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The Ledge Jan 3, 1918

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Voi,.   XXIV.
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harare and tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
* ef the Compass
For Sale
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        A:        GREENWOOD, B. C.
Building and Lot on
Location, Lot 16, Block 5
Blacksmith, Carpenter and
Wagon Maker
A Happy New Year
To Ml
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
Around Home
j    Miss Mar? Biner, of Spokane.
Jis visiting-in Phoenix.
The Masquerade Ball
Oa tlie most modem and scientific
i Wm    r    ADTHTIDQ    greenwood city bakery
Life, Fire, Health andT
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
GREENWOOD.        ��� B. C.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete -with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B_ C. Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys,    .   ,   ,
Have you tried one lately?
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Spectacles For Sale and Repaired.
* P. BURNS & CO.$
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
9 T.    THOMAS
Christian Science service will be held
in theMELLOR BLOCK o_-vSu.i_.ay at ri
a. m. AH welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings -will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.     .
You want the best in
Cigars, Tobaccos, Gun!
... .'AND    X-.f; ,y.:X'.':'
At Popular Prices
R. J, MUIR, -      PROP.
Leading Tailor of tlie Kootenays.
*g. 4, .g. 4. 4.4, ��$��
��� ���_���������      .-.-���������
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go,
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smeiliug and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
+ '
Corporation of the City of Green wood
I W-U-C-O-. C.V.CX.LUD. D-CX-. TtvMeaf
rec. H. V. 9. JONES. A_**S Gcoecal M��n_i_.*r
WMM    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Accoonts may fee opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank
of Commerce to be opesated by mafl, and will receive the sacne
rueful attentioQ as Is _��ve_a to all other departments of AeBaDic's
business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this wav as
satisfactorily as fey a pessoaal visit to the Bank   ^ sss
'���������:"\.. H. C: LUCAS, Manager .'.
C LOA.T is not a periodic-
*��� al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and.. stones of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after ��J��
the flush days of Sandon ; ��g��
how ib rained in New Den- ^
. ver long after Noah was' TT
*�� dead; how a parson took a "��*
T* drink afc Bea? Lake in T
*J�� early days; how justice ���__��
4�� was dealt in Kaslo in ^83; _����
j, how the saloon man out- ^t,
. prayed the women in Kala- ��
'?'��� mazoo, and graphically de- _**
* picts the roamings of a "T
���*S�� western editor among the ���_���
*j�� tender-feet in the cent belt. _g��
_���� It contains the early history gt,
'ju of Nelson and a romance j^
? of the Silver King mine. j��
** In it are printed three ^
��$* western poems, and dozens _��������
��5�� of articles too numerous 4*
_���� to mention.    Send for one ��*,
t^ before it is too late. The -^
T price    is   25   cents,  post- jT
* paid to any part of the ��*
"^ world.     Address  all   let- .*|��
,: ���,-:���:���:��� y.,,-^
���]$*> '.fere to.
POBr_IC NOTICE1 is liereliy. given to tUe
eloetors of the Municipality of the City of
Greenwood, that I require tho presence of. the
said electors in the City Hull in the City of
Greenwood ciu the 14th day uf'January', H.18, at
12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of elcetiup
peruons to represent tliein in the Municipal
Council us Mnjor and Aldermen, and far the
purpose of electing two persons as School Trustees and two person s as Police Commissioners
for the Municipal!iv of llic Corporation of the
City of Greenwood.
The mode of nomiiuitioii of csiudiilatus shrill
l>o as follows:
The candidates shall Wiiomiuutud in writ
lilK; the writing shall be.'Suhserih'eil l>y two
voters of tho. mitnieipulit.- __>�� jiDposer hihI
Mcondar, and sbi-tl be dplivercd to.tliu Ketuni-
iiig Officer at any lime hetwfen tlm d.att) of tlie
notico anil 2 1).in. of the day of the nomination
nnd In.the event of i\ poll l>oir___r iie'ci>sisiirr, siicti
poll wiU txt opened on ilie 17th <lny of January
A..D.. litlS.bolwocn the Iiotir.s of !< a.m. and "
p.m. Htthesuld City Office, of -which every jier-
eon is hereby Tcquinid to hike notloe and govern himself accordingly.
"���;;".-   <_u_kLirie_i-rioNB.
The persons qualified to he nominated'.for
and elected as Mayor of the City shall he surli
persohs as are male British stilijeets of the full
age of twenty-otic years, and nre not disqualified under any law* and. have..been for tlie sis
months next precedint: the day of nomination
the registered owner, in the -Land. Resistry
pfBce, of real property in the city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roll of One Thousanil DoUaM or ihore;"over and
above any registered judgment or chari,-o jui'l
wlib are otherwise duly q.nullified aa municipal
ThepersonsqualiSed ti��be noihinated for and
elecUd os Aldermen, Scli'o'ol Trustees and
Police Commissioners of said City,.-hall be sucli
persons as are British subjects of the full
afire of twenty one ye.irs, ami'are not. disqiiali-
fied under any law. and have been for sis months
next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, in tho Land Registry Office,'of
land or real property in the city of the asses.-cd
value,on tbe last Municipal Assessment roll of
five hundred dollars or more over and nbov.
any registered _nil_.en.ent or cliarpc, aud who
are otherwise duly qualified aj municipal
Given under my hand at Greenwood this 3rd
day of January, A.D. 1013. "-.
.    ,- .-. BetiLrninsOific-er.   .
���7Fy:K ���������,.:������.���      .^Xy^..X-XX-'X{-^
^Princeton;:B.C.,," n<jiV;C'pr_npietecl:pr!'the;
'..'site of tile o_d-,Great;:xNpr^eru.: __ptiljr
vbnC-C; hotel "���[ in .-SimUkASaeen.-; ���- ������ A.' first
',.class house, ;XXXXXyy"'X.X^Xyy.:' '���'*.; y::r
i-XyX Swansea^ ;Bir(!)0-nfle|cl. Props,;
E. F. Hicks, of Silverton, is oil
a holiday in Vancouver.
Bob Robertson walked down
from Phoeaix on Tuesday.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson, on Jan. 3, a son.
J. B. Sheridan, of South Penticton, was in town last week.
Bokn.���A.t Trail, on Dec. 24,
to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grenier,
a son.
Some choice books ior sale at
The Ledge office, at ante-bellum
Charles Olson of Ainsworth,
aad his son Carl, are wintering-
in California.
Pat Crane has succeeded F. S.
Norcross as mine superintendent
at Copper Mountain.
It required 300 pounds of turkeys for the big dinner at Copper
Mountain on Christmas Day,
Miss Jeanne Crawford came in
from Carmi on Tuesday evening
to attend the Masduerade Ball.
Dr. G. W, Roberts left Phoenix
last week for Seattle where he
wi.l join the Seattle hockey team.
In the last issue of the Canada
Gazette announcement is made of
���tie closing ol the Three Forks
A marriage license was issued
to Ernest Pizzalo, of Phoenix,
aud Miss Mary Antilla, of Anaconda, on December 3J.
On December 24, a marriage
License was issued to Werner
Johnson of the Emma mine and
Miss Hilda Anderson of Boundary
Fails.',' ������-:..
Miss Edna Kerr, who has been
teaching school a1 Boundary
Falls, has accepted a position on
the staff of the Trail public
H. C- Lucas, manager of the
Bank of Commerce is receiving
subscriptions to the Halifax Relief Fund and forwarding them
fiee of charge.
Sergt. A, N. Mowat is still in
Seaford, England, It will be
three months before he will be
able to go back to France. He
inay have to go under another
operation for shrapnel.
A Japanese laborer by the
na.me of Ayataro Ninomiya, was
killed and P. Wade, roadmaster,
was seriously injured in a big
rock slide that occurred near the
Coquihalla summit on December
1.3th.  ;. '_���-.-���'."
The Canadian Bank of. Commerce will be open from 7.30 to
9..SQ-p.- m.,   on   Thursday,   3rd
of Jan., and Friday, 4th of Jan.,
and,from 2 to.6 p.  m., Saturday,
Sth of Jan., for the purpose of re-
oc iving Victory Loan Payments.
En a letter to P. H. McCurrach,
G.   B.   Grieve  who  is   with a
Signal company on the Western
Front, says that he received his
Red Cross parcel on December 4,
and wants to thank the ladies of
th< Red Cross for their  generous
g-Jt.   Geo. also stated that.Andrew Pur don, who enlisted at the
same   time with him, made   the
supreme sacrifice in November.
F. S. Norcross, mine superin-
teadent for the Canada Copper
Corporation at Copper Moan tain,
has enlisted in the Engineering-
corps of the 'CL S. army and will
be leaving shortly for the training camp at Petersburg, Virginia. On Christmas Eve at
Copper Mountain, Mr. Norcross
was presented with a parse of
gold ($170) and a wrist watch
from the copper diggers and office
Major R. G. Hargreaves is in
England, and is O. C. of the
C. A. S. C, He has thousands of
men under him and has a. territory of some hundreds of square
mlks, He has full charge of all
the supplies in this area, charge
ot the transports-with thousands
of.horses and autos. i:Major Har-
grea.yes , has already been to
Frtnce twice; and is now en-
.dearoririg/to ._ get^.back for the
third time.yX-X:-
The Red Cross Masquerade  Ball
held in the Masonic Dance Hall on
New Year's Nighfe proved a sac-
cess, and probably there has been
nofehing in recent years to equal ife.
The music was of fehe best, it being]
supplied by Frank Werner, piano;
Chas.   McKay,    violin;    H.   W.
Simpson, cello; Geo. Clerf, drums.
They played to a most appreciative
crowd of dancers,   who kepfe  np
danciag until an early boar, which
epeaks well for the music givers.
Mrs. Ashby,  Mis? MeArfehur and
'Mies Crawford very ably assisted
tha orchestra daring  the  evening.
Scores  of   dancers   came   from
onfesids    points,    Phoenix   merry
makers were very much in   evidence.   The floor was io  excellent
Bha-pe and it was quite evident thafe
fehe crowd was oufe for a good feime.
Good costumes were numerous and
one seldom sees bo  many artistic
ones   afe  a   time.      The  popular
awards of the judges are as follows:
Best dressed lady,   Mrs. Chas.
McKay, Phoenix, Indian girl.
Best sustained character, lady,
Miss Elizabeth Swedeburg, Phoenix, pirate.
Besfe comic lady, Mrs. Geo. 8.
Walters, old woman.
Besfe dressed genfe, Arthur Walters, Phoenix, Indian chief.
Best sustained character, gent,
Kalph Pond, hobo.
Girls Prize, Bern ice McKay,
Boya prize, Allen Morrison, Sunset mine, cowboy.
Best comic, Miss Eva Murray
and Miss Elsa Olson,  Two Rubes.
The Ladies of the Bed Cross
served an excellent sapper at midnight.
John Complieto, was the fortunate winner of fehe table cloth, drawn
Mexico is a country of sorprisas
feo the seeker after knowledge.    16
was civilized probably aboufe 5,600
years ago, and may  have had its
pyramids before Egypt.    In politeness some of fehe Mexicans are several laps ahead   of   fehe   French.
Some of them are fehe dirtiest and
most dishonorable people on earfeh,
while others are jnst the reverse.
There are about 4,000,000 Indians
in   Mexico,   speaking   abont   1Q7
different  djalects.      None   of fehe
tribes associate with  each ofeher,
and   have   nothing    in   common;
hence   ife is   difficult for any one
leader to control the  bunch.    It fs
worse than Quebec.   In thafe land
of ease,  sunshine,  cigarettes, and
red peppers, a native will work all
week burning charcoal,  or getting
something    else   ready   for   fehe
market.    He will pack his week's
product on  his back to the cifey
Saturday evening,  and  sell it for
about 75 cents in the  market Sunday  morning.   Then   he goes   to
chnrch, and then feo  fehe  bullfight.
After the bullfight be hikes to a
pulque shop,  (saloon) and hits the
booze until he is broke.    Monday
morning   he    goes   back   to    tha
country to make anofeher 75 cents
for   the   nexfe   Sundays   blowout.
The pulque   shops are   generally
called after some saint,  and  the
walls are decorated with pictures
of saints.   There is no near beer
in Mexico, and a fighting jag can '
be obtained for aboufe a dime.
for,  during the evening.     There
wore 340 tickets sold.
Thismine is only a ahorfe $50,000 residence in  one of
J north.Aaofc nt (���_.,���.- -i .        .   ���
To Ship Ore This Week
Two shifts of three men each are
working at the Providence mine
distance north-east of town, and is
nnder lease by Morrison and Larsen, formerly of the Mother Lode.
M. F. Madden of Chicago is tbe
principal owner.
Work w_is commenced several
weeks ago in an old shaft. The
lessees sunk this shaft 15 feet, from
where fehey drifted on a vein in a
southerly direction, and up feo the
first of the week were in 25 feet.
The vein is 10 inches wide, and is
of high grade ore, carrying silver,
gold, lead, zinc and copper. The
latter mineral is expected to run
close to three per cent. Native
silver and gold can easily be seen
in the kad. On an estimate this
ore may average $200 to  the ton.
A shipment will be made this
week to tbe Canada Copper Corporation's smelter.
In and. around San Diego, California, there are about 50,000
soldiers and marines. Anyone
who sells who gives them booze is
liable to two years in jail, and a
810,000 fine. Last winter the city
was filled with drunken army and
navy men. Today it is different,
as these men are not permitted to
even go in a saloon, let alone
Madame Schnmann-Heink,. the
world's greatest contralto is one of
the idols of San Diego,   and has a
*     '  ""' the
Farmers Institute
At the annual meeting, of the
Greenwood    Farmers    Institute
held on the 29th   December, the
following   officers were   elected:
President, H. Hartley; Vice-Pres.
J.  Boltz; Sec-Treas..  K. C. B,
Frith; Directors, R. Forshaw. D.
G. Smith, C. Graser.   M.  Chris-
tians-en,    C."   Patsworth,      The
secretary-treasurer    reported     a
balance on hand of $69.    A resolution was   passed ' asking   the
Minister of Agriculture to hold
the annual convention of Farmers' Institutes  this   year.    This
suburbs.    She is an  Austrian by
birth,   but; has four eons serving
under the Star Spangled banner.
She is a great admirer of the 21st
Infantry,   and   calls   them.   "Her
boys."   The other day she  presented this regiment with a beautiful flag.    In passing over the flag,
the great diva made a brief patriotic address that thrilled all within
sound of her voice,   After the ceremony,  as   the   veteran   regiment
paraded in review, I stood on one
side of the great singer,   while on
the other was a real  colonel, (who
looked like   the re-incarnation  of
General   Grant.)     As   the   band
played,  and the  military pageant
was in bloom, I noticed  that the
eyes of the great diva we*5�� moist
with tears. Perhaps she was thinking of fehe idols of her heart, her.
four and only sons,  who  have enlisted for the war, in order feo do
feheir best to uphold and  preserve
the noble ideals of  the grand and
glorious American   nation.    May
the Fates deal gently and kindly
with her, and every mother who
has beloved boys bearing arms in
defence of feheir flag *.nd   conntry.
A man named .Stone and a man
named Wood met on the street in
in a nearby city and they stopped
to exchange a few cheerful views
when a woman in a particularly
noticeable --heath gown passed.
Stimaltaneously  Wood  tnraed to
was no.held.last year owing  toistone and Stone to Wood,  thi
I.ack.of^aoo..;. ' bothtun.ed to rubber. THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    B.   C.
Shopping in
ia really delightful, due to the
many beautiful
retail stores,
whore the best in
modern styles
aud designs arc
always ou exhibition at moderate prices. Many
people iind that
It is possible to
save the expense
-, ��f a trip 0:1 their
Christmas shopping through Inn-ins; in
What an Opportunity
to enjoy a visit to the City nnd make a
Vlea��aiit holiday out of what would othcr-
\\ i.;a be a U-dioiis. dinii-ul t t;_si;- No ncod
to Aiirrv about wi-.i-ri' to stay. Tile \V_._Uer
-Inii.su.T-ir.iiitiVs Kninoiis Holi-l.is the ____:-
��;;:):r_d 'i'ori.ntuhi.iiu-fi.r luili i-s.,|u_.tu few
mini, t.-s* wall; from tlie principal storm.
We have rpe.ial facilities for liandiin_;
your parcels.
Geo. Wric.'.t & E. 'Th-- ll.-.ise cf rier.tv
M.     Carroll.     Props      un_//���__._._.,..__../_. ..___.���_���
Egg Production
Great   Opportunities    Open   to   the
Western Provinces
Canada has    all  the  requisites  for
the production of a quantity of eggs
far  in   excess  of  her    own     rcquire-
uteals,   and   with   her     favorable   climatic  conditions   can,    with    proper
care  and  attention,   produce    quality
equal lo the host in the world. Only
the  fringe  of  production  possibilities
has been touched up  to the present.
1 The  "Western   provinces,   with     their
I volumes of  cheap  feed,  arc  the natural  home   for    the     Canadian    hen.
The bulk of the surplus at the present time, comes from the province of
Ontario   and   Prince   h-d ward   Island.
Xova   Scotia,     New   llniuswiek    and
Quebec, do  not  produce  sufficient  for
! their ov 11  requirements.    They nnist
j do  111.1 re; and there is now an opportunity  for  the   Western   provinces  of
j Manitoba.  Saskatchewan and  Alberta
, to   demonstrate   to   Canada   and     the
[ empire ns a whole  what they  can  do
in  this  connection   in   this  gnat   hour
'of       trade        expansion. ���  Canadian
'1 hresherinan.
MihHtie-t Irving
ever ;_._:_<.<_ al
Abortion, iiicril.
itv, ar,d l'remA.
lure CalvmR, ��:i��
or oi.c liuniirt'O
ciitle .rc-tcd i'i
5 _..in..!-_. V>��
f.ie I'..'if ut out
f.ro.lucr, if noi
s..'.U'.i��-l return
tlie ____!:..ice .���_ ii J
gi't    vour    motley.
'���Kail   E-vir"
cells     25     pound}
$4.00.     Pe.id   for
����_i.��� nr iTnii " _ ��"v>��- printed   matter.
tP.ant   End   Itcatl   OE..-.   Edmonton,   Alberta.
1*.    O.   Bo-:,   221
Would you like to end that ter-
rlble itching-, that burning pain; to
heal those horrid sores?
You have tried all sorts of fatty
ointments, lotions and powders. Put
tli em aside now and give Nature a
chance as represented by Zam-Bult.
Zam-Buk is made from herbal essences; is a natural healer. Is not
something you have to send to tlie
end of the world for, and pay a
hea*'y price! Livery druggist will
ecII you Zam-Buk. and for 50c. only.
Jiir.t give it a fair trial and inci-
dnuly give yourself ease by the
quickest route.   See name on bos:���
pil^% PJl Elf f^.,
Feigned Blindness
And was Liberated
Ship to us at ones and Reap
Benefits of High Prices
now prevailing.
Prieo List and Shipping Tags FREE
J Km? ar.d Alex-anfe&TMWj. Cansda
yyEAIsb'Buy HIDrS:^nd SiMECA RD3T
Current  Interest
"What are you rending?"
"A tale of buried treasure."
"Wasting your time on  fiction!"
"No. This is expert advice on hoi-'
to      plant      potatoes."���Was.-inf.to-!
A Spasm of Hate
Showing  a  Sample of  Real German
A manufacturer in the centre of
tlie I'nissian textile industry, has
presented 1 .ieut.-Conuiirinder Mcuscl,
captain of a suhiuariiic which recently sank ."3,50') tons of enemy
shipping on one expedition, with $1,-
337 ior dislrihution to his fellow pirates. The donor accompanies his gill
���.���itli the following elot.uent outburst
of  k nl in r:
"1   have  placed 5,350 marks   (nom-j
inally $1,337)  at  the disposal of yonrj
gallant crew  for  having  sent    53,500:
tons   of  enemy    cargo  space  to   the!
bottom.    The life  of nations    comes!
before the law of    nations���certainly!
before  such   law as  that for  the  de-1
struction   of    Germany,    which     has]
been patched up for llicir own bene-j
ii t _ by lawyers,  professors,  and obsc-|
<iuious,   hyprocritical,  Sunday   scliool j
teachers      in      America,       England
Fiance,  Russia,   Italy,   Belgium,   Serbia,   Rumania,     Montenegro,     China,
Japan,  Monaco,  Liberia,    Siam, Australia, Canada Portugal, Bolivia, Brain 1, Xforocco, Haiti, Kgypt,  Guatemala  aud   by   those   other   multicolored
battlers for civilization like the Hottentots and the Kaffirs.
"Who today any longer doubis the
early triumph of the just cause of
our glorious German Fatherland and
of the nations united with it? Who
docs not forsec the defeat of perfidious Albion, the land that is ruled by
rascally lawyers, and of the oilier allies who are also led b}r the nose
and shamelessly swindled by their
conscienceless lawyers? Hurrah for
our dcatlvdefying U-boat bluejackets! Imperishable gratitude bc
Hoi land Feeds Germany
One of the reasons why Copenhagen
Chewing Tobacco is becoming more
'������'���tiuil moire-popular is, because ii docs
not attract attention ill the month.
It is not chewed; on the Contrary, a
:.ihu-ill pinch is placed in the mouth,
between the lower lip and gum.
Tbis gives complete satisfaction
.without chewing, and leaves a pleasant,
cool after-taste.
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is
acicntifically prepared, of the best old,
ripe, high flavored leaf tobacco.
It is iu the form of small grains, and
beinpf very rich/only a small quantity
���hould be placed in the mouth.
"It'�� the most economical chew**.
Tt might be well lo forbid 'the
coloring of margarine. Tlie coloring
adds nothing to its food value, and
might easily bc made the. cover for
fraud. II should be forbidden to sell
margarine, except in waxed paper,
on which the name oi the product" is
printed in conspicuous letters. There
should he heavy penalties for the
-violation of these regulations. A
cheap and wholesome, substitute for
butter is needed, and the people
want il. But those who wish to;
continue to buy and use" real butter
should not be exposed to the danger
of having the cheap substitute palmed off upon thcin- as the real thing
at'.butter prices.���-Hamilton. Herald.
Notwithstanding   German   Militarism
Has Long Been a Menace
to Dutch Independence
A very clear and convincing sUtc-
lucii of the conditions under which
tbe Dutch have fed Germany is sent
to the New York Times by .Sir. John
C. Van der Veer, the London editor
of the Amsterdam Tclegraf. The figures show how certain traders have
derived immense profits from sending supplies to Germany even though
pa it of these were badly needed at
home. The trade with Genna-iy for
the years 1915 and 1916 was sonic
ten limes greater than the trade with
England, though England has always
been one of Holland's best customers. Mr. Van der Veer says that the
majority of Dutchmen do not favor
this policy, not only because it menaces commercial relations wilh Great
Britain, but also because German
militarism has long been a menace to
15ulc.li independence. The designs of
Germany on Holland havc long been
notorious, and that country would
have been invaded as readily as Belgium had it been for the interest of
Germany to do so. If Dutch sympathy with the allies is as general
as -\i r. Van der Veer says il is a pity
that it has not found more adequate
expression. Meanwhile the United
States cannot he expected to take
practical account of il by lifting the
embargo it has been driven to put
on Dutch, commerce from this country for our own and our allies' pro-
lection.���Philadelphia  Public Ledger.
Kemarkable Manner
French University Professor Secured1
Release from Germans in
A  professor of the   Sorbonne,   the
great   French    university     in    Paris, ;
recently  secured  his   release from   a j
German    military    prison _ by a   re- >
marl-able    exercise    of   will    power. J
Hc  fell  into  the  hands  of  the  Germans in 1915.   Deciding at once    to
get free in  some way,    hc    feigned
From that time it was impossible
lor the German military doctors or |
eye specialists to catch him off his i
guard. They subjected him lo the ;
severest tests known, such as sudden I
apparitions of unfamiliar and uncx-j
pected objects, sudden transitions '
from complete obscurity to dazzling .
light. j
He was tortured by scientific ways ���
of  verifying  sightlessness,_ but   ncvei i
once  departed    from    a   fixed   blank'
gaze,   presenting  always  an  absolute
insensitiveness  of   expression   in    his
eyes. He  was finally  declared totally
blind   and   included  in   a  recent     exchange  of  pennanciilly  disabled  prisoners.
Every careful and observant mother knows when her child suffers from
worms. She also knows that if some
remedy bc not speedily applied much
harm will result to the infant. The
best application that can he got is
Miller's Worm Powders. They drive
worms from the system and set up
stimulating and soothing effects, .-so
that the child's progress, thereafter
is painless and satisfying.
A Little Lower
Fair One���I'm afraid these Louis
XV heels arc much'too high, for inc.
Perhaps you have lower ones���-say
���..bout.'Louis X would do, 1 think.���
.London Opinion, ..-..'.
Ramgate Canadian
.A private, was in the M.O.'s oflice
the other day, very .smartly dressed
buttons and belt, clean as could be,
when the following conversation look
M_  O.���Well,. my man, how...would
you  like  to be, my batman?   ������'.
"'Private���Well.- sir, it is work that
docs  not  appeal  to  r.ic,  sir.
M. O.���Nol    What did    you do in
civil life, anyway?  ,.���-" '-._".
��� 'Private���I was a professor in  McGill University, sir.���Hospital  News.
Cheer Them All
Do not let anyone refer to the men
how.enlisting slightingly, as one person was heard doing the other day.
To every man his life is the most
precious gift in the wide wotIcI, and
if sonic fear the losing of it more
than, others that is no crime. The
man who goes willingly the minute
his class is called, without trying to
sneak out of it, is doing all that he
is asked lo do, and wc should honor
him for going. It's all very well for
a lot of us who are beyond military
age to comment upon those -who arc
liable to., conscription,, but .. arc we
sure, wc: should have been any quicker .to go if we had been in their
places?���Guelph Herald.
"So you found out for yourself
that it was  wrong to  f-ht?"
"Yes," replied the . boy . with a
'bruised eye and a swollen lip. "It
was wrong for mc; but it was all
right for the. other fellow."���Washington Star.
Government Farms
For Training. Stations
Suggestion of Senator Foster Widely
Endorsed Throughout the
The suggestion made in tlie senate by Senator George G. Foster
' that the experimental farms throughout the Dominion be'used as training stations for returned soldiers
who would engage in agricultural
work, or who have been farmers before their enlistment and want to return to the work, is not an entirely
new idea, for the military-hospitals
commission has already placed some
men for training at the farm at Truro.
This additional service which experimental farms may be able to ren-
j der in supplying, a training school
j for would-be farmers is endorsed
, widely, and arrangements have been
j made for accommodating some returned soldiers at the experimental
i farm at Stc. Anne dc Bcllevue, and
j in the neighborhood of the college
' at  Guelph, Ontario.
A committee in the senate will bc
appointed lo consider the proposition further.
No Need to Rub
Try Sloan's Liniment and mc.
how quickly the swelling is reduced
ana the pain disappears.   No need
.to rub; it pene-
a fcottle handy for
rheumatic) pains_
neuralgia, back
ache and all mua��
��lo soreness.
Generous sized
bottles, at your
druggist. 25c,
50c; $1.00.
Easily   and   Quiuhlr
Cured   willi
por S.-ile by
All   Dealers
jr_>l��:tiic��        -        Out.
"Keep On"
A Life and Death  Struggle for All
That Freedom Stands For
The prime minister tells the facts
plainly, as Englishmen and Englishwomen have ever loved to have them
told. He makes no attempt to underrate the deadly nature of the conflict to which we stand committed.
!t is a lifc-and-dcath struggle for all
that the free peoples hold precious
and sacred, and that struggle is waged against a mighty foe. The prime
minister docs not pretend that victory 's at hand. Wc shall win, but.
to win at all, wc must spend without
stint our whole united strength. His
confidence in the issue is assured,
but npon condition that all ranks
and all classes remain as true lo
their common cause as they have
proved themselves through these
three tremendous years. All we
have to do is to "Keep on, keep on."
We arc fighting for the greatest
cause for which men ever fought, for
the prize of victory is the freedom
of mankind, and the penalty of defeat or of compromise is their permanent subjugation to the yoke of
"militarism." 'Beside a_ contest to
which consequences so immeasurable
are attached all lesser things sink
into insignificance. The people feel
that the old play is played out, and
lliat, after the convulsion beneath
which the world is rocking, new
problems will arise which we shall
face in the new spirit begotten of
these days of "searching trial. Before wc squabble about the" division
of the.loaf, we have first to keep it
from, the enemy wlio is snatching at
it. The first lesson of the war is
unity���unity among ourselves, and
unity with onr allies.���From the
London Times.
Asking Settlers' Help
Enterprise of Foresters   in Western
Provinces of Canada
The ingenuity of some of the
northern lire rangers in the prairie
provinces in working up publicity
schemes to aid fire prevention has
of leu received a deserved testimony.
The Canadian Forestry Association
received and commended a unique
book of photographs fashioned between birch bark covers, and with
typewritten text graphically describing the case for forest protection. It
was the work of Jas. T. Blackford,
chief fire ranger of the Dominion
Forestry Branch at Norway House,
Manitoba. The only means of access
to the country patrolled by Mr.
Blackford and his men is by steamboat, ancl the book was placed on a
table of the steamer so that hundreds
of travellers coming in and out read
it through. On the cover were the
words: "Manitoba North Eire Ranging District, Patriotic Slogan: 'No
Fires in  1916.'"
The kaiser, it is reported, has been
compelled to sell a number of his
valuable jewels. The war_will be over
when he decides to let his crown go,
���Detroit  Free  Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
What Is Winter Comfort?
Mothers Value This Oil.���Mothers
who know how suddenly croup may
seize their children and how necessary prompt action is in applying relief, always keep at hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, because
experience has taught them thai
there is no better preparation to be
had for the treatment of this ailment. And they are wise, for its
various uses render it a valuable
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
England's Sacrifice
.Every page of this war is full of
heroic episodes; not a country but
has its deeds and its legends of sacrifice. -The-extent, and the sorrow
of those sacrifices are .shown by the
lengthening lists in our English
churches and college chapels and before our shrines of those, who have
given, everything that man can give
for a noble cause. But who knows
of those lists outside England?���
London Daily Mail.
It is almost as citsy to find trouble
as it  is  to  make excuses.
RUE, an occasional headache
may result from conditions
that pass away, but "per-
sistent headaches" tell of serious
trouble, and demand attention.
Women are more liable to
headaches than men. The direct
cause may be overwork, worry or
'mental anxiety, but the real
source of trouble is debility of
the nerve centres.
The brain is the " central station' ' of the nervous system, and
here is first felt any unusual
strain. Headache results, and
you are warned of the exhausted
vcondition ot the^neirveiVpells;^^;^
;?and tpq-often;there is formed the;
:;;h��.bit;-6f;; resorting.^
7 ammg.;a.t:;t^ the:'
:nervous system;fW'X-xx^x^W^X
Nerve Cells of Brain
Cry Aloud for Rich
Red Blood
The Food Cure
Mrs,     G.    Storrlng,     13    Catharine
street,     Kingston,    Ont.,    writes :    "I
havo been Buffering for the last five
yeara with nervousness, headaches, so
that my eyeballs would fairly eplit,
dizziness, and . >'eaknes3 of the heart,
and a generally rundown condition. I
doetorci for Beveral years.frith..-.liferent
doctors, but without; . getting relief.
Through .reading- one of your booklets 1
thought that.possibly I could get bepe.it
from Dr. Chase'ajNervei Food, so 'I-'.de-
cide1-- to'-try..It'.--������!_got one box, took the
pills; and,:feeling better, followed It up
with more.': Now.;I. am feeling mucl_;
better, ; am ; Btronger, and ���_ able ..to ��� get
.around ,and. do niy-work 'without difficulty. ���: I would recommend Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food to anyone suffering from.
nervousness.and Tnndbwn condition." V
Anaemia or bloodlessness is
often an accompaniment of headaches. The blood is thin and
watery, the nerves are starved,
there are spells of melancholy
and discouragement, and you feel
in many ways the need of reconstructive treatment such as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Fatigue and exertion should be
avoided, and you shouLd have
exercise in the open air while
using this food cure to nourish
the starved, depleted nerve cells'-'
back, to: health.. .���:'
;Not only do you cure headache
by usng this treatment, but you
build-up the run-down system,
and prevent such developments
as. ; nervous prostration and
���{ paralysis. y:Ux
Wartime Courting Methodi
Winning Hearts and Walloping   the
Kaiser at the Same Time
The school pirls in Wichita have
renounced candy and ice cream for
Ihc'duration of the war and have
warned their best fellows to bring
something besides candy when they
come calling'. We have been accustomed to laugh at Mr. Barkis, who
wooed Miss Clara PeKgotty ' by.
stealthily leaving oranges, onions,
umbrellas and legs .of mutton behind
the kitchen door as-marks of his affection. But there, will be no occasion to laugh at the "willii.1 " young
men of Wichita if they choose a
similar method of wiiiiiinpr hearts
and'walloping, the kaiser at the same
time.���Kansas City Star.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that,cannot lie cure!
by  Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has beea taken by
catarrh sufferers for the jiast Uiiity-five
years, arid lias become known as the nibst
leliable. remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
v-ure acts through, ihe Blood on the Mucous
surfaces, expelling'the Poison iroin the Blood
and healing the diseased portions.
Alter you have taken Halt's Catarrh Cure
(pr a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking
���V. J."CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
A Comfortable Temperature Appears
to Be a Matter of Hah.t
Up to a certain point the. temperature in which wc like to sit is entirely a matter of hahit. To a
Scotchman, a temperature of 58 degrees is exactly the same as a temperature of 68 is to an American. The
public school rooms arc in Scotland
required to be kept at 58 and no
higher, for llic "comfort and health"
of the pupils. But that would wcaa
torture for au American school child,
coming- from a home where the temperature is often maintained at __()-
The Eskimo is obliged to remove all
his upper garments as soon as the
temperature in his igloo is raised, hy
the radiation of his whale-oil lamps
as high as 50 degrees. All the continent of liurope, outside of Russia
and perhaps one or two other
northern countries, sits in perfect
comfort in a temperature of 60 degrees. And that our own people do
not really need more is proved^ by
the fact that it takes only a single
winter abroad to accustom them to
European standard, so that they .abhor the indoor heat to which they
were bom,���Boston Transcript.
Once a mother has used Baby's
Own Tablets for her little ones she
will use nothing else. The satisfaction she derives from their usc is
wonderful. They arc easy to j;._"ve
the baby; their action is prompt and
thorough and above all they arc absolutely harmless. Concerning them
Mrs. Jean Dcchainc. Lacordaire,
Sask., writes:���'T am well satisfied
with Baby's Own Tablets. 1 had no
trouble in giving thcin to niy baby
and they have promptly cured her ot
constipation." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a Los from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Practical Food Control
Merchants Banish
AU-Wool Clothe��
Trade in U.S. Pledges Itself to Reserve  Best  Stocks for
Army and Navy
Three  hundred  men,    representing?-
tjtc   woollen  industry of   the   Unil-K?
Slates, met in New York ancl    aftjjS
listening to  an address by    Charl��3j��
l-Uciunan, of the committee onsup<
plies of the  council of national    defence,  pledged  their    factories    and
Ux.il- resources to the whole-hearted
support ot" the government.
Hereafter, if the plans adopted arc-
carried out, the only way in which,
tlie citizens of the United States will
bo able to get all-wool garments will
be by joining the army or navy. It
was resolved, at the meeting to retain all the wool necessary for thfc
armed forces of the United States
and to eke out the remainder with
substitutes for civilian wear.
According to the resolution the
woollen dealers will place on the
market this year, "in so far as may
jcem necessary, as many lines as
our respective equipments will permit of fabrics containing a materia!!
percentage of other stocks than virgin wool."
'The resolution also voices the determination of the dealers "to discourage the use of wool for purposes
other than arc essential for the
comfort and health of the civilian
In this project the government is
osked to co-operate with the wool
r;.cn_ The present shortage of wool
was also discussed. To relieve this
shortatre the. committee suggested
that the government arran"e. with
Great Britain to release for shipment
io Ibis country from 200,000,000 to
300.000,000. pounds of the Australian
aud New Zealand wool, which she
lias stored up. at present, refusing to
export'it, despite the long overdue,
orders.from American lnanufactnr-
���crs. ''       '   .
Joint Action
For Food Control
How To Get On
With "Tommy"
Forget the "1776   Stuff,"   a   Gunner
Advises and When in Difficulty  Have Tea
When the American gets to .England :hc is going to have a hard tinic-
at first getting along with the Eng-
lishitien. They arc'so'different.' The
'Englishman has a way of taking cv-
erylhing for granted. You mustn't
talk, to an Englishman, about the
war, or ask hiiiv about the "victory;
he is perfectly sure about the victory; the only thing he doesn't know
is how long it is going to take. You
mustn't talk to an Englishman about
money, either. And you mustn't'tell
him that baseball is far superior to
cricket; his opinion of baseball is
just the same as your opinion of
cricket,   you  know!
Don't tell him he is a fool for being, governed hy a king���the Englishman is a .-good .observer, and hc
might come bach at you and punch
some holes in our senate and congress.
Then the American' mustn't herald
bis arrival in England and Erance as ���
a great event,-and say he is going lo j
win the war! Aiid when he is with
the English soldiers, lie's got to forget all this 1776 s'lnfl'���the Americans
and English arc just brothers in arms
now.   .
If an embarrassing situation docs
(arise between an American and an
Englishman, an uncomfortable : silence, or something of the sort, hc
added, Ell tell you the thing to do:
'the American should either offer or
accept au invitation to tea! Over a
cup of tea the awkward sitution van-
islit-s;'"-. More pleasant situations and
good friendships are built up over a
cup of tea than over a cocktail.���
Arthur fit*.v- Emplv of the
\rmy    in    the    New     York-
Cutting Down Supply of  Meat   and
Wheat Products in.New
York Hotels
.The hotels and. restaurants division of the United States food administration lias received a report
from New York City that out of 225
members of the Society of EesUni-
janteurs, 224 have adopted a "nt.cat-
less Tuesday" and a "wheatlcss
Wednesday." .
It "was also, reported that begina-
ing in October no wheat was used in
any. French pastcries and. pics, served at the Biltmorc, the ManhaiIan
and. the Ansonia hotels, as well as i
number of other, hotels in New York
City. Rye, rice,- chesnut "and potato
Hours were substituted.
A    Reduction   in    Consumption    ol
Wheat, Beef and Bacon
Is Essential
Joint action to secure essential
commodities for export while pro-
tectinj.- the general public against exploitation and permitting fair returns
to producers is the plan of the British, Canadian and American food
A reduction of at least 25 pet
cent; in home consumption bE wheat,
beef and bacon iii the Dominion is
essential if sufficient -quantities ar<
to bc released for export to Great
Britain and our European allies. The
liritish government has prohibited
the import of bacon, butter, harrm
and lard except under license. The
British food ministry lias established
-  - - ���        .       .. .    : i .        ...
When tea or coffee is served in the la single government buying ageDcy
rooms in some of the New York lip-1 in the.United States for these pro-
tcls, three pieces of sugar are served j ducts,  and .makes      all      piirc.ia.se_.
to one person, and live pieces to two
persons. All icing on pastry, it was
added, lias  been ���eliminated.  '
One New York City liotel supply
company reports that since mcalluss:
Tuesday has been.-inaugurated,.; its
tonnagfe lias dropped twelve thousand
to fourteen thousand pounds as compared with the average Tuesday ol
August. August is regarded as. a
fair, average, although it was less
than the heavy months of last fall.
Corns cannot exist when T.f'.oll*)-
v. ay's Corn Cure is applied to 'them,
because it goes to the root and kills
the growth.
enoa gillie ho-
solves for its bachelor readers,
The Working Horse
Proper Feed and Care Necessary for
Maximum Service
One of the limiting factors in tlie
present food production campaign is-
horse labor. Unless a horse bc given
proper feed ami care he will not give
maximum service.
In  obtaining economy and efiicicn-
i cy  of  farm  horse  labor   an   analysis
i of Ihe subject of how to tare for the
j horse is necessary.    The points to be
| considered'aire: . 1, feed; 2, water.. 3,
shoulders    and -harness';   4,     feet;   5.
teeth;.6. body parasites; 7, barn sanitation.
..The work horse, should receive a
comparatively, large allowance of:
easily digested grain and a correspondingly small _dlo\\nn_'e of palatable roughage.. Oats alone arc not
satisfactory, for the reason that tlicy
supply -too 'much.., ��� energy and not
enough lissiic-iontiing. material. .Mixed with corn however, they form
the finest of all horse  feeds.
Water should be given regularly
but not in large quantities when the
horse is overheated.
The harness should be kept clean,
Particularly-those parts which press
heavily against the body such as the
1li rough this, agency, beginning September 3rd. _ The -establishment of
this agency, insures international action by the ; British, United State;*
and Canadian food, controllers to
eliminate the speculation, in food dtits
lo free individual competition im.
Britain, France and Italy,; which has
resulted iii the cxhorbitatit prices
that; have been;.paid, both there and
in America.
-Canada must save 12.000.COO bushels  of wheat this year.
How to  Tell
to tell if you love    her w-ell
to marry her is the problem
���c editor of The 3'a-is Appeal j collar and the pad.
Says       The horses  feet arc  usually
attended to but nt so his teeth.
When a horse begins-to leave part of
his iced uneaten it is lime that the
teeth should be examined. Many
horses get in poor condition and are
the H.  E.:
- "Well, my boy, imagine her on a
hot, sticky day bending over a wash-
tub, scrubbing your clothes as your
mother Used to  do.   Picture her, as
you enter, stopping her work and ' dosed with medicine to no purpose,.
wiping the perspiration from her.face when llic teeth arc wholly the canst
with the corner of her apron. If you   of the trouble.
feel that you would "still care to kiss i    A    elean,    wcllrvcntilifd     stable,
her that she  still looks as good    to; screened to keep out     the    flies     is  ;
you as she does in her party togs, go j i.ecessary to the best working    cfii- j
right ahead   and  marry her.      She's ��� ciency  of the  horse.    Also  be  must j
the girl."���Kansas City Time*. .be kept free from lice and worn.*,   j
are combined in ihe
perfected ready-cooked
This appetising blend
of Wheal and Barley
is over 98% Food.
W_     N.     U.     1384 am jjedqel &B&wwQQi>�� & &;
s the worlds best chew.
It is the most economical chew.'
^���    ;.  	
Canada Now Handing
The Torch to U. S.
Present  Conflict  Not a War But   a
Crusade, Says a Canadian
_ Cessation of the world war at this
time would iiici.ri the waste of all
that nations have given to defeat
Germany, Rev. Dr. Bruce Taylor,
principal of Queen's University, and
former chaplain of the 42nd Canadian
Highlanders, declared at the final
session at Philadelphia of the conference of college and university representatives ana the university section of the committee of engineering aud education of the advisory
con.m__.sion of the council of national defence.
"Canada is now handing the torch
to the United States," said Dr. Taylor, after describing his experiences
on the European battlcfronts. "The
present conflict is no ordinary war,
but a crusade, and tlie United States
must give all it lias, for we are almost spent."
The speaker deplored the frightful
losses    among college men, who,  he1
said, "were sent from Canada merely
to stop a gap ajnl die obscured, with
their technical training of  no avail."
"But they served their purpose,"
he added, "for they stopped the lirst
German rush."
If you shiver in^Wsty
weather, if you have cold
hands and feet, if colds are
stubborn and frequent,
then your blood may be
thin and impoverished.
Minard's Liniment  Cures Garget   in
Wheat prices are fixed but service is not.   The  best is assured   you    = '    Tile Storage Of Potatoes
when you consign  your jj_j '��� 	
lieat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye 1
e To the  Old  Reliable Grain Commission Merchants s
I Jas. Richardson k Sons, Ltd. 8
���5 ��� =
S   Sixty years of satisfied customers. Careful checking- of grades.   Lib-' =
K era! advances.   Prompt adjustments. ~
has been correcting this condition for nearly fifty years. It
possesses rare powers for
creating natural b��dy-warmth, for
charging summer blood
with winter richness and
strengthening both throat
and lungs.
Scott St Uowoe, Toronto. Oat.      liV
In Days of Old
How the First Match Came   to   an
English Village Nearly a
Hundred Years Ago
The new regulations in the United
Kingdom as to matches have drawn
from one writer in the Manchester
Guardian a delightful reminiscence,
handed. down by a relative, of how
the match first came to an English
village, nearly a hundred years ago.
Hc tells of how the village parson,
desiring to keep in touch with the
great world went up to London every year by coach. As the result of
one trip he brought back a box of
matches. "One, and one only, was
struck on the evening of his return
to show his own household the wonder." Next day invitations were dis
patched to the elite of the parish "to
drink tea" at the parsonage on a
certain date,
1 ' ' ___-_-_--���-g-_������---.-.-. ^^
A Strong Canadian Company ___
Surplus    Over   Three-Quarters Million   Dollars ��
The Third Ypres Fight
German Hopes are  Now  Going by
tlie Board
One by one all the German hopes
and forecasts are going glimmering,
and still the awful pounding continues. The legend of Prussian invincibility is not now cherished by
  ���_ _._ _. the troops who havc lost the Pass-
It was carefully timed j chendacie Ridge or the Vimy Ridge,
so that just at the right moment the They know, An army which expect-
cnudlcs would havc to be lighted, j cd to get to Paris in six weeks finds
and, of course, the matches were us-'itself after three years being pounded. The excitement of the guests | cd out of Flanders without hope of
passed   all   expectation.    The  village j victory  in  the field; it labors  under
____ Grain  Exchange.   Winnipeg
C Griin  Exchange,  Calgary
C Canada   Building.    Saskatoon
Maia  8522
Main   226S
Filbert Nut Bar
Fresh plump filberts scattered generously
throughout the finest and smoothest milk
chocolate manufactured.
Sold everywhere.
Made in Canada.
Intensive Farming
Farmers Must Try to Produce More
On Every Acre
What is required of the fanners is
more intensive farming. Jiacli acre
should produce more this year than
it has ever produced before; each cow
should protlucc more milk than ever
before. No. farmer should kill a call
until it is at least a mouth old, so
that it will bc valuable for 'food and
its skin valuable for leather; moreover, more heifer calves should bc
raised so as to increase the dairies
and provide for an increase in milk.
The cattle have been killed in nearly
all countries at war to an'alarming
extent, hence there will be a great j
scarcity of milk products and beef
for some years.
To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.
���Exercise in the open air is the best
tonic for  the stomach    and.   system
jrcncrally; but there are those   .who
,- a re.;' compelled, to    follow-    sedc iita ry.
' occupations.;and.the.���;inactivity^'feiids
.������������....to" 'restrict" the ',���; h ejil t h' y;'..'-.. '_i c ^i o? a.'-': b' f ���: .'��� iii p,
���;; ;digc siiye-;p r^ah ^
.',.��� tfig.ula^
ife! .;J:43fein'v'ehtor_^^
': building : f acilities; ���jtist- ,<So ii_plctc,d:^by
;v'.jfajiyanese...^_J!^ thai:
'.;.4.<)0t) ^tbjisv';or.;.'in^
' -tilde So \iurri;but' vessels':; of' lesivtlian
OIlntish:;;eolo.nies;. SSp^^Hdlltiiul ::;;1Q5'.
:..,;: tvira �� e c; x5; ;_^ u si ri ^Hungary; :���: j. ���-Spai ii
Xjlfy liJeigiuni' 7y America 48;: Kor.ra:y
..X'2$X. Sweden '\7%. Penuiarlc 9; liiissia
:;C:.L7;_';;��h.iiia: 5;. 'other jiatioiis 13, -. j.
:;? ::';]Vratiy a ���tiian's stroilg; bf calk is dtip ��
-:; joidiisyweak b-iCkhoric.
The Enemy's Aim
What Germany Means by "Freedom
of the.Seas"
Real light upon what German
minds incati by "the freedom of the
seas" comes from an article which
Count von Rcvcntlow published
last March, but which the German
censorship prevented getting out of
Germany until recently. A translation which appears in an English
oapcr gives  this:
"Oi course wc do not mean by the
phrase that free use of the sea .which
is the common privilege of all the
nations in times of peace, the right
lo the open highways in international
trade.: That sort of. freedom of the
sea wc had before the war. What wc
ui;dcrstand today by this doctrine is
that Germany should possess .. such
maritime territories and such riaval
bases that at ihe outbreak of the war
wc should be able, with our navy
icruly, reasonably to.guarantee ourselves ; the' command, 'pf.. tIic sea. ��� VVp,
of .'beiiiffjf^
tp^kc c p^'wliat^
:'spiii!i;:-pB:tiie:;:S 'itvffiy'6ft;Cii\ffi?yyX-y:
���>': >;It .'iv*a.:;^ityl.:ikei;.Rp^ iliaye^'
By Lou  D.  Sweet,  Head of Potato
Division, U. S. Food
It is of great importance that all
the potatoes raised this year should
be stored under proper conditions.
I.vcn when every precaution is taken
the wastage of potatoes during the
winter is considerable; under bad
conditions of storage it is very great
In order that the best methods
may be adopted by the small growers those _ who have not had the experience in the storage of potatoes,
should know the chief causes of the
wastage.    These causes are:
Cl) Sweating, heating and consequent rot: often due to insufficient
(2) Rotting: <lite to potatoes get-,
ting wet at the time of putting them
in storage;
(3) Injury from, frost;
(4) Decay: owing to disease in the
tubers at  the  time of storage:
(5) Sprouting of tubers in the
It is not possible to prevent altogether losses iro-n these causes, but
by using the best methods of storage, it is possible to reduce them
very materially.
This may be done by taking care
to guard against losses from each of
these  causes:
(1) Sweating and heating occur if
the freshly dug potatoes arc piled in
loo large piles, so that the air cannot circulate between the tubers. The
riskof loss from this, cause is greatest in the fall, immediately after the
tubers havc been dug, and it is.
therefore, important that* potatoes
when dug- -should not be. put. in unnecessarily larjre piles, nor kept, in
alb ill-ventilated room.
(2) Rotting fro.n. geiting the pota-
���tocswet. If tlie potatoes at the
��� digging time arc allowed to get wet
and to go into storage in that condition, rotting is sure to occur. Bs
careful lo have your potatoes dry
before storing,
(3) Injury Front frost. Potatoes
arc easily damajred by frost.. If they
become frozen, tlicir market value is
j destroyed. Therefore,.; take every
precaution to protect the tubers
from frost before  __nd  after digging.
(4) Disease. TJicre are several
diseases of the potato which destroy
I the tuber, and Lf diseased tubers arc
mixed with the soil nd ones, the disease spreads rapidly; therefore, it is
necessary to sort llic potatoes, carefully, eliminating all of the disease,
the cuts, culls, and dirt before placing them into _> cnmaiient storage for
the winter. All of the cuts, culls,
misshapen and diseased tubers should
bc fed to the poultry and live stock,
but should be steamed or boiled before being- fed, as in this way, you
increase the food value, and also destroy the.'germs' o�� the disease, so
lli at it will not get irito the manure
and thence into tlie land.
(5) By proper .Ventilation pf- tlie
Mg.;. 'ihe' ���(te hi per_��ttire::. its" near ��� ^35 .��� :d'e^;
.igrecs'Sl".^ as; ,;p^
ii.1. c-'-:pbt_iib'_��.:;f^^
',yea-r'S;' planting.';Xk'i^id''-^b^:;i^lefejtcd;
H'op typfi:;v_!-pta^
die;';! i;eld.-;:'��it; ;'������'{ r<6iii: iv^t. '::to;5^0:.,;:'Utig;ree';sv
: wi' i ;li '"yx d it-tj c;:;:vcri.slt la'.jic. ri;, a ii d:;:t his;: s cc tl
:.i'jriaj(> 'p;:- -.ri; .','-'s t.a-r Jv'.;;-! ^v^)hVr'd:-:.-^-fjii- r>' ^.i_>;v;-i!..n^;-:.hr's.'U._!':e.'
Vjiiality bf.���:Jti*:i>_3l.��Lc?.C?, itisiend:/o'l.-'-i'a'S"
The Feeding- and
Housing: of Smne
Valuable JPamphlet   Issued   by    the
Department o�� Agriculture
On account of the high value of
concentrated foods suitable for
swine feeding, it is important that
the foods that are used bc so combined as to produce the maximum of
results. The question of housing also enters largely into the profitable
production of pork. To encourage
fanners to raise as many hogs as
possible, and to make the most money therefrom, the department of agriculture at Ottawa, has issued Pamphlet No. 22 on the "Feeding and
Housing of Swine." This pamphlet
which may be obtained free at the
Publications Branch, Department of
Agriculture, Ottawa, deals also with
the questions of breeding ancl care
of the animals at different ages and
at different seasons of the year.
This pamphlet is prepared by Professor G. E. Day, iu charge of the
bacon production campaign, Domm-
io'ii department of agriculture, Mr.
E. S. Archibald, Dominion animal
husbandman and his assistant. Mr.
G. B. Rothwcll.
Mr. Archibald, after much experimental work, lays down the principal that an expensive piggery is unnecessary. Brood sows may bc kept
under most circumstances, even in
the winter season in a  single board
next day, was all agog at the news,
and, in order to satisfy the curiosity
of the parishioners, a series of parlies had to be given so that nobody
"with the least social pretentions"
should be left out.
.. _������, -        ���  ,���i,i_.t    ���:������-: at SO cents  a  box or  six boxes  for
og   cabin.      This    pamphlet    g.ve.s  g2.    f T,     D     wnH       . M dJ_
specifications and plans, not only  of    .      c      Brockviile, Ont.
a large piggery, but of a cheap and
portable cabin.
;   TlVe'vJPiitelivniijiisier:;;of iagriciiltiirj!'
_?;8(J0 jgi-iiiitiiics;-per head Jiiust ;"su(Ifice:
���foiyclevertidaysy ^v;
s,. veti diiys; vyaY; the Jierjqd ior;   ihte-
'raijou; latter'':i^t:';was^.extejid.c;d^;;tdv;riiher
<ti,__;'s',' .btit   the-   increasing 'scarcity
iveEcSsiiatcs" a  fitrlhet* 'reduction    'n\
in.ilvb TvaH.
;:siiitpl..'::]Jlaiit;iii;i-. t!i;C:;;ctills;
X y%J$.:XtfXt<.   'Wll6\K.yX::'
.������:��� 1 was cured;of':_t'iViul caso of:..li.'c-itd-
ache:. ^y;:'J-I't;K^._lt��>'ft" r.:i:NdXtli^T^ ;"���
' ���. |i:.?S,,'S; '.Ki.VU:L'JMG;K:.,..;:
���'" i was- Giii-fcrl- of  s-fiipitiv-i- lungs bv
3X3;xAiiD'S .fciv^'At-K-SrJr.   '  "���' > ���;..���
Xtm. -S; iiAStJtRs.;
Cincinnati man tells how. to dry
up a corn or eallus so it
lifts off with fingers.
Vou corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of ireczohc applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
stojs soreness at once and soon the,
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can be lifted oil, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle o�� frcezone costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or soft
coin or callus, This should be tried,
as it is inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the surrounding  skin.
If your druggist hasn't any frcezone
tell-liim to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
no delusion as to the condition of its
foe; it knows that the submarine
blockade has not prevented the arrival of British ammunition.
Wc are seeing the slow but sure
decay of one of the great military
machines of human history, but the
world has not" yet fully realized its
present condition, just as the Napoleonic legend long took in a Europe accustomed to Napoleonic victories won l>y the veterans of the
revolution, even when Napoleon was
facing veteran troops with ill- trained youths, after his great lieutenants
and best soldiers had perished in the
victories between Marengo and Moscow. When ill ere was next to nothing left of the army of Northern Virginia but ils magnificent reputation,
it still seemed invincible to the doubters in the north.
The greatest single service .ot the
British at Ypres is the demonstration
they arc giving the world of the decline of German morale and German
might. We are still under the shadow of our old fears and of our apprehensions., which were just three
years ago, two years ago, but
now they are childish. At its best
the German army failed at the Marne
and at Verdun; while it was still
strong it lost at the Somme. This
year it has lost every considerable
engagement in the west and has been
unable to attempt any major operation  in  the east.
Third Ypres in its largest meaning
is_ a demonstration of the rapid decline ol German military strength; ft
is the clear proof that Germany has
lost the war; it is the reasonable assurance that lli e next campaign will
bring triumphs not to be measured
by yards or by rods. It is one of the
decisive battles of the war, just as
the series of struggles between the
: Rapidan and the James in 1864 were
the sure foreniliners of Confederate
collapse. This is what Third "Wipers"   means.    Only   the  purposefully
t__>_.-_.  ~r <~>^M-,,i-'_. t>_. ,-t tr     J blind and the congcnilally weak-spir-
Basis of Canadas Prosperity are Her ited wi��� mistake &c {.dCt> -��Wc ,��ve
J arm Lands ! theni,"  Pelain's  soldiers    said    after
_ Few people realize that nervous
ailments often arise from digestive
(roubles. The stomach fails, for
some reason, to digest food properly. Then the system languishes and
the nerves become exhausted in
striving to continue thcir^ work. Impure blood also causes nerve troubles, but frequently it is in the stomach where the mischief starts. As
the nourishment is carried to the
nerves by the blood, it will be seen
what an important connection exists
between the stomach, the nerves and
the blood, and how such troubles as
nervous headaches, nervous dyspepsia itpd insomnia may begin.
Iir such cases relief is easily obtainable by means of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. These pills replenish the
blood with the food elements on
which the nerves thrive; at the same
time they exercise a tonic influence
on the digestive organs, enabling the
system to derive nourishment from
the food taken. By this perfectly
natural process nervous ills arc steadily dispelled by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. If you are suffering from
nerves, or require a blood-making
tonic, give these pills a fair trial, and
see how speedily the best of health
will bc yours. '
You can get these pills through
any dealer  iu   medicine,   or  by   mail
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With
EDDY Is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
lias been liehted and blown
Look for the words "Chemi-_
cally self-extinguishing" on the'
Weed's ?2t3s?k��&��22e.'
Tht Oreat English Remedy.
Touch and iz-rigoretcs tba wbolo
jHerroti5is__e_8--., _aa_.e8_.ew Blood
U old Veins, Carta Kcrvova
f)ebi[iiy,ifin.tal and Brain Worni, Despot*
wvmv. tost cj Energy, Palpitation cf th��
peart,_fT__.W_.nc Ztemory. Trice tl per box, si��
Bar f 5. One .nil plewe, s!_t will cure. Sold by nil
���ruetisti or mailed _a pinto __���!_��. on receipt of
Rr.ee. UriBpampfiletmaiUd free. THE WOOO
iedicihscOmIOgohio. ear. cFtrou_.w__.____>
Should Produce More
treatsuccesi. cunESCHROst. weakness, lost vico��
Heo.Co. iUv_.rstock.Rd. Hempstead. London. End.
mit. aovr.sr��MP aepubd to all. Ger.ui.\'_; pacmz*
Wlea buying yonr Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
Tlie Sashathcev.-an Farmer says:
EtiyiiiR land at from $10 to $20 an
acre. .and.doing nothing with it, expecting to make n profit from unearned increment is just as foolish
as btiyini-; sub-division property that
may not be required for building- purposes for a quarter of a century.
There are thousands of farm homes
in Western Canada that havc been
improved for the last 20 to 30 years,
and now-owners would not sell for
$50 or $60 au acre. For 1915 the
crop on many of these farms Rave a
profit of from $20 to $40 au acre, and
yet there are millions of acres in
Western Canada,' virgin prairie, that
can bc purchased at from $15 to_$30
an acre, What is the explanation?
Simply' this, that for a number of
years the great part of oiir advertising lias been to induce settlers .to
come to our cities and towns to establish industries. The basis of all
our'prosperity���our farm lands���was
ignored. Today our farm lands are
once more taking their proper place.
"Produce, moire," whether it be more
grain, more live stock, more butler,
more poultry, and eggs can only apply to farm, lands. .
the first days or Verdun. In their
turn Haig's troops can take up this
cry. ���New York Tribune.
Future Provision
For bick Soldiers
No diijd should be. allowed to suf-
Military'-Medical Attention   Assured   !'�����    an    hour    from*   worms    when
J Inronipt-rchet can be got in a simple
Mother  Graves'
but  strong -remedy-
AVerrii -Hsterniinator.
Men Who Suffer Relapse
From. War. Injuries
:;v-Tltc;:government:, h^sv^madifc-f-i^rqv^
nici_t- fronV: d:.'niilftafy'iiriedicaljofficeV;'
ll':liis'A caiaclitto'.'ri- . rcfiuiTeSvJ'bbsiiital
cares. lic:^c_in::;be?r;ia!tte_;te^^
placed ,::an;V1>ay:^
lie ivas.^
Drives Asthma Before It.���The
r.r-iiokc or vapor from Dr. J, D. Kcl-
Iogg's Asthnirt Remedy gives asthma
no chance to linger. It eradicates
the cause. Our experience with the
relief giving remedy 'sh'owi how actual and positive is the succor it
gives. It. js-tlie-result of long, study
and experiment and was not submitted to the public until its malcer
hncw it would do its work well.'
In the getting out of the first number of a new English magazine in
Tokyo recently a proofreader discovered that the number -"10,000 had
been printed 39,000. On inquiring
through an interpreter how such an
odd mistake eonld hayc occured, the
proofreader said: "I can imagine a
mistake of 20.000 or . 30,000 being
made, but how could hc get 39,000
instead of 40,000?" The typesetter's
reply was: "I bad no '4' at the moment so- I calculated- _ that 39,000
would be." nearer-the' right amount
than any other figure."
Send   a   Dominion  Express   Money
Fi-ve dollars  costs three cents.
How Many Hun.
Submarines Lost ?
Germany    Losing:   Pirate    Ships
Rate of Four a Week
Fro... January lo the present date
the British navy has destroyed twice
as many German submarines as during the 'whole of 1916. Mr, Lloyd
George is authority for the state;
ment. The number destroyed in 1QI6
is not known, but it is believed to
be approximately 75 under-water vessels.". Assuming: this to be correct,
Germany has already lost this year"
no fewer than 150 U-boats or at-tha
rate of about four a week. If this
bc so it is no wonder that the loss
of steamers through the activities of
Hun pirates has beet: so greatly reduced. At present the loss per week
in tonnage is less than one-third of
what it was in April last, when tha
U-boat, campaign was at its height-���
Vancouver World.
"The author of this story
clever cliap."
"That so?"
"Yes, it takes trains to sell
rot,"���Judge.   -. ��� .
is a
makes:.-tli is-S
���.impiession;;:-:::Vw(iidi::j ./s-��"ciii"__ \ '.'sfo.i^ihave'
gaii_e(li;::cirettla.tiou,:: ::tliat:;ii::jli|cliargejl;
'-ri'c'ii tv^^^
gbvcriini ^ t-T^r- iiXX w $0Xx/yy'.r,.:
'  'Tlie' -cbiurnitii^siOitc'iyjllSnOt;.:lie:���.,-. a:c>:
:o:o.uitab:lir -f6V���'iuiatuhbrized/ac^ijliii't.;.
ioi(:'l_.cdical:,',s.ervi<:;e:s;''    ���/-:. '������;:] ������:''"������������ '..'.-''���"'
���...,.,������,-��� ::Pie:'';an^
.0 ii C: W f the: visi 1) l.e- 'c\M cii c es ��� :e);f; 11 ie
���; <\ uetiLl'3r'';.pr;usVd::::th<.?irj;Sp.iiritvyi ''.'.aAJnoi-s:
���ial)ic: iidtlrcs!;;.-.-'..-].-t-';is:_:si!tiiTar^_>iil-dic':iaii_i.:
I'iVuij,' 'as-'V-iiilitary: 'nieh::::i;h'at-\w-ill:vbes'__iv:-,
k'ciy: '���i'o.;;:'{lv.e" -ni crj;-''��e|t;:c;-t:c,.d'rT.Qr;:".'scyry
iC?;uia(k'-iih;tler::thc���; "inilityry^   -service
���t;'ii':/;. is'-"'; :t-'!.ic: :'iitt>::_vtici..!rCt:v> "\r.iisp::l-;100.000.:
iuiuftrrccivictitS' ���������\xho;r\vHh:^dd--;fenect^
hiHli: _-ost of din:iig;:is: thcnlivisioii::^^^^^
tlie; pie. 'lit tltc good -..T-d: tiuitss    it: ;-Xhq  ffc>ii:t,    Jr,V.vry/ ^llieial: rtcognitmn:
v/as c"ut ilito: iotir  tjti-trter?,-and-    no ] ?n<l C::rc v:ill ,bc pivcu the.se: nietiv-iit
'-eiistoSicr was offem-d;    less:-Xtlian,   ^'AcCOi'Hauco: .-������witli. . tlieir:, jdesprts;;;:-^s:
:<l,u;irl:cr ��� .'irclei;; Nbiy the' :pie:;:is: cut,
into- sik, even :eiglit ������:pi(r4._S',,:..,i_iiid "-the
'liutigry eitizeit; gets a'- :ni:,er.;c'' wedge-
-i t istoad ���,: of ...a,: f nil ������ q tta x t cr. Th e''thotight:
occtti'-s 'id. tbe ajixiSins ;bciy: '".'Wili-'th'c-
day of tlie quarter of a T>i_c ? ever:
coine bad,?''���^Portland (Dfegohiati;
patriots- in. ttiti���''���.sc.rV.icc-.:i.-.f
eif cOun-
A vegetable remedy llut alwiys Rives prompt relkf b constipation. Binishes that tirtft fceliiis: aftorethcr end put* yoa
ris-it dyer-rtighi, stiitrclatM tfeet;'_t-hrer t^tly, but qukkiy restor*
ins it to full end htalthj ^tiot\, mA the ttorasdx mdbovf^t
toX&tfo caiirral fuactions.  Mikkig:^:ff4{^^bz^xXXXXx^
'- G*swJ����':;
:' Fee FdokL Crops " I ���
���      -   ' ���  '        el \
���'��������� ��� ,Tdi'5.: ivcav-IsrOpg q( ifndn arc    vcryj'.   'V.
sti.;tll> arid 'Cj.cri itrtrtj: .-ca.ii    iio lonj;vr j ^I(-��l *'
Ipqk to: the n cig li boring flentrais  for ^
SU'ch quantities <>[  food ns iiavc been.
Coming front, .tbciii in; ifre last -  two
years._    Onc-;causc;'^f j':reyd!t:.i'u'::_ the
navy" wa:s;laek':0E>i!rtici'_.:nts:fo6d,.-.?itid;
this has j-iade  stjs^c?";'at;:;-'- the-.;:coal
j: mities.vj'rtr.at inifcpt ai.'d._fo'od'.-vriol.'__.
it.' the Gon1lttg.-3VL:��trf^^^ay^be!,ex5\t'Ct>
cd.-/ Thfcrc- are -nevr' -rcpiVrts: ^Avliic'Il
piTOW.-.idiorta'ce o f^ tHie . uietalo ' reqeir-
ed;: io?. -ij -it't n it ion sX-pi'^ivh be r; a nd. ���'''������' ;o f
coti on-'ioti- ���'<-s:|d'os' h c s*..'"' "''Aiihost.'daily'
| thcrc\;is':Sidditio'iiar;;evii;Icr!Cc lb: suj?-
J pbf��.(flnd;-'coufirrii_:p;i|t^^^
1 c'gi11m at:e'.;;v.-Xfi. io.fi$.ii.?rs rit-"transp'o r>:
t:a-ti6h':,pfAtliejii (iroiit..^SijfltriesS^dUth'
'p'fi'jns.eiycw':' %etk XimcX'/"' 'j^Xyy'.
rrttber    rcinarkahlc  couple,    1
stty.    Tltey.'ve:. been    siiarricd
on--, ���yews' and she    s-till lisieris : v>it:h
deference    when ": be.    cypresses.  an
opin:ibii.''---Bifailingli_��rii.A_SC':i;rerald. ���
Minard's. Linirftent :Cu?cs f)iStcmper.
He Simply Had to Breathe
,i; ���'���jj-Ct- a gcntlema.rt the '.other' -day
vrith ai- disease   tjtat X  warned:    bin.
a-gai.nSi as  fervidly as  I  knew how.!
He- vas -not-. Icokmg very s"tv>ut- .and
he appeared: apprehensive..    I - asked |
hini:: Wlvat: the tfouble -vyas-   ��� -'[
'  ''I canrt getniy breath.'' he'yepljcd.}
:'r ';''YpUvVe'":?int:plv   got,' to. (ti: ..th.'a't;?-   11
irc;:plie'<L: liRbjt;l\';,'-Avjti:r the fryCjtiiim ^y
'.;aK'ica''pf^0.ic: up^n..Wliorti .-lie disease���I
lis :-tpt':i:Vrc:y5tig>v .yXi.:.':'-':- '.:��� yyy i
.-The-' ailviee-:<tSx..ck' !:lm witli sueh:-i
force' that lie has'neei: ore/the Jiicndj
ever: :sjnee?;snd^a.t.tTibute:s^:tbc reeov-:j
cry ,-to':-.-t'b.c''.';.;.vf.fy:..^
t r.:. at iuent .;���. so;: t v C*-iy
X'. i",:i-r:.;Indian5- ih-;NorthIan<i:iXXyXX;-.
''jfinciians iin^the^^XprthlandiaTe^more.
���were' yCafs'-ipi^v^'iDurihg% 1917AtSc:
;fie'ss^:'andl:In t? ^sigri- :Vi:6f;: ;i'sh.o'^tii z&fci;
'^dv-vns' ^X:':$rXiXXtXr^^XXmyX^X^&T'.
'beSrsogf ������;^nirr._tls,i;������stc:;:::'rnere;;j:_iieatiful
:_sie^_jo��wij^K '���> 'X.x::X, XXX;- ':'XXX.-.
'tequipirierit axe 'v$b ^y-ilp&ri^
up a^d dowri: Uie Allied jinesy 'i^^^^^:Br^nX:'
and Anise, Fre*icHrhan> lt-d��an ah(5 Americ^, as the
one- Sure, passport to a clean: *rt<l enjoyafclj? sft,ave^:
Even if he lias already Jwid onfijlKe -man itx���who&X
"��� yout Itopes centre will be glad fca gei arioilter (iillette :
SafeSy Razor.   Ecr under active eervke conditicw.%
." teqsuprngrit. so ;���oyght .iiteraS: 'iilse^Oilt?!.^
and <��ften> and ha niay -nowr::l;e::1&&g':.to/yvKj-T^ialpng':':
; agsaELivitJtdut erne..,  So Whatsver efe yo^ir boxiifnay
H youprcfeir, we Vv_ll.t-.^:^��j_fjOrdeiV&rc��tsgR 'ybOT:4ffaIer :0sf\
AtK&> Xiti ^'deisyer.;-Oie- ra?c?r of^yWf'cbptcer fro_-a;':ciW::BeBre_?t^:
: :dci-K3l.^erte*^^iAi-t:yoai4e_d^
I5':his;:0i-1ett^as%rtrnent.']['y- XX'-"X'.:X'rXX"
|;|^p_::::;Sui|^;^9':*acl '^nll^gi^ coist $5^-^-N��&el
|g;|^;W:;Edi^��^.00 to'S6^pO~^t>i5il>ir_Atiion.'Sef^:^ -..
XX-iip! 'rrieti''Pi&8* Jv^ky t&& H**A"*Al��":Ssorcg,..,' -.
XXXXXXX&aa^iM^z^GSS^ J8��^_-__if,:vM_s��tMiiI - -������"'- ���' :'2f4: THE-  LEDGE,   GBEENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
��,2 & year iu Canada,   and   j.2.50   in  the
United States.
Editor and Financ.ei.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     fi 00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    i.oo
Certificale of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears ii' notice, $2.50 for eacli additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
In Three Wars
An old Georgia negro, having
bolt, fehe Judge that lie bad "been
ia three -wars/' was asked to name
fehem, when he replied: "I wnz a
cook in de Confedrit war, an' after
freedom broke out I wus married
two times!"
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money,
A Dog of the.Trenches
The Animals' Friend, an Eng'
lisb. publication, is authority for
fehe following story, which shows
fehe better side of the banian heart
in war.
In a part of the line where the
enemies trenches were only eome
fchirfey yards away fehere had been
some sharp fighting, aud one of
our men left badly woanded midway between the lines, moaning
pitifully. To attempt to rescue
him would have been almost certain death. The officer, taxing hiB
brains for a plan of rescue, caught
nighfe of a certain dog who was
accustomed to run to and fro between the British and German
trenches, finding friends in each.
He quickly wrote a note: ' '"Will
you allow us to bring out man in?"
tied it around the dog's neck, and
sent him across to the German
line. In a few minutes the animal
refeuriAed with the.reply: "Will
give you five minutes." Instantly the officer and a couple of. his
men took a stretcher and were over
fede top. They gofe their man into
safety in four minutes, and gave
the enemy a cheer, . by way of
thanks, before both sides returned
to business.
He Might Not Insist
"He has asked me to marry
"What answer shall I give
"Say yes. I believe in answering a fool according feo his folly,"���
Pittsburg Tosb.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���5Qc each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
NITROGEN       === =
60 Watts
100     "
200    "
$1,25 each
2.00 ������
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Telephone Your New Year Greetings
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors.
B. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelsou, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$r each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1 oo. Goid-Sih'er (duplicate assay)
fci.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Lead-
Ziuc $3.00. Charges for oilier metals etc
on application.
The Knob Hill Hotel
Olie or the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty ineal3.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
Died Very Suddenly
"William Eovye, a pioneer mining
man of tlie west, died suddenly in
.Nelson last week, in his ,54 year.
He was well-known in Greenwood
having lived here for a number-of
years prior to going to . Welson.
Until about three years ago he was
superintendent of the Jewel mine.
He done considerable mining in
Entte, Montana, and Alberta.
The late Mr. Rowe was born in
Cornwall, Eng.. and canie to (this
continent 22 years ago. He is: snr-
yived by a widow and two daughters in Nelson, and a son Andrew
in Butte. The daughters are Mrs.
H. A. Parker and Jli&s Francis
Rowe. Mrs. A. J. Barker 0! Nelson is a sister.
The funeral waB held in Nelson
on Sariday afternoon, nnder the
anepices of the K. of P. Lodge who
attended tbe ceremony in a body.
Economic "Yellow Peril"
At this time Japan is busy bnild-
iag. She is laying a new economic
She is building factoriee, making
munitions, ships, machinery, automobiles accessories.
She is out after trade���the
world's trade.
Japanese workmen are paid at
the average- cf 25: cents a. day tor
12 hoursV''wbrk.;;;: Foremen; and
sogerintendents get 65 cents a day.
/.Women get.l2i cents a day.":;Xy
The Japs are as'good,'.lobprersas
eoldiere- -.. '" .Tbey 'operate ^machinery
X tha t 'y i s. 7n p- to- the-mi nnte.\ X\ Tkey
���:- hare ���inte.ligen;ce;::an��l^initiative.;:
z^nd'they'ire ��� aggressive.;^^
���. ' (DrVEHSIO..  AMD Usk.).
TAKE NOT-CK tliat I Pete CoiBi.lioto whose
address is G-recinv-ood, B. C, will apply for 1.
liceiicelotaUeaiKl use 5ncro-feet of water out
ol Boi-t-tia-rv Creelc, wliicli How's so it til westerly
and (lriius into-he Keltic River, at llic Inter-
iiationii.1 Bound-icy.
Tlie water will be diverted from tbe stream
ftt TnuJ Avenue, townsite of Anaconda and
will be use! tor irrigation purposes ii|xni tlie
laud described, as Lot A 1, 2, i. 6, and 7 of
Block 31 a.nil lots 13 and 14 of mock 27, town-
site of Auiico-mL-..
A copy- ct this notice and an application pur
stiaiit llKreto nud to tlie*'Water'Act, l')14," will
l>c Bled In tlie 0(Bee of Uie Water Recorder tit
Grand Fori.-,].. C.
01)jec-io_iB to tlie application .day Vie filed
witli tli-c saitl >Vater Itecoider. or with the
Comptroller of Water 'Rights, Parliaraeat
Building, Victoria. B. C, wit-tin t'uirtv (lay-
after the fust appearance : of tills notice in a
local new s-saper.
Tlie date of tbe first publication of this notice
is Janaa-rj 3rd, 1918.
.PETE.c6mPI_I._TO, Applicant..
Notice of Cancellation of Reserve
Notice is li��rcby(,riveu tiiat tlie reserve covering certain l a.i.d.5 in tbu vicinity of J. iciiolson
Creek, Similliaiueeu Division of Yale District,
formerly lield under Timber. I<iceiis�� No. 27545.
by roasori of'a.notice published In Hie Itrilisli
ColuiiitJa &__.._<* le'on the 2TtU .of.DcceirJ-)er 190",
is cancelled.
Cl. '_..'XADEN,
Deputy Miiiislcr of X.au.<ls.
__)c.>artiii��iUtnll-.aiijrls, Victoria, 11. C.
Detjer_.V)tr32tli, 1917.
Wish youi friends a Happy New Year! Do it personally
over tbe telephone.
There is 110 more pleasant message than one of goodwill,
expressed -verbally. You think of your friends constantly, but
do you always express your kind thoughts in words?
Extend them New Year greetings over the telephone. _The
farther away they are more pleased -will they be to hear your
I Cbe Rime. Hotel j
+ nelson, B.e. +
4.  The pnly up/to/datc Hotel in the' interior,
4�� in every respect,
4�� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric L.ig-hted. .
RATES.31.00 per day and ui>; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. -
& ��f*.t^^*'<|<'i|>4*-|����|.4*-|.-|>.��f_'i|*-|*a9��; ^<^^.$..��__,f__-|��<g_.��$_,tt
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
SjuoipsU <oi Coal Mining Regulations.
COAJ, uiibtHe; rights of th? DojniBloh,
La M-taitoba; Saskatchetvan and Alberta, Iti* Vukon Territory, th�� North-
west Territories and in a portion of the
Province at British Columbia, may Ik
leased for a terni of twenty-one year,
reaevfalile ior a further term of aiyean
at an .-.iinual rental of f. r aa acre. Not
more M&.& J1560 acres will be leased le
one ��pplica_atr
Ap-pHcatioa. for a lease must be mad*
by the applicant in -person to the Ageni
or Snl.-A��fcBtof the district in which tli��
rights allied for are situated.
In surveyed territory Che land mnst tx
descri1>ed oy sections, or legal sub-divi-
sioas ai s����tio_is, and in unsurveyed
tetritory the tract applied for shall b.
staked oat by the applicant himself.-XX
":.���:; Kach ai>pLi��-iatio:i must be accompanied
bs a .fee.of PS which -will be refnnded if
the) rights applied for are not available
bnt: aot otherwise.. A royalty shall be
paid on tbe njeirchanteble ontp.it of, Uie
mine: _,t the rate of five ceils ppr-ton;;-'.
.:.:.Xhe',persan operatingi.t^e..iu._:;s.'shall
.uraLs-i the Agent with svvjrri rcLtinis
accoonling f<w thie.fuil-.'.'.ni:_t.liy..:'.of:'.ucr-
chanteb.e-.oal mifl.ed and paj-tho.royalty.
thereoa. ���-...li the '.coal: "mining -rights ,'ar.d
not being'. operated, sneb: ret..:; ::& should
be fturaished at least once; a '���:year. ; ���
V:;, Th* lesse.^ll iaclude the: coal mining
rigits pnsfXxXXfXX:',, .".���.',-;'i XX-Xr:X'X
\3e^hijt4e'^y' '^tSe^t^iol^e.;.piep^y'';'
meat" :*f'-*b<' .JnierxotJ- ^i^^;��t^tq;;a_iy:'
Age-it-'iiw Saf^^^:0t>o^M^u:i^c^^
X .i;;;-i._^pnSy;S5in;ister' o^itjjfe^-iiteiitjry:
j__^:,'ii&Y^S^^V:^ '
-Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
makeup the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads,   (I
;>...^:.--:.'(Rule<lorPiairi)'.-'-;V'-'' .   X  . ' XjyX
Envelopes^ Billheads/     ^   S
r���XX (AH Sizes), ":y ... ��� \Xr:;X?X>:
Statements^ Business Gards^
"Over The Top"
Naturc has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful* The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fishg include
ing clams, Its lofty skyvscraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek* Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP," for lack of
cultivation, Its forests of gigantic trees are the *
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy*
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and yet it has a scant 400,000* Then
sings the little bird in the tree, " What's The
Matter With B, G"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
businessman. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada-s provincial diamonds. Get amove
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up* If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing atUhe same office.


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