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The Ledge Aug 15, 1918

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z?     th
1  Vl
A^'G 16 7.,
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And  Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many  kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B.C.
The NEW REGULATIONS of the Canada Food Board
Are Now In Force
Let Me   Supply   You   With   Your
CANADA FOOD BOARD  LICENSE  Nos.  5���791  and  9-260
S�� Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^Z
��~_ The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save r~s
| THE RLOUR     , |
���E We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~5
��g We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk 3
"The Man Who Made Good"
Saturday, August 17
'The Volunteer''
Show commences at 8 o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
GREENWOOD,        ��� B. C.
Hats, Caps, Shirts, Boots,
Shoes and Overalls of
many kinds
At Reasonable Prices
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples
W. Elson 6 Co
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
���"������;     AT-;;;;vv
Phone 45
P. 0. Box 574
Around Home
Christian Science service will be held
in the MEI/LOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a.m. All welcome.. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Piirch^ers of Gold, S
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box Biro8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���:Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$ 100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50.;-: Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Lea3-
Zinc $3.00. Charges (brother metals etc
ou application.
&V,<X ULD., D.C.U, President
SIR JOHN v^.lC^M^tiwaffr;1 X
H. S?XT:X0^^iitit^ttiwa*,
,Every effort Is j$a$||t^^
For Sale���160 acres very best
bottom level land, creek and
plenty of water, $12 per acre
ecquire, Ledge office,
For Sale.���A lot, 2 chicken
houses and woodshed. Price $��0
with terms if requested apply to
P. O. Box 563, Greenwood.
Hats for men, boys, ladies and
children at the Granby Store Sale
in Phoenix, beginning next Monday./
The National Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
Lately successfully operated by
,���   -Own.Boyer deceasedXX
Furniture and all necessary eauinment
for operating, including Billiard
Table, Bar Fixtures, &c
For full aud all particulars, apply to V
Real Estate Office,   Greenwood, B.C.
'^Lecture on Norway ^ ���
v;\if-jqii want a;lecture on^ Norway,^ write to R. McMurdo, Midway^ -B.C. Mr. McMurdo; has
spent several years' in ^Norway
and his lecture is interesting;^instructive and humorous^ /v
HedPey will celebrate on Labor
Rye whiskey is $5 a bottle in
R: S. Walker bas moved from
Grand Forks to Eholt.
Alex Davison recently returned
to France from England.
The Windsor Buffet sells icecream by the pint or quart.
Buttermilk by the pint or
quart, at the Windsor  Buffet.
At the Forks last week, a Serbian was fined $25 for being an
Mrs. G. B. Garrett is visiting
Mrs. Palma Augrignon in New
See our White Piques, Middy
Cloths and Chambrays. G. A.
The round trip by auto from
Princeton to Copper Mountain
costs $4.
A short time ago Dr. W. H.
Wood was appointed a coroner in
this province.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckless
motored from Princeton to Greenwood last Friday.
When a vacancy occurs, Tom
Hennessey will go to tbe Tranquille Sanitarium.
One by one the roses fade.
Archie Gillis pulled out for
Seattle on Saturday.
A small shipment of extra
high grade chocolates, just in, at
Goodeve's Drug Store.
Early apples, fine tomatoes,
fresh cantaloupes, aud grape
fruit at G. A. Rendell's.
Morris Mattson is recovering
from the injuries, he recently received at the Mother Lode.
"Murf' Mcintyre, formerly of
Pho.euix'is now a drill, sergeant
with the Sammies in France.
D. R, McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
A. E. McKay departed for
Vancouver qn Monday.l He was
chet at the Pacific for many
Will Irvine, Noble Binns, and
ladies, are making an auto trip
from Trail to Vernon and other
POlntS. ���".  ������������;;.       . .   '
Freestone peaches expected
next week/ order now. G. A.
Rendell.    ���
The Sacred Heart Hospital is
closed /;���.;. tight, and the Sisters
departed for Bellingham, Wash.,
on Tuesday.
There is great excitement in
Phoenix, and the surrounding
towns and district. The Granby
Store starts its Big Sale next
Nelse Lemieux has returned to
Phoenix from a trip to Princeton.
Nelse says that there is no place
like Phoenix.
The Big Sale starts at the
Granby Store in Phoenix, next
Monday. Bargains in Boys and
Girls wash shirts, dresses, and
ladies Kimonas.
John Simpson, ex-chief of provincial police, is checking lumber
for the three C's at the Mill Site
near Princeton.
This summer the Union miue
in Franklin camp, has shipped
about 180 tons of ore to the
Granby smelter.
W. H. Docksteader has added
a Chalmers six to the Palace Livery. One of the easiest riding
cars in the world.
Hank Leonard has gone east
with one of the coast regiments.
Flank may soon be breaking on
au armored car in France.
Mrs. George Barrett of Carmi
died in Oroville last month, following a surgical operation. The
funeral took place in Seattle.
A dance will be given in Kel-
seys Hall, Rock. Creek, August
30, under the auspices of the
Women's Institute of Rock Creek\
Mrs. Charles Hammerstadt will
travel by auto to Rochester,
Minn., where she will be operated
on for an affection of the throat.
Great Bargains at the Granby
Store Sale in Phoenix, beginning
next:Monday. .. A large and varied stock of ^Ladies /dresses, ..'.cor.-,
sets,, hats,   shoes  jandi   summer
CO^tS.     ;.
The cows around Greenwood
are eating hops..;. and flowers.
They get perfumed���' with . the
flowers, and the hops; give them
an appetite. C;}
Pte. E.; Potts-while on,night
duty in a hospital in ^England
had the misfortune ,\to fall "down
an ^elevator I^shaftv breaking -a
bone in one ot 'his leg?;;: XyXXyi
X- H, R. Plpn? trier has .{.beeu_'���;���: appointed purchasing agent ;fpr the
three C's. Xi He -has; moved /from
Site, four miles from Princeton.
John Pierre, the oldest employee of the Granby in Phoenix
has moved to Cassidv. That is
the town on Vancouver Island
where the Granby has its coal
Next Monday, August 19, the
grand Midsummer Sale begins at
the Granby Store in Phoenix.
This is the store that the Granby
took over from Morrin, Thompson & Co. this month.
W. H. Docksteader resigned
from the provincial police force
on the 5th, and has moved from
Midway to Greenwood. He was
a police officer for nearly 20
A great clearing sale of Men's
clothing, boo��s�� shoes, hats and
dress shirts, neckties, collars,
gloves, mitts, etc. will begin
next Monday at the Granby Store
in Phoenix. Greatest bargains
ever known in' the. Boundary.
Get in early and save money.
Mike Plecash was injured by a
fall of rock, in a raise at the
Mother Lode,. Saturday afternoon, and died Monday morning.
He was 43 years old and is survived by his wife and eight children. The coroner's jury returned
a verdict of accidental death.
L. C. Odell, formerly of the
Mint at Kettle Falls, the Napoleon at Boyds, and the Nes Perces
in Spokane, is still on deck running the Province Bar at Grand
Forks, B.C.
Men, women and children can
procure Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, and all kinds of wearing
apparel of good quality, and remarkably reasonable prices by
attending the Midsummer Sale
at the Granby Store hr Phoenix,
beginning next Monday.
Mr; McMurdo has given his
lecture on Norway at Denoro,
Mother Lode and Toroda, Wash.
The lecture is very humorous as
Mr. McMurdo tells some of his
experiences in country places far
removed from railways steamers,
and civilization, If you want to
hear the lecture write R. McMurdo, Midway, B.C.
Wm. Thomlinson j the well-
known mining engineer of New
Denver, in company with P. B.
Freeland spent last week on the
North Fork of the Kettle river
inspecting mining claims for
platinum. Mr. Thomlinson represents the munitions resources
commission of Canada, and is
diligently searching the country
for platinum, and other metals
useful for war purposes. He has
had a long experience with the
mines and minerals of B.C., and
while acting as mining engineer
for Canada, at the great Exposition in San Francisco and* San
Diego he probably talked to more
people, about Canada's mineral
resources than any other man.
The Ledge is $2 a year ih
advance. When not paid for
three months it is $2.50, and
when paid at end of year it is $3.
God's Service Flag
The other night a dear little five-
year-old, gazing np into the sky
dotted with a million stars, said:
"Oh, mother, what an awful lot of
God's men have gone to war."
Morning-After Feeling
Reed���-According to this article
Edison says that a man's head expands when he thinks deeply.
Rounder���Must be a misprint
for "drinks."
No.  5
To Light Consumers
At the Annual Meeting of the undersigned company, it was decided that bn
and after the first of September next, the
rate for light in residences would be 75
cents for each light per month; instead
of 50 cents as heretofore. There will be
no change in the rate for stores and
offices, which has always been $1 a light
per month.
This change has been decided upon in
order, to keep the plant running -without
loss. The higher cost of operating and
shrinkage in receipts, basforaed the company to make this advance in price,
���which cannot be looked upon as a hardship by the consumers, when we compare
our .sister town jof Phoenix, where the
rate has always been $1 a month for each
light, with a strictly 12 hour service;
lights off from sunrise to sunset Greenwood has always had a 24 hour service,
when we were able to supply it, although
receiving no remuneration whatever for
a daylight service.
7 The West Kootenay Power & Light
Co. advanced their rates some time ago,
as all other companies have been forced
to do owing to the higher cost of everything. ..;;This.rate".of 73 cents- will not
effect those.-who-are :'now: paying $3 a
month or .dsore for light in residences.
;The Rights K that fare not- paid for In &
reasonable tinie will be*cut.off.;;'';���%;:;
Who is the prettiest girl in
Wheat is moving from Australia
to Europe.
Send your boy at the front a
copy of Float.
Grouse are more numerous this
year than usual.
Much lumber is being shipped
from B. C. to Chile.
Ships for the United StateB are
being built in Japan.
In New Westminster last month
potatoes were $27 a ton.
A Surrey farmer recetly sold his
entire hay crop for 830 a ton.
The second largest telescope in
the world can be seen at Victoria-
Salmon can be bought in Vancouver for 12 to 15 cents a pound.
Dispose of old hens early, and
keep the chickens inside at night.
For the position of school-teacher
at Ymir, there were 54 applicants.
Just 14 years ago there were
four newspapers published in Nelson.
At Victoria a Hindu was fined
85, for driving hiB cart on the sidewalk.
In Seattle a lawyer waB fined
8350 for hoarding seven sacks of
One Sunday this summer 475
era es of raspberries were shipped
from Creston.
Creston recently shipped a'carload of scrap iron to the foundry
at Cranbrook.
The soldiers at Camp Lewis have
to have special passes now when
they enter Canada.
What is the name of that lady
in Nelson who has not bought a
new hat since the war began?
Pork can now be served all days
in Canada. This does not benefit
the Douks or Jews to any extent.
Up to recently booze was $6 a
bottle in Princeton. An auto
load was recently confiscated by
the police.
At some of the canneries in
Alaska there is an enormous waste
of fish. All the fish except salmon,
are thrown away.
It is estimated that the wheat
crop in the United States this year
will exceed any previous record by
200,000,000 bushels.
Must be quiet m Nelson thiB
summer. A bear was recently
shot near the main street while
robbing a war garden.
There are more tlian 300,000
people in B. O., above fehe age of
16 years. A few. of them have
never read The Ledge.
The city of Nelson has reduced
its police force over 30 per cent.
More morality and less money is
the canse of the reduction,  -t���-
Daring June submarines caused
a loss of 13,854 tons of sugar, by
sinking of the Atlantic coast ships
from Cuba and Porto Rico.
Ducks are leaving the Yukon
for the south two months earlier
than usual. The forest fires may
be the cause of the early migration.
There is a fish stall in New
Westminster that sells fish from 5
cents to 10�� cents a pound, the
latter being the price for salmon.
In Cranbrook cream is 90 cents
a quart, and the price of milk has
been raised to seven quarts for a
dollar. The high rates for water
is partly the cause.
The moving picture theatre at
Kaslo has closed, and the people of
that city now amuse themselves by
reading the local paper and listening to the Big Kid telling funny
E. H. Lewis, with his big Locomobile from Honolulu, is making
a tour of the country between Vancouver Mid Mexico. "World On
The Wing" acted as his guide in
the Fraser valley.
During the past six months of
this year. 25,000,000 feet of lumber have been shipped from B. C.
to China, Japan, South) America,
Australia, California, India, South
Africa and Europe; X-.'-"���-..
.The United Grain Growers at a
cost of 8500,000 have built a mill
at Hatton, B. C. that will saw
75,000 feet of lumber a day. This
mill is in the Rockies on the line
of the G.T.P. It is a co-operative
concern aimed to furnish cheaper
lumber to the prairie farmers.
While the; Steamer Salvor was
raising the ship Admiral Evans in
Alaskan waters, the crew noticed
many starving-deer come to the
shore in search of food. The crew
fed them, and then the Indians
came along and killed the animals.
Alter that the crew.; would capture
the deer and take them on board
to feed them, but the animals all
died & short time after being taken
on. the ahipJ-- \ ..-.:..'',���.
B. C. Mining News
The Venus mine and mill in the
Yukon has closed for an unknown
Robert Sweeney is operating the
Cleveland, 18 miles from Spring-
dale, Wash.
T. J. Corwin is raining for platinum on the Tulameen river, at
the mouth of Slate creek.
The Standard at Silverton has
reduced its operations to one shift,
and the Galena Farm has closed
The railway freight rates on ore
have been increased 20 cents a ton
and upwards, according to the
value of the ore.
The new stack at the Tacoma
smelter is 571 feet high, the highest stack in the world. There is
one in Japan 570 feet high.
Some industrial plants at the
coast will soon be using pulverized
coal, instead of fuel oil. This will
help the Princeton coal mine.
The Caaba mine will have its
copper ore treated by the flotation
mill at Nighthawk, Wash. The
mine is not far from that town.
After living on his farm for 18
months at Harvey, Wash., Professor J. R. Park3 is making arrangements to again do work as a
mining engineer.
During the first seven months of
this year the Trail smelter received
200,145 tons of ore. This is 92
tons less than the amount received
during the same period of 1917.
Several strikes of rich silver ore
have recently been made, in the
Mayo district, on the upper Stewart river in the Yukon. Some of
the ore is worth $400 to the ton,
and the outlook for a big camp is
A coal mine is being developed
at Valley, Wash., 80 mile3 this
side of Spokane. The seam is o'ver
six feet wide- in a sandstone and
shale formation. May it prove
more successful than the^coal mine
at Midway.
A correspondent at Poplar Creek
says that Bruce White recently
visited the Spyglass in company
with Mr. Evans of Salt Lake City.
���P. J; Sheran owns the Kokanee
group, and the Whitewater group
of eight claims. He owns the
Comstoek where six men are working, and putting up mine buildings.
The American Boy group of
claims, near Sandon, were located
in 1893 by Tom McGuigan. A
Spokane company owns them, and
a lease and bond was recently
given to C. F. Caldwell and eastern men. The price is said to be
$100,000, and the first payment is
due in October. The royalty on
shipments is 25 per cent.
This summer large deposits of
manganese have been discovered
on Vancouver Island, in the Cowichan Lake district. Manganese
is essential to the hardening of
steel, and is in great demand. It
is of two varieties, black and pink.
The black can be marketed anywhere, but the pink requires special treatment. A large plant is being installed at Great Falls, Montana, for the successful treatment
of pink manganese.
This summer rather an extensive
strike of placer gold and platinum
has been made on Toby creek in
East Kootenay. It is a short distance from Athalmar and about 80
miles from Golden. Good ground
bas already been found along five
miles of the creek, and there has
been a-small stampede to the new
diggings. Tbe stampede would bo
a big one if the new find was
about 2000 miles north of Dawson
City, Wild Horse creek' is across
the valley from Toby, and it has
been famed for placer gold since
In the past Russian mines supplied 95 per cent, 'of the world's
production of platinum. These
mines are now under German control, and nearly exhausted. Hence
there is a great demand for platinum wliich is worth five times as
much as gold. Every efEort should
be made by B. C. miners to increase the supply. It is very
ductile, and it is possible to make
from ope Troy onnce of platinum a
slender wire that will reach 1800
miles. Plabtinum is aecessary in
the production of nitric and sulphuric acid, the essential in all explosives; i* i3 abolutely necessary
in the manufacture of special pyrometers, and no gun can be made
without the use of a pyrometer.
Some necessary signal instrdments
are dumb without platinum; each
telephone and telegraph instrument
has platinum contacts; every high-
grade magneto for aeroplanes,
automobiles, motor boat or gas
engine has from two to six contacts of platinum, and without
platinum all experiments in gasse?
would be greatly handicapped.
iXXxi SEE    LEDGE.    GBEEtfWOOD,    B.   &
'Coal Supplies and i
I Imports of Canada'
Child Could Not Sleep Til!
Cuticura Healed.
"My little brother suffered forabcut
two years   from   tiny   red   pimples.
They  appeared constantly
on his body but he had the
f'w -Sr vV greatest trouble under his
i"\..v"/ ears.    The  skin was  red
-'hXyx/L   nnd  very  sore and at the
^gm^v    least touch he would give
\:��tt/ a howl of pain. After a
few seconds he would have to scratch,
and he was not able to sleep.
"A friend advised me to send for
Cuticura Soap and Ointment. I noticed a change, and I used three cakes of
Cuticura Soap and four boxes of Ointment when he was healed." (Signed)
Louis Frank, 746 City Hall Ave.,
Montreal, Que., February 2, 1918.
Keep your skin clear by using Cuticura Soap and Ointment for everyday toilet purposes.
��� For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-cord: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
j Development   Since   1S74.     Need    for
��� Increasing   Imports
1 The co;'.l supples of Canada are
j second ui'.ly to those of tlie United
.States in quantity, and compare favorably witli those of oilier great coal
milling countries in quality, quantity
and accessibility for mining; purposes. The known area in Cauada
underlain by workable coal beds is
estimated by Mr. 1). B. Dowling at
i 11,U>8 square miles, containing over
1,300,000 million tons of coal. For
convenience in classifying the coalfields they may be divided into four
main   divisions,  as   follows:
(i)     The   Eastern  Division,     comprising  the   bituminous  coal-fields   of
j Xova Scotia and New Brunswick.
(2) The Central or Interior Division, comprising' thc lignites of Man-
jitoba and Saskatchewan, and the lif:-
initcs, sub-bituminous, bituminous and
I scnii-anlhracite e.oal-lields of Alberta,
i as well as the bituminous eoal-liehls
Kucky Mountains in south-
"Iritish   Columbia.
on  Horses,  Cattle, etc., quickly  cured
I For  Sale  by  AU  Dealers
I      DousUiS   Co.,   Prop'rs,   Napanee,   Ont.
Skipperi Make Fortunes
I'll ie
men have profited more by
' than the skippers and trawl-
! ers sailing out of Hull.
| One -kipper netted $75,000 in two
���'years, and another has received $40,-
! 000 a year since the war began.
I "They have earned all thcy havc re-
; reived." said a member of a local
j linn ol trawler owners, referring to
Ithc present perils of the North Sea.
j Some of the skippers havc retired
| on the strength of the fortunes they
I have made. Others have bought
i costly mansions, and one a house in
i>t   the
(.3)    ���
'acitic.    Coast    Di
j comprising   the   bituminous   fields
Aii Opinion For Ireland
Only   One   View  Prevails   as   to   tbe
Present Situation
If, as is indicated by despatches
from Dublin, all Ireland awaits thc
opinion of the United Slates concerning political conditions in that
country, we think it may be given
without  hesitation.
'There is full recognition here of
every oppression aud every blunder
of the British government for generations past in dealing with Irish affairs, but, aside from a small aud
venomous group of agitators, only
one view prevails as to the present
situation. Neither home rule nor
party and race prejudice can be
pleaded in justification of resistance
to  thc  war.
What valiant Irishmen all over thc
world are doing to defeat a predatory autocracy ought lo be a sufficient answer on this point to every
Irishman iu Ireland. Between Dublin and London many scores remain
for settlement, but until Irishmen no
less than Englishmen know whether
thcy arc to bc under the heel of a
German master, what do these matter?
John Dillon puts thc ease plainly
iu only one of its aspects when in
behalf of thc Nationalists hc appeals
to the United States to "support thc.
one party in Ireland which is lighting for Irish liberty without betraying the cause' of liberty in other
lands."���From thc Ncw York World.
I Vancouver Island, the bituminous
and semi-anthracite fuels of Queen
Charlotte Island aud the interior of
Uritish Columbia, and the lignites of
(���1) The Northern Division, comprising the lignites and low-grade bituminous coal of thr Arctic-Mackenzie  basin.
The foal-mining industry of Canada has developed at a very rapid
rale. In 1X7-1, the earliest year for
which there is a reliable record, the
production was 1,063,7-fJ tons. In
l'-Mt), it amounted to about Ll,-
500,000 tons. But in spite of this
slrikhig development, imports have
increased faster than production. In
1916, ihey exceeded 17,000,000 tons,
or over 53 per cent, of the total consumption  for  that year.
When it is remembered that Central Canada is dependent on the
United States for supplies of coal,
thc desirability of changing these
conditions becomes apparent, both
from a mining and a national
standpoint.���'W..T.D., in  Conservation.
Evidence Crops
Up Every Day
Remit by Dominion  Express Money Order.
If lost  or  stolen,  you   v.ct your  money back.
treat siicccm, cuitis CHkomic weakness, lost vioo��
Med.Co. Haverstock Rd. Haupstead, London, Eno.
X to
,;��� iii.
Guaran tceil;/1o j: hold : the;,\v iIdist:; cattle;.
-and: break. \tliein :;of: bail^liabiiSi; :Daes,;
..pjit-voiiviiC a viiuuut��v^viii::;:alty"';liaiidy.?
''-''hr^p^yyiy yi-'xxyy:'::i::..:xyx-':
-Price $?.^:o6^:^Io^^>;;:yri��a^iinK:vSi2e.^
Vra'c.h v/ivf. yv:>No.?:2,:: '6ld ;cat(le.;.size;.:;
i Write ':iSoriXrXcrcyccsX fr��yf}XXi
'li-X:''."eRrfeVriicci:'  l)tfri:li.,:iii'~' :.H';"i'ik''.).".
P.OXBO X.;i 'ilbfUXi:    'v;.':iv WI N:N ipEG
l ' .'.'.;'��� \, x-SEU^ESipA0 i
1   ' 'i'i  >Laf��e *Tut.e 6Qc. by Mail
I   XX;X;i :;JNSlst>ON'.BgNqU^r....
X' i   1 tEEMitem
[  XSa*mSXXj-jl. ":'".'��� M<����tr����V
Strength of Merchants
Bank is Set Forth in Report
Twenty Millions are Added to Assets
and Current Loans
An increase in total assets amounting to almost twenty million dollars
was thc outstanding feature of the
very gratifying report submitted at
tlie annual meeting of the Merchants Bank of Canada on the fifth
of June. This increase, which brings
thc assets of tlie Bank up to tlie
notable figure of $140,937,544, was
produced by an all-round increase
iu all branches of the Bank's liabilities to the public, note circulation
advanced nearty three millions, and
non-interest deposits advanced seven and three-quarter millions, and interest-bearing deposits eleven mil-
lions, while balances ,duc: to ;; banks'
and correspondents; abroad '���'���. we're..;; tiit'
pnly itciir'to show: a decrease.: .Th'te.
general, expansion was: at v; the ;
ccfitional :rate;ioF 16% per cent,
'the'"Xy.ciiiv J)cpqsits .gre\y. at itlie_
.of '.ov.ct;. 21.v per cent.:.:
/: Allot her important : feature iof
report cejiisists iir the :> extent,
which: 'the���.',:Bank was successful
enlarging;-its - ctirrcht- loans and:
countsv in Gahacla. :7;Thirteen:;and
! half million :dollars'XXapprq>dniately
\vas adcicd to, this class of assets .'in
the twelve ividiiUis'cndirig. April: 30,
and in: the:; speeches': at ��� the;v;:atihii?il
meeting' ii: . :\y.<TSi liiadcv'dcar: tlia.t- tliis
expansion1 was. in ithe ; main; i;a .direct
fesjjlt'of the increased valuation: of
theicoinliipditicS , pui: ;which v Such
1 <Q ai ii s arc Tbased.7 ��� '���.��� Tbe 7 ;;as:sietsi have;
been Hgorouslyr ;Scriit.iiviscd,i and; the:
sunt (ofX;$400,000:: ;:;was?vvajpprppriated
out;G>f pt-ofits]f6rdiie:co:ntiiigent fund
fot: tlics. making; good'iiqtijakyX^iidGpy.&i
ciatiQnyXxi:i-XX'ix;iiiX'i:--iiijyiXiXxXXiyiix ;XXl,
rent doaiis./vthei jitioportidii  of; liciuitl
assets : to vi .���'liabilities^ (:y js^v still v^vhigh
;chptig|;i;ifqr vvtlic;v::;iiidst:';ii
itbi'X$126,3221,671 i, ���' opxnfXi.li'e ��� proporliidh:
iof; 45.6.iper: ccritvv;:/iA.boiit;;;34iviiiillioiVs
largely; ipfivgpverniiieht:;
it hie ���jiDditiinipn,;,; tl:ie;vil?rRvinc:esiv^'and:
bodi:|by;;itsii7:assistaii'cc::; tp7vith:ciiciirriciit
tira^ei aiitcl  iridtistry: of; live jSoiiiiiiiqii
if orihiiig: "ini pp r tJJii't;��s c ry i c e:S;:ivtQ\\'air'ds*;
[:v;:: ^fifwi'thistancling'-the
l:Ci;e:i:sedvy pi uin;ei'.p:fvii:ss!?ts,'i profits icdn>
|''ic''o'Jri:s I<1; ji.:I^i.I.Vii*,. ''".V-'^l!i'*i=:.' ;.:r,c.St:-if';.'''-'v';; v1&iz/e.V;;ii::'i':o'f.r-';:'-':'-. /..tli'p.'
:-j.'^Ijii:7r^v]|..c>i<lejii:^'''.'������'���'iiiV'ir'estVii:.c,ij;t'.: i-iTltc veiarii-!
'!ii;n.gS';''f6!;..'.;ttift 'yeai;'':y''\vere';.v,i:$t;,i23(y,680,i
h'.li'c.i'ivjr ;:��� 1:7. fiC.vjtorv c:t;i.d,;V:on: vliie;v<:apit:;il:
ipX $?,( )l )ii)^. HiOvvbut it ire.'; real7;i ii vestiin;eivt;
j:incltides;^7,0Qip;O0(i of vii^st;ior ;resfrve
bfiiiiidv it ri'": Xiiy XX Ow. K : f> f'; :*XX ��� ��� $M di s tfi--
! liiilicdiiv]ir')ii:t ilSalaiic'^vjitiicl  the; iactiiiali
L.tiatc: flf'.vf'a:|-idti;g.s;v;.is',...;ihe:i;c'ifp'r'ev.;^
:\ay a il a 1_) I e; ',������/ pir 'X lie: ;s 1 j rvrcrl ip I d er si.; s'ili^ e>
as.���������:iii':^.a<ly: viiif iitioiied,  ani approfiria^
tiiju  ofii:$4700,('POj wiis 'niade' ifor  ic.r>jl'^
tingf;ri��';i:i.y, .-ailfi: \s;ar: taxCiS . iiiid7:   ;ill&
CifficXtr,'   pension: iii lid  took ���. ibetwceii
tlifiii larothcr $12G0Q^ Mtct the;fiayr
ment, o:i llic;  10  per   cent.,   ^j.yidfi'rid.
tli:crc :AV';is left ~"&- liaj it ii c 53 -fcj �� $ I (J.6S 1- t<>
add- to   tlig ibaiahce  carried  forward,
���Since  tlie  2 91-4  Statement; the tptal;
assets oi  the. Uerehants  Baiik   liaA'C
inCi-estsed  froiii..' $83vti30t74li  to  ip'XOr
i937f544,: ;�� nd til vis' withpnt airy increase
tt'itltor iii capital   vstdpk    or    reserve
fund:,    For the tiiiic being, owing to
tire lyrgp.  suni? earned in liq'ii.i'd    as-
���s^ts...'pt IdVv cariting '���p.o\vc:r?. iniyX   a!s��
j i.P.. the  j'onslatit;. re'vahiaiion: ���'���of' ��� 'sd��
i/;riTiti(':?i" "t 11 -o   profif.S"ar6: :not    proppr-
.'��� tionatrly ,<;n:lui:nccd,- bnt it   'S revident
_-';I_iJi't .ivitili: ibiV.rf tnrn ..of -��� niorc';''np.hv.ial
'���sliotild'..'ii^';>-;v;cr\;"--".bcViiiicisil". i:hiXy$i'y'':
Quebec Man Who Suffered From a
Rundown System and Kidney Disease Finds Quick Reiicf.
���Miguaslia J'oint, Que., (Special).���
Mori- ex'ideiice crops up- in Ihis vi-
cinily every day to prove that for
riindown [icojile there is no remedy
to ei|tial Dodd's Kidney Tills. Among
the many who have conic forward
with statements is .Mr. i'aul Landry,
a well-known resident, whose testimony can easily be corroborated.
- '[Jt is with great .pleasure that 1
write to tell you your Dodd's Kidney
are   tlie   best   medicine   that    I
liaye ever taken," Mr. Landry states,
"When I commenced to take them
there was not much hope for me.
After taking four boxes I felt like
myself again. 1 advise all persons
who suller from kidnev disease tp
take Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Bills arc popular all
pver this country, because thcy not
only cure, the pains and aches of the
different diseases springing from disordered kidneys, but also give ncw
life and energy all over the body.
Thcy do this naturally. Thcy cure
the. kidneys. Cured kidneys strain all
the impurities out of thc blood, and
the pure blood carries nutriment instead of poison to all the nerves and
muscles. You havc never heard of
a person Dodd's Kidney Fills harmed. Von hear of thousands who havc
benefited bv  them.
War Barred Royal Guard
Specially   Chosen  Giant   Soldiers     of
King Victor Prevented From
Taking Part in Battles
Among lhe most unhappy men in
Italy'are said to be the sixty soldiers
of the King's Guard who are not permitted to go ti the front and light
like their brothers. The reason for
this restriction is that these' sixty
men could probably not he replaced
il killed, injured or taken prisoners.
Thcy are chosen with thc utmost
care, nol only as regards their habits and training, hut for lhcir height,
the  minimum  of which is  six  feet.
"They begin where other men stop
growing," according to a popular
saying. Many of them arc even seven feet in height. They arc. chosen
from the carabinicri, or military police, and must have absolutely unstained records. Each newly enrolled man, if he accepts thc appointment, must agree to remain for a
term of five ycars in the Guard after
which hc may or may not re-enlist.
During that period al so hc may not
The. Guards and their horses are
quartered inside thc grounds of the
royal palace on the Quirinal Hill.
The Guard dors sentinel duly inside,
these grounds when King Victor
Knimanue] is in Koine aud also accompanies him on state occasions, as
ou that of March 14, 1912, when, as
the king was going also to the Corso
to lhc tomb of his father in the Pantheon, the anarchist d'Alba fired
twice and wounded Captain Lang, of
the  Ciiiard, instead of  the king.
Since the war began, although the
king lives al the front and undergoes
all its dangers, members of llic Guard
are to be seen now and then walking through the streets of Rome, attracting attention and admiration because of their immense figures and
shining helmets, but for all that jealous of the stained and bespattered
gray-green uniforms of soldiers on
leave from thc front trenches.
The War and the Child
Killed by  a Flying Fragment  From
a  Stray German  Shell
Here is just one small war story
of a child that will slick in lhc memory of anv who read il. A lively little French boy was busy helping his
grandfather in lhc collage garden
happy in the safely of some miles
behind tlie fighting front. Tlicy were
great pals���one of those intimate
companionships of childhood and
age. A church army travelling van,
an "old bun shop," came lo a halt
outside   the  garden  gate.
Willi his le(4s astraddle, and his
grubby hands on. his hips the boy
smiled a welcome at the driver���
and so died smiling, being killed at
that monicnt by a flying fragment
from   a   stray  German   shell.
The church army worker picked
up the small, broken body from the
flower patcli into which it had been
Hung. But thc boy was dead; and
he could find no words and no touch,
!o stay the sobbing of the old man
by his side, whose work-worn fumbling hands sought pityingly for some
sign of the joyful life that was gone.
Shortage in Heavy Horses
Horse buyers have been scouring
the country the past few weeks in
search of good heavy horses. One
buyer told the writer pf a trip tic
made through three cptmties in Ontario and was unable to buy a single
draft horse. Thcy are not in the
country. A big lumberman, who has
bce!i;iacciiRtoineditd sell :oIt his horsesi
every; ispring: aiid buy ;i again ini;: the
iall;ivlias;;decided:; IpiJiold vhis: i;hdrse.
supply ;so as "tpvihakcv sure of haying:
hei:rs;cs; fpri next ;winlet's ;'.operations;
If lieavy::,!iors:CS.:;::arei7 'scareg7;';today
tlicy will hci niuth 'scareer;i;t :yxar: pr
tyS'o frpiu iiiow,:' FariuerS,; therefore,
shou Id; b reed ill 1' su i table d rill t: in arcs.
���-Canadian Farm., '.'���       XyXii-xxx.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper,
German Brutality
The  Saddest,  Strangest Phenomenon
of the War
The Germans alone arc guilty of
atrocities. Thcy alone wage conscienceless inhuman war. The fact is
incontestable and inexplicable. How
docs it happen? What docs it mean?
If thc Germans are brutalized and
merciless by nature, their leaders-are
credited with intelligence; and thc
wonder grows why they do not realize to what an extent they arc
earning the implacable hatred and
loathing of thc world, and what a
bitter fate thcy arc thus inviting on
themselves. Are there men whose
mentalities are cut off from their
higher selves tp whom no soul
whispers, no rebukes of conscience,
no promptings of compassion can
come? Certainly the saddest, strangest phciipnienon of this war is the
habitual, calculated inhumanity witlr
which thc Prussians make it. ��� Rp-
chester  Pps.l-Exprcss.
Relief from Asthma. AY ho can de-
scribs tlie cphi pi etc reiicf .from suffering w-hich follows the use of Dr.
J.;:D. Kellogg's Asthma 'Remedy?
A Vivo.; can; express it he feeling :;of joy
that; cpinCs when its soft and gentle
influence ;relieves;'"���:���..llie;.. tightened,
ichoking air tubes!;, i 'it������������'-. hasi made
asthmatic :aflflictiph .iaThiiig'-pf;: the
past; for tlipiisitndsi It; never; .fails,.
Good;...'."'..druggists; everywhere iiave
.sbld7:'it''fori''ycars.' vv.vi'i;.'.'
Action Taken ito   Conserve   Domiii-
';:.v;i;7.ion's;;Go.ldiResources:v;. ''v;;;;:":;
���, vTlifi icxportalipn bf; gold; coin,ivgpldi
bullion: and vfinci. gpldi barsZ-hasvibcc'ii.
prpliibitcdi frdiii; ;Canada,���V;ex'ccpt:.:.���til}d���-'
ci :'license'���;froni :th,e  iiiiiiis10r::- ;oti Ji^;;
is announced, stiliiui'therito ;cpiis��i'y^:
the"Dpiiiitiipn'si: gpldi :resburce;si.i;::: i.;
gpy<;ri!i:iieiit:,: tb,i conserve the ;gold rc-.:
irencyivaictviuiidtr :which/:;all;iiDbiiiiiiion':;
���.lip te'svaTe^rcdceined'. m;gbld.vy ������;' ,-;.:':;:���%;.:'.;&;.
5;vMoliversv'if ';:iyblir;;.vlit'tle.i:,;V..pives..:'7:H:::ire;
c^oiistjpatedi; -if; it^
littip oiiip>vi: ;y
b'ut'-V^'tlibirp.y^ivr-J .iV.iJcH'.t i v'<^-;irt:nid;.:;iiiiicV;C y: :".'/,:f3>|i'
:h;b:pd'.:i".viiC..0,n cciriijn g;ii th c.ni:;;:Mrs.'".;iSidblc;
bnf vdiK _!'������> y _s. XX w'ii: T; ib 1 ef s v :s 1; i:"iTi.:.";i:y li Xx
i'Splcndid; ;i]icdiciii^
:^;h'(^iii'fei1. IM S.i;:^
Xy a l.cis; iVi :d > y" 'i; i XX XXXX^. iy ��� |eiits;,;i>..'i)'ox;
f rbin-TlK' :ii 7hv,vi:'A\'il liai lisSixJdediciiie
A Case of Heredity
"No one understands me."
"That is not to bc wondered at,
girlie. Your mother was a telephone
girl before shc married, and your
father was a train announcer."���
Louisville  Courier-Journal.
The Cause of Appendicitis
Now Definitely Known
Milkweed Cream     .    50c and $1.00
VeNeola Souveraine Face Powder 50c
Rouge (3 shades)   ... 50c
Zodenta  25c
Milkweed Cream Soap    .      . 25c
Borated Talcum      .      .     . 25c
Complexion Tablets .      .     , 25c
Face' Powder.
The daintiness of a complexion always
free fromoiliness and shininessis thede-
sire of every woman. Best of all powders
Is Ingram's Velveola Souveraine Face
Powder. It keeps the skin smooth
and attractive. Hides minor blemishes,
the little wrinkles, and blends so mar-
velously with the complexion that it is
scarcely visible. It adheres even tho
the akin be warm and moist, and It has
a refined and gentle fragrance.
For the sake of youthful charm U6e Ingram's Milkweed Cream. Its daily uso
enables you to retain the charm and
color of girlhood. It is curative and
healthful for the skin tissues. Your
d ruggist has a complete line of Ingram's
toilet products including Zodenta for
the teeth
The commonest cause of appendicitis is constipation. Every doctor
says so. When you require physic,
dont use a cheap drastic pill���get
Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which are made
from tlie private formula of one of
the greatest physicians. Dr. Hamilton's Pills strengthen the stomach,
regulate the bowels and prevent any
tendency to appendicitis. In one
day 3'ou feel the tremendous benefit
of Dr. Hamilton's Pills. By purifying thc blood and cleansing the
system thcy prevent headaches, lift
depression and drive away weariness. No medicine so successful as
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Sold everywhere in 25c boxes, with yellow
cover;  get  the genuine.
The Kaiser's Latest
:   :���\ 1; 1 > Ii, ii X\ ais;i;b c c .11 ;';c ail cd: "Xi 11 o ;il;i ii d .; of
'ilie ".m/ntMimWashed;,^
:i;th:fi:.. 'iiC'^oiiic'Spa
���^.^-ii t.'i.::"-i;T-''.^'i;i-.<-Vi.;>:i 1 .S"-.!1:?* l'''W.^'V^V:iV;/;';l>'t*,t ifee.lVi.v^'l^^r'^'t'rl ,?-���
ii oil iei'v ^ ijit:i<:>lisi'.;<" 1 wtiii:S'i' i'i.re;'.'iw.ash;e(l;:*ni:
XihX" jii:Y;.ivrs,v;vii;iii!.d>:.wiiiiie^
��� seen; ''rreadiiiitf ;blaiiliets''    i'wiieii.iiilie:
!'.AV:uU''r'  \v;i,S'''.'is'"i>'  ri:vld{' as  'tp: ini'tr  their
feet -ivu.il ;iy\i\yX \mXxyc<\y
���������'>':\Diai ''ySri;f':\vish''Vi:p'  slip\v 'iii'c     your
ireferehxeisv"'' j
. "Ko, infiii)'*':, ] .caviiC' lioy niy w'riftesV''
"i see,,   I get ydn eoplvS niixed: up
SO.    li/alf ilicvitiinci 'can't tell 'wjictli-
ci .yoiiv;vre gqhigvQ.i' ,eoi]iing.':^^L0uis-
yillc  C.ii::rier^iQiirna!.
' Soiiie   n:ie;i   pily  their   church   'subscriptions-as  lire iiisurahco;v
i iBy :'3iis..vGiiyn:, Order, -
������: 'v*.-Sp.iji:c.;;:.iiiig!ish'. iiisiin^e-rs,^; saysi iL
.;r<i.il.?f-; X'xiXix-WiXX-XXX?XlX'?xxx"'XX
���X-.yiy.yify'ri} X: XyiyA. xiX:y\\ipXi.xX\i<yxyi^xXXX\XX
Xiy X'X :XX-iliiit;-XyXX}XXy>iXXXXliXiyfAiic
iixXyiiXxiXXX^iX'X'X^XX'X-iXXyxli'ii :biSi
':i:iii^;i.i;:<:sV;i'ri7g;';ii.i;^ ������-XitiX
iX:Xn-:i](X'X^X XX^r yXXiyytj ij!e^;j.t'aiedr.;'i:JX
XxXi'^iXX,'���l.jo^s.''"':;;s-iioiitfctl���:t|re '"-vcapvajn.
i ''iviUi'iiit: ���;' l-i'rnin^- i'i-XX- ii.e.,:.d,':^ind;;ijK
v: 'xx
IndianS''':C)ii;v;v >";���
iFeet   That Once ��� Wore    Moccasins
iy Will ::Tread:i'. the  Streets': i i;
.Xy Not 'Sip; many :iy.carsi ago/ ^aii' Indian
chief; ijueiiibcr of :ithci,.linitcdi;S tia tics
Sciiclias :;iwe i iuscd' to reaid'.������oi' in the
s'Lcather-Stdckingvi'v noyelS, ���"���: visited
:G;c.rnlany.::::-"'i.; T X"liXXx-'.X:XJ:x
.,yXBciorq: lie went vhc: isaid. hc;'vlioped
to: 'Sec ; itliiiv . kaiser and.���' prctich: ritrtie,
���religiein :to;liiiii, ;Hc came, back dis-
ap^.oiiiitc.d:.' ini; iinotiiiiibeiugiablc tio talk
to tlie; kaiser, ibiit; more than;: ;tliisy
���'���lib���::'cstrtic'.-.;'bac;li:;;to i liis ifaiiiilyi with /a
talc iliat iQermahyi Avas;:a country^; of
\v;irrio'rS':;;:getitiiig. viieady, vipi;; light
'7SpiriebO'd>vi7'-'::     iiivv'i ;:���'.;'���;"���'��� i'i.XX/X-XXXX-l
;I A '..iiiptith;aigd a lettciiirpiii tliei i;c~
scrvation'ipldiithat ijcissb; Gornplan:t-:
iilg .oyer to Gcrrnany ;bii another,:Sort
of ibiruii d;;t pi'; t'}ic\: Ji��iiscr_; i ��� ���:
. ii: i iVOuivg ,CbriiplantcrvwiIl ���' .'fjii,*:! ���:''.;;���;. Iii ni n'
self iiiivgpod: company: audiwith:;iniL
7'ia:'i:iBc.rl:iiv.: 'Xiixy XiXiiXxXXXiX.lX''X'i'i:Xxi'i':-X'i
jiicd;;.iiiaui'Aiiil.vhelp;'-;ciiyiliie:iaii ;';auio-i:
Xty ab y ;i; .gb; 11 :c:;; Xii 1 acl 7ii;\v i ti IV ;i;.th:c::v:.lust;;;,,fdrv
i: i: '.tl i.c'.; Vr'.iiT '.VI VJc'1 ::i.!^.'.t- rf'V^'s'-'i ���; -Gj'ii itflrfetlV-v't Iii ji~; :-:.-.i?'t;r if-e-T :���.���!
���iand; ix ti listed iiKvithv'Jilie;. i<I;H;i f';ii.l i'sjif V.V-f o'r^-: ������'
Iia (!":' ;btiibiiinigbd7::t li b ;ib r 1 il:'iti''q'iv:^S,f.i:.:lii.fv'
:��� ;-:<l|;i"Jt 'ibriip 1 Kin ibs villi dv'ba ttalioiis.':;;.V,;:iv';:::;i;
;;:;. 7^'liii;S;vV\die!'i.i::i\l.Iib:;v;iirs;t7v
;''sh:<'il;.:;i:thbv-: t;;iiiad.i'an'v;:::i!id'i.a'US:::;':;^erb;
i;;ie ad iv ;'���: iin'd;' (wbii^^
: ;it:rivjii^6rte,:rafjibr;v '.fp.rivthic :i:fra:yi;''"bybr;
Vtlie riX ,1 i.iiiiidreds'���-,iinb'rcill:joined :;;::Mi;c:hi
;��� ��� ��� r<;.ad.i bsi;i,bn!h s ii 11 gi in y \ iVii'L'irincbss:;:;!';^:
v rcgiincii ti. *;;M;irty; io fi :i tlib; ;1 ndiani; :i)py s;
jih'at   fj'pii.ii'cit., tliat:::;icgiiiicht::1:w<iui:ii!i-:
i 11 Wi:tal jioiiors:;for' hbrqievwprk;atii'thb.:
: irdii-t. .v\:riio.ng:'till.eis:b::a'rc;"''Lieut.:;iL.piig-i'
dance; t)ii the     (jlierdkccs, i   who;  W'3S;
vabput to tenter West. Point'    for  thb
.���.������tainted! iStates: svr-vice,iwhen va     ieai.
: chance  for  service  caiiic;: ���
i    in tiie Pi'iiicesS I'at ;fj?giuibnt, too,
|:Was   K'TjiGst   Kibk,  the'Oueidav, ��� who
:lqst his life at \"ihiy Ridge,; aiidiilar'
���eld .(iriflisi, wliosc father :wasX'X Kiowa,'  tiirifiis'    rea7'    nailie    is : Ta!i^ni
Figliting Man. 'Tliri'c'c;Jv!��.'/>yas;1'iyb.unclf;:
���biirhti .sttryivor^iiv<)i''liis cpiiipaiiy::v^^ .;���:���
7 ��� l'k)���:iiic���'fC'fi:iriadia.n>'i luiliaiis; iarevCanr
adiaiis^bibtlibis:.::. in:.-.;tlib..il)igv;;fight;.;
ini'Ulici.^nitecl^StateSi i: where i. - more
: in- vcivciy i'-.Tb fa 'iciivb f -X. hb 'XyXyiX^xXxX:
.abcdiding;:tOJ'S;BtiStf:iiiit:^iS.;:;\\'a     iibpi'it:
���i itiicinia fl /vjS 7^2 fini il] in n :=;;  ilii; .:ii&58::vt>iibi:
f:trici::v;fc��iiiiiatcd:ivixii ;ai-;l'^2</jviiiiliiphs.
:!. 'vfi.c;' ;cia rib. :;is.;irifta hj t efiviiyr.i:l7400V;iii!iio;ri
Order to  Take  No    Prisoners
Give No Quarter
The latest'.fulmination. of the kaiser's diseased, brain is;tlic order that
enough-prisoners have been .'.'; taken
and/- that in iutiurc no ��� quarter is to
be showni the,:enemy. ';,;��� i' ii. iii i
;: Nptliing; proves', more conclusively
Uia't:the food; situation iiiivGcrniaiiiy
is desperate:than this; utterance,;for
the; Huns icbuld use ;jdL the prisoners
thcy could possibly takc; to produce
both food and munitions, had they
the necessary ioodiito; i keep;. ;:body
and, sottli;togetlief;inithbiuiifprtunat<;
mcn.;';'i"'.':'.: ������,���'..
i Nobody will deny tliat it; would be
better for iaisoldier; to';be foiilly '.'inuir-"
:tle'r'ccl.;:;f.p'ii:. '.tliovi'-fiiielA' ��� ���9i��.';'"''.l3lJV.t'Mi!:..'- .���.*',.*iV'*i'-i';!:*:'-'
be; carribdiia 'prisoner of, war: into i a
country ivy here he - wptddi bei treated;
worse ithtiiii: aidpg, and ithc .principal
effect Of ithe insane 'order will; bei. to
nialccieycry:soldier; bliithc allies itako
as ���great i;aiiitoll :of ::Gbrhjan "lives  as
less7Huin puts ;aii enditodiini>: ;;i: ;
vilni itlicifinai scttleniGnt/this: ;brutal
order \\dlii:iineed;:.spnicfi;a
and thb public ;bxecution: of;i:all,-,ibe.
German   prisoners; in'vthe  liandSXXipf.
tliotisaiids. iwould ii>c it;iifitliiig,reprisal
for:.the dastardly .��� <vrilbr^.Svc.r<:;/'5"?Wti-:
isiils/dbbidcdiuppn';'"asv;a fixed/pplicyvT-.
Controlling Fires
On Settlers' Clearings
Admirable   Working  of  Permit  System  Wherever It Has Been
The permit system of regulating
settlers' clearing fires is now in effect throughout nearly all the forest
regions of Canada. Last year, legislation tp bring it into force was
adopted in Ontario, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan. This year, lhe new
Fire Act in Ncw Brunswick makes
lhc plan effective throughout that
province. In Npva Scotia, Quebec,
and British Columbia, thc system
has been in effect for ycars. Albcr-
la is now the only forest province
without it.
Wherever the setting out of sellers' clearing fires has 'been regulated under thc permit system, with an
adequate staff for its enforcement, it
has worked wonders in reducing the
forest fire losses, with no rcal setback to agricultural development.
The disposal of Ipgging slash by
fire, under control, is a problem
closely related to that of_ slash resulting froin settlers' clearing operations. In various parts of'Canada,
the safe disposal of logging slash is
receiving increased attention, due to
the rapidly increasing stumpage value of timber and .to. the realization
that our forest resources are by^ no
means inexhaustible.���C.L., iu Con-
servatipn. ix
Varnishing Time
The b'.rfcw tolls the knell  of, part-
������ ii ingy.day,;."77.;
The  toiler -wanders  homeward    to
'"//.'idiis flat, .
He; ambles    thrpug'h    the     doorway
v.v;.."'i:iv;;.bright::;aiid:gay,i ';V;'.;',;
;But cannot find a place to liang-his
XXx:ii\ivii.x.'X-iXXXxXxy;XyX .:���,-���;.;."" ,i."'.-;
Minard's Liniment; Cures   Garget in
;v''I'in mighty glad they've  got oh?,
geiibrai;nO\y for all the' allied iarmics;
Let'si sec, what's that,: his  name iis?"
i "General  TssinlO,:i;'������.bblicvc."���Bps-'
waits, ihe: :ivilli;i find:- ;;in:; TibllptviiV's
Cprni Cure ian ''application; that:/: will
entirely irelibybiisuff^
'���i The i.;Unitcd; States ^yar. aiuthoritics;
liave .issnbd p c rfni s s i011 tp;: ;ch u rc;h es
to riiakc "use ��� of the hayal scryice
bliurch -flag/vfprvantcinalidecoratipiis
6r ito i fly vi froni: Xi s tafif.."', ,i t iis : a blub
icrossivpn ia.i;wiiite:vgrptiud-. :���.;������';���
Hail Insurance Rates
Will Be Four Cents an Acre on All
Assessable Land
There will bc 110 change, this year
in connection with the rates, indemnities payable, or in the policies issued by the hail insurance commissioner of Saskatchewan, according to
a statement made at the offices of
the comniission'at Regina. The rate
will be four cents an acre on all assessable land with maximum indemnity of $5 an .acre. There are 126
municipalities operating under the
provisions of the Hail Insurance Act,
the same number as last year, and
thc commission starts tlie season
with a reserve of about $50,000.
There will bc 19 board companies
writing hail insurance in Saskatchewan this season and the rates will be
the same as last year, six pcr cent,
for cash.business and eight pcr cent,
for credit policies. There was considerable discussion some time ago"
among hail underwriters in regard
to advancing the rates, but no action
to this end has been taken, except
that in thc Rosthcrn and Radvillc
district some of tlie companies have
advanced the rates lo 10 and 12 per
cent., owing to heavy losses which
they have suffered there in the last
few years.
Miller's Worm Powders were devised to promptly relieve children
who suffer from the ravages _>of
worms. It is a simple preparation
warranted to destroy stomachic and
intestinal worms without shock or
injury to thc most sensitive system.
Thcy act thoroughly and painlessly,
and though in some cases they may
cause vomiting, tlmt is an indication
of their powerful action and not of
any nauseating  properly.       v
"India's Aid to Britain.
Tn maii power India's contribution
is estimated at 1,100,000 men; v these
figures were given at a recent meeting of tlie Indian legislative council
at Delhi. Her money contribution to
England during thc war approximates $1,000,000,000. India has furnished aid also in the form of cquip-
nient and i labor.���Southern Lumber-
,���: ���;' 'i;'.: Unjust
i Mistress���-Briclgct, I'm tired of
your carelessness. Only look at that
dust ion the furniture. It's six weeks
Old, af the; vcrv least."
;,_.��� Bridget���Shurc, it'-s no fault f av
moihe.: Oi'vc been here only free
si* will w^
It is built for a
irunipri weti!anci tn the earty spring, or p
spftlsfeed bed; for harrowing
ii:'yery;.;i'littiei;';aU fueli tank ah^ it is''''ite'adyiii'^for7';\vdr7E:-'������''������'li'
i 'tractor.: '.'���' XiXXi';-. iXXXiX'x" XXiiXXi       ���������.":    . '-''i iXXXXyXj
;iSeie;i<>uiti;^Kibi^ at
iiCalgkryJand-iiEdfrio^ ftiil: information
.vvvil.1 ;b?'"s^^ 'yXiXx.X'XXXXXiXxXxy;x-xx-: ���'���xy'XxXi '���;���'       XX' '~~:"'X-.-
���r\ iindci.    3 J-4
bore,   liy   ������ 1-2   in.   stroke
'. protccl'jt owcilie3(l v.il-
Horsepower���12 at drawbar.  2y at  belt  pulley.
LcnKtli�����ii   inclies.
Width���50   inclie";.
Height ��� i2   inches.
Weight���Lesi     than       3,200
vTurnin;;   Circle���12   feet.
Track���Length    (ejcli   side)
'���; o'i     inches,     vv.dtli     6 5-8
Traction     Surface   ���   More
Vtlinn   6O1J    stju ue     inches.
:  :t"c:3trc 10 cenue oi  tracks
is  ii�� lies. .
'CIcara'nce���]:2   ir.che��.
Belt   : Pulley ��� Ui^meier     8
;ipti'.e.^,: face   6   inches.
Suspeiisionr���rl hi re-t;o-:'t.
:��i��;W:E ^can/make' PnoMprrix^
iiiXxX ixxii-i x SHIPMENT x. xi-XxxxiyX
���XXX:"%riu;i Us;i'Wlicn^ YouXtii?$iX;iX
iii>Trac-t;Or,. Ploy/slX Xi;:. ;^:f ;',Tcactori; Discsi7-
XXXXX^li^itciyicX' Lighting;!'. Plants'::; XX
i:i'/''v'wSii;,v'.v:'':v:'"Pump' jacks;;;E'tc.: xy; iyiXixXy
;FOundryirFfodtids 'Lihii:tcd,;i ^
XXX(5.'C:ii't1.eni<n':^'';;rieaSe-'--i;-"seiiX-"tiie.,full'' liifeirttiaiion   on   item
���'inarked;;,belO'iv:i\\;itIv;aiif_X_:.v.:=': ,,;,  ;-y'---y:Xy:x;; XyXX,;
G. leveljind Tractpri':-;i;'v{''-,7i!i:|i.i'.;i .;iii: Xy
iTracto'r ;Plowis ��� "������ XX-^aniie-:7-v:XX XXX-
���;Stoyer- 0:a^:I'Engines.;;;;:;vi;iS'viv':iv. ���';.. 'XX
i';Alt^ifctri(;itLigStingi:Vv-A^        ;������ ��� i
XXXiiPiatixisix-y-xx. ''-y.X'XXxX'xXx ixi \
i Rodieriek Lean Doiible X;XX";xX';"X
M'^ti-'V'DisCvHarrow&'J?^;7'--^7-'' ���'.'������ ���'.'".
M.��ildtil THE    ��E��G&    QBBmSLQQIk    B.   ��L
YOU'say you have no time to talk insurance.
What will your widow say ?
Write for pamphlet to-day.
(Agents  Wanted  in  Unrepresented Districts)
Food Situation In Scotland
I   Sure Death to Potato Bugs
1   And Cut-Worms
-Destroys   thc    Potato    Bugs,   I'lca
Beetle,   Coddling  Moth,  elc.
"Acco Spray" powder is thc
greatest insecticide known���costs but
half tlie price of paris green and
equally as effective���easy to "mix���
easy to use. Get your supply now.
Sold in J-j lb. and 1 lb. containers.
Avoid  Substitutes
Sold by Leading Stores,
Seedsmen and Druggists
And save the crops
Manufactured 5>J
|     Sole Agent: HAROLD F. RITCHIE CO., Ltd., Toronto, Ont.    1
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using,
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
Keep a Goat
Wood's Shoephd&i&ft
Th* Great' English Remedy,
Tonos and invigorate! tha whola
I nervous ivBtcm, makeanevr Blood
in old Veins, Cure* Jftrvou*
fitbility, Mtntdl, and Brain Worm, Despon.
ienev. Lota of BntroVi Palpitation ef th*
Start, Failinn 2/eniory. Price SI per box, ill
nctO. Ono will please, (ix will cure. Bold by all
inigftiti or mailed in plain pkj. on receipt ol
fcrioe. Ncii pamphlet mailed frtt. THE WOOD
MEDICINE CO..T0B08T0.0HT. (f.-imrfi Wliim)
The Kaiser's Deception
His Presentation Brings $123,000   to
Red Cross Fund
German proof of lhe saying that
all is not: gold that glitters was
forthcoming in Ncw Vork recently
with the disclosure that thc "magnificent" cup which Emperor William
awarded to the American winner of
bis ocean yacht race in 1905 was not
gold and was not worth $5,000, as
was announced at that time. It was
nadc of pewter, with a thin veneer
af gold and was scarcely worth $40.
Thc deception recoiled against llic
emperor during the recent Ked
Cross drive, it was revealed, as-it
was auctioned and rc-auctioncd until
it added $123,00') to llic nation's
mercy fund.
President Wilson was in the audience when the "gold trophy," bearing
the emperor's likeness engraved on
the side, was smashed wilh a hammer ou the stage of thc Metropolitan Opera House in Ncw York a
few weeks ago. Persons who had desired to see the cup broken had
paid $5 each lo the Hed Cross to
get on  the stage.
A spy oi thc enemy caught within
the lines is shot. What punishment
should, or would likely, bc meted out
to such a spy if he walked up to a
hospital and deliberately blew up lhe
building and ils inmates? Why, indeed, should a ��py be any lc^s a spy
when lie drops from the clouds than
when he craves along the ground?���
l'liikidebhia  Record.
Mohair,    Milk,    Mutton    and   Pelts
From the Angora
Angora goats will thrive in any
climate that sheep will and live on
in average 12 ycars and in their
prime between two and six ycars of
The Angora goat lias been found
valuable in a number of ways. Hc is
about thc easiest and cheapest kept
animal on the farm, and in return not
only improves thc land, but gives a
crop of mohair, mutton, milk and
li is claimed that pure bred Angoras will clip from three to eight
pounds of mohair, worth from 30 to
55 cents pcr pound, all depending upon  the length and fineness.
There is always a market for Angora mutton, as it not so greasy as
ordinary mutton, and, it is said, that
when thc animal is not too old, and
when properly fattened, the meat is
more juicy than the best of mutton,
and  has  a  fine  flavor.
The milk of thc Angora is good
and pure, and often tolerated by invalids and babies when cow's milk
is not. It has been proved that
goats are  free  from tuberculosis.    -
Thc pelts sell at from $1 to $3, depending' upon lhc length and quality
of  thc hair.
Brush will not stay long where
Angoras  can   get  at  it.
Broken Russia
Extract From   Recent    Letter    Says
"Things are Getting Serious"
Following is. an extract from a letter from a small town (20,000 inhabitants) in the south of Scotland:
"I am glad you havc such a good
supply of food in Canada: Long may
it last! On Friday there was nothing
to se!l in the shops here, so in consequence most of them closed. On
Saturday,/Sarah went down lo sec
what was lo be hail but found there
was no bacon, no ham, or meat of
any kind, no margarine, no tea, and
no cheese lo bc had in the whole
town. Shc was fortunate to obtain
1 pound of onions, 1 pound of apples, and a small piece of pressed
beef from a little store in a side
"All the same, we are doing wonderfully, for we have potatoes, parsnips, Swede turnips, good leeks, and
plenty of dried parsley from our garden, and Sarah is a perfect adept at
making soups of all kinds without
meat at all. Wc are only allowed 2
ounces of lea pcr week, then wc
have sugar cards and are allowed lo
obtain half a pound per person. You
can well understand that things arc
getting  serious  here."
The Terrible Depth Bomb
Explosion Lifts-'a Column of Water
Fifty Feet Above the Sea
Of  all   the   enginery   of  destruction
produced in the. war, there is no weapon   more   terrible   than     lhc      depth
lomli.     The  explosion  of  one  lifts  a
column   of   water   thirty     yards   wide
fifty   feet   above   the   yea.     One     that
was   discharged   nearly   two   hundred j
i yards  away  from  a 30,000-lon    ocean
' liner heaved her up six inches in the ; ���
water.    So  terrible arc thcy that destroyer only drop  them when  running
I at high speed to insure a "get-away,"
and even then the iron floor plaics of
ithc  boiler  room   arc often   lifu.d    by
! the     concussion.���Independent   (Ncw
Has Aroused Resentment
Why Plants are Hilled
..������ ������������������..��..���,
No  humbug!     Apply  few drops
then  just  lift them   away
with fingers.
What  Russia Lost By   the   Bolshe-
viki Peace Treaty
What Russia lost by the Bolshcviki peace treaty at Brcst-Litovsk
is summarized by Renter's Petro-
grad  correspondent.
300,000 square miles of territory,
yielding an annual revenue of ��80,-
56,000,000 inhabitant's or _ 32 per
cent,   of  her  whole  population.
13,500 miles of railways, or one-
third  of all  the  railways  of. Russia.
73 per cent, of thc total iron production.
89 pcr cent, oi  thc  total  coal  production.
2f)8  sugar  refineries.
918  cloth  factories.
574 breweries.
133 tobacco  factories.
1,685 spirit distilleries.
12*14 chemical factories.
615  paper factories.
1,073  machine  factories.
1,500 savings banks.
This new drug is au ether compound discovered by a Cincinnati
chemist. It is called free-
zone, and can now be obtained in tiny bottles as
here shown at very little
cost from any drug
store. Just ask for lrce-
zonc. _ Apply a drop oi
two directly upon a tender corn or callus and instantly thc soreness disappears. Shortly you will
find thc corn or callus so
loose that you can lift it
off, root and all, with the
Not a twinge of pain,
soreness or irritation; not
even thc slightest smarting, cither when applying
freezonc or afterwards.
This drug doesn't "at
up the corn or callus, but
shrivels them so thcy
loosen and come right
out. It is no humbug! It
works like a chant:
       a  few   cents   you  can  get
rid of every hard corn, soft corn or
corn  between   the   toes,  as   well    as
Terms  Likely to  Be   Misleading
the   Beginner
Thc terms "hill" and "hilling"
applied in ihe garden, are likely
bc misleading to the beginner who
naturally assumes that thcy refer
to raised mounds, whereas; in fact,
almost without exception, the seeds
arc sown in level drills and thc "hill-
jing" is done after the plants have
! made considerable growth. A few
; of our crops are liable to stem rot,
} and an excess of moisture around
? the stem of-the plant aggravates
\ ��� this trouble. Therefore, niuskinclons,
\ ! cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, and
| lima beans may bc sown in raised
t i "hills" not more than 'two inches
I I above the surrounding grade, but all
i 'other vegetables that are hilled havc
? J thc soil drawn up around them after
I I thcy have attained a fair size. The
advantage of "hilling" i.e., drawing
up earth around thc stem of the
plant is to protect weak stemmed
plants against blowing over during
heavy rain storms (string beans,
corn). In some cases plants send
out a new- rooting system from the
newly covered portion of the stem
(corn  and   tomatoes).
Potatoes arc hilled when thcy are
in flower as at this time the tubers
arc forming, and this extra earth
acts as a mulch conserving thc moisture and protecting the young tubers. Asparagus is sometimes hilled
when thc crown (which gradually)
raises) gels to near the surface. In
large plantings this is accomplished
by turning a furrow on thc row with
a plow; in small gardens a hoc can
bc used.
Honors for Dead Foe
It  is  reported  from  London     that
the funeral of Baron Richthoicn, thc
Stoiy of a Hero
Civilians ��� in.    England      Object    to J Five Britishers Held 600 Huns for a
Half Hour
Thc official gazette announces    the
award of three Victoria  Crosses,  in-
crack German    aviator,    behind    the [ chiding one to Sergt. Albert    Moun
I When  the Blood  Is   Out   of   Order
J        the Nerves Are in a Starved
The nerve system is lhc governing
system of the whole body, controlling the heart, lungs, digestion and
brain; so it is not surprising lhat
nervous disturbances should cause
acute distress. The first stages^ of
nervous debility arc noted by irritability and restlessness, in which llic
victims  seem  to  bc    oppressed     by. ,.
tlicir nerves. The malt- requires i:'.��,1SPtl,lc��l objection is
immediate attention, for nothing but
suitable treatment will prevent a
complete breakdown. The victim,
however, need not despair for even
severe nervous disorders may bc cured by improving the condition of thc
blood. It is because Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills aci.:ally make ncw rich
blood lhat this medicine has cured
extreme nervous disorders after all
other treatment had failed. The nerves thrive on the new blood made
by these pills; thc appetite improves,
digestion is better,' sleeplessness no
longer troubles thc former nervc-
shaltercd victim, and life generally
lakes on a cheerful aspect. Every
sufferer from nerve troubles, no matter how slight, should lose no time
iu giving Dr. Williams' Pink_ Pills a
fair trial, thus regaining their old-
time health and comfort. Mrs. Victor Booth, Parry Sound, Out., offers
proof of the value of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in nervous troubles.     She .
savs:���"Some vca'rs ago  I was  taken i It has  happened  before,
ill" with  typhoid  fever.    Thc    attack j     Once    sonic    dead  German  sailors
was not a severe one and after a few i were    brought  ashore  after    a   fight
weeks 1 was around again.   But I did
tain, West Yorks, whose act was an
outstanding example of supreme
fearlessness and initiative.
Mountain's company was compelled to fall back before thc advancing
enemy   mass. Volunteers    for      a
this  disiuclina-j counter-attack  were  being called   for
Briiish lines and the tribute wlncii
British airmen accorded their dead
nemesis have aroused sonic resentment in England.
Although Ricbthofen is regarded
as having been a gallant-enemy and
a  courageous lighter,
tion to honor- lhe enemy, even in [when Mountain and ten men step
death, is more emphatic in his case i ped forward. He then advanced on
than it has been in the eases of olh-jihc flank with a Lewis gun and oners, just because Richlhofen's ca-j filaded an enemy patrol, of which
reer and death were unusually spec-: about 100 were killed. Mountain ral-
tacular. His funeral thus attracted j lied and organized his party for dc-
uiorc attention than thc usual burial j fence aud covered the retirement of
of a   fallen  enemy airman, and      the j the.  rest  of the company.    With one
non-com. and four men lie successfully held at bay 600 Oermans for
half an hour. 1 .atcr hc look command of a flank post and held on for
27 hours until iinally surrounded.
Mountain was one of the few wdio
managed to fight their way back.
in     proportion.
"If the Germans -were, gallant ad-!
versaries and gentlemen, wc would-|
n't be fighting them,"' says one critic, j
"Wc would bc able lo come to terms j
with them.- A gallant adversary;
would not Irv to stab us in  lhc back .
and  a  gentleman     would     keep     his!     Clean Stomach,   Clear   Mind.���-The
agreements. i slomach'is thc workshop of the vital,
'"The Germans are nol gallant ad- functions and when it gets out of
versaries. Fright fulness * is their, order thc whole system clogs in
weapon. Lying is the inspiration of , sympathy. The. spirits flag, thc mind
their diplomacy. We are fighting j droops and work becomes impos-
them because "thcy arc not gentle- . sible. The first care should bc to
men. " j restore healthful action  of the stom-
"Arc wc to waste our tears on the! ach and the best preparation for
individuals who perish in trying to ; that purpose is Parmelec's Vegetable
bring about  tlie triumph  of "hate?"      I 1'i'ls.     General   use  for    ycars     won
If      RichllioiVn's        successor      is i them a leading place in medicine.   A
brought down lie probably will .have ! trial   will  alte-t   their   value,
the same honors that the dead  Gcr-
The Bribe That Worked
Avoid All Extra Meals
Social Customs Must Bc Altered to
Conform to War-time Needs
All banquets and other meetings al
which refreshments arc served, when
such arc considered necessary,
porj should bc so arranged as to lake
the place of regular meals, and not
constitute extra meals. Banquets,
etc., at    other    than    regular     meal
corn   Deiwecii . mv.   i^>--,   ������-    "ii     ��� . -        -i      ti
painful  calluses  on  bottom  of    your hours represent a very    considerable
- ������ -    ��  .lumctfi    ni    fnrv/1 Will,    ���,    l,Hln    1 li rtlinii f
fect. It never disappoints and never
burns, bites or inflames. If your
druggist hasn't uny frcezone yet,
tch him to get a little bottle for you
from his  wholesale house.
What Wc Must Be
waste of food. With a little thought
tlicy could bc arranged so as not lo
constitute an  extra meal.
A person who eats more food than
he needs is today helping the enemy
because he is not giving to our sol-
idicrs and allies that support which is
I necessary. to win  the war.    War has
Wc must be in all circumstances ?��� | changed .many  things  and  it is  now
not recover my former strength, and
my nerves began to give mc trouble.
The trouble went on from one. stage
to another until finally St. Vitus
dance developed. I was under the
jcarc of our family physician but my
condition appeared to bc growing
worse. It was at this stage 1 decided
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
after'taking a couple of boxes I
could see lliey were helping mc. I
continued taking the pills until T
had used eight boxes when my health
was fully restored, and I havc since
continued to enjoy that blessing. I
have recommended the pills to others and I always keep them in lhc
house, having proved tlicir great
: You can get Dr. ��� Williams'JPink
Pills through any dealer in '.���medicine,'
or'by ���mail at 50 cents a box or six
bnxr's for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine' Co., Brockviile, Out.
man ace  has received,    because    the
soldier  in  the field   is   the  man  who j 	
accords   thc  honors   while   the   critic ; Soldier Saved  His Bacon by Giving
at  home   merely  makes   suggestions.] It Away
One of onr escaped prisoners has
been telling me how hc managed to
secure an unmolested passage out of
Germany. After long wanderings, he
at last ran into a suspicious noncommissioned  officer,    who    stopped
with some British destroyers. Thcy
were buried wilh honors, and a
wreath from a British admiral called them a "Brave and Gallant  Hue
niv."      There was  some  indignation   ��"d   questioned   him.       To   run     was
in" F.ngland. but it fot nowhere. useless;   the   only  thing  to   be   done
j Ricbthofen was 'buried with thc | was to offer a bribe. He offered
honors lhat the men wdio had fought ', money, and his captor only laughed
with him  chose to accord lo him.       | at bun.    Money, he said, was of   no
use to him; there was nothing to be
bought with it. "But," said the Englishman, ".I happen to have three
pounds of bacon. Will you accept
that?" For bacon thc German sergeant was willing to render any service: and hc went off to fry it, lcav-
disciplined people, an iron-hearted
unwavering people, seeing big things
in i.hcir right proportion, not put out
by incidents however unpleasant, not
flinching'.under any: test of fortitude
however harsh, a people endlessly
dogged, immeasurably obstinate, immortally resolved.���London Obser-
I ver.
Protect thc child from the ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, and ycars of use have
enhanced  its  reputation.
|      Thinking in Billions
i A Billion    Dollars    Seems    Like
Hundred Million  Before
the War
necessary' that we::shoilld alter \ our]
social customs so  as to conform   to j
tlie need of the food situation, Which
is serious indeed. ,'.'.   '   v
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Development of the West
T bought a horse wilh a supposedly incurable ringbone for $30.00.
Cured hiin with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S LINIMENT and sold him
for $85.00.     Profit  on   Liniment,  $54.
Hotel   Keeper,  St.  Phillippe,  Que.
Street Car Travelling Kitchen
\u electric tramway car."belonging
I to lhe Halifax (Eng.) Corp.,.has been
converted into a travelling kitchen
j 11 is cqiii; ped with an electrical ottt-
i lit capable' of producing, a thousand
! portions of food, and carries a lank
i.tiolding 1,200 gallons;;,of water. Cur-
jicivt fori the: stores7 is obtained.from
Pronounced   Progress  in 'Permanent j ���UiOv.o\e.r.h.cad;.Avircs>;''::'':^;';.''/..>^v::'':.;:,
-Earming in; Areas'Served by w
... -       "t!--x    ���     .������������      v.        �����.������.    side  of the  car, and there  is  a  cash
-'-XX XxiXxi-. ���ei^--N- RXiiXiXxx
:7A remarkablevinercasevthiriiig 11917.be, rim; over :anvj; part,:e>f;; a- svstCnt
in;h;uidliiigs of live stockand of'but- j of 3
ter, cheese,;^ ''ciir.Xx-XXiix.X-XiXyxxWiXX,-yyy.:i
dressed poultry, over ' its lines - in
"Western"Canada is;; iiidicated; ��� In.'���'���.���������'���"
'statement'' Coin piled by; the V freight
department .of-the \:^
crn Railway;;: An y', great, increase in
tonnage .;in': "these: ;cOiiiiuodilics.v; of
course, ;could;; not:   be vaccomplished |
Having a Whack at War
X Thc7':able-hcidie:d; ' ypitngv:; ineif   vin
Canada are at  flic /front: or :in ���traiitV
ing. v 'Flict farinCrSv'have /"done :; their.
best "and  the; crop is in  thcvjiroiindy
,���:,i,n���t ���.;,.������  , ,     i ������.������������....������������      ��� . .i.The /harvest vis' tip  lo thevtownspeb-
witlio.ut..pronounced pi ogress in..per- v ,        ,'-':���".,     v tt .   ������:-,.-..   X , v
1      ���       ���������"- ' -    ! pic;   Lnless  tlicy organize ���Jov.help;
lioiisv. thatliXix    billionX. dollars
seeiivs   iipthing    like ������'..������'������as '.'���  large
The Police Enforcing Food Laws
All over Canada municipal police
authorities are enforcing the food
regulations in a firm, vigorous manner, 'lliey are also mforcing the
anti-loafing law. There has been a
��rcat ini]iro\ eiiient on the streets of
most of the Canadian eilies since this
law was parsed. Kini-s of $100 and
costs have  been   imposed  in   Calgary,
Montreal,   Yictuiia
ronto. Port Arthur, Ottawa, Regina,
Stratford, and many other points report cases of fines and imprisonment.
R.6.LONS feCO.UMrfib
Canadian   Had   Charge  of Two  Big
Guns and Knew How to
Use  Them
Thc following article has been received  from   Uoland Hill:
L'p and down tiiis hard-fighting
front you find Canadians in unexpected places. Today 1 met a major
in command of two of the latest big
guns, mounted on railway trucks,
hamnu'iing away at a German back
area, lie had been all through the
present battle and both of his pets
are still in line shape. Thc major
came over will: a Winnipeg battalion. He was engaged in educational administration iu Manitoba,
and knew nothing about gunnery,
but ho was not going back without
having "a whack at thc war." Although he knew nothing about gunnery, he did know a lot about mathematics, and when hc was sent to a
northern English munition works to
see bis guns in the "making, he so
impressed the imperial authorities
that . he was given an immediate
command. Since then he has been
educating the Huns with ranges
vaiying up to twenty mile-:,, crossroads and railway Malioni being liis
Dm ing   the   fn>t   daj   of   the     Hun
iofYcuMw he  v,,i> .it   Koi-el, and knp-
��� ing one t)c  cv. the  railway  track  be-
! hind   hiin   and   the   oilier, on   ins   pel,
be     worried   the   Hun    railway  junctions   right   np   to   the   moment     the
line.had receded so  far that he found
the    rightcen-poundors   were    alongside hiin.     "Then    1  thought it was
lime to get out," he said, "and came
back -  quite   comfortably,'   managing
to get in a  :ound  or two when    we
got   to   tlroucly   laid  lines,  and   here
v,c arc again.''.
Concerning the   article   "The Peril
of Thinking in  Billions," in the Outlook, a  subscriber  writes:  "Wc  have ] inaiienl  farming iii areas-served    by
grown so accustomed to hearing 'bil- | the C. X. R. in .Manitoba, Saskatchc-
now | wan and Alberta. It is significent:
an that the prairie provinces are be- i
-amount as a hundred million sound- i coining- exporters of dairy products,!
ed before thc war. To get the idea I where in recent years they were im-,
of a billion, try   this  experiment.    A i porters on  a considerable scale. j
minute is a short space of time��� J During 1017, 11,363 cars of live!
now answer quickly, flow many j stock were handled over the lines of I
minutes have elapsed irom the. birth , the Canadian Northern Railwav svs-j
of Christ lo Christmas,. 1917? Some hCin as compared with 7,2-15 during]
gucssers say "Filly billions'���'A bun- 19.16. This is an increase of 4,118 .
drcd billions.'   The fact is thai (even   cars or 57  per cent i
allowing   for  seven   extra    years-the (     of c.lU](, ;���   19l7>'t!ic.,.0  wcr(. ,ial���,_ !
chronologists  say Christ was born  /   ]c(,  - m  c;u..  ;1S com,).,,.<.(1  willl    ,-
B.C.) only one billion, eleven mi lion   o0() j���  ioUl.     0f lions'J.274 cars,  as
ami some odd thousand imnules have . COI ,d   uU)|   j J(-g     in     m6       (>{
eh.psed. -lhe  Outlook. ��� ^.^ _Y),   ^  ju   ]fJ1_ ^    ^.^  -^
: . -. -._;���          - ������ -���] in   1916;   and , nii,ved: stock .3,407::   in ;
1917 as co?iip;ii-edv:\vithv2:501;vin ;191.6.;:
The pei'ccutagivviVfi.ji.n^reasC': iii>:;e;itt;le':i;
was 87 per*;ceut^iv;ivr;^Ii!Vep;;.!24^^��citJ
It has been fight or die for many cf ua ; cent.; ho^sV 297iier;ycnu";:;7;m
in tiio past and tho lucky people are j 36 per ?rv<XX_iilX-XXiX'XiXXxXXiXiXiXXxXX
those vho have suffered, but. who aro i !)���,-;ng y^i'/Sfiiv'H^d:ii^;.u.shif.ifr:ii^!
now well because  they .heeded  nature's , jy01���    sl;;ti.y{.^
warning signal in time to correct their | x0,lhern ^tMr^i'^i'UH"^reac'lied ::?��;a>
trouble with that wonderful new di��- jtotal of- 2X.(X^MX'XXX\XXiXXXXoXX,:.
covery of I>r. Pierce s, called' An-u-nc. , I);m,(I v. ilh v21;43(>;0i)0^(VuiHlssiif7'19:10.:'?
You should  promptly  heed these  warn- | .���,   i���(.rc:is���;;^.^^;i)rtj:,;.;vj:;^,:.',l"i;;^yv
i 15 per  mit;K;'.;v'''.._;i':IV<v '.''X'X  ...	
,     .  , .    -      ���-, .. ...     'amounted ;tr>v .''::S",i4(')_'(it)ii' ���V-'-.iVi'Jii'yi Vtts^.''-:'''"r'ti'lf s' j". t -h oit^l f .t f i'i'.l-'.-:.".t-f .t
; painful twinges of  rheumatism, sciatica   roIMp:lml --XiX^X'P^'mXXXXiXX''XiXyX.mX'WXXixX.
I or lumbago.   Jo_delay may make possible ; ,g]fi> ,w i^fo^j^O,^^
Exclude the Profiteers
Means Should Be Taken to  Protect
thc Consumer
Exclusion of American-made products from Canada must bc accompanied by lhc exclusion of Canadian
consumers from the possibility of
being plundered by the native manufacturers of products on the "excluded list."
Let thc government confiscate every cent added to the price of any
article on the excluded list over and
above the Canadian price of that article before the exclusion order was
promulgated. Certain American, products'must he. excluded from the
Canadian market. But native manufacturers should not be permitted to
add ���;one cciit to the excluded class
of products.���Toronto': Telegram.
ing his prisoner to pass over the
frontier in comfort. He had saved
his bacon with a view to some such
emergency, and now bis bacon saved
him.���Westminster Gazette.
Simple and Sure.���Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil is so simple in application that a child can understand the
instructions. Used as a liniment the
only direction is to rub, and when
used as a dressing to apply. The
directions arc so plain and unmistakable that thcy are easily understood  by young or old.
S100 Reward, $100
The  readers  ji  this paper  will  be pleased
to   learn   that   there  is   at   least  one   dreaded
j disease that science has been able to cure ia
| all  its  stages,  and that is  catarrh.     Catarrh
! beh'i;    greatiy     influenced     by   constitutional
| conditions   requires   constitutional   treatment.
��� Hall's   Catarrh   Cure is  taken internally  and
I acts through the Blood on  the Mucous Sur-
i faces  of  the  System,  thereby destroying  the
| foundation oi the  disease,   giving the  patient
i strength by building up the constitution ana
���assisting nature in doing its work.    The pro-
: piielors  have  so  much  faith  in   t!in curative
potters of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offe-r
One  Hundred   Dollars  for   any   case  that   it
fails to cuie.    Scnd-.for list of testimonials.
Address:   I-'.   J.   CHENEY   &  CO.,  Toied-j,
Ohio,    told by all Druggists, 75c
Takine No Chances
'Lemmc   cct   those  umbrellas
Russia's Magnificent
Allies Cannot Disinterest Themselves
in  the  Future  of Russia
The progress of German arms    in
the  ]-_ast, thc treaties she has forced
���d'en'/before/vfot'tn^^^ .vassal
:li^stilv7;inierivOsedv  :.S:  ^fl's.vv out of  Russia
moved fowai-d7; the -door7 iivTCSpoiise i mid thc; interprelationv site dias placed
[ -'t o'.'.'.'.ii's>l|,tc\t.v'..iiibiiT';.': ijclV.S-:'.:.'::'iiSx-'t'.:V';;SYi��^cr.-; ���.
'liere vis' nO;:doubt;; :ihoutvit;: XX'XXXyy
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Colds, etc
:���'.'��� -"Do'���:��� vbu'���''.thing���'���, oiir guestsX
:steal'v.iiiiibrellas:?'v:'; :M;rsv.; BinkS'
inandcdv-coiitenipluoiisiyv;7' 'Xy
".-,; ,'^^^;^^^b:ei:;;ltot^-butAthey;-���lnigllt,:
bghi.zc  thcnil"--A"aivc(juvcr   Province;
jupon these :::''scraps of: paper"vas-her
yi'ill/jplans;v develop;;   confirm;V ;President
'vd.e-T.W^ make".thcin
;,���:���;   more impressive- ^The allies: '"cannot
rec-idisintcrcst -themselves; in ; the ;; future
iid:; the:
k Fight fer Life
X The; Way to Success:
:v"The, ��� secret:.7; ;of:X- success
staiiip .'said;: ���'.'is .sticking ; to it
������'���"xyya "succeed,vvsa'iv-dlhi:
bright1 anilv'sharpv' iX'lXy, vv77.;
���tlie'vmii inc'g; v,v xiXXixX
-yXX^XXxiXXQckXXXX iiiX1^
Xf:'';l-)0;. avlli'iy-iilg'-biisiiieSSe' vsaiii
liiiVii iii oi'v;.:;;; .^\Vi tl ^ *vli (i;v 1 v^rrcl; ���K'Ultd
lire.'; ::i:<lis::c:rvyd;:7;cy.ili:c;il.ly.'', 'X'X: 'Xy Hyix
 ,. , jr)
Just a drop or two of
I'sl:\tctor on a crusty sore corn is
aii you need lo take, away lhc pain.
.Simply     wonderful     how      Putnam's
i' ��� >$: IT" a..' '.;���! r bub Tc s.dt ii'c::
>1<1" -OinVn
of Russia, even . if thcy;; .wbiild.'X The
iii dependence; of '���'��'$:.'.gi-eiit a. people as
hers7'.', is HX : Kuropcan 'Xi interest,.7;: and
s6ii;:pcrcelves. :'7'; Thcy;" arc passing
threiugh 'lic*avy':7trials,v;;and:: the jp.ros-
pect :bcf;orc ;iheiii::':secms:v;::d
tlie" trailsvarp -libt ^heavier.���:������ jprV/trie
prcSspcct: darker X than;;; those 7;;;from
\>diicli: oilier great nations: have: emer-
gcdi invigorated .and purified, t0: rc-
:;siiiiic::.; tlicir; : right ful: ���,; place;; ih;;; ;:;the
.:'worlfl:;-^T.b7v'u!o:v;.;:Tinre,s..;.. ,���;���:   ���'X'iyX'ix
nam's _; i s;; av.realv; in rc'^:pAircvr'i;enic<Jy'|''!
:Rode   to  Death  Laughing
yUiiiest^-llo:w:;:much7::did ������ .yoiiXXX..ever;'.
.get'Oiii.-V.qf, :yoiir7car;?': .',' i'i X.; I '"'Xy
'X..I; D.'<yncr^;^Yfli,;: :i;:;t!iinkf:scvcn tiincs;
xtaiiX&yyXX'XXy X'X-i'Xyi'X ix-XyxyiX: - ;���''';'
eome  of  which
:;not:: Kiarry
nips,  eome  ol.   which  aro   dizzy   spells, i j-  ])C].  crtilv;;;:, : :;-i-|v0;,;;ri,ni^^
backache, irregularity of tho urine or the , aino,,nt(,,i .;lry:; '";:K^ 14<V;(i(V(>.;Vviv^0i'i^'
:i;uaiu,iv.vv; v:;.;'iv,,v;XxX'-:
1 li S V..;f X'll'c" \V i!l i i e f V: "':t
vs,,|..vv,->"'.J0:r;;y .
'v;;.:;i;:ce.ntl.y.;:: when.'
: tho dangerous fonri3 of kidney disease,   -VV1," '.V
'such as diabetes or stone in bladder.       '     ,c  l
To overcome  theso" distressing  condi-
��� Ont)  poun.lS;
tions take plenty of exercise in the open !      '  ".'       .'''
*      ���  * .   . pount
i o��    water    and    at    oach    meal    take I
| Anuric  (double strength).    You will, in ��� w ....        .,,....
la short time, find that you are one of the :ulu  po,llmlJv:'. Xl^XX1
! firm iudorsers of Anuric. , ,    .   . .���. _
j     Hamilton, Out     -'- " ���'-��'- ; I,0,",,ls  ,U   lWV
shippedv tiitalleilv: :l:,07^j-vi
is;;C-MUpared; W'tiir7;;'/;^',',^ i
';intviiirXXiXis)f :';02.00.'v
;<v':''.i.i.j:'' 1917; 7nii.j.oiT:ntoil t<7> |
ie ;;tojiialo,;
"'Hilrf'IK'; .::''rroiit,";:Si%it'it.::v''A:iii;e'r'ica;.j
,iii: t!ie,.,MSteciliit .'.'cvlittifcy.-.
'���'��� O:
air, avoid it heavy meat diet, driuk freely ' soo,,,,,,,,      ;      v , -.i,
��� '      ..        .. i"  .,      ,.' ....���i    j.���i/. ' .vwj.OOO  pounds  as  compared     With
iovcr "the
Feed Dealers Licensed
It is now illegal to deal wholesale
in flour, bran, shorts or any fc^ds
made,fmm wheat or grains: or products oi wheat, or grains, or hay or
straw,  without  first Jiaving  obtained
a licenss
"For kiduey ailtneuts
1 havo never
kuoirn any medicine to equal Anuric. \V lion J
started to fake it I
was very tn'serable
v, ith lamo h.l.'-k,
pain? in t'.io cords
of my neek aii'l
eho-jl'iers and" ail
over my body. The
water was high
colored and offensive. All of these
conditions left me
aft��r" one week's use of Anuric and I
consider it to be the greatest of ail kidney -rac-dicir.fs."���Mrs. Jf.ks'ie Ct.aek,
79 Queen St. So.
Toronto, Ont.���"My husband suffered
severely with pains In his back for three
or four -tiec-k?. lie commenced to take
Anuric and in threo or four days ho not
only looked better, but remarked that his
back felt much better, acd now ke says
increase of JOS,- :>
meats .'handled [���
���ilii.'".'increase':;' of";;';1,i4:2.;:fKHI:v7vi;:pressed :|;
���pOiliHry phiVdii;c,ii'iA'v vt:ouiilc'l:l'"t312viW0 i'
'P'd.uud-v" during- '.. 1017 "its ��� . Coinpared}.'
wit!?::?!y ;0(it_:: i7uV im^^
of- increase;: for  bitttt-;7-: liviiiilled";   wit?
;10 :per ceni.r'. dieess -^y-:
eggs 3..p'ci-,..c:c'ivt'.;.';.tl:'rc:~:.-icil;
-cent-.,; auj .dressed..-.po'itl'
ci'iit.���.".'���' 7""'     ';"'"''"X:x'i-i'Xyi
r    c:<ni:t,.;;
it XX j\&-
11: ' .iver-
: QueerXXyXXXy XXiyX
"This 'law. is a queer'^bnsiitess/','.X-''".
. "How spr";:-f...;Xxi;XXXXxXxxxXXX
"They   swear 'il  uiaitvfo^xtcll vvUhe
Irtitli.'''-     :���       'X xXXiXXXiXXXXX.Xi'yyx,
"What iXx*XiiiyXXXXxXXXxXXXX:
"And every ..tin!e':;';he?slfo\yyi signs;;;qf,
doing il,   V'.s.o'inc ������:divw\:��r;���;^:;objcc^5:v?y,
Vaneouvrr :iiXr.^\:\ny,cXX.iXX;XxXjx-XiyX^.^
UN.:;i!;iilUe';":hi:s;,::>\'.i:i<';;;i'n;'i;iii;s iX>
XX: y ^XxXXsX yi li '<���': X
' XX<\ yXi'XX*iX I iCvvi.!.' o 1 - ;;of .���;;! t i s:^iii^.iV
ca iiSc;?;p f vi i i sj y i ycy. X 'X.iyxx*X\)y?A'X'-:.'-x--
:,:;':;T:hc,;:;Krajor:;::���;waSv;:::;;de^'ti'W:dvi:5y ��� 'tiie
'���'Brilish;{;:"last;:;' pctciher';; tb; :, ;vssi;st';,;in.
traiiiinij Anierici!ns iuv,-foyoijet'-fighG
ing..'���. Ih; jiiivuaryP-lic^va'svt:f.(iis,fc,};i:e;d:'
jjp.r's';. ico.i.n'nfiS*:ibiivV''i';ll:'C:''.' vi-'i'is-''.'���. Ki-v.t.ti'<:'<;l'i--'."
.and.������::'\voii:t,;:,into :;;ictioii"'-pii.' M^fi'oiit::
ijOStbv^e'st";. of. :Toirl,   wlicre   he, suiter-
, ed'.;s;iii;htl:y' i;u ���a^as- itltack.''""'
!-. '"O.ii ;)1'C iiight .that    lii;s . liaila.iC'il,
\yiis  laoycd 'froiiT  its billet-; into the
��� line -cyi)i' tlii> jpiearily-'lrsjii't..Major Ix'&s-
;j:J'i:iusSfc'ii jokfd ' witli    seyeral     cOrri's-
ll'Oiideivtsv'vjijlo^ihr.. licrman.   : >!iel.ls
Svc:re.vliiir'S;;ia_;;'-i:n;.;t!i^v..vi:iia:g'e. ;(   .. i^\v
i-ki'lonie't'tc'sj-ii}-:.,the-'' rciixX.i.   lie     told
.t-lioin'vthcy-. u'iigli-fc Mi.iy e^hisL:' uiti-iOriU;;
i'li:t-;l''n.i.ct':an,d-i'i'iiit'r ^t'lu he
i Avas' liiilccLv'vTTien.'. lrc':vrode-';;55!;uighiiig.
!; voward the trencheiv/V. xXXXi"
Mining."Cli'ni-nl, fi'-il. Mr ti.-oicai r.nd
Elcctric.l I'-iR:.ot-ci'.ng.
Arts Cour.��c  by concspoi-.drnc*.   TVcicc
���Kith one yrar'saltcntlirH'-c or four
Saramer School    Navigation School
July ��nd Ausiut D��c��mb��r to April
19 GEO. Y. CHOWN, R.��Utrar |
Crop.Acreage Increased
Tlie acreage under ri'Iti\alion --at
the bcin Colony, ti r Ha-?;iuo, Alberta, this   year "is  at lra=t  rifty   pcr
that his pain has sll gono. Jt is with cent. Rreaiew^i��r.':Htat.-'50fcV.3^t,iy>ca.r/-"(.
pleasure that we recemmend Anuric."��� Irrigation "-farming- -Is;'������ :fr^;ttSe'd:Arti:rtY
Mas. Maet RTAJf, 54 Seaton St      _.      Gem       - xiXXyXyf    x.XXXXxXXXXXiXl
The Heart of a Piano is tbe
Action.   Insist en tbe
:' Thousands7 NowVUnder. License .   .: j
.-.'V^I';-*^." Jit'c,'-'>',6it'iVtfTf'''Si":'"';:Iilve;..' .;2S;;:iC)00.-i,
llic^iiscs>;h;t'\'e:' Ivecti'-vi;-sued .to..dealers j.
tin' foodstiiiTs...by ���' tXX VCanada;'   ;food .:���
|board;" Ano'll'i;C;f;liHl:'>00|haye ..still to j
.|and,':"'ccr.eal"''!^aii'i^ In.-'-addi"'
Hi6ri';,'.;tp\ tliese ;;are:vSitfle;:7d7.00ft Public
After a Cup of
there's no uncom-
iortable reaction, but
rather a refreshing
feeling of health aud
It's gratifying, these
days, to know that
Postum saves sugar
and fuel.
Instant Postum
"There's a Reason"
%    1
W,    -N.     U.   -1216 ITHE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
? a v-;,i' strictly in   advance,  or $2.50
:i not paid for three months.    If not
J'or until the end of the year it is ��3.
always ��2.50  a  year to   lhe  United
Ci iu advance.
editor and Financier
'  iji-Lin Co-Owner Notices $25.00
: mil Oil  Notices     700
;- ',��� Notices  3.00
i:    ..
v of Thanks     r.oo
<l       ,.
'. 'ica!c ;>f Improvement  12.50
(     ���
.������re   more   than  one claim ap-
;..-: i> notice,  ��5.00 for  each ad-
ml eiaiin.)
other legal 'advertising,   12 cents a
::-s-t insertion, and 8 cents a line for
��� uK^.-qnent    insertion,    nonpariel
Tins summer Hinuenburg has
suffprefl a good rie:i. from cancer,
typhoid, mumps, nu-asli's, scarlet
fever, (liarrlioeu, paralysis, apoplexy, heart lesions and brain
storms. Ue should try Christian
Science, anil just think that he was
in Paris.
Thekk i.s a good demand for
brains in Ottawa, and a great
scarcity of horse souse in Vancouver. Winnipeg is full of mules,
and Toronto has thu mob fever.
Grand Forks is full of Douks, aud
Nslson is in terror 0$ a nude
parade.    This world   needs fixing.
A Touching Poem
The Best Preacher
The blue cross means that
vour subscription i.s due, and
I hat tbe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
cm' can  keep  his money
ug    by   carrying   some
!;������. i:
iu lii;; pocket.
.iv   day  in   Canada millions
iiir.-; are expended upon tilings
th:il \\f can do without.
Many people are calling their
cats Hitult'iiberg. Felines are reported to have nine lives.
Martin Luther in his autobiography said: ''I have one preacher
that I lovo better than any other
upon  earth;   it  is   my  little tame
roFnn, which preaches to me daily
I put  his crumbs   on my window-' convinced that in the pharraacopo
Greenwood, B.C.
August 12th, 191S
The Editor of "The Ledge"
Dear Sir,
Allow me through your columns to correct an error whieh has
unwittingly been printed in your
issue of August 8th.
From your account of the
death of Miss Sigre Elmgreen in
Vancouver one would conclude
that Miss Elmgreen's friends had
not given physicians an opportunity to aid her in her struggle for
heaHh. The opposite are the facts
in this case. Mibs Elmgreen was
under medical care in Phoenix for
eome time. By the advice of her
physician she went from Phoenix
to a sanatorium in Portland,
Oregon, where she was treated for
lung disease. It was not till Miss
Elmgreen's   brother   had   become
The following wishful poem by
Dr. Hawes, will appeal to mauyj
who in the wet past carried a bottle
of liquid bait when they went fishing:
It's nice to sit and think and fish,
And fish, aud sit aud think,
And think and fish and sit and wish
That you could get a drink.
From Auz-16 to 23 Tickets to Coast
Will Be On Sale At Special
sill, especially at night. Ho hops
to the sill when ho wants his supply, and takes as much as he desires, to satisfy his need. From
thence he always hops on to a little tree close by, and lifts up his
voice to God, and sings his carol of
praise and gratitude, tucks his little head under his wing and goes
fast asleep, and leaves tomorrow
to look after itself. He is the best
preacher I have on earth.
Jt <t now an optimist is fehe man
���who builds an addition feo a brewery, says a Chicago humorist.
Vkuy often, fehe man who waves
the l"nion Jack the most, puts five
lumpij of sugar in his coffee.
Tntoau was a lucky navigator.
On hi'; famous voyage feo Ararat he
ji-'Vi-r i von sighted a submarine.
Tin: Of-nir-; lost the recent big
lird! g..me iu France, but they won
iii soiiii1 of the hurdle and running
Tin: war g'irdi'u i=i full of shoots
llie  spiiug.   some shells  in the
;:i::i -r, and a heap of dugouts in
������ fall.
ix Milwaukee they talk of  sell
ji-g beer hy the  ounce.    So  differ
i it, in   B.C    Here  we only  see it
j.. the movies.
Tin- ennui is appalling. There
}: "-'i:t h-en n light, strike or
: vo!u��io;i iu Vancouver for more
th >n lo minutes.
A Spokane company is preparing
to work the Nonpareil group of
seven claims afe Bear lake in the
Slocan. Fred Starkey is president,
and P. J. Sheran will superintend
the work. All the directors are
B. C. men. The company will
also work the Comstock and Whitewater groups iu the Lirdo.
cia of materia medica there is no
curative medicine for tuberculosis,
and no balm to lessen its victim's
sufferings that they turned to
Christian Science.
Trusting fehat the Elmgreen
family may be correctly represented in this matter.
Yours truly,
Mrs. E. Simpson.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Tin. G- r:nan and Austrian settle*
������.r-   in   tliu    prairie   provinces,
1  u;u lie interspersed with people
'>��������� ���]!������ ik English.
fv S mi Dingu a man had hi?
':.!_��� cut because he refused to
.- e ;t -hob of booze. Come to
!-v:s,\ood,   dear soul, where life
mm: general public are about
������Xy lo declare a  strike against
kinds of strikes, including pro-
-ji -.    For  some   time  pasfe, the
1 ends have ground the middle
it pulp finish.
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
HALCYON CLARKE with   the Bostonians at thc Greenwood  Theatre,  Thtus-
tlay, August 15th.
_; a rule it does not pay to   buy
m the store that does not adver-
U-uallj' the goods are oufe of
t. and the prices about  double
.at they should be.
'���Vi-. have nofe heard of a single
i ' -.ov being called a war profiteer,
,i;id many of them have died over
ih^re in defending justice, liberty
and freedom from the slime of
German domination.
Was it the "Lasfe Post," -'Keep
Tin; Home Fires Burning,'' or
'��� rh��re\- A JEofc Time In The Old
'i...v;i Tonight," that Nero played
!>���>. tli'- violin when Rome burned
��:<<\vu in the early days.
Tin:uk i.s s-ome difference between
moral and physical courage. Many
men from JB. C. who enlisted in
tij.e jtrmy, and fought with great
b-avery in France did nofe have
moral :-.and enough to pay their
Is Germany, the kaiser has confiscated the property of the Salvation Army, and put the organization out of business. Bloody Bill
piobahly got tired hearing the 8. A.
t-iug "Come to Jesus," and eimilar
In Lo? Angeles, E. A. Stephens
v.- - sent three years to jail for cir-
i i;:uing the book called, *'A Fin-
:. X i\  Mvstery."'     The   judge   iu
��� -ikiuft of the case said: "I
;:-.:ttk this book one of the most
M.ingerou- and most damnable
pjf-ces of Get man propaganda that
1 a- ever come to ray attention."
i r i? r-'ported thafe a new regi-
i:\ i.t of teturnfcd-FoIdiere will take
'���" i.-::e of the internanenfe camp afe
���r .rrj<.tt(.y. That is a move in the
'', U dir ction." Ife is time for the
m-.'I ticket oflicers and privatef,
. hand over their shell proof jobs
1 ) rhe men *ho carried fehe flap,
'Vough mud, blood and hell iB
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will Ijo granted covering only
land suitable for .-iiji'icultural i>ui'1>okoh
and which i.s n<in-timii',r land.
Partnership pri'-eiiiiilniiis abolished,
but parties of rot nnwi- than four may
arraugp for ad.iaci'iu ijn'-cnii>ti<>iiK. with
Joint residence, but p.irh ni.ikiiifc necessary ii);|)i'<ivumunts on re jieetivc chunn.
Pre-emptors must weupy claims for
five years and make improvement*! to
value of $10 p..r acre, iiielii'lint; elcarint;
and cultivation of at least r. acres, before  receiving  Crov. n   (.'rant.
Where pro-emplor 1:1 ueeiip'ilion not
less than .'i year-', and ]������:'-' innde projior-
tfonate iinpi'ovenif*nt.. ue niav. beeause
of ill-hr.ilth or fithir .-w ���-. !..��� -,.-;iiili-(l
internii dialc cf! ('Iii-lie m improvement
and transfer IiIk claim
Records without pei-nanem residence
may he is-.iie.l ]>w\ .<lt <1 applicant ina^es
Improvement- to e\.ent of ?:\<V) pcr an-
. '.1 > iMi'. K.ul-
ii-- nr record
fi-'tu.e. Tille
���    1'     ^   1 iaims  in
.',   I.  lpl..\.'l!!L'illS   of
.jr .">  acre.-  cleared
i' .  il. -'co     of    at
nuiii ai.d 11 ' a d.
ure to m.'il.e iinpi'ii
Kiniu will 01,.-rate a-
cannot be ubl.nia d <
less than .". ;. 1 .n-. . ���.. 1
$10 p��i acre ,111 '.id'1
and eu'tivan d, .11,d
least 2 year-;
I'le-emptor Iii.Iil.' i: ("i-'>W'i i:rant may
record another pi > -������nint em, if he re-
f|iilrcK land in i ��� i< junction with hin
farm, without actual < r cupiitlnn, provided statutory impi ivements made and
reside-ice mamtaiind on frown grunted
Unsiirvoy d area---, not cxe-ediiiR 20
.teres, may be leaded as homesltos;
title to be obtained after fullillinK re.sl-
dentifU and  improve ment  conditions.
For grazing and indiistri.il purposes.
areas excecdmj.' 'Iin aens may be leased
by one person or (ompany.
The scope of this Act i.s enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which tlie heirs or devl.sees of a
deceased pre-cniptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of .such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements "o Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding .such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it Is not
considered advisable to div de the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selr-cted from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments arc conditional
upon payment of all taxe * due th"
Crown or to any municipality. The
right? of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agrrerj to
sell are a!��o protected. The decision of
the Minister of Land- in rf-puft to the
adjus*niP"t of a prop' rtinnate allotment
is final. Tlie time for mafc.ng npi'Iu.a-
tiori for these aliotnient.-i is Inn.ted to
the 1st day of -dav. | fi to Any application made aftf-r tin- da'e will not be
considered. Th"'-' rt'lotmr-nts apply to
town iots and !m.J= of the Crown soid
at public auction
For information apply to any Pr ivln-
cial Government  Agent or to
Deputy Minister of I^anda,
Victoria, H. C.
Palace   Livery  And
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get seme before they are all gone.
���be Central fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
J. S. Carter, district passenger agent at
Nelson, has announced that from August
16 to 23 tickets will.be on sale to Vancouver and return from Nelson at $22.5o;
Castlegar, |2i.iS; Trail, $21.40; Creston,
#24.10; Rossland $21.30; Cascade, $18.10;
Grand Forks, $17.40; Cranbrook, $24.10;
Greenwood, $16.80; Phoenix, $17.75;
Midway, $16.30 and Fernie, $27.10. Corresponding rates have been arranged
from all stations from Calgary to Vancouver, including all branches, interior
steamship routes and Kettle Valley railway stations.
The route is by the Kettle Nalley railway through Hope. The train leaves
Nelson at 7:50 a. m. Monday, Wednesday
and F:iday and it will be equipped with
standard electric lighted sleeper and
observation cafe dining car. Mr. Carter
advises early reservation through his
office and statts that tickeis at these rates
will be good for return until August 28.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
TtMBERLAKE.   SON   <&   CO.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange, GRAND FORKS
Specialty:   Fine Watch Repairs.
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
British Colombia has beea
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar, Absolutely Guar anteed, Cleat*
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies.    .   ,   ,'
Have you tried one lately **
GEORGE the FIFTH, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the
Seas, KING, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come or whom the same may in any
wise concern,���GREETING :
A Proclamation of conditional amnesty respecting men belonging to
Glass 1 under the Military Service Act, 1917, who have disobeyed our
Proclamation of 13th October, 1917, or their orders to report for duty,
or are deserters or absent without leave from the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Deputy Minister of Justice,
WHEREAS considerable numbers of men
belonging to Class I under our Military Service Act, 1917, called out on active service in
our Canadian Expeditionary Force for the
defence of Canada under Our Proclamation
of 13th October, 1917, although they have thus
become by law soldiers enlisted in the Military
Service of Canada,
Have failed to report for duty as lawfully
required of them under the said Military Service Act and the regulations thereunder, including the Order in Council duly passed on
April 20 last,
Or have deserted,
Or absented themselves without leave
from our Canadian Expeditionary Force,
And it is represented that the very serious
and unfortunate situation in which these men
find themselves is due in many cases to the
fact that, notwithstanding the information and
warning contained in Our Proclamation aforesaid, they have misunderstood their, duty or
obligation, or have been misled by the advice
of ill-disposed, disloyal or seditious persons.
AND WHEREAS we desire, if possible, to
avoid the infliction of the heavy penalties which
the law imposes for the offences of which these
soldiers have thus been guilty, and to afford
them an opportunity within a limited time to
report and make their services available in Our
Canadian Expeditionary Force as is by law
their bounden duty, and as is necessary for .the
defence^of Our Dominion of Canada.
NOW KNOW YE that we in the exercise
of Our powers,  and of Our good will  arid
pleasure in that behalf, do hereby proclaim and
declare and cause to be published and made
EXACTED as against the men who: belong
to Class 1 under Our Military Service Act,
1917, and who have disobeyed Our Proclarn-;
ation aforesaid ; or who have received notice
from any of Our registrars or deputy registrar?
to report for duty on a day now past and haye;
failed so to report ; or who, having re^rted;
and obtained leave of absence, have failed^4<fe
-report at the expiry of their leave, of^iayie:
become   deserters   from   Our   Expeditionary:
UPON ALL SUCH MEN, and as well those
who employ, harbour, conceal or assist them
in their disobedience, that, if they persist in
their failure to report, absence or desertion
until the expiry of the last mentioned day,
they will be pursued and punished with all the
rigour ahd severity of the law, SUBJECT TO
competent tribunals: and also that those who
employ, harbour, conceal or assist such men
Will be held strictly accountable as offenders
and subject to the pains, penalties and forfeitures in that behalf by law provided for their
said offence.
Provided however that nothing contained
in this Our Proclamation is intended to release
the men aforesaid from their obligation to
report for duty a3 soon as possible or to grant
them immunity from arrest or detention in the
meantime for the purpose of compelling them
to perform their military duty; Our intention
being merely to forego or remit the penalties
heretofore incurred for failure to report,
absence without leave or desertion incurred by
those men of the description aforesaid who
shall be in the proper discharge of their military
duties on or before the said twenty-fourth day
of August, 1918.
Of all of which Our loving subjects and all
others whom these presents may concern are
hereby required to take notice end govern
themselves accordingly.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caused these
Our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal
of Canada to be hereunto affixed.    Witness: Our
Right Trusty and Right Entirely Beloved Cousin
and Counsellor, Victor Christian William,. Duke of
Devonshire,   Marquess   of  Hartington,    Earl   of
Devonshire, Earl of Burlington, Baron Cavendish
of  Hardwicke,   Baron    Cavendish   of   Keighley
Knight of Our Most Noble Order of the Garter:
:        One of  Our  Most   Honourable   Privy   Council;
Xi Knight Grand Cross of Our Most\ Distinguished
: :   -Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; Knight,
V   Grand Cross 'of Our: Royal Victorian: Order; Goyr;
���:sKv,':v:'-enior: :G��ieralJand�� <^inm^der4n-Criief ;;of:'"'Ourv
.      I^miniojl.q��v Canada:
.At Our Goverhinent H6usei in Our City of OTTAWA^
XXX yi^iXet$t^X'^fX'i9i:{'A^^^X'^ the year of OtB-v
XXi'i-yy Lprd;qne,thousand nine hundred and eighteen, and/"
���'. /.;in.,tlie:niiithvyear777of i&ptXi&i&XXXyXXX-XXiXXXXX'
::;.;By. CoBimand,''1 XX. iXXiyy
JUntferSearetii^. of State;
Your telephone is better than., postal facilities, because it
brings your answer without a moment's delay. While to telephone is to talk to the party wanted, it is even better than a
face lo face conversation becaure you have not to go to the
person to whom you wish to talk. You simply walk to the
telephone, and Central docs the rest.
Day and night it is available���far or near the party wanted
may be, it is all the same to the telephone.
^^^��^^^^^&^��^��<S^^^��^��^e^S^&^��^S<&^��^&4& &��<&��&��<����<&��4
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
aud Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary aud Kootenay.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    �����
200   "
���>   /   $1.25 each
-   -   2.00 ��
i*   /    3.50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsof Hotel is one of tlie
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
���-���"' nnsn
'".. X^y^m^r^sT^r -fri:
'" iREs;i&::


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