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The Ledge Feb 12, 1914

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 Provincial library  I
��� ���      '  \'. ������������   ;   V"-;.- ������ ���."\:^:V-'^V^"V,^"'��S'>--V*^:'*^L-,^_W-T^
if   a
/   I
t I
Vol.   XX.
No. 31
Comic and Sentimental
Valentine Postals.
Boots, Stationery, Kodaks. Wallpaper, Etc.
14 INCH   HEAVY   $50
X.O. Plate Trimmings.   A good
general team-harness.
2 inch Extra Heavy $56
Concord Hames. Best Trace Chains
"The Harness of the Day."
13-4 Inch Heavy ana Classy $60
Traces Doable 3 rows stitching, 7
link heel chains, brass spots, Brass
Ball Top Hames.
Here's a Plpin. Ze'n
No. 1 Boston Team Collars
if taken with   harness  f 9.50  pair
Around Home
We will sell any part of the above
harness that's loose.
We Carry the finest stock of goods
in the Boundary.
Call at our store and examine them
whether you buy or not.
See onr line of Harness parts and
Horse Blankets, Carry Combs, etc.
CALL and Ze'm
Greenwood's  Big Furniture Store
Snaps in Heating Stoves
We Have a Few New and Second
Hand Wood and Goal Heaters we
Are Offering Cheap to Clear
T. M. GULLEY & Co.
Opposite Posted ice. GREENWOOD, B. C. Phone 27
Gold Seal           50c
Gold Seal           50c
Empress            50c
Empress            50c
War Ribbon        50c
Braid V Best       50c
Deckajulie          60c
Bulk Coffee 3 5 40 50c
RMgWayS Old Country 60c
Bulk Tea, black  35c
Tetleys 50i 60 & 75c
"      "  Spider Leg   50C
Nabob               60c
*"      " Gunpowder   50C
Lee & Bryan
Phone 46.
William C. Arthurs
Vienna Bakery. Greenwood
You have come to headquarters for
having it put in order again. .Whatever
may be required we assure you
will give entire satisfaction. We put
in repair a watch of any make or repair and make good as new. your pins,
chains, bracelets or any other article oi
������jewelry.-���- ������- -~���_.-.��� _"._.-..__
A. LOGAN & Go.
I   A Full Stock of First Class Pipes,       Pipe Repairs
m a Specialty. ^
For Saw*. ��� A large quantity
of Shingles, Shiplap, Rustic
Flooring and Ceiling, all dry.
Charles Kinney, blacksmith and
wagon maker, Greenwood.
Foa Saw*.��� Fritz Hausener
lias for sale some good baled
clover and timothy hay; also a
few bales of beardless barley,
good for chickens.
r Lots of  people  mistake being
tt.yrter.0TiB for being clever.
Contractor and Builder
I* D. Biarnell has returned
from a trip to Vancouver.
Many an ice; house has been
filled during the past week.
W. E. Hodges, of Vancouver,
ts in town upon mining business.
Bill Bailey, the veteran miner,
is spending a few days in town.
Born.���In Ariacorida, on February 2, to Mr. and Mrs, Mow-
berg, a son.
There will be a dance in the
Opera House at Rock Creek on
February 20.
The best game of the season is
expected Friday night between
Grand Forks and Greenwood, in
John Frost arid Norman Morrison are. exactly the same age.
Their birthday is on February
After spending theree months
in the city, C. F.. Ifampman.left
for Saskatoon, Sask., on Monday.
The Rock Creek Gun Club will
give a dance ia Riverside Hall on
February. 19.     ��� >   .
Mrs. Jatnes FLeming and, two
daughters Doris and Alice are at
present the guests of Mrs. C. M.
The Greenwood Rebecca's will
hold a card party in the Oddfellow's Hall on the evening of
Feb. 27. Everybody welcome.
Admission 25 cents.
T. Norman Guy ,.IXD. S., of
Grand Forks will practise dentistry in Greenwood the whole of
the week Feb. 16 to 21, inclusive.
The: dental office will be in the
Millar block on Copper street.,
'The Greenwood^-Fire Brigade"
nicl ai hurry call atmicfiiight last
Saturday -when the roof of Alex
McDonald's house was seen to be
on fire. The blaze was soon put
out with very little damage done.
Coming.���Dr. Kilbuger, Eyesight ��� Specialist, representing
the Toric Optical Co,, of Vancouver, wiLi be in the Imperial
hotel, Greenwood, Tuesday and
Wednesday, Feb. 17th and 18th.
See notice on another column.,.'
Idlers with wagging tongues
pick on climbers for gossip practice. Washington marched
through a cloud of criticism from
Braddock?s defeat to .his. farewell
address; 'Tis the shining mark
that always makes the best target.
This for ambitious boys to note.
"If ybulire bothereU withf headaches, squint or cross-eye, or if
the glasses you now wear; are un
satisfactory, consult with Dr.
Kilburger. Specialist in the
Imperial hotel, Greenwood, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 17th
and 18th. See notice on another
An interesting game of hockey
will be played here on Saturday
night between the Smelter and
Mother Lode mine when they
will meet in deadly combat for
the B. G, Copper Co.'s cups.
There will be something doing if
the smelter does not win; there
will be something doing if Mother
Lode does not win, in fact there
will be something doing all the
H. C. Brewster Speaks.
H. C, Brews+er,  leader of the
Liberal party and John Oliver,
must have felt gratified at the
large gathering of the citizens of
Greenwood   who   attended   the
meeting in the Star Theatre last
Wednesday night to hear them
give a resume of the politics of
today.   One feature ol the audience was the number of ladies
present,   which  must give  the
"mere man" an inkling of the
interest   that   the   woman    Of
today  is taking   in the affairs
of the country.   Mr.  Brewster is
a pleasant speaker and we must
confess that we believe he was
sincere in stating what he did
about   the   land policy   of  the
present government, showing the
millions of acres that have been
alienated for the benefit of the
speculator, most of which is the
best land available for settlers.
The government cannot be unaware of the rumbling of dissatisfaction which is heard on all
sides in connection with this very
matter of the resources of our
country being given over to the
railways and corporations;
John Oliver spoke at length on
the "Workman's Compensation
Act" and "Votes for Women."
Their speeches have been published in most of the daily
Rock Creek
II Western Float
To The Editob
' �����   Gbeenwood Ledge,
D-eji-B Sib:-"- ._. -'. ;k<.�� >..,-- ->. '
'- Tb&tifi&kliihe ..Bock -Creek
School wonld> ask yon to favour
them with a space in your valued
paper for the following lines. We
see by your issue of February 5th
that Mr. T. R. Hanson is receiving
great credit for the School Benefit
which be and Miss King organized;
no doubt it was a huge success but
up to date the School has nob received any benefit from it; we
should like to have a statement of
the money received from ��� the business-people of Greenwood, Midway and Bock Creek which was
given in aid of the School and also
a statement of the money that was
greatly in need of the money to
pay off the School debt which the
Trustees are personally responsible
for. -
Sec.-Tubas of S. B.
Kock Creek, B.O., Feb. 7th.
At Republic wheat is 70 cents a
Sam Bagley died at Jaffray last
Parcel Post began-in Canada on
B. J. Clegg has opened a law
office in Trail.
The steel reached Fort George
on January 27.
It was 55 below on January 27
at Whitehorse.
Beavers are plentiful along tbe
Okanagan river.
You can get a turkey dinner in
Fort George for $1.
The Similkameen hotel at Hed-
ley. is to be enlarged.
���'-"No bear have been caught   at
Halcyon, this winter.  v.
^ Insanity is a common .complaint
in and around Pernio.
��� Tim .Sally was frozen to death
in Alaska last month.
A new steam laundry, has been
opened in Bevelstoke.
rBadinm ore exists in B.C., about
60 miles from Golden.
E. K.. Beeston died in Kelson
last week aged 60 years.
Plans are being prepared for a
rjw hotel at Port Alberni.     ,
It was 45 degrees' below zero in
Fort George a1 few days ago.
A baseball; team is already being organized in Revelrtoke.
Bruce White . is operaiting the
Noonday mine, near Sandon.
The   city council of   Rossland
will borrow $10,000 this year.
,   Last year the mineB at Merritt
produced 275,000 tons of coal.
A Jew was recently seen in
Fernie selling ham and bacon.
Jack Aldons is the new clerk in
the Bulkley hotel at Smithers.
/ The first spike on the C.PB.
was driven at Sicamous in 1871.'
An effort is,being made at Priace
Rupert to lower the hospital fees.
u In   Oroville   188 ' opera chairs
nave been put in the Lyric theatre..
-"-Ore  is being _taken ~tojSlocan
City from the' Black* Prince mine/
At Athabasca 120 scows are being built for the Hudson Bay Co.
��� Bert   Kelly, , of ' DerocKe rwas
drowned in the Fraser last month.
A new dredge will be, employed
on the Arrow lakes next summer.
Five stages are running between
Fort Fraser and the end of the
Captain Harry Johns, of Nelson,
is spending; a������few weeks in California.
The total assessment of North
Vancouver is nearly 21 millions of
Ed. Whyte has sold his blacksmith shop in Alberni to John
F. ,J. Breiman, formerly of
Lytton will open a restaurant in
Booms in Miller Blk. over Drag
Foa Sale.���About 45 real ntil-
ity Buff Orpington hens, they will
be 2 and 3 years old next spring.
For further particulars see or
write, S. W. Anger, Eholt, B.C.
Doors, Windows* Sash.
AU kEn-te of oirpenter work^ootly done.
BOX 12 7
For Saw.���One steel gray
gelding, coming three years old.
Very gentle and harness broke.
Weight about 1200 lbs. $125.00
for cash. Address, Ole Aaver-
strud, Wanconda, Wash.
Ski Jumping
At Bashaw, Alta, on Jan. 27th,
Bliss M. L. Wilson, daughter of
Robert Wilson of Greenwood, to
J. Roger Stubbs.
A splendid exhibition of Ski
jumping was given in Greenwood on Sunday afternoon when
over 100 people witnessed better
jnmping than that given at the
Rossland Carnival. Greenwood
has much to boast of and when it
undertakes anything it takes
second place to none for Ingen,
who; beat Canada's record at
Rossland some years ago was
present and lumped 100 feet all
bnt a few inches, Owing to the
scarcity of snow he was unable
to do his best but it was a far
better jump than that given at
Rossland Carnival when 60 ft
was the longest jump. The
other records were Steinwoll 82
ft; Carlson 73ft; Chnstenson,
J 70 ft., and Kostadt80 ft
W. H. Reynolds, formerly of
Sandon/ is-��� in Kentucky' - selling
patent righiis for  his seed cleaner.
Some of the leading men;in Nelson, are putting up very small donations for the Carnival in that
city next Bnmmer. v
George Kayes, of Republic, has
been employed by the Trail .smelter
company .to build an experimental
ore mill in Rossland.
��� W. A. D.er died in Arizona last
week. He was born in St.
Thomas, Ontario, 60 years ago,
and had lived in B.C. for 20 years.
In Kelowna recently 23'Chinamen were arrested for gambling.
They were all dismissed, and the
proprietors of the joint fined ��50
each. = ,
The total production of cop^��r
in Canada last year was 77,775,500
pounds. B.C. produced two-thirds
of this amount.. No copper is refined in Canada. '   ': ���:'-:' ;������'''
The mail service' to Cbisana is
very poor.    Most of ��� the, letters
that do arrive in that camp ^are
packed ;m fron   Canadian .towns'
free of charge by Bill. Williams.
��� In; B. O. .the C.P^R. employs
nearly 4,000'men upon its; main
and branch .lines./ It was reported
last summer that the C. P. R. loses
a million dollars a year in B.C.
: Wardsworfeh is the namO of a
mushroom town that has sprung
up at the and of the steel, 336 miles
east,of Prince Rupert. The ? track
laying crew has stopped operations
until spring. :;Before the rail got
into the camp a bllnd-pigger was
on the spot selling tough booze at
$6.00 a bottle.
Send ior a,, catalogue of headstones and monuments, made by
the Kootenay Monumental Works,
Nelson, B. 0.'   '
The Pioneers
Christian Science service will
be held in the Oddfellows Hall on
Sunday at 11 a.m.   All welcome.
Rev. A. T. Bell will preach iu
the Methodist church next Sunday at 11 a.m, Sunday School
2.30 p.m.
Rev. J. 'f. Ferguson, D. D.,
superintendent for the Kootenay
and southern Alberta, will preach
in the Presbyterian church,
Greenwood, next Sunday, the
15th instant at 11 a.m. All Welcome.   .
Greenwood vs. Grand Forks
Face off at 630
The most thrilling and best game
of the season and a record crowd
Ion Will te Sorry if yw fiss it
The city council at Penticton recently had a session that lasted
eleven hours.
Henry Phelps is running a regular auto stage between Penticton
and Oroville.
It is reported that the Surprise
mine at Alice Siding will soon resume operations.
At Hazelton, C. E. Ellaby was
sent five months to jail for selling
liquor to Indians.
The Yale-Lillooet Pioneer'B Society recently held its 30th annual
dinner in ABhcroft.
C. A.' Ramsey has sold his resta-
rannt in Athabasca, to John Wilson of Edmonton.
Just 21 years this month the
mail was taken from NelBon to
Kaslo by dog train.
The B. C. Copper Ob. has bought
the Black Bear claim near Nelson
from John Swedberg.
The C.P.R. has suspended its
Sunday train in the Okanagan until business gets better.
Thomas Cavin died in Vancouver a few days ago. He was born
in Victoria 43 years ago.
While working on the railway
near Lillooet, Andrew Olsen was
killed by a rock falling on him.
' John Brown had a leg broken by
a tree falling on him at Celesta.
He was taken to the Kamloops
Edward Hall, of Mexico City,
has gone to Fort George where he
Will open an agency for automobiles.
Charles Joneson died in Hope
last month, from injuries received
while working on a wagon road, a
year ago.
Vernon Ryan, of Rossland, was
sent to jail for six month* for steal
ing goods from a  valise at the
Hoffman hotel.
No country in the western hemisphere ��� has been so happy in its
builders as British Columbia.   The
pioneers oE the Pacific province'of
Canada ^were' a class'apart;: their _
virtues were many ;and -they ..had*?
no faults.    Bnt even the best are
mortal.    Our pioneers are passing f%
one by oner bnt it will be not their
loss but British Columbia's if they
vanish without recognition.
The first white settlement' was^
made at Kamloops in 1812. Vic-^
toria J__as next in 1842. The
Fraser valley, from New Westminister to Ashcroft, was] settled
between 1850 and 1865 and many
a veteran of those days is stilt living.
It is Lard to define in a sentence
the distinction between Britiah
Columbia'e pioneers and those of
other provinces and states. It is
well -known- -that -this���province ���
never knew an epidemic of crime
such as the neighbouring states.
The reason was not only the superior efficiency of Canadian courts
or police, it was the character and
conduct of the pioneers. They
were law-abiding, law respecting
and law enforcing. The criminal
had no friends to help him to fight
the courts. A man in distress
cocldconnton the friendship land
the kindness of every man, but,, if
he outlawed himself, he had no
friends. This salutary feature
made administration of law easy
and has given British Columbia a
reputafcien that is not likely to be
Onr pioneers are passing. Every
year sees a few "drop silently to
rest." They don't need, and they
don't want, any public assistance
or any publicity of any kind, but
they deserve, and - the province
owes tfccm, a formal recognition for
their priceless services.
They were empire builders in the
best and grandest sense. They
kept the law when there was no
one else to keep it They made
this country inhabitable when,
without them, it might have seen
lynch law or no law.
A few of the pioneers survive.
The resident of this province today
who denies or ignores his debt to
them deserves the ancient Anglo-
Saxon reproach and title of "n$d-
! dring.1'���-West Yale Review.
-''^''i'vviE THE   LEDGE
is located at Greenwood, B. C., and can be traced to many parts of
the earth. It comes to the front every Thursday morning, and
believes that hell would close up if love ruled the world. It believes
in justice to everyone; from the man who mucks m the mine to the
king who sits on the cushions of the throne. It believes that advertising is the life of trade; and that one of the noblest works of
creation is the man who always pays the printer.
The Ledge is $2.00 a year in advance, or $2.50 when not so paid.
It is postage free to all parts of Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and
the county of Bruce. To the United States it is $2.50 a year, always
in advance.
A blue mark here indicates that your Subscription has
become deceased, and that the editor would once more
like to commune with your collateral.
The night hawk catches
the early Collins.
The C. P. R. has assets
worth $846,000,000, and yet
sometimes it takes that big
road four months to pay a
small bill.
hand against me or shot at me the
poisoned arrows of tongue or pen,
let them all hear and not know
they have been successful. They
have invariably caused pain.
The gifts of love often are miscarried but the arrows of hate are
sure.���Dr. Frank Crane.
Last year 85 United
States firms established
branch factories in Canada.
These factories caused $18,-
000,000 to be brought into
Canada, and employ nearly
12,000. This is one of the
benefits conferred upon the
country by the National Pol/
Bring Him Back
Talking about hockey the
Hazelton Herald says that;���
Semi-professional sports are
very detrimental to any town
or community, necessitating
an outlay of money from
which there is no return,
either in added 'pleasure or
m new money in the, district,
On the other hand it lessons
the interest in the game and
is a strong incentive to a
class of young men to become
Victoria.- "Bring back the prospector," says Mr. Lome Campbell,
M.L.A. for Rossland." If the
prospectors who were so numerous a few years ago are not to be
encouraged to return, the only
other thing to do is to insist that
tbe Dominion Government shall
hasten its geological survey of this
province and the making of a complete geological survey is necessary
a long job as well as expensive.
Mr. Campbell agrees that there
is much justice in the complaint
at the Conservative annual convention with the' regard to the
method of handling mineral claims
which have been abandoned after
being crown granted. "Any person who wishes to take up such a
the conduct of these people in the
neighborhood of Grand Forks.
Now there is a report thai about
six thousand more of them are
coming. If this ib so it means
that our valley, which is one of the
finest parts of the province, will
be ruined. It will become uninhabitable by persons who want to
live amidst civilized surroundings."
Mr. Miller agrees with the proposal of the attorney-general to
make the communiby property responsible for the acts of individual
Doukhobors. This, of course, can
be done, but it will take some
thinking to word the law so that it
will accomplish the objects; a
difficulty being created by the fact
that Peter Veregin is legally the
sole owner of all the Doukhobor
property. He does not hold it in
any sense as a trustee, but is the
personal owner, with power to do
as he likes with it." "Ab things
are at present," says Mr. Miller,
"a Doukhobor may break any con>
tract with impunity. The person
agrieved may sue, if he likes, but
what's the use. The man with
whom the contract was made has
nothing, and so you cannot collect
anything from him."
In Mr. Miller's opinion the best
hope is in compelling the children
tojattend school and learn the
English language. The registration of. their births, marriages and
deaths should also be insisted
upon, but in teaching of English,
he thinks, lies the key of the situation. Nothing else will accom-
plish permanent results.
Fox Farming
License to Drink
claim," says Mr. Campbell,
"should be allowed to do so by
paying the back taxes, together
with the regular fee of $10. As
things are now, a prospector may
find ore on such a claim but if he
roling stones, playing hockey tries to get possession of the claim,
in one town   for   a  season, J he finds himself confronted by the
baseball in another, and very
often loafing between seasons
Amateur sports always have
and always   will   draw the
greatest crowd and furnish
the most sport for the least
possible outlay.    To win an
amateur game is a real credit and  glory.    Winning a
professional game really signifies nothing as it  is often
influenced by the gambling
connected with it.   The winning of the Ross cup is a
good     advertisement,     but
when the cupels captured at
a cost of hundreds of dollars
and the loss of the amateur
standing in the community.
it   is expensive advertising
and ineffective.
law which says that it must be ad'
vertised for sale by tender and be
given to the highest bidder. It
simply means that the prospector
without money has no chance at
all. The richer his find the surer
he is to lose it. The inevitable result is that when considerable
areas have become tied up in this
way the prospector is driven out of
the country and mineral development is seriously hampered. With
no prospectors and no adequate
geological survey how are we ever
going to find the mineral wealth
Why not make a man take out a
license to drink?   Pay $5   for it
and   have   the government, take
away his license if he indulges not
wisely, but too well.   Make him
show bis license upon demand by
any bartender and also take up his
license if he is found buying after
hours.   This wonld be limiting the
liquor traffic,    and   regulating  it
right down Go the minute.   In connection with the treating system,
for instance, just imagine a friend
calling out to you:    '-'Come on in,
and have   a drink,"   while you
would be forced to reply,   ' 'Sorry,
old scout,  but I  haven't got  a
license.���Ottawa Journal.
The enthusiasm concerning fox-
catching and farming in Yukon
has materially waned during the
past few weeks, owing to the fact
that the price of foxes has decreased nearly 50 per cent since
last summer and that hundreds of
foxes held in captivity have died
from some unknown cause. Many
of these foxes were black, and, in
some cases, as high as 81,500 to
$2,000 had been paid for them.
One dealer who, it is said, could
have sold his stock of foxes in July
for $65,000, sold two weeks ago for
less than $35,000, the latter price
being, to some extent, due to the
decline iu prices, but, also, to the
fact that many of the animals had
died in the meantime. One young
black fox, for which $1,600 bad
been paid, died five days after being placed iu the corral.
Owing to the decline in price,
fully 150 yonng foxes, all of the
red variety, held in captivity in
southern Yukon, have been turned
out to return to their native haunts
in the wilds. Previous to sickness
development among foxes in captivity here, upwards of 200 young
ones bad been shipped from White-
horse alone, to fox ranches in New
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,
and to dealers naar Boston, Mass.
At present there are not over fifty
held in this locality.
A number are experimenting
with mink farming, but great
difficulty is experienced in keeping
them, wire corrals offering little
resistance when they seek their
Owners of black and silver gray
foxes are not discouraged over the
slump in prices, bat contend that
they will be more valuable than
ever within a few months.���U.S.
Consular Reports.
Gasoline in Alberta
A few months ago a "white oil"
was struck in an oil well at Black
Diamond near Okofcoks, Alberta.
It consisted largely of gasoline of
such purity that it has been successfully used in its raw state for
driving an automobile. At a
higher horizon in this well, a flow
of 2,000,000 cubic feet of gas per
day was obtained.
There are two hundred plants in
the United States making gasoline
from natural gas. The yield' is
determined largely by the quantity
of liquid paraffin vapours in tbe
permanent gases, and is further
affected by the temperature conditions in th9 well, the gasoline
content of the oil, and the intim-
ateness of contact between the oil
and gas. Such rapid expansion of
gas from a casing head has been
known to occur as to cause a heavy
condensation of vapours at the
point of egress.
The above considerations suggest
that the possibility of manufacturing gasoline from the natural gas,
which occurs in such enormous
quantities in Alberta, is a matter
well worthy of investigation.
There would undoubtedly be a
large market for the gasoline produced, and after its extraction the
residual gas would be rich in
methane and ethane and have
a high heating value.���W. J. D.
   . ���-���i
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of the nest furnished
hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the Scandal and
commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.
Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity
Commodious sample rooms.   The bar is replete with
all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Booms
reseived by telegraph.
Is the borne for all tourists and
millionaires visiting New Denver, British Columbia.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
If a thing palpably is rubbish a
lot of people will believe in it. If
it is obviously true no tone person m ten will accept it.
Greenburg had taken out an in
surance policy on his stock of
goods, and three hours later a fire
broke out which consumed building and contents.: The company
could find no ground on which to
refuse payment; but in sending the
cheque the following was iucluded
in the letter: We .note that your
policy ^ was issued at noon , on
Thursday and the fire {did not take
place till three o'clock the same
day.    Why this delay?" i
Grand Forks, B.C., is in the centre
oi the city, and furnishes the public
���with, every accommodation at
reasonable rates.
Emil Larson, Proprietor,
Xaslo, B. C��� is a comfortable
home for ali who travel to that
Cockle & Papwortn.
Tiail, B.-_.���This hotel has been
thoroughly renovated. It is heated
by steam, and has hot and cold
water ia all rooms. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Nelson, B.C.
First-class in every thing.
Steam heat, electric flight,
private baths. Telephone
in every room. First-class
bar and barber shop.  '.���;
'Bus meets all trains.;
Rock Creek, B. C. This'hotel is
situated on historic ground, and
has tasty meals and excellent
rooms. .  .       ,. v
T. R. HANSON. Proprietor.
Nelson, B. C, is run on the American and European plan. Steam
-  heated rooms. All white lat��or.
Special attention paid to dining
ICtnsome & Campbell, -Props,
The Newest and Largest Hotel in
the City. Everything neat, clean
and comfortable. Steam heat and
electric light. Meals and drinks at
all hours. ;
that undoubtedly   lies, hidden in
Thinking Themes
Let tbis much be said for the
comfort of  the enemy:  many  a
compliment has failed to cheer ns,
but no cruel word missed its aim.  -
Yon may donbt your power to
help and encourage others; there is
no donbt about your power to hurt.
The flea can bite and tbe bee
can sting, and no smallest soul of
man is without the ability to cause
Hurting people being so cheap a
business, I have left it off altogether, as much as pure human
nature will allow, and am resolved
to bend all my efforts toward in-
creating tbe happiness of eueh
fellow beings as I may fall in with.
many parts of British Columbia?"
Furthermore, there are many of
these    abandoned   claims   which
could be worked profitably.   The
cost    of  freight  and   treatment,
which 15 years ago amounted to
$12 a ton, wonld now be only a
little over $3. Consequently,
properties which then were no
good might now be made to yield
very comfortable returns if they
were opening np, but owing to the
present state of the law nobody 1b ���  	
willing to tackle them. It's poorfdomto others deserve it not for
encouragement to a man, as Mr. themselves, and under a just God
ri-.-n-.t-n ���*-*    ^ .    ..       -        ��� - - -    -
The principles of Jefferson are
the definitions and axioms of free
society.   And yet they are denied
and evaded,  with no small show
of  success.   One  dashingly calls
them "glittering generalities," another   bluntly calls   them   "self-
evident lies," and  others  insidiously argue th3t they apply  to
"superior races."   These  expressions, differing in form,  are identical in object and effect���the supplanting the principles of free gov.
ernment,  and restoring those  of
classification, caste and legitimacy.
They would delight a convocation
of crowned heads plotting against
the people.    They are the  vanguard, the miners and .sappers of
returning despotism.     We  muBt
repulse them, or they will subjugate us.   This is a world of compensation; and he who would be
no slave.   Those who deny free-
If your child is under weight, listless
ailing, liable to get sick easily, it needs a
medicine to build its weight and strength.
For this purpose there is nothing else we
know of that we can so strongly endorse
as Rexall Olive OiL Emulsion.   .The remarkable success of this  splendid  medicine is due to the fact that it contains ingredients that tone the nerves,   enrich
the blood and furnish to the entire system the strength, weight and  liealth-
building substances at needs.    And, it
does all this without injuringthe stomach.
In fact, Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion is not
only pleasant to take, but even the most
sensitive stomach is benefited by it, and
the digestion improved.   On the other
hand, it contains no alcohol or habit-
forming drugs, which most parents object to giving their children,   It does its
good work by taking hold of the weakness and builds the body upto its natural
strength, at  the same  time making it
strong to resist disease.
If Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion doesn't
build your child up, feed the stunted,
puuny muscles, and make' the little one
lively, strong, well, and full of tlie animal spirit children areimeant by nature
to have, come back and tell us and get
your money back. We don't want you
to lose a. cent. We think this is no more
than iair, and it leaves you no cause to
hesitate. For old people also���for convalescents���for all who are nervous, tired
out, run down, no matter what the cause
���we offer Rexall OLive Oil Emulsion
with the same guarantee of entire satisfaction or money back. Sold only at the
7,000 Rexall Stores, and in this town
only by us. ��1.00. J. Z,. White, Druggist,
Greenwood, B.C.
Articles of clothing from wood
fibre are being made in Europe.
The material for a suit costs about
fifty cents. Clothing made of this
material can not be washed.
During February ybii.can buy    .
Fit-Reform, Tweed
and Fancy Worsted
$5.00 LESS
This is no Bunk.
Princeton, B.C., is the headquarters for miners, investors
and railroad men. A fine location, and everything first-class
Bridesville, B. C. This hotel _ is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towns and the centre of
a fine fanning district.
THOMAS   WAI.SH,   Proprietor.
��� Princeton. Tills lioteHs new, comfortaWe
well-furnished, and is close to the railway
depot. Modem accommodation and sample rooms. -u
SUMMERS & WARDLE. Proprietors
The Really Best House
in the Boundary..    .':
Recently Remodelled and'
Strictly Up-to-Date.   >'.
Restaurant in connection!-:
Opposite depot., Extensive alter
ations have recently been made
rendering this hotel one of the
most comfortable in the interior.
A choice selection of liquors and
__.-Ciga___.._New..pool room and sample
rooms in connection.
Mrs. A. F. KIRBY
One of the largest hotels in '������;
the city,   Beautiful location,   "
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON   ;-     PROP.
Rock Creek, B. C. This is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S. T. LARSEN. Proprietor.
The newspaper, thai always pleas-
ee all its readers has never been
Campbell points out, to make him
spend his own money to find out
what a property amounts to, and
then allow somebody else, by overbidding him, to get it away from
Mr. Ernest Miller, the representative from Grand Forks, is insist-1
can not long retain it. All honor
to Jefferson���to the man who, in
the concrete pressure oi a struggle
for national independence by a
single people, had the coolness,
forecast and capacity to introduce
into a merely revolutionary document an abstract truth applicable
Deadwood, B, C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars,
lil ill I LIE
Subscribers are reminded that
The Ledge is a year when
paid in advance. When not so
paid it is $2.50 a year. 1
ent that something drastic should to all men and at all times, and so
_._ -_��� �������� ��� - - ~  -    '
be done this session to abate the
Doukhobor nuisance in his district,
"lam making myself unpopular
among tbe people np there by urging them to be patient, says Mr.
All who have given me a lick, Miller,   "and  the limit of there
all who have bestowed upon me a
sneer or a glance of scorn, all who
have tried to take me down, every
patience has almost been reached.
The people at the coast do not understand tbe irritation that is be-
man and woman who hare raised J fog caused by the presence and
to embalm it there that today and
in all coming days it shall be a rebuke and a stumbling-block to the
very harbingers of reappearing
tyranny and oppression.���Abraham Lincoln.
Ttm fin-tr ttmeOt  fa   Coacbn asd Ccttb
-SUM. casts wo SttJ. mi dse* ao nd l*
Bye Examiners and Makers of Quality Glasses.
131 Hastings Street, West Vancouver, B. C.
Will be in
Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 17 and 18.
HOURS, Tuesday 1 p,m. to 6 pan, Wednesday 9 a_m. (o 6 p4n*
And will be pleased to have persons with defective eyesight ��&U and
consult him.
Eyeglasses, Spectacles and Artificial Eyes fitted at a  reasonable cost
Satisfaction guaranteed absolutely on all work done,
Cbc fialcyon Sanitarium]
 , ,	
Chlorine   8.14
Sulphuric Acid.  363-43
Silica   74.29
Lime  84.57
Alkalies as Soda   5.91
Magnesia  232.00
Lithia 86
Sulphuretted Hydrogen 32.00
William Boyd. Proprietor,
Has recently been thoroughly
renovated and -.-furnished, and
is now tbe greatest health resort upon the continent.   Natural hot water in baths, 124 degrees of heat A coarse ol baths
at Halcyon will cure nervous
and muscular diseases and eliminate rhenm-tism and metaUc
poisons from the system.   The
water heals li-er, kidney and
stomach complaints.   The rates
are $2 a day np; or $12 weekly
np.   Postoffice. express and telegraph offices in connection.
Ralcyoi, B. g.
When you go to a dealer's
store to hear a Phonograph
be sure you hear an Edison
If you do not hear an Edison you do not hear a phonograph. There is only one Edison and only one Phonograph
bearing his name. The Edison Phonograph is Mr. Edison s
own personal achievement.    He invented it and he perfected it.   He is responsible for its clear, lifelike musical
Records���the Blue Amberols, unbreakable, playing four
minutes and lasting a lifetime.    He has produced the
indestructible diamond reproducing point, that never needs
changing.   He has recently
perfected this new cabinet
model���a thing of beauty
in itself and a marvel of
musical perfection.
Hear this new model. Hear the
new Blue Amberol Records,em-
bracing everything worth while
in the field of songs and insbru-
mental music. __
Edison AmbcroU. VI
CaUnelMahosaay oiGoMenOklc. Du-mea-l
_L_CM__   Pout R.producer; Powerful Spring Mttar.
Edison Phonographi and Records are told by
TM. Gulley fi�� Co*
The Only Up-to-Date Optical    Na1o^��      R   C
Department in the Interior,    i^cibun,    l>.  v*.
1 P. BURNS & C����
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all the ft
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay. j\
.'���'������. i
I * oi M M n MM diii i ii t ft ft t tft t *i-r-^* ��**��**-**���������* * ��*f
is air right if shorn of humlwiggery.
Too much, water drinking is just
as injurious as too much liquor or
tnything: else.
are medicinal if not abused. Every
household should have a moderate
supply of pure wines or liquors in
the closet for emergency���either/
unexpected visitors or sudden illness, when a drop of pure liquor
in time may forestall all necessity
  for .drugs.
Greenwood Liquor Company, importers, Greenwood, B. 0.
ftireenwood to Phoenix Stage i
il- ."    1
Leaves Greenwood Daily at 3 p. m. ___
Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m. xs
V      ,       ,       PROPRIETOR =��f
Are the Best Clear Havanas in Canada
Made \>y Union 1.-11)01 in the Ijest Hygienic Factory in tlie country.  Call for
them and get ~alue lor your money instead oi rope
WILBERG & WOLZ, Proa B.C. Clear
Factory, New Westminster. B. c.
Imperator and Kootenav Sli-ndard
Cigars.   Made hv
Very likely others have advised you to
use Rexall Dys_Depsia_ Tablets, because
scores of people in this community believe them to be the best remedy ever
made for Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
That is what we think, too, because we
know what they have done for others and.
what they are made of. We have so
much faith in them that we urge you to
try them at our risk. If they don't help
you, they won't cost you a cent. If they
don't do all that you want them to do���
if they don't restore your stomach to
health and make your digestion easy���
just tell us and we will give back your
incuey without a word or question.   ���
Containing Pepsin and Bismuth, two
of the greatest digestive aids known to
medical science, they soothe the inflamed
stomach lining, help in the secretion of
gastric juice, check heartburn and distress, promote regular bowel action, and
make it possible for you to eat:whatever
you like whenever you like, with the
comforting assurance that there will be
no bad after effects. We believe them to
be the bsst remedy made for dyspepsia
and indigestion. Sold only at the more
than 7,000 Rexall Stores, and in this
town only at our store. Three sizes, 25c.
Soc, and $1.00. J. L. White, Druggist,
Greenwood, B.C.
Pleasant Evening Reveries, A Column Dedicate^ to
Tired Mothers as. they Join the Home Circle at Evening
Tide,    '* \ "*"
I deal in Second-hand
goods and have the
largest sign In B. C.
I l)uy or sell anything from a needle
to a carload.
I At the Windsor Hotel by
?��������������* ft*��*��e������0->fr��������0��*
Greenwood & Midway
Leaves Greenwood for Spokane
at 8:20 a.m., & for Oroville at 3:10
p. m. Leave orders at Terhtme's
Cigar Store.       Ch._ri.es Russell.
j*j*#j*j*JU*#*j*j* ******
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO"    B.C.
- '.i
If perseverance wins the
Argo mine will some day be
a rich producer. Work goes
on steadily at this local enterprise and it is expected that
in a short time the drills will
strike a lead that will astonish the world. When buying
stock do not forget the Argo.
During the 87 months that Lowery'e
Claim was on earth it did business all
over the world. It was the most
unique, independent and fearless journal ever produced in Canada. Political
and theological enemies pursued it with
the venom of a rattlesnake until the
government shut it out of the mails,
and its editor ceasad to publish it
partly ou account of a lazy liver and
partly because it takes a pila of money
to run a paper that ia outlawed, lhere
are still 20 different editions of this condemned journal in print. Send 10 cents
and get one or $2 and get' the bunch,
Greenwood, B. C.
Notary Public,
Land and Mining Agent,
Mining Recorder's Office.
The newspapers in Greenwood, Phoenix and Grand Forks have adopted the
following scale for legal advertising:
Application   for   Liquor  Licence
[2,0 days) . $5.oo,
Certificate or Improvement Notice
(6o days) $7.50
Application to Purchase Land Notices (60 days)  $7^50
Delinquent Co-owner Notices (90
days) ;. ,....��10.00
Water Notices (small) j.7.30
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
ine, single column, for the first inser-
ion; and 8 cents a line for each subse
quent insertion. Nonpariel measurement
���Poor, indescribably poor, is that girl who has gifts, a
clear mind and active hands, and has not been taught how
to use them, wandering aimless throught life, mediocre in
everything, without definite aim, seeking vainly for occupations to amuse or distract, deforming her body to gratify
ignorant vanity, injuring herself by late hours and bad
food, sparkling dimly in the struggle for tbe wealthy husband, and then as a wife realizing her weakness and lack]
of wovth; as mother, weeping bitter, stinging tears as she
sees the results of her miserable life magnified in her chil-
dreu, and wailing piteously for help and strength when it
is too late. No sarcasm this; this scientific man turns toi
his work after studying such a case. But object teaching
is nature's teaching, and many repetitions are necessary
before people will take the lesson and its full  meaning to
* *    *
Much more happiness is found in homes where the little
courtesies of life are observed, for it is, after all, the little
things that make our life pleasant or unpleasant.
* *    *
How much trouble he avoids who does not look to see
what his neighbor says, or does, or thinks; but only to
what he does-himself, that it may be just and pure.
Nothing more contemptible, unmanly or unwomanly than
the everlasting sighing for happiness. Those who have
the most of it think the least about it. But in the thinking about and doing their duty happiness comes, because
the heart and the mind are occupied with earnest thought
that teaches at' a thousand points the beautiful and sublime realties of the universe.
Hotpoint Electric Appliances
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
Greenvoofl City WateiwoiKs Company
_. Secretary.
and Tinner
I am prepared to exv
ecute all orders for
plumbing and tinsmith'
ing in city or country.
Synopsis of Coal Milling Regulations.
��>OAI( mining rights of tlie Dominion,
y-* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of Brit-sl.
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$t an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-diyi-
sions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
sfeked out by the"applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with, sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined ana pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For Ml information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Two Most World-Fained Tonics'
Combined in Vinol.
Cod. Liiyer oil and. Iron hate proved'
to be the two most successful tonics
the world has oyer known���iron Cor
the blood and the medicinaL curattra
elements of cod liver oil as a strength
and tissue builder for body a~.d,
nerves, and for the successful treatment of throat and lung troubles.
Two eminent French, chemists discovered a method of separ_tiE�� thei
curative medicinal elements of the
cods* livers from tie oil or grease
which, is thrown, away , but to these
medicinal elements tonic iron 1b now
added, thus combining in Vlnol the
two most world famed tonics.
As a body-builder and strengtli creator for weak, run-down people, for
feeble old people, delicate children,
to restore strength after sleknesB.i
and for chronic coughs, colds, -.ron.-
chitis or pulmonary troubles wo ask
you to try Vinol with tbe understanding that your money will bo returned
If it does not help you,
Ji L. White, Druggist, Greenwood
��� Squalor is the outward expression of hopeless and unrelieved poverty, But it is not needed for the poor man's
house to be squalid. On the contrary, with industry and
care, and the bright service of a healthy wife, the tiniest
cottage may at times be an abode in which the most dainty
could pass a short time with pleasure. On the other hand
many houses become squalid without excuse, miserable as
it is, of abject poverty. . Thus, while we may fairly rank
poverty as a main cause of squalor, it is not absolute absence of. of money which is the chief cause. Cleaning is
neglected; and whatever be the building, and however it
be furnished, in which constant cleaning is omitted, dttst
accumulates, unexplained stains make their appearance,
and a progress more or less rapid as the case may be, sets
up towards decay and delapidation.
Make yourself happy by seeing the best in  people
things about you.
A woman with a secret she must.keep is  the most unhappy of mortals, but she does not remain so very long,
Bank of Montreal
Capital, paid up, $16,000,000        Rest, $16,000,000.
Hon. President: Lord Strathcona and Mount Rovai* G.C.M.G. G.C.V.O.
President: H.'V. Merbdith, Esq.
General Manager: ^>ir Frederick,Williams-Taylor
BranchesinLondon^ng.iffi^s^sl} New York,Chicago
Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers.    Grant Commercial and
Traveller-*' Credits, available in any part of the world.
Greenwood Branch  - C�� B. Winter, Mgr.
t_e thro* ���ad tatisa.
SEALED TENDEBS addressed to tbe bo
derslgned, and endorsed "Tender��� f��
addition and alterations to tbe Public Btu1d��nfr
Victoria, B.C." will be received at t-is office
nntil 4 p.m_ on Monday, February 16. WM. '��JJ
the construction of the aforesaid addition ana
Plans, specification and form of contract
can be seen and forms of tender obtained at tlie
office of Mr. Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.; on application to the Postmaster, Vciconver, B. C, and at this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not be considered nnless made on the
printed forms supplied, and sip Bed with their
actual signatnres, stating theiroccapattons and
places ot residence. In the case of fir���is, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation
and place of residence of each member oi the
firm most be (riven.
Each tender must be accompanied by as accepted cheque on a chartered banlc, payable to
the order of the Honourable the Minister of
Public Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p. <A
of the amount of the tender, which will be for-
felted if the person tenderiojr decline to enter
into a contract when called noon to do so, or
fail to complete the work Contracted for. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept
the lowest or any tender.
By order
Department Public Works Office,
Ottawa, January !&, 1H��.
Kent-papers will not be paid for thi? a<i~rr-
tiseme-t if they insert  it without authority
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, I*ead or Copper,
$1 each. Gold-Silver, or S^^^r-l-ead,
fcr.50. Prices for other ni-��._Is: Coal,
Cement, Fireclay analyses on application. The largest custom assay office in
British Columbia.
When you want a hea._st<mp or
monument write to the Kootenay
Monumental Works, Nelson, B.C
All  the
latest  methods
in  high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
A SITTING of the County Ooort'of Ya.le will-
be holden at the Oouri House, Green-wood,'
on  Tuesday the  17th day Of Mareli, 3914-, at
eleven o'c.ocl- In the forenoon,=
.   By order,
Keglatiai O. 0. of Y
your Razors Honed I
and Your Baths at f
a*_*r*l MwiagM
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,
OS ccata-1 front the De_��rtmeBtI^��9t6.
Issued by Tb�� Canadian Bank of Commerce enable tbe traveller to
provide hinualf with foods -without delay at each point of hia jonrney in
a convenient yet inexpensiTe manner. They are baaed payable ia arery
country in the world in denominations of
$10,   $20,  $50.   $100,  $200
with the exact equivalent in the moneyi off tbe prl-taipal countries staled
on the face of each cheque. They are -NM-emleal, absolutely safe self-
identifying aad easily negotiated. nM
About Float
Float is not a periodical.
Ife is a book containing 86
illustrations all told, and
is filled with sketches and
stories of western life. It
tells how a gambler cashed
in after the flush clays of
Sandon; how it rainedm
New Denver long aEfcer
Noah was dead; how a
parson took a drink at
Bear Lake in early days ;
how justice was dealt in
Kaslo in '93; how the
ealoon man oatprayed the
women in Kalamazoo, aud
graphically depicts the
roamings of a western
editor among the teader-
feet in the cent belt.   16
contains the early history
of .Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In ife are printed three
western poems, and dozens of articles too unmer-
ons to mention. Send for
one before it is too late.
The price is 25 cents,
postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
/?. T. Lowery
Many people fail to accomplish
anything because they try to do
too much.
The extreme sense of perfection
���.���._. i��n so-n*menistliegre��4��Btdh8t��cle
langer oi Gmsiofli aid Bocl Cmt Brasctesjto tbeh-snecess.
, \ "i I    BOTOAM WBUS    ��
This week the Curb coppers con-,
tribnted sensational developments
to market history. . A week ago
the Bpectacalar rises in G_*eene-
Cananea and Braden held the centre of the stage, bat this week
"Greene-Can" and Braden give
way in the limelight to Bri tish Columbia Copper, which from levels
of ��2 a fortnight ago swelled to
high sales of $4 yesterday.
The rise in British Columbia is
due to the fact that the company
has succeeded in perfecting arrang-
ments with Haydea, Stone & Company for financing itself, in taking
over desirable new properties.
As for its own  Motherlode and
other properties, British  Colombia
has been on easy street for many
years; these have been Bteady income producers, but, unfortunately, their income has been dissipated
for the laBt two years in the company's campaign of exploration  in
rounding up   a   large   number of
outside properties in various  parts
of British Columbia and the State
of Washington.    Daring the last
IS months no less than  $560,000
has been spent by the Urittah Columbia CoppetfCompany in paying
for, and in performing the   necessary   development work   on new
holdings.    When it is recalled that
earnings for|the past two years have
only been around $700,000, or less,
it will be readily   understood that
British   Columbia Copper,   in its
campaign of expansion, had  bitten
off a bigger chunk   than   it  could
conveniently chew.    Without oat-
side financial assistance the   company   would   have    found    itself
choked.,  The burden which   British   Columbia   Copper  Company
had assumed was a big one,  considering the limited resources of the
company, and resulted in  the depreciation of the stock to low levels
of $2 from levels around $7.75 to
68 a few short years ago,  prior to
tbe inauguration of the recent campaign of expansion.
During the week announcement
was made that the British Columbia
Copper Company bad injected details with the powerful banking
firm of Hay den, Stone & Co., of
Boston and New York, whereby
the copper company would be relieved of its financial difficulties by
the underwriting of a loan by the
bankers, involving, too, a reorganization of the British Columbia
Copper Company under terms presumed to be quite favorable to existing stockholders will be given
some form of preference rights in
subscribing to the bonds.
The connection of the name of
Hay den, Stone & Co. with British
Columbia Copper spread like wildfire, and was taken as a powerful
bull omen on jthe Street.   It was
Hay den, Stone & Co. who succeeded in putting Ohino, Bay Consolidated,  Butte  and Superior,   and
Alaska Gold on their feet when
these properties were more or leas
despised,    overburdened,    weary,
low-priced, on toasts, and who assisted also with Utah Copper.
Hayden, Stone as Co. have underwritten a proposed bond ibsue
of $1,000,000 in convertible 6 per
cent, debentures.   Tbe matter of
issuing tbese  bonds,   as well   as
other certain details of refinancing
the British Columbia Copper Com
pany, will be submitted to stock
holders in a few days, and a special meeting will be called when the
proposed plans will  doubtless be
While the proposed plans have
not as yet been given oat to the
public, the Mining Age learns from
a high company  official that the
of the present stock '*or the hew
stock. Two hundred thousand
shares of the new stock, of the par
value of ��1,090,000, will be set
aside in the treasury as a reserve
against conversion of th�� $1.00��,-
000 of 6 per cent, convertible bonds
to be issued. .T.fc is left to be inferred that tb.e remaining 200,000
shares of new stock, left in the
treasury, -will be used or sold for
company purposes in acquiring,
developing and equipping new
properties. As a matter of fact,
the present outstanding shares of
British Columbia Copper total
only    591,709,    instead    of   the
authorized 600,000, so that under j Miss Smith
the scheme of reorganization there j allow only
will remain, "treasury stock"
amounting to 208,291 shares of the
par value of $5 each, instead of
200,000 shares.���New York Mining Age.
' Some time ago an Alabama lady
kindly undertook to advise one of
her0 colored maids as to certain
rales of propriety that always
should be observed by young women
to whom attentions are paid by
gentlemen friends. One evening
the lady wondering whether her
seedBof advice had fallen upon
rocky ground, stationed herself
upon a rocker near the kitchen
door, where 8b�� was entertained
by the following dialogue:
"Ah say, J-Lary, would yo' jea's
"Look yere, Jim Jackson, don'
yo' git fresh wif me! Mah name's
-not Mary. Ah don'
mah best an' most
pa'tie'lar friends to call me Mary.
"Ah beg yo' pah don, MieB Smith
bat, say, Hiss Smith, would yo'
jes's soon shift to de oder knee?
Tbis yere one's tired.
Greenwood Wins Two Games from Phoenix.
Phoenix Receives
Shut-Out for the First
Hockey History.
Time in its
Red Metal Metropolis Has Best Team in the Boundary,
They came; they saw, and they
were up against it. The hockey
players from Phoenix came by special train last Friday with a goodly
number of supporters confident of
trimming the home team to the
King's taste, and left lots of money,
in town as a result of rash wagers
of their prowess.
The locals played at the top of
their form and played rings round |
the visitors some of whom receive
$100 a week for playing. The home
boys got away with rushes, their i
back-checking and intercepting perfect, while the defence was a regular Gibralter. Phoenix was trimmed
to the tune of 3-0 and for the first!
time   in  the  hockey   annals
Phoenix tbey received a shut out.
and   Greenwood   did   it   through
superior  playing.   Phoenix   tried
desparately to score bat Clark had
his eye on the rubber all the time
and made some sensational Btops.
The  looals displayed   a  winning \
brand of hockey and it was a vie*
tory well earned and well fought
for.   It was just 10 seconds before
the end of  the  first  period. that
Greenwood  scored the  first goal
although Mitchel the Phoenix goal J
tender   was   tbe  hardest worked
man on the ice.   He was ''shot at
from front of him; shot at from left
and  right of  him,  volleyed and |
thundered,  while  all  the people
No goals were scored in the
second period and tbe game was
fast and clean. In the third period
Greenwood tallied two making the
score 3-0 when the finaL gong
Of the players it is- hard to say
who excelled for  all  worked [like
Trojans.    Clark upheld bis reputa
tion of being a  enstodian   of tha
nets of no mean repute.   Donnelly
at point is a great improvement,
his checking perfect and his rushes
a great help to the team.   Neil at
cover played a steady, careful and
aggressive game saving time after
time.   Lynn played the gaaae of
his life taking the puck, tarasgft.
the Phoenix defense at "will and always passing at opportune tima.1
Treheme, too, was a wonder; bis
intercepting and his. hack check-]
ing being a feature and the  fans
went wild when he made sreesal
mighty rushes.   Smith and Fisher!
on the wings  were  more than at
gaae even the children could not
refrain   from   shouting   "What's
the matter with Greenwood."
.  A. Lobsingser, of Grand Forks,
was referee and Quance, of Phoenix
B . We are hiring out our four passenger coaster brake bobs tor $1.00 an even- 3
E�� ju&   T*ie roads are fine for this sport.   Try them while them moonlight _3
S��? Just a few of these comfort shoes left. We are out of some sizes but can j-j
S��? fit size 6 to 9 They have heavy felt soles and are warmly lined. Regular _jg
C�� $325. To clear $1.50 a pair. FELT SLIPPERS Nice warm slippers made -r_��
SS: in a good heavy felt.   Regular values $1.50 now ��1.00. __���
California Navel Oranges, sweet and juicy, 35c. a dozen.
S�� Hardware
B Groceries
B Crockery
g�� Frtsn Mtals
Boots & Shoes ~3
Sportine Goods _2
Gents Furnishings __S
Dry Goods        35
Judge of Play, gave entire satisfac- ma_ m de_d ._ thep08toffice in a_
tkm to both teams. Indijma  ^  ^  Mo_d_y _nd
Greenwood - Anaconda ���-
A Really Slow Town.
A well known local business
man was grousing about slow times
in the postoffice lobby the other
morning. Attorney Foley, who as
the name will prove, has a wit of
hiB own, overheard him. "Why,
man," he replied, "you don't know
what a slow-town is.   There was a
Another Win.
The .Ledge  has  always   maintained right from the beginning of
the season that Greenwood hae. the
best players in the Boundary���onr
fylee prove it���and by  defeating
the champion Phoenix team twice
in succession proves our assertions
to be correct.   On several occasions we have been asked to "roast"
��'| the management,  but we refused
knowing   that    they   understand
their  business.     We  also  heard
many remarks that the team was ]
no good.   And now we hear  these
same people saying  "I told you
so."   It seems that  the average
man wants to knock those who are
down when  the  true  sportsmen
would encourage, enthuse or sympathise.   Greenwood won on merit
.frdra Phoenix last   Monday by a
score, of 2-0 and thus for the second
tim& shut out the 1100 a  week
players.   This ���' proves,   too,   that
those "who said, that Phoenix gave
Greenwood  thie  first game were
oaty knockers; and were not willing
to give them  credit when Green-
jjwood did win * game.   Poor sport
Ibis and now we notice, that these
same -uadivid-tals  are loudest  in
their praise.   Trehern and Smith
did the scoring but the honors of
the gaone are doe to all for everyone ^'on the dreenwood   line-up
GreeDwood   and   Grand Forks
| will play in O-reenwood on Friday
and while all the games have been
remarkably brilliant  this season,
thin one -win1 be the hardest iought
lor of all.      	
Juniors Win
they never found the remains till
Thursday. That hasn't happened
here yet.!'���Lethbridge Herald.
Man owes his growth, his energy,
chiefly to that striving of the will
that conflicts with difficulty, which
we call effort. Easy, pleasant
work does npf make robust minds,
does not give men a consciousness
of their powers, does not train
them to endurance, to perseverance, to steady force of will���that
force without-which all other acquisitions avail nothing.���W. E.
Ohanning   K.    ,'
A big family can keep a man
out of most other temptations.
Bill Sprague kept a general
store at Croyden Four Corners.
One day he set of for New York
to buy a lot of goods. The goods
were shipped immediately; and as
Bill had lingered in New York
sight-seeing, they reached Croyden
Four Corners before him. The
goods in an enormous packing-case
were driven to the general store by
the local teamster. Mrs. Sprague
came out to see what had arrived
and with a shriek tottered and fell.
"Ob, what's the matter," cried
the hired girl.
Mrs. Sprague, her eyes blinded
with tears, pointed to the packing
case, wheron was stenciled in large
black letters:
Bill inside.    '
Co tbe Oledding em Buyer
Regarding Appropriate Wedding Gifts
You who live out of town are often in a quan
dary, when the matter of appropriate wedding
gifts comes before you, The difficulty, however
is easily overcome by writing for our ILLUS^
TKATED CATALOGUE, which represents
very fully our fine assortments in all lines
which are especially adaptable as wedding gifts,
We are careful in packing and delivering wedding gifts to out of town points, all goods being
sent at our own risk,
In our Catalogue you will find many suitable
gifts in Silver and Cut Glass, Write for this
Catalague today if you are considering a wedding gift.   You will save money by buying
through our mailing system,
Geo. E. Trorey, Man. Dir, VANCOUVER B, C.
1 StanfiehTs Underwear.
| Bell's Sloes
| Mallory Hats
1 Semi-Ready Clothing
���^__5 H
Said the wooden-headed son of pomposity,
Did you ever  hear  tell "of  such
blooming audacity,
As the man who would dare
To steal from Hot Air;
Not caring a cuss for the loud gales'
of ferocity.
J     COPPER STREET        /
GREENWOOD, B, C,   �����
Not all the heroes go to war. Some
of them marry and rear large families.
-forwarder- and farm ore best
for-B.C.soil.Sec* Ca<e_lo|ju���� for
solid rf-uartu-toe oipvuitsr
and _U*r__.ir-.CLtion
'  Send now for Copy ire*
Sutton &Sens.TheKin��s Soodrntn.
Victoria     *      V_m co uv*r
���IB Perr St. 6C76r-.nvll.att-.
The    Greenwood   jrs   defeated
Phoeni-c jrs on the local ice on
Tuesday night by a score of 6-1.
The game was a> very good one and
quite a> number   of people  were
present who cheered after many of
the brilliant and tricky playB on
the part of tbe borne boyB.   "W.
Stofer   and W.   Smith were the
stars both taking the puck from
one end of the ice to tbe other and
Roaring.   All played good hockey
and tbe locale deserved their vie*
match for their opponents and held!
them at bay all the time.   Fisher
bad some dandy shots on goal watte itory.
Smith always working hard tooJkfj -*-_������
I the puck on several occasions right J] txrmsitxouraa
J into the enemy's camp. Twaeal *In a game against Phoenix last.
British Columbia Copper Company, lf_mo_s victory and the best team. ttinwhy the htttM team received j
nowcapiteJized at $3,000,000, in|won ��� ���Seles* lrj C-4.    Greenwood was
shares of the par value of IS each, j The game throughout wis D_ria lei ading until the ttiid period and
will be reorganized into a 16,000,. I ed by fast and continuous pace; 1* wiare toe a__craa�� m sot tbe hoodoo
000 company. Of the 1,000,000 J WM _, game that sent the- *pecta**��
shares of new stock, of the parlfranticandmade them fcosno <����*
wine of S5 each, 600,000 -narwl8_outH.g and throw bate in the. ��t_r.
will be set aside to arrange for ex-j Everybody was on_tbei_j;fo# with
change, share for share at parity, I excitement and a* She end .��f lbs
The Ladies in this Town are Simply Going Wild
oyer Harmony Hair Beautifier. And no wonder, because to make
the hair lustrous, soft and silky we believe there's nothing else���
and we sell about all'the various hair preparations made���that anywhere near comes up to Harmony Hair Beautifier.
Ask any one /of the many women in this town who use it���-
she'll tell you she *1oves- it. Just look at her hair,Tand you'll come
to us and get some yourself.
Is just what its name implies.���Just to make the hair glossy, lustrous, more
beautiful.���Just to make it easier to dress, and more natural to fall easily and
gracefully into the wavy lines and folds of the coiffure.
It leaves a delightful fresh and cool effect, and a lingerixig, delicate perfume.
Will not change or darken the color. Contains no oil; therefore doesn't leave the
hair sticky or stringy. Simply sprinkle a tittle on your hair each time before
brushing it. But first, make sure that your hair and scalp are clean, by using'
Harmony Shampoo
���A liquid shampoo to keep the hair clean, soft, smooth and beautiful. It gives
an instantaneous, rich, foaming lather, penetrating to every part of the hair and
scalp. It is washed off just as quickly, the entire operation taking only a few
moments. It leaves no^ lumps or stickiness.���Just a refreshing sense of cool, sweet
cleanliness.���Just a dainty, pleasant and clean fragrance.
���Both in odd-shaped ornamental bottles, with sprinkler tops.
Harmony Bait Beautifier, $1.00. Harmony Shampoo,   60c.
,     Both are guaranteed to please you, or your money back.
These Stags Beauties Endorse Them
_��^5,^_!Z**te��" ���"���*��� ��������*��. N<nr T��fc
*���� TA Struts. -W~*�� _*.��__, �����
Bt_ri_TWMk--i -M-ratta*."O.M.Cohan
^���J*."1* * ^ ne^r ����* n"��*��. New
Star ia "A__e." I-wnrre Thet-ter. N-_r V��_
BOSK co_I__A>r^^^
����rja~J__B Fa-U-an," nov taurine tlw VtSted
Statu.        Oars i��t_��
Stan ia tMs Town
nember of
the* 3| .mu s sssm *���*
Although it
ti-terewae quite a
who dabs
j. l: white


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