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The Ledge Aug 1, 1918

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Array c\ fiTp./r*
AUG 2    Js
Vol.   XXV.
No. 3
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28 X        GREENWOOD, B. C.
The NEW REGULATIONS of the Canada Food Board
Are Now In Force
Let Me   Supply   You   With   Your
CANADA  FOOD  BOARD   LICENSE  NOS.   5-791  and  9-260
S�� Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^2
��~ The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save 3
S~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~3
g We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk "3
|     LEE 6k BRYAN     1
Marvelous Maciste
Flaying in the
Show commences at 8 o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
Tlie Consolidated ping & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refiniug Department
N. ������'������-���'"��� '
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
���x--^x.x-'X-.x./.yxxi,yy       ...       ...... V..- .   ;���
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
GREENWOOD,        - B. C.
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Tlie best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples
W. Elsen 8 Co
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
Phone 45
P. O. Box 574
Christian Science service will be helii
in theMELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. in-. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p.m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday moruiag.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos Tor Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Graying
C.V.O.. ULD.; D,CL. Preridem
SIR JOHN AIRD.General Manager ,
H. V. F. JONES. Ami. Gent Managw
Capitai. Paid Up/$i5,ooo,oo0y^ty Reserve Fund. 3 $i3.500.ooo
Every effort Is madestto provide the f^nk-
;y;yv?v::in^ service /; r^uired by min        ^Mx
^^^^X^ y":
'����� i
Palace   Livery  And Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop,
Ei'-W. VVIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:-���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
fi each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
'$ i.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
j.i.50..;Silver-Lead J1.50. Silver-Lead-
Zinc fcj.ooV Charges (brother metals etc
on application^/
Around Home
George Heatherton is working
at Copper Mountain.
The Windsor buffet was crowded with business last week.
Frederick Keffer is visiting his
old home at Cleveland, Ohio.
About 25 men are working in
the mines around Beaverdell.
Born.���On July 24, to Mr. and
Mrs. John Benson, a daughter.
Dave Oxley's son Tom recently
went overseas with his battalion.
Hammocks at various prices.
Coles Book Store.
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
See our White Piques, Middy
Cloths and Chambrays. \G. A.
Big Rory McLeod is in town
suffering from an attack of the
At Princeton the three C's has
a new Republi9 two-ton truck in
operation.     /
Danny Deane's son Danny died
in Vancouver last week from
typhoid fever.
Be sure and send a Float to
your soldier boy in France. It
will help to win the war.'
Alex Campbell, the blacksmith,
has gone back to Nova Scotia,
to dig spuds and spear fish.
Tim Sullivan and Pat Kennedy
are developing a mine for Joe
Kelly, on Wallace mountain.
Mrs, Wm. Jenks and two sons
Robert and Gordon, returned
from Vancouver on Saturday.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Goggles and auto glasses on -hand.
George W. Rumberger was in
Phoenix last week, having returned from a trip to the Peace
river district;;'
J. Gaston LeQuitae and Anna
Lyden, both of Grand Forks,
were married last month at Missoula Montana.
C�� J. Carlson is employed at
the pumping station which supplies the C. C. C. Mill Site near
Princeton with water.
A.'F.'H. Meyer motored to the
Mill Site near Princeton last
week, where the Canada Copper
have their General Office.
On Monday Mr. and Mrs. Rod
McCutcheon returned to California intending to make their permanent home in Los Angeles.
On the railway line between
Princeton and Copper Mountain,
thera will be 27 trestles, in addition to many fills and open cuts.
D. B. Fotheringham of Spokane, waidn town  last  week,   at-
vv:pj��essed-:anp repairedX;;X:
tMor! Sreenwo6d
x;:-X X-y   WANTS.-ETCv
X[ Fok vSAi-KV���In a live town: an
undertaking : business with morgue and other buildings, Aipply
at The Ledge office.
Clearing   Sale
Laces and Allover Laces.   G. A.
The stage and livery business
of Ion & Gillis, has been bought
by W. H, Docksteader, for so
many years provincial constable
at Midway.
In a short time the three C's
will be shipping, from 200 to 300
tons of ore daily, from the Idaho,
Brooklyn and Rawhide mines in
Phoenix, to the Greenwood
After visiting his relatives in
Seattle, Archie Gillis will probably go to France, to help
Pershing put a diamond hitch on
those rude roughnecks from the
other side"oi the Rhine.
John H. East is working in the
Moore shipyards at Oakland, California. John is trying to finish
four food ships before the Sammies cross the Rhine on their
way to Berlin.
Frank Buckless has closed his
livery stable in Princeton, all his
teams now being employed hauling timber and freight to the mill
site of the three C's. His son
Charley has bought, the Dodge
car, and is operating it for himself.
Rev. A. M. Lloyd left San
Francisco last week to take
charge of a church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mrs. Lloyd
will remain in Sail Francisco for
the vv present, vv where v she >has
charge of, a Japanese Episcopal
Mission. Her health is not very
good* and she. may soon pay a
visit to. B. C.v xXiX;
iXiA.-week agovlastv'night, while
driving his auto up^ a bill;: about
two miles from the ranch of Billy
Johns;; -something ywentyy; wrong
with-the7 steer ing "gear, and: Bert
Lane's, car plunged down the hill
about 35feet,v until stoppedi-bfia
tree,/ vLariey was badly,'bruised.;
andwill be in -.bed for 'a;:inpnth.
his right pelvic bone . being, frac-
lured. /His companion, DeHaven.
the (iattlebuTerv escaped with a
deep; dent on; his, face. ;
Entrance Results
Results of. the High School
Entrance examinations held last
June were issued last week. Following is a list of successful pupils
in the examinations:
Greenwood���Number of candidates 10, passed 6. Neil E. Morrison, 638; C. John Eales, 607;
Ruth Axam, 603; C. Priscilla
Kerr, 588; Bernice N. McKay,
563; Ada E. Beattie, 550.
Deadwood���Number of candidates 6, passed 2. E. Harry Moran,
639; George A. Swanson, 553.
Ingram Mountain���Number of
candidates, 3; passed 2. Jean
Richter, 687, Maud J. Richter,
Kettle Valley���Number of candidates 2; passed 1. Victoria
Shillcock, 667.
Myncaster���Number of candidates, 1, passed 1. ^. May Wisted.
Rock Creek���Number of candidates, ^passed 2. V. Isabel
Pittendrigh, 738; Rosa A. Lum,
Phoenix���Number of candidates
2, paesed 10. Lizzie J. Hanson,
734; Harold D. Stafford, 683; Angelina O. Mussato, 660; Henrietta
B. Thompson, 655, Vandla A.
Gustafson, 652; Muriel K. E Miller, 603; Masse Michela, 592;
Donald B. Matheson, 590; James
McDonald, 584; Antonio J. Cat-
terini, 550.
Coltern���Number of candidates,
1, passed 0,
Returned Soldier!
It is estimated that it coats the
government $2,000 to outfit a soldier and send him to England. No
man who has been to England only
is worth the money, observes
"The Comrade," published at
Vancouver. "The words 'returned Boldier,' as published in the
press these days, may mean anything," says the editor. "For instance the man who has never been
out of Vancouver can be called a
'returned soldier,' and generally
likes to be called that. Other men,
too, who have never been any fur-
to a
feher than England take on
care worn  look  that comes
tending the  annual  meeting of
the local electric  light company. .   -.,       . ��.   ��     ��
.   T       f. man who  has been up the line in
of   Insertions,,'!, r
France, and pose as near heroes to
all who do not know anything
about them."
Today, to some minds is always
commonplace; They look to the
past for romance, in history, in
literature. They look to the future as holding greait things���but
today is without grandeur or
beauty. Yet every suhlimest yesterday was once just a dusty today,
for all who did not see its possibilities.
Several rich Austrians left
Phoenix last week for the coast.
One of them told The Ledge
what he thought was a good
joke.: He said that one of the
Austrians h^d $8,000 and the
other $4,500, still they are very
economical and when leaving
their boarding house, they filled
a paper bag with crackers, etc.
in order to save two bits while
riding on the train. Got the
Scotch beaten several miles,
Np town is better to dumb
animals than Greenwood, y It is
an open town for the vbrutje creation. ,The dogs are- not ^muzzled, and the cats are never made
into sausage, while no one ever
heard of a rooster being beheaded
for getting up early in the morning to sing :the ,Star Spangled
Banner or something vsimilar.
The cows and horses are entertained to lawn socials,Vand have
the privilege of using our- side-
wa.lks without; payingy pollv tax.
These; animalsyare very: grateful^
and to; repay your -^kindness vthey
frequently save usythe expense of
trimtningy our rfruit^yandvvsHade
trees; ;while enriching the soil at
the same v. time.; /.Be kind, loving1
and tender to y these herbiverous
creatures, and '/they i will; neyer
desert you./:-;-/ -���
Western Float
in the
There if a good hay
There will be a spud potlatch
Ashcroft upon September 26.
There are 27,936 telephones in
Vancouver, and 9,466 in Victoria.
This year there has been plenty
of rain at Soda Creek, Alkali Lake,
and Alexandria.
Without the aid of a man, Mrs.
A. B. Trites recently drove a car
from Fernie to Spokane.
Kate Stinson flew from Calgary
to Edmonton in two hours. The
distance by the air route is 196
At Trail, a Doukhobor boy was
sent to a coast industrial school for
three years, because he stole some
The Buck ranch of 4000 acres
near Raymond, Alberta, has been
seld to a Lethbridge company for
Colin Cameron, late chief of
police at ABhcroft, has been granted a monthly pension of $50 by the
This month the Canadian Northern railway will put on a steel car
ferry, between Port Mann and
Patricia Bay.
The miners will resurrect the
defunct Fernie Ledger, when an
editor can be secured who is capable of pleasing everybody.
In Maine a man was fined $100
for kicking a barrel of whiskey.
Come west, dear barrel! You may
be tapped but never kicked in B.C.
What is the name of that married commercial traveller, who always tips the prettiest waiter girl
in Nelson a dollar when he eats in
that city?
For mnrderiiig Bill Hall at Bull
River, James F. Walsh was not
hanged in Nelson on the 29th.
His sentence was changed to life
At Port Moody, Wan Kang was
fined $10 for not working, being
found in bed at 10 a.m. It is seldom that a Chink has to" be fined
for not working.
Jimmie Grant says that prospecting for booze in Nelson is a
failure, as anybody can hold a
booze claim without doing assessment work on it.
The Fernie Free Press says that
within a month two preachers quit
that town in disgust. Was it on
account of two many sinners, or
not enough of roast chicken?
Logging camps at War Whoop
and other coast points shut down
last month for a time upon account
of the lack of transportation, and
the prevalence of mosquitoes.
The number of telephones in
Phoenix, Grand Forks, Rossland
and 8andon have decreased since
January, and increased in Greenwood, Trail, Nelson and New
A. McGregor of Kamloops played lacrosse in Montreal 51 years
ago. Thats nothing. The writer
played shinney in 1865 near Moravian Town, where Tecumseh died
of an overdose of lead in the early
Fernie and district, out of a population of about 6000 has sent 1500
men to the war. This is probably
the greatest percentage for any
place in Canada. It does not surprise any person who ever lived a
few months in Fernie.
At Port AHce on the west coast
of Vancouver 600 men are employed logging and at the mill. At
present the mill is cutting spruce
for aeroplanes, but in the fall it
will begin turning out large quantities of pulp for making paper.
Every spring for several years,
a ram from a flock of mountain
sheep has ran with the domestic
sheep on a ranch near Princeton.
He has become quite tame, but
when the snow begins to fall he
hikes for the hills, and dwells all
winter with his own species.
A. R. Gatin, while braking on a
C. N. R. freight hadhis /right a,rm
badly crushed.:/ Dr.; Wade was on
the train,; and having; no instruments, he held Gatin's severed
arteries all the way to Kamloops.
It was a terrible strain on Wade,
but his heroic action saved Gatin
fjom bleeding to death.
There are many female German
spies in X. Southern X California,
Many of these women are in San
Diego. .They dress in fine clothes,
and are always anxious to become
acquainted with "officers of the
army/and ;riavy.-\'yIn order to
round up that class, and some social parasites, the police now question every woman; living in hotels
and apartment; houses as to what
she is doing v in San/Diego. The
majority; of women need have no
fear, but the"drag-net will get some
females who are not on the level in
m ore .waysi than oaeXiX
B. C. Mining News
Coal is being mined a short distance from Telkwa.
Tl ere is still plenty of ore in the
hills around Greenwood. '
A mill may be built at the
Yankee Girl, Dear Ymir.
The country west of Greenwood
has never been drilled for oil.
At the mine near Kaslo there
are 2000 tons of manganese in
E. W. Widdowson of Nelson,
has been appointed a provincial
Bruce White recently examined
some mining properties on Toby
creek, in East Kootenay.
The government will use drills,
to test platinum deposits in different parts of the province.
A furnace and machinery for the
electric smelting of magnetic iron
ore, has been installed at Edmonds.
The Paradise mine near Inver
mere,    resumed    shipping      last
month, and has 15  teams  hauling
In all the districts around Greenwood, prospecting for all kinds of
minerals has been very active this
Scott McRae and his partner*
have begun shipping from the
Enterprise and Great Hopes, near
A. Vancouver company has been
formed to drill for oil near Burnaby lake. It is said that oil has
been found on the surface in three
The Sunloch on Jordan river
should be shipping ore to Tacoma
or Ladysmith this month. It has
a showing of much 3 per cent,
The Consolidated is rushing
work at the fluorspar group, on the
north fork of the Kettle river.
There is urgent need'for this kind
of mineral.
Operations are being resumed at
the Ladysmith smelter. Last
month much ore was received, including a scow-load from West-
over, Alaska.
A few miles below Princeton,
close to the Similkameen river,
Walter Box and Alfred Uhler are
working a copper proposition that
promises to be a mine. v
Carpenter creek in the Slocan,
was prospected for placer in 1884
by Captain Sanderson and others.
No attention was paid to the galena float found at that time.
The Dominion assay office at
Vancouver is being equipped to
buy and handle crude platinum.
In the past this valuable metal has
been shipped to Newark, New
Some work has already been
done on the chrome deposits on
Suphia creek, near Rossland. The
ore body has been exposed for 60
feet, showing 12 feet of shipping
ore. There are other deposits of
chromeite near Phoenix and Cascade.
Last year B. C. placers produced
S496,000 worth'. of ore. The lode
gold amounted to $2,367,190,
mainly from copper bearing ores.
Mining for gold is not popular just
now, owing to the increased cost of
producing. Gold has not gone up
in price since the; war: like other
/In June the Granby mined 2000
tons of coal, at Cassidy's Siding on
Vancouver Island. This has been
stacked awaiting shipping facilities.
Wharves and bunkers will be built
near Ladysmith. At Anyox the
coal will be made into coke. Large
machine and other shops have been
built. The bankhouse will hold
160 men. A townsite has been
laid out, and all the streets are
named after the timber found in
the district. The Granby has an
uptodate coal camp beyond the
cavil of a doubt.
The  Ledge   is $2.50   a   year
When  paid in  advance it Is $2.
It is jast as well for subscribers
to remember this.
/-*! THE    IMDG2L   SBEmKQQJ)*   &*.Jk
Minimize The Fire
Petti By Using
Cheiaically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY_ Is the only Canadian
maker oi these matches, every
���tick of which has been treated
���with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for tlie word9 "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
When your back
aches try
Baume Analgesique
Large Tube 60c. by Mail.
But 1389 Moalrnl
Wood's PkOBfbodilMif
Th* Great JCnglUh Jttntdf,
Tones ��nd InYigoraUS tba whol*
nerrou* tyiteia, stakes new Blood
In aid Vein*, Curt* Kcrvotn
I and Brain Worry, Dtspor*
Entrcv, Palpitation of <A*
Pettiity.Umtal and Brain Worn, Ptspoi*
Unev, lo*i pf Entrcv. Palpitation of tX
Wtari,F*atnn Utmory.  Price tl pjr box. il:
IS.' Ont Trill ple������,ilx will oore.'fiold by ��il
gfitU or m��lUd Ib plain pkg. on receipt of
At*. Ntvipamphlet maiUdfrt4.'tt\S.VIOQ9
IIPICINtfCOaT0IOIT(LOar. (ftrwitiVIitar,)
fovosra co, m. bekkuan st.nbw yobxorlyuah bkoi
bihonto. white fob free book to pf.. lb cleho
ed.Co.UavkritockRd.Hawpstiad, London. Eno.
nt mbw pkaqbb (tasteless) formof jaiy to take
Expecting Peace
German  Chancellor    Believes   Peace
Will Come This Year.      .
_ ''J. am still optimistic enough lo
believe wc shall have, peace this
year," said thc German chancellor,
Count von Hertling-, in an interview
���with the Berlin correspondent of the
Budapest newspaper at  Est.
"I cherish firm confidence that
future events in thc west will bring
us nearer a speedy end of the war.
"If the world should one day unite
in an international peace league,"
added Count . von Hertling, "Germany would unhesitatingly and joyfully join in it. Unfortunately, present conditions give very-little hope
of that. Our desire is to preserve
pence." .
Dairying in the West
Alberta has 56 creameries and 14
'cheese- factories.
Manitoba has -36- creameries. and
22 cheese factories.
In British Columbia, while there is
yet iio cheese    factory,".��� there are 27
���creameries,   11   of .-which     are  co-operative,       .
Kipling On the Huns
Thcy  Believe  That  Evil   Pays,   ancl
They Must Be Disabused of
This   Idea
People who have been brought up
to make organized evil in every form
their supreme good because thcy believe that evil will pay them are not
going to change their belief till it is
proved that evil does not pay. So
tar, the Hun believes lhat evil has
paid liim in the past and will pav
him better in the future. He lias had
a good start. Like lhc Thug, the
Hun knew exactly what lie meant 10
do before he opened his campaign
against mankind. As we have proof
now, his poisoned sweetmeats ant!
knotted towels were prepared years
beforehand, and his spies had give 11
him the fullest information about all
the people he intended to attack. So
he is doing what is right in his own
eyes. He thought out thc hell hc
wished to create; he built it up seriously and scientifically with his best
hands and brains; he breathed into
it his own spirit, that it might grow
with his needs; and at the hour that
he judged best hc let it loose on a
world that till then had believed
there were limits beyond which men
dared not  sin.
Nine-tenths of the. atrocities Germany has committed havc not been
made public. I think this a mistake.
But one gets hint of them here and
there���Folkestone has had more than
a hint. For instance, we were told
thc other day that more than 14,000
English non-combatants, men, women and children, had been drowned, burned, or blown to pieces since
the war began. But wc havc no conception--and till thc veil is lifted after thc war wc shall havc no conception���of the range and system of
these atrocities. Least of all shall
wc realize, as _ they realize in Belgium and occupied France just across
the water, thc cold organized miseries which Germany has laid upon
thc populations that have fallen into
her hands, lhat she might break their
bodies and defile tlicir souls. That is
part of thc German creed. What understanding is possible with a breed
thqt have worked for and brought
about these things? And so long as
thc Germans are left with any excuse
for thinking that such things pay,
can any peace bc made with them hi
which men. can trust? None. For it
is thc peculiar, essence of German
kultur, which is thc German religion,
that it is Germany's moral duty lo
break every tic, every restriction,
that binds man to fellow-man if she.
thinks it will pay. Therefore, all
mankind must be. against her till she
Icarus that no race can break its
way outside the borders of humanity.
���From aii Address by Rudyard Kipling at Folkestone.
A Doctor On the War
The Unholy Trinity of the New Teuton Religion
The Western Members
Manifest Wholesome Unconcern and
Disregard  of Party
It is significant that the radical
Westerners have proved thc steadying force of the new war parliament.
Thcy arc very closely in touch with
the spirit and sentiment of thc people. Thcy have thc right conception
of the supreme purposes of thc present parliament. They manifest
wholesome unconcern and disregard
of party shibboleths and political expediencies. They sweep aside or
trample over shrewd attempts to
play politics. With them thc war
comes first. Its efficient aud effectual prosecution to  the full extent of
"Though  the  physician  in  Avar   remains   neutral as  far as his  work  is j thc country's resources  and energies
concerned, his thoughts are free, and  is   their   direct   concern.   And   im mollis knowledge of the effects oi bodyidiately back of this dominating  duty
There may be. other corn cures,
but Holloway's Corn Cure stands at
the head of the list so far as results
arc concerned.
upon mind i.s such as lo throw sid
lights at times upon the origins of
even such a world disaster as thc
present war. In certain persons a
curious reaction from physical infir-
miiii s has been observed. Xapo-
h-on's inordinate ambition and enormous egoism were' probably exaggerated by the fact that he was physically small and insigniiicent. Tamerlane, who made himself master ol
nearly the whole of Asia, was lame
and,  aeeonliu
plu-r-, Mi-formed and impious of feature.' I'ope, with his deformed body,
became 'The. Wicked Wasp of Twickenham.'    Byron, doubtless spurred by
thcy place the uaiional interests and
progressive policies calculated to improve the position and power of the
people.���From lhc Toronto Globe.
Chinese Typewriters
A large typewriter company has
begun tlie manufacture of an apparatus for writing Chinese which is
shown in the June 1'opular Mechanics   .Magazine.    Th.e   fact     that      the
.Chinese have no alphabet made thc
to one ot Ins biogra-;I)|.0iJ|cln of piping suci, :l typewriter most difficult. In place of
type bars are two cylinders, each
containing 4,200  Chinese    characters,
j including   1,327  radicals,   or  symbols.
ins  clubfoot,  swam     the   Hellespont. [which, variously  combined,  make an
ih.-   kaiser,   with   his   arm     withered  almost  unlimited  number  of  words,
irom   birth;     Trcilschke,     stone-dear
from   childhood,  and   Nietzsche,   with
years   of  brain   disorder   leading     to
paresis   were  the  unholy   trinity     of
the   new  Teuton     religion   whieh   has
driven  a   whole  nation  into  irresponsible  fanaticism  and   almost  wrecked
the  planet.    King  Richard   111.     exclaimed:
"Then, since the heavens have shap'd
my body so,
Let hell make  crooked  my  mind   to
answer it."
���Dr.   Frederick     Peterson     in    Thc
Saskatchewan Elevators
Twenty of the elevators controlled
hy the Saskatchewan Co-operative
Elevator Co.. up to thc end of March
handled from 150,000 to 200,000
bushels of wheat each. Cupar Company elevator stood iirst on thc list
and L'abri second, the latter handling
240.000 bushels.
$100 Reward, $100
Tlie readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is catarrh. Catarrh
being greatly influenced by constitutional
conditions requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution ana
assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in the curative
powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure.    Send for list of testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toiedo,.
Ohio.    Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
No Thoroughfare
Barring the Path of the Hun on the
West Front
All things arc possible with faith,
as the.French roved at Verdun and
our old regular army at Ypres; and
here there is a two-fold faith. There
is thc nation's faith in its chosen and
beloved children, and. those children's faith in all that is noble and
true. Through them'.-."heroism has
been born such as history has never
known." Their task is . hard and
heavy, but they have shown already
that there burns in them "something
high and resplendent which one associates with the stories of old saints
or heroes," and this will bring-."them
through.'."' The French at. Verdun
swore, "Thcy shall not pass!" Our
incn use homely laiiguage. "No
thoroughfare" is their motto; and
thev will make it good.���London
Daily Mail.
Taking No Chances
"In Heaven," promised the colored
evangelist,  "there will  be great banquets and sumptuous  feasts."
"Vch-���uh huh���dat's fino," commented a dusky ncgrcss in the audience, "but tell me, young feller,
who's guinc wash dem dishes, huh?"
On Hands and Fingers.   Could
Not Work. Cuticura Healed.
"After vaccination I was affected
With skin trouble on my left arm and
later it set in in both hands
and my finders. I suffered so
much I was unable to do any
kind of work, and it used to
keep me awake at night. I
suffered an awful itching and
burning, and my fingers wero
"I had the trouble over twenty-five
years when I read of Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. I tried it with success
80 I bought more, and now my bands
are healed." (Signed) Miss A. Cadieux,
Chambly, Canton, Que., Mar. 25, '17.
Use these super-creamy emollients
for every-day toilet purposes and prevent these distressing troubles.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so it
'   lifts off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no long..-. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of frcezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can be lifted off, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle of frcezone costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or sofi
corn or callus. This should bc tried,
as it is'inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the  surrounding skin.
lf your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
Making- the Forest Fireproof
Rangers Appeal to Public   to   Keep
Vigilant Lookout for Small
Several forest fires havc already
occurred in various parts of Canada
this year. Jn practically every case
the cause was traced to human hands
���a tossed-away cigarette, a neglected campfirc, or similar act that at
thc moment appeared trifling. Settlers, anxious to burn their 'slash' in
the hottest weather without obeying
government regulations are a prolific
cause  of forest fires every year.
Thc rangers of this province arc
asking the co-operation of every man,
woman and child this year so as to
keep thc forest losses down to a minimum as a matter of decent patriotism. Special efforts are being made
to provide fire fighting equipment but
thc main task is to prevent fires from
starting. This is a comparatively
simple matter if every camper puts
out his campfirc, every smoker extinguishes his cigarette and match
before tossing away, every settler
guards Ids clearing fire. When a
bush fire is seen, instant word should
bc sent to the nearest fire janger,
railroad agem or municipal officer.
To Kill the Fly
Several Suggestions for the Destruction of Houseflics
Nobody has now any excuse for
not knowing how dangerous a .crca-
ture_ is thc common housefly; as a
carrier of disease his capacity for
evil is next to unbounded. How best
and surest to exterminate this filthy
pest is told in detail iu a pamphlet
which_ the United States government issues. Several suggestions for
the destruction of houseflics arc
"Formaldehyde and sodium salicylate are the two best fly poisons;
both arc superior to arsenic." Directions for preparing and using thc
solutions arc given, with the useful
"Any odor pleasing lo man is offensive to thc fly and will drive him
Suggested, precautions are the
spraying .f oil of lavender and water in equal parts around thc house;
in thc dining room, even upon the
linen. "The odor is disagreeable to
flics and refreshing to most people.
Geranium, mignonette, heliotrope and
white clover arc offensive to flies;
they especially ' dislike thc. odor of
honeysuckle and hop blossoms. According to a French scientist, flies
havc au intense hatred for the color
blue and will stay out of a room
decorated in that color. To clear
thc house of flics burn pvrcthruin
powder; this stupefies thc flies, but
thcy must be swept up and burned."
Among other suggestions the value of borax scattered out of doors is
urged. It should bc scattered in a
10 pcr cent, solution and will neither
injure manure heaps nor thc farm
stock. In every way and at all
times everybody should do his share
to exterminate thc fly. Swat him by
all means, but burn his carcass.���
From  thc  St.  Louis  Post-Dispatch.
���2a�� .
v** ��*��n
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Real Poverty
Poverty is a variable term, and
much subject to comparison. "Some,
will allow it only to those who havc
been bom to it. To have been al-
vvays half-starved, these think, and
to "carry a basket from door to door
-r-that is to be poor. But it is idle
to think of cold and hunger to thc
point of beggary as thc only cold
atid hunger there arc. Not alone arc
there, degrees of cold and hunger .of
the body���discomfortable and. i II���
nourished living���but there arc, as
well, things which scent to mc'even
morn difficult to endure���unsatisfied
hunger, of the mind and heart and a
most cruel and persistent chill, of the
spirit.���Laura Spencer Porter,-in thc
Atlantic. ..'.'���'
Civilian Army Behind Lines
Plan   to    Carry    Out     Engineering
Work and Release U. S.
Far-reaching plans for  the organization in France of a civilian   labor
force to carry out engineering    work
behind thc lines thus releasing American soldiers  for duty at the    front,
were announced    recently.      Already
more than  16,000 French, Italian and
either laborers free front military obligations have been engaged and put
to work on some of the approximately, one  thousand:   engineering     construction and reconstruction jobs  on
which  Americans" were    being     employed.
Thc move is the initial step in a
plan long contemplated and discussed to free tonnage for other purposes by creating a civilian army be-,
hind thc lines which may eventually
total a queirterof a million incn, entirely, if possible, recruited from
abroad. This will make it necessary
to import American civilian labor.
The incn already procured comprise
a . dozen nationalities, including
Chinese, and thc'Moroccans, who arc
being shipped to France as rapidly
as the Americans need them.
Mrs. Edmond Gagnc, Tikuape,
Que., writes:���"I am well satisfied
with Baby's Own Tablets. Thcy are
absolutely necessary in homes where
there arc little children. They cured
my baby of constipation and I would
not be without them." Thousands
of mothers always keep a box of
Baby's Own T..blets on hand as a
safeguard against constipation, colic,
colds, simple fevers or any other of
thc minor ills of little ones. The
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers
or bv mail at 25 cents a box from
The "Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockviile,  Ont.
Miller's Worm Powders arc a
prompt relief from thc attacks of
worms in children. They are powerful in their action and, while leaving nothing to bc desired as a worm
cxpcllant, havc an invigorating effect upon thc youthful system, remedying fever, biliousness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and other ailments that follow disorders caused
by worms in the stomach and bowels.
Not Even Honor Among Thieves
The next thing in national damage to being Germany's enemy is being Germany's ally. Thc Austrians,
impoverished and hungry, threatened
with the disintegration of their empire, shamed in the eyes and hated in
the hearts of thc world, know what
that means. Thc Bulgarians are jusi
finding it out in their turn.���Boston
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget  in
I fell from a building and received
what   the   doctor   called   ii   very   bad
Hence the Spider
Thc lawyer had been away in the
country calling upon a client, but on
his return there were, signs of loafing and laziness on. the part of the
junior, clerk.
"Thomas, that typewriter has not
been touched today!" snapped the
man of law.
"Oh, sir," ejaculated the junior,
"why, 1 was using it only au hour
ago!"    .-'.������ ,
"Then," thundcref the employer,
"how comcs.it that there's a spider
web on the machine and that he's
woven a web over thc keyboard?"
"Sir,", remarked the lad, "I'll tell
the truth. There was a'fly- in thc
works of the machine. Rather than
waste my time in entrapping the insect, sir, I���cr���introduced the spider, sir!"
"The ford knows how Binks made  sprained ankle,  and  told  mc I  must
is money-" -   I not  walk  on  it  for. three  weeks.     1
"N'owoiiderlic alwavs looks   wor- j got MINARD'S  LIN1MKNT and in
Infect and
Low Priced
'Thi,- . ngiiic will'save you (lie high
'������>>[ i>i farm labor���ft will save you
nioiny .iii upkeep and-operating, cost.
It will -save, you time by doing your
work quickly. It will do more and
bf-t'.'-r work than any oilier gasoline
engine ������:' ils mzc- made. Vou. will
iiml ii ;V paying investment from the
day von start.to use. il. Built, to
stand the strain of hard work, no
parts ���rail been',. leak, or cause tSS$Z.
tru'uiile   and- delay.
-.-.. -;'���']lojipr'r'-.cooled���Equipped;, with, speed.   .-:-giuo   is   shipped   out   -ready    for    operation-'
;i:l-;i';]'ji;V^dryiiycyyv.l!iclfpro.yit|es- -for7..a i.widc.'.-.:\\ilk';all/pipe ���..coiiiiretion.v.inad'e--: completed���
'>���;������ rial:'.>ii. 'of '.-..spe'riT."and ��� <-;.ni:   be..: regulated    .'. ^cillnimy'-^
while the'-.viijiiire i<-hi'Operation.-"J.'he- gas/).;    X;\\ ;vd.'<   in7- ''Xx/.i-XyXi '���}��������� i:.p. ;ip: io Tl "Ii:j)."Siale '
X'iiX-   is .cont;timd in   -.){������' ija-M.';   am!   ear!;   en- "X si,"-'- -yOn   r<-<jrii-<-.
���:7 XXXiXyyX ... 'XXXxx:x'X:i'"X- i-W Vii ���'���'���..- ioyi 111 its't ra>": .i l.-Caial o-::'-       ; ��� X.X: ���-..';���' y''"X:-xXXX. ..������-.- ....
i six    days  I  was out to'-work--again.
[ think it  the  best  Liniment made.
Edmonton. .
The Way of
Honor and Safety
Grim Tenacity of Those Who Held
Out to the End
The cost of resistance is heavy,
and the sacrifices will bc great. But
it is thc way of honor and thc way
of ultimate safety for thc world. In
thc Napoleonic struggle some nations obtained tempcrary respites by
submitting to the conqueror and
even changing over to his side. But
the peace and settled order which
they sought \. as only in thc long
run obtained by thc grim tenacity of
those who held out and persisted to
the end. Wc have the same issue before us today with different protagonists, and however long the road
and dark the night, wc must brace
ourselves to resist and endure.���
Westminster Gazette.
';: .���  UNION MADE^ ���-.;
iJfoownfrtrm,CccuiC to���baaf\ II
I f?S&APNCeCO-��-'MITH>r
I     TORONTO CA.i__iA.rN*    i
��m��I*E TUCftETTS
Submarine Cable Relaying
Islands Must Be   Found   for   Relay
The longest continuous stretch of
submarine cable now working, lhat
is, without relay, is 3,458 nautical
miles���that from Vancouver to Fanning Island iu lhc Pacific, and the
average distance without relay is
much less than this. It is evident,
therefore, that on the long transoceanic cables such as those across the
Pacific, islands must be found for
relay stations. This explains the rivalry of certain European nations
for the possession of small, solitary
islets, scarcely more than mere rocks,
and useless except foi: just such a
purpose as this. JLTiis was the reason for Germany's acquisition of thc
Caroline and Marianne islands and
later of one of the Samoa group, at
the time of our war with Spain.
Similarly, England is to be found in
possession of conveniently placed islands all over the world.���The Americas.
The Appetite of Youth
Quickly Restored
A Medical Need Supplied.���When
a medicine is found that not only
acts upon the stomach, but is so composed that certain ingredients of it
pass unaltered through the stomach
to find action in the bowels, then
there is available a purgative and a
cleanser of great effectiveness. Par-
melec's Vegetable Pills are of this
character aud are the best of- all
pUIs. During the years that they
have been in use they have established themselves as no other pill has
Eat Less Bread
Strong".'Double Geared
��� i\ '.:. S;.Oi >r. .'XoJ .A . :..i'i:.: ;'.j -.f .\.. V .. ; V-ia/ii/e
y.Xt.XX\\>T '.v.t.milr::p:'t.()'. !.!:.'rsc.;.i;:;.-'.'ami l,rarich .
.'���]������: "l.l:-'-!iii '���..X'l.rilXi.'i.n;- p:i.-..LO':r-:e,'" i;cvii-cii v.-hh'
':'���': XI.��� y.} ii.\::i.yiiyo-i:-Xy.X ;'ii o;c. ;.-"��� A'. sti::<ly .���
i'i'������'!'';:���'-"..T-.!':.it'- 'yXVxfiXr'-loyX.XXhU-^ctoryy
vV :'��������.";; if''':.::'Vi:Vi':i'xA- ;yqh-'-.n:i-||o!;.-\!S .vyym ���
������ ������-���- T.'jii.::-^ . y.XX-^ey.'(-:.' v-p.' -X. J-.-.v io::  v.;e:?c;
�����",'!."-.!:- -n-���; . :]f-.':.r\.i.
,;; .::':,i -x-x-ix. xx.. ;,v.
"; ���}���.!!:������=':-'
;Ton:;d|;y;;;j?;-'6diicis,;' .Lirriilcd.-y Calgary,:"Al.ta:j-.;::"-'.
y.'X ���������'.."."���>'.-''iName--of -Paper) - ;���"���
ypleaW' s<-'h.dy;;]ieviiiformation^ off -.iie'rii.".'marked-
-with WiTi X.XX.xy.X "���'/.;: XX::.. xx; yX'XxXxiXiXx.
"'.LJS_>iv<-:-.. (ins: -J-mgincs'
L_]cicV-;:!..!:d  Tractors
[^jAli'ole'c trie. Lighting,
7:::'Plan.t5 "'
��� * *. *- *.��'���� �� ��� t ��� '
Must deduce Consumption in Order
, to Supply S'-'ldicrs'V/itli "ood -'���'
i lie allies' wheat supplv is perilously close to tin- -point of exhaustion
Then: is wheal in Australia and In
dia but these ���countries ��� are both
practically, -inaccessible by reason-'-oi
the shipping shorlagr; There has
been much talk oi Using Japanese'
vessels to bring Australian wheal to
America, but the project i.s problematical'a.i-'best, and the amount which
may be'carried during the:in-xt three
or four mouths is necessarily limited!
1 'art. of-the-Argentina- crop has still
to be moved bin .with increasing demands upon .e:irg(�� vessels to jrans.-
pori soldivr.s and munitions, to support tin- allies i:i their present erisis,
the ships can ill be spared.. One
boat on the North American route is
worth two operating between the Argentine and Kurope. South America
lias not chough surplus wheat to
meet tlie allies' ne��-<ls, and besides,
every time we, by our 'aiiure ��� to
save-.bread .and mini, force an allied
vesse 1. to:.gi\��� else\>.here f<ir., si!\>\dies;
.lighting, .uieu.yiif-;-least, one "trailsport
o I y \ ' u if ed   Stat e>   rei n l.'i > r'c'ciu'en t s.���.
e.'uf allies .'.look' to u's for.:" ���-.wheat
Mid- we-.haye not; been ; giving ilieiii
the.....(j'liafiijties': tli'e'y . need..<;���'.'I'lle ."..itrit-
i si i y i 11 i i list i" v ���'��� i ii"- .1/ )o'd-;=! ia s..- ��� j, i s i '��� (- a bled
t.lri'v" messagi;:; ,''.\\ heat-- inipon������;.-'���'���'������ are
not. ii rn \ ing'.'iu .:tjiir.iit iti'c's ...sufficient :.to
'meet.; our w-'eckly.; rcfjiiireiii'cnts.'.y XJLv-
cfy.;:eff6rt'-.-' that ;.can ' be::-;' exerted' :;.in
Ciiiiada-'to-;:' increase:-' shipments,".*-71: of:
wheat -and -meat :.vy .ill: ;be: invaluable.".
-7;.Witii: liearly. fqiir.;:m.'oriths'.'...untir:.tlie.
19187 wheat .crppyvviH:by /available'.'-for
con sumption,- this " "coht incn t.";. cannot
wheal, for 'sh:p!iu;nt;' ovcx?.r;i.s','./hniess.
'���United Slate?;: bc;.sli'arply.y Xndx substantially., .reduced-;-'. .That"; amount,
fvlls .far ili'ort;. of- lI.e.; ��� allies' : miner
���mum requirements... It must: be ;.. in-,
creased ahd the only possible way in
which v.e can; do so is ;to. cat less
bread and.iise'''Te5s"whcat -flour.v
Make their work easier. They
are faiiWu} friends and deserve the best treatment.
; "Usc.hatfas much as any olher"
Lightens the load. The hiica
forms a smooth, liard surface
on the spindles and the grease
keeps it ihere; Mica Grease
gives the effect of roller bearings and reduces unnecessary ���
strain on your team.
Xi.:i���'-,"Lengthens leather.lije'X v
Is the Best harness life, insurance on the rnrirket. It overcomes the worst enemies of
leather ���- -water .and dirt.
Leaves your harness soft, pliable and waterproof. A pure
mineral;tiil.'free from acids and
cannot.injurc the leather.."-:....
'���'���ji Soli in Etnndard sired packaces by live ,.
:.-:"  ���  .-��� .dealers.everywhere.",-       ���;";'.!'
  - -��� y���*J
Appetite is useless unless digestion
is good. Dr. Hamilton's Pills make
tremendous appetite and keep digestion up to the mark, as well. The
liver, bowels and kidneys are stimulated, tlie stomach strengthened, and
robust, hcalt qv.ickly follows. Dr.
Hamilton's Fills, instill vigor and snap
into the system. You'll forget
you have.?, stomach, forget your days
of sickness if Dr. Hamilton's Pills
are used. Insist on having Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c pcr box, no other
medicine so good.
Fighting Germany
With Machinery
The Only Way to Beat the Germans
Is to Make This a. War. of Xx
It one of his chief lieutenants may
he-accepted as speaking for. him, Mr.
���Henry Ford's idea is that the only
way to beat the Germans is to make
this a war of .machinery. He thinks
that so far. lhe. allies have neglected
machinery. The niorc the allies turn
to machines, is thc ...argument, the
more the Germans will be forced to
follow suit. The y.ar.vvill then become a conies', of quantitative production of machines, and in that
kind of war no other nation can.
compete with America. Pniild airplanes till up.-German'machine can
get into the air. - Build, tanks . until
tlicy cover the Whole battlefrorit.
Build cannon till the German artillery is smothered.. Build ���machines .of
tillage in siich.yiHinibers,; that:. ainple
crops .can; hcXraised;'while::. ;ihe'da'i.fd
;is';depleted of laborers.: Build ships
fill they : cover'.- liie -sea.'���'.. Build destroyers till ;. no , .German' submarine
(hire conic, to ihe sariace. Quantity;
.quantity', quantity, is tiie Ford idea.;
.The-army, talked to him about
building a ''hundred or ihe small, two-
inan tanks \ve -have heard so much
:abo;if...:I'ord was willing to build experimental ..tanks...-, but. when it came
lev;.'number?;-'-he .said: ���.���������"���Come.-,- back
'vvith"-.a':: pro posit ion; fpr':.ti-n thousand
or. a hundred:, thousand atid I Will
���i-a-ik:������ to yon."���Theodore -Knappen in
���Xew.vV,ork':' 'Fribuncl": :���,:.'...;:,... -.;..,-:
Dead Sea is Now British
Has Been British Property Since the
Capture of the City of
Speaking of control of thc seas,
one of them���the Dead Sea of thc
scriptures���has been British property
since the capture of the city of Jerusalem, -which is near to its shores.
But the Dead Sea, of which the
River Jordan is the principal affluent, is a salt lake, 47 miles long and
9yi miles wide, though its depth (occupying as it docs a big chasm in the
earth's surface). is 1,272 feet. Its
surface is a quarter of a mile lower
than that of the Mediterranean and
it has no outlet. The water of the
Dead Sea is so heavily laden with
salt that.no fish can live in it.
To the view,, however, it is not unattractive. On the contrary, it is one
of thc most ' beautiful, lakes, in the
world���sapphire blue in color, with
sparkling wavelets, and surrounded
by mountains of a spectacular pic-
turcsquchess. ���
Geologists maintain that a jet of
petroleum which is found near by,
caught fire in remote ages, and the
explosion of internal reservoirs created a vast crater over which the
Dead Sea rolls. This may have
involved.the ruin of Sodom and Gomorrah, referred to in lhe Book of
The Traditional Failing
Patient���Doctor, why does a small
cavity seem so large to thc tongue?
Dentist���Just the natural tendency
of the tongue to exaggerate, I suppose.���Judge.
��� iihi i H^n tun i jifntnnii
Better Off
if you drink
:.;;Sermon: Had Effect y:y; Xxy;
:������ ���.;'_I:''v.vvas': clad"-to.--see :yoii;:;at..ychurch
last. -Suinlay,'',--.faid:;';th.e,..yicar ; .pomp-^
: Otlslv::-.::vv: :'���-���"-.
i ser'iiieiir b'; yduri:-..;qn;;'Thrift';.hail;-;;-.a'.
great' effect -'on ^mr^.par^ou;'!;^: X..,r-Xy
-:-"l'XX\���yrryyjrl-id-.-;to: hear/it/v;sniil-
cdy:thC:-vicar;v^:VAu'.l ;iio\v;did:it--affect
vour'' :',::..   'iXixii ' v.. Xxx x^XxX
���".'Tommv, shook his head knowingly..
"I '���: went :ont; before the collection .'.was.
taken.''���The7 Argonaut.yyv.:;;v;--;-;-.yy7;;;:.
instead of
tea or coffee.
Postum is
delicious and
satisfying .
w.   n,   w.   law WM   IEDQ&*   QmwmOQEL   & ��L
WHAT will become of you when age and -1 Germany's  Gloomy   Future'
weakness come. Secure now an EXCEL- = \ h
Write for pamphlet to-dai
Professor    Sees    Little
After   the  War
(Agents  Wanted ��� in
il ii ���coresented   Districts)
i At a meeting of the Farmers' Lca-
' gue_ of .Munich, the well-known Bavarian agrarian leader, Dr. Heim,
sombrely pictured the economic future of Germany, stating that thc
stock of cattle had beeu depleted and
oil   exhausted.    It   was   sclf-dc-
A Kosi Fence���Not Netting
Strongly matte au'l clyscly ppacd���mafcinff it a comp'.eto
i Tfarrler'aEninis&largoanunals as well aa small poultry. 'l'op-^,
J andbotloir.M-troaNo. 9��� mlenuetlialos JIo. li wire���tiia.iaff  }|
I by tiio Open Hearth proenss whitli t inie aad othar tiib tiitv- J    ,(
proven to l,�� tin. I.f :-.t.   A��ki.l��'UL iinrfa.";.i"'l nrnJ.tn:".itiia.   -^U
eucins.   Writetcuuy EureutaiUK.   ltiinur^lfi'uoni *  *���-"     -
Tho B��nv��oll-Moxl�� Vim Tenr-.e Ootnpsny,
 jc.eplion   lo  believe that  pre-war cou-
idilions could ever return.  Rebuilding
j would   take   decades    and     Germany
I would be unable to export the goods
. J needed.    Some salvation lay between
j j free trade and compulsory  stale control,  Dr.' Heim  opined.
Mitring, Clicir.it-.l, Civil. Mechanical ancl
Electrical Xnginecring.
Aits Cmir.se  l>y corre.s;-n!-.tlcnce.    Ocgicc j
���with one year's atlriu'cuce or four
summer Sessions,
Summer School    Navigation School j
LJuly and Auguat December to April
J 9 GEO. Y. CHOWN. RegUtrar j
Road Grading Contests
To  Be Conducted Under thc  Direc
tion of the Department of
Highways |
Between four hundred and live, i
hundred miles of highways iu Sas- !
katclicwan will be. dragged this sum- j
mer in the road-dragging eoinpcti- !
lions to be conducted under the di- j
reelion of tin- department of high-'
ways of that province.    This will be |
It Seemed Like It
Lecturer���Thc idea of eternity, niy
~ ��� j friends, is something too vast for the
': human mind lo conceive.
I     Voice from the Audience���Did you
! ever pay for a $700 piano on  the in
stallment  plan?���Life.
on  iiorses.
(approximately    double    the    mileage j ���
I dragged hist year.    The   competition'
'will  start  June   1, and   it   is   expected
| that at least sixty municipalities will
be   entered  throughout   the  province.
Each competitor will drag and main-
lain from three to six miles of road.
Strong Enough To Do
Cattle, etc., quickly cured
i-or  S.uc  L/  Alt   Heaters
Douglas   ft   Co.,   Vrop'r��.   Napance,   Ont.
The British
Through Arab Eyes
The Wings of the Aeroplane
When baying your Pianc
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
The  Desert  Already  Has  Begun   to
l'rilain is the greatest Asiatic power. The fact is commonly overlooked. Hut it is known in Asia,
says lhe Vancouver World, which
records the  following:
liritish troops went to Bagdad and
Opportunity  for  Farmers to  Engage  are going lo .Mosul.    British prestige.
Extensively in the  Production must  be.  maintained   iu  the  Last     if
of Fibre  Flax British rule in   India  is  to be  main
War  conditions  have  afforded    an       What  do  the  natives think  of the
excellent  opportunity  for  farmers  in   British  in   Bagdad?    An Arab  news-
certain sections of Canada to engage'paper gives tlie answer.    With naive
nAmPCtpan   illltv  extensively    >"     the    production    of  astonishment it  records  sonic of thc
UUUlGdlCau  1/UlJjhbre  flax.      Thcy   will  thereby    not   doings of  thc   British.
  'Only add to their sources of income,       Bagdad is now  lit with electricity.
SIDNEY     BENT      GIVES      THE; but  will  also  bc  of direct and vital  This is British work.    But the Arabs
CREDIT TO   DODD'S pl!cl   m   t,lc  *��var  efforts  of   thc  allies, ! arc   quite   convinced   that   it   is     the
KIDNEY PILLS ' J llc niastcrv of tllc llir 's proving a j work of  linns.   ���
  [great, perhaps  thc determining    fac-       Each  house in   Bagdad    has
Six Years Ago He Had Kidney Dis-i1.01'' m.  lllc stn,Eglc  now   going   outvalued and registered.    No excessive
A   Dominion   lixprcss   Money
five dollars  costs  thret  cents.
ease So Bad His Friends Said He
. i    Would Not Live Long
Order     for ;
Melting Monuments
Lydiard, Sask.���Strong and healthy
I and able to do the heavy work     of
j homestead duty, Mr.  Sidney Bent, a
! well-known settler here, is telling his
  ! friends of the great benefits    he    re-
Germans at  End  of  Raw   Materials ��� ceived from   using    Dodd's    Kidney
For Munitions j Pl}}*: --
.... .  . ,1       -mx ycars  ago  I   suffered    a    lot
Workmen arriving in Switzerland j from niy back and kidneys," Mr.
from Germany, says a despatch from j Bent says. "I tried a lot of medi-
Hernc lo the. Pans Matin, assert that;cillc ;uui drugs, but kept getting
the Germans.arc having great diffi- j worse, till some of my friends said
culty m  obtaining raw material     for   ]   would  not live long.
the manufacture of munitions. Scv
era I German newspapers daily publish ordinances commandeering material and ordering the melting of
monuments and household objects
containing metal, even handles' on
doors and windows  being  specified.
Did He Get Her?
He was very much in love, and
finally screwed up his courage to the
point of proposing.
"Darling," hc said, "I lay-my fortune at your.feet."
���   "Why;"  shc  said,    "I  didn't  know
you had a fortune."
"It isn't much of a fortune," came
the cooing reply. "But beside thoss
litttle feet of yours, it would look
like a regular Rockefeller lump."-���-
Moose Jaw News.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Champions the Conductorette
The conductorette has made the
street car more picturesque as well
as more agreeable. Shc has softened
thc manners of passengers. Shc is
���neater and defter than a conductor,
snd shc wears her uniform with a
difference. It was a happy accident,
if there can be., such a thing in war,
���which called her into being.���Philadelphia  Public. Ledger.
"Four ycars ago I decided to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills. After taking
the first.box I felt so much better 1
decided to continue  the treatment.
"The result is I have been able to
do homestead duly for the last three
"I would advise anyone suffering
from kidney trouble to take Dodd's
Kidney rills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills havc made
tlicir reputation by curing kidney
diseases and the ills that spring from
diseased kidney*,. They arc no cure-
all. But if you arc suffering from
rheumatism, lumbago, sore back, diabetes or some other form of kidney
trouble, ask your neighbors what
Dodd's Kidney Pills have done for
;Aeroplanes arc being built in yasl
numbers as rapidly as possible,
a covering for the wings of"" these,
linen is thc only material found satisfactory. Large ciuanlities arc also
needed for machine gun webbing,
ambulance and truck covers, thread
for sewing uniforms, and a number
of other uses. Were the supply of
fibre flax for these purposes to fall
short, as is threatened, it would directly and profoundly affect the success of the allied forces.
Before the war, flax was imported
into the United Kingdom mainly
from Belgium, France, Germany, the
Netherlands and Russia. Thc German supply is, of course, now cut off,
while, in 1916 France produced no
flax for export, Belgium a mere fraction of its former supply, and the
Netherlands about half its former
quantity. Owing to conditions in
Russia no exports of fibre flax can b
j rents
As   man
Why We Muat Cook Meat
depended on this year; Ireland,
great tlax-produciiig country in
United Kingdom itself, cannot
thc best of seasons and with
largest possible acreage under
commence to meet the demand
The, foregoing information is
taincd in a ctrci.lar on flax growing
issued by the federal department of
agriculture-and that can ,be had frea
by addressing the Publications
Brancli of that Department, Ottawa.
can be. charged. The Musstil-
religious endowments have
been recorded. Every cent of money expended by these must bc accounted for.
The railway has been extended
from the Persian Gulf. The Arabs
feared thc railway so thc British induced thousands of Ihcm to lay the
rails at good wages. There was no
trouble amongst the ... onlookiug
tribesmen  thereafter.
Thc first through train to Bursa
was filled with Arab sheikhs. They
went doubtfully thcy returned, says
thc Arab chronicler, ''full of praise,"
ancl calling on Allah "that every
good might come to lhc great British   government."
There is an idlers Act iu Bagdad
even as in Canada. Everyone must
work. All thc high taxes havc been
remitted; all the high rents for farming lands have been abolished. The
the i British governor- has taken such
lands and rented them at a reasonable figure. Finally there arc ncw
schools  full  of  pupils.
Thus Briiish rule after Ottoman
misrule. The desert already has De-
gun to blossom. The Arab newspaper reported' from Whom these
facts arc taken invokes Allah in'blessing.'
Work of Demagogism
The Man Who Holds on to the Coat
Tails  of a Demagogue Is a
Public Enemy
It seems to be the province of
demagogism to make life so easy that
citizenship has no cares. It proposes all sorts of laws that relieve
the individual and leave him without any duties to perform. It makes
an animal out of him and puts him
in a pen and feeds and fattens him
up. That is what sonic people want.
Thai is all the politics some people
have. And thus demagogism is a
busy part of politics. Platforms
and political  speeches are  full oi it.
The manly duty is left out. The
courage to do one's part and to deny
oneself is hardly considered. And
yet true citizenship is a self-denial.
It turns its back on a selfish purpose, and a chance to grasp. It
represents a high ideal, an uplift, a
manly aspiration. Thc trouble with
customary politics is that the main
issue is what it will do for mc, mc,
me. That is ignoble citizenship and
dirty politics. There is something
positive in thc character of a patriotic citizen, and he should show it
everywhere, in opinion, in action ,in
The AutoStrop
Safety Razor is always ready for use
���the edge is uniformly keen and it
i.s.a simple matter
to keep it so.1
It strops, shaves arid
is cleaned without
taking apart.
This explains -why
the AutoStrop is uni-
yersaIIy used and
liked by thetbys overseas.
Gi^e your soldier an
AutoStrop��� it's the
gift he needs.
AutoStirop Safety
'"; v^vi^^LimitedX''XXX
83-87 D��keSt.    v    Toronto, 0��t -.'"'
Raw Meat    May    Infect    Consumer
With Tuberculosis and Other
No meat should bc consumed raw-
tor thc reason that it may not only
infect its consumer with tuberculosis
but also with trichinosis and other
The heat ordinarily..applied to a
heavy roast docs not sterilize the
lymphatic glands which lie imbedded
in thc llc'sh. If the animal is tubercular the glands arc always affected
even, though no evidence of thc disease is to be found in the tissues.
In milk the germ of tuberculosis is
killed .'when, heated to 1-l.v degrees
Fahrenheit: for thirty minutes, This
is called pasteurization.
Micat,- however, is a poor conductor of heal, and heat penetrates to
the centre of large pieces of meat
very slowly. "    ��� . ."
if the interior of a roast of beet
retains much, of the blood-red color
of the raw meat you can be sure that
the temperature has riot been high
enough to destroy any germs that
may bc. present.
Dr. Woolhcad of the  British  Royal   .Commission      subjected      meats
known to contain tubercular material |
to the ordinary processes of cooking.
After cooking he  used     the    central
portions   for   feeding  and   inoculating j
animals.    The  results were  startling. I
He  found- the   center  of     a    joint j
weighing 'six- '.pounds1 never attained' a' j
higher- temperature  than-140  degrees
j .Fahrenheit .dining   ordinary   cooking,
j The. germs on   the  outside were    de-
! stroyed  but  those  un   th.e  inside    re- j
j niaiiu'd alive. _   .'���     '. I
| The results cif his ; esperinieiil i
j prove that llie most trustworthy !
i method- of cooking nieal is by boil- \
' in^.-��� From "Do- \\'e Need Meat?" bv j
j Alfred W- MeC'anu in May Physical j
! t "nil ure.   ..- ���':''!
Hay in High Explosives
The statement has been made by a
representative of the government
lhat 5 .million . tons of coarse and
grassy hay will bc required this year
in thc production of a filler in the
manufacture of high explosives. This
hay'is. thoroughly macerated and 20
pcr cent, of the bulk of the cxplo-
! sivc is said to be. made of thc rcsu-
lant fibre:, replacing thc cotton formerly used. . There are many places
where      -h coarse, mixed hay may be
Sweet and palatable, : /Mother
Graves* Worm Exterminator is acceptable, to children, and it docs its
work surely and promptl}".
War Garden Bulletin
grown,  but .where    hay   suitable   for
feed is difficult to produce.���Scientific   experience that accounts for it.
Johnnie Knows
Teacher���"Do you know, Johnnie,
where   shingles .Were  first  used?"
Johnnie (modestly)��� "I'd rather
not  tell."���Milestones.
Not Sure as to Location.
voung-  officer,     in   London     on
from      France     lor  the     tir>l
hailed a cab .at Victoria. 'The
1 cabman v\as none too expedition!, in
���' liis   iiiovi-nit'iils.
i "llnrrv .up, man,' shouted the ofii-
icer. "1 want to gel home (piicldy.;
! drive like tin- devil."
j Away went cabby, and after mad-:
!'ly, 'driving through' the streets for
;.'soiiie-'������time, hc'.slowed', down.
'. ""'I Iic'oi'fiei r called tlirony.1? the win-
ihi,\. " \ 11   \w  ileal ly   there.'"'
Muklv    e.'lne   lhe     jehu's    dKpiirv:
i"\\heri   Xu\  \ i /   vvant   in H". -oi "-"
Concrete Ship
": ������Aii^oflmml.'. ri'po-ii.-
['.oi the vV.!K};'i:t:e $>bip.,
'sK'rtiiii:;-:'Jirial ?:_t.ripy
Satisfactory ^^    .,
pii.'.'ithw' hclKiyloT.}
h'aii'i during
���c^ast.;;inya...stfci;n;/^\ni'lj;iaiiitselioppy ,!
sea; -siiy s:" ilvi/iVeWse'kis'ilielicvcd . ���lo: be'i
fully?  cqiial ff.:,iioi';;stipenor ..to. '.'any I
p IfiXy. 'XX:.') XiXXH itli y -s o'o n: % wfi'l jvti itdcr -. j;
���XXAX 'baby X chicte;' fepi'^dtice'syits ^pwiv j
���ySigbVVmaity ?7iii^ei^ciycjc-ylijriji g.��������� the j
food/; \v;i.Fnii!'l;.;|:!7fc*l<lin.g^vffe^lf :aiiv and ;
:ca re ful; al'lenl'toti? are;7 .r e('tinrcd'.'tbJ.pSr:|
���Slid"'niash ;{<:'^d;}>^
:'ixa.\.xXiXXXXX"-XXX xyxX-yXXiXxxX~i.i^.
When youth takes fli^'-it on the ���
v.r'nrtsof years btauly of complexion goff.s too, unless you give your
si:in proper and cr.ily care. Usc of
In gram's'Idilk'veed Cream will enable yon to apr.csr youthful when
you a:e no longer young. Its dis-
tinctivo rer-.Tc!iaJ eflect upon the
tisjoes of l},e skin keeps tho complexion  colorful,   soft   and free
������; tiorn ...b'etr.isli.-   It does   actually .,
:::,' ''hcalthify'-yaVid'tJeautify yourcortf-;*
: /plexi<_ n��VSihccTSSS th?H:'3;;:be;en :;
^nothingVise 'ljust-.a's-gobd;',.'- .;T\Rte'i;;
v'rip pfhsr.-.':: X'X"xXiyiXiXyyy
: \V��Viii cSaya, liousehoid work, .ind.-,;
'= kitchen tieat; nil eauic perspiration and .
-Vithiny^joily^skin. .ytu c��n avoid this'byX:.
':.uBine fneranj'aVelveoia Spuveraine-������
i.-FscePo^vaer.' It t>l<n.d��perfectly with.':';
:--!.the eornr1exion-;:!, A ii.Eht tijucli hides.���������
'������ little t)5emi��hes,trittke�� your con>piex-i.,:
ft ipn.'snncoth, ��oift, khd' flawless, -'A/full'.';.
si''line^df.Ineram'��'.tqilet:-_prc>dnet��,-;'in-; '���"..
>;'.cluil>ne��:Zpden,sa-f!Jr:..the- tttth,;-'l��;,��t-vi
���'���-'i'X'ivkH--        * ��� ���'*'������   '*..''' ���'������''--'^^^ '������'���
X tenleilwlam . '- * '" .>������    ''iXX-yX::*%-i>'
���;-.. :���-wi'ritri��ii TMtU ' 'X\xXyXi~:'i:: ���xixXx
xixXi-yXXX. X-ixXx. X'X'X'tsXXX.
The Secret of Ensuring the   Proper
Germination of Seed .
Very few amateur gardeners havc
yet discovered the secret of ensuring
the proper germination of seed.
When things turn out wrong they
arc apt to blame thc quality of the
seed, when as a matter of fact, it is
more likely  lo be  their  own  lack ot
Before lhc seed is put iii, the soil
should be loose and friable. After
thc seed has been sown it is always
desirable to make  the soil firm.
All salad crops can bc induced to
be"more  sprightly in  their growth if
the.row   or  patch  is  covered      with
straw   three  or   four  days after    the
seed has been sovvti. The crop gels a
good  start  if this  is  done  and    the
temlerest of radishes, lettuce and onions shoot up and arc ready for use
at   least:   a   week   earlier   ihan      tlicy
; would otherwise be;
j     I'lant  lice  arc  the  enemies   of   .al-
; most 'all kinds of plants.     Thcy    are
j known as "Aphis" and "Green  Ply."
I Tbey make their appearance early iii
| the  season  and as  soon  as  thcy are
| noticed the plants should bc sprayed
j cither with whale-oil soap (one pound
i dissolved .in . six   gallons     of      warm
j water)   or  commercial   nicotine    sulr
1 phate (-10 per cent.) as sold by���������sce'ds-
,' men. .and   as. recommended-- on,     the
leans.     11 all"..'a  potmdof laundr
j'should  lie dissolved  in every tc
jlons of.water.
|      It  is a .mistake -to a-sumc. that  en! -
.1 tiyation   stops' v, hen   once   the     seed:
'arein  the ground.. The'ground" needs
: ciiiitininv.is .'aiienti.Hi   and   after   ' i-ain
���it   sliould  alwa.vs   lie  uo'iii-  over     with
���ithe  I
1 t c r';'-
, the .be-
! allow;, a
tlie   soi
' ':���' li.;vei
You   Can    Improve    Your   Physical
Condition by Keeping the
Blood Pure
People with strong constitutions
escape most oi the minor ills that
make life miserable for others. Don't
you envy the friend who does not
knovy what a headache is, whose digestion is perfect, and who sleeps
soundly at night? How far do you
comc from this description? Have
you ever made an earnest effort to
strengthen your constitution, to build
up your system, to ward off discomfort and disease? Unless you have
an organic disease it is generally possible, to so improve your physical
condition that ;. erf eel health will be
yours. The first thing to bc done is
to build up your bloocl as poor blood
is the sonrcc of physical weakness.
To build up the blood Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills is just the medicine you
need. Every dese helps to make new
blood which reaches every nerve and
every part of thc body, bringing color to the cheeks, brightness to the
eyes, a steadiness to thc hands, a
good appetite and splendid energy.
Thousands throughout the country
whose conditions once made them
despair, owe their present good
health, to this medicine. If you arc
one of the weak and ailing give Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills a fair trial and
note the daily gain in new health
and abounding vitality. Among those
who have proved the truth of these
statements is Mrs. Fred Goslin, R.R.
No. 2, Ruthven, Ont., who says:���"A
few years ago I underwent an operation for a fibroid tumor. I had been
ailing so long that I ditl not gain as
the doctors said I should. I was in
such a rundown condition, that they
said it would take mc a- very long
time to recover. But instead of gaining, I .was" growing weaker, and the
doctor said 1 must go back to the
hospital. I did not want to do this,
and having often heard of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as a strength builder 1 decided to try them. I was
greatly surprised at the help I received from them. In three months I
was able to go about, aud our home
doctor expressed his astonishment, as
he had not expected mc lo recover
believing pernicious; anaemia had set
in. It took mc about a year to recover my full strength, but ever
since I havc been doing iny own
housework, and have lo give Dr.
WTUiams' Pink Pills the praise for
my present.slate of good health."
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail post
paid at 50 cents a box. or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine  Co.,  Brockviile,  Ont.
A Good Word for Reindeer
ry soar
ten gal-
Reindeer Supply Milk and. are Valuable for Their Skins and Furs
"I hope to sec herds of domes!i-
eatod reindeer all across the country
of Northern Canada, from ocean to
ocean-;'' said Dr. Wilfred. T. Grenfcll,
iii-a-speech at Boston.. Dr. Grenfcll
spoke on his wo:" .at Labrador to
the members of thc New Kngland
Grenfcll Association and the Labrador Branch of tlie Needlework
Guild. There was a joint meeting, at
St. Paul's Cathedral.
Dr. 'Grenfcll said that it has been
proved by lhc experiment of the
reindeer from Lapland that, they
will supply milk ami are valuable
for their, skills and furs. He. declared -that the original:.herd, of 250, introduced into North M.c.vvfomidland
instead of Labrador as intended, had
multiplied, from '250 .to ���. 1,250. ���'"���
Preserving Eggs
Superority    of    the      Lime      Water
Method Clearly  Demonstrated
Last year a circular, "How lo
Preserve l-'ggs,' 'was written by Professor Herner of .Manitoba Agricultural College. This circular met with
a great demand, and the first edition  has   been  exhausted.
During thc past year new work in
testing methods of egg preserving
have been carried on, and in publishing a second edition of the circular
Prof. Herner adds these observations:
1917-18     l-'.xpcrimenlal     Work      in J
Preserving   Eggs.���The   experimental
work  in  preserving  eggs  by different
methods,   which     was   carried   on   by
the poultry department of the. Maui"-*
tolia Agricultural College during   the j
past  season,    again  corroborates   the
statements  made     in     regard  to   the
various   methods  of  preserving.
The. superiority of the lime water
method was again clearly demonstrated. Thc eggs came out of the
preservative, in far heller condition
than those preserved in water glass.
All eggs were, put in the same preservatives at the same time, and kept
in the same, length of lime. Thc lime
water eggs were firmer in the yolk
and white than the water glass eggs.
Tlicy poached for better, and were
of better quality and flavor than the
water glass eggs. In many of the
eggs preserved in water glass the
yolks had settled lo one side and
stuck to the shell. In opening these
eggs the yolks would break, making
it impossible to poach them. The
while was also cpiite thin and watery, thus making it epiile difficult lo
poach or fry them properly. The
lime water eggs were decidedly superior in these points.
Sonic eggs were preserved in a
lime and salt solution with excellent results. In fact, in the experiment these eggs were better than
those out of the lime water, and far
superior to  the water glass eggs.
Besides the three liquid preservatives mentioned here we also preserved one lot of eggs by immersing
them in boiling water three times for
a second or two each time. They
wcrc then put iu a hunipty dumpty
egg crate and set away in a cool
room. Another lot of eggs were
simply wrapped iu paper and put in
an ordinary box. Both these lots
were preserved two months after thc
three other lots of eggs were put
in lhe preservatives. Thc live lots
were, however, tested out at the.
same lime, thus making the period
of preservation longer for the first
three  lots than  the last two.
The eggs dipped in the boiling
water showed an enormous amount
of evaporation. The yolks were
heavy and cloudy, and had settled to
the side of the shell. When the. eggs
were opened to fry, thc yolks stuck
so hard to the shell that it was impossible to get them out: without:
breaking. These eggs were very
much, inferior to cold, storage eggs.
W:c could not recommend this way
of preserving, if thc best quality of
preserved eggs is desired, lliey may
keep all right, but as far as poaching, boiling or even, frying is concerned, thcy arc out of the question.
Wrapping' the eggs in paper gave us
very poor results. Quite a number
of the eggs went bad, and all the
others were of very inferior, quality.
The contents of the eggs evaporated
to about two-thirds of their original
bulk, and the yolks were extremely
heavy and cloudy. .''*..
All these experimental eggs were
kept under, the same conditions in
the. same room.
OR OX-BLOOD shoes;
Start a Club in your town, where the
y oung people can
gather. We baild
���mail tablet foi
homes, and larger oaei ior public rooms. Equijv
ment free. Write
us st oncp fox
full  particular!.
102-104  Adelaide   St.   W..   Toronts
Train Ferry for
English Channel
Inauguration Indicates That the Difficulties  Have  Been
For lhc first time in thc history of
railroading a train ferry has crossed
the English channel f-oiu Nevvhavcn,
England, to Dieppe, France, carrying
about 50 cars. Since early in the
war thousands of British railway
cars have been employed in France
in transporting troops and supplies,
but thcy have all been transferred to
thc continent by freighters. Thc inauguration of ferry service indicates
that the difficulties created by very
pronounced tides havc been overcome at last to thc mutual advantage
of these two allies. At Dieppe the
water level varies as much as 31 feet.
To overcome this, short bridges, attached at one end to thc dock and
resting on large floats, arc employed. During loading and unloading
the ferry is chained to thc float ancl
dock pier as ivcll. The two smokestacks are located one at cither side
of the craft, leaving space for tracks
down the centre of the dock���Popular Mechanics  Magazine,
Once you get a few drops of Putnam's Extractor on.a.sore corn, you
realize what a boob you've been to
wait so long before using the one
painless and sure corn remedy.
Putnam's shrivels up a corn mighty
quick; peels it right off the toe, acts
entirely without pain, and never fails
j even on the oldest and toughest of
corns. For a real cure get Putnam's;
costs but a, quarter at the druggist.
The Tefror of Asthma comes like a
thief in the night, with its dreadful
throttling, robbing its victim' of
breath. It seems beyond ihe power
of human aid to. relieve until one
trial is made of that remarkable
prcpaialioti, Dr. T. D. Kcllogg's
Asthma Remedy. Then reiicf comes
with a rush: . Life becomes worth
living, and, if the remedy be used
persistently, the disease is put . permanently to rout. Take no substitute.
Million War Women
Now in Britain
hi.tyh  hoc,  !'";ilie or'��� hand' cul.iiva-
I.Vr-Utc.nr .culti.vatioir.-is  on'e -o'>
ie<t  -win's   t.n   l;i!l-'.vv.eeds   and. tn
oi   n
'into.' ..I'i--. v.'.il. \\ ceils
if plant iViiiil. 'Thcy :iii'"ivi
if .;'<fr.;-..e U> coi'inlcs? .nam'-
i-'Ti   ein-'inirs mid  plain   X\<-
It Is-'.in Demand'.���So great is the
demand for Or. 'Thomas' b.lcctric Oil
that a large factory is kept continually . bu-y-making ami bott.liiig'-if. To
be in (bin.mil allows -popular appreciation, of this 'preparatio.il, which
stands at the head of proprietary
compound.-. :���.< the leading OijI .in the
market, 'ami i_ i-*'' g.-nerally adii.i.ittul
���that'll   is'.dei-er'v'iii'.:' oi   the .lead.
Protecting Cattle Against Lightning
: A number of losses in cattle by
j lightning have, been caused . by the
i electric current passing-along.: fence
j "wires against Whieh cattle .sonieti n ;;---.
! huddle during a storin. As a projection against this a-writer in an
; American farm journal recommends
���the grounding of ffn.ee-'wires. ���" ���
j. To secure the bt>l la-Mill* tlie
I ground wires, -this'writer says, ini.yhi
' to be placed about every 100 '.u'ct
'apart and stapled closely lo'the pos*
; in order to make a ���-.iiii.iei v\it'
| every one of the
I Tlio ground wires
digluly-'nb'ive' ���' t In
a     ���-.iiii.iei
line    fein-C.
should a|s,>
���: .'I'f.ViO-.'     ;.,>
v\ r
Remarkable   Development   in    Work
Done by Them in Last Fourteen Months
;   Speaking at the London exhibition,
of  women's  work in  munition    production,  Frederick  George Kclhuvay-,
j secretary to the minister    of    muni-
itionsj  said  that iu  every  one  of  the
j defensive    measures    taken    when  a
\ raid on  London is  carried out     thc
; women have taken their part, except,
i in the actual flying of aircraft.
I     The development-.which'had  taken
. place  iu   women's   work  during    the
last   14  months/ continued   the     secretary,   was   quite  as   remarkable    as
it s ��� _dcve! eminent. ..at. an ..earlier-, period
i of. the.'war.    In July,.. 1914, he stated,
there   were   _'20,l)()0   women    engaged
in   munition   industries;  while, in  January,  1917, that    number    had    been
increased  lo 091,000, and. today their
���niiiubiT  was    I.HOO.OOO;      A     steady
stream  of ./trained   women   was being
into, ��� tin''
ir.tiiiiu. '�����������
I liey  co-t  tl-.c  country :
��� i   dollars  a  > ear.
. In   some ..purls;  oi   Canada   tin
( any     vegetables',    may     how
reached   the  stage   where   it   is
! amis
e: ardent'
; sary   to   thin   theui.     Xo
��� libit:   to   i;ct   good   results   unless
��� does-some  judicious  thinning.   Every
, housek'cc per' does' not  know, thai  tlie
��� te'ndercst   ami   most   deliciuiis     vetro-
.l.ibk-. sin- Can h.ivt   foi   i.irly pickling
are the  vfimii;  Mailables  ihinnid  out
.md ofun, through ignorance,  thu i\;i
. aw av.
;      15.-e_^  -hiudd  1),-  thinned   until  th.cv
|'-jt'\t:';;.ij.;,oU:V;-vfvuu^tO/;six...i.'iu'.bo-.s ;apuTt  tn
X'^yXXxxX! Xlii'ri^y^f^y^^Xi.iiMXXbk^
.'���di;ei'j -UHi'rvi tic lies', 'a'parfv'.:
:/in'eji/s.v:i>eas;' tbirc/ -ine''
���i i-ri'tiii j''*;7--':' ��� :'X':Xy,:X'XXXy.X
Anecdi-ie cf Napoleon
|.)t>es-ih'-- !-...'i.-ci- i'l-inembr-r this  an'-'
ei'do'le.   uf-   Napole.iin .'   .   .'.'The.. Ti.ri'isli
seldom  win   battles,"     said    a  visitor.-]
"Iiui   always  they  w in   the  last  alio,' ;
answered.     Napoleon.   ���-   brum     the
Springfield   Re]   biican.'
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
lo   r
order ' <u
lid  peiictrai
���ca'c-li ..niii'i-i!.
Huhlui'it:'   . r-
ami '"
.week. .'..:
iiiiis -.had
llie ' ype;
.--I'l.itOi)'    l
munition factories
-.ohools at. the rate of
since   the .ministry     of
-tarli'd    the   schools,
iktr,     between     40,000;
r.;iii'i!       women      had
in.   .munition    -indus- '
"Are ;.-i 'll 'of tin; <;;;l::i.V:\
a'skofl a slim-looking \mmg-
���his i-iMii'panioii. '-'tiiat Or.:
niedieiuv  docs  any   g.^oiir". .
'���Xo!   imless   yot;   fnH'ow   tl
lions."    . _ .       ..''-..
"What  are the  dif.ee'. ion.*:'
"Keep tlie��� bol.ile.-iigi'iily. c
'v .incof.v i i    l'ru\ met.
Mil itil
Just Keep Out Air
,\r ihe preservation of eggs depends, upon rendering '.. their, shells
iuipt rvious' to the air, thcy can .. be
!���;( pi. for sonic time, by packing them
in .-awdust, in a: wooden l>ox..... The
i u-gs slioi'dd' be packed, care fully, the
-i-.i-\ 11 end' down. ar.d-..each/egg com-
i'Ht'K   cove rid   v-itl;  th"c  saw iltKi.
:'.-l Ivrec,
iiil XXX
^ iXXxiiixXixjX. To ���iWitXiihX-X^&TiXMXM-XX
;j; ^'"U'c'-n vay: a:s., w^
.] defeat;-;Cerman^7;ii.;'<f:',A\i^
;-j:;c rt;s hfiig/'ti ri 1 itr'i Vvr vi c tyVry/:vVnyj:^t:lie:r.
; i.:'.d:~f Sm.s /of/:vi;sio;ta^"it,
1:.. '
Telling   It  to the   Marines
\  luihtaiv   joiiiii,.i  u latex imi  ,,tn'is-
i'lL   -torv   of  a   HiLlilaiidt -   vvim,     ot:
bun.   -h ��w n   <n ( r   .'i   r.Kiii-o'-w ar   f. n
ll.Vf?./i:v.r st ^Tis-tO/ i;i .Ivi^':;:'li:f.Ci:,-.vv;V> ''kc\:ii.|\^
XXxyXXX' ''Vij.ii :>di/7f Hv7-fsivvv/;'-:;Tlie/7i!f;ii;-'
.ini'S::'':S,e-e'-i.'i:'i.c-d' .':|i.'u:-'il|i--irl;'.t-i'!'yy'..'.;;i/' ViiJVpress
ii>/'-iHvV:J>a\Vite/-:'/^;;/.Hve :''.'3-i.RiKf.;:'iy'''S:?-i.-;-'- C:i].i.
iili:il;;.^:plce-l:..iii��;/;'vS/I::a4 ���:.;,'. Titi;
iit;triiVc/;:ati'siotis/xo/. SCC're/'off -Vtli c Ads -
::'���;;Jip'Oin't^ you'/kn0'w;V\vliat^t-'';i:sV2;/hc
icoXXXXX'-ix iXyXy:yyxr.yXxXXXXxX:iXi
iXyXiXXXi .'.rcpli-cd "svijh ���?>5/^t;dis34^'ist*
kieivtly/;" Kiiyas tini i/^axin// ai io-*(t ;/Ay"er
:} is:;.'���'tlie. ��� -~'t-;im'iij ii g:--in'
i.h'c'7;''./.? tldy'^y^.'iflii-is
..���wi ti /it, 7iS:c.:_-v!-i/s x -;t ;���.'.
.ivdc'Ti c's.l.c' ri/lltral';.
s-.'i Xy iytyXtiXfSyrrX Xy'
pAy'il Xxi-XX[iXXXXXX
Xy ii i -n X 'Xi) .;'*' r ,,.fii;cpa XX-
i-yiiX:-. "XBiS'-Cc slalilis:1':'-:
Sf ;i;!i H:fj MlOTWil)/WO V f Iv/^^^
��_>'��:'��� 'tngiand/ 'Tfs/^cceiit/etd^rgiiiaent:-
-.liX' ihadet'i't-jg^.p?.ol^': 'of.7"-:!-.'r-ia^ai'tr[%i0,-7
.^oiie-'tliy Xyyy Xx'- -iitcxy-Qviii,;:- "Xixxxxi
z^op kndW >vell enough wllen $&$? liver is loafiag.
J. is tiie first tvarnirig; then you
begin 4&ii'ji eel xaxem all ov^r."
Your skin Booa gels the bad news. H
grows dull, yello-w, niuddy and unsightly.
Violent purgative* ��re not what you
nee&yyjvtsi the igentie help ��y�� thl��old^
;time :;>taa<dirdV remedy f/ X
Small Pill;  StmjU t>6se, SmaU PriOS*
���7*^r7'j_llo0d7 lath* rvaapafoti
. many:��.c6!orle��sf*a'Ce,��/'bntV
in thc
��2 a year in Canada,   and   $2.30
United States.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     * 00
Estray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising,  12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cent9 a line for
��� each   subsequent   insertion,   nonpariel
ful. and great advertisers. However, when the United States bas
travelled four 3'ears over the bloody
trails blazed by the Allies, ife will
be time enough to jump into the
front seats and turn on the heated
An Ideal World
Just Like Him
She entered the department aud
complainedabout a lamp ehe had
purchased,   demanding that it be
taken back.
"Ife has
the    matter   with   it,
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that tbe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
'Tiik majority of people are very
Vre when seeking a favor.
i.vu and success are in  the
.<! hammock.  They both attract
ieap of flies.
Is America, the German language will soon be spoken in - the
ame breath with Latin.
AVhen some men in Canada
these war days need more Bugar,
they just kiss their wives or sweet-
Ettas are going np in Connecticut. A hen in that state lays her
eggs in a willow tree ten feet from
the ground.	
During the days of the Civil
War ife used to be, "Johnny Get
Your Gun." but now, its Sammie
Get Your Hun.
In May the United States delivered in Europe nearly 400,000,000
pounds of meat. This is a good
item for Germ newspapers.
Do not get too close to the footlights. Yon might smell the
onion breath of the leading lady,
or see the wart on the Bonbrette's
The war has even raised the
price of talk. The other day in
Nelson it cost a man six monthB,
and 3100 fn cash for uttering abont
12 .words'the wrong way.
The following vision of Inger
soil's will never come true until
the slaves of church, state, society,
fear, worry, greed, selfishness and
poverty have broken their chains
and become free. T.ien the earth
will climb into heaven, and hell
will evaporate like shadows before
the rising sun.    Ingersoll says:
"I see a world where thrones
have crumbled and where kings
are dust, and where the aristocracy
of idleness has perishe.l from the
earth. I see a world without a
slave, man at last is free; nature
has by science been enslaved,
lightning and light, wind and
wave, frost and flame, and all the
secret subtle powers of earth and
air have become ihe tireless toilers
of the human race. I see ia world
at peace, adorned in every form of
art, with music's myriad voices
thrilled and lips aflame with words
of love and truth. I see a world
in which no exile sighs, no prisoner mourns; where labor gets its
full reward; where work and worth
go hand in hand, and where the
poor girl, trying to wiu her bread
with the needle is not driven to
the desperate choice of crime or
death or suicide or shame. I see
a world without the beggar's outstretched palm, the misers stony,
heartless glare, the piteous wail of
want, fehe livid lips of lies, the
cruel eyes of scorn. I see a race
without disease of flesh or brain,
shapely and fair, married harmony
of form and function, and as I
look life lengthens, joy deepens,
and love canopies the earth, and
over all, in the high dome, shines
the eternal star of  human hope."
all the faults of my
husband aud none of his virtues."
"Please explain yourself."
''Well, it has a great deal of
brass about ife, it is not remarkably
brilliant, requires a great deal of
attention, is unsteady on its legs,
Hares up occasionally, is always
out at bedtime, and is bound to
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies.    .    ,    .
Haveyou tried one lately0
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting tbe metropolis of
6 .
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
GO   TO.
Bridge Street, Next Telephone Exchange, GRAND-FORKS
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Front St. Next to City Hall. NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates  Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
Specialty:   Fine Watch Repairs.
���4* ���S' * -fr 4�� 4* 4* 4* ��� �������� 4* ��$��� ��{���
Since B. C. went dry, Vancouver has been using 250 gallons of
water per capita. Too much Bait
in4he air, or else the people are
trying to drown their real estate in
the flowing barrel.
The onion maggot iB causing
logs this'summer .to many growers
of that delicious vegetable. It
might be possible to eliminate the
pest, by spraying the young plants
with grated limburger cheese.
Health Pointers
Ix one respect King Geprge. and
rs are similar.    Neither like olas-
-ical  music.      For   our  park   we
���would rather hear Bill Kelly sing,
'Coming With The Rye," than to
:\par Melba warble, Tostis', "Gopd-
In every military hospital in the
United States where pneumonia,
bronchitis, meningitis, meaBles
and mumps are treated each bed is
curtained off and each patient and
each attendant wears a face mask.
And now another part of the
campaign is being waged. The
official bulletin for April 5 says:
"Respiratory diseases having caused practically all the sick rate and
death rate in the nation's new
armies, the medical corps has begun a nation wide campaign of prevention against pneumonia, measles, diptheria, mumps, meningitis,
infantile paralysis, influenza and
tuberculosis." All of the diseases
mentioned are spread or communicated in the same way���through
the transfer of nasal and mouth
secretions. The sickness rate
in camps through the country could
be cut to the minimum if the soldiers and the general public as well
stopped promiscuous sneezing,
coughing and spitting."
The plan means that colds are to
be regarded as a matter of moment.
���When."a. person g*ts a cold he
should herd by himself if he can.
If it is necessary to cough or sneeze
a handkerchief is to be held before
the mouth and nose and the face is
to.be turned away from the nearby
The surgeon general calls upon
the people to adopt a new slogan.
It is "Don't Cough, Don't Sneeze,
Don't Spit." This slogan should
be as widely adopted as "swat the
fly." If heeded it will do even
more good thau did that hoary old
slogan. The advice goes even
farther, however. Wheu a man
talks even quietly he sends out a
fine atomizen vapor from his lips.
If the speaker talks loudly and excitedly, the speech becomes even
more explosive, then the fine droplets laden with microbes are sent
much farther into the air. How
abont the man who runs for a
crowded street car and gasping and
sputtering, pushes inside and jams
his mouth to within eight inches of
his neighbor's nose?
'..': The. advice ia: that when one
talks to a man -that he stand fuur
feet;-from Xhim;y'.:XXELexX'piiii then
shower hiin with...'"words'-^without
showering him with a vapor of
saliva and bugs.; We have become
very careful about; infecting our
water supjplies;���:; No 'min would
use polluted^water if-be knew it,
'No'.''.-right.'.'thinking-, man would
knowingly pollate drinking water.
Surgeon General Gorgaa would
the Germs in France.:xy:.We Xail ] have -us; develop the; same kind of
tno^ that;theTankB:arenot l��gh-1conBtiehce about polluting the air.
* ��� : *
____���__ __���_. ______�� JL JL JL JL ���"��� JL JL JL JL -*���
nr ^r TT *Z"'VJr.'VS'If T T* "I*
C LOAT is not'a periodic-
^ al. Ife is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens ��j*
\t,l, male persons in Canada,
'>ver 16 and under 60 years of age,
must- fight, work, or go to jail.
Only those are exempt who are
physically unfit, genuine students,
or personally unable to find employment. .    '
Heri: is a gloomy mining Item.
Since the cent belt batted into the
blue Pacific, more copper is being
taken from the plates in the gospel mills. .   ���.
Thehe is a young clergyman in
Vancouver who suffers from melancholy and insomnia. To cure
the former complaint he should
take a shot of rum regularly until
relief is secured. Insomnia Is easily cured by standing up for 36
hours in a blackjack game.
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid feo any part of the,
world. Address all letters to
R. T.Lowery
For a time last month it was reported quiet on the Champagne
front in France. It has been
quiet on the champagne front in
B Ci for many moons. We have
not even heard a cork pop: or a
sizzling sound,".since1 Joe Bush: fell
into the sump and went to Califpr-
���Xnia.x. XXXX'. 'xi. -. '������������ '��� " .
Xi; "Our cousins across; the line'���..are
very much; addicted toV rising the
now their horns ajre working; pVerr
"time-blowing about how tlie T**��kfl
are putting thei Paris grsen over
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Kecords will be granted covering- only
land suitable for.agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four.may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary Improvements on respective claims.
Fre-cmptors must occupy claims for.
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving:. Crown Grant.
: Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made propor^
tionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.  ���'..-...
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and. records same each year. Failure 'to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot lie obtained on these claims In
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres, cleared
and cultivated, and residence of a.t
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may-
record another pre-emption, if he re-
duires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as hotnesites;
title to be obtained after/fulfllling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding- G40 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
asthe payments already made will
. cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group-
; their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. '������:. If������ it is not
considered advisable to divide the land-
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of . all taxes due the
Crown or to. any municipality: The
rights of persons to whom the. pur-.:
chaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in>espect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is ; final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not; be
considered. These allotments apply, to
town lots and lands. 'of the'. Crown sold
at public. auction.
For Information apply.to any PrVvln-
claJ GoTarnnseBt Aar��nt-orto
papaty Mlnliitw ot t*nda.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
*����*.��NflV.*.?:r ������   ���'
jean meat; faf andtot.suef or
faf. /rimmed from sfeak,eltop or
A (he-inch cut*of mot ����#���� jboot OneOuw*.
"Ifsaved everyday ty��*& of'tfw
. 1.600.000 YaniTiics hi Canada
would wean a daily swing for jftc
.Sdiikrs md our allies oftOD.OOO
or a saving in one
pounds of valuable
animal food.
^/a tSfns SaviHg'represenfcs &e
~^^/y meat from at least- 90.000
"^     steers of averag dvened
thin 290.000   {
*&��:X'- :������
!.' x)yzm^��� ea|t2diiii faKiiTy ean save Mtis preeops erne
X :xyrswiof ediblew&qtm every day from the gxi>3^
;      ^';r;;;CK r&ducc iheir ccnsvmpiyoii of mat by fmsamovift
j X-"; x xi'^j ?;?<A��.s3yz CToigJi to 'man id�� for the fait meat ration.
t*-**'i   'HnJtc'-ir---   "'y   '
m   v
The spirit of co-operation is in the air more than ever. It
means that the more you do, the greater is-^the degree of benefit coming back to yourself.
Apply it to your telephone service. You have excellent
operators, adequate equipment, and the more you seek a perfect service the better you will be pleased,
You will find that the company endeavors at all times  to    #
heartily co-operale to the end of giving the public the best
there is in the telephone utility.
i ��
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in^nearly all the
towns of the Boundary^Sid Kootenay.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$C25 each.
60 Watts
100     ���'
200   ��
$1,25 each
2.00 ������
3,50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
I Cbe Burne fiotel |
+��� nelson, BX* t
The only up/t<vdate Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.  XXXXy
Bus Meets al! Trains and Boats.
���Economy and Satisfaction ff
Combined with Promptness g
are the features which '^ffiM^
��� 0iM ��� customers. ':���; ix^M��;i^w^i
om ''&��. ������theml^: f;;- ?%^Wxx^iS��il
Letterheads, Noteheads,
Envelop^ Billheads^
_  $x3\W$^
^uiauiuiuuuauaiiiiia iliUiUiiaiiiiiiUiiii UiiiiiiiUiUiiii^


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