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The Ledge Jan 29, 1914

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 Ji ���'!
'-'���-'-  ,ialbl^a^^
Vol.   XX.
Np. 29
Looseleaf Ledgers
Etc. Etc.
At Reasonable Prices
Books, Stationery, Kodaks, Wallpaper, Etc.
We Carry the finest stock of goods
in the Boundary.
Gall at our store and examine them
whether you buy or not.
Greenwood's  Big  Furniture Store
ftigb Grade lliaifresses"-"
Ostermoor, Snowflak Staifelt, American Felt
Also First Rate e-tnbination mattress at $9*00
Special Values this week in Fine White and
Colored Blankets.
They are going at Reduced Prices.
T. M. GULLBY & Go.
Opposite Posteffice. dEENWOOD, B. C. Phone 21
The Greenwood Grocery
Grape Fruit
Green Onions
Keep you
��our$ alarm
Felt Weather Stripping.
for youjf doors and windows.
.U2 inch by 3/4 inch 1hick one
cent afoot,
Sheets. Slips, Pillows, Comfotv
ters, Quilts, Eiderdowns, Blankets and Mattresses,
Black Lamb      -     . *     $35
Bisons       /       *      ���      $25
$2.25 to $2,65
New Heavy Team Harness
from $50 to $60
Tlease call and see the Goods
William C. Arthurs
Vienna Bakety. Greenwood
Lee & Bryan
Phone 46.
You have come to headquarters for
having it put in. order again. Whatever
may be required we assure you
will give entire satisfaction. We put
in repair a watch of anv make or repair and make good as new your pins,
chains, bracelets or any other article oi
A Full Stock of First Class Pipes.       Pipe Repairs
a Specialty. ^
For Sale. ���A large quantity
of Shingles, Shiplap, Rustic
Flooring and Ceiling, all dry.
Charles Kinney, blacksmith and
wagon maker, Greenwood.
For Saib. ��� Frits Hausener
has for sale some good baled
clover and timothy hay; also a
few hales of beardless barley,
good for chickens.
.Lots of people mistake being
mysterious for being clever.
Contractor and Builder
Doors, Windows, Sash.
All kinds of carpenter work neatly done.
Box 127     -     -   -     Greenwood.
A. LOGAN & Co.
GREENWOOD.     ���    B. C.
All Kinds of Feed
Always up to Standard
Notary Public
Land and Mining Agent*
Mining Recorder's Office.
Around Home
Booms in Miller Bit, over Brag
H. Hartley has resigned as city
clerk of Phoenix.
Remember the concert in Rock
Creek on the 29th.
Al Hagelberg is . running a
mine at Nighthawk, Wash.
The Poultry Association will
meet on Thursday evening.
All the ���winning hockey teams
get their skates sharpened at
Fred Boyer is paying a visit to
Nelson, His health has not been
good for some time past.
G. A. Rendell returned from
Victoria on Tuesday with no
news of an approaching election.
Colin Campbell, of Grand
Forks, has gone to Chicago to
take the radium cure for cancer
of the throat.
Mrs. George B. Garrett, will
be "At Home" Friday, Jan. 30th,
from 4 to 6 and on each 4th Friday, during the season.
The Argo Tunnel has plenty
of water, and Ola is getting a
boat so that visitors can ride to
the face of the workings.
H.  C.  Brewster, leader of the.
B.C. Liberal Party will address a
public   meeting   in    the    Star
Theatre on Wednesday evening,
February 4,
In a skating race at Phoenix
last Friday H.- Hartley defeated
Barney Cosgrove, "winning the
skating championship of the
Remember the date of Mr.
Taube's visit to White's Drug
Store oh Monday, p.__. Feb. 9th,
and if there is anything wrong
with your eyesight do not fail to
.consulthim. -. jV ^��- '���'' 'js'.���';
' "'���'_R7 AMilcCf ackeriiefi: onMon-
day for Copper Cliff, Ontario,
owing to the serious illness of his
wife. During his absence Lome
McCandlish is handling the-key
in the telegraph office.
Eighty-five per cent, of headaches are caused through eyestrain so if you are troubled that
way do not fail to consult Mr. S.
L. Taube at White's Drug Store
on Monday, p,sn. Feb. 9th.
In Phoenix, A. O. Johnson is
transferring the license of the
Central Hotel to August Jackson.
Big Andy is moving to the Knob
Hill hotel, Charles Hagan having retired from business and
gone to Soap Lake,
^GusJBJvans,- of Grand.Forks',
will have a birthday on February
7, and takes a glass of beer for
each year of his age. Gus is one
of the best paragraph writers in
the west, and can say more in
four lines than some others can
say in a page.' ?
Norval Baptie the world's
greatest ice skater gave a most
marvelous exhibition of fancy,
trick and speed skating at the
rink here last Wednesday night.
Baptie is conceded the greatest
skater the world has ever seen
and his fancy skating, skating on
stilts, jumping over barrels and
forward and backward was an
eye-opener to many.
In September, 1912, Francesco
Ganzini paid G. Gatti, agent for
the British Columbian Accident
and Employers Liability Co., the
sum of $14.30 for an accident
policy. He did not receive the
policy in ten days and notified
the agent to that effect. In December Ganzini was injured and
spent some time in the hospital.
He notified the company and referred to the accident policy that
he had paid the agent for. The
company denied any knowledge
of such a policy, and Ganzini
entered an action against the
campany to secure damages but
lost his case with costs. The
fraudulent agent had made no
returns to the company, and no
policy had been issued. In future
people taking out insurance policies shoald be sure of the man
they are dealing with, andcom-
j panies should exercise more care
in the selection of their agents.
Women's Institute
The annual meeting for the election of officers of the Boundary
Women's, Institute of the Bureau
of Agriculture of B.C.., will be held
Thursday, January 29th, at three
p.m., at the home of Mrs. Coles.
A fall attendance is desired. It
will be necessary to institute a
sturdy canvas for revival - of membership and all present members
are asked to dc their utmost; to
bring at least one more with them
to add to the enlargement of the
institute and the betterment of its
At this meeting arrangements
will also be made for the reception of Madam Gorohe, now at
Keremeos, who will arrive on
Tuesday, morning, Feby 3rd, to
lecture in home-dressmaking. The
first lecture will begin on Tuesday
��The first few lectures will teach
cutting from chart, drafting your
own patterns to your own measurements. Later lessons will demonstrate the_making of a skirt and a
blouse. There will be twelve lectures in all, and the time soar-
ranged that effective class work
may be done.
It is to be hoped that with the
good sleighing now on that the
farms and ranches ���will come in
and join with us and reap the
benefit of these lectures which the
Bureau of Agriculture is so generously providing to aid the women
and the homes,
Rossland Carnival
T ri&sslain^
Carnival, the best known winter
sporting event of interior British
Columbia, will be1 held [this year
from February 2 to 6.: Efforts are
being made by the management to
make it even better than in former
years. The Carnival will see a lot
of fast hockey and. will bring together several of the fastest teams
in the interior in all three series,
senior, intermediate and junibr,
the competitions all being for valuable prizes, trophies and titles.
The rules of the Boundary-West
Kootenay Hockey Association
will be used.
"The other features of the program include ski running, tobogganing, horse racing, log cutting,
and there will be social events
such as a masquerade and dance.
It will be a lively week especially
entertaining for the old-timers,
many of whom will enjoy an old
boys' re-union.
Special rates will be given, on
application, by the railways, and
KosBland itself is in far better
sbape to care for her guests than
G. A. Latterly is President and
H. B. Crow secretary of the Carnival.
| Western Float
Christian Science service will
be held m the Oddfellows Hall on
Sunday.at 11 a.m.   All welcome.
Rev. A. T. Bell will preach in
the Methodist church next Sunday at 11 a.m. Sunday School
2.30 p.m.
Church service at Rock Creek
on Sunday next. Matins and
Holy Eucharist 10:30 a.m. Even-
tag prayer and sermon, 8 p.m.
Rev. A. M. Lloyd, pastor.
Service in the Presbyterian
church next Sunday, Feb. 1st,
wilL be held in the morning at
11 o'clock. Sunday School and
Bible Class 2:30 p. m. Rev. J.
R, Munro Pastor.
Hickery nuts are quoted at $2 a
There are too many dogs in New
S. W. Johnson died in Curlew
last week.
Last week flowers were in bloom
at Keremeos.
Wood alcohol may soon be inade
in Cranbrook.
There is one case of small-pox at
West Burnaby. .
John Mullian died in Cranbrook
from pneumonia.
The hotels in Hope are now
using liquid soap. .   .      *
During 1913 there were only 10
fire alarms in Penticton.
A resident doctor is needed at
the Burnaby prison farm.
W. J. Bennett has opened a
business college in Fernie.
The Royal Bank will close its
branch at Salmo this week.
In Republic wood is sawn for
from 50 to 75 cents a cord.
Serious floods this month' occurred in the Cowichan district.
There is some talk of building a
steel plant at New Westminster.
Black Alaska wild geese were
seen on Osooyos lake last week.
J. S. Deschamps has closed his
China Creek sawmill until March.
LaBt year 1,028 miner's licenses
were issued ia the Omineca district.
Harry Lindley, the well-known
actor,' recently died in Suffolk, Va.
In every fair in England, B.0.
apples have received  gold medals.
The lack of snow this winter will
raise the price of lumber this year.
At Hedley, John Jackson will
enlarge the Great Northern hotel.
Pat Connelly, the well-known
miner is now located at Stein, New
Nick Jones was killed at Seymour Arm by a pile of logs falling
on him.
More than a mile of old and new
sidewalks were laid in Rossland
last year.;. ���'���,- -p;';;-
T Th'ere were ^OTfires"3n~ ^RoTslanct
last year, 18 of them being chimney fires.
���' At Nanaimo this winter more
than 12,000 tons of herrings have
been caught.
The Dominion government has
doubled the price of salmon fishing
licenses in B.C.
Some gentlemen add exchange to
their cheques when paying debts
in distant towns.
There are 247 telephones in
Grand Forks, 542 in Kamloops,
and 673 in Nelson.
Last year upon construction
work the railways of Canada ex-,
pended $100,000,000.
Samuel Newton, a Dewdney
rancher, committed suicide last
week by the gun route.
During the past two months more
than^OO black-bears have been
trapped on Graham Island.
All the lumber mills and shingle
mills, with one exception, are running full blast at Everett, Wash.   -
There are three Chinese laundries in Smithers, and several of
the citizens are now wearing boiled
shirts. |
James Brady, the veteran surveyor, is laid up at Golden with a
broken rib, caused by falling oveT
a cliff.
Last year the fish production of
B.C. was worth $14,500,000. For
fish this province leads the Dominion.
With ten bartenders, and two
floor walkers  an  hotel in   Fort
George took in $2,000 a day last
H. J. Rickard was found dead
in bed at Rossland. -Tears ago he
was night editor of the News-Ad.
in Vancouver.
Near Lillooet, John Hiltmen
was killed last week, by a fall of
loose gravel where he was at work
on the railway.
Lord Strathcona left a fortune of
25 millions of dollars. He owned
a controlling interest in the Great
Northern Railway.
The route of the Ketile "valley
railway may be changed so a& to
cut off 40 miles between the Okan-
agan and the coast.
Late arrivals from Cbisina say
that there is no gold in that camp.
The camp is full of frost and has
several talented liars.
John Webster is running an
hotel in Fort Langley. Some years
ago he conducted the Winnipeg
hotel in Grand Forks.
In B.C. there are 35,000,000
tons of iron in bight, and more
than 40 billions of tons of coal
Blast furnaces will soon be erected
in the province.
Speaking of the death of Lord
Strathcona, Sir Wilfrid Laurier
says, that no other Canadian has
left such a trail of sorrow.
Martin Knutson is seriously ill
in Phoenix, Arizona. He left
Stewart last summer suffering
from miner's consumption.
In Haileybury, Ontario, on
Christmas, R. E. Allan of Leon,
Mexico, presented the Baptist
church with a chefeS. for $15,000.
At Newport the Squamish Indian
reserve of 1,098 acres was sold to
the Pacific Great Eastern railway
for 8175,000. This amount was
divided among 44 Indians.
Last summer whiskey peddlers
would buy booze for $2.50 a bottle,
take it to Tete Jaune Cache and
sell the same for $8 a bottle. Men
may strike for higher wages in
railway camps,^but they make no
outcry against the high price oi
The Lillooet Prospector says
that Gassie Thompson is now the
Mayor of Anderson Lake. Can
this be the same Gassie, who ran
the "Bucket of Blood" in Sandon,
duringjthe champagne days Of that
silvery camp, when the rattle of
the chips, as they passed into the
night, kept tinie with the clinking of glasses, and the roar of the
pianos below the *'Dead Line?"
Send for a catalogue of headstones and monuments, made by
the Kootenay Monumental Works,.
Nelson, B. C.
On January   23,  to   Mr.  and
Mrs. Wm. Gowans, a son.
' On January  27,   to   Mr. and
Mrs. J, D. MacLean, a son.
The Mortgage Payer
In these days of the high cost of
food and especially of meat, when
the packers are despairing of the
meat supply and the price of" flesh
fpod is^roceeding steadily upward,
farmers would do well, to pay heed
to a section of Samuel W. Aller- /
ton's book on "Practical Farming," entitled, "The Hog the
Mortgage Payer."
Mr. Allerton says that this is
what the hog is known as on
Illinois farms and he believes'that
it is an eminently correct designation. He gives much practical
advice regarding the successful
raising af hogs and points out that
the only serious obstacle to success
is hog cholera.
But this may be avoided by
proper feeding of the animal, his
idea being   that   cholera- is pro-	
duced by overfeeding' of corn. He
therefore advises ground barley aB
a change of feed, and also suggests,
in order to prevent the spread of
the disease in case any animal
upon a farm should become infected with it, that hog coops be
constructed, and scattered over the
farm so that infection may be confined to as few of the animals as
possible and the loss minimized.
Mr. Allerton shows that by
proper care hog raising is not expensive, and it is unnecessary to
point out that in these times of
high prices it brings large returns.
He shows, in addition, that besides
the direct value of hog breeding in
the profit of the animals themselves, hogs greatly enrich the land
upon which they run, and thus
their presence on the. farm makes
for the betterment of all crops by
supplying, natural fertilizer.
Farmers should know all these
things not only for their own benefit but for tho sake of the entire
consuming public of the nation-
If it were realized how profitable
hog cultivation really is, there
would be many more hogs raked
and the meat problem would be by
no means acute.
A big family can keep a man
out of most other temptations.
Not many men feel cheap when
they have to pay the biU. THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLTTMBIA\
is located at Greenwood, B. C, and can be traced to many parts of
the earth. It comes to the front every Thursday morning, and
believes that hell would cloae up if love ruled the world. It believes
in justice to everyone; from the man who mucks in the mine to the
king who sits on the cushions of the throne. It believes that advertising is the life of trade; and that one of the noblest works of
creation is the man who always pays the printer.
The Ledge is $2.00 a year in advance, or $2.50 when not so paid.
It is postage free to all parts of Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and
the county of Bruce. To the United States it is $2.50 a year, always
in advance.
A blue mark here indicates that your Subscription has
become deceased, and thai the editor would once more
like to commune with your collateral.
Life is too short to hold a grudge
against anyone.
Evil thoughts create half of the
diseases that inflict mankind.
It seems quite natural that the
bustle should come back.
There  are one or two  other
things in the world besides hockey.
Live principally on air and you
may become a poet.
He that pays the printer prompt
tly need not fear death.
Set pilot has a double meaning
since the aeroplane came into ex
It would be juBt like having dad
leave home, if Dick McBride
should move over to London.
An enemy remarks that the B.
C. Legislature is composed of two
kings and 40 deuces.
Tbis province would be belter if
we raised more eggs, and gambled
less in Btocks wad real estate.
If you would be healthy, wealthy
and wise, gel a bit of land and
grow something.
Alike, over the grave of a hobo
and millionaire, the roses smell
just as sweet.
This province does not fear the
yellow peril, for wo have just imported two millions of eggs from
Merchants and public officials
who send oul of town for their job
printing are traitors to their own
interests. It does not pay to save
a dime and lose a dollar.
In Arkansas eggs are taken for
admission to cheap showB. The
Golden Star remarks thai it is
better to take them in at the box
office, than to have them thrown at
tho actors.
The late Lord Strathcona was a
man of iron will, and had not
smoked tobacco tor more than 70
years. However he was not strong
enough to resist the tacking of a
title to his name. As his name
was Smith we do not blame him.
He was a grand old man, and a
shining example what perservai_.ee
will do, when il is backed by a
clear mind and a strong body.
Thinking Themes
"Better envy than pity"���
"Mieux van! envie que pitie"���is
the proverb.*
Woe onto yon when all men
speak of yon! For that means,
not that yon are bad, bnt that yon
are nothing.
When we say a forceful successful man is universally beloved, we
are only using a figure of speech.
No man nor woman who amounts
to anything is universally loved.
Power, ability, creative and constructive genius produces bate
among men just as certainly as a
red-hot poker makes a stele when
you thrust it into* tub of water.
Don't yon d-raam of having no
enemies! No one has such luck
except one who is entirely neglig
The very best, gentlest and most
loving of men was crucified and
Victor Hugo, in the second ode,
third book, cites a verse from
Abou Hamid (I suspect the poet
made the verse himself and that
the Arabian author is imaginary,)
as follows:
"No one disturbs '/.he dry and
sterile tress; only those are pelted
with stones, only those whose
brows are crowned with yellow
In man love is pure emotion; in
woman love is a higher order or
The instinct of the world is right
in placing the blame of marriage
usually upon the wife. For a man
in love is a sort of a wild idiot.
The deeper he gets in love the
more irresponsible and crazy he becomes; while the more a woman
loves the wiser she is.
Love seems too strong a liquor
for a man, and a little of it appears
to be all he can stand. A woman,
on the contrary, like some old
topers, grows shrewder, keener
eyed and clearer headed the more
she feels.
Hence in most couples -who are
very loving it is the wife who
rules. As they become more and
more cool the authority of the
husband rises.
Further, the more that love is
physiciai merely the more the man
controls the woman, and she looks
up to him; and the more spiritual
and intellectual love becomes the
more the woman is in the ascendancy.
This is why the wife is so free
and potent in America, woman is
most idealized here.
Love to a man, is a mystery; he
can only be happy in blundering,
wondering way; but a woman the
more she loves the more she knows
what she is about.���Dr. Frank
a chief in >the South Sea Islands,
who offered to bring his three
daughters to England in order that
they might be placed in the
Prince's harem. A man in Ceylon
offered to supply the Royal household with as many black servants
as desired, all perfectly trained and
speaking English. Offers from
couriers and guides are numerous.
One was received from an old fellow in Constantinople, who desired' _;_e privelege of showing the
Prince the sights of that city, and
remarked that he had the honor of
escorting his grandfather about
some forty years ago. Appeals for
subscriptions to charities are also
very numerous, and these communications ave scrutinized with
the utmost care, for should the
Prince subscribe it would be announced that he was a patron, and
it might be found out later on that
the charity was simply a money
making scheme, in which case the
Prince's name might be used to
fleece the innocent public.
Our Poultry Show.
Plague of Samples
is said that the bulk of the
Prince of ^Wales'   daily   mail  is
made np of samples and advertising matter.   He receives enough
samples of cigars and cigarettes in
the conrse'of a day to last a heavy
smoker for a year.   Usually there
are twenty-five or fifty cigars or
cigarettes   enclosed    in  a  plain
mohogany   box.    Sometimes the
case is of silver or of gold.    It iB
the invariable custom of the Prince
to return the costly cases and the
samples they contain, with a note
explaining that he never retains a
sample of so valuable a character:
An enterprising proprietor of an
hotel at Nice went to the trouble
to prepare a book describing the
advantages of his hotel, which was
printed on parchment illustrated
by hand, and bound in beaten salver.    It must of cost at least
$1,000.   Another hotel proprietor
in Cario sent a silver medal of his
hotel, and a letter praying that the
Prince might do him the honor of
being the guest the first time he
went abroad.   Some of the letters
the Prince receives are very amus-
j ing.   For instance, one wan from
A Terrible Journey
A story illustrating Strathcona's
energy and pluck as a young man
is told by Kenneth Bernard,
When young Smith 7/as in charge
of a trading post in the Hudson
Bay country, he was smitten with
snow blindness. It could not be
cured in the wilds. To wait until
the yearly steamer arrived might
mean the total loss of sight, the
end of all things. It was strictly
against the rules of the Hudson's
Bay Company for any official to
leave his post without permission.
But this was a case of desperate
necessity and young Smith took a
chance. He took two of his Indian
people and at the beginning of
winter set off on a tramp of 500
miles to Montreal. At last after
two months he became before the
autocrat of the company, Sir
George Simpson, in his office at
Montreal. Sir George heard his
tale, and then asked abruptly:
"Who gave you leave to quit
your post?"
"Who could?" replied the agent,
"since no man lives within a
thousand milec of me?"
"If it be but a choice between
your [eyes and the service of the
company," thundered the governor, "get back to your post as
quickly as you can.''
One version of the story has it
that the young agent turned in his
tracks and started back to his post
without delay. According to another version, he remained until
his eyes were cured. However that
may be, he began his return journey in the dead of winter, the
severest winter he had experienced
during his long term in the north.
His Indians protested, but the
young man was bound to go. The
Indians perished on the way and
Smith finished the last hundred
miles of the trip alone. Some
years ago he was asked}to describe
the journey.
*��No, no���I can't," he answered.
"It's too terrible to think about."
The Cold Storage Egg
Gray wanderer from the hoary past
Dumped on Alaska's store at last,
We break you with a prayer or curse;
We know you're bad, you may be worse
The hen that cackled at thy birth
Long since has mingled with the earth.
The boy Jthat gathered thee with glee 1 class.
The second exhibition of the
Poultry Fanciers Association held
on the 1_, 15 and 16th was a great
success from the fanciers standpoint. Close on 500 -high class
pedigree birds paraded before the
judge, some of which came from
Nelson, Phoenix, Spokane, Kaslo,
etc. The officials are to be congratulated for putting the show up
so tastefully, everything was nicely
arranged, the poultry beLag fed and
watered twice daily.
The Judge, Will Purdy, of Ferry
Wash., came direct from the
Seventh Annual Show of the Southern California Poultry Breeders
Association held in Los Angeles
Jan. 7th to 14th. Mr. Pnrdy has
been re-engaged to judge at both
Los Angeles and Pasadena shows
next year.
The finest pen (cock and three
hens) and best individual cock bird
were shown by Mr. H. MoCutcheon.
Thoy were S.O. Rhode laLand Beds
of superb color and excellent shape.
The best hen in the show was a
white faced black SpaniBh hen
owned by A. Melrose, of Spokane.
The Plymouth Rock class contained some fine specimens of the
barred variety; first oock, first
cockerel deserving special mention.
Wyanndottes were numerous,
whites being strongly represented
with some very fine gold and silver
laced���which were lively in color
and rich in lacing.
Rhode Island Reds were a [nice
class and contained tho cream of
the show.
Rhode Island Whites had some
nice specimens, the hens; being the
The Mediterainean classes were
keenly contested. S. 0. White
Leghorns had some very choice
specimens which were runners up
for the cop for best pen and cock
bird in the show.
Buffs were smaller clashes but
quality excellent. Browns also deserve special mention.
Minorcas, both combs, bad some
choice birds, the best being the
Rose comb cock.
The French and Polish varieties
were well represented by nice exhibits of Houdans, W.C. black and
gold laced Polish. ^
Games were good classes and
keenly contested.
Cornish Indians were smaller in
numbers but what was lacking in
numbers was make up ia quality.
The first; pen contained eock bird
previous first prize winner at Seattle, Tacoma,|Spokane, Walla Walla
Grand . Forks, Chesaw, etc; his
mates were also big winners at
coast and other shows.
English classes were nicely filled
containing buff, black and white
Orpingtons, the buffs being strongest in number and quality,
Hamburgs were represented by
a few nice silver spangles,
Blue Andulusians were small
collection of fair quality.
Bronze turkeys were fine especially the old birds.
Geese, both Toulouse and Emb-
den were choice.
Ducks, some good ones, especially the Pekins.
Bantams,   the   children^   pets,
were well represented, the winning
��Sebrights (gold) being very high
Forestry Facts
Mr. R. H. Campbell, Director
of tho Forestry, who recently returned from a tour of inspection of
the Dominion Forest Reserves in
the West, says: 'Unquestionably
the work there is in better shape
this year than ever before.' Not
only have fire-fighting facilities,
such aa trail, lookout stations, telephone lines, tool-caches and fire
guards, been very much improved,
but tho construction of good roads
has made the pleasure-resorts in
these reserves more accessible to
the public.
The larch or tamarack, of eastern Canada will soon be commercially extinct. Already according
to Dr. Hewitt, (she \Donrinion
Entomologist, its enemy,'the large
larch saw-fly 'ha8 destroyed between fifty and one hundred percent of the eastern larch.' This
insect pest was introduced into the
United States from Europe about
1881, and, having few natural
enemies m America, has spread
over the whole eastern half of the
continent, It is doubtful whether
it will be brought under control.|
The revenue from the forests of
British India, under the administration of the Indian Forest Service, amoanted last year to fourteen million' dollars. Over one
and one-quarter million dollars
were derived from the sale of
minor produce other than 'timber,
and a similar amount was obtained
by leasing grazing privileges in
these forests,
Many cases of the Indians'
wastefulness with game have been
noted in the West. One Dominion
Forest Surveyor writes: 'The
Indians slaughter an enormouB
number of moose, of which they
waste over a half. Often they
take away only the hide, while
they seldon take away more than
the hind.quarters.'
New Lipton Story
Dangles a grandchild on his knee,
Tell us, oh! how, and where, and wlien���
Thou relic of prime-val hen,
What evil genius spoke thy doom
That laid thee in thy frozen tomb?
"In sunbaked barns of Illinois
I was gathered by a. barefoot boy
Five cents a dozen was the price
That led me to a room of ice.
Beside me rose the great World's Fair.
Yet left me in my frozen lair.
The Klondyke yielded up its gold
Yet found me still in storage cold.
At last when Big Bill Tail was king
The trust went busted with a ping.
Hoary and old and weak and frail
At last 1 hit the sunset trail.
Seattle said your good enough
To feed Alaska's rude and rough.
So here at last I end my race:
Engulfed in a poor sourdough's face."
Tbe ttaOw remedy  fat   Cacti* and Cot*.
-&-Uob ��o*ts ao KttJe ��od does  so -nuchr
Modern Game Bantams were represented by black reds and red
Pyles recent first prize winners at
the Grand Provincial Show..
Pheasants were quite am attraction the 1st prize Golden Japanese
cock being an unusually fine bird.
"It requires a lot of courage and
charity to be philanthropic," said
Sir Thomas Lipton once. "I remembered when I was just started
in business, I was very poor, and
making every sacrifice to enlarge
my little shop. My. only assistant
was a boy of fourteen, faithful,
willing and honest. One day I
heard htm complaining and with
justice, that his clothes were so
shabby that he was ashamed to go
to any place of worship on Sunday.
''There's no chance of me getting
a new suit this year," he told me.
Dad's oat of work and it'takes
all my wages to pay the rent."
"I thought the matter over and
then took a sovereign from my
carefully hoarded savings and
bought the boy a stout warm suit
of blue cloth. He was so grateful
that I felt repaid for my sacrifices.
But the next day he didn't come
to work, I met his mother in the
Btreet and asked her the reason.
tt <Why, Mr. Lipton,' she said
curtseying, 'Jimmie looks so respectable, thanks to yon, sir, that
I thought I would send him round
town today to see if he couldn't
get a better job.' "
Cook Prosperous
Windsor Hotel
* THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of the best furnished
% hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Green-
% wood and within easy reach  of all the financial and
��� (Commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.
X Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity
.f Commodious sample rooms.    The bar is replete with
| all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Rooms
X reseived by telegraph.
Is the home for all tourists and
millionaires visiting New Denver, British Columbia.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
Grand Forks, B.C., is in the centre
oHhe city, and furnishes the public
with every accommodation at
reasonable rates.
Xmil Larson, Proprietor,
Kaslo, B. C,, is a comfortaWe
home for ali who travel to that
Coclcle & Papworfca.
Trail, B. C���This hotel has been
thoroughly renovated. It is heated
by steam, and has hot and cold
water in all looms. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Nelson, B. C, is run on the American and European plan. Steam
heated rooms. All white labor.
Special attention paid to dining
Kansome & Campbell, Froi>��.
Princeton, B. C. is the headquarters for, miners, investors
and railroad men. A fine location and everything first-class
Nelson, B.C.
First-class in everything.
Steam heat, electric light,
private baths. Telephone
in every room. First-class
bar and barber shop.
!J3us meets all trains,
Rock Creek, B. C. This hotel is
situated on historic ground, and
has tasty meals and excellent
^ T. R. HANSON. Projrietor.
Bridesville, B. C. This hotel is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towns and the centre of
a fine farming district.
THOMAS   WA-&SH,   PToprletra.
Princeton. This hotel Is new, comfortatle*
���well-iurtiislied, and Is close to the rall'wa.y
" depot.' Modem accommodation and simple rooms.
SUMMERS & WADDLE. Proprietors
Opposite depot. Extensive alter
ations have recently been made
rendering this hotel one of tie
most comfortable in the interior.
A choice selection of liquors and
cigars. New pool room and sampLe
rooms in connection.
Mrs. A. P. KlttBY
Rock Creek; B. C. This is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S. T. larsek. Proprietor.
In Front Wi' the Wfcosky
Doctor���I hope you are &��Uow��
ing my instructions eateliiUy,
Sandy���the pills three times a. day,
and a drop of whisky at bedtime.
Sandy���Weel, sir, I may be A
wee bit behind wi1 the palls, bat
I'm six weeks in front wtfcb. tbe
Begin the Year Right
by wearing one of our
Suits or Overcoats
made to- your individual measure,
Deadwood, B. C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars.
The Really Best House
in the Boundary.
Recently Remodelled aud
Strictly Up-to-Date. .
Restaurant in connection
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Subscribers are reminded that
The Ledge is a year -when
paid in advance; When not so
paid it is $2.50 a year,
The newspaper that always pleas-
ee all its readers has never been
Chlorine   8.14
Sulphuric Acid  3*3-43
Silica   54.29
I.iane...  84.57
Alkalies as Soda   5.91
Magnesia  232.00
Lithia  .86
Sulphuretted Hydrogen 32.00
sort upon the continent. Natural hot water in baths, 194 degrees of heat. A course oi baths
at Halcyon will cure nervous:
and muscular diseases and eliminate rheumatism and metalic
poisons from the system. The
water heals liver, kidney and
stomach, complaints. The rates
are $2 a day up; or $12 weekly
np. Postoffice, express and telegraph offices ia connection.
Ojillian. Boyd, Proprietor,
Wm, b. &
-PHOH3NI2C     S. O.
The Newest and Largest Hotel in
the City. Everything neat, clean
and comfortable. Steam heat and
electric light. Meals and drinks at
all hours.
amra&MSH  - -; props.
' v-i
The reproducing pointof
the new Edison Cylinder
Phonograph is a diamond
It was appropriate that when Mr. Edison was
seeking the utmost perfection in sound reproduction he should find that this power lay in
the diamond. He discovered it in the course of
more than 2,500 experiments, always looking toward
rarer sweetness, mellower,
stronger tone.
He has equipped every
new Edison Phonograph with
a diamond-point reproducer.
When this mtucvelously imperious tip retla upon
the turf ace of the unbreakable Blue Amberol
Record, the heavier pressure can prcK_u.ce but
one result���wonderfully increased volume combined with rarer sweetaeti. Hear a Blue Amberol
at your Editon dealer's today. _., ,
E-ti-wnAmiMroM. I
Hu D!amoDul-Po-.tr��pro��laeet,
double apiiiug motor, vfotm gat
dme ��nJ automati. itcp. Beau-
A complete line of Edisoa PWograrthi and Recoil.-, will be found,at
TM, Gulley fc�� Co*
The Only Up-to-Date Optical    N_J.w��i'"    R   C
Department in the Interior.    twigon*    p�� v*��
|| P. BURNS & C0.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
. and Poultry.   * Shops. in nearly all the
ft towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
39 all right if shorn of hn_nlmg_ery,
1 Too much water diinkine is just
Z as injurious as too much liquor o>r
��.nythi-i_ else- ,   .
Are medici.ia.r-f not abused. :> Every
' household should lave a .moderate
supply of pure wines or liquors in
the closet for emeigencj'-^either
unexpected -visitors or sudden illness, wheti a..drop of pure liquor
in time may -forest-ll all' necessity
for drugs.
Greenwood Dquor gomrait^ Imporrm, 6re?nwood, B. ^ ���
iGreeniMiioPhoenix Stale!
H: Leaves Greenwood Daily at S p. m.        , S3
���� Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m. =3
g: JOHN FULLER       - -    ,  ���    ���       PROPRIETOR  g
Are the Best Clear Havanas in Canada
Made by Union. Labor iu tlie best Hy.
gienic Factory ia the country.   Call ici
them and get raJtie iox your mo-ney la-
stead oi rope
WILBBBC & WOLZ, pros. B.C. Cigar
Factory. New Westminster, B.C.
Imperator and Kootenay Standard
CigarB.   Made by
NELSON, B. C.   '
whi mi_lacki 3t0lan stepped
I deal 1n Second-hand
goods and have the
largest sign in B. C.
I buy or sell anything from a needle
to a carload.
| At the Windsor Hotel by
Greenwood & Midway
Leaves Greenwood for Spokane
at 8:20 a.m., & for Oroville at S:10
p.Jm. ' Leave orders at Tertiune's
Cigar Store.       Oeae_,es -Rues-Eix.
CO., 1-.T'D.
Leaves Mother I/Ode
Leaves Greenwood
2:00 p.
8:30 p.
Saturday last stage Leaves
Mother Lode d p. m. Returning,
leaves Greenwood 19 p. m.
Greenwood Office
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO1    B.   G.
All signs polat to a great
mining revival in B. C. and
particularly in the Greenwood
district, fa the vicinity of
Greenwood there are vast
bodies of gold, silver and
copper ores that have not yet
been touched. When they
are Greenwood may become
a second Butte. The Argo Is
in good ground, and at any
time may strike a large body
of high grade ore. When it
does Greenwood will be a
During the 87 months that Lowery's
Claim was on earth it did business all
over tha world. It was- the most
unique, independent and fearless journal ever produced in Canada. Political
and theological enemies pursued it with
the venom of a rattlesnake untilthe
government shut it out ��i the mads,
and its editor eeasad to publiBh ft
partly on account of a lazy liver and
Sartly because it tal.es a pile of money
> run a paper that is outlawed. 1 here
are still 20 different editions oi this con.
demned journal in print. Send 10 cents
and get one or $�� and geti the bunch,
Greenwood, B. C
and Tinner
I am prepared to exv
ccute all orders for
plumbing and tinsmitJv
log ia cky or country.
As AldeTman. Malachi Nolan oat
and smoked and sipped, he thought
again of limerick ��� the breath oi
spring bloiws tha fragrance of the
hawthorn, white upoa.tbe bough; he
hears the e-ong -of the mavis; he is
walking homeward along the black
path, through the bog, and tip the
green, horeen, and there before him
is the little cottage, its thatch held
down by sticks and stones, a long
ash pole propping up its crumbling
gable; there is the mud shed with
the thills of the old cart sticking out
of it; the doakey is standing by, sad
as eyer; ana up the muddy lane little
-J-nnie in her bare feet Is driving the
cows to the byre; and then he sees his
mother sitting "in,, the low doorway,
ali at once he catches his first whiff
of the peat smoke, and, with the
strange spell that odors work upon
the memory, it makes him a boy
again; agaLn he is sheltered on a
rainy day in the mud shed, playing
shoot-marbles -with. Andy Corrigan
and Jerry O'Brien; again he is In the
little chapel with the leaky roof: he
sees all the boys and girls ��� Maiy
Cassldy among them ��� standing on
the "bare clay floor; he brings hip bit
of stone to kneel on during mass, he
eren runs oat for a piece of slate to
Jfi'vo to Mary,, ���who lays it !n the
Duddle at her feet and spreads heT
���handkerclilof over it before she
kneels. And when the mass, is over,
he will take little Nora ��� little Nora?
He placed his bund to his forehead
'n confusion, and then in a' gasi) It
all comes over Ita ��� Mary is /old,
Andy and Jerry are old, little,, nnle
's old. and'be is old ��� tii^y'TirJ. all
rone away.   He bowed his heaciV
And yet Nora yearned to go. Should
h.e turn the ward OTer to Brennan and
'ake her this sprtng? He could run
for the legislature when he came bad
!n the fall; a senator would be elected
by the nest General Assembly, and
the graft would be very good then.
The compromise attracted Malachi,
for at once it acquitted him of Indecision, a cua.lity of statesmanst-i?
lie hated, and kept for him the life of
power that had hecome as the very
breath of his nostrils.
The long day, was done, and
4Malachi, inshirt-sle-eves and stockinged' feet, sat in his big plush rocking-
chair, his legs stretched out bofore
htm, taking his ease at his own
hearth. When he had come home at
midnight, Nora, "who always sat up
for him, had ln&isted upon brewing
him a cup of tea, under the impression, common to a certain clasp
of wotaen, that It has great medicinal
qualities'. Malachi had sipped it obe-
dLently, though he had not cared for
It after all the mineral waters ho had,
drunk that day, and had enjoyed far
more than the tea the freckled' Irlsl
face of his daughter, as he gravely
goggled at hex oyer the rim of the
saucer into which he had poured the
beverage to cool it. '
"Nora, child, do ye sing now ���
p'hat was that? ��� it wint hummin'
t'rough me head tn' daay. Well, well,
well, let me see,., now ��� hum-m-m-m
��� It goes something like "
And he hummed a quavering old
.tune: ���.-.,.
"I saw the Shannon's purple flood
Flow by the Irish town."
"But it's forbidden in tbe lease after
ten o'clock,3' the'girl protested, leafing over her music. ^What .f the
"It's time enough to saay good
marnln' to th' divll, Nora, whin ye
meet 'lm."    .        a      ,
Nora fixed .-herself on the stool
fingered the keys, finding a soft minor
chord. Tho old man closed his eyes,
slid farther down In his plush' chair,
and, just as he was prepared to listen,
she suddenly stopped in the provoking
way amateur musicians cultivate, to
say: .    )^''
"But, father, that's such an old
song; wouldn't you rather I'd sing the
Intermezzo from "Cavalleria'?"
Malachi 'Opened his eyes with a
start and sat bolt upright.
"Na-w," he said, "none o' thim fur'n
op'res ��� p'hat's the use of yer goin'
to th' convint all those years?" But
his voice aulckly softened. "Do ye
go on now. Nora, darlin', there's a
good gur-rl." :
And so she sans, and the alderman
sank in hU chair, with his big armfr
In their shErt-leeves thrown over his
head, closed bis eyes again, stretched
out his stccklngwl feet. The smoke
deller, and now and then, when he
remembered the "words of a line, he
hummed them behind closed lips, in
unison with bis" daughter. When the
song was done Nora whirled around,
clasped her hand., in a schoolgirl's
ecstasy, and said: . -
"Oh. father, that song makes me
homeBick ��� homesick for a place I
never saw. You won't run again.
w_lll you, father, will you? And we'll
go to Ireland In the spring, won't we?
Tell me, in the spring?"
A pain struck through Malachi
Nolan's heart, a pain that was made
only more poignant when, with her
American fear. oS the sentimental,
Nora joked:
"I must sea our ancestral cabin."
Malachi could not open his eyes.
For once he was Afraid. He did not
move for a long tine. But at last he
sighed and set hie jaw, and said:
"Well, Nora ��� If ye Baay so ��� In
the spring-"'
And that was why Malachi Nolan
stepped down.
Trying- Suggestion on the Mare.
Twice as the bUB slowly wended.its
way up the steep Cumberland Gap tha
door at the rear opened and slammed.
At first, those Inside paid little heed;
but at the third time they demanded
to know wtay they should bed isturb-
ed in this fashion.
���"WhlsV ei*��itlo-a��d the driver, 'doan't
spake bo> loud;she'll overhear us.'
The mare. SpaltM- low! Shure Ol'ra
desavin* th* ouytuVaf Every tolme
she 'ears th' door close she thinks
wan o* j��4 is jceittla' down ter walk
up th* hill, an' thst sort a' raises her
���perrlts.' -
Pleasant Evening Reveries, A Column Dedicated to
Tired Mothers as they Join the Home Circle at Evening
qoiekir stcem cmtte, -are* ��*dte. __-�� 1m*--
��ae ttetst and leaf*.      s;      a      Vt wnss.
There'is no character in the home circle more useful and
and beautiful than a devoted elder sister who stands side
by side with the toiling mother, lightening all her cares
and burdens. How beautiful the household machinery
moves on such efficient help. Novy' she presides at the
table in her mother's absence, always so neatly attired
that it is with pride the father introduces her to his guest
as "our oldest daughter." Now she takes a little troop
into the garden with her and amuses them so that mother
will not be disturbed in her work or rest. Now she helps
the boys with their hard lessons or reads father's paper
aloud to rest his tired eyes. If mother can run away for
a few days recreation she leaves home without any anxiety
for Mary will guide her house wisely and happily in her
absence. But in the sick room he-.- presence is an especial
blessing. Her hand is next to mother's own in gentleness
and skill. Her sweet music can charm and brighten the
weariest hours. There are elder sisters whose presence is
not such a blessing in a home. There own selfish ends and
aims are the main pursuits in life, and anything that
stands in the way of these is regarded with great impa/
tience. Such daughters are no comfort to a mother's
heart, Which kind of an elder sister are you in the
* *���    *
We have never seen a fussy, slavish, hardworking
mother who was not repaid for all her toil and care and
anxiety by a set of as selfish children as ever lived. A
mother who really has the good of her children at heart,
will teach them/as soon as they can walk not only to help
themselves but to help others. She will not bring them up
under the impression that they are unfledged angels, 'but
dear,; wilful little mortals who must learn they came to
serve and not to rule. Self sacrifice is a good quality in a
mother, but it is possible to carry that spirit too far; it is
possible to make sacrifices which are not only uncalled for
and not necessary, but really harmful in their effects.
* *    *
'^The living room is the one room in ^the'' house which,
above all others, should be bright arid cheerful. If any
room must, be neglected, let - it hot be the living room.
Have here refined pictures, plenty ofa books and current
literature. This is the place for the piano, the most comfortable chair and cosy corners. ' Within, the precincts of
such a room one may shut but the world and forget that
therefare any troubles to bear. The character of a room
depends upon its wall decoration," its carpet, its pictures
and its curtains. We should-be careful to have these of
the right kind as all others are mere accessories." "We
could not afford expensive things, " said a newly-married
couple, "so we chose-the comfortable ones." and this idea
"comfort" is the secret of all room furnishing.
Yields to Vinol   Read Why.
Strong Tigorous men and women
hardly ever catch cold; it's only when,
the system is run down and -itality
low that- colds and coughs get a foothold.
Now Isn't it reasonable that the
right way to cure a cough is to build
up your run down condition, again?
Mrs. "D. A. McGee oi Waycross, Ga.,
says: "I had a chronic cold and cough
which kept me awake nights tor two
years and I felt tired all the time.
Vinol cured my cough and I feel
stronger in every way."
The reason Vinol Is so efficacious
in such cases is because it contains
in a delicious concentrated form all
the medicinal curatiye elements of
cod liver oil, with tonic, blood building iron added.
Chronic coughs and colds yield to
Vinol because it builds up the weakened, run-down system.
You can get your money back any
time if Vinol does not do all .we say.
J. L. White, Drjuggisfc, Greenwood
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver, or Sii. er-Lead,
$1.50. Prices for other metals: Coal,
Cement, Fireclay analyses on application. The largest custom assay office in
British Columbia.
When you want a headstone or
monument write to the Kootenay
Monumental.Works, Nelson, B.C
Bank of Montreal
Capital, paid up, $16,000,000 Rest, $16,000,000.
UNDIVIDED PROFITS, 91,046,317.80
Hon. President: Lord Strathcona and Mocn:cRoya-,,G.C.M.G. G.C.V.O.
President: H. V. Merbdith, Esq.
General Manager: Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor
Branches in London, Eng.^h^
Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers.    Giant Commercial and
Travellers* Credits, available in any part of the world.
Greenwood Branch; - C. B. Winter, Mgrr.
flotpoint Electric Appliances
Mazda Tegsten Lamps
Qmiim City Watercoias Cesipss?
���IK -KM-tOTTO WAU__S, CV.O. LX-.9. D.C-U
Ok-Mnl Man-icw Aa-datnl Cmwl
CAPITAL. $16,000,000 REST, $12,600,000
Issued by Th�� Canadian Bank of Commarca enable the traveller to
provide hit^ialf irith fond* without delay at each point of hie journey in
a convenient yet inexpensive manner. They are tamed payable ia every
country in the world in denominations of
$10,   $20,  $50,   $100,   $200
with the exact eqarVftfaat in the moneys of the priadpal countries stated
on the face of each cheque. They are ecoaomieai, absolutely safe self-
identifying' end easily negotiated. %M
X H. MARCCN   -   Manager of Greenwood aM Bock Creek Braucks
All  the   latest  methods in  high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   ���   -   B.C.
A SITTING of the County Court of Yale will
��� -��e npWen at the Court House, Greenwood,
on . Tuesday the 17th day of March, 1914, at
eleven o'clock In the forenoon.
���''���  " ���   By order, ,.
Registrar C.C. of Y
your Razors Honed
and Your Baths at
About Float
Float is not a periodical.
It is a book containing 86
illustrations all told, and
is filled with sketches and
stories of western life. It
tells how a gambler cashed
in after the flush days of
Sandon; how it rained in
New Denver long after
Noah was^ dead; how a
parson took a drink at
Bear Lake in early days ;
how justice was dealt in
Kaslo in '93; how the
saloon man outprayed the
women in Kalamazoo, and
graphically depicts the
roamings o�� a western
editor among the tenderer feet in the cent belt. It
contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
: In it are printed three
, western poems, and dozens of articles too numerous to mention. Send for,,
one before it is too late.
The price is 25 cents,
postpaid to any part of th$
world. Address all let*
ters to
/?. T. Lowery
Many people fail to accomplish
anything because they fey to do
too much.
,The extreme sense of perfection
in some men is the greatest obstacle
to their success. ""I
Another carload of ore from the
Union mine, in GHoaster camp,
r ached G-ranby smelter last Wednesday and it is expected the Union
v. ill enter tbe list of regular ship-
]mt3 next week, when it is expected
eiO tonB weekly will "be teamed
from the mine to the railroad.
tisven 4-horse teams and four 2-
l;orse teams will start teaming the
ore next week and an effort will, be
made to do as much teaming as
possible when the sleighing is good.
Tbe mine itself is in condition to
iship thirty tons a day.
Activity in the northern camp
now looks promising, as a numher
of prospectors are making arrangements to prosecute weak on their
adjacent claims. {'ToV' Tobiasson
left Wednesday to open up his
claims and P. Byrnes will also go
np shortly, Geo. Todd has opened
an hotel at Glonster and Frank
McFarlane has installed a ' blacksmith shop at his ranch this side
of Glouster to keep the teams in
shape. A carload of feed was
shipped to the camp on Wednesday.
Latest returns from the several
cars of ore from the Union indicate
that the ore nets the owners close
to $60 a ton after paying all expenses. A big rush to- the camp
in the spring is anticipated.���
Grand Forks Gazette.
investigate. We will know better
next season just what further will
be done with regards to properties
under consideration. This is a
big concern and new to this country." 	
Much excitement has been caused
locally by the reported find of gold
in the crop of a turkey purchased
at Christmas time from England &
Son's here, who we believe bought
the same from Mr. Frolek, a rancher on Rosehill Bays the Kamloops Standard. On washing out
the crop of the turkey, which by
the way was a magnificent bird the
precious metal was seen shining
among the sand and gravel in the
basin and after being subjected to
a magnifying glass was found to be
gold of a placer type and of a vivid
A year or so ago quite a furore
was caused by the reported find of
gold in the crops of geese and turkeys bought from Mr. Tilton's
ranch in the same district but the
report was discredited at the time
and nothing was done.
This new discovery, however,
has opened up the theory again
that gold either in placer form or
in the reef exists on Rosehill and
probabLy to a large extent.
Should the discovery be followed
up and gold found there in any
quantity Rosehill and Kamloops
shou Id largely benefit and another
asset that of gold mining added to
the latter's rich assets.
It is reported that the British
Columbia Copper company may
issue $1,000,000 convertible bonds
soon to finance, the purchase and
equipment of additional properties.
During 1913 the company spent
about 8400,000 for new properties
where there haB been developed
about 4,000,000 tonB oE ore averag-
i�� g 1.6 per cent copper. Probable
ore is believed to be about 12,000,-
000 tons. All the ore carries gold
and silver values.
��� A. new concentrator will be
erected to handle the ores from the
new properties, while the mill
product will be shipped to the
company's smelter.
!   B. C. MINffl'C NEWS   f
o .     O
According to reports from the
coast new capital for mining in
British Columbia, and derived
from a source which hitherto has
not invested in mining in this pro-
yip ce, is to be placed here for the
development of properties and
mines as the result of the investigations of Ralph Stokes, of New
"YoTk, one of the best known mining engineers on the continent.
Mr. Stokes has just returned
from Calgary, where he went to
make a report in that vicinity.
He Baid sufficient to indicate that
the Canadian Mining & Exploration Company, a twenty million
dollar corporation, formed about
three years ago with Sir William
Mackenzie and William Corey, |of
Bteel trust fame, at its head, was
interesting Itself in British Columbia, and this year this province
would be given a thorough survey
with a view to taking over and developing some properties, which
will be selected as the reBult of investigations.
"This is a country of great mineral possibilities," said-Mr. Stokes,
"bat of coarse I am nob prepared
to make a definite statement as to
any of the localities in which my
work carried me during the past
season.   This season's work might
be called but a preliminary survey.
I will   say this,   however,   that
greater work will be carried out
ti'is year.     This  past  season  I
started with two assistants,   but
one became ill.   Next season I ex
pc-cfe to employ at least four.
1 'We are in the field for mines.
TVe are not looking for proposi-
tions to buy,, but propositions to
In the most sensational hockey
game played in the Boundary this
season Phoenix ontscored Greenwood on Saturday night at the rink
here by 5 to one The struggle
was bitterly keen from the start
and surcharged with excitement
throughout. The fans were on
their feet in a ecstacy of enthusiasm
sensation followed sensation, until
it seemed that the limit of thrills
would never be reached.
Taken throughout both teams
were able to stand the pace all the
way, and every moment was replete
with action. On the night's play
there was not a pin to choose between the two teams; a shake of
the dice might just as well have determined the outcome. If anything the locals were at fault in not
boring in from the first. Phoenix
seldom got close to Greenwood's
net and all the goals were scoted
from long shooting. Fisher and
Neil played star defence stopping
rush after rush and both of tliem
made some spectacnlar efforts. In
the second period Neil took the
puck at cover and in a whirlwind
rush scored for Greenwood. Smith
on left wing distinguished himself,
making some of the prettiest dribbles imaginable. He was working
hard all the time and did some nice
shooting but goaltender Mitchell
was a stonewall. Donnelly, too,
on right wing was playing a good
game and was always in his posi-
He was somewhat bandi-
rib but he
played a splendid game for all that.
Trehem at centre was always there
and undoubtedly played a determined game, but he received no
backing. More than once Greenwood bad victory iu their grasp
had they passed the puck to Tre-
hern, but no, our boys seemed determined to hug the rubber. Lyn,
of course, made some grand rushes
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7IU.iUiUUUUUiU--U-UUUilUiiltlil iUiiUU.UUiUlUiiUtUUt^
capped with a broken
What will be known as the Eeco'
Mining <& Milling Co., has-been jffl\
corporated under the laws of this
state by the owners oj the Reco
mine near Chesaw. The new corporation will have a capital Btock
of $1,000,000 with as many shares
at a par value of $1 non assessable.
It Is the intention of tbe company to drive a new tunnel down
nearer the road level to crosscut
theleageata depth of about 110' bu(. fl_ could nofe centre the puck
and was always chased into the
corner and then Phoenix would secure the puck and come down the
ice four abreast and pass the puck
feet, and when the ore body is en
countered in this new workings tbe
property is expected to be ready
for extensive operations. The tunnel has been started and will be
pushed to the ore as rapidly as
possible. John Loundagin, secretary of the new company, will be
in camp next week in the interests
of the company.���Chesaw News.
The report h-s been received by
the Silver Standard people from
Mr. Kleesattel, of Seattle, the mining engineer who recently made
the examination of that property
for the owners. The report all
through is very optimistic and the
engineer goes so far as to say that
so far -aejknoW8 the property._ possesses everything required for a big
and successful mine. He submitted two plans for operation. One
was a tunnel 4,500 feet long run in
from the Two Mile side. The other
was an aerial tram from the summit to Glen mountain down to the
wagon road at Two Mile where ore
bunkers will be built. The objec-
tection to the tunnel would be that
very little additional depth could
be gained than what they already
have, and for the lower workings
it would have to be shafts. It is
most likely that the tram line will
be adopted and it is the plans of
the company to instil the Bame this
year and have it ready for shipment next fall.
There are 38 churches iu Borne,
all Catholic. One, the Ooppuo-
cini, has four rooms which are
decorated with tbe bones of good
monks. Another, St. Peter's, contains a statue of that personage
whose right foot has been worn
away by devoted kisses.
���--��� "When, a man's wife hoists h��r
skirt clear to her knees ou a rainy
day he calls her down for being a
fool. Bnt he always wonders why
the other women don't hoist their
Blurts a little higher, writes a close
from one to another. It was great
to watch their combination. Individual efforts, while brilliant, lost
the game for Greenwood. Tbe
players clung tenaciously to tbe
rubber when a pass would have re-
sulted-in a goal and the locals tbre w
away a score of chances through
tbis evil. Man for man Green wood
played equally as good'hockey, but
the latter had team play.
Heartbreaking as it was to lose,
too much praise cannot be given
Phoenix for their grand win. Their
combination could not have been
excelled and time and again they
carried the,rubber the length of the
ice slipping the disc from stick to
stick. It was this machine-like
combination that enabled them to
get a lead aud they won because of
their utter unselfishness. It is no
disgrace to lose to such an aggregation. Better luck next time boys,
but for goodness sake play position
and dont play hog with the rubber.
Referee Lobsinger and Judge of
Play Caunce handled the game exceptionally well. Phoenix had
most of the penalties and Greenwood only one. It was a clean
We have made arrangements with" the Taube
Optical Co, of ^Vancouver & Calgary for their
eyesight specialist Mr, & L, Taube, [who has
had forty-two years experience in the .Optical
business] to be at our store on
MONDAY p.m. FEB. 9th
If there is anything wrong with your  eye/
sight do not fail to consult him,
All work is absolutely guarantee! as tested.
White's Drug Store
the game was Greenwood's but it
waB mighty hard luck. Our boys
played together well and by keeping up that class of hockey they
will yet win the league, for a better bunch of players have never
yet been together in the Boundary,
bub they must play combination.
Early in the game Axelson, playing point for Greenwood, received
a nasty cut on the chin necessitating five stitches.
The Junior Hockey team defeated Phoenix last Thursday by a
score of 3-1 in the first game for
the Sid Storer cupr '"'"'Greenwood's
juniors are a coining bunch and if
they stay together we will have a
team here equal to coast hockey.
It is so good to see tbese boys play,
because they go into it for tbe pure
love of the game. The return
match will be played here in a few
days and let everybody turn out
and encourage the juniors. It will
only seem like a short time when
these boys will be playing senior.
The first of a series of games for
the B. C. Copper Cup was played
at Mother Lode on Tuesday night
between the Smelter team and
Mother Lode.   The Smelter team
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sail   m
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SEALED TEMDETCS aaa*-ess��d to the an
dersig-ned., aod ��a<l��isea "-Tender fo
addition and al1era.tfot-S -to -tlie PobUo Buildiagf
Victoria, B.C."'wUri)e rece-lwed at tliis office
until 4 p.m., on XToikLilXi Febni-.r7 U, L914, for
tlie coiistrnctloii'ortlit juferes-dd afldLtion and
Plans, specMcatlo-i --u-d. form oi contract
caiite seen aitd1 -forms of tMLdei oWaimedattha
office of Mr."Wm, _8-e��d.erscn��� Resident Arclil-
tect, Victoria, B.C,; oil B|>iiII<-tLoii t�� *be Postmaster, Y��_ico-ix��r, B.C,. M(L a1 tills Department. '
Persons tenderlai_r a.re motldied that tenders
will not oe considered iimtess. made en the
printed forms swaijlte*!-, *n <1 8-gned. witlt llie-r
actual sis-natures, stxtiag tlieuroccupations and
places ot 'residence. Ia tltt ..ase��3 firms, the
actual sig-natiire,theiiatnn5 oi the occupatioa
and place of r��s-ft(-U-C�� ��j<acfa mentlxir of tlie
firm must te g-l-ven.
Eacli tender maistle aceoiapaaicd by an accepted cheque oil a c-i_vrtere<l bataW,. -pa.yat>.e to
tlie order of tltfc Hoaoursble the Minister of
Public Worlcs, egoaL to ten per cent (30 p. c.)
of tlie amount o-f tic tMHtei-.w_.lch will t>e forfeited if tlie person teiiJ^iiitp decltiie to enter
Into a contract whea caLled noon to do so, or
fail to complete Lite -vorif.entra.c1ea ion If tlie
tender tie not accented tie deque will tie returned.
Tlie Department does notbtinl itself to accept
the lowest or anjr tenter.
���   B_y orter
Department Public W"or*s Office,
Ottawa,January 16, LM4.
Newspapers u3Ll .lot bey*Id for -tbisadver-
tlsement if tlie.- l-isert H wltlioal authority
from the Department,���439K.
Land Registry Act
won by a score of 5-4 after a straggle the'.-ike oE -wLi<s_. was equal to
professional hoekcy,
League Standing
playett   won   lost
Phoenix 3 3        0
Grand-Fork*--���-1--���������- --1- - -- -0-
Greenwood -_. 0       4
On Monday  nigh'j  at Phoenix
Greenwood played Phoenix to [a
standstill and it was only the invincible Mitchell in goal that kept
Greenwood from piling np a tremendous score.    With the score
1-1  in the  first period;   2-2  in
the second and Greenwood playing
all around the Phoenix net  the
whole time it looked like an easy
Yictory.   Five minutes before time
the score stood 4-3  in favor  of
Greenwood and still the red and
whites wera pressing hard on their
opponents goal when Phoenix managed to get away and scored two
goals in less than five  minntrs
Even Phoenix spectators claim that
Come and enjoy
Rossland Winter
Made to register Thomas H. Greevy as the
o-wner in Fee Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed
from the Assessor and Collector-, of the Kettle
RWer Assessment  District to  Thomas    H.  I
Gree-y, tearing date the 21st day of Novemter, ''
A,��. 1912, of all ana sin_nlar that certain par- k
eel or tract o�� land and premises situate, lyliitr   *
and   teL-Lgr  la    the _ Slmllkameen    D.-fsioi.'
of Yale District In the province of British Col-:
n-abia, more yaitlcttlarly known and described'
as All the rlgTit title and interest iix said miner)'
al claim alienated by the, Crown by the _ ra._j"
of the mineral claim described as follows:   Sir
jate in the M.riiiig- Division of Greenwood, 1/
-Nnm'ber 760, containing 51.6&acres, and know'      ;'/"
as the "Ifemon" ���      * ''        \     J,
You and those clatminjr through or itndts Vi'l
yon and all persons claiming any interest 3_i'.V_��l
the said lar* t>y virtue of any unregistered ht-\ V*"
stmment; and all persons claiming an-. inter-1 >
est la the said land by descent, whose" title Isi 5
���jot reiristered under the provisions' of the I S
"J.aitd Registry Act,", are required to contest' (
the claim of the tax purchaser within thirty \ V
ciays from date of the service of this notice ' i ,.
upon you, and in default of a caveat or certlfi- ( %a
cate of lis pendent being filed within such per- \ "1
ipd, or In defaulf of redemption before registration, you and each ofjyou, will be forever
estopped and debarred from setting up any
clairntooriniespect of the said land, and I
shall register the Bald Thomas H. Greevy as
owner thereof In fee,
Dated at the laud Registry Office Kamloops,
Province of BnUsh Columbia, this 24th day ot
December, A.D. 1913.
C.H.DUNBAR.    ,
To He Lemon. Gold Mining Company o "British
Columbia, {foreign;, Iiincola, Neb.
Competitions for B.C. and International Championships.
Fob particulars apply to
H.  B. CROW, Secretary.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
^OAL mining rights of the Dominioa,
^^ in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North-
west Territories and in a portion of British
Colombia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$t an- acre.- - Not-more-than-2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
, Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent,
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of is which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
, Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined ana pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights are
not being operated,, such returns should
be ftirnishedat least once a year.
# The lease-will include the coal minine
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to -purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the workiag of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For fiill Information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
meat of the Interior, Ottawa, or to anr
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
w. w. coRy
��. -    $*&*? MlnJster of the Interior.
-N.B.���Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not J>e paid for.
The newspapers in Greenwood, Phoenix and Grand Porks have adopted the
following scale for legal advertising:
A-PPfCaa?a vfor   w<laor  Licence
Certjf�� te o7 Improvement" Notice'*5"00'
(60 days]. -
Application to Purchase I*nd Notices (60 days) t?so
Delinquent Co-owner Notices (90
**>*>'. - *o.oo
Water Notices (small) fJSO
All other legal advertising, ia" "cents a
me, single colnmn, for the fin* inser-
i on; and 8 cents a line for each subse-
qaentinsertioa. Noapariel measurement


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