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The Ledge Nov 25, 1920

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'Pro^aciai i
"/ .',1
Vol.   XXVII.
We have just received a nice assortment of
Xmas Goods
We would appreciate a look over before
Purchasing  elsewhere
No trouble to show whether you buy or not
PHONE 28-     .''-,". ������������'���
Apples, Pears,
Cranberries, Grapes, &c.
Fresh Fish every Thursday
Full Hue of
������ Kozy-Koat Mackinaws
Large Assortment of
Mens   Gloves,   Shirts,   Socks.
Underwear. Mackinaw Pants, &c
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
I Around Home
K      K
N      N
3. -ft- s
gPhone 46       LEE & BRYAN
Laco Tungsten Lamps
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100     ������
200   ��
$1.25 each
2.00 ��
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
W. Elson 8 Co
*   Greenwood, B. ������   ~*
L      ��� ��� *
. Xmas-r-one month from today.
Geo. Sutherland left on" Wednesday for Allenbj\
The Americans are celebrating
their Thanksgiving-today.
R. Eustis has7.opened up a
blacksmith shop in Kun ey's old
A. J. Morrison and Jack Morrison are on a business trip to the
Hon. MacLean Holds Good
Spectacles repaired or your
eyes fitted with new ones at McElmon's.
We Claim To Be The Most
Reasonably Priced Store
In The Interior
The First Trial Will Convince You
Kodaks,-fun line- of Films
and Supplies "at
Goodeve Drug Store
--.. - GfiHE/vwdOD, e. c,	
The  WINDSOR   HOTEL    is   heated   with   steam
and electnaty.     Fine ^ rQoms      A
able home for toUrists   and  travellers.     T
rWenrL5y0M Waat  r��0fflS reserve*     The buffet'is
replete  witli   ci^n,   cigaretteSi cooiing beverages>
outtermilk aud ice-cream.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm aud
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with rue,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Watchmaker and jeweler    ���
Mail "your watch" for Repair and I will
Charges are moderate.
mail it back.
Shamrock Brands
- HAM,  BACON  and  LAFD
Carnatioh Compound Butter and Cheese
P, Burns & Co,,   Ltd,   Nelson, B, C
For Sale
- Team ot horses and harness.
Good'true pullers, 11, and 12
years old, weigh about 1200.
-Cheap for $325-00. J. C. Boltz,
Boundary Falls. .
For Sale.
ohIvot!^8 BankAccount not
SSfw S aa assur��><* for. the
To save is to siicceed-i
PAID-UP CAPITAL -���'��� -'�����i*nnn:ni��--:��
K"fc'KVt'tUN0 .     .-;-;;.-$15,000,000 - -,
GREENWOOD B^gg. �� E; b^^^^,;'   :
Six weeks old pigs.    Apply to
D. D. MacLaren, Deadwood. "
, On December ist, I920, the Corporation of the City of Green wood take charge
of the power and lighting system of the
Greenwood City* Waterworks Company
in Greenwood and Anaconda. All accounts due from the above date must be
paid to the undersigned at the City Hall.
"City Clerk.
To the Electors of     .
Greenwood Riding
Afe a convention held in Greenwood on Nov. 2nd. I had fehe
honor of being chosen as fehe
standard bearer "of the Conservative Party in this riding and as
such I eolieit your Bupporfe.
As yon are aware-1 am a farmer
and having resided in the: "'district
for over 31 years, therefore, I am
in a position to know the requirements of the different parts of this
constituency and if eleeefced. will.
dp. my.; utmost -to - adyance^ypnr
interests.':'-."-:"';.;   ';..,- r '-'_���; ^ ;.- ::'.;>;"7.;;
v---"';.5     .Sincerely yourg,>.V. ">
X-..yyyX. .y������':;.Jons--B,i Jacksos".
Born���On Saturday, Nov. 20,
to Mr. aud Mrs. Gey. Boag a
Duncan Mcintosh, of the Bell
mine, is spending a few days at
his home here.
P. Morrison, of Butte, was
visiting his brothers, Allan and
Jack, last week.
I/. Bryant is building a house
and garage for the W. K. Vi &
L. Co. at Allenby. -
Andrew Johnson,' of Rock
Creek, was a caller at The Ledge
office on Wednesday.
Select your Christmas presents
now while the assortment is large.
Goodeve's Drug Store.
��� R. L. Maitland- who spoke at
the public meeting on Monday
is a brother-in-law to J. V. Mills.
Order your Christmas Greeting
Cards now. Samples on display
at Goodeve's Drug Store. -
Mrs. Ifc McCutcheon, who has
been visiting-friends at Salmon
Arm and Mrs. (Dr.) Wood at
Penticton. returned home on
Monday ~   __   r,.    ,.^- .��,. ,,.  ..   ..
Splendid assortment of. Neil-
son's chocolates, both in bulk and
box, just iu at Goodeve's Drug
John Hallstrom met with a
painful accident at the smelter
on Monday, when a piece of timber fell and crushed a number of
toes on h'is right foot,
H. Hartley was the returning
officer for the Greenwood district
in the Yale by-election. Mrs. G.
S. Walters, clerk, aud Mrs. F.
Buckless aud T. Jenkin, poll
clerks. Hugh Murray acted as
police officer.
Mark Madden is at present in
Vancouver purchasing_acompres-
soiC As soon as this is installed
the Providence will resume operations. ' Work on the Gold Pinch
will "also bi .started as soon as Mr,
Madden returns.
Geo. H. Pitman, of Rock Creek,.
the United Farmer- Independent
candidate, for this riding, was in
town on Wednesday. Mr. Pitman intends holding a meeting in
Greenwood before election day.
Date will be announced-by posters.,   '
Jim Coplaud, of Bridesville,
paid The Ledge a visit last week.
He came to this district over 60
years ago and is still hale and
hearty. He claims that his good
health is due to never worrying
and -always sleeping with his
head to -the north. He tells
many interesting yarns of the old
days and hopes to some day write
a book on his-experiences.
Two hold-up men  entered  the
home of Chas. Patsworth on , the
No. 7 Road last  Wednesday  and
got  away  with $325. . The men
evidently had been watching the
place for Mr. Patsworth had just
left for Midway.    Mrs. Thornton
found a bundle of her clothes in
tbe   barn'    and   was, wondering
what   the   clothes    were   doing
there when the men entered.  Not
knowing they had been ransack^-
ing the house- she ordered them
off.theX'plac.e;. "but.the 7tnea only
used abusive language- and told
her to mind her own business.  ..It
was   not..."-.until".: Mr.: Patsworth
came home in- theV evening that
were. then.Notified': but ./'.as'!, the 1
robbers had 5 or. 6 hours start and,
no clue; as-tpii- their identity :it,is
eyident'^they."oeat it.for-'parts._unknown.. '-.' XX: i XXX:. '-y iyX-
A crowded house attended Hon.-
J.   D.   McLean's  meeting in  the
Greenwood Theatre lasfe Saturday
night to liear_him give an account
of the Legislatures doings during
the past four years.    None  were
disappointed   for   the    Honorable
gentleman wa3 at his best aud went
thoroughly iuto all   the principal
acts passed   by   fehe   government.
Mayor Gulley acted as   chairman.
The Hon. Dr. McLean was greeted
with loud applause time after feime
as he scored the opposition or lauded the good work of.the present administration.     He   wenfc   for the
leader of the opposition wifeh  hammer aud tongs showing the many
inconsistencies of some of Bowser's
The Pacific Great Eastern Ry
was dealt with at length, and he
stated that the Bowser government
had promised to build this road
for $25,000,000 but had only completed about 170 miles of the road
with this money and as a result iit
was now a white elephant and the
people.of the province had to pay
82,500,000 annually for the blunder the Bowser government had
made. The reason the people
were now paying heavy taxes' was
on account of the extravagance of
the late government who squandered money on useless courfe houses,
jails, wharfs, etc., anything to win
votes and now these buildings were
closed up.
Through the strict business ability of the present administration
the Province was on a sound
financial basis.
Dealing wifeh the Moderation Act
he stated thafe an Act. would be
passed limiting fehe amount of
liquor sold per month to each person and any who violated fehis Act
would be-deprived of" his "license.'
jSTo person under 21 years of age
would be granted a license.
The speaker stated fehat ife was
he who guided the Mothers Pensions Act through fehe Legislature.
Among other good measures passed
were the Childrens' Welfare Act,
Womans' Suffrage and Equality of
Married Women. ~
No   rash- pre-election  promises
were made by the candidate bufe he
stated fehat every request made to
him during   the   past ffour years
had been granted and he has done
more for this district than the previous member.- -He- is confident of
victory for the Oliver Governments
and is sure tbat he, too, will be returned with a handsome majority.
At the the close of his 2J* hour address the doctor was given a   real
good applause.   '
The mayor asked if any- in the
audience would like to query the
doctor upon ' any point, but all
seemed satisfied. The meeting
broke up after singing the National
During the past few weeks Greenwood bas been  having somev very
good political gatherings   and  the
one on   Monnay   night  with  Mr.
Maitland, solicitor for the  City  of
Vancouver, as the principle speaker,, was no exception.    In  fact it
was enlivened by a certain amount
of   heckling.     Vituperations and
invectives were indulged in  by all
parties, but Mr. Maitland with his
sharp and witty replies proved one
too many for the disturbers.
W. H. Docksteader,'as chairman
announced fehat Dr. Rose, M.P.P.
was unadvoidably detained, and
then introduced the speakers,
Mr. Jackson was in good fighting
form and scored fche government on
many points; lie Baid he felt the
honor on being nominated as the
Conservative standard bearer and
would use all his influence in the
besfe interestA.of this district. He
said that the roads were in a dilapidated state and ifc would be his
duty to see that the roads were kept
in better, condition and new ones
'made iii certain localities. He
would represent this district well
and faithfully.
Mr. Maitland critized  fehe government for their lack of initiative
and pulrup a plucky defense of the
Bowser platform.     Mr.   Maitland
took the sixteen planks of the Oliver platform   and   tore   fehem to
pieces, particularly going for the j
attorney general's department.- He
said   that   the-  passing    of   the
Womans' Suffrage act and Equality
of Married Women Act was merely
a trend'-of the limes !as"ofeber 7 governments had done the same.    He
proved conclusively that the Work-
mans' Compensation Act   while a
good act was not properly managed.
He claimed that fehe Oliver government had   nofe   the   nerve   to go
ahead  wifeh   the  building of the
P. G. E.   Ry.    which   would   go
through some of fehe best districts
in the province,   but instead  had
given some of fehe rolling stock   to
American and eastern firms.    The
Conservatives   had good   men in
all the ridings and he felt satisfied
that on Dec 1st a great majority of
them would be elected.   Altogether
Mr.  Maitland   gave   au inspiring
and vigorous address, punctuating,
his remarks with witty stories.
The National Anthem was sung
bringing an instructive and lively
meeting to close.
Mining News
The main vein on Morning Star
at Hall Siding near Nelson was
tapped last week. The vein bf ore
encountered is ten feet "thick,
carrying big values iu copper, and
gold. Ifc can be traced by surface
showings for 500 feet. This property is owned by Terzian Bros.
"Half the machinery at the-
Allenby mill has been put in good
running condition and a fifty ton (
car of concentrates is being shipped
out daily. This means that, approximately 800 fons of ore is being
put through daily. It is expected
tbat from now on the output will
be steadily increased in proportion
as the balance of the machinery is
completed and brought into activity. ' '���Princeton Star.
The steamship  Victoria  landed
350 persons from Nome on' her last
trip  to Seattle   from   the   north.
Former    residents,  of   Nome   in
Seattle predict 'that this marks the -
passing of the once famous  beach
mining town.    The most  of those
who returned to the states on the
Victoria will remain   there,  said
passengers who declared that there
were less than 200 persons left in
Nome.    In  the summer of 1898,
following the gold strike,   Nome
had a population of 15,000.
There appears to be a  somewhat
better feeling in the Eastern" copper  :
market, but some students of the
situation are inclined to look upon
the   expressions   of   optimism ' as '
somewhat forced, says the Spokane   -
Mining Truth.    There has been a
slight increase in   the volume of
business, with sales at from 14 to
15 cents,  but the improvement isQ
attributed to placing of some orders"'
for spring manufacture and untfer
the present unsettled t conditions is'
nofe expected to spread far.'  As a
matter of cold fact,  the enormous
surplus now existing must act as a
govenor of prices for a long feime
to come and there is little doubt
that many of fehe high cost mine*
will be forced to close down.    Foreign demand seem to offer the only
possibility for  real  betterment of   -
the  domestic market and there is
not much hope of fehat for some
feime feo come at least.    The  recent
heavy declines ir. standard  copper
securities offer a fair barometer of
real conditions in the trade..
Trail Ore Receipts
James.G. McKeown, a well-
known bldtimer of Phoenix, died
iu the Nanaimo hospital a few
days ago as the result of an accident at Cassidy, when a heavy
timber fell on him.'
During the week ending Nov*
14, 1920, the Consolidated ��� Mining and Smelting company received
81,87 tons of ore at its smelter
in Trail. The receipts are as follows:
Bluebell, Riondel
Emerald, Salmo
Josie, Rossland
Karo, Ainsworth
North Star, Kimberley
Ptarmigan, Athalme
United,' Ainsworth  ,.
Company Mines
Geo. Domaneg, of Grand
* orks, an old timer of 23 years
ago, visited Mr. and Mrs. Portmann over the week end.
Monday Evening, Nov. 29
Hon* J. D. MacLea
up uie. v ampaign
Flousmg Speech
'on A
To the Electors pf the
Greenwood Riding
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I herebj' solicit your vote and
influence at the forthcoming Provincial election.
My record of four years is before
you and I feel thafe I can with confidence appeal for your support.
I have ap to the present been
calling on the. electors in the more
isolated parts of the ruling but will
call acid see the electors of the city
personally before the-day of elec-'
I'tion. .77 - .
As I must speak in other ridings -
as   in   my   own,  I appeal\ to'my.-
friends  to" assist in my campaign :
particularly during my necessary
absence this week.
Trusting that I will again have
the pleasure of representing this
| District.
Yours, faithfully,'
-    " J. D. MacLeasv EHE    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
ANTISEPTIC���Stopi blui-poiso*
SaOTKDI6-Endtpiiiii4sintrtiag.clc. |
��URF-lest fir baby's rasbai
HEALS al< aarta.
%0e hox���All Jtmltt*.
i know no more, so help Use Your Local Newspaper
The Wisp
Printed    by    Special    Arrange
menu   with  Tho*.   Allen,
Toronto, Ont.
j next day.
mc, Jesu."
During the trapper's recital Dalton
had sat with probing- eyes focusscd on
his face. At its end hc sat back and
smoked quietly for a timc. ^Thcn he
said: "I b'lieve what you havc told
me, Darbo."
"I swar on dc cross dat it is true,"
cried  the half-breed  eagerly.
Dalton sat musing, a crafty leer on ,
his facc.     "And so you are going to ! saved
guide this fellow,  Haight, up  to' the [. ^d,  can  b
Basin of White Water?"    he    asked.
"What in hell is his game, anyway?"
The half-breed shrugged. "Sacre,
how should I know?" he answered.
"Of course," sneered Dayton, "you
have told him more than I chanced to
overhear���Oh, don't try to deny it,"���
as  the  half-brccd  attempted  to  pro-
Manitoba Free Press Urges Retailers
To Advertise In District
Trade marked and nationally advertised goods have solved a good half
of the shopper's problems.     Time is
in    the    selection of articles,
e  decided upon  without
even, a trip  to  the store.      The cer-
Bad Breath?
Don't Be Offensive
Remove the Cause
Follow This Advic- and Your
Breath Will Soon be Sweet
and Pure.
Making- Trees Grow
One     Woman   Transformed
Town in Wyoming.
This year Freedom, Wyoming, is
enjoying  the novelty  of trees along-
' itsv streets and on its lawns because
onc woman had vision enough to sec
. trees there and determination enough
to    get    them planted.      Freedom is
"Bone" Libraries
advantage. And, in spite of the somewhat general conviction to the  con
test���"of  course  you  havc.      But  itjtrary, national advertising lowers the
was all lies, likely, to make him fall '
for your plant.      You're    aftcr    his
money.     Well, get it, and bc damned
to you.     When do you start for the
Basin?" hc asked.
"Soon," answered the half-bred.
Dalton glanced at him suspiciously,
The bad part of Bad Breath is the j silua��cd X'^c [reTless'part of Wyom'
fact    that    nearlv    every cas~ snows   . .   , e J
tainty of getting    quality    goods   at I considerable.trouble from indigestion, i m&-     It had no trees,   and   no   one
prices identical with thosc prevailing   belching gas, bloating, piles or somc; seemed   to   regard   it   as possible to
all over the continent is still another   tf,orm   ��[  stomach   misery.      Oftener j have any.    Finally, one woman wrote
- -r .,   I than not a   pimply   face    a   slugsrish   t0 the Btatc agricultural   college   for,
constipated condition is the true cause1 ��� . . ,     , ,. lf -        ��   ,,
of many a man's failure in life. I advicc    and    Icarned  that   the  b,ue j
By aiding digestion and building-up | spruce would do well in that region !
cost of the goods to the consumer j ^ TaH^VS��Vw{Ttl^Sx��?ia5TT!?1e ' and that th�� forcstry Vision would
and keeps it lower The briefest sur- Wc\S\ ?R' HAMILTON S PILLS funlish transplants for five cents
anu Keeps u tower, j. ne Dnucsi sur comp cteiy overcome constipation ��� ._;���.��� Qf,Hm^ ,���iti, , ���.,i .f ?>;n
vcy of price increases in recent years and al! forms of stomach illness.' , aplCce- L S,tarlmg with a goal of 250
will prove beyond question that pack-! "I was terribly run down with! trees,, she kept on until she had suc-
aged, trade marked and nationally ad-i stomach   trouble   that arose through' cecded in getting 4160 planted by the
...... ouj��iuuu3ii,i ���      , it i i   ���    i iivKK-cii'u    constipation,    writ
but before he could speak the words\\ vcrUs?d Soods havc not ^va��ccd in : p^   Quig,eyi frJom Wasubu
hc would  say,  there sounded a  soft j anything like the same proportion as( | simply couldn't half digest r
' "' ' bulk products.
footfall on the sward outside, and an-
j other man entered the Cabin.
:     Darbo   had   twisted  hack  into   the
i shadows, close beside thc dogs; Dalton lounging against the plark table,
appraised   thc   newcomer   w
Not only consumers, but many retailers, arc by no mcans convinced of
neglected   constipation,   writes   Mrs
 ~   ���  " "   rn, P.O.
my food.
I had dreadful headaches, piles and
yellow muddy skin. The effect of
phenomenal.      I     have     g:in"d     in
The half-brccd sank down on a
stool and did not answer. For long!
moments nothing more was said;
then Dalton drew his stool up close
beside the other man's, and leaned
ovcr towards  him.
"Come, Darbo, tell me all about
that timc," he said amicably. "I
havc reason for wanting to know all
about it."
"I ncvair was up derc," denied the
half-breed angrily.     "I guess I don't
trk table, i thesc truths; and in order to familiar-' weight,  have  a clear  skin,  no  more
ith   hard,   jze  the  merchants  of   Western   Can-   headaches, I eat well, sleep well and
^A.TrL'f&A^?. ^i^ wUh'uir^nUg^^n^rr;^
measure, from Strathcona boots to
Stetson hat.
Thc object of his scrutiny returned
thc gaze calmly. "Well?" he said,
"I'm here, aflast, Dalton."
"So I sec, Mr.���Timberley." Dalton rolled the namc from his lips
slowly, as though its sound tick'ed
him. "And," hc said caustically,
"you'll notice I'm here before you."
"And the others "
"They're within rifle-call. I thought
maybe you'd want to discuss the pre-
Jell you"anyt'!ng''l don't "know what! limjnarfcs with mc alone."
There   arc   no preliminaries, Dalton.     You know what I want you to
you mean."
The big man reached over and gripped his shoulder. "Perhaps ,if you
have forgotten,".he growled, tightening his grip and smiling as the other
winced in pain, "you will try to remember. Don't you recollect a
night some eighteen years ago? You
and your Injun half-brother were
bringing a young couple up through
thc Thunder chain. You might have
brought them through safely, but
your laziness prompted you to take
the shorter route. And"���he leaned
close to note thc effect of his words���
"you  tried  Hell's  Rapids.      Perhaps \
do. You said you'd put it up to the
gang, and let me know to-night if
they'd accept our���my proposition.
Who in hades is that?" he asked suspiciously, for thc first timc catching
sight of the half-breed in the
shadows. v
"Oh,    that's    only    Darbo.      You
needn't mind him; he's is on most of.
our plays.     Suppose we get down to j
business, Mr.���Timberley."
"If it's just the same to you, Dalton, I'd like you to dwell less frequently and less    lovingly    on    that
Bome ulterior motive actuated you, eh. j "a^c'".f***.��*' ,f ��" mBa"nfarply' aS
{-.    .    -,,, ' "e seated himself on a stool.
"r��J   . .     t. ���>     Dalton  laughed.      "Oh,  all  right,"
'I  don't undcrstan' when you  sayj he sncered; "only I understood it was
dat," faltered the half-breed.       What; part 0f your schcmc to    havc    your
name  pretty  well  advertised  in  this
and pushing the sale of nationally advertised products thc Winnipeg Free
Press has commenced publication ot a
Retail Merchants' Monthly. It is a
new departure in Western journalism, and although published in thc interest of onc newspaper ils policy is
broad enough to embrace thc general
welfare of thc press of Western Canada.
An editorial iri the November issue,
headed, "Usc Your District Newspaper," says in part:
The largc advertisers are rapidly
coming to the conclusion that huge
sums spent on national advertising
are largely wasted unless the message
��� enjoy my meals.
There is no nerd to be in failing
health when cure is so sure, so easy,
by taking Dr. Hamilton's Pills of
Mandrake and Butternut. 25c per
box, at all dealers. REFUSE A
A Definition of Bolshevism
Distinguished Socialist Tells the
World What Soviet Rule Means.
The most deadly and inveterate opponents of Bolshevism are Socialist
writers, who realize that the practical
results of the colossal failure of Lenin
and Trotsky must be to set back thc
interested residents. Now thc whole
country is planting blue spruces. That
is real public spirit.���Youth's Companion.
Socialist cause for decades; since the
reaching the consumer is linked up | world at large, not given to makc dis-
with some store where the product 1 tinctions, will not distinguish between
can bc bought. The extent to which the communism of Moscow and thc
this is bcing realized can be gathered Socialism of the intellectuals. It is
from thc newly announced sales pol- John Spargo, a distinguished Social-
icy of the Sherwin-Williams Com- ist. who gives this bitter, telling dc-
pany. Fully fifty pcr cent, of their fiction of Bolshevism: "Promising
appropriation for sales promotion (in- I plenty it gives-only famine; promis-
chiding advertising)   will bc devoted! inS freedom, it gives    only    fetters;
you mean by hcem, eh?"
"Nothing to speak of, Darbo. There
was    a    box    containing money and
"I'll attend to the advertising,"
jewels, which, I understand, the \ other informed him grimly. "You'll
young couple carried with them. You! find that you've got enough to do���
remember that box,.I suppose?" His! providing," he added, "you agree to
hard eyes bored the soul of thc man j do what we mean���I mean, I���want
crouching before him, and as no de-j done."
nial came, he laughed unpleasantly,    j     Dalton brought his heavy fist down
"1 see you remember.      Well, as I j on thc table with a crash that madc
say,  you- tried  the  Rapids and were J the candle splutter.     "I'll do it," he
capsized in mid-centre. You aid
your brother swam to shore. You
had no "time to curry out any. design
. you-might have, formed���-understand"
���-as.the. trapped-leaped lo his feet���
"I say ��� might, have . formed. I -do
not accuse you wanting to get possession-of the box; I ami ss-sure concerning the %vily White Hawk. Knowing him; as I'do', for a bad.Injun, I
.simply state "what I think,'and I do
think he wanted-the box. ..However,"
as  the' trapper- flashed  him  an" ugly.
-.look;���"that is neither here nor there.
-You left those .two.people,to drown,
or 'swirii,.- or.' do  whatever   thcy  best
. could, and you played thc safe game.
.Being Injuns you won through. 'If
you had- been white' men,.you might
havc '.saved . them.      As  it  was,- you"
-saved your' own .carcasses and; left
thcm. to. drown." ' 7-.'-""'���
".Who  tolc.-you-all" dis?" cried, tlic
half-breed.'-.   ���-���_���  ',"'"' --. -'���: .'
Dalton ' "grinned, ."displaying..strong
.yellow  teeth.   "-'You'told  mc your-:
self, Darbo,"- he;"chuckled, "only- you
."'didn't know .it. ���; T just happened, to
hear a little confab- between- you and
. that man,' Haight.. . I'.was" hiding in"
the.  thicket.     .For some, reason-he's
' interesting-in  clearing-Vup  this .mys-
jtery,"and I  overheard, your story  to'
���him, arid your r.offrr- tp guide'fhim' to'
the- ,-Basin -., of .White .-VWateK-..   Y-ou-
"didn't' speak "White/Hawk?s-name-
promised, his face drawn in malignant
hate; "not so much for thc price
you'll .pay for the job, either, as for
.the fact that I owe Dorkin i grudge,
damn, himi"
"Good!    when . will    you start in,
this year to localized "tie-up" helps
which appeal to the dealer and enable
him to identify his store locally as
thc   Sherwin-Williams   agency.
The Sherwin-Williams Company
place special emphasis on lqeal newspaper advertising, providing electros
in which thc dealer's namc can be inserted, and suggesting the most effective dates for running the advertisements, so as to tie up with the national campaign.
In Western Canada there are scv-
eral hundred local .newspapers whose
influence in  their particular districts
promising love it gives only hate;
promising order it gives only chaos;
promising righteous and just government it gives only corrupt despotism;
promising fraternity it gives only
fratricide."���Winnipeg  Free  Press.
War and Crime
Evidence Shows That Increase in
Crime Follows War.
There is an interesting theory that
a great war is always followed by an
increase in crime. Lifc in thc field,
with its hideous sights and grim
duties, is supposed to breed in a certain small portion of the combatants
a contempt for human lifc, and when
demobilization7' takes place there is
a period of lawless violence. It must
be admitted that there is a certain
amount of evidence in favor of this
theory. In Great Britain there has
been an almost unparalled series of
murders during the last year or so,
and many observers arc disposed to
think that something in the nature
of a.crime "wave" is sweeping ovcr
Australia.���Melbourne Argus.
Some Universities Loan Skeletons At
25 Cents a Bone.
"Lending libraries" in which bones
play thc same part as books do in the
orthodox library, are not uncommon
in connection with universities. Any
bone in the collection may be borrowed and kept for a week on payment of 25 cents. Thesc libraries
arc in some cases valued as highly as
$25,000, a skeleton complete being
worth from $30 to $100, according to
its condition. A skull brings from
$1.25 to $5; and a perfect specimen���
a comparative rarity���as much as $50.
Leg, arm and collar bones command
a ready market at from 50 cents to
$1.25 each, while a perfect string of
spinal vertebrae is valued at $5.
C.P.R. to Start Gradinff.
It is thc intention of thc Canadian
Pacific Railway to start thc grading
of the branch line running into Drumheller in the spring, according to D.
C. Coleman, general manager of
western lines, who was in Calgary recently. Mr. Coleman stated that the
line when opened would provide a
line to the rich country along thc
Knee Hill between Acme and Drumheller.
Holly trees are peculiarly free from
attacks by insects.
Asbestos From Quebec.
Canada at thc present time leads
thc world in asbestos production, and
the place which the province of Ontario occupies in the world as a
source of supply of nickel is closely
approximated by Quebec in the matter ' of asbestos. Today Quebec's
deposits of asbestos are estimated to
supply between 85 and 90 pcr cent, of
trie world's consumption.
then? - I want you to give me time! cannot bc approached by mediums of
to show' him and others my hand in j any other kind. Neither the larger
this thing,, but. I-can't stay here aH J rtaiiir-s- nnr""-t
summer."   - ; ��� ' "        .
Dalton crammed his hands into his.
pockets "and- paced -the-narrow  floor
"of the-cabin. Finally he. paused bc
fore the table again, and spoke, flashing the- other a glance from- baleful
oyes.        ..    ;-���--
- "It maybe sooivand it may'-not be
.so soon. I'll have to' consult with
my-boys before I'll know!"   -. ;-./.-."
" "But'you'll, help me do' it? . That's
:ill f wanted to-be sure of to-nighf.-
1'U.slip along-back now." -'"
- The   man  on. the   stool-arose  and
dailies- . nor -the national - weekly
monthly magazines can vie with them
for. reader interest in their immediate
neighborhood." Many dealers do not
realize this.' Thcy rely upon national advertising coiiductcdby-the firms-
wliosc agencies they handle to pull
business, to -their .stores, forgetting
that in'order.lo'sccurc'-tlic utmost-results from- that..- advertising, - which
costs' .them nothing, . thcy .must- not
!" only -establish their- store in. the"public
turned- ���towjrds-.vthc':". dbor.'-th-n he   Aimi as .unauthorized'   agency
'stood'rooted in'lus .tracks'; ;.-..  He Is I .,   ������- ���    .'-\-���'.���-. \--\    ,    ���-.     ,, ������������-���
fire!"   ;;hc\'-' heard - [ Dal ton \ "exclaim, 1 tho?e -Products,- but -.also: should .give
The Prima Donna.
Amongst musicians a story is told
of the meeting at a musical party of
Jenny Lind in her retirement, when
shc had.become Mme. Goldschmidt,
and"the rising cantatrice Adelina Pat-
ti. "..After Patti had sung most brilliantly; Mine. Goldschmidt. approached
her, arid after generous praise of her
performance, added a few words of
gentle criticism of some point"; "You
will not mind my telling you this, my
dear," she-concluded, "when I tell you
that I- am Jenny Lind."" , ' .  -   .
"Oh, yes," said the spoiled .prima
donna, tossing.her head;" . "I've heard
my grandmother speak of . you!"���
Manchester Guardian. ......
"Sagawa, the".Trail-Runner I"-
local."-stimulus' to-the gcn'cra.1 appeal.
;.-:. -���'";- -The Empty Chair. .'-:"'
'  "There is an einpty' chair.  ���   It remains .there    empty."-   Never has" it
been, removed.'.77 We" have- sat,7eight
of .us, in -the CounciKmeetingsof the
;;. ,V"; ' "'"chapter xii;'���'--;.'.;'������'
���''.The talLIndian stood 'framed "in the
cabin's -'doorway;, behind him a wall'!
ot' forest! ''ab'ovc"- which' hurig- a'.chaiii;
61 big-white-stars. ;. The .candle-light
ff:ll-upon his face'.'.-His'grave ;eyes
rested 'on- the -mch-befbre .him, then
i travelled-to.-thi::dbgs crouching in-th
This- can 'only -be done" effectively by {''League!.    .There.- has ".always    been
local   "advertising, 7in    their., district! this".ninth chair waiting for. its occu-
you -were- too ."cunning ;for--. that���but'|- corner, "ycllow.orbs blinking-straight
- you ��� hin ted .'"that-yoii  could " find  the,- into- his. :..-"'" -    ���''.: ; 'x '"'
- man -who '-would 'give -Haight -all. the!     "The/ white wolf-.-is .out again," .he
-.. information - -d.sired..-    -You.--��� simply.-;.said.'_../-"Twice. ��� to-night, .'his";howl
saw a* chance to bleed this city-chap,
' "and. took it.:.;. But.-V^hc added,'. with
��� an :Oath';, "if y.ou do. know vvho'..that
.-man. and; wonic'n' were,. -I'- ..want-' to.
.;know"td.b."  ' '.-_"'       ---'-."". Xyy- y' ��� '���-
vDarbosat huddled, low, His-nervous'
... hands - -marking ,' the -'- cross.   bn   -his
. breast;  his 'livid  lips  moving. ��� .'
���"By  the' Holy Mother,   1  swear- I
' "��� know riot -dc,name-"o'f -dcirr people;"- he"
;. said earnestly.;   - "I was wit dem-but!
one-day/   All.I :kribjv- is dey vvas from
city. - . Dc.man '-was;damn'- Prot; starit.
~ Dc woman was boo'tiful.    We did not
-' try'to capsize dat canoe; I swear dat-
'.also. . .It all happen so ciucek! Pcosh,
and  over  we
"newspapers: .-Display of the-goods in
store windows or "on store shelves is
thelas.t contact-that, can be .made with
the purchaser before the'-saic.-is. made.
-It'imparts*the final'impulse in.a long
;chain-of suggestion iriipclling the conT
sumcr'.to purchase'a certain.brand of
'goods.-,'-.," y.y - ".      'y.  ,'"'-. -" ��� ���-
Dog-Teaming to Northern Oil Fields.
Tony Ncis, a well-known and experienced trader and explorer in the
north, will be thc first adventurer to
get under way for a"winter trip to the
Mackenzie River oil fields. Hc has
three big dog-teams ready.. The fact
that Fort,.Norman'is a long way off
and will mean hard'travelling has not
discouraged Mr. Ncis in. his plans for
an overland journey..this winter, for
from past experience he knows exactly what is ahead "of hini.
' Persons bearing the sarne surname
although they ! may nol be related in
any way,-are forbidden to . marry' in
China.        - ��� ' ..    ...     ; "
Comradeshp With America
British Paper Reminds Japan Britain
Has Ties With United States.
Commenting on despatches fiom
japan to thc effect that efforts to
foment anti-American feeling in
Japan are causing alarm in the American colony, the London Express
"The Japanese must not be permitted to deceive themselves as to
Britain's attitude towards a quarrel
fastened upon America. We are
grateful for what-Japan did in the
late war. Wc have treaty obligations
toward her which we will honor. But
we have also ties of blood arid undying war comradeship with America."
Summer Fairs in Manitcba.
A total of two hundred and
twenty-nine fairs were held throughout the province this summer, at
which 24,927 adults and 22,607 children were in attendance. Therc were
more than 21,000 exhibitors. Thesc
fairs arc arranged in circuits, the Department of Agriculture providing
two-judges at each, onc for livestock
and horticultural exhibits and a home
economics expert for girls' work.
A girl seldom smiles as sweetly on
her own brother as she docs upon
the brother of somc other girl.
S'.uinded. from, the "swale-lands.   \-He
is crying out for; the , murderer of
.Sagawa's-brother,"- the .aged trapper."
���",_ "Sacre,'">:"muttcrcd" the ...half-breed,
"ciossing"hinisclf.���',  He.had crept,froni
the--.shadows into-the candle-light.
'His swarthy face '>yas  drawn  iii ab-
ji-ct -terror..
Dalton ..turned    angrily upon him.
"Superstitious fool!"-he growled. "No
���f��\ar-"of the .white "wolf -getting thai! There- arc scores of public clocks in
noon which the devil holds    a    firstly . i.-ii-  _        ,     '    V      .
���    . c4    a ..     tS -1   - t    ,���..[ Government'buildings and on church
mortgage.     Stand up, Darbo, I want , , _'      .     ,
towers and nearly every Spaniard-carries a watch, which he often looks at,
time is Nothing in Spain
Exact Hour, Does . Not "Mean AnyT
thing tb Average .Citizen.   .-���"."
.    Foreign "visitors, after a short stay
in-Madrid,-   b,.gin,   fo doubt whether
. the\Sp'an'iards ar'c'ableto tell' the tiriiV.
Ui have a look:at ypu
The    half-brccd    had    sunk into a
chair. His h- ad had fallen on his
go,: and de water" Vhe'j ~l>;!east &"11 his- lips were moving dum-
-      - I b7y.    -He did not heed the command,
pant. -.'--That chair Js.. America,'and-1
would    not.-allow    it  to  be'placed;
against,thc wall; " The chair is "silent,
but it.isT-hcre. '--.One,day; we trust,",it
will--speak7; \ We-, arc   like, a'family
which/has lost_:a:soh.r.:.,But rthe chair,
i.s -rcaftly." against "his-.return; and "we
listen.for.the lifting':of the latch", and.!
his entry into the fold."   . Tliu's-spokc'l"
Mn Leon. Bourgeois in the "course .of ;
an interview, with, a'representative of;
The Christian  Science ^'Monitor,.- in ;;
Paris,  a] few; day's  agb.;   ' And Leon !
Bourgeois, if. lie-had   had   his'' way,]
would, have .h'ad.-a League, of * Nations
just twenty .years'ago.'-   .. ''"'."'���
'pour-in....... i -    , t-. i .    , e ....
" "I: swecm one- hour, tnavbc two, 'I; r;,,d Pa'ton reached forward and jcrk-
:<iunno.\. I  fin' rnasclf"on "shore nex'i c'�� h"" *<? ��'s feet.
'Now,    he asked,    whv are you so
* rough!    up    about Daddy Farncy's, ,y s,art and rfv ^
���im   tv -.i.    in , nurch'rer-    b ing    nuntird?        Come,      ,    ���   ,   ,  , ... ,
.,-,.-      - .   ��� ���- w  t  .    i   /���      -/' 7 '    ciifik nr>   or hv thr lord  H-irrv   I'M' scheduled nour, and  there arc other
five.day an   night  I  trek  t ru  forest   S!,C��1K "P. or���,u>  m<- *-ora  narry, i. ,i,. . .      *    ,.   ,    .
an' swim rivarc. ' .t',ro?t'c you! j indication:- of the htlle interest Span-
-    -"D.en' I": get "work  in  lumb-r  mil!.' .   His gTX? lish'.rried, but the trapper, j.jards show" in thc time.      It is citlnr
morning, ari' all day.I travel t'ru bush.
I fin' st-ltlJrii-^nt atiiighf, but-say nor-
ing. '.. N.ex" day I  set"'out again, an'
Customs" Reaches" Far North,
A Canadian- customs* station is to
bc established at Burwell, in the Hud-'
son  -Straits.      Previously,   there   has.
but   apparently    these    do not mean _ been practically no check bn vcsstls-
anything to the average citizen.     An .going into  the Hudson's.  Bay    anil
appointment    for    a    fixed time and j northern coast territories to trade, but
place nearly always finds both parties', now af] vessels will be    required    to
absent -at thc  hour  named.      trains j pass customs at Port Burwell.     The
Customs officials will be materially as-
s:s'ted by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police-patrol.
. Six rriont' I stay    derc,.   but    I    hear
by a quick movement, liberated hin-!
,,        i  ���      ���       t     i i i        , morning, noon, evening or nigut with 1
.,. ,.  -. -.-, ��� ..,,   self, and  leaping  back, drew  a  loi.g1 _       .     , ���    .     ,    , ,
not ing.about dat man an   woman till   jjri/e frbn'his belt j .Spaniards generally,-and of course the
"one day Hudson Bay trapper coin, in      \.D    >t '    -, ,; ^ more-."' efcrnal  man'ana  which, never  comes,
derc. an    I_ fin   out   he   from   White   he snarled, his tcotl. rfcanfing and liis'
.Water. Basin.    , Prom   hcem   I  Ir.irn .    .-,-,���'       ���    ..   - ���"
s.omet'ing,  an
"If you  do,
dat   is  dat  AiBOnouinH'S-feVyes  flashing
Sagawa    go    out    in hees bi- canoe,   dt:" I kcc.-youl.qiicc1c.' ,
'i     Dalton tell back a step, and a deep
when "he hear cry f;r help.
dem people from drown.
tell   me  dr.t  de  man   die. before  dey
reach   sh.o're,  an'  de^womjm   she die
D-f mJni flus!! slowly mounted to'his checks.
Darbo, Mic   srud-,   his   voice   calm
and. hard,  "you .know   mc,\and   you
know you'll have t.o silitrr for.making
,that-- thread.' '
The exact hour is nothing to them.
Decrease in Employment.
Dominion headquarters of the employment service of the department of
labor reports'that for the week end-
Put., that"" knife .on the. ing October 23rd, y employment    rc-
i ports were tabulated from.5,230 forms 1
with an aggregate.pay roll of 731,950
���...'.o- tlie,-. fraction-of a second only,'
-the7lialf-!)r>cd"s-bh.izing cyes'nrt the;
level ...or es;. .of.1', his" master.'," ���", Then,: persons:':'-; At the endof the previous
.IsloAviy.'h'e.turncd'and toss'ed.tht." knife Uvcck, 'these finris:-had ' 729,304; ..em-
.'r����V.te. :' -X   X ' i '���'  "x'X-,      ployccs; and.at the middle of January
.v. -,i giess maybe Lmak . mistak , '-hei- .v     -f- %-������,,.. - -  ���-��� ��� .   -.-��� ,   :.
mut:en;d:r-: ?|It h^as;dat;:whiCb ^.volf.-'i #-cy iWX-..^Wp'^P.^spns, m -.lliejr
ipicuXXi-il. am, friehten'iV  ''.';.'',.- "/';"'. y
r-y''X_V\-'..(To'be''contim.cd) --"';".'"-' ,--*.:
:cmrpXd?0X&si:49XJ^ ik^--
' Of 7th.g7 jj"rcceding...Keck7'tli ere' hack favgfif
...,.::.....,,......... ,,,$����^&^ii&ikXi0i^
ai-- MtB:M${ '^^^^iSSMxMi'^M&^i^^f^^'
W   7CK
Al  ill -
the amount taken
,;TCnat 'is.tlie nourishing
.    power, passed by'inde-7
, pendent. scientific "ex-
'-'. periment, of ���.... .'
���^anderiiie" creates mass
of thick, gleamy waves
: :ffi'VT'CRy.'KgrnzB&' Wwtif hei'-: ciem?��rti��v8r..
JJv feSleJC iolkw3W��pF'Ii��atiori: ij'f ''Stein's.:
jl#aimeiit.;J::17l3St1 sfe��>'' It .oa.'.'.<h��.:.Bttaiijeai��;
-O'l-iemirfed'TOjaEcj'is.'s Good: ift^heBjjMtti jas,'
(Made.; in'.Canada') -
In a few moments you can  trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair.    You
can have it abundant, soft  glossy and
full .of life.    Just get at j.ny..dniR or"
toilet counter.a small bottle of."I)an-
���.dcrine'':for..a;few cents. ; Then snois-
.-_' ten"aVspftclpth'with.the "Danderine"
.'.; and .draw, this through your hair.-lak-
.'|ing one'small "strand; at-a -time.-:. fn-
���..;-| stantly.'iycs,-. immc"diatfly,'';"yo�� 7-havo
.y, doubled' llic" ...bca.utjv'of your.hair.'; ,]'It.
M w.il.i; bc7 a mass,. =q7 soft,;'Jiis.irbjis'-'and
. -.!'e?<iy- *o do up.. ' AIj :diist;-'dirt .and ex-',
"vcessire bil-is rernoy.ccL', '-,.'   .;���..-; ...-';',---
;������,;.' -r-:'Lel."Danderine .put.^mbr'c.lire;Tcblor.;-
.'.^.vifenr/.'iiTi j?:'brigh'ln.cs�� ��� - in ,' yourj hair.j
..';'Tnis7:?timuiating7-:;!bii5c;. "'will-./.ffeihrr.'-
I- 7yqur,'sca!p,;x_h'cciv dandruff'and failingj
-. J hair. ai;d-".!iclp7y oiir ^hair.' to'"grow;;:Ioiig, j
.!';! thick", ���strbng,'an'd':!?csutifat,"';>.--���"���...'     ' 'yh
Blue Monday
Are you discouraged with, the color of
your wash? . I;     '
Next week use 7
You will find that your wash will have
that pure, snowy whiteness that is only to
be obtained by the use of
Keen's Oxford Blue
Sold by all dealers.
-MAGOR.SON St CO, Limited
Montreal      Toronto
Canadian Afntt.  ..
Counter Check Books
- Provide the only means by which you can keep aa abiolute accurate check oa your
calek...   Thc.new luxury, tax and..salet tixsmakes.it' necessary to.keep such a record.
yjt make sales books suitable {or any line ol busmen, with either' duplicate or triplicate   copiea. ;_"':
.There is  a heayy demand  just now  for triplicate books.      We mtke a great
variety of triplicate-books, both iu separate carbon leaf and b!a<-V back style.
Write us for-sample and prices'before placing your'next order, er ask any ot
our agents to gire you this information.
.     Vegetable Parchment Butter \Vrapper��
-----We are in the best position of any firm in Canada to fill your order promptly
(or parchment butter wrappers, either printed or pla.n,.' Wc are laige importers ol
this brand of paper, and hare-special facilities fer printing wrappers in cither one
.��i!r:.two color* si'-isk. -_i^.- '��� .__   ���_���_. .-"... ������,���      . -'- ���- _; ."-'������=' --..-���-- --"-  ���-���---
i'-y ix "X yXy'i WAXED PAPERS    ^; x..yizXiri
'.Wc also manufacture a complete liiie- of waxed bread and tucat" wrappers, plain-
'or,printed, waxed paper rolls for. home use, and waxed papers lor all purposes. -
.Our equipment'is "the most" modern.and complete to.be found in Canada.    Our"
goods are first ckss and our service is prompt.      Let ns pvove this lo jou oa your
next.order for; Counter Check Books,  Parchment -Paper, et Waxed" Paper,--
For quotations apply.to publisher of this paper. -'
AiPP'e^ord "Counter Check Book Co.; Ld.
...    ,' ,   ��7    HAMILTON,  ONT.r-BRAHCH OFFICES' AT   ."*-''���"
���>i��nnMMo qhiw
���%-^��i?^ji$i^j^'.^i^ib^ V
rr'-rr^      jl?T\aH\m      O^F.T^TWOOB.       li
Forms and Functions  of
Governments in Canada
a democratic form of government it is of the utmost importance that the masses of thc people who constitute thc democracy have
a clear grasp ancl an intelligent understanding of the machinery and functions of government, and this is especially true in countries like Canada
where the powers, responsibilities and functions cf government arc divided
as between Federal, Provincial and municipal legislative and administrative
Important as it has always been that people should havc an;underst'and-
ing of the political conditions under which they live and are governed, it is
perhaps even more important today than at any previous period inhistory.
In these times, when it would be both idle and foolish to deny that a spirit
of unrest prevails, changes in the existing forms of government arc being
advocated in many quarters. -������ Utopian but utterly impracticable ideas are
advanced by some organizations ; others urge a complete revolution along
lines advocated by adherents of thc One Big Union; some would have thc
Soviet system of Russia introduced; the cry of "self determination" is raised, although it is not made vcry clear what calls for determination; and, in
general, there is a re-grouping and realignment of the masses of the people j
in regard to matter political.
Because of these conditions, it is morc important than ever beforc that,
there should bc a clear understanding of thc present svstcm, methods and'
functions of government in Canada which these several bodies of opinion ,
would alter,  change,  and, in  somc instances,  absolutely destroy  if thcy
had their way.
It is unquestionably true that in these Western Provinces, where such
a large percentage of thc people havc comc from other lands where condi-i
tions and forms of government arc quite different, much confusion exists
as to thc different spheres of government vested in thc Federal Parliament
at Ottawa and in thc Legislative Assemblies of the various Provinces.     Be-,
cause of this, it has been suggested that a scries of articles of a purcly cdu-
��� cational character dealing with government in Canada would be both valuable and timely. j
,For example, thc newcomer, whether from thc United Statcs or some'
European country, finds it exceedingly difficult to understand the relation ���
which exists between the British Crown and Governments in Canada.     Thc \
immigrant from Europe, familiar with thc old autocratic monarchial gov-j
eminent in his native land, entertains thc idea that somewhat similar conditions prevail in Canada, possibly even worse, and that Canada, as a pos-|
scrsion of thc British Crown, is ruled by governors appointed overseas.    In-*
coming settlers from thc United Statcs, in many instances, have a vague'
and hazy notion that in Canada people do not.enjoy thc same liberties and
principles of democraic responsible government prevailing across the line���j
that, because we arc subjects of King George V., we do not enjoy complete
independence of action, and many believe that Canada has to pay tribute or
taxes to England.
The very fact that all legislation is enacted in thc name of thd King,
��� that the Government is spoken of as the King's Government, and that the
Royal assent, is required to all legislation passed before it becomes law, leads
to a belief in many quarters that Canadians do not enjoy all thc rights of
self-government and as full exercise of all liberties as do thc people of thc
United Statcs or any other country. , ; '
As a matter of fact, King George V. exercises far less power in Canada
; than the President does in thc United States. The King in England, or
his representative, the Governor-General in Canada, or any of the Provincial Lieutenant-Governors, have the power to dismiss their ministers from
office. But the President of thc United Statcs has the samc power. In thc
United Statcs, however, the people have no rcmcdycxcept to elect a new
President when the next election comes round, be that time long or short,
In Canada, thc people must bc consulted in a general election immediately,
��� and, if thcrr verdict is in favor of the dismissed ministers, the Governor-
General, or the Lieutenant-Governor, as the case may be, is recalled from
office. ..   . "...       ... ���', XX
-,The King, or his .representative, is obliged to accept, as his ministers!
and advisers those" men who.are shown to have the confidence of the people!
through their election to Parliament or.Legislature, and. who command the
support. of a majority - of all thc members in Parliament, .or'. Legislature.
The moment a Ministry loses the support of such a majority of thc people's
clcctcd^rcprcscntativcs, it must resign and make way for a new Ministry
possessing such support: In the-United States, on the other hand, "the
President personally selects his own cabinet of ministers, men "who may, or
'may not, be the choice of the people, and men who may not command the
support of a majority'in Congress. - ���'���'"-'"".-..'"
; . The Crown is a common tic binding all parts1 of the British Empire together, but.the Crown docs hot, ancT.caimot, legislate of itself, impose taxes,
��� or.'enforce laws.    -These things can only be done by the elected rcprcscn-
'' tati.ves of thc people and thc courts of law which those representatives, in.
Jhcirwisdom create.   .In a word, in no country do the people enjoy, wider.
.   liberties or greater-freedom, of action-than" in Canada, both Federally and
���- Provincially. -."���"".
The Choosing Of
and every season or occasion will
no longer be a worry, nor even a
difficulty if you take your lead
from the new.
Dingwall Catalogue
It contains perfect reproductions
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(Treat Dinpwall Collection of new
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Weaith in Old Stamps
��� Trunk Filled With Old Letters Worth
j A Fortune.
1 An old trunk,-decayed and emm-
bling to pieces, discovered by workmen in an attic in Philadelphia, containing nothing but bundles of letters,
j has been found to bc worth a fortune
j iti old stamps. "The man in the
Street" would never recognize the"
worth of such a mass of apparent
trash, but philatelists say the stamps
on'such old letters, crude, inartistic
little stickers though they are, now
are worth a king's ransom. Examination of a few of the letters reveals
the fact that the entire collection of
correspondence once occupied the
files in the law office of one William
1 Morris Meredith, a man of large acquaintance, who received letters from
persons in all parts of the country and
By the use of Gillett's Lye. house cleaning is
made a pleasure instead of a drudgery. It softens
the water and cleans thoroughly whether the
dirt is visible or invisible. Destroys all bacteria
and infectious germs, removes obstructions from
drain pipes, closets, sinks* etc. Refrigerators are
made delightfully fresh and clean by using one
teaspoonful of Gillett's Lye dissolved in two
gallons of water.
Made ia Canada.
Paring a corn is both risky and ineffective. It is much better to use
Holloway's Corn Remover and eradicate them entirely.
D. R. DINGWALL, Limited,
Winnipeg,  Manitoba.
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Cost Of Cosmetics.
Rosy complexions, ruby lips and
fragrant personalities cost the women
of the United Slates $750,000,000 last
ycar, according to luxury tax returns
in respect of those diminutive but important articles of the toilette. During Ihe same period $300,000,000 vvas
spent on furs; Is this triumph of
comfort in condensation ovcr comfort
in bulk.���Victoria Times.
Barbers in India
Are Important Persons and Always
In Great Demand.
The barber is an "individual of great
importance in India and is in constant
demand. At a birth the Hindu barber is the man employed to carry thc
eventful news   to  the various  fatnilv
Origin of Word "Poltroon"
In Olden Days Meant Person Without Thumb.
The word "poltroon" has a rather
interesting origin, having started out
in life as pollicc truncus, a Latin
phrase, meaning onc who had been
deprived of his thumb. In thc olden
days when bows and arrows wcrc the
main weapon of thc so'.dicr, the
thumb vvas a most essential part of
thc hand, for without it thc archer
could not hope to draw thc bow with
anything like good aim or exert his
arm's full strength. To avoid military service many a man chopped off
his own thumb or got his wife to perform the act for him. In timc the
man who did this bit of self-exemption became known as a "poltrun,1'
and the last change to its present
usage is easily traced.
To Eradicate Weeds
A Condition Afflicting Thousands oi
People���How-to Get New
There are thousands of people who
are enduring the pain and discomfort of minor ills in the hope that thc
, indisposition is only temporary and
7 will be outgrown in timc.'OfUn such j
' illnesses' are not serious enough to
I require the attention of a doctor, but
I will respond to intelligent homo
1 treatment if a reliable remedy is
relatives, while at a funeral he shaves j uscci. Women, busy with a mul-'
thc heads of thc living���and thc dead.' titudc of household cares, young wo-
The Hindu haircultcf has no shop, I men in offices or stores, or girls
and displays no poles, signs or sym- st��dy'ng hard in school, easily fall
..  ,        X , ,,.        , a prey to that condition of bloodlcs^-
bols.     He can bc seen strolling along   ne'ss k���own as anaemia.   Thc trouble
near the bazaars, with a small bundle   n_cd not be serious if prompt, effec-
undcr his arm or carrying a'little bag.' tivc  measures arc taken  to  check  it
At all religious rites he is to be ob-i'". ]itsD.?1arlytt.���StagefS-     ?'. Wiriams"
���'-.,. ,       . , , ���      ', ' Pink  Pills  -^ll  restore the-clements
served; he bores  the girls   cars  and j nccded    t0   bring,   the blood back to
hoses for the various rings which-are ���; strength, and once the blood.'regains
worn;  and,  in  fact,  the busy.'Hindu j its healthy quality .the,   entire .: body
barber will undertake almost any sur-  AYm s��on show'lhc benefit; ^ Among
.    ,   '        ������������      y,    .,     , .��� :, ,   the    many:  who    have found b?nefil
gical operation.      B-csidcs girths and   througll thc use-of Dl, Williams' Pink
deaths, he attends marriages. "   At a   PiUs   is   Mrs.   James J. Johnston," of i
wedding, wc are'told,-this busy bar-! Peierboro,   Ortt.,   who   says:   "I   can
ber  is  "best   man." -The   touch   of   personally strongly . reepmmend   Dr.
��� .'    i      ,   . "i   ���"���:,' ��� Williams   Pink Pills because of-what
this handy-man,  by  the way, is. ex-
"Pape's Diapepsin" for
"Pape's Diapepsin" is the quickest, surest
relief for Indigestion, Gases, Flatulence,
Heartburn, Sourness, Fermentation or Stom-
ach Disease caused by acidity. A few tablets give almost immediate stomach relief and
shortly the stomach is corrected so you can
eat favorite foodl without fear. Large case
costs only 60 cents at druff store. Absolutely
harmless and pleasant. Millions helped annually. Largest . selling stomach corrector
in  world.
Alberta Wheat Movrment.
Largc quantities of wheat and other
cereals are being moved daily from
Alberta. Between four hundred and
five"'hundred cars are being supplied
daily by one railway. Complaints of
car shortage, notwithstanding size of
the crop this year, arc practically nil.
Weed Train Will Be Run Through
Prairie Provinces.
(l Arrangements for the running of a
"weed train" through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for six weeks,
commencing about thc last week in
January, were made by thc Deputy
Ministers of Agriculture of the three
provinces, who met in Saskatoon recently. Thc train will bc equipped
with all of the necessary material to
demonstrate thc growth of the various weeds of the prairie provinces
through thcir various stages, as well
as thc best means of eradicating them.
The train will bc composed of two
lecture cars, a' demonstration car,
and a sleeper and diner for the personnel. It will be manned by representatives of the Departments of
Agriculture of the" provinces concerned, their colleges of agriculture,
and the rural municipal associations.
A representative of each province
will -accompany the train throughout its entire trip, although in each
province the lecturers will be chosen
from that province. It is planned
to cover with the train this year as
many as possible of the points on the
Canadian Pacific Railway, and next
ycar to take up the Canadian National lines.���'; There will be two
meetings a day. Two weeks will be
spent in each province.
Rural Depopulation
Minard's   Liniment   For   Garget .in
7   Cows, r'������'.-:���' ':
ceptionally light, and.it is'said that hc
Modern Treasure Islands
Must Accept Price Level
Nauru Near Asia Is Worth Untold
.'.  Millions.   ..
Situated in,the Pacific Ocean, nearly-imdway-between America and Asia,
is Nauru, a barren bit of rock only
twelve miles in circumference. Thirty
or' forty, years  ago  almost, anybody
...could;Jiayc had._it.for the asking, T.Orj
day it is worth untold millions, owing
to /the-- belated    discovery that, thc
whole island is neither more, nor less
than a mass of phosphate  rock; soil
fertilizer' well-known to agriculturists.-.  In Conception Bay, Nc.wfound-
-land'is.Bcll Island, sold by its.original
owner-many, ycars ago for'$100. '.  It
���changed ; hands;, again,' for". 2 /million
dollars.-    This .enormous rise in value
- was due to thc ;disc6veryVth'at. the' island is." composed almost entirely of.
iron orc':7 ., Eorycars previously, shipr-
������masters had been'iii the habit of tak-.
ing the lichvy easily'handled-'rock-for
ballast, .dumping, it overboard with,
���the utmost, -iin concern." when thcy-
lo.idcd. up,, with'cargo;-; .-Then;',,one
day, a captain more curious than.the
"others, - had : the 7 strange ".'looking
"-'rock'---assayed, and .his.-fortune was
' made.' .7'.'"" --- > "���   ���'���'.' <-. -7-,.-   :���'.."' -'"
$3 Wheat Is-Too Much For World
'- To Pay.'
- "The world-has not. tlie'purchasing
power to buy.$3 wheat," "E.G. Noursc,
head of agricultural .economics, Iowa
State Agricultural College, said in an
address before thc Farmers' Bank of
Eastern .Iowa. ' He was discussing
"thc" farmers' strike and market conditions.' ��� ��� -���-'- -' ;.-. ; ��� '." " '- . .'. ;
Deliberate "marketing to keep pace
with . the' fall of prices of things
farmers must-buy is:a better remedy
'than',- the.". strike,. -Mr., Nourse -said.
Farmers .must' accept., the .".-general
price level," but are"".now obliged, to"
accept.al Ithc cut \ih ; the deflation
process.--     '- ,. -' .-" .;-.'������ .-���-- . ; .
Minard's' Liniment For. Diphtheria.
Big Game Being Protected
��� Protect
they have-done for me". .-   About-two
years ago I  felt poorly, was terribly
can  shayc"his .customers' while  thcy   weak', ncrvousand rundown.-  I was
Alberta   Taking   Steps    to
Bands :of; Antelope. j
Alberta will havc a new animal-park I
if the' present-plans of the Dominion,
game authorities are .carried out sue-
ccssfully. ' .Steps are" being taken to
provide, sonic measure of protection-'
for; bands of " antelope - now running i
wild  in  the   Brooks  and   Lake   Muir ! Co.,. Brockviile, Ont
districts, and it:is expected that they \- ..;    ���   .���	
_will soon be added,..to^.;the_list..of .hig-
lifc zoos whicli. thc Federal Government is maintaining in/the province. .
��� There.arc  about, one hundred and
seventy-five animals, in.thclot," and it
easily annoyed and worried,' and -my
heart would flutter at the least exertion. I tried"several, rcrhedies, but
did not- find a cure until I took Dr:
.Willianis' Pink Pills." . I took, seven-
boxes in all'and am .now. enjoying
perfect health,"and, have gained . in
weight: 1 -calculate-thc cost small
when I think of the benefit I received; and I recommend the pills to all
weak people.". .' ~       :    ���  "-.
-Rich, red ".blood is the whole secret
of good health, and from the firsf ,'to
the last dose Dr. Williams! Pink Pills
enrich and purify"--, ihc" blood. You
can get' these pills through any
medicine dealer -or by mail at 50
cents a'box, or six boxes for $2.50,
from"  The.' -Dr.', Williams'.   Medicine
Guarding Crown Jewels
Kept in Safe Place at. Windsor Castle
'.-;'.; '        "-'sDurhig-War.  .""-'-."'
is proposed to construct strong fences
In, a recently 'published- book, "Sir
��� Lovc- is. , "s^-'do'm"-'c'onfcsF.cd until
the evidence reaches the: stage, where
making ,X   confession, -is ..merely " a
��� matter of. form.'.     ".." '.
X;'y'.:   400 Sort's of Silk Worms.
'There- arc;more; than- four'hundred
different; varieties.f ."of ' moths-.'which-
���produce; silken' cocoons,-and; although
the great majority of/these arc.'valueless frpin' a. cotnriicrciar'poin.t o.f view,' :���
there arcjivc'-kin'ds'- which arc " do-!
mesticated ��� and' several - others wliich'j
though wild-, have their,coco.-zsis.collected for.thc sake of their.silk:
in which.to enclose and protect-themi. George-Youhgliusband. gives ..an ,ac-
- .'���;' ,.- '. . ���-.������-���r-���~t~- . ��� ' =-. -' count of what -happened, to.-the Crown
"',.- - Vilna's .'History. ��� -.--��� 'Jewels'' during ..tlic  war..'.'-He'.'starts
"' .Vilna,' the pleasant littic.city'on the . with thc.visit'of a-German lady, to-thc
Viliya, where :the "Polts proclaimed, a i Tower '.just -before -the.'war.' ____"'Yo.j
new govcrninerit.'recently; has' an .in-.".may"think 'those, jewels -very wonder-'
t"cr"csting.:hist'ory. '���'.' ft "was;-, here .that;' ful. and -".very ..wonderfully < guaVdcd,'"
long" year's'ago,' the '.Pplcs-.kcpt:, the j she -remarked- to the'-'ycoinaii "'on duty,
���'sacred fire- of.-paganism .burning.,-ori" I "but (loii't be surprised' if' I say' they
the'-castle hill' night -and 'day.'- 7 The- will  soon- be'ong    tb ' our    Kiiis-er.'-
city.has'lived through some strenuous
ages fighting Teutonic-knights, Tartars- and "other"'.mediaeval ��� Bolsheviks
-When .the daylight raids started 'four-
bombs promptly-fell-near' thc .Tower,
and-latcr one'fcll ih. thc">ivcr':ncar to
' - ".' Saskatchewan School .Cadets. .' "'.���
. Of- the. school Attendance p '-piilatioti
of' Sa'sk'atchc"vv:..ii  amounting'to- 161,-
���326, 4,514"'boys are members'.of. school;
cadet corps,..or "a 'percentage';of 2.79. - .1
���-not always successfully-:-. .VWitli'oneiithc ancient".walls; . ,Thc total casual-
eye oir culturc,'cvcii.iii,the most-gory-,' ties, writes    General   .Younglui'sbaml,
days, V.ihia'sti!! k"c(':ps;.-t!ic 'volumes-^,
sonic "200,0(}0r^of h'.er   famous  "suppressed university; 7   -"   ."������ '���'���
a ��rcofiee bothers ��� �����!
It lias helped, mai^r
a coffee drinker
���.-\.T**.tt.v..irt y*a ��*��i��!.';Vv
j' j ^i?em;ct->iMj--C79��p^7i-: j
,.. -       '-German Finances. -
;Gcrmahy's treasury faces a.deficit
of. -.���" approximately... -' 70 000,00.0,000
-marks, Dr. .Karl Hei.Tcrich, former
vice-chancellor,; declared; iii the rcich-
s'tag. -"-.Dr." Wirth," stated, the cabinet'
3i"ad decided-' to introduce" a bill providing for a "sacrifice tax," adding
that thc govern ment would ask .a
credit of 1,0.00,000,000 marks to buy
cereals abroad.
���/Advocates Niagara Dam;;7
Dr. T. Kennard Thomson, consult
ing engineer, New York, in aii address
to, thc civic club of thc University of
Toronto, speaking, of power development schemes at "Niagara Falls, advo-'
catcd  the  construction  of a" gigantic
Sam  across   the Niagara  Riv-e"r  four
miles . below  thc   falls,, "thus   formin'g-
an   entirely' ncw   waterfall'haying   a
potential .-'head" of-100 feet "and capable' ' of,, producing  2,000,000" horse-,
power.'    .This power, Dr; Thompson I
said,  should ..be'divided- equally  be-,
twecnthc" United, States and.Canada |
at a yearly rental to each "country of
$10 ,'pcr horsepower produced. -
..,'Survey Director. ;"
.Announccm ht is'madc .by Uie Civil
Service. Commission that -Dr.. W. H.
Collins, who, for-a number of. years,
has been a geologist of thedepart-
picnt. of -mines,- has been -appointed
director.'of-the geological survey, y
,'..-;. -'.Reindeer Meat For U.S.."- ���
"'Meat-packers at Nome,- Alaska, will
bc prepared to ship at least 6.000 reindeer, carcasses-to'-"United "States-markets through; Seattle- next;.year," says
Carl J..Lbmen,'- of Nome. 7 --'.
Claims  Although Fewer  People   on
the Land, Production Has Not
' .' Referring to the numerous discussions on the subject of rural depopulation,. Sir John Willison, in discussing it at the Canadian Club, Toronto,
said that, though there were fewer
people on the land today than there
were a fevv years ago, general production had not decreased���it had been
multiplied by machinery.- - The supposition, that farming was less profitable ��� under -present conditions than
formerly was not' supported -"by the
facts, Sir John said.- ...
Governmental meddling in business
only' produced confusion. ; Sir John
added, and public regulation of prices
produced a scarcity iri thc'.products
affected and- ultimately increased
prices. Instead of the luxury-tax
there should-be a "one: per cent, tax
all ".around -on' sales, in-Sir John's;
opinion..'        -      ���.'������'   "  "-. .   -'-���,'
Fight For Natural Resources.
Hon. J. R. Boyle, attorney-general
of Alberta, has prepared a case along
similar lines to that of the provincial
treasurer of Manitoba, but, strange to
say, without any co-operation.
He is ready to launch a case in thc
courts to secure possession of thc
natural resources on behalf of the
province of Alberta, and will institute such action, if the Dominion
Government does not take action
within a reasonable time.
Playing cards have been taxed in
England ever since 1615.
''Theyt Work while you Sleep'*
Have you no time for exercise?
Then do the next best thing. Take
Cascarets occasionally to keep your
liver and bowels active. When bilious, constipated, headachy, unstrung
or fon a chi'd, upset stomach, or bad
breath, nothing acts so nicely as Cascarets. Children love them too. 10,
25. 50 cents.
��� ,:Face'Value:'6f.. courage"' -shows" -up
when it faces misfortune."'-,'.'��� "���
Sask.   Farmers   Own   Insurance   Co.
The .'Agricultural Insurance Company organized last" spring by. Saskatchewan' .farmers,, and -owned-' and
operated - entirely- by thcm;" is making
rapid progress, ancl its experience up'
to-the present has'beeh-most gratifying."-At-the. last report the company
had yet to "receive its first- claim for
loss by- fire," and-.thc hail insurance
business of the last, season brought
satisfactory ��� results.- The company
has.already" over.one thousand farmer
shareholders,- its purpose ; being -'- tb
provide a means'by.'which' the farmers
of.-'Saskatchewan, can- do.their 'own
business with thcir own riioney. -.-���-.=.=-'
Curious Contrasts. -
A survey of  four  counties  in   Indiana disclosed the   following    facts:
Niiiety-six  psr  cent,   of the farmers
havc  automobiles, 97 per cent,,  have
no   electric   lights, 94 per cent., have
no "bathtubs;. SI per cent. ,carry. -water
jnio'vt 7he;f krtc'h'effi'f^
^aitjjfljc^fer j^r^'^i^SJ^^rkcfe ;I5;
:^ Jf^d^^^^^ti^SI^ LW^Sif^|Ein^|"t|? atS
SV;K-' ���
were:  VG'nc   pigeon,  which, probably
had a. weak', heart' and . 'died .of. shell
shock.  XOne'panc; of- .window.broken
in the jewel -House.".    "After thosc
narrow. escapes,'.'" writes 'the   Keeper
of 5 the'.Jewel   House,;' :"a : Royal   caj j
drove.into thc Tower of London, and I-
up to--;thc-Jcvvcl House.    .Into it the
more "important and-valuable portions |
of thc Regalia, already pr.ckcd in their j
own cases were handed.      It was all I
a matter of a few minu'>s, and then '
thc car drove away to W't.dscr Ca's- j
tic and there deposited the jewels in"!
a safe place.     .The return joutru-y at j
the cnd.of the war was cpnlly simple
md ������ITcctively accomplish"'!."
Asthma Can to Relieved. Its snf-!
fcring is as needless as it is ^rrrible .
to. endure. After' thc relief it has !
given to, ..the most stubborn cases no.j
sufi'ercr can doubt tlie eftrctiven^ss |
o.f Dr. J. D". Ktlbgg's, Asthma '.Rem- j
c.dyJi fjComf gjt;ibf^box|3^Kd7';pe^^5i;g^
^iiifi^firt iiriv'^i|ly} Xsias^Rn^mgXXfyxpiiy:
^^ii^i^elflem bje^iS^TS^ p;6UnHs7a J! ��
;tri c;^tm&^^'ci||3 |gjcg^dXr^pib6i$i
X:'fX:GU-BfED  ii'XyXx
[ It is really' impris-,
-sMSle-" Jo _'..' tr.at '���'."" Ca-;
���' tarrh,- .'upIcss    by " ih-.
..haling.' the. .'soothing
-gcrin-kiliing,' , vapor."
of .''.'Catarr'1 ozone..' .-" Its.
.rich -; ,f agra' t." es-",
s:nces> , arc-..- breathed
��� from., the -: "inhaler', to"!
eve.ry, ; sore.-- diseased j
spot,. iii. t.he breathing-!
organs.;    Not-a" single"!
��� germ caii escape ��� the -
healific fumes of Ca-
-tarrhozbne-.. -which
���aci's bn the infected
linings, of the nose'
and "throat just as ari'
oinmciit vvould act'i
on. a cut finger.. You'
see Catarrhozone -
soothes, cleanses,'
heals. It cannot fail
to reach and 'cure i
USffP^PiSlli Catarrh; it's simply i
MIlhujjMj a wonder on "weak;
' - throats,'' bronchial!
;.... coughs, ...   d e a f n e.s s,'.,
yXXoXfytjg:; f l&^^^SV/i&Q^J J
Xx?|@|Sr ^i^tco^^SSv^^
fiiiRgs^pn ty Qafy'tXXS^sX^XXXiXXiM glSfcs
"California Syrup of Figs'9;
Child's Best Laxative
- Accept "Califo'iMia" Syrup of Figs
only���look for lhc name California on
th;- package, then' yoa are sure your
child is having the best and most
harmless .physic-for the 'ittlc stomach," liver and bowel';. Children leve
its fruity, taste. ',. ..Full directions on
each, bottle. You must say "California."'   " -   -   '
'- '. The Aerial"Bootlegger.." 7 '
' The ��� whirr of-.the- aeroplane' motor.
is.;no\y heard together with- the",hum
o;f the' speedy..-automobile', along the
international., border,' according - to
police- authoritics. ,'Two'unidentified,
planes, arc- now,plying .their .trade;as
".rum .runners'.'.not' far from Est cyan,.
Sask.- '.The aviators-are "believed "to-
be, Americans and their'' aerodrome is.
un registered. So'far- the police have
been -helpless", in: their'efforts; to nab
thc.avia.tors.' -"  ' :.-'   ���'--'��� "'-    ���������'���'   -.
'. -   Agricultural,Grant..' ,
Saskatchewan's 'share of. .tlie' Dominion .Government's .grant tinder the
Agricultural Instruction Act for-the
present fiscal-.;yi:ar will, be' SSI,728; the.
total grant'for; thc nine 'provlinct s. be-
iiig-Sl, 100,0.00; .'The grant witl.be devoted to every branch .of^agricultural
education, including research 7and "extension work,- post-graduate, courses
as well as elementary agricultural
leaching. " '   '. - "
Butter and Eggs in Storage./
. According .. to ". a   "report'froni' the
Bur?-a.u'.,:;p��:. S'tatisti,c's,: there were,���"'in ���
.ihftllTig n tlgof ��� Oqt^be tXtti q re 'thimZlSX i.,
'fiSl^Ott^jpou^d^^ft'of I'cregmeryv/bittery K
;;|0S|;^^gJmd|^s^ i
7^0, rrnJES terrnirtSt orldpe sXyXoi -ife iquirfesi
;J;he;gLS'Si^*ance-^iif;' z^y^PXexXrntixcXyi fef;;
Ttci^nJtfcKit effectjw^ft/1^.^0ei net'failf;-
fl*jp;:7do7.3t& wrrki" iiyyyXyiXfXXiXxiXirxX:::X
Women of Canada
'Who Testify
Tillsonburc, Ont.:���"Ev��r' ��ine�� I e��a
remember. Dr. Pierce'e modicines were used
in our family at homo
and thcy never failed
to eivo good results.
Tho 'Golden Medical
-Discovt;ry' was used
as a. tonic and blood
purifier and for bronchial trouble, and it
proved excellent. - I
nave personally taken 'Golden Medical
Discovery' for bronchial trouble, and
the 'Favorite Prescription'   to   build
      nie up whea I traa
.nnwiown.and tfcey.both were very beneficial. ; Mother always .used Dr, Pierce's
Compound Extract of. Smart-Weed for
pain; it aiso'iras very" Rood. I feel safe in '
recommending; all of Dr. Pierce's medicines
k'no-winglhem to'be good."���MRS. CLIFFORD MITCHELL.      ,
- Central Butte, Sask.:���"I have nsed Dr.
���Pierce's Medical. Discovery for, a nmiiirr
of ye-irs and am pleaded to recommend it
as a blood purifier," .;I know it has no equal,
as I-usxl it for "my buy .for tuberculosis of
'the knee joint.'" My neighbors and friendg
���a-cre surprised'with the results; in lact_, I do
not .think he would, te rjlve-today had it not
beeij.'for the''Medical D^coverj'.' I al��j
feeep it on Hand for roughs as it differs eo
from other cough medicinos, instead oi up-
seitihK'the stomach aa taoat cough ayrupn
do it is sooc! for thc stomach. I only wish
I haii kiioim :ibout X)r. Bicree's medicines
sooiner,'WMRB> PEK<3^ WOOD.
^7W��eh' $cu .lii�� Glic^den Medical Dia-
^OTpjqfv: j'.oii bxv. gettiag th�� benefit of tho
���;��rperieflce.'of isdocior -sirlK>30 repntation goep
all :gJ5)u��d7'the-eaTihi- ^Still more, ymi set a '-
:t^j'p��raE(!0- .xn^<OTC'--'that contains cot a
;drop;Of;^c^ol;'dt''iiaroowc of any kind.
Spopijp '.ago '��� Dr. .l-'Pieiicse'.'.- combined ca taija
irahiaWa . yegetaije iiigns<3ien tn���without
���'til*; .3ise'- of aionit^i-yso *ha,fc his Tei&edie*
.���a^ys''JiaTe' hmiy stacifo tetnr^raac*
���&&ika3^%'- Xy-  ���
'������ ''��� s SS: THE LEDGE
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears io notice, $5.00 for each additional claim7)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line-first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcienl display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2,!<c. a line each in-
Boost Greenwood.
Why should Greenwood stick iu
11 rut when there are many  opportunities, which   if grasped   by  go
ahead   citisens,   would   put    this
good old town  once  more  on  the
map?    There is au Industrial Commission which will advance money
for any   feasible   scheme.    It has
already loaned millions and thereby given employment to thousands,
Enterprising   citizens   should   get
together and   endeavor   to secure
some of this money for industries.
Greenwood raised ��65,000  in  the
last Victory Loan and if it can   do
this   it   can   easily   raise    a   few
thousand for   a   factory   of some
kind.    The Ledge  knows  of  one
man who is ready to put $2000 into
a   like   project.      The  Industrial
Commission   would   advance    the
necessary amount to start a tannery
or a box factory, but   the  citizens
must show their willingness to put
their shoulder  to   the   wheel  and
boost.    This is not a matter for one
or   two   individuals,   but  for  the
public to show their faith  in, good
old Greenwood..   "There is .a tide
. iu ihe affairs of  men,"   etc.    Get
together; form a Board, of Trade," a
club, anything just as  long- as  its
ono purpose is   to.  get'.industries.
Let. there be  no  back-sliding;  "the
bigger, the   obstacles,   the greater
. the energy.    No.' matter' what  the
. difficulties may be success is bound
"to meet with co-operation. .
City Council
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held ou Monday evening. Mayor Gulley, Aldermen,
Morrison, Kerr, King, and McLeod were present.
The matter of improved mail
service was discussed and Aid.
Morrison was instructed during his
stay in Vancouver to interview the
Post Office Inspector, J. F. Murray.
A. letter was read from John
Benson asking for release from his
scavenging contract.
The application of Andrew Sater
for the three years scavenging contract waa considered and accepted.
A great deal of correspondence
was submitted from various municipalities in tho province, urging
that the Corporation of the City of
Greenwood unite with them in presenting requests to various candidates for legislative honors, to
pledge themselves for increased aid
iu carrying on the work of municipalities. The maiu feature of
the correspondence was  approved.
Accounts presented by Finance
committee were ordered paid.
Next meeting of the Cauucil will
be held on December 6th.
O a
�� <->
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage iu
Synopsis of
land Ad l.msnfmenls
Soldiers Vocational Branch
: J. A. MacKelvie
: Nevv Member for;.Yale
.  With a majority of 464 and .four
small polling booths, to  hear "from
-. J. A, MacKelvie'-.was * the..winner
'.oyer   his -oppoheut,.-^.Col.'-' .C'   E.
- Edgett,"'".iri" the ..Yale. by:electibn..
'Greenwood gave, a  majority, of.5
-"for Edgett on the ; 185 .'votes polled.
X The following returns were received
' oyer the. telephone:   7- j '.'' ' '.-.'
. MacKelvie
���-;Bridesville' -/���/.
���---'."ii ���-'
/���Boundary' Falls
' :"2s":
" "" ' -i-iX:
; Midway-. - ��� /
"���?<! O ���   ."
.    -J. u
.28:"   .
-���Riverside   -���;'"  -
;'    .r "   3S-    ' -'
������%Rock- Creek   -'"
.'i'o:- --,
."���          ���32; ���������
/Sidley//" /'.="'���"'���
������- /���'���4'-': ���.
-"'��� Allenby���;../    7 i
V'..'1'23.:  '
��� -Aklergrove
'' 21V.-"
-Armstrong  ���-;-.'
-'344'': '���
".   '24S/l-J:
���  48.","
'���    53.     .
. Coldstream
'  '   S5,"V.
������Enderby..;     ";
..Grand *:Fo'rka
: Latimer'Camp
.02.    -
.    4;j
^Naramata-/ .".
35    -
-      75
/.Oyama       " ;
, Osoyoos
Peach land.
. Pentieton.
. Snmmerland
W Spinmerland
It is the wish of the Department
that a special effort be made during the Winter mouths to secure
suitable employment for ex-service
men who have taken a Course in
Vocational Training, and for hand-
icad cases or men who have incur-
rep a disability ou service, which
interferes with the following of
their pre-war occupation.
It' is therefore requested that
every unemployed ex-service man
in either of the above categories,
register his requirements at the
District Office, Dept S.C.R., Nelson, B.C., when every.-effort will
be made, to place him in suitable
In'registering, 116 special form is
needed, but for purposes of record
please.state Name and Initials,
.Regimental -No., age, if married or
single, number of .children, disability (if, any), date of commencement . and.- termination .of" 'Coarse
'(if any Course' taken);" class of
work desired, previous experience,,
ancl :;ariy" alternative." employment
you-may.able to;, accept,- and;'also
full'address. - .-,"���'' '-..-'./:' ./���-.'"
To avoid, .-delay" '-iu' correspon-
dence'jilease give all the'abqve.par-
ticulars in-the first- case.- :        yy
v;;;JNJ$W ,(jRjNlf- HOTEL;-;'���
.616 Vernon St./ Nelson 7 -'.
Brick building and finely furnishe"d~ro'oms
JOHN BLOMBERGV-   --.Proprietor
Mlnlmuii.��^rlce of disL-ctasB land
reduced to ?5 an aero; second-class to
52.BO an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records willbe granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not moro than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ; c
Pre-emptora must occupy claims for
live years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
?S00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
leiture. Title cannot be obtained in
/ess than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding- Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. <j&
" Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding, if)
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. ,'" y
"<) ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving with His. Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or deviates
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for  title  under  this  Act  is  extended
. from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive,
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by Boldlers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
- Taxes are remitted for Ave years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 19'14, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
..town.or city,lots held by. members of
Allied-Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or Jndirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920. ��
.   LAND8.'
���  Provision    made   for    Issuance    of
Crown grants  to  sub-purchasers    of
-Crown Lands,.acquiring rights from
-purchasers  who  failed    to    complete
.  purchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-"-
'.., ailment, of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. .Where sub-purchas-.
ers do not claim-.whole of original par-
���\ col, purchase price due nnd taxes may .
. be - distributed   proportionately . over "
whole'- area.      Applications   must   be  .
.'made by" May 1. 192*.
fr .      .. -X . ' GRAZING. '*'-' '' / ��� -��"
.   Grazing-;'Act,' 1919,  for    systematic"���"
development of livestock Industry pro-'-
; vides'for graaing districts and range  ���
.administration   under'  Commissioner..
���Annual':grazing. permits Issued .based
on numbers ranged;-priority for'estab- ���:'
Uished    owner's,   - Stock-owners    may
form -Associations for range .manage- '.
. ment..'Free,."or.partially free,-permits""
���:' for settlers,, campers: or ��� travellers,- up *-*
7 to ten haald. . : ;,  ���'"'.'-.'..'-  j   -:'--���   -".
.   Physician and Surgeon
That he has located at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
Culameen Betel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud tasty meals.
Nicely luriiished rooms, by the
da^-, week or mouth
F. Nilson     - Proprietor
E. W, WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Cheinis', Box 111108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
Jr. 25 each. Gold-Silver $1.7.5. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Ziuc #3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      -    -Nelson
Dealer in Secoud-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
n all is said
When the last impassioned words of
oratory flung from the rostrum have
ceased to echo from the walls of meetinghouse and hall���when all criticism of the
present Liberal [administration has been
made���\yhen all promises of the ^opposition candidates has been solemnly
(Diversion* and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Herbert Holmes whose
address is Ticaveidejl, It, C, will apply for n
licence lo take and use 500p-allons per day of
water out ol Beaver creek, wliich Hows south-
westerly and drains into West Fork of the
Kettle river about % mile west of Beaverdell,
The water \yill he diverted from the stream
at a point about 550 feet in a northerly direction from tho North-East corner of Lot B509
(Part of Lot 1545) and will be used for irrig-a-"
Uo.11 purposes ...upon the land described as B509
���IPiirt of Lot 154S) Beaverdell. B.C.   .,  '  '
'���This notice was posted on the ground on
jthe 2?lh day of November, 1!>20.' ���
7; A copy of this notice .and an application pur.
suaht thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" -will
be filed in the ollice of. the Water Recorder nt
.'Grand Forhs, B. C. ��� '..,..
V. Objections to thc appl i'caiion -may be GlccV
���with the said .Water Kecorder or with, the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Bhildii'frs Victoria, B. L'., within tliirty'days
aftfcr the first appearance" of this notice in a
liical ucwnTiapcr. ,
V-.CT.tio date of the first publication of this notice
���is-November 25th, 1920.
.       ..    .H. HOLMES,
.    .      -     Applicant.
You cannot overcome
nor deny the solid fact
given British Columbia four years of the
safest, sanest, most efficient business administration the Province has ever had.
It will be in your
best interests to vote
for all Liberal Candidates
on December 1st.
Similkameen Land District, Recording -District
of Similkameen, and situate to the North-
East of Lone Lnke, Greenwood  Electoral
.  District' anci adjoining the North-East side
. of Emerald Mineral Claim L822,- and Gem
- -Mineral Claim L823..,    ,     .
..TAKE XOT1CB that I, William - J.
Prenderjrast, of Grand Forks, B.C.,"occupation
steam ciiffinoev, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following- described" lands':7   '���-
- ..'. Cmumcuciuff at a post planted -at the
South-East corner:of Emerald Mineral Claim
Lot'-S22, thence Xortherly-40 chains; thence 40
chains, in an-Easterly direction':"- thence "40
chains in a Southerly direction; thence 40
'chains iu a .Westerly direction to jjoiiit of com-"
meiicoment", containing 100 acres.more or less
;;'-_. 7: -ynryCiKhi j. prendergast,..
,. Sept. 3rd .1920 -     i'~'-^.    ..     :   Applicant.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane ajid
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The finest
lurnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy braying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
Another Price Suigi
Riverside News
A Sale of Work and dance will
be held in Riverside Hall* Rock
Creek on Friday Nov. 26tb. start-
lag a 3 p.m.
A graafc oi3ny were disappointed
when the "Jazz Eev.ue"   failed  to
pufe in aii appearance afe   Riverside
Hall, oa   Monday  eveniug.    How-
lever, owing to tbe kindness of Mr/
harsen 7for; the  ase.\of. his' hall,
aboufe thirty couples ^gathered  and
i.tqVthe ietraina   of.   'a'.. four, pieee
orchestra,7a inosfe enjoyable  even-;
'ilu'gX\ra'\ spent.  :-.The/^delightful
. Xxt pper wh ich" "jr'as?��� sexveid  byX Mr.:
.TJIffe was also /very  much.7appreei^
7.:i.U;;d, arid with, three 'cheers for the
>n;i=idiaii8./-the   jolly/ crowd/ dispersed ^feheirhomeeLZ/'t-'Z/^i'/^'.
HEN the children-
romp' in hungry as:.
young bears,, here are some
- wholesome, economical delights-that will not only be
received wilh glee; but will
satisfy the most ravenous
appetite in a most- wholesome manner.
% cup.shor'teiiirifj'
2 cups sufjar-
% cupjnilk"
2 efe'grs'
'4 toaspoon stated nutmeg
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract or
grated rind of. 1 lemon
4 cups flour
3 teaspoons Dr. Price's
Cream shortening -and sugar
together; add milk to-beaten
eggs--and- beat   again;   add
slowly  to  creamed - shortening and   sugar";   add  nutmeg
andflavoring; add 2 cups Sour
sifted ,'vvi.th"   baking   powder;
add .enough " additional -flour
, to make stiff dough. Roll out
very .'thin  on floured board-;
' cut, with cookie-' cutter, sprin-'
kle.with sugar, or'pjit a raisin-
'or;a.piece, of -.English walnut
in "the center- of each-,  Bake-
:about7l2'rmfiUtcs;in hot oven.
���' -'���"-. X '.Cocoa; Drop. -Cakes./../.. ..77
''���.itaibZespoons-sftortenJng'.-- ��� '���-���'
;-;l_cupEU5ar-.     :"-. "7���'.-"'"���'-,-'~' '.
-- T-'fiSS -".- . ��� .'* - ���'"-'.- r ' :> :���:���*""
Made from Cream of Tartar,
derived from grapes.
. M ctip-milk -....'
154-cupsfibur .   .',
3 teaspoons Dr..Price's'
,   Bakiiiff Powder. -.
%.cup"cocoa --���  .   .:'''��� ,     -
Vi teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract'
Cream, shortening; add. sugar-
and- well beaten egg; >bcat;
well and.-add milk slowly; sift-
flqur, .baking powder, salt and
cocoa' into mixture;-stir until
smooth, add vanilla. "Put one
tablespoon of', batter into'
.each greased muffin "-tin. and
bake in moderate oven'about'
-20; minutes. Cover with'boiled'
Orange Cakes
4 tablespoons shortening
1 cup sugar
%'cup milk
1 etrg--
2 cups flour
3 teaspoons Dr. Price's
-\       Baking: Powder"
% teaspoon salt
1.teaspoon orangre extract
grated rind of 1 orange
Cream shortening-; add sugar
slowly, beating well; add milk
a little-at a time; then. add.
"well-beaten; egg;\, sift;- flouf/^:
baking,' powder.-;and  salt /to-/''
gethcr/ and' add-to-mixtureJ
add./'flavoring ^and"; -grated
���/orange-rind;.mix-' Well. Bake
in .'greased ;slial.lpw tin,'- or.in-r
dividual/ cake; tins; Jn'.  hot
;oven. 15 "to 20:iiiinutes. _When:
coolcbver with qrang;evicing".,
Orders. Promptiy7pnied
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
trail, British Columbia"
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    ol   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,. Blueslbue,   Pig   Uad   and Zinc
'���'"'.--     "TADANAC BRAND
- The telephone business Is now feeling the effects of the. stop-
page'of industry during the war. . Equipment, has been hard to get'
with tbe result that all over the country applications for telephones'
cannot be filled.. In British-Coluiiibia, ho we ver ."there, is practically
no waiting list. - The-girl at Central is doing her very best to help.-
out in a difficult situation, and that her efforts- are appreciated is
shown by the thoughtful consideration which is being accprdered
her.       .-".''- .- " "
���������>���.'��� S
Tlie Mineral Province of Western Canada
'yiixX'^i     ;     7   TGENEfOF DECEMBER, 1&19
*    Has produced^ Minerals valued as follovssi .Placer Gold,'. $75,722,603;. Lode
Gold, S100,272'431; Silver/850;^432,304; Lead. 843,821,106;Copper,'$153,680,965;   ,:.
Other Metals  (Zinc, -Iron,. eto..)^ 816,818,487;  Coal- and Coke,   8199,123,323;     /     -
. Building Stone,'  Brick,  Cement/eta,��� 829,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals/etc., ;
$785,918; making Jita Mineral Production to the end bf.1919 show an ' -   .... X'-.y.
X !4��gregate Value of ^670,^9,891/
for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,2963l��;
The   Mining .Laws of this Province are more-liberal and:the .fees lower       .
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  6r any colony in the'British
Empire. ~    ' -...'--'
Mineral locations are. granted to discoverers for nominal^ fees.
'/./ /Afasolute/Titles are_-|obtained. by'..developing���:each;properties,"the security.       ;x'X,
of which^ is guaranteed by;.Crown Grants. '"-X'y y:\ 7-Z ���; ' ��� ��� .   ....-.'/ ,' ~-/ ..
///Fall information/together with^mihing":Reports and Maps,; may be obtained ���, .?
;gratm^by7addre^lng7^-;/''?/-/.-' yXXi'XiixX'X; X-yX: i. 'xX-XXX'i :'-X~ii;XXX.-.-.yX Xy-X. -- / /- ���-/,',


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