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The Greenwood Ledge Aug 26, 1926

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 Provincial Library
F   *-.
' s y, i
: ;
YOIv. j.
V y
GREENWOOD, B.C., THCJrJSI^^^t 26, 19ai'
McLary's Blue Kitchen Ware
0 ���
Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers,* fancy and plain
Trunks, Suitcases, Handbags
Coif Clubs, Balls and Bags, Tennis Balls
v Ladies and Gents
\   Ladies Dresses   .
No: .4
Of Local Interest I
Conservative Candidate
Speaks in Greenwood
Osoyoos Cantaloupes
-w   ���     ft   "   -
Preserving Peaches
Real, Estate &
Fire, Accident & SicknessTLife,
Automobile. Bonds/Burglary, &c
- s     ' Auctioneer
House's for Rent or Sale -
Call at the Office of
'-'Hospital 'Dance,' Friday night.
Mrs. Jack'Ryan, of Nelson, is
the guest of Mrs. A. Sater.
Arthur. Murray, .of   Trail,  is
spending a few days in town.
,  Dr. W. H. Wood will be out'of
town for ten days. *
/-.Duncan  Murray/ of the Bell until Mr,
mine, Beaverdell, was in town on I forced to
We jvould like to^call your attention to
the fact that our
for quality and value order from
Phone 46
Agents for
Imperial Oil, Limited
��� ��t
Premier Gas.
by ihe Barrel 31c.
is always in a position .to give you the
best there is in -
Service and Workmanship
If you have had-difficulty, in getting1
your watch to keep time bring it to us
��� and we will-make it right       ~'
We handle a good line of Glasses-   '
Watchmaker and JeweRsr     "      '
f/Jf. White, Manager.
business on Tuesday. _ 0   ..
^Al Almstrom will close his
Princeton store and will >open a
Similar one.-in Allenby.
: Miss Irene Inglis, of' the Bell
mine Beaverdell,- was visiting
mends m town on Tuesday.
���Miss Ruth Coles,' of Merritt
has been engaged to take charge
of the East Princeton school.      '
,,The cantaloupe crop.is good at
the 'Big 4�� .Ranch at Osoyoos
and already over 1000 crates have
been marketed. ' - ���.
John D. Galloway, of Victoria,
Provincial Mineralogist, is spend
K' S' Fleming Presided at a
P^Jten3ednS?eetin& held in the
?rfnwpod Theatre,. last night
and addressed by Grote Stirling,
Conservative candidate for Yale
and Senator J. p. Taylor; of New
Westminster. After a few opening remarks Mr. Stirling reviewed
th? TOd from the last election
until Mr. MacKenzie King was
resign.   He  criticized
���L_F?g fr" bringTng up the
constitutional question, and said
that it was a red herring dragged
across the trail to cover up the
customs scandal.        < ���
He referred to the soldiers.re-
valuation bill and stressed his
point that Premier Meighen was
the man that would defly settle
this question.
The speaker then'dwelt on the
policy of the.Liberal-Conservative
party," with Mr. Meighen as
leader, the reconstruction of the
customs department,, the re-
estabhshment of- R. C. M. P. on
the border, and that no more
crude alcohol would be released
To Amend Regulations -
Majpr R. Gray, secretary of the
Greenwood and District Rod and
^-un Club, has received word from
% chairman of the B. C. Fish
and Game Protective Association,
wj,r ,wjiich the local club is
affiliated, that an amendment to
the existing game regulations as
attecting the Greenwood-Grand
^s/'ding will be published
officially ma few days.     , -
The members of the Rod and '
va-uni Club'are to be congratulated
on the success of their efforts in
providing the sporting public the
opportunity of. hunting blue and
willowgrouse'this fall, and their..
direct  efforts,  based  on cVeful
observations of the number  of
these game birds, should result in '
an increased membership of the
club and an appreciation of- the
work undertaken.
Hot Tamale!
J 77 .f8181' ls sPend" Fuae alcohol wou d be released
Shn?^^t0wn exan^ing in Canada, were .among the first
neighboring mining properties.      steps taken bv rt^L ~aSt
'm..XX Phone 17.,,.
r y\;   x   :.   ��-   - __j
c-*-' rA��^-*--.
,     '
_    ���"      with one of those refreshing t.
Ice Cream Sundaes and Sodas -      \
'"    ,  AT	
- *      ���-��� w -     ;
. _-_ %y a Kodak for your vacation. _.��	
Film, Supplies,.Etc.
neighboring mining properties,
Mr and Mrs. Wm. Walmsley
ami , two children Vera -and
lommy, returned on Tuesday
from a motor holiday to Vancouver and Seattle. :    "
Miss Isabel-Keir returned on
1TJ}esdlfy evening., from an enjoy-
Portland and-Hood River, Ore.
��Aerb^t AuSQr> of Eholt, left on
Wednesday morning for a motor
trip to Edmonton. ' He is. ac-
C0TOnied;'by his parents, Mr."
and Mrs. S. W. AugeKand sister,
Hattie.       * \  . .
steps taken by the-new admin,
istration.        v        ��0
'Mr. Stirling was very complimentary to Hon. H. H. -Stevens
lor the able way he launched the
customs charges which resulted in
Mr..King resigning.   , ,
He touched on the National
railwayandasMr. Meighen had
Riding- Votes for Beer
The Liguor-Control Plebiscite,
held m this riding last Saturday"
resulted m a win for ?'beer by the -
orlw' ���'^ "majority.'   The .
The tariff was discussed, refer-
i_rt/V l\nnw      ��_.. ____!_ I r 1 .
.Colleen Moore
The Desert Flower
> Let us Quote you on     , !
Farm Machinery
. Agents for.the
^JOHN DEERE Line of farm and Tillage Goods   '
MIDWAY. ���AND -     :     ROOKQRBBK
.A dash of pepper and spice���    '>
^  that's Colleen in this' play of
" desert adventure aud love.
Also One Reel Felix Comedy   '
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing-at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork, Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
Elberta Peaches
are now ready for
.   Preserving
Place your orders early
-     I
for sale at
All Lines Tested
4 ��    ^^��
Every Morrii
��� All long-distance telephone lines in tfie
B. C. Telephone Company's system are tested
every morning to be sure they are ready for the
day's business. This is another service'safeguard.    ���
- -     _-    _      * ,_.
McMynnY Store
Midway, B.C. ^
���"^-^     /
Mrs. B. G/Ommanney
will be in
Greenwood every Friday afternoon
"^   commencinz August 2 7th
��� Pupils prepared for the
Toronto,Conservatory" Examinations
Students can now enroll fty writinsto
P.O. Box537, Grand Forks, B.C.
������Mr. and .Mrs. F. jC. Airs, who
7< ������ ��a^T?een ^W Mr. and. Mrs.
<*��'$#^w].s���.JefL on .Monday vfor.
������ -     Vancouver, where they "took passage on the Aorangi enroute. to
their home m Christchurch, N.Z;
_ Mrs.V. L.- Toney and Mrs..R.
Y.-Tone^ of Haines, Ore./and"
un't C:lK;een^ of Boise, "Idaho,
left for their respective homes on
Monday after a pleasant few days
visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. fi.
Uoodeve. * ���' ���
xi^'r?- Newmarch,/manageif of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
returned on Tuesday by motor
from a holiday in Vancouver,
accompaniedby Mrs. Newmarch
and children, who spent'the summer months at the coast.
Andrew Christensen returned
to Portland, Ore., after a few days
visit -to this district/- Mrs.
Christensen and children, who
have -been -staying with' the'
former's parents, Mr. ^and Mrs.
b. W. Auger, returned with Mr.
' Gilbert Prideaux, the genial
district agent of the Confederation Life Association, is erecting a
residence on his spacious property
on Penryn;Ave., which, when completed will rank as one of the
most attractive, and modernly
equipped houses in town.���Princeton Star.
.Many district residents have
signified their intention to attend
the Hospital Dance on' Friday
evening, Aug. *27th. The Bush
orchestra will be iii attendance
and will play all the latest dance
music. e Your presence at this
attair is  supporting Va   worthy
A' trial shipment of- ore was
made from the Gold Pick to^he
Trail smelter this week.
"t; ��� *-
Mother:   "What lesson did you learn
at your teachers knee?y.  ���. -
Bobbys "Thatshe has dimples."    "
E.L. Stewart of Pasadena, Cal.';
spent a few days this week camp-
mg on; Jack Roylance's ranch on
Boundary Creek.' Mr. Stewart
travels as_ much as possible
oft the mam highways and "is
accompanied, by two airdale dogs
He carries a radio outfit, putting
ms aerial over a branch of a tree
about 15 feet from the ground,
and is able to get in touch with
many well known stations."
What is claimed to have been
the best carload of beef stock
6ver seen in Grand Forks "reached
here last week for the P. Burns
Company from the-Bridesville-
Myncaster district. They were
purchased by J. A. Bradley from
Messrs. C. L. Kingsley, Tony
Boyo and Portman^ Brothers,'
brought -to the Burns .abattoir
here and much ofthe beef shipped to the* Kootenay-market.
Every animal was regarded in the
��� extrafancy" class.-Grand Forks
ence been made to-the dumping
clause -and the Duncan report!
One of the first big jobs for Mr.
Meighen would be to revise the
tanlt-and to appoint a tariff commission, composed of ablev business men,- to decide on* an
adequate tariff. for_.aH industries.
to speak'm Midway he curtailed
ins remarks,and iclosed by."an
appeal_ to' the electors to  again
^t���^ 0tta-wa> ^ support of
,the Meighen government/at the
polls on September 14th..
Senator Taylor was then introduced by the chairman. He
remarked that the people of this
riding were to be congratulated
on having such an able representative as Mr. Stirling and hoped
ml owould be again returned,
lhe Senator reviewed the last
session which he said was six
monthTof marking time, not even
was the vote on supply taken
during that penod,
He vigorously defended the
Senate m the defeat of the Old
Age -Pensions Bill, mentioning
.several prominent Liberals who
had voted against it. He criticised the sections of this- bill re
sale of property and household
effects and these alone kept him
from supporting the bill.    *
He brought up the customs
scandal and stated that the
.country had lost millions each
year through smuggling. Clothing made by U.S. prisoners had
been smuggled and was sold in
competition with Canadian goods.
Automobiles were also1' brought
across the line illegally. -This
must be stopped and will be when
the customs department is reorganized.
.The-speaker said that the policy
of Mr. Meighen was to help the
mining industry and this undoubtedly would improve conditions around Greenwood.
The meeting came to a close
with the singing of God Save
lhe King.
glass" (With'51
vote follows:-
Po11                       "       Yes
Beaverdell  ; 23
Boundary Falls .'.'. ' 6'
Bridesville  '.  27
Brown Creek  ���'  23
Carmi ." '  , ^
Cascade -.  52
Christian Valley  '     6
Eholt....;.  '.  12
Fife ���..�����..: .~Z!Z." 31"
Grand Forks  250
Greenwood".  44
Midway .'.....35
Paulson    '���    3
Rock Creek .....'; '.......��� 28
Riverside     25
Westbridge  17 -
^ ;    Totals ' i, -    -���'   .- cqi  ;
'   jT-Yes'51 majority.' -   y:'. \  "
Ai^bfdepim-Council Wiil'-V?
.Declare" This7 Riding' Wet''
Victoria,- Aug.  23.-Voters of.-
Grand Forks - Greenwood decided
m a plebiscite held on Saturday
m favor of ��� the establishment in^
that   constituency  in  southern-
British   Columbia,   of licenced-
���establishments for dispensing beer"-,
by.the glass.       '_<_.-
' _?!?!? 1 .definitely   assures   the
establishment of beer parlors in-
the Boundary riding.   An order- -
'   2<T
12     ,
,.    2
:������ 2- :
-   5 .
31   -���
22     x
27 y .,
X  S-. ���''
' f      -      '    r
officially "wet" will be passed by
the government here shortly.
Under this order the liquorboard
will' be able to proceed with the
issuance of beer parlor permits/
-   Midway News
Shaw - Williamson Nuptials
Allenby^-The wedding of Miss
Maria Williamson and Mr
waiter Shaw was solemnized on
luesday, August 10th, Rev. H. E
D. Ashford officiating. Mrs
Shaw was the recipient of many
pretty and useful gifts.at a shower
given in her honor last Saturday
evening at the home of Mrs. R.
Clarke. The baseball team and
its supporters presented Mr. Shaw
with an electric grill.
Miss Williamson is a daughter
of Mrs. Frank Buckless, of West-
bndge, and for a number of years
resided in Greenwood. Mr. Shaw
is well known in the Rock Creek
aistrict having visited there on
several occasions. The Greenwood
Udge joins with their many
mends in extending congratulations.
Remehiber Dance ��� in Farmers -
Hall, Labor Day, Sept. 6th.
.Mrs. E. Delisle aud childrenare
visiting m Bridesville.
Mrs. E. Hawkes and children
have returned from a holiday in
Nelson. .
Mrs. Pete Rock,' formerly of
Midway, passed through here last
week on. her way to Trail.
Saturday, Sept 4th, is the date
set fc>r Hospital Day, under the
auspices of the Midway Womens
Institute, jn the Farmers Hall at
2:30 p.m. Miss L. Bawtinheimer, \
matron of the District Hospital
will give a lecture in connection
with   nursing.    Members    and
friends   are   asked   to   donate
articles of food, stuffs,  calmed '
goods, etc.   The residents of the
district   are   cordially   invited.
Afternoon tea win be served "
T>_0n_, ^day ni��ht last Mrs. R.
iSlundell entertained a number of
visitors   and   her home looked
very nice   with  decorations of
flowers and evergreens-   The in-,
vited  guests were Mrs.. R. B.
Stickney and daughter, Margaret, '
of Spokane, Arthur. Murray,' of
lrail, Mrs. A. Robinson and Miss
R. Fernstrom, of-Vancouver.    A
splendid supper was served and a *
most enjoyable evening spent in
playing cards, singing and dancing.   An interesting part of the
evening was a presentation  to
Mrs. Robinson and Miss Fernstrom, who accepted the gift in z'
most gracious style.   Three cheers
and a tiger were then given^ Mrs.
Blundell' is noted,* for her kind -
hospitality and the evening broke -
up   with   the   singing   of the
National Anthem.
..<e�� ~J��R wfflsmoov. ledge
National Air Lines
txercise Y
our Franchise
It i.-' ono of Lho p.vullarlilos of the human nice Unit thcy intensely ilosiro
that whicli tliey are prohibited from ha\lng'but which, once thoy obtain It,
ihey neglect ami frequently lose all interest in. Il is an inherited Irak in
tho human make-up. Accord Ins Lo the Hiblo story our first parents were given full ownoishlp and use ol everything ln tho Garden of Eden except one
thing���tlie.v wero forbidden to eat the fruit of one particular tree. And that
was the one thing they longed I'or and felt 'thoy must hav.
II has been found, the world over that exacting prohibitory laws fall In
t'-eli objects unless t!ie> are backed up witli not merely a strong public
opinion bul practically an unanimous one. Legislative enactments without
proper educational force culmimu ing In public opinion generally prove a
lallure, because when people are told Ihcy cannot have or do any particular
I'img, Unit is exactly what Ihey arc determined to have ��r do.
the best way to make children desire something Is to tell them they cannot
!>ave It, and it K generally Inn; Uiai when (hoy aVo giveli it they no longer
\i Mi-tit.
Tlii-. very human characteristic finds expression In politics as in other
���nutters. i'Yoiu time Jmmcniorial men havc agitated, struggled, fought and
(.lied to obiain the riglit of self-government. Men and nations have been pre-
paied to ..aci-jflce everything else-to achieve personal and national liberty,
Hie light to make and administer their own laws. Some of the most ter-
lilde wars havo been fought over this one issue. The revolt of the American
colonies and the War of Independence, tho American Civil War, the French
li-. volution, the South African War, not to enumerate thc many struggles
lecoi'd-ed in'all English Histories, tell thc story of man's light for self-government. Early Canadian hisloiy. tho old Family Compact, and the gradual
development oi' rer-ponsiblo government, is a long continued story of the
&jrae struggle.
Now that the fight has been waged and victory achieved In nearly all
civilii-.L-d countries, and men are accorded the full privileges of citizenship,
a free ami secret ballot, and Cull power lo thus choose those who will make
-ind un-mako laws and administer public affairs, what value does the average man place upon this great privilege and right? Women, too, agitated
lor the right lo vote on terms or equality with men, and only at .a comparatively recent date wore accorded that right. What value do they now place
upon it? . -
In IhoJsisL I'resiilemla] election in the United States it was necessary
���fjr public-spirited, men and women and great public bodies and organizations
io engage in a nation-wide campaign to arouse the general public out of their
it-difference sulliciently lo gel them to the polls aud record^their votes. Yet
tlic&C"V.'cro thc descendant, only a few generations removed, of the men who
fouglii under Washington Tor tlie right of self-oxprossion and self-government.
And notwithstanding thU aggressive campaign a large percentage of people
tiki not take tlie trouble to vole. i
The same apathy is in evidence in Gieat Britain, although not to the same
<���_-:( cut. Nevertheless it is sullieienlly noticeable to load FUr Sidney Low in
ai. article in the Weekly Dispatch to saj: "They will light, and even die, to
s-cure. the vote.   They obtain their votes and neglect to uso them.   Deny them
Vast Network of Airways Planned For
United States
A vast network of national air lines,
coveiing tho country, north, east,
south and west, is the realization in
sight of tho United Sfates"depa"rtment
of commerce, according to announcement by Secretary Herbert Hoover,
after a. conference with I'resldent
stretching from New Vork to the Paei-
11c coast and, Into the southwest from
Chicago  to  Dallas  and  Fort Worth,
were approved at
nier White House
Submit To  Arbitration
Grievance of Railway Employees is'to
Be Investigated
' Oflicial announcement is made by
the department of labor of the appointment of a board of conciliation
and investigation under the Industrial
Disputes Act ,to examino into differences between the Canadian Pacific
and Canadian National Railway Coni-
Two'niain arteries of the j I>imies aud certaIn of lhelr employees,
pioposed system of aerial -highways,',0* to the rcCusal ��f tlle com^n-
les to grant a request -for an increase*
in wages.
Tho board will bo composed of
Mr. Justice Hugh T. Kolly, Toronto,
chairman, and Isaac Pltbaldo, K.C.,
Winnipeg, appointed on tho 'recommendation of the employers; David
Campbell, K.C., Winnipeg, who was
recommended .)iy' the employees. Mr.
Justice Kelly was appointed by the
department In the absence of a
joint recommendation from other
board members.
The employees affected are members of the Order ot Railway Conductors and Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen. Some. 15,000 of theso employees In all-provinces in Canada
are concerned.
the talk at tho sum-
Autos Kill Many Birds
Motors  Cut  Wide   Swath   and   Make
No Distinctions
Illinois'    state    entomologist    estimates" that 100,000 birds  are  struck
and killed yearly in that stato alone
by    automobiles    on concrete roads."
At the samo time on the same highways official figures show that more
than 11,000 chickens were slaughtered
last year,-12,500 rabbits,   20,000   go-
,Vp1)al.eJlliy iphers,J,300 raid, 7,350 snakes, 2,000
! toads, 2,750 catl and   650    polecats.
The motor car's scythe of death cuts
a wide swath and makes no clislinc-
Restored to Health Through the
Use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills /
"It is a pleasure," says Mrs. Ross
Boulter, of Victoria, P.E.I., "to tell
you of the new health and strength.I
got through tho use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Beforo taking the pills
life was a burden to hie. -I was so
Lbadly run down that I did not know
what to do. .My blood seemed to havo
turned to water, I was very pale, constantly tired, and was losing flesh. It
was a trial to attempt" housework.
Added to this I had a bad cough and
my husband and friends thought-I was
going.?into consumption. - The medical'treatment I was taking did not appear to do me any good, and I had
about given up hope when a friend
urged me' to try���Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I.'got six boxes and found so
much benefit that J got six more
boxes. -Before these weie. all taken I
was a new woman restored^again lo
good, health. I gained in weight,,the
cough left me,. my"apijetite returjied
and 1 once more had a good color. Bettor slill, I was able to do my housework without fatigue. -Needless;to
say I always recommend Ur. Williams'
Pink Pills to ailing^ friends, and I hope
this will be the means of polnling tho
Britain Going After Tourists
Decides to - Make Greater Effort to
Attract Them
While .the French are' showing resentment against the presence of
American tourists in France, the Eng>
lish are making a big effort lo attract more of them to England and
hold them there "a longer time.
A "Come to Britain" organization
lias been active for some time. ���TliIs
organization made public figures showing that Americans in 1924 -spent
$250,000,000 in France and only $100,-
000,000 in Britain, rtaly aud other
countries together."
"I Americans only knew," said, one
Knglishman "Britain would -get a far
greater proportion of the tourist traffic. Many go to Wiesbaden and Aix
without ever having heard of I-Iarro-
gato or Llandrindod' Wells, while
Devon is not much more than a name
to them."
Thl8 18 it���Darken the room as much^as possible, close tha
windows, raise one of-the blinds where the sun shines in, about
eight inches, place as many. Wilson's Fly Pads as possible on
plates (properly v/etted with water but not Hooded) on the
window ledge where the light is strong, leave the room closed
for two or three hours, then.sweep up the Hies and burn them.'
See illustration below. '
Put the plates away out of the reach of children until required in another room,.
the franchise, and they have an intolerable sense of. injury and aro ready loi road Id good health fo some other suf-
t-mbark on revolution or rebellion in order lo redress lho wrong.     Yet the  leror '
privilege extorted by so many years of effort is treated with strange indifference when Lhe fight is over and, forgotten." N
With :i general election pending in Canada if became necessary to compile new and up-to-date lists of qualified voters, but it was also necessary in
-all our large centres of population to.plead with and exhort and continually
urge men and women to take;the trouble lo register In order that they might
vote, and parly workers luuf in'Tiuiiierous cases to practically drag people to
the registration booths. * And il^ has been the experience in every election
lhat thousands of people have to"be gone after and conveyed to the polls lo
���vote. In Australia a law was recently enacted making "failure "to vote un
offence punishable by fine, and South Africa, the scene of a.bloody war to ob^
uin the right to vole, is now, contemplating passing a similar law.---
-= On-Sepleniber-l-l-next-ihn-people-o|UCanada-are_.called_to_thoipolls_tO-
chooic their representatives in the irou.se of Commons aiul. lo determine who
shall constitute the*Government or Canada and wlial. policies shall prevail
ir. the enactment of rum re legislation and administration. It is tho duly of
fiery qualified voter, man and woman, to vote. No other business, ao"matin- how important, can equal-this in importance. 11 is not only Canada's
business that is at slake, but your own personal business���those tliingsjvhieh
can only be done for you iiT a collective way, but your own business nc'verlhe--
less. " �� .'" . -    '
Do not imagine it is any sacrifice on your pari to 'devote a few minutes, or
even hours, in discharging the obligations of your Canadian citizenship on
one particular day in order lo determine the character of Canada's Parliament I'or the next live years. Rather you will be making sacrifice of your
own bcslcinlcrosls of you fail to discharge your duty and exercise the'greatest
piivlicge. of vour citizenship, the permanent loss of which you would .regard
a; a great grievance and outrage.
* Try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness. -Take them as a tonic If
you are no! in tlie best physical condition and cultivate a resistance that
will keep you well aud strong.
If you will send'us your name^and
address  a little  book,  "Building Up,,
the Blood," will be mailed you prepaid.
This' book contains many uesl'ul hints.
Tou can get these pills through any
mediclnei dealer or by mail at 50 cents -��
a box from The Dr. Williams'Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
,  -,   N
Menace to Fishing Industry v
Forest Fires Reduce Number of Fish
- In-Inland Lakes
Cana'da has the finest inland fishing known today,, but these splendid
and game fish require-plenty .of clear,
cold .water in the streams In order to
ensure, prolific reproduction. Forest
lires help to "destroy this possibility
by causing 'drought, erosion and ab-.
sence.of shadfi. It therefore behoove3
every fisherman, says the natural resources Intelligence spryico of the,de-
partment of the interior, to make sure
his fire Is quenched after the noon
lunch," and that il ,is always -safest to
do his smoking in flic boat or canoe.-
New Motion Picture Camera
Willing To Help
Churchill   Cash   to   Help
British War Debt " "   *
A man, whoso only identification is
Ms statement lhat he. was born in England, but has lived in the United
States for the lapt GO years, recently
sent Winston Churchill, chancellor of
the exchequer In ,England, bonds to
the value of ?G.8.">(��. to be applied to
the reduction of the Anglo-American
debt. This is the thi id donation sent
by the man in the last throe years,as'
a contribution toward the British war
debt. Churchill was unable to write
the man through lack of address, but
publicly thanks hiin through the press.
Made At Washington and Can Be
^Operated Under Water
A submarine motion, picture camera,
which can be operated beneath.'the
waves by anyone accustomed* to ordinary motion picture ^-phojography,
has hefeti constructed at tlie Smithsonian Institute/Washington, and will be
used immediately iu experimental
work; It is believed the camera will
have ^ considerable educational and
scientific value in revealing the conditions of under-sea life.
Easy Money For American Farmers
u. s.
Government to Reduce Farm
% y   Loan Interest Rate
Farta lelief in a practical tornris
aboiit io be'"offel^d"by^llIe"Wi.t3lIiiigton
tulmini&Tralioii..... The United. States'
Government" inlerest-iatc on' all agricultural-loans is"shOrtly to bo reduced to five per-cent.,'one-half por
cent, under the prevailing jg,te.  '
.This ajrl.io'ji.'waa forecast by Assistant Secretary oiL'the Treasury Winston, after a reduction to the five per
cent, rate had been ordered for. the
Wichita, Kansas, farm loan hank".
Minimum Wage Law .-
Higher  Minimum  Wages to  be'Paid
to    Women-   and'   girls    In-
; " Saskatchewan
Higher minimum wages sfor women
and girls employed iii Saskatchewan
shops and stores, laundries and factories'and mail order houses are contained in new orders issued /by the
Saskatchewan Minimum -Wage-Board
to come Into force Sept. 21: -
The minimum for feiaalse"" employed in shops and stores is raised
from ?l-i '.to $15 a week. Learners
are to receive $L0, $12, and $13.50 a
"week during -. the first, second and
third periods' of six - months respec:
tively. At present' the "rates, are
$7.50,' $10'and $12.'
A feature &___,. the. ��� new regulations
is that "they provide .that s^ats intist
be supplied iu'llie proportion of at
least, one to every four employees
engaged in shops or stores. -
The minimum _- in laundries and
factories is"" raised .from-$13 to ?U,
while "thej rates for learners are unchanged. - - For all time worked beyond 48. hours both "'experienced and
inexperienced -worker's must be 'paid
not iess than'the minimum rate.
In ' shops and stores- and laundries and factories and mail order
houses no deduction for .statutory
holidays is allowed to be made from
the minmum wage,   r  .
The minimum wages for female employees in* mail" order houses is also
raised from $13 to ,$11, wliile the rate's
for learners are<set al $9 instead of
$8 for the firsTsix month's aud;$ll ln:
stead of $10 for the second six months.
, ,   -  ���
Economic Crisis In Russia
Retrenchment    in.. All    Government
-   Institutions is Ordered"   T* :_
Strict.-r,economy-and renewed re-,
treuchment in all government "institu- v
tions ��� and factories are urged ��� by M.'"
Rylcoff, Statin and Kuibyshefl, <acting
for the Communist party, in an appeal  -
broadcast in Russia.
Declaring that the most extreme
measures must be taken'{o strengthen
the state's steadily weakening economic structure, the proclamation .says .
that the Soviet Government will "punish severely all who Impede the pres-
*__ ' _^* "     *.
ent imperative economic campaign.,.   >
The -significance of lho  appeal is
felt to He in' the^ fact   that   it   Avas
issued by the central   committee   of
the Colrimuiilst party, and not as pne
by the "government.     ThisM;*/ felt to"
indicate that the party, in .this case at-
least, has risen superior to -the-government and.intends to deal with Rus- ,,
fcia's dangerous economic crisis'' in *ila ���.-
own way.    . ' ' > -
Mo Time fo Hunt
For a Doctor when seized with
Cramps, Colic or Diarrhoea.
Get safe and quick relief from
Oiarn&eslairf s Colic &
Diarrhoea Remedy
Survives Death Valley
Of the world's hottest places,
Death Valley., Calif., is notable. The
temperature ranged from 122 to 140
degrees during a test run made in a
Franklin by a driver from Ocean
Park, Calif. Sand was so deep at
times tbat the car made only two
niiles an hour, but in -a run of nine
hours and fifteen minutes 21 gallons
of gasoline and a quart and a" half of
oil were us>ed.'
' Pessimism
First Taxicab Drivel.���"I met' niy
wife in a funny way���ran over 'er
with mc car an' later I married 'er."
Second Taxicab Driver.���"If cv'ry-
body hadda <b that tliey wouldn't
be so much reckless drivhi'."
Miller's Worm ��� Powders were devised to promptly relieve children who
surfer rrom the ravages of worms. It
is a simple preparation to destroy
stomachic jind intestinal,worms without shock or Injury-to the most sensitive system. They act thoroughly
and painlessly, .and though in some
cases they may cause vomiting, that Is
an Indication of their powerful action
and not ot any nauseating property.
To  Conquer tiie  Air
Will- Be'Accompllsh'ed -When Aircraft .
,^ Designers Solve Problem of '
*     " Hovering "
Hovering is the greatest problem
that faces the designers of aircraft.
For lessons in 'this art the designer
would do well to study the buzzard,
whicli can remain stationary in the air_
without any visible movement of the
wings for a considerable time. When
a strong gust of wind comes the out:.,
ward Halves of the wings are bent
right-back" almost at right angles lb
tho^body'halves of ttie wings. In this
way It remains stationary facing a
lieaTgale���a "wInd^virich~blo"ws^m"osr
It is seldom
���Relief from Asthma. -.Who can des-*-
cribe_ilie'_complele_relicr**-fronr suffer1-
ing which follows the uso of .T. D.
Kejlogg's   Asthma' Remedy?       Who
can' express the  feeling of joy that] ,,        .. ��� .
comes when its soft'and gentle iiiflu-Jit never gives, more tbjin three "Sue-
enco' relieves the" tightened, choking ceaslve'flaps'at a time while remam-
alr'tubes!      It^lias  made asthmatic ' .   .. *   -
I '
I other birds backwards,
that the buzzard flaps ils wings���and
affliction a thing oi the past forvthou-_
sands. It-never falls. C4ood drug-"
gists everywhere have sold. it for
years. '"  ���
Conductor Retires After Long Service
Conductor  Thomas Stibbarfl; of division 17, Belleville, Out., has;retired
from the service of the Canadian Na-
ing stationary.?,' .   v "
When man has learnt tho secret of
'the flight of.the buzzard he will havo -
conquered the air.       ��� ���     ' .
Its Quality Sells It.���The fact that
so many thousands of intelligent pe#
pie continuo to use Pr.Yfhonias' Eclectric Oil-speaks ''volumes   for   Its
,,      , r, ., -v.-.-, healing efficiency.     Ever since it was
tional'Railways, making his last ran-first introduced it has grown" steadl^
on his 67th birthday, after complet- in public favor, owing entirely to its
ing 44 years and four mouths of service. He ontered the railway- ^service
as signalman in*3SS2 at a wage of $1
per day. --.Since then at ono time or
another, he ha* had charge of every
NURS1J TCJitN'-KKS "Never Miss'
ITerJjftl Tablets, c-acli one guaranteed
effective, six month?) supply 51. Mailed under plain cover from _Nurso
Turner, Campbells Building. Park and
I-'elisslcr,   Windsor.  Ont
Ho. 1 for Bladder Catarrh. No. a tot Blood *
���klnDlitatt*. Mo.SCorChroBloWaaknaact*
CoM br Im<Hh1 Clllmns. or return mill froa
W,   N.    U.   1642
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
Canada's, Newsprint
Canadian exports of newsprint are
nearly ten times greater than those
of her nearest competitors, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland and
Norway. Canadian production for
1925 was over V,'i million tons, equal
to that of the United States.      .
It seems to be a merciful provision
of nature that the man who.'s��learn-.
ing to pla>Mhe saxophone 4 becomes
insensible io sulfering.
Waslh Agony With
Blisters On Hands
Cuticura Healed
" Eczema broke out in very small
blisters on the back3 of my fingers.
After a few days the blisters would
break and then dry up. It itched
and burned terribly and scratching
caused very- red eruptions. I could
not put my .hands in water or do
any work without wearing rubber
gloves/I could not sleep nights on
account ofthe irritation, and was in
^gony most of the time. The trouble
lasted about a year. ��
"I read an advertisement foi
Cuticura Soap and Ointment so
purchased some. After-using them
,a short time I could see an improvement. I continued the treatment
and now I-am healed." (Signed)
Miss Bernice. Shannon, R. F. D.
2, Orleans, Vt., Sept. 15, 1925.
-Keep your skin clear and your
pores active by daily use of Cuticura Soap. Heal irritations and
rashes with Cuticura Ointment.
Buoplt Eacli F__h It Mill,   Address Canadian
Depot: ���Bteatau*, Ltd, JfontreaZ." Price, Soap
25c. QlntMCTl.2_i.and t��c. 'i'alcum Sc
SB5" Cutiecra Shaving Stick 25c
�����    Stop Dangerous Practice
President Coolidge Bans "Poisoning"
'       of Industrial Alcohol in U. S.
President Coolidge lcj; it be known
through his oflicial spokesmah'that he
is opposed to the "poisoning" of industrial 'alcohol, .and Aslsstant Sec"
rotary "of the'Treasury ,-Winston haa
ordered the discontinuance of-the uso
of poisonous formulae.
The president of the United States
lias received hundreds of protests
against the. practice on the ground
that many deaths, have resulted and
that, with the widespread sale o,fJil-
,cohol by bootleggers and. the largo
quantities of industrial alcohol which
are diverted for beverage purposes,
the poisoning of the product might
conceivably affect a large section of
Ihe population.
train running between
Toronto   and
It's easy lo convince "the plain woman that- handsome is as handsome
does.    > . '  .
manifold usefulness in relieving and
healing sickness.'' --As a- specific for
cuts, burns, BcaKls,. and various In- '
flaihmatory pains ils record IsF beyond
reproach.'     . W '   ' ,
Manitoba -Not All Prairie
Manitoba, . though   classified as a
prairie prbvince, has 70 per cent, ot
its area that may bo termed forest
land.     Forest reserves in the .province amount to 3,72J-square miles:
I t     _.	
- y   -     Depends
Caller:- Is your boss busy?
Office.-'Boy:   Whatcher want to" see
him about���golf, booze or business?
St -   .
for   Corns    and
^ ���
���\,< .
Waxed Paper In
A Handy Package
Tear off the exact quantity you want from .the 'iW
iip of the large protective box.    No paper wasted���rfb-' I j^j
" time isiostr. Para Sani stays clean and fresh until  \/\
used ) ��� I    .   y._ l��l
So.strong andso heavily waxed is Pari Sani that    ��
it keeps out all air and preserves the freshness and !
"flavour of meat, vegetables, milk, bread, cake and
fruit.     v ���
-' ~��$k your .dealer for Para Sani or write direct to
Company, tjmithi*
\A Pacific Waned Paper Co. Weatern Waned Paper Co. -
\/   320 Davie St. .Vancouver 200 McDermott Ave. Winnipeg
Ky> .        UunterMartln&Co. Regina
�� -
(i! .,->
*{I . , ,<-.
Change In Russia
Coming to a Bitter Realization of the
Fallacy   of- t^e   Doctrine   of
____       Communism
I mot, in''Warsaw, a m-in who was
a gieat Inend of the tloctoi who attended Lenin'dining the hist months
of his lite.      Ho lold me that Lenin
died of despali because he knew that
the constiuclivo state he must build
on lhe luin he had created would dif-
fei  so Utile from tho slate that had
preceded! il     He had can led the.doc-
tiinea.of Marx to theii logical conclusion and i educed fiiisfcla Ur-a  slag-
heap.      The iiilioduction ol tho new
econoniic^'policyr sounded   the  death-
knell of Communism, and proved that
it is impossible,to"apply Ihc bare un-
"tempered niimli of science to-politics,
which is, after all, an affair ol human
nature).     lie did it, and it was a Jiuge
thing to do, but it. killed him.   Herein
lies, I believe, the kej-to lhe present
-Husslan situation.''-   There aie .still a
numbei  of idiot's iii ���> Moscow who go
on trying despeiately to fit every'prob-
-1cm   into   the   "class-vai"   formula
'But they aie a diminishing quantity.
Zmoviev is the biggest oil thcm,_ and
he hhs; gone.     Everj  da)  the '���economic opportunists" arc gaining ground.
"The-Dictatorship of the Proletariat"
is recognized  bv -most ^people to be
nothing morej-han an empty-sounding
phrase.    " V
You have in Russia todaj a tyranny
suchsas you' have always  had,  only
less eflicient than other tyrannies, bc-
--eausc it still clings jLo a few"economic
'jlailure^,        "In   many   essential' respects,"" "ays Piolessor Saiolea', "the
Bolshevist  'dictators   arc merely the
Jcontinuatois   of   the   Tsar=>.     Lenin
'.-was the lineal successor"ol Ivan the
Terrible",   And that is-the  naked
' truth:���ltobt    Boothby, ftl.1'.,   in- the
London Spectatoi. ',
Victoria Observatory
Admirably Equipped
Special Work "Is Determining Dimen-
_ sions Of StnroW
The admhably ecfuippod. Dominion
ns'ioplnhieal ob&eivaloi.\ at ^Victoria, Uritish CoHimbia, is devoted lo
continuous  observation oTiil  sludv  ol
tho physical conditions ol lho heavenly bodies, its fpecial line, ol research
being determination ol the dinicn-
iioiis ol the stara. This woik has
an intimate bearing on, a1 terrestrial
pioblem ��ol^ gieaT'Iiiiponance, the
coiistiluiion oil mallei, and of late
has con trod on what is known as llie,
"0" typo staia. .These constitute the
brightest, 'hottest and most "massive
of the stellar bodies anil aie so spai io-
ly distributed o\cr the fnunamerit that
only about fifty can be discerned fiom
lhe latitude ot Victoria. .Mo^st'ot thorn
are so lemote that the riivs of li!?,ht
i ***    i �� *
(hey emir,'tia\ellijig at (he speed ol
186,000 miles .jV second, take thousands
ol^jears to leach the eaith. Even In
the observatorv's grei't- seventy two-
Inch., leflecting telescope, Kinking
among,the laiges^'in the world, they
app&ar onlj as tiny pohits oi -llgnt,
-and were thai the only instrument
available, nothing couhl be' learned of
their'composition. 13ut here enters
the spectios.cope,-lbat most marvellous
of the astronomer's, "do, ices" to .penetrate the secielh ot the universe   > It
breaks up the jays ol these infinite-
o     ���*���
ly i emote stars into their respective
New  Information  About   '
Lon<j  Range Cannon
No  Artist  Needed
a     -_
-Engineer Did Not Wait For Plans To
Build Bridge ~-
X Alan Sullivan, the well-known novelist, whose lafost work, "The Days of
-Then youth," "was published a shor*t
time ago,Jia& had an adventurous
career, having been a civil and mining
engineer,-.ah explorer, a prospector,
a- member oi a tribe of Bed ndians,
jind a naturalist.
lie tells this jtory of the days when
lie  was  helping in  tb<��   construction
' ot the Canadian Pacific and. tho Grand
Truuk Hallways,    i
i    Miles away fiom anywhere on the
-line, a .tre.slle bridge had, been des'-.
I'troyed by liuvand it was,"1 ot course,
'imperative that it should be replaced
at once.', ,       ~*: < "
According!*/,   the   chief bridge*.en-
1 gineer and  his staff were sent -"postv
haste to tfie sjiol with instructions to
ince  through  with, a  ne.3v  bridge.
.-Two days  latei the .superintendent
ol the line, "wishing to __ know   if <tbo
bridge had  been  st:u ted, -arrived  on
'ihe' scene      He immediately (.ought
tlie chief engineer.     .       ���.        ___
"The iob must be rushed'" he said.
���   "Aie you ieady to starts . I suppose
youVe got the architect/*,' plans" for
iHlie'bridge.lW * -""      "     7        "~~~
-    "Well,"' the euglneei   answered,  "I
couldn't sav whether   the    architect
. has done his picture of the bridge or
-_> iiot.^ut what I cLo know ih that we've
", just5 given .orders for trains to pass
-���over It."
spectra and, Through the ban averse
Fr'aunholer" lines, decodes* ihe messages, they'bear fronf the distant* le-
cessWof 5P,acp. ~"'
Present methodb of determining
the dimensidns of- bodies so far re-
ino-ved tioiti._pur eai tli are limited
in their-application to double stars
revolving round .each other. No
telescope yet -const! uctod is powerful enough to sepaiate them, but
their quality i.-,--,revealed by lhe:r
spectra On-x'Of those- binary systems, -"recently- obscived^ and meai-
uied at, the Victoria obseivalory
wa& found lo consist ot two tenuous
bodies of -flaming gasos""-20,000,000
aud 13,000,000 miles lespectively In
diameter, .with '���iheii mass, or
weight,- thirty-.--1\ and thirty-four
time-, that .of our sun * Their, centres aiB;onlv Jj!>,000,000 miles apart,
and they .complete , one full . rovolu
tion'ln tlire'o and one half (Lays. Tho
gravitational null between them i-i
so strong that it has compelled
them to assume the iorm of eclipse!,
with their siu faces Jil'one point actually in contact     W ;   -
Get man  Gun  Used-to  Bom bird Paris
Was Largest Ever Constructed
Th" seciois ol the Jong-iauge (!ei-
nian cannon that bombaided Paris
Iiom ty distance of moie*lian GO miles,
closely guaided e\en ailor the ainiis-
tice v/tn signed, have noiv been per
mittcil to Wit ont, lollowing tlie recent death ol llie-hivontoi, J)r FilU
Ilausenbeiger of Hie Kiupp firm
II has bee")! geneially irucssod that
ihe guns weie the longest pieces of
aitilleiTi ever construcled.s-and new
ijilormation coiifnms the^e conjec-
taies. The length was 3G i:ielei\ oi
about 12S Icet.
At the ungo ot 7'1 ?nile.s. the shell
reached heighls ot ovti 27, miles,
making moic than two-lhiids of its
flight at elevations ol ovei six miles,
oj half a mile higher than Mt. JSver-
Cst The, lime of flight was three
Due to gictit length ol the gun and
the veiy heavy powdiei-chaige, the.
eompaiativeb light shel.1 letfthe'gun's
muzzle at a velocity of more than a
mile / a "������ second, willf'the enormous
nnizzle eneigv of 43,000 foot " tons���
enougn _to lift the whole mass ,of^ the
world's- largest battleship a foot into_
the air       , ~ J  _
Because the shells tended to drop
" ' *-** T_
on their target, the city ot Pails,
sidowi'sc instead of. end-on as a projectile naturally does, it was necessary to provide them with two liiseo
lo insui c explosion on' impact. The
fuso system woiked successfully, lor
none'ol-.the-shelU, that-struck Paris
failed to* explode. Another dlllieuliy
aio&e due tb the long,Jiigh flight of
thc��!>hcll; the potation "of the earth
tended to deflect its path,,sometimes
neaily as'much as halt a mile
The terrifically high pressuie, lem-
peratuie -and friction 'of-the dis-
chaige..of tho'"piece Vnded to'matce
tlife baBi-elsbulgc\ slightly, and because
of its gieat length the gun" tended to
"whip/'^iisin^ The danger of premature explosion ot the shell in the tUDe.
This (Md happen once, ruining one oi?
the four guiis. V The other threo, under terms of the armistice, were ^dismantled arid destroyed.
The designer of tlnr b'attcry, T>r.
FrlU Rau&puberger, ot Baden-Baden,
was a well-known authority ^)n'ba'llJb-��
tics, and had foiWe/oral yeitrs been
Britain Insists On Paying
-  The Firemen's  Coffee  Stall
Van  Accompanies., London   Foice   To
u All Large Fires
In London, England, the equipment
of the firemen is usually followed lo a
tiro by a gieen mofoi van This lb
Hip London fii emeu's cofieo stall. It
mtendsj all fires that aro likely" to
prove "long jobs," and does invaluable woik in supplying snack nieali to
the men, \riio voukl otlieiwise be
loiced to spend hours without food oi.
drink. The van holds three twenty-
gallon urn;., two filled with foiling
water and one containing cocoa A
laigo cupboard ou one side ol Uie
van contains numeious tint, of biscuits and laigo mugs. Tlie other side
Is on a hinge and can be suppentod to
make a shelter for the men when they
retiesh themselves at the Improvised
counter. The cook rides inside the
van and is assisted by the driver in
dispensing the food. The van, which
started as a horse-drawn vehicle, will
shortly celebrate its twenty-fifth bitlh-
day. '    .
These mammoth sunt- have a sin-*
face temperatuie of aboul 50,000
degrees' Fahrenheit, . twenty times
that o'f molten' iron aud five times
that of our sun** At their centres the
heat is estimated "to exceed 30,000,000
degrees, and theii llgln equal-- that of
���J0.000 suns like oui s. _.     '
^Writer's  Greatest .Trial
associated with tho Krupp firm . ~
'_. In-addition .to the long-iange gun,
he "designed fhe great -12-centinicter
"Rig Bertha*' which destroyed the
Belgian' forts early iu fhejwai.'*.This
,was a relatively short-barrelled howitzer, of no gieat-range, but of teuific
shushing power, due ,to cnormouo
weight of 'its shells1 and the lieavy
charge" of high explosive-they canieu.
Beneath, Her   Dignity   To   Ask
cellation Of War Debts
, Although it is, over throe yean
since Gieat Britain signed an ugicement to pay hei debt to the United
States, the controversy as io whether it is a just debt or not is moic
alive than ever.
Britain will still he paying lhat debt
when some who are infants in arms
today will, bo giey-haiied mien ami
women. -/"
"Philip Snowden, chancellor ol the
exchequer in the Laboi cabinet, is one
of many Britishers who hold that -the
proper - solution, of the international
debt question is the" mutual cancellation o> debts.
Yet nowhere is the pioposal fo^ reopen the question more vehemently
deprecated than iu thc Briti.sh Pai-
liament itself. ,
r Thus .Mir Austen Chamberlain,
chancellor of the exchequer, speaking in the house, said- "The solution
(cancellation of debts) "does not commend itself . ." ' Be that as It
may, no British Government would
think it becoming the "dignity-of this
country or compatible" with our honoi
lo go cap-in-hanrl, whining to those
to-,whom we have undertaken obligation;-, to bo excused" X _.
Noblj said.' There is something
magnificent ln these words John
Bull is like a fine old gentleman who
finds himself ovei whelmed witli debts
becauso the people he has done business with will not, or cannot; pay him,
but1 he\says to hii creditors:/'Gentlemen,' my familj mav he reduced to
bread and "ivatei, but I will pay ever;
stiver I owe you Tlio-honor of in.
house demands it"   _.
Mentally .Deficient In China
1,341,600 Lunatics-ancl No Government
Hospitals For Tfieir Care
, Tliere ^ are 1,311,600 lunatics In
China, accoiding to a compilation just
made based ori replies to questionnaires sent to 260.physicians. 'There
aie no government hospitals for their
care and.only private or mission institutions.
The mentally deficient in China re-
ceivc no money ancl are sure to suffer the "death penalty for' the
mone&t offence, stealing
part of China the mentallv sick are
t?ken into thc country and pinioned
beneath a heavy stone, placed on the
chest. If this fails to restoio "sanity
the victim is allowed to die of starvation
High in Food Value; Low in Cost
In '->oue
Ask Your Grocer for our Famous
Sardine Cook Book.  .It is FREE;
Stomach Cramps   .
. Yield to "Nerviline"
Read  the  Newspaper
When a man feels moan it's his cue
lo keep silent.  ^
Woman Suffered Nearly a Year.
--' Lydia- E. Pinkham's Vegetable-
ComfcMNind Brought Her Health
Moose Jaw, Sask. ���"I am going to
try to .tell lyou whnt Lydia E. Punk-
ham's Vegetable Compound has done
for mc.   I suffered very badly with
��diagging-down pains and inflammation, also pains in my right side over
my hip and down my whole side into -
my leg.   I had it nearly a year when
-I went to^a doctor and he'said I (
would havelto have an operation. But
my mother said to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound as it
saved-her life years before. I took
two bottles and I found'I was better,
flo I kept on taking it and also used -
Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash.
I have had two more children since
then and am perfectly well. I used
to have to lie down two or^thre'e *
- times a day, and now I do all my
housework without tiouble. I always keep 'the Vegetable Compound
in the house a^Tfind a dose now and
," then helps me. I am willing for you
to use this letter apy way you see lit
and I will answerlettera. If I can help
any other woman I'd be only-too glad
to try.-"���Mrs. Esther HOUGHTON,
7i2 Athabasca W., Moose Jaw, Sas- -
katchewan. _
Lydia E.  Pinkham's   Vegetable"
Compound is' a dependable medicine
for airwomen.      _    __
For sale by druggists everywhere. C
Opening Sentence Harder to Write
Than Entire Articls
So able a^jouniilist as the late
Clement Scott,lwho had" a touch ,o(
genJus_iniii.s_i>ou7"u.,.eU-io"say lluiTTlie
greatest "trial that* coufionted a writer, whether asbigned the (ask of com-
pobing a paragraph-or a column, was
f he^pening .sentence, and^lie confesw-
^d���an exileiience��that many writers
will endorse���that he had sometimes
wasted as mucli time chewing on the
end. of hib pencil waiting for inspiration to begin, as he hajf subsequently
spent upon "a whole article.
, Even the humble letter writer, who
has to fill Jtoiir liny sheets with-ffie
uews'of home, buffets agonies before'
setting down the little tattle that
usually goes Into such efforts.
The' editor of a popular, high-clasg
weekij, cites- the works of Rousseau
as affording *lhe finest examples of
opening sentences, - but here is his
ch'oico for the most-masterly opening
Sentence in Hteratuie: "lu the" beginning, God created the heaven and
tlio eanh."  , - '
"For majestic iiaivol6, these words
stand peerless/' he" says "Giaiideur
of thought.can lyiidly go furtlier."   '
Tho Bible is often -proclaimed as
the greatest-literary woik in existence, -yet comparatively few people
are prepared to read, in that light.
Cut to those who arc disposed to
study Hteiaiy style, every chapter
con tains'', gems of thought.
<. When doubled up at'mldnlght ,wlth
cramps you don't feel like experimenting; what you want ls something to
remove the cramp. Nothing acts so
effectively as Nerviline Take twenty
drops ln a little sweetened water," and
.quick as wink the'eramp is gone. Ner-~
viline is about five times as strong as
most medicines, and because so strong,
only a ^mall dose is required to" give
inst ant'effect." For stomach, gas, fermentation, cramp's, etc.. _Nerviline
should bo kent in everv hoinc . For
suro protection, get "Nerviline" today.    33c at dealer...
PORTABLE Typewriter
Balance in Easy MONTHLY Payments
Wrlrc for pirtlculnra ti> our nearest ofllco"
Remington Typewriter Co. of Canada, Limited
Winiilp<>(f-210 Notre Vamc A., e , Calgarj-110 Sixth
a����. west, Vnncouvcr-CSe Scjmour Htreet.
Scheme Is Successful
English Families Making Good Under--
Overseas Settlement Plan
"The   great " majority   of   English
families  settled  on 'Canadian  farms
under the_'overseas settlement scheum
are- making   good."     This was tho
statement of the Earl of Clarendon, '
parliamentary secretary of the overseas settlement committee who was
in Vancouver ln the course of a tour
of Cajiada during which   ho   is   en
deavoring to visit as marij of the English settlers as possible''
Js Advice Given  By  Pfessman
'.Up"In His Profession /
A good newspapei, lead regularly
and with discrimination, has been described as a source' of, happiness and
the origin or a philosophy of life that
J- _
will stand up.
-_WIf-_you-���wbukli be_liaijpy,-follow-
closely the news ot the clay," declares
Edward'McKernon, superintendent ot
the eastern division of the Associated
Piess * ._    , -���
���""Read and contemplate;" _ he said,
"for this-ls "tho begliufing-ol-wladora.
The ' one institution" that, - w-tlhout
equivocation or apology leflects human natuie and presents to >ou thc
bare, 'cold facts bf life, -is v file daily
press. ..You arc not ,well infoimtd
noi patriotically equipped for lhe
duties of citizenship unless, with diligence you follow succeeding events as
Ihey^pass In review on.the printed
rage, *
'���The problem of ,0111- society is uot
Ihc" ignorance of the uninformed, but
the loose Ihyiklng of the misinformed.
The man who does not think at all is
\ lesser liability.- The one who thinks
but has not learned to think straight is
a social menace. Wo cannot think
straighten til we havo "a comprehensive knowledge of things as they are,
and this is lo be had,only from the
, Thanks To British Fleet-
Bishop of London Gave Credit Where
It Was Due |W ,
The visit of the "Bishop of London
to Canada recalls lo a Toronto soldier (lhe story that went the rounds' In
London in war time It was just. at-,
ter lho first Anioileans had come ovei
and. talk of the U. S. A. "winning" the
Growth of Automobile Industry
May Bi Some Time Yet Before' thc
.       Saturation Point is Reached
Professor C.'E'. Griffin, of the Business Administration School 'or the
University of Michigan, estimates* that
27,000,000 automobiles will be -In use''
in the United States by 1930. lie is
a recognized authority on the automobile Industry. "    -
"Although any ventured estimate
cannot bo absolutely -accurate," Pro-
fesf-or GiifTln saia, "it Is cci tainly. pos-
iLibIe_Jo___sa}!_. thaLshould 4his Jbe~lhe
war" was getting on tho nerves of a
good many firitish people. At a certain function at which many Americans were present, the stoiy goes that
the bishon was asked to say grace. It
was'a brief one,'and as reported by
an "ear-witness," was:
"Bless, O Lord, the food Ave eat,
Tieserved to us by fhe British fleet"
-Stop the Cough.���Coughing Is" caused by.irrilation in the respiratory pas-
sagos and is the effort to dlslo'dge" ob-
stiuctions that come fiom inflammation of the mucous membrane. Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
will allay the inflammation and In consequence the cough will usually stop.
Try it and you will be satisfied
saturation point the automobile Indus-
tiy would not' stop The ptesent output of 1,000,000 cars, each vear would
be 'licceisary at this point merelv to
supply" worn-out' cars.
No season of the'year ls so danger
ous to the life of little ones'as, is the
summer. The excessive heat throws,
the little stomach out of order su
quickly that unless prompt aid is at
hand, the tfaby may bo beyond all
human help before the mother realizes
he is ill. Summer is the season when
diarrhoea.' cholera infantum, dysentry
and'colic are most pievalent. Any
of, these troubles may prove deadly if
not promptly "treated. During tho
summer the mothers' best   friend   is ���
Babj_'s_Own___Tabletp. Thcy_regulate=
the bowels, sweeten -the-stomach ani^
keep baby healthy      The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cnts a bo#x from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont
All mothers can put away anxiety
regarding their' suffering children
.when they have Mother Graves' Worm
Extermlnajor to "givo relief Its effects are sure and lasting
Little Helps For This Week
-AV.   N.   U-   164?
Private Car For Dog
The most "expensive devotion to a
dog on'iccotdi is that of Mine. Butler
fledge*., jof San Francibco Upon
leaving San Francisco ^th her pet
dog, he was letused admission - to a
Pullman car/whereupon Mine. Ilpdges
promptly hired a private car and boarded it for her journey across the country to New York" with herdog.
Kraft Paper Exports
Canada, whicli lias the world's largest kraft wrapping' paper mill, exported 20,535 tons of this papei In
1925, even China and Japan taking
considerable quantities. Outside of
the 'United Klngdoifi. New Zealand
and. South Africa were the laigesf con:
tomersi. -~
Always A Ne-w Thrill
That the 1101 thorn inlerloi of Canada slill offers many a llirill'lo tho
explorer ia indicated by the fact that
engineers lrom the department of the
interior in their field work of last year
rau across a lake 150 miles long
which had never been' shown oft a
map befoj-e. There are some vast
tiacts untrodden by tlie white man
that offer their challenge lo the adventurous.
Loving Wife
Cashier.���'jJVliat are these little
'x's* you have made ..under the endorsement of yourjiusband's-check?"
Mrs. ������*" Newi j wed.���"Why, those
stand for klssesV I want him to
know how L appreciated the money." -
Avoid further pain and*_,tiffness
by""rubbing with Minard's. It
relieves inflammation, soothes
and heals.
Keep Minard's Liniment handy   -*   N
The Place To Stop
As'it has been proved desirable to
stop before entering a "stop" Street
simply because theie is dapger of
colliding with another car, how hnich
igieater U the need for stopping before
1 the right-of-way of the locomotive, a
'machine that^cihinot stop'suddenly or
swerve one inch.to avoid a collision.
���Stratford Beacon-Hei aid. .'
O Thou that hearesl piayer, ;Unto
Thee shall all flesh come.���Ps.'lxv., 2.
If there be better, and tho dream of It,
The longing for it, shows that there
must bo,
It is not in ourselves fit is the God. '
Beyond,   whom   our souls seek; the
\ search of prayer.
More life we ask of Mm who Is tho
The reason why we pray is this, wc
���Lucy Larcom.
Prayer is the measure of love ���
Saint^Augustine. -
Prayer, administering the perpetual
lesson of humility, of hope, of love,
makes' us feel our connection "with
Heaven through every touch or our
necessities; it binds us to Providence
by a chain of dally benefits; It Impresses the liearfof all with a perpetual remembrance of the God of all:
���Geoige Croly.
The most obstinate corns*fail to resist Hollowny's Coin Remover    Try it.
> "Lady, I'd. like to sell
this morning." _    "
VI don'l doubt that."
The'"forked tongue of a serpent  Is
merely its organ-of taste.
"This cake is hard, dear."
J-'Of com so, it's marble cake"
Saunders���"Jones wrecked his car
j esterday."--
Sanderson���"What was the motive?" - -
"Saunders.���"A locomotive."
Money occasionally makes a fool of
a man by'helping him break ��Info
society.     >   . " vr   "N
Mrs. Williams.���I don't like to go to
the picnic on account of lhe little" Insects.
Mrs. Kellogg.���-Caii't you gft tbeh
father lo stay home and look aftei
them? ���",
"Adolf, give me some mone> for an
evening dress."       , ,    ���'
"Where is the one you had?*
"A moth has eaten H.,!"   -   --    -.
Minard's Liniment for Insect bite's
Gives Instantaneous Relief
It has been aiOnaehold remedy fof
over 80 years. You"can ajavays rely,
on it in time of need. %
- Manufactured    onlj   ty   Tho   "B .
Uilbant C��.t Limited, Toronto, Oat.,
He Knew
The visitor.���''Who's the most
teiprisong man in tliistvillagc'"
The    Native.���"N'ow    lookit   .here,
stranger, you'd better ask that there
question .of somebody else in  these-
parts���I never Was much of u feller -
tor talkln' about myself."
;  '
V W\  '~''yxy .
THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE   ���'" .*
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood. B.C.
G. W. A. SMITH  ""
Editor and Proprietor
Knock-Out Tournament
The Knock-out Tournament
will commence at the Kettle Valley Golf Course on Aug. 29th.
Games are to be arranged by each
competing player, and two weeks
are allowed to play the first
round.   The draw follows:
Thompson v Leslie.
Moore, jr., v F. Richter.   -���
Amoore v. F. Bubar.
Miss Sandercock v E. Richter.
Newmarch v Mrs. Roberts.
Norris v Moore, sr.
Francis v A. Roberts.
Smith v F. Roberts.
Gray, jr.. v Gane.
Major Gray v Rev. Smyth.
S. B. Hamilton v C. King.
Landers v Major Glossop>
Gregory v Reynolds.
J. Richter v H. D. Hamilton.
Mrs." D. Hamilton v Mrs. E,
W. Thorburn.
The Desert Flower"
Admirers of Colleen Moore will note
a \^kler unfoldment of the youthful
star's talents when they see her in
"The desert Flower." her latest First
National picture. Miss Moore by her
performance in the role of Maggie
Fortune in this adaption of the stage
play, and by her characterization of
Salina Peake De Jong- in the screening
of Edna Ferber's "So -Big," has set
aside the eternal' "flapper" classification which her previous pictures
threatened her with.
"The Desert Flower" will be the
feature at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, "August 28th. A one-reel
Felix comedy will also be shown.
FOR SALE���Ford Touring car, in
good running order.   Apply
The Greenwood L/sdgc office.
FOR SAL-E���Picked apples for 50
cents iiOyour own box. Windfalls 1
cent a lb.   T. A. Clark, Midway, B.C.
"Do you play golf? ' he asked.
"Dear me, no," she replied. "I don't
believe I should even know how to hold
Beaverdell Briefs
Chatham is greatly excited because a
300-pound hog is at large within the
city limits. Had that been Cranbrook
the people would have taken it for an
elephant.���Lethbridge Herald.
Mr. Newlywed���"Good gracious,
dear, what a long pie! It is surely too
big for just two."        '
Mrs. Newlywed���-"I'm sorry, Dick,
but I couldn't get any shorter rhubarb
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, IJelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver SI.SO. Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc S3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Dodd's Barber Shop
and Billiard Hall
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks & Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Nordman have
returned from*' a week's visit to
Trail and Nelson.
Mrs. Bickford, of California, is
visiting herjsister, Mrs. A. Lutner,
at the Beaverdell Hotel.
Mrs. S. Storer, of Princeton, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. C.
Smith, at the Sally mine.
Mrs. R. L. Clothier left this
morning for her home in Victoria
after a six weeks visit in camp.-
Mr. Grote Stirling, Conservative candidate for. Yale, held a
meeting in the school house here
on Monday evening and proved
to be a very popular speaker with-
the large crowd which turned out
to hear him. Senator Taylor, of
New Westminster, also spoke.   ���
Mr. Bradbury, Pwho 'forrnerly
operated the Homestake claim;
was in town for a couple of days
this week getting new samples
from the mine, which he hopes to
be able to'open'again.
John Brown, former K. V.
operator here, has been transferred to Rock Creek, and Mr.
Mills of Hope, is now acting-in
this capacity.       . ���       - - ''"-''-<��� k
���^������w^^^^���^-���������^���^��������"*^���"������������    *'
Kootenay Metallurgical Laboratories
Provincial Assayers and Metallurgists  .
Completely equipped for
Custom Assaying and general Analytical work
*/ Ore testing, Mill designing, etc
Our aim Quick, Accurate arid Unbiased Service ���
��� The place to get
Fr.ee Air and Water
Rock Creek
i   Also carry
Gas, Oil, Tires, Patches, Vulcanizers, &c
No work too small
���..       No work too large
We solicit your patronage
310 Baker Street - P.O. Drawer 1073 - Nelson, B.C.
on any
make of Car try ��or Service
y- y -  '      "
Special Offer on Chevrolet Cars
A chance of a lifetime to tret a Real Car at practically your own price
Contractor and Builder
Bridesville News
Born���To Mr.  and Mrs,
Alden,' on Aug 13th, a son.
Mrs. Harry Edmunds and three
children left for Spokane on Saturday morning. '!'
Threshing is in full swing already this season." The crops are
the best iif years.
Mr. and Mrs! K Grant and
daughter, Audrey, leave' this
week for Los Angeles.       >   .
The heavy rains last week were
-welcolmed by-the-farmers^-as-the
water supply was extremely low.
Wm. Wilson was in town. on
Monday en route home to Greenwood, from a few _ hours visit at
Osoyoos.       ,*
' Miss Helen Barton, who has
been the guest of Miss Vera
Kempston, left on Friday for her
home in Vancouver.
Rev. A. Walker, of Greenwood,
held servioe in the school house on
Sunday. A large crowd was in1
attendance, and larger congregations will attend when threshing
is over.
Why Home
Beer Can Be
BREWING beer at home, a habit that has
become widespread in the United
States since prohibition deprived the people
of the right to purchase pure and healthful
beer legally and openly, presents difficulties and dangers of which those,who
engage in it are rarely aware.
OME-BREWED beer can be actually dangerous to those who drink it, for the home
brewer-works by-rule of-thumbj- perf orcef ancr
Receives Six Months
Joseph Morgan Shearason of the Enir
erald Isle, better known as "Whiskers"
appeared In police court at Greenwood
on August 23rd before S. B. Hamilton,
S.M., charged with vagrancy. Whiskers pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to 60 days hard labor in the Nelson
goal, and warned not to return to this
Whiskers has given "the police considerable worry for the. past fjw
months. He is suspected of robbing
cabhins of provisions, etc. His habits
are inclined to be much like the deer,
he travels and feeds in the night, and
takes to thej'tall^timbers" in the day
time, making it very difficult for the
police to effect his arrest. He was
eventually run to earth on the East
Fork of the Kettle river at the head of
Christian Valley, by F. Christian and
H. A. Tan tier, ranchers in that locality,_
who turned him over to the police.
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Christian Valley 2 p.m.
���*"        Westbridge 7:30 p.m.
Beaverdell 11 a.m.
Rock Creek 3:30 p.m.    ���
- Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
usually has no acquaintance with or control over
���;t]ie complex'physical and chemical reactions that
take place in the brewing of beer. Pure beer can
only be made in a modern brewery by scientifically trained brewmasters who have at their disposal the most modern equipment and who are
bound by the most exacting standards..,
THE same materials which, in a modern brewery, are
made into pure, healthful beer, "can become, in-the
hands of a home brewer, a raw, incompletely fermented, indigestible and harmful mixture unfit for consumption. But where an established brewery uses only
the highest grade of material���malt and hops���tested for
purity, the home' brewer is forced to purchase in stores
imported syrup concoctions of inferior malt and lpw:grade
hop extracts frequently blended with synthetic essences.
The product of such mixtures is always harmful to the
stomach and digestive system and dangerous to drink for
'any length of time. "*   .
THE home brewer is hampered not only by lack of
knowledge of the'science of brewing, but home
equipment does not include the elaborate plant necessary for prolonged sterilization and filtering to assure
a pure, healthful beer free from bacterial infection. In
beer that is the product of a perfectly equipped brewery
all fermentation is complete; in home-brewed beer fermentation continues, and continues after it is consumed.
It is really an explosive mixture, whether in your stomach
or in the bottle, as shown by the1 way in which bottles
i .explode and tops are blown off.
HOME-BREWED beers are usually higher in alcoholics content than they should he. In the beers supplied by the
Amalgamated Breweries to the people of British Columbia
through licensed premises or throngrh Government stores the
alcoholic strength Is only 4$�� per cent., the .most favorable
streaffth for tbe stimulation of the stomach toward aiding1
flig-estlon. Home-brewed beers also usually contain greater or
less percentages of deadly fusel oil, from which properly
brewed, stored and aged beers are free.
A ITS" physician can tell of the dangers of home-brewed beer,
from whlob, happily, the people of British Columbia are
free, for they have the privilege of obtaining', pure, good beer
made by the Amalgamated Breweries of British Columbia ln
plants that are equipped with every facility for the browing'
of "pure beer, perfectly flavored, well matured and healthful.
Visitors are cordially welcomed at the plants
of the members of the Amalgamated Breweries of British Columbia: Vancouver Breweries, Limited; Rainier Brewing Co. of
Canada, Limited;"" Westminster Brewery,
Limited; Silver Spring Brewery, Limited; and
the Victoria Phoenix Brewing Co. Limited.
Vaoant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands-may be pre-wnpted by
uritish subjects over 18 yeara of age,
and by alien's on declaring Intention
to become British subjeots, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes. x.
Full information concerning regulations ��� regarding pre-emptions il
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land- Series.
"How to Pre,-empt Land," copies ol
which can be obtained frea of.chargo
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.. or to any Gov^
ernment Agent.       '    ;*.     '".    *f
Records will-be granted covering
only land' suitable for -agricultural
purposes, and which is -not timber-
land, I.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per aore west of the Coast_Rang��
and 5,000 feet per aoro east "of that
| Applications for pre-emptions ar��\
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
ls situated, and are made on printed
forms,���<copies of which can be-obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per aore, including
olearlng and cultivating at least five .
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
received. , ��
Tor more detailed information see
the    Bulletin- "How    to    Pre-empt-
Land."   '-    .- .-���-     W    -'.
PURCHA8E r      y  ���
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe for first-class (arable) land is
$5 per acre, and second-class' (grazing) land $2.50 per aore. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown-landerIb.given in Bulletin
No, 10, Land��.Serles. "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."   '
''' Mill, factory, or-Industrial sites on
(timber land, not" exceeding 40 acres,
- 'may be purchased or leased, the oon-
Iditions Including' payment oi
atumpago. -_ ���
���-^Uzurarveyed areas, not exoeedlng SI
acres, may be leased aa hbmesltes,
conditional ..upon a dwelling being
���rooted in the first year, title being
obtainable after reoidenoa^and lm��
Tp^ovementWjondltiona   are   fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
Vpf ��� grazing  and ' Industrial  par*
ipb����r areas not-exoeedlng M0 acres
ttay be leased by one parson or a
company.     "*���"���/
""*""*       QRA2INQ
Under tho Grazing Aot the Pror-
Ibm ia divided Into grazing district!
and the range administered under a
uJaaing Commissioner.- Annual
awing permits are issued based oa
toumbers ranged, priority being given
jto established owners. Stook-owners
may form ' associations for range,
;��meat Free, or partly tr�����,
ore available for settlers,
aj& twrallto-s, up to    t��m
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
���  Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks. B.C;
:        .   SEND YOUR
"    To     / '
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
���The 2 Oth Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed"
We pay postage onesway. Terms cash
The. Consolidated lining &, Smelting -Co,
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining- Department.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper,' Pig- Lead -and Zinc.   -
"TADANAC"  BRAND      - * '     '
-, /
' 'I
i r
,   V
\1       I
t    ;l
'   <f
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by; the Government of British Columbia.
:    The Mineral Province of Western Canada
W      ,.-�� " i . .'''.-'
v Has produced Minerals aa follows: Placer Gold,'?77,663,045, Lode Gold
1 - $122,808,459;   Silver,  $74,111,397;   Lead,  $89,218,907;   Copper," $197,642,647; '    '
Zinc, $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,694,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its ,Min-      :- '  ^ '
eral production to the end of 1925, show "an ) J       it    *
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 192?, $61,492,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees- lower," th^p. those of-any other ,
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.    . .^
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal  fees. .'        .....      ,,
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such- properties, the security of which is guaranteed
%y Crown Grants. _       -' ,
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
,s ;��� . VICTORIA, British Columbia.
���' N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those con-'
- sidering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each, of the six Mineral
Survey'Districts are published separately, jmd . are available on applicaflon. Reports of the Geological Surrey of Cariada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. ��� "* ��� -        '*      x      ;-


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