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The Ledge Sep 23, 1915

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 i�� --Sl""^*   "-!j^J!_!_t_L-'
,*  ��.'*
��� "��� ��� _
_ 'r
-    ;^r
iff. se-
77...-   ��� -�������
.Vol.   XXII.
Greenwood's   Big   Furniture  Store
���.See. Our New Lines In
Mattresses, Bedsteads and General
-House Furnishings
and Ammunition
Around Home
No. 11
was  in town
Goods Shipped in Any Direction
Cooking and Heating
New and Second Mand Store
'I' Copper Street ��*���*.
n____ii ""     ' A Vt
at -w.iy.-fliy---.ja'
-       ��� -' -f
 yjf . _
Pipe Repairs  g
|   A Full Stock of First Class Pipes.
��� \\"':h T*KC."���   a Specialty.
The Midway, Store for Quality Goods
William C. Arthurs
Box 83.        PROP.      Tel. 126
Tnis store is the headquarters for Kemington
ahd-^WiiicJielster rifles. Ammunition of all kinds
for big or" little game.. Cartridges of all sizes. A
full line of Box stoves/ When in action the front
cannot hurt you; ~    ^
-   -.. Dealers -in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish $
._.- \.   and.. Poultry..-. . Shops In nearly all the
i-; _j^ , ^P-wnSi0^ the Boundary and Kootenay.
Millinery   Opening
New Fall Millinery on display
������ Beginning ���������        '
Wednesday, Sept. 15
Showing the new styles in
Pattern and Street hats and
Millinery Novelties from the
leading fashion centres
Copper St.
��..--<-,: >r.   * ��� %
ji NearlyfAUOur Goods Will
Be Sold For Half Price For
the Next Thirty Days
'flrccmmi^lAdr Bonim., Importers, Greenwood, B. ���. :
First" Class -Work and
Prompt Attention
Prices. Reasonable.
I E. A. Black, Phoenix f
!W. G. Kennedy, Agent $
. Greenwood f:
'   ,<    ",:f^t. ������   ESTABLISHED 1817
H. V. MEREDITH. Eiq., Pra-Job
I R.B.A-ira.E-4.'t_    S . - E.B.Gm___-W4(En.
S_TWm__mM��cJon_ja. Han. R*bL Hulur.
S_rThM.S.-iai_-U-tSr.K.C.V.O. C. R. Homer. Eiq.
A. Bannfutai, Em. ,- C. B. forlorn, Ex..
H. R. Dra_wno.__.E_<|.'       '   D. FoiJm hat**, Elf.
Wm. McMuttr, Ex..
Capital Paid up      ���    $16,000,000.
Rett ���     ,-.    .      16,000,000.
' Undivided Profit's V      1,252,864.
Total Aiyte (April, 1915)289,562,678.
- Bankets in Canada and London, Eng., for
Dominion    Government.     Branches
* est-_blis__.ed.ihtioi.gb.out Canada and Newfoundland; also in London, Eng.; New
-Yorl-i Chicago, and Spokane.
Second Episode of the
Always a good program on
H. Whiting, Kettle Valley, Agent for
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance Coin
pauies.   Write for information.
The Swayne House is again open for
business, under the management of Mrs.
Adeneur. First-clas9-rooms-at moderate
rates.   Hot and cold baths free to guests.
^: E.L. t)ewdney, Manager, Greenwood Branch.
n'tfn. 1
_���>���.-....- -_._��<_��� SBLBDUDND WAI_KEB.C.V.O^LI_.D_,D.CX^Fre��--i_sat
AUBX-UCDBR LAKD. General Manager JOHN Ami). Aaat General Manaaec
GUPITJIl. $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
The Cahadiitt- Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for tne transaction of their banking business, including
'die iit^pinttirid collection of sales notes.    Blank sales notes
SAVij^f-?^ on application. aas
"^ Manager.
Christian Science service will be held
in the Oddfellows Hall on Sunday at ii
a. iu. All welcome. On the the th rd
Fridiy of each montli at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be held in the
same half. Sunday School every Sunday
English, Swiss and American watch
-and clock repairing. All work guaranteed.
C. A. Adeneur, opposite Windsor Hotel,
For Sale.���New farm wagons.
3, 3# and 3% inch. Made in
Canada.   At Kinneys.
So far tbis year tbe government
bas paid $5,750 bounties on sea
lions at $2 each. Most of tbe lions
were killed off tbe nortb end of
Vancouver Island, and the Queen
Charlotte Islands.
If J. L. Stamford is really serious abont mining around Nelson
be should begin by fulfilling tbe
promises be made years ago, and
by which he obtained money from
people who had faith in his word,
note and honor.
James Galloway
on Saturday.
Grand Forks will  hold  a  tax
sale upon October 15.
Sam McConnell  is indisposed,
and is in the hospital.
Flour   is    cheaper   in   Grand
Forks than Greenwood.
Nat Darling and  Al Campbell
were in town last week.
There will be  a baby  show at
the Fair on October 1st.
The  Skylark   is shipping    a
carload of ore this week.
No liquor licence will be granted at Deadwood next year.
Just now all drinking water
should be boiled before use.
John Meyer of the 54th Battalion is in town upon sick leave.
At Anyox the Granby smelter
is treating 3,000 tons of ore daily.
An assay office is being built
at Franklin by James Thompson.
Jimmy McDougall of the 54th
returned  to Vernon last Friday:
At Molson last week several
horses were sold for war purposes.
Born.���On September 15, to
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Charlton, a
The Red Cross bazaar and
dance last Thursday netted about
The Victoria mine at Nelson
is again shipping ore to| Greenwood. .'
Exhibitors should make their
entries early for the Greenwood
Fall Fair.
Angus Munn and Wm. Lennie,
of the Dominion customs .were in
town last week,
Ola Lofstad received wprd this
week, that his' eldest sister had
died in Denmark. Vw
In-Franklin -Camp, ten men
are developing the Gloucester
claim for the Granby.      ���'.
Ben Peterson recently returned
to Hazelton, from a prospecting
trip in the Cibola districts --
Ore from Buchanan's mine at
Boundary Falls is~beirig treated
at the Greenwood smelter. ���" *"*���"''���"��� <-
Mr. Landers had a leg broken
last week," while branding calves
on his ranch near Midway.
The Ftnma niine- at Denoro
will be pumped -out for examination by the B, C. Copper Co.
A new stock of shotguns, rifles,
ammunition and hunters supplies
has just arrived at Kennedy's
At the Fair on October 1st,
there will be rock drilling, log
rolling, tug-of-war, and other
A. T. Garland, of Kaslo, was
in town last week. His son
Ralph is the champion swimmer
of Kaslo.
The Great Northern railway is
again only running trains three
times a week between Oroville
and Princeton.
Some of the section men on the
K. V. Ry. have been inoculated
with the serum that is said to
prevent typhoid.
D. A. MacDonald and K. C. B.
Frith are spending a week at
Beaverdell with their mutual
friend, F. F. Ketchum. -
. Franklin camp has a lively
appearance. A mining expert
from San Francisco was there
last week getting samples.
Presbyterian Church, Sunday,
Sept. 26th, service at 11 a. m.
The beautiful "Rally Dav" service will be used.    All welcome.
Two hunters from Midway
shot a grouse. A coyote got
away with the bird. The hunters avenged the act by killing
the coyote.
Fred J. Smyth, editor of the
leading paper in Princeton made
a flying trip to Moyie last week,
to take a look at his old cabin
and other treasures.
Tbe Farmers Institute will
hold a Fall Fair in Larsen's
Hall, at Rock Creek, upon Friday, October 22. There will be
dancing in the evening,
Fred Frederick, of Phoenix,
took 14 prizes for his Rhode
Island Whites at the Spokane
Fair. His poultry should do
well at the Greenwood Fair.
This summer on his rauch at
Grand Forks, A. D. Morrison
raised 2,500 pounds of grapes.
He has 19 varieties and they all
do well. Growing grapes should
become a great industry in the
Kettle Valley.
Henry Lee died on Monday at
his ranch near Midway from senile decay, aged 85 years. He is
survived by his wife and several
sons and daughters. The funeral
took place at Midway on Wednesday.
Judging from  tbe  heated dis-1 ^5-^_=5_.
cussion    in    the   postoffice   the
other evening, there is more than
one man  in  the city who has a
grievance against the""judge."
Private Clifford J. Schenck of
the 48th Battalion is the youngest bomb thrower among 40,000
in England. He expects shortly
to be throwing bombs in France.
It is a close season for Chinese
pheasants. The Chinese hen
pheasants look like prairie chickens, and hunters are warned not
to shoot them. There are quite
a number of these pheasants a+
and around Jackson's ranch near
The Women's Institute of
Greenwood wish to publicly tender tlieir most hearty thanks and
appreciation to the residents of
Greenwood and district for their
yery generous support and contributions, which so "materially
helped to make, the "Red.Cross
Bazaar" such a great success.
Since the "pink teas" were
abolished, the police court in
Greenwood does very little business, and it looks like a useless
bill of expense to the taxpayers.
The court neyer was much of- a
terror to unhroken evil-doers. In
recent months the odor of perfumes has. disappeared from its
chairs, and the old court has seen
its best days.
Western Float
Tulameen Mining
Mr. Norcross, superintendent of
tbe B. C. Copper Co., returned
from Bear-Creek the end of last
week, where he has been looking
over the mining' properties owned
by Jack Thynne, E. Todd, Louis
Marcott, Judge Murphy, Wm.
Armstrong, Chas. F.~" Law," and
also the Swede group owned by
John Holm and Golan Williams.
He spoke as being well satisfied
with his trip "of inspection and
took samplesfrom all these properties. He expects to be up again
in a veryjhort time.
There is considerable placer
mining going on up Tulameen,
some very'fine specimens of gold
and platinum being taken out,     \
The Great Northern Railway
will put up all their ice at Tula-,
meen this winter. J" *"
Another meat shop has been
opened in Trail.
In Trail tbis month 42 buildings
are being erected.
The police have cleaned the hop
joints in Kelowna.
Milton Wegner of Molson has
been adjudged insane.
A plant for evaporing apples is
being built at Kelowna.
Sid Norman is working the
Great Western mine near North-
In Barkerville a boring machine
is drilling holes, next to Kelley's
The population of Oroville is
growing, and there are no houses
to rent.
In July there were 201 births in
Calgary, the same number as in
the previous July.
Seven men are working at an
antimony mine near Lillooet. F.
A. Brewer is in charge.
This summer Phil McDonald
and Charles French prospected in
several ways from Rupe.
The Ohicamun group of mineral
claims at Orient has been sold to
New York men for $200,000.
John Finlayeon is the oldest
prospector in Alaska. He lives in
Wrangel, and is 103 years old.
On the'wesfc side of Slocan lake
at Trout Creek some work is being i
done on the Fairy Queen  mineral]
Charles Rendell's Death
Corporal John McNeill in a letter to Mr. Simms, of Vernon, tells
how Charles Rendell was killed in
the war.    On  the 18th of August
in company with other soldiers be
was fixing some trenches when tbe
enemy began to shell them.   While
seeking  shelter from these shells
Charles was  wounded in the back
by a piece of shrapnel,  and died
that night from his wounds.    All
his comrades,  among whom were
several Vernon boys felt his death
very keenly.   He was greatly beloved by all bis comrades, and was
a man who never skirked bis duty.
He proved himself to be a brave
soldier, and a thorough gentleman,
either under fire or any other condition of warfare.    Jt is the wish
of the Platoon Commander, N. G.
O.,   and   men with whom be was
associated that you would convey
to Mrs.   Rendell and family their
deepest sympathy for them in their '
terrible bereavement.     We   have
lost a good comrade; they have lost
a good husband and a kind father.
He died as a soldier should, doing
his duty.
B. C. Timber
The editor, of the Orient Sentinel
sells gun licenses. Novel way for
an editor to make the price of his
Bill Doyle is near Seward,
Alaska. At one time Bill was the
champion bear hunter of Three
The war has caused several sky
pilots ~in Fernie to embrace hard
labor. It will, probably be their
In Canada during the past year
the consumption of liquor, tobacco,
cigars.and cigarettes has greatly
Collieries  an-
will   open,- up
The Coalmont
uounce that they
again shortly.
Chas. Connell has a large number of men opening up his silver-
lead property on Treasure Mountain.
Mining and other things, in a
general way, are' taking on a
brighter color, and activity is
noticed along these lines. Crops,
hay, grain and-vegetables are~ex"
cellent all through the Otter Val
ley.���-Merritt Herald.
Skidegate Gold
What promises to be a rich gold
discovery has been made at Skidegate on the Queen Charlotte
Islands. The discovery was made
by a well known mining man, Mr.
The gold lead, which was located
close to the Indian reserve, runs
into the reserve, so that tbe
Indians may reap a rich reward.
The values are estimated at from
8200 to 82,000 a ton.
Tha values will be investigated.
The Indians and other residents
are  very much excited over tbe
new discovery.���P. .R. Journal.
_ _.	
Perfidious Albion
One of the German professors
busy attacking Britain is Hngo
Mansterberg. Here is one of his
recent efforts:
"It is no wonder that England
has so many Colonies. Look how
she got them! It's the system I
England, yon know, wonld send
an expedition headed by a missionary to some outlandish place or
other. The missionary would disembark on the white beach. He
wonld gather the natives together
under a palm, and, holding np bis
band, he would say, 'Let us pi-ay.'
Then when all .the natives had
their eyes shut in pious prayer, np
would go the English flag.7'
Alex Sproat recently appeared
in the police court at Port Alberni
charged with allowing his horses to
run at large.
, Ashley Holden of the Oiienfc
Sentinel did not get out a paper
last week. He was too busy getting married.
Recently 4,000 boxes of Alberta
butter were shipped from Vancouver to New Zealand. The
table has turned over.
This summer several galena
claims were located, between
Carnes and La Form creeks, in the
Big Bend above Revelstoke.
During August 70 pounds of
butter were produced at Creston,
from the milk of one Holstein cow.
This is a record for Kootenay cows.
_ Charles���Walmslay has an hotel
in Seward, Alaska Near the
same plsce Jimmy Godfrey has an
interest in a shipping copper mine.
Captain John Irving of Victoria
will return ta the sea, and command a freight steamer, running
between Vancouver and Australia.
Dan Nordberg died in Chilcotin
last month aged 84 years. He was
a Cariboo pioneer, and built the
first log cabin where Quesnel now
Since acquiring the Kaslo Hotel
in Kaslo, Walsh & Haydon have
made it one of the best hotels in
Kootenay, and are rapidly building np a large trade.
Last week the editor of the
Oroville Gazette, was presented
with a watermelon that weighed
40 pounds. He cut it with a
crotscnt saw, and was happy for a
J. B. Daniel, editor of the
Prince George Herald is training
for an aviator, and will join the
British aeroplane brigade. He
may soon be an angel and have
real wings.
In Kaslo tbe other night a water
closet caught on fire, and in less
than five minutes the brigade had
the conflagration under control.
Kaslo has one of the best fire departments in Kootenay.
W. S. Greevy of Altoona, Pa.,
is making a mineralogical survey
of the Lemon Mining Co.'s claims
near Camp McKinney. The company may expend S50,000 upon
these properties next year.
The Granby gets coke for its
Anyox smelter from Cumberland.
It is stated that the company recently signed a contract for a five
year supply, about 250,000 tons.
At the city hall in Kaslo, W. E.
Hodder bas tbe biggest geranium
in the world. It is 12 feet high,
and more than six feet wide. He
accounts for its great size from the
fact that he placed grouse bones at
its base.
Victoria, B.C., Sept. 22.���Under
the direction of   the   Hon.    the
Minister of   Lands, an   attractive
pamphlet entitled "British'Columbia Timber" has been prepared for
distribution among the buyers in
overseas markets.    It is intended
to draw the attention  of importers
overseas to the forest products of
the province, and especially to the -
facilities for exporting JBritish Columbia   lumber.      Consisting    of
nearly forty pages, and .containing
nearly, thirty    illustrations,   the
pamphlet treats   of  the principal
exportable woods,  their qualities
and,uses,  together with informa--
tion    concerning ~ttieir 'strength?"
values, and suitability for "various
A Hop Camp
Any   visitor    to   Agazzlz   now
would  find   much  interest in  a
visit to the hop fields, a few miles,
from Agassiz, along the shores of
the Frazer.
In two fields, of about 1000
acres, more than a thousand Indian
men and women are engaged in
picking, earning from 82.00 to
$4 00 per day. This is the annual
harvest for the Indians of the
Fraser Valley from Lytton to Chilliwack. The season laBts_from a
month to six weeks and this year
there is a big crop.
The Indians with their children
live in camps arranged like barracks, some of wood, some of canvas, but all perfectly clean and
well ventilated. In central aisles
are huge cooking ranges on which
they cook their sal_no__, beans,
potatoes and bread. Miles of
clothes line provide for the laundry
of the camp which js an Indian
village magnified but concentrated.
���Hope Review.
Here is a Hindu fable of the
creation of a women. It's a fable
far more poetical than mir Christian belief, which tells us that
woman was formed out of a man's
rib.    Read on:
"Twashri, at the beginning of
time, created the universe and
man; but when he came to create
woman, be found that he had exhausted his materials, aud no solid
���elements remained.
"Twashtri mused a while. Then
an idea came to him, and, in order
to make the first woman, he took
moonlieht and the undulations of
the serpent, the slend.rness of
reeds and their soft movements in
the wind, tbe tears of a raincloud,
the velvet of flower p. tab, the
grace of a roe, the tremor of grasses, the vanity of a peacock, the
softness of the down on a dove's
breast, the hardness of diamonds,
and the sweetness of hrnpj, the
cruelty of a tiger and the warmth
of fire, the cold of snow, the cbat-
ter o__ii jay, and the coo of a dove
'   " Twashtri
The Average man thinks his intelligence is above the average. THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA:.
��2 a year in Canada,   and   $2.50  in the
United States.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices #25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     6.00
Application Liquor Iviceuses    5.00
Transfer Liquor Licenses    7.50
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    2.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is clue, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Lack of confidence prevents good
The greatest mining boom in the
history of America is just now in
The spirit and enterprise of a
community, is always mirrored in
its local newspaper.
It is a mockery of justice, to
permit a stuttering individual, to
hold a judicial position.
It is easy for anyone to cure
themselves of the booze habit.
Cut out meat and condiments, and
eat plenty<-��of fruit.
Prohibiting the use of meat
will benefit the people more, than
the prohibition of liquor. We
need to reform our eating habits
more than anj'fching if we would be
sane, happy and healthy.
The Hedley Gazette is in the
throes of a religious controversy.
As all religions are founded upon
theory and fiction, that paper will
never run ont of copy while its
columns are open to the advocates
of any particular kind of theology.
The Golden Rule is all we need on
this earth, and the rest of religion
is excess baggage.
Goats "and Their Milk
Mr. V. D. Hondt, Goat Heaven
Farm, Spangle, "Washington, writes
in the Goat Keeper as follows:
On an area of . 15,000 square
miles Switzerland produces yearly
38,000,000 worth.of goats and goat
nroducts. Spain, Italy and Greece
are heavy producers of goats and
goat products.
France, Belgium, and Germany
are heavy producers, and are noted
for the high milking qualities of
their stock.
In Great Britain the British
Goat Society (under supervision
of the government) yearly publishes a stud register giving the
names and owners of pedigree stud
goats selected by the committee,
and recommended. for stock purposes.
In Bavaria the country is noted
for its larger number of centenarians. This fact is attributed by
doctors to the daily use of Yoghurt,
a product of goat's milk.
Goat's milk being: very digest-
able and rich, is recommended by
doctors for the use of babies and
The goat is immune from the
dreaded disease tuberculosis, or
the white plague, so common
among cattle and people.
With minions of acres of the
finest brush land in the ��� world ly
ing idle in the mountains, with the
babies in the cities clamoring for
proper food, the Pacific Northwest,
and Jo fact the whole United
States offers opportunities for the
milk-goat industry, the possibili*
, ties of which can hardly be estimated.
Rapid Progress
A servant in South-east London
was telling her mistress the other
day Of the boasting indulged in by
the servant next door about her
yotibg man in khaki.
"I can't understand  how  he's
- goi  on   so  fast,"  she remarked.
"Hevs only been in the-army  a
few months,  yet she told me in
November that he was a corporal,
last week she said he'd been made
a sergeant*  and now he a to be
Mines and Mining      ~
Ore was encountered a few days
ago in the lowest tunnel on the
Freddie Lee, situated up Cody
gulch, and being operated by A.
W. McCune. The find consisted
of only a small stringer and is regarded as encouraging. This tunnel, which is designed to open up
the property at depth, is now in
270 feet, and, according to indication, has about 60 more feet to go
before getting underneath the
main ore shoot of the mine. The
Freddie Lee was one of the first
shippers of the Slocan, and for a
time, prior to the advent of transportation, ore had to .be packed for
a long distance to water transportation.
It is reported that the Silver
Hoard has closed a contract for a
50-ton daily capacity mill, to be
installed as soon as the building
can be erected and machinery
assembled. The decision of the
directors to provide a concentrator
is said to have been based on the
report of the consulting eugineer,
Harold Lakes, who has been- conducting a milling tesi) of a 50-ton
shipment of Silver Hoard ore at
the Canadian Consolidated mill at
Rossland. It is said that Mr.
Lakes' report states that a high
percentage of recovery of the values
is possible by simple wet concentration, followed ^by flotation, and
the system to be employed in the
mill will be devised and the installation superintended by him.
"About a hundred tons of high
grade ore are ready for shipment
from the Mountain Con, which is
located several miles above Sandon
on the north fork of Carpenter
creek, and according to the smelter
returns from the last car, Messrs'
McClurg and Bennett of Sandon,
and Yawkey and Poss, of New
York and Detroit, who are operating the Con, should do well on
their season's operations. The
last car slightly netted over ten
thousand dollars.
Good progress is being made on
the wagon road being constructed
to connect the Florence mine, on
Princess creek, with the Highland
concentrator at Cedar creek. The
mill, which is owned by the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.,
has been secured by the Wolfe interests for the treatment of ore
from the Florence mine, and will
be in operation shortly. Definite
plans as to the means of haulage tq
be'employed have not yet been decided upon, but it is staged that
caterpillar tractors are being con
sidered. The Florence is now in
shape to deliver a big'tonnage of
milling ore, and negotiations have
been in progress for the securing
of a market of 200 tons of zinc per
month which is expected the property will be able to ship.
After being compelled  to store
its zinc product for the last three
months, the Rambler-Cariboo has
favorable prospects of securing a
zinc contract with Denver or Kan-
sat. City smelters, making possible
the marketing of 500  tons held in
reserve,   according  to Dr.   W. B.
McPhee, who returned to Spokane
a few days ago from  a trip to the
mine.    The mine is producing 400
tons of silver-lead concentrates and
zinc per month.    The last zinc contract  expired   May   25   after the
shipment of four cars,that netted a
total   of   approximately   $15,000.
' 'The Denver and Kansas City zinc
companies   are   evidently   in   the
market for our zinc and terms are
being considered," Dr.  McPhee is
reported as saying.    "The mine is
now  working 45 men. Operations
being underway in tunnels Nos. 3,
7, 8, 10 and 12.    In tunnel No. 10
a face of five feet of ore has been
opened.   The  silver-lead   concentrates now being shipped are bringing from $1800 to  02000 a car and
the crude ore about $2500,"���Kaslo
No News Value
A "cub" reporter on an up State
paper was sent out by the city
editoa to get a story on the marriage of a young society girl and a
man well known in the city.
The "cub" was gone about an
hour and then returned and went
aimlessly over to his desk, by
which he sat down. Shortly afterwards the city editor noticed his
presence and his evident idleness.
"Here, kid." shouted the superior,
"why aren't you at work on that
"Nothing doing" replied the
"Nothing doing? What do you
mean? Didn't the wedding take
"Nope, the bridegroom never
showed up, so there ain't nothin'
to write."���Philadelphia Times.
Always Ready���
the most convenient and the daintiest form of gum
ever produced.
H Prices Reduced 3
Sf_; All round on ~3
��| Flour and Feed 3
H -AT- =2
5=   Adams   Feed   Store   _3
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary
Amateur  Finishing   Beautifully   Done,
Postage Paid to and from Greenwood and
Other    Points.     Best  I.ine of Portrait
Frame Pictures in the:Boundary.
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING. 25cts per roll
PRINTS 50cts a dozen
P.    J.
Winnipeg Ave., ���
Grand Forks
CO., 1/PD.
Leaves Mother.Lode   .
9.30 a. m. 6.30 p. m.
Leaves Greenwood
2.oo p. m.
8.30 p. m.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. m. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p. m.
When Jamie sat quiet for auy
length of time, his mother always
trembled., It usually meant some
question best defined as a "poser."
And on this occasion he hadn't
moved for ten minutes. Then it
came:   "Mother, do angels sleep?"
"Yes, dear, I suppose so."
Do they He down, mother? How
can they,   with those big wings?"
"I'm sure I don't know, Jamie.
I've never thought about it."
Silence again, and ehe hoped he
had forgotten but Jamie was think*
fug deeply. "I've got it, mother,"
be cried at last. "I'll bet they
A SITTING oj she Comity Court of Yale -will
beholden at the l_.oi_.r_ Hou_>e, Grvoinvocx.,
on Tuesday the 9tU day of November 1915, at
11 a.m. _        _       _
Nelson Fair
Sept. 23rd - 24th
From Greenwood
$4.75   Return
The Knob HiU Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.- Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealc.
On Sale September 21 - 24
Good to Return Sept. 28th
Corresponding rates from all stations
Medicine Hat to Vancouver including
branch rail and water lines also K.V.Ry.
Tickets From Any Agent
Conductors will give excursion rates from
Flag Stations
D. McPherson, Agent, Greenwood
J. S. CARTER,   D. P. A., Nelson, B.C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
/"*OAI. mining rights of the Dominion
^-* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of
_.i an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
rights applied for are situated.	
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the.rights applied for are not available
but' not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantablej output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
' The person operating the 'mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full auantity.of merchantable coal mined ana pay die royalty
thereon:-'. If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once ayear.
The lease will include the" coal-mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted- .to purchase. whatever-.available
surface rights maybe considered'neces--
sary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $ 10.00 an acre.
For full information application should-
be made to the Secretary, of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion I^ands.,
W. W.CORY?^.<V
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will.not be. paid for.���r
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of.the.be8l. famished
hotels in the west.   It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all tire' Scandal and������.... \
commercial institutions of the Copper Metrdjbblis.   '
Heated with Steam and Lit by.351ectfieity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar ia-replete-with
all modern beverages and the meals are the beet. Rooms
resei ved by telegraph.
x * ���*��� 4* &&&&& * * 4�� 4. 4��4*4>4*��ft*4*4*4��<|**i*'i'4*K
1 Cbe fiumc RV. tel.
t nelson, B.C* +
The Only First Class and Ujvto^Datc \
Hotel in Phoenix. . NewNfrom* cellars
to roof,   Best Sample Rooms in the
Boundary,   Opposite: Great Northern -?
Depot.   4%   A.    Modern Bathrooms -
O, D, Bush, Prop,
Phoenix, B.GI
Reeistrar C. C
Grain Bags
New Wheat and Oat Sacks \VA Cents*.Eaclfc
Wheat and Oats $1.50 per lOCHbs
We have a limited amount of seed rye left   -
Brown's   Ferry* Waste
The CJML #1 give a rate of onefare^nd a third fromaHpoints between
Nelson and Princeton to Greenwood.
For further information write to
Secretary-* ��������������
The only up^-to/date Hotel in the interior.''Firs��class
in every respect, *'-""
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
First Class Bar and Barber Shop-._.
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted-..
RATEJS $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats'. *'
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Brootnfield. Props,
THK   KASLO   HOTKI. '   '
r ,     Kaslo, B. C���   is a  comfortable
,v ,      home for all who travel to that
city    Under new management.
WALSH & HAYD0N, Proprietors.
BBI__.ESYII_t.___   HOTEL.
- Bridesville,   B. C.   This   hotel   is
- within easy reach of all the leading
(. Boundary towns and the centre oi
.' a fine' farming district.
-!       THOMAS   DONALD.   Proprietor.
-_ Trail, B. C���This hotel has been
i thoroughly renovated. It is heated
^ by steam, and has hot and cold
���i water in all rooms. :A pleasant
home for all who travel.
>      ; JAMES WILLIAMSON, Proprietor
!   Rock Creek, B. C.   This is one of
\   the oldest hotels in the Kettle Val-
,    .?   ley.   Excellent accommodation for
5   all travellers.
-   /: S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
i    ^ ' ��� ���
, * Deadwood, B. C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars.    -
Princeton, B. C, is the  headquarters  for  miners,   investors
and railroad men.   A fine loca-
;;tipn and; eyery thing first-class   ���
'..L,:\:::W^:'J:::klRKPATRIGK. Proprietor
..'������;���;-";.Merritt;:.;?;..C.v-The leading hotel
<in-Merritt Hot and cold water in-
=every room; Steam heated through*
put; Large sample rooms. Sales-
mens headquarters.    _
MURi-OCK MclNTYRE. Proprietor.
Direct from the Factory to tbe consumer
���i By PARGEI. DOST  '
at ^wholesale  prices    to advertise onr
Eirery cigar we.tua.ee is absolutely (rnar-
anteed filled with genuine Havana-
Bo_Boi"��o'sB.C; full weight, five
inches long $3 50.
Box of 50's O.S   4  inches  long,
>. Conchas, $3 00.
Box of "Brillantes" Clear  Havana
Wrapper, full weight, S inches
long, 50 S $5.00.
!     Send money order, or certified
:; cheque..  Do not Send money un-
i less registered.
j References.-R. G. DUNN & CO.
,'      f.    Mew Westmlaster. B. C.
" Ji
n?' _?��� WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, _Bo__:..BHoS>^Nelson, ,B.v c.
ch^8*KT^W��-SiIl��eit*ead or Copper
f^eacr.^j^to-SaWr{single.. affi
$100. * Goid-SUver. (dupliclte " assav)
|..50.,.Silver,Ut_d <*|_:.5o ^Silver-I.ead-
Zinc I3.00. (Charges for other metals etc
on applications jeav* .
All  the   latest methods  ia  high-class
Dentistry..  _ .
*        LOO BOIEDING ���"'���
Corner Abbott fcHastinga Streets.
VANCOUVER.' ��������   ���   ���   B.C7
Auto ,-^snd  Mors*' Stages
Leave t Greenwood /cTwice
Daily tb Meet3pok*fl* ��nd
Autos. Porr *1.re.*"The finest
Turnouts in* the Bourttfaryj
Light*and4feAV)%4>r&y_n2 i.
Ritsselfc AwfyuM Stage*
G. O. KU8SELL, Proprietor.    '
Imperator Mid Koetenav Sfcandard
Cigars.   Made W
Leading Tailor of the KootenayB,
KASLO     B.  O
*. j -* \        *p
101o^0^Wiil^Btti^r60c each
100 Watt Lamps, $L25 each
Greatwfl City Witensrts C��p��y
."-__-���- ���' . j-fc-^-t _


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