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The Ledge May 15, 1924

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Vol.   XXX.
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
Five Roses, Purity and
Royal Household Flour
Crushed, 3 c. w., 2 c. w., and   SEED   OATS
Branj   Shorts,   Oat Middlings,   Corn,   Etc.
For Quality arid Value Order From
Phone 46
Just In A Big Line Of
Box, Bulk and Bars
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
$    Curtain Scrim, Drapery Chintz
HW 7 :[X"'i[,)xV'-:')V-X)' 'and 7.7"W W;. ���:... Wo';_
$       Extra Special Dress Goods}}
$iX Have Just Arrived
Fit ��� Reform
Made to your measure
Order yours now
Real Estate.
Fire,   Life  Insurance    -
Licensed by B. C. Government ���
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus 'Stock.
Call  at my Oflice and see me' in
reference to any of above
0 New Spring Hats and
Now open for your inspection
Store Hours ^
8.30 to 10.30 a. m.;   2.30 to 5 p. in.
Our stock is limited.
First-come first served.
Those magic boots' of .old���the. seven-league "boots���were- the woi-lc of an
imaginative mind. Who could .ever expect to "���*vai>seven leagues'in a single'
step?    .- .. '  '"-.'���-   -7  " * ;. ';-' y[   z ['-���-' "    ---.':_���
' X ' The story-of th'e" seven-league boots-was yyritten.in-tbe days long before ���
the present time with-its great .possibilities. These days there is no'need
for such wonderful steppers. There is the telephone.' It is no effort now to
talk a hundred times seven leagues. -.The world is' virtually at one's door.
This age of wonderment is"based, too. on imagination, but'it is imagination
. plus practical.experiment and "great development.; ...-.���--���    7-7
. Chiropractor
Bank of .Montreal Residence.,
-near Post Office    -���/���
--."   ,--'���_    Office  Hours:        _ ":    .
Mon.', Tues.', Wed., Thurs.7    ;
10a.m. to'ia,- 2 p.m. to 5 p.m, 7. to. 8
.  Friday,- 9 a. ��i_ to r p.m. .. ������'��� 1
Greenwood Theatre
SATURDAY,; MAY; 17th 7
Commencing fat 8.15 p.m.  ;
7-7..' -. Thos.H.-'Inc'e presents    -'    .,-���
"Sca^s of Jealousy"
Drama that will ciutch.your emotions
- ,7 "with fingrers of steel,    y-}.
- "A  Brotherhood, of hate���a  girl piil-
- to a:great test "of-devotion���a-raging'
- forest fire���a lynching mob'! - Thrills
- and breathless suspense thaL will rim - -
an icy finger up your spiue_       -._ . -., ��� -
With Frank Keenai*. Marguerite de la
Mdtte. Lloyd Hughes & Edward Burns
���-;���   -  '- 7���Reels���7   '    -" - '       '.
Rod and Gun Club Meeting
The Greenwood and District Rod and
Gun Club held a regular meeting in
the Old School House at Midway on
Friday evening last.
President G. S. Walters occupied the
chair and 26 members from' the district
wei'e present. In the absence of Secretary Major Gray, his duties were
undertaken by G. F. Swanuell of Rock
Creek. 'Considerable correspondence
was dealt with arid the chief matter
arising, from this was the question of a
proposed "Game Sanctuary" comprising 640 square miles between the Main
Kettle River and the West Fork of the
Kettle River. Th<*Penticton Fish and
Game Association is seeking the support of similar clubs in the interior for
this sanctuary and has asked the Greenwood and District Club, as being the
one most vitally interested, to canvass
the settlers in the proposed district.for
their sanction and assistance in having
the preserve established. ' Messrs.
Wilson.'McMynn, Richter, Mowat and
several other members spoke strongly
in favor of the scheme and by unanimous vote it was decided to do all possible for having the outlined district
set apart for the preservation of game.
The delegate to the Game Conservation Board convention on March 28th
at Vancouver, Harry Martin, then gave
his report. To say the least, every
member was surprised at the amount
of business brought up at the convention and delegate Martin was heartily
congratulated on the very able manner
in which he covered practically all the
points discussed before the Game
The chairman pointed out from the
report, the most crucial matter affecting this district and these were discussed by the meeting and instructions
given to the secretary concerning- same.
Mr. Martin spoke very highly of the
chairman of the Game Board, M. B.
Jackson, who cut short a discussion on
big game hunting iu the north, in order
that interior delegates might be given
more time to be heard on matters concerning- their districts. Recommendations, as put-forward by.Mr. Martin
received strong support and it is hoped
that some of the changes suggested
will be included in the 1924 game laws.
Fishing.- regulations and the best
methods to be recommended for better
preservation of fish in this district was
also taken up. The invasion of the
local fishing streams by U.S. fishermen
came in for strong criticism. The re-
comendation of this club for setting
the license qf U. S. visitors at $10.00
for one year or less received unanimous
support, at the convention and some
delegates.advocated an increase to $25.
Andrew Porter .of Myncaster and'J.
Iy. Bush of Midway,, both enthusiastic
angiersj laid some very interesting
facts before tfie meeting which served
to show'.the ueeel of more "stringent
regulations particularly- during spawning, period. One member spoke of having, seen a big catch of fish the pre-
vious Sunday from Fish lake, the same
having been taken from the shallow
spawning ground at; one end of the
lakevaiid the 'successful' anglers boasting-that the fish would not" bite but
could be hooked, through the gills. - ���������,.
-. Dominion Fisheries Inspector-.Robinson will be invited over from Nelson
/fwr'.thc purpose of outlining proposals,
for .the closing and restockingof. Boundary creek and "for-the discussion, of;
o.th"er important matters. . ,- 7 '
.-'��� General regret'was expressed that
the Conservation '-.-Board could not see
its-way", clear to recommend the - apr
pqiiitmeut of-permanent g.anie wardens.
-Members of the club signified their
intention bf. doing all possible toassist
the-provincial police _ iti. their, onerous
task of-enforcing' the.' gameand fish
laws. .' ."���" ---.'���_ 7,'.���'-��� . .'.'������'���Xx:
-.The next-.meeting will-be held;iri.
Greenwood ou a date to be announced
later. '.-.'���        .���'������'���'-.
Westbridge Winnowings
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lambin"and
family left recently.to reside at the
Mike Maida, tie contractor,
moved his wife and family up from
Fife, last week.
Mr. Sheffield, school inspector
from Nelson, called here Tuesday
on hia way to Christian Valley.
E. C. Henniger was touring tbis
district last week, visiting the residents, preliminary to the election
John McKie with his henchmen
Ed. TRippeto and W. B. Fleming
were up this way giving things the
once over, last week.
Norman Robb, of Beaverdell,
steps on a mean throttle in his new
flivver.- He and his partner visited
Penticton Sunday, returning that
Wm. 'Jones, local flre ranger, is
a busy man these days. Much excitement was created Sunday,
when a fire that had been burning
near Mesker's ranch, crossed the
road, and headed up the hill towards Rhone. Many men including Ed. Style's road gang were
brought down to fight it. Altho
they are working hard it will likely be some time before they have it
Oliver at Grand Forks
Hon. John Oliver, Premier of
B.C., will address the electors of
Grand Forks-Greenwood Riding at
the Grand Forks Opera House,
Friday evening, May 23rd, at 8
p.m. As the Premier wili��� not
again visit tbis riding before the
election all electors should en
deavour to hear him. He will deal
with matters of importance to all.
A. McLoughry spent-Saturday
'/^^^Ctfiiiid/Forlii. Opera House
Friday^ May 23rd, at 8 p.m.
Auction Sale
MR. C. R C. ROCK    7
��� has given .instructions to jell by f.
\.."'-'-���"   ': Public "Auction  at "7,-    ��� -' ���','
7-7;;-;;MiDWAY,.' B.CW7',;;
'WW  ..'������qn-W__ ".:.---..';'7.
ER, Premier
Ci7fHENNIG��R, liberal Candidate;
This will be the Premier's only visit to theGrasS Forks^reeawooS
Rfdine fcefore the election.  All electors are!cordially invited." W
Good Seating. And VentHatiiaeArrangefflentsfAre Beisi? Made"':.'
-SATURDAY, MA^ flTth ;
W At; -1,. p.m; Sharp
-' .- All'his fine herd-of'
Cattle, Thorough and Half Bred
. f Percheron Horses
together \yith:'a gre3t.variety o'f.
Farm Implements, Dairy Accessories, Household .Furniture, &c.
'���-.,.. VfFor full particulars see.-Bills';'. ..-
-Miss M-.
iij. jSfekdn,
''Al.Gustafsosrand'Mr. Bell, o.f.Pentic
ton'are spending a few days in town... -_.
���'. Robt. - Mitchell came over froin Rossland oil Sunday, to visit his family, at
Dead wood; - ���.  '-:'.'.',. X-.'-.y
: - A. 6. Johnson aud party/of-Coalmont,
were "visiting, this section ofthe'Boundary
this week".". .-,-���." . . -""���    -7'' 'W }. -   ���"
' Constable \v\ B. Stewart^ I.'H. "Hallett.
and Chas. King were on. business in the
Bridesville.section today.  ���
Miss-Ethel. Royce, a graduate nurse of
the Vancouver- General Hospital staflf,:is
taking a.'wejl-earned-'rest at herf home
here. ������-' -' '���'- :     X ' yy .Xy -'.  .-���  '_'.-
- On", the. occasion of herf.birthday, on
Thursday", 15th May, .Miss M.'-A.-Mc-"
I/"oughry..'wa's presented with a beautiful,
box of candy by her school-pupils" , -,    ';--'
. The trans'proviricial .highvvay into.the;
fnt'erior will-be via.-the .Fraser canyon,
turning south at. Lyttoii to Merritt; and
then on'to rrinceton,. through th? Siihsl-
kameen, "and. into' the Boundary and
Kootenay.  '.. ���   " "-
-Mothers'Day was. .fittingly celebrated
ih'the- Fresbyterian Church' on Sunday
evening; when a special program was
well carried out. by the , Sunday School
scholars.,- There*.'was a.large attendance" of.
adults and children
That the shooting of Wm. Brown, 15
miles north of Grand Forks; was but the
inevitable sequel to an enraged state of
mind of the deceased, who had ��� been
drinking'heavily and was "after" some
one, was the tenor of evidence given-by
several witnesses at the inqueston Saturday. The deceased had run foul of several persons during the afternoon and
evening, when he was displaying virulent
temper Near, the cabin he had shied a
tin at his stepson,' who was. with a-Douk-
hobor boy.- The boys' ran, aud sought
shelter at the home of R. A: (Volcanic)
Brown.- The maddened rancher contin-.
ued': his .rampage to. the-later's cabin.'.-
".Volcanic"'.went out with,.a lantern.to
show him.thefway in, but received a blow
on the head from themani-who.'also
smashed the lantern." Sam Anderson, a
Doukhobor, grabed the assailant, but was
unable, to hold..the maniac, who then at-'
tempted to batter in the cabin' door to get.
"the boys'.' Failing .to gain entrance via
tlie door, he startedsmashing the window-
"Volcanic" havihg-recovered sufficiently
to get to. the door, the. boys letf him in,
and he-got his gun,', and aimed at. the
rancher,.tiring the fatal shot as the latter-
battered in the window.'. "7
Coroner Dr. Kingston,- held an inquest
"and the -following .was the verdict:
"That the.said Wm.-Brown came to iiis
death from a,shot firedfroni a'30-30 rifle
iri.the hands:of R.A; Brown and thatthe
said R. A. Brown believed-at the time
that his life, was in danger atfthe hands
of the; deceased Win. Brown." -
-. At- the -preliminary " hearing ��� in Grand
Forks "Volcanic'' Brown', was- remanded
for e.ight days.. _ -. ,.;.-.     ..   ;   J        .     ,���
H. Blakeman and W. Berg are working
at Westbridge, in the road camp there.
Major and Mrs. Gray and Miss King
returned on Tuesday from a' motor tour
to Penticton and Vernon.
Matins will be held in the Anglican
Church on Sunday, May 18th at ir a.m.
Sunday School at 10 o'clock.
The political bird is with us, some in
fine plumage, others somewhat bedraggled, but all with one object to catch, if
possible, the elusive worm.
We see in a dictionary a politician defined as "one versed in the art of governing" or "devoted to politics." Might we
dare to suggest to Mr. Nuttall that in his
next edition he cuts out the first definition.
Alec Johnston is busy removing his
Shack on Nicholson Creek to the Coley
place, piece by piece. We are wondering
if when he removes the floor, he may
find a prize, cached in a fit of mental
stress. Rumor says it will not live long
if he found it.
river  are  rising
The mercury and the
The Midway baseball team played at
Grand Forks last ^Sunday. The game
was a good one and close, Grand Forks
getting the winning tally in tne ninth
The wolf-cubs under the leadership of
R. D. Kerr, were taken on a route march
last Saturday the 10th inst. They looked
smart in their new uniforms whicli came
direct from Ottawa headquarters of the
Canadian Scouts.
The Ladies Aid met at the home of
Mrs. Romstead on Wednesday last the
7th inst. Members and visitors numbering iS were present and spent a very
enjoyable afternoon. The ladies are busy
sewing for their annual bazaar which will
be held in the Fall. The next meeting
will be held on Wednesday, June. 4th,.
this being the eleventh anniversary of
the Ladies Aid, election of officers will
take place. Members and friends kiudly
take notice, the aforsaid meeting will be
held ia the Presbyterian Church, after
which tea will be served at the home of
Mrs. H.-H. Pannell. All interested
cordially invited.
On Sunday the nth inst. a very bcaut-
ful and impressive service took place in
the Presbyterian Church, the occassion
being ."Mothers Day." The church
which was tastefully decorated-with apple-
blossoms, was filled with parents and
friends of the Sabbath scholars and it
surely was. encouraging to the teachers
and helpers'to see so many mothers present; " .      -
- Great credit is diie Sirs. R. D. Kerr,
Mrs. Romstead and Miss Annie Thomet
for the training of the children. Rev. W.
R. Walkinshaw in his address gave some
very-touching" and inspiring illustrations
of mother' love and sacrifice. He spoke
of the Great War aud its heart aches. Of
mothers at home; who bereaved of their
loved ones, kept'iip- heart and concealed
their grief for the sake of those that were
left. 'He said it' was, not. only the men,
but the mothers who helped'win the war.
. During the service Miss Edythe'Griffin
and /Miss- Bernadine. Brown; distributed
flowers to.the7mothers present-. The programme "was.very-much appreciated.     f
. A very -highly - respected: and.- well-.
known oldtimer of the. district in the per-
sonbf R. W.- Taylor passed away-a.t the. ���
Grand-"Forks Hospital' on-Tuesday the -
6tli inst; after an"illness,of. some months...
Born "near Simcoe, Ont, 62 years ago,"he '
came td;Bridesville about the year;_igo3
and for  about ,14- years' taught^ school-;
.there, later buying a ranch. -'. He - is- sur- f
-vived by his -wife, .who has beeii-coii-
stantly at  his-.side. during   his. illness..
The.fune'ral took place' on- May 7th in-
Grand Forks,  the" Rev. F. E. Runnalls
of.fthe United Church bfficiating.-
Mrs. Taylor has taken up residence in
-Nelson;.The deepest sympathy of all goes
out to Mrs. Taylor,in her bereavement. -
- - Airarrangementsate completed for the
Decoration-Service, at the War Memorial
at Ingram Bridge on Saturday, May 24th.
The hour after liinch has -been set aside
for this purpose. In the afternoon a
baseball match will be played. . Further
particulars next issue. -
yz'Ai sitting of the' Court. of-Envision will be held ia the. Court
House, Greenwood, .on Monday;,
May 19 th, for the purpose of .revising the-list ot voters for . the
Grand. Forks-Greenwood electoral
district. - An. adjourned sitting of
the.. court- will be. Held. at. the
Court.7House, r. Grand " Forks, on
Tuesday^ May 20th,, when new
names may also be added "to the
.;' }yXy NOTICE: 77- [x''X}x.
'--. All women voters are-finvited,-..to at-'
tend a meeting to-be held in'the. Committee.Room on Wednesday, tbe.'arst at
S p.m.', to be addressed .by members of
the' Grand .Forks Women's.'���Liberal-Con-.'
seirvative' Association, ..with." a .view.' -to
"'. The';'picture show in-the"Greenwood
Theatre will be held next". Friday night,
23rd May owing to 24th coming on Saturday. Jas. Bush aad. Mrs. Stapleton will
play during the show and' will a'so- pre-
Greenwcod,;B.C. form ior the dance/ following. This", is.a
special'attraction.'- '      -. -     .���";���'-   ...
��� A marriage of interest to the people, bf
Greenwood'took place at Batte, Mont.,
on-April-25th when John: Lycuirgus Mc-
'Arthur,'-fQnrierly of Greenwood, was married to Bliss Madeline McCrone, of Butte,
!Mont..-->'Mr. and Mrs. McArthur;-were iii
Greenwood on Tuesday when they "received-, congratulations  from,:a"���};host.-. of
forming an^auxiliaryjn^this. district.'-'/';'-- [ friends5
A Junior Baseball,'Daiscie 7will
be'fh.'eld'-in the7Co?.Operative Hall,'
Rock Creek, on Friday, May 16th
commencing-at 8;30 p.m. Bush's
4-piece orchestra has been engaged for the occasion. Admission: Gents.$1.00, ladies 50c,
supper included. Everybody come
and have a good time. .
. On Sunday Al.. Maurer,   an - esteemed ���''
resident ofBridesville "was fatally. Injured""
in a runaway accident on the Bridesville _
road.   ..His team   to6k.frightf at  soiue
object and ran away throwing Mr, Maurer���
from-the. buggy.   He."was. taken  t o the
Grand-Forks Hospital  where he died six .
hours afterwards, he never having regain- .
ed consciousness.- He-was a bachelpr-and '-.
was.about 45 years of age. -.He- lived in
this district for about 20 years, -; Deceased
was buried.at. Bridesville. on Wednesday
loth'inst. '-...-.. .���'"���'..
A large attendance jsT espected
at C, P7i C- Rock's Auction on
Saturday at Midway.' The horses
are attracting .attention, being
pure: .bred stpcki" .there'.are ."also
saaay ..pther. articlesof f Usefulness
and g^bod.quality to be'ibid.."" . .7
- Louis Bosshart. has" returned -to--.town
aiid .went out to the jewel mine camp on;'
Tuesday wherefhe will develog.thef Gold ���
���Drop.-' '..��� 7 7 '���''..X'X ���';'-,
��� A -shipment of eight- tons of .ore was
made frjom the. Strathmore inine' to Trail
ori Wednesday, This property" is looking".
very - promising. ._,."-..
��� ��� Mark- Madden -returned last, week from.
a'visit to his oil fields in Wyoming.-. Mr.
Maddea is greath'delighted with the.new-
ore in tbe Providence mine and'says it is
the best ever encountered.
- Among .the visitors in Green wood! this.
week is Robert penzler one of.the "old,,
timers" of this district.
- Mr, Denzler has, and has always had, f
gtest faith'in this mining section, which
he helped to prospect, and no -visitor is
more heartily welcomed by his. friends. -
He. will  at once do some, work on the
Butte Mineral claim in. Wellington camp.
.7 He,:, and.-Loub .'Bosshart, and the late
C7 JjZThomet vrere all-.'of Swiss descent.
and among the most successfial and honorable of the. early miners here.   : TOE7"LEDGE, " GREENWOOD,   B. yQ,
Rich!  Strong!   Delicious!
It stimulates a man for
work in the morning and helps
him to forget his troubles at
night.    Ask for  it.
Has Xurne<
Mennonites Buying  Land
The Pre-War Mind
The reeling of discouragement, amounting in some instances almost I.o
despondency and pessimism, tlifit lias prevailed in Canada dining recent years
Is passing away. IOvldenees of this are ?een everywhere, ar.d "���while there
arc still some croakers aud prophets of blue ruin their number is steadily ami
more and more rapidly declining, while ihe ranks are tilling up wiih Canadians
who are openly giving proof of their confidence ln tho 'Dominion and its future.
A .study of the Canadian situation, viewed from all angles, provides ample
support, tor this more hopeful feeling, aud goes to show that it is based on a
solid foundation ot! facts. If this country suffers from one great national
fault, ii is that, as a people, we take too short a view ami are too impatient for
results. We are a young- country and are too apt to fall into the errors of
youth. In au old country like .England they do not expect to achieve great
reforms over night, or In a year, or a decade. They realize, that It has taken generations to effect reforms and advancements from which they now-bene-
lit. Hut too many people in Canada "want what tliey want when they want
it." and become discouraged and discontented if ii is not immediately forthcoming.
Having for some time past been engaged in discussing our difficulties and
handicaps, lei us, for a change, take a look at tlie brighter, truer side of tlie
Din-tag the twelve months, ended Mareh last. Canada's trade was almost
two billion dollars, and represented an increase of two hundred millions of
dollars over the previous yeaiv. And whereas in 1922 our imports exceeded
exports .by over seven million dollars, in the year ended Mareh last, our exports exceeded imports by oyer $150,000,000.
During this last fiscal year Canada manufactured and exported 15,390
motor inicks as compared with only ;;,720 the previous year, and passenger
aud-mobiles exported Increased by over 9,000.
Canada's Hour mills in this last year sold 11,175,000 barrels ot flour
abroad, or 1,500,000 more barrels than a year ago. In pulp and paper Canada esporied ? 1-1:2,000,000, or $20,000,000 more than a year ago. Jn lumbering and mining, llie same story of progress is recorded.
Win.-al.  produciion   in   Canada   last   y. ar  totalled   -17-1.000,000   bushels  as
���compared-with'. IGl.fiOO.OoO. busln-ls1 li-u ��� .\ ears'ago, .and the. manner, in which
Canada, h: oiadbdaneing the-I'iVited;W'tsil(-*s;.as'- aiif'exporiri-'of wheat, i.s reveal-'
ed in'ihi.--f.aci/that- duriiig-tiu/iiiiie m.cmihs'ended "March last the, United.Stales
export iVi-.only $74,000,000 'of wheat1 as, compared, wiih -? iti 1,000,000 In the cor./
respo'n'dingf.i'iu)iiftlis--ol':.the7|)revibus  year, -w-lrereiis. ."Canada's, wlietiV -exports'-
" jumped from" ?tl 7o.O'0,000^"o"S!,r��s;;,0(.iO,i)(jO. - Mn "other words', where..the .United'.!
"Sla'les -'i'sported" ?50.000,000f more, tluin: Canada- ~liv-;'-li)22f-23,  Canada"" exported j
?SI.!H",o,(i|,0 more, ilia n the-I'liilv'd States-, in 10-2:5-2-1. '.'       ���-..---   '-' ���-��� X-yX./'y    -   j
-.;" '��� 'I'll, se Unrig.-, are'having, their "effect;- . Kniploviiient. is milch better .today
��� '.Ihair-a.year .ago/ and-very much, better-tluti'.-.lv.o years ago.   . Kaiiwiiy .earn-"
- '_!.gs a re fdecided ly - In :l t ei;. wit If. a.,consequent very gVa's i fy ing d rop ;.i_V I lie-, dp -
".icli-oh-tlte Canadian "-National. Railways.-.'. ��� For. the llr.si  time's-ineij the. war.
- .Canada'-.: naflonal budget has. beeubalanceVi. and.'thi-, Co vernnVeiu" has been
enabled t'o' make a start-'In" the. feduc,i'iim"--of -taxation_-imposed,--which, in turn,
wi'f! i\av-_'a' beneficial effect on- all_ industry'.-.   ��� . , f //.- '/���.--. -,-, ������-'-    ... //���/'"-"<���-
--' 7 "put jt-is'-iH)t--in'.wheat-j)rodufiioii,.fa!oni! ihat-a'markid improvement isMio-.
'-'ing  rec.ir'ried  i'-t. (iie-indus'l ry "of.Oigrkiuluti'e." -; The growth in.'I he" dairy jn-
-.'(l.ustry-oi'ftlie prairie'i'i-c'Viiii-es itrTec"enu'y.e;irs.'has.."bei.'_i not hing. short--"(il. m.-;i-_
��� yelliiiij.'-and.wliiJe the liv'est,ock.,ti"njus'ii-y"'is sii'.Ldepivssed,- it :is:Te!tt!iat..-_-()c.k;
-boiiom.has.-be-eii.-reaciied and '-that- ilie/tr-mi'Micy mils'.' 'iio.w:b<i..upivard._l(i\vard��_-
iat-ger-iii'ii-kets.iitid better pi-ices.'   --. .-    -     '-.   ..   -���.".7..;.'- /    ,-..;.'X- _ ������-".-
���'['���'-'���- ' V.'.-.O. i)i !>-_ tlie -ma'iiagerf of. ihe. only, ex.is,! ing bank, irione off our Western
-. imn i"i i- i-iTn'!. t-i > -.-: -in J'fVhi '--il- the writ erf that' lie_did._i.o... know 'of_a: single- Tanner,
--".iu.ilif-' limiif'-ipaiii-y-'who had In.-.i.-'-mouey. on his' operations,during. .192:-!, and
��� ihai- 1.7"7_i.! 'know "off sc.(ii-e.-- Of jlieni who'had made money, aiid been abl.e to
���'siib.-i.i'atialiy-reduce. I !i<ir li.il.iiilies./whik' those ('emulate, o.'n'es.'-Without old
: "ileht-- jfiui in.-reii'sed lh.-ir holdings or" their' balancesin tho-bank. '/���-'
���X' Following  tile' ilepressl'on -and -ebb. c>f prosperity in  lhc," years/a'Hei'" 'the
'.war, 'rhvJjdr-i.s.aua'm'llo^
��� and !)i.'!i people .aad (Jov.eriiiiic.u.ai'e'at lasi awake- to llie,necessity (if.a.ct-ing
'eiiergi'iifaMy. x.y secure; hu'ge'-'-hiimber.s  of- ll'ie".right'"^type :6f, settlers T,��r tlii's
- coumi-y. .. jmnugraiion a^sisieil'f in- bringing, prosperity., and .'development,-to.
'..Canada iti. t"h'7"j ears -prior lo'iti.e war;-'it,.will have the same effect again'.     .---���.
.- ���--"('iiii.'.iri.ons :f(<v. 'agricu!lUT<v are Tavorabie-ai ilu/opening of the season of
. 7 1D217 Tliere may lie sonie'Vedu'clionfin acreage yeei'U-'d .ow.iiig i.o. (he'.lateness
���' ol i ii/\-..es.s__n.''l.ui. "the; ^'ee.d'Mias gone into the fgroftii'd ��� under, ihe- inosl pr'omis-
. jag. ciuidi'iiiins-. ._-.'���.;-   .' -   _���.'.- '--    . '     ������ ��� -..-.:,���..  ���-'���;---. -_.   _���/'- ./'���/-- :.---;'
."." '"'���.;i'h-'i-e;'is-.7tie--Veibre.ffg()"od i:erisoti.:why-t,lie feejn.g'i.f- depreWoh-shoiild' bo
7' tViding ii-w-ay'. ���-' T!tvi.v..:,i;-7iii> ground i'or -pi-rfsiiiiism.-. ..-The-'c.i'iuiitr'y hself is ad
-'--riglif.-- -,.\liiiak:e7;--.l!ave---be'eu"'niail.'-'i!i iinv i'iasn^ylj|i'li-.'in(tsU'B<.v-dverqome, ".but.
- they": a'Wn'oi,' Insun'ui'iunjalil'e. '-fFaitli.f'.a.nd.'". hiirdf Work will'-.correct-'them.
' .'The.^-e :i;-j. t.li'e liia-iiv tilings- Canada neeiLs today. AVe; believe Canadians,4ak-
Z eiifiis a..ivhi;l"e:;5re.-.]ireiiui;vd .vo supply ihe7e two'VetiuisiieS.;   yy-.y-Z yy
nvolving ?270,000 Was
Through Recently
Involving a deal of ��270,000. n
group of tweniy j\Ieiinonit& families
have purchased ihe 5,5SS-acre farm of
Wilson 15roihprs al Harris, Sask., on
the line.of ihe Canadian National Kail-
ways. The deal, while completed by
a private concern, was the outcome of
lengthy negotiations carried ou by the
Canada Colonization Association, the
manager ofu whi"h clainis that tht
Mennonites who have bought this land
are of a different sect to those who
have gone to MeMeo. lie states that
they are industrialists and not communists, and do not share the prejudice of ihe old colony Mennonites
against Canadian institutions.
Women!  Dye Faded
Things New  Again
Dye     or    Tint    any    Worn.     Shabby
Garment or Drnpery
Diamond Dyes
Each 15'cent package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions so simple
that any woman can dye or tint any
old, worn, faded thing new, even if
she ha3 never dyed before._. Choosa
any color at drug store.
the Result of Habit of
tatever may be said on platforms,
the pre-war mind is unable to conceive of the outlawry of war; and parenthetically it is largely because of
the ridiculous deference exacted from
young men for the opinions of their
elders that the tradition ofthe inevitability of war has been so long perpetuated. So long as Lhat is accepted as a matter of course, war must
survive just as the duel survived, in
spite of legislation, as long as it was
a matter of course for a man of honor
to demand ''satisfaction" with the
sword or the pistol. Tho-result of
such a habit of thought is visible less
in this country than on the continent,
but evidence of II. was wry apparent
iu the recent debate ou the air force.
Tho pre-Avar thinker, try as he may,
cannot get it out of his head lhat armaments are. built to bo used. In his
public speeches he i.s more likely to
talk of them as an illustration of tlie
old maxim about wishing for peace
and preparing for war. AVhen ho i.s
discussing the armaments of his own
country he will always say that they
ave merely for protection. But directly he looks ;il. the armaments of another country he can only soo them
as something, aimed deliberately a I
hitn. If the post-war mind cannot
escape from that line of argument, war
remains inevitable.���Reginald Berkeley, M.1'., in the Spectator.
Panel Work Completed
l,.ast of Four Placed in British  House
of Parliament
The last of tlio four mosaic panels
which adorn the central hall of the.
Houses of Parliament, r. presenting is
the four kingdoms, England, Ireland,
Scotland and Wales, has been completed.
The panel povirays St. Patrick for
Ireland and is the work of K. Aiming
Bell. R.A. Tlie unveiliiig took place
on St. Patrick's Day and was attended by the Irish members of both
Mouses.   -
Four great  arched panels wero set
aside for the purpose when, the,huilil-
ing',was; erected, arid" the." im en.ion of
Garage Men
8howina Winnipeg Wnrehouta Stook, on hand ready
for Immediate ehlpmefit, of BAR IRON AND MILD STEEL,
If It's Steel or Iron IVe Have Ii
Winnipeg - - Canada
Hie architect.'that the-y/ork.-of tilling ! j|
.1 hem-in shiaild.- be.'jlone by" jmsteriry
"has-'"taken ���jusi-f.'lOh'.'-yiMii^.'to-'bL-'realiK--
eih. -'Xy XX'XXy'X ':.-}.. ,7 WfK;f
The "ffir-M-.. panol.fwhieii. represents
ftt.,v..G.eorge f Tor "Knglaiul, was corn:
pk-ied-fin INTO,:- Si.'jfavjd; .tor AVii'.'ys
iti .-1S9S;. and; St. Andrew-for'- Seoihimi
hist year.      " . .   . - . -" '   :--". 7
^A neglected cold
is the open gateway
to Consumption. .
To quickly stop a
cold, the best way 1s
lo clear the air pas-
sagos   of   the   nose
and     throat;     free
thorn  of germs, and
lei the healing vapor
of       CATARRHOZONE do tin. rest.
One      breath      of
brings    insiani.    r-.-lief.      Vcur suffer-
ins'-.sfqps. -   Hoarseness    is . relieved.
fhi_o.it.'.-, and    "nose   are   cleared, :in-
inie,l -bron'chiai - tubes    are <,;hcaied,
all 'danger of Ca.arrh is prevented.
'   t.'ar ry ��� C AT Ait 11 l-l O/.ON FJ* I n ha ler. i n
yonr. .purse., hi..;.our ves7 pocket, and
use it".when the-first shiver ur sneeze'
conies!";" Completed run iif,. One. I m liar,
small s!j.iiT,i.i.;.'���' At all druggists.'' IU-;,
fuse a ,'subsiiiuie-., 7 J'v  mail'from The
t'a'v.ai,rlio;_one;-(J(>.","rfMontreal.';   ���".   7  ������"
Testing Motors For Atlantic Flight
Zeppelin Engines Must Run 100 Hours
Before Installation .
The hum of tho five great motors
whicli will take tho Zeppelin ZR-3 to
Lakohurst, N.J., there to be turned
over to the United States navy, is
keeping Friedrichshafen awaken these
They are the most powerful longdistance Zeppelin'. engines ever designed, but have not yet been perfected, It is announced,, and it will be
a few weeks before tliey arc installed
jtad trial flights begun. -Thoy are of
400 horsepower each, and often run
day and night in tho "machine shop
near the Zeppeliu shed. Avhero - officials and mechanics are endeavoring
to perfect them so that thcy will run
for a hundred hour:, or more without
a stop. ' :
, .For war purposes, motors were designed tor twenty to;tweiity-iivc-hour
trips. With the. building of the ZR-3,
however, it was realized that there
must bo perfected a driving force cap-
[ able of making the four-day trip across
the Atlantic. 7    -
Ur.'-.Hugh .Kckenec. director of the
Zeppelin Company? who .will pilot the
/J..-3;tq Lakehursl, said that he was
making no promises, but. thai, bo"hoped
to begin"the j.Uglit early.in June. . ,-,..'
,_.'-'\Ve may.hi: a little late in getting
started.". Or.-. Kekener said, "hut "we
will get there when we do srart.-.' ���   '
Morris, Warts, Bunions,.   7.W.
.,. ..'* '-.������ Painlessly Removed
.��� Don'i". iinrp - a:iy'-loi)gei',;-(lon'i;suff;>
a'npshei; -hour fnun''corns. ;y. Tip/.oh!-,
est.i'ein'edy and-.'the hi-Xv, 'llie one that-
for lifty:years has'1 proved.a/true,sue''
Cess,, will iifi'.tyu your, cor.nsf -inf :r
.hurry."- .'Putnam's."Painless, Corn, anil
-AVarl Kxtvaeldr ���!:���> -the .uie- remedy' to
_"iise,7/_itefuse' h subsiif.ule,- _2S.i;"i vi ry-
wheiv."  -  '/-' X'y.-X'' -Xy.-' _''   .   -'
.-Increased/Activity In C_ir;Lbn'ding ���'���
.Car   -loading '' ih" 'ihireh  wen t" well
ihi'ad of ihe r.'coril" for- .I'Vbruai-v anil
..- ��� Requisitf -on the Farm.^���Kvery" I'tu",:
hier -siud "sipek-raiser...should . keep .a
,    .... , .  .    ,      -,-    .   ... s'upp! vof -Or. Thomas' dielectric". Oil' on
,-imp -lar. m advance.. pi ^X^u^y^,; uoL-on!y as/a.ready.'remody" for
ti.i/ the corresponding month .of last..;- ;us.. iu'the faitiily, but;because it', i.s;ii
-;. ��'a'r. .. The "total, v.'as _.S!i..!S_<; .as*- horse, ami'cattle.medicine of great;pof.-
"against ^;i;;:i;0in Mareh; 1!)__3;-. - Tliis"7����(-V- Ass "'a- substitute .fof swbeK.oil
is-very -siguiHca'ui.   and .   convincing
Sapling Sent Frotn Russia
Tree_ Growing in White House
Grounds Has History
There Is a young tree with ;i history
In the Whito Houso grounds iu Washington. As a young man Charles
Sumner (who was born in-1S11) sent
the Czar of Russia some acorns, whicli
that monarch planted In the park of
the Imperial Talace . as symbolizing
Russo-American friendship. From
this tree, years later, tho American
Ambassador to Russia had gathered
and planted some acorns; eventually
he sent a sapling of.the new generation to President Roosevelt, who,
April"4, liJO-l. planted It in the White
House grounds. This date .was?."ex-.,
actly thirteen years before the day
on which the United States joined
hands with Russiafand other European
countries iu the greatest conflict the
world lias ever known."
:-- -   Mineral" fProduc.ti.om Increase
-OHieiai'' Vtatisiies "r.isi-.ued-"-i.y jlui;.;
,\Vni.-Sloan.- lriin'ivl.er'of niines'.i'or I!r.'.-
ish-��CQ!unib'in;-.ph\cef the" ^,alue .of" ihe
mineral ji'rodactiou'of-.llie ji/yvincf
��� ���roof.j hat .-the., trade.-.of - the .count ry-
-ha's' impi:o-,-ed/in. like de.:.:re(\" ac.conl-
fing-lo the Oouihiio'n .fhireau of Siai-is-
foi'- horse's'and cultleaffecjed- by' colic
it far surpasses anything -that can be
ailminisfered.'   -'    -.  -_.--.:    -        '.-:. ">"���
luaa at '$-11 ;.D0 1,3267 This-is] ?g..!'i:."..
greafei' "ihiiii" tiie '"irioheiary-'v-alue
I he- out put/during :i022,-'an iiicreas*
3T.5- per, ceiiif.- .      ,- ���   .'.-. "���   ���"
./An,- Oil/.that .is" Fa mo us."���-Though
t/Vniada"-'wa"s/no.i..-iUf. fcirlhpln-ce of"-Dr.
Tliomas"''I::el'-'(-'< ric.'.Oil,.- it as -t.lie--.home
uf that: -famoti-;- compound..' From.
j=()!; j he.ref its."goad name yvm/spreairio Uen-
���'X^\ tral,.;uid Spulli Aiiieriea. -llie1 AVest Iu-"
''"'.'! I d'yy'Aus[,ralia".-.aiHl -. jNev.', ' Zealand.
foVj. Tiiitt'is-'tat afield ..en oiigh to'at test "it's
.. 0'.' t excellence, for .in ail '.these 'Cfiu.il tries.
' it is iii; -sale.'and in-ileiuand-.
Cargo .'Worth. Millions
.Mr.,. .II.
���'boit:', s'N.S.;
A:." Reid,
'writes :'-"-
C.P.R.- Liner, Gan-iedSliipm'srit of Silk
.-*'������.���""   "and  S'be.rian,'Skins ,���''-, .,   - _
; .With .se.veral  million., dollars   wortli
of"silk, Ihe lai'gvt. cargo of- Siberian
Upper.."Musfiuoilo-. "skins.-ever 'broughV across the' Allan-
I ani very .thank;   t ic,Ocean,-and ,ai��asse'nger iyi of pver.,
,-ful,,-fo'r th>.T)ene"fit".;I.lia'vtt.received'.by (Xfni. the- Cahaiiian."Taeitic;si.-amship:i ^VV'vch
using- Milbiirn'sHeart ana'Nerve'Pills.J Erupress -, of'7 .Russia  docked -at - Van-
.'��� .VVhen." I "came lip mo-.from .byprseas,- i'couver receni.ly....- Wi'liiiV.-a -Vow' nifit-
Productsfof���..the".Maple Tree
Vote $5007 For Prizes
/Maple. f-Sugarf-Crcp" in�� Quebec/.Will"' Prize- Winners F.'orn ;Alb<_rta7at. Inter-
-Amount'.to. 22,000,00p'._Pounds'-7-
"\Vijli..a'"-ma'|jh{ sug;.iiing -.season  e^-
.���(ending 'xh'i:} : eai-'xyerseyen in/eighr
weeks as- coini>ared with a normal. p*-r-:
lod of.five; weeks,.olIic!aIs.(!_f ih.i:'--(.-iu,e-
hec Provincial- VlepariiHent pI'-Agricitl-.
.ture foref.iit' that.Uie'iiiaph.'. Sugar crop
1his'_!<-..iion v'il* be "of'-abdiit 22,i'i00.0ee
pounds. j
At the average cost of 2." c-nrs per/
������"pound..,farmer? will realize" about..?".,-
aOO.GOO.. - Kxpers'claim that -tlie.'sap j
, "has not b'een'aJ "ri.cir'as it"is" .th_i.-��.-'s*'-:'i;--|
son for many year-!../  Tht7pi"pvinceiol'-.i'-i,ug..had got. uhitei/i!
Quebec supplies a big perceh;.:-.g.;-;_ot::.-'.-."Class is .disriiis^.
tho  world's   maple  syrup  and   maple; jn-ratedly.      "Please
sugar. i
in 1920,-. my--; heart '.was/very .badly" I
"affected by concussion',- and my-.nerves i
were, a .dreadfur.wreck. ; -i w.as vijryj
sho'rt"-winded,-.and.could-not possibly
sleep at night, in fact, I was in-such-'
.! a condiUon 1'felt as"It/1'did not wish-
i auybno'lo speak to me."'    I".'thought-1
di-iributed-'- ^"V"'1- ti'y,-Milburn's . I It-art'-and" Nvrvef."
'   i._Pills,and before.I Jiailtaken two boxes;
I  could, fiijoy .a/good ;night'd rest y
"/ivell.as anyone. -    /-:.. - ��� ���_���-' '-."���, --. .
'There ;ir_e lots of- returned :inon 'who.
are.suftVrihg iiie'same.-aS' Ifdid. and I
feel .sure if.'they would only'.try M'ii "
burn's Heart. anii'Nervi> Pill's;they will
i recel.-e.-the same relief lhat" ! have."
  '.     Price. 5Uc a box at all dealers, or
...   t mailed  direct on receipt of price by
Mild; _But._ Suggestive 7/       . > j The T. Mi!burn.Co.,' Limited, Toronto.
ijioreili-.in.-usii.il-.laekvV)!' -intelli- j-Ont, :'..,.���-/.,..,'. -���'.'���"; X-X-���    ,;������ _    . .-.., ,. /��� ...
among-- !hf.. studeht..-. that "morri- j-  -  7 '. -   ' /...  , X-yX; '-'.y 77-f-"  ";'-7
profi'ssei's skin..:"'���'   Dependent-Children In-Ontario /
national- Hay. and :Grain .Show
-Tl.fi;.  .("algiiry."'-Hoard, of -Tracii
ivoun'ct'.s ftifai..,./?.".!!!1'will. b(7
in. prizes' in l.),2;_. I.o the'first i/ri/.e win-,
net's l'rpm;f.\.lbVrta"rat..'i_hi.'.,iiirernational.
I lay and (.kiiii'Sho w- inX'hicago inJii.*-.'
.ctMiiber.     ��� .l-.,ist. -"-lieC'-mber,
n');*n won .four t;hampi<.nshii
otli?;r pri.'.e^: '
tites-from, the' lime/ the big liner was
lied up, tile/silk-,was. being .emptied
from" her- holds' into the "specially lilted
box cars which awaited it.:-.: Less.thart
:tlireo ��� hours: later t he...entire "shipmen t
pulled. out- pf-.tlK.*- rail way-yards i'or ii s
'ilesiinatloi'i in-tliefeastin-n markets;.
France's   African   Empire
Administration/ Compares Favorably
��� ;With That Of.Other Countries ' '-'
. Frahce-"ls; building, an. African-"6111-.
pi re-'far surpassing-ihe, ancient- domains'- of; f.oine-and Cariiiage,'according- to- David - Harrow.-... former- presi-
.deiir.--of- the '--l/ni vr-rsity'-o'f/Califorhia,
.who. is rtf'iuniir.g ib.ftlie- I'ni'ted States,
after/a'study- of ihef French colonial
admuiisi-n.libiv "��� which "lie said ."compares mosi'i'.ivorably with.the colonial
achievements of.atiy counfiy. .-    ���   '-
"".Dr. :,Harrows ; said . t hat ..'(he. .l^rehch
plan -to niiihe Dakar, one _ot" fthe
world's greatest seaports,- be cause '.of
its. proximity to Nonh ./'..nd-; South
.Anieriea. .   .Div: Barrows said "he.was
igr'eeaUly 'surpiiseii to . find -that the
colonial '.tdministratioh..- was
riot as/iuililaristic as :had-been g"pn��r-
ally.repor'lfed, .hid1 thai, in his opinion,
the 'iiativesi-weii.'.b'elng educated and
civilized without.he'tiig brutalized.'    ,-
Can Be Avoided by Keeping the Blood
Rich and Pure
Tho anaemia of young girls may be.
inherited, or ii niay'bo caused by bad
air,    unsuitable-   food, hasty and irregular  eating, insufficient- out-door ex-'-';
ercise and net'enough rest and sleep.  "-.
It comes on gradually, beginning-with
languor, indisposilion ib exertion and
<i    feeling   of 'fatigue.      Later comes
palpitation   of    the   heart'and headaches."    In the majority of cases constipation is present,   .and .the    com-    ,
Illusion-takes on.a greenish-yellow pal-   -
lor. ,���-The.-"treatment is quite, easy and
siiiijile:", -  Dr; Williams' Pink Pills are / '
just "the tonic.10.remedy this wretch-,
ed ;state...or iieiili.li. / They/act ,direet-.-i",f
ly "upon the blpoil, tind'.as.'it"1 becomes"".   .
rich., and'-pure._ strength 'and  activity   "'
"returns, "the-glow of-heiiith-comes 1.6;
the. cheuka; ah'd soon ."ihii trouble, will  ;:.
disappear and good health follow. Misa '-,���
Poarl.-"/Park.5,.- .lt.lt...  isro- i,-Keaborp;   -
Ont., has."proved the -value o.f .Ihis-nied-  /
���icine.-'and her   statement,: will." poiiit'���'-'
llie.-'way to hi:Jlh:,fto all -other'',weak
girls:;., ... She   says:-���"l   was   very; ill   '
with, nnae.'ria., ' 1 could, not 'sle.eii'at...
,'night:.. my appetite, was-poor, iny face-'-'..
and lips, were very, pale and -my'.eyes    ���-
dull.-   : I.got so weak- that/1 could riot- -
go-upstairs wiihouf .resting.- .1 took   f
dizzy '"aiid-'fainting-pp.ell.s.diad no ant-. -
bi tion-whatever.' and'did not'.'care, to .
go/about./ T Svas in .'this', condition -for//:
two   doctors;    but, diibnot regain my". -
���.strength, so my niot.her, who was very/
uneasy about-jiio, decided I. should-try-' .
Dr.-Williams' Pink-Pills. ��� "After using-
the! pills ".for .a while. I "fell-- somewhat ' /
bettor, and'continued, ta.kingfhem un-; '".
-til "I had.-used about, a. dozen boxes,.- ���
when-' I   was- again'-wt.jl- aiul7sU"'6'iig.-'���
T can strongly recouimend., /Dr..7Williams' yi.ni-i' Pills, for"the tre.'ifm.ent. of~*'-
any. suffering from"anaemia.'' .'_."���.     ." ,. ���
-.Vou.   can..'got' these Pills, from any   .
.medicine dealer or by mall ai.'.GO -ets,'
a "-box from. the. Dr.- Williariiss"  Medl;
cine Co., Brocicville; Onl7- --'f"
. . A -Timely Melody,'-��� -' ���.
-Ah" Arkansas 'man', lias-tli vorctfd his
.wife.-be'causivshe.bobbed her hair."\\'.il!
-iliiy orchestra please' play ��� that touch-'
ing "Vhelod.v, '-'lie royed-'-hei' . for' h(;i '
locks" of .gold and wliensh^/lpst them
lovo grew cold?"���-Chicago- ���!���_veiling 1
Post. , '   '- '..'. 7   , '     --I
d." he said, exas-'j
don't   llaii   your, ihii-sixte.en years of ag<
t.Lars as you pass out."   '
A Harmless Substitute for Castor "Oil^Paregoric, Drops
yV}.'and Soothing Syrups^;No7NarcQtics! y)Vy)V
Castoria" 'has ; latio'n fof F6bd:
been -in us?. f*: ov.r -30 ^���Vto ^.^^^:
= neve;.babie.i'and children/of-Constipa-7"-.'0 -     ������	
tIon;":;r'Fla.tuiehcv;'- Wind. ���-; Colic-:-' an.d-j ������-
D'arHto^a '-'aUaving 'Feverishnrss .nfls-'j.
Inr't-ilereiiW'i/arid^.by-rc-gulaiiEg tbe.r:
giving natural
'..'. The genuine .bears
Aiiproximately .15,000 children un-'
ire dependent
upon public- charity in Ontario, according fii ihv annual report of lhe 'administration ot lilt; Mothers' Allowance Act. ' Homes" last year were
found for 3,-"00 children, 2.5-70 wero
placed-in-orphanages, 225-in in'Vints"
homes and' -(SG ih shelters;.    - '-'XXXz
. Nonsurgical opei-ation .is necessary
���in removing corns -if fllolloway's Corn
ite.morer be.used..-"-  ,   /   '-.'--
Exquisite- china .'egg cups less than;
a quarter bf an inclr- in' height /with
cups .;ind plate^ to match, .have.been
completed1 ".for  Queen lUnry's-' famous,
dolls', house.'   ._-:���.    ,..."���-     ......
Canadian Shingles For U.S.
'���' ShO-^lIbw Is it that widows generally manage to niarry agliiu? no.--'
Ueoatise. clua'tl-'nien t(;il no.tales:-'.-''."
: ?���"-���-'.'VXy .Entirely-in Favor..-: - '-'-���-
. /'Did you favor- the hf*nor\svsteai'/.at
the rpcentfelection^" /..7,7." "..: yX/.Xj-
y ."I 'sura", did; /I.-voted;.-for;It:-flv3
times.",.'--. '���'. ������[.:_ '; z-.-���;.; X'Zy'.y '"yyyyy
iMinard's.- Liniment
; ���-..-'.'-; Paths-".-'.;" .-,'- -'-'
for  .A'ch'es/an;
It's foolish to fuller from constipation,
sick headache, biliousness, dizziness,
indigestion; and kin
died ailments
when G&Tttr'& it
Little   Liver
. Pills wi9 end.   .
-" all miser/ in,
.'a few-hoar*.
Purely f vegetable. Act
gehtly oa Ever and bowda,
��� SssaS PiH���SssaR Pose���ScaaH Prios
Fifty, Ca'rioads/; of-Cedar .-Shingles
-.7 Shipped-Fro'tn V.ancouyer-to-'
���---���' Eastern. 'U.S.;. . /; -. ;.-/
.; A -special'tniin\of"hOy fcarloads'of
cedar-phingies." tlie first- to , go'"froin.
���Uritish' C6luiiil)ia:'fthr.o.iigh the -United
Stales,-was "recently.' shipped :��� front
Vancouver desUncil 10 points east of
.Buffalo', N. V,.    ' "". " 7 f; ��� ���''._./ ���';./ ".
The -consignment., was' the."first/of
several traiuloads- expected to be'ship-
pi.'d east..iuring. the spring and summer..-7 lloretofore virtually all himber
and ;/its /.'products, from :1he Pacific
Northwest lo.;the'-district east of"Chi'-,
cago-have-gone by,'way of/fthe';IJa'nama
Canal.- -'-'--   -.   ���- '[���'"- i "'X"'.' -,';-' -^
...Enough shingle"sf.inrfde-to last forty
or fifty years-, to roof 800 buildings oft
average sue, which iyould house'4,0001
people, are .contained in the-shipment, I
which required i, 125,000 logs.  "   ';  .    |
[Xln 1919 :hft/Bureau-of75Iip.es- found j
465,000. men In' American rtiinps from;
non":En"gll3h-sj>c*aliing"--! acc-sf niany- of
whom "..-were, illiterate.'     '-;.. -/-.-. '/ .
Minard"* -Liniment for. Oistempsr 7
Cuticura Beautifies
Skin Hair and Hands
Mike Cuticura. Soap, Ointment and
Talcum your every-dty toilei preparations and watch your skin, hair
scd hands, improve; "The Soap to
���cleanse and .purify, the Ointnient to
soothe and h-tstl and the Tslcum to
���poTtr&et and perfaroe.-
S��>25c. G��Cs��I2SkimI��9c. T^t����2Se. SJ.Z
th-fonghC"._tthe_>s_T_.n.nn. Canatssn t>e jm.:
i.V����M, ligjUA, IM SuFiii Su, W;. Mmtreil. (JsJ.
1 f.-' ?^-^z
THE -JiEDGE,   GEEK^OOD,   B. 0,"
Market For Store Catlle
Possibilities-for Canada' in
Britain Are Unlimited
The .market possibilities for Canadian store cattle iu Great Britain are
almost unlimited, J. H. Grisdale,
deputy minister of agriculture, told
the .agriculture committee of. the
House of Commons, Ottawa. With
Ireland shipping as many as one million head per year to England and
Scotland, tlie-market is there for Canadian store cattle. Up to the present
Canada has only shipped si?small number owing to the cost of marketing, he
said. The market for chilled beef in
the United Kingdom might be made
very profitable if the position pt' the
Canadian production could bo made
Late Spring Curtails Crop
Some Reduction in Wheat Acreage
Saskatchewan Is Expected
The lateness of the oeason is responsible i'or au estimated reduction of 10
King George has signed the Anglo-   per cent, in the acreage0that will be
American treaty  providing a '.12-mile ' seeded, to wheat in tho province this
limit for search and seizure of rum
runners off the American coast.
The Bavarian Landtag lias becn dissolved, says a message from Munich.
The cabinet/headed by Dr. Von Knlll-
Ing, has resigned. "-.'.''
'i. Six Italian emigrants who were
about to.embark for Canada were taken into custody at Cherbourg, Prance,
on an allegation that" the passports
they held were forged. The passports were printed in the French Ian
A serious epidemic of cholera has
sweptlJ over the Behar division of
Bengal, India, .where more than 10,000
���deaths have occurred this year. In
the worst affected district 1,000 died
last week. The epidemic ������ is still
spreading. /-.���"���/..
The first- Hebrideans to arrive in
Canada Tia tho St. Lawrence River
route this- season were;/disembarked
-at Quebec, May 5, from the Canadian
Pacific steamer Marloch, from Glasgow aud^Stornoway. There were upwards of 200~iir the party.
Eighteen' grain  boats, on  April   21
year, according to a crop report issued by the bureau of statistics of the
Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture.
On the other hand, *an increase of
10. per cent, in tlie area sown to llax
Is anticipa'.ed. Ihe reports indicate
that 'fall rye has wintered well iu
most places. - .
A shortage of f,irni.help is reported
iu some places, but In others the demand has been fairly well satisfied.
Swollen Joints,
Quickly Limbered Up
Rub On Nerviline
oil preparation, it is able fo penetrate
quickly, -and down it sinks into the
tissues, carrying its healing, soothing
action wherever it goes. For stopping mucular or nerve pain, for casing a-stiff .ioiut, Nerviline is a com-
_    , _      ��   T-,    .. -,,.,,,.       .. ,.,��� __,, i J,ll-'te  success.      Pain, soreness, stiff-
took   out   of   Fort William ...<>t.,000 uQ8-s a��� vanis!l bol-ore the mag{c power
bushels  of wheat,  oats and   flax, 'the; of' this
Canadian taking a small cargo of flax j *������'���?
of Nerviline, which is sold everywhere
in large 35 cent'bottles. -
Hog Grading Results
Progress Made in Campaign in Favor
#.'��� ��� Of Bacon Type .
Returns for the-first three, months
of 1921, compared witli the first quarter of last year, from "the stockyards
and packing plants, particularly.of Al-
You would be surprised at the won-1'fbertf and Pn.lario"' indicate the' pro--
derful action of "Nerviline" In .iust; sress that is being-made under the
such cases.     Being thin and not an_7hpgsgracling policy and dtlio campaign
wonderful  liniment-    Nearly
small cargo of flax j JU'V years of success proves tlie merit
alone to Superior. The Keelcatiri, ot
the Canadian Pacific lake, fleet,, and
the. lfuronic, of the .Northern Navigation Company, both cleared with passengers and freight. -   /
-Clark's  Beans  Wiih Pork
. ���������   For the "amount of food value which
. they contain Clark's Beans and Pork j cmo of t|,ft popi,iai. ��� features
are .a. most  economical as well asr '
mosi. excellent food.  " ...     -
"- "Let .the Clark Kitchens hefp you,"
in favor of the bacon type carried on
by Dominion and Provincial Departments of Agriculture. In the first-
named province the returns show .1,51(5
selects compared with 2-,S-10 and,"1(5(5.-
3-11 thick smooths compared witli 111,-
67-f._.. A noticeable feature of the Alberta returns is a decrease" of shop
hogs from 26/110. iri 192u to 33S this
year. For" Ontario" the'figures are
92,531 'selects"this year compared with
'17,449. last -year./an increase, of no
fewer than.-. 43,085,, r.nd 'of . thick
smooths"; 128,79(5 this year . conipaiyd
���j with 74,095,.an increase-of 5-1,79!': F.or
j.Manit'oba-the.returns-show (5,53.1 sc-
Preparations for summer excursions, ;.](je{3 comp;U-otl ,vill\ s^T.nd 96,S-52
Doing Away With-Sleep
English Scientist Claims Discovery of
Substitute for Real-Thing
It ls with mixed feelings that ona
learns of the discovery by an English scientist of a process which will
do away with the need of sleep. During sleep the weary brain-cells are recharged with vital force, which ls
electro-chemical ia character. Dr.
David Fraser Harris has devised an
apparatus for recharging the brain-
cells with tho vital force of the requisite auantity and quality. So It
may be that, iD'the near future, w.e
shall bo ablo to dispense,with sleep,
and obtain in a few minutes all tho
recuperative benefit whicli 'mankind
has heretofore gained by "drinking
deep of all the blessedness of sleep."
Time can thus bo saved���but how
much would bo lost! For sleep ia
not desirable and desired only because' It recharges fhe brain-cells.
It brings merciful oblivion to tho
woes and c troubles of life. It stays
hasty and ill-considered action, and
prepares the way for tho wiso second
.thought Not alone In a physical
sense is it "tired Nature's sweet re;
storer." For many other reasons do
most of us feel like echoing the sentiment of Sancho Panza, "God bless the
man who first invented sleep."
Somehow we are compelled to
���doubt if the scientific substitute for
sleep will ever displace the real thing,
even if it were toprove as effective as
its discoverer hopes. It may be used
in emergencies, to enable people to
keep going-when they are fagged out
and have no time to sleep. But Nature's, ways are best.���Hamilton
Women's Ailments
Caused by Neglect
Proper Treatment Will Quickly
Bring   Back  Robust  Health
- o �� ������������.���
and Good Spirits
TheTobacco of Quality
Sealed   Package
(which keeps the tobacco     \
in its original condition j
also in /z Id. tins
Manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Company o�� Canada Limited
MAY 18
AND      THE
Golden Text:
God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
- ���   . Psalm 46.1.
Lesson: 2 Kings, Chapters l'S to 20;
Isaiah; Chapters 36 toG3S.
Devotional Reading: Psalm 46.
Summer Excursions 7
Canadian    Pacific   .Railway    Arrange
Attractive.Tours to East and
���"'-  ""   - ..  West   ,
of .thei
Canadian Pacific Railway," aro well .un
hide smooths compared -with 59,:
1 o.
7Quebec.shows a decrease-in "selects of
7 Why, Certainly!/     -
.    "Yonr  daughter", has; promised .   to
mariT-me.' .--'Will you -.forgive -me "for
taking .hei- away .from you?" . ' ,-.-
.. "Forgive .you'::. -Why; ''that's.-.what
the/parly" was- fo'���."    . - "' - f-" "   ,'_-..-..-���
der way/and give^iromise^ofauother; 'z'jsrmd anineVeasc.of thick smoolhs."
Say)'\Bayer Aspirin"
.INSIST. ) UnleSs7 you ".see- the;
-"'Bayer-.Cross".'on tablets you-
are   not,.'getting'/the--genuine,
. Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
- millions and prescribed by,plry-
sicians for 2.4;years.1 / ���   ._/_��� ���..
Accepfconly 'a
\M.ytx. package /
. whicli contains pro ven directions _
.   Handy "Bayer" boxes of  lS'tahlpts.f
- Alsobottleaof 2-1 aud lOO-rDruggiats '.
Aspirin"  fs   the   tr��ile.-m��tk   (registered'��� in
Canada)    of   ISajer. Mauofaalare   ��f   Mono-..
���  Krttlcsctdeater of SsIlcj-ilcacM ���       "
should   'constantly, be. on
year or passenger Inline. ;.,,���, ,)J2,,;- Jn ahoi, i,0gd-.Mnniiobn.'On-
.- The mountain resort, hotels-and;.bim;.f ,.,,.;��� ���-a^ Qiicbd^ each . show an i��ir
galow-canips operated by; the Cami;/^^ ; -Bul. st.,ects;^f the. premium,
(Han.Pacific are;making ready lb;open '.iul,i..ri1(.v.shW a-.total''increase ii, [lie
their doors,on May.lGth and June,!^,-; rour:proniices-combined--or42,()iy.   . ��� -
and  .in  conjunction/with the  holiday i ������ -    ,-."���-���-_: __7_. :  '."
season -the -passenger ';deparlm'en'l  of.
the.-.railway has.araraged- interesting1
circular 'trips; for, both   Eastern   and
Western Canada."./ .-���   -.'"���' ." .' .. Z-.
../.Sonic /attractive  round.' trip .excur-
sionk have be.en mapped our; aiul not
the "least  so is -1he7 excursion!tof.the ;,KU_^d..to fh^n .babyfs...bowe!s,worldii^_
" "'"     -" freely'  and' his f stomach   sweet, foiv
nihftr'tenihs-   of'- the   ^ailment's " from
.which" little..ones, suffer are. caused by '
derangement's / of -the .. stomach   and
bowels.      Baby'.s/Own  Tablets are a
-splendid laxr.tive foi-. the. baby.:. They
are mild but;thorough; contain.neith-
.er.   opiates ..no. narcotics', and are, ab..
'solutely'guaranteed-to be    safe   and
eflicient' for-either-lhe newborn babe
or the...growing  child. . . "lly. their acv
tion jjn ihe-boweis aiid-stomach they
drive- out. constipation-aiid indigestion;.:
break up-colds" anil siiiijile fevers a.nd,
make   ihe   dreaded:' teetfiiiig   imitod
-easy.     The-Tahhts are sold by-nielli--
��� cine dealt r"s 'oi-' by mail at 2.".  cents.a
"box froni The. Drf .Williams' Medicine
"Co.; nrodiviih.. bnt..7      ���.���"���-,--_-������: _. '-.
\Yomen arc on the whole more sickly- Ihan   men.      Oue  reason   is   that
their system is    more    complicated;
another  and   niore   important   reason
is, .they put off measures of relief too
long. -..-At the beginning, constipation
is    the   cause   of   nine-tenths of-women's ailments. .  The-blood becomes
weakened   and-polluted���the   nerves
suffer, and a run-down condition takes
root. ���"-     y -   '. ���   ���  '   X  '   '-.'���-
. Ijocaiise of their mildness of action
.as a system'regulator^'no medicine-.for
women can .compare with Dr.  Hamil- i
ton's -V\\\X.   '-T.he.ludneys.quiclcly' re-
"spond  to  the  remedial  action-,of.-Dr.
Hamilton's'I'iils..and the result is.as"
you would expect���pain   in   the -back
ancl side, shortness of-brenlh, and bad
color disappear-���the "functions-"of;the
-body7(hen .opjgrate  naturally,  cotiges-
'lion and' pain-.are prevented;' and.'per-
;fe.ct' health' returns.     .-.'- .   - ���
���  Thousands'cif happy .women say .Dr.
JIa.mil ton'�� Pills .are- the- greatest: and
best blood "puri tier;, t he "fin(.;st conip I ex-
Jon renev.-'ei".. the most certain-,r'egulat-
. ing "-medicine   known/' f.Sold   by   at!.
Promise Aid To Scientists
Saskatchewan and Alberta Will Give
Financial Assistance
It developed at a meeting of the
local organizing committee of the
British Association at Toronto, that
bf the. western provinces, only Alberta
and Saskatchewan liave ^promised financial assistance toward the projected
western tour of eminent British scientists in August. While the trip
through to the const will be made in
any event, it'was felt that it might be
necessary to olimiuatc certain stops
Which .had, hitherto. , been planned,
owing to lack of funds..   . .
The Text Explained andlllmnined
1.- llezeldah's Prayer ou deceiving
Sennacherib's -Message, verses 1-1-20.
Sennacherib, King of Assyria, was in
the neighborhood of Judah    with    a
vast -army.     ��� See    the    Historical'      ��� , . ��� . ���-
Background. Ifo scnt"-,i letter - to' Prais'fs this Asthma Remedy. A
Hezekiah, Kin*? of Judah, designed .to grateful, user of Dr: .1. D. Kellogg's
show-Hezekiah how hopeless .was re-/ Asthma Ilevne.dv finds it the onlv-rem-
sistance on his pari/ ."Let. not thy; edy that will give-relief, though for
Clod in whom-thou-irusteth deceive--" thirteen" Years ho had sought other
-thee;: sa.yhig,.,Jerusalem shall not.-be -help. Years of needless suffering mav
given, into the hands of the King of. he prevented by using this wonderful
Assyria,". Sennacherib -wrote....". :T,.o- /reriiedy nt tho first warning of trouble,
hold, thou hast heard what the-Kings ^us use issimple, its cost is slight, and
of Assyria havidoneto all: lands, by, it.'can'.be-pitrchased'alruosta'nvwhere.
destroying them utterly;..: and. ..shale ���_������'- . - -. ������-.-._.-���.^ __"- '....    '-;
! hou-be delivered?'5' -.Well. did: ile'ze-1'.'-
kiahkhow his -/enemy's /power:-'-'He'
dr'uggisis"   arid   storekeepers,
box;-.live for 51.00 .posl-paid.; from:
Cal.irr-hozone Co.";'JMonlreal.'-���"-'���
Babies thrive
on if
Write ts> Thc Borden Co.
Limited, Montreal,- Ior
Swo Baby Welfare-Books.
raciflc\:Cp.js.t on May'lGtli, "and avail'/
able all .summer-uiitiS ^September 30'fh.
Tickets l'6r.:t.he Pacific. CoiikI will -be-
on sale from, points, in Ontario west
of Fort AiUiuiv in" Manitoba; Saskat-
��;he.wa'ii7ind-Alberta, bearing- the,-iinitl
reiurrrliihifor Octdher 30"th. . Stop:
oyer privileges are a feature or this"
trip;.giving.passengers an;opp.ortuni(y
of .seeing . some . of Canada's, finest
scenery .arid" visiting, noted mountain
resorts. Circular -tour fares which include si trip'on the main lines-of tim
Canadian Pacific to "Reverstoke ami
Sicamous, returning through the " Arrow or Ok.magan Lakes, are always in j - ������ ., .-"���      ".yyy  ���_-���-���;-:-.;- .-        /.'
popular demand for those; who love ��� Whitefish Fry For Ontario Lakes
th��i natural- :.beauty. that .dne'.fmd.-r in '     .-'   .-/ . -  y   -:.    - -'...    .������...,
British Columbia, "f -These, tickets.'are 'Fish: Hatcheries at Fort Frances Dis--,
one salfl May lath with a' return' Hmit.f-''tri"buting~ Whltef-sh .'Fry to Lakes. "
of October ?>\*i, andare availabhvfrom ! _   -,..--. -" ..   |n" 0_.Uar.o-    "'   r7
pointsin. Manitoba, Saskalcht.-wan and j / N^u^/sfx' million ���Juiiibp %vlii't,c|jsh"
Alberta';" 7,7. _-'��� ���/...'    --7      ! frfy," from-"tjie lish'iihitcle'ricsf.it Fort
.. Covering' the vamo time limit", thej Frances.-7".;ire. " being.. '��� .disiributed
Canadian- Paciiic. will again place'be--j-Uiroughout- lakes in'pntario; according
Tore" the   public" .summer,  excursion j (o
Chincse Phohe'Girls. Quick;
:.' China's- :ielenl.'r_ni'7"sysieni -is
most iip.-to-date - inVthv*'."worl<l.'-
.tleclares fVoriunn .\\V-And<'rs.on,/i.
ttii'.! Telephone'Company-..,who afnv.cdfr
at -Liverpool on the' Canadian" Pacific
!h'ie'i--.Mor;;.l:iuri.;-"r. ---������..'-*..':- ;   ..    ,-;
': Sia.tist'ic?; -. he.- sliib'S. -. show , that
Chinese - operators ".. ca.ii",'->.s<;.c"ure . a
connect io.:),'-. in' fii.ree and a/half s"c-
onds,"whereas in London ; 1 hii".-average - cal i Jakes - six -seconds .to connect.      : '.. ��� "-.-""    '."',..' .   -' -' -' -
was in desperaie .strau's';'but.,'as Mat-,
thew,;. Henry. --says-_' somewhere",   in
David; "when hc.'was at his" witfs/end-
he was "not at.his   -faith's   end."'.  -He
took the  letter, into  the temple and.
"spread itfb.efore Jehovah." //'If a-letter is- not- grave-ehough.: to be.' spread,
before God,-it "is .too small to "aunoy
us.''    . "O. God. of' hosts."*, he cried in
Thej- 'iie anguish of-'his theat:t, ""hear all the-
"   :.i.woriiso[ Senntuihtr.ib, who. hath/sent \
fto-def.y-l he- .-living- God.' ' -O..'Jehovah i
.our (Tod, save us. frbhi.his hai'id,- that'
all kingdoms..of the earth.fniay.knoiv.i
that thou art Jeliovahi.eyen t'ltouonly." |:~
'���'Trouble- and pecploxify drive.'ine-.to'l .
pi-ayer,"    and   '.prayer   "drives'' away.j..
.trb'iibly;'a?id-per-pl(>ihy.t'-. (-MeiiinctlujiV):
:_. Alberta.-Gets'. Settlers
/.New settler's are arriving in .Alberta-
th" large-.numbers, "many of them from
Oregon and/Minnesota.- During March "
sixty homesteads.were filed in the Dominion T^and Oflice at-Edmonton:  -
- : '-. ". -He Was Game ' ���".:.'���
.. "No;'_darling"."'you'.-uinstn't'. have any
more pudding; von woiihl-:hp 111.""' -, -
- "M'ell,,give mo .another'piece, and
send for .-the'doctor."     .. '.'/.-
A. :V. p./IOokke:;.' fh'\ famous -.Dulcii:
desigVier of .aeroplanes, pr��_M.!ieVs that'
-within ten years both aeroplanes and.
airships will be-c;.ossiiig: ihe Atlantic'
XiVeat JSrilain Lm -1022 had" 22.04 I .r.20
gross tons.-o.l'-s.hlppi'ng.' 5.0<Hi,OpO- mi)i;e
thaii its- n'eiilost .'rival.' "ihe-- 'l-'nitV-d
States.      ��� -��� 7 '���-��� -:'���'   "'���-'- '7- Xy:' '���.""/" '-
��� - Miller's. Worn-. Powders' can-do no
injury.to ilie .most delicatii. clilid.-.-Any
-child, or'infant iit"thiV.state of adolescence; who is infested with worms can
/take this 'preparation without a. qualm
-or/the,-,stomach, ;tud-ivill-i'ind in it a
sure relief arid a-fuil protection' frotft
these destructive pests, which are;'rc-
���sponsible.ifor much ".sickness and great
suffering.to legions of little one's. ���-:'-'
you' ara" not
\ experiment- .
  ; I n f;-. wheh.
use Div
L'hase's Oli'st--
mc.'it for 'Eczema and - 'Skin   Jrrlta--
tions.   It -rc*lioves:at onco'antl gradu- -
ally-hcalR-the .sfcin:"   Sample bor.Dr.'-
Chase's  Ointment- free it-you in.cntion this.
aju.rfuid.semt'Jii. stamp for postage., (50c. si
sex; all dealers Tor- KUiuiuisvu,. 15.itt*s & Co.-,'-;
.-Linuted,.Toronto. .. .���      -'.���.-'"".:-
~' ._.-     -. MONEY ORDERS 7,    "
.Til RS. jOHN. S! M PSONj
rate's'-to.-Kfistern Canada from, points ;|ju
nlvic'es." received'; in.-AVinnipeg' by
ebaggage- department- of-, tlie ("ana- J
In ,_VIanitoba.- Albertu and .Saska't.clh'-'j.dian National. Kailways,'-' jind -many
wan,':;. An a.iditiqha!, feature' for east-."j:;ny0i-,f -millions/of fry ,are expected to-
bound tra"ftllei's-ls'ilie-fact',lliat-t.hes*;j-b"e. di.-_tr3btne.il' frem the--hatchery at
t icketsare-iioupred-on-the Company'sjFort- Frances during , the next ���'few
lake'bqats upon a small extra f.harge-{iV(..vks. ;iil3tributions iuadf7rr6mfKort
to cover berth ami. meals. - y;Xy X '. 'Frances- during- t'he7 iast,-'W.-ek 'were':'
."",,. 77-^7''."'/���'...' ..' xy-zX. ' '7';7..:Li"Ule'"Turtle"l-ake, Mine-Centre,,'fyOi.,-
, 'AVorms/cause- fretfiilhess'. and" rob 000- fr'v-;-_ Kainv Lake. Rockv-Inlet;-iL'
?S,JSSZ!�� 000.00^, Mink'and Eibow L,Ue,; Abi-
ator. will.clear the stomach and in- vin. 500,aw- fry each. The try m
lestincs and restore healthfullness:        | each case, were reported received at
iheir destination in good condition
Settlers  effects exported during; the
last fiscal year were $10,795,931 cont-
Wt.ll Film Mt. Evsresjt Climb
Elaborate preparations ,Iiavie_ been
pared with ��7,971,002 in the. previous imade to take moiion pictures, of the
year.     Settlers' effectsfimpoited were
?6.'i 14.705 a?;ag3inFt'?6,205,0S5....' -
*   _T*_4
Some "charity> begins- at heme/but
the best brand is directed- toward _thv
homeleiv-.   . .-.-��� ; .- �����-'. ''[  '.-'���.-��� ,7- :-'/-'���"-.
XNxy$xyy��x. ,i$g$y.
����� ; Minard's   -Liniment,   . the" '  Athlete's
third .expedition to climb Mount livc^r-
est, whicli is' soon leaving England.
Tiie film .ca.iit_ra'. is .to.be concentrated in "forte .box and can led /.by- a' mule.
A.'camera'operated by cloOkwoj-3;,wiil
be used7. :'���"���'.���''','-, X'-yXx .. "  '-' ���-"-���������.'���':
'An Irish'phi(o>oph7rsays It.y a.wis
:Db/��oii Need.'JieIp.?V.This:Advice1
- -V^is Weil, Worth Readingf   7
-  KiAton-. ,Ont'.���"f li.Vvc  foutiil Doctor
. Pierce's Anuric Tablets .to be an. excellent.
medicine.4   I   have  beta  troubled" -.vita
iufl-iriunatior. in the neck of ray bladik-r
for about eight  years.     I   doctored  but
failed to get cured, so I decided to try
. Doctor Pierce's Anuric ( anti-uric-acid)
.Tablets and they have relieved me gre'afiy.
"-.'-��� I  also can  recommend Dr. Pierce's
Favorite -Prescription   for   expectant
mothers, -: I have a fine, big baby boy,
-My nurse asked,mc.what-1 ate to mate
him'so strong.    He looked like a child
ronrorSr<^uonths old when only three.
-I-certainly'Vould advise every prospective mother to use Drf Pierce's Favorite
Prescription."���Mrs. John Simpson,K.R. 1.
./���'--Send 10 cents toi.'Dr," Pierce's -Laboratory' in- BHd^eburp.;0;it.'. for trial pig. j
of acy of Doctor Pierce's Teafledfes'ar.il j
.' w-rite   Doctor  Pierer, President lQ%-aIic:j,|
Hotel. Bsttiio. N". V, for free, - coaSatr.- '
Yukon Girl Wins
7 Honors In France
-, .Tlhv.Sfiftj; way.tb .��c.nd'niotiey hy.inail'ia
-by. Doiniiiiou Kxpress iloney. Ori.er.     .- '   '
. , .....ahd^liirht-fi^y/itis; at home. W.hoio
,or - spare time.'- Good pay: /Work
sent '.any ' distance,' -Charges paid.
Send stamp for particulars. National
Manufacturing ���o.,. Montreal:   -
Heads -List."in ��� Competition -Against
"/.. Students of .Europe "-
A" Canadian- girl..who h'as/ivcenily'
achieved'succesj'-..broad is' Miss" Flor-.
"ence' Taylor,-ot- White. Horsei. Vukon.
This''youiig7gu.l of. 'l9/,y.tars,. who
.was'educated chiefly in' the -' ���Vu't'on,-
"has. headed .tlie-list-of successful csiii-
;didates. in an esainination'for a Sor--
bonne ��� diploma.'-' wheii"" she,' competed
against --.students - froin 'different parts
of ��� Ktirope- whose; opportunity".for .acquiring fluent French were far greater .than hers had been. ��� -.-.,��� 7-",
'."-'Tlie-'.subjects lir which ,she -..was }cx?:
amlned;' "fincluiled/" French, /f hlrft.bry.
literature.'hlstory' of art, philosophy
ami' others." " Uoth lectures' 'and examinations Trere conducted in French.
Among ihe other candidates who passed the examinations with great credit
.were Shollo Watt, of Victoria, B.C.,
and/Miss Nora Klliof, of irelleville,
Ont.'.:" ���-     '             -.... ..
" Albetra's, Good Record
/-f Alberta's -average7 wheat jield for
twenty-five years'':enxlinp..- with "*��� 1&53
war?";1S-bushels i-er acre,' as./cohtpar-
���cd liitli 10.9-.in.North.Dakota/ 11.4'in
South -Dakota:'-15.1 ['fnjf'Manitoba. -.and "
13.5' Kansas.'- 7'f XX"ZX----yX-[. ������?������ '.'-
lo.l for Ble.dderCntn.rrh.   Ho. 3 for Blood A.
Ilktn Diseases. No.3forCtiro_..eWea.._.��s��e��.
COLOR. f.K',DlNC.C��"'MlSr--.PRlCK!N KSCI *v.r.'3_.
Dx.Lr'Cl.lsi-CMM.ra.ttaTrrilDfliftd.N \V.��. !.ondo��.
.. on Mui 81 f i oi, II. K*.hNT.Sr: Ktir. lonovro,
- .C��t   ��W     ST.-- \'.r.i,   S'll-htr .W.M..-Ely_t. EiL.
Cigarette Papers
.Lsr^e Double BoaU . 'Jt HMJ
tZO Leaves   - i^Tm^S
Finest Yoii Can'Buy/ ^J -TPj^'
.   .-���� i.i.-ii ti.uiu.-ui>;!'-! r.,-o> ii. > ,i.��icv:   ,��o;ei. annuo. ;x. i , ior li��e, ��� COSMta-    Mirt'ard's  I'itiirm* *nr Pallfr-i  n,.t-A��U  '-' -     ^��Bfe��
-.-' jj-- .������-,.-,-,���   ���'��� -t-y-y .-:��������� ���������--.,-��� -.- ���-.- ,.-.���������---:_.��� ���.������i.- ���������t&t-'-.t��__d_r__.l'.__i_i��_^ .���������'.' -^ . --r.,.,���...���..,...,.,..^mitrsK
r -.m^i.whQ;.h8s/his:���ait^^ \��^-Wy^J^���^ivM&^ H;7SEf;i:^i-H&Sgs/K#fi77sf7l;^^ THE) LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,    BRITISH COLUMBIA
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three mouths or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Midway Warbles
We are not thirsty, but we do
need some rain.
Everybody is talking politics in
the old Burg just uow.
Tho Kettle river is all swelled
up with itself these days.
Crops throughout the country
are looking Hue, but raiu is greatly
Folks, dont forget tho ball game
ou Sunday afternoon. Curlew will
furnish the opposition aud a good
game is assured.
We have another Irish looking
auto in towu, but Jimmie Morau
says the owners are not Irish.
Road-foreman Ferguson and his
gang of hardy annuals have now
got the roads in fine shape iu this
John L. Bush, the G. N". R.
agent here, went to Fish lake last
week aud returned with a nice
basket of trout.
Shorty Green has quit the wood
business and has taken a position
on the road gang. Someone said
Shorty was straw boss.
Dick Roylance, of Myers Creek,
has bought himself a "Lizzie" aud
from now on Dick does nob intend
to be left far behind.
"Clay Nicholas and Howard Hill
were over from Omak for the week
end. They took in the ball game
at Grand Forks last Sunday.
Some auto drivers should be
compelled to drive a wheel barrow
for six years before thoy are allowed to drive an auto on the public
Don Leslie (Barney Old field)
;. has "returned, to- town .from 'that'
.--.'famous, burg.acrpss'- thef lino called-
��� Omak/ :Don has taken.'"-a-'position
. "witiv-G--.-70.-.Giiise in the tie-hauling
"���-'business: /--��� ;- .-"'-" ���"'-.- '    '.-   '
Z-7  Albert-. .MaBlonka, /the   "Village
.'shoe-'maker'.' went to.-Grand Forks
'/'last-week'.'   Someone/said he went
- oyer.ffco -buy  an.'automobile,   biit
.others  said." he,, went-.over to get
-married. .7\"W:W7 '----XXy- \W
' ../"lb would" be greatly-appreciated
'.'.if. "bur.:- thirsty"."' -friends"'^passing
"., throughf'.fcovvu'in.auto's, would quit
.' throwing "their/empty beer -' bottles
-  in- the flower'"gardens.  J ( We would
:;._,appreciateLa-.fewJall.o"ries.)7 7''
- .Mrs';- - rowers.-, has. ..returned . "to,
X town .aud  is  now .,occupying- her
.'���" cottage.'-"-She .has- gone-tccoiisid-
... erable'fexpeuse'ir, "having the btiilcl-
; .ing renovated "and- intends ' to open
/'up -a  -"restaurant.' iri a few days.
: -y The Provincial'-Police"-are paying
}-}& lot of attention "to the -Fish Lake
.'district this year. It is to be hope.il
" they, will; be able to .keep out a fevv
7 .of..those .American-..fish. hogs, 7 so
thab we all-can enjoy &-days sport
f -catching & few.-trout.-"' \[- '.}���:��� '���'-������;
Xy'y Someone said the-'Mayo'r'of'.Rock
"Creek .wasfundergqing.special -treat-'
-/inent-for his iierypussystem.'. Some
'..of/This -friends, should... send hitna
[ box-; of ,[Dr,[...Chase's- nerve.- food.
7/poc.Goodeve;can Etipply.it i)y the
7. car load;:~ 7- 7 ---:-.7y--:- v". ~''���) \X~
./':.7-A.few natives*.-took 'iri. the dance
:-' at. Toroda Creek last: Friday .'even.-.
: - ing; '.''It "was"a -.very  quiet-, affair
��� "owing- to ' the presence. of -the.-.' 'dry
��� squad". fThe only..moonshine.j to
be had.was supplied by.Paddys
Lantern./-'.7.       --.".-" /- iX.X-X ;-y
A '-Chinariiari-'.tried/to. loop the
looponthe flat last" week-,, with ari:
ancient looking:Iiizzie."". The result
was that Lizaieia slightly disfigured
and the Chinaman is down hearted.
The Lizzies have a great reputation
for making Angels out of fools.
."-/;7 The American dry equad. have
'.'declared war on the bootleggers
operating along : the--Hue near
Grand ' Forks..- Au .' engagement
"' took place last week in the vicinity
of Curlew and' the casualties were
about 100 cases of liquor. ;'
Sergeant Birch of the R.C.M.
from .Penticton was in town last
week. He was escorting the
Mouuties "Lizzie" from Grand
Forks to Penticton. Someone said
he had to use fehe spurs on it several times before he got over the
Bridesville hill. . v-    .7:77,77
Truck loads of Doukhobors have
Meyers Creek News
(Too late for last issue)
McArthur's mill commenced the
seasons cut on Monday svith Dan
Lareva at the lever and Harold
Moll at the steam set works.
Charlie Moll is temporarily relieving Shorty Green ou tho slab
wagon. John Carson is night
Conservative Rally
An enthusiastic political meeting was
held in the Greenwood Theatre on Tuesday night when people from all parts of
the riding catce to hear Hon. W. J.
Bowser, leader of the opposition, and John
McKie, the Conservative candidate.
Previous to the meeting a number of
ladies came over from Grand Forks to
meet the ladies from this part of the rid-
They were addressed by  Mrs. (Dr.)
j Kingston who strongly urged  the neces-
_T , T .    ,      ,.       ,,      I sity of forming a ladies Conservative club
Valentine Luzner is hauling logs ; in (h*,s part of the riding.
A novelty at a political meeting was
the community singing led by \V. O.
Rylett. This seemed to put pep into the
meeting and made people feel brighter.
Major Glossop, president of the Conser-
olf the mountain  now  and has bo
hook four horses behind the wagon j
to keep ib from running away.
Gus Lofvendahl has gone to
rdaho to take charge of one of
Weherhauser'fl mills in that State.
Ee acquired his sawmill experience
on Meyers Creek.
Frank Fritz drove to Grand
Forks last Sunday on tho skelton
of a Henry. Ho says lie ie going
to convert it into a bug.
A number of boys went to the
Dance at Greenwood on Friday
and hugely enjoyed themselves.
They say that Greenwood has gob
bhem till beat for a lively time.
Ed Cook, champion tie hack of
Meyers Creek, is millwright at
Kroupa's tie mill. The boys there
all swear by his everlasting  smile.
The road up Meyers Creek is
now iu lino shape for motor traffic
and large parties of fishermen are
expected to onbice the fiauy monsters into their baskets.
Tailored Clothes
Scars of Jealousy"
A real forest fire, which was
staged with the assistance of rangers of the United States forestry
department, furnishes one of the
biggest thrills ever screened in
"Scars ot Jealousy," Thomas H.
luce's thrilling drama' of the old
and new .South.
Miles of pine trees, dried brush
and undergrowth were set ablaze
to get the spectacular scenes which
carry oue of the big "punches" of
this exciting drama. The filming
of the lire scenes was accomplished
at the cost of many burned fingers
and singed faces, but the result is
a marvel of photographic witchery
that-cannot fail;, to make-.: a;; tremendous . impression/on even the
.mpst.blase>''fan:-'.'. '"������'-.'. ���">'"���; ""' Xy -':y\y\
��� ��� .���'.Sears-of Jealousy''a seven reel
feature, will be .shown; at/the Green"-'
���wood. Theatre on Saturday, "May"
17th, -- 77-/7    7 xyV- X'y x)
Provincial- Election June 20
���".Victoria:,"May 14'.*-���.Premier John'
Oliver made the announcement last
Saturday, that-'.the. .Provincial Gen-
'eral.TEleetioi'i..'will";.be. held.on" Friday. .J"utiO'20,'   while Nomination
Darwin be Friday,. Mav 30,'   the
-.Fifteenth:- Legislature."of 7 British'
Columbia nan. pissed ..into history,'
���being .dissolved "by--Chief /Justice
"ilac-Dbnald, a'dijaiuiatratorj.ou Saturday.; - "- ' '        . ..-"     -    " -  '      .-/"':
'. ."Tli.fe're " will,-  therefore,', "bo  less
-than-six .weeks' .until the/ votes-"are
counted.  '..The 'lifwf House   will'
have-forty-eight; members  instead'
of. forty-seVen./ -Three -ifepresenta.-"
tivea have -beoh'cut"off,-by the eom.-
biaing of Grand Forks-Green wood,
Rossland-Trail ;f   and - ...Oowichan-
rTewcas tier. ~Eo wever,; five: r idi ngs"
.have'been-created-.undeij. the. redis-
.tiib'ution -'bill-p'i'ssed' jast,session.
.These/aref TBu'riiaby',-/ Mackenzie/'
.Sk'fe'ena,- GrestQii. and =8aln__.6ii Arm.
..One.old riding,- 7Ki3lo,*-":haa cS.isap-7.
peared altogether^ part; of fit", being.
included- iu.-Creston-.' aud,. part' in
Slocauf. - .7 .'"--.--.- XX X , 7 ���'��� ���.   ���.'���_���   '��� -
/--.For  the -first'" time'-Bince/ party
iinesf-werefdrawti in' British- Columbia,- 'over twenty/ years 'ago,.'there
are - ttirft'e'-/dis'ti'ncb.-parties:'ih ' the
.field.'-. The adyent^.of' th'e,,ProVih-'
cials,7nnder General A. D. McRae,
is-conceded to mean   the' return of
tlie '-Oliver, administration, by ,'a
liandsome -majority.-   . -.-" ''���'���
-:A.u /'unbiased.'"summary of the
election chances by .'leading - newspapermen.'- give.-the .government--a
minimi, nr; pf; ������ twenty-eight/ seats,'
,out.,of forty-eight.-.'"Few, there.are
^vji'o'.concede/the'' Provincials .even-
two'seats, -while plenty of wagers
have been offered that the-"McRae
forcen would be left withoub.a'win-'
nor'at all." ' f
- 7With-'a7-sbort and, whirlwind
���campaign",', action "is;..being speeded
iip7rapi(lly7..-/'7The77rPr.e.mier ;;will
make a tour,of the .province^ while
the poiicy:of the reigning party
will he fully explained to.the
electorate by experienced speakers.
valtve Association occupied thc chair ill a
most acceptable manner and introduced
the speakers.
The first speaker was Fred A.Smith, of
Cascade, who devoted his remarks to
eulogizing Hon. W. J. Bowser and John
McKie, the conservative candidate.
While John McKie told of his successes
while canvassing thc two forks of the
Kettle river and was very optimistic as to
the result of the vote in that part ofthe
The main speaker Hon. Mr. Bowser
was in fine form and made a fighting and
.spirited address holding his large audience for i\< hcurs. This was his 36th
meeting since January and has spoken to
large audiences in the past week at Keremeos, Oliver aud Penticton. He referred
to the community singing and to the excellent character of Mr. McKie.
He divided his speech into three parts
viz: "The Third Party," the "Oliver
administration" and as to "what hopes
he has for the'future of his party."
The speaker said Gen. McRae had
never taken any interest in politics until
a few mouths ago and after he spent over
$43,000 to help the Provincial Party, Mr.
Bowser then became suspicious. Gen.
McRae made the new party, bought it
and owns it and this case Mr. McRae was
a dangerous man to be a premier. He
mention why McRae had entered the
political arena, referring to the timber
agreement made by the former government which does uot now suit the Genr.
He read an article from the Searchlight
in which McRae refused to accept the
leadership ofthe Provincial Party as he
felt that as he owns so much timber in
the province and as his political enemies
would criticize him he would be a drag
to his party. Mr. Bowser predicted that
there would not'be a member of the Provincial Party in the new legislature.
After eight years of Liberal rule Mr.
Bowser declared the country was still iu
bad financial -condition. He said that
when he left office in 1916 no country
could borrow to advantage, The debt of
the province ill 1916 was about #19,000,000
aud all this could not be charged to the
former government. In answer,to a.question ih the -legislature - the. debt -of the
province- at "that ".time was - $59,000,000.
.. The.speaker mentioned -how. the gov-.;
ern merit.- had! increased taxes-and that-
John-Oliver's iiatiie/ would go-down iti
history as the;- greatest tax- collector .-the.
world has ever known..   ." - 7 .'.-"...
'.:.Mr: Bowser said'.that during the/last;
session the government had iipt-a.ceut in'
the.ba'iik,.but hfafd arroverdraft of fs.ooo.s
060/which -whs renewed ��� every three
months-. . On Maich 3-the-saiiie'condition:
existed aud on Jul v. 3 the note will again,
fall due." ���. .- ���   . : ;..-��� ��� - - ' ��� --'-"-   ��� 7"'
- .He referred to the' extra vagence ..ofthe
Civil Service;atid' government -motor;cars
aiid'gave a rap at. the Liquor Board."
- Touching ou the--Freight Rates qtves-
-.tibn.he.'compared-the feeof- Mr". McGeer,
.counsel for/B.C.-'.to ..that of Manitoba's
counsel/who received - $2,650 -while Mr.
.McGeer received $88,000.'" 7.7"
-.. Mr." Bowser, said- .that his-policy would
be to encourage the-farmer, so .that he
would stay oh the  land;,, also tovhelp.the
'establishment of.canneries.:- and" the marketing of'siiiall fruits.- ;���,- ; '-' --, '-' 7 ':���'".
. '/He criticised'-the government for the'
Sunias Lake, Southern Okanagan, Creston and Christian-Ranch-projects. ;""'
' .His. mining policy" will be to encourage,
development, .help the- 'prospector,-, and
appoint a competent man at' the -head-of
the mining.department.' - ,- 7 .7 "
' The personal property--'tax must, be
abot.sh.ed.-said~:Mr. Bowser-"andv-.the. old
system of game administration/must/be
:re-established./- ; -",..      .-'.������'--.. '��� --'"   -.
"He wound,uphis address .by congratui
jatiug -the-ladies-and a great appeal to
support'John McKie. .'.���'"- -���-.������ ������-'.;���, "'.'...
.The singing of -"iheNationafApthenr
brought the meeting to.a close.,.. '        /..;
In the Grand Forks-Greenwood Electoral District
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors ofthe Klecloral# District
aforesaid that I have received His Majesty's Writ to me directed, and hearing date
the iolhday of May, 1924, commanding me to cause the following question, namely:���
Do you approve of the sale of bier by the glass in licensed
premises without a bar under Government
control and regulation?
to be submitted according to law to the Electors qualified to vote for the election
of a member ofthe Legislative Assembly for the Electoral, District aforesaid; and,
further, that in obedience lo the said Writ a poll'shall be opened at eight o'clock in
the forenoon and shall be closed at seven o'clock in the afternoon on the 20th day
of June, 1924, for taking and receiving the votes of the said Electors in each polling
div sion ofthe Electoral District aforesaid at the respective places following:���
Special Display of
New Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B. C.
Beaverdell, Boundary Falls, Bridesville, Brown Creek, Carmi,
Christian Valley School, Eholt, Fife, Grand Forks, Greenwood,
Paulson,    Riyerside,    Rock Creek,    Westbridge.
hereby  required   to  take  notice  and  to  govern
Of  which all   persons are
themselves accordingly.
GIVEN under my hand at Greenwood, B.C., this 14th day of .May, 1924-
Returning Officer.
Has opened au office  above  Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
;?QS<^*<re����5S����S5^5��i^^5Stf^S��S^ ���S^5WS5
We carry  only   the best stock procurable iu ~
Beef,  Veal,  Pork,   Ham,  Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Ledge ads .bring results.-.....
Minister i'h charge--.'   ,v  ' 7'7-'-..-.-.7.f -  7
7 -':-fie'v". -W. R. ���Walkinshaw:, B. A;> ������'}.
'y ---. v.-:- - '���;; '���'- 7 -' :.X\  V- .Greenwood
7  Sunday, May ,18th.:-;'    ,W.
;.-        Beayerdeli 10.30 a. m,  7
XX X" Greenwood 7-30 p.m/ -    :..
the line.are kicking aijoufc the fishing licence being raised to 810.00
iti B.C."- this; year. It imed to be
So.OO7. per,7 year. ���/. In : their own
co.untry.'ib .cosfes. a foreigner $25.00
t*i fish."Our friends cannot see ife
>iocals-iu a..league vfixfciire."- ������- It was
been passiog; through ..town daring*.that >ay.f; "XX
- the last few days on;,; thoir^afto,' X^ ^ -fe^ jonrned to Grand
Cedar Creek.;,.IS  is reported- ^faa : ;F6ric9 lasfcSuiidav, and-played: the
;tfaey,ha?e bought a ?iarge - traefe of -- ' ----- "��� ���- -- ------  '���- J-  .....
. timber oaCedarf Creek.-.-They-in-
right7away and7will7:]ater install a
ssvp-tuill.; . 7-. -77':77-;'WW7-W'X77 V.uns7'and.the-gaTnej;-the;.final;'^
'���-[��� Some pl-'bar/'friends^.from ^crpBS;;;be|ng^-37   '
f-Send Your X-   'X
, ,.To;'77   -  . 7'-"-';
GEO. ARMSON; Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All-work and material gssarahteed.   We
-;f pay. postage one way.   Terms .Cash.  ���
-yrvsK.y^y.my ^ gpod'game-^it!^. Midway7in fehe i.obS^t
��; tbfl; tie :,bti6i6ess lc,a{r...^-.f..- the7]^fe-;inninggj^beaV^^SJ15)
. SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, wiU be rtceived at Ottawa
until noon, on Friilay. the 6lh Joiie,'1924, for
the-conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed.Contract for four years, twelve times
per week each - wayV between Greenwood and
Railway Station:frpm the Postmaster General's
pleascre.' -Xy.y ��� _-" -., .-'"" :"'. , ..-������.":���- ' ���.-.-.,'��� -. -'.
-. Printed'noticeq contaiainif.'fartbcr information as to conditions of proposed Contract may
be seen and blank--forms, of Teader-.-may be
the Post .Office of.Green wood, B.C.,
innin��_-_.ho��, ��������"����� ���" iu= office of tne. District. Soperintendenti
      -l.D-PI-ug8?.?V?.e.*1'} Postal Service.,- ,'    ���'. -'-':; -"���;'-���'��� '���   *.-?-'v*
they-let. tbe--. Forks gefe.'a  Codble of;''Omceo{ District^SuperiHteBdeat, Postal Scr?;
--.  -J.:. ....    .���,:-���-       _o       ... ._.- -._f........  v!ce.-V.incoHverf B.C., 25th April. 1924. ;.:r  ,..-;������-
y y xx. ."-;"���; 7'j:f: MUR��AYi7v.^7; ,���,:-
;.,.';-- ������'.'- '.:.     ;'~.*;,District'Soper_i_Bteadcntv
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited ...
- .''   " .   '    ; -���'-pffi.ee, Sihelliug and Refining Department'      . :
"���''-.-������".  -xXXXXX;   -X"TliAIL",'"briTLSH COLUMBIA. " 7.-7,7' ;"..,.     7.-;    ;
^C;l7::;-SMELfERS^ISD iiEFINERS:-.:-^-";;'.w
purchasers of Gold;;jSilyerr Copper; Lead and Zinc;Ores-
- - _"- Producers - o.f -'_ GoltV   Silver.,  "Copper,;" Pig fLe.id   antV-Zinc-..-..'   ".
-'; .  ;'-. -\   - "TAD AN AC" BRAND"''��� X X. -   ���'    '..'���  ".''���
la the Matter of the Estate of John Anderson
- Dalaaier of Bridesville, In the-County of
Yale, in the Provlnceof British Columbia,
'-."'" deceased,-who died oa the-4th day of
.    April. 1924. "-.-..'       -  XX". :-'.: '���;���
NOTICE is* hereby'(fiyen'.tliat hy'.'flii order
.of His'-Honor Jotin''R...Browii, I<��o;ii -jinlg-e,
(tateil-tlte_30t!i "day dt-Ap'ril,.A.D: 1924,.Uie uii-
ilersijrned was appointed.Ailm'niistratoi-..of .the
estate' of _tlie""aborc" iiainert .deceased.- -Aiid-
notieeis Iiereby, fufllier ^iveti tliat all' -persons
liaviitjf-. claims, affainst the said"esf:_te are
required tb file such claims duly -ve.r.ificd under
o'atli, witli.iiie.on ,q"r befOri. the; 18th day :of
June, 1924, after which-date I <vill -proceed, to
distribute the assets-of the said est.'tte anions,
the persons entitled thereto haviii*.'- rejrard only
to the claims of;which.I shall then Have notice,,
and I will noetic' liable for said 'assets or'any
part thereof, to any person of -whose' clai m I
shall not.tlieii have received notice.- ' -' . - ,
''- Datcil'lliii eig-htii day of May, A I)..'tV24..-,''
-   ."."." -7" '...- CHARGES" liixcy.-... y_- . .-'7-'.
''".   ,   .'    .   "        .-Official-Administrator,'. .-
,'   .," -,  . ;'- V - - ���" ' . __���- ���-'���   ' Green wood.B.t". ���
;7;Have"7yoii' paid" yoitr '..-.sub'i-
scriptionTto The,Ledge?..:..;
��� ; ��� MINERAL7ACT7 - W,- /f
Certificate of -Intcrove.menfs;
.'- 77   :'[},  f NOTICE-   '--: '.}.  y "XX
''IJANANZA" Mineral   Claim;'^iiiiate'in the"
Gi-ecnwooi] .Mining' Divisioii  of Yale'Dis-
-" trici..'   ... - -   ���-���"... "      -.-'-.    -������������'.'
Where located:." Ti> Fish Tjake Camp,'    '   .
'������"TAKE NOTIcVtiial'lj Isaac-jr. irallett,
Solicitor, as Aprent for Timothy'-,Suliiv,an,-Free
Miner's Certificate No, S7S_!1,'Intend,'sixty days,
froiii.the date-hereof, to apply to the Msning
Recorder., for-a .Certificate  of Improvements,
.for-the.pufpotie of-.ohtaiiiing a "Crown (iraiit of
the above,clai in.- -'��� ",     '.-    X.''-   '-'.   "   .:-.-'.
, And. further take notice.that action,, under
Section 37," inusi." he  commenced   -before-the
issue of such Certificate of Improvements. '    -
1 Dated-this 27iit day of March, A.Df 192-1. '. "���'
"7 ""-"   "' :'"" "':''7-'-?.?;-'~"I.':H.7lI''A'L,L'ET.T_"'
- JfOTICE is li'crcliy ffivcii that tlie statements,
-made by Jlr. James Kerr that lie lias purchased
the '���Providence" Mineral Claim are not correct
.ami if Mr. James Kerr or anyone represeiitinjj
hint', is., found_-o_i""t!iu. "P'rovWeiice", Mineral
.Claim."-Lot 613.. of tiie Grecinvciod ' Mi.iiiijj-
DiyisionthejCwil! be prosec'utcd for trespass. ��� ���
V'- DATED :u Greenwood, U.C.-,'"this 3��UIar of
April, 1924,  .-'    --:'   -x   ^   -.-.   ~. ���-     -   ,   '    '*
.X'y-Xr   "-'  iSTfrncd) iviLDTAM. MADDEN.
Vacant, unreserved, * surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
nnd improvement for agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
. tvhioh can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C, or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, I.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Eange
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
to  be  addressed  to the  Land  Coin-
-rmissloner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for .
is situated, aiid are made ou printed
forms,.: copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions imjst be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of JIO per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least live
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
.received. ".
'   For mors detailed Information see
.tlie Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land.".-        -     - .
..Applications are received  for ..purchase _. of    vacant    and    unreserved
- Crown  lands,  not   being  tlmberlund,
' for agricultural 'purposes;   minimum '"
price.of- first-classi (arable) land la $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing).'.,
land  $2.60 'per .acre.-" Further infor-'-.
mation'. regarding, purchase' or  lease
"-.of Crown lands is given in" Bulletin
.No.-10, Land'Series,  "Purchase, and
" Lease.of. Crown Lands."-    '������>'-   -7"   ���
-Mlll.'.factory,. or .industrial sitos on. _
timber land,"not- exceeding"40 acres,
may be-purchased or leased, the conditions-.      Including. --   payment -;-'fof"
-stumpage.-   -'   ' , ������':"."���      .-':���������.
Unsurveye'd. areas, not exceeding,20 -;
..acres,- may be leased .as homesites,
.conditional" upon" a.'dwelling belrii;
erected'.-In-' the "first- year, -title- being:
obtainable, after residence ' and_ improvement conditions'-are -fulfilled,
arid, land has-been .surveyed!-'
.7 .'LEASES-' .
-..For grazing  and   industrial    purposes areas .not."eic"eedlng-'"6>'0 acred
��� may., be-leased-by- ohe-p.erson-br-a-'
company,    -'-'      -   '. ;; ~ ."7 ''--
-'",-,    GRAZING  7   7 "7
.   Under the Grazing Act the; Prov- *
trice Is divided, into grazing .districts-
and the ��� range administered tinder -a
Grazing-   '    Commissioner.     - Arinuai
grazing permits are Issued, based'.on ;
-numbers ranged,-priority being'given--
to established -owners.-' Stock-owners '���
"may  form, associations   "for    range,""
management; -Free, or partially .free,
permits', are; available   for ���  settlers,,
campers. and   travellers,   up   to -ten
-head. ".'��� -' ���..-"���-,     .'.- ...    -, '-������   "'...-
77;;^wV v^
7,;   .- Has   produced /Minerals.fas   foliows:    Placer, "Gold,.;;' 876;962,203;   Lode f .   "''.-' ������
- > 7 - , ..GoId,;S1.18,352,655; Silver, ?63,53,2,655; Lead 858,132,661; Copper, 8179;046,508;7    ":-.'"-'V
;'���        Zinc,7827,904,756;  SiisceHaneoas ilinerai^7.81,408.257;. CoalfandCoke^^SO,-." ":
v , ���;������ : 968,-113;/;Bbiidigg Stone, Brick; 'Cem'en���,-etc.-;v'839,416,234,-'making ita Mineral
Prod'notion to the end/of 1923etow an ���':-' -
X Wggrepte Value o($810,722^82'     '
Production fortIie��ejr; E^^b^M^)\92X$4\Mi,320
7-7;.-.;;.'7.^ liberal,, and the fees lower,,
'��� 7';-���_'.7'Bhan bhpeeqf,aiiy.other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the .British
[ '-.        -������'Empire,   y ..":"���"Xv -"" .
.   Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fgeis.
.-. /"Xy-.;'/Absoldte, Titles are. obtained "by" developing. Bach properties, the security  W
���y }y[:y,-)oi which is guaranteed by,Crown Grants.;
XxX'[ 7',7 ,'7;7;Fainnfqrmation,'together;with Mining/Reports; add-. Maps, may be obtained   ,.
7'7-^;-f,"77gratis;byia(Idressingr^-''7'.;/'^;7;/f-.-;_7'-;-;" .;' '��� 'xy L;XyXy"\ - xxX'..  -''.      XX   W'-W'T'W


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