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The Greenwood Ledge Apr 18, 1929

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1| Prov
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}' .
VOL. Ill-
No. 38..
W. H. Johnston, of Rossland, mining
, inspector is in town.
A. B. Fenwick and son have com-
���meneed work on the Hercules Corporation's property in Phoenix.
W. V. Somerville, Manager -of the
Revenge, at Beaverdell,  paid  Green-
���wood a visit on Monday and. Tuesday.
*   r  i
Chas. Brennan returned from Vancouver this week and is in charge of
the Crescent Mines office in Greenwood.
R. L. Clothier, Supt. of the Beaver
Silver, Beaverdell, was a visitor to
Greenwood Monday .and Tuesday. Mr.
Clothier states. that -plans' of'development will be ' completed before. any
quantity of the ore is taken out of the
���mine. Recently" they encountered v*a
fine lead.
Clean-Up Days
April 24 and 25
City Council Set Dates���Make Greenwood a Clean and Tidy City���Do
Your-Share \
"R. Crowe-Swords,- of Vancouver,
'Western representative of the Hercules
Corporation arrived in town-on Wednesday on a'tour of inspection of the
Hercules properties, Mr. Crowe-Swords
is accompanied by his son." Mr. Crowe-
Swords says "that large trucks afe
en route which will be used .to haul ore
from the Stemwinder mine in Phoenix
to Greenwood for shipment to Trail.
A second shipment of "ore is being
made from the Providence Mine Greenwood. - It will amount to about 45 tons
* of high'grade ore, which is being haul-""
ed to th railway by J. McDonell and
son.* This well known property is looking good these days."    '-'���,,
P!JH. McCURRACH has : -*-    -
At the recent meeting of-.the City
Council CleanTUp-Days were fixed for
Wednesday and Thursday, April 24 and
25-. . All citizens are earnestly requested
to co-operate to the fullest, extent in
cleaning up their'premises and any
adjoining lots and placing rubbish
where it- can be loaded and removed.
In the past the citizens have done great
work on such occasions and it is hoped
that they will keep up their good reputation in trying to improve the look of
the city.
J. Bell was a week-end visitor to
R. Lj, Clothier, is on a business trip to
Greenwood and Grand Forks.
Mrs..J. T. Bell has returned to camp
after spending the winter in Victoria.
i.    ���_ . * >'
E. Cousins has purchased a new Dur-
ant sedan from the B. McDonald Garage," Kelowna.
H. McNichel, of the Chrysler-Garage,
Penticton, was in camp on Friday with
,the new Plymouth car. *
J. Jackson and family are moving to
Peacl-dand shortly where Mr. Jackson
has purchased a'fruit ranch.
Victoria.���Announcement that D. C.
Coleman, vice-president of the Canadian Pacific railway, would make a tour
of the Pacific Great Eastern railway
with Hon. F.P. Burden, acting minister
of raiways, "-this'week,' was regarded
here as the most significant development in the provincial railway problem
in a long time.   ,
Mr; Coleman's decision'to inspect the
government owned road at first hand
is considered- important not because of
its possible "immediate results, but because it is taken to indicate new interest in the line of the C.P.R.
The brief visit of Premier Tolmie to
Ottawa in the course of a holiday trip
is thought by some to"rbe connected
with the future "of the road. It is expected here that 'while in the east he
will interview E. W. Beatty, K. C, and
Sir Henry ThorntonA    . .
It is believed that" it,'is with the
Pacific Great Eatern problem in view
that the government, is moving to
secure action as soon as possible on the
transfer of the Peace River block and
the'.-railway belt to provincial control.
British Columbia's chief" reason for desiring the block originally .was based on
the idea that it could be fused to best
advantage to subsidize the construction
of the P. G. E. into the "Peace River
district. Once in possession of the
block the provincial government would
be able to talk to the two big Canadian
railways on an entirely, new basis. Mr.
Burden.and Mr. Coleman had planned
to. leave Squamish ��� Monday for their
trip but their start has been postponed
until Wednesday.   ...
Track Meet Set
For May 17th
���* x ���*
Good  Organization  Meeting  Held  in
Midway���Pass Many Resolutions-
Look For Record Attendance
Mrs. -Helen Wyer left for Vancouver
a few days ago.
P. H: McCurrach, for more than two
years a popular member of.the government office staff' here, left today ."for
Kamloops where, he will henceforth be
stationed as collector of taxes, and
deputy court registrar. Although his
many friends here are rejoicing in Mr.
McCurrach's well deserved promotion
his departure is otherwise deeply .re-
' gretted. He will be missed as an active
church' worker,1 a'"keen curler, golfer
and bowling enthusiast. Mrs. McCurrach and children will remain ih-their
home -until commencement of the.
school holidays.���Cranbrook Courier,
Thursday, April 11th.
Dr. Gordon McLaren left on Mdnday
for Trail.
ley, is ihe guest at the home of Mr. and
' Mrs. Wm;'Madden. '���
Wm Walmsley, Jr., of Trail, was in
town during the weeek-end and took in
tho Hockey Dance on Friday evening.
Mrs. Joe, Christian 'returned to her
home in Christian Valley.on Sunday
after a few days visit with 'friends in
BORN.���To Mr. and'Mrs. Roy Worthington, of Rock' Creek, a son, on
April 16th, at Mrs. A. J. Morrison's
Hospital, Greenwood.
Mrs. Cross of Cumberland, spent a
few days in town this week the guest of
her sisters, Mrs." R. Lee and Miss A.
Bryan, en route to Trail.
Mr. and' Mrs. James Skilton celebrated their silver wedding anniversary
on Sunday, April 14th. They were married in Morgantown, North Carolina,
,, o.n April 14th, 1904!
Mrs. W. R. Dewdney of Penticton,
was renewing acquaintances in town
on Monday.   Mrs. Dewdney was motor-
o ed up from Midway by her parents, Mr.
'and Mrs. J. R. Ferguson.
Frank Christian of Christian Valley,
spent a few days in town this week.
Frank- has just recovered from his recent accident. -He "has accepted a position at the McArthur mill at Midway.  ���
A very pleasant time was had by all
who attended the Hockey Dance in the
. Masonic Hall on Friday evening, under
--  the auspices of the Greenwood Hockey
Club.   The district was exceptionally
well represented,-but the town's representation did not'come up to expectations.   Bush's   Five - Piece   Orchestra
* played the latest dance hits and were
called on for encore after encore which
__ showed that the imisic was greatly ap-
. """ predated.   W. B. Fleming was Master
of Ceremonies and carried out his duties
in a very efficient manner.   Refreshments were served in the banquet room
-   under  the   supervision "of   Mesdames
' v Hallstrom and Fleming and the good
things to eat were much enjoyed.   The
gross receipts were $122.75.   The Club
wishes to thank the Misses Heather
Harris,  Ruth Axam,  Vera  Walmsley
and Mary Klinosky for soliciting for
refreshments;   also to thank all the
ladles who helped in the hanquet room
both in. the afternoon and evening.
The "hop" given in the school house
on Saturday night by some of the local
boys proved to be a very enjoyable
affair for "those present. Even at two
a.m. the crowd did'nt seem to want to
go home which shows there, are still a
few "live ones" left in camp. .
An amendment' to the Highway act
British Columbia prescribes that in res-
,pect of any highway .where there is a
railway intersecting, that the driver of
every motor vehicle shall, before proceeding to cross such railway and while
at a distance of not more than 20 feet
therefrom bring his motor-vehicle to a
full stop.
���      .      ~       *
Mr. and Mrs. J.' C. Harris of Bosun
Ranch, New Denver, B.C., announce
the engagement of their only daughter,
Heather, to Mr. Hedley A. Rose,
youngest son of Mrs. W. M. Rose of
Vancouver, the wedding to take place
late in July... Miss Harris is a very
popular member of the younger set in
If I knew the box-where smiles were
Nd matter how large the key
Or strong the bolt, I would try "so hard
'Twould open, I know, for me.
Then over the land, the sea, broadcast
I'dv scatter the smiles to play
That. the children's faces might hold
them fast
For many and many a day.
If I knew a box that was large enough
To hold all the. frowns I meet,
I would like to gather them every one
From nursery, school and street.
Then, folding and holding, I'd pack
them in,'
And, turning the monster key, -
I'd hire a giant to drop the box
To the depths of the deep blue sea. ���
Pat Illustration
"Pa, what's 'manipulation for a rise'
" "When I pull the bedclothes off you
in the morning."
Not Yet Started
,  "Is it true that you've stopped speak-
in' tae yer wife, Geordie?"
' Geordie:,"Stopped speakin'! I havena
got a chance to begin!"
What Was Needed
The political aspirant made one more
attempt to rouse enthusiasm in his.au-
"Gentlemen," he said, "we "need
something to carry this constituency by
the biggest majority ever known. What
is it?"
The response came from several
people at the back of the hall: -"A
different candidate."
His Opinion
"Will you give me your honest opinion of my latest picture?" asked the
young  artist.
"It's worthless," replied his candid
friend. "I know, but give it to me all
the same,"
���/There was a very large turnout of
golfers on the-Kettle Valley links on
Sunday, in fact it was the best of the
season so far. A number, of new members were -also present.VA medal competition was scheduled, for the day, and
it was won by Joseph Richter witli a
score of 68. The result of those turning*
in cards follow:      .      ',   .     j'
Player   ���*   1st   2nd4 ''Ttl-'Hd. Net
Richter, J 46     44 ���"." 90     22     68
Whiting, E. ... 49 51'-1 100 27' 73
Roberts,.A. ... 53 _ .51^_ 1Q4 25 . 79
Reynolds''...['. 55/ 55 '""110""*30 "*""80
Powers   59'.   57'   116     36-   80
Croucher  ...,.'��� 64    71    -117    36-   81
Hamilton  57    53     110    27    83
Frost   61     59     120     34     86
Frost, Mrs. ... 64-    71     135    47    88
.Monday-evening April 15th, a representative body of farmers and teachers
met in the Farmers' Hall, Midway to
discuss plans for this -year's District
Track'Meet.* H. Bruce was "in the
After considerable discussion Friday,
May 17, was chosen as the most suitable
date before the June examinations.
j The question following up a workable
constitution was next considered in-this
connection. Secretary Pannell was in
correspondence with Mr. Yeo official
organizer of track meets in Vancouver
.Schools and his suggestions proved of
valuable assistance. The following are
some of the most important ideas
which were embodied in the resolution.
(1) Large cup to be in open competition to any school. , Small cup a
further incentive to small schools to be
'competed for'by them only.* A school
cannot hold two cups���it must pass the
junior cup on to the next highest
point holder in the small schools.
. * (2) A contestant may only enter two
events in each class. '   ' '
(3) Only three entries'in each event
from each school. ���   -���'    '
(4) Only one relay team from each
school. ^ -  .
'   (5)   Races   to   be   included   for   16
years and over.
The meeting'was well "attended and
many resolutions were.'adopted. It is
the intention of the committee in charge"
to, make provision in the constitution for ever^ eventuality so that there
will be no possibility of dissatisfaction
with any concerned. It is consequently
expected that this meet will be. bigger
and better than ever..
Mrs. R. D. Kerr entertained several
friends-to supper'Friday evening.     ' .
Miss Kathleen Maybee of Kelowna, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bush. "
Several of the Midway ladies are
plannig "a. hike to the Weed ranch
shortly. - '  '-'
.Mrs. A. D. McLennan of Rock Creek
was the guest of Mrs. J. R. Ferguson
on Monday last.
. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Richter, accompanied by Mrs. J. Croucher, spent Monday
visiting in Greenwood.
Mrs. W. R. Dewdney of Penticton, is
spending a holiday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ferguson.
Miss Charlotte Luscombe has returned to her home in Grand Forks
after spending a.pleasant holiday here.
Editorial Staff:
John Campolieto, Eileen Bryan.
; ...Ernest .Johnson,. Alice jClark
-A mixed foursome is set for Sunday,
April 21st. All players wishing to take
part kindly be on the grounds at 1:30
p.m. so that the couples can be paired
entrance fee.
Rock Creek District Notes
Rev. Mr. Toyne, accompanied by Mr.
Lubeck, bf Kettle Valley, were visitors
to Greenwood on Wednesday.
T. H. Crump, Penticton, Superintendent. K. V. R.; called, to see T. A.
O'Regan, the new- Rock Creek agent on
Saturday. He then motored .to Midway
to see Agent H. A. Nichols.
Wm. O'Donnell of Rock Creek, was a
visitor here on Sunday.
Mrs.   Walker  Smith   is   recovering
from a severe attack of flu.
M. D. Schenck of Christian Valley,
was a visitor here last week.
"Otto Hanson of Midway, was a visitor here during the week-end.
.Howard Smith made a business trip
to Grand Forks on Wednesday last.
Mrs. Maggie Louie of Christian Valley, was a visitor here during the weekend. ,       /
R. C. Clark, Sr., was confined to his
bed for a few days with the flu. '"He is
now much better.
Some of the young folk from here
attended the Dance in Beaverdell on
Saturday evening.
Billy Middleton returned home' on
Saturday from a trip to Bridesville and
Rock Creek, where he was visiting
friends for a few days.
Dr. Hawes of Osoyoos, veterinary
inspector, was in town for a few days
inspecting horses.
Miss Edwina Smith left Bridesville
on Saturday for her home in Trail. She
has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin Robinson.
- Mrs. D. L. Alden returned on Sunday
from Grand Forks,, bringing=������ her son
home from the Grand Forks Hospital,
\vhere he -has been a patient for the
past two weeks.
��� It*was Eric Cox's birthday on April
12th. .
'Prizes were won by G. Harpur, gents
Mrs. Jim Bush, ladies, at the Cribbage
Card "Party held in the. Old School
House on Thursday, April 11th.
- Division III has started the Maypole on the sand table.
Miss. Vera Walmsley "came to visit
Division III on Tuesday (after 3:30).
_-_Mary_Madden_celebrated her-seventh
birthday on Tuesday last.   .  ���
The Canadians' are leading in the
Mental Arithmetic Contest.
Grade VII.and VIII tied  in last
week's spelling competition.
If you always "Miss" a young lady.
Don't miss the Dance on Friday.
Be sure to attend the. Dance on April
19- given by the Greenwood -Superior
School. Bring your girl along for a
good time is assured to all who attend,
both young and old. Furthermore come'
help make it a success for there is
nothing like making the children
The teacher of Division III, after
having,explained the meaning of the
words "wrapper" and "firstling," asked
the class to write sentences using the
words. ��� Eddie Klinosky writes these
two sentences:
1. She will wrapper her baby up."
2. The firstling I do is play.
Irishman: "You're a Canadian. You
was"born in Canada."      _
Scotchman: "No, -sir! My mother
and father were Scotch, so I'm Scotch."
Irishman: "You were born in Canada
so'you are a Canadian even if your
parents are Scotch."
Scotchman (heatedly): "Well, if a
cat had kittens in an oven would cann
them biscuits?"
"Teach your boys and girls always
to play well, build up their character
through sports, fof this will, put their
courage and talent to test, and from it
they will, learn all- those attributes
which make for good citizenship,"
Comte Serge Fleury of France told
members of the Women's Canadian
club in Vancouver recently. Comte
Fleury attended the session of the
National Council of Education in Vancouver. He spoke on the "Influence of
English Games on the Life of France."
"The British take their games seriously and silently, playing according to
the rules, this has a far-reaching effect
upon national life," he said.. "Through
its sports any country can establish an
esprit de corps as in no other way, for
it is teamwork that counts in the end."
Harold Erickson attended a K. of P.
Banquet in the K. of P. Hall in Grand
Forks on Tuesday evening last. He reports a large crowd and a dandy time.
Mrs. Harold Erickson will hold" a
meeting at her home on Thursday,
April 18th, at which the ladies will sew.
All welcome. Afternoon tea. will be
A number of local cows wandered up
to the Midway ranch this week, helping
themselves to apples and cider, returning home none the worse for. their
The Ladies Aid met at thc home of
Mrs. Jim Bush on Thursday last. Rev.
and Mrs. A. Walker and Goldie Walker
were present from Greenwood. It was
decided to have an election of officers
next meeting, when Mrs.xOscar Johnson -wilUentertaiiu-'^A^very dainty tea_
was served by Mrs. Jim Bush and Mrs."
Wm. O'Donnell of Rock Creek, made
a motor trip up here on Sunday.
Geo. Munroe has recovered from his
illness and-resumed-his-job-on-the-15th.-
W. St. Larence""h:oved from here on
Thursday to Beaverdell, where he will
make ties for W. B. Nelson.
Anna MacCutcheon and Frank Elliott
were visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L, Ferroux on Sunday.
���"""���^���-~ .  i-
The residents of Carmi are getting
the" ground .jeady for planting their
gardens and hope the weather.wlll continue'warm.
G. Saunier of Penticton, motored
here on Friday, accompanied by his
sisters, Mrs. K. Golding of Los Angeles
and Mrs. W. Mahdhey of Penticton.
They were visiting their brother Gene
Nothing seriously new at Carmi,
except few gossips, which hurt nobody
6ut gossipers. Neverthless it must be
mentioned that a new park made by
the coalshute operator, around his
dwellinghouse, will be pleasing to the
eye of tourists. This well known' worker and faithful church singer is helping bring for Carmi a better future.
Well, slowly but effectively the black
cat named "Bad Luck" that for so
many years has kept Carmi so low
down famed is dying. We owe this,
it's departure to quite a few agents, the
chief one the last comer under the
cloudy horizon of Carmi. The camp
style calls him "Prairie Chicken."
Though green at prospecting and mining he had quick learning from himself
about the mysteries of rocky ground.
With the stubbornness of true Scotch
and wonder skill of a master worker,
in less than two years work, practically
alone, he pierced some seven hundred
feet of tunnel through hard rock. He
did this indeed, in spite of hundreds
discouraging talk seasoned with laughter and mockeries. He is laughing now
at his laughers, for he has now a large
ledge of mineral, gold, which (one can
bite) will pay qver $100.00 per ton.
This man should be highly encouraged
by the mining department.
Unbelievers come and see and you
will realize that Carmi's mineral belt
is worthy of better studies.
George Hales,. Of Kingsgate, has received the .appointment of agent at the
C. P. R. freight station in West Grand
Forks.   He took up his duties last week.
'���s   I *\
m-.f ,f.i.1 ^.���-'.Jn'.j.i^.i ___! K WWcCJC **.
pi^y'^-j-i-'r^'H'! ,-���i*��,T1*'"*Tt*"*,*'M^*r -*^p--'"-.*n*f'^-^'7*^*��****j-^-*��-*^'''>��
Only choice leaves grown at high altitudes
go into the blending of Blue Ribbon-Tea.
That is why its flavour is so uniformly excellent. Insist upon getting it from your grocer���refuse substitutes of inferior quality.
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B. C.
Subscription: In-Canada and Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
Legal advertising 16 cents per line
first insertion, and 12 cents per line
for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.
Business locals 12]/-_c a line each insertion.
Card of Thanks   $1.00
No letter to the editor will be inserted except over the proper signature and address of the writer. This
rule adinita of no exception.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be
pleased to have more money.
Returning from a trip of inspection
of the different holdings of the company, R. Crowe-Swords, of Vancouver,
western managing director of Hercules
Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power
Corporation, Limited, reports that
splendid progress is being made on the
properties, says the Western Canada
Mining News.
The company has laid plans for a
.campaign of intensive development of
its properties in the districts in the vicinity of Grand Forks and Greenwood,
Several undertakings are also contemplated in Northwestern Saskatchewan
and Northern Manitoba, .West of Flin
Flon mine, the vicinity ot Rottenstone
lake and also Herb lake.
The Hercules company has been very
active since the inception of its operations in British Columbia, and it promises to be an important factor in the
development of the mineral resources
in the Greenwood-Phoenix and Grand
It is perhaps the_one company in the
province which issues regular monthly
progress reports to its shareholders.
Its April ieport sets forth:
"Bonanza Group���This property is
situated 10 miles north of the city of
Grand Forks. It is within 500 yards
of the branch line of the C.P.R. which
runs from Grand Forks to Archibald,
B.C. A splendid connection to the
railroad by way of a truck road is made,
while water and timber requirements
are adequate for the economical operation of the property. This property
was examined by R. R. Hedley, M.E., in
January, but owing to extreme weather
conditions, nothing in the matter of
development could be commenced. As
weather conditions had moderated at
the date of your manager's visit, a new
crew was immediately put to work, and
are now busily engaged on carrying out
further development work". Considerable difficulty was encountered in starting this work owing to the fact that a
great deal of ice had formed in the
tunnels; this had to be-chopped away
before any progress could be made.
This, however, has been completed,
and from what examination could be
made, it would seem as-though the
Bonanza may make a profitable development on a large scale. Indications
point to there being a large deposit of j
silver-lead-zinc ore carrying good va-j
lues in gold. Abe Fee is in charge of j
work on this property. j
"Anaconda Group���This property is
included among your holdings. It is
located near the town of Greenwood
and only one-quarter mile from the
main line of the Kettle Valley Railroad. Very systematic prospecting
work has been carried out on this property, under the supervision Qf James
Skilton. The ore body* has indications
of a huge copper deposit, and from
actual measurements made of the area'
of which has been prospected on the
surface, it was found to be 240 feet by
1000 feet. Trenching at intervals of 50
feet apart has been done reaching up
the mountain side. Three tunnels
have been driven in order to ascertain
the position of the hanging or footwalls
without success, leading us to believe
that instead of a vein it is a deposit of
large dimensions. At the moment of
writing, preparations are under way to
operate this property by quarring, and
should our expectations be realized, we
feel that the Anaconda will be capable
of producing a large tonnage of copper
ore. The position of the property
lends itself to exceptional opportunity
for cheap and economical operation,
and it is the intention of your western
management to bring this property to
the producing stage as quickly as possible.
"Brooklyn-Stemwinder Group���This
group consits of the Brooklyn, Stem-
winder, New York, Standard and Montezuma claims located near the old
town of Phoenix, B.C. This has just
been acquired under a royalty basis. It
is an immediate shipper, and plans are
being made with this object in view.
At the present moment, there is approximately some 140,00 tons of ore available, under certain conditions, as outlined by our engineers. This ore, carries a copper content of about 2Vz per
cent or 50 pounds of copper to the ton
of rock, $2.40 in gold and a little silver,
the total value based on present prices
being $2,000,000. Trucks are now being
purchased to be used in transporting
this ore to the railroad in an endeavour
to reap some financial return while
present copper prices are in .-force. The
hauling distance is 3 miles from the
property to the railroad, all down hill.
"Crescent Mine���This property is one
of 18 claims owned and controlled by
Crescent Mines Limited, of which your
corporation controls. It is situated
about 1 mile from .the town of Greenwood and connected with a good track
on the lead or vein. A new crew has
been" engaged and are now drifting on
the vein in an easterly direction for the
purpose of determining the length of
the ore shoot now shelving in the
shaft. A-crosscut tunnel is also being
driven at a point 500 feet westerly from
the shaft in the hope of intercepting
the vein at this point. Should this
work show satisfactory conditions, it
is the intention"** of the corporation to
establish ..stations at the. 100 and 200
foot levels with a view of blocking out
tonnage. .While this is being done, it
is also the intention to, ship any ore
recovered. Ore from the Crescent carries very high gold and silver values.
A shipment for trial purposes was made
last December in order to see what
recovery could b.e made. This .was very
satisfactory. Geo. Hambly, one* of the
best known miners of the district, is in
"Deadwood Basin���Negotiations are
under way for the acquisition of the
Greyhound Group, .located 1% miles
to the west of Greenwood. Considerable diamond drilling has been done
on this property showing a large body
of copper ore. 14 drill holes have been
put down for a distance of 200 feet
each, all having entered the ore body.
A shaft is down which also encountered
the ore, while a tunnel has been driven
east of the shaft for a distance of 90
feet which also intercepted" the ore.
Shipments can be made from this property without delay as soon as negotiations have been completed.
"Grand Forks Smelter���A considerable amount of investigation work
was carried out during January and
February. This work proved up about
2000 tons of flue dust and debris carrying appreciable gold and copper values. From 125 assays made, the average copper content worked out* at 1V_
per cent. Some gave much higher values but it is the intention to ship what
can be turned to account profitably,
leaving the rest to be concentrated with
crude ores if found practical. It must
be borne in mind, however, that this
smelter site was not taken up mainly
for any values in the slag material but,
instead, as an exceptional site for the
erection of a concentrator, should your
different properties develop sufficient
ore reserves as to warrant the expenditure, Grand Forks being served with
two railways, and with plenty of water
and electrical .energy available makes
this sit6 a very valuable one.' Ail administration buildings, assay offices,
etc., are in good condition, while the
site is most centrally located for the
economical transportation of crude ores
from the different properties now and
to be developed by your corporation.
"Other Properties���Your corporation
owns, and controls a. tremendous
area of mineral bearing claims in the
Phoenix area, as well as al the Coast.
Owing to snow conditions at Phoenix,
no work has been done. This condition is rapidly changing and it is hoped
that towards thc end of April, that development work will bc commenced on
the different groups. On the coast
properties, plans are being worked out
for early commencement of*work."
He Knew It
In one of our fishing villages wit is of
tho dry order. Once.a man said to a
fisherman. "Here, is it true that John
M'Lauchlan said to you that I was a
damned lee-ar?"
"No," replied the fisher, "he didna
need.   I kent it."
(Section 160)
IN THE MATTER OF District Lot 2293
"Nelson" Mineral Claimr Similkameen Division Yale District.
Proof having been filed in my
Office of the loss of Certificate of Title
No. 8948D to the above mentioned lands
in the name of Ellen Hallett and bearing date the 13th, July, 1920,1 HEREBY
GIVE NOTICE of my intention at the
expiration of one calendar month from
the first publication hereof to issue to
the said Ellen Hallett a provisional
certificate of title in lieu of .such lost
certificate. Any person having any
information with reference to such lost
certificate of title is requested to communicate with the undersigned.
DATED at the Land Registry
Office, Kamloops, B.C., this 9th day of
Date of first publication is April
18th, 1929.  '
You are hereby notified that A.
Ernest Cross and Frances Maria
Norrish et al, the registered owners of
an undivided two-thirds interest in all.
minerals, precious and base (save coal
and petroleum) in Lot Two thousand
two hundred and ninety-five (2295),
Aberdeen Mineral Claim, Group One
(1), Osoyoos Division Yale District;.
British Columbia, have issued an originating summons against you under the
provisions of Section 30, Land Registry
Act, Chapter 127, R.S.B.C. 1924 and
amending Acts, for an order:
Firstly: $That they shall have- a
lien upon your undivided one-third interest in the above-mentioned mineral
claim by reason>,of your failure to pay
your one-third"-Share of the taxes in
respect to the said mineral claim since
the year 1902, and which taxes have
been paid in full by the Plaintiffs, the
said A. Ernest Cross and Frances Maria
Norrish et al.
, Secondly: That they^be at liberty
to commence an action against you as
upon an implied promise to pay, and
to enforce said lien by foreclosure, or
Thirdly: For directions and costs.
' You are further notified that by an
Order of the Honourable Mr. Justice
Morrison���of���the -Supreme- Court_of
British Columbia, dated the 26th day of
March, 1929, it was ordered that service
of the said order and the said originating summons shall be effected upon
you by inserting a notice thereof in
four weekly issues of "The Greenwood
Ledge" or other newspaper circulating
in Greenwood,. British Columbia, and
further by inserting a notice of a concurrent originating- summons and of
the said order in four weekly issues of
the Calgary Herald, a newspaper published in the City "of Calgary, in the
Province of Alberta.
The said'1 order further directed
that you should be at liberty to enter
an appearance to' the said originating
summons or concurrent originating
summons within six weeks after the
first advertisement in the aforesaid
The first advertisement in this
newspaper is dated the 4th day of
April, 1929.
You may enter an appearance to
the said originating summons either
personally or by solicitor at the Law
Courts. Bastion Square, Victoria, British Columbia. "*
If you do not enter an appearance
within the time and at the place above
mentioned, such other order will be
made and proceedings taken as a
Judge may think just and expedient."
Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 27th
day of March, 1929.
508-510 Central Building, Victoria,
British Columbia, Solicitors, for
A.* Ernest Cross and Frances Maria
Norrish et al, the Plaintiffs in
the above-mentioned originating
summons. '
Certificate of Improvements
Situate   in   the   Greenwood   Mining
Division of Yale District. TWhere
located:   In Providence Camp.
Henry Duhamel, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 291-D, intend sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
_ And further take notice that action,
under'section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 14th day of March, 1929.
for Economical Transportation
Six Cylinder
with increased Speed and Acceleration
The new Chevrolet Six is enjoying the most enthusiastic reception
m Chevrolet history because it provides���in the price range of the
four���every element demanded in a fine automobile . . . plus an
outstanding degree of smoothness never before achieved in a low-
priced car.
Flashing away from a traffic stop . .,. rolling along at twenty-five '
miles an hour or doing well above sixty on the open road���the new
���     Chevrolet Six delivers its power easily, freely and without annoying
,   vibration.   Throughout the entire speed range you travel in smooth,
quiet comfort, without any sense of noise fatigue.
The new Fisher bodies arc. longer, lower and roomier and reveal an "
. order of distinctive smartness and beauty that represents oneof the
-   greatest style triumphs ever achieved by Fisher "designers. *    -
Such an exceptional six-cylinder car in the price range of the four*
represents in itself a remarkable accomplishment.   But to provide, in
addition, an operating economy of better than 20 miles to thc gallon
is an epoch-marking achievement,   "n ,*", '
The Grand Forks Garage
John R. MooyL-oer, Prop. Grand Forks, B.C.
���*���    -"
All fhe Town  Is Talking About The
Greenwood Masonic Hall
Friday, April 19th
"The Dance That Is Different"
'-���-.*. ���        ..<".-.���    ^
"     " / 100%     100%" JL00% " 100%   ���    T  ,    '.
�� ���    Surprises     - ��
160%; -ioo%_ ioo%    ioo%
Syncopation By Bush
"No sleep till inorn when" Youth and Pleasure meet,
To chase the hours with flying feet."
. Auspices of Greenwood Superior School
���Gents $1.00 "-       Ladies and Others 50c
Hie "Consolidated Mining $ Smelting. Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig. Lead and Zinc
A A> A AA A A. .A A,,.
Provincial Assayer and'Chemist
P. O. Drawer L1108, Nelson. B.C.
Established 1900
Charges made are the standard Western
rates.   Price lists sent, on application.
."Isn't it hard," said the sentimental
landlady, '.'to thfrk this poor little' Harry Armson, Grand Fork's'
lamb was cut down in its youth to sat-1
isfy our appetites?" - The 20tfa Century Shoe Bepairer    j
"Yes," said the sour-faced boarder, *>
struggling  with   his  portion,   "it  is I   ^ work an�� niaterial guaranteed
I We pay postage one way. Termi cash. - y
Mffi fctttJEfWdOfi LeUGe
Here and Th
brokers offices, Btores. ?o\ er sS
JJJ. Piwtlne plant, recrLtion con-
��� lies, and so on.
��n?ae fTVvells of u'e Bow.River
and South Saskatchewan Valley li
may provide   helium -gas for the
British Air .Ministry. '���
.   The Coy" Scouts' -knowledge   in
voodcratmaybeun-nej-toanew  "
vi'*",-NOVa"Scotiu "here the p/o
v1nc7.il government ioreslry denart-
ment p.opose to. enlist their ser-
uZl?  Ul��, Plauting or 1.500.000
tiees  to   reforest   1,000 -acres   of
'   -The-Canadian Pacific las in-ex-'
cess  of 91,000.. employees an J to
. Richard Barthelmess has given
another, fine characterization to the
screen in First National's "The Noose,"
which is coming to the Greenwood
Theatre 011 Saturday, April 20th. He
rises to dramatic heights attained in
this virile story-of the underworld
adapted.from Willard Mack's sensational stage play 'of that name.
\_ Barthelmess portrays a youth caught
in the maelstrom of the underworld
and tossed about as a bit of wreckage
on a stormy sea. His work in the role
is exceptional and has created favorable comment wherever the picture has
been presented. ���   .
"The Noose" was directed with" skill
by John Francis-DillinT and the story
sustains interest throughout. There
are many dramatic moments," and a
pretty romance lightens the plot.   ���
PAGE f BftBE        ^ -��/
���   ���-���'      J
The announcement by the Atlantic steamship lines of reduced
rates on cabra.slilps coincides with"
, the opening of an Atlantic travel
season in which tie cabin type of
ship reaches a standard of equipment-and   accommodation  never
��� hitherto reached and during which
more cabin ships than ever will'sail
-to and .from Europe.     The advent
��� ��r.���retd"ced '^tes also h,irmonK
> with the policy of many world governments to abolish passport visa
" lv LfP��eau t0,UriSt traVel iS QUick-
Jy getting back to pre-war condi-'
tions but greatly enhanced by-big-
*R^r5ndQf etter^h,ps'" says William
Baird, Steamship Passenger Traffic   Manager,   Canadian     Pacific '
bteamships Limited.
naST    f��r    Canadian   cheese "
. cabled-from Great Britain, demon-*
��� strate, is popularity overseas  and   '
the confidence placed in our gracing methods,-according  to Doctor
-J.   A.   Ruddick,   Dominion   Dairy" ���
Commissioner, Who states that the
British demand for Canadian cheese   '
">s at the peak
The old soldier was telling his stroy.
"So," said he, "we started out from
Wipers "     . "
* "Ypres,'.' said the old lady.
'.'We set off, as I-say, from Wipers���"
-"Ypres,". said the old lady.
��� "You "aint ��� 'alf got 'iccups," said 'the
soldier.   "
This man never
had cause
to complain
Are you in need of:
Contractor and Builder
Get my prices on
on walls finished, and* save money
Box 332 Grand Forks. B.C.
4 "I think that you1 are most
fortunate  in  the  choice  of
��� j.
your personnell," a. subscriber
at Sidney, - B. C, _ recently
wrote in praise of- the telephone'staff that had been
serving him. *
"Had"I any complaint to
make I would not have hesitated in acquainting you_of
it,"   he   said,-' adding   that,- -
"since   the   telephone   has
been installed, far from having anything to complain of,
I have on the other hand met "
:with unfailing  civility,  care'-,
and attention."
IS Fresh Water Tiger
Let us know your requirements and
we will gladly quote prices on same
\ '' ,     A .
lhe Greenwood Ledge
1 A-sZ^fB.,.-- - - c    	
35 pound musky captured by G. Clark of Toronto after an hour's fi_;ht\vlth a H_.ht rob
-���   and nine pound test lino -
yields small and large mouth black
bass, great jiorthern-pike of enorr .
mous size and pickerel in abun-.
dance, as Well as pan fish. Not long
ago a prominent New York business man- landed - a 5-5 pound
"mugkie" after a battle which will
probably satisfy his quest for a
thrill for the rest of his life.
French River 'is two hundred
miles north of Toronto on the
Sudbury Line. The French River
Bungalow Camp; a series of cozy
individual bungalows centering
around a main club house, jprovides
comfortable accommodations for
the angler and his family. Jack
Strathdee, manager of this anglers' "*
retreat, is a genial host who is glad
to give the uninitiated fisherman a*
few tips on how to lure the wily"
"muskie." French River Bungalow
Camp has as its adjunct Pine
Rapids Camp, some 20 mile3 up
the river,' and located just at the
spot where the "whoppers" are
likely to lurk. _��
Fishermen differ as to the flght-
- ihg merits" of the various species of
the finny tribe to be found in
North American* waters. ���**�� Some
claim that, inch for inch and pound
for pound, the small mouth black
bass is.the gamest fish that swims;
" others ^are equally enthusiastic in
praise of the speckled brook trout;
while still another fraternity claim
that the salmon puts up as noble a
battle for liberty as any game fish,
extant. "All are agreed, however,
that the muscalunge, sometimes
called the "fresh water tiger", 13
one of the greatest fighters known
to anglers, and that he will put up
a battle royal when attached to the
business end of a rod.
One -of- the productive muscalunge streams in North America,
is French River, in Ontario, Canada, which-connects Lake Nipissing on the East with Georgian
Bay on the West. This tangle of
waterways is not only the haunt of
-Mie fighting - muscalunge-but it
a.a*.a*.*~-  . .    . ������������������'^���^"""^amtwvmmt��utaao<iov^(iinms>ao<sm>at><maDa
The Greenwood Ledge i.iwiw.>.>iTttr."Mi
������-������-. - ���   ��������� yx'-yxyZZ.:,:.  :      ..  zx y..Z.z.yy-:-XyXyy..::yZ'-:-':-X.
PAGE i-otfS,
THfiGitEENVVboD LE��6fi
���THURSDAY; APRIL ;i8;i929.
Come in and Hear
The New
1929 RADIO
With Temple  Air-Chrome Speaker
Distributor for Greenwood
n ��
| Of Local Interest J
a ��� a
3i!ESi55iS3iJ317.~^ fl.~:~:-: ��3 1*5 3 SIR if I SB!
o R. V. Shone, reporter for Bmdslrcct's,
Vancouver, wris in town Wednesday.
T. R. O'Regan, K. VA agent ol' Rock
\Crcek .spent Saturday evening in town.
About three inches of snow fell on
Thursday last but disappeared on Friday morning.
Lewis Mitchell left i'or Christina Lake
on Monday whore ho is employed with
Angus McDougall.
A Grand Ctincert & Dance will be
held in the'Farmer's Hall,'Midway'on
Friday, April 2G, at 8:15 p.m., Special
attraction will be "The Bell Hops" antl
ajso a sketch "Mrs. Busby's Pink Tea".
Local ami district talent will take part.
There will be a Darnce after the Show,
witli Bush's Melody Orchestra in attendance. Great preparations have
been made for this conceit and it will
no doubt be the bit of the season.
A Calf  Club  will be organized at
Rock Creek ancl Midway. Anyone wishing   to   get   calves   of   the   Ayrshire
(thoroughbred)   breed,   kindly attend
Surprise No. 1 in the 100% Dance��� thc next meoti*n*g* of the Farmer's In-
Chicken supper.     Chickens fresh from | si-i^Le  in  Midway,.-where particulars
the Cudworth farm for Friday night, win bc givon m\__   pric0 0J* caives $iq
April 1!), Masonic Hall, Greenwood.
I   When Fresh Vegetables are Scarce
A nice assortment to have on hand:
Cauliflower 2J/_s   per tin
Lima Beans 2s  per tin
Spinach 2.4s   per tin
Kraut    " per tin
Peas No 2 seive  per tin
Peas No. 1 seive   per tin
Asparagus   ; Per tin
For Quality and Value Order From
First Shipment of
Spring Rayons
Krinkly Crepes and Ginghams
Make Your Selections Early
Phone 17
*-' <t
.a a.a'a.,4, - i-ifl. ft* ft AAAA A^AA-v-WAA,
C. F. R. Pincott. barrister of Grand
Forks, will be at Chas. King's office in
Greenwood on Friday, April 19th.
Mr. ancl Mrs. H. Royce have returned
alter spending the winter in Greenwood.���-Hedley Note in Princeton Star.
The fire alarm rang, on Wednesday
morning. There was a grass fire near
the Wilson .Garage which was soon got
under control.
Thc Grecnwoood Theatre was* well
patronized on Saturday. A Felix Comedy
has been secured for this Saturday, to
be shown with feature picture.
,Mrs. C. Olsen of thc Good Eats Cafe,
Rock Creek, was in town on Monday.
Mrs. Olsen reports that a record number of meals were served in her Cafe on
The annual meeting.of the Greenwood and District Rod and Gun Club
will be held in thc Old School"House,
Midway on.Tuesday, April 23rd at'7:45
p.m. sharp. Many matters of importance will be discussed and decided
upon. Bcaven Gane, Secretary, will be
glad to receive advance notice of* any
proposition to be brought forward by
individual members that evening.
A number of car owners of the district appeared before -the local Magistrate at thc Greenwood Court House on
Friday last and were fined foi* infractions of the Motor Vehicle Act.
E. W. Marentctte, for some years on
the Prince Rupert staff of thc Bank of
Montreal, will .succeed A. I-I. Barker,
at Terrace, who has been transferred lo
Cloverdale, as local manager. Mr.
Marenteete at one time was teller.in
the Bank of Montreal when that bank
had a branch in Greenwood.
We don't want you to feci sorry after
it is all over. This is ihe last warning*
that the 100% Dance is to be held
Friday, April 19, Masonic Hall.
Headquarters for
Boundary Mining and Travelling Men
 fli r_s t_C I a ss_ A cc o m moda tion	
Hot and Cold Water
Every Convenience
Drug Store in Connection
Geo. H. Gray, J. E. Hoy and Chas.
Patsworth were in Grand Forks last
Friday -to visit T. R. Williams in the
Hospital. Mr. Williams is improving in
health and was motored home on Wednesday by Mrs. Ellen Trounson. He is
staying at thc home of Mr. ancl Mrs. W.
M. Wilson.
Guests-al lhc Pacific Hotel during the
week: C. E. Edgett, Vernon; A. E.
Dalges, Nelson; L. Roberts, Calgary;
J. A. S. Tilley, J. A. Shanks, Kelowna;
Mrs. W. McCullocii and daughter, Kimberley; Oalf Olson. John Morrison, H.
Halvorson; A. F. Thomas, Frank L."
Christian, Westbridge; E. P. Hanson1,
John A. Bohorman, Wallace. Idaho;.C.
Callas, Bridesville; W. V. Somerville,
R. L. Clothier, Beaverdell; C. Brennan,
R. V. Shone, Vancouver.
Rock Creek Hotel
will bc served every Sunday from six
p.m. lo eight p.m.
yy . . .v. ���    ���.        . ������, -.. .
���   Our   ���
is now on Display     '
-   ���-   in the   ���
���  for  ���
for Men .and Boys
Ellen Trounson's Store
���AaVA__AAAAA> a -*��� - ���*��� a*- A A ftA /, ^ Il A a
Grip between Midway and Coal Mine.
Finder kindly return same to Otto
Hanson, Midway. .
The Annual Meeting* of the Greenwood & District Hospital Society wjll bc
held in the Bank of Montreal building,
Gieenwood, on Saturday, April 20th at
?, p.m.        - .        .
For a limited time, at my ranch,
baled hay, $13.00 per ton; loose hay
from the stack in the field,- $10.00 per
ton.   All strictly cash.
Greenwood, B.C.
Charles l^ing
Solloway, Mills'*&'.Co.
Dominion Wide Brokers
on Installment
on Margin
���   Wire Your Orders
Daily Price Lists
""     at Office .
, Copper St., Greenwood, B.C.
1 Gang* Plow, 14 inch, molcaii in perfect  order;   also  1  Stockholm  Cream
Separator,  Small  size,  in  good order.
Will sell either article very cheap.
Rock Creek, B.C.
Sec Our Fresh Stock of
. Package Garden Seeds
Also We Have
* A New Stock of
We Have the Correct Grade of
Give it a Trial.   We Guarantee Satisfaction.
Announcing the Opening of tHe Up-To-Date
J. H. Bush. Prop.
Auto Accessories of all Kinds -"���
Batteries Charged.       Batteries For Rent or Sale
Gasoline and Oil.    ���   Vulcanizing
Agent for Firestone Tires
Faithful Service.    All Work Guaranteed
Free Air to Everybody.        Service Night dr Day
In renewing his subscription to The
Greenwood Ledg'c, Chas. H. Tye, of
Hedley, formerly of Greenwood, says
that thc Nickel Plate mine, was late in
starting this year and are- working
about Vi a crew. The weather has been
so cold, there is little water in the
river consequently lack power to,operate to capacity. I have never seen so
many men in Hedley waiting a chance
tos catch on. Heard today, that Coalmont Collerics are laying off a shift,
which will almost of a certainty add to
their number.
Good Eats Cafe
Rock Creek, B.C.
MRS. C. OLSEN, Prop.
A-Cribbage'Card Party will be held
in the Old School House on Thursday
next, April 25th at 8.30 p.m.
Don't forget the Grand Concert and
Dance in the Farmer's Hall on Friday,
April 26th. The best yet. See posters
!       To those who contemplate
���.    - Wedding Presents or Gifts.
for their friends
,    Let us remind you that we can
'    supply you cheaper than you
\          can buy from Catalogue
|      _       Let us have your ,    ,
> , Watch and Clock* Repairs ,
> . -.   l
���   We always do a first-class job
\       Watchmaker  and  Jeweler
\- F. J. White, Mgr.'.
Meals At All Hours.
Special Sunday Dinner
First Class Rooms
Orders Taken for Bread and Cakes
ymAAtAAJ.AHfttlA*!^ ItyAAAAA*.
Grand Forks - Greenwood Electoral
District   -
NOTICE is hereby given' tliat I
shall, on Monday, the' 20th day of May,
1929, at the hour of ten o'clock in the
forenoon, at the Court House, Greenwood, hold a sitting of the Court of
Revision for the purpose of revising thc
list of voters for the said electoral
district, and of hearing and determining any and all objections to the retention of any name on the said list, or to
the registration as a voter of any
application for registration; and for
the other purposes set forth in the
"Provincial Elections Act.
I shall on Tuesday the 21st day of
May at the hour of ten o'clock in the
forenoon at the" Court House, Grand
Forks, hold an adjourned sitting of the
Court of Revision, for the aforementioned purposes.*
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this
18th day of April, 1929.
Registrar of Voters.,
Grand Forks - Greenwood
Electoral District.
The New Spring and Summer Samples Are Now In
Dandy Blue's, Grey's, Black's
PROM $28.50 UP .
.A Fine Line.of Imported Cashmere's and Worsted's
'������.'.    English and Scotch fancy Tweeds
-FROM $21.75 UP, :
We fit Celluloid Windows to your car curtains in I hour-;
A. BIGGIN      ���      Midway, B.C.
i -���*&$&
Cast  also includes
Alice Joyce
Lina Basquette
Montague Lovc
Kid of the New York underworld
never knew a mother: And when
he found out who she was���he
was on thc way to the gallows for
���a crime he committed to protect
- her honor!
���'    - Also a Comedy   '
Felix in,"The Communist"
The United Church of Canada
Minister in Charge, Greenwood.
Sunduay,   April   21sl
) '    .   .*
 -Midway. 3 p.m. - "   -   ' ��� -.
Greenwood, 7:30 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Adults 50c. ; Children 25c.
Saturday, April 27 th
A Glamorous Drama of Hate, Love and
Peril of the High Seas!


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