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The Ledge Jan 28, 1926

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 rv i
Provincial library'
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
No.   27
Winter Sports Now On
We carry
Skates', Hockey Sticks, Pucks, and Sleighs
Agents for the
'   Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
Specials in Canned Vegetables
..*��� ' ���)_  X
Okanagan Tomatoes,  3 cans . - 50c
Quaker Brand Corn, 3 cans   -- 55c
Early June Peas, per can    -   - 25c
^   Libbys Spinach, per can -   -   - 30c
Libbys Asparagus, per can  -   - 45c
Libbys Kraut, per can  .... 25c      ;
For duality andvValue Order From -  '        Phone 46
J******" I-.JTQ
E           '��� v =3
Se:      Ladies and IVIens ~s
��:            Sweaters rr-
��:   King Cot Ginghams ~3
5��                Suitable for -^2
**��� ^5
��:   Ladies and Childrens 3
g��               Dresses ^S
i��r      Mens and Boys Overalls -3
s"��� -*���
S�� *              Big Sale of ^3
p: Stanfield's Underwear zi
e���       Call and inspect our goods ^3
|w . ^
���� Mrs. Ellen Trounson 3
Real. Estate and Insurance
Fire, Accident, & Sickness, Lifer
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
1 ^   Auctioneer
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
.���������.������������������.: �����������������������������������������+�����#���'���������>�������������������������������� ������������������������
���-.-__���.'-.-���.������.-> ^     ��� ^
��� ���
Edison Mazda Lamps
10   -f 200 Watts   125 Volts^
Tungsten>and Nitrogen
Plain or.frosted
& SO
Phone 17
��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������^. ���������������������J
Huskies 25c per box
'Try--them for that tickling cough or sore throat
' A. great preventative for the present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle
For the obstinate coughs and colds
Confidence is necessary to any
You can be  sure of,% getting- your
-   moneys worth from us^ '-
We know tlie Watch.and Jewelery
Business thoroughly and can guarantee you entire satisfaction
1. a. white
--' Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. WHITE, Manager.
H. W. R. MOORE, B.A.
The United Church of Canada
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.   '
Sunday, January 31st
Midway II a.m.
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
, Open For Engagement
Can furnish good references, Hold
4tli class B.C. papers, also 2nd class for
Saskatchewan. Handy at Blacksmith
work.   Apply to
Beaverdell, B.C.
Copper Trails
Extending to various-parts of southwestern British Columbia, the copper
trails which we call telephone lines are
ready tb carry longdistance conversations at speeds ranging from 8,000 to
178,000 miles pei second. When speed
counts���Long Distance.
 ������y=���.���:���: - \
We carry only the-best stock procurable in 8
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.   ^ \
jft      :                       A trial will convince you  ,
\   ==============
j   JOHN MEYER / .. Proprietor
Estray Notice   -
_ Estrayed to the ranch'of the undersigned one .dark'yearling bull, no
brand visible. If nor claimed within
10 days from the publication of this
notice the animal will be sold to defray expenses.
Dated'at  Bridesville,   B. C,   this
19th day of January, 1926.   -
Geo, Higginbottom,
R.R.No. 2. Bridesville, B.C.
R. Lee. of the Bell mine,
Beaverdell, is- spending the week
at his home here. _
St. Jude's Church, Sunday,
Jan. 31st, Matins and Holy Communion at 11 o'clock.
,' Mrs. J. R. Jackson, of Midway,
was the guest of Mrs, R. Lee f$>r
a few days this week.
Grand Forks rooters are coming
oyer for the game on Saturday
night by special train,
Mrs. Thos. Moore returned
from Robson on Thursday morning and expects to remain here
for some time.
' Friday, Feb. 5th, is the date of
the Dance under the auspices of
.the Midway Basketball Club in
the Midway Farmers Hall.
Mrs. J. .Christian and Mrs. L,
Clery returned to Westbridge on
Sunday morning: after a few days
visit with Mrs. A. Legault.
y Keep in mind the.Valentine
;Dance, on Feb. 12th, -hi Lhe
'Riverside Hal I, Rnck Creek,
under the auspices of the Rock
Creek W. A.
' A trainload, comgosed of 15
cars of apples, left Penticton a
few davs ago'for Vancouver from
where it will go via the Panama
Canal to Europe. The shipment
was composed of Newtons and
Winesap varieties. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Crane and
son, Walton, left Snohomish,
Wash., on- Thursday last for
New York where they will sail
on Saturday ,on the S. S.
Transylvania for a Mediterranean cruise. There many friends
in Greenwood wish them bon
A sad drowning . fatality
occurred at Christina Lake on
Saturday, when John Skands, 12
years old, broke through thin ice
and could not reach shore. M-ike
Morrell, of Grand Forks, aged 15,
broke through with ~hi'm," buVby
persistently breaking, at the ice,
was able to fight his way to
shore. -The drowning took place
only.a few hundred feet from the
home of the dead boy, who was
the oldest of a family of four,
the father having been., drowned
in the lake 18 months ago~while
boating. ,���
Midway .News
Mrs. W. Salmon "~and Mrs.
Erickson returned from the coast
on Tuesday.
The Ladies Aid will meet in
the Old School House on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd.
'"'A^Card Party will be held on
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd in the
Farmers Hall. Everybody welcome. '      x-
Greenwood Won By 4 to 0
The Greenwood Hockev team
went into the lead for Intermediate hockey honors on Tuesday
night when they defeated 'Grand
Forks on the latter's ice by a
score of 4 to 0.
The game was very exciting
and the spectators had lots of
thrills, The first period was
scoreless. Greenwood forced the
play in the second period and in
five minutes had piled up a four
goal lead. Puddy and Galipeau
getting one each, while Morrison
made two counters, The Forks
tried hard to score but their
aggressive efforts proved futile.
In the last period Greenwood
played a. defensive game and
kept the Forks from scoring!
There was a change in the
line-up of., both teams P. Docksteader aud O. Winters were off
the Forks line-up,- while Ludy
Frankovich played his first game
this season, Dick Taylor -was in
the Greenwood line-up having
recovered from the illness that
kept   hitn   out   of the first two
Curlers Have Royal Time
The next gatne will be played
in Greenwood on Saturday night,
Jau. 30th (not 'Friday as
previously advertised), the local
hockey^club having been asked to
alter the day.
Job Printing at The Ledge
Hockey Schedule
Greenwood atGnyic. Forks, Tues., Jan. 19
Grand Forks at Greenwood, Fri., Jan. 22
Greenwood at Grand Forks, Tues., Jan 26
Grand Forks at Greenwood, ��at, Jan. 30
(Boundary Cup)
Greenwood at Grand Forks, Tues,, Feb.' 2
Grand Forks at Greenwood, Mou., Feb. 8
Bishop' Boyd ^Carpenter was once
addressing a popular gathering. ' 'Do
you believe that Jonah was swallowed
by a whale?" demanded a persistent
heckler. .   ^
* That's a very interesting problem," replied the Bishop, good hum-
oredly, ' 'and when, I get to heaven
I'M wk him."
' But supposing Jonah didn't go to
heaven!" _"    '
' Then, my friend, you'll be able
to make the enquiry yourself," was
the devasting reply.
The young people of this town
have formed a basketball club
and are practicing in the Farmers
Hall. Funds are needed to buy
equipment and the members of
the club have' decided to hold, a
Dance .on Friday, Feb, 5th to
help raise the necessary money
It is hoped their will be a large
attendance aud that the club will
benefit financially on that night.-
Noxious Weed Case Settled
""A case of very'great interest
to the farmers of this district was
tried before His Honour J, R,
Brown in Grand Forks on Mon-
day, Jan. 25th. A. D. and Mrs,
McLennan sued McKelve'y and
Randall, owners of the Shaver
ranch,., for damage for loss of
crops through blowing of-the
seed of noxious weeds from thc
defendants ranch on to 'the
plaintiffs. Judgment for the
plaintiffs with costs. C. F. 'R
Pincott, of Grand Forks, for the
plaintiffs aud Donald McDonald,
of Trail, for the defendants.
Grand Forks Wins 5 to 4
The second Intermediate hockey
game between Grand Forks' and
Greenwood was played on local
ice last Friday night," before an
enthusiastic crowd, and it was a
very clean, exciting."and anybodys
game until the end. Grand Forks
won by a score of 5 to 4,-the
visitors getting all the bleaks,
while the local -boys had hard
luck in shooting. Another ^.hing
they left the defence too wide
open making it necessary for H.
Royce to stop some unnecessary
shots. Greenwood stepped out
by getting two goals in the first
period to the visitors .none...-The
local, boys had"far -tbe'e'dge
in this period, but ia the second
the visitors pulled themselves together aud scored, four goals to
Greenwood's .one. Docksteader,
Atwood and Winters were .the
shining lights. In the third
period both teams were determined and very evenly contested.
Green wood evened fhe tally, but
shortly afterwards Grand Forks
got their 5th and last goal.
The local boys, tried hard to even
up matters but .without avail,
they_ being too eager shot wild.
The game was well worth seeing,
was fast and'above all referee
Francis kept the game clean.
After the'game the Ladies
served coffee and sandwiches and
a dance followed.
Mrs. J. W. Beed Dies
Mining Notes
George Barrett, of Coiville,
consumated a deal oa the Revenge
at Beaverdell this week to a Penticton mining company,-
A pump was installed at the
Elkhorn Fraction on' Tuesday
and the shaft is now being kept
clear of water, enabling the
shifts to make better progress
with sinking. / *
The death in Graud Forks m
Monday of Alma Georgina Reed,
wife "of Conductor J. W. Reed,
at the age of 44 years, after only
a week's illness, came as a great
shock-to her many friends in the
Boundary district, where she has
resided since childhood.
AMrs. Reed was a daughter of
Mrs.-Virginia Hopper and of the
late Dad Hopper, ol Grand Forks.
Her only daughter, Leona, las
just recently graduated from the
Vancouver General Hospital, .and
her only son, Victor, is employed
with the Great Northern. Mrs.
Geo. Lord, of Rock Creek, Mrs.
L. Powers, of Midway, and Calvin
Hopper, of Beaverdell, are sisters
and brother of the deceased.
"The funeral took place in Grand
Forks on Wednesday. The
bereaved- family have the sympathy of a large circle bf frfends
in their great loss.
The annual Greenwood 9on��
spiel was held in the local curling
rink on Tuesday and Wednesday
with Osoyoos, Grand Forks pad
Greenwood rinks participating.
Many oldtimers of the game'met
once again and enjoyed them*
selves in the sport of all sports.
Nothing had been overlooked by
the local club to make the stay of
the visitors pleasant. Ma ay
curling enthusiasts watched the
play, amongthe spectators being a number of ladies, who are
keen followers of the roarin.'
game. The two sheets of ice
were in.splendid shape and kept
in good condition throughout the
spiel. In Competition. No. 1
F. Fraser's rink from Osoyoos
won out, while Gardner's rink
from Grand Forks was victorious
in Competition No. 2. The
following are the results in the
Gonipetition No. 1.���1st round,
Greenwood (Gregory) beat Grand
Forks (Gardner), and Osoyoos
(Burpee) beat Grand Forks (Bonthron); second round, Burpee beat
Gregory; bye, Osoyoos (F. Fraser)
beat Greenwood (Walters); final,
Fraser beat Burpee;  Fraser winner.
Competition No." 2-���1st round,,
Greenwood (Walmsley) beat Greenwood (Goodeve), and Grand Forks
(Gardner) beat Osoyoos (Burpee);-
2ndround, Gardner beat "Walmsley;
bye,' Grand,.Forks (Bonthron) beat
Osoyoos (F. Fraser);"final, Gardner'
beat Bonthron; Gardner winner.
After the final in the last com-,
petion was played the curlers
gathered in the room where
short speeches were made by
the visitors and replied to by
members'of the  local club.
A couple of friendly games
were played with' the Osoyoos
rinks, before train time, Burpee
beat Goodeve and McCurrach beat
Fraser. _ Frank Fraser's rink
stayed in town and fts member
had a game in the evening.
, The Grand, Forks rinks and
oneJQsbyop8~ rink'left "on-the
Wednesday afernoon train, for the
Forks. ,\      '
The visiting rinks were composed of:
Frank Fraser, skip; M. HrG.
Montgomery, B. Powell, Aylsaer
Johnson. ^
Dougald Burpee, skip; Geo.
Fraser, Bert Plaskett; H. Carlesa.
R. J. Gardner, skip; C. F. R. ,
Pincott, Jas. Muir,. C. Wolfram. .;
W. Bonthron, skip; B. Norris,
J. ,B. McDonald. Frank.Scott _=
Officers of Pythian Lodges
The following were the officer* .
installed at the Joint Installation
of Greenwood and Grand Forks
Pythian Lodges in the latter city
on Jan. 19th:
Knisrfats of Pytbias Officers.
Greenwood���C. C, K. M. Spence; V.-
C, D. McGillis; Prelate, Gtorge B9��*:-
M. of W., J. Hallstrom; K. R. & S._ Wm.
Walmsley; M. of F., W. H. Bryan; K, of
E.. Geo. S. Walters; M. at A..F. Maletta;.
I. G., J. Morrison; O. G,, A. N. Mowat.
Grand Forks-C.C, J. V, Simmona;
V.C, H. C. Weir; Prelate, C. B.Reynolds;
M. of W., A. F. Michener; K. R. &S., R.
I. Hodgson; M. of F., D. C. Manly; M.
of B., G. H. Acres; M. at A,; W. B.
Glanville; I. G., Geo. C. Egg; O. G., D.-
Pyluiao Sistor Officers
Greenwood���P.C, Bessie Clerf; M.E.C.,
Martha Royce; E.S., E. Walmsley; E. J.,
Clara Blundell; Man., Nettie Boag; M. R.
& C, Maggie Axam, M. of F., Celia
Spence; Protector, Mar Maletta; Guard,-
Martha Morrison.
��� Grand Forks���P.C, Jennie Clarey; M.
E. C, Nellie Cagnon; E. S.;" Margaret
Cookson; E.J., M. Hodgson; Man., Ethel
Bradley; ii. R. & C, Bernice Manly; M.
of F.; Ethel Scheer; "Protector, Nannie .
Olsen; Guard, Esther Hansen.
Grand Forks vs Greenwood
Greenwood Rink
Will Be Played
Saturday Evening, Jan. 30th
Instead of Friday, Jan. 29th t i mc ��� r/F: i in v..  c * RTT^nrooa  ft. ��� 0.
r^n   TABLE,
il O   &   HANGING
Bunip M"iK'i' cwit. nil-, C ptir cent, coal oil.     Kiiual.s i;as or siluiilrldty.     Writ��
tor <mr lllti.Mlni.toil J.>i\svrl|itlv_j C'lroulurs, iil.so Our Kpneial 00 Days Oll't'r oC Free
I-M.i*i]..H to liouwiliolilei^ :ui(i lccul duiiUtrs.      I.owil itgentfi (k-slrud for our ante-
nUlo si.eclaliliort ..      "UTILITIES"  Emporium,
Phone Kingsdalo 5531 ,    842   YONGE  ST., TORONTO
Receives Further Mandate
New Treaty Between* Irak and Britain
Is Sicjned
The new treaty between Great Britain and the kingdom of Irak, by which
tlio British mandate over tills country
I'ia extended to a maximum of 25 years,
was signed jn conformity with tho recent decision of the League of Nations,   council    in  the Anglo-Turkish
Turkey has refused io recognUc- llie
!council's decision, wlilsli confirmed tho
! temporary boundary nf Mosul as laid
iilown al tho Urussuls con fere net-.
Professionalism Is Killing Sports
U lias been realized for some time, that, professionalism Js the enemy of
f|i:ii't, but llierq is now an awakening to the fact tliat it Is likewise, killing tlio
timrls lliftiiiiielycs. Ileal Sport is to he found in sanies participated in hy the
masses of tlio peoplo for tho downright fun of oue thing nnd for tho recrea-
ti��ui (Hereby enjoyed. ISul in the modern mad race tor money, even lho
l*a.-liu.e_. of people have been commercialized, anil today, instead of'people en-
gaging in games themselves, and deriving pleasure' therefrom and gaining
physical .'strength and better health, thoy pay fancy prices to sit in the grand-
sl'iud and chocr themselves hoarse over the. exploits of a 1'cw high salaried
The old days when the corner lot ball teams vied with one another, juid
1 he-town,commons was the scene of a spirited game ot lacrosse or football.,
have gone into ihe discard. The youth of the present do not appear to play
games for the,game's sake, and i'or their own recreation and betterment,, but
are content to watch from the sidelines and bleachers.       ��� '
Just   Dip   lo   Tint   or   Boil
to Dve
Soviet's Figures About
Wheat Crop Mythical
Each 15-oent puck-
! age    contains    diree.
Lions  ho  simple any
woman can tint soft,
delicate shades or dye
rich, .permanent colors
in lingerie, siilcs, ribbons,, skirl h,   waists,
driisscs,  coat0,   Blockings, 'sweaters,* drap
I erics, coverings, liang-
liiigs.:��� everything!
Buy Diamond IJyos
-no oilier kind���ami tell your-druggist
In sport.the'present generation lias degenerated* and harked back to the ���whether tlie material vou wish to color
decadent days .of Rome when the arenas were packed with _.. multitude, watching tlio performance of a few gladiators.     It vas a sign of the beginning
of the end Tor Rome of old.    The Duke qf'"Wellington has been credited with
the statement, that the Battle of Waterloo was won. on the playing fields of
Eton. ' Today, however, the newspapers tell,of the fifty or one Inmdred thousand spectators patching two teams of professional players.
lioxing and the noble are'of self defence has developed into prize fighting,
tho [irizo being purses of money ranging into the hundreds of thousands of
Chilian.. ���.*.���" *     .   " . . ������
Professionalism killed lacrossP, the Canadian national game and one of
"tlio finest of aH'field games. A qjiarter of a century ago er-iry town and village in-Eastern Canada had it's lacrosse clubs, aad tliottsnucis of boys and
young men. participated in its health-giving activities. Then the idea of commercializing the game was conceived, and its blighting effect is seen in. the
practical disappearance of the game. *      ,   _
.Canada's winter game, hockey, is going tiie same way. ,   Professionalism
.nourishes-"for-st. while, kills the amateur game, arid in hiLliug off amateur
sport, lihev/lsc kills the goose that lays the golden egg. becaiise -without"-active
iiii'mteiu- sports the development of players com.es to an end arid the supply-of
players for iirofessional ranks falls off.       ^ -
It has beeu thought that professional baseball was so ilKSr.oughly'.well organized and so deeply entrenched in the United States that, it could withstand
almost anything.'' Hut a recent, survey, of baseball made for the National
Amateur Athletic Federation has established beyond dispute that oven base-"
ball is "slipping." Major League matches have approached amateur agencies
offering; cooperation for' reviving sport'because tliey foresee a*'famine, of
players." '.-���"':'-'''i " W-"        ,'"���'''.-.-     -.   ,*-::* .";*-������*���   ''-'  X-, y-'X ': '���;���'���
It is soen. therefore,'that th'e advent,of professionalism not only kills
the sporting instincts of the people, turning them into namby-pamby "rooters"
for a group of paid entertainers instead of active particlpa.nts' in tho game
themselves, but it is demoralizing to the games as such. 'So long as a city
or town'maintains a professional baseball: or hockey team, the amateur game
suffers, but with the professional teams out o'f tlie'*ivay,."ainaieur-,teams multi-
ply,'the game, itself flourishes, and"the stamlim, "physique and health/of the
youth_liriproves. The truth:of/this statement iiiift been demonstrated ovei and
over, again.hrWcslern Canada, y ;' ..'  7* .."-���.. ','���" .
-*- ^Professionalism has a further demoralizing effect.     Tilt player is out to.
'.win.Vliiat and that alone.     His salary depends upon it, aud any trick, or expedient .that will get past the .-referee or umpire is resorted" to whether it is
: "sporting!"-"(h- -uot.     They are not playing for the "game's sake,'"' but' for the
box oflice receipts anda prospective sale: to some oilier, club at a higher salary:-
A'-cruwil of spectators goes wild and experiences spasms of. joy over a win
by tlie "home" team although the members of that team may- liave been collected from the. four corners ofthe continent, and have no interest Inor regard
Ib wool or silk, or whether ifc io. linen,
eotton or mixed jjoods.
Endorse Hudson's Bay Road
Toronto Business Men Now Recognize
Claim of  Western Citizens
Word is received by C. C. Cook, secretary of tho South Saskatchewan
branch, On-to-lhe-Uay Association,
that Colonel I<\ J. James, president,
had - interviewed prominent financiers
in Toronto ou fhe completion of the
Hudson's Uay Hail-way. In his letter
to Mr. Cook, Afr. James states thai ihe
eastern altitude has changed and now
is. entirely' sympathetic, toward west-
qrny claims for - completion. Mr.
James declared tliat when in possession of full information regarding the
Bay Hue, Toronto business me,n could
see no. objection whatever towards its'
completion, Major E. Percival-Brown,
K.C., was mentioned by Mr. James in
His letter as entirely' in accordance
���with western views. _ ,^-
On his return from England, where
lie liow goes, Mr. James will address
a body of business men in Toronto on
the feasibility of the Hudson's Hay
road. The invitation to make an address-was tendered by Toronto, residents.
Berlin Has Male Mannequins
About Slump In
Markets of World
'.rhe London food council has opened, an .Inquiry into the recent remarkable increases in the price of wheat
which have been followed by advances
in lhe*cost of flour and'bread in Great
illritaln,  after thoy had  steadily do-
I clined for two months,
\ This sharp reaction, which has bit
severely -both importers and the
public, is undoubtedly duo in large
measure to the issue of false figures of an abundant Russian wheat
yield by tho Soviet Government. Its
action helped to bring about a slump
in the wheat markets of the world,
and so deceived buyers that importers
and bakers have been left with very
scant stocks of wheat and flour,
Definite proof is now- available' that
the Soviet's figures wero mythical,-
and   the   Communist Government Is
J now seeking to save its face from the
discredit into which lt��� has been
brought by indicting Sokolnikoff, the
finance commissar,, for having framed
a badly founded budget, and by declaring that the provincial grain export
committees were responsible for the
extraordinary exaggerations in their
oflicial reports and will bo brought before- the court's.
Cares   of   Home   and   Children
'..Often Causes a Breakdown
The demands upon a mother's health
are   many   and   severe.
health trials and beiv children's
fare exact heavy tolls, while hurried
Golden Text: Jesus said unto them,
r am'the bread of life; he that cometh
to Me shall not hunger, and he that
belleveth ou Me shall never thirst.
John 6.35.
. Lesson: John 6.1-71.
Devotional Reading: Psalm 3-1.3-11.
Explanations and Comments
Jesus and the Multitude, verses -1-4.
���"After th'.se things"���a vague note
of time; see Tho Historical Background���Jesus crossed over (o the
eastern side of tho Sea of Galilee, or
Sea of Tiberias as it was also called;
from the city of Tiberias. whicli
Herod Antipas bad built on tho'laka
in honor of the Emperor Tiberias. He
climbed the hillside and' sat down,
hoping to-have a quiet time of communion there with His disciples.
Many young people have been accused, not without justice, of-having
a "moving picture, mind"���all" life being to them a series of 'snapshots,
with no chance for a time exposure.
"They cannot think straight on any
subject";' they are a bundle of transient impressions and confused ideas,"
says Dr. W. H.P/ Faunce. "Solitude is to thc soul what space is to
a growing tree���without it the tree or
the soul is stunted and dwarfed."
A great multitude of "people, attracted to Jesus by His power over disease, , followed on' foot around-the
northern end'of the lake. Tliey were
Galileans on their way to the Passover at Jerusalem, the second one in
Jesus' public ministry.
meals, broken rest and   much ���indoor
living   tend   to   weaken   ber   constitution.     It is no wonder that:the woman at home   Is    often    Indisposed g
through   weakness,  headaches,   back- jhoney at 15 cents a pound, $6T8,068.00;
aches and nervousness.     Too many j 28,410 pounds of wax at 2
Honey In Manitoba
Value  of Crop   For  Season   of
Placed at $623,170.50
The season of 1925 was particularly favorable for the production of
honey in Manitoba. Abundant moisture with sufficient sunshine and an
absence of light frosts, together with
a largo increase In the'acreage of
sweet clover, nil combined to give
enormous yields of fine duality honey.
The value of the honey crop In
Manitoba in 1925 is estimated as follows :
'"2,000 beekeepers, 27,370 colonies of
bees in the spring;-39,620 colonies, of
bees in th0 fall, 4,107,-120 pound's of
Treat Colds Externally
For 6ore tliroat, bronchitis or deep
chest coldg, rub Vicks VapoRub briskly ,
over throat and chest and cover with
warm flannel.
Vicks acts in-two ways���both direct:
absorbed like a liniment and inhaltd as
a vapor. A quick relief for the cold
troubles of all the family.
Oyer 21 Million Jars Used Yearly
Swiss Colonization In Canada
Questionnaire and Pamphlet of Swis��
Settlement. Society  in  Demand
The Swiss Settlement Society^
which our readers will remember ls
helping the establishment o�� Swiss
farm help in Canada as settlers oa
.their own accounfin settlements con:.
genial to them, Is rast getting in touch
all over the land with tho Swiss prospective settlers as well,as with muni-'
"cipalities ' an<T- owners of lands and
farms suitable for the purpose.
Fritz Beck,, the secretary of the so-,
cicty, is at present in the west, with
headquarters at the Federal Immigration Hall in Winnipeg. '
women .have grown up to accept these
troubles as a part of the lot of motherhood.'* But many and -varied as her
���| health''troubles-are, the cause is simple and relief at.hand. ' It la* rich/-red
blood that keeps a woman well; wlieii
she-is 111 the blood is.thin and watery,-
and she must take a tonic to enrich it
to renew "her health.' '-"-Tlie. nursing
mother more than any other woman in
tlio world needs rich blood amf-plenty
bf it,     There is one sure .way to. get
of wax at 25 cents a
pound, $7,102.50; 'tStal,  ?G23,170.uO.
Average production per colony, "150
pounds. /
���"fm^hTf''irome''=tW^^ are~g��Cling oTUofoiT   AucTtlie
same "homo" crowd will groan and hiss if the visiting���team achieve victory by
superior play. '''Accompanying this'so-called sport is a teiulency to'betting
aiul gambling far surpassing'any attendant on amateur' games, y ,-
7 Elimination of professionalism and a general;revival of Interest and participation-in amateur sports of all kinds is a imicli to be desired-.development-
ln Canada.and one calculated-to build up a more-i'vlrile, robust, self-reliant
yonng-Gauadiaiiism.  ���      .'���'..     *: ' .    "....'.}��� ...���������..,,-        >   :���
Burke,   Lower   L'Ardoise, N.S., tolls
what these pills  did for  her.      Site
!&ays:���"I first-used Br. Williams' Pink
j Pills five years ago.     After iny bab}-
iwiis born I did not regain mv usual
innovation   of   Well-Known   Cabaret j health.     I  felt weak, miserable and
Meets With Approval J always tired so I started taking Dr.
Malo   mannequins   are   tlie.   latest I Williams' Pink Pills.      After taking
IhiiuV ii_ iim -itnH.n -,t-_-���.i_i ���t *,_.!,��_���_ I^VQ boxes I felt like a new woman.
ttimg iu the Berlin *orId of fashion. | j(>er ghlce lhal (ime wh(sa r [oe] tlr<jd
.At one of the best-known cabarets, _iiniul overworked I take ibis treatment
number of vaudeville artists are play-!and always with great benefit.   I have
ing up-to-date creations in dress suits, proved them lo be a splendid' medi-
(llinietvjackels, morning coats, lounge'cino Cor imrslng mothers- aiuI ' alwri^
Fresh Supplies in Demand.���Wliere-
cv'er Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oit -lias
been introduced, increased supplies
have been ordered, showing that
| wherever It goes this excellent '-Oil
j impresses Its power en the people,
this rich blood so nccessarv to health 'No mattcr in vllat ^'tucle it may be-
and that is through lhe use of Dr. found. lts Potency U never impaired.
Williams'    Pink    Pills.   Mrs.   nmv It is put up in mosl portable shape In
! bottles   ancl   .can be carried wlthoiti
May Cultivate .Rubber In California
7 Cultivation of rubber on a large
scale In the Uaited States, principally
in California, is foreseen In Wall
Street, through the re-organization of
tlit;. Intercontinental Rubber Company,
which has-been experimenting profitably on the Pacific coast for years.with
the-guayule shrub. 'Prominent financiers aro reported tobe back of iho
.-. *. A Woman's Jdea
"A 'woman entered n police station,
reported the loss of a idieck book, and
offered a'reward for iis return.'"Why
go to alt' tliat: troul)]Q?"'*.sald the sergeant. "Tbe bank will give you another." The .woman brightened.
"That's wlml'l told my husband," she
exclaimed, "and, besides; the checks
won't be aiiy good to anyone else. ��� I
signed tlieiu all."���Tlie Argonaut.
sull and top coats, including all other
essential accessories like top bats,
derbies, scarfs, shoes and fancy handkerchiefs. Judging by"-the applause
these exhibits have f evoked, this;
method of displaying what is new in;
men's fashions has met with popular j
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink I'ilis
through any dealer in medicine or by
mail at 50 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., JJrocltville,
Mount Loujjheed
Miller's Worm Powcb-rs not only exterminate Jrtostlnal and other worms,
but' they are a remedy for many olhr-r
iiilments of children, ,They strengthen tho young, stomach against bilious-
High Mountain Peak to Commemorate
Name of Late-Senalor
.Mount Lougheed Is to be a nev"
name on the map of the Rocky Mountain'-'* country, .commemorating tlie
name of the late   Senator   LoughRed
ness and are tonical in tbeir effects!"       ��� ,.   T
where llie child suffers from loss ofiJhe Geographic Jipard of Canada lias
appetite. Iii fuverish conditloiiR tliey|advised Its local representative Hint
wil ll be found useiul -and   they   will jit |,as decided so to name a hitherto
fear of breakage.
Rescued  Lord  Jeilicoe
���Prevent complications by rub-
' ' bing   the   affected   -parts with
Minard's.     II draws out inflammation, soothes and heals.
i'w i u"'WTiy4iff~'^rr^B\ri
V - ^"������WBBBW"I'*W^'
Egyptians First Land Surveyors
The art of land surveying owes Its}
origin to the fact thatrthe Egyptians
were unable to keep permanent monu;.,
ments.,on land which was overflowed .
every year by thc Nile.     Under such
circumstances'it became necessary to .
havo means of re-identifying the various piaces of land.
Commander, West ;.VVas.'- Only
Cadet at theTlrne
Commander P. 1), R. West, lt.N".,
who bas accepted the post of honorary
secretary of the Royal National'Iiife-
boat .Institution's station at Hastings,
rescued Lord Jeilicoe "from drowning
35 years ago. . While the fleet was
engaged iu manoeuvres in the Mediterranean there was.a collision between
the Victoria and thcKJampwdown, and
Commander Jeilicoe, as ho then was,
was seen in the water in a very.exhausted state. Naval Cadet West
swam to his help and supported him
until Ihey were picked up by a boat
from H.M.S. Kile.
Wholasome Cleansing Ref reshins
serve lo allay pain and griping in the!
stomach, fro.ni wliich children so often
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians .for-
Colds -   Headache      Neuritis        Lumbago ���
Pain        Neuralgia      Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept -only -t'Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Payer"- imea  of 32 tablcta
Also bottlea'of 24 and ldd���Druggist-*,
Aujilrln ts tbe tr��3�� mark (registered'ffi Canada) oC Bajr�� BUimfacloceof Monoacetlc-
���eldeater ot SallcjllcacM (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A..8. A."). ^VTille It Is well known
that Aapirfameana Fayer cunufaeture, lo a��sLit,:tli�� puWlc asilngfc Itnllatlong, the Tablettt
ef Barer OompMj trill 6e aUmixd lritli their g��nerU tfido tuxk, the "Btftt Own."
Says Turks Prepare For War
Threats of Balkan-Trouble Coming in
the Spring
TbrfUt.s of- a Turltish war In the
spring arc re-allining Balkan fripud-
jjlilps according to a dispatch from
Athens. Turkey Js expected to march
through the mountalu passes as soon
���is the snow melts-and attack Mosul.
Greece antl_Britain, Atlieri.s believes,
will**Be definitely eonibincd. The Gre-i
clan uavy is being, trained by British
officers, while the French army officers
are training present-day Spartans.
Viuws are expressed that Italy -will
be involved, owiug' to the expressed
determination to remove-thp stigma of
the Medllei'raneau,being called a. British lake."
nameless i>oak in the Banff district,
lying nortlnvcst of Mount Dorgomi be-
iweeu IToaly Creek arid the Bow
River, and n near neighbor of Mount
Brett aud JMassivev Mountain.- [f
i.^ about V'�� miles from tlio Canadian
Pacific Railway and has a height <>r
8,850 fool.
,   A Business >lead
-Teacher: ."James, I thought I told
you to take tli$ seat next lo Pearl.;'
James: "You did, but I sold it to
Jack for a nickel."
A steel-liko grass from the slopes of
Oran, Algeria, is so elastic that it
��aa be used ^instead of springs In the
inaiinfacture of furniture.
Minard's Liniment for Grippe
Her Nerves Were
"All Broken Up"
She Could Not Sleep
Mrs, Dttvid OallonghflT, 37 Lynd>"
Jiurat Ave, Hamiltou, Ont., writes!
���".lly nerves -were all, broken up
and I could not aleop at night, and I
would have to got up out of beet and
walk tho iloor Jox hours at a time.'
After Using a Box of
Awful Asthma Attacks. Is there a
member bf j our .'family who is in the
power of. ihis'-distressing trouble? No
service you can render him will equal
the bringing to his. attentlon.'of Dr.: J.
I). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. This
remarkable remedy rests its roptitit;.
tion upon what it. lias done for others.
It bas a tru'y wonderful record, covering years on'I years of success in almost every part of'this continent, :iud
even beyond the'seas.
"WhoaI" Falls to Stop Automobile
When his brakes failed to stoii, bis
automobile whilo negotiating a .'short
I urn in'vthe business section in Delhi,
Iowa, Tom Grapes, wealthy farmer, in
bis excitement shouted: "Wltoa,
whoa!" The machine didn't stop uu-
t il "it bad crashed through a plate glass
window into a drug store.
I Began To Feel Much Better,
and. after using a few more boi��s
I could enjoy my rest as well as evex
I could."
H. & 1ST. Pills have "been tfii'the
market for tbe past 32 yeais; your
nearest druggist sells tliemj put up
only by Tho T. Milburn Co., Limited.
Toronto, Ont.
"Mother," cried little Mary, as she
rushed into the. farmhouse they were
visiting, "Johnny wants the listerine.
He's just caught the cutest; little black
aud white animal, and he thinks its
got halitosis."
IEase and Comfort!
[ come with the very [
first spoonful^
A3vERS' OVENS���Wrlto for catalogue and tlst^ of used. - ovens.
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100-Quoea
Weat, Toronto,
Dr. LE CLERG S ulvsl*moneys
W1*_IK|__N��VI*��1.A1)I>_IR.C��AVKI.1 IUCK��CHK,��o.
Or, LE CLERC S aper?emtpi"u.��.
���old k; ImJIdj Cbnmltir Prlcei In England 3k
DR. LkCLEKC Moi.Co. H*r<riC��ck Rd. M.W.K. Lomlo* ���
M Moll BI, 10 from 71, rnoMrBr.E.,To��OKTaO��t,'
m W. BMEU4K SriEcr. Huw Vons cir��. *   ~ ,
Any man can make a good bluff by
looking .wls�� and keeping his mouth
Minard's Liniment for frost-bites-
The man who ma Ices la forlijue'in
the coal business is likely to give it
all a weigh.
B��H*T*" .
Nine tailors may succeed in making
a man' a pauper. ��� .    '
Minard's Linjoient uetd by Veterln-
o�� mind and
body, points to de- ^
-ranged Kidneys. "
din Pills will re- -
l   store the.Kidneys
to normal, action
- and -^uard against
. m o r e -s er i ou s
"diseases, .
        ��� __���      I
W."N--U.   1613
u K. \-
Education In
Saya   Co-operative   Institutions   Must
Educate People of ths Country
That, cooperative institutions must
do most'of their own educating of the
people and development; of co-operaiion, said Prof. Fay, uf- Toronto 1'ni-
���verity,' In addressing the U.RMr convention, at Brandon.     He envisaged a
ceil I nil co-operative building in Winnipeg with all headquarters of the various    pools    studying lho
marketing   and
perhaps -purchasing
systems, educalhig the people, the con-;
tr'e of the' economic llie of the province.
Europe Making Strong Effort to Settle
1    Drfficulties Without'Fighting .
A British slat'esman or.note"recent-]
ly said tfiat. JD25 is the first year of
peace since"the Great War.   ' What'lie,
meant,, of course,- is.- that this is the
year in which tho first real advance
has been'made for securing permanent
world peace.     Those who have learned even in ji small degree to r<Sad fhe
papers with virion that reaches outside (heir own puny interests cannot
have failed to see-that Europe i.s nmlc-
ing a^desperate attempt' lo rise above
its passions and prejudices and Ibid a
muthod'ol settling Its ililllcullles without fighting.     The League of Nations
is functioning where It ought to function, and In a manner that, must be
giatifylng  to  Ils   friends.      The' Locarno peace treaty is tho longest step
toward  universal  peaee- that Kurope
has taken in a century.     The United
States sees  in the'Permanent Court
on International Justice -a    tribunal
that offers much  I'or the welfare- of
all peoples, and we are-about to lake
our rightful and dutitul' place ia that
court.     Hope   beams   everywhere.���
Faii-ha'cen Star.
[X 4��$J Wspapc^ulexM
Fainiesi-'is iiEssential?;s&j XPin.fife
���.'XX y;yX9\_]]^t^y-ioiirtwJyXXXx XX,
;l?'^e��l/'Us: fortletliy;; amiivorsarvr'���it;
^ifch'time; p.:-d; Eo^;;^bIisl-v^&,
:Lioat -to. Hieypntire -staff. aWlie'Ctaateii
LaurieT.' ;y-' -;: ���-*��� .���,:*'*.    'xx.;-,  ��� '...-
7f'i ^response to : the tbastj"'.''The
Gluef," proposed by',". Lt,-Col.'"'R;: -F.
Parkinson, maiing'ihg -director of the
���roumal, Mr. Itoss said7 y * W:. ��� -77
.' ."Tlie thing i iiaVQ' been most anxious \~
nbouf in ���my..]iro_ti,tf thing i Lave
been and jun mbsfc anxious for : the-
Journ.aj'to dolls' to! play fairy A news '
liai>er has a gbeat power to-hurt,   Un-
wni rarM'8  best  haIr  "nt.
WIU restoro gray hair to Its
JJ W. T. Pember Stores Limited
Piione M. 2274.5       l20 yonge'Sti
Disposal Of Ex-Kaiser's Property
Prof. Fay traced the development of
education  In. co-operative  lines  from
the days of Robert Owen in Eugland.
'    II  was noteworthy 'that even in tbe
^- _���
early days_Jn fhe middle of. last cen-
luiy'a part-of fhe profits were devoted to education. _ Now as much
_^ as S600.000 a year was spent by the
JjrIIJsh Co-opoialive on this work.
There weie courses for. committee
men on thc^Iawyon balance sheets'and
orltcj phases, ��u'en country homes had
been bought for the summer schools
for such training.    '-
-What  waa   tho  situation..hi-Manitoba?     Co-operative, education, would
menu   mora    use ^eing made ofthe
work of the experimental  farm and
. demonstration   stations.       Local   organizations such as the district builders 'would- be   most valuable in this
woiic.     Af. tbe bead   the   university
could do, some of the work o'\ education, but would be" better coniinecl to
research'.     In-time,-; a" co-operative
iinioir rnlghL bo'(the fountain'head of
1ho, study."    Such a body ^should keep
in iouch with developments in Europe
and Indeed all over the world.     Contacts with the people should be kept,
uj> firstly by literature^ then by, field
men, but-tbe ideal system would envisage not merely   paid,   men   doing
the educational ���work,   but.
The Royal Succession
Res-ult of Discussion in  London Club
Is Interesting
There "was  a prolonged discussion
in a well-known club I he'Other night
as to  the royal succession. ,    Since
many learned people   took   part, and
the'decision arrived at is not now in
dispute, it i3 worth-recording.     It entails a fairly wide-hypothesis,'but the
tact is that on the death ot His Majesty  the King  (which  we all hope
is very far distant),   should   in"   the
meantime   the   Prince of Wales, the
Duke    of   York;   Prince Henry And
Prince George have died'without issue '(which we also pray is a remote
contingency);  lhe  throne  would not
go to the Connaught branch.
If all these unlikely disasters.were
to happen, Princess Mary would become reigning Queen of England, just
In the same position as Queen' Elizabeth, Queen Anne, Queen .Victoria and
an .unfortunately-adjectived ' Queen
Mary.of another age. .Lord Lascelles
wouid "then be Piirico -Consort, and
their son, the baby Master George
Henry Hubert Lascelles, might one day
come to the throne as King'George VI.
-���London Mail.
Jess, it is very anxious, not to hurt,
anil' Is 'very careful��������� about��� 1t,, a .news-
paiierycati. do -pitiful'damage.*:',   y
"We newspaper, people * ought to 'be
mighty sure when we hit; anybody'that
lio c'oninletoly deserves bi t.; - .'A. newspaper -should give everybody an equal
ehariceftb* speak-,even. If it does not
agree .wl tli the' opinions.; expressed���
:'.'"fhis fainie'ss.ishould be* lis';scrupulously observed, in..tlie ��� news columns
as (in ;tho"editorial- columns,.. and   by
ierery .reporter'lis .well --.as' by every j
editor. 7���;--.&;iiewspaper: oligbt to;* <lo as
Uftle'hurVid"y'anyb'o'dy.:at.' aiiy ttra-e" as
fair; play:'andV fair, ilghtlng-and ':.ay *geni*
rerdus.. spirit 'will '-allow.;..' -;-
:;.ysi;iiay-e:alvrays.ytrIe(lyto follow,the
principle y'lii - ;iny WieWspaper lliii.t 1
\yould not say, noi- allow my newspaper!
toi sajvyariything about a. man that 'I
I .-.met liim oh Hie street/; -.And if my
newspaper <1J<1 -say whatyit shouldn't
and roiirid-iUelf. wrong, it shoulda]>��io-y
glze..just as-1 wouldyniyself apologize'
tdygive.' complete .and 'honorable.;satls:
&��ifon.W;7'W.lW.7 xxy--y;.,,:-x:
Matter Will
.  'i
A Considerable Difference
_, .-       ���   mlenslvi
��� study groups in each local. Such
people would" 'themselves become
teachers.     Ethical ion of this nature
A. Perfect ..Thermometer
New instrument Measures More Than"
1,200 Degrees Fahrenheit'
The thermomet'er capable of iegis-
tering a  temperature  of more  than
would- substitute a i better bond than! [;m. testes Fahrenheit lias been de-
Uie piinted.-contract. The effect of
..education waa to_. capitalize loyally.
ICdiicaliou 'wsis impossible without
sacrifice, but it should come up from
- Child Labor J n Canada
A minimum age of-15 for permanent gainful .^employment'during the
-school~year-S3_uFg"ell Tor "Canadian
children by-Uio Canadian Council on
Child Welfare. The council also uiges
prohibition of night worlc for minors
linder IS and of employment in dangerous or urisiealtliful'-occupatioris of
minora under 21, and an- 8-hour/day
and 44-hour week I'or minors uilder IS.
aiMueli   of   nte:s   bitterness   comes
from swaflowlng"one's own' words.     %
veloped in the- Thompson research
laboratory " of' the General Electric
Company at Lynn, Mass.?; it has been
announced. Instead "of glass, which
would melt at a much lower temperature, fused quartz was used for ,the
stem and bulb of the new instrument
Mercury, which' would\boil and explode* at such a heal,-was eliminated,
and-gal 1 IiimTiMeTofldie rare metals,
was used.
A temperature of ^ 1,000 degrees
Fahrenheit, is the maximum which
the ��� uiercury:In;glas3 thermometer
can 'stand and such- thermometers
are inaccurate at high temperatures, scientists assert.
WyWing,iJpeop,le 'Advertising/ Is : [ *' -.
xXyXXy-yyiy X -'Wot: Newsy-ZX' ���.'��������� X'X i
:7.-/T here7 is:, ciuito: ay d e al>6 f: di ff erericc
between * news',and ,ticlvertisiug, says
th'e'irpitawa ,.*Citizen,fbuty a,?-newspaper
has 7;ilVJ iard-y[ tinie: b ften yin 'inaklng
_sbraey_reiul-ers .---.'reali-ze'' -the [ tfiffereii c o.
-if-a iicrso.tt' liiis ..something, to,'sell;and
.-wants tlie;; publi c. to ���-'. IciiowKabbutz It;
business -transaction; with;".tlie.. one, ob-
jectrofiiii<ikiiig;money;y^Ah icecream
supper notice yJs.jiot. niws-^it Is, rc|-
���yeriising..',' i Be cause; .the niobey' go'es
.'for": a- worthy:.;;cause-;does ������"riot, make it
any the.'iessyaii.advertisement. Where-
���tli'efe Js;'np;cllargeyinybIyed;;or:i;iii6n<^
! to}'; be^r.jeceiyed/frqni^ jtbe - yeyirin^'yjtli'e
paper}:<$:Tyf_:cq:iieutIyyy;*yidlll3ig' toytell.
about}j t- as[y a}, ;ihatteri of ':'.:n'e\rs XX- &
newspaper, .'iifust/
live..;;; Tli at is -on cipf-'it s -ways; o f ;;get-
-tingv::moneyy to^payv the" expenses" *of
operation'.; and *'''i.f: -it yrair'all .atlvertlao-
itients-free there "would be: no. .casli'-iti-.",
turns.'   '-ButlaCtha't .the averagVneW'S-l
Be Decided by the German
Gormaiiy is to be asked to decide
by referendum whether some millions
of dollars' worth of property in castles,
estates, art aixlmoney shall be handed over by the republic to ex-Kaiser
yWllllain ir,
Thc agitation against tho proposed
grant has become so intense and the
spirit of many workers so embittered,
that the Socialist partj executive-decided to undertake the necessary s^teps
for getting a referendum on this question.
This executive acted after numerous protests of laborers, and white collar folic had arisen throughout the
la ail The burden of these complaints
was that the German republic, now
plunged iu its worst unemployment
period, ought not to give to tlie former
Icalser the millions of marks which
would lender him one of Europe's
^ There has been a heated controversy
as to wliellier or not the property To
be returned really belonged to the
reich or lo Wilholm personally. A
careful canvas of the property confiscated during the 19IS "ievolution" led
finally to the conclusion that Willielm
was entitled lo regard several million
dollars' worth of it as his own.
Tlie matter then came up for ratification by the, 'Prussian diet, /but at
that moment  the clamor thioughout
the land caused legislators to proceed
cautiously,     lu view of the move for!
a referendum, it is likely that no at-'
tempt will be made to rush the
Meanlinio reports from Doom indicate llial Lho joy of Doom over the
prospects of foi tune have been shoit-
lived !iud"that Willielm is applying the
knifu uilhlessly to his 1026 budget.
Kipling : Lifces;*: Quiet Home y
Lives;. Five Mi les: From Railroad and
y W: y   -Has No Telephone X
"��� During   Kudyard.y Kipling's;,���-illness
the village of.Burwash in''England bad
moreTvisitors' than ..erer. before..- [;Miz
Kipling choseyBurvrash- as ay'piace':cit'.
residence- because it is one of the few
Sussex' -retreats   viiiclr, still 'remains
unfashionable. :".'.Kottlngdean, his.former   home,   became so .overrun, with
tourists,    new   louses' and. motor
coaches that Cor tlie sake of peace <ind
quietness   he   was ;obliged, to;move,
Daleman's, widen Is tlio name of Iiis-
800-year-old botis'e, lias. no. telephone
and'-% stands amid lovely country, at
least five, miles rromi a railroad station. '.  On tbe quaint porch is;the date
1634, and,its flue 'old'black- beams .are
a conspicuous .fCiilure.-'-Cross-chaiinei
airmen, who pass ;orer .this .neighborhood on- their way from London-to tlie
coast, say iliat '-'the old Elizabethan
house Ms * a distinctive landmjirk'by
reason of;'its chimney stacks:'���*-.���
Bntisiwtaniy Stores -
ZM8'llth Ave.
Please sent! meat onte a tree copy
olrycw Illustrated  Sale (atalogue.
Name -
Backache Is Novr A
' Thbg^Of the Pas!
So  Says  Mrs.   A.  Lawes After
Taking Dodd's Kidney Pills
Impression Is Favorable
Ontario Lady Suffered with Headache
for Two Years, but was Promptly
Reheved by .DotftT*.  Kidney. Pills
r   oF   British    Labor
Party Satisfied With Conditions
In Canada
"Conditions"!.! Canada appear to me
o be quite satisfactory, and i believe
hat a great many people now in the
British Isles can be comfortably and
Happily settled in.the Dominion '
Miss Julia  Varley,    of
England,"a member of
... the executivo
of Uie Labor party, during a conference at Montreal, v^lUi Mr. W. j Black
director of colonization. ... Mlss: Varlev
���n  ". ,    , -���    i   ad decidcd to see fir herself wlnt
. Jrankford, Onl^SpeelaD^r can-jmanner of people livo h, CaSda and
not., praise ^'our; Dcxid's���-Kidney;.-Pllis
enough:for what-tltey have done for
me,'' states Mrs. Albert:Xawos, a well--
known and highly' respected resident
of- this1 place, ,' "Aboil.t two:years ago
���I;had a bad pain in niy back and could
hardly'do my, hous-ework..  ,'f thought
it .was my kidneys, aad  tried... many
.tilings',-for it without any success. ' :I
saw Dodd's Kidney PiLli advertised in
the papers' and: deel<led to.give them
a trial.: , .Two* boxes relieved me aiid,
f liave had-no-morfiliackaches.".- -
vlt ;js statements lilte-the above that
:have:; rhade.;,'';Dpdd's;-'---.Kid'ney'.-;:':PIlis ';'��'
household,-'Ti*med*y-.'. tliroughout Canada.
7yi)od_(rs"Kidney Pills .can be, obtaineit
from   druggists.;   everywhere,: br Tlfe,
Dodd's Mediciiie*;Col,iL'td., -Toronto -2,;
tippn receipt*of'priced POciper box..;
;, A- pleasant" medicine: for children-is
ftlotYievXGraves'. "Worm Exterminator,
and .ft is,-excellent; for "driving worms
fi-cmr the :;Syslem.'-; ^::' ������ : -:*:::-���- ":-'i
xi". iyPredfiction Game ;Traey
Citizen of Bombay Foretold; His Own
.,i.,X:r'} i][ Death -On Nov. 18. [y'X.
,:-An-extTaorclinary story of:predicting ;.one's.1, oi-n   .death- cymes' from
.  .   , ... ��� .���-���'- x,:- yy ��� ��������� ,* ���-   yX. X: ''"JlSliolapui"-. iii "Bombay Presidency; >..-
paper gives ;iAva3r;!thousauds. ot, dollars"'..-.. ��������� ���-,., ^ - --...-��� -*.,    * _.���:��� 7' ���*;,
\,,:   ���   ...     ".���,*.���.    ,,-y, ������*     MotiiSwaimv literally;   the    Pearl
worth ol space eaclu year -m .��� helping i   ���   -     ...        . , ������.-, *   ., ... .   ,
.*: yy-y -.���.���-.: ���::' .  .  ���;���-. '-,:. ���.:���-.: .' ��� 7or;.Aseetlcs/-aged SO,   had   predicted,
projiroto*. el v-ic affairs and;. is ;glad  ot! ,, ���-.���V;'i"",     > ���*;,- .,   ,  , ������*'
Xyx ������:������������������'.'��������� ,; y'y.-y. ���Zxy-.'y,.     it is stated,  sir mouth ago, .that he
theopporUuiIty t��:be:of service>,totlie        ,,* \T '      W-__.:v'���'_:
..-.;������*:���:*   -7 .-������;    ��� *..:���.-:���- would, j)iiss. away, on November IS last,
community. ���'-_ . -,-       ;. ��� -.   ;:  -=- ,,-.   _-,.yLy.x,^^^^^^^=^yr=^=
���������-���* 'i'vo-days'-oefoTo that be reminded,bis
follower's' -that .tlioy time of his -death
had*' arrived,: and at thci
photograph was:taken...
Little Helps For Ihis WeeS
to study the conditions und'er which
tliey work.
Accordingly , she    sot    out    trdm
England ou ber own initiative, without the  aid of any organization, intending on her return to England; to
relate her experiences    through    tho
medium  of her'pen and by lectures.
The general tenor cf lier future articles and addresses is indicated by her
remark that she was generally satisfied with conditions as fhe found them
in this country, with the added suggestion  that she would advise those,
who can make the break to do so and'
find new homes in Canada.
Can be Quickly Banished With
Baby's Own Tablets
The ailments of childhood are many
biit n'lue-tenllis of them are due io ono
cause and one cause only���a'dlsordcr-
",1    condition    of    the stomach  ancl
bowels. To Quickly banish any of thc
minor ailments of babyhood and childhood the .bowels must bo made to
work regulai antl ihe stomach must bo
j sweetened.
-Received  "Cold Reception"'
Ask, -toid "ye shall receive.-���John iivi.,
:">'*.' ���H-.XXx X: xyi'-.yXi]}i:   ',:'.-,
,7 b-diiinb, cleat','blind,.receive'! 7 .
Shall.:He who made.the.' ear notr.hear
yV your, cry?': .'.'���'*'; ��� ' *W
potli'.He not tenderiy see;wlio made;
'*-;.;... the eye X['X:i- W;'*'".' :'.-���' *.*���:' *'.*;;
,''4sk:.Me..tnat:I-.:may give.W   "��� Xy.-.
[XyXXyzX.yA.aellae. 'S7^,y^reituey      _..___���v,.. ,,-.,.,,,.,, :yy.yyyy
7.Tllexc::Js;;notliing: too grS^Ab"thliig7'T^
o'f:all,"compassion.,~}yl think -it^.ls. the
going to:Gbd with ev<)iyywant that He
likes.y.Hen'ce the -o&ner, -we,-'go.'the
imore.'wo. please.. Him,y for our;-asking^
' for* tlie; to us: seehiiiiffly .Itttle, things is
but-'d-eln'bnstriiling foiin entire. Sepeiid-
enco on; Him;, and; sii-KOly; this*, depend-
eh.ee. this trust, is what nuke's us the
childrea of.,: our,; Hearenlr Patlier.���
Rose Porter.. '���'"-' ''������"���" -
Tablets.     Thev
request ��� a
Woman Suffered until Relieved
by Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
. St. Charles, Quebec. -^'Twas mar-
ried three yearn and had no children.
Iwaa always troubled with pains
in the abdomen
and was not able-'
.to" do my housework:  After trying all other remedies suggested to.
me I havc at last
found that Lydia.
E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is the best
T* i ���i m the wor1^ for
me.   It lias done me more good than -
anything else I fever tried, t am well
now and able to do my housework and
c&ro for iny family.   I recommend it
to my friends as I am sure they will
St Charles, Co. Belleehnsse, Que.
.Nervous and Rtm-down
Hamilton, Ont���% was nervous
.and run-down, and alwavshad a-tired
feeling-and no,appetite: I'jumped at
every sound and was  always-low
spirited. My worst symptom jvas depression and I was this wav for several months   A friend advised me to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compodnd, and I have taken it for
three months and am very much better and can woric around more. I feel
Wee another woman."~Mrs.P.L.Guy
-SSTuxedoAve.No-.Hamilton.Ont. o
W    jf.   U.._ivu
Cannibalism Still Practised
Governor of Papua Tells of Investigations lnto>This Subject.
Sir Hubert -Murray, governor of
Papua, th-p British Island possession
north of Australia, in which cannibalism still is practised, has just published a now book, "Papua of Today,"
inswhich hc gives a sidelight on cannibalistic cooking. -   "-
While .Sir Hubert was investigating a ease fi cannibalism, the cpies-
lion of cooking'methods Jfrose. One
Papuan witness objected tq lho testimony of another native because, he
said, "Jasi Jasi is a poor cook."
"if you cook a man on an open lire!
On Uie'day of.hls death he walked
round tlie': ;city and camp of S holapur
aud collected', money Tor' his '..burial',
deposited .-'ii; 'witli' a'-municipal couucil-
loiv wen: tiioinp ;and, having: seated
bimselC. iu ,yt!ie,. yoga.';posture, passed
Qerinan  Actor! Denounced   Versailk^
^yy.'-T'c-eaty- and -Was'Dismissed ;By ';X
.;.' 'yW--Coolidg'e:-yy.''.'.':' '".-/':
'. y.Tlie..Passion. Playors 'of 'Oberammer-,
gau,,who Vvisitedy;''the :-United. States
two.years ago,:iriay refuse "a second la-[
vitation  to/.tour America because! qf
Lang; the portrayer of'.yJesu's,. Chris t,j
-��� -.According (to - news ;leacliing:: ParJs,r
the. Xmicybv "~.6i[ pberanimergau.^wlio
plays the role of Juda.s.; Iscariot, ."open-.
ly asserted he did hot like Americans,
wblle Lang complained bitterly' of tli<_
liiatiher iri.., which lie, wa & ..recel red py
(lie presidetit of the TJiilled States.    '
' 11 is recalled tliat, taking advantage
of.a.VVIiltti House reception, Lang htHd
forth la strong language against the
Treaty of: VorsJiilles,'at the ternilria-,     _r   , .   ,   ,      ���. .,    ,   ,-.���-.���    _,
,.    -'c' X -7 , i',r   -i,    i r ^   ...��,i'  ,f\   3s,fssuig���as a .theory is far loss sat-
tion of wlilcli the President, ��� without : ,,      *
.,   .*���-'   ���'������-���-;   ,"   '    i, , i.    v.;. ��...,,.   islaetoiT tli an a practical-example
uttering a. word w altering his fixed,? ���
The   Fri��id   of' Air
Thomas' Eclectric: Oil
ts a valuable
remedy'-to.'air those who suffer pain,
It holds out hope to cveryoii'e and 'realizes! i (" by sti liliig suffering "everywhere;
It.is 'a'llniinent'.that.'lias.,' llie,blessing
o'f; -ball' , a <sdntiiienl. It Is.on sale
every wli ere and caa lie-foil Jul wherever,
enajilred for, -...      : ''    '-*        x-x
- Tlie Acid Test
A Quaker once hearing a person
tell how much he felt for another who
was in distress and needed assistance,
dryly asked him, "Friend, has thee
felt in ..thy* pocket for him?"
.mc how'to get
.���HeW;Can yoii tell
into Uie museum?"
She.-���"Well,- you. might let your hair
grow ,'lpng*,aiicl wiggle your ears."
Discover Strange Race    -
Survival of a Lost TrlJb'e in -the Wilds
of Soutli Africa
A scientific expedition, led by three
Denver scientists, iias
ones baa
s Owa
.    banish   constipation
and   indigestion;   break-up colds and
simple fevers;  correct diarrhoea ana
colic and promote healthful sleep by
regulating the functions of the stomach   and   bowels.     Concerning   them'
Dvfrs.    L.    M.    Brown,   Walton,  N.S.,
writes:���"I caunot speak  too highly
of   Baby's.   Own    Tablets as I have
iound   Ihent   excellent   ior   ehil'dhooa
Baby's    Own   Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers, or by. mail at 25 cts.
a box iromjnie_Dr._Wiliiams!_j\lediciho���
Co., Brockville, _Ont.
��� Astronomical::; -scientists * ���  es timate
that   two . or,  three  'meteorUes':: fair
soiiiewhere'.:.Xm.' - the   .oartli  - 'every:;
tweiifyifour y-Jiburs,-'.----ii-pt:. ; including;
shooting stars y'br; meteors/,.:-'.' ,
Bad luck causes ;a' man ytoy take
mental 'inVeoLoryy bf:, his' friends.." .'.'"���';���
calm  e-tpi*es?slon,  cohily shook luuu's;!
jwllli ike famous German actor and in-f
1 agree that ha. will be tough," this idictiteti tli* 11sit was nl an cud
witness, continued, "but cooked on hoc
stones and  covered with  leaves, the
stringiest old nian will be tender.
Why s'hould, he be any tougher than a
bush pig?"   '-'._>
Wheat Area Moving North '
The first' effects or the discoveries
of Garnet ancl other early-maturing
wheats became apparent recently
when thc federal department of agriculture officially announced that the
northern limit of agriculture in AYest-
ern Canada had been forced back 60
to^.,75 miles and a vast new empire
^opened up for productive purposes/ -
War's Widows
Two   luinchod   and thirty thousand
widow:, will cstablislrelalJiis undfi* the
Riiglisii   Government's   now   pension
law. " It will cost   the   government
? 15,000,000 a year.     A nation rarely
finishes paying thc-debls of one war
before, ano Hi er is-begun.     When men
are far-seeintr onoiigh to forecast-ilie
enormous  costs', and cousequenceS'^oi
wars,tliey will be much slower iu'planning tli em.���Grove Patterson in _D|.ilutli
A .man is a bachelor until he mar-
ries^ thchi he J is whatever his wife
chooses to call him.'
Malta _ Is   the   most thickly
luted island in the" world.
Rome men with narrow views are
rather broad in their conversation.
Chinese- Tra.,c Declines.
Seto More, Asiatic agent of_ C.P.R
ocean traffic, Vancouver, states that
Oriental Uafflc back to China had
fallen off to a considerable degree during the past yoar.v. He attributed the
fact to 'unrest la China. Fonueily,
he stated, between, six and seven thousand Orientals left Vancouver from
Canada' ancl the Western United States
enroute for China-
For Tender Faces
The creamy lather of the Cuticura
SbavingStki.whh its delicate med
ication and soothing ' properties,
enables men with tender, easily ii>
rltated skins- to shave in comfort,
even twice a day, and leaves the
Skin saootb and fresh.
8tspl> S<ali Vtm \] 11*11.  Aidnat C*nt<_7_u_
Oaimtr ttoxtoxnm. 1W. XntrthL" Price. Soap
Me. Oiatnunt X ud 10c. Tllrra Se.
��� ���-    Cnticarn.Staging Stklt 25c,
roturned to
Capo Town from; the!.; retaote desert
region's to tli�� north -jJiili *a strange
talc of the survival'*o.t'���& lost tribe of
"strandloopers," tlie primitlrey cave-
dwell ers, who Tonheri)' inhabited tlie
coastal belt ot the Caiu'and were believed to: have be co m �� extinct.'���;-"..* .
y'The '. leaders of the expedition are
Dr.C. E. Cadle, 3)r, Cri'Wit MWolm and
Paul L.yHoelier.    , ' ',"..,'' */.-"
y The:   explorers   have been filming
bush life in Hie reniotu p��irts; of the
Kalahari Desert*-in the; Beeliuaa'aland
Protectorate,:[X and    Ute Knoko Veldt,
the;northern ycoastaL y regloii  of ��� the-
former : German ,  'Swiithwyest   Africa.
These .'are -Uie : regions .clilefly in-,
habitatedby-,,the" bus hui &*��;'*��� a wion-g^ tlie]'
roost backwar.d'y of}, tli <f- liutttan races:-:'
; The -.scientists". >epprt'yy tliat. -the
"stra.nd^oo^)ers1',,,: ;thet^:(tBVtt:~g-i-y.en' the1
cave;.' dwellers ; _byy:ytlie-�� Boeis: when
they:: first-came- to stills yf egl��ay:inany
decacles: ago, "were-ilLscO'V'ered'-inhabit-
'ating ;anyalmost "ina'cco-s-silla ';st^'.eicii"
of coast- wliich is .isciiated ���lir a bun-
dred-miie width of��� cleseit -; The,gov:'
ernment '61 tlie! SouUl- Airic'ab Union
Is being urged to'sobJ a special; expedition to .'iji'Testigale 'Utis^territory
and itg inhabitants, v '' XXX' ���.
It doesn't, take a" womao>very long
to discover the defects In a mirror.
Watch Your Daughter!
Corns-cansejuuek suffering but Hob
loway's Corn Remover offcis a speedv
sure and saiisfactory rellet     -      .*'
-And why should Ji,hn Bull not use
rubber to erase war del)* -fisurp-s?���
Ottawa Journal,
' - Maitland Photo S Ui<] lo
SlratW, Qnt^'Dr. Pierce's Fav-
^!t.e-.Pr^cnPtl0I1.is thc best tonic and
Minard's Liniment relie/es beada'che
_ ^      -      *-     ���"CD*'   '  vf "*^1 ^     -1     V^i
to develop, I was Very backward. I
became so nervous I could not sit still.
1 was not able to sleep, bad severe
pains thru iny back and head. I was
very tired, weak and miserable. The
Jady where I was staying got me a
bottle of Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription, and by thc time I had taken
it' E was feeling fine, my nerves were
good, I got strofi��, 'began to gain in
weight and developed into womartliood
naturally and never' had any more
trouble."���Mrs. Stanly Tozer, 183 Rail- -
way Ave.
Any drug store, m tablets or Iiqtiii3,
or -seii<nocto Dr, Pierce's Laboratory
in' Bridgeburg, Qui;, for trietl pkg.
G. W. A. SM1TB
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed, To Great Britain and
the United States ;��2.5o, always in advance.
Here and There
Delinquent Co-Ovv:ier Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices -     7.00
lvstray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate af Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears to notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 15 cents a
.line first insertion, and 12 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
measurement.   ���    ' '   * e
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion.
Business locals i2)��c. a line each insertion.
Randolph Bruce to Be
New Lieut.-Governor
Announcement was made last week
from Ottawa of the appointment of
Mr. Robert Randolph Bruce, of In-
vermere, B.C., as Lieutenant-Gov-
enor of British Columbia.        \ . . ���
Son of an 'Aberdeen clergyman,
Scottish by birth, and a resident of
this country since 1887, Mr. Bruce
is well, known throughout British
Columbia as one of the leading mining men of the Province, and the outstanding personality to whom the
Windermere Valley owes its fame
and'affluence. He is generally conceded to be a very happy choice as
successor to the Hon! Walter C.
Nichol in the office which he has so
ably filled for the last five years.
; His wife, who was Lady Elizabeth
Northcote before their marriage in
1913, was the second daughter of the
Earl and Countess of Iddlesleigh.
She died suddenly about two., years
ago, and it is" not at present known
who will fill the role of chatelaine at
Government House, Victoria, when
Mr. Bruce assumes. office. He is at
present in the Old Country,' and will
not be sworn in until his. return to
Canada.. 7        '    v
Lieutenant-Governor Walter; C.
Nichol in paying tribute to the personality" of the man who will .succeed
him, Mr. Bruce, at the annual banquet of the Canadian Legion in Victoria last week, said: .
"Of Mr. Bruce an-'old and dear
friend of mine, I can - say he is a fine
man, with a big and a warm and an
ImpulsiveTeart, andThcair^pfedicf
that he will have the most successful
tenure of office that any lieutenant-
governor has ever achieved."
A Farmer's Account Book
.   (Experimental Farm Note)
The -Dominion Experimental
FaMs systemvhas published aa
extremely sitopLe farmer's account
book, designed to last a complete
year. To "keep" it needs no'
special knowledge of accounting;
simply ��� the ability to write and
add; and a record of" all transactions might be made in an
hour a week; A'few plain directions as to making- entries, "some
aids to taking- inventories,-a table
of silo capacities and a gestation
table, are given on the inside of
the cover.
In the book itself are pages for
the   entry   of  receipts   and  expenditures  (both of which may
��� be seen at a glance on the same
page) relative to cattle,  horses,
sheep, swine, poultry,  crops and
labour;  and there is also ample
space   for' miscellaneous  item3.
There" is,a pagefor amounts owed
7to* and by. the farm, andjorms on
���which may  be made inventories
of land and  "buildings, of   live
stock,  of feed and supplies, and
of machinery^   Poliowiug is a
pageon which' may be filled, out
'a summary of the year's business,
together with the few directions
necessary to filling it out intelligently   at the end of the year.
_Further, for the farmer's information there is a table in which
to   enter   acreage and yield  of
crops,  and one in which to keep
a live stock seirice record.
Send, for one now and record
your transactions for 1926. It is
obtainable from the Publications
Branch of the Department of
^.Agriculture, Ottawa, at a; nominal charge of ten cents. No
postage need be placed on letters
of application. X"
Canada's exports to Soviet Russia
haye increased three hundred fold
during the past twelve'���-months..
Trade figures available show that
in the twelve months ending October 3L, Canada exported goods
valued at ��14,000,000 to'Russia, as
compared to $48,000 for the preceding twelve months.
Four international sporting events
axe lo be held at Quebec in February, There will be the snow-shoe
races, in which 3,000 will take part,
including 1,000 men coming from the
State of Maine; a hockey match between thc Sons of Ireland ancl the
^Dartmouth College team; the Hit-'
bart. Curling Bonspeil; ancl the International Dog Sled Derby.
George Rollin, yard agent at Place
Viger Station, Montreal, retired
under ��� pension arrangements on
January i, 192C, after forty-six
years of service with the C.P.R. He
entered tlie employ of the Company
as messenger at Hochelaga, now
called Place Viger Station/on April
24, 1879. J. A. S. Racicot has been
appointed to fill Mr. Rbllin's position.
Fout students from British Universities, comprising the British Imperial Debating Team, are now in
Canada meeting a number of Canadian university and college debating
teams in a wordy battle on the'
merits of "The Geneva Protocol and
The League of Nations"; "The Der
generacy of Western 'Civilization," *
and "The Singapore Base,"
From 40,000 to 50,000 British emigrants will come to Canada under
the new cheap passage arrange-,
ments made by the Canadian and
British Governments and transportation companies. Hundreds of inquiries have already been received
from those anxious to benefit by the
new plan and among them are many
from domestic servants.   ���
Twenty prairie chickens were interviewed in Montreal recently, and
cast infinite scorn on the East. They
-hopped about in great excitement
at meal time. The interviewer
asked, "Take you a long; time to
pick u]> as good eats out West at.
this, time"'of year,, eh?" A chorus
of shriir voices answered disdainfully, '". "Tut-tut-tut." '    They:   were
^ shipped ��� out of the country by Dominion.  Express,  for -contempt  of
: the East,
From August 1 to December 31,
1925 inclusive, a total of 201,970,-
804 bushels of grain were marketed
along Canadian Pacific western lines.
Of this amount there were 164,191,-
936 bushels of wheat and 37,778,868
bushels of other grains. Loadings
for the same period were 124,469
cars of grain containing 182,074,850
bushels as compared to 83,888 cars,
foi 'the same period of 1924, contain'
=iSr^21^I8:65rBusKelir V
Greenwood Rink
Grand Forks vs Greenwood
Saturday, Jin. 30
(Changed from Jan. 29)
8 p.m.
Attend and cheer the local boys
to victory
My wife, Sarah Annie Biggiu, having
left in��bed and board, without just cause
or provocation, 1 ara not responsible for
any debts of ber contracting.
Dated atMidway, B.C., Jan. 21, 1926.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and
also Shoe Repairing,
C. Hi CARISOH.  Next Swayne House
liant Winter Carnival at Banff
Physician and Surgeon
Residence I'hone 69
'','"- Creenwo'od ""-.'
DR. A. J.
1    Ao _rmj k._i> lsitospico    2    ToouaV
iwft pTtios    3    A swift run. down means an uphill walk.
5 A dog team in training tor tbe Derby.
4.   Skl-jorlng at a fast clip, a'
ITVning thc comin? wiktci carnival in Banff, the
U mcmiiiES auII be rv.l aside to entertain visito.ia,
afternoons and evenings for tbe events. In former whiter
carnivals in Banff so many events were crowded into a
week as to preclude visitors from taking part hi the fun
themselves.. This year, the committee jnet the wishes of
the visitors by extending the annual* event to cover two
weeks',' from February 3 to February 17 inclusive.
The most expert skiers and snow-shoers"'in the
mountains, will thus be freed from competitions to take
charge oi parties of visitors on pleasure bent. They have
selected five depots within a radius of two, miles .from
Banff, so selected to allow return over a different route
tkan the outgoing trip. Ski slides abound on these trips,
some difficult enough for the expert and others more
moderate to initiate novices into this sport, the king of.
all winter.pastimes. '���'*���������       ..''.:,,������     X--y ���
Ponies will be available for. ski-jorers and those
wishing to partake of the run on toboggans or bob-sleds.
A real western.barbecue of steaming hot-meat of wild
game, bread, coA"ee or tea, will appeas^ the appetites of
the hikers at each of these depots. During the carnival a
hike par excellence to Lake* Minnewanka is planned.
bon-fiie on the lake shore. v
Bill Pctts, head of the- Rocky Mountain Guide Association and Bi'ewsters'Limited are bringing forty- ponies,
from the range early in January to train them for ski-joring during the carnival. Ponies, skis and guides will
be at the disposal of those who may need them.
From seven to ten dog teams will be available for
tups mto-ithe mountains, pn the Bow River, over the ice-
locked, Bow Falls, or across the Vermillion Lakes.
Mountain po.nies with bob-sleighs will - cover .the' same.
route.' yW    '"���:������   : -[:--''X ��� y X   ' '���'���.���.���
Present plans call for a new World Championship dog
derby from Calgary to the top-of-the-world, the Great
Divide in the heart of the Rockies, and'back to Banff,
a distance of 186 miles, 50'oh the prairies, the remainder '
in the mountains. This three day race will pass through
Banff on the morning of the second day and.finish in-
Banff at the ski-jump when these events are being run off.
./While waiting for the arrivalof the teams visitors will
witness Canada's premier ski-jumpirig.competition on the
new^BanS jump. Many, acknowledge this new, jump as
the most picturesque and spectacular in Canada. Set on
the side of a mountain as it it, the jumper begins the slide
far "tipon the mountain side, and seems to soar to earth
through a lane of pines and spruce";' The wooden take-off
carries liim into the air sixty feet above the heads of the
spectators below. The new jump is built for-leaps into
space-offrom 40 feet to 180 feet. '".
^_JDyingtheytwoyweeks eight ladies' hockey teams will_
of^AVorld's championship in this sport.   Six of western
Canada's best amateur men'rf hockey.team3 will fight-'a..
bitter battle on the .ice for carnival honors.    Speed-'
skating and-fancy skating events ahd exhibitions, interspersed between periods in the games, relieve the monotony.of'the wait and pep- up,the sport-activities.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
./The 20th'Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.    We
pay postage one wav.    Terms Cash.
IN PROBATE      "XX : '
IN THE M\TTER of Hie Estate of Frank
Forester Ketchum. late of Beaverdell in
the Province of British Columbia, deceased.
11 order
NOTICE; is hereby prh'cn that by
of His .Honour Judjro llrown, dated
day of November, A.D., 1925, "W. J..C. Patter,
son, of Beaverdell, was ;i|)i)ointcil Executor of
tlie Estate of Uie said Frank Forester Ketchum,
deceased. '
all-creditors and others li.rviii(f claims against
tlie Estate of the said Frank I'o rosier Ketchum,
deceased..wlio died 011 July lOlli, A.D., 1925, are
herein- required on or before the 13th of March,
A.D.,"] 926, toxoid by nost prepaid or ile|lver,to
the said VV. J. C. Patterson at '.���'Beaverdell,
Ii. C., Kxcciilor of the Estate of Frank
Forester Keiclimu, deceased, their Christian
and surnames, addresses and descriptions the
full particulars of. tlicir claims, the statement
of their account and tlio nature of the securities
(if anv) held bv them, '
after such mentioned dale the Executor, may,
proceed to distribute the "said Estate among-
the parties by law entitled Ihere-to, haviiijr re-*
gard Only to'tlie claims of -wliich he sliall then -
have had notice and the Executor will uot be
liable for the said Estate or arty part tlicreof to
any-person or persons notice of whose claims
shall not have been received by him at the
time of such distribution.
���   DATED at Beaverdell, B.C., tliis. l+tlrday
of January, 1926.
'. >W, J. C.PATTERSON, '
.*,  7  ...��� Executor."'.
Vacant, .unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands.may lie pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 .yeara of age,
" and by aliens oh declaring' Intention"'
to become British subjects, oondir
tional upon residonce, occupation,
and Improvement for agrioultural
Full Information concerning-regulations regarding pre-emptions is
igiven in Bulletin No. 1,'Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department' of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov- ���
ernment Agent.   ' ��� ' -     fe'i
Records 'will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural.
purposes, and which is not timber-,
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre*west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions a_r��
to be 'addressed to the Land' Commissioner of the Land. Recprdlrig Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies, of which can'.be,.obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of. ?10 per acre; lnoluding
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant ban b��
received.   '.���,!��� 7 y
For more detailed information se��
lhe    Bulletin   -."How    to    Pre-empt
'      '    PURCHASE    } "'
Applications are received for purchase   of   vacant   arid    unreserved
. Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes; 'minimum
price for first-class (arable) land la
$5 per acre, and second-claaa (grazing) land $2.50 per acre.   Further information regarding purohase or leaso
,,of Crown lands, is- given in Bulletin
'No. 10, Land-Series, "Purchase. and
Lease of Crown Lands." '
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acre*,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions / including . payment o���
HOMESITE LEASE8     ,    1   ���
Unsurveyed'areas, not exoeedlng JO.
, acres, may be leased as homesitM,
/conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in the first year, titl�� being
' obtainable after | residence and im-
and land has been surveyed. .
LEA8E8 '     .      '-
For  grazlng^and   Industrial, pui**
poses areas not exoaodlng 640 acres
may be leased by ono.person or ft
compatiy. -
.Under-the Grazing Act tho Province Is divided into grazing district*
and the range administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are issued, based oa
numbers ranged, priority, being given,
to established owners; Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partly free,,
permits are ' available for settlers,
oampera and  travellers, up to   ten
bead ''-.�����. *'
f 1
,/ *
Tlie Consolidated lining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited;
:���''*.���*'' Office, Smeltingand Refining Department   : .-.^ W
TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA .     y .."'������
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, lead and Zinc Ores
JpjodnceTS  of   Gold,    Silver,  Copper,  -Pig   Lead  and Zinc       .;
:.: '-���'" y.yi] }';-:��� "TADANA.C" BRAND .        . y
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
'���'       X ������  ��      ���
Hais produced Minerals as follows:   "Placer Gold, 877,382,953; Lode Gtolcl,
$118,473,190; Silver, $68,824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper,-$187,489,378; Zinc,
332,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals,  81,431,349; Coal and Coke, $260,880,048;     -
Buildiug Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., 842,225,814irmaking its Mineral Production   .
to the end of 1924, show an
Aggregate Value of $859,427,386       >
Production for the Year Ending December, 1924,$48,704,604
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and* the fees lower, than those of any other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the .British Empire. ,'���-'��� ~'
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.. ' ..   . - ���.
A-BSolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants..   ' >(     W;. . W        .-
Full information together with Mining Reportsjmd Maps, imay be obtained gratis by addressing��� l
4 VICTORIA, British Coluiribia.
' .-' "-'."'���
N.B. Practically all British Colnmbia Mineral Properties npon,which development work has been
done are described ih some one of the AnnnSl Reports "of the Minister of Mines, y Those
considering raining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without
charge on application to fehe Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. \Reporta pf fehe Geological
Survey*of Canada, Pacific Building, Vancouver, are recommended as,; valuable sources of


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