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The Ledge Jun 6, 1918

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��5 ���//
X  0
Vol.   XXIV.
No. 47
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X-       GREENWOOD, B. C.
One Quality Only���
Wttl      P       A DT111 IDC     GREENWOOD  CITY  BAKERY
Tflll.    \J��    /tlWIlUnO,     FLOUR AND  FEED  STORE
Windsor HSptel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in Jhe
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Business Announcement
CHARLES KING wishes to
announce that he has taken over
the Interests of the firm of
SMITH & KING and all business
will te conducted under the name
of CHARLES KING who solicits
a continuance of the public's
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
B. C.
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
When You Want a Real Good Smoke
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars, Marsh-
mallows and Gum just In
AT Phone 45
General Stone Contracting and
Monumental Work
Entirely in new   hands   and
under new management
We specialize in Monuments
and guarantee satisfaction
Douglas M. Ritchie, Manager
Office and Show Rooms 507 Front St
P. 0- BOX 875 NELSON. B C
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -      B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Sample^
W. Ekson ft Co
Greenwood       O
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a. in. All welcotde. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
1 P. BURNS & CO."
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the' B, C, Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies,    .    .   .
Have you tried one lately?
Wanted.���To purchase a bicycle.    Wm. Lakeland.
For Sale.���Cheap, 8 cows and
calves.    Apply   at  Ledge office.
For Saljs^��� A hardware store
io a live town, address The
Ledge, Greenwood.
For Sale.���In a live town an
undertaking business with morgue and other buildings. Apply
at The Ledge office.
For Sale.���160-acre ranch,
near Boundary Falls. Ten acres
cleared and fenced. Seeded with
alfalfa and clover. Good timber
and splendid range. For particulars apply to W. C. Wilson,
��E Canada Food Board License No, 8-6251 5i
gj   The Food Board Asks You to Save    ��s
|�� We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ^
C.V.O.. LLD., D.CU President
SIR JOHN AIRD. General Manager
H. V. F. JONES, Aa'i Geo! Manager
H We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk 3
1     LEE <& BRYAN     I
CAWTALPAiDllp.$i5,ooo,OOO^rReserve Fund, - $13,500,000
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners,   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business receipts and payments.
H. C LUCAS, Manager
f^REENWOO^y    yheatrE
Joan Elvidge and Arthur Ashley in "THE GUARDIAN"
Enid Bennett  in   "TBE GIRL GLORY"
Wednesday, June 12th, "CARLYLA BLACKWELL"
Show commences at & o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
Around Home
Mrs. Iugalls is visiting friends
in Oregon. .
Howard Huff ot Princeton, has
joined the army.
A. W. Lutner has moved from
Coltern to Princeton.
Miss Esther Swanson is spending a holiday at Colville.
Grand Forks pays its fire chief,
Ben Norris, $15 a month.
Therp was a bush fire near
Boundary Falls last week.
Miss Mary Biner has returned
to Phoenix from Spokane.
Steel Fishing Rods from $2.00
to $8 50.   Coles Book Store.
Mr. Firby of the Great West
Life, was in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs." Jack Ryan afe
visiting friends in St. Thomas,
Tommy Russell is ranching at
Phoenix, and watching the Gold
Drop mine.
Geo. Eales, has enlisted with
the Royal Air Force, and is now
in Vancouver.
Duhamel and King have started development work on the Ten
Cent Fraction.
Our shoe stock is going fast.
Better get what you need at once.
G. A. Rendell.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spec-'
tacles and pipes repaired.    -
Miss Grace Wiseman, of Grand
Forks,   has   succeeded   Miss  E
Willcox, as postmistress.
Elmer Swanson   has returned
from the Pullman college,  and'
will work at the Mother Lode all
Sam Crowell, the veteran
horseman and hotelkeeper of Midway, has been in poor health for
some time.
New lot of Drawn Work in
Runners, Tea Cloths and Doilies
also Blue Bird Table Clo-ths.
G. A. Rendell.
Fishing tackle that's fit for
fishing, ^ods, reels, lines, flies,
baskets, wading pants, etc., etc.
Coles Book Store.
Pte. A. Wilson visited his parents in Phoenix last week. At
the front he lost his left hand,
and most of his teeth.
Phoenix has moving pictures
once a week. Some of the citizens have them oftener when
they find a cache of booze.
The Young People's Club gave
an excellent dance, May 31 for
patriotic purposes. The gross
receipts amounted to $39.85.
Gunner P. B. Shaw, a former
teller in the Bank of Commerce,
was married recently in Scotland,
to Miss Katherine Mcintosh.
At the trap shooting in Midway this week Joe Richter broke
25 clay pigeons out of 25 and
James McMynn 49 out of 50.
Mrs. Owen Boyer died at her
mother's home in Buckingham,
Quebec, on May 10 from tuber-
colosis, She is survived by two
After spending three years in
German prisons, Monty Mudge,
George Fitz and A. Potentier, of
the Forks, are now interned in
George Hambly inspected the
Moll\ Gibson mine near Paulsen
last week. He thinks that it will
be one of the big gold mines of
the near future.
Ed Brown is in town with a
sore leg. He had it bruised whije
snaking logs off the bars in the
Kettle river, while on the Steeves
drive to Cascade.
Bob Perry did not have to walk
to Beaverdell last Sunday. Duncan Mcintosh has a bran new
auto, and is always willing to
take his friends for a ride.
The Greenwood Theatre opened with a packed house on May
2��i. A merry and successful
dance followed the pictures. All
proceeds went to the Red Cross.
The Canada Copper Co. has resumed operations on the Idaho
and Brooklyn at Phoenix. It
will take several days to unwater
tbe Idaho. In the near future,
work may also be resumed on the
Stemwinder and Rawhide.
A short time ago, the river
drivers working for E. L. Steeves
! struck for an eight hour day, at
! $5 a shift and board, and a new
I cook. Steeves granted eyery-
| thing except the new cook, and
i the drive never stopped moving.
j There were six degrees of host,
i in the Okanagan on May 24,
j causing an estimated loss of a
j million dollars to the fruit growers.. At Kelowna 336 acres of
! tomato plants were frozen to
j death. The pear, prune, plum
I and apple crop will be a poor one
tbis year,
Greenwood Central School
May, Report
No. ia actual* attendance, ��� 23
No. daily present ' - . 21
Perfect Attendance: Buth Axam,
Daisie Axam, Jack Eales, May
Gibson, Bernice McKay, Rose
Westcott, Roderick Mackintosh,
Ena Potts, Ivor Potts, Neil Morrison, Priscilla Kerr.
Standing on monthly examinations:
Entrance: Neil Morrison, Ada
Beattie, Priscilla Kerr, Ruth
Axam, Jack Eales, Daisie Axam,
May Gibson, Bernice, McKay
(eqnal), Roderick McLeod.
Junior Reader IV: Robert Jenks.
Harold. Mellrud, Sanford Pond,
Rose Westcott, Ena Potts, Rod-
Mackintosh, Ivor Potts, Irene S.
Mcintosh, James Lane, Ruth
Pupils to write Government examinations Jnne 24th.
Entrance: Rath Axam, Ada
Beattie, Jack Eales, May Gibson,
Priscilla Kerr, Bernice McKay,
Roderick McLeod, Neil Morrison,
Ethel Pond, Phyllis Spooner.
Junior Matriculation, University
of British Columbia, Josephine M.
McKee (Private Study).
Days school was in session 22
No. of pupils actually attending 33
Total actual attendance - 684
| Average actual attendance 31.09
Percentage       -       -       -     94.21
Perfect attendance: Mabel Axam,
Selma Benson, Gertrude Dixon,
Russell EnBtis, Stella Storer,
Gordon Jenks, Gabrielle Legault,
Walter Longworth, William McLeod, Evelyn Tye, Margaret Westcott, Walter Hardie, Sylvia Price,
George MorriBon, Alfred Oliver,
Lloyd Lane, Mary Longworth,
Ernest Wyder, John Wyder.
Proficiency list.
Senior II: Cyril Robinson, Mary
Junior III b: Gertrude Dixon,
Joseph Putzel
Junior III a: Gabrielle Legault, Samuel Eustis.
Senior III b: Francis Lachmund, Gordon Jenks.
Senior III a: Evelyn Tye,
No. in'actual attendance ��� 34
Np. daily present - - 30.31
Percentage      -       -       -    89.14
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, BesBie Bidder, Jack Bryan,
Phyllis Eales, Cecelia Hallstrom,
Edward Johnson, Jack Jory,
Edna Matthews, Evelyn Parker,
Herbert Westcott, Harry Hall-
strom, Leona Hopkins, Leonard
Pontesso, Vera Walmsley, William
Highest standing in class.
II Reader Jr.: Donald Lachmund, Phyllis Eales, Edna Matthews.
I Reader: Jack Bryan, Flor-
ence Schindler, Ruby Goodeve.
II Primer: Ethel Benson.
I Primer: Bessie Bidder, Gertrude Nelson, Jack Jory.
Receiving Class: Leonard Pontesso, Peter Schindler, Harry Hallstrom.
Rev. H. W. Simpson has g-one
to visit friends at Moscow, Idaho,
and hopes to get to Baker City,
Oregon, to witness the eclipse of
the sun on Saturday the Sth.
There will be no service at St.
Jude's church next Sunday. June
9 th.
A. D. McLennan is at present
at the Harrison Springs, having
suffered for some time from a
rheumatic knee. He was advised
by Dr. Lewis of Oroville, to try
the springs and owing to the
weather being so cold on the lakes
he decided to go towards the coast.
Captain J. C. Carruthers after
spending years in France is now
on the staff of W. P. Tierney &
Sou at Princeton. He is an old-
time commercial traveller, and
some time in the future expects
to once more become a knight of
tbe road. At the front he was
one of the oldest and most
enthusiastic Canadian soldiers.
No need of conscription for patriots like Cap.
The Calico Ball under the auspices of the Rock Creek Women's
Institute on May 24th was a decided success. Mrs. Bush and
Mrs. Shillcock were appointed
judges and quite a few of the
ladies who had foi gotten to "don
I their calico" were fined. Bush's
orchestra furnished excellent
music and the ladies never looked
more gracefnl than they did keeping time in their white calicos.
The proceeds from the entrance
and fines was $106.25.
I Western Float
There are eight milk dealers in
The price of coal is due for a rise
this month.
There are no Tin Lizzies in
Three Forks.
Trail will hold its fruit fair as
usual this year.
Plenty of food is still being
wasted in America.
H. Giegerich haB added a car to
the auto fleet in Kaslo.
There was plenty of hot air in
Kadlo on Jane 3, 1894.
There seems to be a little booze
still on tap in Phoenix.
Near New Denver, J. C. Harris
is raising sheep on his ranch.
Women are wheeling trucks on
the wharves afe Fort William.
The cold weather last month
helped the .grain crop in California.
At Bonders Ferry pool rooms are
not allowed open  iD  the daytime.
H. V. Fuller is developing a
mining property in the Nicola valley.
It is 21 years since Dan Brandon
opened his popular hotel in Silver-
Afe the coast many Chinks are
being fined for running opium
A new box factory and sawmill,
is being established at New Westminster.
The government may buy the
Coldstream ranch at Veruon for
S. Moss of Kam loops, is the
new manager of the Adelphi hotel
in Merritt.
During April there were only
four cases in the police court at
Charles Stahl of Whannook accidentally shot himself to death
while bunting near Port Haney.
The people in Kaslo are not
hungry. Fish are plentiful in the
lake, and the cherries will soon be
In B. C.-May was a cold month
all over the province, and frost did
some damage to fruit and vegetables.
John Towler, an old prospector
was lost for a week near Quesnel.
He was finally located by a searching party.
A carload of Mennonites, from
Manitoba and Minnesota, have
tcken np eight sections of land near
, J. D. Brass of Hedley has finished his contract for putting up
buildings at the Horn Silver mine
near Keremeos.
Fairview has a chance to revive
in a mining sense, when the power
line is built from Greenwood to
Copper Mountain.
J. P. McConnell, formerly editor
of the Vancouver Sunset, is-now in
Ottawa writing articles for the
Food Board of Canada.
Captain A. W. Johnson of Kamloops, died in France in April from
gas poisoning. He was a member
of the Royal Engineers.
George Bartley has been a printer in Vancouver since 1888, and he
still can set a line of type without
stopping for a drink of water.
Girls are working for the C.P.R.
at Mission City cutting weeds, etc.
along the railway. Why not have
ladies aa waiters on the C. P. R.
dining care?
It pays to read the advertisements of enterprising home merchants. They are the men who
help to keep their town and district on the map.
Dr. A. J. Elliott, one of the famous surgeons of California, died in
San Difgo last week, aged 45 years.
He was a graduate of McGill college iu Montreal.
In 1S9S the Daily Miner at Nelson installed a Thorne type-setting
machine. That relic of early days
is now looking out of the window
in New Denver or Silverton.
Local newspapers cannot live
upon ozone and scenery. They
must have business or move on feo
a live community, where the people recognize the value of publicity.
Tbe Gazette printing plant at
Hedley, has been moved to Princeton, where it will be need to print
the Star. Major Megraw sold tbe
plant for about $2,500 leas than it
cost him.
Mrs. John Stenvlak was killed
by a train, while walking on the
railway between East and West
Coleman. The noise of the coal
tipple, prevented her from bearing
the express train coming.
R. W. Brnhn of Sicamous was
badly bnrned last month. He apt-
set a can of gasoline on his motor
boat, and the fin id caught fire by
coming in contact with the fire in
the stove. He jumped into the
lake and this prabably saved bis
life. He was taken to the Salmon
Arm hoepital.
\<m JEBM   JiEDGE,    OEEENWOOA   ft  &
t Men in Training"
Fighting isn't thc only duty of a
soldier, aid exposure to bullets is
not as s-moua as exposure to all
kinds of -weather and dampnes3.
Rheumatic aches, sore and stiff
muscles, strains and sprains, chilblains and aturalgia. all are enemies
of the soldier, and the relief for all
these pains and aches is Sloan's
Liniment. Clean and convenient to
carry or uaa: does not stain, and
penetrate? without rubbing.
Generous tized bottloa. at all druggitta.
Protecting the Birds
Birds Are the Greatest Help to the
Mr. Macdiarmid's bill in thc Ontario legislature for the Protection
of Insectivorous Uircls is as interesting to the bird-lover as it is of importance to the agriculturist. Few
people, outside those who havc made
a special study of the matter, appreciate the great role these little feathered creatures play in th.e intricate
and complex economy of nature, and
indeed, iu the actual conservation of
the life of man upon this planet. It
is asserted that an insectivorous bird
of any species will eat at least 100 insects a day, some varieties consuming as many as 400.
Mr. Chester A. Reed, of Worcester, Mass., in his very interesting little "Guide to Land Birds East of the
Rockies," estimates that the state of
Massachusetts has a bird population
of about 25,600,000, which requires
2,560,000,000 insects���about 21,000
bushels of them���daSy for its sustenance. These figures give some idea
of thc great assistance tiie fanner dc-
from  these  busy    little    grub-
You Look As YOU FEEL
You know well enough when your liver is loafing.
r*Altf CTTTD A TTAKT �� the first warning; then you
LUllM If A1 lUn begin to "feel mean all over/'
Your skin soon gets the bad news, it
grows dull, yellow, muddy and on-
Violent purgatives are not what you
need���just the gentle help of this old-
time standard remedy.
Small Pill,  Small Dose, Small Price.
A BSENCE of Iron in the  /ItDTCD'C  ID_TkM   Dill G
���**��� Blood is the reason for f     AKItKj  IKLflN   rlL.L.3
many  colorless faces  but  ^__*will greatly help most pale-faced people.
61oan's    prices    not    increased    25c    50c
j gath
necessary at is
to  their preservation.
We pay the Highest
Market Price ior
Our facilities enable us to give quick-
service   to   country   shipments.      Immediate casli  settlement.
Winnipeg.  Man.
Laws can hc made Io protect the
51 i birds from the ravages of man, but
there are many other agencies ever
at work accompanying their destruction, such as cats and other animals,
the elements, accidents, birds of prey
and snakes. One fruitful source of
wanton destruction is found in the
depredations of thoughtless schoolchildren, both in the killing of the
birds themselves and in the robbing
of their nests. Thc best way to overcome this is by educational means,
a sympathetic study of bird life
would have a humanizing influence
upon minds of the pupils, and weaken their natural, though vicious, instinct of destruction.
The Corrector Corrected
"Which  of the  two  is    the    best
"You should say the 'better man.'"
"No, I shouldn't. I understand one
of them is  thc groom."
One of the things a young girl
has to discover {or herself is that
___. man may look well in a dress suit
Bnd still be a poor provider.
Edith���I have just refused to marry Mr.  Shyman.
Ethel���Oh, did he propose?
Edith���Well, I can't say positively, but that is how I construed his
Incoherent remarks.
Corns are caused by thc pressure
of tight boots, but no one need be
troubled with them long when so
���implc a remedy as Holloway's Corn
Cure is available.
France Wins Admiration
Every day that passes adds to
American admiration for France.
Bolo's death sentence stands. Perhaps after we havc suffered as
France has suffered we shall
be brave enough to deal withour own
Bolos and Boloists as France does
���with hers. But what a pity wc cannot learn by other's, experience!
What a pity, we do not put our
Bolos and our Boloists out of business before they do tis harm!���New
York Herald.
A Cure for Rheumatism.���A painful and persistent form of rheumatism is caused by impurities in the
blood, thc result of defective action
of the liver and kidneys. The blood
becomes tainted by thc introduction
of uric acid, which causes much pain
in the tissues and in thc joints.^
Parmelcc's Vegetable Pills are
known to have effected many remarkable cures, and their usc is
strongly recommended. A trial of
them will convince anyone of their
Good Night!
Thc young man and thc girl were
standing outside the front door, having a final chat. He was leaning
against thc door post, talking in low
tones. Presently the young lady
looked round to discover her father
in thc doorway, clad in a dressing
"Why, father, what in the world
is the matter?"  she inquired.
"John," said the father, addressing
himself to the young man, "you
know I have never complained about
your staying late, and I'm not going
to complain of that now; but fo--
goodness sake stop leaning against
the bell push and let the rest of the
family get some sleep."���Judge.
Boys' and Girls' Clubs
The Best Means of  Teaching Agriculture in a Practical Manner
In Manitoba the boys' and girls'
clubs constitute today the largest agricultural organization of thc province. In 1917 there was a total
membership of more than 15,000, and
there is every prospect of thc 20,000
mark being reached during 1918.
There are now 145 central clubs,
each having an average of about
eight branches, composed of the
most part of rural schools. Thc local marketing centre is usually the1
club centre and thc place at which!
the annual  fair is held.
Boys' and girls' clubs afford one
of the best means of teaching agriculture in a practical maimer, as well
as niakin ' the life of children on
farms more interesting. In Manitoba thc clubs are all on contest basis,
so that thc spirit of competition is
appealed to.    The rules of the   con
War on the
German Language
American Paper   Advocates   Making
German a Dead Language
in U. S.
"Throw German text books and
the pro-German teachers out of the
public schools! Make German a
dead language, so far as thc rank
and file of America arc  concerned!"
These exhortations are contained
in a pamphlet issued by the American defence society as a counterblast to thc activities of thc German-
American alliance.
In the pamphlet Germany is termed "thc most brufal, treacherous and
loathsome nation on earth." Further charges arc made that German
militarism has committed "countless
crimes which decent newspapers
cannot describe in print."
On these grounds it is urged that
Flew Over Berlin
Famous    French    Aviator    Reached
Holland From a German
Lieut.  Carros,  the famous   French
aviator, and    Lieut.    Marclfal,    who
,flcw over Berlin in  1916,    and    was)
forced to descend   a few kilometres J
from the Russian lines,  havc reach-1
cd  Holland,  from  a  German   prison, i
Lieut.    Marchal,     starting      from'
French soil, flew over Berlin in July,
1916,  dropping    proclamations,    and
.continued his flight  with  the   inten-
: tion of landing within the    Russian
He  was   forced  by  motor  trouble
! to descend in Poland and was taken
��� prisoner by the Austrians.   He made
a continuous flight of more than SOO
miles and established a record.
Lieut. Carros was a prominent
aviator before thc war, holding several world's records. He brought
down a number of German airplanes
and was taken prisoner in the spring
of 1915."
Landlady no Poetess
Editor���I can't use your poem, but
you might leave your address.
Bard���If you don't take thc poem
I shan't have any address.���Boston
'���������/. John���So that's your new tie, eh?
Why on earth did you select such a
loud pattern?
Jos-^I; didn't select it. My brother
did, and he's slightly deaf.
Judge���How long did it last,
fight with your husband?
Mrs. O'Brien���About ten minutes,
yer honor. Sure no lady would kape
at it any longer.:-..
test really constitute
in the subject, and while boys and
girls get their knowledge and experience incidentally, it nevertheless
is effectively learned.
The contests include pig raising,
calf raising, chicken raising, gardening, seed growing, cooking, canning,
sewing, wood-working, weed eradication and essay writing. The principal assistance given by thc extension
service of thc department of agriculture is by way of prepared literature,
the organizing of clubs^ sending out
supplies, giving instruction in the
work of the various contests, judging the gardens and seed plots and
giving definite directions to the children right on thc ground as to the
best methods to follow in improving
their work. Judges are supplied foT
all fairs, when further instruction is
given along agricultural lines.
Ever since thc war broke out' thc
boys and girls havc been concentrating on the production end of their
work, and they really had two years'
start on their elders in the matter of
increased food production and conservation.
the  instruction America  turn her    back  entirely on
Minard's Liniment
Used by Physt-
Boudoir Secrets
She���You've heard of people's hair
turning white in   a single night?
Her Maid���Yes, miss, but that
isn't the color it generally turns
when it happens :as  quickly as that.
"Every man is said to have his
price���but the great trouble is that
nobody knows the private mark but
himself.        .
ontitmous and
tnonot onous"Wbrk
- most trying on
the Nerves
DOING the same thing, in the same way,
day after day and week after week,
means destruction to the nerve cells and colapse of
the nervous system of the human body. ,
Whether in the munition factory or in the home, in the store or
in the office^ it is monotony that kills. And it is because woman's
work is more of ten monotonous than men's that so many women
suffer from nervous exhaustion and prostration, nervous headaches,
neuralgic pains andgeneral run-down condition of the body.
���;yiWis easy.,��c^theclcctortq;;say;you.^
must have change and rest; but ;thG
expense of living is so great at this
time that few can afford to follow
such advice.   'xxx-i'yXxX-
uses) In the ;f6matibn;of-new,-rich V
blood and the creation of new nerve
If you are a regular reader of this
paper you will find cures reported
almost daily, and no matter where
you live you will find people who will
tell you with enthusiasm of the benefits obtained by using this great food
xcureXxxiX:-y.:x:XixXi..x        .-xx
:   ::50 centB .a' bot-^do not; pay ^morer���atall; dealerB or EdmaoBon;-Bates ..&. Co.,_.Ltd.,
Chase, MuD., 'the:.famous--Ree^
But there is restoration and health
awaiting  you   in ;-... the -use   of   Dr.;";
Chase's Nerve Food.;;- This great reconstructive treatment cures by sup-;
plying >the-elements: which'; Nature ;
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has A pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepare4
for man's use.
Germany and all her works, reject
her "kultur" and ignore her language.
"The sound of the German language or the sight of a printed page
in German reminds us of the murder
of a million helpless old men, unarmed men, women and children; the
driving of about 100,000 young
French, Belgian and Polish_ women
into compulsory prostitution for
German soldiers; the ravishment and
murder of young girls,- as young as
eight years; the destruction of many
hospital ancl relief ships and thc crucifixion of Canadian soldier prisoners. Already wc arc reading how
Germany cuts thc throats of American prisoners���our own boys. Tomorrow it may bc crucifixion.
"These things arc not based on
loose hearsay evidence. The proof is
abundant. The only question is,
What arc wc going to do about it?
"Germany's greatest punishment
for her crimes will be thc rccordsof
history and thc scorn and aversion
of the world for thc next fifty years.
Henceforth in English-speaking
countries thc German language will
be a handicap to every person who
uses it. In these countries the German language is now a dead language.
"During thc last twenty years the
kaiser and his agents in the United
States havc had fine times in pulling
the wool over thc eyes of Americans. Wc know now what a vast
amount of German propaganda work
was conducted under our very noses
for thc good of Germany, while we
���sleepy_ fools that wc were���not
only paid no attention to. it, but actually paid the cost of it. The German books until recently in usc in
New York public schools, lauding
the kaiser and Bismarck . and German militarism, were every one of
them bought and paid for by thc
taxpayers of New York..
"And this to _ teach a language
which no American needs, unless it
bc thc few in the medical profession
and iu the leaching of modern literature. ���     -   ������
"The time for "sentiment about
Gcothc and Schiller has gone bj'.
Even the best music of Wagner now
serves only to remind us of the Lusitania and the seven hospital ships.
"Any language which prodiiccs a
people of ruthless conqucstadors is
not fit to be taught to pure American
boys and girls, and the most ordinary . principles of self-defence demand that it bc eliminated from our
schools."���From the New York Tribune.
A Chapel for Lord Kitchener
It has been decided to erect a
chapel in St. Paul's Cathedra] in
memory of Lord Kitchener. A site
on the ground floor of thc cathedra!
has been offered by thc dean and
chapter, and at a private meeting
of the committee of the Lord Kitchener memorial fund at thc mansion
house thc offer was aqceptcd. In
addition, the fund is providing 20
scholarships for one year to overseas sailors and soldiers who gave
up their university studies to join
the colors at the outbreak of war,
and who have been disabled. Two
have already gone to Cambridge, one
to Edinburgh, one to Oxford and
two to the imperial college of science.
I cured a horse    of    thc    Mange
I cured a horse, badly torn    by a
pitch fork,  with MINARD'S LINIMENT.
St. Peter's C.B.      EDW. LINLIEF.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling
Bathurst, N.B.   THOS. W. PAYNE.
German Sword
Cannot Bring Peace
Seizing an Opportunity
What One Woman Did With Knitting Machines
Knitting, knitting, everywhere you
see it, by hand and hand machines.
Mrs. A. Galbraith, of Michigan, was
a knitter. She knit stockings on a
hand machine for thc family. Then
she had an idea���there was a distinct field for this article when manufactured and sold direct to the
wearer. She put her husband and
sons to knitting on two small machines in- the home kitchen and started on thc selling end of it.
From door to door she -went, for
she was of the pushing kind. Her
salesmanship never rested; everyone
was a possible customer and she
went after him or her with all die
energy she possessed. Her idea, "Direct from mill to home," made a hit,
and from thc two small hand machines and $100 there has grown an
organization with 8,000 workers in
the field, and 600 knitting machines
of the largest type in a hustling,
buzzing factory which covers many
acres of ground���the largest in the
world that; manufactures knit goods
and sells direct from factory to consumer.
Purest Water is
Found in Fruit
Juice of Oranges as Diet Performed
One of thc greatest advantages of
fruit is that it offers us pure water,
for which we do not need a filter, to
thc amount of 50 pcr cent, in berries
and 92 pcr cent, in watermelons.
Oranges and lemons are not only
valuable by reason of their potash
salts, but especially for their citric
acid.. A case of paralysis of the entire right side is reported where the
juice of oranges, adopted as a regular diet, with chicken broth, appeared to perforin wonders. As an aid
to digestion���a really material aid���
the pineapple stands alone among
the fruit. Its vegetable pepsin neutralizes���or, perhaps, rather, digests
���albuminous substances in the
stomach. Fresh pineapple, - or, better still, the fresh juice of one���
placed in direct contact with eggs,
or gelatine, or milk, will prove this
fact conclusively by producing a bitter-tasting dish. In cases of catarrhal ailments of the throat, and in its
downward connection, the alimentary canal or tract, pineapple cannot
be over-estimated, and it acts with
equal force in malarial affections. As
for the date and the banana, they
contain sufficient nutriment to sustain life, The salts and organic acids
in the apple tend to improve the
quality of  the blood.
Man's Steady Progress
Men no longer scratch matches on
their trousers, because it leaves a
mark. It will occur to thc men soiue
day that matches will do the same
thing to a wall.
Getting It Right
Bliggins entertains a good opinion
of himself.
_ No, replied Miss Cayenne; his
good opinion of himself entertains
Mr.' Bliggins.���Washington Star.
Refugees in Silks and Sables
Pathetically Incongruous Figures in
the Italian Retreat
Amid all the chaos of the Italian
retreat one kept on meeting utterly
incongruous, figures, for with all the
world road worn, shabby and dirty,
to bc clean and well dressed is to
bc* grotesque.
Amid this multitude of haggard,
unwashed, unshaven, dead beat
males, I noticed two- Italian ladies
treading delicately over the rough
ballast of the railway track. They
had naturally brought with them in
their flight the most valuable of their
possessions, which were of a kind to
be more conveniently carried on
their persons. Against this gray
background of mud ahd rubbish and
a disbanded army their two figures
glittered with a brilliance that would
have been conspicuous in the Rue de
la Paix.
Heavy sable furs and muffs almost bowed their shoulders. Each
finger had two or three rings that
flashed in the light: Round their
necks were gold chains hung with
pendants.. And yet, instead of the
air of self-satisfied ostentation that
might well have.gone with a display
so lavish, they were only two pathetically little, frightened, perplexed
faces, and an uncertain gait that did
not promise much further progress
along that ankle-wrenching railway
line.���G. Ward Price, in the Century
Apply  a few  drops  then   lift
corns or calluses off with
fingers���no pain
World Peace Can Ever Be
sured  Through  Dominant
Thc coming: world peace, the exultant kaiser is reported as saying in
a message from the battle front, will
be assured "through the '.. German,
sword." It is inconceivable that he
accurately forecasts the future. It.
should bc.said in what is, perhaps,
thc darkest hour of the war, that no
world peace can ever, by any possible decree of fate, bc assured by thc
German sword. The worst might
happen on the continent, and the
broken Briiish army be driven into
ils boats out of France, retiring to
its island fortress, and still America
and Great Britain could continue a
maritime war against Germany for
years. It was done in the case of
Napoleon and it is not apparent lhat
the thing'has'become'impossible today.���Springfield   Republican.
A Mistaken Primrose
The Primrose League will take
out a new lease now that women
have the vote, for it is essentially a
woman's show. It is quite-a mistake,
however, to suppose that the primrose was or ever had been Lord
Bcaconfield's favorite flower. It was,
as a matter of fact, the favorite flower of the late Prince Consort, and
when Lord Bcaconfield died Queen
Victoria sent a wreath with the
words, "His favorite flower,": meaning thc Prince. Consort's. Hence
the mistake.���London Daily Express.
Minard's      Liniment
XxXxXx. friend.  xxX'X'-X
..���:.,'. Triplex Glass in. Aviation
The extensive use of triplex glass
in aviation is responsible .for a low
casualty list. -Time, and again triplex goggles have saved the eyes of
aviators and" triplex windows or
shields have prevented . the fliers
from sustaining injuries. Recently
aii airplane, fitted with a triplex window struck a tree, at'thirty feet from
the ground, at. a speed of . ninety
miles an- hour.-" It���'��� is reported that
not a particle of glass was7 separated
froni the window by the impact, and
the value of this, protection .. to the
crew 'can. well be imagined. 7:
X-yXxXXi.'ile Was';Mistaken."::7-^
��� '.'.A';'.businesslike man: stepped into a
butcher's shop. "A'piccc of beef for
roasting!" he ordered briskly.
The meat, mostly bone, was
thrown on thc scales.
"Look here!" remonstrated the
man.' "You're giving mc a bier piece
of bone!"
"Oh, no, I ain't!" said tin- butcher
blandly. "You're paying for it!"'���
Washington Post.
Miller's W��rin Powders arc complete in themselves. They not only-
drive worms from the system, but
repair.the damage that worms cause
and so invigorate the constitution
that it speedily-recovers from thc
disorders of the digestion that arc
the result of the work of these parasitic intruders. They do their work
thoroughly and strength and soundness follow their use. '..������:���
Just think! You can Iin
off any corn or callus
withovt pain or soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered this ether compound and named it free-
zone. Any druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of freezonc, like here shown, foi
very little cost. You apply a few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. 'Im.. ntly thc soreness . disappears, then
shortly you will find the
corn or callus so loose
hat you can lift it right
Frcezone is wonderful.
It dries instantly. It
Sdoesn't eat away the corn
W callus, but shrivels it
[up without even irritating
the surrounding skin.
Hard, soft or corns be-
'tween the toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no paiti before or afterwards. If your druggist hasn't
frcezone, tell him to order a small
bottle for ; ou from his wholesale
drug house.
The Canadian spring weather-
one day mild and bright; .the next
raw and blustery is, extremely hard
on the baby. Conditions are such
.that thc me'her cannot take the little one out for the fresh air so
much to be desired. He is confined
to the house which is often overheated and badly ventilated. He
catches cold; his little stomach and
bowels become disordered and the
mother soon has a sick baby to
look after. To prevent this an occasional dose of Baby's Own Tablets
should be given. They regulate the
stomach and bowels, thus preventing or curing colds, simple fevers,
colic or any other of the many minor ailments of childhood. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Aledicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Russian Crazy-Quilt Farms
Peasants Always Claimed the Land
As Their Own
Russian life has always been patriarchal, and the villagers live as one
great family. The idea of the undivided ownership "of land dates back
almost a thousand years. Even when
held as serfs, the peasants always
claimed the land as their own. "We
are yours," they said, "but the land
is ours." When the peasants^ were
freed, sections of land were given to
each village. This is parceled out to
the various families every few years
by the village elders. If the land is
of unequal fertility, each family is
given an allotment of both the best
and the poorest soil, in the effort
to administer absolute impartiality.
As a result the land is frequently divided into very narrow strips. They
may be as" wide as fifty yards, but I
have seen many not more than .'--rce
yards wide.
Dangers cf the Front
Two Irish women were sympathizing with each other on thc terrors of the war.   Oiic of .thcin said:
"Sure and you have heard of the
trouble of' Denny, ��� mv husband?"
"Naw;  what was it?"
"Sure  he  was .shot at ...the  abdomen."     :   :: X-'XXx: -V:-::
7   "Oh, that's too bad". .And- where is
the "abdomen?". ./'
"I don't know, but it ��� is" somewhere at the front."
Simply Place It In Tha Mouth
Between Lower Lip and Gum.
This is the way to get all the flavoi
aud satisfaction out of every pinch of.
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco.
You see, "Copenhagen" is made ot
the best, old, higbflavoredleaf tobacco.
The snnff process���;by:which the leaf
tobacco is convierfed into tiny grains,
and scientifically prepared ��� retains
all the good of the tobacco.
Those who are Uying' 'Copenhagenl*;
for the first time, should remember xo
use only a ��nall quantity, andtoplace
the pinch in the mouth between the
lower lip and the gum, without any,
attempt at chewing it.
"I5'�� th�� a������t ��eott��BucBi chew'Y
Keeping the Issue Clear
Little Fear of the Democratic Masses
Becoming War-weary -
A condition.of affairs has come
about in .which the truly democratic
elements.of the western nations havc
thc most at stake in thc outcome of
thc war. A victory over German imperialism is more than ever essential
it a deadly blow is not to be struck
at_ democratic ideals and democratic
principles reduced to practice. Even
the Berlin Vorwacrts, the German
Socialist organ, seems to understand
that, for it predicts as a result of
Gentian territorial and economic
conqucsis at the expense of revolutionary Russia "new threats and desire for revenge, :���. increased.;:., ariua-
meiits.aiuriiitensificd .reaction'-. in-our
country.": If ...autocratic and militaristic Germany" literally whips; "the
World, then the .world will.--be-'.- regarded as. getting "what it deserves
and will soon be broken to thc discipline of the  Prussian drillmaster.
In such a struggle as is now forecast, there need be little fear of the
democratic masses becoming ' war-
wcary before lhe classes which have
I been too exclusively, perhaps, iii the
'past, the possessors of worldly-com*
fort and privilege." For democracies
will fight the more fiercely for ideals
and aspirations rather than for
materialistic or ' imperialistic ends.
The grim logic of Hindcnburg's. still
victorious hammer strokes for fcais-
crisin is_ such an uprising of democracy in its own defense as the world
has never seen.- Yet the issue must
be -Jicpt.. crystal clear.���From thc
Springfield  Republican.
Manitoba Counts bn Large Crop
The deputy minister of agriculture
states, if the weather and farm supply are satisfactory, Manitoba will
produce 42,000,000 bushels of wheat
this year.   There will   be   8,000,000
000'4    VW     UOHlAppw     MfcUH S.M38
farm laborer* acfi nie&i   -���----- ���-
teaches food
yr,   n.   u,   ia* ��HE    LEDGE.    aKEEifWOOJ^ ^ xd
YOU should have at least $2,500 of Life s
Insurance. Write to-day for pamphlet of 5
the new Excelsior =
(Agents Wanted  in  Unrepresented Districts) ��
In "Perfect Sea!" Quart Jars
These are the finest
preserving jars made ;
and hold 3 pounds of
"Crown Syrup".
Your grocer also has
"Grown Syrup" in 2,5,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Write for free Cook Book.
False Impression Corrected {Canadians in the Air Service
Lieut. MacNamara, thc officer in
charge of recruiting for the Royal
Flying Corps in this district, has
written, asking us to correct the
false impressions held by many men
who come under the military service
.act, that they must wait until they
have been drafted into a Depot Battalion before tlicy can make application to join the Royal Flying Corps.
On. thc contrary a man who is
liable to draft should make application, at once, in order that the necessary steps may be taken for his immediate enlistment into the Royal
Flying Corps.
-Further information may be obtained from the nearest representative at 282  Main  St.,  Winnipeg.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
��annot reach the seat oi tiie disease. Catarrh
Is fa local disease, greatly influenced by con
tfitutional conditions, and in order to cur? it
fO'j must tL'ke aa internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh' Cure is taken internally and acts
through the blood ou the mucous surfaces
if tbe system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
:cribcd by one of tlie best physicians in this
country for years. It is composed of some
���i the best tonics known, combined with
tome oi the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination oi tbe ingredients in Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder-
ful results in catarrhal conditions. Send lor
testimonials, tree.
" r. J.  CHENEY  & CO.,  Props., Toledo, O.
All  Druggists,  75c
Hall's  Family   Pills  for constipation.
Let Coal Pay for Tunnel
It has been proposed to construct
a railway tunnel under thc Firth of
Forth, Scotland, paralleling thc fatn-
. ous bridge now spanning that body
- of water, and to pay for thc tunnel
'by making it largely- a coal mining
proposition. Mining engineers point
out that coal is now being mined :>n
both sides of the firth from thc same
���earns and that much of this excavating is done under water. At this
point the-estuary is only about two
miles wide and it is contended that
a continuous passage could be made
beneath it by properly co-ordinating
the mining operation. In this way,
what would otherwise probably
prove too costly an improvement,
could be made with profit.���From
Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Unbreakable Thread   Which   Unites
All Citizens of the Empire
"Thc comradeship of the air has
sDtin one more strand in that invisible but unbreakable thread Avhich
unites all citizens of thc empire in
advancing civilization in times of
peace and in defending it in war.''
This was Major Baud's peroration
when, as under-secrctary to the air
ministry, hc presented the estimates
of the air force to the house of commons last week. In the preceding
sentence Major Baird had specifically mentioned the part of Canadian
airmen in this new empire comradeship, but if it bc true, as Canadian
airmen declare, that the percentage
of Canadians in thc R.F.C. and R.N.
A.S. is from 30. to 50 per cent, ot
the whole number in these forces, it
seems strange that thc undcr-secre-
tary should have given pride of
place to Australia, and have lumped
Canada with South Afri a, New Zealand and India. Wc are not greedy,
but there is a proportion to bc observed in parliamentary as well as
military mentions. Perhaps Australia owes her parliamentary precedence to thc fact that Major Baird
was able to speak of Australian "flying squadrons which have rendered
invaluable service at thc front." We
shall bc glad to hear that Canadians
also arc lo be given the opportunity
of flying in -their own Canadian
squadrons.���From the Canadian Gazette, London.
One of thc commonest complaints
of infants is worms, and the most
effective application for them is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Kitchen Talk
The Ncw Maid���In my last place
I always took things fairly easy.
Thd Cook���Yc won't do that here.
They keep  everything locked up.
f i-u 1 xznr-^. __,
Danger in Beans
Prussic Acid in    Beans    Grown    in
Warmer Climates
Mr. A. McGill, Dominion analyst,
has advised thc government to exercise care in connection with the importation of beans grown in warm
climates because of thc dangerously
large amount of prussic acid they
contain. His recommendation, which
has been acted upon, forbids thc delivery of any beans found to yield
more than 20 parts of prussic acid
pcr 100,000. Of 532 samples of beans
recently examined 240 samples contained ho prussic acid and all other
samples a small quantity. Only 19
samples, however, contained ' more
than 20 parts of prussic acid pcr 100,-
000. A number of cases of- illness
havc resulted from the use of beans
containing prussic acid. "These
beans," says the report,'"are mainly
entered at the west seaboard, and
arc finding their way eastwards; already practically monopolizing thc
markets as far cast as Manitoba."
Seeds for Future Wars
Ont of your Team
Make their work easier. They
are faithful friends and deserve thc best treatment.
" Use half as much as any other"
Lightens the load. The mica
forms a smooth, hard surface
on the spindles and the grease
keeps it there. Mica Grease
gives thc effect cf roller bearings and reduces unnecessary
strain on your team.
"Lengthens leather life"
Is the best harness life insurance on the market. It overcomes the worst enemies of
leather ��� water and dirt.
Leaves your harness soft, pliable and waterproof. A pure
mineral oil free from acids and
cannot injure the leather.
Sold in standard sized packages by live
dealers everywhere.
W.      N.      U.      1206
Why the German Plan for Peace Is
In every announced arrangement
for separate peace between thc Germans and the countries on their
eastern front may be discerned the
promise of future' war. Peace with
Russia, with the Baltic provinces left
iu German possession, with Ukraine,
looking to a further partition of
Poland; wilh Roumania, at the price
of Russian territory; all these moves
are announced, and none of them but
promises trouble to come. In each
the imposition of the power of the
conqueror on thc will of the conquered is the basis on which or��ler
is to bc restored, all on terms finally
of advantage lo Germany. In thc
struggles between the smaller peoples, sure to follow such a settlement
the Germans would have little or no
interest, save to renew thc profitable
practice of selling arms to both sides.
These provinces left under German
domination may find in the past a
promise of their future. This is why
the German plan for peace is impossible. America is concerned in tho
map of Europe only to thc stability
of whatever adjustment of world relations follows this war. German
plans as at present outlined very likely will be so regarded when the time
for settlement comes.���From tho
Omaha Bee.
Not Spain of Old Glories
Presents the  Spectacle  of Sad  Contrast  With a  Departed
The Spain of today is not tlie
Spain of your tradition or your imagination. It is remote from being
the colorful and romantic domain
���which was once the mainspring of
great adventure and the inspiration
of poet and painter. The glories of
Velasquez and Cervantes have not
been  revived in  our  day.
She presents the spectacle of sad
contrast with a departed splendor.
Once a treasure house of art and
wealth, thc haven of mighty armadas, the. nerve centre of a far. reaching power on land and sea, she finds
herself rent with disorder and a tool
for Germanic conspiracy.
She has no twentieth century
Cortes to recreate her one-time
world vision; she lacks a contemporary Castlcar to win _ the' multitude
with the magic of his eloquence or
to guide her ship of state with
steady hand through thc perilous
waters of uncertainty. There is not
even an up-to-date Don Quixote to
tilt at thc windmills of discontent
fanned by Teutonic hot air!
Life with her is still one plot after another. To a degree greater
than existed in the Russia that was,
she is like a national bomb factory.
Spain always has a pretender in her
midst. Worst of all, the ruling
classes���lhat is, the classes that rule
today���arc hand in glove with a
vast, close knit and effective German
propaganda, that, aiming at the root
of Hispanic economic independence,
is subtly reaching out to influence
thc whole world that thinks, works,
buys and sells in Spanish.���Isaac F.
Marcosson, in thc Saturday Evening Post.
The Passing of Winter Leaves People Weak and Depressed
As winter passes away it leaves
many people feeling weak, depressed
and easily tired. The body lacks
that vital force and energy which
pure blood alone  can  give..
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an all-year-round blood
builder and nerve tonic, but they
are especially useful in the spring.
Every dose helps to make new, rich,
red blood. Returning strength commences with their use and thc vigor
and cheerfulness of good health
quickly  fellows.
There is just one cure for lack of
blood and that is more blood. Food
is the material from which blcod is
made, but Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
double thc _ value of thc food wc
cat. They give strength, tone up thc
stomach and weak digestion, clear
the complexion .of pimples, eruptions and boils, and drive out rheumatic poisons.
If you arc pale and sallow, if you
feel continually tired out,' breathless
after slight exertion, if you havc
headaches or backaches, if you are
irritable and nervous, if your joints
ache, if your appetite fails and food
does not nourish nor sleep refresh
you, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will
make you well and strong. To" build
up the blood is the special purpose
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and that
is why they are thc best spring
medicine. If you feel thc need of a
tonic at this season give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a fair trial and you
will rejoice in ncw health, new
strength and new energy. Do not let
the trying weather of summer find
you weak and ailing. Build yourself
up now with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills���thc pills that  strengthen.
Ask for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People and do not bc persuaded to take something else. If
your dealer docs not keep these Pills
they will bc sent by mail, post paid,
at SO cents a box or six boxes for
��2.50 by writing The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
In the Absence of Clergy
Some time ago a dinner was given
in New York at which a well-known
actor, who is something of a freethinker along theological lines, sat
at thc guest table. When the hour
for starting the feast arrived the
toaslmastcr, a very religious man, i
discovered that no minister of the
Gospel was present, though several
had been invited. In this cmcr-;
gency hc turned to thc actor aud
asked him  to say  grace.
Thc actor rose, bowed his head,
and in the midst of a deep hush said
"There being no clergyman present, let us thank God!"���Saturday
Evening  Post.
Has been Canada's
favorite yeast for
more than forty
Enough (or 5c. to
produce 50 large
loaves of fine,
wholesome nour-
Ancient Bolsheviki
Athenians   Declared    it    Monstrous
to Be Prevented From Doing
What  They  Chose
On a memorable occasion thc assembled Athenians declared it monstrous that they should bc prevented from doing whatever tlicy chose.
No force that existed could restrain
them; and they resolved that no
duty should restrain them, and that
they would be bound by no laws
lhat were not of their own making.
In this way thc emancipated people
of Athens became a tyrant; and
their government, the pioneer of
European freedom, stands condemned with a terrible unanimity by all
the wisest^ of the ancients. They
ruined their city by attempting to
conduct war by debate in the market place. Like thc French republic,
tlicy put their successful commanders to death. They treated their dependencies with such injustice that
they lost their maritime empire,
They plundered the rich until
rich conspired with the public enemy, and they crowned their guilt by
the martyrdom of Socrates.���From
Lord Acton's  Essays.
War Tapestries
Will Depict in Detail    the    Stirring
Incidents of the Great War
The famous tapestry depicting thc
conquest of England by William of
Normandy bids faid to have many j
rivals as a record of military cus- '
tonis and costumes. This motive, to
chronicle thc times, is, iir a certain
measure, behind a new movement in
England for the revival of tapestry
weaving after the war. It is proposed to hang panels of tapestry in
churches, universities, public schools
and other buildings as memorials to
the soldiers and sailors who answered the call to arms. These tapestries will depict in detail thc stirring
incidents of the great war, and at
the same time help to preserve for
future generations much interesting
data concerning Twentieth Century
uniforms, equipment, aeroplanes, and
so on. Many artists and craftsmen
will no doubt bc glad to take up the
work, and a widespread appeal may
soon be made to students of literature, the drama, music, architecture,
painting and sculpture, lo co-operate.
Only thc finest designs and most
perfect  weaving are contemplated.
Th�� P��erlm Perfection F��no��
Divides yonr stock and they star where yo* pot tbeu.   Tbe
Cd that serves you fo* ��ll time.   Oaa't roflt, taff or break A
down.   Stands any weather. ' Each Joint ��ec     "
__jrleas lock, all parts heavily galvanized, the
serviceable farm fence made and fully guaranteed.
 AID FOR CATALOG of iU kind, et f.neinc for t      -.���--_
varkfi, cemeteries, lawns, poaltty yards, ornamental fencing and gatm   Ike the
 Winnipeg. Manitoba        Hamilton, Ontario
Undersea Walls
Would Protect  High   Seas  "ftgainst
German Submarines
__ To protect the high seas against
German submarines, a Scotch engineer comes forward, in thc March
Popular Mechanics magazine, with a
daring proposal that is interesting if
for no other reason than its sheer
stupendousness. Hc presents plans
for thc construction of an enormous
underwater wall that would extend
from thc Friesian Islands to a point
off the coast of Schleswig, 80 miles
distant, and pass well to thc . westward of Heligoland. Such a structure would block thc exits from
Wilhclmshaven, Cuxhaven, thc Kaiser Wilhclm Canal and neighboring
bases, and prevent naval vessels of
all kinds from reaching the ship
lanes in the North Sea and Atlantic
The wall would bc built of reinforced concrete in about a thousand
bargclike sections which would bc
towed to thc proper positions, filled
with stone, and sunk end to end.
Great obstacles would havc to bc
overcome in carrying out such an
elaborate scheme in thc face of war
conditions. To thc allied navies
would fall thc task of protecting thc
work during its construction and afterward, but if properly defended, it
would, thc inventor believes, prove
impregnable. T";e cost of the construction would bc heavy, ^ but perhaps not prohibitive, providing thc
desired results  were accomplished.
Dame Clement Collin Tells Why She
Recommends Them to Her
Friends���How They Have Made
Their Reputation
Brechc A Manon, Que., (Special)
���Among the    .   many       friends
Dodd's Kidney Pills have made in
this part of Quebec is Dame Clement
Collin, a well-known resident of this
place.' "I received great relief from
Dodd's Kidney Pills," is the reason
she gives for always recommending
thc j<Dodd's Kidney Pills to her friends,
and she adds that a great deal of her
health and vigor is due to the help
she got from the great Canadian
kidney  remedy.
Dodd's Kidney i'ills hold thsir
popularity not because of the promises they .make, but because of the
good they do. They are no curc-alJ.
They are purely and simply a kidney remedy. Thc reason they are
credited with cures of rheumatism,
heart disease, dropsy, etc., is because all these diseases arc caused
by sick kidneys. Cure the kidneys,
and thc cause of the disease is removed.
Dodd's Kidney Pills have made
their reputation as a kidney remedy
by the cures they have made. Ask
your friends about them.
Keep    Minard's
Liniment    in
Remembered Those Waists
I want a pair of button shoes for
my wife.
This way, sir. What kind do you
wish, sir?
Doesn't matter, just so they.don't
button in thc back.���People's Home
Took the Prize
A gentleman seeing a crowd - of
boys around a small dog went up to
them and asked them w.iat they
were doing.    One of them  replied:
"Whoever tells the biggest lie
takes thc_ dog."
"Shocking!" said the gentleman.
"When I was a little boy I never
told a lie.';
"Say, mister, the dog is your?."���
Boston  Transcript.
Know Them by the
Friends They Make
No Rest With Asthma; Asthma
usually attacks at night, thc one
time when rest is needed most.
Hence the-Ioss of strength, thc nervous debility, the loss of flesh and
other evils which must be expected
unless relief is secured. Fortunately
relief is possible. Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Asthma Remedy has proved
ils merit through years of service. A
trial will surely convince you.
Tropical Forests
��     ���������������-
Forested  Regions of Amazon  River
Is the Largest in the World
There are at least two very large
forest regions in thc tropiccs. These
arc the Amazon region of South
America and the Lido-Malay region
of southeastern Asia and adjacent
islands. The forested regions of the
Amazon river basin comprising an
area of 1,600,000 square miles is the
largest in the world. Thc forested
area of Borneo, Sumatra, thc Philippine Islands, thc Malay _ Peninsula
and Burma is roughly estimated to
be not less than 500,000 square miles,
or nearly as large as that of thc
United Slates. Thus thc forested
area of these two tropical regions
alone comprises more than 2,000,000
square miles. Contrary to the usual
opinion, it is claimed that tropical
forests arc not all composed of hard
woods, fit only for special imposes,
but that they have a much larger
percentage of soft and medium, hard
woods which it is quite practicable
to develop economically.
A Close Call
He had long hair and a pensive
look. Hc wrote a poem entitled,
"Why Do I Live?" He signed it
'���'Charles Anthony," and sent it to a
magazine. The editor wrote him as
"My Dear Charles Anthony: The
reason why you live is because you
sent the poem by post instead of
bringing it personally." ��� Halifax
Ask for Minard's and Take no Other.
A Real Sprouter
So you lost out on that oil speculation? Why, I thought the broker
told you they had a gusher?
So he did, but he must have referred to the man who ���wrote the
A bridegroom is a person who
spends a lot of. money buying himself a wedding suit that nobody "notices.
IS ��� ���
To any' person who cannot bc
cured of Constipation hy Dr. Hamilton's Pills, the above reward will bc
No medicine gives such lasting satisfaction or effects such -marvellous
cures as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Relief instantly follows their usc. That
blinding headache goes forever, that
feverish feeling in ihe skin is soothed away, bilious fits and stomach disorders arc stopped.
Don't be nervous about using Dr.
Hamilton's Pills; they arc mild
enough for a child to usc, yet certain and effective in action in the
most chronic cases. Got a 25c box
today; they bring and keep robust
good" health.
Justice for Germany
the way Zam-Buk relieves the
turning and Irritation of eczema,"
writes Miss A. Gallant, of St
Nicholas, P.E.I. "For a year I
Buffered w��th this disease, and tried
sll kinds tt remedies, but nothing
helped <������� until I used Zam-Buk.
The cottlDued use of this herbal
balm has completely cured me.
"Although it is now two year*
���lace tUts curs was effected, therfe
bas b��-en no return of the disease."
Z&m-Bufc la equally good for
ringworm, ecaJp gores, pimples,
boils, teething rash, "barber's
rash," ulcers, old sores, abscesses,
bad legs, blood-poisoning, ��ties,
outs, burns, scalds and brulsos. AU
dealers or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
60c boz�� 8 Cor 11.25.
Allies Fighting the    Greatest
factor of All Times j
j     Wc   must   renumber   that   we     arc'!
I lighting  thc  jireat    malefactor,      tlr." j
I greatest of all time.  It i.s madness, it i
j i.s  surrender,   it is  suicide to  discuss
peace terms with Germany until Germany  has   been   put. in     a     position
where, when    her statesmen talk    of
justice,    they    will  employ thc  won
with the connotations thai arc in the j
president's    niiiul,    iu    the  minds  of;
all  thc  other  allies.     Chancellor  von I
Hertling declines  to submit his case
to  thc  court of    the     entire    world.
"Wc must, as things stand :oday, in '
thc name of the German  empire and j
her_ allies,  decline  this  court as  prejudiced."     He, his master, and    the
German empire stand  today  at    the
bar of that court, thtre  they    have
been judged, they await thc infliction
of the  penalty,  and   they will    have
to bear it.���From    thc    New    York
Japanese in Canada's Army
Two Hundred of Them Were Drafted Into Various Canadian
Those who are influenced by what
probably is a secret propaganda of
the Germans to distrust our gallant
ally Japan, might well turn their
eyes to the Canadian overseas forces
for an answer. When the v\ar started the Japanese in Vancouver and
vicinity immediately commenced thc
formation of a Japanese battalion to
offer Canada, Two hundred of them
were drafted into various Canadian i
units which went across the sea. One I
was awarded thc Victoria Cross aft-'
cr his death for distinguished bravery. Others have been awarded various decorations on the tick! of battle. Their honor roll up to now
consists  of forty-five killed  in  action
! with "numbers of others returned
home iui_U for further duty. Tlie
Japanese   were   more  loyal   to     their
'alliance  than   Canada  had  been   cor-
thein.���.Montreal   Herald.
To Save Leather
Britain Places a Ban on High Boots
for Ladies
The British order limiting the
height of ladies' boots is interesting
chiefly because it is the first attempt
made by the government to regulate
dress. Will it end there? One can
easily think of half a dozen fashions
affected by both sexes which arc extravagant and not infrequently unsightly. It is only necessary to walk
along a fashionable shopping street
to be convinced that, apart from any
peculiar mode, thc general desire for
smartness of dress is using up a
great amount of material and labor
which at this moment could bc employed much more profitably in thc
national interest. Thc appeals to
economize in clothes have not found
any lodgment in certain social strata. Indeed it is no exaggeration to
say that in Manchester today there
may bc seen more expensively dressed people than could be found before the war.
Whether anything will bc done to
prevent this waste remains to be
seen. The government has dealt
with boots obviously because a recent fashion was responsible for the
extravagant use of a very valuable
and scarce material. The boot with
abnormally high "uppers" seems to
have resulted from thc short skirt.
In the opinion of the boot trade
these high boots were worn merely
because they were considered smart;
they would never have come into
vogue if the skirt had not been shortened; they had no value if they could
not be seen. Many thousands of
boots made on this pattern are being
sold in the shops today. # Smart women will take no other kind. So that
the order limiting thc height- to 7
inches for leather uppers will effect
a considerable economy in the use
of leather for civilian footwear.
The Loneliest War Post
has the
was re-
The Only Englishman in an Area of
200 Miles
Thc man who thinks hc
loneliest job in all the war
cently on leave in London,
he was spending all his
hours walking the streets and look
ing at the crowds. Three years ago
he was a cog in London's commercial machine. Then hc went to Gal-
lipoli. Now hc is attached to the
Sudanese army near the Abyssinian
and Belgian-Congo frontiers. lie is
the only Englishman in an area of
200 miles and none of thc native
troops in his command can speak
English. He has a smattering of
Arabic and his only conversation is
in that language. Some of his men,
who, hc says, are fine soldiers, were
enemies not many years ago. In an
interview reported by the Manchester Guardian he remarked that thc
very sight of crowds was a luxury
after his experience. His chief diversion in Africa is playing "patience," although this is diversified
by incidental Hon hunting i..*d the
casual chance of shooting other big
game. None the less he could say
that while "the loneliness gets on my
nerves occasionally, on thc whole I
like thc job, and we get sonic jolly
little scraps which arc not reported
in the newspapers. Still I should
welcome thc society of a war correspondent or two." Which possibly goes to show that even in the
desert the newpaper has its uses.���
From thc Chicago Herald.
The Oil of Power���It is not claimed for Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil that
it will cure every ill,"but its uses are
so various that it may be looked upon as a general pain killer. It has
achieved that greatness for itself and
all attempts to surpass it have failed.
Its excellence is known to all who
havc tested ils virtues and learnt by
Lloyd George's House
Male- :<]j;.i  to
Figures of Speech
"in your sermon this morning- yoii
spoke of a baby as a 'new wave on
the ocean of life,'" said the churchwarden, who had recently become a
father, to the vicar in the vestry.
"I did," agreed thevicar. "Jt was
a poetic figure of speech."
"Don't you think 'a fresh squall'
would have hit the mark betterr'r-
. Bostoa Transcript, ...--.
On Face.   Badly Disfigured,
Used 2 Boxes Ointment
and 3 Cakes Soap.
"I had a had itchy i_.t <.f pimples on
ciy face which made it badly dislijrured.
They were inflamed and came to ahead,
and I ccJji tear my skin as soon as a
little Iicat came near Uwuv 1 could
hardly sicep.
"When I saw Cuticura Soap and
Ointment advertised I sent for a free
sample which did so much good that I
bought more, and I used two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment and .three cakes of
Cuticura Soap when I was healed.'*
(Signed) Miss Bertha Nilsson, Stock,
holm, Sask.
If you have a good complexion keep
it 93 by using Cuticura Soap daily, and
Cuticura Ointment occarionallv.
For Free Sample Each by Mak af.
dress post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
An Intimate View of the  Scene
the British Premier's Labors
"The front door of No. 10 Downing street closes behind you, and
you find yourself in a small sq'Jcirc
hall adorned on all its walls' with
the horns and skulls of deer ai'd
antelope, the gift of some sporting
premier. Then you pass down a
long passage, and notice in an alcove on the left- a singularlj* exquisite bust of thc younger Pitt. It i.s
Pill at the finest moment oi his
youthful idealism, Pitt, thc 'Boy
Minister,' At thc end of the passage
is another hall, larger and wcll-
warmed. On the left is a partition
curtained off as.a waiting room for
visitors; on a mantelpiece within
that partition is a bust .of Wellington as a young man. also splendidly heroic, instinct with a kind of
j spotless   integrity.
"Thc   cabinet   room   is   Mr.   I.lovd
George's favorite working room, and
shore lie  spends most of his  da\-\   It
is  singularly  coincident  for  a   pim;o
minister's   labors.        lhc     doors     ou
each   side  open   into   the   rooms     of
his^ secretaries,   ulio     can     thus     he
summoned.      Thc  big tables  cnahl.is
j maps        and.     documents       to       bo
! laid   out  with. cast".  .    Here     deputations-can be. received without ir.con-
i vcnieiit   crowding.     The   war  rabiiH't
.can" join   the" prime   minister at    any
moment;   and   as   they   ;d\vay.s.    meet
! once   a   day,   a.v]   often     twice,     tho
j prime -minister    can     ioc.-ive     them
' without     con^'.auilv       -liifting       his
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is th�� only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once It
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
"From  the  ���."'"���
i first  floor,   you
! screw   staircase
::n-il chmubrr on the
mount by a coik-
to   thc upper rooms.
Thc walls of. thc siaircaMi'arc lined
with engravings,' in. historical order,
of the prime ministers of England,
presented To Downing s-trect by private beneficence. : As you mount,
you seem to be:moving in tho gaze
of those great presences who have
peopI��J thc house, Chatham, - Pitt,
Canning, Grey, Feci, Disraeli. and
Gladstone."���Harold Spend..? ;n the
April Century.
A Sure Sign
a     somnambulist,'
marked thc fuel dealer.        - -
"How do you know?"
-."Only a man.who had been" walking in his sleep for a long time
would ask me if he could get a reduction in the price of fuel by taking
a large Quantity."���Washington Star.
A Cure for
Bad Breath
"Bad breath is a ii*n of decayed
teeth, foul stomach or unclean
bowel." If your teeth are good,
look to your digestive organs at
once. Get Scigel's Curative Syrup
at druggute. 15 to 30 drops
after meals, clean up your food
passage and stop the bad breath
odor. 50c and $1.00 Bottles.
Do not buy substitutes. Get
the genuine.        \ 6
to no more necessary
than Smallpox, Stay
experience butfemosstxateil
tbe almost miraculous efficacy, and hannlessness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you and
your family, tt is more vital than bouse insurance.
Ask your Physician, druggist, or send for Have
you had Typhoid?" teliine of Typhoid 'V��eelne,
results from us , and danger from Typhoid Carriers,
great lucent, cuius chuomg weakness, lost vicoa
Med.Co, iUvkrstookRd, Hampstead. London, Bwk
tTto&'s PhogpTiofliftty
Th* Great  EnglUh   Ecmtdm.
Tonos ��nd Invigorates the irhola
&ervou�� system, askes new BlooJ
ia   old Veins,   Cunt  Nercoui
fkbilitv.Mtntal and Bratn. Worry. Vtspm.
Xtnty, ton pf lCntrffil, Pelpttmtion of tht
ltart,jy*illnc Mfemerv.   Fries tl per box, sia
"5.   OnsiTillBlease, six will cure.  Bold by sffl
'���Ists-ornslledia plftin pkg. on reertpt of
riea. NrVw>n-mphnt mailed fr<u. THE WOOD
Tbe Son! of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Life in Luxemburg
the    Railways    are    Rigorously
Guarded by German Troops
A. traveller wha lias just arrived
in Holland from Luxemburg, but
maintaining great relicciise states
that thc country is in thc hands of
a sort of German gendarmerie. Thc
Germans have established a control
which lias all thc appearance of being intended as a permanent institution. All thc railways are rigorously
guarded by German troops. Relations between thc civil population
and thc Germans arc very cool, public sentiment being more anti-Gcr-
mnii than ever. In some cafes in
the town of Luxemburg people
sometimes softly start a song which
ends "Wc won't be Prussians." Food
is scarce.but not quite-so scarce, as
in (iennany. Some anxiety is felt
and expressed lest after the war the
cntctite should decline to bother
themselves with Luxemburg and
leave the  country in  German  hands.
Marvelous Story of Woman's
Change from Weakness
to Strength by Taking
Druggist's Advice.
Peru, Ind.���" I sufiered from a displacement with backache and dragging
down pains go
badly that st times
I could not be on
my feet and it did
not seem as though
I could stand it. I
tried different
medicines without
any benefit and
several doctors
told me nothing
but an operation
would do me any
good. My druggist told me of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I took
il with the result
ft * �� that I am now well
v\ '\ ""*! and zttong. I get
tip in the motningatfouro'clock, do m?
housework, then go to a factory and work
all day, come home and gel supper and
feel goodL I don't know how many ot
my friends 1 have told what Lydi�� E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound haa
done for we. "���-Mrs. A>TfA METEBUNO,
36 West Iftth St, Pern, fed.
Women who suffer from any aoeB ailment* should not fall to try this famous
root asd herb remedy. Lydia E. Plate
baffl't Vegetable CotDjxrjod. THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
.1 year in Canada,   and   ��2.50   in   the
rnitcd States.
I'.ciiiof an J Finaacici.
_ _   .___
i!']llvllt   Co-O'
'.viier Notices.
aiM Oil   Not
fi 00
. ...3.00
is of Tliauks
iiicalc of Iuipi
ere more   Ih;
\u  one claim
���-��� ir notice,  J
2.50 for   each
���luil i-liiiin.)
il oilier li'^n!
r2 cents a
Gist insertion
, and   S cents
a 1
ine for
t   subsequent
i.\ Canada any man, be he
liucker or millionaire who is of
lie right agv- fni'l physically fit-
must take up arms in defence of
his ll;ig, whether he is willing or
otherwise. For ?1.10 a clay, with
lood and clothing, he must fight
amid blood, noise, smoke, mud
and filth without any regard to
��25.00 ' eight hour shifts or Saturday half-
' "Holidays. In Cauada men working
in shipyards have shell-proof jobs,
and are exempt from military duty.
They work 44 hours a week, and
get from $4 to S10 a day. Their
work is essential to the success of
the war, but they have the privilege of striking and quitting work
when matters do not suit them.
The soldier's work is essential to
the success of the war, but he must
not strike or ask for shorter hours.
Looks like class riie,inction to a
man ou top of a mountain.
The liiue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
In have more money.
!n the IViit-icton  Herald, Arejay
luv- iln- following to say:
������Canada   is   beset with strike
[i-: 1,'ni'S iVom one end of tlie Do-
j..;:";nii l.i the other.     Just   at-a
';;;; ��� uh> ii we most need produc-
X'v:\ it meets   with   the  greatest
;!!).��������� t.ielfs.    Avaricious  manufac-
Miii-r.-1, already swollen with uu-
������iH- profits, seek to squeeze more
jnoiM-y out of the   uneasy  situa-
���ir.ii.    Lelior tries to take capital
by   ihi*   throat-    Only   through
stern  regulation   of  industry   a
iiirc"r measure   of   government
ownership  and   control   can   we
������r'lviile   the   solution.      Undue'
���Miis i-hould  be  prevented  by
��� :y means in  the  administra-
m'h power and following  the
.-><> road, labor should   not be
.flitted to strike   without pre-
.linary   abitration.      In   fact,
:������ Id the worker be allowed to
;i:A up an industry after lie has
once agree,:] to accept the arhitra-
;'o!i Jindi'igs? And should sym-
'viCr."fi(!. strikes be permitted,
'viieve onr sot of workers, pro-
iiably    peifectly   satisfied   with
heir own conditions,   drop their
oo!s and throw their industry
!i;to   cliitos,   merely   to   help out
".otliir union at loggerheads
with the employers? This sounds
:ike capitalistic talk but it is not
mfY.nt to be couched in the in-
" res is of the employer. It es-
-..;���:��������� ������������;, :m" opinion which must
>���'���' )'���.���]'], v.- would seem, by a great
x:Kxy citizens .'who long to see
��� '':iii:i'b.v. war machinery going
7:k-'clock work instead of .finding sh many monkey wrenches in
tho :;e.!i's. The employer iu a
iii-eiX:. ninny instances is more to
nkiuie than the employee; one
sees n..yre uf the latter simply
���heciiu-e. he is easy to he found.
.Cut one does not forget at the
s.une time the manufacturers
who almost bleed the country
"while ie, extracting the last drop
of blood profit from a nation
dripuing with war wounds."
Tiik live ad is the soul   of busi
Lii-'k in a hall game,: aud   we all
want to be-batters or rooters.
It is the white man's support
that keeps the Chinese lotteries going iu America...
TiJKiiKare many kinds of slackers. . -The delinquent subscriber, is
the,one best known to newspaper
To is pivvi tree, is dry, although
many of the bars on the rivers are
etill' open, They will close for a
time  when  the water gets higher;
T.v the United States, the people
in order to..: win. the war, are
Uriu'j; rye, bran, corn, etc., " but
Love not yot shut off tlie barley
j'n.Mn tin: breweries.
I\ Anii'iict the.dpar, meek and
���'���.������.���:y..g<,iii'iai public, is slow'y be-
:'���/ irrriinil (r): a pulp finish, be.--
w.-fn i-lie aut'ocrar.y of labor; and
ni-aut'cniicyof 'capital. Give us
���;rr<y....or  give us a   m'iiii'011 doll
��� XX ft i iXXtJuXi Wxf;i^:^f!&^$
-.. .��� t.i'-i 11 -1 h'^'."^.r;i-\;'-;.:.:j-:(-y-' r;yv^;'Vl'ian'ciAjViii"'-'
-X'-i'-p. ilovors ujxm"'tlip^ivivmXV>'jf;
\-.y- w.itf) fished in, on the field
battie, cMriii'g the 'ArnericAii;
X Xiyr. in . the.. early; ..Sixties.;..
re Vvfli ;!)P.yei'y. ViTd^yiefoVe the'
���ir-ns iii.rtv -fit \vnr.j tr Europe";7': will'
>:i>e''bo/ly',Hy.\ser;;the grave^of .all;
xXy yXnXi'"\, i.xx    'X-iiXXyXXX
Eclidse of the Sun
The eclipse of the sun on Saturday, June 8, will last about 2-h
hours altogether at Greenwood
from 2.10 p. ni.. when the moon
starts to come iu front of the sun
till 5.10, when it passes off on the
opposite side. The round shadow
of the moon, about 60 miles across,
passes over the United States at
from 30 to GO miles a minute, beginning at the coast of Washington and finishing at Florida. There
will not be one that is total in Canada (that is, in which the shadow
of the moon actually passes across
the Dominion) until August 31,
1932. It is noteworthy that there
ha? not been a total exclipse in
England since 1724, but there will
be one in 1927, though the time of
total darkness will only be seven
In this week's eclipse it is necessary to travel down to Eastern
Oregon to see it total. It lasts for
just 2 minutes, during which there
will be total darkness, and the
stars will come out as night. The
best way to view the eclipse is to
prepare a piece of smoked glass,
and to do this is to take a piece of
camphor, about the size of a pea,
light it, and hold the glass iu the
smoke. Through this the sun can
ba looked at without hurting the
Farmer's Institute
At a regular meeting of the
Faruier's Institute on June 1st, reports indicated that the Gopher
killing.competition is progressing
favourably. .
.Having received quotations from
the mills on the prices of flour and
feed, a long discussion took place
as to the advisability of purchasing
same iu car load lots for the members of the Institute. The discussion will open again at the next
Anyone wishing to make monthly reports to Victoria ou crop conditions in th eir own district should
give their names to the secretary,
Patriotic Fund
The local Treasurer of the Canadian Patriotic Fund wipbes to acknowledge receipt of the following
subscriptions from April. 30th to
June 1, 1918':'���'     ���;
W..R. Dewdney.;.,; ;...........;,.   . 5.00
P. H,-McCurrach ;................      3.70
Greenwood School ................;.... "  2 35
Boundary Police     2265
Miss E Ferguson............;...;      2 30
J C Bolu       4 00
Hoii.'J. P. MacLean    20 00
j. _L.--AV.hite:.' X. ........... i........     600
Greig &. Morrison ,  5 00
j Simpson....      5 60
A. McK. Campbell      5 00
G. \V. A. Smith.....       2.00
P W George       5 00
Greenwood  School (per Miss   E.
���Ferguson)- .........:.........      I 10
A J Morrison  ......     6 00
H I3;Lar:=en..      6.00
G BoaK:... :..:...      Soo
\V T,Thompson....................;.....' 10 oa
Duncan Mclutosh       500
Canada Copper Co'   ,  roo 00
P..Mytton >.������..... ���     365
J fccadv      3 65
G. Grosvenor  ......;..,,_..........,.     3 65
A Legault .;      435
J. V. Mills.     .....:..-.. 5 00
Hon.- J. J).;. Mac Lean  ;,.;.y....yX.X:\ '���[ 2000
.Sii'ntli'.\S:-.:iv,iii'if.'���.;-./���:..-'.i.Xix.y...XX.'.;.-x ?;5o;
\\Xli XIXX \n.<iyX.XX.:-.. XXX iXXXXixX:. '��� 5; pb
G: n :T:\ yiovXiXy. ��������� ���:������ ���>.���������.���' X.iXxX'iX.O 00
1 irei^'iS;.-.Morrison'.'';.;!"....-.'....:       6 00
Iloiindary Police"-.'.;' ......;.:......    1345
.1.l. White .':-..."....,;;;.:;..;...:.....:.\ 865
Mi?s ly I'cr^nson ,...:.......    '.. 2 30
: ;tv;'V;;.P.-II::McCURRACII. ���:'. .
���: : I Ion.' Treasurer.":';
XxXXi xyXX;iXjX\<X^XX^Xii^^icoviXi
'X:'XXXX:\X'ii(] i:fXlXXxX^XX:^XiM^X:x.
XM XuiufX '��. b at it:;.0li;vrged-:lrig;fer4
in l.i i'Xi (ii-g^i^ii^^^i^n^ig^y^i.
X -XXXiXiiliXiti ear ;the:;,;;fi;ri.flgi; 1| u(&Xi:
il q i^;hed;v;;tell:! n g:v :"thci��: chi ic|7re ii-' Xith e:
���'diity vfjlto X,,-q u 'c:b XcjBQ ntry,:;'ah;tl::;"-tn7e
���;:ble.=si.hg3.;p.f: ci;fei.K?n^lii'p:W:7^i7:3:-^ X
XXX Aii 'd;: nowise!) il dreiv;; ^fl^��!��aj*f >���
���ancl jvtaaKes:/ ';.;iis ..���( Ijetter^thaflfyre 'ire'
X'yiJiA t;?]:ev:;/lEve! ypsXr. ais^S'iheir: Kandi
Mkf(l:teacb^j>'<:i.:v7,;'.;;;.;;.|.::.7 XiyX'XX
xxxX'^yXXX ;:-;ni'3,*ari^ ;;';���v ^GffieiffX, ���' :mA:
iviyXX        '""������ .XX
B. C. Mining News
The Consolidated of Trail will
pay 8261,036 in dividends on July
The Sappho, near Midway, will
ship a carload of copper ore this
In the Slocan aerial trams are
under way for the Wonderful and
Clarence Cunningham of Sandon
ships the product of his mines to
the States.
This year the Emma at Coltern
has shipped over 300 carloads of
ore to the Trail smelter.
Soon as he can procure miners,
Jim Dram will resume operations
on the Sally at Beaverdell.
Bob Perry, George Hambly and
Dao McKenzie are working the
Tiger at Beaverdell under lease.
The Pacific Steel Co. at Ebnme
is completing its oil-burning furnace. This furnace will be fej
with 40 tons of scrap iron daily.
Since January 1st, the Trail
smelter has treated over 3176 carloads of ore. Of this quantity ovei
65 carloads were from mines in
The Alamo concentrator below
Three Forks, is being re-built by
Clarence Cunningham. It was
erected 24 years ago by Captain
Moore and others.
One carload of silver ore, shipped
from Beaverdell this spring was
worth 812,985. That should make
some stir on Wallace Mountain if
the mining world is not yet dead
to great events.
George White has a group of
claims on the Eholt road, a few
miles from Greenwood. He has a
tunnel in 45 feet, and expects to
strike the lead By driving 20 feet
more. The values are in gold and
This spring the Inter-Mountain
Co. has shipped several carloads of
copper concentrates, from Iron
Iron Mountain, Montana to the
Greenwood smelter. The freight
rate from Iron Mountain to Greenwood is 86 a ton.
The Republic group of four
claims near Greenwood, was examined by a Trail smelter engineer
last week. He surveyed the tunnels, and took a dozen samples of
ore to Trail. In the early days
Piebiter Smith did a great deal of
work upon this group.
Afc Aldergrove, in the Fraser
valley a well is being sank for tbe
purpose of finding oil nnd gas.
The well is down over 315 feet and
showing indications of oil and gas.
The smell of gas is very etroug at
times. The drill is working in a
gravel  formation7"showing  fossils.
A. Penticton syndicate, composed
of J. W. Mulhern and others has
a lease and bond upon the Home-
stake, a property close to the Sally
in the Beaverdell camp. Tbi'e'force
will be increased when miners become more plentiful. At the present time miners are scarce in the
Greenwood and  Beaverdell campe.
X The annualrepprt;bf the Canada
Copper Co;, shows ia ;net; prpfit: i'V
1917 bf^ S152j690, compared with
8215,305 in 1916; The production
bf the Greenwood smelter last year
amounted to 4,247,000 pounds of
copper, 46,356 ounces of silver,
and 9,592 ounces of gold, ; c>m-
pared: with; 5,196,000 ponnda of
copper, 49,929 ounces of silver, and
,1.2,366 ounces of gold in" 1916.7The
decline; in production was due to
shortage of fuel, which necessitated
closing the plant from Jqne 26 to
August 16K:; Even daring the periods of; operation there;:;were but
few days yrhen coke; was available
for mbre; than-one furnace. The
pre treated % a t'..;" G reen wood! V was
extracted7; froni[the 'Mother-Lode
rpine.7 The report ystates;that this
inine, although it'iisx: impossible to
measave pre in sight, ; continues to
yield preI at^ the rate of 600 tons per
day rwithpat any indication of the
supply being exhausted.
C LOAT is not a periodic-
^ al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of ,
western life. It tells how *S*
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dSad; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how juBfcice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93.;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
A  It contains the early history
of Nelson and a   romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
$ R. T. Lowery %
t     GREENWOOD, B. C.     T
"J* *T* *$* *T* *T* *T* *T* 'T* *?* *v* *T"X* *f*
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of tbe largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealt).
All   the
latest   methods
in   high-class
Corner Ablwtt & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   - ���-��� B.C.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
K A'.S'LO'   B C.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Mire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   M  Stage
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors.
ada's Registration
Purpose and Application
CANADA faces the gravest crisis in her history. Four years of war have taken from
the Dominion a heavy toll in talent and labor, yet despite the shortage of man
power, our Allies still depend on Canada to maintain her own fighting forces at full
strength and to increase her exports of food and war materials, so vital to them, and to
the successful prosecution of the war.
Every ounce by which Canada can increase her food production and every ounce Canada
can save in her food consumption is needed for export to the Allies.
Should the war continue for another year, food cards and a rationing system may have to
be instituted.   It is the duty of Canada to be prepared for whatever situation circumstances
may force upon her.
It is quite probable that before the war is won our Government may,have to place
restrictions upon the occupations in which men and women may engage. In such an
event the Government wishes to be in a position to render all possible assistance in
keeping our population usefully and profitably employed.
Registration Day, June 22nd
so that every available unit of human energy maybe
utilized to the best advantage.
The information procured through registration will
These conditions point to the necessity of Canada
knowing the exact capabilities of her men and
women at home.
All persons residing in Canada, male or female,
British or alien of 16 years and over, will be required
to register on June 22nd and truthfully answer__Jhe
questions set forth upon the registration card.
It is not the Government's intention to conscript
labour in any form, but to assist in directing it wisely,
be used���as an aid to the Military Authorities in procuring the men necessary to maintain "Canada's
First Line of Defence"���to mobilize all units of avail*
able labor in the Dominion and direct them from less
essential to more essential occupations���to establish
ancl intelligently administer a system of food rationing
should that become necessary.
Issued by authority of
Canada Registration Board
TAKE NOTICE tbat I John R. Jackson, of
Midway, occupation, Rancher, intends to apply
for permission to Lease the following described
Lands: Commencing-at a post at the N. W. Cor.
Lot 1086s, thence north 60 chs., thence East 20
chs , thence Sonth 40 chs., thence East 40 clis.,
thence Sonth 20 chs., thence West GO chs., to
point of commencement, containing' 200 acres
more or less for Grazing- Lands.
Pated this 30th day of March, 191��.
��    /J
TAKE NOTICE that I  John R. Jackson intends to apply ior permission to Lease tbe following described Lands:
Lot 1086s on official Map containing 160 acres.
Dated 30th day of March 1918.
(Section 24)
IN THE MATTER of an application for
duplicate certificate of title No. 12917a issued to
Emily Wood covering Lots 17 and 18, Block 17,
Map 21, City of Greenwood.
NOTICE is liereby given that it is nij- intention at the. expiration of one month from
the date of first publication hereof to issue a
duplicate certificate of title covering the above
lands in the name of Emily Wood unless in the
meantime I shall receive valid objection thereto in writing.       r
Dated at thc Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B..C, tho 17th, day of May* A. P., 1918.
C. tif. DUNBAR,
District Registrar.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    -
200   ����.
"   '   $1.25 each
-   -   2.00 ��.
.*   /    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper'
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc |3.oo. Charges for oth��>r metals etc
on application.
m..,    ......... _
*         ^..x-i'..-x^,.y..xx.^^X.
��$* The only wp4o^date Hotel ia the interior.-i ��ifstrclass;
*rXx'XXix:xXX:XixxXXX ������\xx.:^__x,.-y.yx.
^^M^M^iii:^  ^::Xx$^��itr^^
M !8P!iS#acfo ~jropm::; �� i$ txx %xxx
iuisi^|J|Ni)js||yT ,
Steam Heated; /Electric. Lighted.
 xiXs'-iiWxx l:'-'^^':^!?^'?U:f ^'fl5 iafl IkMrte.'r^X ���-#���;��� 'XXxXX
With the greater activity throughout the province, consequent on war time needs, the telephone "has been a great
. adjunct to the speedy termination of business, It supplements
personal effort to the last degree, in fact its usefulness almost
speaks for itself., That it is such a great utility, facilitating
endeavor along every line, is due to the co-operative human
element behind the scenes which makes the valuable, inanimate equipment intensely useful.
The aim is to make the telephone of the greatest use and
convenience to every urer. .
--Economy and Satisfaction af
combined with Promptness jf
are the features which go to ,3
make up the Service we give jf
bur customers. Are you 3
one of them? I
Letterheads, N^tehe^^
,; (Rulea:'qr/Plain):;';''^:;::,V;:;/'':'''--:'.: v'5_3>';
Envelopes* Billheads, It
(AllStees)   ,..���'.-*' -.-��3/:'
Statements, Business Cards/ If
ers, JD^Efeersr &&, &c. If
^ X f


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