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The Ledge Jun 24, 1915

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Vol.   XXI.
No. 50
Greenwood's   Big   Furniture  Store
See Our New Spring
Linoleums, Carpets, Squares,
and Various Small Rugs
Special Discount For Cash
Opposite Postofli-..- GREENWOOD, B. C. Ptonc 27
Screen Doors, Screen
Wire Cloth, Poultry
Netting, and Staples.
Nails, Locks, Hinges,
A Full Stock,of First Class Pipes.        Pipe Repairs  g
I''��� ��� a  Specialty. I
The Midway.Store for Quality Goods
. Hay. and Harvest tools of all kinds, Barbed
wire fencing that will keep the cows from chewing
your apple trees, Gasoline for slow or rapid autos,
Overalls, digging shoes and other goods for the men
who work at mines or smelters,
New and Second hand Store
William C. Arthurs
Box 83.    '   PROP.      Tel. 126
Wear one and be well dressed
At small cost
I Around Home *
tt ,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish Q
aud Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the
- , ��� towns of'the .Boundary and Kootenay. ��
ii       :   -:���. ' ' *
ii Nearly AU Our Goods WiU
Be Sold For Half Price For   f
I      the Next Thirty Days
$ Greenwood Ltquor company, importers, Greenwood, B. & f
H. V. MEREDITH, Etq., Preiident.
R. B. Angii*. E*<_. E. B. Green*h.el<-���, Esq.
Sir William Mac-lonald. Hon. Robt. M_.cl.a_r.
SirThos.Shaugh_iauy,K.C.V.O. C R. Hotraer, Etq,
A. Baumgarten, Etq. C. B. Gordon, Etq.
H. R. Drammond, Etq. D. Forbot An.ru>. Etq.
Wm. McMatter, Etq.   ���
SirFrederiak WiUiat-u-Taylor, l_UD., General Manacor.
Capital Paid Up      ���      $16,000,000.
Rett    ;i-      �����'���:-'������������     16,000,000.
Undivided Profit*   ��� 1,252,864.
Tot-dA_M��U (April, 1915)289,562,578.
are ia safe afld (.onvenient means of transmitting money to any point
in Canada or the United States. Such Money Orders may be
obtained at any Branch pi the Bank of Montreal.
Copper St.
First  Class Work aud
Prompt Attention
Prices Reasonable
E. A. Black, Phoenix
W. G. Kennedy, Agent
Star Theatre
Friday, June 25th
Society Comedy in 4 parts, lrom the book
by Marguerite Berlsch
Fascinating;  Costumes,   Complicated
Comedy Situations, and Perfect
Mark This Film In A Class By Itself
One Dramatic Reel and
British Animated Weekly
Doors open ?:4$. Perforiinahce at 8:15
Price's-     Children    15c.    Adults   25c,
E. E, L. Dewdney* Manager, Greenwood Branch.
8IR EDMtfttO WALKER, C.V.O-, L L. D, D.C_L_. President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Ma_.a_.er JOHN AIRD, Ass't General Manage.?
Christian Science service will
be held in the Oddfellows Hall on
Sundav at il a.m, All welcome.
On the the third Friday of each
month at 8 p. m. testimonial
meetings will be held in the
same hall. Sunday school every
Sunday morning.
CAPITAL. $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Fanners every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. 325
A. H, MARCON, Manager,
For Sale.���New farm wagons.
3, Z% and %y2 inch. Made in
Canada.    At Kinneys.
Bulls For Sale.���I have five
or six Hereford and Shorthorns
to dispose of, prices right. John
R. Jackson, Midway.
Rev. E. J. Hardy, in his interesting tales of British prowess at
fehe front, tells an amusing story
of a French lady who, seeing the
stalwart Scottish Highlands on the
march in kilts, exclaimed: Thehre
go theh women from hell." Mr,
Hardy declares she intended her
remark as a compliment.���B, C,
Western Catholic,
A Home Guard is talked of in
Strawberries are $2 a crate
The Mother Lode    stage
sumed operations last week.
Midway is beginning to look
like the Petaluma ot Canada.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs
Gibson, on June 20,   a  daughter.
Treff Boyer, of Vancoyer, visited his brother Owen  this week.
C. Nichols of Vernon is now a
provincial constable in Greenwood.
Mr, Jaynes is conducting the
boarding house at the Mother
Lode mice.
At the Caron ranch near Midway, 200 acres are in crop, principally wheat.
Aid. Robert Wood, the "Father
of Greenwood," is visiting Stewart and Prince Rupert.
: Service in the Presbyterian
Church, Sunday June 27th, at
7:30 p.m.    All welcome.
Bob Dinsmore ol Grand Forks,
is at Vernon filling the position
of shoemaker to the soldiers.
,;In a short time a night shift
will be put on at the Pacific Cafe.
Fred Johnson will be night chef.
Smith Curtis is now located at
Salmo, being, interested in some
gold properties near that  town.
On the last payday in Phoenix, the Granby miners presented
the National Patriotic Fund with
Cliff Russell has arrived from
Granby Bay, and will-drive the
auto stage 'for his brother
.The people of Oroville are
jubilant. A company is irrigating 10,000 acres of laud near
that city.
A marriage license was issued
on Monday to Jack H.. West and
Miss. Bertha Haines, both of
Frank ~ Hutton has'been appointed road superintendent for
Grand Forks district, in place of
E. Spraggett.
Mrs. Martin of Republic, and
her mother, Mrs. Hopper of Rock
Creek, were visitors in Greenwood last week.
Several members of the Kettle
Valley train crews have rented
houses, and brought their families to Midway.
The lead smelter at Kingston,
Ontario, may be re-opened, especially if a supply of ore can be
obtained from B.C.
War munitions could be made
at the old steel plant in Grand
Forks. Some of the Forks
people should grab a contract.
Big Andy Johnson of Phoenix
is a_ frequent visitor to Greenwood, and his auto is usually
filled with a merry lot of tourists.
The Carmi mine owes about
$6,000 for wages. Jud Faulds
and other miners are getting
ready to put a lien  on the mine.
Provided it does not rain too
excessively the postponed annual
meeting of the Tennis club will
be held at the courts ou Saturday.
Eiglish, Swiss and American
watch and clock repairing. All
work guaranteed. C. A. Aden-
our, opposite Windsor Hotel,
Dkntistky.���Dr. Guy, of Grand
Forks, will be at the Pacific
hotel in Greenwood, prepared to
do all kinds of dental work, from
July 5 to 17..
Chief Simpson has had posters
issued, notifying all Austrians
and Germans,1 naturalized or not,
to report to the nearest police
officer in the Boundary���-���, Police
A dance will be held in Harrison's Hall, Midway, Dominion
Day, Thursday, July 1st Full
receipts therefrom will be forwarded to the Canadian Branch
of the Red Cross Society.
J. G. Devlin, "The Gunner,"
is working a mineral claim at
Sheep Creek. He expects to go
north again this summer, and
may stake the North Pole as an
ice claim.
The fish in the: creek are;).not
observing the regulations, relating to the size of the fish that
may be caught and retained- On
Monday evening Harry Bidder
caught a ten inch trout, that had
the tail of -a four inch trout
slightly protruding from its
The Vernon Camp
Our special correspondent with
the troops at Vernon sends us the
following dispatch:
All tho Greenwood boys of the
54th are doing well and are happy.
It has rained every day since we
arrived. There are 417 aliens interned here, with room for lots
more. The following men from
Greenwood have received promotion as follows:
O. R. Matthews, Sergeant Major.
Ernie Nicholson, Corporal.
W. J. Jory, Pioneer.
George Mario, George Miller, F.
Jourdan and Herbert Summersgill,
Officers servants.
Andrew Johnston, Lance Corporal of Police.
Jack Morrison, Johnny Meyer
and Jack White are wearing the
smile that wont come off; for
reasons, apply at cook-house.
All are locking forward to tbe
day when a start is made for the
land of the sausage and iron
crosses. Greenwoodls leading excitement is appreciated by all the
soldiers.    Send plenty.
Eholt, B.C., Jan. 14, '15
To The Editor of The Ledge.
Dear Sir.
Allow me to correct a mistake
made in yonr paper issued June
10th. You made the statement
that my child Violet Fretz died
without medical attendance. My
child was under the care of Dr.
Dawson of Maple Creek and of Dr.
Smyth of Medicine Hat before we
moved to Greenwood district.
During December, January, February' of' this year she was nnder
the care of Dr. MacLean of Greenwood. She was also in the Hospital for five days under the care
of Dr. MacLean before being removed from that institution.
Thaking you for the space in
which to make this correction.
Yours trnly,
Broke Jail
An Indian called Lawrence
Thames was arrested last week for
breaking into a cabin at Eholt,
belonging to Alex Sngaroff. Before Judge Brown on Monday he
was given a year in Nelson jail.
That night he escaped from the
government building in Greenwood, by digging a hole through
the mud mortar stone wall, with a
bail from the water bucket, and a
piece of pipe that he tora from the
radiator. After getting through
the hole in the wall he went to the
front of tbe building, broke into
the police office, and stole Chief
Simpson's revolver and cartridge
belt, all of which stamps him as a
daring thief. Last week this bad
Indian was deported from the
States. The police expect to catch
him before he reaches the coast.
Don't find   fault;  there   is   no
credit to snch discovery and no
J reward out of it.
Dredge the Fraser;
A company has opened offices
in Vancouver the purpose of which
it is to dredge for gold on the
Fraser river below Hope.. Attempts have been made at different
times to work dredges on the
lower Fraser but they failed to obtain profitable results with the exception of a dredge that operated
at Yale for a few months. The
reason for this failure was the unsuitable types of dredges need and
their; operation on gravel which
did not carry pay dirt. Eminent
engineers, who have investigated
the Fraser tray however that sections; of the river sarry payable
gold where conditions are favorable to its recovery by dredging
and that there is no reason why
this method of recovery of placer
gold should not be made a success
on that, river. ^Ex.
f Western Float I
New Denver has sent 10 men to
the war.
The strawberry rush is now on
in Kootenay.
Dairy butter is 35 cents a pound
in Cranbrook.
The clover crop is very heavy in
the Creston valley.
A. Manuel has taken over the
Union hotel at Frank.
There is a jitney at Wenatchee
that carries 16 passengers.
C. N. R. trains are rnnning between Port Mann and Hope.
Copper ore is being shipped from
Whitehorse to the Tacoma smelter.
Ore is being shipped from the
Molly Hughes mine at New Denver.
Near Colville a school girl recently died from eating a poisonous weed.
The Dominion government will
build a new floating wharf- at
In Nelson the word German is
only used in connection with sox
and measles.
Charles Tremble committed suicide at Cache Creek by the morphine route.
At Vancouver the Imperial Oil
Co. is importing crude oil from
South America.
The ranchers at Alice Siding
will ship about 1,300 crates of berries this season.
There are enough of berry cups
in Creston to take care of 2,500
crates of berries.
Near Silverton 25 inches of clean
galena has been struck in the
Wakefield mine.
Bill Shannon died in Spokane
this month. For 20 years he was
a noted police officer in  that city.
The City Council at Revelstoke
wants the provincial government
to pay a bounty for killing gophers.
Halibut in large quantities is being landed-at Prince Rupert. That
city is becoming the Grimsby of
. It is 20 years ago since Rossland
acquired a Presbyterian missionary.
He did not convert many of the
Captain W. B. Clayton of Rupe
has resigned his commission in the
48th, and gone to England to join
Kitcheners new army.
Times must be dull in Kaslp.
The chief of police has been instructed to clean up the "Bad
Lands," or get preserved.
It is reported that the Chinese
in Vancouver, are employed to
make suits for the wounded soldiers in France. There are many
kinds of patriotism in Vancouver.
About 300 German and Austrian prisoners recently interned at
Vernon -are now building a wagon
road from tbe Monashee mine to
Edgewood, a distance of 89. miles.
The Dominion government payp
their board, and the prisoners who
work receive 25 cents a day from
the B. O. government.
The British Postmaster, Mr.
Hobhouse, says that every day the
postal department takes to the
front in France 400,000 letters and
50,000 parcels. One lonely soldier
in the trenches advertised for correspondents in a newspaper, and
three days later, 3,000 letters, six
bags of small parcels, and ninety
large parcels were delivered to him.
We are always discovering new
results of the war. The latest is
the decline in popularity in all
English speaking countries of the
name "William." A person thinks
twice before adopting it for a baby
nowadays- It is a great pity that
the Kaiser has involved it in disgrace, for there are a lot of mighty
decent fellows who have been
known as "Bill."~-Ex.
The United Copper Mine will begin at once to work over 80,000
tons of tailings, which under the
new floating process will recover
S10 per ton of values lost in the
high gradt s on the concentrating
tables. In connection with the
tailings the company will handle a
large tonnage of ores already mined
in the upper stopes which have
been awaiting the installation of
the increased capacity.���Chewelah
On Wednesday evening last as a
train loaded with about six hundred soldiers on their way to the
training grounds at Vernon waa
passing the depot at Ashcroft, one
of the volunteers jumped from the
moving train, kissed a young lady
who was standing on the platform,
and then sprang back on to the
next car. Away from the eyes of
the inquisitive world, we have no
donbt the episode had been secretly pre-arranged. This is part of
a romance which, we trust, will
have a happy ending. The name
of the young lady is being strategically withheld.
met   on Monday
The Council
The Boy Scouts were given permission to use, a vacant building
on Deadwood street for their
The account of C. Kinney,s for
$9 90 was ordered paid.
McDonald & Son reported that
the fence and bridge were completed, and that the ditching would
be finished at an early date, and
asked that the same be inspected
by the Council.
Aid. Gulley reported that the
flag pole had been fixed.
Aid. Wood waa granted three
months leave of absence.
Assessor returned the assessment roll for 1915 as follows:
Land, $314,955; Improvtments,
$460,565. Total, $775,620. . A
court of revision will be held in
August, composed of Mayor Mac-
Lean, Aids. Arthurs, McKee,
Gully and Rendell.
Lot 33, block L-, Map 46, was
sold to M. Maloney for the sum of
Council adjourned to July 5.
The Big Bend
The Goldstream Placer Mines
syndicate, which is now working
on French creek has been sinking
on the old channel, fonr men having been working since November,
and expect to reach bed rock in
from 15 to 20 days. Good values
are being obtained from the gravel
in which work is now being , performed and the syndicate is sanguine that when bed rock is reached exceptionally good returns will
be obtained.
The syndicate which consists of
G. S. McCarter, J. C. Montgomery,
J. E. Dixon and W. B. Robertson, is operating in the old channel
of French creek. It was in the
present bed of the stream below
where the old channel cuts the
present channel that from 32,000,-
000 to $3,000,000 in gold were
taken ont in '66 and it is believed
that the old channel is at least
equally rich. In '66 nuggets worth
from 3200 to $300 each were found.
- The idea that an old channel existed was first held by K. C. Montgomery who came to the district in
'66. The channel was first opened
by Mr. Remilard who is using an
hydraulic plant and is getting good
resnlts. The Goldstream Placer
Mines syndicate experienced difficulty in getting rid of water, but
that difficulty has now being overcome. The gravel in which the
syndicate is from 10 to 15 feet
deep channel through solid rock.
The syndicate and several others
who are workingon /.French creek
are getting good results and if a
rich strike is made at bed rock,
as is expected, a gold excitement
in the Big Bend is likely to follow.
Revelstoke Mail-Herald.
Another Good Prospect
"Bill" West arrived in town
yesterday with his pockets loaded
with samples of galena ore. He
claims to have discovered a lead
thirty feet wide that looks as
though it would develop into a
big mining proposition. Mr. West
who has a ranch on the Fraser
river about two miles below the
Fort George canyon came in town
to record his claims. He is an old
prospector and mining man and
has been in the district for many
years past. In earlier life Mr.
West was in the Royal Navy. He
was a gunner on a battleship that
took part in the bombardment ol
Alexandria.���Prince George Post.
$2 a vcar in Canada,   and   f 2.50   iu  tlie
United States.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices ^5.00
Coal and Oil   Notices      6.00
Application Liquor  Licenses     5.00
Transfer Liquor Licenses     7.50
lislray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks     2.00
Certificate of Improvement  1000
(Where more than one claim appears iu notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Wah has 0110 good point. It
has killed all the real estate peddlers.
Ix Nelson patriotism has risen
to an aeroplane height. Wherover
tho word German appears iu front
of the soup, cakes or potatoes, on
the hotel bills of fare it has been
scratched out, and the words Irish,
Belgian, Canadian, or something
equally as good substituted.
"Wit-iout work prayer availeth
nothing. Pray all yon like, but
never stop working.
We are told by astronomers that
the planet Canopus is the centre of
tho universe, and that ife is over
three billion times bigger than this
earth, and' thafe it is so far away
from us that light from ife takes
480 years to reach this world. All
this kind of dope looks like hot
air. Canopus is probably about a
thousand miles away, and not half
as big as Ireland, especially in
fair time. Like theology imagination is the principal element in
Last week the leading paper of
Phoenix grew sarcastic, and handed fome vinegar to the B. C. Copper Co., because that company is
not opening up its" smelter to full
capacity. Afe present the company can only procure ore enough
to run its smelter at 37 per cent,
of its capacity. If the editor of
The Pioneer can lead the way to
G3 per cent, more available ore the
company will immediately take off
fehe limit, turn on the high gear,
and let 'er roll. At the present
price of copper the manager and
directors of tho B. C. Copper Co.,
would be highly delighted if it
were at all possible to run full
blast. They are doing fine as it is,
taking everything into consideration. The Pioneer should not
shoot at long range, when its
shots nearer home, might greatly
assist in making all the people of
Phoenix look like the beautiful
West Coast Prospect
II. G. Adams, a mining prospector, in au interview at Vancouver reports tho discovery near
Klaskino Sound, on the West
Coast of Vancouver Island, of a
new gold field. The discovery is a
dyke of slate, 290 feet wide, lying
in a diorito formation, having a
strike from northwest to southeast,
and dipping into the mountain at
an angle of 30 degrees. Along the
foot wall of the dyke is an eight-
foot vein of copper ore, but the
dyke itself carries no values except free milling gold. Mr. Adams
has done considerable surface
work, and has assayed the ground
across tho entire width of the dyke,
obtaining values from $2 GO to
$6.80 per ton. There are no
breaks or faults discoverable in
the dyke, ho declares, and from
the physical characteristics of the
location the ore can be extracted
and brought to tide water at a
minimum expense, since a gravity
tram 1,500 feet in length is all the
transportation required to bring
the ore from the mine to the mill
site, on a deep water harbor.���Ex.
Tuberculosis in Cattle
By J. A.  Hughes, County Agriculturist
and Agent U. S. Department Agriculture.
A German Soldier's Letter
Ideas of a Plain Man
To The Land
Did ife ever occur to you that
perhaps the person you call hypocrite is simply a more complex, a
moro highly organized person than
yourself; and that the one you call
"good" and an honest, sincere
soul, is sometimes merely.narrow?
It's worth thinking over.
There are some large natures
which cannot be satisfied with less
than touching life at all points.
They crave experience, all kinds
of experience.
This of course is dangerous.
Anything is dangerous except going to sleep. But it is becoming
more and more a characteristic of
our modern life.
. y And in some way or other we
have.to get some ideas of morals
and religion that will fife this wider
and more adventurous Bpirit. It
will not do any longer to say, "If
you want to be good and go to
heaven you rauBt not see these
things nor hear those, read tbis
book nor know this fact."
Limitation, ignorance and protection have their place in economy of life, but they are a poor
substitute for character.
Before you dub a man a hypro-
crite find out the real gist of his
life, whether he be loyal, clean and
true, [and not whether his manners and tastes are the same as
yours and Mrs. Grundy's.
It is conceivable that a man
may worship God and yet enjoy a
theatre.���Dr. Frank Crane.
The movement of settlers to the
lands of Western Canada continues
unabated, according to returns of
the colonization work of the Department of Natural Resources of
the Canadian Pacific Hail way. Although February is usually a
quiet month, in that period 10,300
acres of farm lands in Manitoba.
Saskatchewan and Alberta were
actually brought under settlement,
.-�����. the Company does not dispose
of any land without an assurance
tliat it will be occupied and improved. These lands represent 59*
firms of an average size of .175
acres each. An important feature
is that many sales are being made
to settlers already in the country
who are desirous of owning farms
of their own, or extending their
.holdings. The fact that they are
��� baying their lands from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company
is proof that the settler actually on
the grohhd, who: has every oppor-
fennity to investigate: all tbe lands
available, is convinced that there
are no better lands than those of
the Company and that the prices
and terms are right.
Big Farm Sale
- Evidence of the confidence of investors in Alberta farm lands is
found in the fact that one of the
largest real estate deals of several
years in the Raymond, Alberta,
district has just been concluded.
The deal envoives an investment of
8128,000.00 which was paid by a
Minneapolis syndicate firm for a
farm located south of .Raymond,
The farm consists of 2,740 acres
and is well supplied with water.
It is expected that the new company intends to go into farming
operations on a very extensive
In other years, says the Mining
Record, a great mining property
in the San Juan conntry, Colorado,
dumped into a nearby lake several
million tons of Ore that could not be
handled by the methods then in
use. A syndicate was formed recently to recover this ore. Machinery is installed for operation on
a large scale. The ore is to be
pumped from the lake bottom and
carried by flumes nearly three
miles to settling tanks, after which
it will be treated^at_the;, flotation
mill. /Before; winter; seta in last
year sufficient work waa; done to
prove the undertaking a commercial success, althongb tbe average
run of ore is less than S3 per ton.
One of the most destructive and
dangerous diseases known to affect
animals is tuberculosis. The disease is more prevalent among cattle than any other domestic animals, although all are subject to
In Oanogan County during the
last year, several cows have died
from this disease, also many chickens and turkeys. The extent of
infecrion in the county is now
known, many herds show syrap-
tons which are attributed to this
Since tuberculosis is very con-
tageous, and one infected animal
may spread the disease to the entire herd, and to all other domestic animals on the farm, as well as
to persons UBing the milk, it is
most essential that all snch animals
should be isolated or destroyed.
The disease is caused by a germ,
which on gaining entrance into the
body, multiplies rapidly, and may
attack any organ or organs. It
works slowly and the symptons
are not noticed oftentimes until it
has spread through the entire herd,
and a great deal of danger done.
Dung, milk, blood or other body
secretions from affected organs,
when eaten or injected in the bodies of other animals, will cause
them to contract this disease.
Often the most healthy and vigorous animal may have tuberculosis for a number of years, and the
owner be entirely unaware of its
condition, while'in the meantime
many other animals may sicken
and die without the original source
of infection being known.
The profitB and usefulness of an
affected dairy herd are most seriously reduced. Tho symptons of
the disease are many and varied;
for instance, a cow with a tubercular throat will not show the
same signs of sickness as a cow
with tubercular lungs, stomach,
udder or joints.
The only way of knowing
whether a herd or flock is free or
infected is to have the tuberculin
test applied. This test is harmless
and very simple, although it requires the services of a trained
veterinarian in order to be accurate.       ,
When the poison formed by the
germs of tuberculosis is injected
into the blood of a diseased animal
it will show no indications of a rise
in temperature.
The poison is obtained by breeding many germs in a culture medium, then killing them by heat and
filtering out the bodies. This
serum is prepared by specially
trained bacteriologists and their is
no danger of infection or injury as
a result of the test.
Under the recently enacted laws
which go into effect Jnne 10th (in
the States) of this year, provisions
are made so that any group of
farmers, upon application, may
have their .herds tested, and for
any animal killed proper reimbursement will be made the amount
varying, however, with the value
of the animal.
It is a great asset for a dairyman, or breeder, to be able to cer
tify that his animals are free from
tubercolosis; and the man who will
not have his herd teBted for fear
that some of his best animals might
be infected, and he would have to
dispose of them, is like the man,
who, when bis wife smelled smoke,
would not go upstairs to investigate for fear that the house might
really be on fire.
The following letter was received
by Mr. E. Flint, Toronto, from
Private E. Flint, who is with the
Canadian Army Medical Corps in
France. The letter is a translation of one found on the body of a
young Bavarian soldier, and the
Frenchman who discovered it hopes
to have it sent to the dead German's mother later on. It runs as
"Dear Mother.���For 3 months
we have been in the battle.
Heavens, what it haB all been.
The greatness of the Fatherland
and the glory of our Kaiser seem
after all small things, and neither
united Germany nor our Emperor
can need all this bloodshed. I
cannot tell you what a picture of
hell passes ceaselessly before my
eyes. I seem to be diving into a
red dream andQamong flames. Of
what use to me will have been my
studies and my hopes to make yon
happy in your old age, dying miserable here for some misterious
cause. Thousands of us will die
for this cause, good and faithful
comrades of mine who, like myself,
asked only to die in peace and at
work. I have seen hell in the hail
of lead and iron. It is no longer
possible to win this war. The
allied enemies were better prepared
than the Fatherland to win this
war, and every day lessens onr
strength. I cannot send this letter in the ordinary way for it tells
the truth and I should be severely
punished if it were read by~our
chiefs. It will be sent to you I
hope by the man who picks me np
if I die on the soil of France,
which I wish I had never set foot
on. My last thoughts will be for
you. Goodbye till eternity my
sweet darling mother.���Otto King-
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every Chiclet Package
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary
Amateur   Finishing   Beautifully   Done,
Postagt Paid to and from Greenwood and
Other    Points.     Best   Line of Portrait
Frame Pictures in the Boundary.
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING 25cts per roll
PRINTS 50cts a dozen
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of the brat furnished
hotels in the west. It is located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the financial and
commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.
Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity
Commodious sample rooms. The bar Ib replete with
all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Booms
reseived by telegraph.
1^<^<****<^*<^#<ri^<^<rtA&i^A*A4rt^A4rt ��&��������aoa������a��->0��->->6��0��0����
X4��4*4**'��'*_}.4*'t'4>i*ii'<i' **<* 4*4.4.4*
P.  J.
Winnipeg Ave.,
Grand Forks
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud tasty mealc.
Medicine Hat
An irrigation association has
been formed at Medicine Hat, and
proposes to put about 10,000 acres
of land under irrigation north of
that city. The project involves
the Binking of a number of gas
wells. Power will be developed
by meanB of the natural gas to
pump water from the Saskatchewan
river, which will be used for irrigating the lands.
Imperator and Kootenay Standard
Cigars.   Made bv
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO      B.   O
Cbe Rime Betel
nelson. B.C.
The only up^o/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.   '
He that will learu to pray, let
him go to sea.���Herbert. The
soldier at the same time may shoot
out his prayer to God,, and aim his
pistol at his enemy, the one better
hitting the.mark for the other.���
Fuller, (Good Thoughts in Bad
Argo Tunnel
The ordinary general meeting of the
shareholders of the Argo Mining and
Tunnel Company, Ltd, (non personal
liability) of Greenwood, B.C.j will be
held at the Company's office, in Greenwood, on the 25th day of June, 191s, at 8
Dated this ro day of June, 1915.
.president. Secretary.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
f^OAL mining rights of the Dominion
v"* in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at au annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $$ which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents tier ton.
The person operating the'mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined ana pay the royalty
thereon :\ If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the' coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart ���
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.���
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
B us Meets all Trains and Eoats.
*** **** **.* *** J.** ***+* 4. 4. * **X
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick liotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfleld, Props.
TIIK    H-.lS-_.0-   flOTKT-
Kaslo, B. C���   is a  comfortable
home for ali who travel to that
.     city
J. W. COCKLE, Prop.
Bridesville,   B. C.   This   hotel   is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towus and the centre of
a fine farming district.
THOMAS   DONAT.D.   Proprietor.
Trail, B. C���This hotel has" been
thoroughly renovated. It is heated
by steam, and has hot and cold
water in all. rooms. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Princeton. This liotel is new, comfortable
'   well-fur_.lsl.e_-, and is close to the railway
depot.   Modern accommodation aud sample rooms.
SUMMERS & WARDLE. Proprietors
Rock Creek, B. C._ This is one of
the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley. Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S.oT. LARSEN, Proprietor.
A SITTING 01 .ha County Court of Yale will
be holden at the Court House. Greenwood,
on Tuesrirty the 29tli day of June, 1915, at
11 a.m.
Registrar C. C. of ��
Farmer's Attention
Place your orders now for Cutting Machinery
and Repairs
We have the AGENCY for the      ^
International Harvester !���o
Binders; Mowers and Rakes
BrOWII9S f^ry, Wash
About Float
Float is not a periodical.
It is a book containing 86
illustrations all told, and
is filled with sketches and
stories of western life. It
tells how a gambler cashed
in after the flush days of
Sandon ; how it rained in
Few Denver long after
Noah was dead; how a
parson took a drink at
Bear Lake in early days ;
how j native waB dealt in
Kaslo in '93; how the
saloon man ontprayed the
women in Kalamazoo, and
graphically depicts the
roamings of a western
editor among the tender-
feet in the cent belt. It
contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens Of articles too numerous to mention. Send for
One before it is too late.
The price iB 25 cents,
postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
R. T. Lowery
Deadwood, B. C. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines; liquors aud cigars.
Princeton,  B. C is the   headquarters   for  miners,   investors
and railroad men.   A  fine loca
tion and everything first-class
F. J. KlRKPATRICK, Proprietor.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$i each. Gold-Silver, or Silver-Lead,
I.1.50. Prices for other metals: Coal,
Cement, Fireclay analyses on application. The largest custom may office in
British Columbia.
MINING   ���
All   the   latest  methods  in  high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCM-VBt.   ���  ���  - B.C.
PHONE   13
Auto   and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oro^iUe1 Trains
Autos For ��H|re.   The Finest
Turnouts j�� the Boundary.
Merritt, B. C. The leading hotel
iu Merritt Hot aiid cold water in
every room. Steam heated throughout. Large sample rooms. Sales-
mens heaaquarters.
MURDOCH MclNTYRE, Proprietor.
Direct from tbe Factory to the consumer
at wholesale" prices    to advertise our
Every cigar we make is absolutely guaranteed filled with (rebnine Havana-
Box of5o*s B.C. full weight, five
inches long $3 50.
Box of 50's O.S   4  inches long,
Conchas, $300.
Box of "Brillantes" Clear  Havana
Wrapper, full weight, 5 inches
long, 50 S $5.00.
Send money order, or Certified
cheque. Do not send money unless registered.
References:���R. G. DUNN & CO.
Hew Westminster, B. C."
Russell's Ivfirj And Stage
<3.fl. RUB8ELL, Proprietor.
your Razors Honed
sa&Vmt Baths at
Maida1.ttigs.e-i Lamps
10 to 60 Watt Lamps 60c each
In cartons of 5, $2,50
��60 'Watt Laaapa, SL25 each
Gummi CSf Watenoits Coipuy


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