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The Greenwood Ledge Dec 21, 1927

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 �� '���' "1     *.���;-.-
GREENWOOD, B.t., W^PNiljSBAY;-:-D��^MB]|JR.;2i; 1927
���   No. 21'
From Far and Near
I cheerfully avail myself of your in-
' vitation io extend Christmas Greetings
to    the    people   of    the    Greenwood
The year about to-close lias becn a
memorable one in the history of
Canada, thc various Celebrations in
connection with our Diamond Jubilee
Year of Confederation having- done
much to cement and strenghtcn thc
bonds which unite our varoius Provinces. .
Greenwood sprang into existence
following the discovery of its mines.
Interest in the development of our mineral wealth has been stimulated by
a visit from His Royal Highness the
Prince of Wales and.His Royal Uligh-
ness Prince George; and by the Prime
Minister of England and by the Empire
Mining and Metallurgical Congress.
As an outcome thc attention of the mineral world has been drawn to the
present and potential mineral wealth
oi' our Province.
We take pride in the Mineral Production for ihc year anil by each of
us continuing to do his or her share
we can look forward with confidence to
. the future in which, may I hope
Greenwood will continue to play its
prominent pari.
.   Wishing  you   one   and   all   a   very
��� Happy Christmas.
of British Columiba.
It is a pleasure to me to comply with
, your   request,   and  through   your   co-
lumns convey my greetings to my old
��� fellow citizens of Greenwood. The
, passing years naturally bring their
��� changes, but one never quite forgets old
���friends and associates. I think I shall
/always have a warm spot in my heart
, for Greenwood and its people.   I trust
you will have your full share of the
^better times coming to British Col urn-
'bia, and that, each and all will enjoy a
'.Merry Cliristmasr-:and.a_IIa_i)i)y,Ne\v
���'���Year. - ���...',    ' ���*,.
Prime Minister of British Columbia.
; "His Worship the Mayor, City Trustee, the Aldermen and Civic Officials of
the City of Greenwood, extend greetings of hearty goodwill to all fellow
citizens. Tliey appreciate the increased
interest shown in Civic Affairs during
1927 and desire to thank all who have
helped in overcoming many of the
difficulties that have had to lie faced
during the year. Tlicir siheerest wish
is to see a new era of prosperity for
the City in the future commencing
JW28." ������- ^-WL��� -y	
''Peace on earth���Goodwill to men."
"Christmas and New Year's Greetings
to everybody from the parishioners of
Sacred Heart, Church and .; Father
Curling Has Started
The knights of the stanes played
their first game of the season on Friday last; The ice was in A1 condition and the players had difficulty in
keeping the rocks from going through
tho house. ,,,
The following is a prospective lineup of the rinks:
Hoy (skip), Bryan, Francis, Morrison.
Walters (skip), Juan Puddy, McMynn, C. S. Floyd..       XX;
Gregory (skip), Smith, Powers,
Mellin. '
Forshaw (skip), Peterson, Jesse
Puddy, R. M. Floyd.
Goodeve (skip), Taylor, Pope, Jas
Walmsley (skip), McDonald, New-
march, Walker.
Spares: Ken. Skilton, Reggie Skilton,
S. B Hamilton, T. ,'~'M.* Gulley,, E.
Blundell, H. H. Summersgill, and H.J.
An Executive meeting will.be held in
the Court House on Friday at 8 p.m.'
Hockey Club Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Greenwood Hockey Club was held iii Taylor's
Store on Monday evening, Dec. 19th.
The following officers were'elected:
President, H. T. Newmarch.
Vice-President, F. L. Peterson.
Sec.-Treas., G. W. A. Smith.      :
Manager, R. C. Taylor.
Captain,.N. E. Morrison.
Coach, Dr. A. Francis. y .;.:
The appointment of J. R. Puddy as
Rink Manager, was approved, duties to
commence Dec 6th. Salary to be $50
per month. He was given permission
to issue two free tickets to get help
for cleaning the rink.      7. . ,'", .7
It was decided to pay the City Council the $20 which was owed them
from previous year.
The evenings for skating for children are as follows:; Friday evenings-
Saturday evenings ; when no Picture
Show. Monday evenings when Show
on Saturday. Children are allowed to
skate every afternoon during the week.
The Secretary was instructed to. register the team under the B.C.A.H.A.
The meeting was'very enthusiastic
and prospects are bright, for a good
season.. ;* .���_.���.".,.���,.'_ iyx.y.x.....y[.��y,���,,.
There arc different' seasons of the
year, which bring forth different
thoughts in our minds and Jsuppose
the one great thought of this blessed
season of Christmas-tide is peace, the
peace, which can only obtain in one
way namely by showing forth our lovc
and goodwill towards our fellow men.
Our world to-day seems full of turmoil and unrest, nation seems to be
prepared to rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, whilst all the
timc wc can imagine Our Blessed Saviour gazing down on this little world
of ours, His eyes pathetic with sorrow
and longing and murmuring sadly
"This Commandment give I unto you
that yc love one another." And that
,is the whole secret of life, "LOVE."
Love for God, shewn forth, by our love
for one another. So, at this glad season of the year, let us have that Lovc,
for with it wc may be sure that wc shall
obtain peace in our hearts, a peace,
which Statesmen and Politicians cannot give, and cannot'take away:���The
Peace of God Which passes man's understanding.
REV. E. A. St. G. SMYTH,
Vicar of St. Jude's Church, Greenwood.
Last Friday evening both teams of the
Basketball-Club journeyed to Grand
Forks and challenged the local teams
of that City. The girls game was very
interesting and at first the teams seemed equally matched, Greenwood being
in the lead. As the game progressed the.
superior teamwork of the Grand Forks
girls showed itself and the final score
was 14���4. It was a very interesting
game nevertheless.
The boys game was very fast all the
way through and at times roughWThe.
'Greenwood'teanrwas materially"stren-
gthened by G. McMynn and J. Bush
from Midway. The teams were equally, matched and the play was well divided. End of the time the score was
12���12, and after another four minutes each way it was 16���16 and another
two minutes each way 16���16 which
meant the teams had tied. After the
game a dance was held where everyone
had-the best of tiniest
A new coaling plant for the Kettle
Valley railway is under construction at
Hitherto all coaling on the Kettle
Valley cast of Penticton was done by
hand at,Midway,but the new machine
plant will speed up the coal handling.
Sufficient coal will be put on the engine at Carmi to enable it to go to
Midway and return to Carmi, when it
will coal again for the run to Penticton.
��� , .v.*.'.. :    *-i -.*;
SlUlftl ^'i'''y^.,'i'!^y,.ix'
Mw;$y<y - ���yyiy. m^
ly-.^:' ���:,���.**., ���.^,-...   .'1:
v}r.':H'���;.;!..'���:.������ '??.!(*.,.. ���'*'.'���"'
ffl $ ;f ffef.)
M_i^^z'z'y^:_^'^^Xy '.   ':,),'   :i'f,."A *
imm. m , m. m *
i��_.Hy.ii-     *'_5    7 *; '!5<- ���'������!-'.v *.&?'.'i fi-}..---...->::���;!&
Mm ''AiBxx���?.���.-.--y^y^y:;;h-.rxik ��� ���
yiS>.      ���;yrmiixyxyi; ���'���'������^.jf?.:..* ;.
,y:.;yy.. ��   ...
' yzx-yy.
Wi\i ^tmMfiy &ftge
mtsiiiut tin -rrtitkcrfi utiii frurni)s a llrru
ijappg (MjrtBimais
ctitH a
The ice harvest is in full swing in
Greenwood .
"Hearty Christmas Greetings to all."
Greenwood and District Hospital.
With the circling of the year, Chrismas has come again with its message
of "Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward
Men." Wcu remember Christmases,
when peace seemed to be no peace, but
a mask of, bitterness, hatred and discontent.; To-day, men eveywhere are
talking peace and seeking peace.
"Peace on Earth" can only come among
men of goodwill. Treaties, disarmaments and the League of Nations are
conducive to the peace of the world
only in so far as they are motived by
the spirit of brotherhood. Here we
reach the source of goodwill and peace
in the love of our Father in Heaven, in
Jesus Christ whose birthday we are
about to celebrate.
Pastor of United Church,  Greenwood.
"On behalf not only of myself, but
also of the Conservative Party, in this
District, may I extend to all resident
in Greenwood and vicinity, the Season's
Greetings, "with a sincere wish that,
the New Year may bring you abundant
Happiness and Prosperity."
Grand Forks,  B.  C
Christmas time is with us, again,
1927 years since the Prince of. Peace
was born into the world with his message of lovc, kindness and self sacrifice.
Some day everyone will see that his
plan is the only road tb happiness;
I would wish for my old time friends
a Happy Christmas-time, Scott McRae,
Jimmy Copeland, Jimmy Lynch, John
Thornton and all others who were here
in the Kettle Valley when I arrived, to
settle in 1889. WW \)
Wishing Everybody a Happy Chrismas. ;';'���*���'��� ;'',"'
r. d. kerr;- '))
,,..' Midway, B..C.I).
The Community Clnistma'sConcert-
and Tree will be heid in-the Greeh--:
wood Theatre tonight "(Thursday) ��� The
following is the Program.^'ariii'hged by-
the teachers and pupil.��'of-the;;Greenwood Superior. School: XyyXsX; i;
"O Canada".......'.'.'.. (Whole ^School)
"Recitation" C. Newniarch &; Li Gulley
Chorus "Jingle Bclis^. (Whole School)"
"Wooden Shoe"....-.X. (Prhria*ry Room)'
"Athletic Dance" 7... (Girls/in Div. II)
"Duet". .Renicj Skilton. aiiil Silvia Price
"Christmas Crazy Class".'.'.... (Div. II)-
"Recitation" .........".......(Primary)
"Christmas & Christmas".;Diy, 11 Boys
"Dancing Chorus"..... (Winery Girls)'
"Christmas in Naughty iyiind";' (Div. II)
"Recitation"... ..... Mary   Madden
"Snowflakc Dance"...,,-, (Diy; II.:& III)
"Recitation"..:-.".; ���% v i...;.... .May Clarli
"Closing Recitation'/.;'.:.Peter. Maletta
A Busy Centre
''.;.' Jiidging from the amount of traffic
at tlife^'Rock Creek station for the past
���two .months this seems to be one of
the' liveliest-centers in the country.
Twenty-four cars of wheat have been
shipped to.thc Alberta wheat Pool "at
. Owing to .the heavy fall of sno.w
making hauling by trucks impossible
the fanners had to go back to former
day. methods and last week nine-tcanis
loaded ..with wheat'could, be seen at
one time at the loading platforms,
The .loading platforms has been a
great convenience to the shippers of
thc district*.
To dumb beasts���a,. Merry''Christmas!
I.would I could.make' you.'feei'-
All happy inside ..at the .:g'ay'; yuletide
With a  warming,-.'��� plenteous-meal;
A Christmas feast jvith the .ficings
That each of'ypU;.likes\mosfcv.:
Withevery treat that a beast can eat-
How I'd like to be your -hostr-
There would not be a'horse'among you,-
Nor a dog or cat astray, ������'���"-
Nor a creature' sad that wouldn't be glad
This blessed'Christmas day; .7
I-would gather you all together-:       .
- ;in a, feast of joy and"inirtht
Every' crippled and ^14: and'. Ihungry
:"."'   i-ahd^cold._   .,      .').. ������;
���',' Dumb beast that'walks'the.e'arth.   :
. ���Maude Wood Henry.
.7 About twelve cars of beef cattle
were also shipped lately' from this
centre,' Last week a carload of steers
blindfolded were loaded here. Raised
oft" the hills they had on several previous occasions refused to, come out.
Conservatives Elect Officers
Capital Clippings
On Sunday' last Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
White gave a Greenwood dinner. This
was to- celebrate the : arrival. of a
haunch of venison sent down by Mr.
and Mrs. G. S. Walters. The dinner
was first class and so were the stories
told of the Boundary. There is something about that Greenwood spirit, if
a person is once inoculated it lasts for
life.' Get a bunch of old-timers together and say- "Greenwood." Well,
something is going to, happen.
G. R. Naden held a real "Solo"
Party at his residence last week. This
was to remind him of the days, when
lie lived in the mountains and when
any man who could not play the game
Of Dangerous Dan McGrew was considered deficient.
N. H. Lamont,.Manager of the Growers Wine Co. (formerly of Greenwood)
has announced that ,his company will
at onee proceed to erect an addition
to their plant; which will double the
capacity. Last year they pub up 100,000
gallons. The : coming year they" will
take,every Loganberry offered. What
this meas-to. Saanich���well ask one of
the growers.;.'They are certainly optimistic ��� arid ' the. possibilities of the
future; are immense.   '    '.*"*'���' ,..
George 'Love who taught; school at
Beaverdell* last year and has recently
been tea-ihing 'at the Tolmie School,
has received a decided promotion. He
will now be'the Principal of the school
at Prospect Lake, in Saanich. Georges
many friends will be pleased to hear of
his progress.': -
1 So this is Winter���One inch, of sno.w
for two days and five degrees of frost
one night. "Now everything is clear
again, and. roses' blooming in the
gardens: ; There " are frequent wind
storms. Recently a velocity of, 54
miles an ���'; hour was ob tained.. The
maximum on record here is 61 miles.
That is nothing to the gales farther
SOllth. ':
Midway News
R. A. Brown has. installed a radio at
his residence.
Howard : Pannell has; been confined
to his home through illness.
Carl Thomet'and Leslie Salmon of
Powell River arrived home last Friday
for . Christmas.
C. Weed and A.* Lander went' to
Greenwood on Tuesday afternoon by
sleigh on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Baker and child of
Regina, Sask., have taken the Biggin
ranch on Norwegian Creek.
"^Miss'ISilJ^B^lFarfived'on Wednes-
morning from Spokane to spend the
festive- season, with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Bush.
Kerr Creek School held their Chrismas Tree.. party on Monday last. * A
nuinber from Midway attended and
reported a good. time.
The Card Party held in the Old
School House on Tuesday evening was
a great success. .The first prize, which
was nothing less than a fine Christmas
turkey was. won';by Mr. 'John Bush.
The ladies booby -went**' to Miss Joy
Sharp and the gentleman's to Mr. R. A.
Brown. -..���_���..
Beaverdell Briefs
B. E. Taylor lias returned from a
months visit to 'Vancouver.   .
N. E.'Morrison was a visitor to. camp
from Greenwood over the week-end.
Mrs. Robt. Halcrow' has returned
from Vancouver and is the guest of her
mother, Mrs. Lutner, at the Beaverdell
Hotel; '���.-'.*"'���*
Steve' Pittendrigh ' is leaving on,
Thursday for Spokane, where he will
spend the' Xmas holidays visiting his
sisters." . ������*".
All the mines are. closing for ten
days to two weeks, to enable different
members, of the crews to get to their
.homes for tlie holidays. -....��'. :'
Work to Start in New Year
The Providence Mine is to resume
operations. That is the statement
given, out to The Greenwood Ledge
on Tuesday afternoon by L. R. Loomis
and James Wilson, of" Burke,. Idaho,
who have a lease and bond on the properly from the Mary Agnes Mining Co.
The Mine has becn pumped out and
Messrs. Loomis and Wilson spent from
Thursday until Tuesday in town, during which time they gave the Providence a thorough examination and also
took samples. Thcy located some rich
ore and are satisfied that this famous
property will again come to the fore
and be as successful a producer of
high grade ore as it was some years
ago. .
Messrs. Loomis and Wilson will return soon after thc New Year, after
spending the festive season at their'
home, when work will commence. The
tunnel on Providence Creek uscd by
A. J. .Morrison and the late Dan
McGillis, when thcy had a lease on the
property, will be utilized. A new plant-
will be installed at thc portal and all
ore and waste .Hill be taken out at that
point, instead of through the.shaft at
the top .workings, saving, considerable
expense in hoisting operations. Until
the leasers return thc Mine will be
kept free from water by Wm. Madden.
Thc above is certainly welcome news
to the Greenwood citizens, and will
make the Christmas season all the
more pleasant; also will help stimulate
mining in this section. The residents
of the town arc pleased to see Messrs.
Loomis and Wilson take over' the
property and trust that their venture
will, be very profitable to them.
Mining Notes
J. R. Mines, Limited have established
a camp at the mine, snow being too
deep for the men to travel to and from
their homes. Latest reports are that
the drift is iir-32 feet on the lower
level, with satisfactory results. It is
expected to'strike the vein in the next
few'roiindsr ���-'::'-��� ���      *- - J ������-������
The Vendella, south of Greenwood,
the Keno at Hartford, and the Elkhorn,
north of Greenwood, are other mining
properties that are active in this camp.
A. B..Fenwick and son, who are operating in Phoenix, left today to spend
Christmas at Bull River.
A. J. Morrison of the Wellington
mine, Beaverdell, is' in Trail on business. The Wellington is stead producer having shipped two 'carloads of
close down on Thursday for the festive
season, to resume operations on January 2nd.
Rock Creek and District
All the schools are making great
preparations for their Xmas trees.. It
is going to be hard to say, which is
going to be the best, as there seems
to be .great._competition, among -. the
children, and each of them feel. sure
their school will be the best.
There will be a grand Xmas dance
in the Riverside Hall, on Wednesday,
Dec. 28th under the auspices of the
Rock Creek Farmers' and Women's
Institute. Bush's Orchestra ' will play
their usual up to dale music. Everyone is asked to come and make it a
success for it, is for a good cause so
come and have a really good dance as
you are sure to enjoy yourself so don't
miss it. Adults $1.00, children, under
14. years 50 cents, supper included.
Starts at 8.30.   See posters.
The Annual Meeting of the'Consef
vatives of the Greenwqod Polling Division of the Grand Forks-Greenwood
Riding *\ya's held in the Imperial
Hotel, Greenwood on Friday, Dec. 16th
at 8 p.m. The following officers were
'ejected:'' ; ���   ���
'." W. B. Fleming, President and: Treasurer. ' ' . ...���'.* .'... ,.''."���'-.'"���'
.', C. Nichols, Vice-President.
J.'N.-Patoh, Secretary.
...A representative executive 'was' also
named. .'-';.'
���;��� A vote of thanks was tendered to the
retiring officers. ,   ���
..Mr. and.Mrs! F.. Cousins are leaving
ont Friday to "spend the holidays with
���the .latter's.*.parents, Mr."and Mrs. H.
Pittendrjglv at Grand Forks.
. *Mr_ and .Mrs. C. E. Nordman are
spending the- festive "season with the
latters, aunt, ' Mrs." M. Anderson, at
Greenwood, .later going on to Nelson
for short visit. ,  ������
��� ���'A regular sitting of the County
CourtTwas - held in the Greenwood
Court House- oh Saturday, Dec. 17th,
His Honor J. R. Brown presiding. The
-following applications for naturalization- were, vapproved: James Arthur
Turner, Einer Martin Holm, John
Frank Worthington.
The Rock Creek Women's Institute
held their annual children's Xmas
Treat on Saturday, Dec. ,17th; it was
well attended, and the: children, thoroughly enjoyed themselves; tliey were
given a delightful tea by the .members "
63 Xmas stockings were handed out
when they were, preparing to go home.
Through the Greenwood Ledge, the
Women's Institute wish to thank the
following for donations: ��� Mrs.: Major
Glossop, box of apptes, Brown's Store
Oranges. ��� In .the evening the "grown
tips had a pleasant, time dancing until
close to midnight. ���'"
- The shareholders of the Rock Creek
Weigh. Scales held their annual meeting in Riverside Hail on Saturday,
Dec. 17th. Owing, to the very cold
weather not many were, able to attend.
The same board of Directors were
unanimously re-elected. They' are:
J. Lindsay, Oiie Johnson, H. Brown,
J.. C. Madge with Maurice Jewell as
Secretary-Treasurer who reported a
good-year, and that there-were would
be a' dividend of Four; dollars each to
the'-Twenty dollar shareholders. This
is^'Wqrtli special notice to the. memory
of quite a number of Rock Creek people
as this is the only one that has ever
paid a dividend "in cash to the sharer
holders.       .       ���*.""'.''"    .....*-'"'. PAGE TWO
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.&
. Editor and .Proprietor
Subscription: In Canada and to Gt.
Britain, $2.00 a year in advance; $2.50
when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To the United
States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices...$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices       3.00
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All other legal advertising 16 cents
a line first insertion, and 12 cents a
line for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.
Business locals 12Vic a line eaoh insertion.
ribbons. The Yule log still testifies to
the rites of fire-worship, once connected with,the season.
The mistljrt-oe is another. survival' of
the pagan ��^ays. It was held in great
veneration b*y the Druids and occupied
a place in religious rites. ��� It also appears in Scandinavian mytholpgy. :Tt
belonged to (h&sQd of love, and a kiss
under it was the emblem of life and
No letter* to the editor will be inserted except over the proper signature and address of the writer. This
rule admits of no exceptions.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be
pleased to have more money.
Christmas has a special _ significance.
It is the one international holiday.
East and west, north and south, observe the day with special ceremonies,
and for the same reason.
It is the birthday of the King of
Kings and Lord of Lords���the Prince
of Peace, the Babe of Bethlehem.
At his coming the angels sang and
the wondering shepherds listened, and
left their flocks while they searched for
the Babe and worshipped; the wise
men from the East, followed the Star
till it stood above the manger���and
they presented their gifts and worshipped.
The wicked king feared for his throne and slaughtered the innocents in
impotent rage and hate, for the Babe
escaped his malice and secure in the
protection of his parents, who followed
The Voice,'laughed and played, as did
other babes in Egypt till the king's
wrath passed. Then the Holy family
journeyed to Nazareth where the Boy
"grew ancl waxed in favour with God
and man."
No wonder that Christmas is the
Children's Day. .
Coming as a little child, He has made
motherhood the holiest position' of women���and has forever sanctified
childhood. "Of such," said He, "is the
Shall we not see to it that so far as
we may, no_child be lonely or hungry
or sad on this His Birthday?
And shall we who toil in the fields
not stop to listen to the angels' song
and follow the shepperds of old to the
Shall n��t the Wise Men from the
East and the West join the three following the star "till it stood where the
young child lay?" Can we not close
our ears to the din around us? The
fears ���the jealosies���the hatred���all
that creates discord, for
"Still through the cloven 'skies they
And still their heavenly music floats
O'er all the weary world.
Above its sad and lowly plaints
They bend on hovering wing,
" And ever o'er its Babel sounds
The blessed angels sing.
And ye, beneath life's crushing load
Whose forms are bending low,
Who toil along the climbing way
With painful steps and slow
Look now!   For glad and golden hours
Come swiftly on the wing!
O rest beside the weary road
And hear the angels sing."
Alvin just loved Christmas time. He
loved it from the time the bright-
colored lights began to appear in the
store windows at night, and the trees
and bushes in the home yards began
to be decorated with strings of colored lights too.and Christmas wreaths
were placed at doors and windows, and
little red Christinas bells found their
place here and there, and holly and
mistletoe were about.
Ho loved the Christmas carols, and
the good things to eat of Christmas
time, and especially tlie Christmas tree.
There was to be a big Christmas tree,
at his house. There it stood behind
a closed door that was not to be opened
until Christmas���if it would only snow.
How Alvin did wish that it would
snow, and snow, and snow! And sure
enough, on the day before Christmas
it began snowing. Some flakes began
falling before noon, and by the middle
of the afternoon it was snowing fast.
It snowed all night.
"Merry   Christmas,   son!"   shouted
Alvin's father, and out of bed tumbled
';hat small boy early Christmas morning.
Oh, look!
That closed door was, wide open, and
there was the Christmas tree with its
bright ornaments, and hanging from
its boughts, and heaped beneath it,
were presents , and presents, ahd presents, for everybody. Alvin even forgot
ibout the snow. '*
But he remembered after a while,
and right to the window he ran. Yes
sir! There was a good snow. The
ground was white everywhere. The
;rees were weighted with it. There
vas enough for snowballs and everything. Alvin could hardly wait to be
fully dresed, and get breakfast over
with, and get out to play.
But in he dashed again almost the
moment he was out.
Couldn't I fix it a Christmas tree,
.too?" he was saying excitedly.
Hc had found a little bird out in the
���jold, hopping about and chirping pi-
teously because in the snow it could
not find even a stray seed to eat.
Alvin busily collected some pieces of
bread, and a nice mellow apple, and a
piece of meat loaf his mother said he
might take, and with scaps of red cord
and bright ribbon dropped from the
Christmas packages he tied them to a
snow-covered bush in a sheltered spot
In the back yard.
The little bird was shy at first, in
spite of its hunger; but as Alvin went
on to play it began pecking at the
feast hung frorn^ these snow-laden
branches, and presentsly some other
little birds came too.
Alvin stepped softly and made signs
to his mother as she came out in the
yard. And there they stood together
several minutes, eagerly watching the
joyous antics with which a half dozen
little birds were taking the gifts from
their own little tree.
Some Christinas History
When I came home the other evening," after a week,s jaunt among
those whom I joculary refer, to as "our
It may come to many people," says
Sidney Heath in his book 0 on "The
Romance of Symbolism," "even to
those who are aware how much is obscure in the early history of our Lord
tQ learn that Christmas was adopted
by the Church for the birthday of
Christ as late as A. D. 400, for up to
that period the Fathers were quite
uncertain of the exact date of the Holy
Advent.. S. Chrysostom writing at" the
beginning of the 5th century, says
(Horn. 31) in reference to the pagan
festival of the Sun-God "On this day
also the birthday of Christ was lately
fixed at Rome in order that while the
heathen were busy with their profane
ceremonies the Christians might perform their sacred rites undisturbed."
In all countries where Christianity
was propagated are still to be found
many customs, manners and popular
superstitions which reflect their pagan
origin. The change from paganism
to Christianity was slow and steady period of transition. In order to make
it as easy as possible, the early Christian missionaries,'. with rare sagacity,
adopted and used many heathen signs,
symbols, statues, practices and temples
of worship and endeavoured to give
them a holier and purer significance
by incorporating them into the new
The feasting and revelry attendant
on the Christmas season can be attributed to a survival of the Roman
Saturnalia (feast of Saturn) which was
a festival held in December in celebration of the short days of the Roman
The Christmas gift is supposed to
have its origin in ancient Yule celebrations when garlanded maidens went
singing from door to door "Vaepael"(be
in health") they cried, extended the
Wassail bowls of spiced ale, and received in exchange gifts of beads, and
rurarclicnft_le7"~I was "greeted with a
whiff of such delightfully spicy and
pleasing fragance that I knew the
sweet lady who calls me husband(she
also calls me other names) was again
busy in the kitchen ; where���with rosy
cheeks, an apron around her buxom
waist, and one eye on the children,
(with their capacity for mishief)���she
was busily engaged in the compounding
of those diversified and dubious brands
of provender which;.our household '-������is
wont to consume; ih^reat quantities at
the annual feast' of Yewle.
At this particular time of the year
the kitchen in a great' many homes is
a scene of activity���a place of mystery
and enchantment. Tables are piled
high with surplus groceries, and sinks
with soiled dishes. There is much
hustling (,and .testing and tasting.
While over all is the rich cloying
aroma,, of spices, fruit juices, wine
While over all is the rish cloying
candied peels, boiling syrups, and
the other materia medica which go into
mysteries that carry out their malevolent intentions under the nom de
guerre of mince meat, plum pudding
and Christmas cake. These must be
prepared in advance, so as to be properly "blended" and "aged" before
they make their appearance on the
table. While these occupy a certain
place of importance in the "good time
feasting" It is the roast turkey, (with
its partner, cranberry, jelly) that occupies the most important place.
To it is given our greatest reverence
and veneration. For upon the size and
tenderness of; this epicurean, delight
hangs, much of the gastric contentment which follows its consumption.
We have been saving up for months
now in order to have one of these birds
for our Xmas dinner. Time was���and
not so long ago at that���when, as a
humble printer, I could have turkey,
not only for Xmas but occasionally
for a Sunday dinner. But those days
have passed. With the h.c.1. and the
altitude to which the price of turkey
have aeroplaned, it is only plumbers,
bootleggers and others of fabulous and
taxable incomes that can afford them
as a steady diet.
But high in price-though they be we
are going to haye turkey this year
���even .if we have to sell our piano.
without a ghost. We don't have turkey,
for dinner as often, as some of the
younger children would wish.. When-1.
tell thena they would span ge*t tired of
having: tt too" of ten, they receive rny-
statement with mocking derision and
scoffing incredulity. But twenty ye-ajs
ago we had an unholy experience with
too much turkey that proves my. statement. "���
Some time before that Christmas we
received information that our wife's
sister (accompanied by one husband
and two children) would pay us a
week's visit. I was commanded by my
good spouse to obtain by purchase, barter, barratry or other means, the largest turkey in captifity. As I was
shortly going on a week's jaunt among
some of the smaller towns in Ontario,
I figured that there I might have better chances of getting a big bird than
in the city . I landed a choice one of
23 pounds, two days before the trip
ended. For the balance of that week
it was my close companion and constant care, and I gave it as much tender consideration as an old maid with
her first love affair.
On my arrival home about dusk I was
confronted with an ominous red card
fastened on the front door, "Scarlet
Fever Here." Our youngest daughter
(at that time aged four) had contracted the disease and was quarantined
in the house . The festivities to which
we had all so eagerly looked forward to
were all shot ^'blooey." There was no
altehative but to wire the folks to
postponed their visit and make the best
of our misfortune.
But we were not through.our troubles
for -that turkey had to be cooked and
eaten. There was no cook, as "Mum"
was also quarantined. As I had no
previous culinary experience the Job
was tackled with misgivings. When
it was finished I was a wreck of my
former virile self, the air was blue,
thick and sulphurous, and I had ruined
my standing in the church circles. My
wife had fled, shrieking, to the topmost
floor, and the children crouched In
terror beneath the table. The kitchen
looked as though it had been hit by
a tidal wave, and there was enough
fag-end crusts, of bread scattered about
to ^nake bread puddings for a camp
of'lumber-jacks for a month. It was
the' worst job I ever tackled, and I
shudder yet when I think of the
quantity of building material that wae
dumped into the cavernous depths of
that gargantuan bird.
With "Mum" sarcastically calling
out instructins from upstairs, it was
finally "made ready" and shoved into
the oven of a coal range. At the cost
of a ruffled temper, the use of a few
of burns from hot grease, it waa finally barbecued and dragged in
triumph onto the table. It tasted fine
then and wasn't too bad cold for the
next three br four days���but after "that
we all turned in nauseous disgust from
its cold carcass. A twenty-three pound
bird, believe me, is some eating for four
persons (twoof them young children).
In desperation the half-devoured remains were finally hurled into the garbage can with a few parting words
(not of prayer), and we thankfully
turned to more simple fare. Turkey i6
all right once in a while, but-for a
steady diet, Jiggs' choice is to be commended. ..<>������
Getting back to more sensible things,
I love Christmas time and all that it
means. What memories it brings!
What pleasures it foretells! Of all the
seasons it is the happiest and best/
For life> holds no sweeter pleasure in
store than Merry Yule, with its age-old
ment in commemoration of Him whose
birthday it is. The children are all at
home again, and the house rings with
their cherrful laughter and Jollity;
while over all shines the mellow glow of
the unfailling love which binds' the
family together and makes the home
ties more beautiful and more lasting.
So folks, I want to wish you all "A
Merry Xmas and all the good things
thatJt bringsr���Canadaink. _ W .:...:...
If You own a Car or Truck
You Need Service
That is,
Prompt and Reliable Attention,
Dependable Merchandise,
Fair Dealing
Goodyear and Sieberling Tires
Mobile and Valvoline Oils
"' '���.-.''>' ������ v      .._..-      ��� ..."
Willard and Ford Batteries
Bearings, Gaskets, Ignition Parts, Chains, Polishes, Etc. Etc.
We guarantee our work
���.  anc* ���
McPherson Garage Co. Limited
Grand Forks, B. C
T "'���������'���_��� jAE
Quebec, the Birthplace of Winter Sports in North America
Facts about Holly
The bush with which we deco-
prefers a Northern climate .to a Southern one In the former cilmate the
bush has been known to attain a
height of from twenty to fifty feet,
whilst in the latter, it is generally only
a'small bush.
In some places holly is used aa a
medeclne for cases of gout and rheumatism, while the leaves and small
branches, chopped in small pieces, are
sometimes given to sheep in severe
winter weather.
The word "holly" is derived from the
very ancient customs of using sprigs of
this tree to decorate the churches at
Christmas-time. This gave it the name "Holy Tree,"which in due course
became known as "Holly Tree."
Long ago holly was thought to be an
antidote for ppison.and a protection
lieved that the flowers of holly would
against lightning, and it was be-
freeze water.
In Persia and India the bark is often
soaked in water with the liquor as a
kind of charm.
In some parts.of Ireland the holly
is regarded as the special tree of the
Sandy McMillan was playing golf
with his brother-in-law. Soon after
the game commenced he found out that
the day was.his .brother-in-law's birthday anniversary, ��b" he gave him the
next hole.
Sandy, a short time later, was walking along the street with a pair of
trousers hanging over his arm.  Some
Por a Xmas dinner without turkey one asked him who he was looking for.
is like an "Uncle Tom's Cabin Co.".He replied:   "Tbe Ffcrnie Fw Press."
Why should Winter, that seyere
and blusteriug season, yet be
<jth�� perennial breeder of a hearty
and tingling cheer? To avoid asking
rou another, you should be told that
this rigorous season gives mankind
the chance each year to reassert
a strong faith in itself. - Thc
north wind may blow, and Ave; may
; have snow, but that is no reason
for despondency���it is, in fact, a
supreme cause for rejoicing' in a
young strength tbat does not shrink
.from vrintry weather. It is only
fitting that ,the true center of this
recurring faith should be Quebec,
which, for more than 300 winters
has been laughing off the chilly
threats of winds and ice and snows.
Long before the Pilgrim Fathers
set foot on Plymouth Rock, the
French-Canadian colonists had settled Quebec. Here they started
thei custom of winter sport carni-
rals during the months when bliz-
zsfSs and; a - frozen, St. Lawrence
���W��bU dfeaiaigk trivel.    The buow-
nHE. CllflTErtO
shoe ancl the toboggan of the Indian then entered sporting life as
did the ski of the Norwegian i:i
later years. On the whole tho
character of winter sports has
changed very little during these
centuries. A new^ winter game i3
Indian golf, introduced by J. G.
Strathdee,, sports director at tho
Chauteau Frontenac. In this gam 2
the player uses bow, arrows and
targets instead of clubs, balls an!
holes. But ths outstanding feature of Quebec's whiter season
comes in the week from Christina:;
to New Tear's. In this period <>:'
continued play and infectious good
spirits ftlie snow-covorcd Plains o:
Abraham, Battlefields Park and the
Chateau Frontenac toboggan sli-.U:
are the main carnival grounds.
Thousands of visitors from the
United States'engage in the sports
ami in the old Norman observance
of Christmas and the dawn of the
new year. During the last week
in February comes the annual International Dog-Sled Derby. This
race of 120 miles, covered in daily
40-mile stages, attracts famous dog-
niiishers like the veteran Seppala
and the young St. Godard who won
last year's race. These two drivers have become North America's
symbols of wiry age and supple
youth. ���SS.fl
�� Contractor and Builder y
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Hoofing
Lamatco Wallboard
Box 332 Grand Forks, B.C.
���    To    ���
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way.  Terms cash.
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown
lands may be pre-empted by British
subjects over 18 years of age, and by
aliens on declaring intention to become British subjects, conditional
upon residence, occupation, and improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning relations regarding pre-emptions is given
in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series. "How
to Pre-empt Land," copies of which
can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of ���' Lands,
toria, B. C, or to any Government
Records will'; be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural purposes, and cWhich is not timberland,
i.e., carrying over 8,000 board feet per
acre west of the Coast Range and
5,000 feet per acre east of that Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to
be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land "Recording Division, in
which the land applied for is situated.
and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can be obtained from the
Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made to
the value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating,at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and undeserved Crown
Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes; minimum price for
first-class (arable), land is $5 per
acre. Further information regarding
purchase or lease of Crown Lands Is
given in Bulletin No. 10, Land Series,
"Purchase and Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of stump-
age.    ��� 7 *'  ��� 7   ��� ,.y
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites, conditional upon a dwelling being erected
after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled, and land has been
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas not exceeding 640 acres may be
leased.by one person or a company,
- 'Under the Grazing Act the Province
is divided into grazing districts and the
range administered under a Grazing
Commissioner: Annual grazing permits are issued based on numbers
ranged, priority given to established
owners.  Stock owners may form asso
The Turkey Gobbler
THE wholesome beers made for
the people of British Columbia
by the Vancouver Breweries Ltd.,
Rainier Brewing Co. of Canada
Ltd., Westminster Brewery Ltd.,
SilvcrSpring Brewery Ltd., Victoria
Phoenix Brewery Co. Ltd., are not
made in a day or a w,eek. There
are months of care before thc high
��i ado grains, choice hops and pure
mountain water become the brilliant and full flavored, beverage
that is PURE BEER.
All beers made by the above
Breweries are fully fermented
and aged for months before they
reach the public. Thcy will not
continue to ferment after you
drink them; they do not cause
the ills that hastily made, badly
prepared and half fermented
"HOMEBREWS" are responsible for.
At all'Government
Drink only pure beers and preserve your health
v��&e\.great .American-bird is. not the
hen nor. the eagle, but the turkey; gob*
bier; The gobbler .is lord of the-barnyard:- and. .field .marshal, among .ttie
fowls....See him strut in .the fullness,
.of- his ��� pride, -tail feathers spreading;
head up, wings trailing, but' not- inglo-
riously! ��� His - crimson comb and ��� purplish wattles give him the appearance
of a red-faced and important. gent-
tieman who is querulously concerned
in everything going on about him.
Such pomposity,, dignity and swagger . is rare. His irritable "Gobble,
gobble, gobble" strikes terror into the
hearts of little children, but is music in
the ears of the more sophisticated who
envision him trussed up in a roaster
and stewing iri his own juice.
; The turkey has ben closely associated with American history from
the begining. oit will be remembered
that, at the famous Thanksgiving feast
of the Pilgrim Fathers in November,
1621, in which the friendly Indians
participated, wild turkey was the chief
delicacy. Once, this elusive bird was
plentiful but now the wild species is
all but extinct. In only a few sections
of the country the wild turkey may be
found. It begins to look as though the
domistic turkey is destined to go the
way.;'of its proginitor.' Young turkeys
are'hard to raise and the Thanksgiving
Christmas  demand  exceeds  the
supply. No one wants to see the day
iwheii the turkey has disappeared from
the land the proud gobbler struts and
fumes no more.
-There is no substitute for the turkey
gobbler in sight. As compared with
him the rooster is plebian and the
gander, "a. lesser breed without the
law." The gobbler is a symbol of prosperity and a token of hospitality as
well. ���
; "The three -Musketeers," coming to
the. Greenwood Theatre/on Dec. 24 is
the most:gripping and spectacular film
ever produced- by Douglas Fairbanks.
Based on that -'universally read classic by Alexander Dumas, "The Three
Musketeers," and added to from the
Memoirs of D'Artagnan, this feature
is said to embody more that is adventurous, romantic and dramatic than it
has ever before been possible to incorporate in a film vehicle.
Tho feats of swordsmanship alone in
this picture are said to be worth the
price of admission. This picture
comes to Greenwood following a remarkable run in New York where it
was shown at the Lyric Theatre and
given the . unanimous approval of
Don't fail to see this well-known
At a meeting of ��� the"'board of directors of the" "Consolidated Smelting .&
Mining company, limited,'; held. in
Montreal, Quebec, on Dec. 13th the
usual half-yearly dividend of 5 per cent
and $5. bonus per share was announced,
making a total for the year of 10 per
cent and $10. bonus. Bonus and dividend are payable January 16 to shareholders of record December 31.
W. L. Mathews was elected vice-
president of the company in place of
the late C. R. Hosmer. S. G. Blaylock,
General Manager of the Consolidated
Smelter at Trail, was'appointed a vice-
president. W. A. Black was appointed'
to tlie board of directors, filling the
vacancy created by the death of the
late Mr. Hosmer.
It was stated that the Company's
operation were proceeding on a satisfactory basis'and that there were no
unsold stocks of metals.
,-y ..^'yB-h'd&iiiX'.iA.yt. :,Z6M&:%5Mwi��&n-:-*.���-..   ���.,- .*.
This adycrii'-cmcnt is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control  B.-..rd or by the Government of British Columbia.
The Consolidated Mining 1 Smelting Co.
of Canada.
Office, Smelting-.and Refining- Department
Purchasers��of Gold, Silver, Copper; Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
))     ASSWFR   "'
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
Sl;00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. SHver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc 53.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
mpta Is. etc.. on application.
, Estrayed from my ranch on the
Eholt - Grand Forks Road, 2 young:
bulls;"V/_ years'old, one red with white
spot on left side, the other white, nearly like a roan; also 1 steer (without
horns), branded S.C. on left hip. Any
person knowing the whereabouts of
these animals, kindly notify the owner,
.,      S. Carruthers, Grand Forks, B.C.
Sometimes the informality
w"7���islnore effective
than a letter
"Long Distance, please"
Xyy- XyX    FOR SALE .*���������
Twelve pairs,_ this year's pups.
Registered in the Canadian Live Stock
records. Well furred. Prince Edward
Island strain.   Prices reasonable.
Apply to' _;
Pine Crescent Silver Black Fox Ranch,
.   Chas. Graser, Midway, B.C.
hatching eggs and pullets for next
year, S.C.W. Leghorns and R.C.W.
Wyandottes. Write for 1928 Price List
just   out.   J.   P.   C.   Atwqod^^Grand
-ForksXB^Gy^"^^^^^^     =      ~     x
Coming to Greenwood Theatre, Saturday, Dec. 31
Express Cargo Steamers For Cs P. R.
ciations for range management. Free,
or partly free, permits are available
for settlers, campers and travellers, up
to ten head.
: Job Printing at The l?reeiiwwd ledge
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $78,018,548;    Lode   Gold,   $126,972,318;
Silver, $80,787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $209,967,068;  Zinc, $50,512,557;  Coal and.'-,,   ...�����,
Coke, $284,699,133; Structural Materials and Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407; making
' -.. . its mineral production to the end of 1926 show an
I' y[ Aggregate Value of $988,108,470
Production for the year ending December, 1926, $67,188,842
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed by
Crown grants. ,
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing:
VICTORIA,! British Columbia.
N. B.���Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines.  Those considering
mining investments should refer to such reports.  They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C.   Reports of the Geological   Survey   of   Canada,   Winch,.
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.
Reports covering each of the Six Mineral Survey Districts are published separately, and are available on appltliatlon.     u
Election Notice
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
the/electors of the'Municipality of .the
City of Greenwood that I require the
presence of the said electors hi the
City Hall in the City,of Greenwood on
the 9th day-of January, 1928, at 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent them in the
Municipal Council as Mayor ��� and
Aldermen, and for the purpose of
electing one person as'School Trustee
and one person as Police Commissioner
for the Municipality of the Corporation
of the City of Greenwood. - ��� .  *
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated j
in writing; the writing shall be sub-1
scribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall
be-delivered to the Returning Officer'
at any.time between the date of the
notice and 2 p.m. of tlie day of nomination and in the event of a poll beings
necessary, such poll will be opened onf
the 12th day of January, A. D��� 1928,!
between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.!
at the said City Office, of which every
person is hereby required to take notice
and govern himself accordingly.
���'��� . Qualifications
The persons qualified to be nomh>
ated for. and elected as Mayor of the
City shall be such persons as are male
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under any law, and have been for
the six months next preceding the
day7fof nomination the registered
owner; in the Land Registry Office, of
real property in the City of the assessed value on the last municipal asssess-
ment role of One Thousand Dollars or
more; over and above any registered
judgment or charge and who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen,
School Trustees and Police Commissioners of said City, shall be such per-l
sons as are British subjects of the full
age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for six months next preceding
the day of nomination the registered
owner, in the Land Registry Office, of
land or real property in the City of the
assessed value, on the last Municipal
Assessment Roll of five hundred dollars
or more over and above any registered
judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise- duly qualified as municipal
voters. " i:
Given under my hand at Greenwood this 15th day of December, A.D.,
��� .'.-      , G. S. WALTERS,       J
Returning Officer.
The fourth of the five 10,000 ton cargo steamers under construction in the
Old Country for the Atlantic service ofthe Canadian Pacific was launched
recently^from the yards of Messrs. Barclay, Curie and Co., Glasgow. With
appropriate ceremonies and in the presence of a large gathering of Canadian
Pacific Officials, the new ship was christened the "Beaverhill" by Miss Mavis
Gillies, (inset)* daughter of Captain James Gillies, general manager of the
Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd.
When these new steamers are delivered, the Canadian Pacific cargo
fleet will be augmented by five of the highest type of express cargo steamers
and capable of maintaining a speed of 14 knots an hour, which is regarded as
exceptional for cargo steamers. The marked growth of Ocean trade between
Great Britain and Canada via the St. Lawrence route, has prompted the
Canadian Pacific to augment their freight service to this extent. These vessels
���will be used to maintain a weekly service between Canadian ports and those in
Great Britain and on the Continent.
The new freighter, like her sister ships the Beaverburn, Beaverdale,
Beaverford and Beaverbrae, is 520 feet in length 61 and a half feet in width
with a deadweight carrying capacity of approximately 10,000 tons and load
draft, of 27 feet; but should a need arise as much as 13,000 tons maybe carried
on the maximum load draft. The ships will be driven by twin screw. PAGE FuUR
> $rd& $oXC*& St-VW Sr Vw *rt ���*
|��:For appropriate Christmas Gifts see our display of fM
#:,;'���"  -Royal Winton Ware"'":���������'.;.���������i|
*| Vases, Floating Bowls for flowers, Candle Sticks,. jy
M fruit Dishes, Money Dishes. Sugar Bowls, Cream"')M
$$. Jugs, and Teapots -^
W        Nice assortment of Fancy Cups and Saucers -.'     $
Wishing You The Season's Best Greetings
Of Local Interest
''���'������%.���'H.,';;Johnston, Mines Inspector,, of |' Miss'Loma Saunder is visiting her
ftossi&nd, .is';.in; town; on * official busi-1 parents at Beaverdell.
"Put my name on your subscription
list", says E. W. Berg of Hosmer. "It
is just like getting a letter from home
when I can see The Ledge. With best
regards to you and all the boys
���' -Archie Aberdeen of Bridesville, is in
town ..and will remain over the festive
1 Good Things For Christmas ��8
Roy Clothier came in on this after-
neon's train from the Beaver at
Harold Mellrud of Pullman, Wash., is
spending the Christmas holidays with
his parents in Greenwood.
Miss Elizabeth McDonald has succeeded Miss C. Emery as cook at the
Greenwood and District Hospital.
duster Raisins Jap Oranges
Smyrna Figs B<
Dates Sweet Potatoes
Celery Cauliflower
Nolly and Mistletoe
Cigars & Cigaretees in Gift Packages
Rev. W. J. Silverwood has been appointed .to Holy Trinity parish, Grand
Porks and has taken up his duties.
Mrs. Hugh McGillvray has been in
the District Hospital for some days.
Shc expects to bc homc for Christmas.
An executive meeting of the Greenwood Curling Club will be held in thc
* Court House at 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec.
Ed. iDad) Rowland, of Bayview,
Idaho, in a letter to the editor sends
his regards to Mayor Gulley, Chas.
King, J. H. Goodeve .and other acquaintances in Greenwood.
Carl Carlson and Esther Carey both
og Rock creek, were united in th bonds
of Rock Creek, were united in the bonds
Friday Dec. 16th, Rev. A. Walker officiating. Mrs. Walker ancl Robt.
Forshaw acted as witnesses.
Owing to lhc possibility of the Coast
train being' late the Postmaster has decided to open tbe wicket for delivery of
parcels on Christmas Eve from 8 to
8.30 o'clock.. .Christmas Day from 4 to
4.30 p.m.
idM   For quality and value order from
Phone 46   '*'$& :
\ '.;.'
/Mc^^il!!fvy<^!?��^?<>'*^'^ yr^zw'Vrrc;w,l��!g>y
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bryant left on Friday
afternoon to spend the holidays with
their daughter, ancl son-in-law, Mr. ancl
: Mrs. G. Clerf of Kimberley.
I -Emberson Walker, of Fernie, for--
imerly of thc Boundary, was the guest
i of his uncle, Rev. A. Walker and Mrs.
j Walker on Tuesday and Wednesday of
'last week.
Mr. A. P. Bowsher left on Friday
morning for Mission City to which
point he has been transferred to the
Canadian Bank of Commerce. During
his stay in Greenwood "Pat" made
many friends who all wish him health
ancl prosperity in his new home.
Guests at the Pacific Hotel during
the week were: J. F. Worthington,
Rhone; D. W. McLaren, R. L. Clothier,
Beaverdell; F. Tracey, H. P. Holmes,
Vancouver, Chas. F. R. Pincott, Rev. E_
G. Smyth, Grand Forks; Geo. Munro,
Carmi; H. H. Johnston,. Rossland;
Archie Aberdeen, Bridesville.
. W, . We ..have, a nice assortment of
Ladies and Children's Handkerchiefs, Ladles
Stockings and numerous other suitable
Gifts for Women
The latest   in
Ties, Gloves, Socks, Hats and Caps for Men
Enjoy the Christmas programs on the air with a
Stewart-Warner Matched Unit Radio
Ellen Trounson's Store
gg| There i.s a large variety lo choose from and priced at extra value
jroy Look them over, there are Toys for CHILDREN of all ages
gH ������'���'                    Also Suitable presents for the Ladies as
$xj Fancy Handkerchiefs, Chinaware, Scarfs, Silk Stockings,
j��| Stanfield's Nova-Silk  Underwear, Etc.
��g3 ���                                    And for the *> Men .
5ji Ties, Scarfs, Sweater Coats, Dress Shirts, Pipes, Tobacco Pouches, Etc '\
��&) Also mixed Xmas Caindy and Nuts in bulk                         hj_
rwfi 6_ **___
gg�� Fancy Boxes of Chocolates
m. We wish our friends and patrons A Merry Christmas m
*e <un_nstmas  table ���
\��> V w�� w? w>
Cluster Raisins, Jap Oranges, Mixed Nu'.s
Fresh Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce
and many o'. her Specials
Handkerchiefs and Hose are going fast
These are suitable presents. Get yours before it's too late
/TAYLOR & SON    Cnel7
'Additional Rock Creek News
Kodaks, Fountain Pens,  Pen and Pencil Sets,.', gg
j|i-if:lashligh.tS'._Sm.o.keii-&e.ts Cigarette���Cases, ��m-
��'��� Pipes,  Ash Trays, Compacts,   Manicure and
Vanity Sets, Etc
Orthophomc Victrolas
and Latest Records
. There Will be service in the Anglican
Church at Rock Creek on Christmas
Day at 11 a.m.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Bubar and daughter,
Beatrice', attended the Social in Riverside Hall on Saturday. ���.-
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Johnson and family of Johnson Creek were visitors to
Rock Creek this week-end.
Bruce Gray of Victoria arrived home
on Sunday to spend the holidays with
his parents, Major and Mrs. R. Gray.
Mrs. Beaven Gane and family of Kettle Valley spent this week-end visiting-
Mi', "arid Mrs. Howard Smith of James
The many friends of Mrs. Sidley of
Kettle Valley will be pleased to hear
that she is well and enjoying her visit
to Vancouver and Victoria, and that
she hopes shortly to return to this district.   *   "
The Rock Creek Women's Institute
will hold their annual meeting in Riverside Hall on Saturday, Jany. 7th.
Election of officers for the coming year.
All members are asked to attend at
2 p.m.
Mr. Joe Grey of Renata will be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, of Kettle
Valley during the festive season. Mr.
Grey is well known in the Valley, having taught school at Ingram Bridge
several years ago.
The famous trappers���Gordon Has-
NEILSON'S Celebrated make in Fancy Seasonal Boxes.   Just in      WW
���"������' Stationery
Splendid  Selection.     .-*- Better than ever before
Toys and Dolls
Big   Assortment. Sec our Windows.
Presents for Old and Young
snow in the mountains have returned
home and report that trapping is not
very 'satisfactory at present and the
value of the catsh so far is very small
but they still hope to get some furs.
It is quite a long time since Rock
Creek had a wedding. The wedding
bells were ringing here on Friday, and
the. happy pair������were receiving congratulations from their numerous
friends, and have taken up their abode
in- pick turns' house. It was regretted
by-many-'Rock Creekites that weddings
did not take place of toner as they always created a really gay time.
Based on the Immortal Novel
"The Three Musketeers"
By Alexander Dumas
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8:15  p.m.
Adults 50c.       Children 25c
Coming! Coming!
Saturday, December 31st
Colleen Moore
We wish to thank all our customers for
their kind patronage during the "
year that has just passed and
Best Wishes for a
Pleasant Xmas
and a
Successful New Year
British Columbia
Season's Best Greetings
......Z Auctioneer	
Real Estate Insurance
Christmas Memorys
j Of all that Christmas holds most dear,
j    True friendship is the best,
j Which riustur'd on from year to year,
, Lives loyal in one's breast.
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
���^_^-��_?*5^'SS?v? &5$&&'5?W.^S'f3&v7& FfCP; yy?Z- 'r*v*v ���x-t-rxn.pr&w.^y.i
Consisting of Christmas Music      *    #
ending in a S
CHRISTMAS PANIOMINE     ������     [��))f
United Church; Greenwood    |
Christmas Pay, 7s30 D.m.    I
Service at Midway- II a-inii-    I
Frederick Madge late of Rock Creek
in thc County of Yale, and Province
oi British Columbia.
��� NOTICE ~is hereby given pursuant
to Statute that all creditors and others
having claims/against the Estate of
the.said;Frederick Madge who died on
or about, the 19th .day of July, DA.D.,
1.927,.;..are required on or before the
31st day of January, A.D." 1928,-to send
by. post prepaid or. deliver to the undersigned or-to John Charles Madge of
Rock.; Creek,. B.C., the Executor of the
Will..-, of 7the.. said deceased, their
christian and surnames, addresses, and
.descriptions,, .the full; particulars of
their . claims,. the statement of then-
accounts and the. nature of the securities, if any held by them.."
that.:,after such last mentioned date
the.said Executor will proceed to distribute ..the assets of. the said deceased
among,the parties entitled thereto having-regard, only to the claims of which
he -then shall have had notice, and
that the. Executor will not be liable for
the-.said assets or .any part: therof to
any; person; or persons of whose claims
notice;,shall, not.;have been received by
him at the time of. such distribution.
DATED the. 20th day of December,
A.D., 1927.     ��� .'���
Solicitor'for John Charles Madge,
Executor of the said Deceased,
Xmas Greetings
Wc  wish you  all
A Merry Christmas
And may the Year that is to come
Bring You Much Joy and
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Catholic Church, Greenwood
. ... will be celebrated at
10 a.m. on Sunday, rDecember25ih
Xmas Merchandise
sj^   Are Larger and Better Selected Than Ever
Before but on account of the extremely cold
weather have been moving slowly
of the family and to move our stock quickly we
will have many
Real Bargains To Offer, for the Next Ten Days
Christmas Suggestions
 - --[XX  LADIES   SILK   SCARFS - , -,,.'-,-,.	
CHINAWARE in Many Beautiful Patterns
HOUSE SLIPPERS for Men and Women
At Right Prices
Everything For Christmas
Hearty Holiday Greetings To AH
Rock Creek
Card of Thanks... ...... ...
I wish to sincerely thank the many
friends in Grand Forks, Greenwood
and Anaconda'for" their kindnesstp me
and my. children during my recent illr
riess['.'-'.-"""xyy''"i,x:;;;: 7":'7'"'
.. yy ���:"���'. .["���������
The! bhrysler coach .stolen "from
Drossos Bros, private garage in Penticton some months ago, was recently
in Redwood City, California.
Tel. 2. GREENWOOD,  B.C. Box 391
A Supply of
Shredded Suet, Home Made Sausage, Etc


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