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The Greenwood Ledge Dec 20, 1928

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Season's Greeti
Words of Good Cheer
I thank you for the opportunity you
have again afforded me of extending
Christmas Greetings to the people of
Greenwood District.
We are all watching tiie growth of
the interior of British Columbia. The
soundness of our present economic
���prosperity is happily based on the evergrowing number of mines added to the
shipping list.
- I wish you one and all a Happy
Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
and a full share of the prosperity in
store for our truly great Province.
.     R. RANDOLPH BRUCE,     .
Lieutenant-Governor of
British   Columbia.
Through the courtesy of the Editor
of the Greenwood Ledge, I should like
to give a Greeting to all its readers.
A Greeting which .will convey all the
good and time-honoured wishes, which
we are accustomed to associate with
the birthday of Christ, and with' the
beginning of a New Year.
A Greeting which this year is a so
much happier one, because of the hope
we all share that a measure of Prosperity seems to be likely to take the place
of the rather grim endurance of the
past few years.
Just at the outskirts of deserted
Phoenix stands that stone of Remembrance, in memory of those who went
and showed us what endurance meant.
You, honouring them, take your lesson
from them, you have endured through
times of hardness, and now the tide
showing signs of turning, you will, I
earnestly hope, benefit by new activities, bringing with them improved business conditions from which a healthy
prosperity may spring.
The passing year of''1928 has been
one calling for careful consideration of
prospects put forward by outside
interests which at the present time
have the earmarks of increased prosperity for the city if brought to successful culmination. ' -    ���
Your representatives have had at all
times the welfare and interess of the
Community first and foremost in their
difficult task' of discharging* the duties
pertaining to their office, join with all
good citizens in wishing for betterment
of private and municipal financial conditions during 1929 and the years ahead.
May this Christmas Season be no'less
happy 'than'the many'"bright ones'that
.have passed, and may the coming year
' be fuller, if possible, of the good things,
that make for real happiness and contentment.
" BEAVERDELL   1928-1929:
The closing year finds Beaverdell in
- aNparticular happy mood.   While there
have been no startling discoveries, and
some disappointments, the outlook is
the mining field,
Perhaps the outstanding feature of
the camp is the wonderful showing, of
the Bell Mine. Thirty car loads of
high-grade ore have gone out from this
property this year and there is every
indication that a great deal more will
be shipped the coming year. Like the
Immortal Brook, the Bell apparently
will "go on forever."
Adjoining the Bell to the North is the
Highland Lass, newly bonded by a
Kelowna Syndicate.under management
of A. J. Finch. The property, in an
early stage of development, with one
machine working, has already shipped
a car of high-grade ore and another
car will go out very shortly.
The Beaver mine, lying East of the
��� Bell, after several years of development,
is now in a fair way of becoming a
steady' shipper. Several good leads
have been crossed in drifting for the
Bell vein' and indications are all in
favor of finding Llie main Bell lead on
the present level.
The Sally, while not a heavy shipper
this year, owing to a lot of development work being done, is again working
in ore and the prospects of this large
group of claims, comprising as it does
by far the largest holdings on Wallace
Mountain, should be very bright for
many years to come.
'Coming down the hill we find the
Beaverdell Wellington now completing
a long program of development work,
which has carried them about 500 ft.
into the hill and weir below all other
workings. Should a continuous body
of ore be encountered at this'' depth,
it will prove a great boon to the life of
Beaverdell camp.
The coming year will no doubt see a
steady progress in the camp. The
nature of the rich mineral zone does
not lend itself favorable to very extensive operations and for this - reason,
Baverdell cannot hope to be a big town,
but from the present indications it will
be on the map for a long, long time.
Christmas time brings to us memories
of days of long ago, so let me tell you
of a Christmas - spent here nearly 40
years ago, though the time and place
may not be correct'the dinner is just as
we hungry young men found ifc.
Louis Eholt, a sturdy German, owned
at that time the Midway Flat and lived
in the old log cabin beside the crab
apple  tree,. ''
Eholt, as the custom then was, kept
open house and. we of the open trail
were always welcome at his well filled
table. On this Christmas day of 1889
Eholt had to take' a drive of steers up
to the Eholt Meadow now the home of
the Floyd Brothers.   .
Early morning* saw., us wend our way
up the Boundary Creek, past tlie
Midway Grave Yard on the Dewdney
trail as far as Boundary Falls. Spoke
to Roy the Frenchman at his ranch
and said a Merry Christmas to Mr.
McCarren at the end of the bunch
grass range. Then we were into the
solid timber on the left bank of Boundary Creek.
From Boundary Falls to Eholt the
timber was very thick with a'trail cut
througli the same first on one side of
*Lhe"'oreek*- and thim on- the other:'
Well; about 5 o'clock wo arrived at
the cabin on thc Meadow and there we
found Talamalka, a Mexican, who had
our Christmas dinner prepared according to the Mexican plan.
Now, I forget the name of this
famous dish but I can tell you how to
prepare it. You will dig a hole about
4 ft. deep in the ground and in thc
same you will keep a fire for 24 hours,
draw out the fire, fill the hole with
havc placed a steer's head, cleaned,
salted and peppered, a little more hay
on top then cover up with earth and
leave for 12 hours.
This was the feed as handed out
to us by Talamalka- as the great
Mexican dish. Of course .there were
potatoes, bread, coffee, etc., etc., and
may be something else that was common at banquets in the old days.
My recollection of this Mexican dish
was that it was very good, but it is
hard to say if.I could enjoy it the same
Now the good Christmas time has
come again when we celebrate the
Birth of Christ into Lhe world. If we
could- only follow his example and
teaching all this land would be-- peaceful and beautiful again.
Wishing you, yours and the Old
Timers and everybody a very Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Midway, B.C.
OJlTr (Srwmmuti 3!u*iUu*
iituihrii its rraiuu-tf auii frtntfts
A fttm-tj Qilinstmas
auii a JJiuiiSiimuui 2frm ||rar
The natal day of the Son of God is
again fast approaching with its message
of joy and goodwill. If there be one
thing that our tragic world needs more
than another it is a baptism of the
Christmas spirit.- We want everywhere
the soul of good cheer, that cases
strain, removes suspicion, and leads us
into the world of the child heart. It
is good once a year Lo feel Lhe heart
flow freely; it would be better if it did
so every day. Christmas is a great day
that all days may be filled with the
spirit of good-will.
Christinas, seems to strike a chord of
common humanity more human and
intimate than any other of the festivals of the year. The heart that turns
again home is always softened to
kindlier thought and deed.' When true
to home, the human heart becomes true
to the highest in man. A little child is
always leading men to their better
selves. The presence of a child conquers coldness, suspicion and world-
liness.   With   sure    instinct,   George
Elliott in one of her greatest books,
"Silas Marner", made the "touch of a
little child wean the old miser's heart
from the love of gold to the love of
man and God. <-* *    -
There came lo earth long ago a little
child ancl Lhe heavens rang with songs
of ���_ peace through goodwill ancl these
songs have been struggling to enter
men's hearts ever since. In celebrating
tho children's festival, those who fail to
catch Lhe child spirit of gladness and
abounding goodwill miss everything,
woifch while, but those who possess it
are*; eternally blessed.
Pastor United, Church of  Greenwood..
���������"-"''����*���' \.   ��� ��� ,- ���
Once more the Holy Season is witli
us, and the near approach of the New
Year becomes a reminder, gentle but
firm, Lhat we are steadily advancing
toward the end. May the Infant
Jesus, whose birth we are commemorating, bring peace and joy to the homes
and hearts of all the readers of The
Greenwood Ledge; and, with the passing of the years, may He bless them
still more by an ever-increasing FaiLh
The Christmas season is here once
again with all its fun and frolic, bringing with it memories of many former
Christmases, some full of joy, somc
laden with sorrow! But whether joy-
full or sad, the beautiful Festival of
Christmas cannot help but bring-
happiness to every one, who realizes
Lhe true meaning of it; that God, out
of His infinite pity for mankind condescended to allow His Son, His Little
Child, to be born into the world in the
little stable at Bethlehem for our sakes,
What is the true note Lhat ought Lo
echo in our hearts at this glad season?
Love, of course, love foi* God and lovc
for our fellow man, but more than that,
what love bring, i.e. contentment.
Christmas is the Children's Season, and
if we compare the happy lives of our
children, with the Child Life of Christ
liow much wc have Lobe thankful for,
So that at this season of rejoicing let
us bury all our troubles, forget all our
sorrows, and just try and bring happiness, love and contentment, not only
Lo our own hearts, but to the hearts of
all those around us.
Vicar of St. Jude's Church, Greenwood.
"Thanks bc unto God for His unspeakable Gift."���Cor. 9, 15.
Joy to the world���the Lord has come,
Let earth receive her King,
Let every heart prepare Hun room
And heaven and nature sing.
The greatest and noblest Gift ever
given to mankind, but the least accepted
and appreciated, is the one given by
God, himself.   "Unto you is born this
day a Savior, whicli is Christ the Lord.
O   the   mystery,   the   impenetrable
mystery of the gift.   We behold here
,no ordinary child, it's Deity in humanity, Divinity in infancy.   In this little
body is bound up God's immensity, in
the Babe's weakness is enclosed heavens
Thc Main Kettle River mining district, a secLion Lhat has been inactive
for over 25 years, is again coming to
the fore. The Mogul Mining Co. is
developing a group of 22 claims in the
Triple Lake district at the head of
Deer Creek. This group is owned by
Victoria'and Vancouver interests, and
the work on the group is in charge of
A. F. Thomas, well known in Greenwood. Mr. Thomas came West over 30
years ago and his first mining experience was in-Rossland in 1897.
Afc present work is being done on the
Mogul and Silver Dollar.   A drift was,
started from' the'bottom' of "'the' 50"'fo6t' *
shaft on the Mogul 'and at' 25 feet oh
the drift and exceedingly fine lead was
encountered.   On the Silver Dollar the
shaft is down 45 ft, in ore and a 30-ft. ,
drift shows an ore body 14 ft. wide.
The character of the ore is arsenical
pyrite  and  pyrorthite,  carrying  gold-
values running from $9 to $70 a ton.  .,
Work  commenced  on these  claims
in September and six men are employed-
The greatest need of the camp is a 41
mile wagon road to connect with main
road. The road in all probability will
be built at the earliest possible opening
of the season. All the supplies are
taken to the camp on pack horses and
with the completion of the road the
supplies can be handled in a much
more economical manner. ���
The group consists of Mogul, Silver
Dollar, Utopia, Mamie, Keystone Highland Mary, Coin,' Anchor, Rambler,
Champion, Denve.r, Seven-Thirty, Belcher, Lilly May, Mayflower, 4th of July,
Idaho, Muldoon, Massinger, Kingston,
Boston and Houston.
The following is taken from The
Boundary Creek Times of Saturday,
April 2nd, 1898:
Geo. F. Miller returned this week
from Deer creek on main Kettle river,
where he has been putting up cabins
on his pre-emption. On Canyon, Cedar
and Deer creeks, considerable develop-^
ment work is being done. The bond on
Lhe Silver Dollar, Canyon creek, was
not taken up, This is one of the best
showings in the Kettle river country.
The ledge is about 14 feet in width and
average assays run over $20. in gold to
the ton. Ed. Sullivan has a stopping
place for travellers on Cedar creek.
Quite a number of prospectors are going
into the district and up the West Fork.
The latest bulletin received in Greenwood is to the effect that King George
is out of danger and his tprogress of
recovery will be very slow.
"Unto you is born this day in the
City of David, a Savior." In that word
you have the key of Christmas and the
purpose of God's Christmas gift. "A
Accepting Him in the true faith we
have true Christmas joy and peace.
Pastor of Evangelical Lutheran Church.
^mm^^\%^^%^w^mi^ PAGE TWO
United Church, Greenwood
Sunday, Dec. 23rd, 7:30 p.m.
0T*j S
I Of Local Interest |
���.sir-:** IE j
Leo. Madden of the Vancouver Business College, Vancouver, is home for the
Win Johnson, road foreman at Rock
Creek, was a visitor .in Lown on Saturday.
A Special Feature will be a Pantomime and
Tableaux- illustrating one of the favorite
Christmas Songs
Harold Mellrud of Pullman, Wash., is
spending the holidays at his home in
in Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W Gregory of Drum-
heller, Alia., havc taken up residence in
Calgary, Alta.
The,, curling season is scheduled Lo
open in Greenwood Friday night, with
one rink in good condition. A scratch
game'will most likely be played. Thc
line up of rinks for the season follows:
Forshaw (Hoy) skip; Gulley, New-
march, Bryan.
Walters, skip; Peterson, Powers, Reid.
Goodeve. skip'; R. C. Taylor, Hamilton, Hadden.
Walmsley. skip; Smith, Skilton,
Two other rinks are being made up.
The President vs. Vice-Pres. Competition will be played after thc  New
Year.   The teams follow:
President Vice-President
Forshaw (Hoy) Walters
Goodeve Walmsley
Oh, Ladies Behave!
Mrs. A. R. Royce returned on Saturday morning last from a visit <to Mr.
Royce in Trail.
\^___ft___5*A____?5 -gtS 1
i]$ Watch Grandma Step in those Lovely Jazz Slippers
Neilson's best for the best girl.
A rattling good rattle for baby.
Also a complete line of
Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
for Household and Camp Use
Clarke's Corner Store
The Greenwood Court House will bc
closed from noon Saturday until Wednesday morning*.
High Mass will bc celebrated in thc
Catholic Church, Greenwood, at 11
o'clock on Christmas Day.
Wealthy 50c; Mcintosh. 75c, in- your
own boxes.
Phone 7L, Greenwood.
Christmas Services will bc held in St.
Jude's Church, Greenwood, next Sunday 23rd hist., al 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. Hopps oi' Winnipeg, is visiting
at Lhe home of her daughter and son-
in-law, Dr.. and Mrs. W. H. Wood.
Born.���In Los Angeles, Cal., on Nov.
15th, to Mr. and Mrs. W. X. Perkins of
Penticton (nee Miss Mary Biner)' a son.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bryant left for
Kimberley. on Friday last to spend Lhe
fesLive season with relatives there.
Mrs. A. J. Morrison is prepared lo
take patients. Prices reasonable. Telephone No. 35. P.O. Box 42G, Greenwood.
���Xi!.. 'SMs <&.'
... '_**!_ <s, "a*
Miss Hilda Smith of Grand Forks is
visiting afc tho home of her brother and
sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. G. W. A.
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B. C.
Subscription: In Canada and Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices .. $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices      7.00
Estray Notices      3.00
Card of Thanks      1.00
Certificate of Improvement    12.50
(When more than one claim appears
in notice, $5.00 for each additional
claim.) ' ���
All other legal advertising 16 cents
a line first insertion, and 12 cents a
line for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.
Business locals 12',-ic a line each insertion.
sorted except over Lhe proper signature and address of the writer. This
rule admits of no exception.
The .word "merry" has its root
meaning "Lo cut short" and goes back
to fche old English use of the word,
making the time short by filling ifc with
gladness and service. A day of gladness and service will be a brief one.
The happiest day is the shortest. Thai
is why Christmas Day is the shortest in
the year.
We do well to wish every one a
"Merry .Christmas"', for Christmaslide
is above all a season of glad giving. It
reminds us of the love of God who
gave His Son to the world as a little
Child tp become our Savior. It is
enough to fill every human heart with
joy just to know thai Lhe God who
made and governs all things loves mankind.
The chief feature Lhat makes
Christmas a season of joy is that it is
a home clay the centre of which is Lhe
child, And so Lhe children of Lhe same
family flock home after perhaps being
scattered for tlie rest of tlie year,
spending the fleeting hours recalling
old memories and exchanging confidences about one anothers' life' and
work. Thev day's happiness is enhanced
in remembering God's great gift to the
world in giving and exchanging gifts
and ministering to the needs and
enjoyment of those less fortunate than
As we greet one another with a
"Merry Christmas," therefore, we should
not lose sight of ils deeper meaning,
and in this spirit we most cordially
extend greetings to the great family of
our readers and friends.
Mrs. Briggs sat afc the window
looking out at the snow. Mrs. Fenn
sat at thc opposile window.
"Mrs. Fenn," said Mrs. Briggs, "did
you always have turkey for Christmas?"
Mrs. Fenn sighed. "Yes, we always
had a big one, an' Pa used to say nobody on earth could roast a turkey
better or make better sluflhi' than I
could.     We always had a tree, too."
"So did we," said Mrs. Briggs, "till
Emmy died, then we got clear "out of
the notion. Christmas ain't no fun
without a chick or a child tu fix fur."
The door opened and in came Mrs.
Murphy. "Girls," she said, "there's the
swatest little boy in the hospital. He's
an orphan; he broke his leg an' they
brung him here last night. An' when
I was clanin' in there jest now hc sfts
lo me, 'Will Santa Claus come to the
poor farm tonight?' Psez: 'Sure Mike."
"What a pity," sighed Mrs. Fenn.
"Shame on yersef," cried Mrs. Murphy. "We got to make Christmas fur
"I goL a red petticoat���it's too full,"
isad Mrs. Briggs.   "I could make him
some-mittens;":- '~~* = '    ~~~~
"Grand," said Mrs. Murphy. "Who
wouldn't be plazed with red mittens!
Now you be thinkin' an I'll come back."
In aboufc twenty minutes she relumed
bearing some cedar boughs.
"I thought we'd Lie them together an'
have a tree. Old Mr. Gates is goin to
town an' he's gonna buy four candles
at the tin-cint store."
"Then he can get a bag of marbles
and a horn," cried Mrs. Fenn; "I got
twenty cents."
"Grand," said Mrs. Murphy. "An'
here is four ears of popcorn the gardener jest give me. Miss Fenn, you pop
'em an' we'll string il fur the tree."
The next night Mrs. Briggs and
Mrs. Fenn were sitting at their accustomed windows.
"He even liked the mittens," said Mrs.
"Jest as well as he did the horn and
the marbles," replied Mrs. Fenn generously.
"Wasn't iL iligant to have ol' Mr.
Hogan with his white whiskers for
Santa Claus?"
"An' when you rung lhe dinner bell
an' said 'Whoa you reindeers,' I could
have died a-laffin!
"An' wasn't the tree pretty?"
"And wasn't he sweet when he
said Merry Christmas!���Joan Roth.
Mrs. J. Reid left for Nelson on Sunday-afternoon where Mr. Reid will join
her lo-morrow to spend Lhe holidays,
with relatives.
tho Keltic Valley Mills Limited of Vancouver, B.C., having ils head office for
British Columbia at Rooms 41-43, Flack
Block, 163 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver, B.C." intends to apply to thc
Supreme Court of British Columbia on
Friday Lhe 18th day of January. 1929.
at the hour of 10:30 o'clock in Llie forenoon at the Court House. Grand Forks
B.C., for an order that it be restored
to lhe Register of Companies.
DATED at Grand Forks, B.C.. this
12th day of December, A.D., 1928.,
-   Per C. F. R. PINCOTT,
'   Solicitor,
Bonthron Block, Grand Forks. B.C.
G. C. Miller, teller of the Bank of
Commerce, left on Sunday morning to
couver. N. N. Shepherd, of Penticton
has Lakcn Mr. Miller's position.
On Christinas Day the Greenwood
Post Office will bc opened for lhe'distribution of mail from 10:30 a.m. to
11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Skating rink will open on Monday evening. There will be free skating
on the opening night. The rink will be
open each week day every afternoon
and each evening with the exception of
Saturday when there is a show in the
theatre. Tickets will be on sale at the
rink and afc ��� The Greenwood Ledge
office. The tickets are the same price
as last season.
Duncan  Murray  motored  to  town
from Beaverdell on Saturday.
A Luthern Service will bc held at the
home of Mrs. Ed. Mellrud on Wednesday, December 26th, at 8 p.m. Everybody welcome tp ..attend this Christmas
Mrs. F. Buckless is visiting at the
home of Mrs. Lee for a few days prior
to leaving for Allenby where she will
spend sometime visiting with her twe
Douglas Cavaye of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce staff in Victoria
and formerly with the bank in Greenwood and Grand Forks, left recently.on
The whole Dominion is talking Of tlie
great improvement in the Family
Herald and Weekly Star, Montreal, At
$1 a year or three years for $2 it is the
farmer's highest dividend paying
investment, and the family circle gets
with il the best of all magazines free.
Christmas, with its many traditions
and age-old ceremonies, brings some
rather interesting superstitions about
some of the the dishes we particularly
associate with its festivities.
Mince meat, with its pre-Norman
background, ��� especially seems inseparable from Christmas.
To refuse a piece of mince pie at
Christmas, according to superstition,
means that "bad luck" will attend one
during the year.
The apples in the pie portend health
and happiness. Each member of the
family should have a hand in the
making of the mince meat even if it's
no more than giving it a stir. He who
stirs shares in the good luck for the
household during the year.
When you are making up your
Christmas box for some one, why not
add an attractive jar of mince meat?
With its message of good luck, health
and happiness it embodies the very
spirit of Christmas.
After a short illness Mrs. Alexander
McLennan died afc San Francisco on
Dec. 6th 1928. Before her marriage
Mrs. McLennan spent several months
at the home of her brother A, D
McLennan, Rock Creek,.where she made
many friends who will regret to hear
of her death.
Guests at lhe Pacific Hotel during
Lhe week: W. H. Johnston, Rossland;
G. Williams, W. E. Seines, Geo. Thibo-
dcau, Vancouver; J, B. Desrosiers.
Princeton; D. J. Murray, J. Jackson.
Geo. Burns, Frank Boyain, Beaverdell;
C. G. Callas, City; A. W. Wilkening
Art Ruzica, D. R. Docksteader, Grand
Forks; J. Munroe, Carmi; Mrs. E. F.
Wilson, Rock Creek; F. J. Van Gelder,
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Casselman and
daughter Edna, of Eriksdale, Man., who
havo been visiting afc the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Casselman, Boundary
Falls, left on- Tuesday for thc coast-
where they will visit relatives for s
few clays before returning to Boundary
Falls to spend Christinas. Russell
Casselman had not seen his brother for
25 years. He is owner of the creamery
at Eriksdale.
One dollar invested in a year's
subscription to the improved Family
Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal
will bring the farmer better dividends
that one hundred dollars ih the bank.
The farmers' wives, daughters and sons
-get "free, the best magazine extant.
an application will be made at the next
Session of the Legislature of the Province of British Columbia for an Act
Lo incoroorate a company under Lhe
name of Provincial Telephone Company wiih an- authorised capital of five
million dollars with its head office in
the City of Vancouver and with Lhc
following powers:���
To operate telephone, wireless telephone, radio-telephone and similar services, including services for lhe Irans-
mission of sound, pictures, writing or
signals; lo hold and dispose of lands
tenements and hereditaments of-any
description;  to provide and maintain
all such buildings, works, plant, apparatus, materials, offices and exchanges
as may be necessary for its business;
for the purposes of its* business to provide' and operate steamships and otlier
vessels; to acquire and use any privilege granted by.any Federal, Provincial
or municipal authority; to acquire and
use patent rights; to advance money Lo
any corporation, company or person for
oroviding  building  or  operating   any
telephone system; to do anything ap
contractor for others which it might do
for ils own purposes; Lo invest ancl deal
wiih ils surplus funds; to enter upon
and break up highways, streets, and
public bridges and to conslrucl telephone lines along, across or under lhe
same,   or   in,   under   or   over   water
courses, rivers and lakes, subject to the
approval   of   the   city   or   municipal
council .where the proposed works are
to be situated within a city or municipality, and in other cases subject to
the approval of the Minister of lands:
to conslrucl works on its own properly:
subject to obtaining_cojisent_under._the
-Naviagable Waters Protection Act of
the Dominion of Canada, to construct,
lay and, operate submarine telephone
cable or cables in any lake, river or
water to which that Act applies, also between any islands in British Columbia
and   between   such   islands ��� and   the
mainland; to cut a passage for its lines
where such lines pass' through woods
subject to  compensating  the owners
thereof for damage, and to trim trees
on or extending over highways in order
to prevent interference with Good telephone service: to purchase, the whole
or any part of lhe undertaking of anv
other company having objects in whole
or in part similar to those of the com-
oany,  or  to  amalgamate  Willi  sucli
other company, and- to transfer lo Lhe
company or to the amalgamated com-
oany, as lhe case may be, all or any of
such franchises or statutory nowors as
may be possessed by such other com-
oany; lo enter into and carry out any
agreement with any company whos?
undertaking is purchased ns aforesaid
in the nature of assuming the pavment
of  or  guaranteeing  lhe  payment  of
orincipal  and interest, or either,  on
bonds, debenture stock or debentures
or assuming or guaranteeing lhe carrying out of ils obligations or anv part
thereof: to enter into agreements for
connecling its system or lines with those
of other telephone operators; to expro-
nriato land under the powers of tlie
Lands Clauses Act;  to make regulations for its internal management; to
fix  from   time  to  time  a  tariff   of
charges for ils services, and to collect,
sue for and recover the same; to borrow money; to issue preference shares
debentures or debenture stock. ��� either
redeemable or irredeemable; to issue
shares with or without nominal or oar
value: to change its name pursuant to
the Companies Act, and other incidental cowers."
DATED the 1st day of November,
525 Seymour Street.
.   - ' Vancouver. B.C.
Solicitors for the applicants.
Doris Kenyon, Lloyd Hughes,
Louise Fazenda
A Hit?   Mramm-!
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing  at 8:15  p.m.
Adults SOc.       Children 25c
The Annual Meeting of the Greenwood Conservalive Association ^ was
held in the Greenwood Theatre oh
Tuesday evening Dec. 18th. Ifc was
well attended. The following officers
were   elected:
President, W. Walmsley; Vice-Pres.
S. Bombini; Sec.-Treas., C. Nichols;
Executive, Mrs. N. Hingley, Mrs. W.
Clark, E. A. Wanke, R. Lee, H Hartley
and O. Lofstad.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20lh Century Shoe Repairer'
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage oneway.  Terms cash.
Coming! Coming!
.Saturday, December 29th
Robert Kane's Greatest Picture
was almost
as good
as having him
Somehow, when the
Browns sat down lo their
Christmas dinner they weren't
very cheerful. Oh, yes, the
table was simply overflowing
with good things, but Tom.
���tlie eltlestTbby, wasn't present. You sec, Tom was
working in an eastern city,
and couldn't arrange to get
home. Christmas without
Tom and! his cheery voice!
Why, it just isn't Christmas,
thought the Browns. And
then the telephone bell rang.
"Merry Christmas, mother and dad!" came a well-
known voice over the wire.
Sure enough, it was Tom,
2,000 miles away, calling the
home-folks, by long-distance.
Thc entire family flocked to
the telephone, and, of course,
everyone had something to
- say.
"It's almost as good as
having you homc, Tom," was
thc way. Dad expressed the
sentiments of thc family.
Thanks to thc telephone,
it was a Merry Christmas
after all.
Contractor and Builder
Get my prices on
on walls finished, and save money
Box 332 Grand Forks. B.C.
E. VV. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead.
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silvcr-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application. .' *
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1928.    ''���
Page *f hree
'A Christmas-.-Bargain
By Marian Atwood, Midway, B.C.
Mr. Lawton was the proprietor of a
general store in a mining town amongst
the hills of British Columbia. JL was a
fairly prosperous business, but Lhal was
due mostly to a very capable assistant'
and   Mrs.   Lawton,   for   though - Mr.
ho assented.
Next morning Mr. Lawton greatly regretted being decoyed into making a
promise that would certainly cost a
largo somc of money besides taking
him away from his comfortable home
Lawton was not an energetic man Mrs. - to the discomforts of a strange hotel
Lawton was a very energetic woman.
In this mining town, where they resided, help of any kind was hard to
procure and as Mr. Lawton objected to
' any kind of work-where much exertion
was required Mrs. Lawton thought that
more than a fair division of labor fell
to her share.
Mr. Lawton was not an early riser���
in fact he had to be called several
times, at intervals of five minutes, before he rose at all, and often more
energetic measures were necessary Lo
induce him to don his clothes, eat his
breakfast and be able to attend to business, One of the most effective ones,
Mrs. Lawton discovered, was to let the
pancake fat burn on the range, then the
smoke and acrid smell that pervaded
the house made peaceful slumber in
restricted quarters an-impossibility, .
Punctuality was not a virtue of Mr.
Lawton's and dinner often waited and
"grew cold before he could be induced to
tear himself away from his newspaper
or the attractions of "Seven Up" in the
back parlor of the Silver Lead Hole!.
This also was a cause of friction between them.
When a neighbour's boy who earned
a small salary by doing some of their
chores, failed to turn up, Mrs. Lawton
was obliged to request her husband to
chop and bring in wood for the kitchen
fire. But, unfortunately, this usually
happened when business in the store
called urgently for his presence there
and considerable conversation took
place before he could be persuaded to
undertake the uncongenial task. One
evening, being in much haste to get
through it, he attacked the chopping
with so "much vigor that he sent a large
stick through a panel of lhe kitchen
door, and as the thermometer had just
dropped to zero, Mrs. Lawton was re-
'duced to tears before a carpenter
could be found to repair the damage.
Sunday was "Decoration Day" in Mr.
Lawton's calendar, as he always took
advantage of the Sabbath's immunity
from business to hang pictures in a
more favorable"light.or move bric-a-
brac from one shelf Lo another. This
resulted iri much noise and general untidiness, also in a constant demand for
..assistance from Mrs. Lawton, as her
husband's idea of working out his plans
was to stand on a ladder and.call for
everything he required to be placed in
his hands and unless she remained to
"steady the ladder* pictures "ahd china
were apt to meet with disaster���also
Mr. Lawton.
I do not think I have mentioned that
Mr. Lawton was quite good looking and
(when. not provoked too far) had
agreeable manners, so thUfc in reality
Mrs. Lawton was proud of owning him
and thought it quite, probable some
other women might envy her possession
of him.
Mrs. Lawton could not be considered
some legs���exhibited to the greatest
advantage by knee length skirts and
flesh colored silk stockings.
On the whole they were most satisfied with each other���or anyhow able
to put up with each other's individual
faults in the usual married fashion.
Mr. Lawton quite agreed with his
wife that she was probably much envied by other women for her possession
of; him, which she was aware of and
when she wanted anything very badly
often took advantage of his vanity lo
obtain her object.
, Her object on a certain occasion was
to be enabled to spend Christmas
among the amusements to be enjoyed
at that season in a large city like Vancouver and, incidentally, buy some new
���clothes made in the latest fashion.....
Now the Silver Lead back parlor, was
a favorite resort for its frequenters but,
as ladies were not admitted, the wives
of the married men usually admitted
it amongst their grievances when they
had any difference  of opinion  with
their husbands, .who were of Len obliged
to resort to all - kinds of excuses���or
even lies���to account for their long-
absence   after   business   hours.    And
sometimes they got away with it and
sometimes   they,   did   not���especially
with women as smart as Mrs. Lawton.
Mr.   Lawton's   business   had   been
thriving so well, under her management and that of their able assistant,
that his wife thought no bett-*r time
could be found to obtain the realization of ,her long cherished wish  to
spend Christmas in Vancouver, so. on
one of the occasions when Mr. Lawton
returned home afc an unusually . late
hour and in an unusually elated condition,- instead of meeting him with the
usual reproaches, she placed before him
an appetizing little supper and during
his enjoyment of this unexpected ve-Al
��� past related several complimentary re- .*"���
I marks that had been repeated to her
' on his looks and general deportment.
and then interjected, quite casually,
her wish to spend the coming Christmas
in Vancouver, because it would be such
a good opportunity, she exclaimed, to
, obtain some of the splendid bargains
advertised by the large firms at that
j season and she really must have a new
j carpet for the parlor, as'the present
, one had been in use for the past five
f years and was quite shabby now.
There was but one reply that, Mr.
[Lawton could make under such an unusual reception of a martial sinner, so
and hoped Mrs. Lawton would forget
hc had promised.
Mrs. Lawton had not.
On Lhe contrary she brought it up so
often with an added amendment each
time of tiie great benefits to be .derived
from such a trip that, three days before Christmas, he was glad- when thoy
boarded a train en route for Vancouver.
Now the last rembranfc of Mr. Lav/-'
ton's hopes concerning the pleasantness of this trip lay in the hope lhat
his wife would forget that she wanted
la new carpet for her parlor.
Mrs. Lawton did not.
-And his last hope vanished while
they were partaking of breakfast at
the hotel they stopped al when she remarked, quite casually, as ��� shc helped
him to his sixth hot waffle.
' "Is'nfc it nice to be in such charming
surroundings and to see those crowds
of people all hurrying along to get
their Christmas shopping done, as soon
as you have finished breakfast, dear,
we will go out and look i'or my parlor
I regret to record that Mr. Lawton
then lost.the last rembranfc of his temper and replied."
"Damn it, Alice, can't you give me a
little rest aboul that darned carpet
until Christmas is over, then if you are
still determined to have ifc wo will look
for one the day before we leave, so that
it can be, sent to the train for us tc
take home ourselves.. But I cannot see
why you want to throw away a lot of
money on such an unnecessary article,''
"You may consider it unnecessary
and probably ifc would be if you had not
persisted in smoking in the parlor and
throwing your cigarette ends oh the
""All right,'put the damage on _ me
but what about your having* ' Lhe
Women's Political Equality League
meet in there and throwing their calec
crumbs on the floor?"
��� "Ladies, with a, strong emphasis on
the noun, do not throw crumbs or any
other rubbish on the floor���Ihey know
how to behave themselves properly."
"And men don't, I suppose. Where
are those ladies who used to go bellowing
about the streets bf London, wrestling
with policemen and raising Cain gen-'
erally till they got what tliey wanted."
"Which" they generally" do, you may
observe. Anyhow I do not see wliat
these past events have to do with Lhe
present unpleasant - problem, which
means'are we to buy a carpet where we
can get a good one at a bargain or arc
wo not?" '   "
Mr. Lawton realized at last that fche
battle-is' always to the strong and told
her, if she would wait till Christmas was
over he would help her choose one. ^
The Lawtons had friends in the city
who showed them hospitality and accompanied them to theatres and other
places of- amusern^it!__io__.e.v_ery.tliing-
wenfc^'sino'otlily. until Christmas was
over. Then Mr. Lawton, who was
naturally suffering from dispepsia.
announced thai he felt all symptoms of
approaching "Flu" and meant to return
home next day, so if she slill wanted
that darned carpet, she must come at
once with him to choose one. "Though
mind", he added, "I will not pay any
big price for ifc. I know you would not
care what it'eost as long as you got the
"I think you are ' mistaken," shc
retarded, "for I feel convinced if we do
find one to suit us you will probably
pay a higher price for it than I should
care to do."
"Thai is easily lo bc put lo lhe test���
come on and look for one."
After visiting' several stores, Mrs
Lawton found a brusscls square in just
,the shade and size she wanted, but
when Mr. Lawton heard the price was
one hundred dollars, he exclaimed at
her extravagance in expecting him to
pay a sum for an article lhal was, in
the first placo unnecessary, and in the
next���he lold her, solto voice���he was
sure could be got for less with a tittle
judicious bargaining.
Mrs. Lawton refused to lend herself
aid to anything so unladylike, arid Mr.
Lawton remaining obdurate, she
walked away to another department,
remarking���also sofcto voice���that she
preferred leaving him so that he might
have an opportunity of displaying some
of lhe executive ability he was so fond
of boasting -about.
But' her husband's courage evaporated with her departure and, with a
muttered apology to the man who had
been showing them the carpet, he followed his wife as she visited the
various counters in the store.
Mrs Lawton often found silence the
best weapon with which tp persuade
her husband into* seeing "things from
her point of view so she maintained it
until after they had left lhe store and
were back in the hotel. There, she informed him she had a headache and
preferred lying down in her room tc
spending the afternoon in any more
of those tiring, profitless expeditions, so
Mr. Lawton was left to his own devices
for the rest of the day.
In the smoking room he met a friend
who offered to take him for a ride in
his car around Stanley Park, which he
accepted, so Mrs. Lawton was also left
to her own. devises for the rest of the
afternoon.-'7 But as this was what she
had manoeuvred for it suited', her very
well, and as soon as she was sure her
husband was safely off the promises,
put on her hat and made her way back
to the store wherein the brusscls square
she coveted still reposed.
"I havo decided to take lhal .square,"
slio informed tho proprietor, who now
attended her, "ancl will give you twenty
five dollars on account. My husband
will call for iUand pay tho rest of Lhe
price to-morrow morning,".
She liad reached the head of Lhe
stairs leading lo tho lower floor when,
retracing her steps, shc remarked
casually, "by the way, my husband
thinks I am buying a needlessly expensive carpel, so you will oblige me by not
mentioning the money I have given you,
mako out. a receipt for seventy Five
dollars when he comes"
"Very well, madam," said the gentleman she addressed, who was a married
man and so intimate with the intricate
puzzle of marital arrangements and the
vagaries of the female* mind.
Now Mr. Lawton had some pleasing
attributes as well- as provoking ones,
and as ho was really fond of his wife
ancl regretted when he had been the
cause of disappointing her in any way,
sundry qualms of compunction interfered with tho .perfect enjoyment of
Iiis ride. He pictured her lying down
alone in the hotel room suffering from
a nervous headache, brought on by
his unkindness concerning Lhat darned
carpel, and then and there made up his
mind to provide her with an agreeable
This picture, which his fond fancy
created of her altitude was as-we know
not a true one, but as it has been said,
"What the eye does not see -the heart
cannot grieve for" Mr. Lawton continued lo exult in his amiable intentions until his friend, by request, drew,
up al the portals of the place where he
meant lo pub Lliem into execution.
As ifc was nearly six o'clock the proprietor had left for his home, but a
clerk affably proceeded io exibifc the
desired wares and Mr. Lawlon picked
out the carpet which had taken his
wife's fancy and then inquired, diffidently, if it was possible to obtain any
reduction in the price. He was
informed that lhc establishment never
asked any other price than that they
intended to lake.
Now as the proprietor did not expect
the carpet lo be called for till Lhe next
morning, when he intended lo be on
hand himself, he had not mentioned to
any of his employees thc- arrangement
Mrs. Lawton ��� had made ��� with him in
connection with the purchase of that
particular article, consequently the
:lerk.named the price marked on Lhe
carpet.. Mr. Lawton paid a hundred
dollars, took a receipt and bore lhe
much coveted carpet to the hotel.
He found Mrs. Lawton, in Lhe parlor,
becomingly dressed in readiness for
dinner.   She received him languidly.
Mr. Lawton had not intended to tell
her of his'- abject capitulating to her
extravagance until they arrived home,
but, this coolness of demeanor completely
disarmed him and Mrs'. Lawton' soon
knew herself to be the possessor of her
much desired carpet.'"As she always
intended to be, the surprise was not
.That came a week later, when she
was brushing Mr. Lawton's best suit,
before putting it carefully away, and
for one hundred dollars.
Mrs. Lawton's mind had been con-
It won't he long now!
Greenwood Hockey Club's
siderably exercised as to the reason
why her husband had never mentioned
the large, reduction made in the price
at which he acquired the carpet,, as
being unaware of her secret dealings,
he would of course attribute it to his
superior ability in conducting the
matter and he was not in the habit of
hiding.his light under a bushel. But,
as we know, he had not acquired it at
any reduction and therefore hesitated
to confess he had failed in doing so.
Diplomacy is said lo be the art of
telling lhe truth with the intent to
deceive. If so, Mr, Lawlon had become
a skillfull diplomatist, for though all
his statements witli regard to the purchase of the carpet had been strictly
truthful they had left Mrs. Lawton
under the impression that-he had paid
less than a hundred dollars for it.
But lhe denoumcnl had come in this
lillie plot, for after she had read lhe
receipt she turned pale, as certain possibilities presented themselves lo her
"Dearie," she called out, here is the
receipt you have been searching for,
but surely you did not pay a hundred
dollars for that carpet?"
"As Lhe receipt says so," he replied,
"why should you doubt it? I saw you
had set your heart on the darned
thing so was determined you should
have it no mater what it cost."
"Well, I am glad you "feel that way
aboufc ifc. Ifc cost \ one hundred and
twenty five dollars, as I had already
paid twenty five dollars on account,
because you declared you would never
buyifc unless a reduction was made in
the price.
Mr. Lawton sunk down on the nearest
seat and held his head in his hands.
Presently, recovering himself, he made
-the statement," That there never could
be any" kind of fools as bad as a
"Except," retorded, Mrs. Lawton, with
spirit, "the men they make bigger
fools of."
s tve
asonic Hall, Greenwood
Bush's Orchestra
Cents $1.00: Ladies or Children 50c, Refreshments 25c.
Lucky ticket wins $10.00 Indian Blanket
f-rvvTy����TTTTvvyTT-*i''fT,*'T'fT7y|fT'��'i'lf'fl-'y��y|i'l��TT't'��'f �����'��iy��f'fTyv
; Thc Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
1 Yorkshire Boar, 10 months old, with
papers, 530.00 from Agassiz Farm.
1 Bull, 2 years old, red Poll, good type
S75.00.      Apply   J. C. BOLTZ,
Boundary Falls, B.C.
Ollice, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead aiid Zinc ,
A-Scotch Discovery
Exaggeration weakens everything it
touches.���La Harpe.
He was a canny Scot, and decided
that an excellent method of- saving
money for Christmas would be to put
a penny in a money-box every time he
kissed his wife.
This he did regularly until fche holiday came around, and on opening the
box was amazed when out came not
only pennies, but sixpences,
If all the bells of Christmas
Should ring in one wild chime,
They could,not tell,thy joy, O world,
At this exultant 'time.
And if the hosts of heaven,
And all the sons of earth
Cried jubiliantly in one voice
The news of Jesus' birth.*
Theh* paen could not even then
Reveal the smallest part
shillings' Of the sweet joy that hidden lies
In one thrice-humble heart.
and half-crowns
Thunderstruck, he asked his wife how' Strange that one simple story
she accounted for the miracle. Should rush across the years,
Well, Jock," she replied," it's no And blind us with its beauty,
"ivery mon that's: as.close-fisted as ye
And hush our deepest fears!
���Charles Hanson Towne. PAGE FOUli
Come in and "flear
With Temple Air-Chrome Speaker
Distributor for Greenwood
Cluster Raisins, Symerna Figs, Dates
Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce,
Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes
Jap Oranges, Grapes, Grape Fruit, Etc
Nuts No. 1 mixed  35c per lb
Nuts No. 2 mixed ' .'.25c per lb
Walnuts soft shell  40c per lb
To all our Friends and Patrons wc wish you all
J3$ For Quality and Value Order From                          Phone 46
f For the Christmas Table
^ Jap Oranges, Nuts, Table Raisins, Figs,
W Xmas Crackers, Grapes, Cranberries,  Etc.
yjji Christmas Puddings,
.'%�� Decorated and Slab' Fruit Cakes
$1 New Cauliflower and Fresh Mexican Tomatoes
(Nelson News)
Within six weeks probably 100 men
will be on thc payroll'of the Hercules
Consolidated Mining, Smelting &,
Power corporation at Greenwood, R.
Crowe-Swords, representing Lhat company,'slated in Nelson yesterday, when
stopping off while en route from Lhe
lhc east'to Vancouver. ,
Mr. Crowe-Swords' visit to the east
was in connection wiih arranging for
a program of work to be carried out al
Greenwood, and lie avill stop - at
Greenwood on his way to the coast to
arrange for immediate preparation to
be made for intensive development in
Lhat section. .
Larger Program Of Work,
"First work to be caried out," stated
Mi*. Crowe-Swords, when seen at the
Hume, "will be cleaning out of the
Argo tunnel, which lias been taken over
from Ola "Lof tstad of Greenwood, and
continuing it on into the E Pluribus
Unum, or E. P. TJ., and also into the
Barbara which., adjoins the Mamont
claim to the south ancl within Greenwoods' city limits. This tunnel is in
some 200. feet, and has already cut'a
nine-foot gold quartz'lead'With..appreciable values. ;
"Surface explorations will be carried
out on the , 'E.; P. TJ.' already mentioned,which has recently been bonded
from Henry Jackson of Paulson.    ���
"Work also is to be continued on the
Crescent, and this .property will be
equipped with compressors at both
workings immediately after the beginning of the.year. Sample shipments
were recently made from the Crescent,
tb Trail, for the purpose of .determining
what treatnieht- may ,,be necessary for
extraction of its mineral content. A
Gel Tonnage First".
"Exploration work Will/be', carried out
continuously throughout the .balance of
continuqsly throughout the balance o'f.
[the .winter, particularly in the Argo
"workings, arid it is probable that a considerable 7 tonnage... of ..ore ~ will be
developed and shipped prior to the installation of any mill. The object ofthe
Hercules corporation,--it may be: said,'. is
to develop-a large tonage'of commercial
ore wherever possible in that'section
before going: to the expense of erecting
any" large mill, shipping during the in-
teriri. whatever..is shippable and storing
the lower grade. '    -. .   ,7
"Authorization for this immediate
development has been- given, and it ��� is
our expectation, that, in'the course7of
the next three Or four months from 250
to 300 men; will be employed' on. the
hill 'between Greenwood and Phoenix
doing exploration work on the corporation's properties, in that area."
:.'.[ MIDWAY... NEWS : X
will hold their
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28th, at 8 p.m.
in: the
Business���Election of Officers
Refreshments Served
Editorial Staff:
John Campolieto, Eileen Bryan,
Ernest Johnson, Alice Clark
Mark Madden is back to school after
being ill,for the past week. ���..''���'.
Trustees Chas. King  and Jas. Hoy
visited the school last week.
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pansy to school the other day.
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The pupils of the school are glad to
see the 'Christmas holidays arrive.
Lawrence Gulley is back again to
school after being ill for- a few days.
7 There 'will be a meeting, oh Friday
morning afc school in whicli an elecr
tion will take place to determine, the
pupil with the best sportiiianship.A
Div." II again lead over Div. I in last
weeks Spelling Competition. Grade" V
headed the list with 100%. Other
results were as follows: Grade IV���
99.06%; Grade VI���98%;  Grade VII���
Grade VIII���91.78%.
Charles Weed was busy hauling wood
into. Lown on Wednesday.
Mrs.   Casselman   was ������visiting   with
friends: west.of town on Tuesday.'*���' .
7 Midway'. .basketballers " journeyed. to
Molson "on Friday and played, the town
team.   Molson woivby a close score.
. Sergeant Birch, of Penticton, a former resident of Midway, was visiting
friends here this week on his way to
: Mr... and Mrs7 R. D. ���*. Kerr-- left on
Thursday ���morning*''.to spend Christmas
with their daughter, Mrs. C. 7 K.
McArthur, in Texas. .   7
Alfred Holm, watchman at Lhe C P.
R. has been transferred to Tadanac.
Boyd Nichols has returned home to
Lake Mr. Holm's; place.
Any friends wishing to spend a pleasant evening should call in and-hear
Mr. Biggin's splendid radio. You are
always made welcome.
The members of the W. I. arc.giving
Lhe use of the; Hall to the Midway
teachers for the.'purpos of holding-their
Party and Christmas Tree for the
children.here on Thursday the 20th.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Casselman!, of
Boundary Falls, and Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Casselman and daughter, Edna,
of Eriksdale, Manitoba, were motored
around the district on Friday last by
Lewis Keir. Russell Casselman, is a
brother of,,Jack Casselriian.
Miss Mary Barker is resigning at
Christmas and has accepted a position
in the Trail school. We are all sorry, to
loose her arid our loss will be Trail's
gain as Miss Barker is, an excellent
teacher. Her many friends here wish
her every success in hei* new school.
All our goods are reasonably priced
We invite you to visit our store
The Annual Meeting of the Institutes
(Men and Women) will be held in the
Farmers IIall> Midway.'' on Saturday,
January :5th at 2 p.m. Election of
officers and the annual program for the
year will be decided. It is likely that
the Pig Club prize money s will be distributed at this meeting.
The Cribbage Card Party held iri the
Old Scliool House_on Tuesday evening
was well attended. The prize winners
for the evening, Mrs. John"L.'.'Bush,
ladies, received a- compact and a bottle
of; perfume, and David Young, gents,
was given, a lovely necktie. Both prizes
were donated by L. E. Salter.     '" ���
, The Card Party and.Sale of Farm
Produce held in the Farmers Hall on
Friday last was quite a success. The
prizes for card playing were won by A.
Lander, gents, and Mrs. Erickson, ladies.
RAD. Ken* with his usual ability sold
the "farm produce which amounted to
$23.00, and $10.00 was taken in at the
supper'table from the gents making a
total of $33.00. Afterwards a dainty
supper was served by the ladies,
Oh Friday last the Greenwood Tigers
Basketball Club held .;a7meeting at; the
home; of Mr. and: Mrs..-Reid. It was
decided to 7 change the Basketball
Club into a Junior Hockey Club for.*the.
skating season. : The .meeting: was 'then
adjourned for. refreshments which were:
served" by.' Mrs.';Reid, and: were highly
appreciated by all:, members of:.-r.tlie
Club. After a little talk on hockey the
members went to, their,, homes all reporting of. having; spent an 'enjoyable
'evening.v7 'S:Xk "���-'-.'��� ./���������"������-.A::-':"777-
We extend lo our
Patrons and Friends
A Merry Christmas
A Nappy New Year
Real Estate & Insurance,
Stocks, Bonds, and
Mining* Shares
Last Monday evening lhe Midway
Senior Basketball Team motored to
lown and a Hacked the local Tigers.
Both teams started off .at a fasfc pace
and il was hard to ascertain which was
Lhe winning team until the final period.
In thc first Lhree periods Lho Tigers
cleverly held their own against the
visitors who were much bigger. Thc
score: for the first period being 4-4.
The second period also ending in a tie
8-8. The third period again found .the
Lwo leains lied by 14-14. In the final
period the visitors (Midway Huskies)
overcame Iheir opponents and by their
good team work and snappy play were
ablejp_a_dd 18 poinls .against lhe Tigers
4 Lo end Lhe game by a score of 32-18.
All members of both teams played a
good, clean game and Didk Taylor
capably handled Lhe. whistle.
Wc thank the People of
Greenwood and surrounding country for Iheir patronage during the year
1928 and take this opportunity of wishing you one
and all a
and may lhe
biing* you
F. J. White, Mgr.
The .Community Christmas Tree
and Concert held last night (Thursday).
was a great success and a. full accuont
of it will appear in next 'week's Ledge.
A report of the shower to Miss Rose
Madge of Rocks Creek will appear in
nexl week's issue.
;*s, ^^^^^^^-^r^^-as^^^"�� ��**- **��*������ %-^^r^k^v *s>-^!!k ���ej-to'
We Are Overstocked $.
In order to move our goods quickly we are male-    J��
ing Drastic Reductions in price all through the      jg
Month of December ti*
SUGAR     100   @   $7.00        Twenties��   ��1.55
Limit to customer 10 lbs
NABOB PLUM JAM   45c per tin
Z COFFEE���CHASE & SANBORNS, Ground as you like it
���j" Regular   55c lb   2 lb for 95c "$���
1 Galvanized Pail value      85 cents
10 Bars Pearl White Naptha Soap      50 cents
2 Sally Ann Cleanser..:................     25 cents
jgf " Total Value $1.60
Another shipment���Blue Phoenix Cups and Saucers 95c per doz.
Phone us your order for TURKEYS and GEESE
BROWN'S STORE, Midway     f
Special Prices For Cash. T
3f , ..   ��� K9
Greenwood Meat Market
Wishing all our Patrons the
JOHN MEYER . . Proprietor


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