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The Greenwood Ledge Jan 13, 1927

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Provincial Library
VOL. 1
No. 24
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
uvu.njipjLjii.uiunLitji^jiti .>-,,_.,_.u.i_._._..._.mdi._._._��_��...__.___j.ii.i.TO_
White Navy Beans
No. I Jap Rice      -
Victoria Cross Cocoa
���  4 lbs 25c
per Ib 10c
5 !b package 85c
5 Ib package 75c
For quality and value order from
Phone 46
._H____fLII_lW-i lfF^.ftUjq^tg��M
When buying Light Globes
Edison Mazda Lamps
Phone 17
Coughs, Colds or any Bronichal Trouble
Give resistance against Flu
��������������� /"��� ������
For Sore Throat and Tickling Cough
' ���'    -   ���    You can get them at ���
Ask for one of our Calendars
���wi_.m_.wM.iu. ____������ >-��n_ij��iiu j mjiuun.
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Veal and Poultry
Home Made Beef and Pork Sausage
Home Cured Hams and Bacon
New Laid Eggs
Mail orders promptly attended to
-aiMMtw-M' munjaammaaxmiai. wxrtiHdM.vuir.irii l_w.fl._m
Giving Wings
To Friendship
The long-distance telephone gives wings
to friendship. It enables the human voice to
be carried along wires at a speed of thousands
of miles per second without losing any of its
cordiality. The special night rates after 8:30
p.m. are advantageous for social chats.
g- ���'.        Millinery X
J^.        Ladies Wear JJ
yf     Men's furnishings V
Q  ."'   Leckie Shoes 0
Xfor Men and Boys tut
*�� '   also , 3C
A Rubbers V 0
X for Men, Women and Children   w
V '    '      ��� ' M
B\     '��� ~ :���:      *BV
JJ Ellen Trounson's Store J5
v w W W W V w V
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident, & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary. &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of .
First National Pictures, Inc., present
���   acting role!
with   -
Anna Q. Nilsson        Huntly Gordon
Charles Murray
Adapted from the novel by   ;
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
also a comedy
7 Felix the Cat
''Fans the Flames"
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
4dultS 5'0C
Children 25c.
Coming! Saturday, Jan. 29th
"Pal's First"
also a comedy
u  "Who's Boss"
We   are  commencing the New Year
swith a feeling of confidence that   '
that there is something better
iu store for Greenwood and'
surrounding country
I<et us all Boost for more Business and
Better Conditions
We are at your service for good work
���   aud more of it
All Work Guaranteed the Best    -
Watchmaker and Jeweler
r. J. White, Mgr
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood     -
Rock Creek 2 p.m.
1 Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
Of Local Interest
A rink of Osoyoos curlers are
in town enroute to Grand Forks.
Dr. A. Francis made a professional visit to Beaverdell on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E; C. Lutner of
Beaverdell were visitors in town
on Tuesday.
.Collections of revenue for the
Port of Grand Forks amounted to
D. C. McKee and crew are
loading cedar poles for shipment
to Minneapolis.
W. A. Webb returned to the
coast on Friday after a week's
visit with friends in town.
Mrs. S. W. Auger 'of Eholt
road, is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. R. S. Walker at Moyie.
George Howson, an oldtimer of
Greenwood but now working in
Beaverdell camp, was a y^itor to
town last week. '   '-'
W. H. Kirkpatrick, roadmaster
for the K.V.R., of Penticton, was
in town last night and enjoyed a
game of curling.
Miss Gladys McCreath left for
Vancouver on Friday morning
after a couple of weeks visit with'
her father and -sister. \
C. Toney returned; to Seattle
last week after a two weeks'visit
with his three children, Cleo,
June and Glenn Toney.
Mrs. A. Lutner of Beaverdell,
was a patient in the District
Hospital 'onXFriday-, receiving
treatment for a broken left wrist.
Mrs. H. McKee, left on Tuesday-morning for a month's visit
in Vancouver. She was.accompanied by her daughter, Josephine.
.Mrs. A. D. Severs returned to
Vancouver on Friday - after a "few:
weeks visit with her son-in-law
and daughter; Mr. and. Mrs. H.
T. Newmarch.- '
Miss Tillie McDonell returned
to Vancouver on Monday morning after a few weeks holiday at
the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jerome McDonell.
D. McPherson, M.L.A., left
Grand Forks last Thursday for
Victoria to attend the session in
Victoria. Mrs. McPherson and
capital. ; '���, /
Miss C. Swanson, R. N., of
Hanna, Alberta, has been appointed and accepted the position
of Omatron of the Greenwood &
District Hospital; duties to commence Feb. 1st.
Clarence Holmes Mack, of
Chesaw, Wash., and Maude Jean
Brown, of Portland, Ore., .were
married by Rev. A. Walker in the
Court House, Greenwood, on
Saturday, Jan. 8th.
A lively time is planned for the
Greenwood Rink on Saturday,
Jan. 22nd. A hockey match will
be played between two local teams
and a Broomball game Ladies vs
Gents.   Skating afterwards.
Allenby won the first game in
a league hockey fixture on Jan.
5th, on their own ice, by defeating
Princeton by 4 to 1. The Princeton Star says in part: "For the
visitors Royce, Mills and Oliver
Carrington are towers0of strength
added to the line-up since^iast
season." Royce was a member
of the Greenwood team last year.
In a letter in which Hugh Reid,
of Lacombe, Alta., renewed his
subscription he says that he takes
a keen interest in the welfare of
the Boundary country and hopes
for greater prosperity this year.
Mr. Reid came to Greenwood in
1897 and for six years was shift-
boss for the Granby in Phoenix.
He owns a number of mineral
claims at Roek Creek.      .
Municipal Elections
In Greenwood
Eye Specialist
will be at ,
Monday Evening, Jan. 17th
The past week has been a stirring one in Greenwood municipal
circles, what with talk of rival
slates for aldermen, competing
candidates for school trustees, and
wars and rumours of wars
political galore.
It has been an open secret for
some time that Mr. and Mrs.
William Madden had determined
to effect a revolution in the City
government of Greenwood if such
could be obtained and they are
reputed to have been very active
in a search for suitable aldermanic
material. 7 At the end, however,
it simmered down to two candidates on the Madden slate Mr."
Joseph DuHamel and Mr. Matt
Maloney. Mr. DuHamel's nominations papers are understood to
have been prepared but for some
reason were not filled. Mr.
Maloney's papers- were put in by
Mrs. Madden but were found not
to be in order. He was sent for
to rectify the mistakes; but when
he arrived near the closing hour
of two o'clock it was found that
he had not the necessary $500.00
qualification. As a result the remaining candidates went in' by
acclamation. ���'.'.'���.:
. The Mayor and Aldermen for
the year 1927 are as follows:
T.M. Gulley, re-elected. ...
Aldermen���        . *   "'..
Chas. King, re-elected.
G. B. Taylor, re-elected.
!F.L. Peterson, re-elected.
A.J. Morrison, re-elected.
7 Leutfried Portman, elected for
the first time.
Robert Forshaw, elected for the
first time.
The last two mentioned aldermen take the seats occupied last
year by Messrs. Kerr and Mowat,
Both of who no longer reside in
There is however a contest
among the school board.aspirants,
and "the result: of the ^voting: will
not be known at the time The
Greenwood Ledge, goes to press.
There was; originally four candidates. Mr. L. Bryant a candidate
for re-election, and Mrs. Madden,
Mr.J.'E. Hoy and Mr. W. C.Wilson candidates for the place
left vacant by the departure ,of
Mr. Mowat. 'Tvlr. Wilson withdrew from the race after nomination and prior to the election leaving the other three to contend for
the two places.
had not been heavy though some
of the candidates were displaying
a certain amount of activity.
Mrs. Madden is understood to
have pledged herself, if elected, to
bring about numerous important
changes in the handling of the
Greenwood schools. Mr. Chas.
King is also a school: trustee but
does not come up_ for re-election
this year.    "**
Mr. George H. Gray;) was
chosen police commissioner by
Game Reserve
Is Cancelled
Have your eyes attended to
Miss R. Collins, nurse at the
District .Hospital, passed the
regular examinations, taken in
Nelson last. November, for her
final year. We congratulate her
on graduation into such an honorable profession. '
Rev. A. Walker, Greenwood,
has been, invited to respond to the
toast of "The Immortal Memory
of Burns" at the "Burn's nicht"
to be held in the basement of the
United Church, Grand Forks, on
Tuesday, Jan. 25th. A Scotch
Supper will be served at 6:30 and
a programme, of songs, 'speeches
and recitations rendered.. Ladies
as well as gentlemen will be welcome. ��� Tickets are 75 cents and
may be obtained from Mayor
Walter O. Miller, superintendent
of the Boundary division of the
Canadian Pacific railway, retired
on Dec. ,31st, under the company's superannuation arrangement. Entering the "service of
the company in 1883 as a telegrapher, he came to British Columbia in 1886 as train dispatcher.
He was transferred to Nelson as
superintendent of the Boundary
division in March, 1910. Mr.
Miller is succeeded by Robert
Armstrong of Brandon, who has
already visited several parts'of his
Greenwood Ledge ads for results
The Kettle Valley Game Reserve, one of the largest sanctuaries of wild life in the province,
has been cancelled by order-in-
council, says a"Victoria report.
Game Board officials found that
the reserve was interfering too
much with miners, prospectors
and settlers in the Kettle Valley
country, as it prevented them
from having firearms in their possession, and prohibited all hunting. Increasing population in the
district affected made the continuance of the reserve undesirable. Residents complained that
the existence of the reserve was a
hardship on them.
With the Curlers
_ The curlers are having a great
time these days on the keenest ice
to be made. The McLennan &
McFeely competition is well under
way, with eleven games, the results of which follow:
Gulley 19, Forshaw 3.
Goodeve 14, Gulley 11.
Goodeve 12, Walmsley 5.
Gregory 15, Walters 3.
Gulley 11, Walters 6.
Goodeve 11, Walters 6.
Forshaw 9, Walmsley 5.
Gulley 13, Walmsley 8.
Gregory 9, Goodeve 5.
Gregory 12, Forshaw 3.
Walmsley 10, Walters 7.
The Points competition is set
for tonight commencing' at 7:30
and should prove very interesting,
a large number having signed up
to take part.
An invitation was received from
the Grand Forks Curling Club
inviting the members of the_ local
club- to attend a Bonspiel in
Grand Forks on Friday evening
ahd all day Saturday. Four
players have .signed up to attend and their is a possible chance
of sending two rinks..    ....
The lady curlers are very active'
and they practice during the
afternoon. Competition will commence in a few days. An effort
is being . made to send a rink to
the Bonspiel in Grand Forks this ,
Midway News
... . . i
"A.  Miles is a patient in the
District Hospital.  -
Friday; the 14th inst.
Mrs. H. Pannell entertained a
number of small guests last Friday in honor of her daughter
Eileen's 6th birthday.
A number of.the younger set
took in the party held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Norris,
Kettle Valley, last week, in honor
of the visit of Harold Ferguson.
At the meeting of the Women's
Institute last Saturday the following officers were elected:
President, Mrs. J. Richter.
Vice-President, Mrs. C. Graser.
Secretary, Mrs. H. Pannell.
*" Treasurer, Mrs. E. Hawkes.
Directors, Mesdames Hawkes,
Graser, Pannell, Bender and
Hall Committee, Mesdames
Hawkes,. Bender and Lundy.
Famous Novel
Now a Picture
"Her Second Chance," which
is booked for Saturday, Jan. 15th
at the Greenwood Theatre, with
Anna Q. Nilsson in the leading
feminine role, is an adaption of
the famous novel by Mrs. Wilson
Woodrow. v.
As a novel "Her- Second
Chance"; wasJor several seasons
a best seller, running -into# numerous '���- editions and- reaching a
circulation of almost a million.
The theme in her Second
Chance" is that of a young Kentucky mountain girl's desire for
retribution of a Southern judge
who sent her to jail for a mis-
deamor which she never committed with willful intent. Complications arise when the girl
falls in love with the judge.
A Felix comedy will also be
Job Printing at  The Greenwood Ledge. THE   GKEENWOOD   LEDGE
"  To Introduce VICTORY coal, rained 45 miles Weat of Edmonton, in tha
Foothills o.X the Mountains.   We OFFER in Carlots o�� 30 tons or over.
Double Screened Lump over 4 in. screen    -   $4.00 per ton
Egg from 2 in. to 4 in.     -    $3.50 "
Stovenut 1 in. to 2 in. -   -   $3.00 "
All prices F.o.b. cars Mine.   Wnbamun, Alta., C.N.R/.
Every ton guaranteed free from Hock, Bone or Shale.
Make  up  a  car  with  your  neighbor.   Send  S5U.00  with   order,   balance
Canada and Japan
Half Million SHU Needed.
Dr. U. M. Tory, president of the University oC Alberta and chuirman. of
tlie National .Research Coiim.il of Canada, represented Canada at Uie scientific
conference of all countries having an outlet on the Pacific, which was held, a
few months ago in Japan, and in a recent address before the Canadian Club
of-Saskatoon he gave some of his impressions of Japan and its people Dr.
Tory's highly entertaining and instructive address contained much food for
thought on the part of Canadians.
In extent ol: area, Dr. Tory pointed out, Japan is about three-firths the
size of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and of that area only about twenty per cent,
is capable of cultivation.' Nevertheless, the islands of Japan are inhabited by
almost sixty millions of people. Therefore, Japan, like the British Isles, must
provide for ihe sustenance of its people by the importation of enormous quantities of foodstuffs, and for their-employment in other'ways than agriculture.
Japan, has as a, consequence become a highly industrialized nation.
Japan is frcquenlly referred to as the Great Britain of the Pacific, and ihe
description is an apt one. Not only is there an analogy as noted in the preceding, paragraph, but Japan, like Britain, has developed a large and growing
merchant marine and is offering effective competition iu the. markets of Pacific
countries, lu another respect Japan is adopting British methods. It is importing raw materials from other lands, converting them into articles of
manufacture, aud then reselling the finished product even in fhe very coun-
tries from' which the raw materials were imported.
For example, Japan is importing raw cotton from ���the .United States, manufacturing it. and selling the manufactured articles in the,United States in
competition with American and British manufacturers after paying heavy-
United Stales customs duties. '*      ��� '
In the first six months of last year Japan imported forty million more
bushels- of wheal than in-the .corresponding period of the previous year. Flour
mills aro being erected to grind this wheat into flour, not only to supply the
home demand, but for export.
Japan, said Dr. Tory, is just as keenly interested in promoting its export
trade, and just as much concernodi about an adverse balance of trade, as Canadians are iu respect to this Dominion. The Japanese realize that they must
import huge, quantities of food, and they are determined to pay for these imports through the sale, of the products of their industries. This is a silualion
of which Canada and the world-must take cognizance.
7, No people stand higher iu the estimation and confidence of the people of
Japan than do those of the-British Empire. The English language is taught in
all the schools, and realizing that English is, and to an ever Increasing- extent
wiil be, the language of commerce, Japan is in every -way encouraging its people to learn it so that within a generation or two every educated person in
Japan will have a command of the language. Every year, too, the brightest
students from Japanese universities are sent all over the world to learn everything in. lho arts and sciences that the best thought and the latest invention has to offer. '-.,'���' ;' *.
Canada has a-golden opportunity before it for the development of trade,
and commerce with Japan on a truly gigantic scale, Ths Dominon has for sale
. an. abundance, of many of the things which Japan" lacks and must buy. As a.
Bntish. people there is a. friendly feeling for us. The two countries face one
another across the Pacific with lines of communication, already established.
One thing remain's for the people of Cana'da to learn and to do if full advantage is to be taken of the opportunities awaitug it in Japan and 'the Orient as
a whole -.
Canada is a-young, large, ;.and undeveloped country- Japan, Is an old land
with a history under one ruling-dynasty dating back to hundreds of yea.rs
��� before Christ. The family of the present Emperor has ruled over Japan in an
unbroken line for 2,600 years. Japan is a small" country," densely populated.
It is fully developed and highly industrialized. Its people are intensely patriotic,
of'a high order of intelligence, and very .proud. To tho extent that Canadians
are obsessed, with the Western idea that the Japanese are an inferior people,
they will fail in making headway in Japan. Canadians will have to dobusiuess
With them as with, equals. If-will not do to offer to Japan our third rate or
even second rate products, asd'to regard that country as a dumping gr.ound_to.x_
Parliament Asked for Further Sum for
Home  Bank   Relief ,.-
Canada's Parliament is to bo asked
to votella further sum of half a million
dollars for the relief of Home Bank
depositors. Three million dollars have
already been voted asd disbursed in
payments to all depositors for_sums
under ?50 and to a considerable number having on deposit over ��500 and
who made affidavits that they were
in need.
All tho money voted by Parliament
has now; been expended and there furs
still claims totalling half a million
dollars, whicli the judges of the exchequer court, who heard the claims
of depositors for sums, over $500 hold
have just claims and should "be
recognized along with.the others.
Their lordships are prepared to
make a strong recommendation to the
Dominion Government in connection
with these'claims and will ask Parliament to vole the money. No new
claims, however, will be received as
the time has now expired.
Painful Sprains, Bruises,
Restored By Nerviline
There fs soothing power in Nerviline
that has made it famous for nearly
fifty years past. li. sinks in deeply, it
penetrates quickly, it takes away the
pain from a sprain and brings grateful relief to bruised, aching muscles.
If your joints arc stiff and you aro suffering from Rheumatism or Lumbago;
if Neuralgia bothers - you now and
again, uW trusty old "Nerviline." It
works wonders, whether the pain is
infernal or external. Get a large 35-
cent bottle from your dealer today.
Manitoba's Population
Substantial Gain is Shown Over
Census of 1921
The population of Manitoba; is
shown at 639.05G in the preliminary
statement of the last census taken, as
of June 1st. :I92G, an "increase of 2S.93S
over 1921, and 85,190 over 191C. There
are 3G0.S61 rural aud 27S.105 urban in
habitants, the former having increased
by * 12,?,59, and the latter by- .10,57.9
since 1921. Winnipeg's population,
placed at 191/J9S, shows an increase of
.12,891 for the five years; Brandon, at
16,443,' an increase of 1,40,0 and St.
Boniface, at "11,:1S7, an increase of
1,360. ��� '   '
Treat Colds Externally
For sore throat, bronchitis or deep
chest colds, rub Vicks VapoRub briskly
over throat and chest and cover with
warm flannel.
Vicks acts in two ways���both direct:
absorbed like a liniment and inhaled aa
a vapor. A quick relief for the cold
troubles of all the family.
Over 21 Million Jars Used Yearly
Winter Travel In North Hard
"what cannot be sold elsewhere. Japan will not be so treated. It must be given
the best we have to offer.'
If Canadians generally come to appreciate this, and act accordingly, there
h hardly any limit that can be placed on the future trade between the*two
countries,���a trade in which Western Canada will reap a rich return.
'.   Saskatchewan Turkeys   .
Thousands of dressed turkeys and
"I am at the end of my rope," remarked the lounge lizard to a chance
chickens, left Saskatchewan   for   the ! acquaintance af. the Palace.   "Glad to
eastern provinces and .the. United
States ..to .supply the Christmas needs.
The shipments were made mostly out
of Regina and Saskatoon,"and: were
consigned to New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton and
other points.
... Cakes, baked by London bakers
with special messages in the icing, are
frequently used lo patch up lovers'
quarrels: Tons of these cakes are
sent each year to South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and other parts of
the world.
hear it," was Ihe response. "Now
throw away the butt, and smoke a
goocL'one." ."*���-'.������-
Fortune-Teller���"I see a fall;* stout
woman between you ami your husband; she follows him about wherever
he goes."
. Client���"I'm sorry for her, then ���-
he's a postman."
Why Many Men ancl Women Are
��� Badly Handicapped
When you are so run clown in health
that it impairs fhe efficiency of your
work'as well as your.power to-enjoy
your leisure hours, or.obtain rest, it lis'
time you looked to the.cause. If you
do not, a serioHs breakdown is almost
sure   to   result   sooner  or   latch-.   Iu
nearly all cases this condiliou, which
doctors usually   describe   as. general
debility, is due to poor blood���blood
that   is   deficient  in   red   corpuscles.
When the blood is thin and weak your
whole system suffers.   .You 'lose appetite, have no  energy, your nerves
��� What you need is help to build up
your blood, and you should begin ac
once to make your blood rich and'red
-by taking  Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills.
You will soon notice the difference in
your health 'by a better appetite ancl
increased vigor.    The reason is that,
tho new blood  created  by  Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills stimulates all  the
organs of the body to healthy activity,--
and so the system gains nourishment
and strength. If you are weak or out
ofsorts begin gaining new strength to-"
clay by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get these pills from' your
druggist or by mail at 50-cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Fur Traders Encounter Difficulties.on
Trail to Edmonton
The trials ancl tribulations of winter travel in the northern wilds were
recounted by a party of fur traders
who fought their way through blizzards, snowdrifts and bitter cold, to
Edmonton. ���"".-
Joe Larcombe, a northern pioneer,
was the leader of the group which
included four .other trappers.
Each had his own background of
misadventure, which forced him to
"hit the trail" toward civilization at
this time of tho season and all pooled their resources and banded"together for the trip.
The party had five horse-drawn
sleighs and came down from the Arctic regions by way of the Athabasca
river. In places the ice was piled from
15 to 20 feet high ancl the little caravan was forced to travel between
huge ice cliffs and other hazards. In
other places the river was covered
witli. a thin sheet of ice which broke
as soon as the horses put foot; on it.
Several times the .. animals ���" "wont
through but were rescued. To negotiate the most, dangerous' stretches of
the river, the trappers unhar'nassed
the horses and pushed ihe sleighs to
safer ice. Constantly two niembers of
the party - preceded the' sleigh fleet,
breaking test holes to spot the'safest
way.  ������'������".'
The men faced extreme hardships-
on their long trek. The mercury at
times skidded to 30 and. 40 below
zero. During one night's halt, the
caravan was caught in a "howling
blizzard ancl in the morning two
sleighs were buried under heavy snow
drifts and had to be shovelled out. The
men were pretty weir worn out when
they "reached Edmonton. "���
May Carry Out Suggestion
Government Likely to Test Conditions
For Navigation of Hudson Strait)
The Ottawa correspondent of a
Winnipeg newspaper says: .
"Reports are current that the Government is likely to adopt the'sugges-
tion often made- In the -House of
Commons-in the last two years and
send one of the Canadian Government
Merchant Marine boats into Hudson's
Bay next summer.
"The proposal is to test out. the
'length of time it is open. It is also
proposed to find out just what kind
of weather they get in, Hudson's Bay.
"Frederick Palmer, the eminent
British engineer, who is going to Port
Nelson next summer to investigate
and report on all conditions, may go
in by boat instead of up the route of
the/railway, as his investigations liave
primarily to do wth harbor works- and
feasibility of developing a harbor properly. 'Whether the Government has
put up to him the question of whether
Churchill would make a better terminal than Port Nelson cannot be definitely learned but it is believed here lie
will carefully investigate both ports."
Husband And Wife
Are Both Benefitted
Formed Eruptions, Suffered
Much at Night, Cuticura Heals,
"I was troubled with a rash that
broke out on my face and neck. It
was very red, and the irritation
caused me to scratch it in my sleep.
After scratching, little, sore eruptions formed. "I suffered much at
night, and my sleep was broken..
"It looked hopeless until I began
using Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
After a few days the eruptions
started to heal, and ^fter using five
cakes of Soap and five or six
boxes of Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) G. Harding, 2233 Florian
St., Montreal, Qje.
- Daily use of Cuticura Soap, with
touches of Cuticura Ointment now
and then, keeps the skin fresh,
smopth and clear. Cuticura Talcum
also is ideal for the skin.
Sampls Eich Free by Mil) Addrrss C..nn'1'nn
Depot: "Ptenhoui', Ltd, Montreal." Prico, Soap
26c. Ointment 25 and SOc. Talcum 25c.
Cuticura Shnving Stick 25c.
Plan To Investigate Venus
F. Spilay Speaks Highly of
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Saskatchewan    Man   .Who    Suffered
From   Kidney Trouble Tells of the
Relief He sought and  Found.  ;
Springside; Sask. (Special).���"Both
my wife and myself have t] suffered
with strained,kidneys, the pain being
so bad at^times that ft was impossible
for eilhex*5 of us to sloop ancl getting
up was most diflicult and> painful. We
used Dodd's Kidney Pills and found
ready relief in thein for this trouble."
This statement comes from Mr. T.
M. Spilay, Box 2, Springside, Sask.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are purely and
simply a kidney remedy. They act
directly on the kidneys, strengthening them, and puttiug them in condition to clo their full work of straining
the -impurities out of the blood.
Dodd's Kiclney Pills have restored
sound health lo thousands of troubled
men and women. Give them a trial
at once.
The road lo^ good health lies through
the kidneys, 'so keep - them in good
condition witli Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Canadian-Legation in Washington
It is expected. that the Canadian
Legation will open in Washington,
D.C., sometime in February. Hon.
Vincent Massey,'who has been appointed to represent Canada, in the
American.capital, is completing the arrangementsin connection with the
opening of the legation. ' '
New Ray Will Assist Astronomers to
Study Earth's Twin Planet
An attack on the heretofore impenetrable^ clouds ~-of Venus, the''oanh's'
twin, is "Iff be made from Verkes Observatory ������'���with an infra-red ray
photographic apparai us.
Thp;clens,e vapor masses surrounding* the planet have made il. impossible
to penetrate to the actual surface of
Venus, but the Yerkes staff of the
University of Chicago, at Williams
Bay, Wisconsin, is optimistic over
chauces of success with the infra-red
filter which last summer yielded some
excellent views of Mars.
While these clouds have baffled
scientists, Prof. 10. B. Frost, director
of the observatory,-attaches much importance to them iu connection with
any theory of the possibility of life on-
the planet. .
Life "is. much more likely to exist on
���Venus..than, on Mars, in Professor
Frost's-opinion. "Venus is near tho
sun," he continued, "and if it 'wore
not for the heavy clouds, lhe heat
would be unbearable.
German Author Indignant
Frau   Hucli   Was   Anncyed   at   Being
Taken for Man
i.^Eicar-do_-Iiuch^ .probabJy_,_=the______best
Minard's Liniment for chapped hands.
Because a boy is hungry is no sign
his mother does not feed him enough.
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
Castoria is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups, espe-
'tiafly' prepared for Infants in arms and Children all ages.
To avoid imitations, always look for tlie signature of C^^Y^&Am^.
Proven directions on each package.   Physicians everywhere recommend it,
New Electric Locomotive
Invention of Consulting . Engineer
"Successfully Tested in England
Successful tests with a new electric
locomotive are announced . by. tho
Westminster Gazette, London, which,
the paper asserts foreshadows electrification ofthe entire railway system of
tlie country.
It is the invention of Captain William Burlnell, a consulting engineer.
It dispenses .with: the need of. substations along "the route and utilizes
a current of only 200-250 volts, thus
eliminating the live rail dancer This
voltage suffices for the usual speed
on the level and extra power needed
for gradients is obtained from storage batteries'carried on the trains.
known-German woman author, was so
upset at being mistaken fora man that
she at first' declined to go among the
immortals of the recently, founded
German Academy of Letters, Frau
JIucli was duly elected to membership,
hut the secretariat advising her of fhe
honor addressed the letter to "Herr
Trail Huch, who is ,.C2, wrote a caustic reply, in which she said she was
hardly worthy of the honor so long as
persons in the acadiemy didn't even
know her sex. The error was finally
corrected and' Frau 1-Iuch took her
place as 'the second woman 'member
of the academy. Clara Viebig is the
only other woman thus far elected.
Powerful Medicine.���The healing
properties."in six essential oils are
concentrated in every bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, forming one
of the most beneficial liniments ever
offered to.the use of man. Many can
'testify as ;;,to. its power in allaying
pain, and many more can cerlify tliat
they owe.''their health lo il. rrs wonderful power is not expressed by the
small price at which 11 sells.
Sneezing?���Use Minard's Liniment.
To Determine Pure Linen
Moisten the fingers with water and
apply to the surface of linen.,If pure,
the moisture will be visible on the re-
verso side almost immediately, but if
not pure the moisture will not be absorbed so easily.
Excellent for Croupy Children. ���
When a child is (suffering with croup
if is a good plan to use Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil.' It reduces the inllanir
matlon and, loosens tho phlegm giving
speedy relief to the little sufferer; It
is equally reliable for sore throat and
chest, earache, rheumatic pains, cuts,
bruises and sprains. Dr, Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is regarded by many
'thousands as an indispensable of the
family medicine chest.
Every careful"and observant mother
knows when her child suffers from
worms. She also knows'that if some,
remedy be not speedily applied much
harm will result to the infant. , An
excellent preparation for this purpose
is Miller's Worm Powders. They
drive worms from the system and, set
up'stimulating and soothing effects, so
is'painless and satisfying..
Warfare Without Fighting
Chinese Say the Most Brilliant Victories Are Won Without
��� Fighting
The first ''principle;',, of warfare, as
laid down-in. the Chinese, classics, is
that ;the : most" brilliantvictoriesare
those won without fighting. Judged by
this standard, the Chinese are ' the
greatest soldiers -the world has ever
^een. '���'-'-��� X ��� - '���'���--J..-���*'..-������ '���.'-;.:..' ��� y- ���.���*���.-,
; In a recent battle between two
armies .totalling more than half a million men, with continuous v machine
gun fire and artillery barrage, onjy
fifty or sixty killed were counted on
the two sides. , . . -���:
���'���-it is difficult to believe this unless
you realize that they shoot, not lb hit
anything, but to make a .noise. And,
of course, the faster thcy ..fire, the
more noise tliere is. The noise .is relied on for two effects:
1. To frighten the enemy.
2. To comfort the firers.���Philip F.
Le Fevre iu "The Outlook."'
The New Japanese Emperor
The new Emperor of Japan is th'e".
first,- absolutely the very first, among
all bur'sovereigss to adventure forth
far  beyond  the  Eastern ' seas.    The
first and the. only one who ever sat
upon the throne of the Mikado with
the first-hand knowledge of lhc life
and achievements of Europe. The first
with  a mental  horizon  reaching  out
beyond the Asian continent. The hhn-
iperor==is*^tlie=first~roally���democrat Ic-
soverignjm the lime-hallowed throne.
���Adachi Kinuosuke   in   "The   Outlook."
"I once proposed to a girl in a conservatory."
""With what x-esult?"
"Well, a lot   of   expensive   plants
were nipped hy the frost."
* A pessimist remembers that; the lily-
belongs to the onion family; an optimist that the onion belongs to the lily
The following sign appeared recently on a golf course in Scotland;
"Members will, refrain from picking
up lost balls-until they: have stopped'
W.   N.  TJ.   1663
Stuffed Up?
Clear your head with Minard's.
Warm the liniment and Inhale.
, Drives "Asthma Before It. The
smoke""or vapor', from Dr.' J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma llemedy gives
asthma no chance to: linger.-It eradicates the cause. Our experience with
the relief-giving remedy shows how
actual antl positive is the succor it
gives. It is the result-of long study
and expe.timcnt and was not submitted
to the public Until its iiiakersknew
it would do its work well.
Russian Girls Have Vocation
It is a characteristic of modern Russia that every woman and,,girl seems
lo devote herself to some vocaition or
other, and may enlist as a soldier if
she desires, said Paula Steiner, woman journalist, lecturing in the women's Lyceum Club, Berlin, on her
repeated visits to Russia.
Were So Bad
.   Mr.... Geo.    Meek,   Windsor,    Ont.,r
Wntes:���'a.suffered with my heart and
nerve3 and could not sleep at night for-
noises   in  my   head.  ,1  managed   to
keep  at  niy work  somehow,  until  I
began to have dizzy spells which got
so bad I could not go to my.work.   I-
was afraid to go out any place, for
very often I would stagger ou iny feet,
and everything in'front of ino would
turn black and fade away.   "Whiio I
was homo sick a friend told me to tako '
I   got   four  boxes
and by tho timo I _
had used them the
hpains and noise3 in-
my_ head    erased
and I was able to
get a good night's .
rest. Although that
was six years ago '
I have never been
troubled with that complaint again.".
.   Price 50c. a box at nil dealera, or
mailed' direct on receipt of prico by
;The:_T..Milburn Co.^Limited, Toronto
. The city of New York has brought
suit to recover' damages from the'own-
er of a truck wliich ran into a tree pn
the Grand Concourse in the Bronx,
thus rendering the tree 'unfit to
adorn.'. "
The Glasgow Herald says somo men
marry poor girls to settle down, other
men marry rich girls to settle up.  ,.
Ahout all you have to do to make
a boy hate any partlGler kind of food
Js to tell him it is healthful.       .
Some men are too intellectual to bo
Keeps EYES
Clear, Bright and Beautiful
WriteMarine Co., Chicigo.l
:!' ""*&$&
���&j# ���:���:���.
'���- w
fouL tablespoonfuls of water and gargle-'thoroughly.
Swallow,some of the solution.   Don't
rinse the, mouth.'  Repeat gargle every-
two hours.if necessary.
This'is an effective gargle proved safe
by millions and prescribed by physicians.
Accept only "Bayer"
package. ' Cook for
the   "Bayer   Cross."
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered in Canada) of Barer Manufacture of Slonoaeetic-
neidester of Salieylicacid (Acetyl.Salicylic Acid. "A. S. A."). While it is well known
that AHpirin means "Bayer manufacture, to assist the public agrainst -imitations, the Tablets
of Bayer 'Company will ho stamped with tlioir ifeueraJ trade mark, the "Bayer Cross." .
The War On,
Saskatchewan Taking Active Part  in
Stamping Out Disease
A statement issued by the Canadian,
Tuberculosis    association    announces
. that in a 'Saskatchewan Sanatorium
last year 100,000 days' treatment-"were
'given to tuberculosis sufferers at a
cost -of ?300,000.   A siU'idy. was mado
���ami showed that 30 per cent of these
people died within three years, 10 per
cent, being hopeless    on    admission.
.Seventy-fivo thousand dollars might be
paid to liavjB". been spent making com:
fortable the sick and preventing the
.���"spread of:,..disease, but to have had
little curative effect on these hopeless
A consultation service,    the   statement adds, sending an expert chest'
- diagnostician from the sanatorium to
112 physicians in the province and yx-
.���amining. at their request 25C patients,
���'suspected of having tuberculosis, cost
���only $5,000 ami will result in ..Uncling
more cases earlier in the course of
the disease when cure is possible in a
short time, with; very little handicap
resulting, and infection of others will
be prevented. The association reports
this service available in six provinces
besides. Saskatchewan, and that Quebec has tuberculosis dispensaries in
s---t-Uir-teeii=een tres?===
Airplanes Garry Queer Cargoes
Great   Variety Handled ��� by   London-
Continental  Air Service ,
.Queer cargoes are the rule rattyor
than tho exception "on:'tlie- LOndon-
Con'tine'ixUil-air service. Recently a
circus manager wanted a full-grown
lion sent from Paris to London. Within a few houi'si a, specially constructed,
cage had been built in \a 'plane to accommodate the animal. X
Often twenty or thirty pedigree dogs
and cats leave London by air in a
single week. ' ���  x,        ,
Whilst handling parcels, an air
goods porter at Croydon, the London
air port, was amaxecl to find one
labeJledr"Creiiialed Human Remains."
Several. times .air.' liners have been
converted into hearses for. transporting bodies for"'buriaUn different, parts
of Europe.    -:���
Gold; plaliuum and,silver in large
quantitios���the total to date exceeds
in value ��1.0,000,000 sterling���travel
along the airways linking Londou with
all parts of Europe.   : *,���-.,'-.- ���
Church Put To Strange Use
One in England Was Turned Into Cold
Storage House
"Disused churches are sometimes
put to strange uses, but the- record
for unusualness appears fo bo held
by a building which was once Hampton's principal Wesleyan church. A
year ago it was decided that, as most
of the Wesleyans lived at the'-other
end of the town, the church should be
laken there, and the existing one was
brought by a hauling contractor and
converted into a cold-storage house. U
is easily the coldest church in England.
There are still lilies.on the altar���-
or the part of the church where tho
altar used to be���but they have not
grown beyoiuL the bulb stage, and are
stored in wooden boxes.
Tliere are-'"���"thousands of dollars
worth of Japanese lily bulbs in boxes.
The body of the church lias been padded with*an eiglu-inch layer of cork.
Frost pities run round the 'walls to
keep the bulbs so qold that thcy will
not germinate. A consignment of bulbs
arrived in September. These are taken from lime to time for use in
churches all over the'country.
The vestry is-now a whitewashed
room containing a refrigerating plant
and a 20-horso. pawer gas engine. ..*,'
Curious Floating. Gardens
Water Plants CoVered by Soil Form
Islands in the Mississippi
"Near, the City of Mexico,is the Lake
of Xochimilco, nearlv' covered with
floating gardens, called chinajupas, on
which are raised flowers and vegetables for the.city markets. They are
formed of floating masses of water
plants,' covered with- soil and secured
by poplar stakes. The hitter take root,
and surround the islands with living
hedges. Among the largest, natural
floating islands are those formedi by-
tangled masses of trees and brushwood carried down by great rivers. On
the .Mississippi and its tributaries
those, islands are known -as "rafts."
One of the most remarkable of these
rafts began forming in the Atcliai'al-
aya, one of the lower arms of the
Mississippi, in 1778, and.gradually increased until by "1816 it had extended
to ton miles in length, over six hundred in width, and eight feet in-dept..
Although it rose and fell, with the water,': it was solid enough to support
the growth pf- trees, some of "which
were: sixty *Teet in-height.. This yiist
obstruction was finally removed, by
the State of Lousiana_ at- greaty- expense..   '*'     *"*    '" ��� '    '"     *";���*..'
Radiophony Semi-Secret
But v Experts   Working   on   Absolute
Secrecy    Plans    Says    British
Absolute secrecy will not be attained in trans-Atlantic radiophony for
some months, an oflicial of the British
post oflice told'the Daily Mail. Plans
to insure secrecy, however, are complete aud it is only a matter of working them out ."by.-'experts, who arc
devoting their efforts to foiling possible eavesdropping. .
"Wo are well aware," the o ID cial
said, "that the service for some little
time will be only semi-secret audi that,,,      . .,
. .    ,,    ,      ,,    boy Js, as Jhe saying goes,
i person cares to go to the trouble!     ,���...,     *,,, ��    ..
.       rt on AVolte.   To our generati
and expense of fixing Die necessary
apparatus he will be able to 'tap' messages. AVe very much doubt, however,
whether he will be able to overhear
two-way messages.
The voice sounds from overseas, lie
continued, would be very faint and
not understandable in London special
unless considerably amplified by a
special process which the post office
lias elaborated.
Arable Land In Canada
In 1923 Revised��������� Estimate Was Given
 Given as 300,200,000 Acres
The total land area of the Doniin-
lon of Canada is placed at 2,306,50!!,30S
acres, of which 1,-!0J.,31G,3SS acres are
Saskatchewan, Creamery Butter
��� ������'���Creamery butter production in Saskatchewan from January 1st to October -31st, 1926, totalled 15,730,50.1
pounds,. an0 increase of 1,23'J,41S
pounds over the. record for tho corresponding period ~of 1925. Unfavorable
weather iii September and October
caused, a reduction in .output- in those
months, compared with the figures for
the same months last year.
Mrs. J. B. Hiltz
Toronto, Ont.���"I- found. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite  Prescription very  beneficial.
f During my third expectant period 1 was
���nauseated, my nerves went to pieces anil
l..grew so,weak and miserable that I
could not do anything. I finally began
taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
aiid from that on I got along fine. My
���nerves quieted.down, Igrew stronger
and had a very healthy baby. She always
has been exceedingly well. 'Favorite
Prescription' is the greatest help i:i
motherhood of any medicine a woman
can take."���Mrs. J. 13. Hiltz, 53 Sydenham St. ��
Go, to your neighborhood drug stora
^-nt once and obtain this Prescription in
tablets or liquid, or send 10 cents to
Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in Bridgeburg,
Oat., for trial package of tablets.
��iruat��tr=WiO!i!rTlTe nine provinces as
at present constituted. Various estimates have been maije as to (he area
of land'capable of devotion to agriculture. In lhe report on the census of
1911 calculations were given showing
thai, the estimated area of possible
farm land- amounted to 85S.162.190
acres or oil per cent of the land area
then within lho nine provinces, viz.
S77,5S5,5I3 acres."""Subsequently,"' this
calculation was revised as a consequence of tho Boundary Extension
Acts of 1912, and the estimate of possible farm land was placed at '1-10,951,-
000 acres, or 111 per cent of- the total
land area of .'l,t0i,Slt;,-!i;i acres, The
Natural Resources Intelligence Service
of the .Department of lhe interior in
1923 estimated the arable area of Canada at 300.200,000 acres.
W.   N.   U.   1C6S
A Monkey That Talks
Onfy Talking Monkey In Existence is
The only talking monkey in existence has arrived at Madrid, Shi; is a
protogee of Fran Greta Goldenberg.
celebrated German naturalist, who is
on her way to Ilerlin. Tho monkey
wears spectacles and when costumed
looks like an old lady of ninety-five or
a hundred years.
Frau Goldenberg lias 'Just/returned
from the former German African colonyof Kameruii, now a French possession, by-way of Spanish Guinea.
She has been studying tiie dialects ot
pilmilive African tribes. She insists
that the monkey has mastered, numerous words wheh she pronounces and
understands perfectly.
Frau Goldenberg will take the monkey to Hamburg,Where it Will be presented to the Stellingen Institute famous for its collect ion. of animals and
*       ,      *'��� 1! ���
flowers. .       . " .
Strange Tale From London
Ind Has "University for Crooks"
is Report '
From the"eust end of London comes
a strange talc, which may bc taken
with a few grains of salt,,of a."university for crooks," where a* skilled locksmith lectures twice a weelc.,on the
art of lockpickihg.V V
elderly man with twenty years' experience, who is said to have given
up his-occupation to accept the'chair
of lockpicking on the promise of his
fellow crooks to take care of him "or
tlie rest of his life. .������..������ .      ���
London crooks have been found to
adopt this measure, il, is said, iu or-
cfer to meet the efforts of lockma'lcers
to ;pu_t...a. burglarrproof.....lock-__on.;the
inarket.  ������
It is said that the locksmith-gets
as much as an ordinary college professor. He gives lectures on Tuesdays
and Fridays.
Life One Long Lesson
No Person Ever Gets Too Old to,Learn
How many men at the age of forty,
not to say fifty, have not finally nban-
or embarking on a new venture? Few,
doneel the hope of changing their lives
it' any. Circumstance may jolt them
out of their ruts; but their power of
volition has largely atrophied. Tliey
allow themselves lo be thought to be
passing out of their-prime instead or
just, entering. There "was a theory of
life that achieved some prominence
before the war, which -was summarized
by the slogan "Too old. at forty." Some
men are too old at twenty���to learn.
Others realize thai: the Avhole of life
is one long, lesson. They are still eager
to learn, and therefore young al.
seventy. That was the class to whicli
Plenri Rousseau belonged. If is never
too late for new activities until the
breath of man is out of his body.���
London Daily- Expi-ess. "
The Hero Of Quebec
Prince of Wales Delivers Eloquent
Eulogy of General-Wolfe..'..*���
The Prince of Wales delivered an
eloquent eulogy of General Wolfe at-
the dinner of the AVolf'e society in
London, commemorating' the bicentenary of thc hero of Quebec, Viscount
Byng of Vimy, former governor-
general of Canada, presided.- The
guests included Winston Churchill,
chancellor of the exchequer, and
many prominent British and Canadian
representatives. .',,*."
Viscount Byng, in proposing a toast,
evoked the heartiest applause by his
reference to the prince���"Damme, sir,
we love you for yourself!"
"I hope,- whatever prospects 1927
holds out for others, there are great
prospects for my revisiting Canada."
declared the Prince of Wales.        ���
Speaking of General Wolfe, the
prince said: -, "Every English-speaking
brought up
generation, also, he
has a special appeal, for it is Impost
sible to read even the briefest sketch
of his short life without being struck
by the. thought that here ���'was/a type
exactly like so many of our brilliant
young soldiers who minde a name for
themselves, in the Great War."
Winston Churchill, chancellor of the
exchequer, said the past year had witnessed a recognition of the spirit in
which the constitution of the British
Empire depends solely upon devotion'
to the British crown.        ���    ���    - '
2am-Buk soon allays thc
inf animation and swelling, .'tills the t nsliwrpain. and
soothes th maddening irritation. Where'skin is broken,
festere orulccratedZam-Buk
is doubly valuable'becaute of
its great healing: and
antiseptic power;
Fortune From Christmas Cards
Million and Half Left by Late Sir
Adolph Tuck
Recently there was made public tho
will disposing of the %\,000,000 Christmas card fortune of Sir Adolphe Tuck,'
late chairman of Raphael Tuck, Ltd.,
by far the greatest Christmas card
firm in the world. Perhaps iu revulsion
from thev religious festival on which
his fortune wos built, Sir Adolpho provided that any of. his children who
marries a Christian or outside of tho
Jewish faith shall bo disinherited. All
public bequests are made to Jewish institutions.
Little Helps For This Week
Truly the light is sweet,'" ancl,
pleasant thing it is for the eyes
behold the sun.���Eccl.-xl. 7.
No man or woman
painfully about because of corns when
so certain a   relief   is   at
ITofloway's Corn iiemoveiv
should  hobble
rns vv
hand   as
Restore Russia's Bastille
Soviets Show People Conditions: of
Prison Life Under Czars
���To show the present generation tlie
"terrible conditions of. prison .life under the Czars," the Soviet authorities
have transformed 'he historic stone
fortress and prison at Schlusselburg
into a public museum. The. stone cell
in wliich Ivan IV was murdered and
the dungeons in which all prominent
political prisoners of the last several
centuries spent many years arc being
restored to their original form.
The Schusselburg fortress, in use
Tor more thau 600 years, is 50 miles
from Leningrad. It is Iciiown as the
"Bastille of Russia." / -."'       ���
"When a village youth makes a flying trip io the city. lie,., usually has a
bird of a timc.
Tho ground iii Siberia freezes to a
depth of 100 feet.
A smart fool Is dangerous arid an
ignorant one is still more so.   -
There is nn effectivo way to pleasantly relieve that distressinsr Cough.
Buckley's Mixture is delightful and,
"friendly". Yet it aetj like a flash in
clearing tho throat and chest. On��
" dose stops coughing���and there are 40 ,
dosej in a 75-cent bottle 1 All druggi_.ta
ecU it under a money-back KUarantce.
W. K. Buckler. Limited.
1!2 Mutna! St., Toronto 2
Greets Boy Scouts
Governor-General Issues New Year's
Greetings to Scouts of Canada  -.
Iiis excellency the Governor-
General; as chief Scout for Canada,
issued the "following New Vear's
greeting to the Boy Scouts of the Dominion :��� .*...-'���."���     ii ,.
"I consider it a great; pride and
pleasure at this season., as chief Scout
iof~Caiurd37^tTr3llTrd=Wntr greetings
to all Boy Scouts from fhe most senior commissioner to the youngest Wolf
Cub. I trust and pray that Ihe year
1027 will bring you, all health, happiness and prosperity and give you opportunities of many acts of brotherhood and. service for the honor of your
Motherland... ���      ���     ,
"I hope to have many opportunities
of meeting and greeting you all during the coming year."
Serene will be. our days ancl bright,
And happy will our natures be,
When love is an unerring light.
���William Wordsworth
Love is sunshine.
���Henry AVadsworth Longfellow.
God wishes us to have the light of
love in our homes. He would have in
them a lender play of laughter and
humor, a,pleasant interchange of light
ind color warmth, in word and mirth,
which makes the brightness perfect",
ancl Is as much the work of the sunshine in tho house as the delightful
gaiety of nature is the doing of the
���S toff ord A. Brooke.
Mrs.""Georges Lefebvre, St. Zenon.
Que., writes: "I do not think there 13
any other medicine to equal Baby's
Own Tablets for little ones. I have
used them for my /baby and would use
nothing else." What Mrs. Lefebvre
says thousands of other mothers say.
They have found by trial that the
"\ Tablets always do just what is claim-
a j ed for them. -The ..Tablets are a mild
o but thorough laxative which regulate
the bowels and sweeten fhe stomach
and thus banish incMgtstIon, constipation,- colds, colic, etc. They are sold
Turfmen Built Church
Raised     $300,000     for     Erection    of
.Religious Edifice in  Lexington,
The "Horsemen's Church" lias just
been dedicated and formally opened
here. It is the only religious edifice
in the' world built through the generosity of enthusiasts of the thoroughbred racing world. It is the Church of
the Good, Shepherd, Protestant Episcopal, in a fashionaltfe section of the
city. Tho rector is Rev. Dr. Thomas
Lever Settle, a native of England, who
has been here seven years. The
church cost ?300,000. A week of devotional exercises followed the formal
opening ceremonies. Funds were
raised by a committee of leading turfman and Dr. Settle-iias. superintended
the work of construction. It is due to
Dr. Settle that the horsemen gave the
money fox-the work.
Alberta Oil Prospects ~
"I do not believe there are any other
drilling proposition's in the whole
world more promising," Neil McQueen,
of the Geological Staff of the Imperial
Oil Co., is. reported to have said, adr
dressing the Rocky Mountain Oil ami
Gas Association "'annual convention at
Grand Falls, Montana.- "Anything can
happen in the Turner Valley fields,"
he said, "judging by lhe unbelievable
conditions met with already."
The cheapness of ''Mother Graves'
Worm-Exterminator puts it within
druggist's.. ���  '
by, medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.   -
The wine of good, nature is the best
stimulant in tlie world. The man ancl
woman possessing a well of this rare
vintage has friends aplenty where-
ever he or she goes.;
Tickling Tferoaf
Always annoying, especially when
it affects you.at night.   , You can
$;,��   Chamberlainrs
by taking   COOgtl Rett\QQV
Now sold at 25c and 50 cents
AKERS' OVENS���Write  for  c.ita-
'logue   and   list  of  used   ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100 Queea
West, Toronto, Ont.
'it is" well  l.oi,! make, a
ning���and it is also  well
ber that the end is what
jood ��� begin-
to remem-
det ermines
No. 1 Cor Bladder Catarrh. No. 3 for Ulood &
Gkln Diseases. No. 3 tor Chronic Wealinemes.
.S-iMhyle.-iilIni! Chemists.orrltb-sr-No.return iii.illfi-o:a
IMt.l.KCI.F.KC'Meil-Cn IIaver.stock IM.N.W.5.London
��r M.iil Si. 10. >lcht ii-'du-.-.s for SS.50I. from
71. Kiio.Ni- S iKi:Ei- i:isr. Tokoni'O. Ont., Canada.
For Colds���Minard's Liniment.
You can scarcely blame a yacht for
jumping up and down when it is put
on another tack.
PurtiRD cowracheck book auirmw,
A woman doesift really begin to
have faith in a man until other people lose it. M
mixture      W.
Acts like a flash���
ainsle sip proves iti
Even if a man's good deeds live
after him, he isn't in a position to
care. .
France prohibits-, the export of potatoes.   """''*'������
Minard's Liniment,���ever reliable.
To look at the simple little trade mark shown
ahovc,' the average man or woman would not
think that it is worth many thousands of dollars
������but it is.
Any iirst-class Baker, knows that it is the
mark of quality which is stamped on all our
waxed paper and which means that the paper
is absolutely pure and sanitary.
Only the Appleford Company can use it and
that's why the best Bakers 1/uy their paper only
from Appleford. It is a real protection for their
food stuffs and a. real protection to your health.
Look for Ihis Trade Mark'on all paper when
you buy food products.
Wc also make thc famous Para-Sani Waxed
Paper for household use. '
Mode In Canada By
"The Old Reliable Firm"
r,   ,.,  ,.r      *X      ^     WESTERN AGENCIES
o5��"Jv,,yai-?d,rapErCo- Westrrn Waxed Paper To.
320 DavJc fct. Vancouver . 290 McDennott Ave. WWoIpeif
���Hunter Martin & Co.   Regina    ��..   .' .^^-^.^^^uja^anaus^^^
,   4
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or 52.50 when, not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
Ireat Britian and the United States
$2.'*:0, always in advance.
Grand Forks vs Greenwood
Greenwood Rink
Tuesday, Jan. 18th at 8 p.m.
Delinquent  Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.U0
Coal and Oil Notices......!..."   7.00
Estray Notices....... -...    3.00
Cards   of Thanks     1.00
Certificate  of  Improvement 12.50
(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).    '"
All otlier legal advertising-16'cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each -subsequent .insertion,; non-
pariel measurement*:
Trauscient display advertising 50
cents an inch* each.insertion.
��� Business locals 12V_sC a line each
First Game of the Series
Millinery, Ladies Wear, Men's Furnishings. Well sell for Part Cash,
Balance Terms. Will Sell or Rent
Building. Have other,business reason
for selling.    Apply to owner.
Mrs. lSllen Trounson.
No letter to the editor will be inserted
except over the proper signature and
address of the writer. This rule admits
of no exceptions.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money.
Trail Receipts Break
Records in Ore Tonnage
Piano For Sale
Good Eve'rsori Piano.    Apply
Mrs. EJllen Trounson.
More Clydesdales aro ou the way
to Canada-from Scotland. It is ���expected that the year's imports will
run to 120, a record since the war.
Over a million Christmas trees
have been shipped from New Brunswick to United States markets,
according to unofficial estimates
based on exports of some 500 carloads averaging 2,000 trees to the
Trail or<j receipts for 1926
amounted to 531,745 tons, constituting a record on ore accepted
by the Trail reduction plant of
the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada, Limited,
in a year. A second record was
set up on receipts of ore from the
company's own mines, "the total
tonnage being 366,597. In-these;
totals the final dry weights are included for all but the last 10 days,
which are covered by the ordinary
wet figures. "- ."Xi XX
A third record was made in the
number of custom mines shipping
to the Tadanac plant, the total
being 115, an advance of- .11'oyer
the number in 1925. - )X-
The following table shows -the
figures: ..     : " f'
District Mines   Tons
Consolidated   (not enumerated) 366,597
Nelson-Arrow Lakes .....    13'-" 17.464
Rossland       1 164
Bouridary-Similkameen.... ��� 24 . 36,327
Slocan-Ainsworth-Lardeau   45    63,787
East Kootenay     11    21,173
Other Districts     13 ���'��� 4,028
Washington       8    17,015
\        T,
Totals...-^.   .... 115 531,745
Greenwood and
District Hospital
The board of nianagers very thank-
fully acknowledge receipt of the following subscriptions. . Anyone wishing-
to subscribe, kindly call at the office,
or mail to Chas. King, Sec.-Treas.,
when receipts will be given- and
amounts acknowledged in the current
issue of Thc Greenwoocl Ledge.
Previously acknowledged    S2656.25
James Paion ....;..	
Something New in
Canadian Literature
About 150 French-Canadians from
the Prairie Provinces travelling
under-the auspices of the "Surviv-
ahce Francaise," arrived'in Montreal
by special Canadian Pacific Railway
train at the Windsor Street Station
recently to spend Christmas and
New Year in the province of their,
origin, ' ��� ,*'..'���     '' =
According to a recent statement
of E. W. Beatty, Chairman and
President of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, the record of the railway's
common stock as at June 30th, 1926,
indicates that 52y2 per cent, is held
in Great Britain, 19 y2 per cent, in
Canada and 19 per cent, in the
United States.
All previous records have been
broken by the salmon pack in British .Columbia for 1926. It is estimated that the. total pack for this
year,-whsn, all returns^ are in, will
be,,in round.figures, 1,900,000 cases.
The nearest,approach to this was in
1924, when slightly more than 1,700,-
000 cases were put up.
���: Early, in June next .year, it is announced, ,a regular:airplane service
between Chicoiitimi, [ Montreal and
Toronto, will.,bo inaugurated by the
Canadian ..Transcontinental. Airways
Company���a corporation which has
just received its letters patent. The
airplanes or hydroplanes will make
stops at Riviere du Loup, Quebec,
Three Rivers, Montreal and Ottawa.
Nearly a ton of mistletoe wasted
its sweetness on the Eveless air of
;th<2. Canadian Pacific Express Company's yards in Montreal at Christmas time.    It arrived from France
cific   steamship   "Montnairn,". and
was toxed in twenty-two crates, of
*;which, twelve were destined for New
York and the balance for distribution in this city.
Now comes a novel from the
pen of one bred within the confines of British Columbia; a story
that touches a new phase of life
in the West and develops a theme
that has seldom been touched on
before. It is "Hulodwget," _ a
story of the northern coast, written by B. A. .McKelvie, and published by J. M. Dent & Sons,
Ltd., of Toronto and.London.
Huldowget is something new in
Canadian literature. It is well
worth reading.
Attendant���There's a man outside who wants to know if Tany of
the patients have escaped lately?
Director of the Asylum���Why
does he ask?        ���    .-..'��� ;"
Attendant���He says some one
has run away with, his wife.
She (anxious to impress): ,Tve
just put my furns in cold storage!" He: "Gold storage! Ha!
���jolly ��ood���never heard it called that before. My cuff-links and
watch afe there, too.
Job Printing
The Greenwood. Ledge
Two hundred and ninety-four vessel of 55,295 gross tons and 42,923
net tons; were built in Canada and
registered ^during.'.the., year 1925,
according to the Department of
���Marine and Fisheries. Wood vessels
built consisted of 140 sailing,. 9
steam and 132 motor, and metal vessels of 5 sailing and 8 steam. Of
the total tonnage 21,448 was attributable to British Columbia, 11,250
tons to Ontario, 7,670 tons tb Quebec and 2,102 to Nova Scotia.
Car For Sale
-. 1925 Maxwell Touring   Car.    First
class condition.    Apply
Mrs. Ellen Trounson.
New��5 roomed house,. and lot,
concrete foundation, good well,
$600 cash.       G. A.-Green,
Strayed to our ranch on Nicholson
Creek, one 1-year old heifer, colorblack,
with white foot, no marks on ears or no
brand visible. Owner can have same
by paying expenses.
"' Kettle Valley.
E. W. WIDDOWSON,'Assayer. and
Chemist, Box' L110S, Nelson, B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver Si.50. Silver-
Lead S2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application"       -
;H. W.R. M00RE
Certificate of Improvements:
Situate in tlie Greenwood Mining Division: of
Yale District. Where located: On Wa'i'lac.c.
Mountain.    ">     7    -,      ..  -      y.y[
TAKE NOTICE "that I, Mark".William
Smith, Free Miner's Certificate No. 90405c; intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply
to the Mining' Kecorder for a Certificate.,;of
'Improvements',-for the purpose of ohtainhlg .a
Cro\nt Grant of thc above claim. '". ' ��������� ��� y-
��� 'And further lake notice that action, undei
section 85, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 13th dav of December, A.D., 1920.
the Season of 1927
Applications for permits to graze livestock
ori the Crown ranges within any: grazing-district of the Province of British Columlria, must
he filed with the District Forester at Fort
George, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver, or Williams Lake 011 .or before
March 3lst, W27.
Blank forms upon wliich to submit applications may be obtained from the District Foresters at the above named places, or from the
Department of tands at Victoria, B.C.
- y R7NADENr"       7-
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.,    .
January 4th, 1927. 7
United States settlers continue to
cross the border in large numbers
despite the lateness of. the season.
November figures issued by the Department of Immigration and Colonization show that the Government
Agency at Fargo, N.D., forwarded
123 settlers and seven cars of effects,
compared with; 105 settlers and four
cars.in the same, month last year.
The Kansas City Agency sent 46
settlers, as compared with four last
year and the Detroit Agency sent
sixty! an increase of over 200 per
cent, over November, 1925.
February will see the winter
sports at the carnival at its height,
.at -the Chateau Frontenac,. Quebec.
"On the 4th and 5th .the, "foremost
speed racers in America will compete in the Canadian Indoor Speed
Skating: Championship for all distances and ages.. Hockey, snow-
shoeing, bobsled racing, ski-ing, will
..be going on every day of the month,
but the outstanding event will be the
Eastern International Dog Sled
Derby, February 21-23, which will
cover the 120 miles of the race at
the rate of 40 miles a day. Teams
from th-e United States and Canada
���will compete, and it is understood
there will be a woman competitor iii
the race.'     -���__���_ x--z .
Emmanuel B. de la Giroday, a
native of Mauritius, who has been
resident dn^Ganada since 1908, has
the. official sanction of the Mauritius Government to make the necessary arrangements with the Government of British Columbia for the
establishment of a farm colony in
the Pacific coast province, according
to report. "There are a few thousand people of English and French
descent in Mauritius who would be
in a position to emigrate to Canada
if a ��� suitable agricultural' colony
were found," he says. He is busy
on a scheme for such a colony in
the; Fraser Valley where fruit and
mixed farming would be engaged in.
cT*HE delicious, brilliant flavor of British Columbia
���*��� beers is secured and maintained by the most
exacting care taken by the Amalgamated Breweries
in the brewing of the finest materials. Its-purity,
is guarded by precise analysis by independent, well
known chemists on behalf of the Government.
These analyses constantly proclaim it a pure and
healthful beverage. , _____.
, of British Columbia, in which
are associated thc Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing
Company of Canada Ltd., Westminster Brewery Ltd.,Si_vcr Spring
Brewery Ltd. arid Victoria Phoenix
Brewing Co. Ltd.   ,
, e. mcdougall
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Wallboard
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
..-'..-..'    ':**      ��� -*��� ���    fe-'--v
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
-.*'." Producers,  of Gold, Silver, Copper, J?ig Lead and .Zinc X' i[[[
i X}i       '���; iXzX'Xy.z    ''TADANAC'' BRANDW ;*'     ' v        xy-fy'
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
. The 20th Cejitury Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Place your ordres with
The Greenwood  Ledge
Advertise In The Greenwood Ledge
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands may
be pre-empted by British subjects over-.18 years
of age, and. by aliens on declaring intention, to"
become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupations and improvement for agricultural purposes. -..���'���.-.','", ���  ���
*- ���*- _.���. .'��� * "s '7'.- ������.",*���' '���.���;���'���'.'��� ���'���-.������*.. X;
Full information concerning regulations regard-���
ing pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. 1, Land"
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of _charge'by address-
ingthe Department of Lands, "Victoria, B.C., or
to any Government Agent.     T      ��� ���'���������>
Records will be granted^covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which is
not timberland, i.e., carrying' over" 8.000 board
feet per acre west of ..the 'Coast-; Range and 5,000
feet per acre east of that Range.    ; ,'..:;���: ������������������.:.,:'.
'  ApplicationsU for pre-emptions  areto; be ad-/
dressed to the Land Commissioner of' the Land ;
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are.made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained 'from the Land Com-
, Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made to the value of,-JlO.per--
acre." including   clearing    and   cultivating   at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant can be
received.7 ,���'���   V."". "������'���-���';''������.'���'"������'':. *',-���'7
For more'dctailed information see the Bulletin
"How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of
vacaTit and unreserved Crown^ Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) [and is S5 per acre,
and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Series, "Purchase'tond Lease of Crown Lands."   .
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land,
not exceeding 40 acres, may  be purchased or '
leased,   the   conditions including   payment of
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a
dwelling "being-erected - in"- the-first-year.-title-
being obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled and land has been
For grazing artd industrial purposes areas not
exceeding 640 acres mry be leased by one person
or a company.   \
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided
into grazing districts and the range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing
permits are issued based on numbers ranged,
priority given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range management. Free,\.or partly free, permits, are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to
t'.n head. . ..���-.-'���
As, a result of discussions ��t the
Imperial Conference in London the
cheap passage" scheme under which
British immigrants have been proceeding to Canada during the year
is expected to be renewed. The
most.iimportant result of the conference, however, will probably be the
extension of the scheme of training
prospective British immigrants for
Dominion farms and, instead of the
100,,men secured by Canada in this'
manner this year, it is expected that
���with the broadening of the scheme
from l,20(Tf5-l,500 men will be obtained next year. A new ten weeks'
course in simple farm training will
be; introduced and will run concurrently with the four months' <our3e
olraady in oner ation.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
'       Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459;   Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;    Copper,  $197,642,647;
;   W.  .- Zinc,  $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous "Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,-
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show an
- .-. ..'""���-.���*. ' /
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production forthe year ending December,1925, $61,4-92,242
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than, those of  any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire, .���.,_,
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal fees.  ,y' ���-,.
"Absolute Titles are.obtained by developing such properties;' the security of which is guaranteed
'���'"'" �� by Crown Grants., ..}:      ";,--. ��������."'.���.. *���'_.
V Full information together with- Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing��� :
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon -which development work has
been done are.described in some one of the AnnualiiReports of the Minister of Mines. Those.considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department bf Mines,'-: Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six, .'Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch B uilding, Vancouver, are recommend ed as valuable sources of


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