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The Ledge Aug 22, 1918

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vincial library
���'��� ������*'&&
Vol.   XXV.
No. 6
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
The NEW REGULATIONS of the Canada Food Board
Are Now In Force
Let Me   Supply   You   With   Your
CANADA  FOOD  BOARD  LICENSE  N09.  5���791  and  9-260
Wm. C. ARTHURS, ?S12
Sr Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 j~��
����        The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to  Save 2|
������ ��� ��� m��
.���� We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~s
��| We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or hulk |j
I     LEE & BRYAN     |
Dorothy Dalton
Wild Winship's Widow
Saturday, August 24
"Dolly Does Her Bit"
Baby Marie Osborne
Saturday Matinee 3 to 5.   Evening performance at 8
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B. C.
Hats, Caps, Shirts, Boots,
Shoes and Overalls of
many kinds
At Reasonable Prices
MIDWAY      -      -      B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples
Around Home
J. L. Coles is visiting in Vancouver.
Tony Krouten is ou a business
trip to Nelson.
The Windsor Buffet sells icecream by the pint or quart.
Ralph Pond is in Grand Forks
on a few days holiday.
Tom Taylor is in Vancouver
attending tbe Exhibition.
Buttermilk by the pint or
quart, at the Windsor  Buffet.
Herb Sawyer was in town on
Sunday, on his way io Pairview.
The Valley Meat Co. of Keremeos has opened a shop in Princeton.
G. A. Rendell and his partners
are sackiffg ore at the Waterloo
No. 2.
Dr. W. E. Spankie and party
motored into town Saturday
Freestone    peaches     expected
order   now.    G.   A.
Smoke a 'NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for SO cents
Box of 25 for $3,75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
AT   ������������:���..
Phone 4s ' - P. 0. Box S74
Christian Science service will be held
in the MEI/LOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning,
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
For Sale���160 acres very best
bottom level land, creek and
plenty of water, $12 per acre
enquire, Ledge office,
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
The National Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
Lately successfully operated by
Owen Boyer deceased
Furniture and all necessary eauipment
for ooeratlnsr, including Billiard
Table. Bar Fixtures, &c
For full and all particulars, apply to
Real Estate Office,  Greenwood. B.C.
mwmwiWMJXR. xi
SIR JOHN: AIRD. GeneralMutt^rf
CaW1*lPaid Uft$i5,()oq,doo*$.: ResERye Fund; ��� $&5<^qoq
Every effort&^
^.;5;iri& .service ''K^^ij^gfe^
Steve Vukinirovich was instantly killed- in the Mother Lode
mine on Snnday afternoon by a
rock falling on him. Steve was
a recent arrival Ircm Trail where
his family resides. The funeral
arrangements will be made after
his wife arrives from Trail.
Atithe same time R. O. Vick was
injured^ haying a rib broken and
also internal injuries. He is progressing very favorably,   v
The Granby Store in Phoenix
have the largest-and: most choice
stock ' of Men's i clothing,: boots;
shpes;;shiftsVctcl:in; :thev Boundary; and it Jsallbeing: sold right
now-at prices thatvwillvastound
ihe ���; public.: Do not miss ��� this
great opportunity to save money,
and get the best goods on" the
knarket at the same time.
next week,
Batt Boone has bought a cigar
store in Princeton, from Gillis &
The gophers went in early this
month. This may be a sign of a
hard winter.
A small shipment of extra
high grade chocolates, just in, at
Goodeve's Drug Store."
Early apples, fine tomatoes,
fresh cantaloupes, and grape
fruit at G.A. Rendell's.
Comfortable cars and careful
chaffeurs are the rule at the Palace Livery in Greenwood.
Greenwood is an ideal spot for
a munitions plant, but ships cannot be built to advantage.
It takes two engines to haul
many of the passenger trains
running through Greenwood.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
Miss Glad 7s McCreath of Vancouver, is visiting her parents
Mr. and-Mrs^ JameS'McCreath,
Teddy Oliver enjoyed his holidays in Greenwood, and reluctantly returned to his home in
See our White Piques, Middy
Cloths and Chambrays. G. A.
John Cox, a cook, was found
dead in his house at Grand Forks
on Monday. He was a native of
The poker games in Princeton,
have been stopped, and the devil
is been driven further into the
The Red Cross will hold a
Masquerade Ball, on Friday, September 13. Six good prizes. Refreshments,      Bush's   orchestra.
This week aU roads lead to
Phoenix where the Granby Stores
are giving great bargains at their
Big Sale of choice goods.
The man and the woman who
were caught bringing an auto
load of whiskey into Princeton,
were each fined $50 and costs.
Chas. Pearson, of the Grand
Forks Gazette, was in town on
Tuesday evening attending a
meeting of the I.O.O.F. Lodge.
Many returned soldiers do not
speak very highly of the
Y. M. C. A. in France, but are
loud in their praises- of the Salvation Army.
This week there is a great excitement in Phoenix. The people are making money fast by
attending the Big Sale at the
Granby Stores.
At Granite Creek, pork was
selling for 18 cents a pound 30
years ago. The bogs were driven
to that town over the Hope trail
from the coast.
Little money buys big bundles
at the Great Sale, now going on
at the Granby Stores in Phoenix.
The greatest bargains ever known
in the Boundary.
There is a big fruit crop in the
Okanagan this year. More than
600 city girls helped to pick it.
One rancher this summer made
$3,000 from two acres of cherries.
At the Nickle Plate mine near
Hedley, an Austrian hit a Russian with a piece of steel. In
court the Austrian had to dig up
$4�� to square  the pertornianee.
In Phoenix this week the
Granby Stores are selling 250
Men's shirts at cost, and giving
10 per cent, off���'.Boys clothing:
Do not miss this chance to make
money. x
: About four miles west of Grand
Forks, on Monday morning.
Norma Young^ 2 years old, was
killed, and her.:' sister.:; Nellie. ;10
years old, was sericvusly; hurt, on
the Great Northern tracks when
thev children were struck :by a
westbound train.
L. C. Odell, formerly of the
Mint at Kettle Falls, the Napoleon at Boyds, and the Nes Perces
in Spokane, is still on deck running the Province Bar at Grand
Forks, B. C.
Ward Storer is spending a few
days iu town. Ward will return
in a few days to San Frauciso,
where he is employed in a factory
that turns out aeroplanes for the
U. S. government.
The second degree was conferred ou two new members of
the I.O.O.F. Lodge on Tuesday
evening. Fifteen members of
the Grand Forks Lodge came
over in three autos to help put on
this degree.
Jim McCreath is on active service in France, and in fine condition. He sometimes marches
20 miles a day, and often sleeps
in a barn. He states that the
lice annoy the boys more than
the Germans.
Mr. McMurdo gave his lecture
on Norway at the Old School
House in Midway on Friday evening. Rev. H. W. Simpson took
charge of the musical part of the
entertainment, and Mrs. Ashby
gave a couple of recitations.
Mose Burns the celebrated hard
rock miner stopped a few hours
in town last week. Mose was
dry, although 40 years a��o he
sold a water right m San Diego,
California, for 828,000, and gave
the proceeds to the poor in
Mrs. Snyder, mother of Mrs.
J. V. Mills, returned to Winnipeg
on Saturday. Being unable to
catch the train at Greenwood,
Dr. Wood took her in his car to
Eholt, arriymg at that town just
as the train pulled into the
A band of cud chewing milk
producers, broke through the
fence entanglements of Rendell's
war garden the other night, and
captured 100 head of green and
innocent cabbage, which they interned with great rapidity and
The Granby Stores in Phoenix
are doing an immense business
this week. Their Big Sale is
attracting buyers from all over
the country,- ail eager to secure
some of the bargains in Clothing,
Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings,
Boots, Shoes, etc.
The Greenwood Theatre will
always have a special program on
hand so as to show it in case the
regular films do not arrive in
time. This makes the many
patrons of the Theatre, certain
of the two shows each week on
Wednesday and Saturday.
The Hon. Dr. MacLean, Provincial Secretary, is spending a
few days in Greenwood and yicin-
ity. After many months of hard
work he has everything running
smoothly in the department over
which he presides, and can enjoy a well-deserved holiday.
The Big Midsummer Sale at
the Granby Stores in Phoenix began last Monday, and will continue the balance of this month.
The people are flocking to the
Sale from all parts of the district,
as it is very seldom that goods
can be bought so cheap this far
John White has received his
discharge from the army, and he
will spend the next two "month at
the Jewel mine with Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. White. John spent
many months in France handling
a machine gun until he was
wounded, losing his left hand
at Vimy Ridge,
The Bostonians played to a
crowded house in the Greenwood
Theatre Thursday evening. The
admission was $1.10 including
the war tax. Judging from the
applause that so frequently
oscillated the ozone, the majority
of the audience were highly
pleased with the performance.
Joe. Lamping was in town last
week, having been: discharged
owing to wounds and exposure,
from further service in the hot
spots of France. He was with
the Canadians who were trained
at Grand Forks and for many
long months operated a machine
gun at the front. He suffered
untold hardships being at one
time a week without sleep, and
had his feet frozen, which is
ample proof that Joe did not run
away from anything. He is glad
to get back to God's country^���
British Columbia, and may settle
at the coast. He has with him
in his kit a copy of The Ledge
that he carried with him through
many- a terrible battle.- xy]No
doubt it brought :hini;-luck^ and
every soldier should ioll6w; Joe's
example..;7 XXxXXixXix:XxXXy--yi:X
Western Float 1
Card of Thanks
' ; Mrs;- Plecash and family -wish; to
sincerely thank everyone, :for;-the
kindness; and sympathy^extended
to them - daring their recent sad
Many Angora goats are raised at
Horse Lake.
There is a big hay crop in the
Otter valley.
Bend yonr boy at the front a
copy of Float.
George Belrose died at Somas
Lake this month.
The P. G. E. will soon be finished to Bridge Creek.
The Nechaco valley iB a good
place to raise sheep.
Jack Gates is one of the best
fisherman in Fernie.
Strangers will never know yon
unless yon advertise.
Two men were fined $25 in Nanaimo for not working
Much hay was recently sold in
the Okanagan for $32 a ton.
Beef is 60 cents a ponnd in
France, and 82 cents in Italy.
About 100 men are working in
the railway shops of Port Mann.
The run of salmon near Prince
Rupert is the greatest in 20 years.
Two prisoners recently escaped
from the internment camp at Morrissey.
To make others do as we wish,
is the idea that the majority have
of liberty.
This Bummer in one day a Vancouver girl picked 115 pounds of
Alex. McLeod wa3 killed at
Cumberland, by a fall of top coal
in No. 4 mine.
The baseball club at Merritt has
been re-organized with "W. H.
Innes as captain.
Quite a number of smuggled
auto tires have been in nse around
Cranbrook thiB year.
In Victoria, Lee Wong was fined
$100 for not reporting a case of
smallpox in his family.
In July there were 105 cases in
the police court at. Victoria. Sixteen of these were drunks.
In Victoria, Lee Pie waa fined
$20, for neglecting to feed, water
and milk hiB cow for 21 hours.
A. M. Beveridge died in St.
Paul last month. He was one of
the first editors of the Vancouver
There are 475 munition factories
in Canada, employing 215,000
people. Of that number 5000 are
At Merritt eleven boys were
fined $5 and costs for destroying
property, and acting in a disorderly
Labor, steel, and other things are
too high priced in Vancouver to
make that city the permanent
abode of Bhip-building.
In the future foreigners must
not hive together in Canada.
Everybody in the Dominion should
be able to speak English.
Who is the young chap in Rock
Creek who drank a quart of catsup
last week, and then said that he
was sick from drinking near beer?
There is a movement on foot to
suppress all German newspapers
in America. All newspapers in
America should be printed in
Who is the lady in Nelson who
tells her friends that she lived for
a month withont food or clothing,
in the hills, after the 'Frisco earthquakein1906?
Who is the man in Phoenix who
only knows two songs, and is always singing them? The songs
are, Wild, Wild Women," and
"The Long, Long Trail."
Last month the Dominion authorities stopped the publication of
The Week in Victoria. Fe n people knew that it was in existence,
since Blakemore cashed in.
If country .merchants would
advertise more and better, they
would soon defeat the mail-order
houses. The big firms get all their
business from good advertising.
About 30 years ago an apple fell
into a crevice on Mayne island at
high tide. Today an apple tree is
growing in the crevice, and bearing
fruit, while its roots are washed by
the sea.
Two men shipped 40 barrels of
bottled whiskey from a point near
Montreal to Guelph. Ontario, in a
car of hay. The police got wise
and grabbed the $8,000 worth of
hilarity and headaches. V
Canada should have two sets of
premiers and .cabinet-ministers.
One to look after business in Canada, and the other to stay in England looking for titles, and giving
advice to Lloyd George how to run
the war.:;-.-f:.v
X From June 20 to; July 28 the
temperature : varied ; only eleven
degrees'inV7 the i; day; .the warmest
being 79,; and;7 the;coolest,; 68 degrees. Daring ; that: -period -the
warmest: night ;was 6SJ-;and���,-".the
coolest 62: dfgrees;; at San Diego.
CaAMorm*.X xy:x.:.x;'ixx.xy;x.xy ...Xxxxx
B. C. Mining News
Oil may be found west of Green-,
A new seam of coal has been
opened in the Diamond Vale near
Last year the lead production of
B. C. amounted to 37,307,465
The Ivanhoe at Nighthawk,
Wash, has installed a 50-ton mill
at an expense of $40,000.
The Dominion Government has
experts in British Columbia searching the whole country for platinum.
The Rich Bar, a few miles west
of Oroville will resume operation
with a compressor and machine
Owing feo increased costs of
freight, etc. the Trail smelter has
added 55 cents a ton to the cost of
treating ore.
LaBt year the Standard at Silver-
ton produced 500,000 ounces of
silver. The Queen Bess and Surprise each produced about 200,000
The silver production in B. C.
last year amounted to 2,929,216
ounces, valued at $2,265,749.
About 53 per cent, of the total output was from fehe Slocan.
The new strike in the Silversmith at Sandon still looks good.
When this mine was known as the
Slocan Star it produced $3,000,000
worth of lead and silver.
Several oil wells are being drilled
near Peace River Crossing in
Northern Alberta. The prospects
look good for an oil field, at least
for oil of a heavy gravity.
The Elecferic Point, near North-
port, Wash, has put in an aerial
tram with a capacity of 20 tons an
hour. The tram is over 2 miles
long, and connects the mine with
the wagon road.
At NighthaWk," Wash,, a xich-
deposit af molydedenum has been
discovered on a claim owned by
Paul Nelson and his partner. This
metal is worth $400 a ton, and is
used for hardening steel.
There are 140 men working at
the Continental, 26 miles from
Port Hill, Idaho. The mine shipped 20 carloads of lead ore in July.
The ore is hauled 26 miles by ten
wagons and eleven  motor trucks.
Bog iron is being shipped to
Irondale, Wash. There is a big
deposit of ife at Mons, probably
700,000 tons. Bog iron can be
loaded into the cars with steam
shovels, after the soil has been
Btripped from the surface,
At the mouth of Bear creek on
the Tulameen river Church & McCullough of Tacoma have 20 men
at work placering.- A long flame
will be built, and bedrock will be
reached this season. The ground
has plenty  of gold and platinum.
Ife was reported some time ago
that platinum had been found on
Cariboo creek near Kaslo. Bamples
were assayed in Victoria and did
not show a trace of platinum. The
Kaslo people mnst not be discouraged. They must keep on prospecting.
Tl e freight on coke from Coleman to Greenwood was raised SO
cents a ton on August 12feh. The
price of coke may also be advanced
25 cents a ton. Owing to the increase of freight rates, etc. the
Canada Copper Co. has suspended
operations on the Brooklyn afe
Phoenix after un watering it; for
several weeks.
Several companies are being
organized, to prospect the lower
mainlaud of British Columbia for
oil, and one well is already drilling
at Cloyerdale. There are large
seepages of oil in Burnaby, and the
geological formation looks favorable for an oil field. The diamond
drill will prospect at Burnaby.
There is much gas at Still Creek.
With the latest methods for
handling placer, it is thongh that
the ground along Toby creek in
East Kootenay will pay to work.
The. camp is not new, as many
claims were staked there over 30
years ago. There promises to be
much activity this year. Gold is
found for 20 miles along the creek,
with a possible paystreak of abont
five miles.'-.���'������-:-.-...- ��HE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,    &   ft
=sr.: ��� ,!,
Increased Building- Activity
Marked Revival  ir.  Building   Operations in Western Canada
! In mo.-l ci the chic 01 Western
'Canada a considerable revival m
jcity liiiikiiiu; .ictiv';-.- is noted. !'!iis
i aein ity   i.s   chuiiy   in   i-'_i;ii: , au::   with
Women's Committee Active
jot   tin-  sr.rr-.Miiiciins-    or.m'.ry     h;r. ir
|;-ui;s..-<|   -ii-:i   :i   i^i'.iw'.ii   lii.it   in   mai'..'
��� oi   the   niivs   thei--.:  has   nut   been   sui-
i licit-;i:.  Iioti-e.-,   for  everybody   wunlhijj
.ll'.cm.    Tiiis   especially   Hue   oi   Lcth-
! >���: iii.^-.;. Albeita.       More   houses     arc
j !��t-i'-< ic.iiii   ii-.  this lily  no v.-, but  with
: the   nTcru   i-.!e::.-j:ul   for   labor   in   con-
iieeiion vi;;.   ..ork on  the farms, city
.mildini;  is,  of  course,   somewhat  re-
���irie'eil.     Ir,   Lethbridge  llie  value  of
milding   permits   issued   last     month
>v.is   ne-iriy   six   tiuics   as   great  as   iu
May   hist   year,  and  greater   than    in
W:.y   :n   any  year since   th.e   war    be-
..���'���!:.     In   Cai.'.iry,  Alberta, also  more
luiildiiu;   pcrmi'*    were     issued      last
month   than   h;i\-i-  been   issued  in   th.e
same   monlii   since   1914.    The     value
== . oi   the   building     permits     issued
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, since tbe
be^iimini; of I<> 18 is 150 greater than
"l those issued diirint; the corres-
P'MKlim;  period of  I'M".
winch   hnsrlaiK!
The Joy of tiu. Simple Life
Making     Our     Lives     Simpler     and
More Simple  Every Day
I very scn-iid-- man and woman
t 'day i- a simple liiei. 'I here a>'e so
ri.my thiiij;, u Incn are dillic:it to
.-:���".. so mail', controllers are hem-
liiini; us in w ilii |.roliib!tiou> lhat uf
are- liiakint;' our lives simpler aud
more simple (.very day. Curiously
ciioucjh, the lar^e majority of us
are i'eeiiir; the better for it. We walk
where we once moiored, and the exercise sets th stagnant blood in our
veins running with fresh vis'nr. We
eat less ami dit;t:-l more. So little
have we tell the deprivation that
most of us are declaring that for the
future it is to be the "simpler life
forever." 1 here are, of course, some
vho struggle in their nb-ni'd \anity
to, keep the old life alive. Their lime
is mainly spent iu evading the orders of the food controller, or iu discovering new sources of extravagance. Some day thcy will realize
their mistake and join the happy
army of "simpler lifers." Vou cannot have your cake and eat it. Our
cake today is victory in the great
war for freedom, truth and justice.
That can only be ours if we deny
ourselves all the other cakes we
once loved so much. The "simpler
lifer" is doing his duty ami that is
why he is happy. His is lhe vision
���without which, as Solomon told us,
"the   people     perish."���London     L.x-
( M-ntrea!,   May _"<:h.  '.>'.'��.
'Minard's   Liniment   to..    Limited.
i Yarmouth.   X.S.
I iciillrinen,��� I   bei;   lo   let   vol!   klior,
that   I   have  Used  M I NA l< I ��'S   LINT
-MI'.NT   for  some  time,   and   1   find  ii
; the   best   I    have   ever   used   lot-     the
joints   and   muscles.
Vours   very   truly,
I     The   Champion   Clog   and    l'edestal
i Dancer  of  Canada.
Manitoba Ladies are Promoting   the
Conservation of Wheat
j Since tlie visit of Mr. Edward F.
Trefz. to Western Canada, the "Women's Conservation Committee,
which is a subcommittee of the Manitoba Food Resources Committee,
oing splendid service in
Uie interest of conservation of wheat.
Through its effort and the cooperation of the Winnipeg school board.
23,000 copies of .Mi-.-" j. D. McGregor's appeal lo eat nothing made of
wheat that can possibly be done
without, were distributed to the
homes of Winnipeg. Several- thousand more copies were distributed
to the pledge signers and at the
Trefz meetting. The committee has
also issued an appeal lo 330 women's societies asking that tlicy refrain from serving anything made
wholly or in pari from wheat at
their afternoon and evening- gatherings.
The lei ter .also asked that this
rule should be strictly observed in
all entertainments lo raise funds for
patriotic or philanthropic purposes.
The   committee   litis   secured   Trom    :i
i large number of women, special
pledges that they will use as little
wheat Hour as possible and that they
will serve nothing made wholly or
in pari at afternoon leas or late suppers.
The  committee    has   mailed  lo   every  pledge signer a reiiues'  thai  each
one who  has alreadv signed a pledge
redressed   lhe      balance i Uould   secure  the   names  of  live  olh-
us   lo   mele   jn-lice     to | crs   ���ji|i���K-   to  do  so.     The   returned
'mail    brought    numerous    responses
Germany's Actions
Prove Desperation iia7"been"\\
'.Maddened   at   the   Obstacle   Which
England Has Thrown in  the
'"In   the    recent    acis  of  Germany
there  is   evidence    of  a     desperation
which  might  well increase confidence
. in   the   final   result,"   declared   Sir   R.
I IL   Finlay,   lord   high   chancellor,      in
j addressing  a  war savings  meeting  in
j London.  The   spirit  in   which  a    na-
. tion   faced   difficulties   was   the   thing
that   really counted.    The lord  ehan-
I cellor   continued:
I     "What     means    this    bombing    of
I hospitals,   this   murdering   of     nurses
and   medical  men  and   their  patients:-
It   means  lhe  senseless rage  of  those
; who   are   maddened   at   lhe
DOUGLAS*     |fes
Contain no harmful drug-:.     25c  per box ,or 5
boxes   by   mail   on   receipt   of   $1.00.
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont.
The New International Era
i:is   thrown    in      llic
as     it     ever     has
u   the   wav  of  an\
way   oi   I lermany,
thrown   obstacles
j p"wer   that   aspired   to   the
| lion  of   h'.nropc aud  the   world.
I "lhe conduct of our enemy at this
time recalls what was said of another personage. 'His wrath is great
because   he  kimweth   lliat   his   time  is
, short.'     ( lur   enemy's   time   is   indeed
shi.'rt.       It   will   not   be   long     before
America   has
and   enabled
I icrinan v.
Fate Of Germany
Hangs In Balance
Will Be Decided by Third Phase   of
Offensive,   Declares   the
British Press
Commenting on the German offensive, the London Star says: "The
third phase of the battles which
commenced on March 21 will decide
lhc fate of Germany. ]t cannot decide the fate ol" the allies, for whatever may be lhc issue, they will
fight on until America and thc Americans can turn the scale and deliver
lhe world forever from Prussian hegemony. The Germans arc not going
lo win; there are great ; rmies of
lhe  French  between  them and Paris.
"We expect these, armies, with the
rapid increase iu the American army,
'to beat them Hal. We decline to go
half way toward defeat of any kind.
We believe in victory and nothing
but victory.
"We have beaten the Germans in
a hundred battles since Mons. W'c
shall  beta  Ihem  now."
Keep your shoes neaf
6r ox-blood shoes
German Labor Worst Paid
Why suffer from corns when thcy
can bv- painlessly rooted oul by using
Holiowav's  Corn  Cure.
A New Understanding-
.:Popular Portraiture of- Two ^Nations
.ii x;XHav yi Been :Wyon&y. -X XXy;
xy;--   ftcvftft'Distributecf ft;'" ��� :'ftft
,'ftv'i'lie7.;;lvreifeliui.au ficift Tohgefftfigiires
in -.the Lnglishmaiys': imagination v'as
��n ��� eiribodiiiiefitv of; frivolous ygtirrii-
71 ity, rendyred i:idiclilbus j.iy ������ a Iove.��� of
���': fantvistii'v food aii(l vclressvaivil: a totiiCli;
of: effeminacy Tn  his  work:; and;'; play.
Jishuieit v witli- a solid^vresei've, van (I
: incafiacity. foi-- 'genial: laiigiitef v and
nn:^ -auy"''diet:
yolhervlhanv rotist   beef and ljC<?;r,:.'���',.
'/..,-;-Noi.l:v;6:iil.y  are:-ihe,'old ���tradilions-uol'
: the'-,',:; 'nntioirrd   - ;uytipalliies::;v Jai"gely:
: falsille^r'T>jy'if.h.^
nVacy; ; but; i.t; ii light .alinosi X\X. inipos-
:sible ;t;0 isus*aihiTh,e.j thesisyfJ.'i'a!',.���.'���' the
fife ��� Popular.':..- .pprtraitirrev of . tlit?" t\yrt:
;-<bufede:..;viHlx' ���:llr;i;C-.y:tia:itli,vvr.ef|;uiresy:-y-li
��� tlioroitgl: '-going: 'v:vex;cli'angc-,y.'.::Wf vj-afiy-'
: ratcTightuess-Vioiif^^i-rl^j^'yi^fffM^ii'r'
; Conditions    of    Workers    Much  Inferior  to   Either   France   or
! Great Britain
; Germany's much heralded boast
(tliat her labor standards are iln:
j highest in the world, and that her
Workmen are the most satisfied, best
treated and highest paid, has been
j shown by the former- secretary-
j treasurer of the International Ladies'
i Garment Workers' I'nion, to be pure
; German   propaganda.
Ile  says   thai,    due   la'rgely  to    the
j efforts  of  the   Socialist   press    in   the
I United  States,  the  belief is  prevalent
jlhal   iu   Germany    "labor     has   been
taken     care     of   by  its     government
more   than   in   any   oilier   country    in
the  world,  and  that Germany is  the
country par excellence  where    industrial 'democracy  prevails."
lie produces records of investigations in 191J that show the conditions of lhe workers in lhat industry
in (iennany were much inferior to
those of either France oi Great Britain, lie further shews that the
cigar-making and shoemaking industries in Germany mak-: "beasts of
burden" of German women, and that
in .other lines sweatshops and.r.-.s.tar-.
Vai'i-on.-; cpndi'licms- anicmS;;��� lliC;.' laborers.vis7 lli e";re:ilys.ecfef: or ��� Germany's:
irade:: supremacy:yin ;tIicse : rCspecCi ve
lines,';.-':./': Xx- ���";. :i'-
XiX\\\\di \ii\)orihay:\y(iXni exploitedv;:iri
both Gerinany and Austria for year si
Couipare'd:;with. Otheryeounlries, .t;e'r-.-
man liibcir ls: thevworst paid:'itl .tlie,
world:.7.- jijyXx .'... X'!'..-yx  'Xy:
���\s   io   lhe   trealmeiil   ol   prisoners j :uui  (]10   t-onimittee  is    vcrv    hopefm
Germany,  nothing  more  infamous | 1|,;ll  ;���   ,],is  w;iy t]1c  ]isl  0"f (hose  in-
...   ,      , . !volved in food service will be largely
Js.mder.sley,     chairman j increased.
could  be  conceived.'
Sir Robert
of the war savings committee, said
thai during the past six months the
weekly or monthly investment in
state securities totalled ��691,664,000.
lie saw no reason why the next six
months should not show better results.
Wounded German Airman
Feared Raider's Bombs
Will the Submarine
Become More Deadly?
To Counteract This Menace Against
the Freedom of the Seas
"Will the submarine relatively be
as powerful a decade hence? it must
be -remembered that thc successes of
jthe submarine in its super-piracy
German Of-Miave been achieved against a merchant marine conceived and constructed when the submersible was
at the beginning; of its development
and before civilization knew lhat the
Hun at sea was capable of Dark Age
barbarities - executed   with     twentieth
Mr. Balfour on the Future    of
English-speaking Peoples
I believe  that in   lhat new era  the
English-speaking peoples are destined to take a leading pari. I believe that the co-operation     between
Giyat  Britain  and    America is    long
goihig to survive  the    necessities    of
this    immediate and tragic    moment,
and J  believe  that    if it  survives  it,
asl itelicve it will, the fruit of that
union  will  not    bc    thc    domination
oyer the world of any special type of
civilization,  of agiy  particular   world
power, but rather that    opportunities
will bq given for each race, for each
nation, to develop that which is best
in  its  own  character,  that which  its
own history suggests is the true line
of its    development, and that    under
the aegis of a _Avorld peace, which it
will  bc    the  business  of  the    allied
nations  to  guard,    all  the   family of
man may find a higher, a freer, and
a safer development than    they ever
yet found in the history of the world.
That, I admit, may sound to some
of you a Utopian    dream,    and, like
other Utopias, it may turn out impossible    of    realization,     though    1
think not.  But one  thing is    certain,
that if you talc-: the converse case, if,
i instead of considering what may happen  if  the  allies  win,
' what    must happen  if
��� win, then you may with absolute se
chrity prophesy    that      under      that |
! blighting domination  freedom",    deni- *
orracy,  power    of    self-dev::l'opiucnt, |
ihe free ami misuspi-'io-'s intercourse j       _	
| between    different    nations,  will bc- j Stripping and. Despoiling all Bodies
, come absoimc'.y impossible, and   that; 0f Friends and Enemies
��� all  the    highest  growths  of  civiliza-1
tion  will  be    sterilized at  the    root
When baying yonr Piane
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
;     Dominion  Express    Foreign    Cliequej    ara
vou   consider : ?cc'l>teii   by   Field   Cashiers  and   Paymasters
n���.     r"   ���,,     :!��   lra"ce   for   tl,eir   lu"   fa��   va'"*.    There
uie     im mans j is no better way to send money to the boys
'   ' in   the  trenches.
Despoiling the Dead
lie  battle  has
specially equipped units known as
"Ausbent Commando." who arc given the task of completely    stripping
eenturv   lngcuuitv.
What  a  mark
Cowardly Exhibition b;
ncers Lying Wounded in Hospital Behind Allied Lines
^ Babbling hysterically with terror,
the cold sweat of cowardice dripping
irom his face and begging for morphine to induce, unconsciousness, a
German aviator wilh his ankle
sprained  lay  in one  of  the American
field hospital tenls west of Monl-j"��'" between an unarmed merchant
tlidier, says a correspondent wilh the i ship and a submarine whose whole
United   States   army  in   France. | purpose  was  naval   warfare!
It was one of the hospitals which! The merchant ships being built in
German aerophie.es have been bomb- j l!'�� allied yards today have for their
ing in th.e hope of killing helpless I purpose war as v. "11 as the transpor-
woimded. The terror of lhe drug-! tatiori of cargo. '.I i.ey V.ll bc arm-
addicted   aviator   was   caused   bv   the
slow-going  tramp  steamship    offered
to a torpedo!    And how uneaqual the
X Choked; 'for Air;: Some���._��� little ��� irri-
taiit becomes lodged lit: the bronchial
������!��� ft i be.S; '.������'.other's gather.. IitkIv the? awftil
���J choking; jof, asthma l;csidts; : .ivolhin^
'oilers ���::��� quii-C: vs li cli ;x)ilick .:and:: positive
^relief ���lis iitiii;')'".. OXX l\eilogg's;AstIim;f:
i:'Reined;y.���.���".��� X'X Tlie:7; lieaflng; vsopthlhg
);shipke; or; vapofvpenetrafes, ;Clears lhe
'! passitges and giyesvimtirdd :,re!iel, i?s^:
]nally:;it;c61uid0telyvcii:res^ 'JfvhASvbe-
���|.:hin':d :..it7.'..years:v.'pf! .'SUWC^s-.v/'; J t'v'f?7.:'!he
������ ''-js^ij'r c': .-'r iM i.i e.d v.-'; '��� Tp:r.'::.:'c.\;.t-i*y-':-;�� i-vft'c' i"CviKV--''-v?'''-.''S'i"''
news that his comrades were returning and that possibly lie would
be the victim of the horrible death
which he never hesitated when safe
in the cloud* to inflict on others.
Seeing this panic-stricken specimen of humanity removed all doubts
lhal: German airmen;:; possess any
shreds:.of; the so-called chivalry with
,\vl neb; they are loecasioiiallyv credit ed.:
While: tlicvGermanvflyer:;was-giveil::.;'a':
drifg: to deaden his fears ;.t he: A nieri-:
can; wounded,! awakened by: /the; bar-
fagc:;hrc::of ���the: air defensevgiins, lay
on their cots si'lciitly.'vrtiitl-.lrcsig-ii:c.<ll;v;
a waiting;:! lie do alii; speeding tlirough
j The; ,Gernian; plan es' 'cam e over and
dropped  bonib's; tearihgl; holes  ; fifty
}:feet   in; diaiue.er in;the' surrounding
quadrangle.'here;;is.Ilii Imhiehse:
'���;;;':;A 11:; ;o,fti c Xx iouy.l vaXXXilA xXX^ l'>.h i:p:,:.;\\;a.s;
���;: ;;v* j:v-;w,-'a'ii'l: ;eve'ry-:'3V!';ifl.:;t7p:;;l:i.e;;.o:n.). :v:li.i;s-.
liiiove/l.hein ��� a'S'lf;li:e;:rt;ere_::r.iyihg;livbi-'
������ci: cie; 'Xi IXxiyx vi y X0 XiiiiX'XXXiXy'XXX
.:'iiie:ncex;X-.XiXiyXX 'XXXXtyi-iCiXX^yyX, xyy:y.
''X\-opt>^X-;xiXxXiX'ii;XiXXXXXxX ������'iiX'Xxx-XXX'ii.
fl itg.icc:tl^:.t l-Vjiyv.Ofll.^ t/Sf'; '������':;'':;-ftV.'>pv;;:;!~''-/������':"S'V'J;V_iV^-^ft-^;::
'"���';y.-,>..;-;.-^r.'T. "f- :-:-;7y;'��^ ;"':.".Ti>Iii:^ ^V;.'.s.j;ir'vV*^-'':-;ivV'^'s'-''i'!'':t ^-i' <3:':.-'''--.5sV.n'-s|''XV .c^:!*;.'.
XiI.'idv ::(tpv sQldi'er: Avifti; 'has v'lyeen
decorated :fpf;;:vbra;\-er\;^~A!id;; ttliat:
'ni7airh;er-.?-:vv;7:.:'.;'.:1:;;::v;7.; XxiX-xXXiiiiXXXxiiXXiX-
itese; crossvni<ide"pf:djlac!c::carth: qirts
lined; agaiii'St Ivsqiiare of while chalk
llilQl���.fe'et-v.across.;;iThisi ��� ;is-vlhe sign
| used by ::civi|ize:d; lialioiiSvfor the/pro;
jtecf iph;; o f ��� hospitals; 1 ii: lim e of ftwa r.
Cie.i-tiiairliviator!;; takc;;adyrtnl;ige:,of:-it;
islin-ess.;.;; X:X:xX.\iXxyj X'.yyi'xx
;;���;,'��� We:;v\-iII ;li|qv;e;: your-������ -J'cb'.t: ^litside
iiiid : pla.ee If; on: ;tlie: ;centre ;<>f'' ."���.."the'
port lined x(m:: niprphiue.: ^.''l'her<,;::yPi1
will;be;sate.'' v::7:^'lie;proiuise: bhly-'St'r-;
vedvtovinc.rcase; thcvmairs;;:! i:ysteri:i.,:v;;
bpnibeiVlntitiialedvtliat'lhruiy; pi those
���:��?'.il gii'jc.cd';'- i,i'iV;t;ii i s .;��� i-ii 1111 c?'s:-'..fp'rii'i ��� ic>-fv;-;i ji-t-i i^ -^
tIilitv/nioijphiUe ::waS:v!Veeess;iry.;:lq:;3b-
l;n;u;;7;:sfe'ei^;'and  :i:o;di:Snel vtlfe���ihitfliflr
������'; .'>'"\V e Xi\ s ed; 't < 'Xi i Pal-.;.. Xii, ���. ..;';"gr eatvv.'dc'al:
���:abr>iit:.vt'h.r;.-:.;ijH.<';:;licl.?'.v^Vv''-'   X-XXXXX -'7
'XyxxXxyiXiXyi xXV''Xxi\x.oXX''\XXXX: XXiXx
'���XiiyXXxXXi 'XX'XyXiXy-"'vXXXXXXXXi'
}Xyi\iY\yiyx;.yxXi:::y{xiyy\y(}y<').i:4j;      :>":.,;
j:fPi-v:a;:"l rus fy:vp icl;'cfo.rti. -.w.i.um iypiivtpiiciiv
It ;:.'y,l(hv'. a:.;;df"e.p:ftbrv-:.t:\yp
���jl'ie'v.f ������'<ii.-riivc'ji^e^
���:|.l;i>;;ii.'fl;;Pti.:t':!lii��y'-;::(l;iiai';v,;:. filisis'-'':.!)!!!';;.: :.a:
v'(h;i;i r.ti:1; 'lit; yyyi,vdle;g-;.:sl'i jyXy-:  ;y xy;,
cd. They will possess sped considerably greater than a submerged
submarine can develop and thcy will
have many devices for locating a
submarine and withstanding a torpedo explosion. Thc navy of the future will havc a myriad of destroyers to hunt the seas and to act as
convoys- to '....merchant' ships. , 'f he
deptlrbdmbland other ;mcthods" ��� of
attack againstlhe submarine will be
developed; farftbeyond their present
.cfhcieiicy....;.:'--'-":'-:;"-;' '-.'-v. -;;;
n'he"world tliat Is :; fighting.. Ger-
Inany: today ufill giverit s at ten tion 1 or
Ijialiy- V'ciirs lo the: development : of
\eatf;ii-e;;rigaiusf ;the -submarine.; It .is
reasonable ; to-suppose./that;7 theft in-
Y-ivHtitf.e genuis 7piV 1 he"; allies will: :l;>c'
able sil fiicientlytp ��� countcrrictv ; this;
seas, this; --en'ginc bi piracy: that'; dis-
nol': betweenVfcbiubatant
and ;:;wp:i!e:iy vvbctweeil'/adulfs .:.and
liabes,Ibelweei!  lhe warship  which _is
ils;:fai:ft:;fpe;:rind   tae    hospital     ship ,
which:;:pl:icsvtiie  seas in  the work  of
Giiristiaii  v hiercv.���Cincinnati Times-
SyXiiXiXXiXXXi '
shown   us  a    Gcr-
These Are Always Due to Bad Blood I'i'Fiat  s'cemT to^ir.e" an' a"bsoiulely~Fr- j ������. .1i1,l,"0^!.i:��"Ti"IC      crciltio11      ot"
Which  Must Be Enriched j refv'.nblt:  truth, and il    is    for    that
and Purified reason    that    I  feel   that  thc  whole
, ������ future of mankind--not tlie future of        ,   . - - ..
So manv people, both men and:,!,,, jiriijch Fniphc or the American au "cspoiling ;.h bodies of friends
women, suffer from skin troubles, j peor,]e>' n"ot t'lle full,rc 0f i',-r.ncc or | ;1"^ enemies picked up on the bat-
sueh as eczema, blotches, pimples and   Be]l.;,,nl or Itah,   not t]le    falo    of,tleieIa.
irritations that a word ot advise is I email nations biU the whole future | . J-!l?sc oihcia: robbers collect all
neccssarv. It is a great mistake for |���f civilization���is" in the balance ic]otIlln& and equipment from the
those suffering from troubles of tins .'Thai cause is so ereat that there, is j f01'Pscs and send the booty to cen-
kmd    to    smear      themselves      with : not of , ^        ,,(l not sncri.   Ires wluc.i    despatch    them    to    the
rear, lhc extreme shortage of leather and clothing explains lhe creation
of these death units, without reckoning that thc Germans, who are
more than ready for treachery, will
be able to clothe certain of their
units as French or British soldiers
in an attempt  lo deceive its.
greasy  ointments.    Often  they could j ,-,co evcrythiiisr we possess lo realize
not  do    anything    worse,    ior      ''ici...
grease clogs thc pores of the trotibl- i jj'!llr
ed skin  and  the  condition    becomes :
actually worse.
When there arc pimples or crap
lions, or an irritating or itching rash !
a soothing boracic solution may help j
to allay The irritation, but of course |
that does not cure thc trouble. Skin
complaints conic from an impure
condition of thc blood and will continue until the blood is thoroughly
purified. It is well known that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have effected
the best rcr-lts in many forms of
skin disorders t.nd blemishes. This
is due to the. fact that tli?*c pills
inalx- new, rich blood, and this new
blood attacks the impurities that
give rise to skin troubles and disperses them. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills cure skin disorders from within
lhe svstem���thc only sure way. Mrs.
\V. Ritchie, Parkbcg, Sask., says:-���
"Two years ago 1 was attacked with
eczema" on my hands. I tried almost
everything that was advised, but as
the "trouble was growing worse, I
consulted a doctor and took his
treatment for some ''.time with no
belter results. By this time my
bands w-ere a mass of sores and I began to7 dispair: of finding icxurc:',; ;;A
friend strong!v advised mc to try
Dr. Williams'" Pink "Pills, and I ^decided: to  do  so;    After    using;   two
From   a  Recent  Speech  by  Ar-
' Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
They Too, Carry On
Angels of Mercy in Constant   Peril,
Unknown,  Unhonored and
"The greatest hero of the war, to
my mind," writes an American surgeon, "over there, is thc wonderful
strctehcr-beai .r. What fine, brave
lads thcy are. With never a murmur, they carry, carry, carry those
poor lads who have been hit. They
have no protection, and by ncccssitv
th:y are forced lo travel over all
sorls of shell-swept areas bearing
Wc  over here   are  Prone  to     iook i     For ,itt]c c ��� n ���
upon  war  and sec  the  hghtc a-mmr i . . . s
No foolishness! Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's  like  magic I
Sore corns, hard corns, soft  corns
or any kind of a corn, can harmlessly
be lifted rig.ht out with thc fingers il
,   ,,- ,-f i       ���  i      ,, ���        1    .,r i-y��u aPPb' upon the corn a few drop9
halt-hfeless,    breathing    burd- {oi freC20-ne/say8 a Cincinnati author-
attacks of the Huns,
eyes upon the battle and our
hear only the bursting of shell and
the -''thunder of the camion roar. That
is war, wc think. But no, that is not
all war. For here and there, in this
inferno of death and dcslrucfion are
the angels of mercy, themselves in
,,���... ..+        ,,.,...,...���. , i constant peril, unknown,    unhonored
boxes; I  could sec; ;tn' ���lniprovcment,  Sn 1;, unsunsT.-ihc:   heroic:;7stvotcher-
er going j bottle of freezonc at -any dnv
We. keep   our {
over thc top, or.thc soldier, resiling \ ^ ^^y^'^on^i!S"i
and 'J;'' got; a /further supply.: I -'liscd
lilibgefliiir: eight boxcslby Ivhichtiinc
every trace of tlie; eczema had,: disap-;
peared anclftthcre dial been ;not. a
single siymptom; of:, the ftt rouble since
that lime.: IT gladl v recommend ft Dr.
Williams' Pink: Pills for troubles :o)
���this kind,"
bearers.���St. Paul News.7
every corn or callus without pain.
This simple drug dries the moment
it is applied and does not even irritate the surrounding skin while applying Jt or afterwards.
This'announcement will interest
many of our: readers. If your druggist hasn't any freezonc tell him to
surely get a small bottle for you'from
his wholesale dtug house..
liignite Briquetting: Plants
Suggested They    Bc    Financed    and
ftftft;.'pperatedftby Dominion. Mani-
':'i;_;ft;:ft-;;v;toba7a'hd Sask. Govts..
I- 'l^slabli<li:iii;eut of. ;t Iigmie bricjuet-
lingvplanllb; be li'nanced and operal-1
ed;:;by fttlic-;'Dpnv-inio:i. Alauiloba ������ and i
Saskafehe\vailjl govermnenls,; is re- j
cbniViTchdetl liy: '.he lignite commillee l
ofvtlieftadvisbry council for scieiviific'.
and : industrial vresearch
'':';':!.;:.ft'ft'';;ftMargarine7;; ;,;���,:;���';...'���������;;..'
Margarine :canic:.;into being vas a
siibslit!ite;fof butter: during lhe siege
; of ���..'���Paris.--':. M. iMpuriites,' ^a;; French;
t chemist; and scicniist, invented it by
It should be added that Dr. Wil- : mixing milk and beef fat. The ar-
liams' Pink Pills have a beneficial cf-I tide that M. Mounncs improved aud
feet upon the general health. Thev | eventually palenled was later on
increase the appetite and energv and ! maimiaclured by the Dutch and the
cure nil diseases that arise from im-: Danes. ' Wlien it was found that
pure blood. You can. get these pills'i there was no'. ��� sufficient beef fat foi
through anv medicine . dealer or by Ithc 'manufacturers to meet the in-
mail tit 50 cents a box or six boxes ��� creased demand for the new butter,
for -S2.50 from The Dr. Williams'I vegetable oils were, -.experimented
Medicine  Co..  Brockvilie.  Out, [with,-and'so originated margarine as
'   ! it is  now   known     in     England,     of
War Savings
Stamps Coming
Canadian   Government   Is    Contem- .
plating Their Introduction
War savings stamps, whieh have
been bringing millions to the United
Stales treasury for some time past,
arc lo be introduced to the Canadian
public. Thc government has now in
contemplation the inauguration of
lhc new system of public saving and
new source of revenue.' In the United States Svar savings stamps may
be    purchased    for    small    amounts.
report, which  will be issued
P;ilIyl;;fayors; establishment  of
       jptant.ilnvft-'oiilli   Saskatchewan "at
liis;;:hahii>:ftw:as:;v ;R;ild^ lignites .   are
tliatvlvo: was;:::a;:;si;ePndvlieiitenanl,.;v;ii
ihaissiiiliftandfti;fvatiye ;of vBtrlii^
Schoolbby Heroes .
���There is not one boy in the Calgary, schools -who can be, affected by
the military law, according to Dr.
Scott. There, is not a boy in thc
schools over 1'J years of age, -although before llic war there were
manv over 20.    Thc enlistments froni
blftlthe ;\voih:en;:;aivd ' 1 >abios; killed, ^g:-;i;slior'Ivl; iavbrs��� establishment' of   the
radiftftwil.li   tlie   idea   that   if  it
.....   ..successful   '.at     this    point,   it.
IJcutaT&m^ l.e      successful
ru-isp:ncf:ftwli(mftftli:;l^^ :i,ul    Al-
^ea:s-v.shptftdo''\yiv.;b^ ; .'"
:?ft.;rJMyi[virepp7Tt!;.:fufllier-'states': . .
v:'.The,'alt  of- producing ..carbonized
firiquftlleljvhay; passed   the   laboratory
ii.j'rniatiop.. can
niethods".   The
rtlle.. .... ..... ....... ... .............. . .���,....     ,
|.bbiid.)iiig::;roiite.;vl;lie-^p^ ���r,.,,.,..,.   	
::ftji':l.!re..;:l;iii..;;Tl;iev::u!ach i
j %-_
:ihc "schools  have    been    remarkable.
i The last group of boys who went to ,     , -, f .....i.-,.
j join   the flying  corps  were not  over   ^sequent attacks.
j 18.     It  is   not  surprising,     therefore,
��� that  arrangenier.ts  Lave been     made
j for putting in  each  school  an. honor
roll  bearing  the '.names  of   the    lads |
who have enlisted.    After the war is
over   it   is  intended   to   make ..these
records permanent.
| which the chief fat is a product of j They arc given in lieu of change in
j cocoa. "j stores' and shops, and arc sold on the
j :     ~ I streets.     The  purchaser  pastes   them
I It Will Cure a Cold.���Colds are : in a book, amj when lie has secured
' the commonest ailments of mankind; a suflicicnt number he may cx-
'and if neglected may lead to serious ; change them for a war certificate of
I condition. Dr. Thomas' Klcctric Oil; a value, to a certain percentage in cx-
i will relieve lhc bronchial passages ot ; cess of the price paid "for the stamps.
| inflammation  speedily  and  thorough
' ly and  will  strengthen  them -against.;    Aii.officer tin active service in Mc-
An.-l as it  cases , sopotamia writes lhal one of his men
the-inflammation it    will    slop     the ; 011 the wav up the great river asked
cough  because  it allays all irritation j vviih sonic'bitterness  if it'were true
in. the throat.    Try it and prove it.     j tliut lhcy_ were passing  through    the
-. :������  !-garden of Eden.    'The  officer replied
0      ���        Vi        ���    ] a i that such: was  thc  tradition.     "Well,
fepymg LarneCl Ull    : !sir," was  the comment, "if I'd   been
"By Advertisement f*���-. I'1.1 ^pi^ucd a lemon or nyo
:������.���' -; in- this  :eal--not  just  one    pensluu
$100 Reward, $100
;;:HiUSt--   iace   ll
i::l.'.(���-. eb;:;nn-rci;i
Wlien You Eat
you g'.'f: the solid nourishment of whole wheat,
malted barley and other
grains in more pleasing,
easiiy digestible form
than in any other way.
This rt'reat, ready-cooked
cereai is very economical
���requires no sugar, less
mi!!', ycx is probably the
riches!: of all prepared
A Fitting
War time Food
"There's a Reason"
The -Story of a Wdtirided Soldier and
liis   Overcoat
'Iii'- idi'wi uf lhe .Nin.'i i> .ci M.j.t-
/ine a-.U'-<l iJn<..ite I'i-.it nil'- il.i . to
!������'! I.mi tin Tiiovt i'i.!'-1-, j"-nile
t!'!P-: !��� iv(i- l.iii\\ a .^>'dicr l��> do.
II'- :m-e,i-ied. ".Niter thr !i:-m g.i> ;il-
l;i'j> :a "S" ]>i f-~, iu Apnl, I'M.". I v..t-
k'lot ki d mt io! ,i whiie and n;i>. m
the 111- ;i 1111 ji -t:iliou .it Mirville. f)i,i-
day wiii n I v, .\ - l>ins.' iIi<mc on :���
^tret., lier, .t poor, 11ii =-'���: able soldier
e.ime in. ile v. :^ cowrid v. itli mud
and blood lit- \\.i> miiui-. In- ove;-
co.it ,md hi- tunic ui- torn by shr.ip-
m 1. lb- va- soaked to the bone, Ior
it \.:t- raining and lu w.i- shivcring-
i.i'h culd Mid p.n'i. '! hr nmse hui-
ri .1 !���> him ami a-l.rd him v.lit* had
bei'inif ot hi- mirewt. 'Oh.' he
-ud. hi, teeth c-li.iit--i ing. 'my j al
.':i - l.ilhil b-.i'k then, ami he 1 .���d-.ed
-���> i-i'id. l_\iiiL; titii :n the ram. I
' . ��;.   ..���'!   mi    coat   and   ]-in    i'.     i\-
;��� ;ft7 (Jailf, ftB r iii iPftl' xt'rl 1 i.urstii XXXX} <ii}},$&.*:\ i r.oxl,!! e e:r
;:l'i;ii:e; ipfiieet; vol- ;i,pl;i-lv;'a'n;ee;s'tly,;:;ly;!n^
V^-:iy<y|i;pcpp|e:;.li|.-{ft.W .Viiiet
:[jvnl(\\-';-iI))iC':l)iil-fta:\iSt;''lrs;^ 'o'n-
lia.ls..-'v.v.: ;;;.; ���.::ii--x:iit'.x..i'-:ix:',:yxyx:ix-:yyy: 'XiXi^cyyyX :i:*i.'-:"i:''i-i'iv'-!
;ft''-'V->\v7;ft'-t1 rift'e ;:Uli.t<;d;:;;:,;:;;lV^
v''\v':i:-'.'lhii!la'eed:v liy-i-v'lhe:: ''liir-'-llh-feiice-
I mm- ���uul id)ligi'��i t" fU-eend i-i .���;���
I up-u In Id in tin- d.irl-iH *- l.va\inc
1 tl'iir h .illu-r en.it- nu-i h.lmcl -. the
; :\\ i.itnt - -et Iin to ihe n.i ei.i-i ��� ;mi!
, .'.Mfnipled   t->   e-i ,ipi .     Tim   oi   ll. '.ii.
���' e'lithm;   tin    captain,   veie   i.iplui    i
in alt, nipliun lo (���!���>-- the lint- I iy
' unexpiodi d bomb- une found in the
' eh irr> d   riiiu-.
!     Tlie   readers   jI   tliis   paper   will   be pleased
j to   learn   that   there   is   at   least  one  dreaded
(.'disease-that science lias  been able to cure in
all  its  Biases,  and  that  is  catarrh.    _Catarrh       ;.\   Biiiish. admiraltV  wireless    press
bciriif'' Greatly     influenced,    ny   constuutionai ....        .-. . ..'.
conditions   ieqtiir;s   constitutional   treatment. I ' '���P'.M t   s.iy^:      l lie . I':i i mil      milllary
HaU's   Catarrh   Cure   is   taken   internally   and j authorities   have   takeil   an   important
rnriijii.priiiuet.iii, proh.em is- ��>5'^ ^.eT^l.^d.&ni^   f.1^  w-it).   tlu-objeet of eheekma.im;
Vritll'tlie   vrieks     oi   amateur I loundation of  the, disease,  giving tlie^patieiit j H'e. operations  ol. eneiu\   spies.    C'Cn-
ie dillieullies
I production,
iii" liie -ame
. \i ilh ; iu tlie
. 'I lie road to
.  apple.   ...          	
j No   French    Newspaper "'Containing", ���_.-.__.._ _
Ads.Will Be Allowed1 to ft| Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
��� Circulate ��� .'    ���-��� ��� ��� --^--���v--
cilleiii'i|S; lo'do  this aripareutlv    sim- I urength  by  building up  the constitution atii , era-1 ��� Dulkiil,  ^lilitarv     governor      of
VXiXXXXXXn^     aeftom,,-  for     11.0^^/.^","^^ ^^     forbidding
ho'ild   be   ".nidi 1 taken   by   lhe j oiiio.    iaold by "all Druuijists, 75c.
Live  Stock Business Growing
,u ti
<-tori< - of (Ii riM.m tre.u nerv
r eiyins; "K.nnei .id," an. ti-ld by
our mi:' in lhe ho-pital-. A (ieiinan
oOieei yclh-d " Kanw rad!" and v.;ii:--d
nntil tin American ofliei r advanced
i. hen he fired on and iwmndi'd him.
In another instance a German cer-
ue.tiit-major, ait' r Efivii"^; the same
-:_;n   of   -urreiiih i,   tiTi ii   a     crcradi.
I oi e
i.ui    tl',it   prn.Me  capital  i-  -o  eharr\ j poiicri ot Hall's Catarrh Cure that they oll<rr ] tlie   -eiulmt;   aLro.iU     Ol     new-pal
in"    -i.ui     < nt'i pi i-e-.       'lhe  pmblem, ! One   Hundred   Dollars   for   any   case   that   it   and   periodical-   containing   adveriise-
,i,     , -   .,      :,,    >-.    I - ���   ',   ,.-,.,      I     ,,���,,��� fails to i.ure.    Send for list ol testimonial*.     I,,,,.,..       if   ;.,���.., ..i.    ��� i^l,     i���     r���i-.;.,
th-.dD-e.    m    S.i-U.i.   ,-\\.in,    \>  tint.    Addlebs.  v.   i   t:iiKM:V  &  CO..   to.cd* I ".u ,.-1""-.    "   joii'i.als   \\i>!i     to     retain
s. lilt !i   -hoiild   be   ".indii taken   by   lhe | Ohio.
���.,'o\ eimi'i nt     .i-     a   public  utility,   al |
h.i-1  imtil  -mil  pioi-e--e-  a-  i.i.ij   hi I
ad.nited   are   liemo'i-tratid     a     lom-j .
miMvi.l  sin re���" Receipt-  at  the  slock  \ard- at  J-.d-
The     eommitt. e'-.   r-timate     civc-   monton,  AUn-rta.   lor   lhc   month     of
e     iapit.ll   cost   ot"   the | M-'X   nearh   doubled   the   receipts     of
it.       l'roihiction    eo-t-l,;i��-   -vt";u"-     ��!U'  '"'.'Hired  aud   ei.uliti - i atril>  .lfl(.r  lhl,   Austro-Cierman   offen-
pla'H     for   carbonized     and'i'^ "J*  v�� ^'.   received as    compared j ,iv 0    u  :^  MlsI)l.t.u.(i  x\ua  certain  ad-
briquelled     fuel,    fwvoiin^   "Pel atim; I ? 'th eiphty-eight ior the  correspond; j , tTU\.(.nK-���ts     in     French   or   Itaii.'n
cost,   and   fiNed   rh.irue*.     are     e-ti-l':'K   month  ol   last   year.        ihe     ^-^ j ,-,eu spaper.-   mi^ht   be   u-ed    for    es-
i.ate,!   at   no'  more   than  $7  f.er  ton. ""^s  la-t  inonth   contained  J;/W   cat-j   io purpose-.
<4fn).iiilii as t
coi'iple'i d pi.
at      tin
In thi- estn.iate no tiu.inei.tl allo'.v-
Mue ha- been in���de for liie reroverv
of   b\ -iirodu.-!-.   whieh   are   stated   to
������i* iu
11 repi at the pel form- (]K.  k,r^e  and whiabh-.
. Not His Turn to Write
Scotii-l    rli.irnet! r   i-   a
of vi'    -  and  virtue-  i'i
<"!othfs do not make the ynunof
man. but a lmifonu In lp= a whole lot,
nb-er\i-   she   Ri'.:in.i   Leader.
ived a-    compared '
ar,m!l��ilh eiphty-eight for the  correspond; i    .n;,t.nK.���,s
r,ti-(inK   inonth  ol   last   year.        ihe     IS? j
lon inir-  la-t  month  contained  1,793  cal- i
lie. 8iH  calvi-t. 3,2~rt ho-s   119 ...heeri I
and   76  horses,    a;     compared     with |
1,(U2 cattle,  -HI  calves. 1.569 ho^s, 9;
������heep and (>" hor.-es.    The ttrowth of'
Inisine-s  of    th.e     Edmonton    sto:k-
\;,r(l, is a measure  of thc arrow tl;  of
mixed  tannins in  the  coiiutiy  tributary to that city.
their foreign connections, it will be
ueee--ar> lor them to have special
editions in which adveriisi-ineuti, arc
blocked  our.
In   taking   this   measure,   France   is
follow im;     Italy,     vhich     began     to ' cr
block  out advertisements six  months   savs:
Use Loyal Seed Only
A Counly Tyrone farmer; entered
a seed merchant's shop iu Oniapli
for turnip seed, 'asking if limy could
be guaranteed. "Yes," said the merchant. .'T'U warrant them 93. per
cent.   ejeruimaliou.'," ������������'.
"'J'hen," said the patiint. "I'll no
hev lliem; if there was 1 pei cent, of
the German nation aboot them I'd
not sow thcin. No enemy trading
for  mc."���Uritish   Farm  and   Home.
Sertjt. Frank Smith of the Koyal
F.ns'ineers, the fii si Brilisli j>o<;tniasl-
ol" li'iu-alem, wiitiiiK to a friend,
fliere are 40,(100 inhabitants
left in Ji'iiiialem. and they were all
f;lad lo sec us. The po\erty is ap-
palintr, but business is picking up
now and the post oflice is doing a
.thriving business."
Red Cross Dividends
'!',. nt'h int-ie-T \<i'.i <ir:i\-. or; Red
( :n-- iin- atioi.- i- '.'.���" iMiriJt paid
lu \nrr 1 u :iri ��� -a'l-'.i' ;i-i-i I'eior.-'
/'���r !.i\iu_: r- illy ttii'"1 S''--i--l!ri- 5 i',
1 Ip \' i'i tl.-' iu: Mi'i ri""M'i a'"i
r- ii-.- f. e- ''.e sildi t l>ri\ -,���Le'iiral't
(        1 ���
��� .���. niif --" ( \n'r
m')de-ty a--e -'.
The   oihe-  d.iy
bid'iine   h'tod-b;. e   to   on
who   h'ld  bcin  av.ani'-d
In e   "oljs'inacy") j
"or y'y   re pi e.-'Tit- '
i-.i'   office r      v. a- j
oi  hi-   m-m I
the   D.f.M..!
C ra:
These Modern Days
J '��� 1 i. ��� 1. ,\..!i. r- \:-: 1 t.. dr:r.\- a
, ' ��� -��� t-i -oie- C'l-::t b'-.i'i'\ :,' <: -:.c:
I--    .-'   t'  - 511--  ��r. i:"'".  r  tr-'-!  r-jv-
,-   i.      ,.-1   a'_<v-:"
j    ������; ���  ct-. :" - -,.. ���   r-;:-^i:;: ������ -
;������    ��� i-C'-iivi-.c
wi..i  h.id.  ir   ro'i-i qr.enee.    been!
1   d  ten  du-' lea-, c     *"\\"c !I. ror-
1."   sail   li'i-  officer  'tis  a     proud
li'i    that'll   b-1   \,-��ii:in~   to      urret
when   \0'i   get   home   Ihi-   tiii'.e. '
���at'll  sh-   hi   proud  fo:-''    <ji:i i ied
1. r, 110-al. v itl; a  pu/z7lcl  ejcprrs- '<
"O:   \<~'iy~   nirdal, "ot     course."!
the ansv er.    "But I  don't  think ;
knows   I've   e;:>t  i*. sir."  said   the j
or;,;      "What!     Haven't  vou  tc-hlj
' WM'.  'i~. you  cee it   v.isn't j
f.rii   to   v. ri:c"���Lo"don   Clr.->:!-J
Procrastination is the thief of
health: Keep yourself well by
the timely use and help of
No Shortage *.n Canada
25 Per Cent. Increase in Hogs
'J lie   Uk.inpee:   Free   Pre--   iepo:l-
an  r\.ptcted  increa>e  of  25  per  cent. I
in Alberta's    output    of  bacon     thi- |
year.   TInt.-   was   a   smaller   percent-|
iiige  of los-e* among  the  joung  pi.-'- j
j this  sprincr  than    for    the  last tlueej
'vears.  and  it  is   now-  pretty   v.vll   a = - ;
Isi-red   that   all   the   population   ot   na-j
line   poiker-   nil     o\er   lhe     province1
i wiil  be  multiplied  ir
portions    hoped    10
cn.'t=e,l    production
s t a 1 ted.
ibout the pro- j
v.hen the in- \
campaign   wa
Lwtwt Sale ef Aay MwEeJM ia A* WorU.
&*)d rr*nrvb��r*.  ht besw, 28c
Incontestable  Evidence
"I cai marry any women I please."
Then  I conclude yoa haven't pleas-
led a;.y yet."���Vancouver  Frovince.
75c By Mail
If not procurable from your dealer, writs
4 St. Laurence
Mcirreal, Que.
*"*   *"r-'> WJ-jJliWIII1^^ tw Macau... ammKQQjjL b*^jl
On Land
or Sea
The AutoStrop an-
. swers the call efficiently���it is the only
razor in the world
that automatically
sharpens its own
blades, therefore, it is
the orfly razor that
is always ready for
The AutoStrop will
gvveyour soldier or sailor
lad the same clean,comfort,
able shave hc enjoyed at
home, no matter where he
is or under what condition
he uses it
Give him an AutoStrop
. ���it's the gift he needs.
AutoStrop Safety
Razor Co.
_ Limited
83-87 Dale St. Toronto, Oat
Prussian Method
Home Water Supply
A Good Roomy Bath to Replace the
Old Wash Tub
The drudgery of the farm and
farm home life must bc absolutely
uprooted, and thrown out, if the farm
children and others are to stay
there. The farm home has more
inducements to offer, if thc farmer
will but take advantage of the opportunities offered. Thc city and its
home cannot compete with the farm.
In the country you can have_ every
modern convenience offered in the
city, and in addition, the freedom of
the country, its healthful surroundings and its unexcelled food stuffs.
What more can one want?
Home water works should bring
with it thc bath room with all its
facilities, a good roomy bath tub
to replace the old wash tub or wash
bowl by the kitchen stove. How
many bovs and girls havc wished
for a good, big splash in plenty of
water instead of the "teaspoon bath -
from a wash bowl by thc side of. the
stove. The boys- go to the creek
because of their love of plenty of
water and a good swim. Why not
run the creek through thc house and
give the girl an equal show with the
boy at a decent sized body of water,
not only in thc summer but in the
winter as well. Thc old folks will
also appr: -iale the bath room with
all its conveniences. And think of
thc convenience when there is sickness in thc house.
With all these reasons for installing running water in our farm homes,
it seems that the most vital one to-
dav is that it will eliminate waste
labor. This saving of labor allows
that thc same amount can be expended in a more useful place. If
the men are benefited by it, then thcy
havc more time to put in on the raising of crops and stock. The women,
however, are to be more benefited,
hence they can and will bc able to
do other things.
Supplies for installing wajer works
arc more expensive now than they
havc been for some time. But then,
too, labor costs more; farm products
arc bringing more, hence there is
more inducement to buy. There is
no indication that supplies will _ be
cheaper for some years, so thc thing
to do is to get at it at once���buy before prices go higher and get it
while you can.
The cost of water works for'farms
vary according to the size of the
farm, family, kind of well and cx-
tensiveness of thc system to bc installed. A very modern system can
be put in for as low as $25 or $30.
From that amount on up to $o00 can
be spent, depending on factors mentioned above. For information and
help on thc subject, there are several
sources open to thc average farmer.
His local hardware dealer, if he is
alive and tip to thc minute will be
able to help wonderfully.
Quickly He
Itchings and
In the treatment of all skin
troubles bathe freely with Cuticura Soap and hot water, dry
gently, and apply Cuticura Ointment to the affected parts.
These fragrant super - creamy
emollients tend to prevent little
skin troubles becoming serious
-if used for every-day toilet ^wr��
For sample of each free by mail address post-card: "Cuticura. Dcpt.
N, Boston. U.S.A." Sold bydealcia
throughout the world.
The Largest Flour
Mill in Canada
A Guide To Peacs Talk
Construction  of New  Flour  Mill, at
Rapid progress is being made in
the construction of thc ncw flour mill
which is being erected in Calgary,
Alberta, and which, when completed,
will be thc largest in Canada, and
one of thc most up-to-date mills on
the American continent.
Plans have been laid for a remarkable output of flour in thc mills and
storage of grain in the elevators. The
mill itself will be built in two units,
one for the preparation of export
flour, and the other for flour to bc
used on the local market. Thc capacity of the mill will bc from 6,000
to 7,000 barrels of flour daily, and
the capacity of the elevator will be
a million bushels.
It is estimated that from three to
four hundred men will bc employed
in the mill and elevator when completed. The cost of constructing the
plant will bc well on-to a million
Situated as it is right in lhc heart
of a country where the best of hard
spring wheat is grown, and having
most favorable marketing facilities,
Calgary is an ideal location for such
a mill.
How Long Is It Going to Ee Possible to Deceive the Mass of
the German People
There will bc peace proposals   inspired  by Berlin. They will reiterate
Most infants arc infeslcd by
worms, which cause great suffering,
and il" not promptly dealt wilh may
cause constitutional weaknesses difficult to remedy. Miller's Worm
Powders will clear the stomach and
bowels of worms and will so act up
Gtiaranleed to hold the wildest cattle
and break them of bad habits. Does
not interfere wilh feeding. Easily
put on in a minute with any handy
���ce $ i 00 No. 1. Yearling Sire.
Veach      1        No. 2,  Old cattle size
Write   for    references    from
farmer users.
^\ Pric
Phil. Barney Co. Ltd.
(Reference: Merchants  Bank)
that thc'German government has no|��" H>�� system that there will be no
predatory' intentions���wants -iiotJiiiier J "-eciirronce of tlie trouble. And not
but    an"   honorable    peace   on  audi  ?n.b\tl��s.  but  thcy  will  repair    t.tc
terms  as'will   guarantee  thc    future j injuries   to   the  organs  that
The Hun Sergeant Had a Wdnderful
During the invasion df Belgium a
captain in a Prussian regiment got
hold of a hundred fresh eggs somewhere, and, wishing to give his faithful soldiers a treat���there were just
exactly a hundred men in his company, "as it happened���hc turned the
tiggs over to the top sergeant and
told him to see that every man in
the command had an egg for his
breakfast next morning. But the
company cook smashed one of the
eggs, and next morning there were
only ninety-nine eggs to be distributed among a hundred hungry soldiers. The sergeant was puzzled at
iirst. lie knew he had to obey orders. For a while he didn't know-
just how-to distribute those eggs.
.Finally," says.the narrator of Uie
itory, ''lie had a wonderful inspiration���a typical Prussian inspiration.
It worked all right, too."
"Well, what did the s meant do?"
remanded one of the company.
"Killed one of the soldiers."���Vancouver  Provinc .
security of thc empire. Read them
with these few plain ancl simple
facts  iu mind:
Tiie German government could
have had an honorable peace on the
eastern front, with ample guaranties for thc future security of the
empire. Russia offered such a peace.
Russia was helpless. By simply
reaching out its hand Berlin could
havc had exactly such a peace with
Russia as it says it wants���a peace
that fully secured its own independence and laid the basis for friendly
self-respecting relations between the
two nations in thc future.
It got Russia into the council
chamber by declaring that it intended to make such a peace. _ Then it
stuck a gun against Russia's head
aud robbed her of all her western
provinces���knowing well enough that
thc outrage would provoke Russia's
hatred and make an implacable enemy of her, even more surely than
the seizure of Alsacc-'Lorraiuc made
an enemy of France fo.- Bismarck,
at least, hc did not preface his seizure with a shameless lie. Security,
honor, mutual respect, a basis for enduring    peace���all    these     Germany
and   restore  them     lo
Nearlv all children are subject to
worms, "and many arc born with
them. Sparc them suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, the best remedy of the kind
that can be had.
To Limit Profits
Of Produce Dealers
A Pill That Lightens Life.���To the
man who is a victim of indigestion
lhc transaction of business becomes
in added misery. Hc. cannot concentrate his mind upon liis tasks and
ioss and vexation attend him. To
such a man Parmclcc's Vegetable
Pills offer relief; A course of treatment, according to directions will
convince him ot.lh:ir great excellence. Thcy are confidently -recommended because thcy will do all that
is claimed  f ji- llicm.
The Rumble In Thunder
The Government Helps
Assisting Manitoba Farmers to Purchase Cattle
Under a scheme of the Manitoba
government, farmers in that province with grazing and feeding facilities, but without the means with
which to buy cattle, are enabled to
stock their farms with hi^h-class animals, feed them all summer, and sell
their, in the winter. This scheme,
which is known as thc "Stockers and
Feeders Plan," is very simple in its
method of operation.
The farmers buy a number of cattle which have been approved by tli"
Big Wheat Yield
Average Yield of Crops of   Western
Canada Over Ten Years
The census and statistics oflice of
the Canadian government has just
completed a statement of (lie annual
average yields per acre of field crops
for the ten years from 1908 to 1917.
This statement shows that thc average yield per acre of fall wheat in
Canada is 23 bushels, and of spring
wheat, 19 bushels, as compared with
the United States decennial average,
1907 to 1916, of 15.6 bushels for
winter, and 13.2 bushels for spring
wheat. By far the larger proportion
of wheat grown in Canada is grown
in the Prairie Provinces, Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Good Work Of
British Airmen
Brought Down  106   German   Planes
in Six Weeks
Wounded     British     airmen,    back
from   France,  report that  thc  squad-
The American Parade
Extreme     Seriousness     and    Grim
Determination of their
"What struck the spectators
about the American soldiers
marched through our streets on Saturday was their extreme seriousness,
the grim determination of their bearing. They looked neither to the
right nor left, but kept their eyes
straight in front of them, paying
little or no attention to thc cheering
crowds. And the crowds really did
cheer, far more than a London
crowd usually does. Not a single
man in thc ranks was talking to his
neighbor, although there must have
been an almost irresistible temptation
lo exchange remarks, for thc majority of the men were seeing London
for the first time. This was a test
of discipline. The average height of
the men was remarkable, and it was
interesting to "note what a number
of men of the Irish type there were
���and it should be remembered that
thc first draft, of which these men
were a contingent, were in the main
volunteers, who did not wait to bc
conscripted. Thcy seemed to bc
drawn from all classes, from the Harvard man to the artisan and the farm
laborer. If a German drill-sergeant
could have watched them he might
havc said the dressing of the fours
was not quite perfect. But if lie had
any eyes for keenness and intelligence, he would have wished them
back on the other side of the Allan-
tie.���Westminster Gazette.
is the best remedy
known for sunburn,
heat rashes, eczema,
sore feet, stings ana
blisters. A skin food!
AU "Druggist! en J StoKt.SCc
"The King of Bug Killers"
Easy to mix���easy to use.
Kills Bugs, Flies, Worms,
Slugs, Moths, etc. Less than
half price of paris green���just
as effective. Sold in \'i lb., 1 lb.
5 lb., 10.1b. cartons.
Ask your dealer.
Sole Agents
What Germany Has Lost
agricultural representative of the de- j ��'on operating in an important sector
partment of agriculture. The gov-j on the Amiens front has probably cs-
ernment pays for the animals, and a* I tablishcd a record by bringing -.'.own
106 enemy machines in six weeks, in-
a security, takes a lien note from the
farmer. The note, which bears interest at six pcr cent., docs not mature  until  the   following  October.
By means  of this  plan,  which  was
instituted   last   summer,   nearly     two
thousand head of prime cattle were
could'have had of Russia by simply', kept in thc province last year until
reaching out its hand. It deliberate-! they were fit for food purpose,
ly  chose  conquest,  dishonor,    iiatr-d j whereas had ihe plan not been in ex-j o'clock in the    morning, _ when
eluding twenty-one on one day.
Thc only member of the squadron
known to have been wounded up to
the time this man returned to London, said il was hard work getting
the German airmen lo fight. "Practically the only times they would
come out," he said, "were about nine
���the seed  of a  new war.
When thc government. which did
that within the year prattles about
wishing nothing except its own future security and just, honorable, en
during peace, only a hopeless blockhead will bc deceived.
How long, in view of the Russian
facts, is it going to be possible to
deceive the mass of the German
people about the intentions of tluir
government?.--:���  Saturdav   -Evening
POSt... -���
istencc,   they   would   havc   been   sold 5 glare    of    the  sun  would  be in
for slaughter iu a light and imfatten-   '
Once a mother has used Baby's
Own Tablets for bei- little ones shc
will use nothing else. Experience
teaches her that the Tablets arc the
very best medicine she can give her
baby. They are a gentle laxative;
mild but thorough in action and never   fail  to  banish  cons-tipation,   colic,
colds or anv other of the many min-pal before the war.
or ailments" of childhood. Concern- freedom of the seas
ing them Mrs. J. Btc. Cbarcst, St.
Leon, Que., writes:���"My baby cried
continually and nothing seemed to
help her "till I began using Baby's
Own Tablets. These Tablets soon
set her right ahd now I would not
be without them." Thc Tablets are.
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from Thc Dr. "Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile,  Ont.
cd condition.
Manitoba's "Cow Bill"
The Venture   Has    Proved    Wholly
Manitoba was the first of the
western provinces to pledge the
credit of the provincial government
in enabling co-operative groups of
farmers to- purchase cows for breeding purposes. Manitoba started in
this line two ycars ago and the Winnipeg   Free   Press   reports  that      the
, ... .        _ ,        venture  has proved whollv    success-
faces, and in  t ic evening,  iivcn then . fll,    About 3500 cows liav"e beetl        _
they    would  slip away    if thcy  had
Flags Wave But   Factory    Furnaces
Are Cold
Germany had plenty of raw matcr-
She had the
She had free
entry into all the markets of the
world. In forty years she had built
up a foreign trade second only to
our own. Vet she vas not happy.
She yearned for world dominion.
She bartered raw material for kultur. Now her colonial empire is a
thing that was, and the fabric of her
industry is in ruins. To secure again
the supply of raw material, Germany
must cither bring herself into line
with the civilized peoples and make
reparation for her crimes, or she
must defeat aud destroy thc British
navy. While that navy holds the
seas war maps ancl land successes arc
a delusion and a snare. The flags'
may wave in German cities, but the
furnaces will be cold in German factories.���London Daily Express.
India's Might la
Pledged To Britain
Food Board's Order Aimed at Preventing of Speculation
The Canada food board has passed
an order which is expected dc.iimtu!y
to prevent speculations in the. produce business and to limit profits to a
reasonable margin over cost. J he
order provides that on and after July
1 no person dealing wholesale in
meats, lard, cheese, butter, oleomargarine or eggs, in selling to a retail
dealers, or others not wholesale dealers, shall charge on each" transaction
more than 10 per centum over his
cost price delivered to warehouse.
When salaried men arc- employed in
buving, or when commission is paid,
the charge for such in computing
shall not" exceed the recognized
charge for buying or the customary
commission   paid. ..Iin   a   resolution   passed
In  selling   to       another   wholesale j lp    convey    1o     your    Majesty,
dealer  thc  charge  on  each     transac- ,-|<ii,o-.Euip\'ror, an   expression ..of
exceed  the  cost.price1
Why People Feel Depressed
In the Cold Weather
plied to nearly 1,000 settlers, ancl ov
cr 3,000 applications arc now on hand
to be dealt with later. During the
fall of 1917 the first payments became due on the cows supplied during  the previous  year,  and  the  fact
half a chance.
"The supreme confidence of our
fellows is half the battle. During
the-German offensive thcy have been
doing four "shows", a day,    returning
only  for ammunition, and an   occas-tu,-t practically everv pavment    was
lonal meal and possibly a    game    of  mct vhcil d       shcn%:s  lh'a{ the cows
.^, cards,    if    the.   mornings work, was, delivered to the right class    of
YYhv  is  tiredness and  langour    so j reticular y good and the a.tcrnoo.n s ,  j   ;ft     scttlerSj  and  that    t]le    cows
.w iij   ii _iiituuL.��...i iu .hintuui    5U I threatened to-be hcavv.        .   : I - ���-���
prevalent just now? A_ physician ex- |. ��� ..Nc:u.!v,   a]1     the    -machines ftwcj
pained lhat the cold ot vvmler drives , i)roli ,llt -down  wcrc  two-seaters.     In I
blood from the surface of the    body j fact> -fcw of thc Gcrman a;rincn will i
to the liver.  Normally one-fourth   ol   flv  :iMVl|linCj  ,.lsv..    Thc pilots   like  al
tne whole blood supply is in the liv-; n;.m ^.U1) -.; behind them." \
~ .       .     , rr,   t.e,     ���,.,,  M  i-Tra:,.fr- l\n.   w,c" "<��"-Mood is accuinu-j.    Tllc :iirman sa;(i t|1c    C,ci-man    in-'
Determined That Sne Will Not Fail; 1;ltC(1 m that organ everything    goes ; f        ��� bombed and      machine I Ul? government.
the  Empire in  Its  Hour
of Crisis
A "message  from    lhc   Viceroy
were a good investment and proved
profitable. It is worth noting, too,
tint the creamery companies of Winnipeg also report a large 'increase of
milk supplies from the districts
where cows have been delivered    by
No better  remedy exists  than    Dr.
.  Hamilton's Pil's which are composed.
,.   j     a.   message  irom    me ���. \ iceroy     ol ; Df-such vegetable extracts as     Ma':-;
ms I India'to the King-Emperor lias been j tiraUc    :l,Kl" ��� Butternut, and     possess!
.given  out-officially  in     Loudon. '   H j WOnderful liver    stimulating   powers/^,,., ,(, a s.>ecd of 130 ,nilcs rm b0ur,
isays: .... . I It's a marvel    the   way    H:*.1'-"'.1^-1-'i f,nT]!r our maehine gmis all the whih-.
"'A conference of the ruling princes I j->j|js ciear the blood of the poison-
and representative leaders of alt;ol.s [juror's. They put new life "mio
classes 01" the people of India., as- j xvorn ol,t bodies/build up the-appe-
sembled al Delhi, has authorized "^���'���[tiic,   bring  back  a   reserve   of   ncree-
1 energy, tide folks oyer the cold days
! of winter and the depressing clays ot
' sprimi. ���   For  vour  health   and     body
tion  must not  excecu  ine  cusi .yn^ j d|a's d.,iiful  loyally,    in  response, to I comfort get a.'25c box of
by more  than 4 per ccntuim ' voiir-gracious  message,     a'iid   assur-;lou^ j>;ijs todav.
When      selling    prints    ol.   butler 1 ;mco  of  |UT    dctcrl,iin;itiop.  to    eon-- .    "-	
I gunned by  the aviators  four times a
I day    regularly,    and that v\ hen     the.
; eneniy came forward iu masses, thcy
were easy prey for the air force.s.
"We  would swoop down whih
ing a'
111. Alberta, .where a similar system of government aid was inaugurated aboul the same lime, thc venture  lias  proved  equally    successful.
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Garget in
Some  limes    we    came  within    fifty';
feet of the ground, going so fast thcy ;
could, do-nothing ��� witli    us.      Tlicir;	
���machine gun  tire,    from the    ground ; Diverse Resources of Canada Shown
Striking Exhibit
improved .after   the  lii'St
but it did little damage.'
Dr: Hamil-
lave been moulded or cut
lhc wholesale dealer may be
permitted' to charge an additional
price to cover the cost of��� suc.i
moulding or cutting, but this addn
tional price must not be more than
3 per centum pf cost.
tiiuie lo do. her duly u> her utmost
capacity, in--the great cri-is through
which   llie  empire  fs  passing.
''India is determined that Your
Majesty's confidence that she will
not fail the empire in ils hour 01
'crisis shall    be    fully    justified,   and
Sound   Wave   Travels   Slowly
Through the Air
\Vhw docs thunder rumble. The
path of a'lightning flash, through tlie
air  may
Al! along, this path the sudden ex
pa.n'sion'.of the heated 'air���a true explosion��� sets up an atmospheric wave
which spreads, in all directions, and
eventually registers upon our.ears as
thunder. ' Since tbe lightning discharge is almost instantaneous, the
sound wave is produced at very near
Iv   the   same, time   along.thc    whole I to
The True Celtic WU
Gift, of Repartee Possessed    by
Common People
A  good  story  of  an  episode
Dublin   a  little
In selling or storing eggs that have 1 l|l;U  t,u, ,li;in,1)owcr and  resources ot"; befell   him  in
been candled bv. himself, the   whole- j ,,1(..  t.omU,.v .s|lan i,(- milized to   the \ before  the  war
sale dealer   may   add    up   to , three
cents per    dozen    to    cover  cost  9' f for -whii-li  the empire is fighting."       ! who was commander
!     Mistress���"When      I   engaged   you
I Mary',  you  said  you  had    no     male
[friends;    Now,-almost every  tini
Iconic .into  the kitchen. I find a  nl
; there."
:   ' Mary���"Lor'     sakes,    he    ain't
, friend of mine!" :
I     Mistress���"Then who is he?"
i     Marv���"Mv husband."
few    weeks,. at Windsor Station
j     Visualizing in a  striking manner a
large number  of  the  diverse  naliira"
resources -of   Canada,
j ! Pacific   Railway  has
the     Canadian
Russia's Hereditary Enemy
Revolt of the Real Russian   Against
the Enemy of  Civilization
The hereditary enmity of the Russian to the German is gradually
emerging and crystallizing amid the
general ferment. Russians of every
degree are finding in their common
hatred of-the invader a nexus of union. The most democratic among
them must perceive by this time that
there can be no freedom under thc
German, and that tlicir German Socialist comrades have cynically betrayed them to the. military autocracy. It would bc improper for this
country to lake sides in the internal
politics of any country, but Great
Britain and her allies should at
once cordially recognize the slow revolt of thc real Russian against thc
enemy of civilization, the enemy
who, aflcr the revolution, robbed
Russia of its fruits and brought her
lo the dust. It is for the friends of
Russia to help her to rise again from
that intolearble humiliation. ��� London   Morning   Post..
No  Use  for  It
Agent���This vacuum bottle will
keep anything hot or . cold for . 7i
Mr. Tipples���Don't want it. If I
have, anything worth drinking f -dou'f
just  opened   to 1 want to keep it 72 hours.���.Vancouver.
an I the public an exhibit at the  Windsor j Province.
is  told  to  a  London 1
Get Out on the Farm
I'.verv  man is wanted on  lhe farm
indling, cases, fillers, and loss from 1   .'An ' official   statement
: 1 greatest possible cxteiil  in  the cause : newspaper by Adni. Sir Cecil Burney, .
ol 1���,-.���;,. ,.:i,:',.i,  ,i,���.���������,,-,;,-,. ;* fighting."       ! who was commander of a division at ! this year who ever li.ancllect a Hoe. or
If :he  candles  eggs
be~sc"vcral   miles  in   length, j defective  eggs.   .  Jt vlie   caucus  eg^ . fcrcn,.c    sl:il���   ,.iat   ,t   w;ls _
���     ���      sudden    ex-   Ior sale  out  of'cold-storage  he may \ in.  s;,;U.tM, -.princes, r.nn-oinc.ial
add  not. more :lhan 3 per ccniuni. to. j,;,,^. (1
cover   cost   of  labor  and  loss    from
defective eggs, ,   ���     . .
When   the   produce     dealt     111   lias
been  held for more, than  thirty, days
the cost of holding or carrying may
-| be added  to th-j cost price  delivered
warehouse, and. the  cost  of
p'alh. But t'lie sound . wave travels j uig^may
slowly through the air. Its speed is '""'
approximately 1,090 feet per second.
Thus the 'sound from the part of
the lightning's path thai is nearest to
us reaches 11s first, and -that irom
oilier parts of the path afterward, according to their distance. 'Intermittent crashes and booming effects are:
due: ehicJly :o irregularities in the
shape of tin- path.���Popular Science
include   storage   at
tariff" rates', insurance, interest
per -centum  atid shrinkage.
at .-/.
lie. legislative .council,..; and
about a. hundred representatives " selected. l>y the provinces from all
shades of-.political opinion. The conference adopted important." . recommendations tin questions of ..manpower and the development of the
country's resources. Approval .'��':}s
voted im a" coiiliiHia.uce of energetie
recni.iling' upon:   a   ��� voluntary   basis,
the   con- '��� lhe battle of Jutland.
Accompanied' by a friend,  he
! drove a team.    Get in touch wilh thCin],   ](,
was \ situation.     Find out who is handling;: ,(-,'.|l.-'
���!-street: station.     This   exhibit,    which-,
,10 ' is  situated  in  a    room     immediately I
: adjoining  the  main  entrance  to    the;
I station on Osborne street, has    been!
j prepared by  the collaboration of  the\
'Quebec government and  the CYP.R.   i
!     One half comprises thc Quebec ex-j
Idbit, cousitsing  of    samples of    the;
resources    of  the    province���lumber-, i
asbestos, and other'minerals,    grain,!
strolling  along . the   quaes   when   llie j llie    employment     agency    in     yoiir : 'foft."ftuld  \)'{:;lycv
conversation   turned   on   the    alleged'. town.   >ign up for service^ where you, ,)iuU
gift  of ���'repartee-7'" possessed'/ by; '  lhe j-will.-Vouaf most during - th:.--.-. harvest... i
Irish  common  people.     His  compan-{...  ��� ���;
ion ventured to .throw'   doubt    upon'
Hir-bearmg animals,
eiininc. marten, mink.
,  and  iish  and    game
.that  gift,  saying   thai  he  believed   it
was onlv. a legend. .
.-"Weill"  retorted  Sir Cecil,
tell yon this, that if you care
your tlieory by making- some
remarks-tin  aiivone  you   like
Rabbit Breeding Popular
Rabbit breeding is dicing taken tip
with enthusiasm along the Pacific
coast. Tom' thousand persons in
Los Angeles have gone in for this
patriotic and profitable hobby. More
attention should he paid lo rabbit
breeding in Canadian cities.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Crop Acreage Increased
According .to' l',c report of crop
conditions issued by the census and
statistics-, office of the Dominion government, lhe-acreage ..seeded to
wheat is twenty-five per cent, greater ihls vear than it was iii 1917. There
is also"au increase of ten per cent,
in the acreage seeded to oats; fifty
cent, in  th.e  acreage  seeded   .to
also   lhe   coii-iiluiuin   ol   proviti- j Here
committers   to   civoperale   ..with   give."
board  and  otiitr  auth-.     "We'll   try  it
you'll   gel   ji'.^l   as  gov
to test
around \
a>   vou
Women Suffer at Home
Toronto,    Orit.���"I
walked  ovii; t<
1. tlie   ol
where an
orities   in     various     ways,     ine.limmj.
the ������immediate  - development,   oi     a l.r.ian   was  displaying  !-o;i:e. ��� 1"
shiDbiiildiiig. program. '.: ft..'.! sale   on   a. stall. -.Taking  .up   -
The  conference    showed  liuv o\iM-.!-i!ich).i'  and. addres>ing  tlie  old
barley; twenty per cent.
iiftv per cent, to  flax.
to rve
Increase in Agricultural. Exports
The increase iu staple products exported from Cauada last year over
the average annual shipments of the
three vears previous to the war are
very striking. Here is the table as
given out by Chairman II. B. Thomson7 of 'the.-Canada'!food board:   .
Pork. l'22;(.!(10,0l)i')vpouhd> increase;
beet, 74.(}(l0,(M)O pounds increase; lj"ut-
icr.'.' ft 12.000,000 v.pounds increase:
elieese,"- 30.000,000 '.-.pounds', -increase:
enee   ot
ie 1
appreciation   of   I
a   cordial   desire
of  further a>sislaiu-e  lo  the  ca
the .empire, -and   it   is   hoped, t
as. a . ivMilt    .measure's proposed     lor-j
stimulating, flu1-, recruiting   01     half
a million  men" will, be carried out..
ind . 01
wo- 1
for I
row   pretty
mother;  bi'.i '
to good, apple*, over-hero.' mother; br.i | Nj|j|
use ; iii Kngh'u'id we have tiieiii twice that.: j liHJ,
hatibize."," . '���    '-.Sy\��;
Same Old Eby
remarked   Mr.-.
"Well."   remarked   Mr.-.   I
as she  iini-hed reading  the
that  isn't just like -josh."
"What  do    -on   mean?"  ai
"The   rirst   lliimr  he. (lid   when
cot   to -the'-trenches   w-n>   to   get
fhe old lady looked up, surveyed
the. joker coolly, and replied in a tone
of pity: "Ah, what for should 1 be
wastiii' me breath to talk to \va;i..tkat
takes our Irish gooseberries for apples!"���'Moose Jaw Times.
consider Doctor
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription t li 2
very best of woman 's . tpaics. J
suffered . a sirrcro
11 ii r v 0 u 8 breaks
down. I could not
sleep, was weak
and tired aU the
time. 1 took the
'Prescription' and
just a. few bottles
completely built .interesting
me up and relieved j terial  used
The C.P.R. exhibit has been gathered from the entire Dominion. A
splendid-display, of grains produced
in the fertile fields of Western Canada is a special feature. Supplementing this is a big collection of" fruits,
forestry products and .minerals. A
number, of colored transparencies
show the methods.used in ifrveloping
lhe forest resources of Canada, from
the primary state to llie finished product,-, such as -wooden ships. Other
���transparencies -illustrate- some of .the
summer resort*, along the compaiu -;
lines. . Complcty and recent . statistics of all the 'country's resources
'add conviction'to 'the', display..- The
es'uil'if. is. installed iu handsome
showcases,-.brilliantly - lit ;��� and, it i-
to., know; that all. the main  tho  construction   room
Start a Club in your town, where th*
young people can
gather. We buiU
smalt tablei (ot
homes, aad lug.
er ones for pub-
lie rooms. Equipment free. WriU
us at onc�� fo(
Cull   particulars.
102-104 Adelaide   St.   W���   Toronto
A tafe, nlljble rtsulatini
ttrm. Sold In three decree* ��f
sirens: Hi. Ko. 1. * I; No. 2. |3g
No. 3, JS pet box. Sold br ail
druggists, or sent prepaid In
Plain pnekase on receipt Of
Price.  Free pamphlet AddKM
TororUo.OnL IFtmtrki IVlnittX
Tractors  Still  Available
The .-first thousand Fordson Tractors purchased from llcary Ford &
Son, bv the 'Canada food board have
nio of niy. nervous
condition. It is a good medicine and, I
am glad^ to recommend it.���tMks, Axtrxd
Sheppard, 259 Switoii St.   '-.'.'���'
Niagara Falls, Ont.���" I can safely.
say that 'Favorite Prescription' did
me a lot of good.    I at ono timo do-
Canadian  material  exclusively.
Ire��: luci'est, cec.KS t m��os:c weakmem.lost vigob
���I THAT TRADE   UAKK��D  WORD  '���nlRRAI'lOH ��� ISO*
feBK.��ort.s;Aitr ArriUDroAU.auiiJiNKr.4Cum
Revolvers and Liquor ft
The-basis  of  crime-is     liqnor;     in
1   opinion .of 'members'; .of ������ the    Illinois  State -Society'- ot  the    American
Institute" of Criminal   Lav.- anil Crim-
veloped Roman's trouble; niy nerves were   inoi0.C-,  whieh 'held   its  seventh
completely shattered, awl I.became weak. ��.���... _. .    .
I had. severe backache and. pains in my
side, extending; down into roy limb*.    I
clothes all  nuiddy."���I.oiusvilK
.ier-Jo.'iirnal.   ��� "'ft.-'   C
(_ onr-
sold  to Canadian   farmers,  bar-i doctored, but did not get relieved of my
,-.15'.0l)0;0l)il.' .dozens  ..increase:
iiui '.il.uir.--S5,0lH.>.��'0i->,'roiiP.'ds in-
yi^XXiiix XX Explained v'ft-
-.- v".l.!'- s ays' :hy re H hat. -a piloted Vs'cicis-:
tist'vdias "discovered.'that aiiej-scatV:of
fear visViii': t lie-.""-1> 'r:|i n. "'^ said ���-., tlie Xi Old
l-'osy.'-as -iie'dooked..-. lij>'- ironi.'-'. "his
!:c\vs'r>apei\ '/������;yx XX'-X' ���' 'X-: 'XxXX:
������ "il hen.: tbai-\e\plains';\yhy some v of
these joy- ri'do.ri.'ha'y'ii';--- pcv'.fcar." ;;X'tc-
pfted "'-the';; ���'(.i'ronch'/ ~.'-Ne\vft;Haven
iSoyv\iXXX'XXX     '������' [���x'X:.X'XxXXiiX
yXXixX /The' German,Way  -������'���"���
ft The 'Gc'rinaii���GVf. course, I promised  vou  sch'-detcrniinalion. ..
;  The   l'kraiui:in:ft(biUerly')-rA\relI?:;-:
���-.-���' Th^v'v-Oermaii���But"' T    didn't/ sav
\\ h.etlK--.:"-l.7yinea.i-i.t;':-y.our>el:'- or., myself
s'o..(b>ftt'he' 'dc'terYnhiijicr'. did.d.rrrr-Buffa1
been      ..     ...__.. . _    ...
nicr< ��� w Iio -wish to -secure such trac-:.i. ailment: and -'yw&s down and.out when x
tors"'111 Vfulii'rc sliouhhplace:: lhcir bid- rbcgah.taking Dr. Pierce's Javorita Prc-
er^ with, thetleparinient of airieuh j eeription, and it so completely _-cured me
Hire in 'their'-own province, and until land restored: me to health and. strength
fiiriher notice. siK-h orders ^villft. be; that I waa.able to do. all my own work
handled in lhe: sanic^vayftas.the first I and others besides. ; I .--do-- recommend
thousand.   ������:���     ;-.-.-.:V. iX'X.iXXiX .
XXXXxyi-y No, Fifty-fifty XXXyiXXi
Snooks; : hay in gacc;vp l-d   a \": cisjar
       om T'.ikes .was: wearin';; a -disgasicd
������v-r:---���."..,..  - j expression.   '���..-."'���:/���> Xx- XXXX.
URINE GranalatedftEyelids,'���i^wiiafs the'-niattcr.^-iih. it.?:'/>s^
^T&'fSSoreEvei'-Eminalmrf 5,1 ** A l}Ui- -   .4 h^-e;-,ust-giydv a^shd-
San.-Bait and Wind quickly V tin g   for .t >yO"01 ", I ll CITI.. -.. v,  ;.
~fO$%?&?&jyjlf~rz"ex*d bv ?>"ri^p. Try it in j ,  "\*cs,''  replied  Snooks
S^i,r!^i:CyourEi-saniiaB^b''lSEr*' ' h'ck's out;  vou
TOUR KAEONaS����rthi,J��tE7eCo��ir.rt i one. "-Tit Bu>
HbJu^i Remedy * L-?^rpI7S55^*��^ 1 ������Xi'Xx.Xi-~~~~-^i'X.
Zr^ ��mtra, \n Tab*�� ixXr^SMk of t-UKnt-rf. i     Lois o i people", take' oiTens
\5i��srta��ETeBeiB����r C��: CUc��s�� ��, thc'rc-.-,.is...-honc-': j.n.-'-sijht- .-
"got-.;, the
'i Favorite Pres'-riptioa'to weak: and ailing women; they eannot get. a "better
medicine.''-���Mrs/. John" Lockhaet, 28
TeTracaAvo.V-v'V.. v-;': ft. ft-""-'"ft; .' ���
���rftl'avorito Prescription is an invigorating, ft Testorativo ��� tonie," "a" 800thing-_and
streng-thening , BPrrino-: and \;a ; positiTa
reinedyftfor. t"h�� chronic weaknesses peen-
. . . . liar to women.: .;.
yXx   -ft ���.'-!:''������'-This"old prescription of Dr. Pierce's U
but;: mi-1 extracted from roots and herbs by mean*
tenpenny ; 0{:pgre; giyeerine; and Ai: a^'.temperanee
'''���:"' rflmedy of 50. years' good itanding.   Send
-   .;,: I 10c foV.trisl pkg. of tablets to Dr. V.3L
wlien'���; Pi��rce, Tnralidsf Hotel... Buffalo, :N.T7 i <ie'rth'.-'o
i �� Bridgeburg,vQn*:: ���';:���''-'      ���'��� ::ftft vlHcrald;
niial convention at Chicapo lately:
The president of the society declared
that with ilu aboiiiion of the liquor
traflic, seventy-live per cent:: of "the
sum itot'al.-. of. - crime." \vill-- disappear.
And, aec.o.rdMi^ ..to;' a- finte. senator.
who. was..-f-oniicrl-y-. assistant ��� slate's
attorney,- ;: murderer-- -are;.-roi neces- j
sarily iuiiale '��� .-..'eVhiiiuals:'1' V-X'.'t . one ;
iiiurdcr- :in '.a' hundred iV .th'.-1' result
oi. deliberate iuiei't, he says, liis experience -'ha.vih's:-:;taiiB.-ht" h.ii'.i   that  the i
trouble . lies  iai'::iMy   in'
ir,;;ic  sale  oir l-'i'volvrrs
.tlie. indiscnm-
a'n'd : liqnor.-
'Close Accounting -.ft-
:���:: .".You ,are-;:reri.l.ly-".iri.'-love ?"' -.-.������'
./������'Yes,";;.;. he pi ii'ii - -.^tiieV/v-incthodical '_
"young man.-..-.:. ; XiiiXX'Xx- iy'yxXy ;
i -//'And'7 how/.'derp. '.arc--: volt iin 3ove ?" I
'. '���/'!j-.ist-'-.a'.'.-srio;v,.c.i.;t;ii:iiiiVI-vC''i:isuli iny !
J cxpciisc'J'fta'c co.;;. iit../"'-. Aue-nl/Up/to .the j
| present .'���r.omer.t. T . have/at taincd ���   a '���
"' of:.S?14.7J.7:��� Birmin-liaTu-'Age-!
a ysrvi; ��2 aeHrtc
Is ;v.2 a v. ar strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid for three mouths. If not
paid lor until the end of the year it is $3.
It is always ��2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices #25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     700
Rstray Notices 3-����
Cards off hanks     1.00
Certiiicali; of Improvement  12.50
tWiuTL' more than one claim appears ir notice, ��5.00 for each acl-
s'utional claim.)
.All other lep,al 'advertising,   12 cents a
'i-u; first insertion, and  S cents a line for
.-���sh    substT|iieiit    insertion,    nonpariel
; .-ii'itsiireiueiit.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
lhat Lhc editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Ar  u   kiiifct
the hostess
.-Ui.l servt! hpr ��i
with honey.
_ ���'    Mi-.xiot)
the    school
:.���!:;���:���   liyhts
I a raj,
,   the priest
)\Y> it out.
mit your  gun   to take  a  holiday.
The laws of the universe are order
tnd action,   and   nothing succeeds
like success.    God helps those who
help themselves.    Remember this
in your prayers and keep on doing
your  bit.    God  means  the good,
and evil is a  phantom   of the flesh
that disappears when exposed long
euongh to the rays of love, justice,
mercy, honesty, and freedom.  The
flesh dies out the  Bpirife is eternal.
That is the reason why we will win
the war, and benefit the  masses of
tho  German   people   as  much   as
ourselves.    We are fighting to kill
the flesh phantoru3 of lust,   greed,
fear,   envy  and  hatred  that have
obsessed     the      German     nation
through tho influence of its rulers.
These things  must be annihilated
before  a  real  peace can  come to
this earth.
Red Cross Dance at Denoro
Yn seldom find a telephone girl
������jr work, because they spend so
much of their time calling.
Iji.ooov Bill has saved us one
i':i!iv(.ion. He has not yot began
������yi-iting for the   American  Sunday
Jftv America and England the
making and selling of booze is an
aid to tbe kaiser, and a detriment
to the Allies.
i\c man is a true patriot, who,
taking advantage of war condi-
t-ious, charges too much for his
labor or goods.
"Weddixg rings have cured many
a case of so called love, bufe we do
not think that auy kind of a ring
will cure rheumatism.
Ou Friday night the Denoro Red
Cross Society gave a Dance on
their new pavilion at Loon Lake,
which recently had been erected
by the employees of the Emma
The unsettled appearance of the
weather did not prevent some 35
autos from coming from Grand
Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix and
Eholt to help celebrate the first
Dance held at Loon Lake. Music
was supplied by the Werner
orchestra of Grand Forks, and the
pavilion which is 30 x 30 waa kept
filled; when some 42 couples was
seen dancing afe one time. Ice
cream, coffee and cake was sold
aud a goodly,sum was realized for
the Red Cross.
Too much praise cannot be given
to Mrs. and Miss Nordman, Mrs.
Parker and Mrs. Charlie Hanna
who worked hard to make the
evening a success, and all joined
in saying it was one of the jolliest
times spent around Denoro.
To Light Consumers
At the Annual Meeting of the.undersigned company, it was decided that on
and after the first of September next, the
rate for light in residences would be 75
cents for each light per month; instead
of 50 cents as heretofore. There will be
110 change in the rate for stores and
offices, which has always been $1 a light
per inonth.
This change has been decided upon in
order to keep the plant running without
loss. The higher cost of operating and
shrinkage in receipts, has forced the company to make this advance in price,
which cannot be looked upon as a hardship by the consumers, when we compare
our sister town of Phoenix, where the
rate has always been $1 a month for each
light, with a strictly 12 hour service;
lights off from sunrise to sunset. Greenwood has always had a 24 hour service,
when we were able to supply it, although
receiving no remuneration whatever for
a tlaylight service.
Thc West Kootenay Power & Light
Co. advanced their rates some time ago,
as all other, companies have been forced
to do owing to the higher cost of everything. This rate of 70 cents will not
effect those who are now paying ��3 a
month or more for light in residences.
The lights that are not paid for in a
reasonable time will be cut off.
Keyed For Action
Policeman���What is your business?
Prisoner���I am a locksmith.
Policeman���Well, what were you
doing in that gambling house we
just raided?
Prisoner���I was making a bolt
for the door just as you came in.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all gone.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange. GRAND FORKS
Specialty:  Fine Watch Repairs.
All   the
latest   methods
in   high-class
Soldiers of the Soil
Ii-" you would retain the love,
respect and friendship of others be
uot too much together. It is a
fixed law, that propinquity alike
attracts and repels.
. Ii- the schools and churches in
Germany, had given the Germ3 a
humane 'education' during the past
���10 year-?,' there would not likely be
any .unpleasant conditions, in Europe today.
Tin; majority of the German
soldiers are ignorant, and believe
that the Australians and New
Zealanderfi are cannibals, and eat
all the prisoners, they capture.
They should read The Ledge..
Tin-; Food Board doe3 not class
adversity with sugar, although its'
uses are reported to he sweet,
flowever, if the worst comes to the
bitter end, we.will take molasses
"���v. our coffee in, preference to ad-
In Aid of Red Cross
Mr. McMurdo will give his lecture ou Norway in aid of Red
Cross. Write R. McMurdo, Midway, B.C.
The War Cost
The following regulation have
been issued by the Department:
1st. If you are not working on
a farm afc food production you
must be at High School on the
opening day.
2nd. If you are still required
on the farm after the 1st of September endeavour to be afc High
School as soon afterwards as possible. The extension must not be
prolonged after the first of October.
3rd. Wrifce to Mr. Beattie,
notifying him of the date when you
will be able to return to school.
4th. Be sure that your Certificate of Farm Service is forwarded
to Mr. Beattie. -If this is not attended to your Certificate will not
be granted by the Education Department.
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
{1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc #3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Cbe Central fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty ineals.
Passed the Censor
Jr;sT before the war skilled
'������workers in Germany received about
.��' a day for from 1.0.to 14 hours
daily work.. . Miners, pay was 00
cents, and - printers : SG to $7 a
week.: -.'��� In about half of the families the wife had to work out.
Fine country but it n.eeds fixing.
Tin; Scotch did not discover
'���:!'!!rgj.H or the bagpipes. Both these
" ���i-jtruhipiits of torture were brought
v<> Scotland by Italia np, when the
itomar.s sent soldiers into the
'iii[>hlai��ds to subdue the savages
��� in those early days*.: It in reported,
rdthough we can -as yet find no
verification in ancient history, that
the kilts and Scotch, whiskey were
2 is trod need-to Scotland by a bunch
of female impersonators from Donegal. There is little doubt but
what Sandy invented the Sawbith,
the bawbee, and parritch.
���-.',. It is customary with the people
of7 every . nation   when  at ���'���war.,--to.
attend; clvnrch.aiHl .-invoke.-Divine
���'b.i.f-HSing-'.' upon   theirftside '.ofy-the'.-
:Voit.v. ���Api's'irert'y God is  deaf or
;i;��.-;ft ijo  tvipphon'��������;��� beciuse   there
,iV'nofe'a single record in the.history
uf  this  benighted, universe where
He   ^topped/.-';.�� ftwar.,ft.I'rayerftis
The cost of the war to all nations up to
dale, including the loss by destruction in
Europe is $140,000,000,000. This equals
the entire value of all the real and per.-,
sonal property of the United States. The
total amount borrowed by the countries
of the Eiiteue Allies is So billions, while
Germany has borrowed 25 billions, and
the Teutonic Allies as a whole about 35
billions. .������'..
About 20 billion has been raised by
direct taxation in the Entente nations
and about one-fifth this amount in
Germany. The latter country did not
increase taxes at all the first year of the
war, holding.out the hope of indemnities
to her people which decision accounts in
large.part for the esprit du corps of the
German nation the. firft two years of the
war. .' Now the taxes in Germany are beginning to bear down heavily on all industries.
The loss of property in Northern
France in the last four years is not as
grc;it :is might be imagined. The land
cannot be utterly destroyed and neither
can the coal and iron mines. But it is
safe to'-say that about one-tenth.of all the
wealth of France has been destroyed by
the. war, or at least $6,500,000,000.
The states and cities of Germany have
raised and spent over .seven billions on
their own account since the war broke
out, and the ;total debt of Germany, including the empire, the states and the
cities, is about twice that of Great Britain,
while the wealth of the two nations on
the day war was.declared was almost
exactly the same, viz: about 90 billion
France has, of course, suffered most
heavily, lor in addition to a total bonded
and floating debt of fully .20 billion, she
has a total wealth of not more than So
billion to pay. willi, but her credit, owing
to the-resource fulness of her people, is
still good, whereas thai of Austria is
Out of it all, so far, only two nations
are admittedly bankrupt, viz: Turkey
and Serbia-. The latter willbe rejuvenated with American and British money
after the war and as for Turkey her fate
is on the knees of the gods. The coming
year will lje by far the most expensive
ever recorded in history, and by this
tinie.next year'bankruptcy may be the
part of every one of the European nations
with the exception of Great: Britain, ft .
:ft:'AsftIoiig- -as..: Britain holds her African
and Asiatic/colonies, shecainnotgo broke;
f>jr the simple, reasoa that she. cannot
create machinery bigvenough-to spend
-th(ixeLour'ces of these countries.- Xjreat
7Britain: aivV;-Aui_:rica,;'.today.:coutrolvthe
<'o!d; i.siiver,- most of tlie: wheat, 'all >the
"You will be pleased to know,"
wrote a Gnilford Salvation Army
bandsman to his relatives, "that I
have just marched through No.
530 in the Band Book."
The tone in question is "Jeru-
saldm, My Happy Home." This
waa his way of outwitting the
Frank Scarpino keepB a little
shop in Fernie, and his mother
lives over the shop. She had a
little liquor in a bottle for medicinal purposes. It is illegal to keep
liquor in a residence that has an
inside connection with a store so
Frank had to pay a fine of 875 in
the police court-. The only really
safe place to keep whiskey is in
your stomach.
''..we'-are . btj.wed ;dovvnV with; sorrow;
I .cepting hogs,most of the-wool,7 most .of
.    . i the lumber, the. coal,   iron,  copper,", zinc
^i:oiigesTforced the greategtbraihF,'1:^1'1^^^'^^"^ created-, could bank-
:;.aadftftthe ftmoat ftfood. ''y Therefore,
pray -.all :.the-timeftftbufe:ftneyer take1
your eye off.-:.the enemy,; nor; per-
rupt these- nations- for. they could1 levy.
_"upqn..fhe world" for ..payment, and thus
ksepthe dpilars cioviiig about  from  one
part of the .world to the other.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements.on respective claims.
Pre-emptora must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of 5300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or. record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre,, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years. '���'."'"'
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm;, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements mado and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveycd areas,: not exceeding, 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of thl3 Act Is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title, under this Act !3 extended from
one year from the death of such person,
aa formerly, until one. year after the
conclusion of tho present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive..
.' .ACT..,,..
Provision'-; is made for .the" grant tcX
persons .: holdingr; uncompleted Agreements:-to. Purchase from the Crown of
such- proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover ih proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply: for a proportionate allotment jointly. If It is not
considered advisable to divide the land :
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made.; These allotments are conditional
upon' payment. of - all taxes due the
Crown or : to ^ny.: municipality. The
rights: of , persons to: whom the par-
chaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
.the Minister of Lands-In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
- is: final.\ The, time for making application for these: allotments is limited to ���
the 1st day of May. 1919. Any; applica-"
tion made .after this date will not be
considered. These allotments ������ apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at_public auction. ::. .:
For information apply to any. Pr rvln-
ciaJ Oorcnunent Agent or to ���-��� ���"
-Xx n. X. NADENi   -
Deputy BOalrt��r of Lenda,
Vlotort*. B. OL
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
Palace   Livery  And
W.   H.   DOOKSTEA.DER, Ppop.
Don't Overlook The Possibilities Of The Telephone
Did you ever notice how some people shout into the telephone? They think because the party they are talking to is
some distance away, that the tone of voice must be loud. They
forget that the conversation tone is all that is needed.
It is the same with the long distance telephone. Some
people have the idea that because the party wanted is distant;
it is not possible to talk to them���the voice cannot carry
that far. The voice may not carry that far, but it is easily
carried hy wire any distance, owing to modem invention. No
matter how far your friend is away, you can couverse by telephone without difficulty.   Try it some time.
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates  Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies,   .    ,   ,
Have you tried one lately ��
Dealers ia Presh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
&'&'$"%���>&"%���'&"%"%"%"%"%"& <t��4**i*4'4��'i'4"i"ft"$��*i"$' J*
Cbe Bume fiotel
nelson, B*��;+
-���-��������-���      -      -= *
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class   ��f��
in every respect, 4s
���'��� ������ .-_ - ��� ���  " ' ��� ��� 4*
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric I<ighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
���* *T* *T* "T* *T* *T* *���* *���* "w"*��* ****** *** ****** *w*   *V*.*** *���* "T* *T* *T* *��* ���*���* *v* ^*
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    -
200   ��.
$1,25 each
2.00 ������
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Mmmmmm.. 11 urn timmimnm mmmmmmmromm&j
iForGood 1
���Economy and Satisfaction |f
combined with Promptness ||
are the features which go to =S
make up the Service we give J��
our customers. Are you ��1
one of them? 1
Letterheads; Noteheads,       =|
; (Ruled or Plain) z&
Envelopes, Billheads, Jf
(All Sizes):: X: X'-'     -,.ft'   :"  X~* .
Statements, Business Cards, H
Po^ers^D H
_    g^nwoqd    ;; Job Priatlnr Department   Jf


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