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The Greenwood Ledge Aug 18, 1927

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provincial.'" Library
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
Jf      Bathing Suits
Ladies, Men and Children
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Ladies Dresses, Fancy
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Bow Ties
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Preserving Season
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Fruit Jars, Rubber Rings, Economy
and Mason Lids, Etc.
Are All New Stock
Place Your. Orders With Us
Phone 17
Auction Sale
Assets of the
Estate of Theodore Witte
A small Auction will be held at the
��� .   back of the
Court House, Greenwood
at 3  p.m.
Saturday, August 27th
��� Consisting- of        . ".
Dwelling  at Deadwood I    ,T
.�� ����� o_ c^,. x���J,ci���?nL��. Lfan^K
Somc Household Effects      .   '��� of Trail, are visiting at the home of
and various other articles Mr- and Mrs- Wm. Walmsley.
Sep  ���,,. James Oliver Curwood, well-known
mus author of nature stories of the Can-
Ch&rles King - - --Auctioneer adian Noi'thland>"died at his -home in
Owosso,* Mich., on Saturday night. '
. Miss Margaret Morris, of Vancouver,
was in town on Saturday Miss
Morris is spending a holiday with Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Hoy on the No. 7 Road.
Mi-, and Mrs. J. Keady and grandson, Jack, returned on Monday from
Oliver, where Mr. Keady was relieving
in the South Kootenay Power station.
Miss .Reta Lytle of Victoria, is the
guest of Miss Ruth Axam.
Jas. Skilton left on Wednesday on a
business trip to the Coast.
' Miss Margaret Royce has returned
from a visit to Trail and Nelson.
Mrs. R. T. Alty has returned from a
visit to her son, T. E. Alty, in Trail. ,
Mrs. Chas.' King left on Monday
morning to spend a holiday in Vancouver.
Miss Stocks, R.N., of Tofino, V.I.,
has joined the staff of the District
Mass will be* celebrated in the Ca-.
tholic Church on Sunday, August 21st
at 11 o'clock.
Geo. S. Walters and J. H. Goodeve
returned, on-Saturday evening from a
visit to Kelowna.
J. H. Bush arid A. Horovatin, of
Midway, were visitors in town on Saturday afternoon.
��� Mrs. Thos. Moore returned on Tuesday frqm a visit to Mrs. N. A. Docksteader in Grand Porks.
Miss-Hibbard, R.N., who has been on
the staff of the District Hospital for
the past month, has left for Calgary.
Assets of the late Theodore Witte
will be auctioned on Saturday, August
27th at 3 p.m., at the back of the
Greenwood Court House.
British Columbia Bereaved
Of Veteran Political Leader
Under New Management
-     GREENWOOD, B.C     "     '
<f�� y
First-Class Dining Room in Connection
! . N
1                                                               ���          .
^J. H.-Goodeve-        - ; Proprietor
Tel. 2. GREENWOOD,  B.C. -   Box 391
Home killed
Beef, Veal, Lamb, &c.
fresh Pork and Pork Sausage Friday morning
Home Fed & Smoked Hams & Bacon
Pickled Pork & Tongue
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile.Bonds. Burglary, &c
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Call at the Office of
___________________   . . *��-*��*���*P*����ffil(^BCBM*g3B5^i^^*g^^a
YOU SA VE$3/)0
.   When you order a
Custom built or Fit Reform Suit   "
A. BIGGIN, Midway
.. Any time, during- August --
S Style.     Pif.      price Kiffht
Greenwood Theatre
See Back Page
McMYNN'S STORE, Midway, B.C.
_   The fruit crop is short-and we are asking our customers to order
Tomatoes, Peaches, Prunes, Etc.
��� ��� early for canning
so they will not be disappointed        '*
���4 ��� > .,,.
We- handle good quality fruits and our prices are right so place
,  ���" .'.-'. your-orders now.   ���
.' 'I       .;���'--'      -
7 Also a complete stock of '
.Fruit Jars, Rubber Rings, Tops, Etc.
Harold Lakes, M.E., of Windermere
was m town on business this week.     '
'William H. Beach died in the Royal
Inland Hospital in. Kamloops .on Aug.
3rd after a few weeks illness. Mr.
Beach was. a former resident df the
Boundary and before going to the Old
Man's Home last year resided at
Christina Lake.
R. Jenks, a native son of Greenwood
who. was at the head of the Camp
Lister school last term has been engaged for one of the senior divisions
of the new 12-room consolidated school
at Michel, which will serve the pupils
of that town as well as Natal and
Mrs. T. Jenkin returned to Trail
on Monday after spending a few days
Nichols. Mrs. Jenkin was accompanied home by her two" sons, Francis
and Tim, who have been holidaying
with Lewis Keir at the Cedar Glen
Fur Farm.
The Harry Howson case whicli was
remanded from August 6th, was heard
before S. B. Hamilton, S.M.,  at the
Greenwood   Court   House   on   Friday
afternoon.   Howson was charged with
obtammg food and lodging fraudently
at  the Beaverdell  Hotel,  Beaverdell
After hearing the evidence the magistrate    dismissed   the   case   on   the
grounds that there was not sufficient
evidence to prove fraud.   Chas  F  R
Pmcott appeared for Howson and M
M. Colquhoun for Mrs. P. Lutner of
the Beaverdell Hotel.
Death, feared by his friends since he underwent a serious operation sev-
2E1*       i    aS��' ClaimCd Pl'emier John 0Iiver at 11:20 o'cl��ck Wednesday.
nigm, and removed from the active political lift of British Columbia one of
the provinces strongest and most cherished  leaders.   Premier  Oliver  had
iwVn- lU,hef1"1 since his ^urn from Mayo .Hospital, Rochester, Minn.,
last spring, but his death came with startling suddenness.
On. a grassy, sunlit hillside overlooking the Capital which he dominated
aILSM"1, J��hn 01iver wH1 b0 ,aid for his last ����* on Saturday, -
.august /JUUi at 3 p.m.
New Strike on D. A.
The recent strike of ore on the D.A.
is receiving considerable" favorable
comment . in Greenwood. The.. new
find is'^a^contihuation'-of'the' Gold-Bug"
lead. The paystreak is stripped for
100 feet, with every -possibility of it
extending a greater distance.   .
Prospectors have hunted for this
vein for * 30 years, but .up to a few
weeks ago its whereabouts had remained a mystery. Jas. Skilton who
has unbounded faith in this property
has never given up. He and his son,
Reggie, along with Scott McRae have
done intensive prospecting with results which are not' only gratifying to
themselves, but to the community at
In. the early days ore from the Gold
Bug" (abjoinin& claim) was packed on
horses, transferred to wagons and
hauled to Marcus a distance of 65
miles, thence to the Tacoma smelter,
and then payed' handsome dividends
Now transportation is more economical
as the CP.Railway is' about V> mile
from the new find.
Spotted Horse Lead Widens
If. you are' having trouble with your
[Watch, just bring it to us and we will
jput it right.
��� Our long experience in repairing
jWatches has made us experts' along
I that line, and we guarantee you satisfaction, or there is no charge.
Let us have your repairs, either
|Watches, Clocks or Jewelry.
We   make   over   old   Jewelry   and
Jmanufacture Brooches or Pins out of
native silver and they are quite a nov-
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mgr.      |
The United Church of Canada
Minister in Charge, Greenwood.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 21st      ���
Bridesville, ll:oo a.m.
Midway, 3:00 p.m.
 Greenwood, 7:30 p.m.    ,
i        ASSAYER   -
rh.'Jl WDIDD?WSON, Assayer and
Cheimst,   Box   1,1108,   kelson,   B.C
S o^f S"_rG0Ad'���Sii^r' Copper ^ Lead
Lead ftn Go^:Silv��Sl-S0. Silver-
TW^-00- Sdver-Irfsad-Sinc S3.00.
These charges made only.when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for othe?
metals, etc., on application.
If you are in the market for
Farming Machinery
Why not get the Best
We handle
John Deere and McCormick
Mowers and Rakes
The lead which was recently encountered in the Spotted Horse mine
is increasing in width as the tunnel
progresses. A different class of ore is
showing in this lead than' in the one
in the upper tunnel. C. E. Bartholomew, president of" the Jubilee Mining
Co., owners of th* property, states that
the same grade of rosin zinc that
carries the high values, of gold and
silver in the Providence and Combination mines is showing in this vein
Mr. Bartholomew'loft on Tuesday for
Spokane with samples for assaying
Vendella Group Bonded
J. Wichser and A: H. Rogers arrived
last week from Seattle and have taken
a lease  and bond on'-, the Vendella
group"-situated south-west-"' of - Greeny,
wood,   arid, owned' by  D.   Pasco,   S.
Bombini and J. Sevitella.
Messrs. Wichser and Rogers brought
in a compressor and engine and .a
machine drill "*(water-liner). They
have commenced the erection of buildings for .living quarters and for the
housing of. machinery.
It is their intention to drive a long :
tunnel .in a westerly direction.   The
portal of the tunnel will be near the
spring in the draw about. 1500 feet upu
the hill from the steel bridge, below
Anaconda.   Considerable development
Anaconda. ..Consirterahip- surface -de-
���-velopment has been done in' recent
years and good showings of ore have
been uncovered.   The driving of this
tunnel will be watched with interest.
Riverside Group Examined
Frederic Keffer, M.E., J. P. Graves
and .family, Geo. M. Fisher, E. W.;
Katzer and Joe Gumm, all of Spokane,
spent Saturday morning examining the
Riverside mine above Rock Creek.. Mr.
Keffer is well-known in Greenwood
and is consulting .engineer for the Jack
Paul Mining Co. owners of the Riverside mine.' Mr. Graves in the early
days of Phoenix was interested in the
Granby Co. The party also inspected
the, Imperial group adjoining the
McCormick-Deering and John Deere
Light Running Binders
and Repairs
Manilla and Standard Twines
Rock Creek
G. S. Walters and J. H. Goodeve reo-
resenting the Greenwood and District
Rod and Gun club motored to
Kelowna to attend a meeting on Friday of the. Southern-interior Game
Associations called for the purpose of
interviewing the Provincial Game
Board on their tour through the Pro!
vmce. The session lasted several
hours as each district had varioS
complaints and difficulties reqmSgat
tenfaon. it is the opinion S'Z
delegates from here that if the assurances given by the Board are canned
SiLr 5 C glVing greater consideration to district conditions An
amendment to the regulation,   ssulS
g���usey?nthefpding Wue WwUl0*
grouse in the Greenwood-Grand Forks
f TeS DiStriCt WaS ��S aS
LksnonthLparg"ment between M- B.
fr��Vw Hhaiman 0f *** B��ard
and G. S. Walters, the latter receiving
unanimous support of- the other legates.   A  fuller report   of  this  im-
Beaverdell Briefs
. ��   	
Miss Helen'Bakke has returned from
a ten day visit with friends at
Boundary Falls.
Mrs. R. Elver and daughter, Doreen,
have arrived from Naramata for a visit
with Mr. Elver at the Sally.
Miss Cecilia Hallstrom, of Greenwood, is the guest of Mrs. A. J.
Morrison at the Wellington mine.
Mrs. Chas. Nelson has returned from
Greenwood where she has been the
guest of Mrs.,j. Hallstrom for the past
three weeks. '
. -Hi Henry was over from Penticton
during the week and ;spenf a couple
of days in camp demonstrating the
new Chev and Buick.
Miss Reta Lytle, of Victoria, has left
for Greenwood after a pleasant holiday spent at the Bell mine as the
guest of Mrs. Geo. Inglis.    ���
Quite a. number',from Beaverdell
attended the shower and dance given
at Rock Creek last Friday night in
honor of,Miss Dollie Pittendrigh and
Mi'. F. Cousins.
Butterfield's   Pavilion   at   Christina
fSL���3 b,Umed to the S�����d on
Friday monhng, Aug. 19th.   Mrs. A
Gustafson who was renting the place
lost considerable supplies and property. The origin of the fire is unknown.
'J. Sterling Hauser, of Penticton,
through his solicitor, M. M. Colquhoun,
pleaded guilty before S. B. Hamilton,
S.M., at the Greenwood Court House
on Friday last, to driving through
Greenwood on July 23rd to the common danger (excessive rate of speed).
He was fined $10 and costs and his
white card cancelled and a blue card
Its fine qualities preserved in the
modern Aluminum package,
RED ROSE ORANGE PEKOE is extra good.
rees In Western Canada
New Use For Alarm Clocks
Warn Topeka Business Men Of Time
._.'.���     Limit For Parking .
The alarm clock, faithful servant
of Lhc American home, now is employed as a warning that tlie business man's automobile lias been
parked long enough and thai it's
Lime to move on.
Willi..a-two-hour parking limit in
Lho business section o[ Topeka, Kansas, business houses havo installed
alarm clocks in tlicir ofiices. AL tho
ond -,oC Lwo hours tha alarm rings. A
man gels up, hurries out and moves
all the automobiles belonging to employees. Tlio alarm is sol ahead two
hours and Lhe performance repeated.
So it. goes througli tlie day.
'aint a Corn With
This Marvel Liquid
In the great luuion-building work of settling the vast plains of Western
Canada one objection to-overcome with many intending settlers, especially
from Ontario and other countries where woods and forests prevailed, was
the lack of trees. To those accustomed to living in a treed country, llie bare I .Tight shoes won't hurl anymore. Tho
prairies with their unbroken stretches as far and farther than-the eye could, j Corn shrivels up, and drops off.   lie-
moves  the  whole   corn  ancl   doesn't
The pain slops in a  few seconds.
reach, presented a barren, uninviting. appearance.. There was not only a
lack of that restfulness and beauty wliich trees provide, but an absence o��
proLocLlon from Llie elements when high winds prevailed, the snows drifted,
and blizzards occasionally blew.
During tho earlier days in ' the settlement of the West, many ���home
seekers travelled/ long distances from the area traversed by the'railway
to find locations In districts where there were trees because.;'what, they
wanted, was not a.mere temporary place where they could "mine" the soil
for a time, make some ready money quickly, and then get out, but a now
and permanent home for their children''avIiere they would have a better
ppporlunily in life than in the* lauds from 'which, tliey liad come. They put
up wiih inconveniences inseparable from '-their isolated) locations' "solely
because they preferred the wooded districts to the open, seemingly
unattractive prairies. *������*
In those early * days, * however, thousands of. people dame and took up
homesteads who had no intention of establishing permanent homes. They
f.'ere speculators, more or. less ..indifferent to their surroundings, concerned
only wiih the making of money as rapidly as possible. Tliey were quite frank
in admitting they had no thought of flaking the West-'their home for the
remainder of their lives, but that, on the contrary, they were using it as a
half-way house, a stepping stone to some other and better place. Many
came wiih thc idea of .making money which thoy could not accumulate in
their old Eastern homes and then returning there to live and ultimately die.
Some years ago the fact was borne into tiie minds-of tho Federal
Government that lhc problem of peopling the WesL was not -so' much one ot
immigration as of colonization; not so much the obtaining of settlers as
the retaining of them once they had come, in a word, the real problem was
how to gel people to regard the West as a place of permanent residence; liow
to gel peoplo to establish homes rather than mere dwelling places.
It came to .be realized that a farm house, stables and barns set dowfMn
the midst of a flat prairie, utterly lacking in-anything approaching beauty
of location and surroundings, could never appeal as a "home," and could
never inspire in .the-minds and-hearts of children that affoction._.wliich the
parents still retained, for the old'homes they had left. And il was realized
ihat'jwhat was needed to convert those prairie dwelling places'into real aud
permanent homes'was "trees."
The Condition Of a P. E. I. Lady
Who   Again   Rejoices   In
Good Health
"1  can   most   heartily   recommend
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to all weak
people," say.s    Mrs.   Augustin   Arse-
nault, Wellington Station, V.E.I. "Be-
There, was., an'impression abroad, however, Lhat trees would not grow;    foro, l b^'aiv Uieir l'-:�� } was  very
������      -     ,,     , ,.   z . .     -**'.-. ,._._,- weak and   nervous.    ]��� had   always
il they would, why was not the prairie country covered with them as was worked hard, with no thought of my
thc case in other lands of'vast virgin areas But. this was not a convincing ! health, until suddenly my strength
���answer, and if,was argued"that if trees would grow elsewhere, tliey wimh; -loft me. 1 began to feel ured and de
grow on the rich, fertile'plains of.tho West
sol Hers soon proved tliat this w,as so.
The problem of getting trees.- getting
pain a bit. It's ihe sure remedy���Putnam's Corn Extractor All druggists
sell Putnam's Corn Extractor. Gel
your bottle today. Refuse a substitute for Putnam's.
Make Presentation
Seed Growers' Association Honors
L. H. Newman At Ottawa
On. the occasion of the recent conference of branch farm superintendents, at the central experimental
farm, Ottawa, one of the mosl pleasing events*was a presentation to Ii.
H. Newman by his former employers,
the Canadian Seed Growers' Association.
E. S_ Arcribald, director of���Dominion experimental farms, presided and
the Hon. W. R. Motherwell, on behalf
of the Canadian Seed Growers' Association made the presentation, con
sisting of a suitably engraved - gold
chain and pendant, with a mosl appropriately illumined address.
Speed Hard To Imagine
Expect    English    Racing    Plane
Travel 300 Miles An Hour
Some weeks ago an English army
odicer, in a speed test- oa a Florida
beach, drove Iiis car at a speed of
207 miles an hour. This is the greatest raLo of travel ever made in any
sorl of machine driven on land or
sea. But iL is reported that an an-
plane has been made in England for
a forthcoming race which can develop
a speed of 300 miles an hefur.
It is not easy to realize what it
would moan lo travel at such0a rate
of speed: Tho fastest express trains
rarely go faster than sixty or seventy
miles an hour, Three hundred miles
an hour is a speed greater than the
avorago velocity developed by a human being falling from a great
height. Tlie French airman -lean van
Laerc, flying over Beaumont-sur-Oisu,
goi into difficulties at an altitude of
moro than- four miles, and jumped
wiih his parachule-from the machine.
Tlie parachute did not open until ho
was only 300 feet from the ground,
but In, time to save his life. From tho
moment ho jumped until the moment
the parachute. opened he fell four
miles in about seventy seconds. Tliat
is at the average, rale of 206 miles an
hour. And .tho mystery plane will, it
is said, be capable of a speed 50' per
cent, grealer Ihan lhat!
The Many-Purpose Oil. ��� Both in
(he house and stable there are scores
of uses for Dr. Thomas' .Eclectric Oil.
j Use It for cuts, bruises, burns, scalds,
the pains of rheumatism and sciatica,
sore throat and chest/ Horses aro
liable very largely lo similar .ailments
and mishaps as afflict mankind.- and
are equally amenable to the healing
influence of this fine old remedy
whicli has made thousands of firm
friends during tlio pasL fifty years.
them in large numbers and
cheaply, because. t'rTese early settlors--had little money to spend, and .just
the right way to. plant and cultivate them, still existed. Then the Dominion
Government inaugurated one of! the finest of its many splendid, services for'
agriculture when it.established,-forestry farms in the West.
These farms havc worked a .veritable revolution in the appearance of
this Western country. Established; us tliey wcrc, on the bare prairie, in a
few years thcy were converted into miniature forests. .From them liave
gone forth millions of trees, /distributed fre'e of'charge to .'farmers allcver-tlie
West. Experts have ' advised on tree cul lure, .-.farmsteads have been,
inspected, advice on planting given. Today, hundreds- and. thousands*-of
Western farm dwellings have been transformed into .-homos of real
attractiveness arid beauty to wliich their owners and their ."children* have
Trees havc proven a great and effective agent of! colonization, while at the.
same lime providing shelter for stock, protection for''gardens..and a.comfort
to all when strong winter-winds sweep across the land.
Prairie cities, towns and villages have caught, the spirit and learned the
> lesson taught by these forestry^ farms, and formerly wholly unattractive
places, as, for example, the capital city of Saskatchewan," whom nature failed
to endow with any "of her assets, havo become places, of real beauty which
are a source of pride and delight'to their residents, and of surprise and
pleasure lo visitors from afar.. 7 .
-Thc Federal Government is-deserving of all praise for its -forestry, farms
and Iree planting policy, and to an ever increasing extent it is to' bo hoped
the people of Western Canada will second the efforts: of the-Government
and even more, energetically prosecute tlie work of surrounding their homes
with Irees. *
This' IS it���tfa'rken'the room as much as possible/close thi
windows, raise one of -the blinds where the sun shines in, about
eight inches, pldce as many. Wilson's Fly Pads as possible on
plates (properly wetted with water but not flooded) on the
window ledge where the light is strong, leave the room closed
for two or three hours, then sweep up the flies and burn them.
See illustration below,
Put thc plates away out of the reach of children until re'
quired in another room..
Historic Memorials
And. always, some enterprising : IJreff(1j arl dUl "ot   s)J?��f1   Te" .,at
j night* feeling just as   iired   in  "the
I morning as when I .went to bod at
night: I began, to feel discouraged
when f would think of the work
necessary for me to do. I got somc
medicine from lhc. doctor whom I
consulted, but it did not appear to
meet my case as I showed.no improvement while taking it. Then a
neighbor advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and 1 got a supply
of this.-medicine. I very soon found
they were helping mc. and I con Lin-
ued their use until 1 was well again,
and I have been strong and well ever
Dr.".Williams' Pink Pills do ono
thing���and do if well. They build up,
ihe blood supplies lhe whole, body,'
new life.is given to the entire system.
Bolter'sleep, steady nerves, improved
appetite,'increased vigor���ail those
can be yours by taking Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Begin today. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail, post
paid, at M cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont.      7
Will Protect Fur Industry
Tax  On   Pelts   Taken   In. Northwest
Territories   Effective   January
1, 1929
The act imposing a tax on furs taken in tho Northwest Territories,
passed at the- last session of Parliament, will come into ' operation on
January 1st, 1929, according to an
announcement by the Hon, Charles
Stewart, Minister of the Interior.
Tlie tax in these territories was imposed by the Dominion in order tb
place them on the samo basis as the
various provinces, which with the exception of Prince Edward Island, impose a tax on furs to aid provincial'
revenues. The tax will be on the same
basis per pelt as in flic prairie provinces and British Columbia, and will
Load to prevent smuggling of furs
from these provinces into the Territories for sale.
It is expected, also that conservation of fur-bearers "will bo promoted
by thc new law in several ways. Permits will be required lo ship out furs
ancl in order to prevent the smuggling of valuable small pelts in shipments of nontaxable furs- such as.
wolf skius, all pelts will b<r examined
and fi tan mod.
This it is believed will chc.ci the
pernicious practice of taking unprimc-
when not in prime winter condition.
Furthermore, lhi3 examination wil!
show the actual take of furs both by
species ancl�� by districts, and provide
data whicli will be of value from a
conservation standpoint.
Massive Fortress Of Fort Lennox On
the Richelieu River .
Among the historic memorials of
Canada that have becn, from time to
time placed under the care of the
Canadian National Parks Branch of
tho Department of thc Interior there
is none richer in historic interest or
more charmingly situated than tho
massive- old.- fortress, Fort Lennox,
that stands in quiet dignity on tho
southern end of He aux Noix in the,
Richelieu river, in the province of
Quebec. 'J^his fortress was erected by
the British military authorities in the
early part of the nineteenth century
and since its abandonment as a military post, in 1S69 has been visited by
increasing numbers of tourisis each
Miller's Worm Powders, being in
demand, everywhere, can bc got at
any chemist's or drug-shop, at very
small cost. , They are a reliable
remedy for worm troubles ancl can
be fully relied upon to expel worms
I'rom tho system and abale the sufferings that worms caufo. There aro
many mothers that rejoice that tliey
found available so effective a' remedy
for the relief of their children.
Fair Dates For 1928
Western   Association' Of   Exhibitions
.   Hold Meeting In  Regina
At a. meeting of the executive of.
the Western  Canada ^Association' of -
Exhibitions, held in Regina', recently,
dates I'or the coming year were arranged as follows: - '\
Brandon, July 2 to 6; Calgary, July -
9 to 14; Edmonton, Jul^ 1G   to   21;
Saskatoon, July 23 to .28; and Regina,
July 30 to Aug 4.    .
A meeting of the executive will be
.held in Toronto to interview Hon. W.
R: Motherwell in regard to grants
and otlier matters of common interest.
The various fair associations were_
represented by the following men:
From Regina, H. ��� G. Smith, J. Itv (
Martin, D. T. Elderkin, and J. F. Rob
inson; from Saskatoon, Robert Thomas, Archie Wilson, Sheriff. Cakler,
and S. W. Johns; from Brandon, William Dowling, Archie McPhail, J. E.
Bettie and J. A. Chapman; from Calgary, N. S. Christie, E, D. Adams'-and
E. L. Richardson; from Edmonton,
W. J. Stark' was tlie only representative. President Nat Christie presided.
Flower.'K Made Of Rubber
Reproductions Are Very* Realistic and
Will Not Crush ��
Realistic reproductions of several
different kinds of (lowers are now
being made from rubber by a patented process. They are colored in natural tints, a drop of perfume .may be
added to heighten the effect of genuine blossoms, and an additional feature Is that the leaves and petals cannot be crushed or bent, one of the objections to cloth-flowers.-'Thc rubber
flowers may be quickly-washed with
soap ancl water-and arc so: arranged
that thoy may be opened or closed
to represent fully blown blossoms or
buds. ' W        '..* *.'���-''.,
Wedded To a'Tree
Blind Girl In India Is. Tragic Figure
A blind girt of twt-lve gropes her
way with extended hand at dusk eacli
night to a sacred tree at Bardoli, India, and puts her arms around it, crying softly over the tragedy of her life.
The tree is her husband under Hinciu
law and she can never have another.
When0 she was- i-i.v years old the child
had smallpox. Her face was disfigured and she was blinded. Her "fath-
X ./..Leaves Valuable Estate
-. An estate provisionally valued al
��1,044,613 gross, was left by the firth
Marquis of J_an.sdowne, former governor-general of Canada, who died at
Clonmel, Ireland, in June, it was
shown by. his will recently. Thc
widow and tlie present .marquis aro
I.he beneficiaries. '
Greeks Reduce Army Strength
Good    Augury    For   Most- Disturbed
Corner Of Europe
The  Greeks  are  getting rid  of  a
wliolo   Army ��� Corps.   Their   present
strength  is G,u00  oilicers  and 80,000
other ranks. Tlio disbandment to be'
offccled will reduce this    figure   by
over 1S.000  men. which means nine
infantry regiments, one field and onev
heavy artillery and one engineer regi-
nientT'TliiTris "good   aiigury~for   the"
mosl. dislurbod corner of Europe. The
Portugese are disbanding   three   infantry   regiments,    three   light   in-
Lnlion, and two cavalry regiments.
ren try
Sweet and. palatable. Mother
Graves' Worm -Exterminator is acceptable, lo children, arid it docs its
work surely ifnd promptly.'   -
There .may be other corn removers,
but you will not be completely satisfied until you havo used Holloway's
Corn Remover.
Growing Tobacco In B.C.
Experimental crops of tobacco are
being, grown on  65 acres of laud al
Oliver, B.C. Fifty acres have already
been  planted  to  the  satisfaction  of
er, deciding no man would over want Mr. McVeitie, of the
to marry her, and not desiring to suffer tlio stigma of having; an. unmarried daughter, had her married with
full Hindu rites, to -ttlie - tree. There
was a formal wedding.-feast to cele
brate the event.
test   ,
Jet Baby
W.   N.   U.   169*
Wins Premier Prize _0
Tlie Shorthorn bull, King of the
Fairies, recently sold from the Canadian ranch of II. R. TI. the -Prince V.
Wales td a United State3 breeder,
again' .won the premier prize at the
Calgary Exhibition. The "King's" son,
Prince of the Fairies, however, lost
out and had to veil his crest" to
Colynie White Ensign, belonging to
T..A. Russell, of Toronto.
In u recent month nearly 1.0,000
pairs of leather slippers were sent,
from this to other countries.
B.C. Tobacco'
Products. Good progress has been
made and the prospect is promising.
More buildings   were   'started in
Canada in the first four months of
this year than in'the tame period of
the past seven years.
Wnterpower Resources
The official information available at
a coutral source regarding the water-
power resources of Canada, as Lo
capacily, and availability is most
complete. Tlio Index inventory System o'f investigating and recording
water-power resources, originated by
the Dominion Water Power Branch
of the Department of the Interior ami
developed and carried out in full .collaboration witli the provincial governments, has resulted in all possible
information on this subject respecting any river or district being available at thc head oflice in Ottawa for
any i uteres Is concerned.
A kiss causes palpitation of the
hoarl and shortens life three minutes, students in Western Slate Col-
'tego in. Colorado haye discovered.
Thus 4S0 kisses would eliminate a
full day of. one's life.
. Especially Prepared for Infants .
and Children of All Ages    ;
x- Mother! Fletcher's- Castoria - haB
lieve babies and_,children of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind .Colic and
Diarrhea; allaying Fevcrislmess arising therefrom, and, by regulating the
Stomach and Bowels, aids tiie assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep
without opiates.
The genuine bears signature of
For corns and  bunions use  Minard's
Minard s
Liniment    for    cuts    dnd
A. reliable first-aid   remedy  in
the woods, for burns, bruises,
.cuts and-wounds.
. One of tho queer societies of Oxford University is the "Upside Down
Club." Three times a year its members go through a day doing' everything backwards. Donning - evening
dress in the morning, they start with
cigars and port as a prelude to a reversed dinner, ending with hors
d'oenvres. So on through the day,.until they eat breakfast and retire.
Erring husbands in Central Africa
aro fed a lizard porridge by their
wives, who' have a firm belief that
the homing instinct of the lizard will
hc transmitted to their men,
Saskatchewan Glauber Salts
The Whiteshoro Salts & Chemical
Company, operating at Palo', ' Sask,
took out 3000 pounds of glauber salta
daily last .winter, the greater part ol
which was" shipped to Winnipeg anfl
Eastern Canada. The company js en*
dcavoring to find a practical proce*
for the hydration of the salt.'
To Visit U.S.
, Former Premier David Lloyd
George.lias promised that he will
visit thc United States in 1928 to
meet American Welshmen and -preside at the international Eisteddfod,
says a despatch to The. Westminster
Gazette from Llangollen, Wales.
iProved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for:
i   ���
Colds     Headache      Neuritis Lumbago -
Neuralgia.    Toothache      Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy   "Haver"  boxes oi  12  tablets
Also bottlesof 24 and 100���Druggists.'
Aspirin ls the trade mark (rcciBtpr^I la Canada*) of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaoetlc-
���cldester of Sallcyllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Acid, "A. S. A."). WMlo It is well known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablets
At Bayer Company will be stamped wlti tbeir geaeral traoa mark, the "Bayer Crow.*" 2&E   GREENWOOB   LEDGE
i_      ./
to make a homer'
FLIT spray clears your home of flies ahd mosquitoes, iaiso kills bed bugs, roaches, ants,
and their eggs, fatal'to insects but harmless to
mankind. Will not stain; Get Flit today.
Distributed in Canada by Fred J. Whitlov &Co., Limited, Toronto
Flies Mosquitoes Moths
Ants Bed Bugs Roaches
"The yellow can
with the black baud
���riiain's Popular Prince
Has No Equal Ac An" Ambassador Of
The visits pf tlie Prince' of Wales
to tlie Dominions of I lip British Empire liave done much lo strengthen
Ihc lies between the self-governing
nations and tlie Mother Country. As
an ambassador of goodwill lie lias no
equal. IJc has made friends wherever
he bas gone. %i
The socrol of lhe Prince's success
is by no means uiifajliomablo. He is
a likeable young man whose private
life is 'Without reproach and whos(!_
highest aspiration is lo serve Ihe Uritish peoplo. Hiuduniocrntir manner
,comos to iilm naturally, and if lie
could control these things he would
dispense with much of (ha ceremony
antl o/IVdal pomp attending his public
It cannot    bo    doubled    lhat   the
Prince of Walos  "confers    lionprablo
distinction upon  the    instiliuion    of
^royalty.    There  would   be  less  prejudice  against   heredilary   rulers,-in
Was Idol Of Navy
Largest Docks
In World
Erected    At    Liverpool    and    Show
Britain's Far-Sighted Commercial
The largest docks ' in   tlie    world
wore  formally opened  by  the' King
and Queen, in Liverpool recently. As
a news items of popular interest pro-
��� babiy this ranks well below a speech
or the Gloomy, Dean declaring tliat
the Empire rapidly is approaching
disintegration, but as an indication of
llie giant efforts Britain is making to
prove wrong all the prophets of dis-
* aster tiie event is of great importance.        . t
The new docks, we are told by the
New Vork Times, ' add   two   and   a
quarter miles of wharfage "to the 27
_ miles now existing in Liverpool, -and'
enclose -56 acres of water. They aro
constructed of concrete, the sheds being three stories high aud containing
tiO acres of floor space, They are surrounded by C6 electric cranes, ranging    in    lifting   power   from    3,000
pounds to two tons and all.capable of
reaching the holds on the widest car-
Go carriers in the service of thc Empire. Thc upper stories of the sheds
arc largo enough to serve as warehouses,' thus eliminating the cost "of
��� cartage from   the   wharves.   Ample
railway spurs lead to ihc .main British
Hues. 'J'he now docks cost $35,000,000
and wore seven-years in building.
Britain  has^ been going about her
work of   reconstruction    witli    little
fuss and without much publicity, but
the results aro showing aud in recent
months the   chorus    of   gloom   and
lamentation from the pessimists has
Si-own noticeably less vociferous. She
is   steadily   regaining   her   foreign
,v trade, and this  means improved industrial condlions at home and a reduction of unemployment. Once more
���sho-is-carryinff-the-Iion's-share-of the"
' world's    sea-borne,    commerce.    Thc
construct ion-at huge cost of the new
' Liverpool docks   is   but   one   more
demonstration ,of   British    efficiency
and  the  far-sighted  British  commercial vision.
Is Puzzle To Scientists
No-:Formation  For  Miles   Resembles
"Hanging Stones" On Salisbury
Plain -
Prime Minister .Baldwin, Ramsay
MacDonald, Viscount Grey and other
prominent persons have signed an
appeal for $175,000'to purchase land
on Salisbury Plain for the purpose of
preserving the remains of the prej
historic structure at Stonehenge.
It is proposed to protect the immediate surroundings of the Stonehenge
Circle irom the erection of unsightly
���' Nine years ago, after the original
owner was prevented by the Act for
the Protection of Ancient Monuments from selling Stonehenge stones
for transportation to the Uniied
Slates, it was presented to the nation. It is now proposed to pull down
a huge aerodrome erected near by
during, .the-,war "So tliat posterity"will
see il against the sky in tlie lonely
majesty before which our ancestors
-stood in awe throughout all our
recorded history."
Stoiiehengo,    the    most    imposing
megaloitliic monument in Britain, has
long proved an enigma^to scientists
and a never-ending source of romance
for novelists.    Its name, a- modification of a Saxon term, means "hanging,
stones." The Normans called the collection ofstones "Choir Gaur," br the
Giant's   Temple.   What   the   stones
were originally used for has proved
as great a puzzle as where they came
from, for in the geological formations
for .miles around thero is nothing resembling: them.
the -world if more of thorn had been
like this prince.
The many pilgrimages of - tiie
Prince lo tho distant outposts of the
British Empire has Jeft him little
timc to, think of matrimony. IleTs tlie
despair, of .flip., royal matchmakers
whose efforts' to mr.rry him off have
failed miserably. Rat lier obstinately
he prefers to' keep his own counsels,
aud seemingly cares-nothing-about
tlio romantic gossip"'tliat periodically
goes the rounds.
Tho Prince of Wales makes no pro-
tense io extraordinary' attainments.
He likes American Jazz, and even
plays tlie ukulele in his' lighter
moods. However, lie has a serious
view of his position uid, as best ho
can, is preparing hlmsilf for the high
office to which, some day, he will be
called.���Seattle Times.
Diplomats Think Of War
Testing Wireless Or
Moving  Automobiles
ana measurements
havo proved that originally they
formed two concentric circles enclosing two ellipses. Of the outer circle,
composed of tho largest, upright
stones���the tallest being 22y3 feel
and 3 feel".J inches thick���only seventeen remain. _ .Tim .iinmr circle-
composed of smaller stones, is exacl-
During the international
Budapest there were .30,000
from other countries.
fair   at
ly 9 feet within the circumference of
the outer.
Although their origin has beeii variously ascribed to the Phoenicians.
Belgae and the native Druids, no convincing evidence hag over .been presented whicli would rationally solve
the mystery.
Experiments Wltb Two-Way Communication Are To Be Made .
Captain L. F. Pluggc, whose, experiments during the last, three years
with wireless reception ou ' moving
motor-cars have attracted' much attention, intends conducting his investigations on a much larger scale. His
two cars. Aether II. and Aether III.,
wiil be used in an experimental testing of the two-way communication
between vehicles whilp.in motion-and
crossing'the'centre and South of
Europe." Aether If. leaves London five
days later than Aether III., and an attempt 'will be made to keep up com>
munication between the two cars.
Aether 11. will be driven by Captain
Piugg's assistant, Horace Conncli.
wlio will operate u Marconi super-
ciglit one-control receiving set of bis
own dosign, with which the car is
Thc hewer
equipped with
the-   Same   Time   the'.Public   Is
Assured    Tbat   War    Is
,  Unthinkable
While statesmen on both sides,^ of
the Atlantic have-been assuring the
world tliat war between Britain ana
the  United  Stages  is  "unthinkable,"
the naval experts   at   Geneva   have
been acting as if that was what thoy
were Thinking of most of all. Banish
the thought of a war 'and the greater
pari of the argument's on which the
experts lay so much    store   vanish.
If war is unthinkable," it. should make
uo difference to the British if we. use
our quota of cruiser 1'onnage to build
larger rather  than smaller ships. If
war is unthinkable, it Is unthinkable
that    those    cruisers     could     ever
threalen Great Britain. If war ls unthinkable, it can make jio great difference to Great'Britain if the smaller
���ihips carry eight-inch   guns   rather
Ihan six.    They would  not bc used
against Britain anywhere. If war ls
unthinkable, tlio United   States, ca;_
well  afford  to  consider   the  British
proposal to reduce the size of capital
ships, if war is unthinkable, "parity"
i.s nothing to get' too   much   excited
about, for in respect to all'other powers we should in any case have superiority.
The truth of the matter is ihat the
admirals on both sides aro manoeuvring for advantage in a war which
exists on paper. We need not suppose
that they desire a war or expect it actually to take place.   But they insist,
Earl Beatty Has Retired At Zenith Of
Fatal e*'
Earl Beatty, naval hero of tlie
World War, and to all" Britishers the
symbol of Iheir navy, lias- retired
from active service.
Iielinfpiishing his duties at the admiralty at Hie early age of 5C, Lord
Beatly can look back" upon a career
in wliich he has brilliantly realized
every ambition that a naval ollicer
could onlerlain. During the period of
lus naval servico lie lias won honor
and promollon Tor acts of personal
gallantry ashore as well as afloat.
Perhaps no man since Nelson has
basked so much in the spotlight of
the public's hero worship, or so much
In favor and popularity Among his
men. It can well be said that no man
Jms climbed to the jtop of the British
navy with so little effort, born ouly
of ability and courage, as has Beatty.
\JIc has been in command in more
than ono of (lie most tremendous sea-
fights in history, winning therein (lie
unstinted gratitude of the public ami
tbe enthusiastic devotion of his men.
He received in person" tlio surrender
of the most dangerous'and powerful
enemy (hat Cvcr attacked England by
His most outstanding works In naval administration were tlie redistribution of the British naval strength,
the building up of the British Dominion forces and- the expansion of
peace-time training to meet the needs
of new a'nd modern naval warfare.
in November of last year, Beatty
had reached ihe seven years allowed
by law that anyone may sit on-the
���Admiralty Board. He expressed the
desire to retire at that time, but- wan
dissuaded by First Lord of the Admiralty W._C. Brldgeman who insisted that Beatty remain in office until
a suitable successor could be found. ���
Beatty's successor, who will, take
office as Beatty retires, is Admiral
of the Fleet Sir Charles Madden
whose appointment lias met with unqualified approval "among naval men.
Why Gum-Dipped
Mileage Costs
Less "Per Mile"
Tlie demand from car owners for Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires has given
Firestone Dealers a large increase in
volume that enables them to sell, these
tires to you at the lowest prices in the
history of the industry.
'The Firestone..Balloon .Tread, scientifically designed three years ago, and
unchanged today has the wear-resisting
qualities tliat give thousands of extra
This tread must be placed on a carcass
that has the qualifications to withstand
terrific flexing. The Firestone carcas3
is made of cords dipped'in rubber
solution which not only saturates and
insulates every fibre of every cord, but
unifies sidewalls.with carcass, -eliminating any possibility of separation
under tlie extreme flexing of low-
pressure, tires.
The Firestone Dealer in your locality
will gladly explain the Gum-Dipping
process; the scientifically designed tire '
tread, and otlier advantages that only
Gum-Dipped Tires can give. See him
OF CANADA LIMITED       ���    "
Hamilton, Ontario '
Little Helps For This Week
Firestone Builds the Only Gum-Dipped Tirol ,
Shipment Of Stone- Marten
"A shipment of stone marten was
^iade recently to the United States
Experimental Fur Farm in New York
State, the animals having ' been
caught in tlio Lake Windermere' district of British Columbia.
By'thy words thou shaft be justified, and by thy words thou shall bo
condemned.���Matt. xii. 37.
Words are mighty, word;, aru livin
Serpents    with
car. Aether ill. U
a nine-valve supei-
sonic lietero'dyuc and> a one-valve
transmitting set ou 45 metres. By
means of this transmiUing-set���iU3s
hoped lo be able to transmit on telephony over u distance ol
mately 500. miles.   Signal.'!
j nevertheless, on assuming a Avar as
j the major premis of their thinking,
i Thoy do not take seriously���in fact
they take no stock in��� tho rhetoric
of Uie statesmen, aiuMhey would undoubtedly feel thcy were doing less
than their duty if they did noo' contest for every conceivable advantage���New Vork World
Or blight angels crowding round.us
.With    heaven's    light   upon   thoir
wings.   " - -
Every word has its own spirit.
Truc or false that never dies:
Every word man's lips have uttered
Echoes In God's skits. :
-���Adelaide Anne Proctor.
Is What Thousands Of Mothers
' Say Of Baby.'s Own Tablets
A medicine for tlie baby or growing child���oue that the mother.-can .'.
feel assured is absolutely safe as well
i as efficient���is found iu Baby's Own ���
Tablets. Tlio Tablets are -praised by
tlioiia-inds of mothers throughout thb'
couricy.    The'
iso mothers havo found
The evil word-and oh. renumber i oliiei"---0'^'^"-�� lhai lhero is no
this-���is a step, a Ion
Preserve Indian Relics
British Columbia Brings New Regulations Into Operation
British Columbia wore brought under
approxi- i the proteclion of the law by order-in
will   bc I council passed by the Provincial Gov
picked up bj' the other 'car and re
the evil thought; and it ia a step toward ihe precipice's ciigc.
���Frederic W. Farrar.
Itemembor that every word you titer wings  its  way to iho throne of
Two More Cases of Feminine 111-
ness Relieved by Lydia E. Pink-
barn's Vegetable Compound
Barrington, N. S.���"I had terriblo
feelings, headaches, back and sido
aches and pains,all over my body.   I
would have to.go to bed every month
nnd nothing would do me good.   My
husband and my father did my work
for mc as 1 havo two children and
, wo havc quite a big place... I read in
the paper about Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and then got a
- little book about ifc through the mail, -
' .and my husband sent to Eaton's and
- #ot mo a bottle, and then we got
more from the store. I am .feeling
fine now end do all my work and am
able to go out around more. I tell my
friends it is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that makes mc feel
so wellr^^Mrs. Victor Richardson,
. Harrington, Nova Scotia.
Dull Pains in Back
- St. Thomas, Ont. ��� "I took four
.bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and found great relief from the dull, heavy pains in the
small of my back and the weakness
from which I suffered for five years
after my boy was born. After taking
the Vegetable Compound and using
Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash I
am feeling better than I have for the ���
past sevt'ii years, and advise my
friends to take it."-Mrs.F.JOHNSON,
49 Moore Street, St, Thomas, Oik. c
W;   N~lL~li634
The Habit Of Politeness
a �����������������
Expression    "If    You    Please"
Prevalent As It Should Be
Th'e      Kingston    '��� Whig-Standard
would like to see a little more courtesy in ithis fair Dominion:���
"It is a fact that 'thank you' and
'please' are expressions that are by
uo means habitual with.Canadians or
.with Americans. Employers are few
and far between who always add the
word 'please','to instructions- given to
employes, and yet this little courtesy
costs nothing at nil and adds so very
much to the willingness of service.
"We do not know whether or not
good manners-aro stressed in the
schools, but we do know, ancl very
much regret the fact, that the boys
and girls look at one with wonderment if thoy hear themselves addressed with such polite expressions
as those referred to."
plied to on a similar set. The cars
hope to meet in the South of Spain,
where Aether III. will vail, for Aether
II. Notes will then bo exchanged as
to the possibilities and results
two-way communications.
Ivory Making Eskimos Rich
Long, Buried Tusks Found On Islands
In Behring Sea.
An ivory harvest, arrived at Tacoma recently on the. schooner Jloxor.
eminent, following investigations by
Hon. William Sloan, provincial secretary.   , .    ���
The new regulations bring into ac-
lual operation for the first time the
strict provisions of the Historic; Objections - Preservation Act, under
which it is illegal to deface or remove historical objects, officially
'.edicine for little ones to equal
step, boyoud ; them.   Once a mother has used them
Cor .her children she will use nothing
else    Concerning them Mrs. Charles
Ilu ft, Tancock Island,   <N.S..   writes:
"I havo ten children, the baby being
just six months   old.   I   have   used
Baby s Own Tablets for them for tho
_  ��� ,past 20 years and can  _ni_i.f_.nv e-.v
md ib to    affecr the condition [that I taJm of no b^itr m?dffio toJ-
the   tablets in the houso and would
advise all other mothers to do so"
Baby's Own Tabets are sold bv all
medicine dcvilors or will bn mailed
upon receipt of price. 25 cents per
box, by The Dr.  Williams'  Medicino '
of your soul forever
Workman Showered
With   Golden Coins
Pick "Pierces
In    Old
Hungarians Make Good Settlers'
Moro than 20,000 Hungarians have
settled in Saskal chewan, according to
which represented   an   unintentional j Albert dc'JIaydin, consul-general for
bequest from long dead  lOskimos  ro(Iru"eary, concluding a trip of inspec-
More than 7,000
Set World's Record
What is''claimed to-be a world's
record was created at Ottawa with
tho arrival of a shipment of 300
White Leghorn baby chicks from the
University of British Columbia. 100
per cent, safe and sound, and very
hungry. Hatched on Saturday, July
26, the chicks were shipped on Sunday by express*., and had no' feed or
water pn their 3,000-mile journey
across tlie continent. The chicks were
exhibit(5d at the World's Poultry Congress. ���'    ���
lie who lends .money to a'friend is
apt to lose faith, a friend, and money,
the present generation. For ages natives of tho islands In Behring Ho;,,
took walruses, ato tho blubber and
threw, the gleaming whites tusks on
the dump or kitchen midden, back of
their igloos.
The plies accumulated during the
centuries until the white*man came
witli his trading schooners anil
eagerly bought fhe tusks of freshly-
killed walruses. The Eskimos of today, remembering the wasteful'habits of their ancestors, promptly bo-
gan to sink mines on tiie sites of ancient camps ancl. villages. .Each
year for four years on St. Lawrence
Island alone they have dug out thousands of dollars worth of fossil
The up-to-date and l semi-educated
Eskimos do not waste time going far
to se spearing their meat, thoy simply mine the buried treasure, sell it
and buy the white man's food with
the profits.
tion  in   lho  west
Hungarians havo been distributed
throughout Canada this year aud
more arc coming, he stated. He declared that they make ideal agriculturists.
Burial   Vase
Roman Tomb
Swinging his pick on  tiie eastern
outskirts  of Ttome, a workman digging tlie foundation for a garage recently was    showered    with    golden
coins as he draw back his implement.
At a blow he had pierced not only
the shell of an imperial tomb of the
second century,  but  also   the burial
vase of terra cotla, which loosed the
golden shower about his head.
The coins found in this tomb���250
of lliem���Hla'to froni the reigns of the
Roman Emperors Trajan, Hadrian,
Antonius and Marcus,Aurelius.
Tlie find is now In, the bauds of tho
police, and cannot be scientifically
catalogued until the.^ treasure trove
formalities aro complete. ->
Co., Brockville. Onf.
After a period of slorm and stress
we should look carefully for thc rainbow: il is ih ere.
Reduced by Asthma. The constant
strain of asthma brings the patient
lo a dreadful state of hopeless exhaustion. Early use should by all
means bo made of the famous Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Rpmotlv. which
more than any pthor acts quickly and
surely on tho air passages-and brings
blessed lielp-and comfort. No homo
where asthma is present In the least
degree should be without this great
Rich In NickNames.
. Andrew Jackson had more nicknames than any other president of
tho' United States. Some of llioni i
were: Old Hickory. Hero'of the Battle of New Orleans, Pointed Arrow,
Big Knife, Sharp .Knife, and Military
i Star of the Southwest.
Mrs. D. Leavitt, Back Bay, N.B..
writes:���"Last # summer my children
were very ill with cholera ancl suffered
severely from cramps and pains in their
stomachs. I tried several remedies, but
nothing seemed to do them any good.
A friend of mine told me tp try Dr.
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry. I
got a bottle and gave them a few doses
and they soon found relief. Now I will
never be without- it in thc summer
Don't Accept a Substitute
.'This preparation has becn on tho market for SOvears; put up only by The T
4 ililburn Co., Limited, Toronto, ^Ont.
Minard's Liniment for scaly, scalp.
Ontario Main Source Of Cobalt
For the past twenty years the Cobalt silver area of Canada has becn
the main source of tho world's supply of cobalt. In the period 1907-1926,
bolh years included, the total output
of cobalt was 21,8-13,76'i pounds.
Iu the course of a month a caterpillar wil) devour 6,000 times its own
weight in food. It will take an average man three months before he eats
a quantify of food equal to his own
There's a lot in " imagination,
Wherever you go on vacation, you'll
find- natives who would like to go
where you came from.
Ill IH
A Remedy For EaracV���To have
the earache is to cnduie'torture The
ear is a delicate organ and few care
o deal mm it considering it work
for a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric-
Oil offers a simple remedv. \ fG.v
drops upon a piece of Ibt or medicated cotton and placed, in the ear will
do much in relieving paiu.
More than 2,300,000 people in Grea.
Britain have savings accounts.
Minard's Liniment for burn*
Ming Was Terrible.
Cuticura Healed.
"My U;ouble began with a severe
rash on my face which for about six
weeks caused.a terrible itching,
burning sensation. The irritation
caused me to scratch, and scratching
caused sore eruptions which covered
my face. My face was disfigured;
and the trouble lasted about 'tour
" I tried other remedies but they
seemed to make the trouble worse
I sent for a free sample of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and got relief
after using it. I purchased more, and
in a short time I was healed."
(Signed) Miss Annie E. McCluskey,
Box 113, Grand Falls, N. B.
Use Cuticura to clear your skin.
Btapla Each Free ty Hill Addrr��s Cdfeuliin
Drpot: "Shmkooi^ Ltd, Montrw_L" Pri��, Soip
2Sc. Ointment 25 ond 60c. Talcum 25c.
Cuticura Shftvine Stick 25c TILE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
. Greenwood, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription: In Canada and to Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more haVe passed. To-the United
States $2.50, always in advance.	
Road Connection
With Kettle River
(Kelowna Courier)
The announcement that the directorate of the Automobile Club of British
Columbia has endorsed the proposal
for road connection between .Kelowna
and the West Kettle River, and is"ac-
tively canvassing the Provincial Government on its behalf, is very gratifying to all who desire to have established direct means of communication between the Okanagan and the
mining camps of Beaverdell and Carmi,
but it.is to be hoped that the merits
of an alternative route from Kelowna
will receive careful investigation before
deciding upon utilisation of the existing
'road"to McCulloch as part of the proposed highway. We refer to the, possibilities of a route through Joe Rich
Valley to the Kettle River, a scheme
which was advocated two or three years
ago but since has sunk into obscurity..
It is claimed that there is a pass at
the east or south-east end of Joe Rich
Valley which crosses the mountain range between the Okanagan water sys-
- tern and the Kettle River at a considerably lower elevation than McCulloch',
which is 4,144 feet above sea level:
The elevation at the Baillie property,
which is the furthest east of any cultivated land in the Joe Rich Valley
is 3,000 feet, so that, if the pass is really . a good deal lower than the McCulloch
summit, there should be a comparatively easy grade to it from the Joe Rich.
' It is said that there are really two
passes, but that one of them is a nar-
rowjiox canyon strewn with huge boulders, which would involve a great deal
of costly blasting in order to make a
roadway, and that the other, although
at a higher elevation, offers a more
feasible  and.  less  expensive  route.
Provided that a.feasible pass can
be found, there are several strong
points in favour of the Joe Rich route
as .compared with that via McColloch.
In the-first place; there is a considerable quantity of good agricultural
land along Mission Creek and a large
area is under cultivation in the Joe
Rich Valley, while the country between
the K. L. O. Bench and the McCulloch
is practically uninhabited and little of
it is fit for production. Connection
with the mining camps round Beaverdell and Carmi would provide the
farmers of Joe Rich with a ready market for the vegetables and other produce grown there and would aid in the
development of suitable land along
Mission Creek which is lying idle at-
present or is devoted only to pasture.
Another important consideration is
that the existing road to the Joe Rich
Valley is a fairly good one and can easily be improved into an excellent
highway at comparatively low cost.
Betterments are gradually being effected, a' marked improvement being
the construction some two years ago
of an entirely, new section of road from
the Rutland Post Office to the Belgo,
over which any ordinary car can travel in high gear. While the grade of
the climb over the Buttes has, also
practically no difficulties beyond some
sharp curves, it is understood that the
provincial authorities have under consideration a plan to eliminate the But-
�� tes altogether by a new route following
the bank of Mission Creek. ���> In any
case, compared with the road to McCulloch, tfiat to Joe Rich is much superior, both in surface and average
It was understood early in the year
that an, appropriation was to be made
for completion of the missing link between McCulloch and Carmi, but nothing further has been.heard of the
mattel-. The action of the directors of
the Automobile Club of B. C. in endorsing road connection between the Okanagan and the Kettle River may result
in some  definite  steps being  taken,
- and it is hoped that before the project
is committed to any particular route
a thorough examination will be made
of the country between Joe Rich and
the Kettle River to ascertain beyond
question whether there is a practicable
pass at a lower elevation than the
McCulloch divide.
Midway News
���     .__ ^-r
Miss Inez Richter was in the District
Hospital for two days this week.
Mrs. H. H. Pannell and children, returned home this week from the Coast.
Mrs. B. Palmer, of kettle Valley, is
entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lander
of Allenby, this week.
Harold Erickson is spending a few
weeks visiting friends in Grand Forks
and Rossland.
Joseph Caron returned to Trail on
Monday after a visit to his son and
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.'Harold
Voice over the Wire: "Madame, your
husband has been run over by a truck!"
Good heavens! On the,afternoon of
my bridge party!"
Mrs. A. E.-> Bonnett and children, of
Kettle Valley, left this week for a visit
to friends at Cobble Hill, Vancouver
Island. .
To escape the-torrid atmosphere of
the Midway flat, Miss Helen Nystrom
left on Saturday last to enjoy the sea
breezes at Portland, Ore.
A Dance will be held in the Farmers
Hall, on Labor Day, Sept. 5th Bush's
Orchestra will supply the music. Admission Adults $1.00, Children 50c,
supper included.
Otto Hanson met with a painful
accident on Wednesday when he fell
from a load of hay at the Jackson
ranch. He went to Greenwood for
medical attention and it was ..found
that he had fractured two ribs.
Ernest Harker of Rock, who was
taken seriously ill a few weeks ago
while working at McArthur's mill, has
undergone a serious operation in Spokane. From latest reports Mr. Harker
is progressing nicely towards recovery.
* -/
Mrs. F. Coates and Miss Elsie
Hopkins, of Trail, are spending a holiday in town the guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Christensen.
Mrs. M. Halset and daughter, Mrs.
Peterson, and two children, and Miss
Chrisina Thorsted,'all of Spokane, are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Sater. Mrs. Halset is a sister of Mr.
Sater's. .-
Guests at the Pacific Hotel during
..the :week: P. Wallace, C. Simpson,
B. Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. Papor,
Vancouver; B. Wallace, Hanna, Alta.,
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hansen, Oliver and
Helen, Hansen, ��� W.-.. J. Smith, Duluth,
Minn.; Mr. and Mrs E. Temple, Vernon;
Mrs. J.- Richter and Inez, Midway;
E. Hellawell, Long Beach, Cal.; N. H.
Land, Victoria; ���VVTvacko.
Mr. and Mrs. * S. H. Hanson, Miss
Helen Hanson, Oliver Hanson and W.
J. Smith of Duluth, Minn., were visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. Mellrud this week.
Mr. Hanson is a brother of Mr. Mellrud and they have not seen each other
for 17 years. He is fire chief iri
Duluth and. was en route home from
attending the International Fire Chief
Convention at Portland, Ore.
Frank L. Peterson brought in on
Tuesday from Ingrain Bridge one of
the nicest baskets of fish that has
come 'to"Greenwood this season., He
caught 14 .fish, four of which weighed
in all ��� a few ounces over 11 pounds
Lewis Bryant, James Hallett and Ed.
Wanke who were with Mr. Peterson
did not fare so well. They built-a raft
at Kettle Valley and fished from it as
they floated down the stream. This
mode of travel evidently scared the
Ash. Frank waded in the middle of
the river and with the above result.
characteristic enterprise the management of the Greenwood Theatre have
secured the unique and important
screen adaption of the great dramatic
success, "The Only Way," a stage play
based on Charles Dickens' famous
classic, "A Tale of Two Cities," and
in which Sir John Martin Harvey
enacts the "role of Sidney Carton, for
which he has so long being famous.
"The Only Way" is without doubt one
of the finest motion pictures that has
yet being made, and when first pre
sented in London it attracted consider
able attention and literary comment.
New Westminster By-Election
���-. ���'������ "".���    a'X ������-"    _   W *       o
The New Westminster by-election
will be held on Thursday, August 25th.
JSominations will be on August 22nd.
.Mayor A. Wells Gray Was unanimously,
nominated as the Liberal Candidate
for the by-election to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Dr. Rothwell.
David Whiteside made the nomination
and no other name was brought forward., i-x- ,...'���;"'> -*
C. A. Welsh was unanimously nominated as the Conservative candidate.
Greenwood and
-  '   District Hospital
���:'���-. i
The Directors of the above Hospital
very thankfully acknowledge receipt of
the following subscriptions:
Previously   acknowledged ....,$3025.30
J. A. Christian Estate per
Mrs.  J.;  Christian.......     10.00
Anon  .P. V..............     25.00
���Further donation from.
Celebration Committee....      4.00
Pioneers' Society Meeting
There will be a meeting of the
Kettle River and South Okanagan
Pioneers' Society to.be held at the
Grand Forks Hotel, Grand Forks, on
the evening of September 15th. The
business part of the meeting will take
place at G o'clock and will be followed
by a dinner. All persons who were
residents. of the province to end of
December, 1899, are eligible for membership. Those desiring " to attend
should communicate with, Arthur
Roberts at Kettle Valley, B.C.
Famous Fairy Stories
.  "I'll'pay you next week."
"Why dear! I never look at another
"You don't look a day over twenty."
Away back in the late, sixties thousands
of acres of British Columbia's timber were
sold for one cent per acre, which looked
like a fair price���then. To-day similar
timber is worth from $150 to $200 an acre,
so tremendously has timber appreciated in
value within the scope of an average lifetime.
What the young growth of today will be
worth sixty years from now is beyond computation if it is protected from fire and
allowed to reach maturity.
The moral is obvious
";*  and Human!
Positively the biggest
personal triumph of a
renowned, stage star in
the screen version of his
most successful play.
Prevent Forest Fires
You Can Help
Also a comedy "It's A Pipe"
Commencing' at 8:15 p.m.
Adults 50c.      Children 25c
Sometimes the informality
of the spoken word
is more effective
than a letter
"Long Distance, please"
Saturday, August 27th
Constance Talmadge   in
"The Duchess of Buffalo"
IN THE MATTER of the "Mechanics'
=====Lien=Act;"-=i=1=^'"::;"'��� '���' * *���".; ��� " "    "" -
Whereas Arthur Mellor,. of West-
bridge, B.C.. is indebted to the undersigned in the, sum of $86.50 for work
done and materials supplied in improving one Overland touring car, B.C.
license No. 14-157, and .three months
have-elapsed since the said sum ought
to have been paid, and "default has
been made in payment thereof, notice
is hereby given that on Saturday the
27th day of August, 1927, at the hour
of 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the
Riverside Garage, Rock Creek, B. C,
the said Overland - touring car will be
sold'by public auction.
them in your own
Falls  25c.   Straw-
Come and pick
boxes. From 50c,
berries 10c a hox.
T. A. Clark, Midway.
Summer Excursion Fares
Winnipeg $ 7f>.60
Toronto....  118.05
Hamilton 118.05
Loudon  118.05
Quebec 14(5.10
St. John  152.20
St; Paul..............:.....   75.60
Minneapolis.    75.60
Duluth    75.60
Fort William $ 00.00
Niagara Falls 12-1.02
Ottawa 1I-12.25
���Montreal _.^  137.05
Moncton 152.20
Halifax 157.75
Chicago     90.30
New York  151.70
Boston  157.76
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 33 2  Grand Forks. B.C;
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
'  All work and material guaranteed
Wo. pay postage one way.   Terms cash. \
���'.. '-'Route via Main Line, or via Soo Line, through Winnipeg or Portal
to St. Paul, thence via Chicago or Sault Ste.  Marie, via Groat Lakes;
���or via California at an additional fare; or good to. go via one of tho
above routes, return another. .',.���-.
See LocarAgent or Write for Details -
J.VS. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown
lands may be pre-empted by British
subjects over 18 years of age, and by
aliens on declaring intention' to become British subjects, . conditional
upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.'"
Full information concerning relations regarding pre-emptions is given
in Bulletin No, 1, Land Series, "How
to Pre-empt Land," copies of which
can be obtained'free of, charge by addressing the Department of Lands,
toria, B. C,. or to any Government.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for\agricultural purposes, and which is not timberland,
i.e., carrying over 8,000 board feet per
acre west of the -Coast Range and
5,000 feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for.pre-emptions are to
be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in
which the land applied for is situated,
and are made on printed forms,,copies
of which can be obtained from the
Land Commissioner. -    ���    ,
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made to
the value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and'unreserved Crown
Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum- price for
first-class (arable) land . is - $5 per
acre. Further information regarding
purchase or-lease of Crown Lands is
given in Bulletin No. 10, Land Series,
"Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites  on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the con-u
ditions including payment of stump-
age. " '"
Unsurveyed-' areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a dwelling being erected
4n the first year, title being obtainable
after residence and improvement con-
ditions are fulfilled, and land has been
surveyed. ��� ���y
Advertise in The Greenwood Ledge
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas not exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or a company.
Under the Grazing Act the Province
is divided,into grazing districts and the
range administered under a Grazing '
Commissioner. Annual grazing % permits are issued based on numbers
ranged, priority . given to established
owners. Stock owners may form asso-~
ciations for range management. - Free,
or partly free, permits are available
for settlers, campers and travellers, up
to ten-head.
Ranch For Sale
v A Going Concern
7G acresJ near Eholt on tlie trunk
road. Good land part of which is sub-
irrigated. Beaver pond on property,
suitable for fur farming. Health is
failing reason for scllingf. Cheap for
quick sale.   Apply to
SAM FRETZ, Eholt, B.C.
I   .���     BULL FOR SALE
3 year old Jersey Bull.   Apply to
John Cochran, Westbridge, B.C.
The Consolidated Milling & 'Smelting Co.
���"'������������.*���,������ *.!?'. '*       .-������ :!"-    ,*���"    ���
y"y       of Canada. Limited
;      .*. ��� ���    *�� ���������'..���."...'.*
*.      Office, Smelting-and Refining Department  /
'������:   TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA x.       ;
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, ���opper,.Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver,  Copper, Pig Lead ���'and Zinc
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
TO THE END OF DECEMBER, 1926        ""
���X.   Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $78,018,548 ;���<  Lode    Gold,    $126,972,318;
Silver, $80,787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $209,967,068;   Zinc, $50,512,557;  Coal and
Coke, $284,699,133; Structural Materials and Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407; making   ���
���'* its mineral production to the end of 1926 show an
Aggregate Value of $988,108,470     ' ���*
Production for tlie year ending December, 1926, $67,188,842
The Mining Lavys of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Pro-   '
vince in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.  . _,
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed by
Crown grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing:
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N. B.���Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
done are described in. some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister  of Mines.   Those  considering
mining investments should refer to such reports.   They are available without charge on application
isto the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C.   Reports of the Geological   Survey   of   Canada,   Winch
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.-
Reports covering each of the Six,Mineral Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application.'


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