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The Ledge Dec 27, 1917

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Vol.   XXIV.
No. 24
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harare and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
I tVIU.  w AlUnUno,   flour and feed store    g
Winder Hotel
Green^od, B.C,
For Sale
Building and Lot on
Location, Lot 16, Blocks
A Happy New Year
To All
MIDWAY      - i-   -     B. C.
j- /	
Around Home
Blacksmith, Carpenter and
Wagon Maker
On the most tnodern and scientific
agent for
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
al* a__U mSU ���___��� ���___���*___��� _���___��� _______ ���___��� ���___��� ��___�� __!_. _______
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
P. BtfRNS & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns pf :.the Boundary and Kootenay,
C LOAT is not a periodic-
*��� al. It is a book con-
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon;
how it rained in New Denver long afterjfNoah waB
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear??iLake in
early days; how jnstice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Agents for Chevrolet. [Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Spectacles Eor Sale and Repaired.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
.the-ft. C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled.- the Cigar
that never varys.    .
Have'you tried one lately?
You want the best in
Cigars, Tobaccos, Gum
At Popular Prices
0.   K.   CIGAR   STORE
R. J. MUIR.      -      -      PROP.
X R. 71 Lowery %
7      GREENWOOD, B. C.    T
4 4
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
C-Y4X. L-UD. IXCA., trad-lea*
H. V. B. JONES. AMt Gcnea-l Mansser
CAPITAL, J1M8WW    RESERVE FOND, $.3,500,000
AccotH-tem.^ be opesaed at every branch of The Canadian Bank
of Commerce te> be opesxted by mail, and will receive the same
careful attprrtfr" ��� ** {fr**" *�� ��n nther departments of the Back's
business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as
satisfactorily at fay a peoonal visit to the Bank. s��
H. C. LUCAS, Manager
Christmas - New Year's
Local   Excursion   Fares
Fare and One-Third
Special      ( Teachers, Students and
Concessions f   Commercial Travelers
~T 2 _��. I, _��_ & '_#����� From AH - Asrents and Pursers Kootenay
I ICbCPHS Steamers. Conductors will sell Excursion
I IV.\VV^    Tickets from Flat Stations.
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson. B.C.
A Happy New Year to All.
Dick Taylor is in the city on
his holidays.
Lieut. O. R. Matthews was in
Nelson last week.
C. V. Semrad has moved from
Vancouver to Sardis.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Biner are
oa a trip to Spokane.
Dr. Guy is on a yisit to his
home in Oshawa, Ont.
Strictly fresh eggs are selling
tor $1.00 a dozen in Princeton.
Chas. Dempsey was in town
from the Emma mine this week.
J. Dimmick is in town from the
Bosun mine,  near New Denver.
Pte. Harry_.Bryan of the heavy
artillery, Vancouver, is in town.
Buy a box ot cigars for New
Year's at the O. K. Cigar Store.
Some choice books for sale at
The Ledge office, kt ante-bellum
S. A. Cox. of the Deadwood
school, is on his vacation in Vancouver.
Jack Morrison's name appeared
in a recent casualty list as being
Archie Aberdeen, of the Mother
Lode mine spent Christmas near
Mrs. Sinclair and daughter
Louie, of Nelson, are spending a
few days in town.
R. B. Masterton, principal of
the public school, went to Vancouver on Saturday.
Pte. Dick Arnold well known
in Grand Forks, was killed in the
Passchendaele battle.
Miss Marjorie McArthur, of
the staff of the Nelson-school,
arrived home last week,
Don't forget to get your dresses
ready for the Grand Masquerade
Ball, January 1st, 1918.
A donation not previously acknowledged from Mrs. Portmann
$2.00 for the Red Cross.
Miss G. Lee, of Vancouver, is
spending her vacation with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee.
Robt. Wilson went to Nelson
on Saturday, where he is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs, E. R.
Mrs. A. F. H. Meyer has returned home from Victoria, where
she has been visiting for the past
few months.
Wm. G. McMynn, of the Oak-
alla Prison Farm, has received
the appointment of Superintendent of Police, Victoria.
Pte. Jack White returned from
France last week, where he was
wounded, having had his left
hand blown off by a bomb.
The Ladies of the Red Cross
will give a Grand Masquerade
Ball on New Year's night.
Every one keep the date in mind,
January 1st, 1918, and get vour
Masquerade Dreses and Suits
Rev. and Mrs. Hilton are in
Sangus Centre, Mass., where
they went last summer from Victoria, hoping to be allowed to
cross to England. So far they
bave been unable to get their
The annual meeting of the
Greenwood Farmers' Institute
will be held at 1 he Rink on Saturday the 29 day of Dec, 1917, at
2 p. m Business: Election of
officers, etc.
R. Dempster has received a letter from Cpl. Bob Campbell in
which he stated that he was
wounded on Sept. 21st, and has
been in a hospital in France since
that time. Cpl. Campbell had
both thigh severely injured by a
Relatives are being looked for
of Peter Bel argo, who died in the
insane asylum at New Westminster, on June 13,1917. There
is considerable property in the
hands of the Attorney General
belonging to the deceased; also
some time before his death he
sold SO acres of land in the Municipality of Mission, to the Western Canada Power company.
Western Float
��� ���     ��� 4-
Frsh eggs are 63 cents a dozen in
San Diego, California, this being
an off season for the hens.
Mc Arthurs, at one time C.P.R.
agent in Sandon, is now working
in a railway office at San Diego.
In somo parts of Arizona and
Southern California two bales of
cotton are grown to the acre. For
picking it laborers are paid $30 a
In San Diego there are boats
that can mn from 40 to 60 miles
an hour. .They are used to rescue
aviators whose aeroplanes fall into
the water.
Bafts, containing six or seven
million feet of logs are being towed
from the mouth of the Colnmbia
river to San Diego, where they are
sawn for local nse.
Al Hoerle, who recently died in
Junean, in company with Bob
Todd set the first type on the
Kaslo Claim, when that famous
journal was started in May, 1893.
He afterwards worked in Nelson
and Kootenay.
Rogers, the man who did much
electrical work in Sandon, 20 years
ago, is now living in Portland*
He tells a good story about making bets with Gassy Thompson, on
the fight between Corbett and Fitz-
Sir MacKenzie Bowell, ex-premier of Canada, died in Belleville
this month, aged 94 years. He
was probably the oldest printer in
the world, having started to learn
his trade in 1835. To amuse himself he set a stick of type, 82 years
later in the same office] where he
first learned to Bort "pi"
While the train was waiting on
a side track down in Georgia, one
of the passengers walked over to a
cabin near the track, in front of
which steed a cracker dog, howling.
"Hook worm," said the native.
"He's lazy."
"But," said the stranger, "I was
not aware that the hook worm was
" 'Tain't," responded the garrulous native.
"Why, then," the stranger qner-
ied, "should the dog howl?"
"But why does laziness make
him howl?"
"Wall," said the Georgian,
"that blame fool dawg is sitting on
a sand bur, an' he's too tarnation
lazy to get off, and so he jes' sets
thar an' howls 'cause it hurts."
To Light Consumers
The Directors of the im/
dersigned concern have decided
beginning with Ist of January,
1918. to allow 60 days as a
limit for payment of Electric
Current, and the customers
are hereby notified to comply
with above, as it shall be
strictly enforced.
Greenwood Cily Waterworks Co
An Irish Comeback
An Irishman employed in a
large factory had taken a day off
without permission and seemed
likely to lose his job in consequence. When asked��by his foreman the next day wbyjhe had not
turned up the day [before, he replied:
"I was so ill, Bir, that I conld
not come to work to save my life."
"How was it, then, Pat, that 1
saw yon pass tbe factory on your
bicycle dnring the morning?" asked
the foreman.
Pat slightly taken aback, then
regained bis presence of mind, he
"Sure, sir, that mnst have been
when I was going for the doctor."
���Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Greenwood Public Schools
December Report
No. in actnal attendance,. - 21
No. daily present - - 19.96
Percentage - - 94
Perfect Attendance: Ruth Axam,
DaiBie Axam, Ada Beattie, Cyril
J. Eales, Gari Intilla, Robert
Jenks, Irene S. Mcintosh, Roderick McLeod, Rose J. Westcott,
Roderick Mcintosh, Ena Potts,
Ivor Potts.
December examinations:
Entrance: Jack Eales 61, Ada
Beattie, 60��, Ruth Axam, 59},
Ethel Lane, 54}, Mae Gibson, 63��,
Ethel Pond 53��, Roderick McLeod 37}.
Intermediate Reader IV: Ber-
nice McKay 50|, Daisie Axam 44f.
Jon ior Reader IV: Robert
Jenks 74, Ena Potts 73, Sanford
Pond, 72, Rose Wescott 65, Ivor
Potts 64, Irene Mcintosh 61, Roderick Mackintosh, 60, James . A.
Lane 60. Gari Intilla 47, Run
Anderaon 44.
No. of prescribed school-days 14f
Days school was in session 14��
No. of pupils actually attending 31
Total actnal attendance 391
Average actual attendance 26.96
Percentage       -       -       - 87
Perfect attendance: Mabel Axam, Selma Benson,- Gertrude
Dixon, Russell Eustis, Edward
Henderson, Gordon" Jenks, Joseph
Klinosky, Francis Lachmund,
Gabrielle Legault, Frank Maslonka, Elizabeth' Schindler,. Frank
Schindler, Evelyn Tye, Joseph
Viala, Margaret Westeottj Samuel
Eustis, Sylvia Price.
Proficiency list. ,
Senior III: Evelyn Tye, Selma
Junior III a
mund, Gordon
Junior; III b: Agda Carlson,
Samuel Eustis, Beatrice Dimmick.
Senior II: Gabrielle f Legault,
Edward Henderson, Gertrude
No. in actual attendance - 31
No. daily present - - 29.75
Percentage       - gg
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder, Myrtle Dixon,
Phyllis Eales, Lloyd Eustis,'.Cecelia Hnllstram, Edward Johnson,
Jack Jory, Donald Lachmand,
Lloyd Lane, Edna Matthews, John
McDonnell, Tillie McDonnell, Joan
Kathleen MacLeod, Gertrude Nelson, Alfred Oliver, Cyril Robinson,
Ruth Stnart,r Herbert Wescott.
William Wilson, Ernest Wyder
John Wyder.
Highest standing in class.
II Reader Jr.: Mary Longworth,
Alfred Oliver, Cyril Robinson.
I Reader: Donald Lachmund,
Phyllis Eales, Edna Matthews.
II Primer: Ruby Goodeve, Mary
Klinosky, Florence Schindler.
I Primer: Ethel Benson, Joan
Kathleen MacLeod.
Receiving Class: Gertrude Nelson, Jack Jory, Ruth McKay.
The principal and staff wish to
thank the following for their kind
attendance at the closing exercises
on Friday, a. th. 21st, inst.
Trustee McCurrach, Mrs. W. E.
Wilson, Mrs. H. R..Bidder, Mrs.
Hardie, Mrs. F. A. Johnson, Mrs.
J. Westcott, Mrs. Oscar Lachmund, Mre. F. M. Osbiston, Mrs.
John Hnllstrom. Mrs. Dan McLeod, Mrs. S. P. Dixon, Mrs. J.
Gibeon, Mies Beatrice Nelson, Mrs.
Chas. Oliver, Mre. P. H. McCurrach, Mrs. Potts, Miss Georgina
Lee. Mrs. W. R. Dewdney, Mrs.
C. H. Tye, Mre. Jenks-, Mre. G. B.
Francis Laeh-
Jenks,    Walter LE./
Fight Against Autocracy
the Power of the Kaiser Must Be
It is a curious circumstance tiial
)cr<;ijforc tlie leaders of all inutin-
i_s, except that in .Russia, have been
'.nxious to deal gently wilh their officers. Not so ia (.iennany, for in
.ihe revolt of the lour battleships
(gainst its grinding, brutal and harsh
Javal discipline one captain was
.brown overboard and the fate of the
>ther officers remains so far undisposed. Is it any wonder, then, that
)uch a revolt should bc organized
C/hcii, as illustrative of Germans'
theories, the kaiser, without any lep.-
jl inquiry, without even a drumhead
tourt martial, could of his own will
decree that one out of seven milliliters should be hanged and others bc
icncneed to years of imprisonment?
JSuch is the autocracy the world is
fighting, and one of the most prcg-
/rr.nt illustrations (hat ils doom is
iealcd is that afforded by the attempt
l.nsuecessful as it has been, lo secure peace by the mutiny afloat.���
X;cw   York  Herald.
No man or woman should hobble
painfully about because of corns
when so certain a. relief is at hand as
U'olloway's Corn Cure.
One Way to Beat Bugs
A farmer says the Ridgetown Do-
Vninion, claims lo havc found a cure
?or potato bugs by ten years experimenting in Colorado. His plan
is to plant one or two tlax seeds In
rach hill of potatoes. He says linn
She bugs will shun it every lime, and
.hat for ten years he has been thus
.lucccssfal in raising potatoes where
pthers  have  failed.
Horse Raising in Manitoba
Total Value o�� Horses in   Province
Placed at Forty Million
Both the soil and climaiic conditions of -Manitoba are admirably suited for horse raising. An abundance
ot pasture and feed of every description suitable for horses can bc grow n
and the cost of production is much
h.\ver_,than in the older settled districts. The winters, although somewhat cold, are dry, and are not so
keenly felt as in more humid areas.
'1 housnnds of horses are wintered
annually out of doors, and they conic
through the winter in surprisingly
good condition. Rarely is the fall of
snow so heavy as to prevent horses
from finding sufficient feed for themselves out of doors.
The demand for draft horses has
been seldom so keen as it is at the
present time, ticklings of fair size
and quality were changing hands this
spring at prices from $225 lo $300
each, and mares of ;. similar type
and quality were bringing a slightly
higher price.
It is estimated that Manitoba has
250,000 head of horses, of which, approximately, 1.200 are stallions enrolled in the department of agriculture. A conservative estimate would
place tlio total value of the horses
of the province at $40,000,000. '
Fit Men Only to Go to Front
j Canadian Soldiers in England Divid-
I ed     In.o    Fourteen    Stages
i of Physical Condition
|     Soldiers in  training for active  srr-
j vice, or fully trained and held in re-
I serve, are most carefully inspected as
1 to   their   physical     condition.       Only
' men in    the.      category      technically
known   as  "A-l"   may  bc  withdrawn
from   the   reserves   to   serve   in     the
trenches  in  France,  however    pressing  may be  the call  from  the  front
for  reinforcements.
Canadian troops in England are
divided into fourteen categories, or
stages of physical condition, as follows: A, five categories; 13, three
categories; C, three categories; D,
two categories, and E, one category.
Thus, when the call comes for reinforcements at any time the men in
thirteen of the categories are not
available. However picssing the call
may bc, all the men to go forward
must be drawn from category "A-l."
Smith (at the wheel)���Do you
snow, I have a new theory about
laving tires	
Nervous Companion���Good licav-
Tns.    What was  that noise?
Smith (wearily)���Only another
"iheory exploded���Baltimore American.
Mi_._i_.e__t ivvina
ever tiac. al
Abortion, Slerit-
ily, and P:cci��-
lure Calving. o::��
or one hi.ndi'.d
cat(!e trusted in
5 _u!"..._:<___. !.';.!
one half oi ov.:
prodtiet, ii not
satisfied ic'.-irn
tlie balance sail
lye- your ir.oncy.
"Kal. Si.-!-."
seiis 25 piy._:_u/
5.4.00.      .Sf.vi   for
fflvnt   and   l.Vxi   Office,   Kdmonisn,-  A!t_::___.
....   Q.   Box,   321
The No Indemnity Cry
Information has reached Washington that the (Jermans are removing Inc. textile looms and machinery
from the mills in southwestern Belgium. They are stud to be destroying what cannot be. shipped into Germany. Will the most enthusiastic.
Socialist or pacifist say that any
peace could be just which did not
require tlie dospoilcr to restore these
wrecked factories, that Belgian workingmen may again havc the means of
earning their living when the war is
over?���Buffalo  Express.
j WOMEN !  IT IS MAGIC!        I
pply  a  few   drops   then   lift
corns or calluses off with
fingers���no pain
Just think! Vou can lift
off any corn or callus
without pain or soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered this ether compound and named it free-
zone. Any druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown, foi
very little cost. You apply a few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. InsUnlly the soreness disappears, then
shortly you will find the
com or callus so loose
.hat you can lift it right
Frcezone is wonderful.
It dries instantly. It
doesn't eat away the corn
or callus, but shrivels it
up without even irritating
the surrounding skin.
Hard, soft or corns between the toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no pain before or af-
Itcrwards. If your druggist hasn't
i frcezone, tell him to order a small
j bottle for you from hig. wholesale
drug house.
Simply Place It In The Mouth
Between Lower Lip and Gum.
This is the way to gel all the flavoi
and satisfaction out of every pinch of
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco.
Vou see, "Copenhagen" is made of
the best, old, high flavoredleaf tobacco.
The snuff process���by which the leaf
tobacco is converted into tiny grains,
and scientifically prepared ��� retains
all the good of the tobacco.
Those who are trying"Copenhagen"
for the first time, should remember to
use only a small quantity, and to place
the pinch in the mouth between the
lower lip and the gum, without any
attempt at chewing it.
"It's the most  economical chew".
Canadian Toy Imports
Over    Two-Thirds    of    Them    Last
Year Came From United
States '
Canadian imports of toys for the
fiscal year ended March 31, 1917,
show that out of a total of $930,066,
worth $621,504 came from the United States. Tapan ranked next . with
$179,-165, while of the balance ?99,
004 came from the United Kingdom
and about $20,000 from  France.
As compared with the fiscal year
ended March 31, 1916, this is a gain
for American tovmakers of $172,054
for Japan of $112,500 and for the
United Kingdom of about $17,000.
France, however, suffered a $7,63(3
The. most important articles imported, it is said, are dolls, with, mechanical and miscellaneous toys ranking second.
Film Tells Fortune
Of Disabled Soldiers
.���..���lij.._t.,s_\vj___.   at   liome.    JVliolc  or  i|>_re
tiuic.   .Good: ���.pay."     W'ofli    scut'    _i.iy     distance,; ������;.  Cl_a:-__e.v;:;p.iH_.:; ���/   Send ;i Stan-p''..,' for
particulars. '.'���    Katiiual   ' M.-.:uif:tcturiii___    Co..
it is chy'ays s.->.fc w i_e:.d tt Dominion Ex
prws Money Order. -five do'.lsrs coat
three  cents.
Time to Step Forward
; lloii. .AV.: R.^Motherwell, luihislcr
of agriculture,, says the time has
conic for the dairymen of SaskaUhe-
;'wan to lake; a step forward. For the
last ten years they had been ..re.-,;.;. -
ing for this sUp and now it was.
iheir dctty to take it.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Interest in Sheep Raising
4,000  Applications  for   Sheep   From
i Manitoba Farms
The  .".nnouncement  recently    made
by������: the minister o.f agriculu'.re ;for the
province of Manitoba that: his depart-
.in'ciii'". would  expend .$125,000  on   the
purchase  of  sheep'..:in '-Ontario.������..to'., be,
sold: to /Manitoba;^^ J: cost,.
!'.,b".s_' already; resulted in:_-l,000.'������ a'p'pliea-
itipiisy being, received. ������:]   The ���.���.'���-'���depart-'
j. menti of: agrictilturC: ; has v :uo\y: .^an-
.uoi.'nced'That iC';would  licit: Huyit, the
that in view pf;.'the':\'.i.'iiinb'__lx.'/pf:..:apr>:li-:
cations received it'wilf be iiiipossibici
to: procure sufficient sheep; to supply
lite deniand. Thr_; higli ��� price; which
has been cibUviued :foi':; wop], Vto&eihei
with .the low cost; .tt: whicli slieeiy
can be:,.��� reared, iii'Ayesicnr'Canada.; is.
inducing ayconsideraible nuinber of
while ;those whp .have; already? made
a. beginning....in: this, line are :ii_rtlcihg:
every: effort ...to.increase 'th6 size. :oT
their' herds.
,y.���������ll.'cin.P. truthful .does hof nceesy"
tale teliihg' all, one knows. There are
truths' that do npt belong to the
general public, and which, even a
'smaller circle, are ni;i:h tlie better o'T"
for not   knowing.    .Being    a    p.eac;-
' maker oftoil resolves itself inUi hold-
j ing one's peace.
Hid Under a Woman's Wig
A Conscientious Objector in England
Was Wearing Feminine Dress
A detective's smart discovery of a
conscientious objector dressed and
living as a woman in Bristol was
told to the magistrate recently. He
went to a house where two persons,
who claimed to be sisters, were living. Suspecting one, a sudden pull
at  the hair revealed a wig.
The wearer, Alfred Goodman Dunn
-10 years old, admitted he was a
conscientious objector, and that hc.
had posed as a woman to evade military service. He and his companion, Lillian-Fletcher, were charged
with failing to report-tinder the Na-
I tional registration act. They had
j come to Bristol from Merihyr last
July.     The. case   was  adjourned.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds   etc.
The Avenging Hand!
j     Germany's'-peace" overtures  are  as
| deadly as poison gas.    They are   no
| more   friendly   than     submarine     at-
| tacks.    They  have  the  same  t.uality
j of treachery.    The allies    would    bc
'. :_imp!e-im;uled   fools   if   they should
' suspend   im-  a   single     second     their
' preparations- to demolish Germany in
order t:> listen, to her peace proposals.
It  is  perfectly evident that  the  robber will not disgorge until forced  to
do so.    The  necessary  force, is   now
j assi niblin...    There is no escape from
j the avenging hand.    Let  it be raised
j in   might,  and   let   it  strike   home!���
| Washington   l'o<_.
Increased Butter Production | CHILBLAINS
Manitoba Producing More Creamery
Butter Every Year
A gratifying increase in the production of creamery butler in Manitoba is being made this year. Up tp
October 6 a total of 80 carloads of
creamery kulier had been exported
from the province, and the end of
l li ci year will sec almost one hundred carloads sent out. This compares with a total of 68 carloads for
the full twelve months last year. A',
present this butter is selling at 42
cents a pound at the point of production.
Sonic districts of the province are
showing a remarkable increase in
production. For instaircc, five
creameries have run all season between Lakes Manitoba and Lako
Winnipeg, where prior lo this year
there was only one creamery. Each
of these five factories has done a
nice season's business, and between
them will sell close to half a million
pounds of high grade and high priced butter. This means the bringing
into that part of the country upwards of $200,000, and now that so
many of the farmers there have the
nucleus of a dairy herd, they may be
depended upon to increase the size
of  these  herds  right  along.
In two or three of the older dairy
districts this has already been done
to such an extent that individual ru-
ial creameries will make about half
a million pounds of butter each this
year. When the industry reaches
tliis stage, the costs of cream gathering and manufacturing arc reduced
almost  to  a minimum.
Easily   and   Qm*_l.ly
Cured   wilh
For  Sale by
All   Dealers
Nnpance       ���       Out.
Canadian fall weather is extremely
hard on little ones. One day it is
warm and bright and the next wot
and cold. These sudden changes
bring on colds, cramps and colic, and
unless -baby's little stomach is kept
right the result may bc serious.
There, is nothing to equal . Baby's
Own Tablets in keeping the little
ones well. They sweeten the stomach, regulate the bowels, break tip
colds ancl make baby thrive. The
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealer,
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' . -Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Ont.
Five Thousand New Silcs in Iowa
Iowa farmers are building -5,00.0
new silos this year, according to the.
authorities at the Iowa State College
who have made a close census of the
stale. . ft is estimated that the average Iowa, silo holds about 10(1'ions.
This means that 500,000 tons of silage
will be." conserved in the new silos,
without which the vast amount of
feed would be lost.
The lo-ua Slate College stales that
the 5,000 filled silos would carry 200,���
000 beef cattle through a 100-day
iecding period, or would feed 100,-
0'K.l dairy cattle through the cold
months. Jn addition lo the new silos
it is said that Iowa has at least 23,000
others built in preceding years.
An Impudent Offer
Xoiuinal independence, a powerless
king sitting handcuffed and gagged
on his mournful throne; German
commercial control, German possession of the railroads and the ports
a German army dominating the country and garrisoning its towns and
forts. This is what Germany means
v,hen she speaks, as speak she will,
of restoring Belgium. Chancellor
Michaclis has the impudence to talk
as if she had spoken of it already, to
wonder at the refusal of the English and French to consider so handsome au offer, and lo pretend that
nothing stands in the way of negotiation���Belgium being thus disposed
of���except Alsace-Lorraine. ��� New
York Times.
M.H.C.   Arranges   Movie   to   Cheer
Crippled  Canadians in
English Hospitals
"Movies," showing the reception
of a soldier when hc returns to Canada have been hit upon as the best
inoculation against "glooms" for tiie
wounded-__Can.aclian in England, and
the military hospital commission has
arranged through the army Y.M.C.
A. to show a specially arranged
Just what happens to a returned
man from the time he lands on the
coast of the home country till he
has been returned to civil life is delineated. Hc gets an idea of what
the convalescent hospitals will be
like, how hc will be treated, what
efforts are being made in vocational
training to fit him for civilian life
and  what his chances are.
It will not be a piece of fancy
word painting tending to raise false
hopes- but a truthful portrayal of
just what fine things are happening
to the thousands of other Canadians
who havc come back disabled.
The film can De run off in an hour
and speakers who have made a study
of the situation will be present to
urge men to take advantage of the
great opportunities offered them to
better themselves.
Men in Training
Fighting isn't the only duty of a
soldier, and exposure to bullets is
not as serious aa exposure to all
I kinds of weather and dampness.
Rheumatic aches, sore and stiff
muscles, strains and sprains, chilblains stnd neuralgia, all crc enemies
of the soldier, and the r. ���{ for all
these pains and aches _<_. Sloan's
Liniment. Clean and convenient to
carry or usc; does not stain, and
penetrates without rubbing.
Gcneroue *izcct bottlcj, at nil druggist.,
25c. 50c.. 81.00.
It Testifies for Itself���Dr. Thomas
Electric Oil needs no testimonial of
its powers other than itself. Whoever tries it for coughs or colds, for
cuts or contusions, for sprains or
burns, for pains in the limbs or body,
veil know that tlie medicine proves
itself and needs no guarantee. This
shows why this Oil is in general use.
Miller's Worm Powders will drive
worms from ihe system without injury to tlie child. The powders are
so easy to take that the_ most delicate, stomach can assimilate them
and welcome them as speedy casers
of pain, because they promptly kill
the worms that cause the pain_ and
thus the suffering of the child is relieved. With so sterling a remedy'at
hand no child should suffer an hour
from   worms.
YOU may whip a tired horse
so that he'wiU win a race or
get his load over a bad spot
in the road, but that does not add
to his strength. Tn reality it
further depletes his reserve of
strength and leaves him exhausted.
And so it is with the nerves of
the human body. You may by
use of stimulants accomplish the
work in hand or by deadening the
nerves with narcotics you may
stop the headaches.
Any temporary relief obtained
is won at an enormous expense to
the nervous system and you are
left more exhausted than ever.
the introduction of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food Was revolutionary in the treatment of nervous diseases, because it replaced
the old idea of obtaining tempor-
Neither Do Stimulants
Restore the Tired,
Worn-out Nerves
The Food Cure
Mrs. A. -Vortli, (u-arnl .Stit-et Norlli.
.Brantford, Out., write*: '���Both my Jr.'ir.'ua;i-<1
and t qan apeak very l___j_.ly of -Dr. C'::;V:V*
Nerve Food, '..av_..�� ���ir.se.'.t it vi.U -Si��]*r_:ii-I
X6-T-1.--3. 'My liUBDind suffered i!;-or:i w.-ak-
ness and a rur_^(IoTv.r sy_.tii.7_i_ a:.:; __.;<_::::<*
so O.s.j h�� finally had to give up wr;-.:_, li.Je
also had spcl's Ql me-i.r:.:j:t��::._t. Hj _.-._���____*
menced uiina. Dr, Chase's K'ervo loo.'., etui
after a l.-ca.'.:.;ent of th.'a l__eSic;:_s I J;evcr
satr such a chanffa In ftnybbrt.-. __ie ;>, r'-:_y-
ab.s to atlj-id to hi�� "Wori., Rn.i ii :e:'j.-��y____��.
sp>:-<3:d health.
"Before I started takine !">_���_ Chase's
.Nerve Food I ivas troubled ���with r.ervdus-
nesi?, el��5plss��_es9 an..-a. .pain a.ro.ui.d' tlie;
heart. -The Nerve Toed _)_::.> up >r.y ._:_.���-_tc.-.i,,
rnada r;'i��-;'fsel ��� Slrdr.gil- .'':'. fcVCiy ivay. atii
relieved me" of tl.e ar.noyir.g *;. i/.ptoi'ia frcan
which I hid suffered. AVe alw?yj !-:cep Dr.
Chase's Nerve T-'ood in tlie house leady for
r��e in  case iz is r.ecdec.."
ary relief with the new method of
���reconstructing the starved and
depleted nerve cells.
A little patience is required to
follow out this building-up process, but this is the only way in
Which disease of the nerves can
be really cured. The nerves are
starved for proper nourishment.
You supply the nutrition in Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, The results
are certain, because you are
working hand in hand with
As strength is restored the
appetite is sharpened, digestion
improves, you get the good of
the food you eat, headaches disappear, you find yourself gaining
in confidence, In vigor and in
energy. You begin to have new
ambitions, to enjoy your work
and to feel again that life is
really worth living.
r. Chase's Nerve F
50 cents a box, a full treatment of 6 boxes for $2.75, at all dealers, or EdmaMon, Bat*s & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.    Do not be talked into accepting a substitute.   Imitations only disappoint.
Swine Industry in Alberta
Soil and Climatic   Conditions   Make
Hog Raising Profitable
As might be expected in a_ district
wlier. the dairying industry is growing so rapidly, hog raising, affording
as it docs the most economical method of realizing- the large profits from
skimmed milk and other dairy byproducts, is a very _impot lant branch
of mixed farming in Alberta. The
soil conditions and the climate, which
arc so eminently suited for dairying,
.arc also productive of those crops
which produce the cheapest pork.
The. dry winter lessens the risk of
disease in the case of hogs, as in that
of cattle. The question of housing,
which is really llic only one the rearer of bwinc has to trouble about, is
rendered very easy by climatic conditions. In the summer the hog must
have protection against rain, in the
wiiuer it: must have warmth. The
live stock branch of the department
of agriculture in the provincial government pays some attention to this
by the publication of bulletins from
lime to lime, dealing with efficient���
albeit' cheap���methods of housing
s'.vine.  . . -
The question of breeding hogs is
oiiv: thai is easily answered in Alberta. Alfalfa is produced with great
success, in the irrigated area of
S.iui'iicrn Alberta. The stable diet
in the northern portion of the province consists of. chopped oats and
barley, which fatten and make splendid pork or bacon of excellent flavor.
Oats especially arc good: and when
it is considered that Alberta oats
weigh Al pounds lo the bushel, the
large amount of meat and''comparatively small amount of hull which
must lie present in the-..rain, it will
be seen that as food for growing pigs
it has no superior. In the north,
barley, and in the south, wheat, arc
relied on for fattening purposes, and
there is no.doubt that apart from the
v eight of the hull the barley grown
in Alberta is equal in food value to
Indian corn.
Grim Determination
That there is a grim determination
to fight on to a real victory aud
lasting peace is evidenced by such
papers as the British Weekly. Sir
Robert Nicol writes in a recent issue: "Jn any case wc cannot leave
this work half done. The Germans
must be brought to their knees. "Wc
must make sure that no such colossal
tragedy darkens the life of our
children as has darkened ours."
"Don't you contradict yourself in
some, of your speeches?"
"Of course," replied Senator Sorghum. "When 1 _ havc occasion to
contradict myself, 1 very carefully
observe which side, of the proposition gets most applause, and govern
rny future opinions accordingly."���
Washington Star.
Worth Remembering
From  President Wilson's Letter   to
the Pope
The object of this war is lo deliver
the free peoples of the, world from
the menace and the actnal power of
a vast military establishment con-
frollcd by an irresponsible government, which, having secretly planned
lo dominate the world, proceeded to
carry out without regard either to
the sacred obligations of treaty or
the long-established practices and
long cherished principles of international action and honor; which chose
its own time for the war; delivered
its blow fiercely and suddenly; stopped at no barrier, cither of law or
of mercy; swept a whole continent
within the tide of blood���not the
blood of soldiers only, but the blood
of innocent women aud children also
and of the helpless poor; and now
stands balked, but not defeated, the
enemy of four-fifths of the world.
"Father, won't you give me money-
enough lo pay off my poker debts?
You might pardon the rashness of
"So I might, son, but I am not going to make allowances for it."���Baltimore American.
PIT Worth Protecting
Money in Sheep
.Alberta    Sheepmen    are    Importing
;/ Corriedalc  Rams "
.-Sheep. ��� of-: all  kinds  thrive well    in
Western Canada.    It is therefore, not
j slirprisiu-. to hear farmers and ranchers who have had success with a par-
jtinilar breed    claiming    the-      brted
which has served then, so '-well to be
the host .md mo.'t suitable for conditions in  this country.    The fact that
>o many  farmers in Western panada
have pinned  their fulth in  so    niany
dilYcreni   breeds,  however,  serves   to
prov..  tlie  truth  of the  statement i;v
the first ���MMiteii.c'-v
One of .(he largest sheep operators
in Southern Albcria is Mr. J. T. lien-
niiiger, o.f "\Ve'lUng, Albert-., who lias
���nearly 12,000 sheep on the range at
the present timo. This year be sent
some 71,000 pounds of -wool ; 6 Toronto for sale, oiitaining a price with
v hich lie is well satisfied, and Which
yielded' hi in i good return. In his
ouiiiion, tlie ."orriedalc brted of
sheep will be prominent in future
breeding operations on the southern
ranges and lie has just purcbasrd lei*
rams of thi.' breed from '.the King es-
UiMis'iuK'nt in Wyoming.
A good article is worthy of a good package.
A rich, strong, delicious tea like Red Rose is
worth putting into a scaled package to keep it
fresh and good. ��� ~
A cheap, common
tea is hardly worth
taking care of and is
usually sold in bulk..
Red Rose is always
sold in the sealed
package which keeps
it good.
Bully for British Columbia
Uritish Columbia may well point
with pride to licr mineral .development;.'"''The ' annual report of her
ir.ir.eralos.ist shows that more than
half a billion dollars has been produced during the 65 years since inin-
p-cr  began.
i'hc value ni" _v_ t-dlifrrons niiuer-
..1"- produced i.- ?��� 365,560,713; coA an-,1
���-oke, $165,S2��,315; building stone,
ciav products, lime, $27,215,254; go!a,
H4._;59,364: silver, $36,41.",124; /n:
Relieve Your "Liver
When your liver is out of orden your head, stomach,
bile and bowels suffer with it. That is why a bilious
attack is often serious. Ward it off with a few doses of
which gently arouse a sluggish liver, and renew the activities so   [
necessary to good health.  They never produce any disagreeable
after-effects. Their prompt use is beneficial to the system, and will
Prevent Bilious Attacks
Wortb a Guinea a Box
/ _Pre_M.r*4 A_-_yfc_rT-u_._r.a-. Beecfcasn, St. Helens,I_aa.____tii.��.Enclasp.
Sold eTerrwhwe iaC-mnda m-J U. 3. America.   Ia boxes, 25 ceaii.
Thi.- day i- before p.lo. The eir-
eiriis.aiice; of this \'*y arc nil- tn-
���.���rjr.r.ient; th-.y arc tlie matr-i;.! out
��� ���I v.hich, by means of my br-_.ii. T
h?_.e '���> live, a:.d be happy, and n--
:'r, i-.i fron. c-.".-inc v.r..ia_.pin'-S-> i~
���_.:!���< r  peopi.".���Air.-jld   13 i:__cit.
~W-     N.     U.     11S3
You wil 1 heartily
enjoy the taste and aroma of
Cowan's Perfection Gocoa ���- and
further, it is the most wholesome
nourish ing Cahadian beverage,:
At TIim    LEDGE,    .GREENWOOD!.    &   &
a^f"7 '"'-?���?*��"���
I Scientifically
| prepared.
Pleasing ��
flavor.   1
�� ����----��-H-f
I,  Is the worlds best chew:     ��
I It is the most economical chew?" 1
tf_ __3
Primary Schools of France
Training of Children'Gees on in the
Midst of War
France is not forg-eUinpf the intel-
ilcclual training _of her children aud
youth in the midst of her peril and
sorrow. She is making, immortal
struggle aud immortal sacrifice iu the
trenched and barbed fields, but she
1 is steadfastly, heroically, maintaining:
her places of moral and intellectual
discipline as essential to the perpetuation of the very things she is
iighting for. The able-bodied men
must all go to her defense; the women must do the work on the farms
and iu the streets, aud must help
even in the factories; but the children must not be deprived of their
heritage. At lirst many.school build-;
ings had to be taken for use as hos- :
pitals; but gradually other places
were found for the sick and wounded that the schools might go on,
for democracy herself would perish
without these���the flame of France's
supreme gift would go out. And must
not; for this flame or spirit, as Voltaire said of it in his day, is the
"Candle of Europe."��� John H. Fin-
ley in the New York Outlook.
�� i
p   Wheat prices are fixed but service is not.   The best is assured you    =
5 when you consign  your S
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye \
...   To the Old Reliable  Grain Commission Merchants       ��� ��� ^    3
I Jas. Richardson & Sons, Ltd. f
��   Sixty years of satisfied customers. Careful checking of grades.   Lib-    5
�� eral advances.    Prompt adjustments. g
Z   Don't
to Ring
We're always on the hop. We concentrate every effort in looking
after the welfare and comfort of
our guests. That's what we call
"Service," that's what will make
you feel at hom3 at the Walker
House. That's what enables us to
serve over 250,000 meals every
year in our main dining room, an
important fact in connection with
the Walker House (The House of
Toronto s Famous Hotel
i English Homes Overcrowded,
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
Grtin Exchange,  Calgary
Canada   Building,   Saskatoon
Main   1322
Main   2261
CROWN BRAND m        .
C0RNOTRDP m jtofig
The most delicious
of Table Syrups,
Oa bread, griddle cakes and
biscuits.   Fine for Candy-making.
In 2, 5, 10 and 20 pound tins���
and "Perfect Seal" Quart Jars.
Write for free Cook Book.
The Red Dot Flag
Japan    Has    Suffered    Least    From
Submarine Warfare
The modest white flag with the
red sphere in the middle has for
years been a familiar sight in this
port, but since the outbreak of the
war Vancouver harbor has sect- twice
as many Japanese ships as before.
The Japanese have been steadily
increasing their shipping activity on
the Pacific. Before the war the red
dot flag was seldom seen outside the
Pacific and Indian oceans, but now
the Japanese are sending their ships
into every sea in search of trade. The
"Maru boats" now regularly visit the
ports on the east coast of South.
America as well as the west coast
Of all the. maritime nations Japan
has suffered the least from the submarine warfare. The war opened up
new trade opportunities for Japan,
and she was not slow.in grasping
them. Her shipbuilding industry na-
|-lurally expanded with the extension
I of her shipping trade. One hundred
and lliirly-two Japanese ships, with
a gross tonnage of . 593,000, were
built between August, 1914, and June,
1916; at which date there were under construction thirty-five vessels
of 132,401 tons. On July 1, 1916, Japan had in the deep water and coasting trades 1,151 steamships, with a
tonnage of 1,856,877, and sailing vessels with a total measurement of
544,605 tons and took fifth place
among the sea-trading countries of
the world. _ Her merchant marine has
increased fifty per cent, in the last
six years. In 1910 the gross tonnage
of the steamers whose names end
picturesquely in "Maru" was 1,224,000
and the tonnage of Jaoancsc sailing
ships was 300,796.
Of the Japanese merchant ships
launched since llic war .began, about
forty per cent, were built in Japanese shipyards, and during 1917 these
yards will complete vessels amounting^ to 200,000 tons.
Since the outbreak of the war the
profits of the Japanese shipping companies have been very large. The
Nippon Ytiscn aKisha, the most important of these, made a profit of
$15,000,000 during the first half year
of 1916.
COOK'S   C0TI0N  ROOT COMPOUND! Heating of Sleeping  Cars
A aft, reffaife regutatlnt mtjt
tine.   Sold in tli Fee degrees ca ,
strength.   No. 1, $1: No. 3, Ui i
No. 3, |5 per box.   Sold by all I
druggists, or tent ptei��i<_ in
plain package on  receipt  of
price. Free pamphlet AddreM
Ttnttt. Or* {Ftmuty H'bJmrJ
great .-.icce__, cukes chromicwbakn-ess. lost vioog
Med.Co. iuverstockRd. Hvmpstead. London, eno.
Tkvsewdi.asei-.tv:. tells.imiuior   easv to taii
THEftAPION &?.���������_
Is no more necessary
than Smallpox.. Army
experience has demoostriteil
i" m " ���"���-������-���' j}_e almost altaailoui efficacy, and harmleisness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NPW by your physician, you and
JTOur family.   It Is more vital thao house Insurance.
_____ your physician, druggist, or send for Have
you bad Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid Vi.ec.ne.
results frem ua , aad danger from Typhoid Carriers.
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Canadian   Northern   Railway    Usin..
New Device to Secure Uniform Temperature
The Canadian Northern Railway
has'been experimenting for :i considerable time to secure uniformity
of heating throughout the different
periods of the day in its sleeping
One car has been lilted with a
theruiostadt device, and this, it has
been proved, ran bc operated with
complete .satisfaction.. Uniform temperature is _. maintained throughout
the day, and a uniform, though lower temperature, during the hours of
The Man Worth While
Minard's. Liniment Cures   Garget   in
Prophetic Signs
In 1917 the British have captured
more Germans, than the total British
loss in prisoners since tiie war began. In 1917, the British have captured four times as many guns as the
(.crmans have taken from the British
during the whole war. These are
just two facts which tcllthe story ot"
which side is winning.���Halifax
Storekeeper���'Course you're liable
to be drafted, Luke. You ain't thirty.
Loafer���1 tell ye I ain't liab'.e, net
as long as I'm dependent on my wife
and children.���Wit  and   Hmnoi.
Helping to Finance
Canada  Making Regular Credits   to
Great Britain
The minister of finance announci?
that Canada intends lo- advance to
the imperial treasury $i.\0OU,0<)0 a
month so long-as tin- war lasts to
keep the munition business in operation and cover other war purchases, such as cheese, etc. Canadian exports of cheese, chiefly for
the army, exceed in value $40,000,000
Since the outbreak of the war Canada has supplied the British government in cash and securities $443,000,-
000.���Wall  Street Journal.
The  Only Time    That    This    Hero
"While there is none of the romance that the magazine writers and
story spiners havc woven around
our work, yet life is not half so
drab as it was in the days of m\
probationship in the old hospital,"
writes a V.A.D. nurse, who before
going overseas served for two year-
in one of the big Canadian city hospitals.
"Sister  R who  has    charge    of
tlie  next ward    told us    a  touching
j story   that  has  all  the  dements    of
tragedy and romance in it.   She says
I that   a  young  soldier  in    her    ward
��� suffered    torture       from     a     gaping
j wound   in   his   side     and   yet     never
j whimpered.   He  was  always  cheery.
I < mc day the Sister said to him, "Do
' you ever have a good cry all to youi-
mIi" when  you are alone""'    'Kb.  n<i."
lie   said,  Vhat'd  be   the   use.       You
must   keep   smiling."     And   then     his
face suddenly altered as he said:
" 't ��Ii, but I did cry once. I'll tell
you wh-n. 1 got a letter from my old
Dad telling me to conic home as soon
as  1  voiiid, as there  was an  old  man
Mistress���it's only fair lo w._rn
>ou, Bridget, that my husband
swears a little sometimes.
Bridget���That's all right, mum. So
do  I.���Life.
who could still do a tlay's  work
who   would   nc\er   lei   me   want
anvtbiug ;.s long as  1  live��!.     I   c
"These  are  the  little   thine -
ih at
happen  now  and  then  and  sei
thinking.   When  I  go off duty   '
_, nl!
going in  s'-c that  bov.   lie i<  w
Smalt Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
uave stood the lest of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, indigestion end to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bear* tigneture
The Farmer and Prohibition
The Amount the    Liquor    Interests
Expend on Purchases From
the Farmer
There arc about 80,000 farmers in
Canada, constituting about ten per
cent, of the entire population. The
value of their products is approximately $1,000 per farmer, or $80,000,-
000 for the whole country. The
liquor trade purchases from the farmer is about $800,000 worth of produce or just one per cent, of all that
hc produces���that is $10 for each
fanner  in  Canada.
The question so often asked is,
"what will the 'poor' farmer do with
this $10 worth of produce when prohibition puts the liquor trade out of
business?" One thing is certain, he
will never bc compelled to throw
away this $10 worth of material
about w'lticli the liquor men are
troubling .^:cvisc!vns so grievously,
llic !ik.-M!v:nd is that someone else
will wr-iy >-:e grain and grapes, the
apples aud cherries. To hear the defender of the liquor traffic talk, one
.vould think that no one likes these
things unless they are brought to
him in the form of liquor.
If the S,000,000 people of this
country were to increase their purchases to the extent of two cents a
week, it would amount to about $800-
000 per year, the amount the liquor
interests expend on purchases from
the farmer. No need to worry about
the farmer. He is not worrying
himself, but is voting out the business every time he gets the opportunity.���J. H. Hazlewood, Department of Social Service.
Minard's Liniment Co.,! Limited.
Gentlemen,���Last winter I received great benefit from the use of
attack of i.aGrippe, and I have frequently proved it to be very effective in cases of InJ.am-.tion.
> Yours,
A Toast
"Here's  lo  a  fountain  that
goes dry,
A fountain from whence  comes    the
milk supply:
Drink from it often and never forget
That milk is the 'liquid without a rc-
"��� grct.'"..-,..
I Four Million Persons on the  Island
Living Under Unsanitary
' Conditions j
Mr.    Douglas     Eyre    of      Oxford I
House, Bethnal Green, says four mil- '
. lion of our fellow creatures  in    this !
' country  were  living in   overcrowded j
: conditions.    In  London   three    thou-
, sand  people  were   living  eight  in   a
room,   and   twenty-six   thousand, ' six
to a room.    Of London's population
20 per cent,  at least  lived  under  lamentable conditions.      The    country
needed half a million new houses  to
replace  those   that    were  insanitary,
three hundred  thousand  to  overtake
the deficiency in building of the last
seven years and seven hundred thousand  to  provide  for  the  increase  in
population.    This w?s equivalent   to)
the  erection of 1 1-2    million    tenements,  or 7 1-2 million new  rooms.
In Bethnal Green    forty    thousand
out of the population of 130,000 were
living under    insanitary    and    overcrowded    conditions.      The borough
possessed    five    condemned areas of
which Brady street���the most notorious area���had a population of 470 to
the  acre.      These    conditions    were
known _ twenty-seven   years  ago,   but
the attitude of the government    t'c
partments  was   shown  by  their
quiring Bethnal  Green  to    find
money itself.���London Times.
How many people, crippled and lame from rheumatism*
owe their condition to neglected or incorrer^ treatment?
It is the exact combination of the Fiawi Goa Liver
Oil with glycerine and hypophosphites as contained ia
that has made Scott's famous for relieving rheuma*
tism when other treatments have utterly failed.
If you are a rheumatism sufferer, or feel its first
symptoms, start on Scott's Emulsion at once.
Scott _fc Bowae, T��roaU__ Out.
Settling the Land Why Farming is Essential
It look centuries for medical
science to discover that the blood is
the life. Now, it is known that if
the blood were always abundant,
rich and pure, very few people would
ever bc ill. It was not until the end
of the 19th century that an instrument was invented for measuring
the red part of the blood. Then doctors could tell just how anaemic a
patient had become, and with medicine to make new blood the patient
soon   got  well.
All the blood in the body is nourished and kept rich and red by the
food taken daily, but when, for any
reason, a person, is run down ancl
cannot make sufficient blood from
the food to keep the body in health
then a blood-making medicine is required. The simplest and very best
of blood-makers suitable for home
use by anyone, is Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. When a course, of these pills
is taken their good effect is soon
shown in an improved appetite
stronger nerves, a sound digestion
and an_ ability to master your work
and enjoy leisure hours. For wo-
r-.cn there is a prompt relief of, or
prevention of aliments which make
life a burden. As an all-round medicine for the cure of ailments due co
weak, watery blood no medicine dis
covered bv medical science can equal
Dr. Williams' Pink Tills.
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Out.
Ambitious Plans of the Greater Winnipeg Water District
The Greater Winnipeg water district is planning a settlement about
eighty miles from Winnipeg. The
Dominion government gives the land
and consents to a certain deviation
from the section lines for the roads.
The provincial government is to
make the physical improvements���
roads, drainage,, etc. The colonization department will help in the settling of the men and will render aid
in various ways in starting them in
the development of the land, while
the agricultural department will give
them advice as to the best use of the
land and instruction in various horticultural processes and methods.
The agricultural college will furnish
stock and seed at cost and will stand
by to give expert advice. The provincial department of education is
very S3rmpathetic also, and it will be
very helpful in organizing the school
and making it contribute in many
ways to the uplift of the community.
The water district will build a large
bridge across the Birch river and a
model school and devote some -.0
acres to a community entrc, its land
settlement agent acting as business
agent to direct and help market the
products, which will be carried by
the railroad to the city. The city of
Winnipeg will buy the wood cut by
the settlers in clearing their farms.
'Despite   Its   Poor   Profits   This   Industry Affects National Life
\V. C.  Good, B.A., of Paris, Ont.��
'r A Remedy for Bilious Headache.���
To those subject lo bilious headache.
Parmclee's Vegetable 1'ills are recommended as the way lo speedy
relief. Taken according to directions
thry will subdue irregularities of the
stomach and so act upon the nerves
and.blood vessels that the pains in
the head will cease. There are few
who are not at sometime subject to
biliousness and familiar with its attendant evils. Yet none need suffer
with  these pills at  hand.
Must Cure Germany
Peace Must Involve the Destruction
of the German Government
The military autocracy, which still
holds Germany by the throat, cannot in fact propose terms of peace
which the entente allies would be
willing to discuss without paving the
way for its own abdication. It would
have to make public confession that
its leadership had failed. It would
have to confess responsibility for a
catastrophe whose extent the German mind still refuses to realize. Any
peace which the non-German world
can consider worth while must involve the destruction of the existing
German government. For when the
government grows so weak thai il
must ask for a real peace, involving
a renunciation r.i" all it.-, plans of conquest and spoliation, the German
people will themselves turn and rend
it. It can have no function
longer in a Germany cured of
militaristic mania.���New York
Like  Father,  Like  Son
A Birmingham professional man,
forty-one years of age, has been
posted as a private to a unit in
which his sou, until recently a high
school boy, is a second lieutenant.
He has several times had charge of
the platoon of which his father is a
member on the barrack square. Pater salutes his boy like the rest of
his comrades. He declares, however, that a sly little wink has occasionally passed between  them.
addressed the Empire club of Ton
ronto as a practical farmer and alsa
a student of the economic problems
underlying agriculture in Canada. Hs
pointed out that agriculture is not
merely an occupation which some in*
dividuals follow for profit, but it is
a great national interest, determining
in a dominant way the fortunes oi
this nation and the opportunities anq
character of our poulpation; henc<
the improving of agriculture affect*
the status of Canada, its outlook ana
destiny. Hc made a comparison be*
tween agriculture and manufacturing
as to profits, showing that if fiv<
per cent, were allowed on the capii
tal investment of the farmers ther_(
would be a deficit in the year's oper��
ations of $110,000,000, the value o_l
1,000 millions. The manufacturer*
had a surplus of $260,000,000 on theitf
year's business in addition to the five
per cent, on capital invested. Thus
is revealed one of the chief reasons
why boys leave the farm.
Yet agriculture is the most important industry which contributes to
man's welfare, besides being the one
which . supplies leaders in all other
lines of life; city life in a few years
would become extinct without the
constant stream from the country.
The seed bed of _ the whole population is the rural life���including farming, lumbering and mining���because
these occupations have a monoply of
fresh air ancl sunshine, and the farm
affords the very best opportunity for
an abundant supply of good food. In
the life of the growing generation
these three things are of supreme im-t
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts it within
reach of all, and it can be got at any
"You and Rafferty have quarrelled?"
"We have,"  replied  Mr.  Dolan.
"Can't you become reconciled and
talk it over?"
"I don't think so. Every time we
talk it over the conversation leads up
to -a worse fight than we had before."���Washington Star.
\Vo offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure.     .
Hall's Catarrh Cure lias been tal;en by
catarrh sufferers for tlie past thirty-five
.ears, and lias become known as the most
ieliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acts through the Blood on the Mucou_-
surface?, expelling the Poison Irom the Blood
and healing the diseased portion?.
After you have tal.en Hall's Catarrh Cure
for a short lime you will see a great improvement in vour general health. Start taking
V. "J.  CHENEY & CO.. Toledo,  O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
.. I
Generally fiuHcaia ^ tick
of Iron la tli* Blood
Garter's Iron Pills
Will help tbb corutitlon
American^Donation to
Canadian Red Cross
One of Uncle Sam's .Soldiers Shows
a Splendid Spirit
It is sometimes said that th^rc is
no .sentiment in business, but il is
time that, in these days partiulacrly,
sentiment plays a very large part m
busi'-.oss. And when si-ntinu-nl tends
to d/a./ allied nations Mid closer
together it is, perhaps, the '.-cry best !
kinc.  of  buii'iess. I
An  experience  villi   this   1-:i:n 1     oi j
sentiment  etime  to  tl v  notice  ol"   the;
land department    of    the     Canadian
1'ac.ifk;   railway  at   Calgary   a     short
time ago.    Air.   \\".  (._.  l-'r_.<i_r, of ih"
aerial   training   station   :,    San   I'ran-
cisco, had a  balance  oi   fifty  dollars
coining lo him on a kind transaction
wilh   the   company.     .\.-   Mr.   l-"rasi r
is   now   lined  up  with   Vnclo     Sam's
iighting   forces   lie   desin d   that     the
money   should  go  to   some   patriotic
purnose and  wrote  tlie  C.l'.R.   asking   them   to   turn   it   over     to     the
Canadian  Red  Cross.    He  might,  of
course,   have   had   it   paid     direct   to
| liiiit, or  to  some  American   patriotic
i society, but hc elected  that it should
jgo to the Canadian Kcd Cro's, which
.a ft"..' day. a._'��>  received,  ;i  .-heel.   !<���".���
! the ..mcuni.
The    Proven     Asthma      Remedy.
I Since asthma existed there  has been
j no  lack of much  heralded  remedies,
j bul they have proved short lived and
I worthless.      The ever-growing reputation of Dr. .1. 1"). Kellogg';. Asthma
Remedy  has  given  il  a  place  in   the
field ol" medicines which no other can
approach.    Jt  has never been pushed
by sensational methods, but has sim-
' ply gone, on effecting relief and mak-
I ing new  converts.
The Terror of the Hun
i When Death  Is to Be Preferred
A  pathetic scene was witnessed aj
a   railroad    station    the    other    day
when a mother bade farewell to her
son, as he departed for a training
camp. The poor woman .was almost
overcome with emotion. Her only
boy was turning his back upon the
home.    She fell  that  she was telling
j li im   good-bye  forever,  and    she    so
Goats Thrive Well in Alberta       ; stated to the manly fellow vho stood
l-'or  the  lirst  time    on     record    a | before,  her.    "You  will   never    come
number of coals were recently offer- I back,-' she sighed���"Oh. my boy; you
ed   for  sale' on   the   Calgary  market. p\"��'l  never, come  back   lo  me  if  you
where thev were the centre of inter-j go   to   France!"
jest. They were sent by a farmer
ivhuM- place is situated between fifty
laud sixty miles :iorthcr.st of Calpary.
j'.i'his farmer hroi'glu a small herd of
! Angora goats to Alberta some three
:;. i :ir< :'_.''>, and is well satisfied will:
i'.lie  r. suits he has  lird  nith  them.
I The young fellow took his mother
in his arms. ' He assured her that
the chances were he would return.
'"But," he said, "listen mother: If I
die   lighting   in   France,   1   shall     be
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper*
__________________ ^,
Hungary Has Suffered
Deaths are  Not   All   Caused   by   Jj.
Participation in War
Hungary has suffered most severe
ely of. all the belligerent countries,
in proportion to population, according to the Budapest newspaper Pesti
Paplo. It draw's this conclusion
from the study of the vital statistic*
just issued by the Hungarian government. German cities ceased to
publish such statistics early in the
war, but the Hungarian reports have
been continued on a pre-war basis;
and the reports of births, deaths
and marriages this year are characterized by Pesti Paplo as "most
alarming."    The paper says:
"The war has caused a destruction
of man power at the front Which can
liardly be estimated, even approximately, but the devastation caused at
heme seems to have been even more
terrible than that among the lighting,
forces. The losses at home have cer��
tainly been much more serious.
"The matter of births and marriages has declined considerably in
other countries as well. But in Hungary the excess of deaths over births
���in the civiMan population alone���
has grown to such a frightful extent
that in February of the present year
the deaths exceeded the births by
more than 13,000."
The writer, after pointing out that
deaths among civilians during the
third vear of the war exceeded tha
births by 130,000, says that the Hungarian losses at the front in the sama
period was over 100,000, according to
the 600 casualty lists published. Tha
number of men who are at the front
or who have done military service is
given at 3,000,000, or one-seventh o|
the entire population. Discussing tha
civilian   death  rate,  the writer  saysj
"Deaths due to bad and insufficient
food certainly increased in a very
marked way."
l.cltcv  off  than  you  will
Eloquence Appreciated
Copies of President Wilson's mem- j
orablc  address  to  congress  embodying a lie" declaration of world free- J
uoni,  which   will  remain  one  of   the '
historic  utterances  of the  war.  have
I.e. n presented to the teachers  (over'
21,Of'"' i:t all) in  the  London  rlenien- '
ti.ry  aud  secondary  schools   through.
. the generosity of Sir Charles Wake- ,
ftcld. late Lord Mayor of Lqtidoil
The address hys been prinl-'tKon
handmade paper, in two colors, and
in a form suitable for exhibition and
preservation. Sir Charles Wakefield
Jigs also presented copies of Hie address to tlie. schools of his native
city of Liverpool.���London Daily.1
Ch'.roi|c!.ev.\:-v..::-: .X:Xy\.-���������.��� ���       ]
-. Uncle- -Ebcii-rH.tfftvi.fur'-'''did -.'"���' yoti!"',
son, get -who. -.went.'abroad ,to; figlil ?
ITncIc - Ezra���Well,   h.:.;.-srot ^."some-���'',
v, here in- Franc'e.'" >������'.'������'������; �����'������''���? ���>'-"���;;-:-: i
Uncle Eben���Th3i'<'''g^)C'dv_H^ ~c\>.
i'it gat anywhere'in "America.���_."___<.}--
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is t'-Ii.e.only Canadian
maker of these':matches,-every
.stick of \v":k{:.vlias;betn. .treated
v-ith a:-.c.h.crnica)'':;.cd,u.t:o.n-:r.l_ich ���
'positively-^.-'i! s:ure$.A'::the;'" oia'tGh':
becon.ir.g-.-.dead:.'wopd_' or.ce ";:-it���;
_.*as-"-'b��'n'.Tii.r_ed -..������'.i:;_d.":''feiOTrn !;
oat'��� X "\'=XXX::,
Look for.. thr.'wCrcj_.-.-'.',C_i'eE-ii-..'
- ctlly S!lf-esti_ig'u:jR_::g" .-on?.tfe'.c,
box. XX;-     \X-*-:-;XX'
Sold Estate to Tenants
j Lord Scarbroiigh has sold his cs-
' t:_.e in North Lincolnshire, extending
i'.-.ver 8,<>0U acres. - Twenty farms
, -old to tho tenants privately, the
~v.ii raised being close upon 102,000
'pounds.    The remainder of the    pro-
��� perty  was   offered  at     Lincoln     and
��� i.'ily seven lots remained unsold, and
these  -will  probably  be  disposed    of
privately.     The   amount   realized     at
_ the auction vas 39.185 pounds, (ilenl-
: v orth Hall, the residence on the cs-
��� tatc, .vas sold lor 11,200 pounds, with
.5^rounds,  woods and home farm,  ihe
timber being valued at 078    pounds.
' This Georgian house was built about
1760 mu of the remains of tlie splcn-
: did Tudor mansion  erected    early in
the reign of Queen Elizabeth by Sir
, Christopher  Wray,  speaker    of    the
j Ironse of commons and    Lord Chief
I lustier of ihe Queen's bench.   Tiicr-.;
is an imposing monument to him in
..G-'en.-vorih church.���From  th.- London TV't'h, ���      -���   .'X-X^
Suggestions that may save
Much Suffering
tins eountrv
-Mothers  and
f  Germanv
be  here   in
wins    this
the  words of this
should     read
brave boy.    They
j should  have   tin in     impressed    upon
j their minds.     For  not  since  the war
: started has any man uttered greater
' philosophy.     The  dead     soldiers     in
France   will  be  better  off than    the
Jiving people of this country if Ger-
i many  wins!     They   \Xi\\   at   least  be
j beyond the reach of a Prussia.: mili-
i lary  officer:   they   can  no   longer  b._
i kicked  off the  streets;  thev will  not
! 1 avc to  stand with  folded arms and
t witness a brute of an ofiiccr outrage
 \ sister or strike a mother o\tr the
n       __t_i      i_ i  __.        _.__.! hi.ad  with  a  sv ord,  or  see  a    babv
Marysville, P��--"F�� twelv* year*   ,      h fe   , ,      j ,.       h    ^
I  suaerri  with  terrible  eramps.    I j uct    A��� .,.,.,.. ���,;_,;; I]avc bccn ,-t_
. ncssed   by   the   people   of   the   coun-
��� tries  where  the Gernr.ins rule.    Aye,
better dead a hundred time's, than lo
.   'Big ReturnTor-_Crop/v''-..
| .Charles-. St<vcn^;':-''of:'j:";:K:ilv:irri's.
;Sask., received. .a-..chcck'^jor':''-$8.60tl.':.ii
:procecds-vfrom tiie��� ���';crop:.:������.vX.���''"wheat
. raised "this vear .or-120 _a'cri;.s.'.o.i-- kind-'.
| - V"A b:ru; inUhe-s!��nd;i��v-y.'ort:!i'vtv:o
, hi- the bu$hXX'XXX^X,:'XXXXXX;y
'���'. ��� -.."Trmijaie- is io.''niike.'7-th:e^'hi'rd':''i.b'i'-
lievfc >'.."*������Laiii?��n iile--'Courifr-.---'"Jo-.;r-
���{r.A     ������'^-^X^X'::yL^;'XX
suffered with terrible cramps. I
would have to .*tay
in bed several doya
everv month. I
tried* all kinds of
remedies and waa
treated by doctors,
but my trouble continued until one day
I read about Lydia
E. Pin-cham's Vegetable Compound and (,('V'
what it bad done for - - ���
others. I tried it
and now I am never
troubled with cramps __nd feel like a
different  woman.     I   cannot  praise
be  the  slaves  of the   foul.si
hicrarc'iv  that  lir_<   ever  cm':
.d     tht
earth! ', The
only boy, in
tee him torn
ou  the  lit Id
writer oi" tl:
lie w;.r. He
to pit ces b\
of br.itle th;:
.- officer tii'n
is has an
had rather
a shell up-
n   to   see  a
��� !i;-  lc"-.e.
Lydia E. PinkhamV Vegetable Coni-
potmd too highly and I am recommending It to my friends who suffer as I did."
���Mrs. George R.NAylob. Box 72,
Marysville, Pa.   ;
'v ���Young women-who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, b-tckache,
headache, dragging-down sensations*
fainting spells or indigestion should
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabkr
CompouEd. Thousands have been re-
.etpmi to _hea-tb by this root and herb
remedy.-" -���_'-:-J-X:'-. '���'������������',��������� S^-'-XX"X
/-.Write for free and helpful aavice to
Lydia E. Pfekbam Medicine Co. (con^ jf.
fidentian, Lynn,: Mass. -Only;women j;rcrc
The Ubiquitous British .
"Where are the Priiish?" a'fts thr
German agent of the gullible American.-..They arc everywhere.. Tlvey u'e
holding their own line in. France and
Belgium. Tendering- aid to the French
line wherever needed, helping Italy
tat ter. her way to Trieste, cleaning
Germany ' out 'of ;Africa,-.-'furnishing1.
the'.bulk of Sarrair$ army in Macedonia, fighting their,v.ay through''
Mesopotamia, aiding the Russian.? iii
Galicia, battling with the Germans
and-Turks in Palestine. There is no
ration among the allies Avhos-c-.-tro'bps--
��vc so ubi-miitous.���NeVv York Times.
fee Interfere
with Digestion���
says a well known
Many who use tea
or coffee, not knov."-
ing that it aggravates stomach troubles, couldstill enjoy
a delicious hot table
beverage and escape harmful effects
by a change to the
wholesome, pure
cereal drink���
epen and read roci letters.
population of Japan shows ar
?-c. of between 7<XUX��Q and 800,-
every .'year,.
* 'i
���-Jt^tKt-f- "-M'-fTft^TSsTS
j-ear in Canada,   and   $2.50   in  the
United States.
Editor and Financie..
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\:'.���:���,: 5 ir notice, $2.50 for each ad-
tiuional claim.)
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line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Highland Logic
"When Lord TuHib..v<.ii_e. son of
the Duke of Atholl, was seeking
election to the lT<n.=e of Commons
he was accompanied by hi? parliamentary agent, who introduced
him to many of the voters. The
agent said to one old Scotsman.
"This is Lord Tullibardine. Of
course you know hioi?"
"Na, na: I dinua ken him,"
was the reply.
'���'At all events," continued the
agent, "you know his father the
"Oh, ah; I ken the duke. He's
a grand man the duke."
"Then you will vote for his
"I'm no sure about that. It's
no every coo has a caff like
xctirsion Rates
The Glory of the Girl
She was on the platform reading
her essay. She looked as if she
had just stepped out of a flower
bed. In her cheeks the carnation
had left its glow, and her lips had
robbed the roses. She was a
healthy, fragrant, glowing American girl, of a type that we love
and protect and honor.
Her essay or oration? Something that told of throbbing hope
and ambition and rosy skies.
Hard knocks are few in the chrysalis period. Why shouldn't this
graduation girl for a time believe
in the entire goodness of the world;
believe in perpetual sunshine? The
band plays raggy music for her
know; her pulses quicken and Bhe
is happy. It is well. Why should
she know that further down the
path their are no flowers, the bands
do not play and the clouds often
shut out the sun?   ���
Let her have her good times���
i-hils Graduation Girl. Let her
y.ory in her triumphs and be proud
:' her attainments. There can
:.-ver be too much happiness in
'.he world; there is always too
.r.uch sorrow.
Down in the front row are father
and mother���a man and a woman
v:ho had toiled and suffered and
home much. It is the common
tot. It puts deep care lines into
i^ces, and sometimes it wrinkles
hearts, but not always.
If you look closely you will see
1 bat that old couple had just one
,'bject in life���the girl. She is of
fieir blood. She is slipping away
i.-om them as the years go by, and
often the mother cries silently because of a sorrow chat is too deep
lor words. She is prond of her
Graduation Girl, but her arms are
empty, aud there is an ache in her
heart for the baby that has blossomed into a woman. Men love
deeply and truly, but there is
a holy affection denied them.
Mothers know it���mothers only.
The essays! To those old folks
it represents the climax of wisdom,
the culmination of learning. The
words flow like mnsic and their is
a hymn in eyery paragraph. True
affection weais rose colored glasses,
you know.
And then, when it ia all over, a
queen goes to her home. She
seems just a little bit higher and
holier than any other girl, does
this, graduation daughter, and she
talks to father about it, and to
mother, and her eyes shine, there
is a sob in her throat, and she discovers, all at once, that it wasn't
the applause of the great world she
yearned for, but the grand appreciation of an old man and an old
woman; not so m uch a desire for
fame and a career as to justify
their -wonderful faith in her ability.
Cincinnati Post.
Princeton, B.C., n.w completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props,
Princeton, B, C, is the headquarters for miners, investors
and railroad men. A fine location and everything first-class
J. N. MacPHERSON, Projrictor
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for hire.   The Finest
Turnouts  in  the  Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
Ji.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
Ji.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc 83.00. Charges for oth��r metals elc
on application.
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meal...
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
"'ZVi.'-^  ������'������'-:*\ N___*_T>~'
Notice of Cancellation of Reserve
ON     SALE    DECEMBER    1    TO    31���LIMIT    THREE
Extention of Limit on Additional Payment
Toronto and all Ontario
points west
Montreal and
common points
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.
v-Mun'iV.-i'-rM'sMt. r_ia
azda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 WattXamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100     "
200   ��
>>   *
>>   *   i��
$1,25 each
2.00 �����
3,50 "
guarded and mpA.m^
ireenweod City Waterworks Co.
____. 'i_,u_, _ a.w.xMajmLUU./mMrsiu.'iftzxaa
Telephone Your New Year Greetings
Wish your friends a Happy New Year! Do it personally
over the telephone.
There is no more pleasant message than one of goodwill,
expressed verbally. You think of your friends constantly, but
do yon always express your kind thoughts iu words?
Extend them New Year greetings over the telephone. The
farther away they are more pleased will they be to hear your
The  Ladies of  the Red Cross
are   very   busy completing    ar-
rang-emerits for  the Masquerade
"jail which is to be held  on New
Years Night.    There will beex-
client music, and eight prizes to
be competed for.    Watch for posters for full particulars.    At this
d-_.Kce  the beautiful   table cloth
c.ccheted   by  Mrs.   Holmes and
.^3'He vv by Mrs.   McArthur will
b: drawn for.
Notice is hereby (riven that tlie reserve cov
cring certain lands in tlie vicin: rof Nicholson
Creek, Similkameen Divtsiou of Yale District,
formerly held umler Timber License No. 27542,
by reason of a notice published in the Uritish
Columbia Gazette on tho 27th of December WOT,
is cancelled.
G. R. 2. ADEN,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department Qf Lands, Victoria, B. C.
Decen.ber l'2tli, 1917.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
COAL mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
renewable for a further term of at years
at an annual rental of |i an acre. ��� Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant
Application for a lease must be niadt
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent Of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sab-divisions of sections, and in onsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
Staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of f 5 which will be refunded if
the  rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise.   A  royalty shall b
paid on the merchantable only..
mine at the rate of five ce
The persan operating t
furnish the   Agent with s
accounting for the full qua
chantablecoal mined and p..
thereon:     If the coal mini..
not being operated, such rel, , should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ot.awn. Or to air,
Agent or Sub-Age-.*, o! Dominion Lands,
\V. W. CORY, - I
Deputy _Mii:i,:ter of the I'lttr.or. '
N.   B.��� T__iiai-th.orv.___;   :.t.'>'_;>.fo-   o.
this advertisement will 1.01 be r.i:d .or.
tne fiotel
nelson, B.&
4�� The only up^tevdate Hotel in the inter ior,    First-class
4* in every respect.
��� ���
4�� Hot and Gold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all trains and Boats.
���*S *****4****44*,f'*f** *���$������*��� ���***>fr%fr*
8 T
All   the
latest   methods
in   high-class
Comer Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
I, CYRIL RADAN, of Kerr Creek in
the Similkameen Division of .Yale District, Rancher, intend to apply for permission to lease So acres of land, bounded as follows:��� - ,
Commencing at a post planted at the
North-West corner of Lot 20S4S; thence
North 40 chains; thence.fiast 20 chains;
thence South 40 chains; thence West 20
chains to the point of commencement,
and containing 80 acres be the same more
or less.      - ' ���   '      .
' Dated October 20th, 1917.   ''
"Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful^ The waters that run through ai^d
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams, Its lofty sky ���scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of eartb'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek* Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP," for lack of
cultivation* Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy*
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and jyet it has a scant 40,000* Then
sings the little bird in the tree, "What's The
Matter With B, G"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster df
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing at the same office.


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