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The Ledge Apr 22, 1915

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VolI; XXI.
No. 41
Gieenwood's   Big  Furniture  Store
See Our New Spring
Linoleums, Carpets, Squares,
I   arid Various Small Rugs
Special Discount For Cash
% M 0ULLEY & Co.
..GREENWOOD, B.C. Phone 27
- oc GREENWOOD,  B.  C.
Aj Full Stock of First Class Pipes.        Pipe Repairs
Bicycle Supplies
New and Second Hand Store
Always Ready For
William C. Arthurs
Vienna Bakery. Greenwood.
lor Quality Goods
'". This store sells all tlie staples of lite, and many
of the luxuries, Our goods are fresh and well
selected. Examine our stock of Dry Goods, Boots,
Shoes, Groceries and Provisions. We sell almost
everything, from a bunch of envelopes to a thrash"
ing machine.   Just out of Zeppelins.
The Latest in Ladies Misses
and Childrens'Hats _
��      ' -       - I
Around Home
Ribbons, Flowers and
inery Novelties
Wm, Frawley is in the hospital.
J. L. Miles, of Carmi, was in
towu on Monday.
Mrs. Boomer, of Trail,.Is visiting friends in the city.
W. W. Craig's son Fred is with
the 48th battalion in Victoria.
M. and Mrs. Carlson returned
last week from a trip to California.
Service in the Presbyterian
church, Sunday, April 25th, at
11 a.m.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinney
have gone to California for a two
months vacation.
Isaac Crawford aud the Misses
Crawford autoed from Carmi to
attend the Firemen's dance.
Milk is ten cents a quart in
Greenwood. Three dairies are
now supplying milk in the city.
Miss V. Tibbies left Okanagan
Mission last Friday, to take up
her residence in Nottingham,
In Grand Forks last Friday
.Gus Evans put a war stamp on a
cheque. He does not say how he
got the stamp.
F. K. McMann has moved from
Nova Scotia to Princeton. He
was a resident of Greenwood in
the boom days.
Wm. Bof dinar spent a few days
in the hospital. A rock fell on
him in the Jewel mine,. aud fractured one of his ribs.
Dr. Hugh Cameron died in
Princeton this month. He was
the first man to discover platinum
at Granite Creek in 1885.
Iu Phoenix there are 98 children   attending  the Presbyterian
Hp. BBRNS^ & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Bank of Montreal
Capital, paid up, $16,000,000 Rest, $16,000,000.
" ' UNDIVIDED PROFITS, .1,232.669.42
..Total Assets (October 1914) $256,113,596.72.
President: H. V." MERBDiTH, Esq.
General Manager: Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor
Branchesin London, Eng.{&\r��
Buy and Sell Stetling Exchange and Cable Transfers.     Grant Commercial and
Travellers' Credits, available in any part of the world.
Gr^nwopd Branch   -  C. B. Winter, Mgriv
Copper St.
First  Class Work and
Prompt Attention
Prices Reasonable
E. A. Black, Phoenix
:f W. G. Kennedy, Agent
|        Greenwood
Previous to his departure for
Enderby, C. B. Winter was entertained to a Smoker at the
Club on Tuesday evening.        :
Tom Walsh inspected the post-
office yesterday. "Good enough
for Ireland, let alone Greenwood," said Tom, as he nudged
Cap Sw^yni in the solar plexus.
The Firemens dance on Monday " evening was a social and
financial success, several dollars
being realized for the Patriotic
Fund. The attendance from
Phoenix and other towns was
very large.
But a few attended the meeting,
of the Greenwood Agricultural
Association last week, and the
meeting was adjourned until
April 27. It is necessary to have
a large attendance at this meeting in order to decide whether
Greenwood will, or will not, have
a Fall Fair this year. At this
meeting it is .likely that tbe
amount of the government grant
will be made known. Lift your
feet an attend this meeting.
The daace in Midway, Friday
night, was a successful and enjoyable function, and attracted a
large number of people from both
sides of the Boundary line. The
greater number came from Midway and Ferry, but Rock Creek
and Toroda were well represented, and several couples were present from Chesaw and Myncaster.
A few purchasers of tickets came
from places as far distant as
Malo, 20 miles south on the G.
N.R., and Boundary Falls, five
miles north on the C.P.R. The
music specially selected for the
occasion bv Professor F. Werner,
of Grand Forks, was rendered by
the orchestra in a highly efficient
and acceptable manner.
Western Float
This gardens are green in Sandon.
Blairmore has a new shoe cob-
made   in   Grand
June 1.
The Red Metal
Star Theatre
Friday April 23rd
Pathe's British War Weekly
Cupid in the Dentist   Chair
;_.-? ^T?       -       J"t       . ___________
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Aas't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FU NO, $13,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for trie transaction of their banking business, including
..the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank Sales notes
ajte~supplied free of charge on application. S25
A. H. MARCON, Manager,
Comedy Series No.  I of Two
Men And A Mule
Two other excellent reels
Doors open 7:45.   Performance at 8 sharp
Prices     Children    15c.    Adults   25c.
Watch The Ledge each week and keep
posted.   Our night is always FRIDAY
'This- sfdfe is making JRock Creek famous,
and its name is a household word in the fioiind-
ary�� >I^pustome.��^afrpreciate a live store where
the cobwebs never nestle. We feed the hungry,
clothe $he naked, and shoe the barefooted, pro^
vi$e& j$��y can pf oduce the collateral. Our but-
wili melt in your mouth, and clothed in one
ur .new spring suits, a Piute Indiaft looks
n Apollo.
Christian Science service will
be held in the Odd fellows Hall on
Sundav at 11 a.m, All weitdme.
On the the third Friday of each
month at 8 p.m. testimonial
meetings will be held in the
same hall. Sunday school every
Sunday morning;
For Saj._5.~-New farm wagons.
3, V/i and 3>�� inch. Made in
Canada.    At Kinneys.   ~ .
For Saxe,���Four New Mc-
Clanahan Incubators, cheap.
Brown's, Ferry,  Wash.
For Sale.���Raspberry and red
currant bushes, and strawberry
plants.   V. Jenks. Phoenix road.
Turkey Eggs, For. Sale.
(Mammoth Brohse) $3 a setting.
Mrs. Edward Richter, Rock
Creek, B. C.   ;
Bulls For Sale,���I have five
or six Hereford and: Shorthorns
to dispose of, prices right. John
R. Jackson, Midway,
Eggs For SBTTiNG.^Barred
Rock arid S. C. White Leghorn,
$3.00 per IS eggs. From stock
bred for laying. A. F. H. Meyer.
Wanted.���A male cook desires a situation. Competent
bread, meat and pastry cook.
Sober arid reliable. Address,
Chef* Ledge office, Greenwood,
Sunday School.    Quite a  few of
them can talk Scotch or -English.
George Hambly, of Rock Creek,
broke away from the ranch long
enough last Saturday; to visit
the red metal metropolis for a
few hours. :
--English, Swiss-aud-American
watch and clock repairing. All
work guaranteed. C. A. Aden-
eur, opposite Windsor Hotel,.
Read the program of the Star
Theatre in an other column.
The reels are particularly good
this week, and remember the date
is Friday night.
James McCreath and Alex
Davidson" motored to Princeton
this week. They were accompanied by Miss Glady's McCreath and Miss Esther Lawson.
C. J. McArthur & Co., shipped
35 tons of $100 ore from the Mar-
jorie to the Granby smelter this
week. Tbis makes 105 tons shipped this seaaon from the" Mar-
Tracklaying on the Kettle Valley railway was completed to
Princeton this "week, where it
joins the Great Northern road.
It ia possible now to go all the
way from Greenwood to Princeton in Canadian territory.
Robt, McMillan, of Grand
Forks, visited his sisters here
last Wednesday night. He was
accompanied by Leonard McMillan of the Grand Forks Sharpshooters. Leonard has tour
brothers at the front with the
Canadian contingent.
A carload of seed oats and
wheat from the Provincial government arrived at Midway this
week, and will be sold to farmers
at three cents a pound or'ori time
without interest. For particulars apply to the Government
office in Greenwood.
A big bushrat came into town
on Monday evening, aad chased:
Pond's dog around the block. He
then made for Russell's barn,
where he fought four rounds with
a bulldog before he would let go
the ghost. The bulldog was not
apprehended for killing game in
town, without a hunters license,
A government tree travelling,
library has been established in
GreeriwOOd. There is 110 charge
for reading the books, and the
same can be obtairied by calling
on Mrs. Cummins, the custodian, Lf gpoijane
in the Bank of Comtrierce build- '
irig, froin 3 to 6 p. in.,, Wednesdays, arid from 7:30 to 9 p.m��� on
Peter Carter went crazy in
Princeton the other day, and
tried to butt his braitts out
against a rock. He then ran
along the main street breaking
store windows with his head.
He broke into a harness shop and
pounded his upper stope with
glass, hames and other things.
When apprehended his head required 40 stitches to patch it up.
While running amuck he had
Princeton jumping in the air to
get out of his way.
Just now, the world is confronted
with a serious shortage of copper,
and how high prices consumers
will be obliged to pay for it six
months or'a year hence is anybody's guess. The return to a
full vol nine ot production, which
is now the policy at all the mines in
the United States, may prevent the
market from.running away; but it
is as nearly certain as any future
thing can be that therewjll be a fall
market demand, at high prices, for
all the copper the mines can supply for a long time to comer
If the war continues for several
months longer, the price of copper
may reach high figures, and if the
war ends and is settled so that the
people of the various countries involved can immediately return to
their ordinary industrial pursuits,
the price of the metal may go much
Kaslo-Slocan Mines
Some ore was struck a few days
ago in the lower tunnel of the
Echo, on the Slocan side.
The Chinks who went placer
mining at Cooper creek are reported
to have made a magnificient clean
up of only forty cents worth of the
yellow metal.
Supt. Sherwin, of the Bluebell,
was in town this week bul was unable to give any definite information as to the possibilities -of a resumption of operations at the big
Riondel mine.
The last two cars of ore shipped
to Trail by the Utica have given
exceedingly good returns, one Of
them giving returns of over one
thousand, nine hundred dollars
and the other going over twenty^
nine hundred.
Slocan Kfecord: It is not improbable that before another year
the greater portion of the Slocan
ores will be treated at Kingston,
Ont. The Kingston smeltery offers
a net return of about S6 a ton
more than the Trail people.
A.. E. Law and W. J. Thomas,
were in town a few
days ago. They are said to have
been in this section for the purpose of negotiating a deal for some
claims at Poplar, in which A.
Garvey, Carl Fobs T. Hanson are
A total of 740 tons of zinc have
been shipped from: Kaslo-Slocan
properties so far this year, the
Surprise sending 251 tons, Hewitt,
Silverton^ 164 tons; Lucky Jim,
Zincton, S3 tons; Cork*Province,
Kaslo, 40 tone; L L.. Eefcallaek &
Co., Whitewater, 160 tons, and
the Utica, 42 tons.���Kaslo Kooten-
ling shop.
Jam  will   be
Forks this year.
This summer a daily train may
run  between  Kaslo and Nakusp.
The brass band at Nakusp died
for lack of funds and enthusiasm.
At Sandon, Bob Cunning will
work the Mercury mine all summer.
The   C.P.R,   hotel, at
opens for the season  on
The Banff hotel on May 1.
In  the  Big Bend  a  new cable
ferry is being built on Goldstream,
on the McCulloch creek trail.
Ore is being taken out of the
Mollie Hughes mine at New Denver, that runs 300 ounces in silver.
It is reported that the Great
Northern railway will abandon its
line between Port Hill and Creston.
H. F. Weber who has the Hatfield ranch at Creston will set out
4,000 strawberry plants this
At Revelstoke this year four
placer claims in the Big Bend, and
one south of the cityhave been recorded. /
At Carmi, Colonel. Baker and
Bob Perry are .preparing to work
one of their mineral claims this
The C.P.R. will use 1,000 tons
of coal a day, on its Manitoba
division, from the mines in the
Crows Nest.
Villa says that when peace is
declared ho will put Mexico on th e
water wagon, and make the people burn their cigarettes.
The Hartney mine near New
Denver will have little work done
on it this year. It should make a
mine in another 100 years.
It is' 20 years ago today since
General- Charley Warren drank his
first cocktail in Rossland. Previous to that he had .always drank
straight whiskey.
Germany is offering 50 cents a
pound for copper, and is not getting any from Greenwood. In
1-864 copper was 55 cents a pound
in the United States.
Two years ago a man was arrested in Revelstoke for being
drnnk. He developed delirium
tremens and Tom Bain took care
of him. Tbis month he sent Bain
$25 from England. It pays to be
Frenchman���You are a funny
people you Engleesh. You take
strong whiskey; you put water in
to make it weak; you put sugar
in it. to make- it sweet; you put
lemon in it to make it sonr; then
you say 'here's, to you,' _and_drink
it yourself.���Ex.
A school teacher having instructed a pupil to purchase a grammar,
the next day received a note thus
worded from the child's mother:
I do not desire that Lulu should
ingage in grammer as I prefer
her ingage in yuseful" studies as I
can teach her how to spoke and
rite properly myself. I have went
through two grammers, and can't
say they did me no good. . I prefer
her ingage in germ an and drawing
and vooal music on  the piano.
Black bas3 are plentiful in Vas-
seaux lake these days despite the
fact that an��� order-in-council prohibits Mr.���'-. Black- '-��� Bass from; ir��
habiting B.C. waters.' The order
says that bass must- hot be placed
in any waters in the province, hut
nevertheless they aire finding their
own way into the province via
Oeqypqs lake and \ the Okanagan
river.; There are a few t)ass .'in-:
Dog lakey and another season or;
two should find many of them in
Okanagan laike. "Fishermen are
having good sport at Vasseaux
lake and are anxious to see them
up here as well. These particular
bass are the large-mouth variety. ^~
Penticton Herald;
Grand Variety Concert
'^Nearly 200 attended the concert given in the Auditorium
last Saturday night by the Ladies
of St. Jude's church and all felt a
thrill-of pride as they listened to a
programme that was meritorious
from first to last. There were no
hitches in the programme and the
large audience was dismissed with
the singing of the National Anthem
led by the various artists. That
this city is most fortunate in the
capable group of musical artists it
numbers among its citizens was
apparent from the splendid results achieved. Besides the high
quality of music, both instrumental
and vocal, the management committee were most judicious in their
choice of artists, for all were of the
exceedingly unique and entertaining kind. ���
Mr. Marriage on the piano gave
complete satisfaction and caught
the fancy of the audience. Mrs.
Oliver and Mr. Marriage proved
sympa^Hetio accompanists. Rev.
R. D. Porter in his comic songs
with the banjo scored a success and
was repeatedly encored. The duet
by P. H. McCurrach and Rev. J.
H. Hobbins drew well-merited applause. The work of C. B. Winter is already well known to Boundary audiences and in this concert
he made his last appearance as he
is shortly leaving for Enderby. He
will be much missed by the music
lovers - of Greenwood. The work
of Mr. Winter should be given a
high place for never has an amateur acquitted himself so honorably in Greenwood, by his perfect
control and fine sense of musical
art. Trio by Miss Oliver, Miss
Groves and Mr. Winter was a
howling success. The Japenese
gowns made a most admirable setting. Mr. Dicker as an elocutionist was given an ovation which he
well deserved.
It would be impossible to do
justice to each separate number or
more than suggest the tremendous'
amount of work entailed in preparation. This is especially trhe
in the case of Mrs. Cummins and
troupe. This number was un- ���
donbtedly one of the best on the
programme. Mrs. Oliver did^her-
self credit and was popularly encored by the audience. The solos
by P. H. McCurrach and, Rev. *
Hobbins were rendered in a way
that won warm applause.. Perhaps the most unique number was,i
the darky sketch carried out. by
Messrs. Adams and Arthurs, assisted by ~ J. L. White who acted so
well that the audience did not
realize that he was part of the
troupe. Their witticisms and in-
strumentals were well received.
A conquest was scored by C.
King in his humorous songs and
by request gave the Charge of Balaclava in five nationalities. The
programme closed with C. King
and male chorus all dressed in
soldiers uniform. It was a gay,
spirited number, given with great
ability, a fitting conclusion to a
programme that was in every way-
a triumph.'
"What's the matter, Johnson?"
he asked. ''Have you struck
something you don't Understand?''
"Indeed I have, sir!" answered
that freckled youth.
8'Let me have a look at it," said
the man of knowledge. Johnson
handed him over a payyrus a few
thousand years old on which were
scrawled some hieroglyphics.
"Can't make it out, eir!" he
"What would you think it
meant, now?'' queried his chief.
"Couldn't say, sir, unless it's a
doctor's prescription in the time of
The Big Bend
J. Shields, who came to the city
on Monday from the Big Bend and
will leave next Monday on his re- -
turn to undertake the construction
of the new provincial government
ferry across Goldstream, says that
many prospectors are expected this
year in the Big Bend.
A party of three are leaving in
a few dajTs to develop a placer property above the Last Chance on
McCulloch creek. On this creek
last winder Mr. Shield?, L. Mar-
saw and R. Aikins have been
steadily working the Ophar lease.
They are using a large pump,
weighing 9,000 lbs., which was
taken into the district 20 years ago.
On French creek the Revillard
syndicate have made goo'l progress
oh their property. They are drifting through the rim to got into the
I. C. Montgomery is working
his lease with good results and
three other partners have begun
ground sluicing on what appears
to be a promising property.-���
Revelstoke Mail-Herald.
In the Grip of the Style
"I want to see you just
ufce." said the lady at the
of tbe steps, "but this hobble skirt
is so tight I can't climb the stairs.
You come out won't you?"
"I would if I could," sighed thn
one inside, "but tbis new hat is
too wide to go through the doorway."
$2 a year in Canada,   and   $2.50   in  the
United States.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     6.00
Application Liquor Licenses    5.00
Transfer Liquor Licenses     7.50
Kstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     2.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $2.50 for each additional claim )
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
United Copper's New Mill
The great success of the new
floation system recently installed
by the United Copper in recovering the ore values, has amply
justified the company in installing
an additional 50 stamps to the
plant already in operation. The
first car of the new mill is being
hauled up the hill this] week and
will be put in place as fast as possible.
The increase of capacity to 350
tons daily will require more than
double the present number of miners now employed and new men
are put on to prepare for the increased output,' of .^the mine.���
Chewelah Independent.
Tne price of jobs in Phoenix are
not quoted in the Spokane papers.
A Chinese typewriter has 4,200
characters. We mean the machine.
By calling at the oflice of Greenwood's leading excitement, the
Kaiser can learn of something to
his advantage.
The police have not yet arrested
Billy Sunday. In one sense he is
the greatest con man of the age.
His language is tough, and he is a
bulldozer of the rough school.
That journalistic cyclone, Bob
Edwards, is in favor of a water
wagon for Alberta, and that province will surely get it, although
water has killed millions of people.
The world needs a church that
will teach the world how to be
healthy. That is all the salvation
we need. It is hard for a man to
save his soul, when he does not
know how to save his body.
In the golden city of Rossland
the proprietor of the Miner is publishing a newsy, and respectable
daily paper. It ie up to the people of that old camp to see that it
does not die from malnutrition.
Time brings all things. The
other night the railway conductors
gave a dance in Prince George. It
is only a few moons ago,. since the
dances held in that section, were
given by conductors of packtrains,
with klootches for partners.
Ten New Commandments
The most exciting time in the
history of New Denver occurred
19 years ago last Friday night.
That was a hot time in the new
Lucerne. The Slocan hotel burnt
down and 13 people were injured
by jumping from windows. We
were there and defeated cremation
by making one of the longest jumps
on record without weights. We
lit with a dull but not a sickly
thud, breaking tbe sidewalk, and
tearing our only shirt to pieces.
The victims were dishabille but
none were arrested for indescent
exposure. We lost our money,
clothes and diamonds in the conflagration, but saved our room
rent for the night. As far as we
know none of the actors in that
great tragedy are now living in the
Slocau. It was certainly a great
night, and beat for excitement,
even a 24th of May celebration in
KaBlo or Silverton. It was one of
the times in our mundane existence that we were close to
both hell and heaven for a few
minutes. Since then we never
sleep higher than the first floor,
even when stopping at the Waldorf
in New York, or Bob Cunning's
in Sandon.
A Child's Laugh
The laugh of a child  will make
the holiest day more sacred still.
.Strike with the hand of fire,   O
weird musician,   thy harp stung
with Apollo's golden hair;  fill the
vast cathedral   aisles   with   symphonies sweet and dim, deft toucher of the organ keys; blow, bugler,
blow,  until the Silver   notes   do
touch and kiss the moonlit waves
arid charm the lovers wandering
'mid   the    vine-clad   hills.      But
know your sweetest strains are discords all   compared   with  childhood's   happy   laugh���the  laugh
that fills the eyes with light and
every heart with joy.   0 rippling
river of laughter^   thori art  the
blessed    Boundary  lirie   between
beasts and riaen, and every wayward wave of thinex doth drown
some    fretful fiend  of   care.   O
laughter, rose-lipped laughter  of
joy, there are dimples eoongh in
thy cheeks to catch and hold arid
glorify all   the  tears  of grtef.���
The Brooklyn Tenement House
Committee has published as commandments, ten points bearing on
the duty of householders to their
neighbors, their neighborhood,
themselves, aiid their families:
1.���Thou shalt honor thy neighborhood and keep it clean.
2.���Remember thy cleaning day
and keep it wholly.
3.���Thou shalt take care of thy
rubbish heap, else thy neighbor
will bear witness against thee.
4.���Thou shall keep in order
thy alley, thy back yard, thy hall,
and thy Btairway. ,
5.���Thou shalt not let the wicked fly breed.
6.���Thou shall not kill thy
neighbor by ignoring fire menaces
or by poisoning the air with rubbish and garbage.
7.���Thou   shalt   not   keep   thy
windows closed day and night.
. 8.���Thou shalt covet all the air
and sunlight thou canst obtain.
9.<���Because of the love thou
bearest thy children thou shalt
provide clean homes for them.
10.���Thou shall not Bteal thy
children's right to health and happiness.
your Razors Honed
and Your Baths at
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary
Amateur   Finishing   Beautifully   Done,
Postage Paid to and from Greenwood and
Other    Points.     Best   lane of Portrait
Frame Pictures in the Boundary.
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING 25cts per roll
PRINTS 50cts a dozen
f.   J.   LAKE,
Winnipeg Ave., Grand Forks
A SITTING o. she County Court of Yule will
be holden at the Court House, Greenwood,
on Tuesdi-y the 25tU day of May, 1915, at
11 a.m.
Registrar C. 0. of Y
All' the   latest  methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
Direct from the Factory to tbe consumer
at  wholesale  prices    to advertise our
Every clear we make is absolutely guaranteed filled'Witli (rent-Iiie Havana-
Box of ��o's B.C. full weight, five
inches long $3.50.
Box of 50's O.S   4  inches  long,
Conchas, $3 00.
Box of "Brillantes" Clear  Havana
Wrapper, full weight, 5 inches
long, 50 S $5.00.
Send money order, or certified
cheque. Do not send money unless registered.
References:���!-. G. DUNN &CO.
New vVestmlnster, B. C.
Synopsis of .Coal Mining Regulations.
A^OAI. mining rights of the Dominion
^"* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
'twenty-one years at an annual rental of
%i an acre. .Not more than 2,560. acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and. in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded il
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be.
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person'operating the "mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the' coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the'-mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will.not be paid for.���
Estray Notice.
Caine into my premises a dark brown
horse, blind in right eye, and weighs
about 900 pounds. I have fed him all
winter. The owner must call for him
within 30 days, or he will be sold to pay
expenses of feed bill and advertising-.
Carmi, B. C, April 1st, 1915.
Dog Taxes
All dog taxes must be paid to the city
office, on or before April 26, 19.5, or proceedings will be taken to collect the
City Clerk.
Sec. 35.
NOTICE iu hereby _r>veo that, on the 3rd
day of May next, application will be made to
the Saperiatendei-t of Provincial Police, for
the errant of a licence for the sale of liquor by
retail, in and npon the premises known as the
Carmi Hotel, situate at Carmi, upon the lands
described as Lots A and B according to plan
109. ,
Dated this 30th day of March, 1915.
... .x^��:~K~tt~x~^^^
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one oi the Deetr furnished
hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the financial and
commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.
Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar is replete with
all modern beverages and Uie meals are the best. Booms
resetted by telegraph.
>a��a������e��������o��a��<ifO��Ot������OO��a��������ft4����0��'�� *��������������#��
The Booze
The best business men of the
United States are waking up said
one: "We know that until booze
is banished we cannot have efficient
workmen. Tt has got to go. It is
purely a matter of dollars and
cents. Corporations have no souls;
they are going to show very little
soul to the man who drinks.", It
is broad assertion, but "there is no
one town on earth that has the
saloons where the taxes are lower
than where they do not have the
saloon." The liquor trade of Iowa
pays $500,000 per annum in licenses and has increased the taxes
$1,000,000. The Chicago Tribune
kept track and found that 53,556
murders were committed by men
under the influence of liquor in ten
years. Ninety per cent, of adult
criminals are whiskey-made.
That's the answer. And here's
another. New York City's "rum"
bill is $1,000,000 a day���four times
the annual output of gold mined
in the United States. There is one
saloon to every thirty families.
The money sppnt in ten years
would buy every working man a
$3,500 house and lot. That sum
in $1 bills would cover 10,000.
acres of ground. Do you Wonder
there is poverty and crime, Mr.
Editor? A. policeman once remarked that he never took a total
abstainer to prison.
All That Money
Sam the choreman, returned
from the city with a scarf pin that
contained a "Diamond" of no
usual size. It was the pride of his
heart and the envy of his village
companions. He treated all . inquiries from them as to the value,
and its authenticity with high
His employer, after a week of
basking in its radiance, asked Sam
about its history.
"Sam, ' he said, "is it a real
diamond." ,
"Wall," said Sam, "If,it ain't
I've been sknu out of four bits."
Both Had Ability
A man left his unbrella in the
stand in a hotel; with a card bearing the following inscription attached to it: "This umbrella belongs to a man who can deal a
blow of 250 pounds weight. I
shall be back in ten minutes.''
On returning to seek his property
he found in its place a card thus
inscribed: "This card was left here
by a man who can run twelve miles
an hour.    I shall not be back."
PHOENIX     B.   O.
The Newest and Largest Hotel in
the City. Everything neat, clean
and comfortable. Steam heat and
electric light. Meals and drinks at
all hours.
"Belgium as a producing factor is obliterated from the map. Britain, always unable
to sustain-itself, will have stronger needs. That beautiful section of France where a little
more'than a year ago-1 saw the countless stooks of golden grain is now scarrgd with. the.
deep-dug trenches.   Surely, surely there is need for all that we can do." .:  .      -;   *���-
HON. MARTIN BURRELL, Minister of Agriculture.
Many Foods
The Empire asks, Canada to increase the production of staple foods���not
merely of wheat. Great Britain wants oats, corn, hax^ey, pea,s,,beans,
potatoes, turnips, onions, meat, dairy products, poultry and eggs.
In the past Great Britain has imported immense quantities of the^e
staple foods from Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria-Hungary
as shown by the following:
Average Imports
Years 1910-1913
Wheat.. .28,439,609 bush.
Oats 23,686,304    "
Barley.. .15,192,268
Corn 7.621,374
Peas     703,063
Beans      639,663
Potatoes.. 4,721,690
Onions     271,669
Meat.... 26,609,766
Eggs .121,112,916
Butter and
Cheese... 91,766,233   lbs.
The above mentioned sources
of supply of -staple- foods are
sow, in the main, cut off as
result of the war. Great Britain
is looking to Canada to supply a
large- share of the ��� shortage.
Every individual-farmer has a
duty to perform.
Make Your Land
Produce More
Millions of bushels rather
than millions of acres should be
Canada's aim. The fields already under cultivation should
be made more productive. Keep
in mind good seed and good
.. That there is abundant reason
to expect larger returns from
the same area is conclusively
shown when we compare the
average production of the
present time with the possible
production. Note the following
brief table which shows our
average in 1314 and the possible
production per acre:���
Average Possible
Fall Wheat    20.43      62.
Spring Wheat...   14.84      33.
Barley    16.15      69.
Oats    36.30    '91.  ���
Corn, Grain....  70.   -    200.
���     ��   ,.     .Avei^.Possible
(Tons)..'.....  12. 19.
Peas -A&&     S7-
Beans   18.79     60.
Potatoes. .11*49   460.
Turnips. 421-81 1000.
By "possible" is meant the
actual results which have been
obtained by our Experiment-.!
Farms- and ,bjr gtany .farmers.
These "po-tsiwea' .hafe" been
obtained under Intensive cultivation meth'<k_r arid 'conditions
not'altogether Msftible' on the.
average farm,. y��tthey suggest
the great pottsibiyties of in-
cre._sett._pQau��#giri.. By greater .
care in {fee selection' of seed,
more thorough cultivation,' fer-
t-li-u^n,~_b��tt9r drainage, the
average' could' be raised :by at
least onerthird. That in itself
would T-dd^1 least ��160,O00,000
to the'annual income of Canada
from the farm. It would be a
gret.t service to the Empire, and
this'is the year ih which to doit.
Have You Attended Your District Conference?
If you have, you know that you heard once more the same old gospel of ctop production.
Have you talked over with your neighbour farmers the problems" discussed at the
Conference? If there are any questions on which you are at all doubtful write at
once for information to the Canadian Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, "or to your
Provincial Department of Agriculture.   They will be pleased to Help you.
Increase Your Live Stock._���
Breeding stock are to-day Canada's most valuable
asset. The one outstanding feature of the world's farming
is that there will'soon be a great shortage of meat supplies.
Save your breeding stock. Plan to increase your live
stock. Europe and the United States, as well as Canada,
will pay higher prices for beef, mutton, and bacon in the
very near future. Do not sacrifice now. Remember
that live stock is the only basis for prosperous agriculture.
You are farming, not speculating.
Make use of the Free Bulletins issued by the Canadian
Departmeitt of < Agriculture.
They are mines of valuable in-
fennatipn; "" TTfe .Governinent
has nothing.to'sell~and'its reP-
ports are unbiased;.'"There-are
6peci-d:bulfeti___* on wheat,- oats,
corn, barley, peas,, jbeans,
potatoes, turnips, onions aid live
stock. Send coupon below (no
stamp onr*Bv#-oMHaf_��.��_i-8-try)_
Department of
Ottawa, Canada
Publications  Branch,  Canadian Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa. ' '*     " "     '
Please send bulletins on wheat, oats, corn, barley, peas, beans,
potatoes, turnips, onions and live s)ock." "
(Mark out Bulletins'you do NOT want)
P.O. Address	
County JJrpy..
T.J. *.v.-'._��.i.i��    . ���;..,
Tbe Knob Hill Hotel
-��� One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
; Nearly All Our Goods Will
|| Be Sold For Hailf Price For
the Next Thirty Days
fireenwooa Dqwor fgompany,importm, Grtenwoa, & & ::
X^*********** *4-4��**��*'4'4��4'4��*4��*!
Cbe Hume Hotel
nelson, B*e��
The only up/tb/date HoteI|in tlie interior.
in every respect.
' ������������        ""-= +
Hot and Cold Water; SteamlHeat and Telephone in *
each; room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted,
KATiSS $51,00 per day and npj European Planu
Bus Meets all Traits aad Boats. /
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props,
KaB.o, B.C., is a Comfortable
home for ah who travel to that
J. W. COCKLE. Prop.
Bridesville,   B. C.   This  hotel  is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towns and the centre oi
a fine farming district.
THOMAS   DONALD.   Proprietor.
Trail, B. C���This hotel has been
thoroughly renovated. It is heated
by steam, and has Jiot and coffl
water in all robins. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Princeton. This liotel is new, comfortable
well-furnished, and Is close to the railway
depot. Modern accommodation and sample rooms.
 SUMMERS ft WARDLE. Proprietors
Rock Creek, B. C. This Is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S.oT. LARSEN. Proprietor.
Deadwood, B. C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars.
Princeton, B. C is the head'
quarters for  miners,  invested*
and railroad men.   A fine location and everything fir_.t-cl._-M
F. j. KIRKPATRICK, proprietor.
Rock Creek, B. C. This hotel is
sitnated on historic ground, and
has tasty meals and excellent
T. R. HANSON, Proprietor.
Imperator and Kootenay 8ta-_-_d��rd
Cigars.   Made by
J. C THELffi * Co., KELSO*
"^^  ���***. _#_n    Mi
et/swegs CARDS.
B. W. WJDIJQ^SON, Assayer and
Chemist, go* BpoS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges;-r-QoJd, SUyifr, Lead or Copper
fi each. Gold-Silver, of ' Silver-Lead,
ii.SO.1' 'Bricej.' f��r. olhpr metals: Coal,
Cement, Fireclay analyses on application'.- -The fargetft custom aaM-y office in -
British CWnnAui.
"      NELSON, B.C.
Leading Tailo? pi the Eootonaye.
$431-9-    B- o
* i. *.��.* ]__��� <*.*
PHONE   13
Auto   ��jid  Horse   Stages
LeajVe    Gtrecri^ood    Twice
DaMy to Affect SfiQtyape. and
OrxtvUfe Trains
Autos Tor: Mire,   The Finest
lurnojutJi in Uu Boundary.
C. <?. RUSSELL, Proprietor;
Electric Appliances
Git-swa ettjv
" I


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