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The Ledge Dec 9, 1915

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Array S k-
i-'^T.��'i^.^,ii!S��tiS^ ;_'������>���'.
IV ;   ���:   |J^g^'--;'^J^S^^'.^^^l^l.��. >��'7?T'
������v- iKy^^s^f^Sil'-i.p^il. :M'-;:. -
:���!������ .���'���:._.
- HPT, ���>'-��.���   ..
JftgjBTOpd^   Big  Furniture  Store
>_l__t__��_______^yr<g ���^.'������.'���V-. ' __'. v ".:���    ���     .    ���   . .*   *^
*_     J*:...' ��� >'   -<���    :.
'Isee Our New Lines la
Mattresses, Bedsteads and General
House Furnishings
f-sy^if ���__..-
irn iu .��.
and Ammunition
Goods Shipped in Any Direction
*K1^(HJLLEY & Co.
Coii����;r;;..."  '    GREENWOOD, B.. C. Phone 27
Cooking and Heating
Mew and Second Hand Store
Around Home
No. 22
I JI merry Christmas Co Mil ]��
S~^-jQ^ic^\^5i^fe.ctibnerry.;': Moir's and  Lowney's; Choc- 3
^F     otates in dainty boxes; Table Raisins, Nuts &c.     '^
e^Gi^irs and   Smoker's  Sundries,  Fountain
^r '*"    Pens, Pocket Knives &c
Puff Pastry
fleischmann's   Yeast
WilliaiiiC. Arthurs
, Greenwood City Bakery
.........   ..,,_���        G. KENNEDY,_,
Store for Quality Goods"
.,:''-'".���./ ,''';,,,:'v'-:'',vv:;^:'.'>';-',?n','n.-'V''r:''''; .      "*    ~~�������������_". ^p.i.ji-,^^--^--..;   ,._,.-,._
*>".jra.'5T^.u'^ft^f:M:'''V   -       -      --
^_,, Get the materials for your plum puddings at
.tt^l^j^^l^^'y'ouir nuts, fruits,_and sweetmeats	
for   Christmas at this ^store,   Bring Santa   Claus
along   and   fill his pockets with joy makers for
Highest Type of
Women's  Fashions
Cut to your own measure
Nothing to Equal Them for
Smartness,   Service,  Long
Wear and General Satisfaction
Copper St.
.1; .-_   a*   -*_3<''' .
i m
The rink will be open about
the 15th,
Oscar Lachmund was in Vancouver this week.
It is reported tb at there is an
epidemic in Anyox.
^ Dolls arid toys of  all descriptions.   John L. Coles.
There may be a Poultry Show
in Greenwood next month:
Mrs. P. H. McCurrach will not
receive on Friday the 10th.
A large shipment of Cut Glass
just received at John L. Coles.
Born.���In Midway, on November 29, to Mr. and Mrs. -Riley, a
daughter. '������.
Bokn.���On November 29, to
Mr. andMrs. John Docksteader,
a daughter. r
This year Santa Claus has a
base of supplies at McMynn's
.Useful Presents, Beautiful
Presents, Appropriate presents,
at John hi Coles.      '
A Patriotic concert will be held
in the Star Theatre on Tuesday
evening, December 14.
The Algoma hotel at Dead-
wood, will have its liquor license
renewed'for next year.
Ebony Toilet sets with Sterling
Silver Mounts from .$5.00'.to
$30.00.   John L. Coles.
Born.���At' Rock Creek, on
November- 17, to Mr. and Mrs.
James Lindsay, a daughter.
The Granby has raised wages
25 cents a day, as copper is now
more than 18 cents apound.
h. A. Smith will leave shortly
for Spokane. He may go into
business in the Coeur" d' Aleues.
For the right Present for the
right Person at the right price,
come right to us.   John L. Coles.
For selling- Alberta,; butter on
(the market in Penticton. without
a license, Mrs. Silk was fined $1.
vK^Fordsi^)���at.e -parfcy^-is "looked
HtV-M   -O   o   ���J/.-.l.    ...   _-*-.-_-_--���~-J r*
For the first time
^^^^���^A^f^jlJSI, MIDWAY. B. C
&*&&&&&��&��&��&��&�� .4&&&&&&S&4
& CO.
BealeF^ in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
- and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all the        ^
u to.3^nji.of the Boundary and Kootenay.
i Sorry ������
But the final chap er of
Delayed en route
' Therefore   -
We shall substitute a well selected
  And ���r
WEDNESDAY.   DEC.   22nd
.You shall know
*^TIie Cint^liiiir Harid"
14th���Last chapter of       '
"Exploits of Elaine"
Gilbert Kay of the Phoenix
Pioneer, came down the hill,
Tuesday, on the fast stage. He
was surprised at the busy appearance of the streets in the red
metal metropolis.'
The "first carload of ore, from
the Red Buck mine near Princeton, was shipped to the Greenwood smelter last week. It is reported that an official of the B.
C. Copper Co., has offered to
bond this property.
The Copper Star mine, 17 miles
from Merritt, is shipping ore to
the Greenwood smelter. Four
sets of fours are hauling the ore
to the station at Merritt, and
from that towh it is shipped by
the K. V. R. to Greenwood.
A Large Variety of the More
expensive goods, Rings, 825,00,
$35.00, $40,00 etc. New designs,
beautiful styles, also Ladies to?let
ware in sterling, Silver Plate,
Ivory etc. Engraved free. E.
A. Black, Phoenix.
Dr. Arnott has severed his connection with Dr. MacLean, and
is opening an office of his own in
the Rendell block, over the Bank
of Montreal. Dr. Arnot is a
graduate of the McGill University, and. has had considerable experience in Montreal and Victoria
hospitals.   ;.. .
There will be a .Grand Patriotic
Carnival in Greenwood upon January 13 and 14. Hockey teams
will be invited from Trail, Rossland. Grand Forks and Phoenix.
There will-be ski jumping, skating races, and a masquerade ball.
It will be Mardi Gras of the
winter. Come; early and get in
the front. ;-
A beautiful display of Holiday
Goods, is now ready and awaiting
your inspection.    John L. Coles.
At one time Charles Brandon
was master mechanic at the
["Greenwood smelter. Some seven
or eight years ago he left Greenwood to join his wife at Crockett,
Calilornia. He never arrived
there, and no trace of him has
since been Tound. Being sure
that he is dead, his wife is now
eatering-suit .to_ _recoxe__.. his., life
*** I Western Float I
n���}e up to date has no Bill
quiet at Duck Creek
November School Report
F. J. Lake will be here on December 13 and 14, and guarantees to finish all photos before
Sam McConnell was in town
last week. He looks well, and
has gained three ounces since
last August.
Send a copy of Float to your
friends. You can have it mailed
direct by sending 25 cents to The
Ledge office.
Large assortment of- Xmas
Cards, all prices.   John L. Coles.
A. W. Baird is spending his
holidays in Vancouver, being relieved by J. P. Roche, of the
Bank of Commerce in Vernon.
At Phoenix the Brooklyn hotel
has built .a new ice house..  Joe
upon as a josh in Greenwood.   It. .u.umnce.
^r^cti^^Coxey^s. "��J^-F!?ds��I.JSmy4h^dito^of .thp
 -w_a-_^-xa.jr-u_fCUllUt_..Ul ..lUC
Similkameen Star, and Mrs. Rena
Bradbury, of Minneapolis were
married in Spokane, last Saturday. The happy couple returned
to Princeton on Tuesday. Fred
Smyth is one of the best known,
printer-editors in B. C, and his
many friends all over the province are sending their congratulations. Good luck to Mr. and
Mrs. Smyth. May they live long
and prosper, while being gradually surrounded by youthful
Just" to hand. The latest of
the most popular books. John
L. Coles.
Movie Patrons
The question in mind next We|(-1
will ^ke^the^ wine fTierelinlhe peiftayvwill  be  not who  is Ihe While Fernie Ss SSS
summer time, but the door wi 1 OltftohiUIjttiim *^ ^^ .��� _.��__  ____.v�� ..h* v*L 3E!���000 a month
^w^e&ARb op      	
R. K Ai-tii-vE**!.-     - E. B. Gtr��e_u-_1��U��. �����_{.
Sir Williua M__e*_o____U. Hon. Robt. M��ck��y.
SI>TKo*a_--tt-^-B��My.l--J&V.O. C.R. Hnm*r, E��-_.
A. Baumgart-iB. Eiq. C B. Gordon, Esq.
H. R.. Drnmmoad, Eao>- D. Forix* Aagaa, Eta.
SirFf��tcian(_k W__lU___--T��yI->_-, l_L_D���G��__-_ral M-uuscr.
Cuital Paid Up      .      $16,000,000.
RSl   -    i      ,      ��� 16,000,000.
UndiTiJ-edProf-U   . 1^52,864.
Total A*wU (AM WIS) 269.562,678.
*���   __���   ���*.   .".
���>._. *;���
��*b rte._ _
in CaoadK
obtained at _
x-   ' ��
convenient nteani of tranitaittlng sidaey to any point
' J&r United State*.   Snch Money Orders may be
ljjt____eb ol the Bank of Mopftfeal.
E. ��. L. Dewdney. Manager, Greenwood Branch.
H. Whiting, Kettle Valley, Agent for
Fixe, Life and Accident Insurance Companies.   Write" for information.
Greenwood, B. G. List of services: i
Holy Communion, &a, m , ist Sunday of
month; r 2 noon, 3rd .Sunday of month.
Matins, 11 a m., ist,-3rd and 5th Sundays.
Sunday School, 2 3op.m. every Sunday.
Evensong, y.30 p. m. every Sunday.
Special services as announced. R. D.
PORTER, Vicar.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLQR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a. m All Welcome. On the the third
Frid.iy of each month at 8 p. m., tes^
monial meetings will be held in the
same hall. Sunday School every Sunday
morning. "     .
1 ->."
SIR KOMOND WAU.BR. C.V.O., LUD. D.C.L., President
JOHN AJR��. (fetrikol S_t__otfcr. H. V. F. JONES. Au't General Manager
t^THyj.SWOO    RESERVE RIHO, $i3,500,000
Intereat ^t|^ corrent rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
opwa-rds. " Carefal attention is given to every account Small accounts
t_re welcomed.   Acossnts may be opened and operated by mail
AccoWts may be opened in the names of taro or more persons, with*
irawais to be made bf any one Of them or by tbe survivor.
J. G. MULLEN Manager,
English, Swiss and American watch
and clock repairing. All work guaranteed.
C. A. Adeneur, opposite Windsor Hotel,
Light and heavy sleighs
sale at Kinneys.
<5et  your  skates   grouad
Kinttey.    He has a machine.
For Rkbt;��� The Little Diner
in Grand Fc.rks.-^I��L P. We.h-
For Sale.-���Barbef shop fixtures and business. Apply to
Miss Frawley, Greenwood.
For Sale t--About 40 cords ot
dry furnace wood, four feet long.
In ten cord lots delivered, $3 a
cord cash. Fritz Haussener,
The things that we need the
lew* are usually the things that
we toy the harfeet to get
summer time, but the door
be locked.
R. N. Riblet of Spokane, J. B.
Befgland of Copper Mountain,
and W. C. Beers of Princeton are
in town this week. They are
tram builders.
At his store in Boundary Falls,
J. C. Cruse has all the elements
of a plum pudding for sale. His
groceries are the best and the
cheapest in price.
Harry S. Turner died in California last month, aged 66 years.
At one time he was connected
with the publication of Cascade,
Grand Forks, and" Phoenix papers.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid
will hold a Bazaar in the Guild
Hall, ou Saturday, December 11,
For sale plain and fancy sewing,
home cooking, candy,-etc. Tea
and ice cream will be served.
There were ab6ut 400 entries
at the Poultrv Show in Grand
Forks last week. James Williamson of Trail took several of the
best prizes. The bulk of the
prizes went to Grand Forks birds.
In Grand Forks next Saturday,
Al Traunweiser will answer to a
charge, of permitting gambling
byjin the Yale hotel, and selling
I booze during restricted hours.
The case against him was dismissed.
On Monday, while working in
Christiansen's sawmill, John
Morns had the thumb and index
finger of his left hand cut off.
That troubles never come singly
seems to be verified ia the case of
Mr. Morris.
A Gold Brooch set with Real
pearls makes j'ttst the Gift for
Her, Pleasing designs $3.50 up.
For Him try Cuff Links, Tie
Clasps etc., Initials Engraved
free. Gold and Gold Filled, $1.00
to $10.00. E. A. Black, Phoe-j
nix, B.G, l
Rape up to date has no Billings
Silverton now has two butcher
Robbery under   alms���charity.
B. C. Fed.
M. * J.   Halpin will open a store
in Sandon;
Any dead fish can  float down
the stream.
W. P. Hughes has sold his paper
in _Northpor6.
Ice is already being shipped from
Mirror lake, near Kaslo.
George J. Steel died suddenly in
Oroville from heart failure.
Near    Curlew,    the   Lancaster,
mine is again in operation.
John Mclnnis, the Socialist, is
novr a resident of Vanderhoof.
Norwegian investors are looking
for timber limits up the Skeena
Prince Rupert invested $4,800 of
its sinking fund in War Loan
Bonds. '"':"':..'���-._.
Clear spruced lumber is; being
shipped from Port Clements to
England. .
Hay. is in demand at Prince
George, and the supply is none too
Five cows recently died at Vernon from eating too many frozen
If silver goes to a dollar an ounce,
there will be no ghost camps left in
the Slocan.
.A.: carload' of work mares wertf-
recently shipped from Armstrong
to Calgary.
In Kaslo the price of admission
to concerts has been raised from
35'to 50 cents.
Hon James Dunsmuir is giving
$1,000 a month to the Canadian
Patriotic Fund.
A buck deer, weighing 240
pounds when dressed, was recently
Bhot near Creston.
----Jobn-'Qibson died "last-'-month
aged 96 years. He was Chilliwack 's oldest resident.
In Chilliwack the curfew bell
rings every evening at nine, and
its provisions are strictly enforced.
Everybody   looks    healthy   in
Rupe.    It is the fresh fish and the
salt air that pats on the rosy bloom.
. Mrs.  Snyders lodging house in
Republic was burned  last week,
causing a loss of $3,000 with no
During November, nearly two
million pounds of halibut, were
brought into Prince Rupert by
fishing boats.
Dead ads spoil the appearance of
any newspaper, and degrade the
profession. Cut them out and
cease being dabs.
During the past year Cranbrook'
raised $1,800 for patriotic purposes,
.   division 1
Perfect Attendance:
Jean   Coles,   George   Hallett,
Idolph Krneger, Ray Lane, Georgina  Lee, Arthur Murray,  John
McArthur, Creighton McCntcheon,
Helen McKay, Ethel Royce, Marie
Vladoyano,  Malcolm Williamson,
Nellie Axam, Annie Eustis, James
Hallett,   Hattie   Ifcrueger,   Ethel
Lane,   Mary Mcintosh, Ganndry
Phillips,  Ethel Pond, Jack Eales,
Nellie Hammarstadt.
Proficiency Jist.
Senior   Fourth:    Vera  Parker,
Georgina Lee, Marie Vladoyano.
Junior   Fourth:   Nellie Axam,
Mary Mcintosh, Annie Eustis.
division; 11
Perfect attendance:
Daisy    Axam,     Ruth     Axam,
Mabel Axam, Selma Benson, Ernest   Caflson,   Bessie   Cuddeford,
Ruth Dicker,   Bobby Jenks,  Gertrude Schindler, Frank Schindler,
Louis Putzele, Margaret Westcott,
Francis    Jordan,   Sadie  Jordan,
James    Lane,    Roddy    McLeod,
Sanford   Pond,   Elai-f'Potts,   Ivor
Potts, Teddy Royce, Harry Royce,
Willie Phillips, Rosie Wescott.
Proficiency list.
Senior Third:    Roddy McLeod,
Ruth Axam.
Junior   Third:
Rosie Wescott.
Senior    Second:
Frank Schindler.
Junior   Second:
Margaret Wescott.
Perfect attendance:
- John Bryan, Ruth Coles,  Samuel Eustace Mona George, -Gordon "~
Jenks; Charles Je4^n-_Bd��ar*i_M-^-r^.
thews, .William  McLeod,   Alfred
Oliver,  John Sater, Nettie Chindler, John Wyder,  Ernest Wyder,
Joseph Putzel, Evelyn Tye.
Proficiency list.
First Reader:   Nettie Schindler,
Walter Longworth, John Sater.
Second   Primer:   Evelyn   Tye,
Frances Lachmund.
First Primer:  William McLeod,
Gertrude Dixon.
Receiving Class:   Mona George,
Edna Matthews, John Wyder.
Stake New Creeks
Teddy Royce,
Ena    Potts,
Ruth Dicker,
Clutching Hand? Bnt where is the
Clutching Hand? -The theatre
manager is kept fn as much suspense keeping tab on his every
move as are the patrons. Suspense
is the back bone of a serial film,
so the patrons of next Wednesday,
Bee. 15, are afforded for their indulgence a select programme  of      T   _...
Cher pic-ure. �� _J�� o. ,h. i-l^.SK^.r*. dS XS
of the Exploits of Elaine, which 8fcan_p on a cheque. One or tv
will be shown to * _irn��._i_--i 1.���- people in the west could
will  be shown to a crowded bouse
on Wednesday, December 22.
Card of Thanks
We sincerely thank all the people, especially the provincial police
and searching parties, who were so
kind to us in our recent sad
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris.
Pretty Bad
Commander.^���What's his character apart from ibis leave breaking?
Petty Officer���Well, sir; this
man'e goes ashore when'e likes;
'e comes off when 'e likes; 'e uses
'orrible language when 'e spoken
to; in fact, from 'is general be*
'avior, 'he might be a orficerl
John was devotced from his first
says the Free Press
Yon can find gold in some of
the geese and turkey.) around
Bridesville. They dig it out of the
..bores of Rock Creek.   .
The other night a mysterious
fire at the Silver Standard mine
near Hazelton, destroyed the
powder house and 25 cases of dynamite.
In Ottawa a man was fined $20
 ������ -v.m easily be,
convicted of this offense.
Jim Ellis, publisher of the Merritt Herald, is ales running an insurance and real estate office in
that town. Perhaps he needs a
side line to pay overdrafts.
The city of Duncan on Vancouver Island, will rename its streets
after places in Europe, made famous by tbe fighting of Canadians,
and other British soldiers.
In the Slocap, upon complaint of
Charles Caldwell, Sunday work
has been stopped at the Utica
mine. This gives the miners more
time to read the bible, and play
poker. ���        .
W. Beach Willcox has bought
the Trail News from W. K. Eslittg.
wife.    William, .'his. friend  was an
_.aidel'"'S,,Tii^��^^ :; -walking together near St Martin's church.
"1.W" said John, "I was married
in that church." 'Indeed said
William, -'and I was christened
in it."
"It is not a good afeop reflected
John," "tfieir work don't last"
is wttiost sure to make another one
in Trail, because Beach is a hustler.
Alex Coutlee,   was  driving an
auto the other day near Clapper*
More than 200 claims have been
staked and recorded in the new
placer fields something like twenty
five miles back from she left limit
of the Yukon river about 100 miles
south of Dawson to which district
a quiet stampede was on for fully
a month before the close of navigation.
On Rede creek 64 claims have
been staked and recorded, and on
Victor creek 45 claims have been
located and on Dip creek the number of locations are 96.   In addition   to   the   creeks  mentioned,
there are  several ones on which
I from four to dozen locations have
been  made.    Just  hdw   rich the
new district will prove remains to
be seen although considerable gold
was taken out last summer by the
discoverers, Rude and oth-ra.
The Dominion Telegraph corn-
has installed a telegraph ��.ffice at
the nearest point on the Hue to tbe
new field and, as it is but twenty
or twenty-five miles back to the
"diggings," the outside world will
be able to keep posted as to the
results -so far as winter work is
concerned. It is said that one,
hundred men will winter in the
new district and that means that a
He at one time made a fortune!,  ""
rnnning a paper in Phoenix, andI   Fge *Pwm��* of work will be done
a ___.r.t��.��-���__��� I between nownm? __r.riT_.vTm_:*...
the Kettle Valley railway track
Before hecould get it started a
train came along and smashed it to
Owing to deep snow, Gnihrie,
Mc.Dong_.il & Co. have had to sns
pend work on the snowsheds at
Coquihalla summit until spring.
This means that the Hope cutoff
of the K.V.R, will not be operated
l&hii winter.
between now and
horse Star.
A thrilling three reel masterpicwre
"Bags of Gold"
A pi��y that wiLD hold your interest, froto
start tofims-a
Other selected pM-tum. askiag * pro-
gmm off junsoal bopo-izace THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
a year in Canada,   and   $2.50   in the
United States.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     6.00
Application Liquor Licenses    5.00
Transfer Liquor Licenses    7.50
Estray Notices 3.00
"Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $2.so_for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Copper Mountain
Mining    Age
Sturgeon Fishery
Many people break the Sabbath,
but ife always comes back.
Always face a mule when you
have anything to say to him.
Some men who never buy a
drink seem to have money for war
bonds.  "
Just now in Canada, the children consider Santa Claus a greater
man than Sam Hughes.
In democratic America the people do not take very kindly to
kings.    They prefer aces.
Evidently, fehat peace party
from New York, will have to Ford
the water to reach England.
This year Satan must have
blushed at some of the deeds committed in Europe, by the red hand
of Mars.    ,   	
Corrupt law-givers make a corrupt community. You cannot
make a clear pool of water by filling
it with mud.
In this province Bome think that
the wagon road battalion will
leave the trenches soon, and make
a drive at the ballot box.
Here we are at the doov !of
ChristmaB, and the outer wall is
all spattered with blood. Oh,
Christians, has your God forsaken
you? ______________ -'-
Many a man today would be in
bis grave, if he had not quit
eating meat in time. Booze is not
the only thing that fills ^the cemeteries wifeh premature plantings.
This is the age of .passports.
Pretty soon we may need one to
get a drink. Just now iall yon
need is a bit, unles the bar hop
has an undying confidence in your
personal integrity.
No doubt Sherman said that
"War Is Hell"; but we know that
John Collins was the -first man
to exclaim that, "Booze Is Hell."
No doubt many of our readers have
met Collins in the morning.
The   New York
prints the following:
The latest statement issued by
fehe Company, under date of November 16, 1915, states fehat there
are S,900,000 tons of proven ore,
averaging 1.75 per cent, copper,
and 2,000,000 tons of partially
proven ore, averaging SI.75 per
cent, copper, or a total of 10,900,-
000 tons, wifeh an average value of
1.75 per cenfe. copper and an estimated value *of 20 per ton in gold
and silver.
On the strength of these developments the company recommends
the installation of a flotation
plant wifeh a daily capacity of 2,000
tons of ore, afe which rate of extraction the property would have
a life of at least fifteen years without developing any more ore reserves.
This ore has been proven up by
78,000 feet of diamond drilling and
30,000 feet of trenching, up to
November 1st, 1915.
In view of fehe fact that the company owns ^35 acres of mineral
ground and that three diamond
drills are afe present in operation
on the same it appears that the
aboAe ore reserves will be materially added to and that Canada
Copper will enter the ranks of the
low-cost producing porphyry mines
within a year or so.
That the property is a meritorious one is evidenced by the fact
that the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company's engineers, who have
kept in close touch with the development of Copper Mountain, have
assured themselves of the advisability of running a spur to the
mines from Princeton, a distance
of 12 miles in direct line. The
line has already been practically
located, and as soon as the matter
of rates, which is being discussed
between fehe mining company's
officials and the railway company's
offiicials has been decided upon the
construction work will  be started.
In the meantime work at the old.
properties at Greenwood, B. C,
which was resumed last August,
after a year's idleness, is goings
along smoothly and the company;
is realizing good profits as the re
suit of smelting operations now in
progress. The Greenwood ^bres
are smeltered direct, whereas Copper Mountain ores are of the disseminated porphyry type, and it is
for this reason that the aforementioned flotation plant :or concentrating the same has been recommended. The company's engineers estimate that a maximum'of
82,000,000 will be required to ;place
the property on a producing basis
of 2,000 tons of ore per day, with
an estimated cost of production of
8_e. per pound of copper after
crediting gold and silver values for
50 per cent of the tonnage and
lOJc. per pound of copper for the
deeper ores. ���---���
The decline of the sturgeon fishery of New Brunswick furnishes
an extreme example of the manner
in which this fishery throughout
the Dominion bas been steadily
but surely depleted.
Th;rfey-five years ago the St.
John river contained an immensely productive sturgeon fishery,
which, prior 60 1880, wag unutilized because Canadian fishermen
were not aware ofthe real value of
the sturgeon. When, however, itp
commercial value became known,
mainly through the caviar mer-
chanta in New York city, no time
was lost in exploiting the fishery
to the maximum.
In fehe absence of effective restrictions, the supply of sturgeon j
in the St. John river was rapidly
exhausted. In the two yoars 1880
and 1881, the catch in New Brunswick exceeded the total output of
the province for the following
thirty-two years.
s~ When your local dealer is unable to supply yew. _2
�� Phone or Write =5
1      THE BIG
I At Phoetiix, B.C.
�� Our stock is most complete 4n every xtejiartmekt. 3
��      particularly in Ladies', Childrens* supplies      ||
�� We pay Mail or Express charges ' :3
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers oollectec-la yonr lection
ship your mmsmmBX!t^,usmoi��B��Tnmi^meii
honse in tbe World dealing exclusively in HOStB AttSBlCAN BAW FOBS
a rel iable���responsible���safe Fur House with an unblemished reputation existing for "more than a thirdof a��e_tury," a long successful record o��sendingrl^irShipDe__flK.nipt5SATISPACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "St* -Mutter. -M.fj.ptr."
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.
Write**.. It-JM��W-4l"_i'l_mlI-_--
Reduced Prices
Tungsten Lamps
10 to 60 Watt Lamps 50c each
In cartons of 5. $2,00
100 Watt Lamps, $1.00 each
1 Morrin, Thompson & Co. 1
��_ PHO/VE WO. 9 I
|      PHOENIX, B. G.      I
Boundary Falls More
You are invited to twife at sny-Strae. Whe
goods are of the best, and-when quality is taken into
consideration, the prices -are theltwcst in the district.
See my stock of Christmas^ groceries, and also the
goods that Santa Claus delights to fill his sleigh with.
Nitrogen  Lamps
100 Watts     -      -    $1,75 each
200   " o     <    3.00   �����
300   " /     ���    4,25  "
All lamps sold by us are tested before
leaving the factory
You cant beat these prices on Tungsten
lamps anywhere
Greenwood City Waterworks Company
Everything Electrical
The machine gun oraze that
swept over Canada a few months
ago, Beems to have ended in failure,
as far as baying guns is concerned.
The money will be need for some
other purpose. We always thought
that the military ��� authorities -did
not like - the people butting in.
Looked as though the war office
did not know enough to keep the
soldiers in supplies.
Pure Sweet Love
It is not necessary to be great to
be happy; it is not necessary to be
Hch to be just and generous and to
have a ' heart filled with divine
'..Section. No matter whether
you are rich or poor, treat your
wife though Bhe were a spleridid
flower, and she will 611 your life
with perfume and with joy.
And do you know, it is a splendid thing to think that the woman
you really love will never grow old
to you. Through the wrinkles of
time, through the mask of years,
if you really love her, you will always see the face you have loved
aud won. And the woman that
really loves a man does not see
that he grows old; he is not decrepit to her; he does not tremble;
he is not old; she always sees;the
Fame gallant gentlemen who won
her hand and heart. I like to
think of it in that way; I like to
think that love is eternal. And to
love in that way and then to go
down the hill of life together, and
as you go down, hear, perhaps, the
laughter of grandchildren,when the
birds of love and joy ring once
more in the leafless branches of tbe
tree of age,���Ingersoll.
������Our Best" Flour
Now $3.65 per 100 lbs
Straight Grade   Flour
$3.15 per 100 lbs.
Adams Feel Store
Hotel Brooklyn
The Only First Glass and Up/tcDate
Hotel in Phoenix, New from cellar
to roof, Best Sample Rooms in the
Boundary. Opposite Great Northern
Depot.   X   X   Modern Bathrooms
��5    I 4+*++*++*<rtr<><r<^>&>+*<��><l>J^^
\ Greenwood Ciouor ��o* Green wood; \
Importers and Dealers AT'
Wines, Liquors, Be^, ��^<_%ats
O, D< Bush. Prop*
Princeton, B.C., now completed'on the,
site of the old Great \Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfleld. Prods,
Kaslo, B. C���   is a comfortable
bome for all who travel to that
city    Under new management.
WALSH & HAYD0N, Proprietors.
Imperator and Kootenay Standard
Cigars.   Made by
Slocan Mining
A.t present the iRosebery concentrator is only running one shift
Last month the Lucky Jim mine
shipped between sixty and seventy
cars of mill feed to the Roseberry
At the Star mine, Sandon, ore is
being sloped from a five-foot vein
on the 9 level. This is the vein
they have been drifting for for
some time.
Owing to a shortage of water the
Galena Farm concentrator is only
running one shift daily. A gasoline engine will be installed as an
auxiliary power.
LaBt week Thos. Avison and J.
H. Cory finished rawhiding the
season's output of 30 tons from the
Idaho to the Alamo siding. Louis
Scaia will continue work all winter
at the mine.
J. Gh Ryan of Three Porks was
in town today. Smelter returns
from the Black Grouse gave $568,
net for 11 tons. On the Evening
Star, which he bas been developing the past season, there is a 12
inch vein, on which an assay made
in the provincial_ mineralogist's
office gives 237 ounces silver, 2 per
cent copper and a trace in gold.
J. H. Thompson, manager of the
Echo mine was in town Monday
and went to Nelson Tuesday. He
reports excellent results from development on the ore body. The
ledge is about forty feet wide of
concentrating orebnt'���"," it is hoped
that development will uncover fe
body of clean ore such as that in
the 4, 5 and 6 levels of the Standard.���-Slocan Record.
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
Public notice is hereby given that on
the loth day of December next, the
Court of Revision for the purpose of correcting and revising the voters' list of
the Municipality of the City of Greenwood for uie year 1916, will sit at the
Municipal offices, in the said city, at the
hour of 4 p. m. (local time.)
City Clerk.
Greenwood, B.C., Nov. 25,1915.
imil>E8Vll_l-K   HOTEL.
Bridesville, -B. Cr This  hotel   is
within easy reach of all the leading
'Boundary towns and the'centre ol
a fifie farming district.
THOMAS   DONALD.   Proprietor.!
Office and Warerooms adjoining4fce"Win9ser Htitel
\A��A4*sG&^w^i���tt���M^^ 0 0 ttww 0 ���������;'��
ASSAY BR        ;
E. W. W1DDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist,'Box Bno8, Nelson, :>B. C,
Charges:���Gold/Silver, Lead or Copper ���
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay),
fi 00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)*
fi._o. 'Silver-fLedd 11:50 ��� Sttver-lvead-r
Zinc $3.00. Gbptgcs for other metals fete
on application.
Rock Creek, B. C. This is. one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
alltravellers.     ___
S. T. LARSEN, ProjHetor.
Deadwood, B. C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars,
~ '    ri-B-M-BJ-Mi.
Sec. 42.
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on the first dav
of December next, application-will be macle.fi)
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re
newal of the hotel licence to sell liqnor by re-
tall in the hotel known iB the Algoma Hotel,
situate at Deadwood, in the Province of British
Dated this 18th- day November, 1915.
Princeton, B.  C��� is the 'headquarters  for  miners,  investors
and railroad men.   A fine location arid everything'first'class
W. J. K_RKPATRICK,:Projr.e_or.
Merritt, B. C. The leading hotel
in Merritt Hot and cold waterdn
every room. Steam heated throughout. Large sample rooms. Sales-
mens headquarters.
1 .mil) Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Dk. Jl:ft_n^
All th^ latest fnrttlwds 'in high-class
Corner Abbott &/Hastings Streets.
VANCOtlYER.   -   -   -   B.C.
J.  R. CAMpl0N,
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
��"��OAL mining rights oi the Dominion
**-* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory;, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term o(
tVrenty-one years at an annual rental of
$i an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
rights applied for are sitnated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $s which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the "mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal m'ning rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be ftirnishea at least once a year.
The lease will include the* coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of (10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sab-Agent of Dominion Land*.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized     publication    of
this advertisement will.notbe paid for.-
. Direct from the Factory to tbe consumer
at  wholesale  prices   to advertise onr
Every cigar we make is absolutely guaranteed filled with genuine Havana-
Box of ��o's B.C. full weight, five
inches long $3 50.
Box of so's O.S   4  inches  long,
���X':X:'X' Conchas, $3 oo.':'-'-:..yXy/.
Box of "Brillantes" Clear  Havana
Wiapper, full weight, 5 inches
long, 50 S $5.00.
Send money order, or certified
cheque.   Do not send money unless registered.
References:���R. G. DUNN & CO.
New. Westminster.B.C.
��1! IIW
CO., WD.
Leaves Mother Lode
9.30 a. m. 6.30 p. m.
Leaves Greenwood
2.00 p. m.
8.30 p. m.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. m. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p. m.
Auto    and  Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and heavy Draying
"-*������ .'
Palace  ttory M 'Stage
F. C. BUCB-TJESS, Proprietor.
THE WINDSOR HOTJELIaoneof tbe 'WeMonmhed
hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the~'financial and
commercial institutions Ofishe-Gopper^etropdHs.
Heated with' Steam and Lit by Electricity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar is replete with
all modern beverages andj.be meals are the best, -looms
resetved by.telegraph, -
mm ���     S      ��� _.
X++4-S-^^^.^.^4.^4, *&&$><k!ksb&&**'+X
The only up/to/date Hotel in 'the interior,   First-class
in every wespect,	
Hot and Cold WateF^ Steara Heat aflU T��ll��p4ione in
each room.
First Class-Bar and iBarber^hop
15 free sample myoms
Steam Heated; ^Electric ^Lighted.        _���
RATES $1.00 per- day and up; EuropeanTlan.
Bus Meets-all Trains aidlftottB.
DECEMBER, 13th atld 14m.
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary-
Amateur  Finishing   Beaatifally   Done,
Best  Line of PortraitFrame Pictures in
the Boundary.
J. L. COLES, agent for amateur finishing and enlarging
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING .....���........_._25ct- per roll
POINTS .........................:50��t* a dozen
f.  J.   LAKE,
^Winnipeg Ave., Or And Forks
1...  ; PACcrec
Winter Excursion fc��tes
trio, Quebec,Mawtttne^rB^_m:e^
and Gr��Bft JBintarfii
-T^oxonto and all Ontario
Points West
Corressxrs(JI_rg?r__tet_r_ai ffoifts
KOV.  t5 to  dec .-an-
TJECEMBEH 1   to   ^Sl
'^rw^Tioiilintliili", [
Tickets and details ftom _Jiy-__gei_.t,<>r trtite
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A, N��_��o.<_tC
tt*".. vs ?.
*Xs.  ���<-��-��-.  i


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