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The Ledge Jul 8, 1926

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The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper in British Columbia
���5 -J
y   s
McLary's Blue Kitchen Ware
Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, fancy and. plain
Trunks, Suitcases, Handbags
Golf Clubs, Balls and Bags, Tennis Balls
Money Savers
Malkins Best Marmalade 4s - 65c
Malkiris Best Plum Jam 4s - 65c
Singapore Pineapple 3 cans - 50c
Libbys Beans with Pork l8ozcahs 15c
-.For quality and value order from
Phone 40
Agents for
Imperial Oil, Limited
Premier Gas.
by the Barrel 31c.
Phone 17
""'  with one of those refreshing
Ice Cream Sundaes and Sodas
: l���at���^ -
Buy a Kodak for your vacation.
Film; Supplies, Etc.
Let us Quote you on
Farm Machinery
,     , Agents for the
JOHN DEERE Line of farm and Tillage Goods
We carry only the best slock procurable in
Beef, Veal, i>ork, Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
Better a dead Camp Fire than a Dead Forest
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
Office, Smelting and Refining  Department
n ���
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and.Zinc
����    Ladies and Gents W
Sj        furnishings $p
$2       Men's Dress Shoes and $\
XV)                fine Oxfords *Q
Miners Boots ����
Canvas Shoes for the children Sp
Millinery X^
Ladies fancy Silk Hose gW
 ���    ��� "S3
Cook Stove for Sale SV?
S�� Mrs. Ellen Trounson 83
Around Home
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickiiess, Life,
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary. &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
The Iron
Blazing the  trail   of  love
and  civilization.
Greenwood Theatre
���TWO NIGHTS"���    ^    '
July 16th and 17th
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
We would like to call your attention to
the fact that our
is always in a position to g-ive you the
best there i.s in
Service and Workmanship
If you have had difficulty in getting-
your watch to keep time bring it to us
- and we will make it right
<     We handle a good line of Glasses
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. White, Manager
$50.00 Reward
$50.00 reward will be paid to any
person giving information that
will lead to.tjhe conviction of the
thief or thieves, who broke into
the house of T. O. Gunderson on
Kimberley Avenue and' stole the
sink from that hou&e.
Real  Estate Agent.
Dodd's Barber Shop
and Billiard Hall
Cigars, Cigarettes,  Tobacco,
Soft Drinks & Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
*      SEND YOUR
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
'We pay postage one way. Terms 'cash.
,- Roland  Skilton   is  visiting  friends
in Spokane."
Mr.  and  Mrs. T. W. Clavier, spoilt
,1k- holiday at Cascade.
Mrs. Roy Harris ot' Nelson is visiting Mrs. Axam and family,..
G. S. Walters attended the mining
convention at Nelson this week.
E. O. Weston left on Sunday morning on a business trip to Vancouver.
Miss  Olive  Mowat is' visiting Mr.
and Mrs. H. Whiting' at Kettle Valley.
1 Dr. ancl Mrs. S. S. Oppenheimer and
party of Spokane were visitors to
town this week.
���,':. J. C. Emslie of Kamloops is relieving H. J. Foster at the local Bank
of Commerce.
FT. J. Poster of the Bank of-.Commerce staff is on a holiday at- his
home inJKelowna.
'_ Anund Anderson of Boundary Falls
i's a patient in the District Hospital
and is doing nicely.
��� Mr. and Mrs. J. Keady and grandson - Jackie', are on a motor trip
through the Okanagan.   ���'
- Mr. and Mrs. K." M. Spence and
family are spending the week camping up the Kettle river.
-, Mis. IT. V. Harvey and little daughter of Milwaukee, Wis., is visiting her
sister, Mrs. H. W. It." Moore.
Harry Royce motored in from Hedley and spent the week-end here with
his mother, Mrs. M. Royce.
Mrs. Geo. Boag and daughter Dorothy are in Spokake where Dorothy
is having here eyes attended to.
., Miss Margaret Stickney of -Spokane" was .visiting. Mr. and 'Mrs. Jas,
Skilton for a few days" this "week
Harold Mellrud is spending his vacation at his home here. . He is
working- at the Government office.
Lost, one automobile crank ��� in
front of Old National Hotel. Finder
kindly return to The Ledge office.
R. Lee and G.~ Boag left on Monday for Lightning Peak. Mrs. Lee
accompanied them as far -as Trail.
Miss Thelma Benson will return
to Vancouver on Saturday. Miss
Benson is spending a holiday with
Mrs.   C.  J.   Carlson.
Miss Mabel Axam returned from
Trail on Tuesday morning accompanied by I her sister, Mrs. A. W. MacDonald and her baby.
Miss .Susan Hill of the nursing staff
of the Greenwood and District Hospital'is .spending her vacation at her
'home at While Rock.
C. Toney of Seattle motored in to
visit, his children and will spend a
couple of weeks as the. guest of Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Goodeve.
vMr. and Mrs. Jas. Drum of Beaverdell motored to Nelson during 'the
week-end and attended the mining
convention there this week.
T. Williams ancl B. Summersgill
have returned from Camp McKinney
where they were working on the
construction of the. look-out tower.
Grand Forks ancl Republic will
cross hats at Midway on Sunday,
the 11th inst., for the championship
of   the  Boundary  Baseball  League.
D. R. McElmon ot Lynden. Wash.,
arrived in town on Thursday. Mr.
McElmon is enjoying good health and
expects to remain in the district for
the summer.
W. Harker who has been a patient
in the District Hospital has -recover
ed from his recent illness and was
able to leave for his home at Rock
Creek on Wednesday.
Mrs. H. J. Purkis of Tonbridge,
England, arrived on Saturday morning and may reside here, Mr. Purkis
being ^ interested in the D. A. at
Deadwood. Mrs. Purkis had a most
enjoyable trip.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith ancl their
children, Grace and Charlie, of Blakeburn and Mr. and Mrs/ J. C. Smith
and son Irwin of Beaverdell were the
guests of Mrs. J. H. Goodeve for.a
few days during the week.
(Grand Forks Gazette)
Aggressive development of the Imperial group at Rock Creek was commenced this week by the Hecla Milling Company of Wallace, Idaho, who
recently optioned the' property at a
figure -said to have heen $75,000.
James Wilson, a practical mining
man of 20 years' standing,' reached
the property on Saturday from Wallace and has taken_ charge of operations. L. E. Hanley, ��� superintendent
for the Hecla Company at Wallace,
made a thorough examination of the
property on Monday, let a contract
for exploration work and will put in
machinery Lo facilitate development
Mr, Hanley .was in Grand Forks
on Tuesday and made purchases for
plant, equipment.- It is his' intention
to immediately install a new and
more efficient compressor plant so.
that exploration work may .be car-
Tied' on with some degree of expend!-
tion. Contract for som�� 500 feet of
tunnelling was given' to J. Laurence,
an experienced operator. . The intention .will be to follow the apparently
immense ore body, already established! ancl crosscut at intervals. Mr,
Wilson is organizing a crew for effective  work.
The Imperial is the group of
claims upon which J. W. Clark has
done much development work during
the past year. A couple of months
ago an option was arranged with the
Heela people and since that time
Mr. Clark has carried on work ior
the Hecla interests. Quite recently
he exposed an extensive hody of :ore
ancl following samples being sent Co
Wallace, Mr. Clark was called to the
Hecla. headquarters with the result
that more aggressive development
w*ork was decided on.
Ore   in   the  Imperial   carries  substantial   silver  content   as well  as
lead -.and   zinc  in   wliich   the  Hecla
Company are, interested.
Local   Postage   Rates
Attention is directed tu the follow?
ing letter rates of postage effective
from July 1st:
Local letters 2 certs for first oz.,
1 cent Cor- each additional oz.
-"""Canada and - all -places-on-North
American continent, 2 cents for first"
oz., and 2 cents i'or each additional
oz. There is no change as regards
post cards. ��� - ,
The public should bear in mind
that .local letters are 2- cents for
the first oz.
Fined for Infractions of Law
E. J. C. Roylance appeared in police court at Greenwood  last Saturday before P. H. McCurrach, Stipendiary   Magistrate,   charged  hy    the
Provincial   police  with   allowing    a
stallion over one,year old to run at
large in a prohibited area.   Roylance
fined' $5 and costs or one month in
gaol.   Fine and costs were paid.
.W. E. Carter of Midway, appeared
before Magistrate McCurrach the
same day charged by the Provincial
police with operating a motor vehicle on the highway as a chauffeur
without a licence. Carter pleaded
guilty to the charge aud was fined
$5 and costs, with the option of 30
days.   The former course was taken.
There will he no service in .the
United Church at Greenwood . on
Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Greig of Wey-
burn, '(Sask., are visiting with the
former's brother Alex Greig and Mrs,
Greig, They have been on a motor
tour  and   visited   Yellowstone   Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Butcher of
Aityox, and children, Joseph and
Constance, who have been visiting
Mrs. 11. Blundell, left Tuesday for
Chicago, 111., where Ihey -will make
their home.
A very sad double drowning occurred in Goat' River, near Creston on
July 5th in which Harold ��nd Arthur
Gobfcett, second and third sons of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Gobbett, lost., their
lives while bathing. The victims <u
the accident were nephews of Mrs.
M. Royce of Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Christensen of
Ryderwood, Wash., were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christensen the
first of the week, leaving on Tuesday morning for Trail and Colville.
It is seven years since Mr. Eli Christensen . visited his parents in Greenwood.
Sitting Bull, the famous medicine
man of the Sioux Indians, originated
the title" "The Iron Horse" when the
first transcontinental railroad was
built, according to the research
workers who gathered the historical
data for the William Pox photoplay
which will "be presented at ��� the
Greenwood Theatre,' Friday and Sat
urday, July 16th. and 17Uu
Carmi was the scene of a large
gathering on July 1st. It was at,
tended by the Cnimi residents and
the neighboring districts, which met
near the Kettle River below the Car.
mi hotel. The ladies served a lunch
which was composed of the most
tasty refreshments; Mr. and Mrs. Is.
Bubar and family arriving just in
time with ice cream for dessert. After the picnic those attending from
the district were invited to the. homes
of the local people where supper was
served after whic'h they were enter-
la inert at. the home of Mrs. Hamoti.
A very pleasant evening was' spent
until midnight and after refreshments
were served ail*" returned to their
homes at the end of a perfect day. '
Bobby Brown and Harold Johnson
are on an auto tour of-Seattle, Victoiia and Vancouver.
Lew Salter and Ace .Mesker are
spending a vacation ^in Spokane, having motored to that city last week.
Mrs. Irene Moran and family motored from Oregon and have been the-
guests  of  the   former's, aunt,    Mrs!
William Powers,
Mrs. Robert Kerr returned from
Christina Lake, where she. had sp*nt
a week camping with the C.G.I.T.
girls and had an enjoyable outing.
Midway feels it is getting up in
the world with the' half-dozen or
more passenger trains' each, way
every day, making the local terminals quite a scene of activity.
Midway has "become an ideal spot
for the hot days. Many carloads of
visitors from''Greenwood and district
finding the river here a good place-
to he in with the mercury at 104 in
the shade.
In the article last week about tlie
shower at Rock Creek, it should
have been stated tliat Mrs. Kayes and
Mrs. Rusch were in charge of the arrangements, 'instead of "Mrs."'- Kaye��-
and' Mrs. Bush.   ��� .
Misses Annie Thomet, Kathleen
Salmon, Alice .McMynn and Nellie
Brown returned last night from their'
outing with the C.G.I.T. at Camp On��
rta-da-Waks at Christina Lake, Kate
says it was one glorious time,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark and family, accompanied by the former's brother. Roland, arrived from Seattle last
Saturday and were the guests ol
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Clarke. They left for their home by
a uto -on���Tuesdayr���^ =���-=^^?-
The (lance held in the Farmers*
Hall oir July 1st-was very,successful.
In spit of the heavy rainstorm during
(he day a big crowd found its way
to the hall. Rhone, Westbridge, Rock
Creek, Kettle Valley. Toroda. Ferry
and Greenwood were well represented.
Among those who attended an informal evening party at the Algoma
Hotel, Deadwood, given by Mr. and
Mrs. D. D. McLaren were: Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Hewer and family: Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Harris; Mr. Henry
Harris and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham, all of Spokane; Robert Shaw
of Burke, Idaho, and many loccJ
friends. The evening was well spent
with music and dancing, and Mr. and
Mrs. IT. Bruce of Kettle Valley who
are here for the benefit of the latter's
health were able to participate In the
evening's' program
All the friends of Mrs. Bruce are
glad lo hear of her wonderful improvement in health. She now expects to he well enough to go home
soon. . -
Results of the' British Columbia
University matriculation examinations
will he announced on July 24 and the
high school results on July 20.
Tthe Chiropractors will not be able
to take care of many more patients
as the time of their departure is
near. The undersigned regret having to leave to care for their work
in California.^ but hope to be able to
return again next year.
Dr. Percy Abbott,
Dr. A. G. McLaren,
Or. J. C. McLaren,'
- Licensed Chirojtticteia.
.*? TJTK M/i'.DflR    (^KKNTTOOD.   B.  0.
��j Tiffany Bread Wraps Create a Sensation
There's quite a stir in the baking industry over
the new Tiffany Bread Wrap. '
The secret of it is the fancy lace pattern in the wax , /n
paper that bespeaks higher quality���and thc fact that ��j
the* lace design hides folds or creases in the wax,
keeping the loaf fresh looking.
Thc  beauty of this  wrapper makes  an instant
appeal to the housewife. ���
Each   wrapper   is   an    effective    selling   force
wherever the bread is displayed.
Write for samples and prices to-day.
ibnVm/ CounterCiiKncnooic
Pacific Waxed Paper Co. Western Waxed Paper Co.
K.4  320 Davie St. Vancouver 290 Mcllerniott Ave, Winnipeg
���v-f Hunter Martin ���& Co.   Rejiin..
Hijidus Worship Midnight Sun
Pilgrimage Will Be Made To Norway
Every Year
In the pale mystic rays. of Lhe mid-
nigh L sun iit North Cape, Norway,
which jius out into Lho Arctic'Ocean
as the northernmost point oC Europe,
a small party .of high caste orthodox
Hindus recently worshipped their
deity througli thc symbol of the ever-
shinlug sun which, to the Hindu believers, leprcsents iho physical glory
oC their deity, the spiritual sun.
Tho party of worshippers consisted
of   Ral   Golpaldas. son oC thc  lion.
Find Magnificent Temple In East
Discovery in Indo-China Made By
French School of Excavation
A magnificent temple, dating back
co tho early fourleenth century,' has
been discovered by Ihe French School
of Excavation, in Lhe Far East, now
working: in Indo-China. The temple
is described as tho finest example ot
th.e art of that period yet seen, ancl the
inscriptions upon".it throw considerable light upon history.
Experts of tho school have just reported Lo Lhe institute in France that
(lie lemple is near Angkor Thorn, and
Ilai Jlamsiirnn Das ol' Lahore, 15ritis.h: that other builiMngs of-the'same age
iIndia, and Pandit Nagadish ChaUerjl, probably will bo uncovered in Ihe vast
forests north of tlio present excuva-
Holiday In  Canada
Taking a holiday is "good business," provided lho holiday is spent Jn a
sane, sensible, manner and largely out of doors. Such a holiday i.s likewise
a -form of Good Health insurance. Money spent in a vacation in llie open
will prove a good investment and return handsome dividends in renewed
���vigor',;.increased energy to'put* into one's life work, and re-awakened enthusiasm and interest in life ami all its manifold activities.
To the full extent possible people should spend rhu summer months in the
���cjien.. Fresh air and sunshine are the besL doctors, in tho world. They
;_re doctors oC preventive medicine .and make no charge for their services
whicli lire Tree to all mankind, rich and poor alike Summer holidays, to be
most beneficial, should not bc spent in visiting crowd-ed cities, but in the
woods, beside lakes, rivers and the sea,'among Ihe mountains���in a word,
near to Nature's heart. ,-
And no country in the world surpasses Canada as llie Ideal land forji
summer vacation. . People, who can afford Lo do so, may flock to tropical
countries during severe 'winteroweather. or enjoy winter sports such as are
provided in* Switzerland-and Eastern Canada, but Cor a most enjoyable and
healthful invigorating summer holiday, no country surpasses and few cau equal
our own Dominion.
-.In the variety and beauty of Its offerings, Nature was most prodigal in its
treatment of.Canada. Nor did she confine her gifts to any one Province or
section of the Dominion, but with lavish hand distributed bounties on all.
There is something to appeal to every taste ahd inclination oT the human race.
Furthermore, probably iu no other country can a vacation he enjoyed at
less .expense "than in Canada. For a real holiday a person needs a complete
change of scene and an entirely different environment to ihat in which ten or
���eleven 'workday months are spent. In many of the older and thickly populated
lands this is diflicult to obtain without travelling long distances and at a cost
Jwyoad.fhe means of the average-person. But in' Canada such a change is
possible in a few hours, journey with its great wealth of rivers, lakes, mountains, woods and seashores. :':. Canada still remains a land of romance, a sports-
��� man's paradise,with abounding-natural beauty to inspire the poet, the artist,
the lover of the wild. And these things are available fo Canadians within
tiie bouuds of their respective "Provinces.
a'high caste Brahmin, former director
of Oriental research at Kashmir and
once head of the ecclesiastical administration of thu Gaekwar of Baroda.
If is (lie intention of the Hindus to
arrange for a similar pilgrimage to
North Capo each year.
lions:     These lorcsls will bo explored Ihis year. "~ '
Another remarkable discovery was
reported Lo the" institute rrom the
province of Tanh I-loa, Jndo-China,
where several Chinese tombs wero unearthed, but not a single bone found.
Precious objects in bronze and other
metal wore discovered.
Comparison By Total Tonnage
If you have failed to secure relief
from oilier remedies, rub  on lots of ;Only Way to Judge Naval Armaments
good old "Nerviline," Lhe strongr-al,
most penetrating pain relief on Lhe
market. Nerviline acts quickly on
small pains and is the surest to drive
out Lhe big ones. U's because'every
drop of Nerviline rubs in, because it
has tlie aliillly lo sink in deeply that
it drives away pain that ordinary oily
Liniments won't touch. Large 35c
bottles at all dealers.
Are Commercially Valuable
A company with a capital of-nearly
a quarter of a million dollars has been
formed for the purpose of catching
sharks and exploiting them commercially. Sharks yield hide for boots
and shoes, oil, meat, fertilizers, animal
fodder, edible fins for the Chinese
market,'glue, , insulating substances,
dye and polishing materials.
A Condition Due to Watery
Blood ��� Easily Corrected
Through the Use of Dr. Wil-
' 'Ham's Pink Pills.
. Thin, palo girls lack ihe power of
resistance to disease that rich, red
blood gives. Nervous breakdown is
Ihe result of thin blood.     So is in-
'���'"������ But the dweller on the prairies of the West can at small expense obtain 'digestion.1 headaches, backaches and
th greatest of ail changes iii.his environment by speeding his or her holiday in -many other troubles.     Girls suffering
; the jtockics. or joumer a little further, and bask among the .boauliea of Nature j g��� thin, ^^^p}^ ����
along the PacLQc coast, or proceed eastward to the Great Lakes.     People of jKive     ym niilny yearg Dl. wnij.Uus'
t Ontario, and Quebec might well with advantage tn themselves, aud in real ser- ��� pinlt Pills have been a world-famous
Says France
France has proposed to tlie disarmament experts meeting at Geneva
that the only way of comparing the
naval armaments of the various countries is by lotal naval tonnage.
This raises the question of Lhe" "effect adoption of tho French Diesis
would, liave on the 'Washington naval
The significance of tho French-Italian initiative is that both countries
seek liberty lo strengthen their submarine and cruiser forces which they
deem more important to their national defence than battleships. Loth
United States and British delegates
are hoping that the global tonnage
conception will not interfere,.with lhe
Washington accord. They believe
that thc ratios of capital ships ostao-
iished at Washington could remain the
nucleus of such a tonuage programme.
FLIES breed in filth, feed on filth and bring filth
into your home.
Flit spray clears your home in a few minutes of
disease-bearing flies and mosquitoeo. It is clean,
safe and easy to use..
Kills All Household Insects'
Flit spray also destroys bed bugs, roaches and snts. It
searches out the cracks and crevices where they hide and
breed, and destroys insects and their eggs. Spray Flit on
your garmen ts. Flifc kills moths and their larvae which eat
holes. Extensive tests showed that Flit spray did not stain,
the most delicate fabrics. - '
Flit is the result of exhaustive research "by expert entombl-
.   ogists and chemists. It ia harmless.,to mankind. Flit has replaced the old methods because it kills all theinsects���-and
does it quickly. Get' a Flit can and sprayer today.
Distributed in Canada ly JVcd J. Whitlow & Co., Toronto.
Mosquitoes   Moths
Bed Bugs   Roaches
"The yellow can with tho
black band" ..-
Was Decorated For Gallantry
Woman Will Attempt
Flight Across
It Canada lacked' in provuMng-scenes of Nature's beauty, or if these spots
were; few and far bctweeu and therefore difficult and expensive of access,
there wouldbe some 'excuse for Canadians not holidaying at home and learning more of their great Dominion, bul, as already noted, this country takes
French  Actress   Announces   Intention
To Try Trip This Summer'
. Tor years men have been seeking to
locate the North Pole, and now-the
curiosity and itch for publicity has inspired a few of the other sex to dare
the cold of the frozen lands. Miss
Ida Rubenstcin, a French actress, has
announced   her   intention   of   Hying
In New
s to gra timer ior fresh experiences,
and accompanying'MacMiilan's Polar
firsl  effect  is  usually  showu  by an
improved appetite; .then   Lhe   spirits
revive and restlessness- at night gives j pari}'-      Miss  Maude B. Fisher,  the
way to health restoring sleep.     For aspirant  for fame, is a graduate ot
sufferers tiom anaemia, nervousness,
second place.to hone lis a place in which to enjoy Nature at ils best, audi in : general weakness or physical cxhaus
which to recuperate in mind and body, forget one's business worries and re-! tion Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are ares- M""B,' "")
sponsibililies, and restore worn out and jangled nerves. j toratlvc of the utmost value.     This;��" ***.. sa
"' W?��* -yy .    .,������,���    T1 ���    , ������,,  is proved bv the experience of Miss,
-.Canadians, of course, must not be narrow, provincial people.   llie>-should   garah    A   _ MeKacluil.ni  RJl.  No_ 3f|   ��       .
Parnard College, and an athlete. "The
quest for the unknown overshadows
till Miss Fisher.
Women's Empire Settlement
A Story of the War With An Amusing-jCanada's   Supply   of   Educated'!Lady
Workers is Sufficient
The British Commonwealth Union,
after a discussion of thc position of
women's empire .settlement, "have
adopted a 'resolution calling on the
Dominion Governments to employ an
adequate number.of women in salaried""
and voluntary "positions in all schemes
of migration.
' J. Bruce Walker, director of.'Euro-
the . Canadian
that, while
there was no limit to the demand for
women domestic servants in Canada,
he did not advise educated women to
go there, with the .object of entering
professions, as Canada   was   already
���know the world, and to know other countries and peoples it is necessary to
travel. But half the enjoyment and. more than half ot thc advantages to be
derived-from foreign travel is found in first having the fullest possible knowledge of one's own couutry. "See Canada First" is, therefore, not only a tell-
_jng sloganJjiiLgood-advice_to.all._Canadians.
, Four
Pool   to
And while not'disparaging the beauties and exhilaration of Canada's winter,, it is hone the less true that the .summer vacation months offer the best
time in which to visit all parts of he Dominion and learn or its'beaulies, its j
resources, its grandeur, its triuiscendanl possibilities.
Purchases Exceed Sales
Russia BuyslMore From Great Britain
Than She Sells.
The council of ���the';*Rlissb-Bfitish
Chamber of Commerce; has published
figures feuding to show a steady Jn-
cicaso iu trade between.Great Britain
and Russia.       ' ;-7.' ..;���
Tho growlh is given as from ��1.5,-
000,000 in 1322 to ��58,000,000 itv 1925.
The report says.... Russian purchases
fronr Great Britain slightly exceedea
Russian sales in the British market.
The hitler consists almost entirely of
foodstuffs and raw material, while
lhe Riissiaii7 purchases are largely
machinery", tools, .textiles and other,
manufactured goods.   ,
The council points out thai the. en-
lire business has been conducted o.-.
a credit basis and says It is not aw.air
of any case in. which the Russian organizations have failed to carry out
their obligations.
Better Gasoline Promised
May   Mean   Increased   Efficiency   and
Economy   in   Automobile
Increased efficiency and economy In
���  , , ,.���,.., American Farmers Co-operative
Brule, N.S., who says: ���'About three ��� r
years ago I became very weak and
nervous. 1 had pains in my side and i
back. I also had frequent pains iu
Llie back of my head and neck. I
attacks of nervous irritability, and ac
times I was so nervous that life seemed hardly, worth living. " While hi this
condition a friend strongly advised
me to take Mr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I began taking these pills and used .  ,    ..    ���    .,       , _..
them for about two months with thc ;resources into the Southwest Co-oper-
result that there, was such an im- ative Wheat Growers' Association,
provement    in    my    condition    that which will act as the selling agency.
States   Form   Latest
Market Wheat
Thousands   of   farmers ih Kansas,
Oklahoma, Nebraska ancrColoradowiU"
market their 1926 crop co-operatively
this fall and winter.
State selling units_ in these slates
have combined their membership and
-In the debate .in the British Commons; on the abolition of the death
penally for army deserters .lit war
time, Mr. ]t. Morrison told' thb follow
ing experience of a friend of .his (luring the Great War:'
' "While on outpost duty this friend
was the sergeant in command* of a
party of four men who were cut off
without food  or ammunition.     Tliey" pean immigration for
eventually decided to try'to find their Government, pointed put
way into thc German lines..'
'.'On the way thoy 'came face to
face.with a German'N.C.O .and six
men.. Both pari ies'--held up-, their
lianas simultaneously. The German
N.C.O. was able to speak English and' supplying herown needs so far.as-edu-
they discussed whether it'would bc.'cated workers were concerned,
safer for the Germans to surrender to
lho British and for both to try to reach
the British lines or vice-versa, ,'
"As the British artillery barrage was
the more severe, they eventually decided to try to reach the British lines.
They were successful, and Sir. INtor-
rison concluded by   announcing
Dust Causes Asthma. Even a littlo ���
speck-too-small to see will lead to
agonies which no words can describe.
The walls of the breathing tubes con- -
tract and it seems as if tho very life
must pass. I'rom this condition Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy brings
._ w...     thac!-tlle-user- (o Per-fect resl-     ** relieves
Wv" "".  "" '""'. """"""���-""'   -   '   'tjj0 passages and normal breathing is
his friend was eventually decorated for ( flrm*y 0^tablls'hcd dgain.     Hundreds / '
his-gallantry-in-retalning-h Is-posl-andyof    testimonials ���received    annually
capturing a  German N.C.O.  and. six prove its effectiveness,
men."    ' ��� -   ' :.
Somewhere in this story there is ��
moral.���Prom "fttie Passing -World,"
in the Free Press.
The organization has taken over the
sales eauipment of the Kansas pool,
which  includes a 400,000-bushel tor-
automobile operation are, forecast by^beneftl it may be to some other suf-
government experts as the result ot ferer." "
r   .        .      ���   ,    ,,,.      ,     M.   <_.    ��� You can got these-pills from any
recent  motor  fuel  studies  by  1.  S. m^\*\���   dealer   or   by mail at 50
cpnts  a box from The -Dr. AVllliams
Sligh, of lhc U.S. bureau of standards.
The .simplicity of the Sligh test i.s
claimed to make it possible for refinery supervisors, hy an.easy graduation of oils under refinement, to produce without elaborate .manipulation
and increased expense, a "standard"
gasbline ''meeting the specifications
and giving ilie public more efficient,
uniform, dependable gas" without Increase in price.
friends would ask me what f was taking, 'and I was only too glad to tell
them it was Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I am now imjoying good health and
am glad to give this statement for the niinal elevator in Leavenworth and another of 1,000,000 bushels at Kansas
It ls planned to obtain  control of
Medicine Co,, Brockville, Out.
Statistics enable ' a
anything except the'
man to prove
truth   of   the
Bee Stings.
Minard's eases fhe pain and reduces the swelling caused by
stings and insect bites. Keep
it handy.,
Recuperative Powers Of Fish
Solid .By Liquid
Revive In Water .
An audience iu New York was treated the other night to an exhibition of
the recuperative power of fish under
injury by extreme cold. Professor
Estabrook, of City College, transferred
from a bowl of water into a jar of
liquid air, two goldfish. Upon removing them frozen, one was shattered into brittle fragments liy a hammer.
The other, returned to the water, soon
swam about naturally.
Poland Not Leaving League
Reports in Geneva that Poland was
considering withdrawing from the
League ,of Nations unless, her demaild
for a'permanent seat in the League
Council is satisfied, were denied by
Augustc Zeleski, foreign minister.
Will Attack Icebergs
Professor Damps, of JMcGIU University, has left Montreal for Newfoundland, where lie will conduct experiments in attacking icebergs with thermite. Prof. Barnes, last winter worked wiih therm!Ie on the Allegheny
River blockade.
"���*-      Thousands of Them
Tho hot weather is very hard on
babies starting to cut thaii tcfth.
On tho first sign of any loosonosa of
.the bowels the mother should giva
a few doses of"
wheat, store it in the terminal elevators and slowly feed it into the market. ' .       "
. Miller's Worm Powders, act'mildly
and without injury to the child, and
there can be no doubt of their (teadly
effect upon, worms. They have been
in successful use for a long time and
are recognized as a leading preparation for tho purpose. They have proved their power in numberless cases
and have given relief to many children,
who, but for the good ofiices of this
compound, would havo continued weak
and enfeebled.   .
Whether tjie corn be old or now
growth, it must yield to Holloway's
Corn Remover.
Netted Small Fortune
���Judgment Creditor (at tho"
County Court): Tho .defendant
a dyeing business..
Defendant: A dyeing business?     I
did have, but it is "dead.
Plan Gas Attack Memorial
, .Survivors of the first gas attack by
Germany on the Yser front, April 22,
'1515, have taken steps .that a monument be-erected to. those who. wero ,
killed.by-the .stifling fumes. ..Tho
Duchess of Vendomo.heads a committee which has started the collection ol
funds for.the monument.
"My client,is not mentally normal.
The fact that lie murdered lilswife  ���
is partly a proof pf;lhat, but the fact
that he married again" is conclusive." "
Minard's Liniment for all pains
. Of nil. the disagreeable fads known
to mankind, tho.bill-colIecUiig.fad Ib
about-lhe worst. .
Some men are willing to pay cash
for everything except their debts.
/'  This will quickly offset the aiarrfiffl*,
Tomiting  and purging',  and, perhapa
eave the baby's life.
Put up only ly The T.'Milburn Co*
Man   Repaired   Flag   Poles   In  South
Africa Preceding Visit of Prince
Hubert KirklaAd, a South African,
foijnd his profession of steeplejack at
a discount when the Prince of Wales
decided, to visit South Africa in 1921.
Kirkland seized the idea of touring
the provinces according to tho Prince's
itinerary, repairing flagstaffs, adjusting-pulleys, threading new ropes and
mending bifntlng. Ho kept a good
three months ahead of the Prince, returned to Durban with a sniall fortune
and. determined to make holiday.
He has now arrived in London from
America after holidaying profitably
ancl leisurely in Australia and New
Zealand, the Pacific Islands, India, the
Straits Settlements and Canada. Kirkland would only smile shrewdly when
asked, what, his flagpole work netted
Even if ��� the meek do inherit the
earth-in-accordance, with the ancient
prophesy, they'll still have the traffic
cops to contend with.
Minard's Liniment for Sore Peet
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
.Castoria is  especially prepared to relieve Infants in
arms arid Children all ages of
Constipation, Flatulency, Wind
Colic   and   Diarrhea;   allaying
! -Fevcrishness arising therefrom, and, by-regulating/the Stomach
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep.
" To avoid imitations, always look for the. signature of 0��iJeyAy-&��j&A/.
Absolutely Harmless-No Opiates. .Physicians everywhere recommend &
o il
This 18 it���Darken the room as much as possible, close the
windows, raise one of ihe blinds where the sun shines in, about
eight inches, place as many Wilson's Fly Puds as possible on
plates (properly wetted with -water but not flooded) on the
window ledge where the light is strong, leave the ro.om closed
for two or three hours, then sweep up the ff ies.and burn them.
See illustration below, x
Put the plates away out of the reach ol children until required in another zoom..
The Story Of    .
The America Cup
Originally Won At Cowes Way Back
In 1851
The hope of Sir Thomas Liplon will
win the'America Clip'in 1927,'may be
realized with the aid of a now yacht,
Shamrock V:; which"1'he 'intends to
build. The cup was originally won
at Cowes from a fleet.of.English racing craft in 1851, .by the sclioner
America, sent over from the United
States, and was presented by the Royal
.Yacht Squadron to "the owner, Commodore J. C. Stevens..' , Queen Victoria on the royal yacht was an
anxious spectator of ��� this first race,
and thb replies ol .her signalmaster
"America first," and--"Vour Majesty,
there is no second," and so on, becjiinc
legandary in the United Slates. The
commodore and his associates, .who
laler presented the cup to.the New
York Xaeht Club,' to be a'perpeUml
tiophy for internalional racing could
never in their wiklost dreams have
figured' that fortunes would be spent
over the now battered old piece of
silverware. . Lord Dimi'jiven challenged jon two occasions. Hie yacht,
Valkyrie III., lost to the Defender .in
the first race, and al. llie start or tlie
second,race au excursiou steamer interfered witli the manoeuvres of tho
two yachts as thcy crossed the starting line. As a result, the ' vessels,
fouled oue another, and the Defender's
topmaster was carried away. The race
was continued, howrevor, ,and the Valkyrie won, but was disqualified.. Lord
Dunraven amusingly describes in his
serio-comic storm thai .was raised.
"Thc London Slock Exchange cabled
New York that Ihey hoped, when war
was declared, excursion steamers
would hot get in the'way of rheBritisn
fleet; and the New York Slock Exchange replied Lhat;"In the .interests
of a fair fight they hoped Uritish warships ^ would, be belter than British
.yachts!" ' Lord Dunraven"'was angry
Two More Cases of Feminine 111-'
ness Relieved' by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound _
Earrington, N. S.���"I had terrible
feelings, headaches, back, and side
aches and pains all over my body. 1
would have to go to bed every month'
and nothing would do me good. My
husband and my father did my work
for me as I have two children,and
wc have(]uite a big place. I read in
the paper about Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and then got a
little book about it through the mail,
and my husband sent ib Eaton's and
got me a bottle, ancl thentwe got
more from the store.; ; I am' feeling
fine now and do all my.work'and am
able to go out around more. I tell my
friends it' is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that makes me feel
so well. "���Mrs. Victor Richardson,
Barrington, Nova Scotia. -"
Dull Pains in Back
St. Thomas, Ont���"I took four
bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and found great relief from tne dull, heavy pains in the
small'of my back, and ,the weakness
from which I suffered for five years
after'my boy was born. After taking
the Vegetable Compound and using
Lydia E. Einkham's Sanative Wasli I
am feeling better than I have for the
past -seven . years,_land advise my
friends to take it."���Ers. F. Johnson,
49 Moore Street, St. Thomas, Ont 0
al, the treatment he had received in
thc second race for thc America Cup,
and when" the third race came Lo' be
sailed he retired. ��� The- Calgary
Herald.       , ���   ���* .
People Learning To
Appreciate Good Music
Radio Has Brought ,the Best Into
Thousands of Homes
It is called the age ol* jazz. Old-
rashioned"people describe its musical
tasLes as hopeless. It, dances to
semi-barbarian rhythms and delights
in "songs which mean nothing and
songs which mean'too much.
But is lhe situation really as bad as
all Lhat?
There is'more good mu_.ic listened
to'today thau .ever before.in lhe history .of-"tho world. There is "more
good music appreciated- today than
ever before in the history of ihe world;.
The phonograph* and the radio has
brought the "finest music, rendered by
lhe finest artists, into-homes where
such music would olherwlse have bepa
unknown. In;slill other homes, ~n
would have been kno^n, bul in no sucn
quantity and in no such qualily of rendition,
When people say that (he world is
flooded with bad books'and. bad "music,"
il is well to remember that it is also
flooded with good books and good
music, and that the good of each class
is appreciated by a growiiig'niiiltiluile.
Developing Individuality
Majority  Should   Not  Be  Allowed  to
Standardize Any One Type
W.   N.   V.   1C3R
One of tlitTweaknesses of democracy
is the tendency to standardize thought,
speech, manners and morals, conforming them to,the type favored by the
majority. In a democracy there is
always danger of the tyranny of majorities. That is why it is essential
to liberty and progress to safeguard
the rights of minorities.
This fact seems to be realized by
Hisliop Francis J. McConnell, of thc
Americanl-Methodist-Episcopal Church.
Iri'an address to a national gathering
of social workers af Cleveland hc
stressed -ithe desirability of encouraging the development of individuality.
To this end it is, ho said, necessary t.o
have "free talk; liberty fo all,;, privilege Lo none, and no llatleiiin'g out of
public opinion by any act, organization or class by a steam roller process."
Freedom for the individual 1o develop in his own way, and not in
thu way oilier people want���only tints
can thp chief danger .of'democracy he
avoldcd.-7-Hamilton Herald. ' ,
Some Peculiar Titles
Three Bestowed On Negro Emperor
l On Favorite Subject
Among the whimsical titles which
appear on the pages of national history; few aro juoro apparently, frivolous than the Duke of Marmalade, the
Count of Lemonade, and the Earl of
Brandy. Tliey are, or were, however,
real titles bestowed by a genuine monarch bn three favorites during the last
century. In JSll a revolution occurred
in Hayti, and Christophe, a negro, declared, himself emperor./��� Through
conspiracy and plot he retained power
until 1S20, preserving to the last Uie
appearance of a royal court, and creating numerous nobility. - Among thegt
were the three mentioned; and far
from being, instances of the frivolity
of the African character, they were
names of places, the first two being
originally ^plantations,' but latterly
to^vns of some importance.
Flag-VVaving  Complex
Automobile     Association
Issues   Statement   to'   Intending
Tourists Visiting Canada  .
As a result of investigation following representations froni oflicial
sources,, fhe American Automobile As-
social ion'lias broadcast'-a strong warning against the practice ol* indiscrim-'
Inule waving of the'Stars, and .Stripes
from United States "tourists' automobile.-; in Canada.
This practice, the national motor-
ing body asserted, has,, caused need-
ess irritation, hurt Canadian sensibilities and has already resulted in some
untoward incidents. Canadian ollicials, said, the statement, whilo desir
otis in every way of proniolingunlei-
nalional tourist tratlic, oven lo the
cvien_ of being less strict in the' case
of United Stales tourists, are nevertheless apprehensive over the flag-
waving complex of visiting Americans.
Commenting on the situation, the
A.A.A. urged car owners either to
abstain from displaying (he . flag
while in Canada or to carry ihe
Stars aud Stripes aud the Union Jack
in conjunction.   ,
The statement concludes:  <������'
"Failure'on the pari'of tourists to
hee'd this warning will In all probability lead lo a stricter customs
regulation on both sides of Uie border.
This would bo a highly undesirable
outcome because it would delay traflic
and increase congestion at important
points of e:dL and entry."
��}, ���
Had AH the Attachments
113 aM your
Motorist Effected ��� Big Saving With
New Fangled Devices
The story is going the rounds to the
effect that a certain auloniobile owner installed a new fangled carbureter
that was guaranteed to save twenty per
cent in gas. ,He then bought special'
spark plugs that were guaranteed to
save twenty per cent, of the same
precious.-fluid, and an-intake superheater that was guaranteed to save
another twenty-per. cent. Ife .next
,pul in a patented rear axle with a
guarantee of a twenty per cent, saving, and retired with a .now brand of
I ires that promised a twenly per cent?
saving in gas consumption. - Finally,
he drained his crank case and refilled
it. with a new oil ^guaranteed lo iu-
crease his mileage twenly per cent.
Now, with a fuel economy of oiiejum-
dred aud twenty per -cent... the owner
has to stop every hundred miles and
bail out lhe gas Lank to. keep it from
running over.���The Outlook,
Symbolism Of Keys.
People  Using   Key  Have  No  Idea
Historical Significance
That's leeway
to assure
Made in Canada
��� J/o Jllum
Chinese Believe Bones
Have Medicinal Value
Ground Fossilized Bones Mixed With
Grease Bring Fabulous Prices
The search in Asia by (lie expedition of lho American Museum of Natural History and the Field Museum of
Chicago under the leadership of Hoy
[Chapman Andrews in Ihe hope of finding the cradle of man. has led, through
a strange coincidence, to competition
with an old established Chinese business. Not that the competition endangers a native industry, ' for (he
bone supply is as plentiful as the
number of persons who have faith In
the medical value of powdered fossilized bones.
..Dragon bones, so-called, are found
in many parts of China, but it is
only'in Llie province of Szecliwan that
scientists have come into competition
wiih,the industry, and then only in
small degree, and in tho vicinity of
the Yang-tze gorges, now becoming so
well-known to tourists who have the
leisure to make a 1,200-mile water
trip inlaiul.Jroni the sea. Thc dragon
bones bring $6 a hundred pounds, but
under imaginative names ancl legend or
Gradually Clearing Scapa Flow
Cruiser Hindenburg When Sciapped
Will More Than Pay Salvage Cost
Sunk by her crow at Scapa Flow-
over six years ago, rhe Gorman cruisei
Iliudenburg will be afloat again in a
few months. How is it to be done,
ancl what will happen Ihen?
Already Iwenly-one smaller warships have been brought lo the surface by means or wires passed under
I hem from /loafing docks, but the Hindenburg, with a tonnage of 27,000. is
much too heavy for that. She Is to_|
be made to rise of her own accord by
having the waler pumped out of her.
To do this all her pen tholes and all
lho eight "sea cocks"' Lho Gi-ruuins
opened to sink hu-r, will have lo be
covered with pal dies of concrete or
sleol. To pro I at Ihe sea cocks, whicli
are round holes in her hull, two foot
across, it will be necessary lo make
tunnels in the sea bed on which she
lies and fo scrape away the barnacles
and se.aweed that cover her bottom.
All-this will take twelve clivers six
months, but when they have done forty
pumps will pump out some thing like
150,000 tons or waler in twelve hous-s,
and the THudonburg will then slowly
rise to tho surface.
And what then? She will be run
aground and broken up foi- scrap, Ihe
value or which will bo more than worth
thc cost. After-that the remaining
big ships will bo raised, at the rale .of
two a year, till Scapa Flow is clear of
irtiniiiwiri miniiiiii i m
Little Helps For This Week
For Either the Newborn Babe or
the Growing Child
There is no otlier medicine to equal
Ifcibys Own Tablets for'little ones���
whether it be for Lhe newborn 'babe
or tho growing ^hild Lhe Tablets always do good. They are absolutely
free from opiates or other harmful
drugs and the mother can alwavs feel
sale in using them.      x
Concerning the TabloLs, Mrs. John
Armour. K.ll . 3, South Monaghan,
Onf., says:���"AVe have three flue
healthy children, to whom, when a
medicine Is needed we have given
only Baby's Own Tablels. The'Tali-
lets aro -the best medicine you can
keep ln any home where  there arc
cures, brings their weight in gold lri!yo,u,nF chil(lren-"
the apothecary shops after thev lm-J_,       y? ?Vn |rab,ets are a mild but
j .iiiys cuui me\ mue thorough laxative which reniilaiP fli_��
been   ground   t.o   powder and mixed stomacl* and bowels;    baSSicUif
with grease cy   a   mile, phosphate. Palion and indigestion; break up colds
Dragon bono'medicine is a cure-rot-  antl simPle fove!r and make teething
all in China aud is a story in itself      I S_   Vl% a?\ sol(1 ,b>* ��� mediclne
J      jibui.      (dealers or direct bv mall at 25 cents
;a box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.. Brockville, Ont.
Interesting  Variety   Of  Plants
Seed is Sent to Kew Gardens, England,
, From Explorers in Differen-t Parts
Of the World
Most of us, when we use a hitchkev I .'" .^. K*" t Cttrt,����.  K^'ul.  a
in entering a house,'havc no thought j ]���   ' ���V       ^ 8r0TO
of the historical significance .of tlie action. Yet the latchkey has a symbolism entirely .its own. Examine the
images of the Egyplion deities in fhe
British Museum and you will notice in
.lie hands of some of them a cross
with a circular handle.     It represents
[lhWAIikh, or key of life, one of the
oldest of all religious symbols, denoting the power to open aud-'close the
doors to heaven. The key had a
magical meaning for thc Greeks and
Romans. Their gods, were often given the ti tie of Keybearer, as, for example. Janus, the. god of gates, who
was supposed' to unlock the doors of
war and peace. In early Christian
history the.symbol of the key was associated with St. Peter, with his two
keys of gold and iron.
What Bill Said
An old maid who lived in a London
suburb was shocked at the language
used, by the men repairing the' telephone wires, near her house.,
She .wrote to the company about Jt,
and the foreman was asked to reporr.
This he did in (ho following way:
"Me and Bill Fairweather wore on
this job.' I was up the telephone pole,
and accidentally let, the hot lead fall
upon BilL . If went down his neck.
Then he said, 'You really must ho
more careful, Harry.'"���The Outlook.
seed sent home by~ox]>lorers in
Had A Real Grievance
Train Being Late Extended Length Of
Sunday Sermon
The  railroad  superintendent,  after
beckoning his visitor Lo a chair, in-
_ Cause me (o know the way wherein
1 should, walk.���Ks. cxliii., S. '-
Then a voice within his breast
Whispered audible and clear,
.As if to the'outward ear,
"Do thy duty, that is besl,
Leave tmlo thy Lord Ihe rest."
���Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Keep close to duty. Never mind
the fuuire, if only you have peace of
conscience; if vou.feel yourself reconciled, and in harmony wiih tho order
of Ihings. Be what-you ought to be;
the rest is God's affair, it is for Hiin
Lo know what Is best.
���Henri FrecLeric Amiel.'
Lot us sland by our duly, fearlessly
and effectively.
���Abraham Lincoln.
For Both House and Stable.���There
is a good deal of similarity, phvsically
speaking, between human beings and
the lower animals. ' Bolh are subject
to many ailments arising from inflammation and to all manner ot cuts and
bruises. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
is an entirely reliable remedv for such
ailments and mishaps In both human-
beings and the lower orders of animals-'
Livestock Improvement^ Train
different part's of the world.   ' There jTlled llim ,0 ouUlno llJs complaint.   "I
are yellow and. purple irises found by
the botanisl with llie Mount Forest
Expedition; blue poppies sent home
from Tibet by Mr. ICIngdon TYiird, who
wish you would tell  the engineer on
the express that passes through Bird
Centre to o.ult whistling Sunday mornings just before noon," said the visitor.
Demonstration     Car,     Lecture     and
Motion Picture Car to Tour
Under the auspices of the Provincial
Department of Agriculture, the Cattle
Breeders'   Association,    Moose    Javfc
Livestock Exchange and the Canadian
Pacific Railway, a livestock improvement   train   .will   he operated in the
province of Saskatchewan for the fifth
season.     The train will -consist   of
eight cars, three of pure-bred bulls,
one of butcher steers, .one of dairy
cattle, one demonstration car and oue
lecture and" motion picture car.     The,
i sale,of good sires is the principal object of tho train, but lectures and motion pictures will be provided for educational purposes.
recently relumed from a year ol plant "that's impossible,"  replied  Lho ofll-
exploring_with-Lord-Ciiwdor,-a-yellowcijl1- -W-hy^do-you- make���such���a"
saxlfraga sent by Mr. Forest, ilie-plant strange' request?" "Well, you see,"
explorer, who is now in China, aud explained the visitor, "our minister
new gentians from the collection of loaches until he hears the whistle
Beacon Lights Scare Coyotes
Sheepmen of Unitah' county, Utah,
say the new beacon lights on the airway of the transcontinental mail route
have frightened away the herdsmen's
eternal eneinyr-tho'cojoto/ '
The thinnest man we have heard
of was the person who, when he drank
grape-juice, people mistook him for a
Mr. Kock, the American plant explorer, who is not long back from exploring
the northern part of .Western China.
Tliere are also numerous new primulas
sent by all the explorers, but as 1liey
are found growing at an altitude of
10,000 ft. to 15,000.ft., they do not all
like the English climate.
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism
Designer of Norge Honored
Col. Umlicrto Nobile, who designed
the dirigible- Norge and piloted It
across the North' Pole from Etiropo to
Alaska, has been made a general of
Iho Italian air servido iu command of
all its operations.
The musician who plays by nolo has
lo face the music.
No Time fo Hunt
For a Doctor when seized with   *
Cramps, Colic  or Diarrhoea.
Get safe and quick relief from
Chamberlain's Colic &
Diarrhoea Remedy .
Wo. 1 (of BladAir C��t��rrh. Mo. 9 for Blood *
SklcDlHaMs, Mo.aforc;._ronlaWaKkB��u*a
���old br loidlng CmuiiTS, or nlura bi__.II Irota
Why Suffer With
Itching Rashes
When a' -warm bath with
Cuticura Soap and application of Cuticura Ointment
will afford immediate relief ahd
point to permanent skin health
in most cases when all else fails.
Dapob ���8U__lon^^l*4,llo^_tr���lll.��� Prie_L.go��B
SLLmtant SS and SOe. Talcum 2So.
Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
blow, and your train was twenty minutes late last Sunday."
Many mothers havc reason lo bless
Brother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because if has relieved the little ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
Detecting Crimes By Dust
Clever. Detective Resorts to Use of
Vacuum Cleaner
; Probably the "cleverest, living detcc-
tive Is Professor 'Locard ",of Lyons,
whose feats are the wonder of all Europe, Many of thorn, curiously enough,'
have been performed with Lhe help of
a vacuum cleaner, with which he
draws specks of duet, etc., from tho
clothing of suspected persons; and
these microscopic cluos have already
sent dozens of murderers to the guillotine.
Ricksha Pulling Hard Work
Men Following This Occupation Wear
' . Out In Five Years
Sociologists looking. Into the question Jn Pekin, China, have determined
that the business career of those furnishing the. motive power for the man-
drawn risksha is only live years. Sucn
is the endurance period of the arduous
work. In and out of employment
there a re Trom . 40,000 to 50,000 risksha
men in the 'metropolitan district.
Street cars are slow to gain popularity.
' Good Measure
Mr. John Roberts went to Kansas
City last week ..-with a carload of
hogs. Several of his neighbors went
in together to fill up the car.
Many a poor woman who. works
sixteen hours a day has a husband
Avho growls about how much it costs
him to support her.
Minard's Liniment,for Burns
'I  '
For Rheumatic Pains.���The pains
and aches of Sciatica and Rheumatism
should bo treated with Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oilr-^Tho-soolhing\and-lieal"-
ing properties of this famous remedv
have been demonstrated for fifty years.
Use It also for inflammatory pains,
cuts, scratches, bruises and 'sprains,
either in human beings or lhe lower
Go|d Finder Died Poor
Afler making aud- losing several'fortunes, James Marshall, who was first
to discover gold in California, died ln
poverty" and solitude in a lonely cabin
close Lo Lhe spot where ho made his
epochal discovery of gold 37 years before.
You can almost see tho cracks in the
voice of some people when they attempt to sing.
a Book o��
Reeipes for
Delicious Salads,
Egg Dishes,
Cheese Dishes,
Pickles and
Write for a copy-*
mailed Free.
Colman-Keen (Canada) Limited, DepL ]9S
1000 Amherst St* Montreal.
:il V
^-yiigininw m-wiy y^y^a***
��� rin i i if   w nrnf  ntww^���w>
The system'' of distribution of prenatal literature recently arranged by
the Child Hygiene Section of the
Canadian Council on Child Welfare,
and the Provincial Health Departments of the various provinces has
proved, extremely successful. Upon
application to the Provincial Departments of Health or to the Canadian
Council on Child Welfare at. Ottawa,
a series of pre-natal letters is forwarded regularly, free of charge. Ap-
lications have Heen received from
scattered outposts, far in""the interior of the provinces, scores of miles,
from the railways and miles from a
post office. Otlier applications come
from tiie large centres-of population
with well established health services,
where doctors or nurces have advised their patients to avail themselves
of the excellent information available in these letters.
The letters have been prepared by
an especially well qualified committee of medical men, and were distributed only after consultation with
the Provincial Departments of Health.
They are-designed to contribute to
the superb effort the Canadian people
are making to reduce tbeir Th fanI.
���and maternal morality rate and to
improve the whole average of infant
health across the Dominion by carrying pre-natal advice and information
to the expectant mother in'the home.
A letter Lo the Provincial Department of Health of your own province
or to the Canadian Council on Child
Welfare, Plaza Building, Ottawa, will
bring the letter service free.
Six feet of highgrade silver ore
which is expected to run well up to
$500 to the Ion has-just been uncovered in a new strike made in the Rob
Roy claim of the Sally group on Wallace Mountain and the Beaverdell
camp is bubbling with optimism.
Last August the Gugginheims took
an option for $500,000 on Llie Sally
group from the Wallace Mines Limited and carried on some development
work for about* six * months.' After
shipping several cars of ore they
threw up their option libo'iit three
months ago. This liad the general
effect of a black eye on the Beaverdell camp, although Duncan Mcintosh
continued to roll up substant.iiil dividends on an adjoining property. 13.
Nordman and his three sons, tlio
principal owners, were disappointed
at the action of the Federal interests
but gritted their teeth and started
exploratory work more.*. determined
than ever and are being warmly congratulated on what is generally regarded as the biggest find which has
been made on the Sally group, although a shipper,,for 20 years.
The Rob Roy claim, on.which the'
strike was made, lies between the
Sally and the Bell, , Duncan .Mcintosh's famous tennis court, shipper.
If. was found as a result of tlie development, scheme outlined by the
Nordmans and which had not been
followed by the Federal people.���
Grand  Porks  Gazette.'
"��� Earnings statement issued recently
by the Canadian National Railways
shows an increase of $2,S2G,425.5G or
706.71 per cent, in net earnings for
May as compared with the same
month of last year and an increase
of $8,740,SG0.91 or 209.3S per cent, for
the five months period ' since tha
first of the year as 'compared with
the same period of 1925.
' Gross earnings for The month of.
May, 192G, were' $22;183,S04 as against
$18,245,738 for May -1925, an increase
of $3,937,560, or 21.58 per cent. Working expences were .$18,956,938.67.''in
May 1926 against $17,845,798,23" in
May 1925, an increase of $1,111,140.44
or 6.23 pei- cent. Net. earnings'Tor
the month' were '.$3,226,365.33 as
against * $399,939.77 for May of last
year, an increase of $2,S2G,425.GG, or
706.71 per cent. The operating ratio
for May 1926 was S5.46 -per cent, as
compared with 97.81 per cent, in the
same month of last year.
Announcement, is made of the opening by lhe Canadian National Railways of a.steamship service between.
Kelowna and Penticton on the Okanagan lake.', A'" new" steamship, the
Penlowiia, will make two trips each
way daily, except, Sunday, starting
July I.5.7 This extends, the passenger
service which was'put into operation
with the completion' some months
ago of Lhe new Canadian National
line between Kamloops and JCelowna.
and gives a complete service from
Penticton connecting "with the Continental Limited east and west from
Presence of Mind
A motor-bus crashed into the Glasgow Savings Bank, in Glasgow, not
long ago, going half-way through, the
front of .lhe building. Several.of the
passengers were pitched through the
bus window into lhe bank, and one
of these found himself catapulted on
to. a broad ledge beside a telephone.
He calmly lifted the receiver and
telephoned to his employer that he
would be delayed, as lie was in a
bus  accident.     ���*"' 5.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
The ^roiinsou dog named Rupert
was run over by an ,auto a few days
ago. It was taken lo Grand Forks
to'the. Vet. hut nothing could be done
and, it was put out ol misery, by
chloroform. Rupert, was a local favorite and will he missed by the dog
See Our Special
Special Soap
for $1.50
A Big Value
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Place your orders for
Apricots for Preserving
We handle the very best
McMynn's Store
Midway, BC.
Jasper,'Lhe world's largest national
park is to provide the setting for one
of the great moving picture epics of
(he year.0 "The Country Beyond", an
adaptation of the story of "that' n'airia
by James Oliver Curwood, which'ishe
ing produced by the Fox Film cor-,
poratioh under the personal direction
of Mr. Irving Cummiiigs. The ^caste,
���which.is a notable one, includes such
stars as Olive Borden, J. FarreHMac-
Donald, Rulph Graves, Fred Kehler,
and Lawford Dayidcon, as well as a
number pf others of outstanding
Xj x     Clearing Streams^
TAKE   NOTICE   that W.   E.    McArthur, (Whose   address is   Midway.
B.C., will apply for a licence to use
the waters of the  Kettle River and
"West. Fork of Kettle River for "Clearing-streams"   purpose   (i.e.,    clearing
���and   improving  (die  stream   for   the
driving, booming, or railing of logs).
The  points  on   fhe  stream  between
which   it   is   proposed  lo  clear  are
from Midway to East'Fork on Keltle
River and from Westbridge to Carmi
on West Fork of Kettle River.   The
estimated  mileage  between  the said
The Icrm propos-
is 20 years.   This
notice Was posted on Ihe ground on
the 5th  day of July, 192G.    A ccfpy
of this nolice and an application pin-
siiant thereto and Lo Llie "Water Act,
1914,"  will- be  Wert  in the  office of
the''Water Recorder at Grand Forks..
"Objections to thc application may he
filed with the  said Water  Recorder
or with  the  Comptroller of    Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings,��� Victoria
B.C., within thirty days after the iirst
appearance of this notice in a local
"   W. E. McARTHUR, Applicant.
The date of the first publication of
Ihis notice is July Sth, 192G.
points is 7.r> miles,
cd for the licence
No Wonder Canadians are Handsome
Canadian men and women owe then good looks and
beauty to their-country, says Pen Chtihg Fann,
of Shanghai, alias Paul C. Fann, of Montreal, who
believes that environment ��� is the chief factor in the
evolution of the ���human.-'species:..,.On-the whole, this
yourfg;;Chinese philosopher thinks, Canadians considered collectivelyn are much better than the Chinese
because, of their association with more beautiful surroundings.
"This is a very old theory," said. Mr. .Fann in a
recent'interview, "and a v-ary well-founded one." He
pointed out the fact that-the inhabitants of the vast
barren areas of China were an ugly people, while a
native of the Province of Kiangsu, the most fertile
and beautiful of Chinese provinces, could be recognized anywhere for their great beauty.
"Make your country beautiful,-and the rest will
take care of itself."���that, is Mr. Fann's recipe for
good looks. Canadians, he says, have carried out this
theory unconsciously with the result that their country
has not only great natural beauty, but many fine
cities, and thousands of acres of beautiful farm land.
The Capadian Pacific Railway, with which Mr. Fann
has been associated for the past two and a half years
lias played a great part in beautifying Canada he
says, as well as assisting in the country's development
in many other ways.
Paul C. Fann, as he is known-in Montreal is a
graduate;of Chinese universities, the son of a Mandarin, and just 26 years old. For two ami a half
years,; und��r_ an "'arrangement between,, the Governments of China and Canada, he has been making a
study of the. Canadian.Pacific Railway System with
the idea of acquiring practical knowledge that he
hopes to apply to the railroad problems of his own
country. He and several other young Chinese students arrived in Montreal in December 1923, and since
his stay in Montreal, Mr. Fann has-been employed in
the Angus shops and various departments of the
Railway in Windsor Street Station, Montreal. He'
has also been a student at McGill university, where
he took an M.Sc. degree, and is at present vvorkine
for the degree of M.A., which he hopes to receive in
the Fall, before returning to;China in October. Mr.'
Fann leaves the Canadian Pacific Railway Company
at the end of this month and will travel through
Canada during the summer. The building in the
photograph is.the Windsor Street Station. Montreal,
where Mr. Fann received most of his Canadian Pacific
railway traininir.
rr.       Greenwood
When Needing Repair
Work on any make of
Car try Our Service.
JOHN R. MOOYBOER, Proprietor TELEPHONE  24    ��
'iiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH  iiiiiiiiiiil
Vacant, unreserved, aurveyed
Crown lands may be pro-emptcd by
British subjects over 18 yeara of ago,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British-subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions lfl
given ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies oi
which can be obtained free of charg*
by addressing -the Department ol
Lands. Victoria, B.C.. or to any Government Agent.
Kecords will bo granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which la not timber-
land, I.e.. carrying over 8,000 board
feet per aero west of the Coast Rang*
and 5,000 feet per.acre east ol that
Applications for pre-emptions ax��
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division. In which the land applied for
Is situated, and are made on prlnjed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must ba oocupled for
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, "Including
clearing'and cultivating: at least five
acres, before a Crown .Grant can b-��
received. :
For more detailed Information se��
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land Ib
$5 por acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands is given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including * paym��nt ol
Unsurvoyed areas, not exoeedlng %%
acres, may be leased as homesltea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected ln tho first year, Utl* being
obtainable after residenoo aad Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For grazing and industrial put*!.
"poses area8_not"exc����ding-84��-ft��f'��i -
may be leased by one person or ��
company.       _"._,,'...a
Under the Grazing Act the Pwj-j
irice is divided Into grazing dletrloto
and the range administered under %���
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits aro issued baaed ou1
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owner*
may form associations for r*W,
management. Free, or partly tw^
permit* are available. for' eettlwjJ
campers afiA tcurellera, up to tew
bead. '
How Many Letters
Do You Owe?
Are the unanswered letters piling up on you? Are you
wondering what your friends think of your delay In writing to them? A long-distance telephone call will make
things right again. Your friends will appreciate a chat
by wire, and you will enjoy it, too. The night rates after
S.30 p.m. are advantaneous for social conversations.
n   EL  Ln.  V V
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced 'Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, ���$77,GG3104f��, Lode Gold
$122,808,459; Silver, $74,111,397; Lead, $89,218,907; Copper, $197,C42,G47;
Zinc, $39,925,947; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc. $44,905,88G; muking its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show an
^ Aggregate Value of $920,919,628   .
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of   any   other '  ���
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire. '    "M.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal fees.     -��� "W
Absolute Titles are obtained hy developing such properties, ,the security of  which is  guaranteed
hy Crown Grants. ' '  ���-_,
Full information  together with Mining Reports and Maps, may he obtained gratis by. addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia,
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described" in some'one ��f The Annual' Reports of, the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C.' Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on ��� application. Reports of-the Geo-,
logical Survey of Canada,11 "Winch. Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. |   ,'    <i


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