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The Greenwood Ledge Jan 27, 1927

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 "isi Liby i
VOI,. 1
w""1*"1' -"         mini i, i	
We Carry a Large Line of
Hardware   -
McLary's Enamei, Galvanized and Tinware
V McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
No. 26
Urn- ._p_"mwii__L^��i����.M. r[. MOlu,  ��� ||||H|)| mum,
White INavy Beans
No. IJap Rice
Victoria Cross Cocoa
-      4 lbs 25c
per !b 10c
5 lb package 85c
5 Ib package 7,5c
\ Millinery
L Ladies Wear
*     Men's furnishings
Leckie Shoes
for Men and Boys
for Men, Women and Children
i Of Local Interest |iBa^s 9 C���S���s
*���  !!      On Main River
. Jas. Copland of Bridesville, is
in town.
W._ E. Ekins, representing the squu-
1 rovince Nancouver, was in town River,
on Friday. ~    -
; Mrs. Ted Clarke of Beaverdell,
���js the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G.
o. Walters.
A rink ol  Greenwood's lady
Haskell and Carey, the famous
squirrel hunters" of Main Kettle
Kiver, have returned to Rock
Creek after a two -weeks hunt
having "bagged" 9 large cougars,
.4 coyotes, 2 mink, 1 marten, 1
skunk, and several "flying squirrels. �� This is the largest slaughter
or wild cats at one time on the
Third Win For
Greenwood Team
0 Ellen Trounson's Store'���#
jsfte ��� 'H_*
curlers will play in Grand Forks IMam River and possibly in the
For quality and value order from
Phone 46
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds, Bunrlary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
on Friday evening
J- W. Clark is back in town
after several weeks visit at his
home m Vancouver.
Frank Fraser and George Boag
were down from Beaverdell and
took part in the bonspiel.
The first game in the Boundary
hockey cup series will be played
at the local rink on Tuesday, Feb
Mr. and Mrs. .E. Walker, of
fernie, were the guests of Rev.
A. Walker for a few days this
Greenwood cinched the Boundary Intermediate hockey championship  by the  10-4   win   over
Grand Forks at the local rink on
luesday night before a fair sized
crowd including the curlers who
stopped their bonspiel to take in
the game    The final game of this
series will be played < in  Grand-
Forks on Friday night and the
Boundary   cup   games will  be
played next-week.
The locals started fast 'and inside of one minute Morrison
scored when he came close to the
Grand Forks goal from the face-'
oft. A few minutes later fhe
  ~'| vls}tors_evened the score when in
The Bonspiel held on Monday SS^S^^^tS80-^ '
and Tuesday was a great success 5ffiLmto the ���n?t    Morrison *
m   every   way.     The  Osoyoos
players arrived by  car and the
Mr. Haskell was in town on
ihursday last and collected $360
Successful Bonspiel
rT-L.lJ��i|.-l_J���IM M,  fl��.i_, xymu.���
When buying Light Globes
', ._;.
"Caaa-3"^-���^"-""~"   !��������� II	
Phone .7
We   arc' commencing- the  New Year
with a feeling- of confidence that
that there is something- better   '
in store for Greenwood and
surrounding- countrv    '
Let us all Boost for more Business and
' Better Conditions   '
We are at your service for good work
aud more of it-
All Work Guaranteed the Best
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F.' J. White, Mgr
Coughs, Colds or^any Bronichal Trouble
���it j '���'-'. ->r,X*fr;
Give Resistance against Flu
For Sore Throat and Tickling Cough
��� ,    You 'can get them at
--���<���������.' -      **
;'Ask for one of our Calendars
lhe Grand Forks curlers returned home on Wednesday and
the Osoyoos players this afternoon.
Mrs. Albert Christensen and
two children returned on Saturday from a few-days visit to
relatives in,Trail.
Grand Forks comes to Greenwood on Tuesday, Feb. 1st, in the
nrst of home and home games for
the Boundary hockey cup.
' Finley McDonald, better known
as 'The Outlaw" of Beaverdell, is
recovering from an attack of influenza at the District Hospital.
The north road was plowed out
the first of the week and the
Grand Forks hockey team came
over that way on Tuesday night.
tor   Vancouver . where  he   will
attend the wedding o'f his sister,
Josephine,  which takes place on
Feb. 1st.   '
from the novel
by Francis Perry Elliott and
the play by Lee
Wilson Dodd
Ihe Consolidated lining- &: Smelting Co.
y. of Canada. Limited *
- X-'*       "'' ���        -���>.������
���   W; Office, Smelting- and Refining Department
���"'X   '       ;''        TRAIL,.BRITISH COLUMBIA
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
.       Producers,' of Gold; Silver, Copper, Pig Lead  and Zinc
also a comedy
XWho's Boss"
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50c
Children 25c.
Giving Wings
To Friendship
The longdistance telephone gives wings
to friendship. It enables the human voice to
be carried along-wires at a speed of thousands
of miles per second' without losing any of its
cordiality. The special night rates after 8:30
p.m. are advantageous for social chats.
*      * '     * *      J-     J -t.     4      "   -_�� <���
Coming! Saturday, Feb. 12th
Colleen Moore in
"Flirting with Love"
\ also a comedy
m Wm. Jones of Rock Creek, was
m town Wednesday. He injured
his chest the previous day which
will prevent his working for a
short time.
The local hockey boys won in
Grand Forks on Friday last by a
score -of-7-2r���The-combination
play of the Greenwoodites was
very effective. Morrison getting
Xgoals, Carlson 1 and Crowley 1.
��� As we go to press we are informed - of the sad news of the
death of Mrs. Charles Kinney, a
former well-known resident of
Greenwood. Burial took place in
Hollywood, California, today.
Spectators  at the   local  rink
were treated to a hockey game
and broomball  match on Saturday evening.   The hockey match
was between two local teams and
a very  interesting  two   periods
were "played.   Goaltender Bryan's
side won by a large margin.   The
broomball that followed was very
amusing.   The young ladies had
brooms and the gents held^ a reversed hockey stick in their left
hand, not being able to use their
right.   A basketball was used as
a puck. The girls were very adapt
with  their   brooms and  scored
twice ��� to' their   opponents  one.
An movation was introduced during the latter part of the game
when the gents went on the ice
minus a skate.   This made the
play  funnier .than  ever.     The
ladies were pleased ��� with ' 'their
well earned victory.   Dr. Francis
handled the bell in- both encounters and was kept very busy, more
especially in the latter, when the
stickhandlers had to be continually penalized.
Beaverdell men by train ..on Monday afternoon. and a  start was
made  on  the  first competition.
1 he Grand Forks rink came in on
Tuesday morning and entered in
the 2nd and  3rd  competitions.
Monday afternoon  and evening
and until late Tuesday' evening
tlie curling rink was a busy place,
ihe ice was very keen but tricky
which made the games more interesting.     The  knights  of the
stanes  and besom  played  their
best  and there  was  very  keen
competition,    the   Walters  rink
having to go an extra end on two
occasions to decide the winners.
The club provided delicious refreshments and  the ladies kept
the table looking appetizing most
oi the time. -
At the close of the bonspiel
players and friends gathered in
the club room and speeches were
made by G. S. Walters, Monty
Montgomery and E..C. Henniger.
J. H. Goodeve was called, upon
to present the winners of the
Points competition held two
______    h
_-____,. w��i-.i��[^| |n n,| _ imn.juu.Be
A Supply of -       w
Fresh Fish Weekly
Salmon, Halibut, Cod and Herrings
very witty speech ' and handed
over the first prize to D. Burpee
and the second prize to D. Barnes.
Monty Montgomery then favored
those present with a Robert
Burns song after which he brought
forth much applause by his catchy
song "Monty Montgomery's
Band." This brought the spiel to
a close and all will look forward
to the next.
The winners of the competitions
were fairly well divided, Walmsley
(Greenwood)   winning   the  first
competitio; Burpee (Osoyoos) the
second and Massie (Grand Forks)
the third.
The visiting rinks were:
Osoyoos-D. Burpee, skip, M.
H.  G. Montgomery,  B.   Powell
and B. Plaskett.
Grand Forks-G. Massie, skip,
E. C. Henniger, D. C. Manly
and C. Wolfram.
Beaverdell���F. Fraser, skip,
Dr. A. Francis, G. Boag and G.
The local rinks were skipped-by
Messrs. Gulley, Walters, Goodeve
and Walmsley.
1st Competition
First round, Burpee, Osoyoos, beat
h raser, Ileavcrdell, Walters beat Goodeve; semi-final, Walmslev beat Burpee.
Gulley beat Walters; final, Walmslev
(Peterson skip) beat Gulley.
. . 2nd Competition
First, roi,mi, Massie, ,��rand Forks;
beat Walmsley, Gulley beat Goodeve,
Burpee beat Walters; semi-final, Massie
beat I raser, Burpee beat Goodeve,
imal, Burpee beat Massie.
3rd Competition
First round, Gulley beat Walmsley,
Massie beat Burpee, Walters beat"
i' raser; semi-final, Gullev-Massie ijaiue
was not played, Walters'beat Goodeve,
final, Massie beat Walters.
On Wednesday evening Osoyoos
(Montgomery - skip) played
against a rink with F. Fraser skip,
the former winning on the 12th
end by 13-12 after a very interesting game.
added two more eight and twelve
minutes afterwards, followed by
��nc Atwood getting Grand
forks second goal. Both goal-
tenders were kept busy in this
period and some good saves were
made.  '
Both'teams started the second
period   faster than ever,  both
goalies stopping some fast shots.
J. he local forward line was working perfectly and it was not long '
before   Puddy   registered    the
home boys 4th goal on a pass
from Morrison:    Puddy got an- '
other two minutes later followed
by another counter  by Morrison.
1 layed  slackened   up  and ��� the
visitors tried hard to score by in-   '
dividual rushes.    Morrison  got*
the locals 7th goal on a pretty
pass from, Puddy.     Before this
period   ended   Biddlecome  and
Hi. Atwood.scored for the visitors
and   Hallett    for    Greenwood.-
Walmsley and Johnson got into
the game in this period and they
proved to be good subs.
Two more goals were scored by
Morrison in the   third   period,
while the visitors were unable to
put one pass Bryan.
���'���Whsr -gamev\was-,yeryr,-clean'' ').
throughout, although Taylor re.- '���'-'
eeived an injured shoulder, in a
fair check, when he struck the ice
after falling   over  E.  Atwood,
which may keep him out of the
next game.
Dr. A.   Francis refereed the
game to the entire satisfaction of ���
both teams.
The Forks players were served
refreshments,  by the ladies, on -
after the game.
Line up:
Greenwood-Goal,   Bryan;   defence,
Carlson and Taylor; center, Morrison;
wings,    Crowley   aud   Puddy;   subs, .
Hallett,   Walmsley,    Anderson    and
Nordman-Olson Nuptials
Bridesville News
The Bridesville School attendance was reduced to three pupils
last week the rest of the children
all being ill.
73 ��J' ^7ler made tvvo trips to
Bridesville during the week, one
trip to the Hatton home where
the baby was ill, the other to the
Edmunds home where the baby
was ill also.
Job  Printing
wood Ledge.
at  The Green
Avery quiet but pretty wedding took place at the home "of'
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Walters 6n
Wednesday evening,   Jan.   19th,
when Elsa, only daughter of- Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Olson, "of Sweden,
became the bride of Mr. Charles
Edward Nordman, of Beaverdell.
1 he bride, gowned in black velvet,
with white and silver bodice, entered the room on the arm of Mr.
Walters, who gave her in marriage.   The large room was a profusion of lovely flowers and made
an attractive setting for the wed- .
ding.   The bride's flowers were
ophelia roses and lily of the valley
Rev.  A. Walker  officiated and
Mr.  and Mrs. -Ted   Clarke, of
Beaverdell, acted as witnesses.
The charming bride had been
brought up here from a little girl
by her aunt, Mrs. "Martin Ander-.
son, passed through the schools of
Greenwood and afterwards "'became a teacher in  one of our
schools, latterly teaching-school
m Trail.   The groom comes from '"
Beaverdell where he is interested :
in the Sally mine.    s ' '���   ,
After the ceremony Mr. Walters -
toasted the bride, expressing the
best wishes of all. present for her  '
future happiness. \
The happy young couple left on
the Thursday morning train for -
Beaverdell where they- will make
their home at the Sally mine.
The Greenwood Ledge extends
Tuesday, Feb. 1st
Local Rihfc : ^cJ3^^rr^3a^������_ra3r^v^B^g^<il���3f.^^��^w:
Hardiness of Weed Seed
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Beware of Counterfeits
Colds     ' Neuralgia
Pain Neuritis
Headache   Lumbago
Tooihache Rheumatism
There is only one genuine
"ASPIRIN" tablet. IE a tablet is offered as "ASP-IRIN"
and is not stamped with the
"Bayer Gross'-rcfuse it with
contempt-it isnot"ASPIRIN"
at all! Don't take chances 1
Accept  only  "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes  of   12 .tablets
  Also bottles' of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin is the trade mark '(roffister_.il in Canada) of-Bayer Manufacture of Monorjcctic-
*ci._eBfer of RaJic.vlieaci.l (Acetyl Salicylic Acid. "A. S. A."). ��� While It is well known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to assist the public atrainat imitations, the iwleU
��I Bayer Company will be stamped vrilh their general trade mark, the   Barer Crosa.
An Inspiration To Canadian Youth"
All America "is ringing villi praise of George. Young, tlio 17 year old
Toronlo boy who won the great swimming marathon between Calalina Island
and the mainland of California, successfully negotiating, this stretch .-of icy
wiiter in a contest wherein one hundred others failed, including some of the
world's mo si renowned swimmers. It7vas a wonderful achievement, and, following flic performance', of John 'Miles, of ^Sydney, Nova Scolia, who set a'new-
world's record last year hi winning the Boston Amateur Athletic marathon in
his first, race over tlie 26 mile course, and the enthusiasm-wliich Canadian
hockey players are* arousing in the big American cities, is haying the effect
of further directing attention to Canada, as a land which produces the
finest types of sturdy young manhood.
Through his great feat, George Young not only wins a substantial financial
reward, butjio leaps into atliletic fame. He will be honored, cheered and feted,
and his uamc will long bc remembered in the annals of great feats of courage,
strength ami endurance- '.'���������:' > ,     "���'���[   ���
liut it. is not because of his victory alone that Canadians should be proud
of George Young and find'delight in doing him honor. Rather our deeper na-
���liona] pride should rest upon the qualities of mind and heart and character
which this youth displayed in approaching the lianl trial to:-which he set
himself, and the noble impulse whicli dictated his action.
A poor boy, with no relatives but a.widowed, crippled mother to whom he
was devotedly attached,.George Young voluntarily sacrificed his amateur
standing as a swimmer and staked his all on this one effort. He did so not
because of a personal desire for fame or money, bal in an all consuming desire
to be able to take his crippled mother to California' and provide her with the
means whereby she might regain Mier health.
The boy's strength of character, his grim'determination,.and his', willingness lo sacrifice were clearly shown when, lacking the necessary railway fare
from Toronlo to California, he started to make the journey on a patched up
motor cycle and doggedly pushed'his way as far as Arizona.   A boy of loss
goal of ills desire. Had* Georgo Young no.t achieved fame as -he":has -done, it
is safe fo say that, in any event, he would havo made a success'-of his life
and in whatever sphere he might choose. ~        ���
���Premier Mackenzie King rightly expressed the sentiments of,: tho peoplo
of Canada when, in extending congratulations on behalf of the Government
, and people of the Dominion, he said that this country shared with equal pride
George Young's success and his beautiful tribute to his mother and all that
disclosed the secret of his splendid achievement.
Such an achievement'in the face of obstacles to be overcome that might
well' daunt the stoutest 'heart-is- an inspiration lo the youth of Canada. Thousands of Canadian boys who win'never- hope to be great athletic champions
and whose names will never be found on the lips of millions ol! their countrymen, but who in meeting the problems and difiicullies of everyday life, and in
shouldering the responsibilities that may be forced upon fliein, do so with the
same force of-character;'the same determination, the samo willingness to
sacrifice self for the good of others, are equally heroic, and of thom Canada
will be equally proud. .
George Young has builded better than he knew.,,His mother has borne
testimony io the cleanness of his young life, and George has iu spectacular
fashion shown all Canadian boys that a clean life, free from bad-habits
and dissipation, pays.  He has brought rorcibly home to all tho truth of the old
. adage thai Avhore there's a will there's a, way. In bringing fame lo Canada, ho
lias likewise brought something of far greater and more lasting value, an
object lesson which will mightily appeal to the imagination and love for {ho
heroic in every normal Canadian boy.
This is a real.national asset, because it is only through the cultivation
and development of those same traits which made George Young a winner that
the boyhood of Canada, or df any country, can realize full success iu their .endeavors no matter, what direction they may take, or how humble.tliey may be.
It requires exactly the same qualities to make a real success in.anything ir
life as were required to successfully swim Catalina channel, y-
Seeds Lying Dormant for Forty Years
Will Germinate
Tho seed of some of the troublesome
varieties of weeds show a great
tenacity of life. They will resurrect
long after they are supposed to have
been killed if not thoroughly and skil-;
fully disposed of. The Michigan Agri-!
cultural College is engaged, as recorded in Bulletin No. 72 of the Dominion:
Department of Agriculture on Crop
Rotation in an experiment to ascertain
definitely how many years tho common weed seeds will lie dormant in
the soil and then resume growth
where suitable conditions come about.
Weed seeds are mixed with sand ana
placed''in uncorked-pint bottles that
are buried twenly inches below the
surface and one taken tip every fivn
years. Tlie experiment which can be
continued for 100 years has already
boon conducted forty years. After being this-,length of time in the soil it
has been found that black mustard,
pepper grass, pig weed, ragweed, .wild
primrose, common plantain, purslane
and curled dock will still germinate.
Some of these weeds removed in the
earlier years failed to germinate but
did so in later years. Ragweed failed
to germinate in every trial until after
11 had been forty years in the soil. As
the authors of the bulletin; referred
to (Messrs E. S. Hopkins and W. C.
Hopper of the Field Husbandry Division of the Dominion Experimental
Farms) suggest it is apparent that
there, can be no let up in the war
against weeds, especially if the land
has once become infected .and'that
prevention of thcir getting a start is
preeminently the most important
method of weed control. Neglect for
one year may result in'a plague of
weeds for a life-time and longer.
Joint Stiffness Goes,
Swellings Disappear,
Pain Is Subdued
Liniment.* Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
It is thc gieat penetrating power of
Nerviline that makes it so efficient in
overcoming swelling, stiffness and inflammation, it rubs into the very
core of tho pain, penetrates quickly
through the tissues, and brings" a
warm, comforting relief at. once. No
liniment compares in pain relieving
���power* with rtarvillne. For the minor
pains and ills that arise in every family, Nerviline should always be kept
handy on the shelf. Use it for Rheumatism, Lumbago; Neuralgia and
Colds.     35'cents'at all dealers.      "���
Democracy in Action
Rolls-Royce drove up lo the football field of the private school, and a
very important-looking woman called
out to, a littlo fellow in uniform: "Will
you please call my son, Master Algernon?" In just a moment there was a
shout: "Hey, Skinny, you ma's here!"
I "Pape's     Diapepsin"    for
|       Gas, Indigestion or
j Sour Stomach
Instantly! Stomach corrected! You
never feel the slightest distress from
indigestion or a sour, acid, gassy stomach, after you eat a tablet of "Pape's
Diapepsin." The moment it reaches
the stomach all sourness, flatulence,
heartburn, gases, palpitation and pain
disappear: Druggists guarantee each
package to correct digestion at once.
End your stomach trouble for few
wStrdng Bones
Alberta Livestock Board
Officers Are Elected at Annual Meeting Held in Edmonton
At tho annual meeting of tbe Alberta Livestock board at Edmonton, J.
Charles Yule, of .Carslairs, was elected president; J. P. Sackvillo, Edmonton, vice-president, In addition to the
president of each of the livestock associations from northern and southern
Alberia, the following men were elected lo the board: W. J. Stark, Edmonton; E. L, Richardson, Calgary; J. P.
Sackville, Edmonton; J. L. -'Walters,
Clive; A. E. Cross and G. II. Hutton,
Calgary; J. G. Clark, of Irma.
Steps will be taken-to set aside further assistance -from 'the provincial
government toward the exhibit going
east to the Royal shows next year. It
is proposed to send an exhibit of all
kinds of slock from Alberta to Toronto next year. To facilitate the shipping of a sheep exhibit the minister of
agriculture will be asked to pay a
competent man to accompany them..
There was considerable discussion
regarding .the appointment of judges
for fairs and some recommendations
will go forward to'.the Dominion government -'which it"is hoped will over-,
come the present unsatisfactory conditions.
Robbers Take Heavy Toll
A Billion and a.Half is Stolen Each
Year in United States, According
to Estimates    ..      -
Merchandise, -valued" at $1,490,000,-
000 is taken out of legitimate channels
in the United States each year by
fraud, theft and robbery and sent back
into tho market through a system of
"fence" to undersell honest dealers.
How the "fence," or receiver of
stolen property operates to supply the
liason between'swindlers, burglars and
highwaymen is' told in a voluminous
report issued by the prison committee of the association of Grand Jurors
of New York county. :        .
In arriving at the huge total of
losses the report gives the following
tabulation: Merchandise frauds, $500,-
000,000; credit frauds, ��265,000,000;
robbery, theft 'and holdups $100,000,-
000; burglary, $525,000,000;
' The report also points out the weaknesses' in existing laws which make
the illicit dealer almost immune from
prosecution. ���'.''.
Recover Dismantled Car
Berlin Police Deliver It to Owner in
Running Condition
[ A seven-passenger limousine stolen
two years ago, dismantled and sold
piece meal by thieves to three different junk dealers, has been restored
to the owner in running condition by
the Berlin police. All il needs is a coat
of paint.
More than a.dozen policemen and
detectives worked on the case off and
on. Armed with tho numbers of all-
parts of tlie stolen car, which is owned
by a "wealthy industrialist, the police
garage mechanics were able to restore
the ear as it was wheu stolen.
Stops Coughing
The  very first dose helps.    Effective
for both children and grown people
Ssturnb��the Chamberlain's
stomach.    Cough Remedy
Standard for-over BO years
Vegetarians Are Not
Immune From Cancer
Much Suffering Can be Avoided
Through the Use of Dr. Wil-   .
Hams' Pink Pills
The most fateful years in a woman's
life are those between forty-five and
Cases    Occur   Among    People-   Who
Abstain From Flesh Foods   '
Inquiries havo becn conducted
among monastic communities in England by doctors connected with' the
health ministry and from the information thus obtained il has becn conclusively proven, says Sir George. Newman, chief medical officer to the miu-,
Istry, that cases of cancer occur among
people abstaining from flesh foods.
There is therefore no foundation for
the contenllon that vegelarians are
immune lo cancer, hc adds.
The investigations were made
among the Carthusians, a French order; Benedictines, Italian^ Carmelites, first founded in Syria, and Dominicans,  Spanish,  all of whom ad--
fU'ty.    Many women enter this term
under depressing conditions;  through  here to a B,*rict dI' t    -stcn   niost of
overwork, worry, or a waery concll-    .   m ^1ll(linfr mon)
tion of the   blood,   and   they   suffer
Among tho commonest symptoms
are headaches, palpitations, dizziness,
backaches, depression and other well
recognized disturbances of tho health
which show that the blood requires
attention. Women stand in need of
rich red blood all their lives, but never more so than at middle age, when
the nerves are also weak and over-
Wrought. In this condition there is
ho othor medicine can do so much for
women as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, for
these pills make rich, red blood, which
gives tone to the whole body, thus
restoring robust health.-Thousands ot
Canadian women "have proved thc
value of Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills in!
cases of this kind.   Among   them   is
them excluding meat.
British Subjects Should
Use Canadian Ports
Delay When Landing at New York
Would be Avoided
Canadians are reporting themselves,
or are being reported, as the victims
of delay and discomfort in the experience of-landing from ocean liners in
Ncav York Harbor. Delay, discomfort
and inconvenience may increase and
multiply until Canadians learn to land
at St. John and Halifax in winter time,
j as Canadians learn to sail from Mon-
Mrs. J. Jl. Johnston, Lion's Head, Oiu., j freal and Quebec in summer time.,
who says: "I am writing to let you-United States Jacks-in-office operat-
know the wonderful good your pills j ���       fc thQ p   t   r N      y   k t
have done me. I was a. complete ,,���.,., , . _ _, , ,. _.
wreck, and would faint if I crossed the Leueh British subjects that landing at
room.' I was going through the the winter ports of their own country
change of life,  and was so  weak I is easier to bear than the delays and
could not do my work. I went to Tor
onlo, when my folks said nothing but
an operation ..would help me. But 1
said: "No, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
helped me iii glrlhoodj and I am going
to give thorn a trial." I took the pills
steadily for a month, when.I returned
home a well woman, able o do all my
discomforts prepared for British subjects at the Port of New York.
Plans for Diamond Jubilee
Outstanding events in tlie lustoryof
Canada will be faithfully depicted in
work with ease. Friends Yere" say it's  pageantry of tho most colorful and gor-
Awful Asthma Attacks. Is there a
member of your family who is in the
power of this distressing trouble?-No
service, you can render him will equal
the bringing to Ids attention of Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma -'Itemed}'. This
remarkable remedy rests its reputation upon what it has done for others.
It has a truly wonderful record, covering years and years of success in almost every part of this continent, and
even beyond-the seas.
Appears on Stamps
Since the demand from the United
States for arsenic to. fight the boll
weevil in cotton has ceased, the Australian state mines at Jibbenbar havo
been compelled to close.
Mrs. Baggs: "Ihear your son is going to get married; I do hope ho will
be lucky."
Mrs. Jag^s: /"Bless yer kind 'cart,
he'll be all right, lib';came through lhe
Great War without a scratch."
If you would outshine your neighbors acquiro a good reputation, ami
then.keep it polished.      - .-X[.
Refreshes Tired Eyes
WriteMi Ine^ ..Chic-go.i'orEyeCareBook
Astronomers Long Lived
Clergymen live long in Britain, but
astronomers are giving- lliem a lively
race for tho laurels. Recent statistics'
placed tho av.erage age of astronomers
royal at 75.'-a.years'. . The life span of
e\'evy royal '. astronomer, from John
Flamsleed, the first astronomer royal,
to Sir William Christie, who died in
1010, was included iu the figures. Open
air life was given as oiie reason for
their longevity.
Marriott: When I woke up this
morning I found the bedclothes wound
tightly around me.
Margetson: Well, you must have
slept like a top.���Answers, London.
U.   1665
Minard's Liniment for chapped hands.
Heart Palpitation
Dizzy, Sinking Spells
Mrs. M. A. Gagnon, Donatvillo, Alta.,
writes:���"Some time ago I was very
nervous, could not sleep at night, often
liad dizzy, sinking spells, and palpitation of tho heart,' and was so run down
I could not do. my housework, but just
leave, everything aad sit down.
I spent a lot of money using medicine _from tho doctor,' Jjut it did not
do me any good. ���'.'
At last a friend, told me to use
and after using a
couple of boxes I
was not tho same
woman. I began to
feel so much better,
and after a few
more boxes I was
in perfect health.
I always recommend them to all
those I know who are suffering from
heart trouble.''
Price 50c. a box at all druggists or
dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of
pnee by Tho T. Milbura Co.. Limited,
Toronto, Oat. . ��� ��� ���
Proceeds of Restricted Issue to be
Used for Charity
For the first time since his death
the visage -of Kicolai Lenine has appeared on an issue of stamps.. It represents him as a child of nine, long before Communism was dreamed of In
Russia- and - appears on-*a���- restricted
issue of twenty! kopek stamps, the proceeds tobe devoted to relief of the ua>
lion's 500,000 vagrant children. Heretofore the authorities have forbidden
use of Lenlne's likeness on stamps,
cigarette boxes-or advertising matter.
The rule was relaxed in this instance
to help, the children,     ,
Through Service For
Overseas Travellers
In order to provide every convenience for overseas travellers, tiie Canadian Pacific Railway are operating
througli tourist sleeping cars from
Winnipeg each w;eek to connect with
steamers sailing from West Saint
John, N.B. These cars, which go
direct to the' ship's side, assure connection and facilitate transfer from
train to steamer. Overseas bookings,
and reservations on these cars, may
be made with any. Ticket Agent of the
Canadian Pacific.
a wonder I am alive after what I went
through, and I am thankful to say 1
believe" Dr. Williams' Pink Pills savcdi
mv- life."
Try Dr. Williams' Pink- Pills for
anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness. Take them as a tonic if you
are not injhe-best physical condition
and cultivate a resistance that will
keep you well and strong. -You can
get these pills through any medicine
dealer or by mail at 50 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams'' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
"Don't take it so hard, Ichabod ���
even if she threw you over, remember what the song says: "The hours
I've spent with thee, dear heart!'"
"It ain't tho hours I'm thinking of���
it's tho Jack."
The .tongue of a woman is her
sword���and she never allows it to
Nearly half of all the ships being
built in the world arc motor vessels.
geous sort, according to plans which
are being quielly worked out for tho
Diamond Jubilee celebration of tho
Dominion which will be observed July
1, and participated iii by H.R.H. the
Prince of Wales and Rt. Hon. Stanley
Baldwin, Prime Minister of Great Britain, says The Oltawa Journal.
Fresh Supplies in Demand.���Wherc-
ever Dr. Thomas'"Eclectric Oil has
been introduced increased supplies
have been ordered, showing that
wherever it goes thi3 excellent, Oil
impresses ils power on the people. No
matter in what latitude it may he
found its potency'is never impaired.
It is,put up in mosl portable shape in
bottles and can be carried without
fear of breakage."
Mrs. Satisley���Arc you aware, Mrs.
Shinbone, that your dog has just bitten my little Willie?
-Mrs. Shinbone���What, your Willie,
-who-has-got-ovei-scarlet-fever-?��� Oh,-
Mrs.'Satisley, if anything should happen to Fido I'd never forgive you.
"My razor doesn* cut at all."
., "Come,, come,"   replied   the. wife.
"Your beard is.no tougher than the
Next time you buy a loaf of wrapped bread
from your Baker, look at the paper and sec if
the Appleford trade mark appears thereon.
If so) it means that your Baker is protecting;
���his gaods and protecting your health by using
the cleanest and purest paper that hc can buy.
Most good Bakers now use Appleford wraps be-
���cause they know that their goods will keep fresh
longer and will be delivered to you in a sanitary
manner. "   .
When, buying Waxed Paper for household
use be sure and ask for PARA-SANI put up in
rolls or sheets. �����
Made In Canada By _
The Friend of All Sufferers. ��� Dr
ThomaV Eclecric Oil (ls   a. valuable!
remedy to all those who suffer pain, j
It holds out hope to everyone an.ji.real-j
izes jt by stilling suffering everywhere, j
It is a liniment that has the blessing
of half a continent.    It is  on sale
everywhere and can be found wherever enquired for.
To be popular never let on that you
know more tlian the fools or as much
as the wise.
Sneezing?���Use Minard's LMmeni-
"The Old Reliable Firm"
��.���_,..       _.��� ���     WESTERN ACENCIE��
Pac Ilie Waxed Paper Co. VVnfrn wa��_l p_ir>__^ /v.
'* I
Miserable By
Ih Blisters
uiicura Healed
"Eczema broke out in watery
blisters on my face, hands, arms
and limbs *?r,d made me miserable.
After the blisters broke sore eruptions formed and they were terribly
itchy, causing me to lose my rest
both day-and night. I could not do
any work,- and could not touch
water. My clothing aggravated the
brcaVing out on my limbs".
"I was treated and tried different
remedies, but they did not help roe.
I read an advertisement for Cuticura Soap-and.Ointment and purchased some and in less than a
���aonth I was completely healed."
(Signed) Mrs. W. Robinson, Box
144, Hoiditch St., Bracebridge, Onl.
Use Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum to promote and maintain
skin purity, skin comfoit and skin
health; the Soap to cleanse nnd
purify, Ointment l^ soothe and heal,
and Talcum to' powder and refresh.
Sr.irplj Inch Fr_e by Mali.   Address Canadian
Dqiot:   "Blcnlioiur, Ltd., Montreal"  Trice, Suit!)
25c. Ointment 25 and GOc.Talcum 2Cc,
iUfst* '������ Cuticura Sliavinc Stick 25c.
'inclined to think he was just a mean,
clever "bird."
Henri Robert, noted criminal lawyer, who has saved- many necks from
the guillotine, remarked: "I have mot
many soulless men, but never have
appeared, on behalf ol soulless unl-
mals; thus I must abstain from taking
sides in Ihe controvers>
Robert Regnier,' permanent secretary ol the academy, then called for ;t
vole on the question, "Do animals
have memory ��� and, incidentally,
souls?" The thtiteen immortals,, voting S- to 5, deckled afllrinudvGjy.
Edison Gets Regular
Amount of Sleep
Decision Reached by French Academy
After Hearing Joffre's Story
���__Animals have souls, if tlie memory
',' pf passing events cau be interpreted
as proving the possession of a soul.
This conclusion was reached by the
* French Academy at a session which
was attended by thirteen of lhei"Forty
Immortals." v
Marshals Jofl're'and Foch, both or
whom arc members of ihe Academy;
participated in the discussion. The
allied leaders in the war .whicli separated so many human souls from
their bodies were d��i/ided in their,
opinion in some respects, but accepted the principle Lhat animajs have
souls. ,   .
ft all came about in this way. The
Academy, wliich is undertaking a revision of the French dictionary, took
'up the word "memoire," meaning
memory. After several minutes had
passed in deep thought Louis Bartliou,
Minister of Justice, spolec up.
' "Human Beings alono keep the memory of passing events," he is quoted as
saying, " thus the word 'memoire' applies to the human race-alone."
Then the deep voice of Marshal
Joffrc boomed out: "1 had a dog called
liobby during fhe early days of tiie
war. He was almost human. He'died
in the swamps bf La Pompalle in 1!) 17
of'influenza. lie always knew several
hours in advance when f gave the order lo attack, fs ihat memory or intel-
��� Jigence? Is that soul or insrinct."    '
None of the thirteen immortals answered.
"Marshal Foch spoke in a- lighter
vein than JofCre, who was deeply In
"Just before the battle at Solsaons
and Chateau-Thierry, in July, T31S,"
said Foch, "one of my captains insisted'upon lceoping a parrot.in  Ihe
Allenby Is National
Figure In Palestine
Anniversary of His Entry Into Jerusalem is Kept as Holiday
Tho ninth of December, thc anniversary of the entrance into Jerusalem
of the victorious -tioops of Field Marshal Lord Allenby in J 917, ha., become ti national holiday, not only in
Ihe capilal city, bul throughout Pales
tine.   - , .
All Government ofiices, banks and
public institutions were ciosed, and
wreaths were bid on lhe graves in (he
Military Cemetery on Mount Scopus.
Thc celebi ations were marred by
heavy rains, throughout the country.
A reception was held at Government House by Lord and Lady Plum-
er, at which the I-ligh Commissioner
delivered a speech. Tlie honors and
decorations grained by tlie*King last
June were bestowed upon the recipients.     - X "
A telegram of eongnrtulaion was
dispatched to Lord Allenby, to .which
the conqueror of Jerusalem rep'ied.
Several reports have been seen in
the press recently lo thc effect thar
Lord Plumcr will   resign   next   July
after two years as -High Commissioner for Palestine. As no denial has been
publishcd'by the Government, il is believed quite certain Lhat there will be
another HighjCnmmissioner next year,
fn reliable sources it is said-that
Lord Allenby is being considered as
Lord Plumcr's successor. Rumor has
it that the office will become one of
much greater   importance,   and   thai
Lord Allenby, if appoincd will bo not
only High Commissioner of Palestine
bnt also Commander-in-Chief   of   tho
British    forces    and    adaiiuistralive
representative  ir.   the   whole  qj  the
Middle Kast.
Makes Up During Day What He Loses
at Night
Lotus-laden hearsay is pulling {o
slumber the legend that Thomas A.
Kdiion sleeps very little. In spite oi'
tlie loyal witness of his secretary tliat
the tales oLMlie incandescent vigiis of
the sago are not exaggerated, rumor
lias it lhat lie nods copiously. The
popularly cherished fancy is pooh-
poohed'by an'expert in.-dormancy..of
ihc Melton Inslltuto of Incluslri'il T?o-
soarch.'Dr. If. M. Johnson, who. having tioundod tho iul filiates of Mr. Kd.i-
son, announces that Llie wizard sloops,
eight, hours a night "or more, or, it lio
loses ei'night's rest, makes up for it
by dozing the next day. Dr. Johnson
affirms thai Harvey-Firestone always
gels a good laugh out. of the wideawake tradition. Friendship licenses
many let ilies.
The wakefulness ol^ .Mr. Edison has
been as disturbing as nmvollous to
normal persons who require a gootLly
ration of sloop; (ho more disconcerting since- sleepless tests have become
fashionable in university clinics, with
the threat of ultimate roduclon of
sleeping" hours ioi" the multitude, although it'is.nor. clear liow their sloth
could be constitutionally amended.
The Edison example has made us all
shame-faced. If we are not so hopelessly torpid in comparison wiih (he
tireless inventor, lhat is good. news.
Several years ago .the camera
caught Mr. Edison comlonably pillowed in a Maryland forest nook, to
all appearances snoozing. That snapshot dented tlie legend, ln Plymouth,
on a telltale evening, hc alone of
Zam-Buk soon allays the
inf animation 'and',dwelling, ullsthc t nglincpnin.and
:soothes th' maddening irritation.' Where skin is" broken,
festcrc oi ulcerated'Zam-Buk
ia doubly valuable because of
���~~~ its (Trent:healing.and
Antiseptic power.
Prince No Longer Nervous
Scholars Have WonderfuI'Ide
the lively company was. somnicuious
On the weight of the evidence we must
say good night'to a favorite myth and
put .out the candle.
Gcme Answers Given on Examination
. by: London Pupils
"Thcy gave iho Duke of Wellington
a lovely funeral. It took six men lo
carry the beer," wrote a London
school boy in ail-examination essay.
Other contributors to history collected from recent examination papers
in public schools in London arc:
"Joan of Arc was canonized by
liornard Shaw."
"Sir Waller Scott wrote QU'Milin
Durward, Jvanhoe and Emulsion."
"Thc zebra is a sort of cream colored donkey with black stripes from
which sLove polish Is made."
"The florgons were three sisters
that lived in the Islands of the lies-
pcrides, in the Indian Ocean. They had
long snakes for hair, tusks for teeth,
and' claws for nails .and they looked
like women, only more horrible."    _.
Rarely,  If Eevr, Self-Consciou
Major Verney
Major Verney,; in his recent book
on the Prince of Wales, reveals that
tho prince is no longer troubled wiih
nervousness. He writes:    "Fo;-   some
considerable time lie has been absolutely master of himself in all circumstances, and is rarely,   if. ever,   self-
conscious.  He   bad   certain  mannerisms, such as fingering his tie, stroking his hair, moving his position," o>
toying with speech notes, which convey to the onlooker an impression of
nervousness." Major Verney then tells
the story of a full-dress show where
(he chief event -was the presentation
of au order to a senior, administration
oflicihl.   A staff omcer responsible for
its safe-keeping suddenly discovered
he had mislaid thc decoration. "Com:
plolcly demoralised, ly stammered to
the prince, '1 had it in my pocket, sir
���in a small box. The' box is tliere all
right, bill   God    knows    whore    the
decoration   is.'    "Tlie  personal  staff
were  appalled  by  this   contretemps.
'"Give him the box,' said IT. R. II.
coolly; 'that'll do lo go on with.' And
tlie function was completed without, a
Fine for cat&nfi
when melted in a
spoon cv snuffed
lip the nun and
Vapor* inhaled.
Head and Chest Colds
Relieved In ,fr New Way
A  Salve which  Relea.e*   Medicated
Yapora when Applied Over
Throat and Chest.
Inhaled ao a vapor and, at the samo
lime, absorbed tltfough tlie skin '
liniment,' Vicks VapoRub reaches
time, absorbed tltfough tlie skin like a
liniment,' Vicks VapoRub reaches immediately inftomed, congested air passages.
This is the moaern direct treatment for
vall cold troubles that is proving so popular in Canada and the States where over
17 million jars are now uscd yearly.
Splendid for sore throat, tonsiIiti3,
bronchitis, croup, head and chest colds,
catarrh; asthma or hay fever.
Just rub Vicks over throat and chest
and inhale the medicated vapors. It
Quickly loosens ud a cold.
 '�� RUB
wer 21 Million Jars Used Yearly
The First Victoria Cross
According To Tradition     -
Reason  Nil.  is  Used on Clock  Dials
Instead of IV.
Clock dials employing Roman numerals use fill, instead of IV. Just why,
is somewhat of a mystery, but several
Is tliere a oahy or young children in
your home? .If there ls. you should
no be without a box of Babv's Own
I able s. Childhood ailments come
quickly and means should alwavs be-
at.lihnd to promptly flgi,t them'. Baby's
Own 1 ablets are the ideal home
remedy. They regulate the bowels;
sweeten the stomach; banish constipation and indigestion; break up
co his and simple revers���in fact thcy
relieve all the minor ills of little ones.
Concerning them Mrs. Moiso Cadolto,
Mahaimk, Que., writes: "Babv's Own
Little Helps For This Week
count for the practice. Clock makers��� ^ terribly irom indigestion and vom
have a tradilion that (hey say accounts i!!!"?.' bu<; tiie T��blots soon set her
for the practice. ' '
Largest Dinosaur Ever Found
Mammoth Specimen > Being Reconstructed by Experts in London
- What is expected'to prove ihe largest dinosaur-ever discovered is being
assembled in the Natural History Museum London. The various remains of
a mammoth specimen" of this terror-of
the prehistoric world, found in the
Tanganyika tenilory in Africa by the
Culler expedition, now there, wore forwarded to the Museum aud are being
reconstructed by experts.
The   piasler   reproduction   of   the
Quadruped  dinosaur  from"the  upper
jiirasnc stratum of "Wyoming now on
["exhibition in the museum is ��S_. feet 9
md now she is in perfect
health.*' The Tablets are sold bv
medicine dealers or by mail at 25c a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
vicinity of head-Quarters.
"'We sure aid going to give Lliem
allelulla,' that bird, kept repeating. I
asked my aid to muzzle his eloquent
but indiscreet pet. Bul iusl. as ii_v order was given, at 5 o'clock in the
morning, that bird exulted, 'There we
go.' Perhaps he' had a soul, but 1 am
Mothers, Your Health
Must Be Up To Par
inches long and stands .12 feet !)Va
inches' high at the shoulders, but the
African specimen promises to be larger.
, "These finds will probably give us
the,largest specimen iu the world, for
Ihei-o is every indication of a real
giant," said a Museum oflicial.
It is expected it will prove more
than 90 feet long and 20 feel high at
the hind legs.
It is said, that about 3970 a clock
maker named Henry dc Vick made a
clock for Charles V. of France, who
was popularly known as Charles Lhe
Wise. Although the king was reputed
to have great wisdom,-ho often pretended to know things lhat he did not
understand.   "When Vick submitted (he
clock'for his approval, Charles cx-|t���e s0SS,011j 1924.25_ TIlese nino col
amined, it and complained that Iheie jk.ges_ lhe Qn]y exclusively women's
was an error on the dial. 'colleges supplying the inlormation to
"The IV.," he said, "should be ""-" the. interior department, bureau of
JTour Majeslj is wrong," replied |educ.uion. arc ]ocate,, in different sec-
'Mclc- j lions of the country from Massn.chu-
"I am never wrong," thundered back,seUs t0 Colora(lo and lrom Georgia lo
Charles.   So the clock maker changed
the IV. (o III1.,. and ever since it has
been (he prcliee of clock makers.
Worked Their Way Through
Fourteen per cent  (in all COS students) of tlie total enrollment'ih"nine
.women's colleges in the United States
i worked their way through college dur-
Bless ye Lho Lord, all yo His hosts,
ye ministers of Ilis^iat do His pleasure. Bless tlie Lord, all His works in
all places of Iiis dominion; bless the
Lord, 0 my soul.���Psalm dii. 21, 22.
The meanest floweret of the vale,
The simplest note that swells the gale,
The common sun, the air, the skies,
To him are opening paradise.
Yes, we can Join our hymn of praise
to that which goes up forever to God
from sun and stars, clouds and showers, beasts and birds, and every living tiling, giving thanks forever for
His great glory.
���Charles Kingsley.
Let not the   blessin
Award Was Instituted in 1856 After
the Crimean War
On January 29, 1S5C, on tha close of
the Crimean War, the.Victoria Cross
was instituted in Great Britain. The
cross Is awarded for conspicuous bravery. lt Was extended in 1911 and 1920.
This decoration is worn before ' all
others, on the left breast, and consists
of a bronze Maltese Cross V,_\ inches
in diameter, with the -Royal Crown
surmounted by a lion, and beneath is
the inscription, "For Valour.''
^���0 we receive
daily froni Goi make us not lo value
or not lo praise Ilim because thcy be
common. What would not a blind man
give to see the pleasant rivers and
meadows and fountains (hat we have
met with?
Izaak Walton.
She Wishes She Had
Used Them Years Ago
What Mrs..-H. B. Lewis Says of
-Dodd's Kidney Pills'
' ���Evans' Studio
London, Ont.���"During one of my
expectant periods I was so weak ancl nervous I could not get around, my head
ached, 1 felt heavy all the time and suffered with sick stomach. I was advised
to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, and after I began taking it I got
along fine. It relieved mc of all tlie bad
effects, marie me wolL and strong, my
nerves were good, and I kept so well I
could do all my own work and 1 had a,
fine healthy baby,
"I also find that Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets keep--the stomach, liver and
bowels in pcifect working order and
never cause distress."���Mrs. James
Campbell, 109 Iukerman St. (picture
'above) All druggists.
. . Send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in
Bridgeburg, Ont., if you desire a trial
nkg. Favorite Prescription tablets or
Pleasant Pellets.
Why Men Are Afraid
Feeling Sense of Separation is Given
as Cause
Man, thc image and, likeness of God;
should, be fearless, Fear conies to man
because of his sense of separation. A
child makes slow progress in school
when he fears his teachers eir his
studies. "Workers aro inellicient when
they fear their employers. Athletes
are unable to put forth their best
efforts if they havo formed' a fear of
defeat. Jiuslnes's men succumb to. discouragement and failure because they
I'car competition or adverse , conditions. People contract diseases because of fear.
When unity is established between
an individual and all other created
things, fear no longer exists In rhat
A League of English 	
~" "   "Speaking Nations
One_ Factor That Can Ensure
' Peace of the World
Speakers at Lhc annual dinner of lhe
Canadian Society of New' Vork held
recently, emphasized, the importance
of friendship and understanding between (he United Stales and-(he nations of the British Empire to assure
the peace of.'the world.
Mr. Justice W. R. Riddell, of the
Ontario Court of Appeals, said thai
while he was president, of the League
of Nations Society of Toronto at the
time (he United States decided noi
Lo join the League, he was not partic-
ulary. concerned becauso he realized
there .ws*is'_ a far more . important
league���the league of English-speaking peoples.
'"As long as (his league cxi&ts anil
Mb headache, constipation, bad
cold or sour stomach
by morning
Gp.1. a 10-cent box.
Sick headache,   biliousness,   coated
tongue,-  head   and   nose   clogged   up
with   a   cold���always   trace .(his   to
torpid liver; ���.'delayed, fermenting food
in the bowels or sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged in the intestines, instead, of being east out ol
the  system   is  re-absorbed  into   the
-blood.   AVhen (his poison reaches Ihe
'delicate brain (issue It causes conges-
tion and that dull, throbbing, sickening heatl/iche.
Cascarets immediately cleanse Ihe
stomach, remove tho sour, undigested
l'oo.d aud foul gases, take the excess
the English-speaking countries act hi j bile from, the liver and carry out all
harmony the peace of the world and j iho*'Constipated   waste   matter   and
civilization, is secure," Mr. Justice
Riddell said, "Let them pari, and woe
unutterable will follow."
.   W.   N.   TJ.   36G5
. Ancients Did Not Use Tomatoes
Thp tomato is the only new salad
ugredlent-added by modern times.
The Egyptians used-onions and garlic.
'Confucius liked cucumbers, the Persians uscd lettuce and radishes with
a sour wine dressing, and the ancient
Chinese mixed with their salad mustard, watercress, nasluriiimi leaves
and'hard-boiled eggs.
At the' age of 2 years if a child
doesn't know whether it pays (o cry
or.'not,:it will never set the world, on
fire. -
_. .   Loudon's first Mohammedan mosque
{was opened recently.
All well-groomed men do not possess horse sense.
Millers' Worm Powders not. only exterminate intestinal aud other worms,
but they, are a remedy for manv other
ailments of children. They strengthen
the young stomach against biliousness
and are toulcal in their effects where
lhe child suffers from loss of appetite.
In feverish conditions they will he
found useful and they will serve to
allay pain and gripiug'in the stomach,
from which children so often suffer
"I should think that a night club
would bc the last place you would
go'to," scolded, her father.    , "
"Yes," replied the .flapper, "it usual-
iv is." y
poisons in the bowels.
A Cascaret (onight will surely
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep���a 10-cent box
from your druggist means your head
clear, stomach sweet and your liver
and:bowels regular for months.
For,'Colds���Minard's Liniment.
Anniversary of Watt's Birth
Father of Steam-Engine was born 391
Years Ago January 19
.January 13, was tho one bundled
and ninety-first anniversary of thc
birth of a man _who.se contribution Lo
mechanics proved to be an epoch
making event in the industrial life,
not only of his own country, but of the
whole civili/ed world. This man was
James Watt, who, iu a certain sense
was thc father of the steam-engine. In
a crude and riot very useful form, the
sleam-enginc existed before Watt
lie engine Lhat he evolved that niadu
possible the use of steam as a great
motive power.
James Watt, born at Greenock,-* neat
Glasgow, Scotland, on January 19,
1736, became, when a young man,
mathematical instrument maker . to
Glasgow University, lie also acted'as
civil engineer, making surveys for
several Important harbors and for
deepening thc Forth and r._v._f�� C��mi\,
and for the Caledonia Canal.
.Walt was often consulted about supposed inventions and discoveries, and
his invariable rule was to recommend
that a model should be formed and
(ried. This he considered as*the only
true test of the value of any .novelty
in mechanics.   lie died in 181(1.
A pleasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves'. Worm-."Exterminator,
and it is excellent for driving worms
from tho system.
Neva   Scotian   Lady   Sends   Message
of Cheer to Thousands of Canadian
'Women Who Carry a Load of Pain
and Weariness Through Their Daily
Danvers, N.S. (Special.)���"I hava
been taking Dodd's Kidney Pills for
some tinie and find them a very excellent kidney medicine," writes Mrs.
Lewis, who resides al Ihis place.
"I could not do without them aud
wish I had taken them years ago.
They would have saved me lots of
terrible suffering. 1 also hike Diamond Dinner Pills and can highly
recommend them to anyone."
It is your blood that builds up the
tissues of your body, giving health ,
and vitality to every part, so you can
readily see the great importance of
keeping it pure. Dodd's Kidney Pill3
purify your blood in a safe and sure
way, and bring you complete and lasting relief.
Don't, delay. Buy a box of Dodd's
Kidney Pills at once and achieve good
health like thousands of other people
have done.
Oil  Lamps Now Popular
homely .turns. Now it's lamps, and
the old oil burner which customarily
was turned down and puffed into extinction just before the eat was put
out for the night, is in demand. A
plain, clear glass kitchen lamp that
sokl in small towns once-for Iwenty-
ftve cents now fetches five dollars.
there fire -10 doses in a
-L-enl bottle I Pleasant to taka
instant in action in every kind
/old. Relieves Bronchitis, Croup
nnd! Whooping  Cough.    Prcventa"
"Flu" and Pneumonia.  Eases irri-
tatedthroata. Buj^'Buckley's". Sold
cy nil druggists and guaranteed.
V��r. K. Buckley. Limited,
142 Mutual  St.,  Toronto 2
Indians In Canada Prosperous
The Indians of Canada number 110.-
000 and each year they have under
farm crops fully 230,000 acres. More
than' 4,000 Indians enlisted for sendee
, iii the Groat War, and the Indian con-
Golden eagles are still to be found | tributions   in   cash   lo    war    funds
in. the western and central Scottish
highlands. The same.nests have been
used there for half a century.
It is sometimes easier lo step into
another man's shoes than i(. is lo walk-
in them. ,,-
A fortune awaits the inventor of a
lifeboat that will float on a sea of
Shipbuilding for the entire world
now totals only 1.S50.000 tons of merchant vessels, which'.is..350,000 less
tons than that of a year ago.
amounted to $14,5-15.
Acit like a flath-
�� single tip proves It   517
���XKFJlii- OVENS���Write lor cat*
logue and, list of uscd ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100 Queca
West, Toronto. Ont.
Household    Spe-
No experience necessary. 100
with rheumatism? Minard's
will ease the pain, relieve/lho
Corns cause much suffering, bul
Ilolloway's Corn Remover offers a
speedy, sure, and satisfactory relief.
Canada's- Oriental Population
According to the census of 1921, the
oriental population of Canada consisted of 30,578 Chinese; 15SGS Japanese;
Hindus, 1,016; Turks,:313; and a few
Syrians, Egyptians, and, Arabs. The
negro population, according to this
census, was 1S.291.
SALESMEN     ���
Quick    selling
per. cent-profit and,bonus. For Sample
and Agr-nts' Proposition send 25c. to
Philip . Russell Products, 165 King
Street East,  Toronto.
*-�� and light sewing at home; whole
or spare time; good pay; work sent
any distance: charges paid. Send
stamp for particulars. National Manu-**
factoring Company, Montreal
A young man from. Borneo is going
to attend college in Chicago. Tlie wild
men are coming' home to roost.- ���
Ottawa Journal.
It spoils a favor ir you are asked
to return it.
Minard's Liniment,���ever reliable
Ho. 1 for Bladder Catarrh. Ko. 3 for Blood A
BktnDIbmus. No.8forCbronlcWtakntnu*
foli br lei'ilni Cliiuii.k. or retcn mail (rm��
Sn.L__Cl-����CMM.C��.H_.TMtuc__.UJ.W4.r ntim ���iZA-i2SiA'lS?&i*l&v:tKX{irl^ttL&-tii
,_-��uaiti>��_few:iij^f�� _
-v ii
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
"   G. W. A. SMITH
Editor and Proprietor
Is $2.00* a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
���Jreat Britian and the United States
$2>;o, always in advance.
Delinquent  Co-Owner  Notices..$25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices    7.00
Estray Notices... .   3.0<J
Cards ,pf  Thanks     1-00
Certificate^ of   Improvement.... 12.50
(When   more   ihan   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising-16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
pariel measurement. '/,    ���  '
Transcient display advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12y2c. a line each
insertion. '*'��� J
No letter to the.editor will be inserted
except over the proper signature and
address of the writer. This rule admits
of no exceptions.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money:
Beaverdell Briefs
Duncan Murray of the Bell
mine, was a week-end visitor to
Greenwood.    , ,
C. J. Carruthers, representing
Turner, Beeton & Go., is in town
with his sample trunks.
Mr; and Mrs. C. E. Nordman
moved into their new home at
the Sally mine on Monday.
Chas. Nelson returned on
Sunday from the coast and >
again busy on the Tiger claim. .'.
The many friends of Mrs. P.
Lutner will be sorry to learn that
she is a patient in the Greenwood
and District Hospital.
Ted 'Hemming has left for
Grand Forks where he expects to
remain for a few days to have
some dental work done.
Midway News
Mis-? T. Keir has been relieving
Miss -A. Jones who was, ill.
The ico harvest is in full swing
now? the ice being in fine, condition.
The many friends of Douglas
McMynn are glad to see him back
from the coast.
-��� Shorty Green", after hearing
to make some easy dollars.. He
plunged into the icy waters of the
Kettle River, but didn't get very
far, as the ice is too thick yet to
make much .headway. Shorty is
going to wait till its .warmer, 25
below zero makes pretty mean
going he says.
Rock Creek W  A;- ~
Hold Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the
Rock Creek _ Branch of the
Women's Auxiliary was held on
Jan. 12th, at Mrs. Palmer's.
After the minutes of the last
annual meeting and the sec.-treas.
report were read, the following
new officers were elected:
President, Mrs.' Gray.
1st Vice-Pres., Mrs. Clark.
2nd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Glossop. /
Sec.-Treas., Mrs. Palmer.
Auditor, Mrs. Clark.
A hearty vote .of thanks that
was unanimously carried was extended to Mrs.. Glossop and Mrs.
Thorburn, in appreciation of their
faithful work; done in the Auxiliary as president and sec.-treas.
for several years, they having
resigned from office this year.
A great deal- of ���work has been
done in the W. A. the past year,
��� which the treasurer's books shows,
all members having been very
busy and it is hoped that the
good work will be kept up this
year. , .--������
In Featured Role
Curling, which is akin to the summer game of golf in its appeal and its
physical demands, is'' rapidly becoming one of Canada's ,most popular winter pastimes. The ideal conditions
which prevail during the winter season haye gained for the Dominion tho
name of "The Curlers Paradise". Nearly every province has its branch of
the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of
Scotland, the parent body of the sport
and every sphere of social life in Canada is represented among its devotees.
Apart from the intense interest, a-
roused by the game itself, curling
wields other and more potent influences. Wherever curlers meet there
is formed a brotherhood of good fellowship in which men from all walks
of life fraternize and in which the
honors go to him who makes the best
shot. The best curler is the man who
"plays the game" and the qualities so
developed are reflected in the success
of the individual in the social and business life of the country.
Just when the first curling match
took place in Canada is uncertain. It
is claimed that the Highlanders who
served under Wolfe played the game
at Quebec and there is little doubt
that curling was played in other parts
of Canada before the formation of the
Royal Montreal Club in 1807. Although Quebec- city claims the distinction of the first match, its senior
slub was not formed until 1821, while
the first club in Halifax is just over
a century old having been founded in
1825? About the. middle of the last
century the clubs in what is now
known as Quebec ami the eastern part,
of Ontario were organized into a
branch of the Royal Caledonian''Club,
and this branch has now grown until
it now comprises G4 clubs (of which
IS are ladies clubs) and a* total membership of about 4,000. With the
founding of clubs in other parts of
the Dominion, provincial branches of
the Royal Caledonian Curling Club
were organized. In round numbers
there are 20 Clubs in Nova Scotia, 15
in New Brunswick, and 115 in central and western Ontario. Of those in
the Ontario branch at least six are
ladies clubs
The popularity gained by curling
in the Prairie Provinces of Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and. Alberta is reniiark-
able. The sport in the Canadian west
dates from about 1S76 when a few
games were played on the Red River
in Winnipeg. Almost immediately a
club was started and the first club
matches were played in a tent on the
present site of the Grain Exchange
Building. Soon afterwards a permanent rink building *was erected. In
1888 the Manitoba Curling Association, which is affiliated with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland, was formed by six curling clubs
two from ^Winnipeg and four from other points in the province. In 1900
there were 87 curling clubs in the
western provinces and in 1926 Manitoba alone had 146 clubs with a mem-
..'���.cr.sbip of over 5.056.*: The organized clubs in the West affiliated with
the Manitoba Curling Association are
ot present as follows.
��� Manitoba Association,. 146 clubs. 5
^50 members; Saskatchewan Association, clubs 74, members 2,934. Albe"-
'a Association, clubs l9,--members 900.
In the* interior of Bntish Columbia
curling is played and the game is,
fining in popularity. There are*the
British   L Columbia     and  'Kootenay
Canadian 'Chanson Has New Lease of Life'
b;anch of the Royal Caledonian club
wnile between twenty and thirty clubs
\n the province are affiliated with the
C"owsnost  branch. ".,-.-
Curling is one of the leading sport
activities in the Canadian National
Parks. The great scenic areas of the
Canadian Rockies have gained an
*i,mipoi'tantJ place among the summer
resorts of the North American continent and their famie'as winter playgrounds is rapidly""" spreading; "At
Banff, in Rocky Mountains national
park, Alberta, the annual winter carnival attracts many1 devotees of but
door pastimes.
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
Perhaps the only part of the North
American continent tliat possesses
an authentic collection of folk-lore
songs is the province of Quebec. Four
hundred years - ago when . the. first
French' explorers and settlers came to
the shores of the St. Lawrence many
of these soncs were on their lips and
in their hearts and they have never
died out.- It is to-the honor of the
��'veuch-Ch*na>-lia*n race that they ha^e
never; to sen allowed to fade fiom thc
remembrance of the "people, ncr has
the flood of ephemeral and rubbishy
popular songs of the day overwhelmed them. Originally sung at tlio
court bf the French monsrehs, the**/
were passed on from father to son, and
were-brought-with.'the eaily settlers
i'rom France to Canadn /nd vs the
years have passed the oV1 ballads
have been supplemented by ne,' ones
1    Chirks Marthuud, well known French-
Canadian folk, song singer in typical pose.
2. Chansons have kept the spirits of logjam bie.f.ceis hifth at many a difficult task.
3. Singing and paddling went well together.
created by the lumbermen and habitants for music is a living art in
Fieneh Canada.
Only vilhin recent years have we
be^un to realize,, how rich is the
Ircasiuy of lovelj*- melodies associated
with the folk son^s of Canada. Thanks
to nen like Charles Marchand, inter-
pi c-lei of the French-Canadian
'chanson", the&e folk songs have
taken on new life, and before long
they will be available for the English
speaking population of Canada,
owing to the eflorts of John Murray
Gibbon, whose translations will be
published in book form early in the
With the idea of popularizing the
English versions and thereby bringing
about a closer understanding between
tbe French and English elements of
Canada, Mr. Marchand is at present
making transcontinental concert
tour under the auspices of the National
Council of Education.
FOR 5AIJS���Smith Premier Typewriter; also a MtiUigrapher.:., Apply,
The Greenwood Ledge. .
Piano For Sale
- Good Everscn Piano. *. Apply
Mrs. Ellen Trbttnibn.
House For Sale,       -
New 5 roomed house, and lot,
concrete foundation, good well,
$600cash.      G.A.Green, ���
-Midway, B.C.
Three  Cows fresh   in ���spring',   age,
ville. -"'  -"
.   For Sale
Three Coavs. One Q>]4. years old fresh
now; one 3%[ years old due Feb. 2nd;,
one ZV2 Years old clue Feb. 6th.   Applv
:m'..f.e::al act
Certificate of IniDiovemcnts.
Situate i- tlie Greenwood Joining Division of:
Yale District, Where located: On Wallace
TAKE NOTICE that 17 Mark William
Smith. Free Miner's Certificate No-_?(M65c, intend, sixty days from tlie rime hereof,,'to ajijily
to the Minin'i; Kccorder for ;i Ccrtilicatu of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the ahovu claim.
And further uil.r. notice.that action, under
section S5, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of December. A.D., 1920
Scaled tenders will bo received by the District Forester, not later than noon on tiie 2nd
day of February,. 1927, for the purchase of
Licence X8043 near I<ois, to cut f600 ties.
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal of
Further particulars of the District Forester,
Nelson, B.C.
HEALTHFUL as well as pure, because they are scientifically
brewed from the fine_>t materials and properly matured and aged,
are the beers made by the Amalgamated Breweries. Do not
risk your health by drinking hastily made, "raw" brews, nearly always
harmful. Demand tho famous beers brewed by the Amalgamated
Breweries of B.C., full flavored io the last drop!
of British Columbia, in which
arc associated the Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing
Company of Canada Ltd., Westminster Brewery Ltd.,SilvcrSpring
Brewery Ltd.and Victoria Phoenix
Brewing Co. Ltd.      ������
This advertisement is not .published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British-Columbia.
re, ���
actor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments  i
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard   '
Box 332  Grand Forks. B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All woik and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vac int unicci veil, surveyed Crown kinds may
bepio-cmplod by llntish subjects over '8 yeaia
of jko, and by aliens on detlamiK intention to
become B_.t.__.i subjects conditional upon residence, occupation, and nnpioveinent for agn-
cultuial put poses
Full info.million conceininKiegulalions lejraid-
mg pte-cmi.lions is given in Bulletin No l.Land
Seues, "How to Pie-einpt Land," copies of
which can be obtained fiee of cliiigo bv addiess-
nig the Depaitincnl of Lands, Victoria, B C , or
to any Government Agent
Recoids will bc granted coveimg only land
suitable foi .i_rilcu'tuial pmposes and which is
not timbeiland, ie, caiiying ovei 8 000 board
feel pei aciewestof the Coast ltange and 5,000
feet pei acie east of thai Range
Applications foi pie-eniptions aie to be addressed to thc Land Commissionei of the Land
Reeoiding Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and aie made on punted forms, copies
of-which can be obtained fiom the Land Commissionei.
Pie-emptions must bo occupied for five yeais
and improvements made lo the value of $'0per
acie, including cleanng and cultivating at
least five acics, bcfoie a Crown Giant'can be
Foi more detailed infoimation sec the Bulletin
How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications aie iecei\cd for puichase of
vacant and unresei ved Ciown Lands, not being
timbeiland foi agncultuial puiposps; minimum
pucefoi fiist-class (aiahle) land is Si pei acie,
and second diss (Blaring) land c2 "0 pa acie
Fuitliei infoimation ugaiding puichiseoi 'case
of Ciown Lands is gi\ en in Bul'etin No ".Land
Series "Puichase and Lease of Ciown Lands "
Mill, factoij, oi mdustiial sites on limbei land,
tot eveceding 40 acics, may be puichased oi
leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsuivcjed aicas not exceeding 20 acies.
m__y be leased as homesites, conditional upon a
dwelling being erected in the first year, title
being obtainable after lcsidence and improvement conditions aie fulfilled and land has been
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding G40 acres mry be leased by one person
or a company.
"      U
. Under thc Grazing Act the Province is divided
into grazing districts and the range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing
permits are issued based on numbers ranged,-
priority given lo established owners. Stoek-
owners may form associations for range management. FieCNor partly free,, permits are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to
ten head.
Dolores del Rio, newly arisen
Mexican beauty, is seen opposite
Lloyd Hughes in "Pals First."
A feature cast including AleC
Francis, Geo. Cooper and others
give ample and adequate support
to the featured players in this
-production. "Pals First" .will be
shown at Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, Jan. 29th.-
Job Printing
"''..' a.t' ';������'���
The Greenwood Ledge
Strayed to our ranch ou Nicholson
Creek, one 1-year old heifer, color black,
with white' foot and white face, no
marks on ears pr no brand visible.
Owner can have same by paying-expenses. .. .'��� '���;
Kettle Valley. ..
'   E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist,"~fiox.Ll.108, .Nelson, B.C.
' Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
! $1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
;Lead $2.00.. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
.These changes made only when cash is
sent with sample. . Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
������ - -   \i  .* . ��� *. * ���   ���*���*
Has produced Minerals as follows:'placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold  '
������ * $122,808,459;   Silver,  $74,111,397;: Lead, -$89,218,907;    Copper,  $197,642,047;     .    ���'
Zinc, "$39,925,947;   Miscellaneous  Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-   .
048,953;  Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc,.; $44,905,886;  making its Min-    '
e'ral .'production to the end of��� 1925, show .an , ,   ���   ���
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,24-2
.*- The Mining Laws of;this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of' any   other
Province in. the Dominion, or any colony* in the British Empire. -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal fees. X
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is  guaranteed
by Crown Grants.
Pull information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing��� .
' VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B.   Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
-been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines.   Those considering  mining  investments  should refer to such reports.   They are available without charge on
/   application to ��� the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C.    Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately,  and  are  available  on  application.   Reports of the Geological  Survey of Canada, Winch Buildingr-Vancouver,  are  recommended as valuable sources of
'     information.


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