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The Ledge Aug 29, 1918

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A';p i1
Vol.   XXV.
No. 7
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,    Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        A)        GREENWOOD, B. C.
S�� Canada Food Board License No, 8-6251 ^
���� .     The   Food   Board   Asks   You  to   Save 3
SE-ft'- 23
5= We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals 35.
g We specialize in TEA and COFFEE infrkge or fculk %
%    LEE & BRYAN     1
Viola Dana
In-.        x - '   . .
The Flower of No Man's Land"
Saturday, August 31
"The Burglar"
Show commences at 8 o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
I iiliiliated Mining & Smelting Co.
ftft:fti::of' Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
ft it RV.pt, LLD_,b;e.L. PrwS��fcm
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B, C.
Hats, Caps, Shirts, Boots.
Shoes and Overalls of
many kinds
At Reasonable Prices
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
Around Home 1
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
Phone 45
P. O. Box S74
Christian Science service will be hel<)
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a. m. All welcome.. Every Wednesday
at8 p.m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors.     .-.   Garage in connection.
For Sale.���Bell Piano in first
class condition. Apply Wm. G.
For Sale-^IGO acres very best
bottom level land, ft creek and
plenty of water, $12 per acre
enquire, Ledge office,
The National Motel
Greenwood, B.C.
- " ��� - / X.jiy
Lately successfully operated by
Owen Boyer deceased
Furniture and all necessary equipment
for operating, including Billiard
Table. Bar Fixtures. &c-
For full and all particulars, apply to
Real Estate Office.  Greenwood, B.C.
SIR JOHN AIRD. General Manager
H V. F. JONES. A��'l Gent Mu����___r
&wtALpAro U^|i^o;oop^reserve Fund, v $13,500,000
Byery effort is made ^ piwid^J the fen^
ft�� jjirigft'^ryi^---;r
SSSI^tftiS^llnS' ��� of business i# x
JS     Xxx. ?:^|&ipts' and paymerita.'-, ���
;ft'^ft;jft'.;ft'fty:;ft^v ���
On and after the first of September, the
undersigned will charge 8 cents a pint
for milk, and 15 cents a quart. Cream
So cents a quart. Whipped cream, $y.6o
a quart. ft-'ft.  X x'i   X
ft;ftft;;iftLftftft:;-:J\IRS/:'A. R. ROYCE    ..
Dr. Robinson is moving from
Princeton to Cashmere, Wash.
D. G-. McCurdy of Princeton
was recently wounded in France.
Buttermilk by the pint or
quart, at the Windsor Buffet.
The farmers at Armstrong are
getting $70 a ton for their wheat.
The Windsor Buffet sells icecream by the pint or quart.
Charley Hagan is tending bar
at the Tulameen hotel in Princeton.
Mrs. Wm. Phillips, of Vancouver, is visiting iriends in the
J. W. Mulhern, superintendent
of the K. V. R. was in town last
D.   R.   McFlmon cut  his  hay
crop crop last week, on his ranch,
near Eholt.
At Grand Forks, Herbie Heaven
got first prize for killing gophers.
He killed 179.
In the chrome belt near Cascade several miles of wagon roads
are being built.
At the Forks, P. Peterson was
fined 825 for storing dynamite in
an old building.
Penticton is an Iudian word
and means a place where the
waters pass beyond.
Early apples, fine tomatoes,
Iresh cantaloupes, and grape
fruit at G.A. Rendell's.
The body of W. N. Rolf,
drowned last October in Nicola
lake, was found last week.
Mrs. W. B. Fleming will soon
return from Saskatoon, where she
has been visiting her sister.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
During the past three months,
Bridesville has contributed $280
to the Red Cross at Grand Forks.
Mrs. A. M. Lloyd came in
from San Francisco last week,
to visit friends at Kettle 'Valley.
Just in. Bulk vinegar $1,50 a
gallon. Sour mixed pickles $1.75
gallon glass jar.    G. A. Rendell.:
Translucent crabapples, Flemish Beauty and Bartlett pears
will arrive in Rendell's store this
John Wafer, of Slocan City, is
employed at the Rock Candy
group, up the North Fork from
Grand Forks.
Lieut. Donald Smith of the
Royal Air Force, is visiting - his
parents in Grand Forks, previous
to going overseas.
At Vancouver 3000 crates of
raspberries have been placed in
cold storage, and will be shipped
to Baltimore in December.
.Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. A.
N. Docksteader, of the Mother
Lode, in Greenwood Hospital, on
Saturday, August 24, a daughter.
The Red Cross will hold a
Masquerade Ball, on Friday, September 13. Six good prizes. Refreshments, Bush's orchestra.
The Ledge is $2 a year in
advance. When not paid for
three months it is $2.50, and
when paid at end of year it is $3:
George Cawston and F. W.
Eddy have entered the meat business in Princeton. They have
had a shop at Keremeos for some
Miss C. L. Thompson, of Victoria, formerly of Greenwood,
has received the appointment of
teacher in the High School at
Grand Forks.
���ft-.Full line of No. 1 soaps just in>
Royal Vmola and Rexall make,
Medicated Skin/Tar, Toilet, and
Bath. Shaving Soaps at Goodeve Drug Store.
Wi. H.. Docksteader will open a
garage in connection with the
Palace Livery next month. It
will be in charge of an expert in
all auto troubles and requirements.
L. C. Odell, formerly of the
Mint at Kettle Falls, the Napoleon at Boyds, and the Nes Perces
in Spokane, is still on deck running the Province Bar at Grand
Forks, B. C.
The sensation ih Phoenix
tbis week, is the great price-
smashing sale at the Granby
Stores. Goods for men, women
and children are being ^bld at
reasonably low   prices.     Those
Oscar Lachmund has resigned
as manager of the Canada Copper Co., and will open a mining
office in Spokane. He will be
succeeded by H. R. Van Wagener
of Denver, Colorado
Some 20 houses have already
been built by the three C's at the
Mill Site, near Princeton. The
sawmill cuts 25,000 feet of lumber
daily. The railway will reach
there in October.
Pte, James McDougall of
Grand Forks was killed in
France on August 8th while in
action. Jimmy had seen much
service at the front, having been
wounded twice in previous battles.
While   fishing    in    Boundary
A Diamond Find
Creek, near Murray's ranch last
Sunday, Frank Peterson and
Martin Anderson caught a trout
that weighed one ounce over six
pounds, and was 2b inches in
The Big Sale now going on at
the Granby Stores in Phoenix, is
attracting attention trom all
parts of the district, as goods are
being sold that are astonishing
these days. The sale closes on
Charles Cochrane, aged about
nine years, fell off a fence near
Beaverdell on Sunday, and badly
fractured his left arm. He was
brought to town and received
surgical attendance by Dr. Wood,
at his new hospital.
Walter B. Kerr died in Princeton last week from pneumonia.
He was a plumber for the three
C's at the Mill Site. -Interment
took place, in Revelstoke. He is
survived by his wife and one
child. His life was insured for
When W. H. Docksteader entered the livery business in
Greenwood he retired from the
police force at Midway, and that
position is now filled by W.
Stewart, late of Phoenix. W.
H. Lines of Ducks is the new
provincial policeman in Phoenix.
For several days past, Phoenix has become a Mecca for pilgrims in search of bargains that
can be obtained at the Granby
Stores. Some ride, while others
walk^but. they are all smiling at
the prospect of=getting a big pile
of goods, for a little wad of.
money. Hike to Phoenix with
the procession before it is too
Messrs. D. Biner, J. G. McMynn, W. Jenks, Joe Richter and
Ed Richter of the Midway Gun
club were in Vancouver last week
competing iu the trap shoot at
the exhibition. In the B.C. team
championship the Midway team
made a very good showing being
only defeated by one bird, 226-225
out of 250, by the No. 1 team of
Vancouver. J. G. McMynn of
Midway won the B. C. championship with 49 out of 50 birds.
Angus Cameron recently located some chromite
claims, a short distance west of Rock Creek, about 20
miles from Greenwood. A piece of float chromite was
thrown into his auto, while at the claims, and remained
therefor several_ days. Upon examination Cameron found
eight beautiful diamonds encrusted in the clay sticking to
the chromite. One of these was half the size of a pea.
Another is much larger, but its size has not yet been determined, owing to the clay with which it is encrusted.
The find has caused a sensation, aud one prospector states
that diamonds may be found within a mile of Greenwood.
In addition to chromite, platinnm and other valuable
minerals, Greenwood promises to be the centre of a
diamond field. That would make it a very lively mining
camp���a second Joberg.
Western Float
Fishermen Take Notice
After quoting from Our Da cab
Animals a short editorial which
urged the killing of all fish as soon
as they are taken from the water,
and opposed the use of such live
bait as fregs and other fish, the
editor of the The Humane Angler
adds, what we are positive the
majority of men aud boys who fish
do not know:
"Fishing with the artificial lure
is the humane way and the mosfe
eport-producing way. Frogs killed
before being impaled on the hook
as bait are more alluring than the
live frogs.���F.H.R.
Miners, muckers; ranchers^and
all others who wish bargains' in
clothing,; ' boots, ��� ;shoes,: ;tiatsv
shirts, etc.ftetcy should visit the
Big Sale now goingfton'ftat the
Granby Stores id Phoenix, ft For
very little money you.can .buy.,a
bundle that will surprise you.
Ride up the hill and see for yourself. ' '
Often Embarrassing
These short skirts are rather bewildering."
"Yes, it isn't safe any more to
offer to take what you think is a
little girl on your lap."
who wish to take advantage of
th is great opportu ni ty sh ould not
delay; but get ftsome of itheftbar-
gains before it is too late.ftvftft: vft.
ft; Here ft is a partial ; list- of the
prizes at the Masquerade.i Ball on
September 13. Best dressed lady.
Out glass celery dishftvbyft:T' 'M:
Gulley & Co. Best dressed gen tie-
man. :��� Lee & Bryan give;:$5 in
groceries; Best sustained character,: Pair of boots by P. W,
He���So you are going to throw
me down, after all?
She���Yes. Father said he would
do it if I didn't, and he'sft-soft terribly literal you know:
Willingto Please
ft; my
:: ^'Here's a -nickel -forvyou,
man,'��� Bhe said to the frayed
ragged-looking ft individual;Xy
stood under the porebftwith extend-
ed hand."ftftVl'mft ftnpt giyingftitfcq
you for charity-s sake,; but merely:
because it pleases me." '. ft
" Thankee, ft but.;. couldn't you
make it a quarter and enjoy yourself thoroughly ma'am?" :
Has Eva quit writing love-letters
to Arthur?
Vic Rollins has become a resident of Vernon.
Salt Spring Island may soon
have a fruit cannery.
It is reported that there, is plenty
of booze in Revelstoke.
Joe Brown has moved from
Keremeos to the coast.
Red Paddy is working at the
Mill Site near Princeton.
Canada has furnished over 14,000
aviators in the present war.
S. Cowley is selling out in Vernon, and moving to the coast.
The war is costing Great Britain
a little over $25,000 a minute.
Many girls from the coast are
picking tomatoes at Keremeos.
Why is it that eo many young
ladies in Trail smoke cigarettes?
F. 0. Wade will likely be the new
agent-general for B. C. in London.
In Victoria, Pete Johnston was
fined $300 for speeding with his
In Kamloops two redskins were
fined' $10 for getting drunk on
Concrete ships are being built in
many parts of the world, including
China.7:/"- :������'-��������'
A. Stewart of Ladysmith was
fined 65 for running his auto past
a funeral.
In the Okanagan the Indians
play baseball with each other lor
$100 a game.
The nation mourns when our
soldiers die, but it is the mothers
who bear the cross.
During July, a new ehip was
launched every 46 hours from the
shipyards in Seattle.
This month in Arizona 800
ostriches were killed by one rancher, and sold for food.
Paddy Sheran, the old-time prospector, is working many claims in
the Lardo and Slocan.
What is the name of that lady
in Nelson, who inherited a fortune,
and does not know it?
Miss Edna Lewis, formerly of
Nelson and Rossland, has accepted
a position in Los Angeles.
The first carload of new potatoe
shipped from Vernon this year,s
brobght the Growers $90 a ton.
, Miss Rae Wilson of Nelson, recently made a great hit in Toronto
by singing at a concert in that city.
A postoffice will soon be established at the Mill Site, near
Princeton, It will probably be
called Bornite.
Frank Brown is now a resident
of Princeton. In early days he
was teller in some of the poker
games in Sandon and Nelson.
John Clegg of Chase committed
suicide by the shotgun route. He
was 76 years old, and had grown
despondent   through poor health.
The B. C. government now payB
a bounty of five cents each on
crows. The bounty on wolves and
panthers has been raised tb $20
The salmon pack in B. C. is the
greatest in 20 years. In the vicinity of Rupe some fishermen have
been making $50 a day;ftAt Naden
Harbor recentlyone seine took 1000
salmon in one haul. Some canneries are rnnning short of cans.
Eastern Canadians are very
ignorant about conditions in B.C.
Some of t'jem think that Victoria
has no; hotels, and that you cannot
get a- shot of liquid lightning in
Phoenix.:; Others havenever heanl
of Westbridge, ft Three: ForkB or
Eholt. ft; They ft; ebould read The
Ledge and'become educated.;:.:
Five sawmills at Massett are cut-
ting7:2,000,000 feet of ;eprnce a
month ft tobe; used for'.aeroplanpsft
The spruce Industry for the making of aeroplanes now employs 15T-
000 men;: in ? the;" mills boats and
logging camps of the Queen Charlotte Islands. Spruce is now. one
of the great assets of the provin ce.
B. C. Mining News
Stream tin has been found in the
Tulameen river.
Chrome and platinum occur in
the same kind of rock.
The Greenwood smelter has on
hand $35*000* worth of coke.
A dryer is now being used at the
manganese mine near Kaslo.
The Granby will extend the tunnel in the Velvet at Rossland.
It is 27 years since the first
claim was located in the Slocan.
There is great mineral wealth in
the mountains around Greenwood.
The shaft at the Emma at Denoro may Boon be sunk to the 4th
Volney D. Williamson has bonded 10 claims at Homestead,
John Cunliffe will develop some
coal claimr, on the North Thompson, near Kamloops.
The Silver Glance at Bear lake
in the Slocan will soon resume the
shipping of dry ore.
It  is   reported   that  about  10
claims in the Franklin camp contain platinum,  probably   half an,
ounce to the ton.
The Brandon brothers of Silver-
ton, have bonded the Adams and .
Canadian properties   to the   Surprise Mining Co.
The.Neutral at Chesaw is shipping 300 tons a month of iron ore
to the ferro-magnesite plant at
Chewelah, "Wash.
A new body of zinc ore has been
struck in the Silversmith, at Sandon. This mine has plenty of
galena on the 10th level.
After the 1st of September the
three C's will reduce the force at
Copper Mountain, only a few married miners being kept at wdrk.
A large body of copper ore has
been struck on the Regal group of
ten claims, about two miles from"
Princeton. That town may some
day be a second Butte.
Scott McRae and his partners,
shipped a carload of ore from the
Enterprize in the Big Copper camp
last week. They also shipped a
carload from the Great Hopes.
It is reported that Trites, Wood
& Wilson of Fernie, have bought
the Salmon River properties, at
the head of Portland Canal for
$75,000.    It adjoins the Bush.
The Dominion Government
should do more towards developing
tbe petroleum industry in Western
Canada. A great oil field in the
Rockies means millions of dollars
to Canada.
In the early days of Granite
Creek placer miners did not pay
much attention to platinum, and
usually put it in tin cans, and
stored it in their cabins, as it was
only worth then $4 an ounce.
Some prospectors should look for
these cans along the banks of the
Talame'eh. ;������'���'-\.---..: .'ft'
Wm. Thomlinson, M. E., visited
Rock Creek last week, in search of
platinum and other valuable war
minerals. ;: He obtained much valuable" information from Jimmy
Copland. Jimmy mined at 'Hill's.
Bar on the Fraser in 185S. He
was in the rush to Rock Creek in
I860, and still does some placering
on one of the forks of thiB creek.
He hold's the world's record for
each events THE    ��EDGH    &BEEOTOQD.    Bu   &
School Lands For Sale
DOUGLAS*     uures
X/^ntV^T        norms,
Example For Canada      | Marvels in Army Surgery
ftmerican Authorities Much in Earn
est  in  All  Matters  Relating
to the War
Profiteering is not alway
Mc in the United States. A New
Vork firm of wholesale dealers was
ronvicted recently of making a great-
rr profit on sugar than was allowed
by the federal food board. Thc firm
was ordered 1o contribute the sum
Pf $20,000 to thc_ Red Cross, that
amount representing tlie excess profits plus a line. Tlie food board
plight have cancelled thc firm's license and compelled a complete sus-
iiension of business, but decided to
mpose the penalty instead. The
American authorities seem to be very
much in earnest in all matters relating to llie war,��� Woods! o
Suite cf Ohio,  City  of To!er<!o,
Lucas   County,   ph.
Frank J. Cheney m.ikes o.ith
ccuior partner oi the firm oi K.
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the suui of OXE HUNDRED
DOT.I.AKS for eacli and every case of Catarrh that cannot bc cured by the use oi
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day oi December, A. D.,
1886. A.  \V.  OLEASON.
(.Seal) Notary  Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts through thc Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send for testimonials
V.   J.   CHENEY   &   CO.,   Toledo,   O.
Hall's   Family   Pills   ior   constipation.
Effective    Treatment    of
Has    Restored    Fighting
Strength of Allies
Marvels arc being performed by
the surgeons attached to the various
entente armies. By exercising their
skill thcy have restored to lhc fighting strength of the allied nations
each year since the beginning of the
war whole divisions of men who, in
other wars would have died of_ their
wounds or would have been crippled
for  life.
Tlie recent  gigantic battles, as  the
result  of  which    more wounded  men
than   ever before   have  received  surgical  treatment  within a short  space
of time,  have  demonstrated  the   immense strides made  not only in  sur-
.Senti- ! gery,  but   the   methods   ot   removing
j the    wounded    from the battle  fields
land   transporting   them   to   hospitals,
i So  effective  is  the  co-operation    be-
Contain no harmful drugs.    2Sc per box or 5
boxes   by   mail   on   receipt   of   $1.00.
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont.
Haig's Brother
Now a Captain
Selling Value in Proportion to Producing Value
Sales of school lands have been
held at various places in Saskatchewan and Alberta during thc past few
days, invariably they havc attracted
large numbers of buyers and thc majority of pieces offered were quickly
disposed of, some bringing fairly
high prices. At Cabri, Saskatchewan,
sonic  158 parcels  were      sold,      thc
i highest price being $47 per acre. One
j hundred and twenty-four parcels
were sold at prices from $18 to $47
Wounded':m acre. At Lamont, Alberta, $42
and $43 an acre were paid for parcels, while at Vcgrevillc, on thc following day, the highest price realized for any of thc parcels offered was
$-15 an acre. Commenting on this
sale thc Edmonton "Bulletin says cd
"School  lands     in
district  have  been   se
$-15 an acre. The district is a favored j er on thc western front, was in
one. but the price paid for wild land j charge of a talc mine in this county,
is  none  tlie less notable.  Farm land j but   thcy  will   not  bc   surprised     to
Was Managing a Talc    Mine
Madoc in Ontario
The spirit of thc  British people is
I splendidly illustrated in a  story that
comes from, the little mining village
of  Eldorado in  the county of Hastings,  Out.      The  people  of   Canada
will be  surprised to hear that at tha
the Vegreville   outbreak  of  war a  brother    of    Sir
ling as  high as   Douglas Haig, thc Briiish command-
in Alberta is coming to have a selling value somewhat in relation to its
producing value. It is still the clieap-
c>\ land in the world, producing power c-jiisi'lered."
War-Time Clothes
Problems of What to   Wear
by the Government
All women engaged in official war
work have thc problem of what to
wear solved for them by their government, as a rule. There are other
women who arc just as truly engaged in war work but its performance
docs not remove them from the generality of women. The question of
what to wear is, however, a most
important one. The great consideration is to secure suitable material,
eliminate as much as possible in the
way of laundry work that comes under the head of "luxuries" and never
for one instant look dowdy or���what
some women abhor almost as much���
just "serviceable."
Femininity has set its brains to
work and there is a general agreement that thc one-piece frock is most
satisfactory. If one must have
blouses the recommendations is for
dark ones with dainty guimpes which
can be renewed easily and frequently,
suffer comparatively little from their
visit to the laundry and always look
dainty and fresh. Both time and
money arc saved by using    guimpes,
Nights of Agony come in the train
of   asthma.      The  victim   cannot     lie
down   and   sleep   is   driven   fr.un    his
brain.     What   grateful   relief   is     the
immediate   effect   ol*  Dr.   .1.   D.    Kcl-
twecn surgeons and physicians at the'logo's Asthma  Remedy.    It banishes
'j front and  those  at  the  hospitals     in', the   frightful   conditions,   clears      the
thc   rear   that   an   immensely     larger j passages,   ami 'enables    thc    afflicted
proportion   of   the   wounded     recover jnne   to  again   sleep   as   soundly     and
than  was   the   case  al   the  beginning ; ustfully   as  a   child.     Insist   on    the
of the  war. ! genuine at  your nearby  druggist.
Men whose legs or arms have been ! -���	
Increasing Bulkheads
New Type  of    Unsinkable    Ship
Being  Built in  America
A new type of "unsinkable ship"
is being built in America. It has become known that contracts for ten
of the vessels have been let by the
French government to an American
yard. The design is the work of a
Frenchman and embodies principles
hitherto untried, details of which are
being kept  secret.
Since the adverse report ou thc
buoyance box system, tried out in
thc steamer Lucia, the shipping
board has not undertaken any new
efforts to frustrate the work of submarine torpedoes. Work is continuing, however, on increasing the
number of bulkheads in vessels,
which was begun some weeks ago.
It has been learned that thc Germans had to use three torpedoes to
gink thc transport President Lincoln,
because the increased number of
bulkheads prevented the last two explosions front flooding sufficient
space to sink the vessel.
fractured by shells now are restored I
to their regiments iu a minimum per-j
iod of time. This is very largely due i
to the fact that they receive prompt i
antiseptic treatment and surgical at- ;
tention, which prevents blood    poir
i learn   that he  went  home,  to  do  his
bit.    Notwithstanding that    hc     was
j sixty years of age, John  Haig, elder
I brother of the Field Marshal, closed j Linen or lawn of good quality is the
I up his mining business and left for
j LSritain, where he volunteered as a
| private, lie gave his age as fifty aud
j did not look a day older, it is said,
, the outdoor life having preserved his
; youth fulness.    He  was  rejected,    but
did  not   give   up  the.   idea  of    going
to   the   trenches.     J lis  brother,      Sir
Douglas   Haig,  did   not  know    John
was   trying  to   enlist,  for  thc    latter
apparently   never   told  him.      At all
events,   he   did  not  usc   his   influence
to get a commission, but by liis persistence   and     personality    hc  event-
"Local Musical Talent"
A  in--v. spaper    is    seldom    popular
with   the   average   local   musical   tal-
i nl.     The   pianists   expect   tlie.   paper) .
lu  -ay  of them  lliey are.  Padcrcwski: J u
ihe vocalists must cijual  Me.ll i    and!
secured a commission as sec-
ieulenant, and is today a cap-
ain in a British infantry regiment,
somewhere in France." Mrs. Haig
rossed the Atlantic with her bus-
Kind and  is   nursing    wounded    sol-
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Armageddon of the Air
Destruction Airplanes Might Achieve
Passes Bounds of Credibility
The terrific destruction which ten
or twenty thousand airplanes, acting
In concert, might achieve passes the
bounds of present-day credibility.
With thousands of planes in continuous attack, an island like Heligoland could be blown out of the sea,
Krupp munition works simply obliterated, ancl railways destroyed for
hundreds of miles, so that all army
supports would be completely ruined.
It Is America's pride that we gave
the airplane to the world. Our inventive and organizing genius is
asleep if wc do. not snake df it the
most terrible weapon of war the
world lias ever known.���Ncw Vork
Miller's    Worm    Powders      prove !
their value.    Tlicy do not cause any I
violent   disturbances  in  thc  stomach. |
any  pain   or   griping,   but     do    their i
work  quietly  and painlessly,  so  that '
thc  destruction  of the worms  is  imperceptible.    Yet  they are  thorough,
and from the  iirst  dose, there is  improvement in  thc  condition    of    the
sufferer  and  an  entire  cessation     of
manifestations  of  internal   trouble.
stiltr    L'ical  talent  says:  "With   such j
a  paper it is impossible to create an
artistic   atmosphere   iu   this   town."���
Alehi-on   ( ihibe.
three-roomed   shack  built    near
mine,     and     there    thc   couple
suniiiK'r and  winter.
Used Can Opener
! Upon Stray Mine
j Farmer  Took   It   For   a
of Boiler
New   Kind
Clothing Nearly Scarce
As Food Among Germans
Drastic    Orders   Issued    Forbidding
Use of Meats or Tablecloths
Clothing in  Germany has now become almost as scarce as food.  Perhaps nothing could more graphically
reveal  the clothing plight    of     Germany,  than a proposal just put forward by Justizfiit Otto lfteig,: a prominent :Berlih lawyer; ih at TheWgovcriiV :
mentlshotildTbrthwitli   enact avlaw^^^w
maldhg.it: compulsory  for _;the; heirs;! factory.ftTry...tlicft'iie.w, ri|c-thod! Shrivr-
of: dead vpepplc or-tltc adiuinistfatpr
Dog  Food
Two  reprints    on     the    European
food   situation   that    appear    in     ttir
Literary   Digest  are     distinctly     encouraging. I
English owners are having trouble j
to feed their dogs.   Table   scraps are >     A   miraculous   story     of     how     a
a  thing ot  the past and  the govern- j South African  farmer, finding an un-
dog I exploded    mine    on    thc
' opened   it   with   a   can   opener,
incut  is   cutting  oft  rations  of
In (iennany market prices on   dog
meat  are   getting beyond  the    reach
| of   poor   people,  50    to     75    cents  a
pound at  Chemnitz.���St.   Paul  News.
preferred material. Underwear has
likewise been chosen with thc same
ideas in view. Frills arc practically
banished. All of these points recommend themselves because they
emphasize most attractively the two
things dear lo the womanly woman���
dainty belongings for every day and
immaculate freshness.
_ A London t.'lor is offering a wartime onc-piccc dress which has many
attractive features. The design is
patented and all royalties go to thc
Briiish Red Cross. The frock is a
"slipover" and by means of a clever
combination of collar, stole and belt
the fullness is adjusted about the
waist and one frock may be made to
appear different each time it is worn
provided thc "harness" as it is called,' is made up in various colors or
The same modej can be made up
for morning, afternoon and evening
wear. Canadian women might design and patent a dress, the proceeds
to  go lo  thc  Red  Cross.
The Occasional Use of a Tonic Will
Ensure a Good Appetite and
Good Health
Loss of appetite during thc    summer months is a common trouble, and
seashore, j iIui;cates that the digestive system is
set | 0l,t of order,
l^i Wl uiuci.    Lacking a healthy ap
explosive it con-1 petite  many   people���especially    wo-
alire  the charge o
tained. aud  lived  to tell thc talc has j 'ncil_go  too 'long without food,    or
"     cat sparingly because food seems   to
been  received   by  the  British  admir
ally. I distress   thcin,   and  it  is  no  wonder
The farmer was walking along thc j thcy complain of being constantly
beach with his son when he found I tired and unable to stand the hot
the mine. Hc took it for a new kind ��� weather. All this simply means that
of boiler used in wireless telegraphy,; the digestive system is not doing its
and proceeded  to investigate, it with
all  thc   curiosity  of a  child.
With a can opener he pried   open
proper work and that the nutriment
that should come- from the food is
not being distributed  to thc various
Corii; plasters; :bc::lianged,:thcy: iil-
of their estates to turn over to the
slate all thc clothing left by thc deceased  persons. .
It is now illegal for any hotel, restaurant or other public house to
serve meats on table cloths. Such
tabic cloths and napkins as these establishments now" possess., .would- be
confiscated and utilized primarily for
baby linen.
arated from thc toe. This you can
do mighty fjuick by painting on Putnam's Corn Extractor. Jt sure docs
bring relief���lakes away the sting,
lifts out the whole corn in a day or
two. Putnam's will really,
cure   the   toughest   of   corns.
thc primer. of. the mine. Then he',organs of thc body. In other words
took . a hammer and a chisel and j the blood is growing thin and watery,
knocked off the "horns." After tin-1 In such cases what is needed is a
screwing a brass, cap and some pul-j summer tonic, and among all medi-
'cy wheels, the two  rolled  thc mine | cines'there is no tonic can equal Dr.
into the sea, filled it with water
screwed   back   the   brass   cap.
As thcy lifted the mine into their
cart to lake it home, a substance resembling . brown     tar.   trickled   out.
surely ..Thcy didn't know, it, but it:was "T.
Costs ; N.T.." trinitrotoluene, a most deadly
Sick of Slaughter
Family barracks arc to be constructed in Germany where there is
a shortage of seven hundred and
fifty thousand small dwellings. Recently thc Reichstag voted thc sum
of five hundred million marks for the
construction of family barracks,
-where whole families may live in the
same restricted quarters as soldiers,
and possibly under some form of
A New York state bean growers'
association has been formed for thc
purpose of formulating plans to
stimulate thc consumption of beans.
Mowed Down Enemy Like Hay
.   Sixteen Days of Heavy
"We went right lo it until wc were
fairly sick of thc slaughter," writes
a soldier, who Avas with thc cavalry
in recent heavy fighting, from a hos-
Jpilal in England, "We certainly gave
it to them plenty and hard when wc
charged.._ Thcy stood in hundreds
with their hands up, begging for
mercy,    and  wc  mowed  them  down
but a quarter in any drug store. Get j explosive,   which   had   been   softened
11  today. I by'the  sun. .
  j    They lighted thc substance with a
Foe Anxioui For Decision',n:,udi'"l,��.*?~ >f ��t was tar." The rc-
  , suit so frightened thcin lhat they lit
n TT       _. TT      .,    TT       ' out for home.    Thc flames rose   200
Germans^Have Drawn Heavily Upon   fcct> sQ 1)adly.scari���g the inhabitants
of the coast  that many of them fled
to thc  woods.
just  like    hay  before  a   mower
ible game.
had my
All  Resources  to End  War
This   Year
The following is a summary of the
war situation cabled to Canada by the
director of public information for
publication as official news:
The German idea of a world peace
is illustrated in the recent manoeuvres in Russia, Roumania and Finland. A similar process, is taking
place in ihe Caucasus. Attempts to
i-.tablish  an   independent    Caucasian
It; Republic,    in     Which Christians and j
is a  terrible game.      Wc  have    sure i Mohaninirdans alike will share, were
threatened by the advance of Tur
Nii-Gcrman forces which continued
during the progress of thc peace negotiations; an indi'pi ndeiit Georgian
Rt public has been proclaimed. Germany's object is to completely separate  this  all-important    district    from
| The frightened farmer ran to a
j constable and brought thc officer
j back to see the sight. The constable
didn't know what thc thing was, i
.cither, so he rolled it into
weeds and notified a British warship
in the harbor. Not until an officer
arrived from the ship was it known
that the mysterious article was a
Naval officers arc at loss to understand  why the Boer fanner was not
X_ I blouii  to pieces.
HoiisC Rationing in Berlin
Berlin    has ���'become    so    short of
houses that a card rationing scheme
is  to  bc put  into  effect.    According
to   Vorwartz"  the. housing cards will
had it   tough," but  I  had my  . usual
good luck.
"ll was a sad sight to sec thc
civilians, old men and women and
children, coming down the roads
with their few belongings in barrows and small carriages, hurrying , , *��� , . , ��� , :���,.���k,��� .i,�� cnlwlivUirm of l-irt-e
a��-nv from thr -.dvince We had to K;,s^1:l :lml ,n��'' ll completely into imolvc tlie subdivision or urgc
away trom thc advance, wc nau io f.CuI,,,nl;c ..' j w.iiit-irv svstem I houses and the redistribution of their
fight a rear guard action all the , "! \ con.min. - .uiu m in. ry sjsii .n, : irco��'ine-to'the ' size of the
w-oir f-n nllow the infintrv ind emir' giving (urinanv control of the Black rooms according to ine size or . ut.
waj to allow tne lniantiv ..mi tuns -, . ... , oil : fain y to bc accommodated. Single
to  get  away.     1 hey  came  in   ihous- , ��� ' ;i  oil   ti  Id-,    similar    to    mc     01' , f..m:ifc^ r.rc ,10 loncrer to be allovVed
thous- ' neld.-. ot   Rotiniauia,    and a  base  for ] lamuics. arc no longer io ut aiiuweu
penetration into Central Asia. I to occupy houses of ten  to     fiitccn
Austrian     conditions    continue   to ! rooms,, only ai few of which arc act-
trrow worse. According to The Wes- ' "ally used��� trom.. the    Shrccyeport.
Williams' Pink Pills. Take a short
treatment with these pills and notice
how promptly your appetite returns
and your power to digest food improves. Your food will then do you
good, your strength will return and
you will no longer complain that the
hot weather tires you out. Mrs. M.
Kelly, Windsor, Ont., says:���"I suffered from inc'-'gestion for several
years, and although I.was constantly
taking doctor's prescriptions they did
not cure me; and thc result was that
t was greatly run down, and always
feeling poorly. Finally I was advised
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
as 1 soon found thcy were helping
me I continued their use-until I was
fully cured, and am now able to properly digest any food I take. As a
some j tonic and blood builder I know of no
medicine to equal Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and I recommend them to all
in need of a medicine."
j The best time to begin taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills is the moment
you feel the least bit out of sorts.
The sooner you do so the . sooner
you will.regain your old time energy.
You can get these -pills through any
medicine deader or by mail at .50
cents, a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
German Officers
Lesi Arrogant
Canadian Major Says This Temperament of Huns Has Undergone Change
Major E. C. Goldic of the Canadian Engineers, who recently arrived in this country on leave claims
that the German attitude has undergone a change in the last few
months. The officers were not so
ed, state their action is worthy of
the best traditions of thc British
mercantile marine.
arrogant, and the ordinary soldier
showed every sign of being war-
The recent advances of the Germans, hc said, were due to the fact
that they brought up large numbers
of men and flung them into battle,
regardless of casualties.
Between thc Americans and lhe
Canadians a strong feeling of friendliness has grown up. The Americans
were proud, he said, to fight with
troops from their own side of the
world who had since thc beginning
of the war performed many deeds
of heroism, while thc Canadians
were happy to fight shoulder to
shoulder with the Americans.
It was the conviction of Captain
James M. Cooper of the Royal Medical Corps, another arrival, that the
German soldiers knew thcy were
licked. He did not look for the
Germans to surrender in a body but
to fight it out to thc end.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
er  Zeitung,  thc  Vienna   Burgomaster
rcntlv declared: "The faults of our
as between POSTUM
and oiher table
is in favor of ihe
is all this and more.
Rs most delicious.
Besides there's no
waste, and these
are days when one
should Save. Try
get away
ands and wc killed them in
ands, but still thcy came, until wc
finally made a stand and charged
them three times in one day and
then went in, dismounted, and held
thc line.      It was  surely    a  terrible
fight.  Thc  dead  were  lying so  close | governments of "the  last few cenlur
wc had to climb over them. jies  bitlerlv   avenge  themselves.  High
"I. tell you 1 am mighty tickled , treason and boundless ingratitude are
to bc out "of it for a while. Wc were i now rampant and thc governments
cut up, but it was nothing to what j prove weak and unsteady. The sti-
wc gave them. As far as thc eye . prenie duly of the. German parties is
could sec there were masses of tht in I to show a united front to Slav
coming.    There   was   nothing   for  us
to do but get in onr best work, and
believe me, we did it, and did it well.
You should havc seen us after we
came out. I am afraid we looked
more like demons than linn. However, I had my usual good luck wilh
mc all through sixteen days ���>{ he:i\ v
Heroism at Sea
Is Recognised
Rescue of    Crew    of    Sinking    Ship
Showed Fine Seamanship
A thrilling story of heroism  at
wa-  disclosed   at     pr��S' n.atious
thc   l.i11   Captr.in   of.   the     ^ti.tiii
Pert i^i'ti   of  (Jinbic  and" l.h'vd-.
W.   S.   Knb';-.-,   h.t,
tlx-   --t
������ tn
; Many people in Canada have mffered
treachery.'' lhe Austrian weakness , from rheumatism and kidney trouble and
enables Germany to reduce Austria '��� have found Aiiuric io bo tho moat auc-
tii tlie po-.ii.on of a vassal slate. The eessfnl remedy to overcome these painful
new iiiaty fetters Austria for a gen-. and dangerous ailments,
'.���ration. It propo-cs thc complete | The lucky people aro those -who havo
tniiii'-atioii of the two armies' co-or-, heeded Nature's warning Bignal in time
dilution ot mobilization, munition- ; to correct their trouble with that new dis-
lr.ui-poii food -upply and the covery of Dr. Pierco'a called "Anuric.''
���-'ing of ironoinie n-soui'ces. The ' You should promptly heed those warning*,
man policy of domination ha-- in some of .which are dizzy spells, backache,
cp .i-i'iL'ly proved a menace to the ' irregularity of the uriue or the painful
!r< ��� .hiin   uf all  countries.
lhe I'nitcd States is daily taking
an iuci\:i--pd part in the conflict. The
Ai.ieriean war spirit j-. only accentuated by the sinking of ships off the
American coa-.t, the tonnage of
\iill   soon   be   replaced      nsany
Big Enemy Force in Russia
About 300,000 Germans and Austrians
in Territory of Former Czar
German and Austrian troops now
occupying territory of thc former
Russian empire number about 300,-
000. This excludes Finland. Thc advanced enemy line begins at Narva,
on the bay of Narva in Esthonia
(about 90 miles west of Pctrograd)
and runs through Pskov, Oshsa,
Kurst, Valuiki, Novo Tcl.crka and
Rostov on  Don.
More than one-half of the Black
Sea fleet which escaped from Sebas-
topol is now at Novo Rossick, where
thc Bolshcviki are in control, although German submarines are reported lo bc guarding thc entrance
to the harbor.
Turkish troops, the strength of
which is unknown to thc Russian
military authorities, have advanced
in Trans-Caucasia from Batum on
the Black Sea to a point a few miles
cast of Alexandropol (on the railroad running south into Persia).
German and Austrian troops arc
about equally divided between the
Ukraine and the district in the north,
and are kept constantly moving, apparently with the purpose of preventing the Bolshcviki from gaining
the syinpathyof the people.
The German troops in Finland arc
estimated at from 50,000 to 100,000.
They arc supported by 50,000 White
Guards. In Finland, the Gentians
havc moved east from the railway
to Lake Koumto, where thcy arc repairing the fleet and erecting barracks for thousands of troops and
apparently preparing for a movement against the Murmansk railway
in the vicinity of Kim.
The Germans and White Guards
are also north of Tornca (at the head
of the Gulf "of Bothnia) and arc beginning a railway extension toward
Warts . are unsightly blemishes,
and corns are painful growths. Hol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove them.
Disease in Roumania
Epidemic Resulting From War Conditions Decimating Districts
Roumania is negotiating with Germany for. large quantities of chemical prepartaions and other medical
materials to combat diseases growing out of war conditions which are
raging with disastrous results in Rumanian territory,- according to Thc
Berlin Vossische Zeitung.
The population in some districts
affected by the widespread wave of
disease has been decimated, thc
newspaper declares.
tiilies ���
Americana Invade
St. James' Square
Y.M.C.A.   Built    Country    Club    for
Officers in Hitherto  Sacred
Another cherished English tradition has been smashed by the advent of America into, the war. For
two hundred years St. James' Square,
London, has been regarded as sacred
from all invasion. It lay green and
pleasant amid some, of the most
stately mansions of London, but no
one entered it from year's end: to
year's end save the gardeners, who
rolled the turf; or swept up fallen
.'Today the American Y.M.C.A. has
commandeered-'it- and.'turned it into
a first-class country club for American oflicers, but has done it with
gentle hands. The fine equestrian
statue of William Til.-'is indeed surrounded by the building of Washington Inn, but not one of thc .century?
old plane trees lias been disturbed,
and the wings of the structure, have
been so disposed as to avoid their
trunks. The result is that American
officers, in the very heart of London, within five minutes' walk of
Trafalgar   Square,   have   a   place    of
miles   in
fo no mora necessary
than Smallpox; Army
excellence faai demonstrated
tbe almost miraculous efficacy, sndharmlesJneis, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, yoa an4
Tour family. It Is mote vital than house Insurance.
Jtale yout physician, druggist, or send for Hars
you had Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid'V.eclnc,
results from us , and danger from Typhoid Curlers.
rioouciNa vacuum a shuns undii u. I. soy. ucsaac
WKNroraENOHItEMZDV, NO..��.!*.N.��j
ERAPlON Ki'uf.'Sll
rreat success, cures chkonio weakness.lost viooa
rir.Es. eitiiex Na. DRvaoiSTs er mail ll. iost i orl
i. MVT.aTMsr atriUD to all oemuine r*cxa��
Wool's rkODpkociimv
Th*  Cfreaj jEnffUth
I'eDM and invigorates the whou
aeryous system, makes new Bloot
ia   ela veins,   Curt* JVervcssf
PtbUlty.litntaX and Jlrai* fforrv, JDctpen.
itnev, Lot* *f Energy* JPttpttatiori tf ti
ptart. Failing Memory.  Pries 91 per boi,
t*r|B.- -Ono TcUl please, ill will core.  Bold by
Iracfiita o�� mailed In plain* pkg. on receipt .
MKOlCINKCtX.mtRT0.en. tfvasibT
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
The Matches With "No
EDDY U the only Canadian
maker of these matchei, ever;
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once It
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
���XyXXXx'X " jrljvc->'������ '   iiruA" ���' uut.<*
���fiyh-vtiitev V;j;i>i;'-;(v:ii!;ilife .  to
.:;!;!;( ir'::griny's.,fivi'i.r.^'-t-rv'i'r.jlf-ili-.
X -\\
���ii-' tii.fttj':-,
;: i-tlt-
<h-\: i'siy-ft;;A74^tor\ft-v<v yxy.,Xy
lyiy ��� :o'-'f���''��� foQtl iefiGrt;sv7tliat
��'.f'Mt; '���'!?H.f-''l:fi-n-ifi'l [- oscpjjisc'd:
irffl 7vi:l!fift.i;'ftnitTd7,:..StatC:S
'y-l 5X'XX\yAiX\lXincryXXis
twinges of xhcunratiam, sciatica or lumbago. To delay may make possible the
dangerous forms of kidney, disease, such
as diabetes or stone) in the bladder.
To overcome these  distressing conditions vou should take plenty of eiereiso
in;the open air, avoid a heavy meat.diet ;    v        whkh  mi  ,u  ,JC
drink freely of water and at each meal i   . ^ ,._������,...
take Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets (double j u     counll>-
iiKiiiiUiiti   strength).   You will, in a short time, And
that you aro one of the firm indorsers of
.An-u'ric, as are many of your neighbors.       The    Germans      fiiiirantrcd      safe
Send Dr. V. if. Pierce, Buffalo,-N. Y.,   conduct-to p.  Norwegian ��� ship  carry-
or Bridgeburg, Ont., 10c for trial.pkg.     I ing food to litingry  Sweden but seiz-
St.     Catharines,,:   Ont.���For     several i cd   tlie -.vi-ssrl -:.and   look  it   and    its
years    I    suffered ; cargo  to  Germany as-a'prize.     Thc
vrithft/gravel ��� and'
With'f-urie Vac i <3,
IO tliCv-J)onr:!:
V arc   'anion
German  Guarantees
lie    Germans      guaranteed
causing ���. rheumatic
pains. Nothing
ever helped me
until I commenced
to take 'Anuric,'
and the first thingr
I i.oticed v;ss that
the gravel Lad d^s-
EpT'Carrd r.::<I lias
��� Ti.ade n rea: p-*ftr;ir->���>. My ��eef--2l
h r.a? .Ep'ove 1 &r-l I live a hotter
'.'���':.Servj coud.t:cn" ar.d my eyesight seems
Xibcjii'T.','��� i. I -iv 1 to licve i-:eh diny <=peHs.
: at ri -r.f-i I thought I vrorl 1 i'lict, hnt th^e
iftio-1 v r--r Trc"bi-�� rce. My o-1y regret is
X-Xhsx I -:il r.z-. Vncw cf .\:.-^:z lefore."-
j-^Ifc^. JJ, M/ii^&us, 12-i. Albert St,
Germans, asked- through.- the Pope
that the French and ftBritish ,^hould
a^ree not to bomb Coloprie "on Corpus Christi day. The allies agreed,
but Germany boinbed-Pa'ris:on the
samc-dav.-'- If Germany, has le'ft..any-
'-undone':,to."prove tlie y.ortlilc=S--
of-'. h'^r.-.'-\v'ord,ft-i.t--:is:.s'ceniin2ly.-./'a'n'
j With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain
*���_......��� ,. ........^^
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind of a corn can shortly be
lifted right out with the fingers if
you will apply on the corn a_ few
drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
bottle: of frcezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus without pain or
soreness or the danger of infection.
This new drug is an ether compound and, dries the moment it is applied and does not inflame or' even
iiritate the surrounding tissue, Jrst
think! You can life off your corns
and calluses now without a bit of
pain or sorcnes. If your druggist
hasn't frcezone he can easily get a
small bottle for you from his wholesale drug house.
Big Area in Flax
Area Under Crop in the Lethbridge
District Not Less Than Two
and a Half Million Acres
President "Slarnoch of Lethbridge
board of trade estimates that the
area now under crop in the Lethbridge district is not less than two
and a half million ,-icres. if V anything, somewhat more'. This means
i that thc area seeded exceeds that of
1917 by 'half a million acrcsft-'-For the
increased productive area, ilax takes
a prominent; part."'-'Miich- of this has
been.planted;in, the new breaking.
The percentage of wheat and oats
sown is-about-.lhc "same as last year.
Barley,-shows .-.a less,area. Rye this
year, is''more' largely cultivated.''���������..'=''.',':;
Send  a   Dominion  Express  Honey  Order.
They are payable everywhere. ^^^^
The Passing of
Childhood Friends
Another Sad Touch to the Cruel Toll
of Warftftftft.ft
There will be genuine regret over
a little news item that comes from
Switzerland ��� regret which, . The
Cleveland Plain: Dealer obverves,
will be felt not alone by the ordinary
sentimental reader. The most ardent food conservationist will experience a thrill of pity as hc reads that,
"owing to food shortage, the monks
of St. Bernard have been obliged to
kill all but six of their famous St.
Bernard dogs."
The paragraph will stir the memory of many. It will travel back to.
tlie old picture that . appealed to
childhood imagination ��� thc big,
handsome,- mild-cycd dog who has
found a lost traveller, half-buried in
the whirling snow of the Alpine Pass.
The dog carries a small cask of supplies tied to his neck, and is baying
to attract thc attention of his masters.
A short history of the Hospice of
St. Bernard is furnished by our
Cleveland contemporary. It is situated in a pass of the Alps between
Piedmont and the. Swiss canton of
Valais. Tt was founded nearly a
thousand years ago by Bernard dc
Menthau,.- and: for all these, centuries
it has been famous for its unfailing
succor to travellers���and for its dogs.
Very early in thc history of the Hospice dogs were trained to .find unfortunates who had been lost in the
snow in their endeavor to thread
this difficult .mountain pass, and
many centuries ago the noble breed
that takes its name from the monastery was  developed..
The news that necessity has driven the monks to kill most of their
beloved animals adds another sad
touch to thc cruel toll of war. But
thc breed of St. Bernards is not wip- ���
cd out because the good hospitallers
have had to practise euthanasia upon
their heloycd. pack, though, a picturesque and age-old institution suffers.
-^-Toronto Globe.
"lies s.
kx Q ttXtr^'yyyX yoyX 4X '.tt ���;��� yc>u-: 'kytc
.Thrown away by early Spanish explorers who were ignorant ,of its
value, platinum is being found by
workmen excavating foundations for
the erection of new;buildings in: Columbia. ;;vSometimcs ; the:, 'amounts
found are. so large'as to payfor the
entire'ebst; of erecting" the new
ixMMm ���
ft SPr pvintiaiVActibnft'A v^suticTft
ft .'-BaG/H'""pfdvi^tel:'7^
"Can sii$ Xopdftboard; hXX}.XXyiiyXXXilxyiy
'" ""'fi3vattehp?nes$foft^ to
V^ft7: t'cw&i :iOld v ���?* ^'!T''
;?-������': i.':'l-''
rt Vi trt.
;.(:? ft ada
}��c^Vid$n^ Sam i_&Da& mmsfflxak
'i V-*"
,;_ /_:��':-
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Canada as a HoildaX Resort
Quick relief from
rheumatic pain
Baume Analgesique
Large Tube 60c. by Mail.
Box 1389 Montreal
Must Carry Documents
If of Military Age
Registration  Card  Not Sufficient for
Such a Man
Officials of the military service
council stated today that thc registration" card was not sufficient for a
man of military age. Hc must carry
other documents, as called for under
thc order of May 22, such as marriage license,  passports, etc.
It has been found very difficult in
many cases to provide the necessary
documents called for under this order in council. It has been decided
to accept prima facie evidence as to
a man's ineligibility cr right to exemption if lie cannot secure thc proper documents.
Flying Cowboys
Title Given to    Uncle    Sam's    First
- Fighting Corps in Italy
"Flying Cowboys" is thc popular
title given to Uncle Sam's first lighting corps, in  Italy.
The U. S. aviators, officers and
students located at a training camp
in southern Italy are frequent visitors in Rome, as they all wear the
United States army service hat, popularly known here" as the "cowboy"
hat, the word cowboy has been applied to  them.
' That these aviators are regarded
as cowboys was illustrated by au
incident wilh a cab driver that occurred when a party of them were
on  leave  income and went  outside
Canadians      Learning     More   Than
Ever Before the Attractions
of Home  Country
"Summer travel is good in Canada
tins year, despite the war and some
inclement weather," said iir. \V. J.J.
Snell, general passenger agent of the
j C. P. R��� eastern, lines, yesterday.
I "In fact tlie war has had two oul-
j standing effects so far as Canada is
concerned. Conditions with regard to
foreign travel have become so expensive and so restricted that Canadians have been almost compelled
to learn something" about the advantages of tlie Dominion as a holiday resort. At the same time the ordinary wage earner has had such
opportunities for making money that
an unprecedented number of working people have been able to indulge their lifelong desire to take
their wives and family back to their
old homes and sec 'the old folks at
home.' This latter feature of travel
has been very marked during the
past year, and is more in evidence
than ever this summer. In all parts
of Canada thousands of men who
havc for many ycars nursed the
hope of some day taking their families back to their old homes arc able
the city walls  to  sec  the Catacombs   t0 m.l}[    thc tdp th;s ycar and thej,
ire doing it. The result is good for
llie country, good for the families,'
and  good for thc railways.
"In fact," said Mr. Snell, "one of
the most remarkable features _ of
present war conditions is the applica
Minard's Liniment Cures   Colds, etc.
Soldiers Become
Massage Experts
Three Blind Canadian Heroes  Qualified as Professional
Three Canadian ex-soldiers, wtio
Avcrc blinded overseas in the service
of the empire, received thir diplomas
from McGill university as having
successfully passed thc examination
in massage. These men are now
qualified to practice massage professionally. They arc Pte. Peter
Donaldson, 114 Prudent street, Fort
William; Pte. L. B. Hopkins, Stave-
ley, Alia., and Pte. J. E. Sterling,
Maitland, N. S.
/ The course of training through
which these men have passed during
the' past ycar was given at tlie Halifax School for the Blind, where they
were placed by the vocational branch
of the department of soldiers civil
"It is of interest to note," stated
Mr. W. K. Segsworth, administrator
of the vocational branch, "that before the war Donaldson was a clerk,
Hopkins a station agent, and Sterling
was a train conductor Thc success
which thc department has had in fitting these men for a new occupation
where their war disability is no handicap, is typical of the purpose and
aims of the government in dealing
with disabled men. I may say that
although these men have graduated
and arc now qualified to practice, wc
are going to give them ' a further
post-graduate course at the. large
hospitals in Montreal, because it is
our intention in' thc case of blinded
men to spare no effort to insure,
their success in life.
"It was during the course of tlicir
training that the Halifax disaster
occurred and over 1,600 treatments
to victims of that disaster were administered to by . Donaldson, Hopkins and Sterling. Many of the people treated owe the. present use of
their  limbs   to   their   efficiency."
of St. Calixtus on the Appian Way.
When the aviators got out of the
cab near the entrance to the burial
place of the early Christians they
asked (lie cab driver to wait, so he
could drive them hack to thc city. __ __
"But my horse can't stand thc trip j tioii of the motto 'Canada for thc
back with such a heavy load," hc ex-, Canadians.' More of our people arc
plained. "It's wartime and wc have- j learning to know their own country
n't corn or wheat to feed him, so. than ever before, simply because of
he's too weak. I've got a family to!the expense and difficulty of going
support and I must take good care j abroad. Travel to Europe has been
of this horse. You cowboys ought to ; practically eliminated, owing to war
understand how it is." conditions on the Atlantic.      Thc iu-
"Very well; we'll buy your horse;;! crease in rates in thc United States
won't wc fellows?" spoke up one of i arid the difficulties surrounding tra-
thc aviators, who had just been paidjvel from Canada to American "resorts
off. "If he's still alive when wc get; has to a considerable extent reduced
back to town we will sell him buck! summer travel from Canada. Thc rc-
to you." .suit is that thousands of people who
While the proposition was made i in other times have always gone
in all seriousness, the driver, think-1 abroad or to tho United States for
ing hc was about to be made thc vie-I their summer vacations are now
tim of sonic Wild West trick, abrupt-| spending their holidays and their
ly  refused  and  drove  off with    his  money in Canada, with distinct    ad-
plug, leaving thc "cowboys"  to walk
A Safe Pill for Suffering Women.���
The secluded life of women which
permits of little healthful cxcrcis.c, is
a fruitful cause of derangements of
the stomach and-liver and is accountable for the pains and lassitude that
so many of them experience. Parnic-
lec's Vegetable Pills .will correct irregularities of the digestive organs
and restore health and vigor. The
most delicate woman can use them
with safety, because their action,
while effective, is mild'and. soothing.
$1,000.00 Reward
Forfeited if Remedy Fails
"Swinging To Victory"
The Kaiser, Under    Fire,    Tells    of
Emperor William went into regions under fire during thc recent
lighting oil the French front, according to Karl Rosncr, the emperor's
favorite correspondent; who accompanies him on his tours.
The correspondent's article, a long
one, dated May 25, on thc battlefield
of the Aisne, is printed in the Berlin
I.okal-Anzciger. It records tlie emperor's explanation of the batile to
liis suite. The emperor, standing before a map of the lighting area says
Rosncr,   addressed   his   hearers   tlitis:
"Jn 1914 during lhc battle of Sois-
sons, I was here (at the Laffaux corner on the Aisne front). What heavy
trials havc since been imposed upon
us Germans! But that is now all
behind us. Wc are now swinging on
to final victory."
The correspondent describes the
"unbounded astonishment" of a number of French prisoners on seeing
lhat thc emperor had actually ven-
American Works in France
Port,  Supply    Bases    and  Railroads
Make One of Conflict's Greatest  Achievements
What the American forces have
accomplished in France during the
first eleven months of their participation in the war is described in au
authorized despatch from a correspondent of The London Times. The
Americans, lhe writer says, are rapidly completing the longest and
greatest scheme of communication
ever used in warfare.
"After a fortnight of solid travel,"
he continues, "I am convinced that
what thc Americans have accomplished will rank in history as one
of thc greatest achievements of the
war. For instance, out of the waste
lands adjacent lo an old French port
they have constructed a splendid line
of modern docks, where ships now
arrive daily, discharging men, war
material, cars and machinery. A
huge ncw warehouse system at this
point is nearly completion, in addition to motor parks, cold storage
plants and railway yards with tracks
aggregating 200 miles in length. In
thc car assembling shops steel cars
are being put together at the rale of
a  complete   train  cacli  day.
"Work is proceeding rapidly on a
ncw 20,000-bcd hospital, the "largest
yet to be constructed. There are also
an immense artillery camp and a
remount camp, where I saw several
thousand   horses.
"These port schemes arc being so
well worked out that tlicy are capable of almost unlimited expansion,
which will bc most valuable in pooling lhc allied efforl, for lhc American base ports may easily become
thc main reserve centres for distributing supplies lo rail heads everywhere on the front. Tlie. conditions
were the' same along thc hundreds of
miles of American communications I
i     In   an   acompanying   editorial   Thc
The  German
tared under  lire.
On    his  return   to  tlie  batllefront,   London   I lines   says
continues   the    article,   the    emperor (knows Ins doom is drawing near. Hc
beckoned  the men in field r-m. nrnrUs well  aware  of  what  the  nitervcn-
hini    to
his  ci-    ahd  gavcICthcmaa I tion of America    means    for      him.
Wc hope this notice will reach the
eyes of people who arc troubled with
constipation and bowel trouble.' Dr.
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days, and the above reward will be
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yellow box, and insist on being supplied with only Dr. Hamilton's Pills
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all dealers.
Canadian Coal
In Distant Climes
Absolutely Unfounded
Is Idea of Charge Made for Blankets
in Which Soldier Is Buried
There is an absurd but widespread
fable current in army circles, particularly those overseas, to the effect
that there is a charge made against
llie estates of deceased soldiers for
blankets in which thcy are buried.
Nearly every man who has seen service overseas has heard it in some
form or cither, and from inquiries
which have readied lhc militia department it would appear that it has
received some credence at home by
relatives of Canadian soldiers. Such
belief is, of course, absolutely
without foundation in fact, as no
such injustice is practised by
military authorities. The story
one of whole cloth fiction.
Only Canadian Coal Is Being Used
By Hawaiians
How Canadian coal is being used
in Hawaii is shown in a report received by the department of trade
and.commerce from E. Bryana, Canadian trade commissioner at Yokohama. The report states that until
recently the Island of Hawaii received most of their coal,supplies from
Japan, with some shipments from
Australia. Owing to shortage of
cargo space, however, japan and
Australia in 1917 failed to maintain
their coal trade with the islands. For
the same reason, the United States
was unable to ship any coal to Hawaii.
"As a result ol" this famine," thc
report continues, "the Hawaiian Islands turned to Canada for a supply
of'.coal and were able to buy about
50,000 tons from the Pacific coast
coal companies at high prices. It is
reported that nearly all the coal used
in the island now is of Canadian origin,"
vantage to themselves and the country. In fact tlicy arc learning now
what tourists from all over the world
have in years past spent very large
sums to comc to Canada to see and
"In this way, while war conditions
have cut off a good deal of foreign
tourist traffic in Canada, the same
conditions havc so increased home
travel as to more, than offset this.
People arc visiting our own Rockies
instead of going lo Switzerland,. go-
ing_ to Canadian resorts instead of
taking Germ.n waters, taking trips
over the Canadian lakes and rivers,
or to our, own coasts instead of going to American ocean resorts. It is
a curious effect that war should
force Canadians to know their own
country, hut that is one of the results of the European conllagration,
and one that should prove of lasting
benefit-to   Canada."
As a result of these general conditions, Mr. Snell said that passenger
traffic in Canada has. been unusually
good both on the C.P.R. and ou all
Canadian railways, as well as on the
lake and other steamship lines, despite the fact that under war regulations there were no more excursion
or special rates. The rates in lhc
United States had gone up so high,
with a stringent abolition of all excursion or other special rates, that
people were learning more and more
to do their pleasure travel in Canada.
"A good deal of this is due to the
fact that wages in Canada arc higher
than ever before," said Mr. Snell.
"Where a few years ago men were
getting $12 to $15 a .week thcy are
now getting $18 and even $25. Despite increased coast of living people
arc getting better, off and many
men arc able to indulge their desires to revisit their old homes, and
it is surprising thc number who
arc; taking this method of spending
their holidays.
"Canadians arc learning more than
ever before the attractions of the
Canadian resorts, and the knowledge
they arc. acquiring, as a result of the
war should mean a good deal in future ycars in keeping our. holiday
money at home, as well as attracting
tourists from other lands."
graphic description of lhc German
"Tell It to your comrades," said
thc emperor in conclusion. "Tell
them that thcy, too, may rejoice. Tell
them also that I have told you���I, in
the midst  of the fighting."
"What eyes tlicy will make in
Paris, your majesty," said one of his
listeners, carried away by thc emperor's description,  Rosncr adds.
"Yes," replied thc emperor, "you
would like,  to  see those  eves."
A further 'suggestion from thc
same listener that the Germans
would get where they could sec
"those eyes"  elicited no  reply.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will drive worms from the. .system, w'ithout .injury, to tlie child, because its action, while fully effective,
is mild.
Monroe Doctrine
For the Pacific
Kaiser Indulges
In Grim Jests
Talks of His Conception of Christian
Duty Towards Wounded
and 111
Emperor .William is pictured by
Karl Rosncr, the correspondent of
The Lokal Anzciger, who is attached
to lhe emperor's suite, as acting as a
Good Samaritan toward two British
soldiers on May 28. While descending Mont Hivcr his majesty stopped
alongside two unconscious British
soldiers. He called a medical attendant to administer brandy to the
men, to stay and bandage their
wounds and to arrange for their
transfer  lo the hospital.
After supper the men's thoughts
turned to the British lads and Rosncr represents the monarch as saying: .'.���'.
"When thc enemy is beaten we
must care for him with all tlie power
and means given to.us. A beaten
enemy is no longer an enemy for us.
If those over yonder think and. act
otherwise, that is their affair. We
Germans will preserve our conception of Christian duty toward the ill
and wounded.
"While 'waging war wc'will also
treat those, wounded in hattie so that
when this terrible business is over
and men again extend their hand to
one another, wc may be able to recall with, a clear "conscience and
without remorse every day and every
act of these.hard limes."
When American preparations in
France arc complete the. superiority
of numbers, thc enemy's only advantage in the field, will be gone and
the world will bc in sight of a real
peace." ��
It Rubs Pain Away.���There is no
liniment so efficacious in overcoming
pain as Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil.
Thc hand that rubs it in rubs thc
pain away and on th's account there
is no preparation that stands so high
in public esteem. There is no surer
pain-killer procurable, as thousands
can attest who have used it successfully in   treating many  ailments.
Quebec and the War
Let us from now on encourage
Quebec in her new spirit. Quebec is
fighting the good fight. Her sons
will return from the Avar broader in
mind aud spirit through comradeship
with their Canadian companions from
the other provinces and through rubr
bing elbows with the veterans of
France, mother of Quebec, and then
wc believe wc will sec the end of the
narrow sectionalism which for too
long has marked the relationship between thcC English-speaking provinces and Quebec. Quebec is doing
her duty to Canada. Let us sec that
wc do ours- by Quebec���Lethbridge
Herald.'' '���".
Minard's   Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen,���I havc used MINARD'S LINIMENT on, my vessel
and in my family for years, and for
thc every-day ills and accidents of
life I consider it has no equal. I
would not start on a voyage without
it, if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr. Storkc,    St.    Andre,    Kamour-
Minard's.  Liniment   Cures Garget in
Mothers you ran win thc battle for
thc health of your little ones if you
will light it with Baby's Own Tablets���the ideal childhood medicine.
The Tablets arc a mild but thorough
laxative which never fail to banish
constipation; indigestion; worms;
colds or simple fevers or any I
other of the minor ills of
little       ones. Concerning       them
Mrs. J. V. Hypcll, Causapscal,
Que., writes;���"Baby's Own Tablets
are a great medicine for children.
Thcy quickly cured my baby of constipation and I can highly recom-
1 .     mend  them   to other  mothers."   The
British Authorities Want Output   of
220,000 Eighteen Pounders
Per Week
Thc imperial munition board has
been urged by thc British ministry
to provide an increased, supply of
18-poundcr shrapnel shells from Canada. The British authorities desire
that the present supply bc increased
to 220,000 shells pcr week, at the
earliest possible date and the imperial
munitions board has vigorously revived the shrapnel plants of the
country, and ncw capacity has been
created, both by increasing the existing faci.ities and by thc equipping
| of entirely new units. Some plants,
i which were engaged in turning out
4.5 shells, are being changed over to
enable them to -produce the 18-
poundcr shrapnel asked for.
A ycar  ago,  Canadian  shell   manufacturers were producing about   375,-
.     ,    ,- .       , i��� j     ���- /       000  18-poundcr shrapnel   shells     pcr
^iistra ia, as elsewhere, j wrilcl. w|,0 lr\cs to usc the word WCl.k, but early last autumn lhc im-
iro.il an insidious German propairan-1 nu;mcc in (;;iry would belter slick pCrial munitions board was asked to
da, (he Premier stated._ . It has ; .u-omul :inJ n,;ui thc proor.���Chicago ! reduce this output to 120,000 pcr
ii amused   itsclt   as   pacn.e.sm     and   Tribune. jw(vb.     Thc reduction, .together with
otherwise.   We havc men  whose hat-I ! - -      -
Premier Hughes Says That Australia
Must Control Neighboring
Premier Hughes of Australia, in an
interview in  London,    said Australia
had paid ancl is paying the price,    of
| liberty.     She   will   not   falter,  but   is
in   thc  war  lo   the  end.     "Wc    have
Manitoba. Farm Loans
During the first year of its existence, thc Manitoba Farm Loans Association had a very satisfactory record. Thc sums loaned amounted to
$1,366,500. At thc present time
money is being loaned to the fanners of the province at thc rate of
$150,000 a month. The assistance
rendered to farmers by means of
these loans has enabled them
greatly increase thc production
tlicir  farms.
Urge Canada To
Make More Shells
suffered   in
Trying Out "Nuance" in Gary
"Such   delicate  nuisances  of     tone
fhading  down    to      thc      vanishing
point."���Gary     (Ind.)     Post. Anv
elsewhere, | wrjlcl.  vv(10   tries  to     usc   the.     word
"Grain Is in the Bin���Not in
the Straw Pile"
THAT'S what C. D. Huntley, of Brem-
ner, Alta., says of the work done by
his Sawyer-Massey No. 1 Grain Separator. And that's what erery owner of
a Sawyer-Massey Grain Separator eets.
But 100 per cent, separation isn't the only
good tiling owners say about Sawyer-Maa-
sey Grain Separators. "Not an hour's time
lost in twenty days of continuous operation;
no repairs;" writes C. C. Meir, of Irvine,
Alia. "���Simple and easy lo operate," says
Win. Mason, of Sheho, Sask. And W. Hall,
Queenstown. Alta., writes: "Handles flax'
best of any machine I ever saw."
All these are actual statements���real experiences of owners. They tell you that Sawyer-Massey Grain Separators are strong,
durable, efficient���of maximum capacity for
their size���simple and easy to" operate. No
matter what condition the grain ij in, the
Separator can be adjusted easily, quickly,
to secure complete separation. In every way,
it's the suitable Separator for the individual
The No. 1 and No. 2 Sawyer-Massey
Threshers differ only in capacity. The No.
1 has more than 31 square feet of separat-
inj surface in the straw deck���the No. 2
more than 38 square feet.
Before you buy your grain separator, safe-
Btiard your investment by reading the Sawyer-Massey Bulletin No. 326, sent on request. It explains the construction that insures 100 per cent, efficiency. Bulletins describing our "Great West" Separator and
Combination   Separator  are  also  available.
Sawyer-Massey Gas-Oil Tractors (11-22 to
27-50 H.P.) and Steam Tractors (51 to 76
H.P.) are fully described in Bulletins cent
on  request.
Head   Office   and   Factory:     Hamilton,   Ont.
Branches   and   Warehouses:
Winnipet        Regina        Saskatoon        Caljjary
II.  S.  BOWDEN,  Distributor,  Edmonton
Prompt Sli/p-
ment��� time
and money
A? ISEEvS/.l '/iv
A Big* Crop is Hoped For
Every  Grain  of Foodstuffs  Will Be
All hopes centre on thc 1918 crop
of North America. Of all crops thc
wheat crop is tlie most vital. Thc
Canadian wheat crop estimates for
1918, issued hy the census and statistical hranch, put thc increased
wheat area at 1,324,950 acres and 425-
600 acres increase in oats. Unofficial
estimates from those in close touch
with conditions in the west place thc
increased wheat acreage at.._ over
2,000,000 acres in the prairie provinces alone. Given rain there will hc
an immense grain crop iu the west,
in fact -increased grain crops
throughout the Dominion. The only
anxiety then will he as to the harvest. Where are tlie men to comc
from? Some will come from the
United States, no doubt, because
their harvest operations are over
earlier than ours, but it is said that
50,000 men will be needed in the
wTest alone. People of ���"towns will
have to organize their affairs so as
to get out on the farms when thc
time comes. Otherwise the harvest
will bc only partially saved and every grain of foodstuffs will bc wanted. The acreage in Cr.nada is thc
highest ever recorded.
Saving to U. S. Farmers
Mexican sisal growers have entered into an agreement with the food
administration to sell in thc U. S.
500,000 bales of this year's sisal, crop
at a price three cents a pound below
that received last year. Food Administrator Hoover said he estimated
the agreement would save American
farmers approximately $6,000,000 on
binder twine next year.
Shipbuilding in Canada
Fleet of Vessels Will Be Completed
This Fall
Before the close of the year it is
anticipated that the greater number
of 46 vessels now being constructed
by thc imperial munitions board oa
the Pacilic and Atlantic will bc ready
for launching.- Tlie iirst will have her,_
trial trip at Vancouver, and thc
whole fleet will practically be completed by September. On the Pacific
27 vessels are being built, and on thc
Atlantic 19. Tlicy are of 3,100 tons
The manufacture of machinery for
the vessels is being speeded up and
it is expected that the greater part
of it will bc installed by thc year's
At the completion of these contracts the imperial munitions board
will go out of the shipbuilding business and thc government will thereafter carry on the industry as a
national enterprise.
Denmark's Hogs Reduced
Denmark's stock of swine has been
reduced from 2,500,000 head iit the
beginning of tlie war to 400,000 at
the present time. In 1913 Denmark's
total exports of pork were nearly
250,000 tons, of which almost half
went to England. Canada's opportunity now is to increase her exports
from 130,304,947 pounds, the latest
conservative figures for 1916, to anywhere up to 1,261,082,032, the total
requirements  for  Britain.
Wilmar local of the Saskatchewan
Grain Growers' Association has recommended that all poolrooms and
bowling alleys be closed during the
Tablets arc sold bv medicine dealers'
mail  at
New Industry for Alberta
Thc first canning plant of
caught in thc lakes of Alberta has
just commenced operations at Edmonton, Alberta. Thc output of the
plant at first will bc about 500 cases,
containing forty-eight one-pound
litis, daily. . 1'ikc, mullet, pickerel,
and, to some extent, whitcfish, will
he  handled. -
or  bv
Th.- ' Dr.     Williams'
Brockviile, Ont.
5 .cents  a  box
irom |'
A Corner
"Do you and \our wife ever
i wor<l>.'"
I     "1   |i;i\iii'l  anv;   she     corners
Eiuope's lo^s in mi at animals
since the beginning of She war i<
estimated at coital to one-halt the
total hohlines in like animals in thc
Vnited Stall ���-.
red   uf   Hi inland  blinds  tli cm   to
else, and  who care nothing for Australia'?;   liberty   so   lone;   as   tlicy   can i
���>tn'l*e  :\ blow  at  the  heart  of     i'ni;-
'anil.    Thesr  are  in  the  niiuorit v."'     . ,   ...     ���. i,-...   ...   a..,,,..:...
. iv- t~  ��� i.i    l sunplv.   ���liallunorc  American
As   regards   New   Guinea   and   oth-'     ' '  -
er   islands   in   llic   vicinity,   lie     con-   :  ���  -
tinned,   it   was   essential     that     Australia  control  them, or lhat  thcy  he
.in   the  hands   of-a   friendly     civilized
A German  farmer m Australia  had   ���;tiJoni    as  t|1PV  .stood, in  thc    same
a  rather  delicate  wife, wiio     worki d j relation   to  Australia  as  Amiens     to
'IVri*  or    Calais     to     Knghnd.     AI-
llhouph   mil     wanting   to   extend   her
'spli're.  oi   territorial   authority". Australia   wa<  determined  that  what   she
jli.id   .-he   would   hold,   and   therefore;j
Mu   -!<i(-.(i  ommiiltcd to  the'policy  of'
A Bit Too Light
A us
herself lo death in a  few years. After  thc   funeral  a   neighbor   was   condoling  with  him  on  his  great     loss.
| "Yah,"  said  August, "she  vas ;i jjood
j woman���but   a  bit   too  light   mr    mv
l work."���Sydney  Bulletin,
jthe change  over    from  the    mark of
j shell  thru   being   made    to    the   new
have ' mark .\ii seriou^lv affected lhe shrap-
'uel plants, which .it   llic present  time
lhc j aro  not   producing  120,000  shells      oi
i this clas.s per week.
,_ I     'llie board   has  communicated  with
~ i llie    \ariou^     manufacturers     of  tlli^
"""     'type of shell  throughout Canada and
(have placed before them thc rcquire-
! merits    of"   the    British    authorities,
(which  arc  of an  urgent  ih.lurc.-
i     Tli.it the appeal will receive a uood
;iespouse  finm  Canadian  worker* a;->I
j producers  is  evident      from     thc   :n-
i spiriting  reply  which  was immcdi.ile-
iti rt
- A* a result of a diive fur" nit inhei -
��� 11ir>. Saskatchewan Grain (irnuir1-'
A���i..-i.iti'1-.i. h-,:- adiled lll,'M>(�� n.in.es
lo  ils  redls  -ind   the y- a;   <>]nind.
.\i on:--
doctrine   for  the   Pacific
rm  k . i..
Immigration in May
i  i:,-:   ; li     month     ui     Vi , i      11 i-
;.,l.5   -. ���ib.s   i nil ted     \\i-rir:i
���' -��� i   ��� '��    Manitoba   ..ml    >.i-
, ,   i 1 ''is   l ���m.b'-i   i-   .-lightly
;> in thc =.ime mouth of l.i'-t
; st
J hi v. �����:
j.  >���'
ijiur.l   i
, mniu.
I = f'.Uts
Cuming  from  the    emplo>ce��
Mela]   Diawing company   at
pro i
i"alhf i ines,     which.
\\ crincr    letIv ot
,i i tine  it:   the   \
lhe     eiiiphi;, f ' s
m   ci>n'p..';\   ���������'' ���'
tu     r:.nut.-i
nl  on   shr !������
i-l   !:.��"���
u1'   1 hi ir
!<.;-.( iiiid to
f X
t ju<Y:.
���,s brought
1 '.ore     th.-Mi
..."  hi-:   mr.   i
fioin  the \alue  of j
in  by the settlers ,
double     the j
number   of |
(them.    Employees    ixpu^cJ
���.n ���
: ���
mc thi
arching  Company
i;; i < i' ] i':
JO.CX.'O shnr
,.'   J
it l-
V   I
t\ c-
1 at
into I
Heals Pimples With One
Cake Soap and One
Box Ointment.
Face never free from them for two
or three years. Were sore and often
became large and hard. Left dark, red
blotches that disfigured face. Nothing
did  much   good till tried Cuticura. j-���;p.ovcc^    e^
Helped from first application and now    , ���;��; ^ ^^ ,o(o
From   signed   statement  of Miss    ! st-'n-Jim: the    indent,   rc.,1,
Lorcna Kennedy, R. R. 1,-Williams-
town, Ont., March 7, 1317.
Use Cuticura Soap" for toilet purposes, assi^'-d by touches of Cuti.ura
Ointment to soothe 2nd heal any ten-
-der.cy to irritation of- the-skin and
scalp. .Byusir.gthese^ragrant.super-
cresmy emollients for all toilet purposes you m^y pre-, exit ir.ar.y skm
pnd scalp troubles becoming serious.
For Free Sample Each hy Mail ad-
drerspost-card: "Cuticura, Dept.A,
lloston, U. S. A."   So'.d everywhere.
\ ekti 1 miii,
:'il r-
tlK lull' ("cr-
��� ! the
Tivo Sizes���50c and $1
to ir.ee'. it.
People  are   Willing
01      tic;
r < l. i -;r, 1
" uh   f.
!:.>r> ��� >-t
��� I  I'-eir
'"1   v.c;
-1 , son.
o c.J.
You are young but once, but
you can be youthful always if
you care for your complexion
properly. Daily use oflngram's
Milkweed Cream prevents
blemishes,overcomes pimples
and other eruptions. Since
1885itsdistinctive therapeutic
quality has been giving health
totheskinand youthfulcolorto
the complexion. Itkeepsyour
skin toned up, soft and clean.
The refined way to banish
oiliness ar.d shinsnesa of nose,
and forehead . induced by
perspiration, is to apply a light
F. F. I&gram Co.,
touch of Ingram's Velveola
Souveraine Face Powder, 50c.
ishes. Included in the complete
line of Ingram's toiletproducts
at your druggist's is Ingram's
Zodenta -ior the  teeth, 25c.
A Picture
with Each Purchase
Each time you buy a pacVape of
Ingram's Toilet Aids or Perfume
your drugpist *v:!I give you, wl'.hoat
charge, a laree ponrait'ofa *-orIJ-
faiEedmotir-i ficture pctiess. Each
time you get a dirfere.-.t portrait to
yoa make a collection for ycur.
home.    Ask your <irvjg;*t.
Wincifor Oniar'o
l.- ;-2 a year strictly in advance, or ^2.50
when not paiil for three months. If not
paid for until the end of the ycar it is 53.
It is always ��2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financiei-
Knife Fighters
,;   inqneut Co-Owner Notices $25.00
J, at and Oil  Notices       700
ivJ'.ray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Iinprovemeut  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears iv notice, ��5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each .subsequent insertion, uonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would bc pleased
to have more money.
It i^ ;i short lane that has no tin
Most  of  us  can   make a noise,
but to sing we must be trained.
It  i,->  no  trouble to  do without
something that you do not like.
At  the   front   in   France  auto
drivers are not fined  for speeding.
Poker players Bhould go to
France. They have aces in the
air over there.
Tun Germs had the best time in
this war, when they stole the
clocks in France.
The Germs must think Paris is
a pod or a cob of corn. They are
constantly trying to shell it.
Thr Germs aro good runners.
Lately the French have been using
horses to keep up with them.
Tiik  habit  of taking a drink of
booze    before    meals,    has   been
& abandoned in Austria  and   Germ-
The news from France during
'.;. -past few weeks indicate, that
'!;.' kaiser is much in need of a
^lauding army.
Tjikv say money : will do anything: We will give. 8100 for the
���kaiser, delivered iu Greenwood,
drunk'or sober.
The war. tax in the States on an
"come of .85,000,000 a year is 75
"P.-cent..   We  are  willing to pay
even in Canada.
In a lecture at Penticton, Lieut.
E. R, Howells told of th<3 fighting
Ghurkas from India and their
many peculiar traits when going
into action. These men are generally silent and morose when there
is nothing doing, but when the
order to prepare for attack is given
their placid countenances break
into smiles and off comes tunic,
boots and socks, rifles are thrown
away, and when the word is given
the black men rush gladly and
enthusiastically into the thick of
the fight each one tightly gripping
a deadly knife which is the only
weapon he can see merit in. Each
man has his own peculiar preference for different parts of the
human anatomy, and bis standing
ae a fighter is enhanced according
to the number of ears, fingers,
toes, or even heads which he collects from the Germans and brings
back to his own trenches. He has
been known to go tho length of
stringing the ears, noses, etc., ou
wire, and according to the length
of thc string he is looked upon as
a brave or indifferent soldier.
The British government however, frowned on this mode of warfare, and this together with the
fact that the Ghurka is an expensive piece of war machinery on account of his having to be refitted
after each engagement explains the
reason why so few of them are now
to be seen on the battle fields of
Editor This IvKdce,
Greenwood, B.C.
Df.a.r Sik: A correspondent in
your issue of August Sth linked the name
of Mrs. Eddy with "stoic philosophy"
in a way that might convey to the uninformed reader an impression that Christian Science is in some way related to
stoicism. The fallacy of such an assumption is readily seen by a careful perusal
of her writings.
The stoics were confessed materialists,
although their conduct may have been
more idealistic than was exhibited by the
devotees of other heathen philosophies.
Christian Scientists, however, are not
stoics. Their understanding of the
Scriptures, as spiritually interpreted iu
the Christian Science text book, ".'cieuce
and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
by Mrs. Eddy, leads naturally and logically to the recognition that all real being is spiritual, and therefore to the denial ofuiatter as being anything more
than expressions of human error.
Humanity, it is coming to be seen, is
suffering from too much materialism, a.id
needs to get back lo the spiritual sense of
all things. Christian Science finds in
the Master's teachings the way out of
materiality, and is pointing out this way
to mankind. This way is not stoicism,
but Christianity.
Yours truly,
Samuki. Grkenwood.
Victoria, August 17.
Western Float
B. C. Mines
The Granby has been diamond
drilling this summer, on some
claims near Salmon Arm.
Another copper property is being developed at Loon Lake,
Wash., by a Spokane company.
During July the Granby produced at Graud Forks, 672,289
pounds of copper, and at Anyox,
1,494,788 pounds. During the
fiscal year that ended June 30. the
cont of production at Anyox increased to 14-J cents, and at Grand
Forks to 21 cents a pound: At
Anyox one of the converters has
been running for some time, and
the other will soon be iu operation.
From now until the 10th ot Sept., we will f,ive you
$11.00 worth of merchandise for every $10.00 cash
purchase,   10 per cent discount for cash,
We just want you to get acquainted with us and our
brand new, fresh, snappy  line of groceries, dry
goods and hardware as well as a corking line of
soft drinks full cf life and pepp,
Remember  10 cents off on every dollars worth
Pleased to meet you at
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange, GRAND FORKS
Specialty:  Fine Watch Repairs.
Patriotic Fund
Wk  are  thinking   of   going  to
"Europe .in a birch bark canoe.   Not
one  vessel  of  this  kiud  has ever
'been torpedoed by a U boat.
Many women in America are
."wearing short dresses, which saves
a vast amount of clothing. It also
makes the women, look shorter,
and the men. longer. .
Tub kaiser makes better time
bow when he goes to the front. If
he can content himself for a short
time longer the front will be close
to his backyard fence.
In Kamloops Josh Chapman got
six months for selling Scotch whiskey. The police confiscated the
cache that he had in his house.
George McLaughlin has just
made an auto trip from Fort
George to Vancouver. He went
to the former town from Nelson 13
years ago.
Wheat and flour recently shipped from Vancouver to England,
via the Panama-Canal, arrived in
fine condition after a voyage lasting 32 days.
Work will begin in a short time
on the railway, from Coalmont to
the coal mine near that town. It
is stated that W. P. Tierney & Son
have the contract to build the
Last year the potato crop in
Idaho, Oregon, Washington and
California amounted to 69,000.-
000 bushels. This year it will
be about 47,000,000. Already B.C.
potatoes are being shipped into
those states.
One parson says: '-Don't goto
church and sing, ������' 'Jesus paid it
ct'llj-" and then. refuse to pay when
your Ledge subscription expires."
We believe in sermons like that.
Moke than 3,000 alien soldiers
were recently naturalized at Gamp
Kearney and Balboa Park in California. Many of them were born
in Austria, Germany and other
enemy countries, but all were'will*
ing to fight for the land of their
"Tin-; devil's gang will be up
and dressed with their faces
washed, and hair brushed, and 40
miles on their journey, while some
membere of our ice-box churches,
are getting out of bed," saya Billy
Sunday. There is nothing in that
kind of guff, because the devil's
gang usually stay in late, and will
'���.���not get up until they swallow a
..-Collins or something stronger.���;���;..'���:.
The local Treasurer of the Canadian Patriotic Fund wishes to acknowledge receipt of the following
subscriptions' from July 10th . to
August 26th, 1918:
J. L. White ,      865
A J Morrison..        600
II B Larsen......       600
Duncan Mcintosh.... .;........      5 00
P W George    . 5 60
Knights of Pythias Dance............    72 50
Charles King ...,....-;:      300
G.W Swayne   ..7 ;...................     6 00
H. Bolingbroke      2 90
G. Grosvenor ���:  .   365
J Keady :,..., ......   "3 65
A Legault ".....;....,;...,.....     4 35
Canada Copper Co ������'.  100 00
Hon. J. D. MacLean ...................  20 00
W. R. Dewdney...;........:.......      5.00
P. H, McCurrach.......................      3.70
Boundary Police     15 75
J. V. Mills......... .; ..... ........    :5 00
G B Taylor ................................      3 00
D Mclutosh .......;...       500
J. L. White ..,.';���., .....: .-'.     8 65
P W George ..............................     5 00
G. W. A. Smith.........................      2.00
Canada Copper Co...................... 100 00
Smelter Employees and Towns?
people per Central  Fund Com. 46955
J V Mills.;.,,..........,:;"..,.....":���-    5 ����
C.King ...:....���......>.....;,......,.....     300
Hon. Treasurer.
Canadian Patriotic Fund
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEA.deR, Ppop.
In Aid of Red Cross
Mr. McMurdo will give his lecture on Norway in aid of Red
Cross. Write R. McMurdo,' Midway, B.C.
i.:'- The-'Bijar'Sale--at^the/Granhj
XXi:ores 'in Phoenix is still in  pro-
rr'css, and.customers are coming
: -���-rn ail directions -to..avail them-
.:ves:6f ..the  extra ordinary  bar-
;/V:rjV:iti:\Ciothin<r, ;iBoots, Shoes,
X.;X'��� XiXeic.. etc.:' -^Nothing:like-this
XXhasii ever. :beeh.:;..seen;_.iri.:.t;he
X'X andary ;bef^e,;s;;irid^the;:;piiblic
;;;..'������; rccikte it^ "judging- -from  the
:.^bundles that are cdmjngvdown
V e:hill ajllVday:long.v
Mr. Grey's Household Hints
In case you have no furniture
polish and wish to clean the piano
use shoe polish.
A self-rocking chair has been invented by a Grand Rapids carpenter. It is designed especially for
knitters, so that tbey can rock
without any energy being: taken
f roar their knitting, -y    X'XXXXyy y.y
y'M'fcyisi a good"thing fir every
housewife to know that rubber will
hot stretch; unless you puli it.
Never throw away old rail road
ties. Cut; thern\.in to'strips, sew
them together and have them'.made
illt'o-'.riigS;:; ,:;..;
Be sure and send a Float to
your soldier boy in France. It
!will help to win the war.
Pre-emption now. confined to surveyed
lands only..
Records will be granted covering- only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emjjtors must occupy claims for
five years and make 'improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including.clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make . improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture.- Title
cannot, be obtained on tlie:;e rlaiuis in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction . with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as . homeHites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling, residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing arid Industrial purposes,
areas exceeding C40 acres may bo leased
by ond person or company.
PRErEMPTORS' free grants act.
The. scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may . apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel.;. Two or.more persons
holding-such ;Agreements, may ������;. group
their interests (and apply for aipropor-
tionate ��� allotment jointly.    If 'It  is ..not
.'considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application:for a.proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the, locality may. be
made: These allotments are-conditional
upon -payment, of all taxes due the
Crown or to : ariy;. municipality. . The.'
rights,, of; persons;to whomsthe purchaser fromv the Crown has: agreed..to
.sell are also protected.! The.decision of
.the:Minister of; Lands in respect to the:
adjustment of a.proportionate allotment
Is final:;: The.time for making applica-r
tion for these allotments is  limited  to -
the 1st day of May. 1919.   Any application  made after this date "will  not be;
considered.'    These "allotments, apply, to.
towii lots and- lands of the Crown :sold
at public auction: V
For Information apply to any Pr rrfii?
clal GoTansment Agent or to
.      . '":Q, R.NADEN. iXi'y.
Deputy MiiUat��r of Lands."
Victoria. B. OL
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$ 100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��r metals etc
on application.
Cbe Central Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty rnealJ.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C, Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies,   .    .   .
Have you tried one lately **
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do riot forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
Don't Overlook The Possibilities Of The Telephone
Did you ever notice how some people shout into the telephone? They think because the party they are talking to is
some distance away, that the tone of voice must be loud. They
forget that the conversation tone is all thatjis.neeied.
It is the same with the long distance telephone. Some
people have the idea that because the party wanted is distant;
it is not possible to talk to them���the voice cannot carry
that far. The voice may not carry that far, but itjts easily
carried by wire any distance, owing to modern invention. No
matter how far your friend is away, you can couverse by telephone without difficulty.   Try it some time.
��(4�� *&��*$���>&���<$>>���&��� ���$*��$�����$������$��� 4* 4* i>4*4*4*4%4**l('l*4*4**i*"t> ^
Cbe Burne Botel
nelson, B*C*
The only up'to'date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^* *���* v* *?* *T* "T* *T* *T* *V *���* *���* *T* *T"w**w* TT*    *���* *o**** *T* *T* 1* *w**w* *��* **
��� +
ft "
P. BtfRNS & CO.
Dealers-in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100     *
200   ��
$125 each
2.00 ��
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
���ymmmmmiiimm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmK
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness j
are the features which go to 31
make up the Service we give J
our customers. Are you ||
one of them? -p "3
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       g
��T (Ruled or Plain) ;'���.;.-���������'-.��� ; ��� 33
g Envelopes, Billheads, 3
ST (All Sizes) 3
H Statements. Business Cards. =1
g Posters,  Dodgers, &c, &c. H
| The Ledge |
H     greenwood     |ip| Printing Department   ||
iummmumuiuuiuuu iuiiiiiuiiuiiu ttuuiiittumui
PHONE 29      a
Kll��   III   ��


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