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The Ledge Jan 31, 1918

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Array T��viz
*ry I
titfyfl^  ~!J
Vol.   XXIV.
x- ���   f ..���
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited From all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
{    Pantry Queen Calendar
A Photo From Life
TTlll.    Vrf.    /IHlIlUnd,     FLOUR  AND  FEED  STORE
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest aad most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in, the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
P. BtfRNS & CO."
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay;
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, SiIver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
WAUDtt. C.VJCX, ULD. D.CX, PrariJwit
CAPiTAl, mm&l   BESEBVE FUND, $13,500,000
Accorafe may be opeoed at e\^ br^^
of Commerce to be opeoted by mail, and vrtU recrfvc the same
^ careful attention is Is given to all other departments pf the Basic's
'business.   Mooey aoay be depcdted or witbdravm in this wjr? as
No. 29
Call or phone when you want
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
and Gents   Furnishings
Try my Eggs and Butter
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys,    .   ,   ,
Haveyou tried one lately?
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome.. Every ^Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
All  the   latest  methods   in   high-class
Dentistry.   .
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   R.C*
++'* * * * * *+* * * *
C LOAT is not a periodic-.
" al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon;
how it rainedjin New^Den-
yer long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
waa dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man oat-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the warnings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet io the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents,: postpaid to- any: part of the
world.; -Addr^s-7all -letters to'XXX :-X.Xi.XXy::y
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Leaves Mother Lode
9-3<> a. m. 6.30 p. m.
Leaves Greenwood
2.00 p. m.
8.30 p. m.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. m. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p. m.
B. W. WEDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
fl each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$t.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-LeaS-
Zinc $3.00, Charges foroth��r metals etc
on application.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos Tor Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Dray ing
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
GILLIS &i ION, Proprietors.
Madame Schumann-Heink, the
world's greatest contralto, has four
sons in the United States army and
navy. She also has a son, daughter,
aio$ five grand-children in Germany. She recently presented a
flag to the 21st Infantry at San
Diego an acco'int of which was
printed in The Ledge. I sent her a
copy of this article, and in reply
she sent me a beantifal photograph
qf the 3ag presentation, and tbe
following letter:
Dbas Mb, Lowery
God bless yon, and I thank
you with all my heart for your
wonderful words.    XX
If yoa only knew how I suffer���
I have my oldest daughter and my
oldest boy, if he is still alive over
fehere, and five young grand /children; all in need, and I cannot help
���^God have;mercy -and -end;tbis
warv-:--v Xxi' X'^'Xy 'Xi "'X-Xx 'X
������.'-DevotedlyJyonrs,;.;- :\'v,'";':v
Around Home
James McCreath, Jr., left for
Vancouver on Saturday.
Dr. T. N. Guy has returned to
Grand Forks from a month's trip
to Ontario.
W. A Shilcock, of Kettle Valley, is seriously ill in the Sacred
Heart Hospital.
Just in a shipment of Ladies
and Childrens, Black Cashmere
Hose.   G. A. Rendell.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Don't forget the School Dance
on Thursday, January, 31st, in
the Masonic Dance Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Garrett
left Grand Forks on Saturday
last on a trip to California.
We still have some Ladies pure
wool underwear which we are
selling1 at the old prices. G. A.
There is a slight improvement
in Mrs. Chas. Oliver condition,
who was taken to the Hospital
last week.
For Sale.���Five roomed house
and  Lot in Anaconda.    Lot  4,
Block 4.   Price $250.   Apply Joe J
Caron, Midway.
Wm. Hazzard has taken the
position of night clerk at the
Hotel Princeton, Princeton, in
the place of F. K. McMann.
The Ladies of the Boundary
Women's Institute will hold their
meeting February let, in. the
Court House, at 3 o'clock sharp.
A War Time Carnival will be
held at the Rink on Saturday
evening-, February 9. Numerous
prizes will be offered. Keep this
date iu mind.
Geo. C. Miller, of -Vancouver,
Grand Chancellor of the Knights
of Pythias of the province, made
an official visit to the local K. of
P. Lodge, last week.
Dentistry.���Dr, Guy, of Grand
Forks, will be at the Pacific
Hotel, Greenwood, from Feb.
11 to Feb. 23, prepared to execute all kinds of dentistry.
F. K. McMann, of Princeton,
has purchased the billiard and
pool room at Merritt from James
Vanhear. Mr. McMann was the
first postmaster here 21 years
Mark Kay a pioneer prospector of this district, died in the
hospital on Thursday last. He
was a native of Ontario and was
about 68 years old. Burial took
place on Tuesday.
Mike Mitchell, former Phoenix
goaltender, who was reported as
killed in action, is still very much
alive, according to his father in
Winnipeg. Mike is a captain in
the 78th Battalion-
Owing to the fact that the
Carnival in Phoenix will be held
on Friday night, the hockey
league games will be played in
Greenwood on Saturday night
this week.   See new bills,
A strong1 aggregation of
Hockey Players from the Cigar
Store will play a game with the
C. P. R. employees in the
near future. Pure unadulterated
hockey,   Watch for the date.
Hon. J. P. MacLean stopped
off here for a few days on his
way home to Victoria from
Ottawa, where he has been representing the Province at a Conference in which, care of Returned Soldiers were considered.
F. C. Buckkss came ia from
Princeton on Tuesday. Mr.
Buckless reports business good in
^rinceton and states that he has
lately put on several teams which
are hauling coal about four miles
from the mine to the railway at
Coalmont.     ,
" Currie White, on the night of
Jan. 22nd left Victoria for Winnipeg, Man,, where be has been
called owing to lhe serious illness
of his-;-.wife:-- Mr^;;White >with
heKHttle vSonv-.has;;forAthe;:-laist
sis weeks X^^Xxvisitvdgy'her
mother in the Prairie Capital.: i
Three Greenwood hockey teams
went to Phoenix on Tuesday evening. They were the Ladies, Intermediates and Juniors. This
was tha first appearance of the
Ladies tbis season and after three
periods of very exciting playing
neither team being able  to score.
The Intermediate game was featured with fast, clean and sensational playing. There was no scoring until the last period when both
teams notched 1 goal, making it
necessary to play extra, and in the
10 minntes overtime, Phoenix put
in the winning goal. This was
the first game in the cop series and
with both teams so evenly matched
a lively race is looked for. The
Greenwood Juniors won out by ft
score of 3-2.
All who accompanied the teams
to Phoenix were well satisfied with
the way they performed, and everyone should look forward to and
attend the games at the Eink on
Saturday, Feb. 2, when Bome very
exceedingly fast and clean hockey
matches will be played.
A School Dance, will be held
in the Masonic Dance Hall on
Thursday evening, Jan. 31. The
music will be supplied by Miss
McGregor, piano, Chas. McKay,
violin, Geo. Clery, drums. The
Red Cross Ladies will serve the
supper. Come and have a good
Harry Comber, of Victoria,
formerly of Greenwood and
Mother Lode, received a broken
hip an leg by falling from a 15-
foot scaffold, a couple of weeks
ago, and is now progressing slowly at the Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. A daughter Mrs. Guy
Wright and a son Allan, reside
in Nelson.   . :���'
In a letter to Mrs. T. Jenkin,
Mrs Baird, of London, England,
says that Andrew Purdon, who
was reported killed in action, is
alive and is in a hospital at
Liverpool, very seriously injured
in the head, and also has lost a
limb. Mrs. Baird received the
news from G. B. Grieve, who
had a letter from Mr. Purdon
stating these facts.
At the Rink last Friday evening the watches were presented
to the two local returned boys,
Lieut. O.R, Matthews and Pte.
Jack White. I, H. Hallett made
the presentation. On receiving
the gifts both of the soldier made
a short speech in which they
thanked the Citizens of Greenwood for their kindness to them,
by presenting such useful remem-
The Ladies of the Boundary
Womens Institute wish to thank
Mrs. Rendell ior the donation of
$38, the proceeds of the "Silver
Tea," she kindly gave in aid of
the Red Cross. They also wish
to thank the members of the
Boundarv Valley Lodge, I.O.p.F.
for the use of their hall on Friday last and the members of the
Rebekah Lodge for their kind
The secretary of the Greenwood Farmers Institute has written tbe Department of Agriculture in regard to Seed Grain to
be supplied farmers in this district, anyone reduiring seed can
write the secretary, staging kind
of seed and quantity required,
and if it is possible to obtain
same the Institute will provide it
at cost price. K. C. B. Frith,
John Kyle, of Victoria, B. C,
Director of Technical Education
for B. C, was a Greenwood caller
on Thursday and Friday last.
His visit was for the purpose of
looking into the request for a
night school at the Mother Lode
and to see if it were not possible
to have manual training in
Greenwood. Public School with
one instructor for Greenwood,
Phoenix and Grand Forks On
Friday morning he spoke to the
children of Principal Masterton's
room on "The U��e of Type
Models" in Object Drawing.
While seated at the Plaza the
other day, I overheard a young
and religious soldier telling a
preacher from Texas, that he believed, that not one in ten of the
men in Camp Kearney"were Christians. By that he probably meant
that most of them would rather
play poker or baseball; smoke
"Coffin Nails;" drink contraband
boozerine; or flirt with pretty
senoritas than attend Bible class,
long prayer meetings, or listen to
si ell-proof sermons upon hell, love,
peace, goodwill, etc.
I do not agree with the young
soldier, for I believe when the acid
test of war is applied that, 99 per
cent, of the fine yonng men at
Camp Kearney will prove to be
real Christians in heart and deeds;
ever ready, as Liberty's common
soldiers to die, or puffer in defence
of flag, home and principle.,. Ever
ready to sacrifice themselves, in
order that future generations may
live in peace and harmony, unbound by the chains that are
welded by sordid autocratic military rulers.
In the present rude and unpleasant conditions that are prevailing in France, many of the
most reckless and apparently non-
religions soldiers were, when it
came to a showdown, real Christlike in their deeds; even if they
did not sit in front pews when far
away from the blood-red battle
line. Some of the wildest and
bravest men in America, (look at
the Princess Pats) rushed to
France with the Canadian army,
and they were a snprise and
wonder to the solemn British chaplains. With no fear of death they
seemed to glory in giving up their
lives for the cause of justice and
freedom. Always making light of
their own woes and wounds, they
were ever ready to sacrifice all, in
order to help a stricken comrade,
thus displaying jn deeds the highest and noblest qualities of a virile
manhood. Afe the front many
soldiers pray, as well as fight. A
British Tommie was asked by a
chaplain if be said his prayers.
"Yes Sir, I pray like hell every
night," replied the Tommie, in a
sincere and respectful tone of voice.
Situated as it is, beneath the
sunny skies, and in the glorious
climate of California, Kearney is
the most favored training camp in
all the world, and the soldiers have
little to pray for, nnl ess it might
be for a little more time in San
Diego, and the privilege of rough-
locking the clock, jnst before
"Taps" puts a dark hush in the
tents, or reveille chases the echoes
over the mesa. No doubt, our
dear boys will grow more serious,
when they cross the bloe, see the
crimson stains made by the red
hand of Mars, and are waiting
with fixed bayonets to go into
action. Those are the moments
that torture the soul, and nearly
all who think, breathe a silent
pTayer to the /Unseen Power that
rules the universe, but does not
stop cruel wars, nor keep a
mother's heart from bleeding when
the cable flashes that a loved one
has gone under, while going,
'Over The Top."
Geography Lesson
Teacher���Johnny can   you tell
me where Lake Ontario is?
Pupil���Yeseum.    Page 18.
���Philadelphia Telegraph.
t &
JSUk   1&DV&    Q&M&WOQI^   ��,  Q*
One of tho rcasc
iiisvwiy Ct>v��"" iiu^<-ri
Chewing 'tobacco is becoming tnoie
and more popular is, because it does
not attract attention in the mouth.
It is not chewed; on the contrary, a
small pinch is placed in the nxnitli
between the lower lip and gum.
This gives complete satisfaction
without chewing,and leaves a pleasant,
cool after-taste.
Copenhagen  Chewing  Tobacco   is
scienlincally prepared, of the l>c~t old,
ripe, high flavored leaf tobacco.
It is in the form of small gr;ti:;s, and
ttciticr very rich, only a small quantity
should be'placed in the -noulh.
"It's the most  economical chew***
fl)z   Don't
]lYx~     Have
to Ring
We're always on the hop. We concentrate eve^y eJort in looking
after the welfare and comfort of
ov.r guests. That's what wc call
"Service," that's what will mak ft
vou feel at home at the Walter
Hi ise. That's what enables ns to
serve over 253,000 mc.-Js every
ye.ir in oar mi in dininjj room, an
important fact in connection with
the Walker House (Thc House oE
'I'jr.vihi's l:;sin<itt.i I!.-:--'.
The Soul oi a Piano it tlie
Action.    Insist on the
Otto ffigel Piano Action
!      A Society of Nations
Says Treacherous  Germany    Is   Obstacle to Formation
; i r;'i.._���.���;- (._l<.-.ii!c:irc;in, repl.\i:!g "'���
' llic !���'n-i.ei! chin.iber to Pierre Foi-
;i;i-:ii, win' as!;cd what lie thought of
.;i '"-'ii-iet ����� ni' iiatiiiu>," Miid:
! "Ah. yc:.--. 1 know v.c live in :>.
| time when the word ir. a great pov<-
I cr. Phcic. are man". :,r.("hi<!mt>- ��'ven
im:i'. of threat mind, who believe I lint
words have the power to liberate.
"No���tho   same   words   have    been
di.wiirsed  by  huniaiiitv   Miice   the  beginning   cf   ils   cciMence.     Tlie   word
'right,'  ihe  word  'justice'  the    word
'liberty,'   are   wonk    as   (>ld   ;is   man.
Yon  ran   i=ay  nothing  lliai     bas     not
already   been   said.   Ymi   may   at   the
utmost   ash   me   for   action.     That   ii
what   I   am  here   for.
'"Vim   believe   thiit   the   formula   of
. :t  society nl  nations  can solve cvery-
j thins'.   Hut   it   is   necessary   lo   uuder-
' stand  what il means.  There is al  the
(Juav   d'< irsav   ;i   cnminission   named
by  :\l.  ivibol'lo prepare tbe organization   of   the   society   of   nations,   coin-
: posed  uf  most   r'niiipcteut   men,   mas-
; tors   id   inu-rnational    law,   Messieurs
1 Horavois,   Ken.-ni.lt.  l.avisse  and  other
; emineiit  minds,   whose   worth  no  one
j will   CHlUnt.
j "Well ��� tbcv are preparing tlie society f.ii nations. The truth is, many
thinkers, follower-;, deputies, scna-
. lors, politician- ;md l-'reueliinen arc
' coiivinei-il thai some miracle will
suddenlv prod'.ire the sorielv of tia-
'; lions. 1 do not believe that llic so-
' ���'icly of nations is il" neeessarv coii-
, elusion of llic present war. One ol
��� my reasons is that ii you propose l<>
j me tomorrow to bring lierm;i?iy iu-
I to this Si'iiity of nations 1 would
inol consent to do so.
f "What guarantee would you offer
! in-o? Von would offer me the. guar-
iiuili'C of ;i MgnaWirc. Go and ask
iihe Belgians what thev- think of (ler-
j man v's  signature.
] "To found the society of nations
jvc must bave peoples capable of
! liberating; themselves. That is why
you are always obliged in nil of
your hypotheses to begin by saying
'Germans' herself will break up Prussian militarism.' The terrible thing
���iboul it is that-.-he docs not break
it up and lhal she makes au instrument  of it."
Very Itchy, Burned at Night.
Could Scarcely Sleep.
Healed in One Week.
"My   face   became  very   red   and
swollen and broke out in watery blisters.
,;^gK��>x    Then it got very itchy and
tf  night I could scarcely sleep.
-C)X Later the blisters broke out
>Jf forming  hard scales   and
my kice was badly disfigured.    Then I used Cuticura Soap nnd  Ointment
and in abi.ut a week's time
I was completely hea'ted."
(Signed)    I.l'-vd liradv, Breckearidge,
9.ue., May 2$,'l')\7.
Skin troubles are quickly relieved by
Cuticura. Tin- Soap cleanses and purifies, the Ointment soothes nnd heals.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dcpt, A,
Boston, li. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
| Sheep in Strong Demand
i Great Interest Being Taken in Sheep
Raising in Saskatchewan
Judging by the correspondence re-'
e.eived by the live slock branch of
the Saskatchewan department of agriculture, a great development is due
to take place iu thc sheep industry
of this province. Inquiries from intending purchasers arc being received daily, and the demand is not confined to any particular section, as
farmers from all over the province,
attracted doubtless by high prices
of both wool and mutton, are anxious to engage in so profitable a
branch of their industry. Two thousand bead purchased under the live
stock purchase and sales net of this
province have been placed this fall,
and orders for many more arc already on hand and increasing rapidly. With a view to keeping iu the
province as many sheep as possible,
a circular letter is being sent to all
sheep owners, asking them to advise
jth<: department of any sheep they
may have for side. It is hoped by
this means lo satisfy at least part of
the demand this fall. The apparently
general desire to go iu for sheep
raising is viewed wilh much satisfaction.
Bread and Bacon Prices
The safe way to send money by |i>ail is by
Dominion   Express  Money  Order.
Trench Musings
The   Commonplace   Things   of   Life
Appear as Luxuries to the Man
at the Front
We.  arc  back  in  the   trenches.      It
was  a little  strange   at  first,   but -we
toon  got readjusted.  It makes  a big
difference whether one is in llic front
.ine or in the second or think    And
il though  one lies behind broad  wire
Entanglements, one   has  to    keep     a
itcady watch. For there are openings
in     these      entanglement?,     through
ivhich we pass to make an  attack.
':.;..��� In itl.ie other lit;ies;;it:: j:s isaf^r---;ind
':;ilsQ'^;pica:saiii;cr;::..;;\Vi?^;cr6\ytl' tioi-'-eti:i"r
usually hi: :-threes;;Or::;fijitrs;.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget   in
Home Visitors' Excursions
! Why  Bread   is  Cheaper    in
j Than in Canada
!     Statements   persist   ami   are    being
.used in   an  alltiiipi  lu  di.M'ivilit    the
j work uf the food cunt roller, that the
'prices of bacon and bread are higher
'in   Canada   than   they   an:   in     Great
i Britain.    The allegation  in  regard  to
j bacon lias  been emphatically    denied
.'nnd  officially  compiled  prices    from
j different cities have been cited which
'prove that   thc  prices  for  bacon r.rc
J lower in  this  country  than  in   Great
'Britain.     In   the   ease  of   oread,   loo,
jibe   situation     has    been      explained
'many times,    '.flic bread of  Kngland
j Is war bread, subsidized by lhe gov-
! eminent and containing oilier ingred-
jients than  white flour.    Commencing
on September 17, the government of
Great Britain fixed the standard price
of  flour  at  $7.38 per  barrel  and  the
uniform  price   for bread   at  IS cents
for   a  futu'-poiuul   loaf,  villi  a   one-
pound   loaf    at    5     cents.      Already
$_'00,CJ0a0OO has been appropriated to
apply as  a  subsidy   lo  sustain  these
Kasily   and
Cured   villi
For Sale bv
AH   Dealers
UOrGl.AS   &   CO.
N"r'ii:.;iec Out.
���niling places; iher:g;;;'iK;.;.v0ivi:;^l"il-l<'^^
;;ta;llving.'of xpitrsc.:X:������'���The';del>atei. iis
C.N.R. Will Offer Reduced Fares to
Americans Going Home
The Canadian Northern Railway
during the monih of December yiil
offer special reel need fares to points
iu the United States, tickets being on
sale from Dee. .1 to 31, anil will be
good for three mouths for the round
trip. l'a.-Sengers arc offered choice
of routes to Minneapolis. St. L'aul,
Milwaukee. Chicago, Dcs Moines.
Kansas City and other United
States centres. In formation can be
obtained from any Canadian Northern agent, or from R. Crcchnan, general  passenger agent, 'Winnipeg'.
A Russian Idea of Lioerty
Freedom  Without  Knowledge  as   to
Its Proper Use
An extract from a letter which lhe
t'etrograd correspondent of the London Times sent to that paper on October 2 gives a clear idea of lhe state
ot popular opinion in the Russian
capital. The correspondent wrote as
While I was driving iu a cab to
the democratic conference yesterday
Lhe driver kept nic on the wrong side
of the street for some distance. A
militiaman ordered him to lake the
fight side, but the cabman after an
exchange, of heated argument only
changed sides when he found it convenient to do so. Turning lo ine he
  | said: "The militia are always stick-
Sweet     and      palatable.      Mother j ing   their  noses   where   they are.   not
Graves'   Worm   Exterminator is    ac- j wanted."
ceptuble  lo  children, and  it  docs  its i     } asked why, as we. were now en-
v.'ci r
surely aud promptly.
Doing a Big- Business
$100 Reward, $100
" Xlie���'; readers of tlii^: papc'T ���w'ill l)e pleased'
to lcaijii that llierc is at;::lcast one: dreaded
disease thai science has beeii able ,ta cure' in
������:.���'Vv'. "V "������������      ���".,; ">:.":      ���;r"v'".7 .'���������-.-.vt-.;-.;...:-,-.   : all  its :stages,  and   tliat: ii   catarrh. '.'; Catarrhs
iaily;runs:,on the  qitestion: as; >p llOW ; bei��K;   igrcafly,::influertced:;:by   conslilutipuiU
.t will he after the .'Avatv.d-.16:iv:~s'tra.h^^
tv.seenisHo-one sitting diere.7:^
������;,:    .���������-. :���.���;���;- ���';���; .a. '���;���,'��� vj ������������.. i    ���'���'   ,-y  7i_.;-';;��� ���,:. .acts  through: lhe  JilciOrt ou  the  Mucous -'bur.':
fine :pc;icevaiub to   think Oi: ^S^^XU^.oX'At . Sy��e��i. ���'���tlietcby' destroying the
:��n;a��bed niglit. after: nignt,...On. a .reiil'.'/';fpuml'a'uQft;':W
>ed,in a rCiOiii all to: one's;7st!f! And ������:K'tT'en.etl'i':',by.-buUil^^
��f -bri-Tkiiio--������'f-i'if   v-illi    -i   :-'ui.:u4i'i���^ The pr(?r
'���: *l \M\-P^nF.'\��%X>xXl X-X'XXX^-X"  pr,i��t��rs .'Have  so- niiicli   faith   iu: the; curative:
:;>y youiy:s!de!    Urjof ;a:;.:w^
���Rois*de; Bbtilogne! ; And :p
fails to ciire. ! Send for li.it of'.testimonials;
Ohio. ; Sbhr by all ^Drussists^/ji;
ind:play in.tlre'iVtrcetsl^i.^Vjii^-fl^iVG^
,.-iig: ������alal'fe.ftd^tfaslC^a's;;'^?^
,7.:ike,:v;arid:':':to :Teel;^th;c^:;v''fresli:iicSs;;;::.��>r
,;,:'iU^aii,.'',Uiic'ir;'::.6.iV... y.b;iit,'.;l*'o'.dyl'^
'���';'b!o YiiG i 11 i vc;s ilv'-Fti l-i'.ii ,cr l.y'.; .���?. Ay.Jv'e/il >������ Aye-rT^i"!;
;.; b ef Q'r'c;tAvc/..i>i'i ail^t aRe^t lfi;m^;ii'g;a;;'iir;'.;ii5:.7a
sen;feto!; Siberia;iltid iiow::;lie.itiiairag7ed
Success  of  Co-operation   in
chewan Is Shown
Since the passage of t'.ie agricultural co-operative associations ;ict,
lb roc years ago, 352 co-operative associations have beeu formed in Saskatchewan, being an average of two
associations per week for the whole
of the period. Of these, 91 were, organized during; the rear cuding; April
,l(),;;;:;19:l;7.: ^Qiie;7df;:::t1i'fr;:h.e^t.'.'\v;ays:?c>^
siipwiiig'thc::rapid developnicht;; of;
ccooperation;; among fanners of; this
prp^'iuce; is: '; to ; <iuote: front ^olvc ���.���'of
llie;:tables in .the report.61 the ;cq-;
l>f)eratiye; organizations: branch of the.
(leparttiieiit -of \a'gncultii��d!ie7 total
ivtrutivej- of the :assbciJitid;us 7in; 7; the
l.liree��� years ::sih;ce tlie;;f5;issagc;;oftdlie
���act; :��� T"6r 191-1 llic iitiiotuit was $2Sl-
5SA-M ';��� for ������'. 191 '���>��� it,:, was X- $964,829.67,:
;uid;;iii,:d;9167Tt77rCaciiecl: $2,12^,832.90:.:
This- niCaiis'���: that in- d,9i6;>in5re}:tlian
sfeveii*ni[d: adiiilf. tiiiies ���'as;;.;rii;ilcli',busj-.
;iiess; ^���riK7;dbhc' aS;in :119l4.;;:;Otic of
tlie :;as:sociatioris, .;\vith': assetS;7bf7 only
$192^1 ;did;a-'lnisines:s i'roi- the7��� year:
ai iioiiti ling7 ���td.;$'8.5'1302;iBQi'; ���;'.
';;f li.e;re;7';a rc::'.uo;t;: ,:s oh le;' ;an;io:iftr' i 'tis. X*xi ip,
7de;��ii-e','7;;y:l io ':������ ';;\yjjKv;f<;e3\'tli^ftIus!:?^��
;'Ida e 1 y ^^l^'iif: T;l t^
;���;:;:������: A'f'Saf el;?iii;slc>r:':;. SufferersfeT^crev
The./Str ni iayiXX h.tV.' ''.ut'CStinys^y'iili^^piLi.iv.;;
';:;;;Feitit:'f':isi.'"Sdo'tl.Hn* Try.:
;:/tlieill:;:and;. 'b;c-.JeiyfviniC:itd..::;V.'I'W
;ca'h";iitti''Sl ������'���.t'lii-i'r: ';gre:iit.'''f:.iira.ti:i-:e'';__ixuii,-;
ties; pecaus��    thousaudi.    :f>:Cty   Uieif
hfealtli: iiiid suyhgtli to. fbiiely use of
'itliis ;h,H>'S:t' Ore'eih'ijl -i:mt>:tlI'i-
Manv Germans' Enter Holland
��� ;l'^:iiriiig "Aiigu^t rind. Septeniber j'fft'
���fewer'..'.'.tliaii'.. 3:5;(UAJ Gerniiiif dCSCflers'l|"^
prbsyed the Dutyli irs'iji'ln-ri ��� Tlie
I'i'tl'rie'a'dvl'dX ���having to unduly - aii<i:|iiyr
;;Sviritcyiiv; Fliiuders _lsy:pr<>byiily tlie
��� :chierycitsbu: for this mcrtaM'd; Isiik-'
.tnay mer:n Sdiii;.;thing; finite .���rt'i'lttr.fi.i't
��nd tl.at' tlie _Ge;riiiauii afft allovvyig
tiieh; ;tn pass i'i tip Holland ttith' a
Tiddch purpiJSy .
e,   Suspicious a^,   10^0^1  l��in:g!iM:v jmvist. :;^xZffitf,?,
Machine Made Preferred
"A  girl  should  be. educate!-to. do She" never  liava' the" letter
things  for  herself."
"Yes." answered Mr. Cunirox.
'Only sometimes I wisli (ihulys
ro'uldn't insist on doing'������ iicr.'r'ov.-ii
linifintr and piano playitig.'y���-y        .._���'
''t7:^'jV't;'::'iy:,TiG yriUle, ::l.it;tle -.Ti cs-t: :i c)fv:-7:c.ut:y
' ;1 y :X,-::X, l tlf s.@;a n:terS:V.WYh' ;::''liO:s'c;:;;ind':;:t:lie
yy es;- ;of - ::'&y Sicilian;;-:;!! c i: ya s.ys't a.ry c d:
Tu r i rib t;j ml;;' M il iiiy'.::. '.-.'/Me'.f by e:;7-t lie^^air;
ybnst yvcti.fif.i'ii :;i.nX the vKtistern; :-Si teria;..
!inii''s,t :s't'nX' 7;f'���".-felTv T:'X UX:ft\i 1 i\\'iX"���'' f
���^hjill:;?���uyy;'.���;.' 1 ''ai'ii;:'i-tal:iay;'; ;d;;':;ffcy:;'\s"l;i.eiy'
;I yii'nsb: t go ;tf ;oiic;e, - I -:un; itiiliaii.:
l;!c tel| tire hy uialya 'tlie ycjrlcy^ ddy
Is dfticei' of the cZat'. VViili'b.ut liis;
.pyfhils'sion I nlily iiot-uiova.:-oiic 'HI-:
;tlb inyhi    I jiiUy iibl go U* !if_t'vt'.
y ��� "'Tiicn 1; iy*e tlie tciupyy iii? oticy,
jaiid likvi ii fool 1 s.iiy once morff l an)
"i.ai'ii    li fuiilii    I'li.S''   daiiifi' ' czitr's:
itysa.    1 ay:   Italian. ���  1 fight' 'vvliyil... I;
yattt; to-:.  I  Cifll him iiiid bis c/a:r iii
dyg, a :lnff. a lang-lcK stork; ;:i:iyiiiak;;i
litili:. vefna: tuigry, .loo,  and: I :go   IH
lit    fctir }n��n
ft)"   tlie " .Tied.:,
'Giovauoni,' tii?y say, 'you are now
tiW'iryiie.'   X rfefily it is not trne.: l>t:t
it isi trite.    J'.ai.n. piit in the   inisoii,;
1 .am- rohbeol, I ain- sent here; I have
Svritc    to oiir  airibassiador  at iPetrci-
griid.    He is live donkey/ yet tnayhe
' ��� ;  to -^t
angiry was great' mistaka.    In   Pans:
tlicrc is the automata,, Y;6u drop in.
five cctitirnes aiid .KCta the j/astry; ii'i
Russiii: yot! swear at theyczar and
:^*.il.'.t'l*,*.?'.''c^-''y-   i'. Is inst so easy.' "
yoiiy tan-fly:,:. :iai;i;^
.^ppikrit-i-tii i' '.:;i>roi. pb r ti <i5..ii'' ^; '.to ��� '.-.."i ill o' ���';{ \y oi'r k'ty i. t
:|;'Sitflt:y:is;: -'ftV.rsiciiLi^'iiiibiiV^i ^iiaj-jv :yin^y:tI^osei
|iiUU_j__.les.;;:i";;Sbiny /peppte'/ytliiiilciviivfi'niiti;
lagi-eC:; ;tli<it^haekaclieiiseUlbiii-ior; iicy^
joying liberty, lie should not drive
where and how lie liked. The irony
was completely lost on the cabman,
who answered: "You speak truth.
What i.s the use of liberty if wc cannot do what we like?" Was the cabman tiie exception to the rule? Judging by the numerous motor cars and
cabs to bc seen in Petrograd in a
damaged condition, one must say that
lie was  decidedly the rule.
Thc seemingly trivial incident of
tbe cabman recurred to mc over aud
over again as I sat iu the Alexandrine theatre orchestra, the place reserved for the press al the democratic
conference, listening to the speakers thundering a few yards above me
at thc crowded assembly. -Liberty
has descended upon Russia.^ liberty
to piish party and personal interests;
but liberty to act, to enforce authority, to give thc country law and
order, is still denied.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The United States
���And the War
Strange Recovery of Jewels
Who   Opened   the   Lusitania's   Safe
Is a Mystery
When the Lusilania was torpedoed
by a German submarine off the
coast of Ireland, with the loss of
1,100 lives, she carried with her,
among other rich freight, a consignment of diamonds in transit from
New York to London upon which
the Union Insurance Company of
Bangor, Mc, carried a risk of $13,-
The company promptly paid the
claim, and entered thc $13,000 in its
loss account. But, it now appears,
long after thc great disaster, the insurance company received a London
draft for the full amount of its risk,
with the information that the diamonds had been recovered, says The
Louisville l'ost.
Au Irish fisherman, upon hauling
his trawls, found that hc bad booked
the most valuable fish in his career���
;i .small package, which bore plainly
enough thc address of a firm of London jewelers, and which upon examination was found lo contain diamonds���the. gems upon    which    the
Bullet Before Report
Experiments   Prove   Sound   Travels
More Slowly Than Bullet
In the firing- line it has often been
noticed that bullets travelling at
high speed produce two sounds. A
man fired at from about 400 yards
hears first a vicious crash. That is
the bullet passing-. A little later
the report of the rifle comes along.
The speed of sound has, in fact,'
been beaten by thc speed of rifle bullets.
Modern military rifle bullets, when
fired, travel at from 2,000 to 3,000
feet in one second. Sound can only
travel along at 1,100 feet per second.
So it happens that when a man who
has been fired at hears the report of
a rifle, he knows he is safe���at least,
from that particular shot.
It is, naturally, at long ranpes that
the two distinct sounds arc most noticeable. At a range of 1,000 yards
a bullets arrives at least .a second,
and sometimes more, in advance of
thc report. The sound of the flying
bullet is caused by a vacuum at its
Horse Meat as Human Food
Appears to Be Gaining in Popularity
in the United States
Eight million people in the United
States, says a -writer in The Breeders' Gazette, were born in countries
where horses, mules, asses, donkeys
or burros arc slaughtered for human
consumption. Light million more
people live in the United States who
speak the tongue of the nationality
from which they sprang, with quite
as much fluency as they speak English. At least four million Americans
could be found who have no foolish
prejudices as to what they eat. The
icadi o.f one American association of
lorsemen states that there arc 4,000-
Bangor  Insurance  company,    among
others, carried risks.    The  fisherman j 000  horses    in  the    countrv    which
got his due amount of salvage,    and j might as well be    eaten.      Dressing
the diamond merchants were glad to
return the insurance money.
Thc puzzle is: Having presumably
been locked up in thc purser's safe,
how did the diamond packet gel
loose so that it came up on the fisherman's trawl?���From the New Loudon Day.
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain j
.-��..,�������������' A-t   _������
���i f--�� r,..:-..0'O*'
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corn*
or any kind of a corn can shortly bc.
lifted right out with thc fingers if
you will apply on thc corn_ a_ few
drops of frcezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
bottle of frcezone at any drug' store,
vdiich will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus without pain or
soreness or the danger of infection.
This   new   drug   is an  ether com
mit at  500  pounds  per  horse,   there
larc   2,000,000,000    pounds    of    horse
flesh  available  for    immediate    consumption,
Horse meat has already been used
for food in part of the United States,
Portland, Ore., appears to have been
the first American city in which
horse meat was generally aud successfully sold. Sales beg-an late in
1917, and were placed under proper
city supervision by a health ordinance. Dr. George Parrish of ".the
Portland health department report >
that up to October 20, 175 horses had
been slaughtered and sold for meat.
Cincinnati is the first city in the
middle west to provide for sale of
horse meat, During the summer of
1917 Dr. John A. Murphy, then a
mest inspector in the service of thc
United States government, while stationed on packing house inspection
in that city, determined to give the
sale of horse meat a trial. Two
horses were slaughtered at thc start,
and the retail shop opened Saturday
morning, Sept. 29. Thc crowds,
largely made up of curiosity-seekers,
nearly blocked two sqaures,_ but all
thc meat was sold before night, and
the shop had to shut down temporarily for supplies.   More horses were
Rheumatic Aches
Drive them out with Sloan's
Liniment, the quick-actinf��
toothing liniment that penetmtaa
without tubbing and relieves the
pun. So much cleaner than
mus*y plotter* or ointments; it
does not stain the skin' or clog
the pores. Always hive a bottle
in Uie house for the aches and
pains of rheumatism, gout^lumbago, strains, sprains, stiff joints
and all muscle soreness,
Cenaioui slz�� bottles at ill druggutsj
Ship to us at once and Reap
Benefits of High Prices
now prevailing.
Price List and Shipping Tags FREE
'-fkichikrtl M.Tiet-ce. Manager
YKinland AlexsnderWiMWQ. Canada.
Mightiest swing
ever aimed at
Abortion, Sterility, and Premature Calving-, cms
or one hundred
cattle treated in
5 minutes, Use
one half of our
product, il not
���i.itislicd return
'lie balance and
>:t your money.
"KaU Savrir"
sells 25 pounds
$4.00. Send for
printed  matter.
lui^o^rt'S   PRODUCTS
and  Head   Office.  Edmonton,   Alberta.
P.   O.   Box.   321
tTbe&'s Phosph0��2&*
Th* Qrtot SttgUah   Fentdf.
Tonvi and Invigorate* th�� wliob
aervouv ���ystem, makM now Blo�� J
ia   oi�� Voini.   Cure*  b'trvout
f>ebiliCy,M*ntnr. and Jtoa<�� Worry, Vuptm.
leney, I.ou *f KnttW, J'atpittttion oftkt
^tart, Jfettfer Mtmonr.   Prlc* $1 ptr box, rii
pain or sorcnes. If your druggist'
hasn't frcezone hc can easily get a
small bottle for you from his wholesale drug house.
Study Food Values
In Cooking Vegetables Best Is Often
Thrown Away
To obtain the holiest food value,
potatoes should:'not be peeled. When
peeled, there is least loss by putting
American Aims and Ideals are Unit- directly into, hot    water, and boiling
cd in the Great Cause quickly.   .When potatoes are peeled
���ri   'tt -t' i   c , ��� ' i ��� .   ���   .  -Jand soaked in cold water the loss is
_ lhe United States have cntcreu itjvc,.y ,jreati u has aiso been found
ior, the samei reason for which we, t,m Consklcr:iblc losses occur in thc
entered it. .1 hey have, entered it.-as.bo.H (>f othcr vcRClables such as
.we ��� did. because ;thcy rotild not 1ol-!carrotg bccts ^nd parsnips. The
crate mihla.Tism-, and its works;-be-. loss jn the mitral-'matter is serious,
cause they hiive. come to see, as wcjas YCKCtublcs furnisli mineral . mater-
saw, that tlie. unclicckcd 'domination - ��� - - ���
of a power which 'acknowledges no
restraiill  but tlie  restraint of    force
tail markets had been opened by
butchers who were awake to the possibilities of the trade.
would be fatal to all that, is best in
historic civilization. It is 'the moral
imperative which has compelled them
to come in, and it is because this
force aud no merely political con--
sidcratiou .lias:, biviitrht lliein-in that
i their adhesion is of r-uch-inea'surcless
importance to ihe allied cause. Herr
Mic.liaclis.'siiptsfcslS' th'at   the   citizens
y iN,ili^5:/i;^iiyt]ihiff:-ydi ido ^wM^liiy^V^id^
iyit liptltiixley til ol>i as iii;iiii 7':.p^
lead the
ials from which teeth and bone arc
formed. Vegetables should bc boiled in large pieces and in as small a
quantity,of water as possible.
l:1>!oc>y_l.: iJ ti: i\vLlI,i:1j7ei: foiliidLi i tii;aiyc>s:t'"i: cvai;scsi
j .������'I;: 'i 11 s:';'".4'0- ;-:.l>.ii i; 1 s V'-.-iii |>': ��� iJii c-:.'; 1> jpi6..d.:'-:.'-ivil t;i'."S:;'t c��^iE>..;
i';j.tli'&; syn^
,t:;i;s3i"6'.it' :..<?i.i.V1.S<iil'e'5i^|' .'��� ��'>*f.'';L.;'fJL'H'e. ':.';'.-""'l>a:CJl>.'V:.. ^':'i Jt,Xe��.>v:
l'.'l.?.'ji i.ii; ^ ��� ;i.f ills:' .i' -f^:r':. ."ti-iit ���'' H';ly .:,v"�� si '-Vt'l i :i) V~ -1 <>;:.' f^V^'i;'
ii'vyiy:' 'ty.; ���..;!iuViTE;vSc��|.)i'il)jy. yiijariiyf .&h$iii
i yytir^kiuiic'yK, i If y>yi';yusi>7c(-y;}vyyyr'
! ktdiiyys rtiiy 'thytyr r^iV;iiiiikkeiiittjatri:
I iit. lejl   .iiyuutcs  tli;it Avilyyei. ��������� yoyr
������I'.jj.'purp'' .'Vit'.- rtistv ."Oyvticii' yoiiythyyvyrisiy
li'liiiy Iiii' 'iniyi'yvviii'.;/.'tiyyyhyyy<yt:cyt!y.(._
riicititiiy ypii iiitust ikeyp itiu': .hlypdyiiyryyy
'���:roi>(1 iy>iiiih:tf>ti;.iiiiiid' R>t :tliii^yiii-pysi'-;j:i_\lih
' IK! ollirr liit-diyiiiiV yi'U liiftil ;)'}'������_   Wiil'- ���'( tyri:;
iliiiiit.y'l'itiiv' Wlis. i:   .jiii^ny
Is hi;y 5:if yii heiy Am^^
'Victory. _yfi:'i:tlit>''y'4ai^y>':i(if ;'vhii'i'v7j''Sd:iiyr'"i
^yiH-. y''ijriv.;.;ii::iVl.yoiiy;:'ldi'Liiy''''yirt:' yivi"!^^'^^^^
;:U'\: i^u-4l'i'ti:iip/i..t'y:i<;7t!ic'"i,yfui-:' i-iyIiitcoU'S>i
nysy,':..; "r iiiy'^ij lii^tiic pi:... .1 yy:;';; l:i\i,',:f "r. fc> r.;.. i'i ;lliit-'
yt It i'i'i'ji:V.-: '.,S.'v'.iI.i'''j'yi1i,- -.���l'j.ii!y.o''::i.---'tv!;v.<l y:. ft Vi'i'.i^:-..; i iii;t.i'o li..^-
���yi.yHy,y:(id iwhyhi^'/tliic\.;;'i^ttHkcr^y.;:i.;ii1d:
' i-.liyi;i-;".siii'l>_|7-'��i''T:,t<������i"?-''il^i'i.ry;;������:(.r.ii|iii'li-iv" -1.|i^fl^:"1^
y>?>y:,:';i..fyi'y .^l'.^".y;lit;s^f:yl^yly.:'iil^';y;l'.M.���i������,!:'
:V,,V.tiyt.': ���,(iiii'L;.til'iisO<j:f::':.:,t)cftl-
Wc publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from well-known people.
From all over America they teiti-, - ,      ���   .,    ���     .
fy.to the merits of MINARD'S I.IN-I^nt l<> see 5'0W shoot the way
IMENT, thc best of Household  Remedies-. '      ���'..'.
MINARI.VS ,1.1 N I.\!T.XT, C'.O.. LTE>
'Omanfllf Icua, fis wlil.euxa. 'Bold,
IX. *i|
...      ,..811     	
 f(l>ta orAkludin pUla pk|. on xeer\v
trie*. KntP"i*pMfim<'ile*frf.THZVIOBB
MBBICINCCOM1Ca��ira.e��T. lt��MfoVUim*
Shoot thc Way You Shout'
A Good Motto to Be Learned During These War Times
Theodore Roosevelt, has long been
known    as    an.   apt    phraseritaker���
"speak softly, but carry a big stick,"
"malefactors  of great  wealth,"  "rav. e
suicide," and many others  come    to
mind as his contribution to the vernacular strength of what    we    may
perhaps be   permitted   to    call   thc
American  language,      At    a    recent
meeting in New York hc coined another  epigrammatic  sentence   which
should be added to the list.   A great
audience gathered in Madison Square
Garden   at   a public   meeting    under
the auspices of the mayor's  committee on national defence.    Tlie crowd
shouted its approval of the  patriotic
speeches   to   which  it  listened.   The
speech of a captain in the Australian
army who has been wounded twenty
times: in the  war  wais received with
especial    enthusiasm.       When    Mr.
Roosevelt's turn came.lie referred to
this  Australian soldier's    speech    as
the best address of the evening, and
said   to   the  audience  that   they   did
well  to applaud  hini, but  added:   "I
shout." The. country, must realize j
this more fully than perhaps it does
if the United States and its allies are
lo bc victorious in the war. "Shoot
the way you shout" is a good motto
for these war times.���The  Outlook.
treat ��uccci��, cunts chronic weakness, lost wool
THEriAPION xx,xx���
i How to Cure      \
1        Biliousness I
41 Doctor* wbhi egaintt remedies p,
*J containing powerful drugs and *
jj alcohol. "The Extract of Roots, ' J
4 long known as Mother Seigcl's <��
Jj Curative Symp, has no dope er ���
Jj strong ingredients; it cures *
���2 indigestion, biliousness and *
constipation. Can be had at any ft
drug store." Get the genuine, J
60c. and $1,00 Bottles. 3 S
>.;i":' :.y:V':
I .'.���;':; iliri.v
. .��� ;;ti:;:iii:
;;Voii  t-;ai,i.yet those ^[iiikyWli
j :my XStc-iX^X iiiv: ijiffdiaii'ci; c.j- .hv; 1 ,i;V
' -M viXi^'nXXX ���'���lip ' ^i:^(i.-.!Vasi;
r&.fty trt.Tii: Tlie" -I'ly W'ililjivtiis'
!��� L-Sii'cV -.Co.. lirothvilloi Unt.
>:;'i'iih | j'^iy*:<i
.:':?..'iii'i1'.:' ti'.-;''
:::V:5l)c.i:i��iui.i's:'i Si-' ill
;S<yifaiy: :;;si7'tlH'y;,''ii!r:lI.!<::iv
'������'<-AiXX\X'X--Xi:.,'&���$>������$]'. ������..'idjit
Kondyi!  '"r.i.'.li;i:'.vs:v. ���':"���"
i'Si '.lilliyt,
ly: y> iiVii.:
Premier Btbck Country
Large Shipments   of   Cattle    From
Northern Alberta
'������Thi'' 'live'-sli'ick industry of North-
.:i-.i ..\!_.>crta ii;;> t.-coived a grt'iil ini-
p'l'tuv l>y the iuiiuhcr ul hlixe sal'.'s'
"i '.callli; that- have takrn p1.a,;'.������, :r!'-
������.-.Mii'v .i    Xi.it  w-'ry  loin;'-'ac." ���:-.' ��� Miip-
Old T^^St^^^^, Riglit
Old tea arid fresh :tea^ poor tea and good
tea, all look alike. No��� wonder a woman
often gets a bulk",teai she doesn't; iike^
Red Rose Tea ui
the sealed package is
always fresh, always pij
good,  always worth  J^Sy
the price on the label.
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package     --**mae*z*s*sa*m'^~~ eu
Improving Breeding Stock
Hereford   Cattle   are   Prominent   in
!       If   tllC ''pOSrCSrlOIl-  Ot      t!lC      Il'lRllC'St
������priced   hulls   is   any     indication,    Al-
; iicrtii   has gained tlie   load,  for    the
{American, continent iii the    Hereford
;1> re oil -cii .cattle.;. .'.rAVitlui-i its. borders
.!?���'.thy- lio.i'ic'Vnf' four . of tin; ' liis;h.p-si
: prici'd;7.1 U-ri-iord bulls-iu nny stme or
ipri>vini-'t.y'ni; --Amorica.--    They    arc:
l-UcruylVrfccliou 4Stl!,Vv.-hii-ii ha= brcu
.; hr.y'I aiub'.raisf-d-.bv.; the .Curtice Cat-
j tlc/'VinijiaiiyV .'iif'- iynijffiiiii.   .Alberta;-
i titi'v, I.;id 4(Hh/'.ov-ii',<l''..b7v, l"r;iak.;CoI-
! licut, wnA b'<)ii.^hi fcir.;?l ],7w, -Martin
! Fairfax,Who v,-;ii purchsscd    by its
present" O'.vner, Gcortjc E..Fuller, for
$ir,000; and Gay Lf.d 16th* purchased
by S. C. Moore for $20-000.   In addition to these hijjh-prkcd inale?, there
are7 lriany valuable fcnsalci    in    this
.iBcau I'crfcclion rrc-^ted a name
for himself by v.-'nininpj the firft prize
"at"'.��� tlieyCalffary summer fair in corn-
petition T��ith all the hicjh-prieed animals in the province. This hull lias
bceryentered for the championship of
the -'world at the International Live
Stock Exhibition at Chicago, and
his  bw-ner,   who   is   sending   15  head
The hritl
on whose 1
of dawnins
Her Damask Gheek
country     paper     contain
raph iu rv^iird  lo a Iocs
'������llklli't���' .>���>_'[
l:s!)iijtVv<:iltS -:
; ^.'y^rii., y
(���:tji;;> vulufid
." -.<;ji.rs''.;-i
...... .t^'i'^
I'i.tiviiiiiiw; 0-f'7 '
\' .. '-:������'
Exhausted from Asthma. Many
\vlic> read these words know the terrible drain upon health and strength,
which 'comes in the train of.asthmatic
troubles.' Many do not realize, however, that there is one true remedy
���U-hirli \vill surely stop this drain. Dr.
).. 1).-'Kcllojcd's Astlinia liciucdy is a
woiuleriul check tu . this'.-. enervating
itiluitiiiti. It has a countless record of
fi-.ljf.f to its, credit.. Jt is sold almost
'���"���'���v'-rvv.-'lu'rel .'.-
lyd'ilii :tiy:
i Id iii,"
wptr a lizard-green  silk
hi'cJ; blossomed thc /lush
AVhy v. ouldn't it be a fro.-.d plan to
make a woman the speaker of the
house of repiTFCivtativcs: She is
in . every 'ntlicr ������ liou?i;.-rMilwa'ukcc
of various frrecdi
to this exhibition,
of his i chance oi
15 very ,
oS    the
for.  .St.   I'aiil.   XIiiui.      These,
w'ere l'.iireUas.eil from farmers in vnr-'
ions .-parts  of  Xorllierti  Alberta   :i::d ,
tcstificil to the h'i^li standard of ani"-.:
inal   lhe  Alberta  farmer     irisi.-is    iin .
hrecdinpr on  bis farm.    A.feature  of"
the' consignment, was a herd  of   100
head   from    1'ort  Saskatchewan, .'Alberta,'which  netted.. the    seller    aii
average  price  of S108 a   head.     'llic
future  of the  live  stock  industry   in
j Northern Alberta    is    very     bright.
���i Large stock   .buyers of  the    United
States -and Canada arc directing their
purchasing- power to this part ot the
country,  where   sound,  healthy    cattle arc rair-i-d as chcaj'ly'as anywhere
on the continent.
Doubted It
..." '.iy you sure it wasMiiscrly you
sa^- _������".'
: ."T7ositivo. lie was so close. I could
l::uc; touched him.''       -
"1   guess  not. . Miserly   is   so   close
I'iat nobody  can  touch him."
National Problems
Uncovered by War
Solving Soldiers' Industrial Problem
Also Solves Canada's
"We,arc.already hearing of prc-
pardedness for 'war after war.' Land
settlement, tuberculosis and indus-
triaT and vocational education are
all national problems only made.
more apparent through their being
forcibly brought to our. attention by
the urgency of the disabled soldier
problem," declared Mr. T.. 13. -Kid-
ncr, secretary of thq.vocational train-,
ing branch of the military hospitals
commission in drawing attention to
the importance of. vocational. training to the country "as well as to the
individual soldier.
"In providing for thc rehabilitation oi our soldiers wc are providing,
for thc future of Canada."
Pretty Bad
At thc end.of three weeks of married life a. southern darkey relumed
to the minister who had performed
the ceremony and asked for a . divorce. After explaining, that lie rcuild
hot grant divorces, the ininisiir tried
lo dissuade his visitor from c.irry-
ing out his intention.
W.C Hf.vi U.     IliS
Riga, and Dearer Books
The fall of Riga will not be without its. influence upon the bookbinding trade.in England, according
fto'the British "and - Colonial Printer
and Stationer, for this town was the
collecting centre of the flax-growing
district. The other great .-cultural
area.:���:for flax".was; Belgium,/ and_as
both regionsi are now in possession
of the enemy, the linen trade iof
Great Britain as. severely iiand.icap-
ped.yBiickrami is of.L course: ;imade
from linen,: hencevthere-will' be; \an
increase in price corresponding, to.
the-scarcity oi this commodity .which
is undoubtedly one of the- best covering-materials for both- letterprtis
and -stationery books.
Carter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vegetable remedy rfut always shres prompt relief in eoasti*
patkm.   Banhhes that tired feefiaf aitosetha' aad p��ta job
hit k <��� JaM aad heiltfay action, asd the atMhadi tad b��wdl
t�� tkek eatnral teat&m.   Making life worth liviaj.
ROSY CHEEKS ~m*un**color
taewsaim&T'cbewiustora--.     ....
<kto�� wrMfh wigtm mm'hfcilyrt fcr
WctaAtllMA PdSee*
w^��-*r*-:������-��-.>^^ CARTER'S IRON PILLS JHE    LEDGKE,    GREENWOOD*    &   &
���v. prepared.
Pleasing flavor
Speed Up
Is the
worlds besi
Tt is the most economical
Let the War Proceed   Under
Head of Steam
It is recognized by military strategists of the allied democracies  that
ithe slogan "Time is on the side of
<thc allies" is not worth much. If time
I works more effectively for one side
than the other it is the central powers that arc favored by it. Because
|of_ the early victories of their enc-
pnies, the allies are now an offensive
j coalition. The shorter the period of
Mime in which the coalition can get
i tin der way its campaign for the; ac-
Jcoinplishment of its purpose the better its chances of success.
Speed up!
j On the west front this year the
j allies woula have broken through and
��� won their way to the German frontier if only the Russian line had held
jasit did in the first year of the war.
���Only the withdrawals of German
{troops from tlie Russian front saved
ilhc kaiser's armies this year. Time
jwas on the side of the kaiser.
j Speed up! Let all war work proceed tinder full sleain.���Kansas City
When you feel sluggish
and nervous, tired and
indifferent, you have the
first symptoms of declining strength and your
system positively needs the
special nutritive food-tonic in
| Buy Your Oats Through Us |]   THANKFUL MOTHERS
S VV'e can oiler oats in carload lots delivered   at   an
S West at' minimum  prices.
S Consign  your grain shipments  to
] James Richardson &  Sons |
5 '    Limited s
station m the ssj Mrs. Wilile ThcriatiH. Pacc|tict
~;villc, N. li., says:���"I am extremely
sUhankful that 1 tried Baby's Own
Tablets for my baby. Through their
vs?. baby thrived wonderfully and 1
���feel as if I cannot recommend them
too highly." Baby's Own Tablets
break up colds ancl simple fevers;
���aire constipation, colic and indigestion nnd make teething easy. In fact
ilicy cure all the minor ill's of little
to replenish your blood
power, enliven its circulation and
bring back the snap and elasticity
of good health. Scott's Emulsion supplies Nature with
the correct building-food
which is better than any
drugs, pills or alcoholic
Scott & Bowiie. Toronto. Out,       17-16
On a Cash Basis
102  Adelaid
is  near.  Why not
tr.iy     a    -Milliard
Tabic     for      tlie
.Jioys    nnd    (jir's.
We liave   n    top
lhal  will  convert
this     table     into
diuiug,        library
- .      .or  lutclien  tabic
lCiluipni-ctit   iter.
Y-J.,   Tomato
Still Supreme at Sea
Success of Allies Cause Due to the
British Navy
No words arc adequate to do ju.s-
Anchor of the Allied Cause
ones.    They are  sold    by    medicine
:<!c;i_?rs or by mail at 25 cents a box
ire-ui  The  Dr.
Co.,  Brockviile
Llcyd George Tells About Worl: of |
thc British Navy
It is sometimes asked: "What is
thc British navy doiiiff?" An ansM'cr
to the question is Riven in . Lloyd
George's statement in the house oi
commons, of its work during the
three years of the -war. It has enabled 13,000,000 men to cross and re-
cross tlie seas, with thc loss of only
3.500. It has also safeguarded the
transportation of 25,000,001) tons, of
explosives and 51,000,000 tons of
coal. That is surely a wonderful
feat  of naval   efficiency.    And  while
The Art of Concealment
Camouflage Becomes a Serious Study
in the Army and Navy
On the permanent staff of the 2Cat-
ural History Museum in London
there are tivo little wooden ducks.
They are dressed in prey flannel,-and
each housed in a glass case with a
grey flannel background, No. l'duck
5s dressed in plain prey flannel and
you can sec her plainly at a liund-
dred yards,    because    of    the    dark
.��� . .    .. , _��� ,,       -       ��� nrniff-iimr -lip  <;TiirmMi'rr nf iln-. ->tUp?[jsliadows cast by her neck and body,
ticc to thc achievements tn the pros- j P'Oicctmjy Llic  snipping ot tne aiuesj^ -.        .     J.     .   .  . . .
ent war, not only of onr navy, but
of our mercantile irifirine. The story
at sea since AtiRust,T_>1+, is not one
of great battles, but of ceaseless vigilance and untiring efficiency. Whatever the U-boats may have been able
to achieve, thc British navy is still
supreme at sea, and withotit boasting wc may saythal an allied victory
would bc'.otit of .l.hc question but for
British sea-power;: It is inevitable
that wc should talk ami write more
about the .fighting on land, but our
Seamen, whatever 'their-'ship and
rank, may rest assured, that we never
forget their services, alike-to our national security and to "the transport
of our troops and our supplies;.���
Westminster Gazette,
A Remedy fpr Earache.���To have.
thc earache is to endure torture. The
ear is a delicate, organ and few care
to deal with .it,. considering, it work
for a doctor.' Dr.-Thomas' Jilectric
Oil offers a simple remedy. A few-
drops upon a piece of lint or medicated cotton and placed in the ei>r
���trill work wonders in-relieving pain.
��� "You must remember. Sam, that
you promised lo take Liza for better or worse."
"Yassir, I knows dat. boss," rejoined the darkey, "but���but she's
ivuss dan'.I -Look- - her fcr,"���Everybody's. "
Minard's Imminent Cures Distemper.
Agitation' for coinage of. a 2 1-2
cent piece lias been relieved in the
United States by the rapid upward
movement of; "prices caused partly
by new war taxes, and a bill probably be pressed at the next session
���of 'congress to 'authorize;'.Such, a coin.
and making possible their prosccu-j j's well as by the brightness of her
lion of the war, it has kept thc seas I""k ^��- 2 d"ck 1S sl*K*itly v.hilen-
closed to cneiuv navies and rendered 17 underneath to counteract the
battleships useless and inipo-lfl:,llt)n's' a!ul slightly bronzed on top
The British premier does not H0 counteract the light. Lven at six
overstate thc case in saying that tiiel��ct lhe sliow case appears to be
British navv "is thc anchor of the | ""?��*��� ^Lhfe Js 110tr a sign of a
allied  cause."���New  York   Herald,     !<hlck-    .*J�� hawk or  fox-   n��   sports-
. j snail  with a scattcr-gun and a small
������ ���,.    t :��:~,����i.  n..~<.~   r��M���   -*��� lc'��ff could possibly discover    or  kill
MinardB Liniment Cures Colds, etc. the invisible duck unless she moved
or made foolish  quacks to guide her
Dupes or Accomplices enemies.    A great many years    ago
Wc have often pointed out that the ? wrote to the lords of thc admiralty
imploring  them   to  go  and   see   the
Western People are  Urged to   Discourage the Credit System
_C. Verc Brown, speaking in Winnipeg, said that about 40 per cent, of
farmers in Manitoba, Alberta and
Saskatchewan were in a position to
deal on a cash basis, but did not do
so because they had formed thc
credit habit and because the average
merchant did not require thcni, or
make it worth their while, to pay
cash. Out of 890 merchants in rural
centres where thc Bank of Commerce has branches. 703 allow no
cash discount, Air. Brown declared.
The refusal of rural merchants to
give discounts for cash was one of
the main reasons for the success of
thc mail order house, the speaker asserted. The banks were now attempting to give better service to the
agricultural population, and greater
co-operation was required.
The British Commonwealth
British pacifists  arc either thc dupes
of    the    bloodthirsty    Hohenzollcrn
gang   or  their  stealthy  accomplices.
There is now a great opportunity oF
ascertaining to  which class thev be-.promised  faithfully
long.    The government has  liifhcrto [cloubt  they called
been tmpardonably tender in   its' iol- �� cards.     .   _
erancc of treason to the allied cause) .Am I giving away a secret, or Ict-
whieh  they daily preach.     President [ting-cats  out  of  bags?    From  all  I
Wilson has now ''shown it the way lojliear  the  British   navy  of today can
act. and thc  French
to  go  ana   see
nvisible duck who could teach  them
priceless lessons  in  the art of   concealing battleships and cruisers, they
so  I    have    no
nnd.   left      their
"Pi'-l'iniT his method;;. Let us know
who is paying our .'.'.soap box" orators and whence tlie obscure pnv
ciieiny prints r.re getting their funds,
and then let. the French and American methods' be applied to them.���
London Daily Mail.
government is.|show the invisible duck that she is a
There may be oilier corn.cures* but
Holloway's Corn Cure stands at the
head of thc list so fur ;.s rrsulla are
.. . B. C Fisheries ;
British Columbia's', fisheries - products for the. year ending March 31,
1916, wore vaiued at fourteen million dollars, says a report jiist issued from the King's printcri at Victoria. The valuation is forty pa-
cent, of thc total fisheries pru.dnets'
of Canada and exceeds iii iii ]_.::��� outputs.of any ether-.province. .
ILIJI-H-hM illl
The business of being a man
has its advantages these days as
well as its responsibilities���especially if someone thinks enough
about him, his needs and his wishes,
to choose for his Christmas gift
Most men are practical. The tzdeome gift
is the useful gift���the Gillette���-thai fits right into
A man's intimate personal Lie, makes things
easier for him, and proves its quality by the way
at shaves. ;
At any good Hardware,, Drug or Jewelry
Store you can pick out & Gillette Set that will be
sue to give Jhim lasting pleasure. If you liava
��ny trouble getti&gwhat you want, write us and
frti will see tl*t yoa are supplied.
OificeaadFeclory: Gillette Bdl(im��, Montreal^
..-.'���- -281--
H =S
��ncrc .bepfinncr in the art of camouflage. In the current number of
Punch'.yon'may see. a tramp steamer
impersonating a German sausage
vorks. That's a joke, but the British
fleet. delights in playing practical
jokes on the Germans. You may
have noticed, for, example, that the
U-boats campaign is not a complete
success, and that the British . Lion
ilecs not as yet sit up to beg for
If you would study camouflage by
hind go look at the wild animals. See
how the tawny lion and striped tiger
are painted to resemble the tail yellow bunch' grass of the jungle. The
pir.tffc is painted with the quaint
diamond .pattern .exactly like the
| Hickering; lights among the acasia
i trees on which he feeds. The leop-
I urd, tlie jaguar and all spotted cats,
j llie spotted deer and the dappled
j liorsc are painted to imitate the.dap-
��� pled light' tinder ;i shady tree. The j
' pig- is patched pink ahel brown like
the sunlight, and shadow of the denser woods. The elephant is painted
;t hazy brown ex.uuly like the great
hyes of'the deepest'forest. So all the
wild animals are colored for concealment in their - .iialttra.1 landscape,
while many of them change their
clothes with the. seasons, wearing
-white for the snowy winter, brown
for the torrid slimmer. . In exactly
llic same way, our British armies are
clothed in-lawny dun for the tropics
and in khaki���a Hindu _ word for
dung-color���for warfare- in temperate regions.
The,khaki ..blends.. i\sa<-lly. with llie
wrasses ancb limber of. north western
ICin-ope. As for the .German lield-
grcy, it.i.s a capital imitation of. the
'shadows .cast by woods or '-entrench-:
ments on a sunny' day and blends
vi'Ty nici'Iy. tilher witii rain or fog.
The horizon blue of the h'rench 'armies tones well '.into average landscape.
All are useful colors. In the early
part uf lhe war the Hri.iish made oil'-.'
liiistakr. ' The. sen ice '-cap was kept
la.nl and sniatt with a wire hoop in-.
*i<li- llie viiii of its (iat'lop. So s.t'rulcli-
cil,' llu- cloth reilectcd suulight and
Iin.-.-L-iited a fiiic target for enemy
niiirksiiien, until we found out - what
u;i.^ wrong.''.Then we removed .the.
wire'and.thc cap was-no longer n
UrjfOl. A\'hei), cltiring all raids. . our
men.get orders "to stand fast/' the
tinny is almost altogether invisible
al 2.31KJ feet.
in the old days our bell tents made ;
r-scellynt   largei's  for heavy artillery;';
. l��i:-iiig  vi.-ible  at a  distance  of many i
i :ii=h-s.   N'uiv  all   of  them   :u\-  painttii ;
jivith 'a'.s��)i'i:3:il sort .'of'disU-iupcr. and '
;1ii-.'���  bolder lli<-- patclics. the stro:ig<'r
j iln.- colors. t!if:l,urtVi'. Strong paint im-: ���
���iiri'aks ' th^   contours   of   anv     objoe'..
: a ml so not only  leiils', but  guns,  lii'n   :
jlii-r.;. Si-;:'goii   covers,    and     luits    av.
piiiit.U'   Iii look  like   llie  pa-chod     :u;_.l j
Mii-jkv.il ' ground   ol'   caiiip.-.-aud   ._u::ul-���:
"-vpy.-.     Be'yond   such  th.-meutary' t:ii"; j
jcs ia cainoiillage the writer may not
po���W'ith  discretion.      But the thing
is certainly  a wonderful and   .coiri-
idettf art, today. .   _        .   ;:
At the.present tiine poor Fritz is
sorely puzzled.. ;Kyen;.w-hci) wc let
bis airplane" observers; enjoy a, peep
nt our lines, the tliinjrs that they sec
arc not really, there at.all. while, the
puns which they can neither see nor
pli-otograpli are ;playing. havoc with
the Fond ambitions ofi.tlse super-man.
One "must own thati: Fritz, is artful
himself, but. the British: arinyi.like the
navy, has many:.':.a'- merry "jest at the
expense of the bewildered enemy.���
Bv  Roger .Porock.
American     and     English      Peoples
Fought for and Won Their
The British empire is in reality a
British commonwealth. It is not
held together by thc means the world
has been accustomed to associate
with empire. That word can no longer properly be applied to_ it unless
divested of the meaning given to it
by Napoleon and thc Hohenzollerns.
It is not a military empire conquered
and held together by force of arms.
It is a commonwealth of free peoples, self-governing democracies,
bound together for the maintenance
of freedom in the world. Such a
commonwealth is the natural ally of
American democracy. Both havc the
same ideals, the same traditions. The
American colonists were not thc first
British subjects to conquer British
kingship. They only did to George
III. what Englishmen at home had
done to the Stuarts. Both thc American and English peoples fought for
aud won their democracy and are
now and always must be allies in the
fight for its preservation and extension.���Kansas City Star.
Cleaning: Grain for Seed
A Few Useful Hints on the Use of
the Fanning Mill
Tn using- a fanning mill one must
be governed by the conditions of the
grain lie is cleaning. As the different grainshavc different weights per
bushel it is necessary not only to
use different sized screens, but also
to regulate the wind, shake and
speed of the mill to suit thc different weights and sizes of grain to be
cleaned. The fanning mill will only
separate grains or seeds of different
sizes or ���weights. The wind is one
of the most important factors.
The first thing to do is to examine the grain thoroughly, see what
other grains, weed seeds, etc., there
arc in it, and make up one's mind
as to the best way to clean them
In cleaning oats for seed regulate
the machine according to directions
on thc mill. The first operation consists of blowing out all thc chaff.
Most of the very small seeds will go
! through thc screen under thc hopper,
but a certain amount will go through
the screen in the lower shoe. To
make a perfect job and to get all the
larger weed seeds, such as vetches,
cockle, wild buckwheat, or even
wheat and barley that are not the
same size and weight as oats, the
grain must bc put through once or
twice  more,
The second cleaning requires quite
a different operation. Thc riddles arc
to be arranged as for cleaning wheat,
and anything of the size aud length
of wheat should go through the riddles, and the large, long, heavy oats
should go over the back of thc machine. Care must be taken to sec
that thc proper slant is on the riddles so as to carry the oats over, and
all the other grain, etc., down under
the mill. In regulating the wind and
shake, use very little wind, as you
do not want to blow any of the light
seeds or small wheat or barley over
with the oats; and havc very little
shake, so that the oats will not bc
stood on end and go through, but
slide over thc back of the machine.
In cleaning wheat for seed, after
thc chaff and small seeds are all removed take out one or two of the
wheat riddles, aud open all the wind
doors wide. Good, plump wheat,
weighing 60 pounds per bushel and
over, will take more wind than the
average fanning mill can supply. Thc
good, heavy grain cannot be blown
over, but all thc lighter grains, also
oats and barley, ought to find their
way over thc back of thc machine.
Care must be taken to use conductors to carry the grain near enough
to the back of thc machine to give
the wind a chance. When there is
still some small grain or seeds left,
it may be sometimes necessary to
run the grain through twice. Should
white caps in wdieat (wheat bulls) be
found troublesome to remove, select
one of the long screens belonging to
thc lower shoe���just large enough to
let thc wheat through���place the
screen directly under the hopper,
and this will extend far enough back
to carry thc white caps out over the
machine. This long screen will also
be found most useful when cleaning
oats, whenever there are. thistle tops
or joints of oat straw amongst thc
Man}' experiments have proven
that careful fanning pays -'- many
Limes over for the trouble in cleaning thc seed grain. You have pure,
clean seed, free from weed seeds,
and the longer and plumper seed
produces heavier crops.���John Fix-
tcr,-Supervisor, Division of Illustration Stations.   .
With your work, with your business? 3
h there promotion ahead ot you ? |
Men of energy, with salesmanship ability      1
will find it to their advantage to write to���      S
cost cut in Half
by using more
At present prices it pays to eat
less butter and more Crown Syrup.
In 2, 5, 10 and 20 pound tins,
also "Perfect Set!" Quart Jars.
Write   for   fret  Cook   Book.
The speediest of all dogs, the Russian .wolfhound,' is to bc used in Utah
to rid the state of wolves. _which
have lately been very destructive of
stock. Thc dogs ought to be profit-
makers, for it is said that-each wolf
they run down will net $150 to the
dog's owner, the stockmen paying
$100 and thc state $50.
More Than Her Share
England contribtftcs 70 per cent, of
the total British fighting force in the
war.and 76 per cent, of the casual-
tics, which shows that her troops
have done not less, but . somewhat
more, than their share of the fighting.���Toronto Star.
Amazing- Transport Figures
Men     and    Material     Transported
Since Beginning of the War
The prime minister in a recent
speech recited some wonderful figures of the men and material transported since the beginning of the
war to the British armies and to
those of our allies: Men 13,000,000;
horses. 2,000,000; vehicles 500,000;
tons of explosives and supplies 25,-
000,000; tons of coal and oil fuel 51,-
Mr. Lloyd George added that of
13,000,000 men who had crossed and.
recrossed the seas only 3.500 had
been lost, 2,700 through enemy action
and the remainder through the peril
of the seas.
All this was apart from 130,000,000
tons of food and other material
transported  in British ships.
Our expeditionary force numbered
at the beginning of the war 160,000
men. Our expeditionary forces today
number over 3,000,000,
"Those 160,000 men," said Mr.
Lloyd George, "gathered the spears
of thc Prussian legions into its
breast and in perishing it saved
Money in Stock Railing:
Southern Alberta   Fanners   Increasing Their Herds
Southern Alberta farmers are sparing no efforts to increase the size
and otherwise improve their herds,
and arc buying cattle as fast as they
can get them. Recently 30 head of
Shorthorn heifers from Ontario were
sold at Lethbridge at an average
price of more than $300 a head, thc
highest price realized being $600. A
number of bulls were sold at the
same sale, realizing an average price
of more than $400, with $575 the top
price. .Fanners in this part of the
country have been earning large
profits, and are investing their money in such a manner as will ensure
a continuance of their profitable operation* in years to come.
Trench Musings
The   Commonplace   Things   of  Life
Appear as Luxuries to the Man
at the Front
We arc back in the trenches. It
was a little strange at first, but we
soon srot readjusted. It makes a big
difference whether one is in the front
line or in the second or third. And
although one lies behind broad wire
entanglements, one has to keep_ a
steady watch. For there are openings
in these entanglements, through
which we pass to make_ an attack.
In the other lines it is safer���and
also pleasanter. We crowd together
usually in threes or fours. In the
hiding places there is the loudest
talking, of course. The debate usually runs on thc question as to how-
lit will be after the war. How strange
it seems to one sitting here, to imagine peace, and to think of sleeping
on a bed night after night, on a real
bed, in a room all to one's self! And
of breaking fast with a newspaper
by your side! Or of a walk in the
Bois de Boulogne! And of hearing
nicely dressed boys and girls sing
and play in the streets! And of being able to wash as often as you
like, and to feel the freshness o��
clean linen on your body!
Of course there are other wishes
and luxuries.
In the end every one is lost in his
dreams. And then the thought come3
sometimes: formerly, when wc had
the enjoyment of all these things, it
seemed quite common, they made no
one particularly happy. How long
will it take after we get them back
before we shall take them again as a
matter of course? There is so little
in life that has real enduring value.
One looks for it here; another there;
no one finds it. Who knows whether
there are not some among us who,
after many years, will think back to
this time with a sense of regret and
desire, who will feel that this was
their most beautiful year, a timo
when thev lived most fully and genuinely?���From thc Atlantic Montlily.������'.
California convicts are knitting
socks for the soldiers. When men in
prison .can be patriotic how much
greater is your obligation?
"Ma says that the paper says that
the lodge gave you a vote of thanks.
What is a vote of thanks, dad?"
"A vote of thanks is an expression
of gratitude as a body that is no way
binding on the individual."���Judge.
It Be Worth to You
Free ot bfeestion
w.   ax-v.Ximi
habit to a certain extent.
Many of the conditions under
which we live are artificial. We
eat too much, take too little natural exercise, and have too much
worry and anxiety. The digestive system does not get a cha_nce.
The liver is usually first to get
out of kilter, then the bowels become constipated, and the whole
process of digestion is disorganized. Instead of being properly
digested, the food ferments and
causes sour stomach, belching of
wind, pressure of gas about the
heart, suffocating feelings and
fainting spells.
Headaches, pains in the limbs
and back, tired, depressed feelings, irritability and discouragement are other symptoms.
You may have tried stomach
medicines and aids to digestion
until you have given up in
And Rid of the Poisons
Which Cause Pain^
Tired Feelings?
Operation   Avoided
Mrs, AJxnlo WaUdna, Glace Bay. New
Harbor, N.8., writes: "I think It Is tLme
for me to give my experiMic* with your
wonderful Kldcey<OUv��r Pills. Por��ev��n
znontha I suffered with what the doctor
called indigestion, but wh&taver it ���aa,
I Buffered terribly. Th* pain would aUrt
ualer my left ihouldtr aad pass down
my aide until It reached tits pit of my
stomach. It just M��mc& us if tha flesh
were being torn from th* bone. At times
I uflod to go without fooiS from ona
morning until the next. I lutd no an-
ergy left for work at all. At last our
doctor mat nt to the hospital for a
month. For four days ami nltftts J never
brok�� my fast except Cor fc drint ef
water. After four w����kV treatment
there I returned home, and. -was back
only four days when th* ptdn eanio back
worse than ever. Thea I twu�� toli I
would have to undergo an opera tion, but
I would not consent to. that. At last I
read about Dr. Cnaae's Kldney-Llver
Pii Id and started to take them. At first I
I did not notice much difference, but still
I kept on using them, tuUt by the time
four baxea were used I waa perfectly well
again. That was in 1914, 90 you sea I
can safely Bay that I ��u ����r��a. I sfcaJl
always be gTateful to Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, am they did mora for me
than four doctor*"
But what would it be worth to
you to be free of all this trouble,
to feel again the old energy and
vigor, and to enjoy healthful
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
are not offered to you as an experiment. There is no question
as to what they will do by way
of awakening the action of tho
liver, kidneys and bowels, and
removing the cause of indigestion
and kindred ills.
Their curative powers have
been proven in hundreds of thousands of cases, until they are established in the great majority of
homes as the one family medicine
which is indispensable.
It is for you to apply this treatment in your own case. It will
only cost you a quarter to make
the test, and we do not hesitate te
predict that the results will surprise and delight you,
: Oa�� pill * dose, 2Bo t\ box, 6 for $1.00, it all efcakrs, or E&n&asofi* fisfes A fo., LimitwL THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
��2 a year iu Canada,   and   $2.50   in   the
United States.
Editor and Flnatictet.
Truly Modest
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     fioc
Estray Notices 3'00
Cards of Thanks    r.oo
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than oue claim appears in notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
He���Let'B see, what is the slang
name   for   illicit   liquor-peddling?
She (blushing)���Boot-limbing, I
believ.���:Farm Life.
Greenwood High School
Report of Half-yearly Examine
tionp.    Maximum  of  marks 1000,
"Under each name ia indicated
the subject or subjects in -which
pupil failed to  reach pass standing
Junior Preliminary
Mary Mclutosh, 651
Arthur Murray 618
Allan Morrison 612
Nellie Axam 585
Reginald Wolverson       550
(Grammar, Arithmetic)
Annie Eustis 458
(Latin,   Algebra, Arithmetic)
Raymond Lane 458
Fred Harris 414
(Grammar, Algebra)
John McArthur 328
(Grammar,    Latin,    French
Algebra, Geometry.)
George Hallett Absent
Junior Advanced
Gordon McLaren 639
Vera Parker 555
Sherman Carson 519
Ethel Royce 497
Nellie Hamarstadt 428
(Latin, Algebra)
Allan Eustis 349
(French, Latin, Algebra)
Malcolm Williamson       269
(French,     Latin,     Algebra,
Geomtry, Science, Literature)
Creighton McCutcheon
(Passed in Grammar,  Geom-
"������.e'te.ry, Spelling)
Junior Matriculation
-Josephine McKee
Joseph J. McLoughlin.
The Higher Cost
Howell���I feel like 50 cents.
Powell���You mean like 30 cents.
"No; everything har been marked up."���Life.
The big revolt came when the
simple-minded Russiars discovered
that a provisional government has
nothing to do with provisions.���
Chicago Tribune.
A Letter From France
The following letter was received by
Mrs. Harris, of Anaconda, from France ot
date of Dec. 3rd, 1917:
Iliad the great pleasure of receiving
the parcel you Ladies of the Greenwood
Red Cross so kindly sent me, and I wish
to express iny deepest appreciation df the
same. I/would like to.thank you all individually bnt my time and circumstances
. not being very favorable, I hope you will
do so for me. On. the little card you enclosed you say you wish me all I wish
myself. Well I can assure you from the
bottom of my heart there is no place I'd
sooner be than in Greenwood. I spent
many happy days and left maiiy old
friends there, and I hope, some day to
have the pleasure of seeing yoii all again.
I enlisted with the 172nd Battalion and
came over to England a. year ago last
October, came over to France in Dec,
and got wounded on March jist, got
. back to.England on a hospital ship. on
April 16th (my birthday by the -way) so
there you have a brief history of my life
for the last fifteen months. I guess it is
unnecessary for me to lell you that life
but here isn't all pleasure by a long shot
but at the same time it isn't all tragedy.
The cloiids of France even have a silver
lining, so.iretinies, and just at present we
are having a good enough time.
I wish I could-write you an interesting
letter giving you some of my experiences
but as you know the censor woiit allow
much news to pass. I don't think there
are jpany out here who haven't had some
thrilling moments. The time I got
wounded a high-explos;ive shell burst
among five of us all in a space of about
ten feet,., killed three and wounded lis
two I came just about as close to being
put out of business again a few days
after I got back this trip, but this time it
was in an aerial raid. They say that a
miss is as good as a mile, bnt a miss by a
few yards of a couple of aerial bombs is
a whole lot harder on the : nerves. than a
miss by a mile believe me.
I guess this is about all I can tell you
at present I hope this will find you and
all my Greenwood friends in: the best
of health and prosperity. ... V:;,v X.}.
If you are acquainted with Mr.-and;
Mrs. Greig of the PaciScIIotel you might
give them my. nj^&sXxX^XX^.XXXxXy'X:
T,.will send, you a' littlesouvenir, of
France sometime soon, I.cannot enclose
: i anything in this .envelope ,.;other than a
'���; letter. -Again thaking you and the other
; Greenwood ladies for., your .kindness to
-jnel willbid yon good bye and. beg the
/honor to be,X-yX       XXXyyXi
'r:X::'X\ 'Your sincere friend,-:
; ;��� Mrs. :Harris;_has: received the: ���-.- above
mentioned souvenir, a 'silk handkerchief
with. 1917 on it done ii colors./ ;.
NOTICE is hereby jrivon thai, pursuant to
the "Creditors' Trust Dceits Ait" and Amending Acls, Thomas R. Hanson, of Kock Creek,
in tbe Province of Uritish Columbia, Hotel
Keeper, lias this day made an assignment to
me of his real and pcrsomil property, credits
and effects which may be seized or sold or attached under execution for the benefit of bis
A Meetintr of creditors will he held al RncW
Creek Hotel. Rock Creek, B. C, oil Saturday
the 2nd day of February. l'US, at 2 o'clock iii
the afternoon, to receive a statement of affairs
and for the general ordering of the estate; and
the creditors are hereby notified to attend such
meeting either iu person or by representative.
All claims must be filed by the uudersiffiied,
verified by statutory declaration.
All persons indebted to the said Assignor are
required to pay the amounts due by lliein to the
Assignee forthwith,
And further take notice that ou or after the
5th day of March, 1913, the said Assignee shall
proceed to distribute the assets of the debtor
amongst the parlies entitled thereto, harms' regards to claims only of which hc has then
received notice; and that he will not be liable
for the said assets, or any part there of, to any
person or persons of whose claim notice shall
not have been received by him before tbe above
last mentioned date.
DATED at Rock Creek, in the District of
Yale, this 21st day of January, A. D. 1918.
Sealed Tenders will be received
by the undersigned up to 5 o'clock
p.m., Monday, Feb. 4th, for the
purchase or its lease, of the City
Farm, in cojunction with the City
scavenging, for a term of three
years. Tenders to state amount of
yearly cash rental also additional
acerage to be cleared and cultivated. Tenders will be received
jointly or separately for lea&e of
farm and scavenging.
Schedule for scavenging charges
may be seen at City Office.
The higheeb or any  tender not
necessarily accepted.
���     '      ���      a B. TAYLOR,
City Clerk.
Greenwood, Jan. 22, 1918.
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Siniilkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfteld, Props,
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels In-
the city;    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty, mealj.:
A. O. JOHNSON: : ���     PROP.
!;�����' ����;l*-Ei��
Notice of Cancellation of Reserve
Notice is hereby iriyen that the reserve covering certain lands in the vicinity of Nicholson
Creek, Similkanieeii Division of Yale District,
formerly: held'under Timber License No. 2754i,
by reason of a notice published '" trie British
Columbia Giuettc oii the 27lh ol December W07,
is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of tands.
Department of Landst Victoria,.11.'C.
'... Deecn.ber 12th, 191 V.l    	
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
COAL mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in. a portion of the
Province of British Colnmbia, may be
leased for a terln of twenty-one years
renewable for a further term of 21 years
at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in-which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract. applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.   -
Each application miist be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will.be refunded 1/
the : rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall bt
paid on the merchantable ontpnVbf.lhc
mine at the rate of five cer.'s pc-rtqn...". ��� ���
...The person operating,.terniiie. .shall
furnish the Agent'.. with s'n-orn'-'T'c.tiiri'iF
iaccountingfor the full, quantity :<>f merchantable coal mined and pay th? rp_'-?.U_v:
thereon: .;���: Ifthe, .coal-mining .rights^'n'l
not being operated, such ret .'.;rs: should
be furnished at least once a year/;,::.
X:= The lease will include the coal- mining
rights onlyXi'_';'.
".-_ ���; For full information application should
ment of the :Interior,V; Ottawa, or to:any:
Agent pi Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.-:
XxXXXxXxxy, :w..%.VcoRY,'7.-
; pephty -Minister of the Interior,
':.-.- N... B.^ Unauthorized publication of
this. BdVer+isemetit will not be paid for.    j
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts~^~/~T $1,25 each
100     �����      /   -    ���    2.00 "
200    "      /   /   x     3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Why The Telephone Is Instantaneous
Sound travels at the rate of 1,070 feet per second; the
voice when telephoning travels at the rate of rs.ooo miles per
second. Think of it! The reason sound travels faster by telephone is because it is accelerated by electricity, not very much,
but enough for the purpose.
So you can see the telephone is the quickest���the surest to
send, the quickest to reach the ear you seek, and the easiest to
bring the answer back.   From anywhere, too.
I Cbe RumcRotcM
* nelson, B& %
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
.-���   Steam Heated; -Electric lighted.
RATES 31.00.per day and up; European Plan.
B us Meets all Trains and. Boats.
$ &4t.4* + +3r4'&+'f'.+4r4r'4'4r '���&4*'+.+-4i.4'+Jlrii*
1 For Good 1
H    W     1-     1"%   ���      ��������������� 3
Job Printing
���Economy and Satisfaction |!
combined with Promptness %
are the features which go to |��
make up the Service we give |��
our customers. Are you %
one of them? "a
x Letterheads, Notehead s,
XyZyX ���; (Ruled or n&in)yyXi^ X'X'X yXy>;SiX X;yX
Envelopes^ Billheads^
:XX_;. 'i ;..' (AU-81265),::! iXX'X: ��� X 'XX-X 'y.X;..xXyyX\,y:
S^S&JUk^^      Business
PHONE 29       I
g ; ;gr^nwoop; ;et
"Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful* The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams. Its lofty sky^scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek, Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP/' for lack of
cultivation* Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world. The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy.
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and^et it has a scant 400,000, Then
sings the little bird in the tree, "What's The
Matter With B, G"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the milliens
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing at^the same office.


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