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The Ledge Jul 23, 1925

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 The Eldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXI
New Kitchenware
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set or by the piece
Also a large assortment of
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete
No. 52
$^^^^^#��fe^^^ Very Reasonable
=��>     Canned Chicken, Lunch Tongue, Devilled arid
Potted Meats, Salmon, Sardines,- Etc
Big Sale      $
Starting Friday X
Ladies Dresses
All latest colors
Ladies Fine Silk Hose
Latest colors
Also a few
Ladies and Girls Hats
Queen ^Perfect Seal, Economy, Mason Jars,
Rubber Rings, Jar Caps and Bands, Etc
ICE Delivered  Promptly
For Quality and Value Order From Phone 46 aft
Mrs.   Ellen   Trounson
R.. Blundell, of Anyox,'is visit
ing* at his home here.
Lester MacKenzie left on
nesday for Vancouver.
Rain     fell     throughout
district on Wednesday.
J. W. Clark has taken a lease
on the Provideuce mine dump.
Mrs. Mark Christensen left on
Monday for a few days visit in
'toolhouse  and
Mr. and Mrs.
daughter, are on
Ed.   Pope  and
a   visit to Van-
at   The
For Anything in the
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
( Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.   .Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
. ���������*������������+*����������������������������*�����*��������������������� **.f ������������*������������; ������������������������
���txxXx      XXXyX, yy-y  ; :,,.    x.yx, XX})y.[xxx y.: . yy ���-,-���: * *
;|g;;;;; ;^7 ^
7:-Wf-7_7f^W'^v:7ffffW?:7;^W7Wte ���
����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������ ���������������������������*������
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness;' Life.
Automobile, Bojids, Burglary. &c   I
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Officcof
Greenwood, B.C. ^
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
House Peters
% with
Patsy Ruth Miller and a brilliant cast
in " -
"Head Winds"
from the Saturday Evening Post story
and liovel "Head Winds" by *
-���    . A. M. Sinclair Wilt '   ' '   ' W
n - * '
A gripping story of love on the seething
seas. Of a man who kidnapped the girl
he loved���of his pursuit by the -entire
Pacific fleet���of the most thrilling.sea-
wreck ever, filmed!
.Found���A tobacco
Owner can have same
Ledge office.
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Christensen at Portland, Ore., on
July 18th, a son.
Mr. and Mrs.. Welstead, of
Nicholson Creek, were visitors in
town on Monday.
Nurse Lillian Bertois, of Cascade, is assisting at the Greenwood and District Hospital.
H.Jackson, provincial government auditor from the taxation
department, is it. town today.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols
and family returned on Tuesday
from a holiday in the Vernon
A number of members ofthe
Geodetic Survey, of Canada, were
surveying* in*' town during the
week-end. W /"*
" E. 'P. Keir and daughters,
Isabel and Nellie, left this morning for a motor trip through
Cars will be at post office and
school house at 10 a.m. and 2
p.m. on Friday, July 24, to take
ladies to,picnic.
John Portmann, of Nicholson
Creek, is recovering* from pneumonia in the Greenwood and
District Hospital.
P. H. McCurrach is on his
vacation and during his absence
Hf " Mellrud is. in' charge at the
local government office.'   7  ���'',-"' 7-7
''Mrs..-A.- Pric'efan'd son, Hubert,
who have "been staying-with Mrs.
J. Price, left for Trail on .Tuesday, .'.���wher'e-tKej will reside.W 7'.
Fire at Forsliaw's Ranch
A disastrous fire occurred at R.
Forsliaw's ranch bn the Phoenix
road on Sunday at 3 p.m., when
a stable, garage,
hay shed were
Prompt action by Mr. Forshaw
saved a team of horses and a
Ford car, but he received several
nasty burns on the back and arms
in doing it. About 30 tons of
new hay, several sets of harness,
and many toels were lost; also
copper wire and insulators that
were to be used on an electric
light line from Greenwood to his
residence. The top of the Ford
car and cushions were slightly
damaged. A number of~Green-
woodites responded to call and
with their aid the fire was kept
from spreading. There was no
insurance on the buildings aud
the origin of the fire is unknown.
Kettle Valley Notes
has   been
Young Man Drowns
In Kettle River
A sad drowning fatality occurred
iu the Kettle River at Mulligan
Creek above Westbridge at 11:30
a, m. on Sunday, > Jnly 19feh, when
Arthur Pairier lost his life. In
company with two friends, all of
whom could uot swim, went bathing, tho deceased-wading out into
the water and in trying to learn to
swim went under and everything
possible that could be done by his
fellow bathers was without avail,
the strong current carrying him
infc"6~deeper.water. Twenty minutes
afterwards Johnny Walsh brought
the body feo shore aiid after it was
worked on for an hour all hope was
given up.
. Coroner Traux, of Grand Forks,
was called and decided that an
inquest was not necessary. The
body; was brought to Gulley's
Undertaking Parlors, Greenwood,
and burial took place in the local
cemetery on AYednesday, Services
being conducted at 9 a.m. in the
Catholic Church7.and later at.the
grave by' Rev." Father "Obccolai
The late Mr. Pairier was born in
Quebec and would have been 20
years of age on last Monday. He
had been in the district about fivo
months and was yen.ployed at the
Clery and. Miller tie camp. He
was-very-popular among those with
whom, he came .in.''.contact and
his" sudden' 'demise cast "a gloom
<_ver tbe'eamp."- '-       .        -���',- ������ - ....
Mrs. W. Berg, who
visiting in Greenwood,
tome on Monday.
Mrs. Douglas Hamilton and
children left on Monday morning
for a month's holiday afe the coast.
J. Portmann, who has been ill
for several days, was motored to
Greenwood on Tuesday by F.
Welstead and is a patient, in the
District Hospital.
Miss Mae E. A. McMynn, .eldest
daughter of Mrs. J. G. McMynn,
of Midway, was united in marriage
on Wednesday morning,. July
22od, in the Anglican Church,
Kettle Valley, to Capt. J. P.
0. Atwood, eldest eon of Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. S. Atwood, of Grand
Forks. Rev. E. A_ St. G. Smyth
tied the nuptial knot. Full report
next issue.'
A Bee gotup by the Trustees to
painfe.the School was most successful, in more ways than one. Fired
with enthusiasm the voluntary
worketB not only painted the
school, but also themselves. To
enliven fehe proceedings one gentleman tried to balance a pot of paint
on his head with disastrous results,
and another member was so tickled
with the. result, that he poured a
gallon or so down his front.
An Old-Timer Writes
Watch and Optical
Repairing ;.".
Walthaiti Watches
w For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
1 Xz XXy WWW7W ^IfflSlwIw
X     ''Ofi^y'-��*&%jg^^
the United Church of Canada
Minister ia charge.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw;. B.]k.y-,
"���*" '"*,;      '    "'.'_. Greenwood
7 -   7 Sunday, July. 26th; 7
Beaverdell 10.30 a. m.'..,/
f  Greettw6pd7730 s.rii.. 7   :
y'X) !*For7Sale77:;77>; y
Dairy Business; Stock and Equipment.-.;.',   f -Apply''."'.      W    X -f-
".''".. -" X GRERNWOOD-DAIRy.
- Mr..and Mrs:-. --Ef Blundell and
son; returned to their ...home in
Kimberley." on. Tuesday :.after- a
week's*., visit-' at. Mr... ���BlundeU's
home here.     -���',-'.    *, "��� - 7 '.".
'.'.Miss..it- ] A. Olson,-' fof; Trail,-.
"arrived������.-..ia". town on. Tuesday
morning.andas the .guest of :her
aunt,.:Mrs. MfAuderson, in Anaconda:-'   " ".  '-.;" '���=.'������   '-'���'--.
...W.-, C. Wilson's many friends
are^ pleased; to. see. him around
town.again after an operation.for
appendicitis in the .'District
Hospital.   - "       -7"..
.- Mrs;.'A. J. Morri'soQ""-;and.-tiiree
children left on Tuesday.. afternoon for 'Beaverdell where, they
will, remain  for the. balance of
the summer. "X      '  "'"'-'... ,-, .-".- .*
_ Mrs.. J. P. C.. Wright, of
Vancouver, is spending, a .holiday
in-, town visiting Herf husband.
.Mrs; Wright is. accompanied by
her daughter.   WW   -X'���'.-'
. Staff Seargeant J.; -A.'.Fraser;
of Penticton,-was intown during*
the week-endf He .was -'-'accom-
"panied ,"by*'*-.Mrs.* ���' Fraser -and
daughter Ethel.. '
For Sale
Grfty    mve    8.   years, 7 about
1.350 lbs: ��65; ;.:.;good heavy.Xwagon
uesaf$35; saddle S35,7-f:Apply{^ :-7
"'"    "..'��� ; ��� '' 'Biggin, Midway.
Ledge Ads.  Bring--.Results
7/7f-i;7W; w7i||ffw^
"My- dear, these * cakes f are.-as
hard as etonel" .;-,_. W'."..''W-xy-'.}-'-['
"I'know-;. Didn't yoaf,hear her
say. .'Take your pick'' .when, 'she
handed.. theai X aroabd'?:'-^Iior*don
Mail-:f .;��� f - 7,;-1-.:...7,. ��� V'W^.^w7-���-"
B.. Francis,, of-Vancouver,-.is
spending; a couple, of .'weeks in
Greenwood,, the guest of his son
and'" daughter:in-law,- Dr.-. and
Mrs.- ;A. Francis." '���
Mr. and Mrs.. L. J... Fisher,-.of
Port' Hill, .-.Idaho,--:andf' Mr.::add
Mis'.'.G.; Al/'Sfmith'.. and..(laughter,-
Hilda',;,;;of7.:Grahd -"Forks,""were
visiting intown on Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Doubt aud son,
of Trail, are spending two weeks
in town, Mr. Doubt being in
charge of the Government Liquor
store during the absence of Ed.
Pope.        . , - -" ,
7 Mrs.-G..-A,7RendeH'-'-"was visiting friends" in- town the. first of
the week on her- way home to
Salmon Arm .from a,visit, to Mr.
Resdell,'."��� who is''. in ...basiaess in
Tra��l.W7-w"r..-WW7--.- ' ���-'XXXzy
.... Mrs. -and' Mrs. fPwH. Mc'Ctir--
rach-ahd-family left this morning
fqty a. ;wcek's' cainpiug'.bn. "the"
Kettle"", river .'afove Rock" Criek.
rTorhorro wMrr and"' Mrs"; "'"Charlesf
.King will.join the. .party. 7 7"'-".
7Mis"s Vera Kempston\ who sue-
ces'sfiilly'7uudervvent an operation
for" appendicitis .firs . the .. G'reen-'-
vypo'd and District Hospital, was'
able' to -leave * for her .-.home. -.in.
Bridesville on. Wedaesday; -_.- ���""-.-*
7-,Mr...'.'arid: Mrs.' 'A.. N. ;Dock-
-steader . '.and.;fwo:- children, .- of.
Grand. .-Fotks,-. .-accompanied by
W; H. Docksteader and daughter,
Velva," .of -. Trail, - were visiting,
friends, in town on. .Tuesday-'after-
ttooi-..';. '}[' . ���["���, X. X x y    ���" ���
R.. tee and .Geo. Boag have
returned' from-.looking after their
mining, interests a't..Xi'ghtuing"
Peak.. -Oil: leaving-the Peak "ther
met J. D.. Graham and'.Harry G.
"Wilson who ���will stay-in that
section developing';a ������nuinber-;o"f
claims. W-,-.W.'.'-.'���-��� -;'7". ���"."..    -.������-������.������-
- Mr., and Mrs;" T,: K." * Bray "and
daughter, -Lillian,fof. Kimberley,
are rene-wing-.-a'cquairitances--in
town'this-week-tlie. giiests pfMr.
and. Mrs." A',. Sater: ���' A.number of
years'ag67Mr; B.ray .'.was; on the
police force' in' this- cityand took
a very active part, in ..all athletic,
events..-;.-; -WW-; ��� )'-'-xy' --���'-l ���*...=.��� "7--
... ;A-'-;- Pictiic.7 wil.!;- - be "held ;'o'n
Fridar, . July..; 24th, .<. for women.
ONIyY under the auspices of the
Ladies Hospital A��xiliary> Each
lady attending to supply own
dishes, and donate refreshments,
or turn ia SQcts to the committee
for purchasing supplies. Kindly
notify - committee by Monday
evening so that arrangements
may be -made for conveyances to
picnic grounds.. Every woman
welcome. Committee-:���Mesdames
Dorman, McCurrach, ���'. Skelton,.
Sutherland and ..Walters.     ;-''������" -
Charles Kinney, who for several
years lived here, and carried on
business as a carriage maker, is
now located in "Dearborn, Mich.,
and in a letter to a friend states
that since* leaving he has moved
around considerable, living in
Honolulu, California and other
He   is   at   present   engaged   in
building houses to sell   to.  Ford   -
employees, and finding th_9' a payable business, Dearborn  being one
of Ford's manufacturing towns.
Next Winter he and Mrs.- Kinney -
intend to go  to California, where
he    holds   property,   and  in   fehe
Spring  will . come. -North, visiting
Seattle, where a brother lives, and
then to British Columbia and will
visit Greenwood,  as  he and Mrs.
Kinney hold a very strong   liking
for our community, stating that in���
Greenwood live the nicest elass of
people they have ever met.
7 Charlie says to tell his friends he
is still going strong, but not so fast.
.He and Mrs, Kinney send their
kindest regards to their friends and
acquaintances..-;-..""--' - ' '���  .*
King.Kennedy is Dead
Kennedy,   aged  72 years,.
=of -Chelanj-_-.Wa3h.7- v6feera*-iahoW'r^'
man of-'North Central Washington
aiid  Southern    British   Columbia,;
died on  July 9th at  Wenatchee. .
He was.found funconscious at his
home, and was taken to;Wenatchee
for treatment.; *He was well "known,
in.tlie -.Boundary:f country, having
included, this district in his annual.
tour. ...He was-born in Canada and
had. been, in the show business 51
years. .- .'   '.-'���.. - .        ���;  7-'-'
Organize Branch of  w"'.
'-,"'] Automobile Club
The  .Grand  Forks V Greenwood
branch "of the Automobile Club .of
BritisE Columbia -was. organized .at;
a meeting held in Grand "Forks on :
Friday.night, .which was addressed .
by.; City- _Glerk;W. E,*B. MonypennyJ
and others .of Trail; .   }X.X
���' Joseph.-Willis, ;.of Grand- Forks,-'
-was., elected president, -' George - S.
Walters, of Greenwood, vice-president,  and S. T. Hull. was. named���'.
secretary-treasurer.    Those named" [
on a committee were D. C. Manly,
.T..-.A,';L'6v'e,  G. H.  Hull,- >p: H.;';-'
Donaldson, Grand Forks;*!.* Crawr.'.
ford and B,  G. ..Ritchie,  Cascade;,
A. N. Mowat,   Greenwood; [R, A.
Brown, -'"-Midway;" W.    Hanrahan,
Rock-.Creek, "and ^.fW.' Clarke,". .
Beaverdell.. ."'" "**'"-' ���������'-���   *
��� . Who�� Is It?; -xyy-
A suburban . housewife ..relates
overhearing tbis conversation between her new maid and.the cook
nesti door:
���'How are yon, Hilda?" .
.   'Tm   well,"   eaid   Hilda;4 'I
lake my  yob.    We  got cremated'
cellar, cemetery plumbing^ elastic
bells and a ho'osit." \! ...
"What's a'hobsit,' the puzzled
cook exclaimed, '.[       '  -'-'';,.���
"Oh, a bell rings. You pul a.
thing to yoar ear and sav, 'Hello,3'.
and someone says, 'Hello,.*' and
you7eay, 'HoosM' "���Ck.nliWen>."v: v \i
Settlers Build Their First Home
lain, ihc
in the
to hoad
It Is ramorcd that the Ontario Government i.s considering jin increase in
dues on timber cut in crown lands.
Tlie national research council at Ottawa announce that A. B. McLay, of
the University ot* Toronto, has been
awarded one of three fellowships having a value of ?1,200.
Col. J. Obed Smith, former Canadian
superintendent of emigration in London, has sailed for Canada. Col.
Smith intends spending several
months in the Dominion.
Hight Hon. Austen Chamber:
foreign secretary, announced
House of Commons that tho
Government does not propose
troops to Tangier, Moroc����5.
For tho first time in eleven years,
Toronto, Ont., during tho month of
June was free from motor fatalities.
Since 1911, 42 persons were killed by-
automobiles during the month of June,
(.even in 1922 and seven in 1924.
According   to   immigration   officials I
at Niagara  Falls.  Ont., 91 Canadians I
returned from the United States during. June.     In addition, there were 71
other nationalities came   through   to
Canada.     There were"196 rejections.
Hon. Dr. Forbes Godfrey, minister
cf health, has returned to Toronto
from Geneva, whore he investigated
the work being done by Henri Spah-
Jinger with his tuberculosis serum. He
says he was much impressed.
Prediction that. England will be
driven to nationalization of the coal
,, -mines "In order to save the mining industry" was made at the aunual conference of the Miner's' Federation at
The Prince of Wales played the part
of a heroic fireman at Kafua, Rhodesia,
���when he assisted, settlers ln extinguishing a Are in a native wood and
grass children's house at the Faafua
agricultural show. All of the children were rescued.
Discovers Strange Race
European settlers building their first home on the lands of the British Dominions Land Settlement Corporation, north of Vermilion, Alberta.
Remarkable Land Settlement Plan
Urge Marines  To  Revolt
'fled   Propaganda  Directed  At  British
Fleet-Visiting Norway    -
" The arrival off a/British--leet-for a
visit Id Oslo was" marked by intensive.
7 demonstration by Norwegian communists'. X Secret. 'appeals -were', made to'
. tiie 'bluejackets and the marines.';- ; *
.-"I.lse:;-_nf*.revolt"   rather"than obey
.'* your--government*'if,-you "aro "'-ordered
Xtb make"wai*7ori,   Russia;"" was   one.
-'-message'', floated   in" . (he face of r tlio.
/'British, .iars by local-communists.   _
-'"' ..The appearance or "the inflaininalovy-
7. propaganda   directed   at- .the   British
"'-" fle.cff-'visiting- Norway ��� .was.-, resented
deeply-by the 'Norse^Government as
' well, as;.' the British,-officers of1the
fleet. 7--Russia" has objected ./to'", "the.
'"..presence.'dr*a British .'fleet in-northern
waters -and ihis. propaganda-is taken.to"
Lave-'been inspired by- Moscow.. .--;* ._".
7 Victim Of X-ray -Research  . 7
���-English-. Doctor   Forced." ."to. Give-Up
-.-"- "   7.Practice' is. Dangerously  \U .
������ ��� Dr. % II. Sanderson Wolig/.bf Wey-:
i;- fxnouth,iaa-X-rav * ..maRyr..- has-liad-to
,"'��� 'give, up.jpraCllce and go into a London
"ISfsTng: hoine ' for .'an operation'in'
' "whicli-his .life is at. stake.. ..-,:.;- V- ..
.'.. Throughout nearly-the .whole of his
-'��� professional .life/ Dr.���">yclis has-fbeeil
handicapped,by injuri'es. he received in
��� - / the "'early days "of iiis career .in. experl-
' "Rental X-ray /research-,''by- which -lie
... was .badly.burned in the leg.'--'���'���'..;��� 7
-.   " "Dr. Wells.is- oiie" of- ,'the. best-known
Influential British Company to Assist
Settlers and Promote Colonization
The Vermilion district in central Alberta Is this summer the scene of a
remarkable and most promising development iii land'settlement. The
undertaking referred to Is that of the
British Dominions Land Settlement
Corporation Limited, a powerful financial organization formed in London,
England, for the express purpose, as
its name implies, of promoting land
colonization in the Overseas British
Dominions and particularly in this
Dominion of Canada. This company
represents a new departure in the way
of.assisting agricultural families of
small means who desire to establish
themselves on the soil. Backed by
��millions of Old Country money, it provides 'the right kind of farmers with
land on easy terms "and aids them, in
equipping these farms and'getting
thoroughly established thereon.
Tho high character of the company
is Indicated by the personnel of its
British directorate,   which   includes:
The  Duke  of Sutherland,  chairman;
the   Right   Hon. Sir New-ton Moore.
K.C.M.G., formerly prime minister of
western Australia; the Right Hon. Sir
Arthur Griffith   Boseawen,    formerly
minister of agriculture in the British
cabinet; Sir Edward llanville, chair--
man/of the great Daimler Motor Car
organization; Sir Robert Lynn,.M.P.;
CPI7A...G.  Cousins,  O.B.E.;.;and  Mr.
Meryyn'.  Brown.'. .These    names'- in
themselves,.furnish a guarantee of the"
standing of an organization which has
for-its'object the use-of British, capital
in:assisting to develop and people.'the
"vacant spaces of the empire���an ideal
wh.ch-7h.is7 seized, "the mind":of ;the
-British' people.' especially  during, the',
years .'.which .have- "succeedefl the. war.
In the United Kingdom it-is more than'
ever recognized-that "the-future "ofythc-
Mothei- .Country lies" in the growth of
the.outlying parts of. the empire.   The
Canadian board of the corporation is'
'constituted  as"   follows: . Mr; jr.__er.yy_i
Brown, chairman; Mr." Robert. McKay,
of .Allan", "-Kiliani & McKay, Winnipeg;,
Mr. ,*W.-SII.-- Carter, *qC" Carter,. IIall;.*&
Aldlnger, Winnipeg;   Mr/-W/*'?���"- *?ut".
.ton,:-Winnipeg;:- and /Mr./.lsaac -7PIt-f"
.blado, K.G;, as', special /counsel.,',;.*Mr.
W. ,T.- Badg-.rf is general manager. _--. f.
':' To be-specific^ the-Brltish Dominions
Corporation sellsJls-Iarid-at- fair-prices
and., onf ./fifteeh-year-_terms,-:..with/ no
cash for - three ;ycars except interest
arid   takes,  the"/principal   to vbe ' discharged' during the" remaining twelve,
years of .the period. '    Besides, giving'
land.- on such reasonable.' conditions,
the'corporation advancesf to settler's",-
haying/no. livestock-, and   .equipment,
.two dollars for'every, one dollar, put
up by the settler.for't'h'ese necessities.
For the money thus'/advanced' the corporation.-.take*- .back* a five'-.year chat
tered sections, half-sections and quarter-sections lying between tlio Vermilion and Saskatchewan Rivers with
ihe town of Vermilion as the chief distributing point. The rest of tlie company's holdings Ho west and north of
Edmonton. Driving north from Vermilion through the main cast block,
one encounters a series of rolling l\ills
and valleys, the hills green with verdure and dotted with darker green
clumps of trees and brushwood. The
landscape is interspersed with small
lakes and Is lhus_i.n exceptionally attractive one. The prcyailing soil is
a black loam with a clay sub-soil.
The area is served on the south and
north by two lines of the Canadian
National Railways. As a result of
the influx of settlers the Canadian National Railways is extending its St.
Paul de Metis branch across tho northern part of tho company's property,
and the Canadian Pacific Railway is
extending its Lloydminster branch towards the w-3st of the company's lands.
Finds    White   jndians
Jungles of Brazil.
White Indians who evinced no surprise at seeing a hydroplane or other-
modern thiugs, although armed with
only bows and poison arrows and
living nude in a primitive state, aro
among things Dr. Alexander Hamilton Rice hai. seen in Brazil.
On his return from his seventh expedition to Brazilion jungles, he told
about finding the Indians at the headwaters of the Parma River, 75 miles
distant from the headwaters of the
Orinoco. Their faces wero streaked'
with pigment, but they impressed tho
explorers-as being undeniably white.
The Indians ' are undersized and
speak a' distinct' language of their
"They move inland out between the
trees like ."aguars without making a
sound or causing a rustle of tbe
leaves," Dr. Rice said.
They refuse to "eat moat and siib-
sist entirely on plants and bananas.
Mistakes In London Statues
English Boy Has Peculiar Skin
Any Marks Show Clearly For Ten Of
Fifteen Minutes        ��. ,
His unusual skin will always prove
means of identification for a Dock-
head schoolboy. The skin appears
quite normal in color and texture, the
same as that of other people, but it
has the strange property of being able
to- retain." for . ten or fifteen minutes
any mark/.niade bn,it by'slight pressure" or any word scrawled-by a finger.
Ah /examining doctor said the' boy
had.a* very peculiar.skin which, when
slightly'.stroked.by the finger, showed
definite'marks.'"���"'���"It was, he said, possible to/write one's name on-the.boy's
skin and:.the marks,-would.remain for
10 or 15 niinuteiW.A very slight can-'
ing would show. "Irejiiendou's. results'."
There '.weref various* explanation's <of
this'-conditioii, one. being that the person suffering.;frohi'.tha't condition-was
"one skinf short."-   ,""*        *"_���...-_���
Many Peculiar Errors Have Only Been
Recently Noted
Peculiar mistakes in London's statues have been commented upon in a
recent magazine article-which notes
the following facts: "The   statue   of
the~Duke of Wellington at the Royal
Exchange has neither spurs nor stirrups.     Gladstone, in tlie house, has
a seam from one trouser leg, an oversight which'flouts the best.traditions
of Saville Row.      Cromwell, outside
the House of Commons   is   wearing
spurs upside down."     And also asks:
What  Is   the  archer  decorating  the
west side of the new County Hall doing with his bow in the wrong hand?
Why does the soldier in the Avar memorial outside the Royal Exchange perpetually offend peace regulations by
standing at ease with his hands covering the top of his rifle barrel? Why
does the Prince Consort in Holborn
Circus,   raise   his   hat in salute?���a
thing no self-respecting field marshal
ever did."
Horizontal    ���
G���Made of hemp.
12���Part of verb to be.
14���:Long ago.
18���Coarso cloth made
from jute..
20���One who steps.
22-^-Street (abbr.).
23���To put or place.
28���International Correspondence Association (abbr..)
30���Or.        ���
32���Springy manner.
33���Heavenly body.
34���Drunkard.   '
35���Hearing organs..
37���Head covering.
39���Closely Inspect.
46���Proposed universal
48���Flower, of the magnolia species.
52���Railways (abbr.).
54���A variety of wine. '
1���One skilled "in legal
2���A burden.
5���Fine trimming.
6���Coarse cordage.
10���To provoke.
16���Pen. '
17���Vim. -.-.
20���A   fruit   with wing-
c like expansions (pi.).
21���-Those who reel.
23���A flower. '-'    *
25���To quiet.
28���Belonging to it.
31���Syria (abbr.).
33���A division into fac-
. tions of the church ,r
because of difference
f    in belief, f --
38���Practice  diligently.
39���Writing implement.
41���Girl's name.
43���Sensation   preceding
an epileptic seizure.
44���A lock.
Substitute For Class
but few* have known'/of.
.pain and "crippling'disability'.which, he'.
���suffered in recent-, year.'
surgeons in .this part off tlie'country,,.-        .   ,,   ,.      ....       ,    . , ��� ���f 4���
���   b ���     '      Whe'-intense  tel .mortgage-on whicli only.interest is
"       ' "'     payable'.'for-two years,' thus leaving
the principal to.be- discharged'-in the"
...   .   ..          .       j.third,;.'fourth.-and- fifthWears of: the'
''Constantinople-" Hears .-"-"u'.S.-7.s"iina!s;|'"lban."7;. To be.acce'ptaiile- to the cor-,
.."-  Clear - trmsnifssion  ��� of signals-.'to ; pqra'Uon/ Who", farmer must, have a.
. Constantinople.' a- distance"  of'. more j family* or ��� at least-be "a married .man.
than 5.800,-'niilM. ��� la' thi-lk'tost ^acepm^j -The corporation" is "cutting and -stack-;
plishment of a short wave "radio" set,:f-ing logs foi;. sale/'to eettlers on, five-
- with- which- the-'iinvy*-' depart ment- Is! years' credit, thus making-it easy, for
���tlfcrimenting aV Lakfhurst.'N.'J'. 'The .[/the-' ne%vco,mer..to. erect a shelter for.
FI--I*  ".preS-ioaslyf' liad* ���beerf "heard at.f'his.'family-without .delay..-.  Where it
Honolulu about 5.000 miles distant:'-,; j appears necessary, the-corporation ail-;,
������-.:������"���������'���: WW*.''yanccs. even, food -for thc family antf
XX j feed for. the animals' during .the first
tlie.j'montfi3' of- occupation."-.. f'Supervisors
in. the-"'employment }pt. the...company.
! constantly circulate amongst tlie- set-
-for j tiers, keeping in touch ' with    .their
��� 7  "! needs and offering advice and assist-
Latest   Chemical   Discovery   Is   Much,
X '...-,.-*   '--More'Trahsparentf.,
.The latest. clVeinlc'al discovery-is'a
substitute.;for.glass,'made from"purely
organic materials.--   It seems lb-.have
many/-- attractive[..properties,-   being
much "stronger" than"- glass", so: that it
can be worked on-a.kilhe.'into all-sorts
of .required -shapes.-.    Ifc can .be. .colored, for  decoratiyo, .-purposes,, but .'the
most'-'intere'slfng-.thing about it i's,.that-
its refractive index .can be varied-over
a wide ranse,'making It very suitable
for optical Instruments and capable of
replacing; very,  .expensive   kinds-   of
glass In' telescopes- and  microscopes..
Another "interesting optical . point-/ is.
that it appears.", to   be.   much -more
transparent' thari.'glass :to 'the/invis-
able rays���ultra-violet.and infra-red
liglitW-W -: " WW *" '[ xy'".-.- X.
Was Well Helped
X Mother���-Wt-re   you   good
"'*' -S!x-Y"ear-01cl���Y��?3.--.   ;
.-.X.brother.���You. didn't.ask  twice
anything at 'the table*. / ' W7W':
'-;Six-��car:X)M.~No, I. didn't.f ".I/ask-;
c-d -6n.ee;, and they didn't hear me. so
r helped-myself. .'  v
Thirty employees are constantly- engaged in dusting-the "3,000,000 books
contained   in    the
British    Museum
ance,wherever such/is.called for--:'
X. it', will' thus ihcy seen that /the company offers "an"���exceptional-opportune
ity   to    (l). the married renter:who
possesses livestock and equipment and
wishes to have a farm of his own; (2)
to'" the married    farni - laborer    who
wishes to become a land owner; and
(3) to .the married farmer who,' owing
South Africa has recently provided i to   bis ."present unfortunate location,
air-mail   postage stamps for I has suffered from drought, floods or
" to Durban i frost '*'   While, the British "Dominions
7 -Planning Antarctic Flight;/
Australian/ Explorer Hopes tofMake
-' w'Contiriuous."P!*otographic-Map. ���';*.
/ :An '--" An (arctic,.' flight ��� Is. planned, by;
Captf G: II. fWillclns, who recently r'e-
tu"rhed7froni an eighteen-months'.exploration tour in iiortlier.n Australia.
The,plan-is to 'explore'the coastline'
from King Edward the Seventh Land,
south, of/New, Zealand,-:, to, -'Graham's
Land, south of Ca_><." Horn. -'/*ile hopes
to make-, a*'-contlnuous.photographic
mai).// He-explains "that-the" worlds
aprcflmihary.-to the ���InaugUratiqn'.of a*
comprehensive, international.. scheme
oi Antarctic meteorology." ./Captain
Wilkins,. who was one o'i -Australia's
pfUciai -photographers during the* war,
liaf.dis.tinguish'ecl-himseif by many
daring feats.;������--'c./.."..'-i-.'-'.;.*:..v,7.--   XX-,,', '���
Canada's Fish Day
Association Decides On Last Wednesday In October Of Each Year
By a resolution passed at the concluding session of the annual meeting
of the Canadian Fisheries Association,"
the last Wednesday of October of each
year-will henceforth be known as
Canada's fish day. Previously tlje annual fish day has boon set by the association and selected at'times only a
few days hsfore, giving little time for
dealers to prepare for the additional
business.-- 7 "'---,' . -'.W -. '"��� '..W:-
"'The resolution adopted, orders tliat"
co-operation with calendar.makers,he
sought with a view to having the "day
marked in conformity with other feast
days-on the calendars." of .this country..
-Another important.-resolulion. called
for an application to -tlie department
of marine and flsheries'for-the;.constitution ".of /a .*sop.arale". department/to
conduct the*.affairs' of the '.fisheries,
with af competent man at" its Head-'as'
deputy, minister.-      "-"���"-.:" :'���'- -     ���-*'
Answer To Last Week's PuzrU
5 i
Left Without A Home
John D". Rockefeller, one: "o'f the'WVrid's
Richest'.Men,"* la Now Homeless .
Preparing For Eventualities
France-to-Requisition  All   Resources
In Case, of New War       -     :--
"One of" the principles of the new
national defence plan-which Premier
.Painlevo. of.-France has sent to the.*-
Cha___l.er .of-. Deputies "is tho right io
rcftulsition all the country's resources,
not only .material, but intellectual' and -
scientific. ' This, scheme of = national/
organization     .has     been     prepared
by,    - the   '/council; ,. of ;"; * national'-'-'
defence,-presided over by -M. JJoncour,;';
aiid-isyuesigned~tb but.liiferin*advanceT:
what, can'-be  done . automaticiaily  if.
- Lace- - edgings . and narrow
elaborate " the tailored blouses
"day. "f One.cannot have-too niatiy attractive blouses, "to .wear ;with separate'skirts, thus creaf Ing the smartest,
two-piece, frocks.' - The model .pictured, liere was.iriadc of white crepe-,
dip-chiiie with groups of- narrow, tucks
in. tho -front, and hack and' opens all
the way down the centre.front. 'The
round"-boyish'-collar is.becoming .and:
the full-length/sleeves'-fare finished
with .-a tailored cuff. -: The;-pattern is.
perforuted for short sleeves and provides an .attractive euf_7. Tlie;iiJp-
hand. maybe omitted.and the blouse
tucked under, thc skirt-band .in, regulation shirt-waist style.-'""'Sizes.34, 80,
38, '40--and -12 inches'bust.. -Size' 38
bust .reduir-.s- 2^: yards", of SC-incli;. or-
,1\i yards" of .40-inch' inaleriah ,,,.Price
20 cent*..,- --.,-"- '-"-W." "���"., .-.'..
.- OuT* Fashion..Book,.-illustrating the
newest and most-practical styles,.will
he of - Interest "t'o.'.everyf home' dress-
ma-ier.' Bach copy includes, one coupon good-'for five cents'in the-purchase
of any pattern.   .   --���-���-    , '*"- ;-  -/"...
a;t Lsikewood, -NfJ., of his .town house
arid ;garage",In", Now York, aiid of his
winter .home1: in" Orman'd, li'la.';-10" his
son, John.1T>. -Itoelcefeller, Jr.,* for a-
price'/'in excess of .��3.0'00.,0(!0.'' was.
announced-recently. - / '. ,= .-_
-. .The sale, leaves/one .of, tlie world's
-wealthiesfc mon'-without"a home ofjiis
own.".  ;.- ���"..     ���.;_ ..-'-������- '���'--"-
; It "also relieves John D.F Jr., of.the
payment ot hefayy. inheritance".'taxes
which.;- would . be .-.levied if- the son
wero to" come/into; possession-, pf the
homes:after,his father's��� death, but a
representative of the' family . denied
that die "object /of-the deal was-to
evade the ihherStance"tax.'     -7."
such [as arose in the "last war.
-'The"'plan", deals; with.' the'-distribution "of labor-and'war materials; and
'prescribes.,systems, for, transportation/
and the manufacture-of. munitions..
Find Primitive Human Skull
nse "In the new Capetown
. 1
. ^fcife ������ ;st^i.fc-7/ MaM-ee&kJ^tttXm^:
^sharts,- -fin^/^ere/among;; the" fipti&'y
t?ie::i?krife aoi<^c^'^^ietrWW"W ���'"'
Corporation-;intends later bii_ to extend
Its;'operatf ons ;,to cither parts' of, west-.
ea;Can*ldayf-tt/ias chosen, ^e. fertile
4&tf&BXpi%ckiiira.l -'.Alberta/as tie
scene b-;i;tsiffirst undertaking.'. In this
area it;ba^.hWome the outright owner
;oi.'#&?$*& ^^M:^^M[^[)[^[i^^..
-Will Build Big Flour".Mill '. '/"
Spillers Overseas limited announce
that they will* spend $800,000 In the
construction of a flour mill in Calgary,,
exclusive of machiuery and other
equipment. Work will be .slarteti as
soon as possible, so P. Lloyd Tanner,
managing, dIrector;"stat��9;". -*. - '*--;.
Hof To Order Patterns
Addreas���Winnipeg Newspaper Union,
175 McQermot Ave., Winnipeg.7>W
Pattern No.,
,��*^�� ���-�����*�����'
rbiscovery of Great Scientific. Value Is
*    Made Near/Tiberias
''An inl'ciifctlng.discovery,'in.vlew-of'
-tiie/antl-evoliitlpn' trial; in ��� th�� United ���
States, was, iiiade recently in-ti -cave
at:' Tabgha, near -.Tiberias, when" a
primitive, human skull' was unearthed
'among'-Mbusterlah-*flint deposits./
. The' .skull, discovered - by a British
archaeologist "andean Oxfordf stufient,
Is "characterized byfa prodigious -de-'
i-'elopment' ot the-supraorbital 'prom-.'
ine'nees and depressed-. forehead, as
"in tho.chi-riparizee. it conforms slightly; with;.- .Uie""/" Neanderthal.;';: European
type, n'ot'prevlpusly- fouiid/ou/the' continent of'Asiaf::/Pr.6f.'Gan*and, director" of."the.:British School of Archaeology, 'Jerusalem,- who witnessed the
discovery, confirmed its ./scientiQc
value. '���'" ���   ���'���" "'     -   "     '���   ';"'   *'
Plan Pageant   Of Canada
May Be Held In Montreal in -132" Oh
Occasion. Of,Canada's  Diamond
-'...-,       :--;_...     .Jubilee '��� ��� W"   ���_-...'   .',*
'.-Plans'' are- going/ forward 7-for-* -a'
pageant of-Canada*-to take place iri
Montreal in _927 to coniniemorate-the -
diamond jubilee of ������.Confederation./ ..
7"It is"" understood .that .a' mmiber.' of.-
prontirierit citizens/Including the. i-hiof
.executives-of both* railways-and M0117
L? W. ��� David,' provlucial secretary,' aro .
favorable' to' the -scheme,-and-, if phinsf
reach anydelinite shayo.tlie.Prlnrftpt
Wales, -.will   be.': askod 'io. open the
pageant; -.- ,    > .���-.���     f. ���' ���.;-'-
. ����� tf ������� *.��-<�� i
���^r^f m"m s��  �� ���-��� 9 *-*  * ��. ��� ��� *xft 0 * * **���
' ��� Shorthand, is =one .ot 'the.: arts - tbat
We never-been lost". ";A.system was
pracU'cedf'/jLa ..Plioenlca   i*foro ' the
Gr|ei��s7.c_d&tedi.a;s, a.. .peojile,--^fid.;,Jiosf.j 0&m: VH&jliiz'W': smmpsyy^r^,, coin
��� .--   .���-:-.        B.C:"-Mir.ing  ['  "'���
Mining circles'in the Slocan district .
In British" Columbia arc elated oyt'r"
the fact, that'ore has-been struck;at
the' White ..'Water.-, in'ino,' at a" depth of
1,600 feet,-as. this, proves that certain"
(ire bodies in that"- region- 'go>  down ;.
deeper";"tl_a'a hitherto proved. 7. -f*
. ��� .     .   . -       s      x y '    ::--���;
. ; Regina Civic-Improvements' "
.The/city of Regina will spend $420,-
000. during- the year on additions and
extensions to public, works, including
the installation of . another cloctrlc"
light- and power unit, comprising a
complete new turbine generator to cost
?! 30,600. -   '
"-'-Among the exhibits in.the chemical
section*, of the Wembley exhibition is.
a -" small tube'" of insulin, to obtain
which,, .1,00,0....oxen..; had.to be slaoght-
��� &?$XyX[XXyxyX&XX}iX XXX i ��� -7 -.
Snow About 5,000 Years Ago
Scientists fay that the snow which
was . solidified to form  tho  icebf-rga
how floating.Sri the north Atlantic feW
lis' XJtfesnlana fiB;O0_*. Teats' .ago;.' '���' XX, W
i 1
'  *.        1:    '
���X w
X R ,
SalesV by' Jdimf D.'Itoelcefeller,fSi-:.!f1^' 5^' 7^ iS"a?$�����A'^'��r<lcT ' '
his-'estates'-at Pocantico" Hills-and  ^ ^d e��stly.'mistakes and confusion^ .
1-. ---���-.       ' ' '   ���      Clin 1   *ic   a men   Im    i im   In ��*���   imi��    '��� - - -  ' ���'<?
��� W
Ottawa���The seizure" by the Royal
Canadian Mounted.Police of the books
of several western fruit companies
marks, the first .step in the prosecutions based on the findings ofthe Duncan commission under the combines
investigations act.
J. C. Mcltuer, K.C., who is conducting lhe cuse^for the Federal Government, has been in recent conference
with Hon. James Murdoch, minister of
labor, but when approached declined
to state what the next action would
be. W
The report, wliich found that a fruit
combine existed, was tabled in the
House of Commons by the minister of
labor on February 18.
Under the act the provinces concerned are given three months in
which to take up the prosecution.
In this case the attorneys-general of
the four western provinces intimated
that they would prefer to have federal
action taken, but promised* co-opera-,
tion. f The matter i3 now in the hands
of the department of labor and justice.
Wheat Pool Builds Elevators
To Construct Thirty More Elevators
At Saskatchewan   Points
Begina.���Construction of a further
30 country elevators at points in the
province where it is found impossible'
tp purchase suitable houses has been
authorized by the executive ofthe
Saskatchewan* wheat pool.
Contracts have* been awarded, under* the new authorization, for the
erection of elevators at the following points: Swift Current, Luseland,
Borden, Semans, Aneroid, Valor, Cop-
pen, Shaunavon, La Fleche, Limerick,
Hardy, Melaval, Kavenscrag, Spring
Valley and G ravel bourg.
If it is found impossible to ��� purchase siiitable elevators, it is anticipated that new country elevators
will also bo-built at the following
points: Strasbourg, Uren, Gull Lake,
Palo, North Biggar, Klsbey, Weyburn,
Fox Valley, Success and Kdgeley.
The original elevator building programme adopted some months ago authorized the construction of thirty elevators. Under this programme, elevators have been erected for the pool
and are ready to handle grain at Bulyea, Balgonie, IhdUinjHead, Quinton,
Yellow' Grass, Dunblane, Dodsland,
Simpson, .Vantage, Grayson, Rouleau,
Present Dealing With
Chinese Firms Risky
���-.���'���������.������      x /
Exporters Warned By Trade Commissioner Jn Shanghai
' Ottawa.���Canadian exporters are
advised lo take extreme care in financial transactions with Chinese firms
ut the present time, in a message published in- the Commercial Intelligence
Journal from L. M. Cosgrave, Canadian trade commissioner in Shanghai.
"In view of the disturbed economic
conditions in China at the present
time, it is advisable that the greatest
care be taken by Canadian shippers
in' regard to financial transactions
with'Chinese firms," states tho message.
.."No shipments should be made
other than through irrevocable letter
of credit, particularly as the' dock aud
shipping situation is extremely uncertain," says.thc bulletin, wliich is dated June 15.
Hamlin,  Broderick, Disley
ley.-,   -x    . . :   ,
and  Kin-
Combat Rust Menace
May Eradicate Cereal Rust As Result
Of Experiments
.   Winnipeg.���Favorable progress has
been made by the recently appointed
- federal committee working toward the
eradication of cereal rust, according
to I. H. Newman, Dominion cerealist.
-   More-.than 180 tests'were being carried out at the present time "on '.ex-
.-. perlmenlal and private farms.      '"By
, the fall," Mr. Newman said, "pur biological research work'should result in
"our obtaining several   rust   cultures;
We shall/thus be able to. artificially
" inoculate." varieties  of- rust  resistant,
.wheats and so .obtain valuable.: data.'!
��� If the wheats.when soaked with these
/.cultures    resist    infection, 'the- graii^
~ MrrXewiiiah -"declared, would certainly, prove immune in the/wheat fields
/of/the-prairies./;������/.-.        *   ���"���*    :-   '...
I     Would Overthrow Mussolini
Alleged        International..     Campaign
Against^Fascist Regime in Italy���'*,
- ' London;���The -Daily--_-Telegra'ph" re-
. ports the existence of-an "energetic" in-
.Jernational -campaign,  to- overthrow
.* Mussolini' and; the Fascist regime-'in
li.aiy. '-. '*- W "x:y. -xy XX. yy)
"Occult". international - forces
Anxious To Extend
Knowledge Of Empire
Members of British House of Commons
Coming to Canada ,
London.���A number of members of
tho British House of Commons will
shortly proceed to Canada, thus adopting the advice recently .given them as
member., of tho United Kingdom
branch of the Kmpire Parliamentary
Association by Premier Baldwin to
extdnd their knowledge of other parts
of the world, when the House of Commons is not in session.
The large parly, which--includes
the wives of.several prominent members, will attend conferences of the
Inter-parliamentary Union at .Washington and Ottawa.
They -will leave England September
19. Bight Hon. Ramsay MacDonald,
former premier.' hopes to go to- Canada this fsilI, if other arrangements
will allow: According lo his present
intentions, ho will . leave on the
Megantic, October 2.
First Child Welfare Congress
Canada    Will     Be    Represented    At
Geneva Conference In August
Toronto.���First in the'history, of
mankind will [he, [ the -International
Congress on Child Welfare to be held
in Geneva from August 24 to 28, plans
for whicli are now almost.completed.
This great undertaking, organized by
the Save-the-Children Fund International Union, will see a'remarkable
gathering when representatives ot
more than 10 nations will convene for
the purpose of considering and making practicable plans for the benefit
of the children of the world; who will
then be studied as the people's first asset, to be given first preference in- all
cases wher*. the welfare of tho child
is concerned.
The key.lono of fhe discussion and
debates will be what is known as
the "Declaration of Geneva," .or'"The
Children's Charter," wliich Canada
has already signed In company with
most other nations, and adopted by
thc League of Nations iii September,
Canada .has already become interested in the "Children's Charter"
through its connection with tho International Council of Women. Canada too has worked from coast to
coast iii the interests of the Save-the-
Cliildren Fund, and the Dominion will
be represented at the congress by
Frank Yeigh, Canadian representative
of the fund.
Ottawa.���"The Canadian. consumer
will bo well advised to getan.a sufficient supply of whatever fuel he proposes to use next winter/without loss
of lime." This is the advice- given
by C. A. Magrath, who was fuel controller during the war, and, as a member of the federal advisory fuel com-
hiittee, had much to do with the arrangements looking to the protection of Canada's interests in the big
United States hard - coal strike of
"Seldom has the fuel outlook seemed so threatening as at the present
lime," says Ur. Magrath..in a statement recently issued. He points out
that coal miners are on strike in eastern and-western Canada, that there is
possibility of trouble in the British
coal field, and that there is every possibility of a bitter fight in the Penn-
slyvania coal region at the end of next
Canada Wins MacKinnon Cup
Made  Highest Score at Bisiey^ England Came Second
Blsley Camp.���Canada-won the MacKinnon Challenge Cup, open io teams
of-12 at-900 and 1,000-yards, ten shots
and one sighting.shot per man at each
distance, lime limit-one hour and.a
half.'.7" ' -:y) ���"..    -    ..'' -, .. ���;   -      ."
Canada's score was I.0S.1 out of a
possible 1,200. '- ' ;��� ���/-'"* ', -������ /" 7 -
"'--England.-; scored . 1,065, -"���-Scotland
1,061. ".-/The prize .in-the".MacKinnon
event is "a challenge, cup, given in 189.1
by the late Col.. .MacKinnon.--; Special
commemorative souvenirs will bo. given- by" the 'National Rifle Association
to- the - captain and "adjutant and-each
member of* the., winning Canadian
team:,.-,.'.'W;W '   '-���'[ X    ���'  -'.' 7 *.
Council On Marketing
Ih:.'.'. ."WaH Street to.Vienna, and from Milan
.  . /to'Moscow.Wit- says,, "are .working-/to
;  - -this end, and they have addpted;me.th-
-,   ods akin "to  those practiced.'by ..the
Bolshcviks",- introducing,their 'own.sect
..--against the/foreign, tradetniIoiis.;.That
Is to say,:" ertiissa rle's of the .forces, in
; " question   have., been'  enrolled in-tho"
'������ranks of ihe.Fascists for-the purpose
uf..sowing'-dissension and demornliza--,
'-"    tioa."  .-7 "��� ������[���:, >."������/��� *-'--"7" ���'''-   '"-"-/
Manitoba to. Have New.Body.For Cp-
.." operative Marketing;;.
Winnipeg���^Formation' of 'an advisory, council on .'��� co-operative' market:
ing in-Manitoba was-.* announced   by
���premier  Bracken./ "The' purpose  of
from j the .council'," as outlined-by the. premier,
is tp , establish .a- closer .���.working ar:
. Ask.Recall of Ambassador.;.
'���. ..Teheran, Persia.���-Reports,in well-
iufornted circles here- saw. that be-
cnuse of pressure.of the great powers,-
' China "will, ask'Moscow,-to recall-M.
'.Karakiian.'.he Russian ambassador to"
Pekifh .'.'M. fPatsukoff, Thief of "the
eastern-section of.the .-Soviet"'foreign
office; will arrive 'here shortly- to- recuperate his_'*heaUh."" ^ M. PatsukofE's
absence.-diplomats here say/will.leave
vacant a' post' in which Karaklian
would lit admirably." -" *''
rangemeut between .the various fmar-
kellug' units' already, established.1 '��� ���
The council also would, provide a
body '.where-practical experience, and
knowledge"will be pooled .for..mutual
benefit-'1 and -advancement.-*61" .sound
co-operation,' }.N:[ CZ MacKftj-*, director of agricultural 'extension,'-has-been
appointed chairman..;'/
Alaskan Village Hit
By Tlu Epidemic
Entire Indian Population Affected and
Eight  Have Died
Juneau, Alaska.���Eight natives are
dead and the entire population affected by an influenza epidemic, which lias
swept an Indian fishing village on
Bristol Bay, btireau of fisheries' representatives in the district reported.
Conditions'in thc region -have been
improved, "but most of the ..Indians
have been sick and uuable to fish and
will suffer during the coming winter,-
if not aided in some way," the report
Want U.S. In World Court
".Ottawa.���Premier Mackenzie King
states that there would be no decision
Iu-regard'-to an election for some time
to-/come. - The ���.-premier, made-this
statement at. Uie conclusion-of a cabinet meeting, which was attended/by
but five members of- the government.
Tho'Se present, in addition to the'premier,-,were Rt. Hon. ,G. P. Graham,
minister.of railways anil canals; Hon".'
Ernest; Lapointe," minister of, justice ;-
Hohf -James;.Murdock,, minister,"'of
labor; and Hon.-A:! B.'-Copp, secretary
..of .slate. W'." 7W' W-.'W : '- X,'
���Mr:-King said" that; llie ��� meeting had
been called, for the purpose of disposing of.-a number of; routine..*matters
which -have /accumulated- during the"
ten days' respite;, of. tlie cabinet.' 7 ���   :;
��� ��� '.'When will the ..next .meeting of the
cabinet be held?"" he',was asked..,.
"X'.'Nbt for a5 couple Vof weeks'." lie. replied,-* ,w" yX ""- X 7 /-"-"-���> .." '" -
"f When "asked-, whether, there" had
be'en-"any-, decision in regard' to' the
calling .of,.a general, election, the-pre;,
mier; laughed.":   f..'/'.--.-*..--     ;"-'-������ .
��� *. "You".may' be-quite"- sure- of. one
thing.'- There won't bo any decision,
in .regard to, aii election for a good
time to come." he-replied.
Could Withdraw If Outlawry of War
Not Upheld by  Europe
Washington.���Certain advocates of
the world court, who have been work:
ing quietly for months; have come forward with a compromise plan of United States cntrj-, which Ihey will push
between now and the lime the administration p��oposals are brought up Iu
the senate in. December. The compromise has been hooked up in Its
conditions, with President Coolidge's
proposed conference on limitation o'f
It provides for entry under the administration proposed, but wiih the
understanding that the United States
would withdraw from the court after
a specified period if the nalions of
Europe do not join in a general convention for outlawry of war.
Vancouver Welcomes
Earl Haig
Great British Leader Pleads For Unity
and Fellowship
Vancouver.���Unity of effort for the
re-establishment of returned soldiers
in all parts of the British Empire, was
advocated By delegates representing
india, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, north and south Ireland, and
Great Britain at a dinner given here
hy a local reception committee to the
members of Earl Halg's party, who
attended the recent meeting in Ottawa
of tho Empire Service League and
who came to the coast with the field
The speakers included Brig.-Gen.
IT. F, McDonald, Brig.-Gen. James
Wylie, of South Africa; Senator
James Cornell, of Australia, and
The great British leader, in plain
language . and with modest demeanor, with a manner that left no
doubt as to his sincerity of purpose, exhorted all ex-service men to
unite under the one banner in friend?-
ship, unity and purpose, a purpose
that would make for the British Empire and th._ ushering in of world
peace. ���
"In the interests of liberty, justice
and good fellowship and peace. I
hope it will not he long before Canadian ex-service men will be united,"
declared Earl Haig, in his closing sentence amid applause- that swept
through the great building.
London.���Recent efforts in .tlie
House of Commons to induce the government to reveal its naval building
programme were repeated, but without success, in debate on the naval estimates. It. is generally understood
that there has been a sharp eonllict
between ^Vinston Churchill, chancellor of the1 exchequer, who desires to
keep the estimates down, and the admiralty, which wants a cruiser-building programme extending over a period of years.    0 -
Apparently divided' counsels prevail in the cabinet, which lias not yet
reached a unanimous decision, although it is rumored that Mr. Churchill
has consented to the laying down of
five new cruisers this year.
The subject was discussed iu the
house from all angles, with much
advocacy of another disarmament
conference. \V. C. Bridgeman, first:
lord of the admiralty, could only repeat Premier Baldwin's previous
promise to make a statement on the
question, about a week hence.
Alberta Hail Loss
Harvesters From Overseas
Reported   That   Over   Two   Thousand
Workers   Are   Coming   From
- Central  Europe'.
Quebec.���Over 2,0.00 harvesters from
European   countries   are expected to
pass through Quebec on their way to
the Canadian west from    now   until
the fifteenth of August.     The majority   of   them   will be ,'frbin. Hnugary,
Czecho-Slovakia and   .Germany,    and
ihe remainder from other countries of
central Europe. -'        _
"In order to obviate, .'the'- "danger, of
these , immigrants - becoming -public
charges when the'harvest is gathered,
arrangements. have-: beeii made .with,
western farmers r-to * keep ��� them on
throughout the "winter'.at;a salary':bf
$25 a, month.-".-   -.7,;,    '- ���-.'.   '."'-.- - W
Meet^ August. 3��� to_._HpJ.d7 Short.
-���;,*--.'.- '.".. '.- Sessjon . ��� ' " "/.. ���'.',-
: - Ednionton.-r-Thc adjou rued"; --.essiou
of. the Alberta Legislature;���will-meet'
August 3", the'iasl named, of the/sever
al,provisional dates announced :by" "the
government.    "*"*' .���-/_ -'---'"���.. /
.: This ' was decided f. definitely. at. a-
full, meeting of the. cabinet and steps
are being/taken accordingly-for- call-,
ing the-house together.;.-'- " .. ���-
..-- Premier..- Greenfield - says ���the session "will" necessarily be' a short "oiie."
With .��� harvest ..time drawing-' -near.-
ihere ""wiil.:"be. tip desire'on the/part
of-the-country1 members,'at any rate,
to prolong It," and f.uick. work.-is-.expected. *  :   '.';  .:'"'    -' ���' -X '---���
Over Seven Million Dollars Damage Is
Reported Already
Edmonton.���More thaiWseven million dollars damage by hail has been
done lo grain crops in Alberta this
summer, according to information received by the provincial department
of agriculture. The department has
been investigating the situation and
has been getting reports from all the
hail insurance companies and the
municipal hail insurance-board, which
go lo show lhat about 8,000 claims for
damage by hail have been received to
date. ' '   -
. Hon. George Hoadley, minister of
agriculture,, points out lhat at a fair
average of _t00 acres per claim and qh
lhe basis of total loss,.as usually figured by the insurance companies, with
an estimated value of $3.50 per'bushel
of- wheat, there will bo a loss^ of $25
per aero, or $7,1300,000 as a total loss,
to be deducted from the province's
grain yield this year.
Will Hear Cases In West
New    Commissioner    of    Reparation*
Leaving Ottawa About August 1
Ottawa.;���Tho new reparations commissioner, James Friel, K.C., will
leave for the west to hear cases about
the first of next month.
���=- Commissioner EriBl^will mako hi*
first stop at. Winnipeg on or about
���August 3, where he will hold sittings
for applicants who have not yet been
His itinerary includes stops for
hearings at .Regina, about August 5;
Saskatoon, August 7T"Edmonton, August 10; Calgary, August 12; Kamloops, August 17; Vancouver, August
IS; and Yia.oria. August 2-t
The dates aro uocossarily. subject
to change, .impending ou how long
the commissioner is required lo stay
id the diffeivnt cities whlch-.he visits:
A Long Cruise
Canadian-. Government   Vessel    From
���7.. Vancouver   Reaches .Atlantic   '���
'.--'��� ���-��� '*.. "*' Ports." ; W ... */',/.
' St','���' .Tolm/.-N'.l-".���The.; "Canadian - Government ...Merchant. '.Marine '. steamer
Canadian".Prospector, Cap.'siiv-Arthur.
Thomson, . has -" arrived . in.;*pprt, from'
Vancouver; vja the' Panama.Canal,,on
the initial.trip..-in the.intcr-coaslal sor-:
vice;���-Tho-ship-brpu'ghla "fuirgenc'ral"
cargo of. .5,000 Ions, including- about'
four million feci: o.f. hard'pine,'a large
���quantity oflhe latter being piled-high
on the,."deck. .After .discharging'.at
this port,'-'she'wi.] take" the" remainder,
to. Quebec, Three Rivers and'Montreal.'
Elevator For. Lethbridge -
Lethbridge, Alta. ������ Announcement
was made by George W.-Green, general
manager of ' the Bilison .-Milling ;and
Elevator Company, of plans to, erect'
-here/, this fall'tlie-.first-:'��� unit .'oh .a
million-bushel storage elevator',;with
cleaning and treating plant/capable, of
handling 20 cars, daily:.. The company
will also- add to its line elevators' by
erecting three "in "the Lethbridge,-northern-project.,, The Ellison "Milling
Company is financed by Utah capital!"
Dutch Farmers Coming
. -Montreal, Que.-���"Hundreds of ara-
tsiJious, co!l?ge-trained Dutch farmers
vriil probaftly come to Canada next
spring," said R. L. Dojes, graduate of
the Grceningen Agricultural College of
the Netherlands. He has just con-
eliided a tour of western Canada. He
said Hollanders make fine fanners and
' Italy Has Right idea ,
Kome.���There is' always" a good,attendance at the sessions of the Roman senate, in marked contrast to the
many"empty spats at meetings of the.
Canadian senate. Italian senators
are paid only for the sessions they- attend.
W.' Si
ll.   15SS.
.   Start New Air Mail
London.���Air mail service fs now* in
operation* between .London, Denmark,
Norway and Sweden
The fire demon was unkind to the Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association delegates when hfe razed Mi'nakI Inn, where the' _ne_nbers of
the party were to have spent Saturday and Sunday as guests of the Canadian National Railways. -<- However, some sf the member*, of the party
.were ahle'to'secure reservations-.at., Xfinaki Lodge for. a. day or so on
their return journey and this is a sample of 4he scenery which greeted
them there.   . -    -    -     W   ���'���'���"/.: 7   --"v       Zx    "���'.".     -���"���'.'.--"   W.
Edmonton.���The. spirii of - co-opera,:
lion .between the prairie provinces and
thevPa'ciflcl* coast which, has" been developed In.ihe conference, of western
mayors and..other'civic.officials held
here; Is to-be carried/into"a. perman-""
ent organization/as a result of a de-_.
cision.at tiie "closing session.- An'exe-
cutiv.! coni'niilice of six members.'was
named, coniposedof Mayor L. D.:Tay-
Iorand ex-Mayor R.;H. Gale, of .������Van-.
couvc-r,vfor"British: Columbia; "Mayor.
Hardie, Lethbridge, and Mayor Blatch-'
ford, Ednionton.ffor A15erla;;' and
Mayor Howard McLaren*,, ..of. Biggar,
aiid. Mayor J. E.-.Gregory, of North;
Battleford,.. for Saskatchewan." This
committee; will have power to add. to
its number, and,it-has been instructed
to continue tlre.\Tork'.be"guri.ahd'to arrange for further" convention's.- at
future dates.  .        ,.
After- a. lengthy discussion, it was"
decided that the government' be asked lo abolisjji the penult system for the
shipment of grain westward. An
amendment sought to refer the question to the executive committee for
action, hut Mayor Taylor, Mayor
Blatchford, and. G*. G. McGeer^ K.C.,
urged strongly , that the conference
take action at once   in   urging   that
Canada's Motor
Car Production
Lower Thsr.^ In 1923 But
. -.-, Other Years
Ottawa.���.Canada produced a total of.
132,5S0. 'motor cars during the past
year, a decrease of nine per cent,
from the maximum attained in 1923,
but- exceeding in number'the produc- .
tion of any other year.
"..The output in. 192=1, according"to the,
Dominion.bureau of stacislics, included 98,365 passenger ears, 18,043 trucks,
and "16,172 .chassis, valued in^tlie aggregate at.��8S,'4S0,4l8, at factory selling-prices". '..Capital invested reached
a. iiigh';-point,ih the Industry at $60,-
765,886/ asf .contrasted ' .with slightly
more "ihan -$60,000,000 in 1S23.   . -f
Heavy Loss From Bail
Approximately 350,000 Acres Damaged
-" .-In Saskatchewan ..--.      -."'". "'.
.,' Regiiia.^-Between".1,000' and ,. 1,-200'.
farmers." will-claim insurance aid as,
the. result of the- hiili damage tp. crops."
in.������southern1-. Saskatchewan"' by . :ihnX
cyclonic hailstorm, last", week, it was"
c&tiinated , by..-insurance ������companies';
dfllclals;-   The claims SyiJl raugo'from-;
20 to.r100/perf cent: / _-..-  -���';   ' . / - 7
. IVoiiirreports received', from -tho di.W
tricls .visited by "the ' hailstorm;   ap-.-;
proximately *SSS,000 ''acres":i.w��?re/dani--
aged, and the loss on. this.acreage/will
average .SQ.'peneen.L , "A; .large' number of/farms" reported" hail losses :,oi-,
10,0 per"cent.';..and very./few;-,wer". _.iV"
t!ow.as"40 per cent. ���'-���-    /."- '  '-.���-"  ���'
s    / XX Harvesters.From B.C. .
-7victo"ria.-B.C.���Officials of. tiie llrii-'-
ish. Columbia-department- of. labrr
her.ef are, preparing, now-for'.the    annual, trek of harvesters to the prairie-,
. Railway- officials; .will confer wi.t.V-
representatives.of the   labor   depai-i--'
meats of ail /western", provinces" ' ii
Winnipeg,-it was'announced. //It'i..''
anticipated/ .that1   the " 'fares "will'bW
about the'sarnie as those: in' HDTecf-W-t'*,
j-jear. y .. /    ..." .;-
Libera!i Regime In N.S. Ends*,.-/-'
Halifax.���The 43-year-old. regitno" o'r
liberal   Government' in, NVrvai.fScoiia-.
has-ended,- and for "the -fivSt-*tim<��-* in
.that" period'a Conservative admiiiirti*;-.--'
tion, headed by Hoii. E. N. Ilhode.>
has taken possession of ilie-'-hisloric*
provincial  building and oc.-upied -(hv
administrative chambers.
Kitted By Own Invention
";" Kcdwood,    Calif.���<_ratien    Mo'roaft.'
was killed by his invention .to check
holdup men.    Ke had devised a nieth- "
the system be, abolished, and the ��bfp-_od for concesiing ia the coat sleeve a
per, he given the .same, privilege of .gua which would be dischars^d auto-
shlpplng to the west tlfat he. now pos: j matically as a man put up bis hands
iseseedtoj ship to the east./   ,7 ���.,
1st tbe command of fte-ret^ec THE) LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, JULY 23,  1925
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States ��2.50, always in act.
^Delinquent Co-Owner Notices.. $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
1 Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir* notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and -8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2^c. a line each insertion. ...
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The Public Works Department
proposes legislation at tbe next
session feo curb the speed of motor
busses on the highways, regarding
which there has been a great deal
of complaint. They will be compelled to run on schedule filed with
the department, which will fix the
length of time from point to point.
. Kew regulations framed by; the
Minister of Public Works forbid
.the parking"of automobiles on any.
of.the main highways ... of . the
Province./ It is forbidden to leave
a car; standing/, whether/ attended
or.uriattended/upon. the paved or
main-travelled portion -of a. high-
���way, the penalty .for violation, of
this regulation, bpihg. a fine not exceeding 850. /The regulation canie
"into force.last.week, - . 7
7 Poison Ivy
.(Experimental/Farm-Note)   '."_  -*-
��� Year- after; year - as folks- fare
.   forthto camp or summer-cottage
" interest in " poison-' ivy'."revives.
W-M.any "have.yet to learn to reco'g-
" nize'* these, low,- bushy,-,"slightly
-��� fwbody-stemrne'd ' ."plants,7/ rising
./- froin ,joi_g*. rootstocks' at.' bitr just
f ".below gr'ound'levei, :-a;nd"' bearing
the characteristic leaves of, triple;
Wsnioothish,- ppirited.,;leaflets/ and
.'X frequently' the -old-, clusters! of
w-round,' 7 whitish- -fruits"..."beneath
7" .tfcem.WW XX:" [ - y-'-yry-y y ;;;-;"
"- Failing to 'recognize and avoid
-���-. ''the.'plan.ts, many. people f suscep-
. ���.-.tible'ftb.poisoni'ng, find, themselves
- interested" - iu    remedies.      Few
. seem to be aware.that on contact
.    with   the- weed,"   or   even   with
��� shoes, tools,",-etc'., ftha't have been
V" in contact/they should'promptly
. remove ail. traces of its/virulent
;. -:oilby -freely, lathering*f.the: skin
���with" strong, soap, .'arid   rinsing
under Hot: runnings or, constantly
changed;  water.;    Inflammation
resulting   from _: unsuspected / exposure, -or;' neglect of ..the. above
, fprecaulions',.may' be" relieved  by
.applying-   solutions7,of   baking
-. soda orEpsom.,salts,/' one. or two
. teaspoonfuls -to : a cup of/water,
. and bandaging.; Various e'labo-
/   rate treatments are. offered' which.
��� are seldom' anymore helpful,Tor
' so-readily available.;.  - ..;;'-';. 7 .";-.'
7 , .It is surprising how few. efforts
; areinade .to clean 7up -ivy  from
7 constantly, frequented...publlcWd
private, grounds.    Though eradK
cation is bound  to be- laborious,
there are plenty of people f-who
could: safely work at it;    In hard
or rocky ground,'wherever-.injury.
to the soil- does/,no.t: matter, dry
7 salt or. strong* brine: might be ap:
/ plied before growth becomes too
dense,: or after mowing it with a
��� scytne,>. .Caustic soda and other
poisonous ./chemicals are. also
recommended.7.;:-���*-As fa. .rulfe however, direct removal ;of v.iEe. irobt-
stocks from the soil, by-means of
grubbing hoe, potato h'bak',7 digging or ploughing,, when possible, is preferable. Sometimes
when growing in leaf mould or
rich    soil, .astonishingly//long
-strands,, of rootstccks .can.'/be
dragged out intact V This is most
' safely and easily 7 doue/;before
. spring growth cdnsmesces. Small
patches have thus been, cleared
up at one operation, which would,
have required repeatedf.s*prajicg��:
Rock Creek Items
(By G. Willis)
Mr. aud Mre. McLennan, of
Highland Farm, motored to Greenwood last week.
E. Harker and E. Pawsey have
been erecting a barn for E. Richter
at Myers Creek.
Don't forget the MuBical Mystic
Entertainer which will be in Rock
Creek "Riverside Hall'.' on Saturday, July 25th.
Miss Doris Clark and others
were confirmed in the Anglican
Church on Sunday evening, July
19feh by His Lordship Bishop Doull
of the Kootenay Diocese.
The country seems to bo surrounded with bush iirep, the
atmosphere beiug thick with
smoke. Every available man in
the district has been called to help
fight fehe fires. There is a large
fire raging a little beyond Arthur
Miller's tie camp.
On Tuesday, July 14tb, Mrs.
Pittendrigh left for a visit to
Spokane accompanied by --her
daughter, Onie, who has been ill
for many months with inflammatory rheumatism. She is slightly
better and her many friends hope
she will return quite well again.
T. R, Hanson and fod, Buster,
of Penticton, arrived here on Monday enroute to Beaverdell whers
Mr. Hanson is going to open. - a
restaurant. Tom is a well known
caterer to the public aud he would
like all his friends to visit hi no.
Hfs chicken dinners are a special
A Card Party which was well
patronized was held in the School
House on Saturday evening, July
ISth, in aid of the School funds.
The ladies who had charge of the
refreshments were Mrs. Rusch,
Mrs. Kayes and Mrs. Carey and
they certainly served a delightful
supper. A dance -followed mu&ie
being supplied, by * a grsmaphone
and; ..everyone /had/- a good-.timi-/
Another card party will be ..given
in-a month's time, date, to -be/aii-'
nounced later.
. News.vyas^-received "on '-Wednesday of the" death of B6b.-K.n'��,w.ijcli
took" place on Sunday'/July 12oh7a't
the' Vancouver; General- Hospital,
having .died of cancer;* Bob.was
well known".-'.and"'-well respected
here. He resided in". Kettle-Valley
fora number fof years/before the.
war, :lafeer: moving to .North-Vancouver where he bought a house on."
Keith avenue arid.:was" employed
for/a long.time at the Wallace ship
yards.;.. His." wife - died, two years
ago and/one,sob, Fre.d/dip./is'left .to
mourn.their" loss.:
WW' ."Head-Winds". ..,.;/;
A. terrific hurricane at* sea which
has stark'realism for its key'uotey
is ori'e'of the tremendous- scenes in
House ". -Peters? latest- . starring
vehicle, "Head Winds" which will
be shown at the f .Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, July *25.hf
The-cast includes Pstsy'JtutlV
Miller," who plays-' the , feminine
lead," -Arfebur.f Hoyt,. //William
Austin,._ Richard -Trayerp, Lydia
Yeamaaa-Titnp, /Togo Yam am a to,
George . Ku wa ;-and }K. .Nambu: ���.
A.;- M\ Sinclair Wilt, wrote .the
story for, the Saturday.Evening
Poet.' X-" W.-'.' yx. -;���':/-���:��� ;- W -" '7-
;,'-'Conditions  in .the..fruit; areas of
British Columbia * -'are . reported * a'*..
s-ttisfaetbry. _; ".Weather ."conditions'
'have.-.been, good .aiid the. trees are
-healthy.'   ";-' * -'"',  -���'-,-".:-    ' '.'-/
According to re.cent 'reports general conditions' * in the'. Maritime*
Provinces are normal. Potato seeding is about .complete.- Trees -.in the
Annapolis fruit districts5 are-in good
shape and-estimates point to a normal crop.
A consignment of lumber from
South* Westminster, B.C., arrived- re-
. cently at Dor-val, Quebec, on the
; Canadian..Pacific lines, consisting of
-frsventy.-nine ;idgs//of;:' Do,ug]a"s'"_Fir, ���
some;;01/which;-fvyere ���sq}y}gn-g:'-'ihti.t
/three \ flat-cars'/ were/.-yequired /to
' carry';them; ��� /W /���/f.7 ''XXXiyx 7 :
. '7FieId'" Marshal//.Earl;/, Haig. !'a"ncT
���'Countess:'-. Haig.,--"-travelled'.: through;
-over' the ".Canadian/Pacific"Railway::
recently, after "'attending.-: the.'.' cpn-;
'-.ference.; of; the":British' Empire. Ser-V
"vice League /at; Ottawa.:- XX, :/W; W
'"barring* accidents, we are in i'or
the greatest wheat crop in the history of Canada," says Andrew Kelly,
of the Western Flour Mills. Mr.
Kelly thinks the prairie wheat crop
this year is off to the best start it
ever had.
"The first lot of Scottish boys enrolled as farm apprentices for Canada arrived recently on the Canadian Pacific Liner "Metagama."
They were brought out under the
auspices of the British Immigration
and Colonization Association in cooperation with the Canadian Pacific
Canada's progress in the world of
letters is illustrated by the fact that
tliere is a Canadian literary section
as one of the features of- the Canadian pavilion at the British Empire
Exhibition at Wembley. It presents
French-Canadian and English-Canadian ������ literature from the earliest'
dates down to 1924.
Ten conventions; comprising almost 3,000 delegates, will be held in
Montreal between now and,, August
31, according to an announcement by
the Montreal Tourist and Conven-.
tion Bureau. * It is hoped to obtain
the 1926 Kiwanian Convention for
this city which would mean that
.some 7,000 Kiwanians will visit
Montreal next summer.
The Crystal Gardens, the splendid
new pleasure resort for the city of
Victoria, B.C., will be opened at the
end of June and will form one of
tho unique attractions of that city.
It will be both a winter and summer
garden and possesses a salt v/ater
swimming tank, claimed to be the
largest on the continent. Citizens of
Victoria are already using the Gardens prior to its official opening.   , * "
Screening at the'Capitol Theatre,
Montreal,- of ".the   scenes -through
/which" .the University -(of .Montreal*
across^Canada" trip... and' the /similar.
Journey; of 'the Teachers' Federation",
'���'of Canada *- will" pass,   attracted - a
large - and,   appreciative    audience.
The film was a revelat_ori'7qf-._he.'
beauty of Canadian cities, and seen-7
"ery." " The   University-' of .Montreal'
��� trip 'will: start" from ��� that ��� city July - 7
and'will-return. "July.28.77 The trip":
��� of.the Teachers'Federation" will"eom-"
-.mence-. July. 20 and .will -" conclude
LAugust.ip.,;/;,--;-.,-;���;,'-���'-';'  WW. ���.
.'.-" Frank;\W.-Ashby,"secretary of the'.
Manufacturers' Association 7of Abs-'
tralia.-ai recent visitor:at Banff, said
he found.,Canada":to have.a",most'"de--
: lightfu'i climate stad ..'cities which: are.
.more -'moderri'--than-our-..own."   "Mr.
Aslibyf said the -impression/in Aus-'
tralia'had been-that-Hersc'hell Island
and Baffin's Bay   were.7linked--.up
: municipally with Montreal and Win-.
;hip'eg, and thought" tliat the best, way
; to.correct'these geographical misconceptions was to'-encourage more toiu.-'
/ist.-travel from', other, parts /of the
Empire.. - ';-".���.;'-���"   /W-' .   XXX-
'"��� "Western Canada-has .never'had'
;,-: better,; crop -prospects . than .fwhich
'fesist now," stated .Ernest G..Cook,
of.,E; ,'Cook; Ltd:)7'Crop, flnsuran'co;
-Co., of Moose Jaw,- Sask.,"who1.re--
���..cently' spent." two .week's at', Banff,
..-after .touring -trie West and* st.udy_-
'.ing crop.'-cdnditions..,.. .;:/���'." W-'W
���������' -According'.;to  -'.'Agricultural:-ahd-
. Industrial Progress'in; Canada" tho
Department:oi Tradefand. Cqirimerco
,h.is- issued' the", following fcompara-
-.tiv'e 'statement  for--1.924 .'-and/1925 -
/trade/in the Dominion:���'   "..X.'X-
- Total-  ," '��� '> -19247" '- - f "  -1925- ,'- -.
'   trade ' .'��i;902,130,lG'4" $1,878,294,180
Impts/-. "������ 893,300/867 :-. ,790,932,537
Expts. '; -1.058,763,297 " 1,081,361,643
-Fav.Bah- ,165,396,430 /���,. 284,429,106
According; to' the": Dominion Bu-.
��� reau. of' Statistics'the annual consumption of standing, timber-'for.use,
amounts to about 2,600,000,000 cubic"
feet. The loss, hy fire,- insects and
fungi', about .doubles this depletion,
and it' is estimated..that.;Canadian
forests are depleted.-at the Trat'e' of
upwards of five and a half billion
cubic feet-fper..annum.._;,-���.".���.;.-7*;-,.-/*. ���'
W/Fpr.-'the first time in. the .history
'of; Canada' upwards of three. thousand redskins.from" the,four western
provinces "and,Montana journeyed to'.
-McLeod, Albferta,; -earl-yfin- July, and
'.held - an/all-Indian: .celebration and
;form_d..'a ���league-' of. plains/ Indians.
Five thousand white people'attended
^the ceremony/and.;.-watc?.edfthe". In-
The Musical Mystic
Jack Williams
Canadian Entertainer
In Music. Magic, Mirth, Conjurine,
Card. Coin and Ball Tricks
Selections on Piano, Violin, Mandolin,
Guitar, Cello, Harp and Phone-Fiddle.
vSongs���Sentimental,   Ragtime,   Comic.
Saturday, July 25th
Monday, July 27th
Commence at 8:15 p tn.
Adults 75c.   Children under 12, 25c.
Pree Dance after show for ticket holders
The Ledge for Job Printing
Greenwood Garage
Kinney Bldg., Main St.
Experienced Mechanic
employed to attend to all car troubles
Gas, Oil, Cup Grease, Floor Dressing,
Harness Oil, Candles ,,
Agent for Imperial Oil Company.
Cars for Hire.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Recairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash..    ..
Flight of Words
When you talk over the long-distance
telephone lines your words, translated
into electrical impulses, fly along at a
tremendous speed. This rapid transmission of the natural voice is making
the long-distance service increasingly
Wixamet Excursion Fares
...*..;.*......$ 72 00
Toronto. ........���;*.
... Hamilton......',.
..,.;......,.. H3-75
-. London.,.-::......
....._.;..... .141.80
".St.John  ........
....:.*.,;,.., H7-90
St. Paul	
;;- :..'...:..7S.oo
-Minneapolis ....
...;    72.OO
-Duluth 7.'. /
 ..,,,...    72.OO
.Fort William ,
- Niagara Falls-
Ottawa "..-_._...'..
Montreal ......:
Moncton .......
New York".,..;.
Boston ..........
-.,$ '86;3b,".
'.I2O.62, ;
,.,127.95     -
��� 132.75 7
. 147-9��. ���;
... 153.45-.,
... -86.00..- -
. 147-40.
���    153-50     :.
'. 'Routevia Port Arthur or via Sop Line,through .Winnipegor Portal to.
St. Paul, thence via Chicago or Sault Ste. Marie, via GreatCakes; or via
California, at additional, fare; or good to go via s one fof the ��bove routes,'
return another. - -���- 7,. ���'   .:' -   ;���    .   ��� -      ���- ";.-*-. '���   -   ���   ; .".
y}y&. CARTER,; District Passenger Agewt^ Nelson
See Local Ajrcnt or Write for Details '".'*������"'
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed *
Crown lands may he pre-empted by
British subjects over '18 years of age,
ancl by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence,' occupation,
ana improvement .for agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions ia
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can bc obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Range.,. W ' ,;
Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
cleariiuT and cultivating-at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be ,
For more detailed- information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
��� -Applications are received for pur- *"'.
-chase    of   vacant   and    unreserved
.Crown  lands,, not being tlmberland, .-
for agricultural  purposes;   minimum ...
- price for first.rclass (arable) land la '
��5 per" acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 por acre. - Further In- *
��� formation regarding purchase or leaso;
���of.Crown-.lands is given in Bulletin* '
".No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and   -
���Lease of Crown Lands." .    ���   ... ��� ���.'
. Mill,' factory,.or Industrial .sites on,.--
tlmber land, not exceeding'40 acres,1'*
���*rnay. be "purchased or leased, the "con-  .
.ditiona 7-including    -payment      of
stumpage.". \    ,   ��� .       -
*   -'-'HOMESITE LEASES.'. .:.   J
'-UnsiVrveyedarea3,'not exceeding 20,**,..
.acres,  may-bo  leased-as homesltea,1
-conditional'  upon .-a- "dwelling ..being",
erected .in" the first year,, title being' .'.
obtainable  after "residence, and: lm��,
."provement- .���'conditions-- are- fulfilled '
-.and land lias been surveyed; ;     ���--'.".
-."-'���'\7 /-LEASES';7" ") W"W
��� ��� For -g'razingW-nd."-industrial --pur>;
' poses' areas "not- exceeding' 840 .acrea.
may .be" jjea'sed-by-one'.person or-a *
"company.' . -    '";-* ,- '        '. '   '-
W . GRAZING   ..-,'-,;   , , ;
Under-the! Grazing Act the Prov-,*.
Ince is divided into grazing dlstriota
and-.tlie. range administered..under a.
Grazing - Commissioner. ".. Annual
grazing'permits are "issued based on
numbers-ranged; priority being givsn'
-to established owner's.' _ Stock-ownera'--
��� may ��� f 6rm' "associations   for - .range.'
management"! '��� Free," or   partly .free,.-.
. permits, -are available- for -* settler*,'
campers and" travellers, "up to -ten1
head..-'.,"   ��� " w
w The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals aa followsW Placer Gold, $77,382,953; Lode Gold,
8118,473,190; Silver, $68,824;579j Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, ��187,489,378; Zinc,
832,171,497; Miacellaneon* Minerals,  $1,431,349;.Coal  and. Coke,7S26()?880)048;j
Baildiug Sfedne^ Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814; making its Mineral Prod action"
to febe end pl.1924, show an  .';���.���;''-'���- ��� W7 ..7'7;. 7;-'7.^-7;--    xXx-Xy      }'[X- zy-y.:
dic.ns'stager,t__eir spectactdar .iaovtnU ,1
��� e&-;*warH-jLnceW r xx '���'";-��.������ [ xxyy-Xy ��� z
The Mining I.awB of. this7Province are more liberal;' and the fees lower, than.fchose of any other
Province in the Doininiop, or any colony in the British-Empire. -, -.
Mineral locations are granted to.discovererii.for.nominal fees. XX}XXXxy.:"'-**"'-". - 7 ���'���'-���;'
A.bs6lute; Titles are obtained by developing each prbpe.Hies, the'security-of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.;..,-........ 7 .yy. .;b;:W'^v7^^7^^i:V'*' >��� "'7
EaiLinfprmatiqn tpgeiherwitti Mining E^ may be obtained gratia by addressing���-.
X'ZXyyyX.^      yy'-yxfyy^
7NVB. - 7 Practicallyall British Colnmbia Mineral Proper ties, npon which development work has been
��� 7. '������:.. done: are. described in some one of the Annaal Eepor.s of the. Minister of Mines7 Those
Xy,.,''. , considering mining investmenfes shonid refer to snch reports.: They ara available "without.
'������WW-?*;.charge on application to the Department of Mines, .yiefcoria, B.G!. * Sepqns of the Geological.
yxz 7. Survey of Canada^ Pacific. Building,: .Yancoaver, are recommended . as.;: yalnsblei sonrees of.
X:Xy[-iaforiaa*tion^7i:WWv-.'-;-;'".X; -.:���-'"x-y'X'X}X X-"y z}x.xy���iyX' -Xy"[X. XX .;-,-.7 W "r;. .XXX }
} I


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