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The Ledge Sep 12, 1918

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��� X<m_
Voi,.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
_E= Canada Food Board License No, 8-6251 ^3
B        The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save 3
B We carry a most* complete stock of other Cereals *~3
B   =2
B We specialize in TEA and COFFEE inSpkge or bulk ||
I     LEE <& BRYAN     1
The Telephone Gives You More Energy, More Time
Conservation is the consideration' above all others these
daiys. We are getting so that before we elo anything we think
a moment to End out if there is any way to save something.
So when we had need-to talk to someone, we think a moment then use the telephone.   Not only does it give us direct,        _
face to face communication, but we save energy and time���two
of the principal essentials.   In fact,  they are the greatest, for
with energy and time we can accomplish almost anything.
Consider what the telephone means to you���as a convenience, as a utility, as a necessity.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100    "
200 ������������
$1,25 each
2.00  �����
3.50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
SK JOHN AIRD. G��ne��lM��nas��'
H. V. F. JONES. Aw't Genl M��n��*er
0AI^P^ ^|l^p,OO0^R^El^ FUND, ..' $!3.500.000
Every efffri*^
;llStlS-|^ridl|np:^f busing r-^ ".-S ���<' :M
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
Public Auction
To Be Held At The
Mr. Sater and Mr. Gunderson have instructed me to sell by Public Auction
various articles of value, list and description will appear later.
Anyone having cattle,' horses, hogs &c,
for this auction will please communicate
Auctioneer Greenwood
Hats, Caps, Shirts, Boots,
Shoes and Overalls of
many kinds
At Reasonable Prices
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
Made from
Permanent fronts ' in the coats
made with non-break canvas
and hair cloth
Styles up to date
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
'" AT ���������'���'���
Phone 45
P. O. Box S74
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p.m., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
To Miners, Contractors, Etc
A contract for driving 500 feet of Tnn-
neli size 10 x 12 and 5oo feet of crosscut,
size 8 x 9, at the Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, B.C.. will be made with responsible
parties. Specifications may be obtained
on application to the undersigned,
A further contract of 500 feet of both
tunnel and crosscut will be considers don
completion of the above.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co
Sullivan Mines,     Kimberley, B.C.
Tenders ��
Sealed Tenders will be received up to
the ist October, 1918, for;the purchase: of
"The National Hotel; and Furniture"
Greenwood, B. C.X'-'������:
The Hotel consists of Burnished Bed
Rooms and all necessary equipments for
operating including Billiai^ Table/Bar
Fixtures, Cash Register, Safe, etc. '..';,>
For further particulars apply to ���;' XyxX.
Xy Real Estate Office Greenwood, B.C::
/'���Iii- KaialoopS;last-weekjv two
old v pioneers died', on-the; same
day,; J0H0 O'Briea aged 76 years;
and Joseph Ra t chfordX aged 73,
Both kept hotels in'that city in
the early days, '.
I Around Home
Louis Legault is the new chef
at the Pacific.
Mrs. J. W. Nelson is now residing in Spokane.
B.. McCutcheon is visiting
friends at the coast. >
Dr. Wood was in Camp Mc-
Kinnej; on Sunday.
Since B. C. became dry the sale
of cigars has increased.
Full line of fresh bulk chocolates at Goodeve Drug Store.
George^H. Gray spent a pleasant hour in Greenwood last week.
Captain Allan Lean, has moved
his family from  Nelson to Trail.
The Palace Livery has an
Overland car for hire jat any
At Myncaster, the Mercantile
Co. is buying large quantities of
grain. ���
Full line of school books, and
school supplies at Coles' Book
Apples and prunes are being
shipped from the Forks by the
carload. \
At Oroville, E. B. Gay will
put up 36000 cans of tomatoes
this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jewell are
going to Missouri this month for
a vacation.
# For Sale.���A Webster's Dictionary for three dollars, at The
Ledge office.
Early apples, fine tomatoes,
fresh cantaloupes, and grape
fruit at G.A. Rendell's.
Born.���In Vancouver ou Sept.
2nd, to Lieut, and Mrs. R. Griffith Cochrane, a son.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
Miss G. Lee returned to Vancouver on Friday, to resume her
studies at the Braemar college.
Justin. Bulk vinegar $1,50 a
.gallon. Sour mixed pickles $1.75
gallon glass iar.    G. A. Rendell.
Charles H. Shepster was in
Oroville last week/ H? .prospected, around Greenwood 20 years
Translucent crabapples, Flemish Beauty and Bartlett pears
will arrive in Rendell's store this
Ennui was dispelled in Fernie
last week. The miners are once
more on strike in that city of
Born.���At the Greenwood Hospital on 'September 11, to Mr.
and Mrs: H. McGillivray, twins,
both boys.
There are seven men working
at the B. C. Mine, and good ore
is being shipped to the Greenwood smelter.
It is against the law for children to drive autos on the public
roads. This law is often broken
in the Boundary.
D. J. Matheson is at present
located in Vancouver. He will
not open his real estate office in
Princeton until next year.
Walter Hadden of Grand
Forks, was killed in France on
August 10. On the same day
his mother died in England.
Business is real brisk, at the
Greenwood Garage says C. E
Stamper, the manager. Repairs
and auto supplies of all kinds.
The Red Cross will hold a
Masquerade Ball, on Friday, September 13. Six good prizes. Re:
freshments.      Bush's   orchestra.
Several: cows at New Denver
died from eating bracken weed.
Cows never die in Greenwood
trom eating weeds or anything
else.   ������'.'������
Lieut. R. Griffitb-Cochrane,
C. JE,. Shaw and Miss II. M.
Shaw, motored in from Vancouver, arriving here on Monday
For Sale ���160 acres bottom
level land, sub-irrigated. Creek
and plenty of water, The best
land in the valley, a bargain.
Ledge office.
Joe Kelly came in from Spokane on Monday, after yisiting
the fair in that city. He is busv
now mining at the Buster near
Miss Bruce has gone to the
Mill Site of the three C's, to; act
as stenographer; Miss Beattie
has taken her place at the local
office of the company. ;.:-
���Bicycles should not be run/on
the sidewalks, as it is against the
law. This.isT: a common, offense
in/ Greenwood,-; much/to/the
danger and /annoyance .'���:' of/pedes-
.trians.;/'//:.^/;/.; i'-ixXXyXX
/The -contract; for; -building; the
bridge ;across the Simiikatneen
riveriatiPrinceton; on ; the; rail-
j way line to Copper Mountain,-has
{been /granted to Armstrong &
Morrison of Vancouver.
The Princeton Star remarks
that the increased production
campaign carried on by the government in 1917 is having results
in that city. Within a month
two pairs of twins were born in
that citv.
Writing from Toronto to Scott
McRae, George Layson says that
he met Steve McCarthy the other
day, Steve fought for three
years in France, aud^was discharged after being wounded in
several places.
Last Saturday night, Vancouver lost one of its most prominent poker players, when a bandit
held up a card game, and shot
Tommy Roberts dead. Tommy
had been in that city since it was
a village and ran an hotel.
Rev. C. M. Campbell prefers to
remain in Kaslo, to preaching in
Grand Forks where he was
offered a higher salary. His
soul evidently flies higher, than
the most of parsons who get a
call and a raise at the same time.
On a card to John Cropley,
Hank Leonard says that he has
got his gun, and is on his w^y
by easy stages to Berlin. Hank
will probably winter in that city,
unless some dainty chicken steals
him, while he is mushing along
the boulevards of bonnie France.
If the Canada Copper Co. desires to work the Brooklyn and
other mines in Phoenix, why not
avoid paying railway freight, by
tramming the ore down the hill
to the Greenwood smelter. This
looks easy to a man up a tree.
With plenty of ore only three
miles away there should be no
idle furnaces in Greenwood.
After being kept in suspense
for many a sad day, fearing
that his Arabian steeds had
wandered back to the reservation
without moccasins, Charles
Dempsey discovered them last
Sunday, one of them disturbing
the peace ot Mid wav, and the
other making a nose diye for the
grass in Boundary Falls. Charley
now has these nomadic equines
interned near the Emma mine,
where they are saving a lot of
manual labor, in return for their
board and lodging.
The Boundary Women's Institute acknowledges with thanks
all donations received, since May
1st to the Red Cross: Mrs. S. T.
Smith, $2; Mrs. Benson, $2; Mrs,
Skelton, $2; Mrs. Arthurs, $3;
Mrs. Cruise, $5; Mrs. Simpson,
SlOj^rs. Gallioz, $1; Mrs. Port-
man, $2; Mrs. Ashby, $6; Mrs.
Mcintosh, $10; cash donations
received towards Masquerade
Ball, Mrs. Jenks, $5, Robert
Jenks, $1, Gordon Jenks, $1; Central War Fund, $187.75. Mrs.
Holmes, two beautiful cloths
which are to be raffled. W. B.
Fleming for services rendered;
Greenwood City Waterworks for
light, A. J. Morrison for ice; The
Ledge for advertising. The Institute shipped three boxes during
June, July and August, the total
contents being 13b prs knitted
socks, 137 prs operation stock?
ings, 22 suits of pyjamas, 28
housewives, 5 stretcher caps, 4
trench caps and 5 hot water bottle covers.
Gunning is Coming
Canning is coming to Greenwood
on September 14. The Calgary
Herald writes him np in glowing
terms. The following extract ia
part of what the Herald says about
this man of wonderful talents:
"Cunning does all sorts of tricks
like this. People write out questions and without seeing them, but
merely getting the people to think
about them, he calls oufe names
and gives the questions and answers. This was the biggest part pit
the show. Mr. Canning convincing the people that he possessed a
power which , they did not have,
and as he said where there ie faking fehere must be something
The tricks performed in the first
part of the program were indeed
perplexing. Mr. Cunning does
things with a dexterity and ease
that are incomprehensible and one
cannot satisfy oneself by discovering "bow he did it," bufe must confess to be fooled completely. Every
thing was done so quickly that one
had no chance to even guess as tp
howit;wa87done.-v. 7:v/v:: v:; rv.
More unheard of things : were
done in the second part when a
picture is supposed to be painted
by unseen hands before the audience. This picture is picked out
by/someone ;in the;: audience, and
then-r-prestpl-^it ; apears V on/the
canvas. ////// /-.'
X.'MrJXCunning/:has; a/very easy:
flow of language which he "uses; to
good advantage in- his Vwprk///He.
'amuses'.'/.the audienee, interests
them/;throughout;;and even gives
them some very; interesting; facts
concerning mediumism, mind r��&
iug and clairvoyance."
No. 9
Western Float
Milk is 20 cents a quart in Nelson.
R. E Harkins died in Enderby
last month, aged 46 years.
Ships from Port Alberni may
some day sail the seven seas.
The Ledge prints more [mining
news than any other paper��in_Can-
This year some farms in Ontario
grew 65 bushels of barley to the
Along Goat river in East Kootenay there is a heavy crop of cranberries.
Sweet cider is $1 a gallon in
Kaslo. It is far cheaper than
At Dawson, Max McSwayne was
fined $50, for selling cigars without
a license.
Potatoes are plentiful in B. C.
and prices will not be very high
this year.
If pnt in one train the freight
cars in the States would reach 20,-
000 miles.
The streets in Dawson are dirty
and full of junk. The people lack
civic pride.
The editor of the Record ��� in
Philadelphia is 89 years old, and
works every day.
Afe Cranbrook. Tom Taylor went
insane wifeh religious mania, and is
now in fehe asylum.
Cranbrook gets its buttermilk
from Creston, and its mountain
whiskey from Fernie.
There are 1400 head of cattle in
the CreBton valley, of which number the Indians own 400.
T. F. Curran, mining recorder
for Southern Yukon was drowned
in tbe Yukon river last month.
The Club at Vernon is to be reorganized, and if possible 400
associate members will be Becnred.
About 4,500 tons of tomatoes
were grown at Keremeos this year.
The yield was 15 tons to the acre.
A cannery company at Naden
Harbor has been fined $800 for
wilfully wasting humpback salmon.
The Kamloops Telegram roasts
the Bostonians, and says that tbey
were nofe even second-class performers.
Rev. John Field died at Duncan
last month. He was in charge of
the Anglican church at Hazelton
for 32 years.
The wheafe crop in France this
year amounted to 183,000,000
bushels, a 25 per cent, increase
over last year.
In the Creston district the apple
crop will be a little over 30,000
boxes. Wealthys comprise about
one-third of the crop.
Two prisoners recently escaped
from the internment camp at Morrissey. One was captured, after
he had been shot in the leg.
Several autoists have been fined
in Kelowna, for speeding and not
carrying rear lights, etc. Nothing
of this kind occurs in the Boundary.
At Hillcrest a boy 19 months old
died from taking an overdose of
Fruitatives. He got hold of the
box when no one was watching
A car loaded wifeh 47,000 feet of
lumber, was recently shipped from
the Canford Mills to a town in
New England. The freight was
The B. C. distillery at New
Westminster, is making alcohol
from Australian wheat for the
western trade, and employing 20
You cannot build a town by
grouching, and spitting tobacco
juice at grasshoppers. Do not
wait for something to turn up. Do
the turning yourself.
Ed Blahchfield has gone south,
after mining and driving stage
around Dawson for 18 years.
Harry Calder, his old partner will
stay on Hunter creek.
The Whitehorse Star says that
Charley RpbinBon, an old-time
gambler of Dawson has gone to
Tacoma, after cooking at Idlfearod
for a time. Surely this cannot be
Curly, who ran a crap game in
8andon 20 years ago.; Curly ;waB
reported to have ; cashed ; in somewhere in Montana years ago. '..xx
/Several Indians in the Yukon
are preachers for the Ghnrch of
England,; One was recently ordained at Moosehide, and at the
same time 45 redskins partook of
holy communion. / / Appears thafe
all the good Indians are not yefe
dead./When:the; gospel was first
preached/to eome redskins in the
west many of them quit/working,
believing that Jesas; would provide
for them. They could hotttell the
difference /between spiritual and
material; food, probably owing to a
lack of college education. /;���///
B. C. Mining News
The Hudson Bay near Salmo is
producing rare forms of zinc.
The Josie and Centre Ifear afe
Rossland, shipped some ore last
The Trail smelter now charges
$8.30 a ton for smelting as
against $7.50 a few weeks ago.
The Standard at Silverton has
closed its mill, and is working 20
men in the mine on development.
The Providence has a great
showing of rich ore. ""I It is one of
fehe bonanza mines of Greenwood.
This winter the Bush mine in
fehe Portland Canal district will
ship 2000 tons of $200 ore; It will
probably go by barge to Tacoma.
It is estimated that this year,
the production of chromite in the
United States will amount to 75,-
000 tons.
J. Machel has a chromite claim
about 20 miles west of Greenwood.
He has five tonB of ore on the
dump, and will ship a carload in a
short time.
Dominion mining experts are
favorably impressed wifeh the surface Bhowings of manganese ore,
recently discovered in the Cowichan Lake district.
and>melters in the Boundary, and
making Greenwood a great smelting centre, but the foundation for
these rumors does not appear visible to those in search of information.
John McKeller and Pat Crane
have taken a bond on the Duncan
and Bounty Fraction, near Beaverdell. The royalty on the ore produced will be applied on bond payments.
The Mountain Chief on fehe
lower Arrow lake is shipping "500
tons of ore a month from Reuata
to the Trail smelter. The ore
averages $40 a ton in silver and
copper values.
Not many miles from Greenwood, acroes the International
boundary line, ore has been found
in the Phil Sheridan mine, Sheridan camp, that assaysJ1600 ounces
of silver, $80 in gold, and 14 per
cent, copper, to the ton. The base
of the rock is iron sulphide.
The report is still current that
the Consolidated will build a large
steel plant at Trail, but confirmation of the rumors cannot be obtained from the company. As a
rule companies do not show their
hand to the public untilj>ll the
cards are dealt, and not then unless they are sure of the stake. You
hear every day rumors about the
Trail smelter buying all the mines
The Trail smelter uses fiuospar
to make hydrofluosilic acid. In
the refining of the lead thiB acid is
necessary. Up to recently the
company procured its fluorspar
from Kentucky but war conditions
made it necessary to look hearer
home for a supply. The company
has found a supply on the north
fork of the Kettle river, a few
miles from Grand Forks, at the
Rock Candy group. Oreis*already
going forward from this group to
the smelter, and the mining of
flourspar is providing work for
many men.
The River Gold Recovery Co.,
which is operating a gold-washing
machine on a bav lease at Hope,
issued a statement from its chief
engineer, Mr. Edward Bagley, that
the first returns show 35 cents per
cubic yard values in free gold. It
is estimated that an additional 25
cents per. yard can be obtained
from the concentrates. It is also
claimed that platiuum values can
be secured. ;The machine is said
to have a capacity of 1000 cubic
yards per day and the company
announces that'^ife proposes to install twenty machines, its bar
leases providing sufficient material
to last that number for 25 years.
The pioneer gold washer is operating on the surface material, which
has presumably been panned by
Chinamen in years gone by and
the company believes that at lower
depths better values will be obtained from the sand.���Chilliwack
Progress.' //''/:
VI Nasty Throat Droppings
- Catania! Discharge
Quickly Cured;
The Commonness
Of Couras:
experience  o!
things  thai eneour-
(K'spau- ui  human nature.   When
lit   lhc.     germs. !lllc curtain
".:is  ''"��g up on tin: ooen
aorc spots, clean* | !IIK   scene   ot    tiie   world
vestige   of ( was   not   imnruura
luu  s.-n.l  tin: sooth- j l-hlv-? ul llopel
���>>��' vapors  ot   tlie  pine''���"est
woods,  tl.e  richest   bal- ' >hiu-reu   on   i,,   foundations     beiorc
Revelation   of the    Unsuspected
Reserve of Heroism
a   too
e:t>i:r   n'd'alued   oessi-
tin.'   war (.1   '
a.-; e
\\ t
to  vie
noss,    A!
the  structure of
ou   ii
tragedy,   it
>' the inex-
tnal was
threat   of
i prospect which
proclaim     with     cynical
negation   of  everv  theorv
i   asMimcs   thai   what   is   termed
simian   progress  is   more   than   a  thin
or  outward  show   o'  "
ol   imminent  wrec
stow! aglia.si  before
seemed   to
candor   tlie
whii '
About Tiflis
I The Principal Inhabitants are Geor-
of   tin
years   tlu-re   liave
oi   incredible   fineness,
despairing   of     human     nature
| stands  now  in  awed  surprise
cssness   of  this   view
g��-i-    possible     to     clear-seeing'
Against   the   lurid   background
uar  during  the  last   few,   hill
been  etched   things
So   far   from
e   revelation   of  its   unsuspected  re-
erve   of   heroi-mi.        ".Mother,   dear,"
an    American     youth      from
I'ranee,   "I   never  knew   that   courage
was  so c( nun."    Didn't   we all  suppose   before   this     war���even     those
who   abhorred   the   thought     of
and   were  opposed  to any   militaristic
tendency���thai,  continued   peace   inns'
iu ''
gians and Armenians
Tiflis,   reported     occupied  by     the
Germans, is  the  capital of the    government    of    Russian  Caucasia,   picturesquely     situated   at  thc   foot    of
some    of    the loftiest peaks  of    tlie
Caucasian Range,     ou both banks of
the   River  Kura,  300  ft.   above     thc
Black Sea. It is a commercial centre,
exporting silk, carpets, cotton, boots,
silver ornaments    in      filigree      and
enamel  work, and vines. Agriculture
is conducted in  the lowlands and on
thc  mountain  slopes.    Copper  ore is
worked and extracted.    The principal
inhabitants are Georgians and Armenians, and there had been a German
colony there  since  1818,  which    \va*
founded   by   religious   refugees   from
YYurtemberg.    It consists of a modern   Russian   town,     containing      the
palace of thc governor-general of the
Caucasus,   a   museum   and    botanical
gardens, :i Hall of Fame, a cathedral
of the  Catholic  Greek  Church     and
other ecclesiastical    buildings,    some
of great anliquilv.      There     is also
���-;-. tiie Canadian  war records of-  an  opera   house,   and  many   modern
i:t England is doing highlv vain-   �� ores.     .There   is  also   an   old   dirty
work, the importance of ' which lc1rs';m    cll'ftcv    an<l. *he   German
is hardlv realized in Canada, is indi- colony..      J he    population    numbers
eateu  iu' the  following article  issued something, over 32/.000 souls,
be  the  militia  department: S��mc 01 }\ic a��*'>sans f" renowned
"Under    Lord       Bcaverbrook     the ns silversmiths   gunsmiths and sword
Canadian    war    records    oflice     has ^��rS'  /-'.V% da-lCS  baC,k  l��  3?
wan'-'-en   doing   splendid  work,     its   offi- "D'  V' 5/��   Ilc rcr,s,an took^posscs-
eial   phntogiMjilm. its moving picture sion of llie place and made it the rcs-
films,    it>    conlemporarv      histories, '(1,'nce 01  llie,r r"Icrs_Vut "tamed  it
hav,   been   special   exclusive  features, ifor. tc��  years  only.    * or-many
Valuable Work
In War Records
j History of Every Unit in C.E.F. Being Prepared���Other
_; . ............. tlQUiPsnaCAKE
New French War Tanks
ia s
Salvaging Vessels
1 o salvage a vessel that has been
'torpedoed or mined, the British have
H remarkable contrivance. The method pursued consist iu pumping in
v/a'.er at the opposite point, on a
damaged vessel, to that which has
received llie injury. As soon as the
���weight of the material in the submerged portion of the vessel is counterbalanced by the water pumped in,
the submerged pari rises and tlie
vessel regains its equilibrium. Before the war thc device was submitted to the German naval architects
a*id it is said thai thcy have since
applied it to raising some of their
Oivn warships, without, however, being in possession of th
.means of  regulation.
ssanly   weaken   a   little   the   soul
:[sl.i!l  Vf!'^p>: jil. :>  people?  To j The
Ihfury   iln-   It,-.   has   been     given,   ad_ ..
ami   man    can   look  upon   man    with ' in afi parts of the world. The" books
new   re-pecl. hUlv,.  [,0v.n  translated into manv lang-
-\owhere   im     Uie     annals     nf    il.f ' nag.:,, and  the pictures  sent  to  manv
special exclusive features,
features have resulted in Can-
,rar effort becoming a by-word
the annals of the
rare is there record of'- anything like il, for the real work of
this war has been essentially the
rk oi rnmuiou men. Was it not
Mr. H. G. Wells who, remarking the
absence of any one figure, that dominates the stage, characterized it in
apt phrase as "an all-star caste?"
Do what we will to idolize the men
upon whom falls the responsibility
of leadership, the real heroes of this
war will always be those men whom
we have been accustomed to meet
and pass in the peaceful ways of life
and in whom the distinction of
courage lias been for the most part
unnoted.���Winnipeg   Free   Press.
centuries it was the victim of predatory
neighbors, lu 1795, when the Shah
of Persia plundered Tiflis, Russia
sent troops to its protection and the
Russian occupation became permanent in 1799.
Small Size and High    Speed    Make j
Them More Difficult Targets
An important part -was played by
thc French in the battle between the
Aisne and Villcrs-Cotterets, last week
by new small tanks which were used
for the first time and engaged a
considerable force. They are almost
a quarter thc size and weight of the
ordinary battle tank and carry a crew
of two men, cue of which steers and
the other operates thc machine gun.
The new tanks are much faster
than the ordinary tanks, and can
climb a slope which the latter could
Bagdad is Now
Hive of Humanity
Allied Rule Has    Transformed    the
Former Turkish   Metropolis
The British official press correspondent with the British army in
Mesopotamia sends the following
"The Turk has been dissipated on
all three fronts during the past year.
Meanwhile peace has reigned in the
city of Bagdad, and the amenities of
life havc been multiplying for the
jarmy and for the civil population.
' "Bagdad was dead, to all appearances, when the British army entered on March 11 last year. Now it
is a bustling hive of humanity.
Thousands of workmen pass through
the streets early and late. The ihain
street is paved and lighted. There
is a constant stream of traffic, and
the sleepiest old women who haunt
the streets have became adept at
dodging the American motor cars
which rush through the streets.
"A police force and a fire department have been organized. The old-
fashioned oil lamps in the streets
have been replaced by eJctcric
lights. The water supply has been
improved and extended. Mosques
have been repaired, roads havc been
paved, and schools, including a
training school for native teachers,
have been opened.
"The streets are now well watered
in dry weather, and sanitary officials
Shave penetrated the most hidden cor-
Asthma Is Torture. No one who
hasn't gasped for breath in the povv-
ifr of asthma knows what such suffering is. Thousands do know,
Jiowcver, from experience, how im-
Jiieasurable i.s the relief provide:! by
that marvellous preparation, Dr. J.
3D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. For
yc:xrs it has been relieving and curing
ihe most severe cases. If you are a
Sufferer do not delay a day in securing  this  remedy  from  your druggist.
Those Rural Profiteers
.And  men   relate  that   Mrs;   Ncwly-
'���'V'ect; went -'.to;the grocery ���storc'lo^dq:
vlicr   morning  ina'rk'cting7.iii'X And v'vsise.;
;:Vasvdeler mined; ���'���'; that X '-llic ;: .grocer
; (should rndt7 vtake'���: advantage; :: of     her
yoiitlf :aiid Incxperieiic-e. .;';// ���
'../���. ''These,.;<g:gsvarcvdreadfullyvsnialh'v
(hi  criticized. ������������'���'���.'
,"."���!;��� knowvit,'':; he    answered.::  v"But:
.'��� that's the.;:kind'th'tv fannyr brings ;me.:
; y'hey:are: just fresh froih; tiie;-country
this iripriiiiipf.'.* -v7 ���;���; ���*���'������',;.
''Yes," :said: .thev bride;; "and: that's;
lhi*;:t;roi_blc, \\^
; ^ire so; anxious to get tlicir :Cggs:;so!di
ilia: they take ''���'���'them".' oflythe;nest: tod
9opn ':'���rClcvcland':. Plyiiv .jDealeit;;::; vv ���
i Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
i  . .	
Early Submarines
. Boat  Which  Could  Be  Expanded
By Means of Leather Bellows
It i.s not generally known that the
| submarine as a possibility dates from
thc sixteenth century. An English
seaman gunner, named William
Bourne, in his book of "Invditions
or Devices," which was published in
1578, described such a boat; and
while it is certain that his vessel,
constructed as he suggested, could
not live long in any great depth of
water, he did show that he had a
grasp of tlie problem. Nothing came
of this submarine, although for ycars
Bourne's description was quoted and
may havc inspired some, subsequent
designs. Briefly, he suggested a boat
which ��� could; be;vcxpaiulecr-iti; si^evor
coutraded by; means of feather :bei-;
lows.' In that manner lie sought.i to
overcome;vthti;:'bulk ipf water;.;tovbe
displaced.: ;7
A tubloid history of every unit in
the Canadian expeditionary force is
being prepared from the time of its
mobilization. This will save the future historian from searching through
lens of thousands of contemporary
history files.      He will havc    before
him  the dates of  every    outstanding   _ _. __     	
action, accompanied by the reference j     ..   .��� ,,     f    ,      ...     __,i!inB  to disembark after    their    night
to th.- particular diarv in the detailed ,,..,* ).*,���niX i,;���fr t��� rV' , ! voyage across thc Channel. They arc
history describing 'itfullv. Thus f'u>- J��Sl ��'ie *"'�� '.0 d��-"Iax makinB their breakfast of "bully"
through   the forest and    syste- j %^< ^   t^    Hll   " J%?  ��\^���* '��* square biscuits, wasL
i matter is flushed out, the live, is ton-! �� d2>��� ?v't5J ""B8 of .steaming, cof-
'cd,   blood   is   purified,   and  at    once i ??.?: _Ih,en, spi.nls .arc *l5W wlth ^llC'
Ever Feel "Dopy"v
After Meals?
not attempt, and can swing round in|ncrs of tllc Clt-V- Tlle municipal gov-
their tracks in a few seconds. Their j .crlullc"t llas .bcc" nl:l(le self-support-
small size and high speed naturally "lg- ^ wo bridges havc been thrown
make them more .difficult targets !across yic ligris river. These arc
for the cnemv's artillery than thc'SO,nc of t,le change's which have
heavv tanks.   ' jcomc quietly and unnoticed."
Cuticura Heals
Sore Red Pimples
Itching, Burning and Iiri-
tated. Lost Sleep.
"My face broke out in pimples that
would heal up and then break out
-^"S.   again. It was very sore and
^SS red, and all tbe time itching
*?���f and burning, and 1 irritated
my face by scratching.    I
j.     h, lost a lot of sleep.
JP��=2 over five years. Then I used
-'" Cuticura Soap' and Ointment, and two cakes of Cuticura Soap
and one box of Cuticura Ointment
healed my face completely." (Signed)
Miss Zoo Partes, Otterville, Ont.,
March 13, 1917.
Skin troubles are quickly relieved bj>
Cuticura. The Soap cleanses and purifies, the Ointment soothes and heals.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."  Sold everywhere.
Up to the Front Line
Scenes    Attending    the    Arrival
Troops in France
Dawn in a French seaport.
_ Crowding the decks of a newly ���.
rived transport, our troops arc wait-
mi2i:ig genius of the  Canadian    war
records   the official   Canadian  histor- ^^   is a]1(l
wits   v.dt   take  up   then-  great      lask fcd  heUeI,      Good heallh     and
with a great advantage over previous  jovial      ifits  are       kk]     found     in
liistorians. and the people ol  Canada L,,^ cdfbratcd rocdicinc*-    Enormous
will benefit by thc tini? saved in th'-'- - --
French Capture Bombers
"Household Orderlies'
���������'$��� coXXi'dcy liXi ^^:^XxXiy\^yXXX(Xi'X.iXi
���>\'-;V*'-\i;:i'. ;^
How the Military Spirit Is Permeat-
���'J:;v7.:virig'''_Engla'iid':;': XXX'XXxX:
X'.. .:;\\*'ha i. i-iyiX X '���'.'������ f i aitie ? Xy.li'Ey c Xy t Iii .tig;
according -to tlie^pfPljlevOf: dinglAiid
Ayhpare: to eriiployvjiereaft^r^if thcy
bill :''lrouse|vpid:v6rderlics;v >; TheXiXcyr.
liilev sinackihg' of vt'Ii.eV,'PO��Vp.'''a:nd''i'ci'r.^.
cuuistaiiccvof >\:ar,';is':expected to liirC
sprue" whoin liigli ... ;\rages cotild:'; not
otjferw'se :tempt.:;i- If tlve, expcriniCiVt:
succeeds.,: there vis jio 'Tcaspn why |t
. bc,:   pf
slableiiiie:!! vwould^vbclong���������'to^iiiclviqayif:
alry.'vThejiidca' liiiglit ;be',c;irried7 piit:
'tlirptighiva ;v;7wi;clc^ vraiig'e  oi..'employ*'
;ra!ilvnd"w-il.livai:iibtilaiiX-es):: niilkdealers7:
|'.ti'i.e;::vv al rC,;idy> ^���'���;^'r'^iii.:t'''.'-v .>. rid 'i fl j'c w iU;t'.s:\;>j'';-p f;
'''.I;'!! ftwi Ug\ \yli p'sj^
which include many papers    of    ins
torieal  importance and  value.   There
are  thousands  of  these  custody parcels, ami  it has  been  necessary  that
the war records oflice    move    to    a i Balloon  Defences of    Open    Towns
warehouse  building in  that    part  of Entagle  German  Planes
London called    the city    nu order to
secure the space required. 1,(*w airplanes   marked    with     the
The Canadian war records office black Maltese cross of Germany ap-
has been distinguished bv an ability Pcar ovcr the I'rcnch lines now in
to supolv the public with the sort of 1]l(; daytime because of the marked
information that has an appeal, superiority ot the French aerial
The result has been that public iivjforPS. A German airman shot down
tcrest has been roused to -thc extent "' combat and made a prisoner declared in a disgruntled tone: It is
us to try to do anything
against    these    accursed
that these features, -which have dons
so much to place Canada in lhc lime-
have  cost the Canadian  public
liptUing, having paid for themselves.
. A great exhibition of British - war
pictures, which has been attracting
very large crowds in London, was
arranged ])y the Canadian war records. ������;'���.'
The department is now preparing
a 'series..of������ stories--covering the activities  of .each  Canadian brigade  from
ey are too   .strong    for
the    tin-
us eless
in  the- air
French."- Th
u*xxXxXixXi [..............
vv I_his,vicllpw"s discouragement js
, easily ^understood wheii X One reads
i'1^:'1^ oi casualties "aniong'Gerniau
aviators,.-' ;Thc : eiieniy's list of -chas^
ing;: accsr was nevcrva "very-long ione,
yet among the "flyers: whose ".���.: names
have  beeu published  in   .the - Wolff
iiv'of its prgitiitzaTloh"^
itioot- recent:operations; ��� ���'.': They'���- will
bC'-'Xiii- light;;h'.a'rratiye. styled Theriiibrc
thipprlitit ,aptiOns will bev inore fuliy ;j
destribed, t>tlt ��� '���'���. due space: .will :��� ;l>c
giy-en tov tlie rastpiilshjng raids, whicli;
-hay>i rbeen';-a feature ;;pf\ -Canadian:
yyarfare. T'hc: hi^pry rot:-'each "brigade
will b^ cohtiiihed iii ���.a'.'S-.c.para.t'c'.ib.bdk?
���'":. A 'book ��� O.f.'r'.tle.ftse,.':'sh;p.r.t; stories Xeith;.
^".stroug ;persbhal;:vapp.Cal, .describingrl-
been:;either killed, serlottsly:  .wounded, or captured since the Gcrilian of-
iciisiyebegan . last March.: -'i'yxxiX
v-rCitptjiirt Baron voti' RichthofcH, the
Hr?t:h^.vT-iciitenant vpnrrRichtliofeh
Snivcly::,woiinded;r -Cap'taiii.vVoh-Tiii-'
schpcl-c,. Bethg,: vGoethcli, ;: Hal stein, i
Geigel, ;.; tfesis, 'Zorn;, and-::' :'T'h'6mfe
vv-Thevtabic  of'':Frciicl
vctuai occurr^nccs-in::France,7���-i's^;;;|^:t:;'L^^.,'.PK.f''TO^.%.'^?inS:^-c^
also-beiiigvprepared,  :It:will/7cdh
twerttv-iiyevtd  thirtvC: storieK>Avh
wilI7:d^--imich:4ovbrmi? .������'tli'<i.'.v'T��hr��^r^l-fe^^'P.l^ntsAirn
ifec . _    _____	
suu and they laugh and joke cheerily.
A diversion is caused by two seamen
who box vigorously on thc deck of a
destroyer moored alongside.
Presently the military landing officer calls for "markers" and 3 noncommissioned officer from each draft
takes up his position on the wharf.
Shouldering their heavy packs, thc
men swarm down thc gangways and
"fall in" rapidly beside them. A
party of about 70 is detailed off to
clean up  thc  ship.
The senior commanding officer
then tells the men of thc long march
before them; how they must return
the compliments of the French soldiers as they pass; how they must at
all times remember that they are in
France. *
Il is a long step through thc docks
and wharves before the aroad is
reached. A halt is made while thc
lock gates swing open to let pass
sonic great munition ship, i The
country boys gaze up in wonder at
thc forest of masts towering above
the basins, at llic mountains of annv
stores over which swarm a legion of
Chinese coolies, and at row upon
row. pf newly painted cannon. Many
sec for tltc first time German prisoners at work:
No soft country lanes these. Iron-
shod boots ring out on cobble stones.
A broad-guagc railway takes up the
centre of the road, and many arc
soon walking wide from the ranks to
find easy places for tlicir feet. The
men-march steadily "at case," tlicir
tunics open at the necks, hand gripping the braces of tlicir equipment t<2>
ease  their load.
When   the  guard  post  of  a   mtini-
! tion  plant  is  approached,   the    order
j ".March at. attention" is passed, along
the, dusty line; the men��� .turning their
Paper Horseshoes
Parchment Paper Cut Out and Built
to a Suitable Thickness
A European inventor proposes to
make a paper horseshoe that for
general purposes, shall be the equal
of the steel horseshoe, in thc following way: Parchment paper is cut out
in thickness by the use of a mixture
of turpentuic, Spanish white, shellac
and linseed' oil treated with litharge,
and the whole is placed under thc
hydraulic press. This produces very
light and uniform pieces, and it is
an easy matter to stamp out the nail
holes and grooves. Instead of nailing
to the horse's hoof, thcy can be applied witb jui adhesive composition
Whose principal part is a solution of
rubber in bisuphide of carbon, Paper
paste could also bc moulded into the
shape of a horseshoe by usc of the
press, but thc result is not as good
as* with thc above. In actual use it
has been found that the shoe does
not hold well on the ground, its surface being too  even.
To Stifle the Truth
Authorities Prevent    Circulation
Lichnowsky's Memoirs
German activity in preventing the
circulation of memoris of Prince
Lichnowsky and statements of former Director Muehlon of the Krupp
works, blaming Germany for the
world war, was noted iu an official
despatch from Paris based upon information  from  Berne,  Switzerland.
"Germany is trying by all means
in her power to prevent the truth
leaking out regarding the causes of
thc war," says the despatch, "Immediately thc pamphlets containing���
texts regarding these causes appear,
they are bought up wholesale by
German agents. The memoris of
Prince Lichnowsky appear to particularly disturb  the  Germans.
"The. circulation of thc texts was
not feared until it was realized that
they had a demonstrative value.
This is really the case in regard to
the Lichnowsky and Muehlon memoirs, the arguments of which were
confirmed by the kaiser in a recent
heads /smart! v:as
th:e;^-\va.r.;.vcl.o s eHt p -:th c:;'rp;eb:pie7:
^ tiin e.v-.t p.;.';l ii i ie'r^iiidrviit
: i S;i;ii.p tr s.li ess *.i 11 i-'a tviiia kjjS^.Us^.asecrii
pre. va:ma-2;mg;v;tli^
%. ���-. ��� lady :7:'^uoit 3vria'-v.B K tisl X:y> Jliictijj^as
���coniplai.iiin'gvvythaf XyXyy..:.:':..a:nd.:..vvseyer;ti j
ifcrpth er'.v oflicGrij flpn'lijtlvc-iij 7>y;vy7>vli:ome'.
frtintr aCtiyervStrVic'c^ ! restore the .stomach to .proper action.
' f ;av:Bi-:sl^ Yegetr.blc Pills; .will:  do.
A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.���
When thc undigested food lies in, the
stomach it throws- off g;t>es -causing,
pains.'", and-.oppression in the stomachic, region. The belching or eructation of these gases is o'fcusivc"and
the  only way--.to- prevent them is  io
do;"iuuch" tp77bring:::th;e::';::per.se)iial'|
i A ii:::vi liiist rat ed' -IfiuYtl Bo okr':pnX] Canadian7 ;7\'-v^Cvsry;.7'co^n't.aiiiiii^:afd.cSci-iption>
. <i I Xi vyyxXxX&s'Xi s:Hiis<s Xi Xy fc^issuecL
,:T!fere;::;jviH';,bev alio, a ;bopk;:,pnr;':::P:llier
��� titc :rii6
tliirty^-twov victories, /yThesq...: panics
forty vpilptSi rcacli'.-,.of ; wlioiiivha's: fiyi?;
Wrviiibrerr'CTcriiian vmacliincsrv;: :tp; ; liis
ai.r; tlic>'Geruiaii'svppppsO' iLiciitt-iiaiit
the :grey-b(iarded
.,���   .. Freiiclihieh '7 gi\-e.: ':.tlie  salute,;, which
Victories, jspme .way :says:,is:f"like:arnraii7 going
to   present v^rips': and -:tlieiV:,.changing:
liis7'.;; mind;":..;'.7.. 'iXii:iiXxX:ii"
'���.'���;.':..0ut- :a:long":tliCr;: roadvbctwcen' tlie
rOAes.pf rpOplars1 r tlie cpluiiiiv. X. plpds
Steadily :' along. ,/:Fvcrythitig; is; ;viiew:
pliye-Skiiiived-wpiiicii .standii!g:;ait;.thc
cottagi'rd6ors.:. iis v quick: a t - laugliihg:
yictprl;es,:|: Mbaclcr chal"r aWv7the:vnien'tlieniselves;:
Loss of appetite during the summer months is a common trouble,
and indicates that the digestive system is out of order. Lacking- a
healthy appetite, many people���especially women���go top long without food, or eat sparingly because
food seems to distress thcin, and it
is no wonder that thcy complain that
they arc constantly tired and unable
lo stand the hot weather. ' This simply mcans that the digestive system
is not doing its proper work, . and
that the nutriment that should conic
from tltc food Is not being distributed to the various organs of the body.
In other words the blood is growing-
thin and watery.
You need a summer tonic, and in
all'.the realm of'medicine there is no
tonic, can equal Dr. Williams' Pink-
Pills. . Take a short treatment with
these pilis now and notice how
promtply your appetite returns and
your power to digest food improves.
Your food will then, do you good,
your strength will return and you
will no longer complain that the hot
weather  tires, you  out.
The best time, to begin taking Dr.
Williams' Pink.Pills i.s the moment
you feel thc least bit out of sorts.
The sooner 'yoii'-'do so the sooner
you will regain your old time energy.
Yoii can get these pills through any
medicine dealer or by 'mail at 50
cents a- box or six boxes'for $2.50
from The Dr. ��� Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
.���'?i|*:;;;'iJ:���'o't';i i-TtViV ���^JJi?,.'3,i fy. ^. "4JiV..-' ^--.v.'-' xyxyXXXXiXX
;'"'. World's: Hp^vSh^rtage;  ' .
tlie.XX'*'hi:ii*.d.'/.;iK'i'.nX<\X.X7 therer  ;is;
v F:i-;i:i (;* ;���- 7Q rftp.y 'ervMip e.r v-Cc'i if r;;.;' ������������ Pr ci lV,-.:
f,-ftb.i.i:i:.v.i.i-.ivv:i;ll7--.'point. ..t:r)::..;:ri7::\yprld:;'?7short^:
iBtrj'^irvi i\ ><> rk v f o r;:;;ev;peri'i:i:.d;;';lOii;gvVaft.c'r;
X li is;   viVihTplp-. dins^tions rgo ^vi tlivrcaci.
WX Hii&c -and; ti-- con t;s e.-..' pf.vthenr-talien
-sy;s:teru;itittfllyv;is.: yyy taiiv XqX cfT'crt",' 4
C;uf'e;.i x.Xx.y.yryiy'Xx'i.- ��� . x-yX'--.    .
':"���' rSeeirig:Ts' B7Cslifving;7 '.
waii;t to tell xotj;*' -siirit! t-lic, tic\y-
lyrfirarricd litdy   to    a.;���..-'.rgirlv^'vfrjendj
���'��� -ahotu a rijost..;hwftil tYXgliii;';:igXi������'���j^i't-
chtirfclivvo;!!; :niV vt.c'lKiiiig; -dayj" -: ';
^'',v.'7.Yo:it: .;;.viie:e.d!i':t,;'.:;:'7;;:;re;t)i.:i:r'!veii.:
;rrurii;jlr; r^^iy'v-^a.Sv^ll^r'o'va-t'Hl-.-siirvv'-
w.Bo'^li:r7'Ti-u!;i>crij.ny' ���
Fpkkg.rs,:;..rr;Albat7rp.sse^vv^      -.sov-'r-pu.,-'!.
t J i:i^:: ;.f!.io 'SXiX 'QtXi\ii- rkfl:e.s;s7.: 'i'i'o; ���:cb.fn.e.:':.;pv;c-r:
aiidr ^oinbSrdvrropeiir^rFreiiclr^
Iiaye; rbpCQi lie' .'^ii'taiigl
......     ...    :..,,,   i S.&ntvti^;r:at:ta:ched:to^
A::*'t',C'al��J'-:>ri''- :fit'r-i.'Vc'bi.iiiji6ii'T-y--'..'   .IvnO'iy'ifiiiitr 'have
Why Not Our
Own Persian Lamb
No   Reason  Why  Efforts   to    Introduce Karakul  Sheep  Should
Not. Be Successful.  .
Minard's Liriiment for    sale
���'���  where. ���'���'���
The Flashy Swashbuckler
hi in
��� i;
w   *���   -r
Mativ worrienlooic olderthantheiryear'a
largely beiause they dp riot take proper
bare 61".theif' cotnplcxioris. ' Ingram's
.r-iiikwecdCre.-irri-wiil keep yoii lookinsj
yp:unir.r--lhar.';->-n>i arc. It kctlts the com-
pttrcion.^learrand co.p^r'ut.rvit keepH the skin
sofy'aini'--in'-a:'healthy rconUitibn.t?pt*aase ii
Iras "s, 4 i*ii n c 11 vc;lhe'rfl��r;cii ti c t tTectrt r t o'.-. cs " p
Fbr's'iini ncs��:6f :tli>i.rb(>se- J*n4 forehead, try
In^raiTr's V'cU coiaSocvcrA':!* Kjcc Po s.'��er.
It <; s�� fir.-a.-d d-!';ate in tc.-'.'.rc 4nat "ow
ca" st-aroely d*"tt('t it >-r*-it ^tays on ��iA
c'ltfctii sviy ^o'-.ccals tr.e m nor *mpcr!ccUOP8
o'co rp'.rrion er.d hides persp-rat'on.JOL' A
li.-i- r.f In^ra-n'a tD.tet pr'>d icts .ncij.
i?r Zjlcrrli for tb^ te;th, JlSz, is '*'. j"ur
A Picture
with Each Purchase
��3 r tir-? - oij 3i:r .i package of Ir.ffra-n'*
To ���"-. a.-I> orPerlu-Tc your crueg.st ^/fil
K .''" "cu,v.':-th9utc^aree ela'ae p3r:ra<toffl
worti-'ancd mnt'O^ p f-t-<re ��ct:esg. Each
Vrr.eyoj aet b different port rait so yn :n-a*i* a
i.3'.;*l -r.ioz ys-r home   Asl yoiirdrugg.^t.
F  F. Injrram Co.. Vtmdi&r. OaUrio      {���**)
>?'.. ,. -' t-'ci^iaii. Ift.iij'.b,.". in'ost-l'v':- : 'CO'iiij!_.
fyoiX. 'B.v:!;!.i;tni..:,dr:;'.somc;': rotHc.r;77;:i)!r6:r'
\iiXy <i\f; r.liAt.^siiiv--. v"'.^'.ire; "l>e:St:;;-; ft'f.':'. 1?i<i
b\X}X-'./coiner '.-jf-npra'-. -tiit liigli;:7 arid pia-
XXy'X ���'l<:tnt-':K:iii;;';,..pr\';V."lilac^
''. .411..; - cast^crriv H'bliliSi'n; ttiid-
i(:'|e~:;. r:ca:l:ied;v.-..''|>:t-r;dvt.il- '..,-;-fi'i.'.rji"':.-
1 ...'...tlie'v 7a:vSfei:gc.'*A|ii'e:ric:;(rv;: / ;pi-;i--'.
���i-ri-. t'Kinsiorniiiig-. iiit;<> :llit- iiiort'
SciiiMisiv'e ��� ;ftj;riii. ������ of ''ttirlrciic
''rj'ii'f rdi-itnc.t ��� lirudlf'e.p.s Cvcrv
:V!>t>nt. J>5t>i>;O00r l7:iHfl>siiijjiSr Uiul
Xll tinjc tliey. gel to Ai'ivcrica
Ifi'ing; ;$_?. ox "$'10 apici-e, ral*;-.
���'t'.lwiii'^'it''' t)ie^; ifieasvir^. only- :i:\y-elyc
i.WoUi.-s :ii\-'i,i:\. 'irhe. -I\ia-ra'kt'il Iambs
are Icill^d ;\s-itl:iin��� three .di:iyji qt
birtli,; vliile tlie ;blac'k" fur is soft *a;nd.
.������.tigl.i:ljj> curled-. .' 'T.'fi'.e're-. "i.sV plenty of
lartd in the -L'liitt-<l States i'nd Caria-'-
:da tint i^ a* :lvi'g!i and dry as the
(iXiXnX iVsiau -' i.i|a-tc-ati -'arid there
senate no i'e.iS.-s-rtri. u'li-.J: eiTortsv to ir.-
������irO.ihil'.y ��� ilkr Karalttil ��� sticcp iriio
Airivric'.U:-y'.io-iil'd riot Ijo  sticcessftil.:
xrasliedr :to: 'Cai-tlir
by. t
How  Long  Will  the   Germans   Put
^P: With It
. 'This sabre-rattling "war lord,-, this
During one .night ^several':of- the I I'i��^t.eck Napoleon, i, good, enough
best German air Haiders came ioi a ,t0 :dc^n^ ll1"1^1 a?i7a fJf .0^
sudden and disastrous ciid- in r litis ^c' ^ ^.sli:ill }���r?<V pt Saint
manner. It is Said fliat nothing is so i^:il'l,V��� Jn thf X"d*} ^ ���!ns..^ll^on,-
destructive to the'-courage,,and sang- | S^tubtions, liis patronage: oi --God;
froid of an' airplane pilrtt' as ������.tlic|'?n( . hX' cleiug,V oi, nroiu>l!,ls ??.,*
IcWkdge that ha i�� ,iavig;iting. ' in ',"st,,'"'''>""?;,.i\\X Icais^r remembers
a re-ion:- Avhere defence' ballodns I lc -('''''n>a." -lolk;iio>v and ..ihcn. -11av
al.oi.iid. Therefore this .farm of pr.^l tlu7 bave ^irengtl! -to bear - the M.t-
Ict'fiCii is getting, to be! iiiorr'and.J: c,";:"^: :^l(1'Pr,vaV'",S vhi$h \lC 1k'.S
more used throughout tlie vicini.lv j l,''��"Rhl , ,1"^'1. . l!'7". !*'"1,' d.0Sc.P-t
subjected  to  aerial attacks. *    share..     1U-   flattered    nciii  by  telling,
'thrni   that   they .are     the   most ��� cap-
iblc  people on  eai'th.    If ever   they
become  politically  capahlo,  tlicy  \vill j
get   rid  of  the. lloheiizollern  and  all
The Tale of a Dog
Licenses Now Operative
1'lie   Canada  food .   board    licenses
are   now  operative  ia   the    following i his works.    Mcanv.liile, it is  the cm-
cla^scs of  dealers  in    foodstulis     in ! peror's "sacred duty" ys a sacred and
' Canada;     .-'
Cirocei-s ;..(-'\yii'o!ivsal^-'- and retail)::;
bakers fiiiiiiHifacturirjgj'���' aritl .re.Ifiilj;
11 ia 11 ti f a ft tH'e f s- 0 f b r e a k f ;i s t ;f o ods and
I give ;
. Horses for Auto    ly,
j;.iv.-. .raiiiji&rS.' .,-l.i.avo-���'.'-���:
���. wk h i:; a ipixi. ri o ti c
.'. ell-;
; cereals
' deals j>.
iX-x i���'!:((
retail butchers:- fish
ale. and 'retail),; flour
td; feed
(wholesale  and retail.).-
afcrs .' (\vholisalcv and :re:tail)���
;..riiaek-crSv liianiifactiirriig cou-
r^:-..j.i.r-:oj)rietbf> .ofv.pnlilic' eat-
God-anoiiited king, ''to serurc. a' liap-
ftitiire   for  thc   nation."     N��
���i:rt.ii - disptitc; -Ill's- success- in securing
for it avniost imhappv present, How
long will the Gernmris ptrt up \vitli
.i't.'iiovv #ng feed 'wearily oh :p|omi-'
pro- isiyC' Avhosc deiusiiSrrncss ' lias been
proved so often; Ti'0* listen xespecl-
rfully   to   tlie   most    loquacious     and
Farmer Sweeney's Dog Was Shipped
to Him as per Bill of Lading
How far would the Canada food
board go towards procuring a dog
for a fanner? This is no foolish
question.' The United Slates food
administrator lias put all its machinery in motion to accomplish just
such air object. They believe in
thoroughness oyer there.
John   Sweeney, farmer,    of    York-
ton   Heights,   N.Y.,   was   losing     his
chickens through the depredations' of
foxes.    He''lost sixty in a few weeks
through' fox raids.    Heordcred a fox
hound from a dealer    at    Zanesv.ille,
Ohio, and  the: express  company.���   refused  to take the hound dog around
there, as they .were preoccupied with
government  traffic.    Sweeney    maintained   that -if-.food   was   to   win. the
war,   his   chickens  were   part   of   the
j plan in  every sense of lhe term.   He
wrote to Mr. Hoover, who passed the
matter along.'to .the' federal  food administrator, who directed th.e director
of  tlie  bureau  of  transportation   _ to
look   into  the  matter  and  llie : vice-
president  of  the    American   Express
Company  was  compelled,  as  part of j
their service to the general cause of;
democracy;   to    see      that      Farmer j
Sweeney's dog was shipped to him as |
per   bill  of  lading���and   it  was.���Re- |
giiia Leader. !
Wornjs in children, if thev -be not
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death; Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children from these distressing afflictions.
Torpedo the Women!
The Hun's Hankering for Ships With
Ladies Aboard
There is one target that no self-
respecting U-boat can resist���au unarmed sailing vessel. And if, by
happy Potsdam fclinic, there should
be -women aboard-���oh, schrecklich-
keot what a rubbing of banc's, what
a bubbling of checrv gutturals in
UlC coyning tower!
But it didn'Ma'ke tlie British long
R> observe the Hun's hankering for
ships with ladies aboard. So what
could bc simpler than to lit up some
decoy schooners -with masked guns
and put some of thc crew in skirls?
The comedy has been presented
many limes iir the North Sea. To
an apparently harmless lumber
schooner, on whose decks arc walking timid women, enter the U-Some-
thing: or Other. In harsh tones thc
women are ordered to lhc boats.
With screams of fear, and seizing
their canary cages and.knitting bags,
the hapless femalrj scramble like
lubberettcs over thc side. U-Some-
tliing or Other approaches to give
the schooner her passport to the
Good Old German David Jones. And
then���false "bulwarks drop, lhe loaded muzzles appear, and exit submarine by thc bubble route. The
timid females get aboard their timid
vessel again and the schooner
spreads her canvas in search of more
BiU���docs it seem quite fair to
take advantage of thc German weakness for ships wilh ladies on board?
Polswetter donnerteufel, has England no shame?���Philadelphia x.edg<
er. ..-���'���
Plenty of Chicken Later
Although everybody in general has
been lamenting the death of the so-
called prairie ���chicken in western
Canada, Hamilton M. I.aing, in the
Canadian Magazine for July, describes the habits of this valuable
fowl and quotes Ernest Thompson
Scion as authority for lhc statement
that birds and animals of northern
latitudes come and. go at-, intervals
or cycles, and contends that this
species of grouse has not been., annihilated by settlers,:but will appear
again in numbers equal to what has
been experienced iii the oldest settlements of. Manitoba. The article is
a splendid . study of the: "prairie
Lacking in Range
"Docs  the  new soprano's  voice
the  church?���''
"Xo;   I   noticed  some  vacant  seats
up   in   tlie     gallery."���-Hoston     Tran-.
script. '..'���������
-The Time and the Place
The  young hopeful  of four
.1. u .11 ll
ii.is   time   they   will
horse   to. bc  sold  by    "public j
io   purchase  a  tar   for -   the |
e   u-.-   of    wounded'  soldier? jliad been a source of continual \cxa-
��� ar.d fiom ll'.- Ross Mi'itaryltioti  and  trouble    al!    through     the
1. v-;-.::S&nie.:hrt;eeir;:hiJrses     'orj-incal,: and-"at. Its ' fiilrsli^ ' i:r:rivoriran
-{��� .proiiirfe^
vithtfrf^ronlyvlra^^^ i'f ilxilxXXIX
'iii'XiXxX'X  ���:'.'irv;V^;.r;;,C ^
....,- ..^     ��.���...^���    -    vvr.vVjv:'-|'jiii-in:.a: Ihf:as1iiiTg..''v,:S;;:.s:iv-..v.. 'XXiyy,.......
X/xX; ;���; X.liXXXi' '.said X t he.Ijy qS h.(- r>; r "yoiif jc.a'r
gsoiitri turri   liini ��� over,-
" i;-'lS::.'|-_-fii.''1?i:-��-!>^r.-.rt1 "
purple: J~-X
:k Yrirk-T:
���-Dm   %o-
���)U  v. :ii.  li
by  !:ap:
JtfrWgd lic:*IJ. 'tiq  ieL:3.-��li.
<* poo:
=aid lier
^fik-tsBu'rgit';7 Gis XvyiX
How Ma Felt
Willie���Paw, why do  women
at a wedding?
Maw ��� Because they have been
nnrricd   themselves,   my  son.
Paw���You bcttT keep your mouth
shut, joung man,���Cincinnati Ln-
Speed the Happy Day j
Some day the new Russia Will i
arise���an intelligent, educated, hard- i
working, modern Russia, a united,
Mineral nation. She will look back on
! th.e crazy excesses of her revolution
as Erauci' 1'iok^ back on those of
Ikis���but with this difference: that
whereas Eran'ce had to fight alone
against inonarchial Europe, and was
given back lo the Bourboi.s for a
time," Russia had thc lir]p of thc
great liberal countries ���when shc lay
at the mercy oi her cnemie-. ���Detroit  Xev, s.
Some Resemblance
party    0?    young    peoph-
A   pai iv    o;    young    people    ViC
amii'-iiig  thcri-rlvo  by gi'c>sing thc j
ar.v>\'cr>   to   coiiiindrum?.       One      of
ti-.cm a-ked, "Why  is a pancake like,
tiie sun?" j
'"Because it ri^cs in der yeast and
sets behind der ve^t," was tlie a;;^-
wer   given     by    a,    briilian'-     joungi
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDV is tire only Canadian
maker of these .matchei, ���verv
���tick of which has been treated
with a chemical solutioa which
positively ensures the match
becoming- dead wood once It
has been lighted and blown
Look for the -words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on th��
W,     N.     U.     122Q
/ /. ���"������-���
��BM   IMDGML   QmEmjOQMt   & ��L
'OU don't believe in life insurance!   You 5
mean you don't care what happens to your ��
family after you are gone.   Better apply H
for an Excelsior Policy. ��
(Agents  Wanted in Unrepresented Districts) S
German Crown
The Fate of Turkey
Prince as Spy  The Most    pitiiess    and    Persistent
Expert' Murderer in History
The Kaiser's    Heir    Is    an
The- German Crown Prince has
been to Zecbritgge, and narrowly
escaped bombs from a British aeroplane while engaged photographing
the damage we have done to the
That the kaiser's heir is an expert
photographer I happen to know, for
���when f met him in Dunkeld in August, 1913, and afterwards at Gran-
town, he was. busy with a fine
camera, says William Le Qucnsc, the
It is not generally known that with
thc "Prince Henry motor lour,"
through Great Britain, that wild 'festival awheel, .when all the members
Of the Royal Automobile Club were
bo completely gulled that they showed the head of the German navy
and his brother officers, who had all
conic over on a spying expedition,
thc most lavish hospitality���there
came thc notorious chief of Germany's spy service, Doctor Stcin-
As "Baron von Neidhardt," this
fair-haired and unscrupulous Prus-
aian brought his own. car from Germany to Southampton/ and drove on
th* celebrated trip from London,
North, and back. . He returned to
Germany, leaving his car garaged in
North London, but two months later
he returned accompanied by two
ladies and an elegant young gentleman named Scherer.
Thc quartette left London in thc
car, made a complete tour of the
United Kingdom, taking hundreds of
photographs of "scenery" along thc
east coast from Harwich up to
Aberdeen. The thin-faced .young
man, Scherer, was none other than
the German Crown Prince
Thc photographs were
conic in handy when the
landed in England. But
has not arrived yet.
A Turkish newspaper has* been
I enumerating the territorial gains
Turkey intends to make as a result
of the war. Briefly, thc program includes the extension of Turkish dominion over southeastern Europe,
Asia Minor, Egypt and Persia. It is
not quite clear whether this outline
of the Moslem ambitions is intended as a bill of "demand upon the
kaiser, or as a suggestion to the allies of the price for which the Turk
would change sides. It amounts to
the same thing in cither case���nothing. The Turk docs well to gct^vvhat
satisfaction hc can out of dreams of
future greatness, for that is all he
will get out of them. When thc allies win he is due his wages as thc
most pitiless and persistent murderer
in history. If Germany should win
lie certainly won't get what he is
promised. In cither event hc is approaching the juniping-off place.���
Edmonton Bulletin.
meant to
that' day
State of Ohio, City ol Toledo,
Lucas  County,  sa.
Frank J.   Cheney   makes    oath that he is
Jenior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
c Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sura of OJfE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use oi
Sworn to before me and subscribed iu my
presence,  tlm  6th day of December,  A.  D..
1886. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Halt's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts' through the Stood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send for testimonials
F.  J.   CHENEY  &  CO.,  Toledo,   O.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
. DOUGLAS*     Cds
infANKPTABLets1 stoTad, &
TRAOE -l��3=��5��>   MARK
Contain no harmful drugs.     25c per box or  5
boxes   by   mail   on   receipt   of   $1.00.
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont.
Two New Dairy Products
North Sea Epic of a Pigeon
The First U. S. Tank
Has Taken    Months    to    Construct
This Monster
Thc first United States tank has
been completed and is now ready for
service abroad. It has been appropriately - named "America." Others
will follow as fast as production facilities will permit.
It has taken months to construct
this monster at a total cost of $60,-
000.- Although the government has
not permitted its measurements and
facts concerning its artillery complement to be published, it ^vill be
seen that it is considerably larger
in size than thc well-known British
. Though similar in outline, it is
said to havc been designed to eliminate the disadvantages of its_ predecessor and to add new and important features which the British machine lacked.
English Channel
Tunnel Scheme
International Parliamentary   Conference Favors Project
Strong support for the English
Channel tunnel scheme from thc
French and Italian delegates was
voiced at the International Parliamentary Conference held in London.
A resolution in favor of constructing
the tunnel was  carried unanimously.
It was estimated by tlie sponsors
of thc resolution that: the passenger
traffic-from France alone would, be
3,000,000 persons annually instead
of the 100,000 that travelled by
steamer before thc war. The probable passenger, and freight traffic
between Great Britain itnd the continent was figured at. a profit of
��1,118,000, or 7 per cent, on the tunnel company's capital of ��16,000,000.
The tunnel, which should be completed within five years of its commencement, would be worked, ventilated and pumped by electricity
supplied from a power station in
Kent, possibly ten miles or more inland. It was suggested that the tunnel should be maintained under the
kuthority of the war office, and a
dip in the level of the rails forming
a water lock, by which tlie tunnel
could,' in case of emergency, be
flooded from floor lo roof for a mile,
would be under the control of thc
commandants at Dover Castle and
the neighboring forts.
. Against the danger from enemy
submarines, depth bombs or mines,
the .tunnel' would be protected by a
covering of thc tibalk bed of the
Channel of a'..'minimum thickness of
100 feet. The water dept above the
tunnel would at no vulnerable point
be less thaii 180 fect."
Daylight Saving in Britain
The Obvious Step of Extending the
Daylight Saving Act
Indication of the popularity of thc
daylight saving plan in Great Britain after experience of its results, is
given iu thc proposal now made, for
its extension so that another hour
may be added lo the day, as now determined by  the legislation..
The London Daily Mail in a recent issue  says:
"The fuel-saving problem is so
urgent that the government should,
without further delay, take thc obvious step of extending thc Daylight
Saving act by 'having the "clock
put forward another hour until the
end of August. Simultaneously street
lighting everywhere ought " to bc
stopped  during the' summer.
"When wc all put our clocks an
hour forward a few weeks ago none
of use realized it thc next day. None
of_ us would bc inconvenienced by
this further change; it would be even
less troublesome than the monthly
change of lighting-up and blind-
drawing time; and, indeed, a monthly
adjustment of daylight saving hours
would have much ^o recommend it.
"Another hour of daylight saving
would mean that in the vast majority of homesno artificial light would
be needed in thc summer mouths.
Here would bc an immense saving
of fuel. There would be still more
evening daylight for thc garden or
allotment, and food production would
bc greatly increased.
"The farmer's, who might bc hampered in their hay and corn harvest
by the dews, could start work an
hour later. In purely agricultural districts it would involve iio great
scheming for thc village post office,
inn, and shops to adopt tlicir hours
to local needs.
"Man was not made by thc clock;'
the clock was made by man. Clock
lime is not sacrosanct; it is arbitrary. Man, like thc beasts and birds,
was intended to sleep in the darkest
hours, not in the hours of sunlight.
Everyone who has made a holiday
in thc Highlands in May, June, or
July (when there is scarcely any
darkness) remembers thc boon and'
joy of those open-air evenings. Another hour's daylight -saving will
bring Highland evening light to England citv toilers."
Placed on the Market
A plant  for  condensing  btittermi
has       been     established    at      Grand
Tories,   N.   D.,   and   during   this   year
(will   use  6,000,000  lbs.   of buttermilk,
I making  35,000   barrels   of     the     con-
    densed  article.     This    is  part     of a
 I chain    of    buttermilk condensing
plants projected for that section.
A new creamery by-product, called
casein butter, has been placed on
the market, and patents have been
applied for. A number of creameries
in tlie western states arc already
manufacturing under thc ncw patent,
it utilizes a by-product and produces
a nutritious food product, which appeals particularly at this  time.
Apply, a   few   drops   then   lift
corns  or  calluses  off  with
fingers���no pain
Soldiers of the Soil at Work
Nearly twelve thousand Soldiers.of
the Soil boys are hard at work oh
tlie farm already, helping _ in . the
campaign; for greater war-time production, in addition to those who ar^
range for their own employment independent of the Soldiers of : the
Soil organization. The Soldiers of
the  Soil are divided  as  follows; -
British Columbia, 669; Alberta, 6\Ck
Saskatchewan, 1,405; Manitoba, .1,006;
Ontario. .4,621;. : Quebec, 670; New
'Brunswick, 677:'.'Nova Scotia, 1.7-S8;
Prince  Edward  island.  500.
Reports indicate that the boys are
thoroughly enjoying  farm   work.
Just think of it���instant relief thc
minute you put a few drops of tut-
nam's Extractor on your sore corn.
Putnam's makes corns dry up, makes
thenushrivel and peel off. It doesn't
eat thc good flesh, _,it acts on thc
corn alone, loosens it so you can lift
it out with your fingers. Wonderful;
you bet Putnam's is a marvel, and
costs but a quarter in any drug
store. Why pay more for something not so good as Putnam's?
Frogs Assisted Enemy
Crown .Prince Tells Strange Story to
the Kaiser
Karl Rosncr, a newspaper correspondent who is frequently termed
the German emperor's press agent,
describes iii the Lokal Anzciger a
conversation which hc" says took
place between Emperor "William and
the German Crown Prince, in which
thc son told his father a story of
the "frogs at the battle of "the
Chcmin des Dames."
The story was fold, says Rosncr,
as the father and son stood on a
hill in tlie battle sector of llic army
group, of General von Francois on
June 3.    The Crown Prince said:
"It wai when the Germans were
preparing to storm the Chemin des
Dames. The frogs which were
found in millions iu the marshy
Ailelte river region, croaked in stic.li
a deafening fashion that they enabled thc Germans to bring up batr
icrics, ammunition and columns
without discovery, and when the attack actually was launched the
deafening concert of thc^ frogs prevented the enemy from "discovering
lhe position, of the German machine
In the course of the same conversation Rosncr says the emperor described thc occasion at thc beginning of last year, when hc was asked lo give permission for the blowing up of the famous French castle
at Coucy.-lc-Chateau, near. St. Queii-
ti'n. Hc said he hesitated until his
military advisers pointed out thai,
in the hands of thc enemy, the lowers.of. llic castle might menacethe
lives of hundreds of German soldiers.    The" emperor then   remarked:
"Would the. French, act diffcrcntly
in our. country? The 'protection- of
soldiers is the .supreme'law of . the
commander, and no edifice ought
to be spared when it" is a question ot
preserving from danger and death
the men who .arc .lighting, for the
Community Breeding in U.S.
Increasing the  Quality and Quantity
of All  Beef  on the Ranges
In Oregon ancl Washington community breeding is au established
fact, as attested by more than 100
co-operative cattle and horse associations with a membership of between 2,500 and 3,000 stockmen and
representing over 100,000 head of cattle in 1917. These associations have
been responsible for the passage of
laws making it unlawful for anything
other than a "purebred sire of recognized beef breed" to be turned
upon the open ranges. By majority
vote thcy decide upon the breed to
bc used and vote assessments for
the purchase of purebred sires. This
work has been going on for the past
live, years and has been the means of
increasing the quality and quantity of
all beef on the ranges of the two
In one county in Washington
(Okanogan. )   every    stockman     and
Just think! You can lilt
off any corn or callus
without pain or soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered this ether compound and named it free-
zone. Any druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown, fot
very little cost. You apply a "few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. In��;-.:'iitly the soreness disappears, then
shortly you will find the
corn or callus so loose
.hat you can lift it right
Freezone is wonderful.
It dries instantly. It
doesn't eat away the corn
or callus, but shrivels it
up without even irritating
the surrounding skin.
Hard, soft or corns between the toes, as-'wcll as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no pain before or afterwards. If your druggist hasn't
freezone, tell him to order a small
bottle for ��� ou from his wholesale
drug house.
Germany's Only Hope
New Creamery By-product Has Been j lt Fell Dead After Saving Six Drifting Airmen
Hie story of a homing pigeon that,
a_t_ thc cost of its own plucky little
life, _ saved llic lives of six starving
British^iiriucn, adrift for four days
in llie'North Sea, is told by Canadian
Flight Commander R. Leckie, D.S.
C, iu a letter to his uncle, of Indian
Grove, Toronto.
The flight commander, who had a
seaplane, described his engagement
with hostile raiding aircraft over the
North Sea. At thc end he came
down in the sea, between fifty and
seventy-five miles from land, and
picked up the crew of an aeroplane
which had dropped owing to engine
failure. His "boat' has been riddled
with slirapnel, and the seaplane
would not rise again. ^The ilight
commander continues: .
"I  will  not describe to    you    thc
horror of  the   days     that     followed,
days  spent in  'watchful waiting' and
water at the   ral�� of one    eggcupful
each  pcr day  until  the  small  allowance gave out,   then    the muck from
thc   engine  radiators.    All   the  while
thc seaplane gradually broke up. Also
wc were compellcd-to bale incessantly to  keep afloat.    During this  time!
our base was quite  unaware   of our!
fate,    though    pilots    were sent out!
searching  for   us.    Looking   for   thc j
proverbial  needle in a haystack  is  a
small job compared  to thc  hopelessness  of searching for a  seaplane in
Kthc North Sea when  the visibility is
low and one has not the least idea in
which direction to search.
"Most long distance patrol seaplanes carry homing" pigeons. I had
four of them, and it is to the splendid endurance of one of these birds
that six men today owe their lives. I
'landed' en a Wednesday and released a pigeon at once, carrying a message to the base giving our position
and catise of troubles. On Thursday
a second l>ird was released carrying
a similar message.
���"On Friday morning a third bird
was sent, and knowing that we could
not last much longer, our remaining
pigeon was released on Friday afternoon, carrying an S.O.S. signal.
"The iirst three pigeons failed to
reach England, but thc fourth was a
winner. When I released him there
was a strong west wind blowing;
also fog.
".In spite of these adverse conditions, and also in spite of the fact
that hc must have been suffering like
ourselves from hunger and thirst, the
pigeon struggled over fifty odd miles
of sea without a landmark or -without a rest. He failed to reach * his
loft, but, reaching thc English coast-
about twenty miles north of our
base, picked out a coastguard station,
and fluttering into thc cou-rtyard, fell
dead  from exhaustion.
"At the cost of his own life he delivered his message, and thus saved
ours-r-wc were picked up by H. M.
S. lhc next day.
Aids the Digestion of Food
American Nations |
Are All in War
German Press Discussing the Structure of the British Empire
According to the London Times,
the mceting-of tlie imperial conference has occasioned articles in the
German press discussing the structure of tfie British empire. Thc professors aim other so-called experts
are more moderate than hitherto,
and are apparently almost convinced
that thc war offers Germany no hope
of seriously undermining Britisii
unity. Canada has dropped almost
entirely out of the discussion, but
conservative journals cling to thc
hope lhat trouble can still be made
between Japan and Australia about
the1 future of the Pacific.
The  Vorwacrts,  in  a  long    article
entitled    "Greater    Britain,":    admits
that  thc  British   empire  has     inani-'
fested  a  powerful military  and- poli- j
tical cohesion, supplemented     by     a ! Hiin
strong  tendency    towards    economic j   r
unity, and says that a customs union!
is  likely  in   whieh   Britain   must   as  '
"Jn a glass case hung in the wardroom may be seen a very pretty stuffed pigeon, beneath a little plate
hearing this inscription: 'A very gallant  gentleman.'"
Modest German
Peace Demands
Fifteen Have Broken Relations With
Huns; Eight are Fighting
Fifteen "Pan-American" nations,
representing fottr-iiftlis of thc population of the western hemisphere,
havc broken relations with Germany,
according to John Barrett, director-
general of the Pan-American Union,
who delivered an address in Ncw
York recently.
"The fifteen countries," said Mr.
Barrett, "which are to be classed as.
having officially broken relations
with the central allies, can bc listed
as follows, arranged alphabetically:
Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica,
Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras. Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, United States,
Uruguay. The following seven officially adhere to neutrality: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Salvador and Venezuela.
"The following eight havc officially
declared war or taken action equal
to it: Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica,
Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and the United States.
"If the action of Peru in seizing
German ships is to be regarded as
an act of war, this latter number
would be increased to nine."
Mr. Barrett declared that thc Pan-
American allies, exclusive of the
United States and Canada, could provide within two years an army of
2,000,000 men. These countries, hc
asserted, with their seven neutral
neighbors, are making enormous
contributions of food and supplies to
the belligerents.
Vancouver Women Pledged
At a mass meeting of nearly two
thousand women in Vancouver the
pledge was made to conform exactly to the requirements of the
Canada food board and to apply the
restaurant regulations in their own
homes. Furthermore it was "especially resolved to_ discontance any
social functions which promote thc
consumption of wheat products, pork,
sugar and  fats.
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.���
There is nothing equal to Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil when well rubbed
in. It penetrates the tissues and pain
disappears before it. There is no
known preparation that will reach
the spot quicker than this magic Oil.
In consequence it ranks first among
liniments now offered to the public
and is accorded first place among al!
its competitors.
Nearly Buried Alive
One of the Most Dramatic Storks
of the War
Between officers and their servants
at the front a profound affection
often springs up. In this connection
one of the most dramatic stories of
the war is  told.
An officer was shot and was declared to be dead. A burial party
had dug his grave, and the padre was
half-way through the service, when
the grieved servant thought he saw a
facial muscle twitch. He wondered
whether it was reality, or a case of
nerves on his-part. Consequently, he
hesitated to tell any one else. 'Meanwhile, he. studied his master's face,
and it seemed to him to be not quite
so deathly white as a dead man's
usually is.
At the last.moment he begged that
another examination bc made of the
corpse. The officer was alive and
recovered. All this happened nearly
two ycars ago, but so terrible was
the ordeal suffered by that officer
that even to this day he sometimes
awakens in thc middle of thc night-
disturbed by the fear of being buried
Peace    Program ,    Is
Looking; Over-".7'
Great  Britain  must   turn    over its
the   development  of the   Do-jvar licet to German}', return Gibral
sist in . 	
minions. Thc paper adds ���������that Gcr-llar to Spain and restore Egypt and
inany's only remaining hope is a! the Suez Canal to Turkey. Great
quarrel,  between    the'. Dominions of! Britain,'France and the United States
Britain owing to the failure of the
latter lo prevent tlie restoration of
the German colonies.
Countless  have    been     th
farmer using the open, forest .range J worked by-Hollo way's Corn Cure. It
is. a member of a co-operatiVe asso-ihas a power of its own nol found in
ciation  and practises both  coiiimum- j'other  preparations:
ty brecdiTig and community handling j  :���: ���.���
and it is safe to  sa'v  that over    3001 .  Whv Waste Sfraw-
registered sires have been shipped in-1 " *V   ."__ .olHtt
to   that   section   in     the    past      four i .       _��� "��� XT TT
years,  while a  number  of    purebred I Wasting Straw or Hay Now Is. Un-
Iierds. are now  in the course of-for-j
mation. . j
Minard's  Liniment Relieves
No Dunning Required  .
Jeweler���This'bracclcl is $5
than   the.  other  on  account    of
Customer���Oh, but you won't
to chase, inc. 1 intend to pay
Good Reason
Jack���Why did you break your engagement with  that school-teacher:
Tom���If I failed to show tip of an
evening, she expected ine to bring a
written excuse signed by my mother.
--Boston  Transcript.  .      .
Killing Dogs in Britain
Tt is estimated that there are between four and five niillion dogs in
the United Kingdom' and a committee has been considering the question of rationing dogs and of killing
off a certain percentage. Many dogs
have already been destroyed in order to save food.
.'-.  It is.usually safe to say that  when
a -child', is  pale, sickly,  peevish     and
restless,  the cause is worms.
parasites  range
tystine's,  causing scnou:
thc: digestion  and preventing  the  in
fan I   from  deriving sustenance    froni
food..    Miller's  Worm  Powders,     by
destroying the worms,, corrects  these
faults of the digestion, and serves  to
restore the organs to healthy action.
. Anyone inclined to kick against
prices of fcedslutfs in this country,
should note the spring Paris-market
quotations. Wheat straw sells for
S53 to $56.40 per ton. rve straw $40.S0
to $-14.20, oat straw $47.20 to $50.40,
hay $68.-10 to $7J.2() and alfalfa $69.80
to $74.80. Such prices ���prohibit stock
feeding '".and indicate the necessity
���for the U. S. to supply all the-meat
within her power.   ,
��� Wasting straw or hay when anyone is in such need of it is unpardonable. Baling at stacking time will
not only eliminate all possible waste
but will decrease the room necessary
for its storage.
Stems of hay arc'hollow-evaporating ..'tubes through which more or
less of the appetizing ingredients are
lost. ;lust as the cut wheat stubble
represents' so. many :little"'. chimneys
for the evaporating of moisture, from
the ground, so the .hollow .lubes of
the liny stems  to a  degree,    increase
the evaporation leaving the sta|
leaves dry, pithy and tasteless. That
is why hay baled at stacking time is
eaten by the slock, with . so much
more relish than hay taken- froni the
slack.���-Siuve-v^iu!  Farming.
The first test a man.is put through.for
either war or life insurance is an exami-
naliqn of his water. This is most essential bceause tli a. kidneys play a most important part iii causing premature, old
age and death.   The more injurious the
poi3ons passiag through tho kidneys lhe i 	
sooner "conies decay���so savs" Dr. Pierce !'    .       ^,,
TIl0     I of Surgical I'nslitute. Biiffalo.'.N. Y,, who The   Women   of   France
.,       ,,,....  i.  ~���.t  :'. -i further advises all people who are paat       In   Prance -'recent Iv  figure*  showed,
ine   Moni.uv .tiui -I.1-; thirty .to preserve the vitality of tho:kid-   that there are now 475.1)00 'women at .j
'* ( ls  '   l  "       j neys aad free lhc blood from poisonous j work iii munition  factories at $2.00 a-
elements, such as uric acid���'drink plenty {day  plus  rile, from   the'   gi>\ eminent'
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
must pav Germany an indemnity of
at least $45,000,000,000. Belgium and
French tcrrilorv must be surrendered.
���These are among the conditions included in the German peace program
published in tiie Nachriehtcn of Go-
crlitz. Prussia, by "Count Roon, a
member of the Prussian house of
lords, .according to a Havas despatch from Basle, Switzerland, received in  Paris.
Count Roon says Germany is ���entitled'to the following terms because
of its strength, and until they are
realized there sjiould be no armistice
and no cessation of Submarine war:
fare: .
Annexation   of  Belgium    with   administrative  autonomy in    the "interior. ���
Independence' of Flanders.
Annexation, of  the   entire'Flanders
coast,  including  Calais.
Annexation of the Briey and Lon-
gwy basins and the Toul, Bclfort and
Verdun  regions eastward.
Restitution to Germany of all her
colonies, including Kaio-Cliau.  .
Great Britain lo cede to Germany
such naval bases and coaling stations  as' Germany designates..
j    .Great   Britain, must--return   Gibraltar  to  Spain,- cede its  war .fleet    to
I Germany,   restore     Egypt,   and     the
1 Sue/'.Gannlr.lo. Turkey;'.-.-
I     Greece must    bc re-established un-
i der    former'  King  Cpnslantinc  with
| frontiers  as   before  the.  war.
i     Aiisiria  and    Bulgaria:   will  divide
Serbia   and /Montenegro.
Great" Britain, France, and tlie
United Stales must .pay all of Ger-
manv.'s- war costs, their inclcmnitv
being a lniiu'iiiiuui of -$45.000.000,000.
Thev also must agree to ''deliver; raw
materials ���immediately.
.'���.France and Belgium are to remain
Mothers who keep a box of Baby's
Own Tablets in thc house may feel
that the lives of their little ones arc
reasonably safe during the hot weather. Stomach troubles, cholera infantum and diarrhoea carry off thousands of little ones every summer. In
most cases because thc mother does
not have a safe medicine at hand to
give promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
cure these troubles, or if given occasionally to the well child will prevent their coming on. The Tablets
are guaranteed by a government analyst to bc absolutely harmless even
to the newborn babe. They arc especially good in summer because thcy
regulate the bowels and keep the
stomach sweet and pure. They are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Wit-
liams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Victory or Ruin ?
Economic Situation in Central   Empires so Desperate That Only Indemnities Can Save Them-
"The German and Austrian people
are accepting the paper of their governments on the assumption that it
is backed by wealth, either in hand
or to be acquired, and it is here that
the whole sum and substance of
German war finance finds its source.
Having piled up in less than four
ycars a combined indebtedness that
reaches the appalling total of 50 billion dollars, having flooded the
length and breadth of Central Europe with 15 billion dollars of irredeemable paper money, and having
saddled obligations upon their citizens that will require" henceforth
more than five billion dollars yearly
to maintain���:in other words, having
committed their citizens in a manner
that in the ordinary way of thinking
would be ruinous���lhe German leaders have convinced those citizens
that nevertheless all is well. How?
By promising that wealth will soon
be taken from tlicir enemies to wipe
the. slate clean.
"Place yourself for a moment in
the position of the German people,
and judge that position from their
point of view. Germany is laden
witli    debt,    her    public    obligations
Drying Potatoes Wholesale
Dried at Six Plants for the Use of
American Soliders in France
Potatoes are being dried at sis
plants located in New York and
Michigan for the usc of American
soldiers in France, One plant alone
employs 200 hands and is putting up
43 tons of raw potatoes each day. It
is expected that later in the season
carrots and other vegetables will bo
At one point in New York stats
the United States department of agriculture, co-operating with a local
vegetable growers' association, is
conducting a demonstration campaign oil the drying of potatoes into
potato flour, to be used as a substitute for wheat. In that section there
are many apple; evaporators which
"may be made available for use in
drying vegetables, and it is hoped the
demonstration will give root lo the
practice of using the plants in drying the various vegetables grown in
quantity on the muck lands of the
y ester-
Birds and Shells
"During the bombardment
day, 1 noticed the swallows
about quite, unconcerned. The birds
build in the lines close to the guns,
and don't seem to worry a bit. They
often warn us of the approach of gal
by their, fluttering and twittering.
Butterflies play in the dust. Cornfields extend to the edge of the
trenches. Flowers grow in profusion
in No Man's Land between the
trenches."���Capt. Louis Keene, in
Cartoons  Magazine.
Sizing Up Young HohenzoJlern
We see that Berlin triumphantly
, reports the capture of a number of
equal a full, third of her wealth, her]American wagons, and if we'd known
paper money is vastly inflated, her i that would be so pleasing we would
apparent legacy of the war is over-[have sent, over ..a-cute little red cx-
whehning. All!���but-off-setting all is J press wagon for the Crown Prince to
the great  Hindciiburg's promise     of  take    single-handed.���Grand    Kapidi
victory !o come, and his pledge of
vast annexations and .tremendous, indemnities.
"Germany is plunging over the
brink of ruin and bankruptcy,; self-
! hypnotized by her. cry. .'Annexations
jaml Indemnities!' The eager ganibl-
ier who plays for big slakes is no
! more  insane, than   Germany.     -With
.occupied" at. their  expense:   until  the
condition's are  carried  out.
of- water���sweat   gomo   daily  and   taV��   with 25c additional  for car
Anuric, double streogthj before meals.        the. head of ihe honv.-
,An-u-rie is a discovery of Dr. Pierco, | 'brill is so slron
���ami can be o.btaiued at drag stores. For j French women tli
that    backache;-   lumbago, 'rheumatism,I a'rL'  carrying    large
- immmmy
Munition Supply Grows
Increases .in the output ol" munitions for the Britisii army, for the
first two months of the year compare
ed With tlie lirsl two months of 1917
Light, guns. 30 per cent; medium'
guns. 37 piVr cent.; heavy guns, 38
per cent.:-machine guns, 'J0 per cent.;
shells, 83 pcr ci nl.: tanks. 39 pci
cent.; airplanes, 215 per cent.; a< ro
engines, 245 pcr cent.
The  average  weekly  production   of j
airplanes       equalled       tho
i production   for   two   months
while   one   -week--,   production
chine   nun*     equalled     that
iiion'h'-   in   1"1.-.
"rusty7'  joint?,  swollen  feet or handu, j ever  before,   despi
due  to--uric."acid-in  the blood, Anurie
quickly dissolves tho uric   acid   as hot
'water (loos sugar.   Send 10 cents to Dr.
Piefee for trial pkg.
h child, if
is iu the army.
principle   with
b'reiieh      banks
than !
that J
Thoroli, Ont.���"I think Annric is th�� but
I   Iist* erer UV��n.  My
Jcidrierg  Iiiid   g\rm  m��
.trouble for flo.mfl ttraa.
���^y���-J    wo.ilit    suiter    from
<?1S,000,000,<>00   towards   the     linahrc:
of  the   war  came   from   popular   sub
Volunteer Farm Workers
Hundreds  of' thousands  of    volun-
��� leer   workers   will   be  needed   to   save
j tiie. crop   of  the   United   States    and
ilhey are coining  forward.',from  every
] walk of life.    At a recent convention
of   bankers,   a   question   was     asked:
["Mow   many   of  you, grew   up   on   a
farni.'.'    The count showed 9(Kr.   Kv-
eryone   present  agreed     to  leave  his
bank-  ar.d work on  tlie  farm for periods from ten davs to two weeks.
utilize    e\ei\thii^    but
rem a ked   the   manager
"Crop Boosters" Work
Many   thousands--of   acres   will   be
put  into.-.wiieat  in   l'>19  whieh  would
.have   remained    virgin   prairie   inileti-
Imchschcj     ��q1 .':���'"! nitelv had it  not been  for the "Crop
\  ft'-vrilinr   of   It19-.l1r.1by.    i, ..        , . ,  ���    .     ...   ,   . .,, -..'���
AI  took  .Anuria "and  it; uoosters.    .scheme  by -which  40   a��:n-
:fha* pntirely cured mi j cult'urists"   travelled   over    Manitoba
SU',,.���^?,"��e.dV"?ld��ri"K .April and,May.sin-eadmg4he
kidnev* no; I fe��i -'����t�� i gospel   of  greater, production.      Th.e
jErt-ocoBimeadiac it to j "Crop  Boosters''  have    finished   their
J!rrc.^��cr��lZ'BM!,ri,,0:3 3nd tlic  f,n:']   ''fPorts  are  now
1179.yX.x ���-.        ' ,iii   thr   hands   of   the   provincial     dc-
������ ^-Toronto;; On:.���"Fot'[,;,-���...! e-lt   of   ag nodf.-V.
the' U.it   e:��!it   y*��rs   I __2	
liars' in.trfired with kid- ���
ney;-trouble, and rheu- . Hadn't  Been  Home
mi'.nm. .ltliC^an  witii .���,..,,, .
���'j>sin*,.i[Tiii-y bick aid '     ( harlie   had   been      playing     truar'
We  vti!i/e     e\ei\tl:ii^     but      the-i flnilly.'-'MJ ra.r-V.��i-k'.��DJ':Went. down into ti��' f. or,   Sl-l!00I    r.;i,j   h->,;   ^"nt   a   io'ie
squeal,"   rem:, ked   thc   manager      of, ^-^%T^^i*Safd���.&"& ITcJ. ��� l.c^ti.V.l day iV f,,��,_n?/ 'On I i, vay
the  abatlor. . ! nutted sorascbo.idoctora.r.b'it. stilt I kept ea' bark lie  met one  01  his -\ oung  iiis".C;
"Couldn't   we     phonograph      that"-" i ��uff��iny.   .About, a 7e*r;��*o rVfrieni tiritti 1 {.j10   accoSlff [   ].yvl,   v ith"   the      u;-ia!
inquired   the   foreman,  "and  let     thc I �����/,'/;�����' ^^^mi^^^t^7^ qurstion. "Catch anything?"' Charlie.
ultimate   consumer  l".��e  it   when      he 1 traea*  of  mv -titmeat��� n.t ra��tt��r  whit  lit j in   all   the   cov^C'Oi'sne-s     of      gtiiU 1
kick- :<h..i:i  th, Kice?'-\\-asbingi0n;j^^^,^����SribeT ^.^"jM quickly responded. "Ami been loai"!
"'     " " ���-     --      - yCi'_ ._\ a;i,cv;iVCV   ..IX..O) i"C<V
ikidaoy   msdUiaa   fa   ��T*rr
*��ri*����j i HtMi4i> Street.
him, loo, tiie end -ni'ttst justify, every   | ^_^
thing, or all    is    lost'.        Germany's i;	
whole mad scheme, froni first to last, i        	
New German Anthem.
A plea for a new national antiu'M
is made by the -Lokal Anzciger': of
Borliu. "It is ridiculous,'' it "adds,
"for Germans io give the noblest expression of their patriotism to tha
tiiNs of 'God Save the King.'"
has made no provision against defeat. 'Victory, only. is considered;
loot is. counted on to offset liic blood
and iron cost of the war, indemnities are relied on to make up the
money cost. ..
"Germany's: only salvation from
bankruptcy and '"economic.-.destruction, is complete victory. Missing the
mark! she. faces, a future in which
she herself must bear a-back-breaking
impossible, burden. Her financiers
and business men see this, and were
they permuted . to speak they would
toll to the people what they sec. ��� .Up
to now their protests have been
gagged, in their throats by the. military party, and their concern over
the. fearful price of all that is going
on has been laughed to scorn.. by
those who count 110 cost too great
for the accomplishui'cnts of an army
in  the held.   ���
''.Sooner or later all things end. and
���for Germany's wild' financial fling
'liayment will sooner or Inter be demanded..' With her finance's weakened, her credit destroyed, her., interna?
tional.traiiR gone, she will .be ; a
bloodless''.' Germany.- tlie-;.{!crid' ''ember-
of agnation.v--dn"anV'V_P_u'oiV'-3rc >���?
not,-thru,' Vt'litleii' to copu't "ur>'qn ihe
fear of  su.ii   a  ca'tn'.-oprr.    i"   con-
Dominion  Express   Money   Orders  are st
st\e in   five (bonsanj  offices  throughout Cm-
Smoke tucketts
saw Bio
|����a��lfrM. TH* wool
*B*Lie?DA ��>���?*&Ifci u>edloI'r<a^
inc km f* I %Jri Hotpuajs witi
rcttaatwi, CfUjW CBnontc wjakksss. Lost Viaot
via, riDxiY. BusotK. msiutt, slood rammf
vilu. tiT��m �����. B��l'9orar����MiiLli. ros? �� 0
��ooo���� 1. c��. m. *w*6ai�� at.�� rSr ro���� otltwah gai
itD.Co. KivtKSTOM Rd. HuMnunXoitsok, iw
VMEW Da ^f,��E '.TASTELESS) T6*.KOt    tkfi tO *MC
las that mgi marked word ' tkkkai'Iox ' u
taT.<MVr.��t*Mf AV7IXX0 TO kU. 05��UlWSriCKI
junction v, 1'
itjry ro;nii-
weaken the
to  go or.,  t
hasten  ii-;
the M...'..  .���
. hei'^'on  <>\ cr-.'inil-.
:',ici"'-  lik* iy- to'.-so
ii pt oj.lo'-,  purpose
'   1! . v  '.i.efiisi '\ c<  .;'v.ill ]
evil.ib!.1- break ;"���.From
of   \\ .ill   Street.  :������������
,i api
.  a-;  :
Dynasties Against DemocracyX.
'\\ .���  i-.i..s,^  ���. u-t    s'.i.'c    to-rcthc;-.V
1 A"-.ts:an I -liperor is said to have
v rittr:
to   t  ie
i-  t'-.rd
: ot Rottr.r
people  i.ii
Start a Club in your town, where fill
youna peopla cik
Bather. We 1*04
amalt. tables M
hogrea, aad I*r$
er one* for path
tic rooms. Equip
;mect free. WraA
���jj   at    onc��   fa(
full  particular*. .
1.12-104 Adelaide   St.   W, -To���ato
.    . U.. -_J3>
- W.      H.      U.      1220 J
i- :-2 a year strictly in advance, or ��2.50
v. hen not j'.iid for three'mouths. If not
i .iid for until the end of the year it is ��3.
it is nlways ^2.50 a year to the United
.Males in advance.
tciitor and Financier
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil   Notices     7 00
lis'ray Notices 3.00
Cards o! Thanks     r.oo
rrtihc .;..��� of Improvement  12.50
V!:ere   mure   than   oue claim ap-
���;.:> ii.' notice,   $5.00 for  each ad-
.-.tional claim )
Ail other legal'advertising,   12 cents a
iitie first insertion, and   8 cents a line for
��� eh    subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
��� ���e-'.M'roment.
Greenwood Theatre,   Saturday September 14
All The World Loves A Mystery
pft I Hill SHOW   ON   EARTH
||Pn(|0\A/C        Played   All  larger  Cities  Of The   Dominion
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
lo have more'jnoney.
I\\ifis looks greener to the Gerni-
s'very day.
ynu make
fri'sli stew?
a  Limerick  out
whale meat.     The   bones
tick in your throat.
would   appear   that   Hindy
a   few  more  sinkers on his
o telephone girl ever gets
v. She is always talking to
- a substitute for tobacco, cab-
��� is not worth $2 a pound, even
ar times.
.1:11 ats we better cutout teach-
geography in our schools, until
war is over.
The   SUPER   MIND���The   MAN   WHO   KNOWS
and  his   Company   of Wonder  Workers
Popular Prices Not a Moving Picture   ' ��
Two and one half hours of mysterious baffling and g^iagK��EE35iSS3^3^i
amazing entertainment
More Good News
We have just completed arrangements for handling
your grain, and to show you that we appreciate
your patronage we are willing to do it without
commission or cost to you. YOU get the full bene-'
fit of your crop and the cash the minute you land it
here. All kinds grain and hay will be taken, Come
in and talk it over with us, it won't cost you a cent
and we believe our offer will satisfy you that it
pays whether buying or selling to deal with
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
In an article on copper the Vancouver Sun says that there are
three smelters iu B. C. Probably
never heard of Greenwood or
Ladysmith. Counting these there
are five smelters in  this  province.
It looks now as if the German
army would be able to spend
Christmas at home.
The Huns in France need a good
route agent. So many want to
know, "Where do we go from
Tin?: world is stiil packing too
imich. oxcess baggage, in the way
of   social,   medical  and   religious
In' Ohio -a man drove his own
hens' out of his neighbor's war
���ij'ink'ii. Patriotism knows no limit
hi some places.
In England there is a society
devoted to simplified spelling.
It claims that wo should spell
words as they are pronounced.
Vice-admiral Sims of the U. S.
navy has consented to be vice-
president of the Society, and the
Board of Education has sanctioned
the testing of tho system in schools.
Kum tew skool fellers, and let us
lern this na sistem. It will kut
the u out of sum wurds, and put
tl e k in others. Pneumonia will
then b neumoua, or new-mown-
hay. The unedukated r kumiug
into ther oeu.
Timely Warning
Looted the Red Cross
Editor Lkdgij
Dear Sir: On Labor Day, the people of Coltern ancl vicinity, pic-nicked at
Loon lake. The proceeds from dancing
and the sale of ice-cream were donated to
the Red Cross. After the pic-nickers had
departed for their homes a bunch of
hoodlums in a delapidated Tin Lizzie
drove up and amused themselves with a
dance in the pavilion. Then they went
to the refreshment tent, where the Red
Cross had stored their surplus ice-cream,
cakes, dishes, etc. After eating all the
ice-cream and cake that they could hold,
they proceeded to destroy the balance,
throwing the dishes in the fire aud despoiling things in general. A party passing took the number of their Tin Lizzie.
Now you cheap plunderers of Red Cross
property either apologize and donate $3
to the Coltern Red Cross, or the number
of your car will appear in print.
Tub Man Who Saw Thb Number
Coltern, Sep. 4, 1918.
New Mill
Tin-: British captured Kemmel
the other day. They will find
'Ku'm.mel much easier to take when
they giir. to Germany.
Tuiv  world is  small  when you
have   money,   but how big it is,
when . you  are broke,   and  all the
eats are taken  on  the brakeman.
I.v  lime,   owing to the Panama
canul,   Vancouver will become  a
jrreat' grain   shipping   port.    This
.will '"help   when  the Bhipyard in-
.ikiptiy dies.-
:'. I:- England they say, "It's a .fine
:-n<:r,ii;ig.     Lets go out and  kill
-otnethiiig."    In Canada they say,.
��� 'It's : a . fine evening. Let. us go
:-,>l start a strike somewhere."
Arthur Brisbane recently   gave
the masters of American industry
a warning  that is pertinent.    "Be
satisfied   with   euongh,    with  ten
times your share. Be cautious," he
tells them, ''Get a short history of
the    French   revolution.      Learn
something.     Soon millions of men
will come back  from   France,   impressed with the value of force, and
knowing ho\V to use it.   Soon other
millions of men  will  be suddenly
dismissed from amun.ition factories
and   shipyards.      Do    you   know
what people  are   paying  for   the
food they eat?    Do yon know what
people are paying for the food they
eat?   Do you know: how  they feel
about it?    Be   careful.    There are
rough days ahead.    You will need
a. pilot,   not  a New  York Times
The Alamo concentrator, one
mile below Three Forks in the
Slocan, has been dismantled, and
will be replaced by a mil), costing
$167,000. The new mill will be
run by water power, and will have
a capacity of 150 tons daily. It
will handle ore from the Queen
Bess, Wonderful, Alamo, Idaho
and Sovereign. No jigs will be
used, this system being replaced
by a fine crushing equipment and
roughing tables,
It Isn't Your Town; It's You
If you want to live iu the kind of a town
Like the kiud of a town you like.
You needn't slip  your clothes in a grip
And start on a long, long hike,
You'll only find what you left behind,
For there's nothing that's realiy new;
It's a knock at yourself when you leave
your town���
It isn't your town���it's you.
Real towns are not made by men afraid
Lest someone get ahead;
When every one works and nobody shirks
You can raise a town from the dead.
And if when you make your personal
Your neighbor can make one, too,
Your town will be what you want to see���
It isn't your town���it's you.
���C. P. McQueen, Calgary.
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within, its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass.
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange, GRAND FORKS
Specialty:  Fine Watch Repairs.
Central War Fund
fx-. California they hold  water-
inn  lawn socials.    At one held
':���������; veekr 2000 melons were cut
xv.{\  eaten  by the multitude.
���!'-'"'! ihe guests were white. If
:--id been black it might have
���.. -1-000 melons.
iik.uk are    large   numbers   of
i ie a nd mentally defective p'eo-
��� in every American city.    Some
i:>  be  found   in   every   part   of
���'.nerica.    This is largely the re-
x.X of    dumping    the   scum   of
'. ropean slums on  the shores of
��� n.ica.    This should  be avoided
v. X,!M future.
���'���"he women may be the starters
<���" a revolution in Germany. They
1 : vi�� already been throwing stones
; tbe neutrals who come over
from Holland to work in the
Krnpp works. If they begin
throwing stones at the military the
kaiser will soon bave to seek a new
Xetei: start the gasoline engine
'>; an auto in a closed garage for
;iay pnipose whatever. If you do
you are liable to die from gas
poisoning.    The exhaust gas of an
��� ,i'> motor is "full of carbon mon-
'.'���Hp.   a  deadly  vapor something
; "iUir to that used by the German
:.-ii" in-France.
The Treasurer of. the Central War
Fund desires to acknowledge receipt of
the following subscriptions from Jany
31st to August i5th, .1918:
Arthurs W. C.  $40.00
Ashby Mrs...........      600
Carlson C. ...-....'.:..........,..... .   1.00
Clark J A ..... .X....,....XXy   20 00
Coles JL ,..:���_..._..-...���.   i. ......\2S00
Duhamel J H ...;...........  ....     2 00
Elson \V.���...: ........:...    2400
Frith K.'.C.-'B..:......i.Xx.-i.:'.:.;.. .,:.i ', 200
Garland T A......;.'.... ..i:l....,,.:..i. ..'   500
Gibson J....... ���'.;��� ...,..;.     4 06
Gulley T JI ,..'.,.'.'.'..    4000
Hardy, j ,....:....,       1 00
Jackson Miss G >F      200
Kerr Miss A L .-. ;...     1250
W.   Lakeland'(Special)     5200
LeeR ���    4000
Lindsay R V,  . 24 So
Lucas HC        25 00
Lachmund O.  19000
Mother Lode Dance..;      360
Masterton El! 2400
Muir R J : ,     1250
MillerAV P-     1400
Mcintosh I)      5 00
McKee II       12 00
McKellar J      700
McLoughlin J j......    3000
McPherson I)      5 00
McGillis D  .;..........     1000
Simpson Rev II VV     2000
Swanson Miss R  :......,........    1200
School ..:...X.'.,Xiy.....;;..... .........       I 5o
ThomasT.;........;;........     17 5o
Williamson'J.:.:;......���';-.���! ;���:-;.���     -.1.00
Wilson R & W C^' ...     20 00
Young People's Club    30.00
Smelter employees and oflice staff j 774.55
Sure Thing
Peggy's mother was entertaining
callers. A sprightly discussion was
under way over the sandwiches and
tea as to the real meaning of
"I know what patriotism is,"
put in Peggy. "It is not leaving
anything bn your plate. '\,     :
A Disgusted Hobo
"So you're goin' to work," said
Meandering Mike.
"You bet lam." replied Plodding Pete. "The I.W.W. has
taken all the dignity ont of loafin'."
His Unlucky Number
Wife (during the spat)���-I wasn't
anxious to marry you, I refused
you six times. ���'���'-..-"
Hub���Yes, arid then my luck
gave out.       ;  -
The Real Test
"Are you going to change your
new hat, Gladys?"
"Not much. Every girl I know
is breaking her neck to tell ��me
how unbecoming it is."
Negro sergeant���"When I say
'Bout face! you place de toe of yo'
foot six inches to the reah of de
heel of yo' left foot and jus' ooze
aroun.' "
Greenwood Garage
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
. Motor Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
aii work guaranteed
5  Phone 27 MANAGER
Front St Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Cbe Central fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.   ���-..'
S25I8 65
In addition to the above \V. 15. '-Iem-
ing fjives hi.s services to the Ked Cross;
also Masonic Lodge for donating ase of
Dance Hall for Patriotic purposes
The following disbursements have been
Canadian Patriotic Fund   5126S 65
Red Cross          107 75
Returned Sobher^     12500
Y M C A       5050
Mrs. Geo, Rob::i-on     175 00
V. 11. AXAM,
Wholesale Rates,
Doctor���You are suffering from
a complication of diseases sir���at
least six.
Patient���I suppose you'll allow
me a discount on the hall dozen,
E. W, WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
I Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
fr each; Gold-Silver, (single assay)
��r.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silyer-Lead-
Zinc {3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
At Trail two years ago 150 Austrians and Germans were reporting
t) the police, The number now ia
53. Quite a bit of English is now
spoken in that city, and many of
the foreigners can read the local
Better flax is grown in Canada
than in Ireland. Flax seed is being shipped from Ontario to Ireland for seeding purposes.   Canada
Treasurer.! should build some linen mills.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C, Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies.    .    ,    .
Have you tried one lately **
Pre-emption how confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records wiil be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which fs non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more tha:n four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on resper-tive claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including: clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim..
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300. pcr an-. "
num and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record-
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on thewe claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
?10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
arid cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he re-,
quires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
. Unsurveyed areas, not execedine; 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by ona person or company..
Tho scope of this Act Is enlarged to
Include all persons, joining and serving
with His MaJeBtyV F- ;ces. Tho time
within which the he.r.-^ or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year trom the derih of such person,
aa formerly, until one year aft��r the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
Provisldn Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted "Agreements to Purchase from the Crown "of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it is hot
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands, in the locality may be.
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due" the:
Crown or to any Municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the. Crown has agreed to
sell are also, protected. The decision of
the Minister of I.ands in respect to thp
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these allotments is.limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
Tor Information apply to any Provincial OoT��rom��nt Agent or to
DVOtr ian$*Ur Vt I^nds,     '
Vtetwta, B. a
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
I Cbe fiunie Botel j
nelson, B.C.
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
The only up^-to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric lighted.
RATES Sl.QO per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Excursion Rates
Nelson Fair
^September 25-26 k'
bN SALE SEPT. 23 26
From all stations Canary to
Midway, Field to Vanconver,
Kettle Valley Railway, all
Kootenay steamer lines.
Trail Fair
September 17 -18
ON   SALE   SEPT    16 18
From al! stations Kootenay
Landing to Midway, branch lines
and Kootenay steamer routes*
np��    I        ,        FROM   AGENTS  OR   PURSERS
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B.C.   XX


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