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The Ledge Aug 26, 1915

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Vol.   XXII.
Greenwood's   Big  Furniture  Store
See Our New Lines In
Mattresses, Bedsteads and General
House Furnishings
Goods Shipped in Any Direction
T. M. (HJLLBY & Go.
Copper Street   ^..        GREENWOOD, B. C.    ���        Phone 27
j   A Full Stock of First Class Pipes.        Pipe Repairs j
���^ -.   x \.      ..   a Specialty. J
;- Vaaaiaa��niMMwaaana��aaH--Mi-aaHBa/
The. Midway Store for Quality Goods
Ranchmen, Miners, Millmen, and others will
find the luxuries and_necessaries of life at this store
in large quantities and at prices in harmony with
prevailing conditions, Buy our Kettle Valley fruits,
and sample the Midway eggs.
p; BHRNS & CO.
. . Dealer's in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all the
_ '. .towns of the .^Boundary and Kootenay..
jj Nearly All Our Goods Will
jj Be Sold For Half Price For
the Next Thirty Days
Greenwood Liquor Companv, importers, Greenwood, B. fr 1
H. V. MEREDITH, E_q., Pr.sidonl.
R. B. Ansa.. Etq. E. B. Greenihiel-b, Eaq,
Sir WiHiiua Mncdon��kL . Hon. Robt. Mackar.
SlrTho_uShaa��I_n��uy,K.CV.O. C. R. Houaar, Etq.
A. Banmsartan, Eaq. C. B. Gordon, Etq.
H. R. Drummond, Eaq, D. Forba* Anjraa, Etq.
Wm. McMaiter, Eiq.    .
SirFrederick WUIiariu-Taylor, IX.D., General Muu-ter.
Capital Paid Up      -      $16,000,000.
Rest    - ' -     > .       a 16,000,000.
Undivided Profit.   - 1,252,864.
Total AimU (AM 1915) 289,562,678.
"Bra a'-safaiaad convenient meani of transmitting money to any point
in Canada or the United State*. Such Money Orders may be
obtained, at tiny. Branch of the Bank of Montreal.
E. E.U. Dewdney,. Manager, Greenwood Branch.
ALEXANDER LAIRS, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Aaa't General Managac
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $.3,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. ass
t  A, **. MARCON, Manager,
Ranges,   Cooking   and    Oil
Trunks,   Valises,   Grips and
Suit Cases
Pudding Bowls Just Arrived
From England
New and Second Hand Store
William C. Arthurs
Box 83.        PROP.     Tel. 126
Wear one and be well dressed
At small cost
Copper St.
& First  Class Work and
Prompt Attention
Prices Reasonable
| E. A. Black, Phoenix
' W. G. Kennedy, Agent
Greenwood J
FRIDAY,   AUGUST    27th
Sidney Drew
"Goodness Gracious"
lyiqyies As They Shouldn't Be
This 3 reel comedy feature is���a rip roaring burlesque of a sensational drama
Goodness Gracious "how you'll laugh"
 Other Good Pictures	
The Swayne House is again open for
business, under the management of Mrs.
Adeneur. First-class rooms at moderate
rates.   Hot and cold baths free to guests.
Christian Science service will be held
in the Oddfellows Hall on Sunday at ii
a. in. All welcome. On the the th;rd
Friday of each month at 8 p. in., testimonial meetings will be held in the
same hall. Sunday School every Sunday
English, Swiss and American watch
and clock repairing. All work guaranteed.
C. A. Adeneur, opposite Windsor Hotel,
For Sai,b.���New farm wagons.
3,. 3l4 and 3}4 inch. Made in
Canada.    At Kinneys.
For Sale or To Rent.���The
residence of C. M. Shaw on Government street. Household furniture, camp outfit, horses and
wagons. Apply to C. -32. Shaw.
Greenwood. _
Tag Day
In response to the Canadian
Red Cross Society plan for a Provincial Tag Day on Saturday,
August 28th, the Boundary
Women's Institute purpose supporting the movement, by the sale
of tags on the streets of Green'
wood on that date. Have your
silver handy and help the cause.
Card of Thanks
Mr.  A. G. Bjorn and family
wish to sincerely thank the many
friends   and   acquaintances   for
j their kindness and sympathy dur-
* ing their recent bereavement.
Around Home I
T. A. Garland is yisiting his
son in Kaslo.
Operations were resumed at the
Argo tunnel last week.
The public schools in Gracd
Forks employ ten teachers.
No live stock will be shown at
the Greenwood Fair this year.
An earthquake was felt in
Greenwood at 6:10 a. m., August
Tbe Granby Co. has bonded
the Gloucester group in Franklin
The Skylark mine yesterday
began shipping ore to the Grand
Forks smeller.
Monday was a sad day for the
children. The schools re-opened
upon that date.
Jack Manning moved bis family this week, from Phoenix to
the Mother Lode.
The crops in this district are
the best ever known in the history of the country.
At his ranch near Fish lake,
Ed Rippeto has had severalbouts
with the hay fever.
The deer hunting season opens
on September first, and the grouse
season on the 15th.
Service in the Presbyterian
church, Sunday, August '29, at
11 a. m.   All welcome.
���Frank Wilms is walking
around a -barber chair,. at the
Pacific Hotel in Columbia.
' 'Rev. J. H: Hobbins will preach
in the Methodist church..-Sunday
evening next, at 7:30 o'clock.
George Lord killed a rattlesnake on Saturday, near Rock
Creek, that had seven rattles.
There are 42 men in tthe company of Sharpshooters at Grand
Forks.   More recruits are needed.
Mining is growing active
around Chesaw, and the Gold
Ax is shipping to Grand Forks.
Representatives of the B. [C.
Copper C, recently inspected .the
Mountain Lion mine at Republic.
The big fill that the C.P.R.
has been making at Porcupine
creek, will be finished next
~ Last week Oscar Lachmund inspected the Gold Ax and Western
Star on Copper mountain, near
Mrs. O. R. Matthews arrived
safely in England, although she
was in poor health during the entire voyage.
George White has taken a
lease and bond upon the Elkhorn
mine. Operations will begin
early next month.
The farmers around Curlew
are expecting the U. S. government to furnish them irrigation
from Curlew lake.
Hugh Megraw is reported to
have made a big - gold strike,
while prospecting in the territory
tributary to Pas, Manitoba,
The merchants at Midway and
Rock Creek are doing a big business, wih the camps and villages
along the Kettle Valley railway.
Until the day of the Fair, the
Greenwood Agricultural Association will hold a meeting, every
Wednesday evening in the Rink.
Mrs. Bjorn, of Inghram Mountain died last week aged 40 years.
She left a husband and seven
children to mourn her loss. The
funeral took place at Midway.
A. D. McLennan, of Rock
Creek went to Revelstoke last
week, to attend the funeral of his
nephew, John McLennan, who
was killed in a railway accident
near Golden.
Mrs. L. A. Smith and Miss
Lucille Smith have gone to Por-
terville, California, where Miss
Smith will attend school this
winter. Mr. Smith intends to
make his future home at Porter-
Jim Warburton has the makings of a fine ranch, about 12
miles up Nicholson creek, and has
a fine crop of ducks upon it this
year. Jim wants to trade his
dbg for an automobile so that he
can slip over to Rock Creek every
day and get the war news.
The bartenders in "Vernon are
hot allowed to sell soldiers a
drink after nine p. m., and some
of the Tommies resort to many
schemes after that hour in order
to capture the booze. Bart Inghram stepped up to a bar in Vernon
along about 9.30 the other evening and asked for a Carmi cocktail. The bartender would not
serve him, claiming that Bart
was a soldier in disguise. Sandy
McAulay eventually identified
Bart and saved his life. In future Bart will stay away from
soldier towns, or pack his own
*��� bottle and sideboard.
A Soldier's Grave
The following extracts are from
a letter lately received from an
officer at the front:
I buried one of my poor boys
lasfe week: there was no parson
handy, and as I lacked a Prayer-
book I read the chapter in Corinthians (you know, "For tbis corruptible," &c.) and the doctor said a
prayer. Then we lowered him
just in bis uniform and overcoat,
with a waterproof sheet around
him. R.I.P. He was only a little
Bermondsey guttersnipe, but he
gave all he had, and God kuows.
Ob, I wish I could come back to
England and tell the men who are
doing nothing of the tragedy of
this land; of the stolid endurance
of the peasantry round here, the
old men and women, the young
wives and little children, the ruined homes, the thousands of Englishmen of al! ranks and sorts and
ages who daily and nightly go up
to the trenches not knowing if they
will ever come down the road
again. And then ��� I should like to
tell them of that little grave,
marked by a wooden cross cut from
a biscuit-box by a comrade (who
badly wanted that: bit of wood to
make a fire to boil some water for
bis tea), bearing simply bis, name
and number, regiment, and the
letters R.I.P. in indelible pencil;
and a tin wreath from the ruined
churchyard a stone's throw away.
In perhaps three weeks his name
will appear in a list of casualties,
which will.not be read by the man
in the street, and yet, although he
may not have been a good man���
he may rarely have spoken without an obscenity .(meaning nothing
I Western Float
Canada will not issue any three
cent stamps.
Dr. Williams has moved from
Merritt to Rossland.
Meal ticket prize fights have been
prohibited in Merritt.
Last term 13 children attended
the school in Ferguson.
A big find of copper ore at Jones'
lake is reported at Hope.
The Foster hotel building at
Soda Creek is 50 years old.
The city ferries of North Vancouver are losing $50 a day.
Quite a number of bedbugs have
recently settled in Rossland.
The Granby is looking for copper properties around Hazelton.
The traderB at Peace River Crossing are charging hold  up prices.
The market is growing in England for B. C. frozen salmon and
A cabbage that weighed 25
pounds was recently shipped from
Creston to Fernie.
The Tacoma smelter will build
nine more furnaces, and make
other improvements.
Considerable placer and hydraulic gold is being taken out of the
Big Bend this summer.
There is evidence of an approaching mining boom around Windermere in East Kootenay.
Cal. Walker, of Calgary has
staked several zinc claims on Ice
river in East Kootenay.
At the Old Dominion mine near
Colville silver ore has been, struck
that is worth $400 to the ton.
Beginning in New York on September 20, Sarah Bernhardt will
make another American tour.
Henri Bembe died
last month aged 68.
in Rossland
He. was one
���.U-), al_ho;gl_ pe.,,ap__,_wa_ TthT o\dXp.._p.o^ T Z
A      nnnr      er___i____<      *.__*���  tt.-__.__    im . r        r
a poor soldier, yet-r-there are
hearts very sore for him in some
tenement building in Tooley-street,
in- some^-sltinr^'o^Tabard-stMefe.'
That man was doing two men's
work, his. own and that of .the
man who stayed at home, tbe latter perhaps a model citizen in
every other way, and yet, when
these two men go up to the final
adjustment of accounts I would
rather not be the man who stayed
at home:
We are so sick here of our reading���the tramway strike, the cry
for more money, the lack of ammunition, the short hours on Army
work���we who in our little way
know that it is only more work,'
more men, millions of shells, the
last ounce that the nation can give
in everything wanted, that is going
to break through the defences of
these Hell-begotten Germans. I
am writing this within a few yards
of them, and do yon know that the
bit of ground we are holding now
has changed hands nine times since
the Jbpginning of the war.    It is
changed towards the Germans. At
first they spoke almost kindly of
them, now they simply hate them
with a terrific and devilish hatred.
Midway Concert
The garden party last Thursday evening at Mrs. Lundy's residence in Midway, was a decided
success, and the sum of $25 was
cleared for Grandma Sutton. The
program was furnished by Messrs
Bush, Stuart Crowell, and Mes-
dames Lundy, and Peck, ably
assisted by the following charming young ladies: May McMynn,
Madge Brown, Alice Peck,
Helena Hilcher, Alice Kerr, Lottie Borders, and Glendine Davison.
Bed Cross Society
The Boundary Women's Institute wish to thank all those,
who so kindly donated flowers to
be sold for the Red Cross society.
$21.55 was made in Phoenix and
5.12.75 in Greenwood, as a result
of the sale. They also wish to
acknowledge $9.00 received from
Mrs. Cruse, Boundary Falls, and
old linen from Mrs. Morris,
Boundary Falls.
Even if a woman has naturally
enrly hair she can always find
something else to worry about.
George Chataway is in a fair
way to make some money ont of
his copper-claims in the Highland
J. L. Stamford should make
good his past promises, before he
attempts to do any more mining
around Nelson.
This year tbe acreage devoted
to growing vegetables in B.C. was
17,000. All but 2,000 acres were
devoted to growing spuds.
Three diamond drills are working at Copper Mountain near
Princeton, and more than 6,000,-
000 tons of ore are in sight.
Real estate is still of some value
in Alberta towns. This summer a
real estate agent at MacLeod had
tomatoes grown in his garden.
Copper ore is being shipped from
Highland Valley to the Tacoma
smelter. The freight rates must
be cheaper than to Greenwood.
J. H. Johnson is building an
hotel at Prince George that will
contain 53 rooms. At one time he
built an hotel in Spokane that contained 180 rooms.
VoBberg & Carlson have a con-
__. -wjjract to build 32 bridges on   the
surprising   how   the   men   have ["Western end of the Kettle Valley
railway.   They have already built
26 of the number.
No. 7
Rock Creek Mines
Some Chinks are working the
old bar claim of Tom Rabys. One
of them recently found a $21 nugget.
Above White's Bar, A. B. Bennett and his partner are ground
sluicing, and making about $7
each a day.
Gold is still being shipped from
Rock Creek. From half a mile to
further up tbe creek 15 Chinamen
are placering for the yellow stuff.
Jimmy Copland is still working
his claim on the south fork, and
expects to make a clean up this
season. He first worked on Rock
Creek in 1860.
Camp Mckinney
Charles Austinberg of Okanagan,
Wash., is working 4,000 tons,of
tailings from the Cariboo mill.
The mills and buildings in this
old camp have been robbed of
many articles during recent years.
Wm. Younken, Joe Frank,
Charles Hamilton and two others
are working a group of claims below the Old England, but have not
yet reached bedrock.
Judge Grevy, of Altoona, Pa;,
spent some time in the camp thit-
summer, and his son will remain
until November assaying and examining properties. If .his observations are satisfactory Altoona
men are ready to expend $50,000
in the camp. They already own
the Gold Standard, Iowa, Gold
Top, Last Chance and Gold Sea1
claims, and may acquire such
claims as the Victoria, Snowden,
Dayton, Old England and others..
Peace River
Last month Tom Rookes was
very ill in Edmonton from hemorrhage of the brain. At one 'time
he was an hotel manager in Fernie and Cranbrook.
In June, 1914, the Lake Louise
hotel served 6,000 meals. In June
this year it served 16,000 meals,
an indication that the tourists are
beginning to discover B.C.
A large eagle was recently seen
flying over Three Forks. In the
Okanagan such birds are taken for
flying machines by people whose
nerves are shaky with tea and
A plant to utilize the by-products of coal will be built in Fernie- It is estimated that every
year in B. O. $15,000,000 worth of
coal by-products are wasted. How
abont the by-products of Trail,
Grand Forks and Greenwood
In Prince George recently Pete
Wilson's little daughter, Janet,
was nearly burned to death. The
child is now slowly recovering.
Her brother Jack had skin removed from his arm to be grafted
on to the burns of his little sister.
H. G. Knight, formerly a printer in Molson, Nelson, Revetetoke
and elsewhere is now rrinniug a
paper in Three Hills, Alberta. He
admits that since he has gone to
Three Hills he has done nothing
bad, except getting drunk occasionally and trying to collect some accounts. Still somebody in that
burg wants to run him ont of
town. This is nothing strange.
Animals of that kind can be found
At the junction of the Parsnip
and the Findlay rivers;Jwhich*for_i.
the Peace, Mount Selwin, a huge
mountain of low-grade free-milling
ore is now being systematically
prospected by the agents of claim
holders with most satisfactory results.. There are several groups
of claims on this mountain, which
appears to carry distributed valuer
throughout the entire formation oi
its vast bulk. An engineer named
Fetherstonaugh is on the mountain
this summer with an assay outfit,
and has assayed the result of test
holes drilled all over its surface by
his assistants. The enginner state.,
that the Mount Selwin propertieo
promise to overshadow such mines
as the Granby property or thi-
famous Tredwell property off Alaska. The rock carried freentnil- ~
ling gold and silver values. Sev
oral groups of claims have already
been surveyed on the mountait,
and Mr. Burden made the surve\
of one of these on his recent trip.
���Prince George Post.
At Perry Creek
Capt. E. E. Rogers, the general
manager of the Cranbrook Homc-
stake. Co., was in town on Tuesday
the guest of General Managti
Wilson. Capt. Rogers, who has
big mining interests in Idaho, ha <
lately taken over the old placet��
formerly operated by the Pern
Creek Hydraulic Co. Dr. S. .1.
Schofield, who has had charge . f
the government geological work < f
that district for the past five�� r
six years, has recently is��ued tl ������
following statement about th..-.
The gold quartz vein occur f >
the most part on Perry Creek. A
great many claimB were located t..:
the north side of Perry Creek in
1896 by prospectors in search ..
the source of the placer gold whit i.
had been worked with much sue
cess in the same creek. The d -
posits occur in true fissure vein.-.
Their width averages aI>out 8 fee*,
but some are as wide as 20 fee:.
They can be traced for long d i���
tances along their strike Tin*
mineralogy is very simple and c<. -
sistfl of free gold, pyrite and qnar. s.
From the width of the veins a. *
their great extension along ��!..��
strike, it is almost certain tl�� t
they persist in depth, although ������
workings have as yet proven t__.._.
point.���Fernie Free Press.
...V.-.,... tgpgy .jjjjyy.j.,'?.-1,-.
��g^W$*M?- ^ "^^B?.!. :^^
a year iu Canada,   and   ��2.50   in
United Stales.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil   Notices      6.00
Application Liquor Licenses      5.00
Tranpfer Liquor Licenses     7.50
F.slray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     2.00
Certificate of Improvement  10 00
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, ��2.50 for each additional claim )
All other le_;al advertising, 32 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
FjVf.n* rural editors have troubles.
In that beautiFul dimple of America, New Denver, the horf.es walk
on the sidewalk in front of the
print shop at nights, and disturb
tlie editor's dreams. He sis train-
ir.g a huge dog to herd the equines
and in time the canine will have
command of the situation. We
sympathize with Jim, for we know
how it feels to be coddled in the
arms of Morpheus, gently dreaming of that etheral land where the
delinquent subscriber never butts
in, only to be awakened abruptly
by the noisy antics of embryonic
cavalry. Years ago when the
down of the first boom was still
sticking to Kaslo we slumbered in
a building that was surrounded by
George Hughes' mules. They had
the ears of tho camp and were
natural kickers. Like other animals in the town at that time they
would stay up all night. They
loved the smell of printers ink, and
every night they would bunch
around the office and sniff it, much
the same as Venus would the attar
of roses, every now and again
kicking the sides of the building
in a sort of fiendish mule-like glee.
Eventually they jari-ed all the
plaster and brfc-a-brac from -the
walls, and chewed the external
coating of pur stately edifice, until
it looked like a church in Rbeims.
Still we grew to love the mules in
their playful antics and never
tbiew even a cuss word at themr
so when John Daly lead them away
up to the snowy hills of Sandon
our soul was tinged with saduess,
and we almost dropped a tear in
their tracks as their beautiful forms
faded away in the distance of the
Three Forks trail. We were lonesome for those mules for many a
long night, but they never returned. So be kind to the horses, Jim,
for the night will come when they
will no longer be with you.
until they seem invulnerable to
yon as you see them march with
the free, easy gait clown the boulevards, and you see the fine, healthy
glow that open air life has put in
their faces.
Most of these men have never
slept in a room with window open
in their lives. They never traveled
in a train in which there was two
windows open at the same time
They all wore cotton in their ears
in the winter, and generally cod
died themselves. /
Now they stifle in the shut up
Paris buildings, and if one wishes
to be really comfortable on a railroad journey ho must choose a
compartment with only soldiers in
it, for they are sure to open everything up wide.
All this is going to be good for
the next generation of Frenchmen:
this love of open air will lead to
outdoor sports and camping and
mountain life, which is so very
common at home and so good for
young boys.
Already the French have followed the English in their love of
sports and all over France you find
the school children learning to
play games of which thoy had only
dimly heard the names.
A man who used to live here 20
years ago said that it was very
noticeable to see the actual increase
in stature that compulsory military
service had brought" about. He
said that uniformly the men were
two to three inches taller and
about 40 pounds heavier.
He claims that without compulsory service the race degenerates physically as well as morally,
and elaborating on his theory says
that the eitizens of the United
States are not as large men as they
used to be and that they are moral
Ainsworth-Slocan Mines
The Florence mine at Ainsworth
expects to have a zinc output of
about 200 tons per month as soon
as milling of Florence ore with the
Highland mill is commenced.
Probably the only woman proB-
pector and miner in the province
is Mrs. A. E. Jowett, of Trout
Lake. Mrs. Jowett has lately
been out in the hills back of Fer-
gason on her annual prospecting
and mining expedition, being interested in claims in that vicinity.
W. E. Zwicky was a Sandon
visitor on Mondoy, going up to see
Live Wire Flashes
All the " following despatches
passed tbe censor in the dark:
Eholt.���Big fire this morning.
McKellar'8 cook burned the mush.
Rock Creek.���Last night a fleet
of submarines came up the river,
and sunk several schooners of beer.
Phoenix.���Jim Murdoch's flying
machine arrived from Europe today, laden with pretzels, limburger
cheese, iron crosses, and a photo
of Gott's partner.
Nelson.���A dollar was found
here today.    The city is agog with
how things are getting on  at the excitement, and several extensions
Ik this submarine
glorious it ���must be,
swimming hole.
age, how into die in  a
Most of people eat from ten to
twenty times too much salt. Too
much salt makes even ''-fresh" people look aged.
Bi-Sixkss is just as good with us
as it was 21 years ago. That was
the year in which the people of
Kootenay sent a tracer after Noah.
Ax editor in Alberta recently refused to print a poem from Flat
Creek, because the subject was too
old. Must have been something
about the "Roautiful Snow," or
Urn man who does not advertise.
Tiik trench fighting in the present unpleasant conditions in Fland-
efs is sometlving like redskin warfare in the early days of America,
If ail fchfc fighting was doiio in the
open the blosh ia the face of Mars
would sooner end.
War does not cause all the
casaualties. As usual, this year,
the reckless auto driver, the fool
in the boat, and the swimming hole
have done their bit in tbe way of
' cuttiBg heart strings, and causing
the shadow of sorrow to blanket
many a happy home.
Helps the French
Writing from Paris Carolyn
Wilson says:
"Bnt during tbis last two weeks
the real lighters have been streaming into Paris. The men have a
four days' leave of absence. They
are the men who have been through
all the campaign without a scratch,
the soldiers and officers that the
war has hardened and strengthened
Hope Mining News
Oscar Nelson is in receipt of the
following assay from samples taken
from ore of one of the claims at
23-mile: Gold, 0.4; silver, 32.8
oz ; copper, 11.5 per cent.
Jack Brady was in town the
other day and showed some rough
nuggets taken from the placer
ground which is being operated by-
himself and W. L. Cherry np the,
Coquihalla. The partners are;
making an endeavour to get down
to bedrock where they expect to'
strike rich deposits of gold.
W. M. Ogden, a mining expert,
along with Fred Bears as guide,
made a trip to Summit camp from.
Hope last Monday . to inspect a
group of live claims in which Robert Stevenson is interested. The
examiner declared himself fully
satisfied with what he had seen
and, providing that assay reports
are favorable, work will be commenced at an early date. This is
a silver-lead proposition, and ife is
reported that on one of the showings there is a vein tnree feet in
width of massive galena.
A number of prospectors who
have btaked on the copper load beyond Jones' Lake were in Hope
this week for fresh supplies. All
have the same story to tell regarding tbe huge body of ore already
reported in these columns and copied by many of the leading papers
in the province. The lead~ is
claimed to be 50 feet in width and
has been followed over the left
peak of Cheam Mountain and down
ou the opposite side. It is stated
thafe some sixteen years ago a party
of prospectors, hearing of a big
body of ore in the district of this
discovery, set out with Indian
guides but failed to reach the desired altitude on account of deep
snow. For prospecting at high
altitudes this season has been exceptionally favourable, owing to
the very light snowfall. Local
mining men who have seen samples taken from the property declare
that there are indications of tin.
There is said to be many tons of
rich looking "float" nearer the
mountain. The examination of the
slide led to the discovery of the
ore in place.���Hope Review.
Payne. The raise being driven to
connect up the long tunnel with
No. 8 level he states is up 550 feet,
and. denies that work has been discontinued on the raiee as rumored.
No trouble is being experienced
now from water in the raise, he
be states, the ground being quite
dry. It is anticipated that unless
the vein has flattened out to a certain amount that ife will be encountered by the raise when another hundied feet has been proceeded with.
According the street corner gossip, but which is not always reliable, the value per car of ore being taken out at the Mountain Con
is in the neighborhood of $12,000
The Oon was considered by many
as having petered out in 1903, just
after McLeod & Thompson bad
made a clean-up out of this Carpenter creek property that aggregated
in the neighborhood of $45,000, all
made in operations extending over
a couple of seasons. Development
done since then has, however, resulted in the opening up of a new
ore body and it appears as if Bill
Bennett will make a clean-up as
large as that made by the former
owners.���Kaslo Kootenaian.
have already been staked.
Sandon.'���Caiu was raiBed here
today. Jim Thompson bet him 82
Kaslo.���The forts in the Bad
Lands are still standing, and the
lins is unbroken.
Rossland.���The bedbugs are in
full retreat, but it is thought by
armchair experts that they will
make a"lasfe Btand at Northport or
Grand Forks.���This morning
one of the soldiers captured John
Collins and interned him.
New Denver.���Nearly all the
boats in tbe Slocan fleet are armed
with bottles, and the crew keep in
practice by exchanging shots with
each other.
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
(S-bfrkt Package.
"What animal," asked the
teacher, "is satisfied with the least
Looking over the raised hands,
Bhe said: "Well, Harry, you may
"Please ma'am, the moth.    It eats
nothing but holes."
S~ Large shipment of fine ~3
1     Wheat    1
S=        Just Arrived        3
*~*   ���*
H R. IN. Adams H
5= E. Foyle Smith, Manager 3
September 6th
Fair and One Third
Round Tiip
To and from all Stations
On Sale Sept 3rd to 6th
Good to Return Sept. 8th
Tickets from   Agents or. Pursers
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest .hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud tasty meals.
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary
Amateur   Finishing   Beautifully   Done,
Postage Paid to aud from Greenwood and
Other    Points.     Best  Line of  Portrait
Frame Pictures in the Boundary.
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING 25cts per roll
PRINTS SOcts a do__en
f.   J.   LAKE,
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is que of the best furnished
hotels in the' west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all ..the financial and
commercial institutions of the Copper"Metropolis.
Heated with'Steam apd Lit-hy.Electricity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar is replete with
all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Booms
reserved by telegraph. ^
x***********4* *************
Winnipeg Ave..
Grand Forks
Hi 11 11
CO., L/T'D.
Leaves Mother Lode
9.30 a. m. 6.30 p. m.
Leaves Greenwood
2.00 p. m.
8.30 p. m.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. in. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p. m.
Conductors will issue tickets from flag
D.P.A., Nelson, B. C.
A SITTING 01 -be County Court, or Yale will
be holden at tbe Court Housft, Greenwood,
on Tuesday the "th day of Sofitemher 1915, at
11 a.m.
Registrar C. C. of ��
Synopsis o. Coal Mining Regulations.
/"^OAL mining rights of the Dominion
**-* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the' Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of
11 an acre. Not more-than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
��� Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in-person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
-rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract ^applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of f 5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents, per ton.
The person operating .Uie 'mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity, of merchantable coal mined ana-pay the-royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights are
nobbeing.operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the*.coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be-considered necessary for the working-of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.-���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will .not be paid for.���
Farm Laborers
Excursion rates to Saskatchewan. The Canadian Pacific
Railway have named a snecial
rate of one cent per mile irom
Nelson, Greenwood, Midway aad
Grand Forks for Harvest Laborers either male or female. Rate
for the return journey to starting
point is one and one half cents
per mile. Tickets good going
daily till September 4th returning
fill November 30th. Foil details
from J. S. Garter, D_ P. A.,
C. P. Ry., Nelson, B. C.
October  1st
The C.>.tt. will give a rate of one fare and a third from all points between
Nelson and Princeton to Greenwood.
For further information write to
Cbe fiuttie fiotel
nelson. B.g.
The only up/to/date Hotel in ;the intecior,   lEirst-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATE.S $1.00 per day and up; 'European'Elan.
Bus Meets all Trains andiBoats.
��++****** ******* *********��
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield, Props.
Kaslo, B. C���   is a  comfortable
home for all who travel to that
city    Under new management.
WALSH & H/VYD0N, Proprietors.
Bridesville,   B. C.   This  hotel   is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towns and the centre oi
a fine farming district.
. THOMAS   DONALD,   Proprietor.
Trail, B. C���This hotel has been
th oroughly renovated. It is heated
by steam, and has hot and cold
water in all rooms. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rock Creek, B. C. This is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
- Deadwood, B. C. ��� This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars.
Princeton, B. C-. is the  head-.
quarters   for   miners,   investors,
and railroad men.   A fine loca
tion and everything- first-class'
W. J. KIRKPATRICK, Proprietor.
Merritt, B. C. The leading hotel
in Merritt Hot and cold water in
every room. Steam heated throughout. .Large sample rooms. Sales-
tnens headquarters.
MURDOCH iV.c__.TYRE. Proprietor.
oi?' 7[' WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold,:Silver, Lead or Copper
It. each.. GoIdjSilver, (single assay)
Jitoo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assav)
|i.5o. SilverfLead ii.50 . Silver-Wd-
lincftj.oo. .Charges.for other metals etc
on application;
All  the   latest methods in  high-class
. Dentistry.
wo: JLWwmG
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANoottyia. - - -��b.c.
Autoa��d Morse   Stages
Leave   (Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
QrovWe Trains
Direct from the Factory to tbe consumer
at wholesale prices    to advertise our
i-very cigar we make is absolutely guar-
-.meed filled with genuine Havana-
Box of So's B.C. full/ weight, five
inches long $3 50.
Box of so's O.S   4  inches  long,
Conchas, $3 00.
Box of "Briilantes" Clear Havana j
Wrapper, full weight, S inches
longi 50 S I5.00.
Send money order, or certified
Cheque. Do not send money unless registered.
ReferenceB:.-R. G. DUNN &GO.
New Westminster,B.C.
Imperator and Kootenay Standard
Cigars.   Made hv
Leading Tailor of the Kootenaya.
KASLO      B.   G
Autos For -Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts .n 'the-Boundary.
Light and-lie��vy Draying
InssdEs tiveiy And Stage
.O.G. JEtTJSSELL, Proprietor.
M M Mil ��M,�� M ��� �� ��� �� ����
yow Razors Honed
and Your Baths at !
teii Lamps
JQ <o 60 Wmteem 60c each
Io cartena of S, $2,50
t��0 Watt -Lamp*. $125 each
Q*mm 0t| Witenrorts Cobpabj


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