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The Greenwood Ledge Apr 5, 1928

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No. 36
���'���'"��� ��� *}   t -���"'.. . ,
A Pull Line of McClary's
Ranges and Heating Stoves
^��U��*t��AU^tM^^tt<IM^A,4ttttti,AAitl ^f
'McClary's Enamel and Tin Ware
Assorted Dishes and Glassware*
i.;ai. gulley & go.
* !
Specials for Easter
Asparagus ...'.... per tin 40c
Cauliflower   per tin 30c
Green Beans  .'..  per tin 20c
Peas, 2 seive ,  per tin 25c
Spinach   per tin 30c
New Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce, Cauliflower,
Bananas, Etc.
For quality and value order from "��� Phone 46
i- 4t.1T.   ......    lt.   ...   ......   .   .   i  ,.   ,   .   - 	
Start the New Year right by using
Edison Mazda Lamps
Reduced prices from January 1st
TAYLOR & SON    Ph0���e,7
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INyals Creophos
for   Coughs and Colds
Huskies    for Sore Throat
Both work splendidly
Mail Your Orders
Our Fresh Stock Of   .
Garden Seeds are here
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Timothy. Sweet Clover, Red Clover
Ogilvie's Baby Chick Feed "for Baby Chicks
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X    A nice assortment of    \
is now on Display
Canvas Shoes
for men and children
�� Men's Spring Underwear \
Work Gloves, Miners
Boots & Heavy Rubbers
_ Ellen Trounson's Store
��� '  -4
��� Licensed  Insurance Agent <
���. Fire, Life, Accident & Sickness, <
��� Automobile, Bonds, Burglary <
��� Real Estate, Ranches, Dwellings '
��� Call and see - \
��� Charles King, Copper Street, <
* in reference to above" <
> We have quite a few letters J
��� from  People  expressing their <
>." appreciation of our work and <
��� we can assure the Public that J
��� all Repairs turned out by us <
I will be ��of the highest standard <
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[' A. A. WHITE \
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)' F. J. WHITE, Mgr. <
Captivating: Colleen clipped
"When a young girl has spent
most of her young life behind *>a
delicatessen counter, love seems
like a lot of baloney���if you knew
what it was like to be a saleslady
in the onion department of your
old man's store you could appreciate how it feels ;when the door
opens and the sweet breath of
romance gently whispers in your
ear, "Kiddo, he's crazy about you!"^
John McCormick presents
"IT MUST:-"BE-.-LOVE";.'"'
Adapted- from the Saturday Evening
Post story "Delicatessen" by B. Hanlon
Tel. 2.
Supply ..of
Fish and Poultry
Box 391
tlerrjngs, Soles, Cod, Etc;
Beef, Veal, Mutton and Pprk    yy
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. i
of Canada. Limited
...'i>. - ���..   ������     ...     . '��� *-:   -
Office, Smelting' and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pi^Lead and Zinc
"""���"""�������� ����AA> AAAAAAAA AAA AAA-AJ
Greenwood "Theatre
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Adults 50c.      Chiidren-25c
Coming! Coming!
Saturday, April 14th
Harry Langdon      in
"Long Pants"
The Annual Meeting of the above
Hospital will be held at 3 p.m. on
Saturday, April 21st, 1928, in the Bank
of Montreal Building. It is requested
that all those interested in the Hospital
should attend. ���'"[���
o Sec-Treas.
Sacred Song Service
United Church, Greenwood
7:30 p.m.
Of Local Interest
The local school closed this afternoon for the Easter holidays.
_JD.urican Mcintosh of Beaverdell, was
in town for a few days this'week.
- Mrs. H. W. Gregory left on Monday
to:visit at her home in Armstrong.
'.Mrs. W. H. Bryan returned home on
Tuesday morning from Wenatchee.
Mrs. P. A.', Johnson is visiting Mr.
Johnson at the'v Sally mine, Beaverdell.
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Purkis returned
this morning.from.a-visit to Nelson and
The'Uocal government office will be
closed from Thursday afternoon until
Tuesday morning.
R.: Lee is ..spending, a few days at his
home in Greenwood from the Wellington mine, Beaverdell.
Mrs. S. J. Roylance returned on Saturday morning from a.pleasant visit
with friends in Trail.
.Mr. and Mrs. E. Richter. and son,
Prank of Rock Creek, were visitors in
Greenwood on Tuesday.
. Sam Matthews of- Grand Porks, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Peterson during the week-end.
Miss Heather Harris left this afternoon for her home at New Denwer to
spend the Easter holidays.
Mrs. Betty Mowat and daughter,
Olive, who are visiting at Kettle Valley,
spent the week-end in town.
Mrs. W. J. Cook of Grand Porks, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H W
Gregory, during the week-end
iGeo. Swanlund is at his home at
Boundary Palls, recovering from . an
accident at the Sally mine, Beaverdell.
Constable, W. R. Powers returned the
first-of-the-week from escorting a
patient to the mental hospital at the
Miss M. Kerr of Calgary, arrived in
town this morning'and has taken Miss
Lowe's"position on the staff of the Distant Hospital.
Miss Merle Emery of Kelowna, was
the guest of her sister and brother-in-
law, Mr..and Mrs. E. J. Nelson, for a
few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L., Walker and two
children, Donalda and Jack, left on
Wednesday morning for Vancouver
where they will reside.
Miss Hazel Emery of. Rhone, who has
been visiting her sister and brother-in-
law, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Nelson, left on
Monday afternoon efor Parkland, Alberta; v -.;'.���
__DjV. A.:; Francis^has_receiyed-the - ap^
pointment of Physician and Surgeon
at Hedley. The Doctor and his family
will be leaving about the 15th of the
The following are added to the list
of gifts received by Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Rowe: Mrs. M. Royce, cold meat fork;
Mrs. A. J. Morrison, bath towels; Mrs.
M. Christensen, bath towels. "[[_,,
A." J. Dunnett, rate inspector of
buildings - for - -the British Columbia
Insurance Underwriters Association
was in town on Wednesday and in
company with Charles King, inspected
city property and the Providence mine.
Miss W. Lowe, R.N.. who has been or>
the staff of the District Hospital for
some months left for her home in
Oyama, on Monday morning. During
her stay here, Miss Lowe made many
friends who were very sorry to see her
Guests at the Pacific Hotel during
the week: T. H. Worthing, John Clare
Mike Shuster. Beaverdell: J.D Mac-
Lean. S. F. M. Moodie, .Victoria; Edw.
Ruzicka, Dougald McPherson, Grand
Forks; Ed. Stiles, Rock Creek; Scott
Hice, Nelson; C. K. Brown, Penticton;
J. L. Walker and family, City; Tom
Nash, Kamloops.
Premier MacLean Addresses Large
"   Audience in Greenwood Theatre
Premier MacLean left pri Sunday
morning's late train for the Coast.
A large number of his old-time friends
were in town on Saturday .evening to
meet him once again and' incidentally
congratulate him on?his attainment to
tft'^higli position he now holds. The
Premier" was accompanied by Major s;
P. M. Moodie of Victoria.   : ,; '
Regular Congregational Easter
Hymns, Special Music  by the
Choir and a Pantomine
Everybody Welcome
Catholic Church, Greenwood
Mass at 11 o'clock
Next Sunday, being Easter, should be
one inspiring hope and joy. The
United Church' will hold a Sacred
Song Service"with this.end in view on
Sunday evening at 7:30. o'clock. There*
will be the regular congregational
Easter hymns and special music rendered by the choir,; closing with a
pantomine by Mrs. Walker's Sunday
School class.
The Directors of the Greenwood and
District Hospital express their gratitude to the undermentioned donors:
Donations for March
R. Poirshaw, potatoes; Mrs. A. Sater,
oranges; Mrs. E. Hawkes, "eggs; Mrs.
M. Axam, fruit; Mrs. A. Lucente, plates;
Curlers, flour; Mr. Bubar, eggs.
One of.the largest turn-outs that has
assembled in Greenwood for a public
meeting in recent years greeted Premier
MacLean and Mr. D. McPherson, Local
Member, on Saturday- evening, last
when a packed house gathered to hear
tlieir speeches at the. Greenwood
Theatre. The: Premier was obviously
pleased to have such an opportunity to
meet his old constituents, who. came
from all portions of the 'District to
do him honour. It was the first; time
that he addressed a Greenwood, audience since his . elevation ; to the
premiership and the people of the old
Riding which first elected him to the
legislature seemed anxious, irrespective
of political':-; leanings, : to. congratulate
him on his promotion in the public
life of thisrprovince." Though Dr. Mac-
Lean has not had much time, to rest
since the close, of the recent session he
seemed in the best of. spirits * arid delivered an interesting, and well-reasoned
speech. ; .     '.'.���:"��� / ','"���' '        '".' .*'.':*:
Mayor Gulley presided and expressed,
the pleasure.of the people of Greenwood and District at haying Dr..Mac-
Lean with them again and he reminded the audience that ��� when they
first elected him they expected "that
he would make good and - he made'
good." The Mayor also referred to, Mr.
McPherson'as another, member who
was making good and who would bring
additional credit to the District.       >
"During the years since T wasjfirst
elected here-1 have spoken to: many
gatherings; in many places," said the
Premier, "but I can truthfully state
that in no place do I like to speak to
the people more than I'-do here. Tf I
made good in the service of .British
Columbia and if I have conducted
myself so as to deserve the honours
that have been, conferred upon me it
is due; in part at least, to the inspiration I received from you people among
whom"I lived, as' your neighbour, for
so many years." It had been suggested
that his health was not of the best but
he was glad to tell his old friends here
that "though I am not as young as I
used to be and have not, perhaps, as
many honest hairs on my head, I am
feeling fit enough to warrant me in expecting that I shall have a part in
British Columbia's public affiairs 'for
anqther twenty-five: years."
"At 'the < outset let me say that,
though the opponents of the. govem-
nient .needvmuch correcting, I am, not
going"tid unduly rcriticize tHerri''tbnight.
My duty, rather, is to explain to you
some of the things We have been doing
and our plans for the: future." The
premier 'reviewed conditions in B.C.
when .the Liberals took office and the
improvements since that time. They
had established peace in industry and'
both Capital and Labor were/now satisfied that both were getting' a square-
deal. "The confidence of the investors
of the world in the financial policies
and methods of this government is best
measured by the huge " amount of
monies being continually invested in
various underta,kings. We are spending lots of money for roads and^imilar
doing so in order to attract new-'
comers, to this province as well as to
take care of the,people we have. Our
opponents criticize in this respect and
state that we are spending too much,
but in all my experiences in politics I
have never yet found a man who
claimed that we were spending too
much in his own particular locality-
it is. always somewhere else."
The premier paid a tribute to the
Local Member, Mr. McPherson, against
whom he had but one complaint to
make���that he always wanted more
for his Riding that they could afford
to give him. . " ,     ; -.
Reduced  Taxes
In regard to taxation, substantial
^eductions had already been made and
the tendency was downward. "We collect more money now than the old
government did twelve years ago, but
the payment is made by a much wider
circle of people. Tlie province has
grown and we are doing more business;
production is greater and industry has
expanded, consequently we derive more
revenue." Dealing with the public
debt the premier, with school-room
simplicity, explained the position in
this way: "If a farmer owns a fully
equipped farm which': he can sell fo:
$13,500.00, and ��� he needs some ready
cash for a time, would it be a serious
matter for him to borrqw $680.00 on
the security of his property?" "That,"
said the Premier, "is exactly "the relationship between the assets and
liabilities of this province and I could
put my hand on $16,000,000.00 in cash
in the bank at Victoria tomorrow to
gpply against our debts. That is the
amount of our sinking funds."
The old. question of "Better Terms."
was discussed and Hon. Dr. MacLean
gave the greater part of the credit for
the successful outcome of .the efforts
for the return of the lands in the r-ail-
way belt and the Peace River Block to
the late Premier Oliver "but," he added,
"I think I can, without appearing
boastful, claim some part of the credit
for the Attorney-iGeneral and myself."
" No definite idea. was given by Dr.
MacLean as to the date of the coming
election. "It will take place some time
within a year or eighteen months and
in the meantime we are carrying on to
the best of our ability for '��� the best
interests qf all the people."
Local Member speaks.
Mr. McPherson delivered an able
speech in which he dealt with a
variety of matters of local interest and
he also gave a resume of conditions
and events which/he had been obliged
to face, for. the past three years. He
predicted -a substantial improvement
in industrial conditions, especially as
regards mining, in the Riding and congratulated those "who had always
persisted in believing that the District
would come back into the pay-roll
class." He paid a sincere compliment
to his leader; Dr. MacLean. "It was,
in my opinion," he declared, "a lucky
day for British Columbia when we laid
the burden of the Premiership on his
shoulders." He , predicted that Hon.
Dr. MacLean would make the "best
premier we have ever had." Proceeding,
he gave an outline of the work of a
legislator and the duties of a Member.
"There are no natural-born members
pf parliament, any more than natural-
born brick-laj'ers, doctors or engineers.
I have been at it for three years and,
notwithstanding my success in many
ways, I feel that I have been, .as It
were, learning the business at your expense," he said. .
Outline for Future Plans.
Mr. McPherson gave an interesting
outline of the plans for road construction, alterations, etc., which he had
been responsible for starting and those
he had in mind for the future. These
include, public works all through the
Riding,' from Christina lake to Carmi
and Bridesville. "This," he declared,
"is not an election programme; the
work, what-ever it may be that we
decide upon, will be done regardless of
whether there is an election this year
or not." So far as he was concerned,
said the speaker, he' did not care a,
great deal when the election came.
This, brought him to the point of dealing with the political and legislative
activities of the- Opposition. Assuring
the audience, that there was "nothing
personal" in his criticisms, *he flayed
the Tory spokesmen for having, as he
thought, converted the.House "into a
burlesque show." The. charges and
scandals brought up at the session of
1927 were briefly dealt with by, the
speaker, who also wished to know why
Hon. Dr. Tolmie, Conservative Leader,
had not taken advantage of one of the
numerous opportunities afforded him
,to take a seat in the legislature. "If
the government which I am supporting
is as bad as he says it is and if things
haye got to such a hopeless stage in
this province as he tries to haye us
believe, it seems to me," said Mr. McPherson, "that his duty was tp come
out here and do what he could to.
remedy matters -instead of washing, his"
time "three~"thousarid miles away." He
ridiculed the Tory claims of .."complete,
harmony" prevailing in the ranks of
.the party and referred to the fact that
within the past few days press despatches had indicated that neither Mr.
W. J. Bowser nor Mr. H. H. Stevens
would be in the running under the
Conservative banner in the coming
campaign. He was- convinced that
these gentlemen did riot wish to share
the blame for the disaster that is in
store "for their party under- the leadership of Dr. Tolmie.
After the meeting a dance was held,
Local, musicians were assisted by Mr.
J. _IL_Bush^and���Mr���E���-DeLisle~of~
Midway. , This combination seemed to
work a magic among the dancers. The
younger 'generation were having a
wonderful time. Then the enthusiasm
spread among the seniors. It wasn't
long till the hall was crowded. Refreshments were served in the Auxiliary Hall. They danced away until the
Master of Ceremonies had to explain it
was Saturday and past the hour of
midnight. The Home Sweet Home
Waltz was then played and the merrymakers dispersed each expressing their '
gratitude for the entertainment.
Midway .vchool Report
Report for March
Division   I
A. M. Jones
Total Attendance.............:.. ��� 424
Average  Attendance............. 19.27
Number in Attendance.      20
Proficiency List '
Grade VIII.���1, Rosalie Brown; . 2,
Raymond Tippie; 3, Roy Sharp; 4,
Verna Evans; 5, Mayneen Bush; 6,
Mae Sharp; 7, Edward Johnston; 8,
Mildred Johnston; 9, William Tippie.
Grade' VII.���1, Ethel McArthur; 2,
Gladwin Sharp; 3, Kenneth Johnston.
Grade VI.���1, Zella Jphnston; 2,
Bernadine Brown; 3, James Brown; 4,
Douglas Johnston; 7,- Fred Erickson.
Grade   V.���1,   Gordon   Roberts;   2,
Jack Brown; 3, Lucile Evans.
Division II
-' Mary Barker
Proficiency List
Total Attendance 373.5
Average . Attendance  16.98
Number in Attendance    18
Grade IV.���1, Philip- Pannell; 2,
Ethel Bender; 3, Daniel Johnston; 4,
Pauline Roberts; 5, Ernest Hawkes; 6,
Douglas Johnston; "7, Fred Tippie.
Grade III.���1, Dale Brown; 2, Evelyn
Hawkes; 3, Louis DeLisle.
Grade II.���1, Cecilia Clappier and
Roberts Evans, equal; 3, Eileen Pannel;
4, Donald Salmon. " ~'
Grade I.���1, Geneva DeLisle; 2,
Warren Brown; 3, Harold Erickson; 4,
Emile Lautard.
The latest production which stars
the ever-lovable Colleen Moore, "It
Must Be Love," will be*the feature
picture at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, April 7th.
Adapted from Brooke Hanlon's short
story, ."Delicatessen," this picture is
full of laughter, love and life. Jean
Hersholt and Malcolm McGregor are.
featured in support of the First
National star. aasstiassaaaSB
is do od tea
'RedRose Orange Pekoe
-Top Quality
��� '   ��� In clean, bright Aluminum
Protect Our Forest Resources
"Among tlie varied natural resources which go to make up Canada's
���enormous potential wealth, the forests occupy a most important place. As
'.ls:>iibw generally -known, Canada has within recent years moved into first
plkce among the nations of the world in the production of paper, having
��� passed the United ��� States which up to a few years ago was the word s
largest producer.   The great development of water powers, now so marked
���* feature of Canada's industrial progress, has been largely brought about
because of the'growth of the pulp and paper industry. This water power
.development is; however, vitally affecting the whole life of the Dominion.
yy. -Apart from the pulp and paper industry, the forests,have an influence,
���arid'play a direct  part  upon  practically  every  department _of  Canada s
-.national life whether it be the social, economic, financial, agricultural or.in-
..dustrlal. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that the forests of Can-
ada be protected and conserved. _
In full realization of this fact, tlie Dominion Government has by royal
���proclamation issued by His Excellency the Governor-General, set apart the
-week of April 22 to 28 as "Canadian Forest Week." Statements contained
.in this'royal proclamation may serve to bring home to Canadians the'effect
and value of forests in ways to which they have given little thougnt. In this
'proclamation the following facts are emphasized:  , ..-'.'..���.
1. Our national income depends on our forest industries more than on
-any other source except agriculture. '
���     2    Our forest industries depend on the timber crops now standing ripe
in the forest, and their very existence is jeopardized  by any preventable
-wastage of'these supplies.   The future of the forest industries depends on
-the young growth and immature timber of today, and the prosperity ot these
industries will be in direct proportion to the care and. protection aitorded this
-,growing timber. " ..' ������
3 Our water-powers depend upon the stability of- stream flow
throughout the year, the equilibrium of which is disturbed by denudation of
���the forest cover in the drainage basins, resulting in alternate periods of
floods and low water.      , ���  .',"���''-���.,���
4.   Our irrigation works demand protection-forests are the .fountam-
ihead of irrigation. ' u y
5    Our agricultural lands depend on distant watersheds for the main-
Praise For Canadian West
Success Assured For Those Who Are
Willing To-Work .
, Let it be thoroughly understood by
all intending immigrants that tlie
Canadian prairie either makes or
breaks the man who sets out to subdue it. Prizes there are to be won,
without a doubt. Broad .'areas, of fertile wheat land ��� regularly yielding
their vast stores of golden grain.
Great herds of sleek . cattle dotted
about the emerald hills in summer, or
safely sheltered inside snug buildings
in the winter. Big, warm, comfortable
houses, furnace-heated, their basements piled with stacks of wood and
coal. Lavish tables spread with wholesome food in such profusion aS the
Londoner never dreams of. Automobiles, radios, telephones, electro-
power���everybody can have them,
Prosperity and abundance are within'reach of" all who have enough tenacity to forge and use the magic key
���work. ��� Wide World Magazine
FOR OVER     '  L^Z-
Not Sick, But Not Up. To. the
Mark���You Need the Help Of
That Sterling Tonic, Dr. Williams'  Pink  Pills���They  Give
New Vitality.
. With the passing of winter, many
people feel weak, depressed and easi'
ly tired.      The body lacks the vital
force and energy pure blood alone can
give. In a word, while : not   exactly
sick, the indoor life of winter has left
its mark upon them. A blood-building,
nerve-restoring tonic is needed "to give
renewed health and energy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are an all-year-round
blood builder and nerve tonic, but are
especially useful in the spring. Every
dose heips to  make new,  rich, :red
blood, and with vthis new blood returning   strength   .cheerfulness' and
good health quickly follow.     X,x :X.
If you are pale, easily tired, or
breathless at the least exertion, if
your complexion is poor or you'are
troubled with pimples or eruptions,
Dr. Williams': Pink Pills are just what
are xl iitctwic .w,**v*. aa^i. * v^*��>, **. j �����- r ���x
does, not refresh you, or your appetite
is poof, you need the treatment Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills alone can give���
you need the new blood, new strength
5. Our agricultural lanus uepeuu ��� ����WM.- ..-..._. _  . , yo\i nVedTo put you"right. If'you have
tenance of subsoil moisture during the growing period, and are robbed of > twinges of rheumatism,  are' subject
.productivity by wasteful run-off which occurs when the forests are destroyed. | to headaches and backaches ,if you
6. Our game'and fur-bearing animals 'depend* on the forest for their} areirritable andInervous, ifyoufsleep
'natural protection, and decrease in  numbers  or  retreat  to  more  remote
regions as the forest cover disappears. �� ��
7. Our tourist traflic depends in a great measure on sceriic and other ,.,-_. . ..._
attractions offered in such abundance by the forest and would he seriously I and 'new energy this medicine always
��� *   ������ ���'-        ... ':.-,���.,_!.. ���.������(.������ I brings. Mr. A. Marcotte, North Ham,
Que., writes:���"I have round great
benefit from the use.of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Before! began using them
I was in a badly, rundown condition,
and at times felt scarcely able to
work. Dr. Williams'-Pink Pills have
changed all this. ..and-'.'since, taking
them I 'aim enjoying the best, of health.
Every man who feels rundown and
easily tired should give this great
medicine a fair trial."
Try   Dr. Williams'Pink   Pills   for
affected if verdant woodlands be transformed into desolate wastes.
This enormously valuable asset to any country���and Canada is among
the wealthiest in forest resources among the' nations . of the world���is
threatened by two dangers both .of which are man-caused and therefore preventable,���(1) Almost universal carelessness with lire in the forest, resulting in the destruction, not only of timber and young growth, but of the very
*soil which produces it, and "(2) the use of wasteful and destructive cutting
-methods without any thought of ensuring a new crop.
It is in recognition of all  these facts' that during  "Canadian Forest
Week,"-April 22 to 28, which is alsd'the beginning of another season of
��� - travel and recreation in the-forest with attendant fire danger, the people of
: "Canada are officially urged to resolve for another year to recognize the
situation as set out in this royal proclamation and to give careful heed to
-the information issued by the several ���'���������forest.;'authorities and agencies in
Canada to the end that all may be encouraged to a sustained and patriotic
���effort in promoting the conservation of this'valuable resource.        "
Millions For "Publicity
anaemia,'rheumatism, neuralgia, indigestion or nervousness. Take them
as a tonic if you are not in the best
physical condition and cultivate a resistance that will,keep ypu well and
strong. You- can get these ; pills j truth, about us.
through any medicine dealer, or by
mail at 50c. a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
���Union For Men's Rights Is'Organized
In Tibet
-Masculinists are on the march in
_ "Tibet. There women's rights have been
achieved. Every woman has at least
three husbands, whom she keeps or.
���casts aside at will. A discarded husband is an outcast from society. And
. all except the favorite husband, must
work for the wife.
One of these working Tibetan husbands���Amouki  by  name���has  seen
what feminism leads to, risen above
the ideology of his environment, and
���organized a union for men's rights.
.He and some five hundred desperate
followers have even tramped to the
"holy city of Lhassa with a banner
inscribed    "Striking    husbands    of
'Tibet" and   with   placards   reading
"Down with the tyranny of women,"1
' "Men rust have   financial   independ
��� ence,
National Advertisers Spent $225,000,-
000 in 1927 in Newspaper
National   advertisers   spent   $225,-
000,000- for newspaper advertising in
1927, the bureau of   advertising   pf
the American Newspaper''Publishers'
Association has announced.
Estimates showed tliat 353 companies had expended'5122,500,060, of
which the greatest sum, $33,505,000,
was spent by 57 automobile concerns.
Eighty-two food advertisers spent
$24,045,000, and 14 tobacco companies spent $15,260,000.
?New Settlers'MakingGood'
Externally   Or   Internally,   It   Is
Good.���-When applied externally by
brisk rubbing. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil opens the pores and penetrates
the tissue, touching the seat of the
trouble and immediately affording re-,
���������'��<-���-.   ���  - lief. Administered internally, it will
"Abolish polyandry," The out- still the irritation in the throat which
'     -1       .UImo*        rtv,/^ ..rill ;     VqIIqva
Alberta   Board   Reports   Payments
Met By Large Number
Sixty-five per cent, of the settlers
on land under the Calgary District
of' the Land Settlement Branch have
already met their payments thus far
in the year which ends June 30, 1928,
according to W. S. Woods, superintendent of the Board in Calgary. More
than ��513,000 has been collected, out
of $765,000 due, and the board has
security upon wheat pool assignments
yet to be realized upon covering deferred payments on more than 200,000
bushels of wheat. This is regarded
by officials of the ���board "as a particularly good showing.
Lord  Grey  Refers  To . Sterling
Character   Of   Prince
Lord Grey of Fallodon, opening a
new institute and training centre for
the blind at, Leeds,- paid a tribute to
the late Prince Lichnowsky, who, lie
said, did a great   work   for   peace.
Lord Greysaid:'    '     '
Prince Lichnowsky, whom the lord
mayor very, truly ,described as a
great friend of mine, was the German ambassador in this country at
the time of the outbreak* of warl I
was. very closely associated with him
for two years. During the "London
confrence of 1912 I saw how earnestly^ he worked for peace, and. on
that occasion- happily with success. In 1914" he -worked no less
earnestly for peace, but was unable
to avert the catastrophe of war.
I will not say anything .for a moment today upon^ the question of war
responsibility.   There will always'be
a great propaganda on the  subject
which will do more to obscure than
to reveal the truth. Historians' will
differ in their accounts of trie causes
and the conduct of the war, .acdording
to their personal feelings and national prejudices; but I hope that history
will give-an honored place to the men
of high  position  who  did  all  they
could to avert - war, ���. and.. amongst
them    Prince    Lichnowsky's    name
must always have an honorable place.
We in this country should remember him favorably, because at a time
when in Germany the public men of
this country and British policy were
the subject-of intense misrepresentation he had the" courage and fairness
in   his  own   country  to   speak   the
I. trust that those
efforts for peace, though they ^failed
to avert the Great War, will not be
without fruit in an example for the
men of the same character and determination to. avert war.. will be found,
at momehts of political crises, in the
places of responsibility. I read with
deep regret news of his death, for he
did a great work for peace.���London
Canadian War Ace
Feted In Germany
Colonel Bishop, V.C, Mado Member
. Of German Ace Association
Colonel Bishop, V.C, interviewed
on his experiences in Germany where
he was the guest of honor of The German aces, said that quite unexpectedly he found famous aviators'com-
ng up and saying they were proud
to make his acquaintance. They
knew'him as the Canadian who.shot
down 72 German machines during the
war but now that tlie war was over
they said they were no longer enemies but comrades who had all been
doing their duty. They Invited Bishop to lunch at thc Aero Club.
Udet, who shot down 62 allied
planes, came to Berlin specially to
meet Bishop.
On proposal of Udet, Bishop'was
made a member of the German Ace
Association. Bishop humorously replied that he deserved. tlie honor, for
he was accused of crashing . more
British planes than the German had
ever done. ""    '
It was recalled that Richthofen
was given-full military honors .when
hc was shot down and that other German aviators, when captured, were
made members of British messes and
treated as guests of honor. -
-hasa cough or cold or has bees
exposed to disease -give it Spohn'V
' Spohn's to keep youri
������.���i working full tim��;  For
dutomptr,   infloensa,  colds.
cough), pink aye, catarrhal few
J.ini  all diaoue* affecting. tha
com, throat and long* (Ira���
Mo and 11.JO at Drug Storu���WiitaXorfrao booklaf
fgohn Medical Company    Dipt 23 fiothan, Jni,
Saves Soap
Saves Work
Jl ' Everywomerf
Apples Will Be Marked
Canadian   Fruit   Sent -To   England
Designated-As Such
' A Canadian apple on the British
market will soon be known and designated as such, according to a report
received, by cable from J. Forsyth
Smith, Canadian fruit trade commissioner to Great Britain. In the past
Canadian, Australian and other
apples imported into Great Britain
have simply been sold as apples. According to the new recommendation
by the standing committee" fof agriculture and . horticulture produce
both* retail marking and container
rriarking on imported fruit will become law under the British Merchandise Marks Act. . .
Long Air Trip Completed   .;
Woman  Has Finished Flight From
* England To Australia
- - The longest -flight, ever undertaken
by a woman has been completed'at
Port Darwin, Australia, Mrs. Keith
Miller" and Capt. W.   N.   Lancaster,
flying a two-seater light plane, the
Red Rose, arrived here from Croydon,
England, a flight'of-13,000 miles. The
couple started from England on October 14, "and carried their luggage
in two suit-cases\ En route they met
with several mishaps, the worst of
which was at Muntok, Banka Island,
Dutch East Indies. Mrs. Miller's nose,
was broken, and Capt. Lancaster's'lip
cut, and it was doubtful for a time
whether they   could  continue   their
flight.NThe plane was repaired,'however, and they covered the scheduled
stages without, further incident.   The
flyers intend to continue to Sydney,
n.s.w. . ';
Drill For Oil Near Cochrane
Denver capital will drill a test well
in search of oil north-west of Calgary not far from Cochrane. Toronto
Makes Breathing Easy.    The con- * m d m in the Suffifild lield
striction of the air passages-and the interests wm uim m t
stniggle for breath, too familiar.evi- in Southern Alberta .Both are closed
dence of   asthmatic  trouble,   cannot corporations with no stock for sale. .
daunt Dr. J.   D.   Kellogg's   Asthma
Remedy. This is' the. famous remedy
which is known far and wide for its
complete effectiveness even under-
very severe conditions. It,is no. untried, experimental preparation, but
one with many years of strong service
behind it. Buy it from your nearest
"Ma, you were wrong about the
wedding," bawled little Tommy, Iiis
mother; having, come in late.
"What do you mean?" ."
"You said Mr. Flubdub was going
into it blindfolded, but he didn't."
Takes Out Many Patents
��o nnt vet known- at last re- induces coughing   and    will' relieve
come is not set known, at   ast affections. of the bronchial tubes and
the rebellious   husbands   nau ,    ,             m <<.   ������,i   v,���
not   returned
: Now York.
home.���The   Outlook,
.reopiratory organs.   Try it   and   be
' convinced,
A French astronomer now figures
that the sun will continue to supply
us with heat and light for 150 million years.
The worms, that- infest children
from their birth arc of two kinds,
those that find-' lodgement in the
stomach and those that are found in
the intestines. The latter are the most
destructive, as they cling to the walls
of the intestines and if not interfered
with work havoc there. Miller's
Worm Powders dislodge both kinds
and while expelling them from the
system serve to repair tlie damage
they have caused.
Canadian System Best
New Jersey Boy Ono Of Youngest
Fred T. Roberts, Jr., is one of tho
youngest inventors in . the .United
States. At the age of ten he made his
first invention and now, twelve years-J
old, lie has taken out seven, patents.
His latest device, soon to be placed
on the market, is a tool .for raising
automobiles without putting the jack,
under the axle. He thought of the fdea
while changing a tire, which had set-
A clip,-.placed oyer.the spring, has
an opening .into which fits a .bar 19
inches long. The jack,may be placed
anywhere uncjer the bar.
Four Great War Figures
The premier "of Britain when"'the
great war broke out, the British commander-in-chief on"' the main front,
the German ambassador to Britain in
August, 1914, and Marshal: Diaz,
Italian commander-in-chief in,the war
���all died within a few weeks.
Ocean Fare ��3
Under the British Nomination
Bche'me, your relatives and friends
can travel at this low rate from
Britain to. Canada
also reduced rail fare���children under 17 ���
free.   "For' complete inforrfiation,  phone, '
- write or call personally- at White Star Officei
, in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary,
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver.
Many peoplo in Madagascar live in
villages 20 miles from water and get
their beverages from the cactus plant
or drink milk.
Representatives Wanted
Stop Throwing Safety Razor Blades Away
-gives you.^harp', new, koon-edged blades
every day, . , _   ���.,
Keen, qutcK, velvety shaves for "i*--
Your efforts backed by national advertising.  Liberal- commission.
Fill in coupon TODAY.
I    Without obligation,  send   me   partlc- ]
ulars.pt. Krlss-Kross selling agency.   .
.    Name     |
.    Addresi    j
j    Town    .' Province    i
'     Canadian Krlss-Kross, Dept. W.N. 2.
39  Wellington  St.
Toronto,  Ont.
School For Immigrants
The Saskatchewan Government has
:a community school scheme to provide adult immigrants from Europe
with  a  thorough .knowledge  of the
/language, history, ideals, and agricul-
' -..tural 'methods of Canada.
Every man knows some other man
who is smarter than himself, but he
does not like to admit it. -
Sight Makes a Difference
.. Western Canada Range Areas
There are between five and six million acres of" leased range .lands in
...Saskatchewan and Alberta.   -
Vicks'healing, antiseptic ingredients
bring soothing relief.   Apply gently.
Race Horses Always Bun Faster If
They See Well
The horses that run fastest are
those that can see best. Tests made
with special instruments and power-,
ful lights in an attempt to increase
the speed of race-horses have shown
that one horse out of every ten suffers from defective sight. *;',;.-' ���'.;
To correct this, racers were fitted
with odd-shaped spectacles,: and it is
said that the animals' time for a
quarter of a mile was often bettered
by as much as three seconds. Many
circumstances affect a horse's speed,
but numerous tests with and -without
glasses have proved that sight does
make a difference.
It is part of the Turkish religion
to care for all people of Turkey..      ..
Blinard's Liniment for Backachv
Earl Of Elgin Thinks General Hospital Gives Best Servico
An address on Canada-was given
by the Earl of Elgin, who recently
toured this country,' in the Victoria
Hall, Helensburgh. In the course of
his address, which   was    Illustrated
with limelight'views, he said the people in Scotland could very well adopt
the Canadian system of hospitals. In
place of the private nursing home
and the general hospital' as separate
Institutions, one large hospital provided, treatment for private paying-
patients in separate wings of the same
building to. which non-paying patients
were u'also admitted. The result was
that the services of\the. best doctors
and the most up-to-date equlpnient
were available to all.
Buyers Seek the
Warm and Dry Homes
. Holloway's Corn Remover.takes the
corn'out by the roots. Try it and
prove it.       '' '
It takes about half a minute on
the average for a.drop,of blood to
complete its trip through the body
from the" time it leaves' the heart
until the- time it gets back.       - . _
Blinard's   Liniment   for   cuts   and
?]1 Forethought - in building a
home makes a good selling pro-
> position. Buyers find a warm,
dry house the-most desirable.
. Any house Is ��� impervious to
wind and dampness when pro- y./~
tected by Hercules .Permanent
Building Pape.V ��� V. [
In three grades^x^xx, xxx���
Hercules has been'tested and
proven wind proof and damp
Prove it for yourself.Samples
���'  sent gladly..      ,   - ���-.'���'
;i,;1l ><-~ I
>-��� y
World Wide Favorites
For Tlie Skin And Scalp
' Regular use of Cuticura Soap, assisted
by touches of Cuticura Ointment when
required, keeps the complexion fresh and
free from eruptions and the hair live
and glossy. Cuticura Preparations are
unexcelled in purity and are regarded
by millions as unrivaled in the promotion of skin and hair health.
flitmpln Etch Free by Mall. AddreSB Cnnadlan Depot:
"Bwnhoum, Ltd., Montreal," Prico, Soap 26a. Ointment 25 nnd 60c. Talcum 26c     -
33����- Cuticura Shaving Stick 25c.
Air Victors and
Victims of Atlantic
Attempts To Cross From Europe
To America Have All
...   ��� Failed    ,
Eleven men have flown in airplanes
across the. North Atlantic, from
America to Europe; not one has succeeded in flying the reverse trail from
Europe to America. A list of Atlantic
'flights follows:
John Alcock and Arthur W. Brown
'made the first Atlantic crossing from
Newfoundland to Ireland in 1919.
Charles A. Lindbergh' flew from
New York to Paris last May.
Richard E. Byrd and three companions flew from New York to Ver
Sur Mer, France last June, landing
in the surf. Their goal was Parish
Clarence     D.     Chamberlin     and
Charles A.. Levine   flew   from   New
York to'Germany in June.
.���    -'William S. Brock and E. F. Schlee
flew from Newfoundland to Croydon,
/Eng., last August as the first leg of
��� a��� round the world flight which was
-not completed.
Unsuccessful flights last year included:    "
Old Glory with three men, lost attempting American-Rome flight.
Plane Sir John Carling -with two
Canadian pilots .Medcalfe and Tul-
ley,' lost attempting Canada-England
���' ., The Dawn with a crew of four including Mrs. Frances Grayson, lost
in America-Denmark flight.
Charles Nungcsser and Francois
Coli,- lost sin an attempted France-
America , flight.
- Princess Lowenstein-Wertheim, lost
with two "pilots attempting England-
America flight,
. Rene Fonck started on flight to
France in 1926, but his plane overturned and burned at takeoff with
loss of two' lives. -    .   -,i
Ruth- Elder and George Haldeman
attempted Atlantic flight from Now
York, but landed in sea at Azores
and were saved.
Francisco de. Pinedo attempted
flight from Newfoundland, but had to
land near Azores and was picked up.
He later completed-the flight to thc
Two German planes started on
flights to America with stops at the
Azores, .but never got further than
Elsie MacKay left England March 13,
for America, but were not heard
A Strain 0f Credulity and Superstition In Most People
It has been said with considerable
truth that it is possible to fool all the
people some time and some people all
the time. The reason lies in tlie fact
that there is a strain of credulity and
supeistition in mose people, and
greater in some than in others. Fakers of all time have- made use of
these "streaks" of human nature to
flimflam the public and to enrich
themselves., Let a man announce
himself, as a .professor of some sort
of applied monkeydoodleism or
other, with a string of letters after
his name that mean nothing, and.he
will invariably command a large following of disciples and adherents
whose itching ears are always open
to hear some new thing. Such people preserve in their hearts a'child-
'like belief in the philosopher's stone.
For some men and women the Fortunate Isles are forever just around
the corner, "where falls not rain, or
hail, or any snow, nor ever wind
blows loudly." They follow pathetically every "psychologist," and delude themselves with the hope that
somewhere some day they will find
one who' has the key to all knowledge, the secret of all success, the
cure for all human ills. The amazing
thing is that, no matter how often
shattered, their belief still persists.
The fact of the matter is that many
men and women would rather be deceived than have their illusions destroyed. It is people of this nature
who through all the ages have been
the prey of the charlatan and the
adventurer. In modern days they
talk glibly of. "psychology," and pretend that its application will heal the
ills of the soul, mend broken hearts,
and impart to any one the Midas
touch that turns all to gold. To see
the credulity of tlie multitude is to
come to the conclusion lhat Barnum
was not far wrong.���Toronto Globe.
that.      "   '
. F. T. Courtney prepared for an
England-America flight; but his seaplane proved unsatisfactory in tests.
Five Frenchmen in two planes have
tried flights across the South Atlan-
ticvfrom* Africa to-South America.
Dieudonnc Costes and .Joseph le Iirix
succeeded; but Captain de St. Roman
and Lieutenant Mouneyers and their
mechanic v/ere lost.
Capt. Walker Hinchcliffe and Hon.
Letter Tells of Wonderful
Relief After Taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Coniston, Ontario.���"After a severe operation and a three weeks'
stay in a hospital
1 returned home
so weak that I was
unable to move a
chair; For four
months I was almost frantic with
pains and suffering until I thought
sure there could
not be any help
forme. IhadTery
severe pains in my
j. I left side and suffered agony every month. One day
when 1 was not able to get up my
mother begged me to try your medicine. My husband "got me a bottle
of Vegetable Compound at once and
I took it. ��� I started a second bottle,
and to my surprise and joy the pains
in my side left me completely and I
am able to do all my work without
lielp* 1 am a fanner's wife, so you
seel can't be idle long. In all. I have
taken six-bottles' of Lydia E. Pink-
.:. ham's Vegetable' Compound, five
boxes of the Compound Tablets, two
bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Blood
Medicine, and have also used the Sanative Wash.."���Mrs. L. Lajeunesse,
Box 103, Coniston, Ontario. o
;: -W. CN.   U.   1727
Plan Only Possible
For a Millionaire
Pittsburg Magnate Takes Guests To
' France For His Silver Wedding-
Seventy friends of Walter May, the
tations to cross the ocean to attend
his silver wedding celebration in
Paris. With each invitation was a
steamer ticket .for a round trip. Mr.
and Mrs. May recently- left America
for a cruise in the Mediterranean on
the Cunarder Laconia: While oc the
shores of Africa, they realized that
they could not get back to their Pittsburgh-home for their silver wedding.
Only la millionaire could have got
over the difficulty. May decided to
celebrate the anniversary over there
with all thc guests they would have
at home. The list was quickly made,
arrangements were, made with a
shipping company, and the whole
thing organized in less than a week.
The guests left New York on the
Aquitania. Rooms have been reserved
for them to go back on the Berengaria.
Duty Not Gratitude
"Thc idea Uiat children should be
grateful to parents," says a writer,
"is out of date." No such idea ever
was in. "Still children owe a debt to
parents they should pay. When children are little they are hard taskmasters, and when' parents are old,
they are hard taskmasters, and children should pay the natural debt of
nature to the extent of making the
parents as comfortable as the old can
be made; not as a matter of..gratitude, but as a matter of natural duty
and fairness."
Creating a Job
" Mr. Simpkins, couldn't you give
me a position of some kind with
you 1"
"Very sorry; don't think there is
any vacancy in my establishment."
"If you have nothing else, employ
me as your adviser."
"Very well; you can begin by advising me how I can get rid of you."
Continue To Uphold
Authority Of Cariada
Work Of R.C.M.P. Again Revealed In
���   Annual Report     , ���
How the Jrtoyal Canadian Mounted
Police���formerly styled the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police���continue
to uphold the authority of Canada up
in the Arctic wastes, thousands of
miles frorn^ civilization, is told in
simple, straightforward language in
the annual report of that body
which-has just, been made public.
Patrols undertaken within the
shadow of the North Pole itself,' demanding an absence of months from
their base, involving treks over glaciers, through blinding blizzards and
under conditions that call for thc ut-"
most endurance and hardihood, are
recounted as a matter of routine duty.
All the land lying North of the
mainland of Canada has long since
been claimed as the possession of
Canada, and in order to assert her
authority Canada sends those stalwart constables to apply the;laws of
the Dominion, to succor the Uskimos,
whom Canada, has adopted as her
wards, when they, are in need of help,
to establish post offices and customs
posts, and in general to administer
in the name of the King that vast
sub-continent that lies beyond the
Northern shores of this country.
Canada's Record In Aviation
She���"I wish I could feel certain
you love me."
He���"So do I!"
Dominion Has Confined Efforts To
Valuable Aerial Surveys -  -
Without achieving flights across
the Atlantic, to the pole or to the Far
East, Canadian airmen have nevertheless set up a world record in their
own special line of aerial survey, declared A. M. Narroway, assistant director of topographical surveys, Ottawa, in speaking before members of
the Ontario legislature ��� 'and department officials at Toronto.
"Canada has been' developing a
work horse, and not a race horse,"
he said. Some, 200,000 square miles .of
unexplored territory havc been mapped'in five years, which is equivalent
to circling the world eight limes with
a mile wide strip photographed, the
speaker added.
lie pointed out that there was no
glamor of excitement' attached to this
world record which would be recognized as contributing to development
of the natural resources of Canada.
Formerly the geologist wasted 75 to
80 per cent, of his- time finding his
way about unpromising areas. This
has been' eliminated by aerial surveys,
according to Mr. Narroway.
The flat, stale taste which
you sometimes -find in tea
inay be due to the package
it is put up in. Red Rose
Tea is of such fine quality
that no chances are taken.
It is packed in aluminum,
the only material that gives
complete protection'against
dust, dampness and deterioration.
Was In Command Of "Mystery
Ship" Pargust During War
Captain R. N. Stuart1 of the Canadian Pacific Service, tlie only Canadian nayaj. oflicer to receive a Victoria
Cross" during the great war,,' is to
bring the railway company's newest
passenger steamer, the Princess
Elaine,'from Glasgow to'Victoria, B.
C, whence it will enter the Vancou-,
ver-Nanaimo run early in May. The
vessel was built at Clydebank.
' Captain Stuart was one of the 300
officers in the Canadian Pacific Service who entered the royal navy during the war. He was in command of
the "mystery ship"" Pargust one day
when she was torpedoed by a submarine, From all indications the 'Par-
gust was a tramp steamer. A big hole
was blown in, her, by the Whitehead
and she soon developed a heavy list.
' All of the.crew .with the 'exception
of Stuart and a" fe\y as .daring, who
remained hidden aboard, fled in life
boats. When it appeared that the ship
was abandoned, the submarine.came
up'and circled its victim. Then came
action, Stuart and his . -little party
jumped to their posts, unmasked the
concealed guns and opened fire, with
the result that'the undersea craft was
sunk with- all its crew ��� except one
officer. and one man. '���
Stuart received the V.C. arid thc
D'S.O. as well for this daring feat, to
add to his-R.N.R. cross.'
Recipes For This Week
(By Betty Barclay)
Australia's First Typist
After serving 45.'_ years with a
well kown typewriting agency in
Melbourne, Miss Annie M. Clarke,
said to be the first typist in Australia, has just retired. When the
agency imported the first typewriter
in 1885, Miss Clarke, who was then
little more than,, a schoolgirl, braved
the ridicule that was heaped upon women who entered business in those
"daysland *"obtain"e"d_a~ positidn���in��� tlie
office. Carbon paper and typewriter
ribbons were then so scarce that they
were taken home at'night to be ironed out.
Tlie Way To Wealth
Tlie way.to wealth is as plain as
the way to market .It depends chiefly
on two words, industry.and-frugality;
that is, waste neither time nor money,
but make the best use of both. Without industry and frugality nothing
will do, and with them every thing.
The butterfly makes a great show,
but it's the homely bee that makes
the honey.
The block of metal which is the
world's standard pound avoirdupois
is kept in London.
A man can't save timc by stopping
his. watch.
Question: Why is
emulsified cod-liver oil
so important as an added
ration with milk in the
diet of children?
Answer: Because when
it is mixed with milk if
makes milk a more efficient ricketsrpreventing
food and builder of strong
bones. Children like it
best in the form of
'  4 bananas.
2 oranges.
1  ��� 2 slices -pineapple.
Salad dressing.
Berries or candied cherries.
With a sharp knife cut a section of
skin from the concave curve of tlie
bananas, and carefully take out .the
fruit, leaving the skin- in the shape
of a. canoe.- Pare oranges; remove sections',  ancl cut in pieces;  mix with
pineapple .(cut in .pieces) and an equal
amount   of   banana   pulp    (cut   in
pieces). Fill canoes with fruit; cover
with Mayohaise. or French dressing;
sprinkle generously with paprika; lay
on bed of shredded lettuce,'and garnish with, berries or candied cherries.
3 cups milk.
3 eggs.        '
1 teaspoon vanilla.
Vi teaspoon salt,
Few grains nutmeg.
Few grains cinnamon.
Beat the eggs .until very light. Add
the  sugar,  salt,  vanilla  and  spices,
then the milk. Stir till the sugar is
dissolved, then-beat well. Serve cold.
A Good Investment
Mortgage On  Any Useful Thing j_
Not a 3leal Debt
A prominent banker makes the
statement that four-fifths of all wage
earners are. in debt. ��� Only, about a
quarter' of the country's population,
he says, are free from financial worries. This sounds somewhat appalling
and might lead to the conclusion that
we are an improvident nation of
spendthrifts. Most people will agree
lhat it is no fun to be ln debt. The
feeling that one owes -money for
necessities or luxuries is. to the majority a disquieting one. There are
indeed people. who take their fiuan:
cial- responsibilities "very lightly and
refuse-to lose';any sleep over discrepancies in the "personal or--family
budget. But the, average man and
woman feel uncomfortable tinder such
a^.str��in.-~ There are, however,' debts
and.debts. The man who owes for a
home, 'an automobile, a' piano or other furniture,-may be in.the soundest
kind of financial condition.' A mortgage is no longer regarded as a sort
of ���> family skeleton, but as a very
sound and rational business investment..
Forty-four Government employees
are provided to serve the President
of.the United States in the White
' The real joy of living consists in
making one's. own. mind a pleasant
place to spend one's leisure moments.
Keep Minard's .Liniment handy.
Train Stops Are Costly
Every Signal Check Means Expense
To Railway Company
Although many people' complain
when a train is delayed because the
signal is against it, few-realize that
every signal check is a matter of expense to the railway-company. The
cost of stopping and starting a pas-,
senger train in England is three shillings and sixpence, and in the case of
affreight train between five and six
shillings. In a year this amounts to
a -big sum. Because of this railway
companies are trying to equalize signal sections, in order to eliminate unnecessary signals.
Have stockings in the very newest
shades; your old or faded stockings
given any tint in the rainbow in five
minutes; witli fifteen cents' worth of
Diamond Dyes! but use dyes, not synthetic tints. And be sure they're truo
Try a pair tonight! Use Diamond
Dyes, and no one will dream they
were tinted at home. And'you can do
real dyeing with just as perfect' re"-
sults, if you will just use the true
Diamond Dyes.
Free: Why not ask your druggist
for the very useful Diamond Dye
Cyclopedia? Valuable suggestions,
easy directions, and piece-goods sample colors. Or write for free copy of
Color Craft, a' big illustrated book
sent postpaid���address DIAMOND
DYES, Dept. N13, Windsor, Ontario.
Diamond Dyes
Just Dip to TINT, orBoiltoDYE
Earth's Outer Atmosphere
Consists Of Helium Gas Is Opinion
Of Scientist
One hundred miles above the surface of the earth tlie atmosphere consists almost wholly of helium gas, believes Sir William Napier Shav/-, eminent meteorologist.
If this conclusion Is right it will
never be .possible, it.is contended, for
aircraft to navigate the upper atmosphere.
In a new "manual of meteorology"
in whicli Sir'Napier Shaw sets forth
his view he deals with many other
matters bearing on atmospheric conditions.
,A He maintains that as tlie light of
auroras has been seen as high as
500 miles above the earth, gases' of
some kind must exist far out from
this globe.
Comparatively low clown -comes the
mosphere, 30 to 50 mhes up. It is this
layer which reflects wireless waves
and renders wireless signalling possible. '
Little Helps For This Week
"In quietness and in confidence
shall be your strength."���Isaiah xxx.
I would be quiet, Lord:
Nor tease nor fret:
Not one small need of mine
Wilt Thou forget.
Confidence is the secret of strength.
A mind may be still though active;
and the quietness which is part of the
confidence" we have in Him, the
Christ, is only found in the close abiding in Him,' emblemed in His own
parable of the Vine and the branches.���Rose Porter.
-.    First Woman Ship Broker
Young English Girl Has Qualified For
Unusual Position
Although not yet old enough to
vote, Miss Mabel Weller, 23, has
passed examinations which -make her
lhe first woman qualified as a ship
broker in England. A ship'3 broker's
duties require the negotiating of cargoes for "steamers throughout the
world, the bearing of responsibility
for discharging of cargoes, the entering' into arrangements with captains
and crews of all nationalities and the
employment of technical knowledge
of all classes of ships and markets in
the world. Miss Weller began her career in this man-directed field as a
clerk in a London ship broker's firm.
Is What Thousands Of Mothers
Say Of Baby's Own Tablets .
A medicine for the baby or growing
child���one that the mother can feel
assured is absolutely safe as well as
efficient���is found in Baby's Own
Tablets. The' Tablets are" praised" by'
thousands of mothers throughout the
country, These mothers have found
by actual experience that there is no
other medicine for little ones to equal
them. Once a mother has used them
for her children she will use nothing
else. Concerning them Mrs. Charles
Hutt, Tancook Island, NS, writes:���
"I have ten children, the baby being
just six months old. I have used
Baby's''Own v tablets for them for the
past 20' years and can truthfully say
that I know of no better medicine, for
little ones, T always keep a box of the
Tablets in the house and would ad-
-Vise all-other-mothers-to-do-soA-
A Household Medicine.���They that
are acquainted with the sterling properties of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
in the treatment of many ailments
would not be without it in the house.
It is -truly a household medicine and
as it is effective in dealing with many
ordinary complaints it is an inexpensive medicine. So, keep it at hand, as
the call for it may come most unexpectedly. ^
Baby's Own Tablets are sold by all
medicine dealers or will be mailed upon receipt pf price, 25 cents per box,
by The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Demand For Land
The demand for farm lands in the
Lethbridge District, Alberta, is very
brisk and distinctly reminiscent of
pre-war years. Real estate men report a veritable siege by buyers and
farmers looking for land.
Alberta Trappers Made Profit
The prairie fur trade of the region
from Lethbridge to Medicine Hat
continues to net hunters and trappers
!good results financially, and many
buyers from distant points are in tlio
field. Furs trapped and shipped are.
badger, kit fox, weasel;' rabbit and
coyote, and one representative farmer claims to have averaged over thc
past six or seven weeks $10 to $15
per day.
Use Miiiard's Liniment for Corns.
'Happiness doesn't consist "in having everything you want, but in the
ability to get more.
To havc the children sound and
healthy is the first care of a iflolhcr.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. o
Missed lhc Compliment
A chorus girl, deliciously pretty
but decidedly low-brow, somehow
found herself at a very select party
given by a famous society woman.
Fbr Troubles
due to Acid.
Just a tasteless dose of Phillips'
Milk of Magnesia in water. That is an
alkali, effective, yet harmless. It has
been the standard antacid for 50 years
among physicians everywhere. One
spoonful will neutralize at once many
times its volume in' acid. It is ttie
right'way, the quick, pleasant and efficient way to kill the excess acid. The
Btomach becomes sweet ,the pain de
parts.   You are happy again in five
���Don't depend on crude methods.
Employ the best way yet evolved in
all the years of searching. That is
Phillips' Milk of Magnesia.
Be sure to get the genuine Phillips'
Milk of Magnesia prescribed by physicians^ for 50 "years- in "correcting""*ex-"
cess acids. Each bottle contains full
directions���any drugstore. THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription: In Canada and to Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
���7 ~"~ .   o
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices   ���    3-jW
Cards of Thanks    1-0��
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(When more than one claim appears
in notice, , $5.00 for each additional
All other legal advertising 16 cents
a line first insertion, and 12 cents a
line for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.
Business locals 12^c a line each insertion.
Greenwood Superior School
Report for March
Midway News
. A. Sharp returned from the Coast on
No letter to the editor will be inserted except over the proper signature and address of the 'writer. This
rule admits of no exceptions.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would ' be
pleased to have more money.
Clean-Up Days Set For
April 24th and 25tb
Another busy session fell to the lot of
the City Fathers on Monday evening,
when Mayor Gulley presided over the
regular meeting with Aldermen Taylor,
Forshaw, Peterson, Lofstad and Smith
in attendance.
.Copies of correspondence between the
Trustee and the bondholders were laid
before the Council together with figures
and  statistics   supplied  by  the ..City
' Clerk.   The negotiations carried on so
far with a view of obtaining better
terms, from the bondholders were considered satisfactory and some definite
information should be:available for the
next meeting.
, Letters from the Inspector of Municipalities outlining amendments to the
Municipal Act during/the recent legislative session were discussed and laid
over for' future reference,
The Finance committee had a report
���:��� covering operations for the year to date
which was more favorable than the corresponding period for 1927 this being
accounted for by slightly increased
revenue from all sources 0
The Clerk was asked to call a special
meeting of the School Board for the
purpose of submitting proposals from
\.the Council whereby a saving in fuel
.3 cost could be effected.
The Streets committee outlined proposed worlc for the year on various
sidewalks and streets and their proposals were accepted after a few minor
alterations had been agreed upon.
. Clean-up days were fixed for April
24th and 25th and all citizens are earnestly requested to co-operate to the
' fullest extent in cleaning up their
premises and any adjoining lots and
placing rubbish where it can be loaded
and removed. The Council desires to
point out that householders are legally
required to, hav.e their garbage removed regularly by the scavenger at
their own'expense and regret that
allow undue accumulation of- rubbish
in anticipation of the annual clean-up
days. Aldermen Forshaw, Lofstad and
Peterson kindly volunteered a day's
work on the clean-up as well as supplying a waggon and any other volunteer service will be welcomed by the
Tho Pound committee arranged to
meet at an early date to decide on a
new location for the pound. The enforcement of the Pound By-Law has
met with the generarapprovar of nearly all citizens and owners of cattle
will no doubt again endeavor to keep
their nuisances down to a minimum.
Three By-Laws were given final
reading and passed.
The City Clerk was appointed as
Municipal representative on the Greenwood and District Hospital Board.
Division I
N. E. Morrison
Total Actual Attendance .. J
Average Daily Attendance ..
No. on Roll	
Percentage of Attendance ..
Proficiency List
Grade XI.���Renie Skilton, Edward
Johnson, Edward McArthur, John McDonell.
Grade X.���Leo Madden, Vera Walmsley, Andrew Anderson.
Grade XI.���Rosie Bombini, Edward
Parry, John Campolieto,
Grade VIII.���Marguerite Ritchie,
Robert Forshaw, Robert Mitchell,
Eileen Bryan, Harry Hallstrom, Cleo
Toney, Eugene McGiUivray, Thomas
Walmsley, Jack Morrison, Margaret
Royce, Arthur Cox, Lewis Mitchell,
Bertram Price, Allan Morrison.
Regularity and Punctuality
Eileen Bryan, Arthur Cox, Robert
Forshaw; Harry Hallstrom, Robert
Mitchell, Jack Morrison, Eugene McGiUivray, Thomas Walmsley, Lewis
Mitchell, Edward Johnson, Edward McArthur, Edward Parry, Vera Walmsley,
John Campolieto.
Division II
Ruth Axam
No. on Register ...'. ...       26
Total Actual Attendance..*..    563.5
Average Actual Attendance.....   25.61
Percentage of Attendance...... 98.5%
Proficiency  List
Grade VII.���Donalda Walker, Beatrice McLaren, Arnold Bombini, Oliver
Newmarch, Ruth Cox, Roy Hallstrom,
Rosa Lucente,^ Charles Royce.      ���
Grade VI.���Celia Klinosky, John McGiUivray, June Toney, David Nichols,
May Clark, Mark Madden, Laurence
Gulley, Jaines Forshaw,
Grade V.���Walter Nichols, Ernest
Johnson, Freda Hammerstrom, George
Grade IV.���Rey Nicholas, Peter Maletta, Jack Clark, Dorothy Boug, Glenn
Toney, Ernest Cox.
Regularity and Punctuality
Dorothy Boug, Jack Clark, Ernest
Cox; Roy Hallstrom, George Hingley,
Celia Klinosky, Peter Maletta, John
McGiUivray, David Nichols, Walter
Nichols, Charles Royce, June Toney,
Donalda Walker, Ruth Cox.  ��� ���,
Division III
H.  A.  Nichols arrived home  from
Vancouver last Saturday.
Miss Helen Nystrom recently returned from a visit to Silverton.
Having disposed of my property, I will
sell by Public Auction at the Farm
6 Miles South of Rock Creek
2 1-2 Miles West of Myncaster
Miss Gladys Jackson and Sonny
Jackson were visitors to Greenwood on
Bill was buying
Saturday, April 14th
Commencing at 12:30 p.m. sharp
Easter Tea and Home Cooking Sale
in the Farmer's Hall on Saturday
Mrs, R. D. Kerr returned last week
from attending the W. M. S, Convention in Vancouver.
John Bush, jr., of Spokane, is spending the Easter holidays with. ���.hi$
parents in Midway.
The road gang under Foreman S.
Bennerman have resumed work on the
highway link across the flat.
A. B. Winter of Grand Forks, was
spending a few days in town making
his first business trip this year.
Miss Nellie Kroupa of Republic, is
visiting at her home in Ferry. Miss
Kroupa has as her guest Miss Plant
also of Republic. -
About 35 Midway citizens attended
the Public Meeting addressed by
Premier MacLean and D. McPherson,
M.L.A., in Greenwood on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Clark have returned from San Francisco and other
points where they have been visiting
Keep in mind the date of the Concert, in Midway which is set for Friday,
May 4th. The young people of the
town will have a prominent part in
the entertainment.
Vera A. Kempston
Total Actual Attendance ......     657.5
Average Daily Attendance.....     29.84
Number on Roll...........  '     30
Percentage of Attendance.��� 99.46%
Proficiency List
Grade III.���Burton McGiUivray, Alice
Clark and Cicely Newmarch (tie),
Gordon' McGiUivray, Dorcas Mitchell,
Kathleen Madden, Louis Lucente,
Josephine Cox, Eric Cox, Edward
Lucente, Roland Skilton.-
Grade II.���Frank Nichols, Thomas
Forshaw, Edna Pope and Cecil Maletta
(tie), Roberta Wilson, Virginia Boug.
Grade IA.���Georgina Boug and Albert
Lucente (tie), James Hallstrom, Violet
Bombini, Edward Klinosky, Fred Clark,
Donald Francis, Elvira Bombini, Alfred
Maletta. ',..
Grade I (Receiving Class).���Isabella
Wilson, Hazen Powers, E. Susie Powers,
Mary Madden.
Regularity and Punctuality
Elvira Bombini, . Violet Bombini,
Georgina Boug, Virginia Boug, Alice
Clark, Fred Clark, Eric Cox, Josephine
Cox, Thomas Forshaw, James Hallstrom, Edward Klinosky, Albert Lucente, Louis Lucente, Edward Lucente,
Alfred Maletta, Cecil Maletta, Dorcas
Mitchell, Burton McGiUivray, Cicely
Newmarch, Frank Nichols. Edna Pope,
Skilton, Isabella Wilson, Roberta
Bridesville News '
The largest crowd of the season attended the. regular fortnightly Card
Party in the Old "School House. The
lady's prize was won By-Miss Nora
Jackson and Roy Sharp the gent's.
The Misses Joy Sharp and Nellie
Brown made very 'charming hostesses.
After -refreshments were served all adjourned to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
L. Bush where dancing was enjoyed.
The next party will be held on Tuesday,
April 17th.
1P.B. Holstein cow, 8 yrs. in full milk;
1 Grade Hqlstein cow, 7 yrs. in full milk;
1 Jersey   cow,   7   yrs.   in  full  milk;
2 Shorthorn cows, 5 yrs. in full milk;
2 Grade Jersey cows, 3 yrs, fresh April;
Team, mares; Team, Geldings; Pony.
...5 Grade Hereford, yearlings
1 Brood Sow. Chickens.
McCormick Binder, McCormick Mower,
McCormick Rake, Wagon & Grain Box,
Hack, Spring Tooth Harrow, Peg Tooth
Harrow, Kentucky Seed Drill 12 runs,
Walking Plough, Set HeaVy Sleighs,
Set Light Sleighs, Chatham Fanning
Mill, Root Grinder. Hay Fork & Carrier,
Forge and Anvil, Hay Rack, Etc.
Six-hole Acme Kitchen Range, Heater,
Extention Table, Enamel Bed, Wooden
Bed, Single Iron Bed, 3 dressers and.
stands, Toilet Set in'White and Gold,
2 Rockers, Baking Cabinet, Galloway
No. 9 Cream Separator and other
articles too numerous to mention.
Further particulars see Posters
Terms of Sale:   Cash
Owner   -
Claire Dunlap  was  in  Midway  on
Thursday on business.
Kettle Valley School News
Report for March
E. P. Beckett
. No. of Pupils       13
.Average  Attendance.  12.86
Aggregate  Attendance ���,     283
Percentage of Attendance .....;.. 98.95
Standing of pupils in grades arranged
in order of merit:
Grade VIII.���Eric Whiting, Spencer
Grade V.���Joe. Gane 82.8%, Ruth
Whiting 82.6%, Pearl Lindsay 80.6%,
Muriel Thompson 72.7%, Mary Hindmoor 72.4%. ���'  (- ;.
Grade III.���Yvonne McCelvey, Elise
Gane.  ,
���  Grade II.���Theodore Cane, Ronald
Bonnett, Jack Bonnett.
Grade:I��� Jeian McCelvey.
x      Special Merit
Joe Gane���Geography.   -
Muriel Thompson���Geography.
Ruth Whiting���Spelling.
Pearl Lindsay-r-Spelling.-
Yvonne McCelvey���Spelling.
Elise Gane���Reading.
Joe Gane���History. '
Riuth Whiting���History.
Pearl Lindsay���Literature.
Jack Bonnett���Improvement.
Pupils having- perfect attendance "
Jack Bonnett, Ronald Bonnett, Joe
Gane, Theodore Gane, Mary Hindmoor,
Pearl Lindsay, Muriel Thompson/Eric
Whiting, Ruth Whiting.
Attendance to Date
Joe Garie, Yvonne McCelvey, Jean
McCelvey, Eric Whiting, Ruth Whiting.
Mrs, Don Alden and infant daughter
returned, home last Sunday from Trail.
_ Gusto De Witte has been awarded the*
contract to paint the Rock Mountain
school house, the work to be completed
during the Easter holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnston, Mr. Callas
and Joe Kayes went to Greenwood on
Saturday evening to hear Hon. Dr.
J. D. MacLean and Mr. D. McPherson,
M.L.A., speak,
On. Tuesday morning, March 27th, in
the chapel of St. Joseph's academy,
Nelson, Rev. J. C. McKenzie, pastor of
the Church of Mary Immaculate,
united in the holy bonds of matrimony,
Margaret Koehler of Berlin, Germany,
and August Piedmont of Bridesville.
The ceremony was witnessed by Miss
Irene McPherson" and T." J. Scanlan.
The happy couple have taken up their
residence in Bridesville.
Westbridge News    0
Miss A. E. Dines of Rhone, was.the
guest of Miss M. Mc Vicar during -the
Rock Creek News
There" will be an Easter Service in
the Anglican Church on Sunday, April-
8th. ������,;���������-. ���
Frank Thompson, 'farmer of near
Midway, visited friends in the Valley
ori Sunday. ;.'....7-
Mrs. Walker Smith of James Lake,
is visiting friends in the Valley for a
few days. , ;    [Ai'iz
A. Porter, custom's officer at Myncaster, accompanied by Mrs. Porter and
daughter, were visitors to Rock Creek
on Saturday. [[- ..--"'... Ay..
Mrs. Wm. Johns of the Riverside
Hotel, returned on Friday from a few
days stay in Grand Forks.
E. JHarker and R. Pawsey, who are
working at McArthur's mill at Midway,
came home on the Sunday morning
train for a short stay.
.*. Mrs. E. Fenwick Wilson left on Sunday's train for Kimberley, where she
will visit her brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin, for a few
Many   cars ' full   of   people  passed
through Rock Creek on Saturday en
route to Greenwood to hear Premier
MacLean  of  Victoria,   speak���in_the_
Greenwood" Theatre.
John Walker of Myers Creek, returned on Thursday from Grand Forks,
where he has been under the care -of
Dr. Kingston, for about two weeks,
suffering from a very bad cold,
Attend the Easter Dance under the
auspices of the Rock, Creek Women's
Auxiliary on Monday/April 9th in the
Riverside Hall, Rock Creek. Bush's
orchestra will play. Everyone assured
'of- a good - time.- Dancing commences
at 8:30 p.m.   , ���
April showers and snow flurries seem
to be the order of the day. The
benches and low hills are yellow with
tho lovely golden buttercup and yellow
bell. The blue bell and early sunflowers, have also made their cheerful
Preparations are being made and invitations are being given and sent "out
for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of'
Mr.; and Mrs. E. Richter, on which
occasion they are giving a dance ,to
their friends in Riverside Hall, Rock
Creek on Monday evening, April 16th,
at 8:30 p.m.
Among the many visitors to Rock
Creek on Saturday from the surrounding district,' were: A. D. McLennan,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Fenwick Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Pitman, Mrs. F. E.
Glossop, Gerry.Harpur, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Richter, Mr. and Mrs. Ormiston,.
Mrs. Brew, Maurice Jewell, Mrs. Jas.
Lindsay and Mr. Billups.
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tenders
for Block 5 Fairview" will be received
by the undersigned up to noon on
Monday, April-9th, 1928, for the purchase of Block 5, Map 26, Townsite of
The upset price is $300 and no
tender at a lesser figure will be considered.
..,:���-.������ One quarter of the amount of the
bid must accompany each tender and
the balance of the purchase .money
must be paid in three equal annual installments with interest at the rate of
6% per annum on the deferred amount.
There will also be a fee of $10.00
for the Crown Grant.
The deposit of the unsuccessful
tenders will be returned.
:The highest, or any tender, riot
necessarily accepted.
, ���-'   March 5th, 1928.
Government Agent,
Penticton, B.C.
"The cutest, little
shaver," he told his
friends. "Yes, a boy-
nine pounds."
After supper that night
Bill had a session at
the telephone.'-advertising' the new addition to
his family. He made
five long-distance calls
to friends and relatives
v/ho lived in communities
from 20 to 200 miles
"The ocutest little
shaver," he told them
all. "Yes, a bay���sine
What does it matter
whether he told them
all the same story?' He
got a great "kick" out
of those longdistance
calls and so did the folks
at the oti er end.
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
-   Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks;B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way." Terms cash.
Certificate of Improvements
Hockey Club
Friday, April 20th
lasonic Hall, Greenwood
Bush's 4-Piece Orchestra
The wise man carries all his wealth
within' himself.���Menander.
Admission:   Gents  $1.00;   Ladies  50c;
School Children 50c; Supper 35c.
Proceeds to go to Hockey Club to help
defray season's expenses
Situate   in   the   Greenwood   Mining
Division of Yale District.   Where
located:   Near Bridesville.
TAKE NOTICE that I,CM. Shaw,
agent for Joseph Pringle, Free Miner's
Certificate -. No. 335-D, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements for the jpurpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further, take notice ' that
action, under section 85, must be commenced before' the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.'
Dated this 21st day of February,
Offers will be received by the
undersigned for the complete mining
equipment belonging to the Chrysler
Mining Syndicate Ld. located on Wallace Mountain, Beaverdell, consisting
of Clayton oil engine, fuel tanks, air
compressor, rock, drills, piping, loose
tools and mess house furnishings.
The Women's Auxiliary of Rock
Creek will, give a Dance on Easter
Monday, April 9th, at-Riverside Hall.
���Mr. and Mrs. Simpson of Alberta
arrived on Thursday last and are visiting with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
Abel of the Main River.
The Misses Hazel and Merle Emery
of Rhone, were visitors here last week.
Hazel, was bidding her many friends
good-bye before leaving for Alberta.
Mrs. J. O'Hara and daughter/Marguerite left on Sunday on a;visit to the
former's daughter, Beatrice; .who is re
siding at Chehalis, Wash. Their many
friends wish them a very pleasant
trip. ������.������������'���"���������
E. W. WDDDOWSON, Assayer and.
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
She: "Would you put yourself out
for me?" .     yi-y'
He:   "Of course I would."
She: "I wish you^would, then because it's late." -
-     WANTED   '. '���"'   v\
A  limited  number  of  orders  for
home-made bread.
mrs. a. r; royce,
" ":'AX'X ;���.",���        '. Phone ViG.
Ford Bug, in good running "order,
$60.00 cash. Apply to George Pitman,
Rock Creek, B. C.
We have room in our incubators
for several hundred eggs, all breeds
taken with the exception of (R. I. R.).
$3.00 pet hundred; $2.00 per fifty.
Apply Mrs. H. Pannell, Midway, B. C.J
DURING the mediaeval period two neighboring towns in
the Old Country had long engaged in a rivalry as to
which brewed the best beer. During a dispute one day in
early spring, between two brew^masters, one from each of
the towns in question, it was claimed by one that the Beer
brewed by the other lacked strength. To settle thc dispute,
the following test was proposed: Each brew-master was to
consume a gigantic tankard of the beer brewed by his
opponent, after which he was to stand on one leg and thread
a needle. The loser claimed that a goat that had butted in
through the circle of men surrounding the opponents was
responsible for his downfall. The winner laughingly replied: ''It was the. Bock
(German word for goat) in the beer." From that time it became customary to brew a
special dark beer called "BOCK BEER" and place it on sale in the Spring of each year.
may be obtained on Saturday, April 7th, 1928, and thereafter until the limited supply
is gone, from the Government Liquor Stores, in bottles, or on draught in any licensed
place at the same price as regular beer.
Bock Beer is the BREWERS'. TREAT, an exceptional brew of high-grade Beer and  f
aged (lagered) for an unusually long period.   It is a very wholesome and nutritious I
v: beverage, the highest achievement of the skilled Brew-master.  -Order early to make
sure of a supply.   Bock Beer, brewed by the Vancouver Breweries
Limited, Westminster Brewery Limited, Rainier Brewing Company
of Canada Limited, Silver Spring Breweries Limited, and Victoria-
Phoenix Brewing Co. Limited is guaranteed to be absolutely pure
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This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by tha
".���':.   Government of British Columbia,
V Supplement to The Greenwood Ledge, Thursday, April 5th, 1928.
Forty-five years of faithful service to the .Canadian Pacific Bail-
way were ..honored recently when
Georgo A. Fowler, former lumber
agent of the company, was presented by George Stephen, freight traffic manager, with a purse of gold,
contributed by Mr. Fowler's colleagues in the railway's freight
traffic offices east of Chicago in
the United States and east of Fort
William in Canada.
Fergus.���-A special train(iof 35 ���
cars left for Vancouver and points -
en route the other day with over
11,000 consignments ; of .washing
machines and barn equipment..- This
trainload, the largest'- of its- kind
ever to originate in Canada, is from
a Fergus firm and was handled by
the Canadian Pacific Railway as a
special train, stopping at Fort William, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary,
Edmonton and other centres. Nearly
all the consignments were, for rural
Toronto.���In accordance with hia
promise to Western Ontario; tobacco
growers, Hon. W. K. Motherwell
has, appointed a commission to investigate all phases of the tobacco-
growing industry, for which two of
the commissioners have already been .
named. The probe will extend to '
every phase of the industry, from
seeding to marketing, and one of the
most important features will be the
effort to ascertain the best method
of operating a proposed co-operative
marketing pool.
Immigrants are beginning to'pour
through the port of, Saint John and
Montreal en route to Ontario and
the West. With the arrival of
Canadian Pacific liners Montclare
and Montnairn recently, in the
neighborhood of 600 settlers of the
best type haye been distributed.
Among these A- were l British farm
laborers going, to selected farms
under the scheme of the Canada '
Colonization Association, and-many .'
more will be coming in during the
next few monthis.
Port Arthur.���Eventually Canada
will produce a 1,000,000,000 bushel
crop of wheat and will have no diffi-..
culty in finding a market for it,
predicted Hon. T. A. Crerar, President and General Manager of the
United Grain Growers Limited, and
formerly Minister ,of : Agriculture^
for the Dominion. Referring to the.;
development of Western Canada, Mr.
Crerar said there was no country in
the world where" so great a development had taken place in the past
few years and there was no country
having such great possibilities.
In; order to meet the increasing
popularity, of the Canadian Rockies
among tourists, and also to aid in
developing trans-continental travel,
the Canadian Pacific Railway will
run a quintette of trains across the
Dominion from Montreal, Toronto
and Chicago to the Rockies, Vancouver and Victoria this coming
Bummer. These trains will be "The
Trans-Canada Limited", "The Imperial", the Toronto-Vancouver Express, and "The Mountaineer" and
"Soo-Pacific -Express" from Chicago.
- The Trans-Canada and -the. Mountaineer    will    be    all-sleeping-car
Winnipeg.���So many applications
have been received from farmers in
Manitoba to engage the services of
youths who are being sent out from
Great Britain under the Boy Immigration scheme, that the Provincial
Government has requested the authorities to increase the number from
50 to 100. Hon. Albert Prefontaine,
Minister of Agriculture, stated that
175 farmers have filed applications
for boy help. It is expected that the
first batch of youthful immigrants
will reach Manitoba late,in"March;,
Substantial reductions in express
charges on packages up to 15 lbs.
_ In weight originating in Europe and
* with Canadian destination' have been
announced by the Canadian Pacific;
and    Canadian. National    Express
companies.   These cuts:riin as high
as $1.77 and for the purpose of the
change Canada has been divided into
three zones, Maritime Provinces and
Quebec;   Ontario; and Prairie   Pro-1
vinces and British Columbia.   Within these zones charges are the same
no   matter   how   widely   separated
points within them may be.
��� Wetaslriwfti.���"Wetaskiwin district
has the distinction of being the home
of a Shorthorn cow which holds the
record for all Canada in the production of milk and butterfat as a three-'
yearTold. She is owned by J. O.
Harvey in the northwestern part of
the city, and a letter from Ottawa
. advises that the production of this
cow has never been equalled in Canada. Gladys No. 200699 produced
10,504 lbs. of milk and 509 lbs., of
butter, fat'in a test extending over
305. days. She is now undergoing
her test- as - a four-year-old and Is
averaging about 58 lbs. o��, milk a
Vacant unreserved; surveyed Crown
lands may' be pre-empted, by British
subjects over 18 years of age, and by
aliens on declaring intention to become British subjects, conditional
upon residence, occupation, and-improvement for agricultural purposes.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Sil^^MTrawW^iStei,?^ Gold, $78,018,548;    Lode    Gold,    $126,972,318;        "   ",   ;
roi^'ftJM'fiQo^ Zinc' $50,512,557; Coal and
?t��s^ni?^ Minerals, $50,175,407; making
Aggregate Value of $988,108,470
Production for the year ending December, 1926, $67,188,842
��� ^x^s�� ^ssss s^ssss^x.the f ees lower than those of any other pr��-
empt Land," copies of which
can be obtained free of charge by addressing the "Department of Lands,
toria, B. C, or to any Government
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable'for agricultural purposes, and-which is not timberland,
i.e., carrying over 8,000 board feet per
acre west of the Coast Range and
5,000 feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to
be addressed to. the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in
which the land applied for is situated,
and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from the
Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made to
the value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at, least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
received.       �� *
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land."
-Mineral-locations-are-granted-to-discoverers'for'neminarfees;    =     ~~~~~~ -.-.--���
Crown grantstlCS ^ obtained by d^oP^S such properties, the security of which js guaranteed by
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing:
o VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N. B.���Practically all British' Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has-been
done are described, m someone of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
?u^-��]Sye^rai^^W^"r^^t? such sports. They are' available without charge on application
M Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.
Reports covering each of the Six Mineral Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application.
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved Crown
Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum price for
first-class (arable) land is $5 per
acre. - Further information regarding
purchase or lease of Crown Lands is
given in Bulletin No. 10, Land Series,
"Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding ,40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of stump-
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may^e leased as homesites, conditional upon a dwelling being erected
in the first year,.title being obtainable
after residence and improvement conditions arfe fulfilled, and land has been
- Por grazing and Industrial purposes
areas not exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or a company.
 I --GRAZING-������*-"�����~~
Under the Grazing Act the Province
is divided into grazing districts and the
range administered under a Grazing
Commissioner. Annua! grazing permits are issued based on numbers
ranged, priority given.to established
owners. Stock owners may form associations for range management. Free,
or partly free, permits are available
for settlers, campers and travellers, up
to ten head. .
Bobby: "Daddy! A boy at school
told me that I looked just like you!"
The Dad: "That so?���and what did
you say?"-
Bobby: "Nothin'. He was bigger'n


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