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The Greenwood Ledge Mar 22, 1928

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 Provincial Library
No. 34
A full Line of McClary's
Ranges and Heating Stoves
McClary's Enamel and Tin Ware
Assorted Dishes and Glassware
Lenten Specials
Pilchards   ........   3 cans 50c
Salmon Pink  Is 20c
Salmon Sockeye ....;......;....... Is 50c
Lobster    '.' halves 55c
Fresh Salmon and Halibut Every Thursday
Kippers, Sable Fish, Finnan Naddie, Etc
For quality and value order from Phone 46
t ���
Start the New Year right by using
Edison Mazda Lamps
Reduced prices from January 1st   .
Phone 17
INyals Creophos
for   Coughs and Colds
Huskies   for Sore throat   .
Both work splendidly
Mail Your Orders
We now have our    : .
all bought at last year's lower prices which saving
yiX,.        we are giving our customers     ���
Men's Work Shoes,................... .priced from $7.50 to $4.75
Men's Leckie's Lecfonla Dress Shoes, Black and Brown       $7.50
Men's Snappy Black Oxfords  $6.75
Boy's Strong: Leather Shoes. $3.75
Hewetson's Shoes for Children sizes 6 to 2
Ladies Oxfords, Brown and Black ........... from $5.25 to $4.50
Don't overlook our
Safe on Rubbers
:      Ladies and Gents
Our New
Spring Millinery
will be on Display on
March 31st
Agent for
Matched-Unit Radio
; Ellen Trounson's Store <
��� <
��� Licensed  Insurance  Agent
��� Fire, Life, Accident & Sickness,
��� Automobile, Bonds, Burglary
��� Real Estate, Ranches, Dwellings
' Call and see
��� Charles King, Copper Street,
��� in reference to above
Wc have quite a few letters i
from People expressing their
appreciation of our work and
wc can assure the Public that
all Repairs turned out by us i
will be of the highest standard
of Workmanship and we always use the best quality of
When your watch goes
wrong bring it to us and let us
prove our claims.
Watchmaker ahd Jeweler
F. J. WHITE, Mgr.
Sam E Rork presents
Tel-2- . GREENWOOD.  B.C. Box 391
Supply of
Poultry, Fish and Rabbits
Herrings, Soles, Cod, Etc.
Beef, Veal, Mutton and Pork
Of Local Interest
Miss Alice Hingley has succeeded
Mrs. M. Axam as postmistress in the
local post office. .. :     ,
��� Geo. White has returned - from a
combined business and pleasure trip to
Vancouver, Victoria and Duncan.
The Millinery Opening at Ellen
Trounson's Store has been postponed
from March 17th to March 31st.
James Skilton returned on Saturday
from a few days spent, in Vancouver
on business'in connection with the J.
R. Mines Ltd.
Presentation to Mrs. Axam
Base? on E. M. Hull's celebrated novel
"The Desert Healer"
Lewis Stone, Tully Marshall and
Barbara Bedford
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Adults 50c.      Children 25c
Coming! Coming!
Saturday, April 7th
"It Must Be Love"
lob Printing at The G^
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00-each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application. . ,
Walter Murray was in town on Monday and Tuesday visiting his brother,
William, en route home to Trail from a
business trip to Vancouver.
��� Miss Margaret Royce, Charles Royce,
Edward Johnson and Leo Madden
went to Grand Forks last Friday and
attended Mrs. Ommanney's music recital, there.   -
Mrs. W. H. Bryan returned on Saturday morning last from Wenatchee,
Wash., where she. has been recuperating from her illness. Her many friends
will be apleased to learn that she. has
practically regained her health.
Mrs.-M. Axam left on Tuesday afternoon for Nelson where her marriage to
Mr. Thos. Rowe took place. The many
friends of Mrs. Axam were sorry to see
her leave but all wish her happiness
and prosperity ��in her new abode.
"Dad" Henderson, of Rock Creek,
was renewing acquaintances in town
during the week-end. "Dad" has been
engaged in road building during the
winter and says the. improvements to
the Rock Creek-Westbridge road are
D. C. McKee, formerly of Greenwood,
now owns and operates the Highway
Service Station on 10th. and Kingsway,
Vancouver. He reports business good.
He has in his employ Norwood Docksteader, also a former resident of
Greenwood. '
Guests at the Pacific Hotel during
the week: Val Luzner,' Rev. St. G.
Smyth, Kettle Valley; F. Barnett; B.
Stoddard, C. Ruddell, H.- McKenzie, F.
Lobb, Vancouver;' James Henderson,
Rock -Creek; ,��.-,. H.vDonaldson; ,G.,, E.
Massie, Grantf Forks; "Felix Casorso,
Kelowna; L. J, Smith,"Victoria;*J. D.
Morrison, E. E. Reed, D. A. Reed, E. D.
Reed, Beaverdell; Geo. Cupp; W. C.
Murray, Trail; W. Murray, City; H. H.
Johnston, Rossland.
The sad hews was., received in
Greenwood this week of the tragic
death of Mrs. Macomber in Skagway,
Alaska, .recently. She was caught in a
fire and burned to death.-The deceased
lady, who was aged about 70 years,
had been in business in the Alaska, city
some 15 years, and lived in quarters
above her store. She is survived by
two sons, Sid and Fred Storer, of
Princeton, fonn^^o^j^enwood._She.
visited "mTGreenwood many years ago
and in Princeton two years- ago,
and had decided to sell out her business and come south to Princeton to
live with her sops.
Word has been received,of the death
in San Diago of Robert J. Bealey, who
was prominent in financial and mining
circles in the Boundary and Kootenay
in the early days. He came to British
Columbia from New Zealand in 1889
and,was one of the first to locate at
Rossland when that city was founded.
He organized the R. J. Bealey Investment Company, with branches at
Rossland and Greenwood. George R.
Naden, now deputy minister of'lands,
was manager of the Greenwood office.
It will be recalled by oldtimers that
Mr.: Bealey started the first bank in
Greenwood and at that time, a charge
of ten cents was made to cash a $5 bill.
Tlie bank was located in a building,
since razed, next the Dixon residence
in front of the present post office.
Beaverdell Briefs
Miss Mabel Johnson, of Rock Creek,
is the guest of Mrs. Ed. Lutner.
J. Harrow, of McCulloch, spent the
week-end in town with his family.
Duncan Mcintosh has returned to
camp after spending most of the winter
at the Coast.
J. D. Morrison, foreman at the Beaver
mine, was a visitor to Greenwood during the week.
Edw. Nordman, superintendent of
the Sally mine, is on a visit to his
home in Nelson.
A Community Dance and Card Party
was held <in the Greenwood Theatre on
St. Patrick's, Saturday evening, March
17th. It was largely attended, and
everyone had a good time. A'"; very
pleasing event of the affair was the
presentation to Mrs.. M. Axam of an
electric toaster from the Ladies Aid
and Community. Silver and a Purse
from the citizens of Greenwood. Mrs.
A. .Walker made the presentation for
the Ladies Aid and spoke on behalf of
the other members expressing their
regret at the loss they would sustain
with the departure of Mrs. Axam. Mrs.
Walker, called on Mrs. A. Francis, the
sceretary, to hand the gift to Mrs.
Axam. In presenting the gifts from
the Community W. B, Fleming in a few
appropriate words said that the town
was losing _a very worthy citizen, one
who has always worked for the: good of
the city. Mrs; Axam graciously accepted the tokens with thanks, .after
which all joined in singing "For She's A
Jolly Good Fellow." Refreshments
were served in the Auxiliary Room
immediately after ' the presentations.
Dancing was kept up until midnight
excellent music being" supplied by local
The Lights on the Hill
Many residents have noticed the new
lights in the north end of Greenwood.
These are at the Providence mine and
they certainly show up at night.
All the machinery at the mine is run
by electricity supplied from the South
kootenay Power & Light. Co.. through
its Greenwood sub-station from Bonnington. This week the electric system
of blasting was installed. This is operated from a locked bqx in the compressor house. This is. a ,- very safe
method. The box is . locked by the
miners going on shift and cannot be
opened, until their return.
Two shifts are now working in the
shaft and good headway is being made.
Already some very high grade ore has
been taken out, but the lead was not
stripped as the leasers intend to complete the shaft before, taking out much
ore.    .
Westbridge News
Jack O'Hara made a business trip to
Taurus on Monday.
E. L, Steeves passed through here on
Sunday en route to Midway..
Miss Annie McCutcheon was the
guest pf Mr., and Mrs. Emery at Rhone
on Sunday.
" Mrs. L; Clery was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Mark Smith at Beaverdell for
a few days last week.
Mrs. James Favrin, and children, of
Carmi, are spending a few weeks at the
home of Mrs. V. Favrin and family.
R. C. Johnston, of Rock Creek and
J. Mitchell, of Rhone, were visitors at
the. home of.Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Hara
on Friday. _^	
Dave Blythe, of Bridesville, visited
his brother Happy $lythe on Saturday.
He was accompanied by Mrs. M. Pras-
sus and family.
Mrs. M. Walker Smith returned
home on Saturday from Greenwood
where she had been ��� visiting Mr. and
Mrs. G. S. Walters.
W. E. McArthur, of Midway, motored
up here on Sunday. His car was the
first,to go on,the road between Rock
Creek and here this spring. The road
is not very good as yet.
R. L. 'Clothier,, manager of the
Beaver mine, has returned from a
business trip to the Coast.
The United Church of Canada
Minister In Charge, Greenwood.
Greenwood, 7:30 pan.
Mrs. C. E. Nordman has .returned
from a two weeks holiday spent at
Vancouver and Britannia Beach.
Henry Lee left on Sunday to visit
his family'ir? Vancouver. He. travelled
by way of Spokane where his daughter,
Margery, will join him.
G. S. Walters, of Greenwood, spent
the week-end :in camp,. during which
time he attended a meeting of the
Wellington mine shareholders. :
. As,you grow ready for it, somewhere
or other you will find what is needful
for you in a, book, or a friend, or in
your own thoughts.-George Macdonald
The Concert and Dance held on St.
Patrick's night, in honor of Billy
Middleton's 09th birthday, was well
attended. The concert was much enjoyed. Much credit is due Miss M.
Mc Vicar for the excellent training of
her pupils. Their recitations were
good and the dialogues were carried
out splendidly, Many songs were sung,
some of which were Irish, and very
suitable for St. Patrick's day. Everyone did their utmost towards making
the party a success and Billy enjoyed
all the Irish jests, although he is not
an Irishman. The ladies provided
cakes and sandwiches for luncheon and
among the good things" to eat was a
birthday cake made by Mrs. J. O'Hara.
It was covered with white icing and the
congratulations were written"" with
green icing and' decorated with green
shamrocks, which made it look very
artistic. When the cake was cut it was
served to everyone who all. offered
theh1'good wishes to Billy with three
hearty cheers for a long life.   '
Boundary Old-Timers Die
In Copper Mountain Fire
Nine men are dead, eleven have been
brought to the Princeton hospital, two
in serious condition, and many were
given first aid at the camp for minor
injuries, as a result of a fire which
burned down the new bunkhouse of
the Copper Mountain mine at about
4:30 Sunday .morning. -
The fire took some of the most prominent miners in British Columbia.
They^were as follows:
Jini Mackay, 45, compressormah;
Alex. Matheson, 52, fireman by trade,
working as a mucker; H. W. Towl, 45,
timberman; Martin ��� Swanson, 50, tim-
berman; Dan McPherson, 50, hoistman;
R. P. Bassett, 40; W. Upjohn,- 24;
Nels Sollid, 30; Pat Dermody, 61, timberman.
The injured include: A.. Ness, V.
Astergood, Harold Arontzn, Graham
Gibson, George "Slim" Nelson, Mike
Sardich, J. C. Sweet, Elling Liabo, R.
J. Barr, Frank Meedy, and Len Barton.
Four of the men that were burned to
death, Messrs. Mackay, ��� McPherson,
Bassett and Dermody, are Boundary
Jim Mackay will be remembered by
the oldtimers of Mother Lode, .where
he had charge of a compressor during
the time that camp was producing and
shipping to. the Greenwood , smelter.
He also handled the Mother Lode stage
for ��� a time.;' He" left here for Anyox
and ih October last he moved to Copper Mountain. He is survived by his
wife, an invalid, in Vancouver, and one
daughter, Violet.
Dan McPherson, a" native of. Nova
Scotia, was one of the best known men
in B. C. mining circles. He is an old-
timer of Phoenix and when. that,
famous camp closed he moved to
Anyox and thence to Copper Mountain.'
He was unmarried.
R. P. Bassett is well known as an old
Phoenix hockey player.' He ^was a
French Canadian and was- brought
from Granby, Quebec, to| play" for
Phoenix. He played at Cassidy in .
1924T5, and at Port Moody in 1926; also
played a few games in Victoria with
Hap Murray.' He arrived in Copper
Mountain in 1926. He was captain of
the hockey team and the past, two
seasons was catcher on the baseball
team. He was unmarried., A stepmother and two sisters reside ih the
East. ,   '
Pat Dermociy was an ojdtimer of
Phoenix and Greenwood. He was the
first foreman of the Ironsides mine at '
Phoenix and later was put in charge of
the Providence���mine in- Greenwood1 c
and when: operations were resumed at '������
this property a few weeks ago work
started - in what is known as the
Dermody shaft. He owned a ranch at
Pemberton Meadows and lived there for
many years. He had. only, been six
months in Copper Mountain coming to
that camp from Anyox. He has been a
resident of the West' for. over thirty
years and was a popular member of
the mining fraternity. He is survived
by two daughters and one son.
Midway News
H. A. Nichols left on,Saturday for
Vancouver.- =-���=������ ��� ^
H. Strauss was a visitor to Grand
Forks last Sunday.
James Kerr, of Penticton, spent a
little time here on Tuesday.
The ladies Aid will meet in the Old
School on Saturday, April 14th.
A grand Concert and Dance will be
held in the Farmer's Hall on Friday,
May'4th.   Posters later.
The first shipment of- setting eggs
for the Children's Poultry Club will
arrive this .week and can be obtained
frqm Mrs. E. Hawkes.
Fred James_and Bros., of Salt Spring
Island, B.C., seed merchants, have very
kindly donated a packet of lettuce
seeds, to every member of the Women's
Institute. '.
Greenwood and
District Hospital
The Directors of the' above Hospital
very thankfully acknowledge receipt of
the following subscriptions:
Previously acknowledged   ..-.. $3257.05
Community   Dance  , Expense '
Fund, per Mrs. Purkis ......        5.00
Total      $3262.05
A .cub reporter, frequently reprimanded for prolixity and warned to be brief
turned in the following:
"A.': shocking affair occurred last
night. Sir Edward Hopeless, a guest
at Lady Panmore's ball, complained of
feeling ill, took a highball, his hat, his
coat, his departure, no notice of his
friends, a taxi, a pistol from his pocket
and finally his life. Nice- chap. Regrets and all that."
Keep in mind the Easter "tea in the
Farmer's Hall on Saturday, April 7th.
Novelties and home cooking for sale.
The St. Patrick's Card Party held in
the Old School House on Friday evening last was'a- very jolly.,, affair. A
large crowd attended and all' had a
good time. Miss M. Jones won the
lady's first prize and Gordon McMynn
the gent's" first prize. Mrs. J. H. Bush
and, Mrs.: Harold Erickson made veiy
capable hostesses. The supper tables
were tastefully decorated in green in
keeping with the spirit of the day.
The; Misses;; Mayneen Bush and May
Sharp, daintly . attired, in [ Irish/ costumes^ "served the refreshments.'The
surprise}: of' the evening (Saturday
morning): was the appearance of a
large .birthday cake in honor of .St.
Patrick's ;birthday: and also:' Sonny
Jackson's birthday .which falls on the
same day. .'������.'   -.:
A stirring love story of the Near
East is in prospect when "Old Loves
and New," Marion Fairfax's,: film
adaption of the famous E. M* Hull
novel, "The Desert Healer," comes to
the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday,
March; 24th; Lewis Stone and Barbara
Bedford head an impressive cast, which
includes Tully Marshall, .Katherine
McDonald, Walter Pidgeon, Arthur
Rankin, Anna Rork and Albert Conti.
"Old Loves and New" since publication
as a book and newspaper serial has
reached an estimated circulation '-of
8,'000,000 readers. ���    - ,
"I hope the candy I sent you for your
party came on time?"
"No, it didn't.   It came CO. D."
\ J
is do od tea
The Orange Pekbe is
something extra���a special tea
<* In clean, bright Aluminum
Canadians  Are  B
During the years that have elapsed since the war, unemployment conditions in Great Britain have been the subject of much discussion, and in no
country has greater attention been paid to them than in the United States.
Scores of writers across tho line have professed to see in the British situation,
-with-its largo army of the unemployed, the dole system, and the great strikes
andgeneral industrial upheaval and labor unrest, the beginning of the end for
Great Britain in its .world leadership in finance, manufacturing, shipping and
But the' Old Land has weathered Uie many severe storms with remarkable success, has steadily increased employment, re-established its great
industries on a peace-time basis, balanced its' budget, and is paying off its
huge national debt. Its position at home and abroad continues to improve
from year.to year.
Canada, too, had a hard struggle in the years immediately following tlie
war, though nothing like what Great Britain experienced. Nevertheless, for a
number of years business in Canada was depressed and there was a considerable volume of unemployed. At the same time business conditions in the
United States were brisk, employment plentiful, production was proceeding
at top speed, wages were high, ancl the whole world was paying financial tribute to it as an outcome of the war. As a result thousands of Canadians emigrated to the States, and throughout this Dominion some sharp contrasts were
'drawn between conditions here and to the south, always to the disadvantage
of Canada. >
Within the last year or two a marked change has taken place, and-today
there is more unemployment in the United States both in the aggregate and ih
proportion to population than there is in either Canada or Great Britain. In
fact, the "situation in the United States is becoming so serious as to. call for
most serious consideration" by Congress and the various State Governments.
, The Department of Labor at Washington estimates there are four million people out -of work at present, and the Industrial Commissioner of New
reports 500,000 oot of work in that State alone. Conditions of employment in
New York State are officially stated to be the worst since 1921, while Senator
Copeland declares there are more people out of work in New York City than
at any time .since 1914. -2
Contrasting the United States with Great Britain, it is seen that New
York State alone has half as many unemployed as the United Kingdom despite the fact that the latter has four times the population. Or taking the whole
United States witli two and one-half times the population of the United Kingdom, it is seen there is four times the number of unemployed in the States
that there are in Great Britain.
While unemployment has been increasing in the United States in recent
years until it has now reached a point where the National City Bank of New
York reports 500,000 out of work in that State alone. Conditions of employment in New York State are officially stated to be the worst since 1921,
while Senator Copeland declares there are more people out of work in New
York City than at any time since 1914.
of this year are still higher than for. the. corresponding months a year-ago.
Prospects for a continuance of this satisfactory condition are of the brightest.
It seems to make no difference what branch of Canadian activity is
analysed, general improvement is to be rioted. The trade of the Dominion Is
expanding, year by year, and in this, connection the gratifying fact is noted
that the increase in imports is largely accounted for by commodities not indigenous to Canada ancl were imported for use in Canadian industry. In
building, construction the value of contracts awarded has risen from 3276,000,-
000 in 1924 to $298,000,000 in 1925, to $372,000,000 in 1926, and "to ��419,000,-
000 in 1927.'
-The steel industry, which has suffered in recent years, reports a 45 per
cent, increase in production for January this year as compared with a year
- ago. Car loadings on the railways were 22,000 greater than a year ago. Bank
- clearings, for the same month increased by $425,000,000 over January, 1927.
for any January in the history of the country. Employment for January was
���"   99.5 and for February 100.8 as compared with'the basic .figure of 100 set for
'tlie year 1920, when employment figures were first tabulated in this country,
and before the after-the-war depression set in.
Yes, Canada is busy and promises to become increasingly, so throughout
1923:     '
A Busy Season Ahead
Work  For  Thousands   Of  Men  On
Railway Building In Western
Work for thousands of men in
Western Canada and payrolls running
into millions of dollars are indicated
in the western building and expansion
programme of the Canadian Pacific
Railway for the 1928 season, according to D. C. Coleman, vice-president
of Western Lines. Tenders are already out for some of tha work, including new stations and sheds, shops,
coaling plants and new rail construction.
An   Anaemic . Condition   Easily
Recognized ��� Calls For a
Blood Builder
In most cases of anaemia the symptoms are almost the same. The sufferer grows pale and is easily tired,
after the least exertion. The appetite is fickle and the patient loses in
weight. Sometimes there are headaches, and often inability to sleep
well. As the blood becomes thinner
the symptoms become more . pronounced and often there are fainting
spells. Air this shows that the blood
is thin and watery, and at the very
first symptom of this condition the
patient should take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, the most reliable blood-
builder and nerve tonic known. The
sole mission of this medicine is. to
enrich the blood, and when" that is
clone all the distressing symptoms
disappear.. Among those who have
reason to praise this medicine is Mrs.
M. E. Patterson, Shanklin.N.B., who-
says:���"About four years ago I became very much run down, I could
not eat, sleep nor rest, and I grew so
nervous that the smallest things
so weak that I did. not have strength
would annoy me. Eventually I grew
to move about without help. ^ I was
just a miserable wreck, and became
very much discouraged as I had tried
many medicines which failed to help
me. In this wretched state a friend
urged me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I did so and before long found
they were helping me. Gladly I continued taking the pills until I fully
regained my health and strength and
I have since continued in the'best of
health. Later my daughter became
anaemic and six boxes of the pills restored her to health, strength and
color. Naturally I consider Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a blessing to weak,
run-down people."   '���'���.''��&
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at
50 cent^. a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont. :
Pool As Stablizing Agency
Does Not Attempt To Unduly Boost
Prices, Says President McPhail
That the farmers' . co-operative
wheat pool has developed "rapidly in
the four years of its operation is the
decided opinion of A. J. McPhail,
president of the pool. Mr. McPhail,
who addressed the Canadian Club at
Toronto on tlie pool, said in an interview that last year 200 million bushels of wheat went into the pool. The
farmer, he said, gets a price higher
for his grain Uian ever before. ".In
1923 the farmer got one dollar a bushel for his wheat; in 1924, the first
year of the pool, he was paid 51.60.'''-'
Addressing the Canadian Club, Mr.
McPhail declared that thc aim of the
western Canada wheat pool is not to
boost unduly the price of grain but
to bring it to a level in comfonnity
with that of other essential products.
" I know there is a feeling in some
quarters," Mr. McPhail said, " particularly on the other side of the
water, that the farmers of Western
Canada and the wheat farmers of the
world have ln mind the creating of
organizations for the purpose of getting La monopoly of the exportable
surplus of wheat and using that
monopoly to unduly raise the .price
level of wheat. The main objective of
the pool, from the financial standpoint, is that we may if possible establish the price of wheat at a level
that will compare favorably with the
price level of other commodities. I
know you will agree that it is a fair
objective and if we are able to reach
that, or even approach it, we will
have taken the greatest step,- ever
taken to stabilize the industry of
agriculture."        '
The pools were doing a business
of approximately $1,000,000 a day
turnover for each working day of
the year, he said.
yet a man's smoke
Save tKe Valuabh
Within a week after_,thirteen'club^
men of London, England, had defied
supersition by dining together, four
had died and three were-seriously ill
with pneumonia.
Miller's Worm Powders act so thoroughly that stomachic and intestinal
worms pass from the child without
being noticed and without inconvenience to the sufferer. Thcy are painless and perfect in action, and at all
times, will be found a healthy medicine, strengthening the infantile
stomach and maintaining it in vigorous operation ,so that, besides being
an effective vermifuge, they-are ton-
ical and health-giving in their effects.
Seeking Trade With Canada
Chance   For   More   Business   Being
Investigated By Belgium
According to a despatch from Brussels,-a Belgian consular agent has
been sent- to explore the possibilities
for increased trade with Canada. Interesting prospects, for commerce
with Canada <vere opening up, it was
stated. Canada imported from Belgium to the extent of $10,132,879 in
the past year ancl exported to that
country to the value of $18,069,001.
Trouble Over Russian Gold
High Price For Canadian Cattle
At a sale of Shorthorn pure bred
cattle held in Chicago last month, the
Canadian offerings brought the highest prices, one young male bringing
$1,800 and another $1,375. The average price for ilO head sold was $300..
'.The aspen is the name of a tree
that is. of ten preceded by the adjective "trembling."
Bank Of France Endeavors To Secure
Gold Shipped To New York
By Soviets
Twenty crimson casks containing
$5,201,000 in Russian gold were involved -in a complicated legal mess
with ownership .at issue. Suit was
filed by the Bank of France in the
federal court in New York to recover
the gold bars which are now held by
tlie Equitable Trust Co., and the
Chase National Bank. It was based
on the assertion that the metal was
stolen from the vaults of the state
bank of the Russian Empire after the
Bolshevists revolution. '
The legal aspect was complicated
by the fact that United States courts
have ruled that the' Soviet can neither sue nor be sued since it is not
recognized by .the United States as
being legally an entity. The gold
was sent to New York from Russia
last month to facilitate handling of
trading between America and Russia.
When it was presented for assay, the
treasury department refused 'to receive it unless the two New York
banks would guarantee title to"it.  .
Don't be a human bass drum-
of noise and,nothing inside.
-a lot
If you want to flatter a man tell
him he is working too hard.
Offer Made For Alberta Railway
New Joint C.P.R.  and  C.N.R. Offer
For E.D. and B.C. Railway
A new joint 'Canadian Pacific-
Canadian National offer for the Alberta-owned E.D. and B.C. railway,
which, according"" to Premier Brownlee, represents an improvement of approximately $1,700,000 over the 'railway's former bid was announced in
the Alberta legislature,    .
Under the new offer tlie two transcontinental lines agree to pay interest on the-full amount of-$8,000,000
agreed to be paid" for capital stock
and properties as from January 1,
The original offer provided for payT
ment of a total of $17,420,000 and this
figure continues as the basis for the
offer.' However, the- previous offer
However, the previous offer specified
specified thatJnterest payments would
start only July 1, 1930, When interest
was to be paid increasing by one million dollars each year for ten years.
.The new offer for the Alberta railways was received in a lengthy joint
telegram from Sir Henry Thornton
and^Eresident^Beatty. under date of
March '10.
The original joint offer called for
the assumption by the transcontinental lines of liabilities for. $7,000,-
000 of debentures stock and $2,420,-
000 of outstanding bonds of the E.D.
and B.C. lines br a total of $9,420,000.
In addition it was agreed to pay
$8,000,000 in ten years for the assets
and physical properties of the lines.
This made the original joint offer total $17,420,000.    '
The railways department - of the
province fixes the physical valuation
of the E.D. and B.C. lines at approximately $19,000,000.
Viewed His Heart Beats
Farmer   Watched    Surgeon    Whilo
Operation Was Performed
L. H. Nobles, a "California farmer,
who -watched the reflection of his
heart beats in.a mirror.while"a physician performed a delicate operation
on that organ, is dead. He had been
expected to. recover.
The operation was performed for
removal of pus sacs that formed
around the heart after a severe attack of Influenza. A section of three,
ribs was removed in the operation.
Local anaesthetics were used and:Nobles talked witli the" doctor while he
Exporting Rubber Products
Canada    Is    Now   Fourth    Rubber
Manufacturing Country Of
Canada has now become' the fourth
rubber manufacturing country of the
world, exporting rubber products to
the value of $30,000,000 annually,
though the raw product ^ comes from
countries to which, the Dominion la
exporting the manufactured commodity, said Hon. James Malcolm,
Minister of Trade and Commerce at
thc annual banquet of the Canadian
Rubber Association in Montreal.
Accepts Presidency
Admiral Earl Jeilicoe, in command
Will Build Many Elevators of the .British grand fleet (luring two
The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool is years of the Great.War, has accept-
receiving tenders for the erection of _ ed an invitation to be president of the
30 country elevators at various points
in the province.
Some people save their-sympathy
until a man is dead and then make
his grave sloppy with their tears.
W.   N.   U.   1725
Area Of Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies cover an
area greater than that of France,
Belgium and Switzerland combined.;
��� _____jl .'������: .
The more a woman talks to a man
the less inclined he is to sit up and
take notice.   .
From the viewpoint   of   ihe   hat
dealer two heads are better than one.
Minard's Liniment���Invaluable in.the
:;-. Stable.   ,.     > H..'._V-.���/. yy"
Two More Cases of Feminine Illness Relieved by Lydia ��. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Bairrington, N. S.���"I had terrible
feelings, headaches, back and side
aches and pains all over my body. I
would have to go to bed every month,
and nothing would do me good. My
husband and my father did my work
for me'as I have two children and-
we have quite a. big place. I read in.
the paper about Lydia E. Pinkham's;
Vegetable Compound, and then got a
little book about it through the mail,-
and my husband sent to Eaton's and!
got me a bottle, .and then we got
more from the store. I am feeling
fine now and do all my work and am
able to go out around more. I tell my!
. friends it is Lydia E.Pinkham^s Vegetable Compound that makes me feel
so well.' '���Mrs. Victor Richardson,*
.Barfington, Nova Scotia.
Dull Pains in Back
St. Thomas, Ont. ���"I.took four
bottles of Lydia E.PifekKam's Vegetable Compoundand found great re-1
lief from tne dull, .heavy pains in the
small of my back and the. weakness
from which I suffered for' five yeara'
after my boy was born. After taking
the Vegetable Compound and using
Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash!
am feeling better than I have for then
past seven years, and advise my
friends to take if-Mr^F. Johnson,
: 49 Moore Street, St, Thomas,-Ont. ^
May Buy Canadian Horses
Trade Could Be Developed With
Egypt Says Askar Bey
That horses bred on the Canadian
prairies were tlie type suitable for
Egypt was the opinion expressed by
Askar Bey in his recent audience
with the King of Egypt. While In
Canada as Egyptian delegate to the
World's Poultry Congress, Askar Bey
was particularly interested . in the
horse shipments then being made to
Russia,.and thought a similar trade
could be developed with his own
country and Canada. At the' present
time' Egypt makes her horse purchases in South America.
British Legion. He will succeed tho
late Earl Haig.
If you desire to give advice at every
opportunity, ��� become a doctor or a
lawyer and sell It.
Safeguarding Emigrants
'- A decree issued by the Polish Labor Ministry working in co-operation
with' the Foreign Oflice, forbids the
emigration of persons having no assured work or means of sustenance
in the countries to which they emigrate, or whose moral interests may
be Imperiled in the new land; The re-
stricitons will not affect Poles emigrating to countries where their families are*awaitlng them, while provision, is made for other special cases
which may arise.
Bass Wood Is used almost exclusively for mailing containers for foofl.
The whole world knows Aspirin as an effective antidote for I
pahC But ifs just as important .to know tliat there is only one  j
genuine Aspirin, The name Bayer is on every tablet, and on the
box. -If the name Bayer appears, it's genuine; and if it-doesn't, j
it is not I Headaches are dispelled by Aspirin. So are colds, and
the pain that goes with them; even neuralgia, neuritis, and rheumatism promptly relieved.   jGet Aspirin���at any drugstore���with
proven directions. ���
Physicians prescribe Aspirin;
it does NOT affect the heart
SjLiplrin Is the trade mark (registered in Canada) Indicating Bayer Manufacture.   While U
U weU known that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to assyre the public against lralta* il
tUni, tbo Tablet! will be auinptd vtth tlieir "��ajer Crow" tradtmatlc. V G&EENWOOD   1MDQM
civilians is occupying ever more attention, and in the day of conflict the
brains of the national defense organization may operate from control
rooms buried deep in the ground.
The theory may for quite a long
time cause some people lo smile.
Chemists and biologists, however,
who realize the immense strides made
since' the war in the devising of means
to influence at will the bodies, even
the thoughts of human beings',- will
see nothing impossible in its fulfillment. It is but one of many ways in
which the work of men of science is
placing in our hands incalculable new
powers for good and evil.
Be Sure You Get The Genuine
Fighting In
The Future
Scientific Students Propose Use
Of Peculiar New Gas
Research in some of the world's
great laboratories is leading to the
diycovevy of mysterious gayes which
affect the body unharmed. One new
combination of gases formed at the
contact with air of little-known chemicals causes subtle changes in the
nervous system which lead to a feeling of intolerable depression" and discomfort. The effect after a large dose
passes off in about a fortnight.
Upon the basis of the success already attained in the research���
though it is still in the early stages���
imaginative _stu'dents of war are
building a bizarre theory of fighting
in the future. It is suggested that
warfare may become like a fantastic
dream, with leaders of armies ancl
fleets striving to inflict, -not deatli,
"but depression on the enemy population.
The day may even come, say these
strategists, when the general who
kills one man, woman or child, will be
held to have committed a grave blunder. His aims will be attained in subtler but not less certain ways.
Just as fantastic are Uie plans, now
rapidly taking shape, to protect civilians in gas attacks. Special brigades
of gas-fighters, breathing oxygen
from an apparatus carried on the
shoulders, will patrol the streets of a
bombed city to spray neutralizing solutions over poison clouds. The provision of --underground   shelters   for
Everyone Should Be Trained In
Proper Emergency Treatment
In an interview with   The   Globe.
Hon. Wallace Nesbitt, K.C., calls for
the extension of first-aid knowledge
to every sphere of activity wherein
a person is liable to come in contact
with accidents. Nowadays���in an era
of progress,   machinery   and   rapid
transit���this means practically everywhere. The idea is deserving of immediate application, for   its   importance cannot be exaggerated.
As President of the Ontario Council
of the St. John's Ambulance Association, and for years Honorary President of the Dominion Association,
Mr. Nesbitt has taken a deep interest in this worlc. The organization is
a valuable channel for training and
service. It now has between 12,000
and 15,000 members in Ontario and
about 110,000 in Canada, although it
has existed in this country only since
1909. Its certificate has world-wide
recognition, and represents a high
standard of efficiency. It is held by
800 employees of the T.T.C., and by
170 Hydro employees. The training
which it stands tor is found to be a
valuable adjunct to safety measures
in the mines.
Many 'a life has been saved by proper emergency treatment pending the
arrival of a. doctor. The St. John's
Ambulance Association aims to make
knowledge c:i this subject so general
that treatment will be available in
practically every' emergency. Its
work should be forwarded in the
schools, in factories, ancl otlier business institutions having numbers of
employees, and in associations which
seek to improve the public welfare.���
Toronto Globe.
Cultivated While Young Will
Always Keep Mind Occupied
It is good advice to have a hobby.
We are constantly seeing this advice
being,given, but that does not make
it of less value. The most wr'etched
man we ever met was a very wealthy
old one whose bitter regret was that
he had not one, and that his only
pleasure in life was to walk about his
huge works. He knew little indeed
about sport, of art, or literature, or
music; his life had found no time in
it to cultivate these, and in hi3 old
age he had found out the mistake of
this. He may have been an exception,
but anyway he was an example. We
were led to this subject by seeing
in a London, England, paper that
the suicide of a man without a hobby
By appointment to tlieir
Excellencies the Governor-
General and Viscountess
In the store, or on the
'phone, always ask for
more delicious
than ijaii. ever
dreamed Sultana
Biscuits could be
was the subject of an inquiry.. The
wife said her husband had been an
architectural sculptor and had assisted many eminent sculptors. Since
his retirement four years ago hc had
had no hobby or recreation. He
never read books or mixed with
friends, and gradually appeared to
lose interest in everything. He had
suffered a good deal with rheumatism in the last few months and had
become depressed. She found him
lying on the floor of his bedroom with
his head covered with a dressing-
gown and with one end of a tube in
his mouth, the other end being attached to a gas tap. He was dead.
Returning a verdict of suicide while
of unsound mind, the coroner said the
case showed the great danger to
elderly people who on-retiring from
active work did not take up something to occupy their minds. But it
appears to us that the coroner should
have said that the folly was lhat this
man had not taken up a hpbby while
he was young, so that his mind would
have been occupied when he became
&fae j&amtard o^Jliuzlity-Jinc^ /fJ3_
Robinson Crusoe's Error
Survey Shows Juan Fernandez Island
Is Veritable Paradise
Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday should have remained on their
island. A recent survey of Juan Fernandez Island, on which Alexander
Selkirk, th'e original Robinson Crusoe,
spent four years, proves it to be a
veritable paradise.      ���   .
The report says it is one of the
most fruitful spots in South America
with every imaginable sort of plant
growing there. A Frenchman, shipwrecked on the island some 40 years
ago, has refused to leave because of
the ease with which he has been able
to live.
Acts Like a FIas_i
In Relieving Colds
That's why oo  mwiy people buy
"Buckley's" to end Coughs, Bronchitis and all Throat, Chest and
Luntf troubles. It's instant, pleasant,
guaranteed. You'll note its uniquo
powers in the very first dose���and
there are 40 doses in a 75-cent bottlo I
Ask your druggist for "Buckley's".
' W. K. Buckley, Limited,
142 Mutual St., Toronto 2
Acts like a flash���
a (ingle sip proves it
Why do so many, many babies of
today escape all the little fretful
spells and infantile ailments tliat
used to worry mothers through thc
dav. and keep them up half the
If you don't know the answer, you
haven't discovered pure, harmless
Castoria. It is sweet to the taste, and
sweet in the little stomach. And its
gentle influence seems felt all
through the tiny system. Not even
a distasteful dose of castor oil does
so much good.
Fletcher's Castoria Is purely vegetable, so you may give it freely, at
first sign of colic; or constipation: or
diarrhea. Or those manv times when
you lust don't know what, is the matter. For real sickness, call the doctor,
always. At other times, a few drops
of Fletcher's Castoria.
The doctor often tells you to do
just that; and always says Fletcher's.
Other preparations may be just as
pure, just as free from dangerous
-drug's, but why experiment? Besides,
the��book on care and feeding of babies that comes with Fletcher's Castoria is worth its woieht in gold!
Children Cry for
Examination System
Proves Satisfactory
Deputy  Health'Minister  Tells  How
Settlers Arc Selected   ���
Canada'has established a new system for examination of immigrants
in Britain and on the continent, Dr. J.
A. Amyot, Deputy Minister of the
Health Department,. told the parliamentary committee investigating immigration matters.
Examinations, he declared, are now
conducted by Canadian doctors at im-
po"rta"nt���centres" in~Gre"at~BriC:iin"'and"
on the continent. In Creat Britain,
334 examination stations nojv exist
and since February 15 about 12,000
examinations have becn made resulting in the rejection of some 500 intending immigrants. There are 20 doctors and they are supplied with automobiles to visit the various stations.
The medical examination ��� for persons desirous of coming to Canada
under the assisted passage scheme
had not always becn satisfactory. In
order to improve conditions, Dr. Amyot said, Canada, in company with
other countries, named a roster of
doctors who would examine immigrants in Great Britain.
The immigrants, however, did "not
always go to one of these doctors,
slipping through to Canada for examination where in some cases it was
found necessary to send them back.
About 000 had been returned last
Deciding after examination against
establishing an institution similar to
Ellis Island, the Dominon appointed
a staff of.Canadian doctors in England, and this system had been in
effect since February 14."
Recommend Co-Operative
Marketing Of Live Stock
Saskatchewan   Overseas  Live   Stock
Marketing Commission Makes
Co-operative marketing is the first
of eight measures recommended by
thc Saskatchewan Overseas Live
Stock Marketing Commission to the
Legislature of Saskatchewan. The
Commission was appointed early in
1927 by the Saskatchewan Agricultural Research Foundation ancl directed to make an investigation relative !
to the marketing of Canadian Live
Stock in Great Britain and to study
co-operative bacon factories in England, Ireland -and Denmark. The
Commission was made up of Ave men
who investigated conditions in the
countries named and also in Poland,
Germany and Holland.
The creation in Canada of a department or bureau of agricultural
economics to study data on marketing and other problems is also recommended by the-commission.
Is the Constant Care Of Every
Young Mother
The young- mother has a. constant
care in looking after the welfare of
her little ones. Childhood ailments
come on so sudden���sometimes without a minute's warning���the mother
may have a very sick baby on her
hands before help can be obtained.
That is unless she has a remedy in the
house which she can safely give the
baby for any of the many minor ailments of babyhood and childhood.
Such a remedy is found in Baby's
Dutch Engineer Is Disillusioned
After Visit To Russia
The Conservative press of Holland
is rejoicing in the repudiation of Communism by the Dutch engineer Boars,
known at the time of his expulsion
from the Dutch East Indies last September as "the firebrand of Java,"
where he had been the head of the
subversive Soviet movement.
After his expulsion he went to Russia in order to learn at first hand
the political'and social principles he
had been advocating. This visit,
judged from the point of view of a
long article' he has written 'for the
Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant of
Rotterdam, has resulted in Lis entire
loss of faith in communism.
He says he ��� considers it his duty on
his return to Holland to advise "the
population of the Dutch East Indies,
whom he himself had directed along
the path o��> Communism, to retrace
their steps.
He found that the Soviet Government was able to do little for education and the care of the sick, despite
all the fine slogans. As in capitalistic
countries all available money is first W^n all Thy mercies, O my God
... ,       .. , .   ,. My rising soul surveys
of all spent on the army, and further - ���  9 J
on the   enormous   bureaucratic   apparatus.
"The incomes of farmers are very
THEL0N3DAY.   W. S. Dill. ��� S2.00
Fascinating Reminiscences Of the Yukon.
NEW FURROWS.   F. J. Williams.       S2.00
A Tale With the Flavor Of Alberia.
PLAIN FOLKS.   P. C. AVhiteliouse.    S1.50
A Canadian Novel Fiom the Plains.
Obtain locally or order direct f'om
Little Helps For This Week
"Blessed be the Lord, who daily
loadeth us with benefits, even ihe
God of our salvation."���Psalm lxviii.
Oton Tablets.   Thousands of mothers
throughout the country always keep j small. Nine-tenths of them have in-
a box of the Tablets'on hand and they comes of 25 rubles per month. Only
proclaim them to be without an equal
for sweetening baby's stomach; regulating his bowels, and thus driving
out constipation and indigestion, colds
and simple fevers, and -making the
dreaded teething period easy. _
Baby's Own Tablets are an absolutely safe remedy. They are guaranteed to be free from opiates or any
other narcotic drug which .are so
harmful to the future welfare of the
baby. Mothers, if you value the life
of your little ones give him Baby's
Own Tablets when he is ill, or, better
still, give him an occasional dose of
one-tenth earn more than that.
" Even the casual visitor must notice that the great masses of the
large cities are miserably poor. The
shabby clothing, the old, repaired furniture, the accumulations of dirt cannot possibly be kept concealed. Their
status in regard to comfort, even of
health, is much lower than it was in
1913. Anybody can see that.
'.'In 1927 there were 2,000,000 unemployed in Russia out of a total in-
The Inland Sea Route
Government   To  Begin  At Once To
Prepare Hundson Strait For
Alex Johnston deputy minister of
marine and fisheries, announced that
the. federal government will commence immediately to prepare the
Hudson Strait for navigation lhat the
route may be open for vessels in 1930
when the Hudson Bay Railway will
be completed.
Two direction finding stations with
suitable radio broadcasting towers
and other equipment will lie erected
in the strait this summer, and another two will be built in the summer
of 1929i
Keep Minard's in the Medicine Chest.
pver 2,500 acres of thc area covered by Stockholm, Sweden, consist
of parks and gardens.
"On a Meat Diet
Stefansson   Endeavors   To   Demon-
strut That AH Meat Diet Does
Not Cause Scurvy
Vilhjalmur Stefansson,  Arctic  explorer, has thrived for two weeks on
the Tablets to ward off illness.   The;dugtrial population of nearly 13,000,-
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers I
or will be sent to any address, post
paid, at 25 cents a box by addressing
The   Dr.    Williams'' Medicine   Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Transported with the view, I'm lost
In wonder, love, and praise. ���
Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart,
That tastes those gifts with joy.
���Joseph Addison.
If .gratitude is due from man to
man, how much more from man to
his Maker? The Supreme Being does
not only confer upon us those bounties whicli proceed more immediately
from His hand, but even those benefits which arc conveyed to us by others. Every blessing we enjoy, by what
means soever it may be derived upon
us, is the gift of Him who is the
great Author of good and Father of
, Rubber From Flowers
Asters are three per cent, rubber,
and there is enough tire material in
Cause Of Asthma.   No one can say
with certainty exactly what causes
the establishing of asthmatic condi-, dandelions and golden rods to. provide
tions~Dust-from���the street; from an emergency supply should the occa-
flowcrs, from grain and various oth-1 sion arise_ This according to an.
er irritant.! may set up a trouble im-1 ,   .        .,    . ,      .    .
possible to irridicate except through nouncement from the laboratories of^
a sure preparation such as Dr. J. D., America's inventive wizard, Thomas
Kellogg's Asthma   Remedy.    Uncer- Edison.
tainty may  exist  as  to "cause,   but
there can be no uncertainty regarding
a remedy which has freed a genera-
A Scotsman and   an   Aberdonian
an all-meat diet, his physician an- j tion of asthmatic victims from this, were on top of an omnibus. The
nounced in New York. The explorer! scourge of the bronchial tubes. It is Scotsman suggested that they should
is under observation at Bellevue Hos
pital, where he is endeavoring to demonstrate that an all-meat diet does
not cause scurvy.
Dr. Clarence W. Lieb explained that
the explorer's general condition has
remaned' excellent since he began
the experiment; which will be continued another fortnight.
. Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Remover, whicli ia
entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory in its action.
W.   N.   U.   1725
Alberta Using New Fertilizer
Experiments With Super-Phosphates
Have Proved Satisfactory
Experiments with super-phosphates, which have been carried out
in Alberta for the last three years,
have produced such satisfactory results that they will be conducted on
a far wider scale, says W. J. Stephen,
Alberta Field Crop Commissioner.
The phosphate comes from the Canadian Pacific smelter at Trail, B.C.,
where a million tons a year are available. It is claimed that the use of this
fertilizer increases production from
15 to 35 per cent.
Using a mixture of 50 per cent,
saw dust with chalk and chemicals
and" subjecting it to heavy pressure,
wood can be made.
..     LESSON No. 20
Question: Why is emulsified cod-liver oil so
very helpful as a vitamin-
food for expectant .and
nursing mothers ?
Answer: Because it
provides an easily assimilated food rich in the
essential vitamin that aids
in building strong bones
and good teeth.
Take pure, wholesome,
pleasantly flavored
Would Not Give Up
One-Armcd English  Musician
Tlano With Left tland
When Mr. Douglas Fox, thc musician, lost his right arm in the Great
War, his friends thought he would
never be able to play the piano again.
The gallant man determined " that
he would play and has developed so
amazing a technique, that when he
recently gave a recital, in England,
music ^critics said: "The first sensation is of surprise that a single hand
can cover the keyboard so effectively
and do so much; but soon we forgot
the limitations under which he is
working, and think only of the delicate and thoughtful music he makes."
The man who gave this remarkable
recital is now directpr of music at
Bradfield College, England.
sold everywhere.
Homestead Filings For January
Homestead filings in the four Western Provinces in January showed a
total of 457 as compared with 343.for
the same month of 1927. Manitoba recorded 51 as compared with 36 for
January, 1927; Saskatchewan 194 as
against 186; Alberta, 201, against lib,
and British Columbia 11 against 6.
speak to a girl they knew sitting'in
front of them. " No, wait till she has
paid her fare," said tlie Aberdonian.
Winnipeg Live Stock Shipments
During January 1290 car loads of
live stock were handled at the Union
stock yards, St. Boniface (Greater
Winnipeg). The shipments comprised
20,462 "head, of cattle, 47,277 hogs,
17,448 sheep and 1,420 horses.
He: "Your cousin refused to recognize me last night. Thinks I'm not
his equal, I suppose."
She: "Ridiculous! Of course you
are. Why he is nothing but a conceited idiot!"
ed lice
Onnshlng trips take MtaartP*.
��� Sick stomachs, sour stomachs and
indigestion usually mean excess acid.
The stomach nerves are over-stimulated. Too much acid makes the stomach and intestines sour. '
Alkali kills acid instantly. The best
form is Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, because one harmless,   tasteless   dose
Take a spoonful in water and your
unhappy condition will prolDaolv end
In five minuter.. Then you will ah. ays
know what to do. Crude'end harmful
methods will never appeal to you. Go
prove this for your own sake. It may
save a great many disagreeable hours.
Be sure to get the\ genuine Phillips*
Milk of Magnesia prescribed by ph3 si-
neutralizes many times its volume in^
acid. Since its invention, 50 years ago, j clans for 50 years in correcting exces��
it has remained the standard with acids. Each bottle contains full dlree*
physicians everywhere. .tions���any drugstore. THE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription: In Canada and to Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
Victoria, March 20.���Unanimous support was given by the legislature just
prior to prorogation last week to the
proposal of the teachers of British
Columbia that the benefits of superannuation be afforded them. Dr. H.
C. Wrinch, Liberal, Skeena, supported
by Premier MacLean, moved a resolution that every assistance be given the
teachers by. the finance department in
the working out of the necessary legislation. The house adopted the resolution without dissent.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices...$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    �����
Estray Notices   ���   *���""
Cards of Thanks ���    �����""
Certificate of Improvement...... w.&u
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in notice, $5.00 for each additional
All other legal advertising 16 cents
a line first insertion, and 12 cents a
line for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.
Business locals 12% c a line each insertion.
No letter to the editor will be in
serted except over the proper signature and address of the writer,
rule admits of no exceptions.
���rne blue cross means that
vour subscription is due and
that the editor would be
pleased to have more money.
Following -Premier MacLean's plea
for united action on the, part of the
legislature in dealing with problems of
major importance, a unanimous decision was reached with regard to the
Oriental question. Briefly summed up,
the resolution passed by the members
seek power for British Columbia to
control the owning of land by Orientals and their admission to this province. Ii was pointed out by members
of both parties that there should be no
more Jajaanese and Chinese in British
Columbia, considering population, that
there are Canadians in Japan and
China. Ottawa is to be asked to take
into immediate consideration . the
seriousness of tlie Oriental question
in the Pacific province.
The celebrated soprano was doing a
solo when Bobbie said to his mother,
referring to the conductor, of the
"Why does that man hit at that
woman with his stick?"
"He's not hitting at her," replied the
mother.   "Keep quiet."
"Well, then, what's she hollerin'
The Nashville American says that
thfs most eloquent tribute paid to a-
dog was given by Senatoi Vest ol
Missouri many years ago.   It aPgal*
-that he was attending court in a
cmmti? town and while waiting for the
Si of a suit in which he was interestedI was urged by an attorney in a dog
case to S them out. Voluminous
Sidence was produced to show that
the defendantPhad shot the  dog m
��� malice, while other witnesses said toai
Se animal had attacked the defendant
Vest took no part in the trial and was
not disposed to speak, but on repeatec
urging he rose, scanned the face o,
each juryman for a moment, and said.
'"Gentlemen* of the jury: The bes
friend a man has may turn against
him and become his enemy. His son
or daughter that he has reared with
loving care may prove ungrateful.
Those who are nearest and dearest tc
us those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become
' traitors to their faith: The money tha.
a man has he may lose. It flies away
from him perhaps when lie; needs it
most. A man's reputatiqn may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered
action. The people who are prone to
fall on their knees to do us honor when
success is with-us, may be the first to
throw the stone of malice when failure
settles its cloud upon our heads.
��� "The one absolutely unselfish friend
that man can have in this selfish world,
the one that never deserts him, the
one that never proves ungrateful, or
treacherous, is his dog. A man's dog
stands by him in prosperity and m
poverty; in health and in sickness. He
will sleep on the cold ground where the
wintry winds blow and the snow drives
fiercely, if only he may beo near his
master's side. He will kiss the hand
that has no food to offer; he will lick
tho wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the
world.   He   guards  the  sleep  of  his
When all other friends depart he re-
-.mains. When riches take wings and
reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in hislove as the sun in -its
journeys through the heavens.
"If fortune drives the master forth
an qutcast in the world, friendless and
homeless, the ��� faithful dog asks no
higher privilege than that of accompanying him, to guard against danger,
to fight against his enemies. And when
the last scene of all comes and death
takes the master: in its embrace, and
his body is laid in the cold ground; no
matter if all other friends pursue their
way, there by' the graveside will the
noble dog be found, his head between
his paws, his eyes sad, but in alert
watchfulness, faithful and true even to
Then Senator Vest sat down. He
��� had spoken'in a low voice without a
- gesture.   He made.no reference to the
-  evidence orv the merits-of the c&se.
'.' When he had finished, judge and jury
were wiping their eyes. The jury filed
out, but, soon entered with a verdict of
$500 for the plaintiff whose dog was
shot, and it was said that some of the
jury wanted to hang the defendant.
The government's pledged word to
the British Columbia legislature and
the electors of the province was given
before the house prorogued that if a
satisfactory sale of the Pacific Great
Eastern Railway could not be effected
the line would be completed from Vancouver to Prince George. Oppositions
are not prone to accept promises from
any government; so .the present instance is taken as a special tribute to
the integrity of Premier MacLean. He
has stated several times publicly and
through the press that.the government
is endeavoring earnestly to dispose of
the line to advantage. Failing in that,
the line must be finished. ���
This stand has met with general approval, even from those who in the
past have claimed that the line was not
necessary. But as they have seen
million pilled upon million, year after
year, they have accepted' that an unfinished railway is of no value to anyone. As the situation now stands,
either the government or private capital, or one. of the large railway "companies will put the Pacific-'Great Eastern Railway on its feet, to the great
benefit of the entire province.   '
At Six Dollars Each.
Apply Mrs. W. J. McCelvey,
Rock Creek.
Wc have room in our incubators
for several hundred eggs, all breeds
taken with the exception of (R. I.R.).
$3.00 per hundred; $2.00 per fifty.
Apply Mrs. H. Pannell, Midway, B. C.
Offers wil be received by the
undersigned for the complete mining
equipment belonging to the Chrysler
Mining Syndicate Ld. located- on Wallace Mountain, Beaverdell, consisting
of Clayton oil engine, fuel tanks, air
compressor, rock drills, piping, loose
tools and mess house furnishings.
Criticism of the government's policy
of spendinng money for highway construction petered out in-the legislature
before prorogation. The new loan bill
be used for highway purposes, was
for $4,600,000, of which $4,000,000 will
passed by a vote of 26 to 17, the Conservatives standing alone against the
rest of the house. Hon. Dr.. Sutherland, minister of public works, declared
that the general public criticized only
because too little was spent. He showed
that his highway policy is rapidly
opening up the province to both the
tourist and the settler, and through
improved highway's, motorists' costs of
upkeep are being reduced materially.
is the inseparable companion of
Have Your
Letterheads, Billheads, Statements,
Envelopes, Window Cards, Posters,
Dodgers, Etc.    ���'��� ���
���.���:'��� ;"
Printed at The
Greenwood Ledge
The sound condition of British Columbia's finances was clearly shown in
the legislature last week-by Hon. J. D.
MacLean, minister of finance. He
stated that by the end of 1929 all British Columbia's debenture borrowings
will be covered by full sinking fund
provisions. This, he showed, will further strengthen- the province's position
at the head of all the provinces of
New York.���By the simple process of
dropping a nickel in the slot, the resident of New York, may now buy
stamps, subway, rides, soup and ice
cream sodas.
The time is not far distant, according to Anatol Josepho, when one may
put his head .and a half-dollar into a
machine and get a haircut.
Mr. Josepho' is the inventor of a
machine, which he recently sold for a
million dollars, in which the customer
may photograph ��� himself.. He sits in
a chair, drops a 25-cent piece in the
slot and presently* extracts a strip of
eight pictures of himself.".   ���
The country is tending, Mr. Josepho
said, toward' the development not only
of machines: which will sell almost
every conceivable product automatically, but towards the invention of devices
which will' perform some type of
service. "
One of the large chain store organizations in the cquntry is experimenting with the use of automatic
machines for replacing part of .the
work which is being done by clerks.
Dentist (extracting a nail from a tire
of his car): . ''Steady now. Yo.u_ won't
even feel this."
London.���Work has been started on
an ice rink, 85 by J286 feet, the dimensions-exceedihg~in_size^the~Berlin-Ice-
Palace, on the Twickenham bank of
the Thame's at Richmond, to be completed in September. A public garden
will adjoin the structure. ���
u The project indicates the widespread
revival of the ice sport in London,
Manchester and other cities, having
large, successful clubs. The new rink
will be open to the public eight months
of.the year and will also be used for
concerts and flower shows.
.The architects report inquiries about
possibilities of erecting similar arenas
in 12 of the British provincial cities,
including Glasgow and Newcastle, as
well as the Hague, Geneva and Tokyo.
The appearance of American, Canadian and English ice hockey teams
will be the feature of the opening at
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tenders
for. Block 5 Fairview" will be received
by the undersigned up to noon on
Monday, April 9th, 1928, for the-purchase of Block 5, Map 26, Townsite of
The upset price is $300 and no
tender at a lesser figure will be considered. ,    [_���   ���-
One quarter of the amount of the
bid must accompany each tender and
the balance of the purchase money
must be paid in three equal annual installments with interest at the rate of
6% per annum on the deferred amount.
There will, also be a fee of $10.00
for the Crown Grant.
The deposit of the unsuccessful
tenders will be returned.
The highest, or any tender, not
necessarily accepted.
March 5th, 1928.
Government Agent,
Penticton, B.C.
Certificate of Improvements
Seven years ago a farmer living only
a few miles from the city hung his vest
on the barnyard feiice. A calf chewed
up the pocket of the garment in which
there was a standard gold watch. A
short time ago, the animal, a staid old
milch cow, was butchered for beef and
the timepiece was found in such a
position between the;lungs of the cow
that the respiration���the closing-in
and filling of the lungs���kept the stem-
winder wound up, and the watch had
lo'st but four minutes in seven years.���
Lyon News.
The Women's Auxiliary of Rock
Creek will give a Dance on Easter
Monday, April 9th, at Riverside Hall.
Look for posters.
Situate   in   the   Greenwood   Mining
Division of Yale District.   Where
 located:   Near Bridesville.'-.X.:...
TAKE NOTICE that I, C. M. Shaw,
agent for Joseph Pringle, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 335-D, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
claim. ���
And   further   take   notice   that
action, under section 85, must be com
menced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.      ���-*
Dated this 21st day of February,
Kerf's i P.M
i J   ���
HjPHE chief point in
-i- favor of Beer as
compared to other
alcoholic beverages,
lies in the very small
percentage of alcohol
* contained i:
just enough
aid digestion
Phoenix Expor
Lager is good
pure beer, it wil.
act as a tonic; iti
nutrative value
is &reat
For sale at Government
Liquor Stores and Beer
Vbctorra-Phoenix Bro.Co.
a_ b r^/a i t e d.     Victoria. B.C.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control
Board or by the Government of British Columbia. i
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers,  of Gold, Silver, Copper,  Pig Lead and Zinc'
To The
Greenwood Ledge
Clip this coupon and mail it with SI for a six weeks' trial subscription to
A Paper for the Home, World-Wide in Its Scope
advocate of pence nnd prohibition. And don't miss Snuba our dog, and the Sundial
nnd the otberfeutures.
The Christian Science Monitor, Back Bay Station, Boston, Mass,
Flense send ne a six weeks' trial subscription.  I enclose one dollar ($1),
Time hath a taming hand.���Newman.
Sometimes the informality
of the spoken word
is more effective
��   than a letter
"Long. Distance, please"
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco -Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
    To ���]	
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th, Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way.   Terms' .cash.
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown
lands may be pre-empted by British
subjects over 18 years of age, and by
aliens on declaring intention to become British subjects, conditional
upon residence,' occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Pull information concerning relations regarding pre-emptions is given
in Bulletin No. 1, Land' Series, "How
to Pre-empt Land," copies of which
can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands,
toria, B. C, or to any Government
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is' not timberland, -
i.e., carrying over 8,000 board feet per
acre west of the Coast Range and
5,000 feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to
be addressed to the Land .Commissioner of the Land Recording-Division, in
which the land applied for is situated,
and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from the
Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made to
the value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
Por more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How, to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved Crown
Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes: minimum price for.
first-class (arable) land is $5 per
acre. Further information regarding
purchase or lease of Crown Lands is
given in Bulletin No. 10, Land Series,
"Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of stump-
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a dwelling being erected
in the" first yearrtitle~being obtainable-
after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled, and land has been
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas not exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or, a company.
Under the Grazing Act the Province
is divided into grazing districts and the
range administered under a Grazing
Commissioner. Annual grazing permits are issued based on numbers
ranged, priority given to established
owners. Stock owners may. form associations for range management. Free,
or partly free, nermits are available
for settlers, campers and travellers, up
to ten head.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows:
Lode    Gold,    $126,972,318;
Placer Gold. $78,018,548;
Silver, $80,787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $209,967,068;  Zinc, $50,512,557;  Coal and
Coke, $284,699,133; Structural Materials and Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407; making
its  mineral production to the end of 1926 show an ��� ' '
Aggregate Value of $988,108,470
Production for the year ending December, 1926, $67,188,842
-   The Mining Laws of this' Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such" properties, the security of which Is guaranteed by
.    Crown grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing:
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N. B.���Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C. Reports of the Geological. Survey of Canada, Winch
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information,    i
Reports covering each of the gix Mineral Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application, o  '


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