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The Ledge Jun 20, 1918

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 ' :'v'''.,'".:".V'i
-     r J*       'X-'X.-.%
Vol.   XXIV.
No. 49
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harware and flnware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
i Standard Flour      Wheat Substitutes
GRAHAM and RYE FLOUR      Rolled Oats, Oat meal, Corn meal, Etc.
HAY.  Phone 126
CANADA  FOOD  BOARD   LICENSE  Nos,   5���791   and  9-260
��� W��l      P       ADTUI1DC      GREENWOOD  CITY  BAKERY
��� Mill.    L.    ArcinUITd,     FLOUR AND  FEED STORE      g
S�� Canada Food Board License No, 8-6251 ^
B        The   Food   Board .Asks   You   to   Save ^3
B We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~S
B We specialize in TEA and COFFEE inpkge or bulk 3
I     LEE <& BRYAN     1
QREENWOO[J    yheatrE
(TONIGHT) Wednesday June 19th, Ethel Clayton in
Wm. S. Hart   in   "WOLF LOWRY"
This is one of the best photo plays that has come to this town
Wednesday, June 26, Lew Field and Madge Evans in
Show commences at 8 o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
Life,   Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
When Yon Want a Real Good Smoke
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars, Marsh
mallows and Gum just in
AT Phone 45
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, SriieHiug and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
C.V.O.. ULD.. D,CL, President
SIR JOHN AtRD. General Manager *
H. V. F. JONES. Ajs'l Gen'L Manager
CapitalPaid Up. $!5,ooo^OQxT^Mss ewe Fund. V, $13,500,000
Ey^^: effort I^meui
"xxxyx:.' current account 'facilitates -^e-; ;:|tf ���" ;-7 ��� v
', hai^lin&go^
:-:. c^ipts and payments.'"'; ���
General Stone Contracting and
Monumental Work
Entirely in new   hands   and
under new management
We specialize in Monuments
and guarantee satisfaction
Douglas M. Ritchie, Manager
Office and Show Rooms 507 Front St
P. 0  BOX 875 NELSON. BC
Christian Science service will be hel<l
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday,
at8 p. tn., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C, Cigar. Abso-
lutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies,    .    >   .
Have you tried one lately?
E. VV. WIDDOVVSON, Assayer and
Clieinis*, Box urro8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$i each. Gold-Silyei, (^single assay)
Ji.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
fi.50. SilveriLeacl i $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc J3.00. Charges f6rotta��>r metals etc
on. application.
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -      B. C.
Spring      I
Suits     i
���     9
At the Right Prices 9
��� V
See Our Samples 0
W. ElsonlS Co
Wanted-���At otfee. Girl for
general housework. ������ Good wages.
Apply to Mrs. J. V. Mills.
The Ledge is $2 SO a year.
When paid id advance it is $2.
It is just as well for subscribers
to remember this.
For Sale.���Cheap, 8 cows and
calves.   Apply   at  Ledge office.
For Sale.���A hardware store
in a live town, address The
Ledge, Greenwood.
For Sale.���Iu a live town an
undertaking business with morgue and other buildings. Apply
at The Ledge office.
. For - Sale.���160<icre canch,
near Boundary Falls. Ten acres
cleared and fenced. Seeded with
alfalfa and clover. Good timber
and splendid range. For particulars apply to W. C. Wilson,
Greenwood Theatre, Saturday, June 22
Hasn't Got One
���ft McKEE
A gentleman whose had been
lost in an accident was invited to
tea. "My dear," paid the good
lady of the house to her little
daughter, "I want you to be very
particular and to make no remarks
abont Mr. J 's riose."    Around
the table everything was going on
well. Then the child -.began.-' to
peep and looked puzzled. At last
she started the company with,
"Ma, why did you tell me to say
nothing about Mr. J-���-'s nose?
He hasn't got any."
Around Home
For Maximum War Effort
XX-PHOENIX;:"' 'Qx'Xyy. x
ixiXXxQne of the largest1 hotels in: '..'-'...
:���::,.://the citjv "Beantiful location,//
X Xyx- finerooms "and tasty meats. Xy
The net proceeds of the Dance
held by the Young People's Club
on Friday, May 31, was as
distributed as follows: Red Gross
$10; Allies Agriculture Relief
$10; Patriotic Fund S10. Watch
for the next dance at the end of
the month.
Edgar Both well McLaren, son
of Mr. and Mrs.v'J. XJ>..-i-^Mc-;
Laren,/died::in the Sacred Heart
Hospital on Tuesday, after a
three weeks'���illness; during which
time he went /under/'three operations.^ The""deceased:-who- was
better7 known by the /name:/of
Mannie;was'born-; in /Deadwood
nine years /ago, and ;hari;been a
pupil of the\scb.ool of that "place.
Mr. andMrsI'M/cLarcii and; family have the:"; sympatht-'���'���6f' ,-aj 1 -in.
their sad^loss.; "The" f uneral.'ser-;
vices will ;be,held at. 'the .'L'nderr
taking Parlors "on Friday/; June
2ist,"X..atv 2':30:,-,p.:.- m. ,Interment
���will take:- place/ at .Greenwood
Saturday, June 22, is Registration Day.
R. W. McCutcheon went to
Vancouver last week.
Earl Nelson is now assistant to
Postmaster Matthews.
Mrs. W. B. Fleming is visiting
at High River, Alberta.
R. J. Muir was on a business
trip to Princeton this week.
Bert d Wiele has taken the
Birnie house on Gold street.
A. E Miller, school inspector,
was in Greenwood this week.
Jim Grier, is now working as a
journeyman printer in Vancouver.
Albert Keir is now working in
one of the mines at Beaverdell.
The high water in the Kettle
river has helped Steeve's log
N. L. McCarren was in town
on  Friday last from   Boundary
The Greenwood Assizes has
been postponed until Monday,
June 24.
Geo. Murray left on Wednesday last for the coast, to enter
the army.
Our shoe stock is going fast.
Better get what you need at once.
G. A. Rendell.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired. X"
P. Turano and Mike Mirko-
vich, formerly of Phoenix, will
erect a building in Princeton.
Mrs. Gray Pond has been appointed District Deputy ot the
Rebekah Lodges for the Boundary.
When in Nelson and thirsty,
call on Ralph Nordenson,
(Greven) at the Nelson Hotel
Born.���At Copper Mountain,
to Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Plummer,
a son.   Mother   and   son doing
L; fWtmah Bas been in the
Sacred Heart hospital for the
past two weeks' suffering from
L. A. Smith, of Phoenix, is
visiting in Spokane, prior to going to Anyox to manage the
Granby store.
J. H. Bush has returned to
Midway from Halcyon, where he
had been under treatment for
New lot of Drawn Work in
Runners, Tea Cloths and Doilies
also Blue Bird Table Cloths.
G. A. Rendelh
Mrs. J. H. Willcox and two
daughters, Elizabeth and Edith,
left on Monday for Victoria,
where they will reside.
Mrs. C. P. Charlton and two
sons, left on Monday to spend the
summer in Vancouver, as the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
La Belle.
Angus Graham, of Princeton,
is in a hospital in Vancouver,
where he underwent quite a serious operation last week. He is
said to be progressing favorably.
The Red Cross and Women's
Institute will meet on Friday
afternoon at the ice cream parlor,
at 3 o'clock. A large attendance
is requested of all members and
of those interested in the work.
A Chinaman travelling on a
westbouad passenger train went
out his mind, on Sunday afternoon. He was taken in charge
by Provincial Constable Docksteader who took him to the
mental hospital at New Westminster.   ���
Jim Drum, and R. D; /McKenzie autoed into town with
Duncan Mcintosh on Saturday
from Beaverdell. Duncan/ says
that the recent wind storm felled
many a dead tree over the road
between Beaverdell and Rock
Creek, these having to be removed before they were able to
reach town.
John Simpson has beeii api*
pointed Deputy Registrar for
Greenwood and Mother Lode,
under the Registration Act
Those wishing to register previous; to Saturday^ can do so at the
Court House any evening between
7 and 10 o'clock.'! On Saturdayv
Registration willVtakei place in
the public/school building.:,;;
X:/Tbere::was  no ,show ;.;a.t fthe
Green wood Theatre? on Saturday
evening on: account of/the)films
hot; arriving. /As there; w^s a
gpedcrowd at.the theatre a dance:
was-held-until 12 p'clockj/iwhich
was^njoyedby all.; Mrs. Ashby;
Rey. H.  W.\ Simpson J andt Geo;;
Clerf, supplied /excellent music.
Themanagerof the; theatre >vili;
j in future see^ that ;the-films J;are;
! h ere j it good time so as no t to dis-
:iappoint his many patrons.   \
Registration Day, Saturday, 22nd
Jnne, has been decided upon as a
necessary preliminary to the exercise of Canada's maximum power
in the great conflict in which the
world is engaged. It is a necessary preliminary for the reason
that the country cannot exert its
fall strength in any enterprise unless it determines beforehand the
measure of that strength. Registration Day will enable the War
Administration of Canada to see
that, as far as is humanly possible,
every ounce of energy available is
made to bear, upon the issue in
Europe, and that the minimum is
lost in useless effort. With fehat
accomplished Canada will have
reached the peak of her war endeavor and, supported by the unwavering determination of her people will carry on until the foe is
finally vanquished.
The Cause reqaires of every
country, as it requires of every individual, the utmost in service.
Canada cannot be snre she is serving to the utmost until she clearly
understands what her maximum
capabilities are. The registration
of every person resident in the
Dominion, male and female, of
sixteen years and over, will provide the information from which
can be deduced the extent of Canada's possible war effort.
B. C. Mining News
Jim Poggi recently inspected the
Washington and Idaho mine on
Wallace Mountain.
Two car loads of ore were shipped from the Big Copper to fehe
Granby smelter, this week.
Electric power from the Greenwood City Waterworks plant at
Boundary Falls was turned on at
the Providence mine on Wednesday. The power will be used to
operate the hoist.
The Providence mine shipped a
carload of second-grade ore to the
Canada Copper smelter this week.
This makes the sixth car of ore
that has been taken out of this
mine since it opened up last fall.
Cat Catches Gophers
A correspondent in L03 Angeles
sends us this account of a cat who
certainly earns his living: ���
A near-by neighbor of veracity
has a large yellow cafe, five years
old, who has brought into the
house tbe past winter thirty-six
gophers. I have ife from the owner
of tbe cat, so can bave no doubt
about it. The cat is well fed and
a great pet. He does not eat fehe
gophers he bringa in. How many
more he has caught that he has not
brought in they do nofe know. He
brings in mice also, and likes fehe
praise he gets for it, I suppose.
Though we are nofe more than 25
minutes' ride on the electric car
from the center of the cifey, gophers
are quite troublesome here, so I
think the cat deserves a medal.
| Western Float
Big birds cannot sing.
, There are 70 telephones in Kaslo.
The town of Corbin now has one
tin lizzie.
If you have anything feo sell, put
an ad in the local paper.
The returned soldiers clnb at
Rossland has 31 members.
The Victoria policemen bad
feheir wages raised last month.
There is a woman in Nelson who
has been married seven times.
Oranges are 75 cents a dozen,
and apples 40 cents in Qupsnel.
Burton, Nakusp and Edgewood
can boast of one auto to each town.
Creston is down to one hotel.
The King George closed last month.
About 60 Kamloops boys are
now working on farms near fehat
Afe present fehe mail service in
the Boundry, is slow and unsatisfactory.
R. Anderson has closed his barber ehop in Creston, and moved to
For failing to register, two Aus^
trians in Kamloops were given six
There are no vacant houses in
Sandon, and some nights ife is hard
to get a bed.
The hospital afe Kelowua, recently received a present, of 54
dozen fresh eggs.
What has become of the old-
fashioned woman who used to cook
things in a paper bag?
There are 400,000 men in the
American navy. There will be
half a million in October.
Harry Drinkrow, a road superintendent was drowned in the
Fraser river at Qaesnellast month.
Pat Walsh, formerly of Kaslo,
is now afe Newport, Oregon, taking
out spruce  for making airplanes.
A ship recently arrived afe Boston from Egypt, having on board
mora than $7,000,000 worth of cotton.
The going of the ice on fehe
Yukon river lasfe month, caused a
great deal of damage at Dawson,
and other points.
Archie Fletcher of Nelson, and
at one time proprietor of a Kaslo
hotel, has a son practising dentistry in East Kootenay.
Wm. Scptfc died in Vernon lasfe
month, aged 75 years. For 21
years he ran the stage between
Vernon and Kelowna.
Last month 200,000 soldiers from
the United States landed in
France. The number will be
much greater this month
Some of the best potatoes raised
in B. C. lasfe year, where planted
on the 23rd of Jane. Try again if
the frost has spoiled those planted
lasfe month.
When away from home a stranger is judged by his clothes. At a
distance, a town is judged by the
style and number of the7 ads in the
local paper.
Miss Gertrude Barnhill, at one
time a school teacher, was drowned
lasfe month, while bathing in a
wafeer storage tank pf the August
Oil Co., near Bakersfield, California.
When Jonah came home and
told his wife that he had been
swallowsd by a whale, do you
think that she believed him? He
might have been drunk for three
days at some country tavern.
ft^befoftte Bdardof LecturesliiDOftfie^pthefCttUfciJ. the First
|||g||/|i||^:307; O'clock .'��� Xx
xiXX^iXixXfiXf^s   w m.:UG. 6- mmX Jra   wxm.   QRKE^WOOD^   ^ ��k;
Mark Twain on Britain
Ah! That's the Spot
Sloan's Liniment goes right to it.
Have you a rheumatic ache or a
dull throbbing neuralgic pain? You
can find a quick and effective relief
in Sloan'3 Liniment. Thousands of
ha.Ties have this remedy handy for
all external pains because lime and
time again it ha3 proven thc quickest relief.
So clean and easy to apply, too. No rubbing, no atain, no inconvenience as is tlie
cabo with plasters or ointments. If you once
use Sioan'aUninicnt. you will never be without it.
Generous eized bottles,  at a!! druggist*.
"Even if Wrong, England  Must   Be
Upheld,"  He Wrote
Xone of Mark Train's letters, idly
begun, lailcd ol final significance, and
llic perception ol the lasting verily
of llic actualities lunched upon sometimes look on lhe character oi forecast. Such a strain breaks out in a
letter written eighteen years ago lo
thc   friend   who   had    hated     equally
Kngland    upon
Sloan's    prices    not    Jncrcascd    25c    50c    $1
A Quick Relief    1
lor Headache
A headache is frequently caused
by badly digested food; thegaao
and acids resulting therefrom are
absorbed by thc blood which in
turn irritates the nerves and
causes painful symptoms called
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc. 15 to 30 drops of
Mother Selgel's Syrup will correct
faulty digestion and afford relief.
<U.- Mil   ���    ms&
witli  him  the  war  of
the  Boer republics. I
"Privately speaking, this is a sor- j
did and criminal war, and in every j
way shameful and exeuseless. l'.v- ]
cry day 1 write (in my head) bitter
magazine articles about it, but 1
have to stop that, for England must
not fail. It would remain an inundation of Russian and German political degradation, which would envelope lhe globe and sleep it in a
sort of middle age night and slavery,
which would last until Christ comes
again. Even if wrong, and she is
wrong, England must be upheld. He
is an enemy of the human race who
shall   speak  against  her now."
Is there any one presently treating or talking of the actual situation
who could more clearly and strongly divine our duly toward our motherland, often our strpmolherland, or
more strongly urge it? If this is
wisdom concerning that little wicked
war 01 England's against liberty 18
years ago, how profoundly wise, it is
concerning her war for liberty now
���her war, our war, humanity's war!
Has the truth about Germany been
said more clearly, polcnly finally?���
W. D, blowell in Harper's Magazine.
Wait for the Third Act
Her Share
and    the
The Greatest Thing  on  Earth
De-Ox-Idc is worth its weight in
gold. It Cleanses, Purifies, Dcoder-
izes, Disinfects. Xo germs or disease possible i( De-Ox-Ide is used.
Invaluable     ior       Sanitary       Closets,
nnd- ��4#. 1W.'......       ..
uib..,.^^.ia.i 1,   viuv    juk.   lil   } uui     uiu\.i:i|
Druggist,   or     Hardware     dealer,     or
.nailed   postpaid   on   receipt  oi  price.
Parliyte   Building,   Winnipeg
A Dead Game Sport
According to one of thc German
forestry journals, the kaiser, in 1908,
killed 1,995 pieces of wild game, including 70 stags, elk and roebuck. At
that time hc had slaughtered a total
of 61,730 pieces of game, more than
4,000 of which were stags, and was
the leading exterminator of wild life
in thc world. As a slaughterer of
men, women and children since 1914,
however, he has been the foremost
exterminator pf human, life in all his-
How the Row Started
Mr. Brown���I had a queer    dream
last  night,   my   dear.     I   thought     I
saw another man  .unning off    with
Mrs. Brown���And what    did    you
say to him?
Mr. Brown���I asked him what he
was running for.���Tit-Bits.
Overseas Postal Rules
A necessary caution has been circulated amongst the -Canadians in
England about thc comparative insecurity of the overseas mails nowadays. In view of lhe frequent losses
of registered mail all ranks arc
warned that money shouldn't bc sent
by mail even if registered. When
postal orders are sent by mail, care
must bc taken to fill in the name of
thc payee in order that a postal note
cannot bc made payable to bearer.
It is important that this warning
should bc noted by thc correspondents in Canada of all ranks.
The    New-found    Wealth
Tired Wife
On a clear, cool evening in the
early spring a man ou a horse crossed the ridge of a Kentucky inoun-
I tain, and, seeing a cabin in the valley, turned his horse iu that direction. The cabin was whitewashed
and clean. The mountaineer and his
family sal o\\ the pejreh. Several
children played iu the yard. Thc
stranger arrived al the gale and was
invited  iu  and   sal  down.
"Stranger," asked the mountaineer,
"are you interested iu our oil up
"Well,   no,"   said   lhe  stranger,    "I
haven't much  faith in  oil.    1   hear
these people  who suddenly strike
rich, but   1. never find them."
The old man chuckled and said: "1
am one. Yesterday 1 was poor; today 1 am rich. I was just asking my
family, now lhat we could have
things, what they would rather havc.
Now John, here, hc wants a horse,
and Molly wants a ncw dress, and
Susie says she'll take books. By the
way, wife, what would you rather
Thc old lady never hesitated a
minute. "Well"," she said, "I'm prel-
tv tired cutting wood with a dull ax;
I'll take a ncw ax."���Bubble.
Canadians Now
Eat More Fish
Minard's      Liniment
Kaiser Wanted Morocco
German    Plot    to    Murder    French
Thc Tangier correspondent of the
London Times lays bare a German
plot for ousting French and Spaniards from Morocco. It was proposed to Raisuli and other Moorish
chieftains that on the declaration oi
a German victory in France a revolution of tribes should break out in
Morocco. This revolution was to include thc massacre and extermination of subjects of all allied powers
and bc followed by a declaration of
thc independence of Morocco and
nomination of a pro-German sultan.
Whether the corn be. of old or ncw
growth, it must yield to Tlolloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest^ and best
cure offered to the public.
The Standard Flour
Hand made, fancy bread in Canada went off the market on March 15,
under the Canada food board's new.
regulations. Only standard war flour,
meaning flour about two per cent,
coarser than ordinary, may be used
for bread from henceforth.
The Road to Camp
Tommy���'Ow  far is    it      to
Native���About  five   miles   as
crow ilies.
Tommy���Well,  'ow  far more  is  it
if the crow has to walk and carry a
rifle and kit bag?���Tit-Bits.
Ready-made Medicine.���You need
no physician for ordinary ills when
you have at hand a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it is invaluable, for scalds, burns,
bruises, sprains it is unsurpassed,
while for cuts, sores, ulcers and thc
like it is an unquestionable leader. It
needs no testimonial other than thc
use, and that will satisfy anyone as
to its  effectiveness.
A Stern Reminder
More Americans than were killed
in action in the whole Spanish-American war have already met theii
death at 'he frc t in France. This
single fact is a stern remindei of the
nature of the contest we arc now
engaged in. ��� Philadelphia Public
French Testaments
assist the United States sol-
to learn French, and at lhe
time make reading. the Bible
interesting, the Bible. Society
has issued a special pocket edition of
thc Gospel of St. Mark, containing
the Gospel in French on one page
and its counterpart iu English on the
opposite page.
'Jf M
LMOST everybody is living
..under, a tense nervous
strain during these trying,
times, but the burden rests particularly heavy oil the women in
the home. Whatever their employment about the house, the
mind has much time to dwell on
the dreadful things that might
There Is nothing so wearing on the
nerves as-worry and anxiety. Nerve
force is consumed at an enormous
rate, and as the nerve cells become
starved and depleted you find yourself unable to rest or sleep. You soon
get so you can'onlysee:the dark side,
and /become;: xlown-hearted, ahd:X dis^ -:
���cpuraged;:- XX
Headaches, neuralgic pains, indigestion and failure of the vital organs
to properly perform their functions
are among the symptoms which tell
of exhausted nerves and low vitality.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will help
you if you will only give it a chance.
We know this from long experience
with this great food cure. We have
proven it by evidence published in
this paper from time to time. It only
remains for you to put it to the test.
You may wonder why people are so
enthusiastic in recommending this
treatment for the nerves. But you
will understand after you have experienced the benefits that are to be
obtained by its use.
������:;; You; will find yourself resting and
sleeping better, appetite and diges-
������tionowill improve and you will know
again the joy of good health.
1 ;;���;._.
cents a bpx-r--do; not-;'-pay.CmbreT--at:.-aii:-^e.aiers,--  or   Edmanson,  Bates & Co., Ltd.,
XX On- -every box of -the genuine; you. will find the  portrait and signature of A, W.
Chae.��V M.i>.;. the.fambusrReceipt. Book autaiijji t
Well Over  $50,000,000   Worth
keted Last Year
Thai there was an increase of over
$12,000,000 in the market value of
Canadian fish during thc year 1917,
as compared with 1916, is shown by
a .summary of the fishing results in
the Dominion for thc past year, issued by the naval department. The
summary stales that thc market value of the products of Canadian fisheries for 1917 will be well over $50,-
000,000. The chief onlributors to
the large increase were lhe provinces
of British Columbia and Nova Scotia, the former with an increase of
$8,000,000 and the latter wilh an increase of $4,000,000. The, increase
in the value of the fish, although
partly due to increased prices, is not
altogether so, for, the statement
says, there has been a greater quantity of lish produced in most of thc
Ontario shows an increase of over
$200,000 for the year. This was
largely due to the increased catch of
lake herring, which was about 80,-
000 cwts. greater than last year. Thc
catch of whitcfish, trout, and blue
pickerel suffered a decrease. In Quebec thc cod catch was greater, but
that of calmon, mackerel and herring
declined somewhat. Thc higher
prices made the value greater than
during 1916. The Prairie Provinces
increased both the value and thc
output of fish.
The Third Act of the War Drama Is
Where the Villian Gets His
"The first act is ended," says Hindenburg.
The gentleman is in error. The
second act lias ended. In thc first
act, if we have not forgotten our
melodrama, the diabolical plot is conceived,'' the villian makes his plans
and vanishes, with every prospect
from the hero's standpoint seemingly full of promise. In thc second act
the villian puts his plans into execution; the curtain falls upon the hero
about lo perish beneath au onrush-
ing train, or to Le blown to pieces by
a bomb. Vice is triumphant and thc
villian gleeful. It is this act tha'. wc
have just witnessed, with Hindenburg rubbing his hands and chuckling as he looks upon the success of
his work;
But lhc third act is thc act where
the villian "gets his."
The third act is to conic.
Wait for it.���Chicago  Post.
Two Years' Illness
Cured by Two Boxes
Benjamin Franklin
On Daylight Saving
A Suggestion Made in a Humorous
Skit a Century Ago  Is
Adopted Today
Now, when in order to profit by
thc sun's morning light, wc are commanded to advance our timepieces
one hour, the views of Franklin on
this subject, written more than a
century ago, might hc of interest.
They arc found in his well-known
"Economical Project," a humorous
but practical skit, suggested by his
observation during his French mission of the late hour of rising of his
Parisian friends. What is here quoted is taken from thc very recent
scholarly work of William Cabell
Bruce, entitled, "Benjamin Franklin
Sclf-Rcvcalcd," Volume II.:
" 'The.   Economical  Project,    is     a i
happy, combination  of    humor
prudential instruction, and was    writ
ten  about  the time  when-the  Quin
quet   lamp   was   an  object  of     gen
He Suffered From Cramps in the
Muscles and Headaches, But Now
He Is Well Again.
Lac Bouclicttc, Lac St. Jean Co.,
Que. (Special).���"I can assure you
Dodd's Kidney Pills made mc well."
So says M. Joseph Larouchc, well
known and highly respected here.
For two years hc was a sufferer from
cramps in the muscles and headaches, lie was treated by a doctor,
but got no permanent relief till he
used Dodd's  Kidney Pills.
"You may publish my statement
lhat Dodd's Kidney Pills made me
well," says Mr. Larouchc in an interview. "I was ill two years. I had
cramps in my muscles, and suffered
from terrible headaches. Two boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills cured mc."
That Mr. Larouchc's troubles came
from his kidneys is evidenced by the
fact that he found a cure in Dodd's
Kidney Pills. They are simply and
purely a kid-;/ remedy. Thc reason
they arc credited with cures of rheumatism, lumbago, dropsy, backache,
diabetes and heart disease is that all
of these were cither kidney diseases
or diseases caused by sick kidneys.
Hated Friends
Carter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vegetable remedy that always gives prompt relief in csastl-
pation. Banishes that tired feeling altogether and puts you
right over-night, stimulates the Liver gently, but quickly restoring it to full and healthy action, and the stomach aad bowels
to their natural functions.   Making life worth living.
Small Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
ROSY CHEEKS orHEALTHY COLOR indicates Iron to the Blood. Pale or
face��usualIyshowitsabBence��Aco"  f^ARTFR'Q IRON  PII T  C
ditioa which will be much helped bj   V*rVI\ 1 EjIY ij IIVW1N   AlJ_iLr_3
Who Reads Novels?
Heaven Is Just and They Get What's
Coming to Them
The fellow who buttonholes you,
or picks hairs uff your coat, and
j maybe winks a rougish sort of wink,
j isn't in it with the shoulder hitter
I and crazy bone crusher. He doesn't
j appear to bc afraid of your breaking
i away, but wants to bc confidential
i and intimate.
!     Then there is thc fellow who pcr-
i sists in  trying to keep in    front    of
' you.  He  .lccessarily crowds you    to
, ; the   edge   or the sidewalk or to the
and   wall.
His understudy is    thc    chap  who
. 1 tries  to  keep  up with    you    without
being able to get your step. Taking
about three steps to your two hc is
forever losing thc step and forever
trying to catch it. When you try to
accommodate your step to his you
arc apt to find him trying to accommodate Ids step to yours, so that
you onlv muss up a bad mess.
Don't kill  'em.      Heaven    is   just
English Author   Ascribes   Chief
terest to Women
In England lhe public of the novel
is almost exclusively feminine. Pew
men read novels, and a great many
nothing at all, except thc newspaper.
Tlicy say that they are too busy,
which is absurd when one reflects
how busy is thc average woman. The
truth is that they are slack and ignorant.
They have sonic historic reason to
despise the novel, for it is quite true
that the nineteenth century, with a
t few exceptions, such as Thackeray,
Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Dickens, Scott,
George Eliot, thc llircc-volunic novel
was trash. It dealt generally with
some theoretical Polish hero, a highborn English maiden, cruel parents,
and Italian skies. Right up to 1885
that sort of thing used to arrive every morning in a truck at thc lending library, but if it still arrives in
truckloads, it should not be forgotten
that other novels arrive, too.
That is what the men do not know.
If they read at all you will find them
solemnly taking in "The Reminiscences of Mr. Justice X. Y. Z." or
"Shooting Gazelles in Bulbullaud,"
"Political Economics," or "Economic
Politics" (it means much the same
cither way up.) All that sort of
thing���that frozen, dricd-up, elderly
waggishncss, that shallow pomp, is
mentally murderous.
Sometimes men do read novels,
mostly detective stories, sporting or
very sentimental tales. When observed, they apologize and say something about resting the brain. That
mcans that they do not respect thc
books they read, which is base; it is
like keeping low company, where
one can yawn and put one's boots on
the sofa. Now no company is low
unless you think it is. As soon as
you realize lhat and stay, you yourself grow naturalized to it. Likewise, if you read a book without fellowship and respect for ils author,
you arc outraging it.
But mankind ' is stupid, and it
would not matter very much that a
few men should read novels in lhat
shamefaced and patronizing way if
they were not so open about it If
they do not apologize, they boast
that they never read a novel; they
imply superiority. Their femiuine
equivalent is the serious-minded girl
cral public curiosity. An inquiry haying been started on one occasion in
his presence, Franklin says, as to
whether its brightness was not offset
by its lavish consumption of oil, hc
went home and to bed, three or four
hours after midnight,' with his head |
full of thc subject. At about 6 in the ,
morning he was awakened by a noise |        -    ��� ,    , . ., -
and was  surprised  to  find his room | ='-��<l U��cy get what s coming to them;   _ _  	
full of light At first he imagined maybe not as hot as you would w[10 improves her mind with a book
that he was surrounded by a.number j serve it, but they'll get it all right j iniC "Vicious Viscounts of Venice,"
of Quinquet lamps, but on rubbing There arc. tiiosc fwIio persist in; ;f shc -rcads n0Vels at all, she holds
his eyes he perceived that the light} talking when we don t want to talk, j that, like good wine, they improve
came in at the windows, and when i or to be talked lo. And there a.rc,w;tll kccp;ng alul must bc at least
he got up and looked out to sec i others, notably those who persist I'M fifty years old. By that lime the
what caused it he saw lhe sun just j talking, when we want to talk our- j frivolous author may have redeemed
rising above the horizon. His scr-! selves. It is ' difficult to say wincli hjs sills._W. L. George, in Harper's
vant had forgotten the preceding j of these is thc worse bore,
evening to close  the shutters.   Look-j ; ..���,
"Did your late, employer  give  you !
a testimonial?"
"Yes, but    it    doesn't seem  lo me
anv good."
"What did  he.say?"
"Hc said��� I-was one of the best incn
his firm had ever turned out."
ing at his watch and finding that it
was but 6 o'clock, and still thinking
it something extraordinary that the
sun should rise so early, hc consulted
an almanac and ascertained that it
was just thc hour for sunrise on that
day, and, moreover, he learned from
the almanac that the sun would rise
still earlier every day till toward the
end of June! His readers, he was
sure, would be as .much, astonished
as he was when they beard that_ the
sun rises so early, and especially
when hc assured them that it gives
light as soon as it rises. Hc was
convinced of this. He was certain of
his. fact. One could not be more, certain: of any-fact..-;. Oil repeating his
observation : the three following
mornings, he found always precisely
the  same, result.  ...
"On the strength, of there facts,
Franklin enters upon a scries of
elaborate -calculations to demonstrate
that, between the 20th.of March" and.
flic 20th of ..September the Parisians,
because of their habit . of preferring
candlelight in the evening to sunlight in the nioniing, had consumed
64,0.ib;()!!0' pounds ol" candles, ��� -which.'
at an average price of 30'sols, per
pound-,; made 9f>,<l.7.\0()()':-liyrc!* ' tuor-
liois. An iinimnsc-smii! 'lhal.tip: city
of Paris might save every year by
the economy- of using sunshine instead of candles! to say-; nothing ;.of
the. period  oi tho  year  (hiring   which
Ask for Minard's and take no Other.
da v:
an:  ��� hortcr.
ibis   disenyerv.
I place
���'raiiklin   fur-
demanded     n< ilher.
1 xch"-ivc     privilege
j-aid   that   h
,     pirn-ion,
j nor  any   other  reward  whatever..   Ilc|
wa>. looking onlv  to tin-  honor of  it. j
Hc  would  not  deny,  when     he     was
assared by little, cm ions minds, that
the unci* 111 <  knew   that  lhe  sun "rises
at certain houi��.    'I hey, too, possibly
had almanacs, but il does not  follow
tint they knew lhat  it  gives  Ikdil  as !
soon as it ri-u>.    That was what lie:
claimed  ns   his   discovery.       It . was
certainly unknown to the. modi ri-s,.lit ;
least lo ihe Parisian'-; vJiich. to prove:,
he   need   um-   but   one   plain,     simple..1
argument.     Jt  vi.'iq   impossible  lhal   a '���
people   as   well   instructed,   judicious, |
and prudent  as  any in   the world,"all ;
professing   to  be   lover1,   of -economy. ���
and   subject    to     onerous;  .taxation, 1
should  have  li\cd   so     loiig;by    the J
snioky, imwholi some  and'? enormously expensive light of candles, if thcy
had  really  known   that   they     might
have as much pure light  of  thc sun
for  nothing."
.- X'
Minard's Li.iimcnt  Co., Lid.
Gents,���I have used your Minard's
Liniment .in  my. family and.also    in
my stables for years and consider it
the best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly,
Proprietor  Roxton  Pond  Hotel   and
.'" ��� Livery Stables'.   .
The Inflation of
Farm Land Values
The True Index Is the   '. Profit    per
. Bushel in Marketing Farm.
.-...'..'   Products
A prominent financial paper refers
io the "inliation of farm lauds." '.In-,
liation of this sort'might he.hard to
prove, hut ii values are set according to the' profit-producing capacity
.'.���!'��� the farm, it should .mil b'c difficult'.
A favorable resort of those' who
would prove agriculture's, -prosperity,
is that of. taking the present price of
farm 'product;, and comparing it with
the price of a few years ago. At
once, it is assumed, the. wonderful
prosperity  of  agriculture  is  proven.
This i* far from being the case.
The true index is the-profit'per bushel, or pound, or ton, or dozen, or
whatever-.unit.-o.i'-. measurement is ns-
ed 'i:i.:-,ui.arl;etiii'g' farm products.' -.So
far' few. Ii:;ve ; had thi' hardihood" "^ id!
i-iiibai'k ;;'-io!r comparisons-- 01; . iliis
sort. "' '.'.._���
���   Inlla! ism   1 f ;.f;irm'-values', caniiii'l/b.;-.
Got His Money's Worth
The conductorcss on an .English
street car had punched thc ticket,
and, with t :i touch of haughtiness,
was handing it tp thc young man.
"But miss, I did not get full value
with thc ticket; I did not have the
pleasure pf hearing the bell ring"
(the.punching usually rings a bell).
She eyed him for a moment and
then replied: "Sec here, young man,
your penny pays for your car ride;
the corporation don't guarantee orchestral accompaniments."
It Is r. Livei- Pill.���Many of the
ailments that man has to contend
villi have their origin in a'disorder-.
1 liver, which is a delicate organ,
cculiarly susceptible lo thc disturbances.lhat Vfjiiie from irregular habits or l.-ivk of care in. eating and
drinking. This'accounts' for the great
���many liver regulators now pressed ou
the attention of sufferers. . Of these
there is none superior to Parmclcc's
Vegetable Pills. Their opera tion
though gentle is effective, and the
most   delicate  can  use. them.   .
Not a Day To Be Lost
Time for Everybody to Drop Futite
Thc new measures lo bc applied in
Great Britain arc drastic in thc extreme, and Americans have only to
imagine thc drafting of men up to 5'J
years of age, and the total withdrawal from industry of men of 25 or under, to realize the burden which
Great Britain has assumed. To assume the new burden was necessary,
partly because Russia has dropped
out, partly because America has not
yet fully come in. It is time for
everybody in this country, politicians
included, to drop futile squabbles and
concentrate on winning the war.
Some can fight, some can build ships,
sonic can buy bonds. Neither in
fighting nor in industry,- nor in finance has this great and powerful
nation begun to extend itself. Its
strength will tell more heavily every
day, but there is not a day to bc
lost. Even stronger than Lloyd
George's appeal to America for haste
is his plain statement of the sacrifices which Great Britain must make
because \vc are not yet ready.���From
the Springfield Republican.
The Strength That   Comes   in
Fight With Back to the Wall
Trust the battle line of England,
the Indomitable! Of all the peoples
of history, none more than the English have shown the strength that
coincs in the fight with back to the
wall. The last ditch is where England fights best and there she will
fight ���'best. today if forced to it by
the most tremendous military pressure the world "has ever known.
Thank God our boys are fighting at
her side, even if it be but a few oE
them. May they carry to her the
assurance of our faith and. glory in
her. May they sweep aside the ancient prejudices that have made us
grudge England her fair meed of
trust.and honor.���Chicago Post.
To Increase Next
Year's Production
Spies by Submarine
Like Sir Roger Casement, the two
German agents who were landed by
submarine on thc coast of Greece
have been caught and executed. In
thc early days of the war the spy
coming and going .by Ur.boat was. a
familiar figure in sensational; fiction,
and very likely the thingTiasi happened oftcner than wc know.rr-From
thc Springfield Republican.   :>,-..;
Manitoba Department of Agriculture
to Encourage Breaking More
Land '     -
Hon.   Yaleniine  \Yinkler     has    announced    that   the provincial  department of    agriculture     is     about      to
launch  a .''campaign  of land  breaking
among   the  .-farmers     of     .Manitoba,
which, it is  anticipated,  will increase
the   wheat  production   of   1919  bv  3,-
(iOO.OIX) bushels.    A '���booster-'- will be
appointed in every provincial    riding
who  will  go  among  the  farmers    ot
his -constituency   and     seek     tb     en-
ci'itiriige^eve.ry-.laii'd  owner   to,.- break
i ircun. five" to":teif r'aeres . at. the ; least
||lii.s  suiiiincr."   .New-   breaking  always
I gives -a" bc'i'U-.r. "crop, than   old -    land
���and ii. tiie  51,000  I'.ii'iiiers  of  lhe   pro-
l.vinee -respond .'llie -a'ddi dc wheat' yield
will   h;v.V-nuniiuus.
It is calculated that even if some
farmers Cannot do any breaking,
many "others will .turn over large
areas and the average will be . .at
least five acres each. -This;.; would
mean a; total' of 250.U00 acres which,
at a yield "'of.-;'2Q bushels per. acre,
would produce:^ lhe five��� million bushels,. o'F;':.added-;' wheat;7 c.rpp^ .':.Sudiv:���':���'��� ;i
boost -to ;"" production ������would'Cibc'.-iiiost
comforting/ to; the allies ;and .the "empire "next ycai% : cvViT.rif tlie: war .'is
over, it is declared by:lhe::provincial
; .Tion. Mr.- Winkler'....said-: .thatahe
federal government . would ..share
the expense of the ..campaign ou a
fifty-fifty basis.
Overcome the worst enemies
of leather���water and dirt���
by using
"Lengthens leather life"   .
Softens oid harness, leaves it
pliable and waterproof, prevents cracking and breaking
of stitches, doubles the life of
new harness.   ;
MICA     ���
"Use half as much as any other"
Gives the effect of roller
bearings. The mica flakes
work into the pores and
crevices of the axle and the
grease holds.them there. Mica
Grease v prevents hot boxes,
locked wheels and screeching
axles. Saves wear and tear
on horses, harness and
wagons. "Best thing on
Sold in starriaril sized ;i:\.-kagps by live
��� -: .dealers everywhere..
;au; cities ;
Nothing can equal Baby's Own
Tablets as a medicine for little ones.
Tlicy arc a laxative, mild but thorough j- action, and never fail to relieve constipation, colic, colds and
simple fevers. Once a mother has
used therii shc will use nothing else.
Concerning them Mrs.' Salustc Pcllc-
licr, St. Danias des Aulnaies, Que.,
writes:���"I always keep a box of
Baby's Own Tablets in the house.
They are thc best medicine I know
of for little ones ;.nd I would not be
without them." The Tablets arc sold
by medicine dealers- or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
:���: 1
���-��� \
W.     St.     It     1208 '?v-;-*;iS^.w;Mwji?3'��*i::vSS>Jl
JCHB1   JiBDCtB,    flEEEWVOOD,    & &
YOU  should have   at  least  $2,500 of Life =
Insurance.   Write to-day for pamphlet of =
the new Excelsior 5
(Agents  Wanted in  Unrepresented  Districts') ~
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
A fterglow "
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
. has been lighted and blown
Look for thc words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
1'rcvious     experience'   has     shown
that there arc few  of the  phases  of,.   ...    .    .  .
farm work thc older boys cannoi * ubhc Opinion,
accomplish. Their main worth, perhaps, lies in the fact that by attending to the chores, looking after feeding and milking of cows, weeding
and such other lighter-but necessary
farm work, they release the regular
farm   labor .for  the    more  strenuous
A Voice Wanted
Are Men Who Have no Fixed Point
of Truth or Honor >
Words  still   fail  lo  tell  thc     daily I
tale   of   woe   which   those     who     do!
things  in     the     name    of     (Iennany \
bring lo  th.e  world.    Devilish as  are j
their   physical   cruellies   even      more '
cruel   and   terrible   seem   to -be     the
mental   tortures   which     they     indict
upon  the   world.    For  they  arc  men
who havc no fixed point of truth or
honor, and  their deeds and  thoughts
arc   an   insult   lo   thc   world's      common    good-ess.      Strangely    enough j
there  seems  no voice  among  the al- <
lies able to scorch with prophetic ut- j
���Icranci   and   to     shame    before     the !
world these  representatives   of    Gcr-1
many  who  ot  thc  throne and in  its I
parliament and press and pulpit daily
kill  all  that    civilization    has     won. :
These   attack"   on   truth   go   by     dc- I
fault.    They  arc accepted  in  silence.
And   yet  as   thc   Ftcrnal   Iivetli     the
men   who  utter  these   things  and  so
defy  Him  shall  answer  for  them   at 1
some  great  tribunal.    Shall   not    th
Judge   of   all   the   earth   do   right?-
Over 500 British soldiers at the
front have sent in their names for
after-war training for thc chinch.
Wretched from Asthma.    Strength
of body and vigor  of mind are    in-
farm tasks. Reports of work done evitably impaired by the visitations
last year show that thc Soldiers of! of asthma. Who can live i.ndcr the
llic Soil looked after thc hoeing, bar-   cloud of  recurring attacks  and   keep
\Toed:s Phaqfho&inti
Th* Great English Remedy.
Tons* and inrigorates tha irhow
nervou* lystem. makes new Blood
in old Veim, Vurit J\'ervou*
Vebility, Mental and Brain Worn/, LKspotu
tenet/, t.os* 0/ Knetw, Palpitation cf thi
peart, Failinc Memory. Fries tl per box. ��!t
for $8. Ona trill please, als will cure. Sold by all
Iraf gists or mailed in plain pkj. on receipt of
fees. Knopnmphlttmaile&frce. THE WOOD
MEDICINE CO..TQR0HT0.CUT. (fiiauh Wlitoj
rreat iucce��s, cukes chromic weakness, lost vigoi
rouoera co, w. beekman st.new vorkorlvh\n dro��
toronto. write for free book to dr. le clero
Hed.Co.HavkrstockRd.Hampsvead. London, Eno.
We pay the Highest
Market Price lor
Our facilities enable us to give quick
service  to country  shipments.     Immediate cash settlement.
Winnipeg,  Man.
rowing, lighter seeding, weeding,
raking, mowing, planting, . churning,
and delivery of cream and milk, general farm chores, feeding of all live
slock, and thc letters received from
farmers who had these older boys
assisting them toll not only of the
good work done but also of the desire of these same farmer t^ have
the boys help another year.
Thc productive capacity of. 25,000
boys oh thc farm, according to authority, should bc equal to at least
five million bushels of wheat, if wc
take the labor of one boy as equal
to the cultivation of ten. acres ot
wheat at twenty bushels to thc acre;
which calculation it would appear is
Many mothers have reason to bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has relieved the little ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
Start a Club in your town, where the
young people   can
How the Kaiser Raises Money
Invitations to Court Functions Could
Be Bought by Anyone Who
Cared to Pay the Price
Some    piquant revelations    of  the
kaiser's    efforts   to raise money   for
himself    arc    given    by   Miss Edith
Keen, wdio spent seven years at the
j German court.
Miss Keen was engaged eight years
ago as a dresser to Princess Leopold
of Prussia; .''c German empress's
sister, and during her service she met
many great personages of the court,
including the All-Highest himself.
She only returned to England after
great difficulty. "You know too
much!" she was told.
In 1908, writes Miss Keen, the
kaiser was petting into financial difficulties. Many of the household accounts had not been paid for some
years. The kaiser had a heavy personal overdraft at his bankers.
"Ultimately, the kaiser relieved
himself of all his pecuniary embarrassments by thc sale of some of the
royal estates at Potsdam.
"It w;.s at this time that thc habit
sprang up at thc German court of
very wealthy people paying large
sums to obtain for their daughters
some sort of a position about thc
court, either as a maid-of-honor or
the    empress.   I
body ai.d mind at their full efficiency?
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dissipates tlie cloud by removing thc
cause. It docs relieve. It docs restore thc sufferer to normal bodily
trim and mental happiness.
Relief Instantaneous, Healed
With 3 Cakes of Soap and
2 Boxes of Ointment.
"I was very much  annoyed  by an
Irritation ou my back.    1 found out I
had a had case of eczema.
My back was in a very bad
shape,   and   my  clothing
irritated so that thc skiii
became very sore.    I sent
forCuticnra Soap and Oint-
ST\yXX^jf ' ment.    Relief was instan-
Aj<X ft    taneous and with thc use of
ii/ V '      three   cakes   of   Cuticura
Soap  and   two  boxes of
Ointment I was healed."   (Signed)   li.
I'. Grosch, Y. M. C. A., St. Catherines,
Ont., July 4, 1917.
For hair and skin health Cuticura
faoap and Ointment are supreme.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
tioston, U. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
The Lost Provinces
No Cattle Embargo
No Such Action Contemplated by U.
S. Government on Canadian
Inquiry by the Canadian Press based on rumors from western Canada
lhat the United Stales contemplates
placing restrictions on the shipment
of ealtle from Canada into llie United States, brought the reply from
Washington that no .such action was
contemplated, at least for the present. Washington officials expressed
some curiosity as to the origin ol
the report, and intimated that, so far
as they knew, no embargo was in
contemplation. The last list of articles placed under restriction, on
April 1, made iio reference to livestock.
Gas Blev/ Back
Prussian  Guards Got Dose  of Their
Own Medicine
Advices received from Germany
say four regiments of Prussian
Guards suffer ed severely from their
own gas in an attack on Armetiiieres
when  thc  wind   shift cil  suddenly  au-
blew gas  back in  their  faces.
In order that people may not be
alarmed at seeing so many men of
crack regiments blinded hy gas, orders have been given to remove the
shoulder straps aud other identification marks from the victims before
they are sent back to the base hospitals.
Purely Herbal���Ho poisonous coloring
I Antiseptic���Stops blood-potsog
Soothing���Ends pain and smarting, etc
i Pure���Best for baby's rashes.
Heals all sores.
50c. lox.   All Dntgglsh ana Stores
An Eye to  Trade
i lie had been fishing patiently for
several hours million: a bite when a
.small urchin strolled up.
| ''Any luck, mister?" he called out.
I "Run away, boy," growled the ang-
; ler, in gruff tones.
| "Ko offence, sir," said the boy, as
Ihe walked away, "only 1 just wanted
I to say that my father keeps a iish
j shop down lo lhe right, sir."���Pitts-
i burgh  Chronicle-Telegraph.
Indians Are In
Big Food Drive
j Fall in With Commissioner Graham's
Plans   Enthusiastically
Preparations for coir.w.encirig operations on the home production
farm, under the direction of thc department of Indian affairs, are progressing rapidly. Six tractors have
been shipped from Regina to nearby
points where thc farms will be rnain-
  taincd. Liiiiik houses and cook houses
T ,      _ . : are no��  in process of construction at
Let the Germans Have It Right   in'these points.
For  Sale  by all  Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
Working Like Niggers
i Minard's   Liniment    Used  by Physi
i cians.
Shall Know the Worst
This offensive is giving us Germany's measure, with Russia entirely
out of thc war. When it is over we
shall know the full and extreme limit of Germany's striking power.���The
Springfield  Republican.
How   to   loosen   a tender com
or callus so it lifts out .
without pain
Let folks step on your feet hereafter; wear shoes a size smaller il
you like, for corns will never "again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according io this Cinciimat.
He says that a few drops of a
drug called freezonc, applied diiectly
upon a tender, aching corn, instantly
relieves soreness, and soon thc entire corn, root and all, lifts right
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the coin or callus without even irritating the surrounding
A small bottle of freezonc obtain sJ
at any drug store will cost very little
i but   will    positively     remove    every
hard or soft com of-callus from one's
If your druggist hasn't stocked
this ncw drug yet, tell him to get <t
small bottle, of freezonc for you Ironi
his wholesale drug house.
102-104 Adelaide   St.  W..   Toronto
gather. We build
���mall tables for
home*, and ' larger ones  ior  pub*
lie rooms. Equip-  lady-in-waiting    to .
!D.ent_.fre-,:-Wrif!  beard that in the season, of 1910 four
court appointments brought in  ��35,-j
000 for the empress. -    {
"It was told by thc Princess Leo-
think     of
Friend���What do    you
that cigar I gave you?
Trooper���There's  something  about
it that's suggestive of a general.
Friend���How's   that?
Trooper���It's  rank.
us   at    oncy   for.
full particular!.
When baying your Plane
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
How he could disappear j
Till they noticed the hole in the roof.
Alsace and Lorraine    Long    for Re- j There was a young man
union  With  France !        "Spoof,"
Arc  Alsace  and  Lorraine    in    tlic'Wli�� tickled a mule in the hoof.
German   confederation  against    their!     A"1-'}' _s:ud !t. w:ls CIL,CC1'
will?    Yes.    The proofs?    Here lliey
arc:   (1)   Proceedings    of  the    reich-
stag from  1871 to 1914 inclusive;  (2)
editorials  and  news   columns   of   the
papers    of    Strassburg,    Mulhauscn, |
Colmar and Mclz,    which fairly rep-I
resent the whole of Alsace-Lorraine: j
(3)   the    testimony    of    ecclesiastics, j
Catholic and    Protestant    alike,  who ;
know the  feeling of the people;   (4)
lhc attitude of the land  owning and
industrial  hourge'ois    class;   (5) ^thc
widespread refusal of all young Alsatians and Lorraincrs of all classes, in
thc fac    of exile, confiscation of property and death, to serve in thc German armies.
1 have resided in Turkey among
the Armenians, and have been eyewitness of massacies. And yet 1 say
that contemporary history records no
more pitiful, no more heartrending
martyrdom than that of the people
of Alsace-Lorraine under German
rule. For they have had to will to
suffer.    1  wish it were in  my power
the Neck Every Time \
"On,  Welshmen,  on!"  These   tlnil-
lling  words  occur in a  stirring  letter
we    called!11'0111 the front describing a Canadian
! officer's  death.   "It   was   as   peaceful
as a graveyard and nobody
Indians at the Assiniboia reserve
recently font a delegation to wait
upon Commissioner \V. M. Graham,
and before they left the city arrangements had been made by them for
the  purchase  of three tractors.    Thc
,,���. ���     , y "J!,c,clcl: | Indians arc financing the deal  them-
what was going to happen    W.ll.ou   | sdvcs  and wi!1  ]nakbc all    lhcir own
.cuts for  operating the   ma
in the Spring Most People  Need   a
Tonic Medicine
One of the surest signs that thc
blood is out of order is thc pimples,
unsightly eruptions and eczema that
comc frequently with the change
from winter to spring. There prove
that thc Ion;; indoor life of winter
has had its effect upon the blood,
and that a tonic medicine is needed
to put it right. Indeed there arc tew
people who do not need a tonic at
this season. Bad blood does not
merely show itself in disfiguring
eruptions. To.this same condition is
due attacks of rheumatism and lum-
.   . bago;   the sharp stabbing    pains    of
to forget some of the stories told mc sciatica and neuralgia, poor appetite
by all classes of Alsations, thc situ-[and a desire to avoid exertion. Yoii
pic record of their family life. if cannot cure these troubles by the
one  wants to realize the hciiiousncss i use of purgative medicines���you need
thc least  warning the  earth iarran
to tremble and rock, then sudclciily | ^liines
appeared to crack into two parts. Largc arcas of ,and arc constan(Iv
Out of the rent was belched up .'J j being leased by the department for
cloud   of debris,  and   trenches     and  gra2jIlg- and agricultural  purposes in
of thc peace of Frankfort, thc ah
sence of the quality of mercy in
German official classes, the perversion of natural instincts of German
impcr.ilists, let him talk to fathers
ai.d mothers and wives and children
among cultivated Alsatians and Lorraincrs. Let him listen to the young
men who havc not been able lo
escape wearing thc helmet that is at
the same time thc brand of shame
and  the badge of slavery.
To the boys, as they grow to adolescence, German rule has meant either Wearing the uniform of the haled
conqueror or a life of exile far from
loved ones. The girls have no choice,
Born and raised in an atmosphere of
grief, if they have* married, it has
been with the prayer-that God would
spare them the anguish of having
I am not exaggerating. Any Alsatian whose family believed . .hat tlie
higher patriotism was staying in the
country and submitting to the Germans would assure you that hell is
not loo strong a word to describe his
life. One mother told mc that shc
gave up all her sons when they
reached lhc age of 13, and has never
had them in her home since; another,   in   the   presence   of   her
a tonic, and a tonic only, and among
all medicines there is none can equal
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for their
tonic, life-giving, ncrvc-rcstoring
powers. Every dose of this medicine makes new, rich blood which
drives out impurities, stimulates every organ and brings a feeling _ of
new health and energy to weak, tired
ailing men, women and children. If
you arc out of sorts give this medicine a trial and see how quickly_ it
will restore the appetite, revive
drooping spirits, and fill your veins
with new, health-giving blood.
You can get these Pills from any
medicine dealer or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
froui The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Out.
Province Would
Change Name
You can peel your corns off, lift
pold that one lady. paid, the German j them out by lhe roots, do it without
empress ��10,000 to bc allowed to ac-I pain and quickly, too, if you first ap-
company the kaiscrin' to the British i ply. a few drops of Putnam's Corn-
court on the occasion of the last vis-j Extractor.  Putnam's  shrivels  up   the
corn, makes it look like dead skin,
uproots it completely. The beauty
about Putnam's Extractor is this���it
acts   without   pain���does    it's     work
.it of  thc en ocror and  empress
I Windsor Castle.
!    "Royal warrants were sold at high
figur<     as much asf ��1,000 being paid (
bv some  trade   lcn  for a    warrant,  quickly . and costs but a quarter
Buy  your  out  ot   town  supplies with  Do
minion   Express    Money   Orders. Five   do I
lars ��osts three tents.
though some o them never, as a
matter of fact, got any royal custom.
"Invitations to great court functions and ceremonies could be
bought by ; nyonc 'who cared to pay
the price for this 1 onor.' A thousand
pounds was .thc usual fee for an in
Machine Gunners Task vitation."
A higher degree of physical fitness is lcqiiired in the machine gunner than in the soldier of any other
branch of thc army. Size is not so
important as good, health and muscular strength.    The .machine gunner
must be capable .of carrying his. gun,   ,���,������.���   ���lu   ���,���������  ��� ^    ���.
crawling on his hands and knees  with j il  the system.    Hall's Catarrh  Cure  was.oie-' ^cais
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
any  dru.g  store   in
the  land.    Get it
In the Vegetable Garden
Sunflower Can Be Usee, as Fertilizer,
Fuel and Fodder
Thc discovery of the economic
value of the sunflower, a native of
tins coun.ry, is. chiefly due to <�� foreign people, says Koyal Dixon in
The Mother's Magazine for April...In
.Ktissia  today  the   sunflower.has.be-
mtli     LOCAL     Al'i'LlCAl IONS,     as   chej
.annot  icacli  the seat ot  the disease.   Catarrh
li  t,  local  disease,  greatly  influenced   by  ton-
<tiiutiou.il  conditions, and iu order to cur* it .       , ,...., ,.
fou'.intiit   uke   an   internal   remedy.      Hall's   COIUC   one     Ot  .  the   chief  producls   ol
Catarrh     Cure  is   taken     internally, and  acti'  agricultural  .sources. '-.-.- Until   recent
Ih.outJll   the   blood;; on ..the   mucous   .mlace* I vt,nr<!   Ulc   gunll0^cr   has   bcc���
New Brunswick    Historical
Asks That Acadia Be
The Ncw Brunswick Historical Society has unanimously adopted.a resolution asking thai the name of the
young province be changed to Acadia. It is
daughters, said she would rather scc:sot forth that the i resent namc is dc-
Ihein prostitutes than married to ���\c<[ from a German state, that thc
Germans; another, that when licr'jprciix "new" is not scientific since
husband was dying, the son, on. the I ]H) country-remains new, and that
French side of the frontier, climbed ��� nu.rc js ,i0 resemblance physically
a high tree m the Vosges to try to ��� bd-ivccn the European and lhe Cana-
ook down into the valley of his' |ja��� Brunswick. The old name of
home town. Hc knew, and m the,Acadia, adopted by the French from
mad frenzy of his grief tried to slip' t|le lmii;ins and applied to New
by the German guards. But they | p,r,inswick, xova Scotia and part ot
turned him back.���Herbert Adams ! ^ainc is represented to be the logical
Gibbons, in the Century .Magazine. j.natnc .for the province: Jt is historical, it is musical and is not Ger-
.   I'lllHIl.'
I Of course; the German association
In-��� is   the   real   trouble;   New   Brunswick
I was not named from any relation
that the place or people had with thc
other Brunswick.     The     name   was
l probably  intended  as    a  compliment
i     inii-i       '    ��� .i   *.. rwn urn ��� to  the   British     dynasty.       But     Mr.
Jn   1911   Japan   unporcd   6s 000,00,), WatcrI)ttrk   wIlo  -1IIOV��(l  thc  rcsolu.
pencils,    most,  of which came irom : {i<)|i jn Sl   }oh^ poilU_cd. out/that the
j king  was getting  rid  of his   German
anything likely to give cover disappeared as though by a wave of the
magic wand of some fairy queen.
Thc new arrivals hardly knev what
to make of it. The older ones knew
at once.
"Thc first man to go clown was
thc officer at thc head of thc leading
company. Pie was struck with a bullet and dropped on his face. Turning on his :;ide he supported himself on an elbow, and called out
cheerily as quoted above. The Fusiliers answered with a Iicart3r cry.
'We'll do that sir,' and then they
closed   with  the   Huns.
"The bomb fight was probably thc
most thrilling part of thc whole business. Thc daring of the men was
wonderful, and they didn't forget to
let the Germans have it right in thc
neck every time. Some Huns were
working a nichinc gun like niggers.
Up came our bombing party, and before thc enemy could say 'Hoch,' a
couple of bombs, nicely planted had
sent men, g" n and ammunition into
the air."
grazing and agricultural purposes
Alberta and Saskatchewan. Individuals and delegations are steadily
coming in to confer with Commissioner Graham in regard to the leasing of these lands.
Wise and experienced mothers
know when tlicir children arc troubled with worms aud lose no time in
applying Miller's Worm Powders,
thc most effective vermifuge that can
be used. It is absolute in clearing
the system of worms and restoring
those healthy conditions .without
which there can be no comfort for
the child, or hope of robust growth.
It is the most trustworthy of worm
He Couldn't Afford It
Tax on Toil
The Most Stupendous Exhibition   of
Retributive Justice
"Tax laws, unjust and unfair tax
laws, havc been the source of more
misery, more agony, though often
voiceless, and finally, more bloodshed and slaughter, than any other
form  of  legislation
A negro who had an injured head I j"1"1 u/ '��B����"������ to which men
entered a doctor's , office. ��Hc���0i ! have given :.ieir efforts, lhe un
Sam!    Got cut again, I  see."
"Yes, sail!    I  done got carved  up
with a razor, doc."
"Why don't you keep out of bad
company?" said thc physician, after
hc had dressed the wound.
'"Deed I'd like to, doc, but I ain't
got 'nuff money to git a divorce."-���
Vancouver Province.
Peneils From Japan
The  Creation  of  a  Lead   Pencil
dustry  in Japan
An untliGUglit-o[. result of the war
has been th.e  creation  of a lead pen- j'
cil  industry.-, in japan.
equal burdens of    government,    distributed unjustly by  those in power,
have been the undermining influence
of governmental    organization    time
and  time again.    It  was  the  refusal
of the king    to    listen to    his great
finance     minister,      Turg-ot,     which
brought    on thc French    revolution.
Turgdt  said  to  the king,  'I will  redistribute these taxes.      I    will take
off thc taxes on  the neccssaies    of
life,  the taxes    which    arc  crushing
your peasantry and  reducing 90 pel
cent of your people to p    =rty and
drudgery,    and   breeding    discontent
and disloyalty everywhere, and I will
lay it on tlie great estates, the wealth
which    surrounds    you.'      The    king
was pleased, for, while Louis did not
have a  great mind, he had u. bettct
heart  than   it    is    usually  given    tc
kings to possess.    Hc told thc min;
ister  to   proceed.     The  minister  die
not    proceed    far,    however.      Th��
wealthy estates  demanded an    audi-
fence with  the king on the    question
!of   taxes. . They  asserted  they  were
J too licavil3r taxed; that it would crip-
.  /iple his kingdom and destroy its pres-
-'���'' ! tige.      The  king listened,     wavered;
There is no hope of getting rid of j and in that wavering lost  his    head
disfiguring skin blemishes umil    the | Turgot _ was    'dismissed,    the    laxei
blcod i;- pur-red of every trace of his- i were, distributed  as   of  old,    hungei
clean matter. '| and.'want, and  crime.came    together
Wonderful results follow    the use land executed  their wild    system    oi
of Dr.  Hamilton's -Pills  which    pro-! justice, and lords    and   satellites anc
vide the blood  with  llic'elements  it! kings paid the forfeit of their crime
I needs to become  rich and ted. j The French revolution was the most
j Quickly indeed the blood is: stupendous exhibition of ret: ibiitivi
| bro'ugliw to normal strength, is-filled j justice in tlu history of the iitimac
with  nutrition,  is  given    power     to j race, and  its origin, it:  source    anc
Bribe for Marriage
To encourage matrimony the food
-authorities at Bonn, Prussia, have offered to each couple which marries
and settles in the town the following
prize: Thirty pounds of potatoes, two
pounds of coffee, substitute, two
pounds of flour, two pounds of oatmeal, .five pounds of sugar, two
pounds of fat, and ten eggs.
Chronic Skin Disorders
Now Overcome Quickly
it; or running with it if need be.
Keep    Minard's
Liniment    in    the
Crosses on Mount of Olives ;
Iii a letter from. Jerusalem, telling
of a lour of inspection of the Red
Cross units with General Allenby's
forces, Mrs. Kdith H...Phillips says:
"They must have made a magnificent, fighi all up the hilllsides, especially Nebi riamwil. There are
numerous, little crosses on the mountains. Those oil the Mount of Olives
look sad, but wonderfully impressive." ��� :_...���
Nebi Samwil has thc traditional
tomb of the prophet Samuel and is
identified with Mizpah, the city of
i :cnbctl by one el tlie best physicians ;u this
' rountry for years. It is composed ot some
ot the best tonics known,, combined with
Some ot the best blood purifiers. The per-
tcct couibniitio.i of. tlie ingredients in Hail's
Catarrh Cute is what produces such wonder*
fill results in catarrhal conditions. Send lor
tdtmiouinls,  tree.
F.'J.  CIIKNKY   &  CO.,   Props.,  Toledo.  O.
All  Druggists,  75c
Hall's   1-uuuly   1'ills for  constipation.
The Hard Part
;  "How you gcltin'  on    wiil    youah
'rithmetic. Lou?"
"Well, 1 done learned to add up de
oughts, but de figgers bo.dder mc."���-
Boston. Transcript. .
Lord Rhondda, British food controller, says the food situation for
the allies will, bc most difficult during the next, two months.
in this- country chiefly as. an ornament and fc .��� its seeds, . which were
used for poultry and bird food; The
cultivation of this plant oh a commercial. scale"'now forms the latest
industry that has engaged the attention of the'department of agriculture.
Already it:lias been proved that the
sunllower can be grown not only
successfully, but also with great profit for fuel, fertilizer aiu' fodder over
verv extensive area's, in the United
rtn Indication   ���
Miss  Ifovvclls���I   wonder    if
gentleman across the street can
me sing?
Her Friend���I  think so, dear;  lie's
just  closed   his     window.���FeUrboro
America and Germany.    But .>*��� tit th
opening  of.    the.  luiropeMi     conflict.1
German-.sources  of supply were    em
off  and  >:ative   manufacturers.: .... who.'.
iiad'b'ccii producing only iu comparatively. small   quantities," seized     tlicir
opportunity and .made'thc most of. it..)
In 1914 Japan exported over y,-'|
000,000. pencils; and iu 1916- the 'ii'um- j
bcr had. increased  to. 168,000,000.   '���".'!
There    is   strong    indication    'that-
inany . of. the . markets   won  by.    the :
Orientals.'will  be  held  by  them  alter
the war, for lliey have' lhe advantage
of   very   cheap .labor. ' .   Most   of. lhe
lead7 which they use is imported  from:
India iiiul  Lnglaiid.
The God of His Ancestors-;
i drive out of the system the humors
; that cause rashes, pimples, i-.sty
I complexion and kindred ills. Don't
i delay. . Get Hamilton's Pills today;
j they go to work at once and give
prompt results". Mild, efficient, safe
I for-men and women or childi . Get
'a 25c box today from any dealer.
its moving force were, the unjust tai
laws of. France.���New,York  Call.
Hamburg claims to be proud of iln
fact that in ten days 5,829 of iti
1,000,000 odd citizens deposited ovei
20,095 ornaments of gold, including
115.45 jewels, of a total value of $425,*
-i^. ���,     .,      ,.,.   ,-,. w. 11*00   for   the   imperial   bank's   melting
geographical  titles    and    that was a | ClOSC 10 tlie iH lgfltlllg LmeS [ pot.
���precedent in favor of the change he
prop<)M-d.--I-Yoni llie ''Vancouver,' :1)
I'.,  I'rovinee.
German  Kaiser  Is. Faithful _..to.
God of His /Grandfather's"'
The. kaiser's message;:.'��� tn'ihe
press���'"l.-y the :jr;iee .'.of/.. God.:,
batile lias been."woiii. i.'l he- Lord
gloriously aided;-. .May. lie/.fur
help"���u ill bring lo -lhc -minds.
niany:'t.h.e' pious., messages- which
grand father,- William I., "sent- in.
I'.Jiipre.ss .Aiumsla in the -Var- of' 1S7:). ;
These were -'parodied by an I'.nglisii .
writer  in   the   following   riiyni'-: ' .'���
The  Lord  i>c .-praised,  niy'dear Au-.
7:        gust;i. . '";
We've  had 'another' awful  buster.   ���'���
Ten   thousand -Fn-nch   \vc_\c     sent
.:hclowv. X.-x:-....      ., X
Praise  God -from; whom   : all   bles---,
..'   sings ��� iio w.-":)': v-;.- ��� '.' '. '��� \
.William  IT. is faithful to the   God!
his  grandfather .worshipped,  but has I
added  some, attributes which ��� itiakc j
his  dcily  resemble)-.'the "God of    his
heathen, ancestor's/./more;-'closely' than
ever;���Portland.Orcgonian.   ::::
Bread Wasters;in;Jail';'/)'-
) .Wasting -bread is-a. serious;.ofTciice
in ': England :these :)days;" :;;;.;: x.y.XXy
Recently twoi"member's; of the crcw-
bf-vaf Brazilian';���-���ship), ���were, sentenced
to six months:���.':.in prison ior .���. this
crime. .; Another, "who .;)was..: found
guilty,of having caused): the-7)waste,
was fined $1,000, with; the option.:, of
three months in jail.:).'-A.fourth member, of the crew.1 was lined S250, with
the alternative of three months.
.r,jr- z&
-.).To .drive'a tr.ak,) hand!:* the guns, and
xVi'ccp���:over the c:;c-:i:y .trenches, takes
strong, nerves, good rich blood, a good
ctoiiiaclr,-liver and.kidneys. When tho
t::;:0. coin";-, (he iiian v,i;li red blood in
u:.i veins " is up and at.it," He lias iron
nerves for hardships���aa interest in bis
v..nk gr.p3 him. That's the way you
foci when you have taken -a blood and
nerve tonic, made "up of Blood root,
Goldenseal root, .Sicue root,Cherry bark,
and lolled into a Etignr-coat^d table:
r.;r2 sold iii -fifty-cent vuds by almost
all-������ druggists for past fifty years as
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
This tonic, in liquid or tablet for:-.!, i.?
just what vou need this spring lo give
vou vim, vi.qor and vitality. At (he
fr.g end of a hard winter, iio wonder
you feel '-'ninHlowii,'' blue, out of sorts.
Try this "Medical: Discovery" of Dr..
Piece's. Don't wait! To-day is the
day to begin! A little "pep," aui yoa
laugh and live. ������".
j Belgian School  Children  Hear Guns;
I-.        and this -Screech of Shells
i .   One of llic most    amazing    sights
I along    the    Belgian .front is a school :
| for   children -which-is -being,    main-.
1 lained close, to   the  fighting 'lines.'by
, lhe   army.) through   General   Rr.ocpiov,
I lhe- chief  ol   stall. '   Mere- about i-XX
j little' '-folk: whi.'S''.'  Ii'ouji-n. ,".r'i:  near  hy.
���;.:ire. being   cared-  for 'di:ri:ig  fi.it-.   day
.-in', a  school  which/is  K-hs   ihaii- tout
; miles   iVoin   t!ic   Gerin.-m   .tranche's;  '���
I     Great   s'u-11-   ������":::-.��   \\ ilii 'their  -wicked   wail,  nv'e.r   the     lu id^     of      llirs.*' :
���'���) yoiingslei'S'. ::s   liny   pby   abou:      the
; grounds:      Tiio    ik-toiiatioii.'   uf    tlie'
: huge, guns is  constant,, mid  .ofii-ii  the ���
; schoolho'.ise-  rofks   with     l.Iie .'vibr'a- !
��� lion.      Flee I s   of     German     airplanes':
.circle about with  their loads ot tnnr-
'.iiious  bombs.    But  the  work  ot   the j
��� school continues  its .regular 'course.   !
|     The Red Cross'is deeply interested
'in   this   unique     iusU'ulion     and      is)
.: helping  ii     i;i     every     way: pc -?ril-lo.
! Major  Jvjlm'Van   Si'h:dck.  Jr..  aciinL;
. coiumi -:-h-::ct   for   15eli;i;i'm,   in   ;.   report   on   tiie   <.e!r."'ol.  said:
! ;-nr as  if these 'cliild-
'���I'cn. ought  i'^ In.: in a- highly' nervous
conditio;:, hut   in   fact   they  are  about
<.-> i
\)St-.CAtiulrises, Oxt.~"Several years
ajro, when convalescing after, a serious
Illness, I took a half dozen bottles each of
Dr.:) Pierce's Golden Medical pi.scovery
and Favorito Prescription as .tonics.:- I
cannot praise theso medicines too highly
ior ih& benefit I receiver'��� tny - health
tvss completely restored. ) I always tak*
pleasure; in. recommending these two; of
Dr. Pierce's remedies."��� Mas. Fixukekcs
LoeXK, & Betcli Street,
'.-.s   slurd;
boys  ami   qirls .lis   1   ha\ c- t-ver   i-'eeii. j
i'J'Iicy   never "run  ';uho:i   .-the    shells]
whistle   or   explode.     <>ur     of-    tlicir!
. favorite   iiiin'iscr.icnis   i^*   to   jeer . . ut
j German airpIrnxs.-.-nml  they ��� are ah-|
jsolutely  devoid  of .fear.      Jt'  prob-j
��� ably  would appear'to inany    people:
| that the ..duty :of ahc American   Red1
{Cross would" beV'tb help  these child- ;
I ren   out.    Instead,  wc  are   giving
' new  barra'ckVand" .'sendinc:    elotlii
,'and.shoes tt? help
(On  the  theory  ti:
j the children .to, he with their parents
: than   to);be :^cnt::.:;av-:ay.-:)'- Revcrsini;
���i conditions in former generations,   we ,
! find that .thc-)'biq-..towns.arc thc .places V.--
j of: danger ..and '.'.tiie ' ��� scattered   ��� farm j, .-.-
| places  of-' 'comparative; safety.'.- ' This i.-.-'
j institution- is) a;;"day ^)?chool,    where j ������"-"'"
; meals are served a:id iastniction giv-:--:���
:m stay, tins is
it-' is  better-,   for
The Program
Is to Save!
Grape-Nuts food
fits in fine with this
idea. No fuel required to prepare;
no sugar needed;
there's no waste;
and the use of bar-
fey, in its making,
conserves w heat.
is economical, nourishing and delicious.
Try a package.
en, and the children live st Uonic.'
W.    Ji,     �����..- XS�� THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
f.: !. year hi Cauada,   and   $2.50   iu   the
United States.
Editor and Financier
t. r;'
'n.-jui.-nt   Co-Owner Notices ��2500
I niid Oil   Notices      fi 00
t.v Notices 3.00
!s of Thanks.      1.00
.ific.le of Improvement  10.00
:���. -e   nmre   than   one claim ap-
.-��� ir notice,   ��3.50 for  each ad-
::���:.] ekiim.)
'i' other let4.1l advertising,   12 cents a
/i 1 st insertion, ancl 8 cents a line for
1 r:iili.sf(|tieiiti insertion, nonpariel
.-'ir.'t ::i!-nt.
The blue cross means thai
your subscription is due, and
tliat the editor would he pleased
to have more money.
W;    :;1! lii-liovo  in   conscription
Id! (!������'���! ijuviit- HticHcribei'S.
M",\   X  like  a  gi-pafe  painting.
5'!fi io  cli.isi>  to him,   and you see
Lis ilvfcets.
Tin-, man whose word is as good
hs his note is one of the noblest
���walks of creation.
Ir you wish to be happy, be in*
fliiT'Tfnfc in piling up more wealth
than is necessary for yonr wants.
Dorr.T has prevented many a
man from doing something, that
might have made him rich or famous.
It looks like a waste of money,
for tho Dominion Government to
put postage stamps on its registered mail packages.
Wi? have much to be thankul
for. No submarine will ever come
np Boundary creek, and take a
shot at Greenwood's  meal ticket.
Wio firmly believe, that fehe
Kaiser had nothing to do with fehe
recent eclipse of the sun. As far
a* wc know, Joshua was the only
man who-'cv?r had any influence
over Old Sol, and he died some
T^rvj-s ago'..
Sounds From the Earth
In one of liis journals, Uamille
Flanun.'irion give-3 the height at
whieh sounds from the earth are
heard from balloons. The shout
of a man was heard distinctly at a
height of 1G00 feet, the sharp note
of a mole cricket at 2500 feet, and
the croaking of frogs iu a morass
at 3000 feet. At 3255 feet a man's
j voice and the rolling of a cart
were distinguished; at 4550 feet
the roll of a drum and the music
of an orchestra; at 50^0 feet the
crowing of a cock, the sound of a
church hell, and sometimes the
shouting of men and women. Nine
hundred feet higher still he heard
the report of a musket and the
barking of a dog. The noise of a
railway train penetrated to a
height of S200 feet and the whistle
of a locomotive engine to nearly
10,000 feet.���Scientific   American.
To Keep Out Flies
A correspondent of the Scientific American is authority for the
statement that flies may be kept
out of restaurants, stables, etc., by
placing a fo'ir-bladed wooden ceiling pan just outside the door, or in
the entrance, driving the current
of air towards the floor. The flies
will not pass through the current
of air. The door may be always
left open and screen doors may be
dispensed with.
"Blind Jim"
Act of Kindness
Ko White Bread in England
Cihadiiiii milks-are now produc-
j:'".��� .r_K) pounds of standard flour
fi iin 25S pounds of wheat. Iu the
VniUd. States-the' mills are using
2(X> pounds"of wheat to produce
VX) pounds of flour. In . France,
V- lu.*: t: they are milling to an 85 per
'����� nt cxlracl-ion,.. l'JG pounds of
i.--,.:'r .;!reproduced from 230.pounds
< wheat, and in Eugland, where
��� '.- extraction.is 90 per. cent, fehey
��� '���r '.using only 215, pounds of
. hrfit-. The difference between the
v, ii-!;t of- the wheat and the weight
ixr. .the" Hour-.-'produced therefrom
';':'< |;!'c.-en ts by prod nets used for qafc-
-..��������� liH'd. In both Eugland and
.3'"'ra'ii.re'- from 15 to .30 per cent of
.-ulistitntes, chiefly corn, barley
and rice are 'required . with the
v.hfiil: flour. Tlie people of Great
Dritain aie not now making .any
white bread.  ��� -"
���Names'.in the News
; '.Yv'i.ir to war" is- a phrase fre-
qii'r-iitly u=''d by the .German ..mili-
t;;lists who maintain, that ..the will
to war noikes unscrupulous:.-..������pffen-
rrive'a m-e'essity. It is considered
.jv--tiliable for the sake of winning:
An'ace is an aviator who has
brought- down more than five
ei'einy machines'. As a distinguishing u.i.'trk an ace receives a
n mo! -nose fitted on fehe propeller
.h'-Jid of his aeroplane.
A buffer state in international
lav; is one which intervenes geographically between-.'larger states,
aiid lessens the danger from rupture from immediate contact. Examples of such states are Switzerland and Serbia.     -xyXiX. y- xXXXi
.-.���: EavdxforXXhe^tork -H
One   Sundayi.. afternoon    when
Jones, who had  been -..visiting^.the
zoo. came home, he.V announced, to;
..th" family���XyX'xXXiX'iiiXXiXXXXi xX-X:
: wxyXi&muyxi xx'^Xxi XxX-iXX.XX:x XXX..
.'���'\Y h'ereii pon hiXylaughtef, i aboufe
���;:I5'.'. .ihur'-L.;' into.i-.fi j.';- XA .uncpntroll-^
".������>Vhat>re:;ypu;laughipg;a:fe?'.K xj
;';^V';T^r3S " 'y\~i -thinking," g'ggled j
'^sy^it'i.'U'ihat-t hat-rather kills the;
''��.X~Xk siOTyX'X:.XiXXXXXx.XiXiXx.
Might we not all resolve thafe
every day we will do at leaBfe one
act of kindness? Let us write a
letter in such terms that the poBt
will bring pleasure next day to
some house; make a call just feo let
a frieud know that he has been in
our heart; send a gift on some
one's birthday, marriage day or
any day we can invent. Let us
make children glad with things
which they long for and cannot
obtain, and a thousand other things
which we could do within a year if
we had eyes to see and a heart to
feel ahd had the will to take some
trouble..���Ian MacLa'ren.
Western Float
The frost last month, will cut
the Okanagan fruit crop about
250,000 boxes.-..
The strawberry crop at. Sacra-
men to Ibis spring is 400,000 crates,
while at San Diego it is only 5,000.
They can raise' more and better
berries at San Diego, but the inhabitants'of that locality are too
lazy to work..
Tlie .75 fehat was used by the
Americans to lire their first shot in
the war is to be brought to the
rnited States and kept: at. West
Point as a relic. West Point, no
dotil.it, was selected because more
citizens will see it there than if is
were, kept, say in Washington. ':...
A decrease of 30 per cent in the
cost of raw hides,, announces a St.
Louis shoe factory, would affect
the manufacturing cost of a pair of
shoes about 5 cen ts. But no doubt
ah increase of 30 per; cent, would
make it necessary to; raise the
price of shoes about S1.50 a pair.
. Ralph Biddle, a soldier .at Camp
Kearney killed himself with a gun,
because bis sweetheart was slow in
writing to him. He also thought
that hi>, might as well kill himself,
and save some Huu the trouble of
doing it for hiin in France. Men
like llithlle must have a blank spot
in their uppei; stope.
Leading-Tailor of the Kootenays.
\7x'^M-^B-:L^O ���   B O.
(A truck-horse dropped dead in William
Street this morning.    The driver s lid his
name was "Blind Jim."���News Item.)
Bv j. Cobson Miller
"Only a horse, they said.
"A broken, w rn-out nag is dead."
The gaping crowd passed by,
Scarce one or two looked on with listless
The driver of the  truck���himself grown
Stood, nonplussed  in  the  March-wind's
cutting cold.
Then suddenly his voice broke to a moan,
\nd,   kneeling   down  upon  the jagged
He  wept hot tears,   and,   fondling   the
great mane,
He   spoke   in   tones   grief-choked   and
sharp with pain:
"He was my friend, was Jim;
And   now,   see!    Death   has come   aud
taken him.
Poor Jim was blind,
And   yet I don't know  where a horse
you'll find,
That did his work as well as faithful Jim.
Ou many a morning dim,
Before the sun was up, or folks astir,
He hauled his garbage truck���old  pals
we were.
And never the whip was used upon his
For steady, like a soldier on the track,
He stood up to his job, who couldn't see-
He was   a great,  good   friend, was  Jim,
to me,
Much better than some people  that   I
And now he's dead���laid low   .    .   .
"I almost wish 'twas me, instead o' him-
Poor Jim?"
��� Any merchant can help his
business by truthful and suggestive advertising1.
Annual Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the
Greenwood City Waterworks Co., will be
held at the Company's office at Greenwood on Wednesday, the 24th day of
July, 1918, at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, for the transaction of the general
business of the company and the election
of a Board of Directors.
Tenders will be received at the City
Oflice up to Wednesday, June 26th for
the following buildings situated on Copper St.:     . '...'..
Red Barn on Lot 23, Block 7. Two
store buildings adjoining the Imperial
Hotel. The highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to .
City Clerk.
Greenwood; B. C, June 19, 1918.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to Win.
Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.,
and endorsed "Tcnderi for Coal for the Dominion Buildings, Province of British Columbia,"
will be received by.him until 12 o'clock, noon.
oil-Wednesday, July 3, 1918, for the supply of
coal for the Public Buildings throughout the
Province of British Columbia.
Combined specification and form of tender
can be obtained at this oflice, from the Resident
Architect, Dominion Building. Victoria, and
the Superintendent Dominion Buildings, Vancouver, B.C.      .
. Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not lie considered unless made bit the
printed forms supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures.
Each : tender  must  be  accompanied by  an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable
to the   order of the Minister of Public  Works,
eiiual to 10 p. m ot. the amount of the tender.
Br order,
������' -K'.-C. DESROCHERS,.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June 6,1918.
'.,'.'���  (Section 24)
IN THE MATTER of an application for
duplicate certificate pf title No. 12917a issued to
Emily Wood covering l<ots 17 and IS, Block 17,
Map 21, City of Greenwood.     .
NOTICE is hereby given that it. is my intention at the expiralion of one mouth from
tlie date of first publication hereof to issue a
duplicate certificate of title covering the above
lauds in the name of Emily Wood unless ih the
meantime I shall receive valid objection thereto in writing.
Dated at the Land  Registry Oflice, Kam-
loti|M, 15.C, the l'lh.day ofMay, A. D., 191S.
-    C. H, DUNBAR,
District Registrar.
Tlie Telephone Is The: Motorist's Best Accessory
The summer time is motoriiig-.itiirie.:. Wafui: weather and
' fine roads entice the owner of a car to get;; away from the cares
aud worries of business.   "I want to getaway where  I cannot
be reached, .'.'he rays,  but .in his: iuner-inost.heart ;he.knows..:.,
that wherever he goes the telephone is not .far ;away'._ .In fact,:: ,"
xyX.y .Ji-.* instinctively relies 011 the telephone;:!: The knowledge that; :
y.jt is always conveniently handy .-.lulls;hissoul so  that: he .coin.  .
;'v;;;:;-:.;:y.pictely;e.rijoys'.his trip... Xy-i ' - V- XiXX.yi. i.X
Pro-omption mm- ruiif'uu-d to surveved
lands n:iiy.
l;,-r.-.|-(U will In.- KntnU'c! covering only
html siiilnli! - ;'.!!��� ni.TU'tiluiral iHli'lios.'*!--
and   uliirh   is  r��� ui-n inl.or land.
I'ai-tiK.T.-.li.n |ri-.'-ciii(iii<iii.s aliolished,
litu iiailit-.-i i.r n..t inoi-o than four may
ari'iii'Sfr ;'i->- adjac ������.��� i./.-cniptionw, with
juiiil ivsidi u,-,-, Imt each makiiiK nocos-
sary iii'iitMvi-iiu-ulf; mi ivs|u-i.-tivf claims.
I'lv-cniliiiii-s must in.-ciipy claims fur
live ycai-a and ninlcc iuij..��� ���Vi-.l.'mIk tn
valui' ci' $.t' per acre, i. c.u:!! ;,' clearing
ai.d i-tiitixaiiim nl' ct leasi f, acres, before   receiving  Ci-nwn   Cram.
When' iire-eiair.u-' in occupation not
less than :: < cirs, :-r.i! !;:is ui::(K> inopor-
lionale iinpr..vemi.'Tiis. lie may, because
nl i!l-hoali!i or i.(licr --.-iuse. be ^ranteil
i'lti rincdii'te cei-iiiii-.-Je of imiiruvt'iiieut
in d  trii:.."i'cr hU; claim.
l!ecor<;s without pi'i-nianeiit rosidence
may be issta :1 pruvided applicant makes
improvement'- to extent r.f S.'iilii per an-
lilim nod :-.e: rd.: same each ;, ,.:'.r. Kail-
lire lo make improvements or record
same w:!l opcr ;te as forfeiture. Title
'���annot lie ol.mined e_. tlie:e claims ill
less than a .voirs, witi, improvenient.s of
-rid per acre, inclndir;;- 5 acre 1 cleared
aad oulticnlcd, and residence of at
least   L'  years,
l're-eni|dor iiuliliiij,' Crown (Irant may
rccoril atiotlii'i' pre-emnlion, if he re-
<i uircs la"d in conjunction with his
farm, v.-ilhoat actual occupation, provided r.iiiui'.nry iniprovcmenls made and
residence maintained on Crown ^rallied
I'nstii-v ��� ye<l 11 rear, not exceodiiiR 20
acres, may be leaved as honiesites;
title to he ob'aineil after fullilliiitf rosi-
il.e'tial   anil   ciicrovcine'it   conditions.
l-'or r;-ra:'.;..e and industrial purposes,
areas i.--.c;-e.!ii:!r i'. U! acres may lie leased
hy one p. r.-'on i-r eoinpau>'.
Tlie scope of tliis Act is enlarged to
include all persons jniuinv.' and serviiiK
with liis M.iji'siy's Korces. Tiie time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pie-ctniitor may apply for
title ui.de] ibis Act is extended from
one yecr from the dentil of such person,
as formerly, mnil ,me year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege  is  also   made  retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to l'urcliasc from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
us the payments already made -will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
hohlmjv such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointlv. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application lor a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
ol eijual value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon pay me:-, t of all taxes due the
L'ro'.vn or to any municipality. The
rights of peivo'is to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the .Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is linal. The time for malting Application for these allotments is limited to
llie 1st day of .May. Hi 19. Any application made after this date will not he
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at  public  auction.
For information  apply io any Pr >vin-
cial   (loveniinciit   Akvii'i   <>v   to
C   It   XADRN,
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B. C
Lack of proper advertising has
ruined many a merchant.
|N June 22nd, Saturday, every man and
woman, resident in Canada, who is 16
years and over, must attend at one of the
Places Provided for registration, between the hours of 7 a.m. and
10 p.m., and there truthfully answer all the questions set forth upon the registration card.
Upon signing the card, vouching for the accuracy of the answers, the man or woman
will receive a Registration Certificate, as shown below, which must be carried upon the
person thereafter.
Why the Certificate is so Important
For failure to register a maximum fine of $100 and
one month's imprisonment is provided, also an added
penalty of $10 for each day the person remains
unregistered after June 22nd.
Persons remaining unregistered cannot lawfully be
employed, and cannot draw wages for work done
after June 22nd. Employers who keep unregistered
persons in their employ will be liable for fines equal
in amount to those recoverable from the unregistered
Unregistered persons cannot lawfully purchase
transportation   tickets, and  may  find   themselves
Don't Fail to Register.
This Certificate is
YOUR Protection.
Get it and Carry
barred from travelling on railroads, steamboats, etc.
Similarly they may be denied board and lodging at
any hotel, restaurant, public house or boarding house.
In a word���All persons remaining unregistered, and
all persons having dealings with unregistered
persons, knowing them fo b* such, incur heavy
penalties under the law.
Isra��4 W authority of
Canada Registration Board
Good advertising has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100    �����
200   ������
X   X>   $1,25 each
-    -   2.00  ��
v   ^    3.50 ������
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
^4.4.4.^.4,^.4.4,4,4,4,4;,  4*4*4>4*4'4"i**lr4*S*'S*'^K
Cbe Bume Bote!
ftclson, B*��>
The only up/tcdate Hotel in the interior,
:X   in.every respect,- '
Hot and; Cold;Water; Steam Heat arid Telephone in
f^ii^m^^^SRi^ lTHJ0^^mxxx
���;^First(Class Caf&.^frSarber ;S^j^iJS^^
'Steam-Heated;. Electric Lighted. ; '.'X'xi.
RATES S1.00 per'.day and up; European;Plan.
Bos Meets all Trains inS Boats.xi.
makeup tli^
our customers. \/^|^y^^^f
Letterheads, Noteheads,
:.yy iix.{^il0..6r:T^^XX'iXX
_  ;^7J_ol?;;Priritt^


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