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The Ledge Jan 4, 1917

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4 . ^
Vol.   XXIII.
No. 26
ileighs and Coasters
We have just received an assortment of Children's Sleighs and
Coasters.    <���- 	
.   .    ALL   UP TO DATE MODELS    .   .
��� Skates --
ARTIC SPECIAL-Reg. $i.75-Sale gi.58
CYCLE No. 25-Reg $2.25--Sale $2.04
IvADIEvS' AUTO���Reg.. fa.oo-Sale $2.70
AUTO MODEL A-Reg.. fo.oo-Sale $2.70
Around Home
Greenwood will
hockey team.
have a junior
Our new location���Russell-Law Caul field Building
Bg5gg_3_fS^��^^ _a_a_Ha&_-t-fl_ga3Ki
The Midway Store
Watch this space
next week.    .    .
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining'Departnient
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper "and Lead Ores
[greenwood Ciquor go. Greenwood
AUTO MODEL (.-Ret.. SS .oo-S.1- -4-35 ,."_'_! ifjn'^f>
Bob Floyd returned/from
coast last week.
Get a Kootenay Standard at the
O. K. Cigar Store.
Harry Hook will leave shortly
for Copper Mountain.
Successful Entertainment
AUTO TUBE���Reg $5.oo-Sale $4.So
William C. Arthurs
Greenwood City Bakery
Smith  & King
Life, Fire,  Accident,   Liability,
and Automobile Insurance
Real Estate & Commission Agents
Auctioneers and Valuators
Order Your
From Us
4 foot and 16 inch wood
$5.00 a cord
22 and 24 inch wood
$5.50 a cord
Prompt Delivery
Importers and Dealers in
Wines, Liquors, Beer, and Cigars
��� %
Office and Warerooms adjoining the Windsor Hotel
otel Brooklyn
The Only First Class and Up^tcvDate
Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar
to roof, Best Sample Rocms in the
Boundary, Opposite Great Northern
Depot.    X   X   Modern Bathrooms
All owiug accounts to me kindly pay
same to J. L. White, Druggist, Greenwood, B. C. Mr. White has a list of
accounts owing at his office and will give
a receipt for all amounts paid to him.
:       j. d. Maclean, m.d.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. in, All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. in., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Sacred Heart Hospital
The Provincial Legislature
will meet on February.22.
Geo. Hambly came in from
Beaverdell on Saturday.
K. McKenzie is a candidate for
the reeveship of Penticton.
Mrs. Wm. Lawson is in Vancouver visiting her daughters.
Miss Jean Coles was the guest
of friends in Phoenix this week.
Tbe O. K. Cigar Store has the
Kootenay Standard.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bidder
and daughter are in Vancouver.
John East is leaving Midway
for Oakland, California, where
he will make his home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Gibson, of
Grand Forks, are on a month's
visit to Picton, Ontario.
Nelson defeated Phoenix at
hockey in Nelson on Tuesday
evening by a score of 3 to 1.
Jack McKellor is in charge of
the Union Hotel, Eholt. during
J. A, McMasters absence at the
Don't fail to see tbis week's
episode of tbe Strange Case ol
Mary Page, at the Star Theatre,
Friday evening1.
The annual meeting of the
Boundary Women's Institute,
Red Cross Room, Friday, January 12th, at 3 p. m.
Send a copy of Float to your
friends. You can have it mailed
direct by sending 25 cents to The
Ledge office.
The new license numbers have
arrived at the Government office.
This j ears plates have blue numbers on a white background,
Roy Connor left on Saturday
for his home in Brockville, Ont.
while in th*e east Roy will go
through several of the large automobile factories..
The Greenwood Ladies Hockey
team will play in Phoenix this
Thursday evening, against the
Ladies team of that town. The
Greenwood Intermediates will
also play in Phoenix on the same
G. L. MacKinnon, of Craw-
fordvale, Ind., and his son, arrived in the city on,Friday last,
on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mcintosh. Mr. MacKinnon
left his son here to see if the
change would benefit his health.
Corporal Irvine Wright, a
wounded veteran, who returned
recently from France, left Penticton on a visit to his parents in
Denver, Colorado, and at the
Boundary line was refused admission be an American Immigration officer as been physically
The Patriotic entertainment on
Monday evening in the Star
Theatre, was a decided success.
The hall being filled to capacity.
The performance opened with a
3-reel feature, entitled "Lilian's
Husbands", which was brim full
of interest from start to finish.
The rest of the programme consisted of choruses., songs, violin
sdIo, and recitations by local talent,
and was highly appreciated by all.
Programme: Chorus���"0' Canada," Mesdames Oliver, Crawford
and Kerr; Messrs. Bidder, McCurrach, Mowat, Wilson, Smith,
Phillips, Arthurs, King. Song
and Chorus���"We all went marching in", Geo. Smith, Song���
"When you come home". E. Bidder. Song and Chorus���"Take
me back to Canada", W. Phillips.
Song and Chorus���"When I leave
the world behind", P. McCurrach.
Recitation ��� Mrs. Ashby. Telephone Chorus���Mesdames Oliver,
Crawford and Kerr, Messrs. Bidder, Mowat and Arthurs. Violin
Solo���Rev. Mr. Simpson. Song
and Mixed Chorus���''It's lovely to
be in love", W. C. Arthurs. Song
and Chorus ��� "Ca&sidy", Chas.
King. Song and Chorus���"Along
the Rocky Road to Dublin", Mr.
Mowat. Song and Chorus���"Smile,
Smile, Smile", E. Bidder. Song
and Chorus���"We'll all do the
Goose Step", W. C. Arthurs.
God Save the King. Mrs. Oliver,
accompanist, added much to tbe
success of the entertainment.
After the entertainment the
floor was cleared and dancing was
in order until an early hour. Mibs
Crawford, Mrs. Oliver, and W.
Swayne supplied tbe music.
Western News
Coal miners'are scarce on  Van
couver Island.
Penticton will have a new two-
storey fruit packing house.
In'1916 juBt 164 head of J cattle
were shipped from Creston.
Construction has started on a
new $4,000 hospital at Nakusp.
This year the Summerland Fruit
Union packed 82000 packages of
Dr. J. E. Browse has pnt in a
player piano in the New Denver
J. Dobbin, an aged Westbank
resident mysteriously disappeared
last month.
Tl_n telephone line between
Creston' and Kitchener will be
completed this month.
The 1916 Salmon packing
amounted to 995,000 cases, Each
case weighs 48 pounds.
The first regular passenger train
went through the big C.P.R., 5-
mile tunnel at Field last week.
The corporation of Point Grey
favors putting on a poll tax to raise
money for the Patriotic Fund.
It is reported that the Dominion
Cannera Co., who operate at factory
at Vernon, will open another factory at Kelowna.
As the municipality  of   Sonth
Carmi Notes
lames Marshall
PS&oenix, B.C
ff�� -DUIMD WALKER, C.V.O.. Lfc___>. D.CX-. President*
JHN iT-IltD. CmWll B__M___S��. H_ V. F. JONES. A__��'t General ManaSer
CAPITAL 515,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank
���A eorninerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same
[areful attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's
siness.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as
Drily as try at personal visit to the Bank. ��33
H. C LUCAS, Manager
The Sisters of the Sacred  Heart
Hospital, through the medium of
The Ledge,  beg to   thank    most
sincerely the following friends who
so kindly remembered the hospital
at Christmas and during the past
year:   The Hon. Dr. and Mrs.   J.
D.   MacLean,   I.   H.   Hallett,  P.
Bums & Co.,  Lee & Bryan,   Mr.
and Mrs. F. C.   Buckless,  Charlie
Buckless, T.   Galley & Co ,  Mr.
aud Mrs. G. A. Rendell, Miss Jean
and Ruth Coles. J. L. White, Mr.
and Mre. W. G. Kennedy, Jerome
McDonnell, Mrs.   J.   Docksteader,
D.  Mcintosh,   Mrs.   Meyer,  Mr
and Mrs. H. McKee, Mr. and Mrs.
Portmann, D. A..   McDonald,  Mr.
and Mrs. A. Legault, Mr. and Mrs
W. G. Arthurs, Mies T.   Graham,
Jas.   McCreath,   Mr.and  Mis   D.
McPherson,   Miss Evangeline and
Mercy Phillips, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs.
Cbarleton,   Mr.   and  Mrs. W.   J.
Nelson, Miss Isabel  Siinms,   Miss
J. McBride,  Mr. and Mrs.  Chas.
Gaveroau,   J.  Poggi,    G.    Wing,
Charlie  Bing,  Hop   Sing,     Mrs.
Brown and Mrs.  Moll,   Midway;
Mrs. G. White, Jewel  Mine;  Mr.
and Mrs. D.  McDonald,  Mr.; and
Mrs.    Wm.    McGillivary,     Phoenix; Mr. and  Mrs.   G.   A.   Smith,
Mrs. Wm. Gowans, Grand Forks;
Mr.  J.  Marshall,   Phoenix;   Mrs.
Norman  Luce,  Eholt;  Mrs.  Gny
Wright, Nelson.
You can buy the Kootenay
Standard at the O.K. Cigar Store.
The Public School will reopen
on Monday, January 8th. Begin-
in g on that date the morning session of school will commence at
9.30 a.m. and the afternoon session at 1.15 p.m, The afternoon
session will be lenghtened accordingly.
The Red Cross work party
acknowledge with thanks the
following contributions received
during December: T. Thomas.
$5 00; W. G. Kennedy, 87.00
(proceeds of raffle to date); proceeds from dance in Anaconda,
per Mrs. Beattie and Miss Jessie
Murray, $34.85,
A. B Godfrey, who for the
past three years has been superintendent of the Kootenay and
Boundary district' lines of the
British Columbia Telephone company, is leaving Nelson for the
Coast. The office of district superintendent will be abolished,
and three new offices created, the
work of each to be attended to
by a specialist in that particular
line of work.
It is understood that arrangements have being started for a
popular price informal dance to
be held in about two weeks time,
possibly the 19th or thereabout?.
It is proposed that if possible the
date will be arranged to fall on
same day as one of the Ladies
Hockey games, and a bumper attendance should result. The
entire proceeds to be handed over
fo the local Patriotic Fund.
Watch The Ledge next week for
more definite announcement,
R. H. Whitford is spending the
holidays with friends at Bridesville.
J. P.' Gachion of Trail and
Camille Saunier of Westbridge are
spending the holidays with friends
Robert Strachan who has been
spending the last three months at
Princeton and Vancouver, has returned to town. He says he pre-
feres Carmi to the Coast.
Joe Wagner who has been trapping on the Summit this winter
has had a very successful season so
far, having secured twenty one
lynx and three otter, as well as
other game.
The Rev. J. Ferroux is on a visit
to Greenwood; He has a contract
to cut 2,000,000 feet of logs for E.
L. Steeves, and has fourteen men
employed, and three teams at the
present time.
Shipping firewood has been one
of the principal industries of Carmi
this winter. Father Ferroux has
shipped fourteen cars to Trail and
R. Ii. Miles has shipped four cars
to Penticton and one to Phoenix.
Tbey keep a lot of men cutting
steadily in order to be able to keep
up with their orders. They have
a good deal of difficulty in getting
enough care, owing to shortage.
C. O. Sanford, mining engineer
of Los Angeles, who spent about
ten days in camp has gone to Nelson. While here he examined the
Carmi mine and other properties
around here as well as making a
trip to Sally Mountain where be
had a look at the Kokomo, Bell
and Sally properties.
W. J. Norton of Reno, Nevada,
who has been here for pome time,
having taken a bond on the Tam-
arac claim is laid up with an attack of la grippe.
C, H. Kingzett who has spent
the last four months at Penticton,
has returned home again and is
working as scaler for the Forest
Mills Co. Ltd., at Ferroux' logging
P. J. Kennedy of Beaverdell,
spent a couple of days in town this
week, baying mining supplies and
swapping yarns with old friends.
He has a good showing on bis
claim on Sally Mountain and expects to be shipping : ore next
Spring. E. G. Cummingswas also a visitor at the game time, and
politics  and    fish  stories   had    a
Vancouver can't pay its own
debts, the Government will be
asked to take it over.
A. Erskino Smith, the well-
known Vancouver mining man, is
on his way to England to offer his
service to the Empire.
Wm. Tattrie. who enlisted from
Sandon with the 54th Batt. was
killed on the Somme on Nov. 15.
He was one of the best and most
popular boys of the Slocan.
The Doukhobor settlement near
Nelson, has donated 24,000 lbs of
jam for use in Canada for the suffering ones caused by the war.
This gift is valued at $5,000.
Peter Annance, who figured in
Vancouver by election frauds daring election last February, has
been released from jail, on order
of the Provincial Government.
The total loss from fires in South
Vancouver last year amounted to
���$20,581.44. This is nearly $11,-
000 less than last year's loss,
Alphonse Brunelle, died at the
Tranquille Santarium on Monday,
Dec. 14. He went from Kaslo
over a year ago to that institution.
A $250,000 company has just
been formed to develop electric
power at Kootenay Falls on Kootenay river, 39 miles east of Bonners
Jas. Newton of North Vancouver has shot ten horned owls in
the last two weeks, one of which
is believed to be a record, measuring six feet two inches from tip to
George Drieszens, the Alberta
farmer who was accused of having
tried to induce soldiers to desert
and go to the United States, has
been convicted by Judge Lampman
of Victoria.  Sentence was reserved.
A petition is being circulated
in the Kootenay-Boundary for the
appointment of Sergt. Robert
Quin of Nelson, as sheriff of Kootenay, to succeed the late Sheriff
Tuck. Quin is a returned wounded soldier.
Twenty-eight of the leading
merchants of New Westminster,
were fined $3 each for keeping
open ou Saturday afternoon and
evening. In Victoria 55 merchants
were fined for the same reason,
with 100 more cases to be heard.
The Okanagan United Growers,
Limited, have lately commeced an
action against the Canadian Pacific
Railway for the recovery of 83,909
damages for the loss of goods alleged to have arisen through negligence oa the part of the defendant
A total of 1,200 officers of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce have
taken np military duty which represents 65 per cent, of the male
staff between the ages of 18 and 45;
60 per cent, of the entire inale staff,
and 40 per cent of the bank. Of
these 77 h$ye been killed up to the
present date, 155 wounded, 7 missing, 8 prisoners of war, and 17 ill.
It is now estimated that the loss
to the apple growers of Hood
River, Oregon, on account of the
car shortage that resulted in the
glutting of storage facilities, compelling the growers to care for their
fruit as beet they could, will approximate $100,000.'_���; Every vacant
store building and basement in
Hood River has been filled with
School Report
Perfect Attendance:
!?Jean Coles, Ada Beattie, Jack
Eales, Ray Lanp, John Mcintosh,
Mary Mcintosh, Daisy Axam,
May Gibson, James Hallett, Ralph
Pond, Gaundry Phillips.
Proficiency list.
Senior 4th: Jean Coles, Mary
Mcintosh, Ray Lane.
Junior 4th: Ruth Axam, Mar-
Perfect attendance:
Mabel Axam, Selma Benson,
Rene Boyer, Ernest Carlson, Rus-
sel Eustis, Gordon Jenks, Robert
Jenks,"James.Lape, Walter "Long-
worth, Franfc^Maslonka, Sanford
Pond,;Ivor Potts, John;Sater,Frank
Schindler, Gertrute j 'Schindler,
Nettie Schindler,y Margaret Westcott, Rose Wescott, Edna Williamson,'Violet Mckay.
Proficiency list.
Senior Third: Ernest Carlson,
Johanna Trinetti.
Intermediate   III: Edward
Royce,   Selma Benson.
Junior Third: Robert Jenks,
Walter Longworth.
Senior   Second:    Evelyn
Francis Lachmund.
Perfect attendance:
Gertrude Dixon, Samuel Eustis,
Laurence George, Moua George,
Lloyd Lane, Gabrielle Legault,
Mary Longworth, Edna Matthews,
Florence Schindler Joseph Vinla,
John Wyder, Ernest Wyder,
Ruby Goodeve.
Proficiency list.
Second Reader: Joseph Pntzel,
Samuel Eustis.
First Reader: Gabrielle Legault, .Joseph Viula.    -
Second Primer: Dorothy Jenks,
John Wyder.
First Primer: Mary Longworth,
Edwina Smith. *.
Receiving Class: Mary Klinoski,
Florence Schindler.
A very   pretty    wedding   took
place on Christmas Day at Ingram
Ranch,  Midway,   the contracting
parties being Joseph  Richter   of
Midway, and Miss Gertrude Henderson of Birmingham,   England.
The bride, who was very prettily
attired in ivory silk floral net over
creme merve silk,  trimmed  with
pearls, veil and orange blossoms,
was given away  by Rev.   A. M.
Lloyd,  Vicar of   Phoenix.     The
ceremony was  performed  by  the
Rev.  H.   W.  Simpson,   Vicar of
Greenwood.     The duties of best
man were undertaken  by    Hans
Riohter, brother of the bridegroom.
The bride was chaperoned by Mrs.
A. M. Lloyd, the vicarage of Phoenix.    The Misses Nita, Maud  and
Jeane Richter wore very    pretty
white dresses with rose color sashes.
The wedding was of a very quiet
nature,   and   in   addition to  the
above,   the   only   guests   present
were Mrs. Hans Richter of Keremeos, tbe Misses Esther and Mary
Richter and Mrs. Ashby of Greenwood.
The bridegroom presented a
diamond ring and a set of furs to
the bride. The bride gave the
bridegroom a pearl pin. The presents were numerous, including
two thoroughbred saddle horses
given by Hans Richter. The
honeymoon will be spent at
Spokane, where the bride is very
well known. The happy couple
will be at home, January 3rd.-Com.
glorious inning  around  the stove | s-torage apples.     One of  the last
of the local store with Jim Dale in ; bnildings to be occupied in  this
j the chair. [ manner is an  undertaking parlor.
Got Iffiore Than She Gave
Miss Ryval (triumphantly.)���I
suppose Jack never told yon he
once proposed to me.
Jack's Fiancee���No; he told me
there were a number of things in
his life he was ashamed of, bnt I
didn't ask him what they were.
Anxious Customer���"Are you
sure you have the medicine mixed
:Druggist-~"No, I am not; but
I've got it mixed the way the
doctor ordered it."���Judge. THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
iu :_\'____.'._i,    and
United Stales.
in   the
Editor a-.d FinaiKie..
>_.��� _ _ _ I.- -. *
OU: L_
S^.ys Vinci Creates Strength
ii li. >__:���. I; ;i .vUiorn.', X. Y.
i_-.-il Vinol for many run-
ur  .���i,.i:u,iati-(.l putiuiits with
l. '-:m'v
���-i ki'v
('mv.'ti. We;
I'rnciit.      (Illf   \ ��� il!ll;_J  ��.>!!___._ WHS SO  \Vt__lk
aii'l iii _;!__��� v.sjild liiirdly iTct'ii to my door
fur aid. 1 si:|i;>li"d Vinol to lu_r liberally
and in a ji.t.i:i_i_ I hardly recognized her.
Sin: was sti.in.ir, hri' .���idm- charminjj: and
hir eheeks nminV.l i--.it."���MoTincn M.
Ai.i'iio.N'SA  L.vi nun;', (). S. D.
'.i-.K-nl   Co-Owner Notices 525.00:      Wo   utiarantfc   Vinol   to  sharpen  the
'tiit Oil   Notices 6.00 i aPl"'t-ite, aid diu'i'.-tion, enrich the blood
thui Liquor Licenses     5.00
r ".iquor Licenses  7.50 I J
'."Thanks        1.00
tie of Improvement  10 00
and create strength.
L.     WIIITH,   Druggist,   Greenwood.
���5.00 I Also at the  best  druggist  in   all   British
Columbia towns.
more than one claim ap-
_:.������'.lev, ';������__.50 for each ad-
cl.ii:n )
:;-r leg.il   advertising,   12 cents a
i:iserli:ui, and   S cents a line for
ri.v.j-.eiit    insertion,     nonpariel
Tlie blue cross n.eans that
vi.ur subscription is due, and
1 ha: the editor would be pleased
to have move money.
S. C. Mines
'!>������ V/hitchorse Star makes tho
!  ' ' om.o M-f..'1-once to  the  mining;
_:.;, i, in Atlin district: "De-
��� i. .��� ;___��� ��]._.rt;i��e of labor in the
.'.!;;n n.iiiinn district the gold out-
\:<v: for the season has been greater
ih.aii for any yeav since the big
: _;_-h in 18.KS. Efficiency has been
:: _'t>;.,My hampered this year because
(T tbe fact that many of the experience.! hydraulic men have en-
iivtcil for war service aud new men
have bad to be trained to take
their place.-i, thus canning a serious
h-s to t'.pt-vators. Despite this,
hmvever, ..vr-ryone in the district
���ii.-ost-.ered last season. Things
hf.vo been on the up-grade since the
.h.iyir.er of 1913. In that year
;he niiniu-un. of output was reach-
11] since the days of discovery. It
_ook a. good deal of optimism tu
'��� "Id through the lean years but
. !_'..-e v. ho did are now repaid.
'���Tit-ee r 'discoveries were made last
'���uniiner. On one creek there were
i.o !������_�� lh;ni twenty small operators
���:,;��� w 01 i_ _ and all are making money.
^;_>.:x ope.ations will begin on a
������a������..;���>' fc;tl._ next year if the people
i;-,'.���(-rested can gain facilities for
Treating their ore.
'Yv.f. tSrerrttt Herald reports that
tiit-. Kettle. Valley Railway is at
work constructing a spur to the
T>i:..u!ond Vale mine. The new
\v__s_.hoiise at the mine, is in course
of construction. It seems apparent from everything that the Mer-
- irr (.'oliie-rs, Ltd.. are doing at the
Mi-tin.'iui Vale property that the
������ -mpniiy intends its work to be
: !,-i;:.-.;tial and   permanent.     The
ii; h-g <.f coal to the coast mark-
should commence in the course
. : ;_ few days, as it is-stated by the
;   i.way management that the spur
; 11.7   .._.<_.���_���  construction   will    be
��� ;������ ?y by th.it time,    Thus far  the
; _e has only been supplying coal
������ _'.��o_il consumers.
!'he    (Vpper     Chief    mine    afc
t.ata. on the Arrow Lakes, own-
by Thomas WHsou, E. H.   Mc
:  ..,:iels and S.  Taylor,   shipped  a
��� ��� rye   load  of   copper  ore to  the
��� :il smelter last week.
i'wenty-eight n_.iue.s with a total
���i)--i;:ge of 0,252  gross  tons,   was
".-   tipeii t'ji tin. Trail smelter from
I> c. .Sth to 11th.
ihe Monitor of Port Alberni,
���������::.>'] Jennie Bell of Ymir, are two
; ; .v shippers: to'the Trail  smelter.
A Record Shipment
tiiited States Conn sill Alger,   of
rnic,   has   passed   through    Iris
..f:.e   within the  past mouth,   re-
��� ��� h- of seventy-five   Cars  of  lead
._���!!���'. 11 shipped from Trail   by   the
:- 'itdi-ted Mining and Smelting
���i-apany to the East Chicago  Ke-
��� iy.    These seventy-five cars of
liiiou represent a  total  value  of
m.-i'i ooo.    or    ���$_]_,000    per    car.
���"���'- : . .v.r ago the  territory  of
-   I". eh-  consular  district   was
���:   i".-o f ir as to take iu  Trail.
.  i   ..- d   (iieenweod,   which
������'.������ ;i great deal more busi-
: '!_.-'. 'he Fernie office, aiid
;  19IU. there has been
ok- passed by Consul
With   all  the  inl
and rciining, is now being treated,
under contract at the Trail plan',
and that institution is enlarging its
refining capacity as fast as possible
in order to take caie of practically
all the output, of the mines within
railway reach of Trail. The constantly increasing demand for cop
per and lead, resulting from the
continuation of the European war,
has placed the mining and smelting industries of British Columbia
upon a basis which will mean a
continuation of prosperity to that
industry for a long time after peace
has been declared, if not continually.
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
A Two-ancl-a-Half Cent Coin
The institution of a two-and-a-
half cent piece ia bailed with joy in
the United States as a practical
method of cutting the cost of living.
It is estimated that this new coin
will save the consumers millions of
dollars in providing the right charge
in such articles as are now sold at
three cents or two for five. People
are now charged a whole cent because of the lack of fractional currency to meet situations which involve the half cent. They must
either buy what they do not need
and thus waste money or lose the
discount by not buying in double
quantity. The idea of the half cent
is both bright aud eminently practical. Why should we not have
such a coin in Canada? Surely we
need it as badly, at least as the
Unites States. Here is something
the government might do to reduce
the cost of living without offending
anybody. ���Ottawa Citizen.
.1 .-'
A 100-Mile Per Hour Slip
Remarkable details concerning
the trial trip of the new Italian
warship have been published in
the Italian press, which is fitted
with oil engines, is capable of covering over, one hundred miles an
hour while travelling at full speed.
The foam of the . big waves it
throws up makes. a track several
miles long behind the ship, and
.the-disturbance is so great that it
is claimed no submarine could
venture within effective radius,
or if one did any torpedoes fired
would become the sport of the
waves and be thrown far away
from their target. Whether that
would happen or no, it would certainly be a feat for a submarine to
torpedo a vessel moving at 100
miles an hour.���London Chronicle.
Good Advice
It does anybody good to get
away from home occasionally and
mingle with the outside world. It
serves as an elixir of life. It puts
one in touch with what others are
doing and how they do things.
Too many are content to remain at
home and Only too often they really come to that point where they
believe that their home town is the
only pebble ou the beach; that it is
the only town where things worth
while are being accomplished,
There never was a bigger fool idea.
Get it Out of your system. Change
your viewpoint.. The sooner the
Loaned From Vaudeville
The 1917 Ford will not be nearly
so noisy. You see, they've taken
the brass baud off the radiator.-Ex.
Positive Signs
Out in New Mexico even public
sigus come direct to the point.
They do not waste any time in
wondering how the reader will feel
I'l'I.I.IO XOTK.K is hciv'iy (fivi.ii to the
electors of tlie Muiiii:i|nilil.v of tin) (lily <>f
tt wen wood, tlmr I require llic in'''-". ii'-�� uf tin-
siii.l electors in tin- City Hull in tin- City of
Green wood 011 tin- sth day of .lamimy. l'.iH. ��t
1-' o'elocl. 110011. lor I lie .impose of elect in_.
..._r._o_i.-_ to re|ueseut tliein in ll.n M11nic_p.il
Council n.s Minor ami A Uk-rniuii, mid for tlie
purpose of elcctiii-r one person lis School Tms-
tces   for tin: Grccii-vvoo.1 City School IM_.'.ri.-!\
Tho mode of lioimnitlinii of c:uidiil:ite.-i s'ia'1
bo as fallows:
The I'.-nidiilatus shall 1 c iioitli'Hiteil in writ
ln_t: the writinij shall he fnWrilii.l 1 >y two
voters of tin- mnnicipalilj- as pnpo.or and
.seeoiidc, and shall lie delivered to tlie Ketiirn-
in_V Olliccr nt any time l.elvvcen the dale ol the
notice and i 11.111. of the day of tlie nomination
mid in the event of a poll hoiiiL. necessary. >ucli.
poll will be opened on the tltli day of .laiinary.
A.D. 1IU7, hetweeii thclu'iir- of _i :i.ni. and T
p.m. ut the said City Ollico. of which every per
Sou is herehy miuiivd lo tal.c notice ;\n<\ _.ov-
ern himself iiccoi-iliu._.l.y.
The persons qualified to Le nominal
find elected asMMVor of Ihe I'il.v shall Li
persons ns are male lliiti-h .iiLieets of rln- full
ni-'c of twenty-one year-i. and are not di.-ipiali-
lioil under 1111.V law. and have Lien for the -ix
ir..nit lis next piccciliii'-' the day of noiuiii.ili"ii
the n'��lstcred own.-r. iu tlie l_:u:d l.oi_.i .tiy
Ollice, or real properly in the city of the its.
..esscd value on the last municipal _is.-e-.siiii-nt
roll of One Thousand Hol'ar.< or more; over and
iiliuve iiny rc-ri-.tc.rcil juditmciil or eli;ir..e and
who arc otherwi-e ihily iiualilied as municipal
Tliepeixmsnunlii'ied to Le in'minuted for and
elcclul us Aldermen of said Cit y, sluill Le such
persons as are lnnle liritish subjects of the full
ai<u of twenty one years,;and lire not .li.-quuli-
lied under auy law. :'.nd have been for six nioiitli.-.
next ])i'eeeilin�� theduy of namination the rcnis-
Tercil owner, in the Land Itecist ry Ollice. of
html or real property in tlie city of the asse--c.l
value, 011 the last Municipal Assessment roll of
live hundred dollars or wore over tunl above
any registered .uilsomcnt or elmriie, ami who
lire otherwi-e duly qualified as municipal
The persons .|iialiticil to be iiomiuateil for
and elected as Selinsl Trustees of said city shall
be any person beine; :i British subject of Hie
full ai-'eof twenty one years and having-been for
the six months next precc.lin<_ tlie date of
nomination Uie registered owner, iu the Land
Registry ollice, of I.aml or Real Property in the
city school district of the .issessed value, 011
the last assessment roll, of live huiiilred dollar.-
or move over and above any registered _itic-j__r-
nieut or charge, and lieiii.-r otherwise qualilicd
to vote at au election of School Trustees in the
said -.-chool district shall be eligible to lis elected or lo serve as a school trustee in such city
school district.
Given under my liand at Greenwood tliis26lh
day of December, A.I.. l!ilt>.
KUuriiins Officer.
Recover From This ?
Ri. Thomas Wakk, Urckashd
All croilitors of tbe late- Thomas Wake,
formerly of Uounilarv Fall-, I!. C , are
notified lo send to the undersigned, all
claims against the said Thomas Wake,
on or before the first day of February,
1917, after which date I will proceed to
distribute the a-sets of the said Thomas
Wake among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which I then have notice.
Bated at llouudary  Falls,   B.   C,  this
21 day of December, 1916.
Boundary Falls, B. C.
Administra'or of the late Thomas Wake.
NOTICE is hereby given that I will
apply to the Board ol License Com-
ioners for 'the City of Phoenix, British
Columbia, at their next meeting for the
transfer of the liquor license for the
premises known as the Central Hotel,
situate iu Phoenix, B. C, to John U.
Dite I at Phoenix, B. C , this 1.4th day
of November, 1916.
Princeton, B. C. is the headquarters for miners, investors
and railroad men. A fine loca
tion and everything- first class
J. N. MacPHERSON, Proprietor
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props.
Do you know what  a   "Brachy
is?     Yoti  don't.?.     Well  its  a-i
embryo  pphenifauailcs  ekesiaforicl
pelicepod of the  paleozic  age,   the
professor of geology at the Univer
sity of Chicago told his npeDmouth
students.    ISTo one questioned   his
The Bandages Slipped
A. 6oldier .whose head and fact
were heavily swated in bandage;-,
and who obviously had had a bat)
time, was being feelingly sympathized with by the solicitous lady.
"And.were you wounded in tht-
head, my poor fellow."
"No, ma'am," Tommy replied,
"I was wounded in the ankle, bufe
the bandages  slipped."���Answers.
The Birds In Winter
When tbe snow comes the birds
may starve. A small supply of
grain, or even sweeping of haymows, would relieve their distress.
Save your crumbs for them. They
like bones, pieces of suet, fat meat
fastened to trees by wire; cranked
rice, mixed birdseed, cracked com.
hempseed, nuts, bread, and sunflower seeds.
about it-.
In a garage at  Albuquerque is
d    additions    that j posted:
d   to  the  Con?o!i- I     -'Don't smoke  round  the   tank!
.iii,   that  in-titu- , If your life  i:-n"t worth   anything,
t; ���!.     1. t -ii..- * . treat ail the ore- "g-isoline is !''
th-- - -    t ���; r 1 _. - - i   r.-ifc  in   gouthea.-t'     And  on the wall   of  a   barber's
;   ,- -'.:   -. '!_:;__.._��� j,    although    the, shop at Taos  is  prominently  di.s
(  .:  ' "   . *!_������ B    ('    Copper  Com-1 played:
j ... irmerly- -eut       "'If you can't r__i.-f* fifteen cent?,
1 .   . ;L -..���.(��� f- .  -::.'-iter treatment  raice whisker? !"
t-t-r.   .
: _.:.;
1.   t :i
A K. C.
A countryman visiting Dublin
for the first time took a seat in a
tram. Being next to a pompous
looking gentleman, he began con
verHatiou in a rather free-and-easy
style. At length the mighty one
"My good man, reserve your
conversation for one of your own
equals. I'd have you know I'm a
K. C."
At this the couutryinan stood
up with outstretched hands, exclaiming: "Shake hands, namesake; I'm a Casey myself."
I have often seen, With au anguish of mind infinitely sad, the
souls of animals appear in the
depths of their eyep,���the eoul of a
cat, the soul of a dog, the soul of a
monkey,���as sorrowful for an instant as the sonl of a child, revealing itself suddenly in a look,
searching my own soul with tenderness, supplication or terror.
And I perhaps, have had more
pity for these souls of animals
than for those of my brothers, because they are without epeeeh and
incapable of coming out of their
baif-night; and, especially, becaus?
they are more humble and more
disdained. Pierre Loti.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
/""���OAL niininj; rights ol the Dominion
-���* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a tertn of
wentty-oue years renewal for a further
term of 21 years at an annual rental ol
$1 au acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased lo one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Ageut
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divi
sious   of  sections,   and   in   uusurveyeil
territory  the  tract  applied  for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded il
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of tht
mine at the rate of five cents Der ton.
The person operating the mine shall
iuruish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined-aud pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights ar>.
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at le.isi once a year.
The lease will include the coal mininj.
rights only, rescinded by Chap. 27 of 4-5
George V. assented to 12th June, 1914.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary- of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lauds.
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N.   B.���- Unauthorized  publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.���
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meaL.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
*iiLTC�� :"';
TO? &FPl^;Rg-Get"MoreBBoBley,���
for Beaver, Foxes, Lynx, Wolves, Mink, Fisher, White Weasel,
_Vlartcn,Muskrat,and other Fur Bearers collected in your -action
bouse in the World dealing exclusively In NORTH AMERICAN SAW FURS
a reliable���responsible���safe Fur House with an unblemishedrep-
theonly reliable.accurateinarl-etreiiortandpricelistpubl-shed.;
^*->w B Write for it-NOW���if a FREE
. D. OnUJD___-!%._., mC DeptCU8CHICAGO.U.S_A.i
Do You Talk
Directly Into     O
The Telephone ���
SPVou should.    When your mouth
'! is  close  to  the  telephone,   you
do not have to talk  loudly, and
you  can  be  heard  more  easily
and distinctly,
���[The natural conversational tone,
'spoken directly into the mouthpiece, carries clearly to any local
telephone  aud   to    most.   Long
Distance points.
^Telephone transmission is a mat-
'��� ter of voice direction,  not  voice
Float is not a periodical.
It if* a,book.containing 86
illustrations all told, and
is filled with sketches and
stories of western life. It
tells how a gambler cashed
in after the flush days of
Sandon ; how it rained in
New Denver long after
Noah was d��ad-:; how a
parson took a drink at
Bear Lake in early days ;
how justice was dealt in
Kaslo in '93; how the
saloon ra��u outprayed the
women in Kalamazoo, and
graphically depicts the
roamings of a western
editor among the tender-
feet in the cent belt. It
contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens of articles too nnmer-
oiia to mention. Send for
one before it is too late.
The price is 25 cents,
postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
Every animal may safely ask for! JT)       /TA       /   iW\r��Jk**\)
1 pimple justice.     It  is  man  alonei*V*       ���* ���     M~4\J Vr ^>M j>
\ who ma?t plead at last for mercy,   j fiREENWOOD, B. C. .
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO       B.C
Rock Creek, B. C. This is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S. T. LARSEN. Proprietor.
._. .;��j-.>__.<-��;.-;~><.<��_.<^
Flooring,   Shiplap,   Rustic, Casing, Dimension, and all kinds
of lumber.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
(1.50. Silver-Lead J.1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc #3.00. Charges for oth��>r tnetals etc
on application.
15 to 40 Watt Lamps 40c each
60 Watt Lamps - . 5oc each
100 Watt Lamps, $1.00 each
Nitrogen Lamps
60 Watts
100   ��� ������ .
200  ..��.
$1.10 each
1.50 ������
2.50 ��
All lamps sold by us are tested before
leaving the factory
THE WINDSOR IIOTEL is or.e of the oest furnished
hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the financial and
commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.
Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar is replete with
all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Rooms
reseived by telegraph.
Cbe fiimic fioicl
nelson, B.C.
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
* =====
4*  Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
ccjisine:and service the best
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATESjSl.OO per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Greenwood City Waterworks Company
Everything Electrical
POWERS contained in a certain Mortgage which will be produced at the
time of sale there will be offered for
sale by Public Auction by Peter H,
McCurrach, Auctioneer in front of the
Court House at the City of Greenwood
in the County of Yale, British Columbia on Wednesday the tenth day of
Jannary, 19i7 at the hour of 12
o'clock nooti the following' property.
Lots 422 arid 637 in Group one in the
Similkameen Division of Yale District,
British Columbia.
Saving and excepting thereout
Rights of Way to the Midway and
Vernon Railway Company over sa.id
Lots and a certain portion of said Lot
637_coiitaiiiiug five acres more or less,
which exceptious are mentioned in a
deed now registered from John Withell
to Arthur H. __\o3'es and also save and
excepting thereout of Lot 422 the further area of 12.06 acres, since conveyed
to Thomas B. White, xUexander Lambert and S. Jchn Bell.
On said property which includes the
Coal rights is said to be indications of
a seam of coal on which some prospecting work has been done and also two
For terms and conditions of S'a.e,
apply to
Sheriff's Office, Court House, Greenwood, B. C.
Dated 5th December. 1916.
mil m��
Direct from the Factory to the consumer
at  wholesale  prices    to advertise our-
Every cigar we make is absolutely guaranteed filled with getiuiuc Havana-
Box o So's B.C.  full weight,  five
inches long $3.50.
Box      50's O.S    4   inches   long,
Conchas, ��3.00. ...
Bon      'Brillantes'' Clear   Havana
Wiapper, full weight, 5 inches
long. 50 S $5.00.
Send ihouey order, or certified
cheque. Do iibt send money unless registered.
Seferences:���R. G. DUNN & CO.
New Westminster.B.C.
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
Norden Hotel
This hotel is under
new management, aad I
will be pleased to see all
its old patrons, and as
many new ones as possible Prompt and efficient service guaranteed.
Lunch counter and din?
ing room in connection.
Auto    and   Horse   Stage!
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane an.
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest]
Turnouts in the Boundary.]
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   livery  And  Stage]
F. C. BUGKLESS, Proprietor.
CO., LT'D.
. Leaves Mother Lode
9.30 a. m. 6.30 p. m
Leaves Greenwood
:.oo p. m.
8.30 p. in.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. m. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p; m.


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