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The Greenwood Ledge Jun 16, 1927

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 .��i.:. iv
!Provincial Library '
ti y
VOL. 1
f    >1
We Carry a Large Line of
McLary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
McLary's Heaters   *
inspect our Stock
���'T. "M. GULLEY & CO.
No. 46
Ladies and Men's
Boots, Shoes and
Canvas Shoes
for Men and Children "
Of Local Interest
Ladies Dresses
otor Oil from us
We carry
Aristo, Castrol, Motoreze, and Mobil Oils
in the right weight for your motor
Union Ethyl Gas in Drums
For quality and value order from phone 46
25 Ellen Trounson's Store K
Auction Sale
Mr. D. McKee's Auction Sale
Harry Royce  left on
for Hedley.
J. H. Goodeve has moved his
drug store into the Pacific Hotel.
,Miss Ruby Goodeve returned
on Friday last from a visit" to
��� A number of citizens witnessed
the total eclipse of the moon on
Tuesday night.    > ���
Note-The Picture Show next
week will be held ori the 24th instead of.the 25th.
_ Harold Mellrud of Pullman,
Wash., is spending a-few day at
his parental home here.
Athletic Club Concert
Decided Success
Mrs. C. W., Bubar was able to
leave the District Hospital on
Saturday for her home in Beaverdell.
Mimu'i-Mimrnrr. mn____^rTrF__,.r.,w||||M||
-"'"'-'"*" "i il il i""-"ffli*m
pring Housecleaning
We have a complete stock
For a Suggestion
Look at our Windows
��� ' will be held in
Saturday, June'i8th at I p.m.
122 Acre Ranch, 8 Acres Cultivated
Six Roomed Dwelling, with large Stable
for 10 horses
Blacksmith Shop and large Platform
7 1-2 h.p. Electric Motor, Large Drilling
Machine,   Logging Tools, Blacksmith's
Tools of every description, Household
Furniture, and Farm Implements
Everything' for sale in first class shape
For full particulars see Bills
Phone 17
Charles King.  -    Auctioneer
Under New Management
First-Class Dining Room in Connecti
Elenore Meherin's daring novel
It's a drama of today; tingling with
romance, throbbing with adventure,
pulsating with heart throbs, yet bubbling with joy.
.   Leslie Fenton���David Torrence
Gloria Hope���Charles Farrell
J. H. Goodeve
jmtu�� wT__ui'.uwi m._w____hk_ugj
Local fed Spring Lamb
Veal, Beef, &c
Corned Beef, Pickled Tongues
Boiled Ham, Head Cheese, &c
also a two reel lfox comedy
Dance after the Show
A. W. McDonald was. visiting
his family in town the first of the
week en route from - Nanaimo to
''"Jijjj assortment of blacksmith's
t09/o .%p be sold at the McKee
Auctiori will surprise all who
A lunar rainbow was seen in the
horizon north of town, after a
severe storm, at 10:15 p.m. on
o T. T. Lipscomb and R. B.
Stickney of Spokane, were guests
at the Pacific Hotel during the
���' Miss E. M. Royce, R. N., of
Spokane, is spending a holiday
at the home of her mother, Mrs.
A. R. Royce.
r All ranchers should attend the
-McKee Auction on the 18th.
There are tools and implements
:.;of every variety that will be sold
._at cheap prices. ,-- '
j., Mrs- .W; X, Perkins of Pentic-
'iton;  Mrs.   Tr Biner/; and Miss
Julia  Biner, of California, were
yisitors in town today.
A large crowd is expected at
the McKee Auction in Greenwood
on Saturday, June 18th at 1 p.m.
A place to come to get good bargains.
Don't condemn the modern
flapper until you hear her side of
the story. See Madge Bellamy
m "Sandy" at the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, June 18th
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15l'p.m.
Adults SOc. Children 25c.
Coming! Friday, June 24th
(No Show Saturday)
TOM MIX   in
McMYNN'S STORE, Midway, B.C.
Van Camps Pork and Beans, individual size, 10c each 3 for 25c
Medium 18 oz can 15c each 7 fo. $1.00
12 doz Thin Glass Tumblers 10c each, $1.00 per doz
I doz Aluminum Coffee Percolators,
Reg price $2.00 each, Special price $1.25 each'
Sweet Mixed Biscuits 35c per Ib ���
try Union ETHYL Gasoline
the next time you heed Gas.  More power and less carbon.   We give vou
.  Visible Pump Service.  You see what you get.   Also complete line/of
Dunlop and Goodrich Tires and Tubes at your service
Want Ads Bring Results
The Dance held in the Masonic
Hall after the Concert on Friday,
June 10th, was a great success.
The music by the Greenwood
orchestra and others was excellent
and the supper most enjoyable.
Mr. and Mrs. John Coulson and
two daughters were in town on
Saturday and called on Mr. and
Mrs. M. Christensen. Mr. Coulson is anoldtimerof this town.
He,was the contractor who built
the Armstrong Hotel which is now
the District Hospital. After leaving here in the.early days he went
to New Zealand, where he stayed
for a time ' before returning and
settling in the Cariboo, his present
Spring Cleaning
,.1* *s getting almost time
for the spring clean-up.
Why not have your clock fixed up when
you are putting everything else iu order
You will find our -
Watch Rejjairine Department
second to none
iu this Western country
Let us have your Repairs now and start
out this Spring on Schedule Time
Watchmaker and Jeweler
f J. White. Mgr
The United Church of Canada
Rev. Andrew Walker. B.A.
Minister in charge, Greenwood
Beaverdell 11 a.m.    *^
Rock Creek 3 p.m.
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
-3. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box L1108, Kelson, B.C.
Charges���Gold, Silver, Copper or.Lead
$1.00 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-
Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc .S3.00.
These charges made only when cash is
sent with sample. Charges for other
metals, etc., on application.
and Next Week
Save Money on Dishes
Plates in Clover Leaf Pattern at about half regular prices
Tea Plates - 15c each. $1.75 per doz.
Soup Plates and medium Dinner Plates
20c each. $2.25 per doz.
Extra Large Dinner Plates 25c each. $2.75 doz.
White Enamel Wash Basins.
Priced to sell at 49c and 59c each
Sun Visors, new assortment, big saving 35c each
Oh Boy Hand Cleaner        - 2 for 25 cents
America, One Day Alarm Clocks - $1.50
Ladies Silk Hose - Special 2 pair for 95c
Sugar.    -      - 1001bs $8.15. 201bs $1.65
Lots of Fresh Strawberries Saturday      Priced right
and ,,
Goodyear Tires-and Tubes
Rock Creek
,u   , or? y caPacity audience in
the local theatre, Greenwood and
District Amateurs gave a Concert
on  the  10th  inst.,  which gave
much pleasure to many and exceeded in excellence the performers own ideas of the outcome. -   .
From the moment the curtain
went up at ��.10 until 10.50 p.m.,
the well rounded programme held
the crowded house's attention and
many encores were demanded and
given.     To   make   comparisons
would be difficult indeed, suffice
it to say that in view of the applause accorded, the performance
of Mrs.   Reynolds in  two. very
well rendered violin solos and the
"Coon" act  by  Mr.   and Mrs.
Clarke of Beaverdell, seemed to
delight the crowd most and called
forth  many expressions ��� of approval.
Beginning with a chorus entitled "Four Leaf Clover," by the
entire troupe, followed by "Aint
She Sweet", the audience beheld
suitable scenery (the efforts of the
local artists also) and a chorus
appropriately dressed for the
occasion.. Miss Kempston took
the leading part in this and was
followed by Mrs. G. S. Walters in
the same role dressed to ridicule
the part and this brought down
the house.
The opening chorus was followed
by a pleasing vocal solo by Miss
Harris in her usual pleasant and
effective manner and was well
. Mr. Juan Puddy took the leading part in a chorus called "If all
the stars were pretty babies and I
was the man in the moon", supported by a number of young
ladies secreted behind stars from
which -they finally emerged to
comfort the man in the moon.
Mr. G, S. Walters as-boss of
the "Douk" fire fighters gang
created much amusement and the
antics' of'the - workers-" (so' called-) [owners
to do as little work as possible
and get in as much time as possible, was most amusing. The boss
was forever being asked to listen
to stories and one member never
finished his being drowned out by
the rest of the voices.
Mr. Geo. Love of Beaverdell,
gave two very pleasing violin solos
followed by the entire company
singing "Tell me pretty maiden
are there any more at home like
you," an oldia^ouritelwhichltook
well, and showed much care in
preparation.^,   7
Miss Harris and Mr. Love enacted a. sentimental duet which
was very well received and reflected great credit on the performers.
The Hawaiian Quartette in
which Miss Collins, Miss Price,
Miss Skilton and Mr. J. Puddy
took part was most pleasing and
the harmony of the "Ukes" played by Miss Collins and Mr. Puddy
blended well.    ���-���
A dance duet in which a well
dressed sheik (Miss R. Axam)
was bowled over by the charms of
a winsome Miss (Miss R. Skilton)
culminated in a short exhibition
of the popular Charleston.
t Miss Harris then gave a recitation depicting the office boys version of Hamlet in the latest slang
and the funny passages, etc.,
created considerable, amusement.
The colorful effects of the Neapolitan Nights chorus were very
pleasing,' the entire cast being
gracefully grouped and attired in
Italian peasant dress costume.
Miss Collins taking the solo part
very well and here as in many
other numbers Mr. J". Hallett is
to be congratulated on his' color
��� While it is felt that much more
detail could be gone; into and also'
much -.credit, is due to execution
andcgeneral excellence, there is no
doubt but that each member .taking part deserves much praise.
The able efforts of Mrs. A
Walker, Mrs. H. T. Newmarch,
Mrs. A. Francis and Dr. Francis
as regards tutoring and music are
worthy of special mention. Mr.
W. C. Wilson, who was chiefly
responsible for all scenery designing is to be complimented on his
Mr. J. H. Goodeve as President
of the Hockey Club thanked the
audience for their support also
conveyed thanks to Mr. G. Gray
for_ his unfailing willingness to
assist in all matters relating to
the public welfare.
.The Concert came to a close
after singing the National Anthem,
British Columbia
..The recently published report
that the mineral production of
British Columbia has reached" a
total of close upon one billion
dollars and the figures concerning
the production in 1926 make it
quite apparent that this Province
occupies an important position in
relation to the World's production
of mineral.
It is a magnificient total, in the;
figures of which is written a story
of optimism, of endurance and
courage and of scientific achievement. If it were possible to
allocate these excellent qualities
each to its individual possessor,
the prospector and pioneer operator would, in all truth, be credited
with -optimism, endurance and
courage whilst those who move in
the realm of mining operations bf
fehe grander scale would, with -
equal truth, receive fitting recognition of their achievements brought
about> through the medium of
scientific endeavour.
However, classification is futile.
Each quality is a component part
of successful mining operation,
whether such operation be on
large or small scale and it is due
to this combination, together with'
the bounties which Nature has
lavishly bestowed upon our Province, that the mining industry of
British 'Columbia has reached
such splendid proportions.
In the larger operating mines of
the Province there are vast reserves  of ore  which provide' a
guarantee of present and future
valuable  production.    Although
the names of these great mines ���
are by-words, it must not be considered that it is from them that
the total production is forthcoming. ��� Throughout British Columbia, scores of smaller mines are in
operation, many of which are paying handsome   profits   to  their
vners. -   - - -         ���
The Greenwood District possesses a striking example of this,
m the Silver Mines of Wallace
Mountain  afr Beaverdell.    The
Bell  Mine  and the Sally Mine
have been steady producers  of
high-grade  Silver ore and have
yielded and continue to yield ex-
ceDtional profits.   Other mines on    '
Wallace Mountain,  notably the
Wellington Mine and the Beaver '
Mine have contributed substantially to thejoutput of the Camp ,
while several other properties have
shipped varying tonnages of ore
of high Silver content.
British Columbia is shown to
be the greatest producer of Silver
of any Province in the Dominion- ���
of Canada and, in this connection,
the mines of Wallace Mountain
have been an appreciable factor
in the attainment of that enviable
The example cited is one of
many similar conditions in -the
other Mining Districts of this
Province. It is not only in the
Greenwood District that the lesser
operations are of such nature as
to demand a place ih the sunshine
of the grand total of the mineral
production of British Columbia.
The other districts have their
mines which cannot be classed
amongst the major operations and
these constitute, as it were, the
rank and file of the industry from
which, at times, a leader may step
The experiences of the past have
prepared the way of the future.
���Within,-.the far. flung borders of
our Pacific Province there lies a
territory    which   may  properly ���
be described as the. "Last Great .
West"  pf ���?, the mineral areas of
North America.   Within this vast
territory there will, no doubt, be
discovered   and  operated  many
mines of the first magnitude biit
first of all will come the prospector
and in his wake the pioneer operator.   To these men. belongs the
support of all "those who are interested in the development of the
country "and to those who have
faith in this basic industry ofthe
Province will accrue the tangible
rewards of optimism, courage and
Hear Dr. S. F. Tolmie
Dr. S. F. T��lniie, Conservative
Leader, will address a public meeting
in _the Davis Hall, Grand Forks, on
Friday, June 17th, at 8 p.m. Important
questions of the day will be thoroughly
discussed. ���",...*        ...---
A reception will .be held afterwards
at which everyone will have a chance
to meet Mr. Tolmie. THE   Q-EEENWOOD   LEDGE
*(best tea you can buy,"���picked when only
���three days old���juicy, flavor-filled leaves.
Now packed in Aluminum.
Canada s Diamond Jubil
Only once iii tho history of'any nation docs tho opportunity come to
Its people to celebrate tho diamond jubilee of Its .founding. Canadians will
enjoy tliat opportunity ou July 1st next, and it is gratifying to note tliat the
celebration will be well nigh universal from coast to coast. Can/adians, no
doubt,. woulll hare with equal zest aad enthusiasm celebrated tho'fiftieth
anniversary of Confederation but for the fact that in 1017 they -were engaged
lu a life and death struggle in which the very existence of Canada was at
etalce. .The victory won through the great sacrifices then made "should but
add to1 Uie gratitude and pride of our people hi this year of the Diamond
Jubilee. .    .
Children today may have tlio opportunity of celebrating ono hundred*
years of Confederation, but bur adult population will not, and so those who
actually witnessed the inauguration o'f this young nation, and those who have
taken part iu its oarliei development, will no doubt throw themselves wholeheartedly into tlio ceremonies which will commemorate this historic event.
It is the repeatedly expressed desire of tlio National Committee created
by Parliament to promote this Diamond Jubilee celebration that it should be
participated in by all the people, old and young, in small hamlets and rural
districts as well as in the larger centres of population. It is the spirit"of .tho
ceremonies rather than in their elaborate character that their real significance aud value will be found.
Thc National Committee lias, therefore, urged that there be at least
one simple little ceremony everywhere at the same hour, and have suggested
that, at twelve o'clock noon on July 1st in every community however small,
bolls should bc rung, whistles blown,' and the two national anthems "God
Save the King" and "0 Canada" sung. And again, that at 2.30 o'clock on the
aftorno'on of Sunday, July 3rd, a community service of general Thanksgiving
be held. For this latter service the National Committee is preparing a simple
jii-ogratnnic of exercises suitable for all communities..-.
These are suggestions wliich can readily be carried out in all communities, and H is to be,hoped that the people of the Dominion will accept the
lead of their National Committee and unitedly co-operate wiih it in giving
effect to these suggestions. Tliey need in no way interfere with the larger
and more- elaborate programmes beiug arranged in most cities, towns and
it is further-suggested that a tree be planted in every community with
filling ceremonies to be hereafter aired for and known as the Diamond
Jubilee Confederation Tree. This, too, offers no obstacle: on the .score or
cxpomse to any community. Not only can such a tree be planted-in some
public place in all urban communities, but there would appear to be ho
reason why a Confederat.io.it Tree should not be given a place of honor in lhe
grounds of every rural school throughout 'the length and breadth of the
A.s a further marking of Canada's sixtieth birthday anniversary,' it Is
proposed thai, some public park or place in every community!! be named
"Canada Place" or "Canada Square." If all such places already bear names,
.hen one. the designation"of. which has no special significance, might bo
re-named In accordance with this suggestion.
Every child enrolled in a public, separate or private school in Canada in
this Jubilee year is to receive a medal struck in the Koyal Mint at Ottawa,
the gift of the National Committee. The presentation of these medals to the
pupils ofrcrs a splendid opportunity to school district officials* to plan a little
cerennony at which a short talk ou what Confederation has meant and has
achieved for Canada could be given, and the boys and girls of today urged
to Vender loyally and devotion to Canada and dedicate their lives in service
to their country.
Like most people living in northern, climes, Canadians aro not mucli
given to showing their reelings. Their patriotism is something they do not
talk-about to any extent, and they are seemingly averse to ���display. But this
_ljinp-ioi.vLJ.ub'left is one nccasion-nn^which-tlio-peo'plO-oClCauada-may-wclLun^
bend a little, display their flag with profusion, shout and cheer. It will do
lliem good, aud especially should the children be encouraged to regard
Dominion Day, 1927, as a red letter day in their young lives, and celebrate it*
accordingly. :       ''.,;**
Wins Prize in England
Tobacco     From      Canadian    -Farms
Awarded Medal for '-Outstanding
Canadian tobticco has been awarded
a silver medal for tho "outstanding
excellence" of-leaf tobacco shown at
the International Tobacco^ exhibition
held at Olympia, London, in May. according to an announcement made by
the Department, of Agriculture.
Thc Canadian exhibit was prepared
by the Tobacco .Division-of the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, in
competition with South Africa, Colombia, Italy, Greece and Macedonia.
Canadian tobacco exports trebled in
1!)2G and the value of the leaf sent to
Great Britain alone totalled over $2,-
2 Years' Backache
Subdued by "Nerviline"
"Backache was tho bane of my life,
and for two1 years I was so lame as to
be unfit for work," �� writes E. S.
Sloane, from Georgetown. "While in
Smith Bros.' Drug Store, I heard of
Nerviline being a wonderful pain-
destroyer, so I decided to try Nerviline. Thanks, to Nerviline, my two-
years' backache was rubbed away,
and today I am perfectly well."
All those who suffer from weak,
aching backs, those whose muscles
are stiff, whose joints are swollen, let
them try Nerviline���the liniment that
never fails.   o5c. at all dealers.
Agreement Has Expired '
Railway Assisted Many Alberta FV-rm-
ers to Move From Dry ^'X\
Free movement of farmed a.nd
their egects from the drier hreag ih
southeastern Alberta to new local 10ns
elsewhere in the province stopped at
the end of May when the agreement
between the government and the railways expired. During, tlio past season to the end of April a .total .of 568
families .with 0S5 cars of stock and
effects have been removed under this
arrangement. The majority of. settlers thus changing their locations
have gone to the farming '.*. country
along the foothills from the Lethbridge district, to as far north, as
Grande Prairie.
Clean to handle.   Sold by all
Druggists, Grocers and
General Stores
Many Prizes For Aviators
More Than $100,000 Offered for Five
Long Air Races
With prizes totalling more than
$100,000 offered for long distanco
flights over continent and ocean adventurous aviators may now choose
from at least five events of the kind
during the next few months.
To date, the prize offers and proposed flights are:
$35,000 offered by James Doyle,-of
Honolulu, for a non-stop flight from
the Pacific Coast-to Honolulu ���
?25,000 for the first and $10,000 for
the second-aviator to make the hop.
?25,000 offered by Williani K. East-
erwood, Dallas," Texas capitalist, for
the first to fly from Dallas to Hong
Kong, .10,000 miles.
$33,000 offered by the business men
of Spokane, Wash, for a series of
races between New York and Spokane. This race is sponsored by the
National Aeronautic As-social ion.
?30,000 by Sid Grauman, Hollywood, Calif., for the first to lly from
Los Angeles to Tokio, 5,000 miles.
$3,500 by Spokane interests for a
race from San Francisco to Spokane.
Miller's Worm Powders aro complete in themselves. They not only
drive worms from the system, but repair the damage that worms cause
and so iuvigo'rato tho constitution
that it speedily recovers from the
disorders of the; digestion that are tho
result of tho work of these parasitic
intruders. Thoy do tlicir work thoroughly ancl strength and soundness
follow Lhelr use.
Loss Ran Into Millions
in   Canada   Last
Were Costly
The forest fire' sltuatioirin Canada
during 1926 was again a very serious
one. There were marked contrasts In
fire hazard conditions between the
East ancl the West and consequently
wido differences In tho total fire
losses in the two parts of thc Dominion. In Eastern Canada both the
spring and fall were co'ol and rainy
so that now low records for forest
fire losses were established. A midsummer period of fire hazard occurred
in the East generally but It passed
without any great damago being
done. In Western Canada, 192C closo-
ly followed the two previous years,
berth ln the intensity of the hazard
aud in tho fire losses. Danger conditions continued, generally, throughout
tho season and thc scant precipatlon
afforded little relief from early spring
to late fall.
According toi figures prepared ln the
Forest Service of thc Department of
the Interio'r, there were 5,529 forest
fires in Canada last year which burned over a total area of 1,824,015 acres.
Tho total gross damage and loss is
estimated at $7,-168,313.
A Country of Centenarians
Spain Has Large Number of Persons
Over Hundred Years Old
"Spain is the land of centenarians.
The latesf official census states that
351 persons (ninety-six men and 25S
women) have reached the age 100;
eeventy-fivo men and 201 women are
more than 100 years old, and a number have readied 110 years.
There are 22,150 men and 30,291 women more'..than'eighty years old.
* It will bo seen that women are
longer lived thaii men. Even Madrid,
which has the reputation of being unhealthy, has twenty-four women aim
��� shjvon .men who are moro than 100
years old. .* w '
We might enjoy work, more if we
did uot have to do it.
Prepared Especially ids Infants
and Children of All Ages
Mother!    Fletcher's    Castoria   has
Fish By-Prcducts
Map Showing Location of Plants in
B.C. Has Been Issued
The-Natural Jlesources Intelligence
Service, in co-operation with the Department of Marine and Fisheries, has
issued a map showing the location of
all the Fish By-Product reduction
plants now-installed in Britisli, Columbia with the names of tho operating firms.
'J'he chief fishing areas are also
clearly defined and It. can bo seen at
a glance in which of these there are
many, few or no reduction plants, and
where there appears to be room for
further enterprise in this line.
At the present time there are 2S
plants in operation, which produce oil,
meal and fertilizer from salmon, halibut and other offal, pilchards, herring, dogfish and whales.
The Canadian National Hallways
are erecting oil tanks of 300,000 gallon capacity, and the Canadian Pacific Railway i.s fitting a coast-wide
steamer with a 170,000 gallon lank.
There Is a large demand for these
fish by-products, which can be shipped
direct from British Columbian ports to'
Europe and Asia.
Gain New Vitality by Building
-'.. Up the Blood        c ������>
There, are many women who pass
their days in a constant state,of weariness. ** They have barely sufficient
energy to enable them to perform
their manifold duties. Often they
have an aching head, a miserable
paiu in the back, and limbs that feel
as, heavy as lead. Tho whole trouble
is due to bloodlessness. No woman
need suffer in this way. It is easy to
obtain a supply of rich rod '''blood! by
taking Dr. Williams', Pink Pills. The
new.'.blood created by these pills
rapidly builds up the system; headaches and backaches disappear,
energy returns and the joy of living
is felt���ouee more... , .
Proof of these statements is given
by/Mrs. Ed: Lantfre, Stoney : Point,
Qui;., who says:���"For a long time I
tion, ahvays-feeling tired put, sleepy
and weak. The least work about tlio
house would leave mo helplessly tired
and nothing that I did seemed Lo give
relief. ''Believing that a vest might
do'me good, we.moved to town, but,
contrary to expectations, instead of
getting bettor I was growing steadily
weaker. One .day while talking to a
neighbor, she urged my taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, telling me that
her daughter.-had been In a condition
much liko mine. This persuaded me
to try this .medicine, and I'have, much
reason to be grateful that I followed
her advice. After the use of a few
boxes of the pills, there could he no
doubt Ihht they were helping mc, antl
as I continued their use my health
and strength came back and now I
am doing all my own work and feeling in the best of health. For this
splendid coiidition I must give my
thanks to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
The pills are sold by all druggists,
or vou can get them by mail at 50c
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville. Out.
New Coins For Free State
Design   Proposed   Tells   Modern
lands Story in Sequence
Almost the entire barnyard
represented in Ihe obverses proposed
for the new coins for the Irish Free
State. The battle over designs for
the new coinage has been won by ihe
protagonists of emblems illustrating
Erin's prestige as a horse-breeding
and agricultural country.
The designs submitted include tho
horso, tthe bull, the fish andoother
Irish products, a series of eight designs, telling modern Ireland's sto'ry
in sequence.' It is highly probable
that the reverse will display the harp,
the national emblem. The issue ls
expected before'' Cliristmas.
Air Not Yet Conquered
Casualties in Long Flights Greater
Than the Successes
Since Lindbergh winged his way
through hail and fog and night to
Paris, men have begun to talk .about
(lying lo Honolulu, to Australia, and
to Japan. It ls quite pos'sible that, in
time, such feats may bo accomplished, hue to conclude Lhat thcy are going to be accomplished as a mere
matter of course is to lly into tho
face o'f experience. Lindbergh, with
extraordinary luck as well as skill,
got to Paris. But in tho meantime
Pincdo fell into the ocean near the
Azoies. Lieutenants Carr and Gill-
man, flying from England to India
fell into the Persian Gulf. Aud Nun-
gesscr and Coll. flying across lho
Atlantic disappeared.
That is a price iu casualties .which
ought at least to qualify some o'f the
easy optimism about over-tlio-ocean
Chief of Western Customs
Nine days constituted the reign of
one English queen. She was - Lady
Jane    Grey,    grand_nieeo    of    Henry
Origin of "Vaudeville"
Vaudeville originally meant a light,;
gay> song, but, it is now used as meaning a.light kind of play introducing a
number of songs. The word is derived from Vau-de-Tire, tho name of two
valleys in Normandy, where, in the
fifteenth century, a Preach poet composed songs that became popular ancl
were calledi Vaux-de-Vire, after the.
New Branch Line
Work Started on New C.N.R. Line
Between Weyburn and Radville
Construction wo'rk on the" new
Canadian National Railway branch
line between Weyburn and Radville,
22 miles long,' today is under way and
will be completed  before  November
The contractors aro Ilelt, Sibald
and Bryson, a AVinnipeg firm. To accomplish the building of the lino as
rapidly as possible, thc contractors
have three gangs working. The first*
started grading at Weyburn and is
working in a south-westerly direction; tlie second is working In a
north-easterly direction from, Ttad-
villo, and the third gang started grading work 11 miles southwest of Weyburn and is working to meet the -other
two'gangs.   '
J. W. Kempston, of Yorkton Receives
Appointment .
Joseph William Kempston, of York-
ton, Sash., has becn appointed divisional chief of the customs and excise preventive service for the western district, which includes tho
provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta
and Manitoba:" Announcement*- to this
effect was made by Hon. W. D. Eulei,
federal minister of the department ot
national revenue.
Mr. Kempston Is a former officer of
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
and his varied experiences in this
connection gives him a wide knowledge of the western stretches o'f the
Dominion. He is to assume his new
duties at once with headquarters at
Winnipeg; -       :   ;    =
Tills completes the list 'of appointments of divisional chiefs of the reorganized . preventive service for the
seven districts of Canada.
been in use for over 30   years   as   a | VIIL| and was executed on a 'scaffold
Soothing Syrups. Contains   no   nar:
cotlcs. Proven directions are on each
package.       Physiciahs      everywhere
recommend it.
The genuine bears signature of
The average man is about, as awkward at lovemaking as he would be
at cutting fresh bread. ���>-}_���_. ;
7W.   N-   TJ.   1685
A common Italian; saluation in>the
morning.is,"Ocd give you a good
day." ;���������-���
Minard's Liniment for Insect bites.
No Rest Withj Asthma. Asthma
usually attacks at night, the one time
when rest 13 needed most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
the loss of flesh and other evils which
must be expected unless relief is secured. Fort unately relief is possible.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
has proved its merits through years
of' service. A trial will surely convince you.
Air Mail Problem
The experimental work In connection with the post office department's
air mail programme will likely bc delayed until the early fall, according
to latest advices. It has been decided not to call for.tenders for any
definite air-mail routes at the. present
time. But late this summer the Royal
Canadian Air Force will undertake
somc experimental work in the Gulf
of St. Lawrence and will carry on into
the winter -months; The; intention is
to securo /accurate . information respecting flying conditions before any
contracts are entered into with private concerns.
Would Speed Up Mail
Air Service for Incoming Mail From
Britain is Planned
Arrangements have practically been
completed with the British authorities t0 have Canadian mail sorted on
(he other side so that it can be taken
by plane at Father Point and distributed to -Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa
and Toronto, according to the postmaster-general. Tho servico will bc
tried out in September', he announced,
and that the department was working
on plans for the establishment of an
air mail service to the Magdalen Island.' '... "
One of the outstanding
developments by Firestone
Engineers is the Gum-Dipping
process which impregnates and
insulates every .fibre of every
cord with rubber���adding
strength to the cords and reducing internal friction and
heat so destructive to tire life.
The Firestone Dealer in
your locality will gladly explain
to you the extra value of Gum-
Dipping. He is prepared to
demonstrate how the cords of
the carcass are saturated in a
rubber-which makes motoring
more economical with added
comfort and safety.
Hamilton, Ontario
Firestone Build- tlie Only Gum-Dipped Tire*
A Remarkable Picture
Canvas 138 Feet Long Depicts
Coronation Procession of 1911
A remarkable picture, 138 feet long,
has been painted by a prominent artist in the Queen's Dolls' IIo'uso
Room, at Windsor Castle. It depicts
the Coronation Procession of 1911.
Over 300 horses ancl S,000 men aro
seen in the drawing, which is to the
same scale as the Doll's House. Beginning at the door" of the ro'om tho
painting shows the fine white horse
which headed the procession, followed
by detachments of troops, the Itoyai
Coacli drawn by the eight famous
creams, the distinguished guests and
the remainder o'f the Sovereigns' es-.
Too Undignified for City
Mexico's beast of burden, the burro,
has been barred from the streets of
Mexico City. The patient, picturesque
little animals, which for centuries
have packed cargoes of country produce to tho metropolis, now interfere with motor traffic, and, according
to an official order jusi issued, givo
For Sprains and Bruises. ��� Thero
is nothing better for sprains and contusions than Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil. It Avill reduce the swelling tliat
follows a sprain will cool the Inflamed
flesh and draw the pain. It will tako
the ache out of a bruise by counteracting the inflammation. A trial will
convince any who doubt its power.
Ceylon, for its beauty and richness,
lias been called "the Gem. of the Eastern Seas." Moslem legends say Ceylon was the "Paradise" .from which
Adam and Eve were driven.
Hugo Frick lost his wife and his
automobile. The latter was recovered.
"Never mind looking for the wife," he
told police. "She wasn't much of a
wife, but I'd hate to lose that car."
Any man who does you an ill turn
wllKnever forgive you for it.
The annual loss of timber at present suffered by, Canada's forests
througli the agencies of fire, insects,
and disease is greater than, tho
amount annually used for all Industrial purposes. ���
W     WINNIPEG       -\
Offers, among   others,   the   following
'���'.'������ Courses:   ''���   ���! ���
AND SCIENCE courses leading to the
degrees of B.A. and: M.A.; and Li.Sc.,
Including B.Sc. (I'hiii-.), nnd M.So.
Through-its FACULTY OF ENGW-
courses leading to the degrees of B.So.
(C.E.). B.Sc. , (E.E.), M.Sc.'. arid
Through its FACULTY OF MEDICINE courses leading to tho degrees
of M.D. and CM.
Through its FACULTY OF AGKI-
CULTUKB AND KOME ECONOMICS courses -leading to the. degrees
of B.S.A. find B.S<:. (H.E.) .
an afliliatcd Institution, n. course
leading to tiie degree of LL.B.
For terms of admission, details of
courses and other information,' arply
to' -    '   '    "
. W. J. SPENCE, Registrar.
\ University of Manitoba, Winnipeg /
- -ifl
Campers���Take Minard's with "you.
Cuticura Preparations
Unexcelled in purity, they are regarded by
millions as unrivalled in the promotion
of skin and hair health. The purifying,
antiseptic, pore-cleansing properties of
Cuticura Soap Invigorate and preserve the
skin; the' Ointment soothes and heals
rashes and irritations. The freely-lathering Shaving Stick causes no irritation, but
leaves the skin fresh and smooth. The
Talcum is fragrant and refreshing.
Snajl. Etch Fr�� fcyM_itl.   Addrtn Canadian Depot: *'BUaho-.t,
Ltd, MoatrtU.-'   Pric��, So-p 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c. Talcum ISc.
5W-    Cuticura Ska-ring Stick 25c. TBE   GBEENWOOD   LEDGE
H   J   ���       '  I	
iii Insect.Pests/
Making Ocean
%ing Safe
boating  Landi
Magic Exposed by Books
ng  Places  Will   Bring
Service for Passengers
Construction   of   floating   landing
Ticlds in mid-ocean lias been outlined
by New York in response to' the prediction of Captain A. Lindbergh that
passenger air lines across tho Atlantic  will  be  established  as  soon
seadromes are built.
Howard It. Armstrong, engineer of
the ID. I. DuPone de Nemours Company, and A. C Heaphy, engineer ancl
contractor, each have built and
patented working models of these
floating landing fields. ���
A clear, unobstructed surface of at
���least  1,200 feet square is necessary
fo'r <a satisfactory seadrome, experts
said,  it  must  bo  securely anchored
and built to   allow   for   the   strains
caused  by the' rise  ancl  fall of the
ocean, so that waves will not cause
any break in the surface of tlie field.
Mr.  Ileaphy's cellular plastic (ielcl
is like a giant honey-comb with the
cells mado watertight ancl filled villi
air.    The  field  will  bo  far  broader
than the distance between the*.*crests
of waves, .he said, and so will noi
roll c>r plunge. Its massive' size ancl
inflexibility will prevent damage  by
waves, he declared.
The Armstrong design shows a field
built, on stilts  above the waves and
supported by air.  chambers.     Great
discs set horizontally 150 feet below
llie surface of the waler will add stability by their resistance to wave nc-
tion. The waves are thus allowed to
run  free through  the superstructure-:
instead of being broken by the island.
Mr. Heaphy    claims   priority   and
says'ho owns ihe basic patent on tlie
' ""project.    Work will start within two
.months on a full scale model of the
Armstrong project,  it  has  boon  announced.
Odessa Has Strange Museum
Contains Large Collection "of Weapons
Used ��� by-; Suicides'
Odessa i.s the only city in the Soviet  Union  which  possesses a  "Museum of Suicides."    The museum  is
under tbe auspices of    the    Odessa
"Immediate -Relief,"  aud   contains  a
collection ��� of   gruesome   exhibits ���
notes left by suicides, poems ou 1hes
��� subject of death, bloodstained knives
and other weapons employed  in the
ending of   life.     The'   museum   has
been  In    existence   .for    twenty-five
���yuarfi7during   which    Fime . Russian
. scientists have made a study of suH
cide fsiid methods for curbing It. '
Houdini's! Library Shows Many ..Tricks
Thousands of Years Old
.Secrets at magicians ��� from fire
eating to carcl tricks���are revealed in
the Houdini library of 5,000 volumes
being unpacked and classified by the
Llbtiary  of Congress.
Many, tricks which Houdini's volumes show to bo thousands of years
old are still being used today, and
Uie modern public vieAVs them with as
much amazement as did. the ancient^,
hi one yellow, age-worn manuscript, dated in tlie early part of the
seventeenth century, arc a few
recipes fo'r fire (ricks.
".Mix the juice of marshmallow, the
white of an egg, flea-bane seeds, the
juice of a radish ancl lime,'anoint
iho body with this and one will bo
rendered fire-proof," the expose
"To walk on fire .or dip boiling lead
with thc. bare hands anoint tho feel
or hands with a mixture o'f samphire,
nquaoviie, Quicksilver, liquid borax
and hermatitus."   .
Tin's was an ancient, trick of Japanese priests. It is-still produced by
modern magicians.
For placing apparently molten lead
In the- mouth a metal made of bismuth, block tin and lead is uscd. This
will melt in boiling water aud cools
Five eaters wash their mouths with
spirits of sulphur before attempting
to' consume live coals or red hot iron,
tlio (indent volumes show.
"Miracle .mongers," Houdini called
The volumes are iu Spanish,, English, French, German,. Dutch, Italian,
and Chinese.
Nothing performed by man can bo
supernatural, Houdini maintained.
"Ghosts" ancl "spirits"' were placed
In Uio same category with carcl tricks
and sleight-of-hand "miracles" by the
magician, who perhaps knew more of
the inside workings of magic 'than
any ether man.
Visit Had Desired Result
Queen Mary Aided Specialist in Helping Disfigured Soldier
Many reasons can ber given why the
royal.family in Britain retain such an
unshaken position- in - the hearts ,Qf
their people in an age when so many
monarchies have toppled over.
' One Is that the members-' of the
royal family have made it their business to keep close to their people.
A  story. came  out recently  about
Queen' Mary.    c
It is recorded that a specialist at
one of the Great Army hospitals told
tho Queen of a man wiiose face was
entirely    disfigured,   and   who   had
brooded over this until lie was almost
mad.    If she would only sit and talk
With llie wounded   man,    concealing |
her repugnance, perhaps he would bo-
libve his disfiguiement bearable, and
cease to brood himself into madness.
Her Majesty sat for almost, an hour,
close to the man   whose   face-  was
only mangled meat,. talking serenely
on indifferent   subjects,   unsmilingly
yet  calm,  reassuring,  queenly.    She
said afterwards: "It   was   indescribable.   I thought I could not do it; but
then, of course, there is nothing one
can't do."
Tho effect of tho visit was just
what the specialist, had anticipated.
A marked change came in the'unfortunate man's mental �� attitude, he
found a new, outlook on life from the
face that Her Majesty had spent an
hour talking to him, and had shown
no revulsion whatever from lo'oking
on his marred fa.co.
It's not easy for revolutionists to
raise    an    effective   cry   against   a
"The wonder metal of the
age" is a fitting term for
Aluminum. Its lightness,
brightness,   flexibility,   free-
Invented Good-Paying Job
,       _.*_._..._-.7,      HW��
dom "from rust, and many
other good qualities, make it
adaptable to a multitude of
uses, a chief one .being as a
container par excellence for
good tea���Red Rose Tea is,
packed only in this modern
metal package. a
Trade Routes Encircle Globe
Queen that is so
wholesomely    hu-
Clairos Oldest Sewing Ptfachine
Live On Boundary Line
The two largest cities of the European race on the Pacific coast aro
Sydney ancl Melbourne, each about
1,000,000 people.
A man doesn't fuily realize the
blindness of justice until he gets the
short end of a...lav/suit.
Letter Tells of Wonderful
Relief After Taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Coniston, Ontario.���"After a severe operation and-a .three wec-ka'
1 I stay in a hospital
I returned home
so weak thatTwaa���
unable to move a
chair;    For four
months I was almost frantic with
pains and ..suffering until'I thought
sure  there could
not be any help
forme. Iliadrery
severe pains in my
 _left side and suffered agony every month.   One day
whoi I was not able to get up my
mother begged me to try your medicine.   My husband got. nie a bottle
of Vtgetablc.Gompound ;at once and
I took it.   I started a second-.bo ttie,
and to my surpnse and joy-the pains
in my side left me completely and I
am able to do all my work without
help*   I am a fanner's wife, so you
seelcan't be idle long. In all, I have
taken six bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's   Vegetable   Compound,   five
boxes of the CbmnonndTablets, two
bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Blood
Medicine, and have also used the Sanative Wash."���Mrs. L. La jeunesse,.
Box 103, Coniston, Ontario. c
Old-Timers   Sleep ��� in   Montana
Cook Meals'in.'Alberta
Speaking of international relations
-���Out on the border between Montana and Alberia live two old-timers
who, give tlie horse laugh to alarmists
in both countries.
Those rugged old figures of the old
west-have "batched'' fogeiher for
years���Gus Henchman and Jack Jlaw-
Wdc--Evoryyciny^ihey^h;rvc experiences unduplicatod probably anywhere along the imaginary border
The shack in which ihey live was
built Ja the old days long before accurate-surveys of the international
"frontier" were made. When these
survey.; wore run it was found the
building sat squarely on Uie line.
Tlic-ii- unique-place-: of residence was
never made the subject of an c.v
chanKfi of notes between Washington
and London and Ottawa, and so they
are slill living contentedly in the historic landmark.
Thosejolly old bachelors' sleep in
Montana under the Stars and Stripes,
cook (licit* breakfast in "Alberta under
the Union Jack, and as they enjoy
their flap-Jacks, Jack sits across the
table ln Alberta and kids) Gus as he
oats in .Montana.
Cranbrook Woman Using,.
Seventy-three Years Old
A two-year- old automobile may be
considered old, but, there are sewing
machines in use in British Columbia
cities that came io this part of Canada many years before: the railroads
traversed ��� the Rockies.
All through the province, especially
in the interior centres, there are sewing, machines that were brought lothe
coast on sailing chips around Cape
A short timc ago, a continent-wide
search was made for the oldest sewing-machine in Iho United States and
Canada. Letters were received from
HmS.O-IO owners entering machines in
the contest. - More than 100,000 of
these machines wore at least -10 years
old, bul tin? winning machines were
manufactured before the .beginning of
fhe American civil war or Canadiau
.  Thc oldest sewing machine in Can-   _.IV.
ada 13 said to bo tiie property of Mrs. j of-the
V. Willis, of   Cranbrock,   1J.C.   It   is . Josepl
73 years old. and yet it.is still in reg-1 rocs."
ular service, and as sound as when it
was  first  used.
Ocean Has Been Mapped to its Farthest Recesses
North, south, east and west, crossing ancl  rccrossing,   threading   their
way to the great and thriving commercial ports and to the far-distant,
seldom-visited trade outposts situated
on some tropical island or the banks
of a vast ancl mysterious jungle river;
bearing on their broad surfaces the
keels of myriad    ships, stretch    the
sea-lanes of tho  world.    There    are
many of them," some swelled up with
pride at the importance of the ships
aud  cargoes  that travel  their  way;
others  are  steady-going,  industrious
routes that rest well content in the
knowledge of their worth to the traders whh  far places;  and other sea-
lanes which lead to, some almost forgotten outpost  of commerce  of empire, arc neglected    and    lonely   ���
scarce two or three ships pass silently over theii waters during tlie course
of a year.   Whenever a ship sets sail
and- leaves harbor mouth, she enters
upon one of the sea lanes, for thc
. routes.-'of ocean trade *jiavo become
in the main, so well-travelled that tho
once "uncharted"-ocean is no'w  explored and mapped to its farthest recesses, ancl the way from port to port,
has become standardized���in so far as
it. Is possible to standardize anything
so vast-as Father Ocean.
There arc, perhaps, a dozen principal trade routes, ancl many sea lanes,
over which- passes the never-ending
procession of smoke-belching steamers: and the few lofty-masted sailing
ships that are still left on salt -water.
The steamer which goes on its way
independent of the wind, ancl whose
movements aro determined largely by
the desire of her owners'to save time'
and fuel, sail a more direct course between ports than    does   the   sailer,
which often makes .wide*, detours  in
order to .catch a favoring breeze or
ocean' current, or to avoid treacherous
coasts where adverse   winds   might
drive .her ashore. Thus it is that trim
sailing ships  follow their own  highways  dictated  by nature, and  leave
Ihe grubby steamers to go thcir own
Englishman Tramps Around Country
Typing Letters for Farmers
On tramp with a typewriter, doing
letters for people on lonely farms and
in out-of-the-way villages, is a job
that an ex-service man has invented
for himself in order tc'. earn-a', living.
He is Horace-Woodford, a native
of O tie}', England, who.wa3' a. cleric
at Hull before joining tlie army, and
afterwards was in.- turn, hop-picker,
ship's stoker antl fish hawker.
"I have been makiiig a. decent living for the past two years tramping
round the country from tho early
spring to the late autumn," he, told
an interviewer recently,
"I type letters, for Tamers and tbeir
servants, and when I strike any big
public.works I always.find that the
men���more especially the navvies ���
are glad to have the opportunity of
having a letter typed for them.
"1 have tramped all over England,
Ireland ��� and Wales, and now I am
going to try Scotland. My charge for
letters, long or short, is 12 cents. I
must have typed thousands, including
love letters.
: "I never knew there was so much
romance on the" land. To hear, some
stolid looking farmer folk telling
their love story in the rough and
ready language, was a surprise to
���Say The Movie Stars
So say nl! whose work ia
hard after they try the deli-
cious, invigorating refreshment of Wrigley'a Doable
Attn Evtry Mnl
�����_. Altmr Smoking
CHiS. il
"The girls always want a line or
two of poetry, and as I have an odd
book of verse T
am  able to  oblige
An Unusual Bequest
Toronto  Man  Left Something   Better
Than money to Children
A Toronto real estate dealer, who
died, recently,* didn't leave his family
very much money, but ho bequeathed
to Iiis children some advice which, if
acted upon, will prove   to   be   much
more valuable than gold or silver. In
his last will ancl testament he declared that his', fervent prayer was that
all his "darling childreu will embrace
every opportunity to do good, to bo
kind ancl loving-to.   all    the   human
If the beneficiaries of this advice
ponder over it, and put it into daily
practice, they will lay up for themselves riches, both ln this life and
in the life lo come. They will be rich
in the' affection and regard of their
fellowship. Like .begets liko. If men
manifest kindness ancl love toward
the human family, they will receive
the same in, return.
Money   is    not    everything.      As
Tennyson has so' well put it, "Kind
It keeps
Never worry about
leaving Eagle Brand'
in the opened tin. It
keeps perfectly, pure
and sweet, if kept
covered in a cool,
place. E2127
Growth of Winnipeg
way, besmirching sea and sky with  hearts aro more than coronets
iheir coal smoke��� but rarely getting
a chance to drop cinders ancl grime on
hc holystoned decks and white
members of the old regime,
h  Lcming  in   "Ships  and   Car-
-Many people are almost crippled
niK whicli can bo speedilv ended with
Holloway's Corn .Remover.
Sores Heal Quickly.���Have vou a
persistent sore that refuses to* heal''
J hen, try Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
ing, carry away tho proud flesh, draw
, oui the pus ancl prepare a clean way
or iho new skin, it is a recognized
healer among oils and numbers of
people can   ceriify   that   ft.   healed
fathers who Iuno little or no money
to leave to their children may easily
do a lot worse than this Toronto
father who sought. to# bequeath. to
his offspring tho spirit of kindness
and of brotherly lovo.
Is Now  the   Third   Largest   City   in
Winnipeg is still the third largest
city'in  Canada, according to figures
furnished" by the Board of Trade. Its
population, including suburbs, is 29-1,-
6-1G, as given in Henderson's Directory.    Montreal and Toronto are, or
course, well ahead of this figure, the
firmer at a million ancl the latter at
three-quarters.     City   Trail    rc-cords
give the population of Winnipeg proper at 198,932, or a gain of 7,000 over
a year ago.    Vancouver comes next
with about 160,000.
Reduce Size of Pap
Iodine for Scar.let Fever
Iodine, injected hypodermicallv. not,   , ,       ��� ,.   ,
,       ... . .  . '.     ... ! where properly applied
only will cure scarlet fever, but will |
totally kill its germs, according to a
doctor practising in the Ambruzzi
Mountains in Italy, lie said he tried
it during a recent epidemic and
stamped out the scourge in a few
days. .The iodine was injected in
quantities proportionate with the age
of the patient.
XittleHelpsFprJhis Week
One thing about, ihe greedy man,
and ho who. begs along the street;
the former always eats too long ���
lho latter always'longs to5 eat!
Always Muddles Through
Mother ftng..md -may have hei
and downs and Great   Britain    may
have her struggles  within but  it is
to be noted that, to' quote.-*the words
of one of   her    eminent    statesmen,
"she always muddles through." This
"muddling" process is still going on,
as witness tho happy statement that
in a little over four months the number of unemployed   workers   in   the
Clyde district lias dropped one-third.
You can no more keep a good nation
down than you can keep a good man
Dad���"I promised you a bicycle if
you passed the examination, but you
failed. .What have you been doing?".
'" Son���"Learning to ride a bicycle."
Two of life's urgent requisites arc
good health and ;; little more money.
Size' of  Paper   Currency   in    United
States to be Reduced by About
,    Reduction in the    size    of   paper
; money by about one-third, beginning
I with the dollar has been authorized
j in thc United   Stated   by   Secretary
i Mellon.    The present size of the pa-
! per currency is 7.7-1C by oYh inches.
[ Assistant  Secretary Dewey's accepted recommendation calls for a reduc-
tion tov $y$  by 2% inches, which is
approximately the size of the Phillip-
pine currency.
Tho first now dollar bill of ��� tho
smaller size will probably be turned
our. at the Bureau of Engraving and
Printing within a few months but a
supply - will not bo released to the
public, .for about twelve months.
Blessed are the pure,in heart, for
they shall see nod.���Matthew v, S.
The pure in heart God's  face fdiall
And does not this
Include the whole ecstatic scale
Of promised bliss?
Can souls which His dear  presence
More joy attain?
Certainly as the open eye drinks in
the light, do the pure in heart see
God. And hc that lives truly, feels
Ilim as a presence not to be1 put by.
���Theodore Parker.
The pure in heart see God in everything, and see Him" everywhere; and
they are supremely blessed.
���John G. Holland.
A safe and sure medicine for a
child troubled with worms is Mother
Graves* Worm Exterminator
'**���"   U.   1685
Japs Like Gold Teeth
There is a shortage of gold money
in Japan. The gold is still tliere, but
it is being transferred to the teetli
of citizens as fast as they- can save
money ."and buy it. Dentists are work-
overtime installing glistening new
teeth for. those who wish to grin
So great is the turnover among
domestic workers today that one employment agency in New York 'places
25,000 servants every year.
Mr. T. F. McGregor, McLennan,
Alta., writes:���"Over fortv years ago
my mother used to give us t)r. Fowler's
. Extract of Wild Strawberry for diarrhoea
and summer complaint. All through the
years since then when troubled with an
excessive looseness of the bowels I havo
been accustomed id take a few doses of
the samo old, reliable romedy and it
always seems to have the desired effect,
*no��inatter what tbe cause."
Don't Accept a Substitute
British Women Smoke .More
A few years ago women organized
j anti-tobacco leagues, fought the use
of the weed. Now, according to English physicians, the weaker sex is
more intemperate than men in the
use of cigarettes. Some women, they
say, boast of smoking 50 cigarettes a
day. Mosl of them use long holders' in
which nicotine accumulates and is
swallowed in small quantities.
.   Back-to-the-Land
A member of.Parliament was a passenger on a ��� steamship which was
slowly sinking, The passengers were
climbing into the lifeboats.
"Sir," suggested a reporter on board
the ill-fated vessel, "here's a chance
for somc publicity,   if you cared���"
"Toil may quote . me as saying,"
replied the statesman, "that I am
heartily In favor of a back-to-the-
land movement."
Keep Him Well With thc Aid of
Baby's Own Tablets
No mattcr_how_^trong and__i;o_sy_
your~clfild may bo ho requires a laxative sometimes so that the stomach
may be kept, sweet and *the system
Formerly the laxative, medicines
given to children were disagreeable
ones���castor' oil, senna tea, powders
and "so on. But now Baby's Own Tablets, easily administered and pleasant
to take, have superseded these. Tho
children like Baby's' Own Tablets.
Not only as a laxative but in many
other'ways these Tablets are an ideal "
remedy fo'r little ones. They quickly
reduce feverishness, relieve indigestion, colic and vomiting, prevent constipation, check diarrhoea,.'; allay
teething pains and promote healthful,
natural sleep.
You*can get Baby's Own.Tablets at
anv dealer in medicine or at 25 cents
a box from,The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
According to Insurance company
statistics'quoted in an article in
"Liberty" six is, the age at which
children are most, likely to bc killed
by accident.
Take. Minard's. In your kit.
.Good for cuts, sprains, burns,
and insect'bites.   *'.
son   practice
.and    three
"Grandpa's a hundred
year's old today, doctor."
'���'Isn't that splendid!   Ami does he
read or do anything?"
"No, 'e don't" seem to have no ambition for niitin'."���Pearsons Weekly.
Barnes���"I make my
four hours each day."
i    Rod-"Heaven, man,   you'll   ,uake
j him hate music so much that he will
give it up."
- Barnes���"Fine. That's just what I
Ease sunburn wiih Minard's Lin
Away from Home
Vou need protection from illness
caused by change of-water, food
or climate.    Carry a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic &
New claimant to the world's^ longevity record is Teku Oglu AHAgha,
-. _..,...,.t_.a uv]l0 ciajms to be 117 years, old.   He
This valuable preparation has becn  iis {n good health-antl says'hc rcinem-
on tbe market for the past 80 years'nut
Toronto, Ont.
bers events  that occurred 135 years
The system of mass production
was,, origisatcd 200 years ago among
the ikon painters of Kholuy, a-Russian village. By passing each ikon
through 100 hands, fhe village was
able to turn out 2,000,000 each year.
Minard's Liniment is reliable.
The Greenwood Ledge
Published every Thursday at
Greenwood, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when not paid for three
months or more have passed. To
Great Britian and the United States
$2.50, always in - advance.
Delinquent  Co-Owner  Notices. .$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices .-."     3.0"
Cards  of  Thanks..............    1-00
.Certificate   of  Improvement 12.50
(When   more   than   one  claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal' advertising-16 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line
for each subsequent insertion, non-
pariel measurement.
Transcient display advertising 50
cents an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12 ^c. a line each
Jubilee Committee Meeting
The District Jubilee Committee
will meet at Ingram Bridge on
Saturday, June 18th, at 2 p.m.,
to complete plans for the July 1st
Beaverdell Briefs
Christian Valley Bubbles
Mrs. M. Louie is out on a visit at
her cousin's, Mrs. R. Rusch at Lake-
S. Petterson has not been well of
late, but his many friends wish him a
speedy recovery.
C. Noren is working- in the Kimberley mines again, A. Lindgren at Trail
smelter, and F. Chartrand is operating
his pole camp at Slate Creek.
The ranchers in the Valley are doing
extensive improvements on their
farms this spring. " In (mother ten
days they will have their pre-emptions
all fenced.
A party was held at Mrs. A. Llnd-
gren's on Saturday evening and a very
enjoyable time was spent by all
present. A number of young people
attended from Westbridge.
There has been an abundance of rain
in the Valley and the crops are looking
fine. M. D." Schenck, F. O. Peterson
and A. Lindgren all seeded a number
of acres to alfalfa this year and it is
looking fine. Last years seeding- is
very good.
H. A. Tanner and Charlie Noren had
a very narrow escape from drowning
on Thursday last. They were crossing
the Kettle River on a cable, when the
anchor chain gave -way and let them
dowu into mid stream. They both got
out in an exhausted condition.
Repeat Performance
' The Show which was fgiven in
Greenwood last Friday with such
successful results will be repeated
in Beaverdell on Saturday, June
25th. The troupe will combine
pleasure with business. A picnic
will be held in-the afternoon with
a concert and dance in the evening.
Flawless Reasoning
"My razor doesn't cut at all." ���
"Come,   conic!"   replied -the   wife.
"Your beard  is no tougher than the
linoleum I cut yesterday."���Pearson's
Mrs. Faut is receiving, treatnieni for
an injured eye, at the District Hospital.
D. Mcintosh has returned from a
short visit to his home in Vancouver.
Mrs. Ed. Nordman has left for her
home in Nelson after a couple of weeks
visit ill camp.
Mrs. C. E. Nordman and Mrs. T.'W.
Clarke are leaving on Thursday fora
motor trip to Trail and Nelson.
Mr.."and""'Mrs. T3d. Saunders were
business visitors to Greenwood during
the week, having motored down in
Tommy Crowe's bug.
Attend the McKee Auction in Greenwood on June 18th at 1 p.m.
Midway News
Ace Mesker left for' Spokane on
The grasshopper menace has arrived
but it is only in its infancy at present.
The C. P. R. depot and' other buildings are nicely toned up by the-painters.
A number of new autos arrived from
Penticton last week and,were disposed
of in and around Midway.
Twenty-four settings of Barred Rock
eggs arrived from Duncan, and have
beeu distributed among the members
of the Junior Poultry Club.
On Tuesday evening the Midway
ladies were treated to a wonderful Card
Party organized by the stronger sex
of the town. "500" was played, Miss
Joy Sharp.winning the ladies prize
and Harold (Erickson the -men's prize.
Mrs. E. DeLisle and Fred Tippie were
the champions of the "Whist" party.
The midnight supper served by the
gentlemen surpassed anything ever put
up at the parties before, as in the menu
was included, Boston baked . beans,
doughnuts, jello and cream, sandwiches, ice-cream and cake, and if you
want real coffee ask your husband to
make it. Another feature of the party,
specially, was the eclipse of the moon.
It's not. every party can put oil this
kind of display. Mrs. H. Pannell on
behalf of the ladies tendered a vote of
thanks to their hosts and regretted
that the men would not repeat it more
often. .-'..-���'''
Midway Defeats the Forks
Midway won over Grand Forks on
by a lobsided score of 17 to 5. The
6th and 7th innings were fatal for the
Forks when eleven runs were piled up.
Eveleth had good .'control for Midway
a'nd when his team had a safe lead he
was given arest ancl Nicholas relieved
him. O'Keefe pitched good ball for the
Forks but his support was very wobbly.
By this win Midway still holds the
league leadership. -On the 19th inst
they meet Republic on the Midway
Greenwood and
District Hospital
The board of managers very thankfully acknowledge receipt of thc following subscriptions. Anyone-wishing
to subscribe, kindly call at the oflice,
or mail to Chas. -King, Sec.-Treas.,
when receipts will 'be given and
amounts acknowledged in the current
issue of The Greenwood Ledge.
' 2.00
Previously acknowledged ..
J. N. P  ���-	
Anonymous    .'..*.*���	
The following is the schedule for tlie
Boundary Baseball League, the first
named team being where the game:
will take place:-
June 19���Midway vs Republic: Curlew vs Orient; Grand Forks vs Wauconda.
June 20���Republic vs Wauconda;
Orient-vs Midway; Grand Forks vs
July10��� Republic vs Grand Forks;
Orient vs Curlew; Wauconda vs Mi'd-
July 17���Wauconda vs Republic:
Grand Forks vs Orient; Midway vs
Housekeepers will be able to
buy many articles they require
at the McKee Auction.
Bridget: ."There's a man at. thc
door with a parcel marked C.O.D."
Mrs. Newbride: "Tell hiin to take
it back at once".   I ordered salmon."
Put (to an acquaintance)���"Have
you seen the new workman Mickey?"
"Sure, he's the thinnest man fever
saw. You're thin, but * begoira, lie's
thinner than the the two of ,us put
Pigs For Sale
Six ball'bred Yorkshire pigs, ready
to sell middle of Juno; also six purebred Yorkshire pigs about July 1st.
Bubar Bros., Kettle Valley, B.C.
Tie Timber on the Kettle Valley
Railway.   R. A. Brown, Midway.
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
*      Call at the Office of
Notice of Application for Beer Licence
NOTICE is hereby (riven tlirU ou tlio
St li Day of July next, llie tiiKh'.rsijriied intend
to apply to llie t_.<|iior Control hoard foi- a
licence in respect of promises beinu pari of llie
buildinjr known as tlie l'ridesville Hotel, on
Main Ktrei't, llriilesville, upon the lands described as Lot -191. Osoyoos Division of Yale
District, in the Province of 1'rilisli Columbia,
for the sale of beer by the ylass or by the open
bottle for consumption on tlie premises.
Dated this lOlli Day of .lime. A.D. 1927,
STAi) & KOY.
Chevrolet Cars and Trucks
The fellow who thinks he Is savin? a few dollars fcy buying a cheaper
car, is merely adding hundreds of dollars to the cost ofthe upkeep
See us for the best tires on the market, the Goodrich and Dominion
and they don't cost any more     *&
How about a new Cleveland Bicycle for your Boy or Girl?
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting' and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers, of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig- Lead and Zinc
Contractor anil Builder
Foreign and Domestic Monuments
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Lam'atco Wallboard
Box 332  Grand Forks, B.C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate jn tlie Greenwood Mining Division of
Yale District.
Where located:   Near Bridesville.
' TAKE NOTICE tliat I, C. AK. Sliaw. aircnt
for Josupli I'liujrle, 1'Yee Minur's Ccriiflcntu
No. 33511, iiiiuuil, sixty days from the date
licrcof, to apply lo tlie MiuiiijLr Kuconlor for a
Cortincaluiif Ihiiii-ovciiumiib, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a Crown (Irani of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, undei
section 85, must he commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4tli day of.Juue, 1927.
Ingrain Bridge,
Another Whisky Party
At Ferry, Wash
(By our Midway Correspondent)
Under the eagle eyes of S. C. Sibley,
deputy U. S. Marshall, G. A. Dawson,
Custom Inspector of Seattle, N. M.
Dyer, U. S. Collector of Customs, W.
A. Spencer, U. S. Inspector of Customs
and two others, 36 cases or$3,000 worth
of high grade Scotch liquor was destroyed on Wednesday morning last at
the Port of-Ferry, Wash.
There has- been, a; lot o�� talk going
the rounds about the liquor not being
destroyed, \ but asuch talk -is without
foundation::, as . the seizure certainly
met destruction.:; 0 :
The seizingof this "booze" has quite
a history, but suffice it to say that both
bootleggers are in the hands of the law
and the "joy juice" has found a grave
by the G. N. tracks. yxyiy
Rev. Father Coccola, who has
been in charge of the Catholic
parish here for the past six or
seven years, left yesterday for
France, where he will probably
remain. Father Coccola has
made many friends among his
parishioners and the citizens
generally while he has been in the
city, and they will -regret. very
much to learn of his departure.
He is to be succeeded here, it is
stated by a Norwegian priest���
Grand Forks Sun.
Children's, Ladles, and Rien's Races, Ladies
Driving Contest, Pillow Fighting on Bar,
Baseball, and other events
Dance in the Masonic Hall, Greenwood, in evening
(Under Auspices of District Celebration Committee)
Watch fof Posters
��rjnnui :\imtrwmtn
Summer Excursion Fares
This year it is necessary to have a permit
from some Forest Officer before any camp-
fire may be set in any forest or woodland
Be sure to get a permit for your camp-fire
and follow the instructions printed on the
back of it
���      To     ���
Harry Armson, Grand Forks
The 20th Century Shpe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
We pay postage one way. Terms cash
Prevent Forest Fires
You Can Help
Sometimes the informality
. of the spoken word
is more effective
than a letter
Long Distance, please"
Vacant unreserved, surveyed Crown lands'may
bo pre-empted by British subjects over 18 years-
of mre, and   by aliens on declaring intention to
become British subjects, conditional upon'resi- .
dencc, occupation,  and  improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full information conccrninEi-eKuIntions regarding pre-emptions is given in Bulletin No. l.Laiid
Series, "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge by addressing the Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C., or
to any Government Agent.
Records will bo granted covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which _3
not timberland, i.e., carrying over 8.000 board
feel per acre west of the Coast Rango and 5,000
feel por acre oast of lhat Range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to bc-addressed to lhc Land Commissioner of the Land
Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situalcd. and are made on printed forms, copies
of which can bc obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must bo occupied for five years
and improvements mado to the value of $10 per
acre, including clearing and cultivating at
least five acres, before a Crown Grant can be
. *
For more detailed information see the Bulletin
"How lo Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being
timberland, for agricultural" purposes; minimum
price for (irsl-class (arable) land is S5 per acre,
and second-class (grazing) land $2;50 per acre.
Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown Lands is given in Bulletin No. 10, Land
Series, "Purchase and Leaso of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber land,
not exceeding <10 acres, may be purchased or
leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsurvcyed areas not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as hoinesites, conditional upon a
being obtainable after residenco and improvement conditions are fulfilled and land has been
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not
exceeding 6-10 acres mry be leased by one person
or a company.
Under the Grazing Act thc Province is divided
into grazing districts and tho range administered
under a Grazing Commissioner. Annual grazing
permits are issued based on .numbers ranged,
priority given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range management. Free, or partly free, permits are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to
ten head.
Winnipeg..___________:_$ 75.00
Toronto......:.....:....... 118.05
Hamilton  118.05
London. ��� .. __________ 118.05
Quebec   110.10
St. John... ......... 152.20
St: Paul..:.._���_____........   75.00
Minneapolis.... .      75.00
Duluth.......    75.00
Fort William ___.$ 00.00
Niagara Falls 12-1.92
Ottawa 132.25
Montreal _  137.05
Moncton 152.20
Halifax 157.75
Chicago     00.30
New York....  151.70
Boston 1 157.70
Route via Main Line or via Soo Line, through Winnipeg or Portal
to St. Paul, thence via Chicago or Satilt Ste.  Marie, via Great Lakes;.
or via California at an additional fare; or good  to go via one of the
-above routes, return apother.
See Local Azent or Write for Details
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson
The Mineral Province of Western Canada'
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $78,018,548; Lode Gold,
$120,972,318; Silver, $80,787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $208,067,0085
Zinc, $50,512,557; Coal ancl Coke, $284,690,133; Structural Materials' and
Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407; making its luineral production to the
end of 1926, show an .
Aggregate Value of $988,108,470
Production for the year ending December, 1926, $67,188,842
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those of   any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony1 in the British Empire.
-   Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
liAbsoIute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.
Full information .together with Mining Reports and Maps,'may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia,
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining investments- should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on
application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports of the Goo-logical Survey of
Canada,  Winch Building,  Vancouver,  are  recommended as valuable sources of Information.
Reports covering each of the six Mineral Survey Districts are published separately,  and are
available on application.


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