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The Ledge Apr 8, 1926

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���v^       t
The Oldest Mining Gamp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
No.   37
We carry a large line 01
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc. |
Inspect our stock
Agents for the
Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
\ -
Washing Soda .   -
Soap Chips
Powdered Soap    -
Royal Crown Soap
7 lbs for 25c.
3 lbs for 50c.
Per lb 20c.
6 tablets 30c.
O'Cedar Oil, Mops, Brooms, Etc.
��q  For Quality and Value OrJer From . -Phone id
���������������������������  ������������������������*��>�����������������������������������������������������������������������   44444444
4 *
��� Our *
��� - ��� |
%   Spring Ginghams and Prints |
'    4
are better than ever with  greater
range of color and pattern
Prices 30c to 60c
Phone 17
V ���
5��:   ''      Wc have received a Z2
|~      Special Shipment      ~s
*  ,ahcl for
One Week Only
these Hats will be sold at
Reduced Prices
Come early and get your
Sr Mrs.
Trounson 52
Auction Sale
INorris' Ranch, I Mile West
-of C.P.R. Depot, Midway
Saturday, April 17th, (926
Commencing at 10 a.m.
All Cattle, Horses, Farm Implements &
Machinery, Tractor & ford Car, Household Furniture, Blacksmith's Outfit.
Al! tools necessary on a working ranch
Tlie properly of the Midway Ranch Ltd
For full particulars see Bills ���.
Remember the Date and the Hour
Lunch Served
Addition to Auction:
One Pure Bred Berkshire Sow and
five little Pigs, One Crate of Chickens
CHARLES KIMC - Auctioneer
��������*��+��������� 444444444^���������������������������������������**������#��������������� �����������������������
Huskies 25c per box
Try them for that tickling cough or sore throat
A great preventative for the present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle
For the obstinate coughs and colds.
We know that the People oi Greenwood
aud vicinity appreciate the service that
we have given lliem in the past.
You can be sure of getting the best there
is without any delays
Let us have your
Watches and Clocks
We carry a good line oi
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. WHITE, Manager.
More   Human    Than   Any
Drama   in   Twenty   Years!
Let us Quote you pn
Farm Machinery
Agents 'for the
JOHN DEERE Line off farm and Tillage Goods
We carry only the best stock procurable in  , .
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
''��� Office,' Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers  of   Gold,    Silver,  Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc
lit 111
Hockey Club Report
by Booth Tarkington.
with- u
Ben Alexander    Irene Rich
Rocklifle Fellowes   Henry Walthall   .
The story of a boy who had to choose his
own father nnd guide his mother's .love
aud happiness
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at, 8.15  p.m.
ADULTS SOc     ���       CHILDREN 25c
Automobile Bargain
For Sale 1925 Ford Touring,
privately used, in good shape,
New Battery arid Bands, Five
balloon-tires, many extras.
Apply. The . Ledge Office.
Ernie Berg returned home from
Kimberley last week.
N. E. Morrison aad T. Crowley
left ou Tuesday for a few days
visit in Trail,
Bob Perry, of Beaverdell, was
renewing- "acquaintances in town
during Easter.
Mrs. Bruce and daughter,
Madonna, are spending- a' few
days in Nelson.
Born���In Trail to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Christensen, on March
31st, a daughter.
Miss Vera Ketnpslon and Pat
Kempston are visiting at their
home in Bridesville.
Mrs. Robt. Taylor Left last
week for. Nelson where she will
reside with her brother.
Miss Silvia Price left on Sunday morning for a visit with Miss
Ethel Fraser in Penticton.
Duncan Mcintosh, of Beaverdell, was a visitor to Grand Forks
during the first of the week.    _
Mr- and Mrs. G. H. Pitman and
family, of Rock Creek, were
visitors in town on Wednesday.
C. J. Fletcher, secretary of the
B. C.'Medical Association called
on Dr. A.  Francis on Thursday.
Geo. Bryan took delivery of a
new Ford car on Monday from the
McPherson Garage Co., Grand
Miss E. A. Olson, of Trail, is
spending "the Easter holidays
with her aunt, Mrs. A. Anderson,
iu Anaconda.        *
Bokn���Ton Dr.-and Mrs. A. J.
Dorman, a' "daughter, on April
2nd, in-the Greenwopd and District Hospital.
There will be some choice
furniture and household-goods at
Major Davies' Auction at Kettle
Valley on May 1st.
Mass was celebrated in the
Catholic Church* on- Easter ��� Sunday with a'bout' 100 present, the
best attendance in many years.
J. Larseri, who was injured at
the Sally.mine a few days ago,' is
making good progress towards
recovery in the District Hospital
The home of Mrs. N. W.
'Sidley, near Molson,v burned to
the ground ou March 30th. Nothing was saved and there was no
.Miss Irene M. Savard returned
to Westbridge on Thursday afternoon after a few days visit in
town7"the .guesfof ~Mr. a nd Mrs.
A. Legault.
Mrs. E. C. Fraser returned to
Vancouver this morning (Friday)
after a fe,w days visit with her
sisters, Mrs. A.  Greig and Miss
C. Smith;
��� Miss Ruth Axam returned this
morning (Friday) from Trail
where she visited her sister, Mrs.
A. W. McDonald and -was. the
guest of Mrs. R. McMillan.
Mr. Beastale, representing the
B.' a Leather & Finding Co.,
Vancouver, w.as in town this
week exhibiting golf clubs and
sold a number to local enthusiasts.
J..Rose had the third finger of
his right hand badly lacerated at
the Beaverdell sawmill a "few
days ago, which necessitated him
coming to the District Hospital.
Bubber Haynes, a gentleman of
color, who toured this district in
February, was sentenced in Cranbrook last week to six months in
Nelson jail for being in possession
of drugs.   ,. ���
There was a large attendance
in the United Church on Easter
Sunday evening. The Church
was beautifully decorated antl the
singing by the choir added greatly
to the service. Wy
The Bills are out_ for _the Midway. Ranch Co.'s Auction on Saturday. April "17th, which comprise everything that is requisite
for a working ranch. Remember
the day and the date. Come and
secure your bargains.
According to a new set of
regulations controlling highway
traffic, to become effective in
May, all vehicles'' except motors
and motorcycles and bicycles
must carry lights on the left side
and visible from front and rear.
This .-will prevent automobiles
running into wagons in the darkness. *[X[,Xi-
The members of the Hockey
Club met recently in the Fireman's Room and cleaned up the
business for the season. A discussion on the hospital donation
resulted with the appointment of
W. C. Wilson and H. E. Andreas
as a committee and after interviewing the matron in regard
to same, decided to purchase a
sterilizer which will be presented
to the Hospital. The financial
report was approved and is as
follows:        ��� ��� ^ '
Season Tickets ."... $  124.00
General .admissions  7.15
Registration fees for players 5.50
Dances  239.45
Hockey matches  162.25
Donations     6.00
Caniiyal   39.80
Discount '.  200.00
B. C. A, H. A.  (re expenses
Cranl)rook trip)  303.10
Balance carried 1924-1925..-.. - 51.74
SI. 138.99
Registration fees players and
club    S
Store accounts 	
Caretaker of rink	
Music    '
Lights ..
Hall rent ..*	
Travelling' expenses ...
Note and interest	
Miscellaneous expenses,
Balance ..'.	
The marriage of Blalock Brady
aud Miss Jozina Vandercreek,
both of. Osoyoos, took place at
the Manse, Greenwood, ou Tuesday, April 7th, Rev. W. R.
Walkinshaw performing the ceremony.
- Joe McDonald came over from
Grand Forks today (Friday) to
visit Dan J. McDonald who is
a patient in the District Hospital.
Dan has practically recovered
from .his..illness..and., expects to
leave for home on Saturday.
J. Mulhern-is recovering from
the effects of being kicked by a
horse'at the Beaverdell sawmill
on Sunday night. Dr. Francis
on hearing of the accident left
here at midnight and brought
Mr. Mulhern to the Distric't Hospital.
A bounty of ten cents will be
paid for each crow killed in the
province during April and May
of this year. Each person claim-
ing--the said bounty shall within
carcass of such crow to any
Government Agent or Provincial
In renewing his subscription to
The Ledg.e, J. N. Butler, of Vancouver says: "I still find The
Ledge of great interest, as I always know someone' or other
mentioned each week. I take
special" interest in the hockey
games and must congratulate the
hockey team on their excellent
showing of last season."
The Board oi Directors of the
Greenwood and District Hospital
beg to announce that the Formal
Opening of the new Hospital will
take place in the second week of
May probably the L4th. There
will be a Grand Reception at the
Hospital in the afternoon followed by a Dance in the Masonic
Hall in the evening. Confirmation of date and details will be
anounced later.
. Tbe Pythian Sisters held a
most successful . and enjoyable
dance on Easter Monday, and as
predicted a very large and nice
crowd was present, people coming
from all ove'r the district. The
five-piece orchestra^ composed of
Mr. and";Mrs. Romstead, Mrs.
Ommahney, Dr. A. Francis and
G. Clerf, played all the up-to-date
music and were encored :for'every
dance. Mrs. T. W. "Clarke, Miss
Renie Skilton and H. E-: Andreas
played during intermissions. The
old time dances took.very well
indeed. A. N._ Mowat made a
very efficient floor manager,
keeping;the dancers on the move.
The supper was an excellent one
and the catering to three sittings
was a huge task but the Pythian
Sisters rose to the occasion and
everybody was well satisfied.
The Pythian Sisters are to be
congratulated on their enterprise
by holding the best dance held in
The year of Our Lord nineteen
hundred and twenty-six promises to
be the most prosperous that the City
of Greenwood has experienced in
many years, and this -prosperity will
be based on the basic industry of
British Columbia���that of Mining.
About two months ago The Ledge
reproduced official,, figures showing
that the Government revenue drawn
from business generally in this district'
had increased in 1925 no less than
100 per cent as compared with 1924,
and these figures also showed that the
largest factor in the return of prosperity was the mining industry. The
spade work done last year along these
lines is already beginning to bear fruit,
as the following short review of the
mining happenings in this neighbourhood during the last few weeks will
��� While the Granby company itself,
so far as the world knows, is still content to go on paying taxes on its
properties at Phoenix, other well
known, properties in that camp are
again attracting the attention of serious
capitalists. The Rawhide, Brooklyn,
Stemwinder and adjoining claims, six
in all, have been bonded to a large
Vancouver financial house by Robert
Forshaw, and their engineer is daily
expected here to formulate final plans.
It is the expressed intention of the
new owners to put up a large mill for
the treatment of the very large bodies
of copper ore already develoved and
in part already mined, notably in the ���
Brooklyn. These claims which are ���
only a pleasant walk distant from
The Ledge office, used to be
names to conjure with in the mining
circles of the Province and it would
now seem certain that the old time
activity is to return *so far as this group
is concerned. A group of claims
adjoining the old Jewel mine is also
under option. A party of engineers
came in' to examine', it two.' weeks
ago. > Unfortunately the snow had
not then gone, off'sufficiently for their
purposes, so they secured an extension
of their option and' are coming back
again in a few weeks.
Of the silver lead mines the Elkhorn
Fraction under the management.of R.
L. Clothier is working steadily to" the'7"
entire satisfaction of those most concerned, and "it is expected that ore
will be snipped from this property
before long.
On the Gold Pick, which is generally believed to contain an extension
of the same vein, good ore has been
uncovered by Messrs. Dan McGillis
and W. Riveley. Not a little ore y
has been sacked ready for shipment
and a shaft is now being sunk to pro- '
vide more stoping ground.
The winter's work on the D. A.
has been  most gratifying and  it   is
incorporated to take over this group,
so as to permit of more satisfactory -
financial arrangements for the prosecution of the work.    This group har -
also a complete plant.
The  Prince  Henry has been recently bonded by Vancouver capitalists who are also heavily interested in '
Stewart and important operations may
be expected there, in the near future.' -
The men behind this   venture   investigated mining .costs in this neighborhood,  and could   hardly   believe
their own  figures when the'y compared them with their Stewart   experiences.    They were told that mining in Greenwood is the cheapest in
the Province,  and  now  they admit ���������
that statement is true.
The Strathmore syndicate headed
by G. S. Walters and A. J. Morrison
intend resuming work on the Strath-'
more mine situated half-a-mile north -
of town. This is a high-grade silver-
lead property and was a successful
shipper two year ago.
Dan McGillis and his associates
have also given a bond on the Bay
mine, and a syndicate at the coast is ',
being arranged to take it up; with
every prospect of this well known v
claim once more entering the ranks of
the producers.
The. Keno,  east of Greenwood,
is under lease and bond to Idaho men,
who are developing this property.   A
tunnel is being driven to tap tlie ore at ;
depth.    ,
All these properties are at the very "
doors of Greenwood, and in a subsequent issue The Ledge intends to
give details of development plans in
properties in the district tributary to
this city, which are quite sufficiently '.
important tq-'warrant a special article
to themselves.
No wonder the business men of '
Greenwood are looking forward, to
the best season this camp has enjoyed
for many years.
Lost���Bunch of keys. Finder
please hand to Mr. McCurrach at
Court House. THE   LEDGE*   GEEENWOOD,
A Matter of  National Concern
0 Canada unquestionably derives many advantages from its close proximity
to ihe United States With its large-population, marvellous Industries; and
great v/ealili. * Many .-of ��� these advantages are so self-evident that it -would
bo a waste of time to even enumerate them. But, on the oilier hand, it is
equally tnio lhat Canada surfers as a result of the very close and intimate
relations which exist between the Dominion and its big neighbor to the south.
Those advantages and disadvantages are very largely confined, to the realm
of economics.
The subject is so large that volumes could be written' on It, pro aud con..
Among the many phases or angles of the complex questions involved in this
very large problem, thero is one which is now the matter of considerable discussion in Canada, because.-while it is economic in-ils origin, it contains within Itself possibilities affecting the whole social, industrial and-political* life
of this country.
In a sparsely settled, largely undeveloped country like Canada, with people spread thinly over half a continent, and with some sections having, little
in common, except sentimentally, with other sections,, there is. naturally lacking-thai community of interest, and resultant national spirit aiid consciousness, which animates smaller and more thickly populated countries. There
is diiliculty iu the far eastern and far western Provinces knowing and understanding each other, while these far-dung sections are not even in very close
touch and sympathy with the central Provinces, which latter are more or
less.'self-satisfied and. self-contained a.ud'lack understanding of both the east
Halifax audi St. John are closer to Boston and'New York than they are. t6
Montreal or Toronto; Montreal.ancl Toronto are closer to New York, Philadelphia and Chicago than they arc. to "Winnipeg; Winnipeg is closer to Chicago
and Minneapolis than to Vancouver or Victoria; Vancouver is closer lo Seattle,
Portland and San Francisco than to Canadian centres. Such is tlie geographical position which nothing can overcome.
One of the most effective means whereby Canadians could be made to
know and understand each other betle_;p:*an,dy "-'brought closer together, "is
through the medium of national publications, weekly and monthly magazines
and periodicals. Valiant efforts have been put forth; by public-spirited'men
and women to provide such media, hut with indifferent success, considering
there are nine million people in Caaada. Tho reason for failure is not far to
seek. .      ;,        . ���
With ji population twelve times that of Canada, United States publishers
can develop enormously large circulations for their magazines, As a result
they can command fabulous prices for advertising from the large and wealthy
national manufacturers. With enormous revenues under their control, these
publishers'can command the services ofthe world's best .writers/ artists and
illustrator's. ��� Tlie result is they can turn out the'most attractive magazines,
and of a class and at a-price.which Canadian publishers in their more limited
���field cannot begin to approach. /And, as Canadians desire the very best obtainable in magazines, as In everything else, these United States publications
have larger circulations in Canada than our own Canadian publications.
What will be the ultimate effect of this llooding of Cauadian- homes with
������United.-'States publications?     This is a question causing much concern not
, only to many, Canadians but to thoughtful students of affairs throughout the
Empire itucl in other countries.    Canadians are being constantly supplied with
the, narrow United States viewpoint on   all .International /questions' which
these magazines present as seen through Uncle Sam's spectacles and as they
affect the big republic. Canada is a member and loyal supporter of.the League
of Nations, yet our people ara supplied daily, weekly, monthly, with open and
veiled criticism and denunciations of the League.     The United States', viewpoint is urged as the only right one, and all others wrong.    We are fed upon
'.the open disregard for law which prevails throughout the United States; we
have hashed-up to us the practical-"breakdown of the marriage tie and decent
domestic, relations whicli characterizes the.-social life of the-United. Stales today ; we are inundated with'stories of ihe coming bankruptcy of C4reat~DritaiU
and the breaking-up of the Bntish Empire; and so on ad nauseaum.
What will be the effect ou the social life and political institutions of Canada if this keeps up for another generation or two? Is there any remedy
.that can be applied? yy w      ���-     * a
Canadian publishers believe that at least aTpartial remedy. Is possible, but
that-it must be applied lu an economic way; that'is,' the remedy is- riot to be
found in the arbitrary exclusion of United States'magaaiiies/but in providing a
compete successfully with them through the production of Canadian periodicals more or less on a par from the standpoint of literary and artistic production with those from across the line.     .'-.'* "  . *'.-���������
As the subject is one which-concerns all Canadians, ib is proposed to examine .further into the subject in a subsequent article.   ..
Dominion Revenue Increasing
Figures Show Considerable Gain Over
'��� Preceding Year
Ordinary revenue of tho Dominion
increased by nearly twenty-nine millions during the eleven months ended
February 2S last, as compared' wltu
the previous eleven-month period. The
monthly statement Issued by the department of finance shows total ordinary-revenue for the eleven months oi!
$337,S9S,<UD as compared with $308,-
994,207 for the previous coirespondliig
period. Ordinary expenditure is
about the same as n year ago. On
February 28 last It totalled $276,629,-
417.     -
Joint Soreness Subdued,
Sweilings Quickly Reduced
Wonderful Results From Rubbing tho
Sore Parts With
"My testimony should convince anyone that 'Nerviline' is a splendid preparation to use on swelled joinls. Rheumatism left me badly crippled," writes
Amos F.- Fleury, lrom Kingston. "1
went lo McKay's Drug Store and tliey
recommended Nerviline, wliich restored.me completely."
For Rheumatic pains. Lumbago,
Sciatica, you will get lasting satisfaction from a Siie bottle of Nerviline.
Sold everywhere.
A Remarkable  Operation
Decrease In Railway Accidents
Number of Fatalities Through Accidents Is Also Less
A considerable decrease in the number of railway accidents and in the
number of fatalities is shown in 'the
annual of the Dominion railway boa id
for the calendar year, 1925. During
these 12 months there were 2,713 accidents on Canadian railways, in which
272 persons were killed ancl 2,9155 persons Injured, as compared with 2,VA\
accidents in the previous year when
3.1S persons were idlled and 3,254 persons injured.-, Classifying these casualties, there were six killed in 1925
as against 17 in 11124; 76 employees
killed, as against 107; and 190 others
killed ,as against 194. j Crossings
protected by some means accounted
for 70 killed ln 1925 and unprotected crossings took a" toil of 294 killed
and 1,161 injured.
During 1925 -there were 8S9 fires
originating within 300 feet of lhe
railway lines, and these iires burned
over 57,430 acres, destroying ' forest
property valued at ?219,9&S and other
property, valued at ?77,t>29. There
were ^36 public sittings of the .board
last year.
Vienna Surgeon Saves Woman's Life
By Stitching Wound In Heart
It was announced that Dr. Nalhcr,
a young house surgeon in the Elsel-
berg clinic here, has saved the life of
a woman of 25 by stitching t wo wound s
In her heart after she had been stabbed by a" drunken man.
Through the prompt action of the
police Dr. Nat her was able, to operate
on her 20 minutes after the crime. He
sawed through three ribs, exposed the
heart, located the Injuries and made
the necessary stitches.
Blood was aftrwards transfused
and during the following days tliere
were several injections oi chloride
of sodium (common salt) into her
veins. She is now quite healthy and
ha3 been brought by Dr. Nather before tho medical association,
Worried Over Baggage Decrease
Light Luggage Causes Slump tn
Revenue ' For European Railroads
European express and railway companies are clamoring for an increase
in rates to make up the deficit caused by the lightness-of the luggage of
female travellers. Men used to bo
called the "suit case sex,"- but .women
have gone them one better. They are
now the "hatbox sex."
Saratoga trunks, which used to be
a j?old mine for express companies
und" European railway lines, aro no
more. Milady's wardrobe has become so slight that she can put lier
entire winter and summer outilt into
a hathox, which she carries in her
compartment with her.    .
Most European lines have a sixty-
pound limit on baggage, which may
be'checked free. Consequently transportation lines are almost as hard hit
as cloth manufacturers' and dye
makers by tho "brevity of skirts and
lack of lingerie.
Poland's New Sea Port
Gdynia Will Be Strictly Up-to-Dale In
,y .*-. Three Years
On good recent maps, writes a correspondent of the London Spectator,
the name Gdingen will be seen, a few-
miles northwest of the Free City of
Danzig but still vviiliin the frontage on
the Baltic given to Poland by- the
Treaty of Versailles. It is a tiny
fishing hamlet of about 200 souls, not
Germans but Slavs���Poles of the Cas-
Try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills As a
Blood Improving, Health-
Restoring Tonic
Every man, woman and child needs
new, rich, red blood at this time of
the year. That la a scientific fact.
All doctors know it. The blood growsf
thin and poor in the winter; there-is
not enough of It, and spring shows
the effect. Take notice and see liow
many people are pale and sallow at
this time of the year. . They complain of being easily tired, their appetite is poor, and they are often'depressed and Iow-spiriied. That is
Mother Nature urging them to improve their blood supply; bul often
their digestion is weakened so lhat
they cannot tu-n food into blood without help. ��� Here ls where modern
medical science cdines to the rescue.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have a direct
aciion on the blood and enable you lo
I get full use of lhe blood-making elements in your meals. You soon feel
their effect���your appotile improves,
your.nerves are steadier, color returns
to the cheeks and lips, you havn more
vim and energy ancl can work with
less fatigue.
The value of Dr. "Williams' Pink
Pills to all who are in what, is known
as a, run-down condition of heal I h Is
proved by -the experience of Mr.--.
Alex. McKenzie, Schumacher, Onl..
who says:���"1 was-in a completely
run-down condition. Nervousness,
sleeplessness, and loss of vitality
were all taking their toll. I felt, miserable all tho time and began to feel
that my c'a^e was hopeless, as I had
Forbidden Newspapers
Frenchmen  and   Italians .Bootlegging
Hostile     Publications     Across
Border Into Italy
Rum runners in NorLh America have
their counterpart in bands of Frenchmen and Italians who carry into Italy
copies of anti-Fascist newspapers
printed abroad antl forbidden entrance
into Italy. The Comoro Deglie Italian!, published In Paris, is notable
among tho "bootleg" Journals.
Many thousands of these newspapers are being taken into Italy and
circulated, despite the general decree against them. In addition to
those carried across the border, many
of the clandestine sheets are sent into
Italy in sealed wrappers, 'frequently
bearing misleading senders' addresses.
���^ Stomach Troubles
After Every Meal
. It doesn't take much,
to keep you in trim.
Nature only asks a
little help.
Wrigley's, after every
meal, benefits teeth,
breath, appetite and
digestion.    -
- A Flavor for Every Taste
Britain Will Meet Obligations
Payments in 1926 to United State's
Will Total $160,000,000
Right Hon. Winston Churchill, chancellor of the exchequer, told a questioner in the House of Commons that
Great Britain's net payments to the
United-States on account of her debt
would amount to ��33,062,000 (about
?16O,000,O0O), principal and interest,
during 192(5, assuming sterling at par
value. Against this, he said, Great
Britain would receive approximately
��14,000,000 (about $.G8,000,000) fi-om-
German reparations and payments' on
tho allied war debts already funded.
Mr. Churchill added that negotiations'
were proceeding for settlement of the
remaining allied war debts.
Numerous   Causes    Responsible    For
Serious    and    Often    Fatal
Though It .Is true the majority  of
peoplo know that errors In their diet
result in personally unpleasant, consequences, comparatively few are aware
of   the   fact   that   numerous   other
causes are responsible for serious ancl
often fatal disturbance of the organs
of digestion.     An unduly, faxed'brain
or body frequently creates more serious internal damage than wilLan overloaded filoinach.      But, be the cause
of origin what iL may, ninety per centum of the maladies .of civilization arc i
the direct' r-.sul.l of disorganization of J
die .functions    of .digeslkm.     CosLly
Dishonesty Common In Russia
Scores of Guilty Officials Are Senteno
ed To Imprisonment-
Embezzlements amounting to $5.-
000,000 occurred in the Soviet co-oper-
alive societies during the last year,
said the director of the All-Russian
Central Union of Co-operative Organizations. More than 13,000 officials
connected with these bodies will be
tried.      - -
Similar irregularities are reported
in the trade union organizations. Embezzlement of funds, corruption and
frauds generally are alarmingly pre-
and painful -experience has demons- f.valenL. .  Scores of ���guilty oflicials a*-.
to - long
trated ihat, drugs  generally adminis- j ready have becn sentenced
tered in  treat ing    stomach
produce only a temporary relief and,
:ire urn-Til Isfcictory
troubles ;ipVins 0[ imprisonment.
for this reason,
thc public. , Certain roots and herbs
indigenous fo tropical clima-tes, however/have ])roved equal i.o satisfy lhc
long-felt want of not- only relieving
pain, bin also fully restoring tlie balance of llie digestive system. It is to
be hoped ihat a sufliclency of such
medicaments can be secured to adequately relieve Canadian sufferers. In-
taken a number of remedies witli Ml-  formal ion   concerning   these -tropical
subia   tribe.     rike   Poles   called   ill
tie or no relief. I had often read of
Dr. Williams' Pink- Pills, and iinally
dended to try I hem. I got a hall'
dozen boxes, and by the linio I had
Itaken aboul half of them, Ihore was
ino doubt [ had at last found tlie^medi-
mcdiclnHS can be obtained by applying to Mr. F. Wdwarcls, J-lot Yonge SI.,
Toronto 5, Canada.
Immigration Rush Begins
The week of March 15 saw the real
opening of the spring rush'of imiui-
-grants- to 4*Y"esteiWCanada, when the
Canadian National Railways transported during the week approximately
1,500 new citizens from-the seaboard
to Winnipeg by special and regular
trains and thence to their final destinations on prairie- farms aud iu British Columbia.
Demand For Farm Lands
The larger dealers at Winnipeg report an increased demand "for farm
! with one-third cash as first payment
; are more numerous this spring; than
\ [or many years.     Some of the buyers
are farmers desirous of extending their
holdings, but many of them are. Old
Country people and newcomers from
across the line.
Mrs. Jones.���And how many evenings will you expect off each week ? I
never give more thau two.
New Maid.���I'm afraid that won't
do, ma'am. You see, I'm a debutante
this season.
A grocer's clerk may not be aa
heavy as a dry goods clerk, but he
always weighs more.
Photographers  are responsible  for
many of life's misrepresentations.
Gdynia and in July- J921 contracts tortile-construction of a new port there
were made with a powerful Frauco-
Polish group. Hy L920 Gdynia will-be
a port of the niost up-to-date type with
an annual handling capacity of two
and a half million tons, eo.ual to the
present capacity of Danzig. It is
backed by a leveL plain on which a
.town of 3,000 people has already
sprung up. The correspondent asked
what about Danzig if Gdynia succeeds1
aud the Poles replied: "It will not bc
long before wc shall be able to make
full use ot! both'Danzig and Gdynia."
A household M��diclne.���They that
are acquainted willi lhe sterling properties of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric OH in
the treatment of many ailments would
not be without it'in. the house. It ls
truly a household medicine and as it
is effective.in dealing with many ord
Inary, complalnls It is an inexpensive
medicine. Ro, keep il. at hand, as tho
call for it max. come most unexpectedly.
ci ne__I _n oede (l_jto_r.es t _. r_e_m y___h o _> 1 tfi...
I continued the use of the pills, gaining strength day by day, unlil 1 was
soon enjoying good health and happiness. I strongly, recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to every man, woman or child who is in a run-down
condition, feeling sure that Hie pills
will soon restore them to health aim
Whether you are seriously ill or
merely feel easily tired and out-of-
sorts. you should try Dr. Williams'
Piuk Pills "this spring. They are sold
by medicine dealers everywhere, or
will be sent by mail at'50 cents a box,
hy writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Service  For
MOTHER:- 'Fletcher's . Castoria is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared for;
Infants in arms ahd Children all ages.
To avoid imitations, always look for the "signature of ^4a^/^7^/c^eM
Proven directions on each package.   Physicians everywhere iccommead it,
Vodka in Russia'
Demand   For   National   Drink   Is   In-
creasing   According  to  Govern-.
ment Report
. Russia is  developing an insatiable
thirst for vodka. ���
Although the government within the
last six months has more than doubled
its output of vodka, it has beeu unable
to meet the .demand for the national
According to figuies announced, the
government will ��� produce 500,000,000
quarts of voilka (luring the coining
year, whicli will.yield the state about
?250,000,000 in revenue,. or teh per
cent, of the entire budget.
Canadian Coal For Canada
Canadians si'O visions and dream
dreams of a good time coming when
tlie $80,000,000 that go out of Canada
for the purchase of coal in the state
of Pennsylvania shall be kepi in Canada. Canada's anthracite coal bill
could be divided���40,000,000 for Nova
Scotia coke and $-10,000,000 for Alberta coal.���Kingston British Whig.
Canadian Pacific Railway inaugurates
Through -Tourist Sleeping   Car
For the convenience ot-wesLern passengers ciu-milc fo the Old Country,
the Canadian Pacific Railway have inaugurated a Ihrougli tourist sleeping
oar service from Winnipeg to Saint
John, N.D.     .
These cars will leave Winnipeg on
"Tho Imperial" at .10.00 a.m. every
Tuesday until April 20th, providing
througli service to the ship's side at
Saint John.
This service will prove extremely
popular with passengers from the
prairie provinces, eliminating as It
does, changing trains at Montreal.
What's Wrong With Canada
Here Are Some Facts For the Croakers
to Study
Canada   with   her 9.000,000 people,
has as much foreign   trade   as   the
United Slates had when, she had 76,-
000.-000    people,/according "to recent
statistics.    Tn addition,-the Dominion1,
i.s   miningv'as    much as the United
Siates.did with 38,000,000 people, and
manufacturing as much as the United
States did with 50,000,000 people. Tho
day amounts to $134,   while   in   the
United States il is only $37.
Makes Breathing Easy. The constriction of the air passages and the
struggle for breath, too familiar evidence of asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt'Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. This is the "famous remedy
which is known far and wide ..for Ils
complete effectiveness even under very
severe conditions. It is no untried,
experimental preparation, but one with
many years oi strong service behind
It.     Buy it from your nearest dealer.
It's a good thing for humanity that
some people"" are not as big as they
think they are���tlie world'would-be
Minard's Liniment for colds
W.   N.   U.   1628
The British Empire
The British empire includes ove;r
one-fourth of the land0 area of the
earth, and about one-fourth ' of the
world's population. 'That is to say,
it contains about 463,000,000 people.
Of these 58,778,900 'are .of British
B.C. Apples
Export shipments of apples by the
British Columbia Associated Growers
for the past season, included the following: G5 cars to Scandinavian countries, 8 cars to China, 29 cars to Germany, '1 cars, to Newfoundland, 18 cars
to South Africa, 42 cars to New Zealand, 55 cars to tlie.United States, and
405 cars to Great Britain. " In addi-'
tion,' 108 cars were shipped' to Ontario and Quebec, which are often con-'
sidered as export markets.
Early Seeding Operations
"Winter records in Alberta won.
overboard when George Bedell, Taber
Tanner, sowed a field ot alfalfa .on
February 8 last. The first, .wheat in
Alberta was sown near Cardston on.
February 27th.
First ��� Girl.���Wouldn't your mother
be awfully angry if she saw you in
that scanty bathing suit?. Second
Girl.���I should say she would. It's
hers.   - - , i
By a high vacuum process, invented
by a Swedish engineer, fresh- cut
lumber is now "seasoned" in a day or
less, sufliciently for the carpenter's
This uilvertlsement uttachcrt (o
your order entitle.-*) you to 10 per
tent, discount on all music purchased Trom
Music Specialists,
"Muslft In nil itd l.rcii_r_.ps--'
, Wtiolssofne^^Relfesiiini
If justice wore really blind she
would not be able to wink at her
favorites. 7
Hollo-way's Corn Remover takes ihe
corn out by the roots. Try it and
prove it.
Medieval monies who transcribed
manusci-ip twere exempt from labor
in tlie field.    -
married or singlo, wanted, to introduce our ladder-proof ���'silk hosiery.
Will replace any pair tliat runs" from
Earterto]) down. Vcrmanent - work
paying excellent income is assured
.right person. _ Write today.
C. PORTER, 70 AJbert St., Toronto.
logue   and list
���Write for  cala-
of  used   ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100 Queen
West, Toronto.
Minard's Liniment for aore ihroat
^     LEG SORES ,
ABB CURABLE.    It you mf'far from ItC?
Bore* or Varicose Ulcers, I. will aonJ yoa'.
absolutely FltUE  a  ropy  of-my-famous '
book   that   telle  liow   to- ba  rUl   of  them
troubles   for   all   time .by   uslnjf   iny   ra��
murkabU  palri'.css  treatment.      It le di_*> ���
Xerent  from  anything j'ou ever hoard  ��*.l
��nd  the  result of over  85   yean  BpeoUl-
lzlnr.    Simply Bead  your-name  and   ad*
dress  to Dr. H. J. -\THITTIKK,  Rult#    XL
411 Enit 11th Street. K&r_i_ui City, Mo. THE   LEDGE,  .GBJEJJKWOOD,   B. Q
WinvL you start to waste away
to a shadow, when the color
leaves your cheeks and your
poor, tired legs "will hardly hold
up your weakened'body .it's high'
time iyou 'started taking" a fine
tonic aud builder-like Tanlac.
Tanlac will build you up and,
make you feel that life's worth
living. Made from roots, herbs
and bark gathered from/ the four
corners of the earth and compounded under the exclusive
Tanlac formula;- Tanlac is just
what the poor," -starved body-
needs.        ��� v
First, of   all   it   cleanses   the -
blood   stream -and   puts  the  dl-
��� gestlve   organs   in   order.    You
,  find, after a few days'" treatment,
that   you   want   to   cat.   Pretty
soon' tho   welcome   color   steals
back  into .your cheeks and  the
scales tell you that you're gatn-
\ ing weight.^ From  then on  it's
bnly a short time until you're
feeling fit as a fiddle. .
Millions * of men. and women
have taken Tanlac with -. great
benefit." More than one hundred
thousand people have .written us
glowing tributes to this wonderful tonic. ���
1 When you know it lias worked
wonders for so ma"ny folks" it's
folly not to take advantage of
Tanlac'3 help yourself. Don't
Gained Health, Strength,
Vigor, Weight
"Cliro nic indigestion madcltfciinbcar-
able for two years. I lost weight and
strength and could do iio housework.
��� Tanlac put me on;niy feet. Gained 20
lbs, and riowenjoy vigorous health
Mrs. touts Caloucttc
516 Marie Anne St.
���put it off another day. Get a
bottle at - your druggist's now
and start the good work right
away. Take Tanlac" Vegetable
Pills for constipation.  ..
War Not Yet
Says Disarmament in Canada Has
i Now Reached tlie Limit
War has not been eliminated and
cannot be a thulg of the past "until
strife between Individuals has been
obliterated. The national passion
for trade expansion and colonies in
which to settle overllow populations is
deeply implanted in every virile, enduring race. All nations are governed by n measure of precaution and
must take steps to guard their liberties and security'but as regards defensive .measures being taken by. tlie
leading -nations of the world' which
formed the ��� rubjeet of an address by
��� Major-General J. H. O'Brien, Chief ot
the general staff, Ottawa, given at
Montreal, there is evidence pointing
to a reduction of standing armies an<t
a growth of militia or territorial units.
Japan-has reduced the number or
her divisions'in her^ standing' army,-
General.-O'Drien stilted, and is ,'idopl:
ing a system of physical and military)
training"in her schools, thereby reducing the term of se'rvice with th.e colors
Was A Mild Winter
"Western Canada Experienced Mildest
'   ; Winter In 48 Years ^
Western Canada has just passed
through the mildest winter that this
part of the Dominion has experienced
in -18 years, according to records supplied by the meteorological office.
Kvery . important point registered
much higher average temperatures
than normal. " At Dawson City the
mean temperature was 15. degrees
above normal for the three winter
months of December, January and
February; ;al ' Edmonton, ' 8 degrees
above normal; at Calgary, li above
normal; Moose Jaw, 18 above normal,
and at. Winnipeg, 8 above normal.
Dawson, for the month of January,
shoved 30 degrees milder than, normal.
In Alberta the milder temperature
averaged pretty well over the whole
winter. Calgary had only_.two clays
of blow zero weather. The-winter of
1877-78,- however,''-still holds the rec-
ord and was much milder" than lasi
The seasonal temperatures for, December, January- and February last at
the live  representative  stations  and
and providing herself   with   a   W-ell-!the normal temperatures follow:
.trained body of men who can be called
up at short noticte. There is a .possibility that France-may do the same
thing,-and that'other nations will follow the lead.
"I am a strong advocate of . military training and physical training
for every man in Canada," declared
the "chief of staff.
Countries '.are overflowing with
population and conditions, arc continually growing worse.      Therefore,
���he-said*_-tho'se~"na_tions_ihat_havo��� dis7
armed lo a great extent are a menace
to the world in that others desiring to
expand cast greedy eyes on the wealc-
Dawson City, 1 below zero, normal,
16 hclow; Edmonton, 20 above, normal, 12 above; Calgary, 30 above, normal, 16'above; Moose Taw, 19 above
normal, 6 above; Winnipeg, 10 above,
normal, 2 above.
A Premier's Hard Life
Just About As Onerous As That Ofa
Store Clerk   -.
"The life of a sh'opgiil and that of
a prime minister are very similar,''
said Mr. Baldwin, premier of Great
Britain, speaking at a -meeting at L
Carlton House Terrace, the residence
of the Mardiioness Curzon, in aid of
the Young Woman's Christian Association Blue Triangle Forward Movement. "The whole day long, from
morning tilf Bight, a prime minister
is at the bfeck\ud call of everyone���
and most of them wanting something.
"The shopgirl is the same. She liiis
to keep smiling, and so do 1. -Tne
only difference is Iliai she has to
give people what they want; I have
to say they can't havo it.- ".She-
works long" hours, and so do I. My
working. hours "are generally from
10 o'clock in the morning until midnight.. Today I have broken two ot
my rules, One is never to be absciff
from the House of Commons when'Hie
house Is sitting. At this hour there
are a number of member., asking pertinent and impertinent questions,
many of which I ought to be answering. /
"My second rule is never to speak
at a drawing room meeting*; that Is
partly a matte;- of temperament."
Handling Radium Is "
. Job, For. Specialist
Health-Giving Commodity Extremely
Dangerous In Incompetent Hands
Few people realize that radium is
gunpowder. > In order to prevent It
doing dampge it has to be encased in
huge blocks of lead of at least ten
inches in thickness. Even' then its
rays penetrate and may do a great
deal of harm.'
This precious element is found in a
small mliie in the Belgian Congo. Its
scarcity can be understood when one
finds that the ratio of radium to the
ore mined Is as one part to four hundred millions. That is why it Is so"
costly.. Radium costing ��5,000 would
be more.than covered by a threepenny
The peculiar thing about radium is
that no matter how much it is used It
keeps its strength, for centuries. In
1,500 years it would still have more
than half its original healing power.
The manipulation of radium is a
specialist's job. In the British Isles
there are'not more than fifty qualified,
doctors who are competent to handle
'this health-giving yet dange.rt)tis commodity.
. A razor iu the hands of an adult.is a
useful implement, but in that of a child
it might be extremely harmful. That
is the case with radium!        ,.
'every c��oMia^
;   Tea Discovered By Chinese^
First Written Reference Describes
vyPlant'^and Process of Preparisg" It
.���."���������Tradition, never 'atW lossy'of some
marvellous story, claims, that the", use
pf ytea was-first discovered accidentally, In China by some;priests; who, unable to, use the .brackish y water": .near
their'temple, steeped ,'in it. tlie leaves
ot>a-shrub.growth in tlfeyvicinity, with
fiie;intention of;correcting its uiipleas-
.ant.properties; WThe; experiment; was
so> -/successful that .;|liey.y iii formed the
inhabitantsy of their". discovery .Vsubse-
^quently y cul tivatiugWlie-: plant; \e*xten-
siyelyyfor that purppseyyy 7777 7 y 7
yjAnotlier /Teeordy^^attribirtes/-. its
firsj.7 y.discovery; , about���:' W/27 yyB.jC.y,
tci7y-:Ghin-Nung,; toi.;.,' whp'rii'-.' '.all
agricultural, '.and , medicinal:--., '-luiowl-
���eidge is tracad in China. ^.'One/day,he
:was;. replenishing .a. lire .'made of-the
branches of .the tea -plant; : Some, bf
tbe'leaves roll into the vessel in which
he was boiling water. Cor. his ^evening
meali-i On using it he found irtoybc
soy exh i lar a ting iii; i ts: [a ff ects;^ tha t>h e
.continued to use It - and {imparted the.
knowledge, until its {{use Jiiidspread
throughout the land.{{*: y, {,{*.{ -.['] :W{_
.X-O'lie";-first .'written/ referencey to tea,
Ey/IWRies states,y isythat ,*byy Kieii-
I/ungy in /the* I'ourtlL-'.centiiry, who
noi .only describesUhe .plaiit/.slml-.also
tlie, "process- of preparing it: "0,n a low
firey set a' tripod aiul-.fill it. wl tli ."clear
snow water. 7. Boil It its long; as would
be/stifllcient to turn "crayfish{reel,/ and
thrown, {upon it the.delicate.leaves .of
choice tea./- Let It/remain, as long as
the"vapor -arises in. a.eloud and only'a
..thhv mist iloats on the surface.- .;; Then'
atyyour ease drinlt tlie: precious; liquor
77 WillyTest Speediest PlanC
England ---Claims/'* to. Havey Fastest
}:.:::[ {Fiighter Ever Constructed .//{
: Ah. aerop Ian e, wiil ch / is. claimed' to
be .tiie fastest fighter/yet constructed'
in England,;is shortly, to, undergo:-its,
tests���probably;W the/ 'hands of Mr.
[ Tktt;"Flying. Bullet,"- us it: hiis. be6ii
called, has ! been .designed-; and ���'constructed {privately'by "A: Y.Ttoe.y- It
is -fitted Willi" a direct <1 rive Napier
Lion., engine, and- has. a speed1 when
carrying the full, military: load (if between. 170 and 18,Q_mlles an'hour."
ft lias beeii built-in London, but the
tests will probably be carried out at-a
remote IIjing ground on the southwest*
coast. ;So far tb<3 air ministry have
had no part in the development of this
machine, ybut it is likely, iftlie preliminary trials are successful, tliat It
will be offered to the ministry, - /.,
Not Controlled By Clocks
Some     Countries     Have_    Different
v /Methods* to .Measure Time*/--
. We set our watches an hour ahead
to aceoiiuiiodate .ourselves ia, daylight
changes, but -our movements, are-.{still,
limed by the clock./ This, reminds
us that there are many people wlio are
not: so controlled.'', y In Holland canal
men measure.thodistances they/travel
by the number br/plpes'ythey/ smok-e
enroute, Peasants y-*;jta���������/* life.y. Itliiiie
provinces freciueiitly'ineAsure'-OKi-.tinie
required for -boiling ah, frgg by. repeating..; tlie/Lord'syPraylr, while.: ilie ' Bur:
mese ..eaulvalent: for'bur/inlley is used;
to in(Ucate.-the...distance"the aterage
man/"can. travel without taking a rest.
joy   qtomach
for   Sufferers
The Only Reliable
Non-Narcotic Pain'Killer
Of Gas and Siomach
Complete information regarding: this unrivalled East Indian
remedy will be promptly mailed
YOU free of charge, on*applfca-
tidn to
1454 Vonao Street, Toronto 5, Canada
Urgent cases should telegraph
five dollars with name and address   to  "EDWARDS,  TORON-
* TO." On receipt of such messages, East India Drops are Instantly mailed per Parcel Post,
Insured, to the name and residence of patient. By this means,
lives are saved and incalculable
'suffering quickly relieved.
Receive  Workers  V.C.
Just   Dip
to   Tint
to Dye
or-  Boil
77Esicli. 15-cent.:pack-:
-' age.'-con'tains /,<lirec-
tions. ao - simple, any
noman- <aii ' tint soft,
; del icato; jltmles ot 'dye
. rich, |)ftrinan��nt coIots
sin; lingerui; sILlcs ^ribbons, . 'sIci'rLs,- waists,
������:dresses;. ,.��oats,'* stock-
.ing5,"swenters,."-draperies, <'.OT��Tings, liang-
West Africans Like Prison
Convicts   Think  They   Are .Specially
Selected to Render Service to
Government        __
In West Africa convict labor is almost universally'employed for such
j tasks as road making, laying out pub-
���lic gardens, and building houses. In
ened states and would not hesitate io;addiUoii; householders who want any
make an attempt to gain possession of kiml oE job (lone are in lhe llaMt of
them. Canada-already has reached , seading to the to��� prison, which will
the limit or disarmament, in General j suppl^a gang oE compctent convicts
O'Brien's opinion,, and on account- or -ln chal.ge of a warder to carrv 0lU tbe
��� her vast potential wealth >yould prove work_ As a r'suIl> the West AMcan
a menace to .the world if she were to |gels Mo his woo]ly head that ]ie haa
Extracting.Helium From Air
British Firm Successful in Gathering
Non-inflammable Gas
Pure helium from thc air has been
extracted by a British firm. The company has employed a power engine,
with a flywheel'of huge dimensions,
sucking in the. atmosphere, to be
afterwards separated into its various
make furl her reductions.
Mrs. Dayman Gives Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound the Credit
Colborne,^Ontario.���"When I was
first married I waa. very thin and''
I weak. The doctor
said I was. weak
and would never
be able to' have a^
child, but I did,
and from the time _
my baby came
I suffered all the
time and doctored
and  took medi-'
cine. Life became
a burden, and doctors said an operation could help
me, but my husband was opposed to
that. 1 had seen Lydia E. Pinkham's
medicine advertised, sol-told my husband that I thought T would try it,,
that I might get some relief.      .    "
I had not taken one bottle
f when I could feel it helping me.' I
1 took five bottles and hadbetter health.
-.{Now I have tiiree girls and a boy and.
1 have done my work up to confine-v-
��� ment.   I am now at tneXIhange of
Life and owe my good health to Lydia
��� E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I
: take a bottle when 1 think I need it.''
> -Mrs. Susan Dayman, K. R. No. 6,
, Colborne, Ontario, /   '
Sold by druggists everywhere.    O
been specially selected to render service to the govern ment, and, when hc
is released and returns "��� to his own
home and friends, his prestige among
them is enormous. In fact, oue mau
who had had his sentence shortened,
because of his good conduct, took the
respite as a great.Insult and imiuired
what he had done that he should be
turned out: before the proper time.
One reason for this queer notipu is
that prisons, with ideal sanitary ar-
'rangemeuts, separate beds for each Inmate, and three meals a day, are palaces of splendor and delight compared
with the average native hut, with its
mud floor apdysaua.lid surroundings."
Helium is regarded as the one non-
inflammable gas avallablefor inflation
of dirigibles. It is said ihat qne
might place, a lighted match In a volume of It and the flame would be extinguished. In the case of airship
explosions, as In that of the PC4 In
America, it is claimed ihat but for tho
non-inflammable character of ils gas
every life would probably have been
lost in fire following on-_the explosion
ihat ripped the cover.
{���'. ���  iu����.������'fevcTjtliing 1,���..���"���������
"3Vup Diamond Pyes���no .other innd���
and iell your .''rlrugg.is.fc'Tvhtitliec'.thk'MfttB-
rinl -you-wish to color is wool 'or silk,'���or
the;'five/.causes{of;,soi:row.; i You. can
taste/ and: feel,; but: noi}.describeWtiti
sUileyofyrepose.*��� produced by{a -b'eyer-
agei thus prepared."/,:
Best   Be    Guarded
Baby's Own Tablets
{'::   Hunting /Seals; Wi'iEi  Planes;/.;:./
Aero planes' will, be/otnijloyed {'soon
by. the Sorie| ���G-ovei'iimen.L'iiiUiuntiiig
seals y on .*--��� the Arctic:coa-s:t.:;y  Here to-
fore ..*schooners   have beonnsed,- but
lresults /wore*not .{'satisfactory,... boats
|.often spelidingywhola   we��lcs/ without*
making- a ''catch.'W ,* '/'-/*'/'���'}[X :,
Oldest -Rock Ligbthouse
The greatest testimonial that could
be paid' to Robert" Stevenson was the
fact that the Bell Rock lighthouse, after standing the buffeting of the North
Sea for 115 years, stood tqday as,firm
as when it.was built. It was now'the
oldest existing rock lightfioiise in the
world.,This was a remark by Thomas
It.' Tail, of the Northern Lighthouse
board ��� office, in a lecture at Leith,
Nearly,,.As Hard As Diamond
A novel metal alloy has'been produced which lu\hardness differs from
the diamond by only one-tenth of a
degree. The alloy consists of a fus-
,ed mixture of. metallic tungsten and
tungsten carbides. Tests have shown
that this tungsten alloy, whilo somewhat softer than a diamond, offers
many practical advantages. It is
said to have metallic structure and to
retain Its ""cutting,power much longer
thau the diamond.
Auntie: Now, you must not have
any'more cakes, Johnny, you've had
quite enough.
Johnny: Well, if I'm ill it will be
your fault. . You've made me stop.at
the thirteenth, and that's unlucky.
��� Manitoba-Pulp Mill
Following months of negotiations,
the Manitoba Pulp and Paper Company
has purchased a site for ils pulp mill
from'''Indians controlling the Fort
Alexander'reserve. J. D. McArthur,
president ofthe company, also stated
that. arrangements hare been ' completed for the purchase of all available
j pulpwood oa the Indian reserve.
BattlefiefdMemoiiKls    ���'
:.fiom .i Europe   after >si ���/. two
Tliey spring Is a.'time, of anxiety! to.{months'- trip in. connection witii -bat-
home,   Conditions make II. necessarv    ,.  ,, *��� , *'       -,   ,      -   , *
to-lteeplhe.baby Indoors.- He is often- ��l ^[^.-^T^' .commission,, told
couanedy* to/.overheated, badly-vent.il- of progress :that has'been made.on the
ated rooms and catches colds which eight sites allotted to Canada as pl'icos
rack, hi^; whole, system. ,- To guard'Vhere Canadians too'k nn ' 'iaiportaiit
against:; this a box of Baby's Own; t-. bajH'��� in v>,..nrP Hrld IJplriiim
Tablets should be kept  ��-�� "-   '  p     1D   ��� ttlcs n     ���ce ���an��l>e^^1,tl-
in" the house
and au occasional dose given the baby-
to keep his stomach and bowels wording regularly. This will prevent colds,
constipation or colic And keep baby
wetl. The Tablet's are sold by medicine deaLers or by-mail at 25 cents a
bor from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Still Use Snuff
Figures Show That Quite a .Number
Of People In Canada Take
Pinch oFSnuff
Quite a number of people in Canada, still take their pinch of snuff.-Tobacco, factories in Canada in 1924, the
last year of record, produced ?947,G!)3
worth of-snuff, or 77-1,525 pounds,
A statement issued by.the Dominion
bureau of statistics shows that in the
samo year ,2,450.L 13,000 cigarettes
were rolled in Canadian factories.
They are valued at ?2S,455,9S6. The
output of cigars was 1511,875,000 or ?9,-
739,590 worth.
The output of smoking tobaccos in
that year Is valued at $17,20 M0S, nnd
oE chewing tobacco at $i),56S,2SI.
The total value of the output of Canada's tobacco factories in 1924 is estimated at $59,-95X,502, of which 353,-
���!(>5,S96 came from Quebec'factories,
and ?G,07-1,138 was Ontario factories.
The balance is distributed over the
rest   of   the   provinces in very small
sums'. ��
Work on seven of. these tLII.bo Completed - ilita sinnmer. On the eighth
site' at Yliiiy "Ridge, excotlont ivrogress
also Is being made, ".'-/.   ������*���-.���
To haT&ythe children sound and
healthy is ,-tlie first care bf a mother.
They cannot., be healthy "If troubled
with -worms, '.;' Use Mother . Graves'
Worm Exterminator.      . {
Industrial     Workers    Are     Awarded
Edward, Medal By, King
The London Gazette announces that
the King has awarded the Edward
Medal "to Alfred Welding, for jumping
into a Tat of scalding acid at the worlcs
of iho High Speed Steel Alloys, Limited, Widnes., Laucasliire, last' October, to the rescue of a youth named
TIarper, who had fallen into it and
was in danger of being immersed; and1
to George-Locke, employed by Messrs.
Dorman, Long & Co., Limited, for sav-
Inig the life of a fellow worker named
Dowser, who had fallen, striking his
head on a girder, while at work ou the
rebuilding of premises -in Oxford
Street, W. Locke leaped from one girder lo another and held Dowser until
hell) arrived.
The Edward Isfedal is awarded for
saving or attempting to save life In
couaectioa wiih industrial underlain
Externally or Internally, it is Good.
���When applied externally by brisk
rubbing. Dr. Thomas , Eclectric OU
opens Hip pores and penetrates the
tissuo, touching lhe seat of the trouble
and immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still the
irritation in lhe throat which induces
coughing and will relieve affections of
the bronchial;tubes and respiratory organs.     Try it and be convinced. -
Little Helps For This Week
.WifeW'uia you notice tlio chinchilla | coat on the woman* sitting in
frout ortis atcliurcli this jporning?-"- *
��� Husband,���"Er���no. . Anuild I was
dozing most of. the time."
Wif'ii.���"Uni! A lot -of . good the
service (Ikl.you." . ��� ;W    7
I-would have you'without.-carefulness.���Cor, vli, 32.
Bowed ��� with u burden none can 'weigh,
save Thee, -
Strength of my life, on Thee I cast
my care;
My heart must prove it* own infirmity,
But what shall move me if my God is
���Anna Letitia Waring.
Do you know tho blessing of rolling
all your cares ori God? He caii bind
up the broUen-heart-jd, and comfort
all who mourn. He is ever. near,
calling, us to come to Him, and by
meekness and holiness of heart find
rest and peace.���-Maria Hare.
Ho stands very'insecurely who doei
not cast all his cares upon Thee.���
Thomas A. Kempis.
A bird in the hand Is vulgar,
a knife ami fork,
may   he a pdnless
hasn't*- much-;faith in
dentist, but hc
himself.'" ' ���
James.���"How do yon know that?"
George.���"I saw him. sluH cotton in
his -ears before he pulled my tooth."
Even baldheaded barbers Insist "on
telling hair-raising stories.
Minard's Liniment for dandruff..
iProredsafe by mTUions and prescribed by physicians for.
Colds     Headache      Neuritis Lumbago
- Pain      "Neuralgia/  Joothache     Rheupntism'
Accept oiily "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions'.
Handy  "Bayer"- boxes of 12  tablets
Also'bottles of 24 and J00���Druggists.
AbicIcIb b tbe trafle mark f��Rlafci��a tn Canada) oi Bayer Matiufdcl'ire of Jfonoactllc-
wilMtet ot SallcjJIeacld <A��etjl Salicylic AcJd, "A. S, A."). "Willie It is well known
Hat Aijirln mews Bayer wiaii*��ijtu_��, to'asslsl'th*. ptifeife a��al_nat imitations,- the Tablet*
ot Bajec Coajpwjr vlU be BUunjca witli ttelr general tc��.<& aWK, H>�� "Bayer C-wss."
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. Tc/Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Midway News
Miss Jose MacDonald spent the
week-end in Greenwood the guest
of Miss J. McKee.
Mrs. Harold Erickson is visiting her mother in Grand Fork?,
during the holidays.
The particulars of Major
Davies' Auction, Kettle Valley,
will appear shortly.
A number of Midway people
attended the dances at Greenwood
and Rock Creek on Easter Monday.
Miss Jose MacDonald is spending a few days in Petiticton the
guest of her cousin Mrs. R. B,
Mrs. Emil Lund and children
are spending the Easter holidays
in Grand Forks, the guests of
Mrs. T.'Hartland.
There will be an entertainment
and dance ia the Farmers Hall
on Friday, April 30th. Watch
for announcements.
Service was very well attended
in the United Church on Easter
Sunday.. The Church was decorated for the occasion. v
Mr, and Mrs. C. K. McArthur,
of Butte, Mont,, are moving on
the 15th of April to Denver, Col.,
where Mr. McArthur has been
appointed to a batter, situation.
The amount of articles to be
sold at the Midway Ranch Coa's
-Auction:- will take' the greater
part of the day. The Auction
starts at 10 a.m. on April 17th.
Come and make a day of it.
Carr's Show gave a performance in the Farmers Hall on
Tuesday evening. It was well
attended,. Miss Ruth Carr, whose
skill and great strength brought
so much applause, was raised in
The pupils of the senior class
of the Midway School were entertained at a jolly Easter party on
Tuesday night1 by their teacher
Miss MacDonald. The evening
was spent at Easter games, egg
hunts and contests.
The U. F. of Midway had a
very successful meeting last Saturday. Several new members
joined and the Local expect to
have a bigger and livelier association this year, as they have uow
joined the Farmers Institute.
The following officers were
"Vice-Pres , E. F, Keir; Secretary,
A. Landers; Treasurer, J. C.
Boltz; Directors, H. Bruce, D. J.
McDonald, Chas. Graser, S. J.
Bender, J. C. Boltz and R. Forshaw; R. Bruce aud E. F. Keir
were appointed on the Hall committee. Preparations are being
made for a big time at the entertainment and dance on April-30
Mr. Bush will be there with his
five-piece orchestra which play
very, peppy music. Watch for
posters. The next meeting will
be held on Saturday, May 1st.
Boy .of Mine'-'
Ben Alexander, who recently
became numbered among First
National screen stars, precipitated
- by his acknowledged triumph as
"Penrod," in "Penrod aud Sam,"
surpasses all previous honors
won, in "Boy of Mine," another
.. Booth Tarkiugtou story.^
*�� Ben Alexander has climbed
steadily towards stardom since
his first important recognition in
"Hearts ofy the World," and is
one of the few professional children, who, as they; grow older,
holds fast to charm identified
with extreme youth,   y
In "Boy of Mine," Ben carries
an important "role, in company
with Henry B. Walthall, Irene
Rich and RockliSe Fellows. The
picturey will be shown at the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday,
April 10th. )���)""
Card of Thanks .
Mrs./ A. Greig, Mrs. E. C
Fraser, and Miss Catherine Smith
wish to thank their many.friends
for their sympathy and beautiful
floral tributes received during
their recent sad bereavement in
the loss of a loving brother; also
wish to thank the nurses of the
District Hospital for. their many
kind acts during his illness.
What Has Been Done
Can Be Done
A dance was held in Greenwood
on Easter Monday. The services of
Mrs. B. G. Ommanney, of Grand
Forks, were engaged to play the
violin. Can she play? I'll say she
can, but that is only incidental to this
A short conversation with this
woman would be sufficient to convince anyone they had met a remarkable personality.
In the Boundary we frequently hear
the'������-remarks' "Business is quiet;
Mining aint what it used to be;
Ranchers cant make a dollar etc."
Let us make a few remarks as to
what Mrs. Ommanney has done with
nothing for a start.
-Six years ago she arrived in Canada from Englaiid. Her husband
died shortly after, leaving her penniless
with a family to support. She has
developed one of the. finest poultry
farms.in B. C. and has demonstrated
that with the combination of brains,
energy and poultry will pay handsome
The flock consists of over six
hundred hens. One hundred and
fifty of these lay over two hundred
eggs each a year while one hen laid
two hundred and sixty three eggs during 1925.
" There are more possibilities of
making money in the Boundary than
many people imagine. Have the
men all got sleeping sickness when it
is left to a woman to show that
poultry will pay. .-[[
Rock Creek Items
Mrs. W. Clark was a visitor to
Midway on Saturday.
Mrs. I. V. ' Shillcock motored to
Grand Forks on Tuesday.
Service in the Rock Creek Anglican'
Church on Sunda}*-, April 11th, at
11 a.m. . .
Miss Sandercock, teacher of Kettle
Valley School, is visiting her home
in Nelson.
Mrs. G.yB. M. Gane visited Mrs.
Bodman, of Bridesville district on
Good Friday. *
Tom Hanson and son Ralph, of
Beaverdell, visited town on Monday
and took in the dance. Tom had a
fine time._
April came in very cold and stormy.
Twelve degrees of frost was registered
during the week-end, with three
Milt Dresser has been promoted
to be District 'Forester emergency
helper to R. O. Leslie in the forestry
work-at "Rock Creek. v
A Fancy DressDance will be held
at Riverside Hall,. Friday, April 9 th,
1926, under the auspices of the Rock
Creek Junior.-W.,A.
Mrs. McDonald, of Johnson
Creek, is receiving a visit from her
mother of Red Deer,- Alberta, and a
sister from Vancouver.
Mr. and-Mrs. Owen Wheeler
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Kekr at Greenwood on Tuesday
afternoon and evening.
The Kettle Valley Golf Club held
a bee on the links on Good Friday.
A number of prospective players attended to do their share and considerable work was accomplished. It was,
ho we ver, not favorable : in the af ter-
noon for the golfers to take a few
rounds owing to the weather being so
very cold.
The Easter Monday Dance at
Riverside Hall' V)was well attended,
parties coming from Oroville, Molson,
Chesaw, Beaverdell and other places.
Bush's orchestra was in excellent
form and everyone declared the dance
altogether was a most enjoyable
affair. At the close three cheers were
giyen for the musicians.
Rock Creek and district is certainly
booming with sawmills. The Doukhobors are erecting a "sawmill on
Myers Creek opposite the McArthur
mill. They will use Mr. McArthur's
siding and expect to ship shortly.
There are so many Douks that they,
seem similar to a swarm of wasps.
The household furniture to be sold
at Major Davies' Auction, Kettle
Valley, will Comprise some very useful and necessary articles, as well as
household furniture. There' will be
some good milking stock as well as
some farm implements in first class
shape.    ,,   ":   ..:-,.x '..-:
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness. Life,
Automobile,Bonds. Burglary. &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at tlie Office 0;
Greenwood B.C.
The Late W. M. Smith
The death of William Murdock
Smith, of which brief mention
was made ia the last issu?, look
place in the District Hospital on
Tuesday, March 30th. ' The late
Mr. Smith was born near E-scum-
inace, Quebec, 65 years ago nm\
came to the li. C. coast in 1SS4
where he worked in the lumber-
ing iudustry. In December last
he came to Greenwood to visit
his sister's, Mrs- A. Greig aud
Miss C, Smith, the former he had
not seen for 20 years. Seven
weeks ago he became ill aud after
the best of medical skill aud -care
in the District Hospital passed
away oh Tuesday evening. He is
survived by three sisters, Mrs. E
C. Fraser, of Vancouver, who
was.here to attend the fuaera';
Mrs. A. Greig and Miss C. Smith
of this city. The deepest sympathy of all goes out to them in
their great loss.
The funeral took place at 2 p w.
on Saturday, services being he d
in the United Church and at
the graveside, Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw officiating. It was 1 argcly
attended and the casket bore
many floral tributes. The* pallbearers were: G. Hambly. D.
McGillis, h. Bryant, ,W. Madden,
G. Gauvreau, and A. D.: MacKenzie. Interment took place ia
the local "cemetery.   . ���
Boundary Falls School
t! Report for March
Teacher, -Ruth Axam1'
No. on register - y . -        15
Total actual attendance     -   297 5
Average daily attendance       12.93
Proficiejncy List:
Grade I: Florence Oasselmaii,
William Boltz, John Swanlnnd,
Gradell:   Svea Johnson.
Grade III:    Grace   Casselman.
Grade IV: Edna "Swanlund,
Verdun CaBselman,' Louise : Swanlund,, Verona Klinosky.
��� Grade VI: Zophia Klinosky,
Daniel Boltz, Andrew Swanlund,
Alice Casselman, Helen Gapsnl-
man (not present for examinG-
tionp.) . 7. ,7.
Grade VIII:    Lawrence Folvik.
Milliner, Grand forks, B.C.
The United Church of Canada
Minister iu charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinsnaw, B. A.
Sunday. April 11th.
Greenwood 7:30 b'.m.
H. W.R. MOOSE, B.i.
''Provincial Elections Act"
on Monday, llie Kill day of May, 1926, al tfie'
liour of 10 o'clock iu the forenoon, at llie Couh-
House, Greenwood, bold a Sitling of
thc Court of Revision for tlie purpose of ^revising tlie Ids. of Voters for Uie said Electoral
District,aiul of licariiiff and detenu.ii'mi* any
and all objections to the retention of any
name on the said I,ist, or to tlie registration
as a voter of any applicant for registration;
and for the otlier purposes set forth in. the
"Provincial Elections Act."
Dated at Greenwood, Ii.C.  this 6tli>day of
April, 19��. , 7
;        t   '.   yi\ II. McCURRACH,
Registrar of Voters
Grand Forks'- Greenwood
���'-'���       TO     ;
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Recairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We.
pay postage one wav.   Terms Cash.
For Rent for the Summer
. Nicely furnished  residence to
party with no children.
, ,;Mrs.; Ei^en Trounson.
For Sale        w
/       ���
Pure bred Chinchilla rabbits,
prize stock.   Apply to
'������;..:E...F. Keir, y
Box 626. Green-wood.
For Sale
A   few   head, of. Registered
Ayshire heifers;  also two young
bulls.   Apply to zX
"Chas. Bubar,
y Beaverdell, B.C.
Next to ijenniger's Teed Store
Bridge St.
Vacant, unreserved, Biirveyed
Crown lands- may 1)0 pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional ��� upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes. W
Full Information concerning regulations regarding: pre-emptions is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Berlea,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
wliich can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to'any Government Agent'. *���   ��
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which Is not timber-
land, i.e., carryinK over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Rango
and 5,000 foot per acre east of that
Range. *',..*
Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from tha Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of ?10 per acre, including
���clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can b��
received.- . *
For more detailed information sea
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land." '������'"���
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and - unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land ls
?B per acre, and second-class; (grazing) land ?2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown"lands is given ln Bulletin
No. 10. Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
��� Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acre*,
' may be purchased or leased, th��-oon-
ditions Including payment ot
stumpage. ."' y>*
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding Jf,
acres, may- be leased : aa homesltea.
conditional upon a dwelling beinil
erected in ths first year, tltls being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are , fulfilled
aiid! land has been surveyed.    _\
LEA8E3 .    /"���'.;' ]i-' i-
For   grazing   and   Industrial -. purposes areas not excoodLng 840 acr��i
may, bo. leased  by. one person' or a
company. '
GRAZING   : ���
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided into grazing district*
and the range administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing'permits aYe issued baaed on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stoclc-ownere
may form associations for ranga
management. Free, or partly frea,
permits are .available for sottleri,
campers and tra.v��ll��ra, up to IM
bttad ������.-���������..
Cleveland Bicycles!
When in need of a good bicycle let.us sell you one of .those
Celebrated Cleveland Wheels-
We have all sizes in stock
^ Fully guaranteed for 12 montlis
All parts in stock, also a full Hne of accessories and tires
Prices for Boys and Girls   -   -   $40.00
Prices for Ladies and Gents "������,'   $52.00
-,---,-���-��� . - ��� s .-'.-.-���-...-       ........
J. R. MOOYBOER     ���    BLACKSJV11TH1NG    -'-   PHONES 24 and 78
A Change In Hours
Commencing April 11th, the hours during-
which telephone service will be -given through
the Greenwood exchange will be as follows:
On Week Days
Full service from
8 a.m. to 12 noon, and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Emergency service only, from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
On Sundays and Holidays
Fj.ill service from
7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Emergency service onty, from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
B.C. Telephone Company
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
^CompleteNew Line
D 16
o/Fquis smdShcesx
See New Models at:���
Riverside Garage, Rock Creek
W. O'Donnell, Prop.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada .
Has produced Minerals aB follows:     Placer Gold, 877,382,953; Lode Gold,
$118,473,190; Silver, $68,824,579; Lead, 870,548,578; Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc, * .
832,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals,  $1?481,349; Coal and Coke, ��260,880,048;
Buildiug Stone, Brick, Cemenfe, etc., 842,225,814: making ifes Mineral Production
7   to fclie end of 1924, show an X
y Aggregate Value of $859,427,386
Production for the Year Ending December, 1924, $48,704,604
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and fehe fees lower, than those of any other
Province in fehe Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire;        . .
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal feee.   ���-
Absolute Titles, are obtained by developing snch properties, fehe security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants.
Fall inloririabion together with Mining Keporfes and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
- VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those
considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without
Charge on application to the Department qf MineB, Victoria, B.C. Reports of the Geological
'Survey of Canada, Pacifio Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. W


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