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The Greenwood Ledge Apr 21, 1927

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l**ori^ ���'.
7lnci*l Iffc,:
ur*ry -
VOI,. 1
No. 38
We Carry a Large Line of
'  including
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters
inspect our Stock
p New Spring Millinery ||
Is on Display J
In latest styles and colors *
Prices Reasonable C
 also  **
Lovely, flowers        J
 for  ' A
Of Local Interest
a^  h'at Trimmings or BSII Dresses
John Kerr, of Beaverdell, has
bought a new Ford car.
When fresh Vegetables are scarce
We offer the finest quality in cans
New Canvas Shoes ���
\p     for men, boys and children ft
"di?     Call and inspect our goods C_)
*X ' g^
JJ.EllenTrounson'sStore ?S
per can 30c
per can 30c
Brussel Sprouts     per can 30c
per can 25c
Asparagus per can 40 & 45c
Mushrooms -      2 cans 95c
Tomatoes   - - ^   3 cans 50c
For quality and value order from
lie Auction
Phone 46
Horses, Farm Implements &
Household Effects
Spring Housecleaning
We have a complete stock
For.a Suggestion
Look at our Windows
will also offer a fine assortment of
Farm Implements
Holstein Cow and Calf
Full particulars see Bills
To be held
Saturday, April 23 at" I p!m.
Mrs. B. Palmer's Residence;
Kettle Valley, B.C.
Charles King    -   Auctioneer
Coughs, Colds or any Bronichal Troubl
Give resistance against Flu
For Sore Throat and Tickling Cough
You can get them at
Ask for one of our Calendars
Fresh Beef, Pork and Veal, &c
Goods delivered
L. Portman returned on Sunday
from a trip to Spokane.
T. Crowley spent the week-end
with relatives in Kelowna.
Thomas Walmsley is visiting
his uncle, T. E. Alty in Trail.
Miss Helen Kerr, of Penticton,
is visiting Miss Vera Waimsley.    .
Miss Mary Kerr, of Penticton,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mrs. J. Christian, of Christian
Valley, was a visitor in town during the week-end.
It is reported that the apricot
crop at Oroville has been severely
damaged by the frost.
The Greenwood Orchestra are
holding a Dance after - the Show
on Friday, April 22nd.
Hugh Greig left for Wevburn,
Sask., on Friday after a visit to
his brother Alex. Greig.
Mr. and Mrs. S: B. Hamilton
and son, Ronald, spent Easter
with friends in Penticton.
Archie Aberdeen of Bridesville,
was in town this week to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. A. Greig.
S. T. Larsen, of Victoria, -the
new supervisor assessor, was< a
passenger on Tuesday's eastbound
train.        ]
Dick Moore Wins Amateur
Golf Championship of B.C..
Dick Moors, 18-year old member of the Victoria Golf Club, is
the new  amateur champion of
British Columbia.   In the final
match of the annual tournament
which concluded in Victoria on
Monday   evening,   Moore  beat
Will Davidson of the Englewood
Club, Seattle, Wash., one up on
the thirty-six hole   to  win the
Bostock cup  and   to  win   the
trophy from American hands.  At
the end of the first 18 holes, on
Monday morning Davidson was
three up on his rival and once in
the afternoon the Seattle player
was four up on the Victoria player.   Playing in hail and snow accompanied by .piercing wind, the
finalists fought it out to a close
finish and  not until Moore had
dropped his ball into the cup at
the eighteenth green on Monday
afternoon on the fourth stroke was
the match decided
Greenwood citizens were highly
elated at Dick Moore's success
and congratulate him on . his
splendid victory. ' Dick is the
youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H;
W.R. Moore, of Princeton, formerly of Victoria and Greenwood.
He spent last summer in Greenwood and made many friends during his stay here. He was a
member of the Kettle Valley Golf
Club and never missed an opportunity of playing on that course.
Bridesville News
Miss Merle Robinson has purchased a Ford car.
G. Guise of Midway, made a
business trip to Bridesville on
Mrs. F. Fry and two. children
arrived home from Seattle, Wash.,'
on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Letts- were
the guests of Mrs. Sidley at Kettle
Valley on Monday.
Miss V. Kempston and Pat
Kempston are spending the holidays at their home in Bridesville.
Mrs. V. Moore and son,
ierance, left on Friday for Wenatchee. While there Terance
will have a tonsil operation.   .
Mrs. F. Faickney and daughter
ot Colquitz, Victoria, arrived last
Ihursday to visit Miss:Jean
Faickney, teacher at Sidley.
Mr Marshall of the Diamond
Drill Co., was looking over James~
Copland's claim, and expects to
resume operations in three weeks
J. A. Delisle left on Sunday for
Nelson to attend the funeral of
his daughter,,Mrs. C. Bourgeois.
Mr. Delisle was accompanied by
his daughter, Miss A. Delisle.
Miss Peggy Royce was the guest
of Mrs. B.. G. Ommanney in
Grand Forks for a few days this
Hospital Benefit Set
For Friday, May 13th
Mail orders Promptly attended to
Tel. No. 2
McMYNN'S STORE, Midway, B.C.
W. Swan Soap - 5c bar 6 bars 25c
Gingersnaps - - 20c Ib 3 lbs 50c
Pride of B.C. Salmon Ts 20c 4 tins 75c
Macaroni - - . 15c lb 2 lbs 25c
Ketchup - . . - 25cptbtle2btle45c
Prunes        -.    -     .        I5db   4 lbs 50c
Greenwood Theatre
Aoril 22nd and 23rd
Commencing at 8.15' p.m.
Adults 50c.      Children 25c.
Dance after Show on Friday
Music by Greenwood Orchestra
Coming! Saturday, April 30th
"The Wilderness Woman"
Very cold weather prevailed
during Easter, in fact this is the
coldest April known to the oldest
"' The plaee^for'^bargains'* will "be
at the Buckless-Martin Auction
at Kettle Valley on Saturday,
April 23rd.
T: Crowley, N. E. Morrison,
Mrs. A. J. Morrison and children,
Dick and Alice, left on Monday
morning for a motor trip to Spo-
Geo. A. House, J. E. Berkley'
and A. R. Gregory, of Wenatchee,
Wash., were in town today en
route, with supplies and equip-
the railway tunnel a few miles
east of Eholt.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Greig left on
Tuesday morning for Vancouver,
where they will reside. The
Greigs, had been in charge of the
Pacific Hotel for a great number
of years and sold out last week, J.
H. Goodeve being the new proprietor. Their many friends were
sorry to see them leave the old
town and they wish them good
health in their new home.
Remember the Buckless-Martin
Auction at Kettle Valley on Saturday, at 1 p.m. A large variety
of useful articles will be put up
for sale. X
An adjourned special meeting
of the Hospital Board was held
on Tuesday evening to decide arrangements for celebrating the
second-, anniversary of the New
Greenwood & District Hospital.
Friday, May 13th, was the day
chosen being an exact year from
the opening day of. 1926.
"" At 7:30in" the evening the latest
Jackie Coogan picture entitled
"Get your hair cut, Johnnie",.will-
be shown, the proceeds being
kindly.donated to the Hospital by
Geo. Gray. The picture is one of
six reels and this will enable the
famous Bush orchestra to get into
action at the usual starting time
of local dances.
The Masonic hall will be the
venue of this big dance and between these two forms of amusement, the supper which will be in
Auxiliary, the directors of the
Hospital. hope to clear a goodly
This is an evening when it is
felt that. all the people of the
district will be anxious to do their
share in contributing towards the
expense of running the fine Hospital now iri their midst. Further
details; will.::be published next
week,    w
A very enjoyable picnic- was
held at the school on Thursday
last. In the baseball game Sidley
school was victorious over the
Bridesville team. A dainty lunch
was served by the ladies of both
Death of Mrs. Charles Bourgeois
The many friends of Mrs. Chas.
Bourgeois (nee Miss Cordelia
DeLisle) will regret to hear the
sad news of her death at Kamloops on April 13th.
Mrs. Bourgeois was ' born at'
St. Anne, Quebec, 28 years ago
and came to Grand Forks, B.C., '
in"' 1911,- where :'she: attended
school. She went to Nelson "seven
years ago, living there for two
years before going to Birchbank
and later to Castlegar, where she
lived until she was taken seriously
ill two years ago.
She leaves her husband, a 7-
year-old daughter, Gertrude, and ���
her father, four brothers and two
sisters. Her father, J. A. Delisle,
a brother, Armand, and. a sister,
Alma, are residents of Bridesville;
Mrs. A. Hebert, her other sister
brothers are Geoffrey of Kellogg,
Idaho, Emory of Midway and
Cahx, who lives in Alberta.
The funeral was held in Nelson
on Monday morning.
With Our Little Friends'
the Feathered Folk
Spring Cleaning
It isge'tting-almost time
for the spring- clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed up when
you are putting everything- else in order
You will find our
Watch Repairing Department
second to none
in this Western country
Let us have your Repairs now and start
out this Spring on Schedule Time
Watchmaker and Jeweler   "
F. J. White, Mgr
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker, B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Beaverdell 1.1 a.m.   -
Rock Creek 3 p.m.
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
Pigs For Sale
^  Eight (8) thoroughbred Berkshire
Pigs, in good order.   Seven weeks old.
Price $7.00 a piece for the lot.   Apply
Rock Creek, B.C.
Peace and quietness reigns at
present in the Bluebird household.
-     Tittle-Tattle*
Want Ads Bring Results
lave As You Go
Cash Specials
Saturday and Next Week
Bacon - - whole side or half 33c lb
Peter Rabbit Peanut Butter - 5 lb can 98c
Oregon Prunes - - - 25 lb box $2.75
A good 4 string Broom       -   '   -       -      4gc
/ Spend $1.50 and Save $1.25
An aluminum Bake pan with Lux & Sunlight soap
value $2.75 for ;$1.49 "while they last    ^
Palm Olive Soap - ������--;!> 3; for 25c
Individual Pork and Beans 3 for 25c. 95c doz
Rainbow Corn Flakes ��� - - 9 for $1.00
6 Lux and 1 Lux Soap value $1.00 for 75c
Golden dates - - - 31bpkg50c
Cooking Figs - - - 3 lb pkg 40c
"Sugar      -      ���-���*    lOOlbs $8.15   20lbs $1.65
Rock Creek
.   Show us the guy, who said'"no
more frost."
Sounds good! "Goodeve's Good
Everyone is wondering 'when'
spring-time is coming. A case of
keep bn wondering, methinks.
"Three Bad Men"
"Make it greater than even the
'Iron Horse'-if you can," said William
Fox to John Ford, the noted director
of the Fox masterpiece of the building
of the. first trails-continental railroad.
And wiih that admonition in mind
Air. Ford took fifteen thousand people
and went to the Teton Country bf
Wyoming, built a shack and tent city
in exact reproduction of the town of
Custqr of 1877 and began the -tremendous-task of picturizing the thrilling motion picture story that will
come forth under the intripminir title
"3 Bad Men." ���*
���' In * th is ui ighty cast there were two
regiments of United States Cavalry,
nine hundred Indians and laborers'
600 bison, 1000 cattle and an almost
unaccountable number of horses and
wagons, for the story deals with the
rush to acquire homes and gold claims
in the Black Hills when the Sioux
Indians were removed from that
"3 Bad Men" will be shown at the
Greenwood Theatre on   Friday and
, Saturday, April 22nd and 23rd.
. Midway News
Sergeant Birch of Penticton,
was a visitor to town last week..
Mrs. E. Lund left last Sunday
for Penticton where she is visiting
Mrs. J. Kerr.
. Mrs. T. Hartland of Anaconda,
is visiting at the home of her son-
in-law, E. Lund. �����. w
Miss McGregor of the W.M.S.,
gave an interesting talk on Missions at the Easter Day service
Don't fail to take in the Concert and Dance in the Farmer's
Hall on- Friday, April 29th, at
8 p.m.
����� Mr. and Mrs. E. Delisle were
called to Nelson on Friday owing
to the death of the former's sister.
They returned on Tuesday morning.
.'��� The Sports Committee met on
Saturday and arranged the program for the District Schools
Track Meet to be held here on
Friday, June 3rd. This event
will eclipse the one held last year.
Further particulars later.    '
She Was An Angel, Alright
_ A man unaccustomed to praising
his wife, went out of his way to
call her an angel.
"Maggie," he said one morning,
"you are an angel," and she felt
charmed all day.
In the evening she ventured to
ask him why she had been so
"Well," said the wily one, "in
the first place you are always
flitting about; secondly you are
always harping on things; and
thirdly by your own account you
have nothing to wear." TEE   GREENWOOD   LEDGE
Now packed in Aluminum*
iYour grocer knows when you order
are a judge of fine tea.
\Vnere Canada Leads the   World
Canada exports more wheat ihan any oilier country in the world. It
produces most of the world's supply of nickel. Within tlio la.si two years it
lias passed'tho United States In the production of newsprint aud is no-w the
greatest exporter in the world. Isolated facts, siu-h as ilio.se, are becoming
*. coiutnoaknow ledge amongst Canadians, but it is doubtful if, as yet, ihey
fully apprecatc the gigantic strides made by the Honihiion in gaining a
position of first, importance among'Hip trading ration.-, of the "world.
The jubilee year of Confederation is a good lime to' lake siock or our
national achievements, not that vre. should become boastful as a people, bul
as an encouragement and an incentive to still gicater things. It has been
charged that Canadians suffer from on iniVnoriiy complex; that -we ave more
inclined lo belittle our country and its possibilities than lo boast of thorn;
that, as a consequence, we are apt to enteitain doubts and be fearlul of the
future instead of displaying confidence and courage
7 Mt is a good thing, therefore, to sometimes gel a  glimpse of ourselves
ns others see us.   There is inspiration in such uibuiCb as. the following:
The National Foreign Trades Council of Xev York, in n  recent statement, says Canada has led all nations in iiu-rcji��c- of external trade muco
1913, with an increase of S5 per cent, a.s compared "with Australia's  lo peri
cent., and 31 per cent for the United Stales. 0 j
The League of Nations'Bureau recently i��sued  a re poi I  showing Thai*
Canada's per capita ���wealth  liad  grown  from  $1,100 in  J OOP,  to  ?2.10G jn
192G���a record unequalled bv anv other nation in history.
The National Bureau of Itosearch of ilu- ("nil oil Runes recently published the results of 11 years' trading, showing that Canada bad enjoyed
more prosperity than any other nation
��� During the years coveml by Hiese statements, the Western Provinces
of Canada have been transformed from being a vast area, *\w'.h a spaise
population and a meagre product ion, into a coiiuuunily of over two million
peoplo and with an agricultural production ot such magnitude as to command the attention of the whole world, and constituting a laolor to bo
reckoned -with in all ihe ���world markets.
The development of the AVest has had its effect on the ivsf of Canada,
as is well recognized, but "Western people possibly do not fully appreciate
the rapid growth and development which, bas tak'.n place in the older provinces iii' the east. Manufacturing pioduclion in Canada has grown from
211 millions of dollars in 100L to 1.311 millions in 1!>25, ancT> in export of
manufactured products expanded in the same time by 2,729 per cent. Today
Canada exports some millions of dollars worth of manulacuued goods more
than she imports, a coinplele reversal of the situation, as recently as five
years ago.
Canadian manufacturers are beginning lo profit from thc lessons of tlie
past. They realize thai, (lie people ot Canada as a whole will not stand for
protective, tariffs so high thai tliey are prohibitive, and tbat the tendency
is in thc direction of lower rather Ihan higher tarilf. Tliey now know thcy
.must rely ou something more than a protective fai-itr to en.-ure success and
make profits. As a result, they have scrapped much obsolete machinery, have
adopted improved manufacturing methods, have noi only cultivated the home
market better through the giving of real service, but Hiey liave aggressively
entered foreign markets and have built up a woith-wliile export trade. AH
theh- eggs are no longer in one basket.
They are beginning fo appreciate lhc wisdom and strength of a
Canadian policy of negotiating trade treaties with other countries, and lo
recognise and accept tlie fact that international trade cannot be aH om>
sded; that, in a word, it Canada is to sell largely in foreign markets, she
must, in turn, buy in those markets. Canada's manufacturers and financiers
aro also, to au increasing extent, investing in the development of the
natural resources of the .Dominion-instead oi relying on tho importation of
raw and semi-manufactured materials which Ihe Dominion itself can supply.
If is. because of a growing recognition and amplication of those truths
More Hungarians Will
Emigrate to   Canada
New Settlers Are All Accustomed to
Farm Work
From March of this year until October, tho number of Hungarian
immigrants to be settled in AVestern
Canada by tho Canadian Hungarian
Colonization Board will number about
2,500, according to Dr. J. Ujvary,
Winnipeg, president of the Board.
Hungary, liko Canada, is an agrj-
cullcral counlry, Dr. Ujvary explain-
eded and the immigrants that are
brought out here are all accustomed
lo farm work. "The farmers here,
report lo the Board the number of
laborers they require and the order
for that number is sent to Hungary."
Ur. C J vary said, Since thc war, he
explained, most of thc Hungarians
who came to this country wero very
poor and could not think of buying
land at first. Tliey were therefore
placed on farms as laborers until thcy
earned sufficient money to start out
for themselves. Occasionally, the tloc-
lo'r said, a man came with some capital and wanted to start for himself.
Wheezy Chest Colds  .
Subdued Over Night
Trained  Nurse Tells How Colds Are
Qjickly Broken Up
A Home Necessity
Speaking of valuable homo remedies that every mother should always
keep on haud, Nurse Carrington says:
"I haven't met any preparation more
dependable Ihan 'Nerviline.' It ls
the Ideal liniment; every drop rubs in
���it is absorbed quickly, eases and relieves congestion in a short time. For
chest colds, pain in the side, stiff neck,
earache and ioolhacho, I havo found
Nerviline invaluable. In treating the
minor ills that arise in every home,
noi bing is moie efficient than Nerviline."
For nearly fifty years Nerviline has
been a household article in thousands
of'Canadia-i homos. Get a 35c. bottle to-day.
Rural Land Values
and Rural Credit
Latest Development
In Plastic Surgery
(By C. W. Peterson)
Canada is th.e only important agricultural country in the world without
systematized rural land credit ma
chinery. This situation has a distinct
bearing on the colonization of our vacant lands. Across the lino the
Federal Land Banks supply rural
mortgage funds on a basis of 6 per
cent, interest ancl on long term repayment. This system is in an extremely healthy condition (here and
it is difficult to see liow Canada can
appeal to United States farmers to-
settle in this country, without being
in a position to offer Ilium similar
economic faclitics for long* term
A commission recently made some
investigations into systematized rural
credit machinery and in the final ro-
port slated lhat "the whole plan is
for a method wliich would not en
courage speculation in land, but one
which would make farmlsg moro attractive to those wlio were eager io
worlc." The .acceptance in other
countries of the long-term land
mortgage system with amortization
provisions, has becn a most valuable
factor in the closer settlement of
land. II has reduced charges for interest, given security to both mortgagor and mortgagee, and, by its
tendency to stabilize laud values, has
diminished laud speculation. The
stabilization of land values is one of
the by-producis of a rational, rural
land credit system. ' Incidentally, il
is also one of the crying needs of our
western country where the crazy
fluctuations of land values has done
more to demoralize agriculture than
all other causes combined.
Three years of stomach and kidney disorders wrecked
her health* Noiv fully recovered and feeling
splendid, she thanks Tanlac
Mme. Eliza Villcmairc lives ai 432
St. Patrick Street, Ottawa. Shc is
ruddy ancl robust, showing no signs of
for three years. "No words can express what I suffered," she Laid recently. "At times 1 thought my back
must break, and I could not even
sloop over to set the tabic.
"My stomach was just as bad, for
food would lie tlicro liko a lump of
lead. 1 used to bloat terribly', and at
times could hardly catch my breath.
Nervousness kept mc awake half tho
night. I tried many remedies antl
treatments but though I spent a small
fortune on them, nothing seemed to
help me.
"I only wjsh 1 had taken Tanlac
when my trouble first started for ifc
cert airily would liave saved mr. a lot of
suffering. The way my troubles disappeared after talcing it was almost
magical. It built me up and made mc
a new woman. Now my kidneys
never bother me, I am free from all
pain and my digestion ia splendid. If
I had my way I'd pu t Tanlac in every
home in Canada. That's how much
I think about it."
Don't neglect nature's warnings.
At thc iirst sign of trouble, take Tanlac, nature's own tonic, made from
roots, herbs and barks. Your druggist lias it; get a bottle today, Over
62 million bottles soldi'       ~>      .,    .
One Man Will Control Ship
that Canada is today leading the world ia the growth and development of
external trade.
Empire Mining Congress
Delegates From All Parts of
World to Meet in Montreal
Nearly seven hundred delegates
liave registered at the .Montreal headquarters - for the "second- Triennial
Umpire Mining Congress which is to
be hold in Canada, August 22 to
September 2S next. Great Britain is
sestliug 1100 delegates of both sexes
and L'niiud Stales about '100, India,
the Federated Malay Slates, Palestine, mosl of the different countries
that make up tlio Continent of Africa,  Australia,    New    Zealand,    Tas-
Will Design Memorial
Entire Upper Eyelid Grafted
Cheek of Patient
Use of eyelids lo repair facial defects Js ono of the kilo developments
in plastic surgery, Dr. ,1. Eastman
Shechan, of the New Vork Post
Graduate Hospital, speaking before'
the convention of tho American Association of Oral and Plastic Surgeons, told of an operation Jn which
an ciuirc upper eyeli 1 was grafted in
a hole in the cliees of the pationt,
thus insuring skin of the same pigment and quality as that of the rest
of the lace. For several months following lho operation. Dr. Shechan
said, il is impossible for the patient
to-close his eyes, bul gradually the
eyelid stretches and drops, resulting
virtually in the formation of a nev,
Queen Alexandra Monument is to be
Work of British Sculptor
The memorial to Queen Alexandra,
designed by Alfred Gilbert, lirllish
sculptor, will tjpify faith, hope and
The Queen Alexandia monument
will occupy a "posilion close lo the
Marl borough  llou.se,  from whore for
Mrs. T_, M. Pawn, \ValLon, N.S.,
sa\s:���"I cannot recommend Baby's
Own Tablets too highly, i have found
them invaluable for the ailments of
little ones." Mrs. Brown's testimony
is the samo ns Uiat of thousands of
other mothers who have used the
Tablets. To use-them once is a sure
guarantee that they will always be
kept in the homo as long as there are
babies or young children to bo cared
for. The. Tablets are a laxative ���
mild but thorough in action ��� which
fail   to
Modern .Equipment to Operate Largest Diesel-Electric Vessel
"Without using a ship's telegraph
or giving a single order io any other
individual, ono man will be in" complete control of the world's largest
Diesel-electric ship which is to ba
built on the Clyde at tho yards of
Scott's Shipbuildisg and Engineering
Company,   Greenock.
She is an oil-tanker of 12,500 tons,
by far tho biggest Diesel-electric ship
yel ordered. The engines, instead ot
driving the propeller direct, will do
so through a remarkable electric
mechanism which is to bc built by
the British-Tliomsou-Jiolston Co.,
Ltd., of Ilugby. Full control of the
ship is invested in two pieces of
mechanism on the bridge. By moving
a small lever , forward tho captain
sends the ship forward at anything
up to 11 kuots. By pulling the lever
back he reverses the vessel, and by
leaving il vertical slops the ship.
Steering���depending on the only
oilier control���is by "Metal'iM ike," as
the gyro-corn pass-gyro-pilot is called.
The man at the wheel used to bo
known as "Mike," hence the term
'.'Metal Mike." Oa the principle or
thc child's gyroscopic top, the' slightest;, movemen Uof-lho_ship-^o ff _ liet
cottrsc closes a circuit and brings her
back again. Apart from the man in
charge, tho^rcst of the crew are.concerned only with oiling ancl maintenance jobs.
Soundnroof Room  In
London  Ear Hospital
'Silence Chamber Provides Ideal Conditions for Testing Deafness
In tlie basement of tho new Itoyai
Ear'Hospital, London, which has been
officially opened by Nevile Chamberlain, Minister of Health, is a chamber
which ls'unlque in this counlry known
as tlie "silence room." The walls,
floor, and ceiling of this room are so
constructed as to be impervious lo
external sounds, so that exact tests
of degrees of deafness can be made
in ideal conditions. It is claimed thai
the beat if the heart and the flick of
the eyelids, when quickly closed and
opened, can be heard. In declaring the
new hospital open Mr. Chamberlain
said that a special foTm of treatment
���namely, ionisalion had boon iiartic-
ularly valuable in ear, diseases. Sixty
or "seventy per cent, of school children could be shown to be capable ol
being cured if thcy received iouisa-
tion treatment in good time.
Greater Precaution Needed
Toronto   Records   Show   Pedestrians
Responsible for Many Street
As a general rule the motorist Is
blamed whenva pedestiian is struck
by a car.    The report of Toronto's
Chief "Constable for 1D26 shows that
of cases wliich camo,to'   the   attention  or the iiolice the motorist was-
apparently  at fault in  203  aria" the
pedestrian  in. 598 instances.    There'
were  120  cases whero responsibility
could not be  determined.  Obviously
the necessity is  for Lhe  exercise -or.
greater care all around.
Going    fishing���take
Minard's    Lini-
An Unusual Idea
Trade With Germany,.
Satisfactory progress, it is under-"
stood, is being made in' the arrange"1 ���
ments for a trade agreement between'
Canada and   Germany.   Two   rcpre--.
sentatives of   tho    German   Government have been in   Otiawa   in   consultation with the Dominion Govern- _
ment.    Exports from Canada fo Gcr-.
many in the last calendar year were
exceeded only by those to the United"
States,    thc   United    Kingdom   and
Advises Canadians to Go North
indigestion; break up colds and simple fevers and make tlio dreaded
leelhing period    easy. In    fact   you
mania, and all the principal Kuro- j |a(o,Queen Mother have not been
pean countries will be represented, j favorably entertained, although Jt can
Tho Canadian Inslilute of Minins j hiirdlj- be denied that her late
and Metallurgy is Ihe convening body Majesty received only scant attention
for the Congress. i,v L|Uj ruitliorized biographical works
Norse Convention
Arrangements are already under
way for the big Norse convention to
bo held iu Winnipeg next year. Pre-
.liminary estimates of Hie attendance
places it at 25,000. -
more than 30 vt-ars Queen Alexandra  never  rail   lo regulate   the  stomach
,    .   , . ,    ,     ,.      .    and bowels; relieve constipation and
conducted a giacious   leadership   in
Bri I ish society.
II  is understood thai the many requests I'or an ollicial biographv of tbe  banish all the minor ills from which
little ones sitfler. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at. 27> cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
of the late King Kdward.
If a man had as many wives
Solomon lie would wonder if some/
other one wouldn't have suited him'
better. "** {
As a vermifuge an effective - preparation is Mother .Craves' "Worm
Exlci initiator, and it ran be. given to
Lhe mo'Ht delicate child without fear
of injury lo the constitution.
There's nothing bores a bore more;
than to have another bore talk so
much about himself that' the first
bore hasn't a chance to talk about
himself. /
"My friend:!,'' began the aspirant
Tor public office, addressing bis firsi
audience, and in his own town. "I
call you friends: I will not call you
"ladies and gentlemen,"' I know you
too wcli for that."
Mo Disfiguring
Blemishes to Hide
If Cuticura Soap is used daily, assisted
by Cuticura Ointment when necessary.
They do much to prevent blackheads, pimples and other unsightly eruptions, and
to promote permanent skin health.
Sample EkS T��e br X��J1. Adilrcu Canadian Depot:
"gUulosst, LU , MontrMl." l'rice. Soap 23c. Ointment
���E". and Mc. Talcum Zie. __
Cuticura Shaving Stick 25c.
Miller' Worm Powders destroy
worms without any inconvenience to
the child, and so effectually that they
pass from the body unperceived. They
thoroughly cleanse the stomach and
bowels and leave them in a condition
not favouible to worms, and there
will be no icvival of the pests.
Flower Seeds From the Old Land
British settlers will be provided
with flower seeds from thc Old Land
thiough the kindness o'f the Hon.
Lady Cecil, it is anuounccd by "Walter
S. Woods, superintendent of the
Lands Settlement branch of the Ai-
| berta district. In making this arrangement through thc Itoyai Horticultural Society, Lady Cecil is carrying out a promise she made in
Western Canada last year.
Minister ir"   Railways   Says   Country
Developing in That Direction
That Canada's development within
the next 2G years v. ill be northerly,
is the opinion of the Hon, Charles A.
Dunning, Minister of Railways ana
Canals, expressed recently in addressing the Liberal Women's Association
of Ottawa.
"Co north, young maiv is the slogan of lhe future," said Mr. Dunning, "and the task of Canada ana
Canadians now is to continually apply ourselves in an endoavov to
broaden thc band of our population." 'Mr. Dunning saw reason foi
great optimism in the closing in of
that gap north of the Circat Lakes,
and with the trend north in almost
every province of Canada. In going
north today there is being discovered and developed resources otherwise unknown. "This northern
trend," be said, "will produce an
ever-widening opportunity for young
Canadians, is closing lhe gap . between the East aud West, and will
tend to balance the economic value
of Canada as a whole."
"Canada needs diversity of occupation," continued thc Minister, "and
an opportunity for the product of oui
schools and universities."
But Gear Shift on Locomotive Proves
Thc idea o'f adopting a gear-shift
for a huge    locomotive
enough to note. II is strange it hah
not been done   before.     The   35,000
horse-power locomotive now has    it.
It has been adopted in the construction o'f the   newest    electric   giants
that will haul Tenusylvauia railroad
trains, both freight   and   passenger.
These monsters, with a driving axle
load of-75,000 pounds, will of course
noi bc regularly  slowed down  and
speeded np by running through three
speeds, as is the case of the automobile. Thc system   works   this   way.
Until now il has been necessary for
a railroad to equip itself with a fleet
{jjT passenger "locomotives andHnotli7
er to haul  freight, the first fleet of
wheel, the other   slow but hard pul
ling and steady.   Thus the condition*,
were the same as in an automobile
that  runs  fast' "in high" over gooa
going, bur. is pul "in low" when pul-,
ling up grade  o'r through., sand.  So
new locomotives, by  a simple gear
shift, may  become  either passenger
or freight engines "as desired.���Brandon Sun.
' An Oil without Alcohol.���Some oils
and many medicines have alcohol as
a prominent ingredient. A judicious __
mingling of six essential oiks compose Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, and
is unusual there is no alcohol in it, so that its";
'effects are lasting'. .       .    .'....        '���
Light-haired drivers are said to be
better drivers than dark-haired ones.'
Also, pedestrians   ,are    more'  gray-
haired than they used to be.
For distemper���Minard's Liniment.
Tramps never deliberately
tho dogs.
Hea$ Noises Serous Nasal Catarrh
W.   N.   U.   1677
A. special train of '10 cars recently
carried 100 farm tractors direct from
a Chicago factory to Eos'etown,
Sask., whero 1G0 farmers of that district have taken delivery of one eacli.
Hearing Restored
I have an original home
treatment for deafness and
head noises from nasal catarrh which I,want every
sufferer to try free���without obligation. For many
years -I suffered from catarrhal deafness and head
noises. I perfected a treats
ment whicli completely restored my hearing. I gave
it to others and they were
able to hear again. Since
that time, hundreds have
used it successfully. or. IV. O. Coffee
25,000 Treatments To Be
This lsFRE��
I feel so sure that
.thi__ treatment will restore hearing and end
head noises from nasal
catarrh that I want
.every sufferer to try it
v free. I want to prove
' at my expense that the "-
results are quick and
convincing. ' "
It is the best treat,
ment that I have found "
in 42 years' practice aa
eye,ear,nose and throat
It's better to be level-headed than
-Minard's Liniment soothes tired feet
These treatments co3t yoa nothing. Tho re-
Rultt are quick nnd convincing. You will feci thc
difference) the first day. I have found that 90
per cent ot tlie cases of deafness and bead
noises arc caused primarily by nasal catarrh,
Itof ten affects thostomach, cau jesrheumatism
end many other troubles. Usually one ear ia
affected first, the dcafneis grows worse with
every severe cold until tho other ear is affected.
"*" My original home treatment will stop all this.
I havo restored hearing in many extreme
cases; one woman had been growing deaf for 48
- years; a man 86 years old who had been deaf
..for many years can nowhear again. Hundreds
of otl.erin_.tai.ces similar to these hare told iu��
of the treatment's success.
In addition, I will Bond you absolutely f re��
my new book on Deafness, Head Noises and
Catarrh. It discusses fully thc curable and incurable kinds of deafness.
Write today for this free test treatment,';
State if you are deaf, havc head noises or just
naBal catarrh or head catarrh. Write or print
your name plainly. Do not delay. Thin notie*
may not appear again. For 30 days I an
going to give away 25.000 free treatments.
DR.W.O. COFFEE, Suite 2112, St. James Hotel BIdg., Davenport, la. SHE   GREENWOOD  LEDGE
Great Seal of Britain
ajor Segrave's
Remarkable Feat
A ���  Triumph   of   Human   Nerve   and
Mechanical Perfection
Tho astonishing performance of
Major 11. 0. D. Regrave, tiie British
racing driver, In piloting 'his Uriii.sh-
made machine at the rate of more
than 207 miles per hour on a sand\
beach in Florida is a triumph of human nerve and steadfastness anil
. mechanical perfection. Major Se-
grave iravellod faster than any othoi
man ever iias done in a machine running on wheels. A few airplanes havt-
gone faster/but very few.
This sensational achievement has
more than a sentimental valuo. It
demons! rated the qualifies of stability
and endurance"which can be built into
Preventable Disease
Sir Ceorge Foster Gives Some Striking
Figures on This Timely Subject
Sir George Foster, {.peaking at ii
social hygiene gathering at Otiawa on
the subject of preventable disease,
presented some striking comparisons.
"Two per cent, of thu people of
Canada are continuously ill," said tin
George. "That must be of keen in
teres! to the Juinislcr of Health, li
means thai, out of nine million pc.
pie. lSO.OOO are in sick beds or in a
condition of illness where production
or sejf-aid is impossible.
"The Minister of Immigralii/J,
working along with tlie Minister of
Public ileallh. spends, 1 am not going
lo say how many millions, eacli year,
to bring able-bodied''men and women
and children from foreign countries,
plant them into our own regions, our
a motor'car, and it will have taught. own 'climate and amidst our own cus-
the builders lessons iu strain and i6ms. And rightly so.
stress adaptable to tbe construction! "n i. an absolute necessity for
of the ordinary commercial vehicle.. Canada to have a population to.pro-
Under tiie tremendous si rain of higliiduce and bring to ilower and fruitage
speed,    structural- weaknesses    and   Ui0 -waste spaces in our great coun-
faults of design show up Quickly in
racing cars, and manufacturers learn
what lo avoid in standard production..
Sucii (rack;, as Brookiands have been
of inestimable value in tills way.
Digger aud more powerful machines
will =be built eventually and this
record of Major* Sograve's shattered,
but it id likeZy to stand for s-oino
timc. Probably it avouUI be easier to
'harness tlie potential power into steel
cylinders than' to find another man
with the iron norvo required to drive
such'a car at a spied four times as
great as that of. an express train. ���
Ottawa Journal.
-    Hew York's Giant Dredge
Brings Up Ten Cubic Yardc of Rock
At One Time
The largest electric dipper-dredge
ever built, capable of plunging lo a
depth of fifty-two feet and bringing
up ten cubic yards cT rock a I a time.,
is'now dredging a channel off Staton
The Crest. K>7 feel, long and -li
feet wide, is both larger and more
powerful than any of the dipper-
dredges used in building the Panama
She"is equipped with Diesel engines, which drive electric genera-,
tors lo furnish current for llie thirty-
five electric motors used in her
operation. Seven main motors, ral-
l ed i^t more than 1,100 horsepower,
swing machinery.
There aro on board an electric ro'-
frigeralir.g system,-a com pi el e electric lighting pi; nt, numerous labor-
saving appliances, hot and cold
showers for the crow and other comforts.
"But just think thai, of tho ISO.OOu
who are ill each day, fifty por cent,
ol these cases are prevenfable. Thai
means 90,000 people. How many do
we bring in, from overseas, 1o peo
pie Canada?
"Does it make up for the devastating worlc of rovenptablo disease, that
enemy, whicli is attacking Lhe health
ol the people out in the field of production?
"Along the same line, fwenly-one*
million days of labor aro lost annual-1
Sy in Canada through .illness. One j
half om that���fifty per com.���i.s pro-'
rentable. There aro 10,500,000 days
of work uselessly lost each year because of preventable sickness.
'"Should llie Minister of Labor' bc
throaler.od with a nation-wide strike
tomorrow, whicli would paralyze labor
lo the extent thai I have mentioned���
10,500,000 days /)!' labor likely t0 bt.
lost���it would be a lamentable situation. Vol wc now face ihis verj
situation every' day in tlie yoar.
"We would be acting wisely if Wc-
pooled our interests -nnl attacked this
enemy which is unnecessarily disabling such a large proportion of .ou_
people., ->- ���
"My attention has been called to
tiie fact thai money is paid for this
tiling anyway. It is staled, on a careful ostium I e, lhat 5270,000,000 is the
total yearly cost of institutional care
of the sick in Canada.
���'-Somewhere���somchowro'ut of (he
pockets of some of us, there lias to
como, every year, Ilia I tremendous
sum of money to care for thc illness
in the country.
"If we could prevent even two per
cent, of that wo would save money.
If we wero able lo save fifty pei
cent., we'would save much more."
Now Emblem of Royal Authority Is io
Be Made
The passing of the ..Royal Titles
l>ill, wlioreunder the lilies of His
Majesty and of Parliament are
changed lo conform with views presented by the Imperial Conference,
necessitates the provision of a new
Great Seal, lhc specific emblem of
royal authority. Any document to
which Ihc Great Seal i.s attached is
lho instrument by wliich tlie will of
I he Sovereign is declared, such as
proclamation;*: summoning Parli:-.-
nTont, charters lo low/is, treaties wiih
foreign powers," credentials to ambassadors, patents of nobiiity, and ap-
poinl meats of colonial governors.
The Lord Chancellor is responsible
for Iho safely of (he-Groat Seal, "oi
rather ol the moulds, and keeps lliem
in a secret safe whoso whereabouts is
supposed io bo known only to himself, though history records fhe fact
that during tho-roign of George III.
burglars, carried it off from Uurprem-
ises of Lord" Thurlow' then Lord
Chancellor. This is the only o'cea-,
sion on which a Great Seal is known
to have been permanently lost.
The King himself may leave Great
Britain withoul imperilling the Constitution, but if tho Lord Chancellor
wants to go ���abroaJ elaborate arrangements havc tto be made for appointing a commission of responsible
peoplo lo look after I lie Seal.
When a, now Great Seal is made
the old undergoes a process called
"demasking" Tho King in tbe presence of tlie Privy Council, gives the
old ono a gentle blow with_a hammer
and il then becomes the properly of
(he Lord Chancellor.
We wouldn't say that
Wrigley'o has a place et tho
wedding ceremony, but in times
of stress or when you have a
trying ordeal to face ��� uso
Wrigley'a new DOUBLE
MINT-it's real
Loneliness of the Great
Remarkable Vision
Cares of Responsible Position Crowd
Out Intimate Associations
Premier Baldwin of .Great Britain
has joined the silent band of loiieij
men, announcing in a recent speecu
that with the passing of years he
fools extremely lonely. ' Disraeli,
Gladstone, Lincoln, Napoleon, Cromwell and Carlyle" all voiced tinu
-sentiment. Milton was a lonely figure while writing his greatest wo'rkio.
These, modern ' dictators, Mussolini
and do Rivera, are pitiful in their
loneliness, for the cares of slau.
have crowded out of their lives
cherished associations. ���>��� Kingston
Whig Standard,
Occupies Enviable Position
Troubles Concerning Canada Small
Compared to Those of Other
Everywhere save iu Canada there
seems to be unrest and uncertainly.
Such troubles as (hose which concern tlie Canadian people are indeed ~as nothing in comparison wiih
those which afflict Ihe older and
more congested countries of the
world. We have our little- domestic
squabbles and our lillie sectional
grievances, bul (hey do not amounu
lo much. It is many, many years
since any great disaster has overtaken Canada. We havo no volcanoes
(o fear, and all (be minor earth
shocks, that we feel have their origin
thousands of miles away. We are at
peace with our neighbors and witli
the world." We have all of the territory that we want and would not
know what lo do ���with any more
that we might asquire. We live in no
fear' of aggression and we do not
require the services of a large standing army lo maintain our, frontiers.
little Helps For This Week
Australian Natives San Se
the Daytine
An Australian mining    prospectoi",
new in this counlry, has. somc wonderful tales lo tell of the acuteness
of the senses of tho native races. It
wa noted in the  war  that an English couutry laborer could defect an
aeroplane   many ^miles """further   off.
.than'sthe townsman or clerk; "but he
is myopic compared with    tiie   Australian natives.   There is no question
thai thcy can see the stars quilo, distinctly in clear daylight,  and  guide
their  long migrations  by  their  aid.
Good sight is a marked quality in the
whilo population of Australia, but the
blacks,  living  aliwnys  on   (hose   immense plains in that clear air are, as
oagles, though in physique they are
noi  an exceptionally    well-developed
race.    They   cannol,    for    example,
compare with the Zulu or Maori in
build.  Tlie particular  tribe in  question dwell towards the north of that
marvellous counlry above the Horse
Shoe hill of iron in Western Auslra-
lia, a country that some day wilMx.
one of lhe   richest   ia    lho   worlu,
though then it may bc hardly a native will be loft to mark the change.
The. tribes diminish steadily,   as    hi
-Canada��� Sh^-W.-Keach���-r-homti.-,���iirt
London Spectator.
Sufferer With Severe
Backache Finds Relief
Rigid and Smooth
Permanent as tlio Building
The PERFECT 6urface for
Will not warp or 6hrinfc.
Fire proof and Sanitary.
can't obtain saroplo
dealer���write ua direct
Tlie Manitoba Gypsum Co. Ltd.
��� g
Mrs.   A.
Wilcox   Used
Kidney Pills
Saskatchewan  Lady Suffered  With  a
Veiy Lame  Back
Strasbourg, Saslc. " (Special)-���;The
sterling value of Dodd's Kidney Pills
is again shown by the following
well known resident of this Place,
She writes: "Aly back was- so lame
that f would hate to move out of a
chair when I was silling down. Tliey
were such sharp pains that I had, 1
took: a box ol Dodd's Kidney Pills and
have not been bothered since.
The satisfaction Dodd's Kidney
Pills, are giving as a remedy for
Kidney trouble is shown by (lie large
number of people who keep. them
always at hand. , Thoy have learned
that the proper way to avoid serious
forms of Kidney (rouble, such as
rheumatism, diabetes, dropsy and
heart disease is to correct lho early
symptom of Kidney trouble.
Dodd's Kidney Pills act directly on
(he Kidneys. Healing and strength-'
cuing them, they enable the Kidneys
fo' strain all impurities out of tlio
Obtained from all druggists, or The
Dodd's Medicine Co., Ltd., Toronto.
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just lo forgive us our sins, and
to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.���1 John i. 9.
What bolter can we do than prostrate
Before Tlim reverent, and there confess
Humbly our faults, and pardon  beg
with tears-
Warring tlie ground?
���John Aii I ton.
Every man has two angels,���one on
his right shoulder, and one on his left.
When lie does good, the, angel on his
right shoulder writes it down and
seals it, because what is once well
done is dono forever. When he does
evil, the angel on his left shoulder
writes it down, but does noi seal it.
He waites until midnight. If, before
that lime, lho man bows his head and
says, "Gracious Allah! I havo sinned;
forgive mo" tlie angel rubs it out; bul
if not. thou a( midnight ho seals lhe
record, and the angel upon the right
shoulder weeps.- ���Persian.
Sculptor Long Dead
" Billed For Posters
The best way not1 to obtain praise
is to able for il.
The  wage  earner
bos.; to blame it on.
at   lea si   lias a
Are Moving Across Border
Maybe This Contains
A Hint For You
Some Very Useful Trees
Many   in   Southern   Countries   Grow
Otlier Food  Bssidc Fruit
In Sierra Leone grows fhe crown-
frulL Iree, the fruit of which has thc
The Famous "Waterloo Bali"
Function Took Place Two Nights
Previous t0 Battle
II. Oldlield Box writes in John o
London's Weekly; "Lady Augusla
Fane's book of reminiscences, "Chif-
Chat," makes a statement that ihetu
was no ball on the'night before Wa-
The Oil of Power.���It is not claimed
for Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil that it
will remedy every ill, but Ils uses
are so various tliat it may bo looked
upon as a general pain killer. It has
achieved thai greatness for itself and
Its excellence is known to all who
have tested its virtues "and learned
by experience.
City Fathers of Venice Are Laughing
Stock of Pisa
Tisa, tho city of tlie Leaning Tower, is laughing at those potent, grave
and ��� reverend signiors, the city fathers of Venice.
When Siguor'Mussolini inaugurated
the recently renovated historic pulpit
ln Pisa Cathedral, tho work of the
famous sculptor, Giovanni Pisano, G20
years ago, the event was advertised
by posters.
Pisa sent some of the posters to
Venice, and tbe publicity oflice of the
Venice Municipality addressed a bill
of bill-sticking expenses, -12 lire, to
"Signor Giovanni Pisano, Pisa." ,/
After thai tlie publicity manager at
Venice Town Hall received a letter
which read:
"Sir���Somebody, I see, has paid iho
bill for the reconstruction of my pulpit, I assure you that 1 did not pay. -
- "I Giovanni F'isano, the son of that
Nicola Pisano, who is styled 'the
father of Italian sculptors,' lived in
the flesh between 3250 and the early
1300's. I had believed myself to bo
not now alive, and thought all Italians
knew that. Hut I find there is someone in Venice who does not know."*
Yours, etc., Giovanni Pisano.
Mrs. Edward Jones
' Ardbeg, Ont.-���"I have taken Dr.
Pierce's .Favorite Proscription and was
greatly benefited by the use of it. My
hsby weighed l\y_ lbs. when born. I
ihink this Prescription is the best remedy
on the market and I hope it will help
other poor women thc same as it did mo.
I can't say enough for the pood work Dr.
Pierce is doing."���Mrs. Edward Jones.
You'll soon feci better if you obtain
this Prescription at your nearest drug
store, in tablets or liquid; or, send 10c
J' to Dr Pierce's Laboratory in Bridge*
burg, Out., for trial pkg of tablets.
M.iny Mid-West American Farmers
Sec' Opportunities is Canada
Canada, bringing' industrial workers info her confines, takes care to
sec them through to the furrow,
where she wants Ihcm. The movement which Is beginning i.s "full of
profound significance-, then, to England and to Canada. Reports from
our own Department of Agriculture
inform us thai, thero is a large-
scale movement of discouraged
American farmers ia tho Mid-West
across the borders into Canada,
where tariffs established purely to
bulwark industrial interests do not
cripple lhc_.farmer's economic position. Canada has -begun a tremendous development - agriculturally.
Within another 25 years the effects
of it will be felt throughout the
length and breadth of this Continent.
���Boston Globe.
taste of cream and is very agreeable lorloo. "The function generally known
as '"J'he Waterloo Ball,"  look place,
not on the night preceding Waterloo,
July 17, but on,thc night of the 35lli.
' Tlio name is justified   however",   be-
to the palate. In Ceylon  there is a
bread-fruit Iree, from  which a type
of bread is made.   It is said to com-.
pare favorably with tlie ordinary a:-,
tide.    In Soitlh America we find a | cause    the    baltle    of    Quatro-Drab,
milk'j'op. ami a troo that grows in
.Sumatra is known as Iho vegetable
Iree. Probably the Eskimos would
liko lo gel. (hi.! to grow in the Aro
tie regions, fir the early :: relic explorers had a task to keep I hose
people from devouring all Iheir candles as dessert after meals. Excellent candies aro made Trom tho berries of another tree whicli grows iri
South Africa and  the Azores.
whicli opened lho Waterloo campaign
so far as Wellington's army was concerned, was fought on the followiiiR
day. The dance- was hold al the
lodgings of the Duchess of Richmond
at. Brussels, and the dulce himself was
present." -
Moved Half Mile, in Ten Years
Largest Fresh Water Lake in South
Wales Creeping Northward
The Phantom Pool of Kcnfig is on
rhe 'move again after a rest. The
pool, the largest fresh water lake in
Soutli Wales, has moved nearly half
a mile In the last Loi: years, and Js
creeping northward toward Kcnfig
Hill. It has boon' calculated ihat n
will take less than forty years for
lage in its liue of advance. Souk-
farmers arc worried aboul their
property, the superstitious are
alarmed, bul' scientists say Ihc lay
of Lhe land i tiie samo.
��� Ono swallow may not make a summer, but a pin maliciously inserted in
a chair will make one spring.
' Asthma Cannot Last when the
greatest of all asthma specifics is
used. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy assuredly deserves this exalted title. It has tb its credit thousands of cases avhich other preparations had failed to1 benefit. It brings
help lo even the most severe cases
and brings the patient lo a condition
or blessed relief. Surely suffering
from aslhma is needless when a
remedy like this is so easily secured.
The proprietor of an inn at Diko-
vina, Siberia, served customers wuh_
"wlialo=_stealcs"1^whTcir proved to bo
from the carcass of a mammoth thai
had been preserved in Arctic ice for
many centuries.
Ignace Ghabin. hangman for the
late Czar Nicholas of Russia, is dead
in Moscow. He officiated .'it 6-13
executions, received ?2,500 annually,
and a bonus of $50 "for each hanging.
W.   N.   U.   1677
Because a prosperous'haberdasher
���at Chcbham, England, prayed behind
the counter, and in 1651 sold his
shop, distributing the money among
the pool", he was known as the "Mad
Hatter." Hence the phras-e, "'Mad. as
a hatter."
Connecticut will have 16 women in
Its 1027 legislative. Wyomisg, the
first -state to grant woman suffrage,
will have c'nly one.
Over 1.150 different land bird's,
more than twice as many as ex*bt
in North America, are found in Andean, Colombia.
Heart Palpitation
Oizzy, Sinking Spells
. Mrs. M. A.( Gagnon, Donatvillc, Alta.,
writes:���"Some time ago I was veiy
nervous, 'could not sleep at night, often
had dizzy, sinking spells and palpitation of the heart, and was so run down
I could not do my housework, but just
leavo everything and sit down.
_ I spent a lot of money using medi-
ciiio from tiio doctor, but it did not
do me any good.
At last ��� a friend told mo to use
and after using a
couple, of boxes I
was not tho, same
woman. I began to
feel so much better,
and after a few
more boxes I was
in perfect health.
I always recommend them  to all
those I know who are suffering from
heart trouble."
Price 50c a box at all druggists 'OT
���dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of
price by Tho T. Milburn Co., Limited,
\ Toronto, Oat.
Tomb Fifty Centuries Old
Found in Egyptian Ruins and 3Con-
tains  Many Unique Feature;
Discovery of a tomb estimated to
bc fifty centuries old, dating back to
the third dynasty of the ancient
Pharaohs, has been announced. The
discoverers say it may be the earliest
tomb over found in Egypt.
Tho find \vas made py Cecil Firln,
who has been conducting excavations
in" behalf of the Antiquities Department of thc Egyptian government, at
Sakkara, a village near the ruins of
Memphis.'Near Sakkara is the famous Step Pyramid, believed lo be the
oldest of the Egyptian pyramids. The
tomb is said to contain many unique
"And so, j ou see, children, it's
i night in Australia now,"' concluded
j the teacher.
j    Then Bobbie inquired:  "Is It last
night or tomorrow night?"
When you nccd light, y
ere is no substitute fo
and Dependability.
Unfailing service has .made Eveready'the
headlight,, among flashlights on the entire
North American Continent.
See that the name '"Eveready" is on every
Flashlight or refill cell you buy���make sure
thc entire equipment is Eveready throughout.
"There is only one 'Eveready'
���buy it for safety."
Tunc in on CKY, Winnipeg, for Hvcreauy
Programs. Sunday April 10th, 9 ii.ni..
Saturday April 16th, 11 p.m., Saturday
April 23rd, 11 p.m.
Canadian National Carbon Co.,
-   Limited
Politeness   sometimes   beats
dollar under the wire.
Kill warts with Minard's Liniment.
 fhey last longer- THE   (JBEENWOOD   LEDGE
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
g.-w.'a. smith
Editor and Proprietor
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or 52.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
"ji'eat Britian and the United States
$2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner. Notices. .$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estr'ay Notices     3.00
Cards of  Thanks.     1.00
Certificate   of  Improvement  12.50
(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising 16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents aline
for each subsequent insertion, 11011-
pariel measurement.
Transcient  display  advertising  50
cents an inch each insertion.
��� Business locals 12%c.  a line  each
Rock Creek District Items
A meeting of the Rock Creek
Farmers Institute will be held at
Riverside Hall, Rock Creek, on
Saturday, April ,30th, at 2:30
p.m. Mr. D. McPherson, M.L.A.,
has very kindly arranged to give
an address to the Farm Women
.and Men on that day at 3 p.m.
All ^members are earnestly requested to attend this meeting
especially the Fall Fair committee.
Miss M. Sandercock is visiting
. her mother, Mrs. W. C. Sander-
cock, in Nelson.
H. Douglas Hamilton has pur-
. chased the latest model in Fords'
'from the McPherson Garage in
Grand Forks.
The Dance held by the Rock
Creek W. A. on April 18th, was
enjoyable and also a financial
success, $170.50 being taken'in
at he door. Bush's orchestra was,
as it always is, at its best and
most generous with the encores.
The first part of the evening, from
8-10 was taken up with the
children's masquerade. The costumes were all very good and the
judges , Mrs. F. Smyrl, Mrs.' F.
Bubar and Mrs. Lowis found the
task of choosing the winners quite
a difficult one. The prize winners
were as follows: Most original,
"Indian Boy and Girl" Desmond
Roberts and Joclyn Farmer; best
dressed boy, "Pearly King,"
Theodore Gane; best dressed girl,
"Christmas," Elise Gane; best
boy's comic, "Charlie Chaplin,"
Rachael, Johns.. As there was no
best girls comic the prize was
awarded to the second best dressed girl, "Flower Girl," Irene Olson.
A novel event of the evening was
the singing of some songs by a
lady during the dancing. The
refreshments were delicious and
the ladies in charge deserve great
""crediff or~their^abl e=maniier i n
handling the entire affair.
Harry Bryan is spending a holiday at Armstrong.   .
Miss Nora Christian of Christian
Valley, is the guest of Miss Alice
Hector MacKenzie, auditor for
the Compensation Board, was in
town on Tuesday.
Mrs. J. Price and daughter and,
son, Sylvia and Bertram, left on
Tuesday to visit-at South Slocan
and Nelson.
Miss C. Smith, a resident of
Greenwood' for many years, left
on Tuesday.to make her home ih
C. J. Fletcher, secretary of the
B. C. Medical association, was in
town on official business the first-
George Morrison was in town
Monday en route to Beaverdell
driving a Ford bug that he had
bought in Grand Forks.
/Miss Marjory Beckwith and
Miss Francis McHardy of the
Central school teaching staff,
Trail, are spending the Easter
holidays with Mrs. C. Nordman
at Beaverdell.
B. Lequime left on Wednesday
to take charge of a sawmill at the
foot of Christina Lake. Mrs.
Lequime is remaining in town for
a few days and is the" guest of
Mr. and Mrs. A. Legault.
Mrs. Emma Gardner, wife of
R. J. Gardner died in the Grand
Forks _ Hospital on Friday last,
following an illness of several
weeks. The late Mrs. Gardner
had been a resident of the Boundary for 22 years, living at one
time at Phoenix and latterly at
Grand Forks. The sincerest sympathy of a wide circle of friends is
extended to the bereaved husband
and relatives.
Amusement Tax
In the Matter of the Estate of Mike Cusek,
late of Beaverdell, in the County of Yale,
Province of British Columbia, deceased.
Intestate. - W
NOTICE is hereby given lli.it Charles Kiiifr
has hoen appointed-Administrator of-lhe above
Estate and pursuant to.the. Statute in thai
behalf all creditors and others having- claims
affainst theEstate of llie said ���Mike Cusclc who
died on or about the 21st day of July, 1920, are required on or before lhe 2Stli day of May, A. D.,
1927, to send by post prepaid or deliver to the said
Charles Kinjr al Greenwood, B.C., or to C..F.
R. Pincott of the City.of Grand Forks, Solicitor
for the said Administrator, their. Christian and
Surnames, addresses and descriptions, the full
particulars of their claims, the statement of
their accounts and thc nature of the securities,
if anv, held bv them. v
after such last mentioned date the said Administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of
the deceased ainong the parties entitled thereto
having reg-ard only to the chiiins of which he
shall then have, had notice and that the said
-Administrator will not be liable for the.said
assets or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose claims notice shall not have been
received by hiin at the tinicof such distribution.
DATED thc 20 day of April, A.D., 1927.
Solicitor for the Administrator of the
Estate of Mike Cuselc, deceased, Intestate.
"Provincial Elections Act"
Dancing halls have been brought
within the definition.of a place of
amusement, and admission to all
dances held therein, unless they
can piualify: for'exemption under
Section 14, must bear the ten per
'cent tax.
Under section 14 of ,the new
amending Act the Surveyor of
Taxes or any other official so
authorized by the Minister may
grant exemption in respect to certain enumerated forms of entertainment. Claims for exemption
under, this section must be filed
with the nearest government
agent at least one week before the
entertainment or exhibition is to
be put on, and unless so filed it
renders the admissions to . the
entertainment or exhibition liable
or subject to the tax. These
.claims must be made and signed
by responsible parties, and must
give an outline of the aims and
objects of the organization putting
on the entertainment or . exhibition, the object they had in view
in staging the entertainment, and
what it is proposed to do with the
profits, and further guaranteeing
under Clause B of the Section
that the major portion of the
gross receipts will be devoted to
patriotic or charitable uses, or to
the use of any naval or military
organization, or association. If
exemption is granted, the treasurer
of the organization will be required to furnish a certified
statement of receipts and expenditures, showing what is available
for the charitable or patriotic
objects they have in view. Accompanying, this statement should
be a receipt or other acknowledgement for the sum_ in question
from a responsible officer of the
benefitting charitable organiza-
NOTICE is hereby given .'that'I shall, on
Monday, the Kjlliday'of May, 1927, at thc hour of
10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court-house,
Greenwood, hold a sitting of the Court of
Revision for the purpose of revising the list of
voters for the said electoral district, and of
hearing aud determining3113- and all objections
lo lhe retention of any name on the said list, or
to the registration as a voter of any applicant
for registration; and for lhe olher purposes set
forth in the "Provincial Elections Act."   ���
An adjourned Sitting of the Court of Re
vision will be held at the Court-house, Grand
Forks, at 10:30 o'clock in the forenoon on Tuesday, May 17,1927.
Dated at Greenwood. B.C., this 14th day of
April, 1927. ''
Registrar of .Voters
Grand Forks-Greenwood
Efectoral District.
E. W. WIDDOWSON,' Assayer and
Chemist, Box " 14108, Nelson,' B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50: Silver-
Lead $2,007; Silver-Lead:Zinc S3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
Alberta is now the largest producer
of 0:! and g-as in Canada. In 1925
the production of g-as amounted to
approximately 9,000,000 thousand
cubic feet, and the production 0? oil
183,000 barrels. .7
Louis KcSn, trade delegate to the
Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, confirms the report that an
order for $1,000,000 worth of bin-
der twine has been placed with a
Brantford firm. Other large orders for Canada are pending.
During the season of 1926 over
30,000 square miles of mineralized
areas in the Dominion were mapped out by means of aerial photography, according to the Department of Natural Resources at Ottawa. This is one of the most important uses to which aerial photo--
graphy has been adapted.
A bill to establish a fish, game
and wild life sanctuary in the interior of Nova Scotia has been passed in the Legislature. The sanctuary is to be located at the intersection of the counties of Annapolis,
Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne-
Queens. Others may follow in other
parts of the province in the near
A large single shipment of motor
oil, a solid trainload of 26 cars of
Marvelube, left Sarnia for various
points in the west, bfft mostly for
Vancouver. The oil is a Canadian-
manufactured product which has
been developed within the past year.
At Fort William the special train
was handed over to the Canadian
Pacific Railway for exhibition along
its lines.
Announcement of the offer of two
scholarships annually by E. W.
Beatty; chairman and president of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, and
Chancellor of McGill University, to
the first male candidate in Greek
and Latin, and to the highest male
candidate in mathematics entering the University, was made recently by Sir Arthur Currie, principal of McGill. A -n-ize of $500 is
attached to each scholarship.'*--
According to the department of
Colonization and Development :'of
the Canadian Pacific Ra;,"'ny, there
is every indication that there will
be a great increase in the number
of immigrants coming to Canada
this year compared with the/number locating during 1926. It has
been .estimated tha.7 immigration
figures for this year will be almost
dc-ible,those of the. nast. year. Since
the first of the; present year Canadian Pacific liners have brought
\o Canada approximately lo.UoU new
District  Celebration  and   Track Meet
Midway, Friday, June 3rd
Commencing at 10 a. m.
1, All children under school age
2, Girls 6 and under, 25 yds
3, Boys 6 and under, 25 yds
4, Girls 8 and under, 50 yds 0
5, Boys 8 and under, 50 yds
6, Girls 10 and under, 50 yds
7, Boys 10 and under, 50 yds
8, .Girls 12 and under, 50 yds
9, Boys 12" and under, 50 yds
10,. Girls 14 and under, 75 yds
11, Boys 14 and under, 75 yds
12, Girls 16 and under, 100 yds
13, Boys 16 and under, 100 yds
14, Girls 12 and under
15, Boys 12 and under
16, Girls 14 and under -
17, Boys 14 and under
18, Girls 16 and under ,
19, Boys 16 and under
20. Girls relay, 4 on a team, 16 and under
21.   Boys relay, 4 on a team, 16 and under
22. Relay for sniall schools, mixed teams, 16 and under
23. Girls 12 and under
24. Boys 12 and under
25. Girls 14 and under
26. Boys 14 and under
27. Girls 16 and under
28. Boys 16 and under
"29, Boys one"half mile race, 16 and under
30.   Girls one/quarter mile race, 16 and under
31. Girls 12 and under
32. Boys 12 and under
33. Girls 14 and under >'
34. Boys 14 and under
35. Girls 16 and under'
36. Boys 16 arid under
37. Boys hurdle race, 16 and under
38 Girls hurdle race, 16 and under.
39, Pole vaulting, 16 and under ,
40, Teachers races, and other novelty events
Big School Parade at 1 p.m.
Two girls were discussing the
husbands they would like to
"One thing is certain;" said one
of them, emphatically. "I'd
never marry a man who snored.''
"Quite right, dear," replied the
other; "but how are you going to
find out?"
Job Printing at
wood Ledge.     *-
The  Green-
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary. &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Sometimes' the informality
of the spoken word
is more, effective
than a letter
(i      "Long Distance, please"
A'.. E
Contractor and Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lamatco Waliboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work ancl material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands may
be pre-empted by.British subjects over 18 years
of age, and by. aliens on declaring intention to
become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is givenin Bulletin No. l.Land
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Deparlmentbf Lands, Victoria, B.C., or
to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and.which is
not timberland, i.e., carrying over 8.000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range and 5,00,0
feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be addressed to tho Land Commissioner of the Land
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can bo obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five years
and improvements made to the value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least live acres, before a Crown Grant can be
- For more detailed information see the Bulletin
"How to Pre-empt Land."
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting- and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers,  of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig- Lead and Zinc        X
Applications are received for _purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land is So per acre,
and second-class (grazing) land S2.=0 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Scries, "Purchase ancl Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land,
not exceeding '10 acres, may be purchased or
leased, the conditions including payment of
stumpage. t, /
Unsurveycd   areas   not exceeding  20  acres,
may be leased as homesites, conditional upon. a_^
dwelling 'bling~i"erei;tc~d-ir__tHe���first -year^title-
being obtainable after residence and improvement conditions arc fulfilled and land has been
Advertise in The Greenwood Ledg
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding 640 acres mcy be leased by one person
or a company. ^
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided
into grazing districts and the range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing
permits are issued based on numbers ranged,
priority given to established owners. Stock-,
owners may form associations for range management. Free, or partly free, permits are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to
ten head.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
"Has produced Minerals as follows:' IJlacer Gold, $77,663,045, Lode Gold
$122,808,459;   Silver,  $74,111,397;  Lead,  $89,218,907;    Copper,  $197,642,647;  '
Zinc, $39,925,947;   Miscellaneous  Minerals, $1,594,387; Coal and"Coke,$273,-'
048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,886; making its Mineral production to the end of 1925, show .an
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61,492,24-2
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of" any  other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers  for  nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.-'
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and, are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. ��


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