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The Ledge Apr 22, 1926

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 The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
No." 39
Wc carry a large line or
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
��� .- t * -' ���      '*'���'"*
Inspect our stock
���  Agents for the
Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sfets at all prices
Washing Soda
^Soap Chips / -   - -
Powdered Soap    -
Royal Crown Soap
3 lbs for 50c.
Per lb 20c.
6 tablets SOc.
O'Cedar Oil, Mors, Brooms, Etc.
��ft For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46 ejf
��������������������������� ���������������������������^���������������������������������^������������������������������������^ ���������������<>�����.
I , Our ���-
*   Spring Ginghams and Prints  I
are better than ever with  greater
range of color and pattern
Prices 30c to 60c
..,   .. vl
- Phone 17
������������>������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������44)is>4f^4 ������������������������
Spring Necessities
Imported and Domestic ���
Cold Creams, Vanishing Creams,  Complexion
Powders, Compacts, Hand and Shaving Lotions
New line of   French Stationery   just in"
Ice Cream
Let us Quote you on   '
Farm Machinery
��� ""^ ��� .
_ A gents'for the
JOHN DEERE Line of Farm and Tillage Goods
X We carry only the best stock procurable in
I    '    Beef, Veal, Pork,  Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
,, A trial will convince you
|  JOHN MEYER - ,- ���     propri(_.or.
. t _ A new stock of
at Attractive Prices
Men's Work Shoes $3.00 and up
Men's Oxfords  -   $3.50 and up
A Special
31x4.40 Balloon Tire (��. $20.00
Tubes for same     -    @ $ 4.50
Fit a 30x3 1-2 rim
Buy a set at this big saving
McMynn's Store
Midway, B.C.
Retal Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident &'Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds. Burglary. &c
Rouses for Rent or Sale
Cal I at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
For Rent for the.Summer
Nicely furnished  residence to
party with no children.
Mrs Ellen Trounson.
+*- ,'.-���*,���: "*���*'       -^��
J�� We,have received a W     ^__S
H Special Shipment    ' -3
<*��� - **^
___*__- of                         - ~+
g Hats       i
**- '             .*-������.��� -~*
g�� and'for        .*.      *  7^3
��������� - _.           . ������
5~ One Week Only w 33
mZ- these Hats will be sold-at       ^3
SE-. Reduced'Prices       ^S
5^ Come ' early aud get your ������
��~ Bonnet .",..:''*' X 'ZS
��***   ��� ��� ��� -^t
H Mrs. Ellen Trounson 3
Auction Sale
' ������at-
Kettle Valley, B.C.
Saturday, May I, at 12 Noon
All Mis
Household Furniture and
Also Cattle & Machinery at'*Mr. Cane's
Store at the Bridge
For Particulars/See Bills
Termsof Sale���GASH
CHARLES KING - Auctioneer
i. 'dung to
.�� (the. rope
f$$�� ladder,
r,ooo feet
iu the air.
while the
prehistoric man
them t o
his lair.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stupendous
story, with Bessie Love. Lewis Stone.
Wallace Berry and Lloyd Hughes
Greenwood Theatre
APRIL 23rd and 24th.
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
Dance after show on Friday
Spring  Cleaning
While you are. cleaning up almost
everything in sight why not get your
Watches Cleaned and Repaired
and get a good start for the summer season
This is the right' place for most efficient
service and our work is all guaranteed,
Dou't forget that we handle a good line of
Eye Glasses \
at reasonable prices
Watchmaker and Jeweler ���
F. J. WHITE, Manager.
L Skelton, of Trail, -is visiting at
his home in Greenwood.
P. H. Sheffield, of Nelson, school
inspector, was in town on Wednesday.
Trucks and wagons will be out on
April 28th to haul away all piled
up rubbish.
.Matins and Holy Communion St.
Jude's Church; Sunday, April,25th
at 11 o'clock.
IVlissFrachette, of Grand Forks,
was the guest of Mrs. R. Dodd, during the week-end.
��� Mrs., J. A. Scott and children left
this morning for y Seine, Wash.,
where Mr. Scott is located.
P. B, Freeland, government mining engineer, is spending a few days
around Greenwood this week.
���Robt. Denzler has returned from
Spokane and will develop his mining
property around Phoenix this summer.
The Ladies Aid of the United
Church are serving refreshments in
the Kennedy building, after the Show
on Friday night.
Mr. -and Mrs., Jas. Drum, of
Beaverdell, were in town the first of
the week enroute to Penticton for a
few clays holiday.
John and Anton Portmann,- .of
Nicholson Creek, were visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs L.' Portmann
the first of the week.
One of the captured German
"Whizz-Bang-s" which was donated
to the City of Greenwood, has been
placed in front of the Post Office:
: Matthew Barthe, of Westbridge,
who was a patient at the Sisters Hospital in Rossland for the last few
months, left last week fori^Iarpole.""
Chas. Hamilton, of Bridesville,
who has been a patient in the District
Hospital for some weeks, left on
Tuesday for the Old Man's Home,
J. R., Mooyboer, proprietor of the
Grand Forks Garage and agent for
Chevrolet auto, was in town on Friday
last demonstrating a new model of
this, popular make of car.
"The City"" Fathers' are to be commended upqn their endeavors.to have
a tidy, city,' but upon the individual
rests the responsibility of cleaning up
or stopping the scattering of rubbish.
The- Twin creek flume on Copper
Street hurst on Friday evening and
the, prompt action of city -officials,
volunteer" workers and others kept the
street from being badly damaged.''
A .large umbrella and other rubbish
jamming in the flume was the cause
of the break.
The official opening .of courts of
the Greenwood Tennis Club was a
great success on Saturday afternoon,
attended. Many interesting sets were
played and the beginners were given
instructions in this very popular game.
Refreshments" were served by Mrs.
A, Francis, and the Misses Axam,
Lee arid Kempston. ���-."    *
]��dward Clay Nicholas of Midway,
and Miss Lilly Intilla of Greenwood,
were united in matrimony by Rev. J.
R[ Wright/ in Nelson on Thursday
evening, April 15th at 10 o' clock.
The ceremony was performed at the
home, .of Rev. and Mrs. Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas will ��� make
their home in Nelson.. Their many
friends in Greenwood and district
extend congratulations.
After a suspension of approximately
a couple of months, the. Sunday departure of Kettle Valley trains was
resumed on April 18th at Nelson and
Vancouver, which giiles' a Monday
passenger train both east and west
through Greenwood. The return of
the daily ��� train is welcolmed by the
travelling public.   -
.. Speaking of the return of penny
postage,. Hon. Jl A. Robb, minister
of finance, during-his budget speech
on April 15th, said.: "Of the faxes
imposed in 1915 under the special
War Revenue act, none effected all
the people more than the 50 per cent
increase on letter postage. Every
person using the post office has contributed to that tax. The improved
condition of our finances enables us
to announce that Canadians this year
will celebratePominion Day.by a return to two-cent postage, or,what is
popularly known as penny postage."_
Dodd's Barber Shop
and Billiard Hall
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks &. Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
District Hospital
May 14th, 1926, promises to be a red-
letter day for Greenwood and the'surrounding-districts including' Midway,
Kettle Valley, Rock Creek, Beaverdell,
Bridesville ancl points east between
Greenwood and Grqnd Forks. In September, 1924, a movement was initiated
for the establishment of a small hospital
in Greenwood to serve the districts
above mentioned. The venture received
unbounded support from *��� all the communities and lias proved a boon to the
sick aud suffering." Iii the spring-of
1925 it was realized by the directors of
the hospital that the present quarters
were inadequate to meet the requirements'of the district audit was decided
to .obtain costs of an addition to'the
building and re-modelling- of the interior. vThe Board (which then includeclthe
late P. F. Ketchum) met several times
to consider the project and finally submitted plans andcosts to the Provincial
Inspector of Hospitals but which same
did not meet with his approval. Attention was then '-turned to the Armstrong Hotel which older inhabitants
will- remember being considered the
best appointed hotel between Winnipeg
and the Coast. Permission was' obtained from the'bondholders through the
city trustee to turn this building and
adjacent lots over to the-hospital board
if the necessary funds for alterations
could be'raised in a proportionate
amotint to the value of the building.-
Proposals were laid. before the : Provincial Secretary's Department last
August and a * percentage of the cost
was promised in accordance with the
regulations affecting Government aid
in the building of new hospitals. Plans,
and specifications were prepared for .the
remodelling of-the ground floor of the
Armstrong Hotel, part of the second
floor, rearrangement of the heating
plant, roof repairs, new plumbing and
new electric wiring;
, E. A:McDougall was the. successful
tenderer for all-the work with the ex-,
ceptiqn of the electrical end which has
been [done gratis, in his spare time, by
Mr. A. Legault who is a member of
Board. _._��� The work ; commenced last
'November and is uow. completed.
Scrubbing and cleaning parties; are
now the order of the.day, many citizens
volunteering their time and work and
it is expected that- next week will: see
the transfer from the. old hospital to
the new piace. Stead)' and industrious
work has been performed by the Ladies
Hospital Auxiliarj' for the past sixteen
months in aiding, the Board arid hos-
pitalstaff and in connection with'.the
new place they have uiidertakenvthe
furuishing.aud fixing of jthe.;xurjta-in��>.
linen and in conjunction with the Girls
Club hare relegated to themselves the
task of furnishing the staff quarters.
��� Through the kindly thought of Mr, J.
E. Thompson, an old-time resident of
Greenwood. and Phoenix and now the
Vice-President of the Restmore Manufacturing Company of Vancouver, his
company is completely furnishing one
of the private wards and the Board
feels that this will be an incentive to
some of the other old friends, now on
the outside, tev contribute a quota to the
new institution. The Masonic'. order
desires a room assigned to their name
and if is more than ^ikely that there
will be either, a Beaverdell or "Wallace
Mountain ward. Particulars of fur--
nishings and articles still -needed can
tBawtinheimer, Dr. Francis or the president of the Board, Mr. TvvM. Gulley.
- Accommodation has been made for
18 beds and other rooms consist of a
well-appointed.vkitchen, drying room,
linen room, medicine and drug room,
nursery, matroii's office, medical superintendent's office and dentist office
each with separate,,entrance, operating
room, X-ray room, wash-up room, two
bath- rooms, two lavatories, two storerooms, basement store-room, basement
furnace,,,'yand water heater,- nurse's
quarters on second floor with three
spare rooms on the same floor.
A considerable sum has been raised
jluring the..' past }rear by . means of
dances, concerts, hockey games and
sale of refreshments at various gatherings and generous individual contributions of money and supplies have helped to- encourage the Board'in their
difficult task.
It is hoped to raise another thousand
dollars by May 14th and" Mr. C. King,
the secretai^ will acknowledge donations. This appeal for funds will not
be in vain as Greenwood and "district
has a record for generosity that is not J
surpassed iu any section of Canada, j
The yeader lias only to. cast, his or her
thoughts back to the appeals made between 1914 and 1918 and once again
that noble response for nfcnetary help
and voluntary labour will be made in
support of,of an institution for the relief of the suffering. Therefore, Friday, May 14th, will be a day set aside
as'a memorable occasion for the ceremonial opening of the new Greenwood
and District Hospital. *!
The Hon ..William Sloan, as head of
theProvincial Government Department
directing hospitals affairs of .the province, is being asked to perform the
opening ceremony and it is hoped ;to
see ��� him supported by the Hon. Dr.
MacLean and also several prominent
businessmen from the coast together
with representatives of various organizations of the district. Further details
of the opening will be forthcoming but
tentative plans are for a reception in
the afternoon and a dance in the evening. Refreshments in the afternoon
will be served by the.. Greeuwpod Hospital Auxiliary and.in the evening by
the ladies of the outside districts. Committees are being assigned to the various duties that day will call for and G.
S.; Walters in charge will be glad- to
hear from anyone interested. Members
of the Board representing the neighboring districts and who will be glad
to hear from anyone are: Mrs. H.
Pannell, Midway;. Major frray, Kettle
Valley; W. Clark, Rock Creek, and T.
W. Clarke, Beaverdell.
Rock Creek Items
Baird and Charlie Bubar, of Beaverdell vyere visitors to town on Saturday.
Bob Johnson and Jack Luce repaired
the fences on the old Larsen farm last
Billie Hatton is wearing a big broad
smile these days. '"What a wonderful
difference a daughter makes!"
Mr. and Mrs. Abel,vof Christian
Valley, are comfortably settled on the
Mesker ranch on the Main River,
Sherman Warnock is driving the
government truck and George Lord
is in charge of the caterpillar tractor.
The Rock Creek Trading Company
are having a new gasoline reservoir
placed at their oil station at Riverside.
The work is being done by Billie
. Milt Dresser has sold a considerable
number of railroad ties.to R. A. Brown
and Milt is at present the richest man
in town.
Joe Carey was taken ill on Thursday
morning last and was taken to the
Greenwood and District Hospital. It
is a good, place to go when your are
not well.
Mrs. Ed. Hatton and niece, Miss
Hatton, of Bridesville Road, were the
guests of Mrs. E. Madge for a few days
last week.
Major F. E. Glossop and Rev. E. A.
St. G. Smyth were real e^rly golf
enthusiasts on the Kettle Valley course
on Saturday morning.
, The Rock Creek Woman's Institute
will hold their monthly meeting on
Saturday, April 24th at Riverside Hall.
Sports committees from different districts will attend.
.Frank Richter was the guest of J.
Hill jr., of White Rock, during the
Easter vacation. The Misses Hill,
nurses.in the Greenwood and District
Hospital, are sisters of Mr. Hill. ,_
* y On Saturday after the Norris' Sale
at Midway', it looked as if several
gypsy wagons were floating up the
Valley, as several motor cars were
piled high with chairs, &c'.', and resembled a typical up-to-date gypsy
Thursday was a very warm da}- at
Rock Creek, the thermometer register--
ing 82 degrees in the shade. The side-
hills are a mass of yellow buttercups
and purple bluebells. The lilac bushes
and crab apple trees are in bud.
Gardening is the order of the ,day.
Rhubar is a foot high.
Mr. Sweezey, of Johnson Creek sawmill, injured his leg about two wreks
ago and is liow a patient in the Grand
:Forks'HospitaU' -Heas very anxious to ''
get his ties down to the railwaj- track
and has a number of men hauling
them. One driver, who is familiarly '
known as Smokey, makes- the rouud
trip in one hour and 35 minutes with
about 40 ties to the load.
On Wednesday evening last the residents of the Valley were treated to a
wonderful display of the. aurora
borealis, popularly called northern
lights, commencing at -8:30 and continuing until near midnight. The
illumination was very vivid and very
unique, as the flashes seemed to come
from the East and extend. to the West
in a long band of wavy mist. The
color display was beautiful.
A Dance in aid ofvthe Rock Creek--
side Hall, Rock Creek, on Friday,
April 23rd. Bush's orchestra will
supply the music. Adults $1.00,
children, 50c., including supper. A
good time guaranteed.
Midway News
.. The Ladies Aid will meet ou Ma}-
3rd. flection of officers will take
The Farm Locals will meet on the
8th of May instead of the 1st. Members
please take notice.
Miss Nora Jackson has returned from
Trail where, she has been spending'a
holiday with her sister.
Miss Gwenuie Salmon arrived from
the coast on Sunday, with her mother.
Her friends will be pleased to- learn of
her improvement in health.
Don't forget the Dance in the Farmers Hall oil Friday, April 30th. Bush's
melody orchestra will be in attendance.
The Farm Wometi are providing-the
supper. Your loyal support is ask'ed,
as the proceeds are to go towards a.
payment which is due on the Hall.
The annual meeting of ��� (be
Greenwood District Rod and Gun
Club will be held in the Kettle
Valley School on Friday, April
23rd at 8 p.m. "President, G. S.
falters, who recently attended
the Allied Fish and "Game Association meeting in Kelowna, will
.give his report. It is hoped there
will be a large attendance.
, A man from Glasgow was standing
in Belfast watching the sights when a
band came around the corner playing
a lively tune. The day was hot and
the bandsmen had their cpats off.
Having no one to talk to, the man'
from Glasgow stepped up to the Irishman who was passing and said with a
^ "I'see they have to take their coats
off to play the band here."
''Begorra, and that's nothing,, answered the IrishmanA   "When I .was
in Scotland I noticed 4hat they had to
take their pants off to play the bag-
I pipes, "y THE   LEDGE,   GftEKNWOOD,   B. <\
UovLiM, Sua inUadltu} to fty
a s
Mineral Wealtli
Canada appears to bo on tlio ore of a ������-very marked- development of! tho
natural resources in minerals which it is well known lite Dominion has in
abundance hut Ilia development of which have, Tor a variety ol' reasons, been
neglected. In Uiis new era of activity in making Hi esc resources available
for use, every section of the. Dominion will, .apparently, liave a .part, although
���tlio most noticeable activity- will prevail in Quebec, Ontario'and" Manitoba..
In Quebec, one of the largest, schemes of liydro-oleclrical development in
fhe world is to be curried out on ihe Saguenay River by United States capitalists, it is predicted lhat ultimately this'development will rival lhe huge undertakings of the Ontario Hyd.ro-Electric Commission at Niagara,, creating
aiditional hundreds of thousands of horsepower, A huge aluminum jnaiiu-
iiicturing plant is lo be erected,;witli tlie result that an entirely new city will
���arise in the ancient province. ��� ���
During tlie past year or two Ontario- has been steadily forging to Lhe
'!ronl as one of the World's greatest gold producers, and 1925 proved to be a
���record year in this respect. Now with the rash ..into the newly discovered Red
Lake district, and a great awakening of interest In the mineral resources of
���'the province, aud increased prospecting, "tlie probabilities of a further substantial increase-iu-production and of the ascertained'mineral wealth of the
.province are exceedingly briglit.-.
Some of the moat encouraging features of the situation are, however, in
'Manitoba.     At long last, a large sum oC money"is available for'developmeut
���of the famous Flin Flon area.     There is nt immediate prospect a $12,000,001!.
: investment of a mining property witli nearly 3200,000,000 of gold, zinc ana
copper iu sight, including tlie establishment ol'n smelter, thus making pos-
��� sible the development of other mines In the same district, many of which are
... said t.o outrival the Flin Flon in richness of: ore. The Government and Legislature of Manitoba are co-operating ia the nia.Uei of providing necessary railway facilities through the construction of a new line from the Hudson Bay
���.Railway to the Flin Flon mine.    A Bill to Incorporate the railway has already
��� passed second reading in the Legislature.
In both Alberta and Saskatchewan Increased interest Is bbing taken in
'the discovery and development of promising oil-bearing properties, and while
'������many of these are still of unknown value, geologists iire convinced; that oil"
will ultimately be found In botli provinces In large and paying quantities.
'.Furthermore, it is absolutely certain that to a greater extent than ever before
the huge coal deposits,in these two provinces will bc utilized to meet Canadian demands and make the Dominion less deisendem "than":'* formerly on
-foreign fuel supplies.   """ "*,..'
These developments are all highly gratifying from a national standpoint.
As has been urged repeatedly in this column, it Is only througli the develop-
'.xnent of its nautral resources that Canada can prosper, secure much needed
..population, provide Increased traflic for its large railway mileage, and 'ultimately .pay off ils lieavy war debt. -.Every sound'scheme of development.is
'to be welcomed and encouraged. . -
At the-same time a note of warning io the general public is in order.
Gold and other mineral discoveries have in* them an' element of romance, tliey'
capture tho imagination of people, and aroiiife gr-ea-t enthusiasms. Men without any scruples take advantage of the resulting excitement, organize pa per
companies, issue glowing statements and prospectus, promising to make all
"Who invest/rich overnight. . They never tell of tlie many-who have invested
and lost, but recite the stories of the few -who liave made fortunes out of: a
paltry sum.
This is a time, therefore, .for people to' be on. their guard against tlie
smooth tongued- salesmen of mining stocks and options. TJnquestionably
thereare good and sound investments to be made, bul before'risking any
money people should make tbe most careful inquiry Into,: the merits of the
proposition submitted to them and investlga-te it fully. There, are avenues
open through wliich responsible reports can be obtained, and advantage
should be taken of these before any money Is paid over, or any undertakings
signed. As a rule, any proved mineral property can obtain the capital desired for its development; it ls tlie wiLd-catter who through sensational adver-,
tisements goes out to catch the unwary and-gulllble.-ofCerlng one dollar stock
be demanded. The strong probability is that'It Is not worth five cents, or
anything. ' c ,W
Canadians should wholeheartedly-welcome and encourage all legitimate
prospecting aud development of the Dominion's mineral wealth, but, not only
' for their own sake as individuals, but for ttie good name and sound progress
of Canada itself, should frown down upon and have absolutely nothing what;
ever to do with the professional mine wild-catter who knows littlo about mining or minerals, and whose operations serve to''"under mine" confidence In
Canada aud retard its development ancl progress.
Frenchman Will Try
w Trans-Atlantic Flight
-. .. _
Famous Ace Plans To Compete For
, $25,000 Prize
It is reported that Cap lain Fonck,
Lhe famous "Ace of aces," intends to
compete in the $25,000 prize for a
direct New York-Paris flight. He will
make the attempt during the month of,
May, using an -American plane with
three engines of French manufacture
developing -100 horsepower. The airman will take off from Central Park
nnd land in the Hoi's dc Boulogne in
Paris. "
Captain Fonck said II might be a bit
premature to make any too definite
statements concerning Lhe details of
I.he flight, which might well be ...modified before the attempt finally is made.
'''It is a big job to undertake to fly a
distance of 6,000 kilometers," he said.
'it cannot bo carried out without tho
most careful perparation in every
smallest detail." But tho famous airman expressed confidence the project
would sooner or later become an established fact and (lie two capitals
linked together by. air..
Agony Of. Lumbago.
Quickly Soothed Away
By "Kerviii^e,,
For the sharp, piercing pain of Lumbago, and the tormenting aches- of
Rheumatism, no liniment is so efficient, so autck to bring comfort ahd
relief as good old"Nervitin.e." This
wonderful liniment penetrates through
the tissues very quickly, sinks at once
to. the core of the pain, draws the
blood from the congested, urea, and
thereby relieves "the pain in a short
time. Those who suffer from stiff
joints, swellings and Rheumatic conditions should use Nerviline, the King
of Pain destroyers. Get Nerviline today, .35c, at all dealers.
Coal Production Increased
Total coal production for 1925 in Alberta was 5,883,394 tons, an increase
of 679,000 tons over 1924, according to
the report of* the provincial mines
branch. The report also shows that
1,148- tons   of   tar .sands were taken
from the McMurrav field. -���
������ ��� .    .        t   -���������-.��� ������:
Restored Strength and
Former Good Heath
Carry it
Keeps teeth
clean, breath sweet,N
appetite keen and
digestion go<
l^Z^r ��veiy Meal    fjj
Big Increase In Wealth
Canada Now Ranks Third*.in Per
Capita Wealth        _
In a survey of the 36-year period
during which one of the leading Canadian financial companies has been in
business,..-' impressive testimony is
found regarding the development of
Canada!s resources, the growth .of her
weallh and the,advance in her general
prosperity. ^In. 18S9 sayings deposits
in Canadian banks were approximately $134,000,000; in ,1900 slightly under
$200,000,000, and in. 1925 over $1,300,-
000,000. During the period froni 1914
to 19.19 Canadians invested also in Dominion Government securities approximately $1,900,000,000,;" iii addition to
these savings -and investments in government bonds a huge total is owned
by Canadians^of Provincial Government and municipal securities arid securities of other corporations, these
being outside of moneys employed In
their own firms or companies.
Canada's national wealth in 1903 is
Oppose Attempt To
Scale Mount Everest
Priests of Tibet Have Closed Road to
���   All Expeditions
According to a recent dispatch from
London, the Dalai Lama of Tibet has
finally closed Mount Everest agaiust
further attempts to gain its peak, the
highest point on the world's surface.
Tbis means that Tibetan ruling authorities have reverted to thcir older
policy of exclusion. It had been temporarily abandoned when sanction waa
given for the previous Uritish expeditious, permission being granted after
friendly pressure had beeu brought to
bear by the Indian Government, and
that recourse would no doubt liave
been again made had it been desired^
But Captain J. 11. L. Noel, the British
army officer, who acted as official
photographer to tho expeditions ot
1922 and 1924 ,is frankly skeptical"oa
the point,     In his report he states:.
Tho priests who govern that part of
Tibet arc now definitely opposed to
expeditions up the mountain. They
don't like the loss of life that so often
occurs, and thoy cannot understand
why we want to reach the top. Net-
tber the sporting, spirit nor the curiosity of geologists, botantists aud zoologists is comprehensible to them.
They think that we have some ulterior
motive wliich we will not disclose. A
hunt for treasure, for example.     -   ���
Health  Can  Only Be  Restored
Through the Use of a Blood-
W    . Making Tonic '
An epidemic of influenza, such as is
now prevalent in many parts of Canada, always leaves widespread suffering in its wake. The disease itself
is dangerous, but the danger is seldom
over when the characteristic symptoms of the trouble have passed.
There is left behind depression of
spirits, weakened vital powers, thin
blood, impaired digestion and oversensitive nerves". Men and women
who were robust before stricken with
estimated at approximately $1,100 per influenza   find   their   bbdies   racked
Willi pam previously unknown to them.
Quebec Lady Was Weak, Exces
- sively Nervous, Depressed
and Weighed Down With
Mrs... E. -Boyd Took -Three Weeks'
Treatment of Dodd's Kidney Pills
and Amazing Results Followed.
Will Auction War Relics
Amiens. City Council Says Guns Have
Become Cumbersome
War relics arc now at a discount in
Prance.    '���������-... . ,,    "
Amiens soon will dispose of one of
the "Big Berthas," .the cannon, whicli
-hurled shells more than .seventy-livo
miles into the city after tlie great German drive of Marcli; 1918. ���'���'.'
The gun, which was captured by Lhe
Australians and given to tlie city along"
witb a number of others of different
calibre, has become cumbersome in tho
opinion of the city fathers. Enthusiasm of the victory of '191S having
faded there was no opposition in the'
city council to the proposal that tho
whole lot be auctioned off.
Outlook In Southern
Alberta Is Good
With Average Rainfall Farmers
Should Have Big Crop
^Despite high drying winds at intervals UiU spring, tlie early year crop'
outlook Is better iii Southern Alberta
1haa.it has been for years. During
September imd October last, more than
six Inches of moisture fell. ". This was
better' than a. six-inch fall irrigation
over every foot of tiie countryside. All
we nieed now ia average rainfall during Llie growing months to make one
of tiie biggest crops in history.���Leth-
bri<]#e Herald.
Dunany. P.Q; ������ (Special). ��� That
Dodd's Kidney Pills bring back' health
and strength is proved by the following statement from Mrs. E. Boyd, who
resides at Dunany; .
She writes:���'.'! -took ..your' Dodd's
Kidney Pills because I was weak ana
excessively nervous. I was .unabie
tojwork without feeling depressed,
was also weighed.down,with lumbago
and had no appetite. It has_ only
taken a few;, weeks' treatment of
strength and courage and former good
health." ,_., XX    ' .
This statement, speaks-for Itself.
Ninety per cent, of the His from which
women suffer come from weak or diseased kidneys. They are the organs
that* strain all the imparities out of
the blood. If they fali to do this, the
impurities remain in the blood and are
deposited all over the body. , -
a Buy a box today. 50c from all druggists or The Dodd's Medicine Co., Ltd..
Toronto 2, Out.
capita and in 1925,,'at ?2,406,/the latter
estimate being made by the League of
Nations and the United States ^department of commerce. Canada ranks
third out of 35 nations listed; tlie United States showing ?2,91Sy and Great
Britain $2,459 per capita respectively.
Other countries show . consider-ably
less. '������*���. 7 * -,.."���������*.,
* Canadians are-a rich people today,
and positive signs point to a cumulative prosperity. 7'.���"���*���.:���-"'..-_.        >
Will Refuse Rockefeller Gift
Egyptian Government Apparently Does
Not.Want Money For Museum
The Cairo newspapers announce
that the Egyptian cabinet has instructed its- legal representative to have a
final talk with Professor Breasted, representing John ZD. Rockefeller. Jr.,
regarding Mr. Rockefeller's $10,000,000
offered for, archaeological research
and the erection of a museum after
which . the . cabinet would decide'vthe
it added .that Prof7Breasted hadi not
changed the conditions. . Hen.ce. it
is believed the government will refuse the gift.-'
Write ��ov oiii?
free booklet
on SWJby's cai?e
Condensed Milk
The Borden Co., Limited
MONTREAL i       h.26
*)ea as. it should be
This is due to an abnormal thinning
of the blood and leaves the system an
easy prey to other serious troubles.
This Is' the time when the convalescent from influenza should build,, up
the blood with a reliable blood-making
tonic such as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
When the blood 'regains its rich red
quality the -"nerves recover their
strength and the organs of the body-
function naturally, and the dangerous,
depressing after-effects of" influenza
disappear. Proof of the undoubted
value of-Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as a
blood-builder and nerve fonlc Is shown
by the case of Mrs. R. O. Stromberg,
Cobalt, Ont., who says:���"I had a very-
severe attack oi grippe, or influenza,
which confined me to my bed for a
week. On getting up again i did not
recover my usual strength. I was
very weak, had a severe pain in'my
head, ancl a constant backache. I
had to ge( a woman to do my work
for me as I had neither the strength
nor the energy to d��o anything. At
this stage, remembering the - great
benefit I had through Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills }n girlhood, I began taking
this medicine, and soon my strengtn
be^an to return
do1 all my own work again, and take
care of my, baby boy.     I   am   very
Work Proceeding On
Singapore Naval Base
Australia   Is   Intensely   Interested   In
Great Britain's Project
The eyes of the nations bordering
the Eastern Pacific are turned toward
Singapore, where Groat Britain is establishing a great naval base at a cost
of $55,000,000. ' Australia's interest iu
this tremendous engine of war is intense, and she is watching every development.
vAn idea of tho magnitude of the
project was given by W. H, Collyer,
a member of the town planning commission of Singapore, "who recently
passed through Sydney. Mr. Collyer
said that, although tho present plana
of the British admiralty had not been ���
made public, the works at Singapore
were projected on a magnificent scale
and would require another seven years
to complete. __ ^
"Already the necessary piers and
railways .arc in operation," he said,
"and reclamation work is proceeding.
Two very extensive olb depots have*
been laid down, and large-scale topographical surveys have been made In
the neighborhood of the base. Min-"
ing and protective works are planned
and an aerodrome will bc -established. .        . .
"Mosquitoes are ' a pest, but provision is being made to oust^tliem, so
that''the British garrison, which 'Will
occupy the post, will not succumb to
malaria." .   -
McKim's Directory Of
Canadian Publications
,. Lore Is the dream of childhood, the
life of youth and too often the bankruptcy of old age.
-WHeat an iron spoon. Put four
drops of liniment and four drops
of sweet oil in ifc,-mix and put
one or two drops in the ear.
W.   N.   V.   1625
An. Ofl without Alcohol.���Some oils
artel manyjnedieiJies.'have .-alcohol as
it* prominent Ingredient.' ��� A judicious
mingling, of sit essential oils compose
Dr.;' Thomas' Eclectric Oil,, abd"'there
is 3lo> alcohol ih It, so that its effects
are, lasting. '*' ���:������' .,-W ,        ������ ������
Open To"6uestion
, The world is getting more iutelli-:
gent, v How do w> 'Snow? A Pitts-'
burgh University professor/'; claims
that '."seibblers-' -and; "scrawlera"
possess high mentality, and those
of loir *mentalit>- are good hand writers.'
InasmucEi as the schools: today pay
��� little: or no iittentlon. to handwriting
and ire turning out scribblers by tbe
hundreds, therefore, the people of tbe
present ya-re. more intelligent than in
th, good old -lnya.of real penmanship,
Maybe so. -.'.-' ���'.������������ / W,
Reliable Source of information is
Available/For the Public
A. McKlm Limited, Canada's largest
advertising agency, has just Issued tho
:i 9 2 (J Edition of McKim's Directory of
Canadian publications. This Is the
nineteenth edition, the first issue having appeared in" 1892, ancl each succeeding number has shown an vim-
provemen tover the previous one. This
publication is generally accepted aa a
reliable.source of information on Canadian publications and as well ls regularly consulted-for geographical and
statistical ' particulars. ; Each year
sees changes in the Canadian .publishing'- ftel.d and^as far as possible these
changes are accurately indicated in
each issue.    ���'.-.
A Prosperous Farmer
..John Dahl.ya farmer.'at Cereal. Alberta, on the Hanna-Drumheller line
of the Canadian' National Railways,
last year threshed 3,360 bushels of
wheat from 110 acres of-stubble land.
He also had 180 acres of summerfallow and' has threshed from the 290
a   total   of   10,000 bushels ot
grateful ior what the pills have done'
for mc, ahd hore my experience will
be of benefifto some other sufferer."
If you need a blood-building tonic
begin' tahlnn; Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to-day. Sold by all me'dicine dealers
or sent by mail at 50c a box by writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.--
Asthma.Carinot Last when the greatest" of all asthma specifics ls used. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy assuredly deserves this exalted title, it
I am now able to.] has to its credit thousands of cases -
which' other preparations had failed to
.benefit It-brings_help_to_even-the���
most severe cases and brings -the
patient to a condition of blessed relief.
Surely suffering^ from asthma is need-
.less when a'remedy like this is so
easily secured.
As a vermifuge an effective preparation is Mother Grayes' /Worm:: Exterminator, and it* can be given, to",the
most'delicate child without "fear of injury to' the constitution."
'.Mina-nTs Linlmeirt used by physicians
..."Construction, engineers haye found
that men and "women weigh twice as
much when excited.as when ; sitting
quietly... '-���"""
Her Nerves Were
"All Broken Up"
She Could Not Sleep
���Mrs. .David Gallongher, 87 Lynd��
hurst Ay o., Hamilton, Ont.; writes J
������"My nerved were all broken ud
and I could not sleep at night, and I
would have to get up out of bod and
walk tho. floor for hours at a time.
After Using a Box of
If the average woman hasn't anything eTse to talk about, she . talks
about all the'time.
Niagara's Thunder Measured
Noisiest and Quietest Points Found by
Scientific Calculation
-' Tho thundering roar of Niagara
Tails has been scientifically measured.
The tests showed that the two noisiest points about the cataracts were
at the foot of the.American Palls at
Prospect Point and directly in front
of the Cave of tho Winds below Goat
Island. The noise measurement at
both these points was 70 units, generally classified as a deafening noise.
The quietest point. about the falls
Is at Terrapin Point, the extreme
southwest censer of Goat Island,
where the registration showed 45 units.
Thc second loudest point found by
the tests was at the top of tlie falls
near-the Cave of the Winds at Goat
Island where the measurement is 60
The top of the falls at Prospect
Point shows 52 units.
The tests were made by the audiometer, a specially constructed device.
The bua'rizo Is a recently developed
animal, a cross between the' llama-
and the alpaca. ofJPeru. -
Mr%. Robert Vyse
I Began To Feel Mitch Better,
and after using a few mora bozos
I could enjoy my rest aa well as ever
I could."
H. & N, Pills hare been on the
,inarket for ihe.past 32 years; your"
nearest* druggist Bells them; put ���np
only by The T. Milburn Co., Limited,
..Toronto. Ont.
\ Taking Squeak Out Of Shoea
The Boot Trade Research Association at Northampton, Eng., has announced discovery of a treatment for
..preventing patent leather shoes from
cracking. " A neW -Method of taking
the squeak out .of. footwear also has
been found.
isn't   that monkey, like
You mustn't say
Grandpa ?"
"Hush, darling!
things like that-"
"But tlie monkey can't understand
can he mummy?"
Eingling ^Brothers began' their
'circus career by showing a goat
called Billy Rainbow at an ' admission charge of one cent.
It's   a   poor   memory tbat doesn't
allow a. wan to"forget what he owes.
Minard's Liniment for sore threat
-s ���Thc Shaw Studio ,
Hamilton, Ont.���"Dr. Pierce's Far-*;
oritel'Prescription is the greatest helpr
to' women of any medicine there is.   18.
is especially beneficial to"'the expectant
mother, as it keeps her physically fit at'
all ��� times.    My mother was a great
believer in , this medicine, and during -
,niy first expectant period siic ha'u me
take it and I got along splendidly���kept
well and strong and was able to do "my -
work right"up" to the last? I had practically no suffering/and jliad a very
healthy baby.   I took a icvf bottles of
the 'Favorite Prescription' afterwards,
which'  helped   to. .bring   back   my
strength."���Mrs. Robert Vyse, 139 West
Ave. North.   , . * ' ���'   ���
You'll soon feel better \i you obtatm
this Prescription at your nearest drug
store, in tablets or liquid, or-send 10-2
to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in Bridge*
burg, Out., for trial plcg.
'xi THE   MEDGE.   GREENWOOD,   B. 0.
London Turns To
Canadian Goods
Empire Shopping Weeks Have Educated    Consumers-'" in    Value    of
Empire Products
Nine English municipalities have
held imperial shopping-weeks during
the past months. "'Others followed
suit during April, while London will
hold its week in May":
Many of the big London depart-"
ment stores have held, or will hold,
empire shopping weeks of their
own, and practically all of them have
now established special sections for
empire goods. Canadian products
alone take up seven pages of the provision catalogue issued, by one largo
London firm. - The latest made-in-
. Canada comestible lo made its appearance on the London market is blueberry jam, wliich /is believed to -be un-,
known ln Canada itself. It is made
here from blueberry, pulp* imported
W       from Quebec.
Over    LO.000    people  have already
visited    "Brilish    Empire  Exhibition
��� on tour," as the   touring   exhibition
wliiph ls  continuing    the    work "��� ol
Wembley is called..
The Imperial institute, London, towards the maintenance of which the
Canadian Govei-mnent makes a contribution, is being re-organized that it
may help perpetuate the Empire exhl-
��� bilion as a means- of educating the
British public in regard to natural resources and, industrial development in
overseas parts of the empire. A. W.
Tolmie, Canadian exhibition director,
is helping in this work.
��� All these factors are considerably
improving lho position ,of Canadian
>goods in-lhi.s market. Progress may
be gauged by the success of the efforts
of the Women's Unionist organization
to encourage the stocking of empire
products by local grocers. The position Is much better^they report, than
even six months ago, and empire foods
are on sale even iu small towns.. This
"is partly due to the fact that the packing.and quality of empire prouuee has
greatly improved in the past two years.
Opposed Streets Being
Lighted At Night
Century Ago German Papers Advanc-
- ed     Arguments     Against
When gas lighting was installed at
,/Trieberg, In Saxouy, a  ceniury  ago,
many Gorman-papers opposed the innovation witli astonishing arguments.
It was said that the lighting up of thc
night's darkness was. a profane interference Vlth the Divine order.     Danger to. health and morals was predicted, lovers  woiild stay  out too  long,
colds would, be caught, horses would
shy," burglars would bo-assisted.   The
injustice -vais pointed- out of making
-peaceful all-night sleepers    pay    for
lighting they did not require.
Structure Of Universe ":
r    Is Being Mapped
Systematic    S^udy    By    Astronomers |
Discloses Interesting  Finds
Astronomers at the famous Ml. Wilson observatory in California are mapping the structure ot- the universe in
which we live and taking a census ot
its stellar population. 'This work lo
diite;shows:       -     . _
That there are about thirty billion
stars in our universe.
That thcy are arranged in a shape
like lhat of n watch or dpuble-convex
lens. " _.
Tliat tho' diameter througli the,long
way is about 150^000 lighi years. This
means-that It would take light .'Which
travels    186,000  'miles a second, lhat
t ���
many years to go from one edge to .the
other of our universe.
That the diameter through the'short
way, from top to .bottom., so to speak,
is about 30,000 light years.
That our own sun with' its planets
wliich include our own earth, is v.ery
close to the centre of our universe,
more exactly, being a little to ihc
northeast of the centre.
These facts were pointed out by Dr.
Walter S. Adams, director of the observatory.
It is due to the' development of a
method by Dr. Adams and a German
astronomer named Kohlshutter 12
years ago that such'a svsteniaMc study
of .the universe is possible today,
Just   Dip
to   Tint
to Dye
or   Boil!
Each 15-cent package contains directions so simple any i
woman can tint soft,'
delicate shades or
dye rich, permanent
colors in lingerie,
silks, ribbons, skirts,
waists^ dros'ses,
coats,- stockings,
sweaters, draperies,
coverings,.- hangings
/Buy Diamond Dyes���no' otlier kind���
and tell your druggist whether thc material you wish to color is wool or silk, or-
whellie.r- it is linen, cotton or mixed
Queen Alexandra's Treasures
Large Exporter Of Dairy Products
It ia estimated that during the past
year 60,001) cases of eggs and 5,000,000
Alberia to Eastern Canada and the
British Isles. It was only a few, years
ago that Alberta was a fairly extensive importer of eggs and poultry, but
active - campaigns by the Provincial
Government and other interested bodies, have reversed the situation.
-'.According to a physician a tea kettle
is an excellent tiring for boils.
Ships Shaped For Speed
Plan Adopted By Builders of Fastest
Vessels Is Interesting
One of the 'wonders of modern
science is the ability to accurately
estimate the time that will be taken
by a ship on her maiden voyage from
Great Britain to New York or vice
���Versa. The plan adopted by the
builders of one of the largest Allan-!
tie greyhounds Was'to make a small
wax model of the boat, according to-the
preliminary designs of the. hull. > This
model- was, floated in a tank 400 feet-
long land 20 feet wide, and was then
drawn throughthe water at a rate proportionate to-the 'designed speed of
the ship. Intricate and delicate
recording instruments noted the resistance of the water, aud slight alterations in the shape Of the wax model
were made until the waier resistance
was as small as possible. Iu a' recent case 357 experiments were necessary before the- ideal shape was given
to the hull and the. best size found for
the propellers.       -
Two "^expensive Brooches Valued
More Than Crown Jewels
Mile. Helene Vacaresco, of Paris,
with whom Queen Alexandra maintained a warm -friendship, has given
to the Gaulois some charming anecdotes of the late- Queen's coronation.
Beneath her'coronation robes Her Majesty insisted on wearing throughout
the whole magnificent rites two insignificant littlo brooches, which lay next
her heart. One of them; she explained, had been given to lielf-by her dead,
son, the Duke of Clarence; lhe other
a little unknown girl had thrown into
her lap as she passed In her carriage."
fr. was probably the' only article of
'jewelry the poor child possessed," the"
Queen remarked, "and I treasure the
gift because it is the emblem of love
all England has for me, and of my affection tor her. > That is why I shall
carry these two brooches to Westminster under my coronation robes. The
crown and fhe rest of the jewels .will
go back into their cases, but these two
poor little treasures will always l.(e
next to my heart." ~}ler Majesty,
|-Mlle. Vacaresco states, charged her
never to mention this incident during'
her lifetime, and she has kept her
Royalty Interested In
Crack Cavalry Regiment
Duke of York Is Colonel-in-Chief- To
11th Hussars
More than one member o[ the Royal
Failiily is interested .in the return to
England after atoiir of duty in India
of the 11th Hussars, a crack cavalry
regiment. The 11th, iu'the days of
full dress, were-the ouly imit of the
British army to wetir crimson overalls, the origin of which has been put
down to many reasons.' "Their coloncl-
gives greater" meaning to their title of
Prince Albert's Own. At one time,
too, wheii the Prince of Wales' army
.career was being discussed, it was
suggested that he should become a
"Cherrypicker." Later, when Prince
Henry passed from the infantry to the
mounted branch, it was nearly the 1.1th
Instead of the 10th,-that he joined.
Spanish Contractor , ,
Makes Rich Discovery
Finds Ironbound Trunk Said to Con-
"tain Pirate's Treasure
A discovery with all the smacks of
old-fashioned romance, has been made
at the littlj Galician village of Mou-
riera, near Llie Uay-of PonleVedra.
A contractor named Manuel Pouta!
was excavating the foundations of a
new house when one of the workmen
slrticlc a hard, metallic object with his
pick. It turned oui to be a linen
iron trunk, bound with heavy hoop:,
and is stated lo contain n rich treasure. The contractor has taken possession of, it pending the decision of
the authorities.
It is supposed to ,bo ono of the
Irunks smuggled ashore at Ponte-
vodra ln April, J82S, by the famous
Galician pirate, Benito Soto, who waa
hanged a few .years' later at Gibraltar
along with a number of other, desperadoes. s
According to oflicial-'data published
in 1SD2 by a ship captain named.La-
zanga, Ben ho Soto, ha.li,.left Brazil
towards the end-of 1S27 iu a briga'n-
tine which .'anded him near Ponte-
vedra. Tlie pirate had amongst his
belongings two heavy trunks containing the gold and prinicpal object of value of which - he. .had ; robbed his viclinis,
The trunks were never more heard
of, and it is now presumed that they
were burled at Mou'reira, near a
-house wliich Soto had acquired, and
jvhere' he sometimes passed a few
weeks with his uncle.
Benito Soto apparently only remained ashore during the time the
treasure was being buried,-and was
not beard of again in Galicia. His
next adventure was a'fight with some
Salee pirates of Mogador, after which"
he fell into the hands of a British
sloop wliich conveyed ltim and his
crew to Gibraltar. He evidently had
no opportunity lo convey to his friends
the whereabouts of the buried treasure.     His secret died wlthlilih.
want you to
Support Home Newspaper
These Two Found Relief by-
Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound .
Ayer's Cliffy Quebec. ��� "I have
,been teaching for three years, and
' -   at the end of th'e
year I always feel
tired and havc.no
appetite. I was
month, too,having ���
pains iii my back
until sometimes I
was"oblged to stop
working.. A friend
Lydia E. Pinkham's "Vegetable
J Compound to me
and I heard many women telling how
good it was so I thought it would help
me. - And it did. Now I take six-
bottles' every year and recom'mendUt
���to others." ��� DONAIiDA., Fanteuv
Ayer's Cliff,. Quebec. - -
"Unable to Work"
Canning, Nova Scotia.���"I had irregular periods and great suffering
at those .timesj the pains causing
vomiting and fainting. 1 was teach-
��� ir.g school and of ten for some hours
I'would be^ unable to attend to my
work. Through'an advertisement in
the papers I knew of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and it
has been of great benefit to me, the
troubles being completely relieved."
���Laura J. Eaton, Canning, King's
County, Nova Scotia.,   ' '  C
From Royal Palaces To A Flat
"Miss Charlotte Knollys, the aged
companion' of the late Queen Alexandra, has jusi left Marlborough
House to begin at 91 years" of age,
what must be an entirely new mode
Of life for'her���lo live ln a flat of her
own at 70 South Audley Street, May-
fair. Miss Knollys lived at AVindsor
Castle in her girlhood, her father
holding a. court post there.:. All her
life has been spent in toyal.homes���
Marlborough; House, Buckingham Palace, '.Sandringham, antl wherever
Queen Alexandra moved, at home, In
���royal yachts, anil in" Deumark.
Delivers  Merchants'   Message
_ Economical Way
Mr. Russel T. Kelly, president of thc
.Tourist Association of"Ontario,~told
those present at tlie board 'of trade
dinner to support thc home newspaper.
He added, it is the .only economical
way to delivering the merchants' and
business men's message. Mr. Kelly
believes the home newspaper
much for the/community life,
his remarks might be coupled
s tcs
New Material Absorbs Noises
Wo "wa-rft every- weak, puny,
fagged-out man and woman in
..America to make this, test: buy
one bottle of Tanlac at* your druggist's, take it according to directions for one week and see how
quickly you get started back to
full strength and vigor.
We know what we are talking
about. Tanlac has helped millions.
In our files are more than, 100,000
letters of praiso from grateful
users. -
Don't confuse Tanlac Villi or-,
dinary patent -nostrums." It is
Nature's own . tonic and builder,
compounded from roots, harks, and
herbs that wc gather at great expense, from the four corners of
the earth
Tanlac goes straight to the seat
of your trouble; cleanses and purifies the blood stream; puts,your
digestion in proper shape. First
thing-you know you have an appetite like a starved child." You
rest at night and your whole body
Begins to feel the stir of strength
and energy. *.-.'������' v
Don't you be d i s c o u raged.
Don't put off testing Tanlac another day. Get a bottle now and
in a week you should notice signs
of real improvement.  Then you ���
Thanks Tanlac for
Renewed Health
"My.gratitude to Tanlac is unbounded
Splitting headaches, nervous indices,
tion a ad iusomuUi shattered m y health.
1 lobt tlie ability to rest quietly, day or
/light. Now myncrpes are steady, appe-
tite keen aridl enjoy life as of old."
Henry Sholcr
-     -\. 173 Edinburgh St.
Peterboro, Ont.
will feel'like your old self again.
Take. Tanlac; Vegetable Pills for
Would Warrant Nobel Prize
Chicago Doctor's Discovery Lowers
Menace of Scarlet Fever
Dr. William H. Park, director of the
vaccine laboratory, of the City of New
York, told physicians attending a
joint meeting ol' bacteriologists and
pathologists at Albany that discovery
of the germ of scarlet fever and development of a cure by .George Dick,
of Chicago, assisted by his wife, Dr.
Gladys Dick, liad virtually conrjiiered-
ilie disease in the last two years. Dr.
Park said in his city of about 6.000,-
000 people he expected only about 175
deaths from scarlet fever to be record-
i'd Ihis year. One of the physicians
discussing the serum estimated in one!/,
year in New Vork it saved more lives
Germans Make Alcohol From Glass
We are told the .Germans are now
making:alcohol.from glass and in this
line as well as Iron and steel trade.
German competition is making itself
felc as far as India. They can produce synthetic methyl alcohol at a
considerably lower cost than wood alcohol and are strongly competing with
the United States.
Trade hardly deems the busy day begun,
Till his keen eye along the sheet lias
run; \
The blooming daughter throws bet-
needle by,
AiuT reads ner schoolmate's marriage
with a sigh;
While   the   grave' mother   puts   her
glasses on.
Aud drops a tear for some old crony
<"""  gone.
Tlie preacher, too, his Sunday theme
"lays down, N
To know what last new -folly fills 'the
town. "~
���-Collingwood Bulletin^
Greatly Reduces Sounds When  Used'tliai1 moat- Physicians do in a lifetime.
As'Lining For Rooms . jIn tn? opinion of the eminent physi-
"""Cabot's Quilt," li material compos-j clans attending the local meetings, the
ed of seaweed, round" -in Canadian'*1""1361 Pl'izc in Medicine, if it had been
waters, Is being used in--expoiinients! awarded this year, would' probabl}
to'deaden sounds in workshops and!liave &one to Dr. Dick,
offices, and to correct acoustics In
public buildings. The board room or
the new Liberty Building off Regent
Street, Loudon, has been treated tn
minimize street traffic noises.   As thc
result of lining the ceiling with thej    In all thy waysyacknowledge Him,
material,   which  has  peculiar  sound-j and He-shall direct thy paths.���Prov
absorbing properties, it   was    lound;iii., 6.
that the noise, in tlie room was r&iluc- j mag ]n (1(mbt| t ^
ed by about fifty-five per cent. "��� At.    j.ord, make it plain!
the Monico Restaurant, In the same| Which is the truly safe way?
city, the  material has been used
tone down the orchestra to a poinl
which it does not interfere;with
conversation of diners.
Minard's Liniment for colds
Indian Blankets Popular
' "VV.   N.   U. - 1625
Taking No Chances
This' one Is imported from London
A   Scot   -visited _ fi Harley Street
specialist and was told that he might
die at any mlnute._   He returned by a
slow train to his native land.
Al each station he left the train,
ran through the barrier, came back
and .re-entered the'train. At last
thc guard asked him' what this
manoeuvre meant. "I may- die at
any moihent," explained thc Scot.
"So I am only booking from station~1o
station."���New York Evening World
Sweet.Potatoes .In B.C.
- Sweet potato culture'in British Columbia-has bTTen confined to s Peach-
land and a few other, points in the
Okanagan chiefly hitherto, but the astonishing success attained by a lsdy
grower ar Hammond, ^ in the lower
Fraser Valley, demonstrates that witn
proper care the plants will thrive in
other part-ai of the west.
Teaching Is Good Training
Many of .Canada's Prominent Men
Have Taught School
The new-premier of Saskatchewan
was.for many years a school teacher.
The new premier of Alberta was for
a few years a school teacher. Trie
premier of Manitoba'was a high school
teacher. ,An'examination of the lists
will show that most of the men wrio
have reached successful positions at
one' .time��� iri their life taught school.
Tliere is something in the "'honorable
profession which' influences i'or good
the members' of the profession, The
successful teacher "must discipline and
be disciplined. He must be tactful
and lie must be thorough. The best
training for a public man in Canada
is a few years as a school teacher.���
Calgary Albertan.     * -' >'
London Society Copying Shawls-From
v.      Styles of Frontier Days
Geronlmo, Sitting Bull and other Indian chiefs have broken Into London
Society througli introduction of shawls
bearing their names; and copied from
styles of- the red men's blankets of
the early, frontier.days-
The. Indian: blanket effect, exclusively for evening ,wear, is rapidly replacing the Spanish wrap which ,has so
long been in use that dame fashion has
positively tired of it.
Instead-of being of wool, the Indian
blanket shawl is made of velvet, figured or embroidered silk, and-fringed
with some rich trimming'such as gold
or silver lace.
r(,      Which would be vain?
,.    I am not wise to know,
)l Nor sure of loot to go;
My blind eyes cannot see
What is so clear to Thee
Lord, m'ak* It clear to 'me!
���Anna'B. Warner.
We only. lose our way when we
choose our own aim. Whoever seeks
Gocl's will.alone finds it everywhere,
wliithersoevorXlod's providence leads
him; and so lie never goes astray.
True resignation, having no selfish
path, and no aim at self-pleasing, goes
always straight on as Clod pleases.���
Some Uses Of Salt
Common salt, sodium chloride, is a
Hiousehold   chemical   of varying uses.
Here are some, suggested by a domes-
lie science exper*f:
Gargle salt and water for sore
throat.        . 7"   "
Rub salt' into the scalp occasionally
to stop falling hair.
-Keep cut flowers fresh by adding
salt to the water in which they stand.
Rub salt on a rag wet with kerosene, with this, wipe the bathtub, then
wash- it with soapy water. The luster
will surprise you.
The meat of the musk "ox is very
much like beef.
Some savages of South America
treat their.'wounds by tlie scientific
process of exposing them to sunlight. ' :-   .
Is What Thousands of Mothers
Say of Baby's Own Tablets
Once a mother has used Baby'sfOwn
Tablets for her little ones she will use
nothing else. Experience teaches her
that they are without Sin qual for relieving baby of any of the many minor
ailments which afflict him at one time
or another.' The Tablets never fail
to bc of benefit���thoy cannot possibly
do harm as they are guaranteed to be'
free from all injurious drugs.
Concerning    Baby's    Own    Tablets"
Mrs, Russel Hill, Norwood, Ont., says:
'"I shall' always have a good word to
say for Baby's Own Tablets.     I have ^
given'them to our buby girl.     In fact
they are the only medicine  she has"
ever had and I am proud to say thai
she   took   second   prize al our baby
show.     She is eleven months old and*
weighs 22 pounds.   , No mother whose
child is" peerlsh or atling will make a
mistake in giving It Baby's''Own .Tablets."
Raby/rf Own Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or direct by mall at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
figuros   are
at that three,
for a five.
-Really,   Tomldns,   your
disgraceful.     Just   look
Anyone would   take   It
Clerk,���It is a five, sir.
Enip]oyer.--Well, I .should, have sworn,
i t*^\Yas^rthr5e7ii7=~^W   "
Miller's Worm Powders destroy
worms without any Inconvenience to
the child, and so effectually that they
jpass from the body unperceived. They
I thoroughly cleanse the stomach and
bowels and leave them In a' condition,
not favorable to worms, and there will"
be no revival of the'iicsts.
The Oil of Power.���It is not'claimed
for Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil that It
will remedy every ill, but its uses are J    Barber: Sir, you are next.     These
so variotis that it may be loolced upon l three ladies came In after you did.
Customer: Go ahead with 1Iu*-m,i
I'll wait. They are my daughter, my
wile and my mother,
as a- general pain killer, It has
achieved that greatness for itself and
its excellence is known to all who have
tested'its virtues and learned by experience,
Caused a Lot of Pain, Itched"
Badly. Healed by Cuticura,"
' "Mytrouble began with a rash
of pimples tharcovered my face and
neck. The pimples grew larger antl
started to fester, causing a lot of
pain.,They itched badly and I was
ver? restless at night. The trouble
lasted four months.
" A friend advised me to try Cuticura Soap, and Ointment so I purchased some, and after using three
cakes of Cuticura Soap and one bcu
of Cuticura Ointment I was completely healed."' (Signed) Miss
Martha Martene, R. R. 2, Crediton.,
Ont., Nov. 3,1925.
Dally U3e of Cuticura Soap, with
touches, of Cuticura Ointment now
and then, keeps the skin fresh,
smooth and clear. Cuticuia Talcum
also is ideal for the akin. .
Hfflplt E_l<__ Fm br Hiil. Addra.s Cantditn
Depot: "8Unioan, Ltd, UoatretL" Price, Soap
ffie. Ointment 2S and 6��c. Talcum lie. ' :
Cuticur* Sharing. Stick 2Sc,       I
Waves Measured By Camera
Length of Largest Said to be Nine
Hundred Feet
Ocean waves have at last been
measured by n specially constructed
camera. Ordinary waves are front 61
to'12-feet high, In a high sea they
may rise to 27 feet, or in a violent gale
to 36 reet. The length of the'largest waves, from crest to crest, is said
to be 900 feet, and it takes twenty seconds for one wave to replace another.
Tlie.tidal wave that followed the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 was _60 feet
high, and a tidal wave off I?eru once
lifted a ship clean over a, church' and
left It a mile inland.     . '
Twenty days are necessary to complete the processes of making a one-
dollar bill.
No one need* endure the agony of
corns with Holloway's Corn Remover.
at1, hand to remove them.
Was A Jury Case
A prisoner who had served prison
sentences for-a score-of offences appeared before a police magistrate on a
charge of burglary. He was asked
the usual question, "Guilty or Not
Guilty?' '"Yes," was his monosyllabic reply. "What's that?", the judge
asked-shortly. "I was asked if I waa
guilty or not guilty, and of course I
am," the:��� prisoner exclaimed^ "But
which are you?" the judge inquired.
'"That," said the hardened^, one without a smile, "is for the jury to decide."
Mlivard's Li'ilm��nt for dandruff
tRE CURABLE, U yc.i siuToi- from I-eg
ores or Varlcos* *UIc��js, I will send you
ABSOLUTCLV rREE .'a ��opy of my fniu-
ouh book that t��l|js how to be rid of the����
troubles for all tfmo "by usinK my r��-
tt_a.rkB.blo painless treatment. It. Is different trom any thi ap you ever heard of,
and the result of over 35 years apeclnllz-
Ing. Simply sonrt your name and address
to Dr. H. J.-WHITTIER, Suite 29, ill
���East 11th Street, Kansas City. Mo.
Osgood farm or ranch lor sale.
"     "   96(58,  86 Ave.,  Edmonton,
G. Miller
AKERS'- OVENS���AVrite for cata-
logue pnd list of used ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company? 1100 Oueea
West, Toronto.    ' "       - THE-LEDGE,'.GREENWOOD;   BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1926
Clean-Up Days
APRIL 27tli and 28th
Slow but steady improvement is being made by the City of Greenwood
each year in the matter of cleaning up
and everyone hopes that this spirit of
progress will be-maintained.
Clean back yards, vacant lots and'
alleyways should be a source of pride
to its inhabitants. This tends to
cleanliness and would encourage people
to beautify thcir lioni es and surroundings and would prove to the outsider
who visits here that Greenwood lias
as much civic pride as any other town
on the continent.
Save The Forests
'Fifty years ago the forests of British
Columbia contained 1000 billion feet
of merchantable timber. Now they
contain 350 billion1 feet. What has
become of the 650 billion remainder,
two-thirds of the priceless heritage of
this province in its timber resources?
The answer is that 600 billion feet
have gone into forest fires, and 50
billion feet to the-loggers and sawyers
of our principal industiy.
This is the striking text of that
sermon which this week's observance
of Save-the-Forcst Week" is designed to preach "to tha people of
-British Columbia. It is more than a
text; it is a whole sermon in itself.
"Save-the-Forest Week" has been"
simultaneously proclaimed by the
Governor-General of Canada and the
President of the United States. If the
people of the two countries could all
be seized of the import of these
astounding statistics of forest destruction in this province, the purposes of
the proclamations would have been
sufficiently served, ���Vancouver Province.
Dinosaur Wrecks
London for Movie
The United Church of Canada
Minister iuciiarge
Rev. W.-sR. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, April 25th.     .
Beayeriell 11 a. m.
Greenwood 7:30 cm.
Physician and Surgeon
>       Residence Phone 69
Office: McCutcheon Residence
"Provincial Elections Act"
With a trained prehistoric dinosaur
of 10,000,000 years ag-o, an enterprising
young-man of today could mn fame
���iind  fortune in   the   house   wrecking
In "Thelyost World," to be shown
nt'the Greenwood Theatre on Friday
and Saturday, April 23rd and 24th, one
100-foot dinosaur brealcs out of Iiis
steel cage and sallies, forth to see the
sights of London. In his stroll about
the city,���whenever a building" gets in
Iiis way,-lie brushes it aside as though
it were a shoebox. He puts his 150,000
pounds of weight against a huge public
building and down' tumble granite
coluins as if they were so many sticks
In this picture various species, of
dinosaurs���the brontosaurus, tricera-
tojrs, diplodocus, allosaurus and tracli-
odon���are brought to life,' to share
screen honors in a" tense lore drama
-with Bessie.Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace
Berry, Lloyd Hughes and other prom
inent film players.
"A.handsome pipe and case were
bestowed upon James Milroy Friday
evening by Clan McLeary, No. 1,
the eve of his removal to the coast in
connection with his duties under the
forest branch. - The presentation was
made at the social hour. Chief A.
G. Ritchie called on Past Chief Kenneth Campbell for the oratory, Mr.
Campbell paying a ��� tribute to Mr.
Milroy as a clansman, and also to
Mrs. Milroy, whose beautiful voice
had been heard at the clan entertainments oh 'Various- occasions^ Mr.
Milroy made a fitting response." ���
Nelson News. Mr. Milroy is a
brother of Mrs. .Robt. Taylor who
spent the winter in Greenwood.
Let us have good ' Clean-Up Days
on April 27th and 28th and let it
mean that no more shall individuals
be allowed to discard upon our streets
nnd vacant lots that which will tend
to detract from community1 improvements.
The annual meeting of the Greenwood District Rod and Gun Club
will, be held in-the Kettle Valley,
School at 8 p.m. on Friday, April
2 3rd.
H. W. R: MOORE, b;a.
;; Greenwood
Mrs. Poulton
Milliner;-'Grand, forks, B.C.
Next to Henniger'5 f eed Store
Bridge St.
For Sale      y
: -49P   Chevrolet  1921,.   recently
overhauled,. 5 good tires,  $450.
Apply to ; y._ .   W../ .. '-
:������. N. ELlynes,   .
Kettle-Valley, B.C.'
on Motida.v, tlie I7.li day of May, 1926, at llie
hour ol to o'clock in.tlie forenooij, at tlie Courl-
Housc, Greenwood, "hold a Sitting of
tbe Court of Rerisioit for the purpose of revising the List of Voters for tlie said Electoral
District, aad of'''bearing- and determining any
and all objections to tlie retention of any
name on the said List, or lo thctircgislralion
as a voter of any applicant for registration;
and for the other purposes sel forth in the
''Provincial Elections Act."
Dated at Greenwood, li.C. tliis 6lh day of
April, 1926.   "       .-,
Registrar of Voters
���   Grand Forks - Greenwood
Electoral District.
Vactint, unreserved, ' surveyed
Crown lands may bo pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 yearB of age,
and by aliens on declaring: Intention
to "become British subjects, conditional upon residence, 'occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes.' *
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions li
given In Bulletin No_ 1, Land SerieB,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of oharga
, by addressing the Department of
��� Lands, Victoria, B.C., or tb any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e.,-carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Ranga
and 6,000 feet "per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions exa
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner,
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five yeara and Improvements made
to value of $10 per aore, Including
clearing and cultivating at least five
received. '.
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to > Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant Nand unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum,
price for first-class (arable) land ia
55 per acre, and second-class (gracing) land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given In Bulletin
No. 10, .Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands." '
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
Umber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased, or leased, the con*1
dltions Including payment oi
Un_nirveyed areas, not exoe'edlng 2*
acres, may be leased aa homositea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in th��. first year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
Tor  grazing: and  industrial   purposes areas not exceeding 040 acres
may be leased by one person or ��
Under the Grazing Aot the Province la divided Into grazing districts
and the range administered under ��
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are issued baaed on
numbers ranged, priority being gl^en
to established owners. Stook-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partly fr*e,
permits axe available for settlers,
oagnpera on* -travellers. ui> to tw
Carelessness  Destroys
3,000,000 acres annually
of Canadian Forest
Loss of standing: timber by fire continues
to be appalling. , On the average, over
3,500 million board feet are destroyed
annually. The forests of Canada are being
depleted at a rate they cannot possibly withstand; more than half or this-depletion; is'
due to fire, insects and decay. The future
of the forest industry is;just as dependent
on the seedling trees and young growth as
the pulp and paper and lumber mills, and
industry generally, are dependent on mature
timber���boih must be saved- from the
ravages of fire. ,
.0 *
/ ,     y X ���:'..'
In addition to the shelter afforded by
the forest to the farmer and his stock, "settlers in forested regions are vitally dependent
on the woods for winter employment. Care
with fire in land-clearing operations is all;
essential���burned timber pays no wages.
, Canada has the finest inland fishing in -
the.worid; but these splendid food and game
fish require clean, cold water in the streams
to ensure prolific reproduction.   Forest fires
are inimical to fish life;
Game animals attract foreign tourists
and induce Canadians to seek pleasure, health
and-adventure in the great outdoors. These
animals are distinctly a forest resource-
utterly dependent on it for protection and
food. Forest fires are most destructive of
such wild life. *,   ���;       " ,
caused by carelessness,/ Are you doing your
part to prevent this wanton waste and
"    . ' by
���   -ii . 	
In the Low^Priced Field where is
the Car that Equals It?
Before buying a car���open or closed���in the low priced field, as
yourself these Questions:
' 1.   Is it as comfortable and smart in appearance       ' X
as the new Chevrolet? :,;������'.
2. Does it boast of such advanced-features as dry
disc clutch,-genuine Duco finish, vacuuin gaso-
��� line system with tank in rear?
3. Has it an over-head-valve engine?
��� A.   Has it a genuine Fisher Body?
5.   Can it duplicate Chevrolets speed, hill climbing yyy
ability and all-round dependability?
Because no other carat or near Chevrolet price can answer all these
questions and because Chevrolet delivers a greater measure of quality
and value for your dollars than any other low priced car���this is the
car for you.
PHONES 24 and'78-
'������   <-*',
, v
A Change In Hours
Cottiinencing April l'lth, the hours during
which telephone service will be given through"
the Greenwood exchange will be as follows:
On Week Days
Full -service from
8_a.m. to 12 noon, and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Emergency service onhj, from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
On Sundays and Holidays
Full service from
7 a.m. to 9,a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.N
Emergency service only, from 9 p. m. to 8 a. m.
B. C Telephone Company
$ '���
C hange In Service
April 19
Arrow Lakes,   Slocan Lake,   Nelson-Slocan City,.
o     Kaslo-Nakusp
. Regular service will be resumed  as given   in   current
time cards, and present temporary service will be withdrawn.
District Passenger Agent,-Nelson,'B.C.
.*��� . T��
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Recairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one wav. - Terms Cask.
Describe fully and give best price
1016 Sixth Street, '
San Diego, Calif., U.S.A.
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Gov
of Canada, Limited '
. 7.       ''���''"'.     "        . .  '-���      '   " ��� '        ���   ���������'
Office, Smelting and Refining Department -.-     .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
:   - y , '   v ��� i .  ���- ������'
Producers  ol   Gold.    Silver,   Copper,    Pig  Lead   and Zinc.
I- *"      ,..-'���'��� ���'- "-.-','..    .      .--' . *.'
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
..,     Has produced Minerals as follows:    Placer Gold, 877,382,953; Lode Gold,
8118,473,190; Silver,-$68,024,579; Lead, 870,548,578; Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc,
832,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals,  81,431,349; Coal and'Coke, 8260,880,048; "
BuildiugBtone, Brick, Cement, etc., 842,225;814; making its Mineral Production
fco the end of 1924, show an
-Aggregate Value of $859,4-27,386
Production fortheVear Ending December, 1924, $48,704,604
"Tbe Mining La.W8 of tbis Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, than those pjf any other.,
-'������,,.-.;���''.Province in the.Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire. "    v
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. -'
-   ���*, -���-""*��� ��*-��� '"'',���'*���'��� / ' - .   ��       _.
Absolute Titles are obtained [ by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranfeeed
by Crown Grants.        '
Pull information together .with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B. Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon'which development work has been
done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those
considering mining investments shonid refer to such reports.' They are available withoat
charge on application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports of fehe Geological
Survey of Canada, Pacific Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable *soQrces of
information. 0 . *
���n��_-iir_m_i_ciiiMni i>miin___i__ii��iniii-_nir Hn��ii>ili'ipi'MiiHiiMiNiiniriiiiiiiiiiinmniri-i��<in_i_ftinrr_n_riit___i-i__n ��ii__iiiiii-_ir ��� '
kit til I.Mii iliiiiiii liiiif-


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