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The Greenwood Ledge Apr 14, 1927

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 Provincial Library";
VOI,: 1
greenwood; b.c, Thursday, april w, 1927
No. 37
^IML�� .-liaijaamMJtwjijj^^iv^^iYiyj
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters /
inspect our Stock
p New Spring Millinery
X Is on Display
Q     In latest styles and colors
%j Prices Reasonable
\0  also	
ii        Lovely Flowers
iHlWl'��__w��jn��^Muo.___��. i|ifh um,_ B.1fMr
Specials  for  Easter
������a ���*��*��.�� j*.^->.c.��
thubarb,' New Cabbage, Tomatoes, Lettuce
*H  Hat Trimmings or Ball Dresses
New Canvas Shoes
for men, bovs and children
Call and inspect .our goods
tt Ellen Trounson's Store
Of Local Interest
Geo. Love, of Beaverdell, spent
the week-end in town.
Bananas and Oranges
Chocolate Easter Eggs
For quality and value order from ,    Phone 46
ga��ngaaarammnga��^^  , ___ ^ __	
Public Auction
Horses, Farm Implements &
Household Effects
The first" shipment of our Spring
will also offer a fine assortment of
Farm Implements
Holstein Cow and Calf
Full particulars see Bills
"1 ��
���rints, Ginghams, lite
has arrived
Good.Variety and Modern Prices
' To be held
Saturday, April 23 at I p.m,
JVirs. B. Palmer's Residence,
Kettle Valley, B.C.
Charles King    -   Auctioneer.
Coughs, Colds or $ny Bronichal Troubh
use *
- Give resistance against Flu    v
;    For Sore Throat and Tickling Cough
, You can get them at *.      ,
Charles R. Rogers presents
Ken Maynard
The latest���the greatest discovery the screen has made in
years���in , the finest outdoor
drama ever shown . at this
theatre. Watch Ken Maynard
'' " x-he's goiy.g-_.to s]i(\w.yqn.soQie- .���!_-��__}
thing you never saw before in   '''��� ^'
"Senor Daredevil"
. with
Ask for one of our Calendars
faawMW"Ljir*'TTTTH i ���""���rrnrrM
sraaam w,n aBmM^wTffritiiJtw
Local Baby Beef, Veal and Pork
Boiled Ham and Tongue. Sliced
Head Cheese, Pork and Blood Sausage
Fresh Daily
also a Felix comedy
"A Tale of Two Kitties"
Greenwood Theatre
 --Commencing-at -frIS-p.mr;���'���
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
- Staff-Sergeant J. A. Fraser, of
Penticton, was in town this week.
' Alec Purkis left on Monday for
Nelson where has gone into business.
Service will be held in St. Jude's
Church on Easter Sunday at .7:30
': James Machell of Westbridge,
-was in town on business on Monday.
. Mrs. H. J. Purkis returned on
Wednesday from a day's visit in
L. Portman left ori" Monday to
.consult an eye specialist in
,' Mrs. Helmer and son of Grand
Forks, were in town for a few
days this week.
' The Greenwood. Orchestra are
holding a Dance after the Show
on Friday, April 22nd.
Mrs. Rosa Wisted and daughter
of Myncaster, were in town on
business on Friday last.
Miss Flossie Blundell has returned to town from a month's
visit to relatives in' Kimberley.
A. P. Bowsher, of the Bank of
Commerce staff, is spending a
two weeks vacation at Oyama.
Loggers should take in the
Buckless Auction. There are
horses and equipment useful for
Mass will be celebrated in the
Catholic Church on Easter Sunday at 11 o'clock. There will
also be a service on Easter Monday. .        ��� '
Miss Elizabeth McDonald, of
.Boundary Falls, left on Wednesday" "for Ganmore;. Alta.-,-?where
she has accepted a position in the
C. F. R. Pincott was in town
on Wednesday in connection with
the Pacific, Hotel, deal. Mr.
Pincott will be here on Wednesday and Friday of next week.
The Greenwood post office will
be closed ��� bn Good" Friday and
Easter Monday. The wicket will
be open on Good Friday from
4 to 5 p.m. for the distribution of
mail.��� ������-=���'���^-������-
Annual Meeting
Hospital Society
The attention of the public is
drawn to the fact that all post
cards, other than printed ones,
require a 2c stamp. A 2c stamp
is also necessary on all sealed
letters for local delivery.
A new lot of library books have
just arrived at The Greenwood
m,    , Ledge office.   These will be avail-
ilie doctors are. again.advising able to the public every Wednes-
us to see that we absorb sufficient'. day afternoon from 2 to 4 com-
proteids and calories. ��� It should j mencing   April 20th.    Readers
Fri. and Sat., April 22 and 23
"3 Bad Men"
Cast of 25,000
N'S STORE, Midway, B.C.
W. Swan Soap - 5c.bar 6 bars 25c
Gingersnaps - - 20c lb 3 lbs 50c
Pride of B.C. Salmon 1's 20c 4 tins 75c
Macaroni - - <- . 15c lb 2 lbs 25c
Ketchup - - - 25cptbtle2btle45c
Prunes        -     -    -        15c lb   4 lbs 50c
Spring Cleaning
������������������________      v
It is getting almost time
for the spring- clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed up when
you are putting everything else in order
You will find our
Watch Repairing Department
second to none
in this Western country.
"Let us have your Repairs now and start
out this Spring- on Schedule Time
Watchmaker and Jeweler
P. J. White, Mgr
Riverside Hall, Easter Monday,
April 18th, at 8 p.m.
Bush's Four-piece Orchestra
Floor reserved for Children's Fancy
Dress 8-10 p.m.   Three prizes
Tickets including supper: Adults $1.00,
Children 14 yrs. and under SOc.
Pigs For Sale
��� #   Eight (8)  thoroughbred  Berkshire
Pigs, in good order.   Seven weeks old.
Price $7.00 a piece for the lot.   Apply
���   Rock Creek, B.C. i
be mentioned that a proteid is
yery much like a calorie, only
longer., and it has a shaggy coat.
kindly note that one family bor
rowing a book must not pass it on
to another family without firsf returning it to the library.
Spring Time is Buying Time
We have a good stock of
Blue Stem Wheat, Spring Rye, Alfalfa, Clover,
Timothy, Field and Garden Seeds
for your Selection
We are also pricing
Specially for Cash for
40 spools 4 point Barb Wire    $4.50oerspool
Onion Sets....              20c per Ib
pIum Jam          N 4 ib can 50c
Detmonte Prunes large ones         15c per Ib
Granulated Sugar 100 lbs $8.15;   20 lbs $1.65
Nabob Jelly Powders���         4 for 27c
Good Feed Wheat-.:...:    $2.25 per hundred
Winesap Apples good eaters and cookers  $2.00 per box
Bananas 15c per lb
A .'reduction, of 10 PER CENT FOR CASH on any pair of our new
complete stock of WORK, DRESS and RUNNING SHOES
Midway and Rock Creek
Tlie animal meeting of tho Hospital
Society was hold in the Bank of
Montreal Building at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 9th. Thoso present were.:
T. M. Gulley, G. S. Walters, Major
Gray, Mrs. ltoyce, Mrs. King, Mrs.
Newmarch, Dr. Francis, H. T. New-
march', G. W. A. Smith and Charles
The minutes, of tho 192(5 annual
Hireling were, read and adopted.
Tho Financial Report was pre
sented by the Secretary-Treasurer,
Charles King. .He stressed the difficulty in collecting the accounts of
patients'treated ab the Hospital, the
amount of outstanding accounts was
.$2,350.00,- and in spite of this the
Hospital was sound financially, the
full liabilities were $1365 00, the City
of' Greenwood being the highest
creditors with an amount due thorn
for light and water of $296.00. In
February last the Board of Directors
considered it advisable to consolidate
the outstanding debts of the Hospital
and pay them off, a loan was made at
the Bank of Commerce of $800.00,
payable back at the rate of $50.00 per
month carryingS% interest. This left
a balance due to the bank of $750.00,
Lhe otlier liabilities consisted -of coal,
and general supply accounts; the
assets were made up of $32.30 cash on
hand ancl estimated half of the outstanding accounts at $1620.00 which
amount seemed collectable. This left
a balance of $293.13, which proved the
Hospital was sound financially.
The Sec.-Treas. reported as to the
expenditure on the new Hospital,
stating that there had been $8,000.00
expended on the building, $300 on
furniture, $840.00 on equipment "'and
$575.09 on the operating room equipment and these amounts have' all
been paid.
As.to operating expenses, the average cost per patient had been $3.59,
a great deal of the cost of equipment
was included in this charge; 233
patients had been treated, with a total
of 2221 Hospital days treatment; 194
patients had been cured; 23 improved;
4 sent to Kamloops and 6 deaths.
There had been 28 X-Ray examinations and 82 anaesthetics g'iven.
The annual revenue from all sources
was $7,063.18 and the expenditure
$7992.60. Cash in bank January 1st,
1926, $356.20. Cash on hand December 31st, 1926, $62.31.
The Sec.-Treas. stated that- he
trusted the directors and general public would, appreciate this statement"
aud .wished to, inform the general
public'- that"' any ""member���of-the,
Hospital Society might examine the
books of the Hospital at the Sec.Treas.
The Financial report was accepted.
Dr. Francis, as superintendent of
the Hospital, stated that the Sec.-
Treas. report had covered the working
of the Hospital to a great extent, but
he would like to state that he considered the class of work done at-this
institution would compare favourably
with that done in larger cities. There
were two doctors always available and
they could consult together on any
case needing consultation. Operations
were conducted successfully covering
sidered was an institution that the
people of the District should be proud
of. The entirely new staff of matron
and nurses he considered capable and
The President, T. M. Gulley, remarked as to the date of the annual
meeting, as it should have been held
at the end of the year 1926, bnt this
date was not convenient for the
directors living outside of Greenwood
and he suggesten that the date should
bc altered.
It was unanimously decided that the
annual meeting should be held on the
third week in April ancl this change
bo made in the By-Laws of the Society.
The President stated that according
to tbe By-Laws the. whole Board of
Directors automatically retire and a
new Board could be elected. He remarked that the present Board had uo
representative from Bridesville and
eil'orts that had been made to secure
had not met with success.   He
Pacific Hotel
Changes Hands
one __    _.    ^
then called upon the Society to elect
a new Board of Directors.
Dr. Francis considered the present
Board was very representative of/the
District and efficiently handled all the
work of the Hospital and he moved
that the present Board of Directors
and officers be, re-elected en bloc.
Mrs. Newmarch remarked that she
oonsidered the present Board-should
be congratulated on their efficiency
and wished to second the motion,
which was put to the meeting and
and carried. /
Major Gray regretted the inability
of the District Directors to be present
at all the meetings and he construed it
as a compliment to the Cit'v Directors,
as he representing Kettle Valley
might say, he considered the Hospital
business was efficiently managed by
the active Directors and he knew the
District as a whole were quite satisfied.
Dr. Francis brought up the subject
of an annual celebration of the opening of the Hospital, somewhat on the
lines of the Florence Nightingale Anniversary. He suggested that a day
could be arranged early in May and
that sports of different kinds should
be held, terminating with a grand
dance, and he begged to make a
motion to that effect.
.Major Gray seconded and promised
to help all he possibly could to make,
the day a great success".
The President considered the matter
well chosen aud to guarantee its sue
A real estate deal of considerable importance was' consumated
in Greenwood' on .Wednesday
when the Pacific ��� Hotel changed
hands, J. H. Goodeve being the
new proprietor. R. Forshaw
acted in the negotiations.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Greig who
have conducted this hotel, for
many years, are leaving for the
coast, Mr. Greig's health which'
has not been good for some time,
will benefit by the change, it is
Mr. Goodeve will take charge
in a few days.
Rod and Gun Club Busy
The Greenwood District Rod
and Gun Club have made application for the stocking of Kettle
River with Kamloops trout and'
the re-stocking of Long Lake also.-
with Kamloops trout.   The fishw
eries inspector commented . very '
favorably on the results of the two
previous years stocking Long Lake,
20,000 fry for each year having
been placed there. There'is every
reason to think .that the application will receive favorable  consideration   from   the   Fisheries'
Department, and the promise has
already  been received   by   the
Club's Secretary, Major R. Gray,
that' Boundary Creek will  this
spring be stocked with Eastern
Brook Trout.
The annual meeting of the-Rod
and Gun .Club will be held on a
date to be announced in the near
Midway News
Ace Mesker arrived on Sunday
last from Nelson.
Jack Thompson,.of Kettle Valley, , was a. visitor to town on
Tuesday.' * " ' "'"'.""' .'" "���~~-w >-:'-,-
The   District   Schools  Track'
Meet will be held' on June '3rd.
Posters later.
Miss Jones and Miss ��� Barker
expect to spend the Easter vacation at their respective homes.
Howard Pannell has 1,200 eggs  ;<
set "and  hopes to have enough   '
chicks to corner the grasshopper
John (Farmer)' Bush "left on
Monday to resume his studies in
Spokane after a few days visit at
his home here.,
W. E. McArthur's new sawmill
on the Kettle River above town
has commenced operations. The.
crew is composed of 21 men
which includes a number of scar- :
penters. , This industry is a great
help to the town. -
A delightful party was' given
by Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bush on
Friday last, in honor of their son,
John, who was up from Spokane
on a* visit. About 50 of the
younger set were present and
spent a merry time dancing and
playing games.
A-Concert and Dance will be
held in the Farmers Hall on April
29th at 8 p. m. Members of the
the Women's Institute are asked
through this medium to supply
sandwiches and cake for the supper. Proceeds go towards the
hall debt.
We read of aadog that knows" a
particular make of ��� motor-car.
You should see" our fox-terrier
shaking a Ford.���Punch.
that the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary
should take this matter into consideration at their meeting on Thursday,
April 14th.   "
Mrs.   Royce,   the president of  the .
Auxiliary,    promised   to   bring   tlie
matter up for discussion and report to
a meeting of the Board on Saturday.
April 10th.
The Sec.-Tveas. wished to express to
the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary from
the Board of Directors their high appreciation of their many and useful J
efforts for the benefit of "the Hospital.
He considered they were untiring in
theii' very useful work, both financially
and constructively. They had handled-
.,���  ��� e-uiuuKi- mo auu- all the dances throughout the year
cess it was necessary to have one man and in numerous wavs .-had shown
m charge and suggested G.S. Walters .themselves indispensable to the suc-
who   had  so  ably  and   successfully cessful working of the Hospital
handled the opening of the Hospital
-  G. S. Walters considered this celebration should be held and suggested
Major Gray wished to associate
himself with the remarks of Charles
The meeting then adjourned.
/ 0��ESN3mO&. .fcEDGE
,You must try RED ROSE ORANGE
PEKOE.  A little higher price than other;
$eas, but a real difference in quality. Nov?
packed in Aluminum.
Chinese Women Progressive
Are Becoming a Factor in Readjustment of Their Country
The women of China will he a factor in the readjustment in that country, according to' Mrs. Grace Thompson Seton who spoke before the Women's Press Club in New York. Describing the achievements of modern
Chinese women, Mrs. Seton said one
woman author had published 3-iy
hooks. Another who conducts a
school, she said, had adopted 100 children and is educating them. From a
state of complete subjection to men
women are fast emerging, she said,
and banks for women arc being established, i
Celebrating-Canada s Jubilee
The celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of Confederation should be
-well and fittingly observed by all citizens throughout, the length ancl breadth
of the Dominion, and no' community however small should fail lo lake
advantage of this historic date to review the progress of the country and to
strengthen in the minds of all, especially the young, a determination to
render worth-while servico to Canada and mako it a still belter land in
which (o live and a real power for good among the nations of .tlio world.
A strong national committee has boon created by Parliament to give
direction to this celebration in its largo national aspects, and Provincial
committees aro iu process of formation in each of tho nine provinces. The
chief national ceremonies will, of course, bo held at Ottawa, the Federal
capital, ancl it is proposed that in each of llie provinces striking ceremonies
should bo held at the provincial capital cities. But every city, town, village
.and hamlet should likewise organize to commemorate the event.
While in the observance of this diamond jubilee,' sports, concerts, fireworks, and other forms of recreation aud pleasure will and should find a
place, it is to be hoped that something of a more lasting character will be
done or inaugurated that -will materially assist in tho continued and greater
development of Canada and advancing it along the path to true national
greatness and strength.
The Dominion-wide oratory contest no"w iu progress in the schools of the
Dominion under tlie auspices of leading daily newspapers is a concrete
example o!f what we have in mind. Id is educational, inspirational, and
��� cannot fail to induce a true pride in Canada and its achievements, and help
to promote a fine and helpful "national spirit. The study which participation
in this contest imposes on lliousauds of students will leave a .lasting
"impression, while the training in public speaking that results will prove a
real asset to the Dominion.
A suggestion has also becn advanced that tiie national committco should
create a national prize in literature to be awarded each year lo the best
Canadian literary production of the year. Such award might fittingly be
announced on each succeeding Doiniuion Day. A really -worth-while" prize
would undoubtedly havo tho effect of encouraging a higher standard in
Canadian literature.
Cannot tlie idea wliich prompted this suggestion be extended to include
���each community throughout tho Dominion? Most of our cities, towns and
villages experience a lack of something ol' a public nature wliich could easily
be provided at comparatively small expense if the residents would unite thcir
efforts in making provision for it. Some lack a community centre; in orhers
the absence of a public library is a real losa to tho peoplo; some places have
as yet Tailed to make adequate provision, possibly no provision at all, in the
shape of parks or playgrounds; many liave neglected to plant trees or
create beauty spots to' improve the appearance of the community in which
thoy pass their lives.
What could be bettor prove, a more fitting observance of Canada's jubilee
than the creation of a  Confederation Dark, a Jubilee Library, n  Canada
���Community Hall, or a Confederation   Avenue   of   trees,   o'r   something   of
beauty or of public service along somewhat, similar lines?
The above suggestions are merely intended to direct attention to ihc
idea and to provoke consideration of it. Each community will be aware of
its most pressing need, ancl of its ability to supply that need. Each
community, no matter how small in numbers, can do something. AU that^
.is necessary is lhat some thought and consideration be given to the matter,
and one or two "live" leaders can quickly secure tho cooperation of all, with
the result that something really valuable^ and of lasting'benefit will result
in commemoration of tho Diamond Jubilee of Confederation.
Pains In Back Subdued
Sore Chest Relieved
A Nova Scotian Tells How She Over-
came Her Troubles With
"l consider Nerviline the best remedy for a cold, sore throat or tightness across the chest," writes Miss
Lucy Mosher tiom Windsor, N.S. "For
many years our homo has never been
without Nerviline. I had a cold on
my chest that fourteen remedies
couldn't break up. I rubbed on Nerviline three times a day, used Nerviline as a gargle and was completely
restored." It's becauso Nerviline is
so powerful, so penetrating, so sure
to relievo congestion, that it is used
in most homos, for the prevention and
Invention Worth Million
relief of a hundred minor ills.
35c. bottle to-day.
.Get a
Telephone System Pays
Alberta Government 'Phone System
Shows Operating Profit
Tho Alberta Government telephone
system showed a profit of $270,000 in
operation in the year .l!)2(>, according
to' lho animal report of flic Department. There was an increase of revenue over J 025 of moro than $-15<l,000.
There are now 20,113'rural subscribers
and 3C,G17 subscribers on tho urban
system, making a total of "iti.UoO subscribers for lho entire system, an in-'
crease of about 500 over the previous
'Gorgeous Car For Nigerian Chief
British   Factory   Turns   Out   Dazz
Vehicle for Emir of Kano
in blue leather. Even (hc engine, normally black, bas boon canioufjaged-
with silver paint. In the dazzling
suue-hino of Africa the car travelling
at���high-speed���and-it5-is understood
the Emir of Kano delights in speed
���will certainly give some impression
of a S'?-Y bird of many hues.
Switzerland Has Access to Sea
And Joke A bou; Swiss Navy is Losing
Its Point
The world is in danger of losing its
joke about tho Swiss r.avy.
Ships sail- from Switzerland to the
Rich' native potentates'   who   have
luxurious tastes in   automobiles,   invariably place  their orders  iu England.   A car that has just-boon completed for 'the Emir of Kano, one of
fhe   most  powerful  of   the   Nigerian
���chiefs, liad, according to instructions,
to look like a bird of paradise, when
travelling under the blue African sky.
The use of black on any part of the
���car - was     forbidden    on   religious
grounds.    All .difficulties were, ho\\-
���ever, overcome, and rarely has anything  more gorgeous  loft a  British'-for navigation as  far as Basle, and
���factory than this dazzling vcuiclo. The! the Swiss mercantile   marine    is   a
���chassis is a G-cylimler with all parts   prominent feature  of  the Swiss  In-
brighlly finished.   The  dashboard  Is! dustrio:. .Fair, which has opened there,
���of polished aluminum.    'J'he steering     Many shipping   firms   which   scud
wheel ancl the door handles "aro blue, merchandise by European canal, riv-
Thc springs are painted red and lho,-or and oceau   clear   to   the   United
���   fuse carrier on tlio dashboard is or'Slates havo opened ofiices at Basle.
ivory.   The body is striped with rci.j	
and gold lines.   Tho hood is move like!    The ease,  with   which   corns   and
.a sunshade and is a vivid green jn'v.-xirts can be removed by Hoiloway's
,��,���, ���d��_. ���.��,���.., ��,��*,,�� s,s�����' srar t-""
Paid   ito   Young    Russian
Photo Machine
A young Itu.ssian photographer of
socialistic leanings came to New
York three years ago with pockets
empty of money, but villi a mind
aflame with an inventive idea.
Today this Itussian idealist, Anatol
Josepho, of New York, has ?l,000,000
iu cash because his idea has been
translated into tortus of money.
In payment for the invention, which
resulted from the idea, Henry Mor-
gcnlhau, former United Slates Ambassador to .Turkey, acting as "the
head of a syndicate of about a dozen
Now York business men, handed
Josepho a check for ?1,000,000 in the
Sulgrave. Hotel, Park Avenue and
07th Street.
The stroke' of Lhc pen that transformed Josepho within a few seconds
from a struggling photographer to
millionaire did not, however, change
bis' socialistic conviction. He plans
to use half of the million for charity
ancl part of the other half to asisst iu-
venlors like himself.
'lhe device tliat. brought Josepho
the million is the little-automatic machine that takes a strip of photographs
for 25 cents.
Josepho conceived tbe idea of the
machine when ho had a sniall studio
in China, and eked out a bare existence by making cheap "ping pong
pictures of th.e natives. But lie had
boon a photographer long before then.
Horn .at Omsk, in Siberia, 32 years
ago', he studied at the Engineering
Iustitutc there, and before he was
twenty had perfected and patented
many .improvements in photographic
Vitaglass Is Newest Idea
Does Not Exclude Ultra-Violet Rays
Like Window Glass
Scientists have discovered, at a
date if somewhat belated, that glass
windows, from the standpoint of
health, are one of the greatest evils
from which humanity suffers. Thoy
do act as a preventive to cold winds,
draughts and clamp, but they only give
the illusion of light and warmth. The
Medical Research Council corroboi-
itos tbe fact that when light passes
through a window of ordinary glass it
is entirely robbed of the beneficial
ultra-violet rays. It gives a sensation
of Varmih, but, apart from this, it can
have no effect on bodily efficiency and
The remedy exists, however, foi
both light and the ultra-violet rays are
provided by vitaglass, the. invention
oi" a Birmingham scientist, Mr. E. E.
Lamplough, It has been installed in
several hospitals in Great Britain and
in the Smithwick Borough Council
Schools. Tho installation, it is claimed, has had remarkable results on tlio
health of tho pupils.
The Morning Post says that vitaglass possesses the property of transparency to tho curative ultra-violet
rays of natural light. Wo quote:
"Up till quite recently it had been
found that quartz or fused silica were
tlio only known substances Lhat possessed-this properly of transparency,
and their high cost had rendered fhe
possibility of their application to windows quite prohibitive. The cost of
vitaglass is, however, very little moro
than ordinary ^window glass, and so
tlio question of its installation in factories and industrial centrbs becomes
of considerable interest.
A Tonic Medicine a Necessity at
This Season
Dr. "Williams' Pink i'ilis arc an all-
year-round tonic io. lhc blood arid-
nerve's. Bur. they aro especially valuable in tho Spiing when the system is
loaded with knpritics as a. result of
the indoor life of the winter months.
There is no other season when tho
blood is so much .in need of purifying
and enriching and every dose of these
pills helps to enrich the blood. In Hie
spring oue feels weak and tired���Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills give strength. In
the spring appetitie is often poor
���Or. Williams' Pink Pills develop tho
appetite, tone the stolnach and aid
weak digestion, it is' in tho spring
that poisons iu the blood iincl an outlet
in disfiguring pimples, erruptions and
boils���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills clear
the skin because tliey go to to fhe root,
of, tho trouble in the blood. In the
tion, neuralgia and many other troubles are most persistent because of
poor, weak blood, and it is at tlila
time when all nature takes on now
life that the blood most seriously
needs attention. -Some people dose
themselves with purgatives at this
season, but these only further weaken
themselves. A purgative merely gallops through thc system, emptying
the bowels, but does not help the
blood. On" thc other hand, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills enrich the blood
which reaches every norvo and every
Willi so thorough a preparation at
hand as Miller's Worm Powders the
mother who allows hei- children lo
suffer from the ravages of worms, is
unwise and culpably careless. A child
subjected to the attacks of worms is
always unhealthy, and will bo stunted in its growth. It is a merciful act
to rid it of these destructive parasites, especially when it can be dono
without diiliculty. .   -
Keep your horses working with I
."SPOHNS."  Standard  rem-1
��dy tor,32 years for Distemper.,
btranglea.  Influenza;,Coughs and
Colds. Give to  sick and those exposed. Give "SPOHN'S" for Dog Distemper. Sold by your dnigfjlst. If not.
order from us. Two sizes, large and
imall.   Write for free booklet ondiucasca
Canadians Heavy Tea Drinkers
Dominion Stands Fourth Among
Nations of World in That
Each Cauadian drinks over four
pounds of tea per yoar, or practically
five-times as much as our American
cousins to tho south of us. Great Britain .(including Northern Ireland)
leads fhe world in point of consumption by using yearly over 400 -million
pounds (nearly , S% pounds per
capita). Then comes the Uniied
Slates with 100 million, but only nino-
tcnths of a pound per capita. Next
comes-Australia with 49 million, and
Canada with 36 million. ��� No reliable
statistics are available for China or
Russia. Both these countries consume
a large amount of tea, but the per
capita, is very small. A great deal
more tea would bo used on this continent if the public were educated to
demand fresh tea. Old tea is flat-and
unpalatable. Tea is a very delicate
vegetable growth, which deteriorates
unless kept sealed. A b.ottle of ginger ale soon loses its flavor-if exposed
to tho air. This is exactly what occurs iu the case of tea.
A Model of Cleanliness
U.S. Will Have Big Exhibit
- Hon. Harry Lew-is, U.S. commissioner in chargrc of commercial exhibit
at the World's Poultry Congress has
written asking that an extension- of
time be granted in connection with
the closing 'bf contracts for space. Already the United States exhibits have
iillo'd tho original space allotted them,
and addition will be housed in the
Coliseum at Lansdown Park.
Royal Trains Seldom Uscd
King   and   Queen. Travel   With   Less
Ceremony Than Formerly
The railway companies, it is slated,
iiiro considering the ^desirability of
maintaining one Royal train for com-
niou use. on any of the four lines on
which members - of the royal family
may bc travelling in.state, instead of
one special train being held in readiness by each individual company. '
A railway official, referring to this,
"No decision has yet been reached,
bul the subject is under consideration, in view of tbe infrequent use being niade of tho royal trains, duo to
a. change iu tho habit of, royalty. Although members of the royal family
uow travel move than thoy used to,
"instead of ordering a royal train,
the King and Queen, unless it be a
ceremonial occasion, more often than
not have a special coach on an oi-
dinary train. The Prince of Wales in
particular, very rarely uses a royal
,,    -,-,,.     ,      , , organ in   the   body,    bringing   now
sea since tiie Rhine has beeu opened  gll?englh  and  vjgor  to  Woak,  easily
tired.nien, women and children. Try
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills this spring���
they will not disappoint you.
You"can get these pills through any
medicine: dealer or by mail at 50 cents
n box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
'.Especially Prepared for Infants
' and Children of All Ages
A Real Cinderella
'J'he story of Cinderella has boon
traced by an historian to the account
of a young lady named Rhodopis
whose sandal was carried by the
wind, while she was bathing in the
Nile, to the feet of the Egyptian king
who offered a reward for the owner.
When Rhodopis claimed her sandal
the king married) her.
If the housewife could .visit a modern milk condesary, where pure
counlry milk is put in tins for her
convenience, she would be as delight- j
ed with its cleanlincsss as she would j
bc amazed at the ingenuity of thej
process. In ' Dordcn condonsaries, i
whero Eagle Brand or St. Charles
Milk is packed, tbe entire plant is
subjected to a ��� rigid cleansing every
day. Every container aud every piece
of piping through which the milk
passes is scalded with live steam. Si.
Charles milk, which is eyaporalcd, has
nothing added to il, and nothing takon
away, except a portion .of the natural
moisture o'f the counlry milk. Aftei
being tinned it is sterilized, so it will
keep perfectly-in the unopened, tin.
Eagle Urand, which is condensed
milk, is preserved by the addition of
pure cane sugar, but nothing else is
added to I he-fresh country milk. The
condensed milk is called '.'sweetened"
and the evaporated "unswootend"
"milkr     ^~J =���=      ~   =     "
Heroine: Oh, George,, can't you
wait just a week for my decision?
Voice from the Gods: Don't you do
It, George. 'J'he play won't run that
Which compiles'with the New Vehicle
Act nnd are now being used on the
following cars  In   Regina
Lieulonaiit-Ciovcrnor Kewliinds.
Won.  .lames G. Gardiner, Premier.
Hon. Si. J. Latta, Minister of Education. > ���.���.,..-
lion. T. C. Paris. Minister of.Munici-
nalilios anil Vrov. See.
Hon. J.-A. Cross. Atlorney-Gencrnl.
Hon. .T. M.  Uhricli. Minister of Public
Works ami Public Health.
Hon. AV.   .1. -Patterson.   Minister, of
���<  Telephones and Highways'.
"It. ".T.  Fyfe,  Superintendent of Highways.
J. M. McLeod,    Clerk    ol   ]3xeou(ivo
C. A.   Mahoney,   Commissioner   Provincial Police.
M. .T. Hrulon, Chief of City Police.
J. H.  IlefCornan,   City   Tolice  Magistrate.' . '
IX Mc-Uousral. Inspector City Police.
F. Toop. Inspector Oily Police. ���
"VV. A. White, Fire Cliief.
Government   Cars,   Provincial   Police
Cars.   City   Police,   Taxi" arid   many
oilier*    '
This  Transparonl--Doflector  can   be
attached to any motor car headlight
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Rive make of car a3 they are made in
three sizes.
If not stocked by your dealer thcy will
be mailed  prepaid at,
$2.00   per   set,   cash   with   order
Special Price .to Dealers and Garages
W.   B.   S.   MFRS.'" AGENT
P. O.   Box 276 ��� Phone S607
1863   Angus   St.,   Regina,  Sask,,-Can.
A Foe to Asthma.'' Give. Asthma
half a chance and it gains ground
rapidly, But give it repeated treatments of Dr. J. D. Kellog's Asthma
Remedy and it wiLl fall back even
faster. There is no half way measure about this remedy. Ir. goes right
lo work and drives asthma out. It
reaches the inmost breathing passages
and leaves no place for.the trouble to
lurk.   Have it. by you for ready uso.
A weighing machine designed for
uso in shops is so finely constructed
that it will weigh anything from a
human air lo tin article of -10 pounds.
Mrs. Nelson Moore, Milford, Ont.,
writes:���"I had heart and norvo
trouble, and became so short of breath
I could hardly do my housowork, and
waa bo norvous every littlo sound I
heard felt like a shock to me.
A friend of miae recommended
Proposed New Paper Mill
.New York,  Montreal and  Cliicago
Mother! Fletcher's Castoria has
'fceen in use for over. '.',0 years to relieve babies and children of Constipa- j financial men aro reported to be com-
tion, Flatulency. Wind Colic and ; biued in the plan to construct a COO -
-Diarrhea: allaying Foverishness aris-1 ton   paper, mill  at Whiteinud  Falls,
���'eminent.   Timber limits involving. 11,500
cords of pulpwood are being sought.
. Diarrhea: allaying reven.-mnebs ans-   ton   paper, mill  at Whiteinud  F?
ing therefrom  and by rcgu'jitinp the  Manilob8lf for ,vhicll appllcation
Stomsicb and Uowels. aids the aFMiu- lL
ilallou of Food; giving natural sleep\b*M ���ade to   the   _6��deral   Gove
���without opiates.
The genuine bears signature of
W.   N.   U.   16TC
Workers in Brazil aro. compelled by
law to take an annual vacation of
fifteen days.
For distemper���Minard's Liniment.
T.B. Taking1 Heavy Toll
Deaths   Among    Greenland    Eskimos
Due to   Unsanitary  Conditions ,>
Tho devastating Influences of
tuberculosis are taking a very heavy
toll of Greenland Kskliuos, II. C. Raven of the department of comparative
anatomy of tlio American Museum of
Natural History, told the Royal Can
adian Institute in Toronto.
The prevalence of tuberculosis iu
Greenland, -where Mr. Raven spent
the' summer of 1926, was attributed
by him to the fact that thc Eskimo
���lived in very unsanitary surroundings,
as.many as 12 people being crowded
into one little igloo four fcct wide by
ten or twelve feel high.
go highly I got a box of. them ant
they did mo so much good T got thc
eocond box, and now I am feeling like
a different woman."
Ileart and Nerve Pills are 50c. *
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The T. IPbure Co., Limited, Toronto,
Manufacturing industrial development is ln its infancy in Bolivia,
which is almost solely a producer oi
minerals. A disadvantage is the.almost complete absence of fuel in thc
Mao���Uow did you come to propose
lo me? j,
Rod.���By taxi.   ���
! Going   fishing-
i    ment.
-take    Minard's   Linl-
. t
for ignition must be as dependable as that o�� the great
metropolis power plants. ,    .
Ignition troubles during. wood-cutting, threshing,
ensilage chopping, separating, pumping or plowing may
cost more than many sets of batteries. ���*  .
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power when you most need it..
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range of Eveready-Columbias covering
every possible need.
Canadian. National Carbon Co., Limited
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16th, 11 p.m., Saturday April 23rd, 11 p.m.
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' B
'   I
Drv Batteries
-tkqy last longer SHE   GREENWOOD   LEDGffi
Mr. \V. J. Dorion, New York, writes: "Sick headache, indigestion
nnd constipation'have troubled me for years. I tried everything but
I cau truthfully say your CARl'EIt'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS is the
best laxative I have ever used. I fiud that they are small, easy to
take and their action does not pain nie. They keep me regular and
I want to tell^you how I appreciate this purely vegetable medicin'o,
' knowing, due to my experience in laboratory work that laxatives,
containing Mercury, Calomel and other poisonous drugs are
to swoon
ARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS are sugar coated, small, easy
swallow, and everyone in the family can take them in perfect
(Idence as they are a'.doctor's own formula.
ARTER'S LITTLE LIVER TILLS in rod T^i-n���,. or-   ~- - ���
PILLS in red packages 25c. and 75c.
New Anaesthetic
Physicians Expect Bromine  Preparation Will Supplant Ether and
-Ether and chloroform -ir.il take second place as anesthetics if tho claims
i of noted surgeons at a meeling of tho
Berlin Medical Society in regard to tt
new discovery called "107" are sustained.
^ The invention is a bromine prepara
tion which js introduced into, the intestines through an enema in the
form of- a solution which produces
complete anesthesia in a very short
Dr. Ernest Unruh, director of the
.Rudolph Virchow Hospital, reported
that 300 tests were entirely successful. The doctor contended that the
tiew preparation is an important pro.
gress and superior to ether and
Patients treated with thc new anesthetic fall into a deep-sleep, while tho
lieart pulse action and blood pressure
remain normal.
Tbe most important advantage of
the discovery Dr. Unruh stated as the
fact (hat the now anesthetic does noi
endanger tho heart, lungs and nerves,
Jind makes operations possible .even
In severe cases of pneumonia and advanced tuberculosis.
"107," it was said, may ,be used
without danger of narcosis in old people, and permits operations on the
face," nose and throat because an inhalation mask is not needed.
Patients on awakening are'not troubled by tho excitement and vomiting
common after tho application of other
and chloroform.   ���
The optimism of tho reporting physician i3 dampened'by thc admission
that it.is slill too early to pass final
judgment, on account of only 500 tests
baying been made so far, but the doctors, agreed that .there i3 a strong
possibility, of the'new method eventually supplanting inhalation, though
use of ether is fatal in _onlv one case
'ti 10,000.
Machinery Tested la
Huge Padded Ceil
Underground    Chamber    Enormousiy
Strong and Provided With Means
' for Observation
A padded cell to protect people
from loose nuts, though not of the human variety, has just been completed
at the works of the Metropolitan
Vickers Electric Company, of Manchester, England. It-is a protection
not only against loose ,nufs," but
against bolts, gears and screws ah
well, for the "cell" is a chamber lot
testing high speed machinery, whicn
is. liable to fly to pieces under tin?
strain. e
When a piece of such machinery is
completed, it is tested in the chain
ber, which  is  underground and  has
walls nine feet six   inches   in   thickness, composed oi' wood, steel, bags of
sand, air cushioning space and reinforced concrete.   It is large enough lo
lake "rotors" _M Jeet 6 inches in diameter, or shafts 40 feet long.    High
speed motors turn thc machinery un
der test, which'is watched from outside by moans'of various  electrical
devices and fast cameras. In addition,
by means of a hole bored through   it
shaft, a special telescope permits ac
tual scrutiny of flu* interior of a moving part.
Tho need-for such protection is emphasized in a recent issue of the
scientific magazine, Nature, where il
is staled that in a 25,000 horse-power, electric generator driven by a water or steam turbine, and running at
3,000 revolutons por minute, the rotating part weighs about 20 tons, aud
the energy is about" tlie samo as that
develo'pcd in a head-on collision between two railroad trains each' carrying fourteen cars nnd running af 35
miles an hour.       . - ���'
rary fn Danger Of Collapse
Galleries    in ��� British    Museum    Not
Built to Stand Increaoinrj  Weight
Tlio  "Iron Library", of .the British
Museum, with its '1,000,000 irreplaceable'volumes, is in danger of collapse
because of the increasing woighl   ot
new publications that-ara added daily.
'J'he matter is oi such urgency that
a deputation has informed the" Prime
Minislei- of the circumstances.
The only so!ul-ion-of the problem is
I more accommodation, and tho authorities aro at their wits' end (o find it.
Every month    thirty   thousand   new
books come in. :
The "Iron Library" surrounds the
great do'med, circular reading room,
between wliich and the main walls of
tho building is a vast network of cast
iron bookshelves. There are about
forty-six miles of shelves,, and the
books weigh many thousands of tons.
' "I am mortally afraid of the consequences if the present stale of affairs
continues," said an engineer wlio has
an intimate knowledge of the slru
Most Powerful Fleet In Baltic
ermany is Rapidly Increasing Power
of Her Navy
"One hundred per cent, eflieiouf is
tlio watchword of tho now German
navy, which is now being, steadily
developed in strength.     .
Tlie estimates for 1u''
heen attention is
added that the foundations ol
tho building are. sound bul tlio book-
lined galleries wi:h.their gangways of
open ironwork formed a spidery "bird
cage" that was not designed to staua
the present weight of books.
A rough estimate cf the cost of reconstruct ing J he library is -.C 1,000,000,
and (lie resources of the museum-tiro-
inadequate to moot such an expense.
The nucleus-of tho British Museum
library was a bequest fo the nation of
the library of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, a seventeenth cenfuary antiquary.' A ��300,000 Stale Tottery was
raised later fer the purchase of other
collections ancl the original building.
The great circular reading-room was
designed by Anthony Panizzi, a
refugee from' Italy, who was appointed
Keeper of Printed Bosks in 1837.
<w show that
paid to improvements in fighting eciuipnient and naval engineering. Thcy further reveal
Il\o comparatively largo program oi
new construction now under way.
Money is voted for continuing work
ou four new cruisers of tho Emden
class (the nanieship of which was
completed last year, and is now mak-
��K�� a maiden trip around tlie w
���2 big destroyers ancl
as well
Stresses. Need of Empire Policy
maritime ac-
maintenance  of
������ Hx-KaiserrWas Peeved
Cake Eighty Years Old
of   Cache   of
iii -1845���
A cake eighty years-old���and still
good to eat���is kept in thc museum
or tho Northwest Territories "and Yu-
lcon branch of the'department of the,
.Interior. The cake is made of pern-'
nrican, a compound of beef, fats ancl
dried fruits, and was fotmd in a cache
nl the southwestern corner "of North
Devon on lieochy Island, in tho Arctic, by thcCanadian Arctic Expedition
of 1923 which found the'cache among
other evidences of tho tragedy or the
expedition led by Sir John-Franklin
in 1845.
Mot Use Bathtub Installed
Without His Consent
���Research into' Berlin's-past has-disclosed, that Kaiser "Willielm I. had u
real bathtub of the 188:5 model in nu
Unter den Linden palace. Tim chroniclers further relate that tho rule,
never used it, not alone on account ot
his-alleged aversion to water, but be-
-cause-it-was -installed- while~~he~was
absent,  and without his  consent.
When tho venerable,,sovereign '���returned and saw tho strange contrivance ho remarked: "Very nice, btu
wii en I desire to bathe I bathe in'Gas-
loin," referring to the watering plact
where" ho spent his summers.
Doctrine of Air Must bc Doctrine of
Sea Says  BrMish Air Minister
In'Ilie course of the debate in the
House of Commons on lho air force
estimates, the Minister   for'  Air   remarked that for the needs of Great
Britain no less than for the needs of
thc Empire'as a whole, the doctrine ot
the air must he the doctrine of the
sea:   If this dictum u applied to civil
aviation, it naturally follows that the
near future will see tho development
of air ports, just as our
livities  demand   the
seaports. >  ,
Croydon ' remains .ari oufstduding
.example, of..Great Britain's air ports,
but' the rapid growth of aviation' must
inevitably bring in-'i'.s train extended
facilities for tho transport of passengers and goods. The rapid expansion
of- air transport demands enterprise,
initialise, and a long view in considering an extension of, air port facilities
iu this country.
��� Sooner or later the industrial north,
with its gteat commercial interests,
will have to be linked' up by air with
the rest of the world, and lho municipality which i_s suniciently_oiitQrprbj_
ingTcTtako lho.initiative in this   di-
is a  large  increase  in   the
vote for oil-fuel, which is now used
exclusively in all new ships,
as in the olde;-   destroyers
converted from coal to oil.
'J'he fact tliat elaborate experiments
are being mado to perfect tho Diesel
motor for high-speed Warships is ro
vealod for the first time Germany
may yet produce the first high-speed
motor cruiser or battleship.
The fleet now in active service consists, of four battleships ancl five
cruisers, with torpedo craft and smaller vessels. It is now proposed to
commission more big ships, as the recent substitution,-'of 'civilians for!
sailors in all shore arpolutmenls has
released many more officers and men
for sea duty. The now Gorman Hoot
is already the most powerful force in
tlie Baltic, ancl at the present rate oi
progress its influence will soon be felt
Working on "Silent" 'Planes
France Perfecting Machines That
Cannct be Heard
Silent aeroplanes, painted the color
of night, wliich can neither be heard
or seen arter dark, will soon be. a
Piactical accomplishment of " the
French Aviation Service, it is reliably
Scyc-al other nations havo boon
working along the same lines, but
liave not yet succeeded. Recent
French experiments with new wonderful silencers have demonstrated
that the. 'plane equipped with them
could not be heard at a distance of
300 foot rrom lho ground. Within a
short, time, absolutely silent 'planes
will bo a feature of the French Aviation Service, according to the sumo
The laboratory has also been working for many months' on tiie question
of the color of 'planes ancl the exports
have decided upon a new dark paint
which has tlie effect of. so successfully
blending the 'plane into thc night atmosphere as to make if invisible oven
within a few hundred feet of the-land-
ing field.
With the so-called "disappearing"
paint ancl silent engines, the death-
dealing qualities of the aeroplane will
be increased enormously, in tho opinion of aeronautical experts. They
cilo as an. example a night attack by
several hundred armored 'planes, including bombers, upon an esemy city
o'r position.
The enemy anli-aircrart defences
'would bo immediately placed at a
great disadvantage,)for about the only
moans of detection loft- would be
During the World War lho peculiar
sound of approaching German 'planes,
which to many people seamed to say
the words "1 will," acted as a sufficient warning ,to parmit the French
defending air forces to get into' action
You see it everywhere ��� the
pearly gray enameled .ware
that spells long service ancl
real, old-fashioned satisfaction.
This splendid kitchen ware,
SMP Pearl Enameled Ware,
defies wear and tear and its
surface, like all SMP Enameled
Ware, is so china-smooth arid,
clean it harbors no taints or
You need no steel wool or special
cleansers to keep SMP Pearl Ware
sparkling clean: Soap and hot water .
do thc trick in a jiffy.. Made in
every new handy shape and size
by an old established Canadian ia.
the Sheet Metal Products Co or "nam,-
Tbe Oil for the Farmer.���A bottle
ot Dr. Thomas* Eclectric Oil in the
farm house will save manv a joiirnev
for .the doctor, it i3 not onlv good
for the children when taken with colds
amis croup, and for the mature who
suffer from pains and aches, but
there aro directions for its use on sick
_,������ , . .cattle.   There should ahvav<? ho-i hot-
once more beyond the confines of that! tie of it in the house
Catapult Aeroplanes
Announcement made in an Iowa
church: At the ond of the servico the
phoir will sing a special anthem composed' by the organist, after" wliich
the church will be closed for a "month
for necessary repairs. **
The magnificent, Indian, in gold,
scarlet and blue with >ainbow turbau,'
who takes the. men's hats'and coats'
at the Hyde T'ark Hotel'in London!
used to be, in pro-war days, the Kaiser's valot.
Daughter ��� "Tho minister just
phoned and said lie .-was coming to
cull this afternoon."   ,", y
Mother���"Gracious, wc must make
a good impression; give baby the
hymii book to play with."
rocliou wiil gain all (h0 advantages of
.being an entrepot for'the North, as
Croydon benefits by being tho entrepot for thc South.
Race Determined By Hair
Also   Shows   Sex  and   Probable
Scientists Are Told   .
Human hair betrays   race,   nation-
| allies, sex and    probably    age,    the
American, Anthropological -. Association of the'Central United States .was
isformed at its annual meeting in Chicago by M. Jl. Bernstein, of Now York
City, a student at  the University ot
Chicago, who has concluded detailed
experiments  with  hair of all  colore
and grades.
All Irishman's hair, for instance,
has different weight than an Italian's,
and an old Irishman's hair, Mr. Benij
stein said lie believed, would show a
definite difference from iv young Irishman's hair.	
���"���^ThisTcliscovery has considerable im-
Little Helps For This Week
arise audi
havo  ti
Achievement vs. Life
Proved safe bymillions and prescribed by physicians for
- Colds      Headache      Neuritis     .   Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache      Rheumatism
-Accept only "Bayer" package'
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Anplrln Is'the trifle mark {recistered.In Canada) of Bayer Mannfactnre of Monoieetlc-
���cldester of. Sallcylicacld (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A. 3. A."). While it Is well known
tbat Aspirin mean* Bayer manufacture, to assist the public m?alii��t Imitations, tie Tablets
��* Bajer ComiNuy Trill le aUnpcil vrltb tbeir ceucnl trade taut, tbe "Bayer Oku,"
Men Who Take Unnecessary  Hazard
Value Former,More Than Latter
It may, be asked why men hazard
their lives in attempts to drive motor
cars at astounding   rates   of   speed.
They do not use  in those attempt*
automobiles such a.s   a.re    ordinarily
used for business or pleasure. The>
drive machines that arc especially designed and  built  for racing, lhat require the constant    care   of   skilled
mechanics, that aro e-vtroinely costly
to operate and lhat could'not bo employed in any transportation .service
ou highways.    The drivers of  those
cars travel .on race courses at speeds
at. \yhich no ordlnarry motor vehicle
could.be driven on the public roads.
Thus the men who pilot automobiles
at 200 niiles an  hour on speedways
seem to serve no purpose that is of
practical ���value at  tho  present time
and in. present circumstances. On tlio
other hand, they may lave helped and
be helping to perfect the 'automobile
by applyisg, the severest tests to materials, engines and devices tha,t increase the efficiency and safety of that
type of vehicle.   They may be tempted  by the prospect of rewards and
they., may. be the kind; of men who
value, achievement more   than   their
lives, who1   embark   upon   hazardous
airplane     flights,     climb   dangerous
peaks or make voyages to j the Poles.
portance in the realm of physical
anthropology, Mr. Bernstein said, inasmuch as researchers may now have
hair to work upon as well as skulls m
making anthropological determinations.
Keeping Up With the Siyle
All's well on Main Street in Fort
Simpson, North " West Territories,
sayg a special wifeless despatch fo
the Calgary Herald. .Harry Camsell,
tonsorialist extraordinary, is back
from his winter trap line and the
belles of the sub-Arctic post, whites
Thou hast been faithful over a few
things, I will make thee ruler over
many tilings; enter thou into the -joy
of thy Lord.���Matthew xxr. 21.
O Ye that faint and die,
Sing, yo   that   all   thin
charge to bless;
If -He in. faithful who has sworn
Then bo ye also' faithful los possess.
, ���Anna Laetitia Waring
I will not count "  -
On aught but being faithful.
���George Eliot.
The essential fidelity of the heart is
the same, whether it be exorcised in
two mites or in a regal treasury; the
genuine_faiCirriilness of the life, is
equally beautiful, whether it be displayed iu governing an empire or iu
writing au exercise. Observe the
striking fact that our Lord does not
say, "He that*, is faithful in that which
is least Will be faithful also in much"
but "He that is faithful in that which
is least is faithful also in much."
���Frederic \Y. Parrar.
Have   Been   Succecssfully   Launched
From  Deck of Ships
To save, time, it is suggested that
Atlantic liners approaching their ports
should discharge small aeroplanes laden witli specially urgent mails and
parcels, or, in exceptional cases, even
passengers, n i,as already been
proved that aeroplanes can be launched from the confined decks of ships
by the catapult system.
II has been shown that aeroplanes
with no human beings on board'can
be propelled ou to objects thirty-flvo
miles distant, and it is expected that
this rango will shortly bo increased
to one hundred miles.
Harold���"Is Gladys entertaining?'.-
William���"I-should say so.   I talked to her about myself all  evening
and she never interrupted me once."
"I can't imagine" why Perdie is so
brainless;  can you?"
"Why, no; unless tlio poor boy was
brought up ou a vacuum bottle."
Money doesn't grow on' trees,  but
much of'it is obtained by grafting.
The man with a
grievance to others.
grievance   is�� a
Fly Five Miles a Minute
Speed of New Mystery Seaplane Built
For Great Britain
It will be possible to reach Brighton
dusky Indian maidens alike,-tiro [from Lomlon in tl-u minutes'on lhc
lining  up   for   the, latest  bob
shingles, a la jacktlsh Leke.
Venice stands bn 117 small islands,
among which, winding   through    thji
city, are J50 canals, spanned here ana'
thereby 3S0 bridges.
"I have always maintained," declared Charles "that no" two people on
earth think alike.
"You'll change your mind," said
bis fiancee, "when you look over our
wedding presents."
Never judge a man by the talk he-
lets out in his ���'own behalf. , j
Eczema on Face and
Body. Cuticura Heals.
"My baby's face and body were
covered,with eczema. It broke out
in blisters and sore eruptions, and
he could not sleep on account of the
irritation.*'".; I had to keep mittens on
his hands to keep him from scratching.* He was cross all the time, and
his clothing aggravated the breaking; out.
I used other remedies but they
did riot help him. I. began using
Cuticura Soap and Ointment and in
a few days I could see a change, and
in about a month he was healed."
(Signed) Mrs. Katie Davidson, Flat
Lake, Alta.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are ideal for daily toilet uses.
Sampla Each Frw br Mall.   Address Canadian
Depot:  "SttnSTOM, iii, UoatniL"  Price, Soap
Bk\ Ointment ZS and EOe. Talcum 23c.
 L - Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
,mtljiicw mystery supennarine Napier Ss
and Glostor seaplanes wliich havu
been built to represent Great Britain
in the Schneider.Cup nice at .Vienna
In September. Each, it is anticipated,
will bo capable of a speed of five
I miles a minute. These racing 'plaitos,
whicli have been referred to as "flying bullets," are fitted with secret engines of enormous .power,-but with
weight reduced to an absolute miui-
Delayed Punishment
An opinion was expressed by the
Canadian Prisoners' Association recently that when a whipping sentence
has been imposed upon a prisoner, it
should be carried out immediately the
prisoner enters the jail. The association claims that to keep a prisoner In
suspense, awaiting a flogging over u
long period, is an unnecessary act of
cruelty. "While all the members or
the association were not in favor oi
corporal punishment, they were united oil the foregoing.
When an Eskimo dies he is wrapped
in his best furs, laid upon the tundra, and a cairn of stones built over
When-Luther Burbank "decided to
destroy his old letters, it was discovered that he had accumulated So.OOO."
Mirtard's Liniment sqothes tired feet. |
Once a School Teacher^���        ,
Later a Famous Physician
A young man who was brought up
on a farm in Western Pennsylvania
qualified for district school teacher.
Further  pursuing  his '.studies  and
teaching, he managed to save enough"
money to put him thru medical college. He began the practice"of medi- -
cine in the new oil section of Pennsylvania, and often rode horse-back
through the woods to reach and re'
lieve those who were seriously ill. He .
was a student of nature, knew and
easily recognized most of the medicinal plants growing in the woods.
Finally, hc moved to Buffalo,
'N.-Y., where; he launched his favorito
,. remedies, and, in a short time, they
were sold by every druggist in tha
land. Today, the name.of this man,
the late Dr. It. V. Pierce, ia known
throughout the world. His Golden
Medical Discovery Is the best known
general tonic for building up
strength, restoring impaired tissues
nnd enriching tho blood. More.than
fifty million bottles have been sold
in the TJ. S. If j-our druggist does
not sell it, in liquid or tablets, you
can obtain a trial pkg. ot the tablets
]by sending 10c to Dr. Pierce's Laboi>
'atdryla-srj^sjjurg, ont.
W.   N.   U.   167<: THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
he Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
/Greenwood, B.C.
-.Editor and Proprietor
is ?2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or 52.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
"Si-eat Britian and the United States
$2.!iO, always in advance.   .
Delinquent  Co-Owner  Notices.. ?25.U0
Coalaiul Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices '.    3.00
Cards  of  Thanks...  . 1.00
Certificate   of   Improvement.... 12.50
(.When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim). <_
All other legal*advertising 16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
paricl measurement.
Transcient display advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.    .
locals 12y2c, a  line each
No letter to the editor will be inserted
except over the proper signature and
address of the writer. This rule admits
of no exceptions.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money.
Easter comes at a glad season
of the year. The festival itself,
is? both commemorative of the
resurrection of Jesus Christ and
as a memorial to the atonement
wrought by the death of the
Master upon the cross.
It is hailed with great acclaim
in all the Christian Churches of
-tho world. In Greek and Latin
and in the languages derived from
them, Easter was known as
"Padcha,"   "Pasch,"" "Pasqua,"
' "Pascua," "Paxues," etc., from
the Chaldee word, "Pascha," the
equivalent of the Hebrew
"Pcsach." T h e "Destroying
Angel's act is recalled by the same
name in "passing over" the households of the Hebrews: when he
f=mote the Egyptians, as disclosed
in the twelfth chapter of Exodus.
This year Easter will fall on
April 17th. The way by which
Easter is determined is that after
the first Sunday after the paschal
full moon���the fourteenth day of
the calendar moon, or the full
moon which happens upon or
next after March 21; and if the
full moons happens on a Sunday,
then'Easter-day is the first Sunday following.
As usual, the local churches will
observe Easter. It is an event
that the children and the grownups have learned to look forward
to with much pleasurable anticipa-
���qionyi rhran~e ven t^a:ll~sh'Ould=re==
member with some beautiful
thought for the day.
Jas. Copland of Bridesville, is a
visitor in town.
Joseph Pringle of Bridesville,
was a visitor to town on Friday
J. C. Carruthers, the popular
knight of the grip, was in town
on Wednesday.
The program for the Schools
Track Meet in Midway on June
3rd will be published next issue.
Remember the ' date of the
Buckless Auction. There is a
large assortment of articles useful to everyone.
John Hamill, justice of the
peace, one of Armstrong's best
known citizens, died a few days
ago. In 1S97 Mr. Hamill resided
in Greenwood.
Boundary Creek will* be open
for fishing on and after May 1st.
Anglers are reminded that it is
unlawfull to keep fish under 8
inches in length and that 25 fish
is the limit for a day's fishing.
W." M. -Brewer, government
mining engineer for the coast district, and an old-timer in..ths mining industry, has retired. He will
be succeeded by Geo. Clothier,
who has been engineer in the
northern district. Mr. Clothier is
a brother of Roy Clothier well-
known in Greenwood.'y. '.-.'
Visitors from Beaverdell are
high in their praise.of.strike made
by Pat Kennedy on the Black
Diamond. Pat is one of the best
known miners on the West Fork
and his many friends are pleased
to hear of his success, as he is one
who has stayed with the camp
during all the ups and downs.
Nobody is grumbling.
Someone   got-   married
where sometime lately.
The men are busy house cleaning while the women are looking
It ain't going to be frosty any
The mosquitoes left last autumn
for parts unknown. Never to return.   Eh?
d There
An honor was conferred upon
.Captain James Turnbull, CUE.,
K.N.R., commander of the Canadian
Pacific steamship Montnairn, recently, when he was appointed Aide-de-
Camp to Mis'Majesty King George V.
I��oek Creek- District Items
E. W. Harker and R. C. Pawsey
recently returned from a trip to
the Old Country. -
Commander ancl MrsrN.: Lewis
of Port Washirgton, are the guest
of Major and Mrs. R.: Gray.
Ted Heynolcis has rented the
King residence and will move
Mrs. Reynolds and children here
Don't fail to attend the Dance
under the auspices of the Rock
Creek W. A. in Riverside Hall on
Easter Monday, April 18th.
< Gordon Haskell's cougar kittens
are the centre of interest these
days, many people coming from
all over the district to see them.
The display of 13 cougar skins
is also worthy of mention.
Beaver to Resume
Emil Voigt, well-known mining man of the Princeton district
for the past quarter of a century
and locator of the properties near
Copper Mountain, known as
Voigt's Camp, died in the Princeton Hospital on April 5th, after a
short illness.! ��� Deceased, who was
70 years of age,- was pre-deceased
by his wife in 1925.
With Our Little Friends
the Feathered.Folk
After many hair-raising experiences Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird
have settled down to housekeeping. Mr. Bluebird has been ready
to hang his hat up right along any
old place but Madame has been
very hard to please���just like all
women. ���'*.'.'.
The Cowboy Daredevil w
The "cowboy daredevil" is the
name his friends have given to
Ken Maynard, , who plays the
featured role in First National's
new super - Western, ' * Senor
Daredevil, "to be shown at the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday,
ApriHlGthr^He���is^one^of��� the
most daring- horsemen on the
screen, and has no superiors in
the art of stunt or trick riding.
The Western ��� Canada Mining
News,, says: "Beaver Silver-
Operations at this Beaverdell
' property to be resumed shortly.
Planned to arrange to have Sally
tunnel...'extend its upper tunnel
into Beaver ground."
Roy Clothier, consulting engineer for the Beaver company, is
expected in Greenwood about
April 25th.
Amusement Tax
Dancing halls have been brought
within the definition' 9f a, place of
amusement, and admission to all
dances held therein, unless they
can qualify for exemption under
Section 14, must bear the ten per
cent tax.
Ken MkynardU 'SenorDartdevifc.
Although a graduate civil
engineer, Maynard was for some
years star rider with several of
the foremost circuses, the call to
the films coming to him while
working under the big tops.
The program this week also includes a Felix'comedy.
All golfing records were shattered
recently when K. Tanaka, local Japanese golfer, playing on tbe Canadian Pacific course "Langara," scored a bole in oue twice in one round
of the eighteen-holc links. The first
was obtained at thc fiftli hole which
is 115 yards, and the second at the
sixteenth hole, which is 210 yards.
A New Easter Day
(Contributed with greetings froni California)
They have risen! out of their quiet yesterday, they've gone,
And today they're lighting with the foes of right;
Tomorrow they'll return, with garlands won ���
Having washed lhe foes flag and made it white.
Thev have risen! thcy who die do live,
Each one who fell and bled in death���
As a hero, in this cruel war did give���
A song, for us to sing with living breath.
Thcy gave their lives, a noble deed,
To plant their banner beyond the seas,
All writ in blood for men to read,
The foe is conquered, and thc world is free.
They liave risen! out of their quiet yesterday,
Who left their .homes and kin; strong in his might,
Theirs this glorious vision, a bright New Easter Day,
With banished thorns, and planted lillies white.
Men do not die, who vise to see the brotherhood of man
lSoyoiul the gloom of this world's starless night,
lly those who carry out the Masters cherished plan,
The foe is conquered, and-his Hag made white.
(I-S.v-Service) Eureka, Huuibolt Comity, Calif.
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
_i ���
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and mn'criul guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
During the'month of January of
the present year automobile production in Canada has increased 98 per
cent, over and above the production
for the corresponding month of last
year, being 15,376 cars, as compared
with 7,752 for the previous year. Almost half of the cars produced were
for export, according to the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
In memory of the late Col. Georg*
H. Ham, of Montreal, dean of railway
publicity men in North America, a
beautiful memorial' porch is being
erected over the door of St. John's
Church at Whitby by the members
of the Women's Canadian Press Club.
The late Col. Ham died in Montreal
on April 1C last.
Nai-a, Japan.��� Eleven passengers
on the Round-the-World cruise of
the Canadian Pacific flagship Empress of Scotland squeezed through
a rectangular hole in a pillar just
behind the colossal image of Buddha
in the Daibutsu Temple here yesterday, thereby achieving, according to
ancient tradition, the short road to
Huw better can you end the
day than by holding a longdistance telephone conversation with a friend?
ZiiiiiEB&'saii&Kci&UBsswuiziWi' trntmuHxasBn
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Midway 3 p. in.
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer aiic*
Chemist, Box. L.1108, Nelson, B.C
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lear
51.00 each. Gold-Silver 31.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. 0 Silver-Lead-Zinc .��3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
IN THE MATTER OF "Qulctlnj Titles Act,"
being Chapter 214 of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1924, and
amending Acts; and
Croup I, Similkameen Division of Yale
District, In the Province of British
Columbia, except 5 acres of said Lot 637.
TAKK NOTICE thai an application lias
been maili1 lo tlie Supreme Court of Ilrilish
Col un.!>iu on l.i.li.'ilf of Kcltlu Valley Railway
Company for an Order or Declaration under
Qtiiuthiir Tiilus Act, that Ilu1 said Kettle Valley
Railway Company is the owner iu trust for
lohu V. Morgan, of 'Marcus, in .the Stale of
Washington, one- of llie United. Stales of
\ni'i-rii-a, of T.ot1; 422 and 037. Croup, 1, SiiniH.a-
ineen Division of Vale District, in the Province*
of ISrilish Colltnihia. except 5 acres of said Lot
ijT rejrisiorecl in Indefeasible Fees Hook Volume
H. under number 15. 427-K. and except the. Rijflit
if Way of the said Keille Vallev Railway
Join pany as shown on registered plan number
\-14". subject to nioiMjraire as in part of ihe said
amis registered uudvr number 7S41.-I.; and that
l is the hem'.lici.il owner of ihe said Hijflil of
���Viiy as shown mi said lejfistn'ed plan number
\-14'_. free from all otlier rights, interests.
;lainis and dennnds whatsoever;
AND TAKE XOTICIC that il has been
found upon in vesica lion thai the l*Vtilio;ii_r is
-milled to tin1'Order or Declaration applied for
iiul llialit Declaration of Tule will he si riled
iccord'ui).'ly after iin; expiration of four (4)
.veel.s from Hie publication of this notice in one j
I. i<sue of the Uritish Columbia (lazeite aud in
wo '2: issues of Tlie (in-eiiwonil r<i_ilire. unlu^s
"ii-fore such time any adverse claim is tiled iu
he Supreme Court Rejfislry al Kamloops,
irilisb Columbia, verified by affidavit, and
unite thereof is served upon 1! lack A- Dunbar,
ioiicitois for llie l'elilioner, al their oflice. 3t'4
."icloria Street, Kamloops. llriiisli Columbia.
Dated litis Mill day of Marcli. l'J27.
' Solicitors fur Pctitionur.
(v-r*T-*�� "T-v ���vr"v vvvT-T"r-T-r-
Clip this coupon and mail il with SI for a six weeks' trial subscription to
A Paper for the Home, World-Wide in Its Scope
Iu it you will find llie daily good news of the'world fimii Us 7fi0 special writers,
iik well as departments devoted lo women's and children's interests, sports, music,
eihicaiitiu, ladio, etc. You will hcsilad lo welcome into join- lioine so fe.iiles.s mi
ailvoi-iiie ol peace nnd prohlliilioii. And don't miss Snubs our dog, nnd lhe Suii.ll.-il
and the other fealures.
Tin: Ciicistmn Scm.N'ci: Monitor, Back Day Station, Boston", Muss.
rie.'iMu send me n six weeks' trial subscription.  1 enclose one dollar (?1).
" (Name, please print)
__>.A,.A.*,./_.A.A.A >,_k,.
(Town) ' (State)
��� A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A..A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A-_I_._I..__..A.A.
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands nuly
be pre-empted by British subjects over 18 years i
of nice, and by aliens on declaring intention lo
become British subjects, condition!!] upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerninc-regulations regarding pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. I, Land
Series, "How lo Pre-empt Lund," copies of
which can be obtained free cf charge by addressing the Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C., or
lo any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and -which is
not timberland, i.e., carrying over 8.000 board
fcct por acre west of the Coast Range and 5,000
fcct per acre oust of that Rango.
��� Applications for pre-emptions are to be addressed to thc Land Commissioner of the Lund
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, ancl are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from tlie Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made to thc value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information sec the Bulletin
"How to Pre-empt Land."
at!MUi!MmUSI*KA ���STWJM*t=a^TBIt*lBmxH>S!*nKnoaxn
Tlie' Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
of Canada. Limited
Ollice, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Cold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, 'Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
Advertise m The Greenwood Ledge
Applications are received for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for firsl-elass (arable) land is S5"per acre, ���
and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Series, "Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land,
not exceeding '10 acres, may be purchased or
leased,' the conditions including payment of
Unsurveycd' areas not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a
being obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled and land has been
surveyed^   ,
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding G40 acres mpy be leased by one person
or a company.
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided
into crazing districts and Uie range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing
permits are issued based .on numbers ranged,
priority given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range manage-,
ment. Free, or partly free, permits are avail-
1 able for settlers, campers and travellers, up lo
len head.
___,��_....��. my,_. -.��y_____r|.__W.__._?Tyffiy����*r"
Real Estate .& Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary. &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Want Acls Bring. Results
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459; Silver, $74,111,397; Lead, $89,218,907; Copper, $197,642,647;
Zinc, $39,925,947; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,?273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those  of   any   other
Province in th'e Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal  tees..
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which  is guaranteed -
by Crown Grants.
Pull  information together with Mining Reports and.Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B.   Practically  all British  Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
be.en clone are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines.   Those considering  mining  investments   should refer to such reports.   They are available.without charge on    .
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C.    Reports covering each-of the six Mineral:
Survey Districts are published separately,  and. are  available  on  application.   Reports of the Geo-*
logical Survey of Canada, Winch B uilding, Vancouver, are  recommend ed as valuable sources of
information. ...


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