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The Greenwood Ledge Sep 30, 1926

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 Provincial"' Library
��� .-**
VOI,. 1
No. 9
Try us for
t "
Winchester and Western Ammunition
Dominion Canuck Shot Gun Shells
M_mMi_i��M��iiiif__ii.�� .ui iui��.
���   ���.
Exercise Books 5, 10, 15 and 20c each
Loose Leaf Ring Exercise Books 35c each
Refills SOc each
/      Ink, Pens, Penholders, Paints, Etc
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For quality and value orderfrom Phone 46
The INewest In Light Globes
Giving Bright Differsed ^Light
Phone 17      ,
Get everything you need in
School Supplies
-X    .
. I
���O '
Let us Quote you on
Agents for the '���.
JOHN DEERIMJne of Earm and Tillage Goods
BROWN'S STORES \        ,
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is now
On Display
Prices Reasonable
fLadies;  Men's and   gj
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Automobile, Bonds. Burglary, &c
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Service and Workmanship
If you have had difficulty in getting
your watch to keep time bring it to us
and we will make it right :
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A. A. WHITE    x--\
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F. J. White, Manager
Terriffic in Drama
Gorgeous in Love!
Inspiration Pictures Inc.
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y- We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork, ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
'. ��� "      MEYER & CO.
Better a dead Camp Fire than a Dead Forest
��� ��� ii
from the_story by
Richard Harding Davis
s=^ Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Adults 50cWW;-' ';   '     "
Children 25c.
Giving Wings
To Friendship
^ The long-distance telephone gives wings
to friendship. It enables the [human.voice to
be carried along wires at a speed of thousands
of miles per second without losing any of its
cordiality. The special night rates after 8:30
p.m. are advantageous for social chats.
Coming! Saturday,  Qpt.  9th
Doris Kenyon in
'"The Half Way Girl"
WILLIAM II. W��)01>.
-    -   GREENWOOD
FOR SAtE���1 De B,aval Separator,
capacity400 gallons, good condition,
sacrifice price. Apply The Greenwood
Ledge oflice.. ���        7 .
FOR SALE���Picked apples for 50
cejfts/in your own box. Windfalls 1
cent a lb.   T. A. Clark, Midway, B.C.
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge; Greenwood-
Bridesville 11 a.m. '
Myncaster 2 p\m.
-���-   -    Midway 4 p. in.' " .;���,
Greenwood 7:30 p.m. -
7 / ��� y ���
Hon. Wm. Sloan
Wins Libel Action
Geo. Clerf left on Monday to
look things over at Kimberley.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Mrs. A. J. Morrison and daughter, Alice, returned on Saturday
from Spokane.   ���
Lew Bryant returned on Tuesday from a few days visit to
relatives in Kimberley.
The Spencer public school opened this week, with Miss Ruth
Axam, of Greenwood", in charge.
T3orn-To Mr. and. Mrs. J. S.
Ciacco, (nee Miss Mary Campolieto), of Fife, on Sept. 20th,
a son.
A notice is'posted in the post
office inviting applications for the
position of postmaster in Greenwood.
D.' C. McKee will receive a
car of coal \about the middle of
October.. Place' orders as soon as
possible. 1
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. R. Moore
and- daughter, Nancy, returned
on Tuesday from a motor trip 'to
Mrs. F.. Werner, . of' Colville,
was the guest of her "parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Christensen; during
the week-end.
# .Ed. McGrade, of Stave Falls,
is visitinghisViildren who reside
with their uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Madden.
Miss Ethel Royce, R.N., left
for Spokane on Sunday morning
after a week's visit with her
mother, Mrs. A. R. Royce.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keady returned on Friday from Oliver where
Mr. Keady was relieving in the
South Kooteiiay power station.
t Charlie Chaplin, in. "The. Gold
Rush" has' been booked. for the
Greenwood Theatre on Friday
and;"Saturday, Oct. 15th and 16th_,
Miss Hattie Auger did not return with her. parents last week,
bnt remained in Edmonton where
she is attending Alberta College
North. - -
��� A branch of the Canadian Girls
In Training was formed in Greenwood this week and a report of
the meeting will appear in the
next issue.
Mrs. J-. Hamilton, of Victoria,
and is the guest of her son and
daughter-in-law, MrJ. ajid Mrs! S.
B. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs". -W. ' H. Docksteader and sons,- Norwood and
Wilfred,^ and, daughter, Velva,,
were visitors in town from Grand'
Forks on Wednesday, afternoon.
. About 50 attended the Farmers
Dance held at' the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Watson, Norwegian Creek, on Saturday evening. All present had a very enjoyable time.
. James Wilson, who is in charge
of the, Imperial mine near Rock
Creek for the Hecla Mining Co.,
of Wallace, Idaho, examined some
mining properties owned by Ola
Lofstad around Greenwood.
Victor Barrett had his camping
equipment moved up to one of his
cabins on Boundary Creek by J.
C. Boltz on Monday. Jt is
Victor's intention to put his trap
line in order and look after it during the coming winter.   ; 7
The Mission that was to have
taken-place in Greenwood on Sunday^ Oct.. 3rd, has been cancelled,
owing to the -call of Father
O'Sullivan to the coast. Mass
will be celebrated on the 2nd
Sunday al 11 o'clock as usual. ���
Dr.; and Mrs. A. Francis and
James . Hallett spent a few days
in Nelson this week. While. in
the Kootenay'... city Dr. Francis
attended a meeting of the West
Kootenay. branch of the British
Columbia Medical association.
Bill Harriett, C.P.R. freight
engineer and wellknown here, met
with an unusual accident at
Castlegar on Sunday, when he
slipped from his cab, falling on
the ground on his face, cutting
his nose and spraining a hand.
He received treatment in the
Nelson Hospital. (
The Hospital Auxiliary will hold
a Shower in the Auxiliary Hall on
Oct. 14th. Afternoon Tea will be
served. Any donations will be
greatly appreciated.  ::
A special jury in assize court
on Tuesday evening awarded
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines for British Columbia,
plaintiff in a libel action against
Major-Gen. A. D. McRae,'
damages to the extent of $40,000,
according to a Nanaimo report.
Hon. Mr. Sloan sought $50,000
damages from the former leader
of the Provincial party on the
ground that he had been libelled
in an article that appeared in the
"Searchlight," an election pamphlet published during the campaign in January, 1924, under the
heading "A Petition for a Royal
Commission." In effect the
article complained of, stated that
in" 1915 and 1916, when the
aflairs of the Pacific Great Eastern railway had become seriously
involved, a sum of $50,000 was
paid by the company to the plaintiff for protection and favorable
treatment from the Liberal party.
The jury returned its verdict
after one hour's deliberation,
finding in effect that the publication complained was libellous and
that plaintiff, was entitled to
damages amounting to $40,
Mr. Justice Murphy presided.
Stirling's Majority 3887
; : ' y
Grote Stirling, Conservative
candidate'had a ��� majority of 3887
in the recent elections in Yale.
The standing was Stirling 7815,
Cossitt -3928. These returns
eliminate any possibility of the
Liberal candidate losing his deposit. ; The result,in .Greenwood
and .Grand Forks districts follows:
'   90
Boundary Falls
. 21 -
-Bridesville    ������ - ���
'   ,29-
Christian Valley
'    8
Eholt     -
.  9
Midway ���
Rock Creek    -
43 '
Grand Forks '
'Fife        -      -
Paulson          - .
Brown Creek
' .13
The Phoenix Mines
It is reported that the offer submitted for the purchase of the
Granby interests in the Phoenix
mines will probably be accepted
by the Granby- Co. Correspondence relative to this deal is proceeding.
Kettle Valley Golf Club
The following are the players
who will represent the above Club
in the match with Grand Forks at
the latter place on Sunday:
Mesdames D. Hamilton, Gane
and Roberts; Messrs. Major Gray,
H. W. Gregory, H. W. R. Moore,
H. T. Newmarch, Dr. Francis, A.
Roberts, J. Richter, E.- Richter,
and C. King. ].
.The single competition for the
Kettle Valley Golf Club have not
yet been completed. H. T. New-
march and E. Richter have to
play off in the semi-final, the
winner of '.this match plays C.
King in the final. ���
When Indians Prowled
Beaverdell Briefs
Miss   Dolly ^Pittendrigh,   of
Rhone,  visited friends in town.
over the week-end.
Mrs.  B. ��� G.   Ommanney,   of"
Grand Forks, was the week-end
guest of Mrs. Ted Clarke.    '
M. Mattson has returned to the
Bell mine after spending the past
few months on his farm at the
C. J. Carruthers spent Monday
and Tuesday in town displaying
samples for Turner, Beetan & Co.,
Victoria. \
Mrs. J. Harrow has 'returned
from a short trip to Penticton,
during which she visited her
daughter Nellie*.
Mr. and' Mrs. J. O'Hara have
moved to town from Carmi to enable them to send their .daughter,
Marguerite, to school.  ..        .  '
Among the outsiders - who
motored in for the Dance, on Saturday night were Miss Jones, Miss
Barker, Miss Randall, R. Brown,
G. ��� McMynn, J. Bush and J.
Mowat, all of Midway.
Beaverdell churchgoers got
quite a thrill Sunday a.m., when
a huge feathery creature appeared
sitting on a stump just outside the school house. Several
thought it must be an exceptionally fine specimen - of ' golden
pheasant, but while cameras,
shot guns, etc., were being hunted
up, a young lady appeared looking'for a lost, headgear and another tragedy was - narrowly
averted.    ���
, Midway News
The Farm Institute meeting
will be held on Saturday, Oct.
2nd. Important business. A
large attendance requested.
Mrs. W. Smith and son Aubrey,
of Grand Forks, have -been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. Salmon.
They returned home on Tuesday.
' Mr. and Mrs. W. G.. Moll have
returned from Rossland and have
taken up residence*' here. Mr.-
Moll expects te be on the Midway-Nelson run for awhile.
Rally Day Services will be held
in the United Church on Sunday
next 3rd inst at 4 p.m. An excellent programme by the Sunday School scholars has been arranged.
"~ A~mafriage of locMlnteresTtook-
place at the United Church Manse'
in Greenwood on Friday morning,
September 24th, when ��� Werner
Preetzman and <Eva Lindsay
Moncreiff, both of Midway, were
united in the bonds of holy
matrimony by Rev. A. Walker, in
the presence of Mrs. Walker and
.Leo Madden. The happy couple
have-taken up residence on Kerr.".
. "Ragson's Folly," the Inspiration picture released through First
National, which will be seen at
the Greenwood Theatre 0 n Saturday, Oct. 2nd, is a thrilling story
of the early 80's when bandits
roamed and Indians prowled the
Western: frontier-land. It is an
adaption of the celebrated tale by
Richard Harding Davis.-. ���
���'.": Ransori's Folly" is the first of a
series of Sidney Olcott. productions in which Richard Bartheb-
mess will be starred, Dorothy
Mackaill plays' opposite the star
in this picture.     . .   W
Happenings at. Carmi   \
George Munroe is  recovering-
from a severe cold.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe  Morie,   of.
Lois,  were visitors in town on
Rev. J. F. Ferroux, the manager of the Pioneer store, was
visiting at Grand Forks for a few
days last week.
The Services to be Jield' in
the Carmi Hotel on Oct. Sth, 9th
and 10 th have been cancelled
owing to the call of Father
O'Sullivan to the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Hara End
daughter, Marguerite, moved to
Beaverdell this week. They will
be greatly missed here as Mrs.'.
O'Hara was very kind and was
always ready to offer her hospitality to, all neighbors. Mrs.' Marie
Lautard, postmistress, gave
Marguerite a.*-beautiful present
before leaving to show her appreciation for delivering the mail
to the train for the'past year.
'./. Those interested in Badminton
and Basketball are requested to
attend a meeting in the Bank of
Montreal on Friday, Oct. 1st at
7 p.m. sharp. Whether'7 you expect to.be a player or ~& spectator
your presence at this meeting will
be appreciated.
The Sale of Work and Dance
under the auspices of the Rock
Creek Women's Auxiliary will be
held at Riverside Hall, Rock
Creek, commencing at 2. p.m.
There will be Produce and Jumble
Stalls,' Teas. Candy Stall and
Fish Ponds by Junior'W.A.
There will also be a Junior Pig
and' Chicken competition. The
affair will close with a Dance in
the evening, with Bush's orchestra
supplying the music. Remember
' the date Friday, of this week.
Immigration,   vv ork and Prosperity
Notwithstanding that ono of Canada's greatest needs ls a larger population, tlio amazing; tact, is thai, whenever immigration shows a substantial increase, aud it becomes apparent that tho lido of settlement Is setting 'in
strongly Canada-wards, an outcry is.-raised in Labor circles and influences
aro brought to bear lo discourage immigration. Nor is organized labor alone
in voicing objections and offering opposition.-Frequently church bodies, find
sometimes national societies, adopt the samo attitude.
-This opposition to Immigration some-times finds expression in an attempt
io induce the Government and other agencies interested in Immigration to
discontinue, or greatly curtail, thoir efforts to induce immigration to Canada.
AL other (lines it Is,revealed by a campaign of tho most mischievous, luis-
leadltig and, not infrequently, absolutely false statements regarding Canadian
conditions, a most unpatriotic proceeding.
Most of. this opposition is the result, of iguorance or Lho acceptance ot
half-baked theories' on tlio pari of those who. socle to prevent or restrict immigration. Some people object, to anybody being allowed to enter Canada unless they, speak the same language, dress in the same fashion, anil worship
���at the same altar as thev themselves do. Those timid souls are fearful -that
they niay.be swamped," arid they insist ou Canada being regarded) as :i) special
preserve for .'themselves set askht iu the world by an all-wise Providence with
"No admittance" signs against peoplo from other lands. They refuse to
recognize fhe fact that all the" great national groups of today, including the
British, are the result of a fusion, an assimilation, of races.'
Organized labor, on the other baud, opposes immigration because, a
'majority of Labor Union members entertain the mis taken*, idea that by maintaining u. scarcity of labor, thc opportunities for employment of those already
in the country are cuhanced, and Iliac higher wages; will likewise prevail. The
economic and industrial history of the world proves otherwise.       ���"���'���'*���."
A Melbourne, Australia,, man writing in the London Dally Mail declares
that progress and development in Australia are both being-stifled'and held
back by the excessive cost, of labor. One of the crying needs of Australia.. to
bring about permanent prosperity is the enrryiug out of irrigation schemes,
on a huge scale. The recent drought has once again* emphasized-.* the old
lesson, and it is known that under the benign skies of Australia simple
���methods of irrigation like those practised by the peasants of Lombardy
would produco-iastonishing results. -But the problem, of Australian irrigation
is said to be like a,.hundred other problems Ihoro. It is easy to point .out
what might be douo and what should be done, but much more difficult to got
it.done. The high cost of labor makes it impossible. As 8. result the' farmer
aud his family struggles along as best they can with rude skill and appliances,
but with low efficiency, postponed improvements, and backwardness of agricultural development. /-'     '���'������.*���.
Tho .Labor Unionist looks on immigration as threatening' his employment and as a menace to the established standard of wages. He refuses to see
that a still greater menace lies in' the retarded .development, of his country,
but which development would bring increased employment and good, wages
/Or all. He overlooks the fact that immigration, upon a scale which Australia
will almost certainly:*;never experience, bail little, or no effect"upon the standard of employment and wages in the United States; rather did it maintain
that standard by incessant, expansion. The one thing to keep up, or augment,
wages in Australia, or in Canada for that ma Iter, would be great area of
development. Compared with what it might be the rate of present
development is slow."'"
The most prosperous period in Canada in the'experience of the present
gencratlou-was. during.those years following the introduction of an aggressive
immigration policy under Clifford Sifton, and when immigrants were pouring
' Into the country. Following the depression of the afttn'-the-war years Canada
is once again experiencing bettor times and au increasing measure of indus-
W'ial activity and prosperity, with-employment plentiful and wages'good, and
at, the same time .immigration is heavier than at any time since the outbreak of the war, with an increase of G8 per cent over last year.   .-
Aud because of this increase immigration, onca again the cry is raised to
put a stop to it. Canadians as a whole are asked by one section of the population, and for purely selfish and utterly mistaken reasons', to kill the goose
that is laying the golden eggs for the. Dominion of the present day, while at
the same time being productive of a .greater'development and more prosperous future. .-���'*���. ,: ' . . .." '*���������*-.���
Peace River Coal
Millions of Tons Superior to Highest
Grade American Coal
There are millions ot tons of very
high grade bituminous coal In the
Peace River district of Alberta, of a
quality superior to the highest.grade
of American coal, according to D. I-I.
McDougall. former general manager
of the Dominion Iron and Steel Company and vice-president of tho Empire
Steel Corporation, who Is in Halifax
after a visit to the Alberta coal deposits, about which he has prepared ft
Mr. McDougall said he did not
think Lho development of these coal
fields would affect the coal Industry In
Eastern Cauada, as Alberta coal would
always find a ready market along the
Pacific coast, of tho, United Slates.
He described the Peace Elver dls<
trlct deposits ns being the "greatest
In Canada" and said they were available for mining al tlie lowest operating costs..
Pain !n The Muscles,
Stiffness In Joints,
Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
... Those who have tested out numerous liniments -will agree that where
something ls needed to dislodge a
deep-seated, more or less chronic condition thero in nothing to compare with
Nerviilne. It's because Nerviline
penetrates so deeply, because it has
about live times the strength of the
ordinary oily preparation, 11 has come
to be known as King over all Pain.
For Rheumatic conditions, muscular
and joint stiffness, Ncrvllino. works
wonders. Atrial proves this. Get a
35 cent bottle from your dealer to-day.
Cuticura Soap
Is Refreshing After
Outdoor Exercise
Warm baths with Cuticura Soap,
after outdoor cxerci.ie, cleanac, cool
aud freshen the skin. Assisted by
Cuticura Ointment they do much to
allay irritation, redness and roughness of thc face and hands and
keep the skin 3oft and clear under
all conditions of exposure.
Bompl; Etch Trse by *M(_'l. Address Canadian
Depot: 'S.tuhoa.B, ltd, Montm!" I'rlee, Soap
25c. Ointment 2b nnd 50c. Talcum 2��c.
Cuticura Sharing: Stick 25c.
Clergymen Live Longest
Live Longer Than Any Other Classof
Men in Eftgland
What is the healthiest'job" in England? Clergymen lire longer than any
other class of men, the government
statisticians of Somerset House .show.
Gamekeepers'(jit'the great estates,
printers, gardeners and makers of
CancWes and glue, closely followed the
preachers in the longevity records.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Should
be Taken to Enrich the Blood.
Grand Champion Bull
Canadian-Owned      Jersey      Bull      Is
Declared Grand Champion at
Philadelphia Exhibition
A Canadian-owned animal, "Benedictine Oxford Lad," has been declared
giand champion 'Jersey bull at the
sescjui-cenlenniai exhibition, at Philadelphia. The animal was recently
shipped from Brampton, Ont., and belongs to tho herd of B. II. Bull and
Sons. "Bcnedictiue Oxford Lad" was
declared grand champion bull at the
Royal Winter Fair in Toronto last
In the competition for sheep, A; H.
McLean and Sons, Iverwood, One,
carried off the grand championships
ram and ewes, also premier breeder
aud exhibition awards. ��� Associated
Press despatch.
Would Help Revive Trade
English Manufacturer!) Hoping Prince
Will Wear Straw Hat
Luton, the Kngllsh town which is
now making straw hats for the adornment of hundreds of thousands of
heads next summer, wants' to see che
Prince of Wales wearing one.
It would be enough, thinks Luton, to
revive a custom rapidly becoming extinct iw England.
According ro manufacturers Londoners buy fewer stiaw hats every year,
When girls grow   weak,, pale   and] p^aMy because-of   Lho   scarcity   of
hot weather and too much rain.
Luton if> still prosperous because of
Cobra Deaf t'o''Sound
The cobra is deaf to all sounds, its
hearing apparatus consisting of a deli-
eaLo membrane, which receives only
ground vibrations. 'Indian charmers,
knowing this,,ta.p the box or basket in
which the reptile is kept, partly stunning the creature by the'force'of'the
vibrations. It is thus rendered li;aet-
iibhrso it can be handled;   "       r :""-;
Young. Mrs. fireen (at-the bank-
roller's window)���[ wish to open an account, here.
Toller���Very   well,   madam,
much do you want to deposit?
Mrs. Ore-en���-Why. uolhing.
to draw out forty dollars.
It, might be possible, for a man to
write a sensible love letter, but ho nel-
dom does.
WillNot Eliminate Fools
Perhaps the effort to invent a "fool
.proof" airplane will ; bo successful.
There is no reason to doubt that aviar
tion will become safer as human ingenuity develops new devices.
- But "fool proof" is a large claim.
Older means of transportation are not
thai; And the supply of fools is not
-likely.-to be. exhausted. *-- ���--���-��� -���*----.- .--.-
Coal In Sardinia ���.*'.
Vast coal and'iron fields have been
discovered at Pcrdusdefogtf, iii the
province of Cagliari,; Sardinia. Tlie
coal, estimated to total 30,000,00.0 tons,
Is said to belong, to the same class as
English anthracite.    :    ������"
Kvo may have been happy,, and all
that, but she had uo neighbors to
borrow things from,
thin, parents should not neglect these
symptoms 7to do   so   means   danger,
���rhe girl In her teeris. cannot develop
into robust   womanhood ���..���'���without   an
abundant supply of rich, red blood in
her veins. Tt is the lack of'this that
Is the great trouble with nine girls
out of.ten,    Div Williams' Pink I'ilis
have achieved-world-wide   fame   for
their remarkable ..blood-making   properties. In these pills there is vigorous health, with glowing cheeks and
sparkling; eyes for ev.ery weak, pale
girl.   The value of the pills in cases
of this.kind is shown by the state-:
ment of Mrs. Winnifred .Rutty, Barton- street west,, Hamilton, Out., who
says:���"About   two[_ years    ago   my
eldest girl got into Very bad health.
I- took- her to a doctor who advised
tlils was the seat of the trouble.   We
had them removed, but it did not. help
her, and sheseemed to have absorbed
so much poison-from the trouble that
she did not pick up at all.   She could
neither eat nor sleep, and what food
she did take did not digest.   Then she
developed     n cough   that  kept   her
awake at night, and  .went   down  .in
weight, to 95   pqunds.\    A. neigJi])or
said to'mc, 'You'have tried so many,
things why not try Dr. Williams' L'lnk
''Pills?''   I golTsome and '"before she
finished "tho second box she began Lo
show   improvement.     She   conlinuec.
Ihe use of the pills for -some time and
is now in the pink of condition, ablo
to worlc and play, and eat antl sleep
with all   her ' old-time   vigor.   Those
statement;! can be verified by .iicigh��-
borswho watched her .restored from
111 health, to iierfect health,"
If your medicine dealer does not
keep these pills you can get them by
inall at. 50c a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co;". Brockville, Ont,.
the large foreigu trade, bul It would,
of course, be far "niore prosperous if
Englishmen kept straw among their
usually large collection of hats.
When Asthma Comes do not despair
Turn at once to the help effective���Dr
J. I). Kellogg's Asthma .Remedy. This
woiideriul remedy will give you the
aid you need so sorely. Choking
ceases, breathing becomes natural aud
without effort. Others, thousands of
them, have suffered as you suffer, but
have wisely turned to this famous
remedy and ceased to suffer. Get a
package this veiy day.
Germany's Newest Card
Aerial    Power    Is   Their   Aim
French  General
Germany will return to power in
tho air, Gen. Girod, president of the
chamber of deputies army commission,
warns in an interview published in
Paris, urging Prance Lo be on guard
against ''tremendous preparations for
air Eiipemarcy now going on In Germany."
"Demillitarizatlon on the Rhine ^s
removed the rail menace," Gen. Girod
.s��>d. "But progress aud science have
aided Geimany to raise its head else-
whore and to seek to iccover its fortunes in the clouds. Germany is free
to construct commercial planes, by recent abrogation of the larger part of
the restrictions imposed by tho treaty
of Versailles, ami 11. Is embarked on a
groat aviation dream. On its air fleet
is built its hopo of coming victoiy."
Continuing, tho general said: "Germany's will to recover its place Is
revealed, ln the fact that it is covering all Europe and soon will cover all
continents with airports, commercial
lines, and transit stations, invading
all nations and the great highways of
the 'world." *.
Germany's principal engineers,
chemists, and aerodynamists aro
working freo of all control by. the
inter-allied commission in Copenhagen. Amsterdam, Italy, and Russia, Gen.
Girod asserts, mentioning the names of
Rohrbach, Fokkcr, Junker and Former.
' "We will be' stupefied suddenly to
find the wings of the reich traverse
the oceans, touch the poles, and embrace Europe and Asia, for by virtue
of its camouflaged budget it allots as
much for aeronautics .as lho whole
war budget before 1914," thc general
Cold In Head
Clogged Nostrils
Ringing    Ears    and    Buzzing    Head
Nolseo   Quickly    and    Pleasantly
Relieved   By   Simple   Wormwood Treatment
No more hawking, spitting or blowing, dry ticklings, dull headaches or
buzzing head noises. Use Geero
Wormwood Balm in your nostrils twleo
a (lay, and you may bid goodbye to
catarrh and troublesome head colds.
The pleasant, cooling and soothing
fragranco of this old-time Woorlwood
treatment promptly penetrates all
through the air passages of the nose
and threat���your clogged nostrils
quickly open up���the "ringing" noises
stop���you-breathe through 'your nose
freely as nature intended aud - your
dull old head feels clear and clean!'.
Put. your faith in Geero Wormwood
Balm and you wunT need'to stay stuffed up with a nasty cold or catarrh.
At all-good druggists���at little cost.
From School Teacher
To Great Eminence
A young man who was brought up oa
a farm in Western Pennsylvania studied
diligently and qualified for district school
teacher. Further pursuing his studies and
teaching', hc managed to save tip enough
money to.put him thru medical college.
After thc Civil War, he began thc practica
of medicine in the new oil section of Pa.,
and often rode horse-back thru thc woods
to reach and relieve those who were seriously ill. Hc was a student of nature,
knew and could easily recognize most of
the medicinal plants growing in the woods.
Later, he moved to Buffalo,N.Y. when
he launched hiti favorite remedies, and, ia
a short time, they were sold by every druggist in the land. Today, the name of tins'
man, Dr. R. V. Pierce, is known throughout the world. His Golden Medical Dis-
covery"is the best known blood medicine
and tonic. More than fifty million bottles
have been sold. If your-druggist does not
sell the "Discovery," in liquid or tablets,
you can obtain a trial pkg. of the tablets
by sending 10c to Dr. Pierce's Branch
Laboratory in Bridgeburg, Ont,
Wireless in the Arctic
No Hustlers Need Apply
Carry Fish by Airplane
Dr. Chalmers Mitchell, secretary to
the Zoological Society of London. How
from Paris to London recently in a
Hundley Page Napier air liner of foe
imperial Airways, bringing in two
tanks '100 sea horses, caught the..pre-
vious nigh I iu Ihc'Bay or Biscay, Lo replenish the tanks at the London Zoo
ir   ;
Castoria is_ a- pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Farcgoftc, Teething.. Drops
and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared, for Infants ��� in arms and  Children all ages.
To.avoid imitations, always look for the signature of
Proven directions _on each package.   Physicians every where recommend it
University to Receive Grant
Tho University of Saskatchewan,
which for the past two years haS'been
conducting special, courses for held
men for lending Jusiilulions, is tu receive a grant of S:i,000 from the Dominion Mortgage nnd Investments Association, in, recognition of the value
of this work, to financial inslilulions.
Thousands of Them
The hot \7catlicr ia very hard ou
babioe starting to cut their teeth.
On the first sign of any looseness of
the bowels tho mother should giv��
a few dozes of
Travellers in South America
' Take Things Easy
An interesting discovery has been
made by firms in the United States
Lhat are trjlug to make business connections with Centr.U and South America. They find that (heir most use-
cent'efficient hustlers of the Babbitt
type, but men irom Louisiana rind
Mississippi, who lake life more quietly
and easily. "Go-getters," Jt is declared, "aie not worth a darn," on the"
oilier side of the llio Grande, whilo
the so-called "lazy Southerner." wiih
his restful afternoons ancl more ceremonious manners, has no diliicully In
adApling himself to the ways of Llie
Latin American and makltig the social
contacts which in that part of the
world are essential (o profitable trade.
���Manchester Guardian.
Wierless Phone  Spans  a  Distance  of
1,200 Miles
Twelve hundred miles was the distance spanned in what is bellev.ed to
have been the first long distance wireless phone conversation carried on
from the Arctic Ocean, it was learned
upon the arrival in Vancouver of the
Hudson's Bay Company's fur trading
steamer Baychimo with a cargo of
furs from the North valued at $250,000.
Last July, when the Baychimo was
sailing in the Western- Arctic, connection was established by her wireless operator, D. Mitchell, with another of the company's vesseh, the
Bay'Rupert, near the northern entrance of Hudson's j-Bay, and successful conversations were held be- *
tween officers of the two ships ou two
successive nights.
Many an Indigent husband allow*
the indulgence to stop with himself.
Pack a bottle of Minard's in
your kit. Best remedy for
sprains, bruises, .flesh wounds,
colds and gore feet.
Vancouver a -Busy Port
According to statistics prepared by
the Vancouver Merchants' Exchange,
the foreign trade export of the port
has increased 400 per cenl in tho-pasi
five years, while tlie import trade'has
increased 51 per cent.
Worms in children, if they lie not
attended to,..cause convulsions, and
ofleii; death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator wilt protect tlie children
from these distressing afflictions.
It is common knowledge, to Arctic,
and Antarctic explorers that sea-ice
more than a year old is entirely Sfree
from salt, although new ice contains
the same amount of salt as sea water.
Minard's Liniment for chapped hands
Sick Headache, Sour Stomach',
Constipation easily avoided and
liver aroused  without calomel
Never sicken or gripe���ISc
Tliia will quickly offset the diarrho&B,
wanting and purging, and, perhapa
save tho baby's life.
Pat up only by���The T, Milbwa Co,
.Liimteaj Toronto, Oat.
The meaning of thc three balls In
front of ( the pawnbroker's shop is
that it is three to jone thc proprietor
wins. .*u
Meet Success on Canadian Farms
Britishers Train-In Old Country to
Learn Conditions In Canada
So successful on Canadian farms
have been young bachelors who, prior
to residence in this couutry were students in agriculture aUlhc Iladleigh
Salvation Army Schools in Essex?
England, that the Army will shorLly
receive Into those Institutions their
first classes of married men destined
for farm lands ln the ..Dominion. The
course will be glventluring six mouths,
and will mean a thorough training in
branches of agriculture, particularly
adapted to,conditions in Canada.
iu spare or full time taking orders for
"Imperial Art" Xmas Greeting Cards. -
$ 100.00 easily' earned in a month. Lib-
oral commission. Sample book free. ,
53 Wellington St., West. ��� - Toronto.
A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles.
���Many testimonials could be presented sliowiitg <tho great efficacy*of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil in correcting
disorders of the respiratory processed,
but the best testimonial ls experience
and Lhe Oil is recommended to all who
'suffer from these disorders with the
certainty that, thoy will find relief. It
will allay Inflammation in the bronchial tubes. J
or light sewing at home.. Whola
or spare time; Good pay. Work
sent any distance. Charges paid.
Send stamp for particulars. National
.Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
SILVER FOXES  create  fortunes.���
Larges, Summerslde.
���: '- -      "-i
After a min has eaten everything
set before him ho wonders what all3
Somehow when a man gets into a
crowd he thinks that he Is lhe only
one iu a hurry. ,*?
Feet sore?���Minard's Liniment
Tbis is a condition (or <Hsrastl to which doctor*
give many namet, but wliicli few oftliemreaUr
understand. It is simply \Tca_t_iess-&brral_ilow-,
���t it vrere, ofthe Yiul forces tiut sustain the system. No mutter what ran) beltscauscs(tl_ej. art.
elmoit numberless), its ��ympton,s arc much tht
tame; the more prominent being tleeplessnctii, '
ten.a of prostration or wearineii. depression of
���plriti and want of tnergy for all the ordinary
Bfiainoflife. Now.wliaUlonc is abiolhtely essential in all iucIicasesisincreasedvitility���vlpoiir,
rital sfrorptb and energ) to throw off dies*
morb d feelings, and as night succeeds the day
this may be more certainly secured by a course ol1
than by any other biso��n combination. Soiuiclf
Si it is taken tn accordance with the directions RC-
Uld a new existence Imparted In place of whathad
to lately seemed worn-out, used up.andvaluelest.
Thlswonderfulmedicament in sunahleforallafet
constitutions and conditions, in either set; and it
Is difficult to Imagine .I'disease or dirjn^eiirnj'
whose main feature it weakness, that wi!! not
^*��?��^!:lycr.i ^manently tvetcewt by tblj'
oblivion everything that liad preceded it for tills
wide spread&njmerousclassofhumanailir.enti.
Sold by letdlnitCiieml^tii.nrtltlicrN'o.return n'tll.ron.
W.    .N.     U.    IG-iS
��a��ws��a,tu__s��a: '.THE ��� GEEExMVOOD   .LEDGE
It's The Lace Effect
In A Tiffany Bread Wrap
That Makes It Suggest A Superior Quality Loaf
, If you make good bread, a "Tiffany Bread Wrap will become it admirably.
Por thc lace design in thc wax appeals to a woman's
fancy���and makes good bread look its^best.
Besides, the lace design hides folds and. creases in the
paper���keeps the loaf fresh-looking.
Bakers are enthusiastic about this wrapper because il is
selling lots more bread for them. Customers instinctively
prefer the quality loaf in the, lace design Tiffany Wrapper.
Write for samples and prices today.
/ II
PuclHc Waxed Paper Co. Weetcvn Wnxod Paper Co.
320 Davie fc t. Vancouver 290 McDennott Ave. Winnipeg
([(inter Martin & Co.   Regina
To Introduce VICTOUY coal,  mined' 45 miles Weal of Edmonton,  In the'
Foothills of the Mountains.   Wc OFIJUSR, in Carlo ts of 30 tons or over.
Dcubie Screened Lump over 4 in. screen   -   $4.00 per ton
"       Egg from 2 in/to 4 in.     -   $3.50"   "'
,   " "       Stovenut 1 in. to 2 in: -   -   $3.00"   "
AU prices F.o.b. cars Mine.   "Wabamun, Alta., C.N.Ity.
JSveryyion g-uamnluQd free from Roclc, Bone or Shale.
-Make   tip  a "car  wllli  33)ur   neighbor.   Bend   550.00  with   order,   balance
Salvaging Sunken
British Firm' Attempting to Raiss
German Battle Cruiser .Hindenburg
Three months ago - Messrs., Cox and
Danks, Ltd., began one of the greatest
salvage undertakings .over attempted
���that of raising the German battle-
cruiser liiudenburg, scuttled hi June,
1919, between'the islands of'iloy and
Cava, where thcy had been taken froni
the larger-waters of. Scapa-Flow.
Pumping' began on August 1, and
three" times the vessel had begun to
lift when a patch gave way, in rushed the 'water, and she settled down
again. - '
Another attempt is now being made.
"Vv'hile the.giant hulk was still'below the sea," says .1 press representative, "[ donned the clumsy dress-
minus lho helmet���of a diver, and
from a small boat scrambled lip outside, and:down Inside, a wooden chimney-stack-like structure called a coffer
dam, which"had been built, over'the
foremost hatchway,'of tho submerged
upper deck.
* Front there, by _ vertical iron ladders, guided by a portable electric
lamp and with sea water cascading
over- me and occasionally up to .the
waist on the floors, I 'slithered on
three slimy decks as. low as the armor deck, and as far as the stokehold,
which  lies  beyond  thc  gun turrets,
, where one peered down Into tlie still-
wal.cr-logged magazine and fumbled
nlong the rail by which the'gun charg-
""Above us stores are still lying tn.
the* carpentry department of the armor deck in profusion.   They, are un-
.rusted still. -Planes, files, crowbars,
axes, augers ,and nallr. ^srill crowd
their appropriate metal drawers and
shelves���a'slimy, greasy memorial-to
German orderliness. There arc neatly
wedged diving gear and smoke';hcl-
rocts, and. hundreds of Utile.'oxygen
Suffered So She Could Not
Walk.   Restored to Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham's .
Vegetable Compound
# Minesinp, Ontario. ���'"I am a practical nurse and I recommend Lydia
K. Pinkham'u Vegetable Compound to
sufferinpf women. Forthreejnonlhs
J was almost helpless and could not
sit at the table longtuiough to drink
j. cup of tea. Many k time my husband carried me to bed, I would be
."o weak. Then he read in the paper
. o'f :,\woman suffering aa I did ,vvho
1 go I better after taking the Vegetable
Compound, so he went and got it for
me. When I had taken three bottles
T was, just like a new woman and
havc had splendid health over since.
When* I feel any bearing-down pains
I always take it; sometimes a half
bottle .or whatever I need. It is my
only medicine and I havc told many a
one about,it. Any one wanting to
know more about Lydia E. Pinkhamis
Vegetable" Compound, I will gladly
write to her. I do all I- can to recommend it for I feel I owe my.lifc
and strength to it." ��� lira. NeaIj
Bowser, R.R. 1, Minesing, Ontario.
Do you feel broken-down, nervous,
and.weak sometimes? Do you have
.this horrid feeling of fear which sometimes comes to women when they are
not well? Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is excellent to take
at such a time. It always helps, and
if taken regularly and persistently
will relieve this condition. O'
W.   N.   U.   10 IS
canisters are stacked in rapid dissolution."
"The upper 'tween deck was an ad-
ventur.o ln investigation. Beer barrels
still rolled the floor ��� of one store, ono
barrel attached by a pipe to a small
bottle-filling plant.
"Skeletons ot.easy chairs "float in the
barber's shop, and a bl_j mlrrcr gave me
back a'  somewhat foggy!reflection.   -
"The doors of an-empty metal sideboard swing open and shut in-the officers, lounge. The 'framework of^once
comfortably -upholstered settees attached to the walls .there,,is rotting.
"Heavy cups hang in orderly rows
from the ceiling ot the officers' serving room. Everything "is of ' metal,
wood, or porcelain, ls still unbroken
and" usable, despite seven years submersion. * 	
"Even the orders typed out on stout
paper are plainly decipherable, and
some largo plans found by the divers
have greatly simplified the work of
discovering aud caulking ��� up all apertures."
' They Like Canadians  .
Former Brftisli Parliamentarian and
Family  Enjoy Visit  Here
On their way home from a tour of
the West, Hon. J. [I. Thomas and Mrs.
Thomas expressed , their delight In
scenic .Canada and in the hospitaltty
of Canadians.'Hon. Mr. Thomas'-'was
the former colonial secretary in the
British Labor Government.
Miss Peggy Thomas, in "an- interview, said 'that she noticed that Canadian children .dress with more uni-
'foriiilty~tliairrw.TT.h6 case overseas^
���"Vou' coyld plant"a Canadian bov in
--     _*- *
London and- you would know him immediately by his ��� clothes." She
thought the same distinction might bo
made with garments of older girls,
but not to the .��amo degree.
One -of the outstanding features of
Canadian homes noticed by llie Thorn-
US family as a whole ,was the open, tin-
fenced lawns and gardens. "It denotes
Canadian democracy such as nothing
else could," said Mrs. Thoiuas. "It
shows a quiet pride in well-kept
lawns and gardens, and a feeling that
good things should be shared." .
Cheap-Coal for Farmers ���
A new coal mine In being opened
about five -miles easl of lOstevau,
Sask., which will supply coal at a
price of from ?t.fiO to ?3. The output
will bo 100,000 Ions of coal pur year
aud the mine will employ about 100
mou. It is equipped with all the latest
mining equipment and car loaders.
About 30 houses have already been
erected for employees. .The supply of
thb coal at a low price is a great advantage to the farmers of'Saskatchewan and the adjoining proviuce of
Many'Join- Wheat Pool
; Since June "11th, 1926, just, four
thousand farmers havo signed-u'p the
following acreage in1 Saskatchewan:-
Wheat, .535,950 acres; oats, -19,347
acres; barley, 14,400 acres; flax, 17,-
S39 acres; rye, 12,7-15 acres; making
a total of 625,141 acres in three
months. ���
The celebrated pianist had played a
difficult classical piece. As ho finished
tho small daughter of his hostess came
up to him and squeezed his arm. "I
can't play that either," she said sympathetically.
A woman may be as old as she looka
but she is seldom as young as she
Carpet Worth Half Million
Took Twenty-four Years to Make and
is 400.Years Old
A magic carpet nearly -100 years
old and valued at over J500.000 held an
almost reverential little group awestruck at a carper, dealer's premises In
Holborn recently.
At firs; sight!('scented to .consist of
a jumble officii colors.- Slowly, however, tho design became apparent and
the eye revelled in the wondo'rfully
rich lines of ruby, emerald green, ^nd
- Tho romantic history of tho carpet
was unfolded, by ."fann,-.. 1<\ Ballard, a
rich American, whoso hobby i'orjwon-
ty years has been the collecting of rare
and beautiful carpels.
"Tills carpel," ho said, "was made al
Ispahan in 1550, in the reign of Shah
Salt.. It was presented by 'the Shah
to Peter the Great, who in turn presented il. to Leopold I. of Russia.
- '"The carpet then hung for uf long
time on lhe wall of lho staircase in
the palace at Schocnbrunu, near
"Ic was later, seined by the state
and was recently sold by the Austrian
government to Messrs. Cardinal and
Harford, of London. .   *
".The carpet measures 24 feet by 11
feet. It must havc taken at least;20
years' continuous work to make, and is
evidently the work of. one man. One
cannot Jielp thinking, as one look's at'
'it, ihat he was inspired. His name is
The "Emperor's Carpet" as this" Is
popularly known to the art world, consists of a center panel oE( conventional
flowers ancl animals, with a ruby-colored ground work.' This Is surrounded
by a wide margin of green and yellow
ornamental scrolls twining and intertwining, very much in tho manner of
Irish knot ornamentation.
: It is stated to be one of the finest
carpets in the world.
Mountain Clock Always Right
Old   Scotch   Shepherd   Can' Rely, on
Faithful Timepiece
.The most wonderful "clock" in the
world is to be found in bonnie Scotland in a. lonely glen among the hills
bordering Loch Lomond. - It never goes
wrong for it has" nd works, and It
never requires ,y;infling. It is the
faithful time-piece of an old shepherd, who has been telling the time
with amazing accuracy half a century'
by observing the shadows cast by tho
sun -on the neighboring -mountain
f The old man was asked to give the
time' by his prehistoric time-piece,
raised his crook-handled stick'slowly,
and- pointed to a thin screak of shadow
on the hillside. , "Well, when the sun
strikes that it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon as near as matters."
Ho paused .and gazed lu the direction of the loug shadow. "Th' shadow
is a quarter the way from yon petfk
there," hc'explained, pointing with his
stick to a neighboring ridge. "So I
should say it's jusr. aboot 15 miutes
past 3 o'clock, as near as matters���as
'neai'^s^niatfe'fs^tac^ulyser.'' = "
The old shepherd was only a few
minutes out according lo railway time.
An incongruous, thing ln. the centuries-old coltage where the shepherd
and his wife still tell the time by the
sun is a wireless set. The old couple
noticed the .amazement of'a visitor.
"Aye, I got that from a man I rescued awa' up there in yon mountains,"
said"'the shepherd. "He was lost, so I
brought him along here tae my wee
cottage, ��� and. snad-a him comfortable
for th' night. He was awfu' pleased,
an' wheuJhe went awa' home he sent
me this wireless set."
,  Handling Charges for Pool Wheat
According to agreement between
Line ^levator Companies and the Pool,
following are lhe haruliiug charges on
"Pool Wheat" til the Line elevators:���
"On street wheat Nos. 1, 2 and. 3���5
cents per bushel. On all other, grades
of street wheat C cents' per bushel. On
car-lots, special bin and stored to
grade���these regular hatulliug charg-
se, plus a servico charge of % cent
per bushel.'*
"Let's see," said the chatty man,
"your brother went abroad on a fellowship, didn't he?"
"No," was the reply, "it was a cattle' ship."
Go to Europe! It's your slack
season here in-Canada, but
in England, the social season,'
with all its life and amusements, is just getting into its
stride. The lights o'London
are beckoning ��� the theatres
and shops offer a diversity of
interests and pleasures.
i Plan now to make thc crossing
. on a Cunard or Anchor-Donaldson Canadian Service Cabin
Class Steamer. You will find
the trip itself a most enjoyable
experience. Sailing from Montreal means a thousand miles of
sheltered river travel before
you come to the open sea
which is crossed in a few de--
lightful days.
Ask your steamship a tent about the SI.
Lawrence route to Europe, or writ*��� '
270 Main S.trcet,
Winnipeg, Man.
-  Dance the Charleston
British Scientists, Cannot All be
Classed as Old' Fogeys
Oxford has discovered that scientists are people, aud fox trotting people at that, on occasion. The British
Association wound up its recent conference with a ball and Sir Oliver
Lodge and many of the other savants
danced the Charleston and tho, fox trot,
which showed they aro not a step behind the youngsters, who formerly
were inclined to regard all scientists
as old fogeys. Many of the, papers
read at the annual conference wero so
popular in nature that the British
press gave columns evary clay lo discussions which showed science lu Britain has moved Into the realm ot
everyday lite.
To Catch the Public Eye
Commander  E.  E.  Byrd Gives  Exclusive  Right to 'Erect Signs at tlie
North Pole
Exclusive contract to erect signs at
the North. Pole has been given to E.
O. Davis, a Tacoma man representing
a national advertising agency, by
Lieut. Commander E. E. Byrd, naval
aviator who conquered the Pole.
Tho contract reads that the annual
consideration shall bo $1, payable immediately after the first signs are
It   has   Many   Qualitles.���Tlio   man
wlio possesses a bottle of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is armed against many
ills. It will relieve a cough, break a
cold, prevent sore throat;, it will reduce the swelling from a sprain, relieve the most persistent sores and
will speedily heal cuts smd contusions.
It is a*medicine'chest in Kself.
Little Helps For This Week
The Lord thy God shall bless theo
in all'thy works, and in all that thou
puttest thine hand unto.���Dcut. xv., 10.
What is our duty here?     To tend
From good to belter,.(hence to.best;
Grateful - to    drink    lifers cup;  then
Unmurmuring to our bed of rest;
To pluck the flowers thai round us
Scattering our fragrance as wo go.
���Sir J. Bowrlng.
To make, some nook of God's crea-
tion a lillie fruitfuller, better, moro
worthy of God, to make some human
hearts a little wiser, manfuller, happier,, more blessed, less accursed���11
Is a work for a god.���Thomas Carlyle.
Western Canada Wheat -
"The Wheat of Western Canada is
unsurpassed anywhere in the world"
writes the "Free Press" editorially,
and adds; "In the marketing of Western wheat tho outstanding develpp-
ment of -recent years, of course, has
been the creation of the Pools���the
most.. ambitious undertaking which
has resulted from fhe co"-onerative
movement of tbe Western farmers/'
"Sir, I have courted, your daughter
for six weeks.'.
"Well, what do you want?"
"To marry her, of course."
"Good, I thought you wanted a pension or something."���Ideas.
The guillemot makes no nest, laying its eggs on the bare rock.
For all pains���Minard's Liniment
Completes Flight Across Canada
Seaplane Travels from Montreal to
Vancouver Without Mishap
Completing the first seaplane flight
ever made across Canada, Squadron
Leader A. Karl Godfrey, of the .Royal
Canadian Air Force headquarters staff,
Oltawa, arrived at Vancouver recently. Within nine days of leaving Montreal, the transcontinental trip was
concluded after several delays because
of bad weather. The 720 mi'los between Luke Wabumon, -10 miles west
uf Edmonton, and Vancouver, the dis-'
tance which carried, them, over ihe
Rocky Mountains, waa covered in seven hours- and 20 minutes, a non-slon
"Tlio course wo took :��,cross Canada," Squadron Leader Godfrey said,
"is an ideal seaplane route.. Its possibilities lor the future are good. Witli
tlie exception of the Rocky Mountains,
ii would bo possible in the future to
fly by night over any portion of the
route." '���
Palestine Exploration
Reported Discovery of Ruins,of First
Jewish Settlement Near Jerusalem
Discovery of the ruins of .'the first
Jewish settlement in " Palestine ha3
been .made by an archaeological expedition from Berliu uuiversily, headed by Prof. Ernest Sellin. He declares
i hat tho ruins, which are near Nablus,-
30 miles north of'-Jcrusalem, mark the
stie of Abraham's altar used in 'the
sacrifice of Isaac, arid also the burial
place of Jacob.
Saves $34 A Year
Cooking experts figure that thc
SMP Enameled Ware Roaster will
save the average Canadian family
fully $24.00 a year in meat bills.
The secret is, it roasts the meat
with very little shrinkage.   Also, it
makes cheap cuts taste like  the
best ones.
You place the roast in the roaster,
��� put on thc cover: the roaster does
the   rest.    No   basting   required.
Every roast is perfectly cooked.
The cover fits close, so that cooking
odors cannot escape. Grease con't spatter
out, which means a sweet clean oven.
Prices range from 85c. to $3.50 each,
depending on size end finish���and don't
forget the saving of 5.24.00 yearly.
Let Baby's Own Tablets^ Keep
Your Children, Well
Littlo children very quickly, got out
of sorts. 'By prompt treatment they
can usually just as quickly be set right
again. Mosl of their troubles arise
in the first place from the stomach or
bowels; thar is why a good cleaning-
out is the first thing prescribed by
the doctor. Formerly castor oil was
the moans used to bring this about;
now-a-days Baby's Own Tablets do
tho same work, but without trouble to
the parent or discomfort lo the little
one. Children take Baby's Own Tablets happily because there is no nasty
taste and because no griping after-
pains follow their use.
As a specific for childhood Indigestion, ' vomiting, consliptation, colic
colds, teething pains, etc., there ls nothing to. equal Baby's -Own Tablets.
They never do harm and always do*
good. The. Tablets are sold'by medicine-dealers or by mail at 2f> cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Russian Woman is Captain
Will Soon Command Soviet Trans-
Atlantic Steamer
A woman soon is to command a
Soviet trans-Atlantic steamer. She Is
Captain Mario. Malaginoy, Russia's
first woman sea captain. After graduating with honors from the government naval technical school she
served successfully as able seaman,"
second officer and pilot on Black Sea
steamers. t Her appointment as a first
class captain on an ocean steamer
awaits' only the approval of the central executive committee of tho gov-
ernment. She wears the regulation
uniform and trousers, having discarded skirts as cumbersome.
Making it Hard
Salesman: But, my friend, with the
tracror you could do twice as much
Why, ye .dura fool, I don't want lo
do twice as much worlc.���Life.,
Keep Minard's Liniment In the hodse
A Family of Doctors
tls, S7, of London, his family had'pro-,
chiced an unbroken line of doctors for
225 years. Through ilvo generations,
fathers and sons practiced in the same
picturesque seventeenth century
house in Alton. ���
Painless and perfect ln their action.
Miller's Worm Powders are always a
safo and reliable remedy for children
who show symptoms of worms. Theso
symptoms are easily recognizable in a
feverish restlessness, frequently ending in convulsions. A point of notable Importance is that after Miller's-
Worm Powders have expelled tho
worms, the stomach and bowels are
toned up Into a Yery healthy condition,
Most things are governed by tho
law 'of supply and demand, with the
possible exception of making mistakes.
Many havc been relieved of corns
by Holloway's Corn Remover. It has
a power of'its own that will be found
effective; ^ " -^-^���"~J=~
Patient (nervously)���"And will tho
operation be dangerous, Doctor?"
Doctor���"Nonsense! You couldn't
buy a dangerous operation for forty
dollars." ' . '
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians foi;
Colds      Headache     Neuritis, -     Lumbago   .'
Neuralgia     Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only  "Bayer" package
;which contains proven directions.
Uatuly "Bayer"  boxes of  12  tablets
Also bottles'of 24 and 100���Druggists.
ji DO
Aspirin Is Uie traac mark (rtRlsUred In Caneaa) of Bayef' MaoufeehlM- pt -^"noaeetie-
iridester of SaHcylieacld (Acetyl Sallcjllc Acid, -'A. s. A."). While it i_t welI-K=->^
tlflt Aspirin means Bayer maiinfaftturf, to assist ihe puMie agaiast imitations, the Tablet*
ot Bayer Company will i�� stamped ttlth their eescral trade murk, tic "B_ivcr Crew.' /-
The Greenwood'Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C,
������-������'G. W. A. SMITH
Editor and Proprietor
is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or 52.50 when not paid for three
months or more liave passed. To
'"Sroat Bi'ih'an and the United. Slates
$L"iO. always in advance.
Deliiifjueut  Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.00
Coal  iiiul  Oil  Notices     7.00
l.'strny Notices     3.0U
Cards  of  Thanks     1.00
Certificate   of  Improvement 12.50
(When   more   Ihan   one ' claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising 16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 edits a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
paricl. measurement.
Transcient display . advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12^c. a line each
insertion,      ,
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to have more money.
Fred Smyth and .
Cranbrook Ed.
Fred J. Smyth, at one time ou tlie
staff of the Phoenix Pioneer during
the 'prosperious days-oi that city; interviewed Cranbrook Ed at Standpoint,
Idaho, .on his way south. It is not
likely that Fred came in contact with
anything- so interesting when he used
to take his Sunday jaunt from Phoenix to Greenwood.  '    ������*- , .
The interview as it appeared in the
Cranbrook Courier follows:-; Fred. J.
Smyth, formerly editor of the. Moyie
Leader, when that city was in a flourishing condition, and who was famous
for his red vests and neckties, similar
to the brand worn by Mayor Taylor of
Vancouver, strolled over to the Spokane International station last evening
and interviewed "Cranbrook Ed" in
his private-car,-en route to California
after spending his holidays in and
around ���"Beiutiful Cranbrook." The
elephant was 'munching hay, and between copious moiithfiils his very
gesture seemed to imply that he had
been right royally treated. "As near
as I can read the mind of an elephant,
���his message, to me .was this, writes Mr.
Smyth: "If California has .anything
on Cranbrook it sure has got to go
"But why did you select Cranbrook
as a place for deserting the "big top?"
I asked.
."Well, you see it was just';this way;
coming west, all* we heard was Cranbrook, and the 'banana belt,' and we
couldn't resist, the temptation to take-a
bananas, but tlie jungles around Cranbrook sure have those of the Euphrates or the Punjab beaten a city block.'
"But your escapades has cost the
S'ells-Floto circus"-a lot of money," I
"It certainly,has that," he shot back,
as he flapped his ear and drove away a
pestering fly. "Why tins-trip alone
runs into many thousands of dollars,
and would you believe it, with all the
extra room in this car, the. C.P.R.
agent at Cranbrook had the-.nerve to
charge excess baggage on my trunk.
Theii at Eastport, the customs officer
gave me a thorough going over���-he
was looking for ivory, I suspect."
"So they caught you near Moyie,"
'the reporter queried. "I operated a
paper there at one time. ' "Yes, P
liearcl- about it in my travels round
Moyie. I also heard a lot of other
tilings about you, which are a credit to
you, your tie and vest, and the inhabitants of Moyie."
One on Doc
Dr. GorUett-"What /ou need,
my dear young lady, is a little
sun ancl air."        . -.
.   Patient--'-Why, tHe very idea,
I am not eveii married.
More than 500,000 people will have
visited Ste. Anne^'de Beaupre this
year when the season ends. It is
already an increase over last year
when 304,322 persons visited this
famous shrine. During the week
ending' August 22nd, 43,900 pilgrims
visited Ste. Annes.
Halifax.���Considerable quantities
"of swordfish arc being shipped from
Nova Scotia to the Boston market
at the present time. This commodity
has found a good market in Boston
and. shipments to that city average
around ten to fifteen thousand,
pounds a day during the shipping
Sept-ember is becoming a, popular
month for marriages judging by the
number of honeymoon couples leaving from Windsor Street Station,
Montreal, recently. On Labor Day
no less than 50 couples boarded the
Canadian Pacific trains at this depot. The record established for one
day, however, was some years ago
in June when 70 couples left Windsor Station one morning.
The new North Channel below
Quebec will be opened to navigation
on June 1 next and continue during
the high water season, according to
a recent announcement of the Marine Department. The new channel
extends in a straight line from St.
Jean, Isle of Orleans, to near the
north shore. The work has been
underway for the past ten years.
The minimum depth of water at
high tide will be 35 feet. When all
the work is done there will be the
same minimum at low tide.
"The Littl-s Red' Schoolhouse" will
be .brought on rails'to the children
living, in the remote areas along the
Canadian Pacific in Northern Ontario between Sudbury and Chapleau.
'Fully equipped with desks and teachers' accommodations the railway
cars will visit about six points a-
month.- There are about.400 pupils
in these areas of the North who suffer disadvantages from the lack of
school accommodation. It is expect-
ed that eventually the entire areas
will be served by_ travelling schools.
E. W. WTDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box 1,1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or I,ead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead S2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
These charges made, only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Previous to the las? Hospital
Dance no arrangement for opening the
Hall was made with the person who
was in sole charge thereof, and considerable misunderstanding has arisen
To avoid any future misunderstanding the Hall is now in charge of
the Greenwood Masonic Holding Co.,
the registered owners of the building-,
with whom all arrangements for renting- the same, must be made.
Greenwood, B.C., Sept. 30th, 1926. -
Greenwood Masonic Holding Co.
Dodd's Barber Shop
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks & Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Grand Forks
Good selection at Moderate
You look for certain things in a glass
of beer; .."���-.
You want first a drink that gets
home to that thirsty spot���but
that's not all���
-''���-���* ...
You want a drink that sparkles with
life and vigor���that's cheerful and
Job Printing
The Greenwood Ledge   .
New Location
Near Imperial Hotel
Kootenay Metallurgical Laboratories
Provincial Assayers and Metallurgists
'   !
Custom Assaying and general Analytical work
Ore testing, Mill designing, etc \
' Our aim Quick, Accurate and Unbiased Service
No work too small ��� No work too large . >
We solicit your patronage
310 Baker Street - P.O. Drawer 1073 - Nelson, B.C.
A Wise Father
"Pa.?' said young Bill, ''What's
���.a golf hazard?". ' ���
.���������;"And his:wise  parent replied:
"Some of the stuff that's handed
around in the locker-rooms, son.
���  The place to get,
Tree Air and Water
is at
Rock Creek
Also carry
Gas, Oil, Tires, Patches, Vulcanizers, &c
I   frCi���L
52 Page Radio Log Book
With Your Subscription to
Radio News
I.* $50 prize package for readers.
2. FREE technical service offer.
3. Latest radio hook-dps.
4. Best stories and radio'news.
5    Dozens of illustrations.
"   .      GREENWOOD, BC.
Enter my Subscription to Radio Ne^s of Canada for I year ($2.00)
and send me the 52 page Log Book Free
Address ~. ��� '
���:���'.*' '
a One Yearr-12 Issues���Only $2.00
You want a drink that will satisfy
That's where Pure Beer scores. Try
it today, and you'll present yourself
with a wholesome, refreshing treat.
Order a case of Pure Beer made by
the Amalgamated Brewers from any
Government store.
Vancouver Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing
Co. of Canada Ltd., Westminster Brewery
Ltd., Silver Spring Brewery Ltd., afind Victoria
Phoenix Brewery Co. Ltd.
. OM   'ir p-ir���������'��� n inin.iminnrr m inn ii-iwiiiiiumiiii ��� _i____mi.__ii _���___���  I  !��>.'
'"'."'''il .��^wre���___��__i  BEt_
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British'Columbia.
,..--r.._r__,-��g.v iii��ji_qyvwa��CB~!g?ga_-yrT.r!'JwjiR^JtTO!i.wi__. ��� .-f ���f.niir.liTUT
Tiie Consolidated Mining &. Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited n
Office, Smelting- and Refining- Department   .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver^Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig- Lead and Zinc    ���
Place your orders with
The/ Greenwood Ledge
A, E.;fflcD0UGAL-L
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing1
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
"���'������'. :'  ��� -'-To--'".
Harry "Armson, Grand Forks
Tlie 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and ma ferial guaranteed
Wo pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vaoant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may bo pre-empted by
tsrltlsh subjects, over 18 years ol age,
and by aliens on deolaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultural
��� Full information concerning regulations _ regarding pre-emptions la
given iii'Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
. which can be .obtained free of charge
by addressing the'-Department of
Lands, Victoria. B.C., or to any Government Agent. fc
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre jvest of ,the Coast Rang*
and 5,000 feet per acre east of that
i Applications for pre-emptions are
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
ls situated, and are mado on printed
forms, copies of which. can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied, for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per aore, inoludlng
olearlng and cultivating at least five
aores, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural, purposes; .minimum
prloe for first-class (arable) land Ib
fS per acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.60 per acre.. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given In Bulletin
No, 10, Land Series, "Purohase ^and
Lease of Crown Lands/*
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exoeedlng 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the condition* including payment of
���tumpago. -
Unaurveyed areas,.not exoeedlng 29
���ores, may be leased aa homesltea,
conditional upon . a. dwelling being,
treoted ln the first year, title being
obtainable after residenoe and improvement oonditlohs are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
W  grazing  and  Industrial   pur��
po��ts areas not exceeding ,640 acres
may be leased by one person or a
��?���5'"cjr       GRAZING
Under the Graslng Act the Prov-^
lobe Is divided Into grazing districts
and the range administered under a
musing ~" Commissioner, y Annual
graaing permits are Issued based on
cumbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range,
management Free, or partly free,
permits ar�� Ayailwle for settlers,
���M wvellera, up to   lea
-���       '.* 7w'-. ��
pasjatw as
,.v�� -��� ""���"
The Mineral Province of Western Catiada
Has Produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold    ���
��122,808,459;  Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;    Copper,  3197,642,047;
Zmc, $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and Coke,$273,- . .'   '
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show .an
Aggregate Value of" $920,919,628 x -    'y
Production for tlie year ending December, 1925, $61492,242
��� The Mining La,ws of this Proving are more^liberal, and the fees lower, j than - those of   any' other
Province in-.the Dominion, or any colony in-the British Empire.>
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for nominal  fees. ' ^
Absolute Titles are .obtained by developing such"properties, the ��� security of which is guaranteed
'by Crown Grants. ��� "
Fun information together, with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis hy addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments; should refer to such reports.', They are available .without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the-Geo- ���"
logical Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as'valuable sources of
information. ��� ,
���' J,*.:


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