in their worth ���
Loap, -which-, out reaches  to the
Work, which   i.s glad  iu what it
does, and brings,
And   Faith,   which  soars  upon
unwearied wings."
Los Angeles is.full of youth vision; imagination, optimism, confidence, boosters and brains.
San Diego is full of old tightwads, pessimists, vacillating, visionary dreamers, distrust, jea!ouey,
meddling old hens, mustard Beed
politicians, office-seeking bellyach-
ers, hypocrites, pacifists, high taxes
and knoekers. And this beautiful
spot and this wonderful harbor-
that might have been, is not, because these facts make traitors of
you all, and you have lost many-
industries you might have gained
by fearing to attempt.   IV
The  Ledge   is $2.50   a   year
When paid  in  advance  it is $2.
It is just as  well for subscribers
to remember this.
The Last tetter
; White '.has;:,..taken)"on a peculiar,
sacredne^s.": It appears that ih.fche
army;_it is a mark of-thev highest
possil>le praise wbeira man is called
ofvhis.comrade.as : aU'yE-IiiteVman^
there;is:. nothing -moreto be: said.; j
jlSVi*. vvwtlrm^
| Cross' with:its'tediribJiony /for it in- (
IcludesX gaMantry -and %adds : to   it j
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C, Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies,    .    .    ,
Have you tried one lately?
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
NOTICE is liereby (fivcii tliatthc deferred
\'initial Oi3tier.il Me'eliiig of tlie above-named
Company will be lield at the resist red ollice of
tlie com pail r, in tlie City of Greenwood, U. C.,
on Wednesday, the 7tli day of August, 1918. al
10:30 o'clock in Uie forenoon, for the following
purposes namely:���To receive and consider the
annual statement of accounts and balance
Klieet, and tlie reports of the' Directors and Atylr
ilor thereon; tocfect Directors and other oflicers;
to transact "tlie other ordinary business of tlie
Company; and to coufirni the disposal by the
Company of all its mineral claims situaia in
the Vernon Mining Division of the District of
Yale, and of its miueral claims and interests
tbi��i-ein situate in Central Camp, in said Distric.
Greenwood, B.C., June2*Jth; 1918.
By order,
M. J. M. -WOOD, Secretary.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
la.nd suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joiiit residence, but each making necesr
tsary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and  make  improvements   to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, be-
VCore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation, not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot bo obtained on these claims in
lews than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 .acres cleared
arid cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years. -.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, -provided- statutory, improvements made and
resident'* maintained oh Crown granted,
���Unsurvcycd areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as home.sit.es;
title to lie obtained after fullilling residential and  Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding G40 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
: The scope..of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons, joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this. Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion . of the present-war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments-'-already ' made-'will
cover in proportion to the sale-price of.
the whole parcel:: Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may. group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by. an application for. a rcropbr-
tionate allotment, an allotment of-land
cf equal value selected from available
Crown; lands  in *_Uie    locality may  be
: made. These alloCTnents are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
.Crown  or-.to. any :��� municipality/ i.The
: rights of ������;. persons to...whom the purchaser from, the Crown has agreed to
pell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect: to. the
-.adjustment of a proportionateallotment
.is .final.    TheVtime for, making vapplioa-.
���tion  for these, allotments : is limited  to
the 1st day of May, 1319.   Any applica- 7
tion. made  after this-date: will  not ;be:
considered.: These -allotments apply  to '
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public;auction.-: '   .-XX--
For Information apply to any Pr lvin-
clal Government Agent. or to.
V:      G. R- NADEK,
D��jHitjr Mlalirter of L&nda,
V;.   yictoruTB. a .'������
Oue of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can he obtainedr
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
E. W.. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, ' Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Sihrer, (single 'assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Lead
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��T metals etc
on application.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire,
if you want rooms reserved.
3��*g<4��<���$<<&"&>>&4"$*'&'���$������{'4* i*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*��$*'{*4*);
Cbe Burne fiotel
Jlelson, B*��*
The only up-to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric I/ighted.
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
* ^^���$������!'��� ���$����!*��$�����$'*&**f����f����$*4*4*4* 4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4s*8
PUT THEM liill
'iKoiusio'-X^r-Pr-.t^r.rr. . ... .  _ ..  ^^ . .....
DENMARK.': .'f^f^f?
''���V.-GREAT :''���'. "r:
: Britain.. r*y
��� vrrALY.- V7f f^p^pf^fftfWJfwm frmB:.��!w;s h
���: UMT-ED v: frfpffff flf^f ^f ��_f f^g ^animaIS TO|. THEi 'K-
It lias Sugar and Fat, which provides energy ior
the hotly; mineral salts, which buildup tliebodya��jd
kefcp it in good condition: and portein, which is so
important in making and renewing the tissues. It's
food values are essential to health and growth.
For Watches; Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Ntxt Telephone Exchange. GRAND FORKS
Specialty:   Fine Watch Repairs.
The spirit of co-operation is iu the air more thanever. It
means that the more you do, the greater is the degree of benefit coming back to yourself.
Apply it to your telephone service. You have excellent
operators, adequate equipment, and the more- you seek a perfect service the better you will be pleased.
You will find that the company endeavors at all times to
heartily co-operate to the end of giving the public the best
there is in the telephone utility.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the %
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100     ������
200   �����
$1,25 each
2.00 �����.
3,50 "
Greeitweed City Waterworks Co.
^nmTnjmriTmtt!.m mronimmm imnBnRmmmfiimm&s
combined wth Promptness =|
VV'7^:;".XRwie^-;or"J'lain}^':'::' "iyy 'XXXXX'X
EiiVeloiJe^ Billlieads,
Statements, Business Cards, 1|
fllgggg^^ Department- x s*
^iU^hUiiUniUUUiiaUuli UiiiiUiiiiiliUiUiUi UiUitUUiiUiiiPl
i^hm '*a^mwmt


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