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The Greenwood Ledge May 19, 1927

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Array ���;;*;?-'fe5S__*j-*aS
Provincial Library
VOL. 1
No. 42
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
2 Ellen Trounson's Store {>
your Motor Oil from.us  I iHxxxKKKXXXXXx
and Save Money
We carry
Aristo, Castrol, Motoreze, and Mobil Oils
in the right weight for your motor
JS New Spring Millinery
J? Is on Display
*J*J In latest styles and colors
^ Prices. Reasonable
*J  also	
ji Lovely Flowers
j_\. HatTrimmings or Ball Dresses
w Mew Canvas Shoes
hrf for'men, boys and children
���b^ Call and inspect our goods
Union Ethyl Gas in Drums
for quality and value order from Phone 46
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident 4 Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Auctioneer        ^.
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Spring Housecleaning
We have a complete stock
For a Suggestion
Look at our Windows
Phone 17
���Here Comes Harry!
Harry Langdon
oue of tlie world's '���'greatest '���comedians
Under New Management
First-Class Dining Room in Connection
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
If laughs were worth a dollar
it would cost you a million to see
"Tramp, Tramp, Tramp." His
laughs are worth a million but
it' won't. cost you a dollar.
y That's the way Langdon does -.' '
things.   Our Harry.
._ 7. reels that sp'ns laughs,so fast \s
���you think it's the first reel when it's
really the last
J. H. Goodeve
All Meat kept on Ice
during the hot weather
Head Cheese 15c.   Sausage 25c
Home Fed Bacon, sliced, 30c to 40c per lb
also a Pat Sullivan comedy
Felix the Cat "Rings the Ringer"
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c. Children 25c.
K. Maynard in "The Unkown Cavalier''
Mrs. M. Axam left on Sunday
morning.for Vernon where she
attended on Monday, the Convocation of Class .'27, of the
Jubilee Hospital Training School,
Vernon, in .which her daughter,
Miss Mabel Axam, was one of the'
graduating nurses. The other!
three graduates. are. Miss -.Agnes!
Nanton Gibson, Vancouver; Miss
Irene Victoria Bella, of Victoria,
formerly of Greenwood; and Miss
Winnifred Mather Lowe, of
'S STORE, Midway, B.C.
We have a new stock of
Men's Work Shoes at $3.50 and up
���'���:..     also ��� 0 ���.
Men's Dress Shoes and Oxfords
;���-and a complete line of	
Tennis Footwear for Men, Women and Children
"")xXx       All at Reasonable Prices        .    ' _,���
... .'-7 ���  . ��� See our stock of
Dunlop and Goodrich Tires before buying elsewhere
Spring Cleaning
It is getting almost.time
for. the spring clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed.up when
you are putting everything else in order
You will find our
Watch Repairing Department
second to rone
in this West'.ni country
L,et us have your Repairs now and .start
out ttiis Spring on Schedule Time
Watchmaker and Jeweler ��
F J. White, Mgr
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
7   Minister in charge, Greenwood
Beaverdell 11 a.m.
Rock Creek 3 p.m.
Mother's Day at Greenwood
Sunday School at 10:30 a.m.'
Special Service, with a   Pageant  by
some of the children, at 7:30 p.m.
Greenwood Ledge ads for results
W. C. Wilson is on a 10 day
holiday at the coast.
Mrs. J. Johnson, of Beaverdell,
is visiting friends in town.
Walter Wartman of, Trail, is
spending a few days in town.
Dr. C. M. Kingston of Grand
Forks, was in town on Wednesday.
Jack Holmes returned to Trail
on Monday after a few days visit
in town.
The first4 auto tourists of the
season camped in the auto park
on Thursday last.
E. P. Keir. of Greenwood, was
recently appointed Fence-viewer
for the Midway district.
J. McDonald left for Trail on
Friday after a few days visit with
his^brother, D. J. McDonald.
On. Friday last 25,000 Eastern
brook trout were placed in Boundary Creek at the Murray ranch.
The  C.P.R.   westbound  train
was 13 hours late on Wednesday
11 owing to a delay east of Coryell.
Harry Bryan left on Wednesday
for Armstrong where he took part
in a very important event today.
Miss Pearl Redgrave of the
Carson School, was the guest of
Miss Ruth Axam during the weekend.
Master Donald Smith is back in
town aftera two weeks visit with
his grandparents in -West Grand
Clean-up days were a great success, considerable rubbish being
removed ��� from the streets and
.vacant lots.
���Roy Clothier,., M. E.,".,is on a
.business trip .-to^Vjctoria^ Mr.
Clothier "expects "to returnHSy
motor on Friday.
There will be a real treat in
store for you at the Concert to be
held in Greenwood on June 10th.
Keep this date'in mind.
Mrs. A. C. Hamilton of Golden,
is spending a few days in town,
her mother, Mrs. Bubar, being a
patient in the District Hospital.
Frank T. Thompson appeared
before His Honour J. R. Brown
at the local Court House on Fri-
20th inst.     '
.. Miss Olive Morris has resigned
from the staff" of the District
Hospital and left for her home in
Grand Forks on* Tuesday. Prior
to her departure Miss Morris was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Sater for a few days.      7
XX The porch at the -District-Hospital is now adorned with- nicely
'p'alnted'boxes and: hanging baskets in which are beautiful flowers.
Other places, in town are also
being made attractive with
flowers, among them is the Bank
of Commerce which has had its
window box restocked with geraniums and other plants.
Hospital Day
The Directors of the Greenwood
and District Hospital tender their
sincere thanks and appreciation
to all those who contributed so
much to the success of the Annual
Hospital Day held last Friday,
May 13th. Irrespective of the
day and the date every item was
a success.
��� The total amount realised was
$170.60. George Gray very kindly gave the whole of the two
nights Picture Show receipts, Miss
Renie Skilton and James Hallett
gave their services free. Mr.
Gray has always been most generous iri his support of the
Hospital and the Special Picture
Show selected by him was most
enthusiastically appreciated.
The Dance attracted a fine attendance, and a prettier collection
of young girls and good dancers
could hardly be found. The music
by theBush Orchestra was good,
a new instrument, the banjo, well
played emphasized the time.
The Supper was bountiful,
thanks to Beaverdell, Rock Creek,
Kettle Valley and Midway who
supplied more than was necessary.
The Greenwood Ladies of the
Auxiliary, under the competent
supervision'of Mrs. Royce, President of the Auxiliary, attended to
the service of supper with perfection. G. S. Walters, Vice-
President of the Hospital, arranged the whole proceedings, and
his never failing energy deserves
praise and appreciation.
The Hospital was open for the
inspettion of visitors and' tea
was on hand, served by- the
Matron and Nurses. The attendance of visitors did not receive the response anticipated,
but no doubt our many well
wishers will write to us expressing
their continued good wishes.
The Directors of the Hospital
would have inaugerated sports
and games, but other celebrations
coming, Jor,ward in the near
|futUre,-rsu^gested'^cur��ailtn"ent; but
probably the 1928 Hospital Day
will be more fully comemorated.
Anonymous  $10.00
H. H. S...1      S.OO
J. N. P  '   2.50
George Gray, Picture Show    50.75
Dance ancl Supper    99.85
Collection Box, IJospital      2.50
Beaverdell Camp
Total $170.60
Saturday and Next Week
Blue Enamel Dish Pans
3 sizes at 79c, 89c. and 99c. each
These will save you money
Sanitary Glass Mixing Bowls
Sale Price $1.39 per set of 5 w
Large' re-tinned Dairy Pail,.' - 7 - - 75c
Broken Crackers 251b box,$2.75, 5 lb bag 55c
Our Own Brand Coffee '--���' in cans 60c per lb
Pilchards 7.' 7 - - - - |s 3 for 25c
Sally Ann Cleanser ������ - - - 4for27c
Sugar will be Higher    Our price   100 lbs $8.15
^   20 lbs $1.65
A complete stock of fresh fruit and vegetables
Oranges, Bananas, Grapefruit,
Asparagus, Spinach, Green Onions and Head Lettuce
Rock Creek
Report of subscriptions to Supper for Hospital Day Dance will
receive notice in our next issue
by the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary.
The heavy rain of this week
has caused Bounday Creek to rise
to very high level and is threatening to damage a bridge in the
southern part of town./... 77;77.1:
Mrs. Ellen Trounson's Auction
Sale of Household Furniture will
be held in the Miller Block opposite the Pacific Hotel on Saturday, May 21st at 1 p.m.
The many friends of J.
Creighton McCutcheon will be
pleased to learn that he has
obtained the bachelor of arts
degree at the University of British Columbia.
Bishop Kidd, of Calgary, held
Confirmation in the Catholic
Church this morning., The Bishop
was assisted by Father Wagner of
Penticton, Father Berensten and
Father Cocola.
Rev. Andrew Walker left on
Tuesday morning to attend the
British Columbia Conference of
the United Church of Canada, in
Vancouver. Mr. Walker expects;
to return early next week.
Mrs. A. Walker will have charge
of the Services at Beaverdell and
Rock i Creek on Sunday. The
special Mother's Day Services in
Greenwood will* be conducted by
members of the Sunday School at
10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
N. L. Mclnnis of Grand Forks,
was a visitor in town this morning. He was accompanied by
Mickey, Mackay, a member of the
Chicago ".'��� Hockey team and a
former member of the Grand
Forks Hockey team.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W Bubar of
Beaverdell, were in town on
Wednesday. Mr. Bubar brought
in his mother, Mrs. C. W. Bubar,
to the District Hospital where she
underwent an operation yesterday
afternoon and is doing very nicely.
Our neighboring Mining Camp,
Beaverdell, continues its busy
existence, somewhat fascinated by
its problems but contented in its
ever increasing prosperity.
Everywhere is activity���the
motor trucks and the wagons, all
laden with their precious silver
burdens, rumble down the road
leading from the mines to the
railway and the road repair men
labor in their endeavor that the
road be kept in such condition
that the silver- stream may flow
down without interruption and
that the volume of necessary mining supplies may be carried back
to the mines. n
When the Kettle Valley- Railway train, grinds to' a stop at
Beaverdell station, the traveller,
very naturally, looks about in"
search of the town or village'
which bears such a picturesque
name. Instead of a town he sees
a row of ore bins on which are the
names, "Sally," . "Wellington,""
"Bell," "Beaver"���surely not a
pre-possessing sight from a. point
of beauty, but did he inquire, as
is often done, or were the information vouchsafed to him, he would
be startled to learn of the wealth
which passes thro these bins
annually.-   .
About one-half mile from the
railway, effectively hidden by a
screen of trees is the little.town of-
Beaverdell and in her seclusion, it
would seem, almost, as if she were
carefully guarding her secret of
wealth.   It is permissable'to say
that such is the case in one important respect and the wealth of ���
the mines is not of purer silver"
than is the spirit of helpfulness,
friendliness and good-fellowship, ,
which is the key-note of the entire Beaverdell Camp���a hardy
survivor of the "Old West."
The impression  that the four.
mines already mentioned are the-
sole source of activity in Beaverdell Camp, would be most mislead- .
ing asthefe are mining operations'
being carried forward on twelve
additional properties  and  these
operations must not be considered '
as of the least importance,' some
are  producing   ore,   others are
developing and preparing for production.
In conclusion, let it be said that
the word "wild-cat" is unknown
to Beaverdell. The phrase which
reaches the ears most often, in
that wonderful little camp is
"work and produce ore"���truly a
wrestle with nature to wiruher
precious gifts.
Midway News
H. Strauss returned from Spokane on Saturday.
The Midway ball team will play
in" Grand Forks on the 22nd inst.'-
--Mr, and Mrs. W. G.--Mbll returned to Midway from Rossland
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Nichols left
last week for Spokane where they
will reside.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Brown returned on Wednesday from a
week's visit to Spokane.
Charlie Moll returned home to
Rossland last Wednesday.   * He
has been staying at Weed's ranch   .
A good game of baseball was
played between Wauconda and
Midway on the local . diamond
on the 15th inst. The home boys
were the victors.
The warm days of last week
were followed by a heavy rain on
Monday night. The local orchards
are in full bloom. ���   ,,
.^Friday, June 3rd, His Majesty's
birthday, -is - the date set for the
District ^Schools Track' Meet.
Big novelty. Dance in the evening
at'the Farmer's Hall.  , .���    ���
Last Sunday, Mother's Day
was observed here. Rev. Andrew
Walker conducted the service. A
bright programme was followed
but and each mother present received a.; flower. The Misses
Eileen Parinell and Geneva De-
Lisle acted as flower girls.
Diamond Jubilee
Celebration Meeting
Diamond Jubilee Celebration
delegates from the different parts,
of-this district.^will meet at the
Ingram Bridge School House on
Saturday, May 21st at 2:30 p.m.
Plans for the July 1st celebration
will be decided. THE   GEEENWOOD   LEDGE
Over 30 years the same good tea.
Now packed in Aluminum*
RED ROSE ORANGE PEKOE is extra good.
Western Canada Points tne Way
One of the moat notable gatherings-of the year, ancl oue ia wliich .aU tho
peoplo of Western Canada were particularly and directly interested was
tho international co-operative-wheat pool * conference held at Kansas City,
and at which representatives were present I'rom the United States, Australia,
Germany, Russia, as well as from the three great wheat producing provinces:
of Canada. ._        ;    ! '     ���
Wusiorn Canada was easily the outstanding and dominant factor at tha
conference. And rightly so because in three short years the farmers of th-*
Prairie Provinces have organized and developed   the greatest grain handing
co-operation in the known world.-   Their   success   has   been   phenomenal
eclipsing anything of a like character ever attempted in connection with
anv commodity.     Thev   can   speak   from   actual   experience   iu   definite
It is not surprising, therefore, that at tlie Kansas ..City.'conference tho
reports presented on behalf of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Pools,-mid their common central selling agency, were received with great
enthusiasm, and that the views expressed and suggelions advanced by the
Canadians commanded-respect-and gave, strength to the deliberations of the
Many of our own people have not yet grasped tlie full magnitude of the
operations of the wheat pool, nor realize just 'how much lias been
accomplished in the brief period of. approximately 1,000 days. Three* years
ago there was no' Canadian Pool. Today, to quote A,-J. McPhail, president
of the Saskatchewan pool and of the Central Selling pool, there is a
membership of 138,000 in the three provinces. In; 1921-25 the Canadian pool ���
handled 187,000,000 bushels of wheat belonging to its' farmer members and
27,000,000 bushels of coarse grains. The pool has representatives in all
wheat Importing countries and ships direct . to sixty European ports.
-It owns and controls* approximately 050 country elevators in the three
provinces with a combined storage capacity of approximately 22,000,000
bushels. At the head of the lakes the pool has six terminal elevators with a
storage capacity.around "18,000,000 bushels.and also* a 2,000,000 transfer house
at Buffalo. The pool is also operating terminal elevators at Prince Rupert
and Vancouver, while* plans are under Avay for large extensions to the
country elevator * systems in all the provinces. Since the pool, began to
operate it has paid its' farmer members < around half a billion dollars.
These aro truly remarkable achievements, but they do not tell the whole
story. Thc pool has .practically revolutionized the financing methods of oui-
Western farms: Instead of the farmer getting all his money in one bulk sum
every Fall, at which time every creditor roade.'immediate demand "upon him,
with thc result-that die,, was practically' forced"'to sell his' \vlies_i_. it the.-then,
prevailing price, and by all following the same.course glutting the market,
he now receives a first payment and several successive payments spread over
tho year. The result is not only orderly-marketing of the wheat biit orderly
financing on the part of the farmer. He is to an ��� ever increasing extent
conducting his-business' on cash rather than a credit basis. The system
has been of wonderfulassistance to the weaker, less business like farmers.
Equally important* has*-been tlie effect the pool has -had in,vrestoring
confidence to the farmer and to business interests generally throughout; the
west. It has given the farmers a feeling of independence and security hitherto
lacking. It has emphasized-the value of co-operation, and the strength that
is to be found in organized co-operative effort as contrasted with each man
striving ta work out his 'own problems and his own economic salvation.
Thc farmers of Western Canada have demonstrated the wisdom bf having
one great selling agency instead of one or two hundred thousand fanners each
selling individuality and in competition with eacli other. The object ofthe
Kansas City conference was to try and devise ways and means whereby the;
great wheat producing countries of the world could co-operate instead of
competingagainst each other.   Thc most cordial reception was accorded the
Huge Dairy Farm
tl'argest Herd ..-of Dairy Cattle in_
North America to be Established Near Winnipeg
There is now a herd of one thousand head of Holstein dairy cattle
on-the Manitoba dairy farms at
Marchand. on tho .Canadian National Railways southeast of Winnipeg.
It is the intention of the company,
wliich is colonizing a 90,000 aero
tract of land with dairy farmers to
increase this herd to 5,000 head,
which will mako it the largest herd
of dairy animals undBr one ownership ia North America.
Joint Stiffness Goes,
Swellings Disappear,
Pain Is Subdued
No   Liniment   Gives   Such   Universal
Satisfaction As
. It is the great penetrating power
of Nerviline that, makes it so efficient in.' overcoming swelling, stiffness and inflammation. It rubs into
the. very core of the*-pain, penetrates
quickly through tlie tissues, and
brings a warm, comforting relief at
once. No liniment compares in pain
relieving power with Nerviline. For
the minor pains and ills that arise
in every family, Nerviline should .always be kept''"handy'on" the - -shetf;-
Use it for Rheumatism. Lumhaeo,
Neuralgia, and colds. 35 cents at all
For Improved Highways
Huge Sums Spent Last Year for
This Purpose
Duriug the year 1026 a total of
$'15,563,000 was spent on construction and maintenance of all provincial highways in Canada, according
to' computation made!by A. W. Campbell, Dominion Highway Commissioner. .Of .this,'.;,total -$2.9,808.000 was
spent on construction and $15,9S7,-
000 on maintenance *.b'f..highways already constructed. The total mileage
of roads involved in this aggregate
expenditure was 46.S24.
idea, arid efforts will be made to devise a workable planr
Re-open Milk Plant
One of tho largest manufacturers
of milk products lias recently reopened their condensing plant at
South Sumas, B.C. The whole milk
supply will be: obtained from the
Fraser Valley, which will amount to
about 00,000 lbs. per, day. :A.bo_ut._25
men and women will be employed in
the plant, and the pay-roll will
amount to about ��2,500 per month.
New Depot for Edmonton
The Canadian National Railways
will build a new depot at Edmonton,
Alberta, this year. The estimated
cost is ?i,000,000. Tenders for the
erection of the building have been
received and the contract will be
'awarded as soon as thcy have beeu
Orders for Farm Implements
During the past few weeks largo
orders for farm implements and
binder twine have been; placed with
Canadian" manufacturers by representatives of the Russian Soviet Goy-
ernment. These orders are double
those given all - last year, and seven
trains will be required to transport
tlio goods now; on order to the seaboard. *������������'-
Simply Because it Enriches and1
Builds Up.the Blood -
: In no trouble is'delay or neglect
more dangerous than in anaemia,
wliich:means poverty o'f the blood. It
is very common .'-in ".young girls' and in
persons who are overworked or confined within doors. It makes its approach in so stealthy a manner lhat
it is often v/ell developed before its
presence is recognized. But taken in
time there is a tonic that so enriches
and purifies the blood that good
health and strengtli soon somes to
the former weak ^anaemic sufferer.
This tonic is/'Dr.' Williams' Pink
Pills, which for years havo boon the
most successful blood-builder known,
and have credit for restoring to good
World's Shortest Railroad
The shortest railroad in the world
now belongs to the city of Union,
Ore., having been bought for delinquent taxes at a sheriff's sale. The
lino is ton miles long and the rolling
stock includes one locomotive? one
passenger''and three freight cars/'It
sold for ?l,10O. ���     . "   c
MOTHER:-   Fletcher's
Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in
amis and''��Children all ages of
Constipation,  Flatulency,  Wind
Colic   and" Diarrhea;   allaying.,
Fcverishness arising. therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomactt
and Bowels, aids the.assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always-look-for the signature of .. .
Absolutely Harmless -No Opiates.   Physicians everywhere recommend tf.
health- tliousandswaffiT~thou3aiids_of
people > who have suffered from some
of the many ailments that come
through weak, watery blood.
The correction .of'-.anaemic- conditions by Dr. : Williams' Pink Pills is
as certan as anything can be. Aa
proof of this Miss Margaret A.
Smith, Burgoyne,'���;Out, says:���" After having a severe attack of jaundice I .was. left "in *a. very weak ami
run-down condition. I was pale and
my-nerves onedge. I could not sleet?
at night an,d, WQiihl. toss-awl turffior
hours at a time. I finally decided
to try Dr., Williams' Pink Pills, and
soon began to feel better, and after
taking a few niorg boxes of the pills
I felt as strong as ever, and could
thoroughly enjoy my rest at night.
Now, I always recommend these
pills t'o' any. Mends who mav..bi> ailing." :-"; -  ,
Better sleep, steady nerves, improved appetite, increased vigor���all
these can be yours by taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Begin today.
Sold by all medicine dealers, or by
mall post paid at 50 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
For Friendly Relations
Sir  Esme  Howard,   British  Amba^sa-
. dor to U.S., Addresses San
Francisco  Audience
A plea for continuation of friendly relations between the United
States and England, which have existed Tor more than 100 years, was
made by Sir Esme Howard, British
funbassador to thc U.S., at a banquet
tendered him by the San Francisco
Chamber of Commerce.
Referring lo the question of the
British war debt to the United
States, Sir Esme said:
"Wc have not run away from tho
debt and do not intend to, but if at
some later date you come to us nnd
say you think it would be advisable
in tlie general interest to reconsider
the question���well, 1 won't say that
we shall refuse."
"There is the attack that has been
made in certain quarters against the
British Government over tho question of cruisers," he continued. "It
was agreed at the Washington conference that unless submarines of all
powers wero abolished, Great Britain
must reserve her full freodom of action as to cruiser construction. You
liave already passed us in destroyers
and submarines and no one in England had thought of accusing you of
violating the letter or the spirit of
the 0-5-3 ratio clause of the Washington Treaty."
Sir Esme declared Great Britain
had unjustly been accused of a sin-
-isier dfisire to hold ihe "poor Chinese- in perpetual bondage, thus driving a wedge between England tuid
this counlry."
"Our whole aim in the past," he
declared, "so far as I can see, has
been to obtain the right of trading
frcoly witli China."
Asthma Doesn't Wear Off Alone.
Do not make the mistake of waiting
for asthma to wear away by itself.
While you are waiting the disease is
surely gathering a stronger foothold
and you live in danger of stronger
and yet stronger attacks. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy taken
early, will prevent incipient condition from becoming chronic and
saves hours of awful suffering.
Peking or Pekin
Former Spelling is Closer to Chinese
Version Than .Latter
A new war lias been declared here
���but this time it is only an orthographic war, directed against the
French spelling "Pekin" when referring to the Chinese capilal in American or English periodicals.
Those interested in the matter
point out to foreign correspondents
that "Pekin" ln no wise represents
the regular ��� pronunciation either in
China or abroad, save in France.
Chinese here say "Bay-clung," the
two syllables meaning "north" and
"capital" respectively, while tho
spelling "Peking" is���though unsatisfactory���closer to the Chinese
version than is any form in which
"g" is omitted. There are several
other foreign varieties, but the
French is the only oue which occurs
"generally~~in corn petition "with���the
favored "Peking" form.
Why Bald So Young?
Cuticura will help You
To prevent los3 of hair. Dandruff, usually'
the cause of premature baldness, may be
easily removed by regular shampoos with
Cuticura Soap, preceded by touches of Cuticura Ointment. This treatment keeps the
scalp clean and healthy and'promotes
hair growth.
Bumpla Itoh Tn* by Mi.il. A(ldre��s Caniuliar. Depot;
"StenionM, Ltd., Montreal." Price, Soap 25c. Ointment
25 and Mc. Talcum 25c.
Cuticura SSicmng Stick 25c.
Made Clocks Reliable
Correct   Time    Not   Recorded    Until
Discovery of Balance Wheel
Before the invention and manufacture of watches and clocks, our forefathers employed several devices for.
recording the hour of the day.
The sundial is the earliest instrument of Its kind, and sandglasses
were used from an early date.
Alfred tho Great used graduated
caudles, the burning of which marked
thc passage of time.
The art of clock and watch-making
is believed to havo originated in
��� The early watches were mado in
curious shapes, such as pears, skulls,
purses and crosses. Some were set
in the heads of canes, some in bracelets and other pieces of jewellery.
These instruments had to be wound
at least twice daily, and differed from
the correct time by about an hour a
It was not until the discovery of
the balance-wheel in 1G5S, by which
the mainspring unwinds itself evenly and regularly, lhat they could be
relied upon to record thu correct
Grants for Civil Aviation
Air Patrols for the Protection, of
Millions1 of Acres of Forest Land
Recent estimates passed show $2,-
222,593 allotted for civil aviation in
this country, mostly in connection
with forest and survey services. Tho
programme this year includes air
patrols fo'r fire protection of over 70
milliou acres of forest lands ih eastern and northern Manitoba and
northern Saskatchewan, and for fire
detection patrols of over V/i million
acres in the forest reserves in tho
foothills of the Rocky Mountains In
western Alberta. The air survey
programme includes work in every
rtonnce of the Dominion.
Send Letter by Plane
Greetings to be Sent to Governor^
General Willingdon From Pacific
Coast to Ottawa
' Plans for delivery by aeroplane of
a letter from Lieut.-Governor Bruce
of British Columbia to Governor-
General Willingdon in connection
with thc jubilee celebration this
year are being prepared.
The message, according to information obtained at the Pacific
Airways Company office at Yancouver, will be carried from Victoria to
Kamloops on June 1, taken, across
the Rocky Mountains cither to Calgary or Edmonton by a machine
from the Royal Canadian Air Force
station at. High River, Alta., and relayed to Ottawa by the first Canadian air .mail liners lo operate in
Western Canada..
She Has the Greatest
Faith In Then?
Says Mrs. Elliott of Dodd's Kidney
Alberta Lady Strongly- Recommends
the Use of Dodd's Kidney Pills to
all Sufferers.
South Edmonton. . Alberta. (Special)���"I have used your Dodd's Kidney Pills for a few years and for
kidney and backache trouble they
have worked wonders. I have great
faith in them. I have heard great
praise about them from a number of
people in our district."
' This statement comes from Mrs.
Elliott, wlio resides at 9321 70th Ave.
Thc relief that Mrs. Elliott found has*-
come to thousands of other Canadian
women through the use of Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
There aro only a few people who
appreciate the great importance of
keeping the kidneys in good order at
all times. The kidneys are the purifiers of yotu: blood. If the kidneys
become-clogged with impurities they
cannot perform their functions prop-
perly. The blo'od, instead _ of being
purified, is poisoned, and' in "turn
-poisons the whole system, with the
result that a condition may develop
very serious.
It was believed, during the Middle
Ages that a child brought up without being taught any language would
speak Hebrew spontaneously.
Clever Blind Student
Australia's New Fruit
Australia is producing a new fruit
called- the -'cucumber apple for uso
in salads. Although it ho,s the appearance bi.' an apple, the flavor is
sajd to be distinctly that of a cucumber. *"*'
Completes   Four  Years   Arts   Course
In Three Years
Gregory Sullivan, blind since
birth, has become such a goo'd listener that he soon will have completed
a""foUf-^t:ai'-cour::e at tlie University
of Georgia in three years.
His election to Phi Beta Kappa
national honorary fraternity, is the
latest honor that he has attained.
He also won the Fro.nch medal offered the student making the highest
average in that" language.
Sullivan, who Is 22 years old, has
a general average above 90 and will
be graduated in June with a bachelor of arts degree.
Throughout his college career, he
has relied mainly on friends to read
his text books to him.
For  all  pain���Minard's   Liniment.
Whale   Destroys  Cable"
A whale; which  interrupted  traffic
on the Alaska cable early   in   April
chewed up so much of the cable that
���   .   ���       .   ���*     *.>
an SO-foot replacement   was    necessary to restore communication.
An Indiana town lia-* abandoned its
fire department composed entirely of
women.   They insist on silk hose.
If you havo an aim in life you
can't "afford to. waste any time in
hating people.
Minard's  Liniment for  dandruff.
W.   N.   U.   1681
Marketing of Manitoba Cattle
Last year -193,139 head of cattle
and 392,329 hogs were marketed
through the Winnipeg Public Stock
Yards and realized $32,017,000.
Though thc number of animals marketed was less than the J 925 record,
the monetary return was $L,000,000
greater, owing to the better prices
that prevailed. Ontario feeders took
���15,590 and -11,000 wont lo United
States feed lots and 17,305 went to
Manitoba' farms. Sheep and lambs
to thc number of 55,850 were marketed, compared with 36,600 in 1921.
There is no poisonous Ingredient
in llolloway's Corn Remover, and H
can be uscd without danger or injury.
Mennonites Purchase Land
Menhoiiltes have bought 2,500
acres ot laud in the Vulcan district,
paying $125,000 to the vendors,
Messrs., M. & It. Lyman. The Mennonites have- acquired 12 sections
this spring in Southern Alberta.
Use DUCO for
hundreds of home uses
PAINTING in the home used
to be considered a man's job
but DUCO has changed that old
Brush DUCO has a particular appeal td
.women. It is so easy to apply and it dries
in less than an hour. Thousands of women
are using DUCO who never did any painting before.
When you go to buy DUCO, people may
tell you that other products are just as
good. Don't be misled. Insist on getting
genuine DUCO. .
DUCO Clear and four DUCO Stains are
now added to the wide range of colors.  '"'
There is only ONE Ducd���DUPONT, Duco
Distributor* Jor Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta:
Winnipeg Calgary Saskatoon Edmonto:i
Made in Canada solely by
Halifax      Montreal      Toronto      Cudbury      Winnipeg      Vancouver
WU. i
1 "Wortli its weight in gold"
Says- Ottawa Matron
Mme. Beatrice. Charlebois could not hold pen to write*
Nerves completely shattered, health nuned. Noiv alert,
vigorous and strong, she gives praise to Tanlac
The two-year ordeal which sho
. passed through before Tanlac eame to
her permanent relief, was recently described by Mine. Beatrice Charlebois,
of 22 Rose St., Ottawa.
"What I endured in that time could
not be told," she said. "I was so weak
I could hardly walk. My appetite was
poor and my stomach gave no end of
trouble. Gas and pains would bring
on fainting spells.
"My nerves were so completely
shattered that I jumped in fright
every time the doorbell rang. My
hand trembled so that it could not
hold Lhe pen to write my name. Night
after night I've gone without sleep,
too nervous to lie still for even a few
moments. Even my housework became too much for me.
"I tried all kinds of remedies' in
.those two years, but can honestly say
Tanlac gave me my first real relief. It.
built me upso that I'vegained 11 lbs.,
eat and sleep fine and have nerves aa
���calm and steady as ever. Tanlac is
worth its weight in gold."
Build up your health on Tanlac,
nature's own tonic made from roots,
herbs and barks. Your druggist has it.
Over 52 million bottles sold.
Guarding Canada's
Wheat Reputation
Canadian    Product    Must    be    Kept
Strictly  Up t0  High Standard
The economic Importance of Can-
��� ada's   wheat   crop is so widely recognized   that   no   further   argument
In    that    connection    is     necessary
when .discussing  the  advisability of
, -entrusting to the Minister   of   Agriculture    the    powers    necessary    to
guard the reputation   of   this   basic
farm product.
The , suitability oT -wheat varieties
grown in Canada is not determined
^i altogether by their yield or adapta-
L fl^M-tion to soil Jand climatic conditions.
, Wheat for    milling    at    home    and
[abroad must possess    certain    qualities before  it is  a  factor-in  world
[trade;  and it is our world doniinal-
j Ing position, in wheat that our government must safeguard arid protect.
���"The milling value of wheat js, after
all, the most important consideration,
jits protein content must be high; its
color must be right and  its baking
qualifies must be   pleasing    to   the
1 trade.   Our reputation has been built
[largely on a standard    that   means
'Marquis,"   for '.that variety  is  now
Ithe   leading   bread    wheat   on   the
[American continent-.
If we allow inferior wheats to be
|grown to any   extent,  and    become
blendod or mixed with Marquis, we
shall  simply lower  the  standard' of
lour   product    and    at    tho    same
time   the   world-wide   reputation   of
[Canadian wheat.     That   should   not
be permitted, all would -agree,- but,
(the Minister at present   cannot   refuse to recognize "a new variety pro-
[vided  it is  distinctly digercnt from
[lhe  established  kinds,   even  though
(it be definitely inferior. '
Thc agricultural committee, of the
I House of Commons has recommend-
led an amendment to Section G of the
j Seeds Act, to. provide that a license
Would Make Drivers Careful
Planning An Aerial Train   ���
German   Engineers Working  0n   Idea
For Future- Means of Travel
Aeronautical engineers in^.' Germany aro working on' plans of an air
train as a possible means of travel
in the future. The locomotive will
be a powerful airplane and the pull-'
mans a row of gliders coupled to the
locomotive and to each other, as the
cars of a train, only with considerably greater spacing between units.
Passengers in each glider will be
destined for some particular town,
and as the - airdrome of each town'is
approached the glider for that destination will be released from tho
end of the string and settle gracefully down with its special pilot and
The Germans are often spoken of
as a stolid and phlegmatic race," but
no people without imagination could
have conceived of tliat groat gun
wliich bombarded Paris from a distance of unknown miles and which
conceives of an aerial train. ' There
may not be .much grace'about such
things but surely the imaginative
and the creative qualities are not
Elimination  .of    Motor .Horn
Mean Fewer Accidents
"Do'horns on automobiles prevent
accidents?" asks E.-.T. Strong, president and general .manager -of the
Buick Motor Co. "I- believe that -in
some instances they undoubtedly do.
But I am also convinced .that the
automobile horn'has given,, an overage driver a false sense of security
which often breeds carelessness and
results -in disaster, becauso of his
too great dependence'on it.
"Any doubt as to the truth of
this statement' would be removed if
automobile owners .would try to
drive their cars without the aid o'f
tho electric siren. It is my.opinion
that they would find themselves
driving with niore care fhan they
had exercised since their first experience as automobile drivers. It
has become instinctive for the
driver to bring his hand down on
the horn button and bluster ahead,
with little heed for the effect which
the sounding of the horn has had
o*n the other fellow. Ancl the other
-fellow is calloused to tho blare of
the born in his ears. The noise has
ceased to have any meaning for him.
.J'Drive two blocks through traflic
without the use of tho horn and you
will iind that you "are using .more
care than you have ever used before
to avoid accidents. You will drive
as you should always -drive, . with
duo 'regard for others who are sharing-public streets and "highways-with,
you. And you,. Will discover 1liaf,v
even without using the -horn,
will be driving with. greater regard,
for the safety of yourself, pedesyians
and other cars."
Poilu Pays Old War Debt
[may not bo issued for a now variety
Jof wheat unless it is' found by field
}an(i baking tests- to possess real
Lmerit. That amendment is fundamentally sound, and we should pre-
[vent, if possible, even a .nieltipUcily
[in the varieties of good wheats, for
I no variety excels Marquis, and there
jis-nolhing to be gained by adult erat-
jitig our "grain with a number of different wheats, thus destroying ihc
runiformily and general excellence of
[a typical Canadiau" product.���Farm-
ler's- Advocate.
Has Variety of Uses
Scores of Ways in Which Lemons
May be Utilized
-What article, costing only two' or.
three cents can be put to the greatest number of uses? The answer's,a
lemon! In scores of ways .it saves
tune, -trouble, labor and money.
Handkerchiefs, linen . sheets, and
so on will become as white as when
new if boiled witli a cut-up lemon.
Brass will clean better, quicker, and
retain its polish much longer if first'
rubbed with a lag wetted with lemon
juice. White .marble1 mantel-pieces,
smoke-discolored, can be cleaned
perfectly wiih warm lemon juice, diluted.
Two More Cases of Feminine Illness Relieved by Lydia ��. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Harrington, N. S.���"I had terrible
feelings, headaches, back and side
aches and pains all over my body. I
would havo to go to bed every month
and nothing would do me good. My
husband and my father did my work
for me as I havo two children and
we have quite a big place. I read in.
the paper about Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and then got a
little book about it through the mail,
and my husband sent to Eaton's and
got mo a bottle, and then we got
moro from the store. I am feeling
fine now and do all my woik and am
able to go out around more. 1 tell my.
friends it is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that makes me feci
eo well. "���Mrs. Victor Richardson,
Barrington, Nova Scotia.
Dull Pains in Back.
St. Thomas, Ont. ��� "1 took four
! bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
, table Compound and found great relief from tne dull, heavy pains in the
small of my back and tbe weakness
from which I suffered for five years
after my boy was born. After taking
' the Vegetable Compound and using
Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash I
i am feeling better than I have for the
[past  seven  years, and advise my
frienda'to take it"'-Mrs F. JoiiNSOK,
W Moore Street. St, Thomas,-Ont 0
Hou3ewi"ves~lvl*Kr~hare to~prcpare
fish can banish the disagreeable odor
from their hands by using a slice of
lemon as soap. Dull eyes will become clear, and so will spotted complexions, if the juice of a ; lemon,
with a glass of water, is drunk first
thing in the movning. Dlscolorations
on teeth will depart if treated with
powdered charcoal ''moistened with
lemon juica
A Confederation Daughter
Daughter .of One  of-the-Fathers  of
Confederation  to Tour Canada -
A gracious invitation has just been
given as a happy by-product of the
Confederation Diamond Jubilee cole-,
bration. .The"president of the Canadian Pacific llailway, Air. B. W.
Beatty, has invited Miss Hortense
Carticiy.daugltter of Sir_ George Car-
tier, one of the Fathers of Confederation, to be a guest of tho company
in a tour to the Pacific Coast in July
arranged by tlio University of Mon--
treal, and the invitation has been,
Miss Cartlor, who is ��� TS-years-old,
has been living quietly in Cannes,
France, since JS72, wheu she .accompanied, her father overseas. - Sir
Georgo died in England tho following
year, after a period of ill-health. During the trip to the West, Hiss Car-
tier will probably meet Sir Hugh
John Macdonald, son of Sir John A.
Macdonald, - who is uow police
magistrate of Winnipeg.
The visit of Miss Cartier to the
West will havo added significance
because of tlio part'- her father played, in company with Ifon. William
MacDottgail, in negotiating with the
Hudson's Bay Company in 1860 for
great inland empire of the fur traders, which later became the prosperous Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta*that wo know today.���Toronto' Globe.
But Creditor is, Loser Because Franc
V/orth Much Less
A French wartime "marraine" or
soldiers' god-mother, with a Hair for
bookkeeping, has just succeeded in
collecting what was owed her by her
"adopted" soldier for the goodies,
woollens and other things she sent
himiall^J.Jiyough the war, -while he
was prisoner in a German camp.
Tho fact that the soldier paid her
hospital bill when she fell ill after
the armistice mattered not.
The soldier, Gustavo Marchand,
was captured during the first few
weeks of the war in 19J-,!. AVithout
friends, he got in touch with a
French girl by.the usual method ���
advertising���with the promise that
some _ day he would reimburse his
war godmother for whatever she
might spend on���him.
A Parisian cook, Mile. Genmaine
ed Pierre,' answered the advertisement and regularly, sent him packages of food, clothing and .other
things to' lighten his imprisonment.
She expended 3.S25 francs 25 centimes. When she went to a hospital,
fljarcliand gave her 1,1 CO francs, no
This week, Mile. De .Pierre sued
for the difference and got it. However,' she is the loser after all, for
the francs she spent" for Marchand
were -worth almost 20 - cents -- each,
while those" the court ordered him
lo pay back, aro only about one fifth
that value.
Anxious to Ring Carillon
Forty Applications Received by
Civil Service-Commission
"No fewer than forty applications
have been received by the Civil Service Commission regarding the employment of' a carillonneur for the
"singing tower" of tho' Parliament
Buildings which will peal out for the
first time on.July 1, 1927, the day
on wliich the Dominion celebrates
the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation.
While the carillon bells were on
their way to Canada from Croydon,
England, tho Civil Service Commission has becn advertising for a carillonneur. Applications have come
from all parts of thc world, but the
only applicants being considered aro
Biitish subjects with three years'
residence in the- Dominion. The
Commission will call in an advisory
board of musicians to help them select the proper .man to play the carillon. The position will pay a salary
starting at ?2,S80 per year, with a
maximum of ?3.000.,
Most or the applicants for the position of carillonneur are Canadians.
Some of' trem have had instruction
from Jef Denyn, the renowned old
carillon master, at Malignes, Belgium.
fragrant creamy
Best for 2/ou and Baby foo.^
EEBSndB AlUtt Soap Until���<)��Mlri.,Mohlr��*l I
Large National Park
For Saskatchewan
Good Sized Area at Prince Albert
Has Been Set Aside
Saskatchewan gels a national park
by the setting aside at Prince Albert
of a good-sized area for that purpose.
Au order-in-council, after pending for
some time, has been passed.
For the present the park will comprise the Sturgeon forest reserve and
two additional townships mainly
suited to the purposes of summer resorts, but the ultimate plan colitcm
plates a much larger extension
There has been no action on the
scheme advanced by Dr. Bissett,
M-.P., for Springfield for a national
park in Manitoba.
" Condensed Milk
1-teaspoonful vanilla
j egg
14 cup water
1/8 teaspoonful nutmeg
Mix Eagle Brand and water-
together thoroughly.    Beat
egg and blend with the milk
andvanilla. Add this mixture
to the rice (boiled) and mix
well. Pour into buttered pan
and sprinkle top'with the nutmeg.   Place pan in a dish of
water (as for a custard) and
bake in a slow oven until a
golden brown. E2
.������^���:..'rt:COND.ENSEUiMlL*Ciy. ;������'���.���.'��� t'
Little Helps For This Week
Cable Railway in Bavarian Alps
Train Runs Ten Thousand Feet
Above Valley at Many Places
When builders of the new Alpine
Eaihvay up the Zugspitze waiited a
high oflicial ro dedicate the line
they .made one, for thcy took Dr.
Michael Haiuisch, pres-ident ot Austria,   to   thc   loftiest   point   in   the
Refers to Carrying Capacity
Term Tonnage Originated in Time
of King Henry Vll.
Tonnage of a ship refers not to its
weight, as is often supposed, but to
its carrying capacity. The ter.m originated in the time of King Henry VII.
of England, who introduced ono of
the first "navigation acts of its kind
in whicli tlie importation of -Bordeaux
wine in any vessels except thoso
owned by tlio lieges was forbidden.
The liquor was- carried in huge
barrels called tuns, and, since then,
the cargo capacity of a ship has been
measured by tannage or tonnage, the
modern term. In connection with war
vessels, ho.wever.the word refers to
the weight of water they displace, or
(heir displacement tonnage, the common way of describing the weight of
Canadian Alfalfa Seed
The superior quality of northern
groAvn seed is nowhere riioro strikingly shown than in Ihe success obtained with Canadian alfalfa seed.
For a long time it was fouud diflicult
to grow alfalfa successfully in.many
parts of Canada, but the development ,of an 'ample supply of hardy
strains of seed has, to -a certain extent, solved the problem of,winterkilling and the Dominion's alfalfa
crop increased from 23S.OOO acres in
1920 to S5S,000 in 192G.
Agricultural Co-operation
Addressing the agricultural committee of the-international economic
conference at Geneva, W- A. Wilson,
Canadian Government agricultural
representative in- London'--and a'
member of the Canadian delegation
to the conference, described tho development' of Canadian agricultural
production and Canadian co-operative
asso'ciations.' He criticized the system pf granting credits to farmers
and added that the co-operative association aimed at regulating the
markets  for agricultural  products.
A man recently fainted three
times at- his own wedding. It was
no use, however. They waited until
he came round thc third time and
then weut on with it.
When a young married man gets
sick his mother always imagines
that it is due to his wife's cooking.
country. The railway is a cable
stretched to .Uie summit of the
highest mountain in thc Bavarian
Alps, the Zugspitze, and at many
places Is 10,000 feet above the valley directly -below. The "train"
consists of cabin, which is furnished'in lavish style, suspended to the
cable along which a trolley carries
the cabin. Workmen in swinging
seats inspected thc line before ''the
inauguration.. -.
Many mothers give their children
solid foods at too early an age and
say proudly that their babies "eat
everything that grown-up people" do."
Such a course is almost certain to
biing on indigestion vand lay the
foundation of much ill-health for the
little ono.    .
Otlier mothers administer harsh,
nauseating purgatives whicli in reality irritate and injure the delicate
stomach and bowels and at the same
time cause the children to dread all
��� Absolutely no meat should be given to a child until it roaches the age
of 18 months, and then only if approved by tire doctor. For medicine,
all strong, disagreeable oils and
powders should be abandoned and
Baby's Own Tablets  given instead.
Baby's Own Tablets sire especially
.made for little ones. They are plea-
absolute safety to even the liew-bo'rn
babe. They (luickly banish constipation and indigestion, break up
colds and simple fevers and make
the cutting of teeth easy. They are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Wil-
K thine enemy hunger, feed him;
if lie thirst, give him drink; for in
so doing thou shall heap coals of
fire on his head.���-lioni. xil. 20.
But if for wrongs we. needs revengo
must have,
Then   be   our   vengeance   of tho
noblest kind;
Do we his body from our fury save,
And let our hate   prevail   against
our mind?
What can 'gainst him a greater vengeance be
Than make his foe more worthy far
than' he
���Lady Elizabeth Carew.  '
If thou must needs have revengo
bf thine enemy, with a soft tongue
break his bones, heap coals oC fire
on hii head, forgive him and enjoy
it. To forgive our enemies is a
charming way of revenge and short
Caesarean conquest, overcoming
without a blow; laying our enemies
at our feet under sorrow, shame, and
repentance; leaving our' foes our
friends, and solicitously inclined to
grateful retaliation.
���Sir Thomas Browne.
Treat corns with  Minard's Liniment
Homestead Filings
Homestead filings in Western Canada during the first Quarter of 1927
totalled 1,030, as compared with
1,282 in thc corresponding period pf
T9TG. Iu Manitoba 13S "quarter seo-
tions wero filed upon, in Saskatchewan 513, In Alberta 3G7, and in
British Columbia 12.
Medicine     Co.,     Brockville,
Nation-wide Fame. ��� There is
scarcely a coiner of this ' great
Dominion where the merits of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil have not been
tried and proved. It is one of tho
world's most, efficient reined ies for
sore, throat, lame back and many
other ailments arising from inflammation. Eubbcd ou the skin ils healing power is readily absorbed, and it
can also be talcen internally,
Thriving Swiss Settlements
I Eight hundred families from
Switzerland are expected to come
out to Western Canada to settle during 1927, according to the Acting
Consul for Switzerland here. There
are thriving Swiss settlements in
Notre Dame dc Lourdcs, Manitoba,
and Stettler, Alberta.
We are told that man is .made of
dust and yet dust always settles.
Provides Real Exercise
Only the dyspeptic    can  _eal   his
cake and still feel that he has it.  .
Common sense is    almost    scarce
enough to be classed as uncommon.
Conscientious     people    . are
ideas. They refuse to strike a
when he is down.
Take Minard's in your first
aid kit. Fine for stiff muscles, bruises and insect bites.
W.   N.   V.   1681
Medical  Men  Claim  Driving a Car is
Conducive to Good  Health
There still are those who declare
that the automobile has "done
wrong"' by the nation's health in
converting everyone to driving or
riding. Some' medical .men disagree
with this view. Many of them declare that automobile driving also
provides a form of exercise tliat is
Walking exercises mainly thc leg
muscles, while driving brings into
greater uso the arm and shoulder
muscles. The motorist's leg muscles
,get considerable action in operating
the brake and clutch pedals. The
exercise ono finds in car operation
has the additional advantage of being regular and not too strenuous.
It takes' less muscle to drive' a cat-
today thaii ever before, but at that,
it requires enough 'muscular cfTort to
be conducive  to good health.
New lines to be constructed by
the Canadian National Railways in
the next three years call for a total
expenditure of $18,550,000.
Useful in Camp. ��� Explorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will
find Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil very
useful in .camp. When the feet and
legs are wet and cold it is well to
rub them freely with the Oil and iho
result will be the prevention of pains
in the muscles, and should a cut, or
contusion, or sprain be sustained,
nothing could be better as a dressing
or lotion.
A French scientist has invented a
vacuum bottle to hold liquid oxygen
for use of aviators in altitude flights.
Tlie liquid vaporizes as fast as it la
breathed.   -
Most men believe in the honesty
of their fellow men until after they
have indorsed a few notes for their
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
jColds      Headache ���   Neuritis   '   - Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only  "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handv "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trafo mark (ppglstererl Jn Canadal of Barer Manufacture of Monoacetle-
���cldcster of Sallcyllcscld (Acetyl Salicylic Add. "A. S. A."). While It ls well known
tiat Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablet*
8t Bayer Company will be (tamped irltii tbeir general trad* out, Use "Sajrci Ons*.* THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
Tlie Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood,. B.C.
7   G. W. A. SMITH
Editor and Proprietor
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
'Jreat Britian and the United States
$2.!}0, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices '.'....?    3.00
Cards  of  Thanks    1.00
Certificate   of  Improvement.... 12.50
(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, ��5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising 16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents aline
for each subsequent insertion, non-
paricl measurement.
Transcient display advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12%c. a line each
Hayden Lake Tragedy
The many friends in this district of
Andrew (Stonewall) Jackson, of Spokane, will learn with regret the death
of his daughter, Arene, by drowning on
May 1st. Miss Jackson visited this
purl on different occasions, her father
being partner in a nuinber of mineral
claims with Ola Lofstad. =
Referring to the tragedy The Spokane Woman says:
"Behind*dra\vn'shades in darkened
rooms in their beautiful home, Summit Boulevard and Boone avenue, the
parents of Areiio. Jackson .mourn the
loss of their daughter, di-owned in
llayden Lake Sunday afternoon after
a heroic struggle to save the life of her
friend, Patrick J. Dowling, Spokane
pioneer. O. H. Wells, "Bert" ��� to his
many friends, the only survivor.of the
motor boat disaster in the little North
.Idaho Lake, is sparing no eit'ort to recover the bodies of his Mends. Charles
Iluckins of the Seattle Marine. Patrol,
who lias been retained by Mr. Wells,
is coulident that the bodies will be recovered. However, a strong undertow, one hundred and. twenty-five feet
below the surface olVthe lake, is .so
great that little hope for the recovery
of the bodies is, held here by those
who know of the treacherous currents.
'Miss Jackson was sales .'promotion
manager of the Wells Chevrolet Company,' Jiunes Wbitelaw, vice-president
of the company, said yesterday. 'She
'was an unusually bright girl,' he continued, -and had worked herself up
from telephone operator' to stenographer and from that to promotion
manager, where she had an office of
her own and many responsibilities in
connection with the work. She had a
pleasant manner and her contacts
with the public made many friends for
our company."'
Rod and Gun Club
The Annual Meeting of the
Greenwood District Rod and Gun
Club will be held in Midway on
Friday, May 27th at 8 p.m.
First Langdon Feature
Will be Shown Saturday
comedy king, is due to arrive at the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, May
21st, in his first feature Length comedy,
"Tramp, Tramp, Tramp."
With this picture the noted comedian steps into the super-comedy
class of Charlie Chaplin and Harold
Lloyd. ...
The story' of "Tramp, Tramp,
Tramp," is an original with Langdon
and one which he has had in mind for
some time. Id deals with a-cross-���
country"walkmg^race.'1 ~ - ~:*-* --.*���
One of the. .numerous and exciting
episodes in "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,"
is a realistic cyclone scene. An entire
township is blown to bits by this
windstorm. During the raking of the
scenes the movie camerniau had to be
"anchored" to trees and posts to prevent being blown away.
Joan Crawford plays opposite the
comedian. Others in the cast are Tom
Murray, Alec Francis, Edwards Davis
mid Brooks Benedict.
A Big Picnic Celebration will
be held under the auspices of the
Rock Creek Women's Institute at
Ingram Bridge on Tuesday, May
24th. A Memorial Service at the
Monument, with Boy Scouts in
attendance, will take place at 12
noon; Basketball 12:30; Children's
sports 2 p.m.; Baseball at 3 p.m.;
Dance in Riverside Hall in the
evening.   Watch for posters.
Kettle Valley Golf Club
Members of the above Club please note that they are allowed to
take friends who are guests at their homes to play on the course for
any period up to a fortnight, and over that period a charge will be
made. Transcients at hotels should pay their 25c a round or 50c for
the day, and the secretary would be glad if members would take
upon themselves to collect the fees, when seeing strangers playing on
the links.
. The Directors would be glad if members would use as far as
possible shoes with plain creps rubber or rubber soles and fiat heels,
so that the greens may be kept in as good shape as possible.
The following is the Balance Sheet, 30th April, 1926, to 30th
April, 1927:
Receipts, Expenditure
Vanishing Miracle
Tillie:  "What would you call a ihan
who hid behing a woman's skirts?"
Willie: "A magician."���Awgwa,n.
Subscriptions Taken
������for  *
Saturday Evening Post (52 copies) $2.00
Ladies Home Journal (12 copies) $1.00
Country Gentleman    (3 years)     $1.00
I. Nichols.
For Sale
Cabbage ancl Cauliflower plants at
11 cent each. P. Campolieto.
For Sale
68 head of P. B. Lincoln Sheep,
Apply E. Reid, Bridesville, B.C.
Balance from 1925	
Bogey and Medal fees	
Green fees 	
Debenture Subscriptions...
Proceeds of timber sold	
Balance in bank $40.93
Cash in Secy, hands     5.96
.55 28.26      Spoons Medal & Bogey Com...5 37.20
.219.50      Rolling Course  28.75
.   34.50      Material for ilags  1.39
.5.25      Score Cards  24.00
. 270.00.     Grasshopper bait ���*- 90
40.38      Cost of prize open competition.. 12.64
Cost of new greens to April 18'27 56.75
Cost of seal  7.25
Incorporation Fees   19.50
Barbed wire and staples.  15.95
Cost of land -- 328.05
Transfer fee... ��� 7.50
Sec. expenses, postage and phone 11.12
-Balance in haud...   46.89
Debenture account
Apl 30 To 27 Debentures at S10 ��270.00
4th May, 1927.
Audited and found correct,
Rock Creek Trading Company Limited
A. J. Brown
Pursuant to Order of His Honour J. R.
Brown, Juiljrc, notice iti hereby ���rue" tliiil a
Summons and Plaint was issued herein on the
3rd day of December, 1*920, whereby the above-
named' Plaintiff claims$297.13 from the above
in.iucd Defendant, aud it has been ordered that
service of the Summons and Plaint upon the
Defendant, whose present whereabouts' are unknown, may be effected by this notice and
unless tlie above-named Defendant enters a
Dispute Note to the said Plaint and Summons
within eighteen days from the date of tlie
publication of this notice, judgment may
liestffiicd against the above-named Defendant
bv default. ������'-������������.
DATED this 14th dav of May, 1927.
Grand Porks, B.C.
Solicitor for tho Plaintiff.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist,' Box L1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or X.ead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. -Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc .$3.00.
These charges -made only when cash is
sent with samplt*. Charges for other
metals, etc.,''on application. H
Came to my premises about 3 years
ago, 1 bay gelding about 1000 lbs,
branded Z on left shoulder, white strips
on nose and star on forehead. If *'not-
claimed for within 30 days will be'kept
to defray expenses for feed and keep.
Dated May 12th, 1927.
Kettle Valley, B.C.
In the Matter of lhe Estate of Donald Hugh
McGillis, lote of the City of Greenwood,
in the'Counlybf Yflle, Province of British
Columbia, deceased, Intestate.
NOTICE is hereby"(.'iveil lhal by order of
His Honour J. R. Drown, Local Juri^c, Letters
of Administration dated the 13 day of May. 1927.
have beeu issued toCliarles Kin"*, of Greenwood,
TJ. C,  Oflicial   Administrator  of   the  former
flreenwood Electoral District, County of Vale,
and the said Clirrles Kimr lias been  appointed
Administrator of the above Estate  aud   pursuant lo the Statute iu tliat behalf all creditors
aud others haviii"- claims against tlie Estate
of the said Donald llnifli McCiillis. who died on
or about the 9th day of March, 1927, are miiiircil
on or before the 1st day of July. 1927, lo send by
post prepaid or deliver lo the said Charles Kiiifr
al Greenwood, 13.Cor to Mr. C. P. R. Pincott
of the City of Grand Porks, Solicitor for the said
Administrator. Iheir Christian and Surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars
of their claims, the statement of their accounts
and the nature of the securities, if any,   held
bv them.
after such last mentioned dale tlie said Administrator will proceed to distribute theassets of the
said deceased anioiifrsl lhe parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which he
shall   then    have   notice and    lhal the  siiid
Administrator will  not be liable for the said
assets or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claim notice shall not have beeu
received bv him at the timeof such distribution.
DATED the 16 day of May, A.D., 1927.
Solicitor for the Administrator
"   *   of the Estate of Donald Hugh McGillis,
deceased, Intestate.
Bulls at Large
Any person having Bulls
at large before July Ist, will
be prosecuted.
Greenwood Riding
Stock Breeders Association
Free Miner's Certificates expire
ori May 31st.
You geta dollar for every 100 cents worth of Fur shipped to "MUNRO"
My motto has always "been "how much can I afford to pay"
instead of the usual "how cheap can I buy"
. A trial shipment of one skin or a. hundred will show you how much
money you are losing by selling to someone else
v '...Especially wanted now.are
Beaver, WskFatsT Lynx, Marten, Mink; Coyotes, Wolverine. Weasels
J. M. MUNRO -.'"'"'-'  -       ��
Revelstoke, B.C.
Sometimes the informality
of the spoken word
is more effective
than a letter
"Long Distance, please"
Chevrolet Cars and Trucks
The fellow who thinks he is savin? a few dollars by buying a cheaper
car, is merely adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of the upkeep
See us for the best tires on the market, the Goodrich and Dominion
and they don't cost any more
How about a new Cleveland Bicycle for your Boy or Girl?
S^iiJMagUMmuL.iiaj.ij.Yi.ffM:-!^ *--
the Consolidated Mining & SmeiUng Co.
w       of Canada; Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig.Lead and Zinc
as ~
THAT splendid appearance of Dunlop
Balloons is no guess*
work. That rugged
road resistance is not
there by chance. That
adequate resiliency was
no blind selection.
You receive the
benefit of thirty-
three years of
honest thinking,
careful planning,
" judicious experimentation when
you buy
Thirty-Three Years9 Merit
Greenwood Grocery, Greenwood McMynn's Store. Midway
Rusch's Garage, Rock Creek
Summer Excursion Fares
Winnipeg $ 75.60    Forb William $ 90.00 ���'
Toronto  118.05     NiagaraFalls 12-1.02
���Hamilton - .- ���.-^^-118.05���Ottawa..-  _132.25_
London  118.05
Quebec  146.10
St. John .._. 152.20
St. Paul  _..:���   75.60
Minneapolis    75.60
Duluth      75.60
Montreal  __ 137.05
Moncton  152.20
Halifax ___ _ 157.75
Chicago     00.30
New York .;  151.70
Boston   157.76
Route via Main Line or via Soo Lino', through Winnipeg or Portal
-to Sk.Kg.ul, thence via Chicago or Sault Ste. Mario, via Great Lakes;
or via California at an additional fare; or good  to go via ono of tho
above routes, return another.
See Local Agent or Write for Details
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks. B.C.
Harry Armson* Grand Forks
The 2Oth Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands may
be pre-empted by British subjects over 18 years
of age, and by aliens on declaring intention to
become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. 1, Land
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C., or
to any Government Agent.
Records will ��� be granted  covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is
not timberland,  i.e., carrying over 8.000 board,
foot per aero west of the Coast Range and 5,000
feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be addressed lo the Land Commissioner of the Land
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner:
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made to the value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant caa be
For more detailed information see the Bulletin
"How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications aro  received   for   purchase   of  _\
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land is $5 per acre, *1
and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre, |l
Further information regarding purchase or lease \M
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Series, "Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands,"
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land, l\
not exceeding 40 acres, may  bc purchased  or *>
leased,   the   conditions including   payment of '
stumpage. ���
Unsurveyed "areas   not exceeding   20  acres.-
may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a ���
being obtainable after residence and  improvement conditions are fulfilled and land has been ,|
surveyed. ' ���       '
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not;
exceeding G40 acres mr-y be leased by one person jl
or a company.
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided'jl
into grazing districts and the range administered ���',���
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing!*
permits are issued based on numbers ranged, "jl
priority given to established owners. Stock-jl
owners may form associations for range mana^e-.f
ment. Free, or partly free, permits arc avail-S
able for settlers, campers and travellers, up to ,f
ten head. ,
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
���,,'���, . Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459;  Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;    Copper,   $197,642,647;
Zinc, $39,925,947;  Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Min-
*'���'���;  era! production to the end of 1925, show an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of  any   other
Province, in the Dominion, or'any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.
Full information together with. Mining Reports and Maps, may' be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia, Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done, are described in some one/of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those"considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on ������ application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sourceB of
information. , W. "      v


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