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The Greenwood Ledge Dec 15, 1927

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No. 20
For appropriate Christmas Gifts see our display of
Royal Winton Ware |
"Vases, Floating Bowls for flowers, Candle Sticks, $
Fruit Dishes, Honey Dishes, Sugar Bowls, Cream jlj
Jugs, and Teapots t
Nice assortment of Fancy Cups and Saucers 8
T. Ml GULLEY & CO. 1
Now is the time to gci your
Christmas Gifts
Call and see our Goods
Suitable Presents for All
Good Things For Christmas
Chocolates  in  Fancy Boxes   30c to $3.50
Chrystalized Fruits (Okanagan)    per box $1.25
Apple Kisses (Okanagan)   per box $1.00
Ginger  Chips   (C & B)    per box 60c
Mincemeat  (Home made)   per lb 25c
Delicious Apples (Extra Fancy)    per box $3.75
Jap Oranges, Bananas, Etc
Christmas comes but once a year
so why not buy Her a
Stewart-Warner Radio
A Gift that keeps on giving
Authorized Dealer
Of Local Interest
Deer   hunting  season   closes   today
(December 15th.)
J. B. Desrosiers left on Friday morning for Penticton.
Sam Johnston, of Rock, is a patient
in the District Hospital.
Elleri Troiinson's Store
P. R. Loomis and James Wilson of
Burke, Idaho, are in town on business.
Ole Johnson, of Rock Creek, was in
town on business the-first-ofrthe-week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bubar of Kettle
Valley, were visitors in town on Wednesday.
For quality and value order from
Phone 46
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire,   Accident    and    Sickness,    Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c'.
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
A. L. White's Store in Princeton was
burglarized recently' and goods to the
value of $300 taken.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawson and
family have left Grand Forks to spend
the winter in California.
The government thermometer registered 20 degrees below zero on Friday night, the coldest of the season.
���*. ____________________
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. A. Smith and son
Donald, were the guests of Staff-
Sergeant and Mrs.. J. A. Fraser in Penticton during the week-end.
Christmas Stocks
Are rolling- in and are of
���'     OUR     '     ���    . ���    -
Choose Early And Avoid Dissapointment
TAYLOR & SON   .�������������� I7
Perhaps You Have'A Good
that you are thinking of
Presenting To Someone For Christmas
IF So Let Us Overhaul It
and see that it is in good condition
Our  Repairs  are  always  satisfactory
because we know how to do our work
and always use the best material
Watchmaker and Jeweler ��
. ,   "   ' F. J. WHITE,
"   - ;Mgr.    '-'���
The annual meeting of the Conservative Association of the Greenwood Polling Division will be held in
the Imperial Hotel, Greenwood, on Friday, December 16th at 8 p.m. Election
of officers will take place.
 ��� <�����
. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Ritchie of Cascade announce the engagement of
their daughter, Morna Clara Eileen,
to Mr. Keith Anderson Pincott, of
Rossland, only son of Mr. C. F. R.
Pincott of Grand Forks. The marriage
will take place in Holy Trinity Church,
Grand Forks, on December 23rd, at
2:30 p.m.
Orthophonic Victrolas
and Latest Records
 r-   of the   	
Conservative Assoc.
%     of the  	
Greenwood Polling Division
���   will be held in the
_ImperiaLiHotel, ^.Greenwood-
Guests at the Pacific Hotel during
the week: G. Williams, P. Cambourne,
Vancouver; A. E. McDougall, D. J. McDougall, Grand Forks; Kenneth. W.
Skilton, city; Adrien Berenger; J.
Fawnes, Midway; T. J.'Kingsley. Spokane, Wash.;' Miv arid Mrs. R: J.
Skilton, City; F. R. Loonjis,- Burke,
Idaho;  Frank C. Wilson, Bridesville.
Community Christmas Tree
Thursday, December 22nd
The Committee in charge of the
Community Christmas Tree, through
the collectors, have raised the handsome sum of $185.05 to buy presents,
etc. for the children.
The Concert and Tree will be held in
the Greenwood Theatre on Thursday
evening, December 22nd, commencing
at 8 p.m. An excellent program has
been arranged.
The Committee take this opportunity
to thank the following donors for subscriptions:
G.   B.   Taylor,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   C.
King,  E.  Parry,  H.  H.  Summersgill,
W. R. Powers, H. T. Newmarch, R. J.
Mellin, A. P. Bowsher, S. B. Hamilton,
Mrs. Ellen Hallett, Mrs. J. L. Walker,
Mrs. A. J. Morrison, N. E. Morrison,
Mrs. Percy Hammerstrom, ��G. H. Gray,
Mrs. M. Axam, G. W. A. Smith, Juan
Puddy, Mrs. Ellen Trounson, Capt. W.
L. C. Gordon, Mr. Floyd, G. S. Walters,
Dr. W. H. Wood, Mrs. L.. Bryant, A. B.
Fenwick, Mrs. W.,B. Fleming, Mrs. J.
Hallstrom, Mrs. J. E. Hoy, J. Mack, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Pope, Mrs. C. 'J. Carlson,
Mrs.  E.  Mellrud,  O.  Lofstad,  A.  D.
McKenzie, Mrs. Mace, J. B. Desrosiers,
Mrs. Mark Christensen, T. M. Gulley,
Geo. Bryan, W*. H. Bryan, F. J. White,
J.  H.  Goodeve, Mrs. Gray, J. Poggi,
Miss  Stocks,  Miss Hills,  Miss  Lowe,
Miss Emery, Mrs. H. W. Gregory, Mrs.
W. M. Wilson, Mrs. A. Sater, Mrs. F.
A. Johnson, Mrs. G. B. Taylor, Mrs. G.
Boug, Mrs. J. Klinosky, Mrs. J. Price,
Mrs.  A.  Walker,  Mrs.  Wm. Madden,
Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mrs. F. L. Peterson, Mrs. A. R. Royce, Mrs. Geo. White,
Mrs. W. Walmsley, Mrs. R. Lee, H. W.
Gregory, Mrs. S. Bombini, Mrs. Chas
Gauvreau,   Mrs.   J.  Keady,   Mrs.   R.
Mitchell, Mrs. C. Nichols, Mrs. P. Campolieto, Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Mrs. F
Maletta,  Mrs. W.  Clark,  J. Longton
H. Ellis, Mrs. N. L. Hingley, Mrs. Clay
Nicholas, A. Legault, Mrs. Pasco, E. F.
Keir, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. D. McLaren,
Jerome McDonell, Mrs. H. N. Cox, R
Forshaw, H. Howson, J. Holmes, Dr. A
Francis, Geo. Hambly, Mrs. Berg, Mrs
L. Portmann, R. C. Taylor.
Particular mention should be made
of a donation of $25.00 by Duncan
Mcintosh, and of $15.00 from the J. R
Mines Ltd.j, as neither Mr. Mcintosh
nor the directors of the J. R. Mines,
Ltd., are residents of Greenwood.
Pioneer Mining Man Dies
Wm. J. Barker, a pioneer mining
man of the Boundary - Kootenay, died
in St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland,
Oregon, from inward goitre on Sunday,
December 4th.
The late Mr. Barker was born in
Cornwall, England on May 29th, 1860,
and left there with his parents when
six years old for Hancock, Michigan.
Later the family moved to Butte, Mont
When still a young man Mr. Barker
mo\ ed to Midway to take charge of the
Skylark mine, after which he held
positions as foreman in mines at Sil-
yerton, Ymir, Salmo and Erie. In the '
last mentioned place he- had charge of .
the Arlington mine, which he later
purchased. After, this was closed he
took charge of the Jewel mine at
Greenwood, where he remained until-
the mine was closed at the outbreak of
the great war.
Mr. Barker was a member of the '
Knight  Templar Command  of Ross-  ���
K�� V"? ��f ,the Royal Arch Chapter
t%,J n-7??50*1' and of West Gate
Lodge No. 186, A. F. & A, M., of Port-
Mr. Barker is survived Sy his widow-
three daughters  Mrs. Bertha LamS
ii^el^gg' ldah0' Elise Barker, Port-'
and, Mary Barker, Midway, one .son
William S. of Marcus, Wash.; and fo5
mSS rlT   brother   of   Eutte, ,
Mont    To the bereaved ones the sheerest sympathy of all is extended
Funeral services were held under the   '
iXV_US_G* ^ A* ���
Midway News
hS' ftaia'USS iS a patient in the District ���
Kodaks, Fountain Pens,  Pen and Pencil Sets,
flashlights,   Smoker  Sets,   Cigarette   Cases,
Pipes, Ash Trays, Compacts,  Manicure and
Vanity Sets, Etc
NEILSON'S Celebrated make in Fancy Seasonal Boxes.   Just in
Splendid Selection. Better than ever before
Toys and Dolls ��
Big Assortment. See our Windows.
Presents for Old and Young
Friday, Dec. 16th at 8 p.m.
Business:   Election of Officers
The happy lane of memory, down
which everyone travels in moments of
reverie, ��� is the theme of "Memory
Lane," which comes to the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, December 17th.
Eleanor Boardman, Conrad Nagel and
William Haines are featured.
Producer Stahl's interpretatio of
memory is that in it we' dream of
things-as they were,, or as they might
have been. We live our lives over���
and more wisely. Hand in hand with
those we love we again walk in the
twlight of the past,, casting aside our
cares and living again in_our_joys	
Colonel Charles A. Lindberg, noted
flier, made a non-stop flight from
Washington, D.C, to Mexico City,
Mexico, in 27 hours and 13 minutes.
Still time,for Personal Greeting Cards
Tel. 2.
GREENWOOD,  B.C. Box 391
�� A Supply of
Shredded Suet, Home Made Sausage, Etc
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
Xmas Merchandise
Are Larger and Better Selected Than Ever
Before but on account of the extremely cold
weather have been moving slowly
Here you can select Presents for every member
of the family and to move our stock quickly we
will haye many
Real Bargains To Offer, for the Next Ten Days
_____________________________________________   \
Christmas Suggestions
CHIN AW ARE in Many Beautiful Patterns
/ HOUSE SLIPPERS for Men and Women
At Right Prices
��� Greenwood enthusiasts were treated
to two exciting games of Basketball on
IlPday evening, in the local hall, when
teams'came over "from Grand "Forks
and the played the locals. The first
encounter was. between the ladies
teams. In the first,. period Grand
Forks had the edge of the play and
scored 6 points, and in-the second
the locals played a much better game
with the result of no score. In the
third Grand Forks scored 3 points and
Greenwood 6. The final period ended'
.with the visitors the victors by a score
of 15 to 9. Messrs. Grisdale and Morrison refereed. . -
The ' Greenwood men's team won
their contest by a score of 20 to 15. It
was a very lively and interesting
match. The Forks team were greatly
weakened as they were only able to
play- three-of-their-regular-line=up- a?
the remainder got stalled by car
trouble in\the snow at Eholt and when
they reached town, in a sleigh, the
game was over. Gordon McMynn and
J. L. Bush, jr. refereed the game.
It is a great credit to the Forks
teams to make the trip under such
severe weather conditions.
A number of the players and fans had
to remain in town over night as the
battery in J. Grisdale's car became
frozen here.
Return matches will be played in
Grand Forks on Friday.   .
The Greenwood Skating Rink will be
open to the public on Friday. There
is a good sheet of ice.  First day free.
J^y*3'*!* below zero was recorded
on Wednesday morning..-
T^^iw'?'8 ?iristmas Party and
1   ���     L ^e Place on Wednesday
Word was received that Miss M
Barkers father passed away in Portland, Ore on Sunday, December 4th.
Miss Barker has the sympathy of the
entn-e,community.   -
��� ^er^,wlU be a sPecial Card Party
��� L? d Sch001 on Tuesday 20th inst.
The Misses Helen-Nystrom and Annie"
Thomet- will entertain. Don't fail to
be there, as the prize for the highest
score is a turkey.   "500" will be played.
Miss Leonia Reed" only "daughter of-
J. W. Reed of Spokane and formerly of '
the Boundary country, was married to
Jack Kenyon of Grand Forks, in Sno- .
kane on Dec. 3rd.   After a honeymoon
m southern Coast cities and Vancouver
they will take up residence in Grand
Forks.   The bride is a niece of Mrs. L  ���
Bridesville News
Mrs. Higginbottom and daughter returned on Saturday after a few davs
visit in Oroville. .
Owing_ to_ the _Bridesville ^School-
House being too small to accomodate
the 22 pupils now attending, school
will be held in the hall here till spring
when a new school-house will be built!
- The young people surprised Mrs
Moore on Friday evening and.spent a
very enjoyable evening. Mrs. Moore
being a very accomplished pianist and
gave several selections. Cyril Collins
also assisted to the musical evening
with his banjo. At midnight a dainty
lunch was served."
The curlers will be ready to play in a
few days. The ice makers have put
rings on No. 1 sheet and No. 2 sheet
is ready, for the rings.
The Greenwood Ledge will print on
Wednesday next. It is our plan to print
the four pages in this office for the
Christmas edition. Correspondents and
advertisers are asked to send in all
copy not later than Tuesday's mail to
insure insertions.
Only ten more days till Christmas!
Get a wiggle on.
An Irishman and an Englishman
were waiting for a train, and, to pass-
the time away, the Irishman said, "I
will ask you a question, and, if I cannot answer my own question, I will buy
the tickets. Then you ask a question,
and, if you cannot answer yours, you---
buy the tickets."
It was agreeable. -
"Well," said the Irishman, "you see
those prairie-dogs' holes .out there
(pointing to, a distant prairie-dog
town), how do they did those holes
without leaving any dirt around?"
"I don't know," said the Englishman. ���
"That's your question; answer it yourself."
"They begin at the bottom and dig    ���
up." \ ' .     ..
"How on earth do they get at the ���
bottom?" inpuired the Englishman.
"That's your question," said the
Irishman. ��� ��� ���.
"Answer it yourself." ' ���,        .
The Englishman bought the tickets. ..;
Everything Por Christmas .
Midway and Rock Creek
P.S. Wc will have a limited number of TURKEYS and about
TWELVE DRESSED HOGS around 125 lbs (o offer
next week.   . �� BROWN'S
Our Xmas Toys Have Arrived
There is a large variety to choose from and priced at extra value
Look them over, there are Toys for CHILDREN of all ages
Also Suitable presents for the Ladies as
Fancy Handkerchiefs, Chinaware, Scarfs, Silk Stockings,
Stanfield's Nova-Silk Underwear, Etc.
And for the Men
Ties, Scarfs, Sweater Coats, Dress Shirts, Pipes/Tobacco Pouches,, Etc
Also mixed Xmas Candy and Nuts in bulk
Fancy-Boxes of Chocolates.
Do Your Xmas Shopping   Early and   "
* Don't Forget to see our Xmas Goods    -���"*.���    _.���_���' SEE   GREENWOOD   LUDGJS
US   . :\
Cuticura Comforts Tender
Aching Irritated Feet
Bathe the feet for several minutes with Cuticura
Soap and warm water, then follow with a light-
application of Cuticura Ointment, gently rubbed
in. This treatment is most successful in relieving
and comforting tired, hot, aching, burning feet.
B��_nplB Eacli Vrn tiy Mill. Address Cunndinn Depot: "Stan-
houn, Ltd., MontrnJ." Trice, Soap 26c. Ointment 25 and Me.
Talcum 26c.
____89S"" Cuticura Shaving Stick 2Sc.
Canada s .Next Objective
Tho Urlo ro this arUclo was tlio subject of "a constructive address by
Urig.-Goneral C. II. Mitchell; president of tho Toronlo Board of Trade, before
' tho second annual convention of tlio Canadian Chamber of .Commerce hold
recently al Vancouver. Some portion of that, address can, wo feel, be passed
on wllh advantage to the readers of this vapor. General Mitchell said, in part:
The Diamond Jubilee of Confederation sees Canada entering upon a
period of Its greatest expansion.. It sees Canada United in an effort to improve
its position as a nation within itsolf, and in an ainbtlon to make a placo lor
itself among tho nations of tho world. It already has au assured placo among
those nations forming the great British Empire. It has consolidated its
position alter the war by quiet, persevering effort; and has steadied down
to thc solid, things which can. build up a country. It is now ready for and is
indeed progressing toward the next objective.       .
Canada lias huge fertile agricultural regions. It has wealths of forest,
mineral and water power resources. r>Its geographical*and its topographical
features form an asset rather than a hindrance to its development. It has
busy ports on the two great oceans of thoWoiid, and it has a waterway to the
heart of tho country.   It occupies half of North America, is in the centre, of
the great British Empire.   It is midway between thc East and the-West and
i. .-*."������������
on tho way between Europe and Asia via America. It has great transcontinental railways and fleets'of inland shipping. Aiul along with this favorable
position and its unsurpassed natural material resources, it has human
resources of contented, industrious, law-abiding people of solid character and
high ideals. Our natural wealth lies in our potential assets and in The
development and use of these resources. We have made our way magnificently
lu the past, sixty years, but ours Is a country of the future, and we in Canada
arc tho trustees of these great assets for those who are to come after us.
With all these resources and at this particular time, what then is our
next objective? We are bound to progress along some road and in some
direction and'at some rate. The road must be toward increased prosperity,
and the .manner and tlio rate of travel are for us, ourselves, to determine. The
answer K-os somewhere among our natural resources. The objective for our
effort in Canada's next periocu of expansion lies on the high ground before Us,
which we must attack with a united front to secure initiative and gain
superiority in the markets of this coutiuent, of the Empire and of the world.
To develop theae resources, to supply tho needs of the different parts of
our own country, of the continent, and of the world, we must:��� -������ ^
J.-   Know what resourceS'We have in stock.
2. Ascertain what of our resouroes are the'best seller: (a)''to ourselves���
provincially: (b) to the Empire���the Mother. Country and overseas Dominions; (c) to'the other tuitions of the world.
o. Determine with wh2t resources we are first to enter into competition,
aiul with what next to follow.     ,, :��� *.
4. Luild up entirely new industries;""and. trade from those resources" iu
wliich we are.predominant or which are peculiar to Canada. v
��� 5.   Create a demand for our products: (a) provincially;  (b) nationally;
and (e) internationally
C>. Conduct extensive.publicity in all possible markets for those products
in uhich wo. can readily compete.
To further develop the assets of these great Canadian natural resources
is the first duty of every citizen of every community aud of every province.
The problems involved in such further development" are many and varied.
New problems arise and old ones recur in new forms.     Changed conditions
^bring different problems looked at from now angles.     .-yy.
General .Mitchell proceeded to enumerate some twenty* problems-awaiting
��� - . _  ��� o
se'entilic and economic solution, upon the commercial success of which, he
contended., will depend much of tho future and future 'value of our natural
resources..Included, in this list is improvement of-our wheat culture" to secure
earlier ripening varieties; effective measures'to prevent rust in wheal; cheap
and effective transportation, ol'.ourbasic products by water as well as by rail;
lk*} economic preparation of low grade fuels, such as lignite, for commercial
use; economic long distance electric power transmission; elimination of alkali
structures from attack; development of the pottery and ceramic industry from
our vast deposits of clay; the utilization of the waste straw of our agricultural areas for fuel or other purposes, o
These are some of the thiugs which we .must set ourselves to solve, as a
nation of energetic, alert peoplo. We must unite our Human Resources to
develop our Natural Kosources.. W
It is our national duty at this time to look forward Avith cheerfulness and
confidence and to attack these and. our other problems with all pur energy and
skill, with a, pride in Canada and the Empire, and with firm faith in its future.
Canada's Naval Expenditures
Grand Total For Last Fiscal Year
Amounted To $1,597,406.51 ���
The grand total of Canada's naval
service expenditures for the fiscal
year ended March 31, 1027, amounted
to 51.597.406.51, according to the annual report of the-national defence
department just issued liere. Of this
million and a half dollars, over one-
third was consumed by tlie bruracks
at Halifax,' N.S., and Esquimalt, B.C.,
Antique Dealer Had
Ingenious Methods
Believed To Have Robbod Cathedrals
Of Articles To Sell
His ingenious methods of making
sure that old- statues, furniture and
paintings supplied to his customers
wero real rather than fakes have
brought about a difference o'f opinion
between the Paris police and Lkiron
Picbon 27-year-old owner of an antique
the former accounting for ?2iJG,00n.l7, i store in lhe Kuo Lafitte, as a result'o'f
and the latter for $259,431. M. Thej which varranls for the arrest ef the
maintenance, of tlio two destroyers, | Ilaron and his partner, Kogor Colson,
Tatriot and Patricia, cost thc "country \ have becn issued.
$109,219.89 for Patriot, and Slfi7.[��7-i.3��J ��� Realizing that the authenticity of
for Patricia. The four mine sweepers,jof anticfues in these days is in larger
Festubcry, Ypres,   Armeutleros,   and. demand than formerly,    Pichon,    ac-
Thiepval, accounted for ?169,7-11.8G of
the annual expenditures.
Why Hobble Along
On Sore Corns?
Don't cm corns with an old razor.
Infection followed often by deatli may
result from paring corns with an infected knife. Quick, safe, relief conies
from using Putnam's Corn Extractor.
If afflicted with corns, calluses or
sore footlumps. use. "Putnam's"���It's
reliable and sure to shrivel up tho
corns so" they drop right off. No pain,
no soreness, but quick relief from
sore corns comes to all who use Put
nam's Painless
at-Jill dealers.
Corn Extractor.  25c.
The Value Of Dehorning
Horns Add To the Cost Of Production
and Discount the Selling Value
Experience has proved the great advantage; from every standpoint, of dehorning commercial cattle. Horns are
always a handicap to such cattle.
They add to thc cost of production and
discount the selling Value of the animals. Of course the ideal method to
follp'w~"is to prevent the growth of
horns- in the calf, When steers aro
purchased for feeding it is better-to
get ones already (Ichorued, otherwise
they shonid;: bo dehorned as soon as
possible. In a pamphlet* entitled "Dehorn Your Commercial Cattle," which
may be obtained from the Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, the process' of dehorning is
fully; described. The operation, in the
cas'e of. grown cattle, i
extent, painful but its-'advantages are
go great that- it should not bo dispensed with. Where.the-cattle are fed
loose, feeding-them in mixed, lots of
horned and.hornless animals should
���always be avoided, otherwise they will
finish very unevenly. Tho hornless
cattlo, after painful experience, become timid and "refuse to come up fo
the feeding racks or mangers until the
bulk.of the feed is gone. Tiwy become
undernourished, .while the horned
ones, eating too much, develop digestive troubles. Besides this, live stock
shippers find that dehorned &tock arc
more, easily loaded on the cars, show
less, shrinkage aiid damage in tnuitsir,
and are more economical of space.
Cattle'..-salesmen*'���make'' quicker sales
are dehorned.
cording to iho police, visited tlie cathedrals of Khelms and Troyos and
| helped himself to what ho needed, in
; keeping up a thriving business.  Un-
��� loi'Liinately for him, the guardians of
! the cathedrals did not appreciate his
worlc  iu the  cause of esthetics and
v.anted their treasures back.      They
noticed  the  losses and  turned in  a
complaint to the authorities.
The police inaugurated a acarch,
during the course of which Ihey paid
calls to Pichon's shop, whero they
found a large quantity of genuine, but
stolen, art furniture, They did not
find him or his partner, however, nnd
are now eagerly hunting them.'   -
No estimate has beeu obtained of
the number of the stolen articles already sold; but, as it is the case with
most Paris dealers in antiques, .some
of the Daren's customers were Americans and possibly many of tho articles havo been unwittingly taken
aeioss thc Atlantic.
Motoring Through Snowdrifts
Press Out the Ciutch As You Strike
the Drift
From now until the end of winter,
snow.is likely to occur at any time���at
least, in most sections. A week-end
trip, begun iu warm weather, may ftn-
ic-1i in a drifting snowstorm.
Old drivers know how to handle a
drift that has formed in the roadway
and causes the wheels to spin around
and around. New motorists may have
had no chance to learn their_ lesson,
and aro thus likely to attempt to force
to a certain thoir way through the drift without
pressing out their clutch.
Thu clutch will soon burn out completely if this method is practiced.
The only way lo force your car
through the small ctan tali zing drift
(unless you \vi__h to get out and kick
ttho snow away) is to press out the
clutch as you stiike the drift. If you
do not *gct through, back-out in your
I jacks for ten yards or so, and again
charge the drift���pressing out your
clutch at the last moment. A few
charges of this kind will put you on
lho home side of the"average small
drift, with nothing to worry you except tho slight delay.
Western Bred Cattle Big Winners
Cattle Bred At Glencarnock Stock
Farms, Brandon, Capture Prizes
At Chicago lnternation.il
Canada, and western Canada in particular, has every reason to fell proud
of the excellent showing made at the
recent Chicago International Exposition. The numerous awards coming
to western Canada should draw the
attention of outsiders as well as our
own peoplo to the fact thal'our agricultural and livestock growers can
more than hold their own in competition with any part of the American
continent. In proof of the fact that
we are producing as good livestock in
western Canada as in any part of
America, may bo mentioned the honors carried off by the Glencarnock
Stock Farms of Brandon, Man. James
D. McGregor, the proprietor, who is a
breeder,Of Aberdeen Angus cattlo, has
made what is believed to be a record
for all times at the Chicago show. It
is very doubtful if at any previous International, animals bred by ono .individual, have carried oft,so many lion-
All tho classes of cattle were
strong and exceptionally well
represented this-, yfear. All the best
animals of Canada and the United
Stales were gathered there, and- an
animal had to be outstanding to receive recognition. Awards given to
Glencarnock bred cattle were as follows: Grand champion bull On Ilevolu-
tion, 7th;* grand champion female
Glencarnock Jessie, 9th; senior champion female, Glencarnock Black Lassie, Iirst prize; two year old heifer,
Etlella of Glencarnock, first prize;
junior yearling heifer by E ventilation,
out of Barbara of Glencarnock, second
prize; carcass steer, Briancllff Favorite, sired by Glencarnock Blackmr.ro,
fourth prize. Truly a remarkable record tor an individual breeder.
' Many people are almost crippled
with corns. But it is needless suffering which can be speedily ended with
HollowavV Corn-Remover.	
Road To Flin Flon Area
Construction Work Will Proceed With
All  Possible Haste
Preparations for the construction of
the railway 'into the Flin Flon mining
nrei'. or Northern Manitoba, which will
open the way for a $50,000,000 development of mineral resources lu the
north country, already*are*under way,
following tlie letting of thc contract:-
Supplies and equipment are being
concentrated for shipment to The Pas,
which, ia 75 miles southwest of the
Flin Flon property and within a short
lars' worth of construction material
and an army of workers will have been
assembled in the north country.
Very soon the sound of the hammer
wiil have broken the silence of the
north, the first work being the construction of between 20 and 30 huts
to house the advance contingent of
workers. The western labor market
will bc called on to ���supply all the men
to be*employed on the project, ahd'no
workers will be brought, in from Eastern Canada.
Under the contract, trains 'must bo
running between Slieman, near. The
Pas, and the Flin Flon mines, by-
December, J 928. The construction of
Sores Heal Quickly.���Have you a
persistent sore that refuses to'heal?
Then, try Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil j
in the dressing. It will stop sloughiug,
carry away tho-proud flesh, draw out
the pus and prepare a clean way for
'th'e hew'skhi.' It is a*recognised healer among oils and numbers of people
can certify that it healed where pro-
perlylvppllcd.'     -~ "~::
Fashion In Shoes
time 500 men will commence the preliminary work of road-making and this| Uie'"road Involves   an -estimated
number will be Increased to 2,000 or |Penditurc of.$4,000,000.
more as  the  work progresses up to
next summer.
-Thc first trainload of equipment to
Lc used on the Flin Flon railway left
Montreal recently, and-this ���������will'"be
followed by -additional loads within a
few days.-- By spring millions of dol-
Increase In Egg Shipments
The Great Preventative
for coughs and colds. For
grippe heat and inhale Minard's. Also ruby It on throat
and chest.
200 Carloads Of Eggs Shipped  From
B.C. To'PraiHes and .Eastern
'������'������": -*.-," Points V. , [i-z[ ''
Egg experts .froni British Columbia
are breaking aUrecords',this year, according to figures collected by ;the
, Provincial Department. of .Agriculture.
! Altogether 200 "carloads 'o'f eggs will
I be shipped to prairie and Eastern
I Canadian markets,.during the year.���
Last year 100 cars were shipped put
of British Columbia. The present year
is regarded as much more satisfactory
for the poultry industry than 1926,'nnd
figures for total poultry production
will show a substantial gain, it is believed. .       u"; ���" :
W.   N.   V.   1711
It is estimated that Prince Edward
Island, tho "smallest.* of "the nine provinces of Canada,' will have a lotal
production of potatoes this year of 8,-
000,000. bushels., A considerable percentage of this crop will find a market in the. United'States.       ' '   '���
Tho sugar beet crop in Southern
Ailborta this year will, it is estimated,
yield between 45,000 and 50,000 lonB,
tiio largest crop in the history of the
industry in Alberta. Last ycarV. crop
was 41,000' tons.
Footwear    Being    More    Tl.,w    Ever
Stressed By Wcmen Who Dress
Shoes rather than pearls, or hats
and/gown, are being chosen by the
well dressed woman as the point of
dress to bo stressed, in the opinion of
Anthony II. Coming, president of tho
Opportunities Are Here
* V _.____..     -.    i.
Native Sons Of Canada Are Drifting
Back From United States
Projects, such as the proposed Fiin
Flon development scheme should lielp
to bring Canadians home -from the
United States. Such contemplated development schemes jnay or may not
bo a factor in the increased return
from the republic of 'native sons 'of
the Dominion which appears io have
set in, but it ia apparent that there is
such a return movement. The latest
oflicial figures from Ottawa fuithet1
indicate this.     * 0
In tho seven .months! period from
April 1 to October 31, 28,86-1 Canadians
who had gone to the United States
with the intention of residing there
permanently leturned home. This
seems an encouraging sign of the
limes and it ie to be hoped it will continue and even become , more pronounced as time goes on. Canada is,
without doubt, on tho 'eve. of one of
the greatest development periods in
its history. The north, in all the provinces, is being concentrated upon
with redoubled vigor. The Flin Flon
development project ln itself, and all
*                                         *
Question: Why is emul-.
sified cod-liver oil so
very helpful as a vitamin-
food for expectant and
nursing mothers ?
Answer: Because  it
provides ari easily assimi- ���
lated food rich in the
essential vitamin that aids
in building strong bones .
and good teeth.
. Take pure,  wholesome,
pleasantly flavored
Leaves Jewel To Queen Mary.
Russian     Countess     Gives     Brooch0
Originally   Chosen   For   Empress    -
Countess Torby,. tho daughter. _ of
Prince Nicholas o'f Nassau and his
morganatic wife, , and granddaughter
of Pushkin, the Russian -poet, bequeathed aM-uby brooch and pendant;,
originally chosen for the Empress
Alexandra of Russia, to Queen Mary;.
The Countess, who died last ,Septem;
her and left English property valued
at ?S5,000, directed   that   the   pearl
necklace sho was in the habit of wear-, ���
Ing' daily should be sold to pay tlio,
death duties on tho estato.
that it portends In its.several ramifications, offers a challenge and an opportunity to the youth of Canada. ���
Regina Leader.     . .
The Last Asthma Attack may really
be the last one If prompt measures
are'taken. Dr. J.-D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy will safeguard you. It will
penetrate .to the-, smallest brpncial
passage aud bring about, a .healthy
condition.- It'always relieves antl .'its
continued use often has a permanent
National Shoo Retailors' Association, effect. Why not get' this long-famous
from Philadelphia.
"The short, skirts, ��� attractive hoso
and creators of shoe stylos in the
country have made women's shoes tho
most attractive part of the dress." he
said. '      '
remedy today and commence its use?
Inhaled as smoke or ^apor it is equally
Why Many Men and Women Are
Badly Handicapped
When yon aro so run down in health
that it impairs the efficiency of your-
work as well as your power to enjoy
your leisure hours, or obtain rest, It
is time you looked to the cause. If
you do not, a serious breakdown is almost sure to result. In nearly all cases
this condition, which doctors usually
describe a-s general debility, is due to
poor blood���bloocljhat Is deficient in
red corpuscles. When the blood is thin
and weak your whole system Buffers,
i'ou lose appetite, have no energy, ,
your nerves trouble you and you fc'el
restless. s
What you need is help to build -up
your blood and you should begin at
once to m!ike your bloo6 rich and red ,
by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills;*-
You will soon notice the difference in
your health by a better appetite and
increased vigor. The rcasou is that
the hew blood created by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills stimulates all 'the',
organs of the body to healthy activity
and so the system gains nourishment
and strength. If you are weak,or out
of sorts, begin gaining new'strength
today by taking 'Dr.- Williams' Pink
Pills. "I was in- badly- run down
condition," says Mrs. J. Potter, "of
Winnifred, Alta., "v/hen I began using
Williams' Pink Pills and they fully
restored my health.-' I strongly .'recommend this medicine to all weak people."
all medicine dealers or by mail at f>0
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The husband is apt to bo pensive
if. the wife'is-expensive.'
For Sprains and Bruises.���There is
���nothing better for sprains nnd contusions than Dr. Thomas" Eclcctric Oil.
It "will reduce the swelling that follows a sprain, will cool tho Inflamed
flesh and draw tho pain. It will take
thc ache out of. a bruise by counteracting the inflammation. A trial .will
convince any "wlio doubt its power.
Pain Over Kidneys
Was Soothed Away
Lost Appetite Completely
The average. man puts a , greater,
value upon a favor lie bestows -than
upon one lie receives.
A splendid recovery was made by
Mr. A. S. Gray': of-Elbros, Sask. He
heard of a good kidney medicine ahd
used it. "I started using Dr. Hamilton's Pills a few months ago and find
them a great, medicine for Stomach,
Liver and Kidney troubles. After taking a few boxes of Dr. Hamilton's
Pills the soreness in-the region, of my
kidneys is nearly, all gone.' I am eating
anything now, which I couldD't do before taking Dr. Hamilton's Pills." -
A. S. Gray.        ���*:,>"'>'      - :,
These mild yet active pills contain
vegetable restorative,, such as mandrake and butternut, and put new life
into the .liver and kidneys. They
soothe away backache and make you
feel brisk and full of "pep."- 25c at
all dealers.
-' ' One-On the Doctor
A certain learned doctor ,who shall
be nameless, was giving a course of
special lectures to some medical students with whom he was not very
popular. A't tho conclusion of ono ot
his addresses, after- the class liad been
diamlssed, he wrote upon tho blackboard tho following:
"The professor has the honor to
lAform the class that lie has today
beeu appointed 'Physician in Ordinary' to His Majesty the King."     '   '
On returning thc next day to resume his lectures lie found written
underneath: "God save thc King."
Thanks To the Prairies
Wheat   Crop   This   Yoar   Is   Second
Larccst In Canada's History
.While pessimistic Easterners perhaps cau read nothing about the West
except tho fact that the prairie provinces have been experiencing ' below-
zero weather, the' optimistic .are
throwing their hats in -the air at: the
announcement that Canada's wheat
crop this year is the second highest
In' tho history of the Dominion.
Tho final estimate of tho' Dominion
Bureau of Statistics, "even more en-
cotiraglng than earlier- surveys/ places
���the total wheat crop for this country
at 444,2S2,000 bushcl3, a figure that
has only once been beaten.   '->
The Western, provinces, of course,
have been chiefly responsible for this
huge total, which is large..enough .to
justify general rejoicing throughout
the whole" of Canada.���Peterborough
Will Visit English Centres y
Thirty   Scholarships   Announced  .l_o
Aid Work Of T.B. Association .
The Canadian Tuberculosis 'Association announced following a meeting'O'I
tho executlvo at Ottawa, that- the association had completed arrangements
whereby thirty scholarships of S500.
each have been granted to assist salaried sanatorium and chest diagnosticians in Canada.to visit tho tuberculosis centres In England, Franco and
Italy, in 192S. Those'awarded scholarships will spend a fortnight Iu Great
Britain, whero the   British   miulstry
���* j
will dJscuss with them tho problems bf
tuberculosis, and then a tour by motor bus will bc mado to all tho tuberculosis institutions in the^ United
More Aliens Admitted To U.S. ���'
More than a half million aliens were
admitted to the United. States during
the 1927 fiscal year, the labor department announced, and the number was
considerably greater than during the
previous year. The figures were 538,-'
001 admissions In 1527, and -190,106 nd-
missions in "1926.
' Taking Vacation In, Row, Boat
'���'After fourteen years at sea and sixteen years spent along the - beach,
^Charles Seilito, 67, is going on a vacation. He is rowing a 12-foot skiff from
New York to Miami, Fla., hugging- the
shore line all the way. Once there,
ho will ro'w back again, planning to
return before - -tho - bathing season
starts, for he is a bathhouse keeper.
Had to Stay in Bed
j. F.  Wilson, Lethbridge, Alt4.rJ
i:���"My  heart was very  weak,']
and I had to stay in bed for fivo week*
���with it. . -''\
"My aunt-advised me to tak��
Minard's Liniment for Colds.
as she had taken them with good r*-1
suits after a very bad operation. '
"I took them and somo time after]
a doctor camo to cxaraino mc for lif��|
inauranco and-ho said there was ndth-1
iug wrong with, my heart.7'
.   Milbum 'a Heart aud Nerve Tills ara J
50o. a box at all druggists and dealers, 1
or-will be mailed direct oa receipt of]
price by The T. Milbum Co., Limited
Toronto, Ont. ;" SHE   GBEfiaWoOD   LBDW.
Grant For Cancer Research     I     Eskimos Feared White Men
Ocean Liners
British Transportation Companies To
Make Bid For Retention Of
Leadership. .
Tho British shipbuilding industry is
on the eve of a great revival. Transportation competition for trans-Atlan-
II9 luxury passenger traflic is about to
result in'ihe construction" of a new
fleet'of super-liners, and British ship-
.yards-expect to build the bulk of thorn."
The-chief .interest of tho announcement lies in the fact that this is a bid
i'or the. retention of British leadership
on the   Atlantic,   which   has   been
threatened by the plans of tho North
Gcrm'anvLloyd to build two more huge
passenger ships and, by thc reported
intention of th'e   American   Shipping
Board .to    construct   ten   high-speed
liners,.six knots faster than the Mau-
retania.     e,
/The North
Canadian Specialist Located In Phi la-J Reason
delphia Is Recipient Of  Funds
To Carry On Work    ,
Dr. ElHce McDonald, a well-known
Canadian specialist in'mediciiie legated in Philadelphia,   has   accepted   a
grain of""?50,000 from tlie Duponts of
Wilmington' towards  tho prosecution
of cancer research.
Dr. McDonald, who was born at
Port Elllcc, Sask., is a graduate of
McGill University, * Montreal, and for
years has; been especially interested
in the study of ������chemistry.
He is said to havo discovered certain specific facts in regard to tho
scourge. These facts relate tb changes
in tho blood and in the cells of the
body. lie lias found that the blood* or
cancer patients is more alkaline and
contains loss lime than normal blood.
The most dangerous tumors contain
tho most potash.
Tins graduate school of medicino of
lie University of Pennsylvania is the
depository -of the fund, and the research will be conducted in tho hospitals and laboratories of that institution.
- At present the mnrtality from cancer -is steadily increasing. On this
continent one death in every seven
is traced to this disease. In tho United Slates and Canada 150,000 victims
of cancer die every year.
Mr. McDonald's family is well-
known, among his brothers . being
Brigadier-General II. F. McDonald,
C.M.G., D.S.O., Vancouver, B.C.," and
Donald M. McDonald, of Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask., a former member of the.
Saskatchewan Legislature.
Fort.EUice, Sask., is now Ellisboro,
Sask.; the name having been changed"
some years ago. This town is about
nine miles north of Wolselcy in the
Fort Qu'Appelle Valley.
thc- First   Newcomers   Were
Killed S.iys Legend
llelge Bar.gjslod has  left whh hi;',
sled on u trip to visit the Ice Cap. Before leaving    ho    fold   this   K3kimo
Once two hunters went out in tlieir
kaiaks and paddled for a icry long J
time, days and nights. Wheu i hoy j
grew tired thoy would, go ashore on a
small island ancl rested a whilo. Thoy
were out; looking for new- lands .and
hunting grounds, '  '
Ono day whon thoy, wero paddling
they saw a boat wllh (wo men in it.
They.'thought the men. were 'new
countrymen," but whon the Eskimos
camo closer thoy wore very much
surprised, because they sav/ thai lhc
two men in the boat had taken off all
thc hide.from their faces and hands.
They did not.ilook-like humans.'they
wero bolh while. ,
The Eskimos tried to tali: to ihcm,
but the.two'men in the boat had also
changed tho human language, ancl
were only making a noise which lho
Eskimos could not understand.
The Eskimos were very much frightened and harpooned -the men aud
threw their bodies into the water.
Tho foregoing is said to be ono of
the very first traditions about white
infen lip here.,
Tlie 100-milc trip to thc. Greenland
Ice Cap to which reference is made
in the foregoing dispatch is to be made
by Bangsted .and Professor James" E.
Church of the University of Michigan
Expedition for the purpose of studying
the weather in this cradle of storms.
Thoy are travelling...by dog team and
plan a three-month stay at tho Ice-
Cap.  .     "
Vicks' healing, antiseptic ingredients
bring soothing re-
�� lief.   Apply gently.
Made Will On Paper Sciaps
German. Lloyd vessels
ate -to be' called the Bremen and
Euro-pa, after the two Gorman -air-
chips which tliis - summer attempted
unsuccessfully to span the Atlantic by
..'Another'indication  of   shipbuilding
expansion is found iu the-report that
the White Star Line   has   ordered   a
now"56,000-ton   steamship   from   tlie
Belfast yard of Jfarland & Wolfe. The
!new ship'is to ..be   larger   than   the
���'Majestic, which is at present the big-
Igest on tho Atlantic. It will be-about
1,000 feet, or a fifth of a mile, long.
.JJolh tlie' new   Cuuarder   and   the
i White Star Liner wiil be .oil burners,
| which'is another indication, disquiet-
���tibg:tb British coal operatois, of the
'tiasfing of coal-burning ships.in luxury
'iiea traflic.' The White Star boat is lo
rl\e built.for'luxury rather than speed.
Footh Valuable Aid
For Resisting. Colds
A Mechanical Store
'Urge Safer Methods
In  Timber Production
11 nve'stigato"rs"ln"B;crSay Present System Causes Heavy Loss Of Life
��� '-.-Ruthless logging methods are des-
itriictivo to human life as well as of
l-Britich Columbia's forest wealth, in
the opinion of investigators who have
'made a survey of conditions for the
Canadian Legion at Victoria. - %
"'In the Cowichan Lake district alone,
iceording to these investigators, nine
mien have been killed in the logging
,eamps since the beginning of the year,
oml.285 men.havo been admitted to
'rftcjjlvc.treatment for injuries suffered
while in lhe woods getting out timber.
Of "this latter "number   two   victims
Ihave subsequently cllcd.
V'-The provincial government is being
jiirgccl .lo. make an investigation of its
��j'ivn with a. view lo enforcing safer
Jme'lhods In timber production.
"High bailing"j and lho extensive
'tso of inexperienced foreigners in responsible positions are sale!/ to bo largo-
y responsible for tho heavy Io'fs nf
Sufficient Sleep'and Fresh Air Are
Also Preventions
More people suffere from common
colds than from any single ailment,
for colds arc contracted easily from
thoso who are suffering from one, and
yet no one takes a cold very seriously.
Arctic explorers exposed to all the
conditions which aro ordinarily -supposed to produce colds do no't-f-uffor
from them until thcy return to civilisation and become infected by contact
with their fellow mon.
However, a wall o'f defense can bo
built which canuot bc penetrated, says
one writer, advising re the protection
of children against 'colds. One Jan'
build up his resistance to ils highest
level by eating well, getting sufficient
sleep and rest, and lots of fresh air
and exercise.
"���"One of the most important precautions against colds, strange to say,
centres around food. That is, the proper food which is to be oaten ancl The
amount of 'it. Children especially
should bc ..watched here. For with
disease can be - built up. A, Children
should have their meals at 'regular
hours, most important being a substantial breakfast and a hot lunch.
Machine Selling Drugs Make's
Appearance In London
A novel automatic machine
made its appearance in Londou.
scorns to sell you matches, cigarettes,
chocolates and bottles of scent for a
penny. It provides . you with something possibly more useful, but certainly not so attractive, for a quaiter.
It.is a mechanical drug store.'
A busy man suffering from, cay,
lumbago, a cold, indigestion, has'Ihis
remedy fight to hand. He drops his
quarter In the slot, and but comes tlie
appropriate box of tablets.
"I don't' see why_,the principle
shouldn't be adopted 'generally," the
manager of a departmental store said
the other day. "A great deal of pros-
sure in the shops would be relieved if
automalic machines wero installed
which would deliver proprietary articles with fixedi prices.
"I visualise an age-when articles of
food and other necessities-will become
standardized not only in price but ia
bulk and weight.
, "When that time comes, there will
be fewer shops, ancl iu their place
rows of automatic machines, which
could be so distributed that villages
now dependenLoina-singlo-store-would
Disposal      Of     Queen     Alexandra's
Property    Is    Hard   Task
Recently there was a hurried and
important gathering of tho royal
family at Sandringham to discuss
Queen Alexandra's will and the disposition of her property.
Tliat there have been difueuLiles in
distriiiuling (he enormously valuable
collodion of gold and silver-treasures,
furniture, tapestries and objects of art
is well known. This has been talked
about in every club in the' \ve.".t end
for months.
��� One of the-reasons for tho delay in
the Prince of Wales going into residence at Marlborough House is tho
diiliculty over the disposal of the property. . " .,
King .Edward left Queen Alexandra'
all his personal properly at Buckingham Palace and tho use of all his possessions in tho way of furniture, pic-
lures, plate, etc., at Sandringham for
her life, these possessions to revert to
King George on her death.
When Queen Alexandra made Marl-'
borough House, her London homo she
liad tiansferred there all Xing Edward's personal possessions that were
at.Buckingham Palace. How valuable
these possessions are may be judged
from fhe fact lhat the silver ancl gold
treasure in the way of massive gold
cups, tea services, candlesticks, pilgrim bottles (silver and gold), some
three feet in height, shields, etc., that
King Edward left, were valued by
court gold and silversmiths at ��2,-
000,000 sterling.
_-All the treasure was placed in the
plate room at Marlborough Uousp. It
was apparently Queen Alexandra's intention to leave thc bulk of hor property to Prince Olaf, heir to-the crown
of Norway, and her favorite grandson.
But whatever - her intcntiou was,
what she apparently did was this:
From limo to timc she scribbled on
half sheets of note, paper how she
wished her personal possessions dis
posed cf after her death.
Vast Collection. Of
Gifts ^f Remembrance
Have Been Placed Within Tomb Of
Unknown Soldier
The tomb of thc Unknown Warrior
in Westminster Abbey was opened recently. The fact, which has become
known to many persons has occasioned considerable surprise and some
Exactly why tho tomb was^oponod
can now be explained.
This important step was taken by
thc Abbey authorities to' enable them
to placo inside the tomb the vast collection of tokens of remembrance,
some of them of great intrinsic value,
placed upon it by the relatives of the
It was not   until   some   time   had
elapsed after the, forma! consecration-
of tho to'mb that lhe problem of dealing with those spontaneous gifts became acute.
Every day the oflicials saw lho pile
of gold aad silver trinkets, medals,
cruciiixes, rings and other articles,
growing larger and larger.
For a time, the tokens wero lodged
���with the Dean's verger, but it soon
became obvious that a permanent
home would havo to be found for
Accordingly, it was decided to place
them in the tomb with the remains
of tho Unknown in whoso honor they
had becn deposited.
The actual task of opening the tomb
was conducted with tho utmost
secrecy. In'the presence of a few responsible oflicials a small cavity was
made,, into which the pathetic collection of relics was" gently .and lovingly
Por Mild Winter Climate. Good a room
niodatlon To Suit All Pock t" Th^
Farmers' Holiday Playground ��
Writs:     ,
Victoria and Island Publicity Bureau
(George I. Warren, Commissioner)
P. O. Box 608. Victoria, D. c.
tittle Helps For This Week
"Blessed aro they Avhich do hunger
and thirst after righteousness; for
'they shall: be filled."���Matthew v. < li.
The body is not much. 'T were best
Take, up tho soul and leavo the rest.
It seems fo .mo tho man wiio loaves
The soul tovporish is as one
Who gathers up the empty sheaves
AVhen all the golden grain is done.
���Joaquin .Miller.
The more the soul withdraws, so fo
speak, from tho body, and retires within itself, lhe more it rises above itself;
and the closer it cleaves to God, tho
moro the life if lives on this earth resembles that which it wiil enjoy in
heaven, and the larger foretaste it has
of the first fruits of that blessed harvest. Aspire, Iherefore,- to   holiness,
without which no man shall see tho
Lord.���Archbishop Lelghtou.
Predicts Rapid Growth Of Canach
Aviators Are Worrying
British Women Voters
havo at hand most of the necessities
without thc trouble of��� shopping.
To Continue Livestock Bi
Lack    Of    Ice    In    Hudson's
Hampers Activity
Weather conditions in the Hudson's
Straits  are  much . milder  ihan  was
generally supposed and tho absence of
ice in that body water was somewhat
hampering   aerial   activities.       This
was stated by Alex Johnson', deputy
minister of marine and fisheries, when
asked as to the progress "being mado
by the airmen operating in the straits.
The. -lowest tomneraturo registered
to December "5, according to reports
Population   Of   23,000,000   People   By
1950, Believes Premier Gardiner
Of Saskatchewan
A prediction   that   Canada   would
have a population of 23,000,000 people
by 1950. and, the declaration that the
Dominion does not want parasites because "if there is any country in the
world where mdn cannot live without
working it is Canada," featured an address delivered by Premier James G.
Gardiner of Saskatchewan at a Canadian Club banquet held in Brandon
Mr. Gardiner graphically outlined
the future development of Canada,
and stressed the urgent necessity of
increasing tho country's population.
Ho stated.-that, a great many of tho . - .
men wlio had made a Success of farm-1 Williams' Medicino
ing in Saskatchewan had come to Canada early in Hfe without laming experience.
Sounds Note Of Warning
-Ireland's new postal cards aro prlut-
id ia both Irish and English.- -
Colds Cost Money
It l* atlmalrj tha' a
three dsya' lime jrom
work in a jieor.
COLDS, ��� tf.Kv
7'crie up
your body
-.     DR. PIERCE'S
All Dealer*. Liquid or Tablets.
Estimated That They Will Outnumber
Male Voters By .Two and a     '%-'
> Quarter Million
When the House of   Commons   enfranchises women in a similar manner
to men it is estimated that the electorate of Groat Britain will be composed of 14,500,000 women voters and
12,250,000 men, said lit. Hon. Sir William Joynson-Hlclb, Home  Secretary,
replying to a question in tho.House."
A   Conservative' member  declared
this wai: 'Totticoat Government."
.Lary-Astor ."retorted:   "Justice has
nothing to do with sex."
���   Thc Speaker of the House caused
laughter by remarking that he "Aid
not think arithmetic had any sex."
Bees Travel By Motor
Bees' wings as overland motive power are to bo replaced with "motor
trucks, at least by one enterprising
concern which, made successful application before the State Corporation
Commission for a permit to sell stock.
The' Orange Blossom Products, Inc.,
the applicant, proposes to maintain
apiaries on truck trailers,' moving
swarms to places where the bees'can
make short side trips on tlieir own
power to blooming growing things.
United Grain Growers ��� To Continue
Operations In Western Provinces
Absolution definitely instructing
the. board of directors of the United
Grain Growers, Ltd., to maintain lhc
company's livestock business in the
western provinces was adopted by
delegates at the annual meeting at
The resolution was passed aflcr a
five-hour discussion during which a
directors' report was presented, recommending the closing of the company's
Alberia business. Alberta ��� delegates
vigorously opposed tho report. The
adopted resolution reads': "We instruct the directors to continue thc
operations cf. Uuited Livestock Growers' Ltd., on the markets" of St. Boniface, Man., Calgary anil Edmonton,, and
also at Moose Jaw if they consider it
advisable to do so at that point.''
The United-Growers, Ltd., is the organization through which the cattle
business of the U.G.G. is operated.
received from tho various air stations,
was zero, while the mean barometric
read was-29.25.
Al. Port Burwell, on the Eastern entrance, of thc ..straits,' there was no
ico in sight.
Three air stations were established
this sum,mcr by tho government for
the purpose of making observations i
with a view lo ascertaining how tho |
period of navigation in nnd out of
the straits . might, be extended and
what aids to navigation might be required.
Have Started Long Hike
Paul' Christensen, and.' William
Work, two Vancouver boys, started
from Yictory Square from Vancouver
on December 2, on the first lap of a
trans-continental walking tour which
will take tlieni to Saint Jolm, N.B., by
next September.-Both aro prominent
Dangerous Doctrines Appearing In the
West, Says University Professor
A note of warning   that   Western
Canada was coming under the sway of
an intellectual     aristorcracy   in,'the
thrallcd by a political ami social aristocracy was voiced by   Dr.    W.   M.
Swanson, professor of   economics ' ab
(he University or Saskatchewan, addressing the Saskatoon 'Eclectic Club.
"There aro dangerous doctrines appearing in the Wesc," he said. "A new
tyranny is springing up.   Our political
and social life is in danger of being
[directed by an intellectual aristocracy
which seeks to shape our politics and
direct our affairs. Such an aristocracy
it was, that ruined Imperial Russia-^
an aristocracy that nourished on the
poverty and suffering of the common
people."-*     ' '
makes   a   mother   .mor*
grateful than a benefit conferred upon her   child.    Mothers   everywhere
who havo used Baby's Own Tablets
for thcir. children speak in enthusiastic terms of them. For instance, Mrs,
Zopherln Lavoie, Three.' Itivers, Que.,
writes:���"Baby's Own Tablets  are  a
wonderful medicine   for   littlo -ones.
They never fail to regulate the baby's
stomach and bowels, and make him
plump and well.   I always keep a box
of the Tablets in the house and would
advise all mothers   to   do   likewise."
Most   of   the   ordinary   ailments   of
childhood arise in the  stomach and
bowels, and can be quickly banished
by Baby's Own Tablets.     These Tablets relieve conslipation and indigestion, break up colds and simple fevers,
expel worms, allay teething pains and
promote healthful   sleep.     They   are
guaranteed to be free from injurious
drugs aud aro safe even for the youngest  and  most  delicate child.      The
Tablets are sold by medicino dealers
or by mail at 25c. a box from The Dr.
  Co.,    Brockville,
Supreme Riddle Of Life
Growth Can Be Divided Into
Phases Says Professor
"Growth is the supreme riddle of
life and is, perhaps, the most remarkable phenomenon of nature," stated
Professor L. B. Mendel, of the Laboratory of Chemistry, Yale. University,
at an illustrated lecture. ghgiL_at_an_
open mooting of the Itoyai Canadian
Instil uie iu Toronlo. \
Prof. Mendel informed his audience
that growth could be divided Into two
phases, one being inherent in nature,
and consequently unchangeable and
no amount of human endeavor could
modify it. The other aspect of growth
is the controllable factor, that can be
modified, through proper nutrition
' If Adam were living' he would bo
5931 years old, according to computations of the late John V. Brady of Baltimore, who found the first man was
born in the Garden of Eden en October 28,-4,004 B.C.
Maurice���"Wasn' Jack a suitor
Miss Richard.:;' hand?"
- Maud���"Yes, biit he didn't"."
Maurice���"Didn't what?"
Maud���"Suit her."
Cattle'On Prairie Farms
There were 2,921,630 cattle on
farms in tho three Prairie Provinces
of Canada���Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
and Alberta���in 1926 according to the
census taken last year by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
Artificial flowers made of feathers
arc becoming popular in England.
A Good Definition
The geography lesson was almost
over, and the teacher decided it was
about time she asked a few questions.
"What are tho leaders of different
Red Indian tribes called?" was her
first query. . -
"Chiefs," answered a small boy.
"Correct," smiled the teacher. "Now,
cau anybody tell me what the wives
of these men are called?"
~ For a minute or two there was complete silence. Every pupil in tho class
was thinking hard. Finally, the same
small boy stepped into thc breach.
"Miss Chiefs," he cried proudly.
An excellent protection against
worms can be got in Miller's Worm
Powders. They -render the stomach
and intestines untenable to them.
They heal tlie surface that have become- inflamed by. the attacks of the
parasites and serve to restore the
strength of the child that has been
undermined by the draughts that the
worms have made upon it, and
tlieir operation is altogether health-
Now and then news comes of a couple of the most experienced canoeists
getting drowned.'It goes to'show that
eternal vigilance is the price of safety
when using the canoe.
Minard's Liniment for Neuralgia.
.   Sambo: "Did Brudder Brown gib do
bride away?"
Rastus: ."No, sati: he gwine let do
groom fin' her out for hisself."
' "If caught by traffic ln tho middle
of the road, the best thing lo do Is
to stand still," says an. expert. And if
time permits scribble a farewell message en tho back of a visiting card.
W.   N.   V. r1711
Say, that banjo is all out of tune.
"I'm going to take it back; it was
that way wheu I bought it."
In Hindustan, tho rainfall aveiages
30 to 40 inches a-year. Increasing towards tlie East
Fifty now Wesleyan chapels have
been opened in London; in the past
A rainfall of one inch moans 27,143
gallons of'water per acre. This is
equivalent lo .226,512 pounds.
Thirty minutes is'required to r.oft-
Jboil an ostrich egg.
Feldspar Production' In Canada
The. en tiro production of Canadian
feldspar comescfrom thc provinces of
Ontario and Quebec, the chief producing localities "being lu the vicinity of
Sudbury in Sudbury'district, Verona
in Frontenac county, Perth in Lanark
county, and Hybla.in Hastings county,
Ontario; and in tho vicinity of Buckingham, in Hull county; Quebec. T.
and Marty Oth��r Chr��nk Dlnwi
flat.�� Beeii I By Natural Method*
Cured      |.R��gularM.O.a in Attendance
3221   W. r/UKVItwrL, BChYEK.COlO
Or. Arthur Vo��,A.B,M.D.,Pre*.
 W'WHta lor FREE Lhtratura
a small production from the-Parry
Sound district iii Ontario, and a deposit at Quetachu Bay on the lower-St.
Lawrence. River in Quebec was developed to some extent'in 1022.
- 33 selections, $165.00 for $55.00
Guaranteed. Poisson. 340 Mount-
Royal East, Montreal.
Coins of West Africa. Cyprus, Pales-
,'tine, East Africa and many other parts
of the British Empire are mado  at
the Royal Mint in London.    *'
Keep Minard's Liniment In the house.
��r U-It bSRSJi'J.-PLH*r�����'��k M.N.W.*.t^>Jo��
' ff.��.Su'?'i??-.(*"!.!'':  <""*����5 t<" BS.BOL lm__, THB   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
"- Editor -and Proprietor
Subscription: In Canada and to Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices...$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices       3.00
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Business locals 12M.C a line each insertion. .
No letter to the editor will be inserted except over the proper signature and address of the writer. This
rule admits of no exceptions.
Little Willie's face was white
And he couldn't sleep at night.
Daddy bought some DINA-MITD
Little Willie's quite alright.
We Have It?, And A Lot More Good Things At
LOUIS B. MAYER presents
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be
pleased to have more money.
Mine Production Up But
Prices Below Last Year
Increased mineral production in
British Columbia in the year 1927���a
production exceeding any previous year
in the history of the province in point
of actual tonnage mined���is shown in
the summary of mining operations just
compiled by the provincial department
of mines and issued under authority oi
Hon. William Sloan, minister of mines
Due, however to lower metal prices
the gross value of the mineral production is estimated for the full year ai
approximately $62,142,340, as compared
with $67,188,842 in 1926, the previous
record year. This drop in gross value
is, therefore, not due to lessened production, but to the decline in prices*
experienced during the present year
Actual production in the aggregate has
increased, as is shown by the fact that
the 1927 estimated output, if valued at
1926 metal and mineral prices, would
bc worth about $70,000,000.
The summary, compiled by Mr. Johr
D. Galloway, provincial mineralogist,
estimates that the tonnage of metalliferous ores that will have been mined
and treated. during the present, year
will amount to about 5,000,000 tons as
compared with 4,775,073 tons in 1926
The effect of lowered metal prices will
be to somewhat decrease profits and
dividends, but the value of the industry _
to the province is in the distribution oi'
money in wages, supplies, transportation services, etc., and in this.there has
been' no diminution during 1927. By
treating larger tonnages, and thereby
lowering costs, some of; the mine managements have been; able, in part, tc
offset the decreasing of profits due to
lower metal prices, xy
The report shows the-healthy state
of the industry, in British Columbia ir.
recent years, examplified by the steady
increase in output of minerals, regardless of fluctuations in metal prices
or other untoward features. During
the' present year a few silver-leac
properties have curtailed or suspended
operations owing to low metal prices
but the lessened production from this
cause has been more than offset 'by
increases from others.
_^_ These ^gtnesJMhv Sloan joints out
show that quantity increases were
made in silver, lead, zinc and coal, and
decreases in gold and copper. Owing
���to lowered metal prices' a decreased
production value is recorded for silver
lead and zinc, notwithstanding increased quantity outputs of these
metals. The estimated coal production
shows an increase, of nearly 140,000
- tons, which is satisfactory considering
the extreme competition of American
fuel oil which this year has been selling at a louver price than.ever before
The increase in coal production is general in all the coal districts of the
Mr. Sloan" also" points out a slight
decrease is shown in the estimated
value of structural materials produced
but final revised figures may alter this
The increase in value of miscellaneous
minerals is accounted for by the output of some 35,000 tons of pyrite by
the Britannia Mining and Smelting
Company. -
An encouraging feature is pointed to
by the minister of mines in the.fact
that at the present time prices of the
metals have commenced to advance
slightly, and he believes that 1928 will
open with a promise of somewhat better average metal price than prevailed
during the last half of 1927. Meta!
production throughout the world has
been slightly curtailed during the closing months of 1927, with the result
that metal stocks are comparatively
low, and are prices are dependent on
supply and demand "any . lessening oi
production soon causes an advance in
prices.  ������   .'.''/.7"''':''"W"
Mr. Sloan points but that prospecting has not been: particularly active
during the-year, biit some discoveries
have been reported which, on opening'
up, may prove of value. Most of the
old-time type of prospectors have in
recent years been engaged in "prospecting" claims they have located
rather than in looking for new mineral
deposits,' and there is no great influx
of younger men into\ the ranks ol
prospectors,... The present active mining campaign by the larger mining
companies to acquire mineral properties and the rapid rate' at which many
claims long located and lying dormant1
are being taken up, should, soon cause
a revival in. prospecting. British Columbia, for some, years, has been well
supplied with promising, prospects, and
when . the stock becomes depleted
through the present..- demand of new
supply will undoubtedly be forthcoming.       : ._..
It is probably that owing to lowered
metal prices profits of the mining industry will be somewhat less for 1927
than in the previous year, 1926, which
constituted a record. Dividends, which
are the final indications of profits, are
expected to total between $8,000,000
and $9,000,000, as compared . with
$9,747,270 in 1926.
From a careful review of the salient
figures, the minister of mines believes,
it is evident that the mineral industry
of British Columbia is in a most satisfactory condition and that every indication points to a continuation of
Che present prosperity.
The report contains comprehensive
summaries by each of the six resident
mining engineers on the development
work done on their respective districts
during the year, and also a report of
activities in coal mining for the year
prepared by Mr. James Dickson, chief
mines inspector.
.- Rock Creek and District
The Shareholders of the Rock Creek
weigh scales will hold their annual
meeting in Riverside Hall on Saturday,
December 17th. All members are asked
to attend.       '.',..
There will be a Grand Dance in the
Riverside Hall, Rock Creek, on Wednesday, Decerhber 28th, under the auspices of the Rock Creek Farmer's and
Womens Institutes. Bush's Orchestra-
Novelty Dances���a good time is guaranteed.   See posters.
The Rock Creek Womens Institute
will give their usual Xmas Treat on
Saturday, December nth. The small
children to come for Tea at 4 p.m.
In the evening -there'*^ill be a Social
for the grown ups. Games and Dancing. All members and lady visitors
are asked to bring cake or sandwiches.
Everyone welcome. Come and have a
good time.
The United Church of Canada
Minister in Charge, Greenwood.
Greenwood, 7:30 p.m.
St. Jude's Church, Greenwood
Sunday, December 18th, at 7:30 p.m.
will be celebrated on
Monday, December 19th, at 9 a.m.
������  in   the  ������
Greenwood and District Hospital
By Mrs. K. A. Martin late of Rock Creek
"Och, childers dear, run out," I sez,
yer better in the sun,
It's I must bake th soda-bread
call.yes whin it's done."
Wee Pat smiled back afore he wint.
"I'll catch ye a fish," sez he:
"An' don't be long- 0' callin' us,- it's
hungry now I be!"
I watched him runnin' wid the rest,
wee pink toes turned in:
God. forgive me���but it's Pat is deepest
me heart widin.    -  .
He's got his Daddy's deep-blue eyes,
an' same coaxin' ways as he:
-Shure they all '-I. do be lovin', but it's
Pat smiled back at me.
Thin off the five ran to the shore, as
���they do every day.
"Take care 0' Pat," I called to them.
Och! he's the lad to stray!
When all was done, down to the shore,
to call thim in I went;
The girleens���playin' shop wid shells���
^"were^sittin���in=the=bentr- ���=
"An'  Where's- wee Pat  a-hiden, him
not to her me call?
Come Pat; asthore,  to  mammy,  the
bread is baked an' all."
"He's be a wee rock-pool beyant, chasin'
a wee fish in it,.
An' sez, 'It's for my mammy, an' I'll
have it caught this minute!' "7
Och! whin the tide wint back again,
we found him oh the strand,
One small foot caught in a crack 0'
rock, a wee fish in his hand.
Be day '"an' night I hear him say,"It's
hungry now I be."
Och!  niver in the world at all will
comfort come to me.
Catholic Church, Greenwood
' MASS "...
will be celebrated at
10 a.m. on Sunday, December 25th
Election Notice
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
Of all the paths
that lead through
life the happiest is
memory  lane.
Eleanor Boardman and Conrad Nagel
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Adults 50c.      Children 25c
There will be no Mass on Dec. 18lh
Job Printing
The Greenwood Ledge
Coloured Snow Storms.
There are records of coloured snowstorms dating back as far as the sixth
century. According to Humbolt, a
great traveller, a shower* of red hail
once occurred in Palermo. In 1808,
red snow fell to a depth of over five
feet in Carniola, Germany. The storm
of coloured snow was followed by one
of- the regulation colour, and the effect
produced by the separate layers of
red and white, which were perfectly
distinct, was very peculiar. A portion
of the scarlet snow was melted in a
vessel and the water evaporated, when
a fine, rosecolourd. earthy sediment
was found at the bottom. In Tuscany,
on March, 14th 1813, there fell hail of
an oronge colour. Snow of a brick-
red hue fell in Italy in 1816, and in
the Tyrol in 1847.
, A London correspondent gives a
very simple explanation of the origin
of the game of Bridge and if he is right
he: disposes of all fantastic suggestions
in this regard. He- says that four
Englishmen located abroad formed a
"chummage," which involved meeting
most nights to play a few rubbers of
Whist. One of the -participants .fell
into bad health, and. one of the three
left, a doctor named Bridge, suggested
a variation of. the three-handed Whist,
which amounted to this,' that the dealer should have the option of playing
the hand in the suit he named���he
not knowing the cards his dummy held
until the elder hand had led. From
this, says the correspondent, the game
caught, on, and then followed other
ideas���the naming of the value of each
suit, etc. The name "Bridge" was
given to it in��horior of its inventor.
������ Everyone is busy just now���little Jim
wondering what Santa will bring,' Ma
making uunf uum things, to eat and
Pa puzzling what to give his mother-b
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead S2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Coming! Coming!
Saturday, December 24th
Douglas Fairbanks in
"~   "The Three Musketeers"
Based on the immortal novel of the
same name by Alexander Dumas -
'-.,'* WANTED
��� Cook for the Greenwood & District
Hospital, position vacant December
19th, 1927.   Apply
SEC.-TREAS.,  Greenwood.
White Wyandotte Hens, one or two
years old.   Quote price.   Apply
Mrs. H. Pannell, Midway.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
the electors of the Municipality of the
City of Greenwood that I require the
presence of the said electors in the
City Hall in tlie City of Greenwood on
the 9th day of January, 1928, at 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose o'f electing persons to represent them in the
Municipal Council as Mayor and
Aldermen, and for the purpose of
electing one person as School Trustee
and one person as Police,Commissioner
for the Municipality of the Corporation
of the City of Greenwood.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall
be delivered to the Returning Officer
at any time between the date of the
notice and 2 p.m. of the day of nomination and in the event of a poll being
necessary, such poll will be opened oh
the 12th day of January, A. D., 1928,
between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
at the said City Office, of which every
person is hereby required to take notice
and govern himself accordingly.
Qualifications >*
' The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Mayor of the
City shall be such persons as are male
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one-years, and are not disqualified under any law, and have been for
the six months next preceding the
day of nomination the registered
owner, in the Land Registry Oflice, of
real property in the City of the assessed value on the last municipal asssess-
ment role of One Thousand Dollars or
more; over and above any registered
judgment or charge'and who are otherwise duly qualified.as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen,
School Trustees and Police Commissioners of said City, shall be such persons as are British subjects of the full
age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for six months next preceding
���the'day of nomination the registered
owner, in the Land Registry Office, of
land, or real property in the City of the
assessed value, on the last Municipal
Assessment Roll of five hundred dollars
or more over and above any registered
judgment or charee.'.and who are
otherwise duly qualified as municipal
voters. .7
Given under my hand at Greenwood this 15th day of December, A.D..
:    "������ "_ ���'*'.,.G.'.S. WALTERS,
Returning ��� Officer.
Contractor and.Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
.....    SEND YOUR
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
Tho 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage oiie way.  Terms cash.
hatching eggs and pullets for next
year, S.C.W. Leghorns' and R.C.W.
Wyandottes. Write for 1928 Price List
just out. J. P. C. Atwood, Grand
Forks, B.C. .
Estraycd from my ranch on the
Eholt-Grand Forks Road, 2 young
bulls, \Y> years old, one red with white
ly like a roan; also 1 steer (without
horns), branded S. C. on left hip. Any
person knowing the whereabouts of
these animals, kindly notify the owner,
S. Carruthers, Grand Forks, B.C.
"   .   FOR SALE v . >
*., Twelve pairs, this year's pups.
Registered in the Canadian Live Stock
records. Well furred, Prince Edward
Island strain.   Prices reasonable.
Apply to
Fine Crescent Silver Black Fox Ranch,
Chas. Graser, Midway, B.C.
To The
Greenwood Ledge
The wonders of modern chemistry
were well portrayd at an exhibition
of chemical industries - recently held
in New York. Among other things
to be seen there were, poker chips made
of skim milk, cigarette holders made
of cheese and dry ice. The latter
article is made at a temperature of 109
degrees F. What chiefly interested
the public at this exhibition;- however,
were sausage skins made' of silk* it
being explained that these skins .could
be used again/ ��� ���"*���*
It was Christmas Eve; They snuggled
in the sofa'-before thehearthfire.". He
had talked himself 'out without saying
anything.. She thought : him : slower
than the mail; man on Christmas; morning.'," -���������..       ���������������'���; ' _���������"���:..'������: 'XX:.\Z "
"Do yon notice,"| he observed," "how
the fire reddens?" w...    XXyi
"Yes," she sighed deeply,'"but I'm
sure it's not because of anything we've
Sometimes the informality
of the spoken word
is more effective
than a letter
"Long Distance, please"
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown
lands may be _pre-empted by British
subjects over 18 years of age, and by
aliens on declaring intention'to become, "British subjects, conditional
upon residence, occupation, , and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning relations regarding pre-emptions is given
iri Bulletin No. 1, Land Series; "How
to Pre-empt Land," copies: of whiclr
can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands,
toria, B. O., or to any Government
..Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is not timberland,
i.e., carrying over 8,01)0 board feet per
acre west of the Coast Range and
5,000 feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to
be addressed to the Land Commissioner, of the Land Recording Division, in
which the land applied for is situated,
and are made on printed forms, copies
of which, can-be obtained from the
Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
Ave years and improvements made to
the value of $10 per acre, Including
clearing and cultivating at least Ave
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for pur-u
chase of vacant and unreserved Crown!
Lands, not being timberland, for ag-l L
ricultural purposes: minimum price for! I
first-class   (arable)   land   is   $5   per
acre.   Further  information regarding'
purchase or lease of Crown Lands is
given in Bulletin No. 10, Land Series.
^Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands. .
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on.
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,1)]
may be purchased or leased, the con-c 1
ditions including payment of stump-\|
P��� m.M i��� WMiiBM^Iiyp|a
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
o. .        . ��� -        '.'������������
Producers, ��� of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
"TADANAC"  BRAND    WWW*    ���
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20)
acres, may be leased as homesltes, con-i
ditional upon a dwelling being erected)
after residence and improvement con-'
ditions are fulfilled, and land has been
LEASES "*."���'.-
. -"  ' *       *���'"  :-'
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas not exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person- or a company.   - V
���:���:���:" ���-.--���:.-���** .    .
- -7   GRAZING ..;-  j
Under the Grazing Act the Province]'
is divided into grazing districts and the
range administered under a Grazing!
Commissioner. Annual grazing per-/
mits are issued based on numbers^
ranged, priority given to established!
owners. Stock owners may form asso-C
ciations for range management. IYee,y
or partly free, permits are . available!
for settlers, campers and travellers, up)
to ten head.
. **   '.. ' .   * ���. "���*���       "���     ���     ���'..���'
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
"    ���. . ' ' '"' - ' ' ���    v; *'      ' '.'''���.**. ���'..''   :   -
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $78;018,548; Lode Gold, $126,972,318:
Silver, $80,787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $209,967,068;. Zinc, $50,512,557; Coal and
Coke, $284,699,133; Structural Materials and Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407; making
Its  mineral production to the end of 1926 show an
Aggregate Value of $988,108470
Production for the year ending December, 1926, $67-,188,842
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which Is guaranteed by
Crown grants. ���
Full information^ together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing:
VICTORIA, British Columbia.    ,:
N.B.���Practically all. British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
. done are described in some one of'the Annual Reports of the Minister  of Mines.  Those  considering'
mining investments should refer to such reports.  They are available ^without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C.  Reports of the Geological   Survey   of   Canada,   Winch
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.
Reports covering each ol the Six Mineral Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application.


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