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The Greenwood Ledge Jun 9, 1927

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Provincial Library.
:-.7 \-.%y.
**��� _^';.'S^V._>"^.���,'": .
j ^f ^6y   *i.y -        ���'.-.
-.- *,%./���- . -;V ..���-���P-'biSij'.j.
:   f
&V    <V       ^tit""'
y- -    /MS1?'*
< ,. .&__%g.i
VOL,. 1
f  "        We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel,  Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
Ladies and Men's
Boots, Shoes and
Canvas Shoes
for Men and Children
Ladies Dresses
No. 45
Of Local Interest
Midway News (Track Meet Great Success
Tlie C. P.
the depot.
R. painters arc renovating
The carpenters and painters are busy
renovating- the Pacific Hotel.      -
Buy your Motor Oil from us
and Save Money
We carry
Aristo, Castrol, Motoreze, and Mobil Oils
in the right vvefght for your motor
I Ellen Trounson's Store JJ]y
Union Ethyl Gas in Drums
For quality and value order from    ' . Phone 4"
gJ>JI_M.��.|| ��� ,���
Spring Housecleaning
We have a complete stock
For a Suggestion
Look at our Window
McKee's Auction'Sale
will be held iu"""
Saturday, June 18th at I p.m.
122 Acre Ranch, 8 Acres Cultivated
Six Roomed Dwelling, with large Stable
for 10 horses
Blacksmith Shop and large Platform ;
7 1-2 h.p. Electric Motor, Large Drilling
Machine,   Logging Tools, Blacksmith's
Tools of every description, Household
Furniture, and Farm Implements
Everything- for safe in first class shape-
For full particulars'see Bills
_ D. R. McElmon of Beaverdell.
in town during- the week-end.
, Duncan Mcintosh, of Beaverdell, was
m the city the first-of-the-week.
IT. Bruce and'T. N. Walker of Kettle
Valley, were in town on Monday.
T. R. Williams has left for Phoenix
where he is employed by R. Denzler.
Mrs. L. Lyons has returned to town
trom spending her vacation in Spokane.
J. H. DuHamel and E. A. Wanke left
esterday on a-business trip to Nelson.
Householders will have a chance to
secure cheap furniture al the McKee
A. C. Meskev is on a business trip to
JNelson. ,    '
Mr. and Mi-s. H. Punnell were visit-
lTt lo Valley on Wednestltty
Grand Forks and Midway play baseball here on Sunday at 1 p.m. instead
or 2.p.m.-
Mrs. W. Terry, of Spokane,
spent the" week-end with her
Mrs. L. Powers.
There will be a Card Party in the
Old School on Tuesday 14th inst.  Tho
**T�� 2��?tnct Schools- Track
Meet on Friday, June 3rd, under
the auspices -of the Farmers* In-
!w ��' was 'the best of its kind
that has ever been held in Midway, more schools competing than
m former years. Thanks to a'
number of car owners all the
children from the surrounding
towns were able to be present.
Ine weather was ideal for the'
occasion.   Competition was very
June 8th,
Mr. . and    Mrs.
Westbridge,  "a
, J.
gentlemen are enterhdi^ng tho ladies ��C     10n: ^om��?���On was very
this tin,e.  Everybody welcome ke , and the children were all in
.... ��� good form.
Bob Perry, better known as the
.Lone Canadian, of Beaverdell, was in
.own on Friday last and took in the
dance the first he ever attended here,
���tsob reports having a good time.
At the baseball game played at
Curlew last Sunday eleven innings
were  played,  the  contestants  being
Under New Management
First-Class Dining Room in Connection
Beef, Pork, Veal, &c
Summer and Pork Sausage
Homered Ham and Bacon
Tel. 2
Five autos containing- gipsies were
in town Wednesday en route eastward
from California.
_ Miss Gladys McCreath of Vancouver
is visiting-at .the home of her sister,
Mrs. H. Thomas.
Miss Irene Inglis, of Grand Forks,
was visiting- her father in the city during the week-end.
_ ^oni���In Gra��d Forks, ou June 1st,
to Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Harpur, of Myncaster, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Lindsay and EJ. R.
Martin, of Rock Creek, were visitors
to town on Monday.
Malcolm Morrison of Grand Forks
was renewing acquaintances in town
the first-of-the-week.
A sum has been appropriated for the
decoration of the Post Office for the
Diamond Jubilee Celebration.
ven on'the 9tll inning, but ended with
a score ot o-3 in favor of Midway.
Mr and Mrs. Chas". Grasor entertained about 30 friends to supper last
Sunday. .The visitors were very
enthusiastic over Mr. Grasei-'s fox
lanu, some of them having walked
several miles to the ranch!
The Dance held in the Farmer's Hall
on Ju-iday evening was very successful irom all points of view. During
the supper interval Scotty (John*
l<awns played selections on the bagpipes. This was greatly enjoyed.
Bushs Orchestra furnished the music
tor dancing and was very generous
Ki.enTO,es- ,The sl,PPei' applied
by the Women's Institute was "par
also a two reel comedy
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults SOc. "     children 25c.
^ Dan McDougall and Klaas Scheer of
Grand Forks,  are working with A. F
McDougall at the Pacific'Hotel.
Miss I. Hill, R.N., left for her home
in White Rock, on .Sunday, after a few
weeks visit with friends.in town.
A. J. Morrison's car went over the
bank at his residence on Saturday
evening and was badly damaged.
Bom���To Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Caron,- a daughter, on June. 7th, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Auger."   '-
. The Picture Show is attracting-large
crowds each Saturday evening.' 'The
attendance on last Saturday was a
Mr. and Mrs. G. Alers Hanky, of
Vernon,-stopped at the Imperial Hotel
on Wednesday evening en route east
by motor.  ~
All ranchers, should attend the Mc
Kee Auction on "the 18th. ' There are
tools and implements of every variety
that will be sold at cheap prices.
' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hopkins and three
daughters, of Trail, spent the weekend in town the guests of Mrs. Hopkins
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Christensen.
_Mr._aud-Mrs.-G.-R.-lnglis,-of Beaverdell, are temporarily living in Mrs. M.
Anderson's residence in Anaconda.
Mr. Inglis is recovering from ..the
effects of poison ivy.
Geo. Bong is recovering from his
recent injury at his home here. Geo.
had the misfortune to have several ribs
fractured ou Saturday at the Wellington .mine, Beaverdell.
Beaverdell Briefs
Walter  Clayton    of Penticton,
speeding a couple of days in camp."
Miss I Pittendrigh of Rhone, was
visiting friends in town on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E.. Nordman were
weekend visitors to Grand Forks ahd
Duncan Mcintosh of the Bell mine,
has left for a holiday at his home in
Geo. Love spent the week-end in
Greenwood as the guest of Dr. and
Mrs. A. Francis.
Mrs. Wm. Mclntominey has arrived
trom Vancouver and is visiting her
husband at the Gold'Drop mine.    '
rS"U1Jcy'Cl,,owe' **ra- Ed.,Saunders,
Goldie-Saunders,, and'Sam. Mullieiii
spent Saturday and Sunday in Oliver
visiting Miss Lema Saunders.
t Bridesville News
The Diamond Drill camp has closed
down. They have been working on
James Copeland's claims.
Constable Stewart of Greenwood,
and Constable McDonald of Oliver
were in town for a few days last week
on business.
Henry  and   Guy  Hilts,  who have
been working around Bridesville for
_the past six monthsrwei-e arrestediast
week charged with robbery.
i'  *'<Ul.'t"J��<BW_��__..��ujiji_l|fi^Miini.>.riiii^iuju_.iiii.w
McMYNN'S.STORE, Midway, B.C.
Sale Aluminum Tea Kettles, Peculators, Dish Pans
Double Boilers, Preserving and Stew Kettles
Regular Price $2,00 each.    Special Sale Price $1.95 each
and 12 Cakes New W. Swan Wash Soap Free with each purchase
Pilchards I Ib cans 15c.   7 for $1.00
White Swan Wash Powder 10c per pkg.   4 pkgs 25c
" 'v   - '"��� '       1,7"   'n ~~~	
- We carry a complete stock of
Dunlpp and Goodrich Tires and Tubes
Saturday, June
, A baptismal service took place at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Floyd ou
Tuesday, when their infant son, James
Lionel, was baptised by Rev. Andrew
Walker, in the presence of immediate
Guy and Henry Hilts appeared before
S. B. Hamilton, S. M., on Tuesday,
charged-with theft. They were found
guilty on the two charges and sentenced to three months each in Nelson
jail, the sentence to run concurrently
on each of the two charges.
A number of people from Bridesville
and Anarchist Mountain took in the
track meet in Midway on June 3rd.
Miss Faickney, Anarchist Mb. teacher-
won first prize in the teachers race,
iu-eddy Schorn got a medal for boys
race under 14 years and Leslie Johnston medal for boys race 6 years and
The program opened with a
young men's race and was won by
Edward Johnson, with Gordon
McMynn and Lewis Keir coming
second arid third. Great interest
was taken in the men's, race 50
years and over. Joe Richter won
it with T. Krouten and A. Lander
in 2nd and 3rd place.
The school program theh commenced with races from under 6
years to 16 years, followed by.
relay races, hop, step and jump,
running broad jump, high jump
and pole vaulting. Three cups
were up for competition viz: The
Challenge (Bank of Commerce)
cup won by Midway the two
previous years; the Gray cup for
bmall bchools held by Norwegian
ror two years, and the individual
cup to the boy or girl making the
highest number of points. - After
many keen contests and the day's
scores were added Greenwood was
ft-jhe lead with 106 P��ints> with
Midway a close second with 102
Points. This gave Greenwood the
Challenge'cup and they will, hold
it for a year. Norwegian Creek
won the Gray cup with 73 points
and as they have won it three
years in .succession they will keep
the cup. The other scores' were
Bridesville 26, Boundary Falls 22,
Kerr Creek 4, Ingram Mt. 4, and
Sidley 1.
In the individual points, Kathleen Salmon and Edward Johnson
tied with 30 points each and'they
will each receive a silver cup, one
donated by McLennan & McFeely.
of,Vancouver," and 'the "other by��� ��'
the Midwayiarmers.
The winners of the medals follow: "
Midway ���*���>
Gold medal, Kathleen Salmon; Silver
medal, Rosalie Brown; Bronze medal,
May Sharp, John Champa, Leslie
Lund, and Geneva DeLisle.
Gold medal, Edward Johnson; Silver u
medal. Roy Hallstrom; Bronze medal,
Ruth Cox. '     ��
Norwegian Creek
Bronze medals, V.  Riley (2 firsts);
J. Riley (2 firsts); C. Riley, M. Riley
N.--Riley ,-A-i-Gidonr-' ���' ^LL^-
Sp ring' Cleaning
It is getting almost time
for the spring clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed up when
you are putting everything else in order
You will find our
Watch Repairing Department
second to none
in this Western country
Let us have your Repairs uow and start
out this Spring on Schedule Time
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F J. White, Mgr
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A. ���
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Bridesville 11 a.m.
Midway 3:30 p.m.
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
F. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
bl.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead S2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc S3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Saturday and Next Week
Canned Goods Special, corn, beans, peas, tomato
3 cans 50c.   1 doz. cans $1,95
Coffee Special     -    regular 60c.   2 lbs for 95c
Another shipment of Sanitary Mixing Bowls
Set of 5 $1.39
Clover Leaf Cups and Saucers.     $1.40 per doz
Singapore Pineapple
Muscatel Raisins
Fresh Roasted Peanuts
Prune Jam
100 lbs $8.15.
2s 20c
15c per lb
3 lbs 50c.
4 lbs 55c.
20 lbs $1.65
and Rock Creek
Greenwood and
District Hospital
Donations for April
The Directors express their gratitude
to tho undermentioned donors:
Mrs. Sater, oranges, Chas. Reynolds,
crutches; Miss Axam,   flowers;   Mrs!
Madge, eggs; Mrs. Buckless,  oranges
to-  ^'x.tmas' Ma Pitman, eggs; C.
W. Bubar,  oranges,  bananas, butter
and  flowers;  Mrs.  D.  J.   McDonald
bread; Mrs. Geo.   Boug,   cake;  Mrs.
Lucente   milk;  E.    Lawson,   Grand
;orks,   box   of  apples,   (lowers;    L,
Bryant,   porch   box;  S.  W.   Auger
rhubarb; liver; Mrs. McLaren, cream-
Anonymous, 5 lbs butter, plants; Mrs
Hamilton chickdn; Mrs. Cox, cream;
Mrs., Sortome,   plant,   milk;" B.   W
Bubar butter eggs; R.  Forshaw rhubarb; Mrs.  Auger,   rhubarb; D.  Mc-
fruit; Rock Creek Women's Institute
jelly, jam, 2 lbs butter, tea: pillow-
magazines, $1 50 bash. Omitted from'
April, Mrs. Thomet, Midway, rags.~ .
"Shamrock Handicap**
Peter B. Kyne, America's foremost
}rS�����ec.uVntei'',is the autl">r of
the "The Shamrock Handicap" which
will be shown at the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, June 11th. It
is a story about a heroic Irish iockev
and  an   Irish   steeplechaser   on   an
�� ��_i h^ Ir��n Horse," had charge of
production. The cast of "The Shamrock Handicap"' includes J. Farrell
McDonald Leslie Fenton, Janet Gay-
nor and others. ���*
"The Parisian Knight"
will also bc shown.
. Bridesville
Silver medal, Fred Schorn; bronze
medal, L,. Johnston.
The School Parade was well carried
out it being a treat to see the different
schools marching, each having   banners  and  the  pupils dressed for the
occasion.   Piper John Fawn's headed
the procession from the Midway Hotel
to the grounds where speeches  were
made by several pupils ancl the School
yell given. 'The Judges Messrs. Gray
EJveleth and Bruce awarded   the- 1st
prize to Kerr Creek whicli is in charge
of Miss Harris. b
Other events were: '
Teachers race���1st  Miss Faickney;
2nd Mtss Lane, 3rd Miss Robinson.
1 mile race-1st, N. E. Morrison
Nail driving���1st, Miss Nora  Jackson; 2nd, Miss A. Caron; 3rd, Mrs. W.
Ladies race���1st, Mrs.   H. Erickson;
2nd Miss A. Caron: 3rd Miss M. Sharp.
A baseball game was played between
two pick up teams.
Owing to shortage of space a fuller ,
account ofthe prize winners cannot be
The Farmers wish through this
medium to thank all who helped to
make the day a success. They espec-
MUy mentio" Messrs. Brown and McMynn who were instrumental'iu get-
tingjirizes donated by the wholesale
houses at the coast.
a comedy
. Friday's Concert & Dance
Don't forget   the  Big Concert and
Dance on Friday  night,   June 10th.
bome of the best artists of the Boundary country are assisting with the pro-'
gram,   which   will  assure you a real
treat in the line of musical comedy.
Baseball fans are assured of a good
game when Grand Forks and Midway
"meet on the latter's diamond ou Sunday, June 12. The game is called for
1 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. Midway now
leads the league.
Hear Dr. S. F. Tolmie
Miss Georgina Lee, nurse in training
at the Vernon General Hospital, arrived
m town on Friday to speud a three
weeks vacation with her parents Mr.
and Mrs. R. Lee. Miss Lee was accompanied by her cousin, Miss M.
McCoy of .Regina, Sask., who is
on a couple of weeks holiday.
Dr. S. F. Tolmie, Conservative
Leader, will-address a public meeting
in the Davis Hall, Grand Forks, ou
Friday, June 17th, at 8 p.m. Important
questions of the day will be. thoroughly
discussed. * '
A reception will be held afterwards
at which everyone will have a chance
to meet Mr. Tolmie.
The assortment of blacksmith's tools
to be sold at the McKee Auction will
surprise all who attend, THE   GREENWOOD   LEDG33
Imported direct from the Orient
in metal lined chests.   Blended
and packed into lib., %lb.3 %lb.
bright Aluminum packages.
RED ROSE ORANGE PEKOE is extra good.
Law and Order, or ^naos?
History Will Repeat Itself
Tlie action ol' the British and Canadian Governments in breaking off
dipioiiiiifu. and trade relations with the Russian Soviet Government is tho
culmination of a long series of jion-dinlomalic actions on tho part of the
Soviet authorities, and openly expressed and active enmity to' British
inierusls in all parts of tho world. Professing friendship and enjoying
rights and privileges wherever tlie Union Jack Hies, Soviet emissaries
everywhere plotted and schemed to * undermine British influence, destroy
r-ritish interests, all with the avowed object of ultimately overthrowing
the i'.ritish form of government aud breaking- up the Uritish Fin pi re.
Wherever-in any part of tlie world unrest was found to exist, wherever
trouble loomed up, there the Soviet agents wero busy carrying on their
baneful propaganda, and always especially active if British interests wero
ln any wise concerned. The British' Government continued to exercise
patience and forbearance until these ceased to be a virtue. Ir sooth, the
Soviet regarded tho policy or conciliation followed by Groan Britain as a
sign of weakness. Thej treated it with contempt while taking full advantage
of It. ���  ���
Bnt it ls not the British Empire alone that, is involved in Soviet propaganda
and activities. Every natio'u .having a regard for the continuance of law,
order and good government, and interested in the maintenance of sound
c-couoiuic principles in all international relationships and trade, must view
with concern the attitude of Uie Russian Communist Government, ln a
word, all nations auust recognize Lhe fact that ihero are two major forces
contending for supremacy in the world today so hopelessly antagonist io to
each other that both cannot survive.
Ou flic one hand, there i.s the'communistic idea sponsored by thc Soviet,
a system which denies God, decries Lhe moral code recognized in all civilized
communities, ignores rights of properly, nourishes on strife, discord aud
unrest, has no regard for obligations solemnly entcril into' by it, and ever
seeks to promote its theories and activities through Lho medium of spies and
openly lawless characters.
On the-other hand there aro those people who reverence God aud
religion, who uphold the moral code, who believe in tho sanctity of mar-
riage, recognize property rights, observance of law and respect for
constituted authority and the honorable obligations of proniipcs and treaties,
who strive for peace and the orderly solution o'f social and economic prob-.
lems, rather 'than resort to revolutionary methods, spy systems, treachery,
threats, intimidation, even execution 'without trial.
Ono or the other of these codes for the government of mankind must
prevail; tliere can be no "compromise whore principles of conduct are so
absolutely opposed. ���-   ���
Tlie nations of tho world are coming Lo a realization of the situation and
to au acceptance of the struggle-involved. Unlike Great. Britain and somo
other countries, the United States never recogtmecl the .Russian Soviet
Government and has consistently refused to have any dealings wiih it. The
whole English-speaking world now takes the same posilion. France, too. 3s
alarmed, as is evidenced'by the --recent declarations made on behalf o'f the
French Government. And U.S. Ambassador Herri ck to France has declared
his belief that, "Lhe people of every country have goi to choose between
. order and anarchy, between honesty and Ihievery,-between every day virtue
and crime." "Either we believe iu orderly society or we don't'' he declared,
"if we do, wc ought fo use all lhe powei within us Lo defend and advance
Calling itself a Workers'- Government, Lhe Communists ot Russia have
sought to Ret control of organized labor throughout, the world, ln this they
failed in Great Britain, in flic United StaLes, in Canada, where thc hard
leaders havo foiled these insidious attempts. "Reds" everywhere seek to
create lhe impression that opposition to Holshovism Is opposition fo organized labor, but nothing was further from Lhe truth. Labor lias every tiling io
fear and lose from the spreading of the Russian doctrine, and nothing to
Elcrual vigilance is thc price of liberty, and as there can be no true
liberty under the Bolshevists, as even many of them have learued to their
sorrow, tho civilized nations must remain on guard lest Ihey fall in Lhe pit
which has engulfed the people of Rus.-ia.
Hudson Bay Railway is Only Another
' Aid to Canada's Progress
Those who talk of the Hudson
Bay Railway in similar strain today
should be reminded that only, comparatively, a few years ago Edmonton was regarded as too far north
to become the centre of developed
territory. But Canada, once all
length, grows broader year by year.
Marquis wheal pushes the limit, of
cultivation two hundred miles or'so
nearer the Arctic circle and long
before sei clement has exhausted lhe
lands thus made available, means
will bo found to utilize thoso beyond thorn. The Morning Star believes thai onco tho Hudson Bay
railway is completed and begins
operation, less than a decade will
elapse before thoso who now condemn the enterprise as hopelessly
fantastic will bo glad to forget that
Ihey ever posed as prophets.���Vancouver Star.
Pain in the Back
Yields to Nerviline
If j'ou havo failed lo secure relief
from other remedies, rub on lots of
good old "Nerviline" thc slrongest,
most .penetrating pain relief on the
market. Nerviline acts quickly on
small pains and is tlu surest to drive
out. the big ones. It's because every
drop of Nerviline rubs in, because it
has tlie ability to sing in deeply that
t drives away pain that ordinary oily
LinLiuenrs won't touch. Large 35c. bot-
it drives away pain that ordinary oily
lies, at all dealers.
R. A. F. Fighting Planes
In Altitude Contest
Quickest Time Made in Ascent and
Descent Will  Decide Winner
Single-seater fighters, with- motors
supercharged to maintain power in
thin air at great heights aro to" lake
part, in an altitude race at tho Royal
Air Force display at the. Ilondon.
"Aerodrome, N.W., on July 2.
Ascending with scaled -height __ recorders, thcy will rush up to more
than 25,000 foot or approximately
five miles. Their pilots will wear
electrically warmed suits and bo provided-wiih oxygen breathing appliances.
Having gained as rapidly as possible the height stipulated the
pilots will come swooping back to
earth again, thc winner being the
airman who makes ihe ascent and
descent in the quickest lime.
Attacked by Asthma. Tiie" first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
wliich hour by hour becomes more
desperate and hopeless. To such a
case th.e relief afforded by Dr. J. 1).
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems
nothing less thau miraculous. Its help
is quickly apparent and soon the
dreadful attack is mastered. The
asthmatic who has found out tho
dependability of this sterling remedy
will never be without it. It is sold
Jubilee Programme
A    Message   of   Thanksgiving    From
Coast to Coast
In order that the jubilee of Confederation sliall be ushered in in a
uniform and fitting fashion, tho national coinmillee suggests that. at
high noon on July 1 bells be rung,
Avhislles bo blown, aud wherever possible bands play "God Save the King"
and "0 Canada." Thus from coast to'
coast there will resound a message of
thanksgiving i'or tho past CO years of
progress, and of optimism for the future.
It is tho intention of the national
committee fo issue Invitations to a
considerable number of distinguished
persons lo attend the opening ceremonies of the celebration in' Otiawa
July J. Among those who will be
especially invited will be thc surviving sons and daughters of the Fathers
of Confederation, who are scattered
throughout tho Dominion and some
of whom reside in Great Britain and
invitations also will be sent to Sir
Esme Howard, British ambassador nt
Washington; Hon. P. C. Larkin, Canadian High Commissioner in London;
Plon. Philllpc Roy, Canadian High
Commissioner at Paris; Hon. Vincent
Masscy, Canadian .Minister at Washington; Hon. T. A. Snilddy, Minister
Plenipotentiary of the Irish Free
Slate at Washington; Sir Hugh Dawson, Commissioner for Australia at
New York; Hon. Eric Lough, Commissioner of the Union of South
Africa, Now Yo'rk; Hon, W. J. S. Stevenson, oflicial representative of the
Dominion of New Zealand, New
York; the Hon. W. F. Munroe, Premier of Newfoundland, and William
Phillip, United Slates Minister to
In addition special invitations will
be sent to consuls-general resident ln
thc Dominion o'f Canada.
Anfong others who -will be speciallp
invited to attend will be the Hon.
Charles II. Mcintosh, who was in an
editor's chair at lho time of Confederation,' who is a former mayor of
Ottawa, a former member o'f -the
House of Commons, and a former
Lieutenant-Governor of the North
West Territories.
It's wonderful what confidence a "shine" will give
you���and how uncomfor*
table you feel without
one! Moral���every morning use "Nugget"*
There's a "Nugget "for every shoe made.
Honored Poor Inventor
Egyptian King Visited England to Pay
Homage to Samuel Crompton
Because 150 years ago a poor yoy
named Samuel Crompton wanted to
help his mother, a king came to England all the way from the glamorous
Orient, with all his glittering entourage, to stand in silent homage at his
simple gravestone,        . 'v
What the boy- did completely
revolutionized the cotton spinning
industry, made the British city of
Bolton one of the busiest and richest
towns in the world, and made possible
a vast development In the cotton
growing industry of Egypt.
That's why King Fuad came from
Cairo especially to take part in the
centenory celebration of Crompton's
Last January, when -the International Cotton Congress was held in
Cairo', tho King was asked to come
to tlie Crompton celebration at Bolton.   He accepted.
As a boy, when Samuel Crompton
helped his mother spin yarn'at home
for the Industry was then carried on
in the cottages, tho difficulties he encountered suggested to him a cross
between the Hargreaves and Ark-
wright contrivances.
The invention is generally known
in the trade as a "mule." Its principal innovation was the Introduc--
lion of a spindle carriage which
took away tho strain -on tho. thread
and enabled much finer yarn lo be
spun, thus making muilln possible,
Sheep Protection Act
Municipalities In Saskatchewan Now
Liable for Damage Done by Dogs
Saskatchewan's -new itct' for llie
protection of sheep from dogs, went
Into effect May 1st. Under lis provisions, any municipality in the province
Is liable for damages done to sheep
by dogs, and .all'municipalities must"
appoint competent valuators ��� to assess damages-where sheep are destroyed or damaged by dogs. To provide funds to meet thoso loses, any
muncipalfty may impose a dog tax of
?1.00 for first and $2.00 for the second male dog kepi, and up to ?5.00 for
each female.
More Shoes for Women
Future of China
Increased Output In-- Canada ^ar
Ahead of Men's Wear
Women use more shoes than men
in ' 'Canada. Nearly 100,000 more
pairs of leather and fell footwear,
were manufactured s for women' in
Marcli than wero ' produced in the
previous month. The increase in production for men over the output in
February was only 37,182 pairs. A
report issued by the Do'mlnion Bureau
of Statistics shows that 053,955 pairs
were manufactured for women in
March and a total o��-533,398.pairs for
men. The total figures for the boot
aud shoe production record au increase in output of 276,639 pairs in
March as' against February.
Says Comet Caused War , Muskrats in B.C.
The cause of lho war was due to j The development of Lhe, muskrat
gaseous trails left, in the earth's at- industry five miles soutli of Revel-
inosphere by- Halley's cornel iu 1010, stoke will be proceeded with further
declared a speaker to a meeting in j (his year, 160 acres having already
Washington. The gas made humanity  been fenced in   by    Lhe   Revelstoke
nervous, suspicious and"irritable,
said, and  if  another war occurs
1929,  Uie I'ons-Winnic!..-.:    comet
last June must, be blamed.
Rich Old Gentleman���-"The life insurance companies won't take me."
Sweet young Ladj���"Then I will."
Muskrat Fur Breeders' Association.
Patient���"But doctor, yoti wo ilRl��"
Ing $10 for taking a cinder out of my
Specialist���"Now, now. My charge
is for removing a- foreign substanco
from ihe cornea."
Astounding Development Awaits
Establishment of Stable
"Readjustment of affairs in China
must be by the Chinese, and without
foreign intervention," declared Robert Dollar, world renowned shipping
magnate, who, possibly, enjoys the
confidence of tho leaders'of Chinese
nalional life more than any other
living-while man, in an interview at
Ottawa. He ls a former Otiawa boj',
whoso romantic life gave birth to the
famous character of "Gappy Ricks."
��� "A most astounding development of
commerce will take place in China,"
declared Mr. Dollar. "It awaits only
a stable and steady government
which must come. When? 1 Avish 1
could answer that. But with a civil
war 'waging throughout China, trade
and commerce has flourished tremendously. Whon the war is over,
imagine the development s. And imagine the effect upon Canada, 'the
neighbor of China, when this development comes. Already'Vancouver is
feeling lhc benefit of Chinese trade.",
___Alway_s Ready,   and .Reliable.   ���
Practically,all pains arising from inflammation can be removed with Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Simply rub it
on the sore spot and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Its healing power is conveyed to the inflamed tissue
which is quickly soothed. This fine
old remedy is "also a specific for nil
manner of cuts, scratches, bruises
and sprains. Keep a bottle handy
always. .    -
Today Best Time to Buy Farms
Begin Now to Plan and Prepare for
the Future
"Buy farms now'/ is���in view of the
present, discontent of tho farmers ������
the unusual advice of the "Southern
An editorial in the April 15th issue
of this progressive farm magazine
reads, "Tho young farmer���or the
older one, for that matter���who gets
his feet firmly plauted on his own
land now and begins planning and
preparing for the future is not at all
likely to regret his action in the
years to come."        .      ,
Justification for this advice is round
by the "Southern Agriculturist" both
in Us belief in the future of farming
and in lhe fact lhat today farm lands
are cheap^  _
Motorists and Fires
--��� If there were any way of arriving
at. an accurate survey of tho causes
of woodland fires it might very "well
be found that moro of tho.m arc due
to careless motorists than to careless
fishermen aud hunters. Hundreds,
perhaps thousands, of burning cigar
and cigarette ends are thrown from
passing automobiles every day witli
no thought of their landing place. A
single act of negligence like that may
bo responsible for it most disastrous
"Just because farm . profits have
been small these last few years,"
points out the editorial, "is no reason
the young .man or young woman with
a liking for country ��� life should be
afraid to rish his or her future bn
farming, no reason a parent should
hestate lo train-his children for work
on .the farm and for life in the country. And looking forward to that
lime c'ne should obviously buy land
now' when prices aro low." -
A Nova Scotia Lady Was in an
Anaemic Condition
Men aud women who do liot sleep
well and are not refreshed and
strengthened by a night's rest, aro
generally suffering from thin, watery
blood. The nerves fail to get the '
nourishment they demand and headaches and a worn-out feeling is the
result. Building "up the blood is tho
one sure step to renewed health and
strength, and for this" purpose nothing else can equal-Dr. "Williams' Pink
Tills. From first dose to last they
enrich ancl purify, tho blood, aiid in
this way ��� promote bolter appetite,
better rest at' night, and renewed
Mrs. Mary E.- Ilhlman, Williamstown, N.S.. writes:���"I have received
so much benefit from Dr.' Williams'
Pink Pills, that I would feel myself
ungrateful if I did not let you know.
I was in a very poor state of health
and reached the stage where I had to
remain in bed. ��� A doctor was called
in and he told mc-'l had no organic
trouble,- but was- simply .run down
from overwork. I had been left with
a family to support, which I'���did ,by
dressmaking.' The doctor said my
blood had almo'st turned lo water,
and advised a rest .cure. 1 did not
see how it was possible for me to _
take a very long rest, so I decided to
try T)r. Williams' Pink Pills. Soon T
found my strength returning and before very long I was able to go about,
my duties as usual again. This was
a'few years ago', and my health remained good uutll about a year ago,
when' I broke out with humor of the
blood. Again I consul led the doctor,
who said my blood had become so
thin that It had really poisoned Itself.
T told him I had bought several boxes
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and he
told me to go en taking them as he
thought they were just whal. I liocd-
in good health. I can therefore
recommend these pills to all in a
weak or run-down condition."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by.
all druggists or will be sent by mall,
post paid, on receipt of price, 50
cents a box.   Try them today.
The.- Oil for the Athlete.���In rubbing
down, the, athlete will find Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. an excellent
article. It renders the. muscles aud
sinews pliable, takes the soreness out
of them and strengthens them for
strains that may be put upon them.
It stands pre-eminent for this purpose, and athletes who for .years,
havo been using it caru testify to Its
value as a lubricant.
toria is a pleasant, harmless
stitute for Castor Oil, Paregor
Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially' prepared for
Infants in arms and Children all ages.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of ^^h^V^^^U
Proven directions on each package.   Physicians everywhere recommend it.
Raised Thousands of Sheep
Au old Norfolk shepherd died recently at Fellwell, England, at the
age of 82. He was apprenticed as a
shepherd at an early ago,, and continued in that employment throughout
the rest of his life. During his period
of service he is estimated to have
raised 200,000 sheep and only retired
a few years before his death.
Oil for Pacific Naval Base
Representatives o�� the Anplo-Per-
sian and other British oil companies
have inspected oil exploration possi-
blilies in Alberta recently with a view
to securing a new oil supply area for
the North Pacific naval base.
��� Burma Is tho
ducer- of rubles.
world's   chief   pro-
Minard's Liniment for insect bites.
W.   N.   U.   168-i
Lasted Nearly a Year.
Healed by Cuticura,
���������-    �������� ������
"My skin trouble began with
pimples breaking out on my face.
They gradually grew worse and
spread to my body. They were red
and itched very much, and when I
scratched thenV it caused more pain.
Scratching caused eruptions which
disfigured my face. At night I could
not sleep on account ofthe irritation.
The trouble lasted"ncgrly a year.
" I read en advertisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent
for a free sample. The sample
helped me so I purchased more and
in five months I was healed."
(Signed) Willie A. Yaremko, 8924-
88th Ave., Edmonton, Alta.
Use Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum for daily toilet purposes".
lunflt ����eh Free by Util AddreM Cusriian
litpot: "-atjohcai^ ltd., MOBtoaL' Price, Soap
25c. OJntra-nt _& ami Me. Talcum 23c.
Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
Learned the Reason
Forbes Magazine tells of a colored
agent who was summoned before-tho
insuraucc .commissioner, "'Don't you
know," said thc commissioner, "that
you can't sell life insurance without a
State license?""' .
"Boss,", said the man, "you suah
said a mouthful. I knowed I couldn't
sell it, but I didn't know the.reason."
Would Widen Markets
For Australian Goods
Gold Dredging in Alberia
Eastern capital will be expended .
this yoar in gold dredging opera!ions
on the,McLeod River, a tributary of
the Alhabaska, In North Alberta. Tho
first dredging unit will be Installed
early this summer.
Canada-Ausi.rnlian Trade Treaty .Very
Much to Canada's Advantage
W. Callanach, who is visiting Canada at the request of Premier Bruce
of Australia, in an address to the
board of trado at Toronto said his
object was tp secure a larger' market
in Canada" for "Australian dried and
canned fruits' and for Australian pro-
ducts generally.   , '
The speaker pointed out that the
Can ada-Australian trade treaty was
working out very much to Canada's
advantages; the balance of trade being
unfavorable to Australia to the extent
of $7,500,000.
Insect Bites.
Minard's takes the itch out
,of mosquito and lly ! bites.
Draws the' poison.      -    ��� i
Contrary to popular belief, tho
whale does not spout waler. The
condensation of -its warm breath in
llie colder air makes it seem like a
geyser of water.    ,
Cramps and CoSi
Summer Complaint or Stomach
Pains safely, quickly relieved by
Chamberlain's Colic &
_. Diarrhoea Remedy ,
Lots of men pray for things they
wouldn't be willing to work for.
Minard's  Liniment is reliable.
.    ..._.__��� Blood ft
EiDUo&M*. No.��forChronloW����__r..z������
br I��*Mm CHEIftSl*. c( rttnrg mall  !roo_
(.sCUKlta.Cs. HannuckM.t. W4.I.m��_��
Tjiftncw i-��cnun RENicur. ]
feo. l for madder Catmrrh, Mo. 3 for Bk
mmrmmjuum m. &'
The Airship
A Daily Service Between Canada and
Britain is a Near Possibility
,At rt dinner in Toronto,- where the
hope for that city as the future air
centre of the dominion glowed" persistently and brightly, representatives
of thc c-lly and the province bade
farewell to Ma ioi1 U. II. Scotl and
Mr. A. R. Gibbs,' advisory air expert
to the British air minstry.
"To most people Lho idea of airship
transport is new," said-Major Seott.
"Airships are generally looked upon
ns a post-war development, when in
truth they are pre-war and were" actually set back during the war. Forty-
two thousand people were carried on
airships before the war without dam-,
age to a single person.
"The British government, realizing
the importance of better communication with tho dominions, looked into
the methods of reducing time of
transit, and came to tlio conclusion
that airships would bc thc best means
to this end."
Consequently, he declared, research
into. . design and construction had
been ordered, and as a result two
ships o'f 5,000,000 cubic feel capacity
had been laid down.
.'"Ihey are twice the size of the
Hlol, which'Hew'across the Atlantic," he pointed out, "and it is ��i fact
British Capital in Canada
(���English Finns Taking Great Interest
in Canadian Industries
Apropos" of-   tlio   lalk   constantly
heard about    United    Slates    economic comiues^ of Canada (much of it
absurdly exaggerated) it i.s interesting to note that recent figuresnshow
a substantial advance in British  enterprises in the Dominion.   Tlie Spillers' interests only recently made a
big investment iu Western    Canada,
and their new flour mill in Calgary is
to start producing in    a   couple   of
mouths.   The -English   firm   of   Cor-
laulds  pioneered 'the  Canadian  field
for the manufacture of artificial silks.
The Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper
Company, a combination   of   British
capital, and .Canadian   enterprise,  is
extending'its operations. The English
firm of Rowiuree has entered in im-
pi-essive manner into   the   Canadian
cocoji and chocolate field. 'And British capital is reporte'd to be--entering upon a large scale into tlie de
velopment of Northern'Manitoba aud
other Canadian mineral fields'.
Last 'but' not least is tho announcement that, an English syndicate is planning a groat industrial
development in lho( Lake St. John district, Quebec, The enterprise, it is
said, will include.' railway, pulp, paper
antUmineral possibilities, and will
involve an enormous amount of capital.
Canada     welcomes     such   invest-
Thc Centenary of Matches
Just a Hundred Years Ago When the
First Match Was Utilized
The first recorded sale of a "friction light" toolo place   on    April   7,
1S27; so'this may be regarded as the
centenary of the   hourohoid   match.
There are  low commodities, if any,
that can claim moro useful or indispensable service   than   the   common
match, yet its invention was as. unpretentious-as its utility is apparent
at the present time. John Walker, of
Stockton-on-Tees, "can    be    regarded
as the inventor;  for it was he wlio
conceived Ihe idea of placing small
quantities of powder'on the heads of
.matches with a view    to   employing
friction. .
But the difficulties and dangers of
the   "friction   lights"  and   "luclfers"
have leceded into the dim past   No
longer do we buy matches at eight
a penny, nor.do we spend an undue
amount of time in fruitless effort's to
ignite a recalcitrant Inciter. Happily,
too, thc ever-present danger of sudden and' unexpected combustion has
disappeared, and left life  somewhat
safer, if   quieter.   But   tho   use   of
matches has grown to'-treniendous dimensions of late. The increase in the
consumption of tobacco is to a great
exLent the cause of "this. Electricity,
both as  used for coo]ung,.and heal-
.ing, and for 'illumination, is making
rapid, strides.   Thus the-future, utility
of the common match would appear
to depend on the lobaccolic capacity
o'f the   community.���London   Correspondent in Free Press.
One tall can
(with an
equal quant-��
ity of water)
gives you 4
cups of pure, full-
cream milk. Always use it in
Write The Borden
Co. Limited, Montreal, for Free Recipe Book:     3027
Mederation in Exercise
May Become
thar as an airship becomes bigger it!        nada
| also becomes more eflicient.   Now we ' m0QtS-   ^  <  ���
think that a 5,000,000 cubic feet ship!a11 d?V83o��m���l we can get, no mat
want all the capital and
J is -big, bul in twenty years we may'
I regard it as a comic little ship.",
Experiments as fo mooring had
' shown, he maintained, thai an airship co'uld..remain moored to its mast
in the worst kind of weather. The
It-33 recently came through a lest of
four months.
The choice of a site, said Major
Scolt necessitated looking to the future. "If the airship is going to be
ihc success avc think it is, the development is going to be enormous,"
he declared., "It is quite likely that
in ten ou fifteen years you will have
a daily service rimuing���from Canada
to England���three days from London
to'Canfida, and two days from Canada
jio London."
The ships would have a very high
���degree 6'f comfort, little or no., mo-
Itiori, and Iherefore no danger of seasickness.
Mr.  A.  It.   Gibbs, engineer of the
I party, explained the method hy wliich
a ship was moored to ils mast. The
aiaat has to be able to bend,to .meet
ter where it. comes from; but if it
can come from Britain, then so much
lhe belter.
Fire on "Renown" Was Serious
It ho ship; . as    well    a.s    the
manoeuvring t0 meet the mas I
���' '    , Alberta Homesteads
During the   month   of .April,
Inomesteads' were  filed  upon  at
[Dominion Land Ofiices at Edmonton.
This total sets a record that has not
aeon exceeded, with the exception of
corresponding month of last year,
[oinco pro-war days.
Took Twelve  Hours to Gat it Under
��� Control
, That the Renown, with llie Duke
aud Duchess of York aboard, was in
very serious danger when the fire
hroke out in ber fuel bins, is disclosed by details which arc made
available for 'the first time.,
So serious did ihe, position appear
while ihe fire was- being battled in
the   Indian   Qcean   that   the   cruiser
Sydney  was wirelessed  to be ready
to proceed  to the assistance  of the
mammoth British baitlo cruiser.  The
crew of the Renown stood by to flood
the magazines.   For 12 hours the fire
raged, and ihe ship was hove to to
lessen  the air draught.    Officers and
men showed magnificent bravery. /'
Tlie Duke of Vork was in.the vicinity of'the fire and offerejIJi I s_senvico-
Seek Sunken Treasure
Divers to Plumb Depths of Dangerous
Reefs off the Coast of France
Sunken treasure, reputedly a huge
fortune,  is  the  goal of divers  who
plan to explore the dangerous reefs
of the IsIo'De Oleron. off the wesl
coast of France.    The treasure consists of many boxes . of ' diamonds,
gold and other precious metals sunk
in the wreck'-of   the ��� three-masted
schooner "Jeunc Henri" December 9,
The fortune was the result of the
thirty year residence in lhe Uniied
Slates of the Cotnte De St. Paul, lord
of the Vendee, who fled to the United
States during the French revolution.
For years lie submitted to the usual
tribulations of the pioneer, but finally
lucky investments brought lilm an
immense sum of money
Then ho decided to return io his native country
wlSTtr^,SlV,1S^llni1' eacWed r���� -e an auiiete to their sons, a,
tiie reefs nt oWnn   nn ____������_ .,_,._ ... .    _v ....n.  _,
If Carried to Excess it
Do not envy Samson or Hercules.
The strong man, says an 'expert adviser, is often Lhe one who weakens
first iu  the  struggle  i'or life.    Tho
man with moderate physical strengtli
is the one who is likely to retain hi3
health the longer and to get more enjoyment out ot life.
: A man who devotes much of hi3
time  in training his muscles to an
exaggerated   development,   expecting
at the samo  time  io acquire a robust  constitution,  Is making a double mistake.    In  the first place, ho
injures  his   health    through     overexertion,  and then his  muscles assume a grotesque appearance whicli,
shocks the artistic eye.
If one observes the statues of ancient Gi'cecc, he will notice at first
sight that there is no exaggeration
in lho size of the muscles. Perfection aud beauty demand moderation.
Athletics practiced in moderation
produce beneficial results, while if it
is carried to excess it becomes disastrous. 'J'he man who is gone to
waste through overtraining ' will,
sooner than he thinks, havc to pay
the penalty of his greatness.
Boys and young men seem Lo have
a natural admiratio'n . for athletes.
Nothing is more diflicult than to dis-,
courage a boy who has made up his
mind to become an athlete. For this,
parents are largely to blame, as they
often cite an athlete to their sons, as
Would Girdle, the Globe
Colossal   Number- of "Papers  Printed
Every Week on Bouverie Street,
For many years the "News of'the
World" has been produced in Bouverie street���a   comparatively   short
thoroughfare'leading southwards from
Fleet slreel Lo the Thames embankment.
Despite its size, Bouverie street
Produces more newspapers than any
other street in the -avorld. if the
Pages of the papers sent out of this
small thoroughfaro jn a week were
Placed end to end they would girdle
the globe.
The vast weekly issue of the
"News of the World" would provide
a quarter of this belt, for, if the
Pages were placed end to end, they
would make a pathway from London,
across the Atlantic, across the United
States, and a few hundred miles out
Into the Pacific Ocean on the wav to
Aboul 25,000,000 newspapers are
published in Bouverie street each
week, making a brealh-taking total
of 1,300,000,000 copies per annum.
To get the 4,000,000 copies off the
machines in lime.to distribute Ihcm
over the length and breadth of tho
British Isles on Sunday morning and
over the rest of the world as fast as
great liners can carry them,.the huge
battery of printing proses must produce copies of the "News of the
World" at the rate of "-7,000 per mia-
.uto, or 420,000 per hour.     '
Each issue requires   50o'   tons    ot
white paper, 1G.000 lbs. of black ink,
and to tie up the parcels, 70 miles of
[siring. -o��
A new building" in course of completion will be the most modern in
Every strand of every
cord is insulated and impregnated with rubber* after
which tlie cords are coated,
by the regular' calendering
This extra advantage���
this extra process that is exclusive to Firestone, is your
assurance of greater tire
economy, safety and comfort. See your nearest
dealer to-day and have your
car equipped with Firestone
Gum-Dipped Tires.
Hamilton, Ontario.
Firestone Builds tbe Only Gum-Dipped Tl_rM
tiie roofs of Oleron, but the gold was
losl and the wealthy .emigre died a
shorL time later in poverty. Now an
enterprising company of divers is
sec-king to locale the treasure.
if needed.
Blind Girl is Braille Writer
Blindness lias given a profession to
Claudinc Johnson, of Woodward. Oklahoma,'who, although born without
sight, has lu her early twenties become a transcriber for the blind. Recently, she was accepted as a h-nim.
Perhaps the mosl criiical stage of   U      . . -     - - -	
thc outbreak was reached when  all  fUS ,dvi.c. 01'Sani>:alious have financed
cfibcr for the National   Librarv  for
(lie Blind at; Washington, D.C."Vari
hands, except those engaged in the
fighting of fhe. fire were piped 1o
upper deck' with orders lo stand to
in readiness to flood the magazines.
The cruiser Sydney was off thp,
Northwest co'ast of Australia al llie
time, and was notified by wireless, ad
a. pio cau tion.
The fire was extinguished afler
considerable damage, had boon done
ihe electric lighting
her 'work., Her mother reads the
books to" her while she punches out
the Braille letters on heavy brown
in   the   boiler-
Mrs. Wilson's Experience a
I.Guide to Women Passing
I through the Change of Life
Hamil ton, Ontario. ���' 'I havc taken
���several bottles of Lydia KPinkham'a
r~,        ��� 1 Vegetable Com
pound and I ean-
notspeak too
highly of it as I
wasn't tlie Change
of'Lifc and was
all run-down and
had no appetite.
I,was very weak
and sick, and the
pains in my back
' were so bad I
could hardlymove.
 |I got very sad at
times and thought I had not a friend
on earth.   I did not care if I lived or
lied..' I was very nervous, too, and
clid not go out very much.   A friend
lid vised me lo try a bottle of Lydia B.
Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound, so
r did.   I am a farmer's wife, and al-
lvay�� worked hard until lately, and
Svas in bed for two months. 1 began
IjO feci like a new woman after the
Iirst bottle and 1 recommend it with
treat success, also Lydia E. Pink-
liam'tf .Liver Pills.   I am willing to
Itnswer letters from women asking
Hbout.your medicines, as I cannot
Ppealc too highly of them. "���Mra.
Emma Wilson, 471 Wikon Street,
Hamilton, Ontario.
r, Sold by druggiste'everywhere.    O
New Ocean Depth Found
A greater ocean depth thim heretofore known has boon discovered by
the cruiser JCinden, lhe (.ionium Admiralty announces. On lhe way from
Celebes Island bribe Dutch East In
dies to .Nagasaki, Japan, the Knuleii
measured an ocean depth of U 1,116
foot. Whal has up to now been
thought the greatest depth is 32,(H I
feet, off the eastern coast of Japan.
"How did you screw up courage io
propose lo lho rich 3Irs. McTavish,
Handy " '"Bosh, mon*; 'twas ,-awful.
I'd sworn I'd do iL come Monday
nicht, so I tool; her for a ride in a
taxi, and wi one eye on the motei
tickin' awa 1 had her won at the end
o' lut-lf a crown."
Obligation to the Future
II has been estimated   that   if  we
had to start life without the knowledge and  inventions  bequeathed  to
us by our forefathers, it would take
eight-men*.to'do the work which can
now be accomplished by oue. All people born in a modern civilized state
fall heirs to tlie-richest legacies. Our
debt lo' lhe past is, indeed, incalculable; but our obligation to tho future
'   still grealer.
markable that very often an athlete
is a man of medio'cro intellectual development.
If the following question is asked:
What are tho physical exercises
recommended as likely to develop at
Ihe same lime the body aud tlie mind
���"mens sana iD corporo sano"���the
bureau of statistics of any life insurance company will give the following answer: "For grown-up boys and
young men, exercise in the open air
! in fheJ'orni- of-games-and-plays���will
contribute .more than anything else
towards obtaining a - sound and
healthy body,-capable of prolonged
endurance. For men of a .uioro advanced age, especially those of sedentary habits, light gymnastics, if possible in the open air, every morning,
will suit the purpose."
For Either the Newborn Babe or
the Growing Child
There is no other medicine to equal
Baby's Own Tablets for little ones���
whether it be for the newborn babe
or the growing child the Tablets always do good. They are absolutely
fiec from opiates or other harmful
drugs aud tho mother can always
feel safe in using them.
Concerning the Tablets, llrs. John
Armour, 11. R. 1, South Mbnaghan,
Ont., says:���"We have three fine,
healthy children, to' whom, when a
medicine is nee'ded, we have given
only Baby's Own Tablets. The Tablets are the best medicine you can
keep" in any homo'where there aro
young children."
Baby's Own Tablets are a mild bun
thorough laxative which regulate the
stomach and bowels; banish constipation and indigestion; break up
colds and simple, fever aud make
teething easy. Tliey are sold by
medicine dealers or direct by mail at
25 ccn.ts'a box from The Br. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
tittle Helps For This Week
I will not leave you comfortless: I
will come t0 you.���John xiv. is.
Will Grow Tobacco at Coast
Possibilities of Growing  Leaf in  B.C.
U hen Ilolloway's- Corn Remover Is
applied to a corn it kills the. roots
and the callosity comes out without
injury to the flesh. -
Soviet Propaganda
Had All of Them'
A man wearing a worried iook went
Info a shop-which  advertised  a patent  exterminator,  and  asked   for  a
"Certainly, -sir." 'Said the amazed
assistant, "but thai quantity would be
sufficient to destroy all tlu: slugs Jn
the Queen's County."
"I know that," was tbe reply.
"They are all in my garden."        '     ,
Sea water looks blue on a clear dav
because it *- reflects the color of the
W.   N.   U.'icSi
Feather Pillow Factory
A pillow factory, to utiiizo the f>0
tons of feather.-; said to be washed in
Alberia eveiy year, may be erected at
Wdmontou. If proper facilities are
available the factory will be started
and will give employment'* io between
ten and twenty persons, as a start.
First    Lady:    Tlio,    Mr?.    Migg.s. ,
Fancy your 'usband   bein' cut again.
1 thouhf 'i.-j biouchitia   was   so   bad
Second Lady: yu.s. it was. But Vs
got 'is new teeth in now and ihey
keeps the wind from whistlln' do sin
'�� chest.
Decision is Reached to Give Further
Support to Chinese Revolution
Decision lo make a more intensive
campaign in support of tho Chinese
revohtton, and to appeal lo the workers of the world to assist Soviet Russia to sabotage other nations in thc
coming "inevitable" war, was reached at Moscow, by tlie executive committee of the Third Internationale.
The committee declared that its
sections .have shown far" insufficient
support of iho Chinese revolution,
and therefore, proposes that the latter take resolute measures increas-
j Ing propaganda in the press; active
I work among the trade union organiz-
i ations; propaganda in colonial coun-
{tries, and propaganda among soldier;
' en route, to China.
tcT~be Tested
Possibilities of Iho British Columbia coast as the centre of a large
tobacco growing industry will be
tested out this year as a result of experiments sponsored by T. E. Coventry, member of the Provincial Legislature. Seed has been imported and
is being grown on two half-acre experimental plots at Saanich. Ono will
bc irrigated and the other worked
without irrigation to test out the best
method*, of production.
But Ho whoso human feet liave trod
All paths of trial, HG who knew
Nci sympathy but that of Cod,
1 hough    linked   with    flesh    that
craved it too, ���
Yearns with us   Ju   our   needs    our
And mindful of our feeble frame
Holds to   His   heart   our   throbb'iim
With love   that   hath   no   mortal
/ name.   .
���Margaret J. Preston. "
Wo can never know a sorrow Into
which the Sou of man cannot enter;
ancl wo can never understand tho
depth 'and preciousness of His sympathy till we coine to need it. I have
had a very deep wound, thc trial has
been very severe; but how should I
have known Christ as a brothei
without, it? '  '
���Lady Powe'rscourt; Letters.
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it at hand, because
It proves its value.
Nova Scotia, iu its Cape Breton
part, Is tlie most Scottish country in
the* world outside of Scotland.
Killing time may mean the suicide
of success.
Sparc tlie_children   from suffering-
frbm_wofnis_by using Millers' Worm
Powders, a most effective vermifuge
with whicli to combat these insidious
foes of the young and helpless. It ii
,an excellent worm destroyer, and
1 when Its qualities become known in
a household no other will be used. ''
The medicine acts by itself, requiring
no purgative to assist it,���and so '-thoroughly that nothing more is desired.
Alfalfa can be grown over the ���widest  range of climatic  conditions   ol
any legume yet grown in "Canada. It
Is cow being produced in every province from Uie Atlantic to the Pacific.
Ease sunburn wrih Minard's Liniment-
Samuel L. Clemens, better known
as Mark Twain and much beloved,
made a real contribution to the youth
problem of our day, when he-said, "If
you would train up a child iu the waj
her should go, yoti have got to go
that way yourself."
National Dairy Sl'ow at Memphis
Memphis, .Tennessee, will   be   the
site of the .1927 National Dairy Show
in tho United States, the date being
October-15th t0 22nd.  'it v,ill be a
long distance  for, Canadian  exhibits
to travel if dairy  breeders here, decide to maintain their previous lion-
! ors at this show.    In 1928���the show
! will be held at St. Louis,  Missouri,
{where Canadian breeders were    par-
1 ticularly successful in  1!)05.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians fa
Colds      Headache      NeuilBs'       Lumbago
Toothache *   Rheumatism
Pain        Neuralgia
Mrs. ���Pat-quo���"Vou --
. T>e��iue'��� "Quite  right,  my dear,
iou're always making me shell out."
J Campers���Take Minard's with you.
>Accept, only  "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer"  boxes of  12  tablets
Alio faoitles'of 24 and ICO���Druggists.
.Aiplrla is the trade mark (rtcfatewl la Canada) cf Bayer' Mimnfactnre -of Mooe*eet!e-
���cldester of SaltcyllcaeliJ (Acntrl Salicylic Acid, ".A. 8. A.")-   While It Is yrM known
that Aspirin mean* Bayer maa'afacture. to assist the public against imitation!, the Tablets
Of Bayer Coapany will be sisaapid witi tbeir general trade Burk, tio "iJaycr Cre**.** i
i. .-A��nfv"i*r"'",y-L-'A-:- ���**������* *���*-
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood. B.C.
Editor "and Proprietor
la $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when, not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
Great Britian and the United States
$2.50, always in advance.
B. C Mineral Output
Last Year Broke Records
British Columbia's mineral output
last year surpassed all previous
records, according to figures given out
last week in Victoria under authority
of Hon, Williani Sloan, minister of
With production valued at $C7,1S8,-
S12, gross profits approximating 25
per cent of the gross value, and
dividends of '$10,000,000, the year was
the most satisfactory and successful
one in the province's history.   ."
With the exception of coal and coke
and gold, .increased., output of metals
and minerals was reported in all
divisions.      The   actual   increase  in
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Greenwood Mining Division of
Yale District.
Where located:   Near Bridesville.
TAKE NOTICE that I, C. AE. Shaw, ajrciit
for Joseph Prinprle, .Free Miner's Certificate
No. 335D, iu tend, -sixty clays from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 85, must be commenced before tlie
issuance of such Certificate of linpiovemeuts.
Dated this 4th day of June, 1927.
Tie Timber on- the Kettle Valley
Railway.   R. A. Brown, Midway.
value of output totalled $5,09(5,600. or
9.'2 per cent, as ��� compared with 1925
valuation of $-161,92,21:2, the previous
high record year.
British Columbia has produced mineral products worth $988,108,470 since
operations were first recorded in 1852.
Well over 50 per cent of this enormous
total has been produced since 1916.
The province, is now the leading silver producer of Canada, and continues
to be thc largest producer in Canada
of lead, copper and zinc. '.*.���������'���
Greenwood Superior School
Report for May. 1927
N. E." Morrison
No. on roll     24
Total actual attendance...............187
Average daily attendance   ....2.5.05
Percentage of attendance ............96.04
Proficiency List
Grade X: Edward Johnson, Reaiie
Skilton, John McDonell, Annie:
Swanlund, George Bryan, Pat Kempston, Jesse Piidcly, Leo Madden.
Grade IX: Vera Walmsley, Andrew Anderson, Irene Kingsley,. John
Grade VIII: Rosie Bombini, Edward Parry, William 'Walmsley,
Robert Mitchell, Helen McGrade,
Harry Hallstrom, Margaret Royce,
Marguerite Ritchie, Kenneth Stewart,
Lewis Mitchell, Eileen Bryan, Bertram
Regularity and Punctuality
Rosie Bombini, Harry Hallstrom,
Lewis Mitchell, Edward Parry,
Bertram Price, Margaret'Royce,;Kenneth Stewart, William Walmsley,
George Bryan, Edward Johnson, Pat
Kempston, Irene Kingsley, Annie
Swanlund, Vera Walmsley.
T. Crowley .
No on roll     28
Total actual, attendance '*.. 575.5
Average daily attendance  27.4
Percentage of attendance............97.85
Proficiency List
Grade VII: Robert Forshaw, Cleo
Toney, Eugene McGiUivray, Arthur
Cox, John ivloiTison, .Thomas Walmsley, Allan Morrison, Lewis Clerf.
Grade VI: Beatrice McLaren, Rosa
Lucente, Arnold Bombini, Ruth Cox,
Roy Hallstrom, Oliver Newniarch,
Charles Royce.
Grade Y*. John McGiUivray, Celia
Klinosky, June Toney, David Nichols,
Laurence GulI.ey,J\I_ai_k_Madde*u,_M.ay.
Clark, James Eorshaw.
Grade IV: Ernest Johnson, Walter
Nichols, George. Hingley, Leonard
Sortome, Dorothy Boug.
Regularity and Punctuality
Arnold Bombini, Lewis Clerf, James
Forshaw, Robert Forshaw, Ernest
Johnson, Beatrice McLaren, Allan
Morrison, John Morrison, David
Nichols, Walter Nichols, Charles
Royce, Leonard Sortonife, Cleo Toney,
Thomas Walmsley.
Vera A. Kempston
No. on roll :    2S
Total actual attendance .........510.
Avoraga-daily attendance 25.71
Percentage of attendance 91.82
Proficiency List
Grade III a: Ernest Cox, Clarence
Sortome (tie), , Glenn Toney, Jack
Clark, Peter Maletta, Louis Lucente,
Edward Lucente.
Grade III b: Burton McGillvray,
Kathleen Madden, Eric Cox, Gordon
McGillvray, Douglas Stewart, Gordon
Grade II a: Dorcas Mitchell, Jack
McGrade, Cecil Maletta, Roland
Skilton. u -
Grade II b: - Alice Clark, Cicely
Newmarch, Josephine Cox.
Grade I a: Catherine Stewart,
Mildred Sortome, Virginia Boug,
Frank Nichols, Thomas Forshaw,
Edna Pope.
Grade I b: (Receiving Class)   Roberta
Wilson, Alfred Maletta.
Regularity and Punctuality
Virginia Boug. Eric Cox, Ernest
Cox, Alfred Maletta, Cecil Maletta,
Peter Maletta, Dorcas Mitchell, Edna
Pope, Clarence Sortome, Gordon
Sortome, Catherine Stewart, Glenn
Toney. ^	
In Other Days
Aunt (to Elsie, who is getting up
very late): "When I was your age I
watched the sun rise every morning."
Elsie: "Why' Auntie, I've never
stayed out as late as that!"
Mining men can supply their wants
in tools at the McKee Auction.
Pigs For Sale
Six half bred Yorkshire pigs, ready
to sell middle of June; also six purebred Yorkshire pigs about July 1st.
Bubar Bros., Kettle Valley, B.C.
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call.at the Office of
Greenwood Grocery, Greenwood McMynn's Store, Midway
Rusch's Garage, Rock Creek
For Sale
Cabbage'and Cauliflower plants al
1 cent each. P. Campolieto.
appeals to  YOU  for support
QINCE the War, the Red Cross has disbursed over
T--V' Seven Million Dollars for'the Soldiers, Women,
Children and Frontier Families of Canada.
About half of this has been spent for disabled soldiers
���half in the other services of the Society about which
you have been told.   The Treasury is almost empty. -
$1,000,000 Needed Now .
for Red Cross Work
......... ^ /
The Red Cross brings cheer to our'disabled warriors and
.their families.    It stimulates the children of Canada to
healthy living and good citizenship.     It relieves suffering,
and  brings  skilled attention to Canada's frontier districts
��� remote from other aid. ��� Its work is indispensable.
It now appeals to YOU, as a patriotic and humane Canadian
citizen, t'o contribute generously to its need for funds.
Nation-Wide Appeal 2
Canadian Red Cross Society
This year it is necessary to have a permit
from some Forest Officer before any camp-
fire may be set in any forest or woodland
Be sure to get a permit for your camp-fire
and follow the instructions printed on the
back of it.
Send Contributions to:
British Columbia Division, Canadian Red Cross Society,
626 Pender Street West, Vancouver, B.C.-
n/ml-ri'lMMCTT ffg^HM���_��U'___tlj
Summer Excursion Fares
Prevent Forest Fires
You Can Help fc
Sometimes the informality
of the spoken word
is more effective
than a letter
Long Distance, please"
Plan to be at Ingram Bridge on July 1st
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing ..
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
Harry Ar��nson,' Grand Fforks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer    ���
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vacant un reserved, surveyed Crown lands may
be pre-empted by British subjects over 18 years
of age, and by aliens on declaring intention to
become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concern ing regulations regard- ���
ing pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. 1, Land
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C., or.,
to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is
not timberland, i.e., carrying ovei- 8.000 board
feet peracro west of the Coast Range and 5,000
feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed forms, copies-
of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.   ,'
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made lo the value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant can be j
"   ,H
For more detailed information see the Bulletin.)',
"How to Pre-empt Land." )'
Applications are received, for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land is ?5 per acre,
and second-class (grazing) land $2.30 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Series, "Purchase and Leaso of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land, ,._
not "exceeding 40 acres, may be purchased or )_t
leased, the conditions including payment of A"
stumpage. -        .   '   ���'
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20 acres, >|j'
may bo leased as homesites, conditional upon a i'\
being obtainable after residence and improva-
ment conditions are fulfilled and land has been
surveyed.      ''
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding 610 acres mr.y be leased by one person\''
or a company. ��� . ,  ^'J
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided j
into grazing districts and the range administered i
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing j,
permits aro issued based on numbers ranged, y
priority given to established owners. Stock- i
owners may form associations for range manage- j
ment. Free, or partly free, permits are avail- y
able for settlers, campers and travellers, up to ��
ten head. J|
Winnipeg...  Sji To.OO
Toronto..............  11S.05
Hamilton .......XXL ' 118.0")
London'..   118.05
Quebec 140.10-
St. John :. 152.20
St. Paul D.   75.00
Minneapolis ______ _"_   75.00
Duluth    75.00
Fort William ��� ip 90.00
Niagara Falls - 124.02
Ottawa 182.25
Montreal 137.05
Moiiclon  152.20
Halifax __ 157.75
Chicago     00.80
Now York 151.70
Boston;  157.70
Route via Main Line or via Soo Line, through Winnipeg or Portal
to St. Paul, thence via Chicago or Sault Ste.  Marie, via Great Lakes;'
or via California ab an additional fare; or good to go via one of the
above routes, return another.   '
See Local Agent or. Write for Details
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,603,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459;  Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;   Copper,  $197,C42,647;   '
Zinc, $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its "Mineral production to the end of 1925, show .an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,242
The Mining,Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of   any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire. '
��� Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.  .
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia,
N.B. Practically all British- Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described In some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those con-
_ sidering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. . -   -


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