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The Ledge Oct 13, 1921

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 ~.- ���ir-rr&iZetS'Sl
��7iaci*l libr*
v * ' 5-
Vol.   XXVIII.
No. 14
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
'��� . *-   - --��� 7 -
^mmmmfMKmmimmmmmmmmrimmmmttt m\\%
For Preserving
Crabapples, Prunes and Peaches
Halibut and Salmon
Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
All Steps Lead To:
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
I Around Home I
^auaamuimi iaaiiuiiUiiaiaaiiuuiiaiiiiaiiiiaaiiiiUiuv
Owing to existing.conditions it is imperative that I conduct this business on a cash
basis. All accounts must be paid by the
10th of each month. Those in arrears at
present will kindly settle by Oct. 10th.
This does not apply to Providence accounts
Before preparing for winter come in and inspect our*
Sheeting,  Pillow Cotton, Blankets,
Absorbent Cheese  Cloth, Towels,
Towelling, Etc.
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as to Rates
Ranches For Sale
.   Call And See
Spectacles of AH Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
Ask for "Prices aud Compare-with Mail
Order House
McELMON, Greenwood
��� The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is   heated .with   steam   "
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A comfortable home for tourists  and travellers'.     Touch the
��� wire  if you  wane rooms "reserved.     The buffet is
- replete  with cigars,  cigarettes, "cooling beverages,
.^buttermilk and ice-cream.
.,      We call it "The Empire's Standard" because its quality has been
recognized by the most critical consumers of Hams and Bacon
��    - in the Old L'&nd.   - ,_    .
- From your point this is important; it is easier to sell SHAMROCK-
BRAND than most other Brands; it is easier to hold your customers
because they know SHAMROCK quality.
P. Burns & Company, Limited. J
���      Plants at
Catesrj?       Edmonton      Resrlna       Prince Albert       Vancouver %
Tbe {Treat increase in tfce number of telephone stations in this province means that
the telephone subscriber is able to reach many more people by wire, and cocee-juenf Ir
hi�� ser-eice is of greater ratae. Daring: the pfcst year or two, expansion has been marked in all parts of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, bnt adequate facilities
have beea iattalled, both in regard to oniside plant and inside eqoipajent, to meet tbe
needs of the rarion-i corazmuiities. The obiect of the company is to frive a telephone
service second to none. The B. C. Telephone Company, being- a British Colombia coa-
csau alt throng-3, has a real interest in provincial progress, and every effort is raide
not only to meet the oeeds of development bat to anticipate taeffl. -,
Independent Meat
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc.
A Trial  will Convince You
John Meyer
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
King Vidor
Presents  -
'The Jack-Knife
Man"      "'
By Ellis Parker Butler
A totally different picture for all children
from nine to ninety'
Also a scenic picture
Mr. Outing Floats A Dream
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
.     BY   DAY   or  CONTRACT
.'     Wood For .Sale
A��Diy to j: W- Clark. Pacific Hotel
For Sale
Good   Fall  Wheat  2c  r)er lb.
Waiter Clark, Midway.   v
For Sale
Apples (picked) from. 50c to
$t' its .yopr own boxes at T.
Clarks (late) Lee's orchard;
Mid way .7
P. F.Ketchum, of Beaverdell,
was a visitor to town  this week.
Jack Keady has returned to
town from a trip to Oroville, Wn.
There was a pay day at the
Providence   mine   On   Saturday.
Miss C. h. McDonald is spending the week with friends in
Mrs. T. Rowe and Mrs. R.
Blundell are on a week's holiday
in Spokane.
/St. Jude's Church, Sunday,
Oct. 1G, Matins and Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Mrs. H. Thomas who has been
very ill is now on the way to a
speedy recovery.
Place your orders now for Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye for seed at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
About 35 ..people from Greenwood attended the Riverside
Dance last Friday evening.
Mrs. J. McKinnon and daughter, Beatrice, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. Walmsley.
A. Legault is in charge of a
crew that is.dismantling the old
Cascade sub-station  in Phoenix.
Mrs. L. Lyons and Miss C. L.
McDonald returned on Monday
from a week's holiday in Spokane.
Get your costume ready for the
big Masquerade Ball to be held
in Greenwood on Armistice Day,
Nov. 11th,
-Mrs. Hans. Richter, of Kere-
tneos, was the guest of Mrs. J.
Richter, of Midway, during the
past week.
Mr. and" Mrs. Sam Matthews
"and ..daughter, of Cv'-and Forks,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Peterson.
Orville Docksteader returned to
his home in ISdgewood last week
after visiting at t he home of A.
N. Docksteader.
Ola Lofstad has purchased the
large house opposite Dr. Burnett's
residence and is. busy putting it
in first class repair.
J. L. White, deputy provincial
secretary, of Victoria, attended
the .Rock Creek Fair, and spent
the week-end iu town.
D. C. McKee, of the Canadian
Bank ofCommerce staff has been
transferred to Salmon Arm, and
leftior that town on Friday^
The pupils of Division II of
Greenwood. Public School will
hold a Poultry Show in the old
Norden hotel on Saturday. Oct.
The C. P. R., has reshingled
and painted , its station at West
Grand Forks. ��� Looks as if it
will become the main depot of
that section. , .
' Mrs. Howard, Jim and Art
Howard, and Walter Murray returned to Trail by motor ou Sunday after a few days visit with
relatives in this city,
A. W, Francis, of - Trail, - is
visiting his sister, Mrs. T.
Jenkin. - Mr. Francis is just out
of the hospital where -he underwent an-operation,for au injured
Miss Victoria Shillcock returned to here home'in Kettle Valley
last week from Edmonton, where
she was successful in passing her
examinations at the business
Greenwood offers and'escellent
opportunity for some one who
could carry developing and printing of photographic films as a
side line.' It's a shame to send
all this good Greenwood money
out of town.
The third annual Masquerade
Bance will be held under the
auspices of the G. W." V. A. in
the Masonic Hall, Greenwood, on
Noy. llth and judging, by appearances the^dance will be bigger, brighter and better - than
ever.' - "   ,    ' _;.'���.
Phone 45R for pies, cakes, etc.
Wm. Lakeland, provincial constable, of Fairview, is on a_ visit
to this city.
Mrs- Louise Lyons, of Greenwood, B. C, was the guest last
night at a~dinner party given by
Mrs. Cora Lyon .at her home,
W616 Fourth, avenue. The house
was decorated in black and yellow. Covers were laid for 14.���
What maybe the beginning of
a profitable industry was started
last week when C. T. Fenner received two foxes from eastern
Canada. Mr. Fenner intends
breeding foxes' and Greenwood
may yet be the centre of,the
largest fox farm in B.C.
W. (Bill) Smith, of the staff of
the C. P. R. freight station,
West Grand Forks, and well-
known in Greenwood, left on Saturday for Nova Scotia, on an important mission. It is stated
that he will return about the
middle of November with his
T. Jenkin, J.' L. White, J.
'Kerr, J.V. Mills, J. A. Fraser,
G. B. Taylor, J. N. O'Neill, W.
Walmsley and P. H. McCurrach
represented the local Masonic
lodge at the funerals of F. R. S.
Barlee and the infant daughter
of Rev. Hillis Wright, on Sunday afternoon in Grand Forks.
The hearing before the Railway Commissioners of the the application of the G.N. Ry��� Co.
for permission to discontinue the
operation of the Red Mountain
line, has at the request of the
Rossland Board..of Trade been
transferred to Nelson, B.C. on
Saturday, the 29th inst,. at 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Any information-leading to the
whereabouts of Arthur S. Plum-
tree,-will be. greatly appreciated
by anxious relatives. He was
last heard of in Rossland in 1900,
when he wrote to his sister to
say he was going to Phoenix. At
that time he was 20 years of age.
Send any information to A. B.
Chalmers, 5685 Lawton Ave.,
Detroit, Mich,
There is a tendency to have the
school take over church andjhome
matters, because parents are too
busy with other things, yet the
boy or girl who comes.out of
school minus .religious influences
of home aud parents is handi-'
capped for good. Education may
be lavished ou children, but if
home training is left out, the
education-may-became- an instrument of destruction.
The Boundary G. W. V. A.
has ordered 300 poppies, made by
tbe women and children living
on the ruins of the battle fields
of the very places where the boys
fought and won and where so
many sleep. Commemorate Armistice Day and give some outward
expression of reverence for the
Heroic. Dead who made victory and peace possible. Wear a
poppy on Armistice Day. They
will sell/at 10 cts each.    -
There has been much talk
lately about the potato crop, both
east and west, but if there is any
spots in the, known world that
can show a better crop of these
luscious tubers than around here,
show us. Some of the potato
stories going around just now are
worthy of Munchausen himself.
For instance, one man is reported
to have used a block and - tackle
to hoist them out of the ground.
Another man exca?ated for several days at one huge tuber and
then had to resort to dynamite to
break.it up. However/there is
no doubt about it, * some very
large "potatoes have been unearthed in this -vicinity.
Farmers InstituteFifth Aiiniial Fair
At Rock' Creek A Great Success
The Farmers Institute Fifth
Annual Fair wbb held in Riverside
Hall, Rock Creek, on Friday, Oct.
7feh and on the whole was very
BucceHsful. While the exhibits
were not as numerous as formerly,
the quality was excellent and won
warmest commendation from the
judgeB. There were about 370
entries, not including the children's
entries, and while this is a very
good showing it is not as large as
was anticipated, due no doubt Jo
the fact that the farmers have had
little time to devote to preparing
entries and also because there are
three threihing outfits in the district, and like everybody else,
farmers must attend to business
before pleaBure. The attendance
waa most satisfactory. In the
vegetable section the judges commended on the fact that quality
had been sacrificed to Bize and it ie
also regretted that the recent froBts
spoilt to some extent the show of
flowers. Otherwise the fair was
the most successful ever held and
those in charge are4 to be congratulated on the success of their efforts,
especially E. R. Martin assisted by
Capt. Davies who looked after the
entrance fees. A turkey shoot was
-in progress during the whole day
and attracted a good deal of atteh-
tention and competition was keen.
The exhibits were nicely arranged
and presented an attractive appearance.
A moat interesting feature was
an instructive address on child's
welfare by Mrs. Garland Foster, of
The Fair was wonnd up with a
For Sale
A few -fresh milk cows.   Phone
7L,   W. Jenks, Greenwood.
���/-/ ��� '/'"' Lost< :> - V- xf
Far ganritleS between V Greenwood and Eholt. Finder , please
leave at The Ledge office and receive reward. .        - "- ���  ���'
big Dance invtbe evening, there
being a very large crowd present.
Bush's three piece orchestra supplied excellent music and encore
after encore was demanded by the
enthusiastic dancers.
The following are the various
committees to whom great praise is
due for the success of the Fair
everything going with a swing and
not a hitch daring the whole day:
Farmers Institute: W. Clark, G.
H. Pitman, J. Madge, H. Snell,
W. Johnson. Sec-Treas.,. Major
F. E. Glossop. Women's Institute:
Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Clark, Mrs.
Wilson. Sec.-Treas., Mrs. Lindsay.
Judges. Fruit and . vegetables:
Mr. Hunter, the assistant horticulturist for the Okanagan. Field
_Produce:VMesstfl. Tippie and Clark
of Midway. Women's exhibits:
Mesdames* S. Kerr and C. J.
Lundy of Midway.
List of prize winners follows:
Section A-. Plate ExniDits.  Aoeles
Wealthy���ist, Geo. Lord; 2nd, Bubar
Bros; 3rd, J. Caldwell,
Mcintosh Red���zst, W. Jenks.
Ben Davis���rst, Bubar Bros.-
Gand���ist, Geo. Lord; and, Mrs. Carey.
Snow���ist, Bubar Bros; and Geo. Lord.
. Bismark���ist^ Bubar Bros;- 2nd, - S.
Northern Greening���ist, Bubar Bros;
and, Rev. Smyth. ; ;*
- Grimes Gbldeu���ist, Bubar Bros.
. Northern Spy���ist, Bubar Bros.
Baldwin^-ist. Bubar Bros: and, Geo
Lord. "V '���-���-'���
King of Tompkins���ist, Bubar Bros;
2nd, Rev. Smyth.' ..... ',
Russett��� ist, Bubar Bros.       ; "���-'-"'.";".
Wolf River���ist,- Mrs. Carey; -and,
Bubar Bros.   '        * ,
Delicious���ist, E. R. Martin..        7 ';
Winter Banana���ist, Bubar Bros.       V
Any-other variety (fall)���ist, 7.'.Geo7
Lord; and, W. Jenks. 1       " V
- /Any other variety (winter)���isty Rev.
Smyth; 2nd, W. Jenks. - -       77:
. - Transcendent crabs���ist, S. _ Goodwin;
2nd, B. R. Martin. ��� V ./���
Hyslop crabs���ist, Bubar Bros; 2nd,
ER Martin.
Box Ex&ibltS
Best 3 boxes of apples���1st, Bubar Bros.
. Best box of apples���ist, Geo Lord; and,
Bubar Bros. '   * .,-..���"
���  Pears   --
Flemish Beauty���ist, J Caldwell;. 2nd,
H Snell. ~ ' '..-...' .-������"
Plants ,
Any variety���ist, Babar Bros; 2nd, J
Section B.  Ve*etafeie$
Potatoes, .ivhite, 10 lbs���2nd,--j7Hind-
moor; 3rd, W Norris. -
\ Potatoes,  EttTly Rose. 10 lbs���ist, J.
Madge; and,' AJohmwn; 3rd,  E Hatton.
Potatoes, Carmea No. a, 10 Ibs--rst,
-W Johsuson; 2nd, Jg R Martin.
- - Potatoes, any variety,  to lbs��� ist, E.
Haitoii; and, A Johnson; 3-d, W Johnson,
Carrots, intermediate���ist, E Richter;
and, J Madge.
Carrots, Short Horn���ist, Major F E
Turnips, white���ist, Mrs. J Walker.
Parsnips���ist, W Johnson; and, W
Cabbage, winter���ist, W Jenks; 2nd, J
Cabbage, red���ist, J Madge; and, A
Onions, yellow���ist, Major Glossop;
2nd, A Johnson.
Onions, red���ist, W Jenks; and, Mrs.
H Smith.
Onions, pickling���ist, A Johnson.
Beets, globe���ist, W Johnson; 2nd, E
Beans, 1 qtlhelled���ist, F Bubar; and,
J Madge. *     .
Corn, Squaw���ist, A Johnson.
Corn, any other variety���ist, J Lind.
say; 2nd, J Madge.
! Squash��� ist, A Johnson.
Cucumber, garden���ist, W Johnson.
Marrow���ist, H Snell.
Celery���ist, W Johnson.
Tomatoes���ist,   A   Johnson;   and,
Citrons���ist, Neil O'Donnell; and
Bubar. ',
Section C-   Field Produce
Wheat, fall���ist,    B  Gane;    2nd,
Wheat, spring���ist, J Madge; 2nd,
Capt Atkinson; 3rd, B Gane.
Oats���ist, EjRichter; 2nd, E Hatton.
Beets sugar���ist, ER Martin; 2nd, A
Carrots, red���ist, W Jenks; 2nd, Geo
Lord. ���'���������-.   * ',..-'. ��
Carrots, white���ist, W Johnson; 2nd,
E Hatton.        ,
Turnips, for cattle���ist, A Johnson.
Mangold Wurtzel���ist, W Jenks.
- Sheaf Oats���ist,   E  Richter;   2nd, A
Sheaf Wheat���ist, A Johnson; .and, B
Gane. .
Sheaf Rye���ist, W Johnton; and, A
Sheaf Alfalfa���1st, S Pittendrigh.     "
Best Grain Hay���ist, W Johnson.
Best Alfalfa Hay���ist, S Pittendrigh.
"   .'..-Section D.VJDairy Produce
Dairy Butter���Ist," Mrs E R Martin;
2nd, Miss Hindraoor.
Eggs, white���ist, Capt R Gray*; and,
Mrs E Heed.
Eggs, brown���ist, Mrs Heed; 2nd, Mrs
E R Martin.
Section E.   Ladies Exhibits
Best Loaf White Bread���ist, Mra W
Johnson; and, Mrs B Gane.
Best Loaf Wholewheat Bread���ist,
Mrs Lindsay; 2nd, Mrs E Richter. -
Fancy Cookies���ist, Mrs B Gane; and,
Mrs Ryley.
Plain Cookies���ist, Mrs Lindsay; and,
Mrs. Taylor.    "
Jellies���ist, Mrs W Johnson; and, Mrs
E R Martin.
Canned Fruits��� ist, Mrs W Johnson;
2nd, Mrs Hatton.
Cherries,   not preserved���ist,   Mrs B
Gane; 2nd, Mrs E R Martin.
__, Raspberries,.. not preserved���ist,���Mrs
F E Glossop; and, Mrs Shillcock.
Pears, not preserved���rst; Mrs J Madge
and, Mrs W Johnson.
Apricots; not preserved���ist, Mrs E R
Peaches, not preserved���rst, Mrs W
Johnson; 2nd, Mrs J Madge.
Homemade wine���ist, Mrs Lindsay;-
2nd,' W Jenks.
Canned vegetables, collection~ist, Mrs
W Johnson.
Pickles, collection���ist, Mrs H Smith;
and, Mrs W Johnson
'   Hand made and trimmed  child's dress
���ist, Miss Debney.
Collection of Crocheting���ist, Mrs
Crochet Yoke���ist, Mrs Olson. -
Crochet.Lace,  r yard���ist,. Mrs ER
Martin; 2nd, Mrs E. Madge,   .
; Knitted Lace���ist, Mrs Taylor.
V Knitted Sweater���ist, Mrs Norris; 2nd,
Miss M Gane. -. 7   ., ./.'_..
.   White Embroidery���ist,  Mrs   Olson;
2nd, Mrs. Wilson;, o
Embroidered Cushion Top���ist. Mrs*
H Smithj.ind, Mrs Thdrburn: ''������'.
Hooked Rug���ist; Mrs McKay; and,
Mrs O'Donnell. V
Best paipting on velvet or silk���ist,
Mra. Lindsay; and, Mrs O'Donnell.
X.' :Flowers
Begonias���ist, Mra E Madge.
'Gb'raniums-rist, Mrs W Johnson.
Asters���ist, Mrs E Madge.  - " .
Best Boquet���ist, Mrs . Wilson; and,
Mrs Glossop.   ..-, ... - V. ���������       -
Best collection of Wild Flowers, hy-.
children���ist, T Walker; 2nd. B Wilson;
3rd, W Johnson;.
School C&Hdrea   '-"V--
.   Writing, Seniprs^ist, Margaret Clark;
2nd;;W-Whiting; "3rd, Evelyn O'Donnell.;
:  Writing, Jnniors^-ist, Doris Clark; and
S Thompson. . .-...;
Drawing���ist, F Jupp; and, F Richter;
3rd, B Lumm. " .;.. - -
'��� -Colored Drawing��� ist, M Clftrk;, and,
Irs Lamm; 3rd, Helen Bardick. -V
;:Plasticine. Modelling���rst,   A   Olson;'
2nd, T Walker; 3rd, W Wbita'ng.       ,7
Sewing��� ist, Beatrice Eabtr; lad,
RosieMsdgei ! .j-'-nmf-
/ ; H Wl.'\-x\'f\f\ n
Always Pure
and    Clean
and Kept Good
in the Sealed
XkeJmpo.rtance Of
Encouraging Western Settlers
The many advantages That -would iie-crue to Canada Ci-om ihe settlement of ihe vast unoccupied ureas of feriile agricultural lauds in the West
are fairly well recognized by all people, yet the work of peopling these vacant
lands l-iTijruishes and proceed* almost at a snail's pace.
There is hardly a Canadian problem today, the solution of which, -wholly or lai'i,'('!>. i:.i noi. io bo found iii a lari;e increase iu ihe population of the
count ry.
l:s ir, th.' I ui.-���;,������ junior.:;! debt civaie-l by the war and the eonsoiitient heavy
burden ot' taxation'.' The solnridii is not so much in decreased expenditures
or m-wer and additional means of revenue, but. in a larger number of people lo produce new uealih and to carry a share of tlie national load, thereby reducin-.; ilit- burden all round.
Is il the problem of making the Nat imifil It.-vilwa.v jjsij ? The solution
is mu to be found ia higher raies for passengers and freighi, which would
operate to further decrease iralVie, nor solely in economies jn management
anil operation, to which there is a limit if eflicient. service is noi'to be destroyed, bin through increased population ami increased production creating
greater  Ira (lie to keep  the railways  profitably busy.
ls ii a steady output for our factories and uninterrupted employment for
Canada's ariixausV      'J* ho solution is  more people  in  Canada   requiring the
- output of our factories.
Older countries, already blessed with fairly large populai ions, can well
depend upon the natural increase of their people. But not. so a young
country like Canada, an empire in itself covering half a continent and possessing untold wealth in untouched natural resources. Canada" now requires, ami for many years to come, will remiirc, just what the United
States required throughout the -Nineteenth Century, and that is a large and
steady stream of immigrants. The United States, with its more than one
'hundred million people, can r.ow afford io cheek the stream, but Canada
needs to encourage it. *���
In the ten or fifteen years he fore tlie war, immigration poured into Canada ai a rate never experienced prior io that time. Tlie mere handful ol:
people in the West doubled, trebled, quadrupled: unorganized territories
became flourishing Provinces; hamlets grew into towns, towns were transformed into thriving cities. Why?- Because the incoming settlers brought
money and goods with them, settled on vacant lands and began lo produce,
As they produced new wealth, from lite soil, the demand for tlio factory
products of the Bast: grew by leaps and bounds. Factories which had remained at a standstill In volume of production year after year, or grew so
slowly that it was almost imperceptible, suddenly found if necessary io
build a new storey, ail*addition, or a now building altogether in order to
meet the demand. Labor was at a premium and unemployment praetically
uuknown. The railways were congested with more I radio than they could
handle. More railways had to be built, and thus more employment was
created. The mines wcrc busy and so was the lumber industry. It was
all directly traceable to the immigration, aud tlie enormous resultant increase il; agricultural production.
With so recent an object lesson before the country it is amazing io find
a very large number of people opposing immigration to Canada now when,
in order to carry the burdens imposed on the Dominion by reason of the war,
the need for more people and largely increased production is so evident.
Restrictions have been plated on immigration to Canada'which were undreamed of a few yeras ago; and are of such" a 'character-;that.-as'"one speaker
at a reoont public meeting, said,.had they been in'force" at the time our parents and-graiuVparerits immigrated lo-this, country, probably..one-half of the
people now here would hot be here..- Stringent.'as. present restrictions are,
there is-persistent demand in-some quarters" lliai.-they be made even more
stringent,/while, some advocate absolute prohibition .of immigration'. ��� , -
'"- Possibly the immigration laws bf both Cannda~and, the- 'United-Stales
were" too lax in.tlie past in.one respect in that the bars-were not-kept up
against' ihe admisisoit of the diseased* the'mentally and .morally deficient,
and-the. criminal class." . '.Al! such should be' rightly, excluded. -But lack of
money .should, not be made-a deterrent to anybody who-'is .'physically .fit,
morally sound, and menially eflicient;" capable arid w-ililng to" work-.
.In-'another respect., 'too,'Canada was. .at fault-in the. past., in its treatment of-new'comers. Itis iiof sufficient to induce, people" to" come' ii> assist
intlie development of,the country andon then/arrival to leave them.(o'shift
for, themselves, which-so often, led to failure and,shipwreck".of. their "live-'-*-
- through- ignorance of the conditions'and'.customs' of,.the1 land of. their.adoption.. A recent -little "Mainial/of Citizenslnp'- issued by'iVe-Department"--'or
Immigration and-Golonizalion-for" .the.-guidance'of new; arrivals is, therefore,'
ah encouraging innovation. ~ In fact,' the 'change'in name- from. Depari.in'ent
of Immigration to "Immigration and Colonization.'' is iu itself significant '"���as
First League Of Nations
Ratified In America In 1621 and Kept
For 50 Years.
An incident of President Harding's
recent participation in the Pilgrim
tercentenary celebrations at Plymouth, Mass., was a meeting of the
President and Frs. Charlotte Mitchell, a direct descendant of Chief
"Hassasoit, the Pilgrims' staunches!
Indian  friend.
Chief Massasoit,  according to historical records, was one of the promulgators of ihe  first "League of Nations Covenant," to which Americans
were a party.      This first peace covenant    and    League of Nations  was
ratified   in   America   in   .1621.      Thc
conference was held at Plymouth in
March    of    that year.      The  result-
! ing organization was strictly an Am-
: eriean league between ihe aboriginal
| redskins     and     the .Anglo-Saxon   in-
1 vaders.      It was kept without, amend-
' ment   for  fifty  years.
The preliminary Council,  the drafting  and   ratification   were    all    con-
��� eluded  within a week.      The eoven-
i ant   included  reparation.    Article   VI.
i contains provision  for the beginning
i of universal. disarmament.      The  ve-
I cord    reveals    that the "savage" not
i only ratified, hut took the    initiative
, iti     drawing     up "the   covenant   and
j treaty.
Proves Irrigation
Is a Success
Man in Third Season Owns Farm and
Proof of success in the irrigated
section in Alberta is exemplified in a
'farmer named Williamson. After
-working as a hired man ho rented an
engine and ploughing oulut on an
acreage basis and with the proceeds
of one seasons ploughing purchased
an irrigated farm of eighty acres
and broke it. In the fall he bought a
threshing machine and paid for it
through the proceeds of the season's
threshing operations. This is his
third season's farming and he owns
a farm, threshing and", ploughing outfit and tractor, all fully paid lor.
Your liver���healthy or clogged, active
or sluggish���makes all the difference
between a vigorous,
cheerful life and-Jow
spirits and failure. To subdue
a stubborn
liver,   over-^
come consti-
^ pation, dizzi-
"" ness,  bilious-	
ness, indigestion, headache   and  the.
blues there is nothing on earth so good.
asCarttr'sLittle LfrerPills. Purely vegetable
Small FLU���Small Qose���Small Priea
Sixty Years In
One Regiment
They are simply .dried bile made- up   _    ,   .      0   ...     .  .      .    _
of Crystalline    constituents .of   that | Ca-,tam   Swift   Jomecl   <*"w*
fluid.      Very common  is this disease | Rifles In 1861.
among merchants,    clergymen,    shop!     Captain Charles Su-iff., leader uf the
girls   and   those  of  sedonlarv  habits. I ,     ,     .      .     ....      ,. ,    ...        ,���
Prevention  consists     in     maintaining j ,U,R,,? l,a,ld of  (lu: ��,,R��,l��  0wn   Jo'-
'onto Itifles of Canada, has.! tho longest
Mighty Britain
correct action of tho liver and bowel's, j
and this is spedily accoiiipiishi-d b.v
usiny Dr. Hamilton's I'ilis. Xo person using Dr. Hamilton's I'ilis will be
subject lo bilious fits. Sound digestion, good appetite, a clear color will
evidence the health giving properties
of Dr. Hamilton's Pills which are safest, ant! best for general family use.
When a laxative is needed, when you
feel out of sorts, that's I lie tinie to
use Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Man drake
and IJiittenuil, 25c. all dealers or The
Catarrhozone' Co., Montreal.
Premier  Says   Nation   !s   Safest
Truest   of   all   Lands.       '   .
The  liritish  prime  minister  spoke
as  a  native  son  recently in  a  little
village    ot'    Dingwall.      His  thought! ' ���t	
was  in  negligee  when   he   talked   to j Estimated That Crop of 1922 Will be
tlie   town 'councillors,   and   yet.   that | Large.
very informality gave it a veritable !' If is estimated dial 'southern Al-
j sincerity which sometimes tlie more i berla and Southern Saskatchewan are
j ordered remarks of statesmanship do | this year seeding about SnO.Onn acres
j not. possess. Lloyd George, 'the j to IV.M-pIanted rye as compared with
j man, was speaking simply. "If Ri-i-; 350,000 acres last year, an increase
.tain goes  down," he said,  ",i  do not | of-about 500,000 acres, or   about ..185
servico of any military man in-Canadasixty years in the one regiment.
Tho Militia Pepartmonl lias just
marked this service! by promoting
him lo an honorary Captaincy in the
regiment. If was as a triangle pla3'-
er that Captain Swift joined the
Queen's Own .Regiment, at Uidge-
way in JSfU. and led the band on tho
trip to the1 coronation of King Edward.   Leading   musicians   from   all
Growing Fuel In Six Years
Many    Trees.   Suited    For    Prairies
Grow Very Rapidly.
. Many of the species which can be
Used on the prairies are very rapid
growers, for example, cottonwood,
willow, Russian poplar and Manitoba
maple. It is safe to say that wood
large enough for- fuel can be grown
from any of these trees within six
years. After that time a plantation
will increase in value and, productiveness year by year and will prove
one of the best investments' on the
On the Nursery Station at Indian
Head, Sask., a plot three-quarters of
an acre in extent was planted out lo
Russian poplar in"7l906, trees spaced
four feet apart each way. Iu 1013
the average height of these trees
was twenty-three feet. In the fall
of 1913 half .the plot was cut down
and yielded six aud three-quarter
cords of quite fair fuel. ' This is at
the rate of about, eighteen cords per
acre in eight years. Thc soil was
a medium clay loam. ��� The labor
cost of planting was $5.SG per acre
and cultivation for two years about
?(! per year.���N. M. Ross, 'Supt. of
Tree Planting, nonunion Forestry
liraiieh.  Indian Head.
Use Cuticura Soap daily for'the toilet and haye a healthy clear complexion, soft white hands-and good hair.
Assist when necessary by touches of
Cuticura Ointment. The Cuticura
Talcum is also ideal for the skin.
ScipZSc. Ointmtiit25��nJ5Qc. Talcum2Sc. Sold
throushouttheDominion. CanadianDepot:'
Ltumoj. Limited, H4 St. Ptal St., W., Montrtil.
��p5r~Culicur��Sohp ��havc�� without mug.
- jparlK  of tho world  have  congratulat- i
More Acres Seeded To Rye; �����  c--i>t.  swift on  the wonderful
  ! hand he leads.
Curing* Plant Diseases
know what help''(here is for Europe.
Britain   is   (he  mightiest,   safest  and
truest    of    all lands.      I do not. see
'anything  that  can   lake its place at
the  present moment."
That is a characteristic expression
I of simple people all over Ihe world.
j If  David  Lloyd   George  did   not   be- j
j lieve it hc could not be prjme minis-*!
' ter.      Bernard Shaw could not have j
: said ii. and that is  die reason he is
not prime  minister.      "Vet there has
probably    never    been  a  nation,  or
race,  or tribe   which  do  not  believe
the  same  thing of itself.   The  British" prime minister may lay claim to
reality.   Despite all the tragedy and
blunders. Britain has made a contribution which the..world will. not. soon
forget.���Xe\v York Globe."
per cent.      It  is    further    calculated
British  Government Secures Services
of  Expert Scientists.-s
The increase  in   tho  world's  store
of food has become, since the war, a
<> . -
most    pressing    problem.,     Men  of
j thai, given an average yield per acre, j ^-oncc have realized for many
I the rye crop of ".Ml22 in Southern Al- j -V0;l1'8 Uud the ������ntity of vegetable
'berta    and/ Saskatchewan  will give   r(,otl  ''ac'(u!,ll-v    produced    could    he
the farmers of these distrieis three or   nniili',lie(-   U'   phmLs   were   m'ot'-H:te-'1
four million  dollar's  more  than  they
will receive this year.
Novel Idea-Of"-'
_ British Inventor
It is due io impurities in die wafer,
causes cramps, diarj^hoea. headache.
Those who take twenty drops of Nerviline in sweetened water usually get
quick relief.- Ii. is really wonderful I expected to accomplish will be of
how good old Xorviline fixes up a sour I gTe.,L bencfll ^ ou,     (()  (ho j,rltish
front fungus and parasites of all
kinds. A similar state, of tiff airs
exists in connection with - plants
which have a commercial value. The
British Government has, therefore,
decided to establish an Imperial Bureau which will make a close investigation of plant'diseases and experiment with methods of preventing or
curing them. The services of the
highest experts have been secured
for this bureau, and the work   it   is
upset stomach, how if stops hiccoughs,
how quickly ii puts a -stop-to those
nasty attacks qf gas.. -. Every' home
should keep a bottle or two of "trusty
old . Nerviline' tin,, hand.; P.5 cents
everywhere.     '"' - -
;���'..   Perseverance,   i     '  .
Couldn't    you    Irani u>
Kmpiro; but to ihe world 'at large.
The Bolshevists Of America
an indication of aiieiy and better policy.-, 7 It-is important,- however.'-.that ,tlie
"work"of Immigration-;should.not-,be;stripped nor checked ..by" .to6;-rierid''daws
-and regulations.' ���- On, the.'contrary-.increased; efforts ..should be put; forth" to-
secure new settlers  of-the riglit; type'.-. -''-". ���".'-;.���. 7''...\-'." "-.-'.-.-----_   .;'.'   '.���
me?"   ""   -. '-'
She.���"1 might",
like" cold Jiver oil..
1 oiu-o" learned to
Which    Cannot- "Leak"'
ranged in Sections. -:
I AVhen oil.is.carried across the sea
iii' ordinary ships-it. is usually 'stored; in tins and .'wooden'.eases. The
.leakage-, from, "ili'ese- "cases is. very
considerable',' .'and.-- sometimes -as
much as."a. fi fill df,.ihe-oil 'will have
.disappeared-in the end, dV the voyage.    'The alleniion'of inventors has
therefore"beoiiV.-alied  to the pro'biem i D0DD'S'  K"lDNE'y.'P!LLS'..ARE.--THE.'
;of designing^ barrer"which,wi.ll iVo, ""I >'!,E^EDy; ,^lKiDN'E.Y7,-LL:S,; ���''"'
.leak.;. - Success, has" been- .achieved  by ^Principal   of, -^'Saskatchewan-'- Schools
a'British inventoi-7 who.'.has- desigiie'd-j^-Tells; Out  of 'His  Own   Experience-
a  Jtios'lyi'ngeuio.us- barrel  from .-which' I V VY'tat-.to do When,, the Kidneys are
Here Is What The
Principal Learned} ;���
German Competition
Becoming1 -severe
Past And Present
Tenders   F-7dr "Railway'- Equipment .40. j
":,"Per'-Cent.'-iBe.lo>fV .-British;'-"-. - 7  |;
.Cominenting7on'ilie.;seVeritv- .of the,
Herman- competition'. for- orders   fo'r
railway equipment, Modern.Transport"
\sUites.that'-one-Ge.rnian ^ firm's!, tender  "than'ourinaehbiery.-ff)!- manufacture
was.'-iO   per   cent,  under, -the"' .'lowest., an(j transport at ion and' should" be re-
Experience , of_> One-   Generation- ' Is
. : "Valuable- to -Another.-
��� Our view of the present age should
be'neither glpoiny.'-.noi ..smugly opil-'
mistic,- .but. .'based upon constructive
'prilic.ism.'.. :p\iv: political -aiid -"economic    s'ystems ; -are  no "more:,perfect
British., tender, for"'carriages for - the
Indian state railway. .The tender.for
one of the.Biirman railways has'been
given":io it- British'firm, although the.
.quotations'...exceeded- the lowest -<ler:-
: j if air figures  by; J 0-. per, ceri i.
garded:.' as"-abvaj>i..siisee"ytible -of-1 Im-
leakage  _is-.'impossible.-���' -The   'fir'si
Webb. -Knski-
Preaches   State   of '-'Affairs- That -No
'.  One  Can   Imagine.
j- ' i-le    who " preaches .Bolshevism  to
'the American  people, preaches  more'
tyranny; more injustice,  more  social
paralysis;,    more. ' want aiid suffering
than ever  were hound ��� up-   in.  any
social 'or-political'-doctrine .that the
uneasy ni.tml; of .mail, or woman ever
���onccived.    -.-This   '.(he-    American
people, wiio.are now'engaged ia re-
-lieviiig-.the/'suffeKinns of- the victims -,
;of tlie '.Marxian'philosophy, and practise.in. Kiiss'ia.  know  (piiie 'too well
to be disturbed by. any defence that
its discredited advocates may  inak'e.
���Tlio Boston -Transcript.
-, H^peeial).
mode! .cost .ihe, inventor over.- ��1.00.0
but   .(he-,- barrel' ilsclf-canj be.'niami-' j \ here., is- one, :sovereigh   remedy, for
-fai-Viired'. iu'ciUaiiViVies ai  from'. ^CioV'^-1^--'^. "djsease,. and   ilial ��� remedy   is
-��-.}.each.  '"-;
se'eiions' s"o-"ili'at
-is .th... outspoken'
.    'Hail. Insurance Claims. ,7
Directors- of. (he Municipal Hail 'Insurance- -Association - have .fixed the
,: .  ,    ���   -, . ...--, .- LUodd's Kitlnev. I'ill
he-.barreh i^aiTanged in 1;npini();;   -of" ^IlV..a(i0,g0. iriuchings. *,
...... ..   ^vvlieu . oiiiLity .it. ..can I pVineipa"l-ol 'thV, pulilu; schools hero...   't'rhre^iif jirenuum to be paid by'farm-
be '.'h.est'ed" -with a- 'vieiv. 'u>   sa\ ing.: -7"-;'T;'sufi'e'red .foi; 7.1" wo ye;n-s_fi:oiii-disT i'ors-for-ilie -current,
it. iweuty-
spaee;   ..The', ad'oprion,' or"ihls-'l)arrei;|
is--likely' io'.,b-ecc"ini(V. genera
ihe- high- insiiraii'ce-
eased Tkidneys.". principal   nutchingsj flvc ^]l)s. a��� ,ic,:0 - 0rV (ho :net .wooded
Based  on   till   claiius   rein cans ,a
ms number-
ates.-   Vi-..wa's.-nih ise'd" about a veal
japo'.'uvfry Bodd's Kidnev I'ills'.l'i'hev | .-ic'1'c:lf:e
ol   Hie- high  insurance j-ates."charged- j have, helped- hie "tnore- 1 ban" any-.'rehi-;i ceived .this- levy  pratically
foi-.,oii;;.co4ve'yed" iii Vlie usual -. way. --; ,f-dy ;i.,.liav.-?i->ver-:jvieil'.' '-;.l-;ihid"fh;'it-i jive pe'r-'ceii't. -ri'iie.-"' ''.Claire
"   ".  7 rX-'.Xi-y.y IV    V V 7L-- '."-j ".���>'' heiilih-has.been.groa'll'y improved: f'j'i (;'f;':Vi;( | '   '   '  '
'���';'-, '���".'-"-'-""���','"!.'""     "-"".'.  ..--,���'-".       .".i;.-"c'an cfinscieni-iously .reconimenil.- ''������ ' .'' ''"( -'
Luxuries';Arid . Short-  Hours.".
���-If.   the' ' popular-preference for l.u.v-i
iirie's:;were-.limited7!,o fine ;ind>xpen-;
slve. shoes ilie mat:rer- would, not - be
| worth; a- second iliouglit. but- -wliar. is
provenient.-'-- - As.ni- .!lie.':maniiers of J hiippKiiiug, .with' respect "iri' footwear
our "young -people- and  ilieir
attiitide.'l is   merely" syn'iptomatic -of
towaril HIV.--what is. reriuired' is not-1 n-ndciicv.'   'Too
���-An-instance ..'of Britisli. poS
"hut an etitiaf testimonial to.-its persist-
eiie'y", -v/as lite deli very- at .J'rin<:o Albert to Ji",Harris-, 'an. Imperial yetera,h,
of a. packet 'of- cigarette's. mailed -hint
i  general
many    peoj-'|e    are
indiscriminate -denunciation,  bin   sy-s- j trying |��� \ni\   liiMin--s and woik less
temaiir,   serious   and   eim.stant   si inly i-;,f   ',)�����   ��.,,,,;*   ,inie,       if   proditei ion :-
of conduct   in  all    human-    relation's, j kept   pace  with our easy   .habits    of!
I-Comluct  is not alwav.s a simple mat.- '.spending.      a      reasonable-      balance [ Ihtlc   ph.iynia.1.
presents    problems     c'alU'ug. I would   b--. -|ireserv(..,i-:   |,ni   fiiat - is  noi '
'.Dodtl's Kidney fill?- to.anybne- suffering- -from'-kidney' disease. '.;���   I ""would
nor. be-wiiuo.u.l "lliem'."-'..-   -r.1    ,.: :." .
.   jlodd-s" "Kidney - l-ills/aetdiretitly on ���
the-kidneys.'-    They- help The kidneys-
l"o do their full  work.pt sirathing. all
.'������iln-'hiip-urii ii-h.i-i.n-; oi-lhv-blb.od.;-. ,The'-
r result', is1 new ���h---. It li/'and'/i-nei-gv- all' ,-,,, ,.      ..,     ., - .        .        ..
j'over the body.    ��� A.-,!;' ymfr-neighbors-' ^'(.'/'/H> -busnels:-    iind-.ryo,- a;0��;;,0.Q0
���about   llodd-V Kidtie\   Pills
Persistency o'f'British P.o'st.
�����ii,'   .."ter.- but.
stal .delay i   .-.
, for something like .-seieiuit'n- analysis
jTlic o.vp.erience of one gi/iTenifion is
fOf   .course. . valuable. Io anotlier. but i \<  llti.rdlv
i tlie gifi "must   be imparted with tact ' pnd  iir
j'aiid- d-fscr-i.tiiination  and -without  trrl.- j.jumI.
fating    claims    of-superiority.--The >
Toronto Clobe.    . -     1
A Sii.cklcr Cor Polilep'ess."   "..""
I.'m   shocked   at   \<iu:k-i(.:king .your
si-oldei):. .Ua;> nUirid's
moiin'i-.. ......
' Wheat Yield' in. .Saskatchewan. ..
.The. wheal, yielil of.Saskatchewan is
tistiiuafed for the proseiu.'ycar to' be:
r-ir>,OS.2.0(iO- bushels:' - outs." 196.-120!00().
bushels'; '-'i):'irley;'- :t::;5bO.QOO:;-. litix,-- '���!,--
oci-iirring,      \Shu\y     are     deiilan'diiig ,-    "I  got   tiit-d  ol   playing    uiili
moi-ft  pay and   shorter  hours,  which Vint!    I.   wanted lii.ih ���lo-'gcV/lVoinc,
,' A Prime" D res sing- for ..Wounds.-���In
i;sonii'"; factories .'.and workshops-car-
; bolic .iic.ifl is kept for. user.in-caiite'riz-
J ing ��H>-uiids;atid.-ctit.s' sustained by" the
IvorUmen.'   .-i-'ai-. bettifi- tiv.   keep,   on
yoitngsier-exciiKcr]   liihiselfjt.
didn't  you  a'sk; jiini.'td'
���.'riofnr..W;ir, from- Kirghind in".l.lto.'l. The.
: package; indicat'es-tl'iiit during, its IS
years; rambling it has 'been, to India.
���New.'Z'Vil.'in'J, and nearly- all ove.r - the
-globeV-7- '    - - '  '
Canadian-Copper Production
i Report   Shows   Value   in   1919   Was
Over Thirteen  Millions.
With a capital investment of SI5.--
0-jI.09I, -the. brass arid copper indiiS'
the rigjit  -iva.-.   to reach  the
view .--St.   Cashertiw-'V  Stand  !   ''-Then'.w"li;
1      '    ���        '.go  Siome'V"- '���      '-     . ������....-' ,'���_-���
.��� - -....,. ..... I     "\Vhy, ivi'amma." In;, said in amaze'-'
- rflistake Somewhere: j'hif-nt. . "tint    -.wottrdnT   ,hifcve���   been,
candidate    had  Wen oraiing in H-o'iie/'-.-Bbsiori Transcript;_;.���.;   '    ..
the V-oimt ry and after the affair was; ~- ""'������T~r~ .   -   .-
over a   friend-said-:   "Well,  you  had
! hand"
a. bottle of I>r. -Thomas' ICcloc-tric'
It is..iu.;t. si.-, (piiek,in action aiid
jnoi ss(;ar.tiic. skin or hum the-
Newsboy -Going
.To Uhiyersity
a good recejition." "Ves." said
the candidare. "but ilu-ive vvas something wrong about tlie floral part,"
"Why.", said the friend, "you were
fry of Canada in 1'jVj "had-'a produc- presented with three bouquets.'.; "I
tion value of ? 13,760.311. according
to �� preliminary report of the Dominion Bureau of Staiis'fics-. The
number - of; j��lant^ in  operation  tras
Tin.- Iialih'ul fislii't-men iii th/'1.. I'a-
cific i>iiy all their bills -.lK'ij��iv -starting .on a fishing trip.
[.Has   Saved'; Enough   to   Put   Himself
���I i "Through. .--".'
I   'fc'or-rhd past ten years,-David Pas-
Depend   Upon   the   Condition   of   the
Blood���Keep   it   Rich,   Red   and
When ii doctor tolls you that you
are anaemic, ho simply moans, iu
plain .lOnglish. that your blood is
woak and watery". _. But this-condition
is ono that, may easily pass into a
hopeless decline if prompt, stops a"re
not taken tos enrich the blood. Poor
blood, weak'7 watery blood is the
cause of headaches, and backaches,
loss of appetite, poor digestion, rhoii-
mutism, -neuralgia, nervous, irritability a-nd many other troubles. To
poor blood is due the pimples aud
blotches, tho muddy complexion that
disfigures so many faces. To havo
good health, a good complexion and a
cheerful manner, the blood must bo
kept, rich, red and pure. This is
easily done, through tho use of a
blood enriching tonic like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. The whole mission
of this medicine is to help imr.ic.li the
blood-which reaches every nerve aud
every organ in tlio body, bringing
with it health, strength and new'activity. That is why people who occasionally . use Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills always feel bright, active ami
Mrs. E. E. Cook, Siincoe, Out., gives
strong testimony to the value of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills when the blood
is in an anaemic ���condition, she-says:
"I have been a sufferer for some years
from a run down condition of the system. I suffered from' pains in the
back, twitching of tho nerves and
muscles,, my appetite was poor, I-had
indigestion and would got drowsy, at'-,
ter eating.. 7 My hands and feet wero
always cold, aud .though ( was cousin ally doctoring, the medicine-'-I took
did not help. mo. I had practically
given, up liope of goptriiWlth, until u
friend froin. Hamilton-, came *i,o visit
me, and. urged me to. try Dr: Williams'
Pink Pills.1 It took some persuasion,
hut finally. I consented to try them.
I havo reason- to be grateful that f
did, for-after using seven boxes I .felt
liko-a new person. I.have gained in
weight, have si -betier color- and "my-
work is now a "pleasure"; For this con-
dit ion: my - thanks are due Dr. 'Williams''Pink Pills, and I cannot, praise
theni too highly." .'-    .-      '- ���--" -''
, You can' get ,'-Dr. -Williams'��� Pink"
Pills' through.any dealer iii medicine,
or by-.mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for " 52:50 from ,The Dr. Williams' Medicine C6.,'.Broc1tvillc,. Ont.
Immigrants Were
Mostly British Born
Fifty Thousand Arrive in Canada in
Four Months.
For the four months, April to July,
inclusive, the total British immigration" into Canada was -26,268, from
the United States for the same
period, 711,219. and from "all other
countries, 9,Y��9. -. Of the United
States- settlers, the department 'asserts, the great majority are English-speaking and a -large proportion
are descendants of British born.
It-ejection at ocean ports during the
four-months, April to July, numbered 8-t-i, of-which only 72 were. British. - "   '    '
Banks And The People
Money   Is  No   Longer   Hidden,   But
Put to Work.
The war, with, its severe drain
upon the resources' of the people and
its popular loan's in which the banks
became the - direct agents of the
Governriient in-dealing with the people, did much to create interest in
the banks and to arouse a response
to their appeals to the thrift and
prudent commousense vof the people.
The hidden- money bag of pioneer,
days has almost disappeared. The
people are putting; their- money to
work. They are coming to the
view that their surplus money is
merely stored work, with a satisfactory potential earning power, and
the more of this .there is in tho country the better, for i<llo money is as
much an evil as idle hands.���Tho
Indianapolis News.
Glass Bottomed Bouts
Discover Greek Temple
Inscriptions     of   -Bronze     Establish
���-;��� Date of 400 B.C. " ''
"""Xireek" "~archac��lo~gists .have unearthed- am imposing temple" at Iter-.
ras, Thessaiy. , The /structure is in
an'.excellent state ��� of,,'preservation���
and-is stated to bev as- large as/the
ie'inple'ot'.Jupiter at Olympia. The.
bronze ..inscriptions establish""' the
date /its /that.. ;of -100. 'E.G. 7:" . Tablets'
have.also-been/found: bearing indications of laws-and- resolutions pf ancient 'civilization.-"..; This is. the, sec;
,ohd"Temple which., has be.ea-,discern
crcd wilhin a-.monih, ;the first having
been"- found ;uciir tlie "city of.'Volo.''
The-, ,'qxcavalioufv are. eonl inning. ".-:"'
Enable   Passengers   to   Watch   "Life
-'-���".-'' Under the Sea.'J   .
So beautiful yis the "scenery" under the sea around the Island . of.
Santa. Calalina, California, that small
steamers,-with glass. - bottoms, aro
run to enable- tlie - passengers -to
study .aud enjoy the-beauties of the-,
deep. . .    "    ,
.Part rjf the-bottom-"of"these, boats;
is made of glass and railed, off, having sifting accommodation ail' round.
The water is -wonderfully, clear, and
the- -passengers, see vast forests^ of
seaweed in the ocean beneath, with
rod and white iish swimming about,,
In ' Ave'l.bnd 'Bay,'these.glass-hot-���
toiued. boats-- cruise round - the Sugar
Loaf-Icock, .^wliere clivers go down for"
bolone".shells.' So clear is the water
that their--movements-are-'watched"
with breathless-interest by the pas-;
scngers through' the glass.     .-
A criiisti of .this sort- is-a/wonderful '���' lesson,'-."in ���- "-'Iife~ under; the -sea,'!
wiiere ~:one -can- watch iii perfect,
'comfort- and dryness,; ail the wonder/
fui:. beauties< and '_���;mysteries-of ,tho'
deep./,    .'.:.".. /     ,   :. ���..' "'--;  ' ��� ���   ' - -
.Woman  Painter-'Dcact.. ..
('rorqnip.���Mi-s/'-Mary: Il.rUeid/ 67,"
one'of''Canada's best-known women
painters,.-: diqd."suddenly  here;   - -..-  ���:'.
59, 01 v;Jiitlt-'39 are" Jn Ontario; 12 in
Quebec.-';; jn British Columbia, 3 in
Manitoba and 2 in New Brunswick.
The number, of employees .was 3,121.'
and the ..salaries -and wages... paid-.?
"6A��52; ->;:���"';./; ���7:/;-;,-:V / '���:'.��� VV '���; /-���:'-
know rha(." s;iid The r-ajididafe. ''but
I paid for four."���Toronto Telegram;
One o.f-the most serviceabh) waterproofs' is  the  raincoat  of Mitsumata
paper,   .made    from   the   leaves  and
stems .of a small shrub which grows
j in',the mountains, of'Japan;.'-.   - ���-' "������'���'.
Tint" -Etiquette." of '.the*--Boa"d".-.
'-VEv.en-.:i.f itis .^'goo'l-df-al of--trouble-.'-.
." The' gold  productisin/of  the-.-.world
up--to-.the -���;-nd .'of'-1 SirOs"estimated
;at;:d-Viit;? 10.11��;nbo,o.oo7: ���.- -V/v//'/"'���-
 . . j temack;. working uiitipr the handicap
patronize home "industry.-! of I'^-^sing 'but one limb, has  spkt
Buy from tlie mcn-l.afjK; in your own| nc^I'apern on the-streeis of Calgary
i-notori.-.t,s   .usually- .tan / avow- s'��.ni��-r  , ^ ���   ., ' '-��� -  - -   -   - ���.,,'->' ., '
.--;,-,.-"-.    .-���-���-���-������--  .���:   :-.-;���--'���'  '-i   - V   - " '��� 'J ���' ��� >K'-)<i-" -oitr-rujor-py1 r-t-':iA::ie.  there:
additional1.-trouble - .bvi-tioppiDc- as. -, .;-,   -��� .--.���-���.--.-'   ...���>.-   .-'.������,;���,-..-,
:���. ���   .--. ���  -.' -:--���- v-...----: ;-.-���';.-���.,".    ���   '������-: ���~'t.i-y--l!i,.ir-,.r.L- .voi:r. owii-rown -r��Jio-!r.'cr.!
s<>on ;as;v��'Oss.ibl<i-7;-- ;ait-��-r.f-;hitfjnij-\..,s..}'XXX<'X\.''Xf-'.'.' r.yx : '.'���.-.;'-' ���.:��� -  7 :"^-:7
pedestrian: '-"���' :'An"d:;- bes.idV-";-.--firdih.'irvv!
manners "demanjKihat/he.V^ .
Ciniment -;"jVU/nberman's
���- -^-. ���  ���    ��� ��� ��������� .'���������,��� ���-���.��� ___������- -^��� ���        ^ - , v;      ^ *.'.-.-     .'���.'-.       .    .���  - J *iti 1 1 ������ **.,��-'.<���   wii:u<ii,iii ,>, i_
���\\\     N'.17'r;:-l7)3S?;//7VVV pedestrian ncaflj/'always. elofs.-.VX;..::l^-7 V" ;'Fri-e'odV XXxX'X- V
i%g. 4%&;f..j-i .iy^y 'X'f. R^l
'**--��: '^.-���^:��i>-*sv-i7:v7^>3-' J~:'-Z--:"*
j.Dayiil has gone to Kingston, Ont., -to
study at Queen's- Unirersity with '.he
idea of eventually -becoming a chemical engineer. For the ��� past ten"
years David has saved carefully, and
today possesses sufficient wherewithal to put him through' lhe eastern university,'
- Why.. No; .Rainbow-.In Winter." ���
; /"-.yhy'-js. the rainbow'.so. frequently
:se'en during.-summer and so seldom
during winter? .7 -Its" 'formation, :we"
are told .by 'Professor -VV. J'..' 1-Iuih-.
phreys,- the '.- emineiit.., inet'corlogical
.physicist,���' reau'iros "' the--, co-e'xistence'
of rain. and - sunshine,. : a ��� '���',condition
tliat often, occurs .-during local; con-,
voclioiial "showers but rarely' during
ti "general :'cyt��lonic storm; and as - the-
���former���re -c'haraeleristic of summer'
and die ��� hit ter-. of - winter,, it follows
iKat'nhe. occurrence of-the/rainbow
corrpspondi.ngly varies -withr I he." seasons'.      -.    ' '.' V" :   '"-- -; '���>-": ."-. -
7!i:.-' -.-",". 7X��.;.S*udy,7Expbrt'.. [": ... V--'
.-- -Tiie-- Trade -''and -Commerce/. Department of..the .-Dominion'Uoveiriment is;
.bpeiiing... ar./office \ in,1������ Vancouver.-': for ���
-the/purpose of7 ;ritudying7 7everythiag"
;cpnn'.ey;;ted :-with-/the .esi'vdrt.'ira'deVin*
:tlie'.-Pacific" fc'oast:"V/rIt''--is.', stated/that'
���the "ve'ssels'-.pf;,the/Canadian /Goyerii-,
:| some.'tlme/fullV cargoes' both-' infoptrBtT
'0ff^X'-'^- ~X':i - j and'..o,atpo.un'd -J rbrn - Pacific/'ports.';/V":
. "There -Was- a. strange man at the
door, sir." announced thevnew"servant
from Boston., ' "What.does he-want?"
asked . the .riiaste'r -of - the house,' impatiently. "Begging -your pardon,
sir," replied the servant, a shade of
disapproval"manifest in his -voice,'"he
wants.a bath, but what lie is asking
for is something to eat."        " , -
./.-'- '"V /-V-His'-.French'/--.-' -'.--.���",W
v-VA\liere; "di.d'you"learn/your. -French/
3Ir:-.Sap!eigh-:--.abroad?--''.-".���'".��� - -' '���-. -.'-,;,'"..���
';' ���'.���Xo/7right'h?re\-;"oft"..'~ perftitrle   bottles! v/;"':y.y..'..~X'''"-.'X-s:' -7/Vx,--'
[ --'Indians; of-Kootka ' 'Sound, -.'pos.iess
wool'y;--..'d6gs, -the'-/fleece.-of/.-whicli"is
"readily, woven '.into/garments'.*-* ','-"���;������"-���;;.
Ask for. M.niardVand take no other.
"This Letter Tells How It May
be Overcorae-rrAIl Mothers
.'"..'-���"Interested. /-V-.
Toronto, Ont���"I have.suffered sincG
I was a'Bch'ool girl with pain in my left ;
sideandwithcramps, /
growing -worse' each";;
year untill was all
run clown.   I was so - -
bad at times that I
was ft'nfit for work.
I tried several doc-. :
tors   and. patont;
medicines, tout.w-ia ;
only relieved for aV
shorfe time;  Soma
of the- doctors
wanted to perform.
i*aau operation, ��� but
my father objected. . Finally I learned,
through, my mo.ther of Lyeiia E. Pink.'
ham's VcgetablerCoinpouncl, and Iiov?-
tliankful :�� am that I tried it.   I am
'relieved:from.-pain .and/cramps, and. .
feel.as if '-i%-. has' saved/my;life;'\ Yo.11 //
-may use my- Setter .to^ help^-otlier
women as I am glad to recommend the"'���';���
medicine."���Jim, II; A. (joodmas, 14 7
Rock vale Avdi, Toronto. " : - ',':'
Those/who. aro troubled as  Sits.'1--.
Goodman was should laimediatch-'seck -/,
-'restoration-to'.health by. taking Lydia 7;
E. rinkham's-- Vegetable Compound. .
V Those who negd special a>l rice-may"1 "-
^rite to Lydia E/PinkhamMt-dicmeCo. ";
(confidential), LVnn: MassC'Tieseletter*/.
will be opened, read ^id answered by 4 ���"
womjui.and held in strict eoafidence."
- 1 -\
THE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Th�� importance of
Vitamines in food is
being, recognized at
tho present time to a
���greater.extent than ever
before. It has been conclusively demonstrated
that yeast is rich in this
all important element.
Many people have received- great benefit
physically simply by taking one, two or three
Royal Yeast Cakes a day.
Send name and address,
for free copy "Roya.1 Yea.s<
Ca.kcs for Better Health.'
World Happenings
- Briefly Told   -
Statistics from the C.N. and Cf*.
Railways, show that 70,000 grain cars
were .distributed on the prairies during, the present season. -���
Capt. A. J. Bierre; master of the
Vancouver tug Commodore, and one
of the oldest seamen iu these waters,
dropped dead ou his boat atVPrince
Rupert. .. -  �� '   "'���"-.'���
Inheriting* $75,000 from ;iiis brother's estate failed to' disturb \he mental poise of a New York letter carrier. . He-continued on his rounds
after receiving the news.
. The four non-permanent members
of the Council of the League 6f Na-
tlons,..Spain, Belgium, China and Brazil, will be re-elected. The commit-
���tee on internal organization so decided unanimously.
The new automobile route between
Port Arthur, Texas and Port Arthur,
.Ontario, which, covers the Mississippi
River scenic highway and the Port
Arthur highway, - has been' officially
opened. *
Losses in. earnings of workers
throughout the U.S. during the past
fiscal year,, duo to involuntary idleness, were put at more than ?G,500,-
000,000 in an estimate prepared by
economic experts of the national conference on unemployment.
Formatlpn of a committee lo. raise
. a $1,000,000 fund- for annual musical
scholarships and .'prizes as^a^ memorial to.-Enrica Caruso was announced
by Dr. Antonio ' Stella, temporary
.chairman' of, the Caruso American
Memorial Foundation.: .
R.. C. Harvey/ of Lethbridge,-' has
leased,-through.G. R.' Duncan"& Co.,
the largo freight warehouse oh the
brinks: of tha".Kaminisfiquia River,
owned, by the Canadian National Railway, and will use it for feeding 10,-
000 sheep,. which he'will fatten on
. An airplane crashed near the Mansion .airdrome" from a' height of 200
feet and a flying officer-and four mechanics were killed. -A'strong wind
was blowing .at the time" and tlio nia-
���chlne'-burst into flames.- A sergeant
of the Jiir force- ran to the blazing
machine in an attempt to rescue the
.men in tho-wreckage, but the/lames
drove him" back. ' <���' -
Christmas In       '-.,-���   ������
The Old Country
Christmas is aXwonderful time to_
visit the Old Country, renew old acquaintances and have?" Christmas dinner l at 'home. It is- the one season
of the year when the old family
table is stretched /to the limit and
loaded with the best in the land for
the yearly fajnily reunion.  >
This is indeed a year for a reunion,
and .why, should it not be complete.
Every convenience in comfort and
service is offered .by the Canadian
Pacific Railway. . Through tourist
sleepers will be operated from Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, Moose
Jaw, Regina and Winnipeg^ thus making it possible to go direct to the port
of sailing 'without-*changc or delay\
Tourist sleeping cars will leave
Calgarjv November' 11th, 13th, 21st,
22nd, December 6th ami 9th. '.From
Edmonton, November 10th, 12th, 20th,
21'st, December 5th and Sth.- From
Saskatoon, November 11 th; 13th, 21st,
22nd, December 6th and 9. From
Moose Jaw and Itegintt, November
11th, 13tli, 21st, 22nd, December 6th,
8 th and 11th. From Winnipeg, November 12th, 14th, 22nd, 23rd, Decern-'
ber 7th, 10th arid 12th.
A- postcard to any Cauadian Pacific
Agent will bring full particulars regarding rates, passports and reservations. -' '���    R. 12
West Australia's Wonderful Caves
More extensive than the-labyrinths
of tho Mammoth Caves -.of Kentucky
and richer in stalactites than the
Bombay Caves of Eleph'anla are the
Jenolan 'Caves of 'West-1"'Australia,
pronounced the finest underground
wonderland of the world.    .
Ladies Remove Their Corns
In a Very Sirnple Way
No pain, no trouble, costs only a
quarter. It is a very simple thing
to paint on a small application of good
old "Putnam's" night and morning. To
remove corns, to get entirely free froin
them, use Putnam's Corn and Wart
Extractor/ It is guaranteed. %e at
all dealers.     Refuse a substitute.
It takes one woman 20 years to
bring up her ��� son���and'; another woman all the rest of his. life to bring
liim~down a"little.���Helen Rowland.
'The only goat milk condensory in
tho world is located at Pescadro,
Cal., where one herd vof 6,000 milch
goats is maintained. X. -
Catarrh    ,
Catarrh is a local disease greatly influenced
by constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH. MEDlCrNE is a Tonic, taken internally, and acts through the blood upon the
mucous surfaces of the system. HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE assists Nature in
restoring..normal - conditions.
All'Druggists.      Circulars free.
1?. J.  Cheney & Co., Toledo,  Ohio.
Not To Be Caught.
Brown was a testy fellow, and if
there.was one-thing more than another that ho hated it was to be
caught. . As a consequence he, wa3
very suspicious of any deed or word
tho meaning of which ho could- not
understand. , Once when lie visited a
menagoiio he had an interesting chat
with one' of the keepers, aud. as he
was about to leave the man- asked :-
"By" the way, sir, havo-you seen our
black-faced antelope?"
^"Ah","- thought Brown, "he's trying
lo make a fool~"of me. "No," he replied stiffly.. "May! ask with whom
your black-faced'aunt eloped?.-"
���because in skin troubles, Zam-Buk has
this g^-eat advantage over ordinary ointments, salves and lotions. It is wholly
medicinal and perfectly'free from min
eral drugs or animal fats.
Zam-Buk is  a   highly   concentrated
herbal  preparation,   and   owing  to its
unique composition possesses Sootliin",
i Healing, and Antiseptic qualities of rare
'l power. Zam-Buk. also combines the
three virtues of Simplicity, liffectiveness,-
and Safety. It is always ready for use,
always reliable and absolutely pure.
Doctors, Nurses, and Ambulance experts who have subjected Zam-Buk to-
practical tests declare it to be wonder-,
fully effective in superficial wounds and'
obstinate skin diseases. It-makes for
the immediate alleviation or pain and
burning skin irritation)    It destroys skin
, disease at the roots without damaging"
the   delicate   flesh   tissues.      It   gives
instant protection against germ-infection
and   plood-poibon,   and   promotes   the
N quick growth of healthy new skin.
For    Husband,    Wife    and    Child,
. Zam-Buk is the one perfect skin healer. '
������ Regular users declare it to be worth its
wvifdit in gold. 50c. all drue^ists and
dealers,,or Zam-Buk Co., Tcrouto
Electric bulbs, _can be frosted by
dipping them in a strong solution of
Epsom salts and vinegar. This soften the glare of the light.      ,"~   .'���
Her Sweater
" And Silk Stockings
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" contains
directions so simple that any woman can dye
or tint -faded, shabby skirts, dresses, waists,
coats, sweaters, stockings, hangings, draperies, everything like new. Buy "Diamond
Dyes"���no other kind���then perfect home
dyeing is guaranteed, even if you have never
dyed before.. Tell your druggist whether
the material you wish to dye is wool or silk,
or whether it is linen, cotton, or mixed goods.
Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,7 fade, or
Sardonic Suggestion. ' ,
"I guess I'll knock off work for a
day and go fishing," remarked the
nnin who "is ..always": weary.-
"" "This- is the fourth time you have
said that this week," commented his
Wife: "Just for variety" why don't'you
knock off fishing and go to work."���
Washington Star. '.
After 10 Years of Asthma Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy proved the
only relief for one grateful'.user,-and
this is but one among many. Little'
wonder that it has now become a
recognized remedy on the market: It
has earned Its fame by its never failing effectiveness. ���It is earning it
to-day; as it has done"for years.
-������.������������ And He Gotvjt.
An English schoolmaster promised
a crown to any boy Who should pro-
pdund a riddle , that ho could not
answer. After many had tried, a
bright youngster said, "Why am I
like the Prince of Wales?" The
schoolmaster puzzled his wits in
vain, and was finally compelled to
admit .that he did, not know. "Why,"
said the boj'j "it's because I am waiting for the crown."
Our. slogan for., the .coming" year
should bc, "Buy at Home." Add to
your-own arid your neighbors pros-
.pcrity-by-keeping-the-mohey circulating in our own district.
A French expert -declares/that ihe
chances of 'mistake in identification
with finger prints are one in 17,000,-
000,0.00.V*      ���"���"-   '.'"."'-'.     7 7
French railway engineers have
found that tlio . wood of the mangrove, tree is rot-proof.1, ���     '   - ~    '  ' - -
foolish man mho built
his house oil the sand-~^
_ He gave an example in folly which anybody \
can understand. ���-.-'- ;...     '   .   "_'     <
Itisn't so easy, hoWever, to sense the mistake
of trying to build'the body oh, foods which lack
. essential nourishment.       "  ':     -   7 V   *-'.,.
- .7 Here, again, is a foundation of sand which
., gives 'way when the test'coxne'9.- . :    .7 '- .
.��� .- VMapy.a food that tastes good lacks honesty
of nourishment to equal its taste. Thus it tempts
the appetite into'.mistakes, that often are costly.���
7 Grape-rNuts is a food which helps build bodily
endurance for life's stress and storm. The. full
nourishment of wheat aiid malted barley, together
with the vital mineral salts so necessary" to bone
���structure ai?d! red blood corpuscles, with, phosphates for; the brain, is retained .in'Grape-NutS;
" The long baking process by which Grape-Nuts Is
made gives the.food a natural sweetness and.ah
unusual ease ;of digestibility and assimilation.
' ���.-., ���-. ��� SeVved wit^ cf earn or. milk, Grape-Nuts is
fully nourishing,!and: whether eaten as a cereal at-
/breakfast' br71unch, ox;rrrade'v'intp a pudding;for
7dinnjen Grape-Nuts has ,a iS-rtrcuia'n. delight for
Vthe appetite.;-7 Sold by-grocers;V"7-7' V' W.-.; '-XX
;'.; Grape - Nuts ^thef Bociy V Builcter-\
'. .-' V-'V'7 7V-'':7-There's'^ Reas6h"7V77^,7.V.V;;^
Sweet and palatable, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is acceptable to
children, and it does its work surely
and promptly.
Irrigation Agriculture
Courses. Will Be Held in Alberta This
-   . V  -Winter.     " X..
Courses- in irrigation agriculture to
fanners" and farmers' sons .are to be
given in various parts of-Southern Alberta during'the coming winter. Each
course will last about a week and lectures by some' of the leading irrigation
expects in the country will be a feature
of them. The I'rovincial Department
of Agriculture is responsible for these
courses, which, are expected to prove
very -popular among the-largo" number
of-f;ifmers_in" Squtherh- iUbort"a"intei--
e's'ted .in'irrigation.
. There' may bo other corn removers,
but you will-not bo completely satisfied-until" you have used Hollo way's
Corn Remover. - '-   ~--      -  -������"
Aboriginal Chronometers
Time and Distance Are  Reckoned  In
��� Queer Ways.
.. The' hill people'of Assam- reckon
time and distance.- by! the number .of
quids Of .helelnut- chewed;, while .the
native. Filipinos-measure -distance-by
the.'.number- of. cigarettes- a -man
will- smoke ,in-travelling from, one
point ..to ituoi.h.er, According.' to. the
author- of.'Knickerbocker's I-listorjvof
New-.York, .the;--Dutch.��� Assembly.'.on
.Manhattan Island was invariably dismissed -at the -itisf.puff"7of the. third J
!>ll>e \of /('lovernor '\Vouter .-/Van Twil-
Icr. 7     ���'".'. . 7'".-���������������������   ���   '���-������ .''   ���"    ..-    ".'���
A Handsome
Ermine Wrap
I. Party   Spirit   in   the   Corinthian
-Church (1:10, 11).
In this church rival factions were
contending against each other. Some
were for Paul, some for Apollos, "some
for Peter,-and some for Christ. The
cause of this condition was failure'
to see that the membership composing His body cannot be divided. By
one Spirit all were baptized into the
one body (12:13).
II. Lo.ve the More Excellent Way (I.
.Cor. 13: 1-13).7
All of tho Spirit's gifts are good,
but the most valuable of all is love.
Not all can preach or interpret
tongues, but all can have the gift of
love. Love in this chapter ..is the
more excellent way of chaptor 12:31.
(1) The Pre-eminence of Lovo (w.
1-3)-. It transcends (1) speaking with
tongues. For men to possess the loftiest eloquence and be lacking in lovo
is to be as booming brass and clanking cymbal.
(2) The gift of prophecy���tho ability to unfold mysteries. To be able
to penetrate the mysteries of nature
and providence is good, but to lovo
Is better.
(3) Faith of th? most vigorous kind,
even such as to remove mountains, is
of less value than love.
(4) Philanthropy of tho most generous sort, causing one to surrender
all earthly goods for the sake of the
poor is praiseworthy, but unless actuated by love is valueless before God.
(5) Heroic devotion" which leads to
martyrdom is profitless unless backed by love.   ,'
' 2. The "Attributes of Lovo (vv. 4-7).
(1) It is long-suffering and kind.
(2) It-is. free 'from envy. Thoso
���who love are entirely free from the
spirit engendered because of the superior worth, and success of others.
(3) It   ia .free from boasting audi
vanity.   Love strives to do good to all'
and is not careful to seek their admiration and applause,'   ^ ' j
(4) Jt is decorous. Love is always
polite and mannerly] knows how to
behave at all times.
(5) it is unselfish. It is always
seeking the good of .others anQ js for.
getful of self. ' ���
(6) It does not give way to passion.
It does not allow .-itself to be .aroused
to resentment. It is not riuick tempered.
(7) It takes no delight iu evil; does
not impute ovil motive to others; is
not suspicious. It is forgiving. Lovo
has no sympathy with that which is-
evil, but sympathies with that which
is true; has a common joy with it.
" (S) It beareth all things. It wraps
itself in'the gracious mantle of lovo
and shuts all evil out.
(9) Lovo is trustful; it looks into
tho future with confidence.
-(10) Lovo is hopeful; it seizes.tho
things of the future"'and brings them
into the' present, appropriating them
for its use.-.    >    ,.- ..-'��� -.    :
'(11) Love is firm,   ��� It Is free-from
vacillation.  . It intelligently1- sets   its
attention to tilings that aro right aiid
with unvarying strength holds, fast.
. ��� 3. The Permanclico "of Love. (vv. 8-
13), '  (1) It outlasts prophecy. .  Prophecy in tho Scriptures means both-a
foretelling of events .and the teaching
of tlio Word of God.;    Prophecy as
prediction shall be fulfilled, prophecy
as teaching shali bc brought to au. end
iu that day when teaching is not need-
.ed (Heb. 8:11"; Jer. "31:34). -        ��� . :
..,"(2)-��� -It-V-oiiUasts - speaking-with
tongues.*.-   Tho race once spoke' the
samo.language; but as a judgment for!
sin-aud rebellion God brought confusion-and -caused the' pcoplo to speak
many-. tongues. - -The day is coming'
when' "tho   redemption .'- wrought-..-by
Je.sus.Christ shall.have been accomplished in .'ill-its" fullness;-all nations
shall be brought back'tp one- tongue".-
'.(3) - It.'.".outlasts'.knowledge.    -7-Tho
knowledge. wo now-have is only .relative, but thivday'.iK coming when.7,t.his ,
'.relative knowledge shall be done away.';
by- tho'--coming   in. of. ,-ti ''witleir iiud
noblo.r intelligence.;, the twilight shall
bo .lost ''in'--'.maturity,. for "at  Qli.rist's"
coming wc shall .seo;film* facelo face
���    -   -.--.'..-��         	
'and- .shall bp like' I lim. -..';Lovc will ,iib
\vays. abide..for Goti.is-love.    - ���.
f   if        t."   Z1 V.'ESt.'rA
By Marie Belmont.
A sumptuous fur wrap is always a
serviceable addition to the fashionable
woman's wardrobe: This season
there are many appealing creations in
styles that are decidedly distinctive.
This model is made of ermine. It ia
elaborated: with a rippling capo that
swings from tho back of the collar,
Tho sleeves are very wide at the cuff.
A most striking effect, is attained by
the uso-of a black fox collar. This
reaches almost to the ��� waistline, decreasing in size as it reaches this
point. Tho black fur is also introduced on the lower edgo of the cape,
where it accentuates the ripples.
Once a mother has used Baby's Own
Tablets for her little ones she will use
nothing else.. Experience teaches her
that the Tablets are. tho very best
medicine she can give her babjr. They
are a gentle laxative; mild but thorough in action and never fail to banish constipatiou, colic, cold3 oi- any
other' of tho many minor ailments of
childhood. Concerning them Mrs. J.
Bte. Charest, St. Leon, Que., writes:���
"My baby cried continually and nothing seemed to help her till I began
using Baby's Own. Tablets. These
Tablets soon set her right and now I
would not be without them." The
Tablets are sold by-medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont. -     .
Trotzky Plans For
Socialist Germany
Will Send-Money to'-:Si"lcsia aiid the.
Ruhr Basin.
The Keval Isyestia.says that Trotsky made an important speech at
the last meeting of the" Communist
parly in Moscow, in the course.- of
which .he. declared:-     -���'-''
'���'"\Ve' are living with, our necks in
a*-running noose. ' The only issue of:
fered.'to.us'is to create a sufliciently
large base on the west. Hungary
cannot .offer us-such a base, and we
now-need..-therefore,-.!, -Socialist .Germany.-- -All our efforts^nist bo directed'-to.-provoking a -revolution; in
Germany^ ��� We will send 3.2.0,000;000-
gold roubles.lo Silesia'and .the Ituhr
Basin. - We have reliable men'-there
to "carry out"our. plans." "'-:      "-   '; '-���;.
.Danger Ahead.
;" Teacher.���Johnny,.if you .don't behave I'll have.to .send a note to.your
father/ - 7 -X.'. ' ;���������"-��� :-;.'""'--- 7 ', ' -���, .
, -Jphmiy.-7-You;d,better not. .iia's "ass
-jealous.! as- a cat.-r-Anierican- Legion!
Weekly. 7.'-'   ' X    ' ���'������ "'"V        -' ... '"*
.. At Night,'or,in the Daytime. 7.
��� .Farmer   Wheatbeard.���Your   hired
man, Josh,' walks in Ws. sleep, don't
he-?'-"' -;���-.-.. V7"   .-���;. X- xX--'.- -x.
-Farmer. Corntossel.���I, ..hope, .-.so;
the .poor  fellow need's .exercise. "��� .
Tlio chief enemy-oX the, fox raisers
-of Alaskfi.Is the eagle which swoops
down   on   tlio   pups   as they sport
about in the open.   .
;'-'thcTe Vare-7.-6.4!?,&? '.--farnis .in '.the
^"pitPd ! Si':Ue?,,>c.f'7-''Wh|��h'v-12,75��;53I
aretdf!mpre-t.haal60;acre.-:.: 7 XXX (. ��� ���
......... . England Wants More Hens.
. Kuglariti; lieeds -S.riOO.OO'O.'moro-'heiis
in.brderlo get. bac'k.'to. tho estimated
consumption .for;-1&13" of 120, eggs per
person,-asserts" liilward Brown,, secretary of tho .National 1'oultry Council.
Mr.--Brown says that ^iri tliCvUnlted
States.-and "Canada it: is .stated the
average."-consumption '-is nearly. 200
pggs -per unit annually. - Basing, his
'estimates on the recent census figures
for. Great Britain, he. coinputes that
eacli person in England -last, year ate
93 eggs. ,.""���'������._���������
Hi. Stock.   /
"..The use'of-Miller's Worm Powders
insures healthy-children so far as the
ailments, attributable-to worms are
concerned.. -;A- high, mortality - ainong
children is traceable to"worms; These
sap'.tho, strength "'of-infants, so "-that
"they; a re - uiia.ble. to 'maintain'-tho battle
for-'life 'and, 'succumb "';.to"- '^weakness.
This .7;preparation/-- gives; promise' of
health and-helps it.   '���  ���""-.' '.""���-"���:
';, Xi,'\v- S'ork-, has a- law- -���nfoliil>iiing
the .'eMiiploymeut. of a" child under-14.
years) bf'ago..-   ,',-.     .���-       X-, ~X'-: '   -
Minard's.Liniment used by Physicians
"Muscular. Rheumatism ..Subdued.���^
When .one is.si^suffieror from, muscular
rheumatism ho cannot do better, thau
to- havo' the region -Tubbed."witii'" Dr.
Thomas' Eclcctric Oil:. -'Let. tho rubbing-be. brisU'and. continue until ease
-is secured.' ��� -Thero is -niore. "virtue in
a; bottle; of it than can be fully..estimated.- ""-.-'���'���     - . "'.
Tke   Company
An   Acknowledged   Expert   ifl
All Matters Pertaining to
Household Management
, The city ; of-' Mellc,,Germany,-has
printed paper ���. .money- -which' -bears
scenes,.of potato harvesting'-.'on   one
side;- .'. - ���'   '���." .>-.-   , . < - . -,���  V   -
" Customer.-^-I would like to/see some'!
cheap skates. '-''-.
-Salcjslady.-^Just a minute;  I'll call
tho boss.-^-Carnegie Puppet.
���"' ���   - -    -���--'-   -
The first hydroelectric, plant for
commercial purposes' was built at
Frankfort-on-tlic'-Ma'in in ..ISft-J.
X^X^XXXXi^k^4'iM^^XXXXX: VSffiii
���'���.-'.A', whale's, th'roat'isO.SQ'- small. ;;Uiat
To'iu-cpuM "choke v.bim with yoiir fist-.!".''} \
a'^'il-lie'- fo'eiis oil" the smal!e'st;.'talng3
Keep; Mfnaii"d;s Liniment in "the"' house! in.the_.sea._-  ��� -
There are times when the mistress
of the home wishes to prepare something a little different and a little
more��expensive becauscT^'company Is
coming," and she wants suggestions
as to the unusual. Of course, it ia
better to plan a few expensive dishes
than, tp try tp servo many mediocre
pnes that ' require much time to
prepare and find the hostess quite
worn out upon the arrival of the
company. :
For a mixed company with those
tastes you are not entirely familiar
a fruit cocktail makes a good
starter. Most people like' fruit,
While there are some who. do not
care for the seafoods and some
places whero tho seafoods are not
obtainable. It has been* my observation that the manner of serving
has quite as much' to do with the
success of a fruit cocktail,ashas the
content. The - .tall, stemmed cocktail glass is Ideal. One of the shops
was showing some of these glasses
with a heavy gold border at the rim.
It;-was of the thinnest glass \jrith a
pretty design running through' it.
Practically any of \tho fruits combine well in a cocktail. The banana, however, is likely to discolor if -
the mixture is exposed to the air
for any length of time. One particularly attractive fruit cocktail is
made by soaking the prepared pieces
of orange, grape-fruit aiid pineapple;
in grape juice for an hour or so. before sprinkling with powdered sugar.
The fruit should be lightly heaped
into the chilled, glasses, the fruit itself being thoroughly chilled before
serving. The glass is stood- upon a
small plate previously covered by
either a linen or one of the pretty
paper doilies. The fruit cocktail is
set before the meal is announced."
Asparagus soup is liked by most
people. This may either "bo made
from the fresh pr the canned vegetable. The asparagus Is cooked lyi-
til it is soft enough to be forced,
through a strainer. Tho stock so
obtained is .measured. There should
be half a measuring cup for each serving. As much milk as there is. stock
is added. For six cups of liquid add
two .level tablespoons, each of flour
and butter .rubbed., together until
smooth.. Cook,-* stirring " until' the
mixture" boils. -.        '
The soup may be served;either in-
soup dishes or' in bouillon cups;. The
prettier the cups the. more appreciated will be' the contents ��� -"
-Fairly" stale bread.may- be".cut into
slices and then into tiny, cubes and
set" on a- plate in the oven or broiler
tp toast. . These are either passed
with "the soup or. sprinkled-over each
"filled soup plate just- before serving.
Smail~crack"ers" are also'"suitableT~witli
soup instead- of77the toasted bread
cubes.-"-1 --.-.'     V
; The main, course comes next.
Fried breasts of- chicken ~ with tiny
sifted peas is a'good- choice. '. It is
better than, roast beef or beef-steak
in that the hostess does riot have to
figuro-out. if one guest wiil,like the
meati;are, another .well done'..and; so
on. ."-_ - " -' . ������';_ . ���-_ 7
-If you., select broiler chickens, have"
the-butcher, cut off the'breasts, of-as.
many .chickens' as you have, guests!'
If you.'buy' roasting chickens, '."have
but half as many breasts as.-.fhcie,';tre
"guests. - -The-reniainder.oC.the-c.hl.ckA
ens,.may bo < cooked- in any. desired
way and iisod up.atCsome "of the other
meals."-.'���.prepared .:Vov the family, on"
non-company days. - But the breasts
should'---be -wiped off with a damp
cloth, then sprinkled'with sale Wind
pepper. . -.Each should be dipped in-
beaten egg and neither' sifted bread
or; cracker ".crumbs,. The breasts ..thus
prepared should be -fried:-in1 deep'
fiit. "until a?"golden browfu . Cream
gravy, peas and French fri<>d- potato,
-balls in-nests: of. watercress are 'suitable- accompanimentsV-":.-.   -
Ice  cream-arid cakc7 are;-liked.;by,
most people.   .",Sponge..---cake"- --'ia'.. ;a-
:particularly, -happy .fpfni of choice
! to*go'with ice .cream...... Even ifrybu
bup "your ice- :creani. you will'. probably want to .in'flko your own-.sppnge-i
cake. Into a bowl put the yolks of
three eggs. _ Beat, until." light' and
lemon: colored. /Beat in-three-fourths
of.-a ^measuring "cup /of Tjowd.ered
sugar. Add. two lablcspons of lemon
juice to', which a little grated rind has
been added. Slip into.-the bawl the
stiffly beaten whites of the, three e-ggS;
HTpon" these-sift, three-fourths .."of a
measuring cup "ofs flour.-- sifted,. fcefbre-
bein'g:.measuredV;iyitlra knife-cut in
.tlie ;'fiGur." and.1 egg .whites.. .'"/Bake -in
an. ungreased pan in a moderate oven-.
ten.j to"/.t_werity/ minutes, depending
lipon'the -thickness-of the" cake- and
the;sliape;of-".the pan.    ���  /        71""
,(,A postal card will bring to you our
new large Pall Catalogue, soon to be
issued, containing Thousands of Illustrations of Gifts in Jewellery, Silverware, China and Novelties. Write
to-day. \
ELLIS BROS.. Jewellers.
Anna Case Heard
300 Miles Away
Metropolitan Soprano Sang by Radio
Telephone   From   71st   Regiment
Amateur wireless receiving stations in tho irregular triangle formed by Mpntreal,. Pittsburgh and
Newport News', Va., were among the
listeners when Miss Anna Case, of
tho Metropolitan Opera Company
sang at the Electrical Exposition in
the 71st Regiment Armory. The
amateurs were nptifled by tho National Amateur Wireless Association
that Miss Case wpuUI sing tp them
by radle telephone and from statipns
all over the territory word was flash;
ed back that they would bp waiting
for her voice.
"We'll hear her," came a message
from one of the destroyers with the
Atlantic fleet. And other ships far
out at sea were able to listen to the
concert. She sang, "Ave Maria',"
and, the song which has proved mest
popular on the phonograph, "Old
Mother, My Love."
Mis's Case sang into a transmitter
which was s,et up in one of the tower
rooms aud the aerials lead to the
top of the tower. There were several listening posts in the armory so
that visitors to the show could hear-
her. Several stations within wireless distance of the armory said they
were able to entertain, audiences by
means of amplifiers.
Tlie safe way to send money, by mail is by
Dominion Kxpress Money  Order.
The Toronto Hospital for Incurable-, in
affiliation with Bellevue and Allied lfo-.->iu-il--,
New York City, offers a tluee years' Course
of Training to young women, having the re-
quired education, and desirous of becominf ,
nurses. This Hospital lias adopted the cieht-
hour system. The pupil"! receive unifoims
of the School, a monthly allowance and
travelliiiff expenses to and fiom New V'ork.
For fiirtlier information- apply ' to the
���  f   ^^fcw     \
I .<dMHfc> 1
and Haw to Feed
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address  by the
- n^lsfr jf  '
CO.,   IN'C,
America's Pioneer
118    West    31st-street,
Dog JRemedies
Ke-w York, U.S.A.
Cook's Cotton Roof CcmpoiisfZ
A irr/c, reliable rtnvlating
inedicnie. Bold in three do-.
Krse-J of strength���No, 1,51;
No. 3, *3; No. S, S3 per box.
Sold br all druifeistu, or Bent
prepaid on receipt of r,rico.
xre�� pamphlet. /dares*;
TCBQiro, ONT. (Firnrii Mt<��.r.>
"Bayer" is only Genuine
. - .Warning! It's criminal to take a
cliancc on any substitute for genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," prescribed by physicians for twenty-one years
and.proved safe by millions. Unless
yoir see the name "Bayer" on package or on-tablcts you arc not getting
Aspirin at all. In every Bayer.package are ^directions for Cold?, Headache , Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache,,Toothache, Lumbago and for
-Pain.. Handy tin boxes of twelve
tablets cost 'few cents. Druggists
also; sell larger packages. Made in
Canada. Aspirin is the trade mark
(registered in Canada), of Baycf
Manufacture of Monoaccticacidcs'tcf
of - Saticylicacid.
77<^in��s@J:?raf ^^ ��������������� :g��7
Have it always
in the house
."���Oy-ISE mothers kUep a jar or
- -. T a tube of" VasclinA" White
: Petroleum Jelly in the house for
.' manvchikHsh ills, such as bumps,
bruises, chafed skin, cradle cap.
It is soothing, healing and gratc-
. ful to the most irritated skin.
Be prepared for winter colds,
-too. "Vaseline" Capsicum Jelly
-rubbed on the chest, and "Vase-
���Itne" Eucalvptoi Jelly snuffed
- into thc nostrils Will check them
,-quickly. '    ������
(Consolitla teJ >
1S80 Cliabor Arc, Montreal,.P.Q.
Trade Mark
��^8p^ Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance," or $3
when not paidjor three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
"United States $$., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Satray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    i.oo
Ccrtificnle of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.) f
AU other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, .and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, oiionpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
8Ji inch each insertion.
Business locals i2j<c. a line each insertion.
' The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, aud
i !-.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
All men caunot be tho best, but
���every man can-be his best.
Tun best cereal story of today is
the reports of the good crops.
TituE merit, like the pearl in the
oyster, is content to be quiet until
fche opening comes.
Every man may be measured
by the way he responds to the demands of a great need.
Eveuy animal we have talked
with, except a few of the human
variety, has declared for disarmament.
Yoxr could hardly call the present styles of the women charity,
since charity covers a multitude of
Bins and the present styles do not
Cover much of anyt hing,
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held oo�� Monday evening. Mayor G ulley, Aids. Mowat,
Jenkin, Kerr, King and Taylor
Correspondence was'dealt with
on matters relating to the Private
Bill being presented at the fall session of the Provincial  Legislature.
It was unanimously decided to
pay the assessment fee called for
by the Union of B. C. Municipalities occasioned by tbe additional
.special convention held at Port
Alberni for the purpose of outlining measures for presentation to
the House.
Tha City Clerk was instructed to
arrange for insurance on certain of
the properties which are now in
possession of the City.
The Mayor and Clerk were
authorized to inspect the City
properties and condemn such as
they thought unfit for further use.
Council decided to apply for the
titles on Blocks 10oaud 11 and
tenders are requested for cleaning
up the undesirable buildings on
The Rink committee reported
arrangements made for the supply
of roofing paint and the skating
and hockey enthusiasts will shortly
be asked by Aid. Mowat to carry
ont the work voluntary, according
to promise made last month.
Council then adjourned.
Wear a Poppy
The crimson red poppy has been
adopted by the Great "War Veterans
of Canada, Australia. Great Britain
and the U.S.A. as the memorial
flower to be worn by every citizen
on Armistice Day. These flowers
are being made by the women and
children living on the ruins of the
battle fields of the very places
where the boys fought and won and
where so many sleep,
Let every true Canadian man,
woman and child consider it a
sacred obligation to wear the bright
red poppy on Armistice Day. It
will hold and preserve the link of
affection between the two sister
countries��� Prance and Canada.
Keep alive the memory of those
who brought back honour to their
country, glory to their Hag, and
peace to the world.
The Boundary Branch of tho G.
W.V.A. has ordered a supply of
poppies and will be sold at lOcts.
Order your  winter supply  now
JOHN WYDER,   .Box 615,   Greenwood
Send Your
To "
GEO. ARMSON,  Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work aud material guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank IMdg., Grand Forks
- Physician and Surzeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Agent for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   aud
Overland cars.   Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lauds For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,'Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   arid Zinc
The difference between  a young
���aianancl a young  woman is,  that
the young man  likes  to  boast of
being 20 years or. over,   while, the
"yauug woman wishes to be   considered under 20.--
SociAL.reform is not to be se-
. cured by uioiso and shouting; .by
complaint and denunciation; -by
tbe formation of parties or-the making of "resolutions; 7 but "-by the
awaking of thought and- the progress of- ideas, ''--"'
V Thehk is a tendency  nowadays
-"' to rely ori the law;" to correct" too
.many social- evils,'and to;, punish
-evil dqers as well. , .Too much'
tasking me;n and women moral by
legislation has taken away our per-
. Bonal, ���resppns1bility:.-fyr-7mafi:iHg
good ".asvwell/as..' correcting   evil:
: The -home-is.,"the/greatest 'sphere
for good "and." a'7vrtal;: factoiV in
' social and moral' instruction. The
tide, of   worldly Vevils,'; cannot--"be.
���stemmed:by. a police forte, or acts'
of-parliament'sb-,.easily- as-'in-' the
-home../' 7 ''���' ���--  -777   .-".'. 7 '-'.'���
TpEitE war. a yputig man frona. the-.
. ������x-xx ^tf*-:"'���:���'���'. .''������������";''-'���' v-x ('":
Who met what he thought��� ���Svas' a
.'��� 'V-:, ��� kitty ' -V  - ".: "-'" '
X   He gave it.a pat ���'
V. /-Said- ---nicelittle cat,"
And then .bu"ed his clothes out of
:;V-7 ;"_   -pity.  ..".--���      ���"_-.
' Mining News
Glenville A. Collins, M. E., of
Vancouver, examined some mining
properties at Beaverdell and also
the White Lake coal mine last
Six cars of spelter passed through
Greenwood on Saturday, from the
Consolidated Co.'s smelter at Tad-
anac for shipment via the Panama
Canal for England. This is the
first consignment that has been
made by the'water route to tbe
-Old Country from Canada's greatest-smelter. ....'
'-.John Keady, of Greenwood,
B,C, spent several days in town
this week. - He.came here for the
purpose of examining, the . coal
strike ori Ed. Hall's place, east of
town, but owing' to ^the-fact that
the shaft was full of water he=wa8
unable to pass judgment upon .the
prospect,'although he stated that
the indications as far as he, could
see were favorable. -He expects to
make another trip to the claims at
a later'date.-.'���Oroville Gazette.
"The young mian.led for a.heart,
V   The maid for a:: diamond played,
The old;inaii came down with.a club
'.   And the.sexton -rised. a -spade;-.
.-.''The;Jack-Knife Man"
Rock/Creek Turkey: Shoot
V E./-.F.7- Wilson' held-',a 7 turkey
shoot' across,'the, river,- from Riverside on Friday lasfc.V.-itvwas" well
attended and some ..very good, shots
;were made. In the/rifle; shooting
John Zurfluh won -4-..'tUikeys;-'J.
H. Bush.2,. while Messrs. Johnson-
jSVO'Itomiell,- W.aish, p. -Lumm/
Birch,7 Martin arid Hammerstrom
received one.bird'each... ���'V>
��� /Two turkey were.put;.up as prizes
in the trap shot that.-followed .the
rifle shoot. .Wm, .Jenks winning
one turkey atul Jos. Richter the
other. . The.score were as. follows:
���  10 birds/     15 birds
that an application will be made to'tlu- I^c-jfistature of tlie Province of British Culumt)ia at its
iiext sittiiKjs for an Act in relief of tlie City of
Greenwood, by providing:
1. That tlie ilebentiti-es.to tlie amount of
$15,000 issued pursuant to an ayreeinent dated
2-tth March, 1909, made between the said City
and the Greenwood Phoenix Tramway Company Limited,.be declared null and void and
cancelled for want of consideration:
2. That the operation of the judgements
bcarintr date the "th day of September, 1921, in
favor of tlie Manufacturers Life Insurance
Company and the Suit Life Assurance Company of Canada, respectively, for the sum of
$10,522.39 and $11,262.68,, respectively, be suspended, and the said judgement creditors shall
take no further action thereunder:
3. That all the outstanding debentures of
tlie City of Greenwood be brought into hotch
pot and that the si 11 king funds oh hand now be
distributed iu reduction of the liability under
the said outstanding debentures:
4. That one person be appointed by the
Lieutenant Governor in Council ou the nomination of the holders of a majority iu value of the
said debentures to act as Trustee for tlie said
5. That tlie said Trustee for the bondholders be given veto powers covering thc expenditures of the Municipality, the rate of taxation
and all other matters necessary looking to tlie
repayment of the said outstanding debentures
in instalments as speedily as may be:     ,
6. That the real property held by the City
and all arrears of taxes be constituted trust
assets to apply on the redeniptiouof the said
7. That the annual tax sale may be held
only when required by tlie Trustee' for the
debenture holders:
8. That the interest rate payable on outstanding debentures be six per cent.
9. That the assessment roll for the year
1921 shall be taken for the next five year's as
the assessment roll for the City aud "that the
maximum rate of taxation shall not exceed six
and one-half per cent, of the assessed value of
the land aud one-third of the assessed value of
the improvements:
10. Such further and other reiief.as to the
Legislature may seem meet:
IM TED at Vancouver, B.C., this 19th -lav
of September, 1921. ' . -   ���
Solicitors for the Corporation of Vlic
City of Greenwood, applicants.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Nicely lurnished rooms, by the'
day, week or mouth
F. Nilson
(FORJI F) ���       .
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE     -
"WATERLOO No. 3" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Greenwood Mining Divisiou of Yale
Where located: In Lightning-Peak Cunip-
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, Solicitor, as Agent for Charles Morgau Kingston,
free Miner's Certificate N'o. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
33235C, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,- for the purpose,of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 85, must be commenced before the
issue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated jthis 22nd dav of July, A. D. 1921. '
Chemuf" -y���DOW��0^.issa,er and.
OW^f'   ��ox   biioS, 'Nelson?   B.  -C.-
Sivervifh'r G��ld-S!lver   tf-75-     Gold--
bnver.wtl,. Copper or Lead & 00.   Sil-
CW-"1 !2-����-', Sil.vet-Lead-Zinc $Voo.
p1icaffou,f0r ��theV^als.,  ��*������ >* ap-
In Similkameen Land District, Recording District of Fairview, and situate stout Four
Miles North-East front Westbrldee 0n Kettle
River. -    ,-
TAKE NOTICE that Asa Carl Mesker,
of Midway,, B.C., occupation Railway.Conductor, intends'to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at- a- post- planted at the
South-West corner of Lot S90s thence East
about 35 chains; thence South 20 chains; theiice
West 20 chains; thence North following the
meatidcrings- of Kettle River to point o.f commencement, ,ind containing eighty acres more
or less.-'      ' . -
.---'-'    .--     "_a. c.mesker; .'
.      -Dated 19th August, 1921.'   '        .    ','���'���.
Send a Float to your frieuds at
once. VYou can get theixi at
.TheLedge 'office/
I    Auto^feageVfcwice.daHy  to Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
I . ^or;Oroviiie,;Wenatchee and-Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
K :^are;8r._507Each- Way.. .Hand; Baggage' Free. .Trunks Carried,
j.';- Excress and Heavy; Dray in jr.       77, x ^Auto's foVhire Day or Nielli
/    .7 We. carry .Tires, Oils, Greases. .Hay'and Grain- 7
qffice;Pnone 13.7 :7 - 7/ -V XXx'[x\ X       Residence: Phone 3t
Syn:p:is of
land fief /.maitfments
Minimum^pr.ice ot flrst-clasB land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now. confined to surveyed lands only.   '
" Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
Mid which ia non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange - for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ���   .'. f ���
Pre-emptor�� must occupy claims -for
five years and make improvements'to
���alue of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation or at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has-made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim. . "
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$100 per annum and records same^ecch
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least S years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. 9
UnsUrveyed areas,, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For graslng and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage,
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road,..not exceeding Aalf of purchase
price, ia made. . (Xy
���> ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
inolude ail persons Joining arfd serr-
. ing with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within whloh the heirs or devisees
of a deoeased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Aot i* extended
from for one year from the death of
such person,  as. formerly,  until  one
. rear after the conclusion of the present
-war. This privilege is also made retroactive, .
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable tar soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for_ Ave years.
Provision for return of moneys ac-
. cnied. due and been: paid since August
4. If 14, on Account of payments, feet
w taxes eh soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or JniireoL remitted from enlistment te March II. l��J0. ^
Cbc fiumc Rotcl 1
nelson, B.e.
���4��  The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
111 every respect,
Hot and Gold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
rooms with private baths.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
- . Steam Heated; - Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aiid.up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. ^,
"tTTTTTTTTTTtTTT *v"v"T"t* *e* *T* VV"**"
I For Good I
Job Printing
J.L. White .
G   .
.'-  10
Wm. Jenks
."���' -8
J. C. Jacques
-   "4
A. Birch
- "��� *   '.
..'������; 4-
E. Richter
.yd ���:.
H, Smith
��� Ti
.   '  8
F. P. Wili=6n
Mr. Dion
. 7 ���
J. Richter
Mr. Martin.
-     7
��� Danng., the filming of King
Yidprln ''The Jack-Knife Man,"
which cornea., to:   the   Greenwood
. Theatreon/Saturday, Oct.. 15,.-as a
. First/ Rational   attraction,   little
- Bobby   i^elso,. - the  'three-year-old
child wonder, was lir.ping his good-
iBight . prayer to   the -Jack-Knife
Man.    The child  was terribly engrossed in his work and was acting
just like a screen veteran.    In the'
shadows of. the: ,g|adio,-;-.his" mother
> and -. Florence. -"! Vidqr were -qaietly
��� vMttlDg'/arid . laii'gbing *.wh'ileVthe.
X^X% ?^^*x*^?k'S?^xbiy &**
';GbilS7actoy/^s raised-and/Bobby
.s!-��rnI^;..trebjedv/-V"rleas4.7don'fe j
''Isugu7:rnotherV7this7;is.-'7an''awful i'' 7C^-^'Abbott"^HastiDg-jStreets.V;
^ripu5;ScengK^;77iV7X.';,, yX Xy\ f^C0\^^^%i>iiX
.,"-', Sealed  tenders will be received by tlie bis-,
trict Fdri-'iter, Xelw>n. not /ater- than noon on
ihr'iisr dajnT October, 1921, for the parcha&e
of  LlccKve Xj3'>5 neiir   Hodges to.   cnt   3,600
Tic-.      --'---.
/   iTuo.yeats wi.lt   be allowed  for   removal
of timber..   '-',,-/       ��� -   ���  - .       ���  .  '
.- -I-*art.h<-r particular-? of the District Forester,
Xt-lsun-'-'  ,"���   -   -       --,..������'���
Green Forests afe.an investment which; givesvbig-
���������"���returns.""- ^^;v;;^v;'. -. xx\y-x-X:'y:y[-.-
The shareholders inciiide, directly or indirectly; every
- -.'citizen'iin'the'Province.;.-"';'"'���: -y
Dividends are shared; directly iy every individual
who resides in British'Cplumbiai^^rj'.--^.'���-'"���������-..y'^'
Each>tree is worthy of preservation, and nieans eni-;
ploynient to someone, sooner or later!; v
^timber substitute has been fount; but timber
������-���:_ proyides^ubstitutes for many artfeies.
The Lumber trade: is called the barometer of |3ritish
Columbian prosperity.
��& II. 1��J0.'
���U.-WRCH^Ryor *��OWN   (
cS^*^r,tV^^  (��   lMu��noe   of
vroirn franti to ��ub-purohaae-��    ��f
gurchwew wKo faUed1    to    comnwS
Burcbwev lawlTlnffortel&e  JSPfuU
Illlmeat of condition* of ��uS?f,Me  in
be   die
whole _
aa4* ttr
.-Economy and Satisfaction!
combined with Promptness |
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give |j
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? ' " 9
.hroiw.r��onnttjy    ���JJ
��� mtut be
���-.?- QRAZINQ. . *   ��� *
Qraatnr Aot.  1919,  for    BTgtematt--
development of Hvee^ock Inflow Bro?
Tide* for graainjr dlstricte and ran��
.administration   under   Commissf^.
pn numbers ranged: prioritvtn- JtHaiT
fiehed    owner..     fe-fock-ttBM^
������; A-.ociaUoM lor^rS���n^
ment. ��� Free, ������� ������*i-n��� ���>!-- "-"*",ia��-
for Mttlera,
to wo hea4
meht.' We^or partjalbrf ?,% "SSSSf'
= Letterheads, Noteheads.       3
~ ��� (Ruled or Plain) ^
__       uutCwuwi   Diiia���au$, 2S
~ (All Sizes) , ^ =3
= Statements/Business Cards, 1
1 Posters/Dodgers, Etc., Etc. i
1 The Ledge      PHONE 29      I
B     GREENWOOD        jpi Printing Department  J��
PiiiiiiUiiiiiUiiiUiUiiiUui iUiiiiiliiiUUiiiiiUiUiiuiliiliiiiiiili
Keep the mark set high; destruction of the Forest
.  7 spells loss for everybody. 7
.���..^"���-Tfte;::Miheral'Piroyiiicfe; of Western Canada
/���V-.:v ; TO END OF DECEMBER, 1920
7   y- Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode      .-
'X';   Goldi 8102,753,823; Silver,'853,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864;;
. ���       ���.;. Zinc, $19,896,466; Coai and Coke^ $212t573,492j Enilding Sto.n-3, Brick, Cement,7
etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaneous ^ ���
: Production.feo the end of 1929 show an 7 ,7,   ���  - .>
���v^' ��� ':Vv- V\ ^^regate v ValueV jo1;v$ Z06, i-92i978;; ^'' -;-7;;7:' ^.:/ -7
Prodoction MVear Endii^ becemtert7i?20, $55,543,084
] ���'-    ._   , The   Mining  Lawa of fehia Province ^sre. mote liberal and fehe fees lower.
than those of any oSher Province in She Dominion, orany colony in the BrltiBh 7   "
Empire."-'' V . - 7 '���" -'.7 .��� . -,"������     '""   '   :
Mineral locations are granted to^^ discoverers for apminal fees.
Absoiafee  Titles are  obtained  by developing snch propeffeies, the security .
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. - ,.,:,-..
X'X-] -���.:-'- Fnllinformation, together7withJ saining Eeports.and Maps, may be obtained .V-
'V- i XX graM&bx-e^dr^n^'Xi ."Xy- ^ "'^X, ���.'-,' 7 .yXX-^XiXx"^.;.- '"��������� ���   XXxX, X ..-.7 \i, y ;X-X\


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