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The Ledge Oct 24, 1918

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��iai ^ra
Vol.   XXV.
GREENWOOD, B. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24,  1918.        ^    s
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Manys\lrinds of Oil,   Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        A:       GREENWOOD, B. C.
sr Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^3
��:        The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save !~5
S~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~2
H We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk |f
1     LEE <& BRYAN     I
No. 15
Insurance      11 ArOUHd  HOfflC
Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.       ��� B. C.
James   Clark   is   visiting
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
c/. G. McMYNN
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
For Fall
Now Showing New Arrivals in
Suits and  Over-Coats
Comfort    doesn't    rule   where
style, quality and character
are lacking
Get into a
and be comfortable
.__,The telephone mouthpiecei has Jbeen"designed* to catch
sound and convey it to the mechanism of the transmitter. The
present shape has been determined to be the best.
Half of the telephone service difficulties ot today wonld
be prevented if persons would |speak directly into the trans-
mitter, with the lips half'an inch from'theji mouth-piece, and
speak slowly I and distinctly in a moderate tone of voice, particularly when giving numbers to^the operator.
W. Elson 0 Co
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 .to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt^Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100    <���
200   ��
$1,25 each
2.00  �����
3.50 ��
Greenwood City] Waterworks? Co.
Change of Firm
Having purchased the Cigar
Store from R. J. MUIR. I will
fee.pleased to furnish the public, at reasonable prices, with
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars,
Fruit. Confectionery, Etc
Christian Science service will be held
in theMELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at u
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
hefd in the same block. Sunday Scfiool
every Sunday morning.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Autos for hire at the Palace
Real good cigars at Dad
O'Dell's at the Province Hotel,
Grand Forks.
For Sale,���A portable sawmill with a capacity of 10,000
feet daily.. Also a gasoline
launch, 20 feet in length, Roberts
marine engine. Apply to Charles
Oliver, Greenwood.
C.V.O. LL.D��� D.C.L. President
SR JOHN AIRD. General Manager "
H V. F. JONES. A��'t Ge���X Mw^
Cawtal Paid Up. $15,000,000 j Reserve Fund. . $13,500,000
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business re-       M
ceipts and payments.
L. E. BRAWDERS, Manager.
Public Auction
Mr. S. T. Larsen of Rock
Creek, B.C., haying sold his
Ranch, has given iustructions
to sell by Public Auction on
Thufs.. October 31
1918     Commencing at 10 a.m.
All his Stock. Machiaeryand Implements, consistlae of: xy
50 Head of Horses; some fired from
Registered Percheron Sire.
60 Head of Cattle, some Registered
35 Head of Hogs. Brood Sows, Boar,
Spring and Youne f isrs. All -.variety,
of Farm Implements and Machinery.
40 tons of Grain Hay. and all aad
everything needed on a .farta'XXXi
For   further  particulars,:conditions of
Sale see BiIls.;':?V
Charles King, G.;B.;: Avery
Auctioneer Clerk ��� '.'"������
sisters in Trail
Hank Leonard  is in  England,
on his way to Berlin.
Rexall Liver Salts just  in at
Goodeve's Drug- Store.
Seed  wheat  and  seed  rye tor
sale at Brown's, Midway.
Working in and around Princeton there are 470 foreigners.
The   farmers  at   Creston   are
getting $2b a ton for potatoes.
The Windsor  Hotel  has made
several improvements  in  its bar.
Wm. Rutledge of Fife,  died in
the Grand  Forks   hospital   last
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
W. B. Cochrane has resigned
as police magistrate of Grand
Harrj L. Goodwin, has gone
across the line to enlist in the
U. S. army.
We should be prepared to meet
the Flu, if it should break out in
Mechanics Tar Soap is one of
the best. All other good soaps
at Rendell's.
Of course they all go to Dad
O'Dell at the Province Hotel,
Grand Forks.
Mrs. Jeff Davis of Grand Forks
is visiting her parents at Pembroke, Ontario.
W, Sullivan and Hugh McDonald, have returned to Phoenix from France.
G. A. Rendell is still confined
to the house, but expects tp be
out in a few days.
Ben Geary and Hans Rich ter
are giying a wild west show in
Princeton this week.
Robert Lee went to Vancouver
on Monday, owing to the illness
of his niece Georgina.
The Victory Loan committee
has opened an office in the Windsor Hotel dining room.
Soda biscuits, and many kinds
of mixed biscuits. All fresh
groceries at Rendell's.
Dr. Mathison and wile motored
from Kelowna, and were in
Greenwood on Sunday.
Jack Lyall and Henry Allison
of Princeton, are reported dead
from wounds in France.
Miss Helen Wood, of Vancouver, is visiting Dr. and Mrs.
Wood, for a few weeks.
W. C. Anstie, of the Forest
Mills, inspected some timber up
the West Fork this week.
Mrs. Gerald Ashby, attended a
convention of the Women's Institute in Kaslo last week.
Percy Taylor, Ernest Harrison
and Frank Cook, have returned
to Grand Forks from the war.
D, R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
A few drops of Eucalyptus on
your handkerchief will help to
keep away the Spanish influenza.
It is reported that George Red-
path has received a Military
Medal, for his bravery at the
T. Stuart Palmer has been
killed in France.: He lived in
Greenwood years ago. His wife
is in Vancouver.
At Grand Forks, two Doukhobor boys were fined $20 each,
for stealing sacks from the
Sunnyside ranch.
The business man who does not
advertise in the local newspaper is
lacking iu the public spirit that
builds up a town.
The schools, churches etc. in
Grand Forks are closed, owing to
the appearance of something like
Spanish Flu in that city.
Last week while working at
the Westmount mine in the Slocan, Joe Beauchesne was severely
injured by a falling rock.
John McKellar was in town
this week. He finds mining at
Beaverdell a good game, and
may yet become a millionaire.
D. J. Matheson has a real
estate office in Vancouver. His
wife and family departed from
Phoenix last week for Vancouver.
..;;���' BillYr Miller has _ quit the
Mother Lode stage business.x He
will go to Grants Pass, Oregon;,
when his wife's health is better.
The Ladies of the Boundary
Women's Institute intend packing
soldiers Xmas -parcels :on Friday
next.;;; Donations; will: be ?gladly
received, tin boxes; included; also
thehelp of all the ladies ;to''pack
same. iWill;friends and;relatives;
ofysoldiers;; who   have   enlisted
from this district please; send: in��� - ���..:.-.-���.. "-.-.. -,-: -v." ~i~~~~~x
addresses of wrae and; by so do-1 lessors;. h^nci-writing,
iugvwill save time, the credit: you don't.
.Greenwood last Thursday, but
managed to reach Nelson on Friday.
��here are 70 telephones in
enix, 100 In Greenwood, and
236 iu Grand Forks. The only
town showing an increase this
year is Greenwood.
f Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Graham
motored from Kelowna to visit
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fraser.
They were accompanied by Dr.
Mathison and his wife.
The Greenwood Junior W.A.
will meet every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at Mrs Ashbys.
All girls between 7 and 17 cordially invited to attend.
George Ellis is reported wounded by a'shell in France on September 28. He was working at
the Greenwood smelter previous
to his joining the army.
L. Cpl. Norman 2E- Shaw has
been officially reported admitted
to 2 General Hospital, ^Havre, on
Oct. 1st, with gunshot' wound in
the thigh of the left leg.
The wearing'of gauze'masks is
the best way to prevent Flu.    It
Western Float
Tom Taylor died in Dawson last
month from an accident.
There are 3097   pupils at   fehe
schools In North Vancouver.
There ia much activity in the
sale of lands in tbe Okanagan.
Six weeks is usually the length
of an epidemic of Spanish Floo.
About 50 more families will
settle near Keremeos fehis winter.
A bill to do away with mos-
qnitoes, will be presented feo the
During September the North
Vancouver ferries carried 293,970
Next Safearday is Fish Day in
Canada. The day before is also
fish day with some people.
A large crop of spuds was raised
at Dawson this year. Women
helped to harvest fehe crop.
At Fernie fehe Flathead Hofeel
was fined $1000 for having five
bottles of whiskey in its bar. j
The electric furnaces
-���j  -- r��w,^��fc   nu,    xi ,-.~~V   ���^v*x\j  lui'iiaues    afe   Porfc
ChSKd0Utthe black  Plague in J��dy are making large quantities
China seven years ago,   and that of P'g iron for shipment to Jaoan
disease is 100 oer rant fatal nut w��i.u-_ ...L ..        Japan.
disease is 100 per cent fatal
It will soon be time to send
Christmas presents to the boys
in France, A copy of Float
makes a present that is always
welcome anywhere. Copies can
be obtained at The Ledge office.
Captain W. Garland Foster
died in France this month from
wounds. He escaped 30 for a
long time having joined the army
in 1915. He was editor of the
Nelson News, for years, and was
a white man, with no yellow in
his composition.
Joe Duhamel and H. B. Larsen,
sometime ago started for Lightning Peak, by going along the
east fork ot the Main Kettle
river, but the route was too hard
and they had to return to Greenwood. They are now hitting the
drill in the Providence mine,
which is much easier than, blazing a trail through a dense forest in a rough country.
Many improvements have recently been made to buildings in
Greenwood.   W. H. Docksteader
has put a new roof on his residence, and installed a new water)
system.    Duncan Mcintosh has
put a new roof on his house,  and
made other improvements.    New
timbers have been put under the
Presbyterian church,   and   it   is
now on a solid foundation.    Sam
Bombini has erected new  buildings at    Anaconda,   and   many
other citizens will improve their
properties in the city and vicinity.
The   Flu   struck  Nelson and
Rossland  the week-end   with   a
mighty  wave,  and  those  towns
are closed tight.    Here in Greenwood everything is wide open and
nothing much done in the way of
turning the semaphore   against
the most   prevalent   disease   in
America.    We are justj}like those
virgins in  the early days   who
failed to fill thhir lamps in the
daylight.    Perhaps the Flu has
not struck us psychologically, or
else a reliance is placed upon the
effiacy  of the smelter  smoke to
kill anything from a flu-germ to
a pro-germ.    Since writing the
fore part  of this item the city
authorities have; wired to   Victoria for instructions re closing
of schools,  theatres etc.    There
is one case of the Spanish influenza in Greenwood.   Mr.  Mellrud   came in on   Tuesday   from
Vancouver with the disease. His
house and family have been quarantined.    Be careful and  do not
get sick from auto suggestion.
In eyery pandemic fear kills more
than the plague.
Speeding Him Up
Hokns-r-The doctor told Guzzler
he should take a drink of whisky
only before each meal.
Pokus���What is the result?
HokuB���He is now eating eight
meals a day. -r-Town Topics.
Foot Work
Mre. A.���Josephine ia progressing by leaps and bounds io her
piano practice.
Mr. A���I thought she couldn't
make all that racket; with her
hands aloite; ; ;���
xi -Credit;. Where'-Due;.; xix
;;'A student, coming to: a hard
question on hie..examinationpaper,
wrote ;for ;hi8 answer, r ''God only
;0;The paper; cameIback; with; the
following;: correction >in:; the pro-
Olaf Webber of Golden has gone
to the Big Beud to trap all winter.
Last year he killed eleven bear in
15 days.
The C. N. Ry. is ready to enter
Kamloops, bufe ife is nofe likely feo
be extended to fehe Okanagan until
after the war.
Mail a copy of float feo fehe boys
in France. Makea.a nice Christmas
present, and yoa can gefe fehem afe
The Ledge office.
This year more than 15000 acres
of flax were raised in Ontario.
Raise it in B.C., and start a linen
mill in Greenwood.
James Dickey died afe Lillooet
lasfe month aged 92 years. He
mined on the Fraser in 1858, and
later in the Cariboo.
In some parts of Belgium, butter
is $7 a pound, and eggs 30 cents
each. Milk is 25 cents a quart
and meat $6 a pound.
General Hazard Stevens died afe
Goldendale, Wash, fehis month.
His father was fehe first governor
of Washington territory.
Danny McPhaden died fehis
month. In early days along with
James Mcintosh he ran the Dominion hofeel in KamloopB.
In 1917 B. C. raised 3^,492 tons
of apples, equal to 2959 carloads.
This is an increase of 350 per cent,
over the production in 1913.
Owing feo the completion of fehe
snoweheds, the Kettle Valley will
be able to run trains all winter,
through fehe Coquihalla Pass.
A. E. Taylor is now manager of
fehe Bank of Montreal in Lindsay,
Ontario. For many . years he was
afe New Denver and Enderby.
The Bank of B. N. A. has been
absorbed by the Bank of Montreal.
Some day fehe Bank of Montreal
may be rich enough to put an ad
in The Ledge.
In the future wharves will be
bnilfe in this province for business,
instead of politics. The Dominion
Government has taken over all fehe
wharves in B.C.
A. B. Clabon fell over a cliff last
week and was killed, The accident happened at Silver Creek, a
few miles east of Revelstoke. He
was a well-known mining man.   :
The government is holding a
land tax sale in the province today.
Longer notice of fehe sale should
have been given, and ife should
have been advertised in a more
effective manner. ,
"Until recently 25 Chinamen |
were employed, at the tomato cannery afe Cawston, near Keremeos.
They were making $5 a day upwards on piecework. They became careless in feheir work, and
npon being told to do betfeer they
walked oufe in a body, and their
places were replaced by Indians.
Jim Thompson of Phoenix,
known feo his dearest friends as
Tommy, should make a good minister of mines. He is shrewd, has
some gift of fehe gab, and can tell
tbe month of a tunnel from an ace
in the hole. He knows Irish spuds
from galena float, and is not too
dignified to drink ont of a bottle.
What more do you need to be a
cabinet minister in this glorious
western conntry; of political pep,
pap and pull? ;X'iix.
In Nelaon,;the building known
ae the Bartlett hotel was bought
this snmmer for $15 by J. E. An-
nable, and torn down. It was built
in 1891 by tl e late Mr. Duhamel,
ahd as tbe "^enmseh Honse it was
one of Nelson^s first-class hotels. It
was run by a man named Shellen-
berger and managed, by Charley
Aylwin. It went flewy in the fall
of 1891,; and years later was run a
long-time; by; George ^Bartlett, a
noted chef, who along with Martin
Condon ran the .famous Can Can
Te8fcaaranfe;in;Kaslo during the]-"�����..g'*��* aepc
days before the lid was discovered, [near Princeton.
B. C. Mining News
A. W. McCune will work fehe
Queen near Salmo.
Ife is again reported fehat there is
a deal on for fehe Carmi mine.
Tbe Tam O'Shanfeer near Greenwood will be worked this winter.
In June the Standard afe Silver-
feon made a vet profit of 816,137.
If the Greenwood smelter had a
lead stack, it could do more business.
In East Kootenay fehe Paradise
and Silver Belt are shipping to
There will soon be great mining
activity, in the territory west of
Mnch work is being done on fehe
Trojan group, in the Horse Thief
district of East Kootenay. '
At Field a Calgary company is
running the Couverapee mine and
mill, and shipping tu Trail.
The Lily B near Slocan City,
has shipped a carload of high grade
silver ore from a new level.
Frank Edwards is working a
bad and silver placer claim on
Carpenter creek in the Slocan.
The coal mine afe Princeton
might save money, by sinking a
shaft and hoisting its product.
E. N. Engleharfe, the well-known
mining engineer, committed suicide
at Oakland, Calif., by the gun
Revelstoke once had a townsifee
smelfeer. Ife now wants a real
smelter to smelt th9 ores found
east and west of thafe town.
This has neen a bad year for
placer miners afe Porcupine, in
Alaska. The high water from excessive rains washed away their
R. R. Hedley has began working
fehe Mary Reynolds at Stump Lake.
It is one of the oldest properties in
the Nicola district, and is close feo
ehe Donohoe.
The Donohoe mines afe Stump
Lake will put in more machinery.
A mill may be erected in the near
future. Experts are favorably impressed with the richness of fehe
The gold mine owners in Ontario
are complaining aboufe fehe high
price of powder. One firm practically has a monoply of the explosives industry ^in'Onfeario. The
price has more than doubled since
This will be an active winfeer afe
fehe silver properties in the Mayo
district, Ynkon. Lasfe month 60
tons of supplies left Dawson for
that camp. Many Dawson'people
are interested in silver prospects on
Lookout Mountain.
In the Leancboil district, east of
Golden, many claims have been
staked on Ice river and Moose
creek. Along these streams there
is much gold, silver, lead, iron,
and copper. G. S. McCarfeer and
other Calgary men have taken
options on several claims.
In  fehe Afelin district this year,
fehe gold output bas been reduced
25 per cent., owing to the difficulty
of securing labor.    With improved
methods   now   in   use   two-ounce
ground is now made to pay, and
mining is more profitable around
Atlin.    The general oufepufe of fehe
district is aboufe 60 per cent, of
what ife used to be before the war.
The  Idaho-Continental   not far
from Port Hill, Idaho, has shipped
77 carloads of ore since July 17,
valued at 8231,000 net.    This is a
bjIver property.    Ten motor trucks
were nsed this snmmer to haul the
ore 26 miles.    Sleighs will be nsed
in; the  winter.     An   aerial  tram V
now carries   the   ore  across   the
Kootenay  river   afe   the   shipping
Oscar Lachmund has opened an
office in 8pokane.    His line of business will be  fehe outlining and revision  of   smelter   contracts,   fehe
determination of process  for pre,
flow sheets for mills,  and  the  examination and  non-resident management of small  mines.    This is
the same line of business  thafe he
followed in Salt  Lake Cifey,  previous lo the time that he became
general manager   for   the   B.   C.   *
Copper Go.  at  Greenwood.    Dur-
jing his management he developed
1 the great deposit   of copper  ore
^J JEHES    LEDGffl.    GBKENWOOlX    &   fX.
New War Measure
Make Your Sugar    Go    Farther.
| Sweetening  lr
On  top  of  the. news  oi short  sugar
rations comes the welcome aniiounee-
Imerit by thc food administration that
j sugar  can  bc   sweetened.    As?   a   war
measure it is possible to increase the
sweetness  of sugar    to  almost    onc-
i third  of its  normal  sweetening  power,  the  adiiiinistra:' >u  says.
j     The   discovery   has   been   made    by
\L J. Willanian, a member ot th.e Min-
jncsota     division    of    the    American
! Chemical   Company,  who has  achieved     the     seemingly    impossible,   aad
I who  has  made  it    possible   for    any
i woman  to make her su^ur supply go
farther  by   a  very  simple  process.        |
;     When cane sugar is subjected to ai
Verlain  chemical  change it  is  conecr-i
j ted into what is known as invert sug-
jar, which, weight for weight, is about
: 30 per (-ent. sweeter than cane  sugar;
; thus, 100 pounds of cane sugar makes
; a  little  more   than   105  pounds   of  in-
\ert  sugar,  which    has      the      same
.sweetening   power   as   135   pounds   of
cane   sugar.    The  economy  in   sweet-
cuing   is   readily    apparent,    although
the   invert   sugar   has   no   more     food
���value  than  the  cane sugar.
i      i he     making   of   invert   sugar   is   a
. I very   simple   matter,   and,   in   fact,   it
"takes   place   to   some   extent   in      the
making  of jelly.    Any housewife  can
���readily  follow   this  recipe  lor  making
invert >ugar syrup: To ten pounds of
granulated   sugar   add   4j-j   pints      of
���water and.  onc-iifth ounce of  tartaric
uas   li.en   Un-     lot   of   our  bn;- 'acid,     whieh  can  bc  obtained  at  any
tli ers  sinct   meat   went a  soarine.  but   drug store.     lioil  slowly in a covered
listen  to  this pitiful  tab:  from     1 .on- ; kettle for    from  thirty  to    thirty-live
don.    A   correspondent   writes: ; minutes,    li  boiled   longer,   thc   syrup
Congratulated  upon the ixtra  t radc : begins  to  darken  anil develop a taste
he   wiil   do   when   the   meat   ration   i< Tike  corn   syrup.
increased,  my butcher showed  no < n- .     Tin's  syrup  can  be  used  ior  sweet-
ihnsiusm. ��� ening    all     sorts    oi    cooked    fruits,
"l.'xtra trade," he snorted; "how's 'cereals, ice cream, etc., although it
extra trade going to maki up for an, may not be relished iu coffee,
early grave:" He threw a piece of I It must hc borne in mind in using
meat on his block aud thrust liis ; this syrup that it must bc substituted
chopper into mv hand: "Cut off what j for granulated sugar weight for
i'ou reckon is  an  ounce,  sir." j weight and    not volume for volume,
' After about ten attemnts I detach-] since about three-fourths of a cup of
ed what I thotmht might' he an ounce. '' syrup is equal to about one full cup
"lust as I expected," he remarked, j ot sugar. The only objection to in-
"its Z'Xi ounces. And you can take it | verted sugar is that it
from me that ten customers out of
twelve would be ready to swear that
it was only an ounce. I never knew
human nature until this meat shortage.    Take. fat.    Once upon a time I
ant! 3 Boxes Ointinent
Heal Two Weeks Old Baby
Of Skin Trouble.
"When about two weeks  old my
baby turned blue, and in a couple of
days broke out in a rash.
'^s-^va   Then    ��he   turned    sore
'"        \l around  her  ears and on
'^\-�� Sythe top of her head, and
.'   ;..     " on   her  arms   and   legs.
���~ik/��>v   ^e 8^'n was rec* anti s^e
'/Vi"^ scratched till she made it
���      *- bleed. Shecould not sleep.
"I wrote for a free sample of Cuticura Soap and Ointment. It was a
great relief, so I bought more, and I
used two cakes of Cuticura Soap and
three boxes of Cuticura Ointment
when she was healed." (Signed)
Mrs. Alfred Ryan, 167A St. Martin
Ct., Montreal, Que., August 10, 1917.
For every purpose of the toilet Cuticura Soap and Ointment are supreme.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A.
Boston, U. S. A."  Sold everywhere.
Calls the Grand
Fleet Astounding!
Congressman  Sees  Three   Lines    ot
Warships, Each Eight Miles
"Great  Britain's  grand  fleet  is   the
most astounding    exhibit    that    two
eyes  ever beheld,"    said  Reprcscnta-
German Professor's Wife Discovered ' tivc P. H.  Kelly of Michigan, one of
When Adding to Supply [tbe best posted Republican members
Used Piano for Storage
D01JGLAS*    �����L
..irMt'iiV: Worms,
T��A0��  <j^=ijS��    MARK
Contain no harmful drugs.    25c per box or S
boxes   by   mail   on   receipt   of   $1.00.
German Influence in Mexico
Trying to  Bring  That. Country Into
Conflict With United States
A   (icrnian  professor attached  to a
of  the  House  naval  affairs   comniit-
w York university for seveal vears I \QC- on b's  '"eturn _   to     Washington
1 a call from a "Cicr-i��0"' an ofllclal vl��lt t0  England and
A Sad Lot
Butcher  Has   Many    Little
of  His  Own
recently received a call irom a
man university, says thc Xcw York
Sun. lie accepted the position and
returned to the land ui his birth. JI is
wife slaved behind to arrange for
s.hipinent of the furniture and household goods. Also, thc fran professor
was eager to lake along some good
things to eat which she still could get
in the land of comparative plenty, but
which were only a memory iu the
kaiser's  domain.
So   the   fratt  professor    pried   open
the  rear  wall  of her piano  and  filled
the interior with a number of hams ! licet is ever given
and sides of bacon. Then shc took | hours shore leave.
the covering olT her sofa, lifted one
of the springs and placed some more
hams, some more bacon and some
other good things, tacking thc covering on again after the interior was
After    notifying  thc    express coin-
par     and   the    customs     authorities, j
an left for Davos
where she I.
"When wc review that great naval
force, ready to dash out into the
North Sea, on a moment's notice,
there were three rows of ships riding at anchor, aud each was eight
utiles long," continued Mr. Kelly.
"There were warships of every kind
and description from battle cruisers,
870 feet in length, to small submarines.
"This fleet is always ready to
strike. Xo man in all that great
more than two
The admiral in
command told us he had not been
away for more than two hours since
thc war started. We have American
ships operating as a part of that
wonderful   force.
"The perfect harmony existing be-
of tiie. most inspiring features of
our navy aud the British navy is one
What the Whippet Is
British Invention    Makes
An Hour
12    Miles
There  is  every indication  that  thc
influence of  Germany  is  at  work   in
Mexico   in  an   effort   to   bring      that
country into conflict with the United
nmi���ino   o_ /-i_      \j f\^t IStates,  and  thus      necessitate      the
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont. Jscndilie ?f a largc body of troops
there which would otherwise be
sent to the west front. At the same
time Germany is striving to prevent
the vast oil supply of Mexico from
getting to tiie allies for the operation of ships of all kinds, as well as
for military purposes, by using her
utmost influence wilh thc Mexican
A break with Mexico would also
compel the United States to divert
as many battleships as possible to
the port of Tampico. This important port, which is the great centre of
the Mexican oil industry, is situated
on the Pantico river, seven miles
from thc sea, and is at present guarded by American battleships to protect   the   interests   of  American      oil
Recent cables from thc battlcfront
have spoken of tanks and whippets
being used by the allies. Everyone
knows the tank to be a land battleship of thc slow moving, heavily
armored type, a fort ready to stand
and hold out lo the cn'd, if necessary. The wdiippet is a smaller tank
that can dash all round a battlefield
and depend on alertness and speed as
thc main weapon. The whippet is a
mobile tank, a land "destroyer" that
can break up or pursue enemy infantry. It has caterpillar treads of the
usual design, arranged on either side
of a sort of ilatcar body. On thc
platform of the flatcar is mounted a'
single turret which houses the crew
and the several machine guns iviMi I
which  the whippet is    armed
Itained in dry form.
can not be ob-
,or the most inspring features of
tried tu forget the pangs of her. liic siUKltjou ;n European waters,
guilty conscience. .Admiral  Sims  has    accomplished     a
boon the. servant girl, who had 11,n,;lt jc;ll iu lli;U respect alone,
been left m charge of the house not-! j^ancc, too, is willing to give us usc
ihed the-frati proiessor that the cus-!or- p:lrt 0f alI |1Pr slMpynrds for thc
toms officials _ bad been there and | n,p;i;r of ollr-destrovers ami patrol
found everytliuilc O.K. boats that operate off her shores for
When the Iran proiessor ivturned ; ,)���. vroicctkm oi allied shipping,
to her house and found how easy the
customs ofiicials had been duped,
greed drowned the voice of precaution. If those men in uniform could
not    find    two hams,    they would no
more find twenty hams, the frau professor said to herself. So she opened the rear wall of thc piano once
more, unmindful of the fact that the
officers had put seals on the boards
that were liable to bc pried open.
Thus the lady stored away some
'more food in the interior of her bulkv
Minard's Liniment Relieves
Shipbuilding in Canada
Contracts for Seven New Steel   Vessels Have Been Made
could always reckon on about twenty
telephone rails every morning. Ts
that Mr. Smock? I'm .Mrs. So-and-
So. The joint yon have sent me is
all fat. Please send for it al once.'
Every ounce of fat, sir, that a but-I The government is making good
clier sent with liis meat was regard- progress with its $60,000,000 ship-
e<l as an ounce of dishonesty. But I building program for this ycar. With
���what about today? All my customers j the completion of thc imperial muni-
shout for fat, and every ounce. of! tions board's contracts, berths for
lean is an ounce of dishonesty. The] ncw ships or government orders are
fact is that thev are looking for a|iiow rapidly becoming available. Al-
iirw sort of animal, and thcy blame i together twenty ships are now under
mc because 1  cannot discover it. | contract  for  the  marine    department
"I'll tell you something more," pur-j with  three additional    freighters     of
sued tlic  butcher.     "All  my  working j 10,500 tons each to be laid down not
later than Nov.
1 in the new Halifax
��ias.s  customers  think     that     I
keeping   the   List   meat   for   my   rich i yards.
vusioniers.  and  all  my   rich   custom- I     Contracts   for     seven      new
��rs think I'm keeping it for the work-  vessels  aggregating 28,650  tons  have
Jug classes.    Both parties rub it into  just been  made. The Davis Company
me.     Kind words'.''  he cried bitterly, j of Levis, will build two, of 5,100 tons
"No,   I .,iiinsi .nqt...say...thai... I  have no {each; the, British American shipbtiild-
.'; Jkhrd':.\y0.ril;',:r^
^^oniveijJ^\-b:a.Sciiii<iXin:t;0^ this'  7 rshbpr building : COihpafiy, Two,;��� of7 3,400;'tdns
piece,  ot  litrmturc.
When thc goods reached the fron- !
tier it was discovered that tlie- seals
had been broken. An investigation
of the piano and other pieces revealed the presence of a largc store of
The    frau   professor    lost    all  her
j "On thc transport on which we
I travelled going to l-'rance wc took
itwo seaplanes that had been, manufactured in the United States and oil
Ithc coast of France wc saw a nuni-
jber of those heavy pontoon carrying
planes, so wc are really getting re-
I suits on that type of machine, but
j not once on niy trip of 2,000 miles
lover thc railroads of France, which
I took mc almost to cvery American
j base of importance, did      I see      au
American   built  airplane.
"The Americans were flying in
Xieuport 28s, a French made machine, which, thc French will not
use because thcy are veritable fire
traps. They arc speedy and light,
but the pilot virtually sits in a gasoline  can.      The    gasoline    lank    is
Ilatcar body measures 18 feet in
length, while the turret is six feet in
height. The engine is placed at the
rear of the gun turret in a seprate
enclosed armored housing.
It appears that the whippet tank
can readily make 12 miles an hour,
and a fully equipped Teuton infantryman may soon require a motor cycle on which to retreat. It is a
British  invention.
Mexican oil is being extensively
used at thc present time on allied
vessels and thc oil decree of President Carranza, amounting as it does
practically to confiscation of thc
witli'claims of British and American com-
���l be panics, would seriously   hamper    the
toothsome wares and had to pay a|bllllt around bis seat on three sides,
fine of more than $1,500. Finally lf a bl<llct strikes it, causing an cx-
she    was    arrested, and will havc  to  Plosion,   the    aviator is enveloped in
stand   trial
lor  violating   government
The Pariah Of This Planet
smUnig/at ihe'.'ng: if ������':!. ;\verc /Rasputin,
'the:':.Hp'.ly ; Butcher  of   flaiiipsiead./it:
Avoiikl:' stagger yoii::r rThey rdahce  ;tip
������actresses. on- th ft-stage,: Say://Rudolph
Ti aril  yours:'^���tlicy i-iisXyXlX.''"dlV;������������;. Mr.
j each/:;
; builuim
.ifi.d'v the.'.������.��� pollingwbod; rSliip--
���-conipanjY olie, of 3,750Moris.
'���Relief for ;ther:Cepresscd.^I,lij:sical:
and; mental ���depression Usually 7 have;
, tlieir'rorigiiir :iiv a; disordered state\of
Sinp'ck; epte
todayT^Tye brpWglvt: rrfptir   :ebuppns.; .'pfgansr a fc ^derang'cd'int^cir faction
:tpy.bre:ak::;ilic; daw;. ,rr^:r^
coupons' wcirth.:   Biit rlibw inany. '������:���,qj'iyjy'e^
they rpass-'himyinrVilic, street? c ��� ,i;s-. it>; tlic \spirlts��� as lib otjip^ pinfev\yili; ;Tliey
'gopd   iiibrifing,:7 XXIX ; $niock,v:: Tlreii:?'1 ar^: clicap,7 simpler and' sure;, riiid ���'���.'the'
whether:'7it' is;'gbihg;.:tc)rrAii!.
Hun Will Be Effectively Punished
After the War
Haveloek Wilson, president of the
British Seanieii and Firemen's Union,
crippled iu a chair in London, is
forging a weapon to effectively punish Germany after the war. British
seamen, stirred to undying anger by
German atrocities to their fellows at
sea, Jong : ago resolved never ...tprfor-.
giyc>'forget or tolerate. '���VAVils'oii':���'���'..is':
drawing: into: a, world,league"of hate
the seamen: aiuf;dbirkiiieir ofXltill rnations, 'so that: after rthe7 w'ar is 'won
'Ge.rma.iv ������':��� seamen::; will become- the
.par.ialis of: the -planet.
flames immediately. Major Ltifberry,
the American ace, lost his life as a
result of thai feature. He jumped
to escape the flames and was killed
in doing so.
"Tlie spirit of our fliers there is
wonderful. Thcy are willing to
risk their  lives  in  these machines  in
"Xo heart for anything'' is the cry
of thousands of men and women who
might bc made well by the new, red
blood Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually make.
Misery day and night is thc lot of
hosts of men and women who are today the victims of weak nerves.
Their pale, draw-n faces and dejected
attitude tell a sad tale, for nervous
weakness means being - tortured by
morbid thoughts and unaccountable
fits of depression. These sufferers arc
painfully sensitive and easily agitated
by some chance remark. Sleeplessness robs them of energy and
strength; their eyes are sunken, their
limbs tremble, appetite is poor and
memory often fails. This nervous
exhaustion is one of thc most serious evils affecting men and women
today. The only way to bring back-
sound, vigorous health is to feed the
starved nerves which are clamoring
for new, rich, red blood. This new,
good blood can be had through the
use of    Dr.     Williams'    Pink    Pills,
er to get into our fight; but they | which fact accounts for thc thousands
���tli -I CL- Mm       pnmft      nnoetiftn'       M\i    inn    I        *
5, ,:
of cures of nervous diseases- brought
the  same  question:  'When
to    get our American  ma-|about by this powcrfni blood builder
;and nerve restorer.   Through the fair
use  of  this   medicine   thousands     of
WllO and Why I despondent people have been     made
rjM.��� t>��1  t.���   'l     ��>! bright,  active and strong.
r'::.:'::r::r:::::r:rr.::'...;ln��� KOlSnevlKS /j..". Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are    sold
[x:':ylxx:yX.-;i..-x'x;       ��� ������ .' iby all dealers in medicine, or may be
Rule Russia, With a Tyranny Greater
:��� rrrWliat llic :Bolsheviks are is: easy to
! answer; but 'why they- are is difficult.
: ivpt since:: Sedan ���������have Gefiiiail sca-j Xor eycn.r tlie'   Russian: people tliein-
V"X'fi don't ^���'.'���'wiiivt.'^
Tusli^y ou-' iiii d ���: 'nbbpdyrr i iii:u_.fe>.wa:i tjifg
7 for..: hi s^'tii.rii.''' XXxXXXXXXyXiX XXi'iX'Xly
incn rrbecnreiii ployed:: in: any; Capacity
oil: French, boats���\iOr'welcptiied:ih
Trench; pprts.: Lauding, fhey haver
had: to'.'Xbe exceedingly eircUnispcet;
After rthe; *var :;German .scam en: will
not be .ciiiploycd on : French pf ���Brit-
islirhprttSreven to dp ''.���tl|,tv.ni0's.i;.\'ihic'ri'>;'.
ial 'tasks. Tind-:tlipser wild : land : : in
French or Britisii ports Avilbdb so:.:at
.their;'.rowii'7 risk ..'and; :pcii\,;j iyXiXxXxXX
XX^Usoii X pvvlposc^ Xc^^i^SX^^
���Price: I)eniande&'7 :/'^
selves: kiipty why
,.ln; Russia :wlien':Czanshi' filled and
16 be- a -Socialist was tpr:bc;a�� revolutionary, there was:. founded theVRtis-
si.iih-Social: Democratic party.: Plcha-
npV;:\vhp died the Mother day: in exile
in Finland,:waVTlieTptnidcr. ;"He,\ the
soil.: Cif r:a land owner, believedr-thor-
pitghly7:, 'iinix the , brand pf: Socialism
t:\iig_it rby the rrGeffnaii i[ Karl; Marx;
and after his;universityrrcafeer ended,
Prisoners  in  G
'���0'.:S��ttersrThat They
���xXXXiXx ���'���  Treated'
[ ptihitivc: hatred :;and ostracism -to, >01 fsbuglit:.to"    propagate -his
j:"*110^ ^llls5dS: V!tc7 ^=^^tr��l  eniptrc3:, jahionj-st thc:;Rtt'ssian' \vorklng iclasses.
Iwhctlicr in-pr^oittrrof: thcrrwar;^
; would extend the boycott not only to ; llc became an exile in Switzerland for
;.German   seamen,     but     to  ^German j37 ve:lrs.      Wlilc    thcrc hc was  tjle
ermany  Must  Say   in! boats and German goods.   He would :icader of  the   Russian  Revolutionary
at They are Well !nlaJ>c ll ""Possible to load or unload.; Socialists.      He    was a keen student,
vvecilintr ��� OlilTall:\X'X \\::;i
:i ruing
xf German  ship in  any civilized port. \ v[,Mv rcad and capable.    -
I More, idian; tins,   be   would   make     >!-j     h,  Switzerland at the    same    lime
o   editors  and. others  to j impossible to load oivinan a ship con- [ Nvas  ]A.���in_or  Uljanov,  to give  him
ateofdihg:; rStpJIacccpt:'.-witli .the .proverbial grain     ot.: taiiiing-.aiiy   German-:gooils,
be.: thcjllis
had bymail at', 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Wil-
liams'rMediciue Co., Brockyillc,;Ont.
Autocrat and Democrat
The'���..���Difference Between Lincoln and
7;;.r;"7f,;;.the'"-' Kaiser-yi X:.;:Xyi;;y..i.xv,
;.',,���:TlicrNew^y^prk ;Tiriics: shows The
difjferenccrbetvvecii- the autocrat :;and
the democrat; by/coniparingrav letter
of Coiidolciite 'whicli Abraham' Liii-.
cplii: sciit to :a wbihan whose r five
wit h: the m a nil c r ;i if which th e kai s c r:
showed liis sympathy���'.' ��� for a German
iiiothcr: \viio; had lost ���liiiie������'���.'son's'.'.iii the
world's great- conflict.'- Liiicolh told
the mourning one that all he could
do was to thank her in behalf of the
Republic her sons had died to save,
and to remind her of the pride she
had a right lo feel'who had "laid so
costly a sacrifice upon the altar, of
freedom."    The kaiser, on  the. other
Trying To Pump
Their Prisoners
allied naval operations. Thc Mexican
government, replying to a protest
from Great Brit.in, declared that it
does not recognize the right of any-
foreign government to protest
against such decrees, and that it is
free to adopt such fiscal legislation
as it thinks lit. It suggests tliat recourse to the courts would bc the
proper method of determining whether  the oil lands  decree    was  unjust ja guest    at    thc mess of one of the
Treated as Honored Guests for First
Few Weeks
In the R. A. F. offices and mess
rooms in France an arresting poster,
familiar to all our flying men, bids
them "Beware of the mailed list in
the gloved hand."
Usually an agreeable surprise
awaits the pilot observer compelled
to make a landing in the German
lines.    He will probably find himself
and confiscatory. The governments
of Great Britain and the United
States have joined in a diplomatic
effort to induce Mexico to alter this
The petroleum industry of Mexico
has been the noteworthy feature of
her industrial development. Throughout the tcritory of the gulf coast
plains from Tamaulipas to Cora-
pechw there arc rich oil deposits,
most of which are particularly adapted for use as fuel. Iu 1912 the petroleum production of Mexico was
16,700,000 barrels and has shown a
steady increase since that time.
The Length of Wars
The Bigger and    More    Costly    the
War the Longer Its Duration
Four ycars ago many wiseacres
declared that because of its magnitude and the enormous expense involved, lhe war could not last more
than a year or two. Kitchener was
thought to be magnifying its possibilities when he began calculating
on three ycars of war. Already it
has lasted longer than any of the
wars of the last century, although
it is costing many times more than
all of them put together. The American Civil War, which began April
12, 1861, was over in less than four
years. The Crimean War, which was
opened in 1853, lasted two and a half
years. The Boer War Was considered a long one; but it lasted less than
three years. The Russo-Japanese
War began in_ February, 1994, and
was over late in 1905. Of these ,'sm.al-
lerrwars; the Amefican Civil; War
was the greatest and it lasted The
longest.; Tlie bigger the war 'and the
more' costly, the longer its chtration,
it seems.���From ���"'the Ottawa Journal-
German squadrons, where he will bc
well entertained. But this luxury is
invariably short, for he will soon find
himself in one of the notorious prison camps after the "pumping process" is more or less completed.
The special officers trained to carry out this intelligence work arc well
aware that the airman has unique
opportunities of learning the program
of operations in the army corps or
division to which he may bc attached. These "trappers" carefuly sift
out the useful items from the captured man's conversation. When these
passive methods fail, as invariably
they do, the prisoner may be browbeaten and ordered to disclose information under severe penalties.
A favorite ruse is to place the
captive in a hut with another pilot
���ostensibly an Englishman���whose
duty it is to promote a mutual confidence and then "draw" the required
items of intelligence. -It is a common and frequently successful method of gaining information, but our
men are particularly on their guard
when they find themselves in these
A United States authority, who
lately fell a victim to thc wiles of
the Boche intelligence trapper, states
that the first weeks in Germany are
often replete with all the comforts
of thc London hotels, with none of
the regrets of an overdraft at Cox's;
but-later, instead of being an honored
guest, he becomes the victim of the
������������������ ������*���.'.    \. ������.....���. . .������������.���..*-������..���..���.,-. 1   "      .   ��� ft-^     . . .   -  - - a. ^j ^ ..     .    - ^ -II" "VT1- ��� !������-��.- ��^.*tM A4.t��.fci��.\��. ��v i_r*vi-^�� \^rgJis\s.4-^..
.Eriie^t;^ but belonging to the same|thc J110tlior*~s loss and souglitto  as
g his photo
amc and    autographed
X 'ihei'MQi^ii^iipiXX^XiXXXii^X'.. _
;:i r'-Tlier' ���Italia'tr.; 1 toiyXX P'rb.p.riet:prs:;:r'7a.'re;.
-::^ma n k-';;d>ii t: r:a! sp 3n ^
v7rTna n; ;��� 11 ain e:S..! JT tal jam /���t'rad.c^^'pft'p^rs-'.arer
X-of ':>;:ex'i)e!liiig'J:��ial:l;rfe
:;-. lap tci'Mp ti.siti <* s.sV-:'.'v:-:.::'>-:r:.^. ;''.J; ���; i^sv'':^0::;vr"^-;.': ii''; ;-^''-.: v
..'f we c XiX 5;rdn.(VT:8J^
ricsjpf;^ypluutecH::.b^ American' prisoners of v\ar
priersJ.bf -war. in German camps'which j ship. . no-ship '.with German, goods
Spcal^i-of. the. excellence .of the food j aboard and iu distress at sea would
aiid'gehcrartreatmeiit^of the priso-i-; get relief or aid . of any kind. .No
���ers.Vas'issiicdrccentlyby Col. Marl-.j sailor, would. ;serve on any- boat- of
bbfoiigli 'Churchill;- the    chief     armv   dock   with  any  German
real  name���a  bitter  opponent  of occasion expressed his recognition of
lanov, but belonging to the samejthe 1U0tiier's loss and sought to  as-
party.    In   1902. a dispute began    be-jsuage llcr grief by sending his plioto-
CCrisor. The warning took' the form
bfrrthc'; following .note to. editors
rtjirpughout the United States: ������'_
trSCpk. Churchill, chief of the'mi.li-
i^ry intelligence branch oi the genir-
.ai'itaff, directs the attention ot Am'tr-
icaii editors to teccntly published let
:ifejt?ctedriTri ? Eiiglahd.
has xsXvi&ys bcerv
and ^ftolescJinrte
could ^ei subcrioi*
bairHy^fldur to riibc
^iili i00ir- Wheat.
The barley tf four
Used in making
liiiJ-Gefnum cainps, in whicli" the pris
Ibii^Sr speak of the: excellence of the
fopd and .  general treatment of . the
pfisbners.    ���
"Ail officer of; the military intciii-
gciice: branch, who spent two years
pi the war in Germany, reports that.
thcrfe arc certain rules laid down for
all';;���".-.prisoners' in letter writing._ The
price they pay for the transmission
of; fheir letters is that they must
state that thcy arc well treated, also
���tiifi:t the food is good and. that they
XtX coritcntcd. The letters of thc
pfispners arc.carefully censored at
���l;be; citnips. and any statements made
Jock   with  .....    _.	
Peace treaties..-might be made : al
the-', completion of Germany's defeat,
admitting Germany on stated terms
lo llic fellowship of .humane .and descent nations. But. with such a league
as Wilson is forming the. readinission
tween thciii as to thc details of part'}--loraph "with  11
organization.    Lenin Wanted to have  signature."    Tl
the central  governing committee . of
the  parly      all-powerful;. . Plchahov
wanted lo  have the local party committees autonomous.    Lenin won. His
section got the. majority; .whence the
word "Bolshcviki"; Plehanov led  the.
minority, or "Mcnshcviks."
Thenceforward'the party split into
ot Germany  to  civilization    :s  hkeiv | Uvo bodies; Lenin's stood for revoltt
to be  only
-after. many  years of    re
Women Navvies . -
Seven hundred women arc now
working iu Purness's extension yards
in the north of England���waste hind
reclaimed from the Tecs���and helping
materially in the ship-building campaign. . Work calling for a.heavy.expenditure of-.muscular strength is
done by incn, but in every possible
case a tit man of military age. is-replaced by a woman. The women
.wOrk in gangs as laborers and navies
under forewomen and "gangers," who
ire also women.    The: work tlicy arc
own factories and
^>vh<2ri youiaste
:^who)cso iTi'��nfess.^
..,���; :X^2y;-s5&x
>x ������ Xf.:::���- Car.aes rtc"
cpiifntry to the rules laid down fo'r!doing gi'ves great satisfaction, and in
letterj writing simply 'moans destruc-1 preparing concrete for tlic platforms
tiofi of the letter. ;on   which   keels   are   to  be  laid   tlicy
I    "It   is,  therefore,    concluded   .that!are said lo be superior  to an    cqiial
lany iriforiu.ation    coining from Anier- ' utimber of men.
fiean prisoners in    Germany    is     ab-j  ������	
'sbltitoly    uiindiablc and    should   not Robbing the Dead
|.be    published    in    American newspa-j    Aiistii.uiS    have    stripped     all
ipcrs and  iiiagazities  as   in  any    w.v '
!.  "It is  urged that all  editors     giv
|tlie above, very- earnest consideration \
;in handling'  p
).\      tlif*t*i     ifi      nni'     u"jc t��->
tionary Socialism and terrorism; Ple-
hanov's for evolutionary Socialism
by the ordinary .means and methods
ot  political 'and''.-social'.development.'
liehanov's party was fairly-.power-
ful in Russia after the overthrow- of
the czar.      Ii stood, for fighting Ger-
gnaturc." lhe one act was that of
a mad egotist .who substituted, his
own personality for that of thc state,
while the other thought only of service rendered the Republic in order
that "government of the people, ; by
the people, and for lhe people, might
not perish from tlic earth." It is
easy to "understand why Americans
arc in this war, and wdiy it seems
impossible that after all'. is over some
Young Pctcrkin should be asking of
Old. Kaspar, "What the.war was aU
Vou say to the drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of frcezone."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet.
A.few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves the soreness
instantly, and soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be  lifted oil;  with   the fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says, that frc.zonc dries in
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating.thc
surrounding skin. ..
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but.clip this out and make him try
If you druggist hasn't ai'-y free-
zone tell hirri to order a small bottle
from   his   wholesale  drug   house   for
Many  children die  from    the    as
saults of worms, and the first care of
many oirtlie basis, of a defensive war.      .,. ,      ,.-,  ��� . ,,   .   .,   .
But  the. Lenin  clement,  averse  from  ,nolllcrs  shouki bc to scc  that their
fighting Germany,- fptight the 'Mcnshcviks. tooth, .and nail and finally
ousted them from power. Plehnaoy,
who was welcomed in the ex-czar's
palace in April, 1917, as one Of the
leaders of Russian freedom, a "few
months later,., through the machinations of the Bolshcviki, was an outcast. He w'eiit to Finland and died
there���probably broken-hearted.
And    the  Bolshcviki,  having abandoned all pretense at democracy, now
j mle  Russia  with  a  tyranny  as  great
��� or greater Than czarisin.
wa-Y \churches in  ihe  invaded   regions
Ibells, and are  novy  even, digging
Ithc   cemeteries,'
Worms cause fretfulncss and rob
9.'ithc infant of sleep, the. great nbiir-
111 'ishcr.    Mother Graves' -Worm  Lxtcr-
ihfants arc free from these pests. A
vermifuge that, can be depneded on
is ..Miller's Wof ni Powders. Tlicy
will not only expel Worms from the
system,-but act as a health-giving
medicine and a remedy for many of
the ailments that beset infants, enfeebling them and-endangering their
No Bunting in Paris
Parades and Displays    Have    Disappeared from World's Gayest
A correspondent writing, from
France remarks upon the lack of parades and display of bunting: "This
great assemblage of soldiers was
strange in many Jways. During all my
stay in Paris 1 heard never a note
of martial music���no beat of drum
or note of bugle. Scarcely a flag in
the whole city, except, dingy drap-
eaux on official buildings. Never a
parades-only twice ; the muffled
beat of feet; hiarching to their own
rhythm; once of poilus "off for the
front, once of a company of Americans fresh  from the garc.
"And this thought brings nie to
the third vivid impression which
Paris gives���the apparent abstracteo
life and thought of lhc Parisians.
"In Ncw York, whence I sailed, I
had grown acustomed to miles of
waving flags ;ind banners, to frantic
protestations of patriotism on every
hand, to.bands and glaring posters
and headlines, to the public materialization of endless socks and sweaters
between the . Bronx and Bovyling
Green. I had, perhaps unconsciously, expected to find the same thing
leavened with French art: and enthusiasm. A day sufficed to reorient my thoughtlessness. France> is
no longer inspired' with the white-
hot spirit of exaltation, and enthusiasm which infused her during the
first part of the war; nor, on the
other hand, in 'this fourth year is
there manifest the slightest desire to
make-any but; a satisfactory end."
Glycerine Wanted
For War Needs
Where Mere Man Scores
It is a curious fact that as a rule
the feminine- ear is not as delicate
an instrument as the male car, and
the percentage of women who show
aii aptitude for wireless work and
can unerringly pick out their own
[messages from the buz2 of a wireless
|lliay  rcae'i.
[���'ever."   .-'"���
,    - ,      jzinc   froni   th.e  coffins.   Tlie  popula-  jut(.sl:,]rs
soncrs     letters   .. tna!j.tjon -jq   indignant.     'fhc.people   who]      ,'  '.
them  111  any  way   .what-! I)rot<.SU:fi  wt.re  s1ipt
order to  obtain i ^iiiator  ���-jn" ck.:lr thc  stomach 'aridiro0,n is far ,cnvCr tlla" among men
and   restore   licalthfuluess; . i
a riiiilkiiiaii
. I '
Grapes .of Spanish ; Origin . .
j 7:A little -while-ago'; a- much .travelled
isea. captain . was- in:'. J reland.- '-Tlis-cyc
iv,;i5; at traded :���!}}',;��� sonic grapes,'. whicli"
rhe'iwas' certain /-were.'. sirnilaTOtpr tiibsc
:heUhad;khowii7.7in;.'Califcir;iia-;;as "Alis-
��� sion''r*gr.ap<:s., <������ ;i:;;l)ed: because they
"w^reSintfcJuneed iul'V that country by
':.jj'p.aii'.L%li itiisribriaries. \Xc liKirie in-
ffiirifini   and   found     thai   the     grapcf
���    Abervswvtlv with
9,000. ���r;iis'.;dv!?3.?.'>V)'
yxf-ici. yvyxn..
>!.4j;?ch.. fp'ri'ir
i-.t i .$; yXyXyXxL
Xyt'yXii ''X .>.i.:,
Vr.r'i i;',i
j. Vacuum  Potato Bug Exterrninatbr.
��� r;.Vaciiiim carjK;.t--,eleaiicfs;:.t..iakc;'V'-'ex   ...   .....
nl;-! ccn'.iMii^.pptat'o^rbug'^cx'lciTiu.iiiat'ofsV-.'SpTl.life^ ail.������ righ.
-.. X I 'Stanley :���.''&:'':���'��� Smi'tli:. '.of   Ciuciiinati-   lias rtp.^lb- . alxd.
_:>(>'discovered: ���  '-If.   the'  vacuuiii  carpet j '"?���"     .: '.
_ '.c-liauer  wii! -pick  things ,off
Irafted^maiew-hb'foniier^'W^^! bri"��  tl��^  tot:l1
recently "wrote   libnu':.. 'T   like  arniy
it   is
: 1 ti 1 i
nighty, hard
:i!ie   niorn
r'A:'iG?n-.f,OU3;::rReWsf <_},
Xy s c,i; c'fVl iXiyCiXy. i ix
XX]r yyX
Xyx iscrp.
yXl \x:]i.ri'c
;.I .'fejri'i'
._... ._XXXXXsyX
��� -::ri;y.; .ti'i-rviiKfiil'iiei'.^
iXyXyrXys XXsix'X- *X:.
"Ta !;* ���
Xx jFbrfieriis''Vitern0^:',^
X an^Childrens ShoesX
> 1 ������
leaner,  wii!   pick  things ,off the   floor
I it    ought ���  .to   pick;bugs  oil :;i'':--pp'tat''i
i p.l.;��'iJt,''  he  rensoiicd.      He.  attaciied'-.a
! long >:xteii.sioii,.;. feed ..wire: to -a': lamp':
'socket-: .in/the  cellar/of 5iiisv Iioino-ancl
carried the . cleaner, .out in to; his back
yarrPpotato patch, v.l'hc: current, was
tifrficdpri: and inra iiiinutc: more than
one. thousand   poiator;bugs.-;;had- been
slacked'/ into: '-the'r'vacuuni,-elcaner's
i ^siXiiiXx. ���!XxlXiXXiXy.iiiX.ii.:i
"K:SGermatis;;/in/7 /:Belguim
���Irtherypalacelpf? King:'-Albert,/apcprding
: ;i DSriti g ��� trie:>::Iast :r.week:,/.Geririans :7 have
.; i-birought/;iiitb Holland ��� -;p;iXmes,X Xur-7
'-. I nitur e-'and,: l>o oks ��� lc��b wii. ��� t pXfc. el piig X<i
;'7| the.;<Ger;mans,^
l Jpct.s iesion "XXXX $����� XfiXiyX i. x sacked;' yXtoi
The men on the firing line represent
the pick of our country��s youth. Many
���were rejected beeause of physical deficiency. Many times the kidnejs vers
to blame.
If we wish to prevent old ago coming
on too soon, or if wo want to increase
our chances for a long life, Dr. Pier co
of the Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.,
says that you should drink plenty of
ivnter daily between meals. Then pro-.
euro at a drug store, Anurio. (double
strength). This "An-u-ric" drives the
uric acid out and cures backache and
If we wish to keep our kidneys in tho
bcrt condition a diet of milk and vegetables, with only little meat once a day,
is tho most suitable.    Drink plenty of
'P1! pure water, take Anuric three times a
' day for a month.
Send Dr. Pierco lOe for trial pkg. Anuric���many times more potent than lithia,
eliminates, uric acid as hot water melts
sugar,   A short trial will convince you.
Preston, Ont.���"I nm pleased to cx-
Total  Requirements for Allies   from
U, 'S, Will Reach Huge    .���..;.-
. " Amount
Considerable activity lias been created in the glycerine trade, of the
United States by the large, orders
placed for the'governments.oi Great
Britain and Italy to be delivered
within tlie next live _ months. The
quantity which will go. to the. two
allied-governments, is estimated at
15,500,000 pounds. Trices havc been
virtually, decided: upon. Canada's requirements for dynamite . gykcrine
arc befieved to be extensive also, according to reports from United
States trade circles, and the amount
whicli   thc  Dominion   will     secure  is
for /export/up.:to 20,000,000 poun
This auibiint .\vas.;.iianicd some tithe
ago- at a: cf>iif creifce.:. in; Washington
as the. rjuautity '.''that "w ptild bc/nee(l-
ed 'for ���!���:,��� port /for .war' n.cC'df/.  /'. ///
i MmaroVs-Liniment Cures -Bunis,,etc. , prcgg my bxperieneo with Anuric.   I have
XXXXXxixX-ix XX'.XXXiX-iii-X been troubled with rheumatism in right
���>/-U:; S. ;Spmbrero  Hat;-to  Go /
The deatli; kntll of the. "sombrero
type; of liat.which has been a great
favorite" with American .. soldiers i n.
England,;is sounded in a general order'issued by the American headquarters.; in "London/ The order states, that
all officers and enlisted men on duty
in England will cease to wear thc
service hat after August, and will
turn in such hats to the quarlermdsl-
cr. . -
Tlie  regulation   headgear  in  future
limb and hand for sovcrpl years, and
lately in Ioft shoulder. The "only way
I could lie was on. my back. I
had great difficulty to sit down
and moro to get up. Lately I had
a very severo pain in my back. I havo
taken Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery several times "with the most satisfactory results, so I concluded to (jive his
Anuric Tablets a trial. The pain in limb
and shoulder has stopped entirely and in
right hand it is very slight and getting
less all tho time.    I ran now sit or lie
... ,     .,-   ,. -   ,,    .   ., )ip any. position I'wish without discom-
will l,e-Lhr overseas c��.p similar to ; fcrt 0'r *a:n.- ! recommended tfre Anuria
that worn by the Butiyi actors.       { Tablets  to   two  parties  and  they  both
" 1 claim decided improvement.   I certainly
To keep secret  tacir pun positions \ mil recommend them to any one trciblod
Germans  use  a   special   charge, j mth tie kidneys;.there is nothing nparly
j-._,ic'.i    at    the moment of th;  flash j ��0 good;  I tried   them   all."���GKHWg^
makes smoke and dulls it, Boot, eor. Ife&e M^ .W>texlae,
' i>
\l t
THE    XEDGE,     GREENWOOD,    a   a
*'niter   liie   Control  of   the   Department  of   Agriculture   of   Oman
Established 1862.
Affiliated   with  the   University   of   Toronto
("ollcRe   will   He-open   on   Tuesday, tlic   Im   of   October,   101S.
110  University Ave. Toronto,  Can.
Calendar  on   Application.
 E.  A.   A.   GRANGE,   V.S.,  M.S.,   PRINCIPAL.
! Pearl Fisheries Need
! Government Aid
.Must      Leave      Owners    Reasonable
| Margin and  Limi*   Export
i     Ecur-iifihs oi llie world's output ot"
'pearl siieil comes  from  Anslraliasian
j waters,  but  tlic   war  has  hit   tlie   romantic business  hard.     Pearlers    arc
getting   considerably   less   for      tlicir
Romances Being Taken Out of    the i Rolled Eight Miles Over Bad Roads  product than three or four ycars ago
' War l>y Rules of Censor ! to Railroad j before the great conflict  began���not-
,. ,   ,     ,    , ,. 1      . , ,     , j withstanding   lhe   cost     of   operation
jonie ot tlie budding romances are i    A novel method    of transporting a  and that of  freights  is  far  higher,
being  taken out  of   the  war  by   the |thirty-five ton block of Texas granite |     Most of  the    pearling  fleet Is  laid
prosaic rules    of    censorship.      Thc [to the railroad is described and illus-  up    alKl    the  few boats  that   are  at
Muet Be Strangers Still    j   Moving a (; ranite Block
lonely soldier in France ean no longer
advertise for correspond' ace with
the equally lonely maiden at home,
through out "Personal" columns in
classified pages. Those, proscy military powers havc discovered that by
means of these delicate little correspondences between strangers are the
source of some military information
getting into the hands of German
sympathizers while the pro-German
propagandists -were also using the
method lo circulate enemy literature.
Accordingly all    officers    and    other
ranks arc forbidden  officially
(a)   To   inscrt_advertisements      or-protection  lo the block
letters ill    any    publication    invit iny-j power was  supplied    by
tratcd in   Engineering  ancl   Contracting (Chicago).    Says this paper:
"The quarry from whicli this granite was taken is situated eight miles
from the town of Llano, the nearest
railroad station. A poor road and
weak bridges connected the two. Furthermore, there w-crc no wagons in
the vicinity> capable of handling this
weight, so that it was decided that
the only practical method of transporting the stone was to roll it to the
railroad. This was done by tying
small logs to the stone with wire
rope, whicli  acted  as  a  tire  and    as
Thc motive
work at Thursday and Broome Is- i
lands in tlie South Pacific, are in
commission only to keep the hands
employed. Before thc war shelters
at Broome on the West Australian
coast and therefore on the Indian
Ocean side of the continent got as
much for shell as $1,150 a ton on the
spot; but now the price has dropped
to $550.  This   permits   of  no   profits.
This  is  a  state  of affairs   far    re-  The Pickling Process  Requires from
moved  from   that   when     four  speci
Trees Fight Death
Girdled They   May   Live   for    Some
an    engine
strangers lo communicate with  [hem. j mounted  on   a  truck   which   followed
(b) To enter into communication .'the path of lhc rock. The block was
with strangers in response lo adver-j moved forward by unwrapping a wire
tiscments. I rope which had been previously wrapt
(c) In anyway to communicate, by'around it, by winding the other end
letter or otherwise, with strangers re-'on thc drum of the engine. The fric-
garding any military matter'.���Regina [tion between the block and thc rough
Poorer Sub. Torpedoes
Scarcity of Raw   Material    Compels
Germany to  Weaken Torpedoes
The Germans, in their extremity to
make their raw materials for munitions go as far as possible, have
stripped their torpedoes until tlicy
are bare as skeletons compared lo the
former  efficient mechanisms.
It seems that the idea of the Germans is to gain the highest possible
explosive power and to eliminate the
delicate and expensive propelling
��nd steering apparatus. This has
been done at the cost of accuracy
and range of fire, and at thc same,
time enhances the danger to thc U-
boats by forcing them much closer
to tlicir target than would be necessary if the old types of torpedoes
were used. But it has resulted in a
great saving of copper ancl brass,
and doubtless has facilitated quantity
Under normal conditions a torpedo
should be effective at 2,000 yards
or more,- biit the Germans now seldom fire from more than 500 yards,
and when tlicy believe they arc comparatively safe they approach much
nearer than that to their intended
victim. At close range the stripped
torpedo is practically as effective as
the more complete types, but the
fact remains that the Germans have
forced their submarine commanders
. to pay .in danger for what they have
saved by producing an inferior torpedo.
road prevented it from traveling fast-
ter than desired down the grades.
Several streams were crossed but no
unusual difficulty was experienced.
When thc block reached its destination itwas finished to size seven feet
square by ten feet before being placed on the railroad car. Its final resting place is the Terry Ranger Monument on tlie capitol grounds in Austin, Texas."
Trees  arc   girdled   for  the  purpose
of  killing   thcin.    It   has   often   been
i observed, however, that not all trees
jdie  immediately after  they are  gird-
j 1 ed,      but        sometimes    continue to
: live  for a  number of  years.    This  is
true  particularly with   young,   thrifty
trees having little or ho heartwood.
Large trees with thin sapwood will
die at once if the latter is completely
cut through the heartwood. This
can be readily explained on the basis
that the heartwood is to all intents
and purposes dead and takes no part
in the life of the tree except to support llie crown.
Tiie  sapwood,  on   the   other  hand,
is   tlie    life    of the    tree,   because  it
! serves as the    passageway    for     the
isap in its ascent lo the leaves. Therefore, as long as the sapwood is    not
��� completely    chopped    through to the
���heartwood,    the    upward flow of the
.sap  is    uninterrupted  and  the      tree
has a fair chance lo live for a longer
. !or shorter period after girdling.
'J he olive as made by nature is en-j    T)le  sap goes to the "leaves'! where
dowed   with  a  bitter  disposition   aud : it  is  converted  bv a  special  process
a  hard,  i.erid  character,     ll   is    only! into  plant  food.   'As     this  manufac-
bilt  family  paid  $12,000  for  a   single ; after it  has passed  through   tiie  bar-   turcd  food is carried down  the stem
stone. |  [rowing experiences designed for it by jit  passes  through  the   inner  bark  as
By the term "Australasian waters" | man, that it is changed into a soi't,'far :1s the wound in the trunk. Above
is meant not only lhe Broome and j pleasant taste. Thus tlie history of; this point growth will be normal and
Thursday Island pearl fields. but ' the development of a ripe olive may j ];lyt.rs uf wood will he deposited in
those in the Dutch Fast Indies con-lbc called an exemplification of I he | the regular way. The stein below
tiguous  of Australia. The only other [old adage that "trials and tribulations ' the cut  fails  to  receive   nourishment,
maketh one sweet." [because  a  complete    ring of bark is
When you cat a ripe peach, a pear i removed and    the passage of     plant
or an apple, you get the fruit just as   food    between  the leaves and    roots
OD say you have no tittle to talk insurance.
What will your widow say?
Write for pamphlet to-day.
(Agents  Wanted  in  Unrepresented Districts)
Olives Ripened
By the Use of Lye
mens   sold   for  $85,000     and   another
was obtained which is valued at $25,-
000.    The story runs, among Australian pearlers that one of the Vandcr-
single '
Four  to  Six  Weeks
German Headway in Russia
Is Explained ��� Havc Made a Thorough Study of Country
The Germans havc made a thorough study of Russia. During thc
past 20 or 30 years, when it became
clear that an armed collision was
inevitable, lhc Germans informed
themselves of the whole resources of
our country, and entered into war
with us armed not alone with guns,
but also with a most detailed knowledge of our industrial, economic and
intellectual life; not to mention the
fact that during the past 30 years
the whole of Russian science and almost all our intellectual activity
lived and developed under the domineering iniliiciicc of the German
mind. Our jurisprudence is German.
,our philology is German, while our
j Socialism bears also thc stamp���
"-Made  iu   Germanv."
Start a Club in your town, where the
young people can
gather. We build
small tables ior
homei, and larger ones ior public rooms. Equipment free. Write
ua at once for
full   particular*.
Dept."C"    Tig      SAMUEL MAY ft CO.
102-104  Adelaide   St.   W..   Toronto
Live Roads
nature made it, and if you pick it  off lis interrupted.
a tree, it will taste all the better.  But j     Naturally,     the
when  you eat a  ripe olive,  you   lasle
, Peace Anyhow
"Germany," said Representative
Mudd of Maryland, "thinks she'll get
the peace she desires by some means
,���by any means���by victories, or by
diplomacy, or by bluff. '���.'..
"Germany is very much like'ihe
young lady who presented a check at
the bank. The teller, after examining
it, said:
"We can't pay this over the counter, miss."
"The young lady smiled her sweetest smile.
"'Then,' shc\ said, 'I'll come
At the first sign of illness during
the hot weather give the little ones
Baby's Own Tablets, ��� or in a few-
hours thcy may be beyond aid. These
Tablets will prevent summer complaints if given occasionally to the
well child and will promptly cure
these troubles if thcy comc on suddenly. Baby's Own Tablets should
always be kept in every home where
there arc young children. There is
no oilier medicine as good and the
mother has the guarantee of a government analyst lhat they are absolutely safe. The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box; from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Do^s as Waiters
places on the globe where high-
grade shell is. now being secured are
off the Malay Archipelago and in
the   Philippines.
.Meantime a    commonwealth    government   commissioner  appointed      a
few ycars ago to inquire into lhci.v prodUet: that has missed through-
possibility ol introducing white labor ;���J;mv a process since it left the tree.
into the pearling industry conducted | 'j'he interesting process of prepar-
in Australian'territorial waters has, !,-������ O]ivos destined to reach the fam-
after a long and exhaustive investi- ��� i]y Ulbic -Ul lhc ���u]sc 0f ,.,-pe ,'n,jt
gallon drafted a report which willjjs explained as follows in the Seicu-
sliortly bc submitted to parliament. I tifl(. American bv Arthur L. Dahl.
The chairman of the commission, Mr. .-Tlu. pickling 'of olives requires
Bamford of Hie house or represent.-!- frolll ,-our to s;x we(.fcSt depending
fives, said at Melbourne that the re- t upon lhc condition of the fruit when
port would recommend that matters | rcccjvc(i. \yiK.n the olives are first
bc left largely as they arc at present, j brought into the factory, tlicy arc
That  is   to   say,   virtually   that  while   gradec[ ancl taken  to the appropriate
are  not a  success as  pcarl-div-
vats.  They arc first covered  for  two
or three days with a light salt brine
James Clark,  the "Australian pearl   before any lve is used,
king,"    who  owns  tlnrty-nyc  vessels j    "After   remaining   in
at Broome and has a large interest in
thc Celebes Trading Company, which
operates sixty-rive vessels at the Am
Island between Australia aud the
Dutch. New Guinea, explained that
Thursday Island was formerly the
headquarters of these boats, but that
the commonwealth restrictions had
made it necessary to place them under the flag of thc Netherlands.
When both fleets were in full
swing���which has not been lhc case
since  the  war���there    was  work-for
the vats lor I
several days, a light solution of lye
(about 2 pcr cent.) is added, rind the i
olives are kept in this solution for
about nine hours. Thc lye water, is
then drawn "oft and the fruit allowed
to stand for 24 hours, after which
clear water is added and the olives
.are stirred by means of compressed
air introduced into lhe tanks. This
is continued for  six  or seven  days.
"Then a  second   application   of
lye  solution,  not  quite  so  strong,
made to the fruit and allowed lo re
tree will die in
course of time from lack of sufficient
root activity, which is out of proportion to that in the crown. Moreover,
the sapwood is becoming narrower
every year and the passage of sap up
through the stem is interrupted after
it is entirely changed into heartwood.
Time Has Tested It���Dr. Thomas'
liclectric Oil has been on thc market upwards of thirty ycars and in
that time it has proved a blessing to
thousands. It is in high favor
throughout Canada and its excellence
has carried its fame beyond the seas.
It has no equal in the whole list of
liniments, lf it were double the price
it   would  bc  a  cheap liniment.
Conquers Asthma. To bc relieved
from the terrible suffocating due lo
,asthma is a great thing, but lo be
i safe-guarded for the future is even
! greater. Not only docs Dr. J. D.
iKcllogg's Asthma Remedy bring
prompt relief, but it introduces a new
era of life for thc afflicted. Systematic inhaling of smoke or fumes from
the remedy prevents re-attacks and
often  effects  a  permanent  cure.
Hunger Sickness Takes Toll
Claims      Thousands      of      Victims
Through Lack of Proper
The  Amsterdam Telcgraaf  is      informed  by returned   Dutch  workmen
'employed in Germany that influenza,
'l !...i.:..i.      :.-       ...ii..,i     ���-! ������..   ,:.i ��
bout 800 men, most of whom  were in,.,in ,-or ,-rom sjx l0 ���jI)e i10l,
Japanese, Malays, and Filipinos. The
expenses totalled about $325,000 a
The only hope- of keeping the.
pearling business . permanent and
profitable, he continued, was for thc
government to fix such a price for
shell as. to leave, fleet owners a reasonable margin for lhcir many risks
and  to limit the  export.
How to Tell a Gentleman
The sale way to  send money by mail is oy
Dominion  Express   Mpney   Order.
French  Army Has   Solved   Problem
of Carrying Food
Trench warfare certainly interferes
with the fighters' meals. After capturing the enemy's position in particular, is the fighter at- a loss to
know how he will get his regular rations; for no sooner does the enemy
find himself dispossessed from his
original trenches than he opens up
with mi iniense barrage lire designed
lo prevent ammunition and food
reaching the new occupants.
The French army believes it has
solved the problem of carrying food
to men in isolated trenches, in its|.ulcj pr;cics hhnself upon a certain
lunch clogs. Carrying light lunches ijnsli���ct for distinguishing blue blood
and coffee, and even cartridges for from t|,c otllcr varieties. Some ladies
tlie men m the first line trenches 0f ,],,, department were drawing
when the combat is hot and protracted, these splendidly trained dogs arc
more certain to get through a barrage than   men.
The equipment of each dog, says a
writer in the Scientific American, consists oi ii sort of a double bag, strap
wlncii    is    called    "hunger sickness
I there,  is   claiming  thousands   of   vic-
i-i ���   j tims, especially in the industrial  dis-
tc    j.| trie's    of    the country,    because    of
aBain added, in  which  the olives  n,! I weakness and exhaustion due to lack
nfain   for  another  period   of     six   or  ��' Prof"     ? :   r ,u,d"stna' ��n"
seven clays,    lf thc  olives  have    nol i tres oi   \\ estphaha and     the     Rhine
- -      - provinces there
iis then drained off, and clen
lf the olives have
attained a sufficiently dark color
after the second application of th.e
lye, they arc subjected to a third
bath, after which they go into a salt
brine and are allowed to stand for
about 10 days.
"After llic    olives    are taken  from
ire many deaths
daily. The hospitals arc full of pa
licnts. Food rations arc being constantly decreased. Fats can no longer
be had, even by laborers who do
heavy  work.
The    Berlin  correspondent  of    the
Artificial Eyes of Rubber
Will Not Irritate    Socket    and    are
Glass eyes are notoriously uncomfortable, and often unsightly. "" Two
French workers aimed at producing
a substance of sufficient elasticity
and softness to respond to the
changes in thc eye socket and at the
same time of sufficient hardness to
present a smooth, natural effect between the eyelids. Thcy solved the
difficulty of consistence by making
the front of the new eye of hard caoutchouc, vulcanized and enamelled
to represent the natural appearance,
and the back of the eye of soft caoutchouc, hollowed out in the form
of a ball filled with air. These hollow eyes, have been found to answer
the purpose very well. They are
soft and elastic; they respond in a
remarkable manner to the ocular
movements; they do not irritate the
socket; and thcy have the great additional advantage of being unbreakable.
Great Responsibility Rests on Traffic
Man '
A  marvel  of  the  war      road '   in
France  is   the  despatch  rider,     who
manipulates  his  machine  in  and-out
of this  mass with  wonderful dexterity,  some   times   extricating    himself
I from apparently impossible positions,
, always  risking life    and    limb���villi
j amazing "sang-froid."
Mounted patrols���both    horse   and
I cycle���are  constantly ou    the    alert,
| slowing and accelerating the columns
to meet the demands of by-road traf-
I fie.
I    At  each    cross-roads    stands    tlie
traffic man. Upon this individual rest
great responsibilities.    It is  he   who
with a peremptory movement of the
arm, momentarily    holds    up  everything     when     giving precedence   to
i transport proceeding "linewards."    it
j is lie  who briefly answers  the  thousand and one questions regarding thc
positions    of units, villagers,    etc., in
his locality.
Occasionaly it happens that a vehicle breaks  down.      Immediately     a
score or so of willing "Tommies" are
' requisitioned  who    speedily    remove
the  obstacle  from the  road.
The word "Block" is a dreaded one
with all concerned in this important
artery of the war. Every possible
precaution is taken to ensure a free
running of all traffic.
Thanks to a perfect system combined with the fixed determination
of all users of the road "to get
there and get there quickly," these
blocks are few and far between.
j the pickling room thev go over sort- j \ ranklurtcr /eiU.ng says    hat in
'ing belts where women pick out the  ch 1��" ^ meatless ��-ceks, the presen
If He Has T-ssek7i His Umbrella 'j Various sizes and quality of the fruit. '[^ ��r -���>�� Sftfims (Jwa.ounc.es) .mil
it He Has   losseib on tiis  uirmreiia t..,_,_   ._    ' -  r,i;VCcj ;n enamelled buck-'i   ���   reduced to 200 grams    (7 ounces)
riic.se are
lets    and  are taken    lo  tiie    canning '
j tables   where  ihey  arc  placed  in   tiie :
tries  there  is  an  attendant   who  has'cans,   weighed,   and. placed    on   end-!
been a butler in    Grosvenor    Square!less belt carriers which takes them lo
Hc Isn't, Says Butler
one  of  tlic  new   Britisii
:\ weeic in nlf towns having more than
100,000 inhabitants. New potatoes
have arrived in Berlin and it is hoped
lo  issue     iheni  at the  rate  of  three
the machines where the
>ps are put i
j pounds a week to each  person.
.   ���_XT���C  u..,T1,Pri   ��, _nn    ,r      'ped light over its body, and provided
A GENTS WANTED, $1,000-You ;vitll n'lumwJS pockcis for food, cof-
him  on  thc  subject.
"Now, there's -Mr. Jones," said one
"Surely  Mr.  Jones  is a  gentleman."
"All very well on lhe surface,
miss," he admitted. "But he actually
walked in the oilier clay with tassels
on his umbrella."
in  removing    corns
Corn  Cure be used.
��� '    i Nationalistic War Names
No  surgical  operation is  necessary j     In   the    English    army  there  is   a
Holloway's  General   French,    a General  Scott, a
��� General   Irish,    General  "Welsh,  Gen-
  eral     English  and    General   St.   Gcr-
llie J31KI L/liarniei   01   1 ariS;w.,it for l!ic Chinese to get a General
  j Van  Kee, or for a  Brazilian  lo  give
For  Over  Sixty   Years   He  Fed  the  us General Can Ihulo.
can make it in your county with I fee cans, ammunition and other stip-
our fast selling Combination Cooker, iplies.     Jt    is at ' the   military    dog-
One salesman banks $388.55 the first'training grounds at Paris that    dogs
month.    Another agent sells    20    in :;-rc prepared  for
two  hours.    Others  cleaning  up $10 ;0nlv are  these  foi
daily.    No capital necessary.     Goods :'taught to  avoid   thc   enemy
shipped to reliable men on time. Ter- :w;u-c 0f tricks, but also to crawl on! clc:u"
ritory going fast.    Writequick to_se- |t|icjr stomachs in order to escape fly
Absinth Now German Killer
In   France     the   stocks   of  absinth,
the banned    liquor,    are
now  being j
Birds in  Garden of
Henri   Pol is dci'd.
Tlie birds  of
best     friend.
this' service Not' converted into ingredients for cxplo- ' -Paris have losl their best lncnd.
ur lc'-'cd eoiHers:*ivcs :,t a co-operative distillery at,'l'��r Illol'c t,l:m slxli' years, ram or
he   enemy   ind' be- j 1'ontoisc,    which has been supplying \ -s,!1��c'.  h�� "^  each   morning  to  the
cure  your field.      Combination  Pro-
ing bullets.    Special  masks  are  pro
ducts Co., 100 Thomas BIdg., Foster, jv;jc,i for t|10se dogs when they must
alcohol extracted from beet
roots to government explosive factories, where it is used in the manufacture of guncottoii.
pass through  a poison  gas  area.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
Wfcoflte Phogphodina
*���� Great iBnfflUh Bemtd*.
Tonoi and lorigoriie*- tbs whoM
nenrou? ���yitem, makes new Blood
ia old Veins, Ovrt* tfervout
tbtliiy. Mental and Brain Worn;. Vapor*
tney, ton of Knergv, i'atpiintton e/th*
'tart,Failtnn Uemorv. Prfe* tl per boi, its
rfO. On* TtlllplcaBe.eli will cure. Bold by ��U
oggist* ormtllidtB plain pkf. on receipt of
rloe. New pamphlet mailrdfno. THE WOOD
II9ICINCCO..T0I0��T0.Qlir. (Tunuti WUtotJ
rratmccesi, curbs chxonic weakness, lost vigom
ec. Co. Havemtook Rd. Hamkteas. London, Kmo,
KY HEW ^omi*STEMlSW��O��M0��   **,�� TO TAtf
TnEKAPION lastihgcd**
Canadians as Flyers
Have Adaptability and Initiative���
13,495 in Air Force
It is learned that the total number
of Canadians in the Royal Air. Force
13,-195. This total comprises '1,008
officers seconded from the Canadian
Expeditionary Force, 1,640 other
ranks discharged from the Canadian
Expeditionary Force, 10,003 enlisted
in Canada for the K.F.C. ancl the R..
X..A.S., 94"loaned to the R;A.F.;i'or
airplane construction, and 150 civilians who came to England at their
own expense and enlisted in the air
On account of their special adaptability and initiative, Canadians
proved to be excellent flying' oflicers.
It is understood that no less than 35
per cent. of. the actual flying officers
in -'France ' arc Canadians.
It  is  a  very   strange     property   or
pearls  that  tlicy   perish     when      not
j worn.    Experts  define it,  as a   form
iof  starvation.    Thc    pearls    literally
live by contact  with humanity.    Mar
dame Thiers'  magnificent  pearls     at
the Louvre are perishing in this way.
If  thcy  could he  lent  to   some  lady
willing lo wear them for a time they
would recover.    But Madame  Thiers
stipulated that tlicy were never to be
taken  out  of their' case.
stone bench in    the    gardens of  th
! Tuileries  to    feed  litem, nnd  geuera-
jtion    aflcr generation    of doves  and
'sparrows   have  answered  lo   his   call
I and partaken of his bounty.
|     -Many   of  his   feathered  friends   he
'called by names he had given them.
I     "Marie,      Marie    A. toinette,''      he
j would call coaxingly,    as    a     dainty
; brown bird circled near,   "lei."' Louee
i^T-Lou-cc.    l'rinccs Lambcllc,.   tiens,"
i and thcy were greedily devouring tlic
��� feast he had spread for them
Will it cure quickly���you bet it
will lift any corn out by the roots in
a hurry. Most remedies hurt like
blazes, but Putnam's Extractor is
painless. Yoiupaint a few drops on
llie sore corn, and presto, the pain
disappears instantly. Putnam's dissolves a sore corn away, makes it
shrivel up and., drop biit by lhc roots.
Putnam's is a real cure, one can depend on, and costs but a quarter in
Why pay more for
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Eztiogaishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
x Afterglow"
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matcbe��, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution -which
positively ensure* the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
- Look for the wcrds "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
W.     N".
The Fighting Men
l.et ns acclaim the American soldiers, lint never forget the Uritish
sailors, without whom Germany
would continue to utter sarcastic remarks on the vain .menace and fruitless efforts of America. She already
knows, and will know better tomorrow, all that this menace means. The
day  when  the American  army  gains
iiui, tlutteriug a welcome from his
arms and shoulders and perching
even- on  his hat.     "r ��� ���"- x- ���'. ..-���������;
The  war, with it-   threatening  gnus
roaring, not  many  miles away,     and
his    lessening    rations did not cause
NARD'S T.1K1-MEXT  for    Rlicuina-.; him to  forget his    frieiuls,    although
tism  and  Sprains,  as  I  have, used it j the    last    few    weeks he caiiic with
���any drug store
Xo sooner would the old'Tnan  ap- j something not so good.      .
pear at the crossing'of lhc Hue de la j
Pyramid in_ the    Tuileries than    the , Yacht Sinks U-Boat :
splashing ot    the    iountain  ' near by i 	
was  nuitlled bv    the    whir  of inany! ; .    ���    ��� '���'_.���
wings, and the" birds were all    about!Depth  Tomb  Accounts   for   German
Minard's   I.iniitienl  Co., 'Limited..',.'-
Dear .Sirs,���I   can'-recommend- Ml-
for both  with
.    \ ours
excellent   results.
I ���
feeble  steps and  there
n his voice,   as lie
was  a  quaver
Pirate in English Channel
I . Del ails.of the sinking ci a ���'.. Ger-
nian  Mibmariuc  by a '.-Uritish : armed
I yacht in the English;' Channel arc
now available.
;    Just after.sunset one day a call for
i help was picked up by the yacht,
which" immediately,    headed     in    the
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot be Cured
| by local applications as they canaot reach
| tlie diseased portion oi the ear. There is
' only one way to cure catarrhal deafness, and
that is by a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal
Ucainess is caused by an inflamed condition
ot the mucous lining ot the Eustachian Tuoe.
When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperjjet hearing, and when
it is entirely closed, liwefne-ss is tne result
Unless the inflammation can he reduced and
this tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forerer. Many
cases of deafness arc caused by catarrh,
which is an inriamed condition of Uie mucous
surlaccs. Hall's Catarrh Cure acts through
the blood on the mucous surfaces ol Uie nys-
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Curei Circulars
liee.     All  Druggists,   75c,
F.  J.   CHKIMKY   &  CO.,  Toledo,  Ohio.
Remarkable Operation Successful
An operation reported to have been
performed under the direction    of a
surgeon  1,800 miles away,    saved    a
man's life in Australia recently.   The
patient fell from his horse at   Hall's
Creek, in northern Australia, and suffered serious injuries.     An operation
was urgently  necessary,    and    there
was no doctor within 1,000 miles. The
condition of the patient was described by telegraph to a doctor in Perth,
and he sent back, by thc same means,
instructions under  which  the     post-
l master at Hall's Creek with such sur-
J gical instruments as he could muster,
; the chief of which was a razor, successfully carried out thc operation.
Personal Conversation
The bulky man strutted into lhc
shop and asked to bc fitted for a pair
of boots. After trying several pairs
ou he complained to the salesman
that thcy were all too narrow and
"Excuse me,; sir, bat you know 'they
arc wearing narrow, pointed boots
this season," explained the salesman
"That may be," grunted the bulky
one, "but I am wearing my last season's feet,"���Brantford  Expositor;
11.  LAV
Market for Whale Meat
ine.it  from  thc  Parifn-
brole thc    brepd  tlirt-ctio11 ..indicated,  diverting   several
-,, , ,-      ,-  .       .--���'��� , ,   ;,    ,i, "',' steamers from the.zone,
j Willi trembling fingers -and bade then, ;     Jn  ,,,,  ,afu.rnoon   -   1he       iookouls
|M'Andthcn one rec, nt morning the ! "f.1!^ ;l l^n^ope of r a .submarine
!,-   ,--,-,  ��� f,    . i,, :���������,>;�����,, i   which    apparent y was preparing     to
birds  waited m vain   for their  tricntl i ,      ���'* ���    .    J . i-
,    ,    ���        ,-    .,,       .- .1.        ���i.��� : attack      merchantmen      approaching
���-pecked    impatiently ot tlic -crumbs, . ,. ..'     ,.     ���-.     *. *.,,. h
llc/t-froin yestcrdav. "made inquisitive ! J^"' .i��c-opositc direction lhc per-
! chirrups- to each other as', tlicy flew . '*C��I'V was ^X^ 1=0 >ect irom thc
i far out  in long, low  circles over  the-; P��'1 .^v ��! lhu >'acl'1'
!green grass and then back again. .Hut i . '""" *.p.e<?"
leiiic coast jstill  he   did  i.yt   comc. ���     -""!C  ��
���20,000-i>ourKls  of it���recently-.-"   has I ������������Where is     our     charnieur    d'ois-
been put 'on  the Boston market. The iscaux?" a  small  tot lisps,
.shipment was disposed of in ten (lays      "He  has    gone, home, ma    petite,"
at a retail price of 15 cents a pound,! the nurse  whispers.
 _           n j ^ind  was  received  with   such  salisfac-       "But   it   is  late,"   lhc   child   iiiMSl*.
the big success to which we arc look- Iil6n' t'J'. householder's who. like to live :" When' will hc come again:"
ing forward Ictus pav homage to llic (both well and economically,.that pre- j    "Xcvcr,"    is    the answer, and    llic
'British'sailors,  those" unseen  ancl  si- -paratioiis are being made to assure a; heart of the little  one is. sad.
lent'conquerors who are guarding the i -regular  supply.      Sonic  of   llie ���   .meat )     Henri.Pol was known to-few
w;i��  for us.���Le  Mid,   Paris.  Franco I w:ls sold as-r";.sr north as Portland. Me.
Gallant Guernseymen
Out -.of a population, of +5,0'J. it i;
estimated- that . iJ.OOO men froir
Guernsey'have joined tho forces. T!' "
Guernsey battalions have also acquitted themselves'-, admirably, especially in the Cambrai section, and
havc drawn ccominums from thc
press of the world. The King, as
Duke of Normandy, will be proud
of the achievements of the men of
Guernsey, who, by thc way, enjoy
many quaint privileges granted to
them by ancient and royal charters.
One Great Advantage
"Maxiiic,'' queried the teacher " of
thc juvenile c!ass,- "what is the difference bct\, I'cn electricity and light-
"You don't h?ve lo pay nothing for
riehtning," answered Maxine.���Chica-
$-.���   News
in Ins
city by his rcal naiiii'. To thousands
the world over he was known as "the
bird charmer of Paris." . Parisians
told, tourists they had not-seen Paris
unless they had >.:e'n ihe nid'm.'.ii feed
liis   birds.
lie. had much U> say of his pets to
the children and ': older folks, who
bought.his postal "pictures and stopped to chat with him, but hc never
spoke of himself. His tall, gray coated, gray hatted figure has been a part
peed was at once ordered and
rove right, over lhc sub-
; marine just as the periscope disap-
ipeared. A distinct jar throughout
Itlic yacht pointed to the probability
j that' she' had rammed the enemy's
i conning tower. Two depth charges
.'���were dropped '.almost imm.cdia.tcly
��� afterwards. '"
j     While    bringing    liis vessel around
��� xo pass over the spot again  the  captain of'the yach't observed a disturb-
.iiicc    in     thc   writer  and   as  hc     approached   there  a pp.; ;��� red'  in   tlic   ce.ri-
ihe  disturbance  ;i
.evidently   caus'eii
escaping   to  tlic   sunace.
ire  o l
of   air
ihird  depth  charge Was dropped
the  e.-itri'  of.the  disturbance,   which
presc!;:! \ . died ;iv. ay.
Oe.w "survivor, cow red wi.li a thick
coating of oil, was picked up. Everything possible was done for him
aboard  the yacht, but  it  soon     be-
Minard's Liniment    for  Sale   Everywhere.
"Rule Britannia"
In German Prison
Hon. Dr. Beland Tells How    Scotsman Celebrated New Year's
On returning home from his prison
home in Germany, Hon. Dr. Belaud
told one prison incident. ' On New-
Year's eve, in 1916, he was making
his rounds as jail surgeon ancl came
to the cell of a stalwart Scottish veteran,, who always spoke with "the
accent of the heather." As he turned
aw'ay the Scot���his name was Kirk-
patrick��� whispered to him: "It's possible I'll bc celebrating thc New Year
a wee bit when it comes in." Dr.
Beland pleaded for particulars, for he
thought the Scot planned an escape,
whicli he feared might result fatally,
as the guard was especially vigilant.
But he could secure no information
from the taciturn man of mystery. Hc
was wakeful and anxious, for he was
fond of his fellow prisoner.
The midnight hour had jusl toiled,
however, when, from the Scot's cell,
in a clear, resonant baritone, with
au unmistakable accent, there rolled
the words of "Rule, Britannia," sung-
with the full vigor of a strong voice
���and sung through to the end. "The
whole prison was alive in a moment,"
said Dr. Beland. "The prisoners
crowded to the windows, clapping
their hands, cheering, and joining in
the chorus. So led by lhe gailant
Scot, there was heartily sung in the
centre of Berlin that New Ycar
morning the rousing declaration that
Britain rules thc waves and tha:
Britons never will bc slaves. The
Germans set an investigation on foot,
but so far as we heard, nothing Jj-
finite came of it."
Munitions From Seaweed
The Hercules Powder Company oh-i
tai.ned a great contract for explosives
provided thcy bought no acetone,
which is scarce and needed for munitions. Under intense research they
found.thcy could make it by fermenting kelp. Now thcy have their five
million dollar plant in full operation.
Besides acetone, the kelp yields p��-
tassium chloride, and new solvents
greatly needed in industry.
%z/itvrn&S aAe, teachingrustfuttthebc]
naeccrnxmwin ��ujumgtnec/ie>c^e&t
Goods not tfaefemcu fuan priced oru>A.
^fea/ie c/epenjdin^or}t^do^im4^^
oftn& aood[J&sida/id' 6faz4id��^tn&
olofidi triatu}���A^aoodm
oi thc    Tuileries    almost as long as . .,       ,,,���,. ,
Paris can remember,    yet    Paris did | Fa.m5 cv,d??1 h,? l��d suffered internal
not  know  his history.  His  acquaint- ; |nJu^1("s
ancc included the    waifs oi thc city. | *
who ate often, as the bird6, from iu's j
pockets. '
The old stone  bench  is a  place of]     Tiie
mourning. Some of the children from [empire
Hc died about three hours
The  Sublime  Porte
government   of thc    Turkish
is called   "The    Porte,"    or
the avenues near by who loved him r'The    Sublime Porte," in    conform-.
and paid-him a visit every day have [ity with  tiie Latin "porta,"    a    gate;
:brought    bouquets    and placed them;because In former times justice    was
Ion the bench. Some of them", like the'administered   to    all   who came    ir,
jbirds, do    not    vr.dTstpnd    his  long ; search of it at the gate  of the  Sul-
Jab^fnce. jtati's  Falr.ec  in  Constantinople.
Jvzd note Jea���codt^na i>ct&i/
t ' i /      '   /} " : ��� ��� vi'X
onty a&zrut// of a centpefi. cup -Hc3-
one oftruz ��guc{ vjxz/i time, vdl{X��j6
tridtanAjo?vi c^itiffo^
-/Pis 1/vuAf
a&oaAtifriz Jlcl
T. H. Estabrooks Co.
St. Jo&b, Toronto, Wiaoipei,
C����t4i��i Food Cocixol Lireu* V>. 6-Z7C
Red Rose Coffee is as generously good as Red Rose Tea
: a year strictly iu advance, or $2.50
���11 not paid fur three months. If not
1 for until the end of the year it is $3
5 always f 2.50  a year to  the  United
0= in advance.
Editor and Financier-
\;nent   Co-Owner Notices $25.00
r.nd Oil  Notices     700
riy Notices 3.00
':; of Thanks.. ..     1,00
i.'ic.iie of Improvement  12.50
'���re   more  than one claim ap-
��� Ir notice,   ��5.00 for  each ad-
��:ial claim.)
other legal advertising,   12 cents a
list insertion, and  8 cents a line for
uhsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
The  blue  cross means that
r   subscription   is due, ancl
lliafelhe editor would be pleased
.to have more money.
Thkkk days Spanish   Flu covers
a nniltit-mlc of diseases.
Tiik   Ciorman   navy   is   in    no
dan'M-r of running oufe of coal.
As   a     toothpick   the    monkey
���ftTeiich has proved to be a failure.
Ax imaginary disease can always be cured, by imaginary medicine.
Tiik Flu would nofe have dons
half the business, if ife had nofe been
so well advertised. Here is a case
where we all wish thafe advertising
did not p.\y.
Wiio is thafe buck private in
Nelson, who said that he would
rather be a private with a chicken
on his knee, than a colonel with an
eagle on his shoulder?
As a getter of free publicity dope
the kaiser is the greatest success in
the world. He has had his name
printed billions of times without
costing him a cpnfe. Stili he cannot say in his case thafe advertising
Quite a number of clergymen in
Vancouver,' recently insisted that
th? churches be not closed in that
Oi-.'.y upon account of the Flu.
.'..-.Yohably they think that nothing
��� lie caught in church; except'a
. .". ii or salvation.
.!';iK Spanish Fu was born in the
X. of Europe, and thrives best
V'rfy, unsanitary surroundings.
.- 'death-  percentage   has   been
��� -y it Montreal than anywhere
'.That- city  should  use more
1 RfH>.    Ife has plenty of water.
X  yr.u   wish  to escape the Flu
:l>  isolated ' .froni;   your   fellow
���xy.   This can  easily be done by
x-xt   green   onions   and   garlic.
''ring yonr hair  with asafetida.
;liling your shoes with  skunk
'line is also a good way .to pre-
; people from lingering in your.
TiiK'B. C. Gazette is now pririt-
���.f--'i on white paper. It might be
:rior.c . appreciated if., printed with
invisible ink. It is the only paper
in. the country thafe is all ads, and
is hardly as interesting to-read as
a dictionary. It however does not
print any patent medicine ade, nor
tell how to beat the Flu.
Axn now Dr. Pint of Chicago
butts in and says thafe the present
p;>idemic of Flu is not the influenza. He says that three germs,
with names loiig enough to choke
you are responsible tor the plague.
They are the germs that usually
cause-carbuncle?, blood poisoning
and sore mouths.. They are a
'tough trio and muso have come
from Germany. He saya fehat the
epidemic is mainly caused by the
present war diet, especially by the
lack of the usual amount of sugar.
He also says that the regulation
diptheria anti-toxin is a specific for
the disease. *
/ Censored  iii X
'.-' ' 'How are.her lovo letterr?" yiy
��� :*:i:��mesyX': 'x^Hxxxxi'ixx
X " How" s t hat?.7:;;.
':.They' -'areV' censoredX-:hyX'Xiher:
mother, hersister and two/maiden
;;au:uts;'::/:,;��� :: '���.xXXXXxXXXyXXX
;:;_a;'J)ir):er^L���krhefe lh:;Isn'b that a.
^Ev^^th^^>ii|tlr^;;'"xi -   %
XXXiXM ti*r X ��� Ves xkiv-r-^-, :;q6;vv ' ah airft'
; ;:.-'-\';:a!^ays':';;S^rve.lr'.,6n'e'. wiitfr   ��he;
iXXiiix'XxX\iOW-': ���.itiva.i7������';$���' ;isn':fe oleo'-';
xXXyX-XXhe.--   -���- ��� XXX'xX
Boost the Camp
W. F. Thompson, in the Fairbanks News-Miner: AVhat's the
use of worrying and howling "Calamity" all around town just because Tom, Dick and Harry have
taken it into their heads to
break camp and to go whore they
fehink the grass is higher? What's
fehe darnation use? Is there any
sense in such actions? Blamed if
we cau see it if there is.
Real estate may nofe be moving
with indecent haste, bufe ife never
does in camp? where there are
more houses than people to inhabit
them. No family needs two homes
���divorces are cheaper and better
business, when any family gets
that way.
What's fehe use of worrying?
You can't travel at lightning speed
all the time, even up the slippery
hill of Prosperity. Sometimes it
is a good thing if you are compelled
to slow up and rest from your
labors for a time���it gives you time
to think and time to plan and
when the circle swings round feo
where the break happened in ife,
you will then be able to grab hold
and hang ou tighter and work faster and reduce the "separation'
problem feo an Art. The farmer
does not go out in tbe middle of a
hard winter to mow hay���he rests
until the hay is ripe iu fehe beat of
fehe summer and then he workB.
Suppose the town is dry���if you
have saved even a small portion of
fehe "moisture" you soaked in during the "wet" spell, you would
have had enough on hand now to
drown the ship of care.
Perk upl Boost a little���ife
doesu'fe cosfc you anything, and ife
helps others a lot and can't hurt
Shut up on the baby stuff.
Spanish Flu
The symptoms in typical cases of Spanish influenza are as follows:
An acute and sudden onset with headache, intense Just behind the eyes, pain
in the small of the back and sometimes
in the regiou of lhe stomach, elevation
of temperature from 101 degrees to 104
degrees, with a comparatively slow pulse
rate. The face is flushed, the tongue
coated, and in every case there is some
redness of the eyes. Great prostration is
experienced and the patient usually lies
in bed in a "huddled up" position. In
some cases sore throat and cough are
noted, and with many only part of these
symptoms are found.
The temperature becomes normal and
the patient recovers within five days, providing complications such as pneumonia,
middle ear disease aud affection of the
heart do not occur. These may be avoided in most instances by prompt and careful treatment.
Consult your physician as soon as you
have reason to suspect that you have the
VISITING   HOURS   2   to   4
At other hours by arrangement
Optometrist aud Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
For Sale, Cash $6500
Lightning Peak
The Lightning Peak group of
mineral claims, situated about 30
miles from Edgewood, have six
properties working afc present.
These include the Waterloo, Silver Spot, Dictator, and Extension,
Rampolo, Lightning Peak group
and Lumpy group.
The Waterloo is owned by
Greenwood interests, who are doing development work and shipping high grade ore. Prospects
are good and it is tho intention feo
work the claim all winter.
The Silver Spot ia owned by
Louis Scaia. At present the activity is in stripping the ledge.
The Dictator and Extension is
operated by John Glover and
Robert Fullmore, who are doing
considerable development work.
TLie;Ramopold, owned by Basil
Cortiana, is also doing development; work, some excellent high
grade ore being in^sigbt.
The Lightning Peak group
owned by Wm. Calder, is doing
development work, and intends
working all winter. At present
they are getting ready to ship high
grade ore. This property is an old
shipper. ���������'.-'"'
The Lumpy group, owned by
John Pough and Walter Johnstone
and Trail interests, is a new discovery. The ledge is GO feet wide,
giving values of 143.5 ounces silver,; with a picked sample showing
675.5 ounces silver at the grass
roots. The management intends
driving a tunnel this winter feo feap
the ledge at 100 feet depth. At
present they are building camp and
getting in  supplies.���Trail  News.
Put Sulphur in Your Shoes
.Editor Ledge:���Some years ago, when
la grippe was prevalent; I heard that
sulphur placed in the shoes would prove
a prophylactic agaiiist taking the disease,
and after hearing this, whenever a, ctse
of.grippe occurred in the house I placed
sulphur in everybody's shoes in the family. The result was very satisfactory.
The trouble stopped with the one case,
whereas previously it went through the
family like wild-fire. . I would therefore
recommend everyone fo put a little sulphur in each of their shoes. The system
will take it up and with'.no'.unpleasant
effects,.and :it may ; prevent an attack of
tlie'"flu.^.^-;-v..       XyxXlXy. ii'iXx.
Another precaution which may be useful at .all times -is to gargle'.'the throat
with and snuffup ..warm ;salt and water.
The '.effect'.is wholesome;: :ri cleansing the
passages,;.:and . the. salt is:, both.---.a healer
and to sonie extent a disinfectant;-;-:���;;
,pejisiye;they; would be mpr"^ thought of^:
TheSersimple-;preC*uitipns .rare within the.
reiicli of al,:arid-I hope ���svill'fae generally;
x XMWKX)i.-pbwisxi���",.-
Piarjimpoy    tq    prOrii^te    y0��r
cbBhtry's welfare is now a Virtue}
iiideedy iferis expected; of '$<>#.,
Frank Spangler, of Spokane, submits
the following formula wnich he says is a
certain cure for pneumonia:
Take six or ten onions according to
size. Chop fine, put in a large spider
over a hot fire. Add the same quantity
of rye meal and cider vinegar, enough to
make a thick paste. Stir well constantly
and simmer five or ten minutes. Then
put in a cotton bag, large enough to
cover the lungs and apply to the chest as
hot as the patient can bear. When cool
apply another and thus continue by reheating the poultice, Within a few
hours the patient will be out of danger.
Three or five applications are usually
sufficient. Always continue, however,
until the prespiration starts freely from
the chest. This receipt never fails when
applied in time, and cures when physicians fail, he says.
Ballade of Riches
What care I for the treasure isles
Enskyed where purple oceans are?
I have the sunlight's golden smiles;
I have the silvery gteam of star;
Daily beside the pasture bar
The daisies flash me radiance free���
Poets are rich, or near or far,
For wealth abides with poverty!
Roses have I for daily bread:
Why should I crave a richer fare?
Who eats of beauty, he is fed;
Who drinksa draught of sweetpure air,
He has wine of a vintage rare.
Yea, naught have I but youth and glee,
Yet always I have joy to spare���   .
For wealth abides with poverty!
Science shines like moon on the mind;
The soul is thrall to starry art;
I covet not their cold unkind
Splendor of death in whole or part,
I have love in a true, pure heart,.
And nevermore on land or see
Can summer from my life depart���
For wealth abides with poverty!
���Edward Wilbur Mason.
A French Canadian and a Jew
were passing Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. The former reverentially raised his hat and the
latter did the same. "You know
whafe dat ees?" said the French-
Canadian. "Dit ees de Cathedral
Notre Dame."
<lO, excuse me," said the Jew,
I thought it was the Bank of
Sealed tenders will be received by the
Minister of Lands not later than noon on the
22nd dav of November. liil8, for the purchase of
Licence'XM51, to cut 720.000 feet of Fir and
Tansarac and 56,000 Fir and Tamarac Ties on
an area situated near Meyers Creek, Kootenay
Two (2) ycars wilt be allowed for removal
of timber,
. Further particolars of the Chief Ebrenter,
Victoria, B.C., or District Foreitcr Nelson,B.C.
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   ������   -   -   BC.
.77;::MltflN_G.: ���;,..
ja^KERx ���������:','..
^PROSPECTS   BOUGfif  AN��   SQiiXti
Ranch 320 acres, 55 acres'utider
cultivation, 30 being fruit trees,
8 head of horses, 16 head of cattle, cows,   calves   and  yearlings,
2 pigs, 80 chickens. All kinds of
tnachinerv,  tools,   and   harness,
3 tons of seed wheat, 5 tons of
spuds. Enough feed to winter
stock. This property is known
as the Casselman Ranch I mile
from Boundary Falls, B. C. Apply to A. Boltz, Boundary Falls.
Notice To Delinauent Co-Owners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person or persons to whom they
may have transferred their interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
claims, situated along the Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars,
($6oo.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if
within ninety days alter the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under section
four af au act entitled, "An Actto Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
J 8YN0P8I3  OF
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will tie granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, lie may, because
of ili-healtli or other cause, be granted
intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer liis claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of ?300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to .m:>.i:c iir.i'iTivi-sme"!:! r.r record
same will operate an fori.'eli.Lii'e. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims In
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and .residence-- of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor hoMir.'v frown Grant may
record another pre-empt inn, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. f
Unsurveycd areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For glazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 610 acres may be leased
by one i.erson or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees.of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
ACT. .-
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcol. Two or more persona
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly, if it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons' to whom tho purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also, protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The tlme.for making; application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any applica-.
tion. made after this date will not be
considered.. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For Information apply to any Privin-
ciai Government Agent or- to
Greenwood Garage f
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
Molor Cars
Repairs of any" kind, and
all work guaranteed
2 Phone'27 MANAGER
We've   Got   Him   Throttled   At   Last.
Who? Old man High Cost of Living. Bound and gagged, kicked
him clear of the premises. He just naturally couldn't stand our low
prices. Too bad for him but come over and let us tell you all about it.
Another big shipment of woolens at prices that will make you
throw the old catalog in the stove will reach you this week and more
on the road. Follow the crowd don't lose out on all the good bargains. We believe that low prices and quick turnovers will keep our
stock fresh and high prices will glue the stuff to the shelves and as we
are not running a cold storage plant we are selling 'em and selling
'em fast, Get in while the getting is good, that spare change you
save in buying of us will help buy another war loan bond.
Place your order quick  for grain sacks at 30c each.
Bring your eggs, we pay more than any else in the district for
real fresh ones.    Save the rotten ones for Mr. Hohenzollern.
C'mon over and see us, we're real sociable.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper^
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��r metals etc
on application.
Front St. Next to City Hall. NELSON
P. O.iBOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
���Ii aS**\ ���_���____> _______________ a___E__k ______E_____ _______________ _______________ _______________ ������_________ _______________ _______________ J_________h
^����� ^^^^ ^^___k  ^^__F^ ^^__F^ ^^__F^ ^^__T^ ^^___^ ^^___^ ^^___k ^^___^ ^^__^ ^^__��
r O LOA.T is notfa periodic- -
j[* *^    al.    It is a* book con- j*
"T taining 86 illustrations all *r
��$�� told,  and is   filled    with 4*
����t sketches   and   stories   of <��
ju western life.    It tells how; j,
j. a gambler cashed in after .
*�� the flush days of Sandon ; ***
T how"it ralnediin New Den* *S*
���^ ver ilong after Noah  was ���$��
J^ dead; how a parson took a c��>
*��* drink  at  Bear   Lake   in ^
4* early   days;   how   justice ^
��j�� was dealt in Kaslo in '93; J*
ju how the saloon man out- "**
t, prayed the women in Kala- ���$*
** mazoo, and graphically de- ��$*
7 picts the   roamings   of  a j,
4* western editor among the .
��j�� tender-feet in the cent belt. J^
ju It contains the early history "**
���j of Nelson and a   romance "S*
*�� of the Silver King mine. 4>
��� 'In   it are   printed    three ,*,
t, western poems, and dozens ^
? of articles   too   numerous .j��
* to mention.     Send for one *��"
*J" before it is too late.   The "S*
*3�� price   is   25   cents,  post- �������
4�� paid to any part of   the tf,
ju world.     Address   all   let-'
T ters to ���'������'���':''
of iAads.
* R. T. Lowers���'-+
4�� . '���.-..- "^ ��j��
<��     GREENWOOD, B. C.     4,
*���������.,:   ^   :.:��� ,���������..+
��^�� ��f. *j�� *^�� ��^�� %j�� *^�� if* ��j# *j�� vft *^# ��|��
Cbe Fnrnie fiotel
nelson* B*��;
only up/tevdate Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
���ixi'XXiixixROOiVfSWITH PRIVATE BATHSX   xiiXxlx
x'XX 7;8BSr!iUets..aU3rrain3:-^
��� *
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire/  The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary,
Light and Heavy Drayinig
Palace 'Ltt(|i^^|��ilii|f
W.   H.   DOGKSTEADER, Ppoiv
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies,
��������-���*   .
Haveyou tried one lately���**
Cbe Central Botel
r:r7;;rr rrrPHOENIX-rrXXyi
���ixy; One afihe largest hotels In   ;
XxiXxy&as rooms arid tastjrmeals.
Ai 0. JOHNSON      -     PROP;
;|>ii��?;7^ 'x:;^&iiy$^;i^i
Letterheads, Noteheads,
XRated^rPlain).  ...',-��� l'X'X:;xyx;yV:y:
^UiiUiiiiiiiUUUiiiiaiiiii iUiiiil^UiUiUiiiiUi UiUiUiUiLUUiK


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