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The Ledge Aug 12, 1915

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Array r~? - * ~*ff^v.-^. _~
*�����*        j ��*���
--rafj���       jy
��f--\ ,
*  1915   "|
vr$a B.cy
Vol.   XXII.
No. 5
Greenwood's   Big   Furniture   Store
See Our New Spring /
Linoleums, Carpets, Squares,
arid Various Small Rugs
Special Discount For Cash
Copper Street GREENWOOD, B. C. Phone 27
Fruit Jars, Sealers,
Crockery of all kinds
Blankets,   Pillows,   Sheets,
Bedding in  Great  Variety
INew and'Second hand Store
g   A Full Stock of First Class Pipes.        Pipe Repairs  |
1 a Specialty. I
V�� 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^%mmmmmmm,w^
The Midway Store for Quality Goods
Fruits, vegetables and cereals, including modern
breakfast foods. Mine workers and smeltermen
should see our line of shoes, overalls and clothing.
You can save money by trading at this store.
P. BHRN5 & CO.
| Dealers iu Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
\' and -Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the
h .   towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
.; ��� *
II Nearly All Our Goods Will
Be Sold For Half Price For
the Next Thirty Days
ft                   ��� -ft
William C. Arthurs
Box 83.       PROP.     Tel. 126
lv                    -JJ
Wear one and be well dressed
At small cost
Copper St.
r Grcenwooa Liquor gompany, Importers, Greenwood, B. C
H. V. MEREDITH. Ei*., Prtndeali
R. B. Anfu, Eiq.' E. B. Gre._ak.d__i. Eiq.
Sir WiQiin Htcdauld. Hon. Roll. Mm-uj.
Sir Thai. Sliao(-intiir,K.C.Y.O. C. R. Homer, Esq.
A. B��n-_j��rt-n, Eiq. C. B. Go. Jon, Eiq.
H. R. Dr___.mo_.i_, Esq. D. Forks AifU, Eiq.
Wa. McMuter, Eiq.
Sir Frederick W-Uiemi-Terlor. LL.D.,Cener��IM_-_i_;er.
Capital Paid up       -     $16,000,000.
Re��t ...       16,000,000.
Undivided Profits   - 1,252,864.
Total A��sets (April, 1915)289,562,678.
Bankets in Canada and H/ondon, Eng., for
Dominion Government. Branches
established throughout Canada and Newfoundland; also in I/ondon, Eng.; New
York, Chicago and Spokane,
E. E. L. Dewdney, Manager, Greenwood Branch.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN ATRD, Amt't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. S2S
A. H. MARCON, Manager,
| First  Class  Work  and
f      Prompt Attention
|     Prices Reasonable
% :	
I E. A. Black,  Phoenix I
| W. G. Kennedy, Agent g
|        Greenwood $
Star Theatre
���    Every Friday    ���
Pathe's British War Weekly
Feature Dramatic Production
Good Comedies and Good Music
Red Cross
Ice cream and ice cold lemonade served at the Boundary Falls store every day,
excepting Sundays, net proceeds for Red
Cross Fund. Motor car parties please
Tlie Swayne House is again open for
business, under the management of Mrs.
Adeneur. First-class rooms at moderate
rates.   Hot and cold baths free to guests.
Christian Science service will be held
in the Oddfellows Hall on Sunday at ii
a. m All welcome. On the the th'rd
Friday of each month at S p. in., testimonial meetings will he held in the
same hall. Sunday School every Sunday
English, Swiss and American watch
and clock repairing. All work guaranteed
C. A. Adeneur, opposite Windsor Hotel,
Greenwood. .    -       .
For Sai,e ���New farm wagons.
3, 3% and 3% inch. Made in
Canada.    At Kinnevs.
Gravity Wins
"Where's yonr little brother?"
"He hurt himself."
"We were seeing who could
lean oat of the window the farthest,
and he won."
D.  Landow has staked  some
gold claims at Molson.
1 Around Home I
Eggs are 40 cents a dozen in
Huckleberries are 75 cents a
gallon in Eholt.
John Finlay, Jr., is foreman at
the Mother Lode. :
Sam Crowell has remodeled his
hotel at Midway.
The C. P. R. will build coal
chutes at Midway.
J. D. Brass, of Hedley, was in
town a few days ago.    ,
Last week over 50,000 grain
bags arrived at Molson.
Mr. and Mrs. Batiks returned
from Toronto on Saturday.
Miss M. Lawson left last week
for a holiday in Vancouver.
James Jory is sergeant of the
military band in Vernon.
'John Finlay, Sr., has moved
Irom Phoenix to the Mother Lode.
In Midway there .are; 20 Home
Guards, and they drill twice a
week. :
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Patterson
were visitors in the city last
Miss Caldwell, of Kelowna, is
visiting her sister Mrs. G. B.
Taylor. "��� / .
Several rush orders for haryest
hands were received in Greenwood last week.
Paul Meacham has closed his
steam laundry in Merritt, and
moved to Oregon. .;".-'
Born.���On August 6, ;to Lieutenant-Colonel Glossop and Mrs.
Glossop, a daughter.
Wm. Swajn has bought: an
auto, and rides to town every day
from Boundary Falls.     ���<
Recumbent barbed wjre has
caused several injuries to many
horses around Midway.  )
Dr. Arnot arrived in town last
week to assist- Dr. MacLean in
the medical profession.   ,
Service in the Presbyterian
church, Sunday, August 15, at
11 a. m. All welcome, i
'���' The " arsenic-"in the-*-smelter
smoke may hurt the flowers, but
it does not harm the flour.
Mrs. George Sutherland arrived
in town on Saturday,- and left for
the Mother Lode the same evening.
The Women's Institute acknowledge the receipt of $20 from St.
Jude's church, for the Red Cross
An important meeting of the
Agricultural association will be
held in the rink tonight,, (Wed-
nesdy) at 8 o'clock.
Bulldog Brown has taken a
bond on the salt lake near Oroville. He will soon be shipping
Epsom salts to various cities.
Peck MacSwain has moved
from Merritt to the coast, where
he will try- to educate clams to
open their shells, and quit being
John Meyer, Jack Morrison
and Andy Johnston of the 54th
came from Vernon on Saturday
in an auto. Their furlough expires on Friday.
C Company of the 54th will
leave Vernon this week for the
front. Nearly all the Greenwood men are in this company,
including Dan McLeod and Bill
Ghaison. '
S. C. Mitchell & Co.; have
moved their sawmill from Molson
acrass the line into B. C. They
will cut 5,000,000 feet of lumber
for the big irrigation ditch at
Early on Monday morning fire
broke out in an empty building
on Silver street, belonging to the
Fera es'tate. The origin ot the
fire is unknown. It was extinguished in a short time by the
Fire Brigade.
Alex. MacDouald, J. L. White
and James Kerr motored to Penticton on Friday, to -attend'the
formation of a district Liberal
association for Yale. Delegates
were present from the ridings of
Grand Forks, Greenwood, Similkameen and the two Okanagans.
The ladies will give a garden
party for the benefit of Grandma
Sutton, at the residence of Mrs.
C. J. Lundy in Midway upon
Thursday evening, August 19 at
8 p. m. Refreshmenss free.
Plenty of cards and music. Admission, 25 cents, children, ]5
Henry Britzens has bonded his
group of claims in the Babine
district to Edmonton men for
$50,000. The bond runs for 30
months, and payments are to be
made every six months. A force
of men will be put to work this
season. These claims carry high
grade galena, and are not far
from those owned by Jim Croms,
Henry deserves all the success
that is coming to him.
Ainsworth-Slocan Mines
8. Cavanaugh has secured a renewal of his lease on the Silver
Much prospecting and development work is in progress around
It is rumored around town that
upwards of a hundred men will be
put to work at the Lucky Jim
A contract has been let to John
Cechlero to drive 150 feet of tunnel at the Hartney, near New
Ewing White has taken R% E.
McMillan and Arthur Gould up to
the Lady Franklin group on
Lemon creek, above Slocan City
and expects to do extensive development during the summer.
By the latter part of last week
the ore body developed on the
Black Grouse claim, north fork of
Carpenter, is said to have attained
between two and a half and three
feet in width. This property is
under lease and bond to Barner
and Hughes. Assays gave returns
of abouc 200 ounces. The ore is
of a "dry" variety.
The improvements and changes
in and around the Rnth concentrator, at Sandon, are hearing
completion and the management
expects that the tramway to the
No. 5 level of the Hope mine will
be ready to handle ore by about
the middle of the. present month.
Tbe mill may be expected to begin
operations about the fifteenth.
George' Chew, a�� mining man
from Spokane, ..interested in .^ the
Silver Hoard mine at Ainsworth.
was in Rossland recently watching
the results from a car of ore from
the Hoard which was sent to the
Le Roi mill for testing. He was
apparently satisfied that a good
separation could be made and indicated that the installation of a
email concentrator at the Ainsworth property would take place
in the near future.
C. F. Caldwell, manager' of the
Utica mine, retnrned Saturday
from a trip to the east and while
away succeeded in making a temporary arrangement with the smelting company at" Blende whereby
that concern will take double the
quantity of Utica Zinc ores hitherto shipped, thns making it possible
to send down somewhere in the
neighborhood of two cars of zinc-
silver ore per month. He also
learned while away jfehat the Lucky
Jim trustee, A. G. Larson, has
secured a contract for the disposal
of five or six hnndred tons per
month of the Jim ore.
Great activity- in the building
line prevails aronnd the Cork-
Province, the mine sawmill, under
the capable direction of A. F.
Billings being very busily engaged
in turning out all kinds of lumber
for building construction purposes.
A stable erected and an addition
made to the present cook houses
and bunkhonse, giving more dining room accomodation, and providing a comfortable sized engineering office np stairs. A wash
house and bath honse is nnder construction and an eighty-foot bunkhonse is planned. A set of big
scales, capable of weighing the
wagons, as they come loaded from
the concentrator, is also being put
in.���Kaslo Kootenaian.
Western Float
Pure milk is ten cents a quart
in Rupe.
Peaches are 75 cents a crate in
Okanagan, Wash.
Grasshoppers are plentiful
[around Oroville.
New Zealand wants B. C. apples.
Try Grand Forks.
Many Austrians are employed in
the mines at Rossland.
Clover's sheep are the best lawn
mowers in New Denver.
Work has been resumed upon
the Ivanhoe mine,  near Oroville.
Recently 15 carloads of cattle
were shipped from Nicola to England.
The annual flower show at
Summerland will not be held this
Several carloads of apricots were
shipped this season to Ontario from
the Okanagan.
The Granby is shipping blister
copper over the G. T. P. from
Prince Rupert.
Near Molson recently, ten cows
were killed by lightning while
standing under a tree.
At Sandon, Jim Thompson imports sweet milk from New Denver, and sells it in his bar.
An internment camp has been
established at Revelstoke. It contains 225 -prisoners, and 100
Captain Robert Thompson, formerly of New Denver will return
to Canada on furlough this month
from France.
P. E. Wilson is city solicitor for
Prince George at a salary of $600
a year. At one time Pete was a
judge in East Kootenay.
H. A. Carney has been appointed
collector for Prince George at a
salary of $90 a month. Edgar
Childs is city clerk at a salary of
$100 a month.
A man was recently seen in
Sandon, who had never seen a
table with a bole in the centre.
He should take a look at Fred
Holten's musenm.
The rivers along the north fork
of the Fraser are being renamed
after heroes who fell in the war.
The new names are Nation, McGregor and Bell-Irving.
.. Dealers in Vancouver have received orders from Australia for
10,000. ��� crates of potatoes. Dry
weathsr has made food scarce in
the land of the Southern Cross.
D. R. Young died last month in
Port Angeles, Wash., from heart
failure. He was well-known in
Slocan City and other B. C. towns.
He was an optimist of high degree.
Al Smith and Walter Waddell,
of Keremeos, were recently sent to
Kamloops for six months and nine
months. The people of Keremeos
think that this is a very light sentence for cattle thieves.
The Big Tunnel
Last week Wm Patterson, of,
Chicago was in the city., He is the
secretary of the Greenwood-Phoenix Tramway Co. This is the
company that began the driving of
a big tunnel from Greenwood to
Phoenix a distance of three miles.
Work was suspended some years
ago after the tunnel had been
driven over 3,000 feet. The company will hold a meeting in Chicago abont the 1st of September to
arrange plans for the immediate
resumption of operations upon this
great enterprise. At first only one
shift will be employed. The big
tunnel is a favorite speculation
with the Chicago men, and they say
that it is a crime not to reach the
contact. The resumption of Operations at this tunnel means a great
deal to the Boundary district and
the entire province.
Piping Times
Bob Cnnning and A. McDonald
of Sandon spent Monday in town.
Bob has eenfc to the old sod for a
set of Irish pipes. He believes
there are greater possibilities of
melody in the Irish than the Scotch
pipes, while 'Mr. McDonald holds
the opposite view. When the
musical duel starts many of the
residents of Sandon will take their
summer holidays on the lake.���
Slocan Record.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lum wish to
express their thanks for the kindness ..shown ,them in their late
bereavement, by their many kind
The Bostonian's Bull
Coming Events
Mother upstairs, calling)���Are
yon engaged Mabel?
Mabel (from darkened parlor)���
I will be in <* minute, mother.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
To show its patriotism, The
Islander at Cumberland recently
printed a red, white and blue edition. The picture of a Serbian
trench on the front page would terrify any sober German.
J. M. Harris arrived April 7th,
1892, at the spot now known as
Sandon. He is king af that city,
and keeps himself busy mining,
keeping hotel, making garden, and
training his two fine dags to catch
The editor of the Hope Review
recently drank two glasses of hard
cider. It pnt him to sleep and he
dreamed that 200 people paid their
subs to his paper in one day.
When he awakened and found it a
dream he resolved to only drink
rye in the future.
Last month while walking in the
railway yard at Prince Rupert,
Frank Morgan died of heart failure. His parents arrived the next
day from Hamilton, Ontario, for
the purpose of paying him a visit.
Mrs. James Vallance, of Vernon
is a sister of the deceased.
In New Denver, Jim Grier has
a new dog. The dog will soon be
big enough to keep the preachers
and politicians away from the
print shop in daytime, and the
horses at night. The dog will be
baptised in time, and his name
will be Paul, or My Chum.
_ In New Denver, Charley Aylwin
milks the cows in the morning,
feeds the chickens and then walks
four miles to Silverton, where he
has the contract for loading barges
at the Standard mill. In the evening he walks home, does his chores,
says his prayers, and goes to bed-
It waa reported this summer that
a $40,000 gold nugget, had been
found in the Engineer mine at
Atlin. This was not so. The
story was started through tbe
finding of a pocket of small nuggets on the vein. Such finds are
common in Atlin, and create no
excitement in that camp.
A Boston mam was on his way
West on important business. In
the opposite section of the Pullman
sat a sweet-faced, tired appearing
woman with fonr small children,
and feeling sorry for the mother,
the Bostonian soon made friends
with kiddies.
Early the next morning be heard
their eager questions and the patient "Yes, dear," of the mother,
as _she - tried- to dress them; - and,
looking ont, he saw a small, white
foot protruding beyond the opposite
curtain. Reaching across the aisle,
he took hold of the large toe and
began to recite:
"This little pig went to market;
this little pig stayed at home; this
little pig had roast beef; this little
pig bad none; this little pig cried,
'Wee! wee!' all the way home."
The foot was suddenly withdrawn, and a cold, quiet voice���
that of the mother���said, "That is
quite sufficient, thank yon.
Harper's Magazine.
Sure Sign
Pretty cashier���You might give
me a holiday to recruit my health.
My beanty is beginning to fade.
Manager ��� What makes you
think so?
Pretty cashier���The men are beginning to count their change.���
Stray Stories.
Historical Any Date
Alexander was before Tyre.
"To succeed," counselled the
generals, we must invest the city."
Aleck frowned.
''Tomato oar revenge keener,
why not compel the citizens to do
the investing; let ns be the pro*
rooters," he answered.
Whereupon the court jester
withdrew to draw up the pros*
$2 a year iu Canada,   and   $2.50   in  the
United States.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     6.00
Apnlicf-lion Liquor Licenses     5.00
Transfer Liquor Licenses     7.50
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    2.00
Certificate of Improvement ;  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
TiiESE'dayB it is zinc or swim in
the Slocan.
Many editors and speakers who
are not pro-German, murder the
It looks to us, aa though it takes
more than a full house to see the
Troubles never come singly.
Not a hen has laid a fresh egg in
our backyard this summer.
Tiiekr is too much political pull
in the Canadian army. Many men
through a pnll are holding position., as officers who are unfitted
by nature or training to rule or
command, even a corporal's guard.
Officers should bo appointed
throiigh merit, and not because
their rich relatives or political
dads have a pull with the upper
powers. We hear many complaints about the way the Vernon
(3innp is conducted, and if they are
true we certainly need more brains
to rule and guide our common
soldiers. Speaking on this subject
the Rossland Miner says:
"The scandalous truth of it
must 1)0 told,,is that there is too
much politics contained in the
brew of Canada's military activity. Without qualifications we
see men because of their political
pull, appointed to responsible
positions, where their presence at
a critical time, may, from their
very inexperience, serjously endanger the men under them.
The instance.of a young man
from Rossland who recently obtained a. responsible military
position through political influence, is fresh in the minds of
residents. If it is necessary to
mention other instances, we have
only to cast our eye over the
roster of the iMth Battalion and
note there the name of an officer
who personally may. be a very
nice fellow, but who is absolutely
unqualified to act in the capacity
of paymaster.
Lord Northcliile, while extreme in many ways, has laid his
finger upon a very sore spot on
the naked body of our empire
when he asks if Britain is going
to be content to muddle throngh
the present war with these antagonistic influences of individual and political greed, sapping
the strength from our virile
Are we content to muddle
along? Let us ask ourselves the
question. Are we satisfied to
trust the care of these brother
and sister Canadians to the tender mercies of a few rapacious
Inquiie if the dependents of
those who have fallen have received their government pittances. Discover if the wives of the
men at the front are ceing cared
for. Do not let our hate for
Germany blind us to internal
conditions that must he rectified
before we can concentrate our
best energies and strength against
the enemy.
Canada is too big and wide
and  free a country to stand for
these thing?, these petty crimes
against    patriotism    that   may
prove so   vital   to the lives of
brave men.    We, as honest and
honorable men,  cannot countenance them  and,  irrespective of
party,    Conservative,    Liberal,
Socialist or Labor advoeatea, we
must devote onr energies to a
policy of co-operation unpolluted
by politics, and which is temper*
" ed  only with the desire to aid
Britain's    righteous    and   just
ideals and principles."
At last the germs and Germans
have got Warsaw. We pity the
children and women of that large
L\ Canada this year many people
will not wear German box, while
not a person is to be. found, who is
willing to take German measles,
even as a gift.
In May, 1914, the United States
imported ��20,000,000 worth of
goods from Germany, and in May,
1915, only ��400 worth. The British embargo has been EuccesBful.
Tue Chesaw News has moved to
Orient. Its editor will have to
keep moving if he expects to make
his paper pay. In small towns
when the novelty of having a
newspaper wears off, it is time
for the editor to move, while the
soles of his boots are intact, and
the walls of his stomach do not
have to brace each other in search
of nourishment.
Suggestions for Sleep
The bedroom should be well
ventilated, a window being kept
open all night, if that can be managed withont a draft playing upon
the Bleeper. Where there is a
chance of drafts ventilation may be
safely accomplished by inserting a
board six inches broad so as to
raise the lower sash and fill the
gap completely. Air then enters
between the sashes in an upward
direction and becomes diffused in a
harmless fashion.
About his bed-bedclothes and
pillow the sufferer from insomnia
must not dogmatize, but try experiments. Sometimes an extra
high pillow does the trick. The
covering should not be excessive,
but the feet must be kept warm���
by an eiderdown across them, a
hot bottle or bed socks���since
chilly extremities are fatal to sleep.
The same latitude must be allowed
in regard to supper. Sometimes
no supper is best, sometimes a
light supper rather more than an
hour before retiring, sometimes a
glass of hot milk or hot gruel when
one is actually in bed.
A short, smart walk before bedtime enables many folks to slip
into dreamland. For others a hot
footbath ;is better. Still more obstinate cases will yield to the soothing effect of a complete hot bath,
with or without some mustard.
"Most people spend so much
time in getting a living that they
have no time to live."
One of the magazines prints these
words in large type in th ^ centre
of the page. The statement is not
only terse and striking, but wonderfully true. It is a common
mistake to lose the end in the
means that lead up to it. Life is
always more than meat and warmth than raiment. It is said that
when men become so busy in making a living that they are disqualified' for living.
Life is a struggle from birth to
death. Especially is this true if a
person seeks to do right. The man
who acts conscientiously will be
sure to run up against the one who
represents craft and graft. The
man ,who fights the drink traffic
will not bo likely to receive boqueta
from the holder of a saloon license.
In view of this it is necessary that
good men should assume an attitude of actual stoicism toward the
criticisms and thrusts of evil men.
A little mud thrown will not hurt
anyone as long as it dosen't stick
to us. A righteously aggressive
man needs to be as good an anvil
as he is a hammer.
REALLY DELIGHTFUL      ���_,. ���
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
flthiclit Package.
Up-to-Date and Best Appointed Studio
in the Boundary
Amateur   Finishing   Beautifully   Done,
Postage Paid to and from Greenwood aud
Other    Points.     Best  I.ine of'Portrait
Frame Pictures in the Boundary.
Agent for Ensign Cameras and Supplies
DEVELOPING 25ct$ per roll
PRINTS 50cts a dozen
F.   J.   LAKE,
Winnipeg Ave., Grand Forks
THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of the best furnished $
hotels in the west.    It is located in the'heart ol Green- %
> ,V.
wood and within easy reach of all the financial and .*.
commercial institutions of the: Copper Metropolis. j      j>
Heated with Steam and Lit by. Electricity .<
Commodious.sample rooms.   The bar is replete with X
all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Booms ���!���
reseived by telegraph. $
A Lincoln Letter
More Money Wanted
The following letter has been
sent to the editor of The Ledge by
the Canadian Red Cross Society of
"Dear Sir���May we enlist your assistance in a Provincial-wide movement to provide the Fifth Army
Medical Corps with surgical and
ambulance equipment in addition
to that provided by the Dominion
Government. This equipment will
be used for the purpose of saving
the lives of British Columbia sol-
diere. The principal item to be
provided will be spocial surgical
instruments, X-Tay apparatus and
powerful motor ambulances; the
latter to convey the wounded soldier from the battle line to the
hospital in the quickest possible
manner, and the former to enable
the surgeons in charge to quickly
and painlessly determine the extent and nature of his injuries, to
locate bullets and shell splinters
definitely; thus euabling their extraction with a minimum loss of |
time and the least amount of
suffering to the soldier.
Many lives have already been
sacrificed because such apparatus
was either lacking or inadeqnate
in amount to enable all the wounded to receive its benefits. Many |
more of our boys will fail to return unless such equipment is
While the enthusiasm for furnishing machine guns is at fever
heat it must not be forgotten that
the saving of our own soldiers is
just as important as the destruction of the enemies troops.
It is estimated that at least $25,-
000, will be required to meet the
exigencies of the case, and the B.
C. branches of the Red Cross
Society and the St. John Ambulance Association have combined
their forces to direct and stimulate
the raising of this amount. All
other patriotic organizations of the
province will join hands with us.
Without the co-operation of the
press throughout the province the
campaign cannot meet with the
success which itB importance deserves.
We realize the -powerful influence that the papers exert, and
appeal to your patriotism to lend
your columns in support of the
cause, which is provincial wide in
extent. In towns and cities where
Red Cross or St. John Ambulance
branches have been established the
treasurers of these societies will be
the natural custodians of funds
collected until they are forwarded
to the central fund in Vancouver.
Where there is no branch of either
society we wonld request you to
co-operate with the Bfayor or
Reeve (as the case may be) with
respect to the funds while the
campaign is in progress.''
No man in history stands out as
possessing a more humane heart or
a greater command of sympathetic
expression than Abraham Lincoln,
the Liberator. It may not be
amiss to recall a letter which he
once wrote to a mother who had
lost five sons in the American
Civil War, and which has long
since taken its place with the
classics.    This is the letter:
((I have been shown on the file
of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of
Massachusetts, that you are the
mother of five sons who had died
gloriously on the field of battle. I
feel how weak and fruitless must
be any word of mine which would
begile you from the grief of a
loss so over-whelming, but I cm-
not refrain from tendering to you
the consolation that may be found
in the thanks of the Republic they
died to save.
"I pray that our Heavenly
Father may assuage the anguish
of yonr bereavement and leave
only the cherished memory of the
loVed and "lost, and the-solemn
pride that must have laid so coBtly
a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom."
Fishing Advice
Morning Ablutions
"Cyril," said his mother, as
they sat down to the breakfast
table, "did yon wash your face
this morning?"
"Well, no, mamma,1" said he,
slowly, evidently casting in his
mind for an excuse, "bnt," he
added, reassuringly^ "I cried a
little before I came downstairs."���
Vancouver Exhibition
The Knob Hilt Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealis.
* ======_=_
4. ~ :���
<��,   The only up'to.'c.ate Hotel in the interior.   First-class
Cbe Rume fiotel
nelson, B.���.
in m
CO., l/T'D.
Leaves Mother Lode
9.30 a. m. 6.30 p. m.
Leaves Greenwood
2,oo p. m.
8.30 p. m.
Saturday last stage leaves Mother
Lode 6 p. m. Returning, leaves
Greenwood 10 p. m.
August 13 ��� 21, excursion fares,
via Canadian Pacific. On account of the above the Canadian
Pacific Railway are naming a
special rate of single fare for the
return journey from all stations
in Kootenay district. Tickets
are on sale daily August 10 to 19
good to return till August 25.
Tickets' may be routed via the
Arrow lakes or via Kettle Valley
Line to Penticton, thence through
Okanagan Lakes to Sicamous or
via Merritt or to go any of these
routes return any other. Berth
reservations from any agent or
write, J. S. Carter, D.P.A., Nelson.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
COAL mining
in Manitob
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Bar and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains a_.dW.its.
J*^^^****4****** + ** 4MtMf'f'f��f'f'f*f*6
Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of tlie old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield, Prous,
The first consideration is hait; it
is also the last.
Take plenty of flies; mosquitos,
gnats, etc., to be found on the
Even the fish have become:
Weary listening to the frazzled
phrase, "Line's busy!"
It is no longer fashionable to say
"the biggest fish got away." Say
"He struck out."
Always beat- in mind that scales
won't lie, but what has scales to
do with fishermen?''
It is no longer considered the
thing to fish on rainy days. A
man wet without and wet within
will soon become waterlogged.
The friend who can row a boat
well, and who likes to do it, is the
one most desirable to invite to your
camp for a week's fishing.
For ladies who love to fish, the
following roles of dress may be observed: if going after blackfish,
were black; bluefish were bine;
whitefish, wear white. If lobster-
ing, wear bathing suit,: any color.
It's the easiest thing in the
world for a bachelor to get engaged to a young widow; all he has
to do is to give her half a show.
2= ���A��� ^
|=_ Large shipment of fine 3
I     Wheat    I
5=        Just Arrived        2|
% R. IN. Adams %
S= E. Foyle Smith, Manager- =3i
rights of the Dominion
l, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territor./, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district inwhich the
rights applied for are-situated:'
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections? or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded il
the rights applied for are' not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine'"at the'rate of five'centsT-er ton.
The person operating the "mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon: If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, such returns should
be furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the* coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Desputy'Minister of the Interior;
N.B.���Unauthorized publication / of
this advertisement will.not be paid for.���
Kaslo, B. C, is a comfortable
home for 'ali who travel to that
WALSH & HAYDON, Proprietors.
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Tlie Britlsli Colnmbia
Copper Company, Limited, whose address is
<_ reetiwoocl. U.C., will apply for h licence to take
and use six cubic feet per second of water out of
Copper Creek, wlilcli Hows southeasterly add
drains into Boundary Creek, opposite town of
Anaconda, B. C. Tlie water will be diverted
from tbe stream at a point about 22 chains S.
W. from N. E. Cor. of Sec. 32, Twp 70 And will
be used for smelter purpose unon tbe land described as that part of N. E. % of N. E. % of
Section 32. Tp 70, part of tlie townsite of Anaconda and part of Lot 897 Group I, Osoyoos
Division Yale District, coiuprislnp. smelter site.
This notice was posted on the ground on the
IStU day of July, 1915.
A copy of thin notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Witter Act, WM," will
be filed in the office of the Water Recorder at
Grand Forks, B. C.
Objections to the application "May be filed
with tbe said Water Recorder or With the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Bulldinf., Victoria, B. C, within tuirtvdays
after the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
The. date of the first publication of tbis notice
is Jnly 22nd, 191-..
Bt Oscar Lachninud, Agent.
A SITTING 01 the Cottnty Court of Yale will
be holden at the Court House, Greenwood,
on Tuesday the "th day Of September 1915, at
11 a.m.
Be��Jstn-r C. C. of T
Bridesville,   B. C.   This  hotel   is
within easy reach of all the leading
Boundary towns and the centre of
a fine farming district.
THOMAS   DONALD,   Proprietor.
Trail, B. C���This hotel has been
thoroughly renovated. It is heated
- by steam, and has hot and cold
water in all rooms. A pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rock Creek, B. C.   This is one of
���3      the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley.    Excellent accommodation for
all travellers.
S.oT. LARSEN. Proprietor.
Deadwood, B. ��. This hotel is
within easy distance of Greenwood
and provides a comfortable home
for travellers. The bar has the
best of wines, liquors and cigars.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1' each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
ji.50. Silver-Lead J. 1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
All  the   latest   methods  in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
About Float.
Float is not ft periodical.
It is a book containing 86
illustrations all told, and
is filled with sketches and
stories of western life. It
tells how a gambler cashed
in after the flush days of
Sandon; how it rained in
New Denver long after
Noah was dead;   how a
parson took a drink at
Bear Lake in early daytr;
how ]'nstine was dealt-in
Kaslo in '93; how the
saloon man outprayed the
women in Kalamazoo, and
graphically depicts the
roaminga of a western
editor among the tender-
feet in the cent belt. It
contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens of articles too numerous to mention. Send for
one before it is too late.
The price is 25 cents,
postpaid to any part of the
world: Address all letters to
R. T. Lowery
'Princeton', B.  C.  is the   headquarters  for miners,  investors
and railroad rrieti..   A fine location and everything- first class
W. J. KIRKPATRICK, Proprietor.
Merritt, B. C. The leading hotel
in Merritt Hot and cold water in
everyToom. Steam healed throughout. Large sample rooms. Sales-
meiis headquarters.
MURDOCH MclNTYRE. Proprietor.
Direct from the Factory to the consumer
it.- PaKCEI. post
at nliole��n1e prices    to advertise onr
Every cigar wc make is absolute... guar-
(..Heed filled .villi genuine Havana-
Box of So's B.C. full weight, five
inches long $3 50.
Box of go's O.S    4  inches  long,
Conchus, f3 00.
Box of "Brillantes" Clear Havana
Wrapper, full weight, 5 inches
long, 50 S$5.00.
Send money order, or certified
cheque.   Do not send money unless registered.
Refere-ices.-^R. G. DUNN &CO.
New Westminster, B. c.
Auto    and- Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in ttte Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Russell's livery And Stage
O. Q. EU8SEEI1, Proprietor.
Imperator and Kootenay Standard
Cigars.   Made by
J. G. THE11N & Co., NELSON
Leading Tailor of the Kootenaya.
KASLO      B. a.
your Razors Honed
and Your Baths at
I       GRESlW��fK)D.
Mazda1 Tungsten Lamps
10 to 60 Watt Lamps 60c each
In cartons of 5, $230
100 Watt LaMp*, SL25 each
Gnwfwa City Waterworks Company


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