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The Greenwood Ledge Nov 11, 1926

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' lP^MaUibrary:
VOL. 1
���No. 15
Hunting Time is Here
��� <y     Try us for
Winchester and Western Ammunition
��� -  and  0
Dominion Canuck Shot Gun Shells
For Your
Christmas Puddings and Cakes
New Crop Currants, Sultanas, Raisins
Orange, Lemon, and Italian Citron Peels
Shelled Walnuts, Shelled Almonds
Glace, and Chrystalized Cherries, Dates, Pigs, Etc
For quality and value o/der from
Phone 46
The Newest In Light Globes
Edison Mazda
Inside Frosted Globes
Giving Bright Disused Light
Phone 17     - ���
* Order Your
Christmas Greeting Cards
For Overseas Mailing Now
See the Samples at
r     Just arrived a shipment,of     'S3
i'Men's Blazers, Woolen Jt
y Shirts, Dress Gloves IK
J and Scarfs JS
Women's 8. Children's
Rubbers        ^
Agent for tlie
Stewart-Warner Radio
\ Ellen Trounson's Store X
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness. Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, Ac-
Housesfor-Rent or Sale
Call at the. Off ice of
"We would like to call your attention to
the fact that our "
is always in a position to give yott the
' best there is in
:Service and Workmanship
If 'you have had difficulty in getting
your watch to keep jtime bring it-to us
aud we will make it right
We handle a good line of Glasses
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. White, Manager
^Badminton Saturday afternoon.
Conservative Convention
--Harry Royce
for Princeton.
left on' Sunday
J. C.
Richard Barthlemesi
the Idol of a nation in
You'll find a new Dick in this, but
the same kind of drama -that made
"Tol'ableDavid" unforgettable. You'll
see him take the blame of shame* at
West Point, see him dragged to. the
depths on another's lie and then come
fighting back to victory.
Let us Quote you on
Farm Machinery
Agents for the
JShIN DEERE Line of Farm and Tillage Goods.
hk'J. PURKIS      V  ���'������'-
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Veal and Poultry
Home Made Beef and Pork Sausage
,..."_. Home Cured Mams and Bacon
COPPER STREET      .. .     '���:��� GREENWOOD
Also one reel comedy
"No Fooling"
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c.        -���'.    Children 25c.
Born���To Mr. and Mrs.
Boltz, a son, ori Nov. 4th.
G. T. Fenner of Summerland,
was a visitor in town on Monday.
Mrs. Eileen Thompson, and
M�� and Mrs. Walter Murray, df
Trail, spent Thanksgiving intown.
. Duncan Mcintosh, of Beaverdell, is visiting jiis family in Vancouver! w
--Dave Oxley has been ��� ill at his
home at Eholt, but is now improving.
Mrs. R. Dodd. and children left
on Sunday for Nelson where Mr/
Dodd is located;-'
��� Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Skilton and
family returned on Thursday last
from Vancouver.
Five carloads of cattle were
shipped from Midway and Rock
Creek last week.
���     ��� i
Mrs. Chas. Primalle, of Bridesville, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Pete Campolieto.
Ernie Wyder has returned from
spending several months in the
Penticton district.
.Matins and Holy Communion
in'St. Jude's Church on Sunday,
Nov. 14th at 11 o'clock.
. jMiss Irene Kingsley returned
oh Monday from a few days visit
at her home in Beaverdell.
Miss Vera Walmsley spent the
week-end the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Jas. Kerr in Penticton.
C. J. McArthur of Butte,
Mont., was renewing acquaintances in town on Wednesday.
There will be no show in the
Greenwood:Theatre oh Saturday,
Nov. 27th. Show as usual on the
20th inst.
Miss R. Collins of the nursing
staff of the District Hospital,
.returned on Friday morning from
a few days stay in Nelson.  "
Mrs. Emberson Walker of
Fernie, was the guest of Rev. and
Mrs. A. Walker, over the weekend.
'". Miss Irene Inglis was in town
on Monday evening enroute to
Grand Forks_ft^m^p��idmgjLjew
"dayswitlf hefTpafents at "Beaverdell.
Delegates from all over the
Grand Forks - Greenwood riding
met at the Greenwood Theatre
last night to elect ten delegates to
represent the riding at the forthcoming Conservative Convention
at Kamloops to be held Nov. 23,
when a new Conservative leader
wil&o- be chosen. Six delegates
were -chosen from the Grand
Forks part of the riding and four
from Greenwood.
The names of the delegates'fol-
i'Iow:- C. A. S. Atwood, Mrs. W.
E. Euerby, T. A. Love, Mrs. C.
M. Kingston, A. F. Crowe, and J.
B. McDonald all of. Grand Forks;
W. B. Fleming and H. W. R.
Moore of Greenwood"; R. C.
Johnston of Rock Creek and
Duncan Mcintosh of Beaverdell.
Dr. Kingston of Grand Forks,
also attended the Convention as
the party candidate at the last
election here. ���
Midway News
Miss-M. Barker returned from,
Portland on Tuesday.
Mrs. A. Wagstaff and sons,
Tommy and Stanley, will leave
for Vancouver on Saturday. -
J. S. Harrison
on   Wednesday
Halcyon   greatly
returned home
morning   from
improved   in
The Masquerade Ball
John Fawns returned from the
prairies, this week. He visited
Vancouver for a few days before
coming home.
The Midway Farmers Institute
held a "bee" this week for the
shingling, and repairing'the cloakrooms of the hall.
A sumptuous turkey dinner was
enjoyed, by a large number of
guests on Thanksgiving at Mrs.
L. Powers, Midway.
���A Rummage Sale and "Home
Cooking will be held in the Farmers Hall on Saturday, Nov.' 13th,
Afternoon Tea will be served.
' Carl Thomet and J. N. Bush
returned on Thursday last from a
hunting trip up the Main River.
Carl got his limit bringing in two
fine four prong deer.
Mr. C. W. Bubar of Kettle Valley, Mrs. A. C. Hamilton of
Golden, and Mr. and Mrs. C. N.
Bubar of Beaverdell, were luncheon guest's at. Mrs. L. Powersjon
Sunday last.
Coming! Saturday, Nov. 20th
Also a Felix Comedy
No Show on Nov. 27th
I. ���
Giving Wings
To Friendship
,The long-dietance telephone gives wing's
to friendship. It enables the human voice to
be carried along wires at a speed of thousands
of miles per second without losing-any of its
cordiality. The special night rates after 8:30
p.m.- are advantageous for social chats.
Information Wanted
C. Cutler,
few days in
guest of his
sister, Mr.
"of Vernon, spent a
town last week, the
brother-in-law  and
and   Mrs.   Chas.
The eighth annual .Masquerade
Ball staged by the Veterans of the
district passed into history, as the
last strains of Bush's orchestra
died away abbut 3:30 on Tuesday
morning and .the., tired revellers
sought their respective homes
after what everyone agreed had
been the most enjoyable dance
of the series. About 300 people
attended the 'dance coming from
as widely separated places as
Grand Forks on the east and
and Bridesville, Beaverdell and
Carmi on the west. There was
also a good contingent from Rock
Creek, Kettle Valley, Midway and
from several towns in Washing-,
The proceedings opened with
the Grand _ March, everyone on
the floor being masked, and it was
at once evident that the various
costumes were more marked than
ever before. There were also a
number of very amusing comic
The Grand March over the
judging began, this somewhat
delicate task being entrusted to
Miss Gorringe, the new teacher
at Ingram Bridge; Mr. Stringer of
Grand Forks, and Mr. C. N.
Bubar of Beaverdell.
Mrs. T. W. Clarke of Beaverdell, kilted and plaided, easily
won the first prize for the best
lady's ��� costume as a Highland -
Lassie; while her husband as
"Bonnie Prince Charlie" took
the first prize for men." These
two were also the winners last
year, though on this occasion Mrs.
Gane of Kettle Valley ran Mrs.
Clarke a very close second.
The prize for the best girl's
costume went to Miss O. Morris
masquerading as a "Knitting
bag"; while Juan Puddy won the
corresponding boy's prize as a
The comic characters afforded
much amusement which" deepened
into excitement when on unmasking it appeared" that r a lady
had won- the' gentleman's^ prize
and a gentleman the lady's.
Mrs. Geo. S. Walters was generally voted a scream as the
"Goofy Golfer," and most cleverly did she carry the part till after
the prize was awarded it was discovered that the actoV was an
actress. While Jimmy Hallett,
tight laced powdered and painted
as well as masked as the "Flapper" got the plaudits of the crowd
as well as the prize, when they
saw that the saucy young minx
was one of those people who haye
to_shave.^ =^_
Any person who can give information as to the whereabouts of
YEATS, wife of the late GEORGE
side, Aberdeen, Scotland, and who,
at one time resided in Rossland,
British Columbia, and her daughter
whom ���������-in 19C6 were living in Greenwood, B.C., might please, communicate
with Messrs. J. & G. Collie, Advocates
1 East Craibstone Street; Aberdeen,
Scotland. "" ���-V-.77 'x:y.y:y:
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A. J
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Thanksgiving Services
Bridesville 11 a.m..
Myncaster 2 p.m.
,,    Midway 4p.m. ..    ,
Greenwood7:3^p.m.���;,  .������'������������'
Howard Pannell was in town
from Midway on Thursday last
to get his engine from the Prince
Henry mine. , ��
Mrs. J. 0. Thompson of Kettle
Valley, is in the Greenwood and
District Hospital and- is progressing favorably after her recent
Lost���Silver and tortoise shell
mesh bag, Monday evening, between Beaverdell and Westbridge.
Finder please leave at Beaverdell
D. R. McElmon left on Sunday
niorning. for Bellingham, Wash.,
where he will spend the winter.
D. Rv is looking hale and hearty
after a few months sojourn in
Greenwood and Beaverdell.
The Greenwood Restaurant reopened on Monday under the
new management of Mrs. Hamon
and Mrs. DeGuelle, of Beaverdell.
Meals will be served at .aU. hours
during the day until 10 p.m.
Principal Jenks was amongst
those present at the masquerade
dance at Canyon on Friday night
and brought home the first prize
for-the ��� best dressed .gentleman.
He was garbed as a pirate.-���
Creston Review. ���))      ���
A very interesting game of
basketball was played in the local
hall on Friday last when the
Greenwood boys defeated Midway
by a score of 26 to 11. A return
game will be played in Midway
on Friday evening.
Miss S. D. Hill, who has been
a popular member of the nursing
staff of the District Hospital, left
oh Sunday morning for her home
at Whiterock. Her many friends
were sorry to see her leave, but
wish her much happiness in her
coming marriage.
We are advised that the Italian
Government has declared by
proclamation of 9th Sept., 1926,
that notes.issued by them,of the
denominations of 25.00 Lire will
cease to have legal course on 31st
���December, 1926, and will be declared worthless on 30th June,
1927. "���' The Council General of
Italy at Montreal desires that
this information shall reach all
Italians residing in Canada, so
that they may have opportunity
I of./redeeming such notes. Such
[notes should be presented to the
Banks before 15th December next
in order that they may carry out
the redemption thereof.
Big game hunting in the surrounding hills has been causing
some - excitement lately. The
buffalo -hunt, in the Covered
Wagon has nothing on our sport.
Pursuing a herd' of wild cattle
through the jungles around Phoenix, with instructions to shoot at
sight has turned out to be a more
strenuous game than some people
imagine. R. Forshaw and W. C.
.Wilson have been working overtime. Bob: says "he wouldn't
chase Eve in the Garden of Eden
as hard as he chased those cattle."
While the gentle bovine were the
ancestors ,'of this herd, the. offspring showed wayward tendencies
in their youth and when- they
came to maturity adopted a,
decidedly wild career. They have
abandoned all intercourse with
civilization and have established
rules of their own.y. They don't
conform to the three mile limit
or the twelve mile limit but adhere strictly to the five hundred
yard limit. Like-many other
bands of outlaws their gang is
being depleted. If the hunters
meet with reasonable success inside of the next week they will all
be hanging in a butchlr shop so
tame anybody can handle them.
i    '
Lewis Keir as a "Tailor" carried off the award for the most
.original cqstume^ and continued
to wear the ingenious emblem -of -
his temporary calling for some
time after the Grand March.
The floor was in good shape,
the music good and everyone had
a good time, to which' the most
excellent supper provided by the
Greenwood Ladies Hospital Auxr
iliary contributed not a little.
They'also decorated the supper
tables most tastefully and the
floral decorations were afterwards
auctioned off to good advantage.
However the most successful of
evenings have to come to an end
and the" crowd went home freely
expressing their appreciation of
the good time provided for them
by the Veterans, whose energy
and generosity will _ result in a
handsome contribution to the
funds of the Greenwood and
District Hospital.
Re "Sheep Protection Act"
Although a warning was given
through the medium of The
Greenwood Ledge, there are still
a considerable number of people
who have not taken out a licence
for their dog. It is the intention
of the police to prosecute all persons' in possession of unlicensed
dogs, (No further warnings will
The" Women's Hospital Auxiliary desire to thank all who so
liberally donated the various
articles of food for the dance supper on Monday night. Space
will not permit the publishing of
names, but the hearty co-operation received was most gratifying.
Thanks are also extended' to the
Veterans who helped during the
afternoon and evening.
Greenwood Ledge ads for results
<**->��� jggQS oieeotood ledge
World   Benefactors
In one of his rumpus satires. Dean Swift makes the ldng of Brobdingnag
give utterance.to the'opinion that Whoever could make two carg or corn or
two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground whore only one grew
belcirc, would deserve bettor of mankind and do moro essential service to hia
country than tho whole race ol' politicians put together.
Certain it is that-while many politicians'" have done an immense amouaL
of good in this world,-many others' hare clone Incalculable harm, but the experi:
mentors and scientists, who have carried out the dictum of Dean Swift's
imaglncry king havc conferred nothing but good upon mankind.
In April last the death occurred of Luther Burbank, of California, popular-)-'
ly known as the plant wizard, at tlie ripe old age of 77 years. Mr, Biirbank
devoted his life to the breeding of plants, and tho results of his remark
able experiments in the-developmeiit of.flowers, fruits and plants of all kinds
aro too well known to require- more telling. He gave added size and beauty
to flowers and developed many new type's; he increased the size aud flavor-of
y many fruits; he Increased the productive power of many plants and trees many
times over. He thus added not only to the beauty of tho world, but to the.
fruit grower, the wealth of the world, and the health of people generally.
Canada, too, has Its plant wizard iu the person of Dr. Saunders, the
creator of Marquis wheat. About twenty-five.years ago Dr. Saunders, after long
and painstaking experiments, succeeded in crossing a kernel of wheat from
* the shores of the Baltic with another kernel of wheat, from the foothills of the
Himalayas and thereby created a new type which produced a larger yield
per acre, made a whiter flour, and ripened in less time and thus avoided
damage i'rom frost. This new-wheat was named Marquis, and from the one
kernel of only about twenty-five years ago, there is now harvested around
tour hundred milliou bushels annually. -Dr. Saunders' work has meant hundreds of millions of dollars to Canada Within the life of the present generation. '  y' "��y ��� ���   '   .     .
Western Canada can also boast of its experimenters through whose
efforts several blades of grass, or wheat, have been made to grow
where only.'one grew before. The name of Seager'1 Wheeler is 'a household
word in the farm homos of this country. He lias shown how the finest wheat
in the world, the wheat whicli year after year captured the world's first
prize; can be grown. He has demonstrated the methods to be followed, aud
lias proven how profitable good farming and proper cultivation "and seed
���selection is as compared with careless and indifferent cultivation, the use of
poor seed and poor farming In general. Seager "Wheeler is now engaged in
demonstrating that apples, pears, plums and other fruits can be successfully
grown on the prairies of Western Canada.
Politicians have a work of importance to do for the country, and in the
doing of it honestly, faithfully, and well they a.i'e deserving of all honor and
loyal support, but nien like Burbank, Saunders, Wheeler, and others whose
names are not so well khoAvri .but who are quietly raising the standard of production, are 'likewise deserving of all the honor their fellow citizens can
bestow upon them. They are doing a work for mankind wliich neither politicians, nor any other group of men can do, and their works will live after them.
The world heaps honors aud riches on the successful politician,���manufacturer, financier, and business man. Too frequently, though, the quiet man ut
work in his garden, field or laboratory, working out through years of study and
experimentation difficult problems whose solution blesses all mankind, remains unrecognized aud without reward.- It is'-gratifying, therefore, to learn
that a body has been created with strong financial backing to carry ou the
work to wliich Luther Burbank. devoted the best years'of his life; that the
Dominion Government has rcognized Dr. Saunders' invaluable research work
��������� by granting him an annuity of some thousands of dollars for life; that leaders
in allvwall.s aud professions in life liave united In. doing honor to Seager
Wheeler.* * ���  ,. .       * *  ..
Over and. above the material achievements of. these really great men, and
th.cdirect benefits they liave conferred ou the world, there is the example of
such lives and the incentive they give to others to strive mightily for greater, better things. The individual farmer who is earnestly striving to make his
farm a model for the community in which he lives, Avho��� wages unceasing warfare on weeds,-who gives close attention-to the cultivation of his soil, insists
��� on good, clean seed., who eliminates scrubs from his herds and houses his
cattle in clean and sanitary buildings, or "the farm wife who takes a pride in
her,poultry, in the-quality, of the 'milk and cream sent to the creamery, or tho
country and aire .deserving of the thanks of their follow citizens.
Wonder Of Modern Surgery
Blood Transfusion Possible Without
Attendance of Giver
London doctors have discovered that
transfusion of blood can be -made
without the attendance^ of the giver of
the blood alongside the patient receiving it. A pint and a half of blood
taken from a person in Paddington
was raced through London to a patient
at Richmond iu Surrey and successfully transfused. * 7
This wonder of modern surgery1 was
dono with the aid of a motor car and
a new medical invention enabling tho
blood to bo kept in perfect condition
and at the necessary temperature during the journey.      V r
Work Fits League
The League of Nations, with ils associate organizations, aro world wide,
and not European Institutions, 1-1. B.
Butler, deputy head of the International Labor Office, told the Canadian
Club at Ottawa. Tlie league Itself was
a kind of fire brigade and naturally
did not expend its efforts upon structures which were ijpt in flames. Its
work was where structures wero
smouldering and during the past seven
years Europe had been the scene of
most of its activities.
elieves Catarrh'
Nasal catarrh closged nostrils, obstinate and annoying- head colds, dull headaches, buzzing lio.-id .noises���no matter
how bad���now yield almost Instantly to
the. amazing- power of C4eero "Wormwood
Balm. A (.elitfhlfi.lly clean and pleasant,
home treatment, positively harmless to
the most delicate tis.sii&i, but powerful
enough to break np congestion, allay; inflammation and kill germs within a few
minutes. Your throat and nasal passages
are cleaned like magic���you breathe freely
and easily as-nature Intended���and your
dull old head feels clear and clean.
To prove that this is absolutely' true
and to quickly introduce the treatment to
thousands of catarrh sufferers who need
it���all druggists are now authorized to
supply Geero AVonmvood Balm on a strict
guarantee of swift and full satisfaction
or. money back! No matter bow many
treatments yon havo used without, success���if you really want to be freed from
catarrh, don'tniiss this opportunity t'o try
Geero Wormwood Balm without slightest
risk of cost unless pleased with results. A
liOc box will last for weeks.
Million Dollar Paper Mill
A million dollar mill is to be erected
on the Fraser.property, immediately
outside Aylmer, Que., presumably by
tho International Paper Company,
states the Ottawa Journal.
Greyhounds are supposed to be the
oldest breed of dogs in the world.
Thcy have beeu traced back for thousands of yars. Their figures are found
on Egyptian frescoes, 'and history relates that they were used for coursing
by Xcnophoh.
Wants Lost Colonies Returned
Germany's Desire is Creating a Grave
Problem for League
Germany's known desire to get bnck
at least 0118   of   her   many, colonies
which she lost as a result of the world
war is a grave, problem which,...is_now!
confronting the League   of   Nations.
The problem is felt here*to be all the
more grave because no light is seen, as
'to how the question is to be solved.
" German.v hopes   that   perhaps   she
will be able to get satisfaction through
���private conversation;! with  representatives of the other powers," and has
already taken the matter up at the
now famous parley at Thoiry between
Foreign Minister  Briand   of   France,
Foreign ^rinlstcr Stresemann of Germany.
Globe-Trotter: "Of course, you went
up the Nile?"
BlCffer: "By Jove, yes! What a view
there.was from the summit!"
In Damascus it is the custom for
to the house of their -father, as a matter of course,
amilies to live together. In fact,, the^ad,been troubled with  constipation
sons-whoa marrying bring their -brides and indigestion .for some time.     She
.-,..    ,.:���...-. _���_.,.... p.-��1.*: - ,.X���,   advised me to try Carter's Littlo Liver
After arguing with a,man for half
anh our a woman invariably says:
"Now," why can't you be sensible?".
No surgical opcratlou is necessary in
removing corns if Hollo way's Corn
Hemovcr be uscd.
People aro a good deal happier because of a lot of things they don't
Rid Her Of Pimples
Brooklyn, ��� Mrs. Minnie Fenstere
whites*���-"My pimples and black heads
got so bad I feared, it was eczema. .1
confided in a-nurse friend of mine.    I
Can't Sew, but
Keeps in Style!;
Wear the colors that are stylish, but \
. save the cost of new materials and
labor of sewing.    You can home dye
old dresses just as good as the professional dyers!
The secret of perfect home dyeing
(tintin'ft too.) is to use real dye. Diamond Dyes are true dyes; they dye'
true, even colors and tint in beautiful
tones. And so easy to use! Any kind
of goods���right over other colors. Dye
your curtains and other furnishing?,
too. ���'''���������
FREE: ask any druggist for tlie Dia-'
mond Dye Cyclopedia. Valuable suggestions, simple directions. Piece-
goods color samples. Or, write for big
illustrated book Color Craft to ��>IA-
MONDDYES, Dept.N12, Windsor,
Ontario, ��� .
Sentiment vs. Economics
By C. W. Peterson,
Make it NEW for 15etal
Assailant Is Identified
The youth who attempted Mussolini's life, at Bologna recently and who
was killed by the crowd surrounding'
the premier, was identified as Anton'
Sambonl, son of a Bologna printer.
A Are has.been burning for G7 years
iu the Summit Hill coal mine in Pennsylvania. 'Engineers estimate that it
has consumed 14,000,000 tons of coal.
More than $3,000,000 has been spent in
'-"' Mrs. L. M;' Brown, Walton*, N.S.,
says:���"I cannot recommend Baby's
Own Tablets too highly. I * have: found
them invaluable for the ���ailments, of
little ones." Airs. Brown's testimony
is the same as that of thousands _of
other mothers' who have usecrthe Tablets. To use them once is a sure guarantee that they will always be kept iu
the home as long as there are babies
or young children'to-be'.cared for. The
Tablets are . a ' laxative���mild but
thorough In action���which-, never fail
to regulate the stomach and bowels;
relieve constipation and.,indigestion;
breakup colds and simple fevers and
make the..dreaded teething period,
easy.. *,In fact .you banish, all.the
minor ills. from which little ones suffer. The Tablets are sojd'by medl-.
cine dealers or by mailat 25 cents-a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont, .**���".-
To those, who see in the phenomenal
prosperity of .the United States aud
the magnetic attraction It has for" the
people *of'Canada,, a tendency which
might some day easily lead, to a weakening of the ties that bind Canada to
the-Britlsh Empire, our present economic position is not entirely''reassuring.
Because history shows that in. the
course of time economic considerations
will invariably prevail over patriotic
sentiment. While we cannot hope to
outstrip our powerful neighbor, we
can come much nearer creating opportunities'for our own people.at home
than we are doing at present and thus
arresting the debilitating leak of our
preqous, vital asset and stifling the In-
feriority . complex we liave unconsciously created in our public mind,
which, cannot be without its important
influence upon the individual'decision
leading'to southbound migration.    "'
It* is useful to. arrive at a -clear appreciation of the general economic
effect of an enlarged agriculture. The
average person readily gives intellectual, assent to the time-worn phrase
that agriculture is the "backbone of
the nation," but usually without positive conviction or any adequate' conception of the fundamental facts of the
case. It Is generally a mere figure of
speech.'* It' is, therefore, well to consider briefly to what- exte*ut agriculture
has been responsible for. Canada's material progress. Forty-one per cent of
our net production in the last census
year was agricultural; thirty-three per
cent- manufacturing; our forests,
mines, fisheries, construction etc., account for the remaining twenty-six per
cent.; Our 8 billions of -agricultural
capital represents 36 per cent of Canada's total available wealth. Urbanl
real estate accounts for 26 percent,
our railway plants, 10 per cent; for-
es.ts, 5% per cent; mines, 2% per cent,
and manufacturing equipment, 2% per
cent.   .*'���'���
This gives a Hue on the paramount
position of our agricultural industry
and suggests that a policy having in
view the cololfizalion of Canada's vacant lands along vigorous lines, would
speedily lead to increased, prosperity
inour urban centres and should interest all classes of Canadians irrespec-
tlve'of occupation. The Hon. - Mr.
Forke, Canada's new Minister of Immigration, has recently-announced his
intention of speeding up the work of
his department overseas. It Is hoped
that his efforts.will meet with every
success..,.;' His department squarely
faces'. Canada's'key problem.  ,
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.*. *��� . B.C..Lumber Exports
'���Exports of lumber from British Columbia for the first half'of 1926 established a record with 368,505,343 feet of
lumber-shipped out as-compared with
263,911,823 feet 'in the;������ corresponding
period of .last year���an increase of 45
per cent. Larger shipments to Japan
the total of exports this year.
All Night-with Asthma. Everyone
knows how attacks of asthma often
keep their- victims awake the whole
night lonjj. Morning -finds him wholly1
unfitted'for .a-'day-of business, and yet,
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rest can be avoided by the prompt-use
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The 600-songs of Schubert-were
written���sometimes ten iu a day���iu
the fourteen years between tlie lime
he'was 17 and his tragic death at 31;
Nine Million Pounds Of Twine
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about Peps? Peps Is a
scientific preparation put
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upon' Ihe    tongruej'   Immediately
lurn Into rapor, and aro breaijjed
down   lho ' air   passages   to' tlio
lungs.     On -thcir journey, - tliey
soothe the influmed and irritated
membranes of ill�� bronchial tubes,
tho delicate wallSv of lho air pas-.
sa-crcH, and finally enter and carry,
relief and healing to tlie lungs.
.TOiilo no liquid or solid can get
to tho lungs and air passages,
these Peps fumes get there direct,
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Seals Date Back Centuries
Seals used to authenticate- modern,
legal documents date back to at least
4,000 B.C., and were man's first printing press, it is disclosed 'at Washington , by Dr. I. , M>- Casanowicz, Old
World archaeologist of the National
Museum uudcr the Smithsonian Institution.  ��� '-���'..
A stone weighing 36 tons was lifted
by the waves and thrown completely
over a breakwater duriu,fe a gale in the
Bay of Biscay.
A man pleases himself when he can
and a woman when she must.
J/nn rsA.rfiii era cam rook-mui.inbco.chicaoc.uV
There was a slight, difference of
opinion. 7H0. asknowledgod his mistake-quite* generously by saying:
"You are right, and I,am wrong, as
you generally are."
"So nice of 'you l:o put it like
that," she said, sweetly. But then sho
began to' think about it,
Castoria is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric,- Teething Drops
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proven directions on each package.   Physicians everywhere recommend it
Reducing by radio is becoming popular. One woman reported that 15
minutes'" exercise a day, directed by
the expert for one of the large broad--
casting companies, cut her weight from
.1.50 to 130 pounds.
i; Worms, by the Irritation that they
cause in the stomach and intestines,
deprive infants of the nourishment
that they should derive from food; and
mal-nutrition is the - result. Miller's
Worm Powders destroy worms and
correct the morbid conditions in the
stomaclv and bowels that are favorable
���-to worms, so that the full nutriment
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Troubled with
Lame Back for
Over 17 Years
Now feeling fine
as a fiddle
Though angleworms cannot distinguish objects they are not blind.
Tliey have light-sensitive organs distributed along the whole length of
their bodies that perform the function
of the normal eye.
After Shaving���Minard's Liniment.
W./-N.   U. ... 1654
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Co-Operative   Supply   Department   of
. U.G.G. Transacts Large Volume
of Business
Nearly nine milliou pound/s ot binder
twine were-handled by United Grain
Gowers for the harvesting of the L926
crop.   Tills makes a total of over forty
million^ pounds of  twine handled by
the company during   the   past   five
pounds ��� of twine. since  the". company
first went into the twine business; Before 1914,- when,   the t company,   the
Grain Growers' Grain  Company first'
"undertook the distribution  of binder
twine it was impossible i'or a farmers' organization ' to   buy    twine   at
wholesale prices, and*-the company in
spile of its large purchasing power,
-had-a good deal of diiliculty in making
purchases atvilrst..  For a time It was
necessary to import   twine   made . in
Ireland.   Before that time twine was
handled only through certain well-defined retail  channels', and'tho retail-
profits allowed added from two to^four
cents a pound to .the-.cost of twine.
Now,"thanks'lo the work done by the
farmer's company, a large part of the
twine   used   is   distributed   through
farmer organizations, at U.G.G. elevators and by local associations. Tho total savings to farmers that have resulted are noc easy to calculate, but
probably two million dollars less has
been paid by farmers for U.G.G. .twine
than thoy would have had to pay under   conditions   formerly   prevailing,
and still prevailing to a certain extent in parts  of lhe country where
there is no competition-from farmers*
organizations in the haudllng of twine.
But-that is only a part of the saving
to farmers, because this competition
has brought about a lower scale of
prices ou twine all oyer the'country,
resulting in savings of many millions.
More than two milliou.dollars' worth
of farm supplies are handled each year'
by United   Grain  Growers.   -Besides
binder.twine oue of the largest items
Is hour.and feed, of which last yeai
5,680    tons were sold, nearly all at
elevators' equipped  with flour sheds.
The value of this was 5308,433, and
during the paM five years flour and
feed to the value of over $1,580,000
have been distributed.   The coal business of the company amounts to.,over
half a million dollars each year, more
than two thousand carloads being handled.  While most of this goes through
elevator coal stieds, a good deal Is sold
through local associations, which before the  company  entered  the  field
were unable to buy coal at wholesale
Iteitoutiti wopM. 226
_Ub��HSi��p_llmlt>d, Wn., Moii..<__1.
All Publishers
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161  Yonge St., Toronto,  Ont.
* Pekin is surrounded by a wait 50
feet high and 40 feet thick. The walled portion of tho city is 16 miles in
Mrs. A. McDonald
..;. ���MicUethwaite Studio
Throat Trouble
Toronto, Ont."���-"For' about. cigM
years, I was' subject to laryngitis, my
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lose my voice. I would have a spell of
"this kind a couple of times.aycar, especially in the winter when-the weather
was cold and disagreeable. It would be
a couple of months each time before I
would fully recover from these spells
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took medicine with little "relief until I
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JJcMurrich St.
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Every Woman
The SMP Roaster is a fine time saver. ' You put
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None ofthe tasty meat juices are lost"; all the rich
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cute, for it makes cheap cuts taste
like choice ones. ���'--'"
The close fitting cover keeps all the-
cookinz odors and the grease insirfo the
roasterT-the smell of cooking doesn't fill
Uie house, and the oven.is kept sweet
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a jiffy after the roasting. These are
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light Of
British Navy
'- ftSj\3
to Imperial Conference
fitness a Most Impressive Scene
Jtyiin the decks, of the battleship
He JyXge, flagship oi' the Atlantic fleet,
t'. ' \ ""^minions', delegates to the Im-
poiiiii' Conference recently saw the
n<i\*,f at work. It' wa;_ a light that in
its i\npressiveness obviously left its
marlc.^ It was not tho usual review of
longjjines of ships with flying flags.
Thci "'jilors saw the Atlantic fleet in
,,ba!fori>raclice. They were attacked
'marines which registered hits
'|ieir torpedoes. They passen
1 swept mine-fields and saw'do-
.(mines drifting id-ly by on either
i'.liey were midway between the
^ttle cruisers and the target as
Jiles range the 15-inch guns
S out salvos which wero heard
' <ey passed through au advon-
~K~. y���i.. day   unscathed..    .Torpedoes
which struck "the Revenge, were dum
Twenty miles out- tho Revenge
sighted the shadows of the main Atlantic fleet oh the horizon. Deyond the
screen of light cruisers and destroyers
ono could pick 'out tho Hood., the most
powerful b.Utle cruiser afloat. With
her were the battle ciuisers Repulse
and Renown and farther away wore
three battleships, the Iron Duke, the
Emperor of India and the-Marlborough,
the first of which flow Admiral
Jeilicoe's flag at Jutland.
As the Revenge went slowly ahead
the fleet deployed into-lino of battle.
Five miles away in. the opposite .direction the Snapdragon was towing a target. Now. came thc most impressive
display of the operations. As the fleet
swept forward the battle cruisers fired
salvo after salvo with 15-inch guns.
All around .the moving target columns
of water rose. So far away were the
battle cruisers that a minute elapsed
between the flash and tlie roar of the
Explorers Decide
To Pool Resources
Representatives   of   Sevfen   Countries
Will    Discuss    Expedition   to
Norii. Pole
As a result of tho 'Locarno .spirit
pe_-mo.iiin�� to scicnlifto quarters, polar
research and discovery enthusiasts
have decided to put aside national
"jealousies and pool their efforts as' a
means, of conquering the littlo known
lop ef tho world. The first get-together party under lhe new spirit took
place in Berlin, November 0' to 12,
wiih (he foremost scientists in this
field from Germany, Franco, England:
Italy,' Russia, Norway and America,
taking part. ,
Dr. Fridtjof Nansen played an important-role in this meeting wliich was
promoted, by' tho International Student Society. Professor L.- A. Uauer of
the Carnegie Institute in Washington
represented America, Sir Napier Shaw,
noted meteorologist, appeared for England, and Captain Walter Brans, Zeppelin pilot .'uad founder, of-the' International Sfudon-. Society, represented
Germany. Roald Amundsen and Gen-
oral Unibcrlo Nobile, who flew over
tlio North Pole in the airship Nofge,
expressed, regrets -at their being unable to attend..   "
The convention enabled the scientists to study lhe adaptability of lho
super-Zeppelin now being constructed
at Friedrichshafon under direction of
Captain ECkener, designed for polar
observations and discoveries because
of its wide, flying raSius and ils ability '
to land parlies without-anchor masts
or* landing patrols.'
It is also believed that sufllcient interest In this airship can bo created
so that-llie necessary funds for completing its construction can be raised.
Money for beginning thu work 'was
raised by public subscription through
rhe International Student Society under direction of Captain Eckener.
plosives. The warfare was in 1-1 phases, the third of which, with an ironic
touch of naval humor, was officially
labelled "lunch."
The visitors travelled from London
lo Portland on a special train and
were welcomed aboard the Re^nge by
Admiral Sir Percy'Oliver, commander-
in-chief of tlie Atlantic fleet. The
operations opened immediately after
the Revenge nosed out of Portland
harbor. Submarines appeared, dived
aud then came to the surface again.
Aircraft carriers sent seaplaues-alofl
For 15 minutes thc big-guns concentrated their fire on the target. Then
firing'cased. Now.it was the Revenge's
>r_.turn to.again be attacked. Under cover of smoke screens which hid them
completely, destroyors hunched torpedoes hgainst' the flagship. Again a
hit was scored. But that was the last
of the warfare. While the whole Atlantic fleet accompanied the Revenge
back to Portland, the visitors were eu-
tcrtained at tea,
to reconnoitre. Mine sweepers cleared
the way and the Revenge steamed
ahead, its paravance out, and detached
mines floating harmlessly by.
But the mine fields were only the
beginning. Periscopes again appeared.,
Torpedoes raced towards thc Revenge
"and struck-her on both sides. Destroy-.
' ers dropped depth charges so powerful
' that even th'e-great battleship quivered under the concussion.
��� =   4- ���    -r-���>.
Idea Is Sound
No Cause For Gloom
Forebodings    bf - Dean
No Foundation Sayc
Inge     Have
Pupils ^Studied to D'etermiiie What
Thcy Are Best Fitted For
In the opinion of an English educational authority, teachers will have an
important part to play iu tho near'future along Lhe line of .guiding their
pupils Into right jobs. Sonic, experimental work in that direction has, iiv
iJeod, already heen undertaken in London schools. A certain nuinber of pupils were selecte'd for observation,
studied intensively i'or a year, and
thcir parents"then advised regarding
the vocation for whicli they appeared
best adapted. This policy, it is contended, will prevent the insertion *oT
square pegs into'round holes and thus
aid materially towards securing higher standards of skill and greater happiness in'labor. ^Theoretically the idea
is excellent, for it is only .common
sense to recognize that a youth starting cut in life is more likely to succeed
in.a job that appeals to him. Contrariwise, it, is never surprising that a
worker should fail at an uncongenial
job in which it is impossible to pump
up real interest."
For Sore Throat
Rub throat and chest
with Vicksjcovtr with
warm fl��nn��l. It*
double direct action
(inhaltd and absorbed)
brings welcome rttUl
Keep your horses working
"SPOHN'S." Standard rem-
edy for 32 years for Distemper,
Strangles. Influenza, Coughs and
Colds. Give to sick and those exposed, Give "SPOHN'S" for Dos Distemper. Sold by your druguist. If not*,
order from us. Two sizes.'larRo nnd
eniiill.   Writo for free booklet on atscanea.
High Altitudes Are Reached
Tropical Climate js Found Far Above
the Earth
The tropics are not the ouly place lo
go for tropical -.weather. If man could
over get there, he would fine a tropical
climate far above tho earth. At very
high altitudes the air becomes extremely warm, according to Dr. II. II.
Turner, professor of astronomy at
Oxford University. This statement has-
been confirmed by observations of meteors entering the earth's atmosphere.
Although aviators can only get a few
-miles off the earth's surface, and unmanned Instrument carrying balloons
ascend no more than" twenty miles,
the observation of meteors, or shooting stars, extends knowledge of our atmosphere up to about fifty milys.    ���
Italian Women Are
Barred From Office
Not Eligible for Municipal, Positions
is New Ruling
By a decision made in the Ministry
of Internal Affairs, Italian women have
been definitel/'cut off from all participation in the political life of the nation.
It now rules, in fact, that women are
not eligible for the post of Podesla.
The Podestas are the Italian equivalent of Mayors, except'that they are
appointed by the National Goverment
instead of being elected by popular
Tho ������' women's suffrage movement
has undergone strange vicissitudes under Mussolini's Government in Italy.
First he granted the women tho right
to vote in municipal elections which
was generally interpreted as the first
step toward granting them suffrage in
political elections. No sooner had this
law been enacted .than'the adoption of
tho system, by Podesta, suppressing
municipal elections, deprived, the women of their newly acquired right to
Tho recent ruling by the Ministry
of Internal Affairs rob them also of
the right of becoming heads of municipalities which they had won when they
were granted the municipal suffrage.
Observe Ancient Custom
Suffered So She Gould Not
Walk.   Restored tb Health .
by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
, M incsing, On tario. ���' 'I am a practical nurse and I recommend Lydia
" E. Pinkham'sVegetable Compound to
suffering women. For three months
I was almost helpless and could noi
sit at the table long enough to drink
a cup of tea. Many a time my husband -carried me to bed; I would be-
so weak. Then he read in the paper
of a woman suiFering as 1 did who
got better after taking the Vegetable
Compound, so he went and got it for
me. When I had taken three bottles.
I was just like a new woman and
have had splendid health ever since.
When I feel any bearing-down pains ���
I always lake it; sometimes a half
bottle of whatever I need.   It is my
, only medicine and I have told many a
one abbut it.   Any one wanting to
' know more about Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, I will gladly
write to her. I do all I can to recommend it for I feel I owe iny life
and strength to it." ��� Mrs. Neal
Bowser, R.R. 1, Min'esing, Ontario.
Do you feel broken-down, nervous,
and weak ^sometimes? Do you have
this horrid feeling of fear which some-
*��� times comes to women when they arc
not well? Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is excellent to take
at such a time. It always helps, and
if taken regularly and persistently
will relieve this condition. C
Presiding at a meeting in New York
to welcome the Bishop 'of London, Dr.
Nicholas Murray puller,.president of
Stamford. University, gave the following excellent reply to' the gloomy forebodings of Dean-Inge:   _.
No people, numbering some -13,000,-
000 and occupying loss than 90,000
square miles of land area who expend
eight billions sterling in the conduct
of a .colossal war extending over four
and a half years, who lose a half mil-.!
lion precious lives' and see another
half million of their youth so maimed
and crippled as lo make effective service and. full -enjoyment of life thereafter impossible,'and who can also, on
their'own motion,..undertake to pay
the Government of the United States
$500.6'00"u da?- for.sixly-lhroe years in
discharge of debt, -can**. have entirely
gone to the dogs!
Thc Experience of a Quebec Woman With Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills    ���
Mrs. L. D. Bernier, 89 D'Argulllon
street, Quebec, is one of the thousands
of women who, when she found her
health failing, resorted af once to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and now finds
herself in perfect health! Mrs. Bernier says:���"I was very weak, subject to headaches and was unable to
sleep well. Testimonials in lhe newspapers persuaded me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and the result lni3
been most satisfactory. I have regained my health, the headaches have
Jeft me; I sleep well af. niijht, and I
have gained in weight. Naturally -1
am feeling happy. I strongly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to all
weak people."       . '
Try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
anaemia, rlieumalisni, neuralgia, nervousness. Take them as a tonic if you
are not in tlio best physical condition
and cultivate a resistance that, will
keep you well and strong. If you will
send us yonr name and address a little
book, "Building Up the Blood," will be
mailed.you prepaid. This little book
contains many useful health hints.
Vou cap get these pills through any
dealer or by mail at DO cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Child Welfare Council
W.   N.   U.
-Wealth In United States
The internal revenue, bureaus analysis of tax receipts foi' 392-1 show that
during' that year- seventy-five people
in the United. Slates had incomes of
one million dollars or more, while
threes pleaded guilty lo incomes of five
millions. Presumably the latter three
were John D.'.Rockefeller, Jr., and the
two Fords,, Henry and Edsel. New
���York *.Stiite reported 20.05' per cent of
the Individual'incomes of the country
and paid 33.62 per cent of the income
Officers Are Elected For Ensuing Year
at Meeting in Ottawa
Officers and members of the governing council for the" ensuing year were
elected at thc final session of the Canadian Council on child welfare held at
Ottawa. Vancouver was selected for
next year's meeting. The following
officers' were elected:
Past-president, A. P. Paget, Winnipeg; pres., Mrs. Charles I-J. Thorburn,
Ottawa; vice-prosiduuts, Dr. 1-Ielen K.
Y. Reid, Montreal, aud Dr. H. 13.
Young, Victoria, B.C.; lion, treasurer,
Madame Jules Tcssler, Quebec: executive secretary, Miss Charlotte Whit
ton, Oltawa.
Western section, chairmen appointed were: Dr. Wyman, Dr, Weir, and
Rev. Hugh Dobson, Vancouver. Western .*������.members -of tlie governing council, of wliich Mrs J. A, Stewart, Perth,
Ont., is secretary, are: W. A. Weston,
Mrs. Edith Rogers, Winnipeg; Dr. C.
A. Baragar, Brandon; Mrs. R. 'J. Macdonald, Saskatoon,- Sask.; Judge Emily
Murphy, Edmonton, Alia.; Mrs. W. S.
MacLacltlan, Victoria, B.C.
Remote Districts of Turkey Still Have
Death Crier
Iu remote districts of Turkey, quaint
customs slill linger' despite Angora's
vigilant modernizing aim.
One of the strangest-is in the distant village of Cesaree, Whenever'a
death occurs, a public crier shouts "the
news through Uie streets. Even though
the death occurs in the depths of the
night, the crier immediately shouts out
the doleful tidings and wakes all the
living villagers with his. cries.
The post of Public Deatli Crier w.ts
established, many years ago by the
Evalcaf, an oflicial organization controlling religious affairs, which still
continues to pay the crier-a regular
salary for the performance of his
grimly duty.
A slot machine lhat distinguishes
coins by both their siao and weight
has been invented, making it inipos
siblo to substitute a franc for a Quarter or a piece of lead, for ti. coin.
Cuticura Shaving Stick
Luxury for Tender Faces
This freely lathering Shaving
Stick contains the emollient and
medicinal properties of Cuticura,
enabling tender-faced men tD shave
without the slightest irritation. It
leaves the skin softened and refreshed and free from any tense,
dry feeling. ���
Sample Each Fr�� br Stall Address Canadian
Depot: "flttBhoase, Ltd, Montrtal." Prico, Soap
2Sc.-Ointment 26 und EOc..Talcum 25c.
Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
Famous Magician Dies
Harry lloudini, the magician, died
in Detroit recently. The noted escape
artist, whose adeptness at freeing himself from strait-jackets, cliains and
cells, mystified audiences in all parts
of the world, died after a second surgical attempt had been made to, save
his life from the effects of peritonitis.
Ittle Helps Eor-This-Week
Alberta Oil Strike
- Another oil strike is reported ���
caught at a 3,811( foot depth Iu , tne
Illinois-Alberta' well a half mile west
of Royalite No. ]. The flow of naptha
gas is estimated at between three and
four ;��� million cubic feet. a day .with
naptha at the rate" of about a hundred
barrels a day.
The Egyptian minister to London is
named Azziz Izzet, the Question mark
being silent.
Many a true word is spoken by mistake.
A cheerful liar must be a great comfort to himself.
Pie that loveth not, knoweth not God,
forGodiis lovc.���John'iv. S.
Yet while I love, say God the most, t
That I can never love" you over-
' much;
I love Him more, so let mc love you
Yea, as I   apprehend^U.   lovc   is
j> such ^
I cannot Jove you if I love not Ilim,
I cannot love Him if I love not you.
^ ���Christina G. Eossetti.
Love to the Lord cannot possibly
exist apart from neighborly love. For
the Lord's love is love' to ���the'whole
human race, whicli He desires to save
eternally, and to adjoin entirely to
Himself, so as for none of them to
perish. Wherefore, whosoever has love
to the Lord has the Lord's love, aud
cannot help loving his neighbor.
���Emanuel Swedenborg. '
The best catch in -sixteen years ty.'
Canadian sealers is attributed to tho
co-operation of air men who froni. their
machines indicated where the animals
congregated in the largest.numbers.
She (at country fair)���"Look at the
peoplo. Aren't they, numerous?" He���
"Ves. and ain't there a lot of them."
The bones and muscles of the human body aro capable of over 1,200
different motions.
Minard's Liniment for Neuralgja.
Coal fields on thp island of Spiizen-
bergen, it is estimated,,
tal ofjS,750,000,00(K(ons;
a to-
When L had taken the one box 1 fell
quite a lot better and by the time 1 had
taken three boxes -I got relief."
.  Price SOc. a box at  all .dealers, oi
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
Famous Parrot Is Dead
"Polly" Was We 11-Known to. Patrons of
"the Cheshire Cheese "Tavern
''Polly," the famous talking parrot
of the equally famous Cheshire'Cheese
tavern iu Fleet Street, London, no
longer will reply "Scotch" to thai oft
repeated question of visitors: '"What
will you have."
After three,months" illness, Polly is
dead, having served for forty years as
the source of amusement to thousands
of guests at the tavern. All visitors
were introduced to Polly as well as
most of the world's ambassadors,''all
of England's .'i'l'ime ministers and
thousands of noted people of all na
tions. ^
Now Polly will be stuffed and will
be kept iu the Cheshire Cheesj: dining room.
Sympathizing   Visitor.���"What
your master die of?"
The Maid.���-"I doirC"know,   but
wasn't anything serious.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds Neuritis
Pain Toothache
Headache Lumbago
Neuralgia Rheumatism
Physicians use Minard's Linim'nt.
Beware of Counterfeits
There is only one genuine
"ASPIRIN" tabid. If a tablet is offered as "ASPIRIN"
and is not stamped with the
"Bayer Cross"-refuse it with
at all! Don't take chances!
Accept only  "Bayer'-' package ���'
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer"  boxes  of   12  tablete
Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin ia tlio trado mark (registered in Canada) of Bayer Maimifachiifa'*f McifoMetlfl*���
acidester of Salicylicacid (Acetyl Salicylic Acid. "A. S. A.").  While tt is well known
that Aspirin means Bayer mamifactiire.to assist the public against imitations, the Tablet*
���2 Bayer Company will bo stamped witli their trcneral trade mark, the "Bayer Cross.*
..- I
Was So Nervous
The Least Noise
Made Hei* Jump
Mrs/TV.   I-L- Yates,   Ashern,   Man.,
���writes:���"I was bothered very much
with my heart and nerves, and  the
least noise would make me jump ant!
almost-stop-my heart beating.
Hold niy, mother about it one day,.*
and she said that she had .been both
ered the same way and told mo'to gel.
a box of
* A weighing machine, designed for
use in -shops, has been perfected sc
that it will weigh anything from a human air to articles of 10'pounds.
An Oil that is Famous.��� 'Though"
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, it is tho home
of that famous compound. From here
its.good name was spread "to. Central
and South America, tho West Indies,
"Australia and Nw Zealand. That is
far afield enough to attest' its excellence, for,in all these, countries it is
on sale ancl in demand,
A ruling of the Constantinople pre-v
mobiles.. This color must be reserved
for the municipal fire-engines-  -
Tiie Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood. B.C.
Editor and groprietor
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
3reat Britian and the United States
$2.i}0, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.'U0
Coal and  Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices.................    3.QU
Cards  of i Thanks     1-00
Certificate  of  Improvement 12.50
���(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising-16 cents a
line iirst insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
pa riel measurement.
Transcient display ' advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12^c. a line each
The blue cross -means- that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money.
Late lark F. Madden
Chicago, III.���Mark F. Madden, a
prominent, business uitin of this city,
died on Oct. 81st. Mr. Madden was
born in Whitby, ��� Ont.., Canada, on
* : .Ti'ino IS, lBaij. He was raised on a
. farm until his loth year when he entered the employ of T. Long & Bros,
of Colli ngwood, at a salary of $50 per
year and board. Before he had been
there six months they increased his
salary- to $300 per year. Later he
went to Toronto, Toledo, Louisville,
Ky., arriving in Chicago in 1S83 engaging with Mandel Bros, in their silk
department. In 1SS5, with his brother
Michael S. he entered the real estate
business and established tlie firm of
Madden'Bros, aud 'continued at the
head of fhe Jinn up lo the time of his
death. Ho worked untiringly to develop a successful, prosperous business
which lias occupied the same offices
in thev Marquette Bldg. for the past 32
years? Bub his proudest boast was
that seven brothers were actively
engaged with him in the business for
several years.       /:
In 1901 he purchased 'an interest, in
the Providence Miue near Greenwood,
B 0. At that time the shaft was only
40 feet deep. He developed this to the
000 foot level, find uncovered a lead of
high grade silver ore oyer 1400 feet
long; said to be the longest unbroken
lead of rich ore in the Province of
British Columbia. In this connection
one incident afforded Mr. Madden a
great deal of satisfaction. It was
this: The Manager-of the Bank of
Montreal once said to hin.: "Mr.
Madden the majority of capitalists
.promise ' to bring money later, but
you are the first one to telegraph yonr
��� money .before getting here." "Another
was that' after some litigation in tbe
mine he paid off bills to the amount of
about $(5,000.00 which he was not
legally' bound to pay, bub for which he
felt morally responsible as the, credit
was given oil account of his connection
with the mine.      '    '���'
Mr. Madden had several patents,
the latest being for a rest device which
_..   lvt^callod^'jlOQ^peiLcent._.Host. While
[The Greenwood Ledge invites correspondence of a public nature but
the editor does not hold himself, in any
way, responsible for the opinions expressed.]
The Game Reserve
Carmi, B.C., Nov. 3rd, 1926.
Editor of The Greenwood Le.lge.
Dear Sir:
I would like to beg space in
your valuable.paper for a few remarks
regarding the so-called game reserve
between the West Fork of the Kettle
River and the Main River. In the first
place the portion.of it extending from
Westbridge up to the mouth of the
East Fork of the West Fork and on the
Main River to the mouth of Copper
Creek, contains probably 60 ranches
and crown granted places besides 400
or 500* mineral claims and two towns,
"Westbridge with about 40 registered
voters and Beaverdell with about 135
voters, besides about 15 working mines.
Now, these farms have been improved to the extent of thousands
of x dollars and crown granted
years before the Rod and Gun Club of
B.C. came in existence,.-therefore, I dp
not see how they can confiscate those
places to make a game reserve' out of
them unless the government appraises
them and pays the owners.
I myself do not intend to live up to
the regulations and I.know many more
that look at.it the same as I do.
Now, Mr. Editor, I think that the
Greenwood and Eock Creek Rod and
Gun Club did not give the matter the
serious thought that should have been
taken before thej' recommended that
reserve aud we sincerely, hope and believe thejr will now try and reined}' the
matter by recommending the cancellation of that portion of the reserve from
Westbridge on the West Fork up to the
mouth of the East Fork or'Trapper
Creek following up that stream, to the
summit and Copper Creek to the Main
River, that would leave the northern
portion for a game reserve which has
no settlements and probably will never
be settled. Now, if yoti will give this
feeble' effort space T will thank you
very much.    I am
Yours very sincerely,
[Editor's Note���The Greenwood and
District Rod & Gun Club was the last
organization to be consulted in this
matter and the reserve would have
begn formed irrespective of the. wishes
of the above club.]
1 ���r"*ir1
ere and '1 here
laying In Bod."
Mr. Madden was a veteran member
of the Chicago Athletic Club, tlie 4th
Degree Knights of Colombus. Holy
Name Society and the. Irish-Fellowship Club.'1 He never married and
made h is home ab the Chicago Athletic
Association for many.years.:
The funeral was held on Nov. 3rd,
it being very largely ;attended and
a great number of floral offerings
covered the casket.   He was laid to
'rest in. the  family   plot, .beside his
parents, in Calvary cemetery) Chicago.
Incredible Value
��� ������/ _���_'.
Reports from all provinces indicate
that the Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal, at a price of $1.00 a
year, .is sweeping tho. country.
At tho price of a $1,00 a year, this
big weekly journal is the marvel of
the newspaper world. Notwithstanding tho. reduetioiioin price (from $2.00
to $1.00) every   big feature   of  this
��� great paper has been faithfully maintained,  and tlie publishers are ever
��� Watchful for opportunities to make
improvements. w
When one takes into consideration
. the huge volume, wide variety and
high quality of the reading matter in
every issue of the Family Herald, the
question uppermost in the reader's
mind is, "how can it be produced at
the price?" Ibis a combination of a
complete farm journal, family magazine and weekly newspaper���at a
cost of TWO CENTS weekly.
���-A Scotsman had been playing ..a
round of golf on a fashionable1
English course. When he returned to the club-house he was asked
by the secretary what he thought
���of it. He; replied: "'It's, no' so
bad; I lost four balls���but found
seven." " w;
Richard, Barthelmess //t"Cla.ssmatesT
the feature attraction at' the
Greenwood Theatre on Satur-s
day, Nov. 13th.
Job  Printing at  The  Greenwood Ledge. ���*.*,,-
Lethbridge���K-pr.dy made : irrigated district has surely broken all
wheat records with a yield of 72
bushels of Turkey Red winter wheat
to the acre on a 37 acre fiold. This
unusual feat jvas achieved on tho
farm of Armour, and Brimble.
Honey from Ontario, in competition with exhibits from all parts of
the world, was awarded first and
second prizes at the British Dairy
Show held recently in London, England, according to a cable received
by the Ontario Honey. Producers' Cooperative Ltd.
Vancouver.���A giant merger of
timber interests in British Columbia,
Washington" and Oregon," involving
��400,000,000 of capital, is likely to
eventuate from plans now under
way, according to "The Daily Province."' Several of the British Columbia mills���a quarter or a third
of the whole���are said to be.favorably inclined to the amalgamation.
Montreal.���Despite ��� the lateness
of the season new immigration to
Canada continues at quite an active
rate. Week-end arrivals of the
Canadian Pacific Steamships "Mont-
nairn," "Montcalm" and "Minne-
dosa" discharged approximately 1,-
250 third class passengers to be
added to Canada's population. Included in the new arrivals was the
first contingent of British youth to
come out to Alberta -under the extension of the Hoadley scheme, z,;.
Manitoba's tourist traffic for the
1926 season left over ��7,000,000 in
the province, according to the Winnipeg Tourist and Convention Bureau. From the United States a
total of '105,710 visitors came into
the province of which number 75,-
012 stayed for a day while 30,968
remained for a longer tim-e. Th-e
average stay of the latter was 3%
days. The increase of cars entering
the province over those of the previous yoar was approximately 45 per
In order that a more intimate
knowbdge of the Canadian Pacific
Railway shipping terminals in the
vicinity of Montreal might bc gained, over 150 traffic representatives
of the various industrial concerns in
the .district were the guests of tha
C.P.R. in a recent tour of'the various terminals. West Montreal,
Adirondack Junction, Mile End, East
End cattle markets, Angus Shops,
Ilochelaga and Place Viger were
among the terminals inspected by
the manufacturers.
H.W.R. M00RE
Greenwood     w
FOR SALE���Three Collie pups,-'S5
each. Apply to A. Serctt, Phoenix,
FOR SALTS���30-30 * Winchester, in
good condition, reasonable price, apply
to The Greenwood Ledge.
FOR SALE���At F. Haussener's
ranch. Good mixed hay, baled, ��16.00
per ton, terms cash. Price good to
December 15th,/1926, only.
F.Haussener, Greenwood,
FOR SALE���One used 4 tube Northern Electric Radio, in good condition,
Apply at The Greenwood Ledge office,
Wealthy    40e & 60c.  -   Bismarks  75c,
Mcintosh 70c&$1.00.   Snows ��� -   75c.
Blenheims $1.00.
in your own boxes.   T. A. CLARK,
:':.-��� N".
$50   ���   $10p   ���   $150
as you have arranged.
This Monthly Tncomc guaranteed to yourself in
old  ag-e or to  your  family if you  die.
A small animal saving does it   s
HOWARD PARR ANT, District: Manager,
Rogers Building,  Vancouver, B.C.
Gilbert Prideaux, General Agent, Princeton, B.C.
��� ���.-���.��.->.'������������_. .<���-.-, ������.���_*.������:���'..���._��� ..���^���������..���<��.'. '- '.*^-i : . ..-i- ������ .������ .������,',���!��� �����,���-*������ 'r>'^ ��� ���r--i t
The Friendly
Pure beer adds to your well being and
your enjoyment of life. Order it by the
case from any Government Store���have
it always on hand for your table and for
the entertainment of your guests. British
. Columbia beers are healthful' and w/
i EERS, such as are made by the' Amalgamated
Breweries of British Columbia and distributed to
the people by the bottle at the Government stores
and by the glass in Licensed Premises, .contain only
enough alcohol���4H per cent.���to stimulate the digestion,
while their content of vitamins and valuable vegetable
��� extracts and mineral salts are of the highest worth in
fortifying against the dangers of low vitality and illness.
Drink pure beer in the Winter months, when heavy
foods and too much "indoors" lower vitality.
Amalgamated Breweries of British Columbia, in which
arc associated Vancouver Breweries Ltd., Rainier
Brewing Co. of Canada Ltcl., Westminster Brewery
Ltd., Silver Spring Brewery Ltd., Victoria Phoenix
Brewing Co. Ltd.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
W The place to get
Tree Air and Water
. is at
Rock Creek
Also carry
Gas, Oil, Tires, Patches, Vulcanizers, &c
Sawmill in Interior
���     m   '
Capacity 10,000 feet daily, full equipment, including
Jencks- return tube boiler set in brick, logging sleighs,
logging truck, all .belting, No.. 22 Hoyt planer good condition, can be-operated at once, ample timber. For further
particulars,,apply to
H. W. R. MOORE, Barrister,
X  /   X      Greenwood, B.C.
Job Printing
The Greenwood Ledge
Near Imperial Hotel
W___,_7 'div... IW.JI ���<M-.ll.lM.VX*JW*M*'.nniM.X*U*M.,
The Consolidated Miaing ,& Smelting Go.
"��� * \*
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting- and Refining- Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc^Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper,  Pig Lead and Zinc
E}. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. SiLverrLead-Zinc $3.00.
These charg-es made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing   V
Lamatco Wallboard       ��
Box 332 Grand Forks. B.C.
To     '
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer.
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands i
be pre-empted hy British subjects over 18 y
of agej and by aliens on declaring intentic
become British subjects, conditional upon
dence, occupation,. and improvement for
cultural purposes.
'    "���   ������    >       '
'>! -'     7'
i   :J_V modern
Tib at least
���  ' xst print-
} Old,
Full information concerning-regulations r
ing pre-emptions is given in-Bulletin No. *���
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," cu.
which can be obtained free of chargclby nJ ���
ing the Department of Lands, Victoria, h.:
to any Government Agent.
Records  will be granted  covering on   ���
suitable for agricultural purposes, gnd v
not timberland,   i.e.,  carrying over 8.000
feet per acre west of the Coast Range ami/1
feel per acre cast of that Rango.   '   ���.
- Applications for pre-emptions  are to"'*
dressed to the Land Commissioner of t'
Recording Division, in which the land ai,.
is situated, and are made on printed forms
of .which can be obtained from the Lar
���\1 -
.7' --'
_ CO.CK_CAI_0.Ul*
',Pre-emptions must be occupied for fi'��
arid improvements made to the value o '.-EALTHV
acre,  including   clearing " and   cultiv:
least five acres, before a Crown Grant'
For more'detailccT information see the
"'How to Pre-empt Land."
''ill i��a-
Applications are received   for    pur   soriui A*-1
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, i
timberland, for agricultural purposes;:   POllSBJO
price for first-class (arable)  land is ?5 ) m 1.9-) ]tj
and second-class (grazing) - land $2.50 r--.
Further information regarding purchase -'^ ^I'i
of Crown Lands is 'given in Bulletin No,;* |j    'OpiS
Series, "Purchase and Lease of Crown Li, , ���~,���,,n
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on tim!  l*j3no.un
not exceeding 40 acres, may  be.purely,.,    ,jlu(
leased,   the'   conditions 'including   payr;-
stumpage. ji.'tins   '^
������>(   Oil1 ���
Unsurveyed   areas   not1 exceeding  20'r.''4
may be leased as homesites, conditionalA!:,'-- .?.
dwelling  being erected  in the   first yoiz .. ,:,;
being obtainable after residence and  imp. ���
ment conditions-are fulfilled-and-IandThan--1���r>���
surveyed. . .-_y
���: _Kjqv._v
.Jl)' ..    -v
For grazing and industrial purposes ar*.
exceeding 610 acres mry be leased by ow:;
or a company.
��� tt,'!
Under the Grazing Act the Province is di
.into grazing districts and the range adro's.
under a Grazing Commissioner.   Annuui
permits aro issued  based  on' number.,
priority given to  established owners,
owners may form associations for range :n
ment   Free,  or partly free, permits., are
able for settlers, campers and travellers,
ten head.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
7 $122,808,459;  Silver,  $74,111,397; ' Lead, ���'189,218,907;.  Copper,  $197,642,647;
W ".*���    ,      -    Zinc, $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Min-'
eral production tp the end of 1925, show an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,^28
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,4-92,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more.liberal,-and the fees"lower, than',those of   any' other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British. Empire. *
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. L .    .
Absolute. Titles are obtained by developing, such properties, the security of which is guaranteed _.'
-by Crown Grants.-   # 7 - 77
- Full information together with Mining Reports and'Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B.   Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
���   been done are described, in some one of.the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines.   Those considering mining  investments  should refer to such; reports^  They are available without charge on
���-������'���. application to tlie Department of Mines, Victoria, 3.C.   Reports covering each of the six Mineral
,. Survey Districts are published separately,  and are  available on application.   Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver,  are  recommended as valuable sources of
information.    '       W ,-:. ,...*...
t,-_h�� ^.-^'-?_-Tt-^.%-A?>.u.y-g:-:^5^
_nc _.����..


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