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The Ledge Jul 15, 1926

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���incial library
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper in British Columbia
McLary's Blue Kitchen Ware
Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, fancy and plain
Trunks, Suitcases, Handbags,
Golf Clubs, Balls and Bags, Tenhis Balls
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w ���. Apricots *   "
Order Now.       The Season is Always Short.
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire,"-Accldent & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale''/
Calfat the Office of    ���
For quality and value order from
Phone 46
Imperial Oil, Limited
Premier Gas.
by the Barrel 31c.
We would like to'call your attention tc
the fact that our
is alwaj'S in a position to g-ive you the
best there is in
i Service and Workmanship
If you have had difficulty in getting
your watch to keep time bring- it to us
ancl we will make it rig-ht   '
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A. A. WHITE    '
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. White, Manager
Samuel Goldyn presents
In Hollywood
Around Home
Geo. Bryant is spending -his
vacation at Kamloops.
Mrs. R. Lee returned on Monday i'rom a few days visit in Trail.
W. H. Rambo, of Beaverdell,
was in town on business on Thursday,
J. ��. Emslie spent the week-end
in Rossland, making the trip By
motor. '   ' ���    - ���    x
PL'Bravard is one of, the latest
residents of the district to buy a
Ford car.
Jas. Machell, of Westbridge,
was a visitor in ^town for a couple
of days last week-
Lew Salter and' A. C. Mesker
have returned to- Midway from
a visit to Spokane. " ,
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Grane and
Fatal Accident
A very sad accident occurred at
Christian Valley about 9 a.m. on I
July 32th, when John Alexander]
Christian,    a   highly   respected
farmer of thai district was kicked
by a horse.   He had taken the
wild and nervous animal in from
the range to haul hay and while
unloading,* the horse kicked the
pitchfork   which  Mr., Christian
was holding driving it with such
force that the handle split and
a splinter of it ^lodged in the nose
making i-a  verv nasty gash.   In
the fall of the'' load he also received a cracked skull.   He was
taken to Steeves' ranch and Mr.
Adams brought him to. the Greenwood and District Hospital.
Note���Since the above was put
in type   Mr. Christion died on
Friday morning at 2:30 o'clock.
The funeral will be held on Mon
day at Westbridge at 9 a.m., Rev
Father Coccola officiating
Potash and Pe.rlmutter
Commencing at 8.15
... ~���u. . . n. vicing ana - """*_, ^"^" omciatmg.
son Walton, of Everett, Wash., Ri h Find on th   Crescent
.are visiting in town. ' n .     r illu uu liLB Ui e5)L"m
���r  _      .- .      J. H. DuHamel has made a very
W. C. Wilson and Alex Purkis jucky and rjch strike on tl/e
returned on Sunday from a week's Crescent mine near Greenwood
holiday m Vancouver. and the assays show gold 840;
silver 348.53; lead 19.2 making a
total of $382.58. The ledge contains 12 to 14 inches of solid ore
and hasbeen stripped for 50 feet.
The Crescent is owned by DuHamel'ahd Geo. Gray.
Great Northern
. Coming Back
^Recent developments would indicate that the Great Northern
Railway intend^to. operate trains
into this district once more. It
will be remembered that after the
Phoenix mines closed down the
railway company pulled up its
tracks and sold its right-of-way to
the Doukhobours. .
For some, time
The Ledge Has
Risen From the Fire
The Ledge is now established
in its new renovated building on
Copper street next the Imperial
hotel.   New type and new materials of all kinds has been purchased
and The Ledge is better equipped
than ever.   Since the fire on June
6th The Ledge has been-published
from the Gazette office at Grand
Forks and T. A. Love the editor
of  the Gazette very kindly and
graciously donated the use of his
plant to keep The-Ledge going.
Without his generous assistance
The Ledge might not have been
able to cany.on.   In future this
paper  will .be  published   in,its
new and up-to-date-quarters.    ���",
Popular Official
Receives Purse
Tim Sullivan returned on Sunday morning from a business and
pleasure trip to Spokane.
��� Duncan Murray is back from
Victoria arid'.'reports that his
father is improving in health.
Mrs. George Boag and daughter
Dorothy, have returned from a
few days holiday ih Spokane.
Miss E. A. Olson, of the teaching staff of the Trail school, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. Anderson.
with one o^ihose refreshing ,
Ice Cream Sundaes and Sodas
' AT������-
Adults SOc.
Children 25c
Buy a Kodak for your vacation.
Film, Supplies, Etc.
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Agents for .the
-JOHN DEERE line of.Parm and Tillage-Goods
 ���'" i in 11 mm iiLuummj
Dodd's Barber Shop
aiid Billiard Hal!
Cigars, Cigarettes,. Tobacco,
Open 8 a.m. to. 11 p.m.
See Our
Special Soap Deal
for $1.50 .
A Big Value
Place your orders for
Apricots for Preserving
We handle the' very best
Archie Aberdeen, the cheery old
scout from the Bridesville road,
-spent a- few clays at the Pacific
hotel last week.-" ���   -������ \--;-
,.Under the Fishery Regulations
fishing" in '.Boundary Creek and
tributaries is -strictly prohibited
until Aprirt927.
S. B. ��� Hamilton arrived from
Penticton on' Tuesday and has
succeeded P. H. McCurrach at
the Government office.
Miss Mabel Axam .left for
Vernon on Sunday after spending
a vacation in town with her
mother, Mrs. M. Axam..
|__Mr.- and-Mrs���Hugh- Greigief f
in their auto for Weyburn, Bask,
after a couple of weeks visit with
Mr. and Mrs. A. Greig.
Miss Priscilla -Kerr, P. Kf., returned to Vernon on Sunday after
spending a three weeks holiday at
the home of her parents.
large ore reserves still existing S^iS^^P���^ a^d all
McMynn's Store
Midway, B.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelson,
of Trail, spent a few days in town
this week on. their- way to Vancouver where tliey will reside.
;F. 0. Peterson came- in from
Kimberley on Sunday and left on
Tuesday with Mrs. Peterson for
their ranch at Christian Valley.
large ore reserves still existing-at
Phoenix 'have been quietly made
by .persons  connected  with the'
Great Northern Railway, and, it
is believed, acting on > its behalf.
It would seem1 as if on receiving-
these reports-' that  the railway
company had come to the  conclusion that it had acted prematurely in discontinuing its operar
tion as within the past few weeks
the'Company has opened negotiations with tlie^oulchobpur_com^
munitylooking to the repurchase
of its right-of-way.
The,Ledge learns on what it
considers to be good authority
that these negotiations have been
On Tuesday  afternoon  many
friends   of   P.    H.   McCurrach
gathered at the Court House and
presented him with a purse as a
slight token of the - high respect '
he is-held throughout the entire
community. Chas. King made the
presentation address and referred
to  Mr. McCurrach's   20   years
honorable residence in* our midst.
Mr. King stated that Mr. McCurrach always took an  active'
interest social, church, lodge and
athletic affairs.   He is the father
of the local  golf club and it was
due to his efforts that the Kettle
Valley  club was organized.   He
was most obliging as an official,
his integrity ' unquestioned and
was most dependable in all things.
He  courted   here,   married "and
raised a family.   Other speakers
were Mayor Gulley, Jas. Paton,
H.  T.   Newmarch and  Geo. S.
At the close three cheers were
/��     -"n/r    -y.tr    .-�����"--       -*
_ ���. _..*vuuuai;n anu an
expressed regret at his departure
but congratulated him on his promotion. A number of people
from the surrounding district contributed to the purse.
J. E. Hurst Convicted
John E. Hurst of Grand Forks,
was on the 15th instant convicted
at Grand Forks_of_prison_l)reach_
-and-seriteffcecTto" orieTyear's imprisonment with hard labour. It
transpired at the trial that he had
been convicted last April" of disgusting practives with boys, and
that mi tlio 904.% ~* T��� ��� '    '     * "
��� L.���-. .v-u wiLii uL>ys, ana
������ _rT .^suuauuiis nave oeen that on the 28th of June last while-
successfully concluded and that in the City jail ch      d with an
the Doukhobours have agreed to ���nmpiif'rnn!)hiD  ���n~y-   1      -   -
coil   fu�� ��;~*uj- - ���  1    ,   .     -     "'
��� We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork, Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
MEYER c�� CO..
Better a dead Csmp Fire than a Dead Forest t
You can get
Free Air and Water at
Rock Creek
Also carry
Gas, Oil, Tires, Patches, Vulcanizers, &c
Mrs. W. A. Hanrahan and
daughter, Catherine, left Rock
Creek today for a month's' visit
in Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.
, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Drum were
in town-on Saturday on their way
home to Beaverdell from attending'the Mining Convention in
tlie Doukhobours have agreed to
sell .the right-a-way back to the
Railway Company. The consideration has not been made
known, but it is obvious that the
vendors would ba the first to gain
by the re-establishment of railroad connection past their very
doors, while the whistle of the
locomotive at Phoenix would be'
the signal for the reopening of a
r.umber of properties only awaiting such facilities.
Green vood, naturally, would
greatly benefit by such a step, as
in the future PJioenix properties
will of course be operated from
---V    J"" o-
unmentionable  offence   he   had
broken "out of jail.   The charge
referred to was dismissed by the
magistrate,  whereupon   he   was
prosecuted . and  convicted upon
prison breach.   In the absence of
Judge Brown in the East, Judge
Forin of Nelson presided; H. W.
R. Moore, barrister of Greenwood,
prosecuted and A. F. Crowe, of
Grand   Forks, _ defended.     Mr.
Crowe gave notice of his intention
to appeal on points of law, and
"was granted a case stated for that
��" *"���" UI-*������Hm���M���IB-M
Tbe Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.' I i
of Canada. Limited
, -'        Office, Smelting and Refining Department
purchasers of (Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores5
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper,  Pig Lead and Zinc.
'"'"''' "TADANAC"  BRAND
For Sale
Any person giving information
leading' to the conviction of,any
person for any violation of the
Fishery   or   Game   Regulations,
 ,.   wiison ieit ior +,alI> ^{ect ? the approval cf
Victoria on Sunday morning after v e """ft of th-e ^P'^nt,
a  three months visit' with her be entltled .to rec81ve one"haIf of
Mrs. W. C. H. Wilson left for
1 /��T-*-'l*��*'"��       '*���*-       v
1 buffet, 1 dining table "and
chairs, 1 gramaphone and records,
1" pram.. Apply to Mrs. P. Hr
McCurrach at residence.
Lost, one automobile . crank in
front of Old National Hotel. Finder
kindly return to The Ledge office.
The Home of the Tourist
The Rock Creek Hotel of which
W. A. Hanrahan is the genial
proprietor is the mecca of the
tourist trade these days. Mr.
Hanrahan is a most obliging hotel
keeper and the travelling public
would do well ib stop at this well-
known hotel...
parents,    Mr.    and    Mrs
Bravard, on the No. 7 road.
_uu mrs. j.  w. Clark and son, imprisonment in default of nav-
ment. y J
any pecuniary penalty inflicted
pursuant thereto. Any person'
guilty-' of an ofFence against the
above mentioned regulations shall
Mr. and'.Mrs. Harry Twells
spent a couple of days in town
this week the guest of the latters's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lew
Bryant, on their way home to
Kimberley from a motor trip to
Vancouver.       ;���
At different times during the
season information has reached
the local authorities  than non-
P. H. McCurrach who has been
sub-government agent here for
the past few years and during
that time made a host of friends
through his courtesy on all
occasions. He has received a
promotion and on Wednesday was
'moved to Cranbrook. Mr.' Mc-
[Curraeh regrets that being given
such short notice he was unable
Greenwood and
.' District Hospital
The .board of managers very
thankfully acknowledge receipt of
the following subscriptions. Any-,
one wishing to' subscribe, kindly
call at the office, or mail, to Cha?...
King, sec.-treas., -when receipts
will be given and amounts ac-"
knowledged in the current issue
of The Ledge.
Previously acknowleged $2264.50
F.J.White      -     ���-. 2.00
Donations 'ror June
Mrs. E. Richter, magazines;
Mrs. Jack Keady, cakes; Mrs.
Sater, milk and oranges; Mrs.
Newmarch, magazines; Miss V.
Kempston, magazines; Mrs. C.
I King, gooseberries; R.- Lawson,
'cherries; Mrs. Saunders,-dresser
scarf; J. Cropley, fruit and
tomatoes; Mrs. Anderson, vegetables; Mrs. Mulhern, pickles and
 _.���* u j_.,_>i._.i_,G ne wits uname I viouiiciuvjc-5, ivi
  M^��i^iLics  man non~' to bid farewell to all his friends in j tables; Mrs. Muinern, pickles and
residents have been seen fishing ] the district but before leaving.he: flowers; Mrs.  A.- J._ Morrison,
in Boundary Creek, but in every'stated that he would have liked'table cloth for nurses dining room,
case the information has been re- to have had the opportunity to ,T. Crowley, serviettes
ceived too latp far MtiV-* *- <-- say "au revoir" to his nrnnArnnol
too late for action to be
say "au revoir" to his numerous
Canada s Year Of Jubilee
The Dominion of ���Canada has entered upon its diamond jubilee, year and
���tin'July drst uuxt year Canadians will celebrate in a iitliug manner .the six-
'.'l.Mh anniversary of Conl'oderaiion.-
It will bo most t imply and in-every way appropriate if iu the montlis
intervening before thai. liLsloric dale all Canadian organizations make it Ihe
ohiof item in their programmes to study Canada, past, present and future, and
lo present r.mtr, to their members and  lhe people generally relative lo theilla'�� loosely M down the bar
History, Hit- development the resources, and the boundless .possibilities of Lhe ?tlu' vei'y KlalGmc!l1   LllilL ��  penult i
Moscow Shirks Responsibility
Could Have Prevented Finahcial Help,
Being Sent to British Strikers
Moscow obviously is lying when It
tells Great Britain that it' is unable' to,
prohibit Russian "trades unions" from
sending money abroad to aid trades
unions-in"other'-countries and disclaims
all responsibility for the financial help
sent from Russia to British strikers
while the general lie-up was ou, and
afterward, upon' refusal of the man
agers of tlie stiilu. io accept it, transferred'to the miners' federation.
If, as the Soviet outfit asserts, Ihcre
is no prohibition in its domain
"against the remittance ot money
abroad, bul. only the obligation to obtain "a permit, i'or such remittance,"
that prohibition is lucking because lho
Moscow chiefs for their own reasons
tlii! very statement   that
Canada's diamond jubilee war "presents a glorious opportunity to all our i
organizations fo mako this a "Canada First." year.      Would it not be a nne|0,'nmoul.to J'ul il1���! lip a?!lln al A,ly
necessary is an admission that it lies
| within the power of Bolshevist (iuv-
lliing if, say once a month, every Canadian Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club
| time, and in any particular instance, as
Lions, Gyro, and oilier service organizations, every Homemakers and Com
-iniuiily  Club, lho  Canadian Legion, all   fraternal  bodies,  I.O.D.K,  Y.M.C.A.,
Y.W.C.A., United Farmers, churches and schools devoted a meeting to some
one phase of Canadian life, history or development..--*-
Indeed, why should the Departments of Education of I;lip several Provinces
oot. arrange a special programme of studies in regard to Canada, all design-
���ed to make our people better informed regarding the constitutional development of government ln Canada, our position in thc Empire, iu the League of
"..Nations', and belter acquainted with the principles and procedure of government In Canada, lhe administration and enforcement of law, in a word, the
growth and development of Canada from the status of a Crown Colony to a
.self-governing nation within th'e Empire and wiih full nationhood among the
nations in the League of Nations?
This jubilee year presents a golden opportunity for the presentation-of
"historical plays and pageants designed not merely to entertain and bring out
-Hi artistic Qualities-of our peoplo, in their preparation aud presentation, but
��� nlso to instruct in a most effecive way.
The twin Provinces of Alberia and Saskatchewan are this year celobrat-
���iiig their coming of age as autonomous provinces, and. advantage is being
taken of this occasion to depict in various ways the growth and development
���which has marked the past, two 'decades.     Iu a. special way these facts are
-being presented by floats iu parades in connection witli our summer exhibitions.     But why should plans not now be made, not only in the "West, but
���throughout the. length and breadth of the 'Dominion, to present, at' everyexhibition next year through means of (loafs, parades and. pageants the Canada
y 'if) 2 7 as contrastedwith tho Canada of LS67? * .-
Canadians, it is 'true, are not much given to flits sort of thing;'    Wc aro
.-a reserved people, and hate to display our feelings and emotions.    AVe are not
',given to flag-waving. But surely all can unite in making the diamond
jubilee, year of Confederation an exception. AVe have hundreds of thousands of citizens, born in oilier lands and under other flags, who have chosen
Canada as the laud of their adoption.    This jubilee year should be so. ulili-z-
��� ed a.s to acquaint them with Canada's past history-'and achievements,--to instill
in their hearts and minds, a real pride, in Canada,-to enthuse them'with a
���desire to bo Canadians in every, true sense and meaning of the name,    -y ���
It" for one solid tAvelve mouth the people of this Dominion- thought, talked and preached Canada, the cumulative effect in flip arousing and development of a real national spirit would he tremendous:- It would-operate to
break down old barriers of race and creed, would wipe out purely sectional
considerations, jealousies and suspicions, and create, an entirely new spirit
throughout lhe land. - ��� ' ;,
Canada is worthy of the very best .lhat her people can give to it.     Let us
-unite, therefore, iugiving to Canadaone year of undivided loyalty, consider-
-ed thought, and unselfish'devotion���a year of study of Canada, a year of'seiwke
in enaeavoring to arrive at a fuller understanding other problems and needs
.a year of unremitUng effort to solve those problems and meet those needs.
. jit pleases.���Detroit Free J'ress.
2 Years' Backache
Subdued by "Nerviline'
V/heat Pool A Huge Success
Chairman  of Saskatchewan   Pool  De-
dares It To Be a Bigger Success
Than Ever Dreamed Of
Al.   a   wheat   pool meeting held at
Melville, Sask., recently, and attended
  -        | by over throe hundred farmers, A. J.
"Backache was lho bane ot my iifo.'McPhail, chairman of the Saskatcho-
and for'two years I was so lame as to! wan Wheat Pool, slated that a deler-
be'unfit for work." writes E. S. Sloanc.jmined  offoi.t wlU]   b(J  mado  ,     la
from (reoip,etowD . .     .
While in Smith
Bros.' Drug Store, 1 hoard of Nerviline
being a wonderful palu-deslroycr, so I
decided to try Nerviline. Thanks to
Nerviline, my two-years' backache was
rubbed awa*-, and to-day I am perfectly well."
All those who.suffer from weak, aching backs, those whose muscles are
stiff, whose joints are swollen, let them
try Nerviline���lhe liniment that never
fails.     35c at all dealers.
c Manitoba   Industries
The largest Rroup of industries'In
Manitoba, in muuber "of eslablsih-
ments, Is wood and paper products, of
which tliere am 2i:_l, accordiug to figures compiled l>y ihe-Industrial Development Hoard of Manitoba. Next
In order come vegetable products,
v;ith71 !)0 plains; chemical products,
with 129; and Li^xiile products, with S9.
crease the pool acreage by another million this'season.
"The Pool," said Mr. McPhail, "is
a far bigger success than any of us
ever dreamed of; it will have a great
influence in stabilizing prices; if is a
great unifying influence uniting the
farmers of the three western provinces; it is the greatest business that
agriculture has ever engaged iu and
no man may see what it may growio;
it Jias given the farmer a . standing
which he never had before and its success has shown thai, the farmers can
siick together." It was not and never has been the intention of the organization io control wheat with the
object of artificially raising the price.
To do so, he said, would inevitably defeat its own object, I'or in that case
wltcat vrouldi be grown to a much larger extent a'nd thus greatly Increase
the supply.
Japs Interested In C.N.R. Radio
Come Through a Weakening of
the Blood���A Tonic is Needed    j Travel Over System to Secure Pointers
In their early teens il is quite com- On How Plan Works
watch the   health ol   their  daughters! in ogress of radio ill Canada, panicu
at. this time.     It is when lhe strength j la riy   its    workiugs   in the world of
Wireless Phones For
Aeroplane Passengers
Experiments Between Pilots in Oer-,
many Proves Successful
Passengers on the huge' air liners
of the German Air Service, whicli on
some planes furnishes movlos and
phonograph music for the diversion of
air travellers, will soon be-able to pick
up a wireless telephone receive! and,
despite the roar of three 120-liorso-
power motors, talk wlth_any telephone
subscriber in any largo city of Germany.
Wireless telephone experimen I.s between pilots on two of the nlglit air
routes-and landing fields have proved
successful. ��� The pilot circling over
Stockholm ia a thunderstorm talked
with Templeliofer Field in Berlin for
five minutes.
Thu Air Servico directorate, announces that wireless telephones
will'be .placed at'passengers' disposal
first on the routes between Derlln-
Paris, Berliti-Stetlin-Stockholm aud
Berlin- Danzig-Konigsberg.
Tho phones operate In the samo
manner as lhe wireless telephone apparatus on trains between Berlin and
Girl Receives Bronze Medal
Heroine of  Lighthouse  Rewarded  By
,  Committee of Lloyds
The commilte of Lloyds has awarded the Lloyds bronze medal for .meritorious service to Mliel Langton, 15-
year-ol'd daughter of the keeper of St.
Helen's Port lighthouse, Bembiidge.
The medal is given lier Jn recognition
of her endurance in keeping-tlie lighthouse lamp working for three days
during a gale last March. The girl
was left on the lighthouse while her
parents made a dash for shore.to replenish the sadly diminished provisions. They could not get lack
owing to the gale. . For throe days
and nights thc girl was -alone with only
her pet dog Ior company. Undaunt-
odi. she kept the light going, climbing
twenty feet up a steel ladder a-; regular intervals to^attend to the oil burning lamp. "All IJie food- she had was'
two pounds of bread, and when her
parents returned she was quite well
and cheerful.
The Lloyds bronze medal lias not
becn previously awarded, to a woman,
but the silver medal was conferred
upon the wife of a ship's captaiu in
After .Every Meal
It doesn't take much
to keep you in trim.
^Nature only asks a
little help.
Wrigley's, after every
meal, benefits teeth,
Breath, appetite ancl
A Flavor for.Every Taste
High in Food Value; Low in Cost
Ask Your Grocer Jfor our Famous
Sardine Cook Book.  It is FREE*
PORTABLE Typewriter
Balance in Easy-MONTHLY Payments
Write Ior particular!! to our nearest oflleo
Remington Typewriter Co. of Canada, Limited
Winnipeg-!: 10 Notre Dame An.., C'algary-110 Sixth
Ave. West. Vfti)TO\iver-l.r)6 Seymour Street.
Objectionable Motor Signs
Move Made in New Jersey to Revoke
Licenses   of". Motorists*���.With
Offensive Placards
: Commissioner Dill, of the New ,Ter-
'���sey motor vehicle department, said he
jnoiorlsts who display offensive signs
beneath registration plates.
Commissioner Dill snid he believed this step was the only possible oue
to abate the evil. Ife added it was
wrong to offend the public -with placards on which '.profanity; even was
iliinted at. ' ���-��� ���
One of the signs to,-which he oh-
-Jected-*  particularly   reads:---"If   you
can read this you are.too damn close.:'���'
Okanagan Lake-Service
is * sapped hy rapid, growth I hat
anaemia (levi'kips. The. first signs
may he noticed by peevishness, lan-
gour and headaches. The face grows
pale,.���'brciitliPesMiess and .palpitation
become appareut, -wiih low spirils and
Neglected anaemia often lewd... lo a
decline/but if yoa ;.<���,;> .hat your dauprh-
ter's blood is enriched. there need-bo
no 'cause for auxin.y. The finest
blood-builder ever discovered is Dr.
Williams' Plnlc Pills. They will build
up "-your * girls' health and ensure for
her heallliy womanhood. In proof of
Justason; Black's
Harbor, N.'ll. says:��� "f think Dr.
i Williams' "Pinlc Pills a wonderful
New    C.N.R.   Steamship   Service   On
..-.--   Okanagan. Lake
'.Announcement is made of the opening by the Canadian-National Railways this_ Mrs. G���1"^
of a steamship service between* Kelow
m-^a-riOr=PcntIctoii=oh==t-hp==0kanag-ftn=t^^^ *rr"aauglf[err Margaret
Lake.   . A new steamship,  the  Peri-hvas in such n. badly run down condi
towna, will make two trips each way tion that.we teaml she was going into
a decline.      Her face was  pale, the
tninsportation as developed by the
Canadian National Hallways, Klkojlco
Suzuki, of Tokyo, Japan, and K. Toga-
saki, of San Francisco, are travelling
over the system, on racllo-equippeci
trains. -According to Mr. Suzuki, the
Japanese Government railways arc
now experimenting In the establishing
o�� radio on their trains, and they aro
anxious to secure an Insight into the
conditions under which radio-equipped
trains operate over Canadian National
daily, except Sunday, starling July 15.
This extends the passenger service
which was put info operation with the
completion some months ago of the,
new Canadian National 'line between
Kemloops and Kelowna and gives a
complete service .'froin Penticton connectingwith -���-the Continental ������-Limited
east and west from Kamloops.
Fish Fossils In Oil Well
In drilling an oil well recently near
"Medicine Hat, a stratum of fish and
.shell fossils was found. The fossils
were struck at a depth of .3,720 feet,
and it'was* apparent that they were-
being washed into the well. Other
flnds were reported. Iron pyrites
. and talcum'were found at varying
depths, the 'talcum rock being about.
750 feet dowu.
Australia Overrun With Cactus
Within a few short years Queens
land, Australia, lias become practical-
ly\oyerrun with cactus. ."Some settler or traveller brought a few sprigs
of tlie plant known as the prickly
pear,1' which spread before the farmers, took any notice of- it.' Now the
cactus has spread over much of the
arable land of the province, which Is
67,000, miles stiuare.
least'exertion would leave her breathless and she suffered from headaches.
She had no appetite and lost a lot In
weight. Up to the time we began
giving her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, no
treatment had helped her. llut thanks
to the use of this wonderful medicine
siio is again well and-strong, showing
no-signs of tha -trouble that had so
weakened her."
In all troubles duo lo weak, watery
blood,. Dr.- Will lams' Pink Pills-will bo
found a ivltable remedy. Sold by an
medicine dealers or sent hy mail at
50 cents a-sbox by,Tho Dr. Williams
M-edieiiit. CoTBrockville, On!.
Invited  To  Palace
Aeroplane Travels Faster Than the
Fastest Pigeon
An aeroplane has proved 233�� miles
an hour faster than tho-fastost'pigeon
in a race between two planes and 50
homing pigeons.
The novel contest was hold between
Hammonflsport and Auburn, nature's
entries taking the straight line course
of 50' miles while the planes, one of
which was forced down, were scheduled to fly 62 miles.
Despite ihc 12 miles handicap the
winning"plane .finished three minutes
ahead of the first pigeon, completing
the longer distance in 18 mimilos, or
S2% miles aiWiour.
.New Type Of Bandit
Confidence Men In England Uso Crosa-
word Puzzle As Lure
Crossword puzzle bandits are latest
things in British crookdom. Even
the Englishman's reserve cannot withstand tlie desire for advice in' tho
search for words to fill the crossword
puzzle squares. . Hotel lounges ��ar��
the favorite haunts of crooks who
wrinkle their brows'over a rare Australian bird in three loiters, and then
lean over to a prosperous squire from
the'eountry to ask for aid. Sooner or
later the conversation turns to get-
ricli-qulck schemes. Scotland Yard'
is on the trail of two crossword puzzlo
tricksters who posed   <(s    gomlemen
farmers ami separated   a   real    (Lin
farmer    from    Aylesbury    from    hla-^ |��
bank roll.     The confidence men are
described as suave   and   well-spokea
but poor spellers.
Use Bad Language
Modern Mother Responsible For Great
Deal of ,Loose Speech
Bad language of the modern iqotber
is responsible for a great deal oT loose
speech among school girls, Miss Mary
Morrison, principal of thorFrancis'Holland School for. Girls, told the annual
conference ot the head mistresses' association in Londou. Powerful Medicine. ��� Tho healing
��t_v_ .   ___, '        i >     n properties in six essential oils are con-
���   For > ears wo have made allowances  {.en1tnitecl   Jn   every   boule   of   ��r.-
for lather's strong .language," Miss j Thomas' Eclectric Oil, forming one of
Morrison asserted; "but now mother j the most beneficial liuimelits ever" oris nearly as bad, and it is having a! i*ere<l to the use of man.     Many cau
serious   effect   on   the girl's speech
amongJthemsohTs .This_is_3lLa_parL
of the so-called greater freedom."
Drives Asthma Like Magic, The
immediate help from Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seema like
magic. Nevertheless It is' only a natural, remedy'used in a natural way.
The smoke or   vapor,    reaching 'the
testify ;is to its power in allaying pain,
ancl many more can certify that they
power is not expressed by the small
price al which it sells.
Spanish Workman .Did Not Recognize
King Wlio Gave Him Lift
Here is another story to add to ilie
many good onef roM about King Alfonso-of Spain.
Driving reconlly just ouLside Madrid,
the king's car came to a standstill,-
and a minor adjustment" hntl to be
made by the chauffeur. At lhat moment a tlred-looltlng .workman, who
was, walking in the same direction,
cante up, ancl, :iot recognizing the king,
asked him for a lift as far as Mad-rid.
The king, with a smile, told him' to
jump up, and tlio car convoyed him
swiftly to his humble dwelling in the
slumsyoi- Matlrlil. Then iho king
shook hands with the amazed workman, who had hegun to thank him.
'"Good-bye old man," hc said. "Havo
a good* rest, suni if you wani. anythilig
at any time, come and see me at tho
Castoria is a. pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups, especially .prepared... for Infants  in  arms  and  Children  all  ages-.-
To avoid imitations, always look for thc signature of  C&aSh'xyaZ&M'U
Proven directions on each package;   Physicians "everywhere recommend it.
A compound has been Invented
which counteracts the effectiveness of
poisonous gas.
lie had just arrived from  the old
country   ancl   was   notjaniiliar with
the use of the telephone, so ho tpolt
down the receiver and demanded:
,    "Aye van I to talk to .my wife."
tubes, brushes aside the trouble audi    Tbe   'operator's    voice camo back
sweetly, "Number, please'.'"
"Oh," he replied,. "she
opens a way for fresh air to enter. It j
is sold by dealers throughout the i
land. -..'.'
Population and War
Militarists in all countries demand
an increasing population, in order that
an unfailing Ripply of recruits may
ensure tho national safety in the next
war; but then they also hold that wars
are inevitable owing to' the pressure
of expanding populations.���London
Spectator. v .
If you find tliat you aro being
to despair, get out and walk.
There's Nothing Equals
More Bicycles Than Cars
Every sixth person in France bas a
bicycle, lhe lotal number being about
6,-100,000. There are ton times a.i
many "bicycles in the country asNauto-
biles. ���   ���'. *. '
Minard's Liniment -for Sore Feet
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
^Torm Exterminator puts' it within
reach of all; and it can-be got at any
druggist's. .  ���   .    '.        -,    ..
bane  "my
second vim."
Use Miller's Worm Powders and the
battle against worms is won. Theso
powders correct_the morbid conditions
of the stomach which nourish worms,
and these destructive parasites ��� cannot exist, after they come in contact
with the medicine. /Tho worms are
speedily evacuated with otlier refuse
from tlie "bowels. Soundn'ess is imparted to the organs and the heallU
of the child steadily improves. ���'
An Unexpected  Sequel
Man Failing to Carry Out Death Pact
Condemned For Murder
A death pact drama at Southiiort had
an unexpected sequel. The young
man aged US and his sweetheart ofthe
samo age agreed to'commit suteide together. The girl died. Tlis man
failed to make good his share of tho
fact and as,a result the court liiis condemned him to death for murder. The
law holds thai if two persons agree to
commit suicide, and, ln conseciuence,
one of them dies, the survivor Is giillly
of murder. ,; .    W
In a certain town in Italy the taxes,
are levied according to the weight of
tho taxpayer. The fat man is assum--
ed to be prosperous and charged on
his jioundage..
��� The oldest boat��in England. Is tho
famous Royal Barge built hy King
William in 1689.
W.- N.   V.   1637
It has  been  in uso for over  SO
years; its  action is pleasant, rapid,
reliablo - and    effectual,   and   relief
' comes promptly..
"Don't aecopt a substitute."
-  The genuine is put up only by Tha
X. Milburn Ca, Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Organ Hundred Years Old _.
A bamboo organ, built Lnto the
church of Las Pinas, .Manila, more than
110 years ago by the Augustinitas, still
gives sweet and mellow tones. The
bamboo was cut from a jungle near
the church. The organ was twice
damaged, by earthquake and typhoon.
Relieved ��� quickly,  safely   and
surely by one or two dose3 of
Chamberlain's Colic &
Piarrhoea Remedy
OVENS��� "Write  for   cat*
nnd   list   of  used   oveni��j
Huchard Oven Company, 1100 Queea1*]
West, Toronto.   ���>
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism
Hcvl for Bladder Catftttb, Mo, a Tor Blood _k
Bkln Dt����a��e��. Mo. 8 ror Chronic WeahnoMSB.
PB,l.xCLtl.CM��ACo Harerttock RJ.N.W.S.Londoa
��-Wlrt SI, 10. (��Hht packets for 83.50'. Cross
s. 1? -
TJJK   UWOr..   GT?EKNTTOOT).   B; 0.
A'milk cap should do more than fit the mouth of a
bottle. It should also be easily remoyable���impervious,
to water���neatly printed.   -. . ���
,A11 these features are combined in the-Appleford ���'
milk cap,     Made of quality board it hugs the lip of the
k3  .bottle, yer is so.pliable it is quickly'removed.     All
M   pores are filled with wax tb .protect the milk from
^   moisture or contamination.     The priiiting;.is clear-cur
and distinctive. "*
"Write for samples and prices. \
Cot inttcrCheck Hook
q2��2i2a2&'.xj��uxjl_jj.        ,
Pacific Waxed I'apcr Co. Western Wnxed Paper Co.
320 Dnvie tt. Vancouver 290 McDcrmolt Ave. Winnipeg
Hunter Martin..* Co.  Rcglnn
industrial ��� Activity is Noted by
Minister o_f_.Labor and Industries
"It was a revelation lo mc lo get
a-glimpse'ol the wealth held in reserve in the-natural resources of the'-
southern part ol the province," said
lion. 'I'. 0. JJavis,;miulsler in charge
of the bureau of labor nnd inH^slrles,
who has jusi returned from the Ester
van'di&liicl.- Mr. Davis,-with T. M.
Molloy, commissioner of labor and industries, were guests of the Estevan
board of- trade at several fujictioris,
and   while  in   Estevan  district  they
visited the Prairie Nurseries, ISsfcvan
Clay Products plant.   Souris   Valley
Creamery, and the coal mines.
At the Prairie Nurseries, tho party
was escorted through Canada's largest nursery, now covering 700" acres,
wiih many acres covered with fruit
trees, bush fruits, berries and,flowers.
In o(no iield,alone there ui'f 'Kf'.OOO
peony plants in full bloom. TJe.-'Inc
lliem Is it large yhuitalioii or' Koster's
hfuo spruce, lhc largest of its kind' In
America, wiih many new varieties of
hardy irees ancl .shrubb.-
- Mr. Davis said he was partioulurly
impressed by lho work going on at tne
brick plain, where ihe clay almost
from lhe grass roots down for a depth
ol 20 feet or more makes choice bricic.
Underneath ihis clay 1s a seam of coal
which supplies more ihauiialf the fuel
rcuuiri'-d lo burn the brick, antl untU'i-
neath Ihif. again is a clay admirably
suited for making the finest type of-
building brick.
Clay and coal being (aken out'of ilie
same ground at.lho same time was oru;
of fhe most unusual sights ho had
witnessed anywhere, Mr. Davis said.
' The coal mines in the I'lieiu'iHt,
Taylorton, and Roche Percee. districts
wero visited/, in addition.to those In
Eslevaji. " The ]>swl3 inspected the
lignite utilization plant.
"-It seems to me' thai thc southern
; part or the province is going to add
a great deal lo lhe prosperity of San-
-katcliewah," said Mr. Ditvii.      "First.
���amongst lieii^assc'tsWT-gooTi_fsoiir~f6f
the crops tliere were; as good as any
I have, seen iu the prounee. Uncler-
neatli this is practically an unlimited
ciuantity of valuable"clay   and   iinder-
eciuipped mines with the most,modern
electrical machinery ' I'or cutting and
loading this coal. I found a.mosf op-
limistic spirit among the business
men a.s we'll as ihe farmers 1 talked
wiih in the south', and I'am confident
that fan era of development, and progress is in sight for Ihis part of the
province."���Regina Leader.
Trainmen Are Ready
For Jungle Beasts
Has Serious Effect
Manitoba     Doctor    'Blames    Sleeping
Sickness  For  Moral   Laxity
Sleeping sickness is making work
I'or the juvenile courts, Mr. Charles
Hunter, ol Winnipeg, professor ��i
nicKlicine at (ho University'of Manitoba,-told lhe Ciiiiadl-in Medical Association convention at - Victoria.  -
The-disease, which had been mak-
ing"its appearance all over the world
within' recent, years, had a deplorable
moral effect on childien, he said. They
became irritable and lrecjueiilly 'were
led into serious misdemeanors.
"Ro far as I know the ii;iijii;e of the
virus never  has been explained,"  he
j said.
The condition was infectious to
som degree. Lethargy was
a principal symptom of early eases,
overtaking patients at the ollice, the
table or even on the street. 'Sufferers could bo aroused to answer questions but would promptly resume slumber. Observers had been lorced. to
llie- conclusion that certain types of
the disease might exist in the system
I'or years, breaking out at intervals
wiih increasing severity. Mortality
was heavy, many cases not being
reported. #
Early estimates of 'JO per cent,
complete recoveries without ctfter-
"ef'fects. he believed to bo correct,
Says Thinking Aids  Health
Quick Action is Imperative- on Railways In India
It is a cold night in che wild bush
country- of \ India, where the great
transcontinental railway'runs through
heavy'jungle. In tho cab of ilie loco-
motivoNthe engineer Is trying to make
up time lo catch the mail boat duo to
leave for Europe on the following day
from a port SOO niilerf down lhe line,'
says Harold T. "Wilkins in Popular
The' native, fireman reached for a
shovel, wlien he sees on the roof
of lhe car coupled 10 the engine-
lench'r two eyes and' llie^'l'orm of
a Ueiigal tiger. Tlie fireman is par-'
alys:ed with fear, but Mie engineer
senses the danger and. looks'around.
Quick action is" imperative, and as
he slows the train down to a slop he
jerk.-! open fhe f'uebox door and a sudden blaze, of light illuminates the dim
interior o'f the cab." The. whistle
screams and the astonished tiger leaps
from the car and hpceds across tlie
rraclc into the black night of the jungle.
��� Probably as tho night mail stopped
���to lake water jtl a
thu bush country -tho animal had
bounded on ihe car In search of food.
High up on Ihe "roof o'f the world'.'
���the Himalayas���a. picturesque railroad, often doubling back on itselr,
climbs toyrho cool hill stations from
the burning .plains of Northern India,	
As soon as his engine is in tlie dense j*('lclluflc
jungle the -engineer stops and lights ;���.
Hare ou Iho roof of hls-cnb. -' lie docs
this lo scare away big game from-tins
railroad track.
Face Badly Broken
Out With Pimples
Cuticura Healed
"My face was'-so badly broken
out wiih pimples that it was actually
disfigured. They fust started with
a few blackheads on the sides of my
face, and festered.- The pimples
spiead to my forehead, chin and
neck. They itched and burned so
that I could hardly rest. They looked
so badly that l was ashamed to be
seen in public. The trouble lasted
about three years.
" I read an advertisement for
Cuticura Soap and Ointment ao
purchased some. I used about two
boxes of Cuticura Ointment and
four cakes of Soapnnd was healed."
(Signed; Mrs. John Kelly. Rt. 3,
Bay City, Mich,, Nov. 5, 1925,
Nothing so insures a healthy,
clear complexion, soft, smooth
hands and flossy, luxuriant hair
as Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment when necessary.
Raoiple Knell Free br Kail. Address Canadian
Depot: "Stenliouie, hid. Montreal," Piicc, Soup
HSc. Ointment 2r. nnd 60c. 'Julcmn 2jc.
Efi^~ CutJcurn ShavinR Sticlt 25c.
Posts Of thc Sea
Ancient   Inscription  On  Rock
Sailors Gain Information From  Buoys
Which Mark Certain Places
As Lhe traveller by land looks to the
fingerposts  at  cross  roads  and  elsewhere ior guidance on 'hi.s journey, so
does Lhe sailor gain Information'froni
tiie buoys or signposts    of    the   sou
which mark llic-waler at certain spols.-
fjiiir unlike the ordinary fingerpost,
these sea buoys would convey little or
nothing lo the lands/nan at first fight,
because  the meaning  of buoys is  a
subject ihat must be studied belore 11
can be understood.
For instance, certain buoys of a recognized shape may always be looked
for in curtain positions when you an-
I mailing for a harbor or river from stia-
Jward.     In such cases your course will
bo marked by "starboard-hand" buoys
���on your right���and "porl-hand"
buoys���on your left.
A starboard-hand buoy, must always
be painted in only one color. A port-
hiind buoy may he in single "color or
parti-color, but its color nuisL differ
from that ol the starboard-hand -buoy.
The spherical buoy?, marking middle
grounds, must bo painted with 'White
j horizontal stripes. Thc beacons sm-
i mounting buoys nhisi be painted in a
\single dark color. r'
Taking More Tolerant View
American  Doctor Recommends Vigorous Mental Exercise
Newspapermen particularly' enjoy
long, healthful'lives, 'if l)r. C. J. Uad-
dis, of Chicago.'secretary of the American Osteopathic Association, is,right.
lie believes thinking about ;i new
specific subject 15 minutes a, day is
the exercise ueeded ro bring health
and longevity.
At the national convention lie also
recommended 15 minutes' strenuous
exercise and said a little upside-
down exercise would help a lot ot
lolks, eveu if taken in bod.
"Fifteen, minutes a (lay will do it,"
hV said. "'Of course you ought to take i
more, but if you will consistently aud |
persistently exercise Li. minutes every
day, if will mean not only better posture, but better health'and longer lire.
But you must do a-good job of il���exercise from toes to scalp.      '     ���      _
Another,thing that makes,for longevity is h'onesr.-to-goodness thinking
on some new specific subject 15
minutes" every day.   " Try it out  and
Story of Battle Fought by Norsemen
Near Spokane in Year 1010 A.D. j
Runic inscriptions translated' by:
Prof. Oluf Opsjen as celling of a terri- j
fie battle between a band of Nor_,e- !
men and Indians in   the- year'   ItilOJ ���
A.D., ,havu been found almost' within jPeople Are Learning Not to Use Harsh
Uie city limits of Spokane. j ' Designations
in announcing the discovery, Proi'.'! Tho Salvation Army's discard of the
Opsjen said a great lava rock, vvliicli j*oi*"X-"hoatlioii- for Lko lullcltir aud less
bears the inscriptions, marks uie I offensive word "non-Cliristiaji," in
burial mound of \S Norsemen who illesisnaiing peoples holding other bo-
were killed in the battle. jliofs is in accord wiih tolerant Chris-
Professor Opsjen, widely known as Itlanity.     Time was when nil who clif-
Gean to handle.   Sold by all'
Druggists, Grocers and
General Stores
Little Helps For This Week
..    . -   . .sec what hoppens.
wayside Lank neui i .
Wonders of the Universe
Turned Tables On Humorist
Hundreds of Thousands of Suns as
��� Great as Our Own
A loading authority on astronomy,
Dr. F, It. .Moulton, lias submitted to a
body" calculations showing
thai the earth has up to the present
achieved only a fraction'of its allotted
span of existence, and that, providing
no unforeseen calamity occurs in the
meantime, it can reasonably In; expected to endure for tally a thousand
million more years.
a _lranslater' of Jtiuilc characters, appearing in several parts of North
America,!declared the discovery i.s the
greatest Norse record' ever fount! in
the Unlicdi Slates. Located beneath
high'cliffs beside a cold-water spring,
(he indelible paintings'describe details
of a great conflict fought more "than
���100 years before Columbus discovered
A band of Morse Vikings, consisting
of 21 men and seven women, was following an old Irail  while  travelling !J'cars lho Christian nations have many
from east to west In 1010, Mr., Opsjen '  "
fered lu religious ,'b'o.Ii.ef were dogs of
infidels or heathens".' The Christian
was a clog of an infidel Lo the Mohammedan and the Mohammedan was a
dog of lhe same stripe to the Christian
and peoples of other religions were
heathens to both.
But with the spread of intelligence throughout the world 'the ln-
creaso of fellowship amoiig those different in race aud creed has brought
increase    of    tolerance.     In   recent
Blessed bo he of tlio Lord, who hath
not left off his kindness.-���lluth. ii., 20.
Nor hath thy knowledge of adversity
llobbed thee of any faith .in happiness,  ,
But rather-cleared  thy inner eyes to
,;  '   see
Ifow many simple ways there nre to
bless. ���
���James Russell Lowell.
II wc hadilost our own" chief good,
other people's good would remain; and
thai is worth trying for. Someone can
be happy. I seemed io see that more'
clearly than ever when.I was wretched.. [- can hardly ihink how I could
have borne the trouble If that feeling
had not come to me to make strength.
��� George Klior.
times proved ��� friends _ in need tc
"heathens" and "heathens" have reciprocated.   The lime for harsh desig-
explained. '
"Exhausted and thirstv,  thev came
to the spring best*?    Hit-   'trail   and 'nations based on difference of religious
camped." ho said.      "The spring was >11<?f lias, passed, and a good riddance
not "a large  one and  the water- was \i[- Is.���Stratford Beacon-Herald,
drained from it.'    A party-of ladiausi '
came along ami   found   the   spring,      Self-Controlled Aeroplane
empty. ,<  Tliey immediately  attacked i 	
the Norse party-in an clt'orL-to drive j World's    Largest    Passenger     Liner
it away."
Letters  To Thc  Editor
Virtually   Flies Itself
The huge Vickers ltolls-lvoyco"Vanguard air liner, Lhe largest passenger
By Always Keeping Baby's Own
Tablets in the Home
A simple and. safe- remedy for the
common ills of babyhood and childhood should be kept in o.very homo
where I bore is either a baby or a
young child. Often it is necessary
ro give, the IifHo one something to
break up a cold, allay fever.," correct
sour stoniaxh and banish the Irritability that accompanies the cutting ,
of. Vein      ������        . .
Experienced, mothers always keep
Baby's Own Tablets in the home as a
safeguard against tho trouble:-) rhat
seize ihc'lr lit Lio ones so suddenly and
. flio young mother can feel .reasonably sufi. with a box of the0e Tablets
at hand ami ready, for emergencies.   '.
Baby's Own Tablets arc a mild but
thorough laxative that act without
griping and'tliey are absolutely .guaranteed free 'from opiates or other
harmful drugs. They are sold by
nmdiciii'e dealers or bvmail at 2f_ cents
a'box froni The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out..
A philosopher says thai every fail-
Steamship Official Had Joke On Irvine
S, Cobb
Thc   well-known .American   humorist, Irvin S. Cobb, "tells    this    story
igaiunt himself,
neath ihis'again is lho valuable seam     Jicing desirous, towards, the close of
of lignito coal, in some of llie mines
I visited II feet (hick. -While 1 lenew
flint I here were valuable' coal deposits
in .Southeastern,. Saskatchewan, I had
no idea that wo had so many well-
After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Could Do
- All Her Work and Gained
in Weight
Melfort, Saskatchewan.��� "1 had
inward troubles, headaches and severe
pains in my back
and sides. ' I was
so sick generally
that J could not
sit up and I was1
in bod most of the _
time lor eight'
months. An aunt
came to ��� visit and
help me as J waa
unable to attend
to my'haby and-
could not do niy
work. ' She told
his last, visit lo England, of booking
Ills passage back to New York, lie applied at one 'of the London ofiices for
particulars of sailing, and asked In his
inimitable way:
"Ifavo you a ship called fhe Neurotic sailing "to America?"
"No, sir," camo the reply, "we havo
Cobb liad another go: '"l'lien" perhaps il is tlio Klicuinatio���can you'
book me a passage by1 that?" ""
"No, sir, I cannot," replied tlie oflicial, who by ihis linn, had divined, that
he was. dealing witli it joker. "We
have no ship of tliat name. Bur, I
think I can fix you up all right on the
Lu-natic or the Idiotic,"   /
���New planets, according to Or. Moulton. whose, theory has attracted worldwide attention, are formed from the
debris of ageil planets; the earth, lie
declares, is the offspring of
Lhese "dead" worlds, its ago. computed a littlo over two thousand million
Astronomical discoveries during the
past year show that'there exist in lu-
ter-stellar space-hundreds of thousands of suns as great as our own.
Criticism Made by Readers Usually
Taken With Good Grace
For many years, when untoward
events disturbed him, the "Briton has
eased his mind by writing to tbe
London Times. He cared not if only
Ihe editor read'his contribution; it
wasi off his mind aiid then he went
about his accustomed way.
__Arj!u_h,riei;s to tho���editor���reacl-V-
They are.     A controversial storm is
often .stirred  up by'oue.     It. may be
aeroplane in the world, has been fitted jure is a step toward success-     Tht a
with a new gyroscopic control, which
once in ihe air can be set to fly ihe
machine on a given course without the
pilot again touching the controls, and
is now to undergo tt
night thing tests on ihe Imperial Airways.
This air giant wiih its new control
gear virtually flies itself, Once it is
-set���oii-ils-course-it-continues-*- io_fly
level'even though the pilot vacates his
seat���in fact, in an actual--,lost flight
the pilot left his controls and sal in
a_simple matter like, "Why read the
end of a novel first?" or a.worlil-dis- jthe.cabiu'readiiig a newspaper for half
Once it gets started an hour before reluming to his cock
explains why some men become richer
every time ihey fall.   v
Excellent    for   .Croupy    Children.���
series of dav aud i)vheu a. cIl!1{1 ,is suffering with croup
It is a good plan to use Dr. Thomas
Eclectric Oil. IL reduces the Inflammation and loosens the phlegm giving
speedy relief t'o the little sufferer. It
is equally reliable for sore throat and
bruises and sprains. Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is regarded by many
thousands as an irulispensablo of tho
family medicine cheat.
one   of hirbliigvdebate
it is hard to slop: in fact, many
The Deaf Hear H
Mon- thau SO per cent, of' the children in the deal and dumb institutions
of Hull, England; Ii'ive hoard speech
and music for the iirst time, througn
use of a device invent ed by a Hull civil
engineer, the British oflicial wireless
report states. The apparatus looks
like a small wireless receiving set,
and permits souudi to trayel. to lhe
inner ear of deaf patients.
mc to try Lydia E. Pinicha m's Vegetable Compound,and after taking two
bottles I could get up and dress myself. >I also took Lydia E. Pinkham's
Blood Medicine. When I first took the
medicine I only weighed seventy-
eight pounds. Now I weigh twice as
much. If I get out of sorts or weary
and can't sleep I always take another
bottle of thc Vegetable Compound.
I find it wonderfully good ior female troubles, and have recommended it to smy neighbors. I will
be only too glad to answer any letters
I receive asking about it."���Mr.s.
Wiuliam Ritchie, Box 486, Melfort,
Saskatchewan. v       C
W. ��� i\\    U.   3637
Says Eggs Not'Good Food *
Peoplo develop the' mentality of a
cow il "they drink large quantities of
milk., ifecording to Dr. Stavros^Daina-
glov, of Alheus. One of the worst
centres of infection In (lie world is the
hen's egg,. he also declared. Dr.
Damaglov wks addressing a vegetarian
congress in London.
B.C. Vegetables Shipped East
Green Vegetables Sent From _ Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal
. Por the Iirst time iu the history of
British Columbia, green vegetables
were sent from Vancouver to Montreal
and Toronto. British Columbia fruit
ia well established in the eastern markets ancl potatoes from' this province
have been shipped to Ontario and Quebec, in large quantities on occasions
wheii Uie potato crop in those provinces lias been light Up lo the present, however, green vegetables Trom
Florida have supplied the eastern market between crop seasons there.
an ar
gument keeps on iu the flies after it
is impossible to print any more letter^.
Let an editorial or news writer
make a mistake of fact and the army
of letter-writ ers is upon him like a
flash. Such a eluding benefits us
all, oven when il is harsh. Some-
limes, like tho   sniall
pit to find that tlie machine was still
Jiving steadily on its course.���-London
Observer.' ...
Ships Sail/sFor Arctic
Four ships'will sail from Vancouver
within ' the jiext two weeks for lhe
Western Arctic Ocean, carrying trade
boy punished j goods and stores, worth an estimated
for his own good, wc may not see the;value of $300,000. The Hudson's Bay
point right away, but at least we try {company is sending two .vessels and
to take it wllh good grace.���New Yorkia Wancouver trading company the
Times. -    ' ' ,     otlier. '
, Husband: "Hum!"     Funny pudding
Wife: "Ves
got with lhe
broke down."
dear; that's as far as 1
recipe when  lhe radio
, If your mouth is full or your
empty 'don't .attempt to talk.
Oh, My Back! '
"   Get   someone   to   massage
thoroughly with Minard's.
It relieves pain.
All Right In Theory
Things Do-,Not Always Work Out, As
, They Should
Henry Alnlcy, fhe great English actor, confesses that on "first nights" lie'
invariably suffers badly from fetuge
A friend in whom he_confidocl I his
fact was 'skeptical. "To a man Jiko
yourself," he faid. "who is used to
appearing behind the footlights continually, such a thing is surely impossible."
"It ought to be," objected the a dor.
"bul unfortunately li isn't. I am. in
fact, to some extent in ihe postiibn of
the lillie boy who w_is_betng taught to
" 'Your body being lighter than
water," he was 1old, 'you cannot possibly sink.'
-"'I know all about   Hut,' said  the
!boy.     'Biit_l do.'"
- An   English  gramophone   coinpany
cclebrating its twentieth anniversary,
says lhat1" the "most   popular  .songs"
in its long list are the "old favorites",
and not the new songs.
No man or woman should hobblft
painfully about because of corns when
'so certain a relief is at haud as Hol-
lowav's Corn Remover.
Tho middle class in society resembles the meat in a sandwich, inasmuch
as it is between the upper crust and
the under bred.
There would Ini'.'b'il 1. few mysteries
, lit this world' if people -looked into
.everything as closely as a woman looks
ilnlo a mirror.
^ , :���:	
Minard's Liniment for all pains
"Doctor, I owe you my life." "Oh,
you exaggerate. But you do owe mo
?R0."    "Why, sir, that Is outrageous.'"
A Hurry Call
"I can't, sell you any cigarettes, little
hoy, unless yon bring a-note from your
"But father isn't home, and mother
wants them right away.""'
A Good Start
'How   old   are
you, Utile
[    Teaeher.-
Sonny (who has jti?t. started doing
fractious).���I'm six and five-twolftlis.
Tact dpos ..not  re in ore difficulties:
it merely goes around them.
, Minard's Liniment for  Burns
Proved safe by millions and prescribed ,by physicians for
Colds   G.Headache.     Neuritis Lumbago
Pain' '   Neuralgia1 .   Toothache  - Rheumatism
: R
^.Accept only "Bayer"  package
! vyhicli contains proyen directions.
Handy ^'*Bayer"  boxes of  12  tablets
!.A1*>,bottles of 24 and 100���Druggie.
Aspirin ls tbe trade mark {npsls-fffed ln;'G<inadal r>* flayer Manufacture of Moni>acetlc-
���cideiter of SalliyllcBcId (Acet/l Salicylic Aoid, "A. S. A."). While It ls veil kn<>*rn
tbat Aspirin means'Bayer mknufiicture, to-'a^bt the public acalnit Imitations, tlie Tablets
U JJajer Goiai>__ny^wlU'-ie.oUihp<(J TirlU��'-"Ulelr geueral trade mark, tie "Bayer Czn*<"
'.-Kyjt'i :.-y��x_
^ 4*
f   .
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or .*2.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
"3rent Britian and the United States
��2.10, always in advance.
Expose Fradulent
& Mining Concerns
At the closing session of the
international mining convention
in Nelson last week, Hon. William
Sloan, minister of mines, in the
principal address of the_ three
clays sessions, stated that in consequence, of the great movement
in British Columbia mining, "men
of mining repute and men of no
repute" were coming into the
. province and making flotations,
To keep down unprincipled flota-..
tions, and to keep the name of
the province fair before the world,
was now a first duty, of both th*.
government and all the citizens,
lie said. While the government
did notobject to a fairly glowing
account of a prospect, it held that
'a mining prospectus must not depart from the facts.
Scores of mining prospectuses
had been changed in the last
year, he said, to suit the government's conception of what was
fair protection to the investor,
after the resident engineers concerned had passed on them. In
four cases in the past year, the
minister said, he used his discretionary power to advertise
flotations as in the government's
opinion unjustified, ten sales
agencies in Vancouver closing
their doors the day one of these
advertisements appeared.
"Believe me, the. effect of this
was salutary," he said, "and our
course found approval throughout
the mining world."'
He declared the _ government
stood firm on the policy laid down
by a former premier, Sir Richard
McBride, that the mining laws of
British Columbia should not be
changed, and that security of title
be assured in this province.
On May 16 two hundred new Scottish settlers arrived on the Canadian
Pacific liner "Metagama" in charge
of Father R. A, MacDonnell, managing director of the Scottish Immigration Aid Society. This is the .
second consignment of settlers
brought out this year under the Glan
Donald plan.
The well-known oomic strip artist,
Clare Briggs, of "Mr. and Mis.1'
fame, arrived in Montreal recently
with six New York newspaper men.
They then went up to the Laurentian
mountains for some trout fishing' on
Lake Archambault and , streams in
the immediate vicinity of St. Denafc
Initiative and resource' shown by :
the Foreign Department of the Dominion Express Company went far
to neutralize, if not entirely nullify,
shipping troubles during the recent
general strike in England, A.fleet
of motor trucks in London, Manchester, Bradford and Liverpool
carried out receipts and deliveries
in the usual manner thereby eliminating any ill effects to the British-
Canadian trade during the period of
the strike.
A. L. Ilawlinson, passenger agent,
and Victor Collignon, chief clerk of
the Canadian Pacific Railway at
Antwerp/ have-been appointed as
Officers of the Order of the Bou-"
mahian Crown by His Majesty, King
of Roumania, for services rendered
in connection with the general handling of Roumanian passengers at the
port of Antwerp.
Vernon Nurses
Lead in Exams
Signal honours won by-graduates of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital in the recent*, examinations
for the degree of Registered Nurse,
will add to the fame of the local
institution. For two graduates
from this school to lead those
from all schools in the Province is
convincing testimony of the proficiency of the hospital and the
training school." It is generally
thought that nurses do not- get
so thorough a training in the
smaller schools as in" the larger
ones, but success of the Vernon
nurses is a convincing demonstration that this is not true, at least
so .far as the Vernon Hospital is
intendent a great deal of credit is
Six nurses from this school
wrote in the recent examinations,
and six passed, two of them, Miss
N. Oxley and Miss A Jones came
first and second, and all the four
others passed well up in the list.
The other successful nurses are
���Miss K. Blakey, Miss W, Large,
Miss P. Kerr, Miss J. Adams.���
Vernon News.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hanley left
the Rock Creek Hotel on Thursday last for. Banff and Lake
Louise thence to their home in
Wallace, Idaho.
IN THE MATTER, of the Estate of Marguerite
Anne Graham, Deceased.
TAKE NOTICE that by an order of this
Honourable Court dated the 4th day of March,
A. D., 1926, Letters of Administration of the
Estate of the said Marguerite , A line'Graham,
deceased were on the 13th day'of. April, A.D
W26, issued to i harles Kin^," Esq., of Greenwood, B. C.,-*' Official Administrator' for the
. former Electoral Di'visio onf Greenwood.-/
all creditors and others having claims against
the Estate of the said Marg-uerite Anne Graham
; who died on or about the ISth day of February,
1926. are hereby required to send their,said
claims, duly verified, by post ���prepaid'~SrI.,-to
deliver the same to tlie said Administrator at
" Greenwood, B.C., op to the undersigned on his
behalf, with their Christian, and surnames,
addresses and descriptions, full-particulars ol
such claims -iuclnding- a statement of their
account and the naturcof the security if any
held by them.   .-,
after the 15th day of February 1927 the adminis-
. trator may proceed to distribute the said estate
among-lhe parties, by law entitled thereto, having regard only to'the claims o'f, which he shall
then have had notice, and the Administrator
-will not be liable for the said estate or any part
thereof tp any person or persons notice of
���whose claims shall not have been received by
liim at the time of such distribution.
Dated at Greenwood, B.C.J this ISth Day of
July, A. D., 1926.
Solicitor for Charles King-, Esq., Administrator of the Estate   of Marg-uerite
7 Anne Graham, Deceased.
An innovation is now in use akmg
tho Laurentian run of the Canadian
Pacific Railway in the form of two
hospital cars which will meet any demand which arises or urgent, calls
that may occur iii cases of illness.
First-class cars have been converted
into hospital rooms- in such.a way as
to easily take care of.four or five
sick persons. "  ��� ...".. ..
A record single shipment of Indian motorcycles, ctihsisting of 85
cases from Armory, Mass., recently.
arrived in Tokyo, having come forward by Canadian.. Pacific rail and.
steamer lines.- The demand for'
motorcycles in Japan is steadily increasing as this is considered a cheap
and convenient method of locomotion
and well suited "to the somewhat iiarr'
row roads of'the country.. ������.*..
���   Work on the New Grand Hotel at
Yokohama, Japan, started in March"'
after .various,.citizens   had. pleaded
.with  the municipality  for at  least
on$ good hotel' for one df'tli-e main
ports   of  their Empire.    The. hotel;
structure will be of concrete'with a'
steel    frame   and   four   stories   in
height.    The estimated cost isr?lr-
150,000.    Furnishings; are ex'pectcd
to cost another $850,66o,  bringing
the total cost to $2,000,000.
The English Football Team now
touring Canada was met at Quebec,
where they arrived on thc Canadian,
Pacific liner "Empress of Scotland,"
by Samuel Davidson, Secretary of
the Dominion Football Association.
The team played the first game in
Montreal and then went on to carry
out the schedule at Hamilton, Toronto, Fort William, Winnipeg, Regina, Lethbridge, Calgary, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Edmonton,
Saskatoon, Timmins. The tour ends
July 14.
Travellers who arrived on tl\o
"Empress of Russia" from the Far
East, and .who crossed Canada in
order to connect with the sailing of
the "Empress of France" from Quebec late in May, stated that action
had been started for the stabilization
of China and the end of brigand
rule. Under the chairmanship-of Run
-Yen, son of the late president of
Southern China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a
meeting was held which may fosult
in the coalition of all the forces of
order in China.
The_ blue'- crossTmeaii's  that
'your 'su Inscription ' is'due.: and
that the- editor would he 'pleas-
���'ed 'to''have' more money.   '-;
Clearing Streams
: TAKE:NOTICE that W. E. McArthur, |\vhose'' address is Midway,
B.C., will apply for a licence to use
the waters of the Kettle River ant-
West Fork of Kettle River for "Clearing-streams" purpose (i.e.,- clearint
���and; 'improving tihe' stream Ior the
driving, booming, or rafting of logs)
The points on the ^stream between
wliich if; is proposed, to clear are
from ^Midway to East; Eorlc on Kettle
River .and; from AVestbridge to Cann:
on West Fork of Kettle River. The
estimated mileage between the sair'i
points is 75 miles. The term proposed for the licence is 20 years. This-
notice was'posted on the ground"' on
the ��� 5th day "of July, :1D2C. A copy
of tliis notice arid"an application pui-
suant'thereto and to the "Water Acl
1S14," will be .filed'"iii "the oflice of
the Water"Recorder at Grand B'orks.
Objections to the application may be
filed "with the said Water Recorder
or with"; the''Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria
B.C.," within thirty days after, the first
appearanceWf this notice in a local
newspaper. '���'���
i ]'X[ Wl'.'E; McARTHUR,7; Applicant.
-���"'���The date;, of ihe first publication of
this notice is July 8th, 1926.
' \&&
x. bi
LL tii�� Beers purchased by the Liqmr
. ��&��trel Board of B. C. from the Van-
wsyw Breweries Limited, Rainier Brewing C@. af Canada Limited, Westminster J
Bs��wfei��\ (& Ixi^ied,^ Victoria Phoenix
.'.'jj^wiig C��. Limited and the Silver Spring
fe��w��jr Limited, who are all members of
fit* Amalgamated Breweries of B. C, for
s^lMt^venunenl Liquor Stores and the
Llmsmi Beer ParlorSp have been and will
ba tuaajygad hum time to time by differect assart fiima of the continent for the
pjwtosttoa ��f the public.
npHB substance of these various anal-
�������������� yses instigated by order of the ���
Lkiuor Control Board shows that the
Beers are perfect, the taste agreeable and
malty. The foam is creamy and stands
up well The alcohol by weight is about
4.25 per cent, and' the extract 5.49 per
cent, with an original gravity of about
13.20. These analyses indicate further
ihat tho Beers are of good quality, wholesome and free from any foreign substance. .
npO make' a gooii Beer with such'health-giving
�����- qualitios it requires a sldlled brcwinaster and
an up-to-date hygienic plant, such as maintained
by the above mentioned Breweries. These plants
are open for inspection and visits of thc public are
gladly solicited Only, the best materials obtainable ore ase4. in the manufacture of the Beers. "-.'.
*��� |>UE Browing capacity or the above Breweries,
���xA members or the Amaloamated .Krtnvcrics of
B. C, Is ahout eight times as large as the present
output, which gives-best assurance to the public
of receiving only fully matured- and properly
a^*d Baera for many years lo coins. "
Notice to the Public ' *
I beg- to announce to the Public of
Greenwood aiul.District Unit I am now
prepared to carry on the business of.
Annsoii's Shoe Repair Shop, Grand
Forks. All work guaranteed. Your"
pa iron age solicited.
Physician and Surgeon
���won   '���
Residence Phono 69
^njitn __t_a
i __'4>U*V.����1MH^ a
H. W,"P. M00RE
Vficnrt. unreserved, ��� surveyed
Crriu-ii l.'iii'ls nifiy be prH-empted by
uritisli sulijucis over IS years of ago,
nnd by alien., on declarlnu Intention
to become British subjocta, condl-
ilonal upon residence, occuration,
and impi'ovemonl for agricultural
Full infoi-mation concorning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given in UullplinjNo. l,,Land-Sorloa,
"How to Pre-empt I^an'd." copies ot
which can be obtained fr^e of charg**
by addressing thb Department of
Lands. Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Afront.
Records will be granted covering
only land Ruitablo for- agricultural
inirposos. and which Is not tlmber-
'land, i.e..^ carry inK over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feet per ucre east of that
Runjjfe. " y     ���
Applications . for pre-emptions ar*
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording- Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can bo obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be"occuplud for
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and "cultivating at least five
\'acres, before a Crown Grant can b*
received. " '
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land." '  ''
.������Applications are received for pur-
"chase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland
for agricultural purposes; mlniinnir
price for first-class (arable) land >
$5 per acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per aero. Further Information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands ls given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase u-nd
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial slinh on
timber land, not exceeding 40 ��cr��s
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including . payment of
Uri8urveyed areas, not exceci-llnR 2ft-
' acres, may be leased as homeskea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in "tho first year, title helm
obtainable .after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfill**)
and land has been surveyed.
y male
��� ���_
JOHN R   M0OY80FR, Proprietor
J* <
- ' Somewhere in"another community, perhaps, there
is a fr.'end whom you have not seen for some time.
Can you rea-.h him by telephone? If so, why not call
him up sGxrw evening and give him a delightful
surprise? Our long-distance rates are lowest after
8:30 p.m.
 = LEAS E8
For   grazing*   and   lnduetrlaJ. pw-
~ poses areas not exceeding 840  a.cr<___
may be  leased  by one  person   or a
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided into Rrazini? dlstrtota
and the ran^e administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
(���xazine* permits are issued based on
numbers ranged, priority belnn. given
to established owners. Stook-owner��
may form 'associations- for range-
management. Free, or partly free,
permits are available for lettler*.
campers aad tra.v��]lara. up to tea
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77.6G3,045, Lode Gold
���    '  $122,808,459;  Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;    Copper,  $197,042,647;
Zinc,  $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous  Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,?273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick.'Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its" Mineral production to the end of 1925, show .an '. * -.
* ' *
Aggregate- Value of $920,919,628 ,
Production for the year ending pecember.T1925, $61|4.92,24-2
�� -. , -��� '.,     - ,
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of   any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
1   Mineral locations are granted to discoverers" for  nominal fees.
Absolute., Titles are" obtained - by developing such properties, the security of whicli  is  guaranteed
by Crown Grants..
, ftull"information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
.VICTORIA, BritisirColumbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon ..which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports o'f the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on'
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch B uilding,-Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of


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