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The Greenwood Ledge Mar 10, 1927

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gifiiai [t<i ovp*,Tli��_r��i_ti.4r.Tn_y. ���jt^m i*h*sjr.a-._r;rtii;rrriff^nfti^^^
VOL. 1
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
*     T. M. GULLEY & CO.
Of Local Interest
Spring Millinery     g j&���
lia_.VI llltf,iW__l__IW___Hl,T-ILTniW,tM1-____JB
.mmuinirt-Hnmaaasa. in1 ___inii_mmu.ii x-Viifrr.
when meatless days prevail
Finnan liaddie, Sable Fish Fillets, Maratime Kippers
White Fish
Fresh Salmon and Halibut, every Thursday
Canned Lobster, Salmon, Pilchards, Etc.
For quality and value order from ���   Phone 46
When "buying Light Globes
Edison Mazda Lamps
Phone 17
will arrive about
March 20th
Ladies Wear
Men's Furnishings
Leckie Shoes
for Men'and Boys
Jllen-Trounson's Store
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness,.Life,
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of.
Spring Cleaning
It is getting almost time
for ihe spring- clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed up when
you are putting everything else in order
You will find our
Watch Repairing Department
second to none
in this Western country
Let us have your Repairs now and start
out this Spring on Schedule Time
Watchmaker andrJeweler.���- - ..
F. J. White, Mgr
Robert T. Kane presents:
Coughs, Colds or any Bronichal Trouble
Give resistance against Flu
For Sore Throat and Tickling Cough   <
You can get them at
Ask for one of our Calendars
Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork and Poultry
A Fresh Supply of
Fish Weekly
Head Cheese,    Pork Sausage
Fresh Daily
also a comedy
Felix "Misses the Cue"
How better can you end the
day than by holding a longdistance telephone conver-
'   sation with a friend?
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c.   . Children 25c.
Coming! Saturday, March 26
J. Hines in "The Brown Derby"
.    _, also a Felix comedy
C. J. Carlson left for the coast
a few days ago.
J. H. Goodeve was a visitor to
Grand Forks on Tuesday evening.
_ The Provincial Liberal Convention opened in Vancouver today.
April 1st, Dance under auspices
pf Women's Hospital Auxiliary.
I Miss Young, R. N., of Trail,
has joined the staff ofthe District
.' James Skilton' returned on
Thursday from a business trip to
The local men's Basketball
team will play in Midway tonight
E. A. Wanke returned to town
on Tuesday after spending several
months in Trail.
Miss Hattie Gaw, of Gjand
-Forks, was in town for a few days
last week relieving at the District
M. W. Ludlow has moved into
town from Eholt, in order to look
after his' trap line which is located
near town.
' The C. P. R. will shortly replace its telegraph wire with a
.copper circuit between Nelson
-and Midway.
- Spring is near, at hand. Mrs.
B. Palmer, of Kettle Valley, sent
.in a butter-cup on March 2nd, the
first of the season.
��� Phil. Austin, auditor for the
Liquor Control Board, paid an
official visit to the Government
Liquor Store on Tuesday.
St. Patrick's Night will be celebrated in Greenwood by a Basketball game (Midway v Greenwood)
and a Dance in the Masonic Hall.
_.l1.. - .i
Now curling and skating is
drawing to a close Badminton
will again become the favorite
sport until tennis and golf take
its place.
A. J. Morrison, R. Lee, J. Morrison, G. Morrison, J. Kerr and
G. Boug were in town during the
week-end from the Wellington at
Beaverdell. ���   ���
It is requested that all books
belonging to the Public Library
be,in JbyJVIarch���15th-as-they-will
be returned and a new lot sent in
from Victoria.
The 1927 Spray Calendar has
been issued by the Horticultural
Branch of the Department of
Agriculture. This calendar may
be obtained gratis by applying to
the Department of Agriculture,
Victoria, or at any of the Branch
offices of the Department throughout the province.
A court of revision and appeal,
under the provisions of the Taxation act and Public School act for
the Kettle River Assessment district, respecting the assessment
roll for 1927, will be held at the
Riverside Hotel, Rock Creek,
on Wednesday, March 16th at 10
a.m., and at the Court House,
Greenwood, on Thursday, March
17th at 10 a.m.
By the passing at the recent
session of the Legislature of the
act to protect sheep, goats and
poultry, all dogs within the province, whether in unorganized
territory or municipalities, must
in future be licensed. Unlicensed
dogs will be destroyed. The
government revenues from the
dog licenses- will be used for a
fund from which to pay damages.
to owners whose sheep and goats'
have been killed. " |
Job-Printing at   The Greenwood Ledge.
Dog Taxes are now due.
��� City Council
The Council met in regular
session on Monday evening,
Mayor. Gulley presiding and in
attendance were Aldermen Morrison, Peterson, Portman, Forshaw, Taylor and King.
Correspondence from the Trustee concerning the disposal of
some city lots was considered satisfactory and helpful to the Council in their decisions.
The annual appeal from the
Salvation Army headquarters in
Vancouver for financial help to
the Mainland Women's - Social
Work Branch met with a sympathetic hearing and the Finance
committee were authorized to forward a small donation later on in
the year.
Estimates for 1927 met with
the approval'of the various committees.' The appropriation for
each department was reduced in
an endeavour to provide an
amount sufficient for the work'of
altering the lighting system
throughout the city, which plan,
if it can be effected, will reduce
the city's costs and further improve the present service.
Preliminary readings were given
to Estimates, -Rates and Loan
Arrears by certain consumers
of light and water gave cause for
comment from the Fnance committee and service will be discontinued if payment is.not made
within a reasonable time.
The Pound Committee was
promised the solid support of the
Council in case action had to be
taken against any. persistent
Aldermen Forshaw and. Peterson were deputized to arrange for
some necessary improvements in
the auto park and also supervise
the cutting of trees which have
been offered to the Hospital
Board who will undertake the
work for the purpose of obtaining
a supply of cord wood.
Masquerade Carnival
Dan McGillis Found Dead
shocked on
on  hearing
The citizens were
Wednesday- evening
the sad news of the death of
Donald Hugh McGillis, one', of
best known and highly respected
miners of the Boundary.
Mr. McGillis had not appeared
on Wednesday and in the evening
.George Hambly, his most intimate
friend, became uneasy, " and in
company with- T. M. Gulley he
went to Dan's cabin. Theyun-.
locked the door and on opening
they observed Mr. McGillis lying
on the .floor. - The police and
Dr. Francis were notified. and
on entering they found a 30-30
rifle beside Mr. McGillis who had
a bullet .wound in the' head.
Death occured, it is presumed on
Wednesday morning early.
Coroner Dr. Francis will
an'inquest on Friday.
Beaverdell Briefs
Riverside Hall, Easter Monday,
April 18th, at 8 p.m.
Bush's Four-piece Orchestra
Floor reserved for
Dress 8-10 p.m.
Children's Fancy
Three prizes
St. Patrick's Night
Thursday, March 17th, 1927
The annual Masquerade Carnival at the'Greenwood Arena on
Friday evening last was a greater
success than was anticipated. The
ice was in excellent shape in spite
of the prevailing mild weather.
The skaters in costume though
not great in numbers were very
giving the large crowd of spectators a great deal of enjoyment.
Mrs. H. J. Purkis, Mrs. F. Johnson and PI. W. R. Moore acted as
judges and  tlieir   awards were:
Best dressed lady���Miss Vera
Kempston, "Tennis Girl."
Best dressed gent���Lewis Mitchell, "Trapper."
Best dressed girl���Cleo Toney,
"Red Wing."
Best dressed boy���John McGiUivray, "Second-Hand Store."
Best comic���Laurence Gulley,
"Charlie Chaplin."
Children's races were held after
the Carnival followed by a Broomball game between ladies on
skates with brooms and Gents
minus, one. skate with' brooms.
Each side had nine players who
kept the ball in motion much to
the delight of the rooters. After
two strenuous periods the score
stood a tie, 1-1. T. Crowley
refereed and was kept busy
sending the. men to the penalty
box for minor infractions.
The' evening's enjoyment was
brought to a close by a dance in
the Greenwood Theatre at which
all present had a real nice time.
The race winners follow: <_'
Girls  8-IC���1st,   J'.tne  Toney;
Dorothy Boug.
Girls 12-14���1st, Cleo Toney; 2nd,
Marg-ueriti 1\ itchie.
and Sylvia Pri;e, tie.
B'jys 10-12���1st, John McGiUivray;
2nd, Roy Hallstrom.
Boys 12-14���1st, Tommy Walmsley;
2nd, John McGiUivray. .
Boys 14 and over���1st, Jesse Puddy;
2nd, George Bryan.
Coat Kace���1st, Renie Skilton and
Georg-e -Bryan; 2nd, Vera Walmsley
and N. I_J, Morrison.
C. ,-H. Robb, Beaverdell sawmill, has returned from a visit to
Mrs. G. R. Inglis returned on
Sunday from a visit to Greenwood and Grand Forks.
Noel McLean, of" Nelson, is in
town visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Robt. McLean.
Duncan Mcintosh, of the -Bell
mine, has left to spend a' month
at his home in Vancouver.  -
George Morrison and . John
Kerr spent the week-end . at the
former's home in Greenwood.   .
. Frank Fraser, of the Wellington mine, has left to spend a few
days in Kelowna and Osoyoos.
C. H. CI egg, Sally- mine, who
has been in poor health for the
past two months, has left'for his
home in Rossland. .
Steve Pittendrigh came up
from Grand Forks during the
week and was renewing acquaintances around town.' He was accompanied by Harry Hemming.
The Wellington claim..is showing up in fine style for one of the
newer properties on the hill. The
syndicate has shipped" four cars
of high grade ore since the first of
the year which puts the claim in
and Sally. A fine new strike of
high grade was also made on the
Sally during the past week.
Midway News
Mrs. W. G. Moll, of Rossland,
was a visitor to town on Wednesday.
Mrs.. Henry Fritz and'small
daughter arrived from the District
Hospital on Tuesday.
The local men's basketball
team will play in Greenwood on
Thursday, March 17th.     '
Miss Leona Reed, of Spokane,
Wash., was visiting her aunt, Mrs.
L. Powers on Saturday.
Friends of Charlie MoIlN will be
pleassd to hear he is out of the
Trail Hospital and is doing nicely,
since his serious illness.
The basketball game between
Rock Creek and Midway girls
last Friday resulted in a score of
16 to 4 in favor of Rock Creek.
The local Institutes passed a
resolution last month to have the
Cemetery road re-graded and. .the
2nd, highway linked up to where the
Rock Creek road begins. A public meeting was held last Thurs-
1 day which resulted- that everyone
14 and over-Vera Walmsley was b favor.of the resolution and
it is now m the proper hands to
receive due attention.
Tickets including-'supper: Adults $1.00,
Children 14 yrs. and under SOc.
Basketball 8 o'clock
Midway vs Greenwood
Dance in Masonic Hali
For furtlier particulars see hand bills
Two Scotchmen went bathing.
One said: "I'll bet you sixpence
I can stay under water longer
than you."
The other said:   "All right."
Trail Company Wins
A patent under which several
millions of dollars has been claimed against the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., of Trail, for
some years, was invalidated by
judgment of Mr. Justice Audette '
in the Exchequer Court in
Montreal on March - 4th. The
patent was for the electrolytic
j method of reduction claimed by
the Complex Ore Reduction Com-
Both submerged.    The" police. Pany of Canada;     ,'
are stilling looking for the bodies.
���Tit Bits. .. Dog Taxes are now due. SHE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
After long tests we are con
st container for tea*
Now packed only in Aluminum.
Branch Lines in the West
The next few years will witness great activity in branch fines' railway
tonstruction in Western Canada, judging by the Canadian Nalional Railways
programme covering the next three years/recently outlined to Parliament
by ilon. Charles A. Dunning, Minister of Railways, coupled 'with the
intimation that has been given that the Canadian Pacific also plans extensive branch lines building in the West, although, at the time of writing, the
details of their programme have not been made public.
Canada is well equipped with main lines of railway; so well equipped
���in fact that the statement is frequently, made that the Dominion has overbuilt in this respect. These main lines run east and west, carrying the
products of the West to Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic and the'Pacific coast,
and bringing to the prairies'the* manufactured goods'of the east, and llie
fruit, fish, lumber of British Columbia, as well' as the imports coming
through our seaport cities.
But in order to make these long main linos profitable from an operating
.standpoint, there must be a veritable network of branch'lines "to feed them.
It ia in the West that these feeders are mostly, needed, and whore the
possibilities for securing new and larger traflic is most promising.
There is another lack in the West, in the railway situation as it now
exists, ancl that is in the matter of lines running north and south connecting
ihe several east and west main lines. Branch line construction in more
recent years has been planned so as to not only provide feeders'to the main
lines, but through a gradual linking up of these branches bring about connecting lines running in a, generally north and south direction.   .
Branch line construction in the West must, in the future-, huA'e still
another main objective in mind. The. Hudson Bay Railway is being pushed
to completion, and .by; the end of the year steel will almost if not quite
reach to the Bay terminal. By the West, this--railway is regarded as a main
lino,���a direct Western route to tidewater and the markets of Europe. If
this route proves to be-what its advocates claim, for it, then in the not now
distant future millions of bushels of Western grain will move north which
must now find ah outlet cither to the Atlantic or the Pacific.
Our existing network of main and branch lines must he provided wtih
direct connection with the Hudson Bay Railway. Its success requires this,
and the people demand it in order that they may enjoy maximum benefits
wdiich the new outlet should provide. -..*..
As the southern ^terminus of the Hudson Bay Railway is in Saskatchewan, it naturally follows that the initial work of providing direct connection with it must be done in that Province through- the building of
certain brandies which will have the effect of linking up existing lines with,
the Bay road. The building of such lines are included in: the C.N.R. programme recently announced. It would, be a mistake, however, to regard
these as purely Saskatchewan branches. They are just as important and as
essential to Manitoba and Alberta as they are to the Province in which they
must actually be���b.uilt.      .**,..-.���*
The construction of these, connecting branches may also prove au
important, factor in effecting a complete change in transportation matters
and development in this whole western counlry. Lacking any northern out-
Jet to the sea, those products of Western Canada which do not go east to
the Atlantic or west, to the Pacific, are forced to move to the south, that is,
to the United States, to Minneapolis, Chicago, and thence to Buffalo or New
York. ';[[_'
With the opening of the Hudson Bay outlet, and the connecting of our
existing railway, systems with the road to the north, not only will our own
western products find a shorter outlet, but,i instead of Canada shipping to the
-sout.h,^nroducts^of^the^nori,h3vest&rn__-states_7vvin.  because  of these direct
���connections and shorter haul, move northward through Cariada, providing
additional traffic for our railways, and adding to the volume of business over
-the Hudson Bay Railway. ���
The appropriation of over $5,000,000 for construction work on :the
Hudson Bay Railway, and of an even larger sum to be expended by - the
Canadian National in the next three years on branch lines in Saskatchewan
to connect existing lines with the Bay road, and to Provide direct connection
for Manitoba, Southern Saskatchewan, and the northwestern states with
the Bay, marks a new era in railway ti-ansportation in the West and in the
development of .-the',, whole, prairie section of^ the Dominion,
Chinaman Invokes Old Law
After taking; legal action on ^indifferent occasions to prevent his deportation by the Immigration authorities, Hum Bing You, Montreal Chinaman, succeeded when he invoked a
Rrltish law dating from the reign ot
���harles II.., and under a habeas corpus order issued by Justice Brunoau
in lhe practice division or ' the superior court, he is now free to' rernaln
in Canada.
Modern Culture -^
. y"l wanted my daughter to be cultured," the mother said. "I sent her
to tho best boarding school, thc finest
summer camps, and an excellent college, and gave her a finishing course
abroad. Today she went off for. a
week-end and just before she left she
bought a package of chewing gum, a
package of cigarettes, J.he most lurid
confessional magazine and a�� moving
picture paper."���New York Sun
Indians Are Good Farmers
Indians of Prairie Provinces Produced
��� One Million. Bushels pf Grain:
Last Year
The Indians of the three "Prairie
Provinces ��� Manitoba, SaskatcheAvan
and Alberta���last season produced in
round figures one-million bushels of
grain, of which about half, or 4SS.00O
bushels, was wheat, according to a
recent Government report. There are"
about 35,000 Indians in the area in
question and the land reserved for
their use includes some of the most
fertile soil in the Prairie. They had
07,000 acres under cultivation in 192G.
Thcy own about 215,000 head of cattle
and 35,000 horses of a good type.
Torture Jewish Boy
Anti-Semitic Wave Sweeps the
Soviet Union
Three members of the Cpm��nimist
Party have boon arrested at Ivanove-
Voznesensk, near Moscow, on charges
of having tortured a Jewish boy
named Bayrach, employed in a factory with them. Thcy are alleged to
have applied electric wires to the b'oy
and to have nearly strangled him on
one occasion.
The case has revoaled a wave of
anti-Semitism throughout the Soviet.
iFine for catarrh
.'when melted in a
i*ipoon or snuffed
rvup the nose and
Vapors inhaled*
Head and Chest Colds
Relieved In a New Way
A   Salve which  Releases   Medicated
Vapors when Applied Over
Throat and Chest.
Inhaled as a vapor and, at the same
time absorbed through the skin like a
liniment, Vicks VapoRub reaches immediately inflamed, congested air passages.
This is the modern direct treatment for
all cold troubles that is proving so popular in Canada and thc States where over
17 million jars are now uscd yearly.
Splendid for sore throat, tonsilitis,
bronchitis, croup, head and chest colds,
catarrh, asthma or hay fever.
Just rub Vicks over throat and chest
and inhale the medicated vapors. It
nuickly loosens ud a cold.
Joint Soreness Subdued,
Swellings Quickly Reduced
Wonderful Results From Rubbing the
5>ore Parts With
"My testimony should convince anyone that 'Nerviline' is a splendid preparation to use on swelled joints. Rheumatism left me badly crippled," writes
Amos I'\ Fleiiry, from Kingston. "I
went to McKay's Drug Store and they
recommended Nerviline, which restored me completely."
For Rheumatic pains. Lumbago.
Sciatica, you will get lasting satisfaction from a 35c bottle of Nerviline.
Sold everywhere.
To Increase Egg Production -
Hens Lay More Eggs With the Use of
The use of lights with the laying
flock increases the winter and yearly
egg production. Pall laying can be
kept up by using lights from September 1 to November 1. It is possible
by using lights to carry thc early
hatched pullets through their first
production period with ' much less
moulting than when lights are not
used. Slow maturing pullets will mature faster under lights. Properly installed lights will increase in the labor income from the, birds for tho
On.Account of the Very Sudden
Changes in Temperature
Our Canadian March weather���one
dayJ^gjU,_>ui_slopi.y, the next' blus-
tery and, cold���is extremely hard on
children. Conditions make it necessary for the mother to keep the little
ones indoors. They are often confin-
ed'to overheated, badly ventilated
rooms and catch colds which rack
their whole system. To guard against
these colds and to keep the baby well
till the better, brighter days come
along/a box of Baby's Own Tablets
should be kep't in the house and an
occasional dose given the baby to
keep his stomach sweet and his bowels working- regularly.
Baby's Own Tablets are a mild "but
thorough laxative which never fail
to regulate the stomach and bowels
and thug relieve colds and simple'
fevers^and keep baby fit. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Over 21 Million Jars Used Yearly
Reduced Strengtli of R.C.M.P.
Now Fewer in Number, But Work
Has Greatly Increased
Commissioner Starnes of the Royal
Canadian Mourned Police, in bis annual report to the Minister of Justice,
draws attention .to the reduced
strength of the force, and a marked
increase in the number of eases dealt
wiih. The strength in 1926 was S76,
and 2S.000 cases were handled, while
in 1920, thc strength was 1,500 and
10,000  cases were  disposed of.
Speaking of the Arctic work, the
commissioner referred' to "the urgent
need" for a new posHu Baffin Island,
"and I am under pressure, to establish
several additional detachments
among the aboriginal inhabitants."
As the result of the northward drift
which is in progress, the number of
men in the far North has been nearly trebled.
The commissioner states that a
real emergency has arisen in th'e appeal to his force by the customs department for police officers. He
points out that more than $72,000 was
collected by the force in revenues
for various Government departments.
Farm of the Future
Nuts and Beans Only Crop Predicted
by Dr. Kellogg
The farm of the future without animals, except possibly a horse for riding, and without fowls, except for
"decorative purposes," was envision
ed by Dr. J. H. Kellogg. Battle Creek,
75-year-old advocate of a vegetable
For the products of farm animals
ancl fowls he would substitute "a few
walnut or hickory nut trees in fhe
back yard and along the highways,
with) field crops of soy beans antl peanuts."
He admitted, however, that prepar-
ation musrbe-gfarduTarfor'suchra^rad^
ical change as the elimination of
milk, eggs and meat, but said he had
followed siicli a diet for many years
"with immense profit."
Farm animals, with the .exception
of horses, he classed as a liability
and hazard to the farmer," for thcy
eat up more than three-fourths of the
food our farms produce and return
in food products only a small part of
what they consume."
Noiseless Construction
Buildings   May    Soon-  be-   Erected
Silently With Electric Heat
Thc steel frame of a five-storey factory has just been completed in Sharon, Pa., without arousing the entire
town from, its morning slumber or
testing its nerves. ThoTe were no
maddening blows of pneumatic riveters delivered with the noise and rapidity of machine gun in action and no
picturesquely dangerous tossing *" ol
red-hot rivets into a skilfully manipu
lated barrel a hundred feet away. Sixteen experts wearing goggles noiselessly fused beams and girders together with the intense heat of dazzling electric arcs.
It will be recalled that lho arc-
welder was applied with brilliant success by American engineers iu repairing the disabled machinery of interesting German ships during the war.
At Sharon the same apparatus was
used for the first time in erecting the
frame of a largo building.
The Sharon structure must be tested for strength, and the comparative
costs of riveting and welding mus;
be established, before w.e may herald
the day when skyscrapers will be silently erected with electric heat. But
it augurs well for thc noiseless future
that 100 tons of steel (one-eighth the
amount that would ordinarily have
becn required) were saved by arc
welding and that Sharon's historic
five-storey factory has a'si eel frame
of unprecedented lightness and stiffness for its size.
Instantly!    End Indigestion
or Stomach Misery with
"Pape's Diapepsin"
As soon as you eat a tablet or two
of "Pape's Diapepsin" your indigestion
is gone! Heavy pain, heartburn, flatulence, gases, palpitation, or any misery from a soiir, acid stomach ends.
Correct your stomach and digestion
for a few cents. Each package guaranteed by druggist.
Radio Telephony
With the extension of the trans-
Atlantic telephone service to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada
and Arizona; thc entire United States
will have direct connection with all
of England, Scotland, and Wales, the
American Telephone and Telegraph
Company announced.
Internally and Externally it is Good.
���The crowning' property of Dr."
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is that it can
bf- used internally for many complaints as well as externally. ' For
sore throat, croup, whooping cough,
pains in tho chest, colic and many,
kindred ailments-it has qualities that
are unsurpassed. A bottle of it costs
little and there is no loss iu always
having it at hand.
Castoria is especially prepared
to relieve Infants in arms and
Children all ages of Constipa-.
tion, Flatulency, - Wind Colic
and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and, by-
regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of
Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature o�� ....	
ftbsolutely Harmless - No Opiates. - ��� Physicians everywhere recommend ft,
Naval Base at Port Royal
Shifting of Naval Base From Bermuda
to the Caribbean Sea is Under
Establishment of a naval base at
Port Royal and the reduction in
status of Bermuda, now the chief British naval .base in southern Atlantic
waters, are reported to be under consideration by the British ' Govern.!
ment. The reported shifting of tho
navaL.base from Bermuda to the
Caribbean Sea would give Great Britain a naval station direc!ly south of
the American base of Guantanamo
and. in the pathway of the "Panama
Canal. Plans call for the conversion
of Port Royal into an airplane, hydroplane and submarine base, it is said.
All island forts will be manned by
natives. Bermuda, it was said, will
consequently be considerably reduced
in status as an important. British naval station.
Rescued by a Queen
the Hague, Queen Wilhelmina saw a
woman struggling in the sea. She
ordered her chauffeur to drive ��� as
quickly as possible to the place, and
the Queen, together with the-chauffeur and a lady-la-waiting, got the
woman out of her perilous position.
Wrapped in shawls, she was' taken
to the nearest hospital, where she
qoickly recovered. She had -walked
into the water in a state of nervous
ore People
Thousands of women give old (jarmenta
latest colors, and make drapes and furnishings all bright and beautiful���thanks to
homc dyeing. So can youl It's fun, and
how it saves money!
Deep-dyed, rich colors or daintiest
tints. So easy, if you just use real dye.
Diamond dyes do a perfect job on any
fabric���right over other colors. Dye anything; easy as washing!
FREE now at any drugstore: the Diamond
Dye Cyclopedia, full of s*uggestions,wiUi
simple directions,actual piece-goods color
samples, etc. Or write for big, illustrated
book Color Craft��� free-DIAMOND
DYES, Dept. Nil, Windsor, Ontario.
Make it NEW for IS cts!
Stamp Laundry in Italy.
Waa Doing Big Business Washing and
,    Re-Gumming  Used  Stamps-for;
The   French    secret" service   has
solved    a   postage    stamp    mystery
which has been creating a great commotion among   merchants   in   many
parts of France for some time. Many
bills  for  goods  have been  paid  by
bales of authentic stamps ranging in
denomination from  ten  centimes   to
five francs. Since   stamps ' are   legal
tender, the merchants were obliged to '
take them'.   When.a bill-of-one-thou-"
sand francs owing  to a Paris shop
was paid in stamps the management
notified the Surete Generale. Exhaustive   investigation     disclosed     that*
while tho stamps were not counterfeit, they had been washed, all cancellation marks obliterated and then
���regum'med.  The  stamp  laundry., was
located in Italy, doing a large business. ,,
A Power of its Own.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil has a subtle power of its
own. All who have used it know this
and keep it.,by them as tho most valuable liniment available; Its uses are
innumerable and for many years it
has been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast.
Unemployment Insurance
A.proposal that the committee on-
Industrial and international rela'ions
be" instructed to investigate- and report on the establishment of a sys-.
tcm of insurance against unemployment, sickness and invalidity will be
made in the House of Commons'
shortly. The proposed resolution will
be introduced by A. A. Heaps,'Labor,
of Winnipeg, North.
disappears "when you ' use
Minard's. Tho household Liniment for generations.       ..
Is Skilful With Motorcycle
A legless motorcycle operator
apparently is not handicapped in
New York's congested trallic. Seated
in the side car, with controls adjusted to operate from tho side, such a
driver was seen to thread his way
through Madison avenue traffic starting and slopping promptly with the
trallic signals.
Before marriage  men  and  women
argue; after that they dispuie.
��� An American electrician has discovered that lightning wanders
around a good deal in space. We are
more concerned with what it does
when it comes lo land.
Minard's���the dependable liniment.
W.   N.   U.   1671
Heart Palpitation
Dizzy, Sinking Spells
Mrs. M. A. Gagnon, Donatvillo, Alta.,
writes:���"Some time ago I was very
nervous, could not sleep at nightj often
had dizzy, sinking spells wid palpitation of the heart, and -was so rim down
I could not do my housework, but just
leave everything and sit down.
I spent a lot of money using medi-
cino from the doctor, but it did not
do me any good.
At last a friend told me to uso
and after using a
couple of boxe3 I
Was not tho same
woman. I began to
feel so much better,
and after- a few
more boxes I was
in perfect health.
I always recommend them to all
those I know who are suffering from
heart trouble."   '
Price 50'c a lox at all druggists Ol
dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of
piwe hj The T. Milburn Co., Lunitoi
Toronto; Ont.
Asthma Victims. The-man or woman subject to asthma is iudeed'a
victim. What can be niore terrifying
than to suddenly be seized with
paroxysms of choking whicli seem to
fairly threaten the existence of life
itself. From such a condition Dr. J.
D. 'Kellog's Asthma Remedy has
brought many to completely restored
health and happiness. It is known
and prized in every section of this
broad land.
Is Still a Secret
Lord Kelvin, when'he. was a professor in Glasgow University, . once
asked ono of his classes to tell him
what they knew of electricity, Tho
class was diffident, but at last one
of the students ��� blurted out, "I knew
all about it last week, but I've forgotten." Professor Thompson (as Lord
Kelvin then was), looked at the student and said gravely, "Do you know
you are quite unique, for you are one
of the only two people who have ever
known all about electricity? One, is
God Almighty, biit lie doesn't tell.
You are the other and you have forgotten.   What a pity."
��nd chicks trom Exhibition ~ l.cu-rcd
Koclcs, Reds, and tnipncstecl Leghorns
of high efff? record. Winners nl
leading poultry shows. 25.000 boo!��.-<l
already, which shows we have _.. wlUt.
reputation. Quality and Service is onr
only incentive. Write for beautiful c'.rcn
lar. Wo pay tlio duty. SPECIAL' MAUCH
J. A. Maas, Poultry Farm, Faribault, Minn.
pups sent anywhere $15, live
delivery guaranteed; grown'.bulldogs
cheap; guaranteed mange remedy, $1.
Bulldogs, 501 Rockwood, Dallas, Texas.
AKERS' OVENS���Write : for cat a-'
logue and list of" used ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100 Queen
West, Toronto, Ont. ���
Building Boom iri Winnipeg'
Winnipeg is on the threshold of one
of the greatest' home-building years
of its history, a summary of plans of
local contractors reveals. Plans are already drawn up for 148 homes, which
will cost $1,000,000, construction of
which will-commence as soon as the
frost is out of the ground.
For 6ale everywhere���Minard's Liniment.
Man., IGfi miles North of lnterna-
tlonal Boundary, offers liomo-^rown
fruit trees grafted on hardlm home
grown roots. Varieties recommended l-.v
Experimental Farms. Catalog describes
these with , comparisons -of 'ltanlinos.s.
Apple, Plum, Crabs, Raspberries, Strawberries, Currants, -Gooseberries, Lilacs.
Roses, Ornamental Trees, T3\-.��nrrer��ns.
Perennial Flowers." Farm,- Vcgeiable- and
Flower Seeds. Many Rarprai.is. Write
now  for descriptive catalog-. ���
��� ~ INo.S
-.-  -._.__'Blood ���
���Wb*DI��irm��, Ho.lJorCbronlo W��akno��t����
SfU bjr liidtoj Chemiiis, or ranira nil) _rt>ia
Ho. 1 for Bladder Catarrh. No. 9 for Bio
i   _
S'J i^Siffi.
Gave Her
Slil^Ti!.2.'!r��nx> N- T7 *>!*��:" "Having been troubled
with .Indigestion caused by constipation for several months,' my
druggist advised me to try CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS. ��� He
said they are good for a hundred different ailments, if people only
knew the value of',tliem. I can safely say that since I am taking
them, and only one each night, I feel like myself again and can
eat most anything."
Those who suffer from sick headache, indigestion, biliousness
tired-out and achev feeling, when due to constipation, will find
relief "in taking CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS.
CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS In red packages, 25c. raid 75c.
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'_. ��� -
Promotion  of Closer Bonds  Between
the  English Speaking  Nations
.   " It was a notable address which wa-s
delivered  by    Premier    Baldwin    or
Gr.eat Britain  tlie  other .-day- at the
formal opening of Darlmouth -House,
which' is hencerorth lo bo headquarters of the English society devoted
'to promotion of closer friendship between   English-speaking   races.    Mr.
Baldwin emphasized   the   many  ties
that bind together Great Britain and
the United States, aud touched upon
��� >he elements best calculated to preserve and strengthen the cordial relationships    of    two    great    nations
whose   mutual ��� interdependence   and
historic  traditions, along  with  their
growing Intercourse, furnish the key
to the future   of  civilization   in  the
western hemisphere and the peace of
the world.    The British Premier reviewed the trend of events and the
strong sentiment which serves to cement and, consolidate tho muLual.interests and social amenities between
the  American   and  English   peoples.
'Tiie real force which unites lliem is
.superior to  lho things that differentiate _thoir respective policies and "for
a nexus more potent even than the
submarine cable or the vibrations of
the aerial wave.   Trade and language
and blood religion, not to mention the
marital relationships and constant interchange of travel, all enter as dements  of  that  common  heritage  to
which  the Bri.i_.h, Premier referred,
and his plea for a "wide reticence in
criticizing each other" will commend
itself to all who are capable of form-"
Ideals and institutions without in the
least sacrificing (heir own.
Dartmouth House is dedicated to
the great task oj' fostering lho__bonds
of comradeship and kindred interest's attaching to British and American relations,- which, however various in their . methods, are virtually
identical in Iheir aim and objective.
And It is gratifying that of Ihis movement for growing fellowship Canada
forms one of thc strongest links. ���
Regina Leader.
Origin of Domestic Fowl
Boulain Fowl Resemble Indian Gams
Birds of Today
Chickens were first brought into
North America' by settlers in tho
United Slates who obtained the birds
from Europe. They'were of the small
Mediterranean typo noted ' for their
laying ability and .it 'was*.from this
type that the present day.small heavy
egg;laying breeds developed. ,
It is claimed by- some that ��� the
domestica'ed fowl. of ��� today 'descended, from the wild'jungle of ancient
India. Although it is contended" thai
this is not true-in lhe case of (ho
larger type of fowl, like the' Cochin
breed, it is agreed to in regard to tho
smaller -egg-layers. The Indian
jungle fowl,of ancient times was ol'
ihe. build of the present day bantam
and in coloring 'greatly . resembling
the Indian game birds of today.
In regard to 1he hatching of birds
it is claimed that the Chinese practiced artificial incubation of duck
eggs at a time-when the ancestors of
the present -European races were
gnawing raw bones " and living in
caves. Egypt Was also noted for her
early' breeding, of   chickens   in   the
May Create Demand
For Canadian Pulp
Large Quantity of Sulphite Required
by Japan's Artificial Silk Mills
It may indeed be seventy years before the full value of the natural resources of Canada are known. Every
day, however, new values are being
found for Dominion produce.;.The forests that   clothe   this   vast   domain
may even one day clothe the dapper,
though shc dress in the most shim-
.mering silks  from head to heel. All
sorts of material is   used   to '���������make
what passes for silk, and Ihe Chinese
silkworm has an actual competitor in
Japan today lo which Canada can be-1
come a   profitable   accessory.   Japan
has in operation artificial nilk mills
using sulphite.pulp as a basis.
This  is  not  an  Interesting 'newspaper prophecy born in thc brain or
a versatile paragrapher. It Is an official  item from   the Dominion   lrade
and commerce department at Ottawa.
Indeed pulp for artificial silk making
iu Japan has hitherto been obtained
entirely fronr foreign    sources    and
amounts   annually   to   about   10,000
tons,    writes    Trade    Commissioner
���Tames A. Langley Kobe, in the government's    Commercial     Intelligence
Journal.   This quantity ��� will   be   increased lo 16,000 Ions when the present projected artificial silk mills .are
brought into  operation.    Up  to  the
present Scandinavian pulp has been
in greatest demand as the engineers
in charge of plants have been trained
handling- of   that
Air Mail Facilities
Offered to Canada
Revival of Old Idea
in the   nanming- of   that   pnrticuhu
grade of bleached sulphite pulp, and
they have had no  dosire to  experiment wiih other' brands. This condition is now being overcome and Canadian pulp should be consumed in the
artificial silk industry in much larger
quantities. There are rumors*lhat certain leading pulp mills in Japan are
planning to manufacture this grade of
pulp, but as Japanese mills have not
found it economically possible to produce the.ordinary grades ol sulphite
pulp for-paper making, it will be some
time before it   will   bo   possible   to
manufacture the quality required  in
ihe artificial silk iiulutlry. 'Our farm
ers had better be saving tho ears or
their sows, Ihey soon may become'a
commercial commodity.
Sir Jchn Macdonald Suggested Name
"Kingdom of Canada" Before
There is something.unique and unexpected in  the revival at  this late
dale by a Western Progressive member, Mr, Garland, of the old idea of
calling his country lhe "Kingdom oi
Canada." u may   not   bo   generally
known that, this utle was put.forward
by Sir John A. Macdonald during the
negotiations leading to Confederation.
Sir John was   quite   eager   for   the
namo    Kingdom    and    pressed    his
claims during the drafting-ol the British  North  Ameiica  Act in  London
early in 1SG7.   The sixth draft of the
bill contained the title "Kingdom of
Canada," replacing the words "United
Provinces" of the preceding draft, and
Sir John made every effort to retain
the monarchal term.
The change to Dominion of Canada was mado at ,Mio instance of
Lord Derby, then Foreign Minister;
vho, as Sir John said in 1SSD in a
letter to Lord Knutsford, "feared the
first name would wound the sensibilities of the Yankees." Sir John in the
same loiter defended his proposal,
and said that, had it-been accepted,
he was sure fhe Australian colonies
would "have been applying to be
placed in the same rank."
It is doubtful if, after sixty years'
use of the word "Dominion," there
will be found any good reason for a
U.S. Plan Would Save Day on Coast
to'Coast Letters
Air mail routes in tho United Slates
have been made available to, Canadians. For an extra ton cents per half
ounce letters from Canada will be
carried by" thc coast to coast air
malls operated under contract with
the Uniied Slates government.
Letters destined to British Columbia aro carried to Elko, Nevada, by
air, transferred to a Seattle train, and
from there trans-shipped to Vancouver or .Victoria. A net saving in
lime oPat least a day is ensured. Letters to United States points on the
Pacific coast aro delivered at least
two days earlier on the average.
The announcement of the United
Slates post oflice department points
out lhat the extra ten cents for air
mail routes must be prepaid from
Canada In United States postage
Little Helps For This Week
Tho merciful man doeth good lo his
own soul.���Prov. xi. 17.
The quality of mercy is not slrain'd;
It dropped  as   the  genlle  dew from
Upon tho place beneath; it is twice
It blesscth him that gives aud him
that takes.
Constructing Speed Boat   -
Frenchman Will Attempt to 'Cross
< Atlantic in 48 Hours
An attempt to cross the Atlantic
ocean in 48 hours will be made In. a
motorboat now being constructed by
M. Bugatti, the French automobile
manufacturer.   .
The boat Is mado of steel.construction of the submarine and will have
eight motors.   It is a chaser type. It
AVe are unmerciful   when   without jls 35 met-ers long, is expected to make
necessity   we   aro   judges   of   cvii: 1,l�� ,niIos an hom' ^ a calm sea'and
thoughts, when we'suspect meanness.! 30��   mi!os an. ll0ln" on an average sea.
littleness,     untruthfulness���not      to'The bo;U wil1 nlilke a trial trip soon
speak of- worse surmisiugs���in others
The merciful in thought give no room
in their hearts Tor suspicions such as
these. They do not secretly impute
evil.���Richard Chenevlx Trench.
on the Seine.
Bible Printed in Esperanto
ing a rational judgment upon trans-1 early  Babylonian  and Egyptian  per
Atlantic  traflic-and  ifgs implications' "*"'1~   -1--    '     "" '   '
as to international fellowship-and the
welfare of humanity at large.
As Premier Baldwin pointed out,
literature has boon a potent factor in
the converse of American and Uritish
peoples. But it is not the only in
fluenco in this" direction. Of late years
there has beeu constant interchange
of views by 'the intelligensia of bolh
na'ions belonging lo tho church, thej
state, aud the university. There is
a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the
[Ji~British"n[;ai'Jil'airinuni^Presfdenl of
'the Uniied   States   ever   received   a
iods, when huge" b.iked. .clay incubators wore uscd, ��� having- a capacity of
from 50,000 to 100,000 eggs. .
The poultry industry in the United-
States has advanced to such a degree in less than a. century that
lhe sale of poultry products in tho
past, year amounted to over a billion
dollars. c
Good Roads From' U.S. Boundary
Improving' Highways From Points in
Found Airplane Trip Easy
Alberta to the U.S. Boundary
Main highways running from points
more hearty welcome than,I-iis Royal! on 1he boundary line between Canada
Highness tho Prince of Wales during and the United States are to bo sub-
bis American tour. Ii has been j slantially improved this year from
shrewdly said fhat whilst England,, points in Alberta on tho* boundary
during   Uie   past   half-century,   has | through as far as Edmonton." the pro-
growu more and more democratic,
Americans-have become more conservative'in their thinking -and -their
ways. Herein is another* phase of the
exchange whereby people learn of
each other to their mutual advantage
and'graduate'into alol'lier and more
wholesome respect   of   each   other's
That Stomach of Yours!
vincial capital, and to some of the
most- attractive scenic spots in the
Canadian Rockies. The number, pf
tourists coming from lho United
States to visit tho scenic wonders and
other attractions in Alberta * is increasing rapidly every year. Bolh lhe
Federal and Provincial authorities
in Canada are doing, everything possible lo ��� encourage visitors from the
Uniied Slates and other countries to
spend; a.holiday, in the Dominion.
Translated in -Many Ways
Examination on Meanings of Initials
Brings Comical Results
The initials IL S. V. P. have.been
translated in muny ways. Two English country men, asked by the Rector of Stoke to a parochial -garden
parly, came fo the conclusion they
mean: "Rector of Sloko Very Pleased
if you can come."
In H recent examination on general
knowledge questions were asked]
about the meanings of initials, with
fhe following comical results: V.C,
Vice 'Convict; Mus.Doc, Muscular
Doctor; MSS��� Member of Social Silence;   R.S.V.P.,  Rifle  Shooters   with
Vice President, and Radicals Should
Vote, Please; D.D.,  Dearest  Damsel,
Bachelor,     and     King's     Champion
In a Yorkshire village a notice was
fixed to the church door stating fhat
the "annual Easter meeting would be^
held the following   Tuesday   in   the
vestry af two o'clock, D.V.    On   lhe
day appointed the vicar entered tho
veslry to find   fhe   men   summoned dressing in   layers, putting   on   and
all there, each-laden villi mug, knifed taking" off garments as required. The
Few    Days    Unpleasant,- Says   Lady
Hoare, After Long Journey
"Flying eleven days straight off i.s
much  easier and less trying than  1
had    expected,"    said    Lady    Maud
Hoare, the only woman who has flown
.12,000 miles on an air voyage, when
she stopped to the befogged platform
of Victoria station, alter an air trip
'to" India and back with her husband,
Sir Samuel Hoare, the air minis'er.
Fog had prevented the completion
of the last stage from Paris to London by air, and the two were obliged
tornake the tedious channel crossing.
Tho British air minister and his
wife left Croydon by large passengor
air plane on the morning of December 27 aud landed at Delhi'on January S.
"It was no fair weather trip," said
Sir Samuel.   "We" had dust storms in
the Persian gulf and  earthquake on
"Ihe northwest Tronfier of India, snow
and rain, and often adverse winds."
Lady Maud supplemented the
'description by saying:
"Throe days were distinctly unpleasant, while five days out and
three days returning > for home were
very bumpy. We flew at every height.
100* to 9,000 feet.    This necessitated
Last Year Saskatchewan Printed One
Copy and One of New Testament
The book which slill  tops the list
Often Finds Herself Weak and
1     Feeling Worn-Out
The nursing mother more than any
other woman needs rich blood and
plenty of it. The demands upon her
health are many and severe. House-
. hold duties and thc care of her chil-
as the world's best seller is in print J dren exact heavy toll, whilo hurried
in Saskatchewan Esperanto. In 192G, meals. br<*en rest and indoor living
���.,, ��� , i ��� tend to weaken lier. No wonder she
one copy of lho Bible was printed in ]g of(on imlisp03ed through veaknes8,
Saskatchewan in that international headaches, backaches- and nervous-
language as well as one copy of the 	
New Testament.
Other languages in which the Bible
or portions of it are printed for distribution iu this province are: Bohe
mian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Cree, Danish, Dutch, Flemish,' French, Gaelic
German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
Italian, 'Latin, Lithuanian, Norse, Polish, Roumanian, Russian, Ruthonian,
Serbian, Swedish, Welsh and Yiddish.
Bachelors Taxed in Italy
Here's what it costs a bachelor fo
stay a bachelor in Fascist Italy. According to the terms of a law just
promulgated retroactive to January .1,
bachelors between 25 and 35 years of
age. must pay a special lax of * 35 'lire
per annum.    Bachelors   between   35
a n d~5 0 _mus t~~payHJ (T1 ire-aucTThose
over 50 must pay 25 lire. An additional income fax will also be imposed until marriage.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the stable.
Be good and you will be happ-- as
happy as you can bo under the circumstances.
Mrs. E. Everson
Guelph, Ont.���"I can highly recommend Dr. Pierce's medicines-rtnose that
have been used in my family have always-
proved very beneficial:-I have taken the
'Golden Medical Discovery' for' indigestion and stomach distress and it has given
*. me wonderful-relief. Jt is also a fine tonic
and blood purifier."���Mrs. E. Everson,
71 Elizabeth St.     '   -
Thousands in every Province havc
testified that this Discovery gave them
renewed health. '
All druggists, either fluid or tablets.
Send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory
in Bridgeburg, Ont.j for a trial pkg. of
Regulating Air.Traffic In  U.S. .
Porly-flve. pages   arc,'needed   for
this year's code of aeronautic regulations' recently issued .lrom the office
of Assistant Secretary of Commerce
for   Aeronautics,    William   P.   Mac-
Cracken,  Jr.    Tho  most  interesting
regulation is the new   rule   that   license numbers must now-be obtained
and displayed on each craft.    Other
chief items include: There   will   bo
stringent inspection rules   for   every
-plane built, new or remodeled;  private' pilots must be aged at least 1C,
transport and industrial 18, and must
pass examination in mechanics and
operation'; acrobatic 'flying is prohibited over congested parts of cities or
towns and otherwise ' allowed ' only
when not carrying    passengers    for
hire;  normally, no plane may fly at
less than 500 feet, over cities, 1,000
feet.���System Magazine.
fork and spoon, according to the
fashion among Yorkshire rustics
when called to a tea-meeting.' They
had agreed among themselves that
D.V. stood for "Dinner in the Veslry."
Of More Importance
At, an.agricultural show in Dublin
a pompous   member   of   Parliament,
.who arrived late,  found" himself on
lhe outskirts of a huge crowd. Presuming  he  was  well  known  to  the
spectators, ho .tapped a man on the
shoulder and   ordered,   "Mako  .way,
there!" "Garni   Who  are  you  push-
In'?" was the unexpected reply.   "Do
���you know who I am sir?" cried the
indignant M.P., "I'm a representative
of the- people." "Yah!" growled  the
otlier; "but we're the bloomiu' people
ness: In this condition the blood will
always be found weak and watery,
and relief will come only through en-
?!    ��5,_*he  bl00d-  Fov Ulis Purpose -'
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the best
blood-making tonic known.    Through
their  use   many  weak,  ailing wives
and, mothers have found new health
and strength.   As an example of fhis
Mrs. Sarah Cortez. Ellenstown, NB
says:���"While nursing my baby I became run-down, very weak and nervous.   My head ached all fhe time and
I was not able to do my work. I lnd
often read of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and  began using them,  and what a
blessing ihey proved.    Before  I had
used, a half dozen boxes I felt like   a
uow person,' and by their  continued
use.for a while I was entirely- restored to my former health and strength.
I lake pleasure in recommending Dr
Williams' Pink Pills to everyone suffering aa I did."
any medicine dealer or by mail at HO
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The patient usually has more confidence iu the physician than tha
physician has in himself.
A price mark looks all right on almost anything except a man.
only monotonous bits were two
stretches of desert; fhe scenery
otherwise was most varied."
Better keep an eye on the man who
apparently is indifferent to his own
W.   N;   U.   1671
Have Steadier Nerves
Single women have much steadier
nerves than their married sisters, if
the case records of the occupational
therapy department at the Colorado
Psychopathic Hospital are any criterion. The married man, however,
has little,-: more mental trouble than
the bachelor, the recprdB further re-
veaL ���'���'���'������.'*" v"���������** * u
-A- woman may win a man's love
without trying, but she can't keepdt
that way.   ,
Acts Like a Flasj
la Relieving Colds
That's why so many people tuy
"Buckley's" to end. Coughs, Bronchitis nnd nil Throat, Chest nnd
Lung troubles. It's instant, pleasant,
guaranteed. You'll note its uniqua
powers in the very first dose���and
there are 40 doses in a 75-cent bottle 1
Ask your druggist for "Buckley's".
W. R. Buckley, Limited,
142 Mutual St., Toronto 2
&&       MIXTURE        & J
Acts like a flash��� -     .OH
Graduates at Shantung
Christian University
First     Woman    -Student     Receives
.Diploma in Midst of War
With tho shufllc of China's marching arm ies almost heard on her campus, Shantung Christian University
has completed her academic year; with
full-attendance'and, under authority
granted by the Parliament of Canada,
has' graduated ��� sixteen Chinese stu-
deiith ol! higher; learning, including
ihe first ��� woman to complete thc
course in divinity.
Miss Chi Yu Chea of Mukden, Manchuria, was presented by Dean MacRae of the theological .faculty,.a.missionary of the United Church of Canada, for her diploma, and will become
a teacher of theology in the United
Free Church of Scotland's seminary
at- Mukden, now being opened to women students on a co-educational
��� tingle lip proves it
Britain's Need is Greater
President Coolidge's proposal that
another five-power naval disarmament conference be held recalls the
statement in which British representatives showed a League of Nations
committee that Britain's naval tasks
differed from those of other European
nations.���Toronto Mail and Empire.
Some men who live, by their wits
have to get along on very small capital.
Dissolve two "BAYER TABLETS OF ASPIRIN   ,��
four tablespoonfuls of water and gargle thoroughly.
Swallow some of the solution.   Don't
rinse the mouth.   Repeat gargle every
two hours if necessary.
77ns is an effective gargle proved safe
by millions and prescribed by physicians.
-Accept only "Bayer"
package. Look for
the   "Bayer   CrttSs."""
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. 'Also bottles of 24 and lOO-Drmy-irts.
$K^ ^ Bayer Manu^ture o^oj^ THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
ie Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
��- =     '���"
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or 52.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
Sreat.Britian and the United States
$2.'50, always in advance.
Bridesville News
Delinquent Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices...     7.00
Estray Notices....".    3.0O
Cards  of  Thanks     1.00
Certificate  of  Improvement 12.50
(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising 16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
pnriel measurement.
Transcient display advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion. v
Business locals 12%c. a line each
insertion. ���-.
No letter to the editor will be inserted
except over the proper signature and
address of the writer. This rule admits
of ,no exceptions.
Mrs;; Hugo DuMont and son,
Teddy, returned from Spokane
on Friday.
Theo Startz returned from Vancouver last week,''-'where he has
been visiting for a few weeks.
The first buttercups of the
season were brought to school on
Monday by Josephine Billups.
Miss Alma DeLisle who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Herbert, at Wycliffe for the past
three months, returned on Wednesday to her home here. ���'
Charlie Ray, an old-timer of
Bridesville, arrived in town Friday and was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Letts until Saturday and is
now spending a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. James Kehoe.
ere an
The Beethoven manuscript sonata in F major has been sold in London, England, for ��100, and the
Bach organ prelude for $3,750.
Bachelors in Rome between 25
and 65 are to be taxed to provide
funds for the National Maternity
fund and Child Welfare scheme.-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money.
Legislature Winds Up
Strenuous Session
Victoria, March 8���After sitting for eight weeks and one day,
the Legislature last night wound
up'one of the most strenuous and
spectacular, sessions of recent
Final prorogation of the House
by Lieutenant-Governor. Bruce
found the bulky sessional legislative programme .complete, including Taxation Act Amending
The Lieut.-Governor's formal
assent to 82 bills showed that the
session, which had been expected
to be light in*legislatiori, actually
was heavy.
The pent-up feelings of honorable members, exhausted by forty-
two full * working, days, .found
boisterous expression in the closing ceremonies. As they .waited
for the arrival! of the. Lieutenant-
Governor they broke into noisy
choruses of popular Csongs,^featured by none too musical rendering of "Show Me the Way to Go
Home." After His Honor had
left the chamber'and the members
had sung "God Save The King,"
they seized all the, papers-in their
desks, according to'well-establish-
~ed"custom^ ancT~threw them into
the air with cheers. By the time
they had finished the floor was
about a foot thick in waste paper
and the attendants began the all-
night job of clearing it up.
With the Curlers
The ice in the Curling rink has
been in the best of shape this
week and a number of the enthusiastic curlers have, played
some real interesting games. It
is likely that games will be arranged for tonight and Friday.
Greenwood and
District Hospital
Donations for February
The Directors of the Greenwood &
District Hospital express their gratitude to the undermentioned donors:
Mrs. D. J. McDonald, papers; Mrs.
Sater, oranges; Mrs. Axam, rags; Mrs.
S. Fretz, milk; Mrs. Bombini, fruit;
Mrs. Royce, rags; Greenwood Curling
Club per the Goodeve rink, "200 lbs. of
flour. :.y .
"The New Commandment"
- "The New Commandment," a society
melodrama, comes to the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, March 12th. It
is a screen adaption of Colonel Frederick Palmer's great novel, "Invisible
Blanche Sweet, Ben Lyon, Holbrook
Blinn, Effie Shannon, George Cooper;
Pedro De Cordova, Diana Kane and
many others are seen in the greatest
roles of their careers in "The New
It is full of thrills, romance, drama,
laughs and pathos and offers the
patrons of the local theatre the most
unusual cinema treat of the year.
A comedy "Felix Misses the Cue"
���will also be shown.
During 1926, the Canada Coloniza.
tion Association settled 734 familiei
on 168,094 acres in Western Canada
59,678 acres of which were in tht
province of Manitoba.
Plans have been completed for tht
World's Poultry Congress, to be held
in Ottawa from July 27th*to'August.
4th. More than thirty countries will
be represented and the number of
delegates is expected to reach 6,000.
Shanghai is at the present time
operating more trolly busses, carrying more passengers per mile of
route, and charging a-lower fare in
terms of gold wares, than any other
system in the world.
The champion Jersey cow of the
world, an out and out British Columbia product, is to go on tour according to the directors of David Spen-.
cer Limited of Vancouver, who
stated the champion would arrive
at the Canadian Pacific Express
yards shortly .
Reports indicate that the many
dairy companies .in Nova Scotia
have, had a most successful year.
One company reports that they
manufactured well over 100,000
pounds more butter than in 1925.
This increased production was.
valued at over ��50,000.
Developments in bacon-hog raising in Nova Scotia and particularly
in the Annapolis Valley as a by-product of the dairy industry, is already an assured success.- In 1926,
21 swine clubs were functioning
successfully in the Province. Of
these eight operated in the Dominion
Atlantic Railway territory.
The first fish net factory t.o operate in Canada is being started here
by the Canadian Fish Net Co., Ltd.,
financed by Canadian capital and
employing Canadian labor. -Hitherto the nets used by Canadian fishermen have been imported from Eu-
has at times' entailed heavy losses
owing to late deliveries^
Grain left Montreal for seventeen
different countries in the 1926 season. Great Britain imported to the
heaviest extent, followed in order by
Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy,
France, Norway, Greece, Ireland,
Portugal and South Africa. Great
Britain took 39,291,763 bushels or
31 per cent., of the total exports
from the Port, being also the heaviest purchaser ��� of oats. Norway
and Holland were the two largest
buyers of rye.
The grain harvest of 1926 has left
more money in the country than the
greater harvest and somewhat higher prices-of 1925, according to N. M.
Paterson, president of the Paterson
Steamship Company, and owner of
a hundred country elevators in the
West, with one other-city elevator
now being built at a contract cost
of $800,000 at Fort William. Mr.
Paterson, who was interviewed at the
Windsor Hotel in Montreal recently,
having arrived from Winnipeg, is
travelling ' with his father and
mother, wife, six children and two
nurses, by Canadian Pacific. route,
land and steamship, to England with
a view to staying at Bournemouth
for the next three months.
Steamship companies brought approximately 165,000 passengers to
the Dominion in 1926, an increase
of nearly 48,000 over the previous
years. Third class passengers, the
majority of whom were immigrants
or new- settlers, accounted for over
123,000. An outstanding feature of
travel has been the development of
tourist third class accommodation,
Approximately 7,100 passengers of
this kind were carried eastbound
across the Atlantic from Canada
and 8,650 transported westbound
during 1926, making a grand total
of this kind of travel of 15,750
for the year.
Canadian apples are now on sale
in Paris, France, in the central market and in the shops. Shop window
displays of the fruit are reported to
have aroused quite,a wave of admiration.
Alberta's visible coal supply is
'about 57 billion tons, Premier
Brownlee declares. With the possible exception of China, Alberta
has the greatest coal deposits in the
world, The annual production from
the province averages around 6,000,-
000 to 6,500,000 tons.
Valued at nearly ��8,000, twelve
silver black foxes in six crates arrived at Canadian Pacific Express
Company's yards in Montreal recently for shipment by S.S. BerWyn
from Saint John January 1st. They
are from the Agnew Silver Fox
���Farm, Barry, Ont., and represent
the first shipment to leave Canada
in 1927. '
According to the financial statement of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for the eleven months
ended November 30,; the net profits
of the Company were $43,328,944106,
an increase over.the net profits.for
the corresponding period of 1925 of
��8,000,960.23. For the month of
November the net profits of the
Company were 86,749,722.72,' an increase of ��501,687.90 over November
of 1925. ��� '.->
An air mail service for Canada is
likely. The Hon. P. J. Veniot, Postmaster-General, remarked in an interview that the Postal Department
at Ottawa are following with .keen
interest the successful activities of
the United States air service and
that ''something similar, may be
started in this country shortly.
Definite announcement one way or
the other would be made early in
the New Year, said Mr. Veniot.
Northern Ontario has 2,600,000
square miles of mineral lands, of
which only 7 per cent, has been exploited; and yet this seven per cent,
has already produced metals to the
value of a billion dollars. Such was
.the summing up of George C. Bate-
man, Secretary of the Ontario Mining Association, speaking before the
Engineers' Club. "Twenty years
ago," he reminded his hearers,
"Northern Ontario was practically
an unknown wilderness. Today it
is' the centre of a large and growing industry."
A combined service to the Cana-
__di_an_Pacific_Railway^_Company��� of
140 years was terminated January
1st with the retirement from tha
activities of travelling passenger
agents df Henry R. Ibbotson, Ambrose E. Lalande and James McKen-i
na. The official record^ of the
Company indicate that these three
well-known officials have served respectively, 44, 53 and 43 years in
the employ of _ the Company. The
railway careers of these men began
in each case during the construction
of.the Canadian Pacific lines from
the  north shore of  Lake Superior
west to the Pacific Coast.
_To further assist agricultural development the Canadian Pacific
Railway will operate forage, crop,
seed, poultry distribution and demonstration cars in the Albert-a district, starting this January. Following the practice of previous
years the company will co-operate
with the Provincial Government,
says' Thomas.S. Achesoh, General
Agricultural Agent, Western Lines
of the C.P.R. The special cars" will
centre upon Lethbridge, ranging between the international boundary
and Calgary, eastward to Lacombe
and the Saskatchewan boundary, and
west to Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House.
To The
Green wo ad Ledge
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
.-   SUNDAY, MARCH 13lh
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
Scaled totulors will bo received li.v tlie Dis-
rict Forester, Nelson, noi later than noon on
the 16lli day .of March, 1027, for lite purchase of
licence XS796 near Henderson Creole, JJ.C., to
cut 123,000 board feet of.sawlogs.
One (1) year will lie allowed for removal.of
Fusilier particulars of the District Forester,
Nelson, ]5, C.
Job Printing
The Greenwood Ledge
H. W. R.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
31.00 each. Gold-Silver Si.50. Silver-
Lead S2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc S3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
For Sale or To Rent
Contractor and Builder
Foreigrn and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20lli Century Shoe Repairer
All work and ma ferial guaranteed
140 acre ranch, situated on the No. 7 AVe pay postage one way. Terms cash
Road.   Apply to Mrs. N.  L,. Hingley,
Chestnut mare, unbroken, blazed
face, about 1100 lbs, no brand 'visible,
fed'with my stock all winter. Can't
keep her out. Owner can have- same
bj' paying expenses.
Jaines Creek,
Westbridge, B.C.
��� Place your
The Greenwood
Tie Consolidated' Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting- and Refining- Department'
|^P-urchasers,of-Go!d,-Si!yer,-Copper-,-Lead and-Zinc Ores-
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper,. Pig- Lead  and Zinc
��� i
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands may
*be pre-empted by British subjects over 18 years
of age, and by aliens on declaring intention to
become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning regulations regard-
ipg pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. l.Land
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C., or
to any Government Agent.    .
Records will be granted covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is
not timborland, i.e., carrying over 8.000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range and S,000
feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions arc to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made to the value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more'dctailed information see the -Bulletin
"How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land is $5 per acre,
and second-class (grazing) land $2,50 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Scries, "Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land,'"
not exceeding 40 acres, may   be purchased- or
leased,   the   conditions  including   payment of
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20 acres,
may-ibe, leased as-homesites,-- conditional-upon-a-
dwelling being erected in the first year, title
boing'obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled and land has been
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding 040 acres mry be leased by one person
or a company.
��� Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided
into grazing districts and the range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annua] grazing
permits are issued based on numbers ranged,
priority given to established owners.' Stock-
owners may form associations for range management. Free, or partly free, permits are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to'
ten head.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459; Silver, $74,111,397; Lead, $89,218,907; Copper, "$197,642,647;
Zinc, $39,925,947; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,694,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show ,an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of   any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which Is guaranteed"
by Crown Grants.
Pull information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing��� ' �����
-  VICTORIA, British Columbia,
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments should refer to'such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the,Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six'"Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch B ullding, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of


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